Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 22, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 22, 1844 Page 3
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> Q&~ DEAFNESS.? The unrivalled sucoeaa of Dr. Me Nair's Acoustic Oil in relieving persons who suiter slmoi coastsntly with buzzing noises, continual humming, lie which aie but symptoms of approaching deafness, ha gained for it a reputation never before equalled. AHhougl < th* r articles have been advertiaid, yet the deaf are no sure of being cured, unless they get the genuine articl at 21 Courtl.indt street. Price $1 per flask. When lovely woman stoops to folly, And finds upon her beauteous lace, Pimples, freckles and eruptions, That her fea.ures do disgiace. 'ihcTi lovely woman stoon1; to wiulum, Ard hcrdtar eyes bright light with hope? Purchases for fifty cents, a caku Jones' ltalihu Medical Soap. 0THE POSITIVE, ACTUAL AND REAL qua ities of Jones' Dalian Chemical Soap is?[Mind, reader, i you get the guuuinu Jones' Boap, 'tw ill do all here stated ?thul is, euro pimples, blotches, freckles, tan, sun burr morphew, obi sores, salt rheum, erysipelas, er, in facl any disease of the skin?but mind, if you want the gen'j ine Jones' Soap to produce the above effects, be sure yoi buy it no where else in this city but at the sign of th American Eagle. 32 Chatham street, or 323 Broadway ami 139 (Milton street, Brooklyn ; 8 State street, Boston 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. Take care of a l>as< Counterfeit?'tis cither daDgerous or useless. (W- RICORD'8 PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIX TURK?For the cure ol primary or secondary Syphilis and nil affections produced hy nn injudicious use of met ruiy. The great advantages possessed hy this powerful alterative over all other preparations lor the cure oi 8y philis, is. that while curing the disease it improves thi constitution, whilst mercury generally leave n mucl worse disease than the one it is administered for. Thi best recommendation we can give of it is, that it is nov extensively urescrihed hy the medical faculty, who for morly considered mercury the only cure lor those com plaints. Bold, in single bottles, $1 each ; in cases of hal <i07.en, $6. carefully packed, and sent to all parts of thi Union. OHic.c of the College of Medicine and Pharme cy, 06 Nassau street. W. 8. RICHARDSON, M D., Agent. CQ>- THE BANK AND THE ANTIDOTE?A ludj residing in lloiu'sdnle, l'a , has Been brought almost ti the Veige of the grave with u disuase, the exact nature o which her physician was unable to determine. Afte Fullering for four years without procuring relief, she re ceived a pamphlet describing tho symptoms and virtue of Sherman's Worm Lozenges; she tried them. Thei effects were almost miraculous Krom the use o( one hoi she was restored to health. How many there are sutl'er ing from worms and know it not. A remedy is at hunt for all who will avail themselves of it Dr. Hherman'i warehouse is 108 Nassau street Agents, 337 Hudson ft 18a Bowery; 77 Knst Broadway; l:tfl Fulton street, Brook lyn; 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; and 8 State street llos.on. 00- PRIVATE MEDICAL AID?The mombers o the New Vork College ot Medicine and Pharmacy, it returning tho publ'c thanks for thcBberal support tftej bavu received in their ettfcrts to " suppress quackery,' heg leave to state that their particular atleni ion continue! tf. be directed to all diseases of a private nature, and Iron the great improvements lately made in the principal hos pitais of Europe in the treatment of those diseases, thej con confidently o.ter to persons requiring medical aid nd vantages not to be met with in any institution hi tbn country, either public or private. Tho treatment oi th< College i isuch as to insure success in every case, and ii Jtully dilterent from thut neru rious practice of ruining tlie constitution with mercury, and in most cases leaving a disease much worse tliun the original. One of the mem hers of the College ,tor many years connected with th< pri-cipnl hospitals of Europe, attends daily for a consults lion from 9 A.M. to8 P.M. Terms?Advice and medicine, |6 A cure guaranteed infrobtaist to Coumtkv Intalios.?Persons living it the country and not finding it convenient tonttendper ionsujv, can nave forwarded to tlrem a ct-est containing all medicine* requisite to perform a perfect c ire ny statin; their case explicitly, together with all symptoms, time d contraction anil treatment received elsewhere, if anj nd enclosing $6, post paid, addressed to W. 8. RICHARDSON, M. D., Agent. Office and Consulting room* of the College, 05 Naisat: street. 0(7- ROACH AND BED-BUG BANE, a certain rem edy. Trice 25 cent*. At 21 Courtlandt street. MONEY MARKET. FiTilay, June 31?0 P. M. The stock market still continues very leverish and un settled, ((notations for the same stock fluctuate l'rom day to day several per cent., without any visible cause. Al the old hoard, U. 8. Bank declined | per cent; Ohio ?'* J Long Island 2; Norwich A Worcester 1; Reading Railroad 1$. Vicksburg advanced 1.} per ct.; Harlem 1; Puterson J: Stonington J, Canton Co., Farmers Trust, Illinois and Kentucky 6'* closed at yesterday's prices. At the New Board the sales were very small and price* a little below those current yesterday. Long Island fell oft'2 per cent, Harlem .1}, Norwich 1}, Ohie 6's| J. Farmers'Trust ami Canton Co. closed firm at yesterday's prices. The position of the stock market is anything but en couraging. Trices arc gradually sinking, and the difli cullies of those owing dilference* are daily becoming greater. The bulls and bears in the street are striving foi the ascendency, and the statu of prices for the next wed or two depends upon which party proves tho strongest Vho bears along about the middle of July will bo materi ally aided byjlhe movement ol the banks in curtailing thei, loans and discounts. It has recently been asserted tha the bank* of this city never loan a dollar on iancy stocks ' at that nothing is received but bona fi to State securities There is no truth in thij statement. We know of several l>ank< in the street which have loaned very largely onLonc Island, and if that stock is not a fancy, v. e should like tc know what is. Tlin banks hnvn found il nn ditttonl* lo Innr their money as fast as they wanted to, that they have 110 hcen very particular as to the security, provided it had 11 price in the markot; the value for the moment, was hut c secondary consideration. If the maiket price of Long Islund is U4 per cent, a loan on it, on demand, at 60, would do very well, as the greatest decline yet has been only It per cent in one day, and they could probably save them selves on the remaining 10. The Wall street banks have oancd very largely on fancy stocks, any statement promulgated by the bulls to the contrary notwithstanding. It is for ithe interest of those who get large loans on these stocks, to prevent any exposure being made, both lor the interest of the bank and their own, in keeping open the resource, and if exjiosures arc made from one source, to get it contradicted in others, but this does not alter the facts, disabuse the public mind, or satisfy the enquiries of stockholders. The affairs of the brokers arc so mingled with those of tho batiks of this city that it is very easy to tell how they stand. The brokers ore financial thermometers, regulated by the movements of the banks; up to-day and down to-morrow; sometimes at fever heat, and sometimes below zero. The news by the steamer has had no favorable influence on the stack market. Speculators operating for a rise, anticipated a verv crcat C-.hanirn (or tln> li, ttr-r immcHiufolv ultor the arrival, but on what they founded their hopes it would be very difficult for themselves to tell. The effect of the late intelligence from Europe in rela tion to the cotton market begins to show itself en this side We learn that several large houses, among which are brokers, who have represented themselves as commis sion houses, acting between buyer and seller, but who in fact have been large operators on their own account, are on the verge of bankruptcy. Several street speculators have sacrificed their stocks (or tiie advances, and disappeared from the market. The suspension mentinned n few days since has resulted iu an out and out failure, from which there is no hope of recovery, as the nmount of liabilities is daily increasing, and every farthing decline adds thousands to tiie losses. The decline that has token place in thu Liverpool markets, within a low weeks prior to the sailing of the Acadia, was much larger than could have, been anticipated. We annex the quotations current in Liverpool for several weeks priortotlie 3lst of May, taken from authority that the worst bull or boar in the market cannot question. liUOTATlnvs us rue Livkkpooi. Markkt. Jtpril 19 Ma y 10. MayUi. May 31 S:? Islsnd, 12 tillli I'lSaiS BSsH htAined do <"** 8 ffs bt this 8 s,'ia 8 1 |ilm d, 4/*A <i 3\j? .'il? IVee Orleans. 3 a 7 3 ? > Alsb ma <k Mo. 1)t ? 6.Va 3>a? 6)^ 3 a 6 3 a It will be observed that the quotations for Sea Island have varied hut very liltlu within the aliove period, but the prices lor New Orleans and Mobile cottons have fall en off all of 1}<1 per pound siuce the last week in April' 1 he quotations for Sea Island are not considered a criter ion of the market. The operations being confined principally to Uplands, New Orleans and Mobile, we take quotations for these descriptions as the basis of the market. We have hnard that some obscure prints in this city liavo labored very much to impugn the (character of the rcpoits we make of the Liverpool cotton markets, on tha arrival of tho steamers. The information wo make use of in making up our reports, comes from tho very highest uutliority, nnd is invarinhly correct in every particular. Having no interest in the movements ol trade and commerce, otherwise than to give the earliest and most corric.t intelligence of the state ol commercial affairs generally, wo are not swaycd by the individual influence of operators, or by any direct appeal Irom any local intsrest. Hulls and bears in cotton operations make use of papers of limited circulation and influence, in spreading reports in relation to (lie European markets fuvorablo to their interests. One pnrty is in favor of an advance and another in favor ot a decline. The movements made to give publicity to the different statements emanating from l>oth parties,are somewhat similar to those resorted fo in stock opera'ions. A retaining fee of ton dollars will enlist the influence ol obscure papers, who afterwards endeavor to obtain u little noto'iety by making comparisons bet worn their own gar bled reports and the official, authentic reports of this journal. Struggling to lengthen the period of their existence, i> cy have not the power to be in dependent, and use their - limited influence to advance the interest ol any bull^or w t !- bear in cotton or itock speculations that may fool disposed 1 to pay the moat trifling bonua. j The Liverpool cotton market haa been gradually sinkU iug lince the iirat of April. Previous to that time ipecu' lation wai carried on very extensively ( on the strength of 0 the reporta from thia country in relation to a short crop. Aa the season'advanced the new crop appeared more proniiaii.g, until about the middle ot March, the accounta re ceived in Liverpool from the United States, changed the complexion of the market, and a tremendous break down waa experienced. The market has never recovered 4hat shock. The cow crop l>eing eatimvted an h'gh aa two millions of bc'cs, destroyed the calculations of apecuUtora, who-were operating on a short crop. Thia ? stent of yield Jj. being settled, the maiket haa aince steadily drooped, until j quotations on the .list of May ranged from 1) to I jd per i, pound lowor than the highest point through the season.? ' Front the best informed sources ou the other aide,we have j received thia statement, and it can be relied on by those e engaged in legitimate transactions in the staple. Specu latora do not ltke to believe what does not agree with their ? interests. It it hard to come to this point, and they are constantly watching lor some defect in reporta disagreeing with their views. Comparative quotations must carry conviction to the mind of every one. It is impossible to get over thia, and it will require something more than the 1 puny efforts of an obscure print to destroy the confidence placed by the public generally in our reporta. We leave i the rest to ligurea, they speak in this instance for them e selves. Leery Lnglish Circular of established character * will agree with the quotations we have (elected, and we invite comparison. I The Trustees of the Franklin Bank of Cincinnati have e declared the eighth dividend of five per cent, payable on the 10th of July. New York stockholders will receive their dividend at the Bank of America. Messrs. Barings, Brothers & Co. have issued a circular ? addressed to the holders of that part of the bonds of the f Union Bank, of I.ouisiania, which fall due in November r next. They recommend to the bondholders to assent to "* the proposed arrangement. The amount lulling due is r $1,760,000; the whole amount of hands issued to c the bank by the State being seven millions. This j loan is based on security, besides the ussets of the , bank, ,of mortages of real property (for the value of ; eight millions of dollars, which can in no case be released ' until all the bond*are reimbursed, and also on the guar' antee of the State. Although the security is ample, the bank finds it difficult to provide for the repayment of the ' whole sum of $1,760,000 in November next, and proposes to.thc bondholders to pay forty per cent of the amount on the 1st cf November next, and the remaining sixty per * cent in four equal annual instalments, on each bond of $1,000, and to continue to pay interest in London at the r rate of five per cent per annum. Old Stock Exchange^ 1000 Kmturky 6's 92)4 250 shss Nor & Wore 56)4 8900 Tennessee 6's 86 160 do 66 lt'00 Kentucky 6's ini*< 2J do slO 66 I 10000 do 10154 68 do 55)4 ! 2> 00 Illinois special 5? 26 do 56)4 5000 do 60)4 25 do !5)4 5000 Ohio 7's tGO 98 50 do b30 66 50 >hi> Bk < f America lu?)4 26 do 55)4 100 mrlein UK b'JO 76)4 126 do 55 50 do 76 60 Taterson RR b3 80 50 Mohawk RR s30 64)4 50 do r.w 81 50 do 64 50 do s3d 80 25 do 61)4 100 do S3 81 ^ it !, l,'.? . b30 61 f5 Canton Co 41 100 V 8 Bank 9 25 do >10 4 4 ;10 V.ckburg Bk 9)4 25 do >10 42)4 25 do 8*4 25 do 42)i 26 Reading HR 51 360 Farmers' I. n 40)4 J25 do 51)4 200 do 4154 5 Am h so Bk 85 50 do b30 41 35 Aub St Roch RIl U>9 126 L Island RR 86 25 do 108)4 92) ,|? glK 10 N Jeney Rll 9 .? 300 do b60 86 25 at^UiiiKton 1.60 47 50 do 81)4 50 do 46 125 do at 60 do h70 46)4 50 do nw 84 inn Nnr to VVnrp kin '.Cl2 n,\ .1 o-iS/ Second Board. $10000 Ohio 6's 97 25 this Nor and Wore 54 50 ?lias Fanners' Ln >60 39 75 do *3.5il* " 100 do 3"?X 25 do H't 200 do 39 25 Canton Co 40)4 25 Nor and Wore a3 51 'a 50 do 40 ' 25 do b3 51,'4 25 do tnw 39? j 25 do 54 I New Stock Exchange. $5000 Ohio 6'f 98 25 > lnu Dry Uk Dk i 25000 do orR 97,'4 50 do >30 OH 1000 do 0|)R 97 25 Canton Co |3 43 5"00 Ky C's *30 104f. 75 Ncr & Wore *30 55 5000 do *30 101% 25 do *3 55)* 2040 Illini i* 6's 46>? 25 L liland *70 85 5000 do 46 30 do *30 84 <000 do 45<? 25 Harlem RR >3 71.ii 3 00 India-a lids, 25 y? 3 45 25 do *10 75X 1 5000 U s 6'j. '62 *10 115 50 Fanner*' Ln 41 75 shni U ? Bk *3 9)4 100 do 4DJ4 20 rti-niical Ilk *30 81 75 do *3 40?J 25 NAmTiuit liO 15)4 25 do 40 100 Saiatoia UK *30 39 50 do 40, ' State of Trade. r Asiiks?Pots are very inactive. We still continue to ; quote f>4 18; a 4 29. Pearls the tamo as before quoted. Dbkadstitfs?We continue to quote lienesee (lour at $ I .'IS to 4 Mt The market is dull. The receipts of Hour and wheat at tide water, to the r close of the second week in June, were , 1844. 1843. 7m. reave. Flour, bl)l? 045.400 300,00(1 244,443 > Wheat, bushels,... 231,370 OG 885 1.34,404 A c oico lot oi wheat (i ooo buhali) of this year's growth, was received at Norfolk on the ' ih inst. through ' the cuna) lioni North Cart 'inu, eiguiy live miles up the 1 Roanoke. We learn that it is earlier by ten days than i any arrival of wheat in maiket in past yeurs. , Bkkiwak?Prime northern yciiow continues in active demand, and v. e notice sales to some extent at 30c. Southern sells at 29 a 29Jc. i Coi ton?No transactions to-day, neither buyers or selll era being disposed to operate. Hay?Common qualities oi North River bale sell at 30 ' a 32c; prime .17 7, a 40s. The demand is very limited. I Whukf.v?Drudge casks aro still very dull at 23c; pri1 son barrels about the same at 23}. Pirovisioris?We have no rhunge to report in articles under this head. The demand for all is very limited. Provision Market. The sale for heavy meats, for the past week, has been rather light with many of our first butchers. The warm and close weather induces many families to purchase the smaller meats, while many partuku of ham, and other salt provisions. Fish in almost every variety. Spring chickens continue to arrive very freely. Vegetables very forward, and quite plenty. Fruits of the various kinds in abundance. We notice . some green apples from the south, and new tomatoes. Pricks of Provision* Apple*, bbl $! 50 ?3 00 Lamb.perlb 8 a 12 Beef, per lb- . 8 a 10 Lard, |*r lb 8 a ? Beef, iiercwt- $4 50 a6 00 Mackerel. fresh, 12)?a 15 Beef, corned 3 a 7 Muttou . 4 a 8 Bacon, 12Xa ? Onion*, |s>r hunch. 6 a 8 Blacklist- 6 a ? Parsnips, [icrliUii-l 12,'Jal 2') Berts,vac,. t a ? Pigeons dox,... l 25 al 50 Be,ma, bitsh 50 a 87X Porter Houae Steaks 10 a 12 Butter, fresh per lb-14 a IB Pork,|>er lb .. . 6 n * Butter tirkiu, |ier lb. 6 a 10 Pigs, roasters ? aSI 00 Busi, ib 8 a 10 Potatoes, bushel 31 a 75 Celerv nbunch, 0 a I2*{ Pofatoes.swt,"" "2s 6d lilf peck Caulillow,-rs, dor..,50 al 25 Pert It, lb 6 a ? Cranberries, a (jrt.--15 a ? Pou tiy, pair 75 a 1 00)6 Crabs, dozen 12>ja 25 Radishes, ? a 1^? Chickens 50 a 87Sail el 1 a 2 Clams, 100 . 25 a 37H Ska I, each 15 a 18 Calves Head.Sic- 25 a ? Salmon, fresh, -37Xa -50 Cabbage, eacil 5 a 10 Salmon,smoked 10 a 12 Cheese, new & a ? Striped Bass, lb 8 a 12 Carrots, each.* I a ? Sui|?, dozeu 75 a ? Ducks, |>er pair. ''-SO a 75 Sausages ? a 8 Eels 8 a 12 Smelts ib 8 a ? r*:ggs 16 for I2X Turnips, per*bush- 25 a 31 KreshCod a 5 Tri|>e, lb ? a r loundsrs a 6 Turkies 56 al 50 Oeese... 50 al 25 Veal a 12 Huuey.ntW, lb.-?-iaXa 25 Philadelphia Catll? Markets Junk 20?At market, 1200khiad, neai ly all Ohio beef ' cattle, including .550 taken to New V'ork; 120 cows, 300 hogs, and I 150sheep and lambs. Prices of beeves a shade lower, and the matket dull at $5 a 6 75?a few prime at $6 the 103 lbs. 100 head unsold. Cows sold at f 15 a 25; extras $30 each. Hogs dull at $ 1} a 4] the too lbs Sheep and Lambs?Prices ranged Iron $1J a 2j; extras $3. Hay?The market steady; we quoto good Timothy at "0 a SOe the cwt; pressed, in shipping order, dull ut 45 a Hoc the lot) lbs. Straw sells at $5 a $0 the 100 bundles. Married, On Monday evening, 17th inst by the Hev. Mr Bnlch, Mr. SaMuki, ( '. Moti . Jr to Miss Lunn McCaffrv. daughter of the late Dr. William McCafliy, all of thia city. Dlcil, On Friday afternoon, Alfrkd F , infant Hon of Alfred and Kllen Kmanuel, aged 1.1 month*. The friends of the family are invited to attend the fune- i ral, from 190 Adams strest, Brooklyn, to-morrow afternoon, -.'ill inst. at 5 o'clock, without further invitation 1 ~ MARITIME JHE RA L P. Sailing Uayi of tha Steam Shlpa. ST FAMKRI. FROM LIVF.RPOO!,. FROM AMF.RICi. Acadia, Judkini June 4 July I Hihernia, Ryrte Jane 19 July 16 O Wriiern, Matthews Jane 72 July 20 Britannia. Hewitt Jnly 4 Aug. 1 J. Britain. Hoskejs-... Jnly II ........ Aug I Caledonia, Lott July 19 Ang. Ifi i Acadia, Jmlkics Aug. 4 fept. I < (i Wpstem, Ma lhewc> .*.> Aug. 17 Wept 14 I ttiberiiia, Krrie-.* Aug. 19 Sept. 16 i ii B'itain, Hotlten Aug. 31 Sent 29 i Britannia. He*itt- Sept 4 Oct. 1 i (J. Western, Ma'thewa-......-Oct 12 ..... . N< v. 9 i Ii. Britain. Iloaken Oct. 19 ..Nov 14 Packets to Arrlars. Packets to Sail. FROM I.IFRRfOOL. FOR l.lvrnrOOI.. S Hicks. Bnkrr, May 21 Ror heater, Br it ton, Jane 21 | New Voik, Ciepper Juue I Utrnck, Trask, June 26 Linri oul, hldridg*, June 6 Uxford, Ha Illume, July I FROM PORTSMOUTH. FOR PORTSMOUTH. (Iriawold, June I Quebec, Hebard, May 20 Westminster, Hovey, June 10 Victoria, Mortan, July 1 FROM HAVRk. FOR HUSK., >rgo. Anthony, May 27 Bargnndy, Worton, June 2 Fr.incis Ist.Ainsworth, Jane I | Oneidn, punck, "July I Ship Masters natl Agents. \Vs shall -iieem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will giv, .1 4'. riiPioikire.HoRr.HT Sn.vyv.of our News Fleet, a II the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, ilie Vessel >poken on their pa-sage, a List of their Cargo, and any Koeign Newsparera ot Ne* s they may have. He is ill hoard then mmeoiateiy on their arrtenl Agenti and Correspondents, ui "ins or abroad. ..ill alio confer a favor l,y sending to thi. office all the Marine Intelligence tliey ce-i ibfain NanucJ , Information of any kind willV thank u|sy received. BBB9aaKSe=SSS9S9a9E999K999ea Latest DaUl UOIIfU AT THE HEW TOBE UEBALD OMOI. \njier Feb. 19 Manilla Feb 15 Africa Mar 9 Malaga April 4uti>'ua Feb. 19 Madeira May 4 \raeibo-?? May 5 Matiritina Feb. 11 AnxCayea June 2 Montevideo ........ April 1 Augnetine Bay May 16 Maiacaibo May 11 dalaria Feb 2 ManaainlU Vay 10 Bay of lalanJa. N. Z-April 11 Matauzas June II dermatic June 2 Mayoituez Srlay la BueiosAyrea April II Maumorua Mav 30 Belize. Hon. April 6 Mouierry April i2 Ba-badoes M?y 29 Naaiau, N P. June II Bogota Jan. 21 Neuvitaa May 10 Bonaire April 2t O tUn.S. I Dec. 28 Bunion.- Apiil 1 Pa.a May 2n Cape Toivb.C. O. H-April 15 P.iria June 2 Calcutta Mar. 21 l ortau Prince June 7 Cirdeuaso June II Porto Cabello May 31 CI lag ret Jan. 1 Point Petre, (load. Feb. IB Cieufiiegna May 31 Periiambuco ?>Mav 13 Cape Haylien Jane 7 Panama May 12 Cartliagena April 7 P.iyte-.- Nov. 2tt ('ampeachy Jan. 3 Kio J-neiro April 29 Coqaimbo July 12 Kio (irnnde April 24 Callao--" April 25 Han Juan Feb. 25 Demerara April 16 St. Helena Mav 9 K.liiuore Dec. 3 St. Thomas Jane 1 Kayal Feb. 29 St. J.igo de Cuba* May 21 (Jibrallar May 15 St. Johns, P. K. May 30 liuayaina, P. R Juue I St. Croia April 23 (Jalveatou May 30 St. Domingo April 2 (Jouaivea Mar. 30 St. Ubea Mae 11 iJttayaquil Dec. 5 Surinam May 2| (idllipagos Islands*** May 4 Singapore Jan. 21 Havre June 1 Sydney, N. 8. W. Jau 1 Havana June 10 Trinidadde Cuba May 2? Halifax June 18 Talcaliuana Mar 29 Isle of France* Sept 27 Tahiti Dec 11 Jerenne April 9 Tombrz Nuv. 4 Klugslon, Ja May 2'J Tainpico May 31 London June 4 Tobaaco Ma* 19 Liverpool Juue 4 Turks Island May 6 La Ouayra April 29 Trieste April 21 Laguua Oct. 31 Valparaiso Heb 5 Lima Feb. 23 VeraCruz Juue 4 viacao pel), 27 x.aur. ibar Mar. 2U Paunngori Arrived. Livntrooi.?Baiquo Liverpool?Mm Crui;, Mr* Mary Ilo Set mid 199 in tin? uteeaage Krv Wk*t?-chr Col Scheppard?Mr J A Wolf, 8 Kairor11, ad 1'Paini - Korelgn Importation*. Livkhtooi.?ShipM inphU?8 pku8 C VS Roosevelt? !> W M' milh?3 J Y Jones Slco?16 cKee Ik en?63 ( Si en ?18 Gorton llmturi It Co?91 Wulte Si Bishop--1 2 Peahodv, Kin IT* Si co?109 (1 i 10 I pig iron S Tinners n ? "iUHO bricks Masters. Mwrkoe Si c )?II pkifi G K Jones?5 Atliini, II.inn" Si co? I6U Dorr?9 Stone, Swan Si co?26 AI leu UazuStC'i? 3407 ba s tro? Warren, Hart tt Lisle? ? ICK do (J W Snieliit?9 S Cro.,k??36 I, A Att.'rbury?1" Woll'e St Oi l"?i ie?31 Purritt, ii Si cn?13371 it tin Plnlp'. Dodge Sico? 40 c? T B Mayliee?i O R Jones?15 M r Rnbbins- 3 C Adalie>d?178 J Met, all St CO?4 A Bo'lard?30 C C nlli ge?J J I) Wvckolf?8 It I'atiicu?8 W B"iid?at Hibhirdton Si Watton?73 Tuckei Si Me . I?2 U Pitter.on?t J tiibou?II W Whiiee r gbr?161) BirJ, O llelan Si co?14 Witilit,*?t .ige? & Sh'w - W (i n Morewood?9 D Or,k o Si Son?9 J 'trillion Si c ? IllKirthvSi Sp?dding?15 Butt, rlield Si Brothers?42* 17 pkr 60 tou* pig iron to order. Lit KBrooi.?Ba'que Livmpool?759 tack* tail Newliald St Crult?2680 do 89 ton* coal 8 Thomson. Domestic Importations. Nkw Om.r.ANs?Schr N L McCrcadv?68.0 bnihs corn J C Meet?40 kr?iork P I Nevius Si Sou?290 empty br* Ite.dSi Brothers. PUKTOV SHOW YORK, June 22. iuk i ii i MOOl* risks 11 18 tun 7 32 i hiuh with 0 32 Cleared. Ship* Cnhota, HerlinrtJ, Canton N L St O Gritwo'd; Kdinbuig, Dawson, Quebec. N Si J T lap. o tt; CI arlesl oi. Andrews, Chatles-ou, Geo Buckley at Co?unique Anaiua, Teu* ny.Citv P i. t, H H.vilaud?Ur;iti Desdeinoirn, Morrit, Pictou, TWinuerett; Ganges, Kytiuge, Lrgnorn auil Gibraltar, G Lviiuge; Oriole. Haisiow, Itio J.uei.o, S Bar*t..w Si Co; 1'ir u u. Uraytnn. Pictou; Luci'la. Prrkint, S Inn, Honrtntu, John.ton Si Co; Abo.d (S?) Aliiu. Antwerp, W We. ?en; ilia a d'Ormoro, (Ven) .ralia, St 'I bourns, ectimidl Si V. it I ?Select. Johnson, N.wb.ri, S L Mttcnell; brook, Baker, Alixtudria, Sturges SiCiearmn. Arrived. Ship Memphis, Cc.fl'u, L30 da.* from Liverpool, vt ith mdse, to Taj Ii i Si Mir-ill Br onrque Liverpool, Sw inf rd, from Liv.rpool, ?Mav 4tli, with m 'te, to Gontllme St Co. Brut Doc.mill 1. tour, of I'hilade'phin, 10 day. f ont Ponce, PR. to J Liu rand Si Co?219 Mi I. mipr I5ck* ill lams P liar roonv's Nejliews Sl Co. Condor, lorlNYoik, in .0d?? th? o"ly Am veuel in port. Schr Col S :hepp rd B emeu, 9 day* from Key We*t, willi 13) bale* cotton R L Maitland S, hr N L McCrenlv. So ner?, 20 dty* from New .Orleans, wi'h corn to N I. McCready Scbr Kltzibeth, Garrison, from Mobile, with mdie to Ilo Schr L idy n( the Like. Lumpkin f otn Virginia. Schr tlriuy Clay, Cramer, from, with corn. Below. Fanovatian brig Sarah, ill daya fiom Leghorn. Alao oce ship unknown. MM. Ship, Thompson, Quebec; Chester, Liverpool; McLe.lan, iMenrus, Ch rnston; htu|ue Maria Louisa, Antwerp; Charleston, Dienen; brig Oriole.; MUccllnncoug. Foreign Letter Bar.s.?The Quebec, for London and Rochester, for Liverpool, will sail at ten o'clock this rnornimg. Their letter begs will close at half past 3o'clock Whalemen. San IIarhor, June 18 ? Arr, Thomasnu, W S Havens, frcm the South Seas, St Helena, 7'h May, with 3000 bbls r w and sp oil, 12,000 Ins bone on board teat home 20 000 I s bone, sold 1.500 bbls abroad. Spoken on Crozntle whaling ground, Jan 2, 1044. Halcyon, Bailey, N L, 4 ws; Orb, Leauder, Av.ry, Mystic, ? r ws, 130 so: 8th, Superior, Bishop, SH. Irw, IJOsp; 9th, Tuscarora, White, C Soring, I r w, lor the N W Coast direct; 20th, Delphi's, West, Tiabitry, 3X, 2 w s, for NW Coast Feb 3d, barque American, Havens, 3 ws, fordo; bora up in sight, 23-h, llra.ndt. Knead Musts, Ml, 7MI. II mo. for It io tie Janeiro, th?n NWl,; 26th, Brunswick, Almy, NB,4iuos,8(i sp, struck hi* first r w tins day, got ini noat stove; 29.h, Iloo nips, Kogers, NH, 2 w?, c.ii'tttin in ill hetl.h.saw hgraflerwards Dolling, Msnh 7th, < icuvn, Baker, cattingbis 6th wb; NimroJ, lingers, (utiwrll) 4 ws; Cadmus, buiitli, 7uo bbls; V.ircus Shcmman, 6w?; Hn.nitml, Cani'i g, 4 ws; ilithita, Iliiii' i. I) ws, 111,0 I'bi i ' li ' 11t, re i, 29IUI; l'henis ; Kri*g i, 2150. lint1' two seasons?Hie 7 last nai ,eil ol S H. Tha llsr-ara was thi oily ship rjpectlLa to r.turu hom; the pieseiit lesson. Mtria, Warier, Hij d Janeiro.! Vtnrriran owoeis) 8 inns, 2 ws; Ilili, ship Albion, Tuber, KH, 2 aeasoiis,2150, lost hertaptain 2 days alterwanl; 12th, Delta, l\ eeks, (heeuport, 8i,0 bb!j, saw lllin 'alte another l ug" fish nrrt day; ( aniline, liose ol do; 1100, saw hun take another fiih Heard from Feb 5lh, barque Noble. Sweei.ey, NSuft'ulk, 6i 0 Mils, 103 sp; (rein, lame l ine, 10 ws. put awray for N vV Cont. The Dickisnn took the last season i200 oi , 10 000 boue. Crnisiug oil St Helens, May 6th, Sarah it Kstlier, llarlow, (rieerpott, nil j, aeon for houie Emigrant, Shennau. bnston, lust her best bower anchor and chaiu, and was obliged to get aunthrr. New London. June 18?CM Drotno, Steele, NW I'oi't? Slil 14th, Dove, Douglass S Atlantic Ocean ; Columbia, Kelly, lndiin Ocean and NW Coast; Fame, Mitcnell, Desolation Islands; Oar and, Maras, do. New Ukd'ord, Juce 20? S.aihd John, Sanfnrd, P'cilic; Clur eiP n I'acket, Howl ud, Atlantic. Telegr'phed Jjs?iIi Me ga, Tab.-r, last fiom Peruambuco, with 2500 bbls w li 63d do speim nil. A letter received in Naiitnckct, from Capt Skinrer of hip Tobacco plant, of NlJediiird, reports her at Kings Mill Oroup, Aug 12, 14 mouths cat, HO sp. Reports at time time and place Kimly Morgan, Ewer, do 16 mos 650 sp?has bem incorrectly reported 1650. A letter from Cart Co* of NBedford, mmrt. .iie.kimr n.c 23, lit 41 10 S Inu i II b Eteclra, Watd, N L 90 ip nod 4 it wli; iu Dec I'risia Wliippey, noj innsou', c earn, fur At >v Cuait A lilt r from (loin Mortis, Dtiwm, ol K.ilinnuth, reports herat "it Carlos Kctt 20. I20U sp bound on a cruise ol 6 in s off Juan Ftrnandiz Letters lec'd at Nar,tucket, report the death cf Mr Hiclmd bonis, of N third mate or the Alpli t, killed oy a whale. Sid tin St Helena, Miy T, f\eitui e. Ones, of and for ML list tep 1710 ' 170 sp ) At do binin'rant, She mm, Urisiol, 40(1. Hear.i fin Ma'ch I*. Marcus, he, rinaii, SII, 5 whs; Cauinus, Smith, do 10 win; . K'ouiut, West, Al'stic.3 whs. Arr at Mauritius, era II, Macon, Merry, II Hole, from a cruise?hail 200 s|i 1200 wh Oct 21' Sp ken, Mty 2'd lat 9 N. Ion 41 33 a while ship bound to N Yolk undi,u rtedly the rhetor, of Pougkkee; sie foreign Port* Mopithhal, June 17?Cld, Monarch, Allan,(llssgnw; Hockshire, All.ui, Livrrptol; Indian Chief, McCartney, do. Lake Porta. Bi fi'ai.o, June 19.?A'r, Missiur, Chicago; Bufftlo. Detroit; Wucutsio, di;, Soutnport; Jul.etie, He ron; Uoiphiu, Tele to; B.-.iupie . Cnarlesltu; Wrnteru 'Iral r, Huron; Caledouii, To edo ; Swallow, <o ; Tory, Diumlir; Lv ii, T.I do; K i'orter, v In ago Cld, Terry, I'errysburg; Clinton, Ch.c go. Home Porta. Ll'bic.Jii e 13?Sid, Uraad 'link, Mayo, 1'hiladelphia; O it" t>>, i reworg iN 1 ork June I'j?('Id Cuba, Nelson, Afr'ca Bosuns, .une 20 ?Ar K W Brown, Tairui N 'Orleans; 11 Ititnoie, Utown, Baltiinori; W in Pitt. Biker, Pnilid-lpln t, .no InmoQ l( level,, Jdiusou, do; O'tiiu rk. ' avis, do; Caikiu Ct nrb' Ck, d". Cld Bro> k'uie [ it New Loc1"", ta'e el .in le J \llyu, ledi-n Ore a; [B> J hruai ii. ttoisit r. H' John. > biC'orto, Atkins 'J'riuid d;- ord lia. Forest, ry'ney, NB; Laich, Al en. Pert ?u Pnuce: Mary'd, tle-ee B iim'e; A"iik i as, 111. den, Tlnnn uton ; Au 'Cnuils (J >rli nn. N Ymk Pc r Ni e, which e rated I- r Pennanthnco i. of Sale,,, late of his p?.rl tAr 9th. luma, Nott, s , glt,ofe, Jan2lih; Tirian, J ickson N-w CI leans Spoke 3d i. st off I ur u t .s. I air A letion. Im New Orle.i s for Liver ool; Sierliuu l.oeeit, N.-w Urle u.; halcoo. r. I'pton, Mobile; I'mdora, Snepparil S van nal.: ( re, I's kniin, Hav na; J Ccol?v St ' n. Kldm'ge, N Vo k Aus Curs. 2d inst, M .lit lla, Powe.s, for Bos" n. 2 ur 3d its; Au a wan, Downs, I in Mew York, ui g.oulyAinrr \e se'. v w Ri'Ill-nan (.." o a r.?tl I.. ...L arr Helm. Young, .Work?8| I, klien Kmlin ui, 8h?| lierd, d . Kali. Hivi.h, Jon* 17th.?Ar Sol n, llrr.y, Tom 11 tnu for S iiner?et; W.irv'ro, Pavjd-ou, d .; Ma>y I ir..iby ijtubba. Ph Ud Iphie; Mr, I. wis, aid icaI, Deinmi u N?w Voile, Yankee, Iltli h. do. Hhli, I riaceaa, Hat Let, nod Win I li< mp mi, t*wait I'htlaceli hia I'b videnck June I!) h.r-Ar Wm Ycu ig, Ad.ama Pni'ai'elbhta; On- if, i |i kma.i, do; Pn v iteuce. Brown. N York ; Volant, VV 111 ton, do Bsi'ed Alimr'. ,M'I oud. Rat l ihinnock I riii Ani i rniA, Jane 2i?Ar LydiaAnn. Oarw od, Kin d Janeiro?L Hi *? ' dra. (w) for I'urtamoutli, JN H, neat i'ay ; aud Atct v, rh.llila, for Baltimore, J da i |,| Belief. Ai r lodn, Weymouth. Mac; fiilipa-1, Crowell; krllowahip, Karnhain. and Lriiugt n, Hoilo ; Ki hang-. Haitford NoitKui.K June Ik?In Haiiirfnn Honda, .1 If raon. Maaon, fin Jiinn iiurr, lor Karo|d Tha Loiiia, for Jam s Hi ar for Bremen, aln yeaterdiy in irun t and lie irv L"-d> I in B Ituno e thir morning?Xld M? la ?i Klotti. W-rn-r. for Wludir.. (Jui*or.Towa 8C, Jnae U?Air Joliu Hill. Jlnar, NVotk I miu.i iTon .Jnor 18?I Id Hebron, Pro.or Tntka lalai d Nl.w (IHLFISI, Jun? 12?I Id Adiitn, Uavia. Liverpool, ITriU, (ft) Hiiuury, llivn; fiaor, Pat-rion Havana; Al'lander, Koliiiion, N York?Arr Kranklielit, J,iveriHiii ; Columbia. M'trr, Hamburg; Lidy of the Lakr, (Br; WugooU, Ki gafnu Jim. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD! I Matron's UrricK, New York, June 2 at, 1811. i \ITII KH EA8, statements have been made to in', I hat ou thr ? ? 4th day of J nor mat , a yonrg Woman rraoli a with a re orctablr family at Ml Ornomr itrrrt, having brra unit on an rrand, lost her w y, and w andered about tin-ct.v till between ( 1 and 9 o'clock. I'. M . w li?n thr applied lor dir-ction to a wel'ilrraai d inmi, w no promised to ahow li'r thr way, but iiiitead ot i iloiDif to, rnttced her into n hourr of ill lame in a narrow dark trrrt. and tlirre emfeacon d to accomplish lirr ruin, and thiratrnrd hrr lifr, and drrw a knifr upon hrr, which an' suea'drd in winning from him. and madr her esespe by breaking . pen th' door ?l thr room whrrr alir wan locked it.: And whr raj. complaint* arr daily mail of thr commiiaicn r?f crirrra of a I k? r a ure, railing for efficient ariion on ihr art of thr aut'iomiaa in Ihr detection and puniahment of offenders : Ami aaliereia, thr nbote arp'ira to be a case of an aggravntri' liainct r, d inind'tig inataut altruttnn and thr (nI< rmor of il? law, (a lit .ugh ei t comu 2 atnct'y w ithin thr ordi'iaurr, ati horr. ng the Mavor to olfei rrwarita f r th- aoprrhauaion ol nd e nvirtinn i f cr mi- als ) I .lima Hcrnrr Mayor ol t ity f Nrw Yoik d brreby olli r a inunl . | (I, a, HUN , ,;l?EP RoLLAKSf r thr atmat of ih - alma - m r.tion d pet on, or for <urh infoiination aa will I ad to Ida atMi-and r a rd to tr paid by me iorn thr cnavic'ioo cf aaid f??der, i nee tin tin' ih.l oil in ?n Council ol thr I of Nrw Yoik ball n<'t think proprr in ratify thii mv art In witne.s whrMif I tiav hereunto art my hand and canard the leal of Mayoralty of taid city lo be affiled, the day and year lost above written jti ll'n: ) \ WKS I! A Ill Mayor. WANTKP?A very old Book, giving a detailed Life rl thr Pirate Ktdd, for which a very liberal puce will lie pam if imirxJiatr application br made t i jrtJ lt*ec K, I'. 1JKLB Y Ik CO. J 1'atL row. < AUCTION SALES. 1TH ? WILLAHD, Store I'M Broadway, eor. Dunne it H. K. W. will give hii pmaoil attention to on door sales ol Household Kumitnrr, Dry Go'mU. Groceries, Ac.. fur persons relinquishing housekeeping or business. 8e 't settled iii aII cun us soon ss Use goods shall hare bam 'Id 'U'l deli or?J Liberal ( ash Adrauces wade, if required, on merchandise ol every description consigned lur sale nUI lm*m A III T'O NvJTlCfc.?Pa e Tli t Day. at II Spruce street, of Vslmb'e huruitire, Dry Hoods and Clothing, by order of the Ma'shal Also, an entire Gsllery of truly va'uble Paintings and woilts of Art. iueiudini: 2 splendid Leier Walehes. j-?2 If re THOS BKLL. Auct'r. AC TIUN NOfIt'K-Bv 8> I e KKN ACo-OKNTKKL KUKN1TUKK. Ac ?This dsy at 10 o'clock, at 32 Aun street, he pirlorlurniture of a gentleman going to liuro|i?.c infilling of el-gaut Uruaaele Ca'pets, lor suit ol rooms; Sre ourv and dons < i>. , ilgyntian t ip Centre) Tables; Cs'd, Tea and Dining do; 3 Sufis; 31 Mahogany I hairs; Krencliand other Be stev's, Dressing and Plain Bureiu; Wsaliatands; Divans, 1 I'isi" Forte; MaPM and Farcy t.'hn is; Astral Lampt; Plated AU'I Glassware;Crockery, Ac ;also, the kitchen furniture .133 I'm \\T AN 1'KD?By a ies|a*etsble Germin Girl, a situation a? '* Chambermaid, or to do general hous-work. For her reference apply at her last place, 491 Washington at. je23 it*ea Y\T t^TKl)?A Wet Nu'se p? tike care of a small child; oce ?" who resi 'rs ontolthe city, within a short disti' Ce. w?u>d be preterm , and must coine well recommended. Inquire *t 337 Broadway ii|> slurs jr2ti lw*tc Ah FSPr t'fABLK VOI'NO MAN wishes for a >iuation in a \ etch-nts' Offire.or a Uy Goods Slo e. A line *( diessed T, 8., office of this paper, will be punctually at e tied 10 j 32 3f re I 08T?On Friday Mornirg, the 2'sf, iu the B wery. a f-4 UlickMilk linst an i Mantilla one Black Ualrt'ie do, fh'ileil in a napkin The tinder, hv leaving the sa e at II 3 Brordway, will I e suil llily reveaideil. j33lt*ie TU W \TCHMAKKlil4~AN D J r.'W K M.KK8 - Wa7te"d A situ Pirn, by au eapeneuced watchmaker, who would have no I'hjei'tiou' to go to the south onde an engigrin nt. A line eddies d X. / X . c-re of Mr. Chalineis. 311 Courtlandt street, wi I n eat w llh alt-nt' u. j*2S?teod*in p YCKe.T SHII* OCONKK. FROM r*KW ORLEANS. * it dischargnm *' 1'ier <nnaiirneei will please attand to the racei t of their goods immediately. j?22 lire B< >ARDINO AT St COURTLANDT ?TBEttT?Siaarl* gentlem n urgent <*l families cm he accommodated with bx.trJ and comfortable rooms, commune ol 11 triors ami bid rimma adjoining, at 27 Courtl.iiidt street, New Vi> I MRS. OR KB. The French language is spoken in the family j *2 1 n e id-* m DOuMh WII H I'ANTKIEH_A 1"TACHEU TO LET " ?With or Without Board, in a healthy and < elightful part of the eity, near a trace route, within thirty or furty rod* ol the Washington 1'aratle Ornunil Alto, three or four genllemeu rau be accotnm 'dated with Board and Bed Uooint I fruit mode ate. Apply at 19 kH tt?1. jll Jw?rrc Vt'KIST SHIP SlEll FOR hi V Kit POOL.? This ship hating been detained by head witd, wtl. mil This Morning, at 10 n't It ck The tteauiri >?t H " Rt IJ LES will leave Whitehall Dock at that time. Letter h-gs will te tinted at "ale's, Harudeu't, a tl the tleichantt' Exchange, at balf put 9 o'clock. J'22 It'tC 'PO PRINTERS.?One second hand A t>m< Press (doubts A inediuui tile) in complete order, for talelow? ipply to je|9*trc tt HOft. 4t CO 29 and 31 (sold at. Re. MOVAL ? K St S 8 RO< K WELL htve removed their Watch and lewelry F.itabluhinent from No 9 Attor Home to No. 1IJ B.'oadwav.n l'?w doors South of Canal at. Haviug made additional arraiiiiemeuu are prepared with lirat rate workmen, to lay very pauicular attention t.j repairing of and clockaof every description. je20 Jt'rc diOhi KEWARD will be given lor the recovery of a <iu intity yp&U of Fancy tl iod?, inch at bracelets, tildes, hair pint, hair tires* tat-elt, tills purses and bam, tilk emhr.ud-r tl tut* pend-r*, purse and bag cl taps, v Ivet, nentletnen't eiubrotd re.l eapa St r., atnl'n la>t night. >9 h intl. f on the tfre of IJ. M PKYsEltltCO M9U- adway , j 21 2 #ec PA< KE l hlllP HU.NT.SVILLE, h RUM NEW <'R LEA N8, is ditcharirn g a' font of Pike street, K. K Con turners will pirate attend to (he receipt of their goods imnit diatelv jS HIP^ S ? 2iO D y Su ted Illinois Hid-s For t by je 9 It rc E K I liLl.l NS St 1 ' I , 5d South ?t TRENTON FALLS, NEAIl UTIOA, NEW YOHK. THE Sll B8CRIIIEK Ul I tinee3 t'' the pnhlie. tint after an ahtence of tvso seasons, he hat returned the direction of the II hi I at the above place. I lie house hat b en thoroughly telurunited and put if coinnle'e ord r, and he trusts by tits attend, n to the ct inf rt nf his gnrsls to merit a reiuru ol the patronage to liberally tratcWcd on lum iu former yea I jail 2w rodit tc M MOORE. VMtLlON IIOUS- ? HOR r UAMlL'I ON, LUMI ISLAND?The tubtcribfr begs leave to auuonnce that he h't made arranermmu Willi t le Si a en LI Sreamh at Company tt> run tll-lr b lata. Oi. and after M .mil.i c the l7tlt iti.l lo 'lie all ivi? pi ice, ami for the sp,cial Hccuuitnod,.tiou of i Ik patrons and ? ? lo:s to thim f?vont? spot. Leave New York, fiom VVhit-lnll. at ti A. M. and 31{ P. M Leave Hamilton ikuse, returning to the cite at. 7v? M and P M ALONZO REED. j II Juawiitf rc PIANO FORTES?The an' scriber iufor'tii the public that he h?i on hand HW su|ierior ritioi, of dltbHt <1 u il ity and ecod wuikinausuip, at the lowest iiituuUcturera' prices, warranted, ana k*pt iu tone for one yea*. N fi. l'ianoi tuned, repaired and exrhsuited ?t the meat reaaonihle tertni. WM. LlNUt.MAN, I3'J' .enlre it, jr20 1 w *ec between Walker and White ?ti. COLUMBIAN M AUAZINK OFFICE, JAstorHouasThe t olunibnu M igH/.iue, Edited by John Inman. Copimencement ol a new vol. Comtknta of the July No. 1*44. Vol. 9, No. 1 : Original Art ciei, and written entirely by the Editor. 'J he Editor, with an Kngiavtng; T'ne Jova of Absence; Talkiug of Birds; The Key Found; (iraudeur; Horn o and Juliet in < heap?ide; Town and (Country, Friendly Dialogue; Nesvipaper Seedlings; A Lost Child; Duelling; Judicial Murder; 'J heOinuibusses; Frigid'. Mors; Washington; The Farewal'; Holbein's Dance cf Death; Wi-voan; A Hcimlilaii Apostrordif; L- Comp'e Ue fiaoalis; I he Wail of the Jilted; A liue Idtiny ol Love and Death; The K'ditoi's Daughter, with an eugraviug ; The I'rocst of Fcucation; V i' w near Cold Horror. wuh an enurnving; To the Courteous Header; books of the Mouth, Ike. Notiee to Correspondents. Kmbklushmlnts The Editor, engiaTeil by 11. B. SaJd, fiom a Daguerreotype miniature by Morand The KditorT Daughter, engraved by W. L. Ormsby; painted by Meuiy lumro View rear Cold Spring,.-ng-aved by J. C. Bultre; designed by W. II BartVtt. Frsliious, c doied, four ligurrs. Music?" 4>ome to roe Love; poetry by Mrs. Emma C. Embury; Muric by Mrs. C. L Hull. 1 erras -S3 per annum iu ailrauce; two copies for 95, or one copy two years for 95 ; single Nos. 21 cents each, delivered in any part of this city aud Brooklyn, and rent bv mail to all paits of the Ujtteil statrs ?ml the Cauadas, by Uie publisher. A' dress, post paid ISRAEL PO* T, 3 Astnr House j-21 lt?ic THE AMERICAN LETTER MAIL ( O. continue to carr* l'lpra to Philadelphia, U<>>too, .in' the Eaatero citir*. They IttW IlktwiM lately NtftblilMd oAoee is Albany and 'J rov, and will carry letter* to any i.l the above named place* lor 6la c ati?twenty tlauipa for one doll ir. Partii u'ar attention paid to foreign Lit' rj. The rei ent dec ai'ni* of ludgea Story and Sprague eiubliilieil tli- right m individual* to transport letter*, ate., aud tha Co. rely upon the public to aupport the euterprue. Office 'jti Wall ?lrect, b'aeiiirut. jfi'i 3t#rc E. J. ACKLEY, Aitent for the Prorriefr*. FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. VIOLATION OF THE a.IMF. LAWS t-PHE Nr.W YORK SPORTSMEN'S CUB hereby offer 1 S'i R. waul to any p*rton who will informitiou to thv Sgcre arv i.fill" *aid Club, at his office. N<> 20'-hambeii itreet, in the City of New York, ol any peiinn killiug or having in hi* PHMMN any Woodcock bet wee* trie *1 dayol Keuruary and the lit day of July, in any year, or of any reraon killiug or hav ng in hi* pn**r,*ion any partridge or quail beI ?reu the bin of January and the Jjth day of October, in any year S?id information to he tucli a* will obtain the co iviclion aud enf nor iii- .t ol either of itie followl -g pmltlnt~ Sec I No per* ui ah* 11 k'll any Ouula or i'aitridre* in eittnrof the c .uut e? ol N-w York, Kng* One*. and Weilelnaier, betwreu the bth of' Jauuaiy ai-u the ?>.h day of October. Sec. 2. Whoever ah'll off'nil agiintt the provi'innof the l?*t p'ecedn g ection*. and kill uuy H*>tridge or (fuail. *h til forfeit lor pit W ml or Partridge > killed, lh? tin nut of $ i V. c. 1 Anv teraon who a ail evpoae to le any Partridg" or l^ii il i' either of ilie*aid ro'int'r* n-.pecnvely, or ahall i orch i*e or p o ure. or ?ba'l l ave in hi* poi ran in any nl the a.i-I gam*, in ei.h-r f the aaid cu itie* our ng the rime when t e kill I g of toe g one i* pi oil, lute I by law, mall I r de me I go .'ty o * i ling the 'aid 'fa e, and liabie to th - pen ilM-a r?t.abii*hed. w I'in t?.? fmif prohib t?il Src 4 I iritty l'<>r ki'lioK Woodcock wi*hin thetimA prohibit*by I m ucu as d to ?6 or a-iy Woodci.rk killed, mid (hi p ii-t ty '? imp ?ied u.?on e?ery person who all ill # iih *r kilt ?. purr, i fir i A ? iu hit possession a Wooucock within th i 'in - i uo ith*d ^ruiOba L|..t, 18 7 <haptT28 J tMfc8 .vlcliAY, Attorney at Ltw, 20 i hambTs stre t. j ??2 It* rc Secretary to fhe N. V 8 ?ort* r?e ' < 'ub. HV V \ ?N A AM) PHINriPK CM \ Rx?20 MO Norrifga *e rir*, tu|?rior; in (00 l)e Moyat ; 2i,i00 La Norum; to.' 00 K ru a <?os: 10 000 IikJm ('z<td>ras; 20,1( 0 La Union 1o 00 . h t|>* r HZ i. re y t. ? . f 000 Km.,k rcui; 6l)00; 6 00 LrikiI; 0 t 00 " a Pni??* ," superior ; 30,00) Cuba "egi'-i .r>0.'0 Ju to 8'i z i nucipe ; 16 00" Dp La ? ruz'*?*ilh oth?r hole* brandh m kii.if a c in|?l te attortm ut?lor sa;e cheap for cash, by theqa*r erboxorih usiud bv h.VAC If ?MI I'll. 203 Kro 'tt'reef, IU |^ n\v#rr opposilr hiilioi) Mnk.1'. DAY & MARTIN'S BLACKING. 'PIIK lihM hK l)AV 4i M \ li 1 I N'S BLACKING, * nip tried f i>m Lu duo, may b*funnd at th* M'.ni B ncliirg \V rrltout*, Nu I John ?tn", C' rnerof Broadway, which it kept fur ale to accommodate thnae gen en w tin prtIVr th* hnglish vr-i la I.* '? Impr ved Steam Hi ckiug i?nniv;n?l y a'm tt -d to te the heu blacking miouficttirrd inth- Ut it u St.tea. C i f.lui m nulmtured bi. rki g III tint city foitv \e ,r-; hit made inor* in ipn t'ty, and belt r in q iality t.l an ant n h r |k-r>? , In thi? 'nioliy. and it tin* 11I1V t in .mil, c n er in ihe t 'oiTau Statu The "imi roved sta-rn blacking u lully * ii I in qn I ;t v to the higluh, audio par e-nt teaa iu price. I)r li ra i i lb* miieV.ti.d gentlemen who pietpr a ?u-eiior u.My. are iatl er tfully aulicitvd o rail before purt haling altawl.e a, ?f the "team Bl-Ctiuff Wgieh uia, No. I Johu ali'-at, con.eiol Broadway. NBA vary tupainir article of Black and Blaa Ink and Blirk Varniih inaumaUured aa abora CHARLES LEE. ftLD Ol'AKD. 1)1 I'l'V k CO BRANDY ? In hair and ' ' righfh pip'l, vi Ligea nl 1131, 'J2. 33, '30, '39, '10 and 'tl ? adiag Irnin tlia Amur ki. Ca I Ste|ieu?"n, I'nm Hiudeaiia, ii.iiori.-il diiact lha bona*, (under Cuatom-houia lock,) inn lot talc in 'iuant'ti?a n tun pnrrhaaara, by j!2 I'rc K K. COLLINS Ik Co , i6 South ?tre?t. OHMtf \I\M MCToliV AM) OK.NTLKMKN'S ' . CI.OTHlNt* nTOHK. 60 Mmdrn Lina ?Sbirin inula to inlar nfiar tlin latait and muai apprurrd Kia.ieh pnttarna. t. lolbing of all dracripti'ina made to ordar at tha l.llowimt low pricra, ri/.: liraat and Krork Coata mideand trimmad from $T to t 0 nn I'anta'onua and Vai a " " 1 W to )i 7i A Kanaral attoitmant of (tantlainan'i Clothml, of all d arriptiona. eo itartly on hand. WM CvtLLlNS. j 72 lin*rre POISONS! POISONS! POISONS! \RE ytmtnibM with Vaiminf Tha fnllowinir praparn ti ina ara warrantad to aitarmiuata had buna, corkroarhaa notht, anta, rata inma, tliaa. Km, inuaquitora, and .ill maaclt ilUrVing iha veyatahla kiugdoin The had hng pniaon may ha iti-d wiihoot injury to bed tamlt and bedding, and invariably auraataful The I'.itrhnully cornpnai.d fur de? mcli' n of tha motha in lam.ela wonllain, rl thing, fun. rhiira, coaliiooa, lie., ann nr 11 ii ih'a fnrclolh, lur and llannal da-ilara. Tha Comiiiinnd hamicnl Wlmla Oil Soap karpt the roaeugt, rurnilio, coccua and other inaecta from the Uvea, planlt .nil tegetahlrv. T..e celrhratad Kly Taper mil diapel lliaa and muiniitoat al eitnally. Thara la no a*anc f in tint cit7, and only to be had from thnrentor. I DH. LKWIU KEUCHT WANG Kit, 60 Maiden laae, 2d door from William alra. t, Removed from 2 Wallatreet, N B Re riflitioiia not to purchase any where alt*, purporting o be my prepnnUioua mli 3u? Im'rc I AMUSEMENTS. PARK TIIKATRK. ~ Boira J? ceuli | Pit - Vi cwiti I Hillwy ll>4 'nta. ? 1III8 KVKNIN'* June SSdTwiil be performed the dr?ma 1 of the \ OUNO SCAMP I Afirr which. lit time for v?n, th? grand aqua operatic earn- i rac-ii-aaof THE Of.* r. DEEP SKA. I Tc c-oc udr K'lR I U N IO ! , NIBUPIf (iAIil)KN. OPEN BOA THE BUMMAH SEASON J The eoiarlaiuinenu will be under ihe direction of 1 M K M I T r. H r L L the I unliable l'-rre called die THIS EVENlNlr June a.'d. Kit. w II be produced ungual Approuoe Bag'telle. called POLK A-M AM * ! I Jemmy, H' lleud | L turn Doriug'ou. Mitt Taylor -i la Ibe coune of the pirc La I'ulka will be d uicrd by Mua | May wood and Mi Welle. , Afler which a variety ot?uuulir n,d a?t>.i.irlilng performascca , by the HKUI'IH,>- A.NS, nuoer tbe title ol'ibe . KillAL PILLARS 1 An InUrutieaou of iwente iu uutee. I Immediately af-*'the id fiuniiU'O MON*- I AKKIMIK, the ( fuel Druinuier of Kmuce will g > through Willi a t variety ot ex rueea To conclud v i li tb- oopnlar farce of tit* NEW FOOTMAN. IT^-TICKETS FIFTY CENTH-fH NO FOSTPONKME.N f at tltia Establishment on aceount of wessther, u (lie Ortsud Entrance from Broadway to the 8a loon ia protected, and the New hsa'nou, which is Ventilated from the lop and aidea, can lie enclosed at a momeut't notice OLYMPIC T1IKATKK. IMMENSE'. AT PRA^no* FOR THIS WEEK. < THIS EVENING, June n.l. 1 " The N'ecroo aucer of lli? l"?'li < ruturv. Mr SUTTON, t will iulroduce a variety of " Mutual ' Mechanical and M n;uetic Ex|irnnteuta ; aeenea of Veutti)oqiii<in ; and conclude hta poaitivly nnnvalled |ietf>rmaiicei with a " trica" that hall atlouiah nil. The urrit stupendous ami inarvelloua CoidWnter Trick will be shown each rveutux. See wood CUU and mall hilla. Uonra o|ien at hal'.pase 7 ; <'urt tin ris?s at II o'clock : Low?r Buret cent a ; Upper do .5 cnta; I'll 12 Fa; Private Boaea f'l sad 14 lur families. Boa 1 ITo e oiten at usual. jeltilw'rc VAt,X11AU" Acting ManaKer.. Mm Timm I Stage Maoaffer*>Mr. Walcot THIS KVEMNU, J one 27d. The performance will cininn'tica with ilia YOU NO SCAMP. ? hich. the eelrb'aird f<rc?, called BOOTS AT I HE SWA'M. Intermission of half an hour, after which a dance by M AD'LLK CELESTE To C'.ndude with the laugh tM-Furca called POLKAMA -IA o- No P-stponemeut on account i ftha weather ; AMK1UCAN MINKUM, AiKIAL OAHDEN. AND PERPETUAL FAIR, Corner of Broadway and Ann afreet. P. T BAHNUM PROPRIETOR. K HITCHCOCK MANAi'KH Thursday, Friday and Saturday, June '2i)th, 21?f and 22it. GUANO PERFORMANCES Each afternoon, at lial'-p-at) o'clock, aud 8 in theeyeaiag. THE GIANT AND GIANTESS! Are to bea-en every day ftom 1U o'clock A M. till 1 P. M . from 2 till Jlf. aud from 7 till 10 o'clock, l*. M . ORPHEAN FAMILY OF VOCALISTS ! < () e of whom ii a LITTLE MISS OF O.N1.Y SIX YEARS ! 1 are re en.aged b" nmveraal desire. M'? Western, Great Wratern, La Petite Cerito, and others are engaged. , THE INFANT SISTERS. ' Celebrated all o*er Kuropj as (lie inort .cci mplishtd Juvenile ( Uoitcrrt mid Siugera, kiii aivenr in a fe w days. BJ" Adtniuiou to the whole 23 cents?cmldrea under tea | years, half price. je20 rc f'KALK'SNKVV VUltK DllSUUJU. ' AND nCTU&K OA LLfcll Y , Broadway, oop nite the City Hall. MB. H BENNETT. MANAOKB. I U1ANT BOY-IS V EAKS OLD. SEVEN KEET HIOH ! DWARF 1 , THREE INCHES SHOUT EH THAN TOM THUMB !! AND A OIAVTKMS m.\ KEKT SIX ; T WKLV fc H K It K O K M E It S '. AC KOR ONE Sll LI.I.NO The cleb'a'ed l'OKEtl M \NIA, by the OiirHAK Family. ' The r til POfvEK D.a.NlE; e cu i*r.orm.r beiuK supplied I with a red hut oLe. ' Kiik uenient of MONS. AND M \DEMo S- LLE CHECKINI. 1 Who, with tb-ai.iitu.ce of a Bal et Cir ?. w.ll introduce a 1 O It AN D DIVE H T1S EM E N T. I!nn,i,linu of * t,ri..iv ..I I) ,1..? ......... ---a -?* rei... l*rf.?rin nice to conclude with a COMIC TAIILKAlJX HV THE WHOLE COMPANY Mm It'1SAL11". CLINh , the ?cc nnplithed Sorgxiren oud Damenie, LA PETITE A It \1c. K. poml of vloui. Clierkiui. mid La Petit" ELOiAE CUM Kl.NI. WONDKRK CL ORPHAN H'AMILY; Or. Peony-beg Minstrels ! Who i'u? higher and lower th 11 any otner melodiiti in America, ai oiu ol them staudsxevex e*t high, and ano:her tweutytwo idclira. [t"7*" Afternoon Performance* Wednesday's and Saturday'! at J"o clocn, for the convenience of the day visiters; no extra charge to the i>eif?rinancr> To commence in the evening at 8M o'clock Admi ai' n one xhil'ing. j 16 CA?TLK (JAltUEN. THIS rv>TN|NO June 2'. GREAT FESTIVAL AND GALA ! LO DOM EN ICO UU11EKAU ! aa the Fire Fiend, for i the tirat time, BIGNOil Hh NRICO oa the Spanish Prl-r Wilkin*, or Air i Cleaver Togither with a to guilijeut di-plny of KIKE WOKK8 ! A Splendid Piece callt<l the Star of Trxai. Pyrotechnic Artists t<> the Gard-u, Iiaac Edge, Jr. and Win. Stanton. Exhibition will commence at 9 o'clock precixely. New Votk Hraxa Bacd will give an luitrnmeul il Concert. HENRICO, ?uroamed El Jaleo, on th* corde Horn, will actnally render him&elt mibleand it.visible! Succeeded by Lo U iineuico tourer.u. termed in Srnni a d Italy. II Diuvolo del fwgo, ill which lie Will appear a'.tired a* the Site S irnd waving at the tndol Ilia Char Jied Pole two Glubea o: Gorgeous Kire; FIREWORKS !?Signal rocketx will be fir'd at tundown aidwartwra till9o cl< ck/wlnn th*exhibition will cam iatca wittr brilli ;"t d (1'thatiitcao Light*, .Vlarjee 8>gtie 1 Rockets, with Gold Itiin, . t < IJ I Poland,|t rnss of Melt i, snpaltwu pound Knikett, Willi Serpents and Silver Comet. Mar ol I ex it, two pouud Kockeu wiin Srr|<enla, one |>ouud ruckrlt With st rt. Adinit ance 26 cuts?Children half price. HO. DEMPSTER8 LAST ENTERTAINMENT. NY. SOCIETY L111 It A It Y . Uroailwity and Lenuard ttreeu ?Mr DmsM hat th* hooar to aaaawat Mat hit xixih and l.nt voe-| enieriniinneut will be givru at the Society Libraiy on MONDAY EVENING, June tilth, when lie will xing the folio* inn tongt and tallada. viz:?The Spot where I wax born; When the night wind hxwailetn; Joliu Andertou my J i; 'llirlo ely au'il wife; I ha loved one waa not there; The blind ioy, Client of the Ir sh emigrant; Jesmir Morrison; Let ox love one another; My Nauuie, G; A home iu the heart: I'm wi ll veu once utm. m.,1 'I'h, ,u?ih ,.i t**..-.-.. Bills giving funher particulars may Le hail at the miuiu stores anil at ili ? Library. 'I irkeis SO cents?to h? bad at the door. Doori open at half [ait 7, in riiin.iicni it M o'c ura. jH S iiSi.VI Git AMI) CONCERT AT THE BROADWAY TABKRNAGLE. MONDAY. TUKSDAY, AND WkDNESDA*. June 21th, 20th and 26th. THK ORIGINAL ETHIOPIAN rah REN ADERS, MESSRS. HER MOW, STjiNWOOU, ILiRRISUTOtt f PELIUM, Having been i-truovi .n b? the Elit* of the different Citiea in wbich they have li id the li nor of appearing, vir.: Boston, Philadelphia. Baltimore aud Washington. respectfully announce to the LADlKS and (JEN l LKMKN Ob NEW YOltK. th't I lie y will give three of their INIMITABLE ENTERTAINMENTS AT THK BROADWAY TABERNACLE, Commercing on MONDAY b. V K.\ INI?, Jui e 24 th, and con? tiuuiug three conn'in'ive Evenings. 'the Entertainment con isling of Hongs, (flees, Cho'Usse*. Comic Lectures, etc. elc. the music from the must popular Operas, acci iniiauieil Willi III Accurdeun, liirjo, Cougo Tambo and Bone I asliartli, in all ol winch they stand UNKIVALLKO IN THE WORLD ! For particulars tee hm ill U lis. Tickets 2i i etts <hi 111 rep under 10 veari accompanied with llirir pireiita or tiitidiaua half price. Doors open ?i Jlj, Concert at U o\ lick. j-21 (it'ec OLE HULL. OLK BULL most iei|e'- fullr announces that his only Couce't in New York pre iius to lis d lurture for Canada aud the West, will take place at the labaruacle, ou h ridar r.Tilling the 22 h Ju..e, mil Particulars in smail Bills ami papers of the day. jn22 Dr.l I 111:. lUWATb AlAIn B1IL.L. A1 llU?UIYE.iN ! OWIN O lo llie great curioaile in Ulileited by It e N? w York i ublir Id me (lies- uonle tp.cimt-ui f the unc.vilized ludion from lli W oil ami lo the uufiVorable wrather tliey have h.d f it display of iheir performances, thee hive been induced I.. prolong Weil villi el Hoboken for uue inoir week I iiey w.ll r m in Ihere encamped until nail Tuesday, J'lne 25 th, and w lnle ih-r will p<es?ul a p-rle. t Iie tunile ol' Indian hie in ill* forest by a i riformme* ol ill ir various chasacteristic Dances. Kites, < rrru o ies. Ike , Ik : . la m . th hours of fonr a d Six i i tlia a'tefonon; viryin* their perfotmauies e rrv day. "White Cloud11 is the most c J brat.d Indian Chief who lias b-en in New V ork sine-the time ol U uck Hawk, a d i < aion g the 11 iirrili r of tho r w h.ise |iom,ills are im nnrializeo by CatI in, who also makes worthy mention of llua Chief m his work oil Die Ah ,rigiu?s Ncw-mou-ya, ( Walk in li e Rain,) lh' third Chief of the Nation, ai d rt -inou-ty vah (tiMit Medicine Man.i also h long to ilirdeitgaiioi. auu have every where a traded mm It ilteut'on These warriors are on their way to k uro|"e, from their hunt iuk grounds '>00 miles west of Ii- Must's p,i. Tlie?irryh ais Ir m Barclay, Canal ni l Chrntoi her streets land witrilii '00 yards ol ih-ir riuauipmeut The k.ehibition is f re j-18tw*re JUST ARRIVED IN NEW YORK, THE HEAL TRUE VAEENTENE VOX. C|l?\?lR OUIB-Pi K VAl.*'N'l INI ( Native or Venire) 1 C* he first a d i nly VtcNTHILO iL'IST ol he day, vvh ir |i iwer iu l'e above taleut at in.lnd not only! e various amileurs on thes me |H"lorniaiire, out ev-n eclipH-1 all Professors of it, in ev-ty Country, where he has been hg lv iiatrm ized? I viz. in Kr gl ii I by ill- lto?al Kami y and Nobility; ditt > in i Ireland, Scut aud, at d . l-ii at Hamburg Stc N. U. alllMIR I) V will, in Hilitnion to Ins nnrival'ed Power ol Ve lrdoi|Hvin, g ve one of he utost Incredible |ii ces of perfo. maccr ever heard in lh- w< rid which, with the aid of his Uuilar and Voice, give a perfect irnnation i f a MILITARY BA.NU This performance mud real'y he heard to b- believed. HUJNOK ii V A L k N I IN I is> s1 to the inhabit mts ol New York and its vn iinty. that he ?h rtly inlands ap|>e<ring b f re the pubhc ; toy> her with Ins fa- 1 ther, S.grur I nmuiico V llentlul.l'rolesio of Music a, d Nine- ' log. For | srtii ulara, see tdvertia-menn )'2 It'rc | STRAW Hi m Hi.?STK AWlilii ?|i^LAUNKnnatto tnient of Straw Hood, st ran be d ?Bw)> fi uud in the etty. very rheap at Young's First I'remium Ht'sw list Manufactory . '4 Bowery , Compris- I irg a large variety of line and rstra fine split Sirsws. do d >. s Tuscans, do. do. Neapoiitac l.tce, from the commonest to I the very best imported articles, at whoh sile aud retail. (I |l I!) St* rrc. TEETH ! TEETH ' J TEETH !! ! , TTNPRECKDKNTKD KKDUCTR'N made in Dentistry. J by N TAYLOR. Surgeon Dentist, 62 Ksst Broad way, successor to W 'J ho b Killing Teeth with line gold (oil |1f0 Tiu boil 'i0 Hit justly celebrated Mineral 7i Teeth set on Pivot 7'i fills; on Silver Plate, $2, Hold, SI. R-fereut e given or tpecimeut can be teen, by ai pi. i-g a' the I tfTiee. j-ai VM . Orrn.1. or tm IIoi'sstoisii H It Co 2 * lili I on ir nr.Ju e ; 7, I e C 4 ) Rv It FS'U.IJ I'll IN of I'e Diiec'ors. m Age, cy for lh Transfer * f 'lie Stuck i f t'-e I|,.u.u-mc Hail osd i oin> ai \ * hu been-stahli h d in the city of New Vi.rk, a( lh- rffsos- i. it k Ii I. .*? iii'v i , k, No 4 Hvcovr sir -t Sioikhold i wi hnig their stock t? be plac d on the hook, of the tg nc\ l id leansf rrah'e .1 tint urtlc -, ate rei|nind lo (ransler the slick n the llndgeport office for this porn n? II. IV11 HOLS, Tieasurer i The Transfer Books are now opi u and trausfer. may tie made | Ii-tween (lie I sol II . 11,4 l I' M j'2lttlt*IC DR. pf~T()VEJOY, I ATK. of Owego, wishes lo inform his friends that lie h" | L rern< ' ed to this Cllf, and has taken an OKKICKat S'i a BROADWAY. jelB undhltw re* a BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Shipwreck ?The Norfn k IWcou says, the cfcouner M Iionuuijli, of und from New \ork, Captain 'ut krrpfi.i itiil to Jutunui', St Domingo, with aca:?o of 01 k beef, laid, butter, etc , went aahore twelve riulea ortli of N.ik a, on iaat Tkura.lay, Sl.e apriing a leak n the <?ulf on Wednea "aj laat, anil with ^ exer'igna fie wa kept art-rat until ?lie w?in aahore a* atute.l aboae I ho cargo i> all landed but damaged aa tar a* water ran lamagr Ttir* bread in 1 rice la a total lota The venae!, iiiKO and maleiiaia, will be .old on the beach on the 24th intent. Mule* of StiH'ka at Plilliulrlpelu. fibat Doabu, June 21 *470 Old County ft'a, 98 ; 20 aha >* () < i 1a Dk, 32 ; 7 Wilmington UR. 23 j , I AO do do. ft da, , 415 do do, 23 ; SOU do do, ft da 23 ; 3VI do do bft, 23 ; no do do, 3 da. 23 ; Norrlatown KM , OA ; $D 00 Camden t Am boy O'a 09} ; $899 H'ate O'. Ml, ho ; $2043 do '4(i HO i i iliarea Union Hu.k, Tenn , tit, >,2600 State ft'a, 77; i.iOOO do 77 j; *6000 rlo ft da 77J. 400 abaiea tirrard Bank, l| ; $72 I.flintti Mortgage Loan >'.? $400 do 09} ; $6000 Ilea k IJ' I , 71 ; flnOo do 7oj , $3000 do 70 ; loo aharea Itoninit'oii K II, dti. Si.coui Board June 20?60 ahnrca Oirard Bnnkllj); lb do do iH $lft 000 Cheaapeake and De'aware 3 da 71; ,000 State Kives 78; $5000 do bft 70; $.>000 do 5da 79. . SHIP NKWN. ByThla lflorntii?r's Southern Hall. PHn.AURi.rHiA. Jure 21?be'ow a bartjue, aoppoaed the J? >|i n.r frum .Va Urleaua. and two bri a uamea unknown, off WW C.1 t> k.I .TIM II, i.I?? 1'? a.r 1.,. II..... II.... l.ll niu>_ Mil Miy Fluwi-r, W?lu, Livrrpel, W-ter Witch, L? Bruu, ll Thoinu; k ?t- Pi ndrrgrxit, Boiun. Port Hptm , Trmiead BEACON COURSE?TBOTTWO. | 'IMIlJRsU/VY, JuneS7ili,at 4 1'. A1?Puree $410, three mile 1 heatx in kmie^ II Woodruff eiitei;, b g t'oluuih'e 1) Uryaut " B. in. Lnuy Siilt.MW. <J Hi I iff, " li u Auo-ii u*. j-JlOlieVc RACING. "pHK. Trnttiri; Puree* a'e offered bv the Proprietore, to come A off ovr the above Coune, July 4 h. 1114 : ? Puree the Kir>t, $30; mile healr, under the etddle, for hortea ,h?t never i rutted In in 'Bey Puree the H'cond eame d*y. $11, mile heite. be*t 1 in 5, unlet the eiddje. t*ee Cor bmil tint never w <n a puree. Puree ti-e Third, eau.e da\, 8 0, mi'e heete, I eit 3 in 1. in lia'neie, for hor *e that i e . er wo. a i ur?e i yer $33 Purse the Kcu ill. eame day. $30 uu e been, beat S in 5 to weicm, for Imeei never wiu a puree <>l $la Puree tiie h iltn, eauie d ty, $30. quartee mite heate, fiee f.r all meniuB lioriee. Tlie Above Fu'iea to rloie on rr l?f r* TI??iwiH? r lm w u 10 o'elnrk, I* M lit Jon< lie ml Warit Hrt. I. th ee or amre1-> mnke a race ; lor each i ur?? the rum-ir* hor? in carry k?cl) wnthl. je2l 2 ? 4 ( RAND FISHING AND OTHER EXCURSIONS." 00 TUB Htenmbn.t > HOMAi MAI MONI), lw^NpaJ0''?i t-'ill 1' Mi.'iltz. wil' run to llie Fislili 1 Jm m i 1 if Ui k* tinriu 11 tin- -ntiin, Mm dty?, 1 ue?jaya, Wedneailavs, Ti.uradaya m il Fril-ya Place, i.f % opiiiiiit? Aini'i itreet, 8li ; On I iter, 8X; ( alliance F> rry, llmolrly 11. !) ; Pike itcrt, !)h( ; I'ier No I, N l< , ?X : aid Kurt Hamilton. n*li way, nil wii g time to vi?it the F> it ileatinns, r. uruiuK and la> il ul the vair.e f acet < hmih ruiaida in A I ami of in nc wih accompany the b>ht daily. A 1 claim provider lim a at a tin i'l ch me?bail furuiai e.l r tt'l. Those who IniuK b > ilt innat bruit: ih-ui to 1'ier No I. Noith River. Nocturne T r h iviiy Diuner and irfreahraeula on board. K for the r xcuraion 10 etn'a SATURDAY AFTERNOON h XCURSIONS for ( hit dreo, Kainiliea and Hcho >|a, to Fori Mtuiilteii aud lower Bay, every Saturday dtrn * ill* leaaon ?'lie- boat wl'^ leav* Amos atreet, at ' I" M ; Canal alreet l>? ; Ua Untie Kerry, Brooklyn. IX ; Pike atieet IX ; and Pier No | N. K 2 Retur mil I ml at the same place i liambei inaula in atlend?uce He. fntliriieiiti on board. Fare lor lhe ex uraiou, only ONe, SHILLING SUNDAY EXCURSIONS TO TURTLE BAY. WARD'S ISLAND. THROW'S NK' K AND NF.W iVOCHKLUF.?every Sn idnv duri-y th? aeaaoo. Lean g Agioi ttnelat!! A. M.; Canal aire-1 9'? : Pier No. 1 North River, 9X ; Catharine Ferry. Urnklyr . 'i\ : P|ke itreet, to and De laicey atr-Mt, 1(1 >4. Will l?a?e New Racliape at 4 P M ?a: d land at ttieaajne placei. Rel'reahuieuta ou board. Fare each way 21 recti Notici.?The subscriber who hat chartered this boat if alone responsible fir all bills all I eehia contracted on her at ecuut from the preaeut lime to th? aix li day of Sep embti litxt. uuleaa by written order Loui Cap W T Schul t HENRY E HIELL. Juwk 1?. ltd. j? mrt n? in Kfct'.ULAIl OPPOSITION. .Mm M KVKNIVO I INr. AT SEVEN O'Ct.K KOII ALBANY, without Landing.?Cabin SCbbSHQCE. $1 ; Der k JO emu; Berths 2"> Th'-sir mbnai PORTSMOUTH. (nptuu O. House, will le'vc the Pier Ht ill' f o>: of Cfjir s'rect. Regular days from New Ymk, Monday, Wedr.rrday end Fr d?v. From Albany Tu sd'V, 'I liursdav and enui'ay ? Tlii ' iHl h u biru leng'A filed cod lilted up 11 a i Ml and c?mfoiuble livid, with low bedJirg " d luruituri* through' u ? Bill- h l a uuijibrr of el--gan4 '?u.n lln im, and eau a cop.moil itr fiora u to JtO prni-ugeri. Haviu? a li*"l diaught uf wiU'r, slu will not bo cetaioeu on any o' tin- hurt O HOUSE U*neral Agent Passengers tali k tli s b at will anise in \lb.oo7 in ample time t' t .k? the moiling Iraiu of can aaat or west. For fieir lit or pssritge a piy n bu.i.d je 19 Im'rr FARE REDUCED !-rQR BOSTON,VIA NEWPORT AND PRlJV IDKNl'K uMM jtm FARE To BOSTON f2 '.0 ; Dark Fare 11 io ami H'ovidrnca tl. The SE^ and splendid rteuinboa' NEW JERSEY, Uapi K U. Furay. will leave the ii-r l oot rf Ba clay urret, uonh side, This Afternoon, at 4 oilock, Friday, June 21st. h or passage or freight. n| ply to H BENNETT, attherflica on the aln f ml Jin*re Hi IK IMLIFAX AND LI VTHn'OOl. /^aaifPW Tl"- Hotnl Mnil Mt-ainships Al'ADI A and BRH ANNJAf Wi|t leave B. stun I t iha A'AlJIA Monday, Jnly 1, 1844. BRITANNIA Tvrsdty, " 10, " Passage for Liverpool fl?0 " " Halilai 20 Apply to D. BRIOIIA.M, Jr. Agent. 3 Wall at, jegl ee NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. jml EOlt ALBANY AND TROY-Morning ^^gajjg"Jwa^>l.ine IroiD t >ir foot ol Barclay itiwl, lindiug 3C!X3LaI intermediate placet. The alramer LMI'IUK, Cnpuua 8. It. Hoe, lhi( morning. at 7 o'clock. The drainer TKOY, Captain A. Uorliain, to-morrow morning at 7 o'clock. K.vming r.,inr fiom the font of Conrtlandt itreet, direct. The (learner hWALLOW, Captain A. McLean. thi( evening, at 7 <i (.lock. The ateamrr ALBANY, Captain H. B. Macr. to-morrow evening at 7 o'clock, The Boau of thia Line, owing to their light dranght of wrier, are able at all liinea to part the bora, and reach Albany ami Troy in ample tunu to take the morning train of cara for the mat or weat. Kor paaaagr or freight, apply on board, or at th officea on the wliarvei. jejl rc wau kOH LIVKKTOOL?The New Line?Krgnur a^Pffbt Packet 21at Jnlv ? The aplenoid New York nnilt JRMK.nirl.rt ahi|i HOTTINOliKH. Ira Buraley, maater, 10 0 ion> nnrthen, will (ail aa above her regular day. kor Leigh' or paaaagr, hnvina very auperior accornmodationa nnaor|iaa?-d by anr ahip in port, apply on board, weat aide Barling (lip, or io WBODHULL "r MINTUltNB, i7 Honth at. Trice of riaaaage gllli, Th- li new packet aim Liverpool, John Lldridgr, maater, USO ton., \?il euccreil tleli itiiguer, and tail on lor irgnlar day, 2lit Augnac jttilit ic igf- p < > It 1.1 W.i. ft II i|,? New Line?Kegular I'acket MsFWof 2l,ih I "e ?'I he aiilend id iiacket a 1111. liAllHICK JMMKs' apfain H J II Triuk of 1060 tous, will Mil aa a'jnvf, rrtfuUr clay Kor freight or pt&Mge, haviOR act-omniodalinBS uri-ooalliHl lor pl(*iidor or comfort, apply oo b<?;ud, at Orkant wharf, foo )f Wall airwt, or to K. K. COLLINS It CO. 56 Booth at. Price of outage $ 100. Ttir lucfcrl ?hip Koaciaa, C?pt J Cnl'im. of ' 100 torn, will the (Hrrirk, tier) ami ih?- Jfclh of July. h?r rrauUr <I*T. m2Qro)ii2ftrr JOBIL OHi.E.A ^H.-LOUlttl \ A A *1) lBfoNKW YORK LI.N^ -H^ul-tr pack-r of 5ih Jn'y. ' Wfc * i?" l.nt Ml IIOK packet ship MlStOSlPrl, < ai tain L. Ill hard. Will l<tll am ntii.v.' Hirrn. hLmIh h or Ifimit ot pa-vw. haviua hiunlaoiiie turmabed accuiiiinnlatnma, apply <> > board, at OrWana Wharf foot of Wall alreet, or to A. K. COLLINS & CO ib Sooth afreet Ait?nn in New Orlenna?Meat . Hollin ?n?i Woodrulf, who will promptly forward all good* in their addreaa hh'|i|iera bv tint Line n ay r. ly upon havii 4 th ircond- corract v tnia.u ail I I tie Afcic- FOR -a A I.e. 11?* I I IV h.l V? I o clot- a conIrft^^^^caru, < t the Merchant!' h act- nie*, on *1 hotaday, 27th BVANNmw "at at I ci clock ? y I. M Hull man It Co , Ilia vary I... noil 1 in t ip l.< II I o VILI. K. '118 I.'DA bur'han, bu it in tl la eity in ilia vary beat uiinnar, ol vahit- oak loruit and cedar, noppara I .01 ' coi p r f.tata-iad, with handentne form h?d ac roinmodationa foi I) l aatauaara Apply on at Pike at. kharf't to K K I'Ot.1 INhkt (I MS nth it jit 1JC. K Mt I.I) N I It I N- a. k.'l a I tlia I r Inly?'I ha WTtldNktplanilid I at aailirg park-t ahio VI' TOHIA, Cap,<%i>Ulbw on C Moryaii, m 1 I till punctually as r b >va, har ,a uiooav. Thu auuerior park-t h?a very fiua arc tnmndaII.>? for emm , croud rahni and aiaaraya paiariifera. who wll ka (than at vaty raaauuabla rei't, if 'arty appln-ali >11 <r tnada in board, or to W k J T. TAP8 OTT. jv20 tlltrc 76 South it. corner Maiden I.ana. I \SSAOK Tor LIVMLPOOL?Saila cn FrikTSft^dav natt. tha 2lat of Juna ?Tha aplai did 'att tailing fiMtifau'l|'P AT I. A NTll .' art. Mat leu, ?ill a ai I aa abnva, . 1 >r .1 buitic r 111 hai.dtornafy accommodate a la at Id cabin nataniara in honaa on daak ; alto a limited number in tha parage, both at which will, on inaraction ha found vary eomrirt.hla. Tha terina of p ?aa*a will ha in .derat -. Aptly to haanbacriber/. Hot.IIK BROlHe KH tt 1 O. j a in IS Kit 1 too at. natt door to Fulton Bank. "Tor I, ON DON?Packet lit July-Tha tacht lcH3fy<>>ip VI. TORlA, (-apt. Morgan, will tail for LooIwlilltai Ion at above, her reptilar day. hnr paaaafa. yleuniu ACCuiDlwodationa, apply ,0 JOrf d Rruth.t. N. R. Paaaage from Liverpool and Lotidon, c i. at all timea a - I ^aifcl at th- luwrit ratrt by tha rrgu ar packcla. on ?i pltttiou a< above. j'ktfte FOR 1,1 V KRPOOL?The ahip A'I'L * N IC. kTTjV' aptam M'.ll t'. will I a dmpitciic nth flat I raj wUL 'ta regular icket ahip OAllRIi K et iem Tra-k. - o lime. ha'ar d v; an I -in'* l?" P?< kat h p iXKORU, I. >p am Ha hnora on 1 alt nl July, ?r r m ..r y. hi r, which w II be at rt"'' < itt ratea ..pplt to )e|?to"l?rc 1 Hh.hDVlts 61 ?m ih ?t AASAGK FROM V 'LA NO IRK AND. SCOT LAND VN tU'Uh' Vl \ LIVERPOOL fcO. TIIK tikacrilier li.ia mad um iualled arra. a menta JWhliir bring', g ' tit ami* i.ita this year. 1844 Tlioae BCpB^andniy 7ar ill'ir I'tianda would do wall to apply at heoTilaal'iblnl packet "Ifi" "I JOHN HF.RDMAN.II South at N. B ?The all 11 ol thia line now leave Liverpool every five aya. and draiii can aa naual be Turnivhed for any amount. pay hlaat all the pnnctpal ba -kmi lualitauoaa throughout the piled kiuadnin. api 11 aaabova. mil re

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