Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1844, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1844 Page 2
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UtMtfy* Royal Asiatic Society.?At the last anniver aary meeting oi this society, the Earl of Aucklam presided. The report was gratifying; althougl the society drejdy deplored the death oi' many dm toutuiihed members; among the rest, Hon. J. R Morrison. interpreter to the English Government China; lion. <? J tumour, of the Civil Service n Ceyl n; Ur Rosellini, Hie famous Egyptian Ann guarntn, id Pisa, Vc. The Earl of Auckland w? re-elected "President. Ad - Edinburgh correspondent of the Mornint Chronicle, writes that the voles ot the Senatut dm demiru, are equally divided between Sierndah B'-nuel and Mr Donaldson, and that the castins yote will be mven bv n Professor yet to he appointed?ihe Professor of Chemistry. <?u*va Qubbtioy ?Art-Uiiion?, it sesins, ara illegal, as coining under tie denomination of Lot tertes Marriage is a lottery Ara not Matrimonial Union* therefore, unlawful tool Punch respectfully asks Lord Brougham, and the oth-r Law Lords, wh it they have to say to thial?Punch. How to procure a refreshing sleep at will:? ' Whene'er to dumber you iiioliuo, T ikeu ' host has'?st 4 sad ?A Hattss. ?Puck. Dtath or a Literary Character ? Wm Beck ford, fc*| , the author of " Vuthek" and other vvel known publications, died on Thursday, May 2, n his house in Linsdowne Crescent, 13 till Mr fjeckford was in his 84th year, and with Roger and Wordsworth, at the time of his death the old est of the eminent liviug uutlior* oi Great Britain. GKNKKAL ATTACK ON THJt lAMlNtt-UOUSES at t?l WKsr K ?D OF LONDON. ?The authorities ul L'llidoi app-ar at la->t to be stirring themselves and showing a determination to put down one of the most alar nij evils that exist about (he Metropolis. The#. " hells" as they are significantly ernied, have loni b till -d the exertions of the police and parish au thoritiev, their owners being generally men o property, their visiters not unfrequently the firs " nobles" of the land, every means ihat money o influence could obtain, has been resorted to to pre Fern conviction or exposure. But at length tin Ho.He office took tne matter up, and about oiu o'clock on ilie morning of the Hili ult. tfie pohci made a grand a itauk iimou some ten or twelve ol ifien Ill the parish I)f St. James, many ol which were 01 i(i? belter class, hi which was fouud gambling tin (ilc.n -ins <>f every description, and a considerable amount ot" money, both in specie and bills, all ol which was seized, together with all parties on the premises. The police made good their entrance to the different places by breaking in the doors and rearing ladders against the upper windows ol the buildings. It is suspected, that front the very few principals captured, that some "traitor" in the camp ol fie authorities g tve timely inform a thin, so as to enable those most deeply implicated to get out of the way. Among those captured at the different places, amounting to upwards ot fifty, there were several "Smiths" and "Jones's" who were said to be persons ot distinction. Tliey were all brought up before the magistrates at Marlborough street pel too office, in the course ol the same day ; and those who were proved to have the management or care of the house were fined ?00 ; or sentenced to three mouths' imprisoninent;olher persons employ ed tu the establishment ?J0 ach, or three mouth* imprisonment; and other parties on the premises at the time the capture was made were lined ?3 each. They were defended by counsel when brought before the magistrates and an appeal was mide igtinst the decision, and therefore, the matter will have to be gone into again at the Quarter Sessions. Application was made to iiave tlie money and hills seized at the dilleretit places, return d ; particularly such as was found tu those places that gambling wis not at the moment of the en t Miioe ol' iif pulicr being carried on Tins wu.? relused by the m igistrale, but the bills were or dered to be Healed up ami to remain in the hands of tile police for the present. Tun Great Britain.?Since the abandonment ol all hopen of ob uitung the enlargement ot the dockKates, preparations have been made for Moating this v>*6-ii*| ont on tanks, to be filled with air, preparatory to placing lier upon which it was necessary ilut she Mhould be dragged out of dock into the floating harbor. Attempts were made to do this without success (or two or three days, and at length by the exertions of Mr. J. M. llyde, who descended m u diving bell, some timber which had adhered to her bottom was dislo fired and she was got out, uud now lies moored 111 the Moating harbor, where sin awaits the construction of the tanks, which arc to he mule air and water light and placed under her keel, hi the hope of buoying Iter up so as to float the wide part o( her hull over the contracted portion of iii" dock enhance, and thus enable lier l<. gel out fin!ii Iter imprisonment into the ocean, an' to fulfil her rug igeiifiit to nail from Liverpool for New Ifork on the I'.itli of July, of wnich, however, there seems to be at present very little prospect. IHarketl, Lhoihiiil, Mar 17ro. ? Annutto?A few casks of Flag at 7JI ojr III. Ashes ?Holder* of Montreal Pots having tub rim.) ! 10 iowei toimi, al,oat toe a Jail libit were (Bkun by tan trad* lt<t wank, but one ut ios 9J, and several parools ol l'.i.irl changed hands at i?i91 perewt. Thenars some in<{ ltries lor both Pot and I'uurl this week, but few sale* h ive taken place, 'lorn?The Wheat tin le ut present wuais u flat aspect. There is little disposition to pure, use either free or bonded parcels, an I puoea gave way shgutly ou Tuesday lust and yesterday. An unusually -lender attendance of buyers, and a decided determiiiation on the part of inillera to remain inactive, rcnil.irH.l all dascrliiliiiiis nf Wtiaat Mvlreuialv .lilKelllt ti? Hall a l ti i.l oll'tre been male, it i? probable, in the lace ol tlx*present luge importations, somewhat easier terms waul.I have been gene, ally conceded. Flour, indiscriminately, ?.n equally dull, tun the holders, being disinclined to recede, prices remained stationary. Barley, attended witlx a limited txxi]uxry. Oats, notwithstanding the very shjrt supply at Ixau I. were little noticed and rattier depressed in vhIum The supply of Grain coastwise, and from lr?*Uild. have fall.six off considerably, hut we hive to r?|>ort large arrivals of Wheat Irom abroad ?14,000 qr# hsving arrived from the Baltic since Monday. Flour cornu* lorwarl alowly. We havo had a tew shower, lataly, hut the country around t hi a district is much in want of rain CloversMtal -17 tci American have met xvxth purchaser* this week at litis perewt in houd. Coal? Prices have an upward tendency. Oriel is now Helling at lis 61, an 1 Canuel at 16s per loll, hut the export duty ol 'Is per ton laid on hv tho present Government, has materially interfered with tin* lentigo trade, and the transactions for shipment ii iv e been on a limited scale since nm previous report Hides -l '.kklsalt t N fork, a' .1,) to I, an I tut) Pnilu lelphia, lit 3j I per lb. Lard?Itk) lihla tiue American have changed hands this week at 31s per owl, and seine parcels were disposed ol last week, chiefly by auction, at 3.'s 61 to 31s 6 1. with a few kegi ol remarkably fine at 36s 6.1 per ca t. Oils-Prices ara not fully supported. Se?d Oils arn in lunite 1 request. Oil of I urpentine commands Iste rates, and he* been purchased to a fur extent. Provisions American ?B**ol trade continues in theaame ttnsetisfactory stale noted 31 instant; the tendency of prices downwards But little loquiry for Pock, some Directs were olfjrwl ut auction without fin linir our cha-ior* The traeaactiona iu cheese have been only to a m i terete ext.!"'., unit price* h.?V" <ivon way l? to 'is With * V'Tj iiwlertle import of Lird, prices have reniiiin'nmly ite' iinsrv . several speculative purchase* he* .en put ou lit*) mirlirt for re*?le tbm checking mi ?l?-<lco. Price* of American Provision*. - B-?i, per hbl of 90ft lh*, in hot.d IJ * 'ate* .!< ?? Mi to li?, Prime do 30 to 94; Canadian Prime. SJ to #4 Pork perhbl of i"0 Jb* in hind?Unite I h'a'e* Prime, 4i tw 44 Ham* prrcwt il'Hy paid? Dry. 41 to 46s ? hee*e per cwl, du'y paid?Fin* 41t?46. Mid 'A-'It j?r to 41 Ordinary 33 to 3V Lard tier cwt, duty paid?Fine %'t to 30, Ordinary, 'Si to 3l laturur irid (Wk 36 to it Oi Butter, par cart, in bond ?|Canadtaaduiy pail, 46? to 4os, Ore*** sorts, 3ht to 17*. K? Tiurr<n a good demand, hot at heavy supplies ol Bmgal ar<? look*! fir, importer* have evinced a d.-?ir? to make let, SOU) vag* have changed hand*, the clwirig iv.?* o' the auction at pre-en' utaMiihin^ a decline of I* ; ?' i? middling is wor'b 10* 61, go id i I* 0 I fioe I 'i C Amen .an cleaned Carolina i> worth I n 01. halt ? 1 business inntVad, *o the preva-etice of easterly WKKli, liu' ? change iu <*v or of arrival* will doubtles* tend to pi-oilu^a luc'easod trail taction*. We quote price, eacluwe w Kiver Fright, St je*r ton, and Dock and Town due* ol per ton; |or common a* 61; But., ter III* Uh'.'.c stove* 15. and bigi 11a to 16. per ton Tallow -R.'uer better demand within the W*t few daya, hit little hi"meat .lone previo<nly. IW) pipe* Bueno* Ayre*. g.ol <|'i?litv, brought 3S< to 38?. ftI. per cart, and a b w < oka N irth Americanaold at 40s, perewt Tar. ? No alteration to notice, nor any transaction* to re. port Timher ?Thedealera havee<per,encetl a fairdemaod i toe our last. The arrivals have b -en limited to three t irtfoea from the Baltic, and one from St. John's. The aaie* if tie month comprise a cargo of Aincan Teakwood, J in'he rt i ?r < to r 4* J I per foot ; a e u ro of Charles , i .... . k. ,?..i mill 1....1 .. .? ii I - 7 ? ??" . - "'II "I 1' of Hwiah timii-r at 141 per foot, with <le tin at XI i l>u >?r stand, a -go Crown Memel timber, ataves, and v liimcnt !otr in-.** of whfhhave not yet transpired. r,"trr..i ?Our -nir*?t a? usual in May ha* been dull; nil wugti v < to in' m >k' any alteration in the quoinlion* it n o-'ry htfi vitt '<? -fleet tain* at the present rate", ad hi ,""-t ire iut?ci-yitmg lower price*, the entire trans 'ton mire the ; it, mat moan', to about 2!'U hlids. ol whi '.'i VI ?r? Virginian Ual 60 stemmed; 61 Kentucky I* if a-) : seramrd Turpentine?The rrivtla lor aome time past here proved trifling an I having had a *teady ?? -!.?l*? lemar, 1 luring 'he last fortnight, the market i* now -'i-i-eil. From 7 a H.floo halt* have changed hand* at fa a ?i 61. Lov. ,*. May H ?rot'on ?The |s?t account* from the IJni'e-l Hi I'm re/ir !r g tri" r. e-,t the port* have had n unfavorable effect upon our mirket, and pricea harr giveaway At a lotion, on Thursday, 3 '.73 hale* and 23 half hale* Sunt were taken in at 3$ I to I, a* .il?o were 134 American, ?t tjl; the latter w-c?, however, ?old ?( terwarjs by private at the buying in pricea Corn.? Our 'train in irltet is in a dull atu'e a* present, no mat en it decline in prices, in leveral instances a alight reduction has heen *uhmi"ed to tor Wheat Flour meet* a dull il- on rather eaner ter ns. We hive hal a It'ge import jffyilfii gttdwy. but the value ol this article ha* beer lime eno-re i ojr "i",< | mnipli,., {bun* P>-. aop oort late rate*. and there n no change in O ita Pro Tial'Mll ?There ii a rauly ?ale for linn A /xrican Cheeir at <1. to 4A?, and other deftcripUona meet ? fnir demand ?' 4lito4t?for(i#d, and Ml to Sti for inferior find mi' 4"nf American ''"rk, end Tongue. hare he*r taken tolerably free If Beef at an, to Sua, Pork at Ma to 41" p?' ewt, and amokod Hftma ere telling ?t Ml to Mil per #? duty paid. Bacon and L ird ia dull and lower. Metal Va have l"i? demand for Pig Iron, and aome parcel* in ae~?n1 hand. hare heen dlipnaed of (it flit ft fi<M, but tin in i*er? re'lied to iell under 70? natt in the r'lyde The ? Vet ii flrm for Bar Iron, at ?'i I7i Ad n X? per ton, in Wftla*', the Inquiry la, howarer, limited Bpelter i? in poor rejiiiM, eul tha itooka hare accumulated to 3.AO0 U>n?: ?a 16a ia tha price on the apot, and ill 16a for ar rival. Rica ?Tha tranaactiona in tliia article bare beat j large, and ia in demand of late. Cleaned baa met a foot 1 a ale at lit a 24a for Carolina. Fataa ia in demand at lilt 1 a I7a per cwt. Hi?at, Ma/ 14.?Cotton?Tbe trauaactiona the laat intit do/a have been on an eetenaiva actle, and priret ( have advanced 3 a */c About ISOOO balea, principally or , tinary and rmd.ihng United Maiaadaooeiptloau,havemel with buyera. The docks are now couipnaed of IIO.IMM baiea iiguiuat lin^oflo bales bcld at the sunte time in 1*43. Sugar- in unrefined nothing ol importance h is been done hut in tbe t>l?tuice of Ire.h supplies. holder! remain firm ; oilee being scarcst, is likewise held steadily, and wt have lew a-lea to notice in any description. M??iu> ?o. Mtr 10 ? Unit?The reduction in thi , H-i.glisli tmilT of the duty on tomgn f.ottee haa cause, mldera of thla article to demand higher rate#, ami 6,out Brazil have, aince the arrival of the newa, lotind bttyeri t uu advunce of f a f >ch The value of real good ant military In lull) maintained, and ordinary aorta are mort inly dmpoai d ?t The Irenaaciiotieot the week consist >1 14,000 tmg* Uiaid. ordmart at if a 'JJ ach , real ordin try at 3 u .14 ; S 00<i hugs St Domingo at 3 1-10 a 3J ; ?" Lagtiira, 1J * 0f ; 400 b.iga Havana, at if a ft ach, and 300, ' too lite Porto Kico at ft a Af ach. Huota ?Unrefined ta more noticiel at uu advance of 1-lt t f giot. The aalaa have been confined to 1,600 baa yel low Havana, in cousumntlon, at 4| a ft 1-10 grot : IA* chest* white Bihiant ftj ; oO do blown at 4} ; and 10* Chests blown l'erti,nnhm-u hi 4l art if Co i tow-U. S appears rather firmer, but nothing o . importance ha* taken place in the article 800 balei I Oeorgla, Irom New Orleun?, ol quite Indifferent quality h??e lirought a U' ach. Wist India aorta are firm 8t Domingo m< 4J a ?j soh, according to quality, and Lag uirt at t ach. * Hlnaa -Are dull Oil Whale hoe huen taken sparingly ; u few >alea havi ccorre I in Sooth See at .IS a 3H marks S end aenia smaj parcel* of Bluhber have realized 44 a 44 raaika. '' Tallow?la ateady. Natliodltt Episcopal Conference. \ Saturday?June 1. , The question of Bishop Andrews, on which iht - discussion was suspended yesterdny, to allow mem ' hers time lor dispassionate reflection on the com r tnuniCdUon of the Bishop, wsb again taken up thu iniirmng r Bishop arose to inform the Conference rh it he wished to withdraw his name from that document. ( Bishop Wauoh coincided with the sentiments exI pressed by Bishop II , but did not leelnny necessity to withdraw his name, lie wished it to stand as it testimony that he did what he could to secure the peaee and union of the Church. Bishop Mohims?| wish my name to stand as an evidence that I did rny best to preserve the union ol the iVl E Church. Bishop Soulb said a few words on the same suhl?ct. lie had put his name to the document with ihe same views as his worthy colleagues, and uuler the same convictions; he never changed them He was still desirous that htssignuture should stand to that paper, already gone abroad over the lei gth aid hreudth of ihe land, arid of which the A men nan people would judge. He would not, he could not withdraw it On motion made, the communication was laid on the tab la* Or Bangs arose to say that during the whole discussion, he had ho|>es of a compromise, but they had fled ; all accounts that he had heard from every quarter forbid him to entertain thern any longer He arose to suggest, and howover reluctantly he did so, yet he felt it to tie his duty to lo so, that, as there was no other way to decide the ques'ion, but liy a direct vote, propriety and brotherly love delated their doing so at ouco. and put an end to a discus *1011 already loo long protracted, and which promised no cheering results, or would not change a single vote. Dr tVrsisi desired to remark, that if the statement ol Or Ittangs conveyed tho impies"ioti that accounts Irom all quarters excluded hopes ot amicable compromise, it was isidiy correct. He declared on behalf of the South, that it approved to the fullest extent of the recummenda'ion ol the Hi-hups, end that its views were entirely for peace. Dr. Dt.aoi explained. Mr Ha.siiai.i, moved to take up the order of the day. Several members spoke, and several did not, because hev could not he heard. Mr. Coi-mns objected to taking upthe order of the day. Ho was still ol opinion that by a postponement a chance would exist of n settlement. If the Bishops would withIraw thvir names from their communication, and permit Dr. Derbin to make use of it, he still had hopes that a last tfort might succeed They might, he thought, be all satisfied with a resolution requesting Bishop A. to get rid of slavery us soon as possible. It the substitute were then would pass by un overwhelming majority,'and although convinced it would be the ruin of the church, lie must vote for it himself. Mr. Bcaks whs, he said, a few days ago at home attending to his duties, preaching to the colored population, not dreaming that that conference would discuss that suhjact, thinking that everything was going on as smooth is an nnrtilHed lake, when it was intimated to him that Ills services were required there. He lelt home without .earning or preparation, or ine sngniesi impression 01 litt true state of affairs. On his way li? learned that >i storm win raging, that "the rains descended, and the ilno Is came, und the winds| blew," Unit "the fountains )l the great deep were broken up." With tears ol soirow tad regret hu woul.l have staid at home, till the seHtion of General < onf reace had terminated. On looking far ind wide he had seen the ark of the church 011 the great loop -not yet broken up ; he looked if there was any place for it to rent, and blessed he God, he saw it established on the Ararat of? Mr. It?oka e. ? I ri-e, Mr. President, to order; is it com patent to Iihvi1 a discussion and nothing ln-foru th? house' Mr. Bi.ask continued?He was showing his reasons foi coining her., and for protesting ag linst the intention ol brother Col. ins, to vote for a resolution that wouhl splinter into fragments the whole church. He trusted ! he Conference would hear with him. The aspect of the liiestion was more favorable. They hail Hist sent forth iiu raven ; it came back, and tliey took it in. Tliey sent out the dove ; it returned and brought them the olive branch of peace ; and he wouhl now ask Mr. Collins and Dr Derbin if they were to close the windows of the ark ? o gar.e at the dove flying over without a solitary spot on which to rus'. Me saw with joy that although the bishop* had little authority, they had vast influence. They had, in their wisdom, stripped them of authority. Or. Baku* thought that the speaker was not in order; he was speaking wide of the mark. Prs'sius.vt?The brother may be so in your opinion; hut he intended to he at the mark. Mr. Ulskk -In the course of that discussion a wide -auge hadjPeen taken ; they had treated of luw ; they had touched upon every subject of science under heaven ; 1 Iimv hioiiifltf ins tluv??rv in lh? nhairui't un/4 in lhs> run ri'it*. mi<l matters tint hud nothing at nil tu ilo with the subject, muit now, hoc.m.if ha was opposed to brother Der* in lor raiting disturbances on this question, was lie to he culled to order 7 The Ph?siu?.ist made a rematV to the ipeoker, which wis not heard generally. Mr will endeavor never to speak eacept I have something to any, and when I have laid it, 1 will ait luwn ?(laughter ) Or Dtani* naked what the brother meant by saying brother.Uerhin disturbed the house 1 Mr. Bi.ak?, utter .i few words more, was Interrupted again, u? Hindering from the subject. Ml. Paver, stated the grHti (lent ion he felt at witnessing word* of kindness from and an absence of all denunciio tion. He claimed to he governed by christian motives in I if ii brother differed Irom him, he would never think it was with an unkind intention. If the previous question hm re ii reed it |il md than ill a serious dilemma. M . Kami ivr observed that it,was desuable to get some bti*iuesi|bef ire the house. Mr. r?tn>: continued.?He| looked upon the resolution is mandatory, not recommendatory; it was a regulur mandamus, ar. I it plsced the Mouth in a serious predic t* lent. Southern memhera desired nothing but to be able o go hack and be ncknowledged by their constituents, tie would not use the word secede, ordivjde ; the Boothfrn members were not ?; they only claimed their rights as members |of the Methodist Kpisonpal Church; hey would hold to its rules, doctrine and discipline; ano it he had leave, he would protest against w hat was by some held to be the relation ot the superintendent to the . buret. en A it,nu/ Irr.i. It... et?S.n.. It..* *1 - ..... "... mne'hing mote in K.piscopacy than wai imparto I hv ort in at ion. He was not disposed to UMnc hit brethren If there wa? any thing brought forward upon which they tot the South) could stand an?l vindicate themselves to their constituents, he would be glad; if not, he would taod hv the issue Vlr. Puiitiii followed He, also, claimed to be a man id peac and il it were required to prove that such ? ?? the chart ter .f the whol.'|t>ody, tiiey had tint to refer to the ft >rts made to adjnsMhat vexed question. It demonstrjel to Mie world that they wanted to be one people and to ive together liUe brethnn in unity. The matter had tieen refened|to comniitteei ? to t' it Bishops?it had been the auhject of private conversation and public doliberation, and the remit allowed that they could not change the positions they had assumed. Biahep Andrews had told them wh it h? did?why he did it; that he had nothing to regret, only aa tar as that ic.t had hecn llnf ivorahle to the Church. He stood up like a man maintaining his position, and they could not mo.e him from it So with the anuth; the north had also bcidel; she offered the suhstitute, and said if that were s.lnpte I, the could go home content; they could not live with less, or make any concession beyond it. He believed that was a pneifioatoty docunu lit, and would show it, if time permitted. The south had decided. The north mill not concede more without sacrificing her very ex istence, and in the fare of those facts he thought there was no ase in prolonging the discussion but come right up" square to a decision at once, an I relievo the anxious solicitude ol the people on the nintter. \ft.-r tiie Secretary read the resolution of Mr. Kinley, | called the substitute, uiMinp nun.R explained io tae i .inference tnnt he regarded i Ik in resolution in no oilier light than mandatory, otherwise, a pro at many of } in observations addreased to the tiody would he Inapplicable. After a long and protracted debate, during which, great tolir.ituile and b-ep intereat waa evinced hy the whole >oty, the resolution was put and Carried, thereby disqualifying Bishop A ndrcwH to retnln hi a office , and conaummating the worat feara that were entertained of a division in the Church. -State of the Weather it Canada.?To-day tlie weather is fair. The Hosts of the 21st nnd 22d ,slant, which preceded the late ruins, extended to the iiitli and westward, trnm the vicinity of Boston to New /ersey and Niagara They rompla-n of injury to th? ropt and Iruit tree* in the vicinity ot Albany and in Upe r f'anadi. Hom< of tne rivers in this District have iverflowed .luring the late rains, nnd done some injtii) i ploughed land and fences on their hanks A great lumber ol saw logs brought down the rivers, have been arried out ot the booms into the St. Lawrence, and a part I them will he lout The thermometer to day, o, M., ,)itfg Wind .N Y. ?tytrbtr. Uatrttr, Mtb ult. Tut at St. Lotna.?The Miraiaaippi river *? at a ?t sr. Louie on the Md ult., and wee fnlliriK hove Th" 'Ktraordiniry flood in th? MiuiMippi, we ner i' etatnd, completely reversed the current of the Ohio, j rom its month to Smithltnd, K j , a distance of more than iMmOafl! fl i' li * ri rertioo of the water* of the OhiowM 1 never before know* i NEW YORK HERALD. i 3Mea?cr.? ? r 1 . " ? .. as New York, Monday, Jane 3, 1844. Supplement to tke Herald. I In consequence of the great interest ai d importanceo the loreign news, reeeived here yesterday morning, w< accompany our regular edition with a SUPPLEMENT, ti , be served gralis only to our regular city subscriber*?no transient purchuaeri. J We also have the pleasure of announcing to our advei j tiling friends, that during the last few mouths, our rfsifj i ciirulutinn has increased nearly six thouiani coyin ove 1 what it was on our return from Europe, being now man} , thousand per day greater than the Hcaau> ever was, am beyond that of any paper now issued in this city. ' Such are the fruits of enterprise, talent, energy, iude peudenee, and Arm adherence to the public good. . The Foreign Ifews?Its Great and Vital Im< ' portanee. We give our city readers to-day in our tegulai 1 edition, including the Supplement, a full rctwif o ' ihe very important news from England, which w< received in ndvance of the mail, and oi uil tin 1 New York newspaper preaa on -uturday night, bi an exclusive overland express from Boston I which port it reached on Suturd.iy morning by th< British steamer Caledonia, in 12fc days from Liver pool. We despatched the news exclusively, in ou Sunday edition, to 20,000 or 30,000 readers, a; Bishop Hughes rates their number, aud we now , add for all, aotne further important particulars, no then given or alluded to. This news is highly important in a commercial , financial and political point of view. (Kind, ofits commercial aspects. The cxtraordi nary and unexpected /all in cotton has astoundei the cotton brokers iiere. This /all, equal to three eighths of a penny, in a balance of the crop, equal U one quarter of the whole import into England, would be a loss of nearly $1,500,000, or more. This result, if not checked, must produce disastrous ellects upon the cotton speculators on both sides. At the last accounts, the market wasstill flat?but it tsprobable that some effort muy be made to rally it ?with what success the next steamer will tell. The expectation of such a rally will make the next steamer to be looked for with deep interest. As usual our regular express will be ahead of all others Tne next important piece of news is that in re. ference to finance and currency. Sir Robert Peel has brought forward his new plan for regulating the paper currency, which appears by every opinion, to be nothing but a proposal to create a revolution in the existing paper currency system of England We have given the details of the minister's plan, with the opinions of financial writers, by whom it is severely criticised. Many anticipate that the plan will depress prices, and bring English values of all commodities to a level with the low values of the Continent. If so, such u system will produce a revolution in the prices of commodities and of all property, thut will cause another general revulsion similar to that which the law of 1819 pro uueea. ine imntaier proposes uy ins pian iu eairy out the |>rinci|>lea of that law?by giving lo a pnpei currency, by means of centralization and restriction, the steadiness and level of the precious metala. ft iaan important movement and its firuile will be interesting. The next piece of news is that in reference to the annexation of Texas. By a short reference to thia measure in the House of Lords, it ia evident that the British Government regard the annexation of Texas to the United States, with deep dread and displeasure. They undoubtedly mean to make it n great European question against the United States, and this opinion gains strength by witnessing the general denunciation of the treaty by the whole British press, both conservative and liberal. Indeed, the liberal press of England seem to he the moat hostile to the United States in these latter days and on three measures. But it will be recollected that this party is made up in part of the Abolitionists and the O'Connellites, both of whom are very violent in their abuse of the southern portion ol the Union In illustration of this point, we give another Speech or rather ttrurlu of Daniel O'OoniiHI, before the British Anti-Slavery Society, in which he denounces the Southern Slates with all the violence he can master. The green or friendly spot ttnong the fie'ds of public opinion in Europe, in lavor of the annexation of Texas, is to be found in the popular or republican portion of the Parisian press. There they support the measure as a measure that will aid them to inflict justice on the ambition of England. It is very evident that this Texas business is a perfect firebrand, a bombshell, precipitated into the Courts of Europe, which thev regara wuii equal wonaer, areau, aim mured. Af it is, we are only in the beginning of the businc ,js, and before a year is over, we will astonish them yet more. On the whole, the news by the Caledonia is of the most important character?either as it respecte cotton, currency, Texas, or abolition We are now brought by steam power, within the verge of European influence and intrigue?ami >ia ellectr are developing themselves in all directions. The Grand Democratic Ratification Mas> Mkktino in the Park.?This grand movement, including the 100 big guns, which so awfully missed fire last week, by the storms in the Haiti more Convention, in which Van Buren and half a dozen great men were lost overboard, is, we learn, to be held to-morrow afternoon in the Park Vast preparations are. cn bund to make it tin greatest gathering of the various elements of the "detnocracie" that ever teiok place in New York We learn that the leaders are beginning to get re conciled to the loss of the "favorite son"?and that a committee has gone up to Liudenwold to bring Mr. Van Buren here, and to make him the chairman of the meeting to-morrow afternoon. This would be a curious move Mr. Calhoun and his friends, judging from the "Washington Spectator," appear to have thrown the nomination of Captain Tyler overboard, and to come out for Polk and Dallas with a perfect rush of wild enthusiasm. If Mr. Van Hurt* n heads the movement here?poor Tyl<-t will never be heard of, and (he grand re-union ol the democratic party, all over the county, may fake place to a greaterand deeper extent, under the f] tgof Polk and Dallas, than any other better known candidates. So there are prospects of a capital fight yet?and we should not be surprised if the whigs will have to go to work pretty hard. The democracy is in the very crisis of their fate in the north?and the tone, temper and numbers of the meeting to-morrow will give the cue for the whole Union. We shall, ns usual, give a full and impartial report of their sayings and doings. So look out, for on this will depend the success of Mr. Clay. Political Caricatures.?No sooner was Polk nominated than Baillie, of Spruce street, comei oui wiin a caricature oil the subject, in which we have what is termed the "People's Coon" attacking the " Tennessee Alligator," (Polk;) several other nnimnla in the shape of rats and foxes, with well know countenances, are scampering away, evidently fear" ing a similar attack from the coon. Several others are looking on taking characteristic parts in the affair. Altogether there is not much wit in it and less talent than in many others we have seen on other parts of the same subject. (fitfins at IIai.k Prick ?John Jones, of the " M idiaonian," says that Polk will resign?that Dallas has refused to run?that Mr. Van Buren will be the candidate of the northern democrncy?and that Captain Tyler will be the only candidate against Clay. Have they no asylum* in Washington calculated for amiable and ailly lun&tical Advanor of Farie.?The passage regnlntor, the New Jersey, has been withdrawn from the Hudson Thejpnce of paaaagejwill now4go up, up, up 0~i~s" ' i . . . ?I J.l , LL Oil Owfawd KipriiM. Again we beat every other paper in thia city in ' the acquiaition of the newa by the Caledonia. Our especial overland express came every mile from Boston by borars, and reached our office at two o'clock yesterday morning. It averaged twelve f miles an hour, arid with two horses sixteeu miles ? were run in fifty-live minutes. This, however, can > he done at any time by our messenger. 1 It is not a little laughable to see the efforts made by our neighbor of the Sun to get the news of the steam-ships. That concern sends printers and a ' steamboat to New Haven and Stoniugton, and enr gages from oue to a dozen locomotives, and yet l iliey never start, or, at any rate, they never reach this city. That concern, however, publishes the - newt, and the way he does it is funny enough. He meekly and patiently waits till we issue our Extra, one of the first at which he obtains by giving to a newsboy a shilling. He then sends for his printers, t and in about an hour after we have flooded the city I with the news, he brings out a miserable re-print o1 what we published. This he illustrutes with cuts , of locomotives and steamboats, which are intended to show, probably, how much cotton has declined, or the quantity of specie in the vaults of the Bank of England. This is enterprise with a vengeance. We have not heard the result of the desperate t efforts of the other papers to express the news to ^ this city. r Bbacon Couksk ?The great foot race comes ofi t to-day. Major Stannard is the favorite and it taken against tile field. When he run the ten , mile race he hud sufficient time to spare to huvr run more than the additional quarter of a mile now required. He is nine years older than when he i run the last great race and in good condition. He - will have to do his heat to come off the victor ) 1'hia will he the most interesting race of the hph, son, not even excepting that between Blue Dick and Fashion. ' CoNVKNTION Of TUK JoUHNKYMKN HaTTEKS.?Itl Saturday's paper we published an address to the Journeymen Hatters of this and several Statei around, together with several resolutions therenp on. It is the result of a meeting held in this city, at the Military Hall, on Friday last. It has for itt object the establishment of a uniform scale o< prices throughout the States, and thereby prevent the avaricious and unprincipled employer from underselling the more honest and fair dealing trades man, ai me same nine to amira 10 me working mm what he ia juatly entitled to,?a fair remuneration for a fair day's work. To carry out this object, a convention of delega'es from the different shops is to be held in the beginning of July, when all the matters pertaining thereto will be entered into and discussed, and arrangements made to bring thi? desirable object into practice. This is certainly the best way to proceed upon, and an understanding with the honest and fair employers mti9t succeed. More Novelties.?White Cloud and associates, fourteen Indians of the Iowa tribe,are now exhibiting in Philadelphia to large and fashionable andi..?/,<.< ti-u? .v,;? ...u.... ?iv>v o. i ??r J IIIICUU ?UV/IHJ IV VIPII iliio V1IJ') mien the admirers of the red men and their antics may have an ample display of war dances, spear throwing, scalping, toma-hawking, and such like t'nnorent amusements; together with oil manner of unnatural or unearthly sounds. Niblo's Gakdbn.?All the world will be at Niblo's Garden to-night?the commencement ol a season which promises to be more brilliant that, any that has preceded it. Niblo, with that tac; which he invariably displays, has placed the manigement in the hands of the most successful ot modern managers, Mitchell, whose industry, knowledge of his profession and perseverance, added to the high popularity and ability of the worthy proprietor himself, would ensure success to any undertaking however difficult. The entertainments announced for this evening, are an Introductory Sketch in which Mitchell appears, and thi Opera of the " Vivandiere" with the whole of the njuiic. The orchestra, under the uble direction ot Mr. Loder, is oi unusual ability and strength. Military Visits this Season.?We understand that the Boston Light Infantry, familiarly calh r he "Tigers," wi 1 visit this city on the 9th of July They will be the guests of the New York Ligh1 Guard?a very efficient corps in this city.? These companies will present a magnificent appearince,?both coining out in new uniforms, and both being among the best drilled corps of the two cities. Oapt. Jno. C. Park commands the "Tigers." We also learn that the City Greys, another excellent company of Boston, will visit this city nexi month. One or two other military corps are also expected here during the summer. These visits are always gratifying. Atlantic Steam Ships.?The Caledonia arrived it Halifax last Thursday, at fi A.M.; left at 9, and was detained twelve hours off Boston on Fridaj night hy fog. The Caledonia was discharging he; i?urfwhpn thm Rritnnniu Rab?/?iv r?m-1 ?*n? ?L.. return of it buck to Knglaud by her. This exlii>its great speed and regularity in the movement of these ocean steamers. Qt^The Necromancer of the 19th centjry, comnences his cabalisticnl, musical and ventriloquist -ntertuininents at the Olympic Theatre this even ng Appearance or a Rarity.?We take the fol Mowing interesting notice from u recent New urg, N. Y , Courier: ? European * arp ?Some yearn since Captain Henry Robinson, while in command of one of hi* spit ndid Havn packets, brought to this country a number of the Euro ean carp, mid ucceeded in accliirmtmg them in an arti ticlsl pond on his farm in this village. Subsequently In placed a numbtr of his carp in the Hudson River. They mvn increased at a rapid rate, and our Bay and the -II nil. 11, mi- Iiuw leniniug wnn inn nevi variety of delicious flih. Some of the Urgent were taken in the seine* lnnt spring. and many have been captured hi* season, hut, at the fishermen, at the request ot Capt Robinson, who has liberully rewardeil them for theii rouble, have boen careful to replace the new comers, in n very few years, we have no doubt, the carp which is held in such high estimation in Kngland and France will hi ihundaiit in the fresh waters of the Hudson above thi lighlands. We ore requested to say that any of our citizens wish ing carp or gold fish, for globes, or to stock their ponds, an obtain them, free of chaiga, by applying to Captain Robinson. Steamships?Boston Post Okpioe, &c.?This 'ias been a very busy day with our merchants, end he letter market has been active At $ past 7 the Cale Ionia arrived in the very short run of I2J days, bringing i large mail, which was promptly distributed at the Pos' Office At the some time the clerks were making up a large mail for the Britannia, which sailed at 2 o'clock, vhich contains answers to letters written in London aud Liverpool the 18th and Ittth ult.. and should Capt Hewett iave his usnnl good luck, will be delivered in Fngland in IH days, duiing which time two passages acrossthe At antic will have been perlormed. The Britannia carried nit a very large mail. s?he has 71 passengers, among hem M. Vieuatemps and sister. - Boiton Tranu-ript, Junr I. Naval.?United States eliip Warren, sixiy-lhrei lays from Rio Janeiro, arrived at Valparaiso March 3d and sailed on the 14th for f aliao. United Mtates schooner mi mo mm* jimrf, ai*u mijiwi oil me 14111. Cmttom Mif.lh Burnt..?The Clifton MiIIh in Wellington Townthln in Mm'omh county, belonging to Suydam, Sago It Co of Now Tork, were burnt on Satur lay morning la*t together with the content*, including <?m?4coo hnaheW ol wheat, n large quantity of fine anil roane groin nnd ?ome SO or sixty barrel* of flour. In 1 lurance ol $1,000 on the mill alone.--/)rfroit Jlilr. Hartford. J [Oorreapondence ol the Herald ] Hartford, Mi?y 28, 1844. Will you give publicity to the following for the ; benefit of Civil Engineers! The whole wf the dock necessary lor the completion of the Nortlt iinpton and Springfield Hail Road is subscnbet for, and duo. Child*, Esq., is to he the Chief En r <ineer. The corps of Engineers is not yet organ- ^ I7.ed. y.NH),(NH) are subscribed for the Vt imont umJ Massachusetts Hail Konrl, and it will prohitbly be commeneed in the lull A petition for a charter i for a It all nyl.-Olf*..-.. ~ **....1..- . before the Legislature?distance twelve miles? c Also, for h Rail Road from New Haven to New J York?route not determined. The Northampton 1 road will probably be continued to Greenfield, some 11 fifteen or twenty milea up the river. The Hartford and New Haven extension is about fwo-thirdr completed. Rail Road. > Jp. I. Utmqr KoIImi. The Literary Remains or the late Willis Gaylokx* Clark?(Ollapodiana, dec.,)?Burgess, Stringer Ac Co., Broadway.?The third No. is now before us; it is us pleasing and us various as any ot the previous numbers. This writer, it may be truly said, approached nearer to what one of the poeusaid of a predecessor, than any other writer of the present day; he is "From grave to gay, from lively to severe." No person pretending at all to a literary taste should be without this work. ljife in the new World, bv Seattheia?Winchester, Ann street.?The sixth number of tin? much sought for and enlivening work appears to k?ep up the interest excited by the previous numbers. The conteuts of the present number may not tie found of so lively a nature as some of the previous, but quite as graphic. The udvsnture on the Rayou Chicot is most lively, interesting and faithful, and the best description of a prairie tire we have met with for sometime. Tue commencement of the fifth part is contained in ttiis number, which intioduces auewtale,?"The Squatter Chief, or the First American in Texas," and promises to be equally interesting as any of the previous. Neal's History of the Puritans, (Part V.) Harper Brothers.?This part brings the history ol the Puritans up to the Protectorate, 1653-4 ; a period of great interest to the Presbyterians. It is embellished with a pretty good plate of the old -launch nonconformist, Thos. Goodwin, D. L) There are few works got up in a better style than this} it evidences great pains on the part of the publishers. Many others in this city might copy Harper Brothers with advantage in the style ol getting up-their works, and quality of paper they tr*? nrinfpH Dnun Tim Illustrated Shakspeare, (No 8)?Hew-t, Broadway ?This is certainly one of the best -xecuted productions in the States, and quite equal to anything of the sort in the Old Country, The present number contains the conclusion of Macbeth, with the local illustrations, which are hs -leautifui as any of the previous. Macauley's Critical and Miscellaneous Fs-aYs, (vol. V.)?Carey Sc Hart, Philadelphia.? 1'his, without exception, ij one of the worst got up works in ihe States, both in printing and paper; the latter of such an inferior descriptisn that our smallest store proprietors w ould be ashamed towrnptheir little articles of groceries in. When people look to quantity for money they are alao tiot unmindful o! quality. There are some of Macauley's best papers in the present velunie, but it is really got up so badly, that but few respectable persons would like to have it in their libraries. It is certain that an improvement in these matters would tend to the benefit of all parties concerned. Court Caien(far. Circuit Court, Tuesday, 4h June.?No*. 01, 48, 43, ii, 33, 16, 16. SB, 14,34. 371, 30. 30. 0. Common Pleas, Tuesday.? Nor. B, 67, 63, 00, 3, 0, 10, 34, 3B, 35, 30, 37, 40, 3, 19, 33, 37, 39. Amusements, Comical Tragedy.?Such an exhibition of fun as will be witnessed at the Chatham, has never yet been seen on this side of the suhlumary ball. Tragedy is turned to comedv, or, at least, comedians are doomed to ict in tragic characters. YanJieu Hill to-nignt enacts Richard III , in which he is sustained by all the company little and great. Wont there be a rush I He also appears in the " Green Mountain Boy," his best character. Mr Carpenter, for the first time, dances with Miss Gannon A new farce concludes the bill. (^Capital bill to-dav at the American Museum. The Orpheana, Great Western, Nellis, Cerito ant) itherr, are re engaged, and the manager hopes to give hi' friends a feast of fat things. Performances at 3^ aud S. P. M Giant and Giantess to be seen at all hours. The promenade garden is well stored with refreshments ; and upon the whole, the Museum is a delightful place. The Gipsey Queen may be consulted ut all hours. The intelligence from Europe yesterday by the Caledonia, scarcely excites more astonishment ban the tremendous attractions presented at the New York Museum, tor the sum of one shilling A Giant Boy Ifi years old, seven feet high, a Giant Girl 14 years old, weighs 403 pounds, a Giantess, the tallest in Hxistence, and a Dwarf, three inches shorter than Tom rhumb ? in addition to which Winchell, and eight other performers appear Trio manager has also engaged Man Haider, the best European Dancer in America. The Wonderful Orphan Family, or Prnvyhtg Minstrels, are ncored every night, and prove more attractive than ever Ptie splendid Painting of the Conflagration of the Churches in Philadelphia, are to he seen all for one shilling. Painting*. The administratrix, desirous to close tho concerns o( her latehusband, Michael raff, offers for sale three original paintings. 1st, the celebrated Qitein Esther, suppli eating King Ahasuerus, by Vandtek. This painting is so well known that a description of Its merits would be futile. It was considered by its late possessor his best.? That Europe can |>ossess a cabinet painting ol more ex quieite merit than this, is doubtful?certainly net more io teresting?presenting as it docs, portraits of most eminent persons connected with the state and the arts.? \mongst them is seen Van Dyke, Rubens, Titian, Paul Veronese, Rembrandt, Kir Thomas Moore, the two Miss Wartons, as train bearers, and others. 3d, The Descent Ironi theCHOss, by Rembrandt. This minting requires no comment. Suffice it to say, that it is one of those which in Europe would certainly realise a considerable price. 3d, The Holy Family, by CoanKomo. This is one of the finest productions of this great master, l'ne depth, tone and transparency of chiaro scura is unequalled in this country. The above gems can be seen at the dwelling 01 the administratrix, directly opposite the Greenwich Bank, Hudson street. They will be disposed of ou rea unable terms. 3eod 0T7-HURRAHFORTEXAS! 8EATSFIELT) AGAIN: On I'uesday next, will be published at the New World Office, 30 Ann St., Part I ?Price 10} cents of the " Cabin Yulhorof ' Lite in the New World," "North and South,' kc. Boys do you h?Br that ? Here ia the greatest book you ever rend?lull of the atmngeat adventures, the wildst feats of dare deviliim, and the most spirited description.* ol character, such as are to lie loom! in no country undei heaven except in the " hone Star'' Republic It beats the Dutch nil hollow?o peciully the graphic account of the tattles and skirmishes of the Texuu War of lnde|iendencr, -in which figure all the well known characters ot the United States and Texas. It's a tall hook ! Terms?To he completed in three No's, at 13| cents each Come on 'toys?order early. J. WINCHESTER, Publisher. Or?-SPRINO MEDICINE.-Comstock's Sarsnpartlls rom *31 t.ourtlandt street, for the removal and permanent tire of ull diseases urtsing from ait impure s'.ute ol the dood or habit ol the system. 60 cents per bottle, and fid ,ter dozen. Otjh-.MR. EDITOR,?In yestwday's Sun, published by Jench, is n statement that my house was searched and tolen property found therein. I have directed my attur. ney to commence a suit against the editor ot that paper, ind will prove, by the records ol the police, that the article alluded to if a base libel Yours, fee. LOUIS BERIE, 9J Dover street, (W- THERE IS 8 TILL SOMETHING IN THIS world gloiio'is and beautiful! (There are the green fields, bright skies, and the irietids we love! Sorrows, cares, and the usual troubles ot life may come, do come, and will -ome sfdl - there's unmetlunir thai we live fir un,l w.inl.l hate to die and not see , lor instance. say we ate a youiie nan?we were courted by all. and nil by one ! uur'ahapt uid make" is faullU ss Well, we have caught small |>ox ir tome dreadtul fever ; we rise from the aick bed?oui good form still the same ; but alas ! we find the dear one whohai loved us so well -who has attended ws in sickness even to her we are repulsive The Irienda who felt proud of us, shrink?why I the fever haa altered us-the >nce healthy face, so clear, so bright, is now "yellow as a (uinea," covered with fever spots, and not quite free from eruptions ; there's our once beautiful hair?gone- literal I y burned off hy the lever, rusty, half led, and dty ; and .ill aee.m to say with "Pnix," We cannot love a being well, With beauty thus defaced, When but for 6<l cents in cuah, All. all. might he erased. We feel hall inclined to copy these two advertisements from our columns : A Mis ici To cure eruptions and beautify or clear iscolored skin. A valuable discovery in chemistry hni been made lately by M. Vesprinl, an Italian chemist, for Miring all eruptions, and for changing the color of dark yellow, or discolored skin, to a tine juvenile and youthful , 'learnMf. He has madn this in the convenient form of a leautiliil piece of soap, for any old cases of eruption, such is scurvy, salt rheum, erysipelas, and it is calle 1 Jones' Italian Chemical Soap, and it cures wonderfully ; also, rrrkles, tan, sunburn, morphew, pimples, blotches Ac. in met, n? womicnm power* are such that it actually -.hanges ilark, yellow, sunburnt, or, to a I ine healthy clearnwa. i Or?- A KINK HEAD OK DARK CLEAN HAIR TO | one hnd f?r 374 cent* This (net hundred* in tlie city an prove who have used a 37jrpn?* hottleof Jones' Coral 1 'air Restorative. It lorce* the hair to grow, stops its i ailing oil', enrol the scurf or dandruff, makes the hair | icautilully dark, aolt and silky, and keep* it no thrice as onf as any other preparation These article* nre ?old thus ' ea*onahle, Inr rich or poor, at the sign of flie American 1 'agio, 84Chatham ?tre?t, or3 3 Broadway, N. Y., or 13P i 'uTton utteet, Brooklyn. , The public must he on their guard, and liny nowhere l?e tint at the above a ldressea Beware ot ?pnrlou? imlat ion* o( tbi* celehta'ed artiele, of the most dole i erinti* character, containing mineral astringent" utterly t ninous to the complexion, and by their repeliant action indangering health. f ?Xf- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED-Th? ' ronic Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine anc harmaCT of tho city of New York, i" confidently re ommendod for all case* of debility produced by secret In nlCQXM or AXCO0P of any kind, it w an invaluable r??me f y lor impotenee, sterility, or barrenneM (onlea* depen.1 H agon mid-formation.) Single tiottln* $1 each ; caeee of half a dozen care ally packed and sent to all part* of the Union Otlieeoi the College of Medicine and I'harmacy. 66 .< lussau at reel. W A. RICHARDSON, M. D., Agent. OQh A LONG STORY MADE SHORT FOR MEM of aanse?fools better not read it. WiiSnawhitwacu how by the newspapers, by druggists throughout th* couxtry. and by host of ethers:? let That Dailoy's Magical Paia Extractor aever hnd existence by any such name until we, alone and uuaided, ma le it anil took out a copyright tor it. 3d. That we expended between seven and ten thousand doUurs (as proved on oath, in open court, by disiuterested witnesses) in getting It up, advertising and disseminating 3d. Wo employ edona Dalley to mix it for us, but absolutely dressed up every box of it, uatil it btgau to yiejd us a small remuneration for our enterprise, labor and expenses, when Dalley refused to snake it longer for us, and breaking through every tie of honor and justice, began tu make tor others. 4Ui. We then employed Connal to mix the ingredients, and called it Hound's Magical PAn Extractor, and though having the full power te use Dalley'a name, grant*.] to us by him irrevocably lor twenty years, w# refused to eatploy it in preference to ConaeVs. Ail persona who know on) thing worth naming, know that the commercial vnluv to such an article belongs to tha persona staking a refutation and inarkt.t frr it by advertising, lie. and that tha beat recipe in tha world ia valueless unleaa brought forward to the public, aa wo hare done thia, at nearly ten thouaand dollar* ggpense 6th We know, and other* may know it they will take the trouble to examine Nets. that Dalley aavur waa the inventor of the Magical Pain Extractor. Wa cringe to uo man and fawn for no euatoai. Thoio whme in.'ereat it U to deal with u* we are glad to accommodate ; thoie who choote to go elsewhere are quit* welcoma to do *n ; we want nona of their cu?tom. We liko to deal with men who have some two idea* io their heads, and a share of common honesty. Wo sell tha true and genuine Pain Extiactor Salve from two to ten times c hi ape r than formerly, or take no nay for it utile** it doea all we lay of it. COVISTOCK 4 CO., il Courtlandt street. <W- VELPEAU'8 SPECIFIC PILLS FOR THE CCUE jf Gonorrhoea, (ileet, and all mocupuntlent discharges rotn the urathra. Those pills, preparod by the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established lortho uppresaiou of quackery, may be iou.i-1 on a* the most iiieedy ami effectual remadv tor the above complaint* fhey aru guaranteed to cure recent cases in from three olive day*, and posses* a greater power over obstinate lischarges and chrouic gleet, than any other prepare ion st present known, removing the disease without ao'ittne fi.-m from business, tainting the breath or disagreeing vith the stomueli Price $1 per bo* Hold at the Otlice of tha College ot Pharmacy and MciicilK-,86 Nassau street. W. S. RICHARDSON, M. D. Agent ft7-DR. SHERMAN MANUFACTURES LOZF.Ngus that radically cure almost every disease that lleth u ueir to, from woi ms in children tip to coii?unip:ioii in idults. They have new been before the public lor more <han Ave years, have been tested in millions of cases, and -t is not departing from the truth to say, that they have given hatter satisfaction than any remedies which have ever been offered to the world. But, like all valuable remedies. they have been abused, and unprincipled persons have endeavored to counterfeit them, and palm iham off ii|ion the community for tha gauuine. Be particular in IIII{UI, Dig (III IT. .TIllirUlHIl S VYUIII1 l/OUI^U, or i Lozenge* and he sure vou gat the genuine. Dr Sherman'* warehouse in 106 Namau street. Agent* 127 Hudson, lbB Bowery, 77 Ea?t Broadway, 8? William street, and 139 Fulton *treet, Brooklyn. Ofr UICORU'8 PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIX TuRK?For the cure of primary or secondary Syphilis, end all affection* produced by en injudicious use of incr cury. The groat advantage* possessed l>y this powerful (Iterative over all other preparation* for the cure of Syphilis, is, that while curing the disease it improres the constitution, whilst mercury generally lenve a muck worse disease than the one it is administered for. The beat recommendation we can give of it ia, that it is now extensively proHCiibed by the medical faculty, who tornerly considered tnurcury the only cure tor those complaints. Sold, in single bottles, (i 1 each ; in cicisa of half jozen, $6, carefully packed, und sent to all parts of the Anion. Off.ce of the Collage of Mmlioine and Pharmacy, 9A Nassau street. W. 8. RICHARDSON. M D., Agent. Q&- OOURAUD'S ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP Lndie* ! here's a soap delicious, Free from every thing pernicious? Prepaied from Galen's choicest sis*plea? Expressly to remove all*f And ndd fresh charms to vour dimnles. I Used Ireely it will sunburns bAiiistl? Use freely, end all freckles vanish. Brunette, would yoti be lair 7 oh listen ! Use freely, end your sltia will glisten, E'en as the Paiian marble shines When freshly quarried from the mines ! Beware or Counterfeits.?This incomparable Soap can oaly be ohisined genuine at Dr E?lix Oouraud's Cosmetic Depot, #7 Walkeret, 1st store FROM Broadway. The celebrity which this raally beautiful medioatod preparation has attained, has excited the cnpility of unprincipled and illiterata charlatans, who are endeavoring to foist s base counterfeit on tha pnhlic, which resembles Or G.'s Soap in nothing but the name?hence he necessity for this caution. t(}- PRIVATE MEDIC.AX AID.?Tha members ?f the New York College of Mailicice and Pharmacy , >_-i . ."turning the public thanks lor thr liberal support they iav? received in their efforts to " suppress quackery," teg leave to statu that their particular attention continu-s he directed to all diseases ot a private nature, ai.d from the great improvements Ut.ely mads in the principal hospitals of Europe in the tnhtBMBt of those diseases thav 'tin confidently offer to peraons requiring medical aid a U vantageu not to be mot with ui any institution ks Mitt country, either public or private. Tarn tnKtnssMt ol tlis CoQsgt issue.1 us to intatewmdetm ri aWMNP*ana ui ' ,totally'liiierent fom tlial oarcirxju* practtcs of i-uuui.^ the constitution with icorctiry, an 1 iiaNttsM !sa?ic,j a disease much worse than the original. One of the m?r.bcrj of the College ,for many years connected wrti Uia principal hospitals of Europe, athaad* daily for a ocasniUtiou lrom P A.M. ho 8 P.M Terms? Advice and madirina, hi A cure guaranteed. Irtyo*t*ot to Couwthv Invalids.?Parsons living in the country ard not hndinx it convenient to sttan ! m tOaaliy, can have forwarded le these a cheat containing ill medicine* requisite to perlorm perfect cure by staumr their case explicitly, together with ell symptoms, time M contraction and treatment received elsewhere. it any nd enclosing $6, post mud. addressed to W. 8. RICHARDSON, M. D., Agent. OMco and Coo* oiling rooms of the College, Oft Ntwnen treat QQ^FIFTH WARD.?At a meeting of the Ward Committee of the Fifth Ward, held at tha Marion Haute on the first <lav of June, If-U, it nai unanimously Resolved, That STtrnrtt Kri n, of said Ward, In the opinion of said committee, he recommended to the Common Council as a gentleman oho has rendered much service for the American Republican patty. and as having strong claims upon the paity for any office in their gilt, tor which they deem hirn competent. It was further resolved, that Mr. lteed is deemed a gentleman of good character, and eatitely Uwttwoitby, ai.d has received a classical and legal education Resolved, That these resolutions he signed by the officers of this committee and be transmitted to tha Conimca Council. THOH. P. TKALE, Chairman executive Committee 6th Ward. Samuii. C. Jollik, Pec. pro teni. tk7- the concentrated kxtract or bar . AAPARIL.LA, GENTIAN AND AAR8AKR AS . prepared iy the New York College el Medicine end Pharmacy. taahlished for the (uppres don of quackery. This refined ind highly concentrated extract, pnmwsirg it)I the purl, ying iiualitie* and curative power* ef the ulmve lierh*, * confidently recommended by the ?:oll?g?, m infinitely ni>erior to nuy extract ol Hars?paril!a lit pruxeiit tieforo he public, end maybe relied on an a certain lor ill disease* arising trom an impure it ate of the blood, iich an scrofula, talt-rhctnn, ringworm, blotche* or pitnides, njcur*. pain in the bone* or joint*, under, cutaneoua ruptioim, tilceruited wire throat, or any disease arising rom the aecondnry effect* of ayphili* or an injudicious me oi iiieicury. Bold in tingle Bottle*, at 7A rant* each " in Caaea of hulf-u-d<uen Bottle*, $3 M " " one dozan " fl 00 Cases forwarded to all part* of the Unioi N. B.~A very liberal discount to wholuaale purchasers. Office of the College, 9f> Nassau street W 8. richardson, m. d., Agent svs. nr 11/vl-qc rtj vi?... r?ii l,,, ? pen ted I y cured d?afnn*< when all other articles failed. Che aticreaa that has followed it* u*e ku* gained for l' a reputation never heforti equalled Although other artI'lelea hiivn In en advertised, yet the public are not satiated, and tho deal are not suie of heini; cured unlet' they get the genuine Acouitic Oil, only hem 21 Leuitlan it street. (H?- WE REFER OUR READF.R9 TO DR. FELIX tloura'id's preparation* fur uprooting the bair. II* call* it " Poudre stubtlo," and there i* 110 mistake about tho fact that it utterly deatroya the root* of hair andlrnvii he place where they have been, not only frer lion* deformity, hut ntmve the auupicion that it had ever existed. To gentleman whoae whisker* grow all over their facet, his is 11 great diarovery ; and to iadiea who are prone to the indication* of muat.iciioia, (a* many are,) a lwtx ol Dr. (J.'a powder would he worth more than it* weight in g Id. At 07 Walker it. lit ?tore fioai Broadway.?N. T. Sunday Time* Q&' OOITRAUD'S BLAVC D'ESPAGNE OR SPAN* ish White, lor the complexion, ia bn??ly counterfeited Buy no where tdse hut at the original store, 87 Walker it. drat itore FROM Broadway. 24 cent*. MONEY MARKET. Sunday, Jane i?6 p. M. Djr our privme ovci IIUU mvwsvm nt IT UI? put in possession of our despatches thii morning at an sarly hour, from the stwimship Caledonia from Liverjiocd. I'he intelligence by thi? arrival is up to the 30th of May, uclusiva, and i* of the moat Important nature in a comneroial and flnanrial point of view. The explosions the cotton market will create a corresponding colapae here. A decline has been anticipated, hut lot to the extent realiied. The money markets if Europe still continued in a very easy state, and the ate of interest remained without much alteration. There v?* less doing in securities thou formerly. The last rooms of the hanks of Great show a great, increase n thecireulation and a diminished amount of bullion in ho Bank of England. Banks ok ontit Britain. England /V* :i March t. MrrA 1ft. Apt '1 Isnk of England, ?tl,82'l,MO 2l,i7l <W? an.81" WO 2,8 9 000 'rival" Bulks, 1.980,138 i 9''t,7ii9 S98i6l? j1< 5 0 oiniS ncA Hanks- '3,418,433 3.427.109 ?,?2 301 1,731 >7 Scotland H'nek Bmiiu, 3.790,403 2,081,101 1,618,713 3,714.(37 relnnd link of lirUrd, ) rimtc anil Joint--6,001,MS > 1.(110,000 3,471 100 |,6?J,9I5 toek Buika, J 3.431,t?8 2,434.072 3 377,440 Totol c 19,(S3,739 38.61.',507 37,853,003 39 585,114 Inllion in Bonk of fcngUu<l, *14,480.080 18,811,000 16,133,000 11,844,008

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