Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol. X., No. 103?Whole No. 3733. To trie Public. THE NEW YOKK. HERALD?daily newapeper?puh Ui'tml evory day ol the year except New Year's day and Fourth oi July. Price J cent* per copy?or $7 16 per annum?nosU^'s paid?cash in advance. THE V/kLkLy HERALD ?publiahed every Saturday morum^?price centa per copy, or M W per annum? p jh.uuiw paid, cuab in alTance. AbVEKTIkiKKW are i wormed that the circulation ol the Horald i? over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing last. It h,? the largeit arcuUtion of any paper in thio eity, oi 'he uiorU, an J u, therefore, the best channel for kuoineoo eu- t in tlu eity or country Prices moderate?cash in advaaiii. ? PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate prici'. itjtil in the moat elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, pHoruirroa or tun Ilicn^LO Eitabliikxknt, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. PLEASURE EXCURSION TO THE UPPER LAKES. tdSaWfS MS The tVISKONHAN.Captain H Km'l?H.f wi'l l???e Bifilji oa Moujiiy, ui? Excmaion 01 I'li-uur" u> the I'pper Lab's, visiting nil t.iu import tut 1> 101'I (lit I uk*? Kite, Huron ud ftlichi Km, including 0"'?u Bay Ample tine will be afforded the paas'uct'r. fir viiitisg M.iiuac, Ure"n B*y, Miuiton Ivlitcdi, Mflwankie It.icine, Hotuhport tud Chicago; l'>e l i t mentioned pla.'e on bei reluru uu Turtday morning July Pit). The 'V' V.osa'tu ia the largest boat on the Western Lvkes?and it (i o|?||L>d by u powerful low omatant ejgi e?is new, add it fitt?-h- it i * tli' modem style, wit an n|i|iei aabiu eotnixised entirely f suite rnmns.anil la lilted up and furnished ei|ual to any . boa: iu D e world. 1 food H ml of \luaie will accompany the boat and every ? ' tion will bj Divle to aaaUe the passage pleaaaat to lltose oa ocarl For paiaattn a id to 8. CARD. 123 Broad at New York. K 8 PKOdSKK.W Tier. Albany NORTHROP at HaYWARD Rochester. IIELST'?N kEVANS Buffalo. lll'BBY k HUOHC8 Cleveland. IIIUV k LEWIB, Detroit. Puff.lo. Mat 2*. iMt. ju3 SSt*m FOR BOSTON. VIA NK IF PORT AND PROVIDENCE FARE TO BOSTON $2 60-NEWPOKT AND PROVI JfcNCfe 21. The new and aplerd d Steitner HHCJjJE AND Ctpttin Thayer, will leave pier JLmmmmJrni^KmSn 1, N R.. on Taeadaya, Tharadayt and Ktaru?;>. .ino'clock P Vt. Kii* 'might or Daasege, apply to the Captain, on board, or 22 Broadway j.b 6mrc Al.HANY IMV I.INK oc7 o'clock. A V1 . jSSjWmk F?r Albany ami Int-rrnei'iare Landmgr?The aeSKJRpC >iiinuMliouj?te.iia' ..atoOUXH AMERICA, Capinui M. 11. I fpeadell. will will leave the Toot 6lK?binaou tiretl. Tuuaday, Tn'iraiLy tad Saturday mornings, at 7 . o'clock. jl rc If?" FAKE Kr.UuCED -O FOR BOSTON, VIA N-CYVPOR1 AN DPROVIDENCE ' FAME TO BOSTON 22 iu ' (DECK FARE $1 50 ) , NEWPORT AND PROVIDENCE ?l. 1 .-Mg The new. ap'eudid and faat ateamer NEW CieejStyU#? JERSK*. Captain R 11. Fury will leave rhe rlffii i Vnbnwr | i loot of Barclay ttrert, (earth tide) 1 hit AO.rucou. at 5 o'clock. Tuesday, Jnnn llth. 1 Regular days from New York, Tueadaya, Thuradaya and 8atunl?yt. kroin Provi.leuce via Newpi.t, Moadayt. Wednesdnya <ud e Hilars, immediately after the arrival of the ttca 'boat train font Bnatou. Tli- New J>raey <aa new beat, hat largeand extensive cabins, a Urge nuer er of elegant state rootua, and ia fitted up in the be?t. possible reau ier. For p.ata e or freight, npply to S. Bennett, at the office on the wba f m!2 3m*rc PEOPLE'S LIKE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. aRaR'vCT /gffl DAILY, Sundays excepted?Through Di- i rect, at 7 P M., from the Hiennbuat Pier be nTtra? IrwiiiijK i tvKwn Coartlandt aud Liberty street*. i The. steamboat KNICKERBOCKER. Captain A. P. 8t 1 John, .vlondey, iVcilueaVny and Friday evenings, nt7. Th< nitwnboat IIl)0HESTER. Captain A. Houghton, on Turner, Thursday end Saturday Evenings, at 7. At Fiveo'clnck, P. VI.?Lauding at luteimediate Places:? 'fli? Steamboat NORTH AMERiCA, Captain R. O Craueuthn, Muiday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, at 5 l*. vl. ' The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Won. H. Peck, Tuesday, l'hmsday and Savor day, at 5 P. M I'^ert takiu* ih,? luie ol boats will arrive in Albany ia tmrle i irce to take the Morning Train of Carn for the oast or weal i I,re-Til?above Bonisare new and substantial, ore furnished i with new and elegant State Rooms, and for speed and accoinmodatioua are uu rivalled on the Hudson. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Sehultv. ?t i the the a?l>arf j In re | I'LEJeuN I A !? CHEAP *.X< UHSIONB SI MMER ATtRANGEMEST , NEW BRIOHIVN, PORT R1 HMOND. (8TATEN INLAND.) It NEW YORK FERRy, Fro:a Pier No. I, North Mivr, foot of Battery nte* jJk&i-i'b JOt Tl\- riti-ammmt CINDEREI.LA.wiI1 run *"!<: M follows, daily, fro"i May 20th to October )' rt ilr 1844 '?Leaves New Yuik, at n and 11 o'clock. A VI , at 3H,6 and! P. M. Leaves Port Riehinood, at 20 minuten to 2, and 10 minutes U> 10 A. M.t at 1, 4* ond6X P. M Leaves New Brighton, at d and 10 A. M.; at 1K> "> ond 7M P. On b'uudav?I.eave? New York,at 9and II A. M.| at 3,6 uu! P. vl L?ivt. do't Richmond, At 20 m<nutea to O.anil 10 A-.vt.: I at 1, 5 ami 714 P M New t O'k. Mav 13. UU vryll fm?rc si;M v... H AK:'_AN??:MENT NEW ARE AND NEW YORK. \ L aw.' Civil v I'll ci'.MTl THE NEW AND BWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAiN JOHN (JAKKY, 1 arflSd*'*'" sjN On anil aft.-r Monday, May 13, will ma a* C. lT<-.>?JsfoHuwa:-Le,,rf Newark, foot of Centre at, at 1 ??<- -:>,< i L'| A M. and IK P M. Leave New York foot of oarctay it, at 10 A. M and 4r. M. _ _ On Hobdays?Leave Newark at A. M. and lr. M.aad N-w York at 10 A. ivt. and 4 P. M. 1- i ;;i earned at very reaaonable rates. May Kith U44. ap4re Taw i STATUN ISLAND i&Zdfa&L FERRY. Ou a il if er Hutarday, June Lt, the Boats will run aa rot lows ooUl fn tlii-r mice: LKAVE BTATEN ISLAND AT 7, 8, 9. 10 11. A. M? I. 2. 4. S, 8. 7K P. M. L'AVE NEW1 YOltK AT G, 8 * 9, 10, 11, A M .. 1. Z. JK 5 G, 7, P. M. N 6 ? Al' gondr ihoiped must b? marked in fall, and are at t hr rltk line wnrrs thereof. inlrthe NEW YOKh. y 'jffi 8CHQ0Ltty'a M>>^NTA1N the foot of I !o jrtlajt. street, daily rd,] at 8 o clock. A. M., bv It til road from Jnner City to Mor riit e;a direct, without, ehanga of Car?from thence b, Pes: ( ijt's i ro .sh 'loudhiun. heater, ^cli oley's Mount-tir. Pan Oolden, Washington to Eeston At Washington a dailt I:intersects ! and Train tJelriderr kor seam apply to J. 11.LL, ut loin Patten's Commercial Hotel, 73 Lourtland street. "? B -'.it'-ij furnished at the shortest sotice, by appi'in. to N *4 HI Motr'st.iW" nptlt) Him*re , TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC. r & M.Ml i fuTlMtTOER JiRHjlNGEMEN~? FOR 1S4* f T " '5ub*ciib. r. having completed their anangemests, art row P" pared to bring out fosarwgers from Great Britain ?nd >. Ir '<od Py tbo follow lag first class packet stHps, one of wbieb will leave Liverpool on Uie 1st, 6th. 11th, IGtb, 21st and 28tn ol each month:? .. . P..!rio!t Henry, New York, Sheridan, i Virginia, Liverpool, Camoridg*. Montezuma, S'.ddons, Oeo. Washington. i HoUiuitoer. dolnmbas, United Stats*. R, icius, Ashburton, Knsland, ' Ku.npe, Steph'n Whitney, Rochester, Ind ie"-.i!eace, Yorkshire, Onm. k, Se.niiiel 'lick, Uneer. of'he West, Oiford. , Certificates of passage can be obtained, andevery information wil be uli- u to those sending for their friends, c-n application at either of our offices. .... fn,., ,tl lire: areil nn rbe onetime of nanvatiou. to for .v i ?i , uieogera and h*jr Ingggo to Albany and Troy, and Tia kmc Oa ?I to di.lfal", and all intermediate ildcaa. To il' tier's I t.h Cr Lake* \i i h.a ego ro Toniito, Port tio[>e, Cuban, Kiogiton, and all ,wiUof Canada Well 1 t r;? t> 1,,? via Whitehall to Montreal and Quebec, Planadi ,.?tV'iOlro Cmnl IVom <leavleud to Portsmouth, Cineimuii, tu"l i t.'rtrte 'lute i loco* 1 South \v. it via I'll la.Jrloliia to Pit'aburu,Cincinnati, Loon filic mil ?!' on the (fkio (liver to 8t. Luuii, Mo ; and tii ali part* of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, llliuois aud Win nc us Territory. REMITTANCES. Korthe accommodation of pervou* wiehinf to ?eod more) to fh ir fri-iidi in tha (?l>'Country, IIAMNDEN It CO. will live L)r lit o. any lurtof England, Scotland or Ireland, pay.itie ?t itulit, foriom? of ?1, ?5, ?M, to ?iM?or in any ainouni to auit the |>u,chaser. OOTCSS AND AOENT8. ' Charles Craft, 120 Sta'e street, Bolton. B. 1 Wh'eletjllni >n Bnililing, t'rovideucn, R I. J. W. Ylilii, J wall ?tnwt and it Krontatreet New York. ' N. O. K' w rd, 41 8. ?th Third aUTet, PltiLd#i|>hia. Snndib.'d fc Shoemaker, 7 Light street. Balm-ore, Md. Pittbtinrgh, I'a. L.8. Littlajohn, II Kirhajne, Albwj N.T. 1 H Clark, 1M hirer inert,Troi, N. I. * UtiCa, N. Y. [ W.A.Cook Syracuse, N. If. p fi'Kli'iter, N. Y. W h Cook Huff ,o, N V. H kYzhugh X ' o . '.'inne. N Y. mlfir-c ~iI\N(i!'. vl.'.N'l S K( lit. lilt. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAOft OKFICIt, 1W (hue street, corner of Snath. tik Ml M m ' i'ME subs'-rtbei begi Inre to call the .mention of his frlnife and the i nblir in general to the following arrangement* for I 1444, h>r the {.nrpoae of bringing out cabin, 2d cabin, and steerg?". |iuac,.gtie, My the Regular Line of Liveriwol Packet!, veil , i.itf lw lit,GUI, 1 ltn, 11*1,2!?taml ZGtii III every mourn. oy . the Loudon Packet*, to iail tain New York, the lit, 10th and IClh?an! from I.union on Ihe7th, 17th mil 27th ofeach innulh. In ' ' luii 'on with the above, and for the purpo*? of afford ins ?'.ni Kirator Utilitifi to paaaengers. the ?ub?eriber li.u ei t?tili?l>?il a line of IVfit clui New York bnilt, coppered d-'ii r .pi^r laa'.nurd ihip?, to tail punctually every k < tluonahont the ynar. For tlin accommodation of peraon. wishing to mm it moony to thnir I imilie* <*J friend*, drafts are given, payable *1 eight. oo . Ihn following Banks, via rruviitrial Book of Ireland, parable at Cork, Limerick, Cloamel, Londondvny, , bliao, Weiferd, Bell sat, Waterford. ' Ualwaf, Arinnah, Athlooe, Colernu, Balbr.a, 7 r*lne, Youahal, KUuiiikillrc, M itiAvhna, Banbridge, Ballymcna, Parsouatewa, , L)?w n Patrick. ??""> Lnranu. Omvth, [ \J jntf-tu/?' ?, BrtUC.on, Kunfi, Htr il>.iu" Shi lie men, Mallow. Moneyiuere, Coorclnll, Kilrtiah, Doblm. Scotland?The City Bank of Maeaow, ? i^iftUinl?.Venn bpoon'r, Atwood 3tOo. Banker*, London; ' H. Nlurphy. Waterloo ltoad, Liverpool; payable iu ever* tow* it ( Britain koi forther informal >oc (if by lettm. poit proJ.)?pplr to J (J 8 k. I'll .McMuHHAV, too Piu ?trcet, corner of South, N. Y. Or Mwiri. P. W. BYRtN S3 St CO, Jb Waterloo Toad jOkm're Liverpool. ' ~~tA ' KtlR I'. A V HP-? Second Cm?Ihn * kfiyVShio OS KlOA, Jam-* Kranell, Ma*ter, will tail on UKthe lit of Jaly. ^'B^Vor.{TNcM,,,ir " t' i JJ9C No. 9 Tontiue Buildup, our Will and Water au. E NI _ NKW LINK OK LIVERTOOL TACKETB. T > MUl 110in tiew York on the 36th and Liverpool on me lltb ui reen month. & M m . Fr.oM New Yoaa. Ship KO8CIU8. Captain John Cnllics, 36th March, dhip 8IOUON8. Captain K. B. Cobb, 26th April, dliip 8HER1DAN. Captain t. A. Depeyster, 18th Mar. Hhip OA1UUCK, fcapt. B 1 H. Treat, 26th Joan. k bom livcrp?ol. 8hip SHERIDAN. Captain A. Depeytter, 11th March. Ship UARRICK, Captain V 1. IC fraak, Uth April. Ship ROHCIU8, Captain John Collina, Uth May Ship 811MON8, Captain E. B. Cobb, Uth Jnne. Thwa ships are all of the tint claaa, opwaida of 1006 torn, bailt in the city af New York, with yucb improvements as combine (Treat speed with o a usual comfort for passengers Every care hu bocu ukeo in the arrangement of tbeir aeeommodationa The price of twissais hence is $106, tor which ample stores will be provided These sbipe are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to tiive general selisfactioo. Neither the captains or cariwi of trie ships will be mspooiioie for any letters, parcels or pnekaga# eeut by thetn, unless regular ul,f ?of lading axe. signed tlierefer For trriuht or passage apply to E. K. COLLINS At CO.. .S South st..New York, or u BE <WN. SllIPLEY It CO., Liverpmil. hatters by the pael ru will be charged UK cants per single h?*t ; 60 crtiu i*r oance, And nawtiieper* 1 rent f*?ch in2 rrc OLU LING LIVERPOOL PACKET* m gL Ml Mt '[M^^uLD L! .^^j^ockets fi Liverpool will hcr^lierTr / 1 despatched iu the followiugorCer, excepting that when the I '"'hug day fills on Sunday, ths ships will soil ou the succeed I id- .lay, tix:? From New York. Kroin Liverpool i I ..e CAMBRIDGE, (June I July IS1 656 tons, ' Oct. 1 Not. 16 W. C. Barstow, I Feb. 1 Mar. 16 The ENGLAND, Jane 16 Aug. 1 756 tool, ' Oct. 16 Dec. 1 8. Bartlett, < Feb. 16 April I Hie OXFORD, i, July 1 Aug. 16 666 torn, ' Not. 1 Dee. 16 J. Rathbona.1 Much I April 16 The MONTEZUMA, .July 16 Sept. 1 1060 tone, '.Not. 16 Jan. 1 A. B. Lowber, I March 16 May 1 The EUROPE, Aug. 1 Sept 16 618 tone, '.Dec. 1 Jan. 16 E. G. Furber, April 1 May 16 I'he NEW YORK, (new) (Aug. 16 Oct. 1 850 tone, < Dec. 16 Feb. 1 T. B. Cropper, (April 16 Juue I Hie COLUMBUS, i Sept. 1 Oct. 16 700 tone, i Jan. 1 Feb. 16 (J. A. Cole, i May 1 June 16 The YORK9HlRE.(uew) I Sept. 16 Not. 1 1050 tone, <Jan. 16 Mar. 1 D.O.Bailey (May 16 July 1 These ships are uot surpassed ut point of elegance or cotr'irt n .heir cabin accommodation*, or in their fait tailing qua tie* > any vessels in the trade. The commander* are well known a* men of character and rapei-ieuce, and the stricteat attention will alway* be paid to promote the comlort autl couyeuience of pataeuger* Punctuality, aa regards the Jay of tailing, will be obaenred aa heretofore. I'he price of paasage outward ia now fixed at One HnnJred Dollar*, lor which ample store* of every desoription will be provided. witn the exception of wiuea ana liqaert, which will oe furnished by the stewards, if required. Neither ch captain or owunrs of these ships will be reaponuola for any letters, paresis, or packages saut by them unless regular bills of ladiug are signed therefor. For freight or paswSe, apply to GOODHUE It CO, 64 South sL C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burling slip, N. V. I?9tf and of BARING. BROThfcRS <t CO.. ?Wl. THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. r!9i just .tst j&L duffiw SsSSL SBB&L Js3K T^atl from Ne^Yoinist, and fruin Liverjiool 6tho^ach month. From Sew York. L'voul. New Ship LIVERPOOL, 1156 tons, j^ ? Feb. 6 J. Jbldndge *' ?ct- 6 V. ship QUEEN OF THE WEST. ({^7 if,1 ? 1350 tons P. WoodnouM. "J ft* J New ship ROCHESTER,850 tbns, (?3/ 2} 4"!''1 S John Britton (fell Deft 6 4hiP HOTTINUUKR, 1060 tons.J} ^ < IraBurs?ly, jNov'r 21 Jan y 6 These substantial, fast sailing, first class ships, all built in he city of New York, are commanded by men of eaperience ind ability, and will be dispatched punctually on the 21st ot at;' month. ^rneir cabins ars elegant and commodious, and are furnished an Ji whateTer can conduce to the ease and comfort of passeu<era Price of passage, $100. Neither the captains or owners of these ships will be retpoalible for any parcels or packages sent by them, unless regular 1 Jills of lading are signed therefor. For might or passage *Pl>lv to WOOTH3n?t.l.Jk VfNTirRNB. ? u 27 South street, Aow York, ? riri.nii'M RRnttit'PK s r.u 114 ee Liwnon MAR.sfc.iL.LKs Liwfc. of packets. $k M ML ML The undermentioned ..hips will he regularly dispatched (nun voice mi th* 1st, and from Mtnrilki nu tb* 5th of each month luring ch- your ai follows:? From New Vnrk. >1 arseilles, VIINKllVA, Cxpt. F.rowu, Dec. 1 Feb. i I'll Kail OX f. Capt. Mynclc, Jon. t March 5 l'.tk THOMPSON,Capt. Sylvester, Feb. 1. April 5 HELLESPONT, Capt. Adams, March 1. illay i ;OHIOf.ANUH, Capt. Htilr, April 1. Jur.el They are all coppered and copper faltered, and liaieesce!I?nt .cconiniodaliou* lor passengers. The price of cabin passage will be $100, exclusive o( wines mil lienors, Oootls addressed to the amenta, BOYD k HINCKKN, will mi lorwarued free or other charges than those actually paid. For Irei*iit or passage apply to LAWRlf.NC.fc k PHELPS. I0J Kront street or to 1 80YD k HINCKKN. Apeuu. nlCr Ns I Tontine rtiiildinirs. TAPSOUTT'b GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. & Mm m ARRA OKMF.NT8 FOR 1S41. The sabteribers he* to call the attention of >heir friends .and he public generally to tti.irsuperior arrangement* for bringing at passeugers from. nud remitting money to all parts of I'.ugl* d Irclaud, Scolliud and Wales THE NfcW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, COMPRISING TUF. GUEEN Op THE WEST, liSO ton*. THE KHER1DAN, 10C0 tons. THE ROCHESTER, iooo tons. THE GAI(RICK, 1UM tons. THE HOT'i'l NOI.'EK, 1000 tons. THE ROSCiQh, 1X1041 tons , THE LIVERPOOL, iISO tons. THE siL) ON8, luofl tuns Sailing from L'?erpool twice everv moa'h, and i'HE UNITED LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, lemposerl ol sntierior first class American packets, sailtis ruin Liv rieiol fun times in rich month, ere the shim in vhich those whose passage may becngaeeil with the aabscriliee. vi11 come or in aud it is a wrll Uirowu f'Ct the above named ncket.i are the most munificent ships afloat and tht frei^ncuc> ' I .ailing, (beingryery five davs) pi?esll the p?si;ibnu > , >f passtngers neing unueofisaarily detained at Lirerpooi. lie mi leas of expense, in order t? met the want. of the pnblir nil the wi-.hes of their Irieuds, Mi. Win. Tappscntt, one of fhe gone to Liverpool to superintend the departure for tliu uiuntry of inch persons whose rassngs may be engaged writ, he subscribers, a f?et, which to those acquainted wito Mr, W. r., is s sufficient guarantee that they will receive every stteuion from him. ana be quickly aud r.ouilottsbly despatched. ( hiisditi those sent for dccliue coming the passage money will br promptly refunded, without any deduction?es asuaf. imu at tignc. lor any amount titrable fire of discount or any iuwr tun'**, m ovary principal Iowa in England, Ireland, 'Couaoil and Wilra Apply (il OP latter, poat paid,) to *? * j. t. T.aPBCOTT, (1 Peck ilip, J*I WVI TAP8COTT, Liverpool. * t,rlI~0'' JLD E3TBLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. <1 SOUTH 8TREET, NEW YORK. m ml a ransaaecan he engaged fxomLivcrpoui bv the following sp,eu id paean ships comprising the Old Black Bail Line of Buckets d11inti under , From Liv Tpool > The ship COLUMBUS, Captain Cole,on the 16th February. , The slop i ORSSIIIKE. (n"w) Uuley, ooi the ;?t March. The tin)! C A MB 111 DUE, Cant Barstow, Itiili March. 1 he ship E V'il.ANU .Captain Bartlett, 1st April. The ship O X F'OKU, LaMam llathlinne, ICth April. The ship MONTEZUMA. Caption Lowhrt, 1st May. . The ship EUROPE Captain Karber, ISHi May. The ship NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, 1st Jane. In addition to the aboreiuperinr shipa, the suhscritier'a agents ' rill hav a luccmsioii of Ant class American ships despatch -d, custoinary, from Uiver(Kjol, every four or fire days througl*lit the year, lo the diflLrrul porta iu the United States, by rhich passage cau be s cured at radurra rates. I'hoae sending or their fronds re'idi g in Great Britain and Ireland, uiay rey thai every care wii! or taken to mak* na*s"ng? a an ecm'orible as they ceo reasonably erpect. .tnd should heiu"-i,g it ( ot conie out, tha passagrmoney will lie promptly rvjoadni. Drafts can as usual be furnished payable at 'In National and 'roviucial Buiks of Ireland and luaich s; Kaelrru B uk i.f , cotland and branches; and on M'sara J. Ball, Am ts Co., linkers, London M-ssra J. Bariied V 'lo., R.inkers, lon-rool, which are payable throughout England and Wnlrs For urther particulars apply (if by letter post Paid) to , JOHN Hr.KDMAN, 61 Sonthsir-et. near Wa'l strret. . N. B Passage to Liverpool and Condon can at .ill timet be , uiptard by tha regular packet ships, I for Liserpool every , va days, and to London eu the 1st, lOlli and 30th of each mouth i application aaalniva. jllec ) m "m" i .NEW YfTRiv AND HArTnTTACKKTH. lerond Line?Tlse Bhipe of this line will hermfter leave New : uk on the lit, and Havre on the 16th of each mouth, aa fol- t yvs.via:? ? Faot Nxvr Yoai. Knew Havre. iew Shin ON F.I DA, I 1st March. 16th April. Captain J 1st July. 16th An rust. James Fuuck. f 1st November, f IBtli December. P>ipBALTIMORE, I 1st April I6ih May. Capbuu < 1st August. 16th September Edward Kuucv.f 1st December. I 16th Jaunary. Ihip UTICA, 11st May. ! 16th June C vl'taio < 1st September 1.16lh October. Frederick H witt. r 1st Jaauary. i Iflth February, few ihin St. NICH LAS i 1st June. I6rh July. ( plain < 1st October. . 16th November. J B. rail, f 1st February. 16th March. Theaccommod ions of these ships arr not surpassed, com* lining all that m y he required for comfort. ,Th? price of aaj tin passage is $160. Passengers will be sopplied with ayery ro- < imsite with the evception of wines and liquors. I (?< <\!j intend, il for th-*? v.wae!? will tie forwarded by tha sab uribers, free from any othir than the 'ipeiieee actually is* < lurred on theiu For freight nrpnaiagf. *W>jyto ( BOYD Si tllNCh EN, Agrnte, JelVen No 6 Tnr.*?? Miii'dins roc W ill ind Water s , t?1C UNITED LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS} HPyV-l'aeWt oftl.e O h J.I.. I'he ?nl nlld, fat tailing !UNll4.'..t favorite parli t shin V AZOD, ' .plain Ja.. as .V biay. will sail < nil-torll as-h we l.*r regular < av. 1 e tammino-'Mians of this ship f-.r cabin, s COnd cabin, nd aieemgapassengei-i, arc vei y superior, and the iitic of |??i\re it rtrf low, (or which .it th iiUinh'-r wii. Hu icnit^d, arly application should b? m $?! on botid.foot nl W-h itrart, ? rt? i W H J T. TAP*' OTT. jtUtoU rre 71 llonUi it, coruor Maiden Laur. : w Yt NEW YORK, FRIDAY Ml PASSAOE FROM GREAT BRITAiil AND IREleAWD m. m. M. BY THE BTAUTTbALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. i [Bailing from Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every month ] Pwaooa wiahiug to aeud to the Old Country for their frieuda Mil luakti tho neceaaary arruugemeuta with the aubacribrn, and I J have them come out in tlna auperior Line ol' Packet*, Hailing iTTim Liverpool punctually on th* 7th and IStli ol? every mouth. They will alao have a firatrate claaa >f American trading ahipa, . tailing every tlx dapa, thereby atfording weekly coiunmnici- 1 lion from that port. One of the firm (Mr. Jaraea D. Roche) ia _ there, to aee that they a hall be forwarded with care and deepatch. I u Should the pnrtiue agreed for not come out. the money will I o* returned ta those wbo paid it Iwre, wstheut suy reduc- ? tioa. v The iSlick Ball, or Old Line of Lirerrool Packnts, comprise the following magnificent Bhips. rix r rheOXRORU. The NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBl's, r El?ROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. 1 With such superior and unequalled tnaugernenls, the tab- v cribers conndeutly look forward lor a continuance of that support which hu b*ru encoded to them 10 many vno, for which v they ire grateful. 1 host* proceeding, or rem.tting money to their relatives, can at all times obtain Drafts at eight for any amount, drawn direct oa the Royal Hank of Irnland. Dublin, aleo on Messrs. PRE8COTT, OROTE, AMES St CO I Baakm, Leud.oa, n which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their i Branches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ire- . land, Scotlandand Wales. 1' ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO. li 35 r altou street New York, h oil door to the Kaltou Bank. N. B.-?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this I' port for Liverpool ou the 1st and I9lh of each mouth. Parties ( returning to the old country will find it to their comfort and >1 advantage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in preference to auv other c ~ ? m>n haiTiTa~ii anii i.ivvbihiii. ^ The Royal Mail Strain Ship CALEDO- a x24MHREZ|Jfc NIA, E. (J. Lott, Coininandrr, will leave IV Boston for the above ports, on buudiv, um^^^^^^fcus ICth iust, end the ACADIA. A. Eyrie, Commander, July let, out. 9 Passage for Liverpool fill). |i Passngefor Halifax id. ft Apple to D. BRIUHAM, Jr.. Agent, !' jeBtolSrrc No. 3 Wall street H iiH*j.Tgiim>M.i.?Mi invi syTT n Die.?Persons about remitting money to iheii C yXj.JWt.ldfcfriends in the Old Couutrr ceil lie supplied f( with drafts in sums of ?1, ?2, ?:i, ?5, ?10, * ^^^^ ?00,?50,?100, ?1000 or any amount, payable 1 on demand, without discount, or auy other charge, at the Na- " ttoualU-uk of Ireland Provincial Uk. do, Messrs J-'s Bult.Sou ([ St Co.. Bankers, Loudon; J. BarurU A Co., Esehance end His- .. count Bauk, Liverpool; Eastern t.auk ol Scotland; Or-euoca Banking < ornpany; Sir Win. horbea, Hunter St Co., .Scotland; I" and the branches in every post town throughout England, re- u land, Scotland and Wales, which drafts will be forwarded hy if the packets of the llth, Kith, 21st, a ut 2Sth, or the K0y.1l Mail , steamer sailing from Boston oa the lath 01 June Apply to " W.k J.T. TAPSCiJTT, ti At rheir irenersl liftiuirriitlirr 70 AnitK sir?? -t corutr of .vlsideu Lane. '[ N.Q ?All letcen from the country mast come poit paid. " jarc vt PA8SAUE KHOM J'.NuLAN I). IRK'.ANI), SCOT LAND AND WALKS, VIA LIVERPOOL. H THE subscriber has m ule unequalled arrei icraeut* a] jS*TWfor bringing out emigrants thin year, 1844. Those MkMllEaseudiiig for their friend* would do well to apply a: ei the eld established packet office of si JOHN HERD MAN, 61 South ?t e< N. B.?The shins ol tliie line no .v leave Liverpool every live i, day*, and dr.'lls can a* usual he famished for aur amonut. pay " able at all the principal banking institutions throughout tne H< cited kingdom. sptdv as show*. m!l re {,<&{> KOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular I'nrsei IT MMRffVof Jtilh Jms-Thesp'endid packet ship U\llKtCK, H iMMllfeCapiaia Xj. H Trttik of 1U88 tous, will sail ua i, above, liter regular Mf ,f Kor freight or passage, having accommodations uu-oaalled VI forsplcudor or comfort, appi> ou beard, at Orleans wharf, foe in rf Wall street, or to ' E. K. COLLINS Ik CO. ? South st 1 Price o f passage S108. l> The racket ship Roseius, Capt J Collins, of i 100 tous, will vt sue.eeed the Uarriok, and sail the with of July, ber regular dav m28tojo36rc ' OLD BLACK h AI INLINE OK PACKET*. ' sll^CS^eK"(?et LIVERPOOL?Pack tolihe 6th .one?the JMMBEwP'.cket ship ENGLAND, Captain liartlstt, will be w dr,pa< hed as above her regular day. ft k or passage, li ving u is'utMssetl n-cominid ttinns, apply to >| JUHN HEKDYI I N, 61 Month street N. B ?The snbteriber has nne juaPed airsngmnet t* mad.* fur Ci the bringing out of easterners fr?.n Great Br tain au I lreiann tl oy the regular packets sailing every five dava Irnro Liverieiol ?. at the lo ?c?t t ilea, and <Iral,s can as uiual be furnished for any amount, parable iu all toe principal towns, without any " chaise, throughout England and Ireland, oa application as !j above. jUoKCc q. I1LACK BALL, OH OLl> LINK. OKLIVKH. e< tfj^yPOOL rAC K tTS-KOK LIVKftrOOL.-IWguiar ai prated met uiliuK puchetship KNOLAN l> Cupituu S *8.111 ' ! c, will positively toil on Monday, 16th June, her regular y day. it It i? well known th;t the England is fitted nut in a very superior maimer, wi(h ev. ry convenient* that ran add to the I" comfort of lh<>?e inbarkii g._ Persons piooedi.ig to the cL ci uutry, will find it to 'heir interest to se.'ect tin % conveyance. i(, Kor passage pi tab n, 2nd cabin, and steerage, a' p.y on lioaid, lout of Biekman street. or to the tu) senile- a, ni KOGHfc., BROTHERS (St tl" ja7to'T rtc 3i Knit mat.n-atuo-ir to he Kuiton Renk. ;l| rtoadt- NK'?V LIOf l'A< KETS hntt 1.1"- ai I'l >0 L?I'aekt of 3i*t Ihup?The splendid'new, r, jSBKMw'iuc! fivurn-r packet ami) HOCHhST' 11, lt'00 t ma iiurt eu, a,.t. J. Dritwu will sail oa, 2i?t June, her f'i rrgul-it- day. i( "for ship* of this line b.-iug all 1000 tuna and upwards per i, son* nnoul to einbuik for the ulJ countrv, will not fiil t) see ' Jm uavautagtu to < derived (Voni isleetlng tbia liua iu pro- " f-renoe to toy other, .is their great capacity r ode a tliein eve, j n way mor. c nnfortalle and couvniirut tnan ships of a ei v class, autl their accommodations for cabtu, second tabu, and , ate rags passengers, am well known to be auperior to ai.y 1(: others. it 'arsons wishing to srTre b'rlh* ahonld not fail to make r, -arly api'lication on board. f"Ot cf Bnrlmg slip, or u> W. a. J, (. TAPS |?1'T, rtl At their General Iassage <1, 76 South at'. et, r je7:o2l rrc tor M-.nln Lane, no -.tails ,;u KUll LIVERPOOL?The .Nee Line 'hnui .1 . c'?b(i> Packet 21a' June ?The l pnrior New \ ark buil -iiZsSuef tl-ct ?hip llOCHKS 1'ER, Capt Jaluj button, t m? I'Ultnen, will tan as above, aer regular day. Kor i ussivgf. Having very superior annomniuuali ns not for- 1 passed by any ship to port, ,uply on hoard, west side bnrLus hp, or to hi 'VOORHULL fc MINTUKNb 17 Snuthst lu i*nce of Passage gtliu. i he pat net stop tting-i'r, Cap, Ira bnriloy, UiitMin, .urllif.n, will succeed the Rochester, and .ail ?.u "pela lav. tlit Julv j -lltc2l rr Jl&ft; KOR L IVLHPOOL ? I o sail ISlli Ja. e ?1 l.e ijrjilns fut sailing ship k AZ'JO, Captain Jas Wibrny. KfilHa ~>ll l>-sitirely sail as nbnve eo. re .ht or |hls >ge, hiring haudseaie fnrniibed ?cc urn in il.iti us, apply on board, at Oilenna Wharf, 'n t of sv ail st, no t, K. COLLI H s CO. j'lOee M South aireet .A*- KOR LIVERPOOL ?1'h"~?r -ilkuoW" f<* n V!!%i''Ipip> k-t 'hip SOUTHERNEK, T. 1> P loi r Jkibrib >'.astei will iau Saturday, lilh malum, \,rathe. p. r lilting ' or pwgage, hiving very good accommodationa, apply otj >oird, cas'. aide Pick alip '<rt > VVOODHULL b MINTURNH, j llroli r.? u? lb "ili it n't takit kor nantko-hiw wtf.-th nwio wXna^V batq-n HUMA Capt.uu 1* itlord, to be deapaUhf ' . iMiilm ou or aioui tti l'lh matint For iw.ana iu 'he eibtn, hauila<'tn-i? fa'nuhed, apply to th 'h m.'uiu. ou board, at Pier No. 3, N. II . or to v. BOVD b HINCKKN ?f JeKtnll rre No 9 T.'iitin" Biililme. Wrilt aireet u FOR NEW ORLEANS?Kirai Regular Packet f? tRjMfVwitb Dinpaich? Plir well-known, Cm'. aailinE ahip MNMboalll l/A 11. Cu uiu liaaiui uid wl tail ai nhuv-. For ir.'lght, o. p** a*" >? the ?abtu. a-cood cabin or very inferior accommodation*, aid "rin< inderate " ipi lyr ou board, or to JOohiPH .McMUuRAV, ll niSflrc 109 Plua aimer, corne of H n'b if &??? *0~FR-liiHl" UK ?HAKtr,n-ih' ll Bn'ith b ii)it CLAUEN' r,, i'l auia* M irlin tJ. iMMRnt th- u '37 i ra regiarer. Will a?qie 31i0borr. lt? 0j would accept a Height to a^y port Brit i n . Applvto PER3.-K b UKO.JKS, " No 91 Mkery atree'. Ti,i- TAI'SCUTT'A OfCNERAL rASHAUE ()PICK?Removed I'ro.u 41 Peck ilip to 711 ? ulh i ''ornar "I "''aitlen laue I'eraoua deiir ilia to ac.i i I i hir f i-iiria hi the old country, coo by cnlliug on til- anna.- i " K'ra make the necetaary a rauaememi on tli- hi.hi ml> Uir- on- U anna. Mr Wm Tapanii b-'ing i i Liverimol. ie ,Jera tro. . i> icnug inch bunucaa with th-ni highly beucAaial to all Pari (J| vitlunu to hove tiirir friend* coinfoilauly and quickly de, latched. ' llrafia for auv amount, payable ,,n demand without any d.i ^ louut or my charge whatever, iu all the principal tuwna through pr ut I treat Britain aud Iroiaud. can at ?H nuu-a he oh aiueu on m , plicaiiouto W. bJ T TAPSCOTT, ,c At their Uen'ral I'aaanac Office, j mil re 7I> Si.uili at. oorner Mnnleo lane aatt oitriaii m7i?i i"m cork. water HJKrOIlD, DEKKY, COLERAINF, uelfahj. fMSStaNewr.. 0'Ogheda, 4te.?IVranua wialnin to eeiiil l?r " heir fi ieud- can nave th. rn bronchi out Irom in> of the ib ,ve li iOna in drat eliuia Amevican racki". l'hi|H, uu the moat reaiou- w .oietartna. aud .rithout then rtiiierieerins w.y uuuuccaavy i). ci. Mr W Ta seott, out of toe linn, w ill |.e on the i|Hit to gi?e liia inraornl itienliou to th- paiaenRe,,-i caee-' , ly the aubacubera or their tye,iU here, and (mryona u^ty reiy hit the wiahae and c.OHiforta of tboaa wn-a- paaj.igc may b. Kr ii(jaa??lby them wil? h?te all due m.l protier atteutiou hot no iartieulara apply, if by lettr.*, pont-pnid, to m W.kJ. r. TAPUCOTT, ,|? it their Ueaerai Pioaage Ofli-.e, 70 Bnnlh at. cor. Maiile., Cane vlu rs, also, Drafts iniy be tit lined, for tiinpe or aui.tll auina , atyihle on demaod, w ithout diaconnl or auy other eiia ge, ' he Nati.iual or Provi ir.ia Banka of Ireland, ar any nl then 'h iranebeaihronnhonT ih* Hill re ! . JA?. KOIt HALE?Tha b-iut fol Pleamre Vacm ra< rfjMVRENOBIA, Pilot lloit Itiyaed ol lifty two tour tAflkiibH'oir'heti, now I nig at Pier 4> F.aat River n ar thr out ot :/ >? r a re*t. Hh? ia well found in aaila ard riyginii a.ol :lt erv oth-r re.i.ect For further pirt eulira apply ou b r'.oi i Captain JUIl.N H YER, at lofuW.Aveiy b Lo 7i.9W.i er ., itrnct. ''S lw*rc j"WlNfcd, 0OKl";TXLS, AND L'ltliHliltVli.Ti. h' Napoleon couutin. i??h Fuitou ?tr?et, laionni th- 4t I.U'.liC that b- li?a r-< eived bv rhe late ahipa f on Fmuce? 10 i ha,her? Chahlls Wine, ao c?lcbr,ted by him 91 cn-ea Chainbelt n loo baakeia (.hamingne, of varioua branda. 10* biaketa Sa'.ud Oil at 1 lot, ammed rI I'&toi tu D< F' i-a liraa. ol Hlraabnrr, with TrnlHaitif Terigord, of ,,, d.fl'ier.ti Vera ,,, Trnfllea ol It rigord, io bottlaa, bslf bottlea, boa "a, made an . VII de Chsinpagne et la Haivnata, by the f iinoiia I he- ''r v< t from I'ana, P.ifr..?iged by ill li e conr a "f I nn p o And aleo lor aale, a1 hia atar-. Clertt bonleam m in nana ht.f caaka h'. caa- or per dov. u, B-rg iudy, Ch .bh, .'himb-rtiu, Voluey, Pommaril ate Kirah. Abryeih-, nd all kiu'la o Cordiala atd Liqnon. Pick'ei,. Maliuea. Cii.*ra, Anchuvira, Olirei, SwtetOil, French Vi -gir. Ol jelO Jteod*ec Ml piie hh:r hui'knn from Liverpool, win dia J- charge her cargo at Hie hrot ol Rector af.reel, No th lli*er. . Oinrig ie?? will i leiae ieud theii peliin.i on board the thi,, 'l' ir to the ufllc? of the anbacii -r in ju 3tr<: J. HiSRDMANf CI South atr>". u vto I'ICK? The pnbl.r a" canH ueil mlMUl l uir ? ynf i' ibe erew of Ilia llntoli ahip h I I', .ll 1! fro .. L velpoo , M j,| my druta of their coetraClihg will u t be pg.d by Ih ( at am c ir c.onaignaea. ,, jl) ItiQ J. UkRD.MAaN, 91 South atratl, " )RK 1 ORNING, JUNE 14, 1844 Vl<'lubur|(, [I'orrnpdiiiimrr of t Hrrtlil 1 ViCKSBimo, May 29th, 1841. iocitly and Faihion on the Miuittippi?Spring Ammemcnts in Vuktbnrg?Dvnlt?Deaths, 8ft . A\ Dkak Sir It is bo lung since 1 had the pleusure of addressng you, 1 scarcely know whether you will recoglise your old correspondent. 1 have inore than nice within the present mouth, proposed giving you i sketch of the events passing in our exciting and varlike city, hut they have crowded so fast upon >ne another, that I could nut up to this time find a Hunt' in Ttiui.ii oc-incu 10 promise a lermuiauoii 10 lie excitement. The month commenced dry and varni and to thia is probably owing the prompt net a villi which the spring fights commenced. The season opened with a combat between Manr Miller, the United ?;ates Marshall, and Major Junn, a gentleman well known in the South West, 11 an accomplished teacher of the principles of 1111itary tactics and sword exercise. The attack was egun liy Major Dunn, in consequence of some asersions cast upon his character by Major Miller, 'he parties were separated, hut met again and with istols, and uftur a shot from each, Major Dun >, who received the hall of his antagonist through le lappel of his coat,) made a vigorous use of his ane, with considerable damage to his adversary, t lew days afterwards, a duel was fought with rifles t fifteen paces,between Mr. Thoa. E. Itobbinssnd Ir. James Downs, in which the latter received a rvere wound in the right breust from the first lire f his opponent. The cause of this duel was a pubcation in the Sentinel, relative to the sale of sonic fty acres of the town of Vicksburg, which were wiedon by the Marshall, Miller, to satisfy a judglent owned by S. S. Prentiss, Ecg., for $800. The xcessive levy, embracing the best p rt of the town, > pay so small a sum, excited nearly the whole opulation, whose titles were thus likely to be rrnered doubtful, and elicited some strictures through le columns of the Sentinel. At one of the articles 1 the Sentinel, Mr. Downs, as the agent and te. relative of Mr. Pr> ntiss, took offence, and thinkig proper to ascribe the authorship of it to Mr nbbiiiH, sent that gentleman a challenge to meet im as die friend and representative of Mr. Prenss. The challenge was acce|ited?the parties met le next morning, and Mr. Downs was wounded at le first tire On the following day, Dr. Macklin, bo was Mr. Downs' second, attacked, in the reet, Captain Mickey, who was the second ol Mr. .nbbins. But Mickey, although he in lame man nd unable to walk without great difficulty, hanpeiii to be armed ns well as Dr. Macklin, and after a vere struggle, shot him in the abdomen, from the Recti of which Macklin died the same day ? lickey was examined and acquitted, having acted ilely in self-defence. These scenes of bloodshed, produced, aa you lay well suppose, much excitement in our town, nd led to a call lor all opposed to such acts of vio nce, to assemble at the Court House, and conlh upon some rneans^ towards a suppression or revention of street lights and duelling The testing assembled on tie 14th instant?it was nth numerous and respectable, and even those 'ho had been heretofore ena.iaed in hostile en ounters, joined their voices in behalf of the laudale objects proposed. Mr. llobbiua among others, rade n speech, und oflered resolutions, which 'ere referred to a committee, to form the constiition and bye laws in accordance with them. On re 27th the adjourned meeting took, place, to rerive the report ot the committee on the constituition and bye laws?but I am sorry to have to ty to you, that the prescriptive tenor of one ot tore articles of the constitution, prevented from scorning members, many, who with au earnest dere to prevent and suppress duels and street lights, ould not agree to lent! their influence to trammel ail control the. public press. It is to be hoped, owAn, that itie ?....wtit..t.?,n or ine SOCIeiy Will et undergo such modification, as to permit all lose who are sincerelv desirous of preserving the race ot the country to become members. A duel was expected Inst week between Mr. Al11 of <frund Gulf, and Mr. Hickey of the .Sentiel. The difliculty irrew out of some remarks in ie Sentinel relative to a third party, which led to 11 angry recrimination. The affair wan amicably ad honorably s tt'ed by the seconds, who have ceivrd much credit for their successful efforts in revent a bloody encounter, between two gentlelen, whose relations ha J been of the most lrieiid' and intimate character, Hnd who had served lore than one campaign together in repelling the isolent and cruel Mexican from that fertile pr<>ince, which 1 trust is soon destined to add her ine star to the bright constellation which illumes ie glorious flag of our country. The whole cor spomlence wan rend on the ground, and upon the unouncement of the amicable termination of the nntroversy, the spec ators, some humlreds in numer, by a loud shout, testified their approbation. Sa.nti ago. Punch.?We make n lew extracts from the !aai timber of our facetious contemporary i? O'Connixl and Kaia.?Though O'Connuil li.ii di'ni. d ling a writer of poetry, wo can authenticate the genu leness of the billowing n* uuques'ionably hit own: ? My countrymea ! Liberty culls von ! Hhe given you tin liish limal hint . Arise Hud respond to her watrhworn? " Be sure and rememlier the Hint." Your fathers have fought nod have conquer'd; Their names are recorded in print ; So cclipi# their bold prowes in battle? Be nr? and remember the Hint. Our hands shall be freed froin the tyrant, K.icli hero bo riclias the Mint ; What blessing* nnd comforts awnit ye, It you will but remember the Hiut. Oh ! son* ot this great, this grern ifiand, I only just give you a hint ; That I always will stick to ray country, If *he will but remember the Hint. Clkmcal. Inteli.ioc.vck?The Karl of Lonsdale, late ard Lowther, has presented the K?v lb nry Lowther to u trusteeship ot tlia harbour of Whitehaven. The adintagaiif having a clergyman to look after the interne* the harbour cannot be too highly appreciated, and the ivereud inrumbent will, no doubt, sreparathe sailor* r going nloft in the double meaning of the term. Sbntmanat anii his Kxphbitton ? A gentleman, 'ho ha-: jitht returned from an excursion oil the ILr ?.e, informs us that he was alongside the vessel which is ansportiug the daring Mentmaimt and hi* lollowers A< at tune she was ofl of the passes, and steering lor r all nations, but principally Spaniard*, and tliey wen isy t- 1?-htiiii< their muskets ami otlior arm*. Tint captain tin raMil told our Informant that they wor* Mntgrant* ithrirwayto Honduras, but nt the nine, iiltumigh ulimit tliut ?ucli tin expedition n* that el Simtmaiiat wn. i foot, lie *?w enough to convince him that tliey were iv thing but peaceful emigrant*, 'l'he object of their Miter i* to land nt Tobance, decline at once against the eneral <?overnmct|t, and by the suddenness and daring the movement he hope* to raise a revolution which will read over the department at once. Thare are a few ni eric an* among his men. and we learn that one or two ilitet*. who are attached to the office* in this city, bud a.le every arrangement to join the expedition but wen cidentally left. We ?hnl! soon learn the mere** of this >ld enterpriie.?AVe Oileant I'icuyunr, June 4. Fip.e j* Heterlt.?The Salem Mercurv inform* 11lint nt 6 P.M.. tin Tumulty, a fee broke out ri e cabinet maker'* shop ef Captain Kara Cllingwood Iiiah wa* totally consumed, a* vat also the heantirnl id apaciona dwelling house mid outbuildings of Dr Kit. *lge <V oonsidtvnhie portion ol the fiirnituie in the op was sated Los* not *tafad. Tfie first parish rn egarlonal meeting house|(K?v. Mr. Thayer'*) took fire veril time*, hut we preserved by great effort. Sateral the nioghhoring dwelling housvs ai*o were in great nger, but were preserved without anriou* injury. I as stated that the wif'of Capt. tiling wood win lying tvl in his house, when the fire broke out; ami that win n e building became endangered, a* it wn* very much, ;ng in xt to Dr. Kittredge'a, it I met me necessary to ru >ta thi body. Thiat. ok (Jov. Dour.?The ,Supreme Court met Newport on Monday, to hear the argument on e motion for a new trial in the case of Thomas VV*. Dorr, hadeleudant objected to three jurors; two on the ground their having expressed nu opinion, and one fur insutimicy of estate. The evidence hud not be?n produced our last account*.?Pi oiithnr* Journal, June 1'j. itKi.KiioN.?The ceremony of laying the corner one ol the New Method int Episcopal Church, niatrd en Hudson and Plain streets, will tiike place tour row ^Thursday) afternoon, at half past threeo'clork bv. Dr. Dempster, of New Vork, will deliver the a.less Itav. J T. Peck, principal of Troy t'orifjun.e -adamy. is also expertod to b* prasrnt, and |Miticipate tha axercisea.?JlU>any .hint, Jan* 13. Ohio llrvrtR.?At Pittsburgh, on Monday, the llivur h id four and a half feet of water in theehanA. American Fkkmvi in Canada.? fTo- 4'ti mn , ms truinine day m Upper Canada, the rnililin rued out i'i laige numbers, under their different Officers, the township of Markham, where there is a " Reform .soctation,'' *u Anvilcau P ig was hoisted during the glit, lint torn down nt day llgut by those wko neitlur l? the mynmiMr durOint ? Ot that body, nor tin igtiil int emblem ul the in, so injudiciously paraded.?Mot t'tui Mil, /mm II, IER A Town. [Corrttpotitimet of iht Herald.] Bloom inoton, Iowa, May 20, 1H44. Stand as'ule, Texas, Iowa's coming?Movements Trade?Tea and Talking?Wool, Wheat ai Weather. j. u. l>knnett, i^sq ? Dkar Sir:?Iowa is going ahead again. En gratiwn is pouring in here by bout loads, wag loads, and squads and hosts! The old counti are filling up, and new ones being formed. He are Wappek, Davis, Keokuck, and Mahaska ; i in the "New Purchase"?quite new bound ries established, seats of justice located, and !h and order reigns. These counties are in the sout em part of the New Purchase. The rest, a lar tract of country, is rapidly settling, but not yet < ganized into counties. On the first Monday in April, a meeting was In and a vote taken on the propriety of calling a c ventiou to draft a constitution tor a Slate Gove nient, which was decided for, and in October i convention is to meet at Jowa City and go to woi and when the thing is done, I'll tell you what looks like. Then it will have to go before Cr Kress and the people of Iowa for ratification, and approved of by tie - great and small, we are to eh our officers, which will probably take place o year from next August. 1 am serious when 1 say that emigration is rapid setting towards Iowa. From 1838 to '40, the i crease of population in this Slate was 22,000. T census will probably be taken again in 1845, wh we shall be found to number near upon, if n quite, 100,000. This unparalleled increase of p? ulation rimy lead some of your readers to inqui what there is in Iowa to induce so many to there. I will tell such, here is spreud out before a. meadow of tine grass, on which each horse, c cow or sheep, can feed and grow tac. Here is soil, which, when cultivated, produces every ki of vegetation, which the climate promotes greater abundance, and with less labor, than Yankee farmer can imagine, (setting aside 1 steani power.) The country is rolling, undulaiir ami dry, and well adapted to wheat, which will : ways he a staple product. Wr have sent forwa thousands of barrels of flour, and tens of thouean of bushels of wheat of last year'sgrowth ; and tlit will be deuble the quantity for exnort next yea for the crop never made a better show than it n< does. In wool there is a strong competition t the Hscendnncy over wheat, Hiid in five years will surely maintain the ascendancy Although much has been said and published < the beauties of the " Praries," writing to yon, s at this lime,?this beauteous, glorious, bloonu UlUlllll oi A>iiiyt I CclIIIMH MLVUIII itll t'.^irMlUll delight and admiration, which fills myauul to ov< (lowing, as it docs every human being, nud ev the beasts of the field, when, at this season of I year, they travel over this country, and behold t lavish bounties of real goodness and beauty win the Maker of the universe has bestowed ti|>on tl spot,?with wisdom and taste, with utility and e ganae, far beyond human power or imagination conceive. The great navigable rivers?the bri running streams ot water?dry, rolling, iinduluti prairie?the richness of the soil?the skirts of ti ber along the stream,with fiere and there a roll giove in the prairie, us if plained there for the e press purpose to supply man with that indisnensal article to assist and facilitate him in making 1 farm,?no, I will oot say making a farm, tor it do appear to me that the farms are already made a planted with timbet on one part, and sown wi grass on the other, and all they need is an occupai Here are GO,000 people engaged in agriculture, w have settled in Iowa within ten years, who occu just such places as I have described, and there room lor as niunv us there ure now in Ohio. Fi hundred thousand might come and yet find s, a enough, the next ten yeuts. Yes, there is room I a milht n. li. uides the farming interest, there nra tow growing up in almost every county. Thereort> i towns of considerable importance on the vvi bank of the Mississippi, commencing tit the cow ern point of the Territory, at the tow n of Keochuc Ard extending 250 miles, up to the town of I bu<|ue, the port ol the Iowa Lead Mines. First si/.* is Bur lugton, with a population of about 2IW Itubugue 1500; lllonmington 1200; Davenport I(X' Kurt Madison and KcochuckSOO. There are ma line towns in the interior, too numerous to meiou Iowa Coy, the capital, is tile principal one, eitt ted in the central part ot the Territory, about miles back front Kloomingtoii, having a large sir state house, uud is considered the permanent cation for the capital of the new State of Intra. 1 will close this epistle hy saying that the win whs quite mild and open, navigation having open about the latter end ot February, since which tii the boats have run thick and fast Thestcamboi are almost as numerous here as in the harbor New York. There are more than 150 eng-ged the Upper Mississippi trade, and their freight I been double what it was uny previous spre g. T river, two weekH ago, was higher than it had he lor Hi years before. The season, all hough qu forward, has been extremely wet tind cold sin the first ot May. Respectfully yours, Iowa. Affairs in Cuba ?Annexed are extracts Iron letter, dated Havana, May 25:? An order has been issued to arrest Mr Basil, editor the IJticn (N. York) Observer, lor some rcmaiks he mi list year in reference to the insurrection at Heinlnt. Mr Bush arrived at Mat an/, us about two months sn In very ill health, hut fortunately left tor lb" tin States a lew days before 'lie issuing ol the or ler. A few days ego. an Knglishman was arretted in 1 nnir place for a seditious speech ho made in the illy New York, two years ago. O'Donueil, the Governor General of the Island, ami I execrable Sains at the head of the Inquisition in Mtoai / together with their accursed harpies,are last piling up I measure ol iniquity. The storm is fast gat hen uii'l uireaiy iJU ?? near u* nnui nugs m me . Information hn? bet n received that a naval litres I l?een despatched Ironi the United Statu* fur Malar./.as, w the full power to bring the Spaniards to their ?i use* i? hoped the commander will have orders to wipe i if I tain now resting upon our national characti r hy standing full in tainnity and satisfaction for the arrest V|r Cross, some two or three yearn ago The F.ngl and French w ill soon he upon Spain for the outing"! c< initted upon their suhjacts If O'Donnell and his harpies were to he pttnishrd cording 'o their deserts, they would be chained ur> to wells of a prison, and there left to die with hungd wit tal le loaded with Ood'i bounty before them, hut Ireyc their reach Their proceedings with the negioes, iirr, rated in the late insurrectionary movements, u ntil I i to the blush the savage of our wnetetn wilderness. Mi than three hundred have already perished undur the w! during the process of examination I These proceedings at once disgraceful to human! and tb<! outrages committed on llriiish subject*, tog.-th with the flagrant tireacli el'good fnitti on tint part ol Hp towards Kngland. jn penuitting the occurs, d slave tm to he prosecuted, u ill aroti.c tue latter to ...t ion. For ?n I am prepared to set steps taken before the expiration six month', that "1)1 alter vary materially Ihe conditi ol the whole island. Important Decisions.?Two very important (let aioiiM Ituve jiust been prone tin cod by the Suprer Court nl this Htate, amongst a mimwr ?i nm vnj k" public interest 1st -Watdauis of the church of St. I,nu New Orisons, appellant, vs. Antoine tllatir, bishop ol t diacese, appellee. it was ls?r?m adjudged unit dec re, that the judgment ot the FAtrifh ( ourt lie affirmed ? costs. Our readers will pt*e?lvc b> this, that the Oish tins come out triumphant Irsnn this legalordsal. 1 q United States ot America, appellee*, vs. Hank of tho t ted States , other- interveners appellants, was herein adjudged ami decreed that the judgment tho Criminal Court he affirmed. O. R'ji. I.iviNn in tuk West?The Cincinnati A' hoists most llrtininglv of the good living in t Huron city, and we have reason to tlnnk ttitit they h well fed people in thnt vicinity. The Alius thus courses:?It is estimated that thu market tias been stippl witli one hundred hnsheU of lurk ? delicious slrnu h. 11 daily, tor three or four weeks pat t Tho raspberry h ti succeeding the strawberry In uhottt tbe same qusntiti anil the blacktierry will nucc.iuad flie raspberry in I prufusion Tltero are strimhoTry patch'* in the eei horhoml, containing above twnnty acres, pitltlfiited t' ingle individual; and gardens ol tho same sire dero to tho raspberry Those berries sell at the stalls in I market at horn IS to 10 rents per quart Thi vfurr standing dish on most o.f tho tables oftha wealth' n middle classes; and none so poor but what are more less supplied. VV'e have melons and penehes in g'l abundance during the serwon; and as for apples, we i f lengn the world ti> match us t hoica cuts of beef fell * cents per lb ; Pig or I'crk, IS; Veal, ft; Ml'tton or l.ari per quarter, Oft to 37 csnts Rouhkry.?Wm. P. Piuiiels, ?>t Lot-It port, h stolen from his tinnk on tmird the steamboat at between Sandusky an I l las viand, on the 3 1 ot Jur M.not) of tno money was of the ' anal Bnnk of l.ockpc and the remainder of the t'toornlx 'link, Hartford. A ward of is ottt-re! tor thu reeorsuy ot the money. (Ibkat llonftcRY.--Tlte Meanier Frolic tvn n bed ot mir whaif dny be;<.f? yrtle.-d.iy of b > HOC 1" I log to a passatigcr Th' clerk's office wit- pri I <i| an I the money token while -y Wei ?t hreokta ..'ml Saltln hi o -,s*d one nut i on su.picion by the ean Dull, who 'ift* i a hearing before thai mayor, waa corn tad to Jail lor fustier exuuiuati.n.?C't.t Cow. 1 ' **?. L JL ?. Two Cento. I)l*rovtry of a Singular PImc or Antiquity ?The Iteiiinlnu of the Celebrated IMrate, Cupt. Kldd's Vfhel. in On Monday we weie invited to inspect, at the id office of Mr. A. G. Thompson, Wail street, a piece oi ordnance, recently raited from the bed of the river, at the mouth of the race, u little above Verii blunk'a Point, it is of the carronade class, about mi i three leet long, capable of carrying about u 24 lb. ^ shot, and such as were frequently used on board of Venecia from the time of Elizabeth to the early part of th<* reign of the Georges. Jt his a large handle ill' at the breech, where it measures upwards ol three H feet round, and a heavy Mpmre sight our the month ; altogether, a very different instrument of I w?Hnr#* In iin^i! ii f i Iiifsphf 11 n i a* h- ! 1'here are circumstances a (tending this discovery K,. i winch uiav not he mi iiitereriiiig to many. Between | the years KiSW ami 17l)0, it may he remembered )r" i that the whole oi this coast was infrbted hy gangs | <>f d'-speraie pirates ami freebooters, or buccaneers, ?l,l as they were then termed ; and iione no much ,n. dreaded ea the notorious Capt. NVillium Kidd. He ru. was alike feared by alt nations, and u iieavy price Ilj?* WbS e'"1 upon his head ; so much so ihat England k. was obliged at length to lit out a couple ot large lt' vessels on purpose to capture him, i' possible. It was well known that his principal place of resort I |j' and reluge was Long Island .Sound; and here, in a ,tj short time, these vessels made their appearance, and Ilt. tlieyeitlier discovered the object ot tln-ir expedition, or he espied them, it is not exactly known which. Hy He ran his vessel close under Gardner's Island, in. where himself and crew loaded themselves with (j,. such treasures as they could conveniently carry PM about their peraces, and lauded oil the island, where ol u considerable portion ol their booty was buried, and lvidd informed Mr. Gardner, who resided on the rp Island at that time, where it was deposited, telling p,*, him at the same time, thHt lie must answer for it ug with tiis life when he returned. Kidd then set sail ,x up the North River, arid reached the point before .[ nienttoned, where, finding escape with his vessel ncj impossible, or that he could not procv ed further j? with safety, determined upon destroying her. The ? crew then, it is supposed, separated and .faltered 1)s themselves over difh rent parts of the interior. ^ .Shortly alter, Kidd and some live or six ot his gj' crew, crossed over to Boston, where ihty were r(j taken prison* rs. Upon being interrogated. lie inlorrned the then <uivernor <>t Muusachusetlbwuere lie liad deposited his booty on < lardner's Island, observing r. that only himself and Gardner knew where it lay, IW' .ltd the Governor uent over pari i> s to obtain it, but or Mr. Gardner refused to point it out until be was J( perfectly satisfied that he was safe from the rnetinces of Kidd 11 rid bis associates Upon its rer)n covery and examination, it was found to be of upir wards ot u quarter ot a million in value. Mr. n.'. Gardner then received a receipt lor ihe n.tne 0* from the governor, which is Mill in the pouecrs>on ,r. of one ol the descendants ef that gentleman, Kidd p|l was further interrogated ns to what had become l,p of the remainder ot bis treasures, for it war. genelir rally believed that be had a much greuter amount, having but a very short time previously captured 11H three Spanish galleons with cargoes valued at near l,.l upon ten millions of dollars. In reply, Kidd, it is (() said, observed that whutever else there was went g|t down with liis vessel, shortly aftwr ibis, he snd n,, his companions were conveyed to England, where I,, they were tried and lound guilty ol murder and (1(j executed in the early part of 1701. x_ Several attempts have been made at different time* by various parties to ascertain whereabouts the remain* of this vessel lay ; and it is said that ^ some 26 or 30 years since parties were sent Irom Q(j Fngland to ascertain if possible its situation, in but without success. Some 10 or 15 years since Mr. It A. G. Thompson, of Wall street, whom we believe I,,, to be a descendant of the Gardners' previou.'y alluded t?, in conjunction with other gentlemen, sccured the land and Rot a grant Irom ilie State to search Vr for the remains ol this vessel. They, acting on (he ,.r traditions handed down front "sire to sou " and |or other connecting links, after some years' toil and e*[?ense were toitnnaie enouah to find evidence of ,Wfc having discovered the remains ot a vesse l near unto ?, llie spot where h i? said Kohl had daetroyod his. rst During their research, by boring and pricking, ibey * ,1,. have several times brought up pieceB of charred . A wood. This will in some degree answer to the account given of its being the identical vessel, it haj? ving been set lire to Furtlscr, the size ot the hull hi . us near us can be ascertained, is about the same ?.s m' that hi which it is said Kidd sailed; already it is , ' known to exceed 150 feet in length, and in other )lt respects as near ua possible about llie size of one of our forty gun trigatea. The hull, with the excea;t2 'ion ol the . tern port, is in a'pretty perfect state. It ,J," m supposed it was the ftern pari fhnt blew up after |() -tie was set tire to and caused her to sink sooner (ban nught have been expected by this daring destsT pcrado. e(j A gentleman of considerable scientific attainmentsof the name of Seigeant lias recenljy inventath ed a very superior diving dress, and under bis di(>l rection an experienced diver was last week emjM (iloyed to descend and more particularly examine . his hull, and the result has been what we have I,, in lore stated, nnil the raiding c>f this piece of ord,,M nance. The diver on ilns occasion also found jIr another piece clone to where the other lay of much Ci. larger dimensions, but which could not then be raised for tlie want of proper apparatus of t>iiffici?nt urength. He scraped trom it e>ome ol the rust w iili which it is pretty thickly coated, and upon applyii) ."S h chemical test thereto, it w us found to have come ofl a brass Run. Now it is known that Kidd'n uns were principally ot this metal. This hull lies ii about 25 feet ol wa'er, w ith two feet of mud ver her; not ui?ove two or three iods distant Ironi ir nw water mark .it the mouth of the race a linle ti.,ve Verplniick I'oii.t 'I Ins spot was lornierly ailed Point at the foot ot the Duiuleril .en>li Mountain, and answers exactly with all the uoie comet accounts of the spot where KiJd is aid to have set lire to his vessel. Whether there he treasure or r.ot in 'his hull rel' tins to he seen; hut tin parties who feel most uierestrd in ttie mailer tne iii.iiu diaiely iihout uiiiriR into operation the moit efficient means pes,ii ible tor raising it and lu-crrtaining; and if that is it; ound impossihle, to rt move its contents in detail. 1 ivinit bells and other apparatus, together with ll" ue assisiunce ot some able divers have b?en ohuneil tor lb is purpose. With the recent result of 'T itnilar expectations in respect ct the hull ot the Telcmcque on the French coast, and the recovery I the tr asures with which the was supposed to nr lave been freighted, wo are rather deubitul ot the i!i ?suit. However it will put the mutter ut rest. Vam'H or JiKai. Kstate in letter ' ii Livings'on iV Co , dated Puftalo, 11th in, ;iv?* tie tullnw ir ? : -The principal tan not property that n;curr?sl lien-in iiic all. inocn et >estenla> u.eiemade by "ir IC't't'lV M (;1 ?!.? li'.ll i.d I OIIIII,ITI I,i| IIHI.H i he property told wa? lint American Ili>-?l, now kept by (M .'r llodg. s. it u a* purch??i il ti) Mr Nathaniel Thayer u >1 By ton lor $>jl tioU. It is limit on !? >?-t .1 grontiJ, the il( i nt nf which i- ilnrtit 800 pi r annum. I com, Met tl.u i very capital nale. t> There v. an no lulling off in prlrM ftom tin- *ale* n ..!? in ! homo mug j itidatd u? (hit ??le drew to do?e thtimii nniloti 'l iin ii creuned anxiety to pttichuM. Tint to t ivir'? milii wii* lor cyll down. 'I he Kagl* I avion at Niagara V'al|?, together witblh# ;i- iniid itiou built by llathbuii. in 1KM, tuid upon which lie rn van about to erect the latitat public boot'' in II. ' iftorn n into! the State, *t its Hold to .Mr. (.', the well i> wiown profeanor o( phrcnn n ni irmtichnv J hn- propi rty 1, elongi dto the U. S. Bank, and brought fli,I 'u. .,i fcc.rorp ix South Car"MXa.?t'm rrajis in ihin ''I .nil tint (ilJoinii.K Dirtrlr'" wotjn<Jcr?tawl, (?. >? (h? Cam'* ' n lotimal ) |irnmiMi ? r ? !? rofnrn to thr )i:i t?m. ir? un lor " in la'wra Wo hrar.l of cotton Mooror on or.? plantation *? eorly na thr jotli of May. Til THK LADIES. M't.t.f, ! ' (JOI)KI'ROV ?? Hri.a W.v. corn-r I.'O-.irl piiori" I "!"? f. r 1 "fn lo rrnrw >rm rtI 1 M il II I 'I Win for I m. ii*. Will oil II r. tt nrir.e, tt a .'.ti c? M lor ' in. K "I St'aw Homirtt, Bm'ihx, "" Will. ) inlironlprirt, SlnWU. heart*, .MauilUr. lit hr-cy lt? ,,l ,il I in i. J'i ,iir >?l re irTr, i- -M " 11K A N I) T1! A N rl'AH K.-s TI' K LEST I A L * HPMHIE inmnnu sirr f ir arhool* n'i'l iinrr'ir fiiii'lnt, " ' I r, ? ,!i** f. r l."i?i?, lor talr ti v1'. Vnlr't Nm |. .| |.'?i''* ?ni 'it K mi'lt ?w Nrw Vo k is! tt r?. x it,. ,.i i.h. JTI (Vnit. 'iti. > 'i v !iirhnin?iit in now n? <1 in \ al? Kh i.l ..... unt I. ' th- rrcoriiim-iuniioi.t ot Doctor i rt?rr t III r- I I. t Ol'rt'ul. V r. H it ?:rnt 'icttw, n it nl-r> utixl j(. . oar roinmnr. tfhoola. Lrtlrr* ol n.ijui p, l>?*t piu4, wi o . iiondnt lo Mi t .1 wi'l r. <Vf tW'pitit to Br.rfnn thr Utter put of 11 lot monih, (Mt|) tod i-itrnioc* hit l?>*r(i'(,h* tnt S|ih-rr. 'i ' w.ll Ir ii- n thr It'll ir.AUn.t at >rw I iiliI jo, t.'oiir. oi im9 Irnmtt'rre I D"<^Vm.\v| i"|| P\NTRIK.H A !T\CIIF.U TO 1 KT I v _w it,, or without n.inr'l, in t li?,tili ami . | irt I 'thi /itv. OP?r 4 t'n?-mmr. ? rhin lliiriy or f riy m a | r W'thingron t'aia'V I rpinml * Uo, ihp- ?* or f-or it* I 'r* nrn inn or atcomrn iitAin] with Ui .ml AH 1 U li it I .rni Ir- a " rata Apfly t(i| Annxiimt Jit iv re " HAVANA SWl.AKS " iOrt Hfin WAV 9NA i(,M.?tini? nf Hrs'lit, )r/VJV |.n t ii^un AI nn 'n i , I'.t. 11 -1 ?, " hi Irt it1' ItkOUt 'oo* awl larii "? -r hi i sh I V n-'uh >-i<| off fi.r tnlr no t tlrln attir' .1 f ' " tt N. 114, (iroriuo ' II 4-x.if Hlnir 1 ml tm 'e FIRE w r>iiks, i-a t K i: n s, & c . ! FOURTH VF JULY, ?*<|? M- rkmintit i an-l < lip 'r .i r? i Hi I. w.'t nn-l I; t-? ihr. - aitfanMtO t - r I i' r ? n r' i II ' ' t , f ih h .1 ' II lit) . .1 It >1 '> 11 III' l,|l lint III lliftl A lar/r nil lit . t h iir ' c 'I I If. '' i-irrit. Knnrmbrr, thr tipn nl I. r 'I wo .Va . ui. )< Rhy nit .(oc?rit Mmil, wa turr remuYfd from II lo tl Lhttli-tr. jtllukiO

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