Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1844 Page 3
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ft?- ARE TOU TROUBLED WITH ROACHES OR f BED BUGS?A rare exterminator of theae noxioua ver mm may be hod at 31 Counlandt atieot. Or?- THE CONCENTRATED J? XT RACT OR BAR ' 8 APARll.LA, GENTIAN AND BARBAR1LA8,preparer d by the New York College ol Medicine and Pharmacy, aa <1 tahlished lor the suppression of quackery. Thia refined d an J Li,;hly concentrated extract, possuMing all tha purl i lying qualities and curative powers of the abnre herba is confidently recommended by the College, aa infinitely superior to any extract of bjiaaperilla at present befon , th? public, and may be relied on as a certain remedy toi * all iiseuse* ailing <rom an impure ?tu o of the blood. j ? icli as fcmfiiia, r^it-iheum, ringworm, I lutein* or pint , J?le?, ' leers. pain in tlie hones 01 j -ints, nodes, cutsreous eruptions, ulcerated sore throat, or any disease arising [ lrom the secondary effects ol syphilis or an injudicious use ni mercury. J Sol' in single Bottles, at 76 cents each. , " in Casts ol half-a-dozen Bottles, $3 60 " " one dozen " 6 00 j Cases forwarded te oil parts of the Union. <, N. B.?A very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers Otfice of the College, OA Nassau street. W. B. RICHARDSON, M. D., Agent (HJ~ MOTHER'S RELIEF.?The genuine sold only at 21 Coerilandt street. This article if olten the means of saving both mother and child. HONEY MARKET. Thursday, June 13th?6 P. M, The slock market recovered to-day full as much as it lost yesterday, ao far as quotations are concerned. The principal operation! were confined to the old Board ; the ' members of the new taking very little intereft in the ope 3 ration! of their own board. At the old Board, Long liland ' advanced 14 per cent; Canton 7 ; Harlem 8 ; Paterion 21; Norwich (t Worcester 11 ; Stonington 7; United State! 1 Bank 21; North American Truit 1; Farmers' Loan 6 J ; 1 Ohio li'* 2; Illinois 1}; Kentucky 6'a 11 ; Heading Rail j Kond .V, ; Vickibarg 11; and Indiana 1 ; Krio Railroad 3 fell off 1J per cent. STAt the new Board, Long liland improved 6 per cent; Hailerp 4; Canton 4] ; Stonington 6 ; United State! Bank I J ; Vldisburg 11 ; Ohio 6's I). The fall, yefterday. in itocki wai ao very heavy that many bean having cleared out their short contract!, havo become bulla to-day. One very heavy operator, who for a long lime ha* been bearing itocki, to-day became a bull and a very large ;purchaser. These movements and a recovery from the pauic J of yesterday, have had a very favorable effect on prices. It is amusing to observe the sudden changes that so often t, pass over Wall street. Yesterday every thing looked 1' blue, and to-day every thing looka bright. The brokers aru easily frightened and as easily recovered. The excitement attending stock operations is very pleasant while every thing goes right, but the first reverse changes the. whole complexion of the business, and many see nothing but bankruptcy and ruin in the perspective. ^Morris Canal Stock ia nearly defunct. Both Boards have passed resolutions, requiring a suspension of operations merely on the receiver's issues, but operators are afraid of any of it?good or bad?legal or illogal. The ob- A ject of the resolutions is, no doubt, to get up another ex- u citcment in the stock. Quotations for any stock cannot advance while it is laying still. It is only by keeping a fancy stock in motion, that speculators get prices up. f Large sales among the brokers soon attract street opera- ? tors, and after a steady advance for a few days,:the bait t takes and the victims are caught. The Merchants' Bank of Newbern, N. C , has declared 1 a semi-annual dividend of three and a half per cent. t The receipts of the Western Railroad Company since <i the 1st of January, 1S44, exhibit a very gratify ing increase. The greatest portion of the increose is on the [ transportation of freight. Rcccirn OF THK WcSTERM RaILHOSD. ' For 23 weeks eudingJJune 1st. 1843. 1S44. Passengers 82.374 101.634 > Freight, &c 111,683 129 269 p $173,969 $230,903 p For the week ending June 8th, Passengers, 0.773 7.882 p Freight, 8cc 6,763 6,002 $186,486 $244,767 Total increase from January 1st to Juno 8th, $58,282, equal to about thirty three and a third per cent. The ^ total receipts from the road for one week over five v montus amounts to $244,767?estimating the receipts for b the other three weeks in June to be equal to those for the first, and we make the nett receipts of the road for six j month? in 1844, $288,612 ; netting at the same rate, for 1 the year, $577,221. The total receipts of the road for 1813 amounted to $573,882, only about $5000 less than the above jestimate for 1844. The receipts for the last six e months in 1913, nearly doubled those of the first six, cn it is possible the last six in 1844 msy show a much greater Increase than the first six. The receipts in 1843 0 ware as follows Jan. 1st to July 1st, 6 months $229,46" 70 3 July 1st to Dec 31st, 8 ' 345,414 81 ^ Increase from July to January. ..$116,047 11 ^ Allowing for a similar increase thij year, the total receipts for 1S11 will sicnd thus :? Jan. 1st to July 1st, 1844, A months. ..$289 612 00 t July 1st to Jan. 1st, 1815, ?i ... 414,542 00 Increase from July to January.. .$156,930 00 a K-This will make the receipts for 1844, $733,154 00, j gainst $573,882 61 for 1843, or an increase equal to about c twenty-eight per cent. The steady and permanent im provement going on in the financial affairs of this company, is particularly gratiiying, both on account of the largo interests at stake and tho precedent that will he es- * tablishcd governing otheis in estimating results. This expensive road wus nearly finished before the public 4 hardly knew it was in contemplation. The immense * amount required to complete such a length of road was p nearly all raised withiu the limits of the State it traverses, l and the many difficulties experienced in its construction L wore hardly known until they were surmounted. We ? are particularly pleased tx> see the affairs of such a com- t pany reviving from the depression and difficulty they ' have so long labored under. This company have adopted a system of publishing weekly statements of their receipts, which we would strongly recommend to all other a companies similarly situated. ^ The annexed statement shows the position of the city ! d. bt on the 16th of May, 18i4. The sinking fund amounts to nearly two million of dollars r Nr.w York City Dkbt. I 6 per cent city stock, oi 1820 and 1829, pay- v able in 1830 $500.000 00 ? (1 > public building stork, payable in \ 19'>6 616,000 00 1 do fire loan stock, payable in 1001.. 600,000 00 <l do tire indemnity stock, payanle in c 1&89 374,099 00 r 6 and 6 per cent float lea debt itock, paya- , hie in 1 to 4 year 200,000 00 c 6 per cent water kraii stock, payable in 1848, 3,000.000 00 c do do do 1900, 2.600 000 00 A do do do 1870, 3 000 000 00 1 do do do 1890, 63 >,600 00 ' 7 per cent do do 1947, 120,306 oo * do do do 1962, 900,207 CO do do do 19A7, 980,499 OO Temporary water loan, 4, ft and 6 per cent, 1 to 3years 1,409 149 00 " Revenue bonds of 1944,4}, 5 and 6 percent. 336 700 00 Warrants on Treasury outstanding 130.691 7A ( $16,192,017 70 [ Less amount of stock in sinking fund as t followsl New York city stock of 1920 < nn.l 1920 $107,400 00 { Public building stock lftooo no J Fire indemnity stock 141,189 00 I Floating debt stock 100 000 00 ( Water lean stock 089.947 00 ? $1,362,486 00 Balance in sinking fund for re- t demption of debt 14,603 60 n B-Uuse in sinking fund ior payment of interest 49,947 00 ' Balance in Treasury 136,646 92 Amount of fire loan securities, 0 in bonds and mortgages and I property, being difference between stock out and investments of proceeds in sinking fund 317,100 00 , i now,/22 *i , Total indebtedness $13,333,399 33 The city government ha* lately *old aevcral large lota ^ or real eatate, the proceeds of which aro applied to the r linking fund. All the property in which the city haa any J interest ia to he aold, and the proceeds applied to thia < fund lor the redemption of the city debt ji The aale of real eatate belonging to the assets of t the old United States Bank and Commercial Bank j of Buffalo, commenced in that city on the 10th inst. Con- S ai.lei able competition prevailed, and judging from the annexed prices we should think the property sold, brought > all it was worth. The assets of theso banks, at thia i ate, < will realize better returns than anticipated, and go further towarJa liquidating the liabilities of the institutions dim " tho moat sanguine could have expected. ? Lot No. 17, west aide I'carl street, 34 by UAl feet, $ft" < per foot. I, it No 1ft, corner Ma;n and S. Division, <10 by 001 feet c including the bunking bouse and dwelling thereon, *0 3A0 Vacant lot No. 33, adj. 10 3 ft by noj, $107 per foot ' " 33, " ?' ioi < ' ? " 24, " " 101 ? 1 " 2ft, " " 100 < 1 < < .Wj t7 ? I.ot No. 10, corner Washington and .South Division, Ik by 00 J I set, $70 per foot. The aggregate amount of the sales ol property at Buf 1 fslo lielor.ging to the bu-ik up to the 11th inst.?second day of sale?was about $100,000. , ^ssssssssssssssessssBssBm, i 11 la Ialbs or liNU at thi Bboeebs' loiu, Bootor, JUNI II. 10 shares Concord Railroad, Ml ; 96 do llecding Rail oad, OA] ; 100 do do, 30]; AO do do, 1 m. b o, 3.5] ; AO do lodo OA] ; OA do do, OA] ; 10 dodo.t. W b.o.JA]; 100 do lo, OA] ; OA do Norwich and Worcester Railroad, Ad ; ISO >o East Boston Co., 1 m. b. o, 10 ; AO do do <lo, 11] ; ISO do lo w. a. o, 11] ; AO do do t. w. b. o, 11] ; A Weat?ri. Raiload, 79] ; 76 do do 1 m b. o, 73] ; 10 do do, 73] Balls or Stock* at Auction, it Boston, Junk 10. 17 shore* Boston It Worcester Railroad, (to be pa?d for his d'j ) 17] percent advance; 40 Western Railroad. 7Ua 1] per cent; 100 Concord Railroad, fHS]at).!]4<'or j <i; jo 'ortian.l S?co, and Portsmouth Raiiioad jOOu.f)' o r hare; 1 Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts Rail o?i 1, pee cent advance; J Boston and vlaine Railroad, lew, ior 15, paid; ACharlestowu Branch Railroad $87] >er share; 4 Boston and I.oweli Railroad, 30Ja30 per cent idvance; 3(1 National Insurance Company, $60]a60] per hare of >60; a Boston and Alabama Land Company. $*0O _er share; II Massachusetts Bank, OA per cent; A Eagle tank, U percent advance; 13 City Bank. 9A] percent; !9 North Bank, 91]aVl^ per cent; 1 Boston Library, 11. Old Slock Exchange, 5000 Ohio #'*, "60 100 SO Vicksbarg Big "00 do MV 50 <to Ik 3000 do 99)J ?0 U i Bank 9 000 Oh'O 7's 104 200 uo kV 00o Kentucky 6's 104\ 4C0 Rradin* R11 48 000 IlliuoisO's 49 200 do 47k 3t'00 do 49X 150 Nor k Woicssttr 55). "00 Indiana 5'* 45 650 do 5?X 000 Tennessee A's 10] 4il) do 57 ico Pennsylvania S's 77 t75 co 57 k 000 do 7<X 100 do blO 57 '00 do b20 77 925 Caiton Co 44 5'0 City 5's, *70 10( J4 50 do k!0 4? 00 PaU-.'sOu 81 150 do 44k 75 do 81)^ mo do blOAS 75 gtoniBKton 46 15 Erie R R 25 07 do 46)4 67 do 2?x .? dl . u 45 u Moh?wk R R 64 ?' '? i f m 127 225 HaileM K R 75 00 L Island K R 75 50 do 7.->X 50 do 7*X 250 Co 77 50 do 77 75 N A Trust 14)4 50 do 77X 100 Farmers' Loan blO 41 00 do blO 78 50 do b30 4 3 mo do 78 100 do b342 10 N Jersey 9"X 2"o do s3li 41 25 do 95 40 Mechanics' Bk 105 niunii uunrui Oflfln Ohio V l4 50 Lone 'si tad 77 0 Nor h Wor >3 55*4 25 do b30 77)? 50 do 5lX 50 Put -non >3 02 50 do 55 50 CaUtnll Co 43 75 do 5iX 50 do 42V; 50 do >30 51 50 do ?2)4 50 Keadug R 11 46VJ New Stock Exchange. M0 N Y?'?, Ml, cuh 110*4 50 Harl< m biO 78 1)00 Ohio fc's, >60 99S 50 do >3 7) 1)60 do mi 25 K lie K R b!5 26& (H)0 Kentucky G'i C?h 105 10 do 26 1)00 Illinois 6'* b 10 45 25 do b30 26 V; boo do 45 100 Vickibtrg BVf 50 U 8 Rank 9 25 do S?? 50 Nor tt Wor 56)? 25 Mnhiwk R R >60 67 51 do 57 250 L Itl tud buw 79 >5 Stoo-ngton 45 25 Far nirs'Li&n ll). 25 do IDW 46 300 do 42 25 Can'naCo 44)4 50 do 42S? 25 do 4t)i 250 do >15 4lfc 10 do 46 25 do C<h4l). 10 do b3 46,'? 50 do >10 <l)? 15 do 46 25 do b20 44 25 do 41)4 State of Trade. Aphis? Potg are in good demand, and prices very fair. Ve quote $4 '26. Pearls are quite dull, and prices very instead)'; $4 50 is the nominal quotation. Bikswsx?Prime northern yellow is in moderate re |uest, and sales for export ate made at 30c. Cottoy?Yesterday the sales of Cotton amounted to ully 3000 bales. To day the sales are '2000 bales, at full irices. Exporters and manufacturers aie in market, and everal parcels have been bought by speculators. The narket is firm, with an upward tendency. Kt.ot'a?Not the slightest change to-day either in prices jr demand. Hay?With large receipts and a large stock, prices|ire ending towards u decline. Common qualities are very lull at 30c Provisions?We have no alterations to make in our la-t notations The demand noticed in our last for Beef and 'ork is still continued. Whiskey?Diudge casks are still held at 23c, ami prion barrels at '23Jc. There is very little doing in either lercription. Rot. Estate?Tho following sales were made by aucion :? fo. 360 Broadway, containing 60 leet front ami rear, and 90 feet deep on each side $19,000 fo 67 Franklin street, containing in front and rear '25 leet and in depth 57 feet 6,01*0 so. 362 Broadway, containing '25 feet on Broadway and 90 feet on Franklin st 16,500 Pllllntlelplila Cuttle Market. Junk 1'2.?1047 cattle arrived. 697 of which were from )!iio, and 350 Pennsylvania; 497 went to the New Yoik isrket. tlif tmlance were soli] to the Philadelphia butchrs at 5} a ),} for iulerior to common, and 0 u for the e?t qualities Cows and Calves-290 in maiket. Sales at $20 a $26? xtra fold nt $30 a $3i. Springers $16 a $20 Dry cows >10 a $1A-t.'alvcs, sales at $1 SO a $1?extra $2 60 a 3 60. ,ive weight on the Delaware. 2} a3Jcp*rlb. Hogs?300 ottered?sales dull at Si a 4} cents?about l?0 eft over. Sheep and Lnmbs?1670 ottered. Sales at $1 60 a $2? xtra $3 25 a $3 76. HrlnUtoii Cattle -Market. June 10 ?At market, 310 bee' cnttle, 29 pairs working >xen, ? Cows and Calves, 830 sheep and 030 swine Prices?BeefCattle?Extra $5 75; first quality $..? 26 a 60. Working Oxen?We notice salts at $6.8, $73, $85, $30 ind one yoke extra $126. Cows and Calves?We noticed 6ales at $18, $23, $26, >27 60 and $31 Sheep end Lambs?Old Sheep ?t $3 n 3 25. L...nbs *t <1 75 a 3 25. His supposed tliut as many sheep as arn i > <orteil, or more, every week come in on the cars and in he steamboats. Swine?In conspqiirnce of a small supply at market, rices have advanced t to Jc. Old hogs at wholesale, 4J 5jc ; at retail, afije. About 120 head of beef cattle remain unsold at 4 o'clk. M. Tte drovers having a disposition lor higher plies, cleared the yard9 of cattle at 2 o'clock, P. M. Married, On Thursday morning, by the Rev. S. D Westervelt, Jr. John 8. Meter to Miss Sarah A Herein, daughter >f Henry Hopper, Esq , all of this city. On the 0th instant, by the llev George Benedict, Mr. Villiam Smith, Jr., of Islip, L I., to Miss Elizabeth iIanninii, of this city On Wednesday morning, the 5th instant, at Newark, J. J., by the Rev Mr. Bradley, Mr Andrew L. Wii.iams,formerly of Franklin, Ohio, to Miss Amanda Mr.issa, second daughter of Isaac llandell, Esq., of that On the 12th instant,,by the Hon. James Harper, Mayor, loaniLius B Archer, M. D , to Henrietta E. Miller, loth of this city. Died, At Illinois, on the 28th of May, Mrs Marcaret Coriell, widow ol the late Morris Cornell, of this city, aged 7 years. Long Island papers please copy. Passengers Arrived. New Orleans?"H ams'ip Alabama? vns J C Harrison, hild-rn a-d a* va?t Mis Lii>pii.o u. Mr? H'cbards, .VPs aid Ins,s Howard, Mrs VI P rinulet. Mis M C K?i nev, Mrs 8 Ld-n. Mrs E ()|d n, MrW 4 P<- k. lady, etui rni am a radi, Mr aud Mr? Hene 'I'rnd an and da <<ht* a. Mad?me <i irio,M*a?rs Bordi- Aine J P 8s rare. VV J VI L-an. -villia li t . h d I nrritiidr, A (i Hand. I. S L'u n*u. A 8\'|?, A B Tidal, K J W*l?h, L, K It cchus, H 8 O ? abe?, L !' i pl'ina", , 8 Tiler <? Tylei P B T I r, 1 h?s N Blab- K*sav. Thato-e, I T Alh-ri, (' Hurt. 8 Brown, Jrh i M tVyir, D B Mi aity, P Hons ?. \ IVl > chat, L Hiche, L I risk, Cap . in tucknire ; and 93 iu the a"e< ras? Sivannah?Brif New .Jersev?Wm B k'li'eheid an-1 lady, I V l.? !(,,,i t?.?ai.ric v l.le ... V,. ...a tail,. M . VI.,. hell a< d child Vlfi Friedman mil child, Mr* Hayw > il * d fiild. Mr* and M'?? Aoiteraon, Mi* Vine*, Vlnm L It U ink, it so.i rn, Clark, \ 1' Aud-r.oii, C S "i i i?. H diehard., )r C W SylrMrr, D Ar natron* I. Mi eh-I. T Minn-, H. Itevrnaon, IViaatara lliy wood, Whitehenl auil B.owu, and '? in entate MARITIME HE KALI). Sailing Uijri of tile Steam thl|i*. TliMtll. FROM IIVKHI'OOL FROM AMERICA. 'alciloiiia. Lot ? ? June 16 iciiln, Kyne-.-. Jnnr 4 I Ithernia, Judkln* June H ........ July 16 Iritanma. Hewitt July 4 Aug. 1 I. Britain, Hoaaeu Jnly 13 Aim t 'alrdonia, Lolt Ju'v 19 A'>(. 16 Icadia, Ilnie Aug. 4 Se, t I lite ruin, Jiidkit * Alia. 19 S | t '6 i B itain, Ho.keu Ai.g 31 Sept VI triiann a. Hewitt *"l't 4 ' 'ct. I i Siina Hotk-n 'Vt It Not 14 Ship Masters and Agents. We ahall eateem it a farnr, if ( aiiUinaof Veoela will give o Commodore Korvrt SiL?et.of ou' New* Sleet. a Hep rt >f ihe Shipping left at the Port whence they aailed. < lie Ve?.el* Ipokaa mi t> eir pa.nge, a Liitel their Cargo, ei-d any S rerun Newtpaper* or New* they may have. He will board them nuneoiately on their aertral AgruU and Correa|?ou enu, at maor abroad, will alao confer a favor by tending to thia lliee all the Mariue Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical nfnrmation of anr kind will he thanklully received. PORT OK IBW VOMR, June 14. VSRHS4 4 30 | MOOR RI1E*... . . ....3 22 US Ml HISH U Cleared. Ship V'len Preble. P?rkina, Charleatnn, '3 Wheelwright, lug* t'aroline. Von Higen, Angoatura ; Syria, (Br) Marie ?, 'ion u, T Wiuni- U ; Men. '1'orbieaon. ilutterd ,rn Bchtniiit It lalch.n; Sit'. l), Hio Janeiro. iVls'i It P. Hen ; |tab>, larding, Philadelphia, Buck k 1'ite a ; Amanda, Ami, lioleaton, Bre;t It Vote; L Baldwin. B?it#', Savann h lur.ham It Dunn; Nahmaku ta. Tuekrr, Kio Urrnde, WW 'r?tt. Heh* Harriet Smith. Smith, > aiau NP, J B Chappele; Georgian, Anderaon. Madeirt, Schmidt#c Bah hen; Sarah Ann. hieidion, ' hrlaib l| hia ; Aboteu, WhiUna-i, Bangor, Buck It 'etera; A daindria Lwiv Bal'imoic, J B (lager; C emly, lin,th, rhilade'phia, W J NLhie, Arrl real, Steamahip Alabama, H. VVn die, from New Oileaoa, to S ilerle I I'll ioat . off C pe Matter *, experienced a hrary N K ale, and laid to 26 honra ."hip IIo*e. S.a rh. 40 dtv* from Brrm*n, with mdte and parenueia to Leon hon i Co. Cat 43 JO W, Ion 4i I<> W, aaw ntich ice. Lat 42 49 W. Ion 47 46 am mm ded by ica 15 hnuia ?w I aiqne Lou *e, Moraion. ' 6 day* fr< m ve?|? rt. Walet, ritli iron to Bom man Si 'ohmton. Lat 46 17. Ion 43 37, aaw Ir brig I'noce Albert, of H tlifei, full of water, apara Handing p arrntly rtl ben in that tituiti in lorg Ba que Eliot, Watti, 20 daya from Ci-nftirgna, with angar t irder. Ur g New Orleaot, Aid n. r fBelfaat Me, 12 der* from fink* Ma"d, with aa'r, to Bailerr A I'rck?70(0 huah*'? *a t I'u.'l,r it Light1 lira. I.-I' \1 oti , W lire t, A? rj, for N.* fork, n 2 dt, the only v aa.l in pert. 10th mat. let 40, 12, loi I, m a tqitill f">m NW. c.rned away the lore a i| ni.nitnital|?ntn a?t; split all the tain carried away the f ,m .i.ai1 , aril t-ic Brig M i*. Ken neb I. daja from Harana.wilh molaaara t iV'ilnr. 1 kt North in Br brig I'.oboit A Ann. Ma'.her, 87 day* from Ntw ''aatle *n h rnrtte to Baiclay A Liyingat' n. Mchr t*elect, Johmon, 6 day* from Newbero, NC, with naral itrnre tn t> e maa'er. Bug Alice, Colby, 3 diya fiom Philadelphia, with iniaf.i nam, Brit New lertey, Browa.T dcri from Iminh, witheotten. to KM Dewitt Srhr John B?ll, Jaukiua, from Baltimore, with hidei, Be. hum tchr Hwhw, from Hartford, with ate. Below. Barque Flora, from Hernia, Alio 1 barque unknown. Marino Correspondence of tlao Herald. Ktu dk Jiniiio. April 25. In p-rt, M-gnitU. Williame. f ? U.o < f>r N York, arr llth *pri|; Lvdit An". Garw .oJ '<n <.< lor Pli l,dcli>hu. arr 4'al April; Aicnc, Philipi, fin and for B i>n v do; U 3 frigr'e Hit'it u. Crmooili re Turarr Tlx* U 3 hr ku-.r p it. . aa-led lor ih U A. r wav of Bah>a : od IVr. umbuco ?ou tee -l?r Apil; the U 8 eh p U<?:ou tailed on the 22d April for 3: Cuhariaaa. Mlacellui.cuu.<. The plot bout W St li llaKi'.ili boarded the barque Elliott. from New Uilnm off li-ent Keg Harbor The btig Kanaom, Kitclue,fruiii S vanuah for Bn-ton, wlii' li went to tea on the 3let, put back the ,.?it day ill diatriea, having iproue a Irak. Whalemen. Heard from, Jan f>, Albion, Jennry, FH, 2500 bra?had Uken 5 whilrsat th? Croarttaa. Drymo, of nippitan. <u perchatrd atuC'ion at New Bedford, llth init by L C Wood, of K.irhiv-n , f r ( 5 0 caah. KM Im ' aoturk't, Itili. Hy Clay, A in tin. Pariflc. Sid Bighirbor, Jtli, Kranklin Haliey, NVV iJoaat. Bid from (New Suffolk, LI, Stli, O nlleuian, Payne, Sooth Atlantic. At Bay of talands. Feb 12, Colombia, Kdwardi, 811 70 ip 430 wh bound to NW t'r-at Off Crozettea, Frb 24, Fheuix, Biiggi, SH. 2300 wh. Spoken. England fa New Cattle fur Quebec, .May 28'h, lat 42 35 N, loo 44 W?hy ihe llnae, at this p <rt Altona, from New Caalle lor Bay of Cliaiaur. aame date?by th* aame. Hull, tucdiog Eaat, May 31, lat 40 42 N, Ion 51 10 W?by th; aame, Duncan, Pt lohn fir London, Jan* 3?by the rmr. Clearer, ? for Boatou, June 13, lat 59 40 N, Lu 71 40 W ?by the name Smith Tutrle, 6 daye from New Haren for Martinique or Onadalonpe, June 3, lit 31, 13. lo"<2. ( J Prrrtire, Hopkini, fin Ntw Orltaua for Brrnieu,22.' ult, off Key Writ. Mariha Snow, from NOileam for Liverpool, 28ih ult, lat 21 30.1 n SI, * 35 Mil err a. Coming!, f? do for Cnwrs 29. h, lnt 24, 35, Ion 81 Foreign Porta. An. l-.a_l- tr: ?: ~ - ? -?im iun t i)?nii<t,jurn%Ti, anu j om raine Anileioii, f" r Ntrrk, nett da : PJanu, fur Neenort, <lj; Lucy, of and fin N Yrr? jn.tarr; D c anum for Boitoa. 'ahdknai v?y 27? In part, Mono, W luaiiu, day: Eliza Ul.ikr, IH^ Paha, May 20?In port, Ma-yAi.u, Tracy, di.T ITtli, aid Dell- Alt, Ul' on S I#.n. Montreal Jii * 10 ? Arr Civi'ity, Goran, L verpool; M??ipnger, Millar, lit. ( >. Lake Porta. cleveland. June Stn?Arr kire I railer. Bnfl lo ; No'lli An r ic?. Ho ; t inwcauo , do ; Co' Bp ton, dn; I rrnfn, do ; V1oli i?k, (Jaw ico ; i nnrroi do; OS W?ek?, do: I Dougail, ft Maiden \ Krim .hip Pi Star ley ; W Joy, m.ff lo Cld, Ontario Miner. Chica'o; EcBpai. Sanduaky; Naioteon, Otapgo; Cuinberla.d, ( h'cagn; Kininn, PlColburn. Home Porta. Portland, June A?AtrAgn-?, lluot. M*tanr.aa 10th. arr Hazed. Driukwater, Fall Hirer; David Piatt, Diiukwatrr, Caidenaa. Malhiu Juop7?Sid Colombia, Hindi, N Vara. wiicaiiett, Ju'>p 9?Arr Ca.'1da. N York * i.wKi.'Htfoir, June 11? Arr G-orge, I hiladelpni*. Salem. June II?Arr Sophia, Shepard, Para. Cld Tigria, FVk, A'rica Boiton, lu'e 12?Arr Vpotrcia Davie, Phihi'clrhie; David Crirkett, Wailawotlh, Mobile; A lowrmcr. Meeker. NYork; Purveyor T u v n rg y do; 9th Antil'ci, Sta'lev, ai d "'.anklin, B'vant, NYoik 11 legraiked?Pauctiiti, Gray, firm Poito rtic<; Briiiili Queen, tt?i)irom . Signal lor a brig Cld. Noble, Hri.wu 1'icmu;' aro'ni , Thomaa. Gibraltar; Victor, ' Imp. M rnniii'ie; La Grai kp, Fa-niinc p t John, n 1', hvl a, Titd -le, WiltninRii n, Ml; Lmli, Ni- knini il .itimoie; IV. I, Hardinic, i'r iladi Iphia; H"bt Walu. bunra do; lea u la. Clark, Sava"inb: kanip, rowell, Pniladrlphin; Wa> kineo, Cr iwp ', NVi.rk; My*tic, CI ur h'll dn; ( ntnrliv Hiillp t, Ho, Kn wa, L ivell; "nleod d, ore wpi', and bpiiJ Biyelow. It< d ry Rax r , do "tli-Arr ' livi- lira cb Hur.iioii, S viun.h; Bai ic. Arey. 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Bremen; Alibain-, Iriiulcr, lt..tte d.ui. D.tihd. Samuel 0 Abbolt, baiker New linen. cIdiiivton, Jane H?Sid Dally Miller, Hulsey, and Auguiiui M. li hoM n, \ York. OaonnkTOwx, SC. Jnn? 9-A-r Jalius Prinvle, f.ii N Voile. 7?I'reirinnt, Wood?idr?, fm I I'ort. fcp i 1. bound lo Buckivill-t. CI'd, 3d, Watchman, CUik, lorlrnidad;, Brown, f r Beru nda_ 4th. Patriot, Ottea, f>r Ft r Haven; Porto Ilico, Gray, lor St iHich.ieli ;, (iiai. t fur Fair llntm.Ct. CitAKLKtton, 7uu? 10?Arr Cathnrite, Tuft Ruaton, 9? Br l'i rtlind, Stalker, I.iteip )ol ^iUi Mt^lm .3 30, It n t * ><>, * be ih Kin I), Loatr n; LPinoo. Hobinion, At a \Vrit." l!Ar Comuiodcra t Br) Wiih-riek, Newport, wait a. Sava.nix im, June 6?.a rr Jolin Cumuuig, Thayer, N York ; \uyii?la. Li rrwoou, ilu; llokt Vlil'x. Oniing. ivl -bila iv'oBiLE, June 6?eld, Miitou,, fur i.i ?rpool ; Atluu'ic Maycoldt, Provideuce. Na\i Oklf.a >?, Juja I?Arr Gaaton. k Idiidite, Naw Vork ; Water Witc , Uupo-re StJatrn da Cuba Oluw, Lew.llyn, l)ucry, lot Matagorda; Max, btlirl, Campetchy. PA I UNIX H OK r?AA A K, AO. 1W9 J1SD IUI MKRCKil STREET, NEXT TO RLEECKJ&U. STREET. ^1 JUST AKIllVKD f hi Kich.itrr aiwl Cherry Jjmtt*4 Valley, b c<teen Fifty arid Sia;y lineiYoueg I>r?a?, ' T y i'tl ttliii-ll an* n-n ral |U'-rriOr Matth.-a, Pali A cud >e?cial very fait Trottert and a number of valuable Unit aud Family Hor*rs, and luiuble for the various pu'lmar*. The public ill general ere invited lo rail aud judge fur llieimaltaa. jit lt*re ' t)IVAN it UlLKs, Pro| riarnrt Dli. AHNOULl'D Office baa b.-au removed to No. 31G _Hr-adwr?. JM 3t?r?. TK \lk. JOHN MUCKL'lW, lately Iroiu Koglitd, ba in A. lb,a city, he would gieally oblige f e nrd*riig ail by a r ill, J14 3t*.c C. N. UOUGK, lu troldatree; LOST. YKSTi'UlUAV. between fa couth Farry and Mechanic'v banking ' aaocii fon J Wiuche-ier'a Nore of April 30th at f ur mouihi, f r $Hiti 73. favor of Henry Ba.clay, by hirn endorttd. au<t alto by tJ d,t St I o All peraons are heiery furbii tegociating tha tame ai the p.yinent liai b?e i stopped. ' plgate Ca'-a it at the office r f th: tubtcribrr, wlie.e a liberal reward will ba paid fi r ilia t m (iUlrtl At CO , j'AJt'ac _No. 4 Front atrri t_ T OST ?Yerterday aftarooou b't*tan Grand Aira't, Naw -La York, and Main Atiaet, Bru iKlyn, a Hair B.a el I. with c Id rI up a-d o-k-1, with lha iu'cii linn in meinoiy ul VV. U. W and K. VV ngravad ou ilia cl >|i 'III' bud r will be lib-ra'lv rewarJrd by raturuiug the tame at 1(9 V < rk it r*t, Brooklyn j 4 It re THK K'gul r M .ti n "I r ' SK\M \A'S Sn LF-dita.1 HriUVATION ?OCl> TY. wil't Uxplare f it rv.ting i . to Bapti t Bethel, con er or ' a liari'ia au-l Charr rlre ia, at * o'cl. ck i r. t Aaiv. Pin ctuvl atieAdaure it rr .u tteil J * M Ea ->TU. A WELL, In. t. JOHN V?L"LI.AN s ?Uir. ju iftc jLUMO HltA V 'M, NEW JBR.3EV. " BATH BUILDING-." (rolMOU IHItlHaw'l ) THH well-known an <i mg. t'nl ?mi t> tlii-g eatibli-hment I w ill ha open f?r ihe lecepion til vi. I !? on am1 nlier tie 2jih June i lal T r kuilno g< h *ve undergone n c-Hnple'e a hi thorough repair. n- <1 u-> eff r g *v 11 * pir-u l > m*i turn the ilv ir?" iv 1 ik'i reput. M.iu which thin ea.abli.hlueut ha a he * tol< r acquirid Th*iri e |i>r t-n>ruing * ill be J! p t w?ik of ihe former prire of tlO. child en ai.d avrvai.ta h%lf price Yni.g Ie |>le, not r quiring muen room. *i I liud nee minoilaii g term* The I'fime Ortu, Capttin C. P.-ice, fr in lie Fulton matin t and the ale-in?.r Miiewab > r?, Cnpt'in t-.orhri, f om the to tot Hi bi aon at , will e.cli mall < a ilglly iri|> h*t *een New V oiU and Loi g Branch Nngra will l>- m ic din< ?a upon th arriyal ?.f e tntr of me nkciie beata at Ihe Uce.ui llnuae, to convey o a10 i r? imini diatel,-to Long Ur.nch. Kare from Niw I oili to i.-ng Br inch SI. JAMK8 <JRn,e N. Long Branch, innn >1. 1M4. j- t lin*ru TRENTON FALL8, NEAR OTICA, NEW YORK. rPJIE 8L BSCK BEk ain unri i t the pnblie. that afhr an A al a-ure of two anions, he haa r'aum-il the rtire-t ou -file 11 | a: the above | laee. ' h. h me hat b en tho i twhly r.lurimlie I anil put in comp'e e ord> r, and he tiustl by 11.a alteuli n tO'hecmf rt of hit tto< ata to mer-l a ie:tiiu ot tin pa.image ao libemly I eat w U ou tuni in former vea a Jiti Iw iodta'ta M MOOD! '.. A~WORD TO TRAVELLERS! AH in?ny p? anna Have li g brtweeu Il ia I ty end ' harleaton, 8 0., a e at a toe* 11 know ? hich r 'ad io take I ler.n ttvl itneee and Weltne, N (J | would reina k li t lieBay route via 1'oitnoouin iailari e.lly Pielernble, at no y have leu i h ii ire ol b kg ge? pr> rent ng lova?t dr,ne uy.? nigl I a real a ter'he T titu o' railroad t av II 11. T e-ce.ery i f Ch aapeike B y la heamifjl, boaia veiycnmto t bl , an I otfi i"i g nlemail. and atoniive. The Purl in u li ri I'imd ia in g mhI order, and ih egeut and cnuductn leu-er verythi g com'oiieble. lu a woid it ! ihe oioit p pula* r> n'e. J.4 Ifac O .E WllO K OWH. HE' ONI) Ei IT ON. GODEY'S MAGAZINE, For July, 184-1. THE PIONEER MAGAZINE IN EVERY THINO?Nl) THE t. DV'S BOOK UMBELLISHMEN i 8 ? "porta of the Oldrn Time-A A-4 Hewn111ii I merr.virit, by W Wamer. The Noonday .nenl?A d< mesne iketch by D ck. The Kmptre of Man? Kailh, w trr, Ire, and air?an original design by t rootne Fashion P ?'e? Knur fienres C?l*THlui>TOM to THfi No !!?M-?. L H Hivonmey, M l.esli-, Mih Sedgwick, Mr?. Kinbnry, Mri. Kiln, ind * ho?l el i th-r* A bovm n Trek?It should be obnervrtl that lb:? Megsline di e? i ot ?d' pi ? common trek of its would bp riral? list of giving ?*tn? plute* and te -.dioir mett r in thei- Jaonary and Kehruarv number*, t" iadaee people to subtcribe, and then miserable numbers with plate*, e.ght year* bid, throng lout thr ! *' No charge made foretamtnirgaad comparing all the monthly m g r.i> e?, at Mn 2 Aunt House. Price $J per aunntn? Nun 25 cent*. WM. ;*l. CHRloTV, Agent. No, 2 Ai'or House. No* delivered to tobacr beri to any part of the city Iree ol charge, nr a nt by mail to any pirt of the United state*. ) 4 |tec INDIA t.AH iMKKK nil vwl.H, IU8T KKtlKIVKl) per llcide, from Cab utta, a tronk of ? tlamela' llair Hnawls and sc*if?, nmongat I hem one (plend ed lotg white thawl, whith will be sold c1 eap be JAMKM Ufchh It CO. jl4?t*ee 359 llrradway. RKAlt ANI BK WI8K?Cilitent una *rr*ngef* iw wantof imd.rsl aid ol a private mime wll find it 11 their a" int'ae t call and get the e<i?iee ? f the Pliy?i, tan and P' p ie?r of the Huntrtiin Di*peosa y, No 3 Division *tieet. gVeti* li? gte test len.edv ai d nblv thorough c ire that ever wo gnoss n fi t aeeret diseaier is a 1,1 only at this h?us -, vi*; lin t's It ml Drop? full dirrction srd a tteatue aeeomptntes sell till, prie* Otu dO'ler only, a^d wairanod < ure Krtry vitl >,f this medicine is |>*ep.rd by mier.f tin-ino t .dentei! n. diet) m n lit pv.and i* -lie ret u't of :if>y ye-t? choe spplieal ,,n.r'r?ri:n?i.t, ?n I etude; the heat* h uduudown by Dim tor John ilaiiler'tt the last centniy; a genllemni ttiat esrnlltd eil other* ol Ms day in tin* brain h of the medical prof* ion. C?n *tle in Albany at No. |J Orseu *trert?net to b- h*' in Buffalo. Jl4ll*rc | AUCTION SALES. = TlidMAS BELL, Aftenoaon. * S'vre Na. II Sprues street. Regular mlea of D.y Oooda, Clothing, 10I Yirirtia*, every I iiM F'lJv,. PI Tn. u>ual sal.-a of Furniture. every Wednesday ud Htlur ? m the ial- room. Out door luniun. and sale* of every d-scrrtou. rroperly i ru'l inonipi|y*iUi.ded ?, by THUS HK.LL ?, jeklWui Auctioneer. b, FKIIM Y ?*

Alhall lOo'ilock, v\ ill No 2* I'nrk How, by vino* of ft mortgage, T the entire Bar IIik.u, ao?' ntir r f umituie, tile's Ware. lie, ? in- e?i.ibluhi'i-..t, welt known ft* the Cornucopia je1! 4t?ni A AUCTION NOTICE. GRKKN HOUSE PLANTS. 'HIKES. SHRUBBERY, 1 ll. .?Will b-j'ild tt auction on Monday, June tue 17 h, 10 < '. lock, A M , the eutire eoll*?lioa of fctieen Hons* 1'lants, Mirob ery, Trees, (tc.. c onioned on I lie tre.nisesia Heiry, C lie r Atlantic street Brooklyn, known si Russet's (?ar.'?ii T e above conanti of a very f.ill variity in mo?t aicrllrnt C condition Sale positive. Catalogues n>ay be <>b' on fftlurday, or ou the mo uing of rale, at the office cf ihe 8. er.fl ( of hiugs county, ut my etor*. or it i'.i- < in-i'en J. W. 8CHUL1Z, Aoetiureer. C Brooklyn, June 17. j 4 It'rc A C. TUTTLE. lAuct'O eer. HARDWARE, CUTLERY, Hmr fuuisliiig artirles, Watches Kane. Woods. Stc ? J ACtIB S PLaTT Will offrr for public c untie ilioo. This l)ay, at Id o'clock, at ihe Ai'es Ro, in No. 71 I'latt strict?2JJ cases, pa k->gea and lo'a of fresh itrporied and deairable Hardware, Domes tc Goods, kaucy srt clei, Ac. , Al.. . .. -r ,-u- ?J > - ? I. .. r? Im.."'I ui mine mm ncarrt nuivr/ anu Forks ninl ('.iv is; ivoiy in s>ta and d un>; pa* mid pock, t I, 'J 2, 3 and 1 1.1 nl" common and I ' > kick kuivrt Aim, S'm ( bright Tra?* Chain*. Aim, 20 c itka American Hadirona wi'h wrought IlilHIe*. Al.o, n e Kugl th double b.rr-l Gun* and Piatul*. ( A1*.., 1 cat* mhly i.mlume I Freucli Soap, iu errors Alan, all I vo ce ..f fin* Sunff Holes with the p iiuail cf the a at dug Pie iile i' "John Tiler " " Alio xtl2>?o' lork, Wa g. Id. ailver and 1 fill, I. ver ,e,.,i e and hnnti u Watc1 e ? Go il Ch uut. Sic Ala... Hon e Furnishing Article#, vix : ilver a. d gilt 2 and 3 { In lit GiraiiJnlra, antral auU aoUr Hall L luteins, (Jut Glaia W re lie. Term',#m ui>?forapprvd paper. jll lt#ec ancient oil paintings at auction. , Lr V > ittjPOUNKR wiliellun S.tuidv etenirg, at T-i cl i. k, at IiI Dr. imw y a falnah'e collection < f aue ent Oil Piiiitiuaa, ju t ' ported If. in Florence, nining.t ubiih i iri in* .annul, p.cures H?le p.iaitive, the . wuer irtn.ul. g I /nit ili.i eK to For. pa It?- L it. S I ave 3iM) Ptintiuga ami S f00 Figravi'g* atpiivat* a.i'e. wnolei .le mi I r*nnil cheap for ea h. ji#?t*ic CH'MCF. PLANTS AT AUCTION. will tell on FRIDAY' MORNING, at 11 u'cli ck, 161 U-iartwa , ? tine ass.iim* t ol Caruitioi a, Hnaea . f varp u. aorta Pinka l ap* J taainit ea. I il.aude ? Geranium* and nnnv oth?r li e p, all i lieorder. . 0"-SATURDAY KVfcNINOthey wilVteil&u invoice of ' Ancient I'ait ting* Jual received fr in fc l*retc*. CQ^TIi-v ha.e 3uu Oil I'atntii g? and 3010 Lngravicgs at pii Tat* rale, atauc i.n p.irea je lll.'m C. S. SMITH, Auctioneer. BY 11. K- WILLAKD, Store 30< flroadway, cor. Dnane at. II. K. W. will give hia peraonal ntteutiun 10 outdoor aalea ol t Household Furniture, Dry Oonda, Orocenea, 4tc., for peraona | reli. i|uithii g housekeeping or buainea*. Hale* fettled in nil caaei na io..n aa the foods shall have been t aold and delivered I Liberal i aab Advnnces made, if required, on merchandize ol every disrription consigned f >r*ile. m21 lin*in ? WAN V K.I>? A Cniid t> Nnrae. by a reap, ctable Woman w til a fie.h bretti of m Ik. alie hav itg rnceutly Irat her ' child rlrase at ply at No 3 Lle.ui street, corner of < nuit, I'r." klyn jl# 'f j WANTf.u I'll P UCHASK.?A few dox-n .f tne r al McGineei'Uoubl* X Porter-it oust be perfectly fresh. /. I o eev.ral li inured good fresh Cyateis. Alio, a.11 e hmnirrt ol ih* he?t Irish Potuoei 1.'ave nam* aud number at the Office of the Ker'ld. jUlt* WA N I VI - II y i I oui n Van, it ol i..t mi n. I imc 11 in u. n. ' a I ri? ate la mil >?li <s b e i liv* >*d a in hit U?t p|*ce and can g've toe lirat of r-feren *a as to chararier, itc. Apply at No. >ixih Avenue, coiner of Wn.erly Ptaie. j13 2i* in "wanted: i A SITUATION AS TllAVKLLING CLLllK OR fv AGlNT iv i peraon of goodchancer, vtho now is poa eased o',in excel lent llone md Light vVrgon A I lie left'or A il G., at this office, will meet with ait'lition j 12 3t ec information wanted. WG. HOLT, who I at - il ntner wa> travelling in tht Weft lor Hi* li* lit of hit h*a'tn. He wili hear o( sum thing . > ma mivAuimr Dy implying 10 nif mo nrr ? Iriend, U..V1 1", 7ti B.trcHy s'ret. New fork. I A y iurnrn> tion ol lira W'll b? eery thnckfu,|v recieed t' ri lull t >. M. P.. by his in'titer, Isabella Holt jlJ lw*ui A < - A|11> Tl) Tiliy IjA IH ES 1 VF"NEW Y()ItK. MRS. MO ASK l"s(ectfully "if'rms her fiends and pitioua. thai h " 'i'nt Willi M dam Ke.hK - HO, 371 B.oadWIT || r -a on ihr 2Jd itliOut. after wine i period all' will ( o idsctllie llrrts M ilting depulmri t in all its brain Ilea onlnr ovin a nonet, at lor tesidence ai) Wliife strei t In orJ r tu ' I rev Tt di'appointment to tliuae L nliea w ho are kicdly wiring f r their drct'is, Mr* II. has >< cured a?reral of the m >sl competent hinda in the city to eyeru.e all otderi without delay. Ill ao.icit lilt a ilia e of public patrothtg", Mra M. be?i to obs'rre her style is itrirtly P riaian. ill it alie iaa ' reaa ruber of irr?f t iperie. ie, h'?inir attained liar kiuwlw go iu aeteral of til" moat fiahiourible e?t lihshineuU in h lirepe. I Mro M is jniti'ularly tliilftil hi di'KiiiiinK the iliditest iinpeilection in ihe ftg'i " ; her war'del under unities liar* siv.-u her vr at celebrity on b til aid" 11" ihe Atlantic. I N IS?Afiw itood towers will be ukeu as apprent oea. I j 11 tre Pvi" K :.f SHIP hohWh WOM'trVKllPobL?Continui."'a by ilirs th'P will r'raie teid tlicr lermitson board, at Orients wharf, loot ol Wall atreet, wilhont delay. All goods not permitted in five dtya muH unaroid'hly te sen. in oub ic_flure. _ _ J11 3trc PaOKkT blllP kttStlUB, Kit Urn 1,1 ye.itt'uoL ?Ihe nveraye h nd by this ship is now mady fur eikoaltim, ?t the Uoud Clerk's desk, l nstnn III,mo JH Jtic j A hi. 1*1" ii i;(> , 1,1 .1(1111 in-et. offee for tale on ' lib* tonus Oiled Silks, light colon; Bush's white -nd h'acn, ail sizes; llair Tius, and other Front li Fanny (.foods J 11 ll*t-C FiREWORKS!. FIREWORKS! ! 0>' rrny description and size, made of ihe b st in'teria's, andhysbi.iul wo kineu will be sold as cheap ay any otior li.i"r ficiur r or vender ra tlie cuy. All Works iu- wr.anted. F'trss'e, by W. it K. DAcLAtitl, j lloyylrrc No. I ChHubert, cor I li thatn it. 1 9 "i nruv(H>O0 SARA!)" skuatis. for'stie^ at N~" latVJUvv 2 i WashtuHtoo streei. Apply WVdMMTi ui.d s-? the ta-rp es :it nnv fme. j i2 "Jt" re HIST OKH( K. I New York, June 10. 11(1 i IJNOLISH MAIL?Letter Bays ner Moyil .Mail Mesinrr d V 'I.KDO.MA, will lit elo-ed ,t! the Uprer aud l.?w<Post Ottices in th s City, on Saturday the Ulh imteat, at I) minute* past 4 o'clock. P. M. The overlind postage of cnts mi etch uugle I- ur, mutt b haul. JHJItra JOHN LiOiiIMKK OH.AHAM. I' M UlLihA-liU Suuihcu li.dei. for Sil' by E. K. CUL,L NS U ro , jU 3l'C M s?nth I reel. iv! T." air r n li a n v n o m o t 11 ij ? .1 la IV O Ij I II VI 1 Li li , MORR1STOWN. 'PRE SUBSCRIB-Krt riapecifu ly *nfotm their fii^n '? L auti itin p'tblic ernerall -, thit the new aud common i>.n? H' u?"\ eirc eo a Hotel.rt M<> r ituwn. Naw J?raey, will be (i en h r the of all lime who will iliem <*iih ih'ir company ou the 2 lb of June, inatiut, wl en tt ey It pr ti furniali iu h accommodation* ?* to entitle thetn to pujlis favor. J U tUKllhSi, Recently from the City Hotel, Hartford, D W NOE. Kroin the Union Hot' 1 El.zabtthtowu, N. J., j'I3 lni'rc i'ruiiriet ?. PRESENTS. QTI'ANOK.R * viaum lli< cnv will find at our eitablirhin? it. INoa 2.1b od iliO lirad an v. be.i.nH con puiaou ths e i y iut ami H'eoa v whole ale ami iruil laanrt i cut of HAN V Att'l ILH.9 FOR PKy.tSK.M 8 on llua nde tne Alia .t e, which we i. k- plniure in allowing, . nn ei a lie to aril at price* .a low (tayiuit li e leaal) aa ihute of ar<rotle h.u e. I lor pie ent aim It of Kinry Stitiooeiy, L'ml re I Ira. faraiola. ?i.n Suu M adej ti ui a. Hull K IVnipt, Hana, Caul Caaea a-.d X Idea, l)->ln. Llreaai it v a-ra and Ha' y Pox-a furaei P.innier forceia ii end trlan, (lilt H e' Moo.oi i k Inwruy, and in Je. d of er rv thin* ne an tccualoWidto no or' i? a e mp eieauil p if Claavai le detin-o. A mli i a a'ogue haajuat l?e,i (uhlpihro a il may he had on api'l ciiion HHH lilt, YUUNU at ELLIS. Jelil III evil ia ec V Hi i l/i.l)H. Ii S A \ l> BIiTTh-HI haireli. h r rale in Iota f to o t purtheaera, ty h. K t OLLInS it 1 O., J I* It. e .VI a, nth at ret. U iCn I ft 1111' IHi X I IM.U' H KII (J .11 LlV r.ll I'OJL I Continue a let thia ve.ael wil pleaae ae il their |ie.mita on buaol wiih i .1 it. lay ip weal a d B rtlug blip , All * .oda a t pnrnitie I in rt' e day* are iiibl'to b'tent to p.hi < alo ?. WdCptlULL Hi MIN I Uitms, j 3 3tre H7 South at eel BUT l.lll BAhU\ K .A 'AM C M R III 'M (JtJTs OOW?Couaign a per th'a reaael will p.eaar aend their I erin'ta on bra-1, i a.I Hde Peek blip I'mo d . not peinii'te i io live il iva, are liable to braentlo pob'ie arore. WOOIJilULL & Ml VTUIl.iH J' t I ie 87 H nth atrret ' NO. I M FULTON STREET. rP iK AH(?Ve. Cr NTKAl,, and coiniiiorlioua prrmiaea, oca. i up ui by the lair I. ho s*e ny. aud aubae<|n. ntlv refined and re i| eneil by D.VNIKL SiVy, y N Y in Concretion with ni* p-eieoi eaian Khnie ,t in Anil ttfMt, Il now f k ? lie. ? nh . Il the fiirniinre ol th- eitir* room kitchen a id all urceoary il nrei for condurto i a hnaineat. rapahle of prodneiiR from tin t i ap It a rtay? he uie.rul proprietor d-airout of eo ill in* hia time io hit Ami at eet houae Th purcha er ran w < k i . at a moment a notice. Kor rouditi' na, it , pply p yon idv to DANIEL sWKKNY, je4 iwrr It Ann atreet NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. ****?} /*L 1,1,11 ALBANY AND TROY?Moraine J>Liu> (mm the foot ol Barclay street, laadioa tf "i WLJ^ r tc medial* placet. 'I he tteainer K.VU'IHK, Captain H. R. Roe, tint looming at 7 ?> r lack. The tteainer TROY, Captain A. Oorham, to-morrow at 7 o'clock. Keening ;,ine from the Toot of f'oortlandt a tret, direct. The'steamer SW ALLOW, Captain A. McLean, thin ever'tig, at 7 ? t iork Th-tteamer ALBANY, Captain R. B. Maer, to-morrow ey- nine at 7 o'elorg. The Uueu of thii Line, owing to their light dranght of wat-r, >,ti-able at all timet to pant the bari, auil reach Albany , nii'l f roy in ample tune to take the morning train ef cart for i the rait or west. I Kor paaaage or freight, apply on board, or at the offices on the whaieet. jel I rc i ~~AZ.1T h OK N K W OKLKA N S.-LOU IBIA N A AMJ i#T?W.NKW YORK LI N h .?WarraniedAiit regular pack- ] WUMIt"' -1" tail I*' June.?'1 he fast tailing packet thlp (IBvVMhtl, Captain Wood, will poaitirely tail at above, her regular ilay. Kor freight or pottage, haying huidtome furniihed accommo- J ilationt, apply on board, at Orleans Wharf, foot of Wall street orto K. K. COLLINS k CO. I M Sooth street. I'oai'iyely no goods rrcrirrd after to morrow errni. g Agt-nrt in o(ew <)r|ean??.Mettft. Itullio and Wihmi ruff, whr I will promptly forward all goods to their address, jrlltolfirrc gfk- FOR LI V KKPO'IL?It b.tll 11. A R TH AUK. R ?fWTii-.ple..l,d,;ew (hip BT < IF< it<*k , F'trit, HMt4Mb'>r, c pprretl and eopper fttf?n'd?wi'l tail on the nil in , ?-i t i hull :ii I. I- COt i> i Fur or pvaage 1 > i >g good arroirm<iditiona fo- c.ih'n or a<rond ctbin p-atmB T?. apply OJ botrj, at pier i no rth i rer or to I) iVH? (KJDKV.M Wall street. Pi ire of pattage in cabin, $7tk-i?cond cahin 1.6 J' 11 2l "iC frfON "i'AI'KM FOR BRISTOL KNOLAND.wil. V ? il potiti e'y i n the Itth inatint The will k .own hbfctttfc fa?t a tiling and favorite pu. k?l thip < OSMO. I apt L. On'eibriilg twill tail po-c tially aa adte-tued. sh i hat iupermr a eon m mrt'ont for eabin (numb r limit'd) tec md e ,h|n and steerage paste tert. Thtite ahojl prereetlo t ' lot1'* old country w II dowel to select the Ct torn at thn mnvyance For futther parucnlart, t ply on botrd, loot ol ' Oilierttreet orto W. It J. X. TAP8COTT. 76 Sooth ttre't, ? jU 21 vomer Maiden Inns. ? AMUSEMENTS. ALKUTR MBW ?OMC OFBHA IIOVRK. ~ (?7 Admieaioo Oar Dollar, to all porta of the hoiw ?(jp oora npea at 7?Piftofaaer to cotainet-r II I DSIT1VELV LAST MJOHT Ot THE ITALIAN | OrJbR A. fALMQw BENE KIT. \ f. I'almo hat 'he h ?u?r to uu <i < e to hi" pa Tout ord frieadt id the pi. bib aeii r?.l? t a1 t * f (lowing Anate or ill appear f re theiu, luvni* hiuvly vo ?uler:ed Ihe.r armcetou lina scat tou FRIDAY EVfcMMe Jane Nth 81 he perform at en ?ill roin- inc. ? ith ihr 2d act ol Donis'tti'a V fatorit.* c ard ' >i <-ra rniitod b>:li8ario it .fler which, on'h i o ruiou. t <>r<nd Pat de Deaa, VI ^ola- i to, hy tire eel brtud DtU" en Mid tile DKaJAHDIN 8 h d MONd .VIA tt'l IN. O 'o te followed hy tlie lir.ud Duo of i e ;'itiol and the Pninard, (which wu r?cri?. d a ith to much app.t"tr) Low .he . Opera ofLhioradi K .leiuheign h' laratina "While mv heart it. joy u re ea'i ir," ft em the tr Ope * ol Li eonuainbu a, hy ? n i tto fll Iraod Scena ?nd I'm tto fr m t'?e (J|>eraof (ieinni'ia di Vrrgy, by hi* nor a lioglinr and tuu r Peroxxi " road Pat ae Drui, La ^.lurh., by Nlad'.lie Di-.jtrdint aod ti MrKorp'ay. ?l Iroud Pcena e Dartto, by particular ncpe. "He futo in eorjo >, avrt-." which wu received wilh.i niu h *| | bu>e ou tleuig t ol 8i?noi D* Heuuii'BeoetH by Suuor It De Beau'* a d S ater fin j i.ti-o p To cooclu e with the ??co dactof >><>"iz*tti'i Opera ? LUt/lA Dl LAMMtKMOOK. ' ? d nil. Itnil |_ IT7-Th. public ne < r>|?Ltfully informed that the Batlia hare , eeu newly arraugrd and tilted up tu a haudaotne atyle, ud are a full opentieu. i utht and day. " CHATHAM THKATRK. Boiaa??"^5i " i? i I'n UH Ceo (a rifih night of the old Uv John Sefton'a ergayemenf, in p hit la'-fam?d rh>r err <1 l>n ~v 1 < utliar in England, j Ibeingthe three hundred ann fi'y fifth time PHI" KVfMMi luur uth, to commence wiih the J GOLDEN FAIlMhit. * Mter which a Tauny of S >ng? a-d Daneea. l'o conclude with J ACh H^KITAbU PA11K. 'l'llUATUKi Boxen iO cent* I l'it.. a cent- | lal'ery 13>a centx. BENEhlt Oh MR. bOOTH. THIS KVKNIN'?, juut i4, will be per.oruied BERTRAM? I He-fun, M' Booth i i Aflrr whi h, a D ucr t?. Mm luli* Turn' ull. To conclude with the M \ VOW OK tMRKATT. I JUBLU'tl GAKUEN. OPEN FOR THE SUM.VIEK SEASON ( The entrrtaiumenta will he under the lole direction of MR. MITI'HKLL, FH1DAY EV'NG. Jane Uth. *811. w II be produced 1 OP N SESAME! Or a night with the Forty Thieret! 'rerioui to which. Will be performed, the highly popular and laughable Vmde?i le, ciHed THE MAN WITH THE CARPET BAG. Grimes Mr. Mitchell. Machinery- -Mr. Burna. | Properties "Mr. Roberta. _ Coatnmea Mr?. hkaat. aud AriittanU. The arrangen enia at the doora and in tne nalonna will he- * indrr the diruclioo of Mr. COKUYN, Treasurer to the Com lany. Police officers will be in constant attendance, and the utmnit tare will be liken to maintain order and decoiuui, and all im- c iroper i<eraona will be strictly excluded. C IL7" Omuibuaes will ruu to and from the Oarden during the | Teumg. iTr-TICKETS FIFTY CENTS^JD NO POSTPONEMENT at this Katabliahnieut on acconnt if weather, at '.lie Grand Entrance from Bma''way ro thr Ha inn in protected, and the New Saloon, which ia Ventilated rum the too end aidra. can lie ene'o?eil ar a moment'* nonce VAPXHALh. Acting Manager.- Mr? I'mim | Siag- Mannger--Mr. Walcot FRIDAY Evening, Jnue 14 The performance will commeir-* with the Opera of JOilN Oh PAll'S [*tdrigo Pot;a, Mr Walcot I Vmcio'. Mrs Timm MAO'LLE CELEsTE will dance tin-liiah Lilt in c raster To conclude wir i ilm lamrlnM Surer called f POLK.lMA ?1A. t Rail Cart and Omaibusara to and ft tin City Hall, pan tie [JdnliMi 'till midnight. J ick' ti, 25 ceutt. jt n F OLYMPIC Til K A Til 10. J Propm'v WbllMi a >1 ?|?-u every iImUc, f r the ?'i?- 1 lil.iy if the e?triordinary fe?ta in * Nntmal Megi"Muvic | tud Vnutriloi|ujtin," by Vv. Sutton, tin Necromancer ul the Nineteenth ce. tury. New S'e.ts?uew Muaic?nw iceiei it ' Veulrilootram . . THIS KVKNINU, THURSDAY. June Wh. , Particulars in band Inlta Doors open at >? pail 7?Curtain ris*s at H urwvaaly. Lower Buses it) ceuts; Upper 7S cents; Pit One Shi ling, flu itfi e open iuuiu.I. Private Uoset to ( t>- b it ui^ htiy. | (T7-A liraud Performance will be (titen ?Tery Saturday : Lreninr. j 8 )w?nc j CAKTLR OAKUKN. Second uight of SIO -Oil HK.m IUO, as known througl- 1 out th- Spanish lofifa Hie I hi'dot Air A'so, LO IJi MK.NIfO QLEHK11AU. the mm' mivnfieert IMx.r Sal La l ores. will be r<p* ted tl.ii, KltlDAY e.VKNLMJ. Jure 14, ISO, in the ot>e.. Uarileu, t g- hrr " tli a i isplay of S ire I Woiki. S.ilul itiou wilt enmiocuc* at 9 u'c!< < k ,reciaely Th; S.vnin* Enteit.i intents w II cmiim-nc* wi ll Stgnor ( Henrico, the Child of Air. from the serial tiea-in*, det erit ,, Mil wcnderfnl aki<I on La Cord* Suyaut'.or S'l"rt>ig Hop . nil a'm, Lo 1) nitaico l^irr atl.t'r innt magnificent II. iir t Sal La Corde. or Tight Mop* Dancer, evrrbe'e.d Ha will perform a Uruid Clauic Movement Sixty Sr. t from the (round, absolutely milling the unheard of and almost in- ' rredibie Ascei aiou on I'e Hope of *10 feet, p< rfeitly in view ] of errrv eprc'etn". , lnt?rmi.inin of twen'T minnt'a l*r Promeuade and Refreshment' Previoui t > eouim*iuing rhe Display of SVeworks, I llengala Lights Ma ne S (nil Kockeis w th Hold Itnij. | naiuru nnu nit A. uevr tuiu immune Circe, called | T!*^ '/Wit iH.,n uHjju. i Admittance *6 rcct*, children haf-prier jt? en ( ABIKHICAN MITSKUM. , /KlUAL GARDEN J AND PERPETUAL FAIR, Corner of II road way and Ann atirel. ' P. T. 8AHNUM I'KOPRI * TOR. V. HITCHCO k MANAGE* Every Day ami Evening 'i'll it Week, commencing Monthly, June lUf/t. G11AND PERFORMANCES ' Each afternoon, at hall-mat 3 o'clock, and B'in ihatYraiar. THE GIANT AM) GIANTESS! 1 Are to be ge<?n every day fmin lit o'clock A. M. till 1 P. M., 'rom 2 till iH, and from T till 10. ORPHEAN FAMILY OF VOCALISTS ! Our whom iaa LITTLE MISs OK OMLY SIX YEARS, are re-eotMiced by nniierril drain*. Mra. Wratrrn, O.rat Wceteru, La Trtitr Cerito, and otbrn arr rcy-iirrd I BALLOON ASCENSION#i vary nf rrnonn and rr-ninif ( Fancy O'naa Ulowimr (irind Coauior.ima. Beiunful Kno. i ti n wuli Crolon VV.irrr mid II ilf a Million "I Curios'tiri ffnin er r* qu titer of th* gl<ni?. I \L'/~ Adnnaaiou to the whole 26 emu?children n "l?? lea | ream half pr re. jr9ne PEALE'S NEW YORK MbSKLN. < AND PICTURE GALLERY. 1 Broadway, nnpuiiic tip* City Hall. i MK. II HRNNETT. MANAGER, POSITIVELY THE LAST I)\Y OF THE giant ami., i Who l*arrt for Albany by ihe6 o'c'oi k line. Performame This Afternoon at Three o'clock.' | AL - FOR ONE Stl'LMNU. EXTRAORDINARY! ASTONISHING ! ! , WIO N D E R K U L AND T u E M ENUOU8 ! ATTRACTIONS! 1 CHANT BOY?16 YEARS AND OVER SEVEN FEET HIUH t , fc'?T fllttf. riWAMh' AMH lllAMTL-ail < A GIANT <11KL, ' I Fourteen Venn Old, Yrrigha 430 Pound*, I A UWARF' BEING THHEE INCH Eft SHORTER THAN TOM THUMB!! A GIANTESS, NEARLY SEVEN FEET HIGH; EIGHT PERFORMERS! I 8PLEND D PAINTINGS OKTHE CONFLAGRATION . OK THE CHURCHES IN PHILADELPHIA ! 1 Dntroyed dining the late Kmti Tdk'ii upon i he ipot, by ' an eminent ?iti?t. Theae pictnrea core- i'imt* hundreds of iqaue Ceet of cuiv.u>, embracing the whole al the su.g?. , GKEA'I SUCCESS OK THE ' WONUp UKUL OitPllAN FAMILY, ? Or, Penny-Leg Vucmiata ! comntiDi of a Father, Mother, anu Peveu Small Childrrn ! | These are the He I Op Inn Vielodiats, aa ihry sing OFTEN, pat OK I'EN, and drink OK PEN. The following prilormere are engaged? MK WINCH ELL, the Coime llelineaior! Miaa VIAR' BARTON, Meater BARTON, and Miaa A BAR PON, ilie tnnr.h admit, d vocalist* ! Mr. CO a OVEtv, the P'oiean Performer MASTER RAT I LER Grand Coamornma ftelf-Playing Melodeou, H,.|eudi<i 1'irtnre Gallery, and JCliiOt u inaitiet (O* ALeruoou Pprforiiiancea Wednesday's and Siturday'a at J orclorn, for the convenience of the day Tiait'is; no eitra charge to the peiforinanies. To couiruruce la the evening at I I o'clock m 6 i I.IIAMI ! VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. |M/1 |y/V t /,!.?. IJl'HVr.ll*I.IC.Ifr. ] HA* T it< liONOn .i> announce to hri lnr.di ami the . |ni >1 c, that atie will i ivr h rKlllST I'OnCUKi at the A poll Mloi n, m TUhSDAY h.Vf.MMI J ti ' il h, HU on which i.ccaaion the will be uiii ril y the lulluwlug tin.- ' ii"iit Ail it* I HONOR ANTOOMNI. I BIO.NUK KA^ClUlBICO. , M K M p. v . It ami MR II C. TIMM. Tickets Cne Dollsreteh?To be hid at'he principal Music Ftore? a< d i the door on thee ening ol the Concert. j'? to Cull THK IOWaYH !?WHITfc CIA UD ' HIS BM AVKS. I lie i r P>c|ii>w< I'apoetrs and sune, will encany at II. Imltrn no lllUKHu.AIr MOK.NI.NW, June 13.h. anorej aiu there until Mm day Kr-niig, Ju-e ITih I he Delegation cootie's of Chiefs, Maw liu-. he-Haw (White Cloud) fir<t I ti I' of ihe Nation ; N. w-Mou-ia (Walking Ham) third I' i> f i Se-Moi >ti-. ak (Blister- eel) Great Medico * Man?ihe first < f tnese siig ilar (* feasors ?*er koowu b I ire under any cm mnstai c t to lease then nai ion I Buart a?Way haw-nou-ya, INb-hu-iaun ya, Bhum-'ang, \V>ta-je, ?c. B?ji:aws Hutor-ye-we-mi (Atrut'ing Pigum)? White I loon's W ife; Hnton-wcuie (fig"ou ou tnewiug.) Okr-m me, lie. Ice. It is iiit'tnled, while " White Cloud" and his comrades remain at Honok'n to i n--ei t to tliei-uhlie. a leileet 'ae sion e of Indian Life in Deforest as the Chiefs Rran-i and h<iu?w? will rneamp mi the I.twn about ICO yards fri m the Krr y, wl err they will eiriy a'tcrnoon (t> ept Mnmlay ) |e "or their N- ' tn-nal chtracteristic Dane ?a,.Kites. Ceremonies, e, i all in in hi w irk n|ioii ilie Ahoiigiur> i insntiou this I'istingiihhrd Chief, and also fires Ins portrait. | II t-so aie not the half cieilire I Indians of the frontier. but > ire the natire Chiefs of the forest, a d pn??-ss the traits of . those who hare not torn cnriuple I by the w lute laic. , CkkTincaT*. I reitily on honor that lha foregoing are ihe t roper nioi'i o Old til es of th* afore 111,1 party, li'der the duection of I* H. I C. MtLody, h t<| Giien under my Iliad at the >emshaw Sub-Agency Office. . W. P RICHARDSON, U. H. Arent v The lloboltea Ke?rv Boats from Barclay, Canai and I hristo pher strait within a l-w slei t tf the ecc.impment I The <? tubmen is f?re. jit I u'rre h MR. DKMPriTKK'S ,SKC().N I) HALLAU h HOIKKK a AT. V. 80CIKTY UHRJiHY. BROADWAY A > D Lh.ONA It It HTRKKT* , MR Dh.MPsTh R has the honor to aurnu re hat hia Hee?nd B .Ha ' Soir e will b* f i?en at 'he Society Libran on Kiidav erenimr. It'll Inue whe , h1 will ?i if the fnllown y * '-orgs and Pa Iron!?Dm- l.a d oi M BirtV, Wtei, il, \ight Wil d Beeai'e 'i I I in na Lo'e llim Lest; Can I 'oig to Lore 1 h*e Ma' v I Bird of i he Win # r. ess; I aire Morriso C-t in Lore one run her V1? ^kshisO; tlhtaliiw o e -omi Inedistso lit; AM n's a Man I r a' tint; '1 he Lo*rd On. a a not theie, and the !>r ,th of Warren Bit s, firing fnriher iiarticolars. may be a-eu at the Mum Stores, and at C e H.,ci?ty I ih iry. | Ticketa Kitty Cents, to be had at the door Door* open a ialf-p?tl seem?to commence at eight o'cloak, Mr. Dempster'* Third and Lear h nteria nmeqt will be g rei t the sam- place, on Monday craning, 17lh June, wuh a clmrg if programsne. J(| tf ?? A. IV THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Wubliiflou. [Curm.MlnKtnl JwHmM ] Washington, June 12, 1844. There arc people lure who give thtmatlvesa eat i'f dl ot trouble (> douti! the truth of lomr of iv statements, unit e v.*n to investigate their truth, or exult ;Me, ihey douuted the truth of what I ated abo il t*. otter which was made to Mr. /eller of the ccrrtrtrj i hip of the Tressiny ; and ? prove iut falsity they went and asked the Presiriit if he had made any such offer to Mr. Waller, f course, Mr. lyler denied it. I never stated that le President did it ptr tt. But these people loitld "know the law," us Job Pray used > nay, and the law says, Qui jucit per Hum faeit pep re And when the proper no tomes. I shall be readv to urmt nm nni* i tt President TyUr, or *'my son But)," did [fer tli?- Secretaryship of the Treasury to Mr /eller, but that the same secretaryship did for & ins time-and 1 tielirve does so still?go a beging to some gentleman from Oiiio, like the lady i the play who waa neither wife, maid, uor winw, saying, "Take me, take me, who'll take me -don't all apeak at once." But the mischief of it i, that no gentleman trotn Ohio seems disposed to nter this vinculum matrimonii. bee Senator Walker's compliment to the HniUd i the proceedings of the Senate. Gen Duff Green wishes me to say that the tutor that he waa to succeed your friend John ones in editing the Maditonian, is unqualifiedly lot (rue. He lean it may injure John's standing, /ho is at most a protege of General Duff's. No news of importance ihiB morning. S. B. Washington, June 12,1844. In executive session this afternoon, the Senate ejected the Navy Agent at New York, and Colector Crocker at Boston, together with several }thers of minor importance. The Committee have cent in their report of tbn tiviland diplomatic bills, amended. To morrow night both Houses expect to sit very ate, perhaps nil night. S. B. TWKNTY-KIGHTII CORORES8. FIRST 8E88ION. Senate. Washington, June 12, 1844. iritis!! jurisdiction in tiir 1tnitbd statu?tbi new yoiik herald. Mr. Wai.krr produced in the Senate a genuine opyof British laws, in which persons who are now itixens of the United States, but born in Great iritain, are made subject to fine, or imprisonment, )T transportation?subjected to frlon't punishnent? for the oflenee of Jealing in slaves in some vay, or taking security in them. Mr. Walker read a statement made bv the New fork lleruld some time ago, that Great Britain had ssued circulars, signed by Lord Aberdeen, instituing inquiries into the condition of blacks in the j lilted Mates, hiicI directing trie consuls ill ail the loitsof tlie United States to make return ol their nvesiigatmn. Mr. W. tested that tins information was l'ne, and it was of an astounding character. Ja t. Elliott lately, when in New Orleans, was nooriou-ly engaged m making diese inquiries, with t view to carry into effect the above named |>enal icta of Parliament. Mr. W. expressed the ho|ie hat all such consuls who had been thus engaged vould he dismissed, and no others received Mr. iV. offered a resolution calling for information realive to any such laws of Pailiament extending; criminal jurisdiction over citizens of the United Slates, and also in relation to the above named ctr:ulars. Mr. Walkkk spoke of these legislative and exe:utive proceedings of Great Britain iuteifering with Sllizens and institutions of the United States, with ndignation, ras 11 breach of laws of nations, highhanded, insulting and outrageous. Mr. Jarnaoin atteni|)ted to make some reply in opposition. Mr. Akciibr made a few remarks. The result of it was that the resolution lies over :ill to-niorrow. The Senate then proceeded to the disposal of conllderable business in the ordinary course. The Joint Resolution requiring the Secretary of he Treasury to pay sundry claims under the Cherikee treaty, was culled up and ameuced at length ? totally devoid of any interest to the public at large. The time?now so valuable?was coi burned by Mr. Raymond, Mr. White and Mr. Jarnagin. Mr. Buchanan wished to know what were the Ihree last days of the session, in which no bills n t>? s>>nt to the President, except by a suspension if I tit rules wlncli irquire Iwo-thinJn. President Manoum ?The Clerk informs me that MonduV is the last day. Mr Buchanan ? Then I suppose that Friday, Saturday and Monday will be the three last days. Assent. Mr. Buchanan said he hoped, in thet time, the -alend r would be followed rigidly, and aa many 3ills pasted us possible. 2 1' M.?Mr. Jarnaoin is still pursuing the interminable argument about the Cherokee claims. Hnuae of Keiireaentstlxrea. Wamunoton, June 12, 1844. As soon ns the journal was read, Mr. A. V. Bbuws, of Tenn., rose and repelled ihe charge made t?y Mr. Benton, in the Senate, the [idler day, ot having sought a conversation with dim, as a vicarious agent, to induce him to go tor :he annexation of Texa*. Mr. Brown indignantly repelled ?he charges as untrue. Mr. Hopkins introduced a resolution that the 3!erk ot the House pay $1550 out of thelContingent Fund, for the Inneral expenses ot those lost on hoard the Princeton. Mr. Jones moved to lay it on the table. Lostayes 10; nays 121. Alter sonic considerable dispute about the pro riety of paying lor the expenses of such funeral, Finally the resolution was modified so as to pay $775 for half the expenses of those killed on the Princeton; and this was carried?ayes 108; nays 62. Mr. Winthrop begged that the House would take up a message from the President, relative to he transmission of letters and other mailable mat ler by the Cunard line of packets from Boston to Liverpool. This was agreed to, and the message was relerred to the committee on Post-offices. An attempt was then made to take up a bill relative to forming a new port of entry at the east end ot Long Llanu. This the House ret used to entertain. Alter two ort^ree attempts to take up other business, a struggle was made to induce the House to lecnle that all debate should cease on the District Bank Charter Bill. This prevailed?ayes 112, nays lit The House then went into Committee ef th? Wliole, Mr. Hamlin in the Chair, and took up the Bill to extend the charter of the Banks ol the District of Columbia. L)r Duncan wished the hill ?o constructed and framed an to make all the director* personally and directly responsible lor the debt* of the hank , that the liability ihali liegin with the dirt clot* arid end with the itockboidara : 'hat they shall t>e responsible ler thrice the amount of iheir stock , that the alockholder* shall not be borrowers jut ol their own bank or any other hank Ha could not lee why holders ol money should l? hnrrowera out of their own bank and out of money ol their own making. Above nil lie wa* oppoieit to the in tie of any note* of a Ira* denomination than V> , and that they ahould not iuu* more than two third* a* much papr r money aa the amount >r capital paid in. lie then delended Mr Delia* tram the charge of being In favor of a National Bank, and *tated that he wa* a* pure a democrat a* the party d**ire Ho ['ion exhibited a picture of the face of a whig after bearing J the nomination of Polk?it waa aa long aa an aa* handle ?and elicited roar* ol laughter. The debate being clou* d, (ien Btuiote* moved to limit the estonaion of the c harter* till IK47 initrad of l&YI Mr. D*n* moved to inearrt IH4d. I.o?t?Aye* 61, noe* 76. Mr M'Kat moved to innert IB4.V Loat - Aye* MI, noe* wi The question waa takan on Saundera' amendment me voce, and carried. Caer. Jomko* moved to atrik* out tha Oeorgetawa B*Here there waa great conluaion. Tha chair decided It wa* negatived. Mr TnoMriov demanded tellera. They war* ordered. Loat- A yea ?H, noe* 7h. Mr. lb "lomroan moved to ttrika out tha Bank of Washington, the Patriotic Bank, and tha Bank of Potomac. Mr. WriTitoir h aaid the Patriotic Bank waa too patrv >tie altogether it give out too much money. Loat?Ayea 4S, nay* UN Mr. .lovca, of Tenn., moved to (triko out the Motropoi* Rank Loat. r.Mr. P*?t r'a amendment, to place thorn on a footing with he free hank* of the Htate of New York, waa loat. Mr. Thomhoi'i amendment to make it a penitentiary flenca to carry on hanking after tha 4th of July in the )l*trict, wa* lo*t The ?rcond taction, earning the hank to he wound up vhenever it nupeada apecie payment*, waa carried Mr. I ttOMraoi moveil to amend the third aection hy Blowing each Rtockholder to examine into the affair* ut the auk whenever he think* proper. Carried Mr Joe* *, of Tenn , moved that each note holder ?hould >? at liberty at any time to examine the affair* ot iho link* Loat Mr. Kbxxrdt, of Ind., moved to amend the fourth aecion by requiting the hat.k* to repor'to Congrea* every car the namn rf all file *>*ln< >f ''"tif ?? w*o havt tnrawd m.rniy of thin hnnkt 'taring thr y ai Mr. Si him:* moved to add- arid the name* ol all bo*e to whom thiy h*v? r?'ii?ed crutit Mchenk't ' > Kitinedy'a amendment waa dopted. ai d then Kennedy 1 amei dmem Wat lOtt Ayta 4, noe* Sft Here tin re wa* gr< at confimon and rxcitemrnt in tb? Inline and much hiid leelmg among the mvmbeta Mr. Ripivn <'" ceil ?n amendment requiting the Bank* o report the name* of all ( ong'ftamen who arodebtor*, md the amount of their debt*. Loat?ayea 61, Noe* HP. Mr. Thommox then offered an amendment, the effect af