Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1844 Page 1
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f T H Vol. X., No. 174?Whole No. 3771. H ' To Che Public. H THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pnbH listed every day of the year except New Yoar's day and H Fourth of July. Price -J cents per copy?or >7 '70 P?r an" ^B hum -roatagua paid?cash in advance. . THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday H ** nwuiij{?price 61 cents per copy, or >3 13 per annum i > * #? paid, rush nulv&iica. . ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of H *hu Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, anil increasing H tut. It hoe the largest circulation oj any paper tn this aty, ^B ui '.\t world, and it, therefore, the i?*t channel for butineu as..i in the city *r country. IMcci moderate?cash in ad* ^B vn.ire. ^B r 1'tUNTiNCi ol ail kinds eaecutel at the most moderate price and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PuorHiLTon or the Hkhai.d Ejnm.ijHMg.r., H Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau (treats. * TAPSUOTT'S GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE 4B& mk m. m AHRAGEM ENTSTTYITHG. Th? subscribers beg to cill the nteutiou of their frieuds and the public g? uerally to theirtuperior una|i>iariiti for bringing 4 out passengers fro.'o, and remitting money to all parts of KnglEd, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, COMPRISING THE OUEEN OF THE WSST, 125* tons, THE SHERIDAN. 1000 tons. THE ROCHESTER, 1000tons. THE GAKKICK. 1000 tons. i THE HOTT1NGUER, 1000 tons. THE KOSC1US, 1000 tons I THE LIVERPOOL, 11M tons. i THE SIDLON3, 1000 tons. Sailing from Liverpool twice every month, and THE UNITED LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, i a c imposed oi superior, first class American packets, sailing F from Liverpool four times in each month, are the ships in which those whose passage may boengaeed with the subscribers will come out in, and it is a well Uses fact the above named packets are the most magnificent ships afloat, and the frequency , ot their sailing, (beingevery five davs) prevents the possibility of passengers being unnecessarily detained at Liverpool. Regardless of exjieose, in order to meet the wants of the pnblie and the wishes of their friends, Mr. Wm. Tapnscott, one of the firm,lias unue to Liverpool to superintend the departure for tliii country of such persons whose passage may be engaged w i ill the subscribers, a fact, which to those acquainted with Mr, W. T., is a sufficient guarantee that they will receive everv attention from him, and be quickly and comfortably despatched. ' Should etiose sent for decline coining, the passage money i will be promptly refunded, without any deduction?as usual. Remittances?Those remitting money can be supplied with droits at tignc. tor any amount, parable free of discount or any otner ciiAi-na. in every principal town in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. i Appsy Hi oy letter, post paid,) to - W. fit J, T. TaPSCOTT, 4J Peck slip, f new * ora?or to 1 IP) WM TAP8COTT, Liverpool. j OLD ESTBLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE ! OFFICE. 61 SOUTH STREET, NEW YORK. m m & m Passage can be engaged fromLiverpool by the following spiendid packet ships comprising the Old Black Ball Line of Packets | sailing as under From Liverpool. e- The ship COLUMBUS, Captain Cole, on the 16th February. Tliv ship Y ORKSHIRE, (new) Bailey, on the 1st March. The ship OAM BRIDGE, Capt. Barstow, 16th March. . Tin tlup ENGLAND, Captain Bartlett, 1st April. The slup OXFORD, Cnntam Rath bone, 16th April. 'I lie MrtNTRZIIMA I l.?_n.r l.f M.? The ship CUUOfi; Captain harber, 16th May. The ship NtW YORK, Captain Cropper, l?t Jane, in addili-iu_kl theabove superior ships, thesubscriber'sarena it ill have a MFeeuion of first class Aniricau ihipe despatched, ^ u cn?tom?rr, from Liverpool, every foar or five day* thronghout tlio year, to the dilfvrent pora in the United State*, by which passage can be secured ut reduced rate*. Tho?e lending for their friends residing in Great Britain and Ireland, may rei ly ih .t every care will be taken to mak' i>ass.*ng>-r* as comfortable ra they cnn reasonably expect, and should the passengers not come out, the passage money wilt be promptly refunded. Drafts can as naual be furnished, payable at ihe National and ' Provincial tiaulr* of Ireland and broncho*; Eastern Bank of p Scotland and b ouch***; and on Mcitrs. J. Bait, Son Ik Co., I Banker*, Loudon; Messrs. J. Darned St Co., Bankers, LiverPool, 'vhit h ye payable thronghont England and Wales. Kor forth; r particUats apply (if by letter past Paid) to i JOHN HhttDMAN, 6) South street, near Wa'l street. 1 N. 0 Fassace to Liverpool and London can at all times be engaged by the regular packet ships, sailing for Liverpool every five cJavs, and to London on the 1st, 10th and Mtbof each moutfi on application as above. jlJre MAJtSELLLKS LINE OF PACKETS. - fBk The undermenriunru ships will be regularly dispatched from h nice en the 1st, and from Marseilles on the 9th of each month diiriuit the year as follows:? From New York. Marseilles, MINERVA,*'.apt. Br. wu, Dec. 1 Feb. i TKKBCOTT. Lapt. Mynek, Jan.) March S ii'KV T liOMP80N,Capu.Sylvester, Feb. 1. April i HELLESPONT, Capt. Adams, March 1. May 5 COR1OLANUS, Cupt. ilai 1c, April 1. Jauei Xliev xre all coppercJ and copper fastened, and have excellent ftCcouiMode.linu* lor rtasrugers. '1 iie price oi c itm pr.nage vrili be $130, esclnsive of Wines nd liquors. r Goons addressed to the agents, BOYD k HINCKEN. will be lorw .rurd free of other cnorges tlian those actually paid. M ot freight or passage apply to LAWRENCE U 1'IiLLPS. 103 Front street or to BOYD St HiNCKKN, Agents, No U Tontine Buildings PARAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND * & n ii 1IT THE BLACKBALL oOu) LINOir LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Hailing from Liverpool on the 7th and lvch of every month.] v Persons it ishiug to send to the Old Country for their fritmls un make the necessary arrangement* with the subscribers, and hare them come out in this superior Line of Packets, Sailing Iron Liverpoolpunctually on the 7th and 19th of evary mouth, l'liey w ill also hnve a first rate class of American trading ships, k sailing every cix days, thereby .aHording weekly commnnica .. . iV.ii.1 n..p, M... ?i .d. i \a" i- n ii..-u^v there,to ?<>? t?at they shall be forwarded with eara and </espaich. Should the parties agreed for not corns out. the money will .1 be returned to those who paid it hm, without aay reduction. 1 UTlie Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, compriac the following m:uiuificeot bhips.vix 5? The OXFORD, The NEW YORK, ? CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND NOHTH AMERICA. Wilh such superior and uneanalled arrangements, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance or that support w hich haa been ei tended to them so many years, for which lh?y are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can at all times obtain Drafts at tight for any amount, drawn direct w on the Koyal Gnuk of Ireland, Dublin, alao on , Messrs. FRE8COTT, OROTE, AMES St CO. Bankers, London, which will be caid on demand at any ol the Bauka. or their Sranches, in all the oriucipal towns throughout England, trend, Scotland and Wales. ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO. 35 Fulton street New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Paokots tail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st and Pith of each month. Parties returning to the old country will Gnd it to their comfort and cdrautage to select this favorite Liae fortheir conveyance, la preference to snv other ? THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS month. From New York. L'vool. Nsw Ship LIVERPOOL, 1110 ton..jD?k ? ft*- ? J. Eldndge ;Ang. 21 Oct. ? N.thip<*UEENOFTHKWE8T,H??/ ff jiV. ! 1250 too. P. Woodhonse. |i Nov. I N.w ship ROCllEBTER.WO ton. jlfjf/ 21 Aug.' I John Britton ( Oct'r 21 D*<?t 6 . 1 Vtarrh 21 M*v f. BD P HUTTJNUUfcK. 1010 torn, I V":: a;-: " Ira Duraely, jftSk 8 J&uy 6 Thrae auhatanlial, faat sailing, firat clan ahipt, all built 10 the city of New York, are commanded by men of egpeiriearr D-J ability, aud will b? diapatched punctually oa the 31at ol Mlc> moalli. i ncir cabiai ar? elegant and commodioni, and are fnrniihed whatr ver can conduce to the e?ue and comfort of paaaeageri Price of panage, J100. Neither the capieina or owneri of these ihipe will be reapoai aible for any parcela or packages Bent by them, unless regular Bill i of lailing arraigned therefor. If or freight or y???afce apply to WtKHnfCrLL * MINTITRN8, S7 Sooth street, New York, or to flRLDKN. BROTHJCK8 It CO., 1M ee Laiverp o OLD LJNE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. & Mk M. & ' I 'll.'. t)M) UVTHinnclretsfe XT^rtwol will hemn^Se X dci\?l> I (1 ill the rolluwinipinier. eicapting that wheu the ?- !,,ik: da. I k'ts on buuday. thnabipa will nail oa the succeed ? >. itar vi' ? Tmi NlwYork. From Liverpool Vcl&Mb'lUDOE, iJnn* \ J?l* J* t>60 tnus, 'l Oft. 1 J*?'' ]| W.O.BarttoW.i Mb. 1 Mar. 16 m>? England, ijnn? is An*, i Tid mn?, , Got. IS ?*;, J UartleltJ, Mb. li April I 'o OXFOHB, v JalT 1 A?K- J* ?? toci, ! Nor. 1 Gee- ]# J. lUilibone.i March 1 Apnl 16 x''mX, U"It 1? ??M j ' tout, ?.Nor. Jin. 1 < ?A. A. Lowber, March 16 Mar 1 K, I Aug. 1 ?*pt. 16 8 to.n, 'Dec. 1 Jan- 16 muk' ir,,k"i|!Ai|rii 1 ??*'* 'i GRh, (n??i i'Ann. 16 Get 1 ft.. [Die. 16 Mb. 1 i J. il. Croppw i Ap.,1 i| June 1 k.Eld. ;?p" I Oct. 16 <? ton;. Jlj; i Fab. lb (1. A. Lole, t Mny i Jnna 16 RHlKIUn'w) (H?w. Not. 1 640 tons, J Jan. ]g Mar. 1 U. i. Bailer.l Mar u July l >t .ire r.o: surpassed in paint ofo|?ane, or eorr'-irt Lac .miii.iilationa, ot in thatr fhat u:i:B- nna li a Its in the trade. * tv.intern ure vietl known as men of character and md ll.e auicteai attcnti iu will always (,? paid to comfort nud euiiTentantf of p ia??nn-r? If, as reoaidtthe day of tailing, will be observed at of r I?iilt? OOtw ifd is now fixed at One Hunjrf,j : which ample store* o( every description wilt le \ i.s the eicepiiou of wine* and liqnora, winch will ! s t by theite tarda, ifwjuired. , f , , pialn or owners of thase ship* will b? rrapony leitets, parcel*, "I oack -na, tent by tliein unless aofladii'g art stgiian therefor. For freight or pas to GOOOHl'fc Jt i 0,6t South at. E NE i TO THE LADIES?If you have naityescrcsences, conceal ing a broad acd elevated forrlirad ; if yon have the unsightly appendage of a beard on your upper lips ; if you hare superfluous hair (iiiligariug any part of >our otherwise beautiful f?cd?t. the Puudis Subtile, invented by Dr. Kelia Ouuraud, will quiet ly any forever eradicate it without ihe slightest iniurv or discoloration to your akint?thisynu cau be satisfied ol by see- j tsg the pri pa ation tested at the Doctor's office; all doubts ol i tuevtiUc being a humbug will quickly vanish Eor sale oo'v | at 67 walker street, first store from the corner of Broad *av?$l per battle?where may be had the fu .lowing articles all warractet:?The celebratsd Italian Medicated Soap, for curing all blotches, pimples, freckles, tsn.inorphew, scarvy.itrh, redn-ss, salloivness, or roughness of th' skin ; lor chapped hands, face, or rausquito bite- its effects are iinniediate ; in the washing ol children, in allaying all irritation and thtfiug, its pre peitiea are really'softeniugand healing that uo mother should be withontacabe One cake, Jo era's, is sutlicieut and wr warrant it or retnru the tnsuey if not successful Be ou your guard agaiiistn hold imitation, no whererlre but as above (louresd's Eau de Beanie, or True Water of tiennty, is a well buown and approve i cosmetic for cleansing, healing,, and beautifying the connexion, and by its dilstint properties pre vrutiugthr formation of wrinkles,and banishing them wlieu present. ?1 per bottle. (illliriilld'a H%ir Mvfh will rlinnvn r*tl nr t?r? v in Visannfi fui dark brow it or alack, n iiliout staining lae skin. (1 per bol tic _ Wh'aker and Eyebrow Uye, ?5 ceuta per bottle (innrand's Blanc d'Espaitne, or Spiuish While, gives a pare life-like alabaster whiteoaae and an.oo'hn-ss to the ikm?Iree from <,11 injurious initrctlicnu. and ia entirely annihilating common chalk aun Hake white Tat up in cleitdiit boxra, 20 cinU each. This. Witti other of Or. (1 i preparation>, ii imitated. Buy no where el?e but a' 07 Walker street, the tint store from the corcer of Broadway, where wilt be lound au auoitmeut of the moat delicate and choice Perfumery, imported from all parla. Aueuta?Jordan, 2 Milk atreet, Boston; 76 Chestnut street, Philadelphia; Robinson. Harnaburfrh; Henritcb, Lancaster; Srabrook, Princeton: Trippe, Newark; Touaey, Rochester; Caiswrll, Lockport; Smith, Palmyia; Grigs, Hamilton eountv; Guthria, Albany; Hrinatreet, Troy; Uray, Poughkeeeaie; Elliott, Goshen; Myers, New Haven; Dyer, Providence; Tay lor, Newpirt; Carleton, l.owell; Ives,Salem; Hodge, Newburyport; Pert lea, Portamonth; Patfn. Portland; Guild, Bangor: Lather Whr.e. Calais; 8eth 8. Hance, Baltimore; Belby Parker WathinrP.n; Mrs. Kraaer, Richmond; Mathewaon, Norwich, Conn; Ifuli, Hartford; K. C. bene, Middlelown. ml3 lindyJd yr? NEW UNK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To sail Irom New York on the 26th and Liverpool.'on the 11th oteaen month. tit M. ffi. A. New York. Ship K08C1U8, Captaiu John Collina, 26th March. Ship 8IDDON8, Captain E. B.Cobb,26th April. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Detwyater, 26th May. Ship GARRICK, Car?. B. I. H. Traalt, 26th June. prom liverpool,. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain A. Depeyater, 11th March. Ship GAKIUCK., Captain B. I. H. I'rask, 11th April. Ship KU8CIU8, Captain John Collina, 11th May. ship SIDJJONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 11th June. These ships are all of the tint clasa, npwarda of 1006 tona, built in the city of New York, with inch improvement! u combine great speed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care has been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence la $100, for which ample atorea will be provided These ahipa are commanded by Mperienced toasters, who will make every exertion to give general aatiafaction. Neither the captains or ownera of the ahipa will be responsidie for any letters, parcels or package* sent by thera, unless tegular ' ovfaof lading are signed therefar Y or freight or passage apply to K. K. COLLINS ot CO., 46 South at., New York, or to , , BJ'jWN.shlPLEY He bo.. Liverpool. Letters by the pack .'Is will be charged li% rants per single jj emu per ounce, una newipuperu l eeut eacu. ml rrc ARRANOKMENTB EOK 1244. OLD ESTABLISHED PA8SAOE ObEICE. 100 Pine street, comer of Houth. & M jfc. Ok THE subscriber beg* leave to call the attention ef hit friends tud the public in general, to the following arrangement* for 1044, for the parpote of bringing out cabin, 2d cabin, and stiorige pattengert, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, tail iug the lst.Cth, 11th, Itidi, 21ttand 26th of every mouth. By the London Packet*, to tail rom New York, the lit, 10th and 10th?end from London on the 7th, 17th and 27th of each month. In connection with tht above, nud for the purpose of atfurdicg still greater facilities to passengers, the subscriber has established a Pne of lirst class New York built, coppered vnd copper ia?t*ned ships, to sail punctually every week throughout the year. Kor theacccrninodation of persons wishing to remit money to their 1 unities ci friends, drafts arc given, payable at sight, on the following Bunks, Viz :? Provincial Bunk of Ireland, parable at Dork, Li'jvrick, Clonmel, Londonderry, 8ligo, Wexford, Belfast, Wnlerford, Ualway, Arinoja, Athlone, Colemin. Balliaa, Tralee, Yoaghal, Knuiikilleu, Monaghan, Baubridgs, Ball vines a, Paraontlown IJownpatrick, ('avail, Lorgan, Omagh, Dungnnuoa, Baudoc, Knnis, Ballyshonno Stmbane, hkiberrea, Mallow, -i Money moroCootchill. Kilrush, Dublin. Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. England?Messrs. Spooner, Atwood St Co. Bankers, London; R. Murphy. Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable iu every town ib ureat uriinin. for farther information (if by letter, post paid,) apply to JOSEPH MeMUKRAY, 100 Pin- street, corrat of South. N. , O: Meters. P. W. BYKNES Hi CO, 36 Waterloo Road, j9 6m*tc Liverpool. m m~M M. NEW YO'U AND HaVM "AcKETS. ieenudLiue?The Ships of this line will hereafter leave N ew V ork on the 1st, anil Havre on lire 16lii of each mouth, as foljT'.vii From New York. From Herat. New Ship ONEIDA, C 1st March. < Nth April. Captain list July. { lSll. August. Junes Funck. ( 1st November, r 16th Decesnber. S'lip BAf.TI WOKE, 11st April I 16th May. Captain l 1st August. { 16th September Kilward Funcv.f 1st December, f 16th January. Ship UYICA, I 1st May. I 16th June. Captain < 1st September < 16th October. Frederick il.yritt. t 1st January, r ICth February. New ship St. NICH'. LAS I 1st June. f 16th July. Captain t 1st October. < 16th November. J B. Pell, ( 1st February, f 16th March. Thaaccommod ions of thvse shu>s are not surpassed, com. bimng all that m- y be required for comfort. The price of ca1 bin passage is $100. PiusiglKers will be supplied with eyery re qnisite with the exception of wines and lienors. Goods inleudi'd for these vessels will be forwarded by the snb icribers, free from any other than the riimnsas actually incurred on them. For freiitht orpassage, apply to BOYD fc hInCKKN, A sects, JeSS ee No. 9 Tonts?? Bnildius. or. Wall and Water s TO THJ? TRAVELLING PU13LIC. MSSENGER J1RRJ1NGE MENTFOI^hT*^ The Subscribers having completed their arranrementi, ar? oow prepared to bring oat pass-nffers from Great Britain and tr-.landby the following first class packet amps, one of which will leave Liverpool on tue 1st, 6th, 11th, 16in, 21st and 38th ol each month:? Patrick Henry, New York, Sheridan, Virginia, Liverpool, Cainoru!ge,_ Montezuma, Sbidons, Geo. Washingtoa, Hottinguer, Colnmbm, Unitrd Stains, Roscius, Ashburton, England, Europe, Sleph'n Whitney, Hochesrer, Independence, Yorkshire. Garnek, Samu-I Hick, Qareo of the West, Oxford. Certiiicatcs of pasx.ige c .a be obtained, anderery information Will he aiv 11 to rho.e sendinv th-ir frt..n>l> nn \t either of our office*. They will alao be prepared, on the opening of narixatios, to forward piu**ngers and their luggage to Albany nud Troy, and Tia Erie Canal to Buffalo, and all intermediate place*. To alt pott* of th-> Upper Lake*. Via Otwego to Toronto, Port Hope, Coburg, Kingiton, and til part* of Canada Weit From Troy ria Whitehall to Montreal and Qnebee, Canada Kaat via Ohio Canal from Clctareland to Purlimonth, Ciueinnati, and i.,termediato place*. >onth Wett via Philadelphia to Pittsbara,Cincinnati, Loniirille. and all part* on the Ohio Hirer to St. Louu, Mo ; and 10 all Peru or Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wueannn 1 erritory. ? . , REMITTANCES. Forthe accommodation oi p?r*out withing to ?end money to th>.ir friend* in th* Oh! Conntrr, HAHNDKN It CO will , tire Drift* on any pirtof England, Scotland or Ireland, payable at aixht, forsmns of XI, X3, ?30, to XlOO?or in anyamounl to anil the purchaser. OK KICKS AND AGENTS. Charles ''raft, ISO Mta>e street, Boston B. W. Wheeler, Union Building, Providence, R I. J.W. Mill*, t W.ill ?ireet. anj IS Front street. New York. N. O. Howird, 43 South Third street, Philadelphia, Handfo.'d Ik Shoemaker, 7 Light itret t, Baltimore, Md. _ . ? Pittsburgh, Pa. L. S, Litllejohn, II Exchange, Albany N. Y. 8. Clark, Hirer itwct, Troy, N. Y. Utics.N. Y. W. A. Cook, Syrscme, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. W. H Cook, Buffalo, N. Y. H. Kitxhugh Si Co., Oivrego, N. Y. nil6ec IIARNDKN kCO. FOR SHREWSBURY, OCEAN HOUSE. LONO BRANCH, AND KATONTOWN LANDING. _ X"l ~1 JO!\ I he atramer SHREWSBURY, Cel t J P. orlu will leave Cslhinne Market, forthe 3Kww3HCiiflL.abore places, on the lollowtug day*, comnieuc.ugon Thursday, the 20th lune : | Returning from Earnntowe. 8 (urday, at t o'clk, A.M. Ritnrday, at 2)6 o'elk, P.M. Snudty, 8 " " Hoodsy. 2)6 " " Monday, 8 " " Monday. 2>J " " Tueaday, 10 " " WeJueidiy, II " A. M. Thursday, 10 " * Friday II " " On Sundai* she leart, the O rau House on hrr way to New York, at 4 P. M. Fare on Sunday* 2J cenu a puasge rath is ar. jUlw'tn PLEASANT AND CHEAP EXCURSIONS. ia i) suiii' irvvT NEW BHI<iiiT~<N7 f('RT HI "liM*J) N!?"' (STATEN l?L.\>U.) Si NKW YORK FERRY, From IVr No. 1, North Kieer, foot of Rattery Out, -IfcWgY jM The htmmNMt CINUERELl.A, will ni iTt i? followi. diilv. fro-I MnT 20th to f ctnber '*> IH< :-Lurrt Nowr Yuik.nt 0 and 11 o'clock, A M.. ?l3X,6 ind 3 *. \1. Le?,v*a Port llichino' J, ?t 20 minnlea to 8, ms<1 10 nnr.uu i to 10 A. M.t at 1, <K nod 6X P. M. ^Lemvri New Brighton, at 8 and 10 A. M.( at IX, 5 and 7X I*. On Punday?Leave* New York, at 0 and II A. M.; at J, * and I P. ?1 L-avi fort Richmond, at 20 inmate* to I,and 10 A.M.; it 1, 5 and 7X P M. New York, May 18, 1844 iryll?m*re PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALUANY. <NI. DAILY, Sunday* eirej, ted?Thro ogli Hifi . r j rect, at 7 P M., from the Steamboat Pier be. jiUj^?8i?^tr?t weeii Courtl m?U and Liberty atreeli. The iteamb at KNICKKHB04 KKK, Captain A. P. St John, Monday, Wednew'ay anil f rid.iy eveninir*. nt7. 'l'he Steamboat KOCIIEHTEU. Captain A lloukMon, oa Ttiei.i av, Thnraday anil Saturday Evening*, at 7. 1 t Kir .I'ebick, M.?Landing at luieimediate Place*!? Tb* Steamboat COLUMBIA < <otnn Wm ,i p.ek, I M > day. W iluejdav Friday and Sunday, at 5 P. M The Steamboat N-' RTH AMItRlUA, Cup; a H. ?4. Ciu'ieodnn, t'ueedav, 1 hurauay an I Saturday, at '> P. M. l'aaaeugeii taluac this line ol* will ?m?e m Almoy ir. am-de tiiPi to uke the Morning Tmiuof Care lor L'i?, ..,ti W'lt IT?" 1 he above Boat* are new ami luhate.ntial, ar? for tin d ; w tli new and elega.U Slate Room*, and for ipeed e.iil iiceom- | in >fiation> are nnrivailvJ on the Huitaon. h oi_iMa?me or IreiKOl, apply OB board, or to t C. Scbuit at i the oflfoe on the wharf. J IT n W YC VEW YORK, SUNDAY I PLEASURE EXCURSION TO THE UPPER LAKES. jKK The Hteamhoat VV1SKON8AN.Captain H will learn UutMnou Mom ay, the wT jf a/ t?, day of July ueit, at < o'clock, P. M , on an Kicuiiiou ol" Pleasure to the ll[>per L.ik-j, visiting all tie important pace* on lake* Krie, Huron and JVnchi yiu, including Urrra b.ty. Ample tnae will be afforded 'he pavseiwers for visitiug Ma-iuae, Ureeu May, Manitop Islands, Milwaukie, Rai l no, houthport ami Chicago; leavii K the lart mentioned place ou herrriuru on Tuesday morning July ?lh. The WitUnuaan la iheluigeat boat on the Western Lakeamiid .1 propelled ny a powerful low Pleasure eugi. e? is new, and ii finished in the modern style, wit.', an upper union composed entirely of state rooms, and is tittsa up and luruwlied r.ju J to anv boat in the world. A good 1! oid of Music will accompany the loat. and every axe. turn will be made to make the pas sane to uioie on ooarl h ot passage at pi 7 !o S. ('-AllD, 1SJ Broad at. New York. K H PHOSBKH, 99 Pier, Albany. NORTHROP (it liAYVVARD. Rochester. OKLSTI'N St KVAN3. Buffalo. HUBBY St HUOHk S. Cleielaud. ( KAY It LtWlS, Detroit. Buffalo, May M. 1W4. jnJ2Jt*ra ROR BATH, GARDINER AND HALLOWELL. dWt ,ii| The new steamer Pi'NOisCJT, C?nUiil N Klin Will, l-ivn the mil o'T whaf Hot lor ay Uf~>i> XuKiday and Kiiday evening!, nt 1 o'c'fcl. blagr* will be in rrad'ntss on her arrival al th? abovi plic a lo con.ey paisengtrs to thr neighboriug towua. jeli &ra*rC ~i(tw 1'ACwET iron I1AVllf.-S.coml Hue?'Jflu atMtywShin ON h'lDA, Jam** Rrruc'i, Maaler, will aail oi UMMnwlhe ial of July. Rur freight or paisage, apply lo BO Vol Si hINCKEN. j3ec No. 9 Tontinr Building, cor Wei1 and Water Hi adfO^ PASSAGE KROM DUBLIN, CORK, WATER laBWr^ROKP. DEKRY, COLKR/UNK, BELRAS4T JUHMnNcwrr. Drogheda, he ? I'trium wishing lo aeod loi their friend* enn have tltein brought out from any of thr abovi porn in lirat clan American Packet Ships, on the inoal reason abletrrmi. and without their experiencing auy uuuucessay da tentiou. Mr. W. Tagscott, one of the lirm, will he on thi spot to give hia perianal attention to thr passeugersengagrH by the subscribers or their aiteuta here, and peraoua may relj that tiie wiahaa and comforts of those whone passage may b. engaged by them will have all due and proper alteutiou. Ko particulars apply, if by letter, post-paid. to W. St J. 'J*. TAPBCOTT, at their General Passage Office, 76 South at, cor. Maiden Lane where, alao, Drafts may be obtained, for large or amall auma payable on detn.ind, without discount or any other cliaige, ai the National or Provincial Banks of Ireland, or any ol theii branches throuirhnut the Kintrdom Uili rc I. O of O. F. THE ATTENTION OR EMIGRANTS and others is in -I vited to PERSEVERANCE LQUGE, No. 3613 of tin Manchester Unity, held at Johnson's M<h Ward Hotel, co ne of or.uid and h lrsibeth street', New York About two y?an since the Grand Lodge of the Order of the United States, win rec iveu their charier from England, in consequence of soiiv disagreements on mailers of minor importance, came to tiie de termination In refute admittance into American Lodges or li reciprocate fraternally with Brothers of the Order from tin United Kingdom vol Great Britain. This proceeding i'lducei the members nf Perseversi.ce Lodge, N'o. 17 of the Auiericai Older, to resist so unjust and uncharitable a proceeding by ap plying to the M U. lor a dispeusaion to carry out their plulao lb ?>|iic iireutious, viz?to leceire Brothers fiom eveiy par of the world, and to further the fundamental principles ol tin Order?RiiiENuaiiir, Lovk smo Thuth. The advantages t Brothers who reside in various parts of the Uuiou whose nam bers srrsufficient to form a Lodge, and who ui?y apply for charter for the aforesaid purposes, through the medium of Per severance L-rdge. must be obvious without comment, to ai Concerned. s? well as to the subordinate Lodges of the Ameri Can Order in consequence of the igreat pecuniary advantages ii belonging to the Mauclies'er there is uo per centjge ti pay. and the exiieiiie of obtaining a chart-r aril a'l neccssirj Lodge bouka and atitionarv does not exceed thirtv dollars Lodges are alrradyasta' lislied in New Y >rk City, 1'aterion, N J., Philadelphia, and at Montreal end Kitgstou, Ceunda This order is also more democratic than the oue aasuinei io America, ea every Brother is entitled to, and wil r e ceive at the proper lime his degrees to qualify hiin to pan through to the highest office in the ord-r without any charge o expense whatever Brothers ot this Order, whose line of life o busiues calls them abroad to rny part of the worlj, shout, they fall sick, will receive suffi.Stent m.> and suppor until their recovery ; or if it mould ideise 1'roviJeuce local lUnnxiAM Ill?,l r.l.d.lnl... ?l ,r? I!,.. tiwrhood ivill beperformed withalaciity, without distinction to country or rcligiou Th's order it no to firmly eta' Imbed mil numerous in 'very part of the haiotnbli globe, (lint it h?j beeuasse'ted " they hh? more numerous and powerful than til lemphr of old." Brothers, wishing to iiu"W something if tlie trickery mil tin just |ir iceedi.-gi of the Grind Lull r of the Stst* of New Yorli can procure, a pamphlet at No. 17 Pint street, [til'lh story ]price I2>i ce,ls. Applieatio s for further information for dinvntiit'ons mui In" |io?t p-iid or they will not lie intended to ntifim w?e<: DR. TUOMArt's SPECIFIC PILLS] For the speedy and permanent cure of Gonorrhaa, Gleet Strictures, Seminal ti'eakness, and diseases generally ? the Urethra. U'HK class of Delicate Diseases which these Pills are so wrl adapted to can*, is of too common occurrence, and it no pe?rs that all chases of society a e subject more or lejs to fal into it ; mulmMt Krvsp ; MM bl ife.l to iejutsuou, and born< down iu sufleiiiiit in body and uiiuJ, ttie victim of its progies is retdy to grasp at any tinny that offers reasonable, hope of re I cove y. Amors; tiw many medicines and m-.aus of relic tlin are |daced be'ore the public, unfortunately most of tliem an li'epsred by ni-n unacquainted with the nature of the mahdiei which they promise to cure, and rnatiy of tlwin are ignorant o j tn* pw.ets oi Hie v?*ry m-tficint* they .\r* Using 'or th it jm; l?ose; find, mny be fat.ily foreseen. the result is that the iridi i vidual to unfortunate at to fai. into their hands, receives uo re lief, bin on the contrary, the mtdicii. fulfilled brhf quiteltie opposite of whit u requires in his Case ; anil toe r un that U lost only t"ud* to fasten the disease more pennant lly and fix upon the nafiont its most lasti ? ana vei.ttious q-tvuees. It is of trie utui >st iin\?ortaiicc, to the welfare of tin lUirted individual, th't divasei of \ Ins <\v,, In- sp? ?"/ I y r-1 r. oved, "ith f ro^r an el safe remedies, otherwise they are sur to reiult in coruequKQcs the uiost dangerous to the peac** au> happiness of the patient, by leaving a permanent seminal weak nets, stricture in the urethra, iu/!jmm<ttjon of the prostrat gland,or torn#pi the other very serious ntudifa which fori riably follow a bioly treated cese of Gonorrhoea, ImpPdasdd with a?ma of grata* twity thucsiio far on i and apt a iy en re to arrest this dissaae in its eareer and ens c tuMWrut a st'm to its ravages, the prmietor of THOMA^'i SFJgLlKJC PILLS announce with ple-uuie that lonpt r?p<" rience m every variety and ataire of thi, complaint pri.VM tlm theae Pilla arr *!| that i* r-.juir. J to ram ive tnon aghlv and ef facta ally frm r he a v stein thr Hrmt ciu?r of this complaint, am by grt-atlv e,citing the i art* to.uitnr ll action,restore the palieu from tw mo it i||'irittl stave, oitwlMMM potet am 1 laaiing licai'h 1 h- Spec fic Pills are a vegetable pepa-ation ct-inposi-d of tlir active principle only, a- J arc cnti'cly inoi oat to the in. *t ilrlicatc con, itution. AII who have hew par dally or impeifrcily cured by other medicinea, can pertnaurnt Iv eatabl ?h their health by using a hoi or two ofthia remedy Agents. 273 Hroadw iy, crgner of (Chamber ttreet, No. 77 Km Broadway 7b t> ul on, corner of Kohl. Price SI. alttmw*1 LOVE, COURTSHIP AND MARK I AO?:. IU8T Published, PiiYSIOLOCIK AL MY-TitKIK.i J AN17 llKVr.LA THINK in LOVK. COURTSHIP and MARRIAOK; an INFALLIBLY. <?UI?lK UOuK I vlARKIr.D mid SlNOLY. in MATTKKS of tlie I T MOST IMPORTANt K to thv HUMAN HACK. Bp KUOKNK BKCKLAKI), M.D-Tr nsln'.rd from the thin Patii edition, by I'h lii> M. How ird. Arnuig themvt-rs Only ion,Vine I iu t'-ot work are "Mat ter, if ,'ii .u, in pnrtaq*.' to single and young married ret ion* " "The causca of, and reifin core for barrenness "7 heart, ol b-Mity an t co'itah p " "The danger ofao'itsn prac icei, ai d how tti* habit may be removed, and it, eff.cti cnnd " ' Therauves <> love and jetlousv, with inl'llih'e ir medie* f reraJicvir.g from th? mind the i? risof a boneless o an a. happy fuMM.| ' effpring, with cewly tliicuvrrei in 'I ? htied on ,c.i ntilic prinoiylea lor lit! prevention or pro Piation thereof " ' lub imirri* c." "l)Kia, with the f un :>ui c lor, m ft hiOOB i?g ,0 the varp MINI an'1 OOtapleiiOM ' 'The m >st auspicious >e ,,ou lor w el lock " "And tnoit othe ma1 t r, of i: t real i i single anil married life, ai relate* to ttu prior ip.l subjects &*'OVe noted " For sale, vvhvleaa'e and r, at 103 Nuiau atrett, Nc York A P' at paid < Her enclosing Ore Pollar, directed to IIOI. I. ANU Si C L.O V Kit, New York city ,_will procnie a civ | (tie work, being ?eut to any wrt of 'lit* Uuifd State*, or th. Uanada*. or ropi * will i*r t for Two Dollar* 'J he cenninced'ti u h'? * lt edeei. it ne?tly hnur.d in d.rl cloth with "BECKLARD'S I'HYS.OLOUY ' m geld let lei* on or.p tide Alto obiery th\t th* tpuuiue . dmou hat thi cop' right na- k <m th 'ark of the title pig*. A Holland tt 'Jloeer have no agmti, the genu nc woik cm or iy lit had at 1011 Ma?iau atiert Holland fc <J otcr lave itiucd a iplendid ed.tion of the coin plete work* of Paul de Koclt, cmilainingtoo lane, with ele gaut illustration* I'rict Uo? Dollar The wo It can be in by mail i'8 1m wt'ie i'KL VA'-I E UIWEASES. A CURE OUAR.A NTEED.?The College of Medici" and Pharmacy of the City of New York, e*i.ihl?Ji.'d ft :hr ?nj n.-r*iion of quackery, it now prcnarrd to treat all dii n?e?or a private nature, and offer to all thote afflicted wit theae di*tre?*iiig maladiea advantage* not to be met w ith iu ?u other institution in thia country, either public or private. K'ron the ccnntant corrt-ipondence, and from private arrangement* between the member* of the College a' <1 the moil entitled Profe*?on of the Medical lnttitntinu* ol Europe, ell improve menu in the treatment of lhe?e ilurnjr* are forwarded to then long nefore they reaeh the majority of the medical profetfioi of til.* country. All 'pemon* who have used the oelehretei preparation of l'rofe?ior liicord, " The I'arimar Alter,?tiv Miaiure," can hear testimony to in being the mo?t powerfo remedy ever di?coveml for primary or iscnndary ayphilie ilrengrheninjj the conihtutton, whiitt eradicating the cli??; ?e Profe**or Valpaan'* dneovery iu In* B/mci5c Pill*, for th cure of genorrhtra and glen, ha* rawed Inn iinmeejurnHabove alibi* coutcuipurari** iu thi* particular branch of thi prof-Mien With such oelebrtiied n ri.-diea, together with th combined llr i II of'the fir*t medical men of tin* eoiinlry, th. College feel aatiafied that the good work tliey have undertake* " the snppreeiion of quacko/y," will receive the patron*** I Ipaervoi from that portion of tb? public requiring their *er eicen. Term*, for advice, all medicine*, V>. OSTiee, aad Consulting Room* 'f tho College, 57 hunt ?t vV. '.J. HICHAiriJRktN, \, N. B ? Pilienti livtn;at a distance, by Hating their disc** riplicitly in writing, ^-ivrag all symptom*, together with tin treatment th;y rneeived elaewhrrv, if any. cau obtain a one* eooumiii* all medicine*, with InII limrtion for n?r, will I KSarMiUv of care, by addrouing the Agent of the Cnlleje, pot * . aclosios >5. n4 lm VVr I'R iVAT 10 M {ODicxx aid: IMPORTANT To COUNTRY" INVALIDS. THK Mewberg of tin- Sew York Col!en* of Medicine and A Char inner, for thr auppretaion 'f tfnatkey having directed their particular attention t a a'l di r.i--? of a pnrare nature, at <1 benig aware ol the in.proper court" ol in ip rreiu uiunlly <l"Pt?d by the country prt ctitmnrra in literal, hen le.ive to apnyite all i rr?ont ?ntf. r 11 from tlioae complain' or from tip- > (J u ol mercury in their oomtiiuiom, that by forwarding, either by tlio pott or through any of tb? ?vpr oi lioea to ihn city, > lull and evplioit atr.reinent of their coir plaint, with ill umpromt time of contraction, n il treatment hey re eivrd el?ewh-rr, (if ar.v) and m rioting $5, |i id paid will r'reiye with nt little delay at poaaible. a cheat containing all ntedicinea reijuiiite to perform a aile mil perinamnt cure,lit uldreri.nig W. H. |tjll|lAKlliiil,N, Agent, Olficeand consulting roomi of the Puling" oj Nassau it, 3 lot Wre T~~ O FARM UU. HORTICULTURIST*. fcc -SulphTJ Aminoum for forcing the Crop*?Sulphate of Sodw?Ni trate Soda, coniuotly on hand by Mlt LEWIS FEUCHTWANUKH, tb InicnHM'Wtc \n r,r, \p ,d-n La?e hfcl.fHO'e Klllvr I'KJ". Vi 11; ,1 /\L. u |.,S V t. Qj J H 1*111 NU ST li hKT, p .tr.u i id by the name, t t"rg , n w tin ui'hoot Europe, nn.I by the mmi Jratt o th> ir pr P.tional bmh.rn in the unite I -tale rod ? i -I t<y <ll In he th? ne-ireat approach to nature * itherto pr .du -i'. In I dnee I into this root try,' it in i ye anlely by V, .1, V. . I.Fil 11 nil Spina at. near B?? i >w-y. .New Yuk. lrin.i mm . rate nail pidiat ?table reference' inn. " I hive aeni th" trtifici il leg of "i'r. S Iplot fu e.oaatrnctin' appea v eirellenlaiol w-.l cil< u'f.tOtl ?o ana .li the ?lu p d'aireo. But the but of "II it the proof <>l thoi all i via, limn , llit it pot live and und'.iiati)Home til tny Irieuli ? nom I hatre mu il ate I, inform m ihat th are toperim to al oth r.. VAi.ENTtSt MOl T, riii/eaeor of Surgery, Lnirvraity of .New York, ml* > *?'? IKK H HORNING. JUME 23, 1844. , ' The Lwly'i Dream. The lady l?v in her bed, 1 | Her couch no warm an J toft, , But her deep it \va< restleii and broken it 111; For turning olten aud oft From aide to iidt, die muttered and moanud, 1 Audlnaa'd her uruu alolt. 1 c, At U?t the darted up, u And gazed on tbi; vacant air, l| I With a look ol uwe, tu ll ihe ?aw i Some dreadful phantom there? And then in the pillow die buried her face From vision* ill to bear Tho eery curtain nhook i i u?, w. ....VI y Anil the light that (ell 011 thu broider'd ijuilt [( Kept a tremulous gleam ; And her voice WU4 hollow, and (hook as she oned ; 1 " Oh mo ! that awful dream ! v e That weary, woary walk, ^ In the church) aid's ditmal ground ! -j And those horrid things, with shady wings, ! That came and flitted round ? Death, death, and nothing but death, V In every sight and sound J " And oh ! those maiden* young,1 u Who wrought in that dreaty room, ( j With figure* (loooning and spectres thin, 1 And cheeks without a bloom And the voice that cried,' For the pomp of pride, We haste to an early tomb! * s " For the pomp and pleasure of pride, We tail like Afric slaves, . r And only to earn a home at last, ; Where yonder cypres* waves';? ' And then he pointed?1 never saw ' A giound so full of graves ! 0 1 " And still the cotHns came, t< \ With their sorrowful trains and slow; b r Cofhn alter coffin still, 1 A sad and sickening show ; u From grief exempt, I never had dreampt 0 . Of such d World of Woev t " Of the hearts that daily break, ' Ol the tears that hourly fall, v Of the many, many troubles of life That grieve this earthly ballDisease, and Hunger, l'ain and Want, 1 Hut now I dreampt of them all! f ? , " For the blind and the cripple were there, a 1 And the babe that pined for bread, f * And the houseless man, and the widow poor * Who begged?to bury the dead ; ? J The naked, alas, that 1 might have clad, * 1 The famished that 1 might have led 1 " The sorrow I might have soothed, t And the unregarded tears ; I f For manv a thr.miritiir ahunu txrna tlipra The niadd'ning thought! the loul tli'it tear, The icorn'd and blighted name. t O, yea ; or haply wone than nit. Thou mightVt hove lived to be A t?r*t1e, crouching, flattering thrall it At aome wealth-'tagon't, knee. Than thi?, thy eye* IV. rather olose On all thou might'*! have Keen, f All ftricken through with many woe* A* thy young heart hath been. IdU rnturc, Ac, Lawks' Companion, lor July.?The admirers of ' light Tending may lind thin a somewhat interesting 'i namber,though perhaps somewhat prosy and not sufficiently varied. Coutmuian Maoazini, for July.?Post, Astor [ House.?The illustration of thru .'(timber savors r stroi glv of vanity, notwithstanding the precedents ' pieuded. Here, vve have a two-third Jtkeness of the editor, and a kit-cat siae hunt of his daughter I Instead of the view near the Cold Spring, the pub lie might us well have a portrait ot ihi* lady, nnd in lieu of the plate of fashions, a domestic scene in his family, to/.o-ther with a hiogi aphical and dwcrintivi accou nt of each. Then it might [ have been deemed a f/unity number altogi-hVr.? i The papers are ol nn interesting and varied I'hari acter. 1 Camiiiell's Fmk.k ion Skmi-Monthly and Kcl. *< '* tic Magazine, for June.?Campbell, Philndelplii v ?Thia is a very capital number. It contains some I of the ablest artir les that have recently appeared in the leading K'rropean journals. of thi: Baku kstatk.?In l.ffH, Col. Vv'il| liam Harr purchased the tract known as lltrr's woodi. C',iripriving nlsiut ninety acres, ami then comh i .hired n ?|y Arming laud, lor ahout fno per acre ! It w?? ileA-m',4 at the time of a very high price. I.arge aide* of 1 thi( jiroperty have heretofore been mad*; Imt yesterday an .1 (Uy before, the largeat public sale win fiiiial- ed. In tlic vhoU at,out twenty acre! were loll which hi ought the sum of fl09,3tsi 75 : that i?, it brought morntha n 5,000 dollar! pet acre. This ii aomcthing liko eight t) louaund |ier cent on the original re> ,t. Money, at conipofind inlere?t won to intve nrougnt hi mat tune anout nve imn.iieo per rent no that the inereane ol tin* property ha? boan lixtrm fold thai of money al compound infrrttt.? Cin. Chron. Coconkt, Thomas Fff.r.ttnuowiv, late of Winthrop. , Mass , committed anion!': liy banging Tiimself, tin Fri lay. Col K. war Ml years of age at the t, inn of committing the melancholy, an J was ? man ,e*ten?l?ely known and universally ratpcctnd. Mm "-erred in the Br volution iv.n for many year* a mem her of?the Mam* ' chtuett* Sena c, before the separation?and ?tn Saati'iently , '"<i a lung tunc rep-?sen uj the tuurn of WinDl rop in the - [.egi'ilature of that State lie ivti a member of the dirl'e r rent electoral college* which elected J idler ton, ModiWt : Monroe, J. Q. Adauu, and llarrisou. The roast n ol I : putting an emltohia existence it not known, I mt ''' generally supposed that ha wm laboring under aborraUOB. _ j rt?o 1 i ' From long forgotten year* ; , Aye, even the poor rejected Moor, Who raised my childish lean! t " Each pleading look, that long ago I (canned with a heedless eye ; i Each face was gazing as plainly there, > As when I passed it by ; ^ ' Woo, woe for me, if the past should be Thus present when I die ! , "No need of sulphurous lake, ' 1 No need of fiery coal, < , But only that crowd ot human kiud ' t Who wanted pity and dole? < r In everlasting retrospect? ' Will ring my sinful soul! < I "Alas: I have walked through life i Too heedless where I trod ; , 1 Nay helping to trample my fellow worm, I , And till tnc burial rod? Forgetting that even the sparrow lalls , Net unmatk'dol (iod ! , " I drank the richest draughts : And ate whatever is goodFish and ilesh, and fowl, and fruit, 1 Supplied with hungry mood ; But 1 never remembered the wretched onea That starved lor want ot food ! f " 1 dressed as the noble dress, In cloth ?f silver and gold, I With silk, and satin, and costly furs, In many an ample fold ; 1 But I never remembered 'he naked limbs That lroza with winter's cold. " The womiiJs [ might have healed 1 The human sorrow and smart 1 ' Ve' it never w as in my soul To play so ill a part ; But evil is wrought by want of Thought, As well as want of Heart!" i Sliecl np'd her fervent hands, ' And the tears began to stream ; > Ll'ge, ami bitter, and fast thfcy fell, p Kniiiors j was so extreme j And yet, oh yet. that many a Dame . Would dream the Lady's Dream J f The Poor .Man Vo lit* Dead Child. Ym, lie thou there, my little one, The death dew'a on thy brow, Thy eyes are closed to /lower and tun, , Thy pulse ia quiet now. , No mote thou'lt ask, my famish'd boy, I Kor bread with wailing cry, 1 When I'd bare given my dealt with joy, t But 11rend I could not buy. , Poor child ! thy sharp, cold featurea speak Of pain, anil want, and care ; Oft did the tear drope 011 thy check flMUin the biting air. But colder than the keenest wind, Were human hearts to thee, Because, though claiming human kind, I Thy lot was poverty. r The proud onea ? ly 'tis heaven's award : They but kind heaven obey, i To keep the gilta o( nature harr'd from those who cannot pay. 1 My child, His sadly sweet to think Thou'lt never hunger more, i Nor garo with wistful eye, yet shrink < From bread's inviting atoro But, oh ! my faded flower, for this 1 Was thy young being given, To meet with nought hut wretchedutss, And frowns from earth and heaven 1 Was this the pledge of cradled smile That spoke the nappy nream, r And gave me, worn u lib pain and toil,. (Jl passing bliss a gleam I f An<l yet, mayhap, thy fate is hless'd, < And i should rather jay That thy young heart the^woea have mlss'if That wait the poor man's boy. The cold repulse, the galling sneer That drives to theft and aliamn i era: [from tho Now Haven Herald, June JI J Execution of Euelaii llnll, The Murderer of Mr*. liucon. Supposing that our readers teel some tnlersted to know how this hardened wretch closed ills nfortuuate hlc, we took the. trouble to send a speoil reporter to witness the execution, who huslurtshed us with the following ruinute description of le dillerent scenes us they transpired. We arrived tit Middletown at noon, and proceedd immediately to the jail, around which, we tound tverul hundreds ol persons who w ere kept lrum te preintses around the prison by the Artillery ornpany, who were ordered out to preserve order tt the occasion. Very lew persons were admitted j sec the execution, lint the letters kindly turuinhd usiii tins city, secured us u prompt reception mh the gentlemanly tdieriH ot Middlesex. On ntering the enclosure, we found | resent: Charles irnold, ot Hutklum, Shenll; Joseph Iiurr.itt, 'human Miner, W. 11. Casey uml David Harrison, 'hysicians , Lbenezer Bacon, (Mrs. Bacon's liusand,) and two sons; tour brothers ot Mi-. Bacon; 'tiineas Bacon, Mr Bacon's brother. Kev. Mr. (ills, (Episcopal,) Rev. Mr. Howard, (Baptist,) aid the Uev. Nathaniel Kellogg, thate I'rison ihaplair.; Mr. Levi Yale, 2d. of Meriden, in whose tnploy Hull tnrmerly was, and who showed hnnlell a warm Iriend throughout his trials ; Hiram ialfitn, who had also showu himself a trieod in Hie greatest need. These two last acted tor llatl's rieuds on ihe occasion, and claimed his body alter I was taken down. Besides these there were a ithers connected with the press, &c., making lew n all present about twenty-five. Outside the Jail a kind of box had been erected tor the ccusion, tilleeu leet wide, seventeen lecl lung, and six sen leet higu. A scattuld, about live by six teet, had eeu coustructed, supported by u tope running oil pulies, so that when the cord wus cut it would uruplioin inder lain. It turned upon lungi-s, and to MWIM u nakiug too much noise when it fell, hugs ol shavings fere placed ugainst the place where u w as to strike. About hall past one o'clock, the diliiircnt spectators ?iog called in to tins narrow enclosure, tho murderer vas brought in, dressed in a long white robe, a white cap >u his head, tuined up, und capable ol being drawn dow n verbis luce when the luiul moment arrived, with light iippers on his teet, and no stockings. His arms were uuiuiied lightly to his side, leaving lrum the tlbuw duwn it hbcity. lie stopped uiul shouk hands with set era) rieuds, Mr. Yale and uthers, who hud shown hiiu kind. leu*, niter which he mounted the tcalf'olu, which Wus upported by two plop* in addition to the rope uireudy neuiioued. The pri>utier is a strong, rnoluiu looking ellow, five tout ten inches high, and weighing about one randred and iorty pounds? though in oidiuaiy cite liratancas, and in good health, ho would weigu about one lUu.lred and sixty pouuda. lie ascended the ladder with irm and undaunted step, looked around an 1 traced the open and pulliea to their various lustuungs. 1 ho Kev. Horace Hills, Jr. (Fpiscopal) then mounted ho platlorm and said:? He had beau requested by the prisoner to return his hanks to Mr. Watu, the jailor, Mr. CJalpiu and Mr. Vale, or their kindness during his imprisonment, and to all ilheis who had been connected with him, asking loigivcloss lroni all as they hoped to bo torgivun. llall in the loan time held u haudkeichiel to his lace, and appeared to )e ati'octod with what was said. The ltcv. Mr. lltili then oud the LI J'salm, standing trd'oro tho prisoner, ultei which the Kev. Mr. llow.ud (Baptist,) ascended the scatold, Mr. Hills having hid the culprit farewell, and uliurcd ip a iervonl prayer, juiiud ui by oil present. During these exercises Hull held a handkcrcbisl to his iyes, but did not appear to shed tsars. Mr. Howard besougbtlhe Father of morcies, and the Hod ol all grace, to iuipart his tilessing on this solemn occasion. Wo need wisdom Irom on High to giiido us in this trying hour, lie prayed lor tliu choicest blessings on linn who is now to pay thu ioiluit ol his lite Thou who srt thu Irieud ol liuuers ami the friendless, have murcy upon him. Father of spirits make ltim p intent. Thou w ho didst puidon the thief upon the cross, toigivu ins transgression*. Our hearts aru too lull tor exptession Give htm an entrunce into thy kiiigdota?suslum him through the valley ol death. We hid him lan-well. We shall see his face no more. Oil', may he lei give and he lorgivun. buenff Arnold then requested him to rise, while be read to him the warrant lor his execution, signed Thorn as S Wuhunis, ('residingJudge. The warrant wis lead at twenty minutes before two o'clock. Thu abend then asked lain it he had any thing to say; ho replied, " 1 have a good deul to say, but do not feel as il I could say it."? He then took bis seat and groaned, tint shed no teats. He then calle I lor some water with camphor in it, which was brought him. He looked around nun rather solum and said, " I think it strange thai any one should waul to see u man in this situation." Alter u short pause ho con iiuueu, - i aon i icci hi u uouiuunuurini. raised the knot ol the rope unit hud it OftitniHl liis trlt ear. tio then said, "I suppose there's no getting uway liom this ul any rate " Here he looked over the Irout to sue how tur it wan to the ground. 1 he lupu wan drawn tight or around hi* neck lie remarked, " that's too tight.' It wo nuw anout ten minutes scluro two o'clock. The sheriff' told him that he would give him whatever time he wanted, he tore the rope was cut. lie replied that lie would like to have ilticen ininu'.ca, un l requested that he might be told Ave minute* before that time expired.? lie then called lot a bible, which was btuught him, when he turned to the lilst 1'nalm, und read It aloud. It was up praprialcly chosen, and during the reading Mr. Vale wept aloud. " lluvc mercy upon inn, O Ood.accoiding to thy loving kindness ; according unto the multitude ol thy tcudei mercies blot out my transgression*. " Wash me thoroughly lrom mine iniquity, ami cleaust me from my sin. " Kor I acknowledge my transgressions ; and my sin it ever beloru me. " Asramt thee, thee only, havo I sinned, ami done thii evil in thy light; that thou mightcst he Juntitled when tliou speukust, uud he clear Wliun thou judgist," ctsiq He then took the i'rayer Book, which was handed to him by Mr Hills Ho read the " commendatory prayer,' in the visitation at the sick. Alter reading the prayer, which lie did not read so well as the psalm, he I ml the hook to his eyes a tow minutes, and then looking ut tin preparations being made, said, "give mo slack rop> enough, Mr. Arnold ; 1 don't think I liuve enough." by this he meant that ha w ished to have us much lull as po sible, that he might the sooner he put out ol pain. In tw u or three minutes lie said again, " I don'l want to ho particular, but I want inote slack rope." The cup was then pulled down over his face, when lie mouthed that it wetted too tight. The fifteen minutes were now expired, line ho was about to ho thrown off', when he said, I thougt I you were going to tell roe five minutes before the tmn expired. The sheriff'said, we will give you five ininuh more. One ol tn? officers then called out each minute m it expired? one, two, three, Ike. He here remarked that the rope was not properly fixed, Olid that thu to lie nearer to his chin As the tirr.e now rapidly approached he exclaimed "Oh i.,__ i i i.i.i ,11 fan.uii ii 11 "knur' whs now called j"' - which told linn that lie had but a minute to live. Tr.-m hliug on the verge of Kfernity, he exclaimed "Good bj e Mr Vain" Mr-Yale replied, Good hyeLacian : but dent think of any body present, think oi your Saviour. Yuu will loon be taken trom in Look to your Saviour, fasten all your ho|ms on him " 11*11 then said, "I ho|x tho world will take warning by tin* It is a bard thing u die, alter all " Just before lie last minute expired, ho exclaimed. ' Oh dear me ! tioa Alu.ighly have mercy m me." Tlieae wete bu last woida The rope was rut, thi plotform fell, and with a tingle exclamation of "Oh hi t *>irit wax released from lie tenement in Which it l,;i. li'mUi defiled. was vindicated, and In its vn-ijt aty tooJ ov?r Hie Hfaleaa corpse ; but the spirit via m in, diapo* a' *>' Him who gave it. The ."Opr. wan cut about ten minutes past two o'clock P M , an?.' probably in five or six seconds bis su/l iing, were* ends ' Ten minute* after the .hop, a faint pupation was discernoble, and a inintfto afterwmdi his pulse hut ceased entirely. He held the handkerchief in Ins g >aj till hewas taken down After lie had hung about tl.t uuartera of an hour, he, win taken down and laid in n plan: cottin, on the lid ol which waa a plate, on which was engraved LUCtAN HALL. DI?D, Junk 20TH, ISM, .1", 20 VHI 0 Mux Till. Hi* body was then delivered to those who stood by him * friends. The crowd outside the prison bad now in. crease I to about two thousuud, all anxious to sen him, nthey could not be piesent at the execution His Iriend, took the cotliu out into the mi Idle nl the street, laid it on chairs, and the cr wd passed by between the ranks ol th military, to gave upon the lace oi the murderer. It i strange how people will run alter such speciai-ira r.?i i Uditt were there, from a distance, to satisfy n morbid en riosity, which icnio would think not very becoming i their lie*. Dr. N L. Childs, of Durham, was present at a converse tion with Hall, about an hour beforu thu execution, ine took some notes, from which we gather the lallowir.t facts lie was anxious to knew how a |ierson looked afte bunging ?supposed the tongue and fare would look ha l enquired how long persons are generally hanging befnr they are taken down, and whether they are mueh 'i llgured lie said he. never had g ha I disposition, and w always willing to do as he was told The 61st ami N at , Vdms were l is favorite portion* of scripture. At in u ii afore execution, his pulse was uff to 110, the day j evi .m it was only 00. On Ins tiring i, iked at noon how he h I: he aaid, " I stand it pretty well." Mr. B rim, the lie ' of S br*. If , came into the cell. Mr. Yale asked H.di it 1 Wish ?d Bacon's pardon lie replied, " I do from my In i*t Vlr. .tscon said, "I think I can forgive ) no, hut I In.i Seen J?o penitence." Hall replied, "toil have hint: wrote'ly informed." Mr Bacon said, "'I think the l r ought t o haro its proper course. I fiecly forgive you ; i (Jo I forgives you, I ought ' On Sunday last, at 4 o'clock I' M, he was bnptiredii his cell, according to thorites of the l'rot> m mi Kpioopii Church, by tha llev Mr Mills. The questions put to hin were answered sati?l?ei?rily lie wept frequently dtir ii the administration ol this saerami ut. The following i a minute of a conversation w ith him hy Mr Hills wine! he kindly | ?rml'tad us to copy. It contains his late* view.; oe rub 'lull* iiiatt? i : Tei-est net'sl>'., fun I- '. ' t ' I' lull later . done ill f.'ii'y c.ui forrue I f el ttisnklul lei II emu II,, h n i i..k< ti > I'l. . I I I I to tiiiid, mt.i tin* i iernel world li ivii ;f t'e- n such a w rl i u II ,,,; much faith in It | lays < "I mi .-? t< u.I pm pie. I wish to warn all n ' to 'she such i> cot . s hare done H id I hem n religious man I should m o have tis-en here. I now has- no hope except in r < ir,u ni . meiay of (Jol ihru'ig i Ji lis I lirnt. I nio.t |i old; ash Mr li icon and his l.iiruly < > Isirgive m<- of my i;u it ui evi n m* tiny hope to he forgiven ol tioil. I lulu vet ha beyond tins Die there are two Worlds,?the vuu a place t LD. l'rlcc Two Cents. pcr.ect happiness, which is an everlasting Heaven ; the other a place ol perfect misery, which is an everlasting hell; una it is oniy through the atonement ol Jasus Christ, aU'l repen'ance so. J faith ill llim, thut any sinner can he saved.' home of the clergy charitably hope that he died penitent. We could hardiy hung ouiseives to that conclusion, after witnessing his execution. The udvicc given hun by Ins hind lrn nd Mr. Vale was proper- not to think ol any one present, hutot his Wavioui. He seemed however, to hi uioic troubled about those present than about t uy thing Use He had ti<iuestial to he executed publicly, turn Jet stemei' in Lad humor with tho lew who weic adnu.'.ed To the fast he piclciled hanging to the auto fir . while l had hieu 11 ore. tie toolset! at every thing, atound nid said scveral.tixios,;"! want things lirm."' In he inoinnig h? consudid lir. Miner uhout being bled lieioi e \ < utlct. He had inatiilested much 111 tbe distant view el dealt;, lelu-tng to petition tot pai .on ; yet when the lauil moment arrived he shewed u wiiut ol tbat In'.nines which had hitherto t haiuctt ured him, uud of that readme t to ineet death v. hich maiks the latter end ot the christian in view ol his hoot (Itsliny. The want ol carl) muiaiti aiming wasivident during lus initn i-.mmi'iit and i xrciitinri. and i/rcve-nlcd his in.nruv lug by tin- atu ntivu to kindly lavished upon him by the several ministers who attended him Tin atrocity el thu cohi-bloo i d murder, wm l-ur, never presented unit to hi? mnul hi tin ;toper light. V. e Mould not speak uu chawtuliy, oiid Mould i other syinpathiiit in thu Iteiihg* with which sour ot the clingy look upon hun We-happened to get poi -onsion ol ni? views, given in private, ond uddles-e d to cue With whom he coena rju-uh Conlidcudully, wen ne-vei inte udeel lot the public eye. In mat eonlldoi.iiul expression of hi" view* he speaks with llllie sppuieul hollow loi the hoihuroua niur ir lie hud coin i r.ied th ow a the blame lather on the lore oidinnUOii oi Oivu.e biovidsnce, and senna 10 think that he w us somewhat u passive iiistiuinem u. the bunds of destiny to biuig al-out lis itCXees. We are not ut llbetty to speak more deliuitely, but we can ussuie oui reudeis thut no following ii it correct representation ol bis views, which, however near they may be to being correct, do not certainly show much condition lor the inhuman deed lor which he has puid thu penalty. Theae view* were given by him during the present mouth. " 1 want to poi tray the past sensation of my mind, which may, hi koine degiee, gru-ily you. Uiuii poor, rejected noy , miserably brought Up, will.out education, and deadline ol true tiioiul leelingb, and it-it to t/urk lor myself. I yielded to temptation, and w here-did I lind my sell ( In mate l'uson, the low est hell possible, if 1 may so express , uiy sell, and theie di uggc-d out tw o year* in ninety ul the w e rst kind. After tins, 1 tried to lestraiu my te It, but piide und W illi again induced nee to y n hi, und to drink the bitter Clip ol poison which 1 um soon to dunk to the very dregs; ol the elfects ol which no mau ever lived to tell. 1 et, it is just, and 1 do not complain. \et, I do lepaut thai ever I committed the loiii deed ol inumer. but whs t is passed can never tu recalled. \ou*uid once it you could not breuk my stealing, you would break my heael. Thut was a good lerolutiou, and 1 wish to God you had curried it into effect. 1 did not take your advice, and seewhere it lias brought me?to the gallows; ami wheie is my soul I God only know * its destiny uinl none else; but my pray or is to God, that I may hint some: humlne seal in his kingdom. It 1001118 cruel that wa si.ail so soon be cempelTed to part. We See that what God bus decreed 110 mem can uher. Therefore, I come to this conclusion thut whatever is, is right. I lincrrtty btlin* that alt I Iwvtduiit wut fortordirtd and dtctttd lor what purposes, God alone knows. Another thing thut comloits 11 e la, I.e. .. u.. 1. V,... .1,,.,. ?ll the test ol the hiiuinn race, were numbered. * * leannot believe thut tioij would send his only kon to eurth to Oio tor the hum,111 luce, ami ultri ail damn thim, or a purt ul tli<111 No, iii? Mood li.ik ulouad tore\ cjy cuatuiool mankiml, unit why should 1 four 7 ' Wo <lu not give ullkifc nli us, but in lho?e wo do give we represent mm tairly. Wo only condense ami correct. Ui iiwrtuii nil inn bonum. Wo would Ibililotokuy noMing, but leave binj with bis Maker and Judge. We cannot close our report without rotoreuco to the polilcnufk lit the geutUmeu who weto chat god wait the perturniuncc ol thu melancholy duty '1 he theiill and bia deputy, thu phyaiciuna, tho clergy , the State's Attorney, L. i . Tyler, Km , and all with Whom wo cumu in contact, showed us every attention iti their power. the high kheiilt and his ablu dtpuly, Mr. < urti* ltacon, are entitled to a high Jegiee ol credit lor the difcliaige ol iheir duty during the trial, custody ami execution, i hey took eveiy precaution to keep the piisuneraecuie, though adaugeruuk man and having but a poor piltou Kv<ry precuu'ion Was taken to prevent the possibility ol dealt ucrion, which it woithy ul being minuted by thtnlls ol larger counties and better jail*. Difference of Lomoitv&b dktkhminkd nr Morse's Tki-kquavh.?Among tlie many v. underinl -evulopmenl* ol tlie new i'eli giuph, one Las just luinn to light w inch will he regarded in Uiu world ol science ua deeply interesting l'lotessor Mouse suggested to the distinguished Aneoo, in lt*39, tliat the Kli ctro-Mognetic 1'ele i.iph would be li e means ul determining the rbflr rrftte vj longitude between plan;* with an accuiucy Hitherto unutluined. by the toliowing lctUrliom Captain CiixM-ks Wilms to I'tole.-ioi Jtionsi , it will be peicnvad thut the firm experiment ol the kind ot which we Lure any knowledge, hua rexultcd In the ol the 1'roickkor'a prediction : Wiihuioto^, Juno 13, IH44. Mv Dsaii Sih : The interesting experiments tor obtaining tho tdlercucu ot longitude through yout Magnetic telegraph were hnislu d y esttiduy, ami have proven veiy sutisl clory. 1 hey leaulted in jdacing the buttle Monumeut Hijuate, Baltimore, I m. 3-t.u c. win euit of the Capitol. The lime of the two pluu. a wus carelully ohtuimd by transit observations. Lieutenants Cma am) Ki n assisted uiu in tueau observation*, 'lhe latter was i ngaged in ibose ut Baltimore. '1 he companion* weie made thiougb chronometer*, and without any difficulty. They were liad in throe day*, and their acctuacy proved in thu intervals luulked and recorded at bath inures. I have adopted the results of the last day's obsei valiuns uud comparikiont, Ill/Ill I III- eiupsl I Hint- Hating uveu it.n 'ihc <liHt.-ri.-BCn Iroiu loinu r results found in (lie Americuii Almanac in .7.1U oi u second. Alter these expi riment* I uin mil satisfied tliui your Tvlegiuph otitis ihc nirani for detci mining Meridian dittancf rnoiu accurately ttian ? as beloie within the i>oMil ot instruments und oDltrrera. Accept my thanks and those of Ln-ut Ki d lor yourself .1111] Mr. V hi., lor youi kindness an t attention in atlordirg us the facilities to obtain these results. With great respect and esteem, your friend, < HAltLES WILKES. 1'rof S K. B. Mouse, Ca/iilul, H'dtliingtoH. Nat Inltl. New 1-'actory ?A company hnsherwi formed at N'ewlmrgh to establish ft steam cotton rrinniifartiiwng e*i t ihliihmcnt in that village, with a capital of $100,000 It into be erected directly upon th* hank of the rivet, and the building. Which is to tie feet long liy 60 * nle, will be ; oinmcnced immediatily, and put in operation as soon as liossihle. The N'e wbtirgh (I irrtte a'.atei that the business will be cariiod on upon n scale that will ri <|uire u weekly , xpenilitiire of from nine hundred to one thousand dollars to those it wilt employ. Money Keoovukkd.?About the 1st met. some >'4,000 were stolen front oil board 'be steamer Indiana, oil her upward trip, from Mr. W. I'. Daniel*, of Lockl>ort. Immediately alter the thelt, otlicer McKuiatiy af i ievelan.l, win approed ot the circuuiflance* and he*. it ii finii, been iuc laeful in detecting the di predator*. Om> na* tieen unrated at 1'itt-burgli with fl'iti. and two other* ' of the gang Bt Wheeling, with $i,10* more, all ot which are aaie in cualody at the place* mentioned- '/he fellow 1 'iikcn at rittiburgh, calUhimnelf Bint alia* C. ltobeit*on. 1'ho other* are n timed T. II Joliimvn umJ John Lygrat. 1 vi.a vr> (>Rora ?the Western section ol rlie iSiiito full crops of Wheut will lie realized The iiirvi'nt, gen rally, is a fortnight earlier than twiiul, nml ii Waahiiigton county the farm'rs wen? huiily engaged in cutting their w heat The llageratow n New* *ay* that 'belabor of the f irmer ha* been signally Idem d. Tha Kreili rick Kxaminerot Wediie lay ?ay* - Harvest i* upon us Kevernl weeks earlier than it win last j ear. The crop ii gi in rnl i>: um|iie<tioii*lily good, although from vaiioiil partem there are complaint* The w heat iu this neighliorhnml ih mnrh inli Cti tl u iih Jimilt. Ot'tnaor at Natrvoo.?The Oatuey arrived at -'t Bonis ?>u tlu* 12th, and reports that on Monday night tho lith, the otlice oi the "Kxpo?itor" the Anti-Jo Smith j<?|" r, was destroyed tiy a band ol thr I'rophet's lupus Tho "hapoiulor" wan established by a number if Muimons who opposed Jo Smith a rouric and (be iliicloi .tu e? ma do through it, completely enraged Jo ami hit nip. poller* The Counsel, thereloro, li-rland that paper a nu/nncr, and then sent thi- ' ity Mar-hal with ?n aimed i )> ><<? tu destroy thi- ollii e Ths work of di ?truction was i completed about ten o'clock at night. . Mam?a?hr?Wr learn from ihe New Bedford Mercury, that at' nrrivnl at that port hring* inlelliot.-nco tluitttic llii'i?h frigate < leopatij having got ashore I on a roi l'on tho const i f Mad igascar, one of the boats, . with naolltcri and thirteen mtn, ncnttucurry oat a stream i inchoi w is attacked b> tho nativas, and eight of them veic killed, including the lieutenant. SrnoN'i Verdict in Canada.?Ad inquest w*g i hi on ilo' I i d.iy ol June, by Thoiuna Phillip*, i - q , oft the tody of Onorgo M'Kay, found hanged in thu i.riiii i n iiloi-ci- of I'itu k M?e, tavern kgeper, in thr n? c flip of A li lai.ti i VV A vcr bet wm returned that ho ill-.--i isoil eumo tu hi* dcuth by voluntarily and bloiu. -<Italy hsnging liwnreJI Anhtiieh Comran i to ('rkoo.n.?A loiter from )r. ,i)ii, .11 llolt county, Mo , 10 the Republican, . that a third Company recently staited trum the. oiioc il Hl'ifht it co'si-ii il of-J7 wi't ? - 40 men a large timber ol women a-nl children, .ni l many cattle The . i'.i-i M'i iik* very unfavorably ol Oregon, ami disapproves of . migration to that country. It stales that l!io ' rou'o by the ( ooncii Blurt's is much the boat one lor emigrants. The company elects .1 M r stophona their captain. Kahatoua ?The village never 'ookod mure >1-aut it ill. The rain- ol the < w (fay h huvi l.tiil im dint and clothed the abrulih cy in that rich, dsep ,-r?en, a* refreshing ,.s it is b'- m'. ill '<> th aje. The .ius are in i xcollont order , -i ' pnirw. lining thn i ?t winter, sei m to hav" he '.I. to pr> verve iln lr eiritv The public hotin utmn ' ' 1 cmj .o: t d c iMtiltnt-AA |m rt ' if" ;i f be 'i b >s and I fro uidi are arr-iycdin li b ofcailynu r. Tha , umber ol stranger* nuw u t-igw is about. th p iv! k a r fr. I/." ' e ver c. . ( ina i| | rising i r.n" night la lore i.-t, and ft I n ci., up to laat lt , veiiu'. about 10 iiichoa, anJ ww aull rising. -St Ltun u Rtjiuhitcitn, Junt ii. ' J

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