Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 17, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 17, 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol. X., No. 1<W?Wholo No. 373*. To tbo Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper-puk lished every day of the year except New Year'* day and Fourth ot July. Trice i cent* per copy?or #7 a# per anauni?postage* paid?cash in advance. . THE WEEKLY HERALD? publiahed overy Saturday morning?price W cent* per copy, or S3 13 per annuio? p ujm paid, cash in a lvance. . ., , ADVERTISERS are in termed that the circulation ol the Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing last. It hai the largut circulation rf any payer ?n l\u city, or <He world, and it, therefore, the belt channel for bunnett Mc.i in the city or country. Prioea moderate-cash in PRINTING of ell kinds executed at the most moderate price, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiETua or the Herald E?tam.i?hmeht, Northwest 00111* of Kulton and Nassau streets. TREASURE EXCURSION TO THE UPPER I LAKES. *MQ Ths Steamboat WISKONSAN. Captain II. n^^S?e^3eR*oddl, will leave Buffalo on Mommy, the SOHLlit day of Jnlv unit, at 4 o'clock, P. M , on an Kichraion of Pleasure to the Upper Lakes, visiting all toe important p.acei on I akei Erie, Hurou and Michi Km. including Urrrn Bay. Ampin time will be afforded the paaaeugers fjr visiting Maiinac, Green U-y, Minitou islands, Mflwaukin IUciue. Souihport and Chicago; livtrir.g the U> t msntioui d place on hor return on Tnesday rooming July tth. Thi Wk^ntiaan is flialnrmmt Knot ad th* Wstlarn Lakda.and is prop?lleJ by a powerful Tow pressure engine? is new, and is mashed in the Modern style, wit in upper cabin composed entirely of ?titf moms, and is mtad op anil furnished equal to anv boat in tits world. A good Bond of Music will accompany the tout aud every exertion will be mads to mahe the passage pleasant to those on ocarl I or passage a> pi v to ?. CARL), 123 Drosd ?t. New York. K S PHOSSF.R. 99 Pier. Albany NORTHROP Is hAYWAHD. Rochester. OELSTMN fcEVANS Bnlfalo. HUBBY fc HUGHES Cleveland. ORaY It LLWiS, Detroit. Buffalo. Mav M. im. juS 25t*m PLEASANT AND CHEAP EXCURSIONS SUMMER ARRANGEMENT NEW BRIGHTON, PORT Rl HMOND. (STATEN I^LA^D.) It NEW YORK FEltilY, From Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Bsttery Place. The Steamboat CINDERELLA, will ran follows, daily, from May 20th to Uctober nfclLiwLla'. 1144 Leaves New V?lk, at 9 and 11 o'clock, A M., at 33^. 6 and P M. Leaves Port Richmond. at 20 miuutes to 9, and 10 minntes to 10 A. M.i at 1, and 6\ P. M Leaves New Brighton, at? and 1# A. M.; at IX, 5 and IX P. M> On <*nnday? Leaves New York,a'.9and 11 A. M.; at 3, 6 and 8 P. vt Leaves Poit Richmond, at 30 minntes to 8,and 10 A.M.; at 1. 5 and IX P M New Vntk. May 18. 1844 reyll 0m*rc SUMMr.R ARRANGEMENT NEWARK AND NEW YORK. FAKE ONLY 111 J CENTB. THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OAFFY. nR On and after Monday, May 13. will ran as Gai?5?*jfialcfollows:?Lt-ive Newark, foot of Centre at. at EtLZMUK-lX A M. and 1>? I' M Leave New 1 ork, fool o: Barclay at. at 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. , On Sundays?Louie Newark at 8 A. M. and 3 P. M. and N*w York at 10 A. JB. and 4 P. M. F reihiit enrri.-d at very reasonable rates May 10th 1044. ap4rc STATEN ISLAND On a'.Aaile,- Sutarday, Jans 1st, the Boats will run as lollowo nti III farther iour.e:? LEAVE STATEN ISLAND AT 7, 8, ?, 10 II. A. M.. 1. 2, 4, 5, 6, IX P. M. LEAVE NEW* V'ORlJ AT 6, 8. 9, 10, II, A M., 1, 2, 3>4 5 6. 7, P. M. N. B? All goods shipped most be marked in fall and a'e at the riot o I the wncrs thereof. m29rc ?NEW YORK. SCHOOLE?'S MOUNTAIN ***. _ EA8TON. Ureses the foot of Courtlont street, daily rsuudai vxuapt ed.] at 0 o'clock, A M , by Kailroad from JeiWy City to Mor rist wn direct, williont change of Car?from thence bv Post Coaches ihroush tteadhain ..heater, Scholry's Mountain Pert Colden, Washington to Easton. At Washington a daily line iutcrsect* to and trora Belvider*. For seats apply to J. HILL, at John Patten's Commercial Hotel, 73 ConrUand' stieet. N. B.?Extras furnished at the shortect notice, by applyinK to N.B. LUmE. Morrutown. ap2C 2ia?rc TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC. iffl ttys& KiXSEkGER ARRANGEMENT FOR 1844 Tti<* Subscribi r* having completed their arranseaneucs, M* row prepared to bring out pturugm from 0real Bri^iu and rrlnnd by the following tint class packet ship*, one ot which will leave Liveipool on tne let, 6th, 11th, lClli, 21st and 21th ol each month:? .. Patrick Henry, New York, Sheridan, Virginia, Liverpool, Cambridge, I.Montezuma, Biddons, Geo. Washingtoa, Ifa-'ottinguer, Columbas, United States, tJRoseius, Asl.burton, England, Europe, Steph'n Whitney, Kochetrer, Inde|ien<lcnce, Yorkshire, Game*, Samuel Hick, Queen of the Went, Ozford. , Certificates of passage can be obtained, and every information will be iff veil to those sending for their friends, on application at either of onr offices. . . They will also be prepared, on the opening of navigation, to forward puaH-iseri und their lurriite to Albnuy wd 1 roy, and Tih Krie Canal to Buffalo, and all intermediate placea. To all ports of th? Upper Lakes. Via Oswego to Toronto, Port Hope, Cobnrg, Kingston, and all parts of Canada West. _ From Tronr via Whitehall to Montreal and Quebec, Canada Last via Ohio Canal from Cleareland to Portsmouth, Cincinnati, and intermediate places t Sonth West via Philadelphia to PitUbur*,Cincinnati, Louis ville. and all parts on the Ohio Hiver to St. Louis, MO; and to all parts of Uhio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wiscon in Territory. RKMITXANCEg. For the nccommodatiuQ of pcnoas wwhinfr to ?jnd, money to th*>ir friends iu the Old Country, HAHNDKN fc CO. will irife Drafts on any part of Edr land, Scotland or Ireland, payable at sisiht, forsnms of?l, ?5, ?30, to ?iOO~or in any amount to snit the purchaser. OFFICES AND AGENTS. Charles Craft, 130 Bune street. Boston. iB. W. Wheeler, Union Building, Providence, R I. J. W. Mills, 3 Well street, and 16 Frontstreet. New York. V. O. H?w-rd, 43 South Third street, Philadelphia. -landlord It Shoemaker, 7 Light street, Baltimore, Md Pittsburgh, Pa I L.S, Littlvjohn, 11 Kiehange, Albany N. Y. S> River street, Troy, N.Y. Wa. Cook, Syracaae, N.^V""' W H n ^ocJ?<*tfr, N.V. ?lD^^ ~~ ?*e l'?J?<sif?r?, br i?^!.nf'"? 9"l cabin,^d f(" S5$t |g?3Hjffarae?BL funguss "SS&5H,. " u -" Cork, ov '*? ' B*nk of Ireland, payable .< S^??y. t"7'?' elh?ut ^?ndon<l?rrr, I UaJJina A""**'". AtliMne )^*terford, fetek PS* iaif-SL, i Ekt- fca. t? ' 8ssc*~ Sau?--^ *** JoSSftliJ&ftSiPfjyMwrtri. . ..'.y.r'"' ? *?..?,?, ?srgwiS?: y VOVAUfc TO riu|,llla ,? ? Li re moot Ma!" Iffi'i1'IN 'Hi MiBirtKSjr* ^?IA ,u" " ? SeHSeSi}!!^ ?fnr paasungers.will be dispatched as above on the coining 4th ol July, toothing a'. th* Atom or Wearem livu p'ocvedmg to Gibraltar, thence to Malta, where Medit> rrsn-mn pilots will be taken .hence to Athens anil llw Grecian Islands, thence to Constantinople, where tii* principal Ii.irt ol the outward outgo will be di.jaued of from thance to ienedot and the Kama of aociei t Tiov. thence to Rmyrna. hcio, Samoa. Kliodes. Cyprus, Tyre Ridou, Caesara, nuJ Joi.pu, where the vessel will remain a ail time to enable [wtaengera to visit Jerusalem. then return down the Mediterracean ria k.gypt, Tiipqd) and Syracuse, and if time will permit. acd the paeeenr r* Mire it. the trniae maj be eitendeil to " Meaaina, Naples. Ci?lth Terchio the seaport of limn-, thence to C oraica, Klim. L-ghorn, Genoa, Mice, .Marseilles anil Bute L lona, touching for auppliaa at Tangier and Madeira, and taking the southern passage ecroaa the Atlantic, making if d'lired a briel atop at ChaHeiton, :4 C. to laud peaarnaera and their effecti, and thence to ihia port The voyage will proh?bl? oecnp>; ab- nt 7 mon'.tm, during which time much nimble cmWreinl and oiher information may be acqmrrd; alao highly inI er atmg i-a men of mrio*itiea fee may be collected Thia pi ne r eipeditiog. projected for the purpose of opening new ivenoea (or tmde between the old and new world will I doubtless be one of profit ? well aa of pleaanri 10 the pnaa-ngers, all of whom, besides being prut id-d I with eyery possible comfort at d convenience to hire 'nuud on . board of a ship. will b? allowed to take with ihrm fthe cruiae round, a certain quantity of aaleable goods to diapote got by buteror <tberwia?e which privilege if improved will probably yield a profit autncient to nearly or quite corer the price of paerege 1 he charge to each peeanirrr pp.Tided a IautTieteui number offers id a-naon, will not eac ed the naual eyp-iiaee ot a gentlemen peaaiug cimaummevat (tar -toga or Niagam. 'I hoee who may wiah to avail themselves of this favorable opportunity for oegmnng practical coiuanwcial knowledge and It tiding the llely Lend, and many other place. ?f to the atndeul, the man of pbwanre and of bnaiuaaa, will plaoae make early application, as theaica of the vessel to be employed on the_voyage will depend in a measure noon the number who rome forward early -ad engage passage. f he company will be I select, and will he furnished with every possible information I respecting the articles moat aaleable at the porta intended lo be 1 vinted, and the moat adrisabla investments to ba made in return. At the urgent wqiie>tp| several periona at the Bonth an I in tint vicinity, the time of dep?rtnre as originally fixed npoa bu fceru pestpo .ed as above, till the earning 4th of July. N B ?The PnssMiger l ist for the above voyage will poai lively close on the lltn mat. I- or further information apply to jMS.eo.1-m RAM'I. W DCWRT. 1IW Front at Foil BATH, OARDINKH AND HALLOWULL. .owdfce-y iOt The new a.earner I'e NUBSCJT, Captain N kimball, leaves the end of 1' wha>f Boator, jEiviMULoery Tueiday and Friday evenings, at 7 1,'c 'ck. Stage, will be in readiness on her arrival at th? above places to gonvey pasaangera to the naighkoripg towns. I l JU'.aii.ijL jLiiiiBii-i ^ -iu_i ?xnitssm E NE J> OLD L1NELIVERPOOL PACKETS. LD Ll^fcot^cUsts ft. will 1 despatrhed iu the follomingorder, excepting that whra the n'liug day falls on Sunday, the ships will sail on the sneered ye day, vii:? b row New Vorit. From Liverpool 1C AM8KI DOE, (June 1 July IG 830 tons. . Oet. 1 Not. 16 W. C. Barstow,/Feb. 1 Mar. 1G I'll# ENGLAND, <|.lnue IS Aug. 1 Tjti tons. , Oct. 16 Dec. 1 8. Harriett, Feb. 16 April I Hie OXFORD, 1 July 1 Aug. 16 SCO tons, .Nor. 1 Dec. 1G J. Kathbone, March 1 April 16 The MONTEZUMA. July If Sept. 1 1060 tons. , Not. if Jan. 1 A. B. Lowber, 1 March If May 1 The EUROPE, 1 Aug. 1 Hept. 16 61t tons, ' D?w. 1 Jan. 16 E. O. Fnrber, April 1 May 18 Fhe NEW VOKK, (new) i .Ang. IS Oct. 1 930 tou?, .Dee. 16 Feb. 1 T. B. Cropper, 1 April If Jane 1 The COLUMBUS. (Sept. I Oct. 16 703 tons. 'Jan. 1 Feb. 16 O. A Colo, 1 May 1 June If The YORKSHIRE, (new) 1 Sept. if Not. 1 1030 tons, n_;i_ Jjn. 16 Ma*- 1 AS. W. VailFJF.^iHBy IV These ships are not surpassed in point of elegance or cod* ?Tt id i heir cabin accommodations, or in their fast sailing gun .tut ! any vessels in the trade. The commanders are well known as men of character ana experience, and the strictest attention mil always be paid to promote the comfort gnd convenience of puajeugers Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore." The price of passage outward is now fixed at One Hun Jrod Dollars, for which ample storm of every description will be provided, witn the exception of wines and liquors, which will be famished by the stewards, if required. Neither th captain or owners of these ships will be responuole for any letters, paresis, or lockages sent by them unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor For freight or passage, apply to GOODHUE It CO, 64 South st 0. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burling slip. N. Y. |8>tf and of BARINO, BROTHERS at CO., f.?pooljM. jji j?* jet JsBZ mat MBSBl NEW YOllK AND HAVRE PACKETS, deennd Line?The Ships of this line will hereafter leave New V irk on the lit, and Havre on the 16th of each month, as folyvs, via from New Yoan kh#m hstxi. New Ship ONEIDA, 1st March. Itith April. Captain , lat Jnly. (16th Angust. James Knnck I 1st November. 116th December, ^ip BALTIMORE, i 1st April i! 16th May. Captain ' 1st August. 16th Sepu inber Edward Funcr.i 1st December. 16th January dhipUTICA, list May. 16th June. Captain . 1st September 16th October, h rederick H witt. 1st January. 16th February, VewshipMt. N1CH LAS l 1st June. lIKthJnly. Captain {1st October. 16th November. J B. Pell, ( 1st February. 16th March. Theaecommod ions of theae ships are not surpassed, com* billing all that in y be required for comfort. The price of cu' bin passage is SIOO. Piusrngrrs will be supplied with every re inisite with the exception of wines aud liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the subi?ribers, free from any other thau the expenses actually in* eutred ou them For freight oar passage, apply to BOYD fc hincken, Agents, jntbee No # Too*"** Hnildinu. nor Wall and Water PASSAGE FROM ENGLAND. IRELAND, SCOT LAND AND WALES, VIA LIVERPOOL. ktfjg* THE subscriber has made unequalled arrai g?m?nt? rCPaiyfor hringi g out emigrants this year, IB44 Those ??pfc?e idiug fur their friends would do well to applv at iie eld established packet office of JOHN HERD MAN, 61 South st N. B.?The shins ol this line now leave Liverpool every five days, and dr ibs can as usnal be fhruished for any amount pay thle nt all the principal banking institutions throughout toe nite.l kingdom, apolv as shove. irttl er |d*Jv FDR L1VEHPOOL?New Line?Regular I'acket tafsWWof 26th J ne ?1 he splendid packet ship GARRICK, iflgiat' iptaui B J il Trunk of 1060 tons, will sail as shove, oer regular day For height or p.usage, having accommodations an*qoalled for splendor or comfort, sppl > on board, at Orleans wharf, foa if Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS &. CO. 56 South st Price of passage $100. The packet ship Roseiui, Capt J Collins, of 1100 tons, will succeed the Ourrick, and sail the 16th of July, her regular dav m2>tojn2tirc OLD BLACK BAIL LINE OK PACKETS JJIn FOtl LI VERPDOL?Pack-t oi the 6th !une? < he ifSSMmssPicket sli p ENOLAND, Captain bartlett, will be aSpatvhvd as above her regular day. For passage, h ivwg ircommod ,tion?. apply to JOHN HEHDM AN, 61 South street N. B?The subscriber has nceqnailed arrangements mail-* for the bringing out of oenenver* from Great Br* tain au-> Irnlaou by the legula packet i sailing every live daw I rem Liverpool at the lo ~e-t run, and oral a can a* u>u il be furnished for any amount, payable in al> the principal towui, without any chaige, throughout Em1 and and Ireland, oa application aa a ove. j 13iO 16 c .NEW LINE OK PACKETS FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet ?f 3Ut June,?The> splerdid new, ASOto"id fi vorite packet ship ROCHESTa It, 1000 One bun. ?u, Lapt. J. Britton, Will aail on Fridat, 21st June, her regular day. The ships ofthis line being all 1000 tone and upwards, pervine about to embark for the old conntrv. will not fall to ate 'he advantages to ha derived from aeleeting thia line in preference to any other, aa their great capacity rrnde.e them every way more comfortable and convenient than ahipa of a amal rr claaa, and their nccommodationa for cabiu, a*cond cabin, aud at* rags pwaengrra, are well known to be superior to any others. Persons wishing to aeeure bertha should not fail to make arly application on board, foot of Barling slip, or to W. ft. J. T. TAP900TT, At their General Passage Office, 76 Honth street, je7toil rrc cor Maiden Lane, un stairs jilfl;- FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line Krgmar X-SflfV Ticket 21st Jane ?The superior New York built ^dEUsPacket ship ROCHES PER, Capt J?hu Britton. RO lonabimhen, will sail as above, her regular day. Eor paimce, having very superior accommodations not surpassed by aay ship in port, apply oa board, west aide Barling lip, or to WOOT7HULL fc MINTURNS, IT Bouth at Price of passage f 100. The packet ship Hcttiagoer, Capt Ira Bartley, 1050 toot mrthen, will succeed the Rochester, and sail ou her regnlai Uy. 2iatJul'. j"11 to21 Vfh wdflt hO'l EIGHT OR CHAUl'EK.? 1 In A i British bsrqie CLARENCE, Thomas Martin, SOmmrn burthen SJ7 tuns register. Will atore 3500 barrels? would accept a freight to aay port iu Great RtiU-n Apply to PER9BE k BROOKS, No. (1 Llbery stisct PACr.KT KOR HAVRE?Second Lme^Th'e APWpwShio ON EIDA, James French, Matter, will sail un iWUMfa'-he 1st of July. FoMVeijihCir jivsaj^sjiply to jjec No. 9 Tontine Bnildiug. eor Wal' a'd Water sts. HLACK BALL. OR OLD LINE OK LIVER JHHfVPOOL PACKETS-FOH LIVERPOOL-Regalar "SggH^I'ncket nf 16th Jane.?The new magnificat and c le >nle<l last sailing packet ship ENOLANu. Oaptsi.i S Ban mt, will positively sail on Monday, 17lh June, hsr regular Jay. It is well known that the England is fitted ont is a very superior manner, with eyt-ry convenience that can add to the lomfortof those > mbaikii.g. Persons proceeding 10 the i Id counliy. will fiad it to Oieir interest to select this conveyance Kcr passage io cabin, 2nd Cabin, and steerage, ai ply on twa.d, loot of ttiskman street, or 11 the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHK.nB k CO . 7iol7rrc 35 Fulton st. next door to he Folton Bank. IdQ* TAPBIOTT'B GENERAL PASSAGE OK FICE?Removed from 43 Peck slip to 76 Si.uthst Mlpi cornar of Yimaio lane renoo* aetirm to koii lor ineir fiend* in the old roantry, can by calling on the aubac.i born make the ueceaaary arangctnriii* on the noil adra .tageou* rirmi. Mr. Win Tapaott being in Liverpool, tranal ictiog inch bniineii with thrm highly beneficial to all tmrfiet .viahinc to hay* their friend* comfortably and quickly dca patched. Urafta for any amonnt, payable on demand without any dieennnt or any eharne whatever, in all the principal town* thronghml Umt Britain and Ireland, can at all nuiea be ob.aineak oil a plication to W. It J T TAPSCOTT, At their Oeneral Paaaajte Office, ml I re 7! Mouth at. comer Maiden lane PASSAGE KKOM DUBLIN, CORK, WATICK" ^UWKOKD. DfcRRY, COLKRAINH, falCLKAMT, Mdbt^Vxr. Drogheda, fce ? Paraona wiahtag u> aead 'or thnrmeiidv can liare them brought ont from any of the a bore port* (n firat elaaa American Packet Hhipa. on the moatreaaonibleterin*. and without theirerperieoeigg any nnnacnaaaty de'cation. Mr W. Ta'icolt, one of tlie Grin, will be on the ipot to uire hia peraonal atleutiou to the paaaenger* engaged by the aubacrihers or tlieir a?er.ta here, and peraoua may tely that the wiabea and comfort* of thoae wh.we paaaage may be engaged by them will htve all dne and proper attention. Kor :<articulara apply, if by letter, poat-rnid. to _ J. T. TAP8COTT, at their Oeneral Paaaage Office, 7? Smith at. cor. Maiden Lane, whore, alao. Draft* may lie obtained, for large orimall aumt ,'ayable on demand, without diaeount or any other charge, at .he National or Promina Hank* of Ireland, er any ol their bmncheithroughout the Kingdom ml5 rc UfM- KOIt MALK?The beantifnl Pleamte Yacht ?f JWkXKNOBIA, Pilot Boat Rigged ol lilty two tun* Mib lur'fien, now Ifing at Pier 2' Ka?t Rivat.yU' the out ol Uorer atrai u Hhe aa well found in anila at d ngpng tad ererr other reelect Kor further pirticular* appl) 0u ?>?rd, or to I a pi* i u JOHN H YKK, nl JohnVY. Aeary k Co 309 Water atreet. J13 Iw'rc ATTEX'lION?SAVE YOUR MuNEY ! DAOUKRKEOTYl'K POHTIIAITB, IN TIIK KINEHT AND Be.ST STYLE. including a I Morocco f'uae or Emme.all lor ONE DOI.LAH Apply u> the Lafayette B*za<r, 149 Broadwa'. and ala? at 23i Broafwiy, third atorv, fr-.nt room New York l.etd c> and ycmtetn<*n an* reapectfnlly inri'cd to call and rumiiie th- apeeimetn wtiicit are warranted i>#rf?et, and although cheap they are eq-ial tonnya'acnet n|' II Kor the convenience of Lndm. Portrait* will ba taken hy a Lady. Oct man A ppara'a a, warm.ted imported, complete, $.'>9, including a complete inttru 'ion Kraneh liu, a, Morocco Lfjea at r. dtrej prlcaa,'"h mirala, Lenaea all imported by F. A. ARTAULT. inlt lm*re Well bait In thla lia* of tbianinwn. IRON SAKl.8.?It 11 it 'lon er a qmwtion wh,t agfe ta the bant protection nzauat Are, ?a all admit WIL'>Ett'B Hala? m mi er tn le the only f-ally Are deAn?d mpne?a e. the only ohjeeti <n aear raiaed ngninal them, which ha* now been entireV oyetcoine, a d the aalwcrihrr e?* let-g-d any one to pr re > n ina'ance when ary aate mmle liv him, havm* Ilia name up in a ailt plite (which a'l now h-?e) ih t hit eerr in/nred b,oM, paper* or j'Weliy. hy dampne<t H? pledge* himaelf to th* public t-at all aa/ea made ny him ihall tie A e proof, hirf and damp proof, wall knowing that ahoiiM one fail in either r-rpett that hit lota in reputation wuuld be greater than the owner of auy tale that thoiild to prove imperect. All other Salamander Hnfra am en imitation and an infringement upon Wi der'a Pnt-nt, he having piirchawd the erclnaive rntht [tor tke Suite of New York] to maun'actuie and forniah the Onine KaUm uider, and *..e and order* received at hit Iron s wan-home and factory No. I 9 Water alreet. SI I, AH C. HERRI N<). N. 8.?Second-hand Safea for anle at lest than naif-price. jelt I n dyltwy ec NEW COAL YARD. THE SUBSCRIBERS haye taken a Yard at No 7 Hell A Place, (near the corner of Seventh atreetai.d Third Arenne, direetly oppoaile Tompkina Market,) wheie they intend keeping a aiinply ofeveryd'aegpnoooff.oala.fii:?reach Orchard, Sehnylkill, Lehigh.Lieerpool, Newc.aatfe, Sydaey. Vitgmia, and <. umber laid, which they offer at the loweat market ptieet, andi aolieit a ahare of the publ'c patronage. Order* received an nheve, or at the old atand, 411 Waahing ton atreet, corner Laight atraet. _ .. ... ? WARD h BROWNE. Ordeti through the Dmpatch Peat will reoeira prompt itten ml7 lm*rg : w y ( JEW YORK. MONDAY A NKW 1.1 NK OK LIVERPOOL rACKKTP. To Mil lioui new York on the Jtith tad Liverpool oa the 11th hi t?cn month, ft & ft ? p -oii New Yoas. Ship RO8CIU8, Captain John Cnlliui, ?6th March. Ship 8IODONS, Captain K. B. Cobb, *6th April. Ship HHKR1DAN, Cuptalr. K. A. Depeymir, 26th Mar. Ship OAltKICK, Capt. 13 I. H. Tnuk.tfth Jane. Fro* Livrneeuj.. Ship SHERIDAN, Cupula A. Dupeviier, 11th March. Ship OARMICK, Captain C. I. irfrufc. 11th April. Ship ROSC1U9, Captain John Collin*, lit!. May. Ship SIUBONS, Captain K. 13. Cobb, J 1th June. Tntae ahipe are all ol? the tint claaa, upwards of KMX lone, bnilt iu the city at New York, with such improvemeata m combine ureal ipeed with auusnal eomfort for pastespen. Every care iiaa been taken in the arraniement of their accommodation*. The price of passage hence ia $100, lor which ample atorea will be provided The#* ihip* are fotninuuded by experienced maulers, who wul make every exertion to *ivn general eotiifactiou. Neither the captains or owner* of theihip* will be reapoasiole for any letter*, parcel* or package* tent by them, anlaaa regnlar ku(?yf lading ate signed tin-refer Kor freight or p.omy* apply to fc. K.. COLLINS et CO.if* South at.. N?w York, or to LV ^TT nilliuni H UITW|IOOI. I Letters by tbepucl au will be charged 12% cents per single b??t 50 cfitu per ounce, and newspapers 1 cent nich ml rre 1T1E NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKKTb. month. From Ntw York. L'vool. s" sh''LraxL' 11 i# " naaff! aass"1? !i St! New ship ROCHESTER,** tons, !i xEg'o John Brltlon <o??r ll Jbip HOTTINOUER, 1050 to..,j^reh?{ gjjj | Ira bursrly, J No**t J1 Jau y 6 These substantial, fait sailing, first class ships, all built ia the city of New York, are commanded by men ol egpmenea ind ability, aud will be dispatched punctually on lUe SLnt ol m?' month. ,.,e-jr cabine are elegant and commodious, and are tarnished With whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of passecM Price of passage, $100. Neither the captains or owners of these ship* will be responsible lor any parcel* or packages sent by them, unlets regular nills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to WOCMJiflJLL ?t MiNTURNS, 87 Smith street. New York, or to Y1EL.DE N, BROTHER* St CO.. i 14 ec llwiN M/vKfeEILLKi LI NE OF PAOKETh mi lerinentioued sbi|? will be ruguiarly dispatched from n*uce en the 1st, and from Marseilles on the ,'.th of each month luring the rear as follows :? Krom New liorl! H?r?eillei| MilfEuVA. Capt tlrowu, Deo. 1 Keb. i I'HESCOTT, Capt. Myrici, Jau. 1 March 5 u'UV THOM I'StlN.Cupt.Sylvester, Yeb. 1 Aprils HELLESPONT, Capt. Adams March 1. May 5 ' OIllOLANCB, Capt. Haile, April. JuneS They are all coppered aud cupper fastened, and hare eicidlent tccommodatious lor passengers. The price of cabin passage will be $100, ejtelusive of winea tnu minors. Gooua iddressed to the agents, BOYD k HINCKEN, will forwaroed IVee of other charges than those actually paid. Kor freight or p.ut.ige apply to LAWRKNCIC k PHELPS. 1QJ From street or to BOVD k HINCKEN.Agent*, oS*. No a Tontine Buildings. TAPSCOTT'S* GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. & MlM. ARRA GEMK.NT8 FOR l?44 The subscribers bog to coll the retention of their f.ieuds and the public generally to their superior arnnigeiueuts for bringing rut passengers from, mi! money to ail rarta ol ' Engla <1 Ireland, Scut! old and Win THE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, COMPRISING THE QUEEN OK THE WEST, 1J50 ton*. THE SHERIDAN. 1000 tout. THE ROCHESTER, 1004 teas. THE OARHICK, ipoo u>n?. THE HOTTINOUER, 1000 ton*. THE RQ8CIU8, 1MU tou* THE LIYEUPObT." U50 torn. THE SID' ONS, 1000 com Sailinc from Liverpool twice event month, and THE UNITED LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, cm posed ol superior, first cIkm American packet*, aailiul from Liveniool four time* in each month, ore the ships in which those whose parage may beimgared w.tb the subscribers a-iil come uot in, aud it ? a well kirvwu fncl the above named P icket* are the most magnificent shipt afloat and the frcjuruc/ ol their tailing, (being every live dat a) prevents the p. nubility e( pweiiro I'.'in* anueeessarily detar ed at LlVT*|M>ol K? gardlea* ?.f expense, ? order to meet the wants of the public and the wi-hea oftheir Iriendv, Mr. Wm. Tappseott, one of the firm, ha* gone to Liver|iool to superintend the de|wirture for thin country of *uclt persons whose pas-tag* may be engaged with the subscribers, a fact, which to thoee acau tinted with Mr, W. T., is n sufficient gnarantee that they wilf raceire everv attrntiun from him,and be ouickly and r.omlortahly deipa'ched. Suattid those scut for decline coming the passage money will be promptly refund'd wtlhont any dedaeu.'-i?as una). | Remittances?Those remitting money tan be supplied with Inui* at sigrit. lor nny ainonnt. tmvablr free of discount or any nuer nna-ee, m every principal town in England, lielsnd, scouaud sua Wales Apply til uriv'.ter, po*tpaid,)to vv k J T. TaPSCGTT, 11 Peck slip, it ew * org?or to inn WM TAPSCOTT, Liverpool. OLD ESTBLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFKICE. Sl SOUTH STREET, NEW YORK. ? t 1 it Psssaye can be engaged fromLivsntool by the following spieniid packet ship* comprising the Ola Black Ball Line of Packets ailing as under Krom Liverpool. ?be ship COLUMBUS,CaptainCnle.on the ICth February, he stiip YORKSHIRE, (new) Bailer, on the 1st March. The ship C AM BRI DOE, Capt. Barstow, 16th March. The ship ENGLAND. Captain Bartlett, itt Aiuil. The ship OXFORD, f.ti'tain Rathbone, 16th April. Tim ship MONTEaUM A, Captain Lowber, 1st May. The ship EUROPE Captain buiber, ISffi May. The ship NEW YORK, CaptainCropner, 1st June. In addition to the.abovesuperinr ships, the subscriber'sagent* rill have a succession of Aral class Ainrricao ships despitehed, u customary, from Liveniool, every lour or five .lays throughout the year, to the different purls in the United Mutes, by which p?i?sage can be retired at reduced rates. Those s-uding MsirlinBin i IrMt Rritnin and (ml ft mi irt iv rr ly thai every care will u* Liken In null* pn*s>*nn"ii u cura'ortable mi they can reasonably expect, and should the pasirng ts aot eoute out, the passage money will be promptly refuudril. Droits can as usual be furnished, payable at the National and Provincial llanWs of Ireland and brunch's; Kastern Rink nf Scotland and benches; and on Messrs .1. Bait. Sno h Co., Bankers, London; Messrs. J. Horned It Co., Bankers, Liverpool, which ata payable throughout Knglaud and Wales. For lurthor par dealers apply (if by letter Post pud) to John iii-udman, 61 Routh street, near Ws'l street. N. B. Passage to Liveroool and London can at all times be engaged by the regular packet ships, sailing for Liverpool every Ave days, and to London on the 1st, Itlh and 30th of each mouth on application as auova 113 er ro THE LADLK?. DA. a Jkb'l UTlCltO ABDOMINAL BUfPOKT&A. 1'HIS sew iustruraeutfor the radical cure of Pro laps ua Uteat A or Falling of lh< Wonb, by eiiernsl spplicatiou, snies t*d<ag the air of the objection*! Peejsery, is confidently pectinwinded to the aflictad ?f uw ineaas of perfect restoration W health, it never having failed of perforating a nam, even and* Ike moot aacraralel cirenmstaasaa. Tho onpporurhar atiauaed atory hi>;h tharaeter in Kuropt as well as m this conntty. It ia adopted to the entire dimsc of penssnn. and all other painful surgical sxpedirats, in the Lr mg ia-lioipiul* ol London and Paris, and is univevnuliy ro oin weeded ia hot rope by medical men of lite lnxhest rank? la tois eoosiry it it sustained by the leading members of the faculties af i^o'l-gcj sad KopptiaD. tad Vy sell the easiscsi precfitioenrs. A toms have bee* famine* exeiasively fur Indian n Its. 1 Vetsy street, bsviar'. separataeatrense from the basiaaas demrensont, whsce alawy ia is coaitaet ' teedass*. to apply T osses end Aapporters to fern"1* mlients. jll 'inrre JUNKS' ITALIAN CliKMlCAL SOAP. 'PMK nUdi' tile??ed and wondi-.rol remeur *r?r aiMOVitr-ii A f ir the crCtm cud permanent cur* of*11 Di*ru*ejand Eruption* ol the Skim, I'onplee. Silt ttlieum, Scurry, Blotch**; i* fact. *u? dirfUruroneot: bat the public mail be om their guard naainti DISHONEST COUNTERFEITERS, who attempt to coun-erfrit thi* valuable, *ad in it* weudnworking effect, bleated trtirle lteailrr. be not deceived A?k for Jooca'Italian ( heuiical S.iap. if rlwv offer yoa another, ill) not touch It If TOO me It, ti? dmgi-roni er nielrti Aik particularly for JoueTe Italia.i < heinioal Soap. We poeitively wtmit the shove to be it* real ]ualili?*; it also in the HUH I iurpriiiof manner Change* dtirk or yellow (km To * healthy, fair clearer**. Many may think it* rower* r* iggrrabvl; let inch try it once? it hn* is hnudreds of enae* claarnu the tbin of freckle*, ton, unborn, morphew; it can elan be coaicientumMy recommenced for old lore*, ringworm, and *ore head* rhyifcian* can he referred to who am it daily io their pram.iee Bui mind it i* Jou**'* Hoap > u dnue, and mil effect* tbeve core*, (ret it. no whrtr e.l?# in thi* etty hut it the sign of the American Kiwi*. M < hatham (treet, tod *i3 Broul./ay. N V.; iu llortnn it Ri'fldiog'r, 8 *tite ? r et.: Xeib?r, 1 Ledger Bnild| ingl, Ph'!,vle)phi?; 2fiT King (treet, Charleston, B.C.: Olih, Liuonp-r fa : men Vr? Hiy?, in yniton ?'reet. Brooklyn, L. fa'ai'd __ __ mfa lr,i*ee lime* or Jtrmn r? laiiHtau oarattr,. No K Wallat, oppotita the hvchaugc. t rllft i.on|i??7 continue* to Inure againit Lo*? and f'amage by Kir?, on poo Is, warm and laercliandire, and ?l?i> vgainrt lor* by ill.tad nav-xa'-'on oa retaelt and their cargoer. DlttK'.Tnns. Thome* W Thome, Klitna Higg*. Topma* T Weodroff. \uea Maker, d !l Uobmn.M.lV, Joseph iiraka, Thoinpfon rneo, Jo*eph Allen, Mo*e* Tucker, Ja- -i E, Holme*, John R Davidson, John P. Moore, John rl. L?e, Jiran H, 'hitisg, Caleb C. Tunin, Wi*. K Thorn, Krnnn* P. Sag*. Thorn** MorraO, JehgC. Merrttt, _ r.umae Bonn. THOMAS W. THORNK, Prenideat. (if.O T. HOPE. Seeietary, ml m TO RESTORE, BEAUTIFY AND DRESS THE HUMAN HAIR. TO ACTUALLY FORCE ITS GROWTH, AND CURE DANDRUFF, +t. THI AL BOTTI- ES-THRCR 8H I I.I.INIiH, 'T'O THOSE who hare awd Jone*'* Coral H?ir Restorative A know it* i-ieellect ijualitie*: to thoee who haye not, wr i,i* that the fact of nar*rilitigl*hilliag bottlrgmnat prore the truth of oar statement?and tluit we are not afraid of peraon* t'ying a mall qaaniityot it ant We warraat it to po*?e** the followu.g qoalitie*:?ll will force the hair to grow on any part where nature intende i hair to grow, rtop it falling off, cure Scarf cr Dandruff, and intke light, red or gray hair grow dark Kor ilreming the hair *olt and ailky. nothing eireed* thi* It ia, indeed, the uio*t economical, yet inpcrinr, article made for the fair old?price I, 5 er I rhilling* t bottle?at the Sin of the American Eagle, 18 Chatham etreet, New York; 118 h niton it, tS^lassSaBstiixr artsr' aagti-J' [Si.. . . - .. -!!. - Jj )Uh 1 dORNING, JUNE 17. 184 L? Polka In Costume, m Daiicfxl by Carlotta Orlsl ami Perrot, at Ihc ilaeeira Theatre, London. j This extraordinary, yet elegant dance, which in creating such a sensation in England and France, j is likely to he coming into fashion here. In order that our fair readers cannot hereafter blame us for not giving them every information relative to this Bohemian waltz, as it may justly be termed, we now furnish them with a full and explicit account of the different figures and the time :? FIIUJT MOVEMENT. /* \ V SKCOSD MOVKMEHT. TIIUU> MOVUMEM. La Polka, like 'its predecessors, the waltz and galop, is a danse a deax, couples following each other in ihe salle de danse, commencing at pleasure ; and adopting, of the following figures, that which pleasesthetn most at the moment. All those anxious to shine in La Polka, will dance the whole of them, returning, from time to time, by way ol rest, to the first figure. The measure, or urne, is 2-4 ; but to facilitate our definition we subdivide each measure or bar into one?two?three?tour; the accent on the two, to be played not so lust ns the gilon. The steps are two, and the following description may, in some measure, convey tltern to our readers; we commence with the first and mon general At the one, hop on the right leg, lifting or doubling up your left leg at the same moment ; at the two, put your lelt leg boldly forward on the ground : at the three, bring your rigM toe up to your left heel; at the four, advance your lelt foot a short step forward: now at the one in the next measure or bar of the tune, hop on the left leg, doubling or lifting up your right leg, and so onproceeding in this stpp with your urtn circling your partner's waist round the room. As the change of figures and duration of each in this dance is Toft entirely to the cavaliers, as also the moat careful guidance of their ladies round the room, we mint be sn posed to be addressing ourselves to them in these remarks, though at the same time, our definitions will be equally understood by their lair partners. Go on, still adopting the same step, with your right arm round your partner's waist, und her right hand in your lett, you place your lady exactly b?fore you, and hack all round the room, your lady pursuing you; you then reverse this figure, and lei your partner do the hack step whilst you pursue her, and at the same lime carefully guide her round the room. In backing, the leg which in figure one, you pui boldly forward on the ground, you now flirig holdly backward, and are thus enabled to effect your progresa round the room. Go on with the same step you waltz round the room?in other words, von per orm th<- last gallop waltz, substituting the Polka st-p just described This is also a waltz with the second step, winch we will now describe as the " Heel and Toe step." At the one, make a little hop on the right leg, dropping your left heel close to the right foot; at the two, another little hop on the right leg; |?oinliog your left tue (not forward, but as close to the riglu foot hh possible); at the three, another little hop on the right leg, advancing or# step forward with the left foot; at the four, bring up the right foot, turning at the lamr instant, and passing your partner over to your left arm from your right a'm ; in the next measure return your lady to the left arm, and so on. Thin is termed the back wallz. The step adopted in it by yourself and partner is the back step de. scribed, and you turn in this waltz exactly the contrary way to thai in which you turn in all other waltzes?hence its name. In La Pot.ka, before commencing the figures we have pisi described, there is a short introduction, consisting of Jour measures, danced th?l-*:? lfAiinif; your purtncr from her seat, and giving her her place in the circle, and placing yourselves viz u-viz, you take her left hand in your right, una mukr ihe firs! step four tunes?first forward, then backward, taking care to gain ground in the forward steps; you then start with the first figure. In conclusion we would observe that I,n Polka is a noiseless dance; there is no stamping of heels or toes, or kicking of legs in sharp angles forward. This may do very well at the threshold of a Hohemian aiiberge, but it is inadmissible into the salons of London or Paris. F,a PolkH, as danced in Pans, and now adopted by us, is eLg ml, gracef ul, and fascinatii g in the extreme; it is replete with op|H>rtunities of showing care end attention to your partner in aasisting her through its performance. To our fair readers, however, we would say one word, for carelul as their cavaliers tnay be, the iront of many dresses, particularly in executing figure 2, will have much chance of being trodden upon and torn, uiilesa the usual length is considerably shortened. This we have en n done with much grace on one or two occasions by the transplanting of a hunch of artificial violets, with a long pin attached thereto, from the waist to the lower part of the dress, which serves to loop it up to the desired shortness, and which contributes greatly to the elegance of this dance, as the feet are tnus shown which n indispensable. 41 ~ "'i.? I.XI _1 iEKA 4. A London paper suys :?We have received from Paris, l?y the lust post, the accompanying sketch of the new dance recently imported Iroin lfoheniia into the French inetro|H>lis, entitled the Polka, and which, to the exclusion of all other considerations?Legitimacy, Tahiti and the Might of Search not excepted?has seized this volatile and lighthearted people universally by the heels. With ull respect tor tue lore of our learned neighbors, we thiuk that St. Vitus, and not St. Denis, must have been the patron aaint of France ; but, be that as it may, there can be no doubt that that snint is their guardian angel, who, by infusing into them this lively elixir, wuhdiuws them from the morbid conteinnlition of fancied and imaginary w rongs, and the long train of latal and inglorious consequences which generally follow. The Knghsh are an imitative people, and we may reasonably exjiect to find the Polka amongst the other west end importations during the eeason. Our daily contemporary the Times, thus alludes to the rage which prevails in Paris with regard lo this most recent innovation 41 The Paris papers are destitute of news. Our private letters state, tliut ' politics nre lor the moment suspended iu public regard by the new and allabsorbing pursuit?the Polka?a dance recently im| )?orted from Bohemia, and which ernbraces 111 its iiuilities the intimacy ol die waltz with Uie vivacity of the Irish jig. Y<? may couceive how coniplefrly is ' the Polka' tlie rage from the fact that the lady of a celebrated ex-minister, desiring to figure in it nt a soirle dansantc, monopolized ihe professor par exctllenct ol that spe< iulite lor three hours on Wednesday morning last, at 2(X)f. the hour. This is an unfortunate diversion for the war parly, whose subscriptions lor the sword of honor for Admiral lJupeiit Thouars will be put hors de combat by this fascinating novelty.' " The Polku isan original Bohemian PeasantDanct and was first introduced into the fashionable saloons ofiVrltu and fet.Petersburg.ahoat eight years since Lust season it was the great favorite ut Baden-Baden. The Polka is written in 2-4 time. The gentleman holds his partner in the manner shown in the engraving; each liltlirst the right leg, strike twice the lelt heel with the right heel, and then turn, as in the waltz. the Bohemians accompany this movement with characteristic gesture, hut the action is rather rude The Berlin Polku combines grace with elegance. Ohio, [CirnMpocdiMc* 'flR* HeralH.] Lancaster, Ohio, June 4,1814. The Author, although, a Clergyman, conjtssts that he. Ayjrroves the independent Churn iter of I In Herald Proves that James Gordon Bennett liats been holder in attacking Evils tleun the O thodoj Church itself- Shoers u-hy U'Connelt ami Bishop Jlughcs li ite Bennett?Appeal for banishing the first t' imipbs oj Italian Popery from our I ouu try Bishop Pureed s Proceedings in Cincinnati Shows hoio some eigneis, Influenced by ihi Pope, act in J2xtinguishing j\ative Americanism ? him of Bennetts Trememhnes Exeitements needed in the IVest?Concludes by Brothering J (i Bennett as a Member of tile Do Good Church. James Gordon Bennett, hsq Although a Minister ol the Gospel, 1 have read the New York Herald for several years?yes?pro claim it from Dan to Bershebu, from the proudest tiir rarchy to tli?- humblest religious society it. uit lurid, 1, a believer in chrtsiain perfection, fiavi been guilty of oerusing a newspaper winch linn even been slandered by D.iniel O'Counell, the ugeut tin the Po,ie in Ireland?it in Hue, somewhat secretly, us Ntcodeinu* ot old Bought the Lord ; but the linn has arrived when, I must confess it to the woild, being turced to tlo it, by the magnanimous inanuei in which you huve lately bundled several exciting subjects. Although at times you have used language bettei calculated to rnend the manners of the most diaho Ileal of sinners?the worst diseases requning the bitterest remedies?than improve ihe morals ot ttie best of christians, 1 teel justified in saying thai your paper is the most independent one that lias ever appeared in the United States?I will go farther?in the world, and, in consequence, as Daniel O'Connell sanl ?f himself to Ihbbop Ilughe* in Lou don, you are " the teaser abused mun" iliat ever lived, save one. You have huiidlwd Hie errors prevailing without gloves, while others who boast more than you do o! their Christianity?who might have I lie shield ot God Almighty lor the asking in the wartare?have retired troni the conflict, or never entered into it, have deserted (heir posts, disgraced be righteous cause by their cowardice, and left Jamkx Gordon Dknnktt?as Bishop Hughes says in (us recent letter, the tinner above all tinners?alone in the pass of the moral Thermopylae with the true Grecian spint tu withstand the Aerxes hand of opposing evil spirits?those very holy recreants at terwards abusing Ititn the most shamefully tor doing that which they had neither the courage nor the heart to do ! Ihshop Hughes and his adherents have reason lot hating you as deeply as they do, for although you are not opposed to the pious and the pith, that may be found in the Roman Catholic Church, they fern and hate you because yon have unmasked its impure principles?its first principles?which crammed a divinity into the l'ope, or rather made ot ihe Pope a divinity which, alter chaining the woild, would have drowned it in its own blood, bad not the light of the reformation exhibited its enormities; had aoi o l'u? I,.,!,! iiwlivirlniiU nrmed with .1 eliovali's ita in. ply, gave that blow to thi* monster which aim it howling through the earth ever sinc??those finI principles, which you, arid every other religious j>crsoii, led,will, if not errested at nits timk. tunihh our glory into ruins, on which enthroned Ins lioli tiers, us King Mtid l'ope, will sway his willing sub jects?that person alluded to in the following arti de which I lately composed while examining hi pretenBton.s. tiiic modkbn divinity. All mortals tind especially faithful christians, ol whatever dignity and pre-eminence they mav be, when first tliey approach into the presence of tin Pope, are deemed trit" to the faith, it at proper distance they kneel thrice before him, and, in homo of our Saviour Jesus Christ, whose representative in earth lie is, hiss his feet. When Christ Oo.l wm on the earth, He war.heil the people's feet we know, But now the folk* (what food for ninth,) Mont kit* the modern Pope'* toe ! Thus does the Pope the scripture show, That times would cune. no longt r dark, When "at WoJ'k feet ail Ifeih should how," And modern christian* "loo the matk He'a right, with piety beiide, And never will liecomean asa, Unle**. a* punishment fur pride, The Lord shall "turn hiin out to grass." Rishop Hughes, in his recent letter to Harper, has called you a devil, but lie shall never get hold i of your tail and drng you about .it his pleasure, as long as there is moral honesty in y? urself and stalwart arms to defend the nobl" CHiise in which yon I are engaged As Hiaiioplf ugl . says, 1 hope we sital I soon have "onem neiliini n urinniuKug rAi nr- I ments" rhat shall not only regenerate the east, hit' extend its purifying coarse over the west. Oottld you not give Bfshop Purerll, of Cincinnati, a bithanded blow?lor yon e.m tight as well with yotit lett hand as with your right, being a Ilrniaminite .1. well as a Freedomite ' Through the Pope's in, fluence, in the first place, and through PurcellV, 11 the next, the Roman Catholics are quietly hut sure ly removing the Protestants from Cincinnati, both from its high places and low ones, hut most lament ably in the last instance ()ri coming to this couu try, tlie foreigners ol that chit cli ur tn-tr O'ed by the Pope and Ins high dignitaries to work tor "nu sually low wages in all the mechanical branches even down t<? street and chimney sweeping, I;, order to remove Native Americans from their situations, m king ihem emigrate and lo-e their oleic tity among the Indians, drspised, naked, freezing, aud starving, while they, hy an injrn ions nntutnhz** lion Uw, shall not only occupy their places, hut finally creep, crawl, hop, skip, jump and run?w hen thev sre powert .1 enough?into our ot tiusi, gradually unfolding the riomt monstrous lrutur?s ot Pomani-irn. now somewhat modified 10 suit the times?finally extinguishing ihat fading spark ot liberty for which our foretaihers loughi, hied, and, tli ink God, sometimes died This undermining this Norway, or rather I'alian tat system, is 111 sue cessful operation in the West, esiK-cially at (.'mem nati, which, it is expected, will be the W estern metropolis of Po|>ery. What is worse, we hare 110 Jam a Gordon P.ennett here. The prole-lent sin riers, lay meinhers and preachers. are afraid t< shake a suck at the lion,much less heard him in Ins den as you have done. Publish this litter, and as your paper is extensively circulating along the Mississippi valley, it will snow the Western people whit .1 Western inan thinks ot the thinly covered volcano in our midst, which, it a Niagara cataract of rebuke is not pouted into it, will hurst out suddenly and most desiroyirigly. Yours, beloved brother, Bennett, R. L. Cask or Thomas \V. IV?ru.?The motion for a new trial in this case has been overruled. A motion was than made in arrest ol Judgment, being in i ll. ot a pies to thn jurisdiction of Die 1 oiirt, which is to he haur.l on the JUh instant. The ground oi this motion is. ' thai the prisoner could not t? tried in the county o( New" port for sets alleged in the indictment to have been com , mil tod in the county of Providence ?Pr?. ides. / Journal, Jmu I A. Li). Pile* Two Cent*. Washington. [Correspondence o( tin lleitld ] Washjnqton, June 11, 1844. Arts ami Artists in Washington As your other corres|>ondcnTs fu ntshes you with nil political news of interest, 1 shall in thin, devote myself to a description 11 some ol the principal w<uks ot art in and ukoul tin* Capitol; and if, in so doing, I venture to press nt opinions a vatiance with those entertained by many persons, 1 do e<? with a conviction that I am actuated neithci hy ill will or prejudice, but lor the simple purpose of doing justice to some of the first artists of oar country. First, as the moat conspicuous, the most abused, arid in our mind the most beautilul work ol art in tlie Capitol, we will refer to 1'erMCo'n group ol statuary, representing Columbus in a veiy imposing attitude, holding iu his right hand, which is extended and elevated, a globe, intended,we presume,to repr? Hint the new world which he has just discovered?at Ins right is the figure ot a young eijuaw, who astonished at seeing u white man, has imbed forward lo hehokl his face, and in so doit g.the loose dreperv In .. I.Int. . n. I....... I r I- - - person, presenting Jo the spectator a sweet, chaste, and simple representative ol nature. We have been much amused hearing the remaiks mudr upon litis work. Some have one suggestion to ntake, some another?some think the figures roo huge, others think them too small. One oemm thought ns Co? lumbue had beeu so long without seeing a woman, it would he more natural were his attention dinned to the female figure. Another said, "faigs but its all wrong;hod 11 JScotinan done it, he would hov nud u foil) ship in it, unci covered that part over with a tog?Columbus cumcover in a ship, an* thot ought to be seen furst." And with such criticisms have the arts in this country to contend, and hy euch blockheads are the reelings ol artists to be wounded. We recollect sonic years t-ince, wheu a bill was introduced into the House of Ileprreentatives,making un uppropiiaiion to have ihe remaining four pannels in the rotunda ol the capitol filled hy paintings, to be executed by the best American aitists, one ol the most intelligent members from the eastf rn Slates opposed it, on the ground that there were no American artists capable of painting a good historical picture. The gentleman too, if we mistake not, was a personal Iriend of Wash ngton AIb'oii, who was then living, und he must have known thut many of England's best painters were Americans, who through neglect and want of encourage trie it t, were compelled to eave tin lr country, and seek among strangers the rank nud tesprcl heir tulenta entitle them to West, Uopiey, Trumbull, Leslie, Newton, and many others si whose siiptiior abilttirr there cmi be no doubt, w ere of number John Vanderlynat the very time the nit was opposed, was in this country, un American hy birth, had but a lew years previous received iroin tile hitDds ot Napoleon u gold medal tor the best historical picture then exhibiting in the Ftcuih .cadeniy, and yet in the mud o: the 1!, 1. member of Congress, there w?? 110 painter competent to paint an historical picture. We must v u.i shame conlese the arts in this country are but little tndtbi< d to the patronage 1 government. Previt u ly to (tie appointment of Mr W*ir, to fill tlie v.icunoy occasioned by the death <1 the professor ofpainting it West Point, Chaths it. Leslie ova uigeii and induced to accept tin- munition, wi ll 1111 txpMBS undirefunding in reluiiou to terms nnd privities. Mr Leslie came over from Europe vvnli his family? coiniuenced Ins duties,and requested,in accordance with the agreement entered into by the government, that a " studio" m ght be built for hint i'he email amount necessary was refused,and lie in di-gust returned to England. rJ he bill ol which we were speaking, notwithstanding the oppontion it 11 et wilh, passed, and $>'40,000 was appropriated to the purchase of four hieiotical puintirgs ol Amert subjects, "The Embarkation ot the Ptlvrtma,' " The 15 pttsni ol Pocahontas." " The Emigration of Udtittl 15oon into Kentucky," and we believe ' The Landing of Columbus," to he executed by Weir, Chapman, Inman and Vanderlyn. The two first are already completed and placed in the tapitol. The cmbarkution is a picture that would do honor o any age or any country, and Mr. Weir litis proved satisfactorily the strong claims of American artists to the confidence ot theircottntrynien The other four pannels are occupied by In toricai paintings executed by the late Col. John Trunibuif. Of Grenough's statue of Washington we can say hut litth , as from its peculiar potition, ol its beauties or delects it is impossible to judge. It is placed in the ceutre of the park, which fronts the* capitol, and is covered (for what purpose we cannot imagine,) with a temporary frame building, humorously, una with too much reason styled a cow-pen?1 oneequeiilly the object of inlerer>t is kepi out of bight, and as the tiguic is coIosshI, and as the only view that can be obtained of it must be from the interior of the building, the effect is altogether lost. $20,000 was the price, paid for the statue of Washington. < ireiiough,we understand,is at present < iiRaged executing a group lo occupy the leli side of the steps of tint capitol. mid which is intend* d as a inetch 10 Persico's work. While upon llus subject, it in worthy of note that some of lite first mechanical teui ms America tins ever produced,were paimcri. Hobert Fulton studieu portrait puinttng in London, under llenjuinin Went, nnt! prosecuted it lor r* length of time. The engraved likeness of Joel Harlow in the National Portrait 'iallery, it Itom a picture by Fulton. Samuej F. 15. Morse, well known to the public through his wonderful Electro Magnetic Telegraph, was a fellow student with Fulton. They studied together?roomed together?and, as has since been proved, thought together. Mr. Morse i? at the present time, and has heen since its foundation, ('resident of the National Academy ol Design. The application of percussion caps to fire arms was by a lands).ape painter ol Philadelphia. Artists at present in WasliuiRtoa iip Hingham, Crunch, Clover, Fenderick and King. Clovrrcame on to paint the President. Crunch and llingtr. in have each executed a vi ry successful likeness ol J. t.f. Adams forborne of his Irieuds. Ajuki,. White MottrtTArms.?The Portsmouth Jottrnnl says: Wear)' inlormed by a visitor to the White Mount urns thut it noweil on Mt Washington all last Monday night, and till 8 o'clock on Tuesday morning, wl.rn it was covered like mid winter for some lour miles down 'be summit. The lather of the t raw lot d? is constructing i road for horaet from his house on the south Side of Mt. Washington to the summit, w hich he says, with the exception of about 40 rods will lie good cantering ground 'lie u hole distance liom hit house to the summit. Yakkkk Tricr?A successful speculation was entered upon in our city ? few days since, ol pomewhat a novel character. A man visited a large number of families offering forssle plants which he was | leased 'o call a splendid velvet Omnium, sli well I ootid, and which he liau just received Irom New York, to w hich city tliry had recently been Imported The plsnts wain vigorous snd appealed so beautiful, and were so tare, mid had been brought so lar.ihat the good women oowld not ies|st the inclination to purchase I he price was cheerfully paid, and each I imily aei mc<l deallotis ol giving to these plants a piomircnt place in their colli ctmn, and to introduce them to the notice of their friends But almost etch v isiter bad liecu eipislly foitunate In having secured a pair ol the plants, and all ap|? sred alike. Suspicion was it length i veiled and on inquiry it was discovered that the velvet (Jsrauiums were wild plants grow u.g in great abundance in our woods, and lanuliarly known us Snaketongue !? Hunger If'Mg. Private Maii..? In the Circuit Ccurt, thi* morning. before Judge story and Spragu*. in the esse of the i i iiivernment ?s Hole k i.0 '# I-etirr Kxpress tb" decision i the District t'ourt waa conflnned Amies Fojpt, Jun* It. Whkat Cnor in Marvt-ami ?Thf If uf" rciow n Tnrrhliirht trl ThnradHy eey? thnt the whmtr.<i|. vi Wituh'iirIiui county ii finer than It haa l??i l?r many ynira, and haa ripened an rapidly in conai ol layi/toMo tlint m<?11t nirmeia intended eoronuDClnff thur h.trveal during the |*wnl *M l l)M >1' Nl< \T t' > To thi Von h " f r it? New \nn 11? ? ?t n S1H, The iii || I' t> itAM'i t h ii k nil.I rr HI. VI r 1 ban |) , , Tittii. Mo-hI h'iti# to f> en r.C, i. V nrk .Ii i" h * tio.r I < m r IS ' i . m ? IWhii K, I il iuit ah ' ?i I' Rim A If* iiu tlif aa?e hi .p .I lh" ! n. , n.l'rarn n* th> apt* unburn n down il p *. > ?.fih- aI*.,il. .h II I I <> dim III inn k' lied l't t ?(I (\p.ik: ,1 |. . iuiif I f n 'tii'. ?( lift ti'and.ib mv dinr ni ( op, l?r- a'?i mtt to fir> i na if *e p ot'i dpil fattl' i; whrri-epm I Hoped and ahI ihp r? hi. 'ot mi ilnn K. Ii" ii'i* f'l1 m liy id ! * n> to |.p..|i nor iIhbii e . hp 1 tt \ nut lad At ihn waa mneh f .*hi. ,1 Hint in ni. r?t iniHlm-'i.t np ?tn? a b. ai > ??S ibe >p-il l?p|?r hi il <tv in-, in it and H not lief t.HHt with tlir r m n, | ipptili k-eiftf, nn.I ih? thpr? ar?airil in ai.| t'l# hoy, d?m ii 'I n* i|ip p*i?iar of the boat, which I lundcd withcm I [ i. ii Aakpil tie h ad kpp|'". Mr, what we had il me. to unit oh; end he aaid tlml tny .or had toa.rad Iti" Hlinre, which I |?<mhm? lobe faIat, and j ,e. end I coa?t let him nit. rthy to be a Mr|wf ot Black w. Irat hat I Impmett mora op? 1'iiiriHPPof the .Vatire Atnarirtn t'ominrn .iiupiI thnn I do to n.m, hi I PObHiilpi nun an na* ; after hakiuf lue and ilin j ' ny to the p'iaoii doer ,he <irdered hi* m-aiala ii#d*r him in takI chargr t f Pit k at a?d fpniuet ?a to tha jpnaen la aotac i.p to ih? priaen I pba?c d to mot Ma Jeka tlraai, f iineily ki?f at i.f ib" pita iB He k'own ( me well, lol-l Mr. OnMl that lit I ' h? u !'a it. m .ph up<.o b ira If. Sir Pt'Jtff* rema krd. ke ihongi.t hp had a rlabi to ink" a-.y one ..a tha fiyer H?d win . r| ileta Iffn. the Of in in Ci uiiefT. Hint he bna n"w two hoop* otti In priion. wli * erf fr tavao at the aa*oe time wtlMmr UIS at th-iip. ?wi I ?%a p?le*H-d the nah tne i t|..?-ce of Mr lolm it hpp Aftpf tanchini my boat, and Ii di * thnt ' ['?? *- i h Id of tl.p wroo* e Hioaaer, ha mid I cmpd '>1 a?t if I i hoo?a (?a atamieire the boat nftpiw'rfH. I t<n d H .ma of my fiali I had cuight wjie goi p. h'ho two nihln* In.ri Mr. r ditor-flit: 1 ctnalder thb phAfr w t> f im at i trtrapeoo? niHii. rr By tha kpem t ano tin d'purrw; hh men a ?n by to bold i.'F pp ninler hi y pnrrrmripiit lit ? J;b"' l" liee under. U . 11. M ? III! Il . leltj 2 *ip No in f berry cortitr of eramm. I at N" o-j-l i l -Ali I" ? ?rr rnntione I not to trait any "f 'he rrew Ot'thp ?hip AM t BI.A N. fiom Ltarrnnol, an no del t .nimff^tfiana* aril be rwidbyhe

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