Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 9, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 9, 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol. X., No. JGO-WhoU No. 3730. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pub IjHned every day of the year except New Year'e day and fourth of July. Price J cunta per copy?or $7 90 per anemu?Doetaae* paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning*?price cents per copy, or M 19 per annum9 oaifi. i'ahIi in u Mrancft. Ai>V KUTlSRItB are intennwd that the circulation ol tile Herald U over THIRTY TH0U8AND, and increasing (ait. It has the largest circulation of any paper in ttUt oily, of the ioirrtd, md is, therefore, the kest channel for hueinrtt tkiiiN the ctiy or country, Prioee moderate?cash in advance. i HINTING of all kind* executed at tlio moat modtrme price, and in the most elegant style. JAMEb GORDON BENNETT, Pa&vmittor or thx Hkhald Estasi.whmilivt, Northwest comer of Fulton and Nassau streets. 'M. N Wf OUTATID HATOHTTCKETS. K*';oad Liur?the Ships of this line will boreal ter lea* e Nrw * or. on Uis 1st, euia Havre uu the 15th of each month, as foio_ . faom Naw Voug. From lUvma. > 'w Ship O .VKIDA, C 1st March. \ 18th April. Captain < 1st July. < lkiii August. Junta F mi ok. Ut November. / 16th Decmnber. B up BAI/X I MORE, 11st April 116th May. Cnptaiu ' 1st August. \ 16th September Kilward Funs.i 1st December. ( 16th January. Ship UT10A, 1st May. ( 16th June. Ctpiain < 1st September < 16th October. lr redorick H wttt. 1st Jaadary. r 16th February, New shin Tt. NICH' LAB ! 1st June. ( 16th July. Captain < 1st October. < 16th November. J 11. Pell, ( 1st February. ( 16tli March. The accomiuod-iuons of thane ships are not surpassed, com* biniua all that nuy lie required for comfort. The price of ca| bin passage is $100. Passengers will be supplied with every re qunite with the eseeptiou of winee and liquors. < foods intended for tliaee vessels will be Forwarded by the subscribers, free from any other than the expanses actually incurred on them. For freight oe passstsa, apply to BOYD StHlNCKEN, Agents, Je35 re No. 9 Tootiua Building, or. Wall and Water s MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. The uudermenuoneTsmps will be regularlr dispatehe^rom brace so thr 1st, and from Marseillea on the 5th of each ntpnlh during the year as follows From New York. Marseilles* AIINT.d VA, Gapt Browu, Dec. 1 Feb. 5 TUKsiCOTT, ( art. Myrick, Jon. 1 March 5 ii'Hy THOMPSON,Capt.Sylveater, Feb. 1. April 6 HELLESPONT, Capt. Adams, March 1. May 5 COiUOLANIJh, Capt.Haile, April 1. JuneS "They -.ip- all coppered ami copper fastened, and linve excellent accoinaiodttious for uiuweureri. f The price of cabin paswigfl will be $100, exclusive of wine* an'l isjuots. Goons addressed to the agents, BOYD fc HINCKEN, will be fortvrnied tree of other clcirxes than those actually paid. Foe I'reiRi.t or passage apply to .'jAWIIENCJE bt FHELP8.100 Front street or to BOYD It HINCREN. A?mts, n-Mv No ? Tootiua BuildiukS. XIIE NEW LLNJSOF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Sab Age- ms* 2gk mk mk To sail from New York 31st, and Ironi Liverpool 9th of each month. From Ntro Ytrk. L'puol. Nw Ship LIV^BPOOL, 8 f| 1 " nsasffi sKKsHfe' I hi l .New shir ROCHESTER,950 tow. jljfc# % %?* J John Brittou % ]iOct'r 21 DeA f Ship HOTTINOIIER, 1C? Ww.jlS&yg j?H I ira 11 itrscly, |iN#v'r 21 Jiui'y 6 Toese substantial, fast tailing, first class ships, all bniL m the city of New York, are commanded by man of egpexience mi ?!>il%,-, and will be dispatched panctnally on the 21st oi eai.. month. . rn*' cabins ere elegant anil commodious, and are furnisbci wish n iiatcrer can conduce to the ease and comfort of passengers 1'riee of jwscage, $199. Nor her the enprtins or owners of these ships will be responsible ior any paToeli or packages sent by them, unless regular nills rf lading are signed therefor, y or freight or_an*s:.jse.*pply to WOOWlGLLk MINTURN8, 7 South street, New Yojrfc, or to S'lELDEN, BROTHERS fc CO., IMee blwrpor OlJ) L1NEIJVERPOOL PACKETS. M m. M. & O'lli . WLD LI^^jfTaeketa fas Liverpool will berenll^T* x dispatched ,u the follow ingornsr, excepting that wheu the s? :ling "lay falls on, the'ships will sail on the succeed ir- Pay. y f> rom N ew York. Frem Liverpool a i.eCf?\jiCJtlDOE, f.Iuue 1 July 16 Siti tons, \ Oct. 1 Nor. 16 \V. C. Barstow, r Feb. 1 Mar. 16 The ENGLAND, t June IS Aug. 1 740 tons, s Oct. 16 Dec. 1 e. iHnru,f f tru. 10 /vpm i The OXKOIID, \Ja!v 1 Aug. 16 116# toss, { Nov. 1 Dee. 16 J. Rathbons,( March 1 April 16 Tht MONTEZUMA, {July 10 Bept. 1 1000 tons, < Nov. 16 Jan. 1 A. B. Lowber.f Match 16 May 1 The EUilOPE, i Aug. 1 Sept. 16 61t ton*. <Dcc. 1 Jan. 16 R. U. Fnrber, f Aprfl 1 May 16 The NEW YORK, (new) t A or. 10 Oct. 1 600 tens, < lice. 10 Feb. 1 T. ft. Cropper, ( April 10 June 1 The COLUMBUS, {Sept. I Oct. 16 7i'i9 ton*. < Jan. 1 Feb. 16 G. A. Cole.f May 1 June 16 The YORKSHIRE,(new) {Sept. 16 Nov. 1 1060 ton*, <Jau. 16 Mar. 1 D. U. Bailey.(May 16 Jnly 1 Tlteea ship* are not serpassed m point ofelegance or cotr'ort in ; heir cahin accenmodntioaa, or in their fast sailing qua tin i>\ any ve?*eU iu the trade. The cowmnuden axe well known as cnen of character and ! expsrieace, and the ttricieat attention will always be paid to promote the couilurt and cenveaieaca of pnasnatiexs Punctuality, as rswirtU the day of uiling, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at One Han Jred Dolieis, for which ample store* of ever* description will be provide*!, witt the exception of wines and liquors, which will be furnished by thestensrdt. if twnired. Nsiilmrth e?puun or owners of these ships will be reaponlitile *i'r uny letters, poroele, or naekagee seut by them uuless rtntular bills of ladiag rue signed therefor. For freight or pox ssrp, apply to OOOBHirr. * CO, 61 Strath st. C, y. MAH8HALL. JS Burling slip. N. V. JMtf aad of BAKING. NKOTHKltS & CO.. L'pool. PLEASURE EXCURSION TO THE UPPER LAKES. ,MO The bt?amboat WISKON8AN, ( -idu-d H t-. lUadall. will learo Heff-.lo.iu Monday, thr i*t day ef July i.eic, ?t -I o'clock, I'. M . iu an Kxcainoa ol Pleasure to the Uiiper Lak*e, nailing nil t .? importeet p'arne on Ii!in Erie, Huron and Mich; iriu, mrluditig Oreea Bay Ample time will t>e allude J lie lewaeagai, fur nettiag Ma.iu.ic, 1 imil Bay, Mautlon isl. l'Je, Milwaakia. Racine, Sotuhoon and Chicago; Imvieg the I v t c.e.uiuatdp'at.eoii her,return on Tuesday morning Jul. y.h. The W -Aruwn i> ihelargmit boat on tlie Western Lakes.and ,a propelled by a poweriul low creasum engine? is uew, and u I. tin- modem aiyle, ?it'. as upper cabin compose! eutil>ly ofaUte ru'.'Mu,and ia llttaa up and t'uruiabed njual to auv beat in'?e world A (?oi! (land ofMutic will accompany the boat and eve-y ere tiou will be made to make the pmaaee pleaiact to thoae on ouerd h or Parana i; pie to 8. La 12] Broad at, New York. V. n. PHOASVill.iW Pier. Albany. NOUTHllOP tk HAY WaiHi. llochrater. GELS TON kKVANS Buffalo. HUBBY fc HUOHE8 Cleielsud. OIUY 8t LEWIS, Detroit. Tufftlo, Mav M. itM4. juS KOK BOSTON, VIA NEWPORT AND PROVIDENCE FARE TO BOSTON $2 Sv-NKWFOHi' AND PBOVlDENCS 41. -C.JRW* 4 The new and aplertf.d Steitn?r UdMB'K - .^PVXJjal iLAND. C.ptun Thayer, will I?kr?Ii?r .SL?3iC3C. %><> 1. N K., on Tuesdays, Thursdays and b- (uru/.yi 'lao'cluc- P M. Ko Imght or oust fa, apply to the Captain, on beard, er 22 B.-o-dwa jidi 6nuc FOH BOSTON, VIA NEWPORT AND PROVIDENCE KAfch lO BOSTON %i 5o?NEW POUT AND PROVIDENCE 41. 'nJ* r The ne ? and splendid ateamer NEW JEIL O. . eiejj.v'Se BEV K H. r Iiry inaefr. will lease the j.iei " i " Tilt nPT ' ol Barclay street (e.artli aide) on lueeilny Leu, Juns 4th, nt JoVnek. P M. /rgular days item Nea Y'ure, Tuesday#, Thuradan and ?tu;J .y.i. hrom I'rotiUeece lot New York yia Newpd.t, iMocdsy.., Wv, j-edny, e..d ? ridgys, immediately after tin airiv.U ?t -uc star*. b .at uaui fiotn Boston. 1 he Nee- Jmry m * ui w nd ssleudid boit, has a larg i delli -r ot'r'agiut state loo.ns. and u fltted up tu the beet puafb'e trenail. , , _ , h ur iri ikht ti piaan-e, apply to Jie Laaluu, on bo i'd, or to Mi L B?na?>t, at the ofueeen the elwf mil am r.JV'T hLALK BALL, Oil OLD LIN", OF LIVKR dFs'JPVPOOL PA' KE TS-FOH LlVbliroOL.-ltiTiil .r k*l of indi Jim-.?Trw tie* m-igt.incrot and e*le Ci. uei nt sailing packet ship ENGLAND. Captain 6. ba tI - i, will puaitivfl i aail ou Mou.lay, ittli Juar, her regal ir ft ia well known th?t tke Euslnml ia fitted out in a tery aui.-? r or manner, h ith ry.iy convenience mat can add to the comfort uf those mbatkii Tenons piocreding to the old Country. will fivl no li'tr ii.v.?irsi to ct thie conteyaur e. For le'iage ib oabm, 2nd cabin. i*'Ml ilf mil', Of pi V ou Imaid, loot or iif?ku?iui ktwt.ortr, trie nnbrn. KOC1IR, BROTHF.H8 fc ' O.. j.-7to!7 nc 31 Fulton *f. retr ?lnir tn h" F.ilion Hirk. iiOA* *K.VP Lt'.t- OF FAt.KP/J'8 KOH LlVr.KI'Ot >1,-Packet of S<?t Jane ?The rp'endid new, .r*S?5Jfct>o ' CiTonte picket iMi) R(Kl H KB fe.R, ll>40 t >r? tor ..... J,'t. J Button, w.ll Mil on Fndir, 2l?t June, lier riguUrday. ('!?< etui* of tbw line b?io(j all I0M tony and up enrde. persons aoou to a?ba'k fut the olil caauti r, will not f?it to ?ee I,e v'vantages tr> be dented from selecting tine li?? lu pref?rec,. < 111 any other, ? their great cijucilT rmde t them ever y ?<?' mora Cimfonaaie and cnneenient than ships of a sinnl er rl-? ?, ajd thetr accommodations for rabio, second cabin. n? ' itn'iage p.tstar.gers, or* well known to lie superior to nry otl em. . . Ptraons wiah:nir to secure b-rtlii shnnld not fail to m>? . cnrlv application on board, foot ol Burling slip or to W. * J. T. TAPWSOTT, At their Gensral I .usage Office, 7? Mouth atri et, jt7(n2l no cor Maiden Lena, up atnirs. T4PBCOTT'S OF.NERAL PA8?A.(#B OK rU;R-H?mo*fd from 13 Pit.Ii alip to ?h (c< atlic. TjriT.nfc "' l>i*oni ilngirin, |0 r lie ir r "i'i. io lti? old rnaniry. cm by rnllmi on ihn snbic i lrr? i i?r? tbr n* PM.u-y * ranjnvnnnm on th# notl oui Mr W? lH"c-ti Livirimol, rmdni triis^ jcuuy 1'ich wnh tli m tufiily bM>t'ii?nl in ml r?u*? .?i:.hi..2 to hare Uiun IriruiU ciml'urixiily tad quickly dM parhwi. I1r.l'? for ?oy amount, |?r?bl' on dtiaand without *n>- ?! fount or ,uir chare* whmnrt. in rll th# principal lowm rhrna.l#out <Irwit Uritain and Ireland, at all rmr b? ?>b *me<i oa ? plication to VV. !*. J. T TAPSCOTl" At tbeir Ocn.-ral l'aMatfn ('flier, mil r? H Soatft at, cotunr jyimdcu I ana >i H E N1 TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC. The Subscriber* having completed their arraurewei. ts, ir' uow prepared to bring out isaseagers from Great Brit'in \r.d I relmd by the following (ir?t cLa* packet iMpa, on* of which irill leave Liverpool ou the Lt, ?th, 11th, l?lh, Hat and 23th ol ??h mouth:? Pitnet Ueury, New York, Bherid-u, Virginia, Liverpool, Camnnilge, Montexunm, H'ddoni, Geo. Waahingto*, Hr.uiuifuet, Columbus, United Stat**, Rctcius, Ashburtoa, Enulaari, luroiv, Steoli'a Whitney, Rochester, Ind-pe-deoee, Yorknlure, Gnrrick, B\inu"l il'eh, Qnneo of the Wist, Oxford ( orlifimge* .? pvivagr cm be ob:aiiied, and every information will he 0e -a to thoae lending l.,r their friends, oe application rt eith-r of onr otSc They will al?o be prepared, on the opening of nariTHtion. to , lorwatd pmiaepReva and 'heir tuRgage to Aloany and. Tioy, and ,? Krie I'tiiiJ to i.n tfalo, aud all luleriasdiate place*. To all port* of the Upper Liltr*. I Viv Oswego ro Toronto, Port Hope, Cobttrg, Kingston, and ill part* oft .uiada Writ irro.-u Troy via Whitehall to Moa'real and Quebec, Canada Ka?t via Ohio Oaual from < Teavel&nd to Portamouth, Cintionali, and i .tennediaie places South W'-at via Philadelphia to Pitfibure,Cincinnati, Loitisi eitle. and all porta on the Ohio Hirer to St. Lout*, M<J 1 and ro ell parts ol Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and WiaconI lis lerritory. REMITTANCES. . Forthe acr.oininotlatii'n of parsous wishing to ??nd monee \o th*ir friend* iu live t lid Country, IIAKNUKN ACO.wiii .live OnJ>( o i any part of England, Scotland or Ireland, pay-sale at nuht, forautni ofXl, ?5, ?to, to ?UM?or in auyautount :o auit the purchaser. OFFICES AND AGENTS. Charles Craft, lid Slaie ureet, Boaton. B. W. Whieli r. Union Buildiuir. Proeidence, R. I. J. W. Mill*, 3 wall street, and )G Kroul street, New York. N. G. Howird, 13 South Third ilreec, Philadelphia. Btadford St Shoemaker, 7 Light atreet, Baltimore, Md. Pittsburgh, Pa. L. S, Littlajohn, 11 Exrhu 'Se, Albany N. Y. 9 Clark, 139 litver street, Troy, N. Y. Utica.N.Y. W. A. Cook, Syracuse. N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. W. H Oonk, Buffalo, N. Y. H. KitrhuRh it Co., Oswego. N. Y. mlltee 'JR. EAT WESTERN RAIL ROAD ROUTE, FROM ALBANY TO BUFFALO (325MILK.8) BY HAIL UOAB. The only Office in Nbw York established by thetevetal Rail toad Companies between Albany and Buffalo i? at No. 59 COTrilTI.ANDT 'TREKT, TOHN T 'XIRK, ??reeral Agent. NOTIOii TO IMMIGRANTS. Thn Subscribers having been appointed agents for forward as Immigrants by Rail Road from Albany to Rusraloand inermeintf uUcn. are enabled to tend them dnriutt ihe Summer from New York to Ulicn lor $9,06; to Hyracoie $2,92, to Auoaru $3,36; to Rochester $1,61. to buffalo >5,50. Childrc from 2 to 13 year* old at lialf price; under 2 yrare free- and all Uagtrage from Albany on the Rail Roan is entirely free'. It is evident that it comes uiueh cheaper to the miuiiirraat to 'ravel by Rail Road than by Canal, he reaching Buffalo per ^teamboai from New Yoik and Rail U?ad from Alnanr in 42 ;onni;-whcreai, it takes pur Caual from 9 to 10 days. The following calculation shows ti in result, sit d.usage to Buffalo per Rail 1'assage to Buffalo per Canned $5,50 nal.say $3,00 '.uggnge from iV. York to Luggage to Buffalo, 50!bs Albaot, lOOlbs free, bal- f,ee, balance lor ledlhs- 55 anca for lOOlbs IS Loss of time at Ibast 9 days cutKN?o from Albany to worth to the laooier, say Buffalo free . - 50 touts per day 4.5C hiving for 42 hours, sey--- 75 Living for 10days,50 ccnu _ ? ? per day 5,00 Total per U. Road.. $5,43 ? $13,05 Deduct fare per R. Road 6.4': The traveller per R. Road saves $5,61 They also forward passengers to Cleavelacd, Portsmouth and Other places iu Ohio; Detioit, 4tc., Michigau; Green Bay, Milsacklp, be., Wisconsin Territory; Chicago, Illinois; and to iiffrfcat pljc'o in '.'anada, at the lowest rues. All inforinatioi. u to the different rout' s irireu, and Tickets to tie had nily at the Albany and Bonnie Itail R'ud Ofice.59 Coartiandt ue?. WOLF St KlCllioRS. iav8 Ira'rc view vim t SCHOOLEv'S MOUNTAIN TfXVT the foot of Coortlant street, daily ed,] at 3 o'clock, A M., by Railroad from JeRey City to Morrisfwii direct, without change of Car? Iroin theuce bv Post U<.aclns thronsh .Mendhain. ohcster, Sch'.oley's Monniniu Port Coldeii, Washington to F.nston. At Washington a daily Una intersects to and from Belridcre. For seats uyidy to J. cilLL, at John Patteu's Commercial Hotel, 73 Courtluud' iMf N. B.?"xtrns furnished at the ihortent notice, by ai<('!yi*R to N.6. LUMurristown ai'M 2i?*rc SUMMER* ARRANGEMENT. NEWARK AND NEW YORK. FARE ONLY CENTS. PHE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OAFKY, a8X On and alter Monday, May 13. will ran as 2wcti<?l:*?r|efollow?:?Leave Newark, foot od<>ntre at, ai 3iM.wiaCjNb.7i-m A. M. and 1)<P. M. Leave New York, loot 01 Barclay at. at 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. On Sundays?Leave Newark at 8 A. M. and 2 P.M. and law York at 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. Freight carried at very reasonable rates. Mav 10th, 1844. ap4rc SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS. BLQOM1NGDALSL MANHATTANVILLE AND FORT WASHINGTON LINE OF STAGES. | ?? Fare to Manhattanville I2W cents?Fori JWJEjJJfcS? Washington 26 cents. This Line will coin KXBSSCSmeuce running on Saturday, May 4ih, 1044 IS I.JluWS 1? I ? " VI - ,.l._ ......... II.. c S SX ...J .............. running every Knar until 7o'clock P A Lraviuj Nfw Vot? corner of Try on Row and Cnathaui it, (wo doors past of the rlnrlem Railroad Ollke. at?o'clock, A. M , and continue rnn ring every ' our uutil I P. M. Stages leaving Sort Washington for City Hall, 7% A.M am! <)i, lis. ) P. M., 3K, 4 and 6)?. Stage* leaving City Hall for bert VVmihisgton, 9 A. M., II and I P. M., J. 4 and 6, 'l'heee Stage* )iasi on the route Heed's Hotel,Bui-.ham's Man aiou House, ilrphnn Asylnm aud Lnaatic Asylum. Strieker's Bay Abbey Hotel, loony Church Oeuictry, High Bridge tu r'ort Washington. B. MOORE. m2 I m* re Proprietor jPFZkrf*. STATES INLAND FERRY. 9E2^28L On ?atWi?r Saturday, Juue 1st, tlie Boats will run as tul lows tfcWV fnrtlier-.oiire:? LEAVE STATEN I8L.ANP AT r, 8, 9. 10 It, A. M? I. a, 4, 5. 8. 7M P. M. Li'AVE Nfcw YtlkK Ai 6. 8 . 9, 1ft. II, A M? 1. 2, IS, 1 li. 7, P. M. V A?All good* shipped must be marked in lull, and are at tin rflS t\ ; tlic .wuers thereof. iu39.c HOllK VILLH , ASTORIA. II ELL (iATK, TkTkkV~ KAVENHWOOI) ANII NEW YORK 8TAUK8. ? WiU commence running oa Monday, Mar 1844, as follows ge^gss'^asw^ Leaving Artoria, at 7,1,9, and 11 o'clock A. M , I, a, 4, 4/?. i* anrt 7 P. M L**vmg 3 Co <t)tam street opposite City Ilsll at7, 9, 19, and ll o'clock A. M.. 1, 3, 4. 6, 8 and 7 o'clock P M. This Stage will call Ipr passengers at 20 Bowery, corrsr o I Psll street and st Hazard's Yorkville. All baggage at thr owner's risk On 'be arrival of the ifpgs at Aatoria, it will irn uediately be in readiaess for conveying passengers to Kateni wood and Cong Island Karats. Kara 12Cents Horses and Wagons to let. LEWIS V. CARTE B, mil tm'ef Proprietors PLEASANT AMD ('HEAP K.X' URSIONS. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT NEW BUlOilTt/N, PORT Kl< HMOND. (STATEN |eLAVD.)& NEW YORK kEKRY. Krom Pier No. 1, North Hirer, foot of Battery Place. jrnI The Steamboat CINDERELLA, will mn Aaau^QMniPaa follows, daily, from May 20tl? to October ^XwSPCpLslsr. 1811 Leaves New York, at land 11 o'clock, A M.nt S>J, 8 and 8 P. M. Leaves Port Richmond, at 2ft minutes to 8, and 10 minutes to 10 A. M.| at I, 4>? and 6>? !' M ^Leaves New Brighton, at ft and ID A. M.; at IX, 5 and 7\i V. (In Sunday?Leave* New York, rt 9and 11 A. M.; at 3, 6 and 3 P.M. Leaves ''ort Richmond, at 20 minutes to 8,and 10 A.ftl.i at I, 5 and 7L P M N"w Vork. Mav 18, 18(4 rnvll ftm're t- r(||_ llHAKTSiiS ENULAN 0,1 UEjLANIJ, /4ftl|Pi Ike ?Persons about remitting money to their ^eJHI^KAMfrienils.iii thr Old Country can he supplied dtflj with drafts iu sums of ?1, ?2, ?3, ?1. ?10, ^^^ Bfcui?i:Ol?SO,? 100, ?1000 or any amount, payable an deuiaud, without discount, or auy other charge, at the Na,in...k nri._i..,.I Pn?., .I Ilk .In I.h llll!| ft?ll kCn., Bankers, Liuiiioii; J. Barued tk Ktchanife and Dmcnuul Biak. Liverpool; haatrrn Daub of Srorlariu; trpe-nock B.inhin* <'oinpany; Sir Wm. Forbes Hunter (Sct'.o., ScoMaod; tad the Tranche* id every p??t town thrpnfhoat Euftlaiid, ireland, Scotland ami SVelm, which dralts will be fnrw irilml by the packet* of the mb,, 21*t, sad 2Mh. or the Royal Mill steamer sailing from Boston uu the 16th of June, Aiaily i? W is J. T.TAPm:?fPT, At their general passage office, 7o South street, MM of >!*iden Uw. " ?All lettm from the country must come post paid. jM w*> PA'SAUE KllOM DUBLIN, 1,'OllK. WATK!' bgi^KOUD. DEiiiiv, i;0L:;R\inp., Ijelkasst, flHBfcNcwr Diogheda, fcc?-Persons wishing to *i iid for ii?n li iOuiU can nave UMm brought i ut Irum uiv of tltr above 1>?iru in lint ':lnu Akmvicui Packet Whips, on the jioji r viable twos. and without their mperisnciug any unnecessary detention. Mr W. Ta?scolt, our of the firm, wtli hr oa thspot to uive hi* l*-r*oaal attention to tie- passengers eugnKed by the su'nc.ribers or thrir ai,rr ti here, aud person* mar rely inat the wishes and comforts of thus* whose pasua/e maybe rngaged by them will hsve all dun aud proper attention. Kor iwrlicalars apply, if by letter, post-paid, to W. ?t J. T. T APSOOTT, at their Oenerat Pssiagr Office, 76 South *t, cor. H tide'; Lane, who e, also, lira't* m*v he ,-btained, for lan;e < i small sums Payable oa iltnond, wnhoor. dunouut orauy other eht'ge, at th- Natienal or Pro7iacia banks of Ireland, ?r any o' their branches throughout the Kingdom in Ii rr PASBAUK KROM KNOLAND. IRKLAI6D, BCOT LkND A.NIJ lVAI.fJ, VIA LIVERPOOL. 'l'HK subscriber has made unetjuailed errai g-rceats fMW^for bnngiag Out emigrant* this year. .IMS Those eNHpferendiiiK lor their fnvuda would do wril to apply at 'Jus si a established packet office of JOHN Hv.RDMAN,?l South st. 1 .N. B.?The shies of this line now lenve Lirerps.ol every tire tyi, \on uriiu can u usurp ikp iuinunru loreey rniouhi, jinv .life ? ill the principal boil, inn iudiiatioDi thj-ouirhent tor snitrd koivilom. n|t(>lv neehore. m31 rr "*,?? IACkKT KOH HAVKJ-Mewied Line?Tin1 ()V KU1A, Jimt French, V*?tei\ will n.iil oo *ma83bi h- l?t of Jnly. Hor I'rrifht or apply to B(?Yufc. 'iJNCKKIS jlee No 9 Tontine Ouil?lui? cur if?!' m l Wn'rr in. JJU fon LIVKIIfOOIi-Nf* Line?K r*uter Piickrt J6th J ne ? ') heiptendid peeknihip UAHRICK, AlllBfcaCop'.iin U J H Ttu?k of 10M tone, wilt ?nl n? tun, , v o'ltoier day , , Forfmaitt or puMUte. having eceoinmoflatiotn uo?otmlM fofRiilontiiW or comf'iirl, Apply ot bfltril, ! Ollrire wtvl, foe of w?" street, or to r k c0LL1NS k ,;o. * SouUl lt Price of pnamure tiofl. The packet ?lnp tloicini, Capt .1 tlollinv of I IflO too?, will ncored the (Hrriok, end eail the t?th of J uly, he? renular day nMtojiUfrc SW NEW YORK, SUNDAY ft NKW JUNE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. ^ ( i'ofcatl Horn iNew V ork om the 26th aoU ..Liverpool o?Jch* llth > ui ecca mourn. & A Ship ROSCICH, Captain John Collius, 26th Mareh. >lup SlUDONS, Captain E. B. Cohb, 20th April. Ship SHEIUMAN, Captain F. A. Dvpeystef, 86th May. ILip OA1M1CK, Capt. D I. H. Traek, 'JtiUi Jnue. FnuM LivKRi-eoL. Ship HHE1UDAN, Captain A. Depeyster, 11th March. Siiip OARIIICK, Captain B. I. H. I'raak. 11th April. Ship KOSC1UH, Captam John Collins, lllli May. ship SlOldONA, Captain K. B. Cobb, llth .lone. Tries? ?hip? are all of tha tint clam. upwards of 100# ma*, I inih iu to* cit7 nf New York, with such improvements a? ; combine great speed with uir.irual eoraihrt lor paaasugers. i mm', care h v? been taker, in the Arrangement of their aecota- | nidations. The price of iuiuku hence ii 6100. lor which . amide stores will be provided '1 lies. ships are commanded by erperirreei! m-jtrri, who wal make every esertion to give gr- < tcrs.1 s<ti.faction. Neither th" captains or owners of tne ships will lie responsible for any letters, parcel# or packages arc( by theui, luilou regular u lv "f laJias unsigned thrnier or freight ur passage appi> to It,. h. COLLI??>i L CO., :i6 South Jt., N'tw York, or tc BY ./WN, SHlf'LK V la CO., Liverpool. Letters by fhr pe.ek /tawill be charged US cants per ample hi?t ; JO ci'i'ta per ounce, ami newspapers 1 eent each ml rrc PASSAOK FKOM tJKEAT BRITAIN AN I) UUXANU BY THE BLACK" BALL OT( OLD LINE OK LIV ERFOOL l'ACKETS. I Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every month ] lVmons wishing to scud to the Old Country for their frien'ls anil make the necessary nrrungerneuU with the subscribers, *u have tliein come out iu thia superior Line of Packets. Sailing 'rom Liverpool pnudlually ou the 7th and tilth of every month. I'hay will alao have a drat rate claw of American trading ahipa, ailing every ait (lays, thereby affording weekly communicationfrom that port. One of tne lirm (Mr. Jauira 0. Roche) is there, to are that they ahull be forwarded w ith care and despetcli. Should the partiee screed for not come out. the money will be returned te those who paid it here, without any leductien. The Black Ball, or Old Liue of Liverpool racket*,comprise ihe following maguihcent Ships, via 1UC UAPUHU. 1W OVU.W CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE MOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. With inch superior and nneqnallad arrangements, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which has been extended to thein to uiany years, for which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can it all times obtaiu Drafts at tight for any amount, drawn diruct >n tlie lloyal Bank of Ireland. Dublin, also on Messrs. PRE SCOTT, GB.OTE, AMES St CO. Bankers, Loudon, which will be paid on demand at any ol the Banks, or their Branches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. ROCHE, BROTHERS U CO. 35 Kill ton street New York, nest door to the Kulton Bank. N. J5.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail front this port for Liverpool on the let and 13th of each month. Parties returning to the old couutry will find it to their comfort and sdrantage to select this favorite Line forlheir conveyance, us orefereuce to anv other .lKltANOEMENTS HUH 1841. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OkTICK, 100 Pin? street, comer of Month. Mk Mk M Ml l'HE subscriber lugs leave to call Hie attention of his friend! ind the public iu general, to the following arrangements for we pajiienip.'r*, by the Regular Lin? of Liverpool Packets, tail inir due ltt.Oth, Iltli, ILSi, UlttauJ 28th of every moDth. by ;he London Packets, to tail rtin New York, the lit, JOtli ard {Oth?and from London ou the 7tli, 17thand 2?tliof<*rtCh month, In couimclioii v, ith the above, and for the parpi.teof atfordlib still greater facilities to inHrai'n, the tubacriborhat*.*'.itlitheda regular line of fir it clan New V irk built, cuppa red .lid copper i.utoced ships, to toil pn actually every week diroitghnnt tin- year. For the accommodation of pennon wuhing to rcrnitmoney n Jieir t muliea or fnrndi, ilr tfu ire giveii, payable at tight, on die following Uaukt, viz Provincial back of, piy&Me at Cork, Linn-riek, Clomnel, Londonderry, ilioo, Wetford, Brh'aat, Vt'&inrford, ii.ileaf. Armagh, Athlone, Colerain. dal In.., Trnlne, kouxlial, Kniiisltilifu, Vlomuihaa, bridge, Dal 1 y anuia, Fiuvoutlown, Do wu pairick, Cavan, l.nrg'.u, Ornish, Dunxaunun, Baadoa, Kuuia, Bally thanao ftrabanr. Skibereea, Mallow, Money more. Cootchill, Kilrush, Onblin. Scotland?The City bank of UlatyiW. En/land? Vletert. Hpooner, Alwood & Co. Backer*, London( R. murphy, Waterloo I'.oaJ, Liverpool; payable in eyery tow a u timet Britain. For farther information (if by letter, pott paid,) appl f u> JOSEPH AIcMHRRAY, 100 Pine timet, corner of South, K. Y. Of Meetrt. P. W. BYRNES k CO. 36 Waterloo Road. iBSui?rc. Liverpool TApSOOT'r5 * GENERAL EMIGRANT rAbSAGE OFFICE. m Mk Sk sMk AURA GEMENTS FOR H?4. The *ub?cribei? beg to call the attention of their friend* tad die public i'n* to their ?u;?rior arrangement* fo? brinjii.i am (laaseiiK'rv li >s, and reu.Hiing money to all laru ol kXttgla >d, Ireland, Scotland aud Wm.-i, THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, COMPRISING THE OUEEN OF TilK VVF.3T, 12J0 lone. 'I'll h". KM I' II I II A M I'Hill Inn, THE ROCHESTER, iooo tons. THE UARHICK. 1000 tons THE HOTTIMOVeR, iooo ton?. THE HU9CIUS, W0U ton* THE LIVERPOOL, il50 ton*. THE 8IDHON8, 1000 ton. Hailiug from Liverpool twice frew month, ar.d I'HE UNITED LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKET*, c?mi>o*rd ol superior, liist class American pickets, sailing from Liverpool fonr limes in each month, an tin* shins in winch those whose passage may b? pigaeed with th>-subscribe-, will come ont in,and it it n well k?T\sii fict packet* are the most magnificent ihip* afloat * the fre?(U ec c y of tailing, (brumevery five im) piwwO the pswubilitf of passengers Being unnecessarily detained at Liverpool. tie. girdles* of expense, in order to meet the vrant* of thepnolic and the wishes oftheir friend*, Ml. Win. Tappicott, one of the firm, ha* ifi-ne to Liverpool to suie-ricteud thedrpirture for lion country of inch perious whoae paa*a(? may be engaged wtfli the ?ub?e.rihere, a fact, which to those acquainted with Mr, VT. T-, is a sulliri. ut gnaraiit.-e that lltey will rtrnr e?erv sltri-uon from him. and he quickly and ooml-i. tably despatched. HluuiU tncae aeut lor decline cumiLg. the (..usage noney will be promptly refuud-dv without any dedaetinii?? Remitrsuees?Those remitting money can he luppli'd ni'h dratts at ngnt, lor any amount payable free of discount or ai r outer eriaTfe, in every principal town in England, Ireland, oco-.ianu sod Wales Apply til oy letter, r-.?! p '0.1 to v? k J. T. TaPUCOTT, ? Pack slip, iNnv* Core?or to IX) WM TAPSCOTT, Liverpool. OLD ESTJJLItiHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. 1 SOUTH STREET, NEW YORK. M. m.M m Passage can be engaged rromLiverpool by the following spo udid packet ships comprising the Old Black Ball Line of Packet* ailing as nuder From Liverpool The ship COLUMBUS, t'aptain Cole, on the 16th February, Tin ship YORKSHIRE. (nr*| Bailey, tisi the 1st March. The sh4> CAM BR1 DUE, Cant. U.irstow, ICtti March. The ship EM Id LA ND. Captain Bartlett, 1st April. Ths ship OXFORD, Captaiu Rathbone, 16th Apiil. The ship MONTEZUMA, Captaiu Lowb?i, 1st May The ship EUROPE Captain bnrb-r, IbWs May. The ship NEW YORK, Captain Cropuer, 1st Tuns. In addiuan to the nhove sup.-nor ships, the subscriber's agent* will have * succession of firsi class An IMM Hip dlSMta bed, as customary, from Liverpool, every four or ft?e days throughout the year, to the iliff'reut pen* in the United States, by which passags csn be s-cured at reduced rales Tnnse sendinc lor their friends residing in fireat Britain ami Ireland, may rely tliaf every care will be taken r>> mak- passrnge.-s as comloitable as they cau reasonably eipecl, and sliould the tnvaenger* nor Com* out, the passage money will be promptly refund -d. Oralis can as a*ual be furnished p.yablrac lit- .Natio al and I'rovinciil Banks of Ireland alio braiches; Eastern tf Hcotlanil and b anches; and on .Vl.ssrs J. Bait, Hon it Co., Bankers, London; Messrs J. Baroed 4c Co., Hankers, Liverpool, which arc payable throughout England and Wales, bur further particulars apply (if byleticr post pa.d) to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 Southsireet, near V-'l'l a-reer. N. B Passage to Liverpool and London cm at ill times he ngaped by ths icgnlar packet ships, anting for Liverpool every five days, and to Londou en the 1st, 10th and Suili uf each month M APPIKIIHIH MMJNIV* l??pr for nbvv orleans?vim Iltff'iUr Pt?krt, OitpVfh?Th?* well-known, ft* ?nil?nic III/AH. Ct tAita H *i/??n ud wf ml hi aho? ForTr-i*ht, or inm**#' mi the ? ulna, ^coml (.abltt or bur nu very up^ri'jr accommoiltfio'it, anil *?tnm in demf*, apt ly on b?ar*i, or to iO Hr.PlI McMUKllA V , m30rc KX lNu? aT??f. ror> ? ??f X ?ir>? N ITW GOAL YA It D . rphb uukrtcbibkr8 have laS-n * Yard nt n.I 7 hi.i t Place, (near the cnmrr ut hi'trnth a'r.s tand Third Arenue, dirc-CU/oppodju Tompkins M nk?,l v :.-><* ill / I.., i .1,1 111 ..ply ofer-rj' il-ier |i 10a ni l oi.s, *1*: of 'h Menoylkill, ui iin. ti??|ioi.l, Newcastle, vin un, sad ( u.nb-rlsid ? hicli the/ otter si the lowest .r.uik -t piicn, sad solicit * share of ihe public patronage. ord-n receie-d as ahese, or at the old star j, <ll wtilling ton street,corner Laight street. WARD fc BRUWNB Orders through the Despatch i*oat will receiveprompt vten* turn. rn" tm* " Orrict up Jr.rnKHtioii Imrnoni dngnvr.j No JS Walls;, opposite the J rJ1IUf Company eont.uorg to Insure against Loss tnd Uv * mace by Kir", od goods, warm and m-reha'jdir.e, and *l?. against loss by inland nserruiua on i*ur!i and tli?tr cargoes. UIKltoTORS Thomas W. Thorns, ftligha (turps, Thomas T. Voudrnlf, Arson llalir, T. K llobson M. D.,fi Joseph Drake, Thompson PntO, Joseph Allan, Muses Tocher, James k. Holmes,

John M, U&vjdtog, John P. Moore, John tl, l", James r, Whiting, Caleb C. Tunis, iWas. K. Thorn, Krane-s IV Thomas Morrtll, John C. Merntt, kiig'oe Roam. THOMAS W. THOHNK. rVud-tt. GEO. T. HOP". Secretary. ml m THE MYSTERIES oF ELEUS1S WERK THE MOST KK.NOWNBD of all the sue ml mviteries. and are i?t i in..t?l v* cc.nuecr>d wiih il.a nisi - tutinna of Kre?rna?oriry ind Odd Kellowabio; and whoar ?rr. ru with eagerly aonrrht alter by the rn"?t fimn. of rh<- phtloaoiihie w. rl.l, *' cuiacitntinf rhr l ei.,nth of human wiadom HU'l THK GREATKrtT MVSTKUY of the ..reaent d iv it how O M. J'larke, Tailor, U2 William ?in*l, can itf?nl to makeanch liaoil?.>mr Kranch 1 loth l)r>.? Coat* for i ?>, and other garment# tt equally |yw pricea. J lie fur mar myatery the aibaerib-r will in a abort tima fully aunaal to an riu|iiiriijjj public. Bni rii? latt"f myatery ran ha inlvrd at once. by atnting that too aiibacrilief ia aatiati il with rery amall polite. an I b nm at mo?iarat? 'iponaaa. I The atyla and getting up >f 0 r vrore will lie the aain? aa lhat of Brenoage, J'ryoli. ate fr.iro wiioar wall known ajiaaliaii mauta the atitiacriber li/.a but recently retired. <i. U. CL v/.KK, 1.12 William meet N. B.?Office ,-uid Hum mar Coala, ano a faw Veau, Jtc. will, for tha couvameura of atraigera. tut. h? alwava on baud IT?-A ?I'K IMJtN OK A ill COA f OA N UK SKKN AT XHk. STOHJC. mylJ twratUwoa'ec wmammBammmmemm^easnm 1)KK ] 10RNING, JUNE 9, 1844 situation of housekeeper wanted YXTAN1ED BY A FRENCH LAI)*. who c.rn apeak " English, ai.d wko can (lie the Bloat Mieiceptiouablr references ol character ami Capacity, the situation of a llouie keeper, or to su|ierinteiu) a Boarding Home in the French rt> ie Application, hy Utters addressed to Madame A. ii., and left it ihiaoflici', will be nueudrd to. ni30 lire wanted, a situation, BY A YOUNG LAD* of good #ducaiion, capable of in* ttructiug th* \ r.uu8f?r branches cf & (amity. A situati >u 4? Nuraeiy U"Vernfi*. iu th* elementary branch** of frrmch, Kn*lV n, History. btc Aildnii L., hi the otficp of th? H raid. I ue?ct*j<tionabIe references ot character sud co*??i*, out I"* t rodiUNi nil c9tt frfs LADIES, LOOK AT THIS!!! JOHN EDMONSON, ji*? TUM-'AN A"-1) hi RAW HAT V; ANLF ACTURK i Respceifally informs hiv f enJs and ih? L dies uf \ew York that l.a his cnm.ti'U'.'d business in the .tows tine nl'214!i boweiy, having juat opened a superior assortment of k.i.glsli, It tlieu, T 'ici.i, I > v.iu,Prince AI art. and American S I' MAW hi N K 1 H and Trimmings; Misses' mid Chilifru's S J in: I er Flats. KiUnoua. Fiowera. Ike tic. J. li. confidently hope*, from hia 1 >ii|f eap?rirnce iu the above line, to b< able to supple ah orilris in the moat auial ttory tu miter. Old Rata < arefully cleaned itcd prraard, ami altered to the nrwrrat and moat taahinnahle ?ty!e. if.31 lm dyfeltwy'rc summETTTIats. THE CELEBR ATED UOSSA MEH, IMPROVED. WEIGHING FROM AJ OZ. TO UJ OZ. PRICE ?3,30. fg 'I lie rrfebr.ited Su.MMER "AT, ao highly populir during thn last o'tson. ate now oifered to the ; iihtio, much iinprored 'J'h"V are the Lit) ITK8T, MUSI tiEAUTlFU L A N LI CHEAPEST HAT for waitil we uher heretof ire woru Iu additmu to theae qualities, they are lire from lite objections to which Pot unus, Ltil horns. tio no liable, Deiug unafiecml by at Tina, and iMaimmr llietr shape equal to ttie iNWi. The all w of IrifllWIII llao presruis another ndvantage, being of a material which prevents perainr* tion, hair oila, kit. front striking through end soiling the lint. Gentlemen wtio have worn them, express their ileleimutation to went no other H .1 for summer. '1 he subscriber reaper.tluliy solicits a call and an exaoiiualiou of their merits. 'X he followiug are the comparative weights of the principal Hammer Hats lieuin'a Gossamer 2%nx. to 3>itOZ. Leghorn ox. Ordiuary Black liat 6>Joi. Alio, a large a.surtunut oli' .uaina and other Summer HaU. J N. UhNIN, Hit >nd (/ap K*t?b!uliiin nr. uil9 lm*re JM Broadway, opposite St. I'aul'i Chuich. _ ~ NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. ft TIIK B LULLING WHICH BH.OW Nil CO. formerly occupied having been torn damn for the puipose ol electing a more commodious store, hnve removed their stork, until their new store is hunt, to No. I Mott and Uu Chatham strsets, opp. site liosevelt street, win re may be a'ar_? mii complete ass. mm lit if Hats and Cups, o einy nt. |e now worn, such as imitation Beaver aud M- I akin rilso, a very Urge supp'y of fine Panama Hlats, together witli iienthme.,s , lioys'nnd Infants Leghorn Hats. (iviiiirmeiis a'<d B ?>.i' loth and Sdk Velvet I a..s, of the latest lashisu; Chtldte.,a' Ksucy Cups of i loth and Velvet, souie new patterns, much ttluins'i. AH ttir above named articles will be told as low as can be purchased iu tins city. WM. BKOWN. Ill-1 1 in * in 12fi (in'hum opposite Koaevelt. ~ Till I'KUPRIKTOKSof the CLINTON UOO'J B/iNU SHOK MAKKbli", respecthilly inform the ir jKuumeraus cut'omrrs and the publir generally. that thev M hate removed toeir sloe* nt Boots, Shoes, I Sailen, dec , 3ce. from the old stand at the corner of Canal mid Huds"i streets to 1S6 CANAL stieeel, betw.-en Hudson and Varied, atmtts, where thev are selling ev?ry tiii?g in the 'loot aud Slimline cheaper man ever, iiout forget the name uumoer. a knox h oo . inj lm*re Hhi Cannl str-.-' toO'rs ~AM) SHOES AT WHOLESAl.l.. A Large Assortment of the Hbose named W snicles may b*< hud at the Maculnclurers J Depot, No. 1100 I'earl street. Aiming those On li .ud w., jt he totmd m particular the following via: Mecs'stOoVs' Kip iicg d Boots Mrns'and Boys' Thick ilir.gai,i On (lo'i mid 'ej do Co do hip Pegged do Do oo Pump Sole do Do do Sewed do Do do Hal! Writ do Do do Calf do do Do do do Calf do Do do Pegged do Do Calf Sewed do Dj do Pomp Sola do Do -tout Pegged uo Do do QuutandHaul du.vl'. and .V Kr at variety of VVorae. 's Vines' col Children's U Vina, bootee*, Hlippcs, 1;.- Sic, P ntpol pud Sewed, toy.t'irr wilh a general ? < ji'.uient of Palm Loaf and Ley ho -n Ha's. Country uvrcinnUuud oih'rt <.r? tuviu-d to cull lUideaamine Ml <L)1<1 low for Oil) or city acceptances OALk U CO., No. 2SHPf.rlit., mT !m*ra United "atatv* Hotrl Building. N. Y. HULL'S TKUS8ES. WOTir K TO RUPTURFD PKR80NH. l'fcilisONS afflicted wjih Kttptarrs trior rely (f ~"~^?k'tp<iri the bat instrumental aid tlit wo 11 -.Hot-.*, il -a appl-cation ?t Hie office. No. 1 Vviey ptm-t, to eitlu-r of the agents lu the priuc.ip ! to* . ill the United State*. Br car fat to tl e back pad of Holt'* Ttmix, to sre if they are endured oy lit. Hull, in writing. Noue are grnuuie, or to be relied upon as gonci, without hn ficmiare. Many persons Imv undertake, to vend imitation! of Hali'i celip.ated Truises, and thousands arc tmpos -d upon m n ui??1|U UC" T*u?- imitation! cauuot bo tcln'd upon; lh*y aie made by umkillut mechanics, and are no betlei unn the ordiu >ry Trusses Kn*mt bar* been fittedupat No. 4 Vesey itro't, esclusively for Ldtev, u-ivmu a trparate rulrauce from the bu> >ur?? depart rurnt, where a female is in couitaut attendance to wan upou female patient!. mil 111* rrir ' ami UPlCdl .vtANL I'ACTURfcK?? a Labia piiutrd at lc, tn o> tW i.rut! pei IH-O TO SOAP AND CANDLK MANUb A I UUKUS? Larue Fancy Lah'li for boat;!, wf b inily Soap, printed in twu for $ ill per .000, Handsome Platea er.grared 1- r $0 TO BLACKINO AND INK MANlJFACTUitKRBLabels printed at from I!) toTj cant! tier hint), nl it. HfcMMINO'S Xvlogrsphie Pre**, rot 1tn*re M NUnlat Lane REMOVAL. JAMES UTILE, UKAPEK AND TAILOR, Hn rrmoved iroia 24J Hadion itieet, to 4W> Broad wee in 13 Im'ec REMOVAL. T B HTOUVBNfcL, Importer and Dealer in Wioe* *.ud J Brandies, wholesale and rrtul, inform* his Tr prula and tie paH!ir? that tie ha* removed his establivhmeut from at <Vr.ii si, to at John atr>-et. H invites lovers of llnnl Wlues to v i?u Ids eellar, where tlwy will aiv.ays 4nd a constant supply t,( I'm .-nU? mm*, IlliriKKW,' jium-.n . i tood Wiji. licalao import* Abaynthe K inch-mv.u?> r, trc.. if :he li . hon?ee in Swittrrlend. All ntdc i d< liyi'iid fire ol rtii'ieio iwiiit, hy the Kallon or dozen hottlea. Mr J. B S will attend to bottiltiK w?oe for inT ob? who out denire till irTvi. r* ml l.n i Ui'HULM'KKV. PAPER HANfJINdS, AND WIN l)< ?W SHADES?The auhecriberi have rrinoyrl tli.-ir ibMehui'nt t > No. Hi Bioadiray, oppoaite tfce Paik, wti-rthey intend k?epiug, aa o?-ml, th* Ln;eat atoc* of lipholut-ry Woode m the rity. roneiilioK of < iiruio Mateiiva luid Trim nunca, Karnituir CoTcricea, Plutln-i. kc kc., t vrther will. * Utr.eol aimrtiifai Ol I'niier llnatfuna and lioro-rj of cutto rv. pxAerm, r.ud winch dier are de.-nmurd to anil at uupr-.trJentail low |.ricr? Their atoek of Shndea will coBaivt.aa heretofore, cf the moat tmwuill'-eiit renrli t-diadea o the ch'- ipeiic, ailiwnaiii rath, with a uaorunrut of bull end white Liueus ain. hiutz, for Sliadea of entire or* iM-.o/.-.e. BOLOMAN k 11 ART. M Broadway, mv7 Im'rr opposite the Park WAT?~HE8 AN1> JEWELRY VKifY~LOV>! ~ AS TI1K SI'U tCRIBEIl i< constantly lecuvioa al Ideecripli on of (? Id aud Silver Watehea of the uewtat atylei, from the inauafac'uiera iu Knit laid, Ktiiice and he u euahled to offer a I injer assortment, ud at innrh I?? pric*e at, than any ollu-r lionet in theeity CJ..U1 Watches *< low aa $21) to $25 each. Watch's and Jewelry rieliancd or bought AM Walchea warranted to keep u?od nine, or the money retaraed. Watches, Clocks, mid Jewelry repaired in the heat mam.*) and warranted, lower thou at auy oilier piece in the city. ?? C. ALLEN, Importer of Watchea and Jewelry, wnoletn'eand wtail, mis lin're lo Wall etr*ei, BP ataiw. IIEliF! B K K P ! B K K K ! ON HAND AND KOtt SALE, in Iota to ault purelinere at VALENTINE'S, 4b P'u ton iViarket, 1M>barrel* h.a'ra "ileai Beef, n choice uticlc, al' selected pier ; '14L I nn?!? ' r. I la.pertrd Me?? Ue.-f, warranted; and ?u>. half barmla ol Kami!* I Beef, eery line i-fril?d for th* southern martlet *?d will keen *>\od in any clim.,tr without re'tir.r nut It. !<? oi irilrer V ALICNTI.N L'rt ,ULli KM'I'A'jLlftH.MKNT rnli tm*rr N, holme 'TOBACCO?KINK CUT AND f MUKIN <K'WinTTo k c I n.ed to ckne upon interest in a Tobacco .vxnuUfactor, , I now oiler for sii'* a ija.uility of prima hoe cut anil tmnhi. i; tVi'tooo, paiwd up in the usual way, fit v*ry reasonable tuiera I or* to c?U the attention of Wetwrn lierrbsnta and other buyers to t>u>, Uiei)iial'ty of the lobncco beij?r ril" the very tn~i nil prior* by f?r lower than u*o?l. Hi.'n'iir M | > li KAHK.K Mo 1 M*w ?l CUBIT I'UKMIUM IMUU".H ItKoTvl'K-? 'hum ? i~" Kurrrian (roll"ry of (Vane P"*inmm Colored Photonr*< lis j Ml Brii.ijvi i ?Tim establishment l.nvimt ju*t been rui lv ilUriirh innl improved, now tout,in* ru ( virr thin tw-iye so- j pimtr apiiitllieuls, and I* nscie than tvrr rntillnl lo ti r rs.slterl rrpn atn.a it hi* always enjoyed, of briny; tin- first in the world IVi iom Apparatus, I'latrs, Case*, Bio surpli'-d ?t lower I r (e* th.m at place iu the United Mate*. The steamer ah'inula carried ,,tit n new ,nd improved appi >tus for t*hiin< iiocu rre.'typ* Mi-win-i-a, ordered by * scien ifir * ?tl man of h. linhinRil, fioin III, e*tnhll,huiei,t I Professor t'lombe. If is far *u|ierior to auy instrument ey#r before iu< o ctnrel,? liny .Voir l)rmorrat I'KOKKWDlt rLIJoiB ?Ksrrt body kuowa that this disHe* nth d artist stand* at the head ol his profession in t"i* o,in-try, .ml that his IMKueriroiype* are the in ,?l lie ,ulilul Ui?l Its?e ever hern produced, m /19 I n1"' "attention s i / .' yo'uTi 'money'! UAiiUKU REOTYFE FORTH AITS, TN THK KINK. ST A Nli Hi J" STYI.K. i' * a Miro'oo I'M* or Frame. all for ON K DULL AH Ai>|,ly to the Lafiy?tre JJ.i*a?r, lit Broidwtv, and also at 2'Ji Br ec- I way, third stofT, front rontn New Yotk Lade* and in?a vr respecr IuI.'y mmed to rail and riimnie the tp* oi me .,, w bi m me wartantsd | erh ct, end a'thouth chea|i t "V ire e.| , I j to any a i ooet of II Kor toe convenience of Ladies, i'ortr.t"* will betaken liy s Lady. Iieiiiimii Apparatua, warm.ted imported, r.oiai leti', tii), inctu Ini* a complete mstru' iiou. Kroncii I'lites, Morocco Caw-* til reduced priens, ChrmicaD, Lciiees a.I imporu-u by F. A. ARTAULT, rn?B lm*ro Well known in this lintof bnsiees*. \\TIMU'iVV MtAiir.rt ? t'KAiNttl'A ALN 1 WINDOW ?V BHADICS-'VM. BKKUIAN, IJi Chatham street aiil op d llna ni rninf, M ciet, oontainin* ' 1 the n, w and fislu n- I anle ?tvle* sad patterns now in use, wh> eh lie w ill s d! tt pr c 25 per oeul. lower than ttiey can be sold at in ?BVj|heT s'ore, [ sia: TKt p.tus ('inn II i!t to It; <"> 'did pairs from to|:Pi ? I ouutry .Vleichauis. Cmpct .Vfrrch.uils. Auctioneers ned otiirr draleri supplied. ,N U Th?re are oo othef (roods bat Window Shades *oil Tlsi trinr* sold stidl I'iiatiiste street. nvltlfne,"sJtfLAK LAhll'tf?Chin*, lilass, flail Lt'upi aod l.anterui O firtokei*, Chudalicrs, Mrn* endm* Molar UanrHealieks, As * tril and other L unji* altered to Molar, all warranted A complete sssiirtmet)' of the alrove nan be obtained at J BTOIIN KM' " ' k- ' U. I- , J'I t srtlit alfasif Anil af llinf I )> (>f kf 3 John itraat, hunt Brniiiway. All articles will l>f matchel to viy |i.iit ru?, wliolci ilr mil r<rtail, at ?rry low pricaa l in >"? loan <! for PariI'l ?nv l*i 'rn ? re rjh>fe?Uia AliUV 3 AM) I .N I a. LI,, li KING p. Oh VI KC'K, U'J Brjnl way, wlmra lha lhM.c wiil lw tuppl.r J ith iliUKliaU H-'IThiiU, Wnifr-M, il Hi . on 'In* ttu.iwil o hi", at In* uihca, 110 Hrnwl vay. Orfca op?u from 10 'o 'i'rlrwk. N U Ag?ucy of er?r 1 description duos atrhi? office. fl'lp always ou hand. m?U?rt C. ? CLUCK. \ EIER^ THE NEW SYSTEM OF CURRENCY PROPOSED BY SIR ROBERT PEEL IN THE British House of Commons. ! MAT tl??, [ Continued] Hir, I assure you uml the house that I will propose no practical system for itsudoptiou on thisoo cusion which is not conformable to the principle* which 1 have laid down, and which shall not have : for its object to carry out those principles (cheers.) ; I know, nr, lull well, when touching subjects m such delicacy, when there is so much danger oi creating alarm or panic, the advantage, indeed the necessity of doing us little of injury as possible to interests that are concerned, by the advocacy, or tiie mode of advocacy, oi principles however sound in themselves. Admitting, then, the M>uitdness of those principles, the question appears to me to he in what mode shall we, conformably with those principles, provide for the maintenance of 'he hanking system of the country, taking care that during the interval oi preparation there shall he as little n* jiossible of injury done to those interests confided to legislative protection. 11 you had u new, un altogether diflerent state to <1 en I with in respect to a (system of banking, we should, j sir, claim, and he entitled to claim, lor the public the right of issue, as well to claim tiir right to the profit upon that issue (hear, hear.) It would he thus in our power to prevent perhaps the possibility of any great fluctuation in the supply of the currency of the country, ut.d to secure a just equilibrium in all its component parts. I shall read to the house a quotation from a speech of Lord A1thorp in this house upon the bunk charter question, in winch he speaks of the propriety of establishing a single hank of issue responsible to the state. 1 quote from that noble lord's speech, though differing from him to respect to some points in polities, with the highest respect for his undoubted integrity; and in regard to the soundness of his principles in connection with our monetary system there will he in this house but one opinion, namely, that no man can rank higher, (great cheering, particularly from the opposition.) "Another point lor cousideruiKm id whether ihp iirnti(s_ which must necessa rily be derived Irom the circulating medium of ihc country, should be possessed by government, or should he allowed to remain in private hands ?? Now, sir, the advantages, the only advantages which 1 nave been enabled to discover in a government bank, as compared with a private company, are those which result front having responsible persons to manage the concern, the public deriving the benefit of it; but tlien, on the other hand, 1 think these advantages arc much more than counterbalanced Wy the political evils which would uievitah \ result from placing this bunk under the control ol the government, i think that the effect ol the stale having the complete control of the circulating medium in itsown bunds would be the most mischievous. Under these circumstances, sir, I certainly am prepared to propose the continuation of a single bank of issue in tin* metropolis, subject to ti e control of the publicity of their accounts. If we were now for the fitst time establishing a system of banking on which the country should proceed, I think this would he the most advisable mode of estab lishing n bank in the metropolis; but, sir, this proposition lias the additional advantage?and it is no trman one?that it will occasion the leust change ; oecause ] certainly am ol opinion that, unless some great advantage could be derived from a change in the monetary system of this country, nothing could he more ill-advised?nothing could be more useless thnii to depart from it." Sir, as to tne impolicy of having but one bank of issue in the metropolis under the immediate influence and control ol the government at the present day, 1 perfectly concur with the opinion expressed by my Lord Althorp. I also agree with him that we ought, in the attempt to obtain the proposed advantage in our iiionetsiy system, to use the means wc already have provided to our hands (hear, hear.) In acting thus, you will have a double advantage, if you do not disturb existing institutions in the attempt to accomplish your objects (hear.) The practical measure which i have this night to propose as tne plan of Iter Majesty's government, 1 shall now proceed to state, li appears to Hie to be of great importance that we Minimi nave one i)min ot isauu 111 un- ui? umjum-.which shall have increased powers. I also am of opinion that it is be.iter to accomplish Una objec< through the Hank ot England, (cheeiing,) ruther than through the medium ot commiseiontiB nj pointed to coutrolsuch an establishment?the Hank to continue to the end of ita charter, hut the business ot the bank to be divided into two separate and distinct departments; the hank of issue to be separated from the general banking business, with difF>-reiit hooks, accounts and oliicera. That toilie hank of issue shall he transferred the whole amount ol bullion in the Hank ol England. That the i sue lierealter shail b<- regulated upon two principles?liret, upon the definite amount of securities in its possession ; and, second!}', upon the amount of bullion in ita possession, 'flint beyond tins it shall have no power to issue its notes. That tin ordinary banking business .-hull be conducted upon the same principles as other similarly constituted bodies transact theirs. The amount ol fixed securities on which we propose the Hank should issue notes, is 14,000,000/.; the whole ot the r< inaindt i of tie- circulation to be issued exclusively on ticfoundation of bullion, which shall be issued in exchange for coin. 1 propose that there shall be a peiunheal and ucomplete publication ol il.<- hauki; transactions made to the government. Sir. \w have weighed maturely the objections which hnv been made to the frequent publication of tlu-.-e ,n counts: and my opinion ij, that those ob:- ctioiiare without foundation. 1 have the strongest feci tug possible that nothing will conduce more to tin credit of the hank itself, and to the prevention i t panics, and those injuries which have occurred, than a complete and immediate disclosure ol ? \erv transaction in the banking department (hear, lie,ir ) 1 would, therefore, propone to enact bylaw tin.! there shali he returned to the government weekly accounts of the issues dt notes, the utiiouiit ol Inchon in the bunk,mid an accounted the fluctuations iri the amount of bullion, and the ainouut (I deposits. In snort, that such accounts shall be returned in reference to every transaction in the Hank i1 Kugland in ihe department ol issue, and in iln.t ol hanking hy the Hank ol' Kugland ; and that tie-go. mi meat shall publish anreaenrcoly and weekly th< whole amount (hear, hear.) I think, sir, it will now lie desiranle, in order that I may lay don n ihe whole plan which we propose to follow more ch .1 rU before the house, that I should at once Male v. I1.1 regulations we |IIO|)osr to eettibli.'-ll with re.-je I t I. other hanking establishments, and then the arrange mi nts which have heen made with the Ii?nk 1 1 Kugland, with the terms tnude with t'?at establish* merit, subject to the sanction and approbation <; parlnment. With respect to hanks ol i-sur in Kugland and Wales, being others than llo- Kink 1 I Kugland, our general rule will he to draw a do-unction between tb privilege of i-?-uc and tin cond. . of the banking busim-as generally. We ihi.ik ;i. 1 III regard to these points, they stand on an entile different looting from each other We thick 1!... the privilege ol i-sin- is one winch maybe foil, and justly controlled by the state. We tliii.i; :h the privihge of banking is one 111 respei t to w i; there cannot he too unrestricted or unhnno <( a < 10petition; we think that, in regard to this point. WoHank of Kugland should have no exclii ive |>riv 1 I. ? , und that all other bank ng >?labllshm might lc fairly allowed to art on ill" |.riin i| ; 1.1 coui|M.|nion In my opinion the regulations which apply to banks of i.-.-.i.- ought not to regulate tin hanking establishments or hanks of depo -.le. Ait. 1 the issues take place, it is important that the pilhllC srmuid I<?*I irir UJir Ul III" I?3U>. ? mi t_:nni|? t*-i m as po.-sibl'" Sir, wr propi Ill it liorn tins tlfn no nctv hank of issue shall be constituted l>f t i whieh limit we ?? to remedy in that patten lur the evil wt seek to deal '.villi; we do not pro pn.ic, as I mud before, to extend this regulation t.> hanks ol i?si:e now existing. Sir, our ohjeel I- to . licet this rliiing" with u* little in|urv to i vidual interest. ,ih po? ible. ! repent, v\ - do ic : propose to deprive existing l>ai king eat.i ili.-hni- at.which are now hanks of issue, nt ihe i.iivilfiwhich lliey pos.-c-s. We do not wish to tun e tli .i nl arm wineli would doubtless he r used by a inch n or immediate decision m a contrary wit' 'd say, let existing bunks of issue haw- the privil? ;t they posses}' now, but let them he subject to It. condition, that they shall not exceed ttie amount I l-s-ile heyond the tiversRS which inny he n> e. ? to enable the Hank of hnglund to know the of the competing issues. We propose that no new hanks of taw -h ill he consti uted, but th .t exi-t iiir batiks i f issue shall claim their privilege, tlo-y nor items allowed n> 1 -11 .1 rtimht amount 11. 1 that which may have bent lIn* average ol the In t two or three years. I li tve liml a varu ty of retiiri laid before Itie, and OUT decision hits not tiretl tn'.U'll without vry mature deliberation. I know we an liable to hear that banker* Will issue I ?r.;er annc under some circumstance* titan under other cimim stances,?that tlieir issue? will he larger at one pe nod than another I have .1.-UJ lor returns IVuii ten hanking eutablishm ills, six private banks, am four joint atock banks, in business in agrienlturii and commercial or Jii<uiutacturwg districts, am I f , L D. l'rlte Two Cents. the amount of issues was much less than may bo supposed. Suppose a demand to arise for increased issues, the banker would iiuve nothing to do but to sell hia securities and to demand bank. noteH lrom the blank of England instead of fits own. The remit would be, for a portion he would have to give security, and lor a small portion only; bat it will be in me power of any banker to demand an extra supply from the liank of England. Sir, while we restrict i-sues, and prevent the establishment of new banks of i-riie, so, on the other hand, we intend to facilitate the business of banking. Jointstock bunk.-, complain that lliey liuve not hi present the puvijege ol suing and being sued. Isow there arc two descriptions of joint-stock banks? those which \v> re established under the act ol 182t? and tlio-i- which were established under the hct ot 1830. Tim time has now come when we should determine on ilns point?the time has come when we are to | roniote and encourage the system of *joint-stock banks, and to extend it It jou determine to retain the system, then, we suy, give to joint-stock batiks every lucility which they may fairly require. These banks a?k for the privilege of slicing and being sued; but it is a privilege to I the public to have some known, defined authorities against whom actions lor redress may lie. U/.. I. ... - ...i ill order t<i laeilitHte the operation)* ci knulviitg thus tar; t)Ut to prevent lutuie banks of laaue being established It is said?1 believe Home dillieully is thrown ID the way?liy joint-stock banks, tliat we intend to restrict them. It is said that the places are uncertain where the notes are to be puid. We propose to remedy tbis, and that -lie plates shall be known where the notes are issued. Some parties,object that they should be hound by the unauthorized acts <it others. Now it is one great principle el the law ot parliament that the acts of one partner bind the whole concern. That is a just principle in respect to a limited lirm or partnership. Hut for a joint-stock bank, where there may be a thousand partners, and where parties have no control as to the admission of a partner, it see ins harsh to make lite act ol our individual bind all the rest. [To bf continued.] ExrKnstvK Cincinnati Times gives the billowing account ol a man who has figuri d extensively tor u year pant in tliut city as a ileilrr In Hour, produce, tec giving the top of the trial ki t 111 ull canes, and engaging nisichanta to puichuse tor Inm at a higher commission ihuu usual Ills mine them una Sumlit) liurukaln, ane he established a good comnn ratal elia- ri racier liy jiayiug in cash. Purchasing latgtly and shipping to various points,and in many cases < oiil.tless losing 111 his wijd speculations, he continued in business some twelve or fourtan months, having no aforeor ware mom, but opening an office * lice tie transacted ft is business. He w,in last tram Toronto, < aninta, where lie had teen Specula ting prety extensively, loiging notes, piocitttug -J discounts, auil lilting them at matuiily with others. '1 las dul not last long; lie was obliged to emigrate to this country , alter obtaining considerable suuw Irani the banks m that place, bast week a t anudiau turned litown, to whom Uurrihamowttd money .passing through Cincitt aati, took some incuuures for hit at rest, w hen he comptomised, pity mg htm X lotin, an condition of tieing allow*.! 10 escape. On getting lid ot his troublesome visitor, Hum).am hadtog ,he matter noised about, left the city lor Wellsviilu, Ohio, and has not hem beard of since. The meirhunta then cotitpured notas, and liave concluded that thi speculator is a most extensive swindler, and that they have I been confoundedly ll-eced by him. One of his tricks on canal lines consisted in shipping produce, such a* Hour, but on. Ike , and obtaining receipts lor larger i|uautitiea than lie hod shipped, on the gtound | id' a delay in its receipt?am these he would ob' lain advances. By such means l.e obtained a pretty largo sum, midueling among the rest some two or flute brokers several hundreds i nch. Burnbum was ut one period h vciy extensive men hunt in Toronto. Some munths ago he left that city, immediately alter which it was discovered that he had committed lorgeties to a large amount. Naval. Appointmknts by tuk Puksiuknt.?Uriah P. Levy, to lie a Captain in the Navy, Irom the t.iui .viaicn, i*<44 i i.utHM nounruin, 10 ne a t upturn Ul ttio Navy, Iroin the 29lh March, 1S44 W liliam A. Pierc J to be a < ommauilor in the Navy, ltom Mm -'-'Mi March , 1844. Richard A. Jonea, to be a ( aromander m iheNuvy, from the Mvnli of March, 1S44 J unit * A Doyle, to be a Lieut. In tliu Navy, from the 20th Mutch, 1044 Mutiuas Matin, to be a Lieutenant 111 thu Navy, from tbespih March, 1844. Arthur P. Upshur, to 1-e ? Purser in the Navy 'llios. Brow noil, now a Mauler, to be a Lleuttnant in the Navy, vice Lieutenant Junes K Bowie, deceased. Thou. R. Ware to be a Punier in the Navy, vice Puraer Jaa. 5 Thatcher, loot in the llmmpiia John ISpencer, Jr , to be a Punier m the Navy, vice Purser Pntliiick dtevi no,| ilccraowl George P. i titto t, to be a Putter in be Navy, vice \Vm P. Zautriiijfer, dismissed. Wm II. Kention, to be n Puieer in the Navy, v ice (J. ('. Cooper, n eeuMsi). Joel W Newton, to be a t hapluin in the Navy. John L Buitt, to be on Amu?ant Smgeon in the Navy. John f. kaituw, to be an Assistant Surgeon in the Navy. Abmy Cosi ihmationi or thi. Bivatv..?Joiti'h B. WaniMT, to l?i promoted to Huigtou ol the Army Mom Jti'.h oi Match, MM4, vice Suigeon Macumh, diceased, (leorgn Uuist, no Assistant Surgeon ol the Army, in the placeoi Wright, jiromoteil. Jo AaTiLUKav.? Second Lieutenant Geo. 11. Thotnai, to be Kirot Lieutenant April 80, 1844. vice Ketchnm, re signed. Brevet Second Lieut. John Hillhonae, ol 4ih Artilieiy, to l>e Second Lieutenant, April 30, 1844, vice Thomas, piomeled. 1?t Invavinr.?Second Lirutrnant Garrett Barry, to he Kirst Lieutenant Jauuary 31, IM4, vicnCoae, resigned. Second Lieutenant George W. Wallace, to be Kirn Lieutenant March I, 1844, vice Muse, resigned. Brevet Second Lieutenant Charles D. Jordan, ol dth li.iantry. to be Second Lieutenant, vice Mime, resigned. Brevet Second Lieutenant i bailee 1) Joidi.ii, 1.1 nth intantry, to la- Second Lieut., Jan. 31, 1844, vice Barry, promoted. Bievet Second Licuteuunt Lugene K. McLean, ul 2d luiantry, to l?i Second Lieutenant March 1, 1H44. vico Wallace, promoted Jd laiAMRV.? Brevet Second Lieutenant Jamis W. SchuTetnan, of the'ili Infantry, to be Second Livutcnant January 2fi, 1811, vice Hodman, d?reared. 3n Ima*t*v? fr'nfct lipnuro V \ t ? Captain, Kehruaiy Jf, 1h 14, \ icu Wheeler, mined. Second Lleuitnaut Uuahriji) It. Johnaoii to t o Kirat Lieutonaiit Keb. Jo, 1844, vice K ield, j luinoti .1. Bldtct Second Lieutenant Andrew J. Willliiiiikuii,ol 4th luliintry, to ha xeon.l Lieutenant February !?, l?l t, vico Joi-ntan, j rumotiil. titti l*ra*T*r ?Second Lieutenant I t wit A Armstaad, to tie Kirat Lieutenant March 3(1, 1844, vice Kdea, resigned. Brevet Second Lieutenant < harlea T Baker, of the 3d Inlent rv, to lie Second Lieutenant March 30, 1844, vice Armiateud, piomotid 7th i?? an r av.? Second Lieut. Charlei Hanson, to bo lirst Lieut Match 10, 1814, vice IluUcr, cashiered.? bn vi t Hecoml Li< ut. Lalaj ette MeLawa, ot tith Inlaalry, to lie Sccoud Lieut. Match 10, 1844, vice lluuiau, promoled. NuviisnTintti BtttCTti av thu. If. 8. Si.mutr ~ Anion (? t liHiidler, aa Collector ol tiie Cuatoma lor the District of r?aak?nma'|Uoddy, Maine. Ilatvey t hapin, aa D< puty t'lutma. ter at Springfield, Maaaachueetfa Knorh < ( lnije nitui, a? Deputy ronltnaster at Notw icb, Connecticut?. John Cain aa Deputy fViimaMcr at lndiatni| oiia, Indiana Orectiburv Doney, a* ' ollector o( the t uat< tna for the Diatrict ol Miaaiiiippi. Loun-iana Lieorge II i'roltit, aa K.nvoy to hobert lUntoiil, Jr Collector of Boatou. W <1 Smllieii, a* Solicitor of the Land Office, lolin C Spencer, k? An-Oeiale Judge ol the Si pume I unit K. II. Stacy, ui < ollector of the < U'toms lor the Diatrirtil tlioin rati r. Mnaa Davnl Hetiahnw, aa Secretary ol the Navy < rata lord Vt' Hall, an Cluted Stetca Attorney lor Di*tiict of I ol Tonneaeeec Dear Hill, at Chief ol i lothirg niii< u. William 8 Murphy, < hurL'i d'Affaire* to tbo RanHia al Taua ? Jrrtuis h1. Porter, as H.crolary ol War Daniel C. Wintun, ni lJtj'iltv Poilmaetrr at Augusta. Maine? David Deputy Postmaster at Bnriinn'on, Vt itrphen Willitta, as I otic etor iind Inspectorol I.ittje Kgg iliiitor ,\ \ Mordecui Myers u* ( ollectoroi the < uatomi lor thi District ol Savannah. Don (h urge llrnwn, ia .surveyor :iinl linj actor of the Revenue, tin the port of Paw cadii k. It. I. II W Wattervon, as C harge d'Aflairea othi Itojtitlir of Humus Ayrea. Aleawtder Pow ell, aa in-ul to Mtorni, Italy. Wi -'on I Bin It, nominate <1 to lie L S. Mairhal for tha District of Missouri. Juneg, ItvM. NaT! ttr.'s Nohi.hma.x.?The New Orleans Hrrnld n-lrttra?n Kiirt:d< tf nl <>?' ?l thoir wealthy nii/?.,? : A gentleman n .fotmed us yesterday that ufter he was htirncsl out on Satur lay ho went lo John Megan, Ka<|. olid oakod him to rout hlui a honaa. Tha reply was, '.No, sir, I have no house* to rout lot thr aulh tore; hut go to my ag tit ami oak him tor th<- hoy of any house I have vac. int. and t ih" (Mjaaekion ?t it.'" Much bcU ol klnd1,11 * and generosity tedera the whole race (i , Vtt.t.AUK -Tit.' hutnr^m-s thrift it ml improve, menta that are going on in otlr village, >pmk well for th? prosperity of tho place The l>ew HatineU lactory is now nearly completed, hiu| veil soon go lilto o|wiHtl?1\. < olonel I ink's new gtdst mill la also ispidly progressing Several other Improvements ate slho going on, which will improve ant beautify our vil!?"i Two new stores well tilled with goods have T? en opened this aprlrg, and our old merrluio'i have also In ought wn choice ai I rati nsive supple a ol merchandi.", allot which are alfnidid at prices that tender it no oh i ct for country peopla to go to Unft'ato to do their tmd> iig ? Spitnm Hit (<V. >' ) h^iprtu, Junr I. Cknm s op Lowau,.?The ceiirUH of this < ity linn just hern completed. We ieiirn that the populatiou ol Lowell now number* 2\l lit, being an liienaaa -inno 1Mb, of dtt.>3, when oui population ar.?, tinted to 7!itl They are now in pror.aaaot building several largo inill*. which, when complete !, w ill grint iarn ice to our numbers. Wo have nodoiitd tn?t in two vearr liorn this time we shall have .i popuialionol l ow U Courier, ,/nni. 3 Hank UntuiKKf' Hh.vikx r" ? Ahifsli Limitr nmf Terentlith Laniard wcie enn'reed Wi NM., ( IMm/ ami ?< - f . f 17 And la Anguil l??t Ahij ih . n trrri'<]|<- 'untluya ullitirjr Imprinninwiit, umi nr.i fit,. m< lit to l.t,rd Uhoi in , tin slat'-|>ii?on forfh?* t> rin t l !< j, n lirf i h wu i Kititrw'rd t? ?olnmy impiUonnunt two<!n\ . m.<t o i (m? | merit ( ' li?rd labor hi the ?!?! pn-on liro )<?r- Jxin'l J LsroarJ, who wa* alio concein?d in th?: tohU-ry i jet i to he icntenctd