Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1844 Page 1
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mmm THE NEW YORK HERALD ?*??. NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING, JULY S, 1844. To tli* Puhite. THE NEW YORK HEHALD?daily nowspaper-put lishod every Jay ot the year except New Year'i Jay and fourth of July. Price 3 cents per copy?or $7 30 per aa ?oni?postages paid?cash in nlvajoe. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday mocmug?price ?i cent* per copy, or *3 U per aunum - po.i.anus paid, cash u advance. ADVERTISERS arc iniormed that the circulation oi the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, aud increasing taat. lit Acs the Ir.r^ttl circulation of any payer in thie city, or the world, and it, therefore, the beet channel for butincti as. tin the city or c cumin- Prices moderate?cash in ad yaice. I'lINTING of all kind* executed at the most moderate pri2.', and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PaoPHIKTOa OF TNI HiULO EsTABLItKMS.VT, Northwest corner of Fnlton and Nassau street! i'EUtDE ? tAisr. OA RTEAJCdJtOA'ltl FOR ALBANY. DAILY, Sundays escepted?Through Di ? rect, it 7 P M., from tlie Hteimboat Pier be .twsen Oo'irtlnudt and Liberty streets. Phe .tminbut KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. P. St, John, Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. at 7. Ths bieamnoat RuCll 6STEK, Captain A Houghton, Tuesday, Thursday sad Saturday Ev-nings, at 7. It Five o'clock, P. M.?Lnndtrg ;u lntei mediate Places: FSThe Sti-aaibo-i: COLUMBIA, Cantata Wa., H. Pees, T l'sday Thursday and 5 P. M. "'he Steam hunt NORTH AMKRtCA, Captain It. U. I CriinHiden, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, at i ! P. VI. Py-eagers taking this lie of boats will arrive in Albany im Binds rime ?o take the Morning Train of Cars for the east or w?t T^The above Beau ere bow aid substantia), are furnished W 'h new an:' elegant State Rwcnix, anufor speed andaccotn m idations are un i? al'.od on the Hudson v-t passettr or Lria-ht, apidy on board.or to P. C. Schnltaat Ike o heeon the islier'. jy# re. REGULAR OPPOSITION. 4W* AJ\ E'ENI *Q l 1NE at SEVEN O'CLK I4MK9w FOB ALBAhV, withont Landing.?Cabin : J- *?" ?ow g-, I).., u jo enu: Berths freo Tfes<e?mti<>at PGRTSMoUTH. Captain O. House, will lene ihe Fwo .it th f u> of Ce"Cr s reet. Regular days fr-nn New York, Monday, Wednesday and Fr d..v. From A many Tn-nd y, Thursdjy and hnuoay? 'l'lii host has been ler.g 1 en -d end lit ted ao so a neat and cum fmtable atyla, with low beudiig aid I'usskwee ?trough, ut.? She has number of ?l'gaot "fiate Rooms, and can aecoiumo date from > 0 to SCO p iss-ngers. Hav't.? a light draught of wa ter, she will not be ceuii.ej qd any o' th? bars O. DOUSE. General Agent. Passengers taking this boat will arrive in Aloauy m ample time t. take the morning (rain of c.t'i east or weat. For freight oi passage at piy on board IO" After M ii isv, 'u y Ut, will leave at 6 o'eleck, from the out ot Liberty at vet; and Albany at 7 je!9 lm*rc PLEASANT ANli CHEAP r.X'U KttlONS. SUMMER JUUIANQEMENT. NEW BRIGHTON. PORT Rl' HVIOND. (STATEN ISLAND.) 8t NEW YORK FERRY, From Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Battery Place. arfSt The Mtcaiuboat CINDERELLA, will ran flawsS^anim'a* follows, duly, from May 20th to October iijWwiTC 1944 Leaves Nsw Yoik,at Sand 11 o'clock. A M.. ttl 3)4. 6 and 3 C. M. Leave* Port. iti< hinond, at. 20 minutes to S, and 10 minntes to 10 A. M.t at 1, 4)4 and <X P. M. . , _ LctvesNew Brighton,atSand 10 A.M.; at 1)4,S and 7)4 P. On Sunday?Leaves New York, at Band tl A. M.s at t, 6 and 8 P. vt Leaves Port Richmond, at 20 minutes to 0,and 10 A M.; at I, 5 ami 7? P M New V riffc May 10, 1844 mvll ?m?rc 6TATEN ISLAND FERRY. _ FOOT OK WHITEHALL. The Boats will ran aafoliowi netil farther notice: LEAVE NEW YORK : 6, 8, 9, 10. U, A M? 1, 2, 3)4. 5. 6, 7, P. M. Lb.Avfe STATEN ISLAND : 7 8, 9. 10. 11, A. M., 1, 3, 4, 9, 6, 7)4 P. M On Snndays, every hour, Dora 8 A. M. to 7 P. M.?12 M. ex"; !:??;> ted. FORT HAMILTON AND NEW YORK Letve New YoikS A.M.. MF.M " Fort Hamilton 7)4 A M , *14 P. M.j (Huitd iyu exceed d ) CLlFlON ANu NEW YORK Leave* New Vork ? A. M . 3 and 3* P. M. '? Clifton 7)4 A M 3)4 and 4?4 P. U. jlO rc (Sundays *?-eptcd.) NEW YORK., SCIiOOLE *'8 MOUNTAIN. &1SD _ EAST ON. , n- - _ ihe foot of Uourtlant street, daily [oitudayi rscept Mi,] at 8 o'clock, A M., by Railroad from Jersey City to Mor ritpiwn direct, withont change of Car?from thence by Post C..aches throanh Mendliam, I, hits ter, Kchooley's Mountain, Port Colder,, Washington to Easton. At Washington a daily line intersects to and from Belridere. For st ats apply to J. DILL, at John Patten's Commercial Hotel, 73 Couruand' street. N. B.?Extras furnished at the shortest nntice, by applying to N.U. LUhS, Morrittown. a|>36 3ie*rc_ ' SUMMl R ARRANGEMENT NEWARK AND NEW YORK. FARE ONLY 1?! CENTS. THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OaJFFY, On and after Monday, May 13, will ran as ? follow*:?Leave Newoik, foot of Cenirejt, at .7)4 A. M. and 1)4 P M. X^ave New fork, foot oi Barclay s(.,at iC A.M and 4 r. M. On Hundeys? Leave Newark at # A. M. and 3P.51. and Ii*w York at 10 A. M. end 4 P. M. Freign cirri.'J at very rcasoraMe rites. V-.y 10th 1S44. 8lv,!5_ FOR BATH, GARDINER AND HALLO WELL. _?-? The new s'eamer Pr NOdiC JT, Caotsin U3rCJ* N. aintsil, h-aves the end of T ha'f Boitoc, tm IMP ...... l'ueul.iy and Friday rveniufts, ut 7 o'u" Cm. eilegea will be in read neas on her arrival at Use above pi ic?a U? comet poaaeuc-rs to rite neighboring town*, ieli Sm'rc TO THti TitAVJ&LLJLZH* PUBLIC I'jfhSENQER JKKMtQEMENT FOR lfi The Subscribers having complete J their arrnaigeiueots, are Pore prepared to bring out passengers from Great Britain end Maud by the following Aral claa* packet s'rips, one of Which will leave Liverpool on the lit, 6th, 11th, ICtu, 2 lit and 21th ol each mouth:? u .Patrick Henry, New York, Sheridan, Virginia, Liverpool, Caratmdge, (HMouteiaioa, Siddous, Geo. Washington, c.lioUiuguer, Columbus, United 8tat**, Kuscios, Ashburton, England, El'inrope, Steph'n Whitney, Rnchesrer, k. lodepemtence, Yorkshire, Gnri-k, , . S unuc) Hick, Qaeeo of the W-et, Ox lord. ^..Certificates of paiaage can be cbui'.ed, sndi ve-y l-.fonnhtion will be giv.-u to those sen do 4 foi ttu.ij- fri oil., en application at either of oar offices. They will also he pre-ared, on the opening of navinatida, to forward passengers and their luggage to Albany and Troy, and Via Erie Canal to buffalo, and all intermediate places. To all porta of th? Upper Lakes Vis Oswego to Toronto, Port Hope, Cobarg, Kingston, and til parts of Canada West- L k rom Troy via Whitehall to Montreal and Quebec, Cana da i>ut via Ohio Canal from Cleueeland to Portsmouth, Cin cinnati, and i..termed?* places South West via Philadelphia to Pittsbortt,Cincinnati,.Louis ville. and all parts 011 the Ohio Kiver to St. Louis, Mo \ and to ail parts orOhio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wiscon sin Temtory. REMITTANCES. For the accommodation of persons wishing to send money r, HAHNDEN It CO, will to their frieuds in the Old Country, __ . Bve Oralis on any part of England, Scotland or Ireland, paya e at sight, for su tns of ?1, ?5, ?20, to ? too?or in any amount to snit the purchaser. OFFICES AND AGENTS. Charles Craft, 120 Statestreet, Boston. 11. W. Wheeler, Union Building, Providence, H. 1, J W. Mills, 3 Wall street, and It Front street. New York. N. G. Howird, 13 South Third street, Philadelphia, Saadford It Shoemaker, T Light street, Baltimore, Md Pittsburgh, Pa L S, Littlajohn, 11 Exchange, Albany N. Y. S Clark, llS River street, Troy, N. Y. Utica.N. Y. W. A. Cook, Syracuse,N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. W. H Cook. Buffalo, N. Y. H. Fitxhugh it Co., Oswego, N. Y. in the, HARNDEN It CO NO TICE-The NEW v OBK It MARL^ M * AIL ROAD have completed their roid es far asTuckahne H actoiy, a distance 1 f , s miles Iron, Biis presentP roiiaaiion, (Willims Bridge I 1 ii. , eutic a e iofoiir ed, mat fr<-n and the id intent. Cluiy.l H.e C- niea?> will te readf to carry pes. en vers and fr< i. ht Irom the t ity ll->ll to -ucluhe It is the lutcutimi 1 f Hie on piuv with .u'ai.y delay, to finish the entire ma e ?s far as W hi e PI nui, a fn iher distance ol eix miles, it prseiica ble >.? ont ti e firs' o. August nut The ground is nearly all g.-*"ed oud 1 lie sills ties aud irm ate m possession ef th ? Cimiany, and a ,onion of them on tte ground* to be laid j3 lw' rc NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. sthS FOR ALBANY AND TROY-Morning e?ly*aei3*Line I mm the foot ol Barclay street, landing SRWsaJKtBLat irten.iediateplaces. I he strain-/ 1'lUll, captain A. Gorham, this main '"'he steamer ' EMPIRE, Captain S. R. Roe, Monday morning at 7 o'clock. Evening Lme from the font of Courtlsndt street, direct. The steamer ALBANY, Captain It. B. Macy, this even kw ALLOW, Captain A. MeLnaa, Monday ev nng, at 7 o i.iock. The Duals of this Line, owing to their light draught of wa v r, are able at all times to pass the ban, and reach Albany and 1 roy in ample time to take the morning train ef cars loi the east of west. For passage or freight, snply on board, or at the offices on the wharves. jrt rre p ?r freight or passage, harms very superior accommodations nasnrpasirit by any snip in port, tpply on board, wast side lisrlm# iiiDt Of wnODKULL it MINTURNS.W South at. fnce of passage $114. . ... . The Aieuew par net ship Liverpool. John Eldrtdge, master, 63 ton., will tucee*1 ? * Hottinguer and sail on her regmar a jut Angust intaissr* PACtsET FOR JiAVHE?Second Line^Th Shin BaL'J a the 1st of to TIMOKE, Kdw Fnnk, Msster. will anil f August For freight OTlKkSisr, al'Ply , BOYD It mINCKEN. JVe No. 9 Tontine Bnildmc. eor Wall and Water ti? ""IdEfr- FOR LON DON?Packet of the Wth of July-The rfl?Wsl>le,id,d jacket ship HENDRKK HUDSON. Jmttmtm' epwin Morse, will sail lor London as above, her n-gu iru,y. Tli-ee desirous of securing herbs will rsgmre to mikr r-ny app.ication to J. HEKDMAN, 61 Month street. N U.?l'sss:gs from London and Liverpool e n at all times ??? secnr d by "lie r.gulir packeu weekly throughout tht years and draf s cau aa u na be for i?hed.i th th npp the principal towns throughout Great Britain md Irelaiid. 00 i|i(teAtioii as above Jlt'lWtt Futt bALE POilTIVttf-Tn etoses eeucsra E ? The very l-?t sailing ship HUNTSViLLv., Ell 23 Ions burthen, bull in this City, hi the ve y ujir, I f Wnhe Oak, L< cost nnd Cedar ; coppered tmu ? op", "-fa.Vi ed, wilh hluds eie furnished arcoininorlsi'ioiis lor 30 pssseugrr,. Apply ?? b j .rd. at P.k strrri(Wharf, or to E. K. CmLLINS It Ctf. jyt M Sessth steset OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m m m M. LINT^rPaokeuft luveipool will hereafter be 1 despatched in the followingoruer, ntfptm that when the ..lingiav fill* on Sunday, the *hip* will tail on tlie mcceed l" *, y.. y,oin New York. k '"m Liverpool f'ed"V.A.MBKIDUK, tJuue X S'jO torn, W. C. Baritow, Tho ENGLAND, 750 ton*. S. iiartlrlt. Tib OXFORD. <00 ton*, J. lUtbbon*. Tho MONTEZUMA, ItiOO ton*. A. 13. Lowber, Tn* EUROPE. 611 ton*. K. O. Furber, t'be NEW YORK, (u.w) 950 ton*, T. 11. Croppar, Th* COLUMBUS, 700 ton*, ?i. A. Colo, Tho YORKSHIRE.(new) 1050 ton*. D. i>. Bailey U< VF. Doll"y i I, l?H?f. '* . _ . <V\w? These .hip* are uot *urpa*?eU '? P<"? of elegauee or cow ?rt id their cabin accommodation*, or in their fast tailing qua. u?? 'Vhe commamlon Jewell known a* men of eharacwij and Mperienee, and the ttrictett attention will alway* be paid to promote the comfort and convenience ol Pataenger* . Punctuality, a* regard* the day of wiling, will be obtrrvea a* h Tli'efprfce of pa*?a?e outward i? now died at One Hundred Dollar*, for which ample (torn of every de.oriptiou JK provide!., wi'.a the exception of wine* and liquor*, which wul befurnitlied by the .teward*. if required. Neither th captain or owner, of lhe?e ihip*? Wlllknrf*ww iinlc for any letter*, parcel*, or Package* tent by them 0"'*" regular bill* ol lading are tigned thereior, kor freight or P*? .age, apply to ooouh|jr k COt g, (Jontji ,U C. 11. MARSHALL, 33 Burling alip.N.Y. iSUtf and of BAKING. BROTHERS k CO.. LHiool PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND ^"tYTHK BALL olrfffLINffl^^ LIVERPOOL PACKETS. LIVERPOOL raonr.i s?. , . . (Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th and Ibrh of eTerr month. 1 Persona wiahiug to tend to the Old Country for 'heir friend* Can make the nece*sary arrangement* with the *ub*crvaJ'iif.S have tliem come out in tin* tuperior Liue of racket*. sailing from Liverpool punctually on the 7th and 19th of every Tney will alio liave a fir*t rate clai* ol American tradiug ?hip*, tailing erery sit day*, thereby affording weekly coinmUiiica. tion from that port. One ot the lirm (Mr. Jame* D. Rocftel i* there, to *ee that they .hall be forwarded with care and de* ^Should tlie partie* agreed for not come oat,v^1? ye returned to thoM who it here, without wiy reuuc "xhe Black Ball, or Old Lin j of Liverpool Paekatt.eompriae lue lilac a nail, or wiu uinou. .... . the following magnificent Slupk, via v_?? The OXFORD, _ The NEW YORK. CAMBRI DOE. <OiUMBUB, ii ir * EUROPE SOU X II AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. With inch tuperior and unequalled arrangement*, tna ?ub icriber* confidently look forward for a continuance of that *gp port which ha* been extended to them to many year*, for wlncl ^"Aiose 'proceeding, or remitting money to their relative*, cat it all time* obtain Draft* at lightTor any amount, drawn direct OB the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, alio on Meurt. PRESCOTf, UROTE, AMEB fc CO. Banker*, Loudon, which will be paid on demand at any ol the Bank., or their Oranche*, in all the priucipaJ town* throughout Eng.and, Ire land, Scotlwdaudtfale.^ BROTHERS k CO. 35 Fulton ntreet New York, next door to the F niton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packet* tail Xrom thit sort for Liverpool on th* l?t and 19th ol each month, ljtrtier returning to the old country, will.find it to their comfoft and tdvantage to telert thia favorite Lute for their conveyance, m ?reference to any other OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASS AG ?1 SOUTH STTReIiT^NEW YORK. ?l SOUTH STREET, NEW YORK. l m m. M. ^ X^Jsagecan be engaged IromliivcTpoot by the following *pien l did packet thipa compriting the Old Black Ball Line of racket* ?ailing a* under , . ? torn Liverpool The .hip COLUMBUS. Captain Cole, on the 16th Kebmary The .hip YORKSHIRE., (new) Bailey, oa the 1.1 March. The ?hi"p CAMBRIDGE, Capt. Baratow. Ifth March. -I.:!, v war. a M n I !bi]L,ib Rarilett. lit April. The ihip N EW YORK, Captaiu Oroptwr, lit June. In addition ui the eboTf tuperior thip*, the tub.criher * ?K?n'? ill have a *Wftr?*iou of first elmi American thltw dealjatth^d, u cu.toiniry, from Liveri?iol, e* ery lour or five data thn I out tlie year, to the dilf. reot porta in the United htatr i which parage cnu be ??cufed at reduced rates. % | wnicn parage cm . A''?Ie I for their friends rr.idi-gin Greet Britain and Ireland, re ly that every care will be, taken to malt- pa.renger* a* ejjblor 1 table a* they can reasonably expect, and should the paaMijpg< r* ' table a* tney can reaaouauiy rspnet. auu ? ?-.3," oot come out. the r-yfatfe money will be nwm^y mrandjl. Drafu oar, a* aaual be fhrnUlied. p?yabie at the NaUonaJ anil I Prnimeisl K inlrs of Ireland and hranehe.; Ewlern B-ok of .uruuueu, (-)?!?? , I Provincial Bnuka or Ireland andhranehe.; EwlernB .nkof Scotland and b such a; and ou Meatr*. J. BalCJton IjCOj. Banker*, London; Me?ar* J. Barned k Co., ? , pool, which are imyable thronghoiit England and Wales. For rnrllier paiucularaepplf (ifbyletter 61 South meet, near Wa' l ?tr?et. N. B. Pviaage to Liverpool and Londoncan at all &tMs I i\ M. I fUilR*e to IglVUrL'UOI BU1U uvwu??-""?J * r 1 ftflxiaufdi by tli? rt'ffulif packet wiliu? Liverpool tvfn five^Siy* andtc Co idonou Uie l*t, ICth r.nd 30thol each lUoutn ou application aa atinvn ' I1* MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKET?. mm M1 lenneationed ?hip* will be regularly nance on the lit, and from Maraeillea ou the 5th ofeaeh mcuth 01) inH 111, U1U I ruoi X'lttl^uivn vaa " ,7 daring the year a* followskrom New York. .Vlareaille*. MlNER.YA.Capt. Brown, Den- 1 keb.5 TREBCOTT. l apt. Mynek, Jan. 1 ftlarwtb U'llY THOMVsON,Capt.8ylventer, Feb. l. April j Li ii* 1 i vanoNT r.ant AHumi. March 1. May i HELLESPONT, Capt. Adam*. Marck I. M?y J CORIOLANUS, Capt.Haile, Apnl 1. June.? Thev are all coppcied and copper fattened, and have excelleal accommodation* Tor patteuger*. ?.i?.;_. ?t The price of cabin pannage will be $109, exclusive of yme* "ooounaddreMed to the ngentn, BOYD fc HiNCKKN.1 will 1 be forwaroed free of other charge* than thone actually paid* BO YD 4k HINCKKN^Ami No k Tnutwo nuiMMiiM TAPSOOTT'S GENERAL EMIGRANT PA88AGE OKFICi m. m m A&RA OEMENTS KOIt 1S44. The subscribers be* to call the attention of their fneud the public generally to their superior arrangements for brid int passengers from, and ran ittia* money to all pan England, Irelund, Scutl<md and Wales. THE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKET! COMPRISING 1 r TP TI T1 THE UUEEN OK THE WEST, 12M toaa rHE SHERIDAN, 1000 tons. THE ROCHESTER. 1000 tons. "'HE OAKRICK. 1000 tons. HE HOTTINGUER. 1000 tons. 'HE KOSOILS, 1000 tons JHE LIVERPOOL, U50 tons. THE 81 Df ONS, 1000 tons. Sailing from Liverpool twice every month, and THE UNITED LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, composed oi superior, first class American packets, sailint ikiiu Liverpool four Lines in etch month, an the ships m *i,cn those whose passage may beeuganed w.tli the subscriber! mil come out in, and it is a well an own fact the above named pickets are the most magnificent ships afloat and the frequency si their sailing, (bringevery five duva)prevents the possibility of passengers being unnecessarily detained at Liverpool. Re gardless of espouse, in order to meet the wants of the phblie and the withes of their Irieuds, Mr. Wm. Tappseott, one of the firm, baa gone to Liverpool to superintend the departure for this country of such persons whose passage may be engaged with the subscribers, a fact, which to those icunainted with Mr, VV. r., is a suiiiuicut guarantee that they will receive ererv atten tion from hiin, and be quickly and eooilortably despatched. baeuid Chose sent lor decline coming, tii- passage money will be promptly refnnded, without any drdnction?as aznal. Remittances?Those remitting money can be supplied with droits at iignt. tor any amount, payable free ol discount or any itnercusrge. in every principal town is England, Ireland, beouuad sad Wales Apply la by utter, post Paid,! to w . ft J7T. TAjfllCOTT. 41 Peek slip, iww nor*?or to I SO WM TAMCOTT, Liverpool rtKUANGKMKNTS KOR liwi. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, 1M Pinestreat, eoiner of South. m. m jsk THE subteriberbegs leave to call the attention of hia friend ? tnd the public in general, to the following arrangements fol 1444, lor the purpose of bringing out cabin, Sd cabin, and steer tge passengers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, sail ing the lat.Oth, 11th, l#th, J 1st and ttth of every mouth, ily the London Packets, to sail r?ra New York, the 1st, 10th and Mth?and from London on the 7th, 17th and 77th of each month, In connection with tlis above, .uid for (he purpose of afford mg stall greater facilities to passengers, the subscriber ha* ?w tablisheda regular line or first cists New York bnilt, copp-red ud copper tautened ships, to tat) t acctnally every week throughout tha year. Kor the accommodation of persons wishing to ramitmoney to their I unities oi friends, dr,<fls art given, payable at sight, oa the following Hsnks, Tit re Provincial Bonk of Ireland, parable at Cork, Limerick, (Jloomel, Londonderry, dligo, Wegfeid, flehast, Warerford, Galway, Armagh, Athlone, Colerain, Bailing, Tre.ler, Vongnal, Eamskilicn, vlonaghan, Banbridgs. Bsllymeaa, Paraonstewn, Downpatriek, Uavan, Lirgc.n, Ontagh, Dangancon, Ban don, Enoit. d dtrabane, Skiberecn, IVlallow, ..Money more. Cootchitl. Kilrash, Dublin. Scotland?The Oitv Bank of Glasgow. England?Messrs. Spooner, At wood A Co. Bankers, London; R. Murphy, Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable in every town it (treat Britain. "Aasw ittfluaa WffKiiasi" corner of South, N. Y. Or Messra. P. W. BYRNF.S ft CO, M Waterloo Road. S Im* re Liverpool. KOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet ,olMth July.?'1 he splendid, fast sailing packet ship jltOrti i'JS, Captain J. Collins, ol 1100 tons, will sml as snore, her regular day. Kor Height or passage, oaring accommodations nn-qanll?d forspiendur or comfort, apply on board, at Orlcana whart, lost j( VVall street, or to B. K. COLLINS ft CO. M Booth it. Price r f nseeage flee The racket shin Hiddons. Capt. C'ibb, Will sneered the llosnn. end ??,! the t*?h nf Anvil.' jflec T* K b' N' L'UN FA L Ltd, NEAR U T I C A , NEW YORK. ("PHE SUBSCRIBER announces t" the pnbliu, that after an A abaense of two seasons, he has return-d the direction of the Hotel si the above place. Iti-ft.ate has l-au ikiu<..n?htv tsfnr niehed and pnt i' eons Ireeotdef, and he trusts by hit at enticn 10 thee,ml" rt ol his b'iKtt!. to merit a re turn ot thr patronage to liberally bestowed oj him in former years I jei? ?w sod is* re ML MOORE. FOREIGN NEWS BY THE STEAMSHIP GREAT WESTERN. FURTHER EXTRACT8. British Parliament, June 2!.?Sugar Duties ?Mr. Greene brought up the report on the Sugar Dulles. Mr Ewart objected to the bill of the government, and moved hs an amendment, in the absence oi Mr. Hume, "That the slave and free-labor sugar L admitted upon the payment of equal duties." After a few words trom Mr. James and Mr. Barclav, the House divided, when there appeared? For receiving the report 183 For Mr. Ewart's amendment 65 Majority ????.... ?118 Sir Rob>rt Peel, in answer to Lord John Russell, named Monday next for the third reading. Health of the Queen.?It is unexpectedly de termined that the ucoouchment oi her uiajeMy will take place at Windsor Castle. It is expected to oc cur next month. There is a rumor that the Prince of Wales and the Princess Royal will visit the Isle of Wight (the Princess Alice remaining at the Cas tle,) during the temporary seclusion of our beloved sovereign. Dr. Locock, the first physician accou cheur to the Queen, will be in attendance on her majesty, when the court takes its departure from Buckingham Palace. The Repeal Association.?On Monday last, June 17, the weekly meeting of the Repeal Association was held in the Conciliation Hall, Dublin. The amount o! rent for the week was ?3,-100 Amongst the receipts was ?20 trom Mr. John Gully, late M P. for Poniefract, us his subscription to the funds of the association, accompanied by a letter, in which Mr. Gully states:?"In my opinion, Mr O' Connell and his colleagues have not had a iati trial; and it has been s id by the highest authority in par liament, and on the bench of justice, too, if 1 mis take not, that justice has not been done. Aa au Englishman, 1 should not desire to be the ad vocate^ of any measures that would tend ak? to weaken fthe empire ; but as an English man, I cannot stand by (quietly and tee! that injustice has been done to your leaders. For these reasons, and as an expression of my humble sympa thy, I beg to send you twenty pounds as my sub scription, and 1 request to be enrolled as a member of the Repeal Association. Infinitely better, in my judgment, any possible result from the tepeal of the union, than maintain the union and compel liish men to live outside the pale of British law." Each day brings important HC-cessions of strength to the repeal cause.? Liverpool Chronicle, June 22. Railroad in Belgium.?The receipts of the Bel gian railroad in 1813 lor passengers were, 5,482, 259f., and the carriage offgoods 3,512,2801., giving a total of 8,991,5891. The expenses of working them were 5,000,000f., so that the profit has been 3,994,5391.; after deducting 3,594,5391, for the inte rest of the capital employed, whi'-h waB 137,573, 977f., there remains a sum of -lOO.OOOf. for divi dend. An Atmospheric Railway Abroad.?A letter Irom Vienna says?" We are going to have a trial of an atmospheric railway. A company has been formed here to construct one between Vienna and Huttclsdorf, by Heirt/.ing and Miedberg, on th^ left hank of the Weill- The expense will be 1 200,000 florins (about ?120,000 ) All the shares, each ot which is 10,000 florins, (or ?1000 stetling,) were disposed of the very day the prospectus ol the Com pany was published. for the Canadian Indians ?-While in London, il.e Ojibbeways found out that 'hey could purchase as many brass thimbles, (with which they arefond ? f ornamenting themselves,) for >vs ?hil lings as they could purchase ot the extortionate tur trader (trom whom they purchase them at home,) for ?5- The consequence is, that they have,bought about 15,000 thimbles, which 'hey have {Rowed away in boxes, for the purpose of them t Canada, to supply themselves and their friend* tor the remainder ot iheir lives. AsRKKABi.K.-Mr. Leigh Hunt is stated in some of the newspapers to have received an visit in the shape of an income l?r Hfe, ot JS1&0 a vear under th will of the late Si? T. Bhrjley, ?Urt' the father ot his deceased friend, Ptrey Hviahe ShyNeyf the poet. We believe the fait to he somewhat rUtlerent. The sum (whether ?150 or ?100 a vear. tor both have been mentioned,) is sl ewed by the present barone., Sir Percy Shelley, the eon of the poet, an example ot liberality to the attached lriend of h's father, which will ev-r be remembered to his honor ? Morning Chronicle. Wkamh cf Crockfort ? Crockford's will has inst been proved ; tne personal property is sworn under ?2<X>.0fi0 ; the real estate okf^Sd ? ?150 (100 The whole is lett to Mrs. Crocktoru London Globe, June 21. Lord MouNTCASiiELr. and his Nurse ?Cur roe (1,-rs will remember that at a free-trade meeting in the Liverpool Amphitheatre some tune ago, O Con nell thus apostrophized Lord Mountcashel!, who had just been delivered ot some monopolist absurdity! " Out who on earth, Wide* hi* nurse, For Lord Mountcsshell cares one curse ? Well ? his lordship has now actually married his mime' Having been dangeroualv ill and faithfully S.d ."ZS lied by ? 'M l.?.. b- h?. since shown his gratitude by "??ry?nR lhe is nowCountessol Mountcashell.?Liverpool paper Turnino the Penny to Some Tune -1"']? * distressed period of the cotton trade, 1811. ??'? then our relations with China were anything but settled, a Manchester merchant formed jhe rejolu tion ot speculating tn 30,0U0 pieces of low shirting. , trwt'W,' ?- >? !S .mo5o.?"?r. A?w?d to Mjotiu,. """jdjj goods arrived most opportune. A quick sJe tor k place, and thej returns, after charges netted rather over $20,000. Hills lor fucn an amount were then out of nroceeds were invested in silk. Tne silk, Itoo, proved an equally good spec; the lucky "I""" laving again doubled his investment, t. e., Isold ihe tor mote thi n ?40,000 Perhaps a ihore fortunate speculation is not on record; *nd loo, was accomplished in less, it M ?.d, khan twelve months !? Liverpool paper, June 22. Disoracrfui. System of Espionage in t?e Post Office ?The system ot espionage in the Lrtferai Post Office, St. Martin'sletlrand, is comparative y unknown to the public During the secretaryship S?S?r Frwci., the opening of letters post ?d London tor the continent, as well as tho-e trom the provinces passing through the Foreign office, was earned on to a great extern, and we know (eays a correspondent) to a certainty that there are now in the Post Office moie than one individual who, in carrying letters and packages which had been open od and reseated in the 4 Lspionage office to lie inland offices, have found the wax on violated let ters and packets sticking to their hands. from iis not havi. g had sullictent time to cool. 1 he ^pl ottage office" was then situate on the south-west corner of Post Office, and is now partly used as the money order office. We challenge contradiction to our statement.?London Lhionidt. Enormous Consumption of Tea and Coffee ? One ol the most remarkable tacts in the diet ot man kind is the enormous consumption of tea and cot fre ' The slightly stimulating and narcotic proper ty of these substances do not serm suffictent to ac count tor the tact that upwards of 800,000,000 ot Sounds of these artie'es are annually consumed by the inhabitants ot the world. It has, however, been found that they contain a certain active principle, which though small in quantity, ts yet supposed to torm an important part in the human ?onomy. Thw principle is called theme in tea, and caffeine in coffee, hut they are identical in composition; and what is very remarkable, this same principle has been discovered in the Paraguay ten of holly used for infusion by the natives of South America; and a principle very similar, called theo bromine, is found in the nuts from which cocoa and chocolate arc prepared. Now, according to Lieb.g, there is found in the blood a principle called by him taurine resulting Irom the destruction of the tta$u? s of the body, and having a composition so closely resembling theine that the one may be easily con verted into the other. Taurine performs ?" import ant office in the economy of respiration, and Liebig suggests that the introduction of theine into the "Stem prevents the destruction of the tissues or ,L. niirnose of forming taurine, iind thus, thougli not nutritive itseli, it becomes indirectly nutritious "o lhe body by saving its tissues from destruction This theory mav or may not be true in all its parts', it at any rate affords <m explanation ol a singular fict, and has more evidence m favor of its truth than its reasonableness. Lauohabi.s Mistarr -A carrier in the neigh borhood ot Boll on recently had to of Roman cement to a gentleman and e bwrel ol guano to a farmer, each ot which he delivered to the wrong party. A plasterer Commenced p . oaring lhe guano, whicti was given to hint it$ msn cement, and, nfter much difficulty, owing to the had smell, he succeeded in 1? '5* yarda of the gentleman's house, but the stench b<_ coming past his endurance, he called out to the gentleman, and said, " I am very sorrry, but I must beg or you to get some other person to finish this job, for I never met with such Roman cement be fore. I am quite sick, and the smell will poison me ill go on; besides (continued the plasterer), did you ever see Roman cement so yellow V The gentleman said there must be some mistake, for it evidently wan not cement, and accompanied the plasterer to the carrier's, where they found the larnier complaining about the barrel ot stufl he had got. It was like sand, but when mixed with ? ater it turned into atone, and would flag his field in stead ot making the grass grow almost as quick us winking, as he wus told this new manure would do. His man had mixed waier with some ol n and spread it out, and on returning a short time atterwards, he found the stufl'as hard as a flag, and came to him in breathless haste, saying, " Mestur, I never seed sitch inuck hin ho my loife as yon new ganuo muck, tor I mixt sum on't whe whattur, un hits tornd hinto n flag: hin hiltle inack gras gro fut ile mack out gro." "Oh! (exclaimed the plaster ter), that must be the Roman cement, and 1 have been mixing up your guano instead of i:." The mistake of the carrier was rectified, and the parties returned home.?Liverpool Mercury, June 21. The Land and the Pkoi-j.e.?The people of this country cannot read the following calculation too frequently. It puts a strong negative upou the im pudent claims of ihc latmne-mongera to maintain ih<*ir monopoly Taxation in Diflerenl Countries ?The amount ot taxation in different countries was atated, in 18-41, to be as follows i?On Land? In Eoglund ?1,531 915 ; in Prussia, ?3 990,500; in Austria, ?8,700,000; and in France, ?23,186,760 On the People?In Ureal Britain, ?50 694,6-1-1, ex clusive of indirecr taxes Irom corn and sugar laws; in Prussia, ?3,761,500; in Austria, ?7,700,000; and in Frunce, ?17,523,240 The population < f Great Britain, tn 1841, was 26.856,028; in Prussia Hhout *5,000,000; Austria, 33,630,000; and France 33,000,000 It thus appears, that whilst in Austria and Prussia, mure than halt, and in Franee, nearly two-thirds, of the total taxation is borne by land, in Great Britain the proportion thrown on land is only one thirty-fourth part; and further, that the proportion of taxes per head per annttm, for man, woman, and child, is,?in Great Britain, ?1 19s 5.1.; in Prussia (Oh. Id.; in Austria, 9s. 9d.; and in France, ?1 4s. 8d. Impromptu, WBITTEN AT A BACHELOR') MALL. UT CNAS. GREATRE1. Who is that genteel young man, Looking at graceful as he can; Bowing hero mi l bowii g there, And sticking hit coat tailt?everywhere; Ogling through hit quizzing glass Kvcrybody that happens to pass? He is one of the stowarda, atim and tall, Of thia entertaining Bachelors' Bail. How the room begins te fill The hand strikea up for the first quadrille; Lady A., wilh her satin flounce, And diamond ring that weighs an ounce, Oivos her haud to young C. 13., Who ia glancing with triumph at Captain B., Who, as soon as the morning comet about, WiUcommiaiion Jenkins to call him out. Then there's Mist E F , with her wreath of pearls, And her (tuning periwinkle curia; And Miss U. H. in a long straight wig, (With riding n mile in an open gig;) Ar.d young J. K. in hit fu'ht-r'a coat, Buttoned tightly up to his throat With a fierce muustach t (of yellow hair) To look?he say*?" a la militaire" A pity Miss J.'s thin muslin dreaa Doesn't show her legs a little less. " Is tnat the young puss they call the belief" Whispered grim Miss K to fat Miss L. " They may say what they please, I'm itireshe'a vain; And instead ol good looking, I call her plain Do you think her pretty V "A perfect iright , The ugliest minx I have seen to-night." Where is a bottle of Preston salts? The tall Miss M- has begun to waltz; And to show her figure and heighten her charms, Fainted iu young Fitzpoodle's arms; While Miss N O , feeling warm and weak, Giving a rather piercing thriek, Lays her bead on the shoulder of young P.Q. Who is wondering what the devil to do. "On with the dance!"?but wheie are the hand? That aged harper can scarcely stand, Tliofiddler's eyes were <oth sealed up As lie drained bis two-and twentieth cup; And as tor that vulgar red-faced fellow, Who made such a noise with his violoncello, He has fallen a sleep with his face to the wall:? So good night?goou night to the Bachelors' Ball. Stanzas, Written en board the ttr.amer Britannia, June 13, 1844. RV MRS. A. M C. EDMUND, Of BOSTON, MASS. Roll on ! roll on ye giant waves, in grandeur fierce and wild ; Old, though he madly ravee. Must own me as his child Roll on across our liquid path With hoarse and sullen roar, And all your gathered wealth of wrath la whituneu mngeance pour. I am as fearless as the bird Who makes the wave her home, And wenvea her nest, with song unheard Amid the breaker's team, Who boldly dips her snowy wing In surge as purely white, Then soars aloft in airy ring With scream of wild delight. Away ! and round yon distant rock In stormy iury iave. Ye may the timid landsmen shock 1 But not the sailor brave. Our bold and gallant hark d [Mains The might ot raging tides, Switt o'er old Neptune's va?t domains A queen " Britannia" rides. She scatters from her whirling wheels The foam that marks her pace. As hurls the war-hone from hi* heels The dust of battle chase. Her canvass to the breeze she flings, As to the strong Leo air The eagle gives his noble wings And leaves his mountain lair. Ood shield the bark from every ill, And bless her fai'hful crew. Her officers of worth and skill, Her Hewitt brave and true f And bless the veteran known to fame, Whom once the waters hore To battle for hit country's claim? The valiant '? Commodore !" God bless tho men and mighty lands The ocean rolls between ? The President who our's commands, And England's royal Queen ! May virtue each with glory crown, May dark oppression cease, And cry of battle never drown Tho silrer song of peace. Market*. Litsxfool, June 21.?Ashes.?We have bad somewhat more demand for Montreal Pot and Pearl Ashes thia week, and the trade hare purchased several parcels at steady prices. Corn ?Since our report oi the 18th instant we have hern very scantily supplied with all articles coastwise and (mm Ireland ; and from abroad, the arrivals consist of littie more than one cargo of Wheat from Egypt and two from the Baltic, comprising .1,127 qr*. During the same period the transactions in Wheat and Flour have pro ceeded slowly, on terms varying little trom the rates of Tuesday ; whilst Spring torn and Oatmeal, continuing to attract a moderate degree of attention, fnlly sustained their late value In the course of Thursday we had several hours very refreshing rain, and soma yosterday : similar accouuts have reached us Irem various parts ot the Kingdom, where, as well as around na, the growing crops must derive considerable benefit. Influenced by the favorable change in the weather, and satisfied with the large purchases made on Tuesday, we had a vary alonder attendance ot buyers at our Coin Exchange yesterday, and an extremely dull sale for Wheat ot all descriptions ; in the face of which, however, the importers were tolera bly firm, and appearing to anticipate a renewed demand, our last quotations remained nominally unvaried. El >ur also, was equally diliicolt to fill, ond ell sorts may be considered the turn cheaper. Barley, Malt, and Pes*, though taken less freely than before, steadily maintained lata pricea ; and Bemia upon a moderate demand were ra ther dearer. Oa's, in the absence of country buyers, ap> Krod to engage very littlo notice, and notwithstanding good samples remain undisposed ol, no advance was obtainable Oatmeal likewise, tor which the inquiry has in some measure subsided, merely support our last cur rency. Oils ?There is little doing in Fish Oils at present, nor la much improvement in the demand looked lor before the fresh arrivals come to hand. A lew sales of Cod at the quotations, and a small lot of inferior Sperm at ?72 per tun, comprise the entire sale* this week. Rape and Lin seed Oils meet a dull inquiry, and the latter is again rather llty off ' lower. A lair quantity of Oil of Turpentine has keen sold at 9As to 26s, according to quality. Provisions?American.?Nothing calling for pnrticailar comment has transpired in the mnikct for American Pro visions since our last publication. and prices remain the eime ns then reported 100 bat rels Lard have been sold ot 84s per cwt. for good quality. Iliee.?Rice continues in brisk request. Dcngal brings higher rates : and 100 casks Carolina, at auction, were sold this week at 23s 3d for first, and 20s 3d tor second quality, Liverpool cleaned. Tallow ?Our market for Tallow has an upward ten dency. The Stap trade have this week purchased some small parcels of Yellow Caudle at 41s 31 to 41s fid, and some North AmeMcan at 40s. A lot of Buenos A y res ol fared hy auction was withdrawn lor higher rates Tar ?There is nothing to report in this article, tie axles having token since our previous publication. Tobacco?Our market ha. had a heavy appearance throughout the week, with o leaning don nwids. 'iho sales have not exceeded 140 hhds. Turpentine.?Rather extrusive transactions bare tekrn place in Turpentine thi? wn k/uut price* have r<c? t!t i. a 200 bales bare been fold at 6* 8.1 to G< lOd for fair quality. IUtrk, June 16?Cotton?The qtiirk succession of, advices from the United States, coupled with the more ; encouraging nature ot the intelligence from Liverpool, has had the efhet of relieving our maiket f:om thn prea J sure that weighed upon it at the clots ot last week, and since the opemug of the present one some revival has ? taken place in business. and notwithatanding the large j arrivals that have coma in within tbeae few da\s, atid j which at flrat created a considerable degree of flstnets, j now, that it seems probable that the bulk of the ship ment* have come forward, and that none ol a very exten sive amount are likely to be received for a length ol time, holder* have recovered in some measure from the de pressed feeling under which they were laboring, and are far from exhibiting that anxiety to realize which they had previously manifested. Outers hnve also shown a dupciilon to o|ierate moie freely, uad the tranaactiona have been dady to a fair extent; Hut, importers, generally speaking, have uttered sparingly ; ami evinced more llimness in their pretension* ; an advance of one or two francs haa been obtained on American cotton, and particu larly on middling gradea, which were those most in re quest. The trade have, however, restricted their pur chases to the mere requisites for consumption, but there is nevertheless much more steadiness in the mutket, and although our stock ha* much increased from the rscrnt heavy importations, the aspect of things may be con sidered, on the whole, of a more hiaitby complexion than at the date cf our last report. We have sold during the week 7 079 I ale*, and our receipts amount to 36 6H6 bales ; stock on hand 147 600 hales l-oflee?Owing to the lstgo amount of imports during the last weik, pi ices are look irg down, and the demand has b en of a very restricted character as b ? seen by the following sales, namely ; 1300 baza 8'. Domingo, at 37c to 39c : 662 bag* La Uuay ra - . . . at 47c ; wed 100 hag* Brazil at 37c per half k il in bond. About 1700 hag- 8 . Domn gn and Kast India, damaged, were br eight 10 the hammer. Sugars-Our maiket has been deviod of activity this week owing to the hc?v\ importations, but pi ices arc nerertbt less flim at 63f36o to 63 50c for Martinique and Guadeloupe in loco, and 021 for cargoes to arrivo?- say bff 26c to 331 76c per 60 kil in bond. f?t thu staiidatd. The rale* consist of 1600 ca>ks, tin greater part to arrive ot which I00U casks were taken on i-prctilation. In foreign miliars wo have to report sales of 800 bogs Pernamhucco, Muscoviidoc* ut 24f 26c to 341 76c in bond. Indigo?'1 lie imports during the last week have amounted to 1750 chests of the new crop, brought in three vessels from < al utta ; but the estimaies not being yet made by the brokers, business lor the present is at a standsiill. The prices of Bengal are, therefore quoted as before, no ohange having occurred Slock 3700 cheats Bengal, 319 chests Madius. 33 chests Manilla, 63 chests Java, and 251 aeroni American. Marsvili-ks, June 15 ?In consequence of the very light supply the transactions in unrefined Sugar have been to a small extent only during the last eight day*, seveiai sales have, however, been made for delivery?000 hhds changed hands at 36 frin bond ; 0 000 bags Bourbon were likewise placed at 65 fr, duty paid ; 1,507 boxes fair Havana realised 30 fr per 60 kilograms in bond, and 286 white ditto39 fr : besides which ? cargo expected by the Spanish ship k'.rne.-.t was sold at 39 fr the wtiite, and at 30 fr the yellow sorts. t?ome business was also done in Dutch erurticd Sugar, of which 15,000 kilograms found buyers at 31 fr in bond Cotton, though in leas demand than tne preceding week, remained nevertheless firm, and 1.250 lisgs Brazil obtained 40 fr per 60 kilograms in bond ; a small parcel Havana sold at 63, and Mocha ut SO fr. Amstkbdam, June IS.?The transaction* iu coffee during the last eight days, though on n limited scale, were at firm rates, and nrdiuary greenish Java in consumption could not be bought under 23 cents In unrefined sugar with the exception of torno Huvannah, told by public auction last week, for want of disposable parcels, noth ing took place. Cotton, though with little doing, per fectly maintained previous currencies, and for Nickerie some demand was experienced. Carolina Rice remained unaltered ; clean Java is worth to 9] A and table ditto IflJ to 10] il The poaition of our Tobacco market re mained perfectly the same as in the proceeding wt clc, ana first hand sales were limited to 116 hhds. Mmy land, 4:14 packages I'ortn Itico, 60 serons Cuba, end 37 ditto St. Domingo leaves. Hamruhu, June 14?Onr Coifec market of the past week had a quiet feeling, but the small amount ol busi ncss done was at previous rates. On the whole, the sale* of the last eight days consisted of 2C00 bags Brazil, of which tho ord nary sorts brought 31 to 2J sch, real or dinary 3 to 3 3-16, and good ordinary 3] to 3] sch ; Alio bags real gocd ordinary St Domingo obtuined 3 1-16 to 3J and 3UO hug* good to fine ordinary llavaunuh 4] to 6 sch Unrefined Sugar, Java in particular, was in goo'i request, and about 20b0 chests, both white and brown, partly dis po.ablv, and partly on drlivi ry. were cleared oil' at film prices, but of Havanush, only u few tiiiling parcel* wint at previous rate*. ? ottou was n?t at all enquired titer. only 100 biles i'orto having iiecn taken at about 6 sch per ? -rse. . f - r|? lb; our rriivals of this article are considerable, ani they aie all forced into the market, holders must ni'-mi' to lower prices ; up to the present moment no third soil New Orleans nas been sold below 6 sch, and could net be bought under 4) sch Stats or TraDx?MAifcnrsTxa, Juno 91, P.M.*-All kinds ot cloth are lower again, with the exception el printing cloth, and the brtter qualities of domestic! Shirting, lie. for Indie and China, are again lower, an ' there is no immediate improvement, or piospt ct of inr. urovement, in these goods, and a large business la doing lor export. BaAtiroan, June 20.?1There wai a dicidedly improved demand to-day far piece good*, both lor export end tin home maike ? in tact, the husine** may be suid to have been extensive, and at vmy lull prices. Yarns, too, rea. dy sale, and the ten dency is upwards Wool?This ar i Clo is < on the ad ranee, the growers ask prices not obtains ble here, so that little is doing Mr. Werbtbr's Speech at Concord, Mass.?Oi the 4th, th? re whs u whig monster celebration in Concord. Among the guests were Daniel Webster, Rufus Chonte, and McPherson Berrien. Mr. Web ster made a short speech, oi' which the following it a sketch It was, he said, an unexampled pleasure, that he was enabled to witness, even tor so short a time iu was allowed him, this numerous and patriotic as semblage. He came not with any purpose of ad dressing them on the momentous subjects which they had come together to discuss, hut to accotnpu ny an old and esteemed friend, Mr. Berrien, ol Georgia, by whomthey had just been briejly? much too briefly?addressed. He sympathized them?heartily tympathized with ihem?in the cause, the day, the celebrat'on, and the great and important contest to which it was a prelude; A contest, fraught with compquenres en immediate and yet so far running into funnily, that they were dra ined to act upon our children's children, foi good or for evil, to the latest generation. Tnesr fields around us, said he, are ready and waiting foi the soyihe, hut none are in such need as the coun try. the ailaira of the country, for its men to be u| ana doing The political action of the next fout months will imptess a" whole age. It will be felt throughout the whole length and breadth cf the land long after you and I, Mr. Pre sident, are gone where tlror-e nre gone win etood at yon drink on the immortal 19th.? I wish it would please (rod to give me the power t< commune, face to lace, with every inan in ihe state Those who, through indifference, or other rno lives, withhold their strength from us in this crisis, will have much to answer for, if we tail. It will everlastingly disgrace us it we lag in support ol those measures, through which alone, our countr\ shall he the prosperous and happy country which ourfathers framed it. We were not horn to tn?ki it free, hut we went born to keep it so. I trust u be found ever, so long as I have life, to devote all the strength which has hern given to tne, to th* defence of our constitution and liberties If it has not been our fortune to create, it has been our fortune to preserve. And let us do c ur duly manfully?man fully and earnestly?lest those deemed In-roee, the result of whose labors we ure this day commemor atttig, call us here to account for our degeneracy Here, Mr. Webster intimated that he would retire, but, upon being repeatedly requested to go op, he proceeded, lie was warm on this theme, and on this ocoasion, he said, hut who did not feci warm 1 When the floods are abroad we must take t-heltei in the ark. In days of politico! confusion, when the waters of unscrupulous partizanship and tec tional animosities shall have overwhelmed nmi obliterated the ancient landmarks of liberty and union?left us by our fathers?we must hold on to the ark of the constitution. So far as he wi:s con cerned. he could, should such a criiis come, see no thing else, nothing above it, nothing below it?m refuge but the constitution Whatever Morn should nrise, whatever winds walk the wat. is, we should ndhere there. The Latins had a say ing? " Una, K,neei. Notnique ruunt erthtrunr pri>mii? Jl/rirui, et volvere mngnos sd litrra ductus." The south wind always follows the storm,?bin whether it blew from stormy Kuroclydon, or the gentler Orion, he should still remain, though it were a wreck, by the Constitution, and cling to "" lad, the frngments to the last. (Cheers.) We holiday duty before us. It was to settle an issue for years to come, and we need buckle* on our stou'est urtnor, and stand ready to meet, sWord irt hnnd, the very brunt of the battle. More than that, we were not to meet it only, but to seek hud make it. The American who undertakes to vilify wing principles, disgraces his own fathers, ano hen|?? contumely upon their memory. Our lutlei* were whigs?they were so denominated in contra distinction from the Tories, against wiiose ami usurpations they contested. Who talks about n want of definitiventas in tine, said Mr. W-bstei with animation, talks about?lie knows not v.|. <t he cares not what? No ilefimtirencs# in whin ptinciplea! Principles which guard our chapter nnd our tree constitutions?uphold popular right against the encroachments of every enemy whether Irom without or within, defend i from the grasping prerogative of Kings, aye! und o President. (Laughter and cheering ) We must address those w ho are not convinced?procet ding kiudly, and with iudgnien?, we mutt jersuude men. Massachusetts is great in iier origin, gjrut in her revoluriunary sc;vices, grmt in ihe good. which, from her school houses and her churches, she hau made to Le renwhiy It it ihr< ughout the Unit n. Let it lwver be said, that the is dishonored in her sons, or that they have done aught calculated to dim the Isstre of iheir natm, or aught which shall not tend to Iter glory. Let us act us if our Jalhtrs wtrt among uj Tub Kxcitsmknt in Philadblphm.?A slip from the Philadelphia Sun of Sa'urdny afternoon give* the following view of the lateat excitement in Phi ladelphia : The crowd which had congregated in front of St. Phillip de Neri'a Church, Fonthwark, pariialiy diaperaed on Friday night, between II and 12 o' clock, owing to a heavy shower of rain that parted over that section at the time. After the rain hud ceased to tail, a large number again congregated, and demanded of the ,,olice to ntuke a thorough search of the building. 'I here waa at th\s time, and up to holt past one o'clock, considerable < x citcment prevailing Hinong the multiiude, and at halt past two o'clock the Alderman and part of the general posse entered the Churth, and found Mr. Dunn, the Priest of the Church, u number of the congregation, a quantity of fire-arms, &c. Alder man McKinley spoke to tie Priest, and remarked that it waa a very injudicioua movement on the part of the Catholics to bring fire-arms ii to the church. The I'm st replied, "That what ] have done to-dny I w ill do to morrow; 1 built this church and will die in its tuitia " The Priest thru rt ad a letter that he had received from some one, on Fri day morning, in which it wua Muted thht some per sons intended to make un at nek upon the church on Friday it ght and born it down, and that was the reason why the arms had beeu placed there. The Alderman requested the Priest to give him the let t r, but thia the latter refuted, au<i would not let him see it. The aims were then demanded, and alter a little delay they were given jnio ihe posses sion of Alderman McKinley and his police, and were conveyed to the Hall. There were in all ta ken from the clu-rcb, 72 muskets, 2 fowling-pieces, 1 keg of powder, powder horns, flasks, bulls, slugs, and shot, 10 pistols, 12 bayonets fastened on brush bundles; 21 of the mu.-k ets were loaded, and also some of the pistols. On Fourth of Juiy night about 150 men were sta tioned in the church in order to resist sny attack, which they supposed would be made upon it?so said by one of the authorities of the church. Dur ing the evening however,an Irishman was tirrcsted near the church by Samuel Gilfrey, coitbtable of Filth ward. When the constable caught hold of his arm, he felt a hard substance, and upon mukmg an examination found a straight tour edge sword up Ins sleeve. The sword was taken to ihe office of Alderman Hortz, and there remains. The mul titude rushed violently ut this time and the man es caped. The police then announced to the multi tude that the tire aima had been tuken cut. This the laiter would not believe because the cellar find not been search*d. During this morning, however Gen. Cadwalluder arrived upon the ground Hnd stated, that word had been sent to Governor Porter to mpiest the withdrawal ol his order, to that the muskets could be returned to the armory. The number brought from the armory is 25; wbt-uce the rest came, is yet ull conjecture. Alderman McKin ley has the names of the persons who were in the Church having arms in their possess on. TheChurch has been in possession of the City Guards, (.apt. Hill, up to this writing. During last night, a num ber of taps w ere made upon the bell ut the Cat he tlral, and in a few mono nls a vny lutgr number of persona congregated about the building. Commit nlcnt Ion, Mr Dkar FiK?From rruding your remarks a ? few days since, persons who do not travel round the city much, may think the Common Council have reformed hi me of the uhuai s o which you speak, but how Miinds the facts of the cave 1 ^ our are willing to give them more credit than tliey de erve. hirst?As it regards the Chatham e rtet uutcancev. in the shape of auctions; the "reform" law said iliry Should only be field one Jay in tlje week. Thursday, I think, was the day. Now I know ai d curt prove that they w ere held four days of labl week, commencing with Wednesday. De cides, the holding ihe sales in the street is not as ,'iievous a OMswuce, as the mantisr tn which they '?lock up the side walk with furniture, new and ?Id, the whole distance from Roosevelt street to I Catherine street Again, as it r 'g'irda the Croten woter squirts, I j cannot but think ih< y are u.-ed full a* oltcn us ever I they V.I re, and .i ,.I; hours ol tit.- day. And now lor the n form C) ; inui.g ttie hai k and cati dr;ts rs. 1 will tell yt.u liotu personal observation, the hats of the case. The attempt to enforce the law m I regard to them, baa just double the number ! ol annoyanci s. One man is left on the box,as the law directs, whi'e the regular driver goes on boatd the bonis, the same ns tbey always have, to at noy the passengers, with their "have a cab, sit V' "Take my card, sir 1" <5cc., Arc. For several days, I have exacted my family front the coun try, and have attended the boats to receive them. The relation of one day's vexuiions will serve lor ihe whole. This morning, when the Rochester came to the wharf, they rushed on board like so many wolves alter their prey, pressing ronud ihe cabin doors, and even intruding themselves into ilte Indies'cabin. I saw nt lea t five standing in side the curtain, while at the same time a number of ladies were dressing themselves. There wvs a fellow with a cane in his hand, stood at the door looking on, who, J should say, was a "native" officer, put there to preserve order, lie kept sav ing " G?dd?n you, boys, keep still; we give you liberty to come on board, and now yon can't he ?lave yourselves." At length a rush wn? made by some five or six of them, niter some ladies, into the upper saloon. When they came down the "native" said to one of them, "Bill, I'm ?!?d if I don't report you." (Query, who lot) "Wny," -at s Bill, "I had a six shilling call to the Astor, and do you suppose I Was a going to let ihein fellows get ahead of me! Mint! your own business, and let me alone, und be d?d to you." "I don't care ?* ???n," says native, "1 shall report you," All 'his before fitly ladies?-and this is reform I hap pened in the crowd to jostle one of the gentlemen of the whip; he turned to nts nnd told me it I push ed him again ho would knock me over the head with the but of his whip. Why, a man's file und uockets are not safe among them. But this isalres dy too long, so 1 will close. II you publish this I will make my next much shorter. I have a good joke nbout the Natives und the peanut wotnen. Yours, H. L>R. E . OVEJOY, T AT". ofOwoto, wiihoo lo inform hit fr inula that hr lor *-? romo?r.t to (hit city, and haa uk?.i aii Oh KM K at t,9l it IK* A II ?V A V j .m md fetiw*rc To LKT-K I'M "laHK ii KUOM S ?uh gm d pm" trm attached u> ih*m, 1a a l<ifg? anil nry hunic ICC Dun. a Htm, a frw droit fri in Drnadany, wiat lidc. K rrncn ?p. hra iu the h uar i ,t lin'm K'Ull hAli". OK TO L?.T?'Tic# ludnna thro alory brick H air and Lot N-, 7S Aiih..u\ it m, nrur BirndOM . T . b# ml t' u !? mil. or will tic iruti J i'? to t R odUJ&Bt. App.yty HA MILTON blHH. W9 V.w?n? rc II Pjrr It rat. Illll ali ni: UUItlh' Nid.l llo?d, V# 1 R?ieUv~?t7 LV. flic taharrib. r hav uu iiirc . v and newly formal.ra I'l *1 rontiii Conor, lot mill In ?tUblithinri.i to'int* ? rill from hit Inrndi a. d the I nblia. JAH BVKVE9. N II ? Kot avlr. t uumbc' ofluag Brnelic. nr.d I'lLI a jj lw*rr ClIMKuKTlil.t- UOAHi !*ryrr*l error | Imwi1, my and rouimodioat loom* to lot, h od-, in ly lunml.m >,r ? d wuli boi'd KMni'ir* *. .1 nc-le i rrti r.mrg will to well l> 'nil "iV'Oot relay and ireair room* i* tin* ? imb'iihm-rt, ( coral'T ?.p t.e-1 1 wlnr ilir ei iafiuU' l * IIomk" will hr, No 8. Whi'e ftr.rt, * fc?b d ner* c it ?f n> i l?ny ,rn*rr LVl?l,l.V llo-\lll/|-(? m HilliL IN I lit. I'll \ " Till ?An r*i?i.r?rr<l traahw tikii i.-to hrr family i imi'ril mini'rr nl clmd-m a* Itoardm and >c''0lan I hrr ?ill b ? urn er the cori'.-i.t ti.rc of ihia icar.V rww wi'l tpiro i? | mm to r mler h?t home a |il?*t*itt hr m- to tbo t api.t, ?? d n ad'ai.rr ibrm in ibrlt iladiaa. 1 hehrrlth 'ad mnal* f lb# Choi*-* crrrfully a'tendr.I in No day rebuilt* admitted. Tim I cation reiy healthy t,ad retired. 1 bom am no* birr raCMiri-t I or trfrrrcrn tgd farther |a liraUre, ru tin r of Mil J J. Kigrirrr, No. 19 Jolm atrrrt. jet* 2w*m KEEK! BKKKI BEEF! ON HANO AND K'OH BALK. in lets to nait tmrehmer,, at V A I. KNT INK'S, t? K'mtoa Markrt, tsoba.n*!* ? ittt Jm Beef a choice article. all irlacnd piece*: Mil arrelg < "iir n?rrclrd Mora Irrrf, warranted; ami Una Ivtlf barrrl* of btffii'y tirrf, rrry f.o* irt-Tdrd for thr tontln v mtrbrt. Tor al.orr Brrl it iwrkrd ig ? earrfu I and Jai'ictoa* misg*r! ad will korit rood in any rlimatr wi!himti??ttn ? tfltt It. 1U ?rrabrr V '.LKNT/N/'3 OlrD K t?TA RLIWIVb N'I. rp't t.o?r? t? Fulto, Vrrbrr. v! O ril'K 1 Q flONH HI'KSI -HIIOK IIH?A Puli'ic Vf.t N |C? ,'f ihr II .*? llniar-Sli rrv of K. rurad.y, Jul' 9t'. 't Milo irv Ha'l. Ho 'fry, at I o'clock n If * I c.11 K.' II - I.I h WC-aioM ha It;CM of g .Utll. l l1.1 ' C* till hr di <a i"'. It iirwio-itrl that r?orjrP??t wi'l tlt-nd in tl.ia cc.?ii.a K. NUS I 11A N D, I iiair"*an, K. lJl? * "HAl.K, S-cr-tary. j?r?-. lll't ?A! ; "r.uiia arc camirn n ngaiait rt'g tniirg a ? * c'fra I', i Cn ?.? wo by Ih" 8ti|r. D.t a at I hrrloi. r, ?, r I t, h J Ml r. 8il. i?Mt r Ir in >?. Yo K to lb ?n it of lunr'll I'klai a. ?nd lm tl r rnd Jd of bill olitc'agr i r JIttO t.i flirg, pa. a'Ir !?? , rd r of Ho1 rfl I,. Fcahrcok hnt ?ii rhr Port m U'liru "?*. rld ii inilrond on ihrfih .lu r Not 'rr r rmjf i-?J, tliri rrrof no ra a- t? ai y -or im pt the two* ?i. JAVIb S HOi KIN-?iiN, jJJt e IVoabtuvtou noitto, I'litbtdrlpb%

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