Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 19, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 19, 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol. X., No. 170?Whole No. 3770. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pub liibud every day ol'tlie year except New Year's day an<! b'curth of July. Price 3 cunts per copy?or 30 per an sum?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publishod every Saturdaj morning?price 01 cents per copy, or >3 13 per annum? pjs.ages paid, cash in a lvaucu. , At ADVERTISERS are iulormed that the circulation o the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing last. It hut the tar feet circulation of any paper in thit city or the world, and it, therefort, the hett channel for hutmeti as..i in Hu city tr country. Prices moderate?cash in ad' ance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate price, and in the moat elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, rHorHiKTOlt of thk iim'.ai.u* ri.nhjiiiat, Northwest corner of Fuiton and Nassau streets. TO THE LADIES? If you lv.?e tiairy exoresencrs. conceal iuk i b'O'.il aud elevated fo.rhead ; it you have the uusnihtly apt eudage of a beard on yonr npjierlips ; if yon have super tluoua hair '<itfiguriug any part of \our otherwise beaulilul fv ess, the Poudre rmbtile, invented by Dr. Kelix G-uraud, wil quickly and forever eradicate-it without :he uligliti-t injury 01 discoloration to your skius?this yon can be satisfied o> by seei ? the pnnaration tested at tne Doctor's office; all doubts ol l ie article being a humbug will quickly vaniah h or sale, on'y ut <17 Walker street, tirat alore from the corner of Broadway?SI per bottle?where nicy be had the following articles all warranted:?The celebrated Italian dedicated Soap, for curing all blotches, pimples,freckles, tan, morphew. scurvy,itch, redness, allowuess, or roughness of the skin ; for chapped hands, face, or musquito bii? its effects are immedial* ; in the washing ol children, in allaying all irritation and chafing, its propeities are really asUmikhicg,s<)'softeniugand healing that no mothershnnld be w ithout a ccke One eake, 50 cents, is sufficient, and we warrant it or return the money if not successful Be on your guard against a bold imitation, and buy no whereelio but as above (Jourand't Eau de Beaute, or True VVcter of Beauty, is a well known and approve I cosmetic for cleansing, healing, purifying, and beautifying the cnanp:exion, and by its dilctini properties preventing thelormation of wrinkles,and banishing them when present. $1 per bottle Goumud't Hair Dye will change red or gray hair to a beanti fnl dark brown or alack, without staining the skin. $1 per but tie. Whisker and Eyebrow Dye, 75 cents per bottle. Uouraud's Blanr d Etpagne, or Spanish White. gives a pure life-like alabaster whiteness and smoothness to the skin?tree from all injurious ingredieuls, aud is entirely annihilating common chalk and ffake white Put up in elegant boxes, 25 cents each. This, with other of Dr. O's preparation!, is imitated. Buy iio where els* but at 67 Walker street, the first store Irorn the corner of Broadway, where will be ioaud an assortment of the most delicate and choice Perfumery, imported from at] parts. Ayeuts?Jordan, 2 Milk street, Boston; 7S Chestnut street, Philadelphia; Robinson, llarrisburgh; Heruitch, Lancaster; Seabrook, Priuceton: Tripp*, Newark; Tousey, Rochester; Ca.swi'll, Lockport; Smith, Palmyra; Grigs, Hamilton connty; Guthrie, Albany; Heinstreet. Troy; Gray, Poughkemsie; Elliott, lioihen; Mvers. New Haven; Dyer, I'rovideuce; lay lor, Newport; Curie ton, Lowell; Ires, Salem; Hodge, Newburyport; I'restcu, Portsmouth; I'att-n, Portland; Guild, Bangor; Luther Wh'^, Calais; Seth H. Hance, Baltimore; Selby I'arkei Washingl'.n; Mis. Kriser, Richmond; Matliewson,'Norwich, Conn; UdL, Hartford; E. C. Kerre, Middletown. mlJ lmdy?a yro TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. M M. M. M ARRA GEMENTSl?0?n844. The subseribers beg to coll the attention of their friends and the public generally to their superior arrangements for bringing out passengers from, and remitting money to all parts ol England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. ? hi THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, COMPRISING THE UUEEN OK THE WEST, 1J50 tons, r*-." . THE SHERIDAN, 1000 tons. .J THE ROCHESTER. 1000 tons. THE OARR1CK. 1000 tons. THE HOTTINUuER, 1000 tou. THE ROSCIUS. 1000 tons T il THE LIVERPOOL, 1150 tons. THK SIDDONS, 1000 tons. Sailing from Liverpool twice every month, and f THE UNITED LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, eampoted ol superior, first class American packets, sailini from Liverpool four times in each month, ars the ships it which those whose passage may beenga?ed with the subscribed wiil come out in, and it it a well kirown feet the above named o( tltkir sailing, (beingevery live day*) prevents the possibility of passengers being unnecessarily detained at Liverpool. Regirdles* ofeipeuse, in order to meet the wants of the pnblir and the wishes oftheir friends, Mr. Wm. Tappscott. one of th< firm, has gone to Liverpool to superintend the departure for this country or sacli persons whose passage may be engaged wiih the subscribers, a fact, which to those acquainted with Mr, W T., is a sufficient guarantee that they will receive everv atten< tion from him, and be quickly and comfortably desimtched. Should those sent for decline coming, the passage money will be promptly refunded, without any deduction?as usual Remittances?Those remitting money can be supplied wit) drntts nt signs, for any amount, parable free of discount or ana outer cuarge, in every principal town in England, Ireland Scotland and Wales Appiy til oy latter, post paid,) to W. It J. T. TAFSCOTT, ? Peck slip, rsew * org?or to JJU WM TAPSCOTT, Liverpool. OLD ESTBLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE (JPF1CE. (1 SOUTH STREET, NEW YOKE. m m m Passage can be engaged fromLiverpool by the following splen did packet ships comprising the Old Slack Ball Line of Packet tailing as under. From Liverpool The ship COLUMBUS, Captain Cole,on the 16th February JVi'he ship YORKSHIRE, (i rw) Bailer, ou the 1st March. , Th" ship CAM BRIOOh.Capt. Barstow, I6lh March. ' The ship ENGLAND. Captain Bartlett, 1st April. 'The ship OXFORD. Captain Rath bone, 16th April. T The ship MONTEZUMA, Captain Lowber, 1st May. f^rhesliip EUROPE. Captain Furber, I6?h May. LThr ship NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, lat June. In addition to the abovesuperior ships, the subscriber's agent! will have a Accession of first class American ships despatched a* customary, from Liverpool, every four or five days through out the year, to the different ports in the United States, b] which passage can be s-cured at reduced rates. Those sendini for (hnr friends residing in Great Britain and Ireland, may re ly that every care will be taken to make passengers as coinlor table as they can reasonably expect, and should ihe passenger* not come out, the passage money will lie promptly refunded. Drafts can as usual be furnished, pnyabie at ihe National an' Provincial Bauks of Ireland and branches; Eastern Bulk o Scotland and b ench's; anil on M'ssrs J. Bait, Son Ik Co. Bankers, London; Messrs. J. lamed it Co., Bankers, Liver pool, which arc payable throughout England and Wales. Fo farther particulars apply (if by letter post pud) to JOHN HMtDMAN, 61 Booth street, near Wa'l street. N. B Passage to Liverpool and London can at all times b erguteU by the regular packet ships, sailing for Liverpool ever! five days, and to Loudon ou the 1st, 10th and 20th of each mood on application asooove. jl3ec reUKAMGEMENTN FOR IMS. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, IM ? ' ^ ']'HK tubteriber begt leave to call the attention of hit friend and the pnblic in general, to the followiug arrangements fo 1841, for the purpose of bringing out cnbin, 2d cabin, and tteer age pntteiiKert, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packett, tail ing the 1st,6th, llth, 16lh, 2Utand 26th o( every mouth. U' the London Packett, to tail rem New York, the Itt, 10th am tilth?and from Loudon on the 7th, 17th and 27th ofeach month In connection with the above, and for the pnrpote of afford in* Mill areolar facilitieato piutengrrs, the tubtcriberhaaea tablitheda regular lineoffirtt clatt New York built, coppem and copper rattened thipe, to tail punctually every wee] throughout live year. For the accommodation of pertoot wishing to remit money t theirf unities ci friends, drafts are given, payable at tight, oi the following Buiks, viz 1 rovincial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Clonmel, Londonderry Hligo, Wezlerd, Belfast, Waterford, O-.lway, Armagh, Athlone, Coleniin, Balhua, Tralee, Yonglial, Knnitkillen, Monaghaa, Banbridga, Bally mens, Paraontlewi Downpatrick, Cavan, Lurgan, Ornagh, Pnngannoa, Bandon, Knnit, Ballyahanno Btrabane, Skibereen, Mallow, Moneymore. Cootchill, Kilruth, Liublia. Scotland?The City Bunk of Glasgow. IhngUrd?.Mettrt. Spooner, Atwood 8c Co. Banken, Londot R. Mrtrphy, Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable in every tow ia Great Britain. i'or farther information (if by letter, poat paid,) apply to JOSEPH McMUURAY. 100 Pinettreet, corner of South, N. Y. Or Mettrt. P. W. BYRNES (k CO, ? Waterloo Koad. |9 6m*re Liverpool. PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN ANU IHK^Nj * THK AALL tmo^LIN^^" LIVERPOOL PACKETS. (Hailing from Liver|>ool on the 7th and 19th of every month. Pi nuns wishing to tend to the Old Country for their friend Can make the ueceatary arrangements with the lubicribern, an have them come out in tint tui?erior Line of Packeit, Sailiu from Liverpool punctually on the 7th and 19th of every mnntl They will alto nave a But rale claat of American trading ahipi tailing every tit dayt, thereby affording weekly cmniniiuica lion from that port. One of the firm (Mr. Jame* D. Roche) i there, to tee that they tlmll be forwarded with care and do patch. Should the partial agreed for not come oot, the money wil be returned M thote who paid it here, without any reduc lion. The Black Ball, or Old Lin* of Liverpool rtckett.comprii the Billowing magnificent Shipt, viz The OXFORD, The NEW YORK. CAMBKIDOB, COLUMBUS. EUROPE HOUTII AMERICA. KNULAINl) nuiunAiiic-nitA. With *nch superior in4 unequalled arrangements, the suh XTihori confidently look forward for a continuance of that suf port which has heeu eitended to Uiem so many yr.irs, for whic they are Kratefnl. 'I hot* proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, civ at all timet obtain l)ml>* at light for any amount, drawn direc on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, alto on Messrs. FRESGOTT. OROTIC, AMES at CO. Daukert, Loudon, which will be nnid on demand at any of the Banks, or thei Branches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ire land, Scotland and Wales. ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO. 35 Fulton street New York, , nrwt door to the Knlton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from thi port for Liverpool on the 1st and Pith of each month.* Partir returning to the old country will find it to their comfort an advantage to select thit favorite Line fortheir cnuv?vauc?, n preference to anv other. MAK.3EIL.LBa LINE OP PACKETB. i m. m The undermentioned ships will be regularly disnatched (rot h -nee en the 1st, and from Marseilles on the 5th ofeach nmnl during the year as follows From New York. Marseille! MINERVA. Cant. Brown, Dec. 1 Feb. j TH ESCOTT, < 'apt. M ynek, .Jan. 1 March 5 Jl'RV THOMPSON,C?pt.Sylve?tsf, Feb. I. April 5 HELLESPONT, Capt. Adams, March 1. May t'ORIOLANUS, Capt. Haile, April I. Junes They are all coppered and copper fastened, and have cicelies accommodations lor paasengers. . The price of cabin passage will be $100, delusive of win< iJoooi i Idressed to the agents, BOYD k HINCKEN, wil be forwarded free of other charges than those actually paio. For frr ieiit or passage apply to LA WHENCE (k PHELPS. 1?1 Front street or to BOYD Ik HINCKEN, Agenta, mMr No Tontine Buildings. [E NE NI MKW LINK OK LIVKKPOOL PACKKT5. To Mil iron New York oa the !Wth end Liverpool oa the 11th ." w each month & m- A r FnoM New York. 8lup KOSCIU8, Captain John Collim, Hrh March. Ship HIOUONH. Captain K. B. Cobb, Mth April. g[>!P HHKRIDAN. Ciptaln K. A. Uepe -iter, 116th Mar. I Ship UAKK1CK, Cant. B. I. H. Traik, Z6lh June. ' at' utinniniu ,fRr"* LlVK?*OOL. ^ ^ Uiiiji Diiriivii/Ai^, uut'Uia n.. wn?T?iiw, mil .uaivii. Ship GAKRH K, Captain li. 1. H. Traak, 11th April. Ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collini, 11th May. ' Ship SIDDON8, Captain E. B. Cobb, 11th June. These shii? are oil of the first class, upwards of 1000 toni, I built in the city of New York, with auch improvements as combine great speed with unusual eomfhrt for passengers. Every care has been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $100, lor which ample stores will be provide* These ships are commanded by experienced roasters, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction Neither the captains or owners of the ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages sect by them, nnless regular l'"'?of lading are signed ihereftsr If or freight or passage apply to E. K. COLLINS fc CO., St South St., New York, or to I BE yWN. SHIPLEY fe CO., Liverpool. Letters by the pad ets will be charged 18K cents per single haet jo rents per oaoce, and newspapers I cant each. ra8 rrc UL.IfI.lNS LIVERPOOL PAGKETo " i- despatched in the followiugorder, excepting that w hen the ling day falls on Sunday, the-ships will sail on the succeed my day, viz:? Prom NewVork From Liverpool I ..e CAMBRIDGE, (June 1 July 16 810 tous, ( Oct. 1 Nov. 16 W. C. Barstow.i Keb. 1 Mar. 16 The ENOLAND, June 16 Aug. 1 ISO tons, , Oct. 16 Dec. 1 8. Bartlett, I Feb. 16 April 1 The OXFORD. (July 1 Aug. 16 800 tons, ' Nov. 1 Dec. It J. Hath bone, March 1 April 16 The MONTEZUMA, (July 16 Sept. 1 1060 tons, 'Nov. 16 Jan. 1 A. B. Lowber, March 16 May 1 The EUROPE, (Aug. 1 Sept. 16 618 tone, ' Dec. 1 Jan. 16 E. O. Furber, l April 1 May 16 The NEW YORK, (new) Aug. 16 Oct. 1 910 tons, Dec. 16 Feb. 1 T. B. Csopper.i April 16 June 1 The COLUMBUS, Sept. I Oct. 16 700 tons, (Jan. 1 Feb. 16 (J. A. Cole,i May 1 June 16 The YORKSHIRE.(uew) (Sept. 16 Nov. 1 1010 tons, 'Jan. 16 Mar. I D. G. Bailey, (May 16 July 1 These ship* are not surpassed in point of elegance or coirr<rt in '.heir cabin accommodations, or m their fast sailing qua ties . 0^ any vessels in the trade. The commanders are well known as men of character and < experience, and the strictest attention will always be paid to promote the comfort gnd convenience of paaaeugers. Punctuality, aa regards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at One Hundred Dollars, for which ample store* of every description will be provided, witn the exception of wines aud liqunrs, which will be furnished by the stewards, if required. Neither th captain or owners of these ships will bn responsinle for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by thein unless > regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage, apply to I GOODHUE fit CO, 64 South sc. [ C, H. MARSHALL, 38 Burling slip. N. Y. t jmr and of BARING. BROTHERS & CO.. LVool. THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. M lift <?& from Ne^^^St21st, and l^m^^erpool6lh^^tS! mouth. From New York, L'pooL. New Ship LIVERPOOL. 1156 ton., j ? J*; ? J.Eldrtdge CAu^ 21 Qct 6 N.ship QUEEN OK THE WEST, (&?/ 2} jJfr ? ( 1250 ton. P. Woodnouse. , &T ',} } ' ?ew .hip ROCHE8TER.250 to... , | J?'/ 21 Aug.' 6 John Bntton SOct'r 21 Dec'r 6 ' Ship HOTTINGUKR, 1050 ton. 5j??h 2} 51?? S IraBursely. 1 i Nov'r 11 I These substantial, fast sailing, first class ships, ait built in ; the city/of New York, are commanded by men of egpericuce : and ability, aud will be dispatched punctually on the 21st oi av mouth. srir cabins an elegant and commodious, and are furnished Willi whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of passeugers , Price of Passage, $100. Neither the captains or owners of these ships will be retponJ siblc for any parcels or packages sent by them, unless regular , aills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to WOODHULL & M1NTURN8, 87 Honth street, New York, or to FIELDEN. BROTHERS (k CO., il4?? Livnrpo i M M NEW VOIU^ND HAVRETACKETS. Second Liue?The Ships of this line will hereafter leave New V ork on the 1st, and Havre on the 16th of each mouth, as fol>v?,vit:? Knox New York. From Havre. ! New Ship ONEIDA, (1st March. 16th April. Captain 1. 1st July. 16th August. James Funck. I 1st November. I 16th Decanber. S^ip BALTI MORE, 1st April 16th May. Captain 1 1st August. 16th September Edward Fanes.i 1st December. 16th January. Ship UTICA, 1st May. l'l6thjuue. Captain < 1st September 1 16th October. Frederick fi witt. I 1st January. 16th February. New ship St. NICHOLAS 1st June. 16tli July. Captain 1st October. < 16th November. J D. reii, ( hi I- enruary. ( loin .viarcn. The aeeommoil .ions of these ships are not surpassed, com* biuinK all that m y be required for comfort. The price of caj ; bin passage is $100. Passengers will be supplied with every re' quisite with the exception of wines and liquors. ' (roods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the sab_ icrihers, free from any other than the expenses actually incurred on them. For freight or pass ana. apply to : BOYD St HInCKEN, Agents, je21 ec No. 9 Toniie* Huildina. eor. Wall and \Vater s \ PASSAGE FROM ENGLAND. IRELAND, SCOT f LAND AND WALE*, VIA LIVERPOOL. Jfitg- THE subscriber lias made unequalled arrangements JgrJ*Wfor bringing ont esnigrauts this year. 18-19. Those r SSJBp&aending for their friends would do well to apply at the old established pacltct office of JOHN HKRDMAN.61 South ?t. N. B.?The shirs of this line uow leave Liverpool every five e fays, and drafts can as usual be furnished for any amount, pay t able at all the priueipal banking institutions throughout trie roiled kinndnm. aniilv as above mil re NEW LINE OK PACKETS FOR LIVKRJrlffl^POOL,?Packet of 21st June ?The splendid new, jgHAvud favorite packet ship ROCHESTER, 1009 tons, i.'apt. J. Button, will sail on Friday, 21sl June, her regular day. The ships of this line being all 1000 tons and upwards, pera sons about to embark for the old country, will not fail to see the advantages to he derived from selecting this line in pre' ference to any other, as their great capacity renders them every way more comfortable and convenient than ships of a stnal er class, and their accommodatious for cabin, second cabin, and J ste-rage passengers, are well kuown to be suiwrior to nuy 3 nth. rr. Persons wishing to secure berths should not fail to make ' early application on board, foot of Barling slip, or to ' W.kJ.T.TAftilOTT, ' At their General Passage Office, 76 Heath street, ? je7to21 nc cor Maiden Lane, up stairs 0 ???: FOR LONDON?Packet er the Dt Inly, til! kTjjfy?plrndid I'm sailing packet ship VlbTOBU, CapdMNKe'aia K. E Morgan, wi'l sail panctually as above, her i-.uhi nay. This superior packet has very fine accimmodari tious for c;.*ott, .ttond eabiu end steerage pai sengers, who will be t-ken at very reasonable rates, if early apolcation ' e made on board, or to W It J T. TAPS- -OTT. 76 South at. corner Maiden Lane. l> Tersona wishing to senc for their friends to come out in this ship or aey nl the line, or who are about to remit money, can make favorable arraegi meats, by applying as above, jnls ic passage from DUBLIN, cork. WATER . jfwwfohd. derry, COLEKAink, belkaht, ' ( pKeNrwrf. Droghrita, Ac.?Persons wishing fo send Tor n their Iricnda can have them brought out from any of the above ports in first class American Packet Ships, on the most reasonable terms. and without their experiencing any unnecessary detention. Mr. W. Tapscott, .one of the firm, will be on the pot to give his personal attention to the passengers engaged by the subscribers or their agents here, and persons may rely that the wishes and comforts of those whote passage may be q engaged by them will have all due and pro|ier attention. For particulars apply, if by letter, post-paid, to W. dt J. f. TAPSCOTT. at tneir iimmi i attage umcp, (it oonin 11, cor. .viaiues i.unr, where, alio, Draft* may be obtained, for large or tin ill tain* payable oa demand, without discount or any other charge, at 1 the National or Provincial Bank* of Ireland, *r any ol their , braneheathronahont the Kingdom in 15 re ^ Dfjt' FOR LIVERI'OOL?New Line?Regular Packet " w9r^Vof26th June ?Thetplendid packet thip OA RKICK, SSUmd apiaui B. J. H. Truth of lQM torn, trill tail at ' above, per regular d.iy. Kor freight or patiage, having accommodation nnnyaalled * fnrtplendor or comfort, appl> oa board, at Orteani wharf, foo of Wall ttreet, or to K. K. COLLINS 81 CO. 56 South it , Price of postage $100. The packetthip Roteint, Capt J Coliint, of MOOtnni, will tuceeei) the Uarrick, and tail the 2t>th of July, her regular day. * mtftojujiire PACkKT KOR HAVRE?Second Line?The tdCT*y.SliM. ONF.IDA, Jamet French, Matter, will tail ou jnl?ttli'' lit of July, kor freight or pittance, apply to BOYD fc HINCKKN. iVr No 1 Tontine Building, cor Wtll and Water It*. h (? FOR NEW ORLEANS.?LOUISIANA AND (MKnKW YORK LINk'.?Regular pack1 of 5th .Inly n MnSaCiThe fait tailing packet thip MISSISSIPPI, Captain t C. Hilliard, will tail aa abore, her regoti.r day. Kor treignt or pattage.lharing hnndtome fnrmthed aeeomaiodationi, apply oa board, at Orlaact Wharf, foot of Wall ttreet, or to E. K. COLLINS & CO. r 56 South ttreet. i- Agenti in New Orleant?Mettrt. Hollin and Woodralf, who will promptly forward all good* to theiraddrett. Shipper* by this Line may rely upon having th'ir goodi correctly inearn'ed. jrlirc ? l*"(,R MLE POSITIVELY?To clote a con* M?3fiV?nt, *l l*>c Merchant*' Ei*h*ng*, on Thurtday, 27th d fTPrnWifct ntt at I o'clock by L. M Hoffman It Co., the very n Iui tailing ahip LOUISVILLE, 516 tuna burthen, bniit in'lhia city in the very bett manner, of white oak. lorntt and cedar, copper*.1 anu copper fattened, with haudtome lurnithed acrommodationt for JO pattengeri. Apply on board, at Pike at. wharf, ot to E. K. COLLINS ? CO. 56 Sooth tt. j 18 m r r-j. ? DRAFTS ON ENGLAND, IRELAND, n Ec.?Perton* about, remitting money to their h /VMYWSC&nfriendt in the Old Country can be tnpphed (J -<k?lw?(lkWith draft* in torn* of ?1, ?2, ?3, ?5, ?10, *mwBHH^HBm?20,?M,?IOO,.?lflOfl or any amount, payable on demand, without diteount, or any other charge, at the National Bank of ireland.Provincial Bk. do, Mettrt Ja't Bolt,Son I* Co., Banker*, London: J. Barned It Co., Enrhange and Diteount Bank, Liverpool; F.aatdrn Bank of Scotland; tnveiioc* ' Banking Company; Sir Win. Korbet, Hunter Ik Co., Scotland; tnd the hranche* in every pott town throughout F.ngland, Ipe* land, Scotland and Wale*, which draft* will be forwarded by .. tlie packet* of the 11th, 16th, 2l*t, anil 26th, or the Royal Mail " tlearner tailing from Botton <m Ihe 16th ol June Apply to . W. (k J.T. TAFHCOTT, At their general office, 76 Sonth ttreet, corner of Maiden Lane. N. B.?All letter* from the country mutt come pott paid. I J5rc : w yc IW YORK, WEDNESDAY _TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC. h? OA m '' MsSKNOKR JJHRjiNGKNEXT FOR 184* ? The Hubacribera havuiK completed tiieir airanreoneou, are ] now prepared to brinjf out i?Mn?Ken from Urrat ttriuiu and rill leave Liverpool on me lit, 6th. lllh, ltiili, 21at aud 26th of J each month:? Patrick Henry, New York. Sheridan, re Virginia, Liverpool, Camuririge, CO Montezuma, Hiddous, Geo. Washington, |io Hottinguer, Columbui, United Stalsa, rpi Hoaciu*, Ashburton, England, Europe, Htepli'u Whitney, Kncheerer, Iude|>endenc?, Yorkshire. Garrick, on Samuel Hick, Queen of the Weat, Ozford. r:i, Certificates of postage can be obtained, andevery information [Jlj will he givQ to those sending for their friends, on application S?l at either of our offices. ca They will also be prepared, on the opening of navigation, to ,i. forward passengers nud their luggage to Albany and Troy, and ' via Erie Canal to Buffalo, and all intermediate places. ft* To all ports of lli? U|i|>er Lakes. ] Via Oswego to Toiouto, l'ort Hope, Coburg, Kingston, and al 1 parts of t Canada West. from Troy via Whitehall to Montreal and Qnrhec, ('ana- so <la East via Ohio Canal from Cleaveland to Portsmouth Ciu- dp einuati, and intermediate places m West via Philadelphia to ritUburg.Oiuciuuati, Lonit ville, and all parts on the Ohio Kiver to St. Louis, Mo ; and to all parts o( Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wiscun ail sin Territory i,? REMITTANCES. For the accommodation of persons wishing to s?nd money |'l" to th?ir friends in the Old Country, HAHNDEN St CO. will pf: five Drafts on any put of Knginnd, Scotland or Ireland, payable at sight, for sums of XI, XI, ?20, to jCiOO?or in any amount . to suit the purchaser. wH OFFICES AND AGENTS. 80 Cliarlea ('raft, 120 State street, Boston. nll B. IV. Wheeler, Union Building, Providence, R I. J. W. Mills, 3 Wall street, and 16 Front street. New York. fttj N. G. How ,ril, 43 South Third street. Philadelphia. wl Samlford U Shoemaker, 7 Light street, Baltimore, Md. Pittsburgh, Pa. L. 9, Littlejohn, H Exchange, Albany N. Y. 5^ S. Clark, 119 Kiver street, Troy, N. \. I I Utica.N.Y. Ml W. A. Cook, Syracuse, N. Y. . Rochester, N. Y. DC W. H. Cook, Buffalo, N. Y. to 11. Fitzhugh St Co., Uswego, N. Y. nri inl6ec HARNPEN St CQ. ^ PLEASURE EXCURSION TO THE UPPER ^ LAKES. th wWin The Steamboat WISKONSAN, Captain H. Sf m.mRandal I. will leave Buffalo ou MoO'-ay, th? pjj, ^i?^^MC3E_lsl day of July next, at 4 o'clock, P. M, on au Excursion of Pleasure to the Upper Lakes, visiting nll w< t ie important placet on Lakes Erie, Huron and Miclu Ofl gan, including Greeu Bay. Ample time will be afforded yj, the pnssengeis for visiting Macinac, Green Bay, Maniton Islands, Milwaukie. Raciua, Soulhport aud Chicago y leaving l,r the last mentioned place ou her return cu Tuesday moruiog July 9th. lit The Wiskousan is the largest boat on the Western Lhkesaand j . propelled by a powerful low pleasure engine?is new, and is finished in the modern style, witn nn upper ?<l>iu composed en- Cll tire I y of state rooms, and is fitted up and furnished ei|ual to auv tri boat in the world. i A food Band of Music will accompany the Lost and every exeitiou will be made to make the passage pleasant to those ou 9C PMN For parsage arpl v to ill 3. (JAlio. 123 Broad st. New York. K S PROSSEK. 99 Pier. Albany. NORTH HOP & HA Y WARD. Rochester. Uf GELSTUN St EVANS. Buffalo. CU HUBBY ?c HUGHES. Cleveland. ,i, GRAY St Lb WIS, Detroit. " Buffalo, Mav 2?. 1844 ju3 25t*m "1 T] PLEASANT AND CHEAP EXCURSIONS. wi SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. J! NEW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND, (8TATEN 8,1 INLAND.) St NEW YORK KERRY, |>a From Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Battery Place. wgri The Steamboat CINDERELLA, will run w ^Ls^^Sa^Skas follows, daily, from May 20th to October aK^aOKLlst, 1844 :?Leaves New York, at 4 unci 11 Al o'clock.TA M., at SH, 6 and 8 P. M. wl Leaves Port Richmond, at 20 minutes to I, and 10 minutes to ,i? 10 A. M.iat 1, and 6X P. M. . ^ Hf Leaves New Brighton, al 8 and 10 A. M.; at 1M> 5 and 7% P. ni M. on On Sunday?Leaves New York, at 9and 11 A. M.; at 3, 6 and l*| 8 P.M. Leaves Port Richmond, at 20 minutes to 8,and 10 A.M.; It 1.5 and TU P M. _ "1 New York, Mav 18, 1844 myll 8m*re at* FOR SHREWSBURY, OCEAN HOUSE, LONG w BRANCH, AND EATONTOWN LANDING. Ill dWft ofl The ste&iner SHREWSBURY, Can J. P. en I'orlit. will leavs Catharine Market, for the 2Ki*jKeELabove places, on the following days, commencing ou Thursday, the 20th Juue : Returning from Katontnwo. la H-turday, at 8 o'clk, A.M. Saturday, al 2>? o'clk, P.M. |,. Sunday, 8 " " Sunday, 24{ " " . Monday, B " " Monday, 2H ' 1 ?f Tuesday, 10 " " Wednesday, 11 I ' A. M. Ill Thursday, 10 " ' Fridav, 11 " " ,.a On Sundays she leaves tho Ocean House on her way to New York, at 4 P.M. K?re on Sundays 25 cents a passage racli way. jIB lw*m it NK.W YORK. ALBANY^ND TROY STEAMBOAT |? .MM Mt FOR ALBANY AND TROY-Morning PI flL. |in'*iffuJrliinr Irnm ihr f-r-rt oi Barclay itreet, lauding w XnSULat inlPi mediate place*. Tiir itearner TROY, Captain A. Gorham, thi* morning, at 7 o'clock. Ill The ?trainer EMPIRE, Captain 8. R. Hoe, to-reorrow |K momma at 7 o'clock. i Evening tone from the foot of Conrtlandt etreet, direct. The (learner ALBANY, Captain U. B. Macy.'thu tvemng, 81 It 7,0 lImIl i,, i'he ueamer SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, to- . . morrow evening at 7 o'clock, ' The Boau of this Line, owing to their light draught of wa- ' * ter. ere able at all times to )ni? the bare, and reach Albany T and Troy in ample tuna to lake the rooming train of care lo> ,l the east or wot. For pusaag" or freight jpr'T on board, or at the officer oa the W wharvet je14 rc g | CHANuE OK DAYS. in In comequence of the ltailroad refusing to take oar patsengere c< in Boeton an Sunday F-KAKK RKDCCKD ?0 VIA NKWr<>11Y AN D I IlOV1DENCK. ?c FAME TO BOSTON ti 50. Ill (DICCK FAKE tl 60 ) NEWPORT AND PROVIDENCE $1. c< The new and apiendid itea.ner NEW tt ^r^gjgghJKHSKk. Cepta.u R H. bury will leave the ?! ^ f" foot of Barclay etreet. (north aide) en . Monday Afternoon, at 4 o'clock. I'eguiar il.iye 'rain New Yore, Mondavi. Wedneidavi and CI Friday*. From Providence via Newport. Tneadayi, Than- y< days and Saturday!, immediately alter the arrival of the itM" boat Irani I'roin B.otou For piaiar* or freight, apply to S. Bennett, at the office cn the wha.f mU '.lin'rc t| PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOA TS [\ FUR ALBANY. * ^ |VM DAILY, Snudaya eicepted?Through Di * red, at 7 P. M., from the Steamboat rier be "I ^EmdMGKLlwern Conrtlandt and Liberty itreeti. The a team boat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. P St (J lohn, rlondty, Wednentay and Friday evening!, at 7. v The Steamboat ROCHESTER. Captain A. Houghton, oa * faraday, Thnreday and Saturday Evening*, at 7. ol At Fiveo'clock, P. M.?I#andiug at Inteimediate Place*:? T The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Wre H Peck, , Monday, Wedue*dav. Friday and Snnrtav, at 6 P. M. J The Steamboat N'MITII AMERICA, Captain R. O. tt r,1.n I'nMfUw Tk?,?l .nil K>?lr,Uir ,1 '. |> M I'naaengera taking tins iine of boat* will arrive ia Albany id ample time to take the Morainit Train of Can for the rati 01 '' weat. < ' CT7"The above Boat*are new and aubtuntial, are furntahed with new and elegant State Raonia, and for a peed and aceotnmodationa are unrivalled on the Huilaoa. Kor pasaage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schnltait the office on the wharf j 17 re (|) KOR LI veki'OOL?iteoulah trader h' (^V^^Tbe apleuilld uew ahip ST (li.HKIR., hVrm.iim4HNMw'<r, cop.iered and copper fattened?will aail 24tli mat ?wanlt bat 4J0 b-le? cotton, Eur freuht or pnvtgP le hating good aecommodttioua for cabin or aecond cabin p*??u gen, apply oa board, at pier S rvorth river or to DAVID OOUfcN, 56 Wall atreet. Hl Price of |>aaaage in cabin, $75?avcond cabin, $ii. It jel4r24 ?ec tj SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. '* NEWARK AN1) NEW YORK. M FARE ONLY 1?1 CENTS. ? THK NEW AND 8WIKT STEAMER RAINBOW, n CAPTAIN JOHN OAFKY, w aMfl On and after Monday. May 1>, will ran u folio wn- Leave Newark, foot of Centre at, at m a. m. and 1* P. m. Leave New York. foot ol Barclay at, at 10 a. M. and 4 P. m. h On Sundaya?Lenye Newark at a. M. and 2 p.M. and si New York at 10 a. m. and 4 P. M/ Krejgnt carriad at very reaaonable ratea. , May loth. 1144. ap4re 'li aTATEN'"ISLAND hl BDC FERRY. !"| On ant! after Saturday, Jnne lat, the Boata will ran an folio w a 00VT further eotirep- . LEA V E S1TATKW I SLA r* II AT m 7, 8, 9, Ifl II, A. M.. I, 2, 4, i. 6. T% P. V. Cl lkaVk NfcW tfoiut At 6, 8 9, 10, II, A M. 1. 2, JX, 5 6, 7, P. M. N A-All goods ahipped mat be mwkrd iu full, and are nt hi hi rill n I the owuera thereof. m29rc tt' NEW YORK. tt 8CHOOLE*'8 MOl/f^TAHV^^;;-^ t( _ KASTON. jfeMESCS I the foot of Courtlant itreet, doily [Saadaya vieept- " ?d,] tt I o'clock, A M , by Railroad Iroin Jeraey City to Mor- ?l riot iwn direct, without change of Car?from thence by Pott j( Candida throuvli Mendh.ain, c heater, Selioolay'i Monotam, PorlColden, WaahiuKton to Kaitnn. At Washington a daily line inters*ctt to nnd from Belvidere. For tenia apply to J. |H HIM,, at John ratten T Commercial Hotel, 71 Courtland' bl meet. . N. B.?r.ttraa furnished at the shortest notice, by applying 1,1 to N.U LUuK, Morristowa. n|>26 2m*rc Rl FOR BATH, OAJIDINER AND HALLOWELM 1,1 0m The new netner PENOM9C JT, Cantain tt if N. Kimball, leayrt tiie end of T wlia-f Uoitop, I Mf every Tuesday and Friday evening!, nt 7 o'clock, hiugr? will lie in readmrts on her arrival at the above plnci to convey p useugcrs to the neighboring towna. , jets 5m*rc ' FOB SALE?The beautiful I'leatore Vncht ','y. X EM IBI A, Pilot lloit United ol fifty two tona , JnUKehnrlhen, now lying nt Pier 21 Kaat River, near the "3 oot ol uovrr atrert. She aa well fonnd in aaila and rigging and SI every otb?r renpeet For farther p-trt'CuUra apply on boar I, or in to Captain JU1IN H VEll, at JolmW Avery it Co., 309 Water vi atreet ill Iw'rc ui amor. yOK FHEIUHT UK CHARTER?The A l w llFMV brinih b'lque CLARENCE, Thomas Martin, ni 4slttaU burthen SJ7 tona regiater. Will atore 3JO0 barrel a? ?] would accept a freight to any port in Ureal lirita-n. Apply to PERUSE It UKOOK8. " No 61 l.iherv anee* n' i'AI'si oTT'8 UENERAL PASoAUK, ue " [HfE FICE? Removed from 43 Peck alip to 7b Souths! W|b eoriiar of Maideu lane. Peraona deairnaa to tend for g! their Mends in the old country, can hy calling on the auhaen m bera make the neceaaary arrangementa on the moat advantageous terma. Mr. Wn Tapacott being in Liverpool, renden trana w acting inch business with th*m highly benelimal to all parti?a , wishing to have their frirnda comfortably and quickly dea* patched. *? Drnfta for any amount, payable on demand without any dia- n J c mut or any charge whatever, in all the principal towna through- H our Urrat Britain and Ireland, can at all timea be obtained on i a. Plication to Jt J T TAPSCOrr " At their tleneral Passage Office, J" 1 tall 76 South it, corner Maiden lane J, I' IRK I MORNING. JUNE 19. 1 srrlblo Piracy on the High Sena?Awful I Dlwloturfii-NaUiiy and Murder on Hoard ihlp Snlatlln at Halifax?-Captain, first and iccond Male, and part of the Crew Killed. [From the Boiton Times, Juno 1ft. Uy Gunnison's Express of this morning, we have :eived St. John, N. 11. papers oi Saturday last, ntuining news from the Halifax papers of a most rrible piracy which has lately come to light. ie St. John News has this :? llv the Halifax Mail, which arrived in St. John Friday, we are put tn full possession of the horde piracy, which took place on board of the ladtn, which vessel, it will be remembered, was st away near Halifax u fortnight since. We take s following interesting articles from the Post, the reorder, and the Journal Since our last number, the community has been iriled with the information that two of the priners of the Saladin have turned Queen's evince, mid h ve disclosed a tale of blood which ultes the heart thrill with horror. On Saturday morning, two of the orisonf rs, Carr al Galloway, sent for the Hon. Mr. Tobin, and fore him.aiid the Attainey General, and other nper officers, made a confession to the following lect:? The Saladin sailed from Valparaiso about the . i.'.i .,i .......i.......... .,( ,,.... I rruiuiiij, y, nil n i.uiii|'? imiu wi i"d<c |'<riH8, including officers. Some of tliese were new n, tour of the crew who liud gone out to Valpaiso, having left tier there. A Captain Fielding lose vessel had been seized for smuggling a rgo of guano, and his son, a lad about tilteen ars ol age, were taken on hoard as passengers lis man, it appears, instigated all die mischief, it plan, suggested by avarice?for he must have en aware of the valuable freight onboard?was kill the captain and officers, seize the ship, and oceed with her to the St. Lawrence, on the ores of which they were to land, divide the plunr, and then separate, to enjoy as they best might eir unhallowed gains. Unhappily, he prevailed. The bloody drama happened on Sunday night, e 14th April. Toe first mate, whose watch it as. had been unwell, and had lain down to sleep i trie hencoop or companion, and was the lirsi ctim of Fielding, and those of the crew lie had rsuuded to join in his iniquity. Having fully committed themselves to the worst rocity by this treacherous act, some of the vtl ins went below for the purpose of despatching the ptain, whom they found asleep?hut his dog, (so fling was the incident that averted their purpose,) ing at his sidt^probably with an instinctive coniousness of tli r intention, which they perceived, ey retired without effecting their purpose. The second mate then came on deck, was seized ion and thrown over. While ill the water he lied out "murder!" and Fielding, fearful perhaps at such an alarm might have put the captain 011 s guard, raised the cry, "a man overboard."? liis awoke Capt McKenzie, who rushed on deck, hen the Swede. (Anderson) one of the prisoners, ruck at him as he was emerging from the common. lie was seized upon, and hisexistence terminated ithout raising any alarm among those below.? Iter the captain was dead, the rest of the crew ho were not implicated in the conspiracy, were snatched in cold blood without being able to aae any resistance, as each made his appearance 1 the deck, and theit bodies thrown overboard, elding then assumed the command, called the en aft, harrangued them in a speech, in which he sured them of being under a commander who ould appreciate their services, and who would it bully them as " Sandy" had done, and [plained his designs with regard to their future istination. as we have before stated. It pleased the Almighty to crush this daring vilin, ere the exultation attendant upon his success ul subsided,by the very instrument through whom s unhallowed designs had been executed. IJark nta of there being #et too many on board, led ich one to consider his own safety involved, and suspect the designs of their tyrant. To prevent, is supposed, any fatal results which might ensue i?Vu the quarrelsome disposition of such a gang of "fiJ>CrdUfffh,ttll (lie flre*ai ilia, tiMti al) wrnponowkntrer, at his suggestion, were thrown overboard, itli the. exception of the Captaiifs gun Fielding, however, had concealed weapons for s own defence, in case of need. These had :en discovered in a birth?it is said a pair of tided pistols and a knife were still in his posscson. The men questioned his intentions, and not nig satisfied with his replies, they seized upon id hound hitn one whole night in the cahin. Atr a serious consultation the next morning, (the uesday succeeding the murder of the Captain,) ley determined to throw tiim overboard, whicli as soon effected, and thus the villain perished by similar death to that by which he had sent hit nocent and unsuspecting victims to their last acmnt. The destruction of the father involved thutof the ?n. The poor lad had taken no part in the horrie scenes; though a witness of them, and perhaps insenting, so far as he might be allowed. lie eneated them piteouslv to spare his life, but the irieking victim met the same miserable fate as his irent. Nothing extraordinary apnearsto have oelrred between this time and tiie wreck, of the seel, save the scenes of riot and dissipation ttiai light have been expected. The figure head was disguised, and the name of le vessel covered wilh painted canvass?her guil' crew must also have carefully avoided speaking *ssels on their voyage. One of their boats they ink probably as a precautionary measure against uy portion of the crew escaping in her. The prisoners will he tried by the High Court of ommiasioners, a Court distinct trom the Court ol ice Admiralty, and ap|>ointed to take cognizance f crimes of munity ana piracy upon the high seas, lie names of the prisoners are?Carr, Galloway, ohnston, llezelloii, Jones, and Anderson?the latl Swede. We cannot state positively when the trial w II line oil, but believe dial there will be no unnefssary delay in furthering the ends of justice. [From the Acadian Recorder.] We believe the victims were nut to death one by ae, and none was given the least warning of his - ? L .1.1 .L. I. ? .4' . ... L. .M , I. ..... I ><>>11 Until (lie MS.MIISSIII IICIU 111'- Ml 11 r mills imuni. nr the sake of humanity we hojie the tragedy wa> iit ho dreadful as the number of persons missing ads as to imagine. Five o'clock, P. M.?The examination is over, ^1 everybody relates a different version ol ?one party says the informers state Ca|iiin McKeii/ie killed six men with his own and before he fell, and his wife and two children re re hIho sacrificed. So far as we can learn Iron ood authority, it appears the tragedy was corn lenced by throwing the chiel mate, who tM m rell, overboard; and that Captain McKenzie wai ext enticed out of the cabin by the report of i lan overboard, when Anderson, a Swede, struck im on the head with a hatchet; the blow only untied him a little ; he rushed upon the ussailnnt, hen Fielding and Johnson seized him, and Anerson finished him with repeated strokes of the itcliet. The murder of the second mate, carniter, and three seamen, succeeded the butchery f the captain. There was no woman on hoard. Fielding was the instigator of the plotjbut alter his Mlish design was accomplished, the accomplices mceiving that they were in danger Irorn lustreach'V seized him, tied his neck and heels together (id threw him alive into the deep, ar.d then tread his son, who was with him, aged 14 years, in ie same manner. Fielding was the Captain, who ok passage in the^aladin from Valpuraizo.^Capt. IcKen/ie would liafe been murdered in bed, only is dog, strange to say got into the birth with him 1 IH?* occasion, hiki inr coin-pirnuM- wen- uumu > attack him while so guarded. The atrocious inrders arose from the accursed love of gain ; the rpetrator* calculated they had acquired a deeirale |>o?HeHsion without toil or delay, hut theunl.awil prize is unexpectedly wrested Irnin their grasp, iirf thus they were disappointed from their enjoylent of the nooty after the sacrifice of .nine lives i secure their own safety Important decision ?The General Government is again been cast in a suit against Major Hatch, rthe Boston and New Bedford hsprain lor a violation 01 in Post-OIWce law*. Tho decision in thil case whs given f Judge Story, of the Supreme Court of tho United lutes, who fully sustained the ruling ol Judge Sprngui the eme o( Kimhall. lie intimated that in order to con OtfHatch it was necessary for the government to prov# ther that he wus an owner of tho cars or steamboat in hieh the li tter was conveyed, or that he conveyed il it only with knowledge on the part ot tho owneis.lml 10 with knowledge on their part that he was violating ie law?that a passenger had n right to carry lor hire out his person, or athnrwise, letters by a mad route id such letters could not properly ho ssidto be conveyed y the cars lie also expressed a doubt whether t on ress had ever yet, to any legal intendment, establish!< sy post roads. Ml the arts ol Congress on this Aihjwt i- said, describe the post roads from ona town to snother it ho 111 I. fining the particular route or road intruded ti n eslahlisheil as a joist road. But there was another jailn i which Judge Story alluded, a jioint which this paper lis lurays maintained?" This was," ssid the Judge, " whe u r the United State* had any wfatirs right to estatdul >st olhces and post routes. This was s a nest ion of grra ujsii taiiee, and there were many ditticnlties in main'air ig that power in the United State*.'1 IERA 844. Morrlsvlllc. [Corr?s|>Gude.uce if live Herald.] Mokkisvillk, Bucks co., June 10, 1841 'Pie Crops?Emigration to the IVest?Politic s? A ^Reverend lecturer on Animal Magnetism? Phrenology?Pin< hing?St/utesing?Sticking in Pins, 4-t . Dkah Sin Among the numerous corresjvon dents ot your invaluable journal, 1 have noticed nothing latterly from this wealthy and beautiful section of the country. A lew lines, therefore, denotfhg the progress of events, I hoj>e will not prove unacceptable. The Herald is widely circulated among us, ami is looked upan as correct authority upon ull matters, whether of love, law, finance, politics, news, or religion. Throughout the county farmers have very generally to complain ot injury to the wheat crop, by that devastating enemy, the ilessian fly. The crop in this section will fall ehoti ol an average one, and ill other paris of the Stale 1 hear ol similar ravages committed by that terrible scourge ot the farmer. Oilier grains look exceedingly promising ? rye is fast filling, arid will be harvested some weeks earlier lhan last season, yielding uhove an average crop. The late genial weHther has pushed forward Indian corn greatly, and unless it should have to encounter a long summer drought, the produce will he cheeriugly abundant. Tile weather has been unusually suitable to the growth of the grasses, arid the hay harvest will, in litis section, be a most glorious one. In tact every thing in liltvegetable kingdom, with the hare exception ol wheat, presents here a most charming and agreeable aspect. Tile season has been throughout remarkably line, and thereat ull hearts should beat in thankfulness to the giver of all good. Several and intelligent farmers have recently sold off tileir fertile, farms in this neighborhood, and emigrated to Michigan. But, alas! having purchased their golden regions upon die principle ol the boy's game ot swuppiiig knives, " unsight unseen," they have been most wofully disappointed, uud have returned to their old <juar ters, chagrined, dispirited, heart-broken. Jnsteud ol hiidmg laud of inexhaustible fertility ; markets of easy access for all kinds ot produce ; low taxes, good roads, and a healthy climate?as was represented?they discovrred totally the reverse, and that the only " golden" attributes of the country, lay in flu: sickly, sallow countenances of the luliaKituhiu vulii* u/hi-h till old ?nd vniinc. Hhiverinir witli thel*st shakes <>1 fever and ague ! Although the staunch old Quakers of our neighborhood don't trouble themselves much about |hjUtics, nevertheless the Texasquestton has determined them nearly all in favor of Henry Clay,in opposition to Pollt, who they look upon as the bouthern sla very candidate, and therefore no fit recipient tor their Friend-ly devoirs. Still the voleot the county is nearly equally balanced, the strong German democratic vote of the. North, oil-setting the equally strong Quaker whig, and Abolition vote ot the boulh. Michael 11. Jeuks, our representative in Congress, is a worthy descendant ol that great good man, William Penn, and a gentleman of undoubted integrity and benevolence. He is a whig, but not so bound by the shackles ol party as to be insensible of his duty to his country and constituents. The Kev. Mr. Shaw,pastor of All Saints Church, Philadelphia, has been lecturing in this vicinity 011 the somewhat abstruse and poorly appreciated sciences of aminal magnetism and phrenology, lie is accoinpumed by his daughter, an amiable and accomplished girl ol "sweet sixteen." Attwool his lectures, delivered in Falsington, a mile or two hence, he gained many converts, and that, too, among the must sceptical, though wealthy and intelligent portion of the community. At one o| his lectures, a " subject" was selected front among the audience?a young lady, named Crissy 11?totally unknown to the reverend lecturer, ' who was operated upon in the most approved method of magnetic manipulation. After being put to sleep Mr. b. requested some one among the audience to endeavor to arouse her, which being done without effect, bespoke gently to her himself, and she immediately answered and entered into con veraation wiui mm. lie men stepped uwiue.reeeiveu a paper ol rhubaib Irom l>r. L. and put a small purtioftot the bitlerpowderiiilohisown mouth,to winch the "buhjeci" made its muny grimaces as it she hat) tuken the dose herself. Upon being questioned by the lecturer she said she had a "bad taste" in her mouth. Alter this, one of the audience slily pulled the lecturer's hair, upon which the damsel instantly acted , as if undergoing the same operation. Severs . other devices vere entered into with a view it test the truth and accuracy of the experiment such M squeezing the Kev. operator's thumb,stick J ing a pin into the hand of the "suhjeel," Are-, ul ot which proved conclusively the sympathetic lluence existing between the parties, and satisfying the spectators, as one. of them said, that "then something in animal magnetism alter all." Hut the crowning part ot the performance was the nihility which the operator proved existed between this science and that of phrenology. While the "subject" was under his influence, the lecture! touched the organ of tune upon her forehead, ti winch she immediately responded by humming a , lively air. He next pressed his linger ti|Kin the. or gan ol deMructiveness behind her ear, and she requested him to desiroy certain cats which had beer annoying her, but upon his pressing upon the orgar of benevolence, she instantly desired him to desist. Were it not from the fact that the parties wer< f well known to he strangers to each other, such hi exhibition would naturally be set down as a hum hug, but the lady is a much esteemed resident o , the village, and could by no possible means liavt t had an understanding with the lecturer previous l< the exhibition. Mr. IS. is a graduate of Yale Col I lege, a very intelligent and worthy clergyman ol the Episcopal Church, and his only object in delivering these lectures is to spreud light und know! edge through the land. Yours, iVc. Bux. Appointments by the President.?John Branch of North Carolina, to tie Governor of the Territoij ' ol Kluridu, Irom lltb August, ls4l. vice II K. Call, whotc ; conimi??ion will then have expired. Ai'iuaos (lu.BKRT,t<? lie Collector of the Custom* for thi ? . ..i ? .. il.u Sl.,1, .1 Umiai'linullii | Ilimriri 01 i iiuntriici, ... ...? Thomas, to be Collectorof the Customs fo the District of Mississippi, Louisiana. Solomon Andrews, to be < ollector of the Customs fo 1 the District, and Inspector of the Revenue for the I'oits t ' Perth Amb'iy, New Jersey. i Edward IIardin, to be Collector of the Customs for th - District of Savannah, Georgia. Amos ii Buli-en, to be Deputy Postmaster af Northamp s ton, Massachusetts. t John Usr, to be Deputy Postmaster at Newark, New Jersey. i William Nohle, to be Deputy Postmaster at Burlington Vermont. Galen Amis, to be Deputy Postmaster at RpringAeld Massachusetts Alien It. Nichols, to bo Deputy Postmaster at Augusta Mninr. Kpv. Okobiie Washington Swan, to ho a Chaplain ii the Navy. Second Reoiment or Artii.i.erv. ?Second Lieut. W Niciioli, to be First Lieutenant, from June 1st, ik-ii, vici Pitkin, resigned Brevet Second Lieut. David flmioNkof the 3d Artillery to be Second Liauti nant, from June 1st, 1st I, vice Nichols promoted. Crops in Ohio.?The Lebanon Star in reference to the wheat harvest, hurt the following:?A visi to Granville, Licking county, n week since, enables nn< of the editors of the Star to speak Irom personal ohserva tions as to the piosjiects of the wheat crops in the countiei through which lie passe.), und from representation as ti its anpMrance in many others. In the counties of Green Clark, Champaign, Madison, franklin and Licking, th wheat fields, with hero mid there a rare exception, tool remarkably healthy and tine, anil were mostly i'i fill head a week ago. In Stark, Way no. Muskingum, lie the aru said never to have looked better; it tliey escape tn 1 storm and rust an unusual heavy crop may lie expectei In Montgomery ami Warren, though generally heavy an Alio, the wheat appeals to hare suffered more from th Ay than in the other counties named, t.'pon the whol. we think the prospect thus fur decidedly favorable lor ai abundant harvest. Hudson Rivkr.?The water still continue* > x i treniely low, und navigation between thin city hih 1 Troy Is very seriously obstructed. The ?l low, yesterday, got aground about two miles above tin 1 city, and could not be got olf for several hours, much ti ! the inconvenience of her passengers. Indeed the latgi t tioats do not attempt to roach Truy?JlH'iny fat, .J??< t 17. I Firk in Cincinnati.?The new Shw Mill in Cin , cinnati, owned by Messrs. Baity and I.angstaA', w as con I sumed by Are on Tuesday evening. Four fine horses wen . burnt to death. Loss f4,(ion-no insurance. I , Circuit Court. , Before Judge Kent. Tcrsosr, June Irt.?His honor intimated to the hir thn t none lint short cases would he taken up during the ri s mtiinder nfthe week, when n few itupiests were taken, i- JVa/mfeon H Turnrr vs. John ffsiiin ?An action i f hi Ii mult and battery to which then was no defence. In t feudsnt's lawyer pleaded insolvency, and 110 evidence ws sworn. Verdict for plaintiff Ftf) damages ami six cents costs LD. m Prlco Two Cditi. Ucueriil Ncwioiin. llcfore Recorder Talliuudgc and AliUrmen ( o/wni and U illians. M. C- I attersou, (>| i District Attorney. Jime 1? ?.Srni?ii??*.?John Douovau, convicted of a giunJ larceny in stealing flodliom Thomas Kenton, was sentenced to lie ini[Jiisoned in the State I'rison lor .V j ear* Patrick Culhane, convicted ol being the itCeivrr of itolcn goods at hie junk shop in Water strei t, mar ( Union atreet, viz 3 bale ol cotton?was smtmcid to the Penitentiary lor Z years. The llecorder pionouuced the sentence on Donovan, and Judge L'lshoi Her on Culhane '1 he Utter wal very severe 111 bisreniuiks on the enormity of the crime of puicha-ing Roods tium thieves, kc.,um' took occasion to mention, that in every cuseol conviction the punishment allowed try law, would m Inline be milicted to the utmost < xtent. (Jutr nj Jihxamlrr Iluag.?The trial of this man for giuiid Urceny, was again |>ost]ioned on application of counsel for the accused, ow mg to some technical uitliculty relative to the reversion ol the judgment in the loimtr iriui uy int- nupii me i oun. Cukr ij IVm Hi Liu r jar Libel ? No further action tun taken m thin tuul as neither of the counsel wen present in court. A nolle /ii utti/Ui was entered on iin indictment against M M stun..n la tor peijury ,ui returning a summon against Joseph Jackson, as having been peisoiuiily* eiiveil. A civil suit between the same parties was decided til tutor ot htkniueli, in which it wua lully ihowu that Untie was no grouud ot action IfuMirx Theft.? K middle aged man, named John Keunuiluy , wuk tried 011 acharge ol buiglaiy 111 the third defree, lor breaking into the stable ot I'aliirk 'I iacy , conn r ot sth uveliue Hint li t street, on the ath ot May, and stealing several pieces ot hurneka valued at about <>?? 'J he burglary was luJly proved, and a pail ol the stolen properly traced o the possession ol the accused. '1 he Jury, returned u verdict ol guilty, and the Court sentenced him to the Sing Sing nunes tor two y ears. Large Tbrjt of Jeweb y ? A louter named John WiTkoii was tried on nchatge ot graiut larceny, tor stealing a chest containing money, jewel!y, Ate., valued ut J-bUU, lront James L'ottrell, 40 Centre stieet, on the 1st of .Way The trunk w as toiiud in possession ol the uccused, who diupped it in his bakle to escape, and attempted then to steal a portion of its contents. The Jury returned a verdict ol guilty, und the Court sentenced htm to the State prison lor live years. Ho air liieal.trA tailor named Joseph Thomprou wus tried on a charge of buiglaiy 111 Ihc first degree, lor entering the dwelling house ol James Stevens, l?t> Thompson stieet, on the 14lU ol May last, about ten o'clock et * night, by lalse keys. lie was found in the second stoi y of the house, but gave no reasou for liis appeal.nice at 1 uch an tinseasonab.e hour ol night. The accused said he was a tailor by trade, recintly Irom Baltimore, and bad enteied the house because he saw the door open 'The Jury returned a verdict ol an atn nipt to commit a petit lurceny, and he w as remanded lor sentence. 1'elit Larceny.?A young man nomed William Ogle was tried on a ehtiige of petit larceny, on the second otleuce, lor stealing a watch worth $1" liom I'eter Cassidy, 'JJ.'I Sixteenth street, which was lotuid in his possnsion. tie was found guilty, and tha Court sentenced Lira 011 the second offence to the State Prison for two yrurs. Thr/l of Clothing ? A colored woman named Ann Keeks was tiled on a charge ol giund larceny, lor stealing a ijuuntity ut clothing from William I. Dm roughs, da Ulster street, 011 the 2Jd ot April, valued st<3U. The jury returned a verdict ot guilty, and the Court sentenced her to the penitentiary lor six mouths. The Court then adjourned to this morning at eleven o'clock. To the F.niTOR or thv. Herald : 1 notice in your puper ol yesterday a statement, that in the Hint now in progress, it was proposed, hi mi: cuueiusion of Monday's Kitting, "by M. C. Patterson, Ksq , in behalf ol the prosecution, (hut I should consent to a retraction ol a portion ol the lihelloua charges, which was assented to by Mr. Trince," meaning my Hilt Una is bu error in toto ; but as the caae ia jet undecided, it would not be proper lor me to comment ujion the extraordinary developementa connected therewith, and 1 will tin retoie simply remark that I rijtctrd all ttml rvrry propositionfor retraction or romjiromite wtlh uttrr cimlrfflyl-ltaliug, i>a I do, moat happy in my reliance on u jury of mv countryinen. VVM. It. flUNCE. N'aw Yohk, July ltith, 1844. United Mated MnrNlinl'a Ofllce. Before Commissioner Kapeljo. Juisu lb.?(Captain Kriabie, w hose aiieatwai noticed in yedterday'a //ritiii, win brought before the Commissioner charged with having on the 14th June instant, aworn falsely to un entry made at the Cuatoni llouae he lore Mi. Tallmun, Deputy Collector ol Customs : and now atamla under arreat tor violation of 14th auction ol the act of < ongies* ot 3d March, MM, Mr. Talman the Deputy Collector, aworn?Kxomined by Mr. Barrett?I nm Deputy Collector of Ctiatoms ior V?u' Vork. The oulh rend una made before me by < apt. Kriabie, now present. '1 he invoicca bear my name und hand-writing. They correajMind with the entry mude before me in every particular. The writing iippeara to have been aerate bed out. It esca|>ed my notice at the time. Okobuk Daf.uton, Police otlicei ?Arreated the prisoner and lound the paper [now produced.J upon bis person 1 can identify the paper Irom the fact o( my having put certain murks on it. The paper or invoice shown! that tin) caigo waa consigned to a Mr. Daniel Diaper af Boston. Mr. STi'HiitvAfti sworn?1 bad a couvorautiou with Cant. Kriabie in relation to the invoice; I saw him at tliu police oltice; be iuid be bad got into difficulty. and intended to have applied the money and proceeds to bin own | use; and after lie bad got out ol it, Ur then Intended to , proceed to Boston, and settle wiUi Mr Diapt-r; be admitted having al'eted the invoice and sworn to it; and also that In- h>t<l made a copy ut anotLn i mvoici , .\ii- urapir was present at the time; I WH employed by Mr. Dm petal his counsel to secure the passcs-iiou ol the cargo, aial the arrest ol the prisoner; Frisbie admitted he was tout or ; ul the sloop Kjvui; he statwd that lie intended to huto taken the proceeds of the salt! of the cargo, which w as under the control ol .Mr. Draper. Mr lUitHs.TT, after citing the act under which tho at rest took place, here moved lur the committal of the pu1 soner. Mr Psict opposed the committal under the section . Alter some rcmaiks Irom < ounsel, in relation to the tine i construction of the statute undtr which tin; prisoner stood l charged.lurther evidence was called. Mr Damii. llasrs.H swoiu ?I know Captain Frishee. I received a letter very lately lrom Mr. I onstsntilie 11. Whitney. He wrote to me in relerenco to the ruigo which he had brought and consigned to me lrom Piovi1 dence [Thii evidence was objected to on the part of the prisoner] l Or si-i.a Dkmnisto!* re-called.?< aptaiti Fri-d-ee while he was in my custody, said he meant to mslo uil light | about the cargo when he got buck to Nassau. He said so on my telling Isim tor what cause he hud been arrested. , He spoke ol his coming to New ^ oik instead i-f Boston. Mr Bamhktt (with whom was Mr Oscar W'. hiurte. vant as associate counsel) applied lor committal under ' the statute lor the max mum ol penalty, which IttttM to thechaige under which the Captain stood under at rest. Mr. Pater. replied, when The Court expressed its opinion that the case was fully mude out ; and the prisoner w as committid in detaiili of ball in $i(>oo. Mr Bshbktt applied for the arrest of the first mate, ' lames Notes, as the tiial would take place at the July lei mot the U. 8. Circuit. The mate will bo examined a a evidence. Bail was subsequently put in, w hen the Captain was liberated. The hail are pis lather, Calvin Krisbee and , a Mr. Lewis 8 Squirts, merchant of this city i Court for Ihr t'orri etloii of ICrrors. il Juxt Itf ? HrvaUyn Hank VS. & '/. If ilhtufihby ?Mr , O'Connor continued his argument lor pluintill in t rior this day. The defence involves several law- points, on which the Supreme and Superior t otitis are at issue The Supreme Court ttiied on ten points in lavor ol delcndant, Mr. Willoughby, that all the evidence telating to the defalcation of < orwin and the saleol the stock ol delnndaut in error to Hicks and i rommelin, was improperly admitted in the Hitperior Court, and so long as the parties to the notes did not dispute their vuli-lity. the pluintill in error had no right to go into the consideiution upon which the securities wete founded: also, that and < rommelin, tho purchasi t? of Mr. VVilloiighhy's stock had no ground for complaint, l because the dahilcatinu nf < orwin w as'lullycommiiuicati d to them,and they wete as able to dorm a correct estimate of the true value of the piepeity as the Deti-nilarit in F.rror, -1 ' ? - *,x ?K.. Mirdhaieri fhllt VA ilN U .ill.i II ?miiK in... ... . .. ... ..... , matter to be eft tied between tbem and tlio vender, aud Uio , plaintiff in error had uo right to go tot" it, and luchcvi, deuce win thciefore improperly ad mi I ti I. The several other law point* involved n ote tilled in tlui Supreme ( onrt adverse to the decision ol the Mipenor . ( ourt, and the decision ol the Court ol errors is looked to I with interest by the bar. t Mr O'Connor continue.) for plaintiff In error, and occu J pled the Court during the day lie continues his argu, mont this morning. bii|nrliir Ciiiirt ' Before Judge Vanderpoel. Jest )8. --f'rrilrrirk I If tottl vs .'llrxamirr on-' Cha> In . Rid?ia<-/.. An fiction o( trespass l-.r assault and battery committed Inst month Plaintiff' is captain ol the ship ' C'ticn,"one of the Havre packets defendant (Alevan.' iftr) was lirst mnto ; some dispute arose between tho , parties on the subject of a claim ol $74 brought by defendat.l (Alexander) againtt the < nptnin in the Marine Court. ' The parties met III the otllee id Messrs. Boyd k lliiicken, Shipping Agents; when an altercation took place and this " mate assaulted the captain ; deleii.lant (Charles, fho lather of Alexander) was present and interfered. It was alleged on part of the plaintiff that he also committed an ' assault. The jury will render a sealed rcrilict this ' morning. > Court of Common Plena. i Before Judge Ingraham J i sr. 1H?J Honor an and Wife vs. ?rf ward llo^nn ? r This was an action of slander brought against defendant for uttering charges against the wile of Donovan , on the 14th of April,IM'J, affecting her character. The language in which the slander was charged, and the whole ease could not with propriety he reported. Verdict tor plaintiff', $100 damages and <1 cents costs. Murine Court. Before Judge Randall Ji s> Id ? ft'ardner vs. fluff. An action of trover to rr ( cove, tho price ot ahorse. Adjourned over to this nay. Court Calendar?'Till" l>ny. Circuit No? 11 o oo 81, 11 >. 64 li. -., . gg, S40. 90, 91, tf-j. nfl U|, )!), "tt, 07, W. .HkKi, IPO, KM, 10', ' 101. 'Ml, I0S. |0U, 107, lea. 100, 110. Ill 114 I,- Cosmos l'i rss Nos. 44, *4\ '40 47, 4W, 40, 10 .tl. t>, ft rsaioa Cocar \(i' 40, W( .kt. W, S7, id, t?4 t, 1 .I, ?a, I.I, II, ft, 49, Ol, CH

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