Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 30, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 30, 1844 Page 3
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# "* ggaSBEggg gBSBBf?? M* v? North river bale, oonnon qualified, Mil* ax wanted at 34 a Id eta PaOTuioNi? Beef continue* very inactive. We quote City prime at $3 ; do. met* *4 a *6 16. Poik ia in better demand. Ohio prime ia held at $0 24 ; do. meaa (8 7a. There i* hut little inquiry for lard. We quote kega at 0 a 8} eta ; barrel*, prime, at 0 eta. Butter tell* at 11 a la ct* Whale Oil ami Boxe ? Whale oil for export aella at 34 ota. There have been lairaaleaof hone principally for export. In New Bedford laet week whale oil aold at 33 a 33} eta A,770 bbla aold, leaving 10 000 hbla on band; apemi oil93 eta. Imported lari week 1 970 bbla (perm oil, 7,4bO bbla whale oil, and 62 GOO lba bone. Tata-Imported in the barque Valparaiao. Term*, notea at a muntha, payable in the city of New Vork, ta be made aatufartory to the (idler*. Hyaon?93 half ctu it* at H7 eta per lb 10 do 83, 47 cheat* AO. 34 do 49. 91 do withdrawn. Young ||\?nn?14 half cheat* 74, 23 do 73}. 19do 73, 23 do 70. 20 <loG6}, 14 do 84. 31 do 64, 24do 63}, 10do 62.91 do 61} 70 de 43. 00 do 521,28 do 42. 23 do 51} lOdo 40}, 76 do 41. 282 do 13}, 102 do 13, 32 do 42}. 68 do 42, 87 do 41, 143 do 40} 376 do 40, 37 13 lb bxa 93, 43 cbeataand 913 half do Withdrawn. Hyaon Hkin?16 half cheat* 40. 40 cheat* 471, 31 do 44}, 63 do 44 . 66 do 40, 77 do 37}. 40 do 37, 78 do 34}, 49 do 30}, 19-2 do 26}, 30 do 26, 113 do 23}. Twankay?20 hail cheat* 44}, 97 do withdrawn ' Gunpowder?10 half cheat* 81, 10 do 76}, 60 13 lb loxea 47, 40 A lb do 60, 20U caaea each 12 2 lb cane, 66} ; 100 do 60. an half cheat*, 960 18 lb bxa 466 6 lb do withdrawn. imperial?10 ball eliestt 7a, iuao on, 4U do 84, I.VI do 32J 33 13il> hxs. 48. 94 oil) do 40 30 eaten and 13 31b cant A3,73 do 814 36 half chests 173 13lb bxt, 131, 61b do and 100 cans 13 3lbcar.? withdrawn. Souchong?6 half chettn 30, 37 do 37, 109 131b boxes 33, 100 Mlh do 34, 30 do 33, 134 ball chests and 331 14 lh boxea withdrawn. ^ Keeehong -30 half chests 31, 10 do 33, 109 do 31, 100 do withdrawn. Orang? Pecco?10 half oheati 37, SO do withdrawn. Rati. Kihii. ?The following tale* of real rttute were made by auction The granite building corner of Pearl and Wall treeti. known at Weill' Building, and lot, 43 feet 10 on Pearl (treat, and 61 feet 1 on Wall it. $63,000 3 loti on the north aide of 30th atreet, between 7th and 8th avenura. each $1000 3000 1 do N W. corner of 7th avenue and 19th at. . .. 1800 6 do weat aide of 7th avenue, between 19th and 30th atreet a, each 1300 7300 1 do 9. W corner 7th avenne and 30th at 1630 1 do north aide of 19th atreet near 7th avenue. . . 840 6 do west aide of 7th avenue, between 30lh and 3Ut streets, each 1380 7800 1 do 9. W. corner of 7th avenue and Slat at 1640 1 do 8. K. corner of do 1630 6 Jo east aide of 7th avenue, between 30th and 3M street!, each $1100 MSB 1 do N. K corner of 7th avenue and 30th at 1600 1 do aouth side of 3Ut at, east of 7th avenue.... 1100 1 do do do 1073 3do do do, each $1030 3100 1 do de 20 feet by 93 874 I do on 19th atreet, one on each aide of the street, near 7th avenue, each 30 feet wide, each $940.. 1900 5 Iota on north aide of 30th atreet near 7th avenue, each $1100 ' 3-300 1 do 8. K. corner of 7th avenue and 30th at 1700 6 do east aide of 7th avenue between 19th and 20th atreeta. each $1373 7630 1 do V R corner of 7th avenue and 19th at 1600 1 do north aide of 19th street, near 7th avenue... 1040 1 do do do looti 1 do 8. E corner of 7th avenue and 19th at 1624 3 do east aide of 7'h avenue between 19th and 19th atreeta, each 1400 2900 3 do do do do each 1300 3900 A gore of land on 74th atreet, extending from Bth to 10th avanuei, about 23 feet deep 600 A piece of land between 9th and 10th avenues,and between 73d and 74th streets, without frontage, about 20 feet by 700 feet 140 A pieeo of land on 731 street, between 9th and 9th avenues, about 330 feet frontage by about 13 feet deep 133 $139,670 Cotton Market. r Mobil*, MaySl?Therewasa pretty good demaml again to-day. and safe* were effected'to the extent of 1AOO baiea. Hales on Saturday 800, on Monday 8000. Prieea are (aid to be rather easier. though quotation* ior middling are continued at 61 a ft] cts?principal sales, however, at the inside figure. New Orleans, May 51?The sales of cotton yesterday amounted to fully 5400 bales, with a vqry firm market.? Prices are decidedly in favor of sellers. Liverpool Classification?Louisiana and Mississippi?Inferior 6a^; ordi nary 0 a 61 -, middling 7 a.7J ; middling fair 7J a 8; fair 8| a 8} ; good fair 8} a 9J j good and fine 0], Foreign Markets. Havana, May 18?Molasses is scarce and sells at 3 a 3J ' rls. Since we wrote, 140 casks of rice from New Orleans, of good quality, have been sold at 15 rls. After this the schooner Warrior came in from Charleston,with 340 casks, which brought 11} rls, and now, the Sarah hai at last arrived with 340 ca<ks which are not yet sold, and forms the whole of the stock in first hands. This vessel was detained at Key West by some accident. Coffee 6} a 0} rls ? Lumber $50 a $59 per thousand. Exchange, London 9} a 10 prem; New York and Boston para 1 cent discount Jamaica Market, May 7.?Flour?The market was very firm for this article up to the 4th instant, when several cargoes arrived from different quarters, which affected the market. We have just heaefi af a sale of 500bbls New Orl"ans at 35s cash, deliverable at Falmouth. Lard?COO flikins have changed hands at Ad ; and smaller qualities at Cd 100 k<g? Baltimore have been taken at 4J I'ork? We have heard of sales ot 900 hhls at AOs, 100 at 60, and 40 at C2t. t orn?100 bushels American have been sold at 4s per bushel; 400 Baltimore at 4s Od a 4s 6d, and 1500 at 4s fld. Married, On Sunday evening, the 5Cth inst, by the Rev. Er.ra Withey, Mr John it Mathewson to Mill Martha E. Oreensp, all ol this city. On Tuesday, the JH'h inst., by the Rev. Thomas Taylor, Joseph Pec hover, of London, England, to Elizabeth Noakes, of Kent, England. Died, On Wednesday, the 59st inst., Francis, infant son of Robert B and Susan M. Coleman, aged 4 months. The luneral this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from the Astor House. In Jersey City, on the 59th inst., Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Dr. Thomas B Gantier, aged AO years and A mouth The friend* of the family are invited to attend her funeral, thin (Thursday) afternoon, at 2o'clock, from the reiidence of Dr. Oantier, 45 Graeey street, Jersey City. Latest Dates skcc1tkd at tht hew tore herald ofticd. tejier Jed. 1 Manilla Jan 22 Irica April- 4 Malaga April I Antigua Keb. 19 Madeira Feb. 7 Arecibo May 5 Mauritiu* Not 16 AuiCayes April Montevideo April 1 Augu'tir.e Bay May It Maracaibo April 26 Baiavia J .a. 29 Manaanilla Vay 4 Bay of lilondi, N./-Sept 21 Matanzai May 17 Bermuda M<y 8 Mayaguex May 9 Buenos Ayrea April Matamoras Dec. 2b Belize. Hon. April 6 Mooterey Oct. 16 Barbadom April 20 Nassau, N. P. May 12 Bogota Jan. 21 Neuvitaa Apiil 27 Bonaire April 26 Oaku, 8.1. Dec 22 B imbav Mar. 13 Para . April 20 Cape To*?,i;.0. H-Anril 4 Paria May 2 Calcutta Mar 14 Port an Prince April 28 Cardenas May It Porto Cabello May 4 Chagrea Jan. 1 Poiut Petre, Goad. Keb 1? Cienfoegoa May 4 Pernambuco Ap'il 12 Cape Hayties May 12 Pauama Dee. 26 Cart'uageua April 7 Payta Not. 20 Cainpeachy Jan. 3 Rio Janeiro Ap'il 13 Coquimbo July 19 Mto Grande. April 4 Callao Feb 25 Han Juan Keb 25 Demerara Mar. SI St. Helena April 10 ElitnoT* Dec. 3 St. Thomas May 6 Fayal beb. 29 8t. Jago da Cnba> Mae 4 Oiorallar April 12 8t. Johns, P. R."."Msy 7 Guayama, P. R May 10 St. Croix Apiil 23 Oaiveatou May II St. Domingo April 2 Oonaivea Mar. 30 St. TJbea Sept 29 Guayaquil Dee. S Surinam Aptil 29 Gallipagos Islands- May 4 Singapore Jan. i Havre!- M?y I Sydney, N. 8. W. Jan. I Haeana Mav 7 TrinidaddeCuba May 2 Halifax May 1? Talcahuana Jan. 21 lair df France- Bept 27 Tahiti Dee. 10 Jeiemie April 9 Tombex- Not. 9 Kingston, Ja. April 30 Tampico Keb I London May 4 Tobaaco April 24 Liverpool-" May 4 Tnrlta Island At?i' 30 La Guayi* April 20 Trieste April 23 Ls(IM< Oct. 31 Valparaiso Feb. I Lima Fob 23 VeraCrux May l Macao*??>? Feb, 15 Zanzibar"* Fab. 4 Paaaengera Arrived. Hull?Barque Potomac?J Tiger, W SiritgT, lady land daug t*r Cuaacoa?3-hr Ontario? Mrs Coatillo, Joseph Ruby, Isaac A Moratt, Mr J' nee. Powngcn to ArrtT?. Ch.?lmton?Ship 8onth"ort? M?? Pringle. 3 children and our ?; Mri, H.iminoijd. Mr?. AV'hi'.eom i and cMld; Mu. Li* holdt, Mr., II u.t in. Mm P.eor, Miti 0*il*n, R?- Mr. Smith, l)i, Hnn.ton, Menr. J J Pro gle, W Hammond, Li* botdt tVii*r Aadenon, Oowan.aao 10 in the itter'ge. "ortlRn I in port Ktloo B'-qn" I'nt imae?J ek? iti**l Newbold?11 do itrel i; K Habichl?I do W Bartnr.?1,9 do aleel 1 cur 1 ck rnd.e .1 Kll iou?I ck 6 irinditoneiT eiiei 181 do loteel .12 run H lrs>op?78 do rrmeut ti ck. oil woodhn'l & Minturn-tO cki oil O Meyer It Hon?17 bile. Stndi, K11II1 r it co?3 ca.k. nd* * h 18I torn oil la Muter?ft ek? oil ordrr. tlnnacoa?Scbr Ontario?-10 bdl.old cr ppvr >76 hale,kin. 20 271 ll>> coro wood Boonen Urates keo?10 balra ikini J Hyaln ?18 do J Foilkr it 8. IV MARITIME HERALD. Balling Day. of the Slum Bhlpa. rnoM Livrnrooi.. no* iMr.mci. Britannia, Hrvrett Jane I r.aleumua, Lott Mnf 10 June 10 Acadia, flyrie 4 July 1 Hitxruia, Judkiiu June It Inly 16 Britannia, Hewitt Jely 1 Aug. 1 H. Britain, Hoskea Jnly 13 Any. 8 O. Britain, Weaken Aog.3l Sent. 21 U. Bniain, Hotkeii Oct. 19 Packets to Arrlrs. Packets to Ball. raoM LiTcarooL. roa i.iynnrooi. Vrgiriau, A lea. April 20 Cambridge, Baratoir, Jme 1 Mo, twurna. Leber. May I O. Waabiestee Allen,June 6 Hnitini.iier nnr.ley, May 8 U. States, "rittoe, Jnuell Hmrjim. LnlliQi. Miv 11 n nalu?.i u-.t-..' ? -J -, ? :i ,iuu? in Euiopr, barber. May It Hochiiter, Button, June 21 FROM PORTIMOITTM. rot pntTIHonTH. 8noh*c, llcbaril, May I Mediator, Chidwiek, jane I . linden. Moore, May IJ Wrliinv'u, Chadwick, Juan 'It r. Albeit. Hi bor, May 20 Swilzetland. KMight, Jan* 2b from hatri. _ for h*?rc. Ote'ola, b un-k, April IT Jt NichoUi, Pell, Jane I Finer Id. I ii?i, Apr.I 24 Dnehrn d'Orletni, Jim* it Ziirnh Johu inn, May I Sully, Hurioni, Jun* li, Ship MMteri and Agent*. We altall eateem it * faror, if Lapiaiua of Veaarla Will girt to i ommodor* kohkrt hilfcv, or our Newt Fleet, a lie perl of lb* Shipping left at the Port whence tlier tailed, the Venae I r hpoken <'U their pmaafe, a Liat of their Cargo, aed any Kerr,gn .Newapupert ot >ewa tliev may have. He will board tlirni iiiiinerliatelv oil tln-ir a-riral Agenta and ('orrraponcriiti, al to me or abroad, will alio confer a faror by mlinr to thi> office a'l the Mann* Intelligence they ran obtain. Nautical Inhirmatiou of any kind will b* thankfully recoiled. FORT OF IKW YORK, KAY *0. lUNRIigt 11 I MOON J lirn 7 31 I HIOI4 Cleared. Shjia Porumooth. Glow Liverpool, Win H Ho?l nd St Co; Sih t'i?, Co*. Cnb\ O iwhhem; Biikaiihead, (Ut)ko.wick, Si Juh? NB K lrvto?Baiqura Mrs irr , Mc?*y, hi J. ho NB W It J TT?P'C 'tti Oa.ray. Giyli rd, Mi'ldlttowu Brig* K De Zildo, Kirg.bory V*r? Cm a ]? D? Z Ido; MraHill Ur?v. Machiaa H nit at Vine; Tower, L-alm. *,.u loan do Loa Kcae io.. Thorn,am it Adama-S lir, laaai Ti vq<? d. Cram f hirleatn ; Aluii Pur,.ett, Wiliuiugtnn. N L McU.?iily kCoi ACadinna, Cieecli, Plymouth, NC, 0 bayr* . . Arrived, Br barque Peraereraiice, Brutttt, 52 diya from Linrp'cl, With n d.e. to inaata. B njue Uatelle All?n, |< f Savannah, IG da> from Mobil* wiili cr t'nu, to Taylor Ik Merrill?181 bale* cottou Brow., Bri there Ik t o Baiqne Potomac, B* ti?. 49 dava frnni Hull, withiim'z to m <?ter. 9ih inat. lat 4J. eaw la'if of ice. Biig U> lit, .there 8 d?va ftuiu Wilmiugtou. NC, with natal atnrea to C R fuw?ll. Schr Ontario, V in all. from Cuiacia, 15lh irat, with Booreu Oravra. Schr Kichauite, Piarton, 4 daya from Notth Carolina, with | naval atoiaa 10 mmt-r. Schr Lenity, Smith, G daya from Wilmington, NC, wish naval etor-y Pchr Fancy, Cfiaee, from Boston, wihmrfe*. Bclir Heoowa. I ?vHI, Irom Boitou. wi li uit'ae. Schr Leo, from T.iomaasou with lime. V rr.m .,-1.. n n/m r I, -I I Otion, Three barquoa aud three brigs onkucwu. tolltC U. A. frigate Constitution, Corn Percival. for llio Jaurito.? Tli? C w? toned to tea by the steamboat Hercules Herald Marina Correspondents* ItllODK IlLAM'Kh Orricg, > NtwroRT. May 20. ISO. J A'r Vmelius. Munrn, from Brisiol for Cardenaa; Adelaide, H Hon Taui.tou, and Ootco, Heed, New Bedford, both for Phil&d l|>hi' Arr 27ih, Midas, Dennis, ffm New York lor Proridetce, Cld 27lb, Wi!uw, Burdick, Hrrtni. niwellaiiMiui. the U. w abil> Columbue got underway yaaterday afternoon from the A VV Soil and ai chored ?t Quarantine. Hhio Dcant nona.?The brut rri>orred ashore yesterday, nutward board, was the Br brig Deademnna f.OJi furke Inland In attemrting to ton in without a pilit, the t inched cn the Weat Bai.k? Was Kit off with the ol Hit steamer H retire. A letltr lrmn "citnate, dated ou Sundiv, eaya 'beli ill, slur*, and ny. lug. 4>i0 lira II nr, aud a >| mntity ol alaeea, had hern saved fioin ic?r I 'anfinnl. he ore repuit'd on (olnstet Kocks. Tie T. tailed fiom Kairti l<l Conn mil Salem Ba BaK41 i. I.adv * 01 KHRooa, fioui Halifax. 61I1 inat for Qui b c. Ir I lu w ill the ice oil Scatrrit, SI li, and at t A M waa i hi tnrr ugh by it and sunk, crew sived in their bnet whit!) learheI the land about 4 I' M asm* day-caigo insured inriil aw. On the a h, Br lar<|tie Cou itete of Du hun, fiom W Indlea for Quebec wis spoke i, and s ated tnal she had I oso detain d hi ice aome diya aud Cuuid not net through. Another aniiie wra a? n in the ire tame day Br btig 8 ulhami'ton, 'mm Pofo Hie> with tugar. waaaunk by the ice 8th ina), to . fatln in i w ater. w hr re ot Uled. .-?nir pi i at mi *, < i uera, wet itramua tt Indian Harbor NS rn ihrilh latt. Vtttrit WiaiiD-Cur wharvrt are overflowing with lumber,-iid on teste It to carry it off. A lew a ett-lt would find no dirts, alty iu getpug c aitomrrt anil good freighta?Calais Me. Adml'wr. New PaorELi.oa?The Eudora it the name of a new vettel with Kriictuu't prop llett. which hat taken the place of the Kii x P iiip between Providence and Kail taiver lor a few weekt ii< til the rep irt on the Kink fhilip are comple ed. The FuJora is ill feet in length-, ?he meat a r t ghoul 2C0 tont. and rigged with ihiea mint. hlie made the pattage from Fall River in abi ut three hnnrt. Tne Kudoia it inte itedtomn irgu'aHv >-etwe u Fall River a?d New Voik ?Piovtdei ce Journal, M >' 27. Brio i HoMtl snd Epwaap, of Ihomaiton, from R chmono lor Bui ton wruteshire imi 'e Seituate Light on Saturday night; will be got off afl'r ditchaiging. Whaltnttn. Weleain from th? New London A'voeate. that alargeaddition to their whuling flat will be inide during th' year, eight thipa haviug already beer added Of thet' the Bengal. 30t tont; Dromo, 307 torn; and the Hibrrnia. 5(0 tout, long t now n at one of the celabrated New York and Liverpool linert; the Chu Carroll 4 I toot, one of th- popular New york aud navre racke a; the Fame, 259 tout; the Merrimack, tit tout; the Louvre, 383 tont; the Charletton, ? tont. Mptktn. F anrei, from New Yoik,9 daytont, for Tobatco, May 21, lat 23, 37, Ion kt, 13 Foreign Ports. * Celt a co a, May 15? In port, Oc'ober. E'dridge, for NYork in 4 d?, Olymhus. I'm boiton for Rio H<che in 4 dt?S'd Aldebaron, I'm B Hon for t'e Cuba, 4 It; Wm Davis. of Plymouth, i'm Beaton, for Cienfurg >t, 10.h; Chester, of Portlaud. fm Africa for H<vaua, 15th; Topax, fui Botian, touched aud left tame day for Porto Kico, coo'd not tell. Aux Cavki, May t?In port. Mnutilla, Poweri, for BoiCo toon; Red Rover, uuld, fui Wilmington. NO, just arr?Fopaz. Mabee, I in NYork, touched 2lat ult, and tailed tauie day bound to windward. Qcnngc, May 24?Arr llover, F Nixiu, Glasgow. 25th, arr nieuljon, Muirhead, London; Jamaica, Martin, Liveriool; Rock'hi e, Allen, do; Jaue Kenny. Baldwin, London; Croxdale. Hall, Bordeaux; Velocity. Dorrell, Cuba; Indus, four Hull; Ganges, from Liverpool; Calcutta, tnd Borneo, at Grotto Itle. About teventv vessels arrived to-day, are not yet repo. ted. 25th, eld Theodora, Cole. Vorgel. Montreal, May 25? Arr Favorite, Grienhoru, Glargow.? Cld, Mahica": Jump, Liverpool. Lake Ports. Cleveland, May 25?Arr 8 B Kugglea, Buffalo; Texai, do Hndion, do; Baltimore, do; Sandusky, tio; W Joy, do; Na* pol'OO, Oiwege; F-elime. Detroit! J 1) Reaiin ie Sr lAthd. Hues; Minerva, Buffalo: Relnd-er, do; Martha E' (.'Id K B Kiiirgles, Buffalo', Sandntkv, do; Farm r. do; Woolre Jiue, Algonac; Josephine, Toledo; Emma, Buffalo Buffalo May 27?Arr Illinois, Ltiington, Camrrnas. II Torn, Detroit: B Hill, Nile, Madimn, Emigrant, Baltic. Chicago; Indian Qu??n. Barcelona; Europe, fct Joseph; Cumbei1 and, Mich Cuv; D N Ban.ey, St Joieph; I lyde, E ue; Whittleaey, Ashtabula; M Fr?me, Cleveland; U States,To'edo; Barcelona Baiidnsky; Fuggle*, Constitution, llud*ou. Texaa. Michigan, W Juy, Bandu key, M Kreine. barm?r, Vermonr, M Ney, Emma, Cleveland; Cambridge, Monroe; King, Sandusky. Cla, Constitution, Bunker Hill, Hercnl.s, Indian ., Chicago; Oeceola. Wvaudut, Constitution 2,1, Huron. F Twin. IV?n ylvauia. Be too, l.odi, Franklin. Mrrcliint, Trenton, Biddle, i.leveland; Colutnhus Mucy, Lyon, Bugbee, Toledo; Kent. Amherstburgh; New Eeglmd, U Btatet, Buffalo,D-lroit; Joseph; T Lemon, Monroe; Home, tirand Kiver; Panama, Pt Howan; Kingman, Sandusk-; Dexter, Monro*. Home Ports. East Machias, Mav 21?eld Oriental. NYork. BuckiroRT, May 22?Arr Widow Wadmao, and Albion. Baltim> re. Portland. MayJ6?Arr Americau, Adie, Tritidad. Cnba; . ekulfirld, ? NKWRuavruRT, May 27?Arr Korest, Jaqua, Oeergetown, CC. Boston. Mav 21?Arr Cecilia, '''o:ker, Aox Cayes, 8th; I'uiou, Mitchell, Matansai 13thj Van Btueu. IUII IS York Signal 'or a barque slid a beg. Cld Beiixe, Dauet, Kingston; Kr end. Lovell. NYork 27ih, air Turk, Eldridge. Pml drlphut; Palm, Eld Vge. and P>Jni. Crowell, f h ltdelphia; Tarqmn. Paine, Kiederickahnrg; Chailet Henry. Brewitur, Baltimote; 25th. air Berry, Bears, Philadelphia; 23d, arr My Curtis, Hallett, Albany. Pour sm *ctm. May 24?Arr Ware, Holbrook, NYork; 25th, Aro'ida, T efeth-n, Norfolk. - Danvi.ks, Mav 26?Arr Bamitel, Nickrrson, and Victoria, Allen, is York. Scitpatf., May 26? Arr Thos it Edward, Wotton, fm Rich mnnd tor B utou. Nkw B?DroRD,Mty 27?Arr Monitor, Wartham for New Yoik. Eduartown, May 25?Sid Undann'ed, Coffia, NYork. Nantvcrkt, May 25?Arr N Biddle, Philadelphia; Imperial NYork. PROviDatvcr. May 27?Arr Bella del Mar, Ran Jail, B -Its more; Jay ? Barbour, Baker, Phtlad-lahia; llh ,d? (aland. !tig |4, New York ; Kdit'T l)a/ton, do. hailed?Lh.irletlon Packet, Crnwe'l, Pi ilade phij. Briitol Mr 26?S il <1. r meline. Munro Havana. l nn.auKi.phi4, Mat 29?Cld Helena. Aaaiider, aud Planet, Terrv. IN *oik; Kliot, Biker, a-d LiudeMla. Baigei, Bo ton; ( hilde Harold Saco; Jarnea, Hall, Chelana, Aiait; Niagaia, Y, uiii*, N-wnrk, NJ. It ichm* .a i). Mty 27? ,9rr Berjnmin H Fia'd Vangi d r, N Yii k?Bd Unio , Ftirt, Boaum; Coaster, H tart, Nniwieh Savannah, M?y 29?Arr Snainnah Lnmmint. Cla.k. Liver rmru; Johu, ( Bi) Lnghtin, O atgow.?Air Vel?aeo. Uhoate fin H wane put in to laud pmaenitera. booud to Boston; Bier In k, Hainilion. and [New Jer.ey, Brown, NYork; Pandora, Shepherd, Button?Sid Havre, La-renter, Liverpool; Excel, Smith, NVork; Vi-yiiiirn, Fin-h, Providence. Ml Ri uk M? y 21?Lid (Jolnmbnt Lnwicg, Liverpool; Roy i Altert, Oil I is do; Falconer, Upton, Beaton. Arr Sterling, Ilnru, fm Oibrmller. Nl.w Ohi.eani, May 20?L|d Taglioni. Royera. Havre; Viciory Woodrory. Liverpool; Hover, ( l'?x ) F lvel, Oalveaton nnd; Maaa?< huset's. Brow cell, Baltimore. Arr Rubicon, K-nuedy, Ha,rr; L'Aoaelle, Uamiio Mut'liique TEMPLE OF BIIUDDAH. HINDOO MI 11 A L L K. 8 . F A H C 1 N A T I O N , A-IATH. JUMOLKKY. At IVatthington Hall, Broadway, EVERY EVENING THIS WEEK, nv THE FAKIR. OF AVA. Programme. Rt Music Ftores, llotela and Ha'l. tC7~ Admission 22 casta?Open at 7>{, commence at I o'clock all 3t* rw ; OlONOti BLNEDID would info-m bi? friends and the I ' tublie in general, that hta CuNCERT will take place at t ie Apollo Rooma, ?n Tnraday next, the tlh of June, in to it'ic TITAN TEI) BY A FRp.NCH LAD*, who cm apeak rr Knirliih. iliI wko rin eive r,? m?>t ,,?MAiU?in reference* of character and capacity, the nriuation of a Hoitm I- eper.or to auperiutci^ a Boaniinf Mou * iu i h* Vr nrh >r>le Application. bv letlcra addrraaed to Madam* A. L., and left at this ofllc*. will be aticndrd to. m]0 tfre WANTED, A SITUATION, BV A YOUNO LADY of niol ednca'ion, capable of in truc'inK the youuetr hranchea cf a family. A aitnation at A'ur?*iy <f veraesi. in the elementary br?cch*a of Hr-ncli, V.null-b. Hillary, ke Adrian 8. L , at tin- olfica of tfir II raid. I ineiceiitiouible rrfertacri of characur and competency can b* produced. inIO tfrr WAN I KD?A fir nation by a re*p*ciab'? Yr unit Woman, to do general hooaewo k, clumberwork, or at children'! maid. Amdy at M New itre-t N. B ?Hai no objection to the country. m30 lt*m (JTKA W 'VRAPPINO PAPKK-IO otio H*air,?. for atlTby ' PKR8SK k BROOKS, m30 3rrc No <1 Liberty *tre*t. HLbAflilMI POWDKIl?I0B eaaki, superior quality, landinK from >hip Oarick, fn- taV by PKltBsK a brooks, m30rc No 61 Lih'rta alract. RED HOU^T: PLEASURE GROUND. UIKLK. SHOO'l INw?VATKS ' OU.NTY AGAINST NKW YORK A MATCH FOR ?IU0 to com* off on THURSDAY, May 3?lli. at 5 o'clock, rain orihinc. |(cd llr.nic. May 28 m30 It'rc A GHOST ! A GHOST ! TAOCTOR IlVANS' (JHOST !?It n iadnatrr.usl v and -'currently reported by aome intereitt-d |*nnn nr ptnoti, thai Doctor Kvana ia dead If dead, hiaUhoat, or Shadow, k in Peck Slip?but if hii numeiou, friend* want to call on ihe Old Uriginal Doctor Krana, they w ill ftrd him in food health, actively attending a, uinal to the dnti?? ofhis prof-stinn daily, from T A. M. to iO P. M , at bia new, aud only ataod, No. 38S Pearl near Beekiran N. B.? Don't be deceived by falae reporta nor humbugs of any d"?cr ii'iion. Call and judgs for Vonraelve*. li .1-Private entrance and various officea in Brekman street m30 lt*rc DaNIKL MfcSSINGKH, No. 387 Washington it reel, BOSTON, intending to eloae hi, business offer, for aa'e hi, entire itnck of H A I'M nf the Kail fashion?Cmbrsllas, Gloves? and a hnn Home awortment of Kara. Vlnff,. Una,. Uich White Usttich Keaihers, Trimmings, 8tc ke ?all of which will be si.|t ut rertuod price, at retail, or if any icrtr nahonld wiah to rnrchaic tbe Hruar part or whole of the atock, itwillhedu i oe.i oi o.i ine moii ueoraoie terma lor run or approved crrdi-. Ilehaa a'ao, * large atoclr of nnfaihionable Haf, w liirh ho will i?ll at ettrrmrly low priori. m30 li'jgb CAST OFF CLOTHING. " QENTLKMEN Oil KAMIUM ileaifuaof converting 1010 ciili ihiir lopoiflnoaa <t rul off clothing, will obrMn from the anbaenoer iho H Kill K.ST OA8H PRICKS. I o l.inoliea or gmllemrn <]uirti?K tb* eiif, or changing reto 'J*' ca, lavirg rffoc'a ol lho kind to diapoae of, wilt find it "?.nC I1*? " deantage 10 aeml lor tre mbaoribrr, who will ittead ttiora at tlioirroaiilrnra hr appointment II LKVETT. Office No 2 Wall utrret, , . and at 27(1 Ilndaon at. _ V*" 'hronih iho p.,at office, or oth'rwiie, willreceire piomptattention. m* ll?K 3EGAR9. IIABANERO'S HOUSE. lO BEfKMAN STREET, near Nu>dO. pru cipal depot = ** llv the la?tar iv*l from Hiiut. w* li va received intelligence that on acc. nut of iheu.iabited dnughttiie cop 01 tobacco w.i? ?l > oat loat. nod tint trgars. have, in adeacced tJ |wr M, ?rd will continue to rise a* iti<* alcck docn-aiea These ate facta with the pro fin l* einselT-i. Now, j. we leave to inform the public u Don J. Kir >. protrietor ri of the c leorated " Kigaio." end Lu Indiav' hr.mils at Havana, hu on store 2 (10 us|e* ol the mO't eiqu site 1 > Incco, ol l e a laat crop; end m lie now rud.avoriog t<mike punier lua brand* in he Ui.l ed Pt .t*a, w ill apart no haial in nuke r ihein 1 ccpiable; uor v?e. 11* ?ol<- m<nh, w il be b hind the apuitnt the 110 r* to oleaae our Am-nc?-r fri utla. ?l - h in we tclic 'irl'' rrqueat to bear i.i Hi d 'hit the | r it-* of ' Figaro ' a id ? Li* Indus ' will 00' he adv nc d > luna a* the two J the u?ai.o five hu drrd I alea ol Tobacco ahell la t I ud-r h <? ^ ciicuma'atc-. and ifuw tria1, if Ch- public thiuk we rla.erve ^ iheir patron<g*. we will be happv to aunplv them at the f Howiua rate* via: ' KigatO " Per M, and c. 1111 c ban-h rootaii ing2J vegars. '1 a< ludisa " S2D |er vl , and cult 1. do; "Hcga''>a. ' S * and Jn per M , aud 7jaud 81 >4 cut* to* itirfiri. PEN A tt HI V An, Jh , 3d Braver at art.LOer Wall and fearl, bra .eh rt Poaoiah S?e<t' hocnlale. a superior and suitable a" icle for ladies nfirr coi tiueineut. lot aale at ebove. 111 0 It* I THE MARINE TELEOUAi'H FLAGS, ' AND SEMJ1PIIORIC TELEORJ1P11 SIOSJIL BOOK, i 'I'Htf UNDERSIGNED, Proprietor -I ih? Mar or 1 Telegraph King* aud Pemrphnric Telegraph Signal Books, haviuf supplied ab<ve two linns tud a ai I of 1 Ame'icau erase'*. iuCudirg all the Government it- " aria ol war aud rrvruua cutters, iuf>rma the remm* roic.l, jj mercantile, and trading interest or New Voik, that he hat f 01 eoed an ofti :e at I 7 Wall am ?r al.... >> i?.n r...?,.u ... .. h 'etegraph ll gt, thirte-u in number, with a deaignaliug trie- ^ gnph i.u:ui'rr, and aiuuel book, lor ahipa, biniili. bnga, achutumra. aloope end nd ?le: nibonte. Ag"uc>e for the diffusion ol this S ruaphoric code of Signets art caiatiln hed throu?h?ui the United !i ales The benefit? d. J rivrd finin t>iia rroeo leal aud tru'y utelul rode of niguala to 4 that otn nerce of the United States, fulfv evnca th* I'c. lint a i ia not only iua -owiuetcial or inrrc mtite, but national point * of view they ahauld ba ra aided " JOHN H. PARKER. Protrietor. << M?n?a Surveyors Offic, \! mSO Itaw1w*re ST Wall at corarr -t t* ater. * TANNER'ri ? ENTUAL TRAVELLER. a pKCi-NTLV PUBL>8HK'?. .nd for sale by T B. " TANNfcR, Nn IJ3 Broadway The Centr I'1 raveller or liu'd* Through the SiaUs itfPenuaylrania.Naw Jersey, iv.arv- t lend Virgin! , the District of Colombia, and prr'a of New * YmIt and the other adj mine Spites hy H. M. Tanner. In thiawvili it couuustd Particular denciptions of the Citiea, n Ti wna. Wrtetiug I here. Springs. and oilier place* of faaliiou- : ahle resort. ti gether woh Tables of Diatancra along Ih- venous lloada. Steamboat and Ktl'road Rout- a in every direction, in30 it'rc u Du. OTEGOKY. NO TI "BAHT.Ay~ VFKKET ? Stringent a. d oihera in med rf uirdi al aaaiatauce, that 1.1 arelr ih aid of thi* itall' altiKai I hyaii ian and sargena;|ie 11 J one ia whom we have lull en. fidrnce,and wa cheer'nlly com- * inrnil him t r all t oae wh i miy aufoituualrly need bin adfici * in a certain d*lie?te of ei-mp'aiira. ia which we under- ?' hfiod li e aucceat ia u i>eraal, but particularly id c.iara of atiic- 11 tore To all a?ch we any go end ate nim V We al?n u-de atand tint l>e ii very aucceiyful in curing fo- ' males t>l? tluur alhus cr whites m3'l It rc VASHIONXbLE BONNETS.?The establishment 411 P 1 Broadway, two donra abave Canal atnet, it now open, and II selling evetv variety of Knahior.anle Bonnets. ein lm*er u WANTtU?Ml lire.-rate Shirt Hands Non?i veil apply but the beat, at MAHoNEY fc CO.'J. b? Jt*? 00 Broadway,tip ?t<ir?. \ITANTKI)?A hat-rate Journeyman Barber, one w ho has 1 *? hid loiisiterab'e experience anil haa a g rod rer utatios, H can hear o a place by applying at No.4 Aator House. in Ve?ey s alraet. in'? if ec |, \TANILLA BKAN9?a cuea very iuprriori|a\litf, for aale " * wholesale anil rrtail, by J\3. S. A9PINWALL. ( ml) 3t*?c 8b William srreet. I TO THE PUBLIC. 1 rPHE UNDE1 SI(iNEl) having been dnly appointed lr- '? 1 ipect .r of Be> f and lore for t><e County if Kings, hrrvbv " givea notice that lie n rra ,y t> iut| ell and Iiihuu all provisions >' that imybe teat to the yards now bv J un.M It l> Thompson. who will uper.ii'eud and guarantee the " Br-nd" y. rqnal to ?nv New York cita brand under theaurervivion of the '< Imp cter (len-rtl? aving iitraaiTe ace >inmodatinns which K1 ere unequalled by enyettabli hinnu lu the city of New Y< rk ''{ for inspection a .d storing > f provision. Mere! anta will fm.i ? it a taring and much to trcir advantage,to have their pruriaiona *>' l.uded a', iiiookiyn. ARCHIBALD MoMAHON. | Rrfereucet?N D. Hubbard, Ch-nery St Co. Ruydam Sage Ik Co. c D J. ivrvine (g Sona. Vvallaee It Wickea. ir!9 Jl?ee. NEW YO"K SACRED MU*IC SOCIETY~ tORANO ORATOR O nt the Ta'ernaele. cn ' FRIDAY EVKNINO, 31st instant. Principal Vocal B Pe formera. MRS. 8EOUIN. M?. SHIUVALL, * MR. sfcQUIN, rge and effieieul Orchestra, and the whole strength of tha Stereo Muiic Society, con prising over 100 performing members _ Clarionet Concerto, by Mr. W. T. Oroenevelt. c Dir ctor-- Mr U.C.Hill. Organist- ' Mr. Win. Alpers. PAHT I. * The Song of tit# Bell, a descriptive Cantata, by Andreu Rom- beig?Poetry by Schiller Principal Soprano Mn Seguio Principal Tenore Mr Shrivall e The Master Mr Sega.n fi pa"rt II. ~ f'honii and qnartetie?O Happy Solyma Moivl Air Sbtivall 1)1 Arii*Krum tha Stabat "PrAMBeuiiu "?Me e< Seguiu- Rossini " Quartette?"O gire memusic'?Corner- -Mni'i Strong. Man. , _ ion Comes and Taj lor. O.and Aria and I harm?from thrStabit Mater?"It- > flmatiis," Mn SrK'iiu au-l the Society?Rouini ? Duett?rrom Moses in Egypt? 'ParhrSp egnr"? Mr 'V ? Hlirisall and Mr Seguiu? Rossini ^ eolo-Clarionrt?Mr CJroeurvelt B am man P* Urand Chorus from the Mount of Oliret?'Hallelujah I1 to the h h.r,'. " K.f.n le Performance to enmwncr at 8 dork, precisely. Tickets SI each? For at birth at Hall's, Franklin S'luarr; Saaton & Milea, 201 Broadway ; at the Music Htur-t, * an at Iliad'or. tnifO Jt'ec " COLUMBIAN M AO A ZIN E . S Office 3 Alitor House. l THE COLUMBIAN kAUV'H AND OENTLKMAN'S ,| i MW4AZINE-t-DiTk'-D by JOHN IN MAN. Contents of Ih# June Number. 1841? al. . Thoughts on the Poets, by Henry V Tticksnmn. ' bonnet, by H V't nckeimin Uiandfath r Mut Emily K Chnbbnck Sir Pe-er De Beirn; or, ihe Bears Vengeance of Bigorre, by ? Henry Wm Herb- rt. J The Press by Wm Oland Bourne. Sketch ol the Orrat Western Lakes, by J K Panlding. ic The l-'ortuiie Teller, by the Editor The Bi-irrm Buyer, by T 8 *rtnur. ,a A Kraemrnt, by Mrs H Ligh'hipe. Iilli Hours, by Mrs James (J Brooks Krabllo D<l vlio Cor, by Miss Co man. rr Toe Jewish Huler, by Miss C Loner M Brnwnrr,' To oharloire aud t Jrace, hr Mrs Eluabeih Oaksa Smith, an- " thor of rlie "Siulest Child," let ai lUcolleciious oft Inns, by Mrs Caroline H Butler. tl () an Infant, bySouth Peak Monuiain, by Cherles Lanman. w Mut I us Seaavola, hy Henry B Hirst. Books of the M< nih , Notice to Correspondents, fce. &jS0?.Luaiii>i?>ni4. | Charlotte and Ornce? A Mtxi lint. eraraeej for the Celumh 10 Madeline, by H H . add; painted by Henry Inrnan. Tlif Kouune I'elh r?tLiifarrd lor thr Coloni jiau Mag i tine In S II Oimbei; naiut-d by A Derma. Kiahioue?Color.d?Tliiee Kignrea; and a new pattern for a lining* . ,i Mii'c-The Braid of "nnny Hair Foetry by C Douald Mc _ L?od. Mono bv Mi?? Anu S'r.mrn Termt?$1 pe'eni um iu adrance; two copieifnrfy or on* c >py two , eare f.i'$ ; ainule Di.mbTt 25 rente each, delivered \ in eny artof th'e eny and Brooklyn, and aent by mail to all part* of the Uni aJ Siatta and the Caoadaa, by the I ubl.aber. Addrraa, pott paid, ISRAEL P081\ mM 2t*re 1 Aat >t llooae. I TO PRINTERS. J WANTED in the officeufc' e "SOU TH-CAROl.INi AN," ?* a flrit-rati KUHKMAN, whu n a nctly aober, a etdy tl and innutiri ui, a good tyilematic managtr an complete muter of He hna'iirai, iu ail ita department* To ?uc? a "ue. \ w in can aire nnqoeatio ab t teitiinoiua'a f h a qu mtic uio>>a at aueli, (. nd none other ten j a| ply, j a libeial aalary will be a pai . u One agrteinf in principle# with the paper, and capable ot taking the charge or it during any a cm e.ia or 'empr rary abae^ce of the k.dilnr, w ittlri be prefer,ed: and to euch a or e .- tt-r a frill and eaiafactorr HCqnlinear,re wiih ii cap,city, and j , er?? venug an l rflicieni d< ronou I > til* internet of lite ollice J I re y a d Infante uartne.ahip would te arc inlet, m without any ieqii?itinn of canital. Much a one, bower.r. a th ogh very d-enable, i? notiudi peniabm d Mo lattera will be anewerel unien poit-paid aa oar own h uniformly ara in all mattera in which we ar* at a l inter at*d A. H. PKMBERTON. I'oLVMnia. So C?., M-y, 1844 Ti,e I holer,>n Vferrury *nd Courier, Sevtnnah Urortian, An u-ta C?n$tituttonalttt. ,Mili*da*rille 1'eJtiu' Lniun. \.l..i.:i.. D .. *i ii - ii i ?- , ! Richmond t'.iujuirrr, Washington Glubt ?> d Spectator, I'n ? lid-lphia Penntylvanian, nud Ntw Vork Herald and Journal . Of Cemmt et, w II planae publish ihe abjye three limes each and i?nd their accounts. inMJl'Jgb j SUMMER HATS. THE CELEBRATED GOSSAMER, V IMPROVED. T WEIOHINO FROM 9J OZ. TO 3j OZ PRICE ?,J,30. 1 rm 'lb- reb-brated Sli .MM Fit IIAT. ao highly popular (] timing nie last season, aid now offered (i> the tublic, ? much iraproyed Th?v are rh- I.lo <TKHT, M081 UtAlITlFUL AND CHKAPES P IIAT for warm we.i her ? heretofore wo'ii In addition to these uuili'ies, they are f.e- , ( oin th? objections to which Paiimcs, l.eghorus, Sic tire liable, being unaffected by at irms, and retiming their shape | tpial to the UeaTe-a The atvle of trunrniug also presents another adTantege, being of a aiiteiiil which presents |. rrpr.v . tinn, hair oils. fcc. frcm s'.r.king throush ai.d seilirg the Mat i (b-ntieoien who hare wo-n thein, tipiess their di'ietmication to we.r no o'her II a for tutnmer. > The subscriber respgctlally toliciti a call and ail eaamination *1 of a h-i e merits o 'I he following ara the comparative wrig'nta of llie ptinciral Summer Hats l< Oetiin'a Ooaaamer t\o*. to JXo*, o Leghorn 01. P-r.iroa Ordinary Black Hat, <1401. Alio, a large assortment of Panama aim other Summer Mats | J N. O-NlN, J Hat and Cap Kstablitlimrut, mM lm're t'4 Broad-say, opposite St Paul's Church. Ii TROTTING AND PACING. I The folio*ins l'nr?e? will be gteeu to come off lite first wreli in June. I Purse the First. f 50. Mile HmU, best three in (lee in harness, (ree for all racing ? .. Parte ihe Second, t^O. Vile Hests, best, t) ree in (lei. nnder the siihlK Ir'f for paring hortes ihit meet (need for moccy. . Purse ilit Third, $<C0, Three Mile lleati ia Hiraess? free [J for *11 trot'inf horses. Toe Trotting Parse to close Tharsrlsy, Mty 3Rth. The Pscmg Pnrns, tot close Saturday, Jure lit, by 10 m o'clock, P. V , at Jotes' Hicond Ward Hotel. Three or mire to msJte g rgce. It*? 11 I) ATIj Bllit K-IO.OIoi of tlie best Imperial thilr B nlol Itelh a) Mrick, from the test msnuftctitreri in Kar l>e.forls?V cl.eep ?t lite cheap store rlJOllN . MORRISON, IHH tsrimwien d street Importer of and Dmler in lirugs, I'eints, Oils, Orocris' Articles, l ess, kc , etholessle and retail. ui V AMI.I.A BKANb?Jost rece red. a superior lot of fret1' im toned .roin the city of Mesicis, and for sale ia fiuintitirs tn '' suit tbe cheap store of t" JOtlN C. MORRISON, No IBS Oie-nteich street Importer nnri Wholeaate and llriail * Dealer in Drugs, I'ninte, Oils, Orocers' Articles, Teas, he niM lw*m AucynoNaSE C. H. SMITH, Auctmracr. BV H K. WILLALD, Htoie Jul Mr ulnay. cor. Uuut st. II. Ilia p- raorul >n u out door itlai "I loua.hold Furniture, Dry Uoodi. liruciriaa, 8u> . fur [wriuna ill iiuithii | tiouaake-ri -g or buaiuesa 8?i< a .artied 11 all ciara aa su u aa U.a goods ahall ha*a baen old aud delivered Lib r?I aah Adrtnraa in*.dr. if required, no mere''*' d>u ol rtr> d.ecriytioa coos gard t ! a >l?. mil lm*in B'-NiAMlM MUONKV, Aoctinor.r A l'' TION NOTIC V?S. NHMJ.NKV II ro. wil'eetl Tli a Day. a; 10 0VI1 ck. at the Auct ou Room No 9. la dm L?i e a aererai an r of Heavy arid Bhrlf liarur?r?, Peu and Pocket Cdtwy, Ike. Ac ? AUu kq ?iteniive *iM>rrrmui ol 8c sor? on Carda. A'?o. ai? asaor me? t < f Fetiey (ioods. roi sitting of the biince bf a Fancy More, Kan* y Jew**try, Ac &c. ( bluogu i are leady aai ihr goods cau c area to the hnu? of t'e iw30 It m boakp i.n wvht Washington ila'-k. }LK A8ANT ROOMS with Botid cau be oblaued at No 33 We t W-uhiogiou Pl?c?", near the Suth Avenue, (ientleineu who will only inju re br< akl.ul aud te* preferred, 'eivis modern.\ n?>5 iw'ui TO TIIE LADIES. hTlLLlaVKRS an f others are rearecr'ully invited to call and etimine our stock ..I'SiUVlV iidODS ... tic ?? follow., viz: I UIM1, N'ranolitau t-hip and [raw Bonn-la. mul approve'! ptiurn; mart' a'ao; meu'a, ov'a 1'id luldreii'a Leghorn, I'aoaoia and Halm Leal Hita. ulllicial Klowtra, Ac. *r M-I'init olt t-r; low lor caah. at (i\LK k CO.'H.ttt Heart niH 2w?ec U. S Hotel Boil 'iihj, late Holt'a Hou-e. EXHIBITION OK bPt,ENI>ID HOMES?A van I yfm dm lav it a'l.nda'd Ito fa in fu'l hlooin: cou.iatiug u< Mm. <'a of 111'a thou.and piauta . tii. i. the uioal .d.iidiil erllee* ion ill I he Un ted hi 'lea Ladieaand aioaliu re particularly invited ti e.ll an I are ih a l b ?utii ul lueen i I Kiowera Thev will beaol-1 at HaHie rale on 8a i dav, 'ui* lit. at hall-paat J o'a'och, > t 'he Harden of I) IOI.L, F'oriat, Hloominad'In Koad. co-nerof JOth at ee\ b? a i'li>a K>ank in. Aac'io iarr B. M >?r> 'a Itiga .'ate will or t the corner of Tiyon How and Chatham alirat, at li*|l-p<at 2 'clock. to t?ka paaaenger* to lb? gt'den tali It*re M YF LLO\V ~h7i8K~I AN U OTHER CHOICE I IICjfllKLOWEHS, au 'able for delicate Bonqe'a. Ihaanb attM.*rtihrr< have in bloom at tliei* (ii-den -u 8 li avenue nod Id atr et, aome thouaauil ch'ice Moara, with other fragrant lowere in'il l hi om f In ir ruatoiner. and the piblic are relieeifu ly in'o'tned that tliev cau he aupplieil, iu ten miiu'ea ntice dining the aeiwnn, with INnaegaya a* low aa tliey can he blamed el.r a li-te ai d iu peict of a'yle inf-rni' to none. UI/M.AH A CARvlAV, Ui2fl 5"re Seedameu au 1 Florida, 6IJ Broadway. goffc HOIK HOI iyl rF.TS?Aa the aetaili (if H oea ia inw at hurl ami tli* huhacrib ra" collrrtion at Al'.oii i -11? .er. full e. .4 romi I le .il l hi. ? Nujaette, Bengal, lale e O urban. Moia, a d other choice kinda 't ia iuteuded d ir | m the lime 101 oi to keep continuity en aale. and view in the ondow li luhn at'eet, mat little n'oeytvi nl Ko ea and 'uiget me A'iit. at 2i ce i'a each They will he cut Irealievery loiu'iiq. A U'Utftv will contain tome eignt or tea ch< ice ciae B iJ" tniile rii'iiid aid tdje.1 with Forget me Not" and heaaant Eye Hinkt At prarut the "oui|ueM conaiata ol Loaea and a apricot Clemantia Krecu r Virgm'a Bnwar, uul i a very taatefnl accoinpaniment to a yon ig itentlemaa'a n omlit or evening call J. M- THOIIBlI',N k CO., in2? 3r*m li John atreet. Jad KOH SM,K bllKAP-lf applied for irnmedrtely^a neat two itory eitlit- modern built brute pi?zz tin SpMLfront, built by liaya work ef tli? hut mitrr alt. together unTiot 2i fee front and re ir by 200 feet d-e.i, aituatrd o> outli Ninth alieet bet w een lib and ith ?l?, Williaiutburgh. L. whithin live nun"tea walk of IVek ^lap Kerry. For lerma, iquireof (JKOMOK DOVLE, on <he piemiaea n DO lwMn M for"sa t iTrYif to i t'loi- ia.. .. I ___ ? un inr,- I IIH1 wen KOOWD rrj* Coach paruw, with Id Lota of (i'cuud. situate at UULHirlem, <io the b ninth Af nue (rai'rmd,) between !H ti and I29lh streets, fo'tnerly occnp rij iIy J< hit Stephenson 're fact ry is a very subataut *1 two ?tory bruit building. VO rt bv too, with n brick R?fringe house, engine boose sad blacklti'h'i i hup s lj ii. iug The streets and avenues are ifgulat-d id paved, mid all its-ssmeuts paid. The prrnt's't are in comle e order and ready for immediate neenpauev. Tne seine wnl sold or l-naed cheap, or etchmmed lei city property Tliree toribs of the purchase money can remain on bend and mortage for a It-g time. App V 10 AN'IKE W McUOWN, enter of Third Avenue and 1271 li at Harlem, or ro C. W VAN OURHiS, ? John atrrct, where a imp of the proiartv can eaeen. mill IQt'trc gga TO L&'l ? Tbe Surra No. SI Liberty street, now oc rTTB cupied by the subscriber*. A very desirable locatiou lor ^ULl'te Ury (iooda Jobbing Business. 1'oaseuiou can be id on or before 1st of August. ma lmre PKllSSE fc BHO()K8. <1 _ KOIl HALE?Seven pair of well-m<tclird Horse* JsU.^i?d single ones Also, two Tbrrn Miuu'e Hopes, .JL^J^'ioni Seuecr.i County. To he tfeii at W. CLAYt> U is pi '8 Mahl-a, Jersey City, in # kt'rc ?7~g> ENGLISH-BULL-TERRIERS. Full Blooded YSOI Pointers, just iinpored. and King Charlv Spaniels JTJT will he lor..leaf WILLIAM LAVKBTY'B He liar i-ir, 78 Wall street, ou Saturday, June 1*1. Tlt"se brreds iaV be relied on as genuine. ut29 3i*re M'RAYKl) Y ESTERUAY A KT Ell NOUN, from IBS McUougal street a Black Newfo"udlauti Dog. with a large bead, a white star on the breast, and the feet. Whoever will return him shall be well karded. m'JO If* GRAND FISHING EXCURSIONS. a* TIIE Subscriber baa chartered the substanL Jutial strainer, 'I'HOMAS SALMONH Copt W^JBLjSL VV. J SCIIl 1,7 /. to run to tlia Ktshtng auks f r ihe ,eaion, commencing M mday,J I luueoest. This amer was built for the Un led States Government of the rst inatatials her hull bring entirely of lire oak locust and dar;nnd is cons idervd eiju il to any boat in the Union foriet vigat'on, therefore passenger* may nltte sveiy confidence in ns vessel Her irgular days will oe Mondays, Tuesdays, burtdayt and Kridays -if each week, rroiainiug nn the Cani-a iffiiieut liine to ft an Place* of a'onping lor i'<asengeri,Auv>s net, al 3,'a o'clock; Caual street, St,; Catherine leny. Brookiu, 9; P keaireet.' Jg, Pier No. I N. it , 9>? Mii'rr'a Lower ock, Staren lalnti and Kort II tmi ton each way, alio aing useugera tini- ro view tee firlilicuiont; returning, will land isaeugera yt the same places. < li ttabermaids w ill be in at :.i. .. 1 1 *' "I 'O IIK naif*. Annul v. ill b<- "0 board Id* provide "Times! a iirha1l',tffta'ge * Man ill always be taln-u in .li'iudaice, nud farnsln il g at>a. Tbeia aitrchrd to the steamer two va-1 boats. which sel.rt parii-e in Imv* by pres ious applicationi, without ri nchirge. i hoar h i prefer bringing sintll boats with tlirni. uiutt bring them to i?r ,\lo 1, N 11, r.ui no cliarge will be made fur lo?niz xcellrr.t rtfreinmeuu w II ue fnruished onboard. Kara for i whole d iv'a n uision, 40 cents. mZ8 Iw* HK.NH\ F. IllKLL. JEW YORK, ALBANY AND THOV STEAMBOAT LINE. .MM jgm FOR ALBANY AND TROY?Morning V-?JMs?-^?Liiir Iroin the foot of Barclay street, landing "Ne aw .. mtei mediate places. The steauier TROY, Captain A. Oorham, this montill at 7,i The steamer EMPIRE, Captain 8. R. Roe, to-morrow I -rning, at 7 o'clock. Kveuwg oioe fioin the foot of Courtlsndt street, direct. The st?a>?e-8VVALLOW, Ce.ptam A. McLoan, to-mor>w evening, at 7 > < .oek. The I!un La of this Line, owing to their light drsngbt of wt- I ir, are able at all tunes to pass the bars, and reach Albany ; rid Troy to ample time to take the morning train ef cars for le east or west. Kor passage or freight, apply on board, or at the offices on the 'harm mMrrc STATEN INLAND si?a /ml k I'lBf wr FERRY. SESHE On iLtfcer Saturday. Jane 1st, the Boats will run as lolIWI ucal further-onre:LEAVE ST*TEN ISLAND AT 7, I, ?. to II, A. M., i. i, ?, 4, ?. 7? P. M. LVAVE NeW V'ORK AT^ ?. ?. ?, 10, II, A M.. 1. a, Ix 4 # 7, P. M. N B.?All goods shipped must lis ins iked in lull and a?e at ierrskp!tlic wuers thereof inZOrc PLEAS AN r A w|> UFA'' f.X' UltSlONS SUMMER .in.tUlSOF.MEST IEW BRIOHTwN, POIl P HI II MUM). (STATEN ' ("LA "I),) Ik NEW YORK KERRY, From Pier No( \, North River, foot of Baitery Place a lit- oienmmwi win run I LbWiiJPx follows, (Iilly, feo " Mhv tOth to October LUULlit 1814 :?L? ?ves Naw Yolk, at * an J II 'clock, A M . at >X. ? ><! ( *. M. Lmtd Port Kicliinniid. at 20 minutes to (, anil 10 minutes to ? A. M.I at I. 4* audi* P. M. Leaves New Brighton, at and It A. M.; at !>{ "> nod P. On Sunday?Leaves New York, at 9and II A. M.; at 1, t and P. rt. Leaves *'n>t Richmond, at 20 minute. to l.aud In A.M.; t 1, i and 7K P M New Vo?k Mav It 1M4 mvl' Sm'rc .mmi ALBANY DAILY LINK, AT 8KVKN h irrilllB"' X A.m. I'* iK ALB AN I, and KHtB3Lt s loternseiliate |d icea?Thenew and aidardid rain boat SOUTH AMhHICA, Lactam .VI. II. Tru mIcII, ill Lave the Steamboat I'tor font of Kobintoo at'eet, Thuraay mrruing, May lid, at T o'clock ror p svge api lyeo lard. mt2rc PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. afll DAILY, Snnilaya eacepted?Through l)i JkMaaSaaayrrct< ?t 7 P M., Iiom the Steamboat Iher be 2CwalB3K.tweeu Co'irtlnud t and Liberty atrreta. Tbe ateninboat KN1CKKR.BOCK KR, Captain A. P. 8t obn, Mondiy, Wedneaeay aud Kriday evening!, at 7. The Hteunsoat Rl>CH?.STKH. CapLam A. Ilonghlon, o: 'on.lay, Thursday and Saturday Kvenings, at 7. At k iveo'clock, P. M.?Laming nt ictsi mediate Placet:? The Steamboat (Ji'lCA, Captain T. Hyatt, M< uduy, Yedneailav. h'riilav ant Sunday, at 5 P. M. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain \Vni il. Pack, 'uraday, Thursday anil Saturday, at i P. M I'ataenrera biking tin line ol boats will arrive io Albany InT mole tun* to uke the Morning Train of Cars for thseiut or rest. pT7"The above Boata ere new tad aubatc.nlial, are fnrniahed nth new mil eiegant State lluoina, anil for ?:?'d Bud accom Kxlltioaa ereuiirivalled on (lie iludgno. Kor y uLuse or freight, il'bly oo hoard, or to P. C. Hchnltz a 1* nitron the wharf n.27 re gWin /*M AI.BAN I I'M I.IN- il 1 o'clock, A M L?r-g?Jr K r Albany and Intermediate I miliun, Iroin" loot ol' Kohinvnu ?tre?t. The rt-unboat .(In I'll AiVl-llICA, Left H. O f 'ritieuden, will leave a* have uii Mouda?, Wednejtlay anil Kriday niorniuga, at 7 'clock. The SOUTH AMKRIOA, Captain M II. Trueadell, will nve on Tncaday, Thurediy and Saturday mormoga, at 7 'clock. For (i i'*?ne apply on board. m'7re U3A FOR NKW OKLLANM-b iril Regular Packet, with Uiapatch?The well-known, faa'. railing> Hlbh'I .Ml, lo talu Maiiim ind w<l> anil a? above. Fur ir iglil, or |'?aiagn in the rahin. a-cond lahui or atmage, av eg v-ry ?ur*rior accommodation*, and run in derate, inly on boaid,?rto IOsr.PI! McMUtlKAV, injure IW Han www, ww uf South KOIl LIVKKPOOL?New Liue-H-gnlar Packet |Mr.?y ol Tf.ih J' ii- ? J heri.'endid packet alnp l? AKRI'.K, HiAfal aptnin D J. II Traak of 10*0 tuna, will anil aa Imve, regular day. hot freight or |>aaa.<gr. hating aecnmmodntinM anenualled irtplendor or comfort,rpply on board, at Orlnuia wlmrf, foe f Wall atrcet, or to K. K. COLLINS It CO. South at Price of peaaatje $100. The paeket ahip lloaeina, f'apt .1 Collina. of HH torn, will iceeed the Uvrrick, and aail tliekth of July, her regular day mJOmjuMre j25T OLD BLAI iT~HALL LINE HC PArKKTH? fWfVFOK LIVE#I'(K)L?P?ck?t ot the i?t of June? nfiilb I" he pai k?l akip CAM altII)(Jh, C?|it B.iratow, will r deapiuched mi aboye her regular day. For iintc, harmr ?crnmmncl(i on? arph'to JOHN HKHDMAN. tl South atreet IV. 5?The anhacri ?r hu unequalled nrraueerm-nfa mole ir bringing out piaMiigert Iroin Britain aod Ireland, I y le miliar paekela tailing from Liee'ponl eyery life daye? !< lei.di'R tor their irienda, or wuhini to Knit IMn Kiiiev. wonItl do well to rail at the "III e?Mhltth*d park*- ot '< U iliotf, where they can reljr their btiameta can be d-ne rami tljr. nlfft ~iia? u.Ni i'F.u LTNK OK LIVKITPOTTL PACKKI'S ? Piekrti of 3d and 1 h Juu". Th? well known, laat afUb'iiliiK far <nt ahip .Sh,A, top a hnr Irn, ( eptau. e.w nd?, will ami I ' ? ii e|y an above, ber regular day; Mid ihi ,e [ ii km .hip *11 KKI" I k l.l?, ' ?l't Kherry, oo thenh luuo 'I he aliova f iyorite pnrketa have .pleodid r inna r raMo. aecoud celnn, and atreraga paaaongtra 'I hoae nlnui rore'dimi to the old nnintry cannot do belter lhati to a-lert ye of theae ahipa. To aecure bertha eyrly applieation atpuU ?in\de on hoard, ' r to W fc J .T. TAPH' .OTT. in eiirc k?? Soutli atrmt, corner Muilru.laae , AMUSEMENTS. PADIO'V NBW YOItlt UPG1U HOl'SB. I l/^Ailmiitioa On* Dollar, to all |>ao? of tit* honaa ?Z3) U*vr? m?w at iiall-caar 7?Par'ormMice I* C?rain?i? at I UfcADER OK THUirKCHbNl'HA.-- 8H?, HAfGTTl. Coiabmad with all tha fortnar 1'iatirguiahad Prnfeaaora BKNKKiT OK HlONOR RtPk'TN. *nl i'om n.l/ Hi- Lut Night ol L:M.I"IRK D'AMORP. ^igoor nMiettl tabat piasto a m s 10 il a public, U at tin haa rttcctad an a n.iko ii ut win iha a-!?br led Danat aaa M'LuE DKCJARDINSJ. o wall known to ha p iblie tu Cotmaci u with Kauny Ellaltr, who will k arf nin '1 wo (Jal-bralad Dancaa. Brtwaan tha bra*, aid atcnnd acta, tha fallowing aniaruiumasla will ba p-il'orn ?d ? Grand Orar'ure to II Pi an, b, Ba'liLi with fall Orchaatri. hi Jal 0 de Xtif by Madain i.alla IJeajtrdiia S |o no u a Viol n. Adagio aud, by l>a Barlol, rieaut'd b> Hig Kaietti 1 h? Pnlaeca by M?''ainoi>alla Da.jardir.a Kll DAY KVENiNU, May flat. Will ta praaanlrd t"t Ointj. called L'Ki.131 Ki? D'AMORK: rtoioa o"i?iie?e Nemoriuo Sin Sere'i Belcre 'if Valolln-a Dr Dulcamara 8 if suquiriC'i Annetta -Vil?? M Ad.ur Nolaro 8ig Albaui N. B.?The Bni Office now opea e*err day during the week. from 10 o'clock A M , until 4 o'clock P. M., when scuts may be nm for the ensuing wuoii Regular KUitiimii transferable Price $10 for Twelre Representations. Subscriber! not secure g seats the price of tickets is placed al ?G for the season?not traaiferable. Stage Manag-ir- Mr. BT^Tbe public are ripeitfully informed that the Batha hare been newly arrangi il fitted op in a handsome style, and are in full ?i|ier'li"n, ii<t.I nud dev. PA UK TI1KATKK. . Boaea > $ I I Pit- 10 Ceuu I Oallery ?i. THIS EVKNINM, Ma* J# will be perlormed, the tragedy of HAML.* T?Hsmlnt, Mr.Macro dy. To conclude wi h tf.o nPlKtT l?K THE FOUNTAIN. CHATHAM THKATUK. Boaea* 11 Crete I Pit 1IH Cents THIS '"VKNIINU, May 30lh, to cimmrtice w.thCASI'AR HAU8AR. After which <UT AND COW' AGAIN. j o conclude wuli FAIRLY HIT fc h AIRLY MISSKP. MUI.O'S (1AKDKM. Tiie PKOPRI KTOit "1 tint po, u ar ai d fialiiooable eatobl.tlijleut r-sr-?rtf 11 - luf'irint lb - |>>tIt<ie that it will OP 10 ? KOH TH- SUM M K K N-ASMV ON MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 3, IS44. The ejUitainmenti will be unrer the > ul 1 direction of M It. M I T C 11 ELL. And w II cenaiit ol n run. t "if s'iece??'Oii of Op*r?a, Musical Muile lis. Ex'ravaf-iitu, Operutas, Vsnd'Milei, Ballet* aud P'a res, t itimu-o by a lull ai d cflic tut Citnpauy,to which will b ncrv i li'llj,i<Mel MA\1 EMI * 10NT AND POPULAR ARTISTS, M ho wi I Appear in the e iur?e of the sea ton r spec al Ca e wil' be taken 111 the or iduc.liou of er?rv enter. t liument, to irat? it as perrei.t as potmh e 11 Scene Ellec.. < ntiunie, Pr ps-lics And nil mhrr a,.pu.tenaiieea?ro rnigm which til1 lootl t xlr 11 L?rd artists in every il ar meat hair brru CMIftHt The 8AL'iON8, OAK DENS and PRO VIENAHKS h'?e nil uudergonea thor, u li Kr?o< nt uo nnil lie-dec ration, w th a veer 10 combine in he hgnv.tdtg1*, the great ettenlials, ciimfoil nod convenience, wiih clegai re of d-tnru The w hole of the interior nnbellintiin'nla litee been ei?enrod be lh?eelebrnt-d >rtTts, Hig irr C AI'E.LLI and Mr Hie LOP., while the Scenic ll pnr'uient haa been allwlt.d to Mr. BE.NOOUOH, who has just complete,! A N?W ACT DROP A a jleur id assortment f rare mil roefly Eiotics line b*eo ml e.i to th uiauy thous uds of be utile I Pin .it and bhiubi * ?. iy collect d in tha iter lent aid Conservatories. T'hn Company, r.t the c?mn of ill* season, will cuusi.t of Mr. Mitchall, Mr Hol'a-d, Mr. keun i, Mm Tnj I nr. Mr. Nick.usoe, Mitt Clarke. Mr, Mri. Haidtick, Mr. Dear..eon, Mo. Went, Mr. Claike, .Mm May wood.' Mr Kreraid, Mitt whaler, Mr. lehnton. Mitt Hub. rtt, Mr, I'atte ton. Miai Partington,* Mr U -nil tii. Mm King, Mr. Hot ntlivll, Mm Wank, Mr. Bleecker, Mitt M King, Mr. I.eiere, Mita 8 colt, Mr. Vanprsgue, Mrt Kverard, Mr. Kae, . Mri L)onu. Prompter Mr liaker. lu ad.'i'ioa to whom eu.agemen a are uow pending with Ulin) aititti of acknowledged re ebrjry a. deacellence Every eWort hat been am .1 in the teler tioa of the ORCH E?TKA to reudrr it perfrct and effif lent in every leaped?and it it bclierel tliia inteution hit been carried cat to I ha Cut ett eirent, be the ei gageiner t ol toe lullowirg eminent Profcuort, wha will perform under ihe ahl direc'iou of MH. OKOhO *. LODKH. Leader of the Orchettia Mr. Manas. <J. Briatow, Jncohi. Aupick, lie Luce, J Ayliffe, Tr.otji, J Ayliff'. J. Kyle, Niddt, Holland, Dasiei, Wrench, Ojodwin, GroeiiteH, VVooda. Musgritf, Hri'tow, Peterschen. 8piar, Kir IT, Machinny- -Mr. Barns. | Properliei- -Mr. Roberts. Cottumet Vlrt. eka?t. and Assistants. Tl e a'raugeti ejts at the doort and in tne naloons will be amler the diractioa i.f Mr. COllBYN, 'l'rruurer to ths CamPan y. Police officers will be iu constant attendnucc, and the almost c ue wrili be ttkeu to uiaiiitiia order and decorum, and all tinproper {WMM will be s'r'ctly excluded, tl /" Omuibuiea will lun to aud fiom the (tardea daring the evening. tT7"TICKKT8 KIKTY CENT8?0 NO POSTPONEMENT at this Kstabl .hment on account of weather, at lie U/aud Entrance from Brna/'yeay ro the 8t I inn i< protected, nnu tm fee* ?.?'? ou. which la Vaniilaed I'.-om 'he top and mlea, caa lie euc'.utid at a moment' notice. ui-'9 rc -Te * a. MRS TIMM basa n apecitully in announce that, hat inf be. c irne Leaeee au'l > nmgrr th* PAloot of Vaot'-hll (J*tden, which ha? undergoo- in ri>t*re ran"*aiio? and intnio'rnient, lie i>aa fugt|ril a t lOMl'A N Y ant OK' Hfe.8t R j of inch talent fo* ill pufornwncerl OPEttAS and VAUDEVILLE", a aha 'rna'a will in'rit aahieeof th it pat ouafce whicn her tietiua. the pnblie, ha?? nuifotinly extruded to her. '1 he Saloon wit' b-iipa n d on MONDAY KVE?lNO NEXT, 3d JUNE, wi h an e> tir'ly original Int'ounclory Ei-tataiajira, wtitten by MR. WALLOP, enti I d KuR-T'MM JO *. Aid Her Hetetal (J.fed Arnranta'. in which th-whole coeipaa* will an ear. To be followed by A I ONLERT.aiwI a n?? farce celled who'LL LEND ME A WIFE 1 Be.iid a aeveral > en iua eu?ageiiienta, ,Mra Timia haa plaaanrt in amiuuiiclnit >hoee alrra l> c n luded with Mia. Booth, M*?. Wale t, >lr? Hant unle, M'. Brunt m. Mr Urahnm, Mr li. Lewie ai d Mr Audertoii. Ike . Hie , 4t? S'aa' Manager" Mr. Waleot Adm'aeinn 3.1("ante. nit lw*re OLYMPIC THEATRE. OPENS ON MOVDAYTjUVr. 3d. Firtt ar>|e?r nre of the ' N e.Cl??)M aNCeK OF THF. 1*31 m CENT UIIY." iMnltnm m Parvo?Tliret exhibltioiii ' ^MtrslCl ALlblc It JtND VENTRILOQUISM I! t All ilirei, note.tie* in ihn v Uutr>?new .nannmenl-? new Tiicka?and unri'ai'ed Mere a a in Vejiriliqunm. huge iilira up wnn?T?ry ir.juiiuc, niuinuuy |>>",lura -e-nery. u irgeoui til iu(a. The cvbiuet for the diai'iny of ihe lucjmprrhenaible Ka .ta.c..mpoaedi f paper mache, ailvrr, -tin wood, he. all l'.,nn>.iv a 'f B.MPLB OF KNCHANTMKNT an tible to 'he diet lay r,l Cabal latje : keuom na. Tha cpl?-"lammem will he * ? thr?e p?ru Firal a id |.?'. Ma* P.! T-a ?c jihi |nr'. Mr. fiU T I O.N will g ve a gr ad afna of Vnu1 nlojai in. .via lay ov. itnr.: on two jeae liarpi, n Faiita?ia ? n ihe "Mmlmuian. nud a firoritc air ou Prof ?ior Wheatalnnea Conirrina. _ THEATRE PRICES-NO INCREASE. Djora 01 *.i . t 7 'cl?,r?. i.nrtai" riaon preciarlv at 8 o'clock Dieaa B'lnlt ceuta. Upper Bovea 25 ceuta. Pit I2)i ceuta C ildp-n under 12 yrari. ?i It their pareuta or fuatdi*i.a. naif price to Up| er end Lower Boiea. Pn (umme of |erf rnianer to be had (rati* at the Boa rrtiee. j I'rr a'r Bnaoa O ch>a'ia do. $3 in2*J 3t*rrc AMKIIICAN AIHIAL (JARUK.N. AND PtRPETUAli F A I il , Corner of Broadway and Ann atreei.oppoaiie the Aator Honae. P. T. BARNlIM MANAuKlt. Every Day ami Evening Thit IVeek, commencing Monduy, May 27. ORANU 1'a.HFOK.vlANG KB Caeh afternoon, at lialt-pnat 3 o'clock, ar.d 3 id ti e evenine. I'ha HUNT ANl) OlANTKtJS! ! Mr and Mra. Randall. Who, together. tneaanrenot lent that Fourteen pact, in.ikuit ihein the I all-at Pair aver known, are to be teen every da) . 11out It o'clock A.M. till 1, from > till hall-poet 3, and from 7 nil 10. The manager,it happy to announce a re-ennaiement with the lint clan. of whom ii a littla Vina of only ?n vaara ! Tha family apiaar in a Taiialp ul Holii, Dutlta.Tnoa, Un-if tu'a, he. UHLAT WKSTKKN will arpaar in hit Comic Yank a# l.act'ira on Animal .Magiiatum . and a'ao liia imitaliou of a Locoraotira. Mil M. k. (J Nk.LLM, tlx* man born without nrma, will . lao appatr in aomaof iham<'tt aa'oniahiug (rota with hia ton, which mnit ba aaau in ba boiiarad. I.a I'atila Canto, tha Dauaaiaa. A lWntifui Collactloo of W? Fignraa, (iifaffa, In., tie Tha UIPHKY (JUfcr.N, tha h ort'inaTnltat, mar ?a aaru and if ?i?lr eonanltrd at all linnn ol ih? dap and aromas. ?_/" Admiiaiou to tha w liola i% ran la?child ran uadar tan ranaa, half pneo. Ii cam aura for Ciniuliatioaa with tha >ip?#? Qoaan. in ft ra. I'KALK'H VK VV YORK MCHteC.VI. AND I'ICTUHK UAL1.KKY. Broailwar. opPotita tha City Hall. MK. II. BtCNNKYTT- MANAOKH, AKTY.HNOO.N l a.ltKOH.VlA.M f.M KV HY DAY. A a I ..Vlhak AL*. FOR ONK HH'LLINO. kxtsaokdinaky : ahiomhmino :' W O IS UKHKUL AMI T ? K M K.NUUUR ATTK4I TION* 1 OlANT BOY?H )UhS AND oVitll 8KVKN FKF.T IliOH : FAT U1KI.. DWANF AND UIANTEBB. A UIANT OIKL, I o<ir*?^n ^ rart Old, wn|lnO< I'oomU, A DWARF' BEING THREE INCHKRRHOllTEK THAN TOM THUMB!! A UIANTKBH NKAHI.V WF.VKN FEET HIUH; KIOHT PERFORMERS ! SPLKND D PAINTING# OR THE CONFLAGRATION OR THK CHURCHES IN PHILADELPHIA? I)eatr.<yed <luriD( the lata Kiota Tdk'ii apou lha ain't, hy 10 eminent mint. TliH1 plrliirea core' aonie hnn<lir<t? of d|uue fori of duvaie, eoibr?rmf the whole ol the Mtuft. GREAT KUCCEBS OR THK wonderful ORPHAN family. Or, Peoay-beg Vocaiiaia ! couaialmg of a Rather, Molhri, Ud hrrrii Small Children ' I'heae are the Re'l Or'h'iii Melodit'i. aa lliry an,* OFTEN, t*t OFTEN, aad drink OFTEN. The following if rformew art engaged? MR MONCHR'.LL.the Comic DetiueaioC Mia# MAR* BARTON, Maawr BARTON, aid Mm A. BARTON,'he murh i?dmir?d tocaliaU ! Mr. CO > O the P'Dleaii Performer. Grand < oamonuna Self f layioc .Melodroo, Syleudid Piclnre Oallery, aod JOdO < nriotiuea. , , 0-AI,.n?or,a Performanrea errry Day at I o cloak, Mr Ihe convenience of the day viaiteta; no utra eharge loth-|iei IA net. in covnrvienr* iu t h.* f>vc. iiiif At " in o AI'OLLO HAU)?N, UHOAinVAV. Nt.H 1DIIK'A wo b* lira drvotml to Meaie ?. ! I'orti? ?Mr JO.Nf.S, tht pora'ar Vocaliat, formerly ol ill* I'arli Th*alrn, haamij ie trirned from lua KnropMS loll, r- !? . Hull V in'nrraa lli? |. it>lic mat be will produce, under the abote title, a tones of Literary and Mnaieal hnirili ninrnfa. of a lowl aid par.iluilT into atinsehirarirr, aa delivered by him * nh emmem nicrea liefirr({ieeti Victoria i'rinr- Allien, and of the N ability, icnt V and literary a' <1 Si-:?i||hr Mocietiaa of Kl g'and The fit of th? aeriev wi'l take place o? Wedneaday Kara,nr. Mat i'.ilh, Iu? i or which occanon li? will be avu rd by \f., KRKDK.KII K",?f |!|? t'.i'li Thent r-, \> bo ? ill deliver u, ,| naif f?d if i-eon ?? d'aciptive of the origin and liiafnrv t..| |U ir?w Melody and 1'irtrv, interap rard nith a ?ari-iy of llngi. i I ad Traditional MeloSira from nni'oti' t-dlf a itlimlt .onrcra. arbrird and arrior?drt(irfaaly for thia entertainmen< iy MK. JIIM.H Xn'.tle CieArta W esala; Tirkna fo admit Two l.adiaa md a I frullnnan. One llollu?may be riad at all the Mnais Rio-ea rnJT Jl*rc . saara.Af. , ? i a I a nl ,jl WWIrB. I BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. ^FROM BALTIMORE, H1GULY 1)1 PORT A NT FBOH TIB COITMflU. qeneraiTcass ahead. NO NOMINATION TBT. TUe Two Thlri RoU ?l>oyu< .Morcn Bat* lotlnf* for Preoldent and no Choloe Pro at and Intenoo RhIUbmhI?Ai?d*n? 'nninon nominated. BtLTiMoaa, TfMo.t, 7 P. M. The two-third rulo ha? boon adopted bp a vote of la# to 119, and taren balloting* have takes place without a choice, which wa praaent below i? During lha confution a delegate rota, and a?tooted Andrew Jackton for Preaident, but the raaolutian was rw ceived with crie* of "no, that oock wont ighf? "Go ahead '?"Giro ut another ballot"?"Oo ahead"? "rfo on"?when another mumber from Ohio cot the door. a'id had pooaaaalon of tt whan th? mail cloaed Mr your eity. On the announcement of the ?eventh ballet, a delegate fiom Ohio reie and offered e reaolution to the effect that a< Martin Van Buren had reoeired a majority ef all the vatea caat ou the Aral ballet, he ahould be conaidered aa the candidate ef the Convention. The Preaident decided that the reaolution waa out ef 04dur, and it waa net accepted. lutenae excitement enaued,1 and the Datamation from Ohio threatened to leave the Ooaveation. Many of the Southern Dalegateo who had voted for Coca oriadout?" Letthvm go"?" we can get along without tliem," ho. he. B*iiLotivu> roaCiKDiDiTit I'un4idutf. 1 J J i J g J | V a i Buitn, 116 1*7 Itt 111 103 1?1 ? ? (?'* ai t?i 9t ioj in tia m in Joh'itoe, ss si m n M n a Buchanan, 4 I III! li I) t V C.ilhoun, 6 1 I 1 1 1 C C Woodbury. 1 1 1 0 8 0 0 # tawart, 30000000 KiaiT lian.ot. y. tt. Co?. itucAuruMi. JwAnaaw. Maine. e ? ? ? New liampahtre, 6 ? ? ? Vermont, 5 I ? ? Maaoachuaetto, Bid ? 1 Diode Inland, 4 ? ? ? < onnecticut, ' 6 ? ? ? \utif Vnrlr lb . I'en&iy Wania, 'Jti ? ? ? New Jersey, 3 3 ? 9 Pelu wars, ? J ? ? Ohio, 23 ? ? ? I'ldiuun, .1 9 ? ? Illinois, 6 9 ? Missouri, 7 ? ? ? Kentucky ? ? _ 13 Tennessee, ? 13 ? ? North Caroline, 3 4? A Virginia, ?17 ? ? .Maryland, 3 4? ? < toorgia, ? 0 ? ? Alabama, la? ? Mississippi, ? ti ? ? Louisiana, ? ? I ? Arkansas, ? ? ? S Michigan, 1 4 ? ? 144 M 4 94 Second Ballot. V. B. Can. Jthmtn BucA'm. CoiA'a. giesrt. Mo. # i ? ? ? ? N. H. 8 ? ? ? ? ? Vt ? 6 ? ? ? ? Mass. 7 3 ? 8 ? ? Conn. ? 6 ? ? ? it. i. a i ? ? ? ? N. Y. 30 ? _ _ ? S.J. 3 9 9 I ? ? 1'enn. 34 ? - -- ? ? Del. ? It ? - ? ? Md. 3fl_ ? ? I Vs. ? 17 ? ? ? N. C. ? 3 0 - ? ? Oa. ? 9 ? ? I ? Ala. I 8 ? ? ? Miss. ? 8 - ? ? ? La. ? ? ? ? Tenn. ? IS ? ? . ? Ky. ? ? 19 ? - ? Ohio 23 ? ? ? ? Mich. I 4 ? ? ? ? India. 3 B ? ? ? ? 111. 2 2 6 ? ? ? Mo. 7 ? ? ? ? ? Ark. _ ? a ? ? ? 117 M U II One vote not CMt in North Caroline. 'thud ballot. Cut. Cm. V.H. W.Uh\ Buck. Maine, ? 1 8 ? ? ? N.Hampshire ? ? 8 a ] ? Vermont, ? fi ? ? ? ? Mud. ? 7 ? a ? Conn. ? ? ? ? ? K., la ? I ? N. York, ? 30 ? ? _ Hulr ? 4 1 ? I I Delaware, ? S ? ? ? ? Maryland, ? S ? ? ? Virginia, 17 ? ~ ? ? N. Carolina, ? ? ? ? ? II Georgia 1 8 ? ? ? ? Alabama, ? 8 1 ? ? ? Mitaiaaippl, ? fl ? ? ? ? Louisiana, ? ? ? ? ? Tenesaaa, ? It ? ? ? ? LT 10 rvcuvuvk j | ? ? ? " Ohio, ? ? * ? ? ? I Michigan ? * ? ? ? ? Indian*, ?US ? ? ~ IllinoU. ? 3 ' ? ? ' Miuoun, _ 7 ? ? Arkaniaa, ? ? ? ? ? 1 9 99 191 SUM Fovbth Ballot. V. Purtn. Can. J thru cm. CmWn Maine, 1 ? ? ? New Hampshire, ? ? ? ? Vermont, ? 0 ? "~ Maaaacbneetta, 7 8 ~ 9 ? < onnecticut. ? ? ~~ Ithodr liland, 9 1? I *? New York, 90 ? ? ? -* New Jeraey, 14 11"" Delaware, ? 8 ? ? ? Maryland, 8 ? ? *~ Virginia, ? 17 ? ? ? Noith Carolina, ? 11 ? ? leorgla, _ p ? ? 1 Alabama, 1 8 ? ? MUaiatippi, ? ? I.otiiaiana, _ _ o 1 ? Tenneiaee, ? 13 ? ? ? Kentucky, _ ? 19 ? ? Ohio. 99 I ? ? Miohigan, ? a ? ? Indiana, 9 ? ? ? I Union, 9 9 8 ? Mlaaouri, 7 ? ? ? Aikanaaa, ? ? ? ~ l'enuaylvanla, 18 ? ? ** HI 108 99 17 I 1'iitn Ballot. y. B. Can. Jlo?k. CelAeu*. Mhine, 8 1 "2 I N I lamnehire. 9 .. .. 4 Vermont, .. # Mm*. 1 ? .. ? t'onn. * It. Iiland, t 1 U Now Vork, 30 .. .. . Now Joraey J.. 4 I 4 Delaware, i ' Maryland, a ? Virginia, IT N.Carolina, .. 7 4 .. .. (irorgia, .. * \iaboma, 1 4 Mle?inrip)ll. C it liouiiiana, .. .. 4 . Tenneasee, .. 14 Kentucky, . l? Ohio, 90 ? Michigan. .. 4 Ic liana, I 11 .. .. .. Missouri, 7 ? .. Vrkaniaa, 1 .. .. .. Illifioia, aJ 4 t ? I'rnn. 10 .. .. 10 .. 103 107 * ? I SliTH V. R Call. HuiAa* on JoA man. Calk own. Maine, a i ? ? New Hampohire, 3 ? 4 ? ? Vnrmnnt ? 1 ? * ? ! Rhode UlanJ, I ' a __ 1 'unnactlcut, ? _ _ Maaaarhuiatta. rt 4 __ Naw Vork, M ? _ __ Mew Jeraej, _ Delaware, ~~ 8 I'aniiaylvania, (no* ie*oy) __ Maryland, 3 ? _ _ _ Virginia. 1' 4 _ North Cirollni. J _ J. j i loorgia, "To Wahama, ? " __ Miaaiaaippt. ? B LouMasa, ? ? __ ~" Canueaaaa, ? " ? " Kentncfcy, ? Ohio. ? 30 3 Michigan, ? Indiana, I I" ? lliinoia, _ ft ? 4 Aikanaaa, ? ? 3 Mlaaouri, 3 ? ~ Penney Ivanla, 17 ? # ~i#l ~U? ~S? ? ' Na?t*TH B*LL?T. V. B. Cmil. IwktMn. Jmkiwn (mi/itvn, Maine H 1 ? ? Hew Hiraptlilr*, 3 ? 3 ? Vermont ? H ? ? M????chm?tti, (not prepared ) i onnrrticat,... ? a ? Itho Ir I - In n<1,.. 3 I I v?* Votk,. . . M Sim Jt rtey,.? a ' Delaware ? 3 ? ? ~ ivnnaylvnnia, (not ready .) Maryland ? * *" " Virginia ? ? *" * **" N'oitli Carolina,, (not ready ) (Irorfia, ? 9 ? Alabama I 9 ? ?

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