Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1844 Page 3
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Or*- THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF 8AR8A FARlLL A, GENTIAN AND SARSAFRAS, prepared by tbc New York College oi Medicine sod Pharmacy, established for the suppression of quackery. This refined and highly concentrated extract, possessing all the purilying qualities and curative powers of the above herbs, is i onfj'lcntly recommended by the College, as infinitely superior to uny extract ol Harsaparilla at present before llu : d.'ic, and m?j be relied on as a certain remedy for 1 diseases arising irom an impure state of the blood, arch u- scrol'i.'a, snit-rlieum, ringworm, idotcho.s or pi:n I'lc, ulcers, iiiiu in thelionec 01 Joints, nodes, cutaneous < . options, ulcerated sera ihroat, or any disease arising iron' the secondary elfects of syphilis or un injudicious tii or'mercury. Sold in singii BittUs, at 76 cents each. " in Cures of half-a-dozen Bottles, $3 60 " " one dozen " 6 00 Ceset forwarded to all parts of the Union. N. 3 ?A very liberal discount to wholesale purchaiers. Otlice of the College, 96 Nassau street. W. H. RICHARDHON, M. D., Agent. DO- CONSTITUTION At, DEBILITY CURED?The Tonic Mixture, prepared by the Collage of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, is confidently re commended forall pases of debility produced by secret in diligence or excess of any kind. It Is an invaluable remedy for impotence, sterility, or barrenness (unlees depend lug on mal-forraation.) bingie bottles <il each ; cases of half a dozen $6; care tuny |'<u*iica uuu win w aii uum vi ioi* union Often of the CoHege of Medicine anl Pharmacy. 9f B n'nn W H HirHAllDHflN, M. D . AMllt MOKRY NARKKT. Snt urtlny, June 1?0 P.M. The stock market revived a little to day. aud pi ices at both boards show a little improvement; the sales at tne new beirg at a greater advance than at the old. At the old board, Long Island advanced lj per cent, Canton 1} Norwich and Worcester 4, Farmers' Trust)}, Mohawk | Erie Hailroad 4, North American Trust 1}, United States Bank and Vicksburg closed firm at yesterday's prices At the new board, Pennsylvania 6's advanced J per cent , 1). la ware tit Hudson 1, Farmers' Trust 1, Norwich St Worcester 4, 9'onihgton 2, llarlem 1}, Long Island 1 j, Canton 1, Mohawk 1, Heading Hailroad J, Eric Hailroad 3 Ohio It's, Indiana and Kentucky (Ps closed lirm at jestcrday's quotations. Girard Bank fell otf 1 per rent. The State Loan for $inO,(iOO at five per cent, reimbursable in lsfli, was taken on the 29th ult. by John Thompson, of New York $30 OjO at $101 SS-lOO, and James Taylor, of Albany, $480 000 at 101 61-100. These were the best oilers received within the time stipulated by the commissioners. John Ward & Co. of this city, sent in an ofl'er for $100,000 at 102, but it was received too late for eifect.? These offers, for t five per cent loan, are the best evidences in the world of the easy state of the money market and the great amount of capital that must be seeking employment. The ofTer made by John Ward Si. Co. was about one half per cent better than those accepted. The late^mo inent thia offer was sent in, we consider pretty good evi dence that the capitalists represented by this house waited as long as possible to satisfy themselves that no change wax likely to take place in the money market raising the value of money,or creating a demand for it. Hi* to difficult to And permanent investment at any rate, that capitalists eagerly seize on any thing offering. The State of New York lias sustained its credit at mauy sacrifices,"and these favorable offers show that the policy adopted by our logis lators is not without its beneficial effect. Mark the difference between the negotiation of (his loan and one uot long since ( fT cted by the State of Ohio. This created a grmt competition : mong capitalists, und has been taken at a premium of i J per cen\ while that of Ohio was uinde ut un actual discount cf about two jier cent, and even then not un'il after the most desperate stock jobbing and cornering was resorted to on the stocks of that State already in the market. The provisions of tho law authorising the loan were even disregarded andjevaded by a manoeuvre ol those entrusted with the negotiation. The stop and tax policy of this State, although derided by tho political opponents of the party adopting it, will prove to bo one of the wisest yet conceived, and the credit of the State permanently preserved by its enforcement. The export trade of Rio Janeiro with tho United States, in the principal productions of that country, compared with that with other countries, is plainly seen in the annexed comparative table of the shipments of coffee : Comparative Or?tination or Cornet: Kxrortvd most i-10 Janeiro ix March ano since Ur January of 1813 and ,8'4. Hag i at: d Barrels. lit January and Jtcstination. March. 3 s! March. 1843. 1814. 1844. 1811 An-werp 4.400 15,4% 10,912 Bremen 11,989 2.573 11 909 4,146 C*i'? uf ilood Hope 460 551 4 tinned 11,190 F'"<j 27,293 19,101 TVumnk 5,094 15,014 11.138 15,014 Will's- 1,440 918 3,898 3,191 ilnrahurc 19.2C4 18.204 42,707 37,324 M'Ulferr&rean 12,513 12,220 34,492 26/768 I'liriUeU 2,419 2,'64 3,540 3 31,1 i-'ilsiia, ? 2,002 3,255 t'Pii', 1,351 1.951 I nvd 4,413 6,175 12.811 t'K'Sil "ri' 12.267 11 932 30.231 Jll.lliU 3Ini'p,l >S 22.9>l 36.99j 112,077 166,104 Wince 4,000 43il.Fr countries 1(5 30 125 32 104,975 110,809 315,153 331,949 Tlte romp^rrtive export to the various port* of tl>? Unl" ted States, 1st January and Slit March, was, Bag i. Bait. Bust. CharVn. Mol'ile. A'. Oris. Ar. York. J'hilad. '41.3 ',471 1 603 28.20 3 41.199 7.601 '41.45,3!4!{2I 872 6,000 2,010 21.314 50.30U; 11,475 V?le? during the month 93.000 b tfs. Shipped 113,302 " tine* IP Jvnnrr 330,214 ' l?r Ivmary s.idSlst Mar'h 1813 317.208 " Slock 31st March 26 C00 " It will he observed that,the export* to the United State* of till* article, are much larger than that to any other country in the world. The Rhipment* to Europe this year, compared with thoso of last, for the fame period, thow a falling eft'.while those to this country show an increase of nearly filly per cent. The increased shipments to this country are not caused so much liy the additional consumption of the article in the United States, as by a speculative movement produced by the agitation of the tariff lirre. Tins Secretary of tho Treasury, on the opening of Congress, recommended the placing of a small duty on tai and cotfee. This induced those engaged in the trade to lay in a large stock, in anticipation of the movement o Congress, and large shipments were ordered. The great[ est increase has heen in the shipments to Boston i'hila. del phi*, Charleston, and Mobile. Sale* of stocks in Boston, May 31st.?100 shares Cast Boston Co, JIJ? per sir div ou; Ml do do do, withdrawn; 0 d Kas'em llailroad, 10 per ct. adv; ui do Portland. Saco asd I'or stnou h llailroad. fmij jier sh; 'JO do Merchants' Bank. 6 per ct adv; -JO do Boston and Woicester llailroad, H per Ct R"1v; 14 do vVentern llailroad, tfwojj per sh; 60 do Sliuwmut Bunk, fOI J per share. Oltl Stock Exchange. f6fl?? Ohi' < lt>0 li 2 V 2Jtrie?ia JUS 1310 do 10.h June IM2V 2) do 20 611* it il > b:u Kii'i II) do 2 ih, 600!) rift tuck" 6'? 1 5>6 26 do ?sli <"ii l:i Spci ttoi ill il 2ja Ilailrm IIR HI - It'On do 62's 60 r'o bow Am WM) do 6?V 61 di b'fl ?lk 1H0"tl 1 rid 'in Bends Sfit* 60 do b 0 Bll4 in oo do 46!? ViO Nor St Wor opg 7j .6 no r-nosvlvania S's "0'4 60 do 72 2' 00" do Oil 160 do Opir 7 CI 110 hs Mfr lion's' Ek 1 ejf 26 do le.w 73)$ m H i k -t ( N V 87 .40 I'o h n 71', 50 N A Tru*t 15 150 il > I.JO 7184 < !> Kann rt'i'roit 51 325 Sitni gton HR 41 370 do 52*4 100 *1 j 51 *4 150 il> br.iv '> >J4 50 n.> bow 5I \ 1150 <lo 5JH 25 do 51H 10 i'o i60 5' 5u do bnw 54% (00 do btw 538? 100 do bow 55 200 i ii bl5 53 200 do b30 55 !0 M o:ri?Can*l id 50 Luck lalaad ?7?4 250 do bio 25 350 do 80 21# do 25 50 ro bow OH* )'H i'o 21 loo do bnw 19 213 U 8 H u.k >2.l? 10 do bio 80 Mi Co bll UH 150 do bl5 19 25 do 1 f}l 250 (to 81 50 do mw 13 310 Do L3Q 89 50 on M0 I2J4 100 do fll?* 50 V'ick.l.ur; Bk b20 il ,'fl do 18 * lull do IIV 450 do 8lt'4 7.5 I act'11 Co oik 1'.'* 2u>) Reading IIR h|0 '.7 :? di G. 50 i'o l) i(> '.7 V 1 in lb I. Da Ji.O do 130 51* 1'' g KirnTrt HI 5'I) do 57.1 1)4 V..r!iK*' o J! 670 il > .Vi'-t . 10 VioDavi k 'il l'.* 10 <0 51 too Wilm 1'R bco ill loo d> 57 Second llonnl. j 1 15(1 Rradn K ItU I'll) '<7)? 35 Kai runn'Loan 51* ! 150 do . 57 |V) d) b30 5?k 1 51 Menu C&oal 7)30 24 2 , U 9 Rank It* Mi do ??'W H in d > l'\ I 59 do b30 21 'a 12 Krie 14.1 29(a I 50 O'ity Bx.ik 102 i'l \?rw.c)i hnw 72* ll'O Stoi 1 '.(l: u buw 55 55 do 130 73 50 do bnw 5JV? Now Stuck Exchange. S>1001 III 8> 70 ia?h IJ 50 Farmer*' Loan 57 1 lid0 do r.w 49 5(1 d . 5L'* | , tin OJU 3M :;w no oz * so ?h? punt Bk Miu in;i in j.) 52,'* .'.o (iiurl I k iaih 28 li.O i'o 'it', IB If B B,.i k 1J Ji i!u bl '.2*4 250 \ ick>buig II 50 do bnw M , 15 Mohawk 1)3 7 .? i0 "" 1)3 11 10 ?Io 75,1 2. I 'ino)? Bk kiO 3fi Oil) Retd nf HR blO 5? ' 50 Morn* Cual b3 2?J? 50 <lo b30 58^ { )UI Ltuglj and h8 5 Cnoti'i) Co oi'g W> ' <? Ju ?8* 50 Krie HR S?)i , 5" . 08)2 50 Htonii K'u June 7 Si* 1 50 do 1.30 ?j 7J tlo 58 ! *# > do buw 0) j, Varied! 81 . ?'? knw RU!{ 25 Nor a. d Wot <u.g 71 1. u ?'<? b20 ??5i 50 do 0|." 71 ' 30 ^ , , 130 89 75 do 52>i J 50 K?:m. '0 I^oon 5.^ 50 q0 |jUW 7j^ ' l!H? do buw 52* i Ntntc of Trnilc, Amiki.?roto 8?1J1 continue very dull at 54 Ma $4 ;il, and IVarU nt f l b.M J ' bHj ^ U) k.nw? 1'iinie > ^urihern and southern yellow soil at 1 0f)o nil marked for i,'Xj>o.rt11 hkadi 1 lire*.?-Our mo'Uet i* not very active. Oen<?< <? i< now quoted ut $ 1 02J Chltiiifi) when hu been *< 1(1 v. SI. Ryn?3a67c. oato30ail. Northern ( on. H .oil, t> u'lnni Jd HIJ I{ av?c.iuit.ton quail ico North Iiiver halo oell at 3<> 38o. Prima i? tU'ld <rt 4dc. Wmhkf.r - Drudge ea*k>< am veiy inactive at 23c? P -.i.oii barrel* are very little enquired after. We quote '42 jc. Mtrriwl, ... On the 30th nit. At the church of 8t. Vincent de Psule, tiy the Rev. Mr Latent, C. N. Noai-.of France, to Kmilib, eldest daughter of Kamtsy Croeks, of New York. On Wednesday tveuing.1 a?th inst. by the lUv R. 84-. ney, Mr. Luthes Eavmo, to Miss Mart Jacot, all of thie city. Dtrrt, Anothi * Revolutioisary 111*0 tJove ?Departed tlili life on Thursday, May 3nth, James Hank* Esq ofDyrtitn, Conn . aged WJ years. lie was h revolutionary soldier, and one el the unfortunate prisoner! confined in th>* 'ugar house of the city of New York i. the yt ar 177,1. hut ta conseque- Co of his gentlemanly deportment auJutbanitv ofmaitne's, 1 was pliced bv the Brii' h officers u gete ral giM.?riiitu;<ieut over the prisoi?ra. with perfect freedom to go in and out at his pleasure. He died in tho full enjoyment ot the Christian's laith, beloved and respected by all who knew him. On Friday noriyng, Mary Fowi.ev, wile of Garret Kowley, aged 30 years. Her friend* and relatives are requested to attend the funeral this afternoon at 4 o'clock, Irom 13 Mott street On Friday evening, May 8lst, Wm. M. Oroesmei k, of the late firm of Hendrickson Ik Oroesbeck, agod 38 year*. His friends and those of hit brothers, and B. 8. Hendrickson, are invitvd to attend his funeral this afternoon at 6 o'clock, Irom his late residence H7 Hammond Street. Obituary ?The members of Engine >'o. No 30 and the Fire Department in general, are iiivjtcdto attend the Itinernl ol the late Arcmikalv Ksrtu, morning at half past S o'clock, from the'house of Mrs. llolliday, 4iU Cherry street. I Passenger* Arrived, CiTfRpooL?Ship Atlmuic?M?a?r- i 1> Maine. T 8?al. Hon r.uoa m?bnip Girouur?Mr iloR'ubtcliand 1'aunly. Pnaacngera Sailed. LivKRrooi.? Slip Camhritac?Mita V. H. Wrl't, Mr I hole. M. W? la* Mr. M A. Plmlopiou, W. Cliy, Mr ?i lioolbrr. mil lady. two chilur n and r?Mit Or John l( C< we Mr Mncelhu Co*", A'fr.d hrn, H.inml Fa.| J an Macfr t, Mn A' drr or, b dwan< Shr'don Mr v*'ri?b ton Mr. Macliat, J. Arma'totf. Eir Mr. Whitrlull Mr * pplrt'iu, t apt. K. K. Kju anil lady, chi d and s r?a 0,08 li * 14f mint I ight In! miry. Camda H?v at. ? hhi i Si N'col i ?M'mm E Barckhvd. H. H*rri to", F Prlfirr. Whir W H I*, well, J J V??qu ?, hfltvnu. L . Silfisrrr, Camillr ' r.a'Knr AIM In M r?, L v allr?, J K L<tf I ? , Ji li i T filmh' II. L. Liv r:norr, Alix-r tier A 8ii.rU. Mi?a !)? b-y. Mi ? Pv/r Mn Prnnit. l\v i MWr-n i.ud nrva ta, I'r <" Sin riynr .Mr l't Mtula. V'kiia Ctl'Z ? drift II ?! Zalrio?Mr J m V, P bio. vlr , Fanner' 'r P ir\. Mm "a V i'al Mm Su Vila! aud ar.Tinti, Mr P. VV Willi,irw Mr K.I) Sm ill j Faraifii Isiporiatioiii Havrk?Pa'krt Ship/aiicb?2 pita m^z (Mr'rland Blam? I 8 Cochn-u?3 h dwa d lluddard?n Keua-d St 5 i On??-4 H I) ^'amwrlaht?8 ( hnrinnd Schl?itnt>r kSi^rrr-2 J St Fr ix?1 E B-ncr?2 J 8. Em i" m-1 '(. rrrolx'-" ?2 Hoi t Hum?4 Littlr Alr'ei?1 J litiflield?1 II ir iru?l T Hxakrll-i VV 11 Painr?4 H J Hop ina?1 C Grow?1 Donorr?26 S .1 Cnit, St 8tev?nan.i?I Hi F.uulr ?I S Grrio ?10 llo t & ibIrr?r. Jolly F-MCe?2 J I' M'ai nek?1 Lit Bier?I I" II. hop? I CH 8ihmrd r- I 8 FA Wonow rt>?I K Boiamy?I P Mirry?2 L Krrrcr?1 A Hilaut?2 K Oi tti n t?l a H. -nder?CO baakrtf " iar Wi'aon a d "rnivii?110 do C Meprtt ?14 oa-ra indz A Brook,?400 bnaki'a L I II Hrnnuld-8 pka ini'z 8 Kohnatinrm?4 C Ocbrtfr Id?2 I N Bane/iaeha I M ra St laelin?3 Bourry St la-rova?2 K 1 h imprrh n?4 Mrrian St Brnaril?2 D roiatr.r St Boizird?3 11 J >'i hcr-6 Reok*rd St Hutton?I K. Him?1 W H llo ammo U So ?? 1 F 11 Ohnndir?I CO Schnfi 'er?2 Allart?1 11 irtl it St Mrt'ord?I Milra St Putnam? I B Croft?4 J McCa I?' ,< Gourd?1 T Dottou St Tile?9 Vict-'8t l)u huiz--.4M Brllao)- 2N KipplingI Miihnn?2 Zuciui?er--1 J Brrmri'?I Lmr St La auo? J A H 1 hornpao ?I Unri.lnm. Bililwiu? 3 T fftny, PruosSt 1 1 ia?1 M II Cory?I Hrrd St 'Paylor?4 M II Co'm?I L.achiiar St Fren. h ?I Coi'nrr St Sti a?1 E Burn?1 do ti balra bkta 11 bdla wiHow Uullo'.?I b A Hrrt-9 U Brnjamiri; 5 H lleiinrquiii?2 Martin Maaiin?I ht-Rouzio?2 b ' 8 C Vyar?I F.H Vryrr?1 J Striyi-r?6 J W Hotbrrt n?4 Boirr.iu St Htmh?2 Vouiir St Bmiih? I Collomb St iirhn? It Bo"nro Ur??ea?i F G ll'iteau? 2 Spiea Chnat? 682 burr it nira M 'Ciacllrii St L vi mtou? 1 C I" Turrb-r?2 I. Fr-rer? 2 B F Frrr^ou?J J P Mitthui St Soy?I) 11 J Ea hir?1 Schmidt St \npT.-w? i II J Bodro. n St Gon . u I \ - I' rrdt ? I N E "Va'rnu?II, r .li It'll St VV ia don li?1C Varm?2 V So'ri;?r? 2 \ II Wa'd? Lor La Forrrnt?3 K Fir 'l r? IV II nw ? II, ijlgMi.BX Bt I'll?1 i Jt-l-ll.t X?I bp ei it I liri t r?I ' "ike Si 1*1 ii J J VI OlP?nhf.m?3 J '? i'-r u. triii21 I) U K 'Hi' ii?3 W Wieuea-t Hejiinr?J J A Vn<? u & co ?9 bi" I* ox it Cirin'tlnu 30 *d order l,lvFMrooL? Phi J.'xb- li?71 crnpaR & K W.lli-tt<; Gbn 0.trner St on; 1 r.a- R li Si " aor; 31 cstei \V S II linrifralej ; iifJ ai ok ?ill vi llr.iWu; 6> rk* n> i 11 il V omv u il hi c ; 10 tiuta'a WMup r.ln <t. l'r e t St .Hi u t; OCO li x-i in plate I't elpi. i) h'k St en; 11 cm E Ii 1m 2aan|> ei IM 1.11 k o .9!) cr tut G Cuitliilffp; II Iu'im 14 c * U< ri n & iiorge*; .2 l>il?*? P.hIi ilv. I'.iiiiis kro; 3d C mmrrar tk l.r nil; Vibnv* 1' <1 U r:i in" r<l; o c. ska H I'atr rk it co; 13 li'lrj 1) O kl y St in on; 8 ilo Bu riu St Johixor; bii b.x * Mm Kt A. u; 500 boxe* I'm.dr oki it Brother ; li Ciseal3btl s I' ISM .It-; 3! rk i J GJiou St ro; I crate T Ohapm*a; fiv >1., Il lih.l* K i aMwil St on; 3800 b ra iron. 71 teiia p g iron a quant l < facr p mm, 400 In* a 71 lulea w, o' to i r.l r 2fi0 ate r U'l'A.' e .iti-rj. Livi iieooi ?^hm Atlantic. Mallrti?10 T ui.if.e Wilinrrd i ig St H eat; 7 ton* 1 on li is. Moreui < <1; lOOnea, B UvirkSt Jniiimn; 4 run inita. K. Hum k1 .'u; 4 d". ( aanim ion. Brtnd Ik Co; 62 c. V asturi. S Baratow St Co; 280 briea'1'iu I'l te O M Brute k Son; 10'7 b uipe a l'outoe?. B ittnnt it Jeniii'a; 1 * I'jn ni'Jsr, Piclnraoo it Waunu; I do Omni g it Co; 4n baJej. fe.o St l-o; 12 i o. A. Sii ton; ll do (iTtno. 11 uJ* s it Co; 21 li rcci Wilson it B'O n; 117 caaka U .Moremood; 2ti caa' v Hipper 23 crnei do 7<i b x'a Tin Plate. I'he'pa Liodti'i,; 1 ra'k, u. Fry, 182'J aacka Suit, Taylor St Mr nil). I >MvrokT-Swediah bvque Lott/.?441 bxi uaila Mstcra it Mark"*?392 I ara iron t) or er. SMrliMA?Brut Columbia?3018 box wood 602 balia wool to onirr. KriTTrtinAM? Sb'p (iironre?loo pR a in Jo?l it Wolff?5 do (i S OIafi *1 <1?2i c-sea mil S A H Kent d St c ?4 curt plant* Sclnni t Balfber?100 lig coffer 20 cifka mrdlfr Di kr lieide* ?'Jcaaea rolone water Boortr, liiav?a it on? 11 i-aaai d" O A Br-athnipt St Clium?0 caaei ' Bon't?10n do Winr Jl"Xer?2 raaka do K HoKfndorl?'1 l?2n? inda C ISli v enaou? I la mda S K (traxau?1 rate H M Delulield Br ship H'u lul (i.aham, lOdya fr Livrrp vl, mda to J Tapacotl?IB7 I'dg rar d 3'?l i) alite S liiorpaou?97 > aaes mda I'oot inq St J nkina?00 do J L e St Co?1972 aark ?alt (i VI Sh elda? 1C0 t i.a Irou to triler. MARITIME HERALD. Sailing Bay* of the St cum Shlpa* FHOM LllEBrOUL. FROM AMI I'.lt'A. Britannia, Hrwetl June 1 1,'aIedouM, Lou May 19 Jute '6 Acadia, Hvii?>??, June 1 J ly I lliherri', ,1'idkina June '? July 10 Br,taiiiii', Hewitt July 1 in*. I li. Hutim.. hoat>."0'?< Julv 13 Auk t I). R'itaiu, Hii.ken Aug.31 Sept. 28 11 Brita n, lloakm Oct. 19 Not. 14 Pneketf to Arrive. Packets to Sail. mOV L1VF.R000L, FOR I.IVKItrnOL. Virginian, Allen, April 26 Cambridge. llirstov.-, .Inn* t a, Lnwber, M.-v I O. Waihinxloit. Allen,Juue 6 Hi.ttin. u -r Puralrv, M.iy fi U. St*t*i,-T.ttOn, eune 11 Koaciua. Coilina, M y II f cglaitd, Bartleu, Juno 16 Kur.-i*, Fnrber, May lo Uocli.rfr, f'mton, Juno 21 tluM roKTIMOUTH FOR FORTaMUUTII. Huehoc. ilcbai-J, May 1 Mediator, ChadwirW, Ju::o I . Hndi-u, Monro, Vay 11' Wol'uigV, l.h. dwick, June 0 P. Alboit. Srbo , May 20 Switzt-iland. bmght, Juiio 20 rilOM I1AVHI. rn H?< kg. Zurich Johu.toa, May 1 ?t Nicliuln, I'ell, June 1 Iowa. P.ll, May 6 Dnch-'aa tl'Orle.ui, Juuo It Paltimoto. Karck, Mo 16 bully, Hurra a. June 16 Ship Masters nml Agents. Wo thall utiern it a favor, if Ctyit'.,,, ?.f Ve.arli Will givo to Commodore Rohiht 8ii.vkt, U o 'rtut Fleet, a Mop rt of tho t>hipy>ii.g loft ?r tlio Port wl.eitc* 'liov tailed, ilio Veen-la Sp-keii on tt oir puuto, a Liucl Ibeir Cargo, ,tud any Korean Nowvpaiara or vevva thoy iuay h -to. m? will board tliem irniiiociatoly on th-*ir a' Aio-uu and t'oriovpou out?, at in in* or abroad, wi I also confer a favor by aandmg to thu oflico a l tho Ma'iio Intelligence ll.ey <.,u ubtai.i. fs liil.irinat.oii of au> kind will bo tbnuklulh rrcrivod. PORT Ob' MM %Oitat, June '4. ICS tli?i 4 *2 I aooa Mil l 9 ?1 US 7 23 | Hint, 9 13 tjltiertfl Ship# Deihi, Williams. Manilla, P I Fart)horn St Co; S a, Vdw ,rda. Liyerno I. l? lor St vi?tr I?B? qm-t Lord v.rou, TtIo i f John., U.K.a<b Broil er.; (1 .mv, Miuu t, Ntw Or rant, Johtiaon It l.o? do.?Un?. H-idnov. Sum ,, .Mango d , A< *.<! ; .Virtue-. joleiug "i u-h none, (.' iia h Fm.'liur. Tar V Por I nd tl-._N.?i,i It W lab: My, Hill Ofty, B a toil, I) e t a Vu r; Fund. I, gta- n tVa r*o, i I; lit gaii, ?t'Auvrrguo, B I t-. Hold. -. C Hi ; l? I. at u llax.'U lal. il. It Kk' 1 Im . B ger lick, e, , Davit, ort -uPU'i. F ?t?t It Ni; Utll, Pa-Irl, " t Johi NF P II O.oon; tut ua lir.ckwu r. I i i*. N tu.ith It Wal.b; vltd -on, B I I -.. tt tab tiBulk ley; Frai c a, I ?tt a > . Bi'i.mnte, O b Me cl-am-S ti > e,. turn , levi'ua, Pbi ad Iphia;;, 'rtt.Cu a. N L v .u> r* It o: Delm h. II. St J Ku.!o<uo<- A W Lr> it; lb r Lowia^ Ili i l?r tu^ , K Inr^aa k'n> ; Kmni t ( 1 11 nun ir. il St Co; Hy.on, Ke cl u , I'H I "! Vhi i. lien St I'i c?; S C All) t , Hi ker Kierii.u.d .N L ci nl> StC ; j K wptou ualioiu, N/Co k, sturum St Clearm 'u. Arrived, Peel" t ihip Zurich. Jii[m<0'i. ( in Havre May I, w?b m lie null Jit |ivnniicr? 11 Foe fc L.iviin.110' h w L.^e quit..till of ICC oil he Imuka, no <1 I the ea? w ltd 24 h ,u ? ,o i lear r. hi' \ihiitiC, Mat ett,'roin Liverpool, wiin nil e in I ay|m .v MmiU. Sri [i a'ooce, Mey?r /' urn Keller Jam 26th Apr.I,a i li rarlie ar.'l paiartK r? m Joel k hinilti Br ?hrp Ha-mbal, Uralum, 43 day I from Lit rpool, with m'l?* t- J Ik. T 1 r-ptcott hhiplai'ela, b iiii, i f Bt timore fi m Liverpool, ?Sth April, with inil-e to M Brown. 1 lie l,abe!la c-o??ej the IJnka io lat <S uw nu ic Hi p ham m Ku aell, IS dtyi from New Or eira, with cott ii, to the ni liter S? l,a-.;?e Lettf, Daoli m, ft daya from JVewpo-t, Wale,, wnh irnn to B< t.rinan v I. him n Hi In qua La* i n WiLn 4t il?-? from Lnml ii deree with i'li,he to All el kl'o Ilih iuiin-, I it 41) SO, I ..637, ma' it it> ri.ii?NW,| ? irnn tha topia>i yar i, Joh i Lia k, atimaii, | IjU . l< * ait. panel pn w n <i i* Mm.! ?. ti>:(hr*, 19 4a) s Com Ca.n ivw, Wil'i, w h ?!?.r t" I H i Ciair llr bi'i|Ayi v? Ji'ui i a fiom Dublin, 11th, with paaacn* ft: < lioc' i Umtli*r?, i' *ii)ii* oIiiin M,T."iiifll,(5 daya from Smyrna, vii'.h uv!a to l) tin 11 ( imr *iy. lir bfi'r M ec . 1 lain, 40 days Irom Ntwport, Wal a wild jr n n B rcliy Si k-io" Una I' ii l i. . 11 Tnomaaton, 10 day* from Torka Island, iv,ill aalt t? Ch- matlrr alow. One aliip. suhvij. Slnpi CambiiiJar, Ba-at>w, L v.ipoil; Mediator, ( lia lwiek l.oaii in; l-niriooa i NOrlvnnn i,o. qua, Ciahiai Sebatua, LUtailriloii, ?uU nth* a. lltralil Pi art n? Correspondents*. Bihto.v, May 31, 1811 R Slat?T1 r buqnt l.mnr.i. Opt Millet, ju r. a riteil from faliMra'aA in th* ut|ii* nl-ut d ahnr run ol 00 d y.?, r.ud l;..a nada tb* viiynii* i n im bicn, in G inni'ln and 0 dv a Sb* vaauuh H iti.afnnn < at"' Horn, >4 il l. fiom nil JV'iiai/lb'i" n>, ami |waa*d Cap* ml Inthi a. 9 a m, ima niur..iug, riij an'.h in d hern at I 40 m iiuira, I' in. LWt at Valrara an Mart.h H4 ahipa 4'hild*, Knswlea, fn' Bo?Oll. Ill On; Hinilv l'a> || r B, >a, fm Hiiat.'ll lor I i'l ni.10; Humihrry, ?f "a'twinfe, ani>l; 4i**iirn . rH.vift, ol Ka rnav-ii 16'0 bla, fur U S Id da. (ll 'iiu li'U off M;i??iifu*ro, M rrh I, bara I i?rr. ol S.Jrii, 1100 ob'a ip,?im,| brifaHeb". ol (il meit r, bra,1*1 llau null < nTrr, f ,, tnnclinl lit and .Id ith f?r i allao: SVi ia, Itildwii, nf B.i), |.,r ?l nt??idi*,> aid 7 la i r-- ioui f I? U S ah p Warieu mid actor Mi ill, f <r ObIIki, ild II,h; wbil'tlnp r.'ij.i ad>,iiv, '.oliry, al Kairhtveii, and tin Ira, aid I5di pr**ioua fir li e Un ird Sti.tra >|,uke May M I ,i *7 4? N, 1 ,n 61 4! VV, .. Vir W ili a I'll,nam, 9 il f urn |{ ?fn 1 fi r i 41 f Fa i K C I iwftal -u ? t ?* I' *' ? " * ? <iu, llvk I aat i Ha-tmfa. IV'i liyi f i m i alilon.i* f. r ii at >u I h* Lnn f baa a yalaahlr e r?.\ nomitliag of co pi-, hi.Ira. til l v?d I t'> W .V l? ulil .ril ill' Una city, h o 7 I. m ?|' h. r i.rrr lifi 11 iiit>Io n?, a. il $'40 000 in ?roci,> to T H I7iki.,a;alan i |i ok u-i l in,iibli oni fur i-.dwia Dart t, i f V Ymk 4 70, P M?Auojnat rr ihip OrnHoo, Holiii, Calnitta, JaniiryJii. Pilaff llx III'OU I. B *t, N'*VI \ I Ik. I>? 71) II,III ? Ut'l I f t'.lO III k, lir i.i lit*, d 11' he m briir, li la*t out of ih? tril l, blown h r all r. in ih* ninth U th* tima, ahnot a.? in iho armma. in i.u' r ,|urt < f y*-t id iy, we ala'ril that in -ahili Si. < Jaor^o 'oia Littrpunl, a nlr > til' 10th April W* aliouM hat,' *, hat ah* >ail*d m tin* 27,h April, anil h aonly breo t.7 ib >? from Now Yeik tMui a m.l CJrgu etcli way. I KoftEIGN hlll l.l at Philauklfiiia ?The ftllnwiag tf | tela were report id at the Health (J(fie. daring the lost sii 'Qonthi : Shipa. Brigi. Bariu-a. Bchoonen Total, fee-moer, I 10 J #20 January, 1 7 3 1 14 I'Vbnarv, l 1 4 #10 March, 4 17 7 8 17 April, 4 22 ? ? 41 Miy, 4 3i II 17 _U 184 I Notice to Mariner*. Plymouth, N,C ,M?y27 i?ti Th? Fka'iig Ligi t at t'e toyml' of Hoaneke r ver. wll be *"i '?ei :<-iu?rrJV?. la.' l!J) iua'iut. for Iha purpoa. o' lienor iui i. ,..'ira, ii the ait .jtia it li .1 m ly |ai fd.wi'l be i-lrcrd hi ui" inr/iri gn. J. u * notice will liegireooi t.ierttorn of lur boat 11 h'r suticu. M'huJamtD. "Sto.tijioton, May 10.?Arr Unit il Btitea, Barcum frim Crrzritea rid bt Heluoa, wi h 1lOu bblg > ihant, 1!0 il a|> oil Keprru. Match 5 '44. Have-a, 8.1, >100 wh Map. bo into Madrgiacnr for wood thenca home, titirprnr, Aah, fin fcaat of l'aiagouia, with 41# prime teil iktea, 7i>0 otter do. 1.0 0 hair do. ltd! ort* in Keb, '44, Byron, Wilctx, Btoningtoa, Ml blila wh oil. M0 aeat ikin*. Mattapoimctt, May 30.?Arr Mattepoiarit. Pgrriagto*. Atlantic Orraj, with 120 bb'? {Map) oil. Bp >k?, March 1*. no | lat, Ike; Pacific, Tilfn, Proeinc town, 140 bbla lliieruia, late* regular t>ad*r. between New Voikand Lifer t'uuj, uas ui--ij iiu'o.iasru nt monuit .on i /i #io,uw". Spoken. SnuiifliancaH, of Philadelphia, ste rieu K, 58th mat. lot <0 #5, luii 63?by th." (i ironue a. ' is 'art Athens, of I'mtunouth. fn Liverpool f ir Phi ad,9lh iost lat <6 10, loo 35 10? v lb* Is b-lla, at bis fi ft. Akn.iii r. 'rum Dublin for New V. ik, 21d ult, 1st 42 IT 1?" 60 8 i?by the same, ? Mrolp l>?r, '4 diy? from Camden lot N.-vs Orleans, 2ld, lat 32 "4 l iu 76 40 NruTilas, n| K.l's?i-rih 2diys frofa New Yotk to K?|tKeJ lsl-nd 27'h I?t37 sfl Ion ?. Th Cat's h*. re for'.'ardeoas,'4 th l?t 37 40, loa "10 Timburt. [Br] Irorn' 'ane G a?'. t ; B ist. l, Ki r, OJ da ? oat. llth i tjC4i ioi.3I20 oy the (,o .tyel. Liif':in, and su"* IIIieil li-r with h r provisions. 3llh, la II 21 lou I >a 56 30, fir srsl a ship pnitred Hack wi h ;i i in > J por it mum p t a ue belswth'top also iniien t i|>:n.-1 I uue, rp|?af>d to b u out 400 tors bu tl eu ai d w. s itsuiiirir W.\ W H ir o Virtu'ia, Kaulett, fioui N? w V- ric lor New OiPmcs, Until, hi 4J 10, 1 iu 12 foreign Part*. Toht UsruiiucAN M iy U?bailed Ann, Urinific, for Ilos ton In nun, Warv.l'hacr fo' Puitas]' i hia n stda 't ... 1 x h-11. UUs- te. tor New York._iu 10 tU a; Vlarm Stets oi, disclig; latch "lira, do: I' m Ve m . I( .>>.ii?.. :, lien Mnlioti Sir pipsj. f'um New Vo.k; Nonpar's) i'i e a:iilN*ancy Jnn'.Sinth Thsfoarl'st an.el vexs" s l;inr u it uiei r otxt'srar. r irnp- in a p. ti- K, on ace*5 -ut of di tu ban es Ht Jntis, a h . Mi* t ?Arr l,iner d, Sooiv, \\ nstlria Tout ?u i h'Isci'. Miy tS?It P"it, Klitab ih Wa-tsm t . NYork,4 Hats; Win a-i' on, liaibiusm Irum -nd > Ho. had not c nun.enr d Uisrbsfg'im; Geo Vanor., Shspisrd, Ind oiim need disiIk ut . opprd o n aciru, ot'hi'mot; M in, Mrison, d sclnr; Larh, A'Vu fir Bo-tm Ida; f'ary Cha'#, ?? f r l'ln adrli hia, s?r.i?day. In the oner harbor. Nancy Jai-e, Smith, an<- Nonpare-l, Pope A number of the lab-ve ve.-els hare been I iu* ktt rt from the o liretsticlts i without h*i it able lo dispose 4kor tl scliarke their carpik? on I account ol the llerolutio.i. Lake Porta. fiLi vr.LANia, May 28 ? Ar Mink, Mnn'o; Kiee Trader. Buff; Missouri, OswrKo; Charleston, do. CIJ. Napi leou, Osw> K ; Morei (It alias, oe; Kcln se, Detroit; Oaanmusah. Bluff; B * i. do; K'? kr Mount 'in, do. Bokvalo, Muy 3Uih?Ar Cleveland, Chic mo: Wislrniisso, Chicago; Swm, Irvrltud. Cld, Perry, Pgrrvaharg; K'utton, Toledo; Joint rainier, Islington, Jefferson, Dntoit; immigrant President, Chicago; Kugges, Ka'ine.-, Argtle, Wit' COW. Biriiey, Texas, Sandusky. ' h ve'.md; I, Coin rti*. ?Tnrw II; tte.olatinn ft Uowan; e. Ward, O Hi ver; Clyde, Huron; Whiti!e??y, AihtabaC: Alias, teindeer, C'nelc d; K our S' oduky: Miueivt, Chicag ; U H-atei, Toledo; Biriutughtiue Mich City; B-ranpre, Charleston, Granger, K.urpuit llou* Poru. "atii, May25?Arr A'bert Virsl, Nidiils, Hnppahaaincit. PoRTland IVIny 2??Arr Jo enh, Coring, N York; Win vV tt'y r A hun, Kichmond; Geo ire. Time er, Norfolk; TeaC i lde i Btvauoah. Hid K W Knight, Caideuat, Mav tl<? CI*' r?ri linn. Brown, Ka?l 1..dies; Three B others Wal'ia do; Zain*, U wing, Pr zil. L)anv>hs May 29?Arr H.mtu I, Nickrrsou, and Victoria, Al'eU, * Vl 'k noarois. May 31?A,r Cairo, Child, Liverpool; K-otl.insha>, IVohi |o-s , do, 2)th oh; < itl'e rstid nw O l-tn*; aip<cs Mrssiut, 2H h uit I,-It, KIT rt. Hussey. ) r Bi,i n 7 di ?,o.|, \ninr ieii I AUnarrMiyfl er, Oochr.iu, N w! it, W lea; V'cior. Oh tie, 'lrjniiy. Mart; An , Krinitk, Port ?'i Piince; Casket, W i ?oo,do 3,hirst; Dl'igo, 'iii s er, Uoi lives. IJth ios1; C. ylon, Tmit. C id-.'na , ;7tC i -'} a reio i s Sottle, ^hi'i'dc-phis; l-oehiel, Lulhiu, Al C'titL, 27tli a t; Pnti'i n, < olcord, Har?'.s, id; It ii-i; It pirn, icuu s. ict u. S, lifl.h ii at; "uno, Brtv. Norh l1*; Pi r i,use Ual nine; Henry, C< s 11II, t lnl id liia; ' 'w hrtiiki,;}, Or y. Jo; Ojv AmoV, Haeuii, m,I nt.N'; Norwich Cr"l?e, Alhiiiy; A U Male, Brarir; C .np'i-ore, heliey, aid .'raier, H, Pjew Yoir; tl rd. :r, lr I , Da-is, Albsny; Hope end Bn-ru,Bmolley, N- w Yoik Telegraphed, icnox, Irnot parttso. Cld C'afolii.e nod Mary. Co|e, Martinique aid a nrtrIor; lMoeutJiert, Vinttig. Por'lsiid; Victor, Htllelf, New Vork. 3":h?Arr Nerf dk, k llii', Sew Drleisi, lor I.i er ov I Put in ill distress havirg Sprang a le k 2-ih, rlf raod Key Light. C'Pt K. states mat the hia coiiio u'd to letk Iroai 2jH0 to 30U0?trrke? per hour, mid t>> his c ew were n|! txh usted hv internal i u-pirg, hej icged it heat to ?utintothia sit 'I he N h-'s 207J br'le? c tto" Also ntrr dean II stie. [B 1 *la k Glesir-w; I'andort. I'ax' n. Je etni I8ih iusi t.eft ni Ainerv,-r?e|; Cnrka, H eith. < leuTa-Kos Haw a brig nhore on 'hi InNlls ""hoal, off ('api- Ai.' on i<>. foreinattstsi iling.uni mast ton'; ws puinte I block wi'h't?o whit m u'di cs Al'o sir Maryland, Bnrclt, M ow Hill, Md; Urilliaut, (Jibson. New York. ritovioFtcK, May 30?Arr. America, (ireen. K.'l-wrth; H'iilis' t M'lnryre, Charleatnn; Virgitii-t llodg*s A'lc i Ocrae ike NO; K A Seiwyrd, Iti as. Philadelphia; IVunelii, , Philideliihis; Harah Brewster B bee, Itoonon'. PRDrono. May 2??Arr li gulas. Hswkioi. W'l nin" oii, NC; Nnnturk't SYork; Union, c> adwiek. Mobile; W Kdlmout!) Norfolk; 30th. Mercy, Hmiih, lii< hmond. 29th, *'d I'omon.t ahraimv, Balrimor?; I Jr.ekvon, i'h;,adelphia; Bicltmond. NYork. Haven. May 3d?Arr Ahhy Am?lia. C'lhorn, I'orto Hiro; l-ubeo , Ht Croix; Kinpire, Kclsey, NVork. Hid, Kr?nkii-i, Thomas, Alhnny. Wwnnnit, May29?Hl'd Henrv Tuk*. Champlln. NW Oast. Kai.lKiikR. ^av 77?Ar- Wm 'rliiun smi Htn.irt. Phila (lelp)iiu; >8ih. Niurita, Bumii'f, Pbiladel;liia. lllllslir i.rius, Ju-w 1 ?Arr, Victory, Moo'iomery Kait" port; Mutiw, B'li', vmtorkn ; charity, Hmii b, : r? York; Ltfterty, Townseud, Now York; K'ash. Lake, kail Kivlr; > l?rt?y. Bill, Albany; < b irlfn Hojtr. Griffi-', |Y-ivrr. Nh; r H Genoa, Lsinph'r, I'attnu; V?a':i, H-msi t, Beaton; Baltimore Hiektrore, Prrwidcnt I.ndhtno, Bos'on; Aa'.-uat Lcnl Pitt, Wnl Po ut, NY; A W Kndii: ti, l.t-eds, Provideie-.'; Kert Hill. G ay, l'lym ,uih- Susannah He P'ubv T'vnor. P . ri><ru r; S nli Au mu, lijrkrr, Lout lilaud; J Ra-ido'1 i, Mershon, Al!>my. Micitvoao, May 3?.?Ar Wm A lien. Spmldiiir, Boaton? Si d, June tl'-gar*, Sandwich; Wave, Bogus, Boston; Dm j H Firid, Silver, ?} Y CiiAiiLKsTon, Mav 2.1.?ill-low, Sutton. G.illowiy, N Y -rk CM, Crploo, Co ik, I rliMpiH';Conio, hlilridgp. Bunion. Mi'J, Ch'putau, Lvdi.-n, NiOr'eans. Savannah, May 27?Ar Hru y .frukini, Lighthnurne, St J at ode Cuba. Loft, (>?ir; Ponton, schi Curlew, fin N York, Tlu*K3bt diarr sail-d lor ill t port via Dsrscoa, SI'd, Mlsiuuah Cuuiniing, Clark, Liverpool; John, Brighton, Glasgow. Mobii.e, Mar 25?Arr Virginia, Talbott, NV'ork. CIJ, Jli'law, L*wrrni:?, Boston; ILIIowell. South, Bait. apalaihicoka. May 18?t Id Globe, j.owry, Liverpool; M rtha Washington, Tyler, M York; Menhattau, Doir,e, do; Magnolia West. do. Nkw Orleans. May 27?Cld. H- ches'rr. IVibody, Cadiz A"d a m IIkm ; Ur*-t (11 Sp a n*', Live p-ol, Tyri n.Jicksnii. New V ok; IVels Oiip ( Hi J Con Hon, Li pi pool; T S'rett, M < oiiiipII.II v na; Alui'ila Asblry. Her ton; Oct itia, I lutr bul, Havana sad a irtnket. Arr. K.edertck J.uob I Brrtn), \V truer ken. Br? lil-u F.VK U'ILLAltS HKWAHD.-Lovt. rn th-!*b 'MtMt astral wbite H teurli Lap H sr. ?ith a Mark mirk on rlie back, i air ihe tail, aiiswnng to th? lit e of Manor aiiy o er tii hind still dod to D r o|p C8 Kiai klin ?t'ppr. New rn, om tmiDoy# rm ir<j. i *i j. " r r FO'' M/# m *nito a >idfK?t, Oil VWduMay liit, ft l.*-* her Wd'lef, c.n f iinii^ ft m iM m tint of money, which t ie i owner ci j hive h i;i Img nc Hi h tig'?trert. b*"w* ? t*>r hout t of 7 ft.niO hi llie vcuiutf, prov tig prop rfy and p?v-n ; clmsei | j?l 3c tc IK I'K'U: U'lL ON. H*OR SaLIL TO i LOP* M' INCVRM?1 he \ ui mi Hug i> tclte* hip M ? ULS V J). LK,S>8 tr>'? bo t <eo, bniit n ti lt c ly i t th* ?est m inner, ? f Whit* Oafc, Loruat m! Oiiar; n p e'ed *? d eopi*r- aieicd, wi It hu d* ine I nn i!i?mI c r-r.u.rn .i! iii.u.i for iO pa*:e ?-r? Appyuiht rd it Pine at. ?th*rf. nno K. K. COLLINS 8t CO., j I Jr ' rrc M o n ?ir*11 ! > T i n Wednesday if er^oo.. .? ' ?>td fob Chiu. c! e 11 ha, wi i? Ur. Much d in |vin| ft ro thi rrrhaot'i * *. *!? n e Fulton K'-rry The under wi 1 he highly r j v.i'd 'l tiy riri.u t at 40 William striet Merchant* Ft 1 fha kO j I 3 *rr?: W. HKF-.TI OUii RKA?KKSto the <Kerttwin?nt o' MR A V II WhB?, ii mo h* col-uni. "here be actual!'. *,re;a hit ikw and matrhlei! ?rf cle ? f C \\1I 111 N ?. or H KM It A L OIL r.t th- low price 1 f ! rr* cent* j?r ? -iln retail pii e, at litt t>ro..dway, comer of Canal aMeet, his Id stand. mX3 I U* M BOARDING Ar 27 < OURTLA nU I ttl'RKKT?Thu rttabliahroeni i iv >rg r.-c.e ?r|y b^'ii Taken II i lens" is now reidv to re' geu Irinen or fiini'i's who tftnv wish iv*nn?e*,i II ward, with oom*o??H >le ar*rtfji<lU. Knjaire of !\1 s tier*, o | I^qi llifl it! ||0 'i ' |> ^ i?i t?? \ few ip n i mto 11 be eceonoitet d with " b *?d, It Mo '>1 W i oHUM t mVH ?r - m .11 I T( 7/K.V. nKI s/f h:sTt~c~ piVK ,r I, h ij Mlny cfMa'?h A iI Morhuif* of all kin m?l? I" o.'W th-pp 'or ca?h \i itc'i > ?" rahle f r a y elima'e |>ar up in lli* l?-*t >t |e fur ihippiuK from id coil*-o $1 tt nrr gro t The above are pui up in wo len h x in preieut dampo*!*. II ? Particular care taken iu picking fur shipping aid iarx? o 1*1 Mie* kept cou-tantly o o h ml at j'llm'fr J\M-ST B\ll.Nl ?? 2 V, IVarl * bavarian ale. 'ITT 1.110 B K'UHCLEie p, ri'ully inf.>rm? h'? (Vie d* aid vT rui" m r* thit In l aa r In vet his ettelp ilim*it.'u"la l ii ? ili b ?*< >', lr< m th- r lo m r location t > Nn mi Lib iy * i ret wV r hawi'll> happr u mpp'y them aa f) m-h with |!? ill li?? itau A'e ite ho now i: In il a full 'tor* of aurenorq alrv l>i li It'off " -o oia whnl-nle cu? . m tli' lowest r ite lli it tli i aii'Ck li it tver been a Id i i . h a rim try. j I ]' ' t<: L>. WILHELM8, IM OKTEIl of Kr nib .vMJernnn Knney Article* .vid Kmhiot lf.y, v li traili-md r *. i , harm < r i eivrii by the lao t arritl'a an enure y lp and b Vli'ul ami k of go ? wiio ni which wcie iipy t.i'l, ' ictmi 11 )i a rouutry; lie 1 pp .y inln'r a t e ii'ibli in Lfii', ami t1, Idle* m partirultr th it I It' avill ? ft i',.r f lloivr'u ar rl.'snn il e inntt p a onatiie 'erin*. vix: ? ilal fi il* f r i i broil) M c nui't I g of iVnno-d, l"'( * and I'uia" i g, < li -li 111 ( an aa. I'att'ma, P rfoni e,l ' a pi er rv ileaini tiou of roninum d ?rd liniah d huibroide ? ; Her. in ' a t fro Figur-a. (.'auill-ftirki, lie ; Willow Pa ta. Chain a d Ji.b'er, Ptrcrla n "la ia frrni tli Itovnl i'm*ai ii rniiu aetory; Lvhr.*'M ret tin, nreuta. lli"a, IIroon I'i mil BnrcUt'i Artificial K| wer* at rfri'me'y lo-v r<t"! H fi > li P rann for the Pi ile*; >*otr r.\p"r, '.'hi a. Oil Piinti mi a. he h Imp rtinr all lua own go i 'a, h uft'-r* tbein to re-ael'rrx a'price* lo* er than weir erer lu for" known ia th.* coin rv. Il riug a pi iiirr in p uro[? he will falthl trier* of all detcrij tion* on the loweat te ira. Mo 221 llrnadw.iv, New York j?2 Im'pc 3' Trmiont How. Boatoi. oriti^h uhip h vnnibai., from liverpoolL? l.onii.'me (ay tin* ?hip, will t'l?i-e aenrt ihei' p-rinit* on board, foi t of l>ov r ?treet or to the ofliceof (he anlneriheri All g i. d-not 'permitted in liie .lay* dioii nnar >dibly be lent to pu . lie itoie. W . h. J.T. TaPHOOTT. (nation?All rrrienv nte cautioned agtint' lar onng rr trotting *ny "I t' < new of ihr tir ti%h Ship Htnui>>"out Livrpinl up '. ? ofthrtr contracting will not be paid bv the l ai t .in or' onaigneea. j .! <: TWKI.I-TH WAlTlT A T it meeting of the c lir. t.a f the Twelfth Ward, h?'d at al. Ao'irrw llowra. Five Mi * II ,uaa ou Thnrsdiy evening. .11 Jitih, ISII for the lur.'Ote ol he ring the r p r; o th" comtni t e ap,roiote*l t.i nominate tunable p? raona t lr f.|purteil lor L ner, l.m, actor a. <1 Triiater at the entuiiig lemon, On motion, John O Ka'ringtou, K tj , wiu celled to tin l hair, and J m-a H > utter appuin'M Mecietafy. '.tie e miniit'?, through thrit chairman, ili-u reported th" following n imea: him" N I) MOULTOV, ? I ,\ \l. At) III A''I I1.; Trtiife-Dr A Hit A I V. Wft.LIAM*. >|l of whi h i-n ui.aoio ona.y accepted by the meeting On mo ion, the (.roc edinga were ordered to H' publlth'd in the Her Id. Atnen'an I e.mhlicau and ttun. 'i he ion tint th. u idj turned. JOil O KAlUtlNOTOPfi Chairman. Jamm H CUTtr.u, Secretary. jl 21*10 AUCTION SALES. C. R. SMITH. Aoetionfer. B V H E. WlLLAKD. Store 3iH Broadway. cor. Dutnr at. H. E. W. wi'l give Bit p-r?'?o?l uttro'ion to outdoor t In ol r!nna?hold Kn'iiituif, l>i y H.indi, Orocertea, Sic., f r [er.oni rali?<iuiihi. g iioutckr^pi ( or busnim S.i > artlird in all (uri a* iouu u the gucda ihall hava li" i. mil drlirrr-d> i a-.ii AtlTuncci m Jr. if re<ltiiied, on wrctnu'diic ol every <1 ? riptiou COO? ?iir J l .r ailc mil ltn*in GRAND li.-'IIIXG LXCURH (>NS V) THE buhicriber lia. the kubilaofl. itak^.^fat i.| strikit. 'i r:() >iAM SfALM J.NO t ap \V. J bCHl I.I'Z, to run to (h< Firhiur h<*, M o?!a> ,3 I Juue u?Xt. '1 ho P liner wo built for ilir I'u.ted butr. (iovcrumci t ol thr bear ir.Uanala her bull bMDK eatirtlv of livaonk locuttaml cedar; ad ii c laaidrrrd rqu il to any boat in the LTaioa for.ra ovulation, therefore paaaentteia miy |>lu> rvrry coutidruce iu tbia vetarl llrr regular daya will b? .Mwudayi, Tueadaya. VTrdcrkday., J huiadaya and Friday a of each week rrnivaiuty ou the ftauua aullirieul lime to f>a". Placea of etoppinv for p.saenKera, A nine atrrrt at 8>* o'clock; Canal a'rret, Catneriue Irrry, Brooklva, 3; Pke atrrrt, ?X. I'irr No. I. North Kivrr, a>k Mulrr'a Lower UuCk, butirn laleo I and Fo>t ll'm'tou each way. alio ?iukt passengers time to view me f trulic ciui.s; r turning w ill land ptt8iii->ger? at the same places. h'inbermaidi will b* in ?tten<Unce. who wi'l |mj* every nlfei>ti'?u to thi? lidies. An ex ce Is. t b\od or innsic wr? I a' eon* pin y he boat daily A rer ton v. ill b- - u board to provide lm lira mull cha ge B*i? will always b taWe.i m bndaoce and faro sh e! g -tis Tt?e e iaa't ehtd to tbtKnttft tno vt I boats which ? L t parti c m have by l r-nous api Feat ion , without n r\ o|? ?r/e. hose wh prefer brt. gi"g gov h. hU with them. mus. brii g (hem Pie >Jo 1. It , mii no eharve wol be made i t.o * mv Fx eller.t nfr-s iinetit* w II ?* furnish d on board, bare Cor th whole d y'gri u.siou, f)0 emits HK*R\ K UIF.LL. NOTIf* K?In order to m i'<* th* \ W e iru Hiontevm wa aur ea'de, it his be-u reined/ ?j nisi wl m kesome lie ar*oi s lu the boaMorthe comfort < f the pu** bv so ing hei Itr* tip ia !'<> t, otjMl U'.ril 'lhorjdiv, Be b h June, af',er wh'fb s'iv wi 1 run on her? gular d s at abov-' a- tiie.l m28 la' Hr>>' Y K. K? LL fOB B T . \ I 4 SU vvPORP iNO PR >V1D?N< fc F n is TO BOSTON S3 60-N < WPOK T AND l ? OVI St 'Ui-O'w .?d rplerd d re'rn r NKVV JKHfig?rt7^* Bu. Y U 11 K-?y in ster, wi'll avr ihe ier T tf ,rJ not - f BtrcUy st eet (ii rth si ;e> on Turnu-y m it >{ i?\ Jiin'4'i 5o'cl(JC< P 'I. ecu Us dnvs fiori >ew York, A'nen|?rs. Thursdays ar.d Sntlird y? k'rnni 1'fnvi e ce i r New York via se*p>t, Monday* Weunesdayji and *ridaM, immediately after the at* rir ! . f rhi? f-n b at. "*iu f < m B igfon h NVvi J r*ey is a u w nd * % end d boat, has a 'an? ? rumb?*r of* lr^:n: ?ix:e iou ?t, is fined up ill the be?t poss.ble ini uer K . fright or u?s?J(j \ ap ?ly to ihe CipUin, ou b vsrd. or to Mr O M urm, 72 VV ?ll stree , inl2 3in*rc PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. *** 0AIL.Y. Su iJ-.y, cic?|)t?d?Tlirouath Ili- I O?^ Stcimb'al I'icr bei i '' Co-irll indt <uivl Liberty ?tr el? The 9'.?.>nh at KNI' KKUBOCKKR, Chptain A.. I*. 8l lohn, M ml v, \Vei!n", nv ami Pridav rvtsiiiiK?. at T. The M:e<n>'ioat H> iC'l i.STiCU, Carjuiu i\ llunnlilon, on i Til..-'nr. 'i'hiir.d.iv ifid Ii,-tai-d.iv hv ti'im. Hi 7. At Kivoo'clack. P- M.? Laudi u nt lute.mei at" I'lacei*.? The Stemobont U 1'IC A, Captain T 'liatt, Aluuday Wednesday. Yridav and Snnday, at 5 P. M. 1 The Steamboat CltLUMBIA, Cantain Wm 1!. Peck, Tomlar t'lmrsday aod Saturday, at5 P. M Passengers taking this liue of bo as will arriyr in Albany in amide lirttr to take tbr Morning Train of Curi for therasl or wn*t (T/'The above Boats are new and substantial, are fnrniabrd with new and ai?gaut State Ramus, and lor (peed and accotn modalionsnrenunvalled on the Hndaon. k'or passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Hehnhjt a the otPeeiMi the wlinrf n?27 rc /a* ALBANY DAT LINK at 7 o'clock, A M tTL ? K* r All/any and Intermediate Landing!, fro-" ~ at*. tV ?i." ' ' of Unbi'ittm street The >(r>inb?at NOtvl'li a.?i RIGA. G.ij t K iJ Crittend'u, wilt leave ns above on .Monday, Wedneiday and Kridiy mornings, at 7 ? The dOTTTfl \M"T1I"A, Captain M II Trneidell, will leave on Tuesday, To rnday and Sal m day tAnruitiRs, at 7 o'rfoek. K r passage epply on board. m 7m REACON OOUftSE. T 11 E O 11 E A T F O O T II A F F. f\V I'p'.m KOR v,I .(i m>i Mii.b.n IN ON K HOI K v v-e a tioiAe t.f .-H'Ot, will c'itie off over lie have Course, <>? \1 ,nd >y. ?u:? ."d, ntt o'clock P. M '1 he lollowing persons b-v euterr > it> run ? Slajor II Sum, ifd. of C'-n. | lolin Oo?M>r, of A>y York S tui'l CIJ" mors, of S- rani--. I RVs A Travis, of New York t'he.d . e Orl'ne. , f ,\ York.'Jines L ray, , f >lrn"P 11 u Amei Itixmrf W.lliatnab'gh. I line! v 'wart, of Nrw votlt. (r'lVVa.te eail, of N V. r, .)(: |, rlel'er ut l.hil. John MrM tin, ot N York | Mr Lu i gs'o i, of Now Vore J),vol Ije.s,, l'P.)Ugh!t"e >i > | J i n-* Wheeler, of New Yr.k John Si ith of vw Yaik I Henry Cliap-'e if New York. Al ui7.o WorJnn. Kug nr,r of Nigh dor. J r e/t :ty 1 err-'. N B ?The gates of the Course w ill lie ope led *f, 12 o' b i k Prices, f Artrn tsiou? tub Stand. 51;'ion 'ill cents; finllery 75 cents All petjo s holding Member's Tick- i* tor the I Trotting -lesson, at u sped fully infottn d they will not admit tvem oo this d iy. ui3l fiii'et grand vocal and instrumental concert. #81<?>OK BfciNKUlO, the Spanih 4initari?t, would iuform h a frtru .1 and the pub'ic. that hi? oucert will t<He (i|\e? ou Tue?Ji? evening. Jim4th, at the Apulia daloon, on whii h otcuiou he will beani.t'd hy th" follow-n* aifiau 101 *1. I'l UKIIllMfclli MRS. LOU' R Mi*S WATSON. ii?T?t;Mrr?TAL. mr. timm, mr. dfcrwokt, ?c mr. johnson. rR.ogua.mme. pa"ht i. I. fn'rodoetion on fh? Pino Mr Titnm 2 Song? teinr mc M-lu'r.]' i ? W'attno wade 3. N>!o?The whole int'odnetion of Norma, n-no i'il tir.d (.e fnfDii'd liv Siguor B n dul Bellini 4. A'ii?'Ah, (Jl e l''nr?e " Mrj Lo'r Rcaiini j. Solo?Varutiona uf Mavn-d*r. indicated to Paiini iul, arr .i uod and l ;;formed hy S;g lieutd.d Ma)?ed?r PARI* 11. 6. H(i?ni?h Oonz?"La Koinhie Tii?t?," Mill Watton7.8 lo in three putt?"lucy Looz." "l.tukee Dondie." itud "I'a i.i*?l of Veuiee," and the latter at lerioroied by O e Bull and Vi'nt'Dipa, cimpoiri nnd p-lfnrroed hv Signer Brue'lid 8. 8i>*niih Song?'1 K.l Si enode ' unit," Mra L<der 9. S.ilo?"Kaat-iii la '"raciviene." cuinuiaed and fer. f i.-'nei !> * - iirnnr Beaedid 10. Duetto?' Oli, noil L.i?i.irini n o !" Mn. Loder ni.d Wit. W*u>u Ho??ini JO*" T^e run^'orlf I om T H, '"lufibe.-a, 30i Biotdway Tick ti. One T>? to. had at lluwcd't Ilo'et, Kr?nklin H ute. ?nd at the rr.ncipal Mmic Htorej, and a: tha do T of the Concert. D.ior< ojiej at 7 a'cN.k?Concert to commence at o'c'ock I'rec'i If. jej 3t ire .a. CENTR EVILLE GO!JKSE?TROTTING. TU^^UAY. Ju e4 W, at 3 o'clock. P M ? Purse $ Of). Two M.ltf H t *, rtuder li'tf saddle. The foil /wm^ hcr?ei ar* eu terra J. Whe pi" eater* h.p I* t1m9 A uraliu v g Sn fn . I*. th " l?r s I. vier Wednrs a , Ju ie'> h, *c 3 o'clock?i'tinr, %i u, M \r Ilrntj, ,be*t th e* 'u five id Hituiiv en ers br C Cayu&i (- hief. II Wood .flf k g WHtbiucron. A Ljo e? ? br rn Uutclieis Thoi'C y, Ju' e f> Purse 1400, 'I lire' M le lie ? ? in Humes*. II J?'tie* e it?rs K v w*hi ^ on. I> L'rf*tit " * i.. I? <!> ntT Ik. < f tain ftn*'erh ii| < nrrr? b u ' id rub a The lY'o*'n< f c nf?i4 I rottmi Purses will be. giveu to coin** off th- fir?t vr k i * .Ju ? l? r? a'./* viii. Um.?. k.-? #i ? r? * - * - . ..... ... . , ?M .-?.4W .I IW, urn. Wlirr | I UTC iU | ft'.l i :\d K li l'nr*?? i?p $)'), Mil# b'ft t r#* ;n f>f* a:x<f?*r il?' n'dl*. I -* for |?? iig lior???P li .t ii v# i? -crd f >r ina? ey. l'ur-8 h T in ftfl Mil- llf?u bri thrre in li..- nrx'tr th- c'div foi irotn i; li im ih a u? v? r won ^ i>ur?* ov?r ihi ly ll .I'll'3. Tli ? <l.nv Pur?< * r.'ot# Snt.nrdny, Ja^ 1>t, bv 10 o*'lo k r ,\1 , t J , ii.' S.c o.d Wtrd H( ttl. Thie o in ?re to in mc* n,3I 3t*? , ' : 1 i: A<:,KSI \ IM V rn\-\i ; ISLAM) NORTH AO MN8T THE SOUTH. | THE rreul.r I. cl< '> l>il> n.?"*fi!>y nvf.r tli? ah va cur-a, wil. eoinnirnc* Tot-adiy. Jn. e Uli, lilt, acd conti a* thiw I <!?>*. E.i.t.l v. Tinnday?' ck?y Ulnb Pari' $100? $10 to ko to tli-' i c. .1 b* t li n* : tarn m le bi-V.i y-l'tii- S.'O -< ntr nrr $10 ?!d*d ; ir.ile bait! ; two or mo to mrkr * r .cf _ _ _ -f ? " *Min vlu-.Fo UvC ii ' l'nrw $300? $100 to Ifo t ??|)? *r?< f h ' b. ri' ; ?hr < rr?il h*i T irddty. ? 1?'4 '-"iv? Lckey/'In Pant $1000?1200 to po to tl?e ?ccond b h re ; four mil h*fit? -ime !i\> ? Pnm- $5 ?tulrauc $ u added; mile heat*; two of tn..te to ?n k?' i race M? tild the I e no ??'cn*d f>rn* |tnrt<* f r"i h " f i.he alio re < Purvi, 'he y? i.iner t a re?'ove bu' $ V? $100 'nd $B00 i tir negro b?* m <k?a' I tin H ,wnrtl mr'a fl ? day previou* t ) each mro autl to ?|ot?? nu"< tnally ato'clock P. M, l b-mile b *a'? m Tu idav fid J hnnd o c#/tn?o/T a!. 1 P. M 't- th ch thf'nnl. r or key ub IVirsti The 1 ?! owim *tanl i w ill h? in aieMirianeg Front New 'Mr, La rd v i t? K.ithu n. IMiw or, Y am crow, a 3 \ r o d Itagl ee and a 4 *r old by "lurk Mr O arlr* S Lloyd viili the br t ? * 'ir n md orhrra Mr. f.u K Van M*#er w ifb t)i v a rtiiUv ihr 3 V* old Mrrcer, tmd t -4 * r old K-lly, by J T ti?tn%ofctof WimMat it. From tbtUlwd?H. A Cotoftt ? w Hi I)\r>inir Young Dov *, ' uuv u?n and Liviugtt n. Col, Idli poo v ith Bl?! -? Dic'i. >ida? and Hr i.jt 'f, nnn Mr Httrr with''atay A n't on y fcr (and rerliap* nth??r ifahlfi) ai I bron from th*J So ita. '1 day* beautiful racing in*y bt anticipated I mm ??f 3 dmitta* re to the enclo ed fpace R'aidenti tf . the city? f vew Votk n<l Long M*nd. $2<? ier nnrti'u ; nanPftide n $i the me? fi ?g ; (traild Stand $ 00; Stand or l'rack 00rent*; h ield Sund 13 c o*a. j Hr tb* *-*cr?tar> ??l the Nf? York Jockey Clnb. we are anthoii'?d to itate that the rliam ion f f e math, Dine Dick v'lll r?n ag.init Koabmn, i/e chaui|.ir.n of the Noith. oo r Tb i ml ay ; 'oar r? i'e The Long filni.d Railroad Cninp&iiT v. i'l run car* at iliffrrr*! f hdfera d it t i v . dne n' tire aaill be uirrn Jrl UNION COURSE. , 'PO LKT, <lie Oyit r HI J Vic unl i u Smniia on tin Ulmn A 01m*. lutinir? of M I) WiNUllKL, )e!!t'rc HI N| rim itrf-t I PHEN1X HOTEL,, HOBOKEN. MIlS JAMKS nWKi N reiinctfnlly 11 forma the friend* * ofher !*'? hii*''*nil, hit ?!w h ii* taken THtC I'M* MX. ihat eh-gvit A < <i '"I, II t?l i ii 11 e rn In at e t in Hobokm. mill h ? ft'tcl it n.i "I ? i|v,mr ?tyl<>. The ' nildi ig frm.tin ilic noulh, und in a nimbly d'ainocd l> t c mmniUltlum 4 n?r b"ard#i. Tothe.inw Vorker, raca, ing'rnm th> h at and * In if the city, the Imh breeie trow the ami liny it i* lurly i it K'ir im? l Ii /.A >\Ur H i? veil penyided, and nil the drliracira of ill .fai ii ?<il be fnriiiilicil in abamp oca ' J'hf HAH i? rnrrfully ?f. rU ii with thf ehoir??t liinora i Win'a of Ilif in"*l pprored malty mi l bo*, bruiiii alwaya I on h mil w Mr* Sweeny f ill l>f happ* to recejae * call from h. r eld, .i i.l ill who ilrai'r good accoininodaiioiia. protrr at t . udance and abundance of comfort.. *) uylV 4t*bud)ire AMUSEMENTS. PJUiHUI NKW YORK OPERA liOUSK. H Admiaaion Ob?* Dollar, to * 1 imrtaollhr honae -dJQ >cor* open at half-peal 7 i onnaiice to cumuicier at t LEADER OK THE ORi-tif.?!>.% *l<>- KAPETTl Coralri"^ "irti all the former l>ialii<ffnia>>e<J P'?*Icaaora bENEKIT OK ? r.NQH V A LTELLIN A. MDNUA I KVKN.NU.~Ma7 3 L Will t? pfwat-nte ! t e Or-ra, ca'ird i' PURITAM .. FJtirr ^ignora Boeghe-e E'r Ue r,? *>?* V* i 'li>?, AnOvi time . Kuil <Ir-b'atra I'lu" calrli-a d He- ioua Dun ot tv"PaiO] ,v.d r guild from li r Kinnd Ot> rn i ft lnar> di R" anther* in ?p, i piiite Coa uUM, by Sis Val rlii> a iu . Hxt tju.iico N. II.?The Bm Olfii a it now oi>eii e?eiy day U iriJK tl I week, from 10 o'clock A M., an til 4 o'ctcrk P .VI., aean awT b?- aecmed for ill- rjanug tritou Kagi !ar ratou aea.a trxmfer.iblc l'ricc (10 for Pwelve KeprcaruUlioni. 8ubtcr/bera not aecurug acuta the price ol lickru la placed at fti for tlie arnaou?not trauaferable. Hu.'e -r Mr. Wrlla. public are; eanet tfnlly informed that the B-itha hare been ncwiy arranged and li't-d up in a linudaouie it; le, and arr in full opetntiou, right and d 'V PARK THKATItB. Bolts $1 I P<i ain ?nu I O'lUry 2} Mr Micreiir't tfiunlii. ifilivty his 1 ut apptarane* i hi? ' ii? n MfiNDU' KVKNIn" htu'~t rrin>? iftr'oriutJ, THE i;U11? \l. M l' t n' Mr v '<er?ndt Tocoicln rtilhthrirwl' in <1 cw titl'dCllY WIVES V. I I 1 V HI -DA> ft CHATHAM TIIKATRK. Polfct If ' thill MOV'i AY V'.VTA 1 . ij i?i, i i,, r. romance wi h KiN'Ur. UI'.H MtO s'f. I HI HUE Afirr wliifh OHKt.N M lUNTAlt BllY. T<> conclude writ*' t R1 <W >r l? Miil'S'-H AM k IIIC AIM SUJS BUM . AM AL OAHUEN. *111 PhKCtl'UAIi V AIF , Corner of Broadway ?nd Aon stitei. opposite the Attor House P. T. IIAKMI M MANAUKK.. Every Day an*/ Evening This IVetk, commencing Monday, June 3rd. ORAAU Pa.KFOKMA.NCBS Ench afternoon, at nail inl ? o'clock. ami 9 in the yeninc. Ihp <il ? NT AN (J (M\.N ?? >!! Mr. nod ,\lr?. Kami til. Wno, to*oili?r, ni a-ure ior l??i Hist Kou'teeu rem, maki k ih-m tin* I nil' Pur ere' known, at* to he sreu fifrr <1 y, from 10 o'clock A.M. till I, fromk till tial'-pasii, aud from 7 .ill 10. Th? tnmazer is tnppy fo announce a re-etiir'iremcnt with the ORPHEAN KAMltV! of five persons nil mu-icivit of the lirsl ali'i, nnr of whom it a little Mitt of o ily til ve.yrt! The family ap. ear iu a variety o( S.nin, Duetts,Trios, Quartat't. An ORE VT WESTERN vrill appear in hit Coraie Y.mU?e Loom n- on Animal M .ituetistn a oil a'to hit iinilatiou of a Liumnfitivt. Mil rt K. O. NKLLIH, the man bom withant arm*, will alan anretr in aotneof th- in<>at aa-ouitlunu feat* Willi hia loea, which 111Mat he ae.-ii m be heli?vej. I.i Petite Ccrito. the Dement*. A beautiful Collection of Wai Fianrea, Uiraff.*. Ste., Ike The Ull'JJlCY mJKKN.the Fortune 1 eller, iu.t <<raeru ami pri It consulted at all nrnra of the ilav and evemnit. HyAdmiaaion to the whole 21 cents?children nnder tea rears, half-price. 21 cam etua for eooanltationa ?" ' the (iioae Uuee* uiW re NIBLU'S UAliUKN. The PROPRIETOR ! thu |"J, u ar ui d f'shionable establishment, r?i- ecil il'? iiif n iiu th public that it will OPE* KOH TH? SUMMER s-'ASnv ON MONDAY KVF.NINO, JUNK 3, 1844. The eatertainincuta will lie nm'er the nile liircctiou of M It M ITCHKLL, Anil w.H consut of a c?n tint tnccei?>na of Oprraa, Mnaical limit* fa, K*'*a*air uxas, OperMtaj, Vaud*?it|es, UilCu and Kit i ea, a la'nineil hv a full a ,d efficiut C'iiii>iny, to which will b" urn a i n II y add** I MANY i Ml KNT AND POPULAR ARTISTS, " ho wi I eppe r hi the civn- uft;i? icaaoti RatfCial t'M'wil he take" ni h* ir i i.c'i m nf cv?ry nitertiininrir, to en eri'.aa I er >i t nip at I) e i i S :e. ic 1 ll?c,. as an' , Pr i * I m ami II mh r a i n t tiineaaf to ei a ne whi li Lh moat tOrniel urtiala in t-vejy d ; ar meat hiiebeeu "' Tl''SALMONS. OAK >EN3 ami P"0MENACES h *e all nudprgouia t??or. u h Weoov at on and lie ?'cc ruti >u, w th a v e ,v o combine in h* hu' ?-t (l.vt* th* K'-a eifteiitidlf, c mifurt * ?l C'x verienc**. h erg* re r>( d*?i^o TI,.ol?,l?,.fliiU,..??; ..-.-hell -I - - a br*vc'V?'w*4 Vart,'s'g T,OA f'r'Lu and Mr Til"Mi . while the Sc'"ic I) pa* meiit hit b en alloit d to Mr. lih.CSliOUOIl, who hiu ju?t ruin, lete.t A MvW AC V DROP. A tidenaid attornment nf rire vd r? oly F.iotict hat b-ei ad'r.I t < ill ma >y lliouioidj of lie utitiil Pla ,t? and 8hiubt llftt y c>.|l-rtd iu the <r,.rl?in ft d Cnu iea. i lie Com.nct, at the coino e.->ce,ueui of ihe teaion, will Couti t of Mr. Mitchell, Mix Jlol'aid, Mr. Kmn>, Mr*. Taylor, Mr. !Ni<-kinion, Mrt. Clarke. Mr Dunn, Mix Ha d tick, Mr. Decmton, Mrt W atti, Mr Clarke, Mitt Mavwood, Mr Krerard, Mill rrh^K Mr. Mtaton, Mut Rob-rtt, Mr, P?ttr too. Mitt Pariin,-ton. Mi. II nu-li i, Mrt King, Mr. Hot nth ill, Mix Wenh, Mr. hle-cker, MittM King, Mr. l.?tere, Mix R'ott, Mr. Vaniirsgu", Mn Krtiiri, Mr. lUe, Mr. Duun. Prompter Mr Hate-. In ad 'i'loa ro whom en -inenieu a are now pending with ine-if nrtitu f ar'niow|e,lg?,l re ebri'y a d eicelleni.K.-ary effort hat l? en ut d in the tele, tio i id th* OllCHK " Tll\ tore-.der ir pyrfecr and etftnieni in every vetpert?aud it it t-e!i?ve-l thit intention h it been e-fried t-ul to ihi tul ett eiunt. bv th? ergaaeite-.-t o' t ie lollowieg einiLeut I'rofexort, who will perfoi in under he abl- dir-c ion of M H . IS- OIKJ . lOIIKH le-ader of the Oreli-yira .Vlr. Mahk*. (} Rriatow, Jacoto. Aupiek, If?Luce, J Atliffe, Tr .tji, Arlitf', J Kyle, Nuldt. lioII oid, Daiiei, Wrench, Oiodwin, Ororn elt, Wnmli, Mutltuff, Hri-tow, Petertchet. Spur, 111. IT, .Mac .ineiy*-Mr. Bunt. | Propertiea- "Mr Roberta. Ciotunet vlri. a id A-aiitaiiU. Tie at ite <1 out anil in trie -.tin will lie under the dirtciio.i of Mr. CORUY.N, Treuurrr yo tha Coin* pa .y Police odicera ? ill b in contra .t attendance, and the ntmnat cie will t.ken id rri.ii.tiin n> > id (lecoiun, nut! all imliM|wr , rrtoi'i will be a fitly ricMeil. [I 7" Oinmi/u.ra will iuii to and f.oin the (itrd.'u during lie eve mug. (T7*TICKKT? FIFTY CJCNTS-O NO POSTPONEMENT at the F.etabl ahment on aeeonot of weather, ae the Or.tud Entrance from B.-o.i'way 'o the 8? 1 mil ia iirtitrrti'il, m4 the Hen hi'i on, which it Veutilted from 'lie top anil aides, cac be rue o>ed a a tnonicul'a uo.ica. inM re VAiXHALL. Mil' TIMM bey, ripM.tfullvto mi.inner thit, h .nog been. n- l.'a?r? an1 ? r of th" rlaLoort o. Vauxvnll li-id-u, winch hi* uiiiirrgnn .p r tire i-n ? i'ki unit nn a, hit liaa engaged a OOMPAN V all I Oil' ill' SI II \ of au< li tab nt lor ill p if.iruiiiica i>l Oi'K'v A*l and VAUUKVI r.L na alir 'rua'a will mrni aabnruf th l |>*1 onage w hicii Iter liieuda. the public, have au.fotmly catradaa to her. i lie Silunn wil' b o|ie ,1.1 on .MON JAf l.VKMNU NEXT, 3d JUsNE. wi:h an r, tirely ongiual Inlrnuuclort Be taut tuts, written b/ Mil. WALCO l'% enti I .1 FOK-TIMM lO! Anl MerSi'rtial * iif.eJ S rvanta! in w, ;ch th-wli.,1 en ni ah' w .11 an ear. To be followrd by A CUNCBHT. anil i in v? fatre called WHO'LL LEND MB A WIFE 7 a arrrr.1 en ma e.igagemeiita. .Mrs Tiuun baa pleaenre in ana uuring ihoee alrvad> c u In (led with Mia. Booth, Ma. Wale-t. Mrs Uaut uv I", ,M'. tiniut'n, Mr (iia.'i.tia, Mr. 11. Lewie and Mr Anitrrtoo, it; , he , It: S.?? Manager Mr. Walcot Admiaaion 2S t'enta ui28 1w*re OLYMPIC TIIBATIVKT OPENS ON MONDAY. JUNE. in. First ai-.e of th- Nr.OttDM vNCa.ll OK THE I'siii i' KNTtl ilY. iVIulium iu Parvo?1'hre* exhibition c?* ' in<*il ?'?v i f* man MUSIC! MMUIC U +iNl) VENTMLOQ,Uia M ' t! /ill i>?r. , uovhiu'i m thia c Quir ? ii*ia Tucks?in?l ? iirivn?* U ?* r?' sh iu Viidiriluqaiioi. StiK" ntt?il up \v tl? ?v? ry t? il nutly la&mn.AfpiJ .jit-ni,<} re n?*ry k ru??. in i t lugs. Th?' c hi set lor tin* iii?i-iny of the l.ic in;?r hfiittble Kr .u.c ini?oe?-.i? f |>'4 i? r nach*, silver, ? Lui wood, He all I rm -or n Tf.tirhK OK KNrilANTMKNT su t bl? t ? l?"? rfispl.iv ol OsbaliHtic ."'Idtuoifi na. The i-ntrrfa meat will be > < thr-e pirtvKir*t a id I s . Mai r. 1 T ?ec o i |??rt *lr. SU I' I O S v*ill g u?l ic *<ii of Veu n <1 i in Me ley ov ifur* on t<wo M^rpi, n FmU m n the hyin. tiOOidu. and a ft tor it* iir o i Pi of s?or WtieAr?tooes Cmj cer lua. Til KJITU P. f'H/ri-'H-V/l fVfO A'-icr t7 'c l(pM. ? urtii rifcp, pr**?i?< ly u H .'cl'>fk. Dk i b xt** iQ c?*u>h. Up|?-r Boxet <t'iu Pii c?tiU C iMfo .i.iler 12 y ,tr? * i ft tfjrir iarrut? o ifuartii t*.s luf jir'ce to Uf ieraul Lower Bmfi. !* ;rr. with* of i erf ru$4"Ce t.j h* hid gratim at !?? Hoi office. Pri i f B $> O ch'?n.i<l?>. $i in29 S^irc PKALtK'B !VKW YOliK MI'SMt'M, <?iU PIC I' U KH, UALL6Kk. broHifw \v, onuvMHie the City Hill. Mil. H BENNETT. MANAGER, AFTERNOON r-.KFOUM S KVr.KY DAY, * t J o'el'fk. AL'- FOR (INK HH'LMNO. KXTRAOKDiN IHY ! AHIOnIHIINO : ! WONDERFUL A> I) I' K .VI K.NUUUA a r rii votiona 01 ANT UOY-16 VKAliH VM> OV H SEVEN FEET high : FAT (JiUL. I) W \it h ANI) OIANTE88. A (HAN I GlHL, Konrt'cn Vmri O't. w? kli? i 0 I'ouuili, A UIVA /< / '' BEING TilHEE I <( i? S h olll K.R THAN TOM I ill IIB ! A OIANTK-H N K \ III. V ' EVEN FEET HIGH; KIG'- r I'" E FOK.MEK8 ' 31'LKND I) I'MNT. n(-H Oh I I! NFI. VGUATION OF TIG. ( Hi'U IIKh IN I'H.LADhLfttlA !'i >ynl tlu mil h - it '.It i k u u, .iu (hv loot, by iu mtiil. I ln'.f i it'iurfi ft.vr numr t>l niu.tii't' fI ol ctiivnil, cm'irti ii.k (It* tt ?,| ib?* 8uiiv. ii"KA I "UI'ESS OK 1 111. WO.NUMiKL'L O rHAN FAMlLY, v?r, reunywi ? ocaiiita yiiiftifltirf r*f a y*lhrr. Mother, una rtevra Small Children f fh? *e are the He *1 Or htu letoilMi, h* they (J|>TK>V e ,i OKTft ,ud iiwk OKTlbN. Hie following performers <n* engaged?? MR WLNtHKLL.tif Cohiic Delioes'or! Mim ??AH* HA II TO IS, Master UaRTON, *ad Mia* A HAKTUN, the inu< h jvlrtiir<?i *ocaIibU ! Mr. CO M t V B h, the (''Ofjui Performer. Ortnd Cotmornm* Selt-I Uymg Mel.xl. OQ, SJi udid Picture hll"ry. ami jot 0 t uriotU<*t. [r^Al.rruoon Performances esrry Day at 1 o'clock, for the ouyefnfnee of the day ri*it*ri; u<> eitni emrgr to the perT?? Coinnt^oce id ih e%e. m *t ? > < loch n't OYSTER BA V H< >l SE PHK P.iW'tl.r logi Irtrr m tufnim tin* < itizrni prarrftlly I- (h?t h?* ha. o,*u'd h'l huuif firth* rrcrp'itio ?l bo. tl*f< r 'h<* i.aaon. Aril in ncwuf thr tit"d^r?l** ti rmi. Italhtu. rtytlfgM, nnil gnvit r nri* I<*| <***? <1 K "i-g t-1 and from tin itv, hf eonh foully litlti Ihr l-uti'ic pt.routgi*. Ilit c uing > on tb* whmf on th^ariifal ]>'u ... m n iw" ?HOU.">K SNhDIKRR. ji TIM II I n- IlinOo't'r ll*<t m.wntl .Soil H ntol Hull i' Hnrk fmtn I In* ! m* ? tr |>c h*r M ? cl r.*i I thrchral' IHIil.N . Ml'RHIH'?S , ID* I ?r* own I r- t Imp nr. "f tn I II *?l" in ' I'ainU, Oil., Oro^/t ], , | r . fcc , ? Itoli ? .1' anil rn ll. V ANIID.A BH \> *- J i?' i?f n*l .\ ?nf?*iii?t lot of fir* in or r I r imih" city of M ? -, and fr r t*l. in faaotitita l* nit paich..'c?>t?t ti" cheap ?lor? of JUilN 0 MORRISON, to lit (Jiftineh Itrrot I nporrcr aan W holrmlr uid KtUi knlrr in l)rng?, I'mnt., OtU, Oro??r?' Ailulrt, Tern lie nil i." m rwti m?n, <.f it-aly I c in h*r<- H >nl ,,, ,. mm I i r, I nin firmly, two fiif t ? id the leconrt (lo?r, * t her r. iPivr i.uc', wh-n th- of thine wiSt.i.,tf ,ueh. m- will be?l idteif, <>n rrn? inble terms A p.on* i.nn, il ir.;n? of a i|u,rt home, v?( old ,|o w,.|| f0 r%|| , , j?.>wirjr, ?**' (eland fit liou e, itr tuna titer i o'clock. JI <i rrc? | BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL Waalilngton. [(/urrtl'U'id aC cf the ilrmld] Washington, 81st May, 1844. 1 w sh to Mutest t.i you a very important contiderar.on, if it has i.ot already occurred to you, and which is more proper ior an editorial than for a letter. Jt is th s A new principle hss 1 ?eri introduced into the Baltimore !.' uiocruiic C nuveii'..on. It ifatJie relcc t;ou ol a anciids'e tor the l*r. sid-ncy who haa never been named beloir?for whose election no parties or political cliijtut have been organized?no papers established?no individuals pledged; and who hirnseli haa no parasitical, or expectant adherents. It will be readily Been that it is this latter class of people, (vulgarly vcleped ofline-beggars) wni) nave, iii me pursuit 01 meir own seinsti and private purpose!1, created all 'he divisions in the gr^a! party t<> which they profess to belong. Th- principle adopter! hy this Convention, will teach nl! political wets and riant, that the surest way to detent their favor te candidate is to advorate and wage his claims, while the most certain way to elect him is to let him ttlnne-?leave him quietly to pu sue his business, and cultivate domes* tic virtues It will also teach all Presidential aspirants to let alone all e ectioneering tours, and stay at home. I could pursue this subject much further, bat you Cdti do it much more ably than I can. There is no news this morning. All is quiet. The storm lias passed over, and all are bending i heir thoughts homeward Belting on the election is now very brisk. 8. B. (Correiponileucu ot the Herald ] Washington, May 81. After my previous letter to-day, Mr. McDuffie finished his speech, and Mr Choate made a brief reply by way of explanations, Sen. Mr. McDuffie rejoined, and Mr Evans, and two or three others, said a few words, when the final vote was taken upon postponing the original resolution. It was postponed. Y?? ?Me??r?. Allen, Archer, Atchrion, Baghr, Bar row. UiUm, 1) i) oi l, llenton. IJreeae, liiichtnan, ( hoate, Gtafton. Dayton. Evui, Kan fir Id, KrancU, Uanuegun , Henderson, Huntington, Jainagiii, Merrick, Miller, Morehead, Nile*, I'orter, Kiver, Hem pie, Simmoni, Sturgeon, Tul'mddge, White, Woodbndge and Wright?S3. Nam?Messrs. Hey wood, Huger, Me Unfile and Woodbury?-I. So the question of the tariiris finally disposed of, for this session, in both Houses. Various rumors are afloat respecting Col. John* son's running upon Tyler's ticket. There is also a report that the Tyler party propose to vote for the same electors as the Democratic party vote lor?the Tvlerites marking their tickets. Anu if, in the general result, it shall appear that there is a majority of Tyler tickets, then the electors are to prefer Tyler to Polk? if not, not. Col. Polk will accept the proposition. The great excitement is all over and gone. One act, yea, two acts, the nomination o| Clay und Polk, are ended. The third, which is the adjournment of ihe first session of the twenty eighth Cotigre-s, w ill end in nne fortnight front next Monday. And bV WaV of runtime down thr mefanhor l mni mid that the fourth ?ct will be the presidential canvass, and the fitth and last, the election in Novemher. S. B. TWKNTY-KIQIITH CONUitESS. FIRST SESSION. Senate. Washington, 31st May, 1S44. ANNKXA HON. Gen. Atchkson presented a petition in favor. adjournment. Mr moved to take up the amendment of the House to adjourn on the 17th of June. It was paste11 unanimously So this Congress will * adjourn on Monday, the I7lh of June next. corrRK HOCK The resolution respecting this Rock, named yea terday, was taken up, and alter some unimportant discussion, imssed?21 yeas, and 15 nays, a strict party vote, democrats in the negative. WESTERN ItAUUOK II1U.. This bill front the House, was then taken up. Some discussion arose in relation to the mode of improving the harbor at Buffalo. It was nnr^lu u local question?whether ?? improve the old harbor, or to make appropriation for a new one, which Mr. Wright said would require hajf a million of dollars. Gov. Mcrehead and Mr. Wright were in lavor of the House Bill us it in. Mr. Evans wished to emend it, but cave wny to M11 McDuffie iipoit thk Tariff. Mr. McDt/ffie rrmmrd his speech. He commented with much severity upon Mr. Choate's position, that the Battle of Waterloo had introduced a new era, in which "old things have passed away and all things have become new " Before that time, in the infancy of manufactures, 5 or 7 per cent was deemed aufiicient protection tor them; but now fitiy per cent is reunited. Mr. Mel) then proceeded to take up and answer arguments by oilier Senators. He read from the op ntons of Mr. .leflWson. He was friendly to manufactures, and wished them prosperity, bin not at ihe e.\| . nse of robbing another section of the Union He said that in ihe canvass ot '42, the Stuthern Whigs laid down ihe nositinn tfmt all the northern manufacturers required was u laritl for revenue. Mr. McD- said he immediately sew die danger, and warned the peonle against it. The Wings claimed tfie privilege of discriminating for revenue. Hut their discriminations fail us a tax alike upon the rich ai d the poor. Mr. McD would have (he discrimination?not for the benefit of manufacturers?but so made upon luxuries, that the lux will full upon the rich, who are best uble to pay it. Mr. McD. was very severe upon Mr. Berrien, fwho happens to he alveni now, as he was when his colleague, Mr Colquitt, made Iob speech ] He said that in 32, Mr. B. was a full-blooded nullifier und at the head of a large partv of nnllifiers?but now lie is u thorough whig. He saul the lion. .Senutor who is now upon the shady side of the first grand climacteric ot life, is a happy illustration of acouplet from Watts' Hymns: Whilst the )jmp hold* out to bum The vilcat tinner may return. [Laughter.] Mr. 1?errikn woh converted by a speech of Mr. Evans, and is now u whig in lull communion. To illustrate the operation of the* tariff, Mt. Mcl). wuopotsed the lion. Senator from Missouri, (Benton,] had liO hogshead* of tobacco to dispose of? Wl of which lie sends to England, and the oilier he sells to the Honorable Senator from tthode NUnd |Himm?n< ] Now let u? aee what ia ihu remit or tliis operation. For the thirty which he cut to h.nghitid he g-t? in exchange ihirty hales of marchftnlize. The thirty b.ilei arrive at the Cmtom House, and ten ot them tie II* to pay llie diitiea, which leaves him twenty hales to take home to .Missouri. Well, how much does tie get fr*<m Mr Simmoiu ? Mr. Simmom (in'en upting) thut) five tialei. Mr. McDi i?is Tim* nnui lie liy incantation No. By the protective iluty i>l fifty |**r cent, the price of Mr Simmom's calicoes lias t>, en raped to Mich an extent that Mr. Benton can only get twenty hale* of Illiode laland merchandise in exchange for hi* thirty hogsheads ol tobacco 1 11<i- tic finally takei home to Mixaouri fotty bales ol merchandise. whereas he ought to have had (ixty, and would luive got itxty hud it not been lor thetanfl'. In the comae of hit remarks Mr. McD stated that there were irnm ten to twenty time* a* many cantuntrri in the Southern State*, ua there were manufacturer* in the whole United State* In rerdy to a atatement hy Mr, who laid that the protection o( manufacture* bent fitted the farmer?lor it enabled the manufacturer* to buy the farmer*' produce,? Mr Mcl). *uid It reminded him of the ca?e of FalatafT, who, on a certain or cam on, felt inclined to bet FalatafT proposed if r.ny one wiahed to make a bet with him, let him lend him an hundred pound* Thia muit be a loving g im?, at any tote for the perron who lent Kalatafl the hundred pounds,-for Jai-h w a* never known to pay* debt and it he lost the h. I he would never pay back the hundred pounds, and if lie won, the peraon who lent him the /.'ion, would lie A'dOO out of pocket. But It v. n? mtlcb worse wi'h the hirtner whom the manulacturera require, not lo loan hut to aire them the money wherewi'hul to purchaac than piodtico. Mr. McUi mi , in reply to Mr, Bate*, propoaed to him method hy which he might have an orange It rove uiioii Plymouth Hock Inthriirat place, let him import liia anil Irom the moit remote portion ol the United State*, in order to give employment to navigation And it would he another argument in favor of the annexation of Toxaa, 'h it the aoil wool l he further off, and thua give more employment to navigation. Moreover, the aoil there i* ao leer', that whatrhotild he e*|>orted 'o cover the horren rock of I'lymouth, would not injure the land cf Temaa, which i* deep enough lo fpare It Well, you have got the oil upon the rock But you cannot raiae the orange* without a certain meaaure ol aunabino. And here he recommended to Mr. Hate* tha method uaed hy a certain petaunol whom he apoke. who tiropoaed to extract lun hitieffrom cucumber* (tlreat laughter ) Mr. Mi lit iria diac.laimed totally and moat pmnhatieall* igniting tun aubject with vi't-w to the rfartfential lection Hi- declared that he titnr to Tongreaa for the *clu?ive purpoae ot lining hi* ferble iflbrt to relieve hia -onatitutii'a from the moat wicke<l burden that everopiretaed ? civilised people. Two T. M. ?Mr McOt-rnr. ia making a mo?t powerful md i itereating a|>eech. Thegalleriea an lull, and he is iitraed to with moat marked attintlon. Hollar of RrprrirlifaHwit Washimito*, Shi May, 184-1. Mr Adams prrrented a petition of i ltizeoa of -VnnaylvHhia, HnkinK fur each emindmenis in the laturalization lawn, ho to mjuire of fnrrienera Wrnty-one yruis' rrridrnce alter they have declared heir intention, b> lore they areentuled fo the righte n ritis nahip Mr /Imwu of In,liana moved to lay the petition ,n the talile ; which wan carried?-ayea 128, note 28. Mr. Newton preai nted ? report front the minority d the Committee rd Electione, in the caae of (he onteatcd seal between Meanri. Jones and Bolta;

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