Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 16, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 16, 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol. X., Ho. 167?Whole No. 8737. To lb? I'ubllc. THE NEW FORK HERALD?Lily newapapor?published every day of the year except New Year'e day and Fourth of July. Price 3 cent* per copy?or f7 3? per anaum?Doetagea paid?r.aah in advance. . , THE WEEKLY HERALD?publithed every Saturday aarainR?price W oenta per copy, or $3 13 per annumppud, caeh in a ivanco. ADVERTISERS ure informed that the circulation ol the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increailDg Let. It Hai the largul circulation if any paper in (Ait oUy, ir the world, and it, therefore, (Ae keit channel for hueineu *u.i in (Ae cify or country. Prioea moderate -caah in adyaoce. PRINTING of ail klnde executed at the most moderate price. *nd In the moat elegant etvle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PxoraiBTOB or tni Hkbacd EtTABLtiHMBNT, Nerthweet rorwrof Fulton and Niamn etrwota. PLEASURE EXCURSION TO THE UPPER LAKES. rtflfT MI **"" ^trtmboat WI8KON8AN. Capula H. Hbtoottf'UMBP Ri?nU\ll. will leave Beff.lo ou Modby. ih* 111 HJlLj.r day ef Jnly next, at 4 e'eloek, P. M. , ou no " W . . ..r IU kin i-ujirr iiUDIi Vlllllllg HI I t?e iinpurtauc p licej 011 Cakes Erie, Huron nod Oncht Kin. indu-Cng Dtrii Bur Ample um* will be afforded the riij<iir?r? fur i < <tiair Mn.iune, litem U?y, Mauiura lelnnde, Milwaukie Having bouchport .uul?' hinngj; Imvieg the Ui I mention- d pla.'a ou her return oa Tueeday morning July 9th The VjJronnin in the Urgent bout oo the Werners C "ike*, and a propelled by t powerful Tow piarnarr engine? in new, mil in fim.l*d in the nu-oeru nlyle, witi Mi oppei mhin eomponed entirely ofnuie roniun, nail u fitted up and furniabed equal to nuv bont in the ?end. A rood Ue.uil of Mure will nec<-mpai.y the tout and every emitiou will 0' made tu make the p&aaaae plaaaael to Uione on ocard For pa-rage n;.pl > to 3. t-AR.IJ.lH Broad ?t. New York ? H PHO&4EK, 99 Pier, Albany NORTHROP ft ViAY WARIJ. Rochester. Ce.l.STt'N Ik EVANS. Buffalo. Il'iBBY It HU>iH'"8 Cleveland. ORaY It LEWIS, Detroit. Bulfelo, Maria, mt. ju3Mt*m -a*#***- jm Ai-JBANY DAY LINE at7o'clock, A. V Cnr-.t-irL*ot< Fur Albany and Intermediate. Caudwga?The J ft"Tu yM-Pt?f. r l-at-uiu W H. I'rnaadell. will will leave the font ol Robinson etrret. Tuoatiay, Tuvndjy and Saturday inorningr. at 7 o'clock. ji rc fJiOt'LJS'd IAXZ, OF NTH A MB OA T& FOR ALBANY. -u/SStf-CTt am DAILY, Sundays n cop tad?Thro og h Diff_jQi&'/flt.trB* rect. at 7 P M? from the Steamboat Fier berrtitwhig&wWLtwaen Cnnrtbndt and Liberty atrveu. The ateemb':at KN1CKEKBOCK ER. Captain A. P. 9t John, .alonday, Wedunway and Friday evenings, at 7. The BteHjnpoat ROCHESTER, Captain A rioiuthtoa, or Tueadav, Thursday and Saturday Evouiuga, at 7. At bireo'cloek. r. M.?Landing at intm mediate Plaeea:? The HpMinboat N-*'RTH aMKILCA, Captain R O Cratienuen, Monday, Wodnmday, Friday and Sunday, at 3 P. jA PTha Steamboat COLUMBIA, Car-tain Wat. H. Peek, Tueadav, f hurad-xy and Saturday, at 6 r. M PsneaueratakiuK this line of boata will arrive ia Albany la ample time to take the Morning Train of Cara for the ear tor went. [n*"The above Boata are new and aubrtantial, are fnmiahed i with new and eiag&nt State Rooms, and for a peed and accommodations areannv&lled on the Hadeon. For maaage or freight, apply on hoard, or to P. C. Sehnlti at tha office on the wharf. jl# re PLE.mAMT AND CHEAP KX? UHHIONS. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. NEW BKlOHTvN, PORT Rl< HMOND. (STATEN Island.) a new yokk ferIiy, From Pier No 1, North Kiyer, foot of Brttery Place. mMm mm The Steamboat CINDERELLA, will ran CLriJNDpar followa, daily, from May 70th to October 3z?CmSfQE.lar, 1844 Leaves New York, at 9 and 11 o'clock^ A M .at IX. 0 arid I I'TM. Leaves Port Richmond, at Mminntes to 8, and 19 muntee te 10 A. M.| at I, iX and tX P. M. w Craven New Brurbtoe. at I and It A. M.: at IV. 5 and 7V P. M Ob i-unday?Leaves New York, at I and U A. M.; at 3, < and a P.M Leave* Con JUchmond, at M mioutas tol.and 10 A.M.; at 1.5 aud V)i P M New Yivk, Mar 18. 1814 ntyll 6m* re ~ SUM MBK xiutAN(7KMKNl NEWARK AND NEW YORK FAKE ONLY 1?4 CENTS. THE NEW ANJ) SWIFT BTEAMKK RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OAFFY, jftpi On and after Monday, May II, -will ran a* C-j- -?^A?M3?folIu\??:?Laave Newark, foot of Centre >t, at Tift i i JaiijK?7K A iri. and J>a P. M. Leave New York. loot o. itarclay ?t,at itt A. >1. ana t r. M. Oo Scniays?Leoie -f'rwari at t A. M. and IP. M.nnd N *w Yv.r,, at l(> A J. and 4 P. M. Frejijiij earned at vary ruaaonv,!* ratee. Mr-y Hitii. 1644 aplto Oa a,iiiifi?r Saturday, June lat, the Boat* will ran aa lor low* nodi further loine:? LBAVE 8TATKN ISLAND AT ' ' ftM&d'WiitW" ^ _ 6. ?. B, 10, II, A M? I. ?. J*. i 9.7. P. M. N Ji ? All good* abmprd moat be maikiid in fBll, and are at t Ita rub i- ithe owner* thereof. mt9:e NEW YORK. 1fVldb? SCHOOLER'S MOUNTAIN I.a.A V r, the fort of Conrtlaot street, daily [ ruudav- vi. ed,} at d o clock, A ftrl , by hailroad from Jeney City to Mot rut e u direct, without chaugu of Car?from thence by P?? C .aoloa *hroujh Mend ham, 'heater, Heh.-oley'a Mountain Port Coldeii, Washington to Beaton At Wainington a dail; iine ii'trriect* to aud from Belvidere For aeau apply to J. I ILL. nt John Patten'* Commercial Hotel, TS Loortland' MrteL N. B.? >'.Ktra* furnished at theshorteatnatice, by appiyuu to V.B LU>E. Mornstowa. ap86 8m*re TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC. 4&SI MMWIBHI ivfa HUNGER ARRANGEMENT FOR 1844 Tnr Subscribers hiring completed their arraaasmenu, ai cow l>npared to bring unt tAsseegers from Ureal Britain ann 1 rrfend hy the following Am claaa packet ilpi, one of which will leave Liverpool on tne lat, 6th, 11th, 16th, llat and 88th oi earl, mouth:? Patrick Henry, New York, Sheridan, Virginia, Liverpool, Cambridge, f-iMeuu-zaroa, Siddons, (Jvo. Wuhington, ELriouinguer, Columbus, United Btataa. gfil.tscius, Am burton, England, Earoiw, Steph'aWMitney, JLocheerer, lml-|>einlaae?. Yorkshire. Garrick, Samuel Hick, Queen of the Watt, Oxford. Crrtificsere of passage can be obtained, andevery informatior tt eiUrr of our They mil also he pre ared, on the opening of navigation, u forward r.iitiicri n:.(l heir lagzage to Albany and Troy, an<! Tin Erie CanrJ to Hutiln, mil ill intermediate placet. To all porta of the Upier Lnkee Vm Oswego to Toronto, fort Hope, Cobnrg, Kingston, an all parte of Canada Went. From Ttoy vm Whitehall to Montreal and Qnebee, Oat do Kail via Ohio I Yam Clenveland to Portsmouth, Cineir nan, audi i termed into i'l<*e?. < Month Writ vm Philadelphia to Pittsburg,Cincinnati, Lonis villa, aa'l allpvrts oj the Ohio Hirer to mi. Couis, M'; ami t? all parte ?. Jh.o, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and WiacOi in Territory. REMITTANCES. Kor tbr? ne commodatina of pf raont wishing to lend monev to th-ir friends in tbo <?ul 'annoy, liAHNDlCN It CO. wil give Drtfla on say purtof EniCahd, Scotland or l:,Und, pay* ble at iicbt, forium.i of ?1, X5, ?*). to ?iOo?or in any amount to luit tbe parnhu*r. OFFICES AND AOENTS. Charles Craft. ISA state street, Boston P""B. tv. Wheeler, Uu. <ii Building. Providence, K I. J;I W Milis, 3 Writ street naO lb Front street, Sew York (i. IJow .rd, *1 ?> >utl. Third street, l'oiladalphta. Ct-',au(i>crd Ik Mhoeuuikpr, T Light street. Baltimore, Md Piurbnnk, fa L.H. Littlejnhn, 11 Fgeliaw), Albany N. Y. 1 8. Clark,ltt Kiver street, Troy, N. Y. Utica,N. Y. tV. A. Cook, hyraeuee.N. Y. Hoc luvter, N. Y. W n Cook, bnlt.ilo, N. Y. il. ritrhnnhttCo . Oswego, N. Y. tnltee , (IiMlAAtiKMK.N'iM KOH Iflit OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, IPO Pin-street, cornrr of Sooth. M. &k M. ML pHE luLacriber belts Irave to fall the attention of lusfn^R and the pnblic in Bftierei, to the following arrangements for 1041, for tin- pnrpoee of liriugiuir out cabin, id cabin, and steer age passengers, by the IWiItt Line Of Liverpool Packets, sail ug the tsr.btii, nth, Itrii, ilttand JBlh of every month, lit the London PackOtt, to tail ttnNw York, the 1st, 10th am: Kih?end from London on the 7tn, 17th anil J7thofeach m"uf in connection with llie above and for the purpose of altord tng still greater facilities to passengers, the subscriber ha* e? tnblnheoa regular lineot (lral clnaa New York bailt, copprrec H'd ( 111 ?*: marram erupt. wr ton ^uik.i>uuit ~ ttimrgnent the year. I< or tl.e uceoMwodwioe ef pereoaa wiehiug to rrmitmooer U th'.r 1 unilme ciffiende. draft* ?ra give*, payable at eight, ot ( the following BjBka, vit ProMnrial Uiiak of Ireland, parable at Cork, Limerick, Ch ninel, Londonderry. HlikO, VTeiM, BeYaat, Watrrford, Ohiway, Armagh, A thlr.nn, Colrmin. Bn>biut, Ttalee, Voaghal, Eunnkillnri Menaghaa, Bnabndga, Ballymeaa, Paraooetewn Duwnpatnek, Caraa, Lnrgan, Ommh, Duocnunon, Baadoa, li.aaie, 3 8rr*Cnn?, Mlibeteea, Mal'iw, Moneymore. Cootchill, K,truth, '.,'ohlia. , Scotland?The City Bank of Ulaegow. England?Meaara. Spooaer, At wood St Co. Baakan, London; R. Murphy, Waterloo Road, Lireipool; payable in erery low* ia Otoai Britain. Jr or faniurr lar-wu^Moii (if hy le???r, poet paid.)apply to JOHEPII MoMUKKAY. 100 Piae etreat, er.rner of Booth. V. V. Or Meagre. P. W. BYRNES It CO, Ji Waterloo Road. jStnriVc Lirerpnol NCW LINK OP LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To aau iivm rt*w k ork on the Mm nnd Lirerpool oa tha Up i vi men m?nu?, m m. fat m M"* N*w iota. Soil ROW H"V ' eptata John Celliaa. uth March, or,If hlblDMLI . E. B l o|>b JBtfc Aprl. rtn , " | 11 \N ( tptalii I A P?i?rata?. ieth May. bbij. i?A*iiHi *. C?pt B I H TruV,MmJwm. f.irer rem . Ship .>'! '?i OAN. t pla.n A, Leiryatar, Huh March. Mtip . Ai't It H ( ?ptaia B. I. 1L fiaek, llthApriL Sh '.i' l H, ' ?puur. Jora Collina, lltli May. ,Sh, !! 'h r.xff, i rpiain E d. < -nbb, 11 th Jaae. 'i'linr tlupa are all o' ,ru firat nlaee, upward* of KM toea bu.l' ii. ilia city New '.ork, with each mproremaau a> en atine great ii?*-d end. inntnal eoinfhrt fo' pieenngere >. rera ,Jirr r at hhen uk*u in 'he irmngenieiit of their acrora Dwiialtcu*. Trie pnoe ef ,weave hence ie tied, lor woiel ample entree will be proyiilad i lieae (hire are ram man ded b> etpenraced mum, who will wake erery nieruoii to gire gaeial antiifactiou. Neither the captaiaa or ownera of the ahipe will be reapnnai ble In* hut latt-re. pair-la or pnekrgra aeat by them, Balnea ra gu!ar V?'r?f laaing are aigned therefor g'or freight or outage apply to " 1 coLW^N>?rft!?'fto"X.a" Letteraby the packet* will be eharged ltK centa par tingle beet; M ce?U per tuN, aad oewepepen 1 earn each, au no E N E OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Mk M. M. M. LI>^^^P?ckfu lip will h^^KS^e * orepatched ,u followiugorder, eicepting that wImvi the "'ling day falls on Sunday, the ships will anil on the succeed *' Jay. T'*:~ ? From Mew York. If rum Liverpool l..e CAMBRIDGE, (Jane 1 July It 84* tone, Oct. 1 Nov. it _ W. (.. B&mow.f Feb. 1 Mar. II The ENGLAND, .Jane 14 Aug. 1 746 tone, i Oct. 16 Dee. 1 S. Bartlett, Feb. 16 April 1 The OXFORD, (July 1 Aug. If 600 tone, ', Nor. 1 Dee. It J. Rath bone, March 1 April :6 The MONTEZUMA, July 16 Sept 1 1000 tons. Nor. 16 Jan. 1' A. 8. Lowber, i March 16 May 1 The EUROPE, Aug. 1 Sept 16 fit tone. ' Dee. 1 Jan. 16 E. Q. Father, i April 1 May ,6 The NEW YORK, (new) (Aug. li> Oct. 1 940 tons, Dec. 16 Feb. 1 _ T. B. Cropper, i , April 16 Joue 1 Ilia COLUMBUS, (Sept. I Oct. 16 700 tout, ' Jan. 1 Feb. 16 u. A. Cole, May 1 June If The YORKSHIRE, (new) (Sept. It Nov. 1 1040 tone, , Jan. 16 Mar. 1 1). G. Bailey.{May K July 1 rllleii ihiot are not nmssiea in ooint of eleennre or rott'*ei id iheir cabin &cceinino<lntioag, or in their Hut sailing Qua cue any iu the trade. Tlie commanders arc wall known at men of character anil experience, and the strictest attention will always b? paid Co piomotr the comfort And convenience of passengers Punctuality, at regards the day of sailing, w ill b? observed at heretofore Vlie price of pan*** outward it now Axed at One Hnmlred Dollars, for which ample atom of ovary deaoriptioo will be proviiltu. wit* tlie exception of wines and liquers, which will oe furniihad by the stewards, if required. Neither tii captain or owunra of those thipt wilt be reepontiole lor any letters, parctlt, or Packages atnt by thein unleaa regular bills of lading are signed therrfor. For freight or paaasjf*. apply to GOODHUE k CO, 61 South at. C, 11. MAK8UALL.3B Burlina alip. N. Y. ?3tf and of BARING. BROTllfcRH k CO.. LVooI. dBR jfib jffiL US yojT^and havrctacket^t^^ Vitr.ond Line?The Ships of thia liut will horeafu* leave New t oik on the let, and Havre on the 16th of each mouth, at folywe, vit :? _ Feow New Vox. From Hants. New Ship ONEIDA, (let March. (16th April. Captain (let July. (16th August. James Fnnok. ( 1st November. 16th Dtc<nnber. ^ ip BALTIMORE, (1st April 16th May. Cuptaiu (Itt August. < 16th September Edward Fuacv. ( 1st December. 16th January, ihtp UT1CA, |. 1st May. i! 16th June. Captain 1st September < 16th October. Frederick H witt.f 1st January. 16th February. NewshipSt. N1CH LAB? 1st June. ( lflth July. Captain >, lit October. 16th November. J B. Fell, let February. ( 16th March. The accominod. ions of these tbipt are not snrpaaaed, com* bluing all that euiy be required for comfort. The price of cat biu pasaage ia $1110. Passengers will be supplied with every re quisite with the exception of wines and liquors. Goods inteuded for these vessels will be forwarded by the subscribers, free from any other than the expenses actually incurred on them. For might o* passage, apply to BOYD k HlNCKEN, Agents, Je25ec No. ITnuli Building, not Wall and Water a PASSAGE FROM ENGLAND. IRELAND, SCOT LAND AND WALE#, VlA L1VERPOCIL. IjHg THE subscriber has made unequalled arrai.gemeuts -gWVfor bringing out emigrants this year, 1811. Those dSNKmeudiug for their friends would do well to apply at the eld established packet office of JOHN HKRDMAN, 61 South ?t. N. B.?Theehiue ol this line now leave Liverpool every five lavs, and drafts can as ninal be fnnished for any amount, pay able at all Die principal banking institutions throughout tue united kinsdnm. apply as ahnvs. ...Sire MT' FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet Jjllk of 26th June.?The splendid packet ship GARRICK, JWHbOaptain B. J. H. Trask of 1666 tons, will tail aa aoove, oer regular day. KorfVeight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on beard, at Orleans wharf, foe if Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS fc CO. 56 Booth et. k I ICC UJ I'OIXl^C #IW. Tha packet (hip Roseins, Capt J Collin, of *100 tone, will incceed the Garriek. and Mil the Kith of July, her r^glir dav m2*toja26rc jflHfc OLD BUCK BAi L LINK OK PACKETS mS^WFOk LlVEHP >OL?Pack*collhe 6th inne?t he wM&fllbPrckei ?h'P ENGLAND, C*pta.iu B<tri'*tl, will be ile>p>ulii a 31 above, her regular day. ior passage, hiving a"snrp'.it'd *> cimmoi!'ti"ns. apply to JOHN HKRDVl . :N, 61 <>* street. N. B ?1 he subscriber n?* Dnequailed sir interne u innd- for thu b'icg'iiK out of . asien. *rs from dm B. raiu nu Ireland ey the legula- packet< sailing every live du's Irons Liverpool at the lo *e>t rates, sod nral s eau as no ,1 e furnished for any tjnonnt. pa'able in alt tre principal town*, without <u.y charge, thronghont England and Ireland, on application as above. jlg'oiCre NEW LINE OK PACKETS FUH. LIVERifl^POOL-Fadut of list Jon*.?The splendid new, baud f .vorite packet ship ROCHESTER, 1000 ton*, capt. J. Britton, wdl sail on Friday, list Jane, h*r tegular day. The slap* of this line being all WOO tons and upwards, l>er>?us about to embark for thu old country, will not fail to see he advantages to he derived from nelectiug this line in pre"Teno* to any other, ss their great capacity reode.s them eve. y way mor? comfortable and convenient than shipe of a smal cr class, and tbeir accommodations lor cabin, second cabin, and strings pussengL-rs, are well known to be superior to any jthers. Parsons wishing to secure berth. should not fail to make arly application on board foot of Barling slip, or to W. * J. I. TAP8I.OTT, At their General Passage Office, 76 South street, je7to2l rrc cor M lidcn Lane, np ?t*irs. rfr J O ft LI V KKPOOL?The New Line hi guisr fpjrana Packet 21st June?The superior New York built <d??fiuO'.cket ship ROCHESTER, Capt Jahn Britton, 1.0 ot,? bur torn, will sail as above, her regular day. For passage, haviug very tniwrior accutujioUauoDi not snros.sed by any ship in port, apply on boatd. west side Burling tip, or to voonmiLL Ik MINTURNS 17 Booth*! Price of pnssag* gisv. 1 lie packet snip Hrttimrrer, Capt Ira Bnrelsy, 10M toe. artnea, will succeed the Rochester, and tail on h?r ?Bril?r my. list Jul* jMltngi.ri Jjflg- sO'"l FREIGHT OK iGl.Ut.i Eia ? ih n I jHRs. British ba>qj? CLAHENt'K. Henra' Martin, RHmKi bnrthm .37 ions rugisier. Will store 3JjO barrels? .n.l.l ...urn . r?.hl ? .... m 11?r It...... Apply to PCKddK A ttUOOKS, No.Ill l.ibery atrant. fitf*- PACKET FOK HAVRE?Second Lioe^Thfl jB^WBhin ONKIDA, Jam*a Kieach, Master, will sail on 1st of Jnly. For frriaht or pasaaae. apply to BOYuk IllNClfcN. JJec No. S Tontine Building, cor Wrl1 *"d Water iti. mem- BLACK HALL, OH OLD LINK f W MVKK JWV.rooL pai:kktA-kok livkhpo> k-i<?ii? Tt^jK^PacW'i of 16th Juue ?TIi-new mrg. ii. at mil cle rated Cut failing pucketahip ENGLAND Cap, in Bartnt, will puauively Mil on Monday. 17th June, ac regniej lay. It ii well known that tb- Enylaad ia fitted out a aery niperinr mnnner, wilh ofrry couvraiooc* that can i>. 4 *o the .umfort nf lhore embarking, Prranna pruceediug 10 lb old I ountry. will find >t 10 heir iutereat to arlect l!u? colv. v i.cp Kor paaaegr ia ??,b,u, 2nd cabin. aad iterrage, a:ply oil board, oot of Beak man ?tract. or tj thr an*scrilier?, KOCHK, BRUT HERB fc ? 0 , ?Ttol7 ne U Foltnn ?t. neat door to Jte Kulton Bank. TAPMJOTTH GENERAL PASdAual OK t)i3HEV KICK?Removed from <J Peek alip to 70 Hiutlni uBmm < oruar ol Maiden laue Peraost to see i for Tnir f inida in the old country, can oy calling oa the nniac i ><n a make the necessary a. rangruient* ou tint moat advaoUaaoUs errna. Mr Wm Tapacott bar.if in Liverpool, renders tran*| icling inch business with tlp-m nighty beneficial to a'l I artiea .iahina to hare thair frianda comfortably and quickly dri nt-heo. Drafta for any kmount, payable ou demand without any die i nut or anv charge whatever, in all the principal towns '.hrouph>ut Grant Britain and Ireland, can at all nines be ob ainiMi ou I. plication to W. St J. T TAPBCOTT. At their tJenernl Passage Office, mil re 7t flench at. corner Maiden lane waMP- I'ASHAOiTFKOM DOHLIN. CORK. YVATEIt ,J5fyt.-OKD. OEKRY, COLtJIillNF, ilELKAhT, Vewtj, Di-ogbeda, kc.?IVraona wishing to acnd for ihOiMririid- can have them brought ?nt from any of the aborp porta in tint claaa American Packet Hhipe, on the moat reasontlile terms, aud without theireiperiaacing any uuoeceatary deunriju. Mr VV. Ta?acott, one of the firm, will he on th? <pot to give hit personal attention to the paaaen^era eugapxd jy lltr aubacibera or their agents here, and persona may rely .hat the wishes and comfort* of those whose passage uu7.1k nigaireal by them will have all due and proper uttention Kor articular* apply, if by letter, post-raid. U> W k J. T. TAP8COTT, it their General Prjaaae Office. 7t> Uni'li ut. Cor. Maiden Lane. ih-re, alio, Draft may b?--blamed, for luge inj ill calm -lyable on demand, without diicnuut or my other clinrgn, at ho National or Provincta bank* of Ireland. ?r My of their tranches throughout the K mgdnnn mli re iJOf- KOll HAL*.?lbi betut.ltl Mesiare Yecht ?M^.XENOBIA, film Unit Rigged ol tilty two tout JMlflfa'mr'I'eii, now lying at Pier 2 Kgat River. r.-a; toe iiutoi liorer ?treel. She m well found tu itiii aid rigging nail -very other respect Eor further purrculars apply On o i?r', or to Optain JOHN H PER, at John W.A eery k Co IP) Wamr if reel, J12 lw*rc ATTEST ION?SAVE YOUR MuNEY DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS, fN THK KIN RSI' AND BEST STYLE, including a I Moroeeo Usee or Kra-ne, all for ONE DOLL All Apply o the Lafayette Bizair, 14) BrnadwnT, and all J at 1)6 Broadway, third itory, front room New York l.adet and g-iulenen are napectfully invited to call and -aaminethe ipeciiaeni. which am warranted perfect. and although cheap they are eti.ial mnoyatacoit of $3 Kor the convenience of Ladiea, Portrait* will be taken by a Lady. (Jerinan Apparntae, warranted imported, complete, J50, including* complete ioatraerioo. Vrrach PI >'et, Morocco Caeee at rednced prices, Ch-riieali, Lannea all iinpoited by F. A. ARTAULT, ml* 1m*re Welt kn'wn id tide lie-of .b-i?irie*i. IKON HAKES.? It IS no loneer a qnaeiioo w^it an'- la the heat protection agauit fiie, tu all edraii WILV-KK'S Salal m?nr,er tn 1 e the only really fl;e ?!efi?-?ihmpneee i the oily oldectioa ever railed i.gainet them, which hai m w liwr entire- j y overcome, ted the intucriber e- a-leife any one ( > t rove in | nltance wnen any ia<e made by him, harm hie name upon a ailt plate. (? hii h a1! now h .vu) ih-t ha* ey-r irjurel bvokt, | p*-e'i or JeWelty. by damps* i. He |>l.-d*ei Imflo If to the psb'.c t at all ?*fi# mad- hy hun iht'l u fi e, luef' .lid damp proof, we I knowing Ihat ihou '1 oi a , in eithi r that hia Inai in reputation w aid be greater : than tfe owner of any atfa that hnl't io grot* imp-tie:. All , itliar balainandei tvifn are . n imi'atinp and nti nif inaem-nt ipon w I der'i Patent he h-vn* cnrtliiwl the eiclnnive right [h r the Sua1.- of New York] to in i?u antu-e and mrniah me l-uni.e Salain older, and s e and oidca fee, iv-d ?l hi* Iron 3 ife eiah liouie and Factory No l'9 W ler itreet 81 LAS C. IH-.bRIWO. N. B?Scctnd-hand fiaf.'i for lale at lesi than half-price, jell Iwdyowyec NEW COAL YARD. THE SUBSCRIBERS have tek-n a Yard at No. T Hall * Mace, (n -at the comer ol Heveayh itmetaml Third Aveim-, directly Opposite Tompkins Market,) where they in tea . Ueep" g * m - ply of every d ir%|-ionnf Coal, vir: reach Orchard, Hchnylkiil, Lei igh, Liverpool, Newcaitle, Sydney. Vi/gir.ia, v d t mabeila-d, which they ofier .it the lowml martin prices, audio licit a share of the pnbl<e patronage. Urdert received as above, or atthaoid itand. 411 Waihuig ton itreot, corner Laight etrret. t WARD It BROWNE. Order* through the Doepatoh Poet wUl reoeire prompt urteu b?o. aU7 im*t? : w y< NEW YORK. SUNDAY A i ENGLISH, FRENCH AND AMERICAN | SHIPPING AGENCY, AT LIVERPOOL. NOTIClfc HAVING withdrawn car Agerrny entirely from Mimk IIarndkn k o . of Boston tad N * V"te we beirb* *"fcoquct> th* M-nn Ad<mi kl o h'Nj 9 Co?rt atre?t T W .'I itree:, rtf* Vvrk. are our ro homed Aj"U <o"he IJnuea State* a?d Onaoa. wh. a-efn'Iy emtio wered tiact lo a? u our Bhipyiag Mid Fo.wrrd > g oitwcan Af II i T" ' u'l the r?r?"Hio ' of |(Wi :n l.'yeip ml, and the forwardirg ol ihf lain- to any ran of klmr'au'1, Kr-jn a. kc kc , itiieac Miry that tl e, ahou'd ia?? through the liands of cur ' aaid At'LU, I MESatt'd ADAMS k CO.. at their wvrral o<t c a, a* ftillowa i No.tC't't -tiwec, Bmtoj. | vo 7jl.iplit Street, Bt'timore. No. 7 Wvl Stwl. Sen V ork I Penn Ateutie, Wsu ni^tou No. *4 < h-*i.ut Street, Ihnad I No. kt Fourth St P Ui' urn No II BheiUik't St, No wich. | No. 1J3 Main Si., Wmc ?ler. WiLLMe-R k SMITH. Li*rrpool, May 19, ltd*. WII.LMKR fc SMITH t-ke ibi. opportunity of dating to M'fehiiti Br kri, Importere, and othare rati'est in rverv I I' Tt of ttia Union, that their Liverpool h uin in perulir'i ad ptad lor th? iuat-at and <-*i r-aa .i t patch ol |>a. kaaaa, parca'a, a;ee'a he , twining thn unh Lover, nn|, for Boa' n New York, e.nd all the other e.tien iu the United Si-la" and''aunda. and tn?t that aerar roe. t i f th-ir bn-ioatt Han this lowaTatiT ano rmaottao1 a ttkktion ?p the paitucirALt, ou all ice WILLMKH fc SMITH haee ma.'eafr?nae nenta witliVo-?n ADAMS kCU, by whieh all Kouna pmaiug through ih. ir Lirerpo'l home for A. .erica, by the >'t*a<ii Miu>e -nd t.r. | rrinii, ?n' ri?-e we linmevmeaucl put cluaJ .-.raii'i n I li- ir ami Age.ita Mfnu Aijtuik k Co., a'. Huston and New Vuik, and will tneraoy te f ar- iron delay nud In h cli.*r??-a Tli. y d e a it necessity hare to stve, t' at ihny h ive no c uii'iioo whatavvr ? nl. Mr. K U Tnckermin, of Liverpool. Wl. LK. A k SMI i H'S E OLHH KXPXtH.ri.SK8 Wll.LMER k SMITH, who have for ? irriai nl years inr. private v* rae I > and Iraui with 1 Mutant iut'll ti n, f <qn??liy part'o'Uiiu* the eutire journey, I'd mi'ea, i SIX HO' US, offer t.i the Vtn-ric.tu i uMlc and Government lh"'i rarvitev for tha safe and rapid '.resanitatuii of nap ntvo' do nmvuiv deap.teh'i. specie, no-de. Mile. deeds. kc , which I will, o . all occasions, be most aitlitullyde.ive-ed by ih'ir owr private me sens-r.aun h. urn ily in insane* of tlia1* eg uh Mr. EsiWVllD who la uo* in atretics, la prvared to affo- i auy ini.irtn'tion up-u (hi subject. and RIV. for the due ptrf ir.tiAiu e of all auch buanieaa na uiay He eutruat'd to h:a Liv.r-oul eatabliah'iieat. jel> 11' rc GOLDEN EGG. NO. 45 CANAL STREET AND 07 LIBPENARD. 'IMIE Subscriber having taken ilie above house f t th* acA commudatiou of hi* Friends and the PuV.c will lie happy a' all tunes ton caive their pair juaye, assuring them thel very effort will be ui'.d* to rende. it a pleaaeiit and comfortable retort. Tina bar will be stoeu. d wi.h l.quois rod seger*?r the choicest b'suda, and ha tiaata that mi lling ahull be wanting to make hit liocae at treacle in c very respect. N B. i h? tiou-e will be i-i>en lor the rc'piinn of his friends and lh? public v> ho may fi d it convenient to lavor him w t;h a call ou Monday the 17th iuMant AURlCE SCANLAN, IVprieter, New Yo'lr, June 15 ISM. jl5 3l*je TO FAMILIES RESIDING On THE SEA COASTA HIGHLY QUALIFIED ENGLISH LADk offers her services as it strnctrvss iu the English, b'reuch, and U I n languages, Music, Drawiug. kc , dming lie summer mouths, iu com(iensatioii fur boaid and Edging for herself, child and nurse. The most sa.nfactory refereners will te giveu. fAddrara M. I. T., care of Conrad Mayera, Piauo Forte Ma- I er, South Fourth street, Philadelphia. Pa. jlJ 3t | T HE EYE. i f\R. WHEELER, OCULIST, No. IS OrnenwUh nrart. i be continoea to devote hit exclusive attention to i DISEASES OF THE EYE, 1 and OPHTHALMIC SURGERY. He haa recently imported from France vary im^inor^a^cijnena^l^ ^ maun f.tern red to aa to resemble, in every reapect, the natural | eye. Any parson who may be deficient of an eye. can have it . artificially 'eplaced by Dr. Wheerler, ao cloaely imitating injure 1 a* to defy detection. ' ir7-?Hfiee bourn from S A.M. to 1 P.M.?after whach ha risita I out door pa tints. m7 lm*m , JONES' ITALIAN CHEMICAL SOAP. THr'. MOriTblenaed a-id wonderful remedy ayer discovered | A for tha certain and permanent mate of all Diseases and H.rqpttoniAl the Skin, Pimplea, Salt 1 then in, Scurry, 1 Blotches; in tact. any disfigurement; bat lite public nut be on 1 their gaud nniut , DISHONEST COUNTERFRITKU.S, who attempt to ouna erfslt this valuable, ana in in wendeiworaing street, blessed article. Header, be not deceived Ail lor J one*' Italian Chemical Boon. II thev olfer you another. 1 do uot t.ioch it if ion use it, \ia dono-rons or treeless A?k portico tori y for Jonea'a Iiatiau Soap. We positively warrant the abort to be ita real qaaittiea; it alio iu the inoir 1 larpriainc manner i Channel dark or yellow ikia To a healthy, (hie clearness. Many tnay think iti powera emnxf r*v*e; let inch try it once? 1 it Ims in hundreds of cases clu^r-u the skin of fre klen, t , i unburn, morphew;it caii alio be conscientiously rvcoinrueii, e*l lor old tor,*, riafooriu, and tore he* is. Physicians can hr referred to who nx It daily in then piacuce ' But mind it is Junes s Soap 1 as dou?, and still eff?cULhe?r cures, U<-t it no wbeieolx iu this city butn the sika of the , American tail', n < hathatn street, and U3 Broad-ray, N. V. in Boston at Rcddiag's. I lute?T-e; Zeiber, S badger Build ' ioKi, Philadelphia: 107 King street. Charleston, B.C.: Oiih I loneuui Pa.; au.t Mia Hart, lit an I ton street. Brooklyn, 1 Island mM 1:0*1 J Orriii os Jsrriau>n Iiuimm., uariii,! , No. V> Wall st, opposite the Ktcbante. J pHlD Company eootianea to Insure ismut Los* and D* 1 L mage by Fire, on goods, wares and merchandise, and alti gainst loss by intend oa*i^rd_iop^or^v resale and their cargoes. Thomas W. Tborae. Miahn Kings, Tliornas T. Woodruff, Anion Baker, B It Uobson, M. D.,. Joseph Drake, Tho.'iipsia Price, Josiph Allen, Motes Tocher, K. Holmes, iohn K Davidson, John P. Moore, Jolin ti. Lee, Janice R. V lining, Caleb C. Tunis, |Wm. K. Thorn, Francis P. Saga, Thomas Mnrrrfl, John C. Memtt, kug.-ne boa art. THOMAS W. THORNK. President. OHO. T. HOPE. Hrwraterr. ml r? LlifcUlltfsJ! LKEUHK.S! JIJST reeeifd, a Urea supply ?er? fresh Kwadiili Letches, by ihr pack t ship 8,r la'ne Nrwton, aud bi the ship B;apbani, fro-ii Himoug. AI?o, 60 hOv Mini ma Leeches, receive! by the ship Tiascoit, and lor *>, wholesale aud mini, at ih lowest price, by ?> J KKltDINAND h CUPPA rrS l?Se lMWrwN?ri.evl<H ISCV,,,., ,t JAYNliS' fcXPECTUUENT, ALWAYS C' IlES ASTHMA.?Two oi three lirgedores will cure the Croup or Hives of children in f' m 15 miui'tea to one hoar s time. It iimoedi.ib-ly >ubdu?i the rioteace ?>f Whooping Cough. and elf cis a i|?r y Hundreds wh. hare bam aiveu up by their rhyne.Mus, u lucurabln. with cn. tnmo'ion, spitting of blood, and other p.i|ir,onr.ry sffecti '.rr, hare beeq restored to perfeit hea'lh by it. It never (?|1< in giving iclirf Prepared ouly by Dr Jayue, at No. 20 Boo'h Thpd atret, Phdadelphia. For sale by A B li I) horn's, Druggists, No. 79 Kultou street, 27J Broiolway, ami 77 Erst Broadway, mvilS lie?rre Tn 11 PtiTnn ir a i r-rrwv iwn 1111 aw tvjwwa w?vu| i'mjliv i 11 a ililjl/ wil wk.w ( THE HUM AS HA! 11. TO ACTUALLY FORCE ITS GROWTH, i AND CURE DANDRUFF, fyc. TRIAL BOTTLE R-T HRKESHlLLINGs r) THOSE W hO lu?e u% -d Coral Heir MMiltln 1 know it? excellent qnali-.ina: to thn?e nho have not, we a*y ' thnt 'JtrTiGt irf our aeiliug Sail, li rag bitllea n.un pro. a IW trtiu: oTon. atao-in. ul?nud that wuare noufmiil of persoaa t-yiug i | iol'ii gi/.m'jtytn it flrat. we wiremt it to p >ti"tu tie following quulitira:?it will Itoe* the hair to grow on any P'rt wh-re o?- ' tore tnu>ud?ii hair to grow, atop it fnllrig oif, cure Scurf 01 t LJ.-ndrulT. iuiJ took* light red or gray hair zrow dark Ko ( donaing tn? hair ?olt and (ilky, nothing nwJi this It ia, in Joed, ai? .'oat fC 'noiniiAl. yet aoperior, article mail* for lh< ' hew t old?plice 1, 'I or I ihitlinga ? rottl"?*t the Sign of tkr , American K.agl". IH Chatham atrrat. Nee York; IW Kniton at, ( Brooklyn; I dtalr etrect iioalun; 1 Ledger BuiMitigi, rhtii ' 4*1?lia w> hinwateaet '^rhartur a'1 "\jn y?o?ue i GREAT IMPROVEMENT IN SURGERY. ! THE FOLLOWING U the atatntnenttifCniit. Kl'lHAHD ' YATES:?In fheywir IM2. I we* taken with ulcerntioui in my lega, and made application to u phyaician.wlio prencrib-*! I for me; but the diseaie continued to n.crraa<-; it uow b gun to . (bow itaell in uiy artna, I calLd another phyaicuui. under whov

earn I remained for aeaernl moot (.a At Una timetne ule ntlocr 1 became rery cxta-airc. my lega A1 arma weie ao pniuliiIIy eon- t tract/id 1 waa r.iin^ llt-d te one cruti-.hea ; I t.pphed to other . ph'aiciana but Willi no bett?r ahccrui. By Una tune u.e p?ir. in tny bon?a tuid head becatn so exrrueim iug. and thnufcer-.- ' tioni itaiufd ao rapidiy. that 1 VI aa cm lined to my li-d, gm.>g l U' all hoota of ever being cuied. Thia waa In the e mp, m w 1841 I then tr rd the Indian tloctora, and all theudycrtiaro noatrnma, but with no beneficial rea-ilt. At this riatt aaing ' at-ige of my disease, I accideo ally became acquainted with a I trr-mi i [ibvaici'iD, Dr. Joaeph Heine, who mm rcaidas it No. ( JO L/u.tue aueet, t> ar Cba'hain. Th*m dicine thia gentleman prraerihed for tu* proy.-d itnined.-atr-ly efficacioua, (ne pnua in 1 toy honea b.-gto to subside. ike iticeraiioiia began to final. in, C liinhs beg.n to gain ircngtli, and for the Tint limemtwelia |( months I waa enabled to t lace my leet npon tbe ground, with the aaauraaae tliet th-y would auatain the wright ol my attenn- " a lad body. Thia truly aatuniamag revolution in my ayai -tr J had been produced in the (Sort of ur.-itid two manthi nom tbe ^ tut el bad firattaken Or Jueak Het,r'i prescriptions Itiv iaapoaaible for me to neaenbe whet I ha?e autVred be- 1 aide the disease, trom the huuia of charlatans aud qoacka, and I | rou'drerinualy caution the public agmuat them A I eel ing ol'juttioe to the public, aud the ex elient physician uudwr wuoaa rare I haye obtained a rai.ical cure, haa im.ucett me to make this aekuow lodgement Thoe-'who wUh to sue me r can Auding me at 91 South am et, or enmer of Maid?n Lrne and I South. OA IT RILIIaUli YATES i N B.?Dr. J, Heine a effice > 26 uuane airoet, nenr Chatham : atnat. ml7 lm*r. ' \ l>l4EA8Jti>, WEAK AMD INVL.AAJED EYEB. c Dx.WHEB^^ OCULIST. 3? 0r*entacK ifrett, near the flattery, A'eac Yarn. RESHIh 1 r lil-M'inform! to* public ih it among ;b<> many . htindrcH* ol cna'i wnich h<* hdi allraded, m my ol 'hem I have bmo ?i|*Tat'd on hy oth*r profiaann without igcimi. , and pranonnced liy ihem inc. m ile ; yot id lhr?e oaara he b>? a -re* IaiImI to ar-dieme the i|i!<?aae and e^ect a yetl'ect cure deapiteof every diadrantaica a noli may have prraaniad llaelf, I aud ia tnauy uiatiuirea nlunnt ?j<aie?t nop*. It ia thiaunprrcub'-ated aurcaaa in hia treatment of the v uioua (hitherto eon- . aidi*/*d incalabia) diaeura if ihe rye, l at enable* hua v.ib COuddeva"* II. refer aach of the efflievd wno may he un.ic<| I.not* ed a ilh bi?i an I hit mild mode of tn-tiuit Ua' diaordera of thu , orvau to aniiieroua reatorad PMlWa iu the mat claai ol aoci vl re?|>*ciiu| hia paufaaaioanl ubilitiu*. auJ hia pre-eminent skil a* aii onalul. i.hioui inflammation of the eye-lid, or aore er?*. r?l how i ever oef a aodma. c in'e i ll rtnii'.y aii pernnu aolfy i ureu: flU.a, apecka In., removed am ctred without imai-nl op ra'ioa. Cataract# removed noon the mo?t modem approved princi | plea ol opliialinic a'irK**ry. . HI KCOIHVHJB. y (Commonly called in*,) care, in few aaennda, on Onrio t crleniated ><l n tehich in free from |>nui or danaer, z /*" tjtfir,. houra fiom 9 A. M. Mi t IV M,, after which hou a he Timta oot-dooi intianla mylU lm*e I - ???? i f^OLD AND MILVKK RK FINER AMD AfHAYKIi Oh ' >1 ETAI-H.?Bar Hold, Old Q*>ld *ud Hilyer, Jewellers Hilvrramiih'i Hweeuin. i bouqhi by A. UARN At!3, 1 Wall .treat, VVoika 241 Mertrr at. ' Fine Oitid. KoIImI S.l *"* I'latmu Bnua and Plated M*ral, i naataatlv o* ha*i* < fS&, AKNOULTt OAm haa baaa removed to Mo. Rt ' V Bruadwiy. jM Ji*r? \ )RK I 10RN1NG, JUNE 16, 1844. Maracalbo. [Corre?[-ouUi"iice of ihe Herald ] Makacaibo, Mny 22, 18-14. Jotting* Down and the Neceuity of Passports? c Yankee Ingenuity and the Talent*of a Scribe?A Mississippi Flood Stealing* in at the Cuttnm D Home? Maracaibo in a Picturesque and Commercial Point of View?Hew 1 urk and Maracaibo a Compared?Hog*and Harmony?Markets?Piety o and Piercing Mark Eyes, frc , %c. ii Agreeably to your request I drop you another let- ti ter, in order that you can follow me in my rambles tl and peregrinations in these regions. After visiting T St. Thomas and Laguayra, I find myaell in this an- c cient city of Maracaibo, celebrated oi old for many n bloody and tragicul scenes, particularly with the u buccaneers under that bluedy man, Morgan, who v pillaged this place, and located himself and Ins a band here for a length of time, and you can to this t! day see the remains of his fort. Rut time has s wrought its changes here as elsewhere. When J these buccaneers came to Maracaibo there was | none that said them nay, ulthough they came with 'J loul intent; but, at the present day, they have be- '! come exceeding wise, (in their own eyes.) for v when u poor traveler arrives at this remarkable ., place he must, within so many hours, present htm- E self bel'ere his august persoBage, the Governor, anu produce a passport, &c., &c. If you ure without i. such a document th- captain who brought you here is immediately fined one hundred dollars, and you are likewise obliged to take another passport w fieri you are about goiug away, for which you are taxed n two dollars more. Now iliis outrageous exaction j in confined to tltislplace only. At Laguayra the) | ire more enlightened, as you might expect a christian republic to be ; but here?Lord bless their Btupidity and ignorance. < c{ To see the pomposity of the inmates at the Gov- -j ernor's ollice is laughable. The old Sanhedreni n could not compare with this. You enter by an archway that l--ads you to the office, where sits the v Governor, Secretary, and a number ol clerks? ^ black, brown, &c , Ate , and by an interpreter are n announced as an arrival; your pussports must then p be produced, and then to see the extreme know- ? ledge of the Secretary culled into action. Scanning ,, the document, devouring every word with such a 0 knowing look, and appearing to know much ; and, -| lo give you an idea of his profound knowledge, 1 |( will mention one case. Some few months since e two of vour young Yankees came out here, intend- j, ing to remain a space of time, and on their arrival found themselves without the necessary passports, jj and they were now in something of a fix. Accord- _ ingly the captain proposed trying an experimentnot in Mesmerism, oh no, but an experiment still. Procuring from some source two seamen's protec- ? >innu fhpv tft tlh> Cnupmnr'a unit i>n their passports being required,they very properly c placed before the Secretary the twenty-live cent ^ protections as their passports, and alter the usual u nrdeul of the Secretary's examination, the seal par- y ticularly, they were pronounced first rate passports, and thus all passed off well. I know not how long I may remain here, as it np- tl pears that I cannot at present proceed inland, owing to the immense ruins that have taken away all the pridges, arid all the lowland being inundated, hiuI j, will probably 60 remain for weeks. So 1 can five t| you an inkling of some matters and things of this t) Hereabout. _ b< 1 observe that this place, or the people with ct whom I have come in contact, are much given to 1)1 ncandal, and but a short time is necessary for ? stranger to become acquainted with the private '*/ characters ol nearly all the jteople?that is, all their t) peccadilloes and little errors. I hear many bitter C| complaints of the rigor of the Custom llou-.e, and if but ouc half is true, 1 think there is mom fm tornplaint. To understand one cause ol the fiues H and seizures, you must know that all seizures made ' and all tines imposed go into the private pockets ol 'J Lhe officers, and none to government. No error pf a merchant,or master however trivial, can be rectified. Law! Law!! is the cry, and Justice is ? >ut on one side. To such an outrageous extreme is k( <uch things carried, that you might imagine they si wished to prevent all commercial intercourse with h* ?oy other people. You find nothing liberal in some vocabularies. -f The 1< icutinn ot Muracaiho, us a commercial I j" place, is splendid, and with all its vexations is a ^ great mart for country produce, uud a great thor \ miirlilure fur fnreiirn articles nil the mute liiluml even as far as Bugotu, the capital of New Grenada ? When at Lnguayra I was pleased with one piece ot c work, viz: a splendid breakwater?which will com d some bundled* of thousands of dollars, and Bjieaks c volumes in favor of the enterprize of that port.? You see nothing of the kind here. Nature has lone much here?art, nothing. Of the pnhlie ? buildings here I can give no idea, unless I dagnerre- Ml ntype them. Commercial Coffee-house would he gj No. 1 on the file?being eligibly situated for the ai man of business and the man ubout town?(but ha- v die disagreeable thing, viz: that in this hot climate iOtne Bable gentlemen may smell too must))?and " to ihe traveler a splendid prospect, stretching away to the south as far as the eye can scan over the aj leautiful lake, with its rnuslietoe fleet wending u their way inland; and nearer is the bay or roadstead where are anchored the shipping,and iin- hi nediHtely under your eye is the murket with it? si lum ofvoices?and all itsglory, Irebh fish.fruits and (arne, in great abundance, and of a quality to grntfy a Welch or a Falconer. Meat and vegetables b ather inferior. There are no country wag >ne ' isre?jacka.-s transportation is all the go, and away ^ >n tlie further side of the market of a morning msy >c seen some hundred or more of these locomotive- |(1 niglers tied to slakes in the ground (l>ut not to Mil [] ~er martyrdom)?and Barnuni's or Burnet's band ?l would soon he driven through the windows by these w M inieaibo buglers. J Of amusemen's in this place tlieyareol n pern- *' tar kind?in your city free concerts n?e eomewhai *' >n the increase 1 am informed?but the only tree ' .oncert of Maracaibo is blended with something 0j >f the tragical or perhaps partly melo drama 'IT. >? his, by an edict here all dogs and all four legged logs are not to run at large ; yet hundreds are da ibout the streets, the greatest number generally to >e seen immediately in Iront of the town on the >eacli. Now, of a Saturday, all or many of the ni own prisoners, (with a shackle to their heel and II l.i t ... i.i , \ ir. $u.iruru uy hdiiic mmucrs <iuu [iuiiwc unaiui,; aic ? [*ken out ami armed witli un inline use bludgeon, I tli for tiie purpose of murdering, maiming and killing I J" tile long-nosed gentry; and as the breed of lings In re I ^ sre of the Baltimore model, and consequently fleet 1 rult, when these prisoners make their ap earnnce on the field of battle, the many liuu H ireds of tieople in sight suspend nil business t? v: lne?;s this scene ot pork and prisoners. And oon commences the work of death, by the Bi uirling of stones and blows of the prisoners' ot dudgeons, cutting and shearing of the hog*? w laths and execrations of the prisoners?laughter of f" lie spectatms?hurrahiligsof the many hoys in concert, with shouts of derision of the many old marLet women, and to cup all, at the height of tiie [tme, a deafening roar of the one hundred and one Hj releasees tied to the stakes; and then the | lay is in ill the glory and excitement of a tree concert,going Co ar ahead of any one in your Gotham?the braying or pari is indisputable?iSrc &c. en Tunes here are outrageous, in a commercial 'h iew; and what siakes it still worse for the merchant i*, that such a system of extreme opposition iss sprung up hh to out-rival, in that item, your in- s<| and town of Rochester? where an induslrioiis la- W I'irer, in endeavoring to earn an honest pi nny b) 1,1 vatering th?- dusty streets of a sultry, July day, was Iriven to shelter by a heavy rain-shower? indig- J" laatly exclaiming, "Just like Rochester, by tarna- V[' ion." Prodiice comes from the. inferior slowly, owing o the immense rains. The cocoa crou is entirely s. nined Coffee not half enough for trie demand, il< uid selling at from 6| u7\ cents, and charges extra. W' liiJes are now ut 91., and the market glutted with "l illgoods of foreign growth or manufacture. My next document may possibly be frcm some nland town it I urn not detained here too long, and ' f I lind the time oi great leugili, I shall probably j*'( ,tke passage to Curacoa, where there are blue-eyed lenuties. A stmnger cannot remain long here, ,h vitltout having his bosom full of holes, I r such Ui nercir.g black eyes, especially when the ladies aie list oil their knees, and coming out of >t i hurch, cannot be withstood, peeping from over the ever f, iccompnning fan, their sins nil juat now forgiven? Di liey know they are angels, and with a pit nig 'h mart look on wicked men with an eye beaming rviih compassion, !cc. See. ^ vl Ohio Rivcr ?Wheeling, on Tuesday, the Ohio livtr had Are and a naif licet of water in the channi I, mid ( van falling .A I Pittsburgh, on Wednesday, thero wcru n< our feat of ? at er in the channel. E _____________ i'i Dsstructiv* Firk ?The I urge Mills recently |J reeled by Mr Crittenden, in Northampton, tngcth- r cr with a machine shoo, sash factory, saw mill, fcc., wne h ntirely da?troya<l bsr flr?, on Wednesday night 'lust, flow ,|, ho'.fira took is not knowa. Loss estimated at from 15 to |i MO,000. C I ERA Baltimore. [('orrelponilenct1 ot the Herald.] Haivtimore, June 13, ltvld. . 2 'upturn Tyltr't O bit maty and Peruverawe? 1 IVondert of Moru't Teltgrapli?The Mould. f ear sir:? s Tine m decidedly a great country?no one can or t 'ill gainsay this, for we have facte to demonstrate i ur assertion?instance the zeul of Captain Tyler 1 i bringing forward ugain lor the tuber second i lought of the wisest and ablest body in the world, I le rejected treaty in relation to the annexation of j Vx-s to this Union. It is his firm intention, as iu t learly demonstrated by his perseverance iu this i latter, to have the republic ol Texas united to our ,' 'idely extended territory at all hazards?holding in tew the violation of the law ot nations, a miHiial , ompact of honor, whereby the rights of a nation ; ( re guaranteed to its subjects free from invasion by ! , he no wet of another; tie disregards the expressed ' eniimenta of the intelligent portion of our conn- ; , ry, which is in fact the greater part, in Ins eager ; , lesire to establish a capital wherewith to figure on 1 he arena ot tiie political world (lie ein-utng fall. ri... ... th? sl?_ ate I) it* surely given hi in a decided mark of their isapprobation ol hie course, hy costing so large n , ote in oppneiuon to ratification. The good peo- , le of our city were surprised at the news received in. the telegmph, that the treaty had received uch it large number of votea in its favor. Thus j us this daring assumption oi executive power reeived u signal rebuke at the hands of the representatives ol the majority ot the people; and I hope ' lint it ntay be viewed in its proper light when ' ther tnen shall have gained the high station which 1 'resident Tyler so unworthily lills. ' Enpaitant.?This telegraph is a wonderful in- J entton. 1 had been strolling no our business ibooughfare when I entered the oftice wherein Pro- ' sssor Morse's assistant, Mr. Vail, was Bested 1 'o gratify my curiosity, as well ns others, several I lessages were sent, and in an instant alter each j ommunication was made, answers were received ' diicli elicited sxchimatioim of surprise and won- 1 er ut the rapidity of the intercourse and the ingc- 1 uity of the wonderful invention. 1 staid twenty linntes; within that period ubout twenty messa- ' es had been sent ana answers received. Every ! ne left the office perfectly satisfied of the utility f the invention to the government. It is rumored I mt negotiations are making in Washington to ex- ' ?nd the wires to New York. If the negotiations I nd in authorising Professor Morse to continue his t i vent ion eastwardly, we may yet extend our t ands into the region of space, and over the anni- 1 ilation of time und space, raise a structure to our lutnal profit and advantage c 1 have just sent for the Herald to 6ee if there he ? ny news in it. It is a great paper, and finds ati t nusual circulation in this city?proof that the I leet is deserving of its patronage. 1 cannot ex- 1 I,inn with Maganoth Muhony when his roaster 1 ad asked him tor the morning's paper which he t ad destroyed, "failh an wnut is the use o'lt whin t our honor has squeezed all the news out o'it!" I 'his exclamation is not applicable to the Herald >r I find it equally as interesting the second as at le first reading. Biiciiam. t Wreck ok tiik Sai.adin?Hokriiu-e Stories ? . lour first edition of to-day we have already stated tat H. M. sobr Kuir Kosainond arrived yesteruay trim t to balbdin. We hnve allies learned further particulars ol i er trip. The property from the S ilti !in had been ull ie. ured, including the rigging and spars, and the k H bar. rought up the specie Bnd bullion two veasels having I aen chartered io carry tlio copper and the ships materia1!! ? i this port We understand that on lurtLer investigating t io ship's papers nnd letters, it is considered probable t lat a passenger bad been on board?a master of a mer- ( tiant ship, whose vessel had been seized and confiscated ( I V HiparttlbO 1UT NUMIggllOg. Thi iu are many auspicious circumstances healing on lis occurrence, not so much (ruin any one in psrlieiilai 4 tliu whole takmi tog. ihtrr The men hod Couutry arbor when the K. R. arrived, and had been taken into n?t<Kly about twenty mile* from that place by a gi-ntleian from this city, l'lioy arrived hero in that vessel and ere landed lnnt evening, and bunt to jail in iron*, and uardel by a fl e of aoldier* Tltey persist in telling the ime atory, and they do not appear to have made uny instance when taken into cuitody. The ship'* figureoad appeared bronzed, and. with some gilding, hud hern rated with some kind of white paint, und the on in stern hud also been jiuinted olT. But we repeat, it in othing more than juttioe oven to the i atlora tin ir.n Ivor i keep them in custody until the mysterious circumanceh connected with tneir appearance on the shores ol iova Scotm shall he thoroughly silted Their appearance i our street* on their way to durance created quite u rnsntion There is no truth in the absurd stories that hildren were lound murdered on board the Salailin, and list other unquestionablo traces of blood had been dn overed.? Halifax Poit, June 4. Obituary ?It is our melancholy duly to record ?-day the demise of three of the most prominent citiena of our State. Mr 7 imothy Dwight, Mr. Ithirl Town, nd Mr Nathaniel 'lorry. Their daeths were almost multaneout, occurring w ilhiu a lew hours ol each other, rid will make n lusting impression on our ronimunitv.? Ir. Dwighl whs m j-on ol the la(e i'r**Hii)f nt Dwight of Vale ullege, ami has long been one of our most Valuable an I spocteil citizen*. Mr. Town u the well known architect . r in nay ol our public structures. ami alto vl the custom ain't) in New Yoik, which city ha* born hi* ptiiuipal n- ' nlence for several years. Mr. Terry had been on a visit > his sou in this city, and hut a lew day since was walk K in our streets in his usual health, lie lias tilled man) mineut stations in public lift', and w as highly respected , l a citizen and a civilian.?Ne* Ilmvrn Heiald, June 14. | Fatai. Accxdknt.?Yesterday one of the boats j e longing to the U. S. ship Ohio wai run down by i ie brig Oeorgiann. of Thutniiston, Me. There wi re five | ays iu her at the time, and they were dragging for a stun. > lieon which had been lost oteihoard. 'J ne bug t ome In | intact with the atiout midships, and cut hir directly i i two, and the hoys were thrown into the water, tine ol i mm, mii apprentice, by the name of William A. .Strong. ' Ohio, received very severe injury and was fast sinking hen another ol the boy s caught him mid kept him above liter till rescued He was tukeo ou hoard, but died eoun t**r We understand that he was one of thu worthiest id lisst hoys in the ship. One of the boys, when Ike ig struck the boat, jumped upon the anchor, and fearing st it would be let go, be climbed up the shank and gut 1 i board the brig ; another of the boys got an oar unils r a arm, aud was carried the whole length of the brig, n>r her bottom, but being un excellent swimmer he u ua red.?Jiuiion Pajier, June 14. Extraordinary Escai;k.?Wc learn that Free- 1 inn Snow, n railmnker, in the employ tit Cook cV ndson, at work on board the Draper, this meniing, fell am the main royal yard, and struck thu s'aniling part el e fore topsail brace, holding on witn both hands, and istaiuing no injury, except a small gash in tbs fori finr r om an open Unite wliich he had in his hand when he fed. , 'tw ltedfori ISulltlin, June 14. Santa Fk Trapkks ?Several traders to Santa IV rrived here yesterday, bringing with them $28.CkN' f i speciu This company left Chihuahua on the Kith oi ( arch, nnd Suits Kn on the 1 Oth of April. It cuitih by , r ut's Kurt, where ail things aro reported to he in goo I j tier. There was no on the mountains, hut all the iter courses were high. An export duty on the aprrir, c run 4} to d per cent wus exacted, hut a portion oi it v. , ought off without payment ot that enoruioua tax?.Sb> uri llepmler, June 6 j OfJ-Ar>AMH >V Co. of litis city linvc become the j p-uts in the United Glides, ot Willtner & .Smith, , Liverpool. Ad.litis U Co. are too well known in this , nunumty to need any recommendation. The conduct of the press have always loitiid ill.-to prompt and a" f. mmoilaling, and we cordially u iih them micoats In all tl l ir umltrtajiuigi.? Uttlnn Cuurirr, Junr 14. I Navat..?The U. !S. ship Vanduiia, of the llome r undron, wnt to rim on Tueaday, bound lor the 11 Vit Indira The following ia glial of her aflWra: ? hn 8. Cliaunrt jr, K?q Commander. Lieutenant* ()v? ? moil IIoom Kirat ; Win 8. Ynnng, Jnmea 8. Looker!, snry II. Lewla Daniel H (linen. Hnrgeon ; Wm 1' c muing, Ain't Burgeon ; lloboit 8. Mouie, Purser ; John ,T"> lor, Mnater ; Win. D Cobb, Captain's Merit ; I illiam L. Hhuttlaworth, Lieutenant of Marine*. Idthlprnen R. K. It l.cwii, f dwaril Shepherd, James Wadded, Henry WiJItx Bepj K Wella, Win II Low, f inry A?hton Albert Allmnnd Moves Itill, Boatswain; j miel Douglas*, (limner; John Overman, Cm pent) r, mj Crow, Sallmaker.?Sorfuik lit raid, June 13. RthKiioA.?We nu'lerniund that the Prov /encnc.ietv of the New Jerusalem ('.hutch have cup : 3 the Rev. Mr Barrett, ot N(tv York, (the gentleman f ivornhly ki.uwn to thoxnwho attended hi? hour.".- on leuniu'ology lent witter) to apend the ?nui ?er with em H* it expected to hi* l.ihir uihthoi wuck liorn uuat Snhhitili.?Pravi-tmce Jo irnai, Jwit I t. Appointmkntr by thk I'ttrsiwcrf.? I.irnan TV Aug worth, to be Collector < ! Do (iimiorna for t'c ntrir.t of (h'Tie* r an t Tnsoecinr of the Rrv< mia r e Port ot llorheiter, New \ "I. aire, Jo?.- h strong jected by the Senate. Samuels Down*, to h. Coll i of the Cuxtomt for the |n*trict, and Inaorctnr nl the eventio for the Port ?fl ittle Kgg Harhor, New Jetn ; , oe Stephen e ilie rejected t y the Senate Rrjkctiom a* tm? Saaarr. Jure I Ith. let I - freeman Chapman, n- He; tity Poatmaatcr, it. Norwich t or t Ttlcnt. vire Knocti C.t hanmaii. n jected hv the "rnxte. ; ll)ah Aachley, hx Deputy P >?tm ntvr, at Aprinsfb hi, Mv? < irhmetta, vice Harvey fhapin, raj cted by Mi. Senate eory i rocknr, na Collector ot 'ho CuatOma lor tlio !) . . ict of Button an.l ( hmlestowii, Matatchuatd'a, vire o firrt Rati ton I, Jr., rejecte I by tho Senate Ltrthir amilton, a* Chaplain in tho Navy, vire John P Lathrop, refund, who win appointed dicing the racea*. \A i in 8hal?r, ?i Navy Agent, at Naw York, vice Robert i . Wetmore ramovaJ. < ?mmmmm?mmrnrnimmmmm?mmmmmmmammmmm* LD. Price Two Cents* Literary Notices. A Memoir of Mrs. Judith i?. Grant, date klissionaky to Persia?by Win. W. Campbell? rVioclifBter : Ann Street.?This no doubt will be ound <t very interesting work by tbe admirers and lupporters of tlie Foreign Missionary cause. The lUthor, it appears, is a relative of ihe subject ol the _ . -1_ .. ... 1 I.. - .1 I L. - lU'iiiuir ; int'y wcrp uruugm up lugc-iucr, auu no las drawn much of his memoir from a private jourtal of the deceased, placed in his hands by herhusuaud, tcgether with a number of letters The eubect of this memoir is the s>me person as is alluded :o by Laurie Todd, the eccentric Grant Thorbarn, n one ol hi.- papers under the title of " The Genetee Girl und ner Little Ked P.ok." Fromacur>?iry glance at the wotk,the author appears > have lone justice to the subject ; if any thing the a Decion ol relationship, and surely the remembrance of early days passed together shows rather too strongly for impartiality, but this is somewhat excusable under the circumstance* The work ia worthy ol extensive patronage, and we particularly recommend it to the female portion of the community. Lithographic Portrait of James Harper, Esq., Mayor or nut City or New Yobk : Michelir to Cuipers, Nassau street.?This, as a work of art, on stone, some IS by 14 inches in size, appears to be well executed, but not knowing, and never having teen the gentleman to our knowledge, we cannst tpeak to the correctness of the likeness. Perhaps Bishop ilughes may be able to do so by this time Tut? Poi.ka Dance, composed for the Pianoforte Liy M. Ceilarius?Attwill, Broadway.?This piece jf music is copied by permission iront The Picture dullery of the J\cw and Old IVorld According to ecent accounts this dance appears to be turning he heads, as well us causing ihe kickirgof the leels, ol all the fashionable societies of Paris and London, and we suppose it will become all the age here tu a short lime; therefore, no one at all irelending to respectability should be without it, ind doubtless all true democrats will immediately oeginto practice it, seeing that Col. Polk is nominated for their leader, by the Baltimore Conventionit \.vil| be quite a new step for tliein. We wonder it the parties had any eye to this matter who introduced the dance into this country. Aleudy are the Boston people calling out lor it. "Texas and OkkuonsGrand March,'" arranged or the Piano Forte; and "Tyler's Grand Veto Juice Step," for the same instrument?By A. P. Eieinrichs? Christman, Pearl st ? We are scarcely ibletopass an opinion on thesetwopieceaol music, lot having heurd them played by an efficient rn -ser, and we have an objection to the iutroductiou >1 party tunes, steps or marches to our pnvute or lornestic circles. In these piping times < 1 party roubled with u at home. Betide*, our time of late las been better engaged by the music uffbrded ud >v Chevalier Wik? fl' and Iiinhop Ilngbes. It id rue that it was not of the sweetest description, but lien it was mure profitable. 'Squire Hoggs, indeed, lied his hand at some variations, but it was afimse* able failure. Losr?Tit* Glekoaikn Petticoat.?A tempertnce leader ot some reputation, in an adjoining jtute, being possessed ol a v-iy great curiosity, no ess a relic than a richly embroidered petticoat of tic Countess of Glencairn, which had been worn ly her at the coronation of George the Third, ifter tavoriug many of las intimate friends in u leighboring village wnh a sight of the tar famed intique, he brought i: to town one day laielv, that Tty amateurs and antiquuriar.n might be gralfied by a sight of it. Inspired with the enthustis'? which was excited by its displuy, die owner of the petticoat inadvertently supped but tor a iliort time out of the temperance miiks into those nf the jolly god, and while marrhit g under I tinners winch have so ollen inspired lualiy a | owerlul jar in of ?ld to display tin ir prowess, the petticoat was lost, and has not been either seen or braid of nnce; any information, therefore, that would bad lo a t< covery of it again, would be thankfully revived by its d.scoitsolute ow ner. City Intelligencel-owcr Police Office?Y-.-1 crow.?Arotiivr Asiliit rv a* L? Orm an- Lx-oliicer Colviii, asaiated by itticvia Baker -jTnl brisker, aire-tut at Inch lellow named Henry Jack-on. who wok <barged by I ten- < laiteen, jrocer, ol corner of Anilioiiy and Chapel atrrcta, with dealing igloti on Thursday lict A |mirion ol the money ? ? linnet in Win jos-m-inn unit he ? u- lully committed to inswer St rest Roiibi.uv ?Astiert prowler named Philip McMusky, wan urraatnd visterday , ><y officer Stephens, while ill the act of ateuiptiug to ?li at the contents ot a -how cane Irorn a olotliing -ton* in biondwtiy ,u f?w iloora below Canol etrrot. Sent buck till farther ciders. Lariirm Low -or a I'hoca-A sneaking genius who ?ays his name in Jsnu * Jones, was caught concealed in h? home of (-corgi* Morgan. 101 Walker *troet, on Ftilay night. Arretted ruid will be sent up on Tuesday morning Coroner's Office?Vestsriut - VicTtwixan ?An input.! was hel l on the body ot l.lira Mark, 0 native of Ki gland, ogad 29 years, who hud rtnd in a statu ol dei.tuchery at the house of Mtugurtt Douglass, ll'Jf Water treet. Court for the Correction of IE rrora Icsr. 10.?If Htnuick, Plaintiff in Kiiar ra. Lev is S. Harris ?This was an anion of in rpast, brought up from lie Courts below. I'laititrfl built a milliUm nernaa the Harlem KlVer from Baasing's Point. in tho lata tltk (now Hill) Ward lo Hot oil's Point, in tho Town of Westrbe-ter. defendant broke It down and took away the timhera. Jelcndrnt puts in the plea of tr*-paaa nu tha part of the -laintrif, (tho bridge being erected on part of defendnit's tarn. which produred ipiantitiea ol -edge.) and also ,lo . .1... I ...ik., -i.l.t I - .1 11..1 .1 - 1 -:J J ,?7 "H"l| Kll III- I'lilUHU limi um IIIHIKC .iiki nilldem ohetructed tho navigation on the river in this leighbeibood. Mr. Blunt uaa heard for plaintiiTin error. Superior Court. Beforo Judge Vanderpnel Junr. Ift ?tlckhy ru IxycktU, el alt ?Tim Jury rendered i verdict for defendant in tInn c**e, icpeite 1 is yeater* l?y'?i/t?oId. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent Jnc II.?OuHpImVI. North ,'lmeriran Fire huuranaa Co.-Tim Court aunitned up in ttiii cu'o, wben the Jury i tired and (remained in for nearly three hour*, during which time hi* Honor remained in Court awaiting the verdict, without doing any hu?>ine*a. The Jury rendered a v< rdict for defendant*. Common Plena. I)nnmv> Jane IZ - JuJgee Ulihaiffer, Ingiebem and July, preelding ffeorf C. Maker*. William Pine.? Plaint iff hired oftha leiniidant C< I tain pic-mi***, w iiicb defendant held under rase, on lit Fehruarrj a quarter'* rent waa due from daendant to tlm party (fnrey) under whom plaintifl' held ; or which n di*trnaa v. ** made upon the plaintiff'* projier* v The plaintiff paid the amount and lued dclendentdefendant put in the plea of Bankruptcy. Judgment for plaintiff on demurrer, riaintifl' to proteed totiial on another i at lie. .Ibraham K fheyer udi Charltt II Jlfri/?r.?A demurer. gei,oral end apodal, to a declaration :"first, becauaeit looa riot appear on tha laca of the Narr. In what Court he action ia hrongbt; mcond, heraiiati the N'air. i? aniticd generally of May term, wherraa tbi* caplaa it reiiiihMh the 1i>\ ol May, plnintiir bring* the nrgumect ipon the g'ound that the di mwrrer i? Judginant lor fdHintlff on daniurrer, with liberty to do. rndant to withdraw the rame and pi. i t iaaoahly on payiicnt at c???t? ; and not ice of I or June term Daniel O'Connor vi 'ekn .1 Miller -Till* Wi* nn ic. ion fouudud tipon a building contra't it waa aent to (ereea, wbo reported for plain'iff |I78 13 Defendant nova* to ?et a*ide the report. Judgment for plaintiff Peter .ffymer v* William Hm 'irtt ? Ap]?ai from an irdrr mode at Chamber* Ordn confirmed, with (7 coata. William (l-ir/tiy v.. Jam'I Dorie Jr Appeal from irder made hi Chamber*. Order confirmed. .Mm I tic Court. B'-foro lodge Hhemi*n. Jrv* l? Feltvt Frame. Junr.? Action of antimpait /a eifntar 1100 Irtr hiiBlii l.iilli't il \ PatiriiiV 1'hil rata tamls adjourned otit to Monday. AmiiHnitnti. Haritik* at the American Mcrrim.?This foul ir < tsbliahmnit cimtinura to hold its way inadily forward. winning '* i? and dollar* totb>- foprie r flh w?i k n rich rill. i ik >t th? Orpheane, Ir. mid Mm. WiVera tlm Oiant, Oi aicm, int'oaixl tliir* will he rIvai. finch i'?> ?t end #1' M We rail ''-pi f.i 1 ii tent.on i.f our r? winr* to the naw niwtniircr'i n< fi\ (v|r Hi'ihcoch) which tnh.'a place "n Wnl * v mi I ??k iu pni t |>?y lor hi* rfi'.>re l? pl*.i*? the public, full ovriflow ing hotiM ! Tlnamu*'-' i nr* will worni t ur 'iting rtr?Tiu?ii?ly th|? trail is*' aionj o! jroitf ?p? lohiuon fit onn *i ;1 all ! 'I tin Manager of thn New York Mii?miin a'?curs perfectly re-cklcaa in th? exp"i>se Ik-incur.; II he *! ? m* to rare uhom am th?i?C?ipt? f"* ii? week, engaged twelve |-i rformnri - ? Oianf B y, li.inlem and Dwarf, nil for nt .a "hilling- Ttrp?ie/inrt lie presiding lioddei*. Thia wr*k ?" Won*r ' hwkeul, "Kind by hi* valtiahl* any if hotlrl, pttrpoec* la'iv, indng a variety of (!?nc??. ?- !? 'erion* end gn u Vlnchcli, Mia* Ho**H" < < "" ac*?>iepli?hed l>?n inn imd ?on|f?lrn** I.* Mil" A i"i"' and I.? IMlto Mont I lirckeni, Conovar and tlin Barton n; pi er.ptwnting Mth an array of 1*1 ol ';,at to plaro of ain.i<cme<it in \trtorira ran' atirpa**. even where Ik *urn den ended for i.lmi*?ion i* three time* a* much. Thn p.rfi nance will tone lad* with a romic Tableau Vivaul, ami racing the whole itrength of the compauy