Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1844 Page 3
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It la g and, it la glorious !?Nature and Art are excelled * Pimples, Blotches and Free Kiel retreat,aud Eruption! ore quelled. The old, the disfigured and homely Bee the future in eyei bright with hope ; For their feature! are made bright and comely By Jonei' famed Chemical Soap. OO- JONES' IT 1LIAN CHEMICAL SOAP?For cur ing dnficuremunta and eruptiom, and making dark, sun bumt, yellow akin, clear and white; it carea pitnplea, blotched, freckle*, lunburn, tan, morphew?never fail*. Beware of a poisonous counterfeit. Aik for Jonas' Soap ; get it only in this city at the American Eagle, 82Chatham street, 323 Broadway, or 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn ; 8 State street. Boston ; 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia, end Pease, Broadway, Albany. 0t>" GOURAUD'S ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP IS another instance of tlio triumph of Art over Nature, inas much OS it will certainly remove every vestige of tan, aunbut'n. Irerkle, pimple, blotch, or morphew, from the face of beauty ! Indeed, so fully does it come up to the expectations of the inventor, that he is confident a con stunt use of it would actually remove the carbon from the skin ol a Nubian. Buy only at 07 Walker street, or you'll be cheated with a swindling counterfeit. {ff- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED. The Tonic Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine and rharnincv of the city of New York, is confidently re Commended tor all cuses of debility produced by secret in diligence or excess of any kind. It is an invaluable reme dy 1 >r impotence, aterility, or barrenness (unless depend i igon mal formation.) u :glr.bottles gleach; casus of hall ucozen ?6. u 11! ? packed and sent to all parts of the Unlet. O Mco oi ths College of Medicine and Ph.uo ici Nn -trent. W.S RICHARDSON, M.D, A ge.i t (W- PURIFY YOUR BLOOD-PREPARE THE SYS TEH FOR THE HEATS OF SUMMER-There is per haps nothing which so disfigures personal appearance as pimples and sores upon the face, which generally arise from an impu re state of the blood: yet hundreds suffer them to remain when one bottle of f 'omstock's Sarsapnril la, at a trilling cost of 60 cents, would entirely cure them and give the countunance a blooming healthy appearance If yon wish to have a fair skin, irue from humors, use this Sarsaparilla. Sold at 21 Courtlandt street?price 60 cents per bottle, or $4 per do/.en. MEDICAL AID.?The mambcrr of tU N'-v '/or!; College o* Medicine and Pharmacy,io returning thr public thanks (or the liberal support they hi-. ?. rcc. ive l in their efforts to "suppress quackery," beg leave to state that their particular attention continues tc In- lirected to all iliseases of a privnto nature, and from the great improvements lately made in the principal hos pitals of Europe in the treatment of those di leases, they coil confidently otter to persons requiring medical aid iui vantage* not to be mot with in any institution hi this country, cither public or private. The treatment of th' College is such as to insure success in evry case, and ii I -.tully different fiom that uern nous practice of ruining the constitution with mercury, an 1 inmostcases leaving a disease much worse than the original. One of the mem t.ersof the Col lege ,for many years connected with tb? principal hospitals ofKurope, attend* daily for a concnltc 1 on from 0 A.M. to 8 P.M. ""arms ? Advice and medicine, #6 A cure guaranteed ii?T *ro CotJirray Invai.idj. ?Persons living ir. the country and uot finding it convenient to attend per sonaiiy, can have forw arded to thein a chest containing Hll medicines requisite to |>orlorm a perfect cure oy seating their case explicitly, together with all symptoms, time ol contraction and treatment received elsewhere if any U-' enclosing *8, post paid, addressed to ?V. a. RICHARDSON. M. D.,Aaen* Otffcw and Cou*oJtin*t rooms of the College. 9ft Nnssar street OlJ- CONNEL'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR - This great healing salve is acknowledged by all who have used it to be the most wonderful article ever known. It repels all injuries by fire, extracts all pain, and prevents mortification in every case. It will cure any of the fol lowing complaints, or all pay ia refused for it, viz :? Burns, Old Bores, Erysipelas, Scalds, Bruises, Chaps, Salt Rheum, Scrofula, Wounds, Eruption*, Sore Eyes, Piles. Chilblains, Cold in wounds, Tender feet, fcc. ONCE FOR ALL.?The only genuine Tain Extractor is to be found where it always was at 21 Courtlandt street. Beware ot all others, as there are imitations and counter feits of a ruinous character. \ttjr- RI TUn-. ?For the cure of primary or secondary Syphilis undull affections produced by nn injudicious use of mer cury. The greut advantages possessed by thu powerful tltrnattre oyer I'll other preparations Jbr thu cure ol Sy philis is, that while curing the disease it improves the constitution, whilst mercury generally leave a much worse dis'-use than the one it is administered for. The best recommendation we can give of it is, that it is now extensively m-escribed by tlie medical faculty, who for merly considered mercury the only cure lor those com plaints Sold, in single bottles, f 1 each ; in cases of hall dozen, $6, carefully packed, and sent to all parts of the Ui'Mn. Office ot the College of Medicine and Pbarmn c> t- Na?i?.in nreet. W. S RICHARDSON, M D.. Agent BLANC D'ESrAONE, OR SPANISH lTEV White, for the complexion, is meaiuy counterfeited. Buy only at 67 f'nlker street, 1st store fron Broadway, where may he had Hair Dyes, I!air Oils, Hair Restorativea, Hair Pomades, Ma< k, brov, n, and fair, with other perfumeries, j OO- " THE TESTIMONY IN FAVOR OF DR SHERMANS WORM LOZENGES" proves that they nn, the best medicine in the world lor worms. Wherever they are used they are spoken of in the highest terms. Well may it be said that the children cry for them ?they are pleasant to the taste, and so easily administered that parent* do not experience the least di tficulty in giving a medicine which is sure to do the work. And it is often the case that one dose will do more toward restoring the sufferer to health than all the medicine which has been taken for mouths. Do not be deceived in the symptoms, and when you are satisfied, try Sherman s Worm Lozen ges. and you will not regret it. Dr. Sherman's warehouse i? 108 Nassau street. Agents?227 Hudson street, corner of Spring ; 188 Bowery, corner of Spring ; 77 East Broad wa\ ; 130 Fulton street, Brooklyn ; 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia, aud 8 State street, Boston. VELPEAITH SPECIFIC PILLS FOR THE CURE of i tonorrtittft, Gleet, and all mocupumlent discharges lrom the urethra. These pill*, prepared by the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established forthe suppresiiion of quackery, Mtay he relied on as the most ?[??< dy and effectual remedy for the above complaints ? ' hoy are guaranteed to cure recent cases in lrom three t > five days, and povseaa a greater power over obstinate (lUchaigex and chronic gleet, than any other preparation at pre* mt known, removing the disease without confine i ent fiom business, tainting the breath or disagreeing wit n the stomach. Price $ I per box. Sold at the Office of the College of 1'hnrmacy ur.d Me dicine, Uft Nassau street. W <J. RICHABDSON. M. D. Agent OtJ-llOM MANY SUFFER WITH RHEUMATIC affections, and let them run along month after month, des pairing of obtaining any relief. To all such we wish to say that the Indian Vegetable Elixir and Liniment will positively cure these complaints. The Elixir drops taken internally, operate directly upon the nerves, while the Liniment, applied externally, removes all pain where ever it exists. Let the afflicts d make atrial of theselre medies, and we will warrant them success. At 31 Court landt street. {U7-"0, FOR SOME SEA WASHED GROTTO,' said a lady the other day. " Well, then," replied her ina' morato, " let's to Castle Garden, where an oriental foun tain casts its thousand jets of water, and where music and the moon will greet us,while the health-giving sea breo* es will strengthen and invigorate our heated frames) and while survey ing the wide expanse of landscape, the roll ing waves, and the ship-dotted Bay, we can witness the valor and activity of the beautiful Spanish girl-the great talent ol her hiotliers?and the first appearance of the company newly arrived from France. The officers of the North Carolina, the Princeton, and of the Mexican war steamers wi 1 he present." Pray, look at the adver tisement. ' m .tt ?--- ,'i MONEY MARKET. Sunday, June 30?4) P. M. The Stock Market during the past week has been gra dually settling down into something like order. Prices have been steadily sinking, until (quotations now rule lower than at any time during the past month. The tremendous explosions that took place in stock opera' tions some little time since, completely upset the market and destroyed all confidence among the brokers in eocli other. A slight improvement took place yesterday at the first session ol the Boards of Brokers, hut prices fell off again in th? afternoon, ar.d the market resumed its former depression. A slight galvanic shock passed through the s'.re"t in the morning, hut the effect was lost before night We cannot expect milch improvement in stocks until after July; the hot weather, with the contractions the banks must undergo previous to the first of August, will not permit any great improvement in prices. We annex a comparative table of prices lor the past week. <duoT*Tinx? for Stocks ns thi Niw York Markrt. . .Sol ;tfnn. TVi/ RVy TV* h'r'y Sit'u L. Island, 0! 83 78 78 77)4 77^4 79)4 Mohawk, ? ? _ ? ,',9 go Harlem, 78)4 74 r.K r,8 ? (Sti 72X Piterson _ 80 till 79 ? 81 luitotl,; ? 4.9 III 30 32^ 3314 3B Farmers Loan,; 4!>w 99)4 39 30)4 'J,'.* 33)4 38 Noiwicbaud Wor.. .. 33)4 32 30 50 5t 93)4 ??His. lis, 9IIS 97 M 9JU Wi 96 97 Illinois, 61* - 47* ?7J< - 47)4 4iK iBilleaa.? ? 46 II 43X 13'- 43)4 ?3)4 4'. K ilturUy 11.9 104)4 ~ 183)4 194 104 104)4 Peni tvlvanu 9's. 78)4 76 79)4 7.3 ? 79 75U F ton 1 union 49 4.9)4 42', 41 41 42 43 Erie R 25 21 ? ? _ 19 U Mite,, 9 8)4 8 7* 7U 714 8 Vicbshara sH - 7* -* $ 7>4 Notwithstanding the slight improvement on Saturday, the dosing prices were somewhat lower than those cur rent eailier in the week, and in many instances full eue hundred per cent lower than those current a month or six weeks rincn. The largest decline within the past week reaches nine percent Several fancies are rapidly getting down to the point they sat ted fioin at the com ment mnent of Iho lute speculations. The Railroad storks, operated 10 much in by speculator!, are really im proving in value, notwithstanding the tluctuting quota * thus through the street. The Long Island, Mohawk, Not v i.-h and Woicestrr, nml even the llorlem, must, he Idle loony months pass by, he good storks. These wotks are steadily progressing towards completion. The re ceipts of these in active operation are |gradually increas iog, and the inancial conditlan ol the companies perma n. ntly improving. The doily reoeipts of the llorlem ore very large, averaging full MtO dollaro per diem. This makes the annual receipts ueaily two hundred thousand dollar*. The Long Iiland road wiU 1>? completed In all July, and a regular line to Boiton, on this road, will be immediately eitablUhed. The Norwich and Worcester Road will be benefitted by the opening of the Long (?land, and it* receipt* increased. Thi* route to Boston muit take the precedence of all other*, on account of the distance, it being about forty miles nearer than any other Better time can be made over these road* between the two cities, than on any other, and as we are a go ahead people, the shortest and quickest route will be the favo rite one. There has very little improvement taken place in any other stock on the list. The Merchants' Bank of Baltimore, has declared a naif yearly dividend of three per cent. The Western Bank ol Baltimore has declared a divid" dend oi 24 per cent for the last six months. We annex monthly returns of recei|>t* for customs on importations into this city lor 1844, compared with the two previous years. The increase has been sustained every month so far. Revenue krom Customs received at the Post January, - February, V'areh, ? ? ? Apr>l,"< New Yore. 1842. 1843. 1844. Incr. 548.046 1,876 615 1 328,699 492,216 1,169,110 676,891 93b 596 1.691,000 751 404 ? 1,820,991 1.033,263 1,890.626 857,363 94 3 266 1.868 674 926.418 - ? 884 560 602,037 1,400,000* 797,963 $6,457,042 4,555,414 9,896,025 5,340,611 Janr, - * Partly estimated This is a very wonderful increase in so short a period. The increase in the first six months of 1844, nearly amounts to as much as the total receipts for the same pe riod in 1843 and 1843. The value of the importations, on which this large amount of duties accrued, cannot be so great, in proportion to the receipts, as in 184-2. The ave rage duty on imports for that year ruled very low, us the first eight months of the year were under the compro. mise act, and very large importations yielded compare, tively a small revenue. We see in the annexed table this view illustrated. Value ok Imkorts, Extorts and Duties Collected or New Voue. V,?,. Duties Value Value collected. Importe. Export?. 1837, $9,487,698 68,374,568 21 032,610 1818, 10491.806 77.214.729 22.l2i.248 1819 12 970,322 97,078.687 36 662,221 1810, 7,669,444 66,846 924 30,106,470 181 <. 10 991,899 7 6 268 015 30 731,319 1842 , 10 0.3,122 62,416 666 23,040,199 1843 , 11,293.844 60.118,903 23 021101: 1844, SIX months. 9,896,026 60,000,000* 16.000,000* * Fstimated. The duties for 1843 and 1844 have accrued under the new act. In 1841, tt will be observed, the imports amounted to i $76,368,111.6, yielding only $10,993,899 duties. The average rate of duty hus been higher for tbe last two years than in any of the preceding ones, and it will be seen the nott importations were small, and the receipts of duties large in proportion. We have no doubt the imports into the country for 1841 will be very heavy, heavier than for many previous years,while our exports have greatly dimi' nished in value, which'will consequently reduce the total amount of the exportations, showing a balance against us in our foreign trade, which will cripple our resources to liquidate. The low prices currant for all our agricul. tural products during a season of large importations, is a very serious drawback to our prosperity, and drains away our substance very rapidly. We will go back no farther than last fall to show the great falling off in prices for most oi our staple agricultural exporting productions. Quotations foh the Principal Staples ok the Covn trv in this Market. 1843 1841 1844. October 7. February 14 June 29 Ashes, pots, ? ? ? >4 J7Xa ? ? ? 4 O^X* 4 -76 4 06)41 4 12X l-'o pearls s 5 SIX 6 06 .1 6 12)4 4 60 a Cotton,N.O lair, 9)4* 9), 10)41 lufc 8Xi 8J4 four. Genesee,* 4 37X? 4 43X 4 93X* 5 00 4 37)ia ? ?? Wheat, western. 92 r. 97 1 00 a 1 06 86 a 90 Naval stores, tar, 1 37 X* 1 76 I 26 a 1 60 1 44 a 1 60 Turnentine.N C soft. 2 31Ma 2 37)4 2 25 a 2 62X 2 12X* 2 43X Beef, mess. ? ? ? ? ? 50 a 7 11)? 5 87 X? 6 25 6 00 a 5 26 Pork, do Ohio,-U 00 a-.. 9 26 a 9 62)4 8 76 a Cheese, 4X? 5X 4fca 5X 3 a 5)4 Hire, 2 60 a 3 00 - - ? a 2 87 X 2 75 a 3 25 Tobieco, Ky,"- 3 a 6)4 2J4i 6)4 2)4* 6 We have here the real cause of the reduced amount of our exports. The limited wants of foreign nations lor our products?cotton excepted?creates but a very trilling draught on our immense supplies. The absence ol laige markets to take away our products, as fast as they accu mulate, has no effect on the quantity produced, but has a very serious effect on prices, reducing them to the very lowest point, aud forcing our stocks abroad on specula tion, at ruinous prices. During years of great specula, tion heretofore, when eur importations were very heavy prices for our agricultural products ruled very high, and the producers were enabled to come into the market with the means to purchase largely the manufactures we were importiug. The consumers of our imports were compa 1AU111/ 11111, iu wiiui iucj uieuiinis moment. The low prices paid for our agricultural products will compel the producers to live more within themselves, and the de mand for imported merchandise must be very greatly restricted to what it would be, were our farmers receiv lag great prices for thoir crops. An attempt to import heavily lor the future, in the faoe of the present prices for our own staples, will moat assuredly be attended with seriouKjlos*es. Old Stock Exchange. $3000 Ohio 6's, '50 96 375 ahra Nor It Wore 54 15001 Ohio 6*?, *1 97 X 100 do 55 1000 Illinois 6's, 70 a60 49 100 do 54X 8000 d) 49X 25 do 54 loono Indiana 5'f 45 50 do b60 55 760 ?h*a Farmer's Ln 38 75 do h60 55X 50 Cant-n Co 36X 200 do blO 54X 100 do 36 25 do 53 60 do 160 3TX 200 KiidiuE KR 125 Mohawk RR 60 200 do 49X 50 Harlem RR 72 100 do h60 50X 25 do 74 400 NHaven Canal 32 70 Utic* St Hchen 118 100 N Am Truat 11 50 L Island KR 79X 109 Vickabarx Bk 7X 100 do 80 125 d* 7)2 108 do 80X 20 Ohio Treat 97 X 100 do 20)4 50 St'inwEt'iu KK 43 60 do 90\ 15 Kris RK 18 75 Pateraon RR 21 Second Board. 100 shit Vicksbarx Bk 7X 26 diss Onton '.'o hlO 34X 50 Long Is' RR 79 10 > ri* lilt 18 175 Farmers' Loan 37X 50 Rradiug RR 49J4 100 do 38 100 do sl5 49), New St4>ck Exchange. $2000 17 He's Mm 115 IIOO Ohio 6's, '60 rpx 98 1000 do b3af? 97)4 1600 do *30 97 X 2000 do hi lsfo 98 10( 0 Kentucky 6's a'JO K)4X 5000 (Jo 104)4 500C do 91 1000 do 91X ltil'O Illinois 6's, '70 h30 45X P 1:0 Indian* bonda b 15 45 2000 do 130 45 25 aliu Nor k Wore 54X 50 do 53)4 25 do bnw 63X 25 do bnw 53X 50 do 5lX 25 do 53X 25 do a60 53 50 Canton Co *3 36 IS do 36)4 15 do alO 36X Sales or Stocks?Boston, June 39th. 230 shares Fast Boston Co, $10$; 160 do, 10J; 100 do, 90d, 10; A Western Railroad,72J; 30 do, Iw, 73; 26 Read ing Railroad, 242; 600 do, 24J; 200 do, 24j; 100 L Island Railroad, b3m, 80. 25 ahaa Canton Co ?60 34 25 Knr KR 19 25 do 20 25 do b30 21 25 Farmers' Loan 3BV 25 do alO 37V 50 do rj2 50 do 37 X 25 do 37 x 25 do 38 175 Vickthurx Bk ? 8X 50 do 100 do 7X 50 lo b?0 .50 V S Bank b30 7)? .60 Harlem KK 72X 75 do 73X 25 do 73H 100 do 73 25 L Island RR bnw 80X 50 do 81) 60 do 15d 80 lute of Trade. Ashes?Pot* are in fair demand, on') quotation* rem bin without alteration. Pearl* are in very l'miteil request, and are firm at $4 60. B? can ix?Pi ime northern yellow sell* at 30c Cotton?Tttero were no Kale* oi importance to-day, the total transaction* being only 300 bale*, at a (light re duction in price. The annexed quotation* are now cur rent : ? Livmrooi. Classification. t/jilarxh. N Orl if- Mohilr. Inferior, ft a 6J ... ft a ft J Ordinary 6] a 6 ... f.J a ti Middling ft a HI ... 7 a 71 Middling lair,.. 7 Mr 7 (h>ed lair,. . .. 71 a 7} 8 ... hJ a 8} ... U a !)J Fine, H] a 0 ... 10a ? Day?Common qualities North River bale arc in very moderate demand at 30 a 33c. The receipt* still continue large. Provisions?Ohio prime pork i? in fair demand at $0 G4J| a 0 7ft; do me**, at >8 64} a 8 76. Heel i* improving in demand. Country prime tell* at (3) do mm, at $4 7ft a fh. Lard i* getting to he quite active: good bane] sell* at ft} a ftjc; keg* at tic. Orange county butter lell* freely at 14} a 14c. Whi?*kt? Drudge cask* are very dull, and are held at '43c. Western and prison barrel* (ell a* wanted at 43 a 33}c. Baltimore Cattle Market. JliNr. 70.?The supply of beaf cattle at market thil week ha* been larger than lor some time past, and the sale* were extensive at price* corresponding with those ol last week. The offeiing at the scab * on Monday em braced fttlO head, of which 340 were sold aid Iftft taken to Hnother market. The price* ranged from >1 60 forinleri or to $9 Aft per 100 lbs. lor prime quality, on the hoof- | equal to (3 u 4 7ft net. On Thursday there were 170 head offered, of which 40 were driven north, and 70 sold at price* corresponding with those paid at the commence merit ol the week. Them are now Oft head lelt in market unsold The market continue* to be fully supplied with live hogs, and the demand very limited Small lots are selling at f4 a 4 4ft per 100 lbs. according to quality. Foreign Market*. Havana, June 20 ?The crop of tobacco last grown nnd 'lot yet in market, has been very short, and a small pro portion of it will make first quality segars, and the price is very high. Owing to the scarcity ol tobacco and its increased value, all the respectable manufacturers have Icchled on increasing the price of their segnrs. Rice 14* i 13 rs After the Kith prnx the duty will he on'e hall he present rate until the end of the y ear We expect hat our market will be glutted, arid dealers will buy can iou>ly. hxchange* are very dull iudetd New York, lj i 4; Boston, 4 a 4) discount Married, On Saturday. 40th inst. by the Rev. Benjamin Kvans, vlr. Liiowr.u, D. 0*ew, to Miss Klizarkth Cai.laohan, ?f this city. Died, | On Thursday, 97th init. at his resilience in Westches ter county, Hon. James Tub*, in the did year of his age, late of this city. On board the barque Triton, on her passage from Gib raltar to this port, of consumption, RobertTurner, pas senger, of Louisville, (Ky.) aged 26 years. Passsngsrs Arrived. Havre?Packet ship *1*0? Ue rge Peabody and lady, Clara, Jo.eph Augustus. Ellen, Eliza, Marv and Fanny Peabndv, Sally Undue. A Delbreque. Jamei Peudergmat, Geirye W Ka/unm, Sarinier K Dub uijal, f dwnl A Wat'ous. John L 1 Lu coin I ncrrdi- Sauva. n i, Benj T Raphael M 1>. Francis Laffsaandiu*. Andrew Kitchie M s Emily B ette and daugh rer, Heo; he f icqurt. Ro.iue, MathiU'e, jHques, Joieph, Mane, Amelie iuO Xirirr Picquet. Theodore Schiffrrslm?336 in the steerage. one born on the passage. 1 ^c'lr Emyire?Dr C 8 Baldwin, of New York; John Wright Bkiimuda? Brig Harriet?Mr liiirs. Mines Kllen nnd Maria J Hies r d Esterre, Mrs Phrlau and 3 children. Foreign linjEos-tsxtloiiu. Haver?Ship Argo?2 pkgs H Schmidt fc co?12 Moritz, Opperheun k en?I <' Muller?26 Moran k Itelin?100 K > ot teuet k co-19 Schuehirdt Favre k to?2 lie Itham k doore?i C Denny?1 B-uc-tu k Rmch?2 O B Curtis?I Young k Smith?9 Spies, Chrirt k c >?2 Schmidt k Dirdeval?23 Om bre k Dambmann?1 J Uarme?6 Malezirui. Gourd k co? 1 A Konz?8 8. Bovauge?I J Bourrv?J Cerf Beer k May?2 Keaa ler k eo?I C Vezi ? 2 Menan k Benerd- GAR Wallar?3 J J Cnurd'qu u?4 H Flennegan?I F Cotteuet k eo? l J Dollan k co?1 liolbru?I Mali?20 Deriiames k Boizird?I K B Strange?I Colvillr k Fleming?I P Murrav? I F V Dale?2 Schmidt k Andrew?8 Martiu k Lawson?130 lienknrd k Hutton? I VV H Hors'mai> ka co?2 J Maguuek co?19 Prave ken-9 K II Haigh' k co?34 Lane. Latmon k co ?1 I Voitli'?7 FI Tohins?1 Win lit. Slurg-a k Ah i?-8 Fel low? k Wsdtworth? I Baldwin. Burnham St co? I D ckaou k co?3 Tiffany, Young k Klli?? 2 C Groom k co?1 V Bishop? 3 K Fabrqnet'e. Fills k Morro?1 McCracken k Son?1 1 A Ruhr?I belli k Co'lird?5 Malmazet k Smith?I H D-raisme ?2 Goodhue k co?28 F Dupre?24 L Rodger k co?2 Mitchell Brornard k Co?33 Bectr, Garon kc?J G Gignoni k ro?7 -ill k Thompson?2 11 h.ibaJ?3 L B Bice k co?2 C Varet . ?7 \ F Wn'd kco?3 F k IJ Samuel?I F Coome k Sou? 16 | Lachsis" k Four he?I F C Alliipeck? 2 J My Fr-res?3 < F.n gler?1 U M I'eyier k co? 1 PA M'ett?4 B D'lyeruois? 1 Cot- , leuet St CO?I F II Sy z?7 H T Bodm-r? 2 1' A Brelt?8 Nevius | k Co-I Beri St Keen? 22 H Clievrolat k co?1 A F Monroae? J A Warburg k co?I Dnboia, Fav e k co?I I'. Tlenihanl?2 H ?I Rob' I Esehc ?I Robinaou k VV ier?12 'latere' k Blum?'4 Benaid | Jt co?5 R-rn k Reese?l Storrn, Duhoir. k cu?1 K Hairi.on? 1 Slmw, B ake k CO?1 K Cochran?3 J R St Felix?14 E M Uavi??3 A 1 St wart?8 F Sheldon kco?4 S Diwsmi k co? 3 F C Howe?14 Thirinn, Maillard k Co?2 J K Hyde?6 W F Brett?3 Kent. Kendall k Atwater?I W Benjamin kco?1(1 Gcrdon?2 L k B Curtis?2 bdla gold specie 8 I o. tenet k co? 10 Cliarniard, Bcldmnpf k Sjeher?7 Bum k Schuchanlt?3 H " " ~ 1?22 F M iuser? J J B Wiihans k Fills?I F. D Lippold- ? .WB Ooi euheim?23 T A Vciiin St co?I P V Dntl m?2 L Stro'len ?3 I (.' 8'rnen; uich?I L Gnld.uiidr k co?I Nolienius k Pa veusladl? IBB inks wine Coiet St Autuine?23 J 11 Taber-130 Barclay k Living.ton?41 pkgs C H Deluz>?36 Lorschigk k Wisendou.k?101 O Hesseuberg?1 J S Schelleiu?624 liurr stones E D Bnstang*?56 pkgs mdsa 93 caslu wine order Mtttui-Barque Tudnit?125 qr casks wine Thompson k Ad?ins? i9J qr cas wine 436 boxes and hfbis raisins Aguirek O.lwray?239 frails almonds Firth kco 261 boxes Imp us T Stalker?211 bales mats 100 Indian bids wine 430 ensks do 3430 whole half aud qr hni'-s raitiut P Harmony's Nephewx k co? 447 bales matting end mats 216 bales rags P Francis?208 brla currants teveral pkgs mdse A Fester k Sous and others?136 Irai's itlmoi.ds .75 qr c isks wiue to ordor MARITIME HERALD Nailing Buys of (hs Steam Six I pa. STEAMERS. KtlOM LIVERPOOL KROM AMERICA. 1 Britannia. Hewitt June 19 July 16 G. Western, Matthews Jane 22 July 20 Hibernia, Kyne July 4 Aug. 1, U. Britain, Hosken" J.ulv 13 Aug 2 Caledouia, Loil> -July 19 ???Aug. 16 Judkin Acadia, Judkins Aug. 4 Sept. O. Western, Ma thews Aug. 17 Sept. 14 Britenuia, Hewitt Aug. 19 Sept. 16 G. Briiaiu, Ilu.keu??? ??????? Aug. 31 ? ? Sent. 28 Hiberuia, Kyrie Sept. 4 Oct. 1 G. Western, Matthews-* Oct. 12 Nev. 9 G Britain, Hosken Oct. 19 Nov. 14 Stilp Musters nntt Agents. We shell citeem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give to Commodore Robert, of our News Fleet, a Report of the Shippiug left at the Port whence they sailed, I he Vessels Spoken on their passage, n List of their Cargo, ai d any Fo reign Newspapers or News they may have. He will board them immediately on their arrival Agents and Correspondents, at h-meor abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be mankind, received. PORT OF KKW YORK, JULY 1. sun rises 4 34 I moor rises 8 39 SUN SETS 7 33 Hid II WATER 9 2J Arrived. Packet ship Arge, Acthony, from Havre, Mav 2">, with mdse, to Wui Whit'ock, Jr. Saw several large islands ?f ice B rque Trident, Wing, from Malaga, April 27, ana Gibral tar May 14, with mdse, to order. Brig Caucasian, Gilchrist, 14 days fr< in City of St Domingo, wi'h 1700 alickx rnahijg iuv 30 dositio wood to Armor k Co Brig Harriet Brewn 6 days from Bermuda, with bidet and sheepskins, to W A F Davenport British brig Fame, Lake, 14 days from Windsor, NS with plasl-r, to master. British brig Gleaner, Brckwith, 18 days from Windsor, N8. with plaster, to masPr Briiish br.,- Leader, Davidson, 12 days fiom Wiudior, NS. with plaster, to >oule Whitney k Co Brig Mars Hill, Gray, 10 days from Machias, with lumber, to Smith k Bovut?u. Brig North America, Richardson, 9 days from Machias, with lumber, to J F Snow. Brig Helen, Chase, 10 days from Calais, with lath, to Smith k Boyuton. B-ii Mary k Thomas, Norton, 12 davs from Thomaston, with lime, to master. Bchr Empire. ClaitL 13 days from St Croix, with 117 hhds sugar 84 uuus ram to ifrWDr For^d d*y? mm 8.Teutllera with OlSO dum-ii piue apples to Ackerly k Acker. Saw going iu, schr Harriet Smith Smith, hence Schr Mary ' lark, Swett, from Nassau, NP. Jun? 22 with 19 cks 81 ski bark 8 tons redwood 3000 bushels salt to Draper k Devlin; 10 turtles A?hley, k Co Left no American ? B .iled in c? with schr James Power, Keeue, for Biltimore British tchi Uadiui, isulaser, 16 days from Windsor, NS. wiih p aster, to master. British schr steward, Ayre, 13 days from Cumberland, NS. with grinds ones, to W C Noyer Schr, Irons, 9days from Adduou, Me with lumber, to Smith k Boy-Lion. Schr Only Danghter, McDuffie, 9 days from Eastport, with lath and fish, to Smith k Boyntou Schr Regulator rawth, 9 days from Mschiss, with lath, to J F Scow. S hr Potomac. Duncan. 2 days from Calais, with lath, kc. to J F Snow. Schr Sultana, Norton, 9 days from Maine, with lumber, to J 8' Snow. Sr.hrCyi rus, Sawyer, 9 days from Macnias, with lath, to master. ... Schr Henry Clay, Foster, 9 days Lorn Machias, with lumbar, to J 8' Si ow Schr F.llen, Chapman, 4 days from Richmond, with coal, to matter. Schr G. Waaningt <n, Bowen, 3 days from Yirgiuia, with stives, to master. Schr Mary Jane. Swett, 3 days from Virginia, with shingles, to master. Schr Exchange, 3 day* from Virginia, with shiuglea, to the ] master. Schr Arrival, Jones, from Virginia Schr J Wellslev, Jones, from Virginia. Yacht Lancet, Swett, 10 days from Boston. Below. Barqu* Tei'dor, Lockwood, 12 days from Mayaguez, with I sugar, to W VV De Forest. Sailed. Baron s Z D. Bassett, London; Julia, Burgers, Turks Island; brigs Ar.tnda, Howland. Belize, Hon; (Jordelia, Hatch, Ponce, and others. Correspondence of the Herald. Khodk Isi.anukr Orpins: ) Nkwfort, June *9. 1144. J Arr 2?lh, Ad-laide, Horton, Tsuq oii lor I'hiladrlihi.i, r.t ire, Overton, Kal River for Richmond. SI4 Mariner. Kidiler, for so er-teri port, and others Arr at night, (lea Oubb, Stew art, Cs drnas via NYork; Barton, Ingranain. Richmond; Win Thomptrn, Stewart; Niagara, Young, i.odeimalk Khza. Sim mons, and Ninrtta Bay mo re Kali River for Philad -Iphia; Indiana, Louran, Pro* ideure for do; Lucy k Abig it. Briggs. Bath for do; Pre,ideut, Halhnwav, Kre towu lor do; Hume, Mills, Providence for Albany; Spy, >>milh, do for Troy; Time, Harrison, do for Suffolk; Yankee, Hatch, New Yoik lor Kail River; Opera. Hutchens Philadelphia Arr28'h, Ma s'snit. Dialer, Key We?\ Capt D recovered the SlStiO of which he hid heeu robbed, by his steward, who confess *d aud told where he had bniied it, at Key West, t ap D left him in prison there to abide a trial. Sid 29.h, all wiud bonnd in port?wiud N W. Miscellaneous. Packkt Suit's Victohia, for London; Oiford, for Liver pool, and Oneida, for Hayie, will sail to-day. Arrivals is Canada.?Comparative statement of arrivals, tonnage ami passengers. at the port ol Quebec, in the yrars 1813 aud 1814, to the 28th Jane, inclusive, lor each year Vessels. Tonnage. Passengers. June 26, 1843, 663 199,186 10.679 June 26, 1811, 443 161 866 9 366 L?ie this yeer, 110 44,339 1,210 Whalemen. Arr at O'eenpert. LI. 23d nit, Sarah Ik Ksther, Harlow, last from St Hele a. with HHi bbls oil Sid fin Sag Harbor 26th Sabina, Va.l, NW Coast Sid fin New Bedinrd 28th, Wade, Downs, Indieu Ocean. Spoken. Ksaex, II rfiys from Matanzis for St Peterburg, Ju:e27, lat 38 30. Ion 70?by the Trident, at this port foreign Porta. I<i rmi'Da, June 20?In prut, Dr Hitchcock, Dottsl -s, Idg for St J go de Cnbi, only American ' ic 22?li Haiasa, June 22?In p >rt, Ons'rllatioii, J <rkion, fo- V n ice, Idg. John' askir, and koik, Neson. do do; leiu, Bangs, mid R l uls'ord, Seobie, wtg; Klnnore, Julius, for Bus la, Ida ; Teuuessie Winslow, for Boston, to load iu 1 days; Jubilee. Harmon, for N York. Idg; Otpray, Bip'ey Si Petersburg. do; Wess irumcon. J'iiues. Cowrs aud a mkt. do; Kvntou. Mayo, Leghorn, do; Lnu sa, Gallagher, from Philadelphia arr kOih; Matsnsoit, Hertbi d. and Hersilia, Crowell, Hug; Kdiuhnrg, lloiidlctte, for Cowet and a mkt. Idg; Jane. Dimkwater, from H s'ou, arr 21st; ^apo'ron, Gregg wtg; Lincoln, McLe" . ? , ?, . . - ? .ellan, for Boatou, leg; ll-unetta, Hirhardson, Irons Portland, just arrived. St LfoMlNao Citt, June 12?In pert. (Jen Henry, Blakeley. of and for N Yorg, 7 dan; Victory, Klw-ll, for Boston, 10 St Csois, Juie 13?In port, Hecla, BahbiHge. to load for N York: Bridgeport, Adams, f-r do, 3 days; Mary J in-, for Bos ton; Ksrottis, withan Kgoestrian Co. onboard; Gipse,-, fur i.stnn, 1(1 dsys Kijkinam June 14?In port, Cambrian, Rowe, lor Bolt n, Idg; Pleiades, Kl'Z. lor Gloucester, do I'APA.Jui-e 8?No American vesiel in port. Velocity, of llalifai, from Pernambiiro, sld fsi Pars 4th. for Suimain No Am vess'l at Maranhaui 3 i Qtimr.c, June 26?Knur o'clock, P M?Two brigs, deeply laden, have just arriv-d. ( Id 26'h. 6 ?gle. Kdwarua. Balmia; Kliz.belli, Adnet, Fleming; Sr.-iUod, Tnompaon; Parinelis, floss, and Ca "ada, Klliott, Liverpool; Cambrian. Roper, Whitehaven: Aiger (Jrw ins, HaMlepool; Lr ckwoods. (7ook wocds. soil l-ady Snaton Thomp on. London; K||>-n, I Isyton, I'ortoferrv; Wandeier, Bryan, Port Glasgow; 22d, Kagle, K-rr, Liverpool Months.*!., 'une 27?Arr Weardale, Johnston, Newcastle; Huron Hfdwith a J Vestor, Stewart, Linerpocdj Km ma, hu es, Leith. C|d SulUna, Lamblon, London; Messenger, Miller, Glasgow. Ijaks: Ports. Brrrat.n Jnne 28?Ar-Kr.mkiin Toledo; Lezingtnn, and K Crinikr, Detroit; 4 lai, Hnri n; Watson, Milan; Buckeye, L anHer, 1 orw in. and W .b?sh. S sdnaky; l-odi, Coaseant; Alps, Asbt tola; Mriiide?r, Trenton, Calr don a, Trias, i.ud Pernsv1 v niv, < level-ud; Marshall, Ashl.hula; Oraigr-, Uanpr'e, 'aron, Aigvle and .Michigan arr also in. Cid Buffalo, I) - irnitt ^'adis n, < hie ago Cl vvy.i.ANO June'6 ?Arr Krai ire, fluff ilo; Milk, Toledo; 'crew, Ni?ra*a; c. Ward, and Chippewa. *tadu?ky < id < a led >nia, PenrsyIvama, Huron. Trentos, and Hsindrer Kulf-lo, Man er, I't Huron; G? >rgi na, B nd Dean; htmz, Ganano |i Vl'antic, Kiiivstnii. Home Ports. Ll rim, June 21 -Hid Mt M riah R- i*m, jKichmond; baltf iO >re. Seavey, and Only L'..lighter, M'l ulh ', N Y nrk. Macmia* Port, June 21? vrr li mush Newark, 24 b, Ora ite, ind Adsini, ?? 8IJ 2lot Oregon, NYork; 22d,Cni 4*?, Brown, do; ('has Hammond, Talbot, NHavru. Bangor. June 24? An Sa'ine, Kales NOileant. I Homaston, June 20?Arr Georges, Aewkuryport; 26th, Jelta, r.llrus, NYork. Hid 21st, Koantain, Welisby, Alstss Iris Hai.lowv.ll, June 22?Arr Jsse, Kingston Hid 22d, Ktna, Nolcena, NYork. , _ J r - Htm. Jour 27?Arr Belina, Pray. Baltimore. Bid Lion. HSuSSftSV-A..AkWl.U.C??, Norfolk. Old ^RSJS&SftSSBA-V-A. k""'Vv"* ;'..d Bo. rifLiinni. Tw?Tt trr iwwi W'MiiWj ** ??? l.?<?. Nirk" on. Albany. Cld M ?ul. Bunker, W ifiLiugum. | N'C. ?!ii leauhoe, Po?t Philadelphia. S.I , 11 Jul..- 21-Cld Wui Si Jack.ou. lo ? BoaTov, Juine 29?Arr Ami [Brl Loveti.l.iv^ol; Alpine | t'araora Boriiiam; Beoown, Lo?ell end Breaide Lang ey, . York ? 1.1 Patriot. A ???<"f"1? f.rd. Cblua. Brown, Tnnidvd; William J,h"^_.H'*el' Cohnnnrt Saunders, Madeira aud a rokt, y?WI?BW. nowea, , Bait. atari; Be." Krwklin. ? ircult; Veaper, llnpkiua and H 1 lucklev, .a u Weve Caernarvon; Mary Ann. Tracy. Para; Rom.o, Yoouf. Itwa ?"niw Bkdkokd, June 28 Arr Sylveater. Jhult*, N York, to loan nil fur Stettin. S'd 2?lh.Tiger. Nj.' Albany Prciyidcnce Juue 28?Arr 1 ryall. Uihba. BiItiinert, Hi d-ut W< oleey. Roudout?Wednesday night, off f-ll iu witli aloop Leopard, froin Providence for N York^u it a tied, and lowed her in to -New London; Gem,, DmMoy . A'I.auv; JaaL Long. Hawkinas Emi ire. Dayton, and MerMl au, Lewi*. ew York -Sid Adams. Nft. ? 1 ' jM Ollo, hiawkUs, ilondout; Albany. (Jibbs, A',1**. ?i a Richmond. Jum- 88-Arr Lancet. Bmxell. Camden. LrilX?io",,'ja? r-ArT Ad, Eliia, Mar.hman New Orleaai?8J'h, off Carvafod Heer, .aw ^,PHubv^la^?a - al ore. and waa m t off by *'???"?; /ephyr.Boby ? ??'*?? Bdlow Havue Ir-.m Havana. Sid Tvbee. Mc" orinick. New Yoik;' Oe jrye, Hal', Providence; 26th. Wuccainaw, Vincent, Savannah, Jane 26?I'M Britannia, [Br] Saunders, Harbor Island. Sid Isaac Mead, Thorp. New \ ork; Opt-uango, Vine, B-a'oa. _ ,, Mobile. June22-Cld Daraaicoa. Tanner. H"r? \k? (|ui nias lune 21?Ar> <d?cen Victoria Kanlett. ana llenrV Kelaey. Hriy. N York; A le.hany P'own.l idarlelrhia; Ci.i.le, Uillinahiin, Havre; Victo'ine. Jonea Ballimwe. "ire i? u , Leeds. Kingston, Ja; Leo. Symmouett. N??'? CI.I I OO'ti, Levitt. NYork; I hate-uhn-rd. [Kr] LaborH'. Burdeant; Cr-.ton, Towno. Boston; T Slicel, McDonnell. . ..CLI COMMISSION KOR EvOLAND. ENGLISH, FRENCH JIND EUROPEAN AGENCY. THE SUBSCRIBE R8 be* to state tbat from Botton I tor Liverpool on the litproiimo. . Merchants. KiFortert. iinportel*. and ?HHMntK-n, who desi-e to fowudto EtU0|"t packages, bnuda, specie, va'uable dp?mynu. ';! * Baltimire, Pitt.bugh ?nd Bnalon ? 1 ? i?,AchX?* the iteam-ahipt deparnire-wbieh will I L1?1 Ik Smith a o?tabli?hlilOnt. at Civ IP ?'? ... a-nv J V/j i Imp ro- ? . f ? uropian (Jiid'da art aolicited to lequtat their Forefcn C nr.poiidrota looddioaa their poskageo Oitool Will we: kt ;m I.. ^'Xn itreot. New York. WILLM EH k SMITH, Civerpool "^AmSBTOiiw-a ) re'eieace to an ad^eft??f*inent vk'hicn appear* km tiif cir*. paneri, he.d-d I o th''Public. ?nd entered we h.ive only rem irk, that ha viua during the leat uve month, continued to their liou.e aoont ii? en.tom honae oackaaea parcela, tee , with roqueat that we ahoBln be adviaed bv return of ate-inabip ?? ih'ir aafe airival and delivery?and rkr^.s-e^^iiii-Jce^. ,? No. 7 Wa'l atre-1. i.28iffh New York. I7tli June, I8H. J"81' WANTED. . t a NUH8E to takn cart ol two children, one in the arma. A IheotherVnlkioV Noneue-d apply hut one who h? beet. M tlw h"bit oUakinf care of children; and al.o good recom ^ Alan1 one who can wmk well at her needle, and make ehil dr - ? d'reaiea. None other will asawer. Apply m lhi? office. ji-30 U'rc TX/AN I'ED-A aiiuation. by n leaptcuble "coteh woman. VV tr. travel with a family to any pait of ' J''r ,n" formation, apply at 128 Cedar atreet. corner ol Waalnnnlon. j v 1 It* in _ ? etk't C/S TO $'00?\i y P r.on havicg a light I u?in'aa. eaay $ 1 50 u, acT,u rem*nt.Pto d,,,m.e of for the .hove^.nm m y a diet, to Albert, Herald OtBce, N. Y. N B Aim lor < not bjerted to. Jv'ity0' 'tHcT~ REWARD?Stolen from the nremitea of the ?ubaeri $25 her .t the foot of North Sjtth -tn-et. W'U..?.bur,h. , o Thnrndav u'gbt or h ridav m ir?m'., "u; ??? Coi P' r Bull He.d m eCopper Pump, and about thirty f- t of large Copper Pme. Bud abou foily feet of two inch | .ie 1 b- above re. w i-d wet be pud to ai.y l>er.on who will lhat wall 'end to theappreheut.ouand convirpmu dlkkr^ Williainnhnrgh. June 78lh. 1814^ j?9 3t' tCr /~arip a u I'N I-' its it 11' NO TICK..?'1 b- aubnenb ra have thif C da^ elite md C S, copaitnerahip iu tic H u?lw,ea,,dhu. ri.liin buuneva under the name and fi m of D?L?v*JJk UudTiii. ii '1'h** business tobx* curried on at the old established fr^m Brna'dw^l^ruer of Broome the city ol New York. /hr/'tIAN ^'deLaVAN. New York. Joly 1. 1844. iL"1* *c? PATRIOTS ATTEND. A N adjourned meeting of imtriotic e't xena will be held at A Militnrv H II. cinier of (trand end Ludli8 st'ec s, ou lie , are invited to atte. .1 ORV,LL j NA8H> chairman. Thumb. Charlock, Sec. jyl k'n VrOTIOE?The Arm of STEWART R W!*1\lt/X-pf('it5 IN di??olvrd. the underaigned will continue the I OIT N BRIlK ? 11AOE bn.inea. at the tame place. Tonnne Kn.ld ^nc 'THOMAS J STEWART, CHALLENGE TO THE WORLD. n,HK Proprietor ol the CONCERT SALOON in Broad 1 wiv haeii g a-juounced that lit will match the colored h iv Juki'f >r $10(1 AKiina iuiy nlh?r Ur?ak-d >wu Dancer iu the match to have all receipt* over actual rapeu.ea I he ?a*ca to C"?'.?lW,UUn ?1"' oToiiUEB WOOLDRIDOE aTYK I'OvVER?For Itle or to let, in large or amall N.? J-wv. '??"? ride fro-n New Y ork. Apply to LOO^ k lymaN, Jf2? lm?rc No. 22 Wall k.e*t up ata.ra. Hotel iu Elitab tli'own. ii? CHEAP SUM.Vlr.R HAPS CM i7B HIIDAUVV AY?TheS-ibacriber haa now pn hand ^X?p:l'T^fiM.^ffm" .VgoT aurpatard by any "iher eatab i.hmeut. h ^< *"Xl.o, Sporun* ?uitab'e for aummer u*'"W"1',*nB Ladie.'and Oeu {le^^.hR.dI,nVvTr. r-iV"0"auv th"1,( ,u th' above line are reapeetfully inviWd^toeaH ^ MILL. j-29 2w*ic 178 Bro dvav, Howard', llowl. NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. l HE. UlkUEHslCJNIhD, Pateuieee ol the NEAPO CkpLI i A > BONNET. reej>ectluliv inloim the public that they hare emoted their ntibtithiBnt fim I'hrd ?tie t to N >. 21 lielaucy etreet, near the Bowery, wnerr the above auperb article of lidiea' dree of the newil atyle anil trampareui r etriieia n couataal'y on baud. Ladiea are invi.ed to call and ruinin. th in, aa in tny are aelliug a very interior bonnet for oar uiauufac.are Dralrra rupplied at wholeaale, aa nanal, by THOMAS VVE, 172 Pearl atreet je2i 2w ?m PATTISON. NOE fc CO NEW IMPORTATION OF ENGLISH SADDLERY. J. THOMSON, |,:?T JOHN STREET,NEW YORK, RKSPEl TKlIl.LV inlorini I.ii friendi npdlke trade grne i ' "?4 ifcg P rally, that lie h.u commenced nBkuhk'ng io bad dl-ry.'llanlware, and lauow r-ceivi.ig, nu i witIMPPconataully il aaaorted alack ol Uo'.da lor mm ana country trade, embracing a anyerior aaaortmeat of fire Saddlery of the neweit hi le, conaiating. in part of < oaeh, Trotiinv, and Ri ling 8ii-.IIl*e ; Coach, C'hiliiey, Pelhmi, Port and -Vt ilitarv Bita ; Uiaia, I'la'rd. and Steel Military ami Portable Box Spuri; Vnlitary, Racing, Piainaml Spring Slirrupa; Marlow'i Imitation Cov red Hanieaa Knr. pure i Braai, Oerman Silver, and Irory I. dm Ter.ita, Hooka, fca; What bone, tilaia, aril Patent Leal er i oaet'a ; Hen.i a d Kerne, Martingali. kc i f every deacrirtion ; Eag'iali Hug -"kin.. Seal Skin,, S ir op Lea.lieia, kr Eng nh Ooiil and Silv r Muumed l.tdiea', Jucaey, and Til bury Whipe. K id , I'aienl S'le'y Coach and Oig Rein, ; Coach and (Jig Terieca, Hooka, Swivel,,and Harueaa Mount ingi uf ill k' ; Trunk Cock,, Braai Trunk Naila, Bag Kramea, Itr. Al> >, an aaaorlme .tol A.ddlri', Poo l. Padde Trena. Hog Pkiua, Pataut i ratn.r, I ham n Skma, kc. kc , all 01 which will he,old on the mml favorable trim. Uuien will do w II to einiii..e th ? abnve Gooda aa they will ce tainly And it to their a.iv ullage jl |t*ec HEM.I'H, RECREATION AND COMPORT. TO INVALIDS AND .11.1. OTHERS. J. BARCLAY A: Co. Have oerenn ron no; Sa.*ann thkie Hotel *t LONG BRANCH, N. J . DO Wh L.L KNOWN to the cmt na of Vew York and k? Philadelphia in l? ? ? t yen, with are it ai'i robatinn, ea being decid. dlv the b' at Hotel and Sea Bathing Keiablii, rnent with in a hundred mi aa of eiilli-r city V laiiera ii.Oinvil diw .il lind every a. t-ntioo they cart de? ire or aar> fir 'I he adv tntage. the ol >ea h flung i.tiring th' an miner inn tin rre ap|*rent to all. a .d Long hrai cli fiiroilhea every in luceim nt to faimliea and i divido .If, for iieallh, recreation and c . in In It. To il.e lover, of Knhing. the vicinity <f the He,, line Binka iff rda great ipiirt, a .0 the I.ui.ner wilt And no lar k ef game T e Sieamvr OR' 8, fr in Sultan Mata-t wlarf, and the SHREWSBURY, fn m i'e font of i athviac Market, go to and retain d uly f oin the O. a u H.uie Fro n the laitrr place pait i.geri are conveyed to the Branch (i> v n imea.l n good cirriag'i J. BAuCLAY St CO. Luug Branch. Jane 21, 1811. j?2ii 2w*r? Beacon course-foot ra? k for si???Th* proprietor, ol the ab.v Con ae offer a |uir?' of one thnu.aud dollar,, for a l.aee, to Like place on the abovo (ji ii a*, near Hobokea on lie Mth .1 net .her wea-her p.itnii 'iug la I ol Iowa A Pane of t 'DO to rhe onana who will run the gre'le.t dial, ce wilim orp hoar, S21U >n then pond in the race, f no the third h at in ihe race, aud $ ,0 t? the hearth; if however the li a. in the rare d< a. not perforin leu n tie. within u.ehoii , $ li.o only will b* if the ?e end. third end lourth doea not |ierfi roi nine ?nd a h If milea v itnin .he honr, hey will receive bill h ilf the above turn a droit I'g mib a are uot performed In caae ,uy pnrj n ihunld eoine liorn, or unp Other place oil of the Unit'd Ma'ea, for the puri nee of tl ia nee, and ill aid w n e ther of ihe lboye pnriea, ;e lie cent edd'tuin Will I e allowed for their et( ena ? Five .In lata en'ranre will b' eha'ge.l to prevent leraoiu on* e iug Hi, ir o a in*, wh . do not mle ol to tun ; peri in w ,hi"g to eul< r o r the above are reqm a'eil In do a j , aoon nt Conv-i ieo|, old o . i.e will lie allowrd to enter who do*a not do ao on or br foielhe 21 at. f September. Knitm ea made, and all luformilion v veu l.y the inbaar'ber. ejihtr by |e t r or othtrwii . N ? per ,.i v il1 lie allowrd to a'art for ,be aboi e pnra. v who trnj. i? and th1 bove race, rna on an> in ihe United 1 ilea for a pure, or < .a rh of BiO or in .re U.S. BMOWnINO, We.t Huboken, N l? jtfl lw?ee 1H in.lea Irom Hobo'.en Kerry DK E. LOVEJOY, of Owego, Wiahaa to inform hia that he hai rr.uo<e.i to thia City, and haa uken an OKKICK. at 891 BROADWAY lmdkltw*rt f ATE a-2 AUCTION >ALKS Auction notice?sheriff's Hate.?Thu day. Mon day July lit, at II c'clok, Green 1 lou?.- I I tots, Treea, Itr. at Russell's Gardeo 10 Henry sirwt, near Atlantic street, Brooklyn, being a collection of ? hoici Dthlias Roses, Ax< lias, H liolroi rs, (actus, Maguolias, lit) icodendrons. equal 10 ?uy in the country, UgHutr with a varie'y ? f "I r"bb?rr, Tres.ltc. J. W SCHL'LI jyllt'ec Auctioneer. Kit HARM VAN DYKE, JK. Auctioneer The Kill Road Depot Hut' I, cornel Fourth Avenue Will ?mt-AN l'HONy J BL*r' KKH k CO an*! Klh _ ? ill sell at anciinu i u Tuesday, 2 1 July i it at 12 k.atthr Merchant-' Kx< liauge, th-- Tory valuable prn|<erty ou the east BnV of thu* 4lh A vcutir and south aide of Sd'h iti?U The ground Contains fo :eet on the Avenur >ud 100 an tin* alter!. (wlrch >a 100 fret wide, opened, regulated aud paid for.) The houae .a a large t?o story attic building, with cellar uuder the whole, and a stable nu Bt.tli street 1 he pn-uiiies are rie airable for the purpose of a public houae. and u uow occupied as such at a rent of $1110 for ihe current yeir For terms and pitliculars apply to the ouruovera, No.7 Broad atreet.or to G. Nl) WLAN, rrcaiiect Hall. Yorkrille N B ?The sale will positively uke place on the above day. jeWtn jvirc BOARD?'1 hoae wishing boaid m a cool and retired situa tion. with all the comforts of a houie. would do well to apply at No. 8 Leroy at Piicea moderate, 'l'hia has the ad vautace of a a life route. Jc25 Iw'rc Rooms with pantries attached to let ? With or without Board, in a healthy and delightful part of tlie city, near a atage route, within thirty or forty roda ol the Washington Parade Ground Alio, three or four grutie men can be accommodated with Board and Bed Kooma Tertaa moderate. Apply at 49 A trio* street. jll lw*rrc LODOINOS 26 ceuta at the Nag.a He id. No 3 Barclay at. The subscriber having litle. |j urnl uewlv furuished s?*e rnl rooms connecieI with his eitablishmeot. aolieits a call from his frimds aud the public. JAB. BYRNES. N B ?For aale. a number of long Benches and Tabl'a J 29 2t#je TEETH ! TEETH !! TEETH ! !! CHEAP* HT OPERATING OFFICE in the city. Price I educed fifty per cent. N TAYLOR, Burgeon Dentist, 62 East Br ad way Extracting ? .....25 Single Tooth, on pivot * 75 Silver $2 00 Gold $3 (10 Killing Teetl 5? All operations warranted ai thi? oiPce. jyl loi'rc ~ MEDICAL. DR. EV ANS, No. MlPicARL STREET, uear Brekmaa street. Member of the Royal College ol Burgenus, Lon don; College of Physicians, Billimore ; Medical Society of New York, tic., continues to practice phytic and surgery, (confidentially, as uiual I It is well kuown that Or E.vans makra many extraordinary curea of the moat complicated cases. particularly those prou uuced ineurable by others. The doctor has ptid particlular utte ' utteulion to all diseases jjl It*rc u^a TO LET?The well-known Store, well adapted Tor (!!!? any purpose. No. 4>S Broadway corner of Liapeoard. I''IK P.. may be had on the lat of August. for par ticular a. rent, tic., apply at the arore Je29 lw?ic OKANO FISHING ANU OTHER EXCURSIONS. THe, Steamboat THOMAS SALMON!}, Captain W. 'J" Shultx, will run to thr Fish .ing Ba> ks duriug the season, Mondays, 'Tues days, Wednesday I, Thursdays, and Fridays. Places of stop ping?Amos street, 8)j ; Cau 1 street, (34; Caihariue Ferry, Brooklyu,9 , Pike street, 9K ; Pier No. 1, N. R , 9>$ ; and Fort Hamilton, ea'h way, allowing time to visit the hortiiica tions, returning and la?d at the same places. Chambermaids in attendance. A baud of in sic wih accompany^ the boat daily " charge?bi A person provides hues at a small charge?bait furnished gratis. Those who bring boats must bring them to Pier No 1, North River. No charge fur towjug Dinner aud refreshments on jfWlflWJ^SteURBIONE for Chil dreu. Families and Schools, to Fort Hamilton aud Lower Bay, every Saturday daring the station ?The boa! will leave Amos street, at 2 P M ; Canal street, 2)4 ; Catharine Ferry, Brook lyn. 2)4 ; Pike sire-1 'i\ ; and Pier No j N. R 9 Returning I'lid at the same place Chambermaids in attendance. Re fri'shinruls ou board. Fare for the eitursiou, ouly ONE SHIL LING. SUNDAY EXCURSIONS TO TURTLE BAY, WARD'S ISLAND. THROO'S NECK AND NEW 110 CHELLE?every Sunday during thr seasou. Le.iving Amos strret at9 A. VI ; Canal street 9Ju : Pier No. I North River. 9)4 ; Catharine Ferry. Brooklyn. 934 ; Pjkr street. 111 and Dr Uncev street, lOi*. Will lea?e New Rochtlie at 4 P. M ?and laud at the same places. Refreshments on board, hare each way 25 cents. je2C nti.-ec HENRY ERIELL. FOURTH OF JULY. EXCURSIONS DOWN THE BAY! MORNING AND AFTERNOON. The splendid steam-r NEW YORK.Cspt S B Since, ou Thuisdsy ih?4thol July, will ,leave from Peek Slip, E It , a1 8 o'clock, aud i ,ei .v.- i .? is, a ha'f-i'Hsl 8,1'orau eicu'sion dono the Bar, passu g in view ofth- Fort licati"nsrn Stalrn lalaud, aud Fort Hninilt' n on Lnn" Island, and thrcugh the Narrow a m view of Saudy Hoc k, giving psssengrrs an opportunity to eujoy the Sea orect?retnr. lux t" he city nh? ir I -. AFTERNOON EXCURSION. The steamer N KW YORK will leave leek Slip at 2 o'clock and Pisr No. I N. R at half-prat 2, aud proceed up the North ttivrr three or four miles nu the ea<lerly side, returning on thr w-sterly side, near Hobok-n?pausing d iwo the B<y through the Narrows?returning to the city at G o'clock A Baud of Music is engaged fui this ? icuraiou. Eire fur each eicirsiou 50 ceuta. Refreshments ou board. For further information enquire at 213 Pearl street jyl 4t*rc FOURTH OF JULY ! THREE GRAND EXCURSIONS ! TWO EXCURSIONS AROUND STAT EN ISLAND AND ONE DOWN THE BAY, By the a| lerniid st*>mbor.t SOUTH AVE Hlca < apt M H. True-dell. MORNING EXCURSiON?Leave Barclay street at 9 AUK s s reel N. R nt 9)4, Pier No. 1 N. R at 9)4t aud jLaJfeUL'' Market -t ret at 9ji mrl proceed amund Siateu Island AFTEKNOO S EX(. I' HSION?l.eave Barelayi street it 2 lock, Amos street N R. at^2j^ Jersey City at tweuty five miuules (Mist 2, Pier No. I N. R. at 2>i, and ".Market street at "lid proceeo around Island. EVENING KXUUHSION?l.eave Barclay arreet rnoi nf Ainui at eel r?. It at 7V- "d I'rer Nu. IN It. at a o'clock, fur ao excursion down tire Bay, returning tu the city nt 10 o'clock Fare Fifty Cents 'or each Excursion A Ktne BaodofMuxic will accompany the boat. Suitable IGfreahinr ntx will be provided. Ax the 4ouih America is a firx'-t laxs boat , of superior xpeed ar.d sceoinmodations. (having l<rue and airy cabins,) sud pass ing, on each excuraiou, iu view of Ihe United Si?lee Kortifica lions ou Governor'# Is'aud Stalea Island anC Loug lalaud, ami tne unei|u il ed scenery lur wnieh New Yoik Harbor is so justly lelebraied, these 'scursioos will afford eiceilrnt opporlauitie? nf enjoying ihe fresh sra-breexe, and avoiding the heal dust aud danger of the day. jyl 4tm (EXCURSIONS JULY FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD, .srs4 By the splendid steamboat SOUTH AME "^ArVJvllK.A, Cant M II. Truesdell. MONDAY. 3CMwJ&HdL.July lat?Leave Barclay street at 3 o clock 1'. ? , ano Amos street N. R ?' and proceed up North River to Yongers, return ing to the city at 7 ??'clock MOONLIGHT E XCUltSION?Leave Baiclay street north ? idv ol' the Ferry, at 7>$ o'c ock P. M , and Pier No 1 N. R. at 8 o'clock lor an earum-m down the Bay and up the Hudson returning to the city at It o'clock TUESDAY , July 2d?Lesve Barclay street at 4 o'clock P M . State Prisau Do-k at 4Aa and Market street E. R al4\, foran ETcurainu Down ill-Us*, rt turning at 7>< o'clock. WED EsD AY.July 3-Leave Barclay street at 4 o'clock P. M., Slate I'ruoa Dock it 4 1-3. Market street E. ft. 4)4, aud Pie-No I N. K at 5?Returning at 7)4. (?Fare Fifty Cean for each exenrsiou. ifty Ceuis lor each excursion. A fine Baud of Munc will accompaoy the Boat, and Refresh ments will be provided suirable lor the occasion 'These Excursions will aff ud par ies and families wishing re creation an etcellenl opportunity of enjoying the sea breexe, a'Ml viewing the magnificent scenery about the Bay aud H lbor of New York N B ?Should the leather prove unp>as?nt (or the Evening Excursion on Moudav, it will he postimuid until Taesdsy, ob serving the rain* hours, aud lauding the same places. Tnree Grand Excursions ou the 4lhJuly. See Advert se menlv. jyl 3tm EXCURSION FOR THE FOURTH OF JULY. FOR NEIVBUliGH. fitiI The steainhoit JAMk.S MADISON, ('apt. ^ i_T" j*1'bar Irs llaistrad. will leave the Pier loot of SLaaJUL Aarrrn strret at half-peat 7 o'clock, and foot in llainhi on ,i..-et at ipiaiter before 8 o'clock, lor Newburgh, land at t aldwrU'sanu West Point. Remaining from three to four Imurs, giving an opportunity of viewing Washington's Head (Quarters, and eijoving the beautiful Sceurry of tha Highlands and the Hudson. Heturunig? Leave Newburgh at 1 o cluck P. VI. and arrive in New tork about 9 o'clock Persons desiring it can land at Weal Point, and will be re ceived ou board on the return of the boat in tha afternoon. Music is engaged for the occasion bare Fifty i ruts each way. jyl 4t"rc NEW i OHK, ALBANY AND TEOY STEAMBOAT LINE KOR ALBANY AND TROV?Morning Line from the foot ol Barclay strict, landing __at miermediafe places. The strainer EMPIRE. Capiat a 8. R. Hoc. this in Im my at 7 o'clock. The steamer T'lOY, I'aptnin A Oorliam, to-trorrnw morning at 7 o'clock. Evening from the foot of Conrtl ndt street, direct J I'he steamer HW ALLOW, ? apUia A. McLean, thia even in. ai 7 o'clock. The steamer ALBANY, Captain M. B Macy, to-morrow evening, at 7 ?> < nick I he Boats of thin Line, owing to their light dranght of wa ter. are ible at all lniiea to jiaaa the bare, anil reach Albany ami Troy in ample time to take the morning train of cue for the eaat or wrat. Koi pannage or freight m(i!y ?.? o?ul. of at tb offices on the Wharr?i IVI rr PEOPLE'S USE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALHANY. DAILY, Mundaya eicepted?Through Di rect, at 7 I' M., from the Steamboat Pier he tween I on rtl unit and Liberty streets ii&st I'he ateatnboat KNICKEllBOCKER, A. P. Sti lohu. Monday, Wedneanay and Krnlav evenmii. at 7. I'he nteaantioal ROCHESTER, I'aplain A tlnughtoa, oa ! oeadnr, Thursday and Saturday Evenings, at 7. A' hue o'clock, r. M?Lauding at Inteimediate Places:? The i ieainho it NORTH AMERiCA, Captain II. O Crtiiteaden, ? ueadav. Thursday and Saturday, at U I'. M l ie Steamh'ini COLUMBIA, I autaia VV m II Peck, Monday, Wedresdnv, Kridae and Monday, at J P. M I' .imieera taking ihia line ol hoeta will arrive m Alhaay ia iia. le'ime to take the Morning Train ol Cara for the eaat or ?ent TT-The above Bonta are are inn anhatantial, are formatted with new and elegant Sui ? I'- roma, and for aiieed and aecoin nodatioua are unriralled on the lindane Km paaaag* or freight, apply on board, or u> P. C. Mchultr at il.e olfieeno the arharl tyl rr SK V< IR LI v V.RPO(HI?Packet . f~hTiiTof Jnl v. ?The ha*, aailii.g pack?t till,. CXkORIJ. Ca|laiti ^4BB?|Rallilioue. will ami aa above. Hoi |uai|r. having aopeiior aeeominoilniinna, apply to I II Kltll Vt A N . 6t Month atrael. : N H ?Paaa'ge from Oreat Britain and Ireland em at all timet heeiigagen by 'he regular p Ctet ahipt. (via L.veip.iol,) tailing every li>e days and drafta lor i.1 to i. IWO, always ' foraa'e, payable ai all ihe pr ncnnl b-ukug lualilutiona throughout Ureal Bn am aud Ireland, uu application aa above jyl lire HliR LONDON?Packet I the tat July.?Th> rack t ahip VI' TORI A, I III Moigan, will tail tor Loodon aa above her read la' day. Hoi lata lie, having aplenilid aeeoi unodationa, apply to JOHN Month ?t N. R I'naaig" from Liter, ml tnd London, can at all tlinea he aernred at th? lowest tatea. by the regmar packeta, on appli cation an above __ J V 1 I tic HUB NKW OKI.LANS-LOUISIANA AND .NEW YORK LIN K.?Positive!" fiist regular packet io ai I fil ol Jnly ?The lost tailing packet al n ?Jla i - -?H'I I ? attain Milliard, will positively sail a* above, aer r< gular day, H or to ignl or passage, having hamlaome fnrniahed acromion ItUioaa, Orleana Wharf, foot ol Wall aire< t >'t. K K f'OtLINM St CO '16 Month at-eet Pcailirely m gooda refr ived af'er Ihrevenirg of the Sth imt ? t'litain New Orleans- rlrtari llullia and Wc drntV wh ar II i ron'ieli forward ann 'di >? rhii-><id"aa jvt'c HOR LIV EhI'OOL? New Line -Regular I'aekn Inly?The aplendid. fat tilling packet ahn tBAwLltOMI li s. Captain J ? olio i. ol l|*? to ? *d' 11 ?? aV.ove, her regnlar d.iy Kor freight or pontage, having ace.,nii... iitlioat uu-onali'i rarlendor or enmfon, apply on board, at Orleana wharf r* i f "'all atreet, o- to ? . K. COLLINS h ' O Moaih m Prioeol naaaagr|lO? The pneaei ahir Mid tuna. CaPt. Cobb, will oiacil the Koacins, aid aail theMth ofAagntt Jyl ec I AMUSEMENTS PUBO'k NKW YORK OPKKA HOVIK, CHAMBER STREET. ADMI8S1U ? (INK DOLLAR 1 ikii open at half-put 7?Prrlormauce to commences! 8. MONDAY jily~ I, THE ITALIAN oPF.KA HOtsr. WILL KFl-OPKN, When ihe c-lehrated MADAME i IN ri DAMORKAU Will make hrr tirat appe-fanee previous to her departure l >r F moi* MONDAY tVKN iNts, July l ? t. will 1* presented Kos aim's ce.ebi L'llALIANA IN \LGIEHl Isabella Mad Clsiti Daumre-u Elvira Miss Bnu'rrd Zulma Hig Albertauj Liaaoro Big Aniogmni MusUffa Mia Vullrlliua T?dfo ? Mia Mauiiuineo Halv Mia Maya O i rr ore ? ?. ? Orchestra N. B?'1 ha Bo? i flirt" ia now open every day during t ha weak, from 10 o'clock V M. ouul 4 o'clock. P. M. whan seats may be secuied lor thr Up-os. NIBLU'8 QARDKII. OI'FiN FOR THr. HUMMkH SEASON The entertainments will be uudrr the diraclioa of MK MITCHELL MONDAY EV KM NO, July lat. Ht4. will be produoed NATIONAL UUAHU An lulrruiiaaoo <>f thirtv minutaa To conclude with the Kltravagansa entitlad 1HK MA V A OK AND IHK MAIDEN itT-Tli KK'l'S KIFTY KCiNTs^Ji NO PUMTPONF'. vl FINT at thia Establishment on account of weather, aa the drain! Kotrauce from Broadway to the 8b loon ia : rouctrd, and the New Samoa, which ia Ventilated from the top aud aidea, can be enrloaed at a moment's notice. VAllXilAlih. Acting Manager," Mrs Timin I Stage Manager" -Mr. Walcot MONDAY EVENING, Joly 1st. The performance will commence with THE AGREEABLE ML RPRH4E luleiuiiaaion ol ba<f an hoar. Alter which a dmce by MaII'LLK CELE8TE To c-nt lode wuli ilia Lomrdetta called oPITaLKIeLUS' WKAVKR. iC7" No P"aipoueincut on accoant of the weather. PKALK'B NKW YORK MLHEIIK AND PfCTURE GALLERY. * tfroadway. opposite the City Hall. MK.H. BENNKVtT"" M AN AOKJ#., , Tremrndoua aacceaa of the c< lebraied POKER MaNIA, by the OnrHaN Fsgitr, und- r the direction of the Manager, who susiaiua the pi,ucip.,1 character . . This is the POKER DANCE; each performer being supplied with a red hut oue. I) WARF f THREE INCH KB SHORTER THAN TOM THUMB ! AND A GlANTEBb. MiX KKET 81X s TWELVE PKRKORMEK8! ALu KOR ONE MHILLINO. Engngement of MONS. AND MADKMU Se.LLK CHECKIN1. Who, with the aasist'.uo- of a Ballet Corps, will introduce a COMiC PANTOMIME Consisting of n ranrty of Daucee, actions and grotesque The performance to conclude with a COMIC TahleaUX BV The WHOLE COMPANY. MR W1NCHELL, MIL W. CON OVER, MR H. CONOVKK, Mias ROSALIE CLINk , the accomplished Songstraaa aud Danseoer. LA PETITE AKMEE.papiio IM ocs ?Jhrekiol, HudLa Petite KLOIME CHECKINI. WONDERhUL ORPHAN EAMILY; Or, Peuny-beg Minstrels ! Who sine higher uud lower then nuy otutr melodists in Ame rica. as one of them stands aevea feet high, and another twenty ao inchen. era Wednesday's and Saturday ? at J o'cloca, for the convenience of llie day visiters; no estra charge to the performances. To commence in the evening at o'cl-ck Admission one shilling. jl4 If ^"Great prcpnratious are making to crlebrnte the Fourth with a degree of splemmr ih- important ?cc ision d'inanda. AMERICAN MChlfiCM. jEKIAL GARDEN. A NOP K R F K T U A D FAIR, C'or,.e- ol Broadway and Ann etrewi. MONDAY, TLE8DAY AND WEDNESDAY, July 1st. 2d aud 3d. grand Performances very ufternoOe at hal'-pant 1 o'clock, and eyery??ea,eg at ?. Till- MOST SPLENOiD ATTRACTIONS! THE SMALLEST A i? MOST ASTONISHING DWARF! In Creation !?COLO LHAPPIN ! n ualiye of the "Old Doiu-uiun ! ' NINETEEN \Et KM OLD! ! AND ONLY a 7 INCHES HIGH! is engaged for a lew dtvs. and may be ??eu tlirougnnt tha day aud -irnii g II, it intelligent, sociable, and (very way in teresting, bring affable and agreeable iu his mauaers. THE INI'AN'l SISTERS. ir7"KOUl< AND SIX YEARS OLD 'ust arrived Ir on Kuro|ie, and who were recri?ed with each r.'iwateu burst of applause last week, will again appear ia their admired Songs aud Dances Last Week of THE GIANT AND OlANTESS! They may be a-en fiom 10 o'cl ock A. M till I P M , fram t till JR. and from 7 till 10 o'rlock, P. M Last Week ol the ORPHEAN FAMILY OK VOCALISTS! Oi e of whom ia a LITTLE MISS OK ONlY SIX YEARS ! Mrs Western, Great Western, flic . are engaged. A New 1 oiiiic Melange, entitled ' \ C' ol Accidents," together with the COMIC I ANKKf. OLIO, by Mr. and Mrs. Wester* Ott EAT PREPARATIONS are making for ?he 4th. several new noyelfiea sud attractions being already engaged. KT" Admission to the whole !ij ceuta?enuAiea ssuei ten reus. hAll price. jju re CANTER GAUDKN. G R A N D GALA IV K E K. Monday, July Int, 1M4. KL JALf O HENRICO. F"iom Mp tiu: LEH KRERE8 Hi KCULES, F rom F rauce?il> ir F irat Ap,r.uin< a hers. MONS HENHI on the A'.it IA I. PILLAR m MONS. CAM"!MlK in th? FEATS OK bAMPSON The beautiful DONNA Ol LAV IA oa the STEEL WIRE. ???? LO gOMENICO'S^MMENSE flight UPON A CORD UPWARDS OF 210 KT. IN HEIOHT. GRAND FIREWORKS. II T~ A number of Workm-n aud Artiata are coaslaatly employ- d in making orange,,,....,, for the Fourth of July. Adrmtmic-" 2*> cnt??< bildrrn hall' price. jyl lire ULYJTll'IC T UK AT inc. MOST POSITl V ELY I Hr LAST WEEK. PUBLIC HOLIDAYS. REDUCTION OK PRICES, Boim- 25 eei U | Kit On* Shilling. All have r.ow an opportunity of arcing "The Graat Neero maneer ? I the 19th ceutury," Mr Sun ju, will gtr* hit Grand Scene* ol Veuiiiloquiani mid Magic, MONOA V , July lat, and every .veiling dunug ih? ?wk And on Tharadty, Jily 4th. he will give 'l'wo Perl'ornituret, one commencing tt I o clock iu 'lie Afternoon, and the u1 h-r m the evening tt utaat. ?COLO VVA TER'?'COLD WATER-COLD WATER!' will be el'iibiled every ev? umg. Uoort opeu at hall .pair 7; < urtaiu riaet tt 8 o'clock precitaljr. Unlet 25 cmtt, Pit I2)? cenlt Private Buiet $1 and II enen. Boi office Open at utual. jelO Iw'rc V A UXI iA LL(iA RDEN. FOURTH OF JULY JUBILEE ! q-'HE PROPRIETOR and lv .inageineul bog to tnnoance A that thay are combining all thai eip-tiaact, aalianted oat lay and tail*can aff i.d, to render VAUXHALL WARDEN, on the K OLfRTH, the moat attractive, at it it the moat ntiartl lyoeautilul place of amui meat in the city. ORE AT B>LL oTNOVELTIES and FUN for the Saloon and Garden?la the Grant! Alcove of whi>h will be laid down t BALL R'?OM f LOOK of POUR THOUSAND FEET ! lormiag a Rural Salon Ue Dance of MatchletilBeauly and Comfort,amid the Sh o e ol Festooned Treta. 1 he utniott ? eco am will be ?tr'Ctlv protervod, while every opportunity will be afforded for ratioual hilarity and amur*m*ut Admittion to G.trden and Saloon, Fifty Ceata. jeMcc UK. I.AUIJNKK'S LYCEUM. N E W Y O RK SOCIETY LIB R A R Y. Thefmblic it respect fit I ly icformed that having augmented hit collection of ohjectt of Scientific Exhibition to t gr'tt eg tent, aince hit lait vitit to New York, Dr. Lardner h?t engaged ihr me of the Lecture Hootn nf the N*w York Society Li'rary in which he will commence a tenet of Optical tad Eipenmta tal Kihihinont and Scie.ttfic Soireat, on the Evening ol the National Celebration. THUiiSiiA* NEXT, THE FOURTH OF JULY, when h" will rive hit hutnrical and military tketch of GENERAL JACKBuN. with a description of the BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS After whir h will be given -in eihibition with the GREAT GAM MICROSCOPIC APPARATUS, Recently cooatiucted Inr him in London, on a taaie of magni tude an I with a perfection ol artiancal skill etcaedmg I ha < elehr ted London Polytechnic Microscope. Thit laatrumeat it rapplied with powara varying from thott applie. t. the largnrl.It of inirrotcnpic ohjactt, to power* e?|iab'e of en l.rting the ami tmaller productions of nature ONE THOU SAND MILLION OK TIMkS. And a variety of othar novel ? rienlific eihibttioni, which will be duly annoutced. jyl Jtrc Pi rkwi 'inksTfireworks ! ! AK every detrription and ti?.e. made of rhe beat mtterialt. " ' and by tkillul workmen ? i'I be told at cheap at any other mannfac iirer or vender in the ci;y All workt art warranted For gale, by war BAlLAGH, j-I llojyt rrc * No I I hnuliert, cor I hatham tt. BEACON COURSE?TROTTING. MONDAY, Julv 8th?A Porta of SMO will k* given mil* heait, hmt three in five to waaant. watnn ?nd driver to weigh mO poandt Entries k be made Monday Evening July It', by 9 o'clock, at R. smith'*, 31 Park Row. thiee or m- re to make .held je|0 ft' jdp FOURTH OF JULY?GREAT SPORT; CKNTKKVII.LE COI USE?TROTTING AND RACING. The follow mir Racing and Tr-ttrrg Will come off over tha ihove Conne, InI\ I h at J oVI >cfc. P. M : ? Firtt Prrltr, $30; mile hentt, bett thret m h*t, nailer the t?d J Whelplev enters hr g One Eyed Si ley i . S Bertiee " in.Beitey Medium J f L -.viir " gr g G-*y Button Second Purte $30, mile hentt bett v in 5 in Ht-u*?t I s Refine ta ten Benev Bedlum J r Lea i i t gr g Grey rt. at a j Wl*ip|*v " hrg Oi e Eyed Miley Thud Pnr.e, $50, lor running borate eighty rodt and repeal, -.trying catch w?igbta, _ .... k V w Mae-ieker enlert h tr- Ftrnv k iltler r Richmond " --h g Jtrk Downing < ? irle. lacktnn " Am Webber. " ----hm Flviag ' h'ldefk T e public will have a chance of wit"*atii/g great tport on the above d iv, there never having bren before t. good a running Held entered for the tame dittance on tbia or auv Othar ? not# Admittance 50 eeau Jfl R*3*

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