Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 1, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 1, 1844 Page 1
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I t e Vol. X., No. 193?Whole No. 37?3. To the Public. THE NEW YOUK HEllALD?daily new (paper?pubixlieit every day of the >ear except New Year'd 'lay and fourth of July. Prico J ccnta per copy?or $7 M per ailBum?postage* jiant?l anh ii^advance. m 4 M mr, nbLKLl MRKAL1J? puiMinen nvery naiuruisy morning?price tij cent* per copy, or $3 l'J per annum? postage* paid, cash in a lrnnca. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ol the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, und increasing iart. It hat the largest circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and it, therefore, the best channel for husineu men in the city or country. Prioc* moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all bin-Is executed at the most moderate rice, and in the most elegant style. JAMK8 GORDON BENNETT, ruomiktoa of the Hkrai.d Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau street*. MhiW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To sail hobs new York on the 26th aud Liverpool oa the! lib ui eacn moutli. m m r bom New York. Sl.ip ROSCilfS, Captain Joiin Calluis, 26th March. Chip .-ilDUONH, Captain E. B. Cobb, liiith April, chip SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyster, 26th May. Ship GARRICK, Capt. B. 1. H. Trask, 26th June. From LivKRraoL. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain A. Depeyster, 11th March. Ship GARRICK, Captain B. 1. H. frank, 11th April. Ship ROSCI US, Captain John Collius, Uth May. Ship 3IDWONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, llth June. These ships arc all of til* first class, upwards of 1000 tons, built in tha city of Ne-.v York, with snch improvement* as combine ureal stieed widi unusual somfort for passengers. Every care has been taken in the arrangement of their accom rnodalions. The price of passive hence is $100, lor which ample stores will be provided Thew ships are commended oy r*|>erieuced masters, who will make every exertion to give ye Neith-r the captains or owners of the ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages lent by them, unless regular lading are signed ihtrefai For freight or Passage app'y to K. K. COLL1NH k lO.. 'jt South ?t., New York, or to BP jWN, SHIPLEY k CO., Liverpool. Letters by the pad ru will be charged 12>{ cents per singN beet ; 50 ceuts |ier nance, and newspapers I cent each. in ! rrc PASS AUK KKOM ENOLAN"D7 IRELAND, S(Jt)T LAND AND WALKS, VIA LIVERPOOL. M5?~ THE subscriber has made unequalled arrai gemects JlEaJxVfor bringing ont emigrants this year, IIM4. Those kissawkasendinK for their friends would do well to apply at the old established packet office of JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South rt. N. C.?The shirs ol this line now leave Liverpool every five davs, anil drafts can as usual be furnished for any amount, pay able at all the principal banking institutions throughout in# united kingdom, apply as above mill re MARSEILLES L1JNE OF PACKETS. hence on the 1st, and from Marseilles on the 5th of each month during the vear as follows Krom New York. Marseilles! MINEH.VA.Capt. Brown, Dec. 1 Keb. 5 TRESCOTT, Capt. Myrick, Jan. 1 March 5 H'RY THOMPSON,Capt.Sylvester, Keb. 1. April 5 HELLESPONT, Capt. Adams, March 1. May} CORIOLANU8, Capt. Haile, April 1. June 5 They are all coppered and copper fastened, and have eicellent accommodations lor passengers. The lirire of eahin naasmre will he Rlftn eveliiaiwa nf wine. anil IhjuorsGuoo* addressed to the agentg, BOYD !t 111NCKEN, will b? forwarded free ofother charges than those actually paid. For freight or passageapply to LAWKNCIC k PHELPS. 103 Front street or to BOYD & HINCKKN.Ageiits, mbit No # Tontine Buildiuffs. "TtvRANGKMKNTH FOR 1841. OL1) ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, 100 Pine street, coiner of South. m. M. i& m. THE subscriber bens leave to call the attention of his friends and the public in general, to the following arrangements for IB-It, fur the purpose of briugiug out cabin, 2d cabin, and steerage passengers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, sail inn the 1st,6th, 11th, lfitli, 21stand 26th of every month. By tin-London Packets, to sail rem New York, the 1st, 10th and 20th?and from London on the 7th, 17 th and 27th of each month, In connection with the above, and for the purpose of affording rtill greater facilities to passengers, the subscriber has established a regular line of first class New York built, coppered and copper listened sbips, to tail punctually every week throughout tlie year. Kor the accommodation of persons wishing to remit money U their hmilies or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, on the following Banks, vix Provincial Bunk of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Clonmel, Londonderry, Bligo, Wexford, Belfast, Waterford, Ga.way, Armagh, Athloue, Oolerain, Balhua, Tralee, Youghal, Euniskillen, Monaghan, Danhridge, Ballymena, i'arsonstown, Dovvnpatrick, Caran, Lurgan, Omagh, Duugannnu, Bandon, Kunis, Billyahamio Strabane, Skiberren, Mallow, Moneymore. Cootchill, Kilrush, Dublin. Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. .. viand?M -ssrs. Spoouer, Atwood St Co Bankers, London; U. Murphy, Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable in every town In Great Britain. For farther information (if by loiter, po?t paid,) apply to JOSEPH McMURRAy, 100 Pine street, corner of South. V. Y. Or Messrs. P. W. fl YRNE8 Sc CO, 30 Waterloo Road. j0 6m*rc LiverpoolNEW YOW^ARD HAVRCTACKETS. Second Line?The Ships of this line will hereafter leave New York on the 1st, and Havre on the lGth of each month, aa follows, viz From Nkw York. From IIavr*. New Ship ONEIDA, ( 1st March. 16th April. Captain < 1st July. < 16th August, laines Knnck. f 1st November. 16th Dectmber. Ship BALTIMORE. i 1st April 16th May. Captain < 1st August. 16th Septembers Edward F uncr. f 1st December. 16th January. Ship UTICA, l 1st May. 16th June. Captain < 1st September 16th October. I" rederick H vitt. ( 1st January. I 16th Kebrnary. New shipVt. NICI1 LAS t 1st June. t 16th July. Captain < lat October. 16th November, J B. Pell, ( 1st February. 16th March. The aecommod ,ious of these ships are nut surpassed, combining all that m y be re>itiired for comfort. The price of caj bin passage is $100. rasr.-ngers will be supplied with every rt quisite with the exception of wiues and Honors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by llie sub mlfisw free fro.n .nv nlWer >1.,.. ll.e n.e.e. .......lie .. curred o.i liiern. Kor freight or naataga, apply to BOYD Sc IllNCKKN, Agent*, jrlWc No. 0 Tinitio* Building. onr. Will mil Wntrr ? TO flit, TRAVELLING PUBLIC. T.issenger Tlx Subscriber* having completed their arrangementa, ate now preparril to bring oat passenger* from (Jreat Britsiu and 1 tel.)mi by thefollowioK limt cla?* packet ihipa. one of winch will leave Liverpool on the lit, 6lli, 11th, 16th, 2Ut and 28th ol each mouth:? Patrick Henry, New York, Sheridan, Virginia, I.iveri>ool, Cambridge, . .Montezuma, Snldoua, <Jeo. Washington, Hottingoer, folninhua, United State*, R,items, Ashburton, Kmc laud, Korope, Steph'n Whitney, Kochesrer, Independence, Yorkshire, Uarrick, Samuel Hick, Queen of the Weat, Oxford. ! (iertiflcatra of paeaage can he ohtaiued, and every information will be given to thoie rending for their frieuda, on application at either of our office*. They will alio be prepared, on the opening of navigation to forward pasaengera and their luggage to Albany and Troy, and vi < Krie Canal to Buffalo, and all intermediate placet. To all porta of the Upper Lake* V iv Oawego to Toronto, Port Hope, Coburg, Kingaton, and all parte of Canada VVeat. ( rotn Troy via Whitehall to Montreal and Quebec, Canac'-a I ait via Ohio Canal from Clenveland to Portsmouth, Cincinnati, and i .termediafe placet South Weat via Philadelphia to Piltabnry,Cincinnati, Louiavil le. a I' [>?rt* no the Ohio It i ver to St. Lnui*. M O : and lo all parti ol Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin Territory. REMITTANCES. For the accommodation of pertous w iahintr to send money to lh?ir friends in the Old Country, HABNDEN It CO. will Hive Dr ifts on any part of EriRlarid, Scotland or Ireland, paynliie at siuht, forsurns of XI, X5, X20, to XlOO?or in any amount to suit the purchaser. OK KICKS AND AGENTS, h Charles ('raft, 120 State street, Boston. B. W. Wheeler, Union Building, Providence, R. I. j W. Mills, :i Wall street, and 16 Frontstreet, New York. N. (i. How ,rd, 43 Snnih Third street. Pniladelphia. fl.ndford U Shoemaker, 7 l.ntht street, Baltimore, Md. Pittsburgh, Pa. L. s I.ittlejohn, 11 Exchange, Albany N. Y. S Clark, 159 River street, Troy, N. V . Utica.N. Y. W. A. Cook, Syracuse, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. W. II Cook, Buffalo, N. Y. H. FitikughlkCo., Oswego, N. Y. mlfiee TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. m m m M A n ft A GEM ENTSFORl H44. The sulnorihers lifR to call the attention of their friends and (he public generally to their superior arrangements for brinuiu* out passeiiRers from, and ren.ittinR money to all parts ol k.cpltrd, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. THE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, COMPRISING THE QUERN OF THE WEST, 1250 tons THE SHERIDAN, 1000 tons. T HE ROCHESTER, 1000 tons. PEE GARIlICK 1000 tons. i nr. nwr UNUUEK, 1000 ten*. CHE koscmjh, iooo tou. THE LIVEKPOOL, 1150 loni. THE SIDUON8, 1000 torn. Sailingfroin Liverpool twice everv month, and I'HE UNITED LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, reinpoted o( tuiierior, fir?t class American packet*, *ailin? Irom Liverpool four time* in each mouth, *r* the thipa in which thoie who?c |?u?age may b*rii|jn#rd with the ?nb?crilwr? tviil come ont in, and it is a well known fact the above named packet* are the moat innfiiilirent ilnp* afloat, and the freipirucy ibait sailing, (being every five dava) prevents the possibility of 1 a*ieu*er? being anueceaaarily detained at Liverpool. Regardless ofanpense, in order to meet the want* of the public and the wi?h?* oftheir friend*, Mr. Wm., one of the firm,ha* none to Liverpool to iu|ierinteiid the departure for this country ol *nch iierion* wlioae passage mey he entente,f with the subscribers, a fart, which to thoee aciinainlert with Mr, W. P., is a sufficient gnumntee that they will rereire every attention from him. Mid be quickly and comfortably de.patched. Hnnuid tnoae *ent lor decline coming, the passage money vrill he promptly refunded, without any deduction?aa ntual. fUmiutuce*?Those remitting money can lie supplied w ilk draits at iigru, lor any auionut, parable free of discount or any inner Cuary*, m every principal town in England, Ireland, tinuisnd ?n<l W?le? Apply t>' fT latter, pott paid,) to w a jTT. TaP'JCOTT. 11 feck slip, lv ew I ora? or to l7y WM TAFSCOTT, Liverpool. KOK MARSEILLES?Packnl It'Jntie.?Theship wJWVWTHKSOOT P, (;*pt. Lawrence Kor freight or pa?aTlT-.,. .....i, to LAWIU.NPK h. PHELPS, w*-Ijj Kront *tree t. or to m!9 ec BOYD It I1INCKKN.9 Tontine Building | EN! N ?NKW YOftK. 8CII00LEi '8 MOUNTAIN 4 Mi _ RASTON, WhESBE Uii" foot of Courllam street, daily [Sundays escepted,] at 8 o'clock, A ,\1 , by Kailroad from Jersey City to Morrist iwn direct, witnout change of Car?from thence by Poit Coaches throntb Mendhain. i In-slrr, 8ch loley'a Mountain, Port Colden, Washington to Kastou. A t Washington a daily line intersects tn and from Belridere. Kor seats apply to J. HILL, at John Pattcn'i Commercial Hotel, 71 Courtland* street. N. II.?7'itrai furnialicd at the shortrit notice, by applying to M.H. LUhK, Morristown. ap26 IIih' rc GREAT WESTERN KAIL ROAD ROUTE, KltOM ALBANY TO Bl'KFALO (135 MILKS) BY KAIL HOAD. The only Office in Nvw York established by the several Kail Road Companies hctween Albany and Buffalo n at No. 40 COCRTLANDT WTKfcKT, JOHN f. CLARK, General Agent. notick toTmmiorants. Til* Subscribers having barn appointed agents for forwarding Immigrants by Kail Koad from Albany to Buffalo and intermediate places, are enabled to aeud tbein during tin- Summer from New York to Ulica lor S3,06; to Syracuse *2,92, to Auburn S3,36; to Kochreler >4,61. to Buffalo >3,49. Children from 2 to 13 yrara old at halt price; under 2 years free- and all Baggage train Albany on the Kail Koad ii entirely tree. Ir is etident that it comas much cheeper to the immigrant to travel by ltail Ro\d than by Canal, he reaching Buffalo per Steamboat from New York and Rail Koad from Minor- in 13 bourn; wii-reaa, it takes f?er Canal from 9 to 16 Jaya. The following calculation allows the result, riz Passage to Buffalo per Rail Passage to Buffalo per CaKoud >5,40 ual.auy >9,00 Luggage trom N. York to Luggage to Buffalo. 50tba Alnaue, lOOlba free, bal- free, balance Ibrivblba-- 46 ance for lOOlba It Loss of timt at least 9 days Luggage from Albany to worth to the laboirr, any Buffalo free----- 40 ceuta per day 4,50 Liviug for 42 hourt, aay- 74 Living lor 10 dayy, 40 cents ? per d>if 5,00 Total per K. Road- >6,41 ?? >12,05 Deduct fare per R. Road 6,41 The traveller per R. Road saves >4,62 They also forward paaaengrra'to Cleaveland, Portsmouth and other places in Ohio; Detroit, Sic., Michigan; Green Bay, Milwaukic, Ike., Wiicor.sin Territory; Chicago, Illinois; and to ditfi rent plac*a in Canada, at the lowest rates. All information as to the differsut ioiues given gratis, and Tickets to be had vn/u at the Albany and Buffalo Rail Koad Office,59 Courtlaadt street. WOLK tit KICKERS, invg lm*rc ~ ?- k"" HAI.Ih-AX a N II 1.1 VKMPIXII. /S^SPI The Royal Mail Steam Ships BKITAN; y^H|nCZ%NIA and CALEDONIA, will leavn Bos ton for the above porta es follows? Britannia, Saturday, Jane 1, 1841. Caledonia, Sunday, June 16, 1841. Foliage for Liverpool guv. Paaiage for Halifax 89. Apply to - D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent, m2l re No. 8 Wall street. OPPOSITION EVENING LINK FOR ALBANY. DIRECT. am The New and Splendid Steamboat NEW &n . "^ iaiJ*Jb'.KSEY, Cant. 11. ii. Furey, will have the -wl IPLJC.pier font ?f Barclay street (north side) on Wedneiday evening, lirh iuitant, at ieveu o'clock Regular dayi from New Yorlt, Mondavi, Wednesdays and Fridays; from Albanx^Tnetdays. Thursdays and Saturdays. Tie-New Jersey hasTieen rebuilt and remodelled, and lilted np in the best possible m inner. She has a 'arse number of elefant State Hooms, a large and eoinmodioui Promenade Deck, a adies' Saloon with sleeping accommodations for 100 parsons, and eitrnsive and airy Cabins. Altogether, she hat sleeping accommodations for nearly 700 persons. Iler dmughl of wal?r is light, so that she will always be able to cross the bars with out detention or transhipment. rail 3m*rc SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS. BLOOMINODALE. MANHATTAN VILLE AND FORT WASHINGTON LINE OK STAGES. Fare to Manhaltanville 11W cents?Fort Cffffvi sITsi nfr Washington 25 cents. This Liue will com, W^*?^fc,T.enc. mi,n,ng on baturdar. May 4th, 1844 as follows :? Leaving .Ylanhattanvilie, at 6 o'clock A. M., and continne running every hour until 7o'clock P. M Leaving New York, corner of Tryon How and Chatham st, two doors east of the Harlem Railroad Olfice, at 7 o'clock, A. M., and continue running every hour until 8 P. M. Stages leaving Fort Washington for City Hall, 7R A.M. and 9hs. 1116, 1 P. M., 3R. 4 and 6>j[. Stages leaving City Hall for bort Washington, 9 A. M., 11 and 1 P. M., 3. 4 and 6. These Stages pass on the route Reed's Hotel,Burnham's Mansion House, Orphan Asylum and Lunatic Asylum. Strieker's Bay, Abbey Hotel, lrinity Church Cemetry. limb Bridge to Kort Washington. B. MOORE. m2 lm*rc Proprietor. KORKV1LLE, ASTORIA, HELL GATE KERRY, HAVEN8WOOD AND NEW YORK STAGES. .iiUfct I Will coinmeace running oa Monday, May 1844. a. lollows Leaving Astoria, at 7, 8, 9, and 11 o'clock, A. LV1., I, a, i. i/,. 5H and 7 P. M. Leaving 3 Chatham street opposite City IIe II at 7, 9, 10, and 11 o'clock A. M.. 1, S, 4, 5, 6 and 7 o'clock I' M. This Stage will call kor passengers at 20 Bowery, rortsr of Pell street, and at Hazard's, Yorkrille. All baggage at the owner's risk. On the arrival of the stage at Astoria, it 'ill tin mediately he in readiness for conveying passengers to Ravens wood and Long Island Korins. Kare 12cents Horses and Wagons to let. LEWIS <k CARTER, m8 lm*ec Proprietors L STATEN ISLAND SSSSHBE FERRY. SESHCSL On ail if.*." Saturday, June 1st, the Boats will run as follows utlgl further notice:? LEAVE STATEN ISLAND AT 7, 8, 9. 10 11, A. M? I, 2, 4. 5, 6. 7? P. M. LEAVE NEW1 Yoilk AT 6, 8 9, 1?, 11, A M.. 1. 2, s>4, 5 6. 7, P. M. N B. ?All goods shipped must be marked in full and sre at the risk o Ithc < wners thereof. m29m PLEASANT AND ''HEAP EXCURSIONS. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. NEW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND, (STATEN ISLAND.) A NEW YORK KERRY, From Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Buttery Place. gj| The Steamboat CINDERELLA, will run follows, duly. Iro n May JPtli to October SKa^XCi^Llst. 1814 Leaves Nsw Yoik, at 9 and II o'clock, A M , at 3&, 6 and 8 P. M. I>?.. I',,i U,.I??,I.?I ... 00 ............ ?? ? ...I 111 10 A. M.i at 1, 4X and 6? P. Bl. ^Leases New Brighton, .it t anil 10 A. M.J at IX, 5 and 7)g P. On Sunday?Leaves New York, at 0 and 11 A. M.; at J, 6 and 11 P.M. Leaves 1 ?it Kichinond, at 20 minutes too,and 10 A.M.; at I, 5 and 7X P M New York, Mar 1*. 1014 mylI Sm're Sl/MMe.K ARKA.NtlLMK.N'l NEWARK AND NEW YORK. FARE ONLY 1X1 CENTS. PHE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OAFFY. asHWJl eg On and after Monday, May 11 will rnn as ^LjgggMjOfollows:?Leave Newark, foot of Centre st, at ^EnjHBEa7X A. M. and IX ? M. Leave New York, foot ot Barclay st. at 10 A.M. and 4 P. M. Ou Sundays?Leave Newark at 1 A. M. and 2 P.M. and N-w York at 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. Frrivnt carried at very reasonable rates. May 10th, 1144. ap4re ftfg- FOR NEW ORLEANS?Finn Regular Packet, tgjUVwith Dispatch?The well-knuwn, fast sailing ship JMBfclil LAH, Cat tain 11ainui ,nd. w I sail ns above. Forrrrigbt, or passage in the rabin, second csbtn or st-erage, luving very snperior accommodation*, and terms moderate, apt Iy on board, or to JOSEPH McSflfKRAV, nlOrc in) Pice si reet, corner of South. !? FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line-Kegnlar Packet aSV^^ol'26th Jrne ? Thrapteudid packet ship UAKR1CK, JMMMwCaptain B J H. Trask uf 1000 tona, will tail its above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodation! nn-qnalled for splendor or comfort, applv on board, at Orleans wliarf, foo of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO. 56 South it Priee of passage $100. 1 he packet mil I p Kosciiia, Capt J of 1100 toon, will tnccred the Uirrich, anil aail the With of July, her regular day m?9tn| u28rc KOR NKW OKLK.ANS -I.OlIiSI ANA AND JIKNKW YOIIK LINY.?To .ill I5lti June.?The fast wMBAfasaii.'ng packet il.ip OSWEGU, (Upturn Wood, will positively aail a* above, her regular day. Kor freight or paasage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board, at UMN Wharf, loot of Wall street, or to JC. K. COLLINS St CO. j6 South street. Audita in New Orlfana?Mestra. Hollin and Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. Shippers by tliia line may rely upon having their gooda correctly measured, and that the ahipa of this line will aail P'lnrtnally aa advertised ?n20 er KOR LI VKKl'OOL?The New Line Hegniar /JrJB^Wro l'-t 21st Juner?The superior New York bnill *filC.packet ship ROCHK8FKR, Capt Jahn Britton, k-o tona htirthen, will aail aa above, her regular day. Kor frnicht or passage, haying yrry anperior accommodations not anrpa'sed by any ship in port, apply on board, weal tide Burling slip, or to WOODIIULL fc M1NTURN8, IT South at. Price of $100. i'he packet snip HlttiaglMt, Capt Ira Rursley, Ift.'jl tons burl.'iee, will succeed thn Roclieatcr, and tail on her regular day. Hit Jnlv. ?fiec KOR LONDON?fialat oi J at June.?The apianI^TWhsdid. fast aailinging taicket ship MKDIATOR, Capt ARMm-I . M. Chadwick, will sail pnnctually aa above, her regn lar day. Tina aunerior packet has very fine accommodabons for cabin, second cabin and steerage paas-ngera, who will be taken at vary naionabla rates if early application be bum on board, or to W. fc J. T. TAPBCOTT, At their General I'astage Office,76 South atreet, corner of Maiden Lane. tVraone wishing to send for their frie:,da to come out in thia tlnp or any of the hue, or who ate about Lo remit money, can in ike I ,v treble .irn off WWII by applying aaahove m2Jrc KOR LONDON.?Packet of lit June?ThesplenrtSyy^Vdi I fust tailing pnekrtthip MKDIA roil. Capt.J M, 'JUL.1 l.wlK.ri II I II.. .. her reuiilur .TTTThTa auperioi packet has very liue accommodations for cibin, second? cabin, and steerage passengers, who will be liken at vary reasonable rates if early application be made on board, or to JOHN IIKK DM AN, mJT to llrre 61 Month street. ~~m.l> BLACK II ALL LINK OK I'ACKKTHwFftjFVHOLI Vfcitl'OOL?Packet ol the lat of Jane-MmIKb t he packet akip (' AM B III IHJK, Capt Baralow, will li deapatched aa aboye her regular day. Kor paaaage, having unsurpassed accommodations, at idy to JOHN HKHDMAN. 61 Mouth atreet N. B.?The subscriber haa ttner,nailed arraugeinenta made forbringing out p^aaangera from tireat Britain and Ireland, by the regular packeta sailing Iroin Lirerpool eyery liee days? thoae aendirg for their Iriende, or withing to remit them money, wonld do well to call at the old eatabliahed packet ol lice aa above, where they can rely their buaiuraa can be done promptly. mJ9?c WHO WOULD HK WITHOUT TEETH ? WHK.N ti e following unprecedented reduction ia made bv N TAYLOR, Surgeon Drntial, (ancceaaor to Dr.Tliorn,) 'No. M Kaat Broadway:? Cleaniug $1 "0 Mtoppmr with hia jnatly celebrated Mineral 7S Mingle 'J ooth on Pi got 7S ? " " Mil yet J Oil " " Hold S I'll ''' ""lice gIVen, or apecirnena can be aeeu l.y apply ing at the office. mi4 im'rc 5 W Y EW YORK, SATURDAY DROADWAY AGAINST TTHTWORLR rPIli8 noted thoroughfarei> new admitted to be thesreutest ' mart for th* sale of ifrntlcmrn's wearing apparel iu the United States, and the. impression that hat heretofore existed in the minds of many that "purchasers m Uroadway are obliged to |air an exorbitant price for an article of dress," is fully re butted, trum (Mr known reputation as to the charges established by EDWARD FOX, proprietor of the City Cash Taiiorinit bttaUiihmnit, No. 202 Broadway. Here la an advantage to merchants and others visiting this city to avail themselves o( nn outfit from a very eiteusive aisurtm-nt of ready made clo(hiug, tniuuficruieu from the best materials and iu the most fish tunable style. The attention of the public is pnrtieularly railed to visit this establishment nud ezamiue the late style of twilled and fancy Cassunere OfCc* Frocks, designed tor llie approaching season. Also, an assortment of rich Chens Velvet and Brocade Vestinfra, Fancy French Cloths and Caisimeres, hv the late arrivals from the celebrated manufactory of F. Biolley Fils, and selected eipressly for the ipriug fashions, (iarments superbly made up to order, and if required at a few hours notice. EDWARD FOX. City Cash Tailoring Establishment, 202 Broadwav, be'ow Fulton st. mSJm'ec 'fOBACCO-KlNE CUT AND BMOK1NO.?Feeling inclined to close up au interest in a Tohacco Manufactory, I now oiler for sale a quantity of prime Que cnt and smoking Tobacco, papered up in the usual way, at very reasonable prices. I beg to call the attention of Western Merchants and other buyers to this, the quality of the tobacco being of the very best and prices by far lower than usual. tnf lm?rrc JOHN II FABKR.No 1 New st OL1V E OIL?100 baskets of (I'leguive brand) Que Marseilles Olive Oil, imported eipresily for Hotels and family use, in pint bottles and baskets of 1 dozen each. Also, 100 basket* of 2 dozen each, 100 cases of Lynch Oil. in I s ties. For sale at the cheap store of JOHN C MO KHI SON, 180 Greenwich street, Who'esale and Retail Dealer in ui23lw*re. Drugs Pouts, Oils Dyes, Groceries. Teas Ike LADIES ARTEMIAN BItACE. THE Sulncrihers offer to the special patronage of the Lad es, the r Pat11st r i.astic Artihiav Uhaok, which must eventually prove an indupeniable article of llie female wardrobe. It continue*, in its inauner of construction, all tli* graceful proportions. without any ol the injurious tendencies of the Corset?sack a? i s unnatural compression of the chest, imi eding the free and heallhfil action of the lungs, and its loevit ble leniency lo bring <>u couaumptiun, Stc , Sic. To chiltlreu. of either aea. uli i have acquired the hihic of atoopiug, thev will be found highly beneficial?poaaeaaing the correctii g Power of krtping the |>eriou erect and theihoulder* It will improve the outline and general appe-rauc* of ilia futire, strengthen and eipaud the cheat, and will m l impede the free uaeol the arina. bor the belter and apecial accoinin. ditiou of the L idira favoring them with their patronage, the anbacribera have opened an aparimeut, devoted excluaively to tlieir ate immodatiou, which will b? under tlie immediate superintendence of a Lady perJeclly acquainted with the structure and fittiug cf th-article. 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Wall atrret, iip stair*. ORK MORNING. JUNE 1. 1844 THE SEC ONIT E P I 8 T L E ov BISHOP HUGHES,: AGAINST JAMES GORDON BENNETT, ADDRESSED TO OLD MRS. STONE. C HAFT KB I. I tie liis/inji gets on his lego. and perfo) mi a Solo an a Penny Whittle. " I am Sir Oracle, and when 1 speuk let no dog hark." New York, Monday, the 27th Muy, 18-11. "Inthu country, all things uro att'ected or decided by public opinion, and public opinion itself is sustained by two opposite elements?Truth and K There is nothing more powerful than Ksusehood, except Truth alone. The enemies of our claim were not ignorant of this, and therefore they have crowded every avenue to public opinion with misrepresentation in reference to it." ?[Kxtract from Bishop Hughes' Speech on the School (luestion, at Carroll Hall, Oct. 0'.), IS 11 ] Oil 4PTER If. The Hishofi grows very gallant, frofessts great regat d for aid Mrs. Stone's nerve*?He throw* a brick hat at I tacit Hale?and la determined not to low tight if hiiaielj To Cot.. \Vm. I.. Stone, Editor op the Commercial Advertiser. Sir:?It muy appear singular that I should select a quotation Irom one of my own speeches, as an introduction to the letter which I ant about to address you. llut I pruy you not to be alarmed. It may be egotistical, but you will be pleased to recollect that the newspapers have b?en at me a long tune?that 1 write necessarily about myself, so ot course cannot lose sight of the subject. Mr. David Hale, as the only answer to my letter lately addressed to Mayor Harper, has discovered that 1 have made reference to myself "three hundred and sixty-one times !" This same gentleman published, now nearly two years ago, that "in one ol the Catholic churches of this city, a Catholic priest at confession, condemned a voung woman, lor having attended family worship with u family whom she served, to walk upon her knees around the church, until the blood issued freely from her wounds." Of course, in order to hold such a bad priest accountable, 1 inquired for his name?the nume of the church to which he belonged?the name of the young woman?the time and place of the occurrence?to all which enquiries, Mr. David llale had to be mum ! Still,he was sure it must have been so, there could be no mistake about it,? and he has never had the conscience to make either an acknowledgement or an apology for this atrocious calumny to the present day. lhave therefore set him down, as 1 expressed 111 my last letter, as " uffected with a weakness or duplicity of moral vision, for the effects or detects of which, he is perhaps! scarcely accountable. But 1 have never neuru his sagacity called in miestion where the matter was one of pure " calculation and if lie says that 1 have referred to inyself 361 times in tny last letter, it may be looked upon as correct. I shall do probably as much in this communication ; hut the reason is, that 1 profess to write about myself iu repelling the slanders of others, which would he impossible if 1 could lose sight of my subiect. < H*rTKF III. The Kit hop slyly insinuates that old Mis. Hale is no chicken, and thinks that Hale and? Bennett make a fine joint-stac k company. 1 take the liberty of addressing this letter to you, sir, as taking the tirst place after Mr. Bennett, in misleading the public by circulating the slanders just alluded to. 1 am not surprised that at your age, and with your character and respectability, you should shrink from a partnership of responsibility witlrsuch a man as Mr. Bennett. But. sir. you should have thought of this sooner; and not have joined with a man like him in a partnership of moral guilt. Mr. Hale is the only man "pretending" to respectability who has had the courage to take sides with him; and the alliance.strange to other minds us it may appear, is quite natural to mine. CHAI-TKR IV. The BioKop understands hydraulict and is i/uite an adept in the "art of sinking " Hut before I proceed, F must beg leave to express my disagreement with the opinion of many respectable persons, both Catholic and Protestant, to the effect that Bennett is too low and too scurrilous to deserve the notice with which, they are pleased to say, 1 honor him. A Philadelphia paper says that I nave raised him to ail equality with myself. This would be indeed a delightful, if it were not a hopeless attempt. On the other hand,I trust there is not the least danger of my sinking to his degraded level. As a citizen of the United States, if he be one, I claim no superiority over Mr. Bennett. As to his moral position, 1 have but to repeat the opinion which I have already expressed that?" if tie were more depraved, or less despised, he would rwtt liu on rlunrrnriiiic Kilt Itninir UMthnlil anv fivnrl principle of good, he occupies that ambiguous position which renders him, as men say, too contemptible for notice, and yet not sufficiently so to be below the power of mischief " I notice him, therefore, not as being capable of good, but as being capable and disposed to evil. That he should have power to do even mischief, is perhaps the reproacn of the community; and I would appeal to that community to join me in compelling him to rise to an effort for good, against the adverse instincts of his nature, or else if this should be impossible, to sink him below the capacity of accomplishing wickedness. ClIAFTKR V. "In arguing tut, the His/m/i hat great tkill, For ei'ts tho' vani/uithed lie can argue ttill This, sir, may seem to be harsh language, but 1 throw myself on the indulgence of the reader, with the simple request that he will not pronounce it unmerited until he shall have closed the perusal of this letter. I have introduced these remarks here, simply to exhibit the reasons in general why I cannot agree in opinion with many excellent friends, who say that Mr. Bennett is beneath my notice. It will appear in the sequel, that he has continued to assail me, with an industry and a malignity, which, considering the man, can be accounted lor only on the supposition that it was prompted by either of his predominant passions? avarice or revenge. If indeed there have been found persons weak or wicked enough to gratify the former, by bribing him to abuse me, it only proves that they, at least, have not considered him beneath notice. With regard to the latter, the only pretext that I have ever heard alleged for it, would be the treatment which he received Ircun Mr. O'ConneJI, winch I have tieen told lie ascribed to my |irocuremenf. In bis pretended reply to my letter lie characterizes that treatment as "brutal " I agree with liirn in this application of language, but the brutality must be found in the object, not the subject ol that treatment. When h man tramples on the decency of humanity, not to say christian courtesy, he is metaphorically described as "a brute.*' Bennett so trampled on the decencies of of humanity, when he wrote the attack on Mrs. O'Connell? when he represented an amiable, accomplished and aged christian lady, as constituting the domestic head and centre for six of her husband's concubines! When the attack reached that husband, whilst lie stood over the new made grave ol that wife, bedawing it with his tears, and when afterwards this "brute" had the assurance to obtrude himself on the notice of that husband, in a public meeting, what other treatment except "brutal" could he expect or deserve I True, now that the infamy of his conduct recoils upon him, he attempts to throw the blame on others. This subterfuge, even were it true, docs not exonerate him; for it would have been made immediately after lie discovered the unalt. i! he were not in reality what O'Connell rightly took him to be. lint this shall be treated of in its proper place. CH?pikh VI. 7V Jiiihnp >/$ wrnthy a%aint and MVVI hr 'i//t u fedfa pU H '* for poor old Mr*. Sloru . Ill the meantime, I laid down in my letter to Mayor Harper, nine proportion*, in direct opposition to the slanders circulated ill the llerald, the Commercial Advertiser, and other papers, on my own conduct and charneter. Read them over, I pray yon,and answer me whether the man of whom those propositions are true, is not in a position to hurl a dignified anil proud defiance at ai.i. assailHiitsol his reputation. Hrnnett has read them.and lie hit* not dared to deny the truth of one u| them. 1 wish you to read them, sir,?hut I perceive bjf the Commercial Advertiser, just handed me ol this date, 27th of May, that you are indisposed; 1 regret this?for, I have no feelings on the subject but those ot kindness. Neither shall I press those points in which I have special right to complain ol yourself, until the period which I trust is not far distant, when you will he able to resume your editorial duties, and when 1 shall lie prepared to hold you accountable for the public and injurious use which you have made of my name. Hut, whilst I shall touch lightly upon subjects in which you are involved, in reference to my character and rondtict, I do not deem it necessary to niter a syllable ?>| what I have written, nor to change the form > my iier a I. letter by omitting your name?when I consider the I unscrupulous use and abuse of mine which is to be ' iound in your columns. I hold that inv name is as j sacred as yours; hut beyond this, l Mull rewrite the principal portion of what I have to say, until? whir*h 1 Iniii?* iiihv Iim nnnn?von will In* in n nnni. tion to answer for yourself. chaste* vii. The ttiihop it tony that he behaved fiadly to lifi v. Child-, unj promitet to b> a noad boy hereafter. " When the devil wan ?ick, the devil a monk would beWhen the devil got well, the devil a monk was he!" Mr. Bennett lias passed over in silence?no thanks to him for to doing?all the propositions respecting myself, which, if (rue?an I contend they are, proves that what lie und others have said against me, is sheer falsehood and slander. But, passing over these, he has charged me with two subordinate matters which i shall now dispose of. The first is my reference to an unliable and talented lady, who will do nie the justice to remember that / did not make any mention of Iter name. 1 would not willingly offend against the rules of gallantry or good breeding. I implied an eprhet. which 1 now regret exceedingly?not that 1 feel that 1 was unwarranted in applying it, but because 1 could not then foresee that the iarheti of one of her had friends could have heen so great that lie would publish her honored name?as a shield for ifie protection of his own guilty head. My allusion was intended for the eye of that lady herself? but not tor the notoriety which this bad friend ha* given it. In truth, 1 supposed that the uIUihoii would lie understood by tew, II any, besides herself. We have certainly seen the writings even of ladies severely criticised. But I ant not a Reviewer hy profession. And it 1 alluded in a seemingly harsh manner to these writings, 1 make bohi to say that that lady herself alter a proper explanation, will do me the justice to acknowledge, that it 1 have ever merited blame for what 1 have said, it is more than counterbalanced hy the kind feelings that may he inferred from my silence in regard to what I have suppressed. But, even so I regret that her feelings should have been pained, and declare that if 1 had thought that of the few who might iiudcistand the allusion, there could have been otic base enough to publish her name in conneclion with it, it should never have been uttered by me. Still, 1 apologise to her, and express my regret that anything 1 have ever written should havelgiven the least pain to one who for talents, benevolence, purity el character and amiability, is justly regarded as ail honor und ornament to her sex. ClUPTKR VIII. The Hiilm/i gits quite frantic, and manifests a strong dis' Ilosition to knock out his own brnins. The other small matter, on which a point has been raised by Bennett, is in reference to my speech 11.11 II.. aa?.a i., 1,1a lit -Siitimt'i u that''this speech is vvorp for word the mime us that published in the Freeman's Journal," and drawing Ins conclusion Ironi this assertion of his own. lie charges upon me that lam guilty of "falsehood." This is impossibli, Tor ut the conclusion ol my letter, 1 stated that in penning it, I had not a single document before me, and consciousness, judgment and memory were all 1 had to depend upon. And knowing that the two latter ol these might betray me into u mistake, I took the precaution which 1 owed to christian feeling and common candor to stale, that if in any matter of fact 1 was mistaken, 1 retracted my words by anticipation. Alter such a declaration, no man except Bennett. even il I had ben mistaken on some point, would accuse me of falsehood. This is the only instance in which even Bennett questions my accuracy or my veracity. II what lie says were true, with such a precaution tin my part, it could he of but little service to him. Hut it is not true. The report in the Jlcruld and the report in the Freeman's Journal are not word for word the same. This ib a fact. And with facts, even Bennett ought to know at this time, that reasoning, much less assertion, is perfectly useless. If therefore, 1 convict Bennett of attempting to deceive on this point, I will surprise nobody. Still as I have appealed to the justice of public: opinion, I shall not presume to stand before that tribunal with even this imputation. To put this matter right, il ? uu?r tkat fli** , II in I :i I i i ill uf tin' of this letter is found ill tin* report of my speech at Carroll Hall, in the Freeman's Journal, and is not found in Bennett's report of the sauie. Therefore, when Unuiett says thai the iwu icpoits arc ' word for word" the same, it only proves that lie was accomplishing a falsehood, and knew it. This falsehood lie repeats six times?still as the list will he sufficiently long, we t-liall count it hut as one. To what extent it is a falsehood, may he inferred from the following extracts of my speech at Carroll Hall, as reported in the Fireman's Journal. I quote them not merely for this purpose, hut also to refute, in so much, the whole body of slanders that fiave been circulated hvali the editors, orators, and clergymen, who, taking Bennett for their leader, have almost exceeded him in their inversions oil the truth. The whole speech may he reud tn the Freeman's Journal extra, of Oct. 30th. And the perusal of it will convince any man who can read, first?that there is not a word ot appeal to religious or sectarian prejudices ; second?that there is not a word of reference to politics, except in so far as candidates had arrayed themselves m opposition to the e?pial rights of the people; third?that the purpose of that s|vec|i was not to iorgani/.e a party, but to lay down and develope a principle. These propositions will he established by jlie following passages of that speech:? " In this country all things arc affected or decided by public opinion, and public ^opinion itself is sustained by two opposite elements?Truth and Falsehood. There is nothing more powerful than falsehood, except truth alone. The enemies o| our claim were not ignorant of tins, and therefore they have crowded every avenue to public opinion will) misrepresentations iit reference to our claim. " It is therefore necessary for usto have recourse to the truth which they suppress or disguise. /IV do not auk tor sectarian siliools. /IV do not ink that uny portion oj thr public money should lie < unfilled to UK for thr purpose of teaching our religion nt the public expense : such a demand would he absurd, and would richly merit the rebuke winch it could not esnijie. " i .l i: -u I i ...t.:..l ?.>?i.r..,i..,i Ill llie lUIIIIC CCIIOllls Vllliril according to the system now in force, our children had to study hooks which we could not approve. Religious exercises were used which we did not recognize, and our children were compelled to lake part in them. Then we withdrew lliein Irotn the schools and taught them with our own means. We do not want money f'totii the School Funds?all we desire is that it he administered in such a way as to promote the education of ail Now the Public School Society has introduced pist so much of religious and sectarian teaching us it pleased them tit the plenitude of their irresponsible character to impart. They professed to exclud religion, and yet they introduced so much in uuantity us they thought proper, and of such a uuafity as violated our religious rights. If our children cannot receive education without having their religious faith and feelings modelled by the Public School Society, then they cannot receive it under the auspices of that institution, and if for those reasons they cannot receive it from that institution, it is tyranny to tax them for itMsupport. We do not ask the introduction of religious teaching in any Public School, hut we contend thai it such religions influences he brought to bear on the business of education, it shall he, so far as our children unconcerned, in accordance with the religious belief of their parents and families." # * # " Hut I call upon you'to resist tin.- Public School system whether you ate sustained by public men or not. I ou are railed ii|w>n in jmii ?mii your opprcssots, and they Iruvr you no alternalivr ill voting ll limy appear unroinrnon ; it may norm incouaietrnt with my < haracter, that i should thus tube an interest in 'his matter, and I should not, were it not a subject o| extraordinary import. Rut thrrc has been an invasion of your religious right-, and as the spiritual guardian of those how before me, I am hound to help their cause. II you are taxed, you must he protected. Were the tax so inmo-ed that each denomination might receive the hem 'it of its own quota, the. case would he fair We are willing to have any sy lent that operates equally hut we will never submit to a direct violation ol our rights, and an appropriation ot the school tund in such a manner that we may not participate hi itbenefits. * * " Experience tells us that ?o all great qu> tionagitated in this country, there are two sides ; and in the history of this one we have evidence of ihe fact. I do not consider the question as it tegard....... I ....ll/ .M/'uk lor and advocate Ih frtrrlnmnf rHu ntinn and rh?- mm who aland up for it. I appear as the friend of hun who would Kite JITXriCK TO AM. CMUWK*." These extract# confirm the truth ol what ha* *1rendy hern said that it waa not until after the misrepresentation and bigotry ot h portion td the press 1 had bound the representative# ot the people, to deny even a consideration < i their claims, to the frieiau of general education, that they took up the only alternative consistent with honor and a sense el rmlit Hut in all this, there ia no appeal to sect ;i nnistn there is no appeal t?? nationality?tfier"o 110 expression ot denunciation or bitterness? ii> a wMrnMMJummmmm I i - - 1" kLD. Price Two CcnU. word, there is nothing but the < aim, rational, d< velo(>emcnt of a great constitutional npht, happily secured equally to all the |*-opie. It you make .1 public n-sue with any other denomination o! Chrio tiaiis? lor instance tne Methodists orPresbyieruna, for the purpose of depriving them, as such, ol a constitutional right, they will naturally and necessarily oppose the effort by constitutional means. If you attempt to hem them in, in such a manner that tlw y cannot have a chance for voting, except hy voting lor persons pledged 10 inflict upon them the very injury they complain of, iheir tigiit loconipluin will cease, if they co-operate with you for that purpose. This was the principle which I developed in my speech at Carroll Hull, as may be seen by another exiraet still. "They say that we want a portion of the school fund for sectarian purposes?to aiply it to the support and advancement of our religion. This wc deny now. as we have heretofore. We have denied it olliciullv and under their own observation. And were they careful or solicitous lor the truth of their statements, they would not have made the assertion, in this 1 0111 in unity, all religious denominations are supposed to he ?ijual. There is no such thing as a predominant religion, and the smallest minority is entitled to the same protection as the ni< mcoi innjiiiuy. urnummftuon, wnetner numerous or not,cun impose its views on a minority ut ilie common exjienee nt thnt minority mid itsell. it was against 11 to t we contended" I II.IP i t R IX. Tht liithn/i n<tiJ'auinoltd with th* insti iiuirnt of his lutluit, and won't i/uit talkim nbont "that'' report. Tlmse extracts arc nil found in the report of my speech at Carroll Hall, as contained in the Freeman's Journal. They are net found in the same report as contained in the Herald. And yet Bennett in his paper of the 21st inet. says, that the "two reports" are " verbatim et literatim" the same, with the exception ol two words in the description of the enthusiasm with which the Bish< d's speech was received, in the Herald of the 24th lie says, " we shall show in the most conclusive manner, that the report which appeared in our columns, was identical with the very letter with thut which received ins ow n sanction, and w as published to the world in his own journal." In the enum paper of the 25th, last Saturday?" We Rive this report from the Fre -man's Journal?the Dishop'sowu paper?n report which whs subjected to his revision, and was published with iiis lull approbation and that of his friends:" and again "1 hese reports were made by the same gentleman as we have id ready stated, and we now present the incontrovertible proo! that they arc word lor word the same ?that tlie report which the Bishop has so distinct ly and vehemently denounced as u burlesque report, is to the very letter, the same, as thai published in hi* nu. ii naner ulli r lieuinir r......n..d lnu uotw. turn" Such ih Bennett's repetition ol hie own falsehoods. 1 have taken the trouble to exhibit these quotations which are lound in the Freeman's Journal and ure not found in the Herald ?not that I suppose that any one would believe Bennett's word in opposition to mine, hut because oil the faith of Bishop While's testimony and my own experience, 1 had uppeuted to the justice and love of lair play, inherent in the public opinion of Americans, and because, ut of respect for that tribunal I wished to appear vindicated, lest soine malevolent or incautious editor might quote these declarations of his, 011 the uuthoriiy, not of Bennett, but ol " a morning paper." Of course, the public see the position cI both parties in regard to tins only point which ev< 11 Bennett has raised, and they will be the better prepared to appreciate the following statenu nt, contained in ilic same paper of the same date?25lh 1 nst.: "The Bishop has been convicted of uttering a deliberate?a most gross and atrocious falsehood. He has been proved lo be guilty of circulating this falsehood through the journals of this city. And now we allix it upon his forehead. We brand this burning disgrace upon his cheek, and dare him to come before the public in any capacity,tor the purpose ot impugning the accuracy of the report Inch we havetdiowu to be identical with his own." I n lartunate mun 1 City Intelligence. Police Oilier May 31. ? Impohiavi Ahrmts.? Kor sometime j>a?t a number ol lads, mere hoys, have been in the hubit mI defrauding our citi/.ena, by robbing their stores of ditterent kinds of property, and disposing of the same at various junk shops, winch are the ostensible re. cept*i'l<*H lor ill r"Uen gooda A number ol these young delinquents have been arrested, and some ol thim sent to the llome of Refuge. Three ol the receiver! have aliio been arrested and held to bail. The lirst is Lewis Berry, torpuichasmg u w atch worth f JO from the boys, and who keeps shop ut No. 'Jj Dover street?stolen trom Mis Naile, 4l? Greenwich ilreet. The second is John ( ariigan, ol No. la (lak street, lie purchased ol' thn young delinquents clotli worth {>30, stolen by them Iroiu Wil'ou <J Hunt St ( o.,corner of Muiden Lane and William streets, also Iront Robert L. Smith k. Co , of No. 170 I'eail do/en silk cravats. The third is l allKtrinti Mehtut, she purchased of the iHda II pieces of Bal/etincs, worth stolen from Messrs Baldwin and Thompson, also a mantle clock stolen by them from Messrs. Shaw and Spring, of No a Courtlandt streit. They have all been committed and held to bail to unswer. Justice .Matsell, aided by otlicers Joseph and Stokely made the arrests. The oiticers have also recovered much other property, to wit: calico, table covers, a Inige kettle, bishops lawn, vest patterns, mouscliu du luine, lac., lor which owneis aru wanted. Coroner's Ofller?Kridnv.?AcciDrsrAi.i v Kni.rn ?This Coroner thin morning held uri inquest in With stieet, near the 4th Avenue, on tlie body of a female who It'll from a bank into the toad ami whs instantly killed. She was intoxicated at the time. Common Plena. Ilefore Judge I 'lshoefter. Mat 31.? Collier va. Qulick.?In thia caie. repotted in yesterday'* Herald, the jury rendered a verdict oi $:?? for plaintiff, subject to the opinion of the court. Quia vs. Law dor.?Thia was tin action of trespass, brought to recover the amount of damage* sustained by removing a house which had been built in Kigbtylif h street, and which had Itesn mortgaged. The Jury rendered a verdict for defendant, who proved title. H'itcox el al vs. Ilalhdiiy.~- In thi* case, whidi stood over Irom Wednesday (reported in Thursday'* Herald), the jury rendered a verdict of fJHfl K!> for plaintiff, subject to the opinion of the I ourt on a case to be made out. Circuit ('ourt. Before Judge Kent. May 31.? The Hunk nj the I'niled Stiltee va Jh thni and Hrmner.?Thi* rase ha* been before the I ourts ior the J*st live or *ix year*. It win an action to iccovi r the amount of Bill* ?f Kxchunge, w hich had I em endorsed and mai'n 111 goliamc lor tin- iicr.oniniouaiion 01 tor projectors 01 Minais?ti|>|ii and Alabama Kailrond ( ompany. The runh ii> taken out of t curt mid r? ferred. The ' otirt adjourned. U. M. Circuit Court. Before Judge Belt*. Mav 31.--(fiiyon vs. Srwill .| Jlihhiuck -The jury in this case reported in yesterday's Herald, rendered u vet diet lor pluintiil, fjoo damages and rout*. J'litun ami Itrward vs. Curlii.- This was an artion brought against Kx.t olleetor Curtis, for excessive levy ol duties exacted Irom delendants on a quantity of import, wl goods The goods sustained damage during the voyage. The defence put in, on the putt of Mr. < urtia, was, that he had acted strictly in accordance to law. The caae stand* adjourned over to thin morning Marine Court. Before Judge Sherman Mav 31 ?Millard va. Howarth ?This was an action brought hy one of the aailora ol tho aliip " Valparaiso,'' against tha first mate, of that veaael, lor Mxeuult are) halte. ry committed on thefTth \pril last, during her home ward voyage to New Yoik The principal evidence to suttain the charge wu taken "<l> ..e," before a lurlge. The case stands ailjourned ovei lo the. iirouung Of^The ( ircuit t'oiirt andt onrt of i omrnon I'leaa stand adjoin nod over to Tuesday. Decisions will ho pionounced this day The Pbason in I.'anaim -TIic wrutlu r begins lo excite sonic apprehensions among the agriculturists We beliet howevei, that little injury i? done in Una m ighhorhoo'l, except keeping hark spring work It hai rained almost without intarauption since l-'riday night till l ibis day at noon, with a strong easterly wind, which still continue". I If the Hgiieiiltunsts are dull Irom the stale of the weath "i, the Ihvoiaide wind has filled th< poitol (Quebec with shipping, and given new lite to trade and industry It woul'l M?'I Til, III mr ?urrm m im- i,o??rr luwn, un ll mr citi/.en* had diaappearwl, to riv place to (dranger* QljrArr|fia;*flr, Mrrt/27fh. Prom nrtitsh?The Hartford Protection Inattranco Company had the following riaki which were at footed tijr the late fire Parkin* h Handera, 14.000 , J H Knight* fc < o , $1 'am Jonathan Urout, Jr . it .Hon , Wm Whiting, *M00; A k W. H llama, $3,000; H P. Pitch, $1,400, I. t lapp, $1,10 '; F,. It. Howen fc Mtone, $ ; uoo One of the fiirertora of the fnaoranre Company vmite f Worceater on Friday, and adjnated all the foaaea eae> | t one, and returned to llartlntd on Saturday evrning ITon r ?fer 'K|n I Attn Ou..?There wre Already iwenfy Imrd f'll Vactorie* in ancceaafnl operation In Cincinnati a hu*i ne?a that haa grown ttp within twoyrara, and which haa completely reverted the current ol the Oil Trade between the F.a?t ami Writ It i? yet in it* Infancy, and it* hruefi rial remit* to the Waalcru rttatia, Incalculable. Cam oinuli . lllnt. Mits 0(ii,i -The widow "I lolin O. Coll, lli Darre < lar.ette ?t?'c?, i* now hi Warren, Worn *t# i co , qualifying herself a* a teacher It will he recollected that ahe waa married tot olt in prison, hut a few lionra hefore hi* death Her original name waa < aroline Hen aha*

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