Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 22, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 22, 1844 Page 1
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g=g=ggg ii gsBBgsggsanBB?ge T H Vol. X., No. 173?>Wholo No. 3773. To tho Public. THE NEW YOKK HERALD?daily newspaper?publi'tiad every day oi the year except New Year'* day ana Fiurth of July. Price 1 cents per copy?or $7 30 P?r an" lura-postages paid?cash in advance. . . THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price cents per copy, or f3 13 per annum? p sH.agt-g paid, cash ualvanco. , . ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ol Re Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing twt. It liat the larnett circulation of any paper in thil city, o. the world, and it, therefore, the belt channel for Iruiineii s?_. i in the city or country. Pricea moderate?cash in advance. HINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate price, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PltoPRIETOK or thk Hkhai.h Eutablishmkut, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. TAP8COTFS GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. M M M ARRA GEMENTS FOIM844. The subscribers bra to call the mention of their friends and the public generally to their superior arrangements for bringing ont passengers from, and remitting money to all parts of Eniilaod, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, COMPRISING THE QUEEN OF THE WEST. 1*50 tons. . 11K KH Kill DAN, 1000 ton*. THK ROCHESTER, 1000 tons. THK liARKICK.lOOO toai. TUB HOTTINOUER, 1000 Con*. THK K08C1U8, 1000 toai THE LIVERPOOL, 1150 toni. THE 8IDDONS, 1000 toni. Sailing from Liverpool twice ever* month, find I'HE UNITED LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, eamposcd of superior. first class American packrts, sailing from Liverpool four time* in each month, are the ship* in which those whose passage may be engaged with the subscribes* wiil coine out in, and it is a well known fact the above named packets are the most magnificent ships afloat, and the frequency ol th?ir sailing, (beingevery five days) prevents the possibility of passengers being unnecessarily detained at Liverpool. Regardless ofespeuse, in order to meet the wants of the public and the wishes of their friends, Mr. Wm. Tappscott, one of the firm.has (tone to Liverpool to superintend the departure for this country of snch persons whose passage may be engaged with the subscribers, a fact, which to those acquainted with Mr, W. T., is a sufficient guarantee that they will receive everv attention from him, and be quickly and roinlortably despatched. Hnouid tnose sent for decline coming, the passage money will br promptly refunded, without any deduction?as usual. Keioiuances?Those remitting money can be supplied with dre.its at iignt, tor any amount, parable free of discount or any Otnercnarge, in eveiy principal town in England, Ireland, bcotlatiu end Wales Appiy in nyistter, post paid,) to VT. * J. T. TAPSCOTT, 41 Peck slip, iNew * or*?or to jKo WM TAPSCOTT, Liverpool. OLD ESTBLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. 61 SOUTH STREET, NEW YORK. Passage can be engaged fromLiverpool by the following iplendid packet ships comprising the Old Black Ball Line of rackets sailing as under. From Liverpool The ship COLUMBUS, Captain Cole, on the 16th February. 'J be ship YORKSHIRE, (new) Bailey, ou the 1st March. The nhrp CAM BRIDGE, Cant. Barstow, 16th March. 'J'he ship KMH.AND, Captain Bartlett, 1st April. The ship OXFORD, Captain Rathbone, 16th April. The ship MONTEZUMA. Captain Lowber, 1st May. The ship EUROPE. Captain Furber, 16th May. The ship MKW YORK, Captain Cropper, 1st June. In addition, to the above superior ships, the subscriber's agent* will have a secession of first class American ships despatched, as customary, from Liverpool, every four or live days throughout the year, to the different ports in the United States, by which passage can be sheared at reduced rates. Those seuding for their friends residing in Great Britain and Ireland, may rely that every care will be taken to make passenger* as comfortable as they can reasonably expect, and should lite |>osseiigers not come out, the passage money will be promptly refunded. Drafts can as usual be furnished, payable at the National and Provincial Banks of Ireland and branches; Kastern Bank of Scotland and branches; and on Messrs. J. Bait, Son Ik Co., Bankers, London; Messrs. J. Barned 6t Co., Bankers, Liverpool, which are payable tluoughont Kngland and Wales. For Farther particulars apply (if by letter nost paid) to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street, near Wall street. N. B. Passage to Liverpool and London can at all times be engaged by the regular packet ships, sailing for Liverpool every five days, and to London on the 1st, 10th and 30th of each month On application as ibove. jl2 ec MARSEILLES LINK OF PACKETS. m. 'J'he undermentioned ships will be regularly dispatchedfrom h'nee on the 1st, and from Marseilles on the 5th of each month during the year as follows From New York. Martcillesi MINERVA.Capt. Brown, Dec. 1 Feb. 5 TRE8COTT, Capt. Myrick, Jan. 1 March 5 li'UY THOMPSON,Capt.Sylvester, Feb. 1. April 5 HELLESPONT, Capt. Adams, March 1. .May 5 CORIOLANUS, Capt.Haile, April 1. June5 Thev an- all coppered and copper fastened, and have excellent accommodations lor passengers. The price of cabin passage will be $100, exclusive of winee and iKiuors. Go.uis addressed to the agents, BOYD & HINCKEN. will be forwarded free of other charges than those actually paid. For Ireignt or passage apply to LAWRENCE fit PHELI'S. 10S Front street or to BOYD & HINCKEN. Agents. No 9 Tontine Bnildingf PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND M, M. ?& M. f?THE BLACIHBALL OlHjLD LIN^O^^ LIVERPOOL PACKETS. I!*.'tiling from Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every month.] Persons wishing to send to the Old Country for their frisuds Can make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and have tliein come out in this superior Line of Packets, Sailing Irorn Liverpool punctually on the 7th and 19th of every mouth. They will also have a first rate class of American tradiug ships, sailing every six days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of the firm (Mr. James D. Roche) is th?*rx? frt ?** t* that a Via 11 Via f'nrtirarriarl uritU naea anal ilsa. patch. Should the parties agreed Tor not come oat, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, without any reduction. EJThe Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets,comprise the following magnificent Ships, viz The OXFORD. The NEW YORK. CAM B III DOE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled arrangements, the subscribers confidently look I'orwarJ for a continuance ol that support which has beeu extended to them so many yedfc, for which thev are grateful. 'J hose proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can at all times obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also on .Messrs. PRE SCOTT, UKOTE, AMES 8c CO. Bankers, Loudon, which will be paid on demand at any ol the Banks, or their Brioches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. ROCHE, BROTHERS (t CO. 35 Fulton street New York, next door to the Knlton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each month. Parties returning to theold country will find it to their comfort and adveutige to select this favorite Line fortheir conveyance, in preference to anv other THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS m. m. m Tn s * 1 from New York 21st, and from Liverpool #th of each mouth. ? ? rrom Nnc York. Vnool. New Ship LIVERPOOL. 1150 tons.^il f? < J. Kldridge )Auij. 21 Oct. 6 N.shir QUEEN OK THE WKST.jft"/ ? 5 3J50 tons P. Wooilhonse. <8ept. 21 Nov. 6 New ship ROCHESTER, 350 tone. J J"'/ ? ^!Jril ? John oritton ?0ct'r 21 Dec"r 6 Ship HOTT1NGUEU, 1050 tons. \ ),\l'ch ^ J Ira Lursely, i Nov'r 21 Jan y6 These substantial, fast sailing, first class ships, all built in tiie city of New York, are commanded by men of experience end ability, and will be dispatched punctually on the 21st ol .eaci month. . , ? noir cabins arr elegant and commodious, and are furnui.eo Wi.h whal.\cr can conduce to the ease and comfort of passeegers Price of passage, $100. Neither I In- c: ptsms or owners of these ships will be responsible for any parcels or packages sent by them, unl-ss regular pills of hiding are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to WOOlMIULLk MINTURNS, as I, m.._ v...k ? to riJCLDKN, BROTHKR? & CO.) Lir^rpo OLD LlNli LIVERPOOL PACKETS. ml ml MM "/.OLD LINK of Packet* fa Liverpool will hewdETTe J de<; itelusl in the fullowingoriler, e.reptiiig (hat when the s?:liuy J.'.y full* on Sunday, tlie ship* will tail on the succeed u.' Inv, vir:? Worn Now York Ifrom Liverpool l?eCA.M?K!l)OK, (June 1 duly IS 850 tnus, < Oct. 1 No*. 16 VV. C. Barstow.f Ket>. 1 Mar. 16 The KNGLA.ND, (June IS Auk. 1 7i0 tons, < Oct. 16 I)m. 1 8. BartUtt, ( V<*b. 16 A|iril I T m OXI'OHD, (iiilr 1 Au&. is 600 ton?, < Nor. 1 Dec. 16 lUthbone.C March I April lu TheMONTKZUMA, i-'uly IS Sept. I loao tons, \ Nov. IS Jan. I L.,rii,.r, A " Lowber,(vi.rcb IS May I The ?UKOP?, 1 Aug. 1 Kept. 16 SIS tons, { Dec. 1 Jan. 16 ... uieur vnnir(,i ^"'her,I April 1 May 15 lhc NKW VOllK, (n?w) l Ann. IS Oct. 1 950 tors, )Dec. u Krb. 1 _ ...... .,,/Vfn ' r?PP*'.f April IS Juue 1 The COJUUMDUS, * CRept. f Oct. 18 7"? U"'?l a r> . 1(8U- K*b" 10 O. A. t.nle, f May 1 June '6 The YOtlKSHIIlK,(new) {Rapt. |? Nor. > 10M) tonn f Jan. )6 Mar. I O.O. Bailey.(May i6 j?|y 1 These ?lnp? are not surpassed in point of Hmncr or coir'art i'l .1, ir cabin accommodations, or m their faatsailins ma (in im ,my vessels m the trade. The commander, are well known a. men of character and eiperience, and the .trintent attention will alwayt be paid to promote the coinlortand convenience of Passengers 1'unctn ility, a. regard* the day of .ailing, will be observed a* heretofore. The price of p as. ige outward i. now fi.ed at One Hundred Dollar*, for which ample .tores of every description will he Lrovideit, win theesceptiou of wines and limnri, which will e liirni itvd lei' the stewards, if required. Neither th captain or owners of these ships will be responSltile for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by them niilc.s rei'iilar hills of lading are signed therefor, hor freight or pa*sav , apply to OOODHUK It 00,61 South st. < , II. .M AKBIIALL. 38 Burling slip. N. V. |l?tf and of BAK1NO, BROTHERS It CO., Lspool. E N E r TO THE LADIES? If you hare nairy 'iccscntti, conceal ing a broad aad elevated forehead ; it you have the uiisighlly api?udageof a beard on your upper lips; if you have suiw ffuuus hair disfiguring any part ol jour otherwise beautiful facts, the roudre Subtile, invented by Dr. Kelis Oouraud, will quickly and forever eradicate it without the slightest iniury or discoloration to your akiu*?thia you can be satisfied ol bvseeing the prtimralion teited at the Doctor's office ; all doubts ol thearticle being a humbug will quickly vanish. Korsaleou'v at 67 Walker street, first store from the corner of Broadway?$i per bottle?where may be had th? following articles all warranted:?The crlebratrd Italian .Vindicated Soap, for curing all blotches, pimples,freckles, tan.inorphew. scurvy,itch, redu-as, tallowness, or roughness of the skin ; (or chapped hands, face, or inusquito bites its effects are immediate | in the washing ol children, in allaying all irritation and chafiug, its properties are really astonishing,so'sol ten lint and healing that no mother should be without acake Our cake, So cents, it sufficient, and we warrant it or return the ranney if uot successful. Be ou your guard against a bold imitation, and^buy no where else but as above Oouraud's Eau de Beaute, or True Water of lieautv, it a well known and approve I cosmetic for cleansing, hgallUg, purifying. and beautifying the cnmp.exion, aud by itsdilstinr properties preventing thelormation of wrinkles.and banishing them when present, gl per bottle. Oouraud's Hair l)ye will change red or gray hair to a beanti ful dark brown or black, without staining tlie tkiu. $1 per hot tie. Whisker and Eyebrow Dye, :'S ceuts per bottle. Oouraud's Blanr d'Espagne, orSpinuh White, gives a pate life-like alabaster wliitrcess aud smoothness to the skin?tree from ail injurious ingredients, aud is entirely annihilating common chalk anil (lake white. rut up m elegant buses, lis cents each. This, with other of Dr. O '$ preparations, is imitated. the corner of Broadway, where will be loautl an aeaortment of the most delicate and choice Perfumery, imported from all parte. Agents?Jordan, 2 Milk etreet, Boston; 76 Chestnut street, Philadelphia; Robinson, Harrisbttrgh; Heruitch, Lancaster; Seabrook, Princeton: Trippe, Newark; Tonaey, Rochester; Caiawell, Lockport; Smith, Palmyra; Urine, Hamilton county ; Uuthrie, Albany; Heinetreet, Troy; Gray, Poughkeeesie; Elliott, Uoehen; Myers, New Haven; Dyer, Providence; Tay lor, Newport; Carleton, Lowell; ivee, Salem; Hodge, Newburyport; Freslen, Portsmouth; Patten, Portland; Guild, Bangor: Lather Wh>.e. Calais; Seth 8. Hance, Baltimore; Selby Parker Washington; Mn. Eraser, Kichmond; Mathewson, Norwich, Conn; Ball, Hartford; E. C. Ferre, Middletown. m!3 lindyJf yra NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To eailirom New York on the 26th and Liverpool.on the 11th or seen month. m m m From New York. Ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, 26th March. Ship 81DDON9, Captain E. B. Cobb, ?6th April, rilup SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Depeyster, 26th May. Ship UAKRICK, Capf. B. I. H. Traek, 26th June. From Liverpool. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain A. Depeytter, 11th Mare!*. Ship UAKRICK, Captain B. I. H. Traek, Uth April. Ship ROSCH'S, Capi.un John Collins, 11th May. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 11th Jane. These ships are all of the first class, upwards of 1009 ton* built in the city of New York, with such improvements ai combine ureal speed witii nuusual tomfort for passengers. Every care has beeu talten in the arrangement of their aecom moiliitions. The price of passage hence is $100, for whirl ample stores will be provided These ships are commanded bj BKperienccd masters, who will make every exertion to (five ge aeral satisfaction. Neither the captains or owners of the ships will be respousi ble for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, nnless re tular ki;Htvf lading are signed therefer for freight or passage apply to K. K. COLLINS k CO., 66 Sonth it., New York, or t< BK jiWN. SHIPLEY k CO.,Liverpool. Letters by the pack eta will be charged 12% cents per singh beer io cents per ounce, and newspapers 1 cent each. m2 rrc ARRANGEMENTS fOR 1841. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, 100 Pine street, corner of Sooth. m m m m 'J1 HE subscriber begs leave to call the atteution of his IrieuUi and the public in general, to the following arrangements foi 1844, for the pnrpoae of bringing out cabin, 2(1 cabin, and steer age passengers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, sail ing the lst,6tli, Uth, lUlh, 21st and 26th of every month. 1!) the London Packets, to sail rem New York, the 1st, 10th ant 10th?and from Loudon on the 7 th, 17lhand 27th of each month In connection with the above, and for the purpose of afford in* still greater facilities to passengers, the subscriber has rs tanlisheda regular Lueol'lirst class New York built, coppered I ana copper i.uu'Qfa snips, 10 sail punctually every ween I throughout the year. Kor the accommodation of peraoni wishing to remitmoney t. their I unities 01 friends, drafta are giveu, payable at sight, 01 the following Banks, viz Proviiytial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Clomnel, Londonderry Sligo, Wezford, Beh'aat, Waterford, Oalway, Armagh, Athlone, Colerain. Balliua, Tralee, Yonghal, Kuuiakillen, Moiinghan, Banbridge, Ballymena, Parsonstewn Dowupatrick, Cavau, Lurgau, Omagh, Dungannon, Bandon, Knnia, Boll'yshanno Strabane, Skibereen, Mallow, s, Money moreCootchill, Kilrash, Dublin. Scotland?The City Bauk of Ulaagow. Kngland?Meaars. Spooner, Atwood it Co. Bankers, London R. Murphy, Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable in every tows in Great Britain, if or further information (if bv letter, post paid,) apply to JOBUPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street corner of South, N. Y. Or Messrs. P. W. BYRNK3 It CO, W Waterloo kond, J9 6m*rc Liverpool. Mk Ml M Wt yokT^nd havrk packets. Second Line?The Ships of this line will Hereafter leave Nev Y oik on the 1st, and Havre on the 16th of each month, as fol rws.viz From New Yore. From Havre. New Ship ONEIDA, 1st March. ( loth April. Captain '1st July. < lBth August. James Funck. I 1st November, r 16th Deconber. Ship BALT1 MOltK, lit April i 16th May. Cnptaiu '1st August. 16th Sepu'niber Kdward Fnnc/.l 1st December. 16th January. Ship UTICA, flat May. f 16th June. Captain 1st September f 16th October. H rederick H.witt. 1st January. I 16th February. NcwshipSt. NICH -LASC 1st June. 1,16th July. Captain <, 1st October. <, 16th November. J B. Pell, 1st February, f 16th March. The nccommod lions of these ships are not surpassed, com bining all that m y be required for comfort. The price of ca bin passage is $100. Passengers will be supplied with every re nuisirp with ihppypptliinn nf winos anil li/mnrn Goods intended lor these vessels will be 1'or warded by the lub tcriberi, free from auy other than the ezpeuses actually in curred on them. Kor Ireight or Kassage, apply to BOYD fcHlNCKEN, Agents, jeJ5 ec No. 9 Tonti?? Building, cor. Wall and Water i TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC. A. & PASSENGER ARRANGEMENT FOR 1844. The Subscribers having completed their arrangements, an now prepared to bring out passengers from Ureal Britain ant Ireland by theInllowing firat class packet slips, one of whiel will leave Liverpool on the 1st, 6th, 11th, 16th, 21st and 28th '.>1 .arh month:? Patrick Henry, New York, Sheridan, Virginia, Liverpool, Cambridge, Moutezumt, Siddons, Geo. Washington, Hottingucr, Columbus, United Status, lloscius, Ashburton, England, Europe, 8 teph'n Whitney, Kochesrer, Independence, Yorkshire. Uarrick, Samuel Hick, Queen of the West, Ozford. Certificates at passage can be obtained, and every information will he gfVrn to these sending for their friends, on application at either of our offices. They will also be prepared, on the opening of navigation, tci forward passengers and their luggage to Albany and Troy, and via Erie Canal to lltiffalo, and all intermediate places. To all ports of the Upper l.akcs. Via Oswego to Toronto, Port Hope, Coburg, Kingston, and til narts of Canada West. b roin Trov via Whitehall to Moutrsil and Quebec, Canada Kast via Ohio Canal from Cleavelaud to Portsmouth, Cincinnati, and intermediate places. Sooth West via^hihdrlphia to Pittsbnrg,Cincinnati, Louisville, and all pans on the Ohio River to St. Louis, M o ; and to all parts of Ohio, Michigan, ludiana, Illinois and Wiscontin Territory. REMITTANCES. Korthe accommodation of persout , x to rerid monei :o their friends in ths Old Conn try, 11 A lift I) K ,'n k CO. will give Ur.tfts on any partof K.ngland, Si uland or Ireland, paya Me at sight, forsuins of XI, X6, X20, to XlUU?or in any aniouu to suit the purchaser. OFFICES AND AGENTS. Charles Craft, 120 State street, Boston. I?. W. Wlv-eler, Union Building, Providence, II. I. J. W. Mills, ) Wall street, anil 111 Front street, New York. N. G. Howard, 43 Sou ill Third street, Philadelphia, Handford k Shoemaker, 7 Light street, Baltimore, Md. Pittsburgh, 1'a. L.S. Littlejolm, 11 Eiehacge, Albany N. Y. S. (/lark, li'J River street, '1 roy, N. Y. Utica.N. Y. W. A. Cook, Syracuse, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. W. H Cook, Buffalo, N. Y. 11. Fitzhugli kCo., Oswego, N. Y. mlBec HARVDFN k CO. FOR SHREWSBURY, OCEAN HOUSE, LONO BRANCH, AND EATONTOWN LANDING. ?wea SHREWSBURY. Cnit J P. bacSacy'l orln, will leave Catharine Market, for the - ? lBJfc.uliov nlacm. on the follow oik days, commencing on Thursday, the lime ; I Returning from Kafontawn. H<turilay, at 8 o'clk, A. M Saturday, at 2K o'clk, P.M. Suud.iy, 8 " " Sunday, " " Monday, 8 " " Monday, 2)4 " " Tuesday, 10 " " Wednesday, 11 " A M. Thursday, 10 " ' Fridav. II " " Oil Sunday! she leaies the Ocean Hcuie on her way to New York, at 4 P. M. Fare on Sunday! 25 cent! a passage nch way. jl8lw*m CIIANOE OF DAYS. It consequence of the It > refusing to take our passengers to Boiton uii Sunday. rr7-FARE RKDCCF.D .O FOR BOSTON, VIA NEWPORT AND PROVIDENCE FAKE TO BOSTON S3 50. (DECK FAKE Si 51 I NKWPOK I' AND PROVIDENCE $1. jfuftlA .U)i The new anil splendid iteainer NEW Aa?>E^4m5p.JERSEV, Captain II. II. Fury,will Irave the IKmXQLpier font of itarelay strert, (north aide) on Monday Alternoon. at 4 o'clock. Regular dayi Irom New York, Mondayi. Wednesdays and Fridayi. From Providence via Newport, Tuesdays, Thursday! and Saturdays, immediately alter tho of the steamboat train from Bxtou For p.issas* or freight, apply to 8. Brnurtt, at the office on the wharf. mil 3in?rc PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. DAILY, Sunday! excepted?1Through l)iUarVAhg^rNt, it 7 P. M., from the Steamboat 1her bojBawJHiJLtv/er-n Conrtle.ndt and Liberty street!. The steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. P. St John. Monday, Wednesday and F'riday evenings, at 7. The Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain A. Houghton, on Taeniae, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at 7. At Fiveo'elock, P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places: ? The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Wm H, Peek, Monday. Weiln?idav. Friday and Somlay, at 5 P. M. The Steamboat NORTH AMEKiCA, Caiiain II. (J. Crnttenden, Tuwday, Thuriday aud Saturday,at 5 P. M. Passengers taking this line of boat! will ani>? in Albany in ample time to take tlie Morning Tniu of Cars for theejut or W-st K/"The above Boat!ars new and substantial, are mrnished with new and elegant Hmte ILsorns. and lor need and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson. For piling- or height, apply oa board, or to P. C. Sehultt at the once on the wharf. J17 ro W Y 0 SfEW YORK, SATURDAY | The Water Drinker. (as recited mv rROFl.ssor crkeifrarr ) I From the poetic merit contained in the annexed linea 1 several perioni applied to the I'rofesaor, after he had recited them at the Collegiate Institution, for copies, as lie mentioned in a succeeding lecture. The only copy he had he presented to the writer ot this, and he sends a transcript therefrom, trusting that you will have the goodness to insert it, and so oblige many of your numerous readers From a Corrrtjiundinl. Oh ! water for mo ! bright water for me, And wine for the tremulous debauchee ! It cooleth *he brow, it cooleth the brain, It maketh the faint one strong again : It comes o'er the sense like u brec/e lrom the sea, All freshness, like infant purity, Oh ! water, bright water for me, for me! Clive wine, give wine to the debauchee ! Fill to the brim ! fill, till to the brim, Let the flowing chryital kiss the rim ! For ray hand is steady, my eye is true, For 1, like the flowers, drink nought but dew, Oh ! water, bright water's a mine of wealth, And the ores it yieldeth are vigour and health. So water, pure water forme, for mo ! And wine for the tremulous debauchee ! Fill again to the brim ! again to thu brim 1 For water strengthoneth life and limb ! To the days of the aged it addeth length, To the might of the strong it addeth strength, It freshens the hcait, it brightens the sight, 'Tin like quaffing a goblet of merning light! So water, 1 will drink nought but thee, Theu parent ol health and energy 1 When o'er the hills like a gladsome bride Morning walks forth in her beauty's pride, A11U, ICtlUlll? U UOilil Ul AttUglllllg UUUII, Brushes the (lew from the nodding (lower* ; Oh ! cheerily then my voice is heard Mingling with that of the soaring bird, Who llingeth abroad his matin* loud, As ho freshens his wing in the cold, grey clcud. But when evening has quitted her sheltering yew, , Drowsily (lying and weaving anew Her dusky meshes o'er land and sea, How gently, O sleep, fall thy poppies on me ! Kor I drink water, pure, cold, an I bright, And my dreams are of Heaven, the livelong night; 80 hurrah I l'ortheo, Water hurrah, hurrah ! Thou art silver and gold, thou art riband and star ! llurran ! lor bright water! hurrah, hurrah! , From the U. S. Oregon Expedition.?The fol> lowing ih a copy of a letter received on lDtlt iiist. at the State Department at Washington, from the U. States j Counsel at Monterey, giving information respecting Lieuf tenant J. c. Fremont, of the U. S. Topogsapliicul Corps, - and his party, who have been engaged for some timu past in exploring the regions ot the Columbia Consulate or the United States, ) Monterey, California, April 13, 1844. $ Sir:?1 have the honor to inform you,that on the second i of this month, I received a letter from Don Augustin Sutter, Alcalde of thu new town of New Helvitia, of which ' tho billowing is an extract. It may bo proper to say that : Mr. Sutter is a Swiss, and now a citizen of Mexico, and obtained from the Government a large tract of land on which he is establishing a town, having already a fort to protect him Irom the Indians. This fort or town is situated on the river Sacramento, one of the branches of the San Francisco. Alt parties by land fromltheiOrcgon, or , from the United States to California, touch at this estab lishmeut iirst; most of tho emigrants on land from the 1 States since 1840 have settled near Mr. Sutter. Some ol them, having become citizens of this Republic, have six or eight leagues of laud given them by this Government. I New Helvetia, .March 28th, 1844. . Sib: On the 6th instant, Lieut. J. C. Fremont, of the United States exploring expedition, arrived here in dis| tress, having been forced to deviate from his course on | account of deep snows, loss el animals, and want of provisions. He informed me of having left the Columbia'riv> er, a short distance from Fort Vancouver, with the inteni tion of crossing to the head waters of the Arkansas river eastward, through the lower or southern part of the Orogon territory, but finding a succession of high mountains ' covered with snow, which, with the distressed condition of his company, forced him to abandon his route and strike for the settlements of California, relit, and cross the mouni tnins farther to the south. On the morning of tho 25th instant, he left here direct for the United States; his party consisted of twenty-live men. The visit of this exploring expedition I attribute entirely to accident, for, a month previous to| their arrival, the company had subsisted en; tirely on horse and mule flesh ; the starvation and fatigue ' they had epdurcd rendered them truly deplorable Object*. (Signed) J. A. SUTTLK. Tho*. O. Larkin, Ksq., U. 8. Consul, Monterey, California. On my hearing from the Governor of California, (in Monterey,) of the arrival of Lieut. Fremont, 1 addressed a note to Mr. Sutter, to ofter to Lieut. F any assistance I could nfl'otd him ; he was gone on the arrival of my letter I believe he obtained the supply of horses, mules, and ' provisions he wanted. THOMAS O. LARKIN. i Naval.?The U. S. Receiving schr On-ke-hye, Lieut. P. Drayton, commanding, left Charleston last Tuesday lor Norfolk, (Va) with recruits for the U. H. Navy. The following is a list of oflicers attached to her: Lieut. P. Drayton, Commanding: Lt. C. F. Mcintosh, Dr. Bryant, Acting Masters Mates- Geo. Barnes, A. Duquercron, Wm. C. lleriot,;and 8. L. Blanding. The U. S. schooner Knterprize, Lieut. Commanding James M. Watson, arrived at Boston last Wednesday owning, from Riode Janeiro via Bahia and Pernambuco, (left the latter port May Sid,) after a passage of twenty-eight days. Oflicers attached to the F.nterpriso?James M. Wat sou, F.sq Lieut. Commanding; Charles Hunter, 1st Lieu' tenant; Stephen I) Lavellotte, 'id do; Kdward Bissell, Purser; James M'Cleliand,(Assistant Surgeon; James L. Fer guson, Midshipman; GeorgeT. Simes, do; Daniel Noble Johnson. Captain's Clerk; Goorge H. Baker, Mister's Mate Thomas 11. Hunter, Esq., passenger from Illo de 1 Left at Rio <le Janeiro U. S frigate llaritan, C'apt F. H" Gregory, bearing the broad pennunt of Commodore Daniel Turner, and the U. 8. sloop of war Boston, Commander Tendargrast, to sail in a few days for St. Catharines. All well. 1 I)ESTRt;cTrvE Fire.?'Tlie Boston mail of Thurs. day gives tint following description ot a destrue| tire fire that morning in;the rear of Ann street. "Tins i morning, about half past three o'clock, a lire broke out 1 in a building occupied as a bake-house in the reur of 178 Ann street, which was damaged about $l>00, and had no insurance. The fire next caught in the rear ol building 170 Ann street, owned by Mrs. Lemoro, and occupied by Mr. John human as a seaman's boarding house, w hich was partially destroyed. The building alone was insured. Mr. Lemon's loss about $1000. The lire then spread to buildings 171, 172 and 170, which were all occupied by Irish families. The rears of these buildings we nearly destroyed. The provision store of Mr. James Monroe 10S, was damaged about $1200. mostly by water. Ilia stock was insured. These last named buildings were nil ow ned by Mrs. Williams, and we understand were all insured." Bon-mot ok General Ta ><son.?As we drove up to the door of the tave saw General Jackson, the venerjble President oi United States, sested at u window smoking his long pipe, und went to pay my respects to him; apologizing lor my dirty appearance, which I told liim 1 lnid very honestly come by in hammering the rocks of bis own State, lie laughed and shook bands cordially with me ; and learning that my son was with me, , requested me to bring him in and present him. My son. | who had been scampering aliont the country all the time - we were in Knoxville, was in a worse pickle than myself, t arid felt quite ashamed to he presented to so eminent a person

; hut the old general very kindly took him by the hand, and said, "My young friend, don't he nshnmed oi this: if yon were a politician you would have dirty woik upon your hands you could not so easily get riilof"? / nilhrrslonliaugh't Excursion through the Slav. Statu of Jlmerica. Military Excursions.?The Fumleers of New York city, a new crack company, intend visiting New Haven on the 4th of July. The company, we are informed, is made up lof spirited young men of standing und character. Their urees consists of ted coete and high bear-skin caps, and their appearance generally is ol a high order. Their visit will no doubt be gratifying to our military and citizens generally. ilit! 'National nines 01 inn r.ny, i nptain nooiime, rite making arrangement* Tor n visit to Boston, some time in the month of July. We understand tlie.y contemplate leaving about the dftth, by way ol New York ami Providence, ami return by the way of Worcester, Spring field and Hartford.?New Haven Herahl, June 'JO. Startlino Development.?We leurn from nn exchange paper that several ycnrn ago Joseph lie dell, ol I.ow Plain, N. 11., left homo to go to New Boston, and neither went there nor returned It was thought he was murdered, and n pond was drained that sumo supposed he had been thrown into ; still no clue could be had of him. Very lately a young woman living in the vicinity has stated that ahout the time mentioned, (she was a child at the time,) a man enmo to a little hut where alio and her mother lived, one stormy night, and asked to leap on the tloor?that the request was granted, and that in the night her mother killed the man, rohbed his pocketi, tied stones to his neck and heels, and pushed him down in the thick mud of the pond with a pole. 'The mother is still living in the |?x?r house on the Plain. Lieut. Roberts.?We Imrn that the report of the death of this veft-ran ollieer. mail agent of the Acadia, is not true. He was struck by a paralysis of the right side just before the arrival at Halifax, and would have been left then, but that it was not Shotight best to disturb a sleep into which he had lallen. On the arrival here the best medical aid was called ; be was removed to the hospital last evening, and by copious bleeding and other prompt remedies he revived, and had several intervals ol returning strength and consciousness. We are gratlflf d to any he is still better to-day, and confident hop' * are entertained that he will recover.?Hontnn Tramcrijil, June do. Mr Clay.?'The Lexington (Ky.) Observer ol the 15th instant says t?From numerous inquiries which arc constantly being made ot us from a distance, in legardto the health of our distinguished neighbor, w< deem it proper to state that Mr. Clay, a few days ago, was unwell, hut that lie is now entirely recovered, is in the.ciijoyn.cntol his usual good heultli. and in the daily pursuit of his business avocations. Ohio Rivrr.?At Wheeling on Monday, the Ohio had teu loot ot wuter in the channel. mmsBSBasmmmamBBmsmammmmmmtmmaa RK H MORNING. JUNE 22, 184 K^cliester. w [CorTeipondwnce of the Heiald.] V: Rochester, June 17th, 1844. Doingt in Rochester?Loco Fo<o Muss Meeting? tt Major Davesac in Rochester?Projected Rally of the Cooncy Clans in Old Monroe on the 21M? lJ Abolition Convention to Erect a Monument to 0| the Memory of Myron Holley?Oerritt Smith? w Seizure of the Collector of the Port with the Tyler at "grippe"?Attempted Decapitation of D. M. 11 Dewey for vending Caricatures?Millerism Revived, fyc. fyc. Mr. Editor:?It Roes hard with me to think Ji that the scenes of which this " ulcer on the body w politic," Rochester, is the theatre, should go un- B published to the world, and be forgotten. Scarce w a week or a day passes but something transpires, nr even here, worthy of being snatched from the Lethe g' of passing events and of being placed upon record, c either as an example to be imitated and followed, tl or ns a warning to the careless or inexperienced n wayfarer to shun the rocks upon which others have I split. ti This is a community of excitement. A small j! spark, with a little fanning, kindles a great lire. It seems, at times, as if the most ridiculous humbug J could most easily win followers. Religion, poll- e tics, phrenology, und animal magnetism, have by ti turns engrossed the nublic mind.' Rurchard, Finney, <f Knapp, bowler, and Dodds, are names as familiar ft here as household gods. That excitement, however, which lasts the longest, which takes the deep- o est root, and which comes the oftenest, is that of 1 politics. This is now beginning to rage here as b elsewhere, and while the fit is on, nothing else can o "come in"?all unite in throwing all oilier hum- tl bugs and excitements, (and, I fear me, religion is o to some extent in the same category) like physic, c "to the dogs." The cogs and wheels of the politi- |, cal machine have been cleared of the dust and p rubbish, which a short period of inaction has uccu- a Ululated, und, having been greased up afresh, are now in active operation, manufacturing from the p raw material capital and enthusiasm for the np proaching campaign. This comnvidity seems to he -j the only species ol manulaciure winch does not re- p quire the fostering care of piotection. The throbbings of the great political heart are beginning to ?. be felt in the urteries of the land, and anon we shall see the muddy current swelling the veins ,j throughout the whole confederacy. |( The Democrats?or l'olkuts, us they have been called?had a mass meeting on the 8th instant. By ' dint of tiring cannon, by drumming and couxing, jand bullying und driving, a sort of railv was made, consisting of all the office-holders anu oflice-seek- , eis, a good sprinkling of coons, und the usual quan turn of the rag-tag and bob-tail. Major Davezac of your city was the " big gun" on the occasion. He ? was loaded and primed to the muzzle, and fired |( away for two good hours upon the subject of the Baltimore Convention, Old Hickory, and the Battle of New Orleans. He scarcely uttered the names i of Polk and Dallas. Old Hickory, Major Davezac, cotton bags, and the booty and beauty of New Or- . leans, were the themes of his eloquent story, lie . regards General Jackson us inferior to no other c man that ever lived ; and his military achievements .. us far belore those of Hunnibal, Napoleon, or " Wellington, as is the full blaze of the meridian sun " to the twinkling of a " farden"cundle. Hisattach- r inent and veneration for the "Old Hero" is laugh- e able, and often renders him ridiculous. Of all this, however, you are aware. Far be it from me, Mr. Editor, to attempt to cast ridicule upon any of the i noble spirits who have, fought, bled and eonquered , in defence of our country; but, as an independent , observer of passing events, 1 cannot refrain Irom condemning the absurd attempt of ruling any political hack into power upon the by-gone popularity of ( one who has wholly withdrawn from public life, : and who is just ready to "go to his reward." ( The "coons" are to have their ratification mass county meeting on the 29th instant. The powers i behind the scenes are pulling the wires with all their might, and moving heaven and earth to get ~ the people out in their strength. They have alrea- , dy had qne or two local meetings to respond to the j nominations, at which hut little else was done but to enact some of the scenes of the comedy of " Tippecanoe and Tyler too," which was played to crowded houses in 1H40. I do not know how it is elsewhere, but in this section the "coons" seem to have a decided advantage over the locos in some of the means they make use of to work out their ends. They seem to appreciate the sentiment, " That hn who hath n? mu?ir. in his soul fTT Is fit for treason, itrutagy and spoil." In th is/eat ure of their electioneering, iliey manifest more sagacity than in many yiher of llieir movements, for good music touches a chord in every human heart, which vibrates in responsive unison. When their meeting comes off " may 1 be there to see." There'll be "A chiel uniting 'em takin' notes, And faith he '11 prent 'em." Their bacchanalian orgies andfantastic tricks hefore high Heaven shall all he duly noted. The Liberty party have not been idle. They have had a convention here during the past week for the ostensible purpose of erecting a monument over the remains of the late Myron Holley. But the real purpose of the gathering was to get up the steam, and increase the political " stock in trade." of the Liberty party in general, and of Gerntt Smith in particular. In spite of opposition and "lamentations here and elsewhere," he steadily pursues his course of Suhbath political preaching with his eye fixed upon the gout, at which he hopes to arrive All the energies of his vaulting ambition and of his mind are bent on the accomplishment of one object. He hopes soon to see bis party dominant in tins country, and think you when this day shall come, if come it ever does, that there is any one he would prefer for President before the dtxinttrutedphilanthropist <>t Petetboro' 1 Bat a'wijMiii, time will determine. The monument which has been raised over the ashes of Mr. Holley is alike creditable to those H who conceived and accomplished the undertaking. 1 and to the artist whoexecuted the work. Itiaasim- 1 pie marble obelisk, eleven feet high, renting on a sub- [ stantial base of the same material. The whole cost ' was about .fr'StXI,raised by subscriptions of ontpmny 1 each. It is a deserved tribute to the virtues and worth of a good man. ' One of the three prominent Tylet men in this ' section has been thrown into a fit of the "grippe" i at the news of the rejection by the Senate ^ of the nomination of the Collector of this district, and at the j>revalence of a rumor f that the President had sent up the name ot 1 another to supply his place. When the news was I received here, he was seen to wander about like one " distract.'' Since winch time, lie lias been ' missing from the sphere of his duties. It may be * that the attack was so sudden and severe that he is 11 confined and not able to be about, but it is shrewd- t ly suspected that he has gone South for the good of bis?place, to renew at the feet of power his ullv- I giance and protestations of fidelity. c This is a great country. Each revolving year a brings some new improvement to assist in impelling onward the tide of enlightenment and civilization. * A few years since, only occasionally a stray copy a of the Ifrrald found its way here. Now it graces v the files of every reading room, and is u welcome f< visitor in every counting room. Then, news was it a week old when it came?now, before the ink la ti fairly dry we have spread before us papers publish- '' ed three or four hundred miles distant. Your paper is rapidly increasing in circulation here. It is b amusing to sec the rush for the Ilerald at Dewey's T News Room on the arrival of the cars?it not un- A frequently happens that his whole supply is exhaust- " ed before his packages are fairly open. Ey the way, ? our friend Dewey was near becoming a martyr to n his enterprise last week. It is well known here I" that he is a bit of a Locofocohimself, but a "broth ' n| a boy" notwithstanding. For the sake of turn- I" ing an penny in the way of business, he lias E recently introduced info this market for sale, a few political caricatures, in most of wlnrli Mr. Van ?t liuren isrepresented as coining oil' " second best " f'1 The sight of these " horrible things" in Dewey's show window proved so disagreeable to some per- ti son or persons, that applieaiion was made to the ( ( rand Jury to present such exhibitions as a nm- & sance! upon the ground that they were deeterious to the morals of the community!! It is whispered that a certain office bidder, one of the juty who, I' whilome was teacher in a celebrated Female Semi- jr nirv, and who received from the young ladies 1111- is der his tuition the saubriquet of " I'apa S ," lv sustained the application in an eloquent epeeeh. lil The jury very properly passed over the complaint, ci as too trivial to claim their notice. w The Millerites are "going it" here again with a " perfect looseness." A Mr. Fitch is holding forth 'i to ihe infatuated niultilnde. [Several women and D children gave evidence of their sincerity yesterday, * by submitting to immersion in the murky waters ui In a mill race. No doubt the funds realized prior to w the 23d of April from the sale of books and chart-, and tor "snuffing thecandlet," is beginning to run l>r low. i" My yarn for this time is nearly spun. 1 trust > oa ll? ERAJ 14. ill receive the threud us the independent obserations of an independent " looker on" in Roches- cc r, to the independent conductor of an indepsnL'ut press. If what I have wrote suits you, I have w ? add?there is nmrc win-re this came trom. <?t You are enlisted under (tie broad banner of truth; |lu HI part ol your vocation to protect down-troden virtue, und to tear oil' the mask of hypocrisy n whatsoever limb 'tis hung. To assist in this 1,11 arfare shall be my object in ull my pencilling*, cu riving ever to keep on the side of truth and ho- tj, ?"'* W- di Literary Notices. f)j The National Protestant Maoa/inb, (For ane)?Sperry, Spruce Street.?This is but a some- tr( hat varied edition of that volume of Ins " Fox's ook of Martyrs." We are really ashamed when cj, e see persons pretending to be followers of the w leek and lowly Jesus, aiding in disseminating and 8ti etting up such works as these, whose only tenden- va y can be to sow discord and ill will throughout l|1 le most benighted of the human family ; it was ot thus that he. whom they nretend to be their -ord and Muster, acted. We recommend all who t), tieet with this work to put it into tlie tire at once; ither in talent or object it is the only pro;>er place or it. Graham's American Monthly Magazine, (For s< uly)?Graham, Chesnut St., Phil.?This, without tj xception, whether in point of literature, illustraons, orgetting up, i one of the best periodicals pro- Ll uced in the States. The present number contains B lur most beautilul plates both as to interest of ob- at cts delineated, ana style of execution?any one f them well worth the price of the publication, 'hey are not unmeaning heads or children's faces, di ut soul stirring views of sotne of the struggles which pi ur forefathers maintained for our dearest rights? t(J :ie "American battle grounds"?and also views f some ol the most beautiful spots with which our ey ountry is adorned. To the admirers of beautiful w lates, and lovers of good literature, we can strong- e{ p recommend this work; indeed no one having ny pretentions to either should be without it. A Littkll's Living Age ; (No. 5); Littell & Co., loston.?A more interesting und varied number, ni nan many of the former; the "threatening letter to <p 'hos. Hood," is as pretty a bit of sarcasm 011 the Inglish Court, as we ever recollect to have met rith, and well worthy of perusal. The marriage of c< Strong Wind," one of the Ojibbewy Indians, now hi 1 London, cannot fail to interest, and at the same m une amuse the ladies. The "Miscellaneous In- ... lligence," and "Scraps," cut from old newspa ers ure no recommendation to this work ; there re much more valuable matter to be met with in in areign periodicals. j, The Ladies' National Mauazine, (for July;) .. Jraham, Nassau Street.?a vatied and somewhat ' iten sting number. ai Shakespeare's Plays, (No. 11;) llewett, New hi 'ork.?The present number maintains the oharac t*r ol the previous, for beauty ol illustration and uperiority of production, generally. w Errata op the Protestant Bible, (by Thomas tl Veed)?Sadlir, Gold street.?This is carefully re- tj ised and corrected from the last London edition, ti which the truth ol many ot the English transla- ct im s of the Bible are examined. It is u vast mass T f valuable information, particularly to the tlieolo- a ian, whether Protestant or Gatholic, for a very mail sum, and contains, besides, two very good w ngravings. Those parties who have subscribed p or the Catholic Family liible should by no means e >e without it, but have it bound with the same , olume, with which, we believe it is uniform. History op the Oregon Territory, (by Thos. . Furnham, Esq.)?Winchester, Ann street.?This vork is devoted to an examination of the American It It to (lit* Oregon Territory, which it proves from I listorical detail pretty satisfactorily. The author " s evidently well acquainted with the country and a he questions relative thereto. Those who take an tl Merest in this matter should by no means be with- b >ut this pamphlet. i: The Smugglers of the Swedish Coast, or the It If ose of Thistle Plont, (by Mrs. Emeline Carlen) c ? Winchester, Ann street.?This is the effusion of a g mew writer in an English dress. It is translated from a he original Swedish, by G. C. Hebe, L. L. I)., and it I. C. Iteming, Esq., and their names are a sullicient ii [uarantee ot the faithfulness ol the translation. It n a a romantic tale, somewhat of the style of Fred- it rika Bremer, and promises to become as popular a is that lady's productions. The writer is evidently f< i profound observerof the human heart,and knows veil its thoughts and springs of action ; and, like g he former writer, lakes elevated views of human \ festiny and the principles ol human action. We it strongly recommend a perusal ot the work to the t admirers of this class of literature. It will amply c repay tliem. I North and South, or Scenes and Adventures > n Mexico, by Seattfitld.?Winchester, Ann street. ' *\s interesting, as vivid, and equally valuable as to ' nforniation of this country and its inhabitants, as tny of the previous works of this writer, on other t nirts. Indeed we are sometimes inclined to thiol* t hat every work of this writer, us it appears, im- q iroves upon the preceding one. In many instances p his will be found to be the case with the present o work. r The Mirror Library, (No. 2o,) Gems of Scot- a risit Song; Morris, Will is, At Co., Ann street. The r idmirers of the Bongs of " Auld Scotia," wib, in f his number, have a great treat. The historical c mtes appended to each will prove interesting to a hose who are curious in such matters. ti The Monthly New Mirror, (for July); Morris v V Willis, Ann street.?The present number con- tl ains four beautiful st'-el engravings, one of them, s 'The United Stales Friirate Hudson." hv llie lati r elebrated marine painter and engraver, William ii T. Bennett, ami it is stated to have been Ilia I i:-i / )roduution ; indeed, it quite equals any id his lor- a rier ones, it it does not surpass them. Wr p ear there is no other artist remaining that can d lesign and engrave such unrivalled views.? t I lie present number evidences no "falling oil'," c >r "idleness" on the part of the Editors; it is quite v iqual to any of the previous Nob., both in variety v ind interest of the pieces inserted. The style too |i ii which the work is turned out, does great credit b o all parties concerned, and is worthy of imitation c II this respect by others, but we believe there would t e much more difficulty in imituting it us respectr r ulent nnd worth. t'kanit's Pi.avs, (Othello)?VerplnnckY i Edition; Illustrations by Robert W. Weir?If. W. t lewet, N. Y. Price cents; No 12. t MoOhi.loch's Oa//.kttkkr?Harper & Brothers, i 12 Clill street. PartXllI; Price 25 cents. i Tyi.ney I1ai.i.?A Novel?By Thomas Hood, mthor of sundry comicalities. Complete in one ^ irolume, with a portrait of the author. Plnladel- i ihia: Lea At; lllanchard. Price 2ft cents. a Traditions and Fairy Legends of the South <1 il reland?By T. Crolten Croker?a new edition, s1 villi numerous illustrations and designs, by the h mthor and others. Philadelphia: Lea A' Bhui- i, ihard. u Pitman's Report ok the Triai. of Thomas W. v )orr, containing the arguments of counsul,aiid tin h harge <d Chief Justice Hurfee. Boston, Tappan nd Bennett. Amv Herhert, By a Lady?Harper tte Brothers. Jew York.?This is a work of considerable nieii; 'J ml interest, and is ably edited by the Rev. W. Sr. j, cell, B. I),of Lxeter College, Oxford. This l?t <' r name alone must stamp lis character, and cau.-e u IM .-|?H il'l III! I Mir; I.Mill |i |ja a ? Ul r\ III ndetl for the young, but the old may glean u deal tat is vahiahh' from it. Ki.kmknts ok Botany, by W. S. W. Iluscheiierger, M. D.?Turner und Fisher, New York; 'his work is from the text of Milne Kd wards and chille Comte, and as an introduction to the study \ I this science, it is most valuable. It contains nulerous cuts, but they would be tnueh improved, nd rendered more valuable, were they coired, and no doubt that it would be appreciated >a much greater extent, even at a trifle more e\ n>e, if they were thus presented to tho public, ut, as it is. it is admirably adapted totbeiw i f > diools, and to ihe young student in tins branch t lucation, and to tutors; and to such we earnestly 'commend it. Tiik Myhikuiks op iiik IIkatiis, or ihi. ('iiaiAtt r>KGiis.vai.aink? 11. < r. Langley, Astor Hon -c his is a translation from the French ol Fredcrii which the translator appears to have tloio /cry justice. It is a tale of considerable interest, id to he founded on fact, relative tolhe < iipsie: n| nn ranee, full of incident, which continues unatuiti <1 ' b orn the lirst to the last pat'e; and but little recoup ? tin had to sentiment or description, an V conscipient to will be found tu partake more of the form id reel ?ai e than is usual in works ol fiction. Its pern- I -at in not fail but be gratifying to all dint admire such v orks. 'b' Music.?"The Carrier Dove," also "The fc'pi -it t Bird"?Alt will, Broadway.?This being >:n <h velfth edition of this most beautiful piece of Mn lot r s eaks volumes foijthe estima'ii n i-i which it is III. The present copy contains the additional ''a nriis by the ID v. Dr .1. N. M illit. ."-mi- u h.o d> en the iiopiilarily of thi- Song, that several tin- ill incipien persons h tv# published the Music with <i> it authority tor so doing The genuine copy ha/ br e above publishers imprint, gr WlW^MfP^wWWW^aBBBeaeBBBBBBgMK| LD. Price Two CtnU> Progress of tbe City.?All the fact* which iiue under the notice ot any one at all conversant ith this city, serve to coniiim the tirst irni'ressions ^its greatnesH which uu observer seldom fails to ive imparted to him on his arrival, and on the ost cursory glance. Its beautiful |K>sition, almost hular?its vast commercial transactions? its ac imuluting wealth?its swelling population?all e?e carry the mind forwurd to a future, and not stunt period, when New York will present features magnitude, and, we hope, magnificence, worthy the title it already can justly claim, the Meapolia of the United States. Intimately connected with these topics is the arlitectural growth of this city ; it is the index hicli points out, in most cates, accurately the true ate and operation of the several elements of adincement. For, so far, the extent and quality of e architectural improvements of New York have irne a very exact ratio to its growth in other re ects; and there is none who can be otherwise an struck with the large portion ol this city, espeally towards the northern extremity, which is rite new, and every month is adding to its handjme buildings. One is continually kept in mind of lis matter as he passes along the streets, by the ininvenience attending the operations of the mason, ricks and mortar, dust, the rubbish of old walls, id other materials for new ones, impede the eps of the wayfarer and present a prominent uwbuck to the pleasure afforded at beholding iblic improvements in any shape. Every dt^', o, adds to its numbers of new comers from ,ery point of the compass. Groups of men, omen and^cliildren, pour into the already crowd1 streets, and as they assemble in groups or end their way along the public thoroughfares, ic consideration naturally presents itself, where e all those strangers going to take up their lartersl Now, tliut is a question in which all are ry much interested. The man whose property insists in the rental of houses will not fail to have is attention called to the fact of an increased deund for dwellings and take advantage of it. hat very numerous class who pay for and occupy v...I : ...? u;,.ui.. i juwb uciuukh'K ?u uiihjf, aic tuutriuru i the question of deimtnd and supply, for on these spends the price, and that touches the pocket, esides, every single citizen is concerned in having Jeqnate household accommodation, as a matter i which the public health and salubrity oi the. ty is involved. It will matter very little indeed, hether the streets are clean to walk upon, it lose who walk upon them are less so; and this ley can hardly be, if they are chbined, cribbed, unfilled for want of a proper supply of house-room, he public health depends in a great degree upon 11 adequate provision for domestic comfort in this ay, as may be seen in the cases of those densely opulated European cities, where contagious disases ever and anon break forth among the miserale, poorly fed, and worse housed occupants of ellara and garrets. Notwithstanding these facts?that there is a vast nnual increase in the population?that property is lereby enhanced in value?that thete is great buudunce of capital to invest in building?that le investment would be the very best that could e made ; notwithstanding that the public health 1 intimately connected with a proper supply of louse-room, and that the giant strides ot this vast ommercial emporium in every other particular, urently demand a proportionate and concomitant dvuncement in this one?it is quite plain that the ricrease of household accommodation is not keepag pace with the increased demand, and that the nignilude and elegance of New York?its growth n stature and external appearance,however striking re not faithful indexes of the rapidity and unturtuity ot' its onward career. This opinion is the result ol an accurate investtation; it is not based on speculation Or conjectute. Ve have taken means to ascertain the buildings ow being erected over the length and breadth ol' his great city?to investigate the leading leatures if change that one should naturally expect in pres nt circumstances. There never was another in vhich there is more room lor enterpri/.e, or more teed of improvement, than this good cityot New i'ork. Many and long have hren the complaints about lie state of the streets ; but there is no less reason o deplore the shubbinrt-H of the houses in many unrters. It is quite unaccountable that owners of foperty in Washington street are not better aware il itsvalue, or at leas, what it will be?what it nust be, in the course ol a lew years, from its sitution. In a short time, when the commercial t>peHtions of the eity are so increase d as to require urlber accommodation, where can it he hud to onvenieiitly as in this street. Placed contiguous to nd parallel with the North River, it w ill be the c? nre ol vast business operations, as is to-day the case villi Pearl or Water streets, Arc. Yet it is one of he filthiest, most irregular, and least attractive treets that can he found; it has u special air of epulsive dejection ubout it; and all this is very lard to account for, excellently situated us it is. knottier district to which the same remarks would rrnlv. is that which lies between Centre street, urt'of Chatham street and Uowery. A visitor, I<y lay, to this portion of tin* city, will find that nlItoiigh near the centre of the city, it is not tlie. entre of attraction, and be disposed to inquire rhmt itwasantf int?? existence for, if not to aeont vitlt curious perfumes the surrounding districts, or which purpose it is admirably situated. A stroll y night into this odoriferous vicinity will not be me whit more eddying. We will venture to say hat in certain streets in this neighborhood more ascality of all sorts may be witnessed in any given ime, than in any other section of N?w York. It s hard to account for such moral deformity lourishing there on all sides, surrounded by rieniiess, order and industry ; and such a blotch in the /cry heart of the city, is an nnomaly, and should iwaken some cffoits to remove it. fa illustration of the views to which we have iveil expression, the following sketch of the buildups now going forward is submitted, and it must ppear plain that tlieir number is not so great as lie bustle, the noise of the hammer, and the <?btacles presented by building operations to passers ye, would lea^ them to suppose :? i Chatham street the h nine* now building are -i a 1'iiHhiugton street It i addition to v. inch there is nn extensive Mock of ston .1 between this street ami thn North river, ami lacing on the U?ay, say * reenwich afreet . ... <> |irnce street .. . 'J Million street I itnei street, ' atherine street I iviiion ' ldridge street ' nyaril street, rintre street I'onanl street, ' 'eat Broadway .... I liamber street. I 'arren street lurrav street ' ! ounlariilt street I Karl street t 'all street I Bluer of Hold and I'lntt streets i old s'reet 2 iliiam street I lin street I <-sari street II I Hon street -J cwl vny. .. 13 ighborliood of Washington n<|tiarii and University I'lace, ulont l.'i other | arts of the city, probably about tin Making in all not more than about 130 In addition to this wo mny nieniion that there arc Irsa than lour new churches erecting at present, te, to lie called " Grace Church," is situated at e northern extremity of lirnadway. and promise. beautify this handsome part ot the ? itv The tne maybe said o| |)r. Potts' church, in Inner y place, of Trinity church we need liardlv ak, as it hasbeen so often noticed before. At s corner of Henry and Oliversfr? ets, the fourth is uatt d ?it is intended for a Maptisl place ol wr i ip, and is to he of hewn stone, it material >ks well in public edifices All those churches, <v p' 'Iriruly, are in too rlv t stage of their - r> clion to d< mud ri furl rr -caption. As to the dwelling lions, ? ;,,,,| slot, s, v may come un.l, r the ^ i. r.iI d, caption of acii us nntl commodious hmliliiig many ?>. th, in itli in point ot extent and pltrn, > vincing great oil taste and enterprise. A