Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1844 Page 3
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0(7- CiOURAUD'S LIQUID YEOETABLE ROUGE impart* the moat delicious rosiness to the cheek* thet it i* poisible to conceive, and defies the utmoit acrutiny to de tect it. *o closely dee* it imitate Nature, aad is immova ble by rubbing with a cloth, handkerchief, or by perspi ration, dnrinf the hottest days. We are sometime* asked' for vinegar rouge. We beg leave to inform the lair sex that it is unquestionably injurious to the skin, and in this opinion we are confirmed, by the greatest perfumer of the age. Lubiu, of P-ris, who says, speaking of hi* Liquid Rouge, ?' Cette liquor a la propriete nepas auire a la peau omnia la vineigre de rouge." Dr. Oouraurt's Liquid Rouge is to be lonnd in New York offly at 67 Walker street, 1st store FROM Broadway M cents a bottle. JKP- THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OK WAR 4AFAKILLA, GENTIAN AND 8AR8AFRA8, prepared by the New York College oi Medicine and Pharmacy, es t-ibliahed for the auppreaaion of quackery This refined and highly concentrated extract, possessing all the puri lying qualities and curative powers of the above herb*, it confidently recommended by the College, as infinitely superior to any extract ot Sarsaparilla at present belon the public, and may be relied on as a certain remedy lot ail iunwise* arising iro.ii an impure state oi the blood, such as aoiwtula, salt-rheum, ringworm, blotches or pirn pies, nicer*, pain in the bones or joints, nodes, cutaneous eruptions, ulcerated sore throat, or any disease arising lrom the secondary effects ol syphilis or an injudicious use oi mercury. 8oVd in single Bo it lei at 76 cents eacl " in Cases ot hnlf-o-dozeu Bottles, $3 60 " " one dozen " 6 00 dies forwarded to all parts of the Union. N. h?A very liberal inscountto wholesalo purchaser* ? Itflce of the College, 06 Nassau street W. 8. RICHARDSON. M. D . Agent "HOW MY HEAD DOES ACHE-I an you tell ins any thing thst will sure me 1" Yes, slid a triend the other day, try Sherman's Camphor Lozenges-1 have known them to cure severe caaea of headache in a fow minutes, and I have no doubt they will cure you. They aru also a sovereign remedy for drowsiness,lick headache, palpitation, nervous affections, and tea sickness, giving more speedy relief than any medicine in use You should not In* in church without them ; they will enable you to keen from sleeping?try them. The genuine may always bs had of Dr. Sherman, 106 Nassau street, or of any ot his regular ag?nts, viz *W7 Hudson, corner of Spring ; I8S lioweiy, corner of pring ; 77 East Broadway, corner ot Market street; 8 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia, and 8 State street, Boston [:'J~ PRIVATE MEDICAL AID.?The members of th-" afew Yorh College ol Medicine and Pharmacy, ir returning the public thank* for the liberal support they have received tu their ofterts to " suppress quackery," lt-? leave to state that their particular attention continues t bo directed to all diseases of a private nature, and from the great improvement* lately made in the principal hoa pitslsof t'.urope in the treatment of those diseases, they can confidently otfer to persons requiring medical aid nil ? outages not to be met with in any institution in this c nutry, cither public or private. The treatment oi th? College is such as to insure success in every case, and is -?'billy different 'ton: that i>ern?r:otis practice of ruining tie constitution with mercury, an J inmostcaaea leaving a In; -use much worse than the original. One of the mem b ir* of the College ,ibr many years connected with th? p iiicipitl hospitals of Europe, attends daily for a consults ?tl -n lrom 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. Terms?Advice and medicine, go A cure guaranteed lMroiw*i?T to Oeuirrav IirvsLios.?Persons living in tic country ruid not finding it convenient to Rttena per sjusily, can have forwarded to them a chest containing ail medicines requisite to perform a perfect cure ny seating tu-it case explicitly, together with all symptoms, time ol contraction and treatment received elsewhere, if any ,d --ne lo.i'ug *5, post paid, addressed to - W. S. RICHARDSON, M. D? Agent. <)? '?onsnlting rooms of the College. 96 Nastnc at-*-* MONEY MARKET. Friday, July 5?6 p. M. The European intaliigenca haa had a very favorable in fluence on commercial matter* in this market. Operator in stock* and cotton appear to-day in good spirit*, nnd quotations for the former show quite an improvement. At the old board, Long Island advanced 1} percent; Can ton Co. 1| ; Heading Railroad * ; Mohawk 1; Harlem 4 ; Norwich and Worcester 3; Ohio Sixes }; Kentucky Sixes |; Farmers' Trust | ; Stonington } ; United Statu* Bank J; Vicksburg J; Illinois closed firm at the last prices The operations at the new board were very lim ited, but prices thioughout have advanced. Long Island rose I percent; Peterson J ; Farmers'Trust 1} ; Mohawk 2} ; Norwich and Worcester 2 ; Illinois }. By the arrival of tha steamship Britannia at Boston from Liverpool, we have commercial intelligence from Europo up to the 19th ult. The money and cotton markets of Great Britain were in a prosperous condition. The rate of interest in London continued very much reduced, and government securities cammanded very high prices.? The reduced three per cents were selling at 98j. Three and a-hali reduced at 101}, and bank stock at 198}. The latest political accounts received lrom the United States were considered ol a more favorable nature than those received previously. 1 here wus very little doing in American securities. Pennsylvania and Louisiana 6's had alightly improved Quotations roa American Stock, in London. Alabaman's, .856, ""V-\ ft, Ju".< *. *???. X0 .,',Villi's.40 a" ?? ?" ? ?? MO 1870 40 a-- 40 a-. .. ... Lr>n,.inni'i, 1844, k O 00 ai'd '02, 66 a-? .... 68 a 70 72 a. ? N. York 6 s, 1808 71 * n"1!69'.,. .. 92Ha#4 97 s 94 93 a 94 .. .94 r?P a>" ???" 93Ra?3 93s 91 93 a 94 -. Is. Ohio 6 s, *876 91 a.. 90j .. M . * n ,94 Fein'*','., 1854.'56. 92 a ? - 92 a '.8.'61,'62aud'64,66 a-- 88a 78 69 a-' .. a70 Iiidi na Pa, 1861, a'u ?ud *66. 35 n?. j*. ? oo _ .. *1 s ,h?nl? ?h re., 23. a-? 20a 22. 13 ,34, 23.'*24. Ma. v'aud 5's. 1888. 6S a- ? 60., 65 62*65 .. a". 93 *?' fl3?U5 91 194 93 A. ibi mi ilut'arS. .. a- ? 72a ?? 75 a- ? ..a.. Mas . c mrtU 5 . 1 .rsrlmg, 102a-- 102.104 .. a-. -M a. winp|6'.,PJan B^^iia., ::::: UlU 8$ :: ::: UeiteJ States Bank O^beatnrrs, April, 1 41 .01 '42. 60 iii5 da Oct do .. .40 Louisiana 6's have, since May 4th, advanced six per ?ent; Pennsylvania 6?s, four percent; Indiana 6's, fivo per cent. There is some foundation lor an improvement in prices for Louisiana and Pennsylvania 6's, but the ad vance on Indiana 8's is unaccountable, the debt of that Statu being larger in proportion to its resources, Ac. than any other in the Union, and what is more discourag' in*, the government have not taken the first step towards its liquidation. The last legislature adjourned without providing for the payment of the first cent of interest and the financial affairs of the commonwealth are daily! growing worse. With these fact* staring in, we cannot conceive what ground there should be fur an improvement of five per cent, in the London money market, in Jess than two months. The cotton marke's were evidently improving, although the quotation, show but a very alight advance. The manufacturing districts were unusually active, and large orders were in the hands of manufacturers from the East and Wet India markets. The receipts of cotton at Liver pool fur two week* previous to the departure of the Britannia, were very heavy, notwithstanding which prices were not only firm, but improving, and the move ment. in the market indicated further improvement, the prevailing opinion being that prices had touched bottom and a reaction would soon take piece. The movement of cotton in the port of Liverpool, irom the 7th to the 18th 1 of June inclusive, were as follow* : Vessel. Repoeted in Livespool with Cotton, prom 11 f,?.. ? J? J3th '""-usrnt 11 from New York, with 78a hai? 11 Irom Savannah, with. 18 460 ? 13 Irom Charleston, with 17 885 " 6 from Apnlachicola, with. . ... " 7 nan 11 ?4 Irom Mobile, with ' 4a 371 ? 27 Irom New Orleans *, 54 318 " 4 t , ,ToU1 14?,698 bales. 1 he total receipts for two weeks previous to the 19th of June, were 378,000 bales. The fact that the market was sustained in the face of this supply, denotes a very great change in this staple for the better. Ltrt rpoqi Quotations Compared. Ord to mid , p^'n'v'o7? K<irtoa'dfhir, 4jh 5 sv'tw Good to fine, 5S?? 5&$ j&J* This opportune improvement in the great market for this staple, may save the sinking fortunes of many specu lators in both countries. The extent of the crop in this country is pretty w#U settled, and any increase in the former activity of the manufacturers of Europe or Ameri- ' ea must have a still further favorable effeot en prices. Vhe new system of banking recently proposed by Sir Robert Peel will doubtless be establi-thed without much opposition. The principal opposers are the joint stock and private banks, but their Influence in parliament is so limited, compared with that ot the Bank of England, that it will not avail. Tho most interesting subject, now com manding the attention of commercial circles, is that of impot t duties. A motion was made in the House ol Lords that a committee be appointed with a view of ascertaining the effect produced by protective duties on the foreign commerce, the home industry, the revenue and the gene ral prosperity of the country. The operation of the property tax,and the immense revenue received from that and other sources, have placed the finanocs ol the govern ment in the most prosperous condition. This haa induced many advocate* of free trade to bring before parliament the subject of import duties, and to urge a more liberal construction of the tariff. The defeat of the ministry on the sugar duties question being considered a test of psrty principles, has created a great deal of d bate in both houses ol parliament. The vote being reconsidered, and the ascendancy of the ministry re-established, it is sup posed the reduction demanded by the tree trade party will not lie allowed. The foreign trade of the United States vm brought torward as an evidence of the dangers of protection, and the failing off in our imports attributed to I etdrictive dun... The agriculturaU.ts of Greet Britain it was asserted, were more extensively protected then any | other class, and yet there *u no class that oa ? a to oftoo to parliamant for relief. The eliding toalo of dutiat 01 corn admitted into tha porta ot Great Britain, cannot be considered a protection to tbo agric ulturdisU of the king dom, but rather aa a ay atom protecting the land owner in. ttead of the producer!. The effect of thia eliding acalc ia to auatain the high rent* demanded (or the aoil, and not for the protection of the produsta of that aoil. Exces aire pro'ection to any industry cannot be conaidered ad rantegeoua to that interest for any length of time. Where any one intereat ia aaleetcd for eopecial protection, that branch of induatry becomes over inflated, and must inevitably be deitroyed. Moderate protec tion is the meat 'profitable. The ailk and cotton trade of Great Britain has grown up under a pro trction of 90 and 30 per cent. The cotton and woollen manufactures of thia country have grown up under a protection of from 36 to 40 per cent. Tbeie duties were sufficient to atimulate production to a moderate extent, while excessive protections to these manufactures would have raised up a competition that would have reduced prices, and, like the Kilkenny cats, destroyed themselves. Every advocate of free trade fails to sustain his position, when he descends to apply cause and effect. Bare and broad assertions that the foreign trade of any country, is completely oontroled by the tariff of duties at home, fall to the ground when compared with facta. Members of the British Parliament say that the foreign tradeofthe I nited States is greatly restricted by our protective tariff. The whole decrease in oar imports is attributed to the evils oi our tariff laws. Every well informed man in this country knows that these laws have a very limited influenoe on the extent of our imports. It begins to be pretty well understood that a variety of censes affects our loreign trade, other than the mere per cent duty on imports. The wot kings of the present tariff act are aiilficient to destroy the theory of all advocates of free trade in this country. The eommercial nations of tha world are gradually growing more liberal iu their cotnmercia 1 systems. Re taliatory tariffs are attended with many difficulties and greatly restrict commercial intercourse. The jealousies and prejudices of former years are fast disappearing, and in the absence of reciprocal treaties, every nation will gradually withdraw restrictions fiom each other, and adopt mutual systems of reciprocity for their own in terests. We have no doubt but that a few years will suffice to see a complete revolution in the dlstinotive sys tem of Oreat Britain, and out of the most restrictive, will grow a more liberal policy than that of any other nation The Illinois Commissioners have at last effected the long talked of State Loan in London. The negociations were to be closed and the preliminaries settled prior to the de parture of the Great Western, by which vessel we shall probably receive the full particulars of the loan. We learn that $200.000-twelve per cent?are to be immedi ately advanced. The centract is on very liberal terms, but we doubt the ability of the State to fulfil their part of the bargain. The State agrees?through the Commission ers?to pay the foil interest on her public debt in 1847 This is one part of the contract, and the part the most difficult to sarry out. Old Stock Exchange. $7060 NY State 7's. '49 107X 50 shas N Am Trost 13X 3566 do '51 101 125 Canron Co 38* 3000 di '55 in IX 125 do 24> 00 Ohio 6's, * 1 91 25 do 39 50 00 do .30 97X 50 Urirail Schen lilt 129* 5IK0 do 160 90 20 C ialand RK 14000 do 97X do B t 1000 Kentucky 6's 10( lar'em UK i later- n K11 77X 1000 do 107' III 1060 Jo 102 0 d 1 s30 8t 11000 Illiro s special 50 <0 do 84 X 5000 Indiana bonds 44' JC0 Slonington RK >10 45 50(-0 Peon's 5's ?69 74* 100 do >7 45 5000 do >60 75 50 do bin (6 2 shai Bk of NYork 118* 25 Mshawk RR 25 Ve-cranU'Bk 107 100 Nor a-d Wore 57 150 U S Hank aX 50 do 57* 20 ll'inois Bank 21 25 do 51 Vicasbarg Bk tX 575 do 75 do ? 150 do 350 Farmers' Trust 41X 50 do 300 do 150 do bo 100 do >60 4IX 25 do biu .. 100 do b30 4IX 100 Read ng RR 60* 50 do >60 41 Second 100 do Board. blO 51 $3000 Illino's bonds 50X 20 ihss N Am Trust 13X 74(10 Ohio 6's 97 V 25 Nor It W. UK SIX 5004 do 97Ja 100 Reading RR 51 25 ahas Karmers' Trust 41H 30 Canton i.o b4 39 175 do 4lX 100 Farmrrs'Trust b3 4IX 50 do 4IX Mow Stock Exchange. $1000 Ohio 6's, '60 97 V 100 thas L Island RR I2X 15000 do M0 SIX 150 do C 13 100(1 Illinois 6's, *70 >30 44 100 do opg I3X 7000 do bio 45 35 do OPK 17 1000 do bl5 45 25 do >30 I2X 1100 do c 45 10 Mohawk RR all 60 lis .has If S Bank bl5 IX 50 I'ater ou hR s3 ItV 25 Farmers' Tr baw 41* 36 ut?uiugtor. RR 45X 25 ntflem HR e 71 loo Nor aod Wore c 51 75 do C 77X 36 do 5IX State of Trade. Ashes?We cannot quote pots otherwise than dull at $4 Oflj a 4 12J. Pearls are yet quite firm at $4 60. Beeswax-Prime northern yellow sells at 2i)j a30c. Cotton?The news per Britannia has had tha effect of making holders more firm iu their pretensions; but no transactions have been made to-day. The market may be considered firmer. Har?The stock of North River bale in this market is daily accumulating, as the receipts more than supply the demand. Common qualities sell at So ? Uo I Provisions?We have oo alteration to report in beef or pork. Butter ia in active demand, and Orange county sells at 13 j a 14c. Cheese is quite active, and aella at 4} a fie I Whiskkv?Drudge casks sell as wanted at 32)0. The demand is, however, very limited. Western and prison barrels are held at 33 a 33)c, and trifling sales. Provision Market. fc In the principal market* there ia no perceptible change *ince our last. The fish market ii well supplied, anil we notice at tome of the uo-town meat and fi?h ihopi, Ireih talmon, in addition to other Bah. Vegetable* of all kind* are very plenty. New potatoes 8*. a bushel. Fruit* and berries are abundant. Blackberries are sell ing at $2 the hushel; whoitleberries, the same) currants, 10*. the bushel. We saw watermeiions from the south, and some vary poor peaches. Bow apples, 7s a bu.hel. New corn, eight ears lor Is; new onions, 8 cents the bunch. ratCKi Or PBOVIIIONS Apple*, bbl? ? ? -81 50 *3 00 (Jew- SO si 36 Beef, per lb---.--- t a 10 Honey, a w, lb.---Ilk* 25 Beeb per cwt ? ? ? $4 SO s< 00 Lamb,per lb 6 a 0 Beef, corned 3 a 7 Lard, per lb I a ? B-eoii, 4 a 7 Mackerel,fresh, ??? ll)a* 10 Blacklist! 6 a 0 Mutton 4 a 0 Beets, each I a ? Onioua, per bunch. S a 0 Brunt, hash SO a 07)4 Pigeon., do*,- ? ? ? 1 IS at SO Batter, fresh per lb-10 a It Porter House Steak* 10 a It Batter, hrkin, per lb. 0 a It Pork, per lb ???... ? 6 a * Bast, lb t a 10 Pigs, roasters ? at I 00 Celery, ? ? ? 6 a 13)4 Potatoes, bushel ??? 31 a 7S Cauliflowers, do*.,SO al tS Perch, lb-. 6 a ? Cranbeiriea.Kqrt.--lS a ? Pou try, pair 7S at 00)4 Crabs, dozen 13)4* 35 Radishes ? a 1)4 Chickens SO a 07)4 Ballad 1 a 2 Clam*, 100 ? ? 3S a 37)4 Salmon, fresh,??? -10 a 30 Calves Head, Itc-. ? 25 a ? Salmon,smoked ??? 10 a 13 Cabbage, each S a 10 Striped Bass, lb ?? ? 0 a 13 Cheese, new t a ? Suipe, dozeu 75 a ? Carrots, each.-1 a ? Sausages ? a S Ducks, per pair ?? ? SO a 75 Turnips, per bush- 35 a 31 i t a It Tripe, lb ? a 4)4 Egg 11 for 13)4 Turkic* S? al SO I Fresh Cod 4 a 5 Veal 0 a 10 | Flounders - ? *? - ? ? 4 a 0 Brighton Cattle Market July I ?At market, 400 beef cattle, 10 pairs working oxen, 3 200 sheep, and 370 swine. 60 beef cattle unsold Pricbs?Beef Cattle?We again reduce our quotations. I Extra, $?; first quality, $4 76; second quality, $4 26 a 4 60; third quality, $4 a 4 26. A small number of beef cat tie, to be driven fltty miles belore weighing, brought something more than our highest quotations. Working Oxen?No sales noticed. Shelf?Bales from $1 26 to $8. Swine?Lots to peddle, 4)c for sows, and 6$c for bar rows; small pigs 6c. At retail, 6 to 6|c. Died, On Friday morning, 6th inst. after e short illneis, F.i.i zsasth C , wife of J F. Browne, late of London, aged 32 I } ears. | The friends and acquaintance are respectfully Invited [ to attend the funeral from 89 Leonard street, this after, noon at 6o'clock. On the36th May, at Edinburgh, of consumption, James W. Paaav. aged 86 years, a native ot Olasgow, for some time a resident of this city. | ?? ? ? ???? Latest Dates HS.lE.VEu ST THE HEW TUBS HKKAI.U OFFICE. Aujier Feb. 29 Manilln ????Mir 4 Allies May 9 Malaga April * I Aniens Jui a 19 Madeira ??May 4 \reeibo May S Mauritius Feb II Am Cayes June t Montevideo April 27 Aagustioe Bay May It Maracaibo May 31 Batavia Feb. t Mansauilla ??Jun* 3 Bay of Islands, N. Z-April II Matanzas- June 31 Bermuda June 3 Ma>agu*x Jui.e II Buenos Ayres .May 9 Matamoraa May 30 Bel ise, Hon. ???????? April t Monterey April IS Barbados* Miy 39 Natssn, N. Jun* I] Bogota Jan. tl Neurits* Mav 30 Bonaire April 36 Oahn.S. I. Feb 34 Bombay April 19 Para ???Jus* 10 Cape Towa,C. O. H-April IS Paris June 17 Calentta April II Port an Prince Jnu* 16 Cardenas June 11 Porto Cabello June it Chants* Jan. 1 Point Petra, (Juad. ??? F'eb II Cienfusgoa Jun* 14 Prruainbuco Juaa t Caps Haytiea Jane 14 Panama ???May 13 Carthagena April 7 Payta April 39 Campeachy Jan. 3 Rio Janeiro Mav It Coquitnlx * ???July II Hio (Irande April la Callao April 15 San Joan Feb. 35 Demerara April is St. Helena--? Mav tt Klsinore Juaa 6 St. Thomas ??June 1 Kayal Feb. 39 St. Jago de Cuba-?? ? Jane 14 Uinraltar May 25 St. Johus, P. R. Jooe 7 (Juayama, P. R ????Jone 15 St. Croix-? ? June 31 IJalvrston Jans 10 St. Domingo April 2 iJouaives Jnnc 16 St. Ubes Mav II 'taayaquil Dec 5 Surinam ..Jnna 12 IJallipagns Islands ??? May 4 Singapore Jan. 3. rtavre Jans 16 Sydney, N. S. W..??Jtn. I Ijavana Jane 34 Trinidad de Cuba ??? Jane 17 ?alilax Joly I Talcahuan* Mar. 29 ?laof France Sept. 37 Tahiti Dec Ii ?sremie . ... April 9 Toinlcs Nov. 4 iiugsinn, Ja. June |7 Tampion ? ? Jn.i* i i.on'lon June it i'nb.m o ? M? 12 Liverpool Jun. 19 t .*? hi Island - ?? June 2 U* ' ruayni ? ? June '4 I none April 31 Cagnn* Oct 31 Valparaiso Mar. 3i .una-?????...... K.b g.l VeraCruz June 1 naoao Mar. IS Zauxibar--' Mar. 3i Passengers Arrived. H*VAJ4*-Ship Taskinn?Dr Raffing, of Willtsmsbaig Mom Emily Danarlcvy, Or Oh?s Bouaharville, Cu>4ii Dr I lw B'ruad?n, Philadelphia?71 in chasMem*- I 8 rCnnri?Be-qua Heels?Mr and Mrs Cottell Miss Jack- [ ?on. Mm Hicgi,. Flits Mill*. Mn Higgenou ud I Mnuu Miss Ltry, Mrs Williams. Miss Willuma .. r J 'udaoa, Dr Oao D C?*?, ? w Whiimnryh; O I hilds, lady ud 1 childrae; Col S T Bai lor. ladv. J children and servant; 8 D Fernude*. ladr. ? chil ^n end servant Mr. J H Guuby, Mra Ni.het, V ita Niabel. Mr Mallard ud la y. Mr. Btilwell, M C Hoalrf. T 9 Newton. K.aterby?3 in th* steerage. PaiMcngeri to Arrl-re. A raLacH icons?ebr bwallow?Capt K J Wood and lady. Milt 1LFV S dltt Com K N..r.l I 'a! I 11/ D .L U O J I j r~^ wiiiuw-vipt Ba j wncia aaa i*ay, Vf ? ''H. t "m 6H?;J Col J W Babe.ek Capi b ?JiMon.Cap. B Hrward, P Hob- t, J Koater, P N Strong. M P Ellis L iarkh.m, Ma.trr Sr tt Portlgn Importations. Tu-k n*?I pkf \ Fiesaye? l Martin It Haw ??n?4 L mber fc D.mbmami?4 ( unitnui, .Vlai.d It co? Schmidr (k Au?r,n-3i CuUo, Ald-u fcco-6 A U Pack It to T?*Uw?-l K'cbntkc j-1 Vv m P.hl-t Sh-Idon fc eo 5 P-abody, Higg.fceo-t Milton fc Slocnmb-l Richard., Baa *e t fcc ?I Norma Ji cc?4 4'l?'? Lib-ar- o Hroan'a 'Uivwaity, Pror-dauco 10 i h rion Mail lard A co? I Colomb ftUclm?IC H 1 odd?2i7 ifrinditirci K<1?% BuSmpm. 1 i0ET.i ^--public?3W b*?? coliM 77 foot logwood BJ027 sk-ldr-g k Ferri.?41 baaanoftae C H Smith? . u flrf" k,??*ri4 w I'rwav?tl lL Hi l-aj1. J Paaaevrr -41 M wbitwoli?BTi A C lloiaioro Ceo?4 b >ya old copper 2 do .peere H k W 1). laflcld?4 bla ginger root O Hoganh?2 ?a to oidar Domestic Importations. . Savanw.h?tirig P"i un?69 tialo" e ttuu A O Miller?14 d > W Co k ?9 I VVh" u-y k e<>?121 do 4 pvg. Dunham k Di- I am0?4 h x. W B M* I J Hand?3 do J Monorirf UtrianiH -Bng Sav no ah?40 eba rien Surg-. fcClwr m.i.?<4 bain- cotton Van A'ad* o k eo? II do J k I Sionr? , l|i. d J H T.lmi-? 89 do H W fcS Hi11?I b.,1 Harper k \ Brother.?I hhd H Nrnkmu?9 bx. Learnt fc co? 1 uo M Wood - 89 b .'on cotton, order , < HaatatTOH?Brig Carolina?110 boxes sugar W.ioImv k | Woola-y?19 ck? ri. e 191 tnlea cnttou 48 - o yar* Fni'th, VVU | k co- U do Holb-o ik, Nelio. k eo?8 do rota Oreo,way, Heurv k c ? 88 bt>.. floy.r W B k C Miuha, ck?28 oil eS?C M Leonard- It bale, yarn Well, k Sp-ing? 9 ca W. I. oit k Slend ?1 -p n.rd. IVe. ob fc co- 3 pair .unth*. b II >we H M Coa? 2 >>'le.r int. N H L*?.:y ? I b..x Dunham k 0 men?20 coila b.le rop- let le fc Mann?Mbdla eh iius to oider. MAHII'IMG HKRAL.Ii Sailing Days or tha Htaara Ships. iTKaMnsa. raoM i.ivgaroob r.ou amkrics. Britannic. Hewitt July 18 O Waatnrc, Vatthewe Jura tt Jn'y r28 Hiberniu, Kyrw July 4 Ang. 1 U Bntnin. Ho.kac July 19 Aug ? alrdoma, Lotl July 19 Ang. 18 Acadia, Jodkin. Ang. 4 ......... Sep4. | O Wetiern, Mn thewa Aug IT Sept. 14 Britannia. H*?itt Sept. 16 (.j B'lhun. Ho.ken Aug. 31 Sent. 21 Hib-rma, Ryrie Snpt. 4 1 Ci Wr.taru, Ma'thew.?>?????? Oct 12 >.... ? .Nog. t U Britain Hmk*n ...Oct 19 Noe. 14 Packets to Arrive. raoM i.irr.arooL. New Yo.k, C npper Jane 1 Lirrr ool, Kldridgr, Jnne 9 rnoM roRT.Moi.'TH Toro-to Ori.wold, Jane I We.tmio.ier, Horry, June 14 THOM HtVKt Kruci. l.l,Aiu.worth. Juan 2 V. de L?uu, Sioddaid, June 10 Packets to Sail. ruu LirKnrooL. P Heine. Delano. July 6 Virginian, A lea, Juiv II Montrxuma, Lowber, Ju.y If yon rokt.mouth 8nrbec. H>bird, Jn'y I" . Hadaon, Mourn, July 20 ron Hir*r. Kmera'd, Howe, July 0 ?kip Blasters and Agoiits. We .hall -.teem it a favor, if I aptaiui of Vm.ela will gtva to Commodore Robf.rt Sii.vkt, of our New. Fleet, a lir|?>rt of the Shipping left at the Port whence they .ailed, ihe Ve??. T? Simkeu on their peerage, a Li.t ol tlieir Cargo, ai d any Fo reign New.papera or New. they may hive. He will board them immediately on their arrival Agent, and Correapon-'enti, at hrm- or -broad, will alto confer a favor by t.'biling lo tnia uffi i11 the Marine Intelligence they can obtiii Nautical In nation of any kind will la- thaukiullv ri ceired. l'OIlT OF NKW YOHJC, JULY 8. - 4 37 I uoi s nilta 11 7 ?7311 high 1 0 Cleared. Barque. South-truer, Hallett, L .wn,,Ko t-r'k Nicker.on; Pro eta. (BriVa ghati, St John. NB John Herdmau. Uriga Atlaa (Br) MeCallnis Halifax, T Winueti; i/il.-n Fuller, Cobb, Saiannali. Dnnnam k Duron; Tylee^ McConn-ck, Cliarleaton, eo Bulklay; Mer-da, Prpi>er. Norfolk, J Avex,. 11. ? Sc iira Delawaie, Higgina, Bermuda. Neimith k Wabh; i. B ?liimorc, 1 B Uager; Margaret, Wcglato. Pi C r*. (Jrovea. t- J*. Huutar. Arrived. i.kins. Spancer, from llnrra, May 24, with mdae, lo a l iutfcCo i wig tan ahip Salv't-r, Oorrrenn, 99 daya from Prr.grund, .soi way, with 212 tuna iron, to K, Habuht?141 atrerage paaaen K<>Helgiaa btrqna Harrirt. Bema, 44 days from Antwerp, with nt'lae, to CJ?rdiug k Knoktlmann?144 pnaaaogera B.rqn. HecU, Babbidae, li d.ya irom St Croix, with 111 lids snvarTI puoa mm to B De Foreat k Co. French brig Jrune Ludovie Foirier, 26 days from Port an Prince?bound to Havre, put iu for a aopplv of water ud pro visions ud to la: d he crew of schr Wi liam, picked up at tea. Br g O.ceola, Park. IS caya from Trinidad de Cuba, to Nat miih k Wal.k, with 730 kxa sugar 43 hhd. molaaaea to Rmon da Zildo frig Onorge Henry, Blakley, from St Domingo City, Jnne 19. wI h S84 Toga mahoguy to Me4ed Piatt. Brig Audivw King, (of Lub c) 12 day. from Turks Idud. to Brett k Vote, with 9300 bn.bela .alt to Tucker k Light Brig Kepuhlic, Smith, 11 days from Port an Prince, a ith log wood kc. to Skeld ngk Ferris. Brrti.h brig D.adern, Master., 14 days from Windsor, NS. with plB.t'ir, to matter Briti.b brig Mary, Walah, 23 day. Irom St Johua, Nr. is hallait to Dun.comb k Beckwith. Brit Philura, Do<me,7 d.ya irom Havunali, with cotton, to Dunh-m k Dmion Biia Sav nnah, Hawley, 8 days from Savannah,with cotton, to Sturg ? kCltarman. Brig Carolina, sherwood, ? days frem Charlaaton, with cot ton, to Dnuham k Dimon Brig Olive Branch, Long, 7 days from Calais, with lumbar, to Smith k Boyn-on. 8-hr Hndaon, Baker, 13days from Jacmal, with Ii0 kag. enf f-e 20 torn logwood to A C Koasiera k Co. British achr Freed m, Holmes. It days from Windsor, NS. with p a?ier, to m-s'er. Schr nil Ci.ffee, 6 daya from Ocracoke. NC. with naval at' rrs, to '1 loadwall k Co. Schr Ang- la, Swift, from Swuiboro, NC. with naval atorea, to mi.t r. he,.i Win K Bird, Robinson, Iron Waahiaaton, NC. witli naval atorea. to 8 L Mitchell. S^iu Clara Fisher. 4 days from Newborn, NC. with lumber, to m ister Schr Ann D, Brd II, 3 days lio n Nerfolk. with mdaa, to Staiges k C'earman. Schr Delight, Wharton, 4 daya from Suffolk, with shingles, to master. bclu Leu.ngton, Van Odder, from Richmond, with coal, to master. Schr Challenge, Parka, 7 daya iron Calais, with lumber, to Sm thfc Hoyulon. Schr Mary Lliiabeth, Foster, fiom Machiu, with lumber, lo master Scor Olive k Elizabeth, Smith, from Hallowed, with gra nite to mast- . Schr Couipliuce, Kelly, 3 daya from Boaton, with mdae, to master Schr Wolcoit, Ryder. 3 days from Boaton, with mdae, to K D Hpragu*. i*chr Ja.pi-r, Howe., 3 days from Boaton, with md.e, to the mast r schr. I B Meier-un, Lark; North Am-rien, Boeworih; Win Cooper, Cair; C I' Brown, Jones; A O.boro, Bailey, and Peter Ritter, from V irginra Below. Two brigs, unknowa. niMielUneoiu, Foxr.ior* Letter Office.?The Patrick Hnrr, Dtluo, for Liverpool, will sail to-day. Her Iftwr bags will close at the umal hour this morning. Disaster at Sea ?The French brie Jruno Ludovic from Port .u Prioue bi u .d to Hav e, rue into this port thij norn iu( to had the imir.iari aua crew of the echr William, Bn gee. 1 he Jtune Ludovic. when iu 1st .0, 30, Ion 16 fill in with a boat lull < I men, and looa rh m on 1 oa'd 'I he, l>?. Im.ged t > to- achr W il taui. Bridxra of* d, fr mM|. raaome, (~i Domingo) lor Boston au i a'ated that on th* nth of Jui.e off Cape N.cola Mo'e, at 6 I'M. waa a.rack by a while tquall.aud filL-d itnmei lately ("apt Bridges, and a leg man nao-ei (irosvi nor Williams, were urowned The mate four mau, anil M'asr* C (ielatou and O W itted, |>a*ieog*-*. It >atad on board* aud?i art uutil 12 o'clock at night, whan they lonod thi boat hut diirted about th-oe.<as in her until licked up by the above brig. They wa-e very much ezhauated, aud loel every thing they had. Menrt Cel.ton and Keed are part uera, aaercliania at Miragoane, aud were obliged to leave ouac cour t ol the troublea io the lalaod. Packet ShiF Vueen ofthe Wiit, Woodhnuae. arrived at Liverpool Irom thia port iu the ahort paaaaga of ITU dava She I ft New York May >tst, at 4 P. M aud arnved at Liver pool June Ith wHir Montfei-ier, at New Bedford, reports seeing r achr off Bermuda, ou her bewro ends, apparently a eu'ter with porta ?her m?iutna t was < taudii g with i w > ahr. nd, and bowapiit Arrival! at ? HaRlkitoiv ?Haibor Mailer'* hep nt for June, 1141 Arrival*, lihpi > barque*. IT nrtga, 35 schiMioan, 2 ?loo|?. 54 ataio,boats Clearance* 14 ihips, II barque*, 16 brig*, <6 arho, nera, I aloop 41 tteamboata. In port, June 30, a ahipa, 5 barque*, 6 brig*. 6 *Chra 1 aloop, 3 steamboat! Whalemen. Arr a' vew B-dfor' 3d inat. Montpe'ier, Taher. rom Indian Oeean, N/eal ,i d Jan 25. lale of lkraede May I. wilh 27*1 ob'a oil, 106 ap 3o OtO lha bone Spoke lao 20 1st 41 44 8. Ion '?, Tlntn a. Biaho", 8H. 6 mo* nu\ 600 wh 40 an C!d 3 I.friend ?hip, Stmt. Inditn Oeean and N W I ? ,?t; Science. Wood, do do. hid Id. Cicero. Rowland Indian Oca in; South Carolina, Oardmr do and N W , oio Arrat bri*t>l 2d, A no riea, Richmond. from Pacifl", via V.lparaito Mch II, Per. auihuc ? M- v 2l. wilh 140# b I* ni', 500 ap. Left at V, Llixa Adams FH 20 mo* oyi, 1200. to tail unt day on acini**. tli nkeuff Juan Femandrx Feb 20 Danl W- - ?ter. Hit, 12 mo*, 4'0; Z >oe, >aut. 4 tret, clet ; Pa, McLaoe, no oil, for j>W Coaat. Spoken. Lio?, of Bath, from New Orleina for Le(horn, June 30, lat 33 10. Inn 73 11- by th- Oe i Hi-nry. at this l o t Jane Lines, from New York for Nassau, NP. Joly 1, lat 34 25. Ion 71 20?by the tame Kile* Perkni*. fenaley. New York f r Vavagnex, Jnly 2 lat 32 Ion 73 50?by ihe A,.diew Ring at thi* port Win ilenry, Boston for Philadelphia. July 3. off Cape Hen lopen - by the tame PallM, Haven. Tncidad fer Philadelphia, June 27, off D II 8h"t Key by the Oice. la, at thi* port U 8 ?loop or war Vand !ia. 11 days from Norfolk for Port gu Prince, Jnue 21. off (Jonaivet- hy the Hegnblic, at thia nort i i qnette, F.ldtidge, 2 day* from Bn*tnn for Ca ton, July 1, 20 miie* e of Block l?land-oy pilot boat Commerce KocRingham, Onhallow. and Talleyrand, Cnvul, 3 diy* fm Bouon for New Orleaua, 20 mile* S ol .Vlontauk Point?by the tm#. Tecnroieh, 4 dava fm Boaton for Philadelphia?by the ?am? r lliot, or Harriet, from Philadelphia, Jane 27, let 34 40, Inn 63 10 Mary, 12 day* from Newborn. NC Jnue II, no lat, fcc. Foreign Ports. Ajitwerf, June 13?A-r Aiberma, NYork; Chas Carroll, Cook. NOileeoa, llili. Auua, Meyer, Boaton; IOiIi. Carlo t*. vew Yora; 9th, Baltic. Spear, Havana; 8th Arab, Croahy, do; Aloes, Witherill, ilaiann*: Wilhelmiui New Bedford; 9th, ' orinlh, Smith, Havana; 7ih, Sir ' hit Foibea, anil Ariel, N York; 6th. Pehr Knnia Warren. RI; 3d, Sarah Slieafe, Omy, NYork. Port ana, do; 2d. Mi not a do Apr.iv, * pril 11?Arr Cherokee, Mansfield, Zanzibar, and aid 224 for Mocha. Bordeaux, May 3i?Arr Andrndna, Ritchie, NYork Bremen, June 9?Arr Megs .tic ok. Mavo,; Te cu?-?# .Rtpley, Trinidad; s' H Heinrieh, NYork; 7th, Paoli, Fuller. Baltimo-e; 6th New York^Stoniugtoe. bRot'WkMHAvr.n. Juue 7? Arr Tiger, Cook, "i Bedford Beachv Head, Jnn- 14?Off. Ocean, New Orleans for Ham burg; loth, Virg ma, do for Biem-n. Baearoa, una 2t?In port, Victorine, for NYork, in a few Jay*; ??, Smith, do. , Bnao* Arm*. >1ay 9?In port, f'onolanna, lor Bni-on ?lg; Mt WoilaaMP.Kr.uil ?, for B *tou, marly le did; M ? ?*? ' rue., Sc.ilt I '' New Vn.k.ldg; Hobut * ollie . ore; l> ? i*ht, Wnt.ei., Ii-r l'hila leli'hia about Jl.tb; Maui Th r?..i. lark, fn m Ua'timore, f r Boaton. Idg; Venezuela, hendell from Ma'aga via Miiut' Vid o, diax; P ?mini, Plummet, lir e; ciaaea [n?] Oltaeo, f"? NYork, unc; Tieinont, Ldgerly. lor ale; J?r ey, .iieiemoii. sold. nwxi.Ju'. e 17? Arr Ovuado. Uv-r. Matanxis; 15th, Baring Brothers, ' rocker, Havana; 13th rladaon, Burkman. Milan /.*?; eih, J .* It dwerd, Webster, Havana. Sid igth, Aik. John ion, Matanxa* for London; lllh, Princeton, Houghton, do fut Venice; (th, Cherokee, Cashing, arid fcliza, Talbet, do for CronatmdL ies--na rltdi, Jim It?Ajt Charlemagne, RiUmm, NOiImii ' NYork; 7th. Harbinger. Thompaou. do; lltfc, Solam, Hiero. , , 3th. Alfred, Mr?i, NOrleane: Obarlin. Hoyl. Sarauuah; no data. Couttcllanoa. Brown. Tuaidad; Burlington, a bug, N f^onn. Jno*S?Arr Ligoai*. Rood. Mituwi Cror(tai>t, June 8?Arr Aqaacaet. Mother, Hauni. CorxRMauxR, May 88?Air Cr aaudt, Ha eh. Hirui. Cadiz. Jnn? 4? Arr Hen'jr. M>i>i. Norfolk: M, Cg y, N York; May U. F P Beck Stecknule do. Sid J B'aay. N York; May SI. f P Beck Fteckuolr J ?. 811 Jaue 1, Motto, Foifcea, Rio (Jraade; Jidd Caakie, Pilitbary, kr?> ban port. Carx (Jood Horn. April 7?Arr Uaa Scott, Cunningham, Boil"u; 3th. Alfred Han Boad. Spear, NYork Calcutta. Aoril II?lo port, laithage. A>eh?r for Button, I or 3 dt; Matt koru-l. Weil ?>. do, ID; Arg ?. Cr< wmrp' ir'd, d>, t5: Plvroou h. Fuller. <1 <, 26; vide de Par it, nturgee Rr NVnrk.l'rJ; Aidnry, Western. from Mutton The Sidney luttl been three ttnet ?;rwu..d iu the river, going up?wot leaky, and ?i uld go intu dock. Oval, June ik?Art k'ratklin, Sleebuom. NYork; Famili^ ? and aid for N V ork: IS'h, Tnnul-ou, Uiever, NOrleant for Hiemru; 12th Vette, ffirmen. tua till for NYork; Ith, Lo limn S i i h, NT* anraa for Antweip OuNUKRrtt, June II?Off. Louit*, NYork for Hamburg. 1-umiae, Jut I?Sid e-llrugowau. NY rk; 31, Nilr. d . Elurumk Jane 9?Arr Leur, NYo k for Crontledt; 6 th. Priuee?tio J-tepf i'e, Stn*kbolm. f'-r NYork; 5ih, Meriin, O <odhne; J hi> KrhriiU'.Loi g, aud Waban, Bt tleli, Haeana, for Cronxaat; Louu Miller, Ts York, for do; 30th, Zenokia. He iiiKten, Savannah, lor do. Falaiuui H. Juan 9?Arr r.l tab-th Hall.Cobb, Peruambuco. Off IJ n, Geo Hteteut,' utbioir, New Orleaot for Amtlerdtui; Mary I hillipi. Pratt. NYork for Hamburg; Hanra.dodo; 3th. Baltta. A;??r, Havana; Ague*, Wttlieriir, Mauuttt, and both ?Id for Hamburg (Ji horde, Jure 3?Arr Puritan. Uluier NOrleant. (Jihealtar. Juui 7?Air E-lpi- Micb-uer Malaga; Itb, Oallilr , Lombard. Hart a (aud tld lot Genot); Uth D ip 'en, l < wiifi d NYork; 27 th May. Wttbingtou, 8 term t. N Orleant; g'th, 'tut ly Wilder, Bn vu, Richmond; IJtb, H tru riau Brume itb, Legh rn a d tld fo' NYork -Id Mh.Le d . Rd 'k. H-ivau i; rOth, Sh mrocK, Falet. Vvillu A'iu the Str?ittlTth lyl' ieukirt. NYork. Genoa , Mai ?4?Arr Loudon, Baker, NOrlaaai. Sid 33d, Lmeoiu. E'lit. Pilrimo Hirti, Jui a 15-Ax Bowdireh, Crowel). NOrleaar. 14th? M "teow, l arutr, Cha la ton; laa*c Htrkt. Lawr-uc, Mobile; SeaLi a Hotre, Nrw Or'eert 13th?Ha'net R ekwe l. Bri aid, NOrlatrt; Blinehtrd. Bland-aril Ap larhieela; P ciolu' H irilitg ami K becuiti", Pott. M bile; In uia PhiLip , ... top-. New V ork >2th?Tmium, Mo idy bin M rchiut, 'orda-, Sa vaucah Uth? Ma'*nf Gray, M -bile. #'.n?Twnont, Chojet. tuu Sth?Lucy Oonl I. N'rl-ana; Normandle, sp aioiug 3r* Yoik 6'n and 7th?Orlando <u Otbello, Naw Utbim; Br-wtiet, Lininlu. Mobile; 8 de Orat>e, 'I h uipton N York 6th?Med id Wi.buru. a id 8t limau.Ley#, tell r. NOrhaut; Luri, Urqnltart, and Hono*>' Diudimouu, Mobile; Utiea, H-ait ; A baiiy, Wtuon.aod Mt Ohaf. New korfc; Mm* le. Huut Cb rl-i'on; Munt'ce'lo Lawton. Savannah 31, Matnndre, N V ork; 2d Mmnat at Jnttia, Conner, Charleo to ; lit . U iic it I till a in, N Yo k. Helvoet. Jaaa 13?Adrians, a d Vinetna Prieawitm. New Y<"k; Tig or, I - ok, N Bedford; ?th, (iulnnre, Vv eith Bnlti mar ; Indanendence. Birkett. Philadelphia; ith, Venitia, New 1 nrk; Id, Maria It Adrian*, do. Htuitiaa Junet-ArrOtear.Swea,a"d Bunovonto,NYork Halikai. NS. Jan" 11?Arr l'<ndort, Bti'ev Alenaadria; D B Kealer, Wade. NO<lerna,aeth Qaeeu. b.ldrtdge, Akaondria; Sink, Alh'on Rtv.du; Lion. Sonali, aYo'U. Havara, Jon* 23? ?rr Oi* I e, Charrhill, Port1 And; S4ih. Cha*le?. 8|l***t*r. and Caaildt.Crtb'are, Batn; Albert Perkioa. Claib. Ph l'de'tihia 8 d Coi etellatiou, Jacktou. Cowea Jacmel,-t Domingo, Jane23?In port, Billow, Viner, rf ScituAie fr m Button aitg, only American. Livnniu oL, Jntie 13?Arr Wiudtor I aula. Hittn New Or lenut I - ith < bt|e? of cor on 'hruwn oynboard. h'ving been rtioel by lightuiug and fi ed. 7 h a t in Int 43, Ion 34); -t An-. drew, L-itch. Mobile; Bnrah St Arsi in. , e York: 8heri d .n, Depeyiter. do; 14 h. Planm-, Marahall, NOrleant: 13th Bangor. Adamt; Athlano. Williaint, and Kilby, la'r.d ; '2th, Albauit. Crowell; Arragnn. Knight, and St Lawmen. Brown, d-; Eli Whitney. Ca'f. Mob !e; J>t Older, < hnrlei tnu; Mt Vernoa; S ilin. Backnaui, aud Obi". Lven, N Yo'k: I'th. Caldo ia Broader, Decan, NOrleant: Huron, Payue, N York; Uth B inb y. u?y " Or'ennt: Altbtmt, Wood, and F aue 'ina. M"bi e; Mersey Tucker. Aiialechicole; Powha' tan, Sto-e,NYork; Hh Ruhil A demon, Be nelt, NOrient; Hrrcnlet, Madigau, N York: Sth. New Hnmi l>>h re, tllutte, and Happabaunock, Drutamond New 'rleom; Laurathi e, L on; Louita, Snow in'SweJm Homon, Mobile; coilnnd, Miilt S'.mnuab; John Lyon; 8 Hal Iwie. Olidilcu. and (Jneen of tn* We t, Wo idhuute, New York; 7th, Lelia, Higrint; Kut ell Olo?er,_Howet; Tam'uend Lovett; and Howard HlU, NOr h, France, Marshall, mid leiui; Venice Halter, htr e ton; 6th, (Jen vVa hingtoi , llu-iey, N* ? Ori.aut; Halcyon. Litt'-field. Mobil'; Howard. Callan.and Richmm d. Ardror, 8,tvamrh; R,.b It iy Mar (i. ? ha'letpw; tlrouklvn, Richwdnon; Hir )h?n Whi'ney. 1 h'mpt- n; York* ire, Futter. and Ynrkthir' B-ily 3 York; 3th Abbott L i d, Pa'tert'ii; Aureliot, Fot te ; Hirktw av. and Kug'and. John,tou, INOrleeut; Win (J id dird, Po'ter. Mubile; Charlet Juteph, t'viututh; r.icieri?i'i Theobald, do; *tbbu ton Hutltrtoi ; Robert le ac. Barret!, end Superior A'len, NVoik S:d 7'h, St Vierk, Bu men, Sivannth; Luconie Por e', Baltimore; I'oluinbai, C le; l.oaita. Put en. ai.d Nile Johu ttoi. NYork; Almiia, 1 hayer. and iiinn, l.uce, Bett.n; lltk, Sid.'ont, Cobb, NYoret Liberty, Norton, do; 9 h Vo nmiK hela, Tnrle- Phila.lrli hi i; LWerrwol. E dn-'g NYork: 6 h, Se?eru Ch-ey?r. do; 3m, (J'ice Bnwn, Myen, Bali more; Chimpi'-u, Miller, P iilide'phia; Put .mac. Berry, B<>| tim; 4 h, Regnlui, Ch Id, NOileaot; Brotnrri. Nnoik; Co luinhui, ' ole. do. Put back 9th Eligibeth, for NOrleant. Luhdor June 17? utrred iuw-rdt Arethuty, Bitter, Nor kiopinc; 15 h. M ri Prancea. Themar, Havana: Uth, Roman. Doai.a, Che l it n; O'adia or, Bnttoa,NYork; Sib, vloutreal, Tuck r. do; 7ih. St Jamet, Merer, do; 6'h. Brotbe t, do MantEit.i,it June 6?Arr Li.ui.a Emery NOrleant: Z Riug, L thrm, and Miaervt. Brown. N urk; 5th, Cambridg", ( hit'. Button; Conner. Cuggtu. NYork; Chenange, 8uuw, and Emblem, Wilco*. NOrleant MrttiRA. May 22?8 d Saluda. Wnhburn. NYork. vIalta, Mav 21?Arr via'gnret Ann, NYork; 2d, Smyrna, Champion, Pelermoand tld Uth fir NYork Madrai, April 22-Arr Jacob Perkint. Cobb, Botton. Marilla, March 5? Arr Charlotte. (Jerry, Ch un; ith, Lo gan, Wooooerry, Bauvia; Feh 23, Exchange, Peibody, bot tou; 18 h. Petiel. Rugen Hong Kong. Matahxaa. June ;3-Sld Riga, Nairn, and B Aymar,Canter, Cowea; Ctiritliaea Wtrrej, do; Peutacola. Kilgore Button, Jnly 1?Old (Jceat Biitain, Montgomery, Olaa gow; Mary, Itavit, Liverpool North Forelarp, June 12?Off, Caroline, New York for Bremen. Ohkret, May 38-Off, Wxihington, Smith, Norway for N mm OroaTo, JuneJ?Arr Wui??, Norton, Bi'too; 9th, Dinu cat. Chase, N York. Sid Id, H irmo i v. Messervey, Cadix Portsmouth, June 14? Sid Weslmiasier, Horey, London for N Yoik. Prniilicc, June 6?Off. Hnwj'd, Hamburg for NYork. Pltmouth, Juue 14?Arr Krrswc'l. Brooki, Newport for with losa of mainmast Fort au Prinok. June Jit?Sid John H Blepheat, Hall, New York No Aiuer.cau vsss-1 in port. hmtRNa, May :#-Arr Htamboul. Kendrick, My telline. bciLLv, oo oate?Off, Joa?pmne, Bra" an lor N York. McHt-t.DK, Jane II?Arr Hoi.rie.ite, NYork. St Croix. June 33?In port, Elixt, Lock wool, dug; Ann, Smi'h. unc; Oipc y, Hawloy. for Bridg|?-rt, toon. St Dominoo City, June 19?In port. Victory, Elwe'l, for Boston. 4 d-ys?ouly American. Sid 16th, Trio, [aw] Fogal mark, H mburg Tr.xxl, Jun. I?Arr Fair*. Madixon, N Bedford far Bremen, leaky, having touched upou the Haaka; 7th, Pomona, Colby, N Y -rk; Herald, Fallen, Baltimore Trinidad, Cube Jane '4?In port. Gleaner, Smith, for New York, 4 d y?; Franklin, Oibbs, ditg; Emetine, Jordan for Boa ton. neat day i Pallas, Here , for do, 6; Hector, White do. t; Alford, Mason,for New York Ids; 17th, Milton, diag; Venae, Sti rp. from Ki?gttou. wtg frt, others as ab re Turks island, Jane 93? lit poit Sabattis. Cox, for NYork, Idg: Hutlco. do. 3 day; Warren, Tifomb, for Portland. 9 Wight. J me 11?Off. Loaisa, NYork tor Hamburg; (th, William, Dvh'geo, B st >n ria Mtonington for Amsterdam; 4th, Staiesnian, N York for Harre Lake Ports. Buffalo, July I?Arr Buffalo. Detroit; IT States, do; Great Wet rn, Chicago; Rngglee, Cl-r-hiud; tlerihrr, Fa<rpirt; Mo es and'1, Aahlahulu; Benton, Cavelato; W Quirk. Vermillion; VVebst r. Cleveland: Emm*. Catte.raugui. I'l l P rry, Pemthnrg; ? les-lmid. Cbiceao; Man,ice. Conneent; lieuoiugtou. Ael tabula; Whittlasev, do; L < omorne. Ft Bar we I; v,ebster, Cleveland;, do; Sarah Brown, Dm villi; Emm >, Ashtakuli Jul; 9 arr (,u,<t>u. Chicago; 'ex. gy, I'errvfci n g; Alrrt, Deir .u; Missouri, Mich City; Rehec ii, Mnuinpert; E trope; Si Joseph; Velocity Mich I'itv; U T ra Miiai ; Swallow, Haudutky; Dolpho, Toledo; hJeu ny, Madieon; T>xas. Erie; G H walker. Milan; Brouiogtoo, Aiht to ; Royal Mar Pt Butwell, Win tlesey, Msdis n; fc qnslor Milan; Alunim, A-hcbola; C Wnlker Chic go; M Kreme CI Yrlend. Cld 31. H irrisn i, Detroit; Cleveland < hi lago, Ku.c A-ihsrttbu g; Indian Q wn. Fine; (liny, Milan j M vey, Aahtabala; CI i.ton, Ft Burwel';, Clev?. laud; ISackeye.Bondoaky; Beaupree Chailest;u. Home Porta. Lunxc. June 27?Sid Geo Henry, Merrick, Havre de Grace, Md; Garden, Hetnor, NYork; 99th, Osceola, Means, Philadel phia; Fearl. rl .vk'll, Newark. Ill LFaST, June 39?Sid, Gilchrist, NYork. HaNuoR .la, t 30?C id Susan, Campbell, Guadeloupe. I'on rLaND, July 9?Arr tar, Chase N 1 ork Nt.wnui.vroHT July 3?Arr Teaser, Briggs, Ragged Island, Jam Gi.nuRxsTkt, Inly 9?Sid Sarah Ann, Hisgins, Wilming ton. NC. -sl.xh. Inly 3?Arr Oliudn, Hnlehinton, Bnenoi Ayrea. Boston. Ju i S - Arr Br a ramship Britannia. Hewitt, Lit erpoo), :9th alt; Virgin's, Jurd n. ? sidenss 19th nit Lelt Georgians, cnspin,lu- Bo?t n.tdivs. Also arr, Wain, Maira. F> I'adelphii; Harsh k E ix-beih, Tal but, Addison; Geirge, Chur, F snkfort Tntegrspned?Cordelia, Clapp fin I nuidid; A'cdian, trow Halifax signal lor 9 ships ana 6 brigs. Cl'd?Le .ox, Mill -it, Valparaiso; Verms Hewn, Kio Ja riro; Huron, Damon. West Indian; Kxl-oner, Uptoo, Rich mo. d, Autares. Paiker, Philadelphia; Oak, Hydar, do; Lyra, Brew.t-r, tlucaip'-r;; Win Allen, Spanldm", Kichm nd, Brnnawick. Ke>d, Philade'phia; Cornelia, Ksnlklin, NYork; Splendid, Crowell, do. Jd?Arr Koanoke, Welb. NOrleans. Ou 33.1, saw a large ship ashore on Csryslott Kerf; while in s:ghi she got off a >d stood l-outh. probably for Key West (the same v ssel reported by the Zephyr, at Cha le.tou); ahe hid punt d por'a. and w?s aopaie tlv cotton loaded. Alio err, Vaiylind, Butch St ow Hll', Md; I sc-r. Bik.r, and Freud, l.OY II, t ew lork; Abbott Lawrence, Meeker, do Art 3d, P m, Cordelia, ? lapp. frit Ida ; > s?au, Howes. Fredrrickt I. rg; Gen Knox, Staplrs, Phil ole'phi i; Nor ? ich, C otby and Miudarin, .Nye, Ibvtiy 'rlow,< an on, from Havaua; Bal timore, from Philadelphia! also, I ship. 4 btig-. * sw Mkovord, July 9?A?r Pitriot, Kettelhota. Boston, to Ivd ? il f r Amsterdam: b lleo Rod.ran, Nnvph-rd and Indus try Brovn. '-Yoik; id, ludex, Gibbs, Albany; Co'lnlhiau, S'-ephard NYork Pai.yii>KNLk, July J? Arr Commerce Allen Pictou; Jose;h Brown, ' naee, Baltimore; Biymor-, Fhil>. elphis; Vesta, Lndlain. do; David Be kn p Msrv. I. Newbury, NY; 'I bice Brothers, Pitman. A lb*ny; Velocity, 'mith Hondout; Hhndr Island, drnigi', NYork hid Gem Uiabroer, Albsoy; Liber t U, ' II ver. i< ml. ut. Phil.dklfhia, July 4?Arr War eb Hastings Mavon. L s dnnde r; ; Fe u-y Beon, SJrm, NJ; KB Caldwell, Lake, aud Of*', H rkm n. Provide ce; Neptune, Steans, II ma It - m, Mass; Nevii, hum V, v I irk; Republican, Sharp, no: Rover, Sawvr, K.le tbirt. : li Gov Ho bint, Baker, k tlmouih Ja; Dav d Duffle Williama, and i nlambia, Gmte. B'atop; Leader, MoitMis, Westlndios; T"ome? tre.aad Mo i. era, Pruvideure; Report Wil'e'la, Milton, Mass; J It ruling Westeott, Frnvi erne; Charles Pitman, l nwns*u l Some set: Niagara, Yon1 g. Fall River; Thaddeas, Wa'pole, and Whale, HVdwin. rvY rk: Andromeda. Williams, B ?lnu: Seryilian, Noierntf, D ?him; Busan fc Phenn, Corson. Phit'Oence. DsLTiMnax, Inly 3?Arr Geo ge 8k fie'd, Boslou Cld Amelia, 'I e ry, N \ ink M'd Ga'onne, Amsterdam; Canada, Wiley, Snath America; Royal Bailer, Young, St Thomas; Ovoea. NYork. Alxvandsu, Jaly 3?Arr roantam, Walletley, Thomos tou Norfolk, Jnly 3?Arr NCV, Ferris. New York; pilot boat Bust u. fm a tin s-. Hp ke on Mitnrday Phenn, i f ri d I r Baltimore: and John, for do; also a aehr bonad lit NYork 8|d Cgrary, Kellv, for Boston; and Ann U, B dell, for New Ymk C d Tamoico Nragle Ht Kitu Hid Zulette, Killey, Gibraltar. Zealand, Richmond. The Alhsas. Jotea, Irom limes River lor Br. men, went ;osea Irom Hampton Roads yes terd .y Wilmington, NC June 36?Arr Regains, Hawkins. New Yi rk; 1st Catuga,; Pleiadee, (Br) Pinckney, 8t Lucie; 3d, Cnsriea, Tiadale, Boston. June 17th. eld. Com merce, Towle, Hag Harbor; -9th Alheitiai. Heashaw, J-mvi es; Belie Myers. N York; 1st Jaly, Frances Ellen. McMinus, Ouadaloope; 3d, Clinton, Atwood, Martinique; Orion, New York; 3d Home. Hammond, Warren. Rl. Gkoroitown, SC Jnue 34?Cld Wimpanoag, Demeran-, Tremont, Woodside, Portland. Cmsri riton, July I?Below F A Brown. Havana. Cld P inland. Htalker, New Brunswick; Havue. Trescot , Havana; Z phvF. Jloby. Weat Indies; Deepauth, Cor-on, and Fxceleior. Wo dhury. Providence Hid Acadnui, Auld. Glasgow Jane 30, arr I ter;rude, vinceni. Barsc a Hid Ni fthu-nha land Nr. aon. Baltimore; Zephyr Roby, WIndira; Har*h Lnmsa,! base. Providence. 39th, sld Aliiince, Tucker, Liverpool. Jaly 3, e'd Lottery, Dvnell, K ngsion, Ja. 1st. arr F A Brown. VYestbxonk, Havana H ivannaii, Jaie 30?Cld Creole, Wvraan, Uuadalnupe. iFIorilk, .Inne 36? Id Ruk Roy, ArooM, Lrerponl Arr Ua Gi? ga p rt*r. and (rotor, Sniard, NYork; Htra. ger; Ste v mi. Boston. 7rh.arr Iterim.rk. Fryal, NYork: Win G ay, roshy ioistnu; Alien. Boston. ? ,V? w Oai.kANS Jane 94?Cld Nashville, Pemltrrton. Havre; tuviui. Gib ous, Liv rpoo'; Nskonl, Windsor, Bntt"n; ,o Mlie, I.Mexl viirnnex Mataaao'aa. Arr I incinnati Roee, N York; Hope Howes, Hhaw, Havana; Missiaaipri, .irfferson. r-mpico 36th. cld Nouautum. sing; Ox ard. H nrklev, and Ontario. Bvrstow, LiVerpool; Hpimg Hamilton, Havana; i.aledniiia, Mnavieott, Boston; faabel. (Met) Verde. I'em eachv via Hisal. Arr Ladv Arab'lit, Himpoou, Hostoe, Yieksbarg, Berry: Emblem. Dyer, NYork; Titi Brown. Ha vana. below, Arkansas, Burgees. NYerki k ship uud a bark, uibmu uakuewu. AMUSEMENTS. RMUr* UAHUKN. Tki aatartainuai-u are nu4't ihf sol* dtiecuua cf MR MITCHELL. Doors .pen it T-tmmiiiiinU c innaoce it ? pncuilr. t- THIS EVE>l>l<i July* t > commenca with TURNED *<EAD After which, ? D-tuce by Mi?s Pa'tracton Two Una* Ovariuna b- the Foil Orchestra. To ! '?' inde ?i'h 8ARATOG* sPHI *G9. No PoaiponemealattiiiirauMier.nwu: no icnm of wuu'her, u the vrend entrance from Broad-,ay to tne Sa'oou t? protect ed, and (be New H?lo?'i. ?K ch n Vru i tied from the lop cud aides, cm be unclosed at a mouieut'i notice OLYMPIC THKATRK. Bkb'EUT >'F MH ? UTTON. 'COLD WATER'-'COLD WATER?T OuD WATER!' Come one, com* ail. end or deceived Seeing it believiug? it il ihe greatest mi iu Vleraphyiictl Caeu airy aver alicinp'ad Houdreca aru nightly t uia ad. Altenu the Neciomane* '? Temple of Knchautmaat?lor poiilirely the laat time, THIS EVENING, SATURDAY, j0l? <lh Splendid Attraction! in Mag.c and V- nirilcqunm. ke Thia uuiqnr and annralled enleriaiui.euJ will conclude thia evening wiiii ' Cold Water " Uoora ot>en at hal -paal T; ( urtain ria*e at ( o'clock preciael? Lower Boaea 16 cents, Pit I8R cents Children haJI-pnce to lower boira Private Boaea (3 end $4 each. Boi i A. e open at utaal Sea's scre ed. ie30lw*rc VAUXHALL. Acting Manager,- .Vn Timm I Sian* Manager--Mr Walcot TH.S i.Vi.aI >G J I. ?. The perf rio.nce will commence with THE Y iCNU SCAMP. InteimiatioB ?t ha.f au lionr. Aft*' winch a d?ao* ny MaD'LLe celeste A"*t w?icn MISCHIEF MAKING. To CiUoiuiie v. ith the nu oedetta calico THE WHI . E Kl'IB. CAITLB GARDEN. SUPERB GALA! SHOUT* OF A DMI nA'l ION? UNIVERSAL AT WONDLVFULFRENCHMAN! Whoia uient eaieedi ah belitf Che ra? oarty Krcogaition f>r lha ELEGANT SPANIARDS! Enthuai.auc Picaiure at in ut euat height for tueatoat B*<uie>oa DONNA OTTAVIA ! Whoae courage tad finiahed ex.ellence, diawa down lhandara i. f loud ap or.halloa. The.. VoRSf!,#a f?r Saturday, July Oil*. EXHIBITION OF FIREWORKS ! For particnUra tee thl't ? f trie Day. O" odmittani a to ihe whole 15 c-nit. AMKH1CAN MUSKUM. ATRIAL GARDEN AND PERPETUAL F Air., Corner nf HeoadwaV aud Abo afreet. SATURDAY, IULY ?. I84C LAST DAY AND F aRE Wf LL BEN - FIT OF THE OIANT AND GIANTESS! 81 LENDII) PERFORMANCES At half-past 1 o'clock, ,uuU. ,Dd et a in the evaaiug. COLONEL CHAFFIV, The Smallest DV, AKk'of hra agein the world He U I* yeart old?only 8'incurs high?aid wight 16 p. uudt. Hat kindly volunteered, together with ihe celebrated INFANT SISTERS! The moal ple.i>ant and uccompliah-d Siugara and Dancers of theii age ever known. OH.'HEAN FAMILY OF VOCALISTS ! Mr and Mr, WESTERN, Ac. kc. POLKA DAN- K?T'(famous Polka will be introkuced iu its ongiudl ci.arai t-r next week by THE IN WAN I SUITERS. ttT^FOlTR and six years old *o\ IN ENGLISH Gi^SeY ! a Kent Fo tuue Teller I AN EniJLHH GlPStnY ! a Meal Fo tuue Tetter he, jut' arrived from Loodou, and " II eoinm nee her WONl) hFUL REVELATIONS! of Past, Preieut nd Kutuiu Erruls, nest Moudny. O- Adtniaetou to me whole i > onu? uuoertau tears, halfpr ce. j* rc OR LAUD NEIL'S LYCEUM. NEW YORK SOCIETY I, I U K A li Y OAS MICROSCOPIC EXHIBITION. LITERARY AND s UNTIED; SOIREES. GAS MICROSCOPE. OPTICAL EXHIBITION. THIS EVENING, and every Erening during the week, comuivii nig at la P at 1 ..'clock?Literary ecu hcianufie Hoi tt'ea?Pop l,r H >itt ation, of Imp rta t and Int. re.'u.g U.t co e ie. in Lli* Alts anil Science,?A need..let ol D'tiuguiahei' Literary aud t e ntitle Meu, irlated ch etly fium iiennna knew I dge. At Nine o'clock?An Kxhib lion of ?'cenic and T*letCOpir II unratiout, c?u-iat ug ui Seiectiona of Illuminated Dioiam,tt on As'run amy and M rorology .J"h* ei At hall-put Niue o'clock? i'h* eelebrated Oaa Microtcomc Apparatus. will b- applied to the rxbioitinn of an exiensirr i ollec iou of Entomological subject,, including A niiuc ilet in a Drop "f Water, Muea in i h-ete, Eels iu latteand Vine gar, t* e Cryitalixat.ou ol Salts, Denorapuitiou ol Water, and other cheuiict1 processes. At Tea o'clock?Optical Recreations, conaiating of I lami nated Diorama* ol Scenery iu Europe and A ie?llu.nomua and Ktucy Subjects, kc kc. The exhibition to cloie before a quarter peat icu o'clock The subject of the euteilaiuiaenti and objects of exhibition will be varied each evening Nightly Tickets 60 ecu a?Tick?u for Three Eveoingi $1? which, at the option of ihe holder, will admit thra* no the same eveniag. j6 tfirc 1 N( B'AuU WAN i'l" D ?A lady with her family, cun<i*tiug of a mn a-d (laughter, want permanent board in a i?ap>cl aolo h am ia the vieiuity of the l'ark Two rooms will >e required Applications bv letltr, add leased to A. B C. at thu office, will r-ceiTe immediate attention. j( 3l#jgb BOY LOST. A BOY, abont3K years o* ago, with a bine cotton slip, a ?t aw mixed u?l, a pair of cotton inixed stockings, strayed ? way from bis father's issidruce Ml street one door from the ccrutr <?{ King sir. el on Thursday the 4rh July about four o'clock iu the afternoon. He answers to the nam-, of "iKK. Any mlormaliou furnished to his fstnsr, BAR NEY McDCNOUUH, will be gratefully rewarded at the above number , it lt*'C O I'RAVKLlERS lO HAKhTOUA, NIaUARA, CANADA, ke?Jdst publisnrd and tor sale by T H Tanner, No lit Broadway, price 74 cents, "The Travellers' Hand Book," lor the Nor?h. tha most complete work yet pub lished. 1 anuei's American 1 ravellr, or Uuiue through the Uuiled Stairs; Turner's Central i raveller, tor the Midule States; together with Pockrl Maps of every desctiplion, from si ceuts to >1 eat 11. _ j6 It'rrc Rt MuVaL -V HlHllOf Jr., Impo'ter of Precious Stones, kc , has removed his office irom Ne. 14 to No 11 Maiden l.aue '1 he busiuess ? f J. A ill)tie., Importer ol Music..I in struments, e ill be cairied on in the same eslaol shmeut, oaring Mr. lions s ab.eace in Europe. J? v U X i?#rc BRITISH flAHQck. ADaM CA..R YuROLABUOW. ?Ship,era by una vessel are request.d u> clear t. eir goods at Custom House this day. jl Itrc 0 t lCt T 6~BOSs^TuRH Y-nHOr.HH?A Public Meet ? ug of the Buss Hoisr-Sht-ers ot New York win La h-ld on Tuesday, July Vih, at .vli iiaxy Ha I, Bo-cry, at I o'clock iu the eve,,lug, ou wlii h oiCosion bu iueas of great imports ce willbedircu sad. It is rrqu sled illn every doss will attend on this' ccasiou E NOo'i RAN 11, chair" an, K. PR Yau AI.E, Secretary. jtt>lt*m CiPckR 1 N tit art IP?T he Subscriber lia?iug takru lulu Partm-rahip his sous. Joh.-i rt and Joseph B. Taylor, the basinets will h -r. arte, b* Couuncleduu er the tirm of Julis. IaYLv It k oONS, JOHN i A i LOU. Albauy, July 4th, 1141 NEW ALE?The Uadeisig <d will be enabled to supply the.r customers aud others wsutiua a superior ar icle ul Irash nlua . y Ale, ou l urs.aj, b.h lusloul Jo.i > i AY LOR St SO v8, No. Ill Warreu are.. New fork, ad j< lt*m No (J lire n strw t, Albauy. t'HlCfc .2R i EN I'd LITTELL'S LIVING AGE, NO ViU /~iO n J'ENTS?Tm Rise; (Jeiuiau Weaver; Love Ln'.ters L1 eu.i Mt.ri ge ol the Duk-ol au.aesi Western osrbary, IU Wild 1 nues aud Aavsge Animals; r.shibiuun ul the Euplish iu t hiua. Topics of thu Day aud News of the Week?Containing Krarc and tngiaud aud Steam; Philadelphia Itiola, asdir cuts-d iu Eugl'sh r apers, kc ; J..i> vilie Am^m ; r.ucourage lueut of Medium,; Letters of I lie Dulcli.fsnf Orleans; Kueigi atype; The Hypochondriac; Tun CMUbeny; 1 he Lone Child; Cheap B.? ks; atuuga.t Literary Luuu, A iveulureatLeghorn; Wedding iu .he *v nods; Johu P. Kolicrlsoi.; lre.igtj Medici. Ciuisiiau Yrsderic Schw t'ia; l oetr,; scraps Six dollars a ysar. rubluhe.1 by t LI 1 TELL k CO , Boston Eor sale whole-ale and retail at U.a P. riod cal De"ot, 174 BROADWAY, Jfi It'ec C ru- i of M ,i>u Lane. BOOK-KEEPING, icc. C. C. MAKsH. A CCOUNTANT, resiw tfullv informs his Irieads and the A public that ha has returned to this eiy after an ?bsen e of a vear, and re-,ocsted at No U Cedar at eel. tear Broadway whe e he has ..per ed his coon, ing moms for tne stndy of Prac tical Bonk-keepitg, Met con tile Writiug, and Commricial Arithmet e. ite (litters himse'f that his coarse <1 instrnctinn, which has b?e i an vsiioua'y estaJ sua mnv-really aupr v-d in this city for the last nine ye is, w ,11 again rerei a the support lo which iu meri-s so justly eutitle it. He asked uo mors In lha study ol Bo i -kee. iog every pupil keeps, in the most pear:' le -I mann-r, a euinpli te s-t of arl.ership ..ookf, ombrar lug all the d fTereH' usi, ess Pauaacii ms cf a geo I me canine house?he berouu s f.r -'.liar with .til the books a- ustilu ing the set, wi'hsll the< ncum-uta relating to the books, irial uulances, balance flies't. aceonu s euirent, e-.d wiih vmioua autile ce CMl iiinns, iu lutrre.t,, ruuanou of paymeuta, eg ch-rigc, k; 1 one course of in ruet'cn. a person of g rod capacity will bee. me a cunp Book ke per, and will icieive a certificate to 'hat elf ct No one is t >? ght in idtn MERCANTILE WHITiNH?A ihoro. gli crura# of p?, gressivr e-s n- it pn-susd which mil nor I ul iu effectu g s v in hie impri'tement Mpeumeus of a truly mercantile style m y I# sen at the r.i ,ms. Prospect .set, with L rms. hours, he. may be obtamsd at the ruou.s day aud sv-iuug C MAHSH'ii WORKS Th? iei?nee of l)f?Vt k.ntiy Book Keeping Simplifl-d, llth edit ou, 200 pages octavo price JI Th- art of CP gle Enirv Book K-e ping Improved. Id edition, lM^peges < ct.vo, price 71 cents. For aalen' ihe Book st res and at the rooms. Mr. Marsh olfeis his s-rviee, m opening, closing, or writing up books, *^o 08 < tdar ttieet wpsiairt jyOIt'm OTTO MOTTY ON THE BEA< O >' COURSE This greet Equestrian will perform his feat <>f Hidinn Two Hotidi round this Course, one mile in two minmea and t?n seconds, lie will also have a race with thne Rum ?n Chattels, a'ter which he will gi thr .ngh with a Performance with Bells weighing Irom twenty to forty pounds, throwing them in the air (rum five to ten Iret, and ealeh them on his bare neck with out the aid of his ban s Performance to commsace at o'clock, on IMondav the tih inst. At 4R o'clock, will lake place a Peeing Mat'h for $144 be ?sse?n Mr Oreeu's mare Ksnny Oieen and the pacing horse John . Calhoun. _ II lt?re DR. OLOVE'< is const Ited as usual ut his office |U No I Ann s rs-i He eont nii"S to cure those difficnli, pro'rueied sud pa'ched nn rases which are the remit of m's- aosgeinen'. igrrorince, aud quack ry Css#a thu have baffled thr ski'l ol I* si esperienced physicians are ?ncressfolly ire ted bv him imrrovsm'ois in rhrmistrv haie ?i sbl-<l h m lo intrr. doee tie a. d map ran' remedies which edict qu . k aad r -d. si cures Dr. <? hi> at'en rd eir.lnsisrly to an < ffl praetu. for the list f'arieea years in Ihla city I'rivale ? t. yet' iioprirom Muteum?I aw p ar office dror. jg If.r AAA I "k "ALk. POUT IVP.LY?T" ch >e a cm ce-. mV-^e very fast sailing ship HUNTHViLl.n. JHHb '3 ions bnithan. built iu this city, m ih- ve > a rn niirr, of Whirs Oak, L'.cuil and Cednr ; it ppersd an. copie -fastened, with handsome furnished -eeornipo. a ions foi M passengers Apply on hoard, at P.k ? rear wharl, orf. r. k Collins k co (?? M South eaeeet BY THE SOUTHERN 4AIL. itn><iipii?? [CwiMpoadMBM of the Herald J Philadelphia, July 5,1M4. The great Native American procession, the prin cipal feature in the day's crlebration, came off yes terday without any thing happening to mar the harmony of our city, or the effect of the display. About four thousand five hundred participated, a number which has rather daahed the spirits of the party considering the immense preparation#, but the interesting objects which it presented, and the brilliancy of the cortegi made up for the deficiency in numbers Among the objects were the following:?A Piough drawn by milk white horses; a "Temple of Liberty," about the size of nn ordinary house, with a dome supported by 13 columns, representing the original states, drawn by 14 horses; two large snips of war full rigged, manned by seamen, and firing guns; a pilot boat, and also a fishing smack, appro priately rigged and manned, and boats, eMail ships, flags and banners ot every variety. Th-y march-d thtough the principal streets of our city, the whole route being crowded with spec tators, and every wiudow lined wnh females and children, and cheered and were cheered aa they passed various points; Although the line was or dered to be formed at eight o'clock in the morning, they did not get ready to xtart till about 11, and it was half-past three before they arrived upon the grouud where ihe celebration was io take place. Here ihe address was delivered, the declaration of independence and oi Ame'ican republican princi ples were read, and speeches delivered and songs sung by portions of the New York delegation. At night the ceremonirs closed with one o| the most brilliant displays of ure-works our citiWM havo ever witnessed. The grou d is about the moat romantic spot tn our vicinity, being on the banks of the Schuylkill, above Fairgiount, and forming five different emi nences or hills, in conseiquenM of its rolling nature, through the centre of which the beautilul river flows. About 90,000 persons wsre present,crowd ing all slo|>ea of the hills, and the blase of the fire works, revealing this immense multitude from out the darkness of the night, tipping the toliage with gold, and turning the stream aa it were into fire, presented a scene of grandeur never beiore sur passed. The celebration adjourned at a late hour, and lam happy toaay that the whole went of! with out an accident. The day throughout was beautiful; the sun shone bright aud clear, and a northwest breeze rendered the atmosphere cool and pleasant Our city never befote presented such a gay appear ance ; the shipa in harbor, the newspaper offices, the public houses, and numerous flag staffs in every quarter were streaming with flags. A Federal salute of 13 guns was fired at day light irom the Nav Yard,another at tunriee troin the Island oppo site the city, where the Whigs held a celebration, and at noon national salutes of 26 guns were fired from the same batteries. The democrats celebrated the day by Congres sional Districts at different places; the hrst district at the Souihwnrk liill; the second i Indepen dence Sauare, by public meeting; the third at Hu beli's, Old Yoik Road and Green rtieet; and the fourth, near the Schuylkill. They all passed ofl with considerable eclat, hut the bulk of theenluzzi inuzzy, as Pope calls it, had beett absorbed by the American Republicans. One man had his face burned by the explosion of a powder horn, while tiring a cannon at the whig celebration, Smith's Island. Last evening as the steamboat Sun was on her return passage from an excursion trip to Wilming ton, when just above the Powder wharf, she came in collision with the steamboat Kent, striking the latter about midway between the bow and wheel house. It was immediately apparent that the Kent would sink, and the Sun, though the greatest con tusion and alarm prevailed among the paaaengeiat was brought alongside, and the Kent's crew and passengers, (it is believed.) were all taken onboard and brought by Cajit&in Whilden, Sr , to the city. Some of the persona oil board the Kent are known to have jumped overboard, but none, it is thought, were lost or injured. Thia, considering that it was 10 o'clock at night, and that the Sun had a large number of passengers on board, and the Kent about fifty, ia wonderfully fortunate. Tl he passengers at the time were generally look ing and admiring the rockets and other fireworks at the city, and it may be that the helmsmen ol the steamboats were similarly engaged?lor though dark it was not difficult to see vessels at a suffi cient distance to clear them. Immediately before the boats struck, the engine of the Sun waa stop ped, and the force of the boat as far as possible checked, but the headway was so great, and the boats so close, that it was impossible to avert the consequences The accident occurred in the main channel Tin* Kt-hi floated down the river a short dis tance anil lodged arroi-a the chain of a brig lying at anchor, having Bellied down to her hurricane deck, one whecl-ho-ise being entirely under water. The bowa ol the Kent, or shattered particles of it, we are informed, were seen to float past the city thin morning. The Kent is an old vessel, or at leant ha* been several years running. Thix morning a small back building in George street, near Ninth, belonging to a Mr. Perkins tell down in consequence ol the work being green and badly put up. It was reported that two men had been killed by the falling mass, but there is, 1 be lieve, no truth in the rumor. Both political parties begin this morning to show signs of life. They have been somewhat depressed for a time past by the demonstrations of the natives, but the small turnout yesterday has reassured them, and now th< y talk of not being affected in any de gree by ihe movement. The (act is, neither whige nor deinocriits will long desert their pariy lor any other prompted by passion. They will return to theii^respective ranks, where they will carry their present feelings and make it felt in tbetr nomina tions. Our most thoughtful leaders have hitherto stood aloof from the native demonstration: it has con sequently, with some exceptions, fallen into ths hands of bigots and fanatics, who have been in fusing their own bitterness into it, driving off the better disposed ami thoughtful portion, and ensur ing us siieedy dissolution But for the active op position of the Catholics, tl would and perhaps may die before the October election. Yoricx. ?ales of Stocks at Philadelphia. Visit Board, Friday, July A.?$2000 State A'e, cfcp, Maeoiao Board, W*dn eiday, July 3 ? 1MX) Stale A'a. rhp. Mi, 74 , 300 iharee Oirard, 14), 1000 Chee k Del 0'?, 1040, 07. ? HIP NKW8. By This Morning's Southern Mall, PHH.ADei.rxiA, Jolv 5?Arr Colombia, Berry. Boston; Del rhiii. La -b, ana Black DiatnoDd. Cn, New Yoih B-iow, Vlmi'a froii. Fieetown; a larg- .hip, name auknown: also, a fell rimed brig and eeyeral achrs Lid Bella Creole, [Br] Psi chaaa. Pnn Looie M aritia, Richmond, Jnlv J?A'r losephire, Robinson, NOrlcaea ? I'Id tin, Mao ran. Williams, Ha burg. H AUt'TlUN iSAl-Ufc. 11; ? (MfSKHOI n VI'HNITITRK, 43 Thomptoe it -H E. WILl. \ KD will-ell thia morning at 'dock, the !? ' .rinttir* c 'niaiued In ih- ye hr se incind-i glnnrein end V uetian 1 ar|>au fair Ro<*? Mi, Marble ion Centra I'ai Ira, M., le 1 * a S-at aud C mmoi Chain. St-al Fin -e??. in?h"?iny Breakfast and Wnd Tab at Draa ing ard Plain bureau,, Lookn.e Ol nai, Mauilr Ornameula, Maple Bed* ?trade. Hade ud Bending Alao, the K tehm b uruiture and utecaili, with aahicb the ?ai> arid e .manner. Piano Vurtr, he ? Also, ?n Mer| rut iui'ramrui made by Dnhnia, Ba ?i h 1-ham'era. Piano Htivol, 'oyer, lie Aiao. a leh white C'ina and O Id Tea Hat j( tt*ae VU-UA?"Lr. KKAlTWaTK in ih- C ishih W-rd of ? the e ry of Bro klvn ? Will heaold a' public aeeima, at iha M ti ha*t-'b.lrha go in rhrnyif N * V rk on Than d?\, tbr 11 h 'nlv. IS 14. ?? >3 o'clock, tr Wilbi ? A Holliaa, iic' o era ICO a lota on olb ?,de? ol ihe air at iead a from 'he third aeenur id ihe euy-of B-ouklte. to the i ret! *on<i ' melery. and alio louon ih? ail join log atieeu and the Toird and Si n (h ?T?naee I, keaa ae the ? luant < W.ter Lota or lauding piece is frost ol Ihe |ir minea, on Hoaaa .ua Bay. Tl ia , ropeity ia adj cent to he city of New Yo'k. Omat beeees fse Is "a oont?. and Fulton V-r iea. To mecneeiaa and oth ra da i g to unite c- naeni nee of location and aa an ?nr|M?. ? 1, ? of o-e cilv and Bay of New York, at a ae y mode 'inlay, the present tale offers a Uoic adaaatafeoaa ippo, i ty 1 - a of ? ayant liberal. SalePoaitiee?title perfect. T ,? df to Ihr aeetiorwra, 17 Bond atemt, New York, or for till giaph r in .pa or information ae to tula. Ac to ISAAC C DKLAPLAIN ?, Luunaellorat Ln", ivipi 'm 7 New arre-a zSsss:?r f I ... J 'cr=3? DAMON & CO.'S HUDSON RIVER EXPRESS. DAM'IN II ' 9. will ciuaBirnee, ou Mocd.yneit, to roe a ' nlv P.rluge F.apreee, br the Troy dae hta'a. f'om Nraa Yo kand Albany to the following plteea on tha nyar, aia i a'lldwrlPs, Peekabill, Weat Pelot, Nrwbargh. Fiehkill, PonghbrrBaie. Kiagaton, Rhinebeek, Catakill. and Hedtoe Kailhf jl agen'a have been engaged at Itoae placer, tad a spe cial ag?n' will a? company the packe'a eich day. Partiwlarat lention will he paid te (be do<i*ery of email pn'Ceir, 'he per chair end aalr of marennndtie, and the collection of drafts, notes and tail Is. Paicels rauat ba marked for Damoe h Co.'a eiprem. OlScea for the reeipt i f packaiea at Harnren fc Co , Nn. I Well ?treat, New York, sad .Livingston, Walla It Poaeroy, No. 4 H I change, AI nan y Dated New York July 4 1344. ji4 >1* 'PO SBAVIKN ?The attention of are men i, particularly re 1 qu ated to lh? ndvertiaemeuta of Dr Hunter's Red Drop Tif to ret ditemios. The mode of life peenliar to aeamrii rea ders it particularly nereasaiy for their to ft i i oat a metieire that will 'ere immediately, and Mow them to ' roceed o? their voyages ina'ead ol being IdBt IS remain in M hospital. Roch i mrdinne ia ihis lamoui nndicioe Pi ice $ I per rial Hat. mist lliareaaary. 3 OiTiaion atieet, the omy place in Nead V Oik cuv On .ale in Albany nt No. (0 <? e-u street, bet net 'o b-had in Buffalo The oe'y p.ace thr aghent Ihe (Ires' West where u nan be had is in Loniifillr, Ky., of Dr rhomei loh' ?t e. Jff RSfe OTKAN1 KKS HkWAH- -In this aga of qna'bvrv and bS'nbSff it '? moat imporiant to choo,e en niwneneed phy li-iai, D .(. b yi". ha? r-mo rd hie ? Id O.leo a Head I ia r. t N" 3S3 Pre. I ai-ee' eor> er of Brahman vtve-i w rre ve r nr. ham eai lao'dieary rar>a f a I deliea'r ? ia ? .? .'."or ow coinpluepd >p, uvea th? .f'a ui ? iris ihu t err ia , o i'r Fva ? in hta old ???i d, slid . hr ha no r< < a'ctioa whatever Wi h ant o'het ? ffl'e H'a i a'err aie moderate, hia''on uitaiio a atricly put- N B bvaryr 'hr number?motibea areoftn. I??i rot- >>r p. <1 at jj~/' M-diriue. and 4i'ec'iona a r< ta apy pa'i ul hi t uiog, ?y particularly auuag the eaae. aad aoeloaias $4 >* U'nr

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