Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1844, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1844 Page 6
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TUATION OF HOUSEKEEPER WANTED. WANi'JCD BY A FKfcNCH LAI) k, who em apeak j uKlikh, nd who ru giro ti? moot Mneept.oawM* ' uea? ol character aa>'rapacity, the tituau. n ol a House gJ, , i or lotuprnntrcil A Boarding Itow.e iu ihe Y reach ?ii ie Inu IicaIiob by letters Addressed to .Yadauie A L , And left at tkisofliue will be lUieodrtJ tft mM lire WANTEI>, A SITUATION, BY A YOl Mi L/'DY 11 d o< CacAiioB, capable of mitine'iug lh'yennk'r Ir ucheA'I a tatuily. A *iiutti< u as Ners'iy U timu m ihe el. uWuUry imirhee of, Li 'Ii h. lltau.y he S L , at th? oAi.e ol the It. ruld. I ue.cept.ousbla rel-rrticra ol tliarsiirt aid cc peirtiCT can be proaaerd ni3? t(rc Hb-TlOVAL JAMES UTILE, DRAPE li AND TAILOR, Hat r.mnvcd trom Kb Hud. a tl.wi. Ui <0? Broadway inII Im'rr - BEEF! BEE K! BEEF! ON ?)Ai\P Aid KOK SALK. in lota to tun purehaerrt, m VALENTINE'*, <? Pn.toe Market, ISO barrels I'.ilra Mtw Serf a choice article, al eelecjed leerea; W.'i > arrela City lp%^Mbs w -trnsnipJ; * ?' Ml* UuJl ntirrtfLi ot t ftuitlv Bred, rt.j due I eluded for ih eeutlwr.. lawket. Ih. ;- Beef It ranked .a ? evdnl ,tnd jud-cioua ruanatr ar J . i c< ,.| it isr climate witn.-ui geiliug tost It. It# mlLw J'UYTW k Otu k MVABLlSHM H.NT. s?. a .it, . Mar .ut "l If i-V:Xf HUT AND * MOKlNti ?Yeeiina in 1 , ? .uieeup.1 inereti in a Tobacco Manufactory, 1 ma i)ui;:lil, of prime Sue cat and euickjuk s,e.-d t Ii in- uaus aav, at very reanouablr pri I i I '.ne < / Wet torn Hertliauleaml other t . , ? . . in j.aiiiv of mr tobaeeo tieia* "f the yrirr betl i f t?? I f*r loerr h.iil uttiai i > ? AMKU No I New as P,I PKf.VUliM I' AliUr KHPA'Tk PL?? I'minne l/a T d't'riH* Ualier of Paimt P euiiuoi Cut rtd Phi'tugr*. ht. 851 bce.laa ? I hit establishment liavl. g ju?l been IS rea l y rul jiied improved, uow lout ms 10 li a r Hi.ui twelve petal n tmeuie, and it Bior* thai. ever ei.ti.ied 10 n e naiien repn atiou it h always enjoyed, of bring Um drat in ihe world I'.* luui Apiwntct, Platee. Cum, Iu. supplied at lower fries (h u a.*y other place >u tbe United ' L.,te? Tlieteenpr alt tarried out a uew sad unproved appmalui tor Ukl-g U.gis f'etvue Mi latn'ft, oidered by a scieu rrtc griilleuiau of l?dlubu |fi, I' m lb eslabli luueut of t'roli-i or t'lumbe It it *. tupeiior to any last uweut ever be fore no UiCl red,? Hay Slutr Umocrat t'ltOr'p.SrvOiv PLl* uBi?Lver> bony knows that tint dtttiugaisti.d ertiat stands at the lieailol imil'ettiou iu this cu try, aid that nit IJ igaerieot/pes are liir in tt iieuulul that Ht ? ever 0 en i rodnneai. uiylS kiii*et ATTEXTIOX?Ha VE YOUR M^NEY ! DAGUEKltEO LYl'E POKTKAITS, TN THfc Kl.Nr.or ANU Br."!' >i Yl.fc., including a A Morocco Caae or k'laoje, all lor U.NK IH'LLaH Apply to tr,a Lafnetue Uaga r. It# B.esdwa*, and alt al 3d* br,?a..Way. thud story, limit room Mew Yoik aud gru.lrmen die ree|ieciful>y ia*ued 10 call aed .-tnniue the specimens, w oie'.i a e amituod perl at. and a bough ch ap lr.ey axe equal to any at a Cost of S J boi toe eouvenieuce of Ladies, I'urtrain will be token uy a Lady. A ppara.ns, warr.uted imported, complete, $10, incluuiug a compl. te iuslru' tiou. trench Plates, jloruCco Catea at reduced prices, Ch-micals, Leutes all imported by K. A. AKTAULT, m2l lin're Well known iu thu lin of business. SOLA * i.AMI'B?China, Olaat, Hail Lao pi and Lao term Bru keit, Chandaliert, Suspending solar Cau,. etlickt. At-' traJ and ..tile, L .inpa altered loSolm, all warranted. A conn nleie auoriuient ol tbe above can be obtained at J S t'OCN tv N ' I, * I Jo.'t Mauuf >cc ry, 29 dole (trset, and at their Lh|>oi, 3 John tlreet, near Broadway. All articlet will be matcheo to any patterns, wholesale .mil retail, at verj low price*. Goods |..aurd lor parties. inyl5 im'rc WHU WOULD EE WITHOUT TEETH F WlJp.N t'.e follow lag unprecedented redaction is made by N 'i'VVLUA, surgeon Ueutisi, (successor to Ur.lho.-u,) No 1*2 East lfroadway:? C Iranian $1 AO Stopping with his justly celehruted Mineral 7i Biugle Toolii on Pivot 75 Silver * 00 " " " Isold 3 00 Man gi veo. or tpecimeus can be seen by applying al the * an IS I in* re LEECHES! LEECHES!! LEECHES!!! Of) (|I)|) HWKDISH LfcK.I/Hp.S, of superior quality, dujUuU justrece rsa.per leir Isaac Nrwiun, from flam buig, lor sal* al tlie lowest nurk-t puce, by U A ?a. H. WITTF, je3 ltn' ac 38 J.,ha strret. New York. It'ORK HOTEL, 7 & 9~WASHINGTON ST. BOAKU aud L? dgug per week $3 50 Trans enl Boarders, |.er day 0 75 Single V"eals . . 0 2D 'I fie location it pleavautly situated, convenient to the Plula del. hia, Uot.ea ud Albany steamboats. IVrso't wisliiug to reside iu the city for a lew days, will no we<1 by cailiug auo np.i. eg bsir ariaug. m ruts with ih. proprietor jti 3m*rrc p KNOWLE8. Ul MrJk. ' i bill , I Alt.1V IlAAUI.VUn, At* VI "111 LMlW SHADES?'1 he aubacriber* have removed their e* tablishuv ul l > o 2l'J Broadway, oppoalte ti.e Park, where they intend kt fjniiK, u* ttiuil, the large*;, nock of UplioLl ry Oo'i'is in the cily, coutiuiiig of ('uilam Mulciiai* and Trimtiling*, Ku'uiture Covering*, Plu?he?, ivc (to., together with a general -i**.,rtiiieuc 01 i'a|>er Hang UK* and Border* of enlirt nee ptutrro*. iud which they are ue ermiued to tell at uuprecedeuurt low priori. Their dock of Slndca will con*i*t, a* heretofore, of the mo* magmliceul P tench shade* >o the chenneai, a?lowii*fl* each, with n general inoin orient of bun iud white Linen* ami Chiull, for s.iadi* >1 Kutire new pniteri*. SOLOMAiN It HAKT, 341 Broadway, my! lm*rc uppo?'te the Park LA GRANGE FTAGp" 5ULLM fEHKV, NEW JERSEY. 'PHIS BmAUTlfTL and healthy juuiinei rendtuce i* uow A opt u a..d u readiu-a* fur the leoep'ton of visiter*. The 1I*M? b-'Miu lilted up lot foatdetr auti Private P&rt.e*. iO'* Pile Bar i* supplied with tu? choicest Liquor*. Wine*, ami Refreshment*, at all tine-* Private I'atcie* ran bo accommodated with Dinner* at the *hor'e?t notice. ( argei Emulsion* and Military Companies can be acc< tenirdated with* on reaeouable term*. Ail those going n Target e.itu.?ioui w.uid do well to call on S. AN.NET, btlcre t-ugagiug enewneie. The *taamti?at Boamn ma* to the above place fr'or pa,-tier Ian ft.ia old Sun paper. _ ay. MM. STEPHEN AN NET-. uii lm*ie TAMES LASCA A niforin* hia pair'-* Mid cuiiomerr iu ? g'Utral thai he hot dnw li d hit <ie..?hip at l?7 or. ad" ay eu ha* liued <>pa Coin nodiou* *.< -on, .No jui Urc*dw.-.v,(up tiair* ) or tueii ret tu n,, Plug ihri iney will :*uli.oie to he..tow on him the ?.?* imironuge h- ha* lor to long a aii.e rujoyed nod lor which ' *remr' * hi* li a iki a >? e.;i ku o t 1-orc.ilu w. * lire first who, some rt-x yea'* a* Arl rr II ii e ntroJuced me cle mug of th ie* ', .Win which i m he h ? ailig. ut' > en > nvoied to ducate roc c&aseoi I duea*-* ol lie fait, and hi* cmue to the op in .u thai ihey all u uo in n .in Mwlatipn ui haiao . ?u toe skin winch often unpeue* the growth ef h hair and finally dexti iy* it It often producer an irnia iou ol tru tkiu. <aaa i.ii dr i eu*, diud: tf, nod n tilling out of ihe h or a* ?r I a* gi r iier* will' h i* >. *wetliiig ol th- hair (a di-ea?e an. in, I rum i he nut tomce.) clarly o.auilen from observing liw Coin ara'i?c thckues and cuarriu * of ihe hair Wicugray, Willi it in HI naiar >1 ntHle Alter four jeai* of cjreful oharrTtti 'ii he ha* the pleasure ol pran iud lo 'h' pa hie a a :t)ui I oil d ' Lisca'a's Shauip o ii/. a-.,.. u ii'im, ilitll limit I m. aurt.p lo a ihu t iiuii' tiir tailing null) the hair D? oooi I n h iiiiiv tue. tiiindrull Tliiid to ifuiie. tiie cosrieat I sir liae noil toft, i. itn .ut the u?? 01 po.o.iluui ! arch: To r.atore gradually the gr i lis r lift <lnk ' m; ?ud liitly. t> >i ci.mpli.di wlini lus hit erl.i beeu cuu-tdered t nmncir, t< mike the lia r grow wnr r I .ere linn l> ? liaidt.r*,. |<ir yeera i he j riucii le of L-iCtlt i? in clean r die skin from nil in liutno't ir.ti.i< i tu Ival,' hi J 'leaiuieas, winch he ha? p uT.-d (III Ini ( Wll ille. h| Dim k 4 tumble tail ;ii tint I quia. hi Inn n.un), rubbing it uii l.if ikiu dry, iaipsrliug to II idl trie lr(olue*M ri<i Co or of , obI'i I , unlet to l> ( the Public test I >i I . tins iiiveiiriou he hni id trodured * wasliinu lor the h ad. at the low p.ica of 2i ecu a, whiCa uide (1 > worth tur in uey lor die puipoesof cleaumi* ti.e li to while it> i.4e will prove torerrv n- Llroiao iuTi ua hie an keeping thr hail cleau i.d ?o t, auu those wtio h vh he hair good arid healthy will tea-ily 4P..reci4te its prsaerviui, Tirttlet. I'll those who pre'er Pomatum,Lam-ala reeuinme.da hit Crenu of K(> . ., p e,.an il with tin tun compot.iiou th liquid, a i which gitea gi iat aud ao'tueaa to ill ha r. re lovea aor?4, am beala pa in ?r. nig from burua e ther of which will recouiineiu itta tfiu>e who bare i litrReof ch 1 'r. n I'ric , our d >llar p r bottl ; u-u dollar* per doc -n. To prevent ocuuteifnt i.g inni ndultrraiiiiu, toe genuine out will h only u ei ui-i told at In* Hair Uic.iug Salo n, 3u' Broadway, up at.ira, N. Y jl lin*ec JOSHUA GARSED AC CO., ENGLISH MAJSUFAV1URERS Af l'Al>..t i JililKAUS, ho Thread, auper -tail Twiur ^ HI ii,g 1'wi d "laa oil Tow Yarn* NO 7 HURLING SLIP, NHV YORK. Je? 2m *in PULPIT AMD FORENSIC ELOQUENCE. MR. GEORGE VANDENIIUFF RKSI'fcCi'KULL V nunouncee to Meinlwra aud Studeuta o the Clerical and Legal profeaaiona, and lo the Principal* o Umrettiriet and Colleges of New ko.k and the oeighborliooii tiMt he hat opened rrnini an A a HOOL OK ORATORY, far gentlemen draining of attuning, under nia inatractioct, a finiahed a', le oi K locution appropriate Action?ao ?> ceanary to the formation ol'it perfect public omtor . ami , 1 v * i-riu-t .'t nir rr malum eit ?//or Mr V receive* no pupil under fo/tired yeaia of age; but atteuda Oivsraitie*. Collegre. 4tc,, Pieptriug the Htu enla lor public ev!,lb ti l l in Ki.gliri. Lgih, aud Ih-rk deel unath ill Cardiol ,Mi V.'iT.riru, at 1J# (h ecwi ?? tirret, where a book iaoi*u for the eutrv id geutlem l'a naiiina. ndT lui've GJKNK'lkL MoKNI V ANU IN t> i.LTuT.Vcr. Oh ' rl< K, 13# Broadway, wh?re the puhl.c will be aupplird with tlouaehuld H-rvmta, VVmpra, vluiiciana. Itc. oil the ahoiieat a.,uce, at uia o.fice, 1)0 Broadway. OT.ce open from 1# to t o'cl ick. N B \geucv uyarT daacnptioa done at thia office. Help alwaya en hand. nag Is' rc C A I I.M1K OlSlCA&lCu, WtAk AM) i. b iiA viivii"fcTrTfi T\_ 117 LI EL'I L'U .jrt&fca nnTTTTm jjx-.ti iiiinnrin uuuiaAL Si (Jrttnwick Hrttt, near the Mattery, \nc Yum. "DEBPIC I ? t l-LV laformt t'W public lhat among ihe mauy I\ Imuilredt if raam which h* h.aa attend-d, ra uy ol lieu Iwrr l><vu eperat d on r>y other prof-atort withoui iumioi Bud pi HMUucd by ihent lumraol* yet in weir um h" ku n?fer failed to #r idinate the lunaae and effect a lerfeet eudrapit* of ryery dn ad fa" trite Tiieh may ll??e limMu ei! iiaelt r.nd in mny initaneea aliauet yi'iml hoi". ft it thu ooprC'drntrd tuawo.a m hit lieaimarr of toe rniioaa thitherto Con alde.ed inetMble) di tenia# of the eye, t (I enablna him wit eo jftdejoe to r f#r uch of the atflic'ed who may t>e anaoi'iaiiil rd with hi a and hit mild mode of treatiug th-- ditordert Of thi organ to utunrroaa reitored panealt in the cImj ol eotirtv reiiwrimg hit ptofettional ehiliOea, and hit pr>~emineiit tkil at to ocnlitt < h.oui luflnnm.otion of the ?ye-lid, or tors eyet, of how ever ion( l anding, can oe #tf dually and permanently cured til nit, tpeckt. ftc., rnmoyed and cared without taifi al op. raion. ( ataracti retnoted a POD the moat modern approved princi plea of opthaiinie tnrge. HTRABIHMUS, (l/omiaonlr railed tquiatiiig,) cured in i fair tsconda. on (ill' rlu celebnird pi n, wlnrh m free from pain or danger, |f f (finer honrt from 9 A. M to 1 P. M? alter whieli hour he vitita out-door pntieiiu my 19 lin*ee FUltfONrtT FOlaONrf! FOISOrNS! A HE you troubled with Vnmiu? The l.illowiog prepare li >aa ar' in rn rmmate oral hngt, eookroachet molht, anU, rata mice, tliei, d,.#., inuariuitoea. and all nitect attac lug 'he n-geuule k >m I ke bed bug ,. .itou mty l? uien without injury to berl itea i and be*ding, and ,u? uialdy tnr.eettfai The I atcnoully coaipoat.d lor dea racti'iu rif the motht li la nela woolieu?, clMlliiBg. fort, chura, euthioot, lac, nui invalnible forelo'.h. Inr aui) nun, el deuer The Compound heiniual v> hare Oil Snip keep< the rote hngt, cttrcolio, coccut and other inter la from the met, plant ana ta;etabl-t Toe celebrated Kly Paper Will dupel diet mil mmrpnton cl feci nil; y. ... . , There it ao agency in lint city. and only to he had from th 'a yentor. OK. L.KVVIS f KUt'HTVTAMI' H, M Maiden Inne, Id dm.' from William ttrewt, He noeed from 9 Wall fleet. N B. Be eatttioat not to poreknae ta/where el w. pii'i>orut m re my prepamtiom mH Waw Im ?< I I K9-1M Soatbeia H.daa. for Ml* by ......... II III rOLi.iNS ft CO . ill llta H ftoatll atnui. SHARON SPRINGS PAVILION. BcHO&AKIfc CUUNTY. N. Y. rPHlS (|i?nooi Houm. ?hieh. user the imprneemeats sad A additions wade 10 it during llie lut wuter, is believed to be our of the wet commudK iu end c< mfortab'e ef the largest class of Hotels m'he S.ate is now read for the receptiou of eompfJi t. and ?ill br i>| eneil ou tor JStn diy of Msy irst To see mi> t>da r <lir U ge a?d increasing uamoer of people who spend he ?ra-.on si Sh rou Spring*. the subaeribrrs havr, since , U?t .all. spoilt eitriided their premises, by anaesing to thr ' I'ari'iou an entirely u'W building which embraces twenty-sis i,v b making large add iu us end un' rot r in-m> to ihe interior .nd tuniesk parts o' ihe house? Dliuds have b eu and d 10 the windows?the baan:iful pi iiu>I ::a i gr> mois iu lr. utof .he t'aeilion hare beeu laid out sad | t isteiul y planted anb shiuba auu flowers?the bsih roouit bar- brru overhauled end urw 'umi u-? provided, furi tilling every c .ivaoimce u> thus* who wish to eujm either a ei id or warm i,slh No eipetne or eflort lr bin. sp- r d to supply . he deficiencies of past aid every esertiou will be u-?d, to ircrivi the vis.tori of the coming season in a in 1. ner not to be surpuseed a! any other place ol' fashionable resort iu liie United Status To thoss who bars not heretofore visited the Sharnu Springs, it la s .flic I rut to say. that the <|U tliiies nf the watei (an ..nali sis o. winch is gi. eu below).ire v.-ry nearly id t'Cal with those oi toe fxr-isu.eo Whre vulpliur SpriuKS of Virgi in ,*cept th-.t bv th. c u. ' ITvtt Uatioiony of all m ill si men who sre *cgu-li'teil with notll, tt e fltiaiou are e.iict in d toe in t I potent ? "Hut ?d i. an eleeateil icgi'in of country the Paiiliot^commands one ol ne m a. extensive v ews. ,ud is p'ac-d in tie uiuist of the ui.? pic.iiresiinr scenery iu the *>tateuf New on er in its el rated po. iciou t h-s Hie ad van tag' ol a CO tiuual y dry, cool . nil p fr slung ittn 'si her* I'l. a ant erenraions t the u l g?s f < beny \ Key and Coo|iev?t > -u the I), .-so Late a. d "ilier t. una -api lly iu ere?iiug fr.m their I sc. nsrv end iheir hstiry. offer ttcmsrl es onet-ry ha. d? whist . H1111, .I oom and lour ipaci ns iial1 Alleys, i?'e un u.e, ns uupr ivided within ocrs free cise or ani..seioeul I f il.e Win eculthur Wale/ ol Sharon Sp.inss. it u?i> hr aai I it is i 01 soipaavej fy any thing of the kiud ill the known peptic coi .piei u, and for the u>? <>l ervs pelai, nil rheutn, <c nl'tlt, liver comph int bronchitis and g -ueral debili'y. e? I ha* laru certified b> some of tJie most eminent medical pr(fessois By a recant analysis made fjr the prepractors ol the Siring*, m ine by oi.r of ih- inotr. eminent (hem.u iu inn C"un.ry fPr<if?'/>*or ltcid of vew V?rt ] he following results have been ob'aiued Irom ne gallon ol water BiC irhi' ntr ol Mag tsia-> 24 grain*. 8ulph-te>.f Magu.fia ... !M " Sulphate of 1 line 864 h y drosnlph-te of Magnesia and Lime 3 Chloride of Sodium and Magi-rsium 2 7 Solid content* 149 1 grains. Mvdroial|>huric Acid (las, or Sulphnietted ll,d J'l J cubic in. The prii.gsnrc wilhiu a few I'onr* ride of Albany, Troy, 8*ralo*a Schenectady, UiiCa Sic. ; are acceioiibl* erlier from (.aiiajohar.e. on ih- Albauy and L/ticii lailioad, where poet no.\ li * daily wait (heariiv-l of the morning cor* from Schen*' Luly 0 l/tica, to convey v sites* to ihe Spru gi a di .tan. e fa i u eight mile*, anting in tune for dinner; or hy tie C erry V alley turnpike, by Jails stiges, beo g about lortylivc tml * wttai of Albany, on a good r nd. Person* laving New Vork iu the em ing boat* f r .Mbaity, ai rive at the 8hir. ou Spring* the i est day iu time fur dinner my I 2t mm'ic CLAtiK St OAHDN'Eli. O MClKNTlk iC I'll At'I I'll Nf 118, tnrinu.i and C! and all other*?I with ycu all to fol'ow my looisleps 1 on only who hare confidence in your owu practice, 1 offe.- to yon aej the pablie ihe heurfil of uiv new discov.ries, ou the moat >ibe ai term* Advii card medicine furnishml without. ln'ge until theptieut letaliifie l a cure will be mifde. Physician* havirg ohstiiate cases of scrofula, tic. may, by iiitinduciit* roe to their patients have themruied on t esuir te nia Vunwhohave tough', in vain tor lelief from other phvaici ins, be uot discouraged, but call aau see me, u.d you shall i?e cured SOLOMON HEINE, M. D .67 Readest mil lmeod*ec a lew doors north ol B oadwsy HALLOCK'S CASTOR OIL CANDY 19 now admitted to be a great improvement i- the mode of ad ministering tastor oil. e'p'ciilly to chi droit, and in order that it (. ay be untuned by families iu their own immediate neighborhood, it is forstle b> unisi iiiug.ists in Cit es, and geuer.l suing in c uutry pi ces. ue.tly put up in package*, with lull di a inins for use See that the luveutor's owu name, A. I.. *id.!l ck is written on theengra-ed wrapper, w liol'Sale denies can hr snppl ed .y the quantity from the manufactory. So 176 Sptiug street. New V oik. Keiail dealers can obtain their *ii|ipli s from the follow lug tgaius Olcotl, McKtssou St Co., U7 Maine laue; nu i Israel I'inor, 214 ulton ilreet, N. Vork city; J..b Carpenter, fti. g Sing; J F Van Vort, Newburgn, 8ie|ilieu F o*t Poiighkeepsie; V an Valkeuliuign lit Hotsman, Hudson; John Doau, CatskilliRoeteytlt it Co. Albany, who will supply all western New V. rk. Dr. 8kenit,J6l Fu ton St. Brooklyn; James Donald, Williamsburgli, L I.; Dr. c.u. lisli, New Brunswick; VV C itrauiu, I rantou;Van Wagner,116 Broad St., Newark, New Jersey; Dillwyn rairish, 8ih stieet corner Arch, Philadelphia; Israel J Graham, cor Ualtimo.ea'd Kan law (treat*, Baltimore; W Stabler It Brother, Alexandria, D. C. lC7"AReuli wanted throughout the world. ml5 Iraa,,d*ae TO THE LADIES. M'LLE F GODEFROY 31!) Broadway, eoru?r Ltorari sti*,, prior to her nep ruie for taris to renew herassi rtra ut i f Fall a id Wmi.-r Gixdt, will ell at cm on re* the balance of Ivr at-ck, consisting of Sfaw Uoonets, Bare**,, S.l'as, Embroideries, Shawls. hearts, Maiuillts. end Articles of all kinds. j-> Ctsod*te V.VLr ''SiiLOfiKAN I) THAN i PA HE T C K LES TIA L SPHERE, common size, fir achools and priv le families, tad lar^e aft1 for Leetures, foi sale at Mr. Vale's Nautical Exi irliah . ent. 91 Kosevelt s'teet, New York, and at Nefas St Cornish, 27S Pearl. The ab ve intti anient is now used in i aie College, and has th" recommendations o> Doctor Lardner uid Professor Oltoa ed. Froui its simplicity, u is also used in our common schools Letters of inquiry, post paid, wi u r u ;ed to VIr Val- will make a shori visit to Bostoa the Utter part of 'his moil h,( tKv) a d introduce hia l-.tge (ilobe and Sphere, rle will lecture on the 16th instant at New London, Cons, mi 9 itneod'rrc Tl) FARMEK8 iH"^flTTui7TUKm^li^siilphatc Amnnnia for forcing trie Crops?sulphate of Soda?Nitrate Soda, tonrtanlly on hand bv DR. LEWIS FEUCHTWANGK.R, m'5 ImeolStli\V -rc No. GO Maiden Lane wTses, cordials. and preserves. NAfOLKU.V CUU It'i'lN,Fulton str?et, inioimi the pa..lie t 'at ?> h s ro '7,0 hv the iat? ships f om Fiance? HI!) ba-krts Ch ' - ine, so celebrated by hini. 9i ci e- in,beit n. nil ' .111 Champ <gne, of various brands. ID boskets Sd ad Oil A I l>t, 1 s Tied of I utoi De F i 't Oris, ol rHrasbur', with Tru/llas of Pcrigord, of ii ITi ie. t S.7.-J 'I t rfl . o " rigord, ,D bottles, h If bott'es, botes, made on vi dr Champ nj^e et la Se v :t by he famous t hcv t fre01 1 er. i, patr *) I oy all the eonr s"f Enrr \>And alto lor sale, ?t his it r\ Ill-ret IVnm Uordeirs ia crrks h f casks hi- cat-ui p r do* n U>'( udy.Ch bin. hinbirtin, Voluey. Pemmar-J ?c lCr?h Ab y.ihe, . d all kill's o 1 Ord.n's a d Liquors Picket, Sti do esvCa r?, Anchories, Olives, Sw-rt Oil, Kiench Vi R ir, . r-i ore Cheese, he. jrlfl Steod*ec rffb LADIES, LOOK AT THIS!!! PT JOHN EDMONSON, n>CAN AND STRAW HAT MANUFACTUREH, Rn|irctfally iLfotms his fr ensL and the L dies of New Ye?k. that he his rommtuaed busiiiras in the above line, at 22-1 >s Uoiiery, having just up ntd .1 sui-enor .is .0. tine t of b.ukl sli, tili -n, i'asca.i, U von. Prince Al-en. and American Si'KAW 'JJ'N -ElSdndT imruii g.; Vi isses'and ohildrrn s Sutnner Flais, Uib'ions F uueis Ike Sic. 1. Y,. cniilid-ntly hop>v. from his long experience in th? .hiive line la h. r,I . ...a,.. itiiy m ir.cer. Old H.ita ar-fully cleaned ard pressed, and ilteied to the newest and moit iasliionable style. i: SI I m ilylkll'.vy*rc NEAPOLITAN LACE HAT M WUFACTORV, CJ?A) V' 9k 1)1. r inn str. et.?it. UltAH.Vt retpect olv iuI, rm. llie public, ttint he 11 now ri g \ged in waving the .. c, nu i/it. ufnciuriiiK the ?I o?e most'Oi.abir rod *lrruit Urn net and lias now on tiaud an eltg nt ;>ss<,runi'r,t of T.Irinnt i"?ti rai of lace, ma a up in the moit approved thanes 'I hey am the real Nrspnlitiu Lui e, and aie warranted so clean as w II at Tutcv. Ladiea wll pie.go call and lie Ci neinced that t or are uit ml 'qua1, but superior to rnanyif > t> e im, ore,I bonnets and will b tofd at privet never yet offrr ed t" tlie public A'.t>0?\ be.utful article of tamt ttyle of goods, tailed liir mnnrnii k-ind ecm.d in mrnii g VI ho. rsnle dealers can b uin led with > ats and braid at reaa. naide pricus Mrt etra'.am itil cu tinu-t to bleich and at er Tuscan and Stnw Hati in her well known superior eti le of bleaching. by winch th-eoior f old tots are made to look as whiteat new, with' ut injii'iimf c ttraw or ift.ving any tulpba:ons am, II uati B earheJ and I'r-ate for Alillmeit for Si per dozen. Pressiiis uloue $1 JO preloz u. >1111?-Ilei'l I'reis eg M cb ne for tale. jfl 3w*j? ' MAUAMh J. L IN E FROM i'AU IS. th-hu-or to r foim th< ladies, that she liu opened a fuhii Unbleettib MbweDtf So JO Broad -y (up t airs) ofipo if .he J'abern cle, retweeo \i ih.oy and Leonard str et She will have always on lien I, a large amurtni i t of Cart, ,? t ibia for intrum , dicing aid eve ii g; Km triideriet of all Kind,; I apes. Collars, Shawls Ha id ken hie >. Mutliu Urest| es, Stockings, (ilovt; Ling-rie an < JeTelry.Str: ' Hl w-raof the newest and most faahiouanle style. je|0 ins in HUMMER HATS. THE C E LE BR A TED GOSSAMER, I IMPROVED. I WKIOHINO FROM aj OZ. TO 3J OZ PRICE *3,50. ' n The celebrated HUMMER HAT. to highly popular during the lost season, me row offered to the public, much improved Th-v are th-* LIU .TEST, MUSI 1 t?l'.a () i If L' Li a >l? <' ll.VTturwminwF'lhir heretofore worn in mldition to ihese qualities, they hit fiee from Hi' objections whifli 1'auinu, t.cglioriis, kc ar? liable, being annffocied by at uins, a id reltiuiu? their shape ?|ual to t)ia Hearers The nt>ie of trimming also presents a j the r adrnnr nr. bsmit of a material which presents perspira tm liiir oila. kiv iin strkiug throu.h out anting the Hat. (ien'.leairu who have wo'U tnern, express their deteimination to ww-r no otlmr Hit (or summer. t he subscriber respectfully solicits a call and an examindtion of rh ir merits 'I hi tallowing are the compnratire weights of (he principal Summer Hat* Hemo's Gossamer t%ot. to 3Koz, Ley hum 4 na. VV?"X. Ordinary Black Hat 6Aanz. Also, a large aaaortment of Panama ana other Summer 1 lata. J N. Ge NlN, Hat end Cap K.atehliilim'at. triM Im'rc l'l Bnndwiv. opposite St. P-nl -I ouch. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. THE BUlLl INO WHICH UHUW.Nk CO formerly occ'i|neil hasine been torn down for the purpoae o( eircting a more cotnmoaion atore, hare remoreil their , track. nntil their new ainre ta built, to No. I ,M?tt and I2il , Chatham streets. opp aite Koaerelt atreet, where may be found a arse ?ud complete asaoritn in i f Hala and Caps, ol every aty le | now worn, each aa imitation Bearer aid M"l-skin Alao, a i> ?'fy Urge supply of tine Panama Hau, together with GrntUmeaa', Uoya'ann Infanta Leghorn Hala. (J? nllemena and Boya' ? loth and Silk Vnvet < a of thr latest luhiei., Cliildieu*' . K'ncv Caps of Club nnd Vel?ei, some piirerua, mocli i, admired. All the aborc named articles will be sold ,i? low as r. can lw purchased in this city. W\L HRDWN t m21lm*in IN Cha limn i in oaite linae-elt if FIREWORKS! FIREWORKS!! rf'H l?'. inoai lieutire and brill ant ia*.,rtm lit ofeih kitonal ' -k H ireeorka erer insnuf i tur?d i this couutiy la n wren; dy for disposal at the IJn.tnl Mates Lib ,rafoi v Je aet Citr A'ao, th.- tnper'al hock't rever belo.e otf.reil io the | nbl'C. he,ny an imp or, in. n. on Cnngrere and Iting ti- a , eh'kr ted - If.mare anil H gua> lb rket.wtiion cannot e? obtain d Ir m any oth r place than ihi orator). tie hiring iliapenaed with all a, an a. Urdrra (aft at .Vlr. * i ham Nib o>a. i a.tle Oa.-den, Noriharn Hotel, or at the-*.abo atu-y. I.ri-v Ci?y. will be pnni inally attended to. I- A AC * DO , Jr , a je7 im'nc ryrnteehntat. J era 'y City li I*' '"'IV b.-K. k S. S. HOCK ?V ELL hare lemored their la VVil.h and Jewelry Ks<ab,itliin.-ut, fro.u ho 9 Aator House M No. 4i3 oroudway. Watches ami locks f ere y description carefully repaired, j hy sk ilful and ei.ieri-need taorkineu. je 13i*ric CROTON HALL, FK.EE CO THK EMEND d OK I'ROOHF.SS AND l IKORM-Iha Subscriber will op, n the auoyr room for I the ace >nu nidation of aiy re?pect?bli* aocnty or collection ol ludiri uals, whose object it to better till' conuitmn ol society, . an.I epe,id solely p J the VolU' iar/ CottribU'lOns ol tt e ?l?et re .nilieu ea tor r,mnn r.ili n Ni thing need be said t leroinmend this Hill to ilie cimwnuityi its location and I. ii?iii.e? treeicellent, itii lading a Piano K ?rte Apply ib thi Clock Kootn. the llall, AO 7>? dowery^of ^ ' N. B ?All ihoae t'at corse uid swear?tli ?e who cat prn nita?ihia- who use u h? co?tin se who oae i?ton almg dnuas?ne-d not apply uor eitind jb Iwrt ^./aNa 1 HI I ifkj i HAVANA SKOAH8, consisting of l<ekal:n. '5 '\?U l.4 Cabana, Almendarei, Pankteloa, wodo . I< vuteteoos. and rarioua oilier brands, tlarend.ah aee I ul lot saw aad dakentnra, at Jlreadway No..114, (Uollut J ha, l Megar ?ts*a. > ,?|7 Im'ro BsaaasaassassssaBK?BSSH BROADWAY AOAINST THE WORLD. THIR lolHthoroafifiniiiowtteilMd to be the iraaMt A mart for the tale of *enlleraen'e wMtioi u>parrl m the United Hiatss, and the impreeeioo that haa heretofore earned in the minds of many uiat 'imrehasers in Broadway are obliged to pay an eaorbitanl price for an article of dress." u tally robulted. tioni the known reputation as to the chanp-s established by Kl)W AltU k'OX. proprietor of the City Cash Tailoring Establishment, .No. 103 Broauway. Here is an advantage to merchants and others viiitii-s this city to avail themselves ol an outfit Iroui a very etteumr assortment of ready inado cleihmg, mmni'aciarrd from the best materials and in the uioat fashionable style The attention ol tue public is particularly tailed to visit ihis establishment and rsamins the late style ol twilled and laacy C'ansimere Office Frocks, deatgned for the approaching season. Also, an assortment ol rich C'hsne Velvet and Brocade Vent inns, Kancy French Cloths and Casaimeiee, hy the late arrivals from the celebrated manufactory of K. Biolley Kils, and selected espressly for Uiespring fashions Garments luperbfr made op to order, and if required at a few hoars notice. KDVVAKD FOX. City Cash Tailoring Establishment. 2ul Broadway, below Fulton st. m?lm*ee E LADIES ARTEMIAN BRACE. fj 'pHE Subscribers oflrr to the spec .0 patronage of the Lides, ? 1 ikirPsUSt ?UltlC Astluiss lisstt, smcli must etentual'y prove au mdispeusitie article ol tlin Inu.tlr ward* p robe It combines, in it< manner of conslrueliou. all ill- grace- ? I'll proportions without any o the injurious teud? ueirs of ihr t corset?sue- at i s uu mural compw Mint of the cheat, iifl odiii* n.e ln? and hea.ihf'l action of the lungs, k d is merit ble p tr. di-ucy to br i g ou consumption. Sti. , Ac. To children, ol \ ruber sci. wli l>avr a< i|uu d U.e h tbit ol tuopiua, (l ev wilt u U~ ,1 ,. ..hi.. ...... n , ,| , ? .err ,il' " He ping lb* pertou erect adil lit til ulcere ?> ulul t'li' J it will improve tli outline end general eppe i uc of ihu li. uie, itreugtben and eajiand th ch-at, and will uut imped* th. freua* nl Lhe iri/11. Hor tlip lit l*r4,.d ape ia' accoinm diiiou ol tin- L diet luVonng ill. ui with th*ir i atruuag-, die ?uti.cril*r. h i - u|?ue? u .'|w imp t, dp>ntPO exc'u.ivei , to llmr ,.ic mifi. diii u, which will b? under th* iininediale aup. riut-hdcnc* it a Lilly i?-r rctly at quamud with the; a .ructure aud lilting of ill artic e i Ladu-a Department >o 2 Path Place, lit duor from Broadway. YV'hoieeaie Deportment at the id eat.bliahijiem ul l'.vKSLLLn at (GATE, my 22 Lu? pc 2STT Broadway, Corner ol Park I'lace. TO TAILORS. QTl^EMET'S new aud Ci.uiplet' work on the auhject o| | lo culling UanuPuU ul rie> y Orac iptiou uiaiyleol elegance u I to b* ?ur, aaaad. ia with ilie umud coufldeiicP ofleied I Hip tr dp '? being a work wholly u.enor u> any Hung ol the kiud hen loin e introduced, by in- a.d of which a jmrtou of ini , Platacapac.ty may obtain a oetur practical knowledge ol cultiug in oue week than could by the ol ineiuud ue on aiui d in a yrai; and ho who w.abea to keep pao* with he rapid iiu proveuipnt ul uia art, cauuoL do belter than avail himnall ol tlip p aae?aiou ol the work. It tiae .lreudy received tin approbation o- the tirel of Ilia proleaaiou, and uaauot fail giving complete vatuUetiou to all whuuaeil. 1 he above ami oe obtain-d of the author, No. US Broadway, one dour below the City Hutvl. m'i I in* re CAST OFF CLOTHING. f* ENTLKMLN OH K VMILIKS dean ua of converting O into cuh thiir aupe lluoue or caat off Liolhing. will obtain from the aubacuber the HlUHk>ST LAjH PKICLfi To fawiliea or gtuilemeu quirting the cuy, or riiaugiui: ireide, cp. haviug rnecta ol the kiud to diepoae of, will mm n much to th ir advuutuge io acud or toe aubaenner, who will attend tntin at their reaidence by appointment H. LhVLli', Office No 2 Wallatreet, and at 27ti Hudaou at. A line through the poat office, or othirwiae, will leceivc pionmt mien ti-n j6 lut'rc NOT1CL. a^HK CASH TAILOlUNll L9TABLI8UMKNT, 127 Knltou atrect.?M. i>. H.aN Oh UKd having .old hia entiie atock to YVM M ATTIllH,Sau.\. will continue to atte?u to the cutting depa tun nt, and aolicita the patronage of Ilia lormei r.uatomuia and the public to hia well known ealabluhineul neat door to the Heialu Office. OcuiUinpu w lulling to pnrchaae garment!, of good mntermla, well madr and laauilully cut,at reaaooaOlc ralea. would no well to call and - x.inine tue cnoice and well aelected axtertiueul ol apriug guoda, auiuble for their wear Alto, Ouuittings, cunaiating of Shiru, Draw era, Scarf", Olovea, Liuvate, tlaudkprcliirla, Suapraders. Uuihrellaa, Ike. Plraae reuieuiber to call at, aud r-rcollecL .he number, 127 Fulton atreet next to ller.ild Office. ml2 lm'ee WM MATT HlLdSON. I7uW liOODo AND 1U.LI . ..t'KlLLS AT M A it T i ' S CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, 121 WILLIAM Si' OKNKH OK ANA Ai. A SIN(ILK. T'itlAL w I convince any geutieman lliat thei;c in* beat value uiu n lor the prieca chaiged, viz: apleudid Oreaa Coata mad* o jruer, at from <12 to $20; Panu from $3 to $8; Veata troin $2,2o to $4,20; and every other arti. le m tlit fiu* propurtiouably low, got up ia the boat atyle and a goou lit warranted. 8T/*Juat received a large aaaortmeat of Kaacy Summer O e imerea and veatinga. new eat atyle. Pleuae call aud rxamine tielore giving your orderi Oeutlerneu turnuhiua their own Clotha, tkc., can have th<vu. made and trimmed aa uaual, m the beat the folio wi t pncea:?Dreaa Loaia $7 to $0,2(1; Frock LoaU $0 to$'j,20; Pan .a r iJ;U V Alt* 9I1JU LO 99. ' Tt'ntiM ?a?n 00 delivery. I j,6 loi'?: MICHAEL B. MAHTIN. | r\y,j vIlKCHAN i TAILUK8 AND CLOTHING MAN- c 1 UF,YCXUHEK8. WILLIAM KITifMAUKICE, 1 lencherof the art of measuring anil uniting garment* lu tin* c Parisian anil Condon styles, rrspecuully iulbiuis the trail* t at 1 he it uow luily pre par mi to give instruction* in the above ail, in all it* brauchia. lie wnal.i partiouiariy call the attention or all mmiufactur era of clothing to m* beautiful styl* of coats, overcoats, *ack*, | U'Owyi, Ac ; also, his panlaloous a. d vests, tor which he la ready to fuiiuh fall rot ol every size, thai* and siyle. A line idureased to him, ii Duane slicet, will meet witli immruiaU site iliuu. Ilia iiference* ate the rir?t master tailor* in the city, mi lb liu'ec M. RICE'S CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH- , MEiNT. 1 A T 194 Canal street, may be found a general assortment ol H CLUTtlS.CASsEMEKii.9 AND VE8TL>G?, ol thIces, patl-uu, bougnl eipressly for hpriug aad summer near., which will bn made up in the most fashionable sty le, at plica, to suit the tiinat, for cuth only. UeutLmuu luruuhiug their own cloth can have it made up in ' the latest fashion, at very ii.w prices?Oood tits warrant-d ? Also, on hand a I vge stuck of splendid Sack Coat* ready made, at uaut-inuiy low price*. Don't forget the number, 194 Cai a. stint, uear Hudson. Mr, tvlC t. lender* bis sincere thanks to his former custom',, lor IPeir exteuiive and libera) patronage, and hopes by aisidiuut munition 10 business to couliuue to merit tlnur lavors. nial4 Im'in CHEAP . CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, ' 304 I'EAllL STREET, LATE 10* DEEKMAN. 1-HE 8; llaCiUliKU, well kuuwn lor the cheipueur auo diii'vbilil, ol hit work, despes to inloim his patrons an i thuubric, tha lie is uow, to suit he economical teudcncy ol tin tunes, ma. in? garments of the V ry bm' quality at a redue: mi, if twenty per c *n' Irom former ,rices, a^d lets it is Belioeo. b, twnity per cent, than garments ol me same quality an m .de by tee ch ftp houses 10 tins city. In omertnar gentlemen may naOersr. ,td wh>t u meiuit by cheap: ess, the fallowing bill >1 prices is submitted 11 their cuosiutiatioii, kilIi ugusniuuv thai the goods so li he ol the lirat-ratequa ity and jm Ct unexceptionable nuptnor of Euglaud < l->l!i Coats 412 to IS 1'auts ul lllack or Douide-mill.d Castimeies- 5 to 7 VetL, of shin. Saliu, etc 21k to 4 Making and i'uminiug in the best style, at the following puces :? C oats vx to 8 Paul, and VPI.U 1>2 to i\ Superior li*ave.i Overcoat t, irorn 12 to 20 nui lui*ec GENUINE TEAS, WHOLESALE AND HEX AIL. THE CAM ION TEA COMPANY. PRINCIPAL 8TORE i21 C IATHASI Ml N. V, L'lortcA Stores, Ultf llltecker tin ct, New York. 8*31 ti.owl street, mint liuj/ulk, 191 Greenwich, neai Pulton. lib Pulton tlrcet, Brooklyn. Alto, Corner of Maine tnd liouton strtel, Patterson, If. J. And 46 North Fijth street, Phtladelukia. INVITE XHk AT TEN i I ;N OK CITY AMD COUN I I'llV FAMILIES AND PURCHASERS to iheir sever. s'a'jlishmenu, where they thiuk will be lom.d by lar the be* selections of pure aud undo Iterated 1 eas in tne United stales t he universal p pulamy and reuown of tlieir house will HtN-Kucf t1 111j(i qu.liuet, low pricrt .10(1 aprighlde-Oiug, i. to well uuaeiiloud lo render lurtlier cnmineutt uecettai 1 Original and only VVaieboutet lor tlie tale oi liowqtia't lilact iv i. 'Ob?eel I f Mil?nui will keetrliewiirn?rmi? Jit number of the principal ttore lu Chatham tireel, Tit : Ui. ortwecn I'earl auj Uote.elt ttrectt, The public will alio bi i 'leased Co lai.e culler, Ilia, (lie 1,-aulon i en '.imiuuiY have i.o .long lo do wito any other tioin except thote deacribed ul th .op ol this advertufoif.ot ap%> iin*ec L)R. H. B0STW1CK, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, No. 75 CHAMBERS STREET. ?4 hn*re MATCHES, BRUSHES, frc. PIVE 't liOUSAJNu uKOis of the b.-.t quality of Match r m Likewiaft IJrnth'i of all k ndi, irritable lorui.v market And Machlo? of all Uiui.i uihde to outer, cheap for caah Maiclieo auuanle for aiy elim-ire put up in Lhe beat (trie, lor thippiug, Ifom 00 c-uLi to SI 40 per grots. The above are put up in wo .deu bote, to ptevenl dninpu**iu. in B?Particular care taken iu packing for thippiog, anil large I|uantuiet kept constantly on baud, at jel lin"er JAMr.HT II A 14 N EA 34ft Peerl it JrRENOi CH'NA. Ks.vrUVEo TO No. 66 LIBERTY STREET (UP SI Al.'ltt.) ApabKSMK, Importer aud Aran t for Maun factored, luu nl ways on hand h Urg-aatorimeut of diuuer iud p*-. tru in plim wi.iteaud gilt yrench Porcelain, a* well at dinner arc Idea?It Plater, of nil tiret. ariorted Ditto s, Soup Tureeai, (.overed Ditlue, .Nilad Bowls, Emit Baskets, UuaUrdt and i?Ma. Also, Kancy Ten Sett, and I'.ich Decorated Dinner Sets. Alto, lea and (J'tocciaie Ware, Ureek, b reach and Amer. can ahape All the articlea are warranted of the beat <iuality, and to br told on liberal lermt. and ta Iota to tail purchasers. mr!9 iltn're BOO'IS AND SHOES AT WHOLESALE a A Large AMortment of the above named J articles may be had at the Mauufactnrera ? UV D.iiot. No. 260 Ponrl street. Ami.ut Hunt an i> .no in,.v tx found in particnlar the follow icg viz: .Vleus'fcttoya' Kip lugd Boota Men* and Boys' Thick Brogans Do Jo I* and 'pal do Do do Kip Pegged do Do do Pump Sole do Do do Si-wed do Do do Half Well do Do un Calf do do Do do do Calf do Do do Pegged do Do Call Sewed do Do do Pump Sole do Do -itont l eaned do Do do (lost and Seal do And a gr-at variety of Woincu'* Misses' aud Children'* Bnskiss. llootern, Slippers, lie. lie, reaped and Sewed, together wilh a general asuir.meul of I'alin Leal and C?ghorn litis. C olio try merchants and othrriare invited to call andetsmine Ail told low lor e?*h or city acceptances UACE It CO., No. IbO Petri it., m? lm?in Ceiled sutee Hotel Hmldiug. N. Y. >pO COFFEE AND SPICE MANIJI-ACTUREKSA Lnbrli printed at from V> to 64 icnls per lOOO lO nliAP AND CANDLE MAN Ok A riTRElW?Large Kaiicy Label* lor botes, nf Family Soap, printed in two .-?!eri. liirfiO per iWNI, Handsome Plnieser armed for M TO BLACKINU AND INK MAM FACTlfKJRSliabeli primed at fmm 40 to Tj cents per 1000, at IV HEMMINIi'S Xylogmphic Press, ml im*re U Maiden Cane B JOSEPH, 16 Maiden Lane, (op stairs) importer of Eng liih, Krmr.h. and <4erin.ui double sad aingle barrel fowl1 g and Ducking (4UNS, liom th? lowest :? finest nullities, Alio, always on hand, an eitenaiye a??ortm-iit of PlHTOLb with douolr aod single barre s, embracing IUO different hinds ; oiClu'ting the modern Sis barrel Hrrniyers. all Ol which wi'l ?e mid lowe tli t,i any nth. r home in the trade. Merchants and 'fan Smiths are i?tr.iCQi*rl'/ requeued to call, pTeviona to Hi-king their pnrcroui -s, as they certainly will find it P> then tdvuing" a'J0 4?i*nc WAD I iks and jewelry VEKV LOvV AS THE SC'B fClilUEH is constantly receiving al Idescnpto,ns of tiold and Silver Waicbes, of the newest style*., Horn ilf nianufaunrers iu England, Hrsi.ce and Switte land, n? is enabled to offer a larger iissortme. t, md at mtieh .-? a it retail, than any other house in tbscity Odd Watcles it low as Jru to tij rae.h. VV aud Jewelry eichaog-o or bought AM W itches warranted to keep geod time, or the inonev returoed. VV,*itrlies, Clocks, and Jtwelry repaired in the beat manner and w irrant?d, lower than st any other place in ths cay. . t>. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watshssand Jewelry, wholesaleaad retail, uil? lm*r? M Wall stmt, ap stairs THIS MOST COMMON SAJflNO I* thitl would aol give one bottle of Da. Ivtiac'i Co? 'rovmo Bvnt/r or Wiu? CMkUxT, for half* d.txen of any other preparation. I hare tnod all the popular i.uf?. but th'a stands unrivalled lot th< cult of the following diseases, vtt: lntlnenza. Cough*, Colds, Ctmaamptiou Spitting ol Blood, Palpitation of CM Heart, Wfeoopiug Cough, Tickling or Hiaiog eutauoo iu the throat,Bronchitis,Asthma, or wnthuesa of the Nervons Syrtem, or impaired constitution from any uauae, aud to prevent persona lrom falling into a Decline, this medicine baa not ita equal. And when too ranch calomel or qainine iiaa been aaed, thia vedieiae will prevent ita evil effects on the ayitaiu, and repaii lie billiury functiona. As a proof of the above medicine givig great trength and clfuiurta to tlie Toice, a (reutlcintio from u- of our large auctioneer establishments iu Philadelphia, who as been using this *vruy, aaya that it la the gre:.teat meuiciue b cry on he ever a.iw Of course, the Minuter or Lawyer who are to Mia their voices,would be equally benefitted Reference rill b* given to the auctioneer, by cailisg at ray office CAI 'TlON?All p fuarnitons from lira valuable iMw.ekcepi neoriginal Doctor SWA V Nh'H fTOMTOUND sYRliP Ok Vll, D L HbiHill , are fictitious and cnnuti-rleit. Prepared nly by Di awayue, whoac vthc u now removed to N. W O'uer of Eight and llacr airaeta, Philadtlphia Agents?Ur .Win H Miluot. corner of Broadway aud Join Ueet. New York; H A Sun da Churtn'a Diipnuaarv, IIP. 'owery. corner of spring atre-t, K. D. Warner, IOj B evckei si oruer of Mipclin at, Jaiuiw tlineaou, Grand at near 4 th, Wiliviiiiburgli; nerrou Ik tlarriaon, 72C Broad at, Newark. N J , Isujauiiu Olda.r'k Broad atn et. 'ewurk, N J.; William O V<ioU, M. D , Harlem, corner of I'th street aud 3d eveuue; C i glit sr.. Main at, Pater?ou; Mra. M Hays, t39 butum atreot. Iroc.iyu; W V Clerk, Montgomery at. Jersey City I ik lui'ro ALOPJlVY, OR THE FALLING OK? OF THE HAIR. LflLL'H INFALLIBLE NGUENT, or aevn drying I A fommade. has li-rii satialaot irilv l?slao deru g thelast lout >Mui by thousands is being inuimsutleuUllv stiponor to all ilhen offered l the public lor ameliorating the Imir The (<>: owing are lU predominant properties :?reinoviug UasdiuU Mectually su> mg tbe hair from tailing out, causing light 01 eii hnir to assume a datk her,a certain preventive ol gray nair jakes udeiiblr and iscliued to curl, a potetu moiaieuer, irn anting ni luuy and luxuriant nature It supplies all dsiicieuc) >rejiurnl uut/iumut. and u a a tuple Pom.visps. us la toilrTTK it surpasses a); others aitaut lu a word it ,i the aim (t a tore of a g.-od h?id of hair And all pareut* admiring a (OM hi ad ul hair en tlinr clnldreu, should never be without it. j it la th innat iionrirhnig orapararii u '01 the yoeeg shoots ol .air that etui be produced The lading niwcinJIy will iind it an u valuable addition to Jieir toil"in, as their hair it g' urrnll) torn to an eitrruie length, to noorua which ir many caaea -eluirm a greater diaiu from the fotuitaio of liU'runout than the ea^ela w il in all instances lupljt Uf wln'u nd'firieucyof lUiriinent exists, debility With ita eooacqiicut-vilt ensues, port if which are dryueaa, hmahiieaa, grev and appa entiy lifeless lairs, and liually baldness. At tte Ursula* of drv n.-?s rn arti icial nutriment should be immediate y applied; each it Hill's lugueut, and the pontic may real aaaurea that il ia prepared vith th* moai acrapuiona precision in regard to Hie intrinsic ropcitiee coutaimd iu tiie nataral nutriment ol'toe hair Thr noat indubitable testimony can be given aa to the correctness it the above properties to all whe feel interested in a good head if hair Mold wholesale and t>tail by HILL, the original and inimitarle Hiur Cotter, No. 8b l'ea/1 street, adjoining the Pearl (tree; -louse. N*w Yosts, March >9.1844. Hr. William Hill:? Mik:?I ake pleasure in acknowledging the great benefit I lava rei eived from the use jf your Infallible Ongucut for the lair. Indeed, I value it so highly. Irons my own experience nl la virtue, that i consider il off duty to reeoinmesid it to others vlio may sutler aa 1 have doue from the loss ol' hair. About wo years ago uiy hair hud becomu so (rightfully thin from its ontinual tailing off, that 1 had seriously thought of reaortiug o the expedient of shaving, which I had Once belore adopted. Jot fortunately 1 was diverted from this purpose by a Iriend (' < vhom 1 had casually spoken of tbe slate of my hair.) w trongly urged inc to try yonr preparation, which was tin otimalum T had of it, oreveu yonr owu exi tence I i,-. 1-. iy to say that this info* matiuu has been ol iuc-.lcu! 1 o me, for 1 had uot used quite two boxes of yo i.-ut beore my hair en tirel y ceased to fall off. nou assuming a Ires vigorous sptie.w A applications il v .lly became thick . ;.nu iiiller, 1 iad a better head o ion I -ver had before. 1 still us> the >ugueut as a toilet .utnadt, and have uo hesitation iu sajag. tint for preve 4 tile hair I rout falling ur.t anil preservug it moist, or vi as a toilette pommade, -our preparation s the very beat ill 1 have ever seen HLNUV PALMER !G9F?arliL Nkw York, Hepte r 28, 1841. 1 do certify, that I have been serious all' "d with dandruff, tnd lalliug off of the hair, and made use . ti"lea, said o be a suie iemvdy for the same, and to lit arising rum them, but quite the reverie. At la '!n m ry Hill's Ougueut.sud the result was, tb <; . h? daedraff w is entirely eradicated, and my lut; and, furthermore, it gives the hair a bee leorauce, keeps it moist auu sort?and I would n 1a > me afflicted With trie above, to make use of it bin, porlectlji latislied that they will rmp great benefit from the same. rn7 lm*m W Y. CLAKK, 8i Mouth at. DEAFNESS. DRS. CASTLE AND EDW\:;DS, AUJIISTS, JQ1 BKOAUWAV?K luet:JtJJ. " 1 cheerful!'- aiply with the recent of Liewt. Mccloth, to ttuly that he wu invalided home a* unfit for duty, u contequance ol total deafaeat nod ditchargeu from hit ear; dial whiie in New York, ou hit way to mnglaud, he placed 11 id teli under the pro feat rout I care of Dit.oattle and Edward*, .toriala Under their tree 'merit he recovered hit IwarinK. am; Ma returned to ait miiivtr; duty. feigned, H. MeNEVEN, M. V. Burgeon to H. II. M. forcea, Jamtcin. ACOUSTIC DR-OPS. A rare care for incipient deaiceti.earuche, paint, butting* >r tinging touudt in the eart, collection^ of hard war or ruia Lot tecretioua of the orgtnt Their tonus, ic oil hat been a poyuyiemedy at a curntiyein all ditcuet of the eart lor upward* twenty yeart. Oilicot removed to Ml Broadway, corner White alreet. inyti lm?cc 1IA1R CUTTING on a NEW PRINCIPLE. An explanation is necessary, in order to lully comprehend the great aiivantagit which will aris? from patronizing I' iu't new pmn of Hair Cutting, be? " very body ha? tell the ant leuentiout created by havidt .he dirty hair bruah applied to hit head, for the forty teveu't .trie m a day, (and in tome iuttauce* uted upon the heads of in ralidt) wittinut cleansing. In view of thu. the mctcrtb?r ha, levoi. 0 hit entire eitablrbment for nitioduciug a new lenturv in lha treatment ot the tiair?liiut of hnviuit a Urge iiuuilx-r o liiti rate bri.tliet, and in uo inttance to tie utcd ateeouJ ine without a cleansing By giving th? tcience ol Hsi. Ur. ii ug auu Wig .Making hit tole time and atteu ion, t .getlir with r.he greet personal comfort euiured, at hit itabutliiiiei.l, letoliciit a trial, satisfied that those iv.iogive hit tytcetn one .. .al will appreciate the benefit and luiury afforded at. uo nun at concern in this city. \ private room <t fitted up (or ladirt Sliamy ioiig and Hair Dreeain EDWD. rHALJN, a>7 lm*m 714 Broad war. OPixnil.- Sc Paul's bECANNON'S COM POUND PULMONARY SYRUP. 'J'HE opiniootof illutrnuut man poueat powerful T with the aeneiali'y ol manaii.d, and although we can fx P-esident or Oovernor, still we are aasared that they will J>?. :roi:.?e vvheu nocesuary, lliia Ammciu production, known lalud wide as tl r ro-)?l tucee* Jul sod truly rffic.iciou* remeoy lor influenza, Ike., pain* iu the kidneys, a-.d liver complain: ver submitted to the notic-of an intelligent pub ic Iher* cotnmmdH'.ioua of nam- rou? pe sous in liumbie lite?po r bll maiieciAiili'?aunt lug od dun ctct, aud shou'd ?pen? ion.t-i tlun the b- ught cen.itica'c* which we duily ?ee pamd.d in the newspaper* Its efficiency in kntuey complaint* ha* named fu itnuuierom fri,I we could relsr to aeverai < 1 the ino.l mpt'CiAble pliyuciao* o) our city lor thei' op.nion of n* merit??gentl-in ii wios- standing iu their prof- * ion hare p need frm ir. the Itixhcat rank Bectnnou's Campoaud Puluiuu-.r ' Syrup, fur the cure of pr.iut iu kidneys, liver cot"ppiintt, illlfiwilk. COUgi.s, cold*, an I con inn] I1..0, ha* bnec ? abliaheu by its own intrinsic m.rit, and its sale oaa been < <rvnt as to comiwl th? proprietor to place it in different set iiona of the eity, where the numerous dmua ids lor it may blie easier answered. It is on sale at all the principal <*rng*i*t* in our city, and may le had wholesale .nun retail of ihr pro -netor. I* On.UA.NNON 61 Vestry si. Sam'l. Palmer, 1(6 West street, or James Tarrant, druggist '166 Ureenw ich, c rner Warren at inli lui *m PARR'S t^IFK PILLS. NEW LIFE.?Hiiuured. wh? have k vl i.etr beds forvenn have even so speedily 1 d with a - infusion of new lotnl and nou*. < tie v Jil'e and s'.reuath, by t euseo Can's Life 1 il>*. thai the 1 ear-oiae smoi.git ti.ei 1 llov 11 i> g*. who fail Hive 1 hem up is incurable 1* 1 .oheu upon a the gie-test of ilie many gnat wouuers ot this unr,culou> ?ge Theiru solicit! d witues.eil by sun I men of hi?l leputa.iou, may be ob aineu 01 auy agent ot this b.ghty-prizei edicine. Hold u> si' rsspectuble Druggist* in New York, in Boxes s ij ana ill ceuls. Whuuaalehy the Pioprutors, TtlOa H flERTS It CO.. No I IT Fulton street, up stair*. Spa'ish, Portuguese, Funic- and Oeiuia. houses sr iulorm* that I'arr * L ie Pills me put up iu w rappns in e-ch of thoa laog ag-s, with Books, 1 attnuuuisls and other ceriesponuin diicum- nts. jpg I. rc hull's trusses. notice to ruptured persons. l'Eil .1 iilll-c'id wi-li iiupiuieg marvel' If ,^ 'P?n the h-st luitiuuiftlai aid the world alfi-nU (I Wjk I iu appl cation at the office, No. 4 Vi-iey *tree| or to e.ther ofthe ageius iu the piiucip.l towu in ih? Uuited States. Be car-ful to ei imiue th tiack pad of Hull's Trustrs, to see if they are endorsed by Lti Hull, 111 writing. None are genuine, or to bermied upon a good, wilhuii In* lignnturc. Many iei?or.* have undertaken to rend imitations of Hull1 celeo-sted Trusses, aud thousands are iinpoa-d upon in cou?i ||U uc*. These imitation* cannot be relied upou; they ar made by nnekillul mechanics, and are no better than the ordi u .i v Trnsaes. Ho m* hare been fitted up at No 4 Vesey ttraet, exclotivel for ladies, Having a srparatn eutrance from the hatiues* depar: nient. where a female is in couslant atteudauce to wait npo female patients. mil Dure ~greatimfro vement in surgery. nPH? KOLLOWINO i* the statement of Capt. KICHAUI i YATES:?In the year 1842. I wu taken with ulceration in my legs, and made application to a physician, who presctibe lor me; but the diasaae continued to increase; it now bigau t how luell in it; arms. I called another physician, under whoi care I remained far several months. At this time the ulo ration became eery extensive, my legs and arms were so pin.fully roi tracted that I was compelled te use cratches; 1 applied u> othi phrsicians but with no lietter streets. By this lime Lie pai in my bones and head became so excruciating aud the ulcers tions gain, d ao rapidly, that I was confined to my bed, giviu no all hopes of ryer being cared. This araa in the wiutei c 181J 1 then tr ed tlio ludian doctors, and all the advertise nostrums, bat with no beneficial leanlt, At Ulis oistrassin stige of my ois.wse, I accidei ally 'mcame acquainted with Iwmac physician, Dr Joseph Heine, who n w residaa '.t Mi >0 Uuait" street, uar I ha haul. The m dicme this geutlrina pr scribed (or u?? pr veil iuini?d.strly iffi.'acioai, tbr pains i my bones o*gui to >n .sule, the ulcers' inns lev in to heal, m imbs begin u? get* ttNngln, scd tor the lirst ume intwlr months I was ?inM-d to plae- my :eet npou the ground, wit die assurance that they would sus-mn ihn weight nl my attenr lied body. This fnly reyolntiou in my sya'ri .lad been produced in the short of i enod two months irom tli time I had first lake'. Dr. Joseph Heme's prescriptions It is impossible for mr to describe what I have suffered bi side ibe disnasn, uom the hruids of rharUuns and quacks, and ?u dseriouely caatiou the public against them a leeliug ol justice to the public, and the ex el'ent physic in nuder w.wise care I have obtained a rattical cure, has iniuce me to make this acknowledgement. These who wish to see o oan hulling me at 81 South atr-et, or corner ol Maid n Lute an Sooth. capt hh.haru yatk8 N. B.?I)r. J.Heine * clfice it W JJnane street, near Chsthai street. m!7 lm*rc jaynew expectorent, Always cj res ASTHMA ?Two or three large don will enre the Croup or Hives of children in from Id rniunu tn one hours lime. It irumediHely subdues the violence i Whooping i ough, and ell>cu a spec .y care. Hundreds wh hare l>- a given up hy their phyiinaus, as incorable, with cm tiiuip'ion, spitting of blood, and other polmonary affecti m have been lealorrd to perfect health by it. It neyer fails i giving relief. Prepared only by Dr. Jayna, at Mo. 20 Soul t'hnd street. Philulelphi\. Tor sale by A. B. k D Sand Druggists, Mo. 79 Fultou street, 27J Broadway, and 77 Ka Broadway, my2J lin*rrc nOLD AND SILVER REFINER AND ASSAYEK O Gr MKT ACS.?Bar Uold, Old LMd and Silver, Jeweller vid Silversmith's Sweepings bonchl by a. b A un A Hi), ORce 1 Wall street, ... Works Ml Mercer it. Flae Hold. Rolled "w rising. B?aaa aad Plated Mate goaataatly oa ham* enim*m MEDICAL AND SURGICAL OFFICE. rvOCTOH JOHNSON, 17 Duane street, so wall h?wmjo D the victim* of Syphilitic dtsasses. w the most succansfal practitioner that New York can boast of. in the treatment ?j this dca tractive End ilDOit CDDiiUUtfMblf DuAiiy, II ilill 10 foud at hit old office Or. Joluisou can ??u?ly any one thai he ia legally qualified to practise Physic and Surgery?thai h? possesses a knowledge of general disease superior to tlireefejrths of your general ~ Hiysic.aus"?and ihalhis skill lUllie treatment and proper management "I every variety ol vseereai Disease and Sinclair of ihe Urethra. is pro-eminent. My m tieuu&re not only from every part of the Lniud HlnWi, but t. ty come from trie West Indies and Canada. 1 cure on an * crags MM) patinuu a year I discountenance qu?ckery in anv . v m,and then-lore takelliis method ol luh.rmicg strangers, auu f e?<?ns m the country where they can Gird a physician skilled 14 C-e treatment ol their discuse. niery case 1 undertake 1 cnie, or make no charge. No matter how long yon may have (Jleet, Stricture, ulcus upon the body, or in the throat, or nose, pains 111 tiie head and bones ol the leus. 1 will aud can cure yon. il your case is rnrable. Constitutional Weakness, sometimes called Seminal Weakness, brought on by a tee et habit mdu ?eu in by yottug meu. I liavi paid much attention to the inclined ol this milady ; it coustitub s part of my practice. Many an unfortunate t iciim ol this wee has aipe.iruced luy saluiery treatment. yrpepsia, weakness ol the limbs and small ui the hack, confusion ol' iutellect, forgetfuluess, palpitation of the u-uit, avrision to society, are o ly symptoms of this complaint. ll iuv directions are iot.swed, I guarantee * cute. Post ( aid lette s. withslntrinenl oi c vse, containing U fin udvi.e, attended to ObseiTS, I llKr.r 17 Dunn* su.vt. ciuo .;oor Irjiu ' hut-uir it'm ir-24 lm*ee 'J'HK PhlVAlX TBXATII^Fm ]*rnculiir account A of ifcis little bock <.u certain drlieitc di nun itooi. uderu nf.rrec 10 the .est .age 01 thi? inner it coiiu.m the knowledr? of more then thirty ywn ti *n?a^ both ol hospital and cut itacniK*, b lug i jijii'OwJ by tho moil eminent ihmc mil ol N. w V ira, in 01 rc i-us may he relied ou wnh perf ci c.,i fioeuee To those wos- cciiip aiut bus eoniihueu oil liotn mouth to aioulii it m it deeded y interesting as (he vanou cnu>? ol such d lay are pointed out wuli cleirueii, io (I at the piopvr mean* ol' cure are genu iinmrdmely. io uue whohastbis little Voluiue tu Ma p a.essoin cau be long d-> eme-l by che varion* loosing people that (lie ciiy. Advice fie uiay be obtained b. lene, ou every <! so.d-r to the uri .ar. nivalis. Adiiren UK. KAl>I'H, S'n , S8 tvieen wici. air at. N. V J16 Jin#?c JAYNE'ri CARMINATIVE BALSAM. WHAT CAN Ul? M'UvK iKilNUTtk J Hf. KEKL IN OS < ill A Mu I it loll than to b hold her mfa t winking iu tbe ngonie- ol ciouc or waiti a away under that '.trrille ol infancy, Cholera In 11 nui or r.uiumer Coin , lauit I Auo yet a radical Cure can e rlfecied wim need a..d cenaiety. by administering thul iuenimabie p.ep.irati m Jayue'? Carminative Ual.-aa .No home mould be without tun mUisprusabte laioilv uiediciue, which 11 adapted to all complaints of ihe 1'omacb, bo eels, liver <>r nervou. system ? ia iheinuth it oeeapiiH a proiuinrut iu ueariy every domestic uv iciuv alien. Prepar-d and soiu at 10 South-Third turnI, i'hiladeiphin. Tor sale bt A. Il k 1) SAN US D.i g. i?u, 79 Kulton it., mii lWrc 27J Btoadwa.\ ,n.i 77 Can Broadway. w* OPTICIAN, FROM (3 E R M A N Y, Moit reapectlally informs the ciuzrua of New York, and th<' public in Keueral, that he iiaa located iu ibis cil v, and >peus to-day at 417 Broadway, a laiiie and uioat complete as .oniiieiit ol Bveclautea and (leadii g Ulassea, in (Joid. Silvei md steel k routes He would also remind the public, to whom lie ia partly known by lus annual visits to anitoga Springs since the last nine yean, that by lua knowledge ol (lie optic ! cieuce he u enabled ro drterntine the glasses amiable lor any rye. I'ersi-ns With week eyas can be ?applied with glassed which will greatly keuelit and not strata the sight I'arueu. \r attention is eall.-d U a uew style of peupectivu groui.d gi?jsee ol the linest tliut, which, through their high polish asd tine ground, produce the puiesl'vision, and have becu highly iocouiinrndeo as the best iu their effrcis upor. the ije lor preaeiviug and improving the sight in continued writing and reading hort-sighied persons, aiid such as have been opeiated upon to cntaracl, con also b? suited He inserts like, ia> new glasses it tuperior y in old frames, anil solicits the patronage el ?l! in want of his articl.s. i'leasr call at M. WIHfc, Optician, alO Ira*ie 427 B.oadwav XX XH-E JLmliiik.ii. liUldU b UTttKU ABOOMINAX aurTOiUllA :V'lfl uew icstmnea foi the radical car ' o! ftolapsus Li t-w A or bailing of ths V? .'ink, by enerunl application, tUpM , .*g the usa o.' uie obieaiiomJ raswajry, is confidently recoil i-ou-ii to inr a_'liicied as the tensns cf perfect restorauun t. tllh, it a> ei imiug failed of p?no:nuag s cute, eve* vxdv .as .riost aguravat-sd airsnutsLaEea*. '/' - hep.' rcsr luwatuusxl a verv high abatmeiev in Koroy 44 well tm ? cmi country. it ia adopted to the emit* AHuso 0. jt&umet, and all other |?iafhl u Brumal eipedienta, in lies L} lac in-lio?pitaIa oi London uil r?ria, ami ia nuueraully re cornmeadM ia Europe by medical mea of tbe Inghsoi rauk.ia una eoanlry it u aatttiaed by the leading mem bora of tin bealtiea of Col legej and 4oayitalt, ul by <11 the erairej yriyate praetiuoaera. ,'tooiui hare been iurauhti iitliuivilf for ladma at Hi. . orey itreet, harrae 4 aeparateeacmaa-t from the fcumu de saiuaeatt nhnro a lady u ia oorahuit -"iteardaaee. to ?pl>.> Tniua and Hnpporcera CO female natienta. mil imrrc BAttNHIC'.'S INUKLlBLK IN If ?The aupwrioiity ol tin i Mark lag Ink i* now verr geiiera'ly acknowledged bj the druirgitU ?ud cof.ium. r? of the article in Philadelphia?? artio number of -whom h .ve already tcated it, k? maf be aecn by their Hdve tuemfuU, and have pronounce*. it auperior to au> other indelible ink whether of J..meat c or for< itu malic. The whole |>rocea> ol iu\rhiuK it may be completed in three minuiei, even at miduiah'. if dcairable. It u called Uatuhill'i led* libit lull, after the Chriitian uame Ol uue of oar linn, who invented it Maunfa-tlured and lor tate by POI'Td, LINN u. HaRUI , Wholesale lirugttiata, No' J13X Market atreet, Philadelphia From the United Stntes (ii.zettt ol March 13cli Indelible Ink?Mestrn, l'olta. Lion St tiaira, No 2i3X Ma kec aired, above 5th. mauuf dure and have for lale among .itl clea in iheir liue of buaineo ar druggi*:*. an adtirrable iuU t uiv maenbie. It will, by iu b.-autv and me ?im licny of it* are, commend ilielf to toe regard of thoie who like to acta mark npon their apparel, and would that mark neat and plain From the Fditnra of the North Ametican of March 10th. Indelible Ink?We have tried some of llarnhill'a ludi I hie ink; .uri th*-ilully r'cuinniena it to all iho.e wiahing to in?rl ou hum or colion. It runa lieely end nquirea ue pieviona rreP rat.ou. It *a for ade by Meatrt. 1'otU, Liun St ilarru. No 113* Mark t at. Copy of an advertisement of April 19th. BanNHiLi.'a Indelible Ink?Juat rece.ved, aaepply of thii iralebiated lok. and haviu*j toned it -lion am prepared to warrant it equal if uot auperior (o any inude in the UnitedBtatea or of the imported AI?o-Diuga Medicinea, Valnta, Acida. Dye Stnifs, Vat Ills ift. CIC., ?C., Will' II Will Of MJIII I1U Llie IIIUYI ItvUDUilUll .funa, by ALEXANDER H;iR?EK Wholesale l>rug;;iit, .ilaiketsl abure 12thjfl 6m"ic WAS T H t: EVE. DR. WHEELER, OCULIST, M). 13 Greenwich ttrer coutmnea t? devote Pit exclutive attention to DISEASES OF THE EYE, icd OPHTHALMIC/ SUKOEKV . lie hot recently import 'roin Kraoco. very mP' nor u-cim/ui of ARTIFICIAL LYES, ,n iiq factored tout to reieniole. it rvv-ry respect, the natural sye. Any parson who may h- dedniuiir. i i * . eye. eta have ii iruticmliF'i-paced by L)r. Wln-ener. to closely iruitaung u.ior/ is to ilrfy dfii'Llioo. [CT-Ottice houit frouvt AM. to 1 T.M.-^fter which be ruin oat d?nr paucnts. m7 lui ?m JONE# ITALIAN CHEMICAL SOAP. 'pHE MOOT bleated anl wonderful remedy ever discoverer lor the certain and perinaueul uir ut til C'lteaaetAi'd Lruptiuufvl the Skin, Pimples, Bait .'.henm, Scurry, Blotches; in thin, any dismrurement; bat the pnblic matt be ci V, t: guard against DISHONEST COUNTERFEITERS, ?bo attempt to eoon nrfnit tkit vxJaable, aun iu us wondeivomtng effect, bleated article Uea-.lei, Dr not deceived. Art lor Joucs* Italian Cbeiuicnl Soap. II tnev otler yen another to not touch it. If you (ten, tit danger-ma or oteleet Ark particularly for Jouet't Italian Chemical Soap. We po&itive7 warmut trie above to be its real qualities; it alto in the mutt surprising maimer Changes dark or yellow ihm To a healthy, ti. e c'eor ett. vlany may think itt powers exaggerated; let inch try it onwl hat in hundreds of catoe eleven the tkin ul freckle*, pur. i /unburn, moiphew; it can alto be co its tenuously rrCilJluM-Q' u for old tons, ringworm, ami tore, hea rt Bhyticuuit can br r*ferred to who ate it daily in theu practice But uuud it it Jonea t Soap i at done, and still effects that .Qi-t Gel it no wheie else in Una city but at the sign of Uk tmencau Eagl". IU ? hathnm street, and 33 Broad /ay, N V ii Boston at Aedding't, Slate trreat; Zeiber, 3 Longer Bui Icings, Philadelphia: 307 King stioet, ( harleaton, B.C.: tilth, . tu'aater Pa ; and Mra. ilayt 139 ruluiu tutet, Brooklyn, L, aland m24 lug*? TO RESTORE, BEAUTIFY AND DRESS > THE HUM AX HAIR. t TO ACTUALLY FORCE ITS GROWTH, AND CURE DANDRUFF, fyc. . TRIAL BOTTLE 8?T H R E E 8 H I L LIN O 8 PO THOSE who hare ated Jouet't Com! Hair lletiotaiivi i * know its excellent qaaliliat: to thotr who have not, we say 1 list the fact of our telling 3 shilling bottles must prove the truU il oui statement?and that we am not afraid of persons tiyiug ? t tmnll quanotyui it ortt. We warrant it to pootett tiie foMowiut lualiUet:? ii will force the hair to grow on nuy pert wh te d,i litro iiiteucc hair tu grow, stop it falling oif. cum Scurf o Jaudruff, and make light. red or ((Try hair irrow dark Koi d ilreeaing the hair soli and silky, nothing exceeds this It is, in ?' Jeed, the uiost economical, yet superio,, article made for tin u hair old?price 1, 4 er I shillings a bottle?at the High of On \tnt ncao Kettle, 82 Kha liam street, New York; 119 kuiton it Hruokiya; 8 hutr street. Boston; I Lodger Buildings, I'tiin 90** * ia? itr**! 1 hftrlMln*. H. i ' '-94 V "PO THK LiAUIKO?If jou lia?e luuryeicresences, concern '? A iuk a btoid and elevated forehead ; il yoii hare the unsight It apiendage of a beard ou yonr upper lips ; if yon h its MUR ? tlaons hair JHtjguriug any part 01 - our otherwise benntilol f.i e can, the I'uudre on bine, tuveuted by Or. Kelis (1 nrnu,, wil tuickly and forerer eradicate it witnoar the slight- 11 luiury o s iiscoloratioa to your skins?this yo.i c..u be satisfied 01 by see tig the prtpa'ainui tested at li-e Doctor's office; nil douof. <> s the article iieiug a hmubtig a ill i|0ickly vanish. e ur sale on't > at 67 tValkrr street, hratSLore from the corner of Uroadrra,?S " per bottle?where mry be had Ow fo lowiutt article# all wur p rantau:?Tie- celebrau-d Italian iUedicaieid tionp, (or carina el blotches, pimples, freckles, ten, inorphew. sc,,rvy,itch, rerlu's V tallowuess, I ri/ughuess of til skin ; for Chapped hsiitls, face t or mus(]uito bite, its afreets are imuiediaU ; iu the washing o u children, in ai.ayiug all irritation and chafing, iu pro|w.tirs ar really'eoltimiug and healing t it nonioW-ershoub " tie without noake One cake, 5u ceuis, is sitllicient and we wa: rantit or rrinru the meuey il not succeisful Be on your * nan ' aguusta bold imitation, and bny no wbrreclse not aa abore is Goumnd's Kan de Urente, or i'rne Water of Beauty, is i <1 well known and approver cosmetic for cleansing, healing, pari " tying, and beautifying the comp.egion, and by its diUtihi pre * peruse preventing thelo; (nation of wrinnJea.aad banishing then * when present, gl per bottle. > Gourauu's Hair Dye will change red or gray hair to a beam '' *'nl dark brown or black, without steming the akin. $1 per bo n tie Whisker and Kveorow Dye, 1'j orau per bottle. Go a rand's, d i.spsgne, or Hpnuiah Whhe. givre a pur g life-ukr alabaster whiteness and smooihuras to the shin?Iw, > from ill injur,ons iugrrdiruta, and is entirely anuihilaUUK CO in '1 oion chalk and flake white. Put hp hi elrgant boiee, 23 e?m g inch. Tins, w it i other of Dr. (i s preparations, is iniitnteil ? Bny no where else bnt at 67 Walker s ret, the liist at- re I'rot > the cornnr of Broadway, where will b? l- nud an auertmvut ? i the uiost delicate and choice f erfntnery, imported from a! n parts. ' \t elite?Jordan, t Milk street, Boston; 76 Chestnut strwi ? hiladeinhia; Hohiiuon, tiarriabnrKti; ricrnuen, Mtoctuiei " Smbrooi, Princeton: Trippe, Newark; '1 oatey, llnciwnu-i t* Ca.nwll, Loekport; Smith, Palmyie; Uriea, Hamilton conr n tv; Uathrie, Albany; Heiiiatreet. 1 roy; <nay, Poutfhkea-eau * iMiiotl, <roahen; Myers,New llarea; Dyer. I'rornt.uee: T?i tor, Newport; Carltaoa, Lowell; Irea, Salem: lindse, Newbt * ryport; rreatwo, Poruuionth; Fatten, Portland; Guild, Baii(<>< 1 father WWa Calaia; Setti n. Ilonce, Baltimore; Selby lark' vVoahinatr.s; Me. Kneer, Richmond; .VUtoew?ori?iNorwicf o Cons; Bar, Hartford; ft. C. Kern, Midilletown. d mU ltndyA yra d TO ftXPOHTKRB TO SOUTH AMERICA AND THE BRAZILS. " PARR'S LIFE PILLS. - 'PHOMAS ROBKKTH It CO , of 117 Enltnu etrect. (f A morly of 104 Broadway,) inform the etportin|t merch >.; ?, of New York, that their uopttlar medicine, PARR J,. ? IMLL8, ii pat ap in kpannh.Torinfrueee, Kn-ueh and tierine . f Wfppen, aeeompmied with interesting baolu tn the aero? lai 10 nun, testifying to the oirell-uce nud efficacy ol the mndiciu ?. Agents for Loaiaiaan?A. Otim 8t Co., New O.I?u??? " New England?8. W. Towle, Boston. i,J " Canada?Alfred garage * Co., Montreal. ;h ^retail of all napectable fiffitflFfcuf J; ml Im're 117 Pulton street, New YorkLEECHES! LEECHES! K JUST recaieed, a larva .apply eery freah Swedish La, the. ? J by the packrtahip Sir Uiae Newton, and by the ?hip ?u BuTtsa Leeehea. receiyed by tlw ship Treat oti art im'n Isapertera of Leathae, UlNana*et. LADLES' STRAW HATS. CAUL KINO, THE WELL KNOWN and eala QUbnM riiat Cnaina 'Tnaean no J Kuaw Hat Mannfaclurer, respectfully inioru.a the lad.r. of New York and ilaticiuicy, lashionable umrtmeat of Straw Hau, via Toaeao, Bird* Eva, Hooey Comb, Albert, Patent Daiutakies, Kallaada, Paclaii Kiee Straws, Neapolitans and Neapolitan Lace of various patterns, sot to ke equalled. A call at < art King's, No. IT Uiviaiou atiaet, will convince the uublic ol the fact. N.B.?Neapolitan Luce Hata, of a wperior quality?fnahiouable ahapes. are to be had at Carl Kiug'a, IT Division strest. at giapirca. luH tin'm MAliTbLLK Ik HOLDJlKMaN, 17 Maidra Lrue, manufacturers and importers of orunnicutAl hair wcrk, wigi, loai-ees, bands, curia, am oil, bandeau halt, and all kmd ot aair worka, wholesale aud retail. N. B.? The Hide atNBnad amiable trrm mil lm?? ~ D. W1LHELMS, 1M' OUTER of French aud German fancy Artie Ira aud K.rnbroideiy, w lijtesala aud rrtaf, having r-ceivrd by the lateit ariiVal* au eutirely cev and b anti'ul dock of govus, aooir of wi.icn were urv>r but ore seen io ihia rouutry ; iir Ltnoy inlorir.a t- e putilic in tfeurral, and thr ladls* in particular, that li* Will nil the I't dtowirit a/iiclnaon t'.e uiaai r?a?oiiai?ie urine, via dial! riala f r c.n.broid-ty, Column.* of Aoran'd, Floaa aud t'urae -I k. hruilla. v autae, I aitrrua, I'irfo.a'ed; rv ry dracnutc n of ud buuli d niiioroidery; I'rrun < a,l Iron Figures, Caudlriticka, kc ; iN'iliow 15a r.cle, CIunra a d labie?i I'oru-ia.u o. a:ci, from ill- lioval r insa.iuinmu r I >>'i Lvtiee'rcl Oiuaiaruta, ila a, oror.ct aa aud bracelet I; Arlibeul El weia at -I'reinr y lo? r*p?; tnoli P aiuuim lo, cue Toilet; . lute Pa,*/, I- hi<.a, till Paiatn.Ka, 4tc tL> Impoi.iuit nil hit own goo :a, h-oilen Uieiu to u-ael.eia a, prieo lo-rtr llc.i. ?<ie cmi Oetoro If awn ia line couu.rv. H vmg a p& inrr iu ibuiop* he will fulliii craera of ail daacriptioua ou cue ioweaL le <na. No 3.4 Btoadwny, New 1 ork. jrl liri?re y. Tmuout K. w. Iloaton. DA. Ai. Ld.N b UALKA.Nl iJFIiT/K r.iiGLi-U, LI V EM VP OKI', ana PLfcCHlMY ROOT.?Caught, Cold*. Pain ia liar bi-e, Palpitation oi Lie heart, Mhnrtuaa* ol brraUi, ?. ...1 I rwJI WM it way W said mri to lMT**f'ric'J'$l a#"per botur UK. VAN UAr.Ut.iiX6 ft RENOVATING PILLS frotu Oertnauy ?They remove aud prevwit chose obi tractions commou to single or uiairiue lemaina, and will in all eaaaa reilore lire rial oral ccntnliou. I'ricn ?i per ool VVAKir'b V MyETABjuE HAltl OIL, tor the reiteration ocd growth of Uarr, giving health aud beamy, and prevealin* oaiduette, will turn .hi hair grodnatiy dark, and inane u grovr if? antiv m u very lew daj* Trier 70 cuuU pie bottle. PR ATKlN DON'S Vfciik 'J AtlLL rOLDi.N U1NTIk EN..a ctrtaii. cur# for nil scrofulous eruption, itch cliaf I 11 d Ik jui. salt incum, r, ringworm. tcaidinaa, toteearl la e iiireu, sore eyre, and enekn lipa men au mui* per not. HluiU. ULANhT M TILLS?They smid to nave eut one uaiveraal aero*, that ia, to aweli oat Jomp, and tare it, ao .alter when aecurd, or (urn "?U't ha* titled, whether a be en abceee pro trig apon ibe lung*. heart, iivor, eplnv. punaraa, or tiouiacn, or alter or canon upon the Iran* or Uube iriee $1 iO pt r Sol. Alt Wie above foraale at k. M Oaioa'a, LS7 bowery, corner lira deirwet IM tin*ec DOCTOR BAKGil, NU. 110 DIVISION b . KELT, ia cocanUpd daily by atrangars antt eiuirna of both aeies Dr. B. ia angular anil leaailr uun.tbed physician and awrgeou, and wairanLt u> cure, or no charge, alt diae.uet of a pnvaie nature. Le tera post laud, with $i 'ixloaeu, attended to m liaaie, and medtcinea vent to any part of ti.e country. Uoura ol consultation between I A. ill. anil 9 r M. T. B.?Trivite iparun-?u for the ccareaience of paBeatn ml lat*rc DOCTOR MORRISON. VTOKTH DlSTENflARk. Arl.N k'alroa Meet.? In DuGTOti NitrtvRlBO.N r.oucinam to be eoiuullad uontidentially on all private diamaea, winch no caret without mer .ury or itcaaiut m diet or purenfla; ana rectal caaes, l?. ticuiarly ' Uou..irUaoa," ne carta in three to ait duys The moat usauuate Striciides yield to D: M.'a new a&d luuceetfol treatment, wit.-oni pain, lu tlie wont luiau of Btnctare he '?axrunta a perfect euro NhKVOUb ANU CONSTITUTIONAL DEB1L1TYXhia allectioa, nod the train ot evrla rtaultmg from a aeeret, ueiiructiVa habii ia youtn, inducing uolumal eiaiaMou* and ullioiair impotnnc), are radically cured by Dr. Ai. on patholoiiCr.l principal, b> restoring the lyneu to a heailby nine ud reuuutma; iu original vigor A perlect care gaaraiitoed or no charge. N. B.?Dr. M. holds no cnaimamon with medical pretemie.ii who claim to be tm,;eou?, a* he ia, perhaps, toe only quaJihed advertising Surgeon :u me eicy. me hit Diploma*, m bit of lice, 204)4 Kuiuiu iireet. Letter* pout-paid, and coauiumg nt, will insoie mediclav and advice to any part of the Union Utnce 304)4 Kultpn. near Greenwich apll lia*rc DK. M. L* V I.T'f'o entire new method of inserting A.till cial Teeth, differing in innu> reaped* 1mm any prtcuted m the United states, anu which will be lonua aupenor lor ulotiention, and the detir.ibie requisites ol the ongiual ineth, embracing the principle ol atmoipheiic pretsajre, ia iu lanemt extout, a* originally mtroduceuh, him iu 1831, with hii ancanT iMrnovi.Mr.NT, which u allowed to ne the granted that iiaa ever been lucrodaced iu Deocnaty. It preserve* the original teeth?if any remain? and the adaptation held irmly to the pum*, without any pain or p km are won be ivinoved lor cinmaiag with Die mo*, perfect ease, and can o* applied with ot wilhoat mmoviag uie nainpa. la order thai the public may not be deceived by interested ucdividuafc, Dr. Levetl niaurr* thoae leqnBing artificial t*?lh, that in* pnma and mrihodi of htung and modeling the gold plate u the ganu i* altogeinex peculiar to hunaelf and uupuowu toanyotner l?r*oc, a* llioae ol bu patieula who have bom under the core of other dentuu, cnu to fully appreciate. Lodiea and giiitleoieii mil be fully aatufied on their calling at Dr, Levetl'a oiPce, No. ihh> Broadway, corner of iVarreu atrirt, who will moat cheerfully rapluiu >nd clearly denionatrate nil it* gowt advantugca. To ilioa who ore umcQUainted with Dr. Levetl'a rei uUtion and atandmg, be can oflei cieilential* and recomuieiKlatioca from the lirai icaoeieiy .aid the highett anthonty io icience, a* well a* Die opinion ol the inoit re?p?ctalile of ihe public pre**, which i* opou tor inapcclion at DU. LiSVK; T'c UlJic-. No.?IA) Urosdway, corner ol Warren atraeC ni* ' jAf* ph.Ri'XJAln.KS, iiHuULilHTS, (Jrocera, bngarTGEtna*, X Uotilera, Colter and npice D iler?, and iait uanalacturrrt, and all other c maincri of l'ANCl LABELS are respectfully that every kind ol work in the X t LUUif AfliiC bi'YLfc. i* eiecuted iu tn?- be?i *., le of Uie art, Jia_0"at the low eat pos*ibieca*h.prce,?cJi) ut k. itiCT-i v l.<ti'S Xylogsa|ihie ."rea*, No 34 .ihudea Lane, mi lm*ra removed tr .o? M all MlMt, limbgiir.3 : ljsllu*.d : i LLLtnr,o : :; TO MEtiLilANTa, Li'.L'UUlriT.-, DISl'slNSAMES, and oUiNanaiuitiuu LmJi'i by die au-uitity; la'ge am 1 aulec.ea iud >urerior .i?rejnii l.eocbea. received tint d?y < *< 11 lanac Newton, loi tali very low by U oUSf.TH, 1* Mculm Laue, aii itaiia it J. iu?i p ? occasion to those maturing li.e aiiai le, that th*| ?vilI lie bund always uu haul, u ne u?a jde arMiiS,<;.enu u. retseiveoaia ft. ah mpply by tirry packet If.owing monthly, h. follows??l*|,luu>i, ilb..ord, C.arUlm. \V aai inatou. ?u Hir laaau Neveuou. uii ici'.c orCUJIU JO OOO.Xii J.1VO 11\ LiSiLelKATLAl IN lilvAXio'lill OU. A. C. I .ioi'Lti, JCi t UOaLVV A V, timer ol tVtUl'K C, luu m facie lor Filling . stayed noilo.f i- .a. I: e*j b* r.r mui .an moat u.uti u.rui will oct any ;ms or incoaveaieiiee, with wu'.aa it becomes impacted into OiSK hard solid body, liiua test .ru-.r anl iireaervuig ( hitherto pauifu) and uariaaa teem/ arl.ticiitiiy aonad .ml la all Uiei rrespective .vans lor lu??piTti-ntm* IN vLL LASKfl, thmeceaailv at rxtrscciun. Ltdm Uit most lul.ujraiabrttt IB society, oflet their Maliiuoaials m die wool atrial, as to iu efficacy. The tbiiitur ol the kv-muu foal >y a'U is aduunio'y adapted ici tcmvr Moth nun uervoos jrnmiis, sad Lr.(.a?tie operate* ua the toetb wiuii great oar. and cil.ty.' Tut Meit furs Anion. <aya " it make* tlir uwth _? all rnapecu ftiiMl lor tile." Ttu (fun tayi > Let. LasUr lias 0 mined Hi let eeiebruy foi his aaceUca; iniido of tail mat the -acji." i ik oaoat nuiutrat RitLueuirb ?i tha jriedienl potaiiy uve pe'ioanily .rido ail rncoi.iui. ua Li Castle's fast* for udibii the teutii. Tootu-aslie pilit, one if wHieb vui .9 U,* icr.isv tootji will etfeci a permanent cum i, ll oHEV'U. uujn ANGEL LALLEIMN dfc LA oAiU.'A, Ambassador axu HAiipulenlury i-auauidinurf, .i'< 1?U Dunn* itiutei if tloeeu oi rtrein, to d.c U uitto Si.iue, ct \Jj*i -tjtoo, do certify that i, u well as lunoy oi my I'r.juds, uate ku'it.u Dr A. V (iaol ua fur uiaty years, asu aucoessu tad aKilfni Leu tut, auuduut iire-euuueiit iu hu p.-oiesxiout tuwHiUa .lis vrortii, and tua U'lub a (iiuUctuau ol atricl iuti*Ii.y, 1 witn (ilnasorv rccoiuuteud bun to thvte who ai? rviaiie hi'aid ol i>r iiaxioai.l u:hm. i would aJsulucommevd uis tce!len:Cuui|iositioii foi 611iu eUi huvmc is insny Cases mil iu superior eilmuty. (smued.j A. LAi.Lo.KUA Lt. LA BAiU.A Or. A L. I .as tie relets to die uyauiub ileal-, cod utflisb Anbesenuors, >1. Wioskiiiun, tur eynsuu < Ootal, sear AOmiral iVaitOB. Lord .iioipeu., on. bref.aiiy, rot. Mss?b, Li. K. U. J.Suisou, i raaideai ot u.r Mfiiuai 'a jury. ? N. It.i Mra (ntterai (jf.iijei, J. b. beck, al. L ; Li. i. A. oibith, Li. E UeuJlalo, Lr. Buadie. Li 6oyd, Lt. iia .er, Li. J. L. LNNiau. i>r A U. tit?y>br?u Lr. J. l urry Dr. bayius, Lr. Wm Umyaoa, Or i/errtag. Its he. Clllee 11.1 broadr?a> miM lis oe Uiv ouiUlli'1 iii.iyuucuiiau.ueu oaDOoauiaiiy au ins el lice, it GutuiF atruet, two do.ira (rein Luatiiax Stx,.;i*ur> anmpe.Uuliy mforoied Uiat Lr. i.yroitt la a uaeuiber ol ulia Uuiteriity uf the city oi New I uit, uid that Ii. taa utaiauvely cublined b? uiactice from beiaa :<ec.arsl to the i tr.uia.aat if certain u. uuoa of dittauta (uow over eievan ye.ara in U.e city ol ills fork) wbicu euy-attea hu enure atlcBtioa. Tbe ..auaia a nieduiine do uot recoru greater auccaaa .ban u te be fuuad iu , 'us practice. The olector cautiuaa tin nalortaaate agaiuat .lie , isu oi iiiercory, aa it baa its ihouaand* of nclne* K cent r.iSa ,uv rt. a lew days reia vnd eutirely from the a/slam. ..hat you are jaaiciumly treated uy a permou legally qoaiibed. .do uot by preuouris an'1 quacsa, as tbuie are several ot iheut .utf.ncity. i'ertnos altlicieu with proinuctsd and iuti ornta cases oeeanot drspair ot bsins rvatored to neaiUi, by applying >0 L'r. I iorbiu. A p.actic. oi inauy years bsa emablialird lbs . u ctor'a repotatiou I. r skill mid itwiiecunbility. huricluren engage the Docior'a profound altcBtioa A tantieme ussy .m loud ' u, prnecut a certain rliseasn id auy ?t iu lornu ill 17 Im'ie . " FOB. THU FlLJhS, KLAO the following iiitertauug case mad naMv.' i eui* ol 1'iJes .Vlr J. 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J tnbeatisee, sad fteis an retara oi the aouipiaiut ; it at mWI J aiul aative eeir ae He was Uiurty veara ago, and altrdiwor iljli to that u eaalrwakie laavaajr, Lr. Gvwaia'a 1'u.fc r.oau rfasr. * Loader, di'v is only on-, ot a Ihoaaajae aiaiiar caaea cur?J by theaeina msana. ike Tila Kiectosr-y, aa iBbwcal r?m>df, .a .... ..,u_ ius nei doari ?!.u\ ? lUIti ?y mi ? ?? vmw -Syria* ?lr?*t. Ad viae nratia. Hrm-mber M Bowery. A?- -i?, . J E/WaiwirkCo, Ultra; i\ ?. Yil*h H oo. flymanae; L. U. 9?u, *oetnaur ; Colmt* k Co. ilaBalo. I *19 tin rtkw*ee ' TO THOSE WITHOUT CHILDHbN?A flU) , CREATIVE ELIXIR CORDIAL. * ("UCimtMi UMMTrv la nifiitu AOiano? i* tn*t of *1. M I J- OMomPKOt, ol 1'mj. He ha* aottrwy tplodnd uw f j r ,*i.T merited opiei <" D"' ?'?JMi/uf lacnrU ?tevri)iir . I n xniiiMt, (??c?v" indeed in ew? of malloimarion, wbicn i a II -*tt?niflT far ) Too mvaribie an.) miwihI iiiawci of hi* ,-,imr Cord.vl, in r?try laatanro, ol producm* that Ata* of t, aralrli wbieh iiwnit* in tli* wile |" rl ns ? muteer* ri ?,ho lor f *f* piued " cuildleaa lonelineai, lu?* tally c?ui> id the fart, tbM woal i? ortaliy t'vrard wrewaea* i? enraolr by i- (he ii3? of the Proareatirn ' "tir Cordial It it inullnoia ; in Mtarinl wcaktiBM. floor albw. debility, nicouMUi-acr, mcd r the varum* inm aomplamu *rieiL* fnm nmu, illua**, or I- inpradauM- lie grant and invariable rater** u ,u ncinnni* { r: datum. The faa??ol lina wondrrlui r.litir Caidial u wall ra J T labliahed. A *ai*of mora th-ui filly tlunuaad bottle* aud pack J I. taa la aalfiairat avuVuce ol ita nceHmcs and the naumaiioa m a which it ia nolrt. it la ptAuaut aim agmaolr to the vuu J The nndoranrned ia tha oaiy authorised ag*nt ior lb* cues J Winn tH a Dottle. foi tha aouTac inner of those residing ont of tha city, tha m jfiedinuta aonijio*in* tna Elixir Cordial ara pat op in paakagvi Tor IroumuaiuB by nail, with fall ilirecuoa tor preparing. Fnce ol pack a** $5, making three bottle*. All letter* man be postpaid, uddirn tnd to Or. b. A. uLV lAU, b#xt*. N. Yorkrity !. ml# lot DktVY *ia Other i#B Liberty tl I, - , II aa?w? I I.m . . ? PUBLISHED DAILY BY JAMICS UUHUUN BBNIIKTT, N. W. CORNER PULTON AND NASSAU HWAl'd j fMe Ntw Yon* Hkuai.ii?A daily paper, itaued every* tao niiiK of the wank?price two cam* pnreopy. w.ubr ' _ ubsnriveri famished at the suma rate, for any apeciiie period, ~ on 1 remittance in advance ,No paper Mut aaleaa paid iu id- , ?aocn. i, Th* VYekkly Hikald? laaaad every Saturday taomncM i* tea o'clock?price an *nd a miARTia carvTa per copy?:' oislird to eooatry aabtanbari. at SI li par aasara, ia Win- .< I. m at the tame rata tornav apocidc onriod. Co>*?aPoiro**Ta if* raqaeeted Io addreaa tkair l*t i t? itMAi lunitT, Kropmtar.ui* UMeraal1 ' 'wiAtl?WIIIB k*aaw(yaaf. ii

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