Newspaper of The New York Herald, 3 Haziran 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 3 Haziran 1844 Page 3
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I Thi* thowa an increase la the circulation of the Bank of England, fine* Uie return for March 30th, of ?090,000 ; in that of the private Bank* of England and Walee, ?311,. y> >; that of the Joint Stock Bank* of England and Walee, Xl'j? joa ; that of all the Bank* in Scotland, ?103,914 ; that of the Bank of I:eland, ? i2,82A ; that of all the othei Banks in In land being ad*crou?e of ?8(5,810. The total increase in the circulation* for the month amount* to ?i 631,211, while tne decrease in tho bullion reaches ?178,000. The only roaaon that can be given for thi* increase In the circulation i*, the payment of the dividend*, and an increased activity of trade in the (Province*. The moil important feature in the last return i* the decrease that ha* taken place in the amount of bullion in the Bank of England. The bullion in the Bank ha* been gradually increasing, since October, 1830, at which time the amount wa* reduced to ?2,815,000. From thi* eum, the amount lnt* rcachwd ?16,32.1,WW). The turn in the current with the bullion of the Bank, ie canted, undoubtedly, more by the re*ult of etock speculations, than by any balance of trade against the country. Exchange ha*, within a short parted, been in favor of Holland, Hamburg, and Paris,and spacle ho* probably been required to regulate tho difference. The English papers are filled with remark* in relation to the changes proposed by the Ministry in the banking systi m ot the kingdom of Oreut Urituin. The plan piopoied meet! fee wishes ot the government ol the Bank of England, hut the organ* ol the private and joint stock banks, ?re loud in their denunciations of the contemplate] system. The Bank of England is to retuin its pre sent privileges, but there Is to bo a complete separation Ixtween its (wo drpai tmeufa, of issue and banking, which aru io bo managed by different officers. The two departments are to be as distinct as possible. The issue department to be under certain restrictions, and the isaues to be based on public securities, while tho banking department is to be unrestrained. The issue* ol the bunk to be limited to A'M 000.000, of which ?11,001) 000 is to be secured by the debt owing to it by the government, and the remaining ?3 0011 000 by Exchequer bill* and other 0 vernment securities. By the consent of three membars ol thtfgo vera mailt, the bank ran extend its issues beyond ?14 0<><> 000 j but all profits on tha increased issue ; goes to the State. The new charter is to run for twentyone years, with libeity at the end of ten for Parliament to interfere on giving notice. At the close of a speech, proposing this system, Sir Robert Peel intiodneed tho annexed resolutions :? "1. That it is expedient to continue to the Bank of England fir* time to be limited, cei tain of the privilege* now by I iw vested iti that corporation, subject to such Condi; ions is may be provided by any act to he passad for that j pu rinse. 2 That it is etn dient to provide by law that the Bank ! 01 England should henceforth be divided into two separate I departments - one exclusively confined to the issue and , circulation of notes?the other to the conduct of banking j lw.U? '3. That it is r-xpedien' to limit the amount of securitii-a upon wt Irh it shall heneefotth lie lawful for the Bank ol England to issue promissory notes pay able to hearer on ilem and, unit that such amount shall only he increased uuder certain conditions to be prescribed by law. "4. That it is expedient to provide by law that a weekIt publication should be ma in by the Bank of England, of the state both of the circulation and of the banking departments That it is expedient to repeal the law which subjects the notes of tho Bank of England to the payment of the composition for stump duty. ' 0 That in consideration of the privileges to be continued to theBinkof England, the rate of fixed annual payment to be made by the Bank to the public dial! jt'lft) ttOO per annum, and shall be defrayed by <lt the said snm irorn the slim t by law payable to the. Bank lor the management of ub'.lc debt "7. That in the e vent of increase of the securities upon which it shall be law lor the Bank ol England to issue such promissory note -afore iid, a further annual pavinent shall be made by the Bank of England to the pub'ic, over and above the said fixed payment ol ?180,< eipiut in amount to the nett profit derived from he tmsaorv notes issued on such additional securith "S. That it is expedient to prohibit by law tb in ol 1 promissory notes payable to bearer on demon Dank not now- issuing such notes, or by any bank tertotie established in any part of the United King'9 That it is expedient to provide by law that *u banks in V'.nglaud and Wales as now issue promissc notes payable to bearer on demand, shall continue to issue sncli notes, subject to such conditions and to such limi'ations as to the amount of issue as may be provided for by nny act to be passed for that purpose. ' Hi That it ia expedient t? provide bylaw for the weekly publication of the aanount of promissory notes payable to be.irer on demand, circulated by any hank authorised to issue such notes. "11 That if inexpedient to make further provision by law v. i'h regnnl to joint stock banking companies " The separation proposed between the department of issues and that of general hanking, strikes us as being of the greatest importance. It will undoubtedly create a great.-r regularity in the amount issued, than could exist wliuic the same party and power governed the issues by th' dt maud, caused by general banking operations. Those Who hold the privilege of loaning money, should never he invested with th? power to create it. The extent of the fir t woul l ho invariably governed by the amount put out of the other and a repeated abuse of this power would prodiKioihegreatestexpansions,speculations and contractions The new system iutioduced in relation to hanking inUreat Britain, will also novo another very great advantage, and that is, the increased security guaranteed to the hill bolder. The issues being based on public stocks, cannot ho otherwise than safe. The public will be sure that the issues are governed by known laws, instead ol being sub jact to the fluctuations of trade and commerce, or to tho caprice of a few bank directors who wish to advance or depress prices as may best suit their interests. Tho most important lecture in the new system ef banking, is that relating to the issue of paper money as wholesome restrictions placed upon that' epartrueat, influence all others uml ensures the greatest regularity of movement. The issues of the joint stock end private hanks cannot, under the new system, exceed tho average of the last two years; tbic cwfines them to ? sale limit and prevents any great variation from the present amount issued. The banks of issue are n:>i n ne mcrca .en, consequently it gictircs to the exuding hanks nearly the present amount of issues lor the next ten years. The Bank of England's present circulation is about seven millions pounds sterling more than thit allowed under the proposed plan, hut the difference in tliu total circulation of tbo kingdom will not he reduced this a nount, as the average amount of other hanks of issue will amount to a little more th m their present expansion. The circulation of all the hunks will he reluced about ?.'?,000,0t)0 from the present amount, which, by the last returns, rraohe I ?39,6113,104; this will bring the total down to about ?34 000 HO' This amount cannot he increased, on the part ol the Bank of England, without obtaining the consent of thieo members of the government as above stated, or on the ]> irt of the joint stock and private banks, without selling government stocks and ga ting Bank'of England notes. By the adoption of these wise provisions and the publication of weekly returns, the public are kept couslan'ly informed of tlie position oi the hauks and the oxte.ut of the ciiculation, knowing that whatever amount that rt aches it is secure, and also knowing that it cannot go beyond a certain limit. Notwithstanding the many advantages guaranteed to the joint stock and private banks by the proposed system, these institutions have passed ranilutions condemning the measures proposed in the at'.ongest terms. The principle of regulating the curre icy by the stock of builion in the Bank ol Kng ol..,>. I it ?.iin ti> uiKii-h lp.> !?;?? ,ltA? -n.l n - -- ? - ?? I""?-? bank* hive always been opposed. They have heretofore ft.!t gillei by the connection that has existed between tlu* in and the Bank of England, and made gn at e.ifirti during the agitation of the hank question to di?so've evciy link binding them to each other. They have succeeded in a great meiisure. All banking companies wiil l>e i qunl in the eye of the law, and the new system will probably 1 'ad to u more frieudi) intercourse between all this establishment*. All the difficulties that have existed h.tsvecn the Bank of England and the joint stock hanks have been caused by mistaken prejudice* in relation to the currency. The joint stock hanks were not allowed to accept bills lrom the fear that the privilege might he abused so as to u fleet the currency. The Hunk ol England would not discount bill* endorsed by the joint stock banka, lest they might be used to inflate the currency and destroy their controlling influence These difficulties have nil been removed, and stfil the joint stock nn 1 private banks opposed the very bill relieving thein from their former disagreeable position. They do not like the restrictions placed upon their issues, hence the seeiet of their opposition. We look upon the prov.sion* o! the new bill its being more favorable to the joint stork nil 1 private hunks than to the Bank ot England. The circulation of the former is not reduced, while that of the inner ii. i ne relation* that have heretofore existed he tween the Bank of England and the joint stock und pri ate bank* of Great Britain, were precisely similar to those that existed between the United States Dank and the state banks, each atriving to destroy the other, each jeelouiof the other'* rights end privileges. The contest going on between the hanks of Great Britain and the pioluble lesult of the movt ment* made in Parliament levo liitinni'/iiig the banking system of the kingdom, ore of the l>i a test imparlance ti? this country, as the currency ol England Indirectly exert* n wonderlul influence on the puc * of our staple exports to that country and on our flnauoii l moxemanU at home. The stock market during the past week has experienced the fluctuations that hare characterised previous ones. Prices hsva been mora unsettled than usual, and the cloning quotations do not exhibit any very great advance Paicci or Ptocx! is thk Niw Voaa Set. >/??. 7W VTtd. Thur,. Fndy. Bui L. Ulaad, IX Uii ?J? ? ? ? ? Woh.wk - 70 78 - - 78* 77* H?r!?tr, Hi* ?7X '* *i l4H Ps-rsca, VI I* ?:* ?7* "H ? Csulon, 67 67 67 X 67 MX 6<X 61* Farm I nan 85X 12 07 J'* 4?S 9? JJ VirfcWor t?M 71 70 69* D4 61, 72 Ohiol *. 10, X 10* 10J* 1W* 1' 2 1W 117\ llnuwia _ S3 SS ijx 152* 4lX 12 Indians, tlX 80X 7* 77X <6 86S 4t X Knit'y I'a 1#?X 1 lojl >? >?? '?* mix Peun'a !' , 10 T>\ # 79 79* 7? 79* The cloning prices for most of the fancies were at an advance on previous rates. State stock* continue remarkably steady amidst all the speculations going on in other descriptions. Operators are very couhdent that Long Island and Harlem will go to par. The excitement in regard to stock speculations still rages, and wo should not be aetonished to seo as great an advanoe in pricea ns has already taken place. Stale of Trade. Ashes.?Pots still continue very dull at $4 24a $4 31, and Pearls at $4 62} a 4 6d|. Beeswax ?Prime northern and southern yellow sell at 30c as marked for export. Bhkadsierrs ?Our market ia not very active. Oenesee is now quoted at Chicago wheat has been sold at f.| H) otitis 07c oats 30 a 33. Northern torn I 40 a AO. Southern 4ri a 46}. Hav ?Common qualities Nerth River balo sell at 33 a | 3dC. Prime ii held at 40c. Whiskey ?Drudge casks are very inactive at 23c ? Prison barrel* are very little enquired alter. We quote 23}c. w?iv*?uviv v u 11 ir jinrHri! The offerings of Beef Cattle at the Scale* on Monday were, very small, embracing only 61 heed of which 36 ' were sold at prices ranging from $2 76 to $3 26 per loo lb?. on the hoof. Towards the middle of the week they came ill morn freely, and on Thursday 260 head were offered and 19-1 sold Some of the sales w re ns low aa $2. and others as high as $3 25 per 100 lbs. on the hoof but tli" general range was Irom $2 00 to $3 as in quality, whieh is eiilial to $6 a$6 76 net There are now '6 bead ill to r let untold. Sales of live Mnga have liren made thw week ,r $425? $4 Wat in quality The mark u irjiWi" i i not large, anil the demand it confined to ?m I lots Vied, On Saturdfy morning, of consnmi.'jou u?, wife of Wm. Orahnm. Senr.. in the 61 nt j ear of he- i e The riendt and acqnaintaVicea of i .. ( mm , I *lo>te of her sons ,/<?hn, Thomas, and W in m (> i m r? .-?? pectfullv invited to attend the fum-nt' front tier li'.u residence, 46 ilester street, this (Mon,l ,i) ifternooti, at 3 o'clock. N B.?The ahovo vat postponed from SundBy. Passengers Arrived. London?Ship Qmb c?t<-v Saml Mm n;ns.s, (lady, and J children M'ssmiinrv from Madrass; Oapi Thos Dennis and lad , M?*t?r Dennis, of St Louis; I)>nl dnslev, ofSt John, VD; M'? Hibbert -ud Mrs Lit h'nheta of NYork; Mrs Leigh and rt.tighter of Norths-, p un, M<ss; R M Wnde.enil lady Mr 11 W?de Mrs ' niten ?nd c^i'il, Mr (Jill, Mr Smith,Miss t'herji ini. Mrs Mve-s a-d daughter and J Vernsll, of r.nirlsnd; Mr ?issi Mr Phillips me 'mnily, of auabi: Mr and Mrs Sloiti' mrr, of h' , Mr Ryder and lady, of London, and 40 in the ste-r gs. HsMBi'nn?Ship htrphins?Msdsm I) en lie H Pelerinkrl, C H Hpenr- r, H Sa mi, J S*lii g ? S! Sale gie. 67 in h- steerage. n.i ? * i n??r,? -j- > si > " - ...... <r?riuMuii-j riougr, r nnuer>on, r t?peraitte, G Fairer. St. Mams?Brig J D Novas?Mr Thmnps n. ladv mid vn. Mr Bcrty, adv and ctii'd; Mr Combs, Crp Gairrey MrOiirrry, Mr? M Vlelftt, chill and srrv.uit, Mr ftuney, Mr Patt> ru n ladv *?d ch Id London?Br Ship Emp-uel?M'J VV ' auhar, ladv and hve chi'dr u; Mils .itlen, Mrs Conacher and tive children? 69 in tl'etaite New Ohlka.vs?Shin Saratoga?Mr" Green, "rvant, and Mr children; Vr ? d Mrs R S Tui ker, i child en andservants; M. | a"d Mr? 'I P Waters; and Messrs Henly and H yen, and 24 i i the area | Nrv ii;i.r.ANS?Ship St Man?Mr lleynolda, ladv and Hill, 1 children a?d tars nr, Miss Hill. Mrs Hit i. ,t. 11 11 nud tervant, Mra recv'i.chihi ami aeiv.-nt; VLs ( i:i, mmtua l.eut-f rha Col*snbiac army, I , i iMin ">. N Dclapli i and se-vmt and 45 i < the at* rage ' hi.' h on ? Hiie h inily?Vr?a ItabelU N Brock, Mian 1 la kCTat nd IidF Ha and h'dy, Mr* Rover-. M , Wi s n ana rh Id. M-ssrsJ Rosa, I K Whipple, Dr J III, K () We ch, C.ipt K Rilele t, Master K West, and SO i U ,:eerage Sr. Johns, P II ? ?chr Gocsul?J De Picdnlls caiioknas?Brig O taws?Seuor Din O iillermo Mason Y si ( i <>sa,ol New York;Dnnria Marie Isa'iel Vinson, Honda Lug -de I. Masou, Kurtee .4 Mason. T Roberta, of New Hatnpahire; M ain Theodore Dodd, Mrs McNear, Cap'ain'o lady l.iranrooL -?tean?h'p C?(-d mia, at Boston? I'o Hrlif.x? VrLei iu, lady aud I'aughte , Capt Beresford and servant M r b reer, Lieutenant Pollen, t,pretend Janies'i Shaw, ary Surgeon PeiCiTall?9?For Boaton?Prince d" I (tree ttvndfnts. Baron V OS PoDtv, Lieut 1 ol onnt F de MonlraTtl, Viscount Se uvier Oapi <ud servant, Mr Bonrgois and servant, Col h Thorn vaut. CaptC T Harts g, Mr and Mrs I'atter on, c ild a uittse. Mr end Mrs Cromwell, Mr and Mr? Marshall, Mr. . Irs and Miss Phirns, Mr, Mrs and Miss Vassas, Mtss Stirgis'AQnelton de rt George, M> sun Fletcher, Norris. John Gray, (left at HaliiaxJ J G Wilion, Henry Collins, llunreikoch. HW Ha ris.F Torravca, Ma-tland, (left nt Halifax.) K Srane, Conrad. J I) W Honk. W H Droiiey and friend, H (.astro arl Kniim, J Goodgll John Carter T W Hill. (I It ?t Halfnx.) A Grahtm, Thompson, Perrev. Gunning, L Boyer, Geo Harwnod, Hilloni. Bahut Dnm*ris, Macintosh. C Kr.tge. McCall, K ilog and Rich rd G'rsed?61?Frotn Halifax to Hotton?Hon J L St rr. Her O Churchill, two ladies and fhtee children, Measri T Arttiaon and W H Prcnlics?9. Totsl 82. PtUMngart Sailed Litxrpooi.?Steam ship Briiauma, from Boston?Allan Pollock and three naught rs, Jas ' dmond and l-de, Charles II Pranody. W V Hocomh, A O Bigelow, W D Ticknor, W Lai'd aud J G Dorr, of Boston; John Dixon Jr, of WCtw, 11 .?9: R Nouthwick, of Lowell: ,?I red Hodman, N B'df re"; J P G?r* in, e UgUSti. Mr: VV W Calve.t \nrth i'V.'?.r...i I M I' Dei Cast Ho. A Leon, K Dubois, J Sim|?nn. J Marrme L - L*?v. J Taylor, Mrs Toll ck end ton. New York; J P Smith and ledy, Mn? < aroli-e K Smith, Cnu*tAH trtiill- n nod K i elson.of Philadel his; B Bayer. Baltimore; A Bltk?, 5 aroliua; J Christie, Illiuots; W Laird, W L Truwit and E Benuriut. Mobile; VV pCerm-cliael, I1' iiminT Mei 1-v, A Boutin. 8 r, Moore. B Jorit. Wyley a"?l lady and 1 I D i?is and l.ily, New Orleans: VV O Key end ii Little. Natchez: Mej k Miott and W Wi'son and lady, Kingston, Canada, O Little, Detuaram; Maj Ktteeton, Monircnl; Patterson end Rowu'l, Torn to; Mrs J C k isher, Quebec J Schnbert, O rina: y; Dir.-*'*, Pari*; Orosaett, H vieutemps andait'rraud Mr Kmerie, nor** and child. France; A Caatillein, Liverpool; F W Newton, Mr Perry and 1 -dy, Entflatid?67. For Hal raz? L H Jacob*, Boiton; tl H.-.rrer and lady, Bugland?I. Total 71. Foreign lutporiatloM f .ondon?Hhir Quebec?800 bt? tin p'?t?* 119 slab* tin 29 ck* ziuc Phelps, Dodge St <o?23 pks J Th Curtis St eo?J84 Clark A MeCoonitt?408 A A Low?II J Kllison?66 H les'Uii?61 G 11 Morewood St t:o?2 E M O?'oe*??24 Oppet heiui A co?43 Hoadley. Phelps A co?13 Lel'kin, Ironnriea A Co?:-t O Vleyar A Bon?60 W Harriman?47Camming A Roach ?7 F S F ophell?'it a A K V? a 1 -r?12 Richardson A Cj?I J O Crossard?9 Bartlett A co?'3 Meyer A Sou?0 B >rlvr Br thera?3 Titer >n Ilockwe'l -1 D Hidden kR ?? S J E Rm th? 6 htnitli Aico?* B>?v?n A eo-8 L I ohen?73 H?t-cU A II mi til ?10 J A k.yans?69 F (I ron?5 '1 Mono?6 M l?rv A itioth-rs?110 J llorse>?6 II Cohtn?3 ' ho-t rAco? 4 M en Ac.) ?I Hidden St Son?3 Car* A <:n?2 i-i-sd A co?2 Y- u tg A c > ?4 k'nrrfc co?J K Ba'dwio?2 I W l'aou-1 Thorhttru A c ?9 hhda A Hits'?86 Halaey A co?3 G bion A co?4 8. er la v N'a*v?6 Beich Aca? I Low A c '-8 II L lloutli?I Mascot, Marko A co?I H G iflvt?I VV B Lone ?1 L Lota? I :ck ersf tl A c ?I Olnch- Aco?I Haiti- gi A eo?I Pi. pp? A co? I Allen Ac >?I Head A co? 1 Y.o'inr A co?I A L Levy?I k'err 8c c I J H 8v f rd?1 J 1) P elps A co?1 8 A Myers? I I) ri.kco?| 8 Moot on?I J Ukb Baker?I J Dnutap? L Ti-ppan?100 J Pi illipw A co?It0 tons old itou Griu.ell, MuitU n Aco?676pkgs to rrti'-f liUNuo* ? or nntp ftniunei-95 baca mdz* 19 piM fin 20 hhds i* B Mo-irewued?'<5cks mdz J Kearney- ii> i#rl? .50 pi - ? ? uin Mutt and It Cowrie?2 5 hrla gin B.?r u> At I.itm<uou? I.VI bar* iron IVmp St eo?1 IB d ? I* g itton fit ? -J0fk? wn'g* I) C H?trz? bx J A Pfcmit-r?2fl| ton- chalk J Kerney It co?33-1 tin llf? \?. I\\ d li - t w i Vr Hambi'N# ? B rque Hp ph oia?I c*fe A O I i ?t S r/v?1 Bri k? ih ft' fit en?9 L H?-g*r, (in P*o " 'x I i ?* 1073 |>httea p/| er * )i id. fit M Iku -ill. ! V i -1 Blt?"h?upt fit co ? II r fit I uk . m k <.n - I Wi\ I ?-7 W E IV'I. ?'I Owe I 1 Kr v.. he?g fit co?9 H'?>br*?ok 8c >'eU.. i % j K L ppold -IW H II ?ft Viet- i vlli At klffHii 6 Schmidt it V.??. I I < 'OA F <JU?ui?2 (J \kH Wii -12 VV A v * Wi, u?4CK Ln her-61 * p! ?P r N Hosier M r f* I > -9 J > OpiM 11 in It c - i hit* li fltfif-i '1 S Fi*chell?l Peftiod/, RLg* St 4 ?> f > ; -I i* \, Hi ppei?i ctuM'i M Ku?t*r?1 T T d f 1 I ? .rkmun?I F fic 8 S? hWairgtf?I W(. Hi H Hn*t " ?n?4 Rren bier, K op It o?44 T tJivnentn 1 '.J ;T M Meyer?1 brft ?*r gt T 8 Hchl-'tngft- i u ilt-i 0 Kom10 J V l)< Ian It Hon?21 M Wtvp?nt?^. jg d^inij ?hta Winlerhoff, Piper It K*rk?2 caaea I Tia? rr?2777 p|tt*a spe.tcr 2 e*ae? mdac 30 <-k? d I caile order Pari?BrigfGlide?581 boxen 3531 n d's 60 bur* pov-a 214 bky nnnat i 31 brU biUim comnavi 65 > In urpnil'l l?l b?gs iudia r??l>f er bottLa 161 do ahoea 5 bra ?! > oo?i uranges E Cor* inna It S m. IIauzh., Howdurab?BriglFloridv?2i logs ma* ogan" $!6'>5 \ b< x imU* B Blauco?55 b il^t *2000 J f L ibouiaae?$Mmi0 F Alexa: der?J3lona logwooJ C C lBu?$?'! 64 ceroona tudig i2 CA*e? indie G I Liune? 9 cercotia indigo 4 do tobcacco Agu-re* It UaIwaJT. linp<?rl.H(?<inuNaw Oni.CAfrt ShipSamtoKa?-47 t?bU n rk U'll on. Batler 5t BhUlwn ? 1' 7 b c (to K L ?! fit eo?H c ** md^ J 11 Muuiy 10 hbla la d oil \V< tk* At I) ..lie? I hhd tob%eco Bru??tui?>, C 'O St c ?? i?o hbla y* ed tcrgia, Bf w t fit c i? < *? pipe* bnndy 5 i ??a i. \V trr a J-ok *?{ . b de* [ sku a 2 chn m*?*bw ix A 'I 11 zrd?7 bl hemp Fer. an *o W,%o? ?457 bl* emp D via, Bro k* St c ??2*7 p it* ?id ? hi 1 * H hog ra St co?2 c ?*e% kl wvi J t *?r .e' fit Br<. !? *-9 bbi b im* | ,\ i.ii'.rmiker?11 hh K r.< haceo Hera La a St Co?12 I k>:?brd? C N "* Ro?v|a d?2136 pig* I td adi*on llo'm a?2 l.*t*a ' ' tn,j H*rau. 1 eer St c???4 bir iron I bf m?l*e J<?li<? l> I ?i<?183 \ gt ) id Ch rlas II ft ge.s At eo-2 hb .* t. bt co C | II L.ireiich ? s hlid* In'er* hx Wolf %. Bi h ) ?550 K\h s hemp I 11 "Au, Le ? Ate ? - 78 bla h tn I !3 bbla Hour 49 pkga 2 I U crt. ?e ' 3 h i . t S co- 12' I>^l<*s h'ino to or ier I N*w Okleaab?Sh p Bt. Mn v?19% bl la pnrk M8 tc? d 2) M? J< r irn , R.*i.U fit 'mw-II ?15 4 pig* lead * H K- C ra St J c ??4 lih'U ti.uiC'-u .1 II Mili-atik?54 al?n h inp W Uoo I It own?9.7 do 'I it' k^r, 4o?<ip' St co?152 do I tit'era '*r .theri 1 ' It CO? 05 b It wbe.if C hlin u^?.i ?*:-!. n Qj li l*-r h in ? 72il Mff e d bb a p rk A Avrr. II & < 0?12 n ?U i). rni hi & I hx* ?!l?G hlvlg tM> ?cc0 T h >im 11 C'u g?with mi tlr boxes and b'iU. < liaim ? ?ton-Brig Kir>i y?2 pVgt (J H Soreo fii c?12 ' h<i k ilru ri*-ia??28 to orili"?9b ?\ W.thing on?17 W M C Kit k?'- '* I < > &t Ure ? ?r? 1 H K op?86 ? ? 11 U ward-?22 liepuyit rk Whiimvih-i K Decon**-?6 K b^r St Benu?th ? ifl? W II H iiiil-) jr?I li II Ord* * ?7Ho mmnvfhorn. 8a. ko St 00?38 K Ji hu?i'U?3 H vl'md. K**s- St Co?5^ Mmi'h, Mills St ' 74 Bi Bro n *10 H F Bvitb "IS Ls Bird k How - -'' H Ute<l ? lot I o'd %aila I) L P*'by St M ora I VIA KlTLMk HKKAU; 1*III?K Day* of the Steam Shlpa. ritoM I TVtRl'OOI.. rnuM AMKRlCA. Britannia, Wewett June I ('&l*4oi)M, Loft May 19 June 16 Aculia. Rtrie".. Jim* i ......... July I Hitvrnii, Ju'lkim Jura 19 July 16 I Bnunon, Hrwitt July I Aug. I I 'J.Britain, Hnekan ?Jnlv 1J Atitf. 8 (J. Bgitnin, Hoihen An*.31 8et>t. 28 I.) Bn a n, H'..k"n "rl 11 Nov M VJilp Maatera and .Vgenia. W thrill iil'rm it n f.i >>r, if ' tMmoi of Ve? will <ivr to .'urum cfira Jloui R r Sn.vRr, of our Newt. Meet. a Hip ri it (In- aim puiK it'fl nt t'l" Port w ''Mi- they uileil, it o Vrsv I. -P v fh on pair piLMiige, .i l.itr, ofthrir Ctr?<i, n-il any ! ' >mi New.i ii"*rt or INewt tlu'v nun1 .... M.. ?..i i .. it, nio.infl "? tlirir rtfrival \n, nu and <orrf*|x>ii?utj? 41 tiucr ?t,i ad, will alto coiifirr * favor by >?i.iIiiik to thin ffio nil the Marina lni?-|,|(xiif? tf*y can obtain. Nnot.r i information of miv kind will 1? th?nkln|lv rrfpivnl HOKT OK BKVV kOHH, J uric njnantCi tl I MOOlt 0 ... .7 ai 1 w? 'i "itrt, III] nm vr<], Fackrtthip floabn , Hebatd. from London. w >|b ad*r . to Oriaaell, Minium k C#. M?? IT, lat 15 W loa 44, m mr r?l iae berg aud *u t day# among thaw. with vet y thick waaYambarv thin tt'epha-m. Rota?, It bays fa Hamburg, with mi1?, to Schmidt k Balrhen. Ship Sarato.%, Kaua'l, lb daya fiom New Orleaac, with cottoD, 10 Slant o It Frost. >*hi:> St Mary- Foster. from New Orleans, left ih? Bar, on the 14 li mi, t > Stmtoo It Froat. Swedish baiqut HrUiia, Olauder, I days from Piii'adelpliii, is bal'ast Hr.hip Km<nnel, SuTrea, 45 day* from London, with ?d< to J Krarucv St Co. Br barque Agitator, Heory- 57 days (rem Dubliu, with mdie and 150 | ,?sfU4?'s to J Mr. Murray Br t art) jr ifoT'rnor Dungia's, Hyde, #4 days from Cardiff, wi'lt '.34 ions coal H lrv n lir b is Msrgamt Kliz beth, Faulkner, t days from Mail.and, N K, with plaster to masor. Br b ig Si lia, M isters, 14 days from Windsor, NS, with plaster master. Br brig < Ivde, Spencer, 9 days from Windsor, NS. with plaster In m sler. B in J U ?otrs, Parka. 9 d.-ys f on St Marks, via Key Writ wi>h c It'l.o to K ii Hurlbut lit Co Brig Sherwood, 5 days from Charleston, with cottou to Duuhssn It 1) mot.. Brig Ottawa, Mc Near. 7 days fr^m Car 'ena?, wi n 350 hh'ls I 24 Its mnl ssea to K De Zsld . Sid in ci with Higlilinder , I fir Newport; Monaco, 'or Boston; ordaius. ? L ft 25lh u't. iuside the Bur, Cgrohre for N York, Willi I iss ef | miiemast, in the art of weighing anchor was i mi into by thd Harriet, of Baltimore, which murk on tliebende, furwru . f the main rigging, ard earned away tha ten feet ab-*e deck, d'd n it lairn par.icn''ri oaivurrr? to order M'h Ut 1(1 lit lou 69 spoke th? L'usof Beuiiiox'on, with W8 bb * li?n. From la. 41 t" 44 ? tl f" ni Ion I 40, ih tiw a g-eat of ic vailed m Company with Charlotte j and lsiMI* Atn'e sou fir NYork Briit Lo e tv, Washburn. 10 days Com Tu ks Iilind.'wiih 9810 tishels salt, t > <r 1 Laurie Lelt Helen Maria, I\..r N I w k j u> it day. h i 4elide. Cutter, IT day* from Para, with uadse, to ? Corui' f Si S n. Una Flur'da Blanco Kldridgo, 14 day from Btl ae, Hondo raa, with spec e lo B Bla' co. Si'hr Advent. tlolins 6 days Lagna' La Grande, with 374 h*? i 69 l.f tlo 2 1 r? sayar 0 I li.'s moUesri 2 cop; ar | uinpi Si otford, Tl stun Ik Co la p rt. Star Idg; Julio Keti'le, fhouisatnu Idc f >r Mew York; IC beri, Tnmlin 2i.r, in Laaua riiai, loat oveibo.iid J B Mrrr'ck, ma'e a . alive i f ao'ucke . 8chr i oi aul, Baker 10 days from fit Joli", PK, with 190 hd? sugar 20 hrs d:> 2o Midi tnolisses I B I asnia. L"ll Coll,.*, anil W. i-i Witch fo' MayaguiT.. lo lo,d f. r N Yo k 8clir Frances,Orifliu, 4 day. Irom .hewbem, NC. with uaval i* aaaatir, Scl r r In b th Hichards, of Bristol, it daya from Calais with lath t Hni'th 8i H> yut u . 8- hr Brandi * me e bridge, 3 dsys from Plytnou It, NC. with C"'" to H Mails'.d Scnr Sarah, Ker, us u, J daya from St when., NC, with naval st.r a, t > 8 L MitcheH. 8chr V > di'is, Aran a. 27 days frmi Apalarhio >la, via Key West. 1J d ys. w ih tun o-r, t" Ad sir. SchrC -lover. Kilts, i data froui Newborn NC. with naval store* to 8 L Mitchell Schr VVerinmi h, Ci 1*. 9 d iy* from Richmond, wilh mds* !o A lieu St Puisou. St hr J .hn M t aylnr, Stokely, tl divs from Hninacoa PR. w ill tJS hhds sugar 40 do inoUatei ro Mason It Thoinnon Scar Ir olloi k. Casey, 3 da from Ntwbem, NC, with nava' store, to U Blissnm. Sihr i'o quest, Hayes, 3 days from Plymouth, NC, wi.b corn, pi master. H >< hr Tre worths. Hmiih, 64 daya from Livarpool. with salt, to order. Sloop Auu Kdim. Knai'p, 21 days from O.tlvaaton, with 33 | bales cotton, to J H Bioncr. ttsiow One ship aud one barque?Wind NSW Mulled. Hhip St. Nicholas, ^fll, H.v e; Delhi, Manilla; Henry, New Orleans; Br brig Belfast, Ba b do*,. Herald marine Correspondence khoui 1?i.arume llwici, ) NKwrohTj June I, 184C { arr ?iar mi, a^nrurra, r?"'i Pion, w "inn.gloo; Thmleui, Walpole Wi'imi gi?n. for K-*l' River; Oritur, (J.kham o! hu p< it. f > Ba'tuiiote fur full R ?rr. May St, I'liuiat Howlai ii, <1 ha rort. fm Kall Ri-ei f.r Cbarle-tou; ' ia der, John ami. Or thwicb f r Nrw Yoik luue 1, All mi JO iail oi m w{ ! (Whl a yeaaila pot into [Kb or i u'iik he'ate itorin tud ra:'rd ag iu th.a " rino* Wr are iuf rmed .hat ihcy IwTt generally caught { oil I'.rrt ll.iw far. W Hole rate: ii. N r.w Bedford. May 31? Arr Inl'an. h-w. NW (Vn| vie NZealan i. ?t CatUarinea April 3. w ilh 3000 ?h 25u>piu ml 37 ?U0 Iba Ii"ii?i ?|tok", Doe 12 1 114 30, In., 65 W John Si Kdwir.'. llndnou NB 4Ml 7 ,11 rvh; lath, it I n (.amine SH 4UU wh; J m iJ, Wp'Cm fit Hmi'h, do 2 JO wii I" 0 ?p; kYb 2S Ifct Sti 45, Inn ,5 W paired a whale aliip ahowii g ? b'ue ?i?iial. white cu. ire Willi l<?ti?r M in it?p obibly the ..b.gtil III' N B. WiaTeoRT, May SI?Arr Preaidert 8i>noi<da, 8 Atlantic, laat front Dam Bay, with ? bra ap oil 120 do wh. 8|ten?ii. A'liance, from flordeam, f>r Charleaton, 30.h nit, lat 38 20, lo i 74?by Lnre'ta, at thia |H.rt. Korean el I. ( Br) of Hull, font Hi John, N B, 17th ult, lat 46. 30 Ion 44?by Quebec, at thia p >rt A Br ahip di-innat-d, under jury lore and mizz>n m itt heart* ing W, apparently in wautof no a?I>tince, Ittb u t, lat 48 10, Ion 34?by aatne. I,o'd Wedlock, bound to New Orlaini, Aptil 16th, lat 40, Ion 13. 8t Mark, Williams, NYork to Lir*rpool, April 24th, lat 40, Ion 70. Hantnrl Abbott, Newrorr, to New Ynik lat 47. Ion 19. Cabolia, Belfaat tn New York, lat 40. Ion 22, by the Rate Kearney, at this port. Charm, New Orle&na to Liverpool, April lib. lat 32. Ion 72, by ih' Loid Heaton. at Livrra o'. Trif ilium. Hull, of New Uedfuid. fwm II imbnrg, ont 31 da. lat 44. long 18 Chateaubriand, for New Orleaua, Nlay 19th, lot 28, lcn 87? by Ituate'l, at thia port Columbia, t f t'onmonih. from New Otleana for Liveipool, 231 n't, lat 25, Ion 84?theianie. Suffolk. for NOrleana 2lat nil, 1 at27. lou 85?the tame. Arabella, from N'e.v Orirani for Liverpuol, 25ih ult, lat 23, 37. lou 82, il?by aatne. Maine, of tVjaciaaett, from Charleaton, May 14, lat 30 Ion 73, Kmanoel, of tma port M'nvm I tvm Pnxd ai BoHDKAirx. May I ?Anr Ville de Bordeaux, N Orb-ant. I iiwki, may 10 ?Ar Monlieal, linker. New York a d ilM for I'ortr mouth. Ci.vui.. May ? th?Ar Hichibneto, bayitnunh; 11th, Abigail, Daly, New Orleam. Dkal, May 12.-Ar Div en, Fi x, Oilveetou; 10, sld Napier, Srtiilfn d, N Voik. _ (JiaRaLTAH, Ai ril 30?Art America. C'utton, New Orleara. lay 1 ?Plar et^ Croeke . NOi'com; 4tn, Jin no, Bill*. Mal*rtianiiia Inl lW New York April Wl ar tgu* n Vrmu.ui, F. aray. New Orleina?25th, Uzcrdo, Miller, do?26l!i, Arola. Davit, do, _ , Umohmi. May n ?A r, Porr.b rntaa, lliggiue, Ballimere; U'h. Tcront , Orewo'd New Yuri. IIavkk. .May 14?Off. ColnmbaLifn> NewOrleana Arl'th, Argn, Aoth my, N Yoik;9ili, Le?p,rd. Snow, N Orleaui;8th, Awle be gneto , N Vork; Toeania, 8penc?r, do. II r i.?r. T, May 2?Arr Ptloa Fluideri, Richmond, lu the Clyde Ifi'b, Leu ea, ttobkiui, for Boat, o, Idg. Livnnrnnr.. .May 18?Olf, Litemou'. Kldridge lr N York. Ldg? 'a, e DulTui. lor Boitoo; Klita'-eth lor New Orleani: laatheavd Knmuln*. for N Yoik; Wm Wi.rd, for N Yokand St John, N B; Ca'iforaia, Uarigea, Lord MaiAatone Independence. and Henry Kueelaud, for New York; Jamoa White for Philadelphia 17?Arr, Margaret Chirlettou; Al>ardaen, Mc? ' rath, Mobile; Deceata, Futtai). New Orle-na: Lord 8*aton, Fi a.imruo'ia, d.,; Ambataadnr, Knight, N York; Boiton Abbey, Kaitrag, baruiuah In rireroutwardbou.d?Philadelphia, Waiting-no, N Ynrk. Bid. Berwick, Harding, l'hilid-lph,a. Oleubeevie, ''uatel, N York; k'.ur. pe, Faber, do; Hovel .adelaid*, l.enty. Bon'on 16?Bid. 'I h'inii. Brown. N York. 15? Air, Cham 1 in, Mi.ler. N O,leans Manuiham, Fleming. <to; Potomac Brny, do bid. Hot,'it, ttpeucer, N York; N York packet, Horaack, do. 14?A'r. Ar.-d a fa) ityne H >tron. 1J ? Air. Alexandria, Jarvea, New 4>il ant I ?Ar', Uleokoeaa Murray, New York atd, Olive and Kim. ' artm a b.alnu; S'erlm* i'anndiu, Wbcataeit 12?A,r Shaken eare, Winer, " Y; Samuel 1'ickt, Bu v?r, do; New ? ink, < rn|>p r do S|,j P'ii.ce.a, Van. Inn. do; flora na i.'otliet,do 9? nrr A n Rauain McArrhur. N Orlcaii., I'ri, ceat, Vii'l ria. Thorn,Chute,tor Henry hn.ela.d And. *>,Ni bid bhenannoah Wear, Phiial. 7 ?"id Hottingner, Ba aley, \ Y An I depe de, ce. N e. do. 5?w'rf IVter Ha rnok. I'oat, do. 4*?*rr i ligtfte-n, Paiton, ^ O leant. Bid ?Arabiau, Rainy, M V; C.htwh,, "(fin^do; Live pool, Sv.ineforii, no inn, aid 'lining, aauu <'t?, in i?cri win, jiu.r uuiiDi, i-r 11 ?i?. Ill . Th K yal Anatai V, lor Boaton, ha pit hack, Irakv, Run wi.h < uug- 10 ru dm, h <Oiik auuck ou (he B.<r ot th-'* Vic* t r a 1 In irl. yartrriiay. in ?' ' out L iauua M y 17?(./''dout Th >in a Hou't, 8ro:lh, B itton; m. M u aida, Prime Aloeit, to bor ,' rw Yoik; Toronto, (Jria old, do. Hiiro* April 27 ?Sltl Kutcaa, Cotziua. NY tl?Dhllu.A ril I?Arr .au tn Bi'ud, h!drid,a, Is aw York, Willi m i in >1 iu u waKo ii.ui ! Mav 20 ?Ar, A pet N York. Macon, ran 19? Air Hu. t an a, L'irrtt, N York. MiOiUt, J.i 30 ?Arr Tim" a* Piikttif, ' Y N mv roH r, ' ay IJ?Sid, Jamai (J Ai.'arier, Philadelphia; rr. Mn l Hanlai.d, Wills d ; 7ih. aid, Lon ai, il.innzsr, ."S York tirr Krr., May 9tn, M.iri.inne, Wiatiug, B iltim'Mf Tor Brara n, rr Ha it i noi Mav IJ'h, Klard, from I'ror druc; (J li u|f., tror-raeu, New Ymk lor limine UpKl nrk. May lllli, J-ma And latin M;Ke|lar. N Orlaaua; Si'irrnn M > r. Ne v( on for I'otou.U b. to regulate jni.npi, and ii aproo eded for St nt nbi c Uyr KinioaLk, M.iy 9ih, Ylaraiih no, from N O learn, orr Tin. Wiiiht, Mir 14?Horiuni, .New York, lor Hambro Okk Balcombk. May 16-Muia and Adrian* ltolteo, New York, lor Hotierilam; Natchez. Irom Boat.on. i ir I* orr a v, May 19?Krmcia lit, An aworth, New York, for II1yre. Orr thi: Dattrj. May 15?Luconia. Porter, NOrleana. Orr r almiiiith, M..v 15?APlia, <aw 1 < rk foi Bteiner; Olol, Ch rki-aion for Am?t rd in, Lacaa. Miller, NYo/R loi Cr " rtndt; 11th Selin , N w V- >k Orr Plymouth. May llih?.Midori, from Havana fur HimIturir. (It r Haiti not. Mat Hih?iflard. fm Prorider.e. for Bra nan Oar Plvmouth, Ma? 9ih ? Ar J eeptuue Lundc v Ynik TitlriiK April Jil ? A'r Koya> v? nil in, Knu c a, NOrlem .a W kirui.u. oay 15? ha Hoyciua, I Hum, f i in Liveriioi) t>Nrw VoikRoton Arklow B?uk, yeat-rday, vth wa< a?aiiie< iIT aui i r -caa ail, .h wihlh anui in. Iiu . She n mil tup no d ! hira anaiain-d any dim rPor ra.mdu ru. May 12?Bid iteu.,rick lludaou, Monra, New Ymk i aRiicNaI, Mi 25.?'u p it H.I a? o'th, wtsr ran ""lav. f<r N Y on i 11 u 11 in ?Ha ai, .f Ho on Urn;, WaKOll I m Hon.. r, ill hmiia ion. Wtj r l ?n: H mar of ^ 11 t i Y mi ub ld?;\l ttvv, 1 , mi, Idg, hliai, Ola-r, J?; K t, H*iih?n, d?, Havana U.lpatrick, (lo; IN.ip con, i r <l.i . <1 ll C i. mil ail <tdo, 11 a miicr, r<) <1? inn 1. i ilc I in rn. Ilii'ilm1 <-r. >1 b?v, rvervpori; MouaiCO, Wordni, lur II .. in ; IVail'.anl. Ki.ll , Oil Hau.ivai. M?i J"h? W A<l*-nmr?, M -Bu ru , N Y tk. ('la JI t?W IK Iloul by, I'lcinu, A Iih lilt of her Unaloj cartn, !(ih, Am iau, Auld. Charleston. IjHkr t'nrtl. Burrti.o. VayK?Are cuffilo, Hrtroirs Sri t, St. I< at*; fi; (liri- u f h. (.I' T laii i A fit, <11; (' VVnlk--r. I .li en ; K Tm Iff, i lcv<Uin?; H?l"? o. "ir Jo ipha; Mountain, Ca lf I mil; (Jem. i li ? ', hicaB'i LuimWrniai:, ? if; N America; Uttio.t. Cd. i i>l in ii , ivailn; I*.i.kI?ii<i, Detroit; ll.l' n i liicitf. ; ( u.n. e Nuii, ( eve ant. ( i.?r ELtnii, May 20 ?Air Syiph. Pt Colbirn; Merchant, PuHtlo; H Ciriolm, do; M . 11 on, (Jam-no; L) Yvebater, do; W.irrou, BnlUlii; A'rri, tin. ("Id, Miituuri, i.awago. Home Pnrtx. PnaTi.aran, Mat W.?Ar William, Bicon. rhilvlflihit' Hani). Kunbill, >-w V?rk ; a lf .it, Spear, New York ; Cdwant (k P tf , Molmaa. Mm York forrpiirr; Lnry, Kilt*", IV,tt ii ; Yrf Tr iU, l.oHi, New Bedford ; Kcunnmy, iValm, vlr. I) ?ert lor Hot ou ; IV aev Ik Nancy, nbb, BaiIi. .No Clearance.. No'lnng t'il?l, wind N. latter put K, KaIT TuoMAtron, Vv.y 24?Ar Ami Pe. nun Sn-ar.PN Y; Hi ro, Apaulrtio*. <lo: hr nklin Bryant, d ; Traveller. P I'tbury, i.o Aid 27ih, Jurie.jie, Veriill, do; llichpd l'a. lor, Mm Orlaaai, It 11 H, VI ay 30?A r, 11 rlielle, (of Boa on I tfackina, N * A Yi rk l Id, Lydia, Ilaley, Portland. Hid 20th, Cha In, SyIVealcr, Mar an v PomaMOUTM, Miy !(>?Ar, Roecoe, Picker, f' LiTcipml April 4, in diatmat, bound to Mrw Y .rk, 200 pi ??j*rrj. April !Hih, lit 44 40, lot 39 20, eaperianced a volent liuiric inf. in wnii Ii ap'it aaiN, Inn maintop* II it,linaar, (kr. Cr.aeet tlir Ha k in lal 4], rod <nw great i|ii intitira of ic '. M?. 12.h. lit U lo, loig ii 10 Aiicoantr ad n.other *?le, in winch In t nil lirr lopgnlau inula, f.,ieiii|>i?aat, to'ttilyard* and uc rl, p. whol* f it ol aaiif, With nil i In- ri>( n a attached Ilia hoi i nntii v*f?erly un>? th?- whole Pee?age. She alio npm " mit'nmaat. nation, JnnaI?Arr atetmahip'Vedonia. l,o't. Lireronnl: ( Milinun, i IJi *<>, < alif rma Trtem.i|>h<,d?juo Oadmna, from Bu n iiAy"i ^ i'r. f n,n Prrnamhuc > Hi* ai ,t a bit* ? Id ?But nui*, H -w It Livrnnnl; Viri inm.Lot* . nu, rotui, Afri i -I'd I ?l in'*; M'dnra, [of Dm l>oit I it* el N?wl??iy|iort.] Hhoa ?* . H?? inn; Uineu. fr r?, ' i> llatlien; L> u?r--, [ ?leof tliia poil L tliro|i, of ?n lor N? > London;' hn Ilium, Ka? i> * N >il*?. * mmi!,. o. ilal im nr; Oriak*. Hniiili, >V nnn ft; biltir, W? ?*, Port* and; Col 1 avio?, [lata of ihij |nmi,] of and for II rriy. Art May So?Oet.loo. Ilollia, Oi lost a, J ? 'I', itched ?i 4r ll^icun. April II, and aailrd anm* d y. Hiiokrjjlli, lai I.' 2I >? 8# 211; H be I'liralord, 10 daya h'nea for Hnvanu; 24ili < it 32 33, lo: M M.'l'aaio, Haatinga.130 dnya from California foi

D ittou. liuoi'cnarcR. 29:h? Ar Maiiean. IW-ra, Harm am ; Sailail Jltli. Hi tnava, Uaruham, Bumor. lo load for PbiUdolphM-if-ID I ? -V ill - I. I L-l Pat?M M b ? Ar FiiHIrM. Bnrr. New York ; ('Id, Carali. M, Brown. India ; Thra* Uillbiuii W.Uii, do , Zunt, D wir( Pua. Pbotida?cb, Mat II.?Pinsee#, Bart, Soath Creek. NC. New Hatsr Mat 3 ?Ar T paal ut Haley, Pk.la4el,hia Tau'iTf. C h* I'tnau, Albany ; New Vork, J?bm, N. T. Nahbihn N C, M >v 2 ? * rr Mary, rliltou, Writ ltd *?. Cld Mouoty Mour, Wert Indiea Wii.miwoto*. at at?Air CaTuf*. Jaekww, Hnvaaurh Cld Ja 11 I d ' ir'Afrui. K-lUr Porto nico; I Petar,"ii, Sillima". Oau'lalonjie; ? Iwrli ltr. Thm, Hr Down go; Pal it u Ki eh u. 11 r ua; Hopewell, Laurence 8t Lucie (*haBLForow \la> 2*J? Arr Button, Oilleway, New York Sid ><r I defnicthi*. Set tl Lienool; Br Deftraaux, Bartou do; Enily. > her wood. New Y. rk Nrw Oh la a ^ . Mar 25?' d Mrtoka, McLaren, Livarpool; I It dtTiia Beum i, New York; Kir' wood. Martin. V-r? I rut. | Aiau', Gil raud, Hrl ze A r !>u(f lit Higere. Ho t u; Krey, I Sw. il i Haaton, Rio d* Jane r ; Jote| blue, R b-rtaou, Not* fdk; Alg ? qui >, Wi liama. Penaacota. FIK IS W OR K s , < K A C K K K S , Ar <; . FOURTH OF JULY, 1844 /"NOUNTRb and city iieat-r* in iiewaika. will find it to vv their advaui ute to rill and . x lonne n eat nal?? a??or meat f th-beat ou lity. at H A YLiFk'e '8 old eatablinhmeot, T8 Chatham atrent. A large qnautit' of h ire Cracaeia u?t received. Remember. the tigu of the Two Mammoth Hky Knrkeu. Mind, we h ir removed f-oin 8". f > 811 < hithim. Je3 lin?ec LO^T?FIFTY DOLLARS JKKVVAKTT YKHTKHOAV i ORNlNU, ia gain* from f ovjuy's Ho i* 1, I'aik Hdw, thiouuh Berlin an uud P * ?to KmI'Ou Kvrr?. I \ \ eMow oi' li k wripj rr, i?u ?* hica vad vini Pu die ? \inp of M O i-aveuuirt, corfit*uiu7 ?#np ^an trvd cloiiai Trra?ur> Bil;? Mid two frifty Dollar Trva?u y tilt, <iU'> a Iia ue IMN v * w i| avi|| (MM fO !>' IM ? rT Of frt IImf. by ?p lying it Los*j y-1? Hotel, or t iheoltic s of the Hei Id. jl 3tre JVO 77t' JS VIC^DFaRB ara cvt ioued agauiat C'JUNTFRKEIT ^ ( Tikktfieia the POKOMOKhe JU VJ< K LOFp.KV, of Ag n' fuf ^ Phop fc ' o , 184 Bro dw ,y, N Y R in Jh June l>i 1844 jl ll*re "OK REVV * H D?Stole. fr? m (la wlu-home ,?l W it It IT Uavii 290licit ev men, mi tv cut t of May Jot, a quantity ill Avar f ilri it ui.silW .il Jl i *?n and ' ub-rli Wh erer * ill give lufor.i.nli>u that will lead to ills drt etiui f h- thief a d rtcufery of the good*, will active the above ) t.? id. W (ft K DAVIS, jl U 1 ee ' KJvWA ' 0? Lu?I i n Saturday m rniug, lie I t i- it, jp<wcJ in goi it fr in the Fr uLlin I1uu < to lis I' ? Office 11 I from Hi uiis '<i K?i r jr ?tr?e , n mr-c il r d W ail tu n .mi i g i''u? O s I n dr il ii.d -?iit> D I an. ; mi y in bi la of Hi- Bulb "f Og -.lur-,h, ran iru > liar bill i ill im Kit vluntr nl & . The reward v ill tie |> id f.rtlic n -nl ?' lli- vva'lei, bi . |'i>'yi g it tils ollic - of II Fra Jiliu il u<? jl It" ic LsT?i>u 8 t <rd?' e>etrt$ fo-i p. rte 'ncrrl, in Co: rtlaudl alresi tart we'll .h J- nv Kerry ? .d 11.>w i d'l J' tel lite si Bag of medium sift ', I ' tec d hy a braa* p.dlr C'<* a Is- ar.icl.t of rlotni ||. t hi iic'm of iruuk keva, ami in - pa e a of no m- t> anv p ra> i rave lbs owner Whoever will is uru aa.d b g and conta..ta >o me will hsaui'ably r<I w riled JOHN 'V. RO OH, jl 8t*m Jeratv l-ity F rry. 7 o BAKERS. Win rkL)-A flrai-rate Pie; B\KKR, at 40 liapaaard rtr at jj lt*ra O H P 8T~i7m5taOE ~F ROM~LI V RPtiOL-fh- Con ir a g era by mil ahipaia requcated to a-ud ihau peimo? "ii beard at Pier 3 Noilh River, or to D. Ogdrn'a ..Ific-, 38 Wall atre-t . All Itiiri'tt nnr DA niirtai.l irt ftni/a >( li?K!? ?? K? aa.a a? I tV-pu~lw?t r? js Ji?oe STTlP 'IIU FR >M LIVKKPOOL Cm gneea per this ship will pi- a?e ink* nniit (hit ?h?* i< ml* uiachirging und-r g-> sal urii* at e-st side Po- k lip All go-ids Loi perui.tied ipe liab'e to be t- nt to u-j 'ic s'ore. WOODnULL k VllVTURNH, j'ICC 87 Sou'h street P\I KKT WHIP L L'l-VI LK FROM NEW Oiv. LIlANS, m on-hiiKHiu ?- Pik- Slip K l< l i-l( K'ifi will i'U-ne attend to tli? receipt of heir got (It imme'ioe y. rc P~V~K ~7h7p O N ?. 1' > V F H O vj HhVIlK ? Coo iitn ti by thu ?lii,i -<re itljifitnl lo s-nd th>-ir j-friui 1 w on bo-irii at Pie- No 4. s\ I' all goods nnt perm ttrd by the Clh iutt, will be 'talils'o be ??n' to pohlie store j3?,: "OVAL- I. St S H."llO KWt.LI. hiveremoved their W t?b ml J .* eliy f.tthbli.tun ut, from No B A?i-.r II .mt t ? N n 413 Bioadw -y WitcVt mi t Clocks' f everv description carefully repaired, b',' skilful mid X| ricBCgI wo-kmoi ji 3t*.c r "6 <?' - n f--<:olu\ B'/tNToDunN'r i.'T "? ?f i. O h" ?The Mriube t of Ihii L' due a e r- qu**te i to m-el at th-ir Lodg'i<o hi on Monday, at 3)< n'click, P. vt to pty the 'ait trib .ie of reioect to our late brother, Charles W iHells. 'J'h - order lit gentml are iuvite I to vi-nd JOHN J DAVIES, N. O. WlLLABD P MARSH, Becmary. ji It .a - UKWaHU-The ffo'-scriier, wlii'e crossi.g in the r "yJ jers-y City kertv Boal lest ni-ht hid his pock'l b oik tab ii cou'iiniinr t llu in ilia flOO of whi*li wer? in twentv doll*' b ill, with one ten, all of the Penmylvai ia Bank Whoever may eetert toe tnief, and leave anch ' formation at the Lower Police Offi e as wi'l lea l to the recovery of the in mev >hill r. ceive the above reward. j3 It*je PHILIP BUHACKC. 8. SMITH, Aneuoueer. IIY H K WILLARD, Store 304 Broadway, cor. Dnanr it. H. K W. will c;ve hit p-rtm?l arteutinn to out door aalea of Household Furniture, Dry Cioods, (Jroceriea, lie.. for peraona rtli-ijuiyliirf housekeeping or business. Sat-s settled in all cases aa soon as the goods shall hava been sold and delivered Liberal ash Advances made, if required, on merehandixe ol every drgeriptioa consigned lor sals. mil lm*m Sl'L"' 5 pro PLAN PS AT AUCTION. LKVY AND SPUONKll ' ill ?e.l ou Tuidav morning, at >rf< .I'll , fl Hl'1 'UIIIU C IIMC'IOU CI II lilllH? Dah'.id, ( ain"l'?i Roses of various sorts Omutei alii! L-iih us ir fl'-we-and fruit, mid many oth r fi e plants. 1 he f) miim and L mini ere lull of f'u t and * rv beautiful. <C~r- LKVY AND HPOONKR burr 300 Painthgs. and 5000 h'rgranfits at i rir.t r sale, at tu Hon prices Sj i i.Hi t Lihrirv at aucti >n, ou kVtdueiuay evening, a d Knur v i.|t i I ursdtr em-i.g. j J 2t rc HK?HLV MMH-fKD ORIGINAL OIL PAIN f'NOIA JAPAN PORO LAIN AND KUKNiTl'R"'-. AT AI'CTIO -Lh.VP iHCKl.VKH will,,II -t No Bin-.,,, street, on Wed-esday at.d 'I huts av inonsings, at I n cluck, Hir it in -n ! il h iuu? on i nut,' t..vo- of ei, hry h-gl-ly Inuih ed Onginil Oil Paintings; Original Japan L,nckend Porcel in rich ii. gold, . n'ique anil rate, consisting of 11 ge and n II .Mr* and Vaset; a I'uoth *otvl. Htnnd a-d I'mer, ufiy mi ll s in cirrumtervi c*. a curiosity; Pi ,tr?; Coffee Set, fcc Th* Japan Wooden Ware cuusists of Table*, richly mla d in gold; ai.d v ungated Stand,. Oriadoni; an ai ttque l,hairs,i"Did *ery ruiiotiil'-, Cabinet wth drawer*; (imdril.e B> a, kc Thi* rollic'.iou Wt, brought to thi* cantry ui the ihio nnralinr, fr m Amsterdam, siulae of the richest f ncy --f the a iter, th century, and fo.merly k*ct in th-eolhc ion of antiquities by th la c Profesii r Kleyncub- rg of Leytieu, in Holl nd lh?y will be ready forerainiuatiou, wnh catalogue, on Wedresdny, 5!h at the above (I ice. where those who ! ly be neairous of enriching their co Irciinn or ornair en tu g their p-rln e, are in r fd to eiamine and judge for themselves jJ 5 8 It Ilk 2*m RKA1> AND BK W18K? Citizen* an strangers in wantof medical aid ol a private ualme wll find it to th,ir adrantige t" call and get the advice of the Physo lan and Pop ie'or of the fiuuteriin Dis.-rosa y, No 3 Division street, gratis; th- gte t'*st -needy and only thorough c ire ihjt m-r wu ltii->* ii for secret disease, it id only si this house, viz: llui lei's l!.d Drop?lull dmctiou and a ir-a-is- a'C-inpiul* racli ml, pric* o -e do-lar only aad warrant! d m cure.? Kerry vitl of this n-ed'cme is prei. r - f-y < f the ino-t t -Jeuteil -n die) in-a li,| g *ed -s the re u.i ud% '.y yr?>s < In e appl'Cati -ii. i-i erim-i.t, anil studi ; the has s h sides do *u hy Dm t >r J ho Hunter o' the !*?I century; a gentl-m, u that eire - d <11 nlfe sof his day in this br-iuch of iliin-dc I piof s spin. j J If re STRANGERS BEWARE. IN TUB AArK Ob lit;A' KKRV A vll HlfMI. ts ,t .. I inoal import-ut o in *tp*nrnt.ed phvsiuian?DR. j I KVAN*i h.ia r*n I'ved Inn Did Dnlrn't H-ad Ui.p*usiiy to Vo. | 2iH I'tMfl ?t , com*' of Bo-kmui iirwl wh-r* .1* nonlitia** his i..iut **trioi-husry caret at tli d-lic-it* <tis*sa*-, on nimp-r imw c< mplicat d II* apprise* th.' citizens mid -ln?nK*ri that there 11 uo Dr. Kv us iu In* old itajr', ?ud I.hi Ik- hiu no runlection what*?*r with am' other olfion lilt chiritea ire m ?derate, his umau'talions trictly priv*t?. N B ?ObaeiTe tit* uuinb i?mi takes are ofteu dangerous? 188 Pearl >t ,X/*.M*dirme* aid direction sent lo any part of th* Union, by h ticularly staling he cm*, mid rnUosn g five dollars jl I' in r"p BKi W nlO.MK ikAL r. UKAV KK.'iji BroadI *.y. 1.1 po i'* 'b* Park ?'.'oat* of Anns, Crta a, I vph i?, I 8ic , *i g-ire . on Hlore, l)i .inonda Ainelhy t-. I 'liniaokt , b oi?hi 11 th-ro g ,o cut t hi y for i Hizn-t Hi, g. Pencil Cni'a Luli'i I*' > i a?C , * grv * I w ith Nun-i. C ?t a. > rina, or uyd nil" Duals u' situs) uu j -ltd p irtted fr m $2 md up i.i da, ami forwarded t - a v part of th-United u ?t*a ? b otUa of lli-ialdr lo pi, wi:h up aidaof lub.l0,> nani*a jl lt'*c GRAND FISHING KXOURS'ONS. .tWkft jMM THK Suba-riher ban chartered th* rubatmi^ I i?l a'eiiiier, T'lO-iA" riALMOND t apt S^aaJjBSEL W. J hCHD LTZ, to run (o th- Fishing flank-T r 'In- eiann. coininenci- g M-'oday.l I lt?u*n*it. Thia at- anvr wit. built for th - Uu.ted Stater Ootreiumeril of ih* b*at matatiala hrr hull h- mg *ntirrlv of lira oik ocuat and c-dar; tud ia C'?n?id*r*d ?ju I to in* boat in ih* Union torira navigation, ih*r*f*r* paaaeagera iniv pin* e'ery confidence in tl>*s '* >"l tie *guUr mi. a will b* Mnnoaya, Tuesdays, Vf-u. ml.iy , rhuiadaya and Fridays of rich week, r>int-1.iiik M tha Btaka nflnM i in* to Placet of a oppiug for p>aietig*r? Amos street at 8\? n'e'ieh; t'aii?l street I nth rin* lerry Rrooklvu. 9: F kr atr-rt. 'M. Mr No. I IVorth Ki?t, 9% .Miller's Low*i Di ck, hut an IsIhii ' and Ki> t Hian tou erchwty allowing passengers tun - ro aiew t' ? f irtific itiona; r loroing, will lend i p in i ?m a' tb* as,i? plscrs h uiikun iid. will b' it aP . fri.i/ ? K?r rmf mwnil HI I.) inr IKliej. AlieXI re ? i bind of nvic wi I a co*? ptuy he b<Mt daily A ; er j ton i 11 r>- n hoard t> provide lm s m a smiil chnW' Bait 1 wul always f> taeeu in h ndanrs, and finish d 4 Us Tin* f ' isn't ct I'd to thf fv?o vi I howls \*hi?h i*>Urt |iini h c-oi h* v by pn tioiis api louitioii -, without ex rsrhirye. 'bote wh . |? ? f*- br i:ki u sin II boats With them must bni.g them to !'ie \'o I ^ H , <>n i no chxrKewif tip made f.r toeing K.x eileut o fr ? iiiwi.ts i??' hirutshfd onboard. Karr for I th- whole d ,y'i rx ntsjoo, M> cnti HKNR\ K RIKLL. NOTI'K?In order to mibeihi shove xru.sion* every way ngi t-1 ie, it ti l)f*n eemed r. q.nnte i m ke?,>me, |te mious l . the hoi* tor the r.HinfoTT f the in.if ne.d?h/ so tl"iog tier li u tip is iK>?f.po??ed ui.ih Thursdiv, the tub Jane, alter wh ch <*ie wi.l ran on hei rrgolir dlyt as whoy* u?m?d im'Riw* lie,V K. Ml U L\ri:i;-iii,\ T" TMK I I'l't.i; LAKK8. . (tiiTr?* j*H TheHtyamdoac WISKONHAIV.f apta n H I A14:trjs?l*we *''' ' >? Muff-In on Aio ny.lh ?? day of July mt, eld o'clock, I'. A1 . . a in K.tcaiaion o Plenum to the Lili a, ViaitiuK a" the important p area on I nU?i Krie, Huron and Aiichi (ttn mclnlii t linen U?y Ami Ic tuna vill he .iff oded ill* paaamtrers fir yiaitin* Ma mm:, Uie-n Uiy, Minion iat u.d?, .Vlilr?anki? Kaciue, Hoiithport o d . hicaito; I*- it-1 ? the la t tnentiounl pin con lierielurn . .11 Turiday in iruinK July 9th. I'l * ui ia the Urait boat on the W.*?iern t .l>?. ?..J i? ii'iij) tint by a pownrliil Fow planum angina? la nf?, and in tiuiah<-d in tin* nmiiatn atyla, wit an appnriMbin eomponatl of at tic roiuna, and la mt?J up and liirmahad ri|unl to any h, a' tha world \ ?oml 1) mil of Mna c will acc. mpauy tha boat and avry aia Hon will Im inida to mat* tlia puiaa .a phaia-t to itiuaa on board, bor paiaaita a pi. to M. tlAltl', 121 Broad ?t. Naw York. K S l'KOSAK.R'19 Pmr, Albany .NOHTHHOP fc IMYWAHU llochaiter. OKLSPlN It KVANB Hnftilo. IIIIBHY It IIIMIlm. Olarrltnd. OR AY & Lh.WlH, Detroit. Buffalo, May 2*, IMI. jn3 2St*m NRW YORK, ALBANY AND THOY BTKAMBOA'i LINK. mM KOK ALBANY AND THOY?Mnruio A."",r"m '"ut "Arclay atraat, iK y ? '.TWLTiK- .t lutcm-dut* placat j lia atnm'r K vlPIKb., Captain N. R. Roa, tho n "iinn, at 7 o'clock. Tha ataamcr I'ROY, Captain A. Oorhara, to-i.iorraw ma. it at 7 o cl ick. K mount _.m? frotn tha foot of Oonrtlndt atraat, din.ct Inn at-rtiwar SWALLOW, O-pUm A. .YlcLnan, tbr *' ' at 7 o < <k. Th* iinaomr ALBANY, Captain R. B Mncy, to-morrow v man at 7 o' Pork, ri,. n ... -ft!..- i ? ?? -L-- - . . ", oniun hi mnr light draught 01 w?*r W.ibl? at all t.mra to pn.. th#? hart, and raa"h Album .^o??w'w*uP n" W *** ,h* mUr,in? ??" ' < ???'< ikof.!?****- ' rrr' i,^, 1 iorl? >? l'0?d. er <1 thtoflM. 'hi ft* * *"'Jul M AMUSEMENTS PAJLJUU'tf MEW VOltK OPKHA HO LIS. [T t~~ Ad'I. itiiou Our Dollar, to all pacta ol the honae flours o|..'u or half-imai T?Prr o'inanea to couauseuee at I UL^DKR OK THt OHOir.-liiA-" Hjli. KAPKTX1 CoiBhmad wuh ait tla> former Hiaiiugnist'ril PmifOOlt. BKNKKIT OK HIONOK V tLTELLlNA. MONDAV tVKNl.NO, May *i. Will b< on-wo'^ i f Oi?n, called i' l URITANI Elv>ra Pignora Borgheaa B'r tlearge big VaittJlita. An Oyi Kail Orch'stra The erlebra rd 8a"i-Srious Duo ol t^e Pistol and roignard Irons the Kiauil Op ra . fChiar- di Koaeuberg in ap!>r Trial* Coaiume, by Sig- Val rlli't and Sarquiiico N, d.?The Bm Other la now open ??rry day during the ?<*?. from 10 o'clock A M., uuiil 4 o'clock P VI., when seats ? iy Ba secured I'oi the rusting aauun Kegular season seals transferable Trice $ '" for 1 wrlvr ItrprraruLatiuiio. Sulucrgr-Ia uut iwon- u seats llir inirr ol in Oli I nlnrsul at tt for the ataaaoo?not l><uial< ruble. ftage Huu'i Mr. Willi lL/~Tbr public are i'tpeitfulir lufoiinnd that lha Bath* Iwvr ' been newly arranged ami Inl-d up in & inmdauuit al> le, and ar? ' in fall operation, > iatu and d.-v I'.VHK TIIKATHK. | boine 91 I 1 euta ' Gallery ti Mr Maeretdr'a Bust-lie, ? ><t uva-y hie I at appearance ' (hit e-ea n MONDAY EVk.NI>' ., Juu'T iaTiTb* per'oimed, THE BRIDAL. M i. tut Mr V arreadv l'ocotclu e Willi the new C m U ctt e'title* CI ? Y WIVES| h. < i l Y Hi * IIA N S CHATHA M I'liKATRJE. Botee 26 ' > i' I'" i_nnia MONDAY KVEfa|\o luu in. - r. innicuc* wi h KlNGE HIl'H MID v E I HIKOE After wni. h ORE I' N M >UN r M a HoY. In conclude w.t l II' W h D Hul 3 3 WIBL.O'S "ii ARDEN. The FKOPRIKT OA .1 tint i?i u at n d f ahionabl* eatabliahineui t-a Hcil'il' iiir-'.na tli- pubi c tin' it will OPE EOR TH SUMMED s \SiiN ON MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 3, 184*. The i.tertauiuieiiia will be uu< er the o|e direction of M U MlTl'tt" LL, A-d W M cncai-11 r n e.,n t nl ancreaa'o of Op raa, Maiir.l Anrle ua El aaag una, 0|?r Itaa, V tud M' le., B?ll< ta and ham a.anliieu bv a lull at <1 (tile nt Cotninuy, to who )i ill b a i it'll# a'!da I MA^V >11 h Ml AND POPUL VK AHTI8TB, ho wi I r iu th# a israe of tie aeaaon Eapec al c* e wil be uka'i m the T ii'uciion nf ry*ry ntar* tainiiien>, in an. ar it aa par> I at p -aaib e i . S e ic I'(lee, oa uiD', Pr |ie't e? ana ?ll other a iu i-nam ea?to eua lie whi. ti iha moat t denied artiata in erery d |ar mam lute been engage I. I lia S.tL'>ONS, GARDENS ami PRO WF.NA'.'ES h-?e all nadeigona a c'io> u h Renorat on and Ke-i'ec rati hi. w til a new .o Combine in h.' hgheitd.g'e th* grna' earentiala, comfort and co-'Terience, with rlegai ce of d'aigu Th" w hola nf the interior rmbt'llnhm nta hav bran ea?enied by tliacelehrttd 't ela, SigmrCAPh.LLI and Mr HlrLGE, while the Scenic Dr|)*''meut haa beeu allotted to Mr. BENOOUOH, who haa juttcinnpleieil A >EW ACT DROP. A atdeu'id ataortniant nf rare and rotily Exotica haa b??o ail etl t? th* many thouatuda of ha uti'ul Pia ,u and Bh aba tlrea ly collect d in the tiardeua and Conaervaturiea. The Company, at the commencement of the aeaaon, will Coual .I of Mr. Mitrhel), Miat Hol'nnd, Mr. heun?, >lr?. T?y|nr, Mr. Nickmton, Mia. Clarhe, Mr Dunn, Vliaa Ha daick, Mr. De.uniaoi, Mra vt alia Mr Claike, Miaa Mat wood, Mr h T<T<trd, Miaa Wh.nler, Mr. Intviaon, Miaa Hob. rl?, Mr, Patte eon. Miaa Partington, Mi. B un ui. Miaa King, >lr. Koa nthal), Miaa 'Venb, M-. Bleeikrr, Miaa M King, Mr. I.e?ere, i\ji|i SrotC, ,?ir v*n|>ra|[ur, I Mm Kver-rti, Mr. Hue, I j\1r?. Duuu. Prompter Mr Maker lu ad'i'ioo to whim ru.pgrmfii i are now iiendinff with in? .v aitilti f acknowledged ce ehri'.y a. d eicetleuce Evary etfort ha? been u* d in the teleilion of th- Oll''HKvTKA. to reader it pe,frcc ami elAcieut in eerrv reapect? and it it brlirve' thii intention h<i breu earned out to ih:.' t'ul eit e* -cut, b, th ei itaneme. t u> t ie IoIIohtii g eminent i'rul'eaiuri, who will iierform under 'h'abl-dir?c ion of MB. Ok.OltO . LODf.K. Leader of the Orchestra- Mr. Mauri. G. Bri-itow, Jacohi. Aupiok, De Luce, J Ayliffe, Truji, Ayliffo J Kyle, NidiU, Moll oid, ll uiei, W reach, G >odwin, Grom-elt, V'oodi, MnignfT, Bri tow, Peterichen. Spur, Kieff, Macbiueiy--Mr. Burua. I Proiiertiea---Mr. Roberta. Coitueiea .Vlri. - tad Araialanta. The arrange . ema a' the duore and in tue >.i':o >ni will ba under the direction of Mr. COutlYN, Iretaurer 10 the Company. Police ofllcera will be in conataut attendance, and the ntmnat Coe will be taken to nniutiiu oriier and decuruui, aud all iniprmier peraona will be i r'ctly eidniled. ir/- Ommbntea will tun to and fioin the (garden during the evening. tC^TICKETS F1KTY CENTB^U NO POSTPONEMENT at thin Eitabllahment on account of weather, <u lite Oraud Entrance from iirna'way lo thr S t loon is protected, and the New Sa'ron, which is Ventilated from 'he top and aidea, can be encloied at a inntiinut'i notice. mM rc OLYMPIC THEATRE. OPENS ON M(>vD \ Y, JUNK JD. Eirat arrear'iice of the " N t.CH'>M aNCf.ll OE THE 191 H CENTURY." Multuin in I'arvo?Three ethibuiouf euifi iiird?by i e p>*.i MUSIC! M.IUIC a .'ISl> VENTRILOQUISM !! I All three, noteitiea m this c iuulr ?new aialiumv .tinea Tiiclta?aud nnrivai'ed ei?rc>a * in V' nnh.ijuiitn. Stare lifted up with every leiumte, nnln utly illamina-ed. .pleoil'd fC tiery, * 'Tge'ilu lit luya. I he e Iniiet fur ihe diaelay of the luc iiipriTiriieible h e te. e. m; "led ? f papier much -, eilrer, e.itlu wood, lie. all fiiin'iw a TfcVPLEOK ENCHANTMENT u'table t'i 'he display ol Cabaliatic be min ua '1'ha r'en tan-mew wilt tie m thr.* piru :-Kirat a .d I a'Mar r !- T # tecumI Part Mr. SU P t ON will g ve ~ gr nd ?c-"? of V?? r.lqui m. Me ley"* rture on two Je a 'turpi, * Fiutana < n the Sym,.houiau, ?nd a limine iir on Piof a<or Courerina. THEATRE PRICES-NO INCREASE. Dicn oi?u ?l7 'e.oek. ijiTUi. riiti preoufli niS'i'cKk Die?? Bcsee 50 cenis. l.'i |-r Buses tft MnM P|i Witt LYildreu under U ynr< ? i li their |iareuli or gusrili ics hilf yr'ce to Ul'l er sod Lower Buses. Pn,(Minims >) yarf rmscc- he had oralis at 'h? Bni office. I'ri'aie Buses $V O ctvstia do. $3 nH'J ic*rre VAIV',A'''Acting Manager,- \.r?, I iuui Manager--Mr. W. Icot 'I he Public is rtipecjully itlo m o chit ill" Saloon will be opened on MONDAY, 3d JliNK 1844, wi'h a Piece of Ksir is.umo..r m i'i- shaie of in Introductory Sketch, wntirn br ilH W cLIHH', eutnled KOfl-Tl.MM IO ! Aud Her Hi vrr-l ( fled Servile ! Timm-i"1, Mrs Tiin.n | t ongbt' k Mr We'eot. Tlwoth-r Serea ti ny the h l*ol i'?| ft-d t mi'my. Alter wl i li ?I). w - ere ' V Nlr W . c I, eel *J HI," Kltle.NlrS ANI> HAOS Iq ?.Inch Mr. \ValCft will au-t in Hour i hirscten. Charles Sceptic Mr Wale-11 Lie a Ki fey- jlr Aodrtou An loir rmiuion of I slf en boar. The euteit i-niei.t? to c mciaiie with the Isugha' I# force of WHO'LL Lk -o VIK A w l! e, I Mrs O'Sciew Mrslimml iigime Mis C limn AdolrliMiR Mr W.i.cot I Jem Head Mi bract n Duort UI be oi?ned st 'H " C 1 ck; Perl 'limner to cinnneni ? s'II o'clock ne i,. 1, I'm a u Boies ihr e Uollirs each, (for us hers. us I 8"> mi T ekets, s.g dolla s each. V igiWi t P. bee ('ffii t i i.| he const mlly i attend mC" Hnl Dsn sod (Inniibuisis to aud from City Hail, pe-s the G if 'eu 'nil midnight. J ichets, M coots. jVc AMKU I CAN MUSK Car AOKIAL (JAHllKN . < N I) P c, HP t I* U A L K A i i'. , Corner of Brmdw ,iad Ann meet, opposite tbe Aitnr Hnnw. I 1. OA It.HUM VlATHAtrKIt Every Day ami Evening 7his IVtek, commencing Monday, June 3id. P? ItKOKMAACKR 1 ach al'ernooc. ai nail-last l o'clock, and 9 in theepenow. I'lie UiANT A^U lilASaii!! Vlr. ondMr. Itandrll. >Vrno, together, im-c lire Mil Imt chat Kiiuilmi peat, tnek l y ih-m I he tail f'tir e?er kaoVI, are In lie itu iTirv d y, lroui ' < o'clock A.M. till 1, from '< till litl.-t net J, nu<l tro.n 7 Ull 10. 1 In m uiaHrr la a;->>y lo announce a re-eun niemrnt with Ihe OKPlle.AN R'A MI f. * ! of fi\e |H-r? nllinuaiciaca ol the lint cla-i, one of whom la a Utile Miaa ol hull ait venra 1 he family am ear in a variety i( Sonya. Duetu.Trioa, Ho.irtut'a, he. (InfcAT WK9TKIJN will a|>|>ear in hit Comic V ankee Lecture ou Animal Mu|neliatn auJ alao hi a imitation of i Locomotive. MK rt K. O Nfcl.LII*, the man born withant arm?, will alao appear ic aomeol the m> at aa'onialunit feau with lua loea, winch Miliar be |M o be tie ievei|. La Petite Cento the Uaoae iae. A Uenuiilal Cnllectioa ol Wai Fiffurea, Oiraffe, It*., lie 'I'he i*lPar. V t^Cfca-N, the Pontine ialMi.tuae baaaaunnd pne-i-ly consulted at all hours ol the day ami evening. (ljy*" Vilinusion to the whole 2b cenia?children under tel. yean, hsltpricn. 2b seat lira for cona iltati' as ??' ic riipae* d ?, iii2G rc PKALUi DEW YOHK AKIHIM. V.vti I'll ItlKh UA1. ,.e..<? hroadwav, nop iaite the ny Hull. MK. H. BKN? TT MAN API- K, AKTKRNOON PK.HKoft.Vla.NCR.8 KVr.KV UAV, \t 1 o'cl' ck. ALL FOH (INK HH LLIMi. fcXTHAOKftlN HY ! A8 I 0 "* I "MONO ! W O N 1) K U V HI. A v |) T h M K .VUUUH AT I'll ACTIONS OIANT BOY?IB VKAtvS ?N1) OVr.R HfcVKN KELT HIOH RAT OlHL, I)W \l< R AM) (JIANTKSS. A OIAN J Ol IIL, Fourteen Veui Old, wrtyhalbO Pounds, A DIVA HE < BKINts TURKIC INl IIKHKHOHTKK THAN TOM THUMB I A GIANTESS, NKUII.V SEVEN KKKT HIGH i EIGHT I'K hKOKMEKS ' STEKVU I) PAl>Tl Nt.s OK Tile. OONKI, AO11ATI0N OK THE UHUllMIKA IN PHILADELPHIA! Deatr.iyed dariotf the lute lliot* Tik n ui uu the aiiot, by vi etnti'Pnl n'tial. Then* iHftnrea eo?e aome limiilirOa 01 aPare feet ol guitiii, nnhi tcirn >lic whole <il the Suil-i. OIO.A 1 HUCCK^S OK THK WONDERKUL. OiiPIIAN KAMILV. Or, I'ennylteg Vocal lata conaiatin* of a father, Mothei, mm nerep Hinall Children ! Theae are the H?'l Or liaa .Yleloduts, u th?y tins OFTEN, fit OFTEN, and drink OFTEN. The following tvrforrner* miiaged? MH WIN"HKI.L, the Comic Delineator! Mm vi All? UlUTON, mn.b-1 BARTON, aad Mim A. RAIITON, the much atltnir d tocalitt* ! Mr. COvuVKit, the P oiran Perf. mie' Ortnil l!oamnmma Sell Tlnyiuit Mrlnd-ui, H,.|eudtd Pictare Otillery, and KHH) < U'iomiiea. If^'Alieruoou IVtforiiihiieei W'pdafaday'a at d Mthirdav'a at 1 o'rlo^B, lor the convenience of lliP day viait'ta; no eltra eh rf to the pet formam at. To Cinnniincc in the eventim at t o'clock. TKMPLK Or llllt DDAir HINDOO Ml H7~ L K M , A Hi'INATION AM AT I. lU'tOLK Hk . At IVmhinj'lon //-?//, Hrnmlwny, E V K 11 V EVENING THIS WEEK, w> r?>! FA Kill OF A VA C7* PftMtranimea a' VIu?I< t 1 e*. Hotel* and Hall ' Adiniatuit. tierota? Ol*n ai "it. roniine?c? at 1n'clock ju3 ft PA' .. K T >'<IR II A Vilr.-Sreo?d Ivne? I h Hhm P r?A, nil I l inci, ?n?t?r, will ami 01 BHlaili''IX of Jnlr. Kor rrnnht or ixomir, >stI v to BOY,/k t INCKIlY. j vr No. 'J Tnntin? Building. en? Wt|l vrt ffi'n ,t?. UNION CO UK. st: TO LKT, th# OtiIt ud Virtnalliai Hwniti o- the I'nioB < luquir* of ? , |M. D. WINCHKL, Id U*?; 144 ?prtag uraat I BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Washington. [C'orreepondence ol the Herald.] WAfeMi.noroA, June 1, 1844. The democrat* held a Uige meeting, by way of ratifying the uemination ot Polk and Delia*, laM evening, in front of the Theatre. There were eerejal good speeches made ? appropriate resolutions? uud an abundance ot cheer* and enthusiasm. The wing* tried hard to break up the meeting by starting out the engine* by a false alarm of fire, but they were put down The nice ting continued tide very 'ate hour There ta r.o news of any interest this morning. The attention of Conftiew isnow directed exclusively to winding up their bn-in.-aw preparatory to adjournment. Every day will probably produce some important action in one or Ootii branches of Congress In the Executive Department the President hat three important nomination* yet to make, to wit: Judg-in the Penii?vivini < District, Secretary of the Treasury, itud Chargl to Texas, in place of Gen. Murphy. Ttie S-nate ha* one important nomination yet before them not acted on?Chancellor vV?|tvi>rih, Judge in the N.-w York Hutrict S.. BTW! SiTY.fCKJIlTII COMQRKI1 ?' I K ? T t# H t? A I O S Senate Washington, June 1, l&U ratukauzation Mr. Buchanan presented u petition from citizens of Philad* hiltta a.-kttig Congress to pea* a law requiring a 21 years' residence of foreigners brtore naiurnliz tiion. Mr B in pre?entmg the memorial | stuied that he teli it his duty to mv that he differed entirely from the petitioners in his view of that quest inn They naked that CongreM would take prompt action upon the subject, and he therefore moved the memorial t?a referred to the Committee ori the Judiciary, and he hoped they would make an caily report thereon. wkstkkn harso* bi1.l. Thin Hill was again culled U|> and discussed, particuiarly with respect to the harbor at Buffalo. To understand this latter question, it would be necessary to go very exiensively into sundry published documents, accompanied by plans, dec Mr. h vans wished to leave the whole question open. He said there were three modes of improving the Harbor. Ttie present appropriation limit* to one of these three plans. The War Department proposed to erect a luig scm wall or breali-water, which would make a valuable Harbor for the accommodation of the Lake commerce. This was one plan. Another was, to ojen wider and deeper the mou h of the present channel, thus giving two entrances and two eiits. Mr Cvana wished delay until the whole mailer could be examined by ths proper authorities. He said he suspected that these different plans originated in interested individuals. He proposed delay, but no particular plsn. Mr. Wridht made some remarks: hut without diagrams, or local knowledge, it would he difficult to understand them. He would leave nothing to the discretion ol the department, but go on with our own work. Mr. Wkigiit proposed to amend the genera! Appropriation hill by inserting #20,(K)0, uistend of StllHHK). as it now .funds. for the iimirnvi merit of the harbor at the mouth of the Crenneaaee Htver. The reason ot thin he stated to be the recent damages the ;>iera had sustained fry a storm which had occurred since the hill was introduced into the Mouse. #10,000 would only repair this damage, without making the repairs contemplated. The amendment was lost The yeas and navs Were then called upon the engrossment of the bill, which were ordered?yeas 32, nays 6 ; the latter. Archer, Athenon, Colquitt, Haywood, linger, and McDuffie. kastrrn ok atlantic 11a11bor bill. The bill (House bill) for the improvement of certain harbors and rivers upon the Atlantic coast, was then taken up and read. Col Mkrrjck moved to amend bv inserting #20,000 for deepening the Harbor of Baltimore. Some discussion arose upon this motion?but there was evidently a desire to pars it over, and hurry on with the Business. The yeas and nays were called, and the amendment rejected ; yeas 14, nuys 23. Mr Dayton moved to amend the bill by inserting #250,000 for a break-w ater ution Crow Shoal. (Laughter ) lie hoped this would meet with the approbation ol the Senate. (Great laughter.) He da .1... uru,. au ram nm (cm. tinned laughter) liut lie in modesty would only ark for $250,(KM). (Loud laughter.) Alter h lew pleasant remarks, the amendment was rejected. Some other amendments were offered and re? jected. The question was then taken by yeaa and nays on ordering the bill to b<- engrossed anu read a third time. Carried ; veas 32, nays 8 The Senate then proceeded to the consideration of Executive business. * ' : "CK\'rK MV'! -Lh ('I H'KSK. TRO T TING AND PAGING. TUl KDAY J?? r4b Kt 3 t'ciiM-k, P M.?-Purc|iM, two M.l?? Ilea a, and*?r ih- tAdrila. J H h?- t?li? ei.U-rt* h.|, R.fl*. A < ncbltu ? | HffB0. m fti * (if |. h?'i? Iw r ia r|y *ft r pu'? $>0. fur Pici * H -raft. M i Maata. a,i i)? Mil ft*f, 11 h* r;?'a? ? Wh"l Irv.auuri MaCralh^ia U. Hif??i??Mn? " 'hh Hilly M Vilia " b n? Aviy I'^wc. Win V ha hi m i*airv A Pnr?*? ??f % 10 Ail *r ?iv u. M I* H?**u h?a? tliraa iq flr* ti.n'a ?h- *r a for troctn * h tbnt n?ft *db ? i>nrat til'thi tv d .1 am nriiM' f.o roin# 1f Juu+ ta cl#ia Tn?a?<ay hiie 4 11 h> 1oM ck. P M ,af. Joa??'tac'ind Wan< Ho al, ib'i * or mora in ?k a raca J1 I'' J? CENTREVILLE COURSE-FOOT RACE A l'ur?e "i SV wil. be gif.u fur n KOOT HACK, Mi'u im i-ntn-u(To*?r tli? ?bo?c Coor>n, on THURSDAY, Iuj* 6th. ) rtr r? to m^i)? on Tn?il.ijr. Jnoe 4|li. If 10 o'clock, P. M ?t Jure*' Hrcoi.6 W*rd Hotel Kifly I'mit* will b-cluricd f. r inch cut rv. No twnon the I iannt"nt*r4 will b? *'lowed to tint Thiity minute* to b? allowed betwran the hit*. it ti*Jc RACES-UNION COURSE, LONG 18LA 1) NOIl TH AOMNHT THE SOUTH. THE regular Ji clrv ' l?il# reeettug over the *b ? *< mrte, wil comniMtCf Tu* ?d?> Juie 4th, 1144, al?1 footi'.n* the? Ijr i. Kif?t<! r Tuesday? I ckey < -1 n>? Tun'' 9WO?$'?0 to go to tli?* ? r Mil h**t h Tie ; two ti??|e b?att M*Tf iliV-Pnii' $S0~ < ntr ?uc? $10 idd d , ir il? hMU ; two or mo e to in ike o mre. o ?l Wrdirfdnv-Jtiflcf U'u1* rnrte $509?$100 to go r, the ?er.*n ' horse : fhr e mil Ii?a'? Third day, I bo ??'n y?/> rke> ' lu Parse $1000?| to# logo to the second l? ?? h?r?e ; four mil h its *nme 'ay?Parse $'i ?en'rauf* $ " added; mil# heats; two or mort to t> he t race , . Shoald the e he r ? ecord !*?' horse f rei h** of th* tboet Par?fi trie wr tie, t> rere te hi t<W $400and $800 Kntnea to b* m iir n' J?*nn h -itru r r tr* uav prerwmi to ?achfi?fe Jin6 to .}< ' va?t fully af f oV'ock P. M, Th* mil" h*? on Tn ??laV m??l I hnr?d ?% com? on At 1 V. M Mta vflprh thcnulir nrkf dab Param Tlx* Ibl'owini ?a?kt?l^o * ill I>" ?n Att-nHtn^a From New ?Mr, La rd wnli Kaahiou. Delaware, Y a ma crow, a 5 yr o'd Uwc"" A?dA 4 yr old by bhn'h Mf Cla?l?a Hovd with the br to rkrio# aod orhatA Mr. Jab K Vm M^ftwuh Ok- a HtuUt fhe 5 v old Mercer, aod tf * 4 \t old K?lly, hy l' mice. ' uf of Mias Mat'ie. From ibeUUrd? H. A CoooTrr wth D jfhug Voni# Dnrr, Pun? u ki mad LtrinctC n . nt. Job foii with Bin Pick. N'id.ia and Senator, via Mr. *r?rr Willi l'i\t?y. Anthony, fcr (mid i>*rh?p. otb.r *Ubi*?) a i I lin n rrum the So itti 'J hi** brautilul racing inny ? ulicipilH Irrimi f Ailmitut c* to the -neloird ipwr lt*ud*nt> ?f th? city of Vr* V oik nad U'mR hhnd. $20 |er anran, , n#n. .fidr- u $; ih* m?tii* ;'rMad Jltaud $.00; Biiui fl or 1 r?rk Meat*; I* i>'ld Auu.d 2'i .rati. By th* -wemtart ol ih? Nr. York Jockey ('In l\ wr tie .a horitad to lUt* lli.t ihe rhnrai>ion uf th* tnMK , Blur Dick, ill run ng"in?t hnahinn, the champion cf li r Ninth, oa I'hnr.dnf ; lour o i'* h*V? The liland lUilnml ("ompanT will ron cart at i iff?wat man oach diy, oi whic da* notir* will h* una jel It * BEACON COURSE. TIIE GREAT FOOT RACE r\F PC.- POKVlMi Hi>^ Mil.;- i IN (INK HOUR ' * a pnr?. I ?*cti, will c m* oflf n?*r h* ibo** I niie, " I ?d<y Jim" id. .1 < o'clock !'. M I h* (allowing peinon, iiv i titer* t to run . ... In jur II Siai aird, cf C"B. | 'ohu Utt'M'r of "V'* '."'k Mm l i. liif'inoftft, of Tarn**. I b Mi* A I r?* oj f. " "M*od r?Carli#.?fS Vork, I !? ? > Y? 1 ^ 1 * mrt Dig ?? <>f Willuintk'gh. I J u.ta >!?* ?*, o'L^.r* , *r* Wi. of N V?, /( ^fl-'-or ol Ih.Wdrl; h.n. M.M/tnn, o' * York I vlf LmJ,"1? t v..i vi,?,,,7p?0Khk<* .i- i{*""* *" *!" ! ?**X",; /oho Smith of V k J fr-.-ry f h?P ?. "fN?? >ork. \1 .on. Wof.lon. Roy ??r ->f NikhiBou. J ropy' >t? k?rn . N 0 ?'I h? ?<f? oflhr < r?r?? will op?,?i ?t II o tlu k 'rirrt I f A?tin'f <1.111?( Inh "Moil 1'.""J* ?*" ir"S " *H f V#mb?rt jVk?M >i ihi? r,viiu? informed ?h*y will lot ? 01 i KB ou ihu 4?y. ?" *