Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 11, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 11, 1844 Page 1
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' ,, T H Vol. X., No. 10'1-WhoU No. 3733. To tbo Pnblle. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newepaper- -published every day of the year eicept New Year'* day and | Frut th of July. Price 2 rent* per copy?or $7 2# per aaaum nostage* paid?cub in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publiahed every Saturday morning?price 6J cent* per copy, or 7? P*r annum? i poajigoi paid, cub in a lvaiica. . , ' ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ol the Herald u over THIRTY THOUSAND, and Increaaing last, rt hat the largest circulation of any paper in this oily, 1 or -\e world, and it, therefore, th* hett channel for hunnitt j a*. i in the. aity or country. Prices moderate?cash in cdrance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the moat moderate priOd, and in the ma?t elegant atylo. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoeaihTou or TH*. llKtiai.u EsTanMnHMinT, 1 Northwett comer of Kulton and Nassau dtrevts. i sris 0^ is1 NEW YOKr. AND HATOETACKETS , aemud Liue?The Hhipe of this liar will hereafter leave New Y ink on the 1st, and Havre no the |?ith of each month, a* fol- i j-v ,v;ri From Nr.w Yoaa Kikm Haras. New Ship ONEIDA, t lot March 116th April. Captain < 1st July. j ISth August. I James Ennok f lot November, f tith December. i ?'-ip BALTi MOKE. C 1st April ( ISth May. Captain t lot August. j 16lli September Edward Kunc' f 1st December f 16th January. I hip UTICA, (let May. I 16th June. '.'Wj'HtlB V ll( rcianuorr \ intii wuiuot. i h rrderiek H Witt. f IK January t 16th February. NewthioUt. NICH' l.AH( 1st Jane. 116th Jnly. Captain C let October {16th November. j B. Pall, f 1*1 February. f ICth March. The accomuiod toua of tlivar ehi|<? are not surpiaaed, com* billing all that m jbi repaired for comfort. The price of caj bin p.taxape ta $100 Rtasaiigars will he .applied with every re qmmte the HMMN of winev tod liquors. Woods intentleil for three veaaeU will be forwarded by the sobi ribera, free from any other than the expense. ictnallv incurred on them For freight or iwaaairv, apply to BOYI) h HInCKEN, A genu, je24 ec No ? Toutae- building. enr Wall and \Vater a MARdEILLKd LINK OF PAOKfcTS. 3k & jMKt Mk The nu'Unnfntiuned ship* will b" regularly dispatched fmui b -lice mi. th' 1*1, md frniu viaruilh-a ou tlw 5th ol ouch nuinlh dnryw the year na follows From New iora Mn/seillnsa lVUNrlUVA Cant Brown, Dec 1 Feb. 4 TKKK.'OTThCatit. Myrich, Jan. I March 5 h'.?Y THOMrBOS',Ciipi.9yIv?!?ter, Feb. 1. April 4 HELLESPONT, Capt. Aduma March 1. May 4 CORIOLANl'S, Capt. Haile, April 1. Jtipc 4 They .uv all eopiiered and copper lantrued, and have excellent accumutodalioua lor paaaeuger*. i 1 The price of cabin passage will be S J 00. exnltuive of wmea and Iw nova. tjooiu addressed to the agents, BOYD Ik H1NCKKN, will be forK-arued (Vee of other charyea than tlioae actnally paid. For freight or passage apply to bAWnKNCIi A PHKLPH. ins Front street or to UOVD h H1NCKEN. A genu, raWr Nn ? Tontine Buildings. THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Mk jik, Jggy ^TosaT from Now lurk JlK, anil frun^ivarpool dthon^cE month. Piarn New York. L'pool. Naw Ship LIVERPOOL. 1146 ton., j ?~rj, ?} ? J. Kldndge S Ana. $1 Oct. 6 N.sbip QIJEEN OF THE WEBT,#(f"/ f! ^ ? 1250 toe. P. Woodhouse. ?fg.Si ? New ahip ROCHESTER,840 tona, ?! John Britton }?R f{ | Ship HOTTINGUEK. UM to?s.?cb J{ ?? $ Irailursely, iNov'r21 Jan y 6 These substantial, fastsailing, first class ships, all built ia the city pf New York, ore commanded by tneu ot esperience and uhilsy, and will be dispatched punctually on tlie 21st ol mouth. sjtir cabina art alrtrant and commodious, and are furnished wi J, whatever can conduce to the eaae and comfort of passes|tn Price of passage, $100. Neither the captains or owners of these ships will be responsible lor any parcels or package* sent by thorn, unless regular hills of lading are signed therefor. If or freight or ruissagn apply to WOOWfOLLk MINTURN8, 87 South street, .New York, or to flELDEN. BUOTHtftlH k CO., ill <e Livfrpo.*) OLD LINELIVfiltPOOL PACKETS. Mk. m -tisfc TmiKOLD LI N E of I'ackets ft1 Liverpool will hereafter be J- despatched in the followingoraer, escepting that wheu the i dling day falls on Sunday, the ships wll sail on the succe-d is-' Jay. vis:? Vroiu New V ork. From Liverpool 'J ..eI'AMBRIPQE, (June 1 July 16 i t OS# tons, < Oct. 1 Nov. 16 W C. Borstow.f l-'eb. 1 Mar. 16 flia BNOLAND, (Jure 16 Ang. 1 "i',0 tons, < Oct. 16 Dec. 1 _ 8. Bartlelt, f Feb. It April I The OXKOKD, ( July X Aug. 16 66u toss, J Nov. 1 Dec. 16 J. Kathbone, f March 1 April J6 The MONTEZUMA, (July 16 Sept. 1 1686 tons, < Nov. 16 Jan. 1 A. B. Lowber, fMarch 16 May 1 The EUROPE, C Aug. 1 Sept. 16 618 tons, {Dec. 1 Jen. 16 E. O. Yurber.f April 1 May 16 The NEW YORK, (u?w) ( A?g. It Oct. 1 9M tons, I Dec. 16 Keb. 1 T. Jl.Cropper,/April 16 June 1 The COLUMBUS, (Sept. I Oct. 16 700 tons. < Jan. 1 Keb. 16 H. A. Cole, tMay 1 June 16 The YORKSHlRfc,(iiew) i Sept. 16 Not. i lfMtoni, ' Jim. M Met. I D. G. Bailey, (Mar 16 July 1 These ship* are not surpissed in point of elegance or chip rr is .heii cabin accommodations, or in their fust tailing Qua ti -e j, any vessels m the trade. The comuundHif are well known a* men of character and etiwriance. and the strictest attention will always be paid to pminote the comfort and convenience uf p useiiuert I'nuiouility, as regard* Ute day ni sail in*, will be observed as heretofore. The price ol paasaite ootw trd is now hied at One Hnn tred Dollars, for which ample storm nf every d.-soriiitioii will lie pro tided. wil? the exception if wines aid tinners, which will be fbrniened by the she-wards, tfreyuirrJ. Neither th ,-apMin or owners ol Unset ships will bs reapon (in!: for any letters, parents, or poekaiiea sum by them unlras restulax bills nftadini, are siKaerl thereTor. 'eor freight or pavtigf, apply to OOODHVK ft CO, M Houth st. C, H. MAKBHALL. 31 Burling .lip, N. JMtf ?d of BAKING. Bill I TU KKH ft CO.. LVool PLEASURE EXCURSION TO THE UPPER LAKES. jd'WHM /ML The?t-* WISKONSAN.f apu n II 111' ~rM iVrglfT* n ' *"* I' w'" leave UsfT-lo on Mon ay, th* ail ".i.'Uft.JIL 1st day ef July ueit, all -'clock. P. M , ou an b icu'siuu o< Pleasure to tne l'p|ier Lsk's, visiting all t if napoitnut p aces on ' ekes Krie, Huron and Miehi kHti. urlulng Ur*en Bay Ample time will be nffrde J the pass, utie s fir Tis li-g .Mi mac. trrr-n Bay, Mun un i-deeds, Milwaekie Racine, PVouih,.nrt and -J* ic?< ; leavi K the la t mat lion* d pla-.e ou her return ,.u Tuesday in 'ruing Jul, 9lh V The W sbnnsnn it the largest boat on the W sieru L ikes,nud s propelled by a po eerlnl low y assure tuglue?is new. snd is finished u th-modem style, wit au uppercahiu euiDpotwl entirely It sUte rooms, and is lntoM up auu furnished rqu-J to suy bust, in the world A rood B .ud of Motie will ace mpany the boat at:d every eselion will h made to make the pasta.e pleats.I to Uios* ou ouard k or passage ip pi to K H PROSIER. W Tier. Albany NOHTHBOP k Hrt V WARD Rochester. <?Ef>T N fcKVANS Buffalo 111 JJKV'fc HU'.HWH Cl??*lat.d. OR vV fc LMVi A, Detroit. Poffalo. Mav 2*. ,mi jag 75t?m FOR BOSTON, VI i V-.bPORl' AN') PRJVIDENCE FaKE TO BOSTON tt M-NK VVPORl' AND iHOVU'KNOr $1. aM*) jgM Th'.' n? w hnd pl.-nlil H Isomer RHODE L tND 0 .plain Tuayer, wi'l Caen i ier .]*hJB>X.a'o Ii N R.t Uu Tuesdays, Thursdays aud h.lou y? at 3 u'cloC" P >1. P'o lr?igbt ur lo-si.-se, apply to th* Captain, on board. nr 52 B o d*a j'd tmrc FOR BOB TON, VIA NKWPOlll' AND PROVIDENCE FARE TO BOSTON Sd tt?NEWPORT AND PROVIDENCE 81 *Jt The uei" ud splendid rteatnu NEW JP'.RBP) i it H. Pnry mailer, will i-?v? the yi-> ilk i "iT t ' "* ci Barclay airw t. (.oath aid-) on 1 jesAiy rsetiicg nfkl, June 4th, at Jo'cioek.P M. "ayuiir day* ram New Yarn, Tuesdays, Thursday* and fhiturd-ys. Prom I'rofiiieuoe lor New York yia .ewpo-t, Mondays, Weuii" sdays .u?d P'ridnys, iimi.rdi.itely alter the ainvnl of " be l ;i b -at tramfiom {lotion. '1 h? New J. r?< y is a a> w nd si.lend.dboat, has a larga i r of elegant stale mows, aud is fitted up in the bent possible mnuurr. For freight or |>un> *. apply to ibe Cm Uiu, ou bo.rd, or to Vr. L Betueit, at the olRre oil the whe.f mIJ Jiu ic I *?B- BLACK BALL. OR OLD LINK OF LIVER I^BkPOOL PA( KETk?FOH CI FKRPOOL-!( ??l r . *?Bfc''.fPH.I ll'h Jni".?Th>-new inag..iliieut and <:-lo I isliMi a>tsail n( pnrketahlp KihllLANli Captain Si Ra > I. t, will potitiTrla sail ou Monday, Klh Jaue, Iter regular day. It it wr|] knnvrn that th-" England is fitted out In a very super or uianti't, with er*ry conrer.ieuce that ran add to tne comlurl i f thoie " inbsikii t Persona proceediif ! the > hi < nutiy, will find it to heir interest to selfl thn ronrey?nre. P or]>aas-gp in eabio, lud cabin, aud steerage, a' ply on bond, foot ofBctkuiaa aUeet. or to tne subscribers, ROCHE. BROTHERS k ' O.. ji 7tol7 nr. 3j Fnlt .n ct.mst boor to the p'nltnn Bank. ~NKW iM lit. PA<',KjlTH KOK l.jVf.KifljLwV Pool.?Packet of 21st Jane ?Tha tpleodid new, aBflMband fiyorita packet ihip ROCHLIITiI R. 1C00 tone linrt. rn, i apt. J. Britton w.ll a&tl on Friday, Hal Jane, her ri'Eiilit' day. The ebipe of thia line being all 1090 tona and npwardi. per gone anont to embark for the old country, will not fail to eee the adyajitigni to be deriynd from selecting thii line id preference to any other, aa their meat capacity rvnde.i them every waT mora comfortable and convenient thvi Viptofi n?*l er clnav, and their aeeommndatiooa for cab.' i?".>nd eaaiu, ?.nd ate rage piaaeegtra, are well known u he ?r noi to ?-y othere. Penone wlihini to eecare b?rth? ahenld w. Wlwwke early application on hoard, font of Bnrliaa alteu or to W. tr J. TrTalfJfTrT, At their Oeuaral I'aaaage Oflw . 7? rfenih ettat, jt7U/21 rtc eorMai l.a Li w, on it1 n-H?. TAPftf.OTT'8 UENER* .. PA??A*ifc A?! uSMtV F1CE?lleraoeed frost) P-cU ilia to 7? Boat. JSnMJan corner ol Vtiid-n lane reranna deewoae'n tend r their I irnda in the old eonutry, can by c> 'flag on the >nba? , ben makefile ueemtary a ruigemeuM or. hf BU.edev Ug> >? farm. Mr. Win Tepec?tt b mif m 1 too I'. fw.d?ri tr. acting each bnvinegs wiih th'in highly Vme ieia!, W all car i'hing to haye tntir friend# cumf n tbly audi ooickly? t for any amount, payable on demand witftyvM air ranychi'ic whatever. in ill the nacipaltewrnatr one glhtau end Ir-W^nit }< At their ffeornJ rnaoage Jeff's. ? n Mnth m, mmSi1 E NE N TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC. ; 7] 651 p&ffijglHi TlissENGER JlRH.iNGEMENT FOR 1844 Tbe hulj?eriti-r? baring completed iheir arraiuemeeu, are low prepared to bringout |*u?etger? fiom Or eat Brit'in ".ml rvland by thefollowing firit cl iu packet ifllpi, one of winch will loave Liverpool on the lit, 6th. 11th, 16th, Slit andaaUiul eh month:? Henry, New Fork, Sheridan, Virginia, Liverpool, Camomigo, Mr.utnuroa, tt-ddent, Chrfi. Wa?h idgtoa, Hrttiugnor. Colornhai, United Statue, , Ileum tu, Aahbnrtua, Laelaod, It F.orope, Stcph'u Whiluey, Koclwarnr, J lu<l?peui'enca, l'ork?hire. (iarrik, .. Rauiuel Hick. (linen of the West, Onford [ Oitif catrt ot pansage cm be obtained, and every information 0 wil'heigh n to thoie aeodteg for their (Winds, oo application tp U either of "ur office*. r. They will also l>e !>rernred. on the opening of n*ri"ntio?, to , fore aid i"us ii.Kflis and "heir lun'gige to Alb.?ny ?iid Tioy. mid ? ria Ktie > iu li P. rtn<talo, ?ud .ill intermediate places. ti To alt porta ofih-Upper Lakes. . Via Oswego to Toronto, Fort Hope, Cobnrg, Kingston, anil ' ill parts of LanadaWost " From Troy via Whitehall to Montreal and Quebec, '"ant- bl ia riant via Ohio Canal from Clearelaud to Portsmouth, Cin- v ciuuali, ard i terme-Wate pisces South W-it vii Philadelphia to Pittibuig.Cineiuiia'i, Lnnis- trillr. ami all parte on the Ohio Hirer to 8'. Louis, Mo ; and h to all parts ol Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Uliuuia and Wiacon- ? uu territory n REMITTANCES. , . P fforthe accommodation of y>er?oui wuhing to tend moitM g to th ir friend, in th* Old Couulry, HAltNDEN kt/O will , lire Dr.ftt on my partof Engiard, Seoi'and or In-lnnl, payable At nulit, for am? of XI, AS. ?20. to X.OO?or m ur amount to ?oit thr porehver _ OFKICK8 AND AOENT3. t'hurlm ISO Sta o Jtr-nt, Boston B. W. Wheeler, Union Building. "r.iyidence, R I. J. W Mill*, 3 W ill ?tre*l i? i IS k'roiir ttreet Now York N. (i. How rd 43 S uih Third street. Yiiledelplua Siudlord It Shoemaker, 7 Light utreet. Baltimore, Md Pittthurgk, Ft. L.8, Liftlejohn, 11 Kieha-ge, Albany N Y. 8 Clark, 149 Rarer street, 'I ro-, N Y. l.'tiea, N. Y W A. Cook. Hymcnee, N. V Iloe heater, N Y. W H Cook. Buff,no, N. Y. H Ki ihugh IkCo., Hwntn, N Y mite. 184%. GREAT WESTERN RAIL ROAD ROUTE. KUOM ALBANY TO Bi;KffALtt (125 MILKS) BY HAIL KO \D The only OfRco in N.w York ett.ibli.hrd y the levrral Hail Road Compaiiics betwe- n Albany not Buffalo it at No 40 ' OI'R'PLA >1)T TKEtT, MltlN f ?'l ?HK. ieuaral Agent NOTICE TO IMMIGRANTS. Thn Snb'C.riber* having been appointed agent* lor forwarding Immigrant* by Rail from AlWauy to Bu?alo and iutermodiare placet art' enabled to tend them during th.' it a minor from New Yora to Ulica lor (2,0?: to Syraente (2,92, to Anbarn (3,36; to Itoch'nter (4.61 to Buffalo (4,40. Children (ruin 2 to 12 year* old at holt price; under S years free- and all J bagg.tge from Albany ou the Rail It .no it entirely free. It i* friiloat iha* it come* much e.he?p?r to the iinmnmcc to trar'l b> Rail Ro-td than by <' ho retiuhing Bntf.ilo ptr ' Stemboni from New York and Kail Itoad from Alhttav is <2 I hours; wlvnii, it takes jier < anal from 9 to IU days TIMfol" , lowing calculation shows the result, ?i? , Passage to Bulluloper Ita.t Puujf to Buffalo per Ca!t.nsd $5,50 imI My $3,00 I Luggage from N. York to Luggage to Buttalo, 50lhs , Albanv, ICOlbs free, bal- fiee,balance for lOClbi- 54 , sace for loOIss 11 Loss of time at least 9 day a l.ugrvre from Albany to worth to the laboier, ?ay ( Buffalo five 40 ceors per day 4,40 ( Living for 4.2 hours, ssr* 7b Living for 10 days, 50 cento ? per day 4.00 1 Total per It. Road tS U ? i $12.0i ; Deduct far? per R. Road *6.43 The traveller per R. Road saves $5,ti* They alio forward passengera'to Cleavelaml, Porta month ard other pixies in Ohio; Detroit, dec., Michigan; (Jreen Bay, Milwa"kte, die., Wisconsin Terr.tory; Chicago, Illinois; and to diff-iWi t places in < anada, at the lowest rates. All information u to the different routes given graft's, and Tickets to be had unly at the Albany and Buffalo Rail lload Ofliee,59 Cuat'landt itreet. WOLF ?t BJCKEMS. my8 lm*re ?NKW YORR, SCHOOLER'S MOUWTAINmmy^? tlie foot of Gonrtlant street, daily ed.l at 3 o'clock, A M., by Uailroid from Jeney City to Mnr ri.t'wn direct, without change of Car?from thence b? I'ost 1 Ccaohes throneh Mendharn, t h?ster, Kch.ioley's Mountain, Pott Coldeo, Washington to Eastou. At Washington a dull line intersects to and Trora Bclri'lere. Kor seats apnly to J. HILL, at John Patten's Commercial Hotel, 73 Conrtland street. N. B.?ritres furnished at the shortest nstiee, by apply-in* to N.a. LUt'.K, Morristown. apM 4m*ri: bUMMaR ARRANGEMENT. NEWARK ANIJ JYEIV YORK. FARE ONLY IK1 CENTS. THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN UAFFY, .n*sa .?ss Ou aud after Monday, "^ar 13, will mu ai l^ir-3ffik.w3pfoll<'Ws;?Le .ve Newark, foot of '.'nitre ?, at *SE3m3m. * M. and 1>6 P M. Leave New York, loot oi h?iclay it, at 1# A. M an,I 4 . . M. On Sundays?Lenve Newark ;,t 8 A. M. and Jr. M.and ti?v? York at 10 A. M. and 4 P Nl. Kreiknt curried at tar/ reasonable rates. May Mill. 1044 !^rr_ SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS. 8LOI) V:IN UD AI.K, MAr.HATTANVILLE AND V')Kf WASHINGTON tilVEOf STAGES tax* to Mcji'mtauville ,2X ceuu?Eor gPf^?*7NB' 98 Waahimrton 2'j ccata Thin will c:.on FUlPdeMl ..fiuji nunliig ou Saturday, iViay 4th, K44 a I U >? l.cov nj; Met-hath-oviHe, at f o'clock A. M., arcl continu nmnio* ?rcry h ^or nutil To' P *1 Lwtv'ng New Vor1 enrnrr ol Tryon Row and Chatham at, two doora eaatol th Kaxlein rtrulrnad Office, at 7 o'< lock, A. H , and continue ru uiuir ovary boar until 9 P M H--a?ca lectinE fort Waalpartnn for City Hall, 7X A.M nr. ,X. US. I P-M-i S><. 4 a?d 6)4. Htajrea fearing 1'ity Hall ( > ? ort Wayhiamrm, 9 A. M., 11 and 1 r M., J. 4 and 6 I I.-m- St'^fa p'.aaoo the route ttorJ'a lintrl,Hnrnham'l Mao .ion Hooaa. >rpivMi Aaylnm and Lunatic Aaylum brick-r'Uar A'oL'ry flot/d, I'rjuitr f;l?uidi I ametr/, 11 ich Bridge to *ort Wnahiuilton. B MdllKK, inJ I to* rr PmimMUI. (J n .1 Tie.- Saturday, June l,t, the Bc&ta wiii ruo na lo. Iowa uo ll iVt'lT n.inr:LEAVE ST 4.TEN IHL AVn AT 7, I, 9 10 II, A. M., I, 2. I. 5 fi. 7Ji I'. M. Ls'A^E NEW1 YOHK At ?. 8. 9. 10, 11, n VI., I, J, JX J #, 7, P M. N f> ? All good* ihiuurd mnat b? marked in tall and are al the rialt (the wuert thereof. uiWrc VOKKVILLE. AHTOIUA. HKLLUVlr. KEKKk. ttAVKNSV>OOD AND NEW VOKK STAGES ri | Will co > uirnee rousing on Monday, Mat 1844, aa loltowa U* Leaving Aitwa, at 7,1,9, and 11 o'clock k. .Vl . I. a. I l.m, 5X am. 7 P. M Latvia^ 3 Co tnam atnwt ovpoaite City Hall at 7, 9, 19, an II o'clock A.M.I 1 I.S.t and 7o'clock P M Thin Stage will call lor naaaangera at 20 Bowery, eoreor ? 'Hlsirewl, ao 1 at Hazard's Yorknlle. All baggage at in >wuer's risk On he arrival of die stag- at Atwrm, it - ill i uedUlely bnin reauiurst for conveying passuigors to Ua>aor wood and Cong Island Farms Ka-e I3H ceuta Horses Oliil Wagon. to In. LEWIS It CARTER. mil I m* ac Proprietors PLEASANT AND I HK.A?' EXCURSIONS. SUliMKR ARR-tNGEMErfT NEW BK1UH1 N. POUT HI HviuND. (STATE?1 I-LA D.Ik NEW VOHK Ee.KRY. From Pier No I. Nort'i Hirer foot of Battery Plane affibf!*) 00k The .Mmm-'Oit CINDERELLA, will rni. sjc:-2^i'Apni3,at follows, daily, frooi Mav 2tith to Lctoli' i iteelOLli1. 1844 .?Lauren New Yoik, at 1 turn II o clock, A M , at 1!4. S and 8 M. Leases 1'urt Kirhuio. 'I. it. M minntea to 8, sad 10 minutes v 10 A. M.t st I, l>i snd65< P vi Leases New Brighton, at? aiid 10 A. M.; at IX, S and 7)4 P M. On euudat?Leaves New York, at Hand II A. M.j at I, 6 an> IP I Lear-* 'o.t Kichuioud, at 20 m mule* to I,and 10 A.M at I, 5 aud 7)4 P M New > < ik Mae 18 HO reyll <lm*re r l~?k . I ~DRAI'TH I'N E.NOLAM). IHELA.NL', ./W^gjtuV tar?Per.oua iivut remitting money toihei lir7K<fl^V3k)^tr|tnds in the Old Country c m he aupplie ^uZlkmuf with drain in smut o' jtl, ?2, ?3, Ai, Aid. ^^^^iiWnBnAiO.iiio.jtioo 41000 or any ainoaul, payal>l>' jo druuuid, without diaioum, or any oilier charge, at the Na tioa&lBuuk of Ireland Prusiur.ial Bk. do, Messrs Jn's Bull, Hoi kOi>., Backers, L<>udou; .1. llaineil k Co , Exchange and Ui> count Bank. Liverpool; Eastern Hank of Scotland; trreeuore Banking I otcpany; H|r Win. Forties, Hunter It Co., Scotland and the brunches in every post towu llirooghimt England, Ire laud, ScotUud and vV ilea, which drafts will be forward*! by the packets of the 11th, lilh, 21al, a ill 26th, or the Royal Mail iteniner sailing from Boston on the Ktli ol June Apply to W Ik J.T.TAfSCUTT, At their general passage nffi'-e, 74 South street, vomer of EsMM Lane. N.B ?All letters from the eoantry uinst couie post pai j. jirc gj*2P PA'SAOE FROM DUBLIN. CORK, WATER fjtfV'KOHD, DEKKY, COLCKAINC, BELFAST. flHpfc' ea rr D'oghrda, tke ?Persons wishing to send (#1 'hair fiiendi cau have tht m brought nut Iroin aay of the above pons iu first class Ame.iican Pucuei Ships, on the most reasonable terms. and without their erprrieneing any onusneMsry il< tentiou. Mr W. Tapaentt, one of the firm, Milne on the tj'ot to give his personal atteution to the passengers engaged by lh? snouenbers or their agents here, and persons may rely that the wishes and comforts of thoaa whose passeye uiay lw ugastd by them will h ive all due and |iro|ie.r attention. Koi part.cnlars apply, if by letwyojt-jaid, V), AP8(.()TT at their Ovweval Passage Office, 7* South st, cor. Maideu Lane where, also, Drafts inay be obtained, for large or small sums payable on demand, withoat dineonnt or any other charge, ai the Nitienal or Provincial Bo.ks of Ireland, er any nithej' branches throughout the Kingdom in I'l re PASSAGE FROM ENGLAND. IRELAND, SCOT LAND AND WALE*, VIA LIVERPOOL. TilK subscriber has made unequalled srrasg-menC ,j?T#E.for bringing ont emigrant* this year, '444. Those SajKarcndingTor tlieir friands would ao wsll to apply si the ?Ti established packet office of JOHN HKRDMAN, 41 South st. N. 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TUESDAY 'BX NEW SYSTEM OF CURRENCY PROPOSED BY 8 I R ROBERT PEEL IN THE n-iii.L tv f ?i - - - - urinau nouse ui vumiuuiia, 91 AY 6, 18 4 4'.j [CuncluJ'd'] It is not for tli#* purpose of intermeddling with te atlairs of the Bank that we introduce as an uditional guarantee tin* interv- niton ot the governtent, and state, as the amount ol securities has eeu fixed by parliament, they shall not be increased t your dibctetion, though you may derive no profit mil t lie in. The government and the public are to trtve the profit, and they are to be the parlies invested so far as this, that tins increase sltull n t the place wittiout their sanction That is the uaire of the proposal. In order that I may make the Ldteuieut aa lull as possible, I will just advert to dial is called the legal tender There is now a au.--e in the Bank charter which enables connuy anks, and oilier banks of issue, to exchange their oies for the notes of the Bank of England I opose the introduction of iliat proposition. The urument in its fjvor was that it had a tendency to limiriish panic and prevent a run for gold. Von rant to increase (he controlling power ot the Bank nd I do not know whether you do not facilitate he extension of the Bank of England currency by erimtting that clause still to exist and to continue rtore than it you were to abolish it altogether It j a somewhat dtthcult matter, nut what t waul * to increase the controlling |>owei of the Hank <>t England over lie issue, an iht |inliltc is to derive lie whole profit, and I doubt whether t should not ncrease it by forbidding the substitution of Hank if Lngland notes for tile notes of other banks, uud hus familiarise the public with the etglu of Ihe lutes of the ot England I wish to disturb us little as possible lhat winch I find now extsiiug certainly opposed it when it was li'st introduced, ml I do not wish to make any mo e changes dun ire absolutely necessaty on the present occasion bear, hear ) 1 uow come to ihe pecuniary arangeinents made wuh the Hank on tin- puit ot ihe niblic. The Hank is to retain the pnvtbge ot taming notes to the amount ol 14,000,000/ Ail issues tbnve that in gold are cleariy not sources ot profit fhe Hank gains nothing by the issue upon gold, mt it gains materially by the issue oil i-ecurity. It atere are 14,000,' 00/ ot securities returning interest it the rate ot 3 p-r cent., the gtoas gain by us total issue will be represented by Hie sum ol 420,00 */ ? lit estimating the net profits, let us see what deductions ought to be itiude from that gross produce o 120,000/. We first estimate the actual cost ol the saue. The Hank, tor the accommodation mid advantage of the public, conducts its iar-ues on a very liberal scule. The Hank does not re-issue notes, uut it has provided the means of keeping a re coin af every note isbued for, I believe, the last ten years, and this gives to the public the greutest facility in tracing transactions at the distance ol eight 3r ten years, by having immediate a;cess to the notes which have been thus preserved. The total cost of the ts-ue is now 107,000/. for issuing about 20,000,000. It was 107,000/. us returned to the Hank committee, but it is now said to be 117,000/ It 1 take 117,000/. from 420,000/., that will leave 303,000/. as the gross sum. Then 1 have u deduction to make of a'rout 00,000/. which the Hank pays to the Stamp Ollice on account of the privilege of issuing notes; and then in addition to thai there is about z-i.uour. patu to those Dunns which deal with Bank ol Lnglaud notes. The result will be that there will lie to deduct from the gro& amount 0l4)UM the HUM of 60,000/., 117,000/.. and 24,000/.; and the net profit of the Bank will be thus reduced to about 218,000/ , which will be tin net profit wh.chthe Hank will derive from the issue of notes. We are going to uflect the privileges ol the Bank in this respect, that we are going to take to the public the prolit upon all its issues above t certain amount. We are going to permit them tt accept bills of uny amount. The quesiiou is, wha sum shall we claim from the Hank tor this contin ued privilege 1 The Hank think we ought to t&fckt a material reduction Ironi iho sum they now pay? namely, 120,000/. Our answer is, that though u some respects we hfleel your peculiar privileges we are going to give increased s ability to your |u stitution uud your banking concerns, and we inus insist on the lull payment. We have h<uJ a nego elation with the Hauk, uud 1 am bound in justice to the Governor and Deputy Governor ol the Hani to say that! never saw men inllueuced by more dis interested or more public spirited motives than tluj have been throughout the whole course of thesi negocidtious. They have contemplatrd the publn interests to the utmost extent, consistent with thei duty. They have endeavored to reconcile thei two duties; the duties they owe as the manager of n great establishment?the duties they owe ti the proprietors of the Bank, and the duties whicl ihey owe to the public. Ihey have cunsiderei themselves as the. head of a great establishmen which is to be the central bank ol issue, and tlici chief object lias been to promote the public inter "St. They have been unwilling to stipulate for on< exclusive privilege; their conduct throughout ha been marked by the greatest liberality (hear, hear Notwithstanding the restrictions which we iirqiofc upon their profits in some respects, they have acceded to our proposition?thnt the sum which thn now pay to tne government for the privileges whicl i ley had under the act of 1383 shall continue to lo ;>iid They will therefore hereafter pay 130,000/ 120,000/ is the sum which they psy at present, unt there will be 60,000/ on accountol the compositioi for the issue of notes. A n LI.... 11........ A It.,1 aii iiuii mftWDRu.?;viiiiunn/ x Sir R. Peel. ?Yes, 60,000/ annually. We an hereafter to have the whole of the profits fierivec from increased issues. There is no use in thei paying 70.000/ , and in our receiving 10.000/, an< laying 60,000/. We therefore enter into a cornpn -ition with them, during the existence of the char ' *r, for the annual payment of 60 000/ in order ti umplifv the account The Bank will therefore pa: 'o us 120 000/ and G0.000/ , and I believe ihat thi 'otal of the net profit which the Bank will derivi "rom the issue of notes will not exceed 100 000/ We now are liable to pay the Bank 248.000/ avea in accnnnt of the managemeni of the public debt Of that 248,000/ the sum of 120 000/ will continue to be deducted, leaving 128,000/. to he paid by th< *nv*rnment Now as to tlie* period of tire duratioi of the charter. We propose to continue the char ter for the same term nominally, but varying tin condition on which it shall be granted. At preeen it is for 21 years, hut there is a power now exist im to put an end to it at the end of ten years, provide | i notice be given; but if you allow that opportunit to pas?, you have no po? er afterwards of revivim it. We propose that, after the lapse of ten vear? _i: _l ii i - .i , r : ' : tmnimiirni. mmn uavr uic |?;wri ui rcviMii^ i iguin ; that in to flay, that although ten yearn rum hive elapsed withoutHttynotice having beengiven vet still if at the end of twelve years circumstance -liouhl occur which would make it desirable to re viae the charter, parliament shall not lose the oppor tuuity of <?o doing. If even at the end of fifteen yeari events shauld occur which you cannot foresee which might make a change desirable, it woult tie a misfortune to the public if parliament shouh he preven'ed from revising the charter before tin expiration of the term. We therefore think it bet ter, both for the Bank and the puhhc, to provirli that at the expiration of ten years there shall In the power of revisal, but the power of revtsal a any time between the period of ten years and tlx remaining period of the twenty, always of coursi givinr a year's notice of our internum to do so. rust that those who are connected with countn hanks will consider that we are dealing lastly will them : hut I think they oughtto consider tnema? Ivoi uluced upon the same fooling us the Bunk of Bug land: that they ought to consider this us a notice as a long notice, and that parliament ought to Iihvi an unfettered right earlier if it pleases, but crrtniiilj after the lapse of ten years, of dealing with privat< banks of issue exactly as in the other case (hear hear.) I wish this to be considered as a notice Acting upon these motives, considering our unwil lingness to interfere with existing interests, our un willingness to restrict accommodation, I wish t< put in a claim on the part of the parliament to placi other banks of issue on tho same footing as thi Bank of England, and I wish it to be distinctly un derstoodthat parliament has the unfettered right ti interfere, in order to revise the system if it pleases and to establish one hank of issue, and to annihi late altogether the issues from other banks. I mus now shortly advert to the condition of Ireland ant Scotland. I think our measure is sufficiently ex tensive without complicating it by the introductioi of Scotland and Ireland.^ Let us first of nil estnb liah a sound position in England. 1 think weough to reserve for separate consideration the state o Ireland and of Scotland. We have not had tin opportunity of holding those personal communion uorru with parties immediately interested in tin currency in those countries which we have had 11 England. They must be dealt with by separ.iti acts, and, therefore, I am not desirous of coinpli eating the present bill with legislative enactmeni providing for Scotland and Ireland. But I propog to extend to Ireland and Hcotland the sahitur principle that no rew hanks of issue shall he estab ,iiaH?d in aither of thoee aountrias, and thai n ORK I MORNING, JUNE 11, 1844 joint-stock bunks shall bo established there, except n< alter going through the process ot registration and subscribing to such general conditions as the goveminent may be disposed to impose lor the purpose ai of improving the system ot joint-stock banks. 1 do w not purpose in the present year to extend the priii- p, ciple ot limitation ot ibcue to Ireland and Scotland, it In Scotland, I believe, the amount ot circulation ta diminishing rather than increasing; and I do not la think there is tmy danger ot an immediate increase ot notes, and, theretorr.only propose to Hpply these t{ two principles to Ireland and Scotland at present, (; namely?lit t Do bunk ot issue shall be constituted in either of those countries, and Hint no joint-stock banking company shall be eetablnhed xcejit upon j ,ip, licution to the government, and on the observ- | ance of certain conditions ihe case of Ireland n j la a peculiar one, and the privileges ot the Bunk i f i Irelalid d fler in koine respects trout the privileges e ol tlte Hank ?>i Lnitl iinl. We are prepared tu give I ' ueverv consideration, anti feel it due to thai country and to Hcotlund to make tins announcement ol our principles and the mode in which they shall ap- , ply. I do not wish to say a word about small notes, calculated to raise any alarm 1 only piupoec to cet-tlihsh those grent leadu g principle*, and I doubt whether we shall not he likely to etieci a Iritudly understanding by mature consideration. Hut 1 do not want to create any unnecessary dillieulties, or to raise about me a stortn which I should he unable to allay (hear, and laughter ) Tins is the wav to succeed tu legislation 1 hope, in advocating 'bene principles, which I believe to be sound, that I have made inyselt perfectly intelligible, and that I have | clearly explained the mode in which we piopose to > xecute. diem. II I nave done so I am sure the house will not require from me nnt apology. It may, p? rhaps, now be desirable that 1 should place , before the com in tter, in n lew words, a general 1 recapitulation ol my intention. It comisia tu the leteuiimi by the Hank ol England ol its pre ent priv lege, restricting the privilege ol issue within a circle round ilie metropolis of which -ixty five miles is the radius toihe Hank ot England. We shall require a complete separation id accounts, constituting two (Iliferent departments, one ot issue, tlta oilier of banking?the business ol banking to be governed by petlecily difletcni principles from lite business ot issue, there being no power to issue a single note in the hanking department txcepi it -hull have beeo rtceived from the issuing department. We pronese that the issue shall tuke place upon l4,UOO.(X)Ot. upon security, and the remainder upon bullion, il being competent to the banking department to claim from the issuing department us muuy notes above 14,000,000f as ihey may require, the public havmgitie riglti to requite notes in exchange lor gold and to demand gold in exchange for notes. We propose that there should be a weekly publication of the whole of the iruiibactn ns ol the Hank, both with respect lo bullion and notes, with respect to every transaction either in the issuing department or the banking department, so that every merchant, every dealtr, limy be enabled to regulate his transactions according to ills knowledge ol the state ot these returns. We propose then with respect to other banks generally that uo new bank ot issue shall be established in any part of the United Kingdom. We propose that no new joint-stock bank shall be herealler established except under certain restrictions, ttie adoption ?>t certain forms, the subscription to certain conditions, the auditing of account*, and other matters, giving all the securities that legislation can give for the oroper conduct of concerns of that ' magnitude. Then we propose that existing banks ' being now banks of issue, actually exercising the | powers of issue, shall continue to have it during 1 the existence ot this law, provided that 111 no case 1 whatever they exceed a certain definite amount, ; which amount is to be determined in the case o! 1 each bank by reference to the documents which give us the average amount of issue for a preceding ' period. We propose that,should a bank lor a time 1 cease to exercise its privilege, that that bank shall not afterward] resume it. we propose that the 1 whole of the banks shall publish the names of all ' tiieir partners. We propose in Hie case ol banks < I 1 issue, whether such banks be public, joint-stock, oi " private, that they shall make, us in the case with ' the Hank of England, weekly publications of the amount of their issues. 1 think ihul the Bunk ul ' England, knowing the amount of Mich issues, will > he able to regulate its affairs and to contract the currency, if such contraction should be uccessaty, 1 at an earlier period than it could otherwise do. 1 " believe I have cow completed the task which I undertook, and thut 1 nave given a full out' line ot the meusiire which government intends to propose, and ot the principles upon which it is I' tounded. Uiear. hear ) As 1 stated before. 1 siifi 11 ask fur no vote of opinion, and I hope ^ that there will be no expression of individual opinion on the present occasion; but that the house r will maturely consider ihe whole of this great nod r comprehensive scheme in all its parts, with its proJ bable bearing on the public iutereat, before pro1 Honoring either for or against it. In the course of 1 to-morrow 1 shall unreservedly lay before the ' house the correspondence which has taken place ' between the Bunk of England and the government ->n the subject. 1 think it will a fiord a complete explanation of the terms upon which 'he preaeni r prop sals are founded, and 1 feci certain that the ) possession of it itt of the greatest importance towards the forming a sound judgment with regurd to he whole of the question. I cannot deny, -| 1 the house shall assent to the principle of this mra1 -tare, and shall adopt it" leading details, | cannot leity that it wtllbe tome asource ol great personal ; {ratification, if, ulter the lapse of nearly u quarter ' of a century since I proposed, in 1SI9, "that ere.o ' measure which I do trust has for ever abolished the system of an inconvertible piper currency (cheers)?I say that 1 cannot deny that |>ereonally ? it will be most gratifying to me it I, ss the organ I of government, shall be successful in inducing the r house to assent to a measure which is calculated 1 to ensu e the stability of that system of banking most conducive to the interests of the public. Bui I can at the same time say with confidence thm r? my gratification wili be of a higher and purer kind ^ than any mere personal leeliug. When I contemlate ilte siillenngH which tins country has endured within the last 20years?in in 1834. and again in 1839?when I see the dangers that nave been incurr- d and the risks that have been run- when 1 see tliat the Hank of England whs compelled, u< one period, to have recourse for assistance to a 'oreign establishment (henr, hear)?when I regar ihe fluctuations that have taken place in the currency, ruining ptivate merchants and defeating the calculations of commercial enterprise?when 1 look to the failures which have occurred ol mint-stock as well ns of private hanks, and when - I see the amount of the dividends made, although I admit lhat those dividends cannot he taken sa u - lest of the sufferings which the failures have occasioned, yet when I regard the slow and tedious process by which the creditor may recover the , amount, and when I remember that the original , nroprietora ot thcae jtiu snarPH were persons hi me .! humblest condition of life, who hud been induced, . by a seeming prosperity, to enter into these sfiecu. latinos?when I rell- ct on these thing', then indeed > I shall be gratified if I can now prevail on the house to adopt a measure which will give stendii net-s to monetary transaction*?which will give I confidence in the medium of exchange?which . will diminish the riurnberojTrudulent Hfid gambling 'peculations?and which will ensure its just reward . to commercial enterprise conducted with honesty . and prudenca (The right honorable baronet r i aimed his aeat amid loud cheers from all parts of the house ) Tli- following resolutions were then rend by the I Chairman, Mr Oreen, and agreed to pro forma "1. That it ii r*p?li??t to continue to the B?nk of I t'r.arlunrl fur a time (O t?' limited, certain rif llif ori? ilegea t now hy low vetted in tbiit corporation, euhject to tn'ch condition* ? may be provided oy any act to h? pm-tod for that ptirpote. I '"J. That it i? expedient to provide hy Jaw that the Bank of England thouhl henceforth be divided into two separate ' deparlmenta- one exclutively confined to the iaaun and " circulation of uetea?thuother to the conduct of hanking , bnainesa "3. That it it expedient to limit the amount of ?ecn . cnritiei upon which it ahall henceforth he lawful for the llank of Kngland to iatiiM promutory notea payable to hearer on demand, and that a'tch nmount ahall only he in creaaed under certain condition* to he prescribed by law. ' "4. That it it expedient to provide hy law that a weekp ly publication thould he made hy the Bank ol Kngland, * of the ttate botn of the circulation and of the hanking die ? partmenta. , "ft. That it it expedient to repeal the law which tuhjert* - the netea ol the Bank of Kngland to the payment of the j competition lor stamp duty. I "fl That in conaideration of the privilege* to be continued to the Bank of Kngland. the rate of fixed annual payment to be made by tbe Bank to the public thall l*i " i'lto.000 per annum, and ahull be defrayed by deducting * the taid turn from the aum now hy law payable to the t Bank for the managt ment of the public dehl. ' "7. That in the event of any Increnre of thn lecuritlea f ufion which It ahall ho lawful for the Rank of Kngland to ktue inch promittory notet aa afonwaid, a firmer ana nual pay ment ahull he made by Ihr Bank of Kngland to ! the public, over and above the taid fixed payment af p jf 1^1,0(10, equal in amount to the nett profit derived Irom . the promi*?ory note* itancd on auoh ail litional tecuritiea. "tl That it it expedient to prohibit hy law the itaiie of H promittoiy notet payable to heaiercn demand, hy *nv " tiank not now ittuing inch note*, or by any henk hen af. y t?r to he ettahlitbed in any part of the (,'nlted Kingdom i- "9. That it It expndient to provide by law that tuch o btakt la fcagltad and Walaa at now late# pram later? :IER A >tea payable to bearer on demand, iliall contiuua to iirue ich notea, kubjeci to tuck cooilitlom and to iuch lirnituuiil 01 to the amount of la.ue a. uiay be piovided (01 by jy act to bo paaavd lor that purpoie o "10 That it it expedient to provide by law for the cekly publication ot the amount of iironiuiory nutea v ly able to bearer on drmand, circulated tiy any bank an- ti lorixed to iiiue audi bote*. u "11. That it U expedient to make finther provision by a iw with regaid to joint alock banking comi aunt'' I ( The Chmrinun then repotted progm*, hml oh- lt ineii leave to sit Hguin on that day fortnight, 20th niay ) i i From Fi-ouida ?We have St. Augustine und j aekbunvilit' pttper to the 4ih int-t. Alii i a 1 ng una unpieccOeiiltd dought, St. Augtotiiiv nd vicinity nave beau vuiitd w itii itli.ahing unri '1 he cue ul thv win k< i* ol the hi g Vicuna ol So in- : 1 rett, w bu ll hui been lor lome unit j< i ding lieluie the i our* ol AUn irr.iity in St A ugUrlnit , ha* been brought ! 1 a clu?u. The wltekei* have been awarded a aalVukt) | 1 l 1:6 per ceil on the nett piuceei:* '1 he hug he* been ' obi l.y oid? r ol the I ouit, and biulighl fcKtiu. : 1 '1 he Tiupical I lulit ha* the lolluw teg oecieion ?l Judgr )iunion in ieiuliun lu the htn 1 ul the Vuguild, ul Jel'k : unvnle, lor au ulleged violation ul the itvenue la vis;? ' n thai ciue the bug V llglblU Wkk kelled ami libelled li) , he telhcloie ul bi. Auguatlhe in il .lackeouvillc, lur an ulegi il viuldliuu ul the Revenue Lama, ana tiled helui;he lluii lauuc H Bionaon, in bt Augmtme. m tt.e .ah ind killIi mat. The pluet CtltKili v, .I Ionian d un tin) btilli ?nd I03d eactione ul Ihe He venue Act ul I7UD, cl.kigdg he landing in Kibinaiy, IMj, ol iiujoiieo meicl andize ?Hhum a peinut, and the unpt iiuiion ul diatillid bquoia, U veaaela ul u i upue'il) ul leva thai iii) gahoue. Alter uji < xun.inu'.n n ul tight wi-iu >a< a lur the Governnent, aunie ul w hum hud eveiy opportune) ulhnuuiig iveiy Ian connected with the annul ul the tir.g. In i uigu, and i'a iliachaigu, and tint eanunnaliun ul tin I u|i Hiii of the hug hy the claimant, the Lull t Wae ul the ipimon lhat mi in at viviu ii;i?gii,i.i,oii cuuio not run <ive any violation ol the luui.uc Luwi, inunliunul ui ithllWlae.'' Sugar Crop of Louisiana ?Wr notice innicn-i .)! Hie pupe a wllicll have culne to Inititl wiituii iin ;> m lew da) a, i xuticlii Hum a lepurt made hy the I urn[Iiiaaiulier ul Pdtelil* at W aebingiuii, iXl.l tilting the quailntlta ut the variuua agrieultuiui piuducte ul the Lulled Mate* I lidi r the head ul bugai. ih< anniunl [ iodin eil in huuiaiulia in lb-Id ! pui uuwu ?t 117 173 I'd pui.n is tv t know nut Hum whulHiUiL'u tlieae hbuie* weie derived, lint ihey Hie altogether eiltiiieuU*. 1 hu nop of thm State, in lil t, w an t kinaaien hy tin, in our unnuul atale uiem oi Ui bepteinl'i r luat, at 13a,l>t'd lihna.; hut it wu? literwardl a-ceiluintG to have lain luuy 1 -in tlili hi.da , uCioraiiigto the IliVeatlgUtlone ol iVir litgelon. w ho pule Ijahud u nuiiUie nalt-iiitin ol the juoouci ol each plantation Tin- average laluuatu lor each Iihd. la Ka il pound* :oii?iqinntl i , lint vvh le product van* bill ( 00 t ot) tl pounds, inaieud ol 37 173,01)0. oi a tilli ng dilh lenre ol about 103,000,Ul/u putino. ? Atie Or tin chain*' Tiaiuci ij I Stai.t i.n Jc.wa ? VVe team from the Ihhi Turlington (luwu) Tciritontii (inzi (to, that there are nunierous ind/emioiu ol the existence ol i-uit in thai i'?ru toiy.and particularly in that ugiou ol the country bor Jeriug uu the Lb a .Muliivi llivei. A coDi|uny ol gentle* men acquainted with the rail busmen unit who have great confidence in the success ol their emerpiite, ui. engagrd in boring in the tow n ol' Bonaparte, Van Buitn Co. should theie be louml iBlinea iu tho Territory, which would, ou being woikrd, ull'oid asnltnienl supply ol salt lor our consumption, it would be an incalculable advantage to that section ol tlio country. Their supply la now derived chiclly liom New Orkuna, and liom the manufactories at Kanaw ba, in Virginia. The coat ol trausportuliou cauaca this necessary uruclo to comu veiy high ? especially in the ta'.eiior. Cotton Blossom.?Wr yesterday saw the first sea island cotton tilow ol the seutoii. It was taken from tho held ol John 11 Uarmud, of Liberty county. Sir. B inloririN ua that he had alio n "form," but lo?t it on hia way 10 town. Mr. B '? nop haa boen in bloom lor more thuu u week We are glad to hear thai the cioji piuiniHi s well in Liberty.? Saiunnuh Georgian, Jttnr ti. Armv.?Gen. Worth, U. S. A., arrived here yesterday, in the U H. Hleiuuer (Jen. 'laylor, ou hii way to West I'uiut. to which (illicit he luu been ordered to attend the annual examination oi the Cadets. ? S,n imnah Qrvi inn, June 6. MmtDBRiit Trntknoed to Death.?Samuel Zep|>on, alias Brainaid, a coloied in?u, convicted during mo present tenn, ol the murder ol Cully Todd, another coioied mult, ai Guinea lull, near Holuitubuig, was on Saturday morning sentenced to aeatli in the Court ol Oyer sou Tei miner.?1'hil. Timet, June 10 I'.SOAPE OK A ni.AVK 1'URVRNTED.? 1 iip l iiril gl'll, Captain Green, from W ii runinion, North t 'arotinu, bound to New kulk, put into this |?>it )utcriiiiy to i.t liver up to the civil uiolioriiicu a negro man whom Capt. O had IoiiiiiJ on hoard liii vessel on the -i-tth ult., living then within bit miles of New Voik. 11m hn<l probably concealed hiniso'i in the hold among tint Slav es, but win n discovert d wua in the toncustle captain (in? n imsncdiatuly put about and inut'u tor this port, tiring the ik uiki at tvh'icti he could iaml hun and tm trva Itom ru*pon>i hility. The negro la a slave mimed Allied, about -Jl yearn of nge, aii d belongs to Jonathan Taj lor, ol Untie County, N. C.? Norfolk Jill alii June tf. Triai, foe Mikjder.?The bluvep Amelia and Sambo, belonging to William Hull, lint) , writ tried, on Tuesday last, lor Ibe murder ol Jingo, the duvet at ilalidon 11 iLi I uutation. Altar a patient investigation the Court louud the prisoners guilty ol murder, Sambo as piincipsl, ami Ameliu a? accessary before tlur fact. 1 bey were sentenced to be hung on the futl Friday in August next.?Chatletlun Courier, June 7. SchTEncuvn a Miiudkeejih?(Jurolini* Sweeney, the. wife ot lit* murdered elioellinker, convicted < I manslaughter, in killing hri own husband, w as ft ntenred | on (bilurday to five years solitary corfiiieineiit ami hard labor in the Kastern Pinitentiaiy. The wretched woman li.1iu<d wuh appment composure and Aminos while ih. Jndge passed si ntnnce on her, and scarcely betrayed MA signs ol gr it f. although her lather, mother, hiothera, nod sums crowde.1 a-ootid hei in tenia She wns allowed to rsltr her inhint, aboil* eight or nine months old, to prison with her,? Phil. Lhionirlt, June 10. Murk Mills?Thornton, Jkwktt As Co from Leeds, Kngland have just siarti d a wooli n manuf. ctory on Hoc Mile Irn k, near Krie I*a The Krie Gazette speaks iiconragiiigly ol the undertaking. There can hi uo iJoulit thai the West will soon la-come as famous lor jt? wool is it notr is for its pink and otinrngu cultural protlucts, ami there la no remain wliy the ahuinl ant water power in the vicinity of L?ke i- rir could not h? profitably employ ad ia the manufacture of this great staple Dkath of James S Walworth ? We regret t< learn, (says the Hecheslcr Daily Advertlm r of Satutilst) that James g. Wa Iswotth, of (J ne long and tnvoial 1 known as one of the oldest residents ol Wislern New Vork, and as a public benefactor died at his residence yesterday morning, alter a long and paiutul illness. Indian Wedding ?Mr Lining F , was lately tnained to a Choctaw belle, Mitw Katii-lu-mo-he, daughter of " Clack loud," I'nddo Chiol The Arkiinsaf Intelligencer says she is a full-blooded Caddo, atiove hn feet in statute very comely, and stiaiglt us one ol the pine* upon our hills. She is like her race, very fond <1 ornaments, which she partly mitnuluciures heiself wilt, gteat ingenuity, and partly derives naturai euriositit adorned by lier insty at>d -kilfttl native euihroideiy. 'I h. i bride wote more th in a pound weight ol silvci decoration mill her hair alone, ami her voice is as sweet us the morn ing song of a hird. SmrciNM fwrKiiEars.?Our attention has boon drawn more of late to the magnitude of thine inteieits, I y the very great inrreant ol vessels arriving from /? ?{? ports during the Ust five months, as compared with tin timber during the same petlod of last year. We God the unrulier of vessel* for the Gve months of the two yeais to bo an follows 1*1.1. 1844. Ships 1-1 Ships .....I? Brigs ft> Brigs S3 Barques 14 Barques Schooners j S.I bcbooiiers t.| 117 177 The value of the imports were proportionnbly grentt r, ami the increase in the amount 011 i in port od articles sent westward by our lor .\ar ling men, fully show that thv inCrea.e was orcsnoiu <1 h) a legitimate demand in the number nl vessel, purchased from other ports, and in the piesont immann amount ol tonnage now upon the stocks in our different ship yards, sufficient ptoof is atfoiiled that our comnterrial nu n are folly alive to their true interests We hare visited the different ship yards, and find them crowded with men lairly driving work Huhjornod it a In of those wn saw: At the y arJ of J Vauglmn, packet ship for the Liverpool line of H A. Lope, frame all up 830 Inns. Merchant ship for the China trade of Holliugsherd fc I'latt, frame nearly ail up. ol fi7.i tons, built expressly for a fast ssiler, by John, K llnminitt. VI ere hard butque for the l.sguayra trade, for Dallett Brothers, 240 ton*, hmlt hy John K llainmi t. Brig about 170 tons, at the > aril of Jacob Terse destination unknown. All these vessels are building at tf.w*ingf>dl, In the Dintrict ?f Smtthuurk ur find tho follow ing: ? Merchant buri|ue for Wm. Hood, lor I the West Indies, two decked, over .100 tons, two tlur t Anisbed, built hy Williams fc. Mitchell Merchant brig, j destination unknown, nearly finished, 1W tons, hmlt I by Himtiton V Neall Merchant ship nnsol !, framo out, built by Joseph Vogel, over four hundred tori' Theie vessels make in the aggregate over 2711 tons, owned entirely bv our own citizens. The various trad'* dependant upon sliip biuMmg are also, w Ithout an seep, tton in n prosperous Condition, such as ship smithl' g spar making, boat building, sail making lie The statement ol /arts like these ate more conclusive to the grow ing Interests of commerce than a thousand Ihtttier It need not ei'lier be supposed that any deer-use of In ights has takrn place, owing to the ini.reusa in the Iiumla r of vessels , not only h ue the ra'es remained at n alt a '> iste. but the amount ol freight has expei leneed a vny decided increase to Hlmoat avery port, both foreign and Ion e?iic. Our Kuropean and Sooth American tiade aro decidedly on the increase, while the state of onr coosting trade has not been as good for years We are preparing some authootio tables for neit week, in farther illustration of onr views -PW, If. $. Osssirs Jmm If LD. Prlca Two Cent*. County Court. Jud|?e I'1.1.el fli.r, Pmitfiil. Jcur 10 ? A'na Cul)itMll(wiiiy.-TI:e Itnrt met at t 'clock A letter from Mr. Wliiting. the late District Attorney, , a* read, aUlui^ tlio lact ol til# e*|>iration of thai (una. iotiaty'a teim of ottce and eajireaamg lit. detvimiiiation ot to liticonie a candidate (or te appointment A |nitn,u iRiu-d ky certain roembera of the bar, feecnunu.dii (j lmton l)e Witt, hiq . ai a fit uno |.ro;>?r ;cr?<n to fill lut vacant ollire. wat receiaed, wft?n on motion ol Mr. k-ltit ili I n tlie t cuit proceeded to ballot Thoie oppraiid lor .Vttlhew t 1'ateitrn, 13; William cgltt, 3 , Eluik 3 A resolution *a? ; amed concur'u.g tu tlio nomination u (,id tbe < ct it ii'jouintd. Supreme Court. n. i. ... - it. ... i. Jlt i 10.? Ofclired that no ip?ui oi f?ct shall be entered for tridl at th? t ii?ii11 g Jul) letinol this ci.uit. ID Ion Jin ge \ ui i!i t| oel. A'u7ui/cu Jotryh If. Moi^un?This Hill in action i-l lii>|ubi cnilii toi lnim b ol covenant. Da the 7lb of K< Inuaiy, le43, defendant t ontiacti J w nh s l>wity uaatid v\ iiii.nn b. aiIiu.Iu till mul deliver lo I h.iiitiM i.t the dm i.i* g ul iihiiguiK.n. oil il.i hudron, ltd 0 bushel* ol lin i' h i li e sum oi *10 lo t o paid lor imililivii) ; .mi! aim agu id vs nil u pull) i mi nJ bin.Del L> Knlie, n>r uk in oi ??'J, '.o iltiiiri 11 e lio e. i'Jamiiff |i?ld Hie fib lo Fiike. Defendant it un did not peilurm In. contiact. 'i be case stand* adjuuintd ovtr to vbn> ii..Ji niiig. V. R. District Court. Hi lore Jadge Hells Jvnt 10 ?In A dm m .i.i i - Ptltr Ji ifugAis ?*. Ed urn d Cvlllf- 'J bis 14 Hh ail HClloil Ol Illbl'liO I ll.ll, contructed with the .Vieaicui Uovrinn ani to 1 ut:d iviu \e?si ie ol w or, cailed the "iiKgle'1 and the ' Liltnj ' vim h w ete full}' t quippi it and ngged In Junnai), IMJ ibe di teinlaii, 1 .ie roll, ctor ol this port, sened i i d te< V | nsi,ri!iiiu ol the vessels tilider tbe laws ilthe I ruled bun s, and Kepi in cunod) loi lUdsts, when subn ijt.enwjr he allow i d the v> ?>t la lo j I< rerd to 11 t 1 poll ol Oi Mil u tlou. stand* adjourned over 10 thiu JliOinug. .11 nrlno Court. Bi loro Judge Smith, 10.?Pubmtnu vs. A'lc/io'iau.? An anion of asinn.put to lecovcr uiiiount ol lent. Vindict lor j la.nt.f!', $30 b6. IT. b. Maislinl'a Office. Ji'bt 10 ? Ju.'ni 11. RUKtlt, v. I cse auv.t atTlrcckljn a It W (IbJS lg(> K OH I.otiLld 11. lit: III J MhktlliS ilu) Inouglil loi v mil under suest, at the Aisisbah'a Oflice, on tbocbaigcfdi enti ling gocds at ibe Cnstin. lb u?o under value, and loi smuggling lie c.ukuuiji be lully investigated ou Kridny next, lu which diiy it stands adjourned. Circuit ('oust. Eelure Judge Kent. Juieit 10?CAsrln faith y vu Jet dun 1.. Mult ? This wi? on action ol slander. 'J be paitns ate both viiidara of Move* The wold, charged aghiii.t ihe intent were lor liuving ssul itiut (lit- pliuiitill was iiot u mipunsitdo periaii, und that he had pnaud delcmtaiit'a patmt right. The pltu ol jUklifiCHlH.ii lor dilti.ce was. that piuiii'ill bud become u banktupl in 1H4J. It w an a ca?e giown g uut of rivalry iu business. The sluuderaua woida were adlegid 10 have been spoken in June. I Ml The case stands udjouuad over to this moini'ig at the usuut hour. Common Plc?4. llelore Judgo Daly. Junk 10?Charln IJntcork v? Si lite C Smith All U> tion of assumpsit, 011 a promissory note, lor $ li:U0. The defence put In was thai iiauU was canitniplated, und ihut no consideration whs givau. Verdict lor pisiatill, >771 BJ. Gicncrnl Sessions, itctoro Recorder Tallnnctge and Alderman Cozzens and lia?brouck. James R.. Wiiitino, Kiq., District Attorney. Junk 10 ?Plea of Goi/ty.?Mous Y Beach,the editor und proprietor ot the "New Voik Bun" newspaper, pleaded guilty to un indictment found against hint, li r n publication und iibel conttniied in that pspei in May 1240, und w Inch letlrcttd on the churtieter ol A.r. John It. Pitkin, of JuiiiaicH, L 1 I'lea r>calved tnJ rccoidtd. Air bunch was lined >10 una also to pay rohtv of Court. Second '1 riul of ?1lizavd*r J/sag. - On motion of Counsel A. D. llussell, f.sq , retained fur tins individual, indicted lur a grand larceny in robbing V.i. Wilhum Homl, ol a lingo sum of money; his second trial which had bttn oidured by the Bupreun Court hy virtue ct a bill ol exceptions, w us postponed till Momiay n< M. t'orf tied Hint ? Thomas Gillespie, indicted tor foigery In tl e lliiid degree, ill l.uging a cheek tor >l 103 on the Uh >k of Commerce, in ihi name of Charles King Ik Co., wus called to tiiul: he dij not n| peur, mid ids ban, Unit of Stniiuet buuth, in the sum ol >'! U00, wus dilcCltd to Le to: ei d (liimd Inrctry?Vincent Ootleiber, a Grirrsn, wns then tried lot a larceny, in stealing on the ?4'h of vtatc.h, a diumond pin, bracelet, nod other J? welry, item Mr. O A Hatch, No. 61 linton | luce. It appiaud irom the testimony ol Mr. Hatch, that he had heid out inducements to Uullcibcr a> missions ol his guilt, in order to recover the piojerty- As such admr norm were not rerogn zed in a t riuunol Cr.uit, Urn ltei.oiderso chaiged, fcini the Jury tound the accused not guilt), us them w..s no othsr pi not ol guilt, alihti gh the pri-peity wus tiered troui bis posn ision Anolhet Giniid f-a?<my--W illmm Walker, tl young man, w aa next turd lot u> aiir.g the w uilet or pucket 1 ui k ol Mr. Hugh Luckey. of No. 104 I eh street, containing >1Z7, on tho 'Jlhi ol February last while h? w us in u home at the comer ol Centre uftd AnlLoU) siierls. 'f'uootleis have bi i n trird and convict! d .is being psiticipaioti in ibis iffV-jice with WoUer. The complainant hsd luuly ai rived ti lui W iimingion, Di lav tie county, N.C, snu stiay i d into the ' Five 1'ointe," w heie he insi i.ii. inert y, being at the lime soinewhat intoxicated. T he ('implumunt ideri" tied tbe prisoner a* one ol the tohl < is lie was ably delentied by \V m Mtaxra. F.>q , who succeeded in obtaining u disagr< nient ol the juij, m.d tho Court discharged them. The pr isor.r t wm remanded Note HotI r?i/iitr/-r?tricl. Kelley, indicted for a mladr rm-iirii.r ui im i n! ii i' K It Dmirnuc i.n Inti of Weight* and .Miamr- t. in the diecburgu of I i* c fticia! Juliet; wild Himm Buu'hwirk tor lorgt i y in ike 4th > eg r? e, in pukeing a < one dollar Mexican coin to a ; nor apple niiinen, were calird to tnal, nil her nt whom appealed, and their lercgmxiu re* uern di rlared foih ited Hunmil Cungden war the hull for boiithwick, in lha mm of J3bl> /Vrira.?Six petit juror* wire fined $10 each for non attendance limning Stohn Good* ? Joieph F Hurt wa? tti?d for rei eiTing ?iolen property knowing ilie tan e to be full n, o wit-A largo qnuutity if iron, the prnpetiy of Mr. kumiiel ( oiigdnh No HI Wm rnriet, end Hi h n liom hi* premi*e?. Hart keep* a junk shop at No AO \V uter (reel? Not gni'ty 7Vef /oi f'.nihi ;sli mint ?The trial of Junu t H Pel ernu ihoin f -r i it U 7 7.1H g u lurge mm ot money . ki longing tn the Ocean Inttiranre Company " ??> rn)l?d on. I ot a* a sufficient umnlier ot Jntot* ?ne not in attendance, it wii* postponed tilt Tuesday Adjourned to Tuakday at 11 o'clock, A. M. Court Cnlendor?Tltla liny. Circuit Coumr.-Nor. II, M, 54, a?I, 3d, 30 7, J. 40. M. Si rumor No*. 2h, 29, 30, 40, 41, 43, 44, 40, 40 Ml 03. A3 64. A6 Commoi* Pi? *? - No*. 3, A, 46, 13, 0, 13, 11, 17, 29, 3d, 61 , AA 69, 3, 2H, 4b, 67 SniANOK Iit rt. HAtu.Kiu.?Two girl* of the town, wnti their Becoiule, who were H'sn gule, were \i eterday arretted l>y the police, when about to fight a duel, with tdatol* and howie km vis, i.iar fJijru t. Join. ( Hiding they would not !* allowed to endanger ??cU other'* lives aeconling to the approved tut-i looeMc ruin the belligerents hs.I a small r.^ht an na'ut il~ or, hi other words let to and torr each othei'a l.air .nullum in regular cat and dog at> ! - They are all ia the calaboose. Nrw Orlctir\* Picayune May S Daring ExntmiKJN ?Front a Npnnie'n pnperptil>lis-ltorl in thmcitv cm led Iji Ituivmn, w ? lenrn iln.t on Monday lust, tfic 27th ult., (ion hcntmoi at ?n harked Irom this port on boatd tlio Wiiluirr To no with n hard of hardy followers, engaged in uu i xju lition Intended to revatutionir.* Tobaico, and of the Mevfcnn departments. It is asserted thiit it i? the purpose of tho-e engaged in r, upon having i fleeted their landing, to Si t fire to their \ i a. sel, and then in emulution rf the flr ,t ronriurror of M aieo wugo war against the existing |>oi?rre ? ,V. O Pic ,fnn> 7 LADIES, LOOK AT THIS 11! 5?r JOHX EbMoxaoN, 5*r ! TUSCAN AND STUAW HAT v a ' If At TV It Kit, | H> rlfnlly u l iri hi' f ' '! end He I. ibes < I New Yrrk that he hss IC mmeil-ed business u the a' re ure. at 2?1'v Bowery harms just rp- a?d satar.or eesoiiinr-t of Mulsh ti ,1; n,T> scan '' I'riuce Al si and Sro'ui SI I.Aw hi. ,h h ) S o it T lieii.u * ; v lii's' anil ( fulUn u's Huui, ef I h Int. Rihhm. I ' ... Ac A, IJ |l. cnnfhlrui'y hopes. tn.ia h>i lung esr*i:*cee in the Shore 'I e loh sHstr. supp! . a" ord is n, the moil rspsf-etnry in loser. t"d Hals 'artfully cliword ssd pressed, acil allele! In llie " w st slid la'xl laahioUihlr st, |e j . r im deRtt______ ?r\ . I it i N I. 1 I 11A T t M I'M '1 (lit , . QhliVi A'-, I' i, i ii ?tr it. 11. liltAUM retire* ulr i i im. tits' pi Mr, ihst hr is now i> gired in w?aeir? ih~ j i,. cr, "in! mai.ufactur.iif llie hi ois meat fsah inali'a and ?le. I it i lit Bonnet and ! ss now no head ?n e|. f ?nt r?t< r?me,.t of r?. linos palV tas of i? ?i ?P in tha roost spun red shapes, j 'J hey ar.'the r*al Noc litis lev e. rnd ate war-noted |.i | elean as W* II si Twseso. I<?dm ir II | '.c.'ae rail sin Pe r< r j ii'tti'd lhai P ?/nr n-t Ir tqaa' hut rop'iinr in mnrv of lir imtor ed honneia and trill b - solu i t prices perer yet cfT rrd t" lie" pntilic [ A> MO -A hr.utful article of snrtl" style < f cords suited I for monmirit and record mnmi, g \c ho.raale liealrrt c.iu b? i ?ai ii ied with * ? snd biaid at refc'i liable pricss Af/s (riahein rtrii roi I laui lobleith mil al'er Tin em aud htrsw Data in her "ell hi nwu superior at'le of tdraithu ; t.y which ihe rotor f old lets ire triage to lent is white " nrr , I r>itlu ut inju'iue thr strnw or le. rn g any ta'phn uisir ll t'sls B'. i'h< il rod Tr rrr fi r Milliners for il t it. I I'! ?sI sir lie S i in J>-r dr *rn. j t im TC"!In t r re*a I B Mob lie f. r l nte )S t s * |e^ ~ TT^HDHN Ah D I-ATM l.h < h il " > ' , . I IIILDI'VN'H I.h (IIIOIC- INDPAI ' !.> \h yW aTs "ills Slid lot'e I'l no til >er. Ac, In, tele aij aonmratjaat,etui id aod^f %oh1ii?mv jr4 lw*rc JTJ hpnsdseev, oppoaite NiMn'l I WKU7\V< iRTIIV ATTI'rNTK iN. I DLKAH \NT AI'A HTMKNTM-h^Piil.fdof ' r'lir ?S I vim or WfMe# ?tc h? ti, c? !? :? Mm $i. 1 Th?,? i*r.' 0% ttko drtirv iwjl?^ ? W. I ^L'' r m* I fnif nv> J Mtnovf iff liitilti to rills |l!0

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