Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1844 Page 3
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delightfhl day puu{e down tho Hudson, arriving in thii city in time to take the Eastern boat* in the afternoon, and arrive et Boston at an early hoar the idQowiaf roorniug, in time to commence bmineei as usual ; consequently he does not lose a moment, notwithstanding the increased distance, but saves one dollar and fifty cents tn. pense, and views the scenery of one of the noblest rivers in the world. These facilities for travelling between the east and the west, otherwise than over the Western road, should have sufhcsgit weignt with the directors of that eompany, to induce them to remodel their tariff of prices, to enable thein to secure a large portion of .the travel that is now attracted to other routes. Counterfeit three's on the Merchants' Bank of Newburyport, are in circulation. They have a figure of Solon in the centre ; right hand end piece, a ship, and left band, - gin. in hit inbiunct'h oi couuierienn ot ?uj ? >nomination, tha safest way ii to refuse all bill* of the donomination counterfeited. The banki require full enough of tha people in riving circulation to their genuine issues, anil the moment a bill i? counterfeited, a new isiue should be made differing in appearance in every particular Irom the old plate, and the old issue withdrawn an fast as possible from circulation and destroyed. In a table, published a few day* aince, giving the amount of toll* received from the public wotk* for Ohio of 1844, compared with 1843, the following itema appeared in relation to the Wabash and trie canal. Raccirra or thc Wabash and Kmc Canal, roa Six Month*, 18.3 and 1844. Amount received for toll*, from November 14, 194? to May 14, 1843 $ 048 38 Amount received for toll* from November 13, 1843 to May 1?, 1344 '12,813 ?8 Increase for *ix months, ending May 12, 1844.. .$11,863 84 The cause of this immense increase in the tolls on this canal can be traced to the immense amount of merchandise transported this year compared with last. We annex a comparative atatement of property arrived and cleared at Toledo, on the Wabash and Erie Canal far the mouth olTMay 1843 and 1844. Comsikrck or Tolxdo, Ohio. Arbived. Article i. 1M3. 1844. Inert ate. Flour, bills, 4,384 4,038 Pork, " 1,014 8.063 7,049 Beef, " 34 463 418 Wheat, boih, 14,057 30 092 16,035 Com. " 1,453 13,571 13,118 Flaxseed" 334 755 531 Clover andxrnis seed, buih,- 1,140 538 Bacon, lb?, 411.758 1,340.404 938,846 Lad. " 453,396 1,387.951 83 ) 565 1'ut and pearl nth's, lbs, 51,388 181,560 130,173 Cleared. iArticlet. 1843 1244. Increatt. Mr-rchninline, lbs, 143,860 778,445 635,58) Iron and nails, " 20 540 65 217 44,677 Fnrnitn'e, " 44 785 98,550 53.765 Asricullnral implements, lbs, 5 386 18,423 13,037 Casein**, lbs, 47,682 4i,6b0 This is a very great improvement for a place like Toledo, but it is only on a par with many others. These table* are at all time* full of interest, as they give the most conclusive evidence of the rapid improvement of the wealth of the country, and the immense resources of the west in an agricultural point of viaw. The position of the British Ministry in relation to several very important movements going on throughout ureaqnriiam, is at tne present moment anything nut a desirable one. With an opposition formed of the free trade'party on the subject of the eorn laws, and tho joint stock and private banks on the proposed system of banking,they have much to contend against. The free trade party of Oreat Britain And strong arguments in favor of their cause in the operations of the banking system. The vosperity of the kingdom depends more upon the state of the harvest than upon the movements in the currency Two bad harvests in succession will destroy all the ealculations of financiers, and create a complete revolution in the finances of the country, by drawing out the stocks of bullion, and throwing the balance of exchanges against the country. The defective harvests of 1838, 1839 and 1840 reduced the bullion in the Bank of England from ?11,383,000 in 1838, to ?3,887,000 in December, 1843, he. sides requiring a loan of ?3,600,000 from the Bank op France. This state of things was not produced by any mistaken policy of the government, or by the derangement of any of the regular laws of trade, but by unfav| orahle seasons, against which it is impossible to standor the coming of which it is impossible to foresee. A very short period will serve to reduce a country like Oreat Britain not growing her own breadstuff's,from the greatest prosperity to the lowest depths of distress. There were drains ot specie from the Bank of England in 1818, 1830 and 1889, ail of which wore caused by defective harvests. Importst'Ohi or WriKAT, and Bullion in the Bank or England. Wheat imparted Bullion in the Bank. 1B17, 1.089.855 qrs. Aui{. 1817. ?11,168,288 1818. 1.694 'Mil " Aug. 1818, ?,I83 ISO nil. Mi C.18 " AUK. 1819, 3 695,380 IffiO. rtALmu PfUftAfl? I 29, 1,667 479 " Ki t>. 1830, 9,171,000 into, 1 699.939 " Ktb 1831, 8 217.050 1831, 2 297,090 " Feb. 1832, 5,293,130 Importation crassd? J2i8. (rod of) * " ' 1241.360 " Jail. 1839. 0,336.000 1019, ' 2,634,536 " Dt-C 2,887,000 1810, " 1,993.383 " Jan. 1841, 4,061.000 1811, " .... 2 300 898 " Jan. 1842, 5,602,010 1942, " .... 2,068,051 " Jan. 1843, 10,932,000 In 1843 the importation ceased, and the bullion in the Bank hat since steadily increased, until it has reached ? 10,322 ooo. In 1832, the imports of wheat ceased, and from February, 1832, to October, 1833, the bullion increased from ?5,293,150 to ?10,900,000. We see by this the operations of had harvests, and the dangers trade and commerce are subject to from tha drains of specie that invariably follow large importations of wheat. A nation is not compelled to import any of the luxuries of life, without the balance of trade is so much in her favor that it is necessary to regulate it by exchanges of manufactures instead of exchanges of specie. But a short supply of food must he filled up. An importation of breadstuff* is not optional, under a short crop; at all hazards the vacuum must be filled, and specie must go forward, if necessary to pay for it. The balances of trade between two countries ean, in almost every instance, be regulated and liquidated by a cessation of imports or ex' ports, when neither depend upon the other for breadstuffs ; but that nation importing grain to supply the deficiency in her own crop, to meet the home consumption, must at timsi become the debtor of the nation furnishing the supplies. The large importations of wheat into Great Britain within the past ten years have, as we have above shown, caused very severe drains of bullion from the Bank of F.ngland ; but they have had very little influence on the circulation of that institution. Amidst all the flue' tuations in the amount ot bullion on hand, the issues have been kept very regular. We annex returns covering a period of eleven years, within which time three aeieciive Harvests nave been experienced. Bank or Fnoland. Circulation. Depotiti. Bullion. Sicurit'?. Oct. 1833 ... 19,*(MI,?l)0 13,000 ( no J0,9"0,l)00 24 2)10,000 Alls. 1831... I9.II7.IOO IS.304,000 8,272 000 28 679.000 April ISIS... 18 591,000 11,289,000 6,129,000 26,228 000 Jik'y 18:16.. . 17 262,000 19,169 000 7,076.)00 31 954 100 J*i?? "... 18.081,*00 1 3.277,0)0 7,661,000 26,534,000 Feb. 1837 ... 17 *68,000 14.230,000 4 032,(00 31 085,000 April 1838... 18,987 000 11262,1810 10,126,1,011 22 838.0*0 Oat. ' ... 19,2.9,000 9.327,000 9,437,000 22 01, 000 D*c " ... 18,4('>,000 9 031,000 9,363 0*0 20 707,00(1 Oct. 1839... 17 612 000 6,73( 000 2,525 000 24 919,880 Oct. 1840... (7 2:11000 6 762 1,00 4.116 000 22.782 000 Jm. 1842... 16,633,000 7,948.000 4,779,000 22.6*0.000 Oct. " ... 20,064.000 9 368 000 9 618.000 22,573.000 hi?, 18(3... 10,314,000 10,980.000 12.098.000 21.392.000 )) c 2 19 121 00C 10,9(4,000 *12.275 080 20 926.000 D-c 30 19.098 400 11,751,000 12.86',,000 21,067,1810 April 25,1814- 21,427,100 13 615,000 10,0 5,000 22,150,000 This regular expansion of the circulation prevented any vary serious etfectH from the decrease of bullion, hut tno position of the Dank was at times very precarious, and the government of the institution made great efforts to compel the country hanks to reduce their circulation, so as they could bring theirs within proper limits. To do this, they advanced the rate of interest from four and a half to six per cent, which reduced the circulation to ?16,633,000 in January, 1642. This contraction reduced prices for most avery article of trade. In October ol the sam^year?1842? the circulation of the Bank had reached ?20,040,000, being an increase of ?3 371,000 in about nine months. The bullion in the Bank I also began to accumulate, and in ihe same time increased from ?9,633,000 to ? 13,096,000. Since that time the seasons have been very favorable, and the circulation and bullion has steadily advanced, until both are at this moment larger than tliey have ever been before. The effect ot this expansion has been a steady improvement in pricesfor most all descriptions of manufactures and commodities of the country. Thejcontractions that have taken place in the paper issues of the bonks of Great Bri tain, have been caused by the greatyefflux of bullion to pay for the heavy importations ol wheat during a scarcity at home. The grain imported into Great Britain comes principally from countries with whom there is a very trifling export trade, and to whom they are obliged to ship specie. This is the efl'ect of her sliding scalo of duties. Were her ports thrown open to the agricultural products of those countries with whom she has an extensive commerce, she could pay for her breadstuff's in her own manufactures, thereby increasing the industry of her own riti. 7.fiis ntul preventing thoie drain* of ipecie, ih? ii ho liable to milter from. A? the imputation of Clroat Rrital:i increase*, thi* evil will alio increase until one or two defective barveit* will annul all her currency lyitems, and uniettle all the commercial attain of the country. Mn.r* or Brora* i* Bourn*, Jrxr. ft. ftiharci Weitern Railroad, $7tt per chare 1ft " Benton and Providence lUilroad,k| percent adv. ft " and Na*hna Railroad, per cent adv. (4 " Hamilton Maut g eJo. IIJ per cent u<fv. 49 " Now Kugland Bank, 2J per cent adv 16 " Marckeuti'Bank, ft per cent adv. 60 " Calaii Bank?$'W.per ahar*. 94 " NorthfBank, $99} par a)i*i " City Bank, $96} per (ban 6 " Shoeli Leather Dealer*'Buii*. 14 l?er cent o W. 90 " Cut Boston Co. (di* on) $19} P*r 'hero 30 " Boa ten Munum, $96 a 00 f <1 ? 20 " Mm Fire an<l Marine Inn i o $9'? per (hare 60 " Perkin'a Manfj Co. 0} per cent ?i? Old Stock Rack*. $5000 N Y 7'? '41 109 200 U 8 ak 9H 44000 Ohio O'l to t too* 42 Ia- 94, 2?aoo do t>30 101 50 Vickakb'gBk bj OS 5000 do b30 100? 25 do !))t 4000 do 7'? li?4)i 100 y Harm laua. 40 5000 Keutoehy #' . 10454 10 Morrja ('anal 14 100(10 Illinois op Bdi b20 51 50 Merck'* > a Co 3" 5000 do 51^ 10 do 2') 5000 an ?:iu sow s Canton Co 55 21000 Indians Bonds 45k 65 do M 120* 0 do -45?a 25 do nits ViW '2S2 a? ,e" 15 m ,,u o *? 1.^ nA n. 4JV 100 Harlfru llK ?3?' 8100 Ind Dol Bds i60 45 '00 do floV 5000 Penn'a 5'. btw 78 100 ,lo b30 82 J?* do 78 ioo do 80 5"?" 4? bIS 78 100 do ti30 81k ???? do 77 k 350 L Island RR 82 Jf?. n f? ? . b(0 78 32.5 do 82S .?? , 81 Hidsou 120 l?0 do sn 82 20 *k Com. scrip look 50 Stoninrton RR in ?.?; p do ,, 100 325 *N<" & Wor KK 62 250 Formers' Loan 47 275 do ?!k '?? do UW 4 7 25 do >00 61 3?? do 46X? 125 do 62>i 200 do 46 25 do buw 63 5? do 46k 25 do s60 62 50 N A I rust b30 16 50 do 15 d? 62 25 Illinois Mate Bk 29 50 Reading RR blO 56 25 do rpii 28 200 do 55k 35 do 27k 50 do b20 56 Second Board. *1000 Ohio 6's look 105 L Maud RR an 83k 10100 Indiana Bds 45k 150 do b3Q 84 4000 Corporation 5's TO look 50 do b20 14k 50 shs Nor & Wor 63V 50 do 81 k 50 do 6Jk 50 Farmars' Loan bio 48 100 do 63k 50 do b3 47 I? do 64 55 do bj 47 k 50 do b30 65 50 Stonington RR 50 25 _ do bSO 65 50 do 50 50 L Island BR tw 83 5 Illinois Bds 30 50 do 83 k 35 do 30 50 do blS 83k New Stock Exchange. $5000 N V 7's '49 109 50 Karmeris' Loan b30 48 3 25000 Ohio 6's '60 6 30 101 150 do 47*4 26000 do esh look 150 do nw 17 ' 50 0 do b30 100k 50 do 46k 13000 Indiana 5's 45k 100 do 46>4 3000 do 45k 200 do 46 6000 do 45>4 50 do 46V 30000 do |60 45 25 Illinois Bk 29 4000 Ohio 7's 104 k 75 do 28 5000 Kentucky 6's 104k 35 do 27 10000 Illinois b30 51 10 Morris Canal 14 5000 do 5ik 50 Merch Ex Co 30 5000 do 50 k 10 do 29 5000 Penn'a 5's 78 100 N Haven Canal 40 5000 do bow 78 150 L Island 82 5000 do bI5 78 350 do 82 W 6000 do bio 78 100 do 83 6000 da eih 77>i 50 Reading Kit blO 56 480 shs Nor& Wor 62 200 do 5514 125 do 62? 50 do 15 56 150 do 61* 192 U 8 Bank 9* 25 do a60 61 75 Vicksbatc 9Li 58 do a30 6l)f? 100 Harlem tl 25 do UW 63 100 do b30 62 4110 Canton Co 55 350 do HOJ^ 65 do 54 200 do 80 50 do 54,V{ 50 Htonington 50 70 Phenii Bk % 200 Bk Com, scrip b60IOOW 25.Del (It Hud diT off 120 50 N A Trust blO 16 State of Trade. Ashes?Both descriptions are very dull. We quote pots at $4 '26, without sales ; and pearls at $4 56{ a $4 Beeswax?There is very little doing in this article? small sales of prime yellow at 29j a 30c. Cotton?There whs more disposition to purchase evinced to-day, and as holders receded a little, about 1200 bales were taken for export, and a few lots by spinners. Coal?There is very little doing in foreign descriptions. Liverpool orrel sells in small lots nt $8 25. Floor?Nechange in prices,but thereto a better business doing. Hav?Common qualities of North river bale sell at 35 a 36c.; prime sells at 40c. Molasses?The demand Is principally from the trade, and prices are very firm. We notice small sales of Trinidad, Cuba, at 28jc ; Porto Rico 28 a 82c. SuciAR?This article is very dull. We quote small sales of Cuba muscovado at tij a bjc Brown Havana 6} a 8c. Whiskey? Drudge casks are very dull at 23c.; prison barrels are held still at 23jc. Brighton Cattle Market. June 3.?At market, 620 beef cattle, 26 pairs working oxen, 320 sheep and lambs, and 600 swine. Prices?Beef Cattle?The prices obtained last week were not sustained. A lew choice cattle were houoht Saturday at $5 50. We quote to-day for extra $5 26 a $5 37 ; first quality $4 88 a $5 13 ; second quality $ I 50 a $4 75 ; third quality $4 a $4 50. Working Oxen?We notice sales at $60, $68, $70, $76, $85, and $00. Sheep?A lot ol lambs $3 35 ; old sheep $3 M a $'? 75 ; a lot not sheared $4 76. Swine?Dull, and prices have further declined, Lots to peddle 4$c. for saws, and 6.{c. for burrows At retail Irom 5 to flic. Philadelphia Cattle Morkrt, June 6 ?Beeves?1318 offered, 103 ol which Pennsylva" nia cattle, and the balance Ohio?668 went to the New York market?650 were sold to the butchers at $.'> ;i 60 per 100 lbs. en Monday, and on Wednesday $? .0 t $6? extra 6|c.?all sold. Cows and Calves?260 in market Sales at $30 a $27? extra sold at $28 a $33. Springers $14 a $16 -extra $20 a $23 60; dry cows $9 a $11?extra $13 a $14 I alves? sales at $2 36 a $3 60 ; live weight on the Delawar* 31 a 3jc. per lb. Hogs?560 offered?350 went to the N.w York market: 310sold to butchers at 4 a 41e.? extra $4 AO a $4 621. Sheep and Lambs?870 ottered. Hales at $1 75 a $3 25? extra $4 26 a $4 75. Married, In this city, on the 4th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Pemond. C'apt. William Donne to Miss Caroline M., both of Manhasset, Long Island. Died, On Wednesday afternoon, the 6th inst., Eliia H., wife of S. Jones Mumford, and youngest daughter of the Hon. E. B. Strong, of Rochester. Paasengera Arrived. New Orleans?Barqne Stephen Brewer?Mr Thomas O Taylor and Mr Geo S Corbet Afalachk ola? Ship Martha Washington?Mis Hobart and family, Mr A Dndiie, W H Dodge. M B Avery, E tones, H Jackson. 8 M McKay, W A Wood, ; Russell, b Stow, K T Jouts, and R S Wheiton St Thomas?Brig North Baud?Richard Stranark, Wm 8 Morris, J H Haywood, W Blaisdell, P J A Darriennr, and A S Kigueia. New Orleans?shin Ce'ia?Miss Harned, Misa Camp and 3 children, Mr flood, and 11 in the steerage Cobacoa?Schr October?.Miss 8 Laughlin, and R MacLanghiin. Naisao, NP?Br:g Rubv?J D Jones and Wm E Jones. TaMtico?8 hr Hainli Ann?M A Msnppke AmstehmaM?Galliot Ue Jager? Mr S Phillips. Foreign Importation*. Amsterdam?Galiot Ds Jags'?109 boxesT Thoinoset?250 bags coffee Henchard It Uuk&rdt?25 r.sse? madder Nolteijui It Pdvenslsdt?20 J C Muller?17 ci Brmihi-n, Kooplt co?2 pipes gin 11 Hillver?150 kegs herrings Phieffer k Weiainnn? 19 chs Taloot, Olvphant It on?2 his J B Krnger?1 Hchmidt It co?1 Sihuchardtk co-fl cks 716 kegs lard 921 handle* rattans order. Tampico?Sehr Sarah Ann?5220 hides A Patrullo?%? do Hnrgoos, Brotheis It co?3M do H Souihmaid k Hon?356 do j ugden?z ov*ivaniiia i.u iintn-le* luttic Uapt uavidaon?4 old copper itilli W A Mappoke. Domestic Importations. new orleari?Ship Cilia? 4425 pig* lead C H Rotm1880 do Strachan Ik Scott?7j bain cotton Macy St HoMridge? 24 do W Wh-tl'ick?131 d'? hemp Tucker St Cooper?31 do H Birrlry?5 do Pillot 8t Le Boutier?1000 br? flour 21 tea bacon Barrett St Johnaon?4 hr? J k K Mil bank a co?10 bag! wool H Wildo?3 pkg* J Latoorette?ID roll* carpeting J Haggerly It S n??3 ca*e* I) II Arnold?362 nek* whei 51 bab* heinp Macy it Huldridge?2S hale* cotton 496 hum 390 bbli floor to order. New Orlkan*?Ship Gen. Veaaie?429 tacia wheat Gray St Crotby; 18 hagi appl-*, 13 btlra d-er akin*. 324 k.g- 87 barr It, 3 hall barrel* lard 30 hhdt tubacco J II Mavher?2't6 but* pork Soydam, Sage St co?216 do Wright St Vote?330 do Condict It Noble?134 do Small, William* k co?10 bale* cotton Everett k Battel!?32 do ? C Eutten?3D do hemp I honi|r*on St Adam*?13 do cotton K U Hnrlhut St ro?r7 t o rope* J Judd?3 do cotton, 143 do hemp Wilton St Brown?t bx 28 bale* rag* 3 do leather* '. \V Field?34 halea cotton I'eraae It Brookt? 43 hb'? tallow Cobb, Smith St co?219 hhda augur W Barnwell?30 bain A Stiffner Steer?1 bi W Hoey -81)0 haltw hemp 59 hhda t ibacco ItO .0 reed poln Robert* St William*?32 bad'* hemp 39 do cotton to order ArALAClnroLA?Ship Martha VVaalnnglou (late George Tylar)?134 lialn cotton P rinelle It linger*?14 Center St co? 78 Itogart St Koeeliud?36 Foe Si Livingtton?32 S Bronaon?24 1) Letter?130 Collomh St Id n?119 Pont St Phillip*?96 coil* rut e Jewell St Harruou?1?0 *tick* cedar N L k G Oritwold? I bl O A Wermore?1 bit J Griffith?53 coil* rope N Emanuel? 20 bbl* flour 15 hag* coffee J H i aloian?186 bain cotton order, MARITIME HERALD. Malting Days of the Steam Ships. prom liverpool. from america. Caledonia, Lott May I# June 16 Acadia, Hyrie..- 4 July I Hnorma, Judkin* ? June 19 July 16 Britannia. Hewitt July I Aug. I G. Britaini Hoiken July 13 ........ Aug 8 G Britain, 'Hotken Aug. 31 Sept. 28 G Britain, Hotken Oct. 19 ......... Nov 14 Ship Masters mill Agents. Wr ?ha'l ett,eiii it a if Captain* of Venel* will give to CommorWiri' iiohkkt Silvkv, of our New* Fleet, a Report of the Shipping left at the Port whence they tailed, ihe Vn*el* Spoken on their prutnge, a Li*tof their Cargo, and any Foreign Nrwipaper* or New* they may have. He will hoard them iiumeniately on their arrival Agent* and CormaponcenU, at hum* or abroad, will alao cooler a favor by aaudiug to thia office all the i.arine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will Ire thankfully received. PORT OK IS tCW lOUR, June 7. lURHiitt 4 31 j UtiMfSISM morn ?r* .7 26 I man WATKk ?1 37 Clftrcdr Hliipi Vicktbsrg, Berry, N*wOrlemt?,Wm Nelion?Barque* Ann Eouiaa, Manchalk, , Hargou*. Br.,tbeultCO; Lagrange. Potter, Mobile, Uunhain Ik Dunnii?Sour Ontario, Venail, Cur?coi,Bonueq Grave* It Co; Jo* Brown, Barber, JaijtM LiGraud.NL McCieady It i u>, Ell* Rodman Shepii?rd N Iledl'"rd ;d Richmond, tankman. do, Virv.m Hall Haitimoit", J B (iage; Anon, Mnu o, Proviuntre R J Borden, Lewi, Kail Ri?er; Laurel 1'aeket, < a' . Phil?d"l,.hi?. 'T McKi? It Co; Jonaa lmith,Tajrlor, Wilmington. N' I Okden; rnncrit, Rackptt, PhiUdelphia W " V.cKtr ?HI" ip Proiper<ty, Lade, do do. Arrived. Mhip Martha Wtahinrtnu.Tyle-, H .Lyt from VI cola with i'otloo, to Pott k rliillii't. SbipOeu Vear.i . Coutllard, 29 dayt ti , ,i MetrOrli ?,witb cotton, to Buck BtfiPeiett. ihit Celia, Thaicher, (before rein r- I .I > '? ,'oui New Orleana, With rot on, to Linnliam fc Dimon Br hai'iue Wa e, Wheeler. 40 dayt i leeipool, with 22V pataMifera to J Herdmac k Co, Thi W - boot t ft John, topped to land paateanera. Bar-Iiie Vteplvn Brewer, Fa'ran. 40 I'nm JtinfJrande and ta? ed Pt'iiambuco llth til*, with ' r net) h< and l.'.n Ibt hair to Itnrheet (k I ? Brig North Bend, Kldn ign, III day i >r ,i > I'hne a?, v if I md?e, to hotter a Nukerton. Bn? Ruby, Harding'-, T dayt from v >1 > ii'i *o*ar to Buck k Pet'ia?140 lilida fiiaar .16 o n Met, lo in rLeR Sterimir, Kaiilkuer, lor Look lalao'- cad tall lot New i York, Sin nit. the only American in pot Brig Units Mint, Bwitzer, >? davt frov Tnrki Ulnsd, with , fait to Vaamith h Walah?WOO haahela wit M Oodftv?1 Writ copper (I VI iloe Dutch iff Mint Dr.Inter, Bok, to aaya from Amalerdaio, with idae, to PheifTe' It Wfiiinao Schr Oct?b?r, Kldridge lldaya from Curaeoa, with wit, to I >uIkr It Sou Lift Aheona of Kiugalou, Ma*a for Ama'erdam, iti i days, the only American in pn't P.waed g- log I Huron, of icituata, II diya from Boat.n, ard ar. Am biig in light, hcuud in. Sehr Simh Ann Davidsoa, from 'J ampico, 10th May, Willi hides &>-. to m<s(er. *chr Two tfrot-irr*. Hiehardaon, I'm Waahuiginn, NC.iwith uaeal atom Schr D vid Rialey, Shaddock, from Wcahingtou, NC, with naaal atorea. Schr Win C Preaton, l ea. from Norf ilk, with corn SchrG-n Darif, CafflPtkll froin Kap-alnnnock.with cedar. Schr fc.liza Meaorole, Loomia. from Havre lie Grsaae (with iron Schr Beojtmiu Harriion. Dooglaaa, from Waahmgton, NO, with uaval atom. -chr Increaae, Verrill, from Thninaaton, lime. Schr Granville, Peaae, frmn Thomnalon, lime. Schr Piou'er, Mor ia, from Marhiiia. lumh-r Schr Leo, Phi I brook, from Th ninatou lime. Schr Delight Hortou, from Suffolk, ahinglea. Hailed, Shipa George Waahinfon. Al.'eu, Liverpool; Taio'inta. Smith, do; barque Waahingion, Bar'.lett, B rbadcei; Roaa Hiandiah, Sp-ocer, New Orleana; Hiialeo, Hireling, Turka I l?laml; llnnaldanu Drew, t anion; Retrieve. H?a<gate, I'hila nri|"'io, n iriinuiK. iinmnonii i\ey west;, II unmand, Turks Island; hintirp-ise, Antwerp. Mlwcllniirou/s. Quicker Yi.t.?We learn trom the Portland Advettiser, that hiiv Agnas. of Portland, Captain Hunt, made a pus-g* I ?' April I" om New V'orlt to, ill til da'.'a?the distance run wu2.2hti mile*. The Omnia tre ited his fi ieuds in Mn apzis. <IU Saturday. with fresh lieef (Unit that was purchased in Mew York the Sunday previous Btnqui: Clahkmont, of Thnntnii, <'upturn Truisell, was capiir.?d yesterday about 3 P M. whilst Ivimt at Lathr'He,? ''he C had just gone up to r-ke in cargo and was perfectly light?her sails were hanging loose to dry, when tne squall of wind and ra n struck liar There were no persons on b< aid hut the captain and inate, and hoth weaned without injury The batque drifted down opposite the citv, and was taken in tow by iii* Adriatic, and towed across the River, below the Point ? [N U Bulletin. May 27.] Thi He llaiixeen ashore n ar Ksv Wetf. was the ('hatlenijar. of Liverpool. Liithters were alongside at the I ut account* taking out ill* notion The vessel was reported tieht. He He Maar Jink. Press*y, frosn Deer Isle for Calais, ill a thick log night of 22d "It. run on a ledge near Bailey's M nuke and went to pieces. The captain and crew succeeded iu saving July a part of her sai's and rigging Arrivals it Charleston.? Harbor Matter's Report for May, 1844 :? arrival.!. 8 Ships 5 Barques. 14 Brigs 31 Schooners. 2 bloopi. 51 Steamboats. clearance*. 21 Ships. 12 Barques. 20 Brigs. 44 Schooners. J Sloop 56 Steamboats. in port, mat 31. 15 Ships, 0 Barques. > Brigs. 14 Schooners. 1 Sloop. 3 Steamboats. Spoken Sarah, of Portland, from N Orleans for Antigna, 2d inat, lat 34,40, Ion 74 20?by Helen Maria, at this port. Triumph, of Ipswich, I'm I'* ovincetowu, on a liihiag cruise, June 2, lat 42 Ion 59. 50 Three Brotheri, from Salem for India, June 2. Britannia, (s) from Boaton lor Liverpool, at 6 A M. June 2. foreign Porta St Thomas, May 2ti?lu port,Ki.vuy,(late Haynes) Hichard ton. fm Ouadaloupe via Ht Croix, for Porto Rieu ( apuin H. died on the21tt May. at Ouudaloupe, with f-ver, since which one of the seamen, named 'I homav, died 25tn. The E hails from Maine; St Marka, Williams, of NYork. aid ifor Ht Johns PR, 25th; Benlah, Nlerril, of Philadelphia for do, to load for Africa; Vintennet, Smith, for St Lucia, unc; Victor, for Baltimore; Alford. fm <?ihraltir, disg; Burinah, I'm Martinique, for Porto C'ahrlto, ild 24th; Speedwell, fm Uos'on. just arr; Panama, for Dominica, unc; fe-uip'ra. fin 4>nadalnii|>e, do; Comet, fm do for Tnrka Island sia 24th; Wm T Bryant, liiverton, fm Drmarara for EliZibeth City, unc. TAMrico, May 10?In port, Lius, (lire in) for Bremen, all well; Atlantic, Wheelwright, fin M ir?raihn. ar 27th April, to tail for N Orleans 25th May. The Bura W,( Fr) f.,r Kranre, has t een waiticg.for water on the Bar 7 weeks, and uo prospect when the S A. sailed The Zante, (Br) for Liverpool 25lli Mav. Idg. Kio (Iraivde, April 27?In port,Whitman, Idg f ir Marseilles Black Hawk Kranre. Ann I.. I lo.,u. ,.,?l ?... L-..L tin, and Delaware, di*g. St. Johns. NF, Mny 22?Arr John F.ldridge, NYork. Sr John. NB, May 30?Arr Sovereign, Ht gcrs, Button. Lnkc Porta. Buffalo, June 4?Air Peiry, Perrysburph; N England, De troit; Sainton, Chicago; Lncmda Oswego; Whittlesey Ashta halt; Buckeye, Sandusky; Whig, t llevelr.ud; Barcelona, do; Atnlanta, St Joseph. (lid < lo. itellatiou, Detroit; Clinton, ' kicago; Harrison, Toledo; JefTerti n, Detroit: Keut, Amh'ru burgh; Kurop?, ( kicago; CI v. Huron; Alert, Cleveland; R. Croukt. Detroit; Owaaungah. Buggies, R Mountain, Peunayl vania, K Ward, Meicnart, Tip|>eca?oe, Swan. Commodore, Aaintworth. Ocetn Wiu cbago, Wood, Amelia, Trenton, Dexter, Swallow, Joy, Michigan, Huron, Cleveland, N Ameri < ?, K Trader, and Hudson, all from Cleveland; R-chetter, Charletton; Congress, Detroit; Sandusky, do; Favorite, St Joteph; Fletcher, Fairport; Whitilesey, Ashtabula; Lumberman, Erie. Home Porta. Calais. May 22d? Arr Adaniaut, Button. Sid 24th, Escort, Bryant, Philad., May 31?ArrfMary It Susan. II irriman, N York? Below, 1st, a tall rigged brgand a ?chr. F.t.i.sworth, May 20ih?Arr llaiiuah & Abigail, N York. Below Carthage from Cadiz ,N KWHuRvruRT, June 3d?Arr Wm Schroeder, N Yotk. Boston, June 3?Arr Menapia, (Br) Rottiter. Liverpool; Harbinger, Brown.Fayal, 11th u>t On the 24in, lal 37, l?n 32, taw a large steamer tt'ering Fast; 3d instant, lar 42 36, Ion 67, tpoku Br. brig Iteiolution, 36 days from London for Button. April 24, on outward pattag', lat 37 49. Ion 11 44, saw Hailina, Newell, hence for Cape Town and Calcutta Telegraphed? William, from Charletton. Cld Turbo, Deauchamp. Santa Cruz. Teneriffe; Apollo, Hunt, Mat-uzas; Union. Mituhe'l Cienfagot; Trenton, Manton, NOrleant; Tutkar. Lovell do; Mozart. Reynolds, Alexandria; Krie Baiter, Philadelphia; Palm, Kldritige, do; Zebra, Tliomat, Calais, to load for We?t Indies; Gordon, Cutter, Fraukloit, F.dwaid Franklin, Gray. Philadelphia; J Cnolev (t Co, F.ldridge; Jasper. Howes, and Ktcel, Lovell, New York. 4th, arr Caroline, Thomas, Gibraltar, Apnl 22; Despatch, Nieke.son. New York. MatraroHtTT, June 3?Cld Willins, Iligg.nt, Atlantic Oce?n. New Beufohh, June 4?Arr Win Brown,' Biimpus. Phils delphi.;; 5th, Nimrod, Chase, Darieu, U. Sid Tiger, Nye Albany. Ill nrrviTi.s, June 2d?Arr Science, orkhurst, Boston ; llerniue, Proctor, do. Providence, June 4.?Arr Vetr, Pendleton, Bangor ; Orator, Russrll, Baltimore; Empire, Bnyioa, N Y; Rienzi, Dnrfre, N Y. Sid Frances, Burt, N Carolina.. Ni.w Have, Juue4.?Arr Lady Washington, Albany. Lubec, Button ; Antanic. Th unton, llemarara; S, nil H Bill, Alhauv; Empire, Kelsey, N Y ; Tantivity, I hapmau Albany. Philadelf ai a. June 6?Arr Iodine, Blew: Congress, Brown, and Comet, ( ox, NYoak; iV.eclianic. Sawyer, Eattport?Be. low Athens. Chase. Liverpool; Margaret, btickuey, Londonderry; Nautilus, Lincoln, Newport, Wales; Draw and Neptune, and two square riggru veteels and several schrs?< Id, Goodwin Davis Liverpoel; Sarah Hand, New Orleans; Caspian, Anthony, West Indies; Berj Franklin, Flinn; Isaac Jackson, Toby, and it 'i houipton. Buck, Boston; New Jersey. Bell, Albany; Marietta Ryan, Providence; Glide, Fall River; vch city. Portsmouth; Ana Elixi, Weymouth; N. Uiddie. Waltoo.N London; Lady^Clintou, NYork Imchmond. Juue 4?Arr Tntearora, Smack. NYork: Eliza heth, ben ton. do; Almira Rogr.a, (rane, do; Cornelia, do; Ve?per, fiin th, Lubrc Chablf.stuh, June 3?'"Id H Allen, WiUob, New York; Chuh-stno, Brown, do; Z phvr, Kobvy, Havana; President. Young, Philadelphia; Horenre, Kowfer. Provideobe. Bi'rl Hayne, Tieacott. Hauaua"A,),ix. Jones, NOrleans; 2d, Leland, K-ndrick, London; Di-mani, {litem) Ba 11 jer .Brernvn Arr Wariaw, hawkrna, Haare. tat, aid Medora, Turner, Bordeaux; Cey'on, Cook, Olaagow ; Ulrica, Warhaui, North of Europe; Z jin r, It. b ., Havana. SavAirraH, (Vlav 31 .?Sid Bortr?nd, Smith,Venince; Boaton, Perkiui, Turin Island. May 30, Cld flaatUm, Rulk> y, Liverpool Arr Clinton, Lyon, N Y. S'd American, Bnre-ai, Liverpool; Olire Branch, Hagerdun, Boa ton; Newark, M?rwin, NY; Kxact, lohnton, N Y; Harriet, Dementi Naaaau, NP. Mohii.k, May 29,?Cl'd?Vernon, Kelley, for New Vork; N Brown, Pickena, lor B iltimore; Token. Port, for Provideuce. May 28 ?('.I'd?Albeit Perltina, Ulark, for Havana. ? Nt;w (Jni.tAiva, May 28?Lid Suwarrow, &le*;ier, Bnatnn; Ho|h? liowea, Shaw, Havana; Mobile, ( or.zena, Penaacola ? ArrGrotiua, 8eara, Boaton 27th, cld A men ctu, Weubrrg, Oer.oi, Telumah. Bnr.and, Br n en; Union, Johnaon, NYork; Kur Trader, Cob?, Galveston; B iion, Bradley, New k^rk. Air Mniiaoon, Payne, Boaon; Knsiia, Gardiner NYork; Mariana, ('r cker. Anal cbicom; George (Aw.d), Uarlaen, Bordeaux; Amelia (Anstriau). Guerviik, from .Vleatina; Iris, Merrymni, Boaton; Nancv Vv 8u-ve..s, Stevena, NYork; Alexandra, Kobiusnn, Cardenas; Emprrasano, Cotiina, Havana; Kannv. Patterson, Havana. WANTED. A GIRL who can dreaa hair, and work wall at her needle. Krruch would be pr-ferred. Application to he made at th a office j7 kfrrc BGAkD? Board at a reasonable rale can be procured at No 24 Veeey street. Krom the central position ol the house, its Albany Steambost stations, it presents at convenient a residence u can be mat with in any rart of the city. Every attention and eomfort which the most scrupulous can reqti're, will be cnaarfallr andassiduously a"i ru?d. j6 itt'm pouMft WITH PANTRIES ATTACHED TO LET TV ?With or withont Board, in a healthy aud neliuhtful pait ?f the city, near a sta*e route, ? ithm thirty or forty roda ot the Washington I'aiade Ground AUo, three or lour geutlemen can he arcomm -dated with Board and Bud Rooms 1'ermi MW ale. Apply at 19 Amm jli'M. jj lw*rc CROTON HALL, "CTREE TO THE KRIENDS OK PROGRESS AND " REFORM?The Subscriber will open the above room for the accommodation of any lespectable aocirty or collection of indiviuuala, whine object it to better the condition of society, an * depend solely upon the yoluotsry contubutions of the respective audiences lor rrmun*rati'n. Nolhiuic need be said to recommend this Hall to the community; its location and liituias areeicellent, including a Piano hi.rte. Apply ill the Clock Room, over the Hall, NO. 7>g Bowery, of A. SMITH. N. B.?All those that curse and swear?th-se who eat (iea nuts?those who use tobacco?those who use intoiiratinit driuka?ur.'d not apply nor attend j8 lwrc DORK ?100 half bbls. family mess Kor vale by T E. K. COCCI "18 A CO. j'7 3t rrc M South street. CTLOI/R ?ISO bbls.superfine, landing ex ship Europe, from " New Orleans. Kor sale hy E K. COLLINS A CO. je7 3t rrc *>8 South street. LTA.Vlls, Shoulders, Ac.? TT SO hhds. Pickled Hami 8" tierces do 100 barrels do 20 hhds. Dry Salted do 100 Mi s Dry Salted Shoulders 100 barrels Pickle I Shoulders | All well cared aud handsomely cat. Kor sale, in Iota to suit ! purchasers by E. K. COLLINS A CO. I j*7 3t rrc SO South street HIDES ?2S0 Lry Southern Hidev, Kor sale by K. K. COCCI *:i A CO. je7 3t rrc Sti South street. PEACHES?SO bbls dried, a stiiierior article. 10 fine ord-r. Kor sale by K. K. COLLINS A CO. j South s ree'. T ARD OIC.?SO barrels, snpern.i quality, horaale, tu lots I D pi suit purchasers, by K. K. COLLINS A CO. jt7 3t yrc SO South street. Wll 1 v 1-D i't'l. VT t,"i itt vu 1.' T'HK right. or a henna*- fo: the rtcloaiin right ol making and tailing Wild?r'a Pitarit *c11 on loo-r llonk 8afa?, in thfollowing | lacaa I'auntylvMiin, .rUryloid Ohio. Micliignu, Ht Loan and Nrw Orlmna orotharaunah'a plncaa?adapting ttin Maw Koglanii SUtaa <md th? Htata of Naw York. Frraona niapoaad to negotiate, could tie iurmthed with skill il workman, Competent to inmate t-tery branch III lha butiiieat, if ra <1 hi real. Alio, c uld hue lh<- age*cy ol a l<ork aad Bmlrter'a ILrdwar* manufacturing Mtnblmhmant il da irad Toaperaen now arlakliihad, or dinpoard to I caiain aithar ol theahnve pinca?, with twn or thraa ifiooaaud dollara capital, ran a?ail thninaalvaa of a nuccaaaful onli Imain -i a for jaara. A bond or nntiafictoiy aacurny will ba requited, that tha persona lirauind would promptly piv th* par cantara on tba tcilea ol Hal a, -.t aland pari oil a. wbicb will lia tha conaidaration required for Ilia lict iiaa; and nlao to mannlactiira according to tba apec flc itio < luruiahnd Kor mora particulai mtorma ion, addraaa, iionUir paid B. O. Wild r, I'ark Poat Office, New York. jeT Jt*rrc K.8.M. CAST OFF CLOTHING. pKNTLKVilt.N OR h AMILIKtl deairnaof converting O liuo ciall thair aupa fluoaa or caat nlT Clothing. wil obtain from tha anbacriher tha III till K8T '-Ahil I'Rlt'KH. To lamiliaa orgentlemen quirting th? ci.y, or chnngiiu. reaidarca, baaing effecia ol the kind to diapoaa of, will lind n n-ich to th-ir adtantaga'o r-nd for the anbacribar, who wil >tte o turn it their rcaidanca b. ai pourtnirni, H. LKV K X' Ti ' Iffice Mo. 2 Wall a tract, and at J7b Hutlam at XT"A lina through tha poat omen, or otherwia*, will merits pMiopCsUsutiou j? lm*rc AUCTION SALES. C. H. SMITH. Aaeiiouarr BY H K WlLLAKI), Storr MM Broadway, tor. Duaoa ?t. H. p.. Vv. will g>?e hia I'-raooal ntl?tili?u to outdoor (.In ol Hnua"t>"l<l Knraiture, Dry Honda, (jrocunaa, See., fur iwraoas relii guulnijg l?>aa?kpp|iia( or buaiuraa. Bale) aetljiid iu all cawa aa ao n a* thr good) thai I liaaa l>?pr old and delivered Liberal I tali A'lva.iroa nude, if required, on inercliandiae ol every deacriution cooaignrd l.?: aala. iu-'I lin*iu piJL YL AN iV AT AUCTION.?LLVY fc T w II aell tbia moruiug. it 11 o'clock, at 141 Broadway, a line raoruuciit of Pl??'a, audi .it I'ariiutimia. Hoaea, Verbeima ijer.uiiiiiu., I' aaiou Viuea, ol'varinua a?rta, l'$i? Jeaaamiua. Oleau'era. V lowering Myrilea, and olher flop I'lanta. Saturday evening, ,ney will aril line uvdern Oil Paintiuge. fmnird It. the lilt! manner aud thr bnltnceof the miner ill and ....... .......... iUn i.ycruin 01 tvaiurai luxury. je7 It'ec f-ngt MOSS KOHL BOUQUETS?A>ih?irui>iol huwi Prwx now at hand. and the .ubacribera' co.l euou at Aaloria .aUl^.veonj- auJ coiiiulrte w uh the luuat rae kinda tu be obtained in Fiance u.d Hollaud. con.ivliug of a jn*1 variety of ( hina Bengal. Mo?a, Noyaelte, ' rovrnce, lalede Bouiboti, Ike . II ia int. ude.l .luring the p.eaenl Rove .ravon, 'o keep con lantlv on .ale antl vi'w in the I oua-rvatory window, (IS J lin .treat,) neat littl. N-.egav. u( Rose. aud ' Forg t-meNoi'a" 2'i ceut? e -It a ranged with the uccu.tomed irate tha bead gardener of tlia eitablinhment, -ml received fraali every morning at 9 o'clock?the Bo sr.. cut by innrite.with ih-dew on tbam. A Noiffiy fnrf) canii will coat-i" .nine eight or l-n chor - Mo** \ 11 low Harriiioiui. -n ' ntlierfuie Roa- huda. arranged r-uud anil uitrr.peraed with Forget nie-Not, Cleinativ Erecu. White Virgua'a newer, and I'll a?apt Eye I'inka, which ara highly ?crnt-u, ard ii a laa eful aouveair ac-oiiipaiiuneut whau a yonug geutl-m-n inakra a morning or evening call. J M. THORBURN Ik t.O. Thoaa who wiah to visit the Roara at Aatoria, now coming inta full bloom, ara wa'couie, (Suudaya enepted) and will doublle.t ha gratified Firat rale uinnibuiaea run to the Oardeu Uatei from No. 5 Chatham ilreet, every hour but 8 A. M. and U M. and teturn the aatne. Kara Ulj rent.. jfl 3i*m LEUHORN AN1> I'AbM LKAK H ATS. CHILDREN'S LEOHORN AND PALM LKAK QBwjMI ,vTS--*iilk iud Liale Tread Olovei. A complete aalonmeul juet received and for aala by A. Ik W. MORRISON, jet lw'rc 573 Broadway, oppoaite Niblo'a. NEW YORK, ALB AN V AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. 1,011 ALBANY AND TROY?Morning m inTOrf' ' o| Barclay atraet, landing .SKawaSKuBLot intermediateplacea. '1 he atramrr EMPIRE, Captain S. R. Roe, this in ruing, at 7 o'clock. The ateauier TROY, Captain A. Uorham, to-tnorrew morning at 7 u clock. Evening n,ine from the foot of Conrtlandt afreet, direct The aleame- SWALLOW, < npuin A. McLean, thil evening at 7 o'clock, atThn atramrr ALBANY, Captain R. B. Macy, to-raorrow evemug, at 7 o dock. The Uuau of this lone, owing to their light draught of wale, are able at all tunes to put the bara, and reach Albany aod Troy in ample time to take the morning train ef enra for the ?a?t or wvel Kor p.aaeagc or freight apply oa board, or it tbeoriicea on the wharvea. jn Ttc "SATURDAY AFTERNOON KXClJlt tar-Kra1 SKINS to Fort Hamil'on and Lower Bay. WMT _ pp., THOMAS S ALMON1). Capt. W. T Schuln will make then* pleaaar.teicnr.ioin rrery Saturday altercoou during the amanu, giving familie.. children and othera, au excellent opportunity to r-uala tlirmxelvex aid yiew the fortiflcauona, to which the attention of teacher#, partnta and guardians ate particularly invited The. I boa- will leave the foot of A in Of at, at 1 I'M; Canal at. IX; Catharine ferry, Brnokliu, IX; Pike atreet, IV, and Pier No 1 N K.J. Iteiurnii r will l?ud paateog-ra at the aaine placet Chambermaidi will he in attendance. Kr freahinr uu on board, h are or the whole excursion only On# Shilling. jf7 Jtia'rrc HKNKr E KIECL. aMn mm SUN OA V BXC U it SIONS TO T HttO < J'S -KCKAND Nf.VV KOCHELCE.?The 3EZ3DL Sieiiiilioat '1 HOMAS 3ALMOND, C.ipt. W .T. Schultz. will make (hedelightful ricuramu to i'htoa'x Neck and New Koeh-lle every Sunday duiing the aeanon. Craving the foot of Atnot at, 9 A M ; < 'amiI at, Pier No. I Norih River, 9X; < aiheriue Berry, li-ooklyn, 9V; I'ikeat, 10, and Delano* *(, 10>? Returning, will leave .New Kocheile at < P.M , and land at in' aame placet. Kefrealnnenu on hoard. Bare each <ay 2i centx HENRY K R1ELL je' Jtia'rrc FOR BOST'Tx VI \ Nh. wToill' AN I) PllivHIKNCB FARE TO KOSTON $2 So-NEWPORT AND I'BOVIHENCE (I. aMQ ASM The new anil apleniT d Steamer 11HODB ^*1 <!,AND. C'ptnu Tnayer, will leave pier JLaSbdEaNe 1. >N It , on Tueeday#, Tliuradayi and S luro i; j. it a o'cll ck P. M. Ko> Irvight or pasaage, apply to the Captain, on board, or 22 B nniwu j-6 Gmrc KOK BOS PON, VIA NKWfOllC AND PROVIDENCE. FARE 10 BOSTON \i SO-NKWPORT AND PROVIDENCE SI. 0M The new and apleudin iteamer NEW JEilSB*. 11 H. hnry ma<ter. will leave the pier 3Kw3KoK-foet of Barclay atreet, (oorth aide) on Tueaday evening next, June 4tli, at 5 o'clock, P. M. (tegular daya from New Yora, Tueadaya, Tliuradayi and Saturday!, hmm Providence for New York via Newport, Monday*. Wedueailaya aud k'ridnva, immediately after the arriv . 1 ot 'lie at-ainbtiat train from Boalon. The New Jeraey ta a new nd aplendid boat, haaa large number of elegant attue looma, and ia fitted up iu the beat poaaible manner. For freight or pans'**, apply to (he Captain, on board, or to Mr. C Bennett, at the other on the whair m!2 tin" re PEOPLE'S UNE OF STEAMBOATS nm. ALHAN Y. <HK DAILY, Sundays excepted?Through Difleeerr2^Magrrpri> at 7 P M., from the Steamboat Pi?r beCourtlandt and Liberty street*. The steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. P. St John, Mouday, Wednesday and Friday evening!, at 7. W l'he Steamboat ROCHESTER. Captaiu A. Houghton, on Tueidar, Thursday and Saturday Evenings, at 7. AtFiveo'clock. P. M.?Landing at intei inedoue Places:? The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain \Vm 11. IVek, Wednwday, Friday aud Suudav. ? 6 P. M. The Steamboat N'tRTH AMERiCA, Captain R. (). Crittenden, l'nm<lay, Thursday and Saturday, at 1 P. M Pstsengers taking this Imr of boat* mil arrive m Albany in tinrle time to take Die Moraine Tram of Car* for the nut or *?r?t. [T7"The above Uoat*are new and substantial. are fnroisbed With new and enfant State Room*, and lor ipe*<l and accora modatious are unrivalled on the HittUon Kor passage or Irenrht, apply ou hoard, or to P. C. Schnl tx a the office on the wharf j l rr ALBANY DAY UNe. atfo'cTock, ATM Qa^eye#Kor Albany and Intermediate Landings?The SC_3HQK_<oinmodioutiteanil oat SOUTH AM K.Kit A, Captain VI II. l'ruesdell, will will leave the font of Robinson street, Tuesday, Tniirsdiy and Sato/day morning*, at 7 o'clock jl rc PLEASURE EXCURSION TO THE UPPER LAKES. jm The Steamboat WI9KONSAN, Captain H. Randall, will leave Buffalo on JVIonoay, the 9LJe3KjK.ln day of July naxt, at I o'clock, P. M , on an Excursion of Pleaaure to the Ujiper Lake*, visiting all the important p'nce* on Like* Erie, Huron aud Michi Sail, lucluduis Oreeu Bay. Ample time will be afforded the p.uiSHiirers for visiting Ma-inac, Oreen Bay, Manilon uland*, Milwaukee, Racine,'Sonthport and Chicago; leavn g the |%,t mentioned plate on her,return on'JTueaday morning July hih. The Wi?kou?au i* the largest boat on the Weitern Lake*.and i* propelled by a powerful low preaaure engine?i* new, and i* finished in the modem style, wit an upper cabin composed entirely of ?cate room*, and i* fitted up and furuiihed r<|ual to anv boat in the world A good Bind of Music will accompany the boat, and every exe.tion will be made to make Die [manage pleasant to those ou board. Kor passage applv to s. CARD. 127 Broad *t. New York. K S PHOSSKR.W Pier. Albany. NORTHROP It HAYVVARD. Rochester. OELHT??N fc EVANS. Buffalo. HUBBY k HUOHKS. Cleveland. ORAY k LEWIS. Detroit. Buffalo, Mav 2R. I84C ju3 35t*ro BLACK BALL. OR OLD LINE OK LIVER jMJWPOOL PACKETS?FOR LIVERPOOL.?Knralar JMMMlfal' icket of 18 th June,?The new magnificent anacele brated last sailing packet ship ENGLA ND, Captain S. Bartle't, will positively sail on Monday, 16th June, her regular day. i. ..ii i ,u.? . l . l i i r....a ...? _ ..... anperior manner, with every convenience that can adil to the comlort nf fhnae embarking. I'eraona proceeding to the old coniirty. will find it to their interval to aelect tlna conveyance. For naaaage is Cabin, 2nd cabin, and atcerage, apply on hoard, foot of tteekman a tract, or to the anhacribera. ROCHtt, BROTHF.R8 It CO.. je7tol7 rrc 35 Fulton at, next door to ihe Kulton Bank. ,\KW LINK UK PACKETS KUK LIVfcH M9W POOL?Packet of 21at June.?The aplendid new, JKnMaaand favorite packet ahip ROCHKSTr II. 1000 tone, I apt. J. Britton, will tail on Kriday, Slat June, her regular day. The ahipa of thia line being all 1100 tona and npwarda, persona noout to emhark for the old country, will not fail to aee the advantattea to be derived from aelectiug thia lice in pref-rence to aiiy other, a? their ureal capacity rrndeia them every way mora comfortable and convenient than ahipa of a amal kt claaa, and their ac. .unnoidationa for cabin, a*concl cabin, and at- ran? pxaaei well known to be aupenor to any other*. Paraona wlalnng to ac.-ure bertha ahonld not fail to make early application on board, foot of Burliug alio, or to W. Ik J. T. TAP8UOTT, At their (Jenaral Paaaaire Office, 76 South alreet, je7to21 rrc cor Maiden Lane, uprtaira TO DRUM MAKERS, STATIONERS, BOOKBINDERS, &c. SCO. A SMALL LO P of Lond n made ('.all'Skill Drum Heada, from <1 to 34 ii chea diameter. Alan, a few dcz'n ihceu of Parchment, large aiz , and a few roten Vellum Covers, for Bnokiideri; Medium Uemv and Kooiacap?for aale cheap, at 36 M uden Lane, in the Bonnet Store. jOJt'm WM. ADAMS. NF.APOLITAN LACK HAT MANUFACTORY, QUiVii Ok Divoion atreet.?H. URAHM rrapectfultv inlormt the imtilic, that he la now eugiged m weaving the L ce, mo manufacturing the arote mnat f'ahiouahle and e|e gut li matt, mid ha* now on hand in rligint aaanrttnent of rarioat putt' rrn of l?if,?W'onp in tha nout gpproyed aliane* 'I hey *r" the real Neapolitan Lara, and aia warranted to cltMn a* w. II aa Tuacan. Lailie* will pleue rail .md ha ei netneed that they ara not onli equal, Hut anparior to many of the imi or.I'd bouorta. and will b aold at price* nayar rat off.*rad p ih' public. Af.MO?A beautiful article of nam-' atyle of gonda, auitad for mourning and arcnud moorning \V Hoiraala dealers can bs atii ii o il witli Hat* and braid at rrnannnble print* Si ra tjraham all 11 coatinu > to Hlaarli and aliar Tuioan and Straw Hal* In her well known tn|>?roir *(> la of bleaching , by which I Ha color ?I old bata ara m.i la to look a* whitaaa uaw, wilbout injuring toa atraw or Ic.rmg <oy aalpbnron* am' II. 11*(* Blear bed and I'reaae ; for .vlillinara for $J par dorm . I'ri'aainii alone $1 3ft per doit'D. An aicalU'ul I'raaauiK Machine for aale. jft 1w*je I U?T arnaeil Ir m tb? Month a apla .did lot of firat halchad ' yoiinit M ckinii ili'da full growu and enmmeured aiugicg rniaad by baud vary g'Otle and mala bird Any genii'man wonting to any plaaaa to call nl 41)4 Clinlnu ttr-at natw-an liieuigion and Stanton, will be aoid cbaap, can ba aaan at auy tuna during tbu wrak ; alao an eiquiaitely tina Spanish Poodle j3Jw*re YORK HOTEL, 7 Aj 9 WASHINGTON ST. BO MID aud lo dituig, per waak $1 50 Tranaiaot Boarder*, [ ?r day ft 75 Mingle viaala ft J5 I he location i* plcaaantlv aitoatad, convenient to tha I'hila ilal| bin, Boateo and Albany ateambnat* Parana* wialnng to laanla in tba city for a (aw dava, will do wall by railing and making ibair aitaiigamanti with th- proprietor jaf 3in*rre g. KNOWHCI, TO TUB LADIK.M. tf'l.l.f P OlH)l Pltfli 14* It limit ail'. rnrnar I..nerd iyi atw, nrior 10 i ?r i,?c>rluri> Tor aria to renew hernaanrt- I m'lit "f Kali ami Winu-r (ioodi, will -II at cat oncea the halince of h-r It^ek.'ronnieting of Htraw Houiieta, Barr?na, Silba Kmbroiderm, Shawla, hoarta, Mautill jt. and hanry A'tic Ira of all fcin^i. \i teo^*rc N<>. 144 FULTON STIIKKT. THK ABOVK O.NTRAL, and comtnmlinna jiremiaea. ocl cnpird by the latr John '? HI, and aubarourntly refitted and re i|ienei| h / DANIKL 8WKK.NV in connection with hn I'Mem ratahlienrnent in Ann airaet, it win for aale, withal thi" fnrniinre of the room, kitchen, and all n<-o-ai?ry > mem to > for condnetiuff 1 bimnr ti, raj atile of (iroi'iir inn from $S0 to IIBO a day?:h<" nreaent proprietor heinn donron. of confining hie time to Ilia Nnn?tr>?t bom . Th* inircbatr can walk in at a ninmeut'a notice. For condition*, A-., ai't'lv peraonally to DAW I F.l, AWfcfcNV, ja6 Iwrr II Ana atraat. AMUSEMENTS. ~~ 1 PALIUm NEW VUHK OPEHA HOI'MIC. IT/" AdmiMioo Obo Collar, to all parti ot the hnuaa Moon oi?-n at halt-paai T? PrrfoMiiauee to comu-raw at S MONDA* KvKNiNO, June 10th LAHT NIOHT Of' THK I KALIAN uPEKA. BENEFIT OK HtONOK Ufc BEOMI?? On which oectuiou will lie pert rm-d th? Opc.a Buna of It. oAKBlKKK HI SIVH-LIA Comyrraivd into One Act Alio ihi- Utorilr Opora of LKl.lhl.iK U'AMOKK! Cotnj r?*?ed *ltu into Our Act -IliSOlllNA BltKt.llKHK, Wilt appear in both <>iw0?. Dtmog the arenlng theentire Op-relic Troupe will appear: Between theee two celebrated Oper*?, MADAME OTTO ...... ... *"'l appear iu i Payor He Hen.i M'LLE DEHJ M'01 N.I will smear n Two Dance*, onsof whirh neyvr teea Iw-'ioe in tin*city Siguor* DE BMJNI8 h wANQl.'lHW (> w.ll al*o perform in e.ostnnie, a New t ir mi) Scena uud Duetto, from tue celebrated Opera Buffa II Matrimnnri See eui, by I. imaroaa No Opera on Kridny. Monday eioaing night of the *ra*oa. N. B ?The Box Office i* now open every day during Die week, from 10 o'clock A >1., nntil o'clock P. M., when *e*'< may he secured for the eusai.ig *ei*on. tUgular tauoii seat* traoaferuhte Price f 10 for Twelve Kepn??utalion?. Subscrihers not securing *eat*. ihe price ol ticket* u placed ai ?b for the *ea*on?not transferable. Stage Mauag-r Mr. Well* IL/~Th# public are i eaiirctfully informed that the Bath* hay* been newly arranged and lilted np in a handauiue ityle, and are in full o|ierau?n, night and day CHATHAM THKATHlfi. boxes.- 2S L'erta I Pit... 12% Cent* Lut night but one ol Vaukee Hill'* engagement, and brat Beii'fit of D. L. Carpenter, in this, in* ualire city Yankee hill a* By Haco YankraHii! Javex Craraptoo THiS KVKNINO. June 0th, to cominauce wi.h ilia YANKEK IN SPAIN To be followed h? HON EST ROOUKRY. To conclude yeith KAllll.Y HIT AND KAIKLY MISSED. PARK THKATKE. Boxe* SO Out* I Pit 2'i | tiallery 12H. Benefit of Mr. Oeorge Yauoenhiiff?and last night of hi* engagement. THIS EVEN1NO June 7. will be performed, THE LADY OK LYONS?Claude Melnotte. Nlr. Vandenhoff To conclude with MONEY?Eieleyn, Mr O Vaud.nhofl. " NIBLO'S oaiihkn. OPEN FOK 1 He, sU il>1 r.K SEASON The entertaiuinente will be under the role direction of MR MITCHELL. THIS EVENINH. lune 7th 1814, will be produced VIVANDII-lKK! Or the Daughter of the Regiment Machineiy--Mr. Burns. | Properties- --Mr. Roberts. Costumes Mra. hkaat. and Assistants. The arrangements at the doors and in ttie ?alo"oa will be utmer the dinrction (if Mr. CORBY.N, Treasurer to the Coin* pany. Police officers will be in constant attendance, and the ntmost care will be taken to maintain order and decorum, and all improper ;?er?oni will be s rictly excluded. o- Omuibuses will run to mid from the tiarden during the evsuing. TT-TICKKTS FIFTY CENTS' NO POSTPONKMENT at this Establishment on aceonnt of weather, as the Orand Kntrance from Broadway to the Sa loon is protected, and thu New Sa'oon, which is Veutilaied from the top and sidrs, can tie enclosed at a moment's notice ""VAUXHAlale. Acting Manager,* Mrs Timm I Stage Manager--Mr. Walcot FRIDAY it SA 1 U KDa V t-.veniugt, J?ne 7 and 8, The performance to comrnnice with a piece of extravagance called FOR-TlMM-IO ! And Her Several (.lifted Servaola ! Timm-io, ........ Mrt Tiinin I t t.ongbirk Mr Walcol. First tioie here o til Laughable Interlude of YllUK HUMBLY. SUtVANT. To cuuclude w t'i ilie Bnrleiti, calhd the PlL-NIc 1'AhTY. Rail Lars and Omuthussee to and from City Hull, pats the Oarden 'till midnight 1 ickets, 26 cents. jSec AMKUICAN MtlikuiU. ACKIAI. GARDEN. v NU P KRP fci T U A L V A I h , Corner ol Broadway and Ann street, opposite the Astor House. P. T. BARIUM MANAGER. Every Day and Evening This IVeek, commencing Monday, June 'Aid. GRAND Pit-RFOKMANCKS Each afternoon^ ut hall.pasl J o'clock. and 8 >n the ?yanins Who, together, measure not less that Fourteen Vert, making them the tallest Pair ever known, are to be sern every day, from 10 o'clock A.M. till 1, from 2 till half-put S, auil frmn 7 till 10. The manager it happy to announce a re-engagement with the ORPHEAN FAMILY ! of live |>eraon> all musicians of the first class, one of wliom n a litllo .11 in of ouly in veari! The family appear in a variety nt Songs, L)uett?,Trioa, Quartette, lie. GREAT WESTERN will appear in hit Comic Yackm Lecture on Auimal Magnetism '. and alto hit imitation of a Locomotive. MK. S. K. G. NKLLIS, the man born wiihatu arms, will alao appear in sotneof tin- m at astonish lug feat* with his toes, which must be seeu to be helievej. La IVnte Cento, the Dansenic. A Beantilnl Collection of Wat Kignrea, Giraffe, 8ta., he The GIPHEY QUKr.N. the Fortune Teller, may be seen and privately consulted at all hours of the day und evening. J7"Admission to the whole lb cents?children under tea years, half-price. lb cent ettra for coaaultatioas with the Gipsey Queen. mJti re PKALK'S NKW YORK Mil 8 HUM. AND PICTURE GALL EH V. Broadway, opposite the City Hall. MK. H. BENNETT. MANAGER, AFTERNOON PERFORMANCES EVERY DAY, At 3 o'clock. ALL FOR ONE .HULLING. EXTRAORDINARY ! ASTONISHING ! ! WIO N D fc K K U L AND TREMENDOUS ATTRACTIONS ! GIANT BOY?16 YEARS AND OVER SEVEN FEET HIGH ! FAT GIRL, DWARF AND GIANTESS. A GIANT GIRL, .Fourteen Years Old. weighs410 Pounds, a 1111/ aoi'i BEING THREE INCH EH SHORTER THAN TOM THUMB! ! A GIANTESS. NEARLY SEVEN KEET HIGH; ElQMT PEHFOltMEUS! SPLENDID PAINTINGS OF THE CONFLAGRATION OF THE CHURCHES IN PHILADELPHIA 1 Destroyed during the late Hints Takru upon the UOtt by au eminent artist. These pirtnres covet mine hundreds of square feet of cauva? , embracing the whole of the Huge. GREAT SUCCESS OF THE WONDERFUL Ol.PHAN FAMILY, Or, reuuy-beg Vocalists ! consisting of a Father, Mother, aim oeven Small Children ! These are the Hs-I Orohau Melodists, as they slug OFTEN, eat OFTEN, auddnuk OFTEN. The following perlormers are engaged? MR VVINCHKLL. the Comic Delineator! Miss MARY BARTON, M ister BARTON, and Miss A. BARTON, the mnch admired vocalist* ! Mr. CONliVEl?, the Protean Performer. Grand Cosmorama, Sell-Playing Melodeon, Splendid Picture U illeiy. and SIM J nriosities. |T7~Afternoon Performances Wednesday's and Saturday's at 3 o eloc*. for the convenience of the day visiters; no eitra charge to the performances. To commence m the evening at I o'clock. mUS I'ARK THhATKK MR. HIMPsON's BKFIT WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1!?, IS44. Under the Direction of a COMMITTEE OF GENTLEMEN, | who have kindly interested themselves in and arranged this Benefit for the Lessee of the Park 'Ihentre, previous to his departuie for Europe on the instant. It is wilh great satisfaction that the Committee of Arrangements announces the u?mns of the following DISTINGUISHED ARTISTS, who have in tne,kindes' manner volunteered their valuable aid MAD'SLLE BORGHESE. MRS. BROUGHAM. MISS S CU9HMAN, MAD'SLLE DESJARD/NS, HERR OLE BULL, 8IONOR SANQUIRICO, HERR KoKP6NAY. MR BuOlft, It MR. WALLACE. The tire, to whom is assigned all the details will in the e< i a lew days publish a Full Bill of the Varied and Attr i K.ntertainm-nls provid-d for the occasion. On tlie abor-night he entrance to the Pit will be from the centre Boies of iIn- lowtr tier. Tickets for ih- Boies and l'it$3?vch, mav be procured at the Office of the New Mirror, No. 4 Ann street, where at pieseul the B s Sheet will remain an-l placet may be secured. J? It*re. OLYJIPK THEATRE. CROWDED '"ckoWDED! ! CROWDED! ! ! All hail the Necromancer as the tnost wmu.ertul "uian" (in his line) that has ever vulted this citv THIS EVENING, MR. SUTTON will open Ins < abiuetof Cabalistic Phenomena, introducing a variety of I'erfn-mances? hlUSIC! MA QIC II ANO VENTRILOQUISM ! I ! To couelude vt nil FLORA'S GlhTS. Doors open st 7. Curlam rises at 8 precisely TIIEATRE TRICES-NO INCREASE. Dress Boies ill cents. Oiqicr Boies 27 cents. I'll cent*. Children under II years, half price to Dress Boies. Boi Office > pen as usual. Pnrale Boies to lie had nightly. j mo at it. uv vi uik I. vrtir.i - at The Board of Duectora In < the idr au r of announcing thnt N. I' WILLIS, ESQ. Will ilelver a Lectu < un Atthe Tabernacle, TUE*IMY EvK.ralNO, June 11th, at 8 o'clock rri lek'ta 80 eenta each. to Iv ha"! at the prionp?l Dunk atom,at the Office < f ihe New t.irror, 4 Ana afreet, or at the door on iho Evening of the Lecture j6 it're K H ASBHOIfrK. f or Hoc FiRE WORKS, CRACKERS, & c. fourth of jui. y, 1s-i4 CSOVNTKY and city dealer, u. hirewnrka will had it to J llieir advantage to r ill and lainine mi mi naive aaiori merit ' f ih- heat jollity, a'. It AYLlEEK'S old etuliliahmeut, 88 ( hatbam ?'r<-? t A large quantity of Eire Crackera mat received. Hewember, the ilgn ol the Two Mammoili Sky Kocaeti. Mind, we hn?e removed from 8 i to *8 ( haihmai jel lra*ec EVERT lODY KNOWS CHRISTY, the o ii ea t periodical man. wa I.I. iKia, IIK. will ia?ue on 3aturd,y meruit g from hiaatnte, No I Aator Hoaae, A NEW NOVEL, BY COOPER, afloat an1> a s ho r e Notahint-THw Novel hs? b?en written f t < HHISTV, (who tnic? Unriies* has goo* to Indiana, is the mestrsf, fVridi< at Man Atioat o' Ashore.) aiidlth* public generally V. S.-Ail Coopef'i nth#r Novels oft hsnd ( tike cold snap) lor customers. jS lt#fn FIREWORKS! K1REW<>RKsT? THK Moil pitsaiivi sn4 briH ant aasortm-r t of eihibitionnl Fireworks e?er in*nu far lured in this oriutry i* n ?w r^a df for disposal, at the Minted States Lib iratoiv Je'se ' itf Also, ih* Imperial Kock t netei bffur* offered to^ the i iibi r being an imp ovem*nt on Confrere and tiuggin s rvl*bra?ed lloimri and H.fDa) Rocket, which cannot he obtained11r? m an\ other place than the Laboratory. In* hating dispensed wi h all aw ems. orders left at Mr William Niblos. ? atile Garden, Northern Hotel, or at the 4-eboratpry. Jeriey ity. will tf I uu'tunllr sU'nil.'il to. MA At r.i'MK, Jr J*T lin'rrc Pjrrocochoitc, J?r??y ( ny SHIP ftT OKOHUK rROM lFVeRPoOI.?Th? < ?n ?i?iw? b> thi? ihipsif to u.l lhair twrmit* n boaril, ?t Pi?f 5 North Hi??r, or to L). 0?>lrn'a oflta*, Ml Wall All gnoili not pormittoil in fir* <t?T?, liabl# to h? ??nt ti thr imtilia aton ~ JOSHUA OAKMKD At CO., F.SCUSH MANUFAC1VHKHS nKt'A I'K.M THKKADtt., .nirrtaa, T? . Oilnnl Tt?t..r. t ?i-p?t Warr. and Ui n.l TowlV.ini. no i nuRUNfi, new ydrk X ;c6 !!m*m I BY THE 8QUTHERN MAIL. Washington. [CorrHspoudence ol the Herald.] Washinoton, 5th June, 1844. There are reports in circulation,that the Hon. C. J. In^ermitt U) receive the appointment of Minuter to Austria, and the Hon. James Buchanan is to be appointed Judge. In the course of the day I hope to ascertain their correctness. Ned Curtis, Collector, is here, and at this moment holding a tiu-a ttle in the Senate with Mr. Evans, whig leader oi liitt party in Washington. Great interest is felt to hear from the democratic meeting in New York- The Herald will be looked tor to-inorrow morning with avidity. One of the jokes in the House this morning, occurred on the occasion of making appropriations for the President's House. Dr. Duncan stated that in 1S40, oj the appropriated for the President's House, #1500 went for wine?therelore, the Doctor moved that none of the present appropriation should be expended for wine. Whereupon Col. Wentworth stated that it was unnecessary, because Gov Polk did not drink wine. 8. B. Washington, June 5, 1844. A JtJDQR AT LAST. The mountains have travailed,and behold a Judge is born unto Israel. The President?John Tyler dt jure, but Dr. Sutherland de facto?has this day sent iii the appointment of Associate Judge upon the bench of the United States Supreme Court, in place of Justice Baldwin. And who is hel Hold your breutli and I'll tell you?his name is Edward D. Kino, of Philadelphia. You know him, of course, every body must know Edward D. King. Nui ced. in Executive Session to-day Mr. Jarnagm mads a speech. 1 hear Gov. Woodbury's speech made a deep and powerful impression upon the Senate, Whigs as well as Democrats. The Gov. has put the subject in a new light, particularly in the matter of de jure and de Jacto rights. This speech, as t nm I.a. r-nntrinr>?,t th? i nt?l !?/?( n? c?V eral whig^Senators, (if it will not convince their votes. Some of the whigs have ordered a large number of copies of it to circulate among their constituents, as containing the true principles. The speeches will ail probably be published in a day or two, and final action will be had upon the treaty thiH week. It will be rejected of course. S. B. TWKNTY.EIOHTH CONGRESS. KIUHT H Jfi S81O N Senate. Washington, June 5, 1844. morse's telegraph . A communication was made to the Senate from McClintock Young, Acting Secretary of the Treasury, stating (hat the Telegraph between Washington and Baltimore was duly completed, according to the provisions of the statute, &c. [Note-?The Hon. George Sykes, M. C., lrom New Jersey, a fine specimen ot an honest, liberal, handsome Quaker, has just made his appearance in the gallery of the Senate, accompanied by a bevy of magnificent Quaker ladies George ib a man of great modeatv and excellent taste, and writes the most beautiful round hand of any man in Congress.) pea patch This celebrated bill is at last pasted finally?80 to 6 On motion of Mr CRirrENDKN the Senate then went into Executive Session, alter having beeu in legislative session about 25 minutes. House of Representatives. Washington, June 5, 1844. The House was called to order with about one M'uriri ui Kir iiirmucrtf iirrbrni, auu wriu uumcuiately into Committee of the Whole on the Civil and Diplomatic Appropriation Bill Mr. Hknly, ol' Indiana, took the floor, and made a very bitter speech in opposition to Henry Clay and the wings, the present tarill". Arc. He said that tho remain Mr. McKuy'l tariff hill (ltd not put the House was, that it would have been rejected by the Senate j that in tho next Congress. if the democratic party had a majority in the Senate, .M'K '? hill, or oue like it, would be panned. In the course of Mr. H '* remarks, he defended the Rhode Island rebellion ?imputed Judge It lliott'a election frauds In New Orleans to whig influence?accused Henry f.'lay ot selliitg himself to the L*. tt hank -and declared that William Bryant's lines abusive of democracy were written by John (Juincy Adams. Mr Tihhatts addressed the committee in reference U> the 1'ortiuiid and Louisville Canal. Mr. Thosuisos commenced a speech, but was cut short by the arrival of the hour w hen dehete wal to cease. The amendment requiring the purchase of articles of domestic manufacture lor the use of Congress, provided it was not more expensive than imported iarticles of the same quality, was adopted. An amendment was moved appropriating 930.000 for furniture for the President's house, provided that this, too, was of American mnnufucture Mr. Pulsion Kino moved an amendment that the President's house should be sold, and the proceeds put into the Treasury. The chair declarnd the amendment to he out oi order. The House then refused to make an appropriation for the salary of Professor Kspy, by 11 party vote. A laige number ol immaterial amendments were proposed. and many rejected. No deba'e was allowed, but Lours were consumed in pro|>o*iug amendments. Mr. C.J. Inolrsoll. proposed outfits and salaries for new ministers to Austria and Russia, 931,000. The House rejected the amendment almost unanimously An outfit was voted lor Mr. Wise of $9000. The appropriation lor the outfit of a new minister to Russia was struck out by the committee. Mr. Promt's outfit was granted, and he has outfit, infit and all to appease the pains of rejection by the Senate. The following are among the appropriations ot tho Civil and Diplomatic Bill as agreed to by the Committee oi tho wholo Mileaire of Senators and Itenresentatives. *3.M tiOf) : Pav of officer* of Congrcia, $20,000 ; Contingent eaponaaa of Senate, $40 000 , t ontingent expeiuea ol Home, $76,000 ; Library, (11,000 ; State Depaitment. $48,000 ; Treasury Department, $:t:i0 (too ; War Department, $128,000; Nary Department, $66,00(1; I'oat Office Department, $103,000 ; Hurveyora and Clerka, $60,000 , Mint and branch?* $117,000; Teiritoriea $06,000; Judiciary $620,000; Miscellaneous, $30,000; fount Survey, $00,000; Boat on Ciutom Hotiae, $60,000; Light Housca, $107,000; Snrveya of Public Land*, $136,000; foreign Minuter*, Salaries of lull Mlnutern, $72,000; Secretariat of Legation, $10,000; Charge*, 60.600, Minister and Dragoman to Turkey, $8,600; t ontingent expenne* oi foreign intercourse, $30,000, Coniul at London, $2,000; outfit* ol Minuter to Brazil and London, aud of Charge* to Portugal und Bueno* Ayre* (propoied but not yet adopted) $37,004; Protection to American Seamen, $30,000. The above ara all of the important proviiion* of the bill. Tha amendment" ot the day will increaie the appropriation* Mite what. Bale* of Stock* at Philadelphia. KiniT Boaau, June tt. 060 shares (iirard Bk, in 100'*, 131 , $3000 State 6'*, 70 , $1000 City fivea, 1061 i >7 ahare* Mechanic*' Hunk. '27) ; 2<>0 aharvs Wilmington, b6, 2?1 , 100 do do 61. 2?1 ; $3000 ( be* St Del ?'*, 1866, b6f, 74 ; $2000 do do, 74 ; $.'>000 U. State* Bank Note*, 70 ; 160 "hare* U. state" Hank 10; $4000 Slate 6'*, 78j ; 26 ?harea Cam k A in boy, 3df, 120 , 60 do li Htatea Bank, b6f, 10; $600 I 'onlity Fives, n*w. OH ; $1000 State 6'a, 701 ; $1000 do, 78j ; 27 aharea Schuylkill Bk rkp, 12 ; 126 do Oirard Hunk, 131 ; 100 do do l>6l. 13 ; 103 do do, 13 , 22 do Herruhurg Bunk, 2.3J , $1000 Schuylkill Navigation 6'a, 1866, 80 , $ itloO Chesapeake and Delaware Loan, 74 ; $2000 1)11noia Bonda, 61. Sacnnn Boaan, June 6 ?60 "hare* I iirard Bank, 1#1 ; 3.V> do do, l>6f, 13$ ; $1000 I n.rinnali Bomla, 100 ; I (hare* Hunk of PenII , 27o, 26 do Schnylkill Nav., 43 ; $2000 ' he*. Sc Del 6'*, rath, 74 ; 36 aharea Norriatown RH 71 ; 8 do Wilmington It It. 281 ; nO do do, 4d*. 26$ ; 23 do Philadelphia Bank, 106 ; 36 <lo Farmer* and Mechanica' Bk, 43$. SHIP NiCWI. Iljr Thla Morning's Southern Mall. Pmi *t>M rm?, June 6?Arr Trojan, Hue*inan. Mataniaa; J'lho K>-rr, LonUnnd.rry; Vlarxurai. Siiekney, do; howrua, Wilson, Port" Cabal lo?CId Kui<rne, Skinno, Botroo; lie* alot, I r >v. N Yoik Uai.TiMoar, Jtma 6?Arr <>n?titutlnn. L ndernua, Porto Cat,-ll? ( (1, Onako, Hofar., Wa?t Mm Sld, St JomcIi, NatII, Naw York; Jtutina, Ptirkaa, Madaira; Alma, Wa.ter, Kinit'io. Jam. ... _ ? ., , ., I tl-ll. n t 2 Marrkaal Mot. NOhroLR, JlM* 4 ?A rT nvnnry, I m II, ?? C<r, ..lid Protract. Modi; Var . 7'r*l*th*n, N*wport MHf. CAKIUllX'S* MKDI< \TK.I) VAPOR AND HULPilUR HATHA, It'll llrontlway, two alitor* ?ho*f the Hospital. MKM 'Ui'OuL r*ar*Ctinlly union* ra lo h*r ta'rona. till- Medical laen'tv anil th* i ii' It, thxl ?h? hu removed Itiin (lin,r.l<iiiii Uiol an J altbliiM Srr Mcdicai'd V?por nil Mulp'.nr Ha'ha in " mm* comu.odinna and central illation, al v" W1 Br adwav.wh"r* by h*r r n>tnn*<l aaaidiuty nil airier Utentiou, ah* h"i?a to m-rn ih- patron ** which h?r ** ibiiabm-nl baa r?c*i?rd for th* laat?irVirn y*ar?. N I) Mult hur Hatha reyuir* on* i our'a a< tic*. Portable Hat "a await t?i any part of tli* city or ila aieinity Batma| I'aba for hira mil Imre WE W Co AL YARD. I'llK Hl'Bsi itl IIK KM Oar* taken a Yarrl at No. 7 Hall I I'lac*, (near tb* cotn*r til Hetenlh atrrctantl Third Av*i,tia, hrectly uppomt* Tnmpkin* Maik*t() where they inteno baspma a tin lily ill erery d-icrptionnt I oala, ?it:- Peach Or chard, Mnijlkill, I.*' igh, Liverpool, Newcaatla, Sydney. Vug una, mil ( umlmtla tl. which :b*y utTrr at th* lowest mailtet ptieea, mil aoltril a tliaraol h* public patronage Orilera rer*i*rd aa alma*, or at tha old atand, til Waahmi too atrect, corner (might atrret. WARD It BROWNE Ordori through th* I)eapatch Poat will r*c*iT? prompt attention. ml7 Im'r* tUrrit ? or Jg??r.?aoa IniUgatac* i owratay.f No 16 Wall at, oppoait# th* Kachang* I I'HIS t'oaapaar continue* to Inaor* anainal Loa* ??d llama** by Kir*, on aomla, war** and tn?rclia?di?*. and alto teaiDit loaa by mlaad naantatuia oa t -a**li aad thei' cargo** DIRK* TOR* ThotitM W. Thorn*. I'liaha Kigga, Tbomaa T Woodruff, Anaoti Baker, b R Rohaon.M 0 loaeph I/rwhw, Thomi>M>? I rirr low" ?"r"; jnom^B rnf! , ,n K. Hnliatm. i A - u lohn r, Moor?, 'T H l!" ' Thon1"' [. '" rrr3f" rh. r-? STot li ' THOMAH W^otWW*. (JEO T HOPE, a**"* m N 1

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