Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1844 Page 3
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communication from Booton to tho largest city in the British Province*. We have no doubt thi* will ho accomplished long before the Erie Railroad through thia State ia finished. The facilities granted to the railroad* *' running out of Boston, by the State of Massachusetts, have not been abused, hut have been economically used, in carrying.'out the objects required. Nearly the whole debt of the S'ate has been created by making large loan* to railiouds, without which many now in active operation never would have existed. The total liabilities ol the State nmount to $6,697,866, of which $6,369,690 were for loans made on account of railroads. Los** or thk Static to Railroad*. Loan to the Western Railroad Cor]>oration. . . .$4,319 690 Do Eastern do do 600,000 I |[)o Norwich and Worcester do 400 (km) Do Andover and Haverhill do 100,000 Do Boalsn and Portland do 60,000 ? Total nmcnnt loaned to railroad companies. .$5 >00,690 Other liabilities of tho State 1,918,986 Total liabilities $>,687,806 In addition to this immense amount, the State is hold responsible for the payment of one million of scrip, issued by the city of Albany, to aid in the completion of that parj of the western road, situated in this State, known as the Album' nml \A'..ul Hlrw-trtirMra H nilr/m.l Tlw. : loans fiom the Stato of Massachusetts to the different companies, within andoutof her limits, ure amply secured and the interest regularly and promptly paid. The gof vernment of the State has wlrely extendeil its fostering hand to the great works of internal improvement, and the prosperity of the whole people la consequently increased There is n vast difference between the disposal of loano 'o railroad companies in Massachusetts and in New V'oik Here the loans have been squandered in extravagance, while there they h ive been husbanded with the greatest economy. The results ars plainly to ho seen in the pro' ducliveners of the public works of each Stote Nearly th" whole debt of this State has been created by the completion of our works of internal improvement, which hardly pay the interest on the capital invoited and to secure sufficient revenue, restrictions have to ha placed on other channels ol tra??i<or*ation, and the public subjected t > inconveniences and detentions in the transaction of business For the purpose of ensuring large receipts through the period of navigation, our interaal commerce labors andcr an embargo lor six months out of the twelve. These obstructions and restrictions ha ve, in a measure, been removed, and the channels for transporting freight from F.ast to West, are to he free throughout the year This will crente a complete revolution in the system of credits, heretofore enforced in this city, and increase business by meansef an uninterrupted intercourse. With an Iota ef the sound judgment excreised by the capitalists of the east in the construction of their immense works, we might have had, at the present time, a line rf railroad connecting this city with Lake F.rie, throwing open to us the year rotind, the rich resources of the West. The Dostonians will feel the advantages they possess over this city, in their Western Railroad the coming winter,more than ever before. The right granted to the railroads of this State to carry freight during the suspension of navigation on the canal, will throw in*o the Boston market vast quantities of produce that would otherwise reach this city. The numerous disadvantages we labor under, from the bnd management of those who have been entrusted with power, should be an incentive to redoubled exertions for the future. There is idle capital enough in this city to build a dozen railroads as long as the contemplated Erie. There exists a necessity that New York should make some movement to annul the efforts making by our neighboring cities to draw away her trade, 'i oo much confidence is placed by our merchants in tbo power ol possessing, believing thnt it is im jpwooiino iv luac wuav v* o uavo ou ivug t;uillrultJd; DUI they may find out their mistake too late. The inrasiun amount ol merchandise moving on the canal,, of Pennsylvania this season, compared with previous ones, must swell the receipts from these works very much, and improve the financial affairs of the State. T**nr or THe frssin.v?su Canal foii Mat, 1842. '43 Ann '14?Movamcnts of Mknchandisk Eastward. drticltl. 1812 1843. 1844. Fl'ur, bbl>, 83.SH 32,?35 25,118 Room. lbs, 2,838,5(1? 7 915 715 4 481,634 Tnh.cco, " 2.I62 207 3,295,273 3,704,978 Cotton, " 250,575 518 358 599 707 Heme, " 1(1,608 699,162 245,123 Wool, " 36,480 39,686 67,516 B?r ktlil Pork. bbU 259 884 42 Cnrd -nd T'tl'iw, lbs, 163.214 852 658 434,106 utter end Chfie, " 2.902 104 592 35,('37 Fe it lv*rs, " 34,112 32,468 51,503 Liiyio-e, palls, 6,837 8 413 7.581 Vrn hwidise, |i ?, 66 "40 111,790 31 718 Oree r:e?. " 182 518 367.634 149.169 fr it end Vails," 41 961 73,4n2 38 911 rR?ti cs, " 31 4'(7 73.I18 832 951 Fu nitnr', " 24,511 73,686 28,813 Oil eti'ls, 1,2(2 5,162 813 *undii(s, lbs, ? 164 799 146 158 Hiil#*, " 56 160 66 916 91,343 Pro*., " 10,430 8.068 11,366 " 11.659 26,245 46.632 '"us and Pe'tR, |b?, 81,158 30 449 19 61.6 ?I(IS, window, boxes, 2.553 958 1?5 Movfmf.nts of Mvrmiandisf Wfstwaro. .1iticles. 1812. 1813. 1844 Pteom*, lbs, ? 1,167,378 3,829,111 2,995 901 Pi? Mcial, " 265.169 6" 564 506 798 Mrri'l andne, " 1,73!.926 3 792 175 2.690,17n Groceries, " 397.65:4 6 7,640 730,468 Hardware, " 398 755 724,191 1,623,621 Qnekin ? 176 592 409,'23 627 '75 burniure, " _ 223 515 119,337 Mtind-ies, " 63 474 67,222 17,140 Marble, " 39,891 12,683 58.529 Tobacco, tnonnf, " 34 694 109,715 56,727 Hrnss nd ily*#, " 38 431 232 8 2 197, 84 Hem ', " ? 99,<-84 8 191 Hides, " _ 8,970 916 Copo'rend Tin, " 25 977 59,265 106,086 Leather. " 1,982 18,967 35,154 < toy a d Oypsnm, lbs, 13.119 42,189 256,729 Salt., bash, 32 488 15 458 21 215 Liqnors, galls, 8 2 3 10 638 29 192 b i?h, bb!?, 1 6*6 4 262 2.856 Oils, Sal's, 1,278 6 345 8.098 Mori,a. lbs, _ 831 560 759 730 Ci,fleo. ? 1,629,861 1 594 897 Th" greatest increase is in the amount of merchandise coming ?to the seaboard. The returns for May, 1944, show a very great increase in the movements of produce, kc over the same month, 1949; but, in many instances, there is a falling off from the amount traneperted in 184.3 The tots! amount for May, 1944, exceeds that for the same month in either 1842 or 1843. Old Stock Kxchattge. 5S60 Ohio 6',, *60 99 * 50 L Island R R 6'd 80 2WC6 do 99"-, 150 do 79 ?*" " do (19(4 150 do b3019 do bio 99>i 50 do UW 79 nee f)h r 7's 164 150 do 78V ** do l< 59 do 78 l*"oa llii.ns < ?' 47jf 50 60 77U "?0? do 4 8 26(1 co 77 rt? . ?38 471K 150 do 7614 60v0 ^ York 5's.'48 lilt 600 *ton'i(rtnn 4iV K.60. Induce 5's 45 25 do 44 V810 do 44 56 do 43V I 40?0 Penii ylvania 5's 7?V 25 Nor k Wor 59 2060 do b30 71 156 da 58 'i J" ... do 76W 025 do 57V 5 06 4 itv 51, '?8 into, 225 do 57 Jirn 1 I V 5 , 76 14 4'K 150 s ? nw 58 14600 Kentucky # ? 164 160 da b3 57*4 d.( . mix 266 Vick.barg H 125 ihi I In, is Ilk 26 -,ro ,t? 35 (Jantot: Co 48 235 Farmer.,' Loan 44 <0 do 47JkJ 460 do 41V MO do 475> 575 do 43 V t75 N * Trust 15 156 do 1)30 41 269. do 14 Si 50 do 1,10 43 109 trie 11R 20 96 Bank Com fall 101 New Stork Kirhang*. (066 ( 5h n 6's ?3 99V ift FanprLoan b3 42V J'60 do 1,3 93V 156 do 42V 50(41 Kentucky 6's ?S0 10:1)4 75 do btw 42?? II0( US6'? 1.5" lll)a 50 do btw 4?V 160 U 9 bink all 8 106 do 42V ,0 Vii ksbu gli csh 814 50 Harlem 11 K ?3 76V 50 Irirnd Bu 23 50 do ?3 71'a 56 Putrtnn M5 81 56 do ?3 76 2(0 Look1" md 78 100 do 76 25 do b3 7.1V 56 do bl 74 ? do ,3 78 75 Nor k Wor 59V 56 do 1 h it 78 50 do stw 66 85 d 1 Op? 7654 185 do 66 24 d < 63 16 25 " do 59 ,?4 1 fie k rdche (36 1 6V 10n do 58 15 Mohawk cps 61l)y 25 do blO 58 53 I dii 1 cOo oou 46 25 do kill 58V 26 do one 43V 54 Till.,,.;. RL on Stiste of 'I'rasle. Aartas?Pots are in very fair demand, and we continue In quote *4 2A. Small sHles of Pearls at S I 60. ? I here was an active enquiry to-day, anil about 1000 bales wrretnlon for orders. 600bales were - alr.u sold for remittance', In conssquencn of the high price of Kxchange, and about 300 hales taken by spinners, making the total transactions about Ihoo hales. Freight was uno engaged to-day for about 1000 bales, shipped from first bonds. '1 he ship V ar.oo is full. Fi.nua srtu Oasta ?Still no change in price. Flour is are lit le better demand, but we believe ali'torts of grain is dull. Wheat ranges from Onto 1<K> cents; Corn 48 a 47 cents; fly e 06 a 67; Oats 80 a HI; Oenetee Flour $4 60}. The following is the statement of the produce received at Albany from the commencement of navigation to the close of the lirst week ol June in 18(3 and 1*41 : ? 1444 Hit ( ana) open, May 1st. April 18th. Flour 166 910 bbls. 336 102 brls. Wheat 10 812 bush. 44,480 bush. Corn 8,003 " 3,622 " II n ley 3 624 " 8,336 " IKs The receipts are quite large, and tlie stock on hand very fair otr.tnon qualities North liver bale sell as wanted a? 32 a 83c. Prime 40 a 60c. raoTnioirs?The market to-day is very dull. Wc quote prima Pork at *6 44 n 0 60; mess do $8 44 a 8 60; beef, country prune, U 76 a *3, do mess $6; city prime $4 76 a f5; do racss $5 30; Lnrd 6} attc for bbls, and 6}c for kegs. Wuiskky?Prison bbls arc still held at 231c, with vi rv moderate sale* lb /.i. Ka rats.?'The following sales of reHl estate were made by uu'tion : ? Lo> iti 18th street, between 4th und 6th nventies, 26 by 02 .sa t f 1,260 Lot adjoining, same size I ^ Cot (on fllni-ks-f. cMAitt.KSton, June 8- Yentoidiy a disposition was ev incdon thejpart of several lingo holders to reduce theii stock i, w hich brought purchasers into the tmirknt, an. a'.Wilt 2760 bales change! hemV H? a 1 to Jc decline on Hit rites currant pt ior to the receiptot the recent advices ? The reducbon is by no moans general, ami in the present tato of the market we have thought it advisable to con I tinue former quotations, remarking at the ?ame time that they mu?t lie considered nominal. The receipt* of the week are 8804 bale*, and the sale* in the same time 0J18 balea. Korclifii MarkrU. Miyaulkz, May 81 ?Sugar*?The crop lor the pas' i season is nearly all sold, und hut about one fourth remains on hand Coffee?All sold, the balance now here waiting n vessel expected to fake it off. Married, At Philadelphia, on the 9th instant, by the Rev. O Douglnss, Mr. Edwaso II Johnsox, of this city, to Mist , Kschkl Bakkr, ot SouUttvark. Idled, On the 11th instant. Fhaxii* Kain, of Eaat Chester, ; aged 59. The funeral will take place at his residence on Thurs \ day, the 13th, at 10 o'clock. His friends und acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend. Hnssrngrra arrived. UliMES-ilwcitg birijue lUi'tib ik?L Altiiulf, ad 111 in , tn??teer?ae Ncuvirat? Bra Brother ?Mr R tlifchj, (1 Vau Wie. R Ma c ferty. Mrs R Mieafrrty nnd child Mrs B Mncafrrtv and ; "liild. Mis* M Macafrrty, all of N York; Don Josa bur m, f | Cabai D [>arliug Foreign Importations. i.i.a- ?i ? I ..V J.' Mm ? *:oi?rj? 5fi;. n till burdl~t? ptlin ! f6 ii ' ? ? ? i 1 <6 I tn?l. k'?i.y 21 : rt tclr * Hi \i hhdft tiiiftir 6000 s jftr# 32 t??on oif Brr t Si Vn r?MO hhd? s?g*r 84 Mtds DioI*m?? Holt Si Owens?43 ? i- ( s se^am Hpoft' rd Ti'.erton Si Co. Domestic Importations* Nkw Orlhaxs? i? MFor hit (h*?f rr reported)?4 i li'di S Mmt1 n ? 2i>5 buu'l'ea hide* 100 bbls tillow . Rmf*ek Vlclv'ia?3t b Je? crt oo Maev. Hold i-Ue k n?1 ' c wo 'I 16 bhda tobacc . 6 b? *? hf?rnp Her ? , L??ei k l.'n-28 bl* iv?ri. .1 F Gruik 226 oo II nk# Si 1'ouck?'600 ! ad f 6)0 hhds64 bbls A Aver 11?31 bbln RBi el ?601 hlids Hov\? 'a d & 3 p?nw.ill?4 hbdr 1 t a"d 7 b.irrt'U >>?' ?,mir k kPcrnu?BObn^HnwI. d-71 biles Un. k k?444 I b's l*< lie fi 31 c? 1 s Mm ?*l, Wnli. no* k c?63 blult vfau Hch lek ki \d in'?464 bbl? Snyd^m k co?46' bbls 14 c??k? 6 0 trifs ! Chun.Inn ii KoWt* k r. 73 >b s k F H Gibson?874 bb's ill j ke^aJ K r?tt*i>? 11* p?* J H T. b i?16 bbls 28 bal-s 70 cka order. MARITIME HERALD. _________________________________ Ship Mutrri mid Agent*. Wr (tui)l <.t em it a fav r, if ai.tAiD. i f Ve-vls will give ; to ''orami'diiK Ron. *t Silv.t. of ou Nm? h'lw, . Hip ri of 'he Shipping 'eft at the Purl wl?i re ihev sailed. .hp Via,. le | -pokeo on their |iasaage, a Lot of 'heir Cargo, and any Ko?"iK' Newspapers or Trews they may have. Me will hoard them 1 nmneniately ou their s'rival \geur. and Correspon "nt?, at I in. or 'broad. will also roofer a favor by pending tn t! is la il Ik* 'arine lutell.geuce t' ey MB obtain HMtlW I Information of in? kind will he 'hankiollv received. PftRTOk' AWW VOltH. June 13. til* aim .... 4 M | Moon Blikl - 2 6 ||.' I'T".. 7 29 I HIOM WSTgll 6 36 Cleared. Ph'P Gironna, Mtn. Ililti >v> e, J Wolfe?Barque. Thnan, P i c-. Ma; Neamitn St W.|.h; J. hi t raig, ( on n lly, London. T a Winslow; Kllnli, Molhaek. H tnburg, rtrlun dt A Balrhm; rrrieveiance, Hrott, Q iebec Roehe, II oher. St i <??Br gi Jud. n. Br..oil, U mer?ra < *i fi-ld St Hpen cur; Jan xi", Kino. Palermo. L lalrneri; Svnietry, Je'iard Lhimpiir, la'aoil. G & 1 I surie?Schr? diary hriucei T irr Ma'w.xaa, O Laihrop; Ortnvi'le, Pierce Augusta, V|e,, Dol A Co; nlizaMeaerole, Lo an, Riehm. od, Crook St FoaiSe. Arrived, Brem barque llepnbl k. 1 ige ow, 36 dni'a from Breineii with md.e t" H.nohen St Hukart Br brig Leon Liawell 12 diva from Windsor, NS.with 200 tora pi later, to 8 ul', Whi'rey A co. B ig Cavuca. Jarkaon, Wilmington, NC, naval itor'i to the mi iter. Brig Brothers, Mayhe-v, H d.ya from Nuevilaa, with, Ac, to Brett It Vo?. Srh. Spy, Carter, 4 daya Irom Richmond, with indie, to the master. Schr Alfred E' Thorn, Satidford, Wilmington, NC, naval it res to K S Powell. ''chr South rrer, "* ew Bedford, bor.nd to Philadelphia Schr J B Coolry Kldridge Boat n, mdae, SchrJeiper Hawrs. B. aton. mdae hclir Cambridge, Hall, Boston, todae. 8i hr k * el. Boiion, md.e cn-nr r imi 11 n? rr en, w iiaini, SH m, 11 W Ito]ev Schr Ceylon, h'lienherd, Cnmdeii, lime Sc.tir Watchman. Smith. Thomatton, lime, Schr Patriot Thorniilon. linn'. limp bival, Kri-bie, 9 linn from Nat, an, NP, with dye woo'i, kc.. to iokIn Left at N await Charriot, Atweod, or No-folk, aoon. At OoTeruora' Harbour, achr Pearl, wilt lor piuea. Below, Ship Hottingoer, Buratey, from Liverpool, May 7th, with inrVe to Wooiloull Ik Miutum Br brut Robert Ann, from Oreennck. with coal. Bri>r t verman, Davit, from Porto lt;co. Alto a Bi barque unknowu. Hailed. Shipa Urited Stele,, Britfoi, Liverpool; Cordoya, Bath; bt'(|?et Mary Jane, London; Jntephoie, St Thmnat; brigt So vanuah, Savanna. ; Judt.n, Wluuiet; tatarea, do. Miscellaneous. PacarT Ship Bwutiituiip for London will tail to-day. Vch* Pbotidkwce at Prnvidenre from Bath, vu struck by lightning in the if .moon during th Mhntider atortn, and had mainmast and main topmaat ahire rd. Notice to Mariners. Light at St Arrva, K?*7.ii.a?Trinily Honte. London, 17th May, 1844?The Cootui litttnl of the Brazil* having c immunicttid to thu Corporation ihat lie hae rrc -ived the I. I ... .idiii i? itri enry in? rmi'in.t "1 Hp Pr )*ince of .Ylaranhiim, the aam- it he < by uotifn d for the inf rmatiou f all l eraout uiti r sied ill'r> in. vz : " 'i he L it! t H utr erect",! on the Mani of 8t. Anna, Province < f M^.a> ham. in Iac. Si-utli 2 tlift- 16 min. 18 tec , and Inmr. 43 ties 31 nt n 20 arc weal of 1 frvenwicli, will not allow any lie lit tlnriiitr the tnor.tha of July an. t Aurntt ol' th - i ie.rut vcar, owits to i'a undergoing ie;a'r< Hi order J. HEH' ERT, S-eretary. Lioht Unrig on Plymouth Brkauwatkk?'Tunitv Home, London, Mav M lull -Noi'ce ia neieby given, that the L got houae which h a b*oii f ir aome t m" p ar. in c lira" of erection o the we.-,tend of the Bret', w? er in Plymouth Souud, und?r the direction of the Right If on->r 'hie the Lor,la CommitMi ner* i f the Admiralty, i> nearly Ci.m le.ett ; and th t ihe Light therein ?ill be rirat exhibited on toe cy-i ing ot Sa'urdny, tne lat rime urxi, wheu the Floating Light Veaael will t,e ta ken iway. The Light will burn at an elevation of 63 feet above the level of high ?nt*r epriug iidea?ami will ?|>p-ar red in all directing aea tvard?and whit" wi t in toe Hue of the B reek water. Not k.?a brll will be ruug in foggy worker By order, J HERBERT, Secretary. Whalemen Nr.w Br nroitii?Arr, Liverpool, "locum, Indian Ocean, with 1700 bils wli ltd do apnil Left at St Barbara, Oct. 14, California. Arthur, of attil I r Button. in April. Lett at St Carina, Fib U Narigtti r hither, Nant, 19'jO ip houinl on a crnite; Henry, M i?tli rter, S.ih in . 1100 tp td < n a crutte Sid 1 Ith, Rambler. M 'Cleave, N ut i80 .|ion a eruite?r>p J in 23. off Ma??afii?ro, 2 0 ap ' Id, Chgrapiriu, SauUlord, N W Coaat. Sid, Amelhi at, Pailies, and Mary, Corey, NW < oast Spoken. Barque Olof, *-Vvk, of B onion, 4 daya from Havana bound te St Peteriburg, 4th inar. latll 14 ion77 13 Coa y Oilnert. Warner. 8 daya from t'hilad for 8t Thomat, May 30, lat v.7 '0 N, Ion 65 19 Moxv, Oram, Ini Wiim.ngton, NO far Falmouth, Jam, 31at uH. lat 29, lou 69 20 Wathi.iutou, of I'et-nburgh, fm Mobile for Liverpool, 27th ult lar 25, l< D 8 i (in, Uiria Neef .On Mobi'e (Point 12th ult.) for Liverpool, 20th n't la' 26 i, loo 79 45 t ea, Weiah, I'm Nlirlema for Liverpool, 24rh ult, lat 25. Ion PI in Ah'rr. ' h a'ing down th" (Jo'f 26'h u't. lat 21 Ion *2 20 I m , M , i-nn, Im Sew Bedford for.h" >orlh 'f P urop?, 12 ', n l. let 44. I , 23 M | Br iiawick ol Bru.iawicli, 16 dt f,n NYork for Livrpo I, | M y 8 h, nt 15 15 In. I! 40 j Lib rty, ale, ri. g h'.aat, tame date I A ahip w t'i a b' ck 'al' i ih" f're f ptail, ateerinir Eaat, j anpp-iai d to 6e ihe < oluirihio, llltli ult, la' 44 25. lou 34 36 r irmu'iel, [Br] 34 d?>a ,rom Loudon lur N York, I i.h, lat 44 I 8, Ion 41 ,3'Heal, of Portsmouth, fm Liverpool for the U Sla'ea, aame { date Hn quehauuah, fm Phi.adeli hia for Liverpool, 30th lat 39 30, Ion TOW. El r.-beth Frith, fm Bratou for ("harleaton, 4th inatant, off Hattmg. Korelgn Port* Burtrra Amu, April 19?la |? rt, Liura, (Hw.l Olann, for NY . k an n l'i.i"n.Mr.rto. Ai nl 9? 'o Ml-' I'ol'.rd. Bnenoa | Ayr ?. sul ? h, Eliftbe-h nail ' ot b ,,we> *<t.'eiiN?W A|'-|l 14 ? If, I II , II. ~o?e, ll -lire, J u'' I j arr. D'omo helwiit, f r *>lem 5 git; ?ve, Do |ver, for | | > icaerie, i ext ilav to 'o "I f?r (i., nrett r; ,ran put Siiwarrt, | f.r do Idg. I'lei.drt, Fill, "lag; Alio e, l ira int. hence d ,g j Ut't.toa Avart, April H? u pott, vlonrf Vall.t'on h rnkt for Boatnu. lug; linha r. Coll er. our; ('Inula Hutch'titnn, lor | Salein, It; I\. nnum P nmm r, Rug; Iremnt. hiigeri dot C rolio'io, Brndthaw for tile Venezuela, from Val-<g*. : whir h we> potted in i h" river by the ew World, had cot ai riredt ahe ay hire tnucheq m Monti v den I Mayach'pz May 24?In port. New Hcyen. Dowaa, f rNHa' ven, 8 ot: I v. belle, McKe* it N Yn k, 4; liir t d, I it I pat irk, 1 ili ig; Champ "ii. Si ule, for I'once. 'o load for Nllaven; A or ra. I have f?r Bolt, wig Caigut A gou. Chase, fm Norlol, juat I ?rr. I Popt ac Pantcr, May HI?In port. Oen Marion, Shepherd j f .r N York, Idg; Win Ne la n. Hi biiiaon, for do uuc; VLria, Sie't ii 'or I'll lalelph a d', Minpareil, P,p". uuc. Nancy J me. Smith, do; Luciuda S ,ow, Krudal', do; Williom, Uri.g a, do St. Ioht Ml Jnne 2-Ar Creole. Clark, Philadelphia; < Ih on, V r . m, do; Oil re, Jeffrey, > Y,'r?. Cld 1.1, VVo< ill unit, | Joh at, u d > Pioton, April27?I.) port, Solon, Berry, frn St Johna, NF. I f r Newport, Idg MfiniP I'nrl tt - K*JTPn*T, Mav 3D?Arr, bin 'h. Pbilad; 'ole.Nor- ! i wonil, N York; June 4 Oulv Daughter. McDuflin, N Yoik; (Id b K K 17.i Hire, Alevan rut. t tl.tii. .Iuii (-At Kr*? rt, I,org, tint Brn'nt, Cornell, NYutk blj intii, irrtr O k, Sh'v, NYnrk; 3lat. l', J iiik*?i n, Pt 11'hi-t; K le il?rii|>. K.'iinn, do; Jth Adamant PiiTitiflon. W I"di ?; Kmerald Poland ami Alng < 11. U.aut, ,N Ymk; I rne, Bryant Phii-d l,.hia Dkkb In..May 31-Arr Scioto, Thomptcn, Wilmington IIamior lute 6?Arr Banner, Stover, Philadelphia; Albert, Until We'cotne, Porto Itico. Cld, Monitor,M-riilieiv, ; HllCinu, I atteraon, N York. Wucjiirt Jut.t 6?Arr Or alia Smith, Boaton Ki wr ni ?K June 7?Arr Stat-tirin, >V.nt. <ieirgetown, (mil b(<i tilt lor Addito ) i.oix RilKik?Arr Ath I.nrinda, K?lly. Harrington fur Bal tim re /'h; ' ai*h Ann. Merrick, Snriuam, 14th "It; I an el, K. Icy 'IkI Ma net. Biker. NY' rk. I'om I.AM1. .? a, 9?A'r if c Hnnr, Mttrf/ta #'h?Arr Anrerica IJ'UWtll NY rlt. ( Id Hiilii, Ha'ey '-U ilaloupe d, <>?r. Hi for Harm ; Andrn'i kkih, f"r Ballim ir*. and i nn il '1. - I .if ccsar it ORTtMiii TH, June I?Below Oen. Warren, Phdndrl, liia; I) It an M HI MM,N York " kwiii k? run r, June 8- Ar* Tibrtian, Tibbetta. Rorid nit.? Hid An-1 ?Vno tbury, N wport and Near York *)th?Arr Stitan and Jai c, Keyuet, KondnitSat.r.M.May 0 ? Arr l.o> r, ' ampinII, St Crnn;/"toff, Perkina. Ilo ron; A* n, Per*, Phi lad li hta Boitot, Jnne in?Arr Hhownnit, Hallard, and Ware, II". tjert, tMchmoml; Vett . Hoot, Philad; Horeuce. Lovell, Alh-y; h'ancy, I hate, and Mar in t,, Crowell, "*York; llaum, Niekeraon, Newport. 9 h, ar Pico. Dyer, Bnenna Ayrra. 8n* tun Pttlee, May ague*; M-welle, Knatia, Havana; (.iemginna, il'Lellan. New lirh ?. K.,|"ln? Sprinl, Mob'Ie; Pintmr I'a h'T, and k'tcrnr, Handy,; llnat.'u, 'ercival.ann ?(orn. Hvwer Philadelphia; Kof H op ( Dotch) Oi ?t IP tc I m; Lir. h, All. n, I' rt an I'm cc, iljd u t ( lara, Nl)r'< nit, 7. -t. Mcr rlind, do; Wlahington, lir,ib'r>e, W?ahir gion Mr ; Jon IJunlap, Milliard, Pot. nnc Hiier, for Medford; ' j nit, NicBe t>.n, Alba, y; Brook)oven, Sailorly, Houndont; 1 II, a r < nibrrii Sr i. r, Curry, I,iv?ipool; Mary era ton, j' e, B tl'oir; >1 Joy, J y. Borkap rt; Harvest, Ki II y, V, ink;' re.ii llnhop a d Knm?, ' rowell Pln'a )e|. h n; t II ii1 (i tt, B in .'out; 'Ail, 8t Wm M H. it -re, lay I r P tl J , I I ; A M II In. B. .r<" . ,N York Ni.w B?nrori>, J'J 8 ?Arr I Mm Kodmaa, Bh'p'ard and It'cbmond, i ttthmin, Nl ik; M a ft I - II., do - d 8th Pe?e|e..., f Ha" .)Japan An' - 11> Ntatt'i m r, In eO?-A.rPh m l 'oa, II n rd Pi; I'd;7th Mi it. I'avl r, d ; I ouil. Pot er "air. "koviin. MO , I. c 8? ri,-irtiI II P nn er, Hofci'inn I'hila. Iel|.|,i,- L, , vv la lotion. Jimrt. Albany ; 1 r? aUlio i, Welt, N y I rk ail. J l-ndid Spooner, J' ail f) Ukil-y |||. rear*. )( oaat of Alma; r\ il, lilbba, Haltnnine; Ain, w l.eoda. Ksdicntt and Henry 44 King. Warren, Philadelphia; Brilliant. M'Intyre, Bristol. Mr, for Philadelphia. Jan#9? Arr. NoM*, D*mwg, Pictor; rotter. Lancaatrr, Bargor; Bordru Baker. Philadelphia; Vigilant, He th. New Vnrk Br istol, J one 7?Arr Three Brothera, Pitmiu, A bany. Bid Neptu ie, Bradford, Matauzis. Newport, June 8?Arr Howma. Williams, Ocm? oke. Nrw L iWDow. May 10?Arr Betsey, Noves 47 da (m Sfraiu of Gibr-?ltat with 14000 hair seal skiui. I'O bbU oil. Hemd I'm (no d<te) Ceres NLoudtp.beuip] home. Ni w Havkv, June 9 - Arr Pacidc, < rea*< it, Alhanv; Loui?a Hoover. Biaud} wnie; lUyu ar, William*. rhiLd; Armaiids, Wells Kigaton: I rnpire. K?hey, NY rfc; Francr Auu.Kowe do; T? pgaha .t, Haaly, Philad Sid, Bank. r Hill, Sheffield. Si K it. Philadfi.phii. June II?Arr Oen Bolivar. Berry, Baiaor: Itc iff. Ale*a d*r, t herrvsreld; Maria < u?ey, S q bi hall River; W Thotnpaou, S u ot, do; Nidi* *?t??r*r MI .v o; Fr n--a Fowler, \lbanv; Surveyor. Houclt.di; Pa. I rerker, < urtis, Truy, NY; J W Smite, J ivia; Princss.IU k it,mid L ur-1 Pm ret, 1 .dry, N'York Cld, Merchant, Beck, Port S mum, Trin ; ? nugreta. Brown; Surplus. Nieli-da: Larkin. t hurbuck, mud Pelon, ll tch, Bottom; K ? Slew ird, Hog. Fall Haver; Jos " Pciu, C vert, Paw tucket, 111:, ( ?rsou, Bro? klvu, NY B ichmowd. June 9-Arr Omul Mind. Lecrunt, Boston; Ki tn, Overton Jersey City; Gen Waue, Robingou, Thorns Bi. ? ^ Charleston, June 8?fil'd F A Brown, Westbronk West ! di a ah h Alii dc1, Tip ker, Havr *?April 30th, lit 17 j 30 Ion. 17 3. ini-plied Br 'or g Can dun with pro-1 i?> s The ' Canadian was our llhds in st val .bar, bound to Pi>mouth Y1 ay 10th nd 7ik frunloi M Id t1 It, eoiititiued I see iee* bergs until it became foggy?t>r-?urn?d we moat have )a**td more at the .herni m/'ei it >od in the set from 3i l?> fi (Vxr) up to Ion 49 Also a r. AusOi , B ifkinan, NYorU?40 miles S of (yi p henry a i w ih ? aclir 0 . uk . f Kingston. Mi ss water 1> pgttl. Sh hvi been fa leu in wirh h f re us alio w?? i- r. ? I It r aaila, chora. &< Also arr, Julia & M r h iuVlis. n, S Y i k?.ii Ur id. Ion 76 30 t II in v. itti 0 e r. ck of a scho nci. of about I00t .ua with a poop deck?ih? war uII of wifvr and .ipiifa'ed to havi b***n *o ided p eroiualy us II of her standing tigging, & : had been f ke i from her. MoBILK, June I?< <1 r w, >hur- . f r Boaton. New Uhu am Jui 2??rr ? Mclim, Stewart, St Ann's Bay. U; ew Vork, Wright, (Jaiveatuu WANI ED A SITUATION AM HI >Vi LLIVli CLFRK Oil U}fcNT k v "i person ofg ??v< character, who uow la poaa.-taed o tn etcellfnt Hor.e nd Light W g<.n Alueleft'or A B. t ., nt rhis office, v. i.l meet with vt-n* (ion jl3 3t ec INFORMATION W ANTISD. W<?. HUL I , who I fii; u i.iner v*a tiHvo'unK in th# Wnt lor I'-* be fit of his hi \ tHf w I In a of sooi thing 'o his ud? nt*. r by ao; lying To h*? inu h-i'ii friMud, Ci i.P , 76 B rcl y t*r et, New i ork A y iiiCorn* tiou of h m w II be very th inkfu ''v rer ived through (J. M. IV, by hit in ther, Isabel'* -?olc j12 I*f*m YKT AN i 10 ? Boa:d in 'he c< untry f t one y >uiig hi ly an' "" two gtflt, agad land 1 y? n.within 80 of l tiy unlet of the city i-i a ieo eciable ori? teftuiily u> a a g odsch ?>l / *-ru.t Mtuat * t* < dera'e Ai i'l\ p< isut.all>, or by mx.* r?U W 'IV l .7 .v . j? .11 '.It *rre I T > i I N () t" - A K- TH? M < e signed i op d L rHirwotfuMy inform is afr ? s, 'hot (he i*tl?- i a term pi i >n n the Finale "f (he Flisire, ? n N oudny e\en.i g, wi? c,m ed hr? ugh tlu ornittiou of \ r cu ?iik tH ? u icf -r -fr Uteleort by ti?m pe koii liavirg 'h it charge, nud d at ? o b aine is to be itfa? h d to either Sig, ora Uo g .ete or ?ignur Rape ti j "M * re F. rALMO lOK 00(1 go,,|) HAKAIi Mm.AM-v for le at N*" A v/V/V/ 2 5 >va?hiuatou tiree? Aprlv imm "'lately, and se*-che $atrp es at au? t nie j i2 3.' r? |,0^T OKHCK, I New York. June Id. 1814 J PNGLIfM MAIL?Letter Bant i?er h? y I M*'l M mn- r C^LED'IMA, will bj clrned at th* l'ppe> and Lower Post Oilier* iu th ? city, on Saturday the 15th 01 1 11' at 45 minntta pait 4 o'cl 'rk. P. M. The overloid postige of I8J4 c- ntt 011 eich single |e t? r, mu't b pent jU4tr JOMS LOkJMKK GRAHAM, P M. FOROON AM) \M KRH AN PKI^T ST OK K formally? Wall at , hasrf-t.pei ed if 36 Cfmh m?t corner of Try 011 Row, ith a lane as*o tm-i.t of all kinds ef K gr*virus, line and inezz ti-ts; old Kngravi gs bv the c leb* t d mas'ern; old heads. !) -< wings, I 11 lie Buildi g-i, Ong 11 I | Jriigui, tkc. for the ?tu ent Old PiintiugK bought and I ?o d 011 commission ; < rricature* of emy kind; DrawII ks t'fken snd Li'hrographic and Cooper V .re Print[ nig More than 5.000 \a.oty for Scran Bo* ks, French and j 4 Kl'*h Meztotiutes, after Sh ?rp. l a Bruu tlart'd , Picot, 8t' Alei S"Uie ip'Nflid ES g ith I in dtfQ R ItTlBgt, pro'T; very fo e Portrait o! Sir Robeit IVel, C'-yt three uuijets, London ; Maitiu1* UeluKe, May D*y', Uoyal Review, with Portraits, Ike Dodges cehbra'ed portrait of Ilenry Clay, fine impressions ?wholetsle and retail. N B. Per on* living noon the lines of eipressei particular attention will be paid iu forwarding Pnurt, and when desred, qunititie* wi I be sent in order that parries may select such as tney like i.'rders received to purchoe an?J sell F.ngrtvi -ks P H. To th se wauling these tpierd d itw K? Kr<vif g?chf*p w?'l call toon. HUNTKR, 36 Ctiailum tt. jl * U?rc Mil. DEMPSTKU'S SKCOND HALLAD SOIREE. AT. Y. SOCIETY IJHICIRV. BROADWAY A iv u LKONAH1) 8TRBKT8. Vrt It Dl" MI'BTf R ha? ihf honor lo annou' nr 'hat hi. He1,A cond B.lia' Huioe will bi*gi?o.n ?|,^ S. ciity Library, 01 Kiidav ' vrniiiir, Utli .luur. wU.i Ii will innr IhIIouhiid Mings and Hall vis:?Lh-ar Li d o< Mi Birth; When the Night Wind Bewatle h: ICauna Lo> Him Lets; Can I forget to l.ova Thee, Mary? Bird of the Wilderness; J auie Mormon; Lrt at Lot# on* another: My MhiiuipO; Oh', show n e nn< blue distal la.*; A Man's * Mail f.ra' that; 'J he Loved One w - rot ther*. ami n?ith of Warren. Bilia, giving further psrHc-'Ts. may be s?en at the Mutic Rtnrra, and at tve Society Librai.. Ticket* Fifty Cents, to b? Oad at the don'. Ucora open at half-p .at seven-to commence at eight o'clock. Mr. Dempster'* Third and La*t Entertainment will be g ven at. th* aam- place, on Monday evening, 17ih June, Willi a choline of programme. jeStf uc ft" CHEAP SUM M r-K HA !'H?178 IIll< I AlHV A V DAVID 3. MILLS, Hatter, (late Hobby It Mills,) 178 Broadw it, Ho?ar<J'* Hotel, ban now mi htud a complete assortment of Summer Data. Gentlemen a:.' requested toca.l an . examine them. je 2 lw'rc UN'TEf) BRlllH'.HStlf I'e.ViPr 111 Cr.~ the i~iT Regular Mreting will be held at Waahii gto 1 Hall, corner of Broaowav and Heaile streets hi? Evi nir y, at a quarter be 'or.- 8o'clocli A Keimral and tunc, a*' steud c. is particularly r quest d, as 1 lltineis of imporauee v. ill I e present d By order A N. pHERMAN, iter Sr-e.r uiry. N. B ?Member* can obtain ro'et'.e. at the offi eolth-K" Cording Secretary, !)fl Nassau street, earner of b 11,ton. jia n*j? PRESENTS. QTHANGERa viaitiini llie cue will find at our estahlishinsut, No* 259 ind 260 breadway. he nud Co.. puiaou (lie ir.o?t elegant aud extensive whole.ah ami retail aaiurtu ent of KAN Y ARTICLE ) KOR PHE3EN I 3 on this aide the Atlantic, which we pleiaurv 111 allowing, and to ai II al prices -s low (saying the le.iat) as ihose of AM* othe- house. Our present stock of Fancy Slationeiy, Umbrellas, parasols, i .1 Sou Shades Gloves, Hull' g Whips, bans, Curd Cases and T.'bleia, Desks. Dressing I nana and b.i ry BOXM Purses Pi :. timers. Fancy Porcelain and, Glass, .Gilt, So el aud MourniiilC Jewe|ry, and ludeed of er-ry thing we *.e uccustoin.d to import is >1 comp ete and p- if ct as ran te den eo. A lull t a alogue has just been published a d niav be l.nd ou application. 1'lbF V.I If, YOUNG ik ELLIS, jell 'm eod isec I HON S AbrS?It I* n>> louser a question wNt safe is the best protection agaust tire,at all admit WIL"KK'S Salein III er to I e the oily really lite tid mpMM I thecal) objection ever rsised ..gainst them, w'ocli Ins imw beep entirely overcome, the snbscriher ehailn.g's any one to pr re u instance when a .y sate made by him, having Ins name upin a 0 lit plate (which a'! BOW h ve) I* t lie* ev.-r injure'1 11 o'a, pacers nr j, weliy, by dampuei*. 11' pledges himself to the public t at nil safes made by him iliail ue tie proof. Iin f end damp pr of. svell ki owing that ahoti d one tail ill either f'-epeel that his lots ill renntitioo w-old lie great'1 1 hao the owner c f any ? .le 1 hinild so prove imp ret,. All 1.11 is*r Ski miuder Sales are , n imiiatiou and er. infringement up.<11 W I tier's Pal ol. he hsv ug purchased the exclusive light [li r the .-late of New Ycikjto mn.u actum aid Itiruish tie g. .nine Salain inder. and anil orders rec*i?*d el his Iron Sife aarrhoUse and factory No I 9 W ter street. SILAS C. Mb.ltRING N II ? Second-hand Sales for sal? al leas tnau half-price, j-12 I n ds 1 vi y . c R'li \l-~vvl ilT PAN TRIiV A 1 TAt,libit) TO i.b.T ? With or w.thout Hoard, 111 a heahhv ana eltghllul pait f tbo city, M*r sum* roate uhni thirty or f rty rw <H the vVfthing-.on I ade Gr und Also, thr-e or I' .nr geutleineii sail he v coin 111 -dsied with B' aril and b d Rooms I er *.s uio'e ?ta. Apply at *9 lmo? slfW jn i?* rrc i \ h r. NOTI E ?The ikMrthf MUtg I III HUI MM the same term" that he 1 as lor the 11st ten )?.,r, past 1 the city I New 801k. nam I, ? to*ilrnn to every ?ram h of ?ic?ne?a ih't th hnmsn isa' if i??ahject ti.pricularlr in sii h c ssasn.e f long-Ian.ling nid .po-ar ineurahle lie wishes sue . to c II 00 him, and ihe> th II r-ee v the first medicine ft ft'Cn-'ance Kft'i'* Uffice No. 57 He *i ee*. ?* f * doors north frr rn Broidw. y. 8 H* INK, M L). jel < In? r! (i tmn l'h\Hiri*n. " STRANGEK.S BEWARE this o! Quackery a ?! Humbug ** most important to rho *" ii 'fivurorH ptiyt cia i.? Up. J K vans Im# lemoted i i? ?> d (Jain.** D ipersary to No 28!'. Peart street, corner ol Ib' km n ?tr*-et, where continues hi n?"*' e?i.ra ??d-rary ui* a <>f i?iI dehc ife due w??, ro ?r? ?tter h ?w cotni limited He at prises theciMieii ami 'tranaera tl? ?? th?re it no Dr H v*m in hi ?'d ta <d, ;u d rhar he h.n n connection wli terer with uiy i other cflice His chtrge* are uioderifr? is comnltati )us I stridlv rint- N B-? hseis+ ihe numbei ? mistakes a;t ?,lt? u dangerous?281 Peol ?ne t I / * Med noes and directions rant to any cart of the Union, by particularly siaim* the c ar.acd en losing lire dollars. | j 2 1f*c i j. '' | IJI >i Ti \G <J A I I'M l)/V Y. J?i e 15 h at < o'clock A mat h for $2'rn H. W ' odroffe namea B <1 Ku ton.t go i? a w?rmi. W. Wheetan mmet li. (J. ( oi fi lrm #, to go toaaiiky Mile ! eits, be* 3 in Alao, tame day. match for $500 two mile heati, to fo a* thee pleas*. I.etwen.1 Am ncni !!??? aod Quaker I he l?' p *et ira also otter a Ptt'se ol $100?f ? f >r il 'rotting horses? thre* mile heals, in harness, toe in* ? flf the )*%t * * ? * in lute Ki t ies to he made \t H Smith's,' n Kiiiay, June 14 h. by 0 f. M. \ hree or more to make a race. j II It* j* I l.'VTI) I.M7 1I I L.' TU/%TTIM/' wuiunu'iuuci I IK' I I I in i Kl'lin^r,, TH'*'. PHOPKIK. I'OK S <if 'lir abi>e* flnnr** w II gi Te a Parae ?f $'i#, fi** for all foil i g h rs?s ibat ittt wmi a purse i ter one hundred ' r linn, ink lira's Ir'st in ' V* H drr h? saddle, three- or more 11 make * r*ce, to eoinr nil Thu-'diy J II * 20 h T < same ilay, a Purs* of t30 fiee for ?It Paring Horses. >1 |r lira's, b?st in liee, io harness, . hr>e or more to mik- t fire Mso, * Parse of 1(00, free for all Trot ing Honrs Thrrr MiIrs I- il Hrp*nf, ill Harm to. tbrrr or itinrr to n ike a ra n, to com-off ?'oniliy, Jnia Hth I li? .i'i srrutnrs in cloM at Mi fours' Me*ond W r I Hot if, o ' '1 h 'rsils>. the IJtli instiot, at 0 o'clock P M. j It* tin If.'. T srr.sed fr m tli* Month a splendid lot of lirst hatchsil ' yniiua Mocking Hi its full grown and ronmtc "I imri' u taiss'l by bud, on g utle. ard inal* bird. An\ gactl'inm wanting ro pii.ehsae any l'|r*?r to hriwrru Ririrgtnu rid Stanton will br and cheap, can he s?rn rt any 'nn* d ii in if this week ; alto an ?si|iii?i'rlv fine Spanish Poodie j.32w*rr NO. 144 FULTON STREET. TH K. A Ri i Vf'. CI- NTRA L, wid fomsift'linni |irrmiir?, or. 1- t up rd by the lair I liu W r ny. and aul>s*o<iriit', refi'tr.l ill*! rr i " ''il bv f) A N11'. 11 S *V f 1 N V in C"ii' i r' il \s ill I i* i>-T?e,ii cttab i-hinr jt in Anu sirrrt. i now f ir sale, x lib ; II br f iiiiilnrr of th eating to mi, kitchen, a d all ccrnary i :i*r:ii ncri for conducting a busiurts, rapahl of proilntii it from (SO to 0110 a duy?'h* P'rin t proprietor b -onf d . ip ifroi fi iiig his time n his ^iinit r?t lions' 'I'll pur, i a r a,> walk in at a liniment's untie.', Kor roud>ti> s. i pplv P rroaally to DA sll!,L aWlbKNY, jr.'? Isyrc II Annatrer' FIR E W OR l(s, CR \ 0 K ER S , v , For:urn of jvly, irii Of>1 STRV and City dealers ii Kin-works will fiiili'fi brir vlvardu ? to c \l! and gamine n est t " in id f h best iiu-lity. a' R IVLlK1" 'ft ?lii ..talilnhm*' " hit m S'.rrt A large i|" rit of Kite ( i ic rrs n ' nvnl Remember, the sign of tl.e Two M.iiru.oih hai Rockets. Mind, w* have removed from M to M ( hatham. jr3 lm*rc AUCTION SALES. rHOMAb EI'LL. AbcIi?h?< Slorr Wo. 11 Spruct Itrtft.

lingular aalet of Dry <>o da, Clothing, aul Varietiai, avrry Tuesday ai d K idav. Tli* u.nal llr-i of Furniture. every Watlueadar and Hatur da*, in the ah room. Out doer buiiuiii. and aalea of evary d-?c r ptmn properly and promptly atlecdeil to, by THOS I'K.Ll, jell let*m Auctioneer KKIDriY. At hall-pax 10 i>'. lock. No 28 art l'n?, by virtu* of a mortgage, th* entire H r Honro, and nth r a urunure, tila-a lie, o* th* *<uhlnliin lit, well In.own at the Cornucopia, jelI 4t m n N1 TvflN M()()N1v", Auctioneer A UCTION NOTICK-DHY iMODS.k* -II MOONKY XX It ' o w U .* | thia it it Pi 'clock ..t 91 VI id it lau*. ih-balance of i aim k ol a .etui dry mids merchant, renui*>d I ,r coi veil r oe i l le, cot -1st ne, u part. of a > > r I tinmen ni li!ip;* and Ka-ci Diy (bull. Kir p-rnul-n tee auction herd in Crnrmr It Knonir-r ml Kip '' * The abi ?* is well wnr'hi il * attention i I rhe city rwai era. jit It'ec AUt-ilON ,NO 1'ICR.?Ill tiMKKKv Sc < o-KUhNI-ty TU R II Ht<S. mi l II V It D WA K K?Tina J >> tt ten o'c clt t 32 Vim street, a quantity ?f furmtu e fro n aeveral f iiii'ies roinprianig II e Utn-I vat,ei-?. Hirda. at lln'cluck, the?mir*a iy id superior lone rr e t'anari a, if i ("trm-u , I -si g the city, coiup iaiug the eh" meat collecting IT-red in ; uitny v*a s; , . r I .irt - ill go to i e. very ami ; iho- m it e-null <ntes nip rpr ? nga'eni Alio I* n.'iifch l.irkbirda, , i liAim, A^inur n *l iaiinciiri, T'mucs, .Mocker'* *m*?, Bl?.1 A Q HP IPVOic ' r \A - H. fc* 19 It* M 11 ' Ml 'Vnciiuunrr. I BY H. KS WILLAKD, g<OC< S94Broadway, Or. (#t. I'. '* W. will g?ve hit p i i out I hPciiuou o out door %< le* o| | Household Kuroiturc, Dry Goods, (Iroc1 ries, ficc , for persons i rtdi <JtU.*liir g honfekerpi .g or business. ! S i < * ?hi e?| i.i all case* - s so r aa the goods shall have been sold dtdiverrd Lib -ril ? ash Advances ni.?de, if required, <?u inerchnndizc ol every description <*mis>gri?-d I ritlr ni2llm#m Highly i is ?. d o uj sal r paint n<?h JaP\N f't )R< i- lain and kuunitur1, AT MfrriO -LKV) 8isp?H)Nfc?< wi'Ull <i No. 69 Duauc toer, ,D \V. (I esdaj aud ' burs i\y mornings, at 1 o'clock, 12th n i h luiie, Ac Mitire iuvooeofeighty highly h :ah (Ttgitil Oil I' tirgs: Origin I J* pa a L?ai kered P?.rce!iio 1 i Ii n. g??'d, .u'iqie r.d ran*. co listing of logeaods o II J ir-f ino Vases; a Punch <owl. Sr?u?d * .d over, fly inch s in c*r? oinferc cn cunosi'y; Pj ? ??; ?,ffe S^t, 4kc Ph ' 'a!>'i Woodei Wire cousins of Tblea. richly iula-d in gold; i d vnigated SfHiids, ^ radons; six a- tique (hairs, in I i <i 'ery ru i oist ?; ('a iun w tl? drawrs; Q i uJiil e ti? x. Slc Thu i roll-clou wis bought ro th?? r ^ n try in the?hi? >nteliue, ; fr m t insferdam, <jud i e or the ri he*i f ury of the s Xtu?' th century and fo.m".*'v kn r in th rolhc ion of 'ntiquitie* by j th l< c Prn'(\< r K'eyu nh rg of < cvdcu, in Hull *d I hay I wi I he..,id} for ** mi. at ion, with catalogue, no YVed e"d ?y, 5 h At the diovc | I c?- wfureili* se who tiny !>,? desirous ol en J richi g their co lection or omn?- e? t r g their p trio v are IU Vit d to examine and judge f r th^m-ielvcs j'J 5 8 >0 UJg. 2" m FIREWORKS! FIREWORKS!! I / \ W i v *1 i ion And ?i?t| ids of fbt b? mUriili I Yy ;ll d hyski'ful word men, will be sold ns olieip as any ot'er . man .ftriur ' or v -ndrr in the cily All w rbs are w.irianted y r?Je, by W Ik. K. IIAlLAUII j ?lirojy4 rrc N?. I Chamber*, cor ( h tham sr. I YATAI^h lNO MATP'H - J seph Vartui w?s ..? to i form j ? ? Mr Hen crsou, ihit he is ii??w prfpare l r back bimtell, I I .r from Tso to Kive* d Dollars to walk on I our teen I feet platform, Kilty Hou<? wtnout resting Hhould Mr Heni der on fel desirous of bickii.g his < piri n, that Martin naa'iot i a* complish th" teal a ni tch will bn inalc.ntanv 'ime at | {J* orge W Kar|?y s 166 < herry sneer., co'uerof MArker.stre"t Tin? match to ome off in five days fr ?iu the time ol ti.e uio| ney 1 eiug de o. te l, jeii2t*rrc to la wyers, stationers. 'fc7. AV RV sui e-ior lot ol import d Pa'chinei t prepared for writing on ho?h sides. A?so, 2 ? dr-zen coinmo : I'.irc >cnei?t, I lire i r ls<>, a tew < leu i!n i Cov rs. I r ill(1 US I And 6 dozen runt H. ds fr< in H in H i' chrs tl ameter Kor sile low, i to rloi a con?igu.*ni'i.t) at 36 M* iden Lore, in the Bonnrt H ore. \VM. ADAMS. 1 jell It'in iry KARK Itc |)t ChD UJ1 FOR BOS rov, VIA NKWKORI ANDTR0VIDKN('K fare 1 o bos pon ti ill (i)i-ck kakk si m | nkwport anu provil)k.n'*e si * 'I'hf ii^w, i.|>lrr.(li<i nuil Out UnnirrNEW y .rsev, i .i|>u'" r hh ury wiIIImiv. ill, l>? I'u1 foul of brtrOdv >ir>ut, (i.ortli ,idr) I hi* Alt rbonu. ?t 5 i.Vlor.k. Tur?.i iv. Jun- 11th. ".Miliar d-iy? (rum ?* Yora, 'I'ue.iUyt, Thiira.lav* anil Hatiirdty. run I'rorioenc, via iNrvvpo.t. Moudayi. W,uDesUay* and "'ridat*. immrdiatrly alter the arrival of I lie itra'. l> at train from B'.ktou Th* New J r*ey .. a new lieat, ha* larfeand eitemiver.hiu*, a l .rgr . u uher of rleitaul .tale rooui*. aud i. fitted up iu the heat pom Mr manner. Kor p i.av* ot freight, apply to 8. B nnett, at the olfioe on I he -aha.f ml2)m*ic NKVV" VORK, ALBANY AND TIIOY STKAMBOAT LINK. 0m BOH ALBANY ANU TKOY-Momii, a., > Line iroin the loot ol Barclay alteet, landimi f hi- tuamrr KAll'IKK, ( aptx,i> 8- K Hoe, tikis morning hi 7 ,i cluck. The tesiner TKOY, ' aptsin A. Oorhnin, to-morr-.w ruonniiti .it 7 o'clock. Kt-'uiiik .\,iur Iroin the foe of Conrtluidt it met, direct The ai?im? SWALLOW, Captain A McLean, thia pv-niuK a' 7 o'clock. Th" iteainer ALBANY, Captain H. B. Maey, to-morrow evi-iiinu, at 7 n i mck. TheHmlt of thii Linn, owing to their light draught of water, are able at all time* to i a?? the liara, and reach Albany ami Iroy in ample time to take tin morning trniu sf cars for the east or weal. Kor laiMHKi or freight apply or boa'd, r.r t cheolfieei oa the wharva. jnia re .iitH.CMih.viKN'IS HOK IkH OLD KSTABLISHKD PASS AUK OKKIOK, mo 1'iue jtreet, corner of South 4% Ml Mk flMHnHH I'ME subscriber begs leave to rill tlw attention of ho tmuds icil thv public in general, lo the lb I lowing arrangements for (314, for the pur pom- of bringing out cabin, 2d cabin, and strerV* passengers, by ill llj-goUr Liur of Liverpool Packets, sail lag the 1st,6th, Hth, 16th, 2Iaturic! 2bth of every month. By the Londou Packets, to tail rom New York, the 1st, 10th mid JOfh?and from London on the 7th, 17th and 27th ofeich mouth, lu connection with the above, and for the porpoie of affording *tiI< greater facilities to passengers, the subscriber has es^l?lish?*iia regular liur of first class New York built, cop|?*f*d ind copper fastened shir*, to sail punctually every week ' ii i yeai Kor the accommodation of persotis wishing to remit money to : unities < rmeadi^ di J i in |Itm, | tya ?Uit nBst, on he following (1.inks, viz Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at i r*. Limerick, doom*! Londonderry, '?Veif?ra, Belfast. Wtttrford, liiiwar Vrmstfh, Athlone, Cob-rain. Bnliine., I ra!*?e, Youghal, Knniskilleu, VI o nap. h'Mi, ftanbndge Baily'ineoR Pamonslown, Dow up* trick Cavau, Lurgan. Oniagh, Dung incur Bandon, Kuni.t, Bnllyshanno t'tnbaiie, Skiliereen. Mallow Moneyinore. ootchill. fubrash, Dnblii Scotland?The * ity Bank of (Brtsgow KugUtid?Messrs. flpooner, At wood St, Co. Bankers, Loudon; t Murphy \Vnferlo?? Koad, Liverpool; payable tu every town i ta- i tlnfain. fc ,.f f nrtlw-r informs! ion I if hv latter. f...?i oai.i. I nnolv to 108KPH McVflJHKAY. 100 Pm- street, ci roer of .South V V Or Messrs P W BYKNK.S /It < :<). M 'Vuprlou Road. ]9 tn'rc Liverpool. f ? LINK Oh U VKIM'WOL t'ACK K I l> Hk IM ' 'New Vorlt on the Utith ami Livctpool Jlth .> ofc month m. m. m. m. Koum Ncr i oiiK Ship HOHC1UH, C spu in John Collins, 2tih March, ship dll)IH>Nb,C?pta.iii K B Cobb, 2litli April stvifi sHKUIOAN. Captain K A. Depeystet, 2#th May 'hip iMIIKIDK, Copt. B I H. Trult, 1Mb June KH'iM Livrnruoi. thip .-OIKiUDAN, < aptain A. Depcystrr. 11th March. Ship (JARMM K, Captain U I H. msk llth April ship IIuseHJH. Captain John Collim, llth May Ship SllJliMJ.Nh, i aptain K. B. Cobb. llth June 1'W' ihi|* ire all of til* lint data upwnrds of 10(14 tons, mill in the city of Nov* Yoik, with such improvements at ombiii" gree t speed with umiatial ?omfort for passenger*. Kn-i can- has lux taken in the arrangement ol their acr.uatodatioM Pn prior of hmii heuce i? dino, torwhiek ini' le stores will he pr> videa Hieaa ships are commanded by tl-rienced masters. wh'> will make 'very -lertion U) give ge era! satisfaction. Ncith- r the c ti'UiDt or owners of the llupt will oe rrsponn>|e for any letters parcels or packages tent h?r rhera, nnlest rentier ' '"aof ladiug are signed therefnr k'or tragi", or pass ige app'y to K S '"I.LI VS 4 t.O..'i? hontli St.. New fork, or to BP WN.SHirLKY Ik CO.,Liverpool. Letters by the peel .d* will be charted l2,Sj cents pe/ single heel , ill m p.* r o nice, uiii newspapers I cent each nil rrc PAASAUK W(?.M I.ltu \ I BRITAIN A N |I I KI.LANI &L M ML Bv i'HK /u^nTBiVLL ()lff)Lr?' LInCTIt LIVERPOOL PACKETS. i ftailiug Ifoin Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every month.) PtTioria wishing to tend to the Old Country for their frieudt jau make the neceasary arrangements with the subscribers, aud inve them come out in this superior Line of Packets, join Liverpool punctually on the 7th and 19th of every month. I'hey w ill dsn nave a rtr*t rate clam of American trading ships, tailing every sn days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of the firm ( Mr. Junes I). Roche) la ;here, to se? that they hall be forwsrded with c*re nod <Je?cmfch. Should the turtles for uoi comfoui, ihr money will 0" returned i? those who paid it here. without any redocIV Hlnrk Ball, or Old Lmr of Liverpool Paca?*U, comprise h?* hillow iix iiMifinfircni Ships, vi* i \KOIUL The NciW VOKK, < A.MURIDUK < OLIJMBI'S. El KOTK SOUTH AMERICA .NHLAND NORTH AMKKICA. With such superior and anemifctled Arrangements, the sub crib? i ? onlidently look forwaro lor a continuance oI that nipport which ha* been to th*>tn ?o majiy years, for which they air gmrelul. ) hn?e proceeding, or remitting money to their relutives, can *r nil time* ohtaiu Draft* hi sight for any * m<mut, drawn direct u the Ko/al llniik of Ireland Ouhlin. alto on ?i run. PKKSCOTT, UKOTK, AMKS *. CO. hankers, London, which will be oaid on demand at any of the IHuks. or their Branches, in all the i>rinr.i)>ai towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Vvalen. HOI HK, BROTHERS It CO S'j Knit on ?rr??et New Vork, neit door to the h'ultoii Ihink N. ii.?The OI4 Line of Liwerpoo! rackets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st and I'Mh *f *arh month. Parties rat timing to the old country will tin <1 it f?> their comfort ?ud id wantage I# eeleet this favorir' LIm fofthsir r *r wag#* m oteferenee to anv other m> ~ mt. gt NKW vffiTTC, IIAVUmi KfcTH. Second Line?The Slupa of tltia lin? will hereafter leave .New V nU on the lit. Hit(1 Havre on the Itith of -ach month, aj folvva.vii K'iom Nr.w You* VMM II*tii?. (IrwffltipONKIDA, ( lit March i l?th April. Ct|iUin < l?t July. < Ifcth Annual JMun Knack r l?t November f llith Drr.ynber. 1'..p BALI IMOHK, I lot April ( l?th May. (iaptain t lit Auguat. J I6tl. HeptcMbaf Kdwarri Knnc ' f lat December r ISih January. JhtpUTICA, ( lit May. v I6ih June Captain t lat Septembai < l?iIt October. Frederick H uritt. f l?t January ( ISth Kebrnary. VcvahipSlr NI' ll LA* t If June. I tr.tli July. Captain i lal (Ictobet { Jtifh November. > IJ Pell, ( lit February. ' 16th March. The accommotl ?>n? of tbeve ship, are not aurpaaaed, com* licinir all dial in y lie ri.|iiired for comfort The price of Cat nil pnaaafe i tlllfl Pax* n<et? will i>e anpplicd v. ith every t" ii , a it" Willi fhe eieeptuoi or winea and I el nor. ' J.ircli intended I'm tip <e ve.aela will I* in warded by the ash i ihera, free from any other than th< -*ie n?.*s actually in i n ro d mi Ibern Km Ir-iyhi'?r iiaaa ?u?, ai'plv to BOYD V III NT K K.N, A* lira, je:>A e No 0 Itnildina. em 'Vail ind Water a xlih MIU HAI.h?Tha baruiilal Pieaaure Yacht wfJV XKMIBIA, Pilot tin I K a*eit ol tiliy two ton' !AaMl&a 'ur 1 en, w I. in* -t 1'ier 2 Ka?t Riyer ir a* the I . i of uoeer a ri t. Hh? i< w?ll found in aaila a .d ntfiun an) n . oth?r reii ect ( or forth r p'rt cnlara apply on It ?rd,or to I apuiu JOHN HYKR, at JohnW.Avery it t o AM Water 1 afreet jij iw*re _ 1 AMUSEMENTS PALflO'S NKVV VOHK OPKKA IIOL'KK. lTT"Auiui?iio? Onr Dollar, to *11 iwria o( the bona* Uoon opru at half-mat 7?IVnorrrianc? to cotninenep at I POSITIVELY LAST .MOUT OK THE ITALIAN Ui EH a. PAI-Mn s BENEFIT. F. IVImo haa the h >nnr to ami u it i hia pa'rona "nd friend* and the public gen rail* t at t't f I to wing Ar >ata will a, pear bef iff thaw, having kiu< lr volume- eJ ih-ir aervicea on thie occa.iou FRIDAV EVEN NO. Jane Mth. Tlia performance* wilt rom euce * itli the i.j act oi Dotiil-tti'? tavoritc g'uud '>i?ra ?atitl-d BE LISA RIO After which, on ilmo ccaiou < tod P*? d? Deo*. K.I ''nl** to, by the cel-br-to-d tl on era Mao alle UEbJAHDIN 8 ad HON < ?i A ill IN. l'n be billowed hy the (ir-u t Duo of < he itlnl and 'I f Pnlnard. (which wo r cfind iiti to iroich api". *u*-) fioni he *)|era of I 'hiaru d? R aciuleiKri Cavatsna "Whiit* m heart it? joy la re.ea'i g," frim the Otf a ol La oouaintij a. tiy va > tro Grand Sceny and Luetiofr ill du tIffraol Ormfitt di Vrrgv, by Signona Buighe if ami fun r Per 7.11 Grand Paa <1-Drug, La v al'irk bv M <i'*llr l>e-j itdim and Mr KurjM 11 ty. Gr sud Seeua f Duetto, by perlicnl \i rqnea "Sr f?at if enrpo avrte," which wa* recri>>d witli > > mil h avI'Lno on lb* nig t ol Suitor II Brauia' Bet nit by Suuor |)r Itpgu 1 a d S girr Sa* <j' in?o Toco'iclu ? with the aeco dot I iz-tn'a Opera LUi iA HI LAVLYIEKMOOII. Slagr Manag-r Mr. Wfli, by public arc fapoufully 1 tlformed that thf Hatha have been n?wly irr suited toil Hffl no .1 htndvo ne atylf. and are 10 lull |?rati?ii : <*M Mol CHATHAM THIATRii .loii i . 2U Vela I Pit 12}g I Yr.U 'Jlnrl night "I III' "|il I ? Tile ' 111 "ifton'i r: t igeinent, in liia frt'-fun-il <li i < er l?-?n I i<rh?r in England, being lin three handled nji li^1 y third ' mil 1 THH t. v V -I M ; J11 ii itii . i uni.riire wih ilie UOLDK.N FAK.MKAlter which a varicl y of Hong" a-d Dances. I'o conclud with J l1 iv H ' K I'l'A'U PAKK lllKATHK. Botea*??t1. Pit*.-Si. ivlvi-v - N rcota. MK. BIMPSOv'S B: I KIT THIS KVKNIVi, Jun - U ?!> ?. i><-. ru.?d JV'LIU I AJdA.K? Hrutus, r. O. VANl)fc.vll1);"K ; Camius, VIr B 'OTH Aft ' whic''. wi'h full nrehe r &! acc'iinpaui I'nntt f om Done Ii" i s OJWI of UETLY ' I iiitli' In i|M ?' 8 iwp'l'-* e ill Up In mi In. ' 'it M \U' * t.ti P. KU I'll It., v Si E BDltOHEvE IriCiJtnui. L* Police b?' vinl'i 'r K.SIAHUI.NS low' cn will Wl'pil ih OAK>-IVALK D' Vk'AK ZIA ! w ill V-rial ion, com s'd h< I' gui.i, Perlotmed uy OLE BU> i. IIEKK (i.vBHIEl KOIU'OvAY wi ' make hi? drar appeala*et nt ;hi i' tfltr hi a (jIi. A Ml) P I* HO viOllOl If ! Af.f whi P, Ooti d See ie nil Pn-t?C-'aila I* v in IC'ta|ilnu Hni i la1' by dad.II EUPHHA8IE BOIUJHEmE nid .-ilUNOll * WQLIRI O By ?*pre?? dniip. OLE u l.l. wil' iseru'c I is Celebrated V lii i 'li. on ||| v.'ii iunl A r f Y V NKKK 1)1,() /I. To conclude with THE LA"V t'K LYU i-?-Claude Milunite, <1 VAN iip.NHOKK. NIBLO'HUAUDKK. OPEN KOtt Tri. ' HUM a) KM. SEASON The Piilertaiiiine'iU wiil lie uu'>r ilie -oln direction cf M It M I T P H f 1. L . WEDNESDAY EV'NO June 12ili Hit, w II bp produced in- N SESAME! Urn night wuli the Forty rhiever! Previous to which Will be pvrformed, ilie highly popular and lauiiiihie Kaice. railed i e TURNED HEAD! Mnchiueiy--Mr Bums. | l'rnp-r'i"?- Mr Koberti. Mrs. a id A-sistaiils. The arraiiK-ii euu a' the u nrs ami in tne -alooos will be under the diructiou of Mr. COM UYV, '1 reisurer to the Coin pany. Police officers will b' in cnnslain attendance, acd the inmost care will be i.ken to untitiuin rdc and decnu n, mid all improper persons will be :i rn tlv escluded. It/*" Otnuibusei will run to and f otn the (Jaideu daring the evening. IT7-TICKKTS KIK'PY CKNTH.O NO POSTPONEMEN I' it tbin Establishment on account of weather, as 'he Oiaud Entrance fp'Ol Brnti 'way to the Sa loon is protected, and III* New St con, which is Veniila.ed fr,>in 'he top and sides. e*n he e icloepd a a moment's notice OlaYMPlO THKATREi pilOPEHLY vpiitjlaP d, a d ojr-n every iveutng, ei-ept oaturuay i r mi- <; pisv ol the eiinord-naiy fi-itain "Natural Magi?"?"Muaic anil Ventriloquiain," by Mr Bntton, the Necromancer of tbe Niaet'eutli ceitury. Mrw K?ti ?ticw Music?n w icru i I v?ntriloiini?in 1'HIH KVKNI.NiJ. TUK-i. .\V, iune tllli Particulars in baud bil'a I'ocrt open at >4 past 7? 'nrtain ris's at 8 iiivciaaly. Uaar botes JU cent*; Upper IS cuti; I'lt Our Shi'ling, Bo* nlli,e open m mil l. Piiv.itr Boxes lo i> li il ui' li ly j B lw*nc KNICKIhbockkr BOWKRV AHPHI* THBATSD. UNDKR CH Alt I, KB I' \RHL.OK'M MANAUKMKNT, lacourerted into a Museum ol .Mutti. Mr.mge hutir..r, Oold is i res-utrd nightly to the audi*.cr in irixrs off and i wcuty lulling piecca New Ballet. new 'lulil-Mur. new Coin c bailees, eew Coinic bonus, new h e us nt blieugth, nrw b quilibristn, cew Wnndsrsou ih"S?ck Itopa?each ol whirli air poai'tvely worm the pri r of admiation, n dcp-ndrul ol ibr chauc- of winning our of tlir main i r.r.ri ol $, and 2tls Bmra 25 cent*; 1'it 12>i. Begin at i 'ina-ier before 8. No one would believe such au cveuiug's amusement without witIIrial na it jll I' |C V Al'XII A iTlaa Act nig Manager,- Mra Timrn | 8iage Manager--Mr. Walcot WKUNKSDAV It THUnSUAY Krruiuca, June 12 and 13. The performance will cvmni-n? with the Open of JOHN Ob PAltlb I'rdrtgo Potla, Mr Walcot | Viuont. MraTunm V " i " K ,<KL,K?TK will dance a ti shin u.g m character. To conclndr with ih? lausu.. 1 V'arr.r called v HU'LL UKN U viK A \? I' ilander AddleUatu, Vlr Walcot I M?sO butm. ' J * Timm hiil ( wru and Immbtisses to null lioin < "y Hail, i<. ?iir G.irdeu 'till midnight. lldnttittMBii. J9M OA STL K ? \ ft OK N. ThiPmpriitono < ?trt' .d a ar ubaaaunvnfiitoy the ve y tUtt* ring ?ucc s? they have rec-ived the pa?t seatou, art? Iiapi v io^dloui ce to th- r {atronsuiid the pub I ? k* ii^r<slI> . that they h ve Uctd, t'.o i'h a limited engagement, with S1G Oil liEN.tiUU, aa It. own throughout tli ftpaoish Indift, Iba i v ??1 ?1 Ah A ? >, LO P? MkMi 0 Ql K . r. KAU, the moat in iguificeot II txtr r*al La orua, winci wall tuiyiieiM ^fiONfeibDAH VENINU, Jut i , IS44.ia the open (iiudftu, l g her #itli a y ol t* ire vVoik*. I'yioiechi.ic litnti 10 tin* Garden, la^u: hdg , Jr mid SVm Ml.iltOU, long .lud well known I i lie pUUiiC Kilobit loll Wll commence at 9 o'ch tk precisely in Kreuing Knterti nn-iits will comm-uce Willi Hignor Henrico, term d throughout ?-paiu and in (he S'lituiaii Inuis tli- Lhiid of Air. Iriiin toe aerial twarimr, o*i emy nnd wondertul skill on La Cord* rnyaiite, or hi nting Hope, on *hicil he will tiliibil the nst notei, ?tnkdig ai d on* erlul effect erer tieinpli <1 o> auy hum iu he dg. Ian. Lo l> ''mihco Qui u, i c m ( aigaio cni i> act *i La Cordi. oi Tight Hope Urturer, e?er b- rid 'i his muih esteemed ar isle wo! ipyur m i Oou of tht Hecthca Mythology, lid mitfi a Assembl ig" oi in toy < olorrd Mtgi al Lights. Cie i lug perf*ct t ayl.g t ir ui.d and aided b Martial MuoC, lie wil j rrlorai a vrr.i dtl.iMic vloteineul Hiuy he t Ironi thegrouud. ai>*olu'.ri> nitki g the unheard of and aluioat incredibm Aacceaion ou i e Hope ol gIU Itet, perfectly in tiew of etery spectator. Interim si'io of twenty iiiinuii I r Promenade and He fie* hmeut? Pfrvious t ? co ui*u. nig the Display of Kirewaig* OgUil hocnet. wi.I be hied .it sUuduWu aud C mhnued till 9 o'c ock, when tli- eimbuiou ^ ill c mmenc* m iih Brilliant B ug ?U Lights M& it e Shgnil Itockei.i Gold Hutu, trie i.tauiilul uuo spieodid i ie?c Cd.led Hie iiu ion Suu Rockets m iih battciiaion*; tie nt*uiifiil a. u uaguiuceut 4n?ce, called 11 e bin tie Planuun i The iNea ?oru Bass B.iud, ond^r th?- ?l i ectiou of their lea* er, Mr. Lolhi it, is e g K-' . nn i w*tl perloim mm> ol toe n w a^d I'hvoii e piect-a, lor wKtch this Baud u so cr.ebrai d. Heaton Bu ?c.i?#ers ??re re<tu- t o to y ie,ent tu? ir ti. k-ia at tb*? u ner gate. .v? e r cuv*-1\, ice i e .. age i to preserve oroer, and rem ail offensive * haramns. An itttnnn7ft cent .children half-price. j12 it*ec AMKRICAJL NVIK1 iLiiiAL (..vAlvLfKA . No P bKi* H'l'UAii PA if f . orn.f oi brim.)tva> ftcd Au. .'.r-ei, !'. T. BilK-'U .1 i KI l OK. K HIl'CHt.U K >1A . Kvery Day awl Dvenin# Tint UVt/e, commencing Mowlu y, J ant iWh. I1KA..U ri.U|i UHMAAtlM rlach AlLcniooL, ai n*n ..a s " vmi>:K. a.. J > m the Illr. U1 t.. 1 .Mi (. i a ?TI- ? * ' Are to be ? en r?-i? .la, I.urn lit o'cl-.nk A M tnl 1PM, iruui l iili ') ?, lull Iro 7 mi 10 UMIIMiN K AM: LY OK VOCALISTS'. Hi t ' * hum l? a LITTLE MlSa OK O ml *IX YKAIIH. are Ton'ng..grd by, desire. Mn W. lent, O ral Ww,e,n, La Petite Cento, and ntheri rrngiged OAluLilON A8C1.M81 '.N8 i v-ry afiernoon mid evening Kiuc) U iu bluemii IimuI < iituiurtiud. beiunl'ul Hou lull -villi Groin Water, .aid 11 ill .1 .alnliou ol Curio* lie* froinev.r ijuiu?r ol ill gl< d./*".lOiiiiniiuu in toe whirl* I'i i. -aU?,'hildrea under in. frt>t.? hull (IflCt, J' 0 ric raw IOHK jniHMPN. '.Alt I'll.TUKl! oA.-iuf.Mh Broadway, oiip-nte the i-ity 11*11 All'. 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Three are the Ke-I Or Ipu Mtlodiafa, n they aiug OH TH..N, eat OKTK.N, and drinli OH 1 EN. The following performer* .n- engaged? MII Wl Nh IIl-.LL, the Con. in Del in. ror! Miaa ? all> ihhths, Ust.i UAltTON. and Mi?* A HAH I O.N, i lie much vuc.iiil. ! .Mr. CO .* OV l-i>. I he Pro'eaii I' - r forme MAS It ATI 1. r It lira mI I oamoram*. Self Playing Melodrou, Splendid i Ttnre Otl'eiy. and .'dhitl l arioaitien J7~AI.erao.sii Performance* Wrr'ise.dav' a d Saturday'* al 1 oV I. ret, lor the convenience of I he .lay visit ; no eiira charge to thd peiforia. il. *. To comminci la the evening at t o'clock Ml Foil i IV, l,s THE CAST NIGHT 0? IHf // / X It O f> M I n A C I. K s. But I ne* i nl the tum el irnp.rtinee h.viig c |lrd ike Kakir fn in the city, h a ill none u I In* Ba n e*, THIS, (W: DM SI?A? KVrNlMU.ll M'. Iltli, WASHINOTON IMLL. BllOABWAY, In which ccc ui it he m ill nor .due eve it uea *t erimeut*, do, k a elrlia ol TWEL k MO.a h.ltKUL KH ATS NATURAL MAGIC. (> u at 1% end i.o . mence ?. N,S* 'a lock. A nr 'arc. IV era I'r, g aitirrr* .1 Nl .1* ic lion *, I In - ? a it a th" l'? I j 12 l,#re >J IIOU l.l> K.H H AND BtJTTS-IO barrel-, h r Ic . I. t k' 11 till' purchaser*, bv K. K i.OLLlNSlt 0 . JO tl.r Vi nuuUi at ret. CV TTIE SOUTHERN M\1L TWKNTY-KIUHTH COHORBM. V I It H T DKSSION HtnaUWashington, June 10, 1S44. annexation . Mr. Rfnton row in hit> place at the opening of the n this morning and commenced some remark!' ahum Hiinexation, in mi low a voice that I could only catch here ? d th? re J? flVrson?resolutioutr?hou?e?mystified?authorized to acquire foreign territory ~ watered by ttie Mississippi?the President should have the approbation ot the Hi>u?e?Treaty with Spain [Vote.?Berrien, More lie ad, Kvans, and other*, are talking so loud that 1 can't hear ] I pr im e that negotiations ahal) he opened both with Mexico and Texan. It the content , f Mexico sha l lie sought for in a pr?|ier spirit, 1 deubt not it will be obtained 1 (istuntf that ihr cirnunt of yitxiro it ntrttmry Mexico can hx Iter own | rice in granting sovereignly to Texas. We are in a state o| amity and c inity with Mexico. The rights o! Mexico lini?t he respected [Notk?J Q. Adams, and many otherM. C. are in ihe Senate listeni g ] Our tr.ole with Mexico invaluable We exchange our goods with Mexico lor solid bullion.? In l!<W our trade with Mexico amounted to some $H.(XI0,(XM The war broke out with '"exaa and tr .de fell oil with Mexico to a million and a bah 1, sir, w ho am the oldest supporter of the annexation of Texas?I, sir, rhe only consistent supporter?I, sir. the most able defender of the rights of these countries?I, sir, am in lavorof the anuexat on of Texas. Yei I would not make the consent of Mexico an absolute condition. I would leave the question to the deci ion ol the constitutional authorities The time may erne when the consent ot Mexico may be unnecessary vi, .................i ?.a ........ Iphnms upon tin* pitrt enacted by the executive in rushing in with h firebrand between two countries at pence, under the sanction ol an armistice, to disturb their harmony. It is an a< t of barbarism unknown even to the bnrbitruiiB of modern times. 1 bis President Tyler lias done. Tex tsand Mexico arc not formed lor union Texas is geographically a pari ol llie valley ol ilie Mississippi. Here Mr. B went on to show tlm causes which have alienated Texas lorever Irom Men so, alluding in this connexion to the horrors ol the battle of San Jacinto. He spoke of the messenger who was sent to Mexico?as sent not to gain Mexico's consent, but to ask Mexico not to get angry at the Treaty. He now proposes to rub out?as it hue rubbed out?all and begin again Here Mr B. laid down what he called the basis ?f a proper Treaty I. As to the boundary- The same as indicated in the resolution of 1806. A natural boundary. The Kio liraude, tec. [The Whigs keep up such a talking it is impossible to hear ] 2 The next basis is, ihnt the State of Texas shall be admitted into this Union by virtue of this act. 1 niaKe of Texas about enough for lour States, 2110,000 square miles. Let one be admitted at once. It ihe whole be admitted as a Territory, we shall have the Missouri question over again Let the remainder of that country be Hilmitted as a Territory?one half slaveliolding, the oiber free ? divided by a line equally I quarrel with no man who wisheH to sec slavery abolished.? In my position, I am about as far removed from those who would run n muck in favor of slavery, as I am from those who would run a muck against it. He spurned the idea that Texas must lie annexed " nnw or nrctr " It in not now or never, hut it is now and (Am and alwuyt Mr. B. said lin waa opposed to annexation hy treaty. Houston had not the right to cede away Texas. Let the people of Texas do it by legislative act. Then it will have adequate authority. Mr. B suid he was not in the position of the new annexation converts?the new Texan Neophytes (siieeringly.) I, sir, am an old man. Here Mr. B ulluded to this question of annexation an an agent in the Presidential question. He said that h? was opposed to it from the outset. He said so when he came heir last fall : it would mar the rv?... i ...I.I i .. . I,... ...a I . ...... 1II1/1-.-I WI.II I W.I.- U .ICIIVJI.pura, would record Mr. Benton'* tgotism; tor it really goe* beyond any thing I overheard or read in prose, poetrv or romance.] I have written on the subject every tiling worth knowing?ami year* ago. Let the neophyte* go to school to me Thoie have neen attempting to run me down aa an < nemy to annexation who never heard of Texas. [Here Mr. B produced ninr member* of La Halle, (or whutever the name he) from which he read extract* written by himself, in which he glorified numerously ] I wrote that long ago ?I have nothing new to Compose In this new Texas fever?1 I?1?1?I?I?I?I?I?I I? with these remarks I beg leave to introduce a Bill. Benton's bill. A Bill to provide for the annexation of Texna Be it enacted Sic tnat the ('resident of the United State* he and he is hereby authorised and u.lvised to open uego tiatioriN with Mexico and Texas for the adjustn ent of lioiitidariev. tnd tin' annexation of the latter to the United Stxtes on the following bans, to wit :? 1. The Boundary ol the annexed Territory to hp in the de -* r.rsine wi st ol the Nueces and along the highlands and mon,.'anions heights which divi n-the water* ol the Mississippi I, m the water* of the ltio del Norte, and to latitude 42 drgrs ?.orth. 2. The people of i. s by a Legislative act, or hy any authentic act which show the will ut the mujorily, to express their assent to said ai.-u xation 3 A State to lie called the ' if of Texas," with boundaries to he fixed by herself, and a., extent not exceedii g that of the laigtst State in the Union -limited into the Union hy virtue of this act, on an equal h 'og with the original Mtutc* 4. The remainder of the annexed territory to he held and disposed ol hy the United 8'atn as one *t their territories. and to he called the " South-West Teriitory " ft. The existence of slavery to be forever prohibited in the northern and north western part of said teriitory. *o as to divide, as equally as may he, the whole ol the annexed country betwe# n slave-holding and non-slave holding 'State*. 6 The assent of Mexico to be obtain< d by treaty to *tieh annexation and tauiri.lnry or to be dispensed with when the ' ongress of the United States may deem such n*ent to lie unnecessary. 7. Other detail* of the annexation to he adjusted by treaty, so lar a- the same raay come within the scope of the treaty making nowi r death i>r nil mim!" nere announce.) Tlie oenin 01 i>tr isrna 01 thi* House Hit moved that the Senate wear crap* on its arm fur the nana) time, mid adjou-D < arried. $ to ?*k o'oi.ik k Mr Ifk m 01 has jmt finished one of the tnoit extraoidtnary speeches ever uttered by mortal man. It to ii most violent. convulsive, ridiculous, contemptible effort to pat himsell right before the people on the question of annexation 1 M ill not trust in) tell te eomnieiit upon it. LtTcit -1 have had some conversation with the democratic senators, toil ) on may t>- sure that none of the 16 will vo'd lor Benton's toll. It is ill in f?< t probably never he voteif on at all; iiml VIr. Benton undoubtedly so expected when he introduced it, for it w ill he refected to the com mittee who w ill either let it die or report against it Benton's only object iri introducing the bill was to put him sell rectus in l ima upon the Texas question?ciswl out of his present dilemma us no opponent ot annexation?and humbug the people. As to Ins speech which he made, every body <uj ? that tliey never heard the like of it from any other lips Borne of Ins own It lends say it stinks of egotism and ftltli lie tried to show that he is the great I am, and every body else are nmjthytn. Utilise of M epreaciilullvrn. Wa.wii vjton, June 10, 1R44 No IniainrM of ini|iortunce was trans.ictrd in the House to-tiay At an early hour Mr. Hid lack announced tlie death ot hie colleague, the Hon A H. Head, one ol the repr e< tiiaiiveg from the State of (Vnnaylvuni.i Aftet a neat and appropriate eulogy tut the character and aervtcea ?I the dfceaeed, Mr. Bnllack concluded tiy off? ring the usual testimonials ol r'pect tor lua memory, which were unanimously adopted. The House iHe-n adjourued. Xnlrsof Ntorlts at Philadelphia. Kiust Bossu, Tttesdsy, June II lOOahi. Wilmington R It sA i.'> i 310 do do ')A ; AO d" Stisqtu harms I anal sf> A ; *A00 i it> ..'a, IMC cash 100, $111IKN) Tennessee A's, M ; VI fhn res Uirnrd Bank 111. J00 da do rash, 11, '-on do do II ' II: 00 do do Ads II. $lunn Tetineaiee A'a, l?t Jan. sr?f. $-}00 Sta'" A'a 77, 70 shsres < om Bk Matcher ti Hu ovi) Bot sn, June II 37 hrhares VVilm ft it A d a 'M; I AO do do h h U0 ; 100 do do r w . 109 do do 30 ; 10O da do JS] ; $10,000 State A's h A 77] ; $.'iO0O do h A f 77] : $.'.000 do A da f 77} , $.' tat do 77] . $100 Annual 1040,60; 100 shores U S Bk, PI; AO do V; 'Ifi do Navigation, 40]; 17Add (iirsrd Bank, h A, II], tit do do II], SHIP NriWR. By ihla morning a Southern Mall. runs on.THIS, Jene 11?Arr Henry, Nickerann. MYork Chi Ner. Bualey, line, West Indies, Howeoa. Wilson. Laxasirti <n vn.i:mkn\s lkkt off wardrobe. 'PHK Hlmif.ST PHI. KS can he uhLnned by CJentlemsn 1 or Kimi'i t ? ho tredenrout of converting their left olf etiing oppnre into nth . Kuniltre end 1 l?ntleme:i ijniftinK the city or ehingini eei/euce, titTiuf uiv enperflnont elferu to diepnee of, will il it mnrh to ii"ir niivoii'^e to tend for the mhitnher who will attend nt their renideucehy n| iioii.ttrent J LKV1N8TYN, 466 Brondwny, nptuira. A line tlinoiRh the I oil Ofhr*, or otherwise, wilt receive arnmpt attention jell lia eod*rre I*n< KOhh'S "AI.OON?Ohfoni'e th? t u,t< m Home wt .lie b??*m-i.t, ?> ?t? ii|i the ot hle? in % tt> le not to he or mi I, Mtut , i ,, ilomijnrity of on tm,n??. men me c un ell-d to get d nn '? in * perfect hotticne hute; the* tu'i d-Uy eve ift ey ?lio .Id he inclined to epend *? honr nt he tilde Wyclma'e h.l. on it i ro iwlv thn plnee for inch dole i ei to |wit nil' Plutei, and form (!v round i'i n. noli * le'oeity?< hero e go/v likem ?r Thie thee IM II.e o- nine r> net ve. Whit i|? ore T ? il lit l"f . mil i tlt HI nl ' tbv lu'e'y rolh'ev ' (Jo I n*? H W\rlmffV In lit e he ? uM re? #r fn I) *M ' thu e |> elw*v> ill hm pot , mill ttiigirea to? ('n heu y?nd ib nl inception. (i W1 KOhk jel# :i *er ___________ H KMOVAL. I IS OV.I V KN KI lm end l>enler in Wmennnd ' I'M; -be- '< tl ".forme hit Ir e'ile mid tlve ijolie, the( he h?e re, ?ed hie 'tlnbliahmemlm til Ann et , 1 i..hi ttr II i rilet l? ion r <lo. it Wme? to eieil hit I \th l-i Will tl< rind 0 cm Mailt ln|rl, n( Hie. > .'\V Itiinf. . e I liumi iigii', Mtdeire n" eedrlb'r i m i's in|' t? Ah?M the K iitrb. i wt"er tf.. lit II I, In le ? 10 twillterl lid. Alltrdei deli ee d free of h.,rne to liy lite gallon Of do MB bottle* Vlf. J. II * twili titeud to bottling Wine foe an* one who jitdmnWlMI*i4* ' Itn'm