Newspaper of The New York Herald, 15 Haziran 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 15 Haziran 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol. X., No. 1 (At?Whole No. 37 JO. To to* I'ubltc. THE NEW TOBK HERALD?daily newspsper-puh lia.ied every day of the year except New Year'* day an ' Fourth ol July. Price 3 centa per copy ?or $7 * per aiJ" eum ? uoriacei paid?<-.oah iu advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?pnMuhed every Saturday morning?price Of cent* per copy, or $8 13 per annum p wt<y<vi paid, oaah la a France. ADVERTISERS arc lutenued that the circulation cl thu Herald ii over THIN1T TH0UHAND, and iucraauog l**t ft tiaa (Ac tail ml circulation #/ any yonrr in that mty. or the wcorld, end it, thmfari, the hat channel far kutineu u t in the wty or country Prioee moderate- -caah iu advance. PRINT!NO of nU kind* executed at the tr.oat moderate prise, and in the uoit elegant style 1AMES (iO 1(11 ON UENNfcTT, PnoeaitToK or tiik Hcnano EiTani.nHtunr, N'.rt'nve?? <v>mrr r.f Eultor. and Vaaxen ttn-vt*. PLEASURE EXCURSION TO TIIE UPPER LAKES. JQ Tl'" -^ir.buni WISKONSAN, ( apta n H. l*''l !? ? Ilaffelo ou Moetay. the PL l?l day ?f July rait. ett . 'clock. V. M . .,u an Kacaieicn of Pl? lii? to tic Upper I'ttM, visiliuc nil r.J invert-tut os I ukea June, liarou Mil .hffiehi tern, uulul.t.g theyu Bsy iiuflo tiusu a*ill Is rir.idel 'he ivtr^r, far vi?1>?jr MasisdC, '>resa Way, Mui'.ou lil.iuita, MTl-iuki* |l -inn, Souihport scd ' 'lieago; l-wvisg the Kt n.^uourd place on kir mora onTuosu-.y in rniri Jul ; 9lh. The H' u|,'.r,?ui is tbeltremt boat ou the Western Lakes,end .1 ?-r.|nl!c<n?T ? powsrfirl low piaMura engine?is uew, and ii fini-hed is tlm miKn'ii style, wite an upper Mbio computed ?o11r-1T >1 stent ru-uns. util is ntted up cud fumislttd njuul to car beat in tha world. A good Mead of Miiiie will accompany the boat aril rrr y nr. tioa will be mad* to nuke the postage pleesact to thoae ou ooar-1 For puuago a ply to a. OA.Rl>, III Broad at. New York. K 8 rit08Sf.K.WPiar. Albany NOBTII HOP Ml HaYWARO Kochoter. ?Ki.dl'".N & KV4NH Buffalo. 111108Y It (ItKrHFH Cleveland. OIUY Ik Li.WIS. Detroit. Puff-ilo. May la. |C<4. jn3 55t*in VOY.KIE TO VARIOUS I'OHiS IN yUROPK. ASIA AND AFRICA, IN THfc MfcDITKRRANEAN. ffi-iF- A first clua venal, with superior accotnmnd .tinns i?tieuf?r?,will be dispatched rn a jov# on the comAftStjSi i.a tta ol Jalv, ton-.hin.r at the Awes or Wetierj LI. mi.. il.en po.-eedirg to Gibraltar. tb-nce to Malta, wlv-re Medip-rmunui pilots will it p.k-u In Athens and the (Jtseien Islands, thenoe to (hnn-tantiucpl*, whrm tne principal liart of ilir otit-vtril cargo w.ll b" disposed of from tbeue* to i'oseduii and the Hums of anelei't Trov. trie?ies to Smyrna. Peio, Samoa, Khodw. (yrtm, Tyie t.Jon, Caeaaria. nad J.? pe, v here the y-ve-l will r.-miin a time toetia'jir patarr,a?rt P> r eit Ji,wV th m retain down the Meiilerrveenn via Kgypt, i and Hyrutnse, and if tioc v. ill permit, and the (taaiCSK n dmite it, the rruiie may be eit?iiiled to Memina, Naples. Ci'i;- Vpcc-ip' theeotp'-rt of Horn', thence to Corsica, ttlna, Legiiorti, Genoa. Nice. Marseilles and Kvce lone, touching for supi Ice nt To ?'? and .Vlade ra, and f.iking the loMlieru i?usiu;e series the Atlantic tusking if desired a brief stop at 'harieston, .1 tj, to laud passengers and their effects. anil thence to this port 'I he voyage wilt prob?blv oceapv ahoat 7 inon'ha. daring which time much rilaable e-?mmere'al and nrher information uur be acquired; alao highly mt?rwtiug ua ireta of curioiitiee. Itc. may be collected. Th>* pi -ne-r sapedition, projected for the purpose of opanicg new Bveaaen lor trade between the old aud new world will douhtlrea be one of profit aa well aa of plansur* to the patr.-eg ra, all of whom, besides beiag nrotidad with syery posaihle comfort aud conveuisooe to ae "oaeil on boosd of a ?hip. will b* allowed to take with them the crniee m-tiid. a errtein qn ostiiy of rvleahlo vneils to dispute ot bF b.rt-ror 'therwise, which privilwe if improved will prclict-ly yielj a profit sufficient, to uaerly or qait* cover ihe priee of pawag-i Tho i.',arge to rich psaseater, prntiifed a suiTie eu> uumher ofTnis in -i -aaua. will not gaiawi the nsui.l e*p?jL.s?o'"agi",tJrmau panting t'-esuramerat 'amtogaor Niagtra. Hi-as wh- way vriah to avail ihume-Kat of ihis favorable ouposruuity fir aea'nring practical corannivcial knowlsdgc and visiring the Holy Land, end rr-any niber plures of i??pnr?e..e.c to tii- imtlant, the man of p)?uRr- and of baaiiMa. w>ll please tube early sppiicution, as tin ?|m of the vawl to be employed on 'he voyage will depend in a meuaure the number ivln eome f>i ward wrlv -sd enireeo omstee. The commet will be aeUct.aed will l'? furuialiwl wil.h trtri poiuibl* information rmpacticg tbe artiilr* moat aaleableat tbe porta intruded ru tw i.i'.ed, and ihe mu?t ad.uabla invest jecta to Iw made in ietara. A t tha iisn'. riqee- t pi mrnrai pernni at th? Pnurh and io tliia vieictly, rhr time "f drp rente va ongtuaVy fiaad upon, hu ?? 11 *" ' ll ' fcbo?e, till tbe coming 4th of July . " B?ilie nusMigcr l ist for tbe above voyage will pu?itivily e'?>? i n the 10th hut. P'or ' rrbe/ m'onn.vio.i nrr>ly to jt3 3eo<i?m WA .-.'Q W PF WF.V.tlW Kmnt at AI.UAHY OA* I.UNat 7 o'ci.-ca, A. M (ujaa. - ,'i'*1fKr ^'ir Albany and IntenuudiatH Lamding*?The wtWni?iflii 18".t itHaoaionasreami natSOUTH BidivRIl A, Cappno *1. H. Prur^'lell. wili wil! lmie the foot of K.-.binyoi atrwt, Toeeday, 1 ti'.retliy and Buttirday Boniiaga, at 7 o'clock. jft re tEOfUC'H 1JNE Of STEAMBOAT* ~ FOR ALBANY. u?Sk DALLY, Sunday* rurry ted?-Through Difar ' i ''^ V|f *l 7 ** M-i fioia the Stmmboni Pier be Pla?<.?iWJw3t.twc>'D f'o'irtlap'lt and hibcitr atmetv. The a.enmboiU KNICKERBOCKER, Caption A. P. St John, .dond-y, Wednee'ay and Friday evening-, at 7. The SiwoiioiMt ROCHr.^TKK. Captain A. rluaghton, on Tneedey, Thunder and tutor day, at 7. Al Fiveo'eli..ik, P. M??Lindi'T it hii?imediate Plate.:? The i-tOKmtiear Ni'HTH /iSlKR.CA, Capmn tl O C.-attcuoeu, Monday, Wednctday, kndey aud Sunday. at j P. * ' r:Tlio Brentalmat COLUMBIA, Captain Wa, It. Poor, Tuaaday, 'J auiadiy and Saturday, ut i r. M Pyieuirra taking thnhii'o: '. onti will arrire in Albany rn tttple time in take tli- Morning Traiuof Can for tbeenat or area'. , . JSTyThe above floatia'* i'"*.* up-1 acbittntinl, are famuhrd Willi novr and oiegar.t Hoa'e Kaoin*, ontt for apeed and accoiamudatM/in ar.;"1 on the lindane. Kor n.naaage orfreight, apply >m hoa/d. or to I'. C. Hehntt* r.t the nMe?rm the wlo.rf J19 if. tLE A i ti?'rv 'X' IJnSlUNii. SUN ME It ARRANGEMENT NEW BHIOHf. S, POllf Kl HWOND. (HTATEN 1--LA VD.) St NEW YORK FF.HRY, From Pier No I, North River, foot of Battery Place jtjl Th? Maam.'0-.t CtSDKRELl.A, will ran {'' 'n'l^, f fr* foil .wa, dvly, fro-> Mar *>th to Cetober ' ilWMf i.V__ i?t. i644 *?Laave* Now folk, at band U o'clnii, 1 id , at JS, and I *' M. Uaevea Poit tltrhinnnd, at M ininntea to k. and 1C minute* to 10 A. M t at I, 4X and 6j? P. M , . ? L?tvea New Bnghtor., nta and It A. M.; at IXi 5 and 7bi P. M. On *uuday?Iianre* New York,. >! 0and II A. M.; at I, and 8 P.M Le?< >a o:t Hiehuiood, at 20 mmntej to a,and 10 A M.; at I, J and 7M P M New vork. Mar 10 ll'i -evil 6ui*ro S. Vf<i?R ,lt-il,\NOE.ViiCNT NEWARK AND NEW Y?RK FARE ONLY jjfi CENTR Tift NEW ANB 8WIKT trTEAMF.a RAINBOW CAPTAIN jmm O. JkY, ^UttjCC'J Ou aid it.*- Monday, May 18. will run aa c."?fji?i,fo'.iuW*:?L< \? -ewa.-k. foot ol Cmire ? . ^? 7S k aid i'/, I M. Leurt N.w Yuh' Oiotoi iiaici4, sl. at 10 A. M anr 1 P. M. On Sti'.dara? Leave Newark it A. M. and IP. M -iad N?w Y.iii a: 10 A. #8. and 4 P. M. Knic ( tuc-ri dat vary ir-iu.i.i.ibt'i rr.tei. May 10th 1844. eytra O.. n XT*? S.iturday, Jane lit, the Beam eni aa lot Iowa uout funh r nuticr:? LEAVE MATKN IBLVNI4 AT 7, ?, 9. It II. A. II.. I. t, 4, J ?. 7M P. M. LEAVE NEW H OkK A r ?. ?. t. 10, II, A V.. 1. t, SK ? 4, 7, P M. N A ?All go. da ahnn'ed miut be luaiked m full and i'r at llie riilt o Itlio wueri th-'ranf. DtOir B(;HUOLE W'S^dfoVlfl f'Afrr i kAVK tn?* font of'eo'irUaut itiwt, diilv . * ?. ?i.) ft i o'clock, A. >1 , bv Kulrotid tr.oi Jpxr^Ciiy u> Mar fi?t nil dim:t, titaoat elu.ige of C*r?'Vomi iht?t:c*b.' F'n; '.hrou-h M?tnllwni ^eo-r, Scl? .ob ?'? tvjwur^in Pert CoMcn. Wanhiug/o*i to Icnina .^t ?Vn?Um>b(om a H mI* liar iuteTRfCtt to and tr^ui Bijlfjofre. Vr* fjt? apoty to HILL, at iobn I'attfn'i Cowuwreial tudl, 7S LourJanJ' R.?.jr.xtr.i9 farn<iiif<l ni thi? ihartwtiifctic^, by an-r np t?? iV.u. LUM1,, Mor.'iftowff TO IIIITTKAV biLLINO PIJHLLO. . n3TY ft miu^suE T ijnbtcrik n haviuit comolotmi rhrir arraure'-BV.u, *rao . op-Daml to brn? mil (?<???>K> ? from tirvat liiitvu i? If-;. -J I. y the tollo wing Aral cl<?? |>a krc >*ap>, 'iac of nhich Wi'l l?M?r l.ivnpooloa Uie lab, ?tb, lllh, 16lh, Zt3t uud 2?!n n> n h month:? .trie. Weary, >'?w York,, Virgil in, Liverpool. Ciuny'tdrfr, Mu?,teiu:n.v 8-ddoiiB, Ueo. Waihingtna. Wouiottaer Coinmima, United 9t?w?, K .tSiOi, A.-.'buru.u, K.usiUnii, Kin ope, ^tepb'uWhitney, II. cl our, (nf pewteaco, Yorkshire, (iarri, k, K.noiiel itick. ' int-eii oftke Wit, ()*foiil CortiA&tira I* p'uaae (bill k? obtained, and r?ry ibf inaatir j a ! >?#ir u to ttioi? tending for iktir fronda, or. appli,.?tiuo at rtlhl, ' I" aRm. 1 : V will i!ao I* |>lk.'Md OB the ot?* u,? of navmlioe, tn lb mi.rt tu?? :?< * 1 Mi<4r)okv>h* t" A'runy ?ad Troy , and tn I rant to itaifil'r,mid ?ll iiitevmedo.ieplaces. J'o 41 i">i ? of the Uppol lakes, V I - < 't'-ayo to Tni iitn, Kit Hope, Caba.'K, SCingatru, ami at ,:jrt> ol Uaaada Wett. tro.n rroy vu to Mout root aad tlnebfT, ' nn da i-ah via Whin "?..*) IKin illetrclutl to Portamoath, Cu>* Onoali, audi .WrincdiaMiilMaa doulb W-tt rid rh-lidi-lpHia to nttakanr,Cincinnati, Loa:* i1 iqd a II van j oti fi ?Ii i Kivrr to it. Luuik, Mo ; a o to? I ovta of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, lllinou tutil Whomaia Territory. REMITTANCE*. Yorthe aeeotainfl Utt ol' ponou* wishing to ?rid incurr to th ir fiiadi in tbr iii'i i oaotry, HAii A0K.'-< StCf). v?ul ?iv<" U fu on any i>irt ol En* <1. Hcof" 1 , I or land, imviIr t until, forsrmi o( jtl, i.j, ?20, to k no?or iu any aruo.icl to tan ihe purchase,Mr KICK* AND AOftNTP. Chorj'iif r*rt, 120 rt, i curat, Bonton ?-?. A- v'ci, I'nii n Baildnijr, i'r>?,dance, R. I. J W. Mil's, I Well atnv-t, ami la Ooitc(treat, Near York, i N. l>., How rd, it *<>aih I'liird ntrrct, Pnil.idelphm Uauillord fc Hboorrinkar, 7 Light street, B'll'iuiore, Mi'. _ Pnt?bargh, Pr. f.iUlwohn, 11 f.fhH-jjo, Albany M. *. Unik,150 H-ivcr niwt.Troy, N. Y. Utir.*,N. V. W. A. Cook, Svraemc, N *. liotli Pi Y, W. II. Conk. N. Y. H. * I'xlaoKli fcCo-, Ot-.M-K", N. T. mlftee FA'JfwKi" k'l'H HAVRr,? Hfcoml Lion?Tim fcP-'isjJVShin U IDA, J rone :t, Muter uill ami ou jane*, i* of J.*. 10 ]1?o No > Toot in* BiiildtuH. cnY V ?.| *uil Wtter it*. ' ii 1,ai'k 1' a 1 . ' I OLU LINbTTlkLfv? B JiJ-WrtXtLfA' K .I'.I -rOH L.TVKni'OOL.-JLxuiw A 1 ''"1 f 10 b Jon?? I ' a<- ' unit ilnonutanll n In (i.i ,1 ?.,t uiliLg iiui?rt?h ! liNdLA'lU Ctrtiti." rt. J wiil ponii vel? "Ail 00 Mmum/, Itih Juik-, h.'r mu'ir 'ftI* well kaown th-.t tk* Rofflaud i* rttwii nut 1.1 * rnry I0l*r or irou.m*?lth 'T rf not r 'iraCt lint ran n.ld to t,,n coot tort of thn-o miction*. procmdi.ft o :1m , I.i country v/ili iLJ t in In if iHt rc .l to a-leCl tr.i. Ci.nT. ynion i-.-r iai?*lk m c?b.h, 2*ile?bi' . nodiln- raKC, v |>lj on Iioa.iI, tort0' 0,"k,nda u"M-ittcfcrBnnrffi ?h k to, *7 to 17 nc .UK KulL,u ?t, next door to the fcmivo b*ak. E N I N rt ltRANGBM CNTH KOR ICm OLD EUTABLICHKD FA88AUK Ofi'VILE, IPO I'lutiUnt, corner of ri'iuth. "51 TnEanbieriberD^i^Jnve to calltn^tteution of liia frietide and the public in general, tv the following nrmuiretmajLn for KM, lor tli* oar pone ol brn.Kin* oat cabin, 3d cabin, and atrervt* paaacugata, by the Lion of Lireriwul Packeta, aail ing urn lat.blh, llth, Itdi. Jlatund tatli of every month. By tV Losdou I'ackru, tc sail mm New York, tli* lat, 10lh ana Mth?nod from London on the 7th, 17th ana 37tliof.vch mouth. In eonuecluin with the above and for the purpose<.f afford UU still nmnuw facililiM. to pssaengers, tlte subscriber has * a regular lien ol toil claaa Naw York built, crppcred and tipper i ax nurd ship*, to aail ponctnally *?nry week throughout th* year. for thr arenmroodariua of yeraona wishing to rrtnif money to tlinr timilie* or friend*, draft* art given, payable at sight, on ma following Beaka, a in Provinjpsl Back of Irnlaad, payable at Cork, I.imeriek, Clouint), Londonderry, fiiigo, Wrtfnrd, Bthast. Watnr'ord, UnlWrtT. Am tag b, Athlon*, Coleraiu. U.tlbna, Tralee, Youghal, Knniskillro, Yionarhtr. BaoboilKe, Hallyjnena, Pcraoaatawn, Low ap.ttric*. Cnvan, l.nryttt, Omugli, Ouraaiuou, ft-to Jon, Y.uuis, BallvsUanno ^UaCaut, Sliitnienit, Mallow, Moueytnore. Cootchill, Kilioali, Dublin, rlcotJjxJ?The City Book of Glasgow, tin a laud?Messrs. Sponncr, At wood -t Co. Bankers, London; It. .Viwpliy Waterloo Koad, Liverpool: payable iu rrrty town n Wrrnt Britain b'or farther information (if liv Lstor, p.,at f~i:,> apply to JOSEPH VteMbKUA Y, l?b T.n strati, ccriior of Couth. N. Y. ?Or Voatra. P. W. It CO, 3? Waterloo ttoaJ^ , *"" UAJ.tfAJL AiND CIV K.tLtOV< Tne Roynl Mail Steam Ship CALKDOMA, &. U. Lrtt, Commander. will leave B'lioa for the above port*, on (land it, Ifflh init, r.ud the ACADIA, A. Ryrie, Commander, Jaly let, next. Passage for Livtapool f/'O. fassogrfor Halifax Id. AptIt " I>. BRieiiAM. Jr., Agent, joktolS rre No. S Wall street t mi a if'rw hi* r.iv.n.imi ihi.-i amn ^jKCIQKjS tte.?Person* about remit!ma money to Iheii iPlStt^XAmirirnili iu toe Old Couuuy can be eupplied with draft* iu aarrj o' dil, ?2, ?J, Jii, ?10, **'" ^^ B^m?'.IO,?S8.?10l?,?10oO or any amoant, payaule on demand, without dwvount, or any olher charge, at the Natioual Uuh of Ireland Provincial Bk. do, Mmrs Ja's Bait, Hon it Co.. Bankers, Lundoii; J Knrni-d St Co., Kxchange and Dieeouiir. Bath, Liverpool; f>.?teiu Bank of 3cm laud, Or<enoiik Hanking Company; Mir Wm, Portias, Hunter St Co., Scotland ind the branches in every poet tov/u throughout England, .re innd, Scotland nud W ales, which draft* will be forwarded bt 1 the packe** of the lull, ISt'i, 3l?t, aod 2titli, or Ih- Royal atenuier aai.iiif from Benton ou tie ltth ol Jane Apply to W.& J.T.TAPSCiJTT. At their genera) passage offiao, 76 Sooth ?tr<vf, corner of Maiden l.aue. N.B ?All letter* from the country meat coma post paid. jite PASSAGE K11UM ENtiLANU. IRELAND, UCU'I 1 LAND AND WALKS, VlA LIVERPOOL. TrlK subscriber hi* made unequalled mm, gi-ji?nt .tgJMtWfor briogig out emigrant* this yewr, '?14. Thou HBHWavnodiug for their friend* would do well to apply at the *Ta established packet office of i JOHN HKRDMAN, 81 South at. i N. B.?Tbeahins of thi* line no .v leave Liverpool every five . day*. and dr..ft* can u usual be furnished for any amount, pay I able at all the principal Da,king inatitution* throughout cm ; unite,! kinxdom.aorilv aeahnve. iei1 re ( KIJR LIVKHPDUL?New Line? Regular Paeke. i Itjfei- f.r?Jti* J"iie ?The splendid packet ship GAKRICK. , JAlUtesCaptam B J. H Tiiuk of lot)* tons, will sail ar , ! above, her regular day. 1 for fooRht or puuagd, having accommodations nae<i'iallo<: i fora/leudcr or comfort, apply oa board, at Orleans wliarf, foe of w all street, or to K. K. COLLINS St CO. M South it. Price of p.ijsage $100. I The 'jacket ship Hosr.ius, Cnpt J Colliov, of 1108 tons, will . succeed the UaiTick, and *ail the kith of July, her regular dav . nikOtojuiKrc "EiHtT {'LO BLACK H AI L LINK Or' PACnr.T.s ' r?mPWf'<?K LIVEKP inL-Paeknol ihe 6th 'out?ih JUUMCmal'icket elup ENGLAND, Captain bartlttl. will b I ue?pvi,.hid us chore i er teguler day. < for paastge, h-?ing u>t*tirpi.*?<d ii"coromod'.ti?n*. apply to .>wi?.e in, m .->?? miwr N. D ?The srbirriber t. '* urequ*'cd airtcgumerta tnnd for I the briny.n* ou . of nnsseu'.ai* fro-a Ore.t. Br uia ?n > Irn'on-i Oy ihw is^ui.t pvcket* MiliiiH fvry live d*\ ? Irani Livriu.ol , | at the iu ft rales, Hid rnl > c?u an ti.ttrj :a f-irmtlied for air, am- unt, parable i>i a!' V e principal tu'.T.s, without a.iy I chaten, thfonghoai. Kuylaud end l.cUnd. o-i appliretioii n> i a1-'ve. ill oik e , NEW 1,1 Pit, Or PACKETS KuK LlVatl < tfSRrVl'OOL-PHch. t of Jut Jiuy.?The splendid nea , i raw P.eorita packet slip ItwC1! E8 IV R. 11)0(1 Inn. j bare l_ a,t. J. Urittou, will toil on Knd .i, 21st Jane, ha I ruaU; day. ? l'h* siipaofthis line bun* all 1C00 tons aud upward*, per ?tm* aoont to embark for the ulil couutrv, will not fail to an the acrautrye* t'> ' e derived fm.n selectinit thi? lia* iu prie < f'-reaee to any other, aa thnr itrcat capacity n ode * them ere > | way inor. crral'.irtabte and (.oormiei.t thau ship* uf* iiual i" cln?, ao.l their accommodation!! fur cabin, s*cond cabin, uuc ste r.ig. p,:teiiyrrs, an well known to be superior to an) I oth'r*. | Parson* within* to secure berths sfould not fail to male i early application on board f ot of llu.-i..* slip, or to V/. i J. i. TAPHHOTT, ! u.-irt) * i?... . < "T?J Li Vh krooo?ybe r??r "wine r-4*"' i .ilWMa Packet 2lat .luce -i in -perior New York bu.' J^WTaiKeP'Ciiei. slop HU?,lle'H Vblt, Curt J*hn Britton, le iti'it buittw, will tail a* abore. her regular day. bur iiuiiiji" nanna vi ry tnrerior ucoouiaivOau.ipii not so. paired by any ahip in port, iprdT on board, weal lid* hurbn nip, orto wnomiULL It MlNTUttNi iT South ? I Pnne of C??!1PP' giuu. i be pas act ship H' Uir,K?er, Capt Ira Bnrslev, iniJ :< :. | mrloee, noli succeed liie Koahener, mid oil io < d ;| 3let Jul" j-P'-pi r 1 POH lIVIE'.POi/L.?to sau li.i. u*. X > avygV sailiu* ship YAZ'O, CappiuJaa Wibruy jaUMBKn "ill P aitive'y sail n* above bar irn^h' or pa s ye, h.?*in;r ha*id*?me 'nrniahed ?ccor. mudali ua. apply ou board, at Oilaaua Whaif, hi-u of Wail si no a. K. COLLI > 8 to. CO. j-lllae M S intb street i'Vfc ifOR LIV ~KPUOL -The wr11-?o?w ., I a . eijwka-ilindiei/k-t hid SOUTHEHNK8, T. D P In.M ill la will rai: Srtur lay, lJlh instant, weathei per ?'Uu* . , j * , for passu**, h-y.u* very cood accamtaodatioui, apply cr i board, ras. aide l'sck slip, or t WOODHULL 8t MINTUKN8. jlltolire 17 South st'eet t 4^?d^ k6bT~NANTES.?Paaaag only?Tht suieri bt'T ie IIUMA Captain letiUard, to be despatcliei MdnHm on or annul tti !' ill instrnt For ,-a>s *! ia ho c ibrn. handrom <lr famiskad, apply to th . captnn, on toard, at I'mr No. 3, N. K .orlo BOYI) fc HINCKF.N Jeffala rre N> 9 T i tni Pmld nv. VVall-treet i iL*itiv '' h'KW OKLi/lh S?Firs; ileguntr I'acktt Cyvkep.ti (Jiipauh?'1 he well-known, fsat eerlug ibn < iSiik'aU'LArt. 11 ton llavim ind w I! sail at above. b or tr-'i iht, O' pn ace in th? i nbin, s eond cabin or ?t.era*> hi.y eK y r,' snperior *ccua? "r dmo" , and -rta* m deist! api ly oa hoard, or to J))Hfc.Pll MtMUitllAJ', rfl.sorc VI ~r.*? "on* " n-" , ? FK'.llitll1 on ^HAlllf..v- hUri i h h .'qj? OLAKKN'.K, Thurt* Martin - Vvkm, h orth. n'".i7 i m re? Will store SiiiO tamli? I ao I<1 ?-.relit fisigut to auy P<>r -n ?ireiit Writ* u Apple to I'ttlHf K & d ROOK 4, Nh *1 ? ibtrv ?*? ". rAI'hCOTT'H UifiNF.HAL PAdsAUB Ok" "f'if'fb- KICK?Removed froj< 41 IVck (lip to 76 South * xJmtfm ""oru?r ol Vaide j lane Persons desirous to in i f thflr r feuds in the old roup try, can tijr calliof on th? tabic i brr, uiali* the neccaaary a ran foments on the toon aJvs taK'oo . terms. Mr Wn? Tapac-it b-n.giu Liverpool, renders tr.i ? 1 teli. $ ?nchbusiness Wih ih to hlgtlty l?" itMiul to all par i .r.liinn to have their friend* cnuifotubly aud quickly d?? patched. Ural's for an7 amount, payable on derailed without any di? count or any rharae whatever, i.i .ill thepriucipal towua thion ah oil' tirwit Britain and Ireland caualail nates lo> oh,nip u oi a plication to W. St .1 T TAPSCOIT. At their 'JeitertT P.a*?ai;e. Office, mil TO 70 Month il, corner vlaidm lar.. JT;# PA "SAUK KKOM IJUULIN. i.OllK, WATK' 435y l-OtiD, OKKiiY COl.KRil.Ve ic.l>\nT ' JjqffcLa -ear-. UorIi.-iIi, Ac ?Persons ? to tend ., tlhotTrieu en liavo ili*in broucht ..ut iroui noy of tlir ihov ports in fir it class Aiuo it: il Packet Klppa, on Uie m iat reeji,. 1 able terras, ami without their evperie.iciuir any uni?crjw?iy d- ' caution. Mr W. Tn, nu' Hi' the lirm, -a .il <w on tit / spot to Rive his personal cfte-lticn to th (e.i?.-ii?;rrjr?/i!i>. by the subscribers or t'te r atte sts here, and parvous unj re that the irohs* nd comforts of tlioso wh ?e p issue ma] h cogarted by them v? il' hire nil due and proper attention K oiticnlars .pyiy, if by letter, post-paid, to i W. h J. l'. I AP4COTT, at their General Passage Office, 70 Womb it cor. Mntd*-i Iraqi, *!* ?. also, Ura.ts insy be .blamed, for la-Re or small tarn- I leiytble oo demnud, without discount or oiy other ciutrge 'he National or Province! II a ike ol Ireland. ?r any of rtvo branches throughout the Kingdom in 15 re KtM id ALL?Til* beau' I at I limine V so N XK.N'OBI\, Pilot Host Kiggvd ol Pity two Ins WlTt/kiii ' ? ,I0W l).'"if at Pier 1 Ka?t Hirer near th I oot 01 lyperr s'ruet. Hli" is v-rII f ?u? l m ?atU i d rugiuy s-n' ?erv otli r re.i ec' For fn it her p'T? t nl.trs it plv en b r', . t'l f^ptaii! JUI1N HYKll, at JohuW.Avn.y fc Co J0? Wa e . StNM. ill tarn're f CANADA, NEW HKUN8WICK, iNOVA 5JCO- ' TIA, AND NEWFOUNDLAND NOTKS COLLtC'Ih-U, Hills.tud UioU ante. pr"ch.?.d and l)t. ft*, or Crciita ^ra. U?1 on the ttrnch.-s of tlie lia-.k 4 af British North America in t ie I'rorincea above, by ti KiC'HAKI) Br.IiL k WILLIAM MALI.\CHLAN. 6 and 7 Loir's Oaiidiijtfs. N'yiv York, 17th A pril. U44. . A'ai?, p'ules of the Uranches el th* B '.r.k of Hri'trh N?ill. Vn onca m ..i'sifeah t}nrl'VC. KiiiRituI', Toroola, kr Joi.u and * Kc.ii nr. n N H.. I! inli. A, . -'c.-lis, .id Mt I jh.a.N. wloai d V land, redeemed ,' 'L rntreut rate of LrcnMiRe on New Y'ork. ap'ot Sm Hi l?VV'? *rn H A TTKS'l fO.X?SAVS YOUR MoSKY1 , DAOUKKHEOTVPK PORTRAITS, IN TK>; KINK3T AND UStHT HTYl.R. i.claditif * ' Miiroceo '*?* nr FruiH",?1| (or ONI'. DDI.I. iK An,' \ . (>i fh# l.\f*vrtif B *mr, HO II. <>*(! ? r , iwd ilt< tit 111) Brv/- " *a|. third nory, front room N?? Yoilt i?u I rf-n I,^ fi.-r: \ie rvti'tctlolljr Ifivi r4 to o .11 and .-iimni- id" avtrrimeiia. * Mod are ?trnu tvd per' ct. and lUlioisdi h.MC the> ?re eooal m any v. * noil nT $1. For t.-.c eoiimo.'.ice of Dvtim, for train will It* tnirti by I Lady. M ilfii/.jLii Api'trim, wirrvtWal imported, complete, tio, in- \ elu'liuu t complete initru"tiou. \ French Platea, Morocco Cava at t J?<e4 pneei, Cb' inioala, .. L>auya ail unpolled by V A ARTAUI.T. * mJS lm*M! Wat! W wn in thi-lin -of bnairrat I' V/-'1LOBB AND Til ANHPARKNTOKLKHTIAl HPI1KUB, common atte, far achooie tie on rile fimiliea, and for L?r.tO'ra, tor ante at M". V ile'a Nauli<-il *.? I t r>lia!i uTl. ft Rovrelt fleet. Ne* Vntk, ?nd at Neftiit tl tnrniih, 171 piftfl. ) he ub ve lilt tnnnrnr i? no* n- "I In Yi e , I ..II ... hn th" recointnenu *io;a oi Doctor UM tr %nd I'.i Inaii Olutfed. K/oia itt nimr'Icity, la i> aim ui'd * iti oat t immot. tcbooli. Leutri ol taqoi. y, pott paid, y?i n n *ttt?i>d'? . . .. . . '' Mr V .1 will make ti' tr? viwtto It ft-, tl w njn? ? i tloa inou it,< VU.) a <i our dil" - 'ii? U'B Uloito ti <1 Sinter*. M. iaill lecture on the Mtb mium ?t a-* ' ocdoa, t oan. mv9 lmaotl4 tro t NT-? I ii h,? T'v in.lil.t n "am *o a.tinet tr.i :.ny . til ol | 'hit rrrw of the Ml Hill'|i'UrKHH Iro I I. M v ?ny 4?t)it or thei, cootrtat -a will u I tie I*.d by itm ( at loin or eonaitiieot, Ji| JUc JAKKRi/MAN, |1 0i,ath ttratlt f : w y < EW YORK. SATURDAY Dayton ?j Correspondence ol the Herald. Dayton, Ohio, June G, 1844. Lift in Ohio?Delights of the West?Beauty of the IVomtn, Music, Cascade* and Stars. Mb. Bennett? I do not consider it passing strange that the Herald continues to lay before the darling public its rich stores of news aud information ; (whatever Wikofi, Hughes & Co. may think of the matter,) and, us upon the great wave of politico-religious excitement, uow sweeping over the land, may be onm.llm.] a*.or. lU? o.,n?1. I...~ U..1.1.1- ?r -I ..... uu...v.....vd tiiv uumJir ui picoruiT", jMrrmit int.- to make you and your readers aware ot a considerable ellervescence, that occurred about these diggum on Wednesday, June 5th?it being nothing less than a grand pic-nic, which was participated in by the youth und beuuty of Dayton, Fiqua and udji.cent parts. It is needless for me to give you a description ot Dayton?its wide and beautiful streets, its splendid dwellings and magnificent churches?the hospitality, wealth, enterprise and indn try of its 10,000 iuhsbitunts; lilts is well-known by you, and all others whose eastern verdure has suffered Iront the wear snd tear of a jaunt across the mountains Let us then (after the manner ot modem democracy) progress. For several days, previous to the ever memorable filth, it was easy to perceive, (apart from th? ready interrogatory?" Are you going to the nic-nicl") from the flutter among the " young folks," and the unprecedented hustle among horses and carriages, that something was to take place?and that something no small potatoes. No little anxiety existed about the weather; und on Tuesday evening litany a troubled glance was cast heavenward; for, in the wes era horizon, the clouds had collected, us it to sit in council upon the affairs of the morrow ; but, finally, all fears were dissipated, by that omnipresent and otnuicient individual?the oldest inhabitant?who gave it as his fixed and settled conviction, formed after due cons deration of all the "signs and omens," that " Wedtutsday would be its for as the prettiest gill in the village," und, entrc nous, she js teully lovely. The extraordinary person, before mentioned, was correct in his opinion?the day was delightful, and its morn?what a morning in June ought to be ?calm and bright. " Tha aky wus clear, and fragrauco filled the air." At an early hour the young gentlemen were flashing about the streets iu their carriages and tuggies, each one in quest of her who had (alas ! for the haste of the age,) promised, " long time ig/>," to be the partner of " his nerils and hi-? ! oils" upon this eventful day. We were soon Jrtving rapidly away from the cite, over a pleataut McAdnnmed road, toward Ludlow's Falls?b aeing the rendezvous ot the clans, und eighteen : inles from home. Having airived upon the ground, those who had never bclove visited the spot, were immediately led !>y some irresistible attraction to the cascade, the oft breathing music of whose falling waters came tloating up to us over the clilU> and shrubs flint intervened. Leaving our vehicles, on we hurried r>ver " bush and brake," all anxious to catch the iret glimpse of the sounding cataract. Compared iviih the many ptettv Falls in New York and eihei States, those ol Ludlow would, of course, dwindle ( luto somethingfapproaching insignificance, yet no student or lover of nature could turn from them without pleasurable emotions. Those of us who lad visited Nisgan, "gave (he. quicken'd fancy nogr," and by a most painful eliort of ihe imagi latron, were enabled to Ware some likeness hi ' tne_ teaturea." "Here," said cue lovely girl, landing upon the verge of (lie Falls, " is Table < Itock." " There," suid another of the company, ' is the Ilorse Shoe Fall, aud that large rook stiah ie called Gont Island." And, immediately ex.laimed a gentleman, "I will he the ^am Patch ol his miniature Niagara, and will leap into yon Itni id baeitt at 5 P.M." Be it hereby known to you, towever, that at the appointed time, he was not ortheoming to perform the promised saltation ' Wandering along th'/. cliffs, we eauie to usteep and . tigged (lath, leading down under -he overhanging i btM ilh7oFrtlU* co'-T.1 wvV re.ening alludes beneath?a tnsk quickly perlorm d. " F^r.i!t (Ureixtus itvcrni, srd reditu*," Kaith lie poet, whose words occurred to me, on at emitting to retrace the path thut we had descended rpparently with so much ease. Some were serious ly struck with the fact that the centre of gravity v,is below a d not above them. Some lost thi n noting, at which others lost their gravity ; hut buying at length arrived at the summit, the reinrtmrter >1 the morning was passed in rambling through the -roods and dancing upon the green award?a cleat md level area having been discovered under *oin? ;rand old oaks. Our imagination at once told uhut this was the assembly room?the theatre of th< nuoulight revels of the fairies who inhabit thi rrovcB and dell* around Ludlow's Falls. In du- t ime we proceeded to a neighboring spring, where i he ladies bu*ied themselves in spreading out lv ore us the greatest variety nnd prolusion of sub itantials and delicacies with which they hud come rovided, whilst sotne oi the gentlemen were en- , raged in triakingleinnnade,drawing corks,Arc. A'.c ( i'he banquet, ol course, p jsed off agreeably. All .periled to understand and appreciate the beauty < ( hat old adage, "Neglect not thyseif." Ueing al issembled tog titer at dinner, we were, for the tir.-' ' iine, enabled to estimate n- number present.? There were at least sixty persons upon the groan-' ! piere?how much solt nonsense could be utier-r ?how ninny flirtutmns commenced?how manv rows and protestations made by thirty couples o. ftddy youth ! The evening was spent in the same amusements 1 hat engaged the morning, nnd as the situ demended in the west, Wf piepnred to leave the cene of revelry. When the gloom of twilight galiered over the spot, ami the "fairy like music" f the cascade sounded through the quiet woods. ' 11 one would have supposed tluit a lew moment: ) revious the Mmquillity of the place had been titsurhed by the sweet voices of lovely women,?tin { olid manly laugh nt their companion*, and ill misterous notes ol the bugle and the banjo. I i vas | ,te in tbe night when the last earring-' rollvd verthe Miami bridge into the siibu-bn of Day ton. Vn accident occurred to mar the plea-urea oi tin lay. Some gentlemen had lost their gloves,otherr- < heir canes, s-onie their hearts, hut these you know ' ire trifling pv> rv day matters. I cannot con lude without noticing moreparii ularly the ludie*, who, (Ciod bless them, as Msfli' -ays) are ever ready 10 contribute to the pleusute>f " lile's weary round." The limits of my paper vill not permit me to do tliriu nl' justice. Oonsyi i utou* in this crowd ol Kve's fair daughters were lie beautiful and intelligent Misses B. and tii: ' harming and agreeable Mis* P. All were r'e- 1 ighted with the beauty and vivacity of Mi-s ] diss O , Miss II., Miss 3 f Miss 11 , the M is-en Jj 1 nd Mi.-?'s II. The facmating Misses >lcO. ol 'iqua were also there ; and many other lovely la lien, graced Ludlow with their presence. r In haste, Aunt's | OC^ A capital ar.rcdote t* t"l?t vt'ajuUv sailor rnlU , ng up Commercial street, at the time if the r-i p- a ion in Boiton, of the n?wi from the Baltimore (' moon * ion. The honeat tar, astonished lit the roaring 01 c. inunti, ha diiplay of fl-upi from ilitt' ront quarters, and the uni n ernul rejoicing which prevailed, inquired " what it waa J II for V " Polk iin?l Dallat have been nominated," wiia ! r r< aponae "f MttrJV darnocra' pasting by. * Toi k end )ollai?!" exclaimed thia ton of Neptune, catching tl??* > ;enaral enthumafcrn, " Pork anil Doll.irt! they are the men j or me?plenty to eat and money in pocket!" t Ratticr a .Hit, Doctor.?A few years n?n, here readied in IJtica, New York,several medical , tudents, one of whom inquired of n mechanic, who w?* , voiking at a small water wheel, what ho w.m making , "A tell wheel foe the cuatom bullae," an a wart d the hrcwd limb ol the adze. " Ah," quoth this student, " arc wc to have two b> "? In . hit liltln village? I should think onu would answer I very purpoau for 'ho present."

"Von are right." replied the other; ' liut it i* very " ikelj that when all of you young doctors eomincncu the 11 ractice, ono hell will not do all the tolling," ?.1odkrn Arrrrrr?.?"Mrs. Sprigs, will you lie " el pod to a tniall bit of the turkey ?" ' Ve?, my dear Mr | Vtikina, I will." " What part would you prrfer, tny dear v Irs. Hpriga 7" "I will have a r. mpte of the wie/a a ? ouplaof the legs-aom" of the bri.aat?the aide hone ? onie filling Hud a few dumpling*, at I feel very unwell a day !" Wilkin* falnwd. ?????? v ice officer Waldron received u ietfer I' nun New York yesterday morning, containing ) formation that all-.u Dortia, of gold bar memory, and h p ronian with him, h? 1 rohbad a guntleman <:f $8n0 in C??h ? nd had co ne to Bullalo. With his accustomed proiept- ,, irtt, vi r rValdron callwl ofheer fJatet, and had t to; pi" irmiediately nrren'cri, and brought before folic-* fu-'.ic lay nerd, where an exsmin I'ron was I: I and ih? ; rivie r* fuily committed I ?r a mrther hearing. H vnn '. '/? ilia, one$tiiO, and about $l ?i in gold, were I on ' ho prisoner, betidea a very ingemout instrument tor un ' ockiug doer*, by listening upon the key andtuimeg it, rhera it Wat inserted from toe inside. it appeal * thin t1 ognua ara not a tla even it VV'at Iron ia not a police otter " to /emMk?Mufalt fc'aael<?, Jun? 13. * mrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmrnmmmmm )UK I MORNING, JUNE 15, 184 The KtrecU?Tht New Corporation. Mr. Editor,? 1 have ever believed it to be your wish to do jut- h tica in eveiy instance, and I have yet to learn thai i you would intentionally misrepresent any indivi- ri dual or any body of men. J' Hut ol late your paper has daily been shirring the new Corporation and the New Street Inspector? N for neglecting io put the streets in such n condition ,0 as they should be. Are these com. Lints well ft, founded1? Are the streets in the bad condition at which you represent them to b?! And has ihrre T been a direlection of dutv in those concerned hi ihi *r S reel Department? These questions 1 shall at Cd lempt to answer, and shall sabstHniiule what 1 say ''J by I acts which cun t>r nrovod at any time. I! Rut let us start witn facts as they exist. The fll Street Siipermtcndant, nor the Ward Street Inspec- n) tors, cannot employ more m?n or carts tiro the law allows, thus, by the ordinance, every ward is auoweu ho iiinny street sweepers, and ho many di curtmen. While the law exists, they cannot go tt> beyond it, as it in a cardinal principle of the Native party to adhere strictly to the letter ot the lawn; ho '? aiU'.'b, then, lor the circumstance in the case. Jj* Now, then, l'or th>* first question Are our streets in so bad a condition as you have represented thernl If so, to what street is the complaint applicable; everything' Iras been done that could be lone to put them in as good a condition as possible; no one knows better than yourself that prevtous to the new party coming into power, our ,ol streets were nearly a foot deep with mud; all that mud and dirt could not be removed by any possibility under the present ordinance, in one day 01 one week; time was required; but their Condition has been daily improving, and will, before tins week closes, he ill a condition which will satisfy un every one. ve This brings me to the second proposition, lias there been auy neglect of duty within the Hunerintendent of Streets Department, or by the Ward Street Inspectoral Let what they have done in answer the question. From the 20th of May, tiie time when they entered upon the duties ol their offices up to June 8th; they have caused to he removed trom the streets of our city, twenty-five thousand three hundred und sixteen loads it dirt, and during that time there h is b en daily employed J* upwards of three hundred and fifty sweepers; and if it be the fact, as you assert, thut the streets an in so filthy a condition, it only argues that lliey have been grossly neglected for years past; ami ( ? the new officers have to do up work thut their pre wl decessors should have done. opi These are facts, Mr. Bennett, which cannot h<gainsaid, and as you have chosen to give, in strong language, one side of the question, I ask you in j fairness :o give the other. 1 fully appreciate your motive in holding the new party strictly to their promises; they should redeem No ihem?but do not stigmatise them when I hey are by endeavoring to do all m their power to carry out 011 the great reform which they promised to our citi- **' r.ens. In conclusion, let me suy, that the American JJnj Republican i'arty feel the indebtedness which they j,.| are under to the Herald, for the uid which u < rendered them previous to the last election ; and am any complaint which comes through your paper, co* has more force than nil the small pontine articles an which appear in political prints, out of which ihev fondly hope to make some political capital. Witii ' much respect, youis, &o. Justice. In reply to our correspondent, we have only to lhJ say, that the number of sweepers or ot curt loads i; not exactly the bargain which the public made with the new corporation. It was clean streets? J good streets?healthy streets, at all hazards?and ^_c this pledge has not yet been complied with to any .or rutionul extent. la other great cities, London, Paris, a;11 . u? .vc., the streets are swept every morning?and t new machine* have been introduced to lacilitate the business. Is New York to be worse governed in that respect than any city in Europe J Again, Du the new corporation were pledged to give us a new 1 and efficient police?to reform all abuses?to cut Q down the taxes?to brenk up the gambling shopb and had homes?to prevent riotrrs and rowdies ^ from dietuibing the quiet citizens. Are any ol ?,:i attending to their public duties, the new corpora:iou are principally engaged in dividing the spoils, 11 or quarrelling about them. With the solitary ex- ''JJ eeption of regulating the hacks at the steamboat xl landings, utid even that is beginning to " gang y'J bock ugtn," not a single promise of the new cori i ration has yet been fuiiilled to the public satisfaction. This will nevsr do?depend upon it. u* mj Latkk rnoM Maracaibo.?Per Louisiana, C?i?l Marsh, from Marucaibo, we have received intelli- wj genets to ttiu "illli ultimo. Thu whole valley ot tlio Itn , itcho from CntlU to MarAcaibo, a distance of mora tb?r >00 inilet, is completely immdited, and thcplnrr. n; hu.i ,,, in almost every instance, nhandmisd tlieir residences on pj, be plantatioiiH his I Uken themselves to tlio mountains. ,tu all the coffee plan'nlion* in thia valley wire overll.iwi.I. tJ tnd the only feasible mode of i utuag the cocoa is fro* ,, i-oiatH. This ia the more disastrous to the cocoa planter, ? or tatnu fe*' days previously to the heavy rains, the pros- w [iects of a largu crop bad baen unusually good. Owing n. his sod state of things the prices of both coffee and cneon i i?<l a I vanned a; Maracaibo Communication (ram tin ort with the interior it entirely suspended, mid several rns el- lint lieen Tor some lime waiting in vain for theit srgoys With Valencia < araccas, L igtiay ra and Puerto ia ahntlo, tliere hnd been no rontmiinice'ion wl.ntov. r.- j,rt Weluarn verbally, froni < aptain Marsh, on the morn- ( ag of the 54Ui ultimo, just previously to his leaving, a j? ry severe shock of an earthquake writs felt at MarAcaiho. .?| Voiyniany walls of stone buildings were I, ami wu "" ? gr.uu sune <" ?' " "i "" J1 10 lowtver, there had boon no Uvea lo*l.?Um(ed Stutn ,( i Gazette, J'Hit Ulh. wu Lath prom St. Jaoo.?P?*r Mary Helen, from mi S . Jugode Cuba, which place she left on the 2-ltli ei ill , w? leeru that lii? severe drought which lias ciintiiiu tint I so long in thu Island of Cuba has mater inly tlH-ctcd wa he crops of both sugar and tobacco in all that region ?.! ma ountrv. Both in ipnlity aa well as quantity, the tohhcei. 'J irop htd (uttered, and tha liner kinds were almost deairoy- des id. I'hc prions >[ pro >ucta wilt be found in our coin* ape rierciul record.? V S Gazette. Junt 14. 'I j Depravity op Human Nature.?A farmer re- nu! liiluig in Ma'nbu'gli, by the name of Wilson. . * nndu application to Constable Wilbur, on Monday rnorung last, to recover hi a wile, a woman about 40 soars id ., Re. who, it appears had left her home on r'n'iirday last A ith her two children, ami Will supposed to he some *? vbare in the neighborhood of the inteoted district T n ' illlcn nran irlad In search, a.;d f.iund Mrs. Wilson an i ,l" ier children living in a house with a gang rf negroes nt "" he points where it appears she had h taken bars.j| all i ,vlt K-r arrival in tho city, on the afternoon of Hatnrday last r' t'he unfortunate worn n i' seems is in the habit 1>?mining iii'nxicatrd, lud while in that statu, proceeded he points when! alio f?dl In with tho degraded bi tna. 1 villi wli'HM sho was loiind. Thn olHcnrj delivered liet r ind her children over to the husband, w ho returned houie v it It them.? lltijfalo Gazette, June 13. Oa^e cr Thomas W. Dop.r.?Tin- Court rv-ruletl the first awl moat important point relied upon poa iy Mr. Dorr, to iu<iiritaiu his motion for a new trial, win m inn vas an objection totwoaf tha jurora?the Courtovei- ed i nling it nu tha ground that inasmuch as tin- j ri-oncr ind sail ilge.cted to the same jurors when tliey were empauni lie l a ..J turther, inasmuch as the only fact whi?h the jury w idled upon to decbla wan the coinmiisNM ol tho overt ct, ss lnoli Mr Dorr C'jnleaaed in open Court.?PreviJmcr Gurnml, Jan* 13. 8(1, Out PscttT character of lite C >f?w York packet ships, running from that port ( t: .ondon ?nd Liverpool is known and appreciated by ill tie travelling public It is just mutter of pride to our Idle Htatn, that most of their capinins are cititeca of f'nn. j ircticnt One ol thn most gnntkmaaly and celebrated o( r-R Lis'itamnts of Neptune, is <tapt. I) Chadwick, of Na1 be London parket ship Wellington, who is now S" j ?uv:t- i ul ng with his lauilly at the Tontine ?New Hot en Itrrali, In futir i MA |J io Cou> WgATiicii ?The Richmond Compiler of i. r, Veiluo.j,l.iy *avu:~Tin' weather changed very -ud <ol rnly on Von 'jy night, ntul the people were wa?. 1 np '01 bent dny, Iceluig an though they lint been pinner I into u;e. rol l bath Monday was viy worm, nn I yui teriny w.<? the ? cool m an q^rlv ipring day. It w?i floe lor cutting bur i heat. The Alexandria (laxit to elate* thwt on Tuerdny poii itornioff the mercury at aunriie waa a* low m W." \v?. ?v< e|? arriving thin inonih, report to hnre fallen in with nab arge hodia* of ice, in ttie latitude of the tim id liiinlci, to I*>rhichthi* midden change o( the wHither may, in the |-iii >|iinion of the Gazette, bo attributed. Nit me i VV'ukat ('nop.?We ate sorry to learn that the l^1' vlie it cro|) hi thm and the neighboring oountiea, ^ ith been w.rat neriouily r'a .iHgeil by the fly, and in ?ome ^ e e? we understand that H hat been entirely deatroy 1)11 Che ipiit.g croga, loo, look paleaud alr.kly on account of he mean! hard Croat, and ince*annt cold nun*. Ot the ?hole, the prmjectn of the i'.ir.v.eri are anything but r., ]j(|' ouraging.~-JCafa*M*?e t.'nuffe. H nej I)?trA?prt. Kxrr.osiorr ?About -I o'clock on Th biturday evening, ne thr engineer w.ih rniM>g fh1 . on t . put [?n engine hi motion, connected With the ere ) iii Keundry, en Kratit and birler street*, an otplori'in 0?k pi i<a>, which torn the boiler into piecea, and Corn- lh? detaly levelled the Iramo houae, w oh u largo ctiimmy, nd the adjoining ttx'.uie? and fanuea. ? CincinnMlti (It ' [<((?, JitTM 10 11 IERA 4. City Intelligence. Lower i'ollee Oiricr?Juxt 14.? User. and louT.-Ono of the moHt tH*i;ustirig scenes that for , length ol' time hare come before the police uulho ties, took place yesterday A fomale, nam-it Kmiiy ic.ohi, of No. 133 Tenth street, came to the police olhce the "Tomt.i," and complained that a man named uorga Matthew*, who ia a chair maker by traJo, ol tl o. 34 Canal street, ami alto a Methodist po acher, hail r reibly violated her person on Wednesday night, harm* *' setred bar and threw her on a bed bite wa* at woik " Matthew*'house at tewing, and i* 30 yes.* of aje he worst i? to be told ; roon after olhcer llarber had rested the wretch, hi* ow n daughter only Id year* old, line before the magistrate* and .lated that her unnatural t: irent, since the death of her mother, which happened >out six month* *iuee. had forcol her to have crinuuul . tnrcourse with him on suvetal occasions Thehmtei lly com milted to answer to both charges, and is locked 1 I HI |Jl?un IU ?K|.|| HIS 1IJU1 IVf lut' rmuilUJg rpetrated by him. Tbo parties are all colored ptrsoiu. L C'oroiicr'ii Ofllce.?June 14.?Child ill rm:d to c?th?1 ho Coroner wa* called to hold an inquest on v e body KUen Mehnn, uged 4 y ears, whose puients re- 11 lu lit No. 4t Cross street. ller clothes look llm ou the t of March, und she was badly burned. She was taken 4 the Hospital la.-t Mo day,und died in that insliiuti.ii ] is morning. Verdict," dca'.lifiom uccideutul burning " Court of Krror*. o Hcnator Foster, presiding. r; Prcrent twenty -six neiiature. c Jink 14.?Hall vs. Ifewcomhe?In this case, noticed in sterday's Herald, Mr. J. J. King resumed and concluded ,. r plaintiff in error. ' Mr. C. W. Stanford lor defendant in en or. * Superior Court. 6? Before Judge Vunderpoel. t't June H ?JIckt*y vs. .irnnn M. hacked J Ralph Lacktll, d Henry IV Hetiker.?All action ol assumpsit, to recti- p r u sum of yjno claimed by plaintiff as having boon p id to defendants through un agent, on a contract, rich, it was alleged, had not been tuifilled. , Adjoin ued over to this day. Merlon vs. Price 4- Co.?The jury rendered a verdict w this cane noticed iu yesterday's Harold For plaintiff' damages ana d cents costs. in Circuit Court. t?y Before Judge Kent. Jcnf. 14 ? Guluroe vs. M *1 Fire Insurance I'u?This se lettered to in yesterday's lit mid is still iielorc th< iirt. 1 el II. ?. District Court. l>r Iune 14.?His Honor Judge Belts, did not sit in this / uit on yesterday ; having ief tor Baltimore, from lence he returns ou Tuesday, v hi it the C ourt wiii BU. I" Marine Court. 'Bel'.iie Judge Mnith. Iunf. 14.?Horace Brldcn vs. Mark Cornell and elnnu iris Hind.?This wus an action brought to recovei ) 60, amount of rent claimed by plaintiff, for premise. m > 27 Cherry stret t, and occupied us a hontding iiousi |. defendant, Anna M. Wind who removid to premises 'u . 1st of May, 1843. I'M defence put ill wa> Hint premit! - . ' iiyuit in tenautnlde repair ; and that certain nuiianre- ( 1 < xisled iu thu basemuut, the removal of which was re 4(| ire I, as they hail caused much annoyauceto delend l'a hoarders, which obliged her to leave. Verdict lot !?, euduiit. Uto. it. lluhlard vs. Richard Chambers, Jllerander Mart I Stephtn L. Henderson.?An action o( Iri-spuss to terer dumnges lor taking away a quantity of turnituie on _ lungtfgi?. yurutui?Jiuusuu 101 acicnuam. Before Judge bheiman. [, lamuel Felt vs. John Frame, junr.?An action to recover ? >0, board bill; alter the examination of one witness foi s plaintiff?the case wua over to this morn- A f- S Common Pleni. Hi lore Judge Daley. ,ui kw'K 14?John fJ. If 'infer vs John *1. Milderterger,? hs motion of trefpwt for turnout u<l bttltrj, committed fit the 19th March, 1944, corner of Orchaid uwJ Htaiituh V eels. 1'l.iintitl went to collect tout Irurn defendant, u i>r raucr, wliou sonic words occurred between the pot- ? I , nst< 1 the alleged assault was committed. I t /erdicl lor |daiiitilf $'Mdamu<{ea and li cents Coats.' * ?? ,n ,h (ieitcrnl Sessions. .v fore Recorder Tultiindgc aud Aldermen Cozzens and i" llashrouck. ST. C. PattbrsOu, Esq , District Attorney. Jhial for iAhrl ?The trial of \V. It. Prince lor a libel on ? ihriel Winter, was resumed from yesterday. ,,, r ho defence called Isaac Pace?Knew coaijilainaut and h endnnt lor soiue years; knew the pioperly called ?t t Priuce Nursery; Winter talked something about th !M e pivvioua to in taking place, and said something ^ ?s to take putt of the purcliuui; witners did not give t ul answer in respect to the propo'itioii; Winter said i? purchased the projiarly he slioul I like to wake soim J iviiiou lor eld Mr. Prince; und aubm quently, uf er ti,> ?, subnuttrd to witness what were those condi ions it i iting respecting the provisions lor old Mr Prir.r.e aw , I wile; it was not signed, but in Mr Winter's hand, iting. That paper was offered to be produced. Oh ;ted toby the counsel tor the prosecution. The Court ruled that the objection was valid. Crm-txatuimd. Submitted the proposition to my pert rs, but did not accept of it, un it was Inconvenient tdo no proposition prior to the rein in relation tothr j 'micas lor Mr l'rin e and his wife ; Winter tlau-d thte i; thought the property co'iht be bought lor 9'4 WHO, Itu tness was ui.willing to take an interest at thru pure *. Wii.ter wished that the | reposition should be In pt i :ret, as he should like Mr Pi to use hi exertion* n ' re the prupeity if be could ; this was prior to the sale ui elder Mr Princu was embarrassed in his circum nces at the time. After thu sale. Mr. Wintur propose, witness to toko a portion of tne purchase at cost pre. tu he only wished toueep a quarter or halt'. In a rouvt i ion with Judge Stri ng, witness said he hoped that i int. r bought the propeity, he would make t>ornr ptovi >ii for old .Mr Prmce and his wile > Direct ? W itness hud prosecuted three several i:ot? shim ins erier >ir. rnnce. i III.)" gn imcrnry, .s . inter, pruviouily to thu talc, and ju tgin 11U w>m ot- j ned. Mr. Winter was tha attorney oi witness ut that ' ic. Some lots ot the properly have been sold uud in. ived, but could not tell * hnt iboy brought. niKLii I* Lowtmr., iworiL ?Kuew the litigating pai ; w. ? an auctioneer; was not piteent at tin *..! 1 the house* and building) Ibr Mr. Winter; and whirl ire on the nursei n it, 4r.1t which had been in tlie post. s u of Mr. I'rince ; resides at Flushing ; the intend, d set s he nnrseiie* was generally *|>oken Ot; several p n..i tl that it wins expected that alter the tele .Mr. I'. >i.r til l mill rem.mi on the promise.# us he wu.; un old uiai I had many friendi ; witness did not know If Mr tVn 'a name wu mentioned tta the perron who was to mak' > piavision for .Mr nu.l Mm. i'rince, or that hi* nam. Connected with the g. r.erul minor, or Otkt he was t v ke the paichane. , I'll" counsel for the prosecution ohjec'etl to any t v. ice b"ing introduced of general tumor, that wuo in. C'iveol Mr. Winter. I'l.e Court decided that the objection wu tonatde. .1 K.vamiiuilion rtiumcd.?Mr. Winter reii.led adjoining th> ! rscry, ><>?? rjmmtnrJ.?Mrl Via. I'rince had Other relation ,, itle* Mr. Whiter } his sou, Mr W. K. I'rince and wit* S'.re'ton family ; James and Thotoai Lawrence's la.111 ? ; 9af, CbltiM, tlf hhode It lui.d. Ac.; the bulldii I did not fetch over *( 100. ti Mm 9. 1'?im:k sworn is brother to the rh.Vnd.iii: " 1 \V Prhtce, fnii.r. tv?? ho hi'her ; liv.d p.t riarhil f itheruud Mr. Winter were not on good t' rmi pn iu* to the - 33d April, i*n . a reconciliation w eight about lit a Mr. II. Bradford a lew day* previi 11, the ?ale; Mr B. brought my hither to hi* I.nin e ; lie . orivursation betivn n my father and Mr. Wititir; Mi . liter said, "you know very well, sir, I saved }our pio j ty for you once. Kill am wilting to .to it again . jttinr intei view hi.j ( (.nversation took plac ah. r 1. . . j Mi Wirt, r, previous to the mln, tehl my hi' h? r h ? s willing to 1 ay | . perry in lor hiin : hj 1 <00. ' ney f.iluon, ru.d ha aito some hank slock, bi 11 u ' in a good interest, which ho (honld he obliged to di> n a of; Winter enid that he should enjH ct ell monb11 iled helore the ; lace would ho given tip ; they renui > . nri li tendly term* lor n time ; my lather expressed gr. . taction at the reconciliation. .t thi* stage ol the trial the Court adjourned to Mi ndaj Court Calendar Tula IJny. era it ion ( ni'HT.?No?. J, 8, 4, ft, 7, 13, 1ft, IN, !18, 11, 3t ] 4'), 43. 44, 4tf. in omuov Plm. ?No Jury until Monday. ; lli flT Covet No*, 14, 571, 30, 3<>, 7, 3, 33. " x \lTOINTMKXTS BY THE I'rKMIiKNT ? Frfnoil For- (|( t, now a'/omrrifinrter, to !>c a Captain in tli* vy, Vice Kit. 11 Hhnlirir.k, dec'd. John Andaman, tola lector of the 'uoomi lot the District ol I'eiUnud fci ' mouth. Maine, vice Na'han ?.urnm'tiea, rewovi.1 n Bradbury, to bo t ollector of the Cntiom* lor tl trirt ol I'utniimaquoddy, Maine, vice Anton (? Chan rejected liy tiio ft. mate. I li'i.ird t'utpi liter, to to str lector of the Ou?tom* lor the Dtrtrict of New London ? mictir'it, vice Chorine IV Lrnlur, rojacted t?y to" s * William J'.nnia, to ho Collector or the Ciintoni" <> District ol Newport, Rhode Hand, vim Kdwiu W ' , rejected hy the Senate. Thomas i?. Moult, reap otcd Deputy Poatmaater at Halvirth, North ' iireli.a J i':!' hchlry, re appointed Deputy Pontmiider it Savon i, CI.*, rjjia \V?>id?mi Wren,' ro appola'- d Dop'i j tmaoi-r at Nrttcln-7 MiarDsinpi Alfred |lliijjer, roup. . > lite I Deputy Poatmnster at (thaih'Htnn, South ( trelii . . '? 1 Blue, ru-appolnted deputy I'o-tmaa'er *t .Montr ry, Alabama, Robert ArmafrooR, re-appolnted t. > > y Pnatniuetur nt N nhville, Tirneiare K.l< art J. t tMt. li-appointed Deputy Poatmuater at trovidrnce, >le laland IriacTioai ar Tin fiuu, Jon* II. 1844-(lfi|"'J d Ion, a* Appraia-rfor lh' port of N? w Voik. John Mr thon, na Appni- r for the port of New \otk> IV*. ntrr, na !>' ; n'f natmMtar ?' Kueton, Peanay! *>! I 1**1 Thoinp-on, e? Register ? ( the I, ind Office. tlpp-i ? idti?hv, Ohio, l-'redntick Mall. Receiver ol Public * u i ra ?t Ion!* Michigan. vice Samuel |i xiir .- ci.i OI'IC. ft. I'lldeil, *a N.iV'il OfB'er, |)i:.tru*t of Bo' i ro tli ,rgn tV Mullet, m? Surre) i and Inspectoroi the Hi , ie lur the District of fairpi and ll?verlyt Ma tr't i !?. (Irnr/r Dennett, n? ' e 1- ctnr of the < usb i.n I tiict of Portaiiioiith, New Hfunnahiii'. f i i ro v'aVai.?The U. 8 achnone' i'.ntrrprise wan nt |J uambuco on the lath uit., to t^il for Uoitou on thejuth LB. | Fries Two CcnU. 'Ihrutrli Bla, iVo. There a pilars to he uo truth in the report of the eath of Tiioius Fi.ynw, the i>erformer. A new Circus is ubout to be erected in Mobile. It i.i reported ihat instead ot Bulwfr coming to ie Cnited States, he is about starting on a Southern Cou mental tour. Has he been ularmed by the tudyisni ot certain parties here 1 SioNoti Hmtz is astonishing the residents of Deoit with hisventriloquial powers and necromaniio icks. Mu Spat.tuna's compnity ore drawing crowded ( uses at the Norih American Circus, Cleveland. 'hey arc very highly ti-cken of. A ticriimn Theatre has been established at St. lOuis. Theplrasing duimntc, Mi-a Fanny Jone?, is prong very attractive ei t d National Theatre, Iloe>11. (It rnian flutist, of some promise, of tj-e name ! Lphmam, lias made his debut at the St. Louis 'Ixatre. Mis. Sigourney is now at Niagara. An agent of the French Comic Opera Company t New Otleans, is now at St. Louts, making arn:ig? tnent? tor Hie appearance <>t tiiat corps in that ity ill .Inly next. It is reported that Mr. Burton, of the Chatham 'heatre, in this city, has leased the Arch street 'heatre, Philadelphia. The good people ol St. Louie ore very desirous of icing Forrest 111 their city, according to the Re die. Mr. Hackktt made his fust amiearance Ht the incinnatti Theutre on Monday last, us Sir John aln'uti, m Henry IV. Max UoiiBKit has arrived in Philadelphia, wli re t give- his larewell Concert during the ensuing eek. The Congo Melodists are at present at Wilia gt on, Delawure. t'n Monday next they make eir appearance at the Masonic II.,11, Philadelphia. mtiing. Mr. Booth has made an engagement with the oprietcraof the Walnut s'reet '1 heatre, Ptuladellia, where he is to make his appearance this renins, it aS!e, atterthe benefit in tins city, on the eviona evening. The I-llsi.itk Brothers took then farewell benir at th>' Walnut sireet Theatre, Philadelphia,last Mrs McCi.ukk took her henelii la:-t evening at e Arch sir- el Theatre, Philadelphia. She pro eds from thence to this city. Oi.e Bull was to have peilurmed ut Hartford last ening. From Caps II aytikn, Sr Domingo ?The ltaltiore arrived yesterday irom Cape Ili-ytien, which ice she lelt .M?y 30ih While th, re thu "Baltimore" ii ? diflVmit time* a mt-Rniol shelter, rot only to our nericau Consul. Mr. Usher, hut at ono time to i? many two hundred Irtmalel, whose liven wire in danger ring the late tumult*, additionally ts whom much of operty, *?y flUOUM, hud In ert brought ell' to the B dtiire for nulety. Kvui at midnight the vessel lis* been service to the "reingees." The prospect ef returning iet caused the dui mhorcatiou ot both person* and pi oTty.? Phita /n,/., Jtme 14. lit. A1<N0UL1'4 Office h.u? been rtcucvi'U t> No 3Cii ' Ur.'udwnv. jM !h*rr. JAYNES' EXPECTOllENT, LWAYH CUKKS ASTHMA.?Two or time l.?-sr^ will cure the Croup or Hives of childirti iu IV in ii? minutes out* hoar'* time. It iron cdittely tuUJu-t the Tioirucr ' f ho.ipiitgr Coub'h, and effects a tp ? .y cir* Hundreds who ve been given up by their i l?> ncum, en incurable with coif nip*ion, spitting f tloiu, .iiid ? tner p.Ju oi.ary atfecti ?a?v vp b?* n restored to |?efevt nm'th bi it It wver till* in ring relief. Pr pared only by I?r Jr.* ue, at No. 2l? Scuth it hi street. Phil ?delpbi*i For >m!c oy A JJ h. 1> Sniii, ukii ?t*? No. 79 Fulton street, i?7J Brodway, and 77 Vact nulwnv. myJ'j lm'rre >()N HAKf.H.-Itii do loader e.queMin.'' it the b-at pr cec.iiou atJirat fi /.'. ah admit WIL1 LK'A haM m ei IP V v il.e ui ly r ally f?*e < ?ii ? 'b mines i i* e?uly jecti u ever r.?;??*d nk^K'tl them, which lu* u? w bren wtirr overcame, v d the tut* ciibe: e^a lei g^* any one to pr.'ve 011 trance when *??y m.'# m^Ur b\ bun. h. r.u i nu name upon a it plate (which ah now h ve) 'h t h ? i*r. r injuml books, ,icr* or jiWelry, by djinpin*** Jl- pfedgrs himself to the ib'ic t at ail safes made by him *h.alI ee fir* prnol*. ihief J damp proot, wed k.owirjr that thru 11 ore (nil either r ;re':t fnat hit lot* id irr?ui?tp?u w uld be greater an the uwuei ot u.jy t .'e that h->u 1 >i *?# t ruve imp r ec . All ner I ?io.Hide; hafts nre.ii imitation a-d nn lafriu.eineut on V i m?-r's Phi i?1 ! * h iv 11; |.urc?iuv*ii tire emulative risht nr the hiav of Nm V?uk]ti ntM.u'actu>e aid ?t?ruiab the ;;SV,T'd",lU Uoa , blL.Vti C. lUkitRINo. N. II ? f-.t-f iiid-liiiml Bifei fui mi.- m 1... ihau li.lf-i'.ic? j<12 I n rc 'OLD AND SILVKlt HVK1NKIIASU A84AVt.R OK ' VKI'aI S.?B.r (Jvld. Oi I LK.M nij'l Bilrar, Jew.ll.i'i <1 BiWrr.iaitl-.'i f.? A . BAJINAICD. OfVt 1 Wall..:,** Work* 241 Mnitw it, k'in.? llcllrxl ??t rUtinx. ri tf.) Moul, Mtxrtlv ! ??'* ?lIKn*r.< NEW C () A L Y AH I). PlIK 8UHs< IUKK.R3 l.uve tuv-n n V??d nt No 7 Hall L PUte, (..< df llif c<n . r ol Sevy.itl, il.'v I?. (i 11,r,l Avft,ii?, r.cily opiioulH ToiopL'iai Mxrkrt,) whrio lli.j ?i:i* a U?r|<d * >11' |.|y o?> vrrj d terir-nu."/'-?<?, VI*: lUcli Orth oil, liit y I k IJ. l.c inh. I.itrtpool, IVcwtXk'io,, Vu*inia, >1 Cunsll-ily J. which ||,e, f.'I-r at [Jix Icnvrit liuket yitiers, I solit it x vlnirr ot ihp |,abiie iwiiri'ti * Ore, r* rfre.vvd >1, i.b' v. or at tf r tod, 411 Wa_hi?ga .tr-vt.cnri ?r Leighl tlr?ct. WARD U SHOWN R ilrilrn ihiougli tlic l)?t?pasch Po*t vrnl n?c, i?e |,rumn a'txr. , ?n 17 Ii:,? TO HEtiTCW;E, BEAUTIFY AM) DKESS run HI'.MAS HAIR. O ACTUALLY IUKOK ITS GJiOWTH, AND VllHi: DANDRUFF, At. kl u tOTTLK 3 -T h r k k Nil illinos. <? 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