Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 28, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 28, 1844 Page 3
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* " ' i .iii ii Roaa D'Albrkt, or Troublous Timbb ; a romance?By P R. James. HarperSc Brothers, 32 Cliff street. This fresh novel, from the prolific le u of Juiilea, U in hia beat style?a romance ?>t love nnil nrnis in the troublous limea of chivalry. Tlv- incidents are stirring, the characters of great variety ttnd admirably drawn,and the style marked by the grace and ease which distinguish all James' : works It is one of the best novels he has recentL ? ly written, and will be universally rend with interest and pleasure. The Harpers have issued it in liietr usual convenient form, at one shilling. ft?" VKLPEAU'8 SPECIFIC PILLS FOR THE CURE ol' iio'vorrutsu, (fleet, un.! all mocupuru'.ent discharge* Iroin the urethra. These pills, prepared by the New York Collegt of Medicine and Pharmacy, established lor the kup,'iv hioii ol ijuackory, may l.? lelied on as the mosi . i-povdy and effectual remedy lor the above complaints.? '"hey are giiaranined to cure recent cases in from three t ) live days, and (assess a greuter power over obstiuati itiscbaige* and chronic gleet, than any other preparation ct pre* wit know a, removing the disease without aontinei. en l liom huaiuess, tainting the breath or disagreeing v. itn the stomach. Price $1 per box. Held ut the Otiice ol the College ol Pharmacy and Me diciu< 6 Nassau street. IV. S. R1CHAU08ON, M. D. Agent '.'J- RICORD'8 PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTL'itE? For th cure oi primary or secondary Syphiliiand i.11 affections produced by un injudicious use of met , curj The great advantages possessed by this powerful allei at ve over ull other preparations for the cure ot Syphilis. is, that while curing the disease it improves the constitution, whilst mercury genet ally leave a much worse disease than the one it is adininistare J lor. The beat recommendation we can give of it is, that it is now I extensively proscribed by the medical laculty, w ho lor many conai'jeiv'ii mercury the only cure lor those comt planus Sold, in single bottlp, f 1 each ; in cases of hall dozen, f.5, carefully packed, and sunt to all parts of the Union Osice of the College of Medicine and Phanne ry, c/. \nss3u street. W. S RICHARDSON. M D., Agsnt 0&- RABIVEAU'B HOT, COLD AND SHOWER SALT WATER BATHS, loot of Desbrosses street.-We visited and practically experienced the benefit of this magnificent establishment yesterday evening ; and we have no hr citation in nsc ibing to the manager all the merit he is eminently entitled to, for the accommodation lie has provided for the week and debilitated, for the young aspirants to the art of swimming, and the experienced paiticipator of a wide, safe and expansive field lor his exertion. Thu benefits of bathing, to both sexes, are universally acknowledged; and to all, we would say, go to the foot of Desbrosses street. These baths cannot be equalled in this or any other city. * 00 DR. MoNAIR'S ACOUSTIC OIL.?We are daily receiving sumo important testimonials ol the etticacy of this oil. Mr Wm. Hayden, of Middletown, Conn , was * cured of total deafness of several years standing, by using two bottles of this oil. A son of Mr. Feltus, of Newbilrg, a boy 10 years of age, was cured of dealness of several months standing, by the use of one bottle of this oil, after suffering much pain. At 31 Courtlandt street. Price $1 per flask. TOO- * NEW INVENTION TO SAVE THE TROU* BLE OK SHAViNO.?The Chinese Hair Eradicator will remove the hair and leave the skin perfectly smoothe wherever it is applied, entirely unlike any other article.? It always eradicates the hair and does not injure tho skin. Only at 31 Courtlandt st. t jfc?- HOW MANY SUFFER WITH RHEUMATIC afflictions, and let them run along mouth after month, despairing of obtaining any relief. To all such we wish to ay that the Indian Vegetable Elixer and I.inameut will positively cure these complaints. The Elixir drops taken internally, operate directly upon the nerves, while the Liniment, applied externally, removes all pain where vi r itexihts. Let the afflicted make trial of these reme lies, and we will warrant them success. At'ilCour'landt street. (|?js- PILES.?This distressing complaint may he entirely cured by the use cf Hays' Liniment We warrant this aiticle to cure, or wo will'refund the money in every case. Ye v. ho are troubled, try it. The trial will cost you nothing, il i'. does not cuie. AtUI Courtlandt st. . ; CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY OUilEl).?Th? Jfo'.iic Mixture, prepared by the Collega of Medicine are! I hsumutCT of tho city 01 New York, is confidently re eOBUM Bdod lor all cases of debility produced by secret in diligence or excess of any kind. It is an invaluable seme dy for impotonce, sterility, or barrenness.(tinless depend i igon ma) formation.) Single bottles fit each ; cares Of hall a dozen /n. i-.are I illy packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Olhc.e ot the College of Medicine and Pharntacv !>:. , N-ur-'i street W tt RICHARDSON, M. D, Agent QJ- SALT RHEUM, SCROFULOUS AFFECTIONS, Ac.?Connel's Pain Extractor is a certain and effectual lemedy lor Salt Rheum. This article together with Comnock's Sareaparillia will cure any case and entirely eradicate this disease from the system. The rH'ect of the S^rraparilla is alterative to the system, throwing out the di-ua?e from the blood entirely on the surface. The Pain Extractor then eradicates it thoroughly from the system, l -aving the patient in his wonted health and vigor. For ( this purpose the Sarsaparilla is compounded with other powerful auxiliaries, the whole strength of which is concentraled into a Fluid Extract of great power. These two articles used together will cure any ordinary case of Salt iCieum, Erysipelas, or Scrofula. Numerous instances have come to our knowledge where this course ot treat man! bus cured the complaint in less than ten days I . Slnl.l at '>1 I'm,-tin.,at -*? * D.l?. ?r IL.. u parillx CO cent* per bottle or $4 per dozen, Roach am> Bud Bros? An effectual riddance of these noxious verniin may be bad at *41 C'ourtland street. Also Cologne Water, a splendid nrticle, quart bottles 60 cents ; and Sharon Water (fresh) for sale low. ?* THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OK SAR HAPARILLA, GENTIAN AMD SAIISAKRAS, prepared by the N.>w York College ot Medicine and Pharmacy, es(ablishod lor the suppression of quackery. This refined and nighty concentrated extract, possessing all the puri. lying qualities and curative powers of the above herbs, is confidently recommended by the College, as infinitely superior to tiy extract ol Sarsapurilla at present belote the public, and may be relied on as a certain remedy lor all ail SMM vising from an impure sta.e of the blood, such as scro ula, salt-rheum, ringworm, blotches or pimples, ulcers, puin in the bones or joints, nodes, cutaneous eruptions, ulcerated sore throat, or any disease arising Irom the secondary effects of syphilis or an injudicious use oi mercury, bold iu single Bottles, at 76 ceuts each. " In ( sues of half-a-dozen bottles, 60 ' " one dozen " 6 00 Coses forwarded to all parts of the llniou. N. Q.?A very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers Office of the College, 96 Nassau street W. 8 RICHARDSON, M D., Agent Iv'lg/- vvt Allh ri-ilLASKU 1 U KINO THAT OUR inhabitants lire 1'econiiug acquainted with the utility of Ba'hiug?and it gives us pleasure to recommend the Knickerbocker Baths, 101 Bowery, as being equal to any and the charge only one shilling every day except Saturday and Sunday ? on those days eighteen pence. The proprietor richly deserves the patronage he receives. iBiVAir MKDI'AL All).?The members ol tpe Now Voili College o! Medicine and Pharmacy, is the public thanks lor the Tfbernl rapport they havs received in their elturts to " suppress quackery,' bee leave to state thai their porticular attention continues UM&rw i to all dkn?tw of private nature. and from the gloat ini| roveinenU lately made in the principal ho* pita!* of Kuropo in the treatment of those diseases, they c./io coiii' lently Oder to persons requiring medical aid advuitagns not to h< met with in anv institution hi this country, illier public or private. lrhe treatment ot the College is such as to insure success in every case and it . itally diiterent ftom that ne n < nns practice of ruining the constitution with mercury, and in mostcaaes leaving disease much worse t nun the original. One ofthe mem bers ol the 0?llege ,loc many years connected with the principal liospitafi ol Karope, uttonds daily lor a consulta lion ironi H A >1. to h I'..M Terms? Advico and medicine, a cure guaranteed lhront*nt to Countrv Invalids.? Persons living in the country and not finding it convenient to attend perto: iLiy, can have forwarded to them a cheat containing all ncdicinvJ requisite to |>erlorm a perfect cure ny stating th ir case explicitly, together wgth all symptoms, timao conn m t Km and tieatment received elsewhere, if nny n.l enc.losinir By. host naid addressed to " ' V/. H. RICHARDSON. M. D., Agent. Oulie and Consulting rooms of the College. OA Nim? treat {^TRIBUTE TO SCIENCE, r ^ll-.l Gouaauii ! firmest friend ol beauty; K ' Thou'it everlastingly on duty! orever tinkering and repairing Ch irms that are the worst for wearing; And i npid, with fresh arrows arming. By mi].ting nvw charms to the charming ! [ H ire the I'nit a sun-burnt forehead ? The M'dicattd Soap of (lonraud I* nil sufficient to remove it. | (The trial of one cake will prove it.) | ' Have they uaclc and lips ipiite hairy ? 1 ^-Unlike gentle sylph or fairy ? i... rourainl here again can suit them ; I'ouitre Subtil* will uproot them ! Ii the, cheek like winter's snow is 1 White and cold, the tint ot roses i Mint he added, or they'll rue it? t . " (iouraud's /ai/uik Rouge can do it 01 tie chemical pre; h ration, of Dr. Oouraud have attained a'.vend wi le celebrity, and perhaps nomanof science . list ever been more completely victimized by empirics, th in Dr. <1. Mo sooner does his skill elaborate some gr'ioie cetenl.itid to sssuage the pain ol a deformity, than |l is instantly pounced upon by tha vulgar and ignorant, Who imitata h in ,.vcry point?excepting it* virtue*. The Urrvary are ther?iara cautioned against purchasing any wv, re escept at Dr (four uid's only New York depot, B7 Waikur street, first ,tore from Broadway |h Or?" "COL. CONNER OK THIS CITY," WHO HAS lang been subject to periodical attacks of Headache of the merest kind could nevar find antidote till he made Ure of Dr. Sherman's celebrated Champhor Lo/.engea.? He was relieved in a lew moments entirely, and now recommends thein to hia triends a,? cffic lor that troublesome complaint They nlso cure Palpitation, Nervous Affections, and Sea Sickness ; and are ofgreat service to tlioso w ho feel t he effects ol too free liv ing The genuine ore never sold in any other way than In boxes, at 'lb cents, at Dr Shetinan's Warehouse, lftfl Nassau street or at his agents, JJ7 Hudson, corner Spring, 1H8 boW(,r'y 77 f ast Broadway,-1 Ledger Building, Philadelphia, ana's State atreet, Boston. 'I . WONKY MARKKT. Thursday, dune ^7-?i P. Ill, Stocks full off aguiu to-day. The warm weather has drive* many largo operators into the country, and msny making priparationa to go, which, with the approaching quarter day for the bank return*, are dri viug [stocks rapidly down to the lowest prices. The markets have for more than a week past been loll. iug, and prices now nil* lower than at any time within the past three month*. Peterson declined 1 per . cent, Long Island lj; Norwich and Worcester 1; Farmara' Xrint 1}; United States Bank i ; Canton Co.; Reading Railroad 1; Harlem 1} ; Stouington, Indiana and Kentucky b'a close J !irm at yesterday'* price* ; Ohio ti's advanced } per cent. A laige meeting of tha itockholder* of the Plymouth Railroad was held iu Boston a few day* since, to organise the corporation. The whole amount of stock, $000,UUO was taken, and the hooks ol subscription closed It wa? proposed that an instalment of ten per cent be immediate ly called in. The work will be immediately put under contract and forwarded with all the expedition poaaible.? Thi* will add unother to the many railroad* ol New Eng. land. A meetiug ot the Commissioners ol the Mori is, Sussex' and Warren Railroad* waa held last week in Dover, N. J., preparatory to opening the books of subscription to the stock of this company. It is in contemplation to make this road an extension or continuation of the Morris and Essex Road. By extending this roud to the Delaware river, at the water gap, it is supposed its receipts will be sufficiently increased to make tne whole line productiveThe Legislatuie of Pennsylvania have chartered a compuny to construct a railroad from the water gap on the j Delaware river to the immense coal bed* in the northern part of the Statu, which, by a few miles extension, can be connected with the Erie Railroad, making the diatance to New York eighty-four miles shorter by this route than by that to Piermont, besides avoiding the obstructions and dangers attending river navigation,through the winter season. The most leusikle way to get a line of roads trom Lake Erie to this city, would be to exteud the roads running through New Jersey and Pennsylvania to the southern line of this Stute, and then get up a com pany to carry a road through to the lake. We fear there will be no direct railroad communication with the west throughout the winter mouths, without adopting the improvements already made by our neighboring States. Within ourselves nothing will be accomplished i The original project of building u road entirely within I the limits of the State has dropped through. The recent | revival of the work, through the iuiluunce of public meetings, has died away, and the thing will eventnully lie forgotten. While the fever lusted, the stock ill Wall street was on the advance, und sales were made as high as thirty per cent. The current quotations now are ldj a 19 per cent, and confidence in the work has fallen in the same ratio. Pursuant to law the President and Directors of the State Bank have made a further burning ol the notes ol the Bank of the State oi Alabama and its Branches, in | the presence ol'the Governor and Secretary of State.? The lollowiug is the official account of notes destroyed by burning, in the present month Of issues from the Bank at Mobile $787,06a " " " Montgomery .298,376 " " State Bank, Tuskaloosa 0,900 Total $1,001,341 The circulation is thus farther reduced more than a million of dollars. The currency of Alabama will soon become perfectly purified at this rate. As soon as the old issues of this Bank and Branches are withdrawn from circluation and destroyed by Are, we may expect a revival of the interna' trade of the State and a return to better times. The report of the Committee in the Senate on Foreign Relations, in regard to the /oil Verein Treaty, disposes of the subject in a very summary manner. It advised laying it on the table, which amounts to a rejection, as the period given for its ratification will have expired before another session of Congress. The committee object very strongly to innovations upon the uniform practice in respect of the department of government, by which duties on imports shall be imposed. They also state that the stipulated equivalents cannot be considered a sufficient consideration for the concessions required from this government. The gain to the United States is stated to be confined to a restriction of the duty on lard to 137 cents on the centner, or 113 pounds, and the reduction of the imposition on tobacco in leaf of about a cent, and on the stems of a cent and a third per pound.? The report also states that the price of tobacco, independently of the reduction which might follow a diminished rate of duty, is already so_,moderata fin the /oil Verein Btates, that increased consumption to any considerable extent can hardly be expected under the proposed treaty As an offset to the advantages wo receive by a reduction of duties on our tobacco, lard, cotton, rice, &.c. the /oil Verein stipulate with the United States, as follows Ahticlk I. The United States of America agree not to impose duties on the importation of the following articles, the growth, produce, and manufacture of the States of the Germanic Association of Customs ami Commerce. exceeding? 1. Twenty per centum ad valorem on tbe importation of? I. All woollen, wonted, and cotton mitta, caps, and binding*, and wooden, worsted aud cotton hosiery, tbat la to say?stockings, socks, draw era, shirt .andali other similar manufactures made on frames. it. On nil musictl instruments, of every kind, except piano fortes. II. Fifteen per centum ad valorem on the importation of? 1, All articles manufactured of flax or hemp, or of which flax or hemp shall he the componen part of chief value, except cotton bagging, or any other manufacture suitable for the uses to which cotton bagging is applied ; 3. All manufacture* ol silk, or of which silk shall be the component p rt ol chief value ; 3 Thibet, merinos, merino shawls, and all manufactures of combed wool, orol worste : and silk combined ; 4. Polished plate glass, silvered or not silvered, small pocket looking glasses, from three to ten inches long, and from one aud a hal.1 to six inches broad, toys of evety description, snufl boxes of paper mache, lead pencils, lithographic stones, and wooden clocks, known under the name, of Schwarzwaidrr clocks ; 5. Cologne water, needles, bronze wares of all kinds, planes, scissors, scythes, flies, saws and fishhooks, gold, silver, ami copper wire, tinfoil, and musical strings el all kinds : 6. Leather pockat-booka and etuis, and all sorts of similar fine leather manufactures, known under the name ol OUVrihachei line leather fabrics. III. Ten per centum ud valorem on the importation of? 1. All thread laces and inaertings, laces, galons, tresses, tassels, knots, stars of gold and silver, fine or halt tine ; 3 Mineral waters, spelter, and hare's wool, dressed. The items included in lit. Article under the present tariff, pay thirty per cent ad valorem. The proposed treaty requires a reduction of ten per cent. The items included in 3d. Article pay now from 36 to 30 per cent?under the new treaty the duty would only be 16 per cent. The itemi included in 3d, Article pay, underthe present tariff, 16 and 30 per cent. The proposed treaty stipulate! ten. The reduction of duties on imports, or the establishment of tariff laws regulating the duties on imports devolves upon Congress, and the origin ol all tariff acts, or bills proposing alterations or modifications in an existing act, is confined to the lower house of Congress. This being settled by the constitution, the power to form treaties, requiring such heavy inductions in duties imposed by tariff acts In existence, being vested in the Senate and Executive alone, may well be questioned. Where a distinction is made in the duties on articles of similar manufactures, coming from different countries, it would seem necessary, that such distinction should be made upon the passage or enforcement of a new tariff act. The law reads that such a duty shall be imposed on such an article, without any regard to the country from whence it comes. Our tariff laws would be more confused than they ever were yet, if there were a dozen different rates of duty on the same article. Oreat Britain claims the same privileges that the contemplated treaty with the Zoll Verein extends to the German States, and other nations will, perhaps* discover the same clause in their treaties, and in extending favors to one nation, we should have similar demands from others. It is necessary that the tariff laws of every commercial nation of import, once in the world, should be modified. Every unjust restriction should be removed shutting out the prorltirlfl of out* from the oth?r_ m/iinrneite trailing equal ill vantages to all, should he formed between nations anil the industry and prosperity of nil ensured There has, heretofore, been an open declaration of war on tariffs. We do not want free trade ; thera can never be uchathing as free trade in the commerce ofthe world' all we want, all we can ask for or expert, is n mutual re' clprocity in trade ; we want a regulation of tariffs so as to lavnr the manufactures ol each nation as far ns possible, consistent with the necessity for revenue and the slight incidental protection some local interests may require. Olsl Stink Kxeliniigc. rone N YerkT's 10'k inOihtsl'sterson ft It 79 l?7iio Uhi 6 s, 60 % inn do 79k 9000 Keutncliv 6's lit 27 Canton Co 34 I nno do 101 21 Ho 31 tone Indi i a 5's 43* 3M do 32k 2.0" (Jo 4JH 9 M bl7 32H 20 sli*. Am " so flk ?'? " IhiQl n I IT IT 71 125 Farmers'Lua t 3K 100 ? 77k 170 do 37k 127 StenNliiton RB 11 <00 do 37k 170 Rradiux IlK 10 no U 8 Bmk 7k 70 Co 47k 777 Ni r slid Wote 7n ISO VickshnrR Bk 7k 170 do 70k Mecond Honril. 1POOO Ohio 6's 96k M0 abss Nor fc Wore 71 i on Indiaua bonds 43k 50 Harlem HR 60 ,Oil anas Farmers' Lo'n 37 20 Fire Ins 77 27 Nor and Wore HR 50k 70 Canton Co 31k New Block (exchange. 42i)00 Kentucky 6's 104 77 tha* Ni r and Wore 49k lOllO do i's 91 27 do 49k 1000 d. s3 90k 27 do 19), '?o sh?s Virhsliurg Bk 7k 75 do <?* 27 ,|? Ii30 ? 1.0 do 7 J 27 Canton Co 3ik 100 do s60 49 27 stonirxt .n RH 4? 25 do Mk 50 1, Islam RR snw 77k 25 do 50k 50 do 77 25 do s30 50 I l? do 7* 25 do iN <?? 25 do blO "*8 15 Kira>n' Loou I 1"0 do iW T7 15 do 35H Balks or Stocks?Boston, June 26th. .1/ tkt Uroktn' Board -40 shires Western Railroad, 71 J; I do Boiton Exchange Co. 410) 25 do Heading Kailroad, 24); 25 do 24), 60 do 24); 150 <lu 24; 5141 do 23); UK) do, t>60, 25; 25 LoQg Inland Railroad, 77); 76 do, s30, 77 ; 50 do, .60, 77. At Auction?b aharaa Concord Railroad, $03 for 50; 6 lo Providence Railroad, 8) per ct a lv; I do Lowell KailI road, div oil, 26) per ct adv; 8 do Worcester Railroad, div oil', 19 per ct adv; 5 do Bartlett Steam Nlilla (par 1000) 3) per ct ad*; 1 do Merchants'Exchange div < if, $400; J3 do Market Bank, $72 tor 70; 18 do North Bank, $92) per ahare; 39 do Trader*' Bank. 92 per ahare; 36 do New England Bank, 3 per ct adv; 13 do Columbian Bank, 2 per Ct adv; 5 do City Bank, $96 per share; 2 do Shoe aud Lea ther Dealer*' Bank, 1) per ct adv; 1 do Merrimac Mtmuf Co, 36) per ct adv, 1 do Hamilton Bank. 6) per ct adv; 4 do Beaton and Maine Railroad, div oif, 4) adv; 3 do Atlaa Bank, $95) per ahare. State of Trade. AtHita? Pota remain without change, both as regards price aud demand. Pearls are very Ann at $4 bO Bkkswax?This article is in good demand, and prime northern yellow sells readily at 29) a 30c. Cotton?The sales to-day are small, and to manufacturers, who are the only purchasers. Ki.ot a ? Genesee flour sells at $4 39. No change in tho market. Hsv -The demand continues very limited, ami prices tending towards a decline Common qualities sell at 31 a 33c The receipts ate daily quite large, and the stock steadily accumulating. Pkovisioiss?There is no alteration either in price or demand tor urticle* included under this head. Whisk** ? Drudge casks are very dull at 23c. Western and prison barrels are held nt23a23)c. The sales ot both descriptions are very limited. Cotton Market. Savannah, June22.?This has been a dull waek in our cotton market; Euronean hnvers have mo.tlv withdrawn they refilling to oper-ite unless at price* much under the prevent view* of hold. r?. The offering stock is light, not being eatimateu over 3,000 bales, anil holder" aliow no disposition to veil at going rates The business of the week lias been limited, un.l confined mostly to fill up vessels loading and nearly loaded. As tar us reported to us the sale* of the week reach only about 800 bales, of which 760 were Uplands?21 at 6 cents, 122 at 6|, 00 at t), I Id at 6}, 14 at 6}, SatO}, llatd], and 4uf> at 7 cents. 10 bules stainsd Sea Islands? 30 at 0 to 8. and 10 at 9 cents We omit quotations, us with present limited business it is difficult to give them correctly, holders asking different prices. Middling cottons may be quoted at 6} a 0} cents. 1'he better qualities are searce, and hut little offering. Brighton Cattlo Market. Jure 24.?At market, 810 beet cattle, 15 pairs working oxen 1450 sheep and lambs, and HftOswine. Prices?Beef Cattle?The prices obtained last week were not sustained, and we reduce our quotations?Kxtra, $5 05; first quality, (5; second quality, $4 60 a 4 75; third quality, $4 a 4 25. y Working Oxen?We noticed sales at $70, $75 and $85. Sheep and Lambs-Sales from $1 26 to 2 76. Swine?Lots to peddle, 4}c for sows, and 6}c for harrows; old hogs, 4aifc; small pigs, 6}a7}. At retail, trom 5 to 6}c. Foreign Market*. St. Jaoo de Cuba, May 30.?Beef, $11 per bbl. jerked American 5 par ql; candles, tallow, H's and 10's, 14} a 14}; sparm, long 6's, wanted; cheese, American, 13 a 14; fish, cod, small, 4 perql. last sales, looking up; herrings, dry salted. 6} a6} per bbl, smoked 75 per box; mackerel, No. 3, 7} per Bbl; flour, American, ISA per bbl, sales ot 50 bis, Spanish 11 a 16; hams, small, 12} u 13} per ql; lard, 14} a 15 per ql; oil, whale, 80 a 65 per gal; onions, 8 per bbl pork, mess, 16 per bbl, prime II, clear 17; potatoes, 3} a 3}; rice, 6} perql; roap, yellow, 7} a ! } per ql; lioards.W I', 24 per M it, P P. 21, uhundant; hoops, 37 a 40 per 1*200; lihil. (hOOkl and heads, 1 a 14 each; sugar box shook*, 1 each; vinegar. $8 per bbl; shoulder, 9} per 100 lb; sheer pork, 11 per 100 lbs; coffee, trashed and pulped, 1st $12 a 13 per ql, 2d 9 a 11, 3d o a fl, ordinary to best unwashed 5 a 6}. triage and half triage 2 a 4}?getting scarce; sugars, assorted, 1 white and 2 brown, 3 and 4 a 3} and 4, white alone 4, brown alone 3 a 3}, Muscovado 2} a 3; molasses, including cask, 15 a 15} per 105 gallons; tobacco, leaf, no new in market; fustic, 20 a 22 per ton. Exchange-London, (par $1 20 per ill stg) 15 per cent nrnm; United States and Kingston, (Jamaica) par; doubloons, royal $17, patriot 16. Freights?Mediterranean and north of F.uropa, scarce; United States, $3 to 3} per hhd; 35 a 37 per 100 lbs colfee; 1} a 1} per box. Tonnage Duty?$1 61} per register ton on foreign ves els; none when arriving and sailing in ballast, nor when m distress, unless cargo be landed or loaded. Bill of health, certified by the Spanish Consul, is indispensable to avoid quarantine.?Philad. Oaz. 1)1 ed, On Thursday, 37th inst. alter a lingering illness, Miss Sarah Whisht, in the 57th yearof her age. Her friends and acquaintances, and those of Mr. Oraham Polly, and of her brother, John Wright, ure respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon at o'clock, from her late residence, North-Foutth street, a few doors above Second, Williamsburg, Pasiengeri Arrived. Amsterdam?Barque Henry bin lion?I. T Peppv, lliihmin"; M's L ' ' ler T H, A Nicolsssn, Miss I) Nicola-sei, P Meuges Htmbarg?150 in the sieriage. Voiiui?Bri| Alabama?P Colisan, lady ami child, Mrs, C Wallace?15 in 'lie steerage. St Al'ousrinr.?Bug Virginia?Mr Kettel. M's K-ttel, Mrs Cell acil 3 children, Mrs IluiDpiiisys Miss Folio, lit.olt, I) Richards, J R Mitchell, J McVaue, It Taylor, V Kmp aud child foreign Importations. Livr.arooL?bhip Koscoe?QUO bit tin plate 8iff kin St Ironsides?7411 do Kt bss thread Phelps, Dodge St co?33 pkgi Bur itt 4t Jehntnn?1 e. I Biinpsnn?t>u casks r>l*ach>ng powder Persae It Brooks?23 cks H Patrick St co?3339 bars irou 40 hdlt do U W shields?StO do It Waterman Stco?28 pkg, J McCall St co- S '.ameron St ''rand?16 J Gilion St co?3 A St 8 Thorn ?4 L Brooks?22 I'ameron St Brand ?IS Smith St T hnrgnr?20 K 8 indersou?16 Nevins St c ?7 Firtl' St 8prdding?10 Godfrey St Path rt >h?1633 bars ut?u 3 c <sks 3 hhtit 2 crts 8 (lr?oks?29 i kgs I uinimug St Itiacli?9 | St ' T'i. mas St c .? 17 do 8 anvils! bdls W Buyer?10 > It a \ r Li rencr St co?16 A Cong oonltco?10 UMM, II dg 1 J Owens?14 Cands, Fuller St co?9 W 8 It h < M . - > ? 63 W Chaunrey?M H W in I. lev ?20 t 8 hoierelt?IUU i.u 100 tons pig irou t ba'e 69 rkt 2d hags 49 rria to ord r Livt.arooi - v> p Adir- udack?Coneignees: t) T Trimble? Tin.ker, Me-d St c ? thorns, h Co?Wight, 8tUig'S St Shaw? It Wate'utsn?J Hudatin?Mmi'h Thu'sarSt co?L) lladdeu ? J Oihon?McKee St . .?But rrtield St co ?B It Lunmis St co? W < h ii ir-v Stco?W M;h?Wolfe St B .hop-t W 8 lloaeveli?(j ?n u. Ilo'lg.s It co? P l m St Stew art? Pa body St It ggi? tamer Si co?I loff rt?-<- 11 Kassell St co?J Kllisnn ?Lion mui, buydain St co?H 8 UnlUrd?J Mci all Stco?8 T Jones St co?tt Kii gsland St c ?W B Bend?F. 'oruuig Stco Wi'ih St Mai lory?Halatru at Ila.h? C arm-roil k Brand?f*tone fcHwiis?A Haifii kco?8ir**if He Brox?Keixx torex?fc Hunt ? W lutieinore, I'orieyfcco?A 8 Will^tl?fc P Heyer?Adshead kco?8 Osborne-? B .I I in k Sander?T B Mabee?W'churdsou k Walton?Godfrey, Pa'tixou k co ?Hill? Wolfe k OiHeas ie?r L^ch-K Patrick k co?0 Ahreufeldi? t. t k Homer? Hovey, William* k co?Borr?tr k Johnion?Bird. Oilti au kco? i'nelp*, Dodge k c??H Moung k co ? Hall B?ox?< ripox k co?L Att rbury?(i B Morewi/od?J Conu*h?W U li-tc^xfatt? and to order. Amsterdam?Barque Henry MHtoi?50 tl.ibs Uu T Dex \ite*?I box 8 K Kreie??2 bale* 11 W k '1 (Viatu?<i bki> Ahbers kco, of B tltiinore?375 s kgx mdne 15 pipe* gin W Or*ft, of do?JO hng 1 box D D?ck'e &. (i'rea of do?4 do T K .Neil sou ? 1 il>L T Pener?175 bags canaiv seed 1*5 do 9J8 bills willow 10 cs uiajder 1 do samples 53 hampers 5 l>i! '* <n to order St. Martins?uchr Martin?73 bbls 11 bf do 2 kegs lamarinds A Hubbard?2 carkt 2 obis copper and brass J Henry?32 pkgs 29 bbls tamarinds It hhils 88 bbls sugar 2i kegs 8 bbls arr wool 2 bf do 1 | unction 18 de.nj .bus bay ruin I Koulke It Hon?1 bbl molasses 7 do tagar 7 do arrowioot l" mailer. Domestic Importations. Mobile?Brier Alabama?150 imles cotton Burrilt (It Johnson ?3D A B i d ii?7 BpofToni, Tilrsmn Ik co?' 23 to order. MAklTLME HERALD* Hailing Days of tike Mteam Ships. steamers. from i.ivf.rfool. from america. Acaiiia, ludkina July I Britannia. Hewitt Jane 19 July 16 (J Wrstern, Matthews June 72 Ju'y 20 Hiberuta, Kyne july 4 Aug. 1 U Britain. Hosken Jnly 13 Aug 8 Caledonia, Lott July 19 Aug. 16 Acadia, Judkirs Aug. 4 Sept. I O. Western, Ma thews Aug. 17 .... . Britannia, Hewitt Aug. 19 Hept. It O. Britaiu, Hosken Aug. 31 Hept. 21 Hiberuin, Hyrie Hept 4 Oct. I O. Wssteru, Matthews Oct. 12 Nor. J it. Britaiu. Hosken Oct. 19 Nov It Ship Masters and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give to Commodore Korkht Hii.vfv, of our News Fleet, a Kepo/t of the Hbipping left at the Port whence they aailed, ihe Vessels Spoken on their postage, a List ol their Cargo, and any Foreign .Newspapera or News they may have. He will board them immediately on their arrival Agents and Cnrretpom euts, at or abroad, will alto conler a favor by sending to this office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Inlormation of any kind will lie tbauklnlly received. POKT OF IKW KUtlCV June UH. sub risk 4 33 I mooit risks " 2 40 sun 7 33 I Mu.? wttgR . 621 Cleared. Min t St Oeorge, Ferris, Liverpool, 1) Ogden; Victoria, Hartshorn, do, U H Hoberlaou; Superu, (Br) He. dry, Dilhoiisie, NB J llerdmaii; La?inm, ( Ur) Wilson, Uuej- c, A 13-11 It i o ?Batons Scotland, i Br) naBiiltos, do, Wilsog It Brown. ? U ig lilacs l'ri"C?. ( Br) James, Iiaultoit, liowland It Atpuiwill ?Hrlirs Vrrmilhoa, rteamau, Ualumure I B <?.ig>r: Haml McUowell, finite, do; Ohio, Kar.bno, Hartford; Faucy, Chase, Boston. Arrived. Ship Adirondack, Hacksiaff, from Liverpool, May2l,wuh uidae.toli 1' Trimule?26u (Mstengers llaa bc.u on sojudsngs 19 days, with light BW winds aud calms, and eitremsjp thick Hh11< Koacoe, Hicker, from Liverpool, via Portamouth, Nil. 7 daya, w ilk rndte to Julio II. rdnian. Da roue ii?nry Hneltou. congcoi>?, (of Baltimore) i daya from A rte dim with mdae, to neater. nwediah brig Mapi". hock, 1* uaya Irum Palermo, urd llibraltar 41 daya, with I'dlll l? iea orangea i540 do lemout '.0 tnn> >ul|ihiir Will li 'ga uinur 519 d ? Inured 6U balea raga to I* lien V Co. Barque Smyrna tailed from I' 4111110 day for .vlaita, to complete cargo for N York. Brig Nonpareil, I'. |ie, (of Kairhaven) from Port Republican. June 14, with Uiah. grey, to matter. Brig >fa?iiaa. MchaMaud, (of Kllaworth) 10 divt from*d laiand, with 70i.ii hnahela aalt to Neamith It VValah.? Lelt do American Brig Alabama, Dudley, 20 daya from Mobile, with cotton, to Siurget at 1 learinan Brig Vuginia. Ucdcll, 6 daya from Jit Angaitice, EK. in ballaat, to IV. li It Say re. Sehr Red Jacket, Jama, II daya from (inayama, PH. with UK hhda augar l>7 da molaaari to J B I.iaala. Hchr Martha ,vl k'owle, Reed. (ol Waalungtoo, N<' ) II daya fruna S' Martina, with aiig>r, to S L Mitche-l. Left no itmoi cm Barque llojla, Williama, from St Kitta, touched at Ml Martina IJtri i at. aud tailed for ?t Thi mat ami New York. Hchr Aud, Pope 12 day a from Fniaid 1, PK to Baoger Ik Peck, with 151 caaka nioiaaaea 45 do augar to J B Laanla l.efi 110 American. B'ltiah arhr k'oi, F< a. 21 daya from St Johna, N K. to O h J Liurie, wi h 10 tea aalmon 60U0 teal akina to order Hchr Mary Ann, Hnmma, 1 daya from Waabingtnn, Nt .with naval atorea, In * L Mitchell. Hchr B?tj Harmon lioiiglaia, 2 daya fm YVaahington. NC with naval atoret, to H H lap pan Hchr Harah, Kergnaon. 1 dart Irom Ninbctn, NC with naval amrea, to K M Blackwell. Hchr Mont, rami, Jonea, 5 daya from Richmond, with coal, to M A PhrUrpa. Sehr PfH, Atwrvod, II days from Thomutoa. with liaa bound to Wilmington, pal la tor ha bor Sehr Disus. Sm ill, 5 dsys I rum Salaiu, with mdse, to K W Lon?. G vermneut selir Gazelle, Howlsnd, from Cape May, bound up the Sound. Below. Two brigs, unknown. Wind St Nailed. Ships Hi George Ferris, Livrprwil; f'o'ea, Gardner, St Petersburg; steamer Tigris, Halt, Hichmoud, aud olh r?. Correni>oiidem-e of Uae Herald. Khoiih IsLanotii Urnci. \ NcwruuT. Juo** 16. ltd. V A'r litli. Ju? Lsbracd. Nickersnn Hiul.delpru; tvi.r* It Hoaili. Her;u o, B um-oi for NLnudoh; Franklin Green. W ley, rl/i .inii.ih for Providence; Ht Usui's, Bremao. Philadelphia for fill RlVOfj Had Hover. paeon, liualou f>r Alhsn-; rsnislia. Hale.aud F I) I'ekker,Henderson. Providence for Pmlailelphia; M'xic Toioliu, Somerset for do; Mii.baiun, Hopkins, Bangor for Uultirnore. ftllncellaiieoiu. Unto Joisn llsUTLaTT. Hammond of New York, from Wiitiinll"!!, Ni I rthe \Vest Indies, with s canto of sMi, ahinglrs corn, pess Sic. sprung il'sk on Friday afi?'uoon. 2Sd in St and mi run a hire uenr old Currituck lulet. Cargo dain aged gad vessel total loss Whalemen. Arr Ht Wilmington, Del Jt-tP-rson, Howlund, B iV of Islands Gt" March, with I 1IN) bhl? so 700 do w li oil aud 71)00 lbs bo. e, besides 24 0 0 lbs bone as freight from the Magnolia of N B C il si New Bed'ord ^iih mat. Wade, D wiu, Indian Ocean. A letter ho n ill Maria I liere.t, Teber, V B. repo'ts her st Ssndwirh Mods F. b 21. about re dv to sail f>r N W Coast? hml taken tt bbl- spsince leaving the N VV Alette from ' inline M'Kenzie .SB -sports her st Oahu, Keb H will GO hb's ap 210 do wh oil, bound to .s W Co .st? siir e r pom d si,I 11th. A letr.r from Geo Porter. Arthur. Ml. reports ?|a)*king Mch | 7? > ii i ii- \n-> ), Mum inoua, bak> r, do, Jh sp; Lai a Rookli, Kevna d, do, 2I0C. A ettrr I'roui t'l ess, Qeleit, NB, dated Vagi, Feb 18, report* Her with Ml bl? ?p oil, Imuu I 'o N W Const. A leter fr" Navy. Smith N B, dated K?b II, no Ikt or Ion, reports her w ith 500 wh ai.d 155 tp. Spoken. A'lanti-, Juue 24, lat 40 30, lou 70 20?by the Adirondack, at this port Klit.b-lh Hndel ft' of and for Lieernool, 119 days fm Lima, J una 3 la'. JO in, lou 10 40?hy ih? Kapi I. at tins I ott. A n A ireric u barque show it a a blue and white cress, stand ink to the I'.astward, May 25, lat 27 1, Inn 19 5?by the Henry Shelrmi, at this port. I.nyjse, ( Urrm) iteering to the Eastward, Jure 1, lat 44 6, Ion 36 25?by the r*in?. St Si non . Trinidad lor N York, June 19, off Tortugxs?by tile N O Bourne, at this port, Ann. Keiniek. days I in Boston for Uonaives. June 11, lat 11 17. lou 6' 18. Adamant Purrinkton, from Calais for Barbadoes, 16th inst, lat 35 . 37, lou 80 , 20. Foreign Port*. UviTtki, I'K June 15?In poit, Trxidor, Lock wood, for N York soon, only Ame-iean Pom lUri'ilka-i. June 14?In port, N'auev Jaue, Smith, for New Y<-rk, nest dsv; Republic, Smith, fordo. Ida; Jnku li Stephaos, II .11, do 10 days; Maguolia, Barlow, for Oousives, u-i.dai; ( Vkuet, l 'oo| er, f. r Boslou, 2 days; Lucinda, Keuda'l, ii if. Caer. Havtikm, June 14?Iii port. Outesie Jenkins, for Boston, line; I h-rlorte, Best, from Wilmington. NC. just arr MovtmiaI.. Juue2l?ArrTronbsdoiir. McDowell,ind lloiie, Kicliardsnn, Liverpool; Hewson. Hewson, Newcasll*. t Id Mary Allen, Wade, Glasgow. I.nktt Port*. Burs'ai.o, Jut e 25?Arr Nile, Chicago- United Status. Detroit; I'.rry, I'^irysburg; I Queen, Krie; Kingman. Sandusky; Hunt, Mi h Cit- ; L Colliorue. Pt Bui well; W Trader. Ouukirk: Fletcher, Fai pert; Biddlr. an"' Hudson. Cleavelaud ? 4'ld Constitution, and Chesapeake, Chicago; Kent, Antliestbn-g: Indian Queen, Kiie. Home Port*. Kast M&rhias, June 21?Sid, Mars Hill, and Charles Hammond, NYotk; Kxainp'e, Simpson, do. Kixiwosth, June 21?A?r R P Waring, NYork. HucusroiiT. June 22?Air M irquis N Yoik. Gahdim it, June 19?Arr Advent. Rollins. NYmk. Tori i,ami, Juue 22?Air Plu'o, Walker. M itai z.ia; Bradnre, Loilft. Baltimore; Mary, Smith. Fiederickshmg; 2. tli, Samuel Tolford. Havana; Crescent, , Philadelphia; Texar. I'll lahurv, NYork. 22d, eld, Portland, Patterson, Cuba 23d, s'd, Portland Nkwbi rvport June24?Arr Mogul, Bunker, Wilmington, NC; 25 h, Ivonhoe, Post, aod Sini'heruer, Gibts, Philadelphia; Sratira, Prehle, N York. Below, Richmond, Kilboru fin Picton BosTorr, Jane 26?Arr Lendrs, Robbirs, G'nsgow ; 01iv? St, Parsons, Liverpool; i.l nliervie, (Br) Russell, do; Val halla,Thacher, Charleston; 1 agle, Diew, Cape llaytieu; Pa lesliue, Sluilevait, H rede-ieksburg; 1 hiclMtaw. Kendrick, Halliinoie; Relief, Alexander, Philadelphia; Declaration Adams, Mariel 14th inst. Leftaa Am schr, just ar uuine not knowr; (feu Win W-shineton, Jenkins, Malanzis; Sustn, Bray, Norf -Ik: Klizabrth, Baker; Charles, Berry, and James, 11 all. Philadelphia; Utica, Bearae; Louisa; Mary Jaue Handy; F.quiry, hdwards; Jupiter, Hee, aud Montilla, W h e er, Alhany?Signal for a hr.g?C|d Cadmus, Tncker, Rt Jago; Adna, Hatch, Cu'a, Herald Holmes St Jago; Olinthus IR-dgd in Well edies Rockingham. Penhallow, N Oilcans; I- Ik. Nicker-on. Philadelphia; KlU.Wheldeo. do; Camhringe, flail. NYork; Fxc-I, Loyell, do; J Conley It Co, Kldndge, aud Homer, Kent, do *5lh, arTusckn, Cnvgiui. Lisbon, I Ith lilt; Hvlcs, Kustis, Havana: Caroline, Jordan, Card-unm; Bil low, l.awrrure, Mob lie; Albeit, Cousins. Philadelphia; Belize, Dawes. Kingston, Mass; Juhn. Young, S.ivauush; Hv G King, Wa ren; Alexiuder M Jenury; ( ons'ilotion, k.udicott; Oriole, Pepper; Ke l-iwship, Faruham, and Caro'iae, I'hinney. I'hilailel; hia; Ornament. Krlley; Pieminm Nickerson, aud Col riminona, Fish, Albunv; Justice. Klee|ier, Roudoui; Mvatic. I l,iir<-lull NVork KtxiaHTowrt, June 24?Arr L-ander, Nautucket In port, hurrgy. to go <?n the msriu" railway Niim'CKKT, June 24?Sid, Champion. Drew, NYork. Providence, June 2V?Arr, Chinthi'U, K->binion, Mobile; A'lantic. Reynolds, do; Franklin Ureeu Wiley, Sivaiuiah; Mentor, Kimball, Handout; Spy. Smith Albany; Maria. Taslor, I'hilail, liilna; Kairhateu. Joi'in, Albany; Leopard, Norton, Trov, Ad'aure, Clifford, Albany; k mprrfs, 1 utile, New York; Intm, Bnrrouuli, Albany Sid. Caroline, Nchola, ], via N Y; Mesaenger, Sands, Kredrricktburgh; Peril elia, Coles 1'hilndr'phia; Olympus, Osboro, Kondoul. Uristul. June 2b?Arr, It,.b MiHa, D?rlius, Havannnh. for Bua'oh?put in to laud passengers; Tar y Not, Bly, from NewLnr News, Va. On Sunday night, i sp-rtenced a heavy blow fin NW, and I >81 part of deck load Of wood 1'Hii.AHKi rnii, June 26?Arr Ksther, rune-y, and Kdward Fraukloi. Oray. Uottou; O'hit, v? ikk'us, Albans; Altamsha,, NYork; Klir.abrth, Wiley, Salem, Ms; Zone, Lrowell, Portland IWLTiMonr., Jnne2Ti?Arr Pioneer, Parker, lioaton. A EES?Mi a i*, JmH? Arr Mail, Human, N Yoik. hlCHWOND, June 2b?Arr Ws> mouth, t. ouch andCa'harine Wilasl, LisOOUk, NowYOfk, Arr at City I'niut Dumbarton. Pendleion. Boi'on; Massachusetts, Pr itchard, Philadel. Sid Harriet, Pole Boston Kdsiston, NC, June 22 ? A rr Xuloda, Cud worth, St Thomas. Sid, Cha lotte, F itzg-rald, NYork. Oeoh'ietown. SC. Jone 22?Cld Berjamin, Rogers; Julias Priugle, Latchico'.te, d V Berkeiew, 1 avlor. N Yotk ors, .luna 21?Arr Lottery, [Bi] Darrell, Kingston J>;? allao, O'N ill, 8' Augustine 16 hours?sailed in co wi h 'Mary Wilka," anil Habersham, for N York, with the eaigo of hrig Virginia, wreck'd some nine since near Indian River ? Cld 24th, Warsiw, Hawkins, Liserpool. , Mobili., June ll?Cld Allure, Jenkius, Havana; Henry Clay Downs, Hoatou New Oiu.eans. June 17?Arr T Street, McConnell, Havana; .'itturaiHM ? iu ooiuMii, on aw, ivve/|?o?>i; H itraie, Bailey, Marseilles; Virginia Antoinette, L>rlv?illt>, Havana; Champion, [Br] Johnson, Harbor Island. COMMISSION rOB BvOLAND. ENGLISH, FRENCH AND EUROPEAN AGENCY ?- THK B?BS(.HUKH8 beg to state that ' h eam-?l i| I I A I) IA > i Iroui Bon tor Liverjaiol on the Istproiirno Merchants, Kaporters, importers, arid "" ^^^^3?oih ra, who deinr to fo ward to buiope packages, bonds, aperie, valuable documents, orders, lltvis, ?< , ail tiud it tieir nit test to deposit the same at aurol Adanu a C ? a Kspress > (fires, in ,N-w VmIt, Philadelphia, Ballon re, 1'ittsbngh and Boston, on or befor- th? n otniog oi thesteam-slura departn-r?which will be despatched to St rvrniih'a eitablithi. ent, 11 Liverpool, w"h >lie r-rtaimy of II orro I mil rmijcinal "llene ||| by ih-'r PRIVATE AN L) EXCLUSIVE DAILY EXPRESS TO LONDON Importer I Siaiela O odsar- solicit <1 lo leqnvsi their Korncn o respond n's In add ess i| eir packages caie ol Willmer St Smith, Shu pie* Acen s, Liverpool All A M" it CO , 7 -Vail atr-et. New York. WILLMKR k SMITH, Liverpool RNULIM1 AOhNCY KKMOVF.D - ?- _ TO T.iK a.MKKICAN PlJBLIC-ln re'eieorv to an advertisement v? hich appears c" Papers, beaded "To the Public," and sisr ed "Haiudeu It Co " we have only o rli, that Ii vwg during th. last live ntii .h c. nsiicued to iher house aoout ii'1 packages parrr s, fcc , wi h reiiuest that we atir ul< lie advrseJ by return i f ste mship o' their safe arrival a id deliven?aud moreover, not having I'arniR that period, had uue line of nchii iwleileemeut of their irceii ts, I but which s'nce > ur Mr. Kdward Wiilmei's ariival in Amenoahave been accounted for,) we deem tin j, I h THKKK WKit K i\O OTfl h It, a sufficient re .son (in the t ar.sfe ol ouhMlPPI sO BuSINftSH, and all otiir r interests, to the house of Messrs AUA.V1H it CI). W.LLVlKR k SMITH, Liverpool. Mo. 7 Wa'l aire t. New York, I7ih Jone, 1814. je28tffh AI UTlUM K>ALsi!ss> 1 HOMAb BKLL, Acctioneei Store No. 11 Spruce street. FRIDAY. J At lhh< o'clock, in ti e salts rooms II Hpruee street, I Lara* Sale of Dry (fronds,i noire fashionable Clothing, Kir* , Works, splen oil Watches, and numerous oth'r articles?as . usual without reserve ' HATURDAY, , The regnlar Sale of valuable Fnr iture ol all descriptions Also, twenty Mocking llirda, Canareys, Java Hpariaws, of th- choicest dceriotiona Piano Cores?Also, three sple.adid rose-wood Piano Fortea, not esrelied by auy in the city. I jJ7 3t?in THOS. BKLL, Auctioneer. B Y 7l K WILLAKD, Store 304 Broadway, cor. Dnane at. H. K W. will give hit |ieraon?l attention to out door sales ol Household Furniture, Dry (foods, (iroceriea, kc., for peraona reli'uJuishiiiR honsekrepi jg or business. S ill a settled in all cases as soon as the gooda shall have hern .,,1.1 ,1,.t. in,,.,1 L l bcrn I i ash Advances made, if required, on merchandize ol every d'acription consigned (?#r ml* m2l lm*rn UE>JAMlIN MOO INK V, Auctioneer ? AU( TI4.N NOTH K?B MoONKY fc CO will sell 1 Iii? L>av, at 10 o'clock, it thei'ore No. 91 Msiden Laur, HMoiiMitol Hgrdwan, Dry Uoom, urpwih, (ii| Mii the ttock ol i retail country (tore, removed for convenience of Alia, n lot of Ktiroitnre (unfilled for) of ule of 25th, toIf. ti'T with in inoftment. of ? ire Wink* j/H ll'tc a yuung woman WISHES i litnation ? < himbertnaid. n.d would asust Willi irouinK 4)ood city references given. A|i?v it 28 Trinity Place, in the rrnr. j28 It' in WANTKU?A lit'Ution hy i Watch .\liker tfood fity relerencti ei to capability and honesty. Any one in went of i w rkiu'n will plane i Idren O. o. O , 142 Kiifhth Avenue, j28 3t?rc Wanted immkdiatelt-nnmi wt, mteunent 4Mtuwioing yogag man, to smcit iu>>srribert and collec' money fori popul-r periodical. Men irquvinted with the biniueii can in ik-live or in dollars a day the yeir ronnd None ii -d ip| Iv imleia itiey tiiug good lecomire datinns m to < haracter. Andy to ISKAKL POST, j2" t IIM 3 Aitor Home nibl(V^(TA RDKST WANTED IMMKDIATELY-KIKTY VOUNO I.A ill e.H (or the orpi ile Bullet Apply pervonally, at the Stive Uoor, (the lint door above the dwelliug home,) at Nlblo'l trinle,, Broidway, between the houri ol II A M and I P. m. J27 lire WA VI'Kl)?A Wet .Nqrie to take can of a ireall child; on' who reiiilM outol the city, within a short dntirce, would he prelerreu, and nor. come well recommended. Irrjmre el 127 Broadway, up otaira lw*rc COMEOIlf Adl.K H<)ARU? Sever\l very ~pleia?7eiry and commodious rooms to let, haudtom-ly furnished or unfurnished wiih boi-d Kumilieaavd single kentiemcu will do "ell to call wi'.nont delay, and sernte rooms in this ei"..h oh men I. (rerentlv opened ) where the comfoita ol "Hi ii?. ' will be fonnd, No *J White street, i few doors east of Br adway je2? |m*rc HO VItL>?I hose wishing hoard in a eool and reined situation. wiih all the comforts of a home, wonld de well to ipplv at No. 8 L.eroy it Puces moderate. 1 his has the adnntige of stage route. Je25 lw'rc Rooms with pantries attached to lkt ? With or without Board, in i healthy and delightful part .f the r Ity, near 1 Stale route, within thirty or forty roda oil the Washington Parade Oround Also, three or foor gentle- I men can be accommodated with Board and Bed Rooms Terms moderate Apply it 48 Amoi street ill Iw'rrc A M PSEMKN TS I BfOTH'*. POSTPONEMk NT-PALMOS OPP.HA HOUBK. HI H*CN|BI UH n'? tin* i ?t>'ic it) gM'* W * rrtpccifullv m form* d. thr| the O r'i f th L'IIALIA.NA M ALOKKL ^ ^ III it unavoidably pot H oned nn'i! MONDAY NKXT. iBora*r to pro iuci* the Opern uri?ti full effect, to k?v? nme for the ^ <horua?#t, and th-*c .^r mi pU\irg h?- teeoud i<*rtt to e render ti) uu^tvi p?rl*rt i i thit nev* .?nd b? utifia' Opera; aud pi July Ul il will ptiitiiH bip?H rand r PJlLMO'* VKVV YOKK OPURA HOVIB, n C HAM d K. M HfNKKT. s ADMI8ilO> ONL UOLLAR b Uonri "pen at hall piei 7?IVrloiuiiuce to commence at I. ? MONDAY JULY I, v THE ITALIAN OPKKA HOU8K WILL HK.-OPKN, a Wiai I ha enlekrated a MADAV1K i IN I I DAVIOKKAU o Will maka her tint apiautanre previoui to h> r departure for , > nr?P? ; MONDAY EVK^ No, Jul> let. will be pretested Koe- ,] iloi'i or ebictrd G|?- a of L'l 1'ALIANA IN ALOIEH 1 leaheila Mad Cioti Damoreiu u K Iviri Vina H u nrd * Zulma Big Albeiuzzi d Lianaro- Six Antogii'ui tt Muitalfa**" Mix Vill*IIma Tndeo 8ig Siii,|iu ico Hal* Sic Mayer * Orer u?e Orch'itra n N. B?The Bin Office it now open evny d iy during ih" we?k,f uin 10 o'clock A M. until i o'clock. I'. M. wtieu ieiu uiav bein uiaj lor the Opart. The public are rup ctlully informal, that th* Bathi have been newly a'rai gad and lund up in haudiome ityle, aud ate in < full operati' o merit aud il?y. 8 NIBLO'N OAKOKN. OPEN KOR THE SUMMER SEASON The entertainments will be umVr th.- direction <>l MR MIT'' HP. LL i THIS EVKNINU. Jane 28th, I8it, Will be produced ? ALPINE M IL> c Ao Inleriniisou of thjrte in motes To eoucluile wiUi die Kstravagai.zt entitled O P E N SESAME. jrr-TICKKTS K1HTV i>kNTB?/n NO POSTPONEMENT at this Establishment on account of weather, at the (fraud Entrance from Uroa-iway to the 8.1 loeu ia i lotected, auil the New Sa'ouu, which la Ventilated * from the top and (idea, cm be enclosed ai a numeut i notice ' VAUJfilALL. ~ \\ Acting .Manager.- Mrs. Tuum I S'w Manager--Mr. Walcot THIS KVKNl.NO, J one 2ltn, The perl'-nuance will couirneoc* with I Love in a villaue. i Intermiaaioo of hail an hoar, I Alter which a dance by J MAU'LLK CELESTE To c m lode with tha |ietre Comedy called CURIOSITIES OK LITERATURE. I !l 7~ No P atpoiiemeul on account of III- weather I OLYMPIC, THKATKK. i COLU WATER.'?'COLD WATER'?1'COLD WATER.' 1 Come oue, come all, and be deceirril Seriug ia heheyiug?it is the greatest frit iu .Metaphysics! Caeuistre eyer attempted Hundreds arc nightly puzz'e . Atteud ilie Necromancer's j Temple of Enchmtmeul. His nay is lion?one week mom ' Ttlln EVENING, Kridav. Juue 21th. and erery eren-ng ' d anug the week. Splendid A tractions in Mage and Venlnl-, -inism, Re. This uu?|je and unrivalled ei,t,-i .an. meu( will conclude each ryeuing with " Cold Wale- " Doors o|>en at hal'-puat 7; Curtain ria-a at I o'clock pwisrlf . Lower Boies itcrule ; Upper do XI ceuta, I'm .'s ' hiidte,, | half-price to lower bozea. Private Botes fl end #< ? H-i office open aa usual. Seats secured. i?4tt w*'< ] KNTcKEUBOt KEIi HOW Kl(l A M 1*111THKATItK._ THIS EVENINOjVriday. June 28th a MATI H DAN' I. ' between J. DIAMOND and RUTHVEN JUNES, for t Oa aide The b ull Baud of V'rgiaia Minstrels, and three hours amusement. Pit 6 cents, Boies 27c*nts To-morrow evemug Charley Parsloe a Benefit. j28 lt*rc ' AM HI it It A \ Ml SKI 71. ACKIAL GARDEN \ flf 1) PERPETUAL F A I K , Corner of Broadway and Ann street. P. T. BAKNUM PROPRIETOR. J K HITCHCOCK MANAGES i THUR8DAV, KRIDAV AND SATURDAY, June 27th. 28th and 29th. OHANU PERFORMANCES j Every af'eroooa at hal'-pasl 7 o'clock, and every-ream at 8 TI1E MOST SPLENDID ATTRACTIONS ! TRIUMPHANT SU' CESS ! ! THE INKANT SISTERS. J [C7-KOUR AND SIX YEARS OLD ?/J] Just arrived from Eurotw, will make their ' irit Appearance , belerethe American Public, in Songa and Dances, truly , astonishing to every b holder THr. (ilANT AND UlAM'ESS! , May be teeu from 10 o'clock A. M. till I P. >1 , from 2 till < 5R, and from 7 till 10 o'clock, P. M . ORPHEAN KAMILY OK VOCALISTS ! Oi e or whom it a I LITTLE MISS OK ONi.Y SIX YEARS , Together with M s Western, (ireat Western, La Petite ( Opto, Re. will appear. 1 A INew t omic Melange, entitled \ Chapter ol Accdents, together with the COMIC kANKEK OLIO, by Mr. and H Mr.. Weatrrn. ' (JKKAT PREPARATIONS .re nuking for the 4ih, arvoial new novellie. ?r.d atirnetioni being already eugagtd. 0"Adiniuion to the whole 2-j cenu?tmlOie* ? .< ua 1 year., halfprice. yjl re J I'KALK'S NKW YORK JlD?ICl?. ! AND PICTURE tlALuMlY. ' Broadway, opposite the City Hall. . Mil. II BENNKT'l, MANAHKR J Tremendou. increii of the o Irbra'ed POKER MaNIA, by ' the UltrHin Kamii.v, und r the dirrcnon ot the Manager, who su.iaina the principal chancier. r tlThi. ia the r .1 POKER DANCE; each jierformer being applied with a red hut one. UIYARF' three inches SHORTER fhan TOM thumb!! AND J A OIANTKsa MX KEET SIX; TWELVE P E It K <) It M E U 8 ! ' ALu KOR ONE SHILLINU. ! Engagement of MONS. AND M \ DEMi 8-.LLK CHECKINI, | Who, with the aaaittance of a H.Met Corp., will introduce a COMiC PANTOMIME Conanting of a variety of Dancua, irrioua and groteaqne. The .performance to conclude with a T:??mic tableaux bv the wh'?le company mr. winchell, mr. w. conover, mr. h. conover, Miaa ROSALIE CLIN E, the accouipliahed Soegatreu and Dan.enae, LA PETITE a II.VIeE. pupil of Mods. 1 Checkiui.and La Petite ELOI8E CHECKINI. WONDERKUL ORPHAN I'AMILV; Or, Penuy-lieg Minatrela ! ' Who aing higher aud lower th u any ot >er inelodiata in Ame- " rica, a. one of them aland, acven leei high, and another twenty. ' two lurhei. ' IT/"Afternoon Perfortnancea Weoneaday'aand Saturday', at 1 l'o'cloia, lor the convenience of tlie day via iters; no e.tra charge to the iierforoiancea. To couiuieuce in the evening at tJk o'clock Adini?ai"U one ahiPing. jl? /' t Av'l'i.K OAHPKM. ! He-engagement of the b an iful Spanish OTTAVIA PE RELLAi woo, with bfi rmirni brother, **i I ipMroi KHIDAVKVKMNU June 28th 1814, In a ierie? of Mar ifi ent Keats. being ihtir last ap|H*arasce bat . iw . piwioia to thciritiini to Ipiin 1 UK vKl?JI will tin sent himself in clastic costume, and | bird like da ft *> pon fa ? orde Elns'ique, rutting the air, casting wouuerful t?>urnihons~ somerseiting with the ?t>rd at full ** i nit. and "fcuimic the moat di'b' alt heats evar attempted by ortal in.iu 'I he conclusive effort with tin* IuTrdible whirl, ia * Inch tni? ea'raordiuHTy -p tufard, by muscular ra- ? pidlty of rnnti ?n alo ?e, will render himse I invisible St.c seded by oneol'll r innatezirrontn ary arid terrific nt.empta eve* ventured upoii bj a ju vml in nay country?toe DON IS A OTTAvl *|WiIlt *r th of im Itrgast baildioff* dof # | ard lerlorm her nrien and r. n meruit? evolutions at n most dzzy elevt ion 'ike a bird upheld by air atone?her sole sapp< rt uciug her equilibrium on a Brass Wire This remarkable performance will lie followed by the bold, ' m-uly, astouud.i g nud oiiginal feat* of that wonderworks g ewlNlcO, amidst blazing lire* of almost evr ry color . creating the most fiuiihed effects ever presented to an admiring ptblifl i Kxhibition will commence at 9 o'clock precisely The entertainments of this evening will commence with a Grand Military 0|*ratir Overture, by the jusrly celebrated INew York Brass Bend,who will give an I mtru mental Concert. display of fikitiwokk8!?sinil rochets will bt fire?i at sundown and d till U o clock, when the eihibition wiB com with brilliant Afghanistan Lights, Ma- , ru e Signal Rocket* with Gold Raid, .* tar ol Poland, Bockrts i with baucissioii* and Silver '1 he much admired br llianl piece styled the Magic Circle or True Love-'s Knot. Marine Signal , Rockets, with Strrainsrs A uew and Patriotic Piece called the Star of Texas 1 wo pound Kockeu with S< rp* ma, one pound rockets with A Urn* nmnb-r of workmen and artllll are couatar tl v and inuoitnoualy einuloyad iu completing aorand Succiuiuu of bum ill'* lor July tin* lib. On MnuCay?The highly trlenled French Herculean*, Lr? Krere* Caimnir at Henll, having limit pi gaged at a most enorrriou* alliance, will appear in their great r iarei?e* aud rxhibit thPir uiii'ijuallpd Orehe?tral IJruiri Performance* * Admittance Hi crut*?Children half p'iue J28 lim OLE HULL, Vj OST raapectfully anunnuce* that hi* ON LY CONCERT i'A iu New Yolk. prvviou* to hi* departure for Canada aud the Wr?t, will takp | lac at THE TABERNACLE. On Friday Kvriiliig. June I48tl?, 1844, Whan ha will I" a??i?trd by MISS MARY It. M1EOLINQ, I H*r fir*! appearing) and A FULL ORCHESTRA, Under the Direction ?f Mr TIMM. who will pieanla at the I'laoo k orlp PROGRAMME. I'aar I. (Jra'd Overture Full Oreheitra ' Re> upmIo* da la Habana," composed and |ieror urd by Ola Bull " I'erehe non fiii dal Vputo," Cavatma upIp O era Lucia di loitnmermoor, dpi Martiro Won x'tti. Mil* M. R. Siegling " Carnival of Vanica." compoied by Nicolo Pagaii111 , and parforuiad by Ola Bull I'aKT II Duet?For Soprano and Violin, compelled by <>!? Hull aud if ilorraad by Mi** C. U Siegiug It Ole Bull Li C itriruiella Rondo, c ntpoaau by Nicolo I'aganini, and |*rlornia<l by Ole Bull Ballad?" I ha May Daw " Mm M R. Siegling " Polarca (iuemeru," (War Polaoa) coiiipmed aud |f rlormad by Ola Bull TR'aETS tl EACH?To ha had at lha Miinf Siiua*, A*t >r Houm. and ai lha dIM.r Woor* o|fn at 7?Cimtarl to rii.,imaura HWMlf ai 1 o'cloi k lH' 2lrr Noli' E?All ptiWM hay tag kill* aawttM witli iha ?ubicribar, w II preaent iha ta na at Ih- ,\?i. r llouaa, balora 10 o'clock A. M , Saturday, for payment _j2IUtrc OLE BULL CONCERT EOR THREE NlWHTS LONGER. THURSDAY. FRW.IY.1S1> SATURDAY, '47th, !4Hth and *4Wth, A P O L LO R O (IMS, oo BRO A WW AY THE ETHIOPIAN SEHEN AHF. US, MESSRS. OEKMON, STANWOOD, HARRIN'JTON AM) PELHAM, UNRIVALLED IN THE WORLD * WHOM Ilia varv liberal ntrnnur ?irmli nil ' lie r l revioiu " Concerta. hay been induced to remain Three Nikhit I n?-i (in which orca-iin will he introduced i variety of NKW SONUS, OLKK.M, CmORDSHKS, he., kc , nee in;--inert with h* A< COKDKO.N, BANJO, ' UN (JO. l'A viBO. AND B..NK CAST INK l"l s ' Qiy-Kroi-it Sun nnirnriD run LaniRi. hiii partitnlara >rr Small Billa Xicket? 2'i crnU. Children under t'n %?*'? accompanied with their parenta or Kuariiiviia. hall price Ooura open at 7H, Concert nt IX o'clock Jci7 lire FUREW<>RKS! FIREW<>RKS ! ' /AK every de?rripli"0 and tine made of the bent materiala, ' ' and hy akilful workmen. will tie mid aa cheap at any other mannfmrtorer or render in the city All worka are warranted Koranic, by w. Ik It BALLAOII, jelltojyt rrc* No 1 I himtrre, cor I hatham at. post omci, > New Vo k Jam c*i tnta ( PNUMRH MA II,?Letter hn|a (ier K.\al M il Hteainer Cc A< AUIA, will lie rioted -l the I 'pper and Lower l'n t Olficca in ihia city, on Saturday, the Will p at mt nt 41 o mutea i ait 4 o'clock, I' M. Ttie orarlauri pontage ol IN\ centa on at'h aiugle letter, innat be paid ;27 lire JOHN LOfUMUH OKAHAM. P. M. 11 - . ' - iii . > 5Y THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Thk Kikkmkn?Inck.nuiakihh?There ure exist. >K at the present time, the bitterest feuds between e member. ol the Southwatk and Weccacoe Kirs Commies, the Weccscoe H?se met Kranklin hngiue Com nies, sml the l?lot>e sntl < >eod Intent Kirs C'omaniea. < nlliaioua of a hostile character ensue whenver these < o ui pa met meet, and during 'be last lew days ait, alarms hive been created and the torch ot the ineudiary applied in different directions?generally at igbt for the purpose of drawing the companies out. cedes ol a most disgraceful rharsctar, from street raw Is and tights to ru than like assaults and attacks nd destruction of propeit), hsve taken place The Weccscoe hngine Company have beau compelled to uard their house ? ith the aims lor the last two nights, nd since Saturday night last, no leas teau twelve cases f incendiarism- some of thein ot a heartless nature?fol i?i-u uj me uuiMii'H ? aim aumo animniu, ve occurred, lit SoulliwuHk. Moy maiming and Kenaingjn The authorities have allowed the daily and nightly e( urrence ol tin ?e acenea of riot and diabolical acta without kcarrel> making ? move towardn their aupprecioli. We liuve jiiat leHrned that a jutraou named Alcxnnrr Lucaa, wan shot laid night about half-putt ten o'clock, t the Weecacoe Engine houie. fie and a number olotheiu pproached the house in 11 menacing manner when he . at fired at with a pm ol, the shot taking elfect in hi* eck.? Phil. Enq. Junr 27. Males of Htorka at Philadelphia* Fikkt Bo?au June .'7 - oft share* Uirard Bank. 101;10# odohdlOj. lllOdodO 4dlOJ; imi do do cash, 101, *4000 date 4'a, cash, 74; iOOnhar.a U 8 Bank 4d?, 7j; SO Jo do rw 1; 28 Jo do ekp 7$; $ISJ Mortgage Loau. bti. 100 sharaa vilui 4 da without not , 20j; 6 do Kentucky, 74 SacovD Bonn ? tjnn shares Wilm. RR, rw-JOJ, 100 do do a?h. '10j; $10 000 Mtate 5'a. 6 da anJ int.. 74; $1000 do, 76; .101)0 do 74 J, $4000 do. 2 da 74j; 10 ?harea PeuniyIvunia lank, ckp, 208, 40 do Weatarn Bonk, 48; 48 do Urand Gulf, k|>?caaii, 10J; 2oO do Oirard Bauk,[aa, 10|, $40000 Readug 8'a, 4 da 72. MHIH RKW8. By 1'tila Morning's "toutItem Mall. I'mcaiiM mm, Jooe 17? A-r rharlo in Boatoa: 4ee Jrrny, B I. AHxny; Oref od, t.'oraoe, Fall Hivtr CIS derm Bowr i. St DnmiOK". Pa'a> en Oreeu, Barbadona; laha -ra-r, P?ud'etou Montevideo and Bu-noa Avrea; Athena, |J"?; F.lvira Oinvea. Oibm'fai; Violet, Nnavlno, Went luiima , Loirti" Wa>. hum : < Irocun'Hj. tsaraaot; Henry, iaw-1!, I rtitnon B'nwu, and It inner, Kirn Boatoa; Mara auaey, .Stuhba, Kail Rn*r, Aehaah iJ. U"ugln<a. Bnntol.KI; -'HIUN. l.erda, Providence, N Bid ila, Walton, Newport; Laaye'te. iarvia; Kin ihrth. Dol . aud Cointt, Cox, Maw York; tdrUide, Bunpann. Plvmo >tli Ma dii TiMORa., Jur.e I*?Arr Pioneer, Pa'ker Boalon: Twrad, Hr] hibiiaiir. Na-aan 4P; Ha'ru Fr-iier, Leavitt. Portland; 'dinlieih k Heb-aci Oreeu. Albany I id Kuroasaa, p. 11 is, l i ?nr. hid e liae, f Brrman 1 Kiieh, Br'am; em.aae Jaur. Ifin, Sr Johna. PK; Mary M Honpar, [uew] Traveia. Went ml lea; Kr nrra Amy, do; Roe. Burdicor, aud Alexandria, -ewn, N Vorh. Mobilk, .1 Hue 19?ft Id Oen Parkhill. M'Koaan, Liv-rwiol. Nk.wOni.kana. >una 19?Arr Pauline [Brem-n] Lanka, tmnru, Wakotia. I)i caeudorff Tnrka lalaud Old Neptune, 'each Cornuoa; Mnnnou, Payi e, Boatou; Uuaaa, Roach, iavana, Alrevida, Sajirhn, ( nmpnacny. WHITMARSH & WILLIAMS, NO. 4? W A LI. 8THEET, lYKAL'KS IN UNOURKENT BANK NOTE* AND 1-r AMn Rlt.'AN ANU FOREIGN UOLD rcipMtfully lane a rail ir im Mrrcbanta, Trader* and oiherawhu way navn uwueaa in ihr above |i,,e N B ? I'ri iniaanry Notra nud City Acceplaneaa discounted u4 1 iillrrnona made on al. the pi loci pal C'lira and lowna in lie I uiteil Amies and I' aaila j'il 3tia*m Ul A NO KOKTKb- Thr subscriber informs the public that ' he Ima on b ud annia au|?rior I'ianoa, of llie bnal quality i d good workmaua ip. at the loweal mi ulacturrra' prirea. ? irrnHad aud k"pt lu tune for ot.e yen-. N U. Pinuos tuced, repaired a id rii-junged at the mntt rea??.l,l. .Co. i Kllilliv i,n . ? jp20 1w*ec hotwccn VValitor and Whit* ?U DR. E. LOVEJOY, ~ LATK of Oweno, wishes 10 inform his friends that he lies removed to tins city, mil has taken an OKFICE nt 6(1 JROADWA\ . jel8 imil (kltw*rc LAHU OIL?100 barrels, a superi r article. 10 tin No *. Cor salr iu lots to sui' purchasers, by j27ec K K COLLIN* It CO., 16 South at. A 1 AA HKlVARo-Huil'ii, from the sum of the sab5 f"" icr b-rson Wvdnraday sferooou, belweeu the i urs ol 1 and 6 o'clock, a I'm k-t it Memorandum Book, conliuinR anout ( 10 in U oik notrs, anil sundry notes and papers, in nosed to have been stolen by a small boy. The fnllowink' be,n( a descnption of a part of the notes tolen ?i*:? >ne$|C0 Hill Partners' It Mechanics Hauk, (lenrsetown, D C, leveml $20 ilo, on < olumbl* Bridge Co. Pa. do till do, on Bank Heading, I'a III' $100 do on ll-iik Midi'lletov , I'a. Joe $ n do, on IJiiin, bmi h Hank had new emiiaion, li.e tldn.ou Itauk Meriden. < out 11 Ik) i t itv Bank Bills, of v-ri us dem minations. Brokers and other* nie requested to five nonce if sny of ths ibove are ottered fur change O'diseonnt lo CORNELL BKOTHKK8, j27 3ti?* rc %( Pearl street. FAMILY lldlHDINU MCH (JUL IN 1 HKCOUN L THY ?An i sp' r euieil leacl e lakes into her familr united uum'er of childirn as boarders and sc^olara 1 hey v 111 b under the constent rare of this teacher, woo aai'l spare in t auis to r nder her house a pleasant home to the pupi.e. and 0 advance them in their stddica The htalth and momls < f the chnla a cnrrfully a'tended to. No day scholars aomittrd. I'ne f cation ia very h-althy and retired '1 her* are now hree vacancies for trfcrei.ces and further |a titulars, egIui e of 11 K J J BUTLKK, Engraver, No. 19 John street ?>e>S 2w in rHK WATKH ('Ult K?Kheumatism, trout. < crnfula.pilaa, ulcers, inflammations d, spe|>sia. and nfleclions <f 'he liter. are tieate.i by the II drolhrrapeutie protesa. by I'r. M. T. 1 If ALL, nf the M'dico Piulosoi Incil Inatituie 170 ('anal treet Me also applies the systrin scientifical'y to the usual urmt lilnrnt unci cur, nir ll l ?*e? At fluf . nciir in rUilu ntassIsM os 'Cli a* prefer iifttn r'l own mrthodun mtdtndi. to the more ashim ah!e r> utius < f more dmrxful droits. j 28 3f#m . I?~ II- A lid N AM) OMKORT. TO INVALIDS AND ALL OTHERS. J. BARCLAY & CO. Havk opknkd rok ih?: ^easou thkir Hotel at LONQ BRANCH, N. J., 301WILL KNOWN to the chii-us of >-ew York eod ^ I hi'-dnptiift in i?ftit vein, wuh approbation, it being lecid'dlv the b st Hotel *ud Be a 15ithinpt kstabltsi tneot withn a hoodred mi us of either city Visiters nod uiTslids will iud every a t-ntioo thev chii desire or ass for I he advantages >fte.ih thing during the summer moths n re up parent to til. k id Lous Branch furnish*! every inducement to families and ndividu its, lor health, recreation and c xnldit To the lovers ?f Kuhiog. the vicinity of the hen Bm&s Banks affords (mat iport, auO the Oui.uer will find no 1st k ef game T> e Steamer OIU)8, fr? in Billon Market wharf, and ths HHKKWaBUKV, from 0 e foot of ' ailnrine Market, go to ind retur 1 daily f om the () n 1 Hons- From the latter place iiifser.gers ar>* conveyed to the Oram h (*ev-?i mt es.) n good :irrisges J BAi.C'LAY It I'O. Look Branch, June 24, 1844 je2g 2w*re <\ J1 !ST A KKl VKD?Biity Yoang C uu>ry Horses . ' u 1 ib't for family, city or coo?,tr> H< r e?. To be f s > nl the Biab v. <:o*ner of Bowery and Hester street. 11. ??nd by K ridsv, st private sale, they will b* < 99 red at oh' ic re e kridny rnoruiiig at lu o'clocs, in front of the ritabls. ?27 3t ec dl STKAYKD aMJ FOUND?Ob the prem ses of Jlma fi he aiivr-rti er, a Br. wn Ma e 'I l.e owner can have < 1 > *- er b> c.l n.g tt WILLIAM LMOKit'B, No 838 tin v? 1.ue, nnd pa\ i< g the necsrary e pentes j28 3t*m NEAl'OLI rAN BONNETS. 'HKUMiKKMliAlU, Patrntacsol the NEAPOQEdJl.llA.N BO.VNhT. r*-H'.clfijlly inform the public that they hiv. eiiioved ili?ir from Thi'd ,f? t to No JJ oiaocy mm. near the Bowrry, mere tka ih. ?r <ui?ib article ol l.diea' drai of the nrweet ityla and ran.parem c came.. constantly on hand. L.diea arc incited n call and tttmin* th m a? m my nr-.?lhnf a cry mlcrior incust for oar manufac ur. _ urn I' I* m I |'l|eu -tl *> llljiri.iie, KB usual, Dy 1 MU-VIAS V 4 K 172 Pearl timet Jet} -m PATTI8QN. NOF. fc CO LADIF.8 WHO WISH OOOD HHOtl. le moderate j>ri< -?. id preteieucc to buying poor Phoes it < h I'll ies, which are dealer in tli" end, run find ?t J. B. ILuh.K'S, 142 I anal ladies' Slippers, Tyes and Buckikina, at 'i and IU tl ill i.g? t e pair, 10 |ier cent handsomer and x-tu-r t' an thorn- si Id at i ha cheap "tor* at $1 par pal rLadies'Oaitai Boots, at IK *111 II shillings, a f)?utiful artf:le: Id 'joalitv Sllpfes and lyes, at 6. and Buckskins at 7 hi 11 in o k per pair. Ladies ? ill please cs'l and eiamin* for themselves, at J.I! MILL)- It'S, l<2 < anal street, j 2H It'isin lir'sfr 'I hornison aud Sullivan ats. , ~ZT. I Hk.AP k Xi I N-MON IU'IHK klSH?a jmrif 1N<? U fNKS OFF SANDY HUOK-Fare s*>_MLsU. 1214 cents each any-'I h? suhstantial steamer N APOLk-ON, Laptain ) W Hauci ck. will make an recursion to the tlaiiks on Saiu'd t. June 79 h. and Is sea as follows: io'it of H-inmond stteet, 7 o rlork, A M ; ( anal 7Jg; Jersey 1 Ity7>y, l ike street I. and 1'ier ao I N II o'cl <k. The wi I s'rieern the fishing grou'd in the early part of thn day, the tint' i su <lly eh r ted by fishermen ss the best ft r sport. The ate oner is 'u n'shed with awniuKS, and having spacious cabins. v? 11 attended hy chatnher maids, will ni-ke this eieur. Ion lor 'a lies | 1-sssm and agrrsuble A band of music will acc i in piny the hoar and atoir in ihe eitv hy J o'clock. making the same land . - turn sir (1 on board jjl |t*re (> It A NI) KI > 111N (? AND OIIIKR KXCUR8ION8 sMA mm 'I'll -. Steam ho. i I IIOMAS SALMOND, ' 'apt on W I Shultx, will run to the Usi ks during the seasoa, Mondays, 'I uatilays, Weilnesd.iys, 'I i,uisdays. and Fridays Pisces of stopping?A inoa street, at, ; Can I sttuet, kjfc ; ( athsrtne Ferry, Broobly n. 9 . I'ike street, 9M ; Pier No I, N.R, )< ^ and Fort Hamilton earh way, allowing time to visit the FurtiAeatmua. re uriilngatid land ut the same places < ha in It una ids in iltrndtnce. A I and of in sic wil' accompany the boat daily. A person proyides hues at a small charge?bait Inrmst en gratis. I hose who hriug boats must bring ih-m to l'ier,No |, North lit vet. No charge for towi.g Dinner and tefrrahmeuta on board Fare for the h scurston in e-nts SV'I'l If DAY Ak Tk.KNOON k X< L RSIONS for ( hil dren k 'miltes and Srhoola, to Fort Hamilton and Lower Bay, ever v S it a rtlay darit.g the season ?'I tie koat will leave Amoe Itrret, at 2 I' >1 ; (Jaual street, 214 . ( a.hartne Ferty, Brooklyn 2*4 . Pike street. 2Ik , aud I'ter No | N. It 1. Returning I ml at Ihe same place I hambeiinaids in attendance. He fn-shmenle on board, bare for the e?i ursion, only UNA BfilLLINO SI \II?V g V' I IISIONS TO TURTLF. BAV WARD'S ISLAND, 'I URDU'S NMK AND NKW KO( M F'.L I.F.? e??r? Monday dum g the iruog. I.ranrg Am on treat at 9 A. >1 faual afreet 91* . Pier No. I North Kirtr, 9* ; Catharine Key.. Brnoklyi ,/iJk , Pike tireet, iq tod De lairer ?tr-.-r. I0>* Will |i-n?r New Kochrlie at 4 r M ?and laud at t r place*. Kefreahmrnu ou board, tiara aach way 2' centa. j.M una-ee HKNRV K. K1KLL. r .Dth KF.DUCKD !-HtH BOSTON, VIA NfcWPUHT AND I'RUV IDKNCK /?L 'ARK To BOSTON $7 M ; Deck Kara Mi ln arid I'londeuca II. The X_JULnr? and anlauilid itaamhoa' NKW JKK F. Y, I i| i K II l- urry will lra?a tha | in loot of Ba-clay nri-rt, ioo .h aide, Thia Aflaruooo, at 4 o clock, Friday. J una lilt. H or paaiair* or freight, apply to H BF1NNKTT, at then Are u th" wl a f ml tm?rc VKW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. 0m KOK ALBANY AND TROY?Morning Aaat'ljaqr Line Irorn the loot ol Barclay atreet, landing VaaBHEaJE-it rale, mediate plaean Tha ataaoiai F.MPIHF., Captain 8. R. Koa, Una mam nq, at 7 o'clock. I'ha atrainar TROY", Captaia A. Oorham, to-morrow loniny at 7 o'clock. F'.rrnina i.ior from tha fool of Conrtlandt atraat, direct. The aiaain" HW ALLOW, I aptaip A. McLcaa. thu eeean? at 7 o'clock, Th- arcamer AI.BANY, Captain K. B Macy, to-morrow railing. at 7 or o#ck. I'hr til,?1a ol thit Line, owing to thair light draught of waer. ara able at all tunaa to paaa the hart, and reach Albany nil I my in ample tune to lake the morning tram af cara for he eant or weat For paaaage or freight aprlr oe hoard, or ?t th nAcaa o? tha harrea lefl rc ?>LD LINF; LIVERPOOL PACK F'TB?Packet JWk |>t July?'I'lia i| en?id faa' aailwg iwckei ahip OX kMMhv(lli li, 1 >1 i'hr halMi nc wi I ail p aitire'y , y In irgular day Thone lieairoua ol arc irioir berti-a , i a , chin hi ?teuinge, ahould uol fail U m .he a I) np> li finn on l?onrd. or to i, kit TAP8COTT, 76 Soaihaliant j?jf urJ ri?niw MbiOku I?j* s

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