Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1844 Page 3
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MOSTBY HAJUUT. ?uiUf, Jnlj 7?8 P. M. The itock market during the past week ha? been very much depressed. Quotation* have not declined a very large per cent, but the operation* have been very limited. The depreeaion in the market cannot be attri bnted to the want of money in the market, for capi tal never waa mora abundant, or obtained at cheeper rates. The banka have commenced preparing fer the Auguat return*, and have drawn in large loan* ; but the vacuum ha* been filled from other aourcea, and the supply of money fully luitained. Speculator* in atocka are not ao apirited a* they were previoua to the late exploaion in funciea, and operate very ahy. Many are in the country, and the buainea* of Wall atreet gen orally la very quiet. The firat effect of the European new* we* very favorable on the ttock market, but it could not be (uatained. Quotation* roe Stock* in thi N* w Yobb Mabkrt. Sat. Man. 7V?. JV* Sm'y. lb, Island, 79* 79 IIS <1 tifi (3 Mohawk, 61* 61 #4 67 64 HaHem, 72* 71 72K 71* 77* 77* It ? ll? ? 64 ? Caetnn, ? 14 16 3*X S8K 38H ffsimen'Loan,. .....II II 46 4*H 4lX 4?K Norwich auil Wor. 53X 53X 55 & 57 47 <>?"" ?'?. 91% 97X 91% 91% 91% III 4*Vc ? ? ? 45)2 Indian*. 43% 44X ? 41% ? Kemui-kyR's, IH4M ? HIX lOiX 161 >61 Pen (vlvania 5*s, li% ? ? ? 74X 75 Stoeinelon 41 41 44 45 45 4i% Erie K M 20* 30 ? 21 U > t le. B*. k. I ?H I IX IX ?X Vickibern.*? 7X ?X ? - ? ? The commercial intelligence by tbe Oreat Weaternto the 22J u'it., confirm* the favorable account* brought by the Br* tannia. The cotton market* ahow a very great firmness. and price* have advanced lull |d on American descriptions. Thia improvement in the lace of auch im mense import*, i* unprecedented, and ia very good evi dence that the market ha* touched bottom. The advance in pricne haa eome almoat too late, but we have no doubt many who were hanging over the gulph of bankruptcy, will be raved, although at the laat moment The reaction that haa taken place in tbe Liverpool market nuat create re newed activity in thi* great ataple, and apread quite an excitement through the aouth. The new crop will aoon be coming forward, and the change that haa taken place in the movement* of thi* article, muat exert a very fa vorable influence on the new aupplie*. More than two third* 'of the apeculator* in cotton for the paat aeaaon have become bankrupt* ; the aouthern market* have been very much deprei?ed by the repeated report* from Liver pool of tailing price*, and.thechange on the other tide will he hailed with delight. A* the advice* per the Bri tannia and Weatern apread over the counfry, every thing will brighten up, and once more become prosperous The European advice* regarding the grain crop* can not be coniidered very favorable for the producer* of thi* country, however much ao the change in the weather may be on the other 'aide. The crop* throughout Oreat Britain had been much improved by genial ahowera, and the proapect* were improving for an average harveat. The monthly return* of the bank* of Oreat Britain for May, ahow a decreaae in the circulation of promiaaory note*, and in the bullion of the Bank of England. Bank* or Orrat Britain. England March 4. Mrch SO. Jipl '7 May 27 Bant of Ei,aland,-?2'.*71 (WO 2i',8l".nno 2 .839 000 21, *4,001 Pr-ml Bmks, 4 992.709 1 98S 616 5 29.,239 5,H',83n Join'S nek Hank*---3,427,189 3,302,363 3,752.867 3 688,413 Scotland Pri?-te -nd J' int 8-nek Bank., 2,684,191 2.610,712 2,714,627 3.041,079 Ireland ? Bmk of Ireland,??? ) 1'fi at* mid Joint >3.609,690 3,577 100 3.625,925 3,663.500 ? tcck Bank*, .... J2.128,498 2,424.072 2 377,446 2,211 722 Total ?38,612,387 37.953,893 39 585,104 39,233,544 Bullion in Bank of End .nd, ?16.011,000 16,322,000 15,844,000 15.572 600 The bank* of England, and joint atoek bank* of Ireland, ahow a falling off, while thaae of Scotland and other* of Ireland have increaaed their circulation*. The decreaae ha* been in the Bank of England ?836,000, private banka ?163 409, Joint atock hank* ?73,464, joint atock banka of Ireland ?116,724. The increase haa been, in the private and joint atock banka of Scotland, ?336,463; bank of Ire land, ?37,676. The total decreaae in the circulation of all the bank* in the kingdom waa ?311,660, and in the bullion ef the Bank of England, ?273,000. The decreaae in bullion aince March 30th, the higheat point, waa ?760,000. It being pretty nearly aettled that the new ay*tern of bank, ing will be adopted without much alteration or much op position, the Bank of England haa changed ita policy and i? preparing itself to conform to the requirement* of tbe new p'an, by reducing ita circulation and bullion. The private nnd joint atock banks are atriving to get an aver age of the paat Ave year* instead of the last two, or aa a sort of compromise, they propose that the maximum of the paat two years should be taken aa the maximum for the futuro. The average of the last two year* is about ?8 000,000, the average of the last five years ?9,600,000. The maximum of the laat two year* is about ?9,000,000, giving to tbe country bank* ?1,000,000 more circulation than they would have under an average. Sir Robert Peel adheres to hi* first proposition, vis : that the Bank of England shall issue ?14,000,000 in securities, and the pri vate and joint atock bank* the average of the laat two year* Thi* being aettled, it may be considered aa adopt ed, The returns of the Bank of England to the 16th inst., compared with those for May, ahow a still further de. urease in circulation, and but a alight increase ia bullion. Bank or Eboland. May 24 June 21. Iner. Deer. Circulation," ?? ?21,ttll.OOO 2 ,327,000 ... M.000 D*|>o?i'w, 13 343,000 13.423,000 138.000, 31 780,000 31,916,000 130,000 Bullion, 16.010,000 13.900.0r6 ... 110 000 According to the returna iitued from the Stamp Otflce, the average circulation for the four weeka ending May Oath, was ?31,004,000, while the actaal circulation, ac cording to the Bank returna on the 34th of May, waa ?31 393 000. The Comptroller of Connecticut makee a eery fair ex* hibit of the Auances of the State Finance! or Connecticut. Payment* from the Treasury from March >1, 1843. to April 1, 1844 $00,337 Payment* into the Treaiury from March 31, April 1,1844 $89 #64 Balance in the Treasury April 1, 1843,. , . 33,10# 113,669 Balance in the Treaiury March 31, 1844 33,433 Permanent Fund. Bonk Stock not transferable? Hartford Bank, 1848,148# ihare* at $100,$148,400 Plienix do 890 do at $100 89 000 New Haven do, 374 do, at $300, #4 800 Middletown do, #93 do, at $100 S9,30O Farmer*' and Mech'* do, 7 do, at $100,.. 700 $333,300 Bonk Stuck pure hated and tramferahle? HaitUrd Bank, 144 ihare*, at $100,. . , 14 400 Pnenix de, 396 do, at $100 39.6O0 New Haven do, IB do, at $300, 3,800 47,800 $400,000 flAmong the receipt* into the Treaaury we notice an item of $10,000 received from the Warden of the State Priaon, a* attrpln* earning*. The total receipt* from taxe* amounted to $47 368, of whioh only $3,033 were from Bank*, Iniuraace, and Turnpike Companiea. The State Priion ap|tear* to be the moat profitable inctitution in the State, and yield* the government more revenue than any other aingle aource they have. The report from the Illinois Commi**ioners doe* not ?eem to have iiad a very favorable iufluence on the price of the State itock in thia market. In fact the move ments of the Commissioners are looked upon with a great deal of diitrunt by partiea here, and if the loan i* actually negeciated and conArmed, we may attribute the remit to the rnn.H rtinn (Sov Davi* had with the buainei*. Some time unee we puldiihed a letter from one of the Connnli ?iunkM wnttenin Loudon, in which he apoke in the moit iIim-i ura* ii g term* of the proipect then before them a* to ultimate success. At the time many doubted the sincerity of the content* of that letter, and looked upon them a* living intended for conauviption in thi* market for the purpoie of running down the atock here for the heneAt of whom it may concern. We were informed at the time that those who underitood the movement, go verned themielve* ac oriingly. We are not mrpriied that the credit of the State* abroad i* ao far below par. Thoie who have been entrmted with the negociation* of loan* in Europe have in many initance* bad a much greater pecuniary interest in the remit than any of their constituent*, and have luhmittvd to aacriAcr* and term*, which, at the time, they must have been convinced could not be borne by the people. We do not believe the Go vernor and Legislature of Hlinoi* will ratify the ar rangement made by the Commiiiioner* with the bond holder*, became they muit be convinced that the term* cannot lie complied with. The debt of Illinois stand* a* follow* State Drat or Illinois. Amount of Am't < / Population ? rop'n of Prop'n deb . interest. in 1*40. debt pr k'd. int pr bd $I4.7?J,8I9 8*2,22# 476,132 W:73 1.97 The annual interest on thi* debt cannot now be much less than $990,000. The debt will be Increased the amount oi the loan, swelling the total imlebtedne** to more than $16 000,000, requiring nearly one million of dollar* *nnu ally to pay the interest. The estimates and calculation! made as to the future receipt* from the canal,we can safely set down to t>e full one hundred per cent, more than will be realized. Thi* has invariably been the case in th* public work* of all other States, and we have seei no superior judgment exercised by the government of Illinois, in their internal affairs, to destroy thi impressions that the *ame mistake* will he mad' in this instance. It is gratifying to see the delinquen State* making every effort possible te meet the interest on their debts, but when ?? aee an additional tout con tree ted, whan we see the already large debt made (till larger, upon terma that oannet be ftilflUod, we cannot quietly look on and aee the people of that State pressed down deeper then they now are. Old Stock Kxcbnnge. V^NYo'ktViM iilS ""I? ' teeo Ohio 'M 97 V 109 do 41 10000 do 97 s 100 do 40V loae Ohio ey to ??? jo do Jo? Ohioe'l.'JO, 'J6V 2i Out<n Co ?V 4000 Kontncky 0'i 102)< 25 do JM?. ??0 75 ? do 60 ihu Ohio Trust 90 126 do 39 26 Blooingion KR blO 40 25 di 30V i ' 25 da 38* 4? 16 60 Hcediiig RR 60W do b?0 l?* 100 do 60V 1! ?r ? d1. ? L b3u <?* Ilhnoii 0' 60 JjUtiMt. 8rh,a 129 3000 do 60V 500 L l.ljtd Rlt 83 25 ihai M. hawk RR 61 do b30 14 26 do 83 V >?? do bOO 24 160 U 9 Bank |? 5? __ do 82V 25 Illinois Beak 20 40 Merchant!* Bk 187 25 We tern RR 76 Second Board. ?JERK"** 26 ah? Vor e.d Woic 55V ? ti? . ,M 17 M Canton CO 35 25 sbae Nor and Wore 56 135 do ww !? 4? ?S0 60 60 Farmers' Treat 40 90 do .30 60 25 do bW'dar 39V M do 60 25 go b4 40 Sew Stock Kxcbange. ?yeo Illinois o'e .30 45 V 60 .haa ronton Ce 210 40 ? a' 1$ ,0? 4? bow 40 ;?? do 45V 5 do aio 39 2J?0 do bnw 47V 5 do .10 39V 6000 Kontnrfay 5'a h3 >9* 100 do >10 WW ;ooe-Oftio6*..vo bJo ooj 30 ? b!S 1000 do how 9* 60 do 39 700 Kecfucky S's bnw 1<>2V 100 do (15 3<V ,2S2S 4" 1M> 1J? Virk.bore Bk 8 13?00. , fo. . H2V 26 Hurling Co ope V 50 ahaa L Island RR 04 25 do opi ? J? 4? *1 26 Saratoga RR .10 4o? 50 do 82V 20 Kre Htt .3 22 K i? , 04V 25 Stonington RR c 44 W 50 Hi 230 23v 25 do ,3 44 V 5? do 82V 100 do 46 ? ,do?? , ?8V 8V ?j? Harlem KR blO 79 50 do hl5 IV J? 4? b'5 n 25 N Am Trn.t bio 146. ?1? A ur aio 77V 25 h.rm.r.' Loan bl 41V 26 Nor and Wore 68 60 do bow 41 jj Jo bSS* 8 t b.szi0* 26 dS blO 57 50 d? b"W <U State of Trade. Ashbs?Pots are getting still lower. We now quote $4 a 4 064 Pearls are sUll very Arm at $4 131. There i* ?ery little doing in either description. Bnicao.Turr. - Our quotations for Geneaee ere 94 314 a 4 37J: round hoop Ohio $4 36 a 4 37J: flat hoop do 94 36, Michigan, $4 lbj a 4 31$; aouthern, $4 60 a 4 631 There have been a few .ale. lor the English market Just now the receipts are (mull. Wheat rungea from 90 to 95 cent. The following ia the atatement of breadatuffa received at Albany from the commencement of canal navigation, te the close of the month of June, in 1843 and 1844 ? , 1943- I8U. Canal open May let. Jtpril 18. Toll!,... 986,967 74 9137(146 69 Flour, bbla 363 164 444,670 Wheat, buahela a 17.076 63 964 Corn, do 30,117 3.670 Barley, do 3,034 0,636 We learn from Chicago, that on the 36th ult. that there waa more wheat on the market that day than any prtvi oua day for a long time. It waa taken at fair pricea, and the farmers leave town immediately for their respective homes to make preparation, for harvesting. Some of the early sowing will he ready for the cradle next week, and the later seeding will come on immediately. A large portion of the standing crop is out of danger entirely; tho ruat ia the only thing that can possibly prove injuri ous, now that grain is so near ripening, and much is be yond injury from that cau.e We can now assure eastern purchasers that the Illinois supply this year will greatly excoedthatoi any former one '66s is the highest price paid for good samples winter. A very choice load brought 66 for milling. The Cincinnati Chronicle ia of the opinion that the wheat crop oi Ohio this year will be nearly twenty mil lions of bushels, which is an increase of 36 per cent on the crop of 1839 About one half of this immense yield ?ten millions of bushels -will be a surplus over the an nual consumption ot the 8tate, which surplus, supposing it to average the low price of 60 cents per bushel, will sell for six millions of dollats. According to a calculation, the following is tho total quantity of flour and grain shipped from Canada this sea son, to the 36th ult Flour, bbls 130,000 Peas, bushels 60 000 Wheat, bushels 160,000 Barley 30,000 It will be observed by this table, that the total quantity of flour received in Montreal up the 28th ult is, in round numbers. 330,000 bbls. Of these, including the cargoes of the vessels then in port, but not yet cleared out, and also the shipments from Quebec, 130,000 bbls. have been shipped, leaving a balance now on hand of about 100 004) barrels. Canal Tolls.?Tolls received on all the New York State canala, viz s? To the 1st July, 1844, (being the first 74 days of navigation 9877,879 00 To the 14th July, 1843, (being the first 76 days of navigation,) 719,670 0(1 A. Increase,. . . 168,309 00 Of this increase there is, on merchandise from tide water? At Albany and Weat Troy, 963,477 00 On products from western States, vis :? At Buffalo and Blk Rock, 980,999 00 At Oswego, .. . .. 30,843 00 67,383 00 109,809 00 Leaving as the increase at all other ofllces.and being on products of this State, 948,000 (X Cotton?The market during the early part of th? week TM very dull, and pricea very much depressed Since the arrival of the Britannia, the market has dccid edly improved, and pricea art* much firmer. The sale* 01 the week add up about 1,800 bales, and the receipts foi the same period reach 8,100 bales. There were a few ?pinners in the market to-day. Shippers will not opera it at present pricea. We annex the current quotations LivaareoL CLAisiriCATtON. . Vplande S.Orl. f M?biU. Inferior 6 a 64 ... 6 a 64 " "* ?, ... 6j a 0 !i ::: ' " 7 a 74 9 a 9} Ordinary 6 _ Middling 6 a Middling lair,.. 7 a Fair 7; a 8" Ooed fair 5 a S| ... ? _ Fine 8} a 9 ... 10 a Hav?There ia vary little doing in bale hay. Commoi qualities sell at 30 a 23c. The receipts continue ver Provisions-Beef and pork are very inaotive, and price w ithout the slightest alteration from these last quoted Lard is in moderate demand at 6jc Whisxet- Drudge casks sell as wanted at 33)c. Wet tern and prison barrels are held at 33 a 33}o. Baltimore Cattle Market. Jolt 0.-There were 316 head of beef oattle offered fo sale at the scales on Monday, and 193 sold. The extreme of prices pmd wet e 9176 for inferior, to 93 634 per 10 lbs on the hool for prime quality, which is rquat to abou 93 60 a 96 net. Yesterday there were only 04 head offV-i ed, of which 36 were sold at 94 48 per 100 lbs. on the hool and the balance laid over. The supply of live hogs con tioues ample, and limited aales are makicg at 94 per 10 Married, On Sundty, 7th init. by the Rev. J. B. Herdenburgh, Mr. Qgoaog M. Carte*, to Mia* Emma, daughter of the late Richard Major, all of thii city. IHed, On Sunday morning, 7th init. Oaoaoa Washiivotor Kino, eon of Jamea and Margaret King, aged two yeaie and three monthe The frienda and arqnaintancea of the family are rea pectfully invited to attend the funeral, thia afternoon at 2 o'clock from the reaidenca of hia father, 331 Canal, cor ner ot Renwick atreet. On Sunday afternoon, 7th inat at 4 o'clock, of con *umpt:on, An* Eli*a, daughter of Ab-abam and Ann Dally, aged IS year*. ft monthe and 8 daya. The relaiivea and friend* of the lamily are rejueated to attend her funeral, from the residence of her lather 368 Houston atreet, thia afternoon at ft o'clock, without fur ther invitation On Sunday, 7th inat. Mr*. Bulah Roooebs, aged 63 year*. Her frienda and acquaintance*, and the member* ol Captain Wiilet'a watch, are respectfully invited to attend her luneral, from her late residence, ftl Lewis street, this afternoon at ft o'clock. $7- Philadelphia papers will pli ase copy. On hoard the brig J H. Steven*, on her pasaage from Port au Prince to this port, of cenaumptien, Mr. Pekbll, a native of the former place. Foreign Importations. ''ASTHIOISA-Bii? Persia?' Reported yrst rd<y)-2i4l hides 8 uosm egars 1 t'k< skins 2U0uc <coa nnts Ds Pe-st-rfc Whilinarsh?43 o?gs cocoa 13 do spa ie S tons Haeh* wood 2 cs ?alaam Murrey k Lmmaa?1 cut on tin Wetherill kSprngue ?lOtoui fustic W C Atwaier??8>8 hot s 7. \ hrisson k Co?I haas c ultra LswienC", IVlarrav k lagst'?t b' * P Harmony's Nephews?t pVge nuise W McOregor?1 do got 1 id, silver ti Do mingae*? I bag d.ubloons J B Retler? I do J J Fisher?I do Ha sev k ,VUe?nv. Maracaiho ? Schr Zerr sh?(Reported yesterCav)?19 casks balsam 101 hiCes Iftl b gs coffee I I), a ?ate I peg tiger skins A Aringartn?1018 hags coffee VI. sou k I hompson?I0S Co 200 hides I cask old copper 21 Co bItem Mnrrsy k Caiman?'47 bees ? off** F W J hmidi k Vogel?344 hides 7 bells gnat ehint I a , deer skins 8 bags cocoa 7 tons fustic 10 bbls mats William Linty. Poar ai; Pause*- Brig J 11 Hrevens?J200U pds logwood F fJnltin? 88 p s m.h- gtnv 4 bbls ginger E nogmli-? bds rags 4 bblt g.i ger (iiiflln k Hoyt MARITIME HERALD. Hailing Days of tk* Steam Ships. (TKAMKRS. FROM LITKRPOOL. FROM AMERICA Brum,in?. Hewitt Jaly 14 O. Western, Matthews Ju'y 38 rtiherrna, Ryne Jnly 4 Aug. 1 U Britain, Hoakea-?> Jolv II ....???? Aug. 4 Caledonia, Lott Jnly I* Ang. It Acadia, Jndkina Ang. 4 Sept. I (i Western, Ma the we Ang 17 Sept. It Britannia. Hewitt- ? ??? Aug. 18 Sept. 11 |J. Britain, Hoskun Aug. 31 Sent. 21 Hibiruie, Kvrie fept. 4 ????Oct. (J. Western, Ma*thews Oct 12 ????? ? < Ni v. ' 'J.Britain. Hosken---. Oct. 19 *Nov.l< Ship Masters and Agent*. W' shall est-em it a favor, if Captains "f Vends will git, ,0 Commodore RoagaT 811 it:* <,r our News Fieri, a iiep<,r if the Shippiug left at the I'oit whence ihet sailed, -he V< aaet IpoEen on their passage, t l.istcl iheir Cargo, nr.d tut Fo eign Newspapers or JNews liiey iuay have. He will bonul then immediately un their arrival Agents and Correspondents, .t n.msvi Abroad, will alao conler a favor by sending (?> tin. ?Ilice all tha Marina Intelligence they can obtain. Nasties Information of any kind will be thankfallr rnoaived. PORT OP raw YORK, JULY ?. ?4 Ml MOOR It ?7 SI | HIGH WITH I M I InliiC Bright, 48 d?y. from Hio Janeiro, with Ml be# J'" **41 kidea I kx rndae to Mason It Thnmtia .u; I bxs plants Starves It Beoue't H Shaw, aaauian, of Ph.ladeiphia. died Id m*t. of conrnmpuoD. Sicilian bria Carolina, Creachio, 54 dan from Palermo, via Boat ??. id ballast. to A Pa'tnieii Bfi? John H Huvooa, Hall, II daya from Port to Prince, with lot wind. >o J H Steven, British brig May Flower, Ns. with plaa'.er, to maatar ,? ua,a iiuui ran an rlirw, w 1U1 otwood. 'o J H Steven, _ , . British bug May Flower, Cochran, II day, from Wiodaor, ?JS. with plaatar, to maatar . . Schr Chesapeake. Poet. I day, from Horn Key, with 30OT boahela aa't to A G k A W Ben... Tie weather coutmu d very drv, and produce .caice. ... . .L bchr Pearl, Marai.all, 3 daya from Labec, with plaster. to the mait-r. Schr Amelia, Terry, 3 daya from Baltimore, with mdaa, to Schr^??ria. Homer 6 daya fiom Altaandria. with floor, to Hitche?clt It Co .... . , ? Schr A> n, Hopkiaa, 4 daya from Viriima, with tobaeeo, to J*8-hr wlier Bird, Ribbins, 3 daya from Cherryatone. with applet. to master. _ . , Schr Prodouce, Collnm 3 daya fm Cherryatone, with applea. | "schr'ipafk, Williams. S daya from Smith field, with appl*a, to ID ??tPf , . , . Sle*mer Tigress. Hart. 68 hour, from Richmond, with mdaev to N L McCVarfy It Co. I ?(?low. One ahip, unknown. Correopondenco off Use Herald. ? Rhode leL?Nota Orrica. I Nnwronr. July# 1844 J Art Sd Loo. Philhroek. Thomnten for N Yoik; Franco., and y aaex. Fall River for N Yoik _... , , Air 4th. t harlea, Milton, of and forTaaoton, from Philadel phia wi'h e al?waa ?? f ul i f in a ihiek lor. ?a Wednesday about 1)4 p m, by steamer Mok can. haoee f r Stnnirgt n ; had all larboard rgf air PP'd several stanch ona and rail broke, and s'ern r'pprd off on t. at aid- down to t' e water a e-'ge; rx n cted she wood sink immediately, fni made out to kee_- n-r afl iat. the wind beintr favr hie, and to Iget in here Vesael mm ad Also arr. Rie> ?i. Darfee. and Emily, New Yotn lor Proe dance; Nnti.e, N York f r Tannton Arri'h O-ator, Ash, IN York fo' Pioe deroe; Curlew, I ?rd. "i' ton for Someraet; Anna Parker, Brown, Albeny for Fall ^i'h?Exprcts to clear to-day, Wm Lee. Wimpenny, Pac.fic Ocean. MlaceUancoua. Foreign Letter Orrick.?The Etnera'd, Hone, for Haera, will sail thia m irniug. Her letter bags will close at U o'clock. Brig Silurian.'Br) Rt Boaton from Newport, W evperi enc.d very h-avy weather throu h?>a' the passage?shifted p rl of car* ? i??entf tiovi, f?u?l wtowM if again. Lo?t part of bnlw rka, the upper brace of th? rndd-r, kc Miastvo Vt.irL-*rhr Km oror, Shorei, ol Taunton, tailed from New York four or lire weeka tine# for Richmond, and hat rot ainC* been heard f om. Launch.?A he utiful .hip <f abon' 180 tona. was rejn ly l.nnchrd ?l Blneh'll. Ma. en'led the l ame oo. o ned par'ly to New 1 or'?, and partis hy Captain Sinclair, of B and it to be commanded by him. ffl e ia iuieuden for a Caba trader. Notice to Maurlnora. Horto Kowo. March l.-Tbe Alligator. ? yok, arrived her# fnra Sydney. NSW r porta that on the 9?h JAynary ahe fell in with an unknown ?e*f. in Iat 7 56 N. Ion 154 *0 Et m form of a horse shoe, to the extent of at least 18 miles Whalemen. Arra- New B-dfrrd *th iuat. Pae He. Leevitt, New Zealand, wtth 1950 bb'? oil 57? ?(> Sc?oke off Cnrtia Rock. XZ M rch 18,0'hm. Nichole. N nt. 32 mo.. 800 Mil.; April - Noble, nwenev, N?w Suffo'k lOOwh. for NW Cneac. Cld }th Sal iv Ann?. Clark. Indian Ocean; Kabiaa, Nickeraon. do and Pa eifie; M Mapoiaatt, < f Mattapoi.ett. Biiah'man, Atlantic. Cld at ProTidence 4ih, Knroy, ) iihar, Indian Octan and N W Coiat. . Spoken. Jane (Br)48 -"aya 'mm Ooerutev far da'e, '?w'.aVv""'aswssMiNOH?. ''"w.rlkwlof iv'ew York ateeriug NE by E, Jane 28, Iat SI, '"oaeyea. S?che. 19 daya from NOrl'ana for Marfillea, Jnce 23.'at 33 21. Ion 7138. , ? , Velaaco, Ch 'ate, from Boaton for Hayana Jnn? 30, Iat Sfi 10 Lncre'ia, of and from Providence for Pictou, June 24, off C l^ntenf?Clark, 3 days from New York for Matar.iat, Juoo 29, l*t 37, loo 31. Foreign Porta. Livr.aronL. June 22?Arr Camh-i'lge. ?'"'ow.lwj* >?rk; Tncmva Bem.ett Chai|r(ton: Nicholaa Biddle. Mobile. 20lh, Laura. Snow; Movntvi-e-r, Bogart. and Robt B uc-. Y';u?k. N.W Orleans; Ccmpton, Chnpmvn; Jo-ephv, Leitch. and Ladv l.ilford, Beo't, t'h -rl-aton; Affahan, Black, and Ere-gme ., Henrv. Mobi'e; Helen Thompeon. Peine. N York; Suaquvhan uah. Mie ckeu Phi'a'elph a; Roht Bum, Mcenaer ^P ?" ehicnla; Sarah k Araelia M -tteaon, NewOrle-nj. Bid Rohart, Rohincn, Hung Kong Arr 2!at, Robert Paik r, D-viaht. NOrleana; Pac.flc. Hill, do; Proetdeaee.XornRrth, M' bile; Manco, Apalachicola; Oaijtea. O;kao, Charl-atoa.? Cld 19'h, Pioreer, Alexandria. l)C; Pertnahirs. NYork. Lilleas. hence to Rio Janeiro, has put Iwek with dama*e. l?.ky, having be?n >n contact llth mat, eff Bardaey, with the Ohi ?. Lyon, from NYork. Hull. June 17?Arr A'debvran, Fiahwick, NOrleana. Cowaa. June 20?Arr Aotoleon Ht?ana. Falmouth, Juno 19?Off, Aden, from Mobile; 13 h, Ken tUo/AT^?i?ijJj*uoe28? Bid Nstehex, Boston; St James, New Dartmouth, Jane 17?Off, St Cloud, of N York, for Ham bUSALCOMBx. June 17?Off. DabI Webster, Malarxaa forHam b,ICAnDirr. June 17?Sid J k Mary, Philadelphia. Glasgow June 11?Arr B'olliera, Marshall, Mobila. Cltdx, Juqv 30?Sid Bu>li- gton Boaton. Havre, June 17?Off, Broth'ra, from Charleston. Calais. June I7-Arr Oenoa Packet Charleston Bilbo A. June 10?Arr Gibraltar, NOrleara. CnoiaaTADT June 1?Arr Meateoter. Boa'On. Jo-ell?Arr K Pnndeeaae t aroli.e, Charles ton;; W F W Broderaon, Htoniogton. Stocrholm June 7?Arr Siappopp, NOrleaaa Elsisorc. June II?Arr N-jad-n, arid Apollo, NYork. Brxmeh. juue 13?Arr Virginia. Baltimore; Agnoa, Naw Orleaoa; Caroline, NOrleana .. . - ;k? Hamburo. Jore II?AtOacar, Lorenix,New York, Jibor Snow. Havana; Kth. Lnuia?. NYork Helvokt, June II?Arr Hollander,NBodrord; Ann. NYork, Wm k James Philadelphia. ? "lriRL June 18- Arr OeoStevens, NOrleana; Jenny, Naw York; 14th, Charlotte, NYork. Schkldk. Jane 18-Arr Mmervn, NOrleana. St Jaoo, Cuba, June 33?In port, Oen Brooks, Peko. from Boston, wtg; Phabe D, Seeley, for NYork, Ida; Lurlew. Cro well, nrd He'ena, Oew, from NYork. Passed off the Mora, a arhr anppo ed the Ostrich. Ellis, from NYo k, konnd m Ciisruxooe.Cuba, Jure33?In port. Adelaide, Sidnek, for Boaton. Idg-only American. Sid 19lh, Elixv Borgesa, Wil ''"bar^coa! June 31?In port, Pacific, Smith, far New York, 7 daya. Oort u e, for Charlntor, aid 4 days hofora Hio Jaskiro. May 81?".port. Inca, Conklior, and R H Douxlaaa, Nomlle. ot Baltimore, di g; Amelia Mulholland, Millmgton, and Maxeppa. Smith, i f New V-'tk, do; Louiaa, -h-iver, of do.for Boaton,1 data; Susan Mary, Conner, of Baltimore, for' ape of Good Hop-; Leda. Dewing, ol Bvetoo. .<iag. Franklin, Snow, cf do, wig fit. Kaatueky, for Coaat of Africa, aid 2 weeka before. Home Porta. Portland, July S-Arr Exremet. Sawyer. Roodoit; Dorcte Howes. O good,and Baaan. Oaeaod, Krneebeefor New York. 1 h. Tangier, Park, Ma'aoxia. fid Old Colony. Cna?e. Caba; VYaDon. Dochray, Goedaloope; Heiriel. Dunning, Pictou Salvm. Ju el-Cld Fa?field Burr NYora_ . Boar os, July ?-Arr Jehu Odiin. Han' *er. Trtntdad: Nep -une Fo t r. do; Turk. Eldridge. Ph ladelnh-a; Sneedwell. Pr-tt, Mamcribo: Mvrtha Kinam-n Wait O??rgeiown, DC. Father, Km'ry; Chaatim Hamor; Wyoming, Niekerao-; fcdw Fraukhn, Grav; Cimer.Ha, Bntg-at. and bqnirtel, Tildeo, Phila lelpbie; Daci-1 Francis Small. Jetemte lith nlt-ief-no 4m ve ?el; Slawmnt Earrar. Savannah; Nartagauaett. Baker. Richmond; Ta quia. Paine.Freo.riekanorg; Hellespont Wood ? ury, B-I'imne; ti'arloB.Col-ma-, Albany; Vail, Nic>.ols >aw York T airgraphed, Cere .from Bayannah. Siinal for a brig Cid Fraaklm Masse t. East ludi'j; Cai o. -Mur oeh, Li verpool: Emerald, [of this port, late ol Pror.deneel Bahaoo. Madeira and a mkr; .Ma son. Cole.'an, Coracoa; Will-a Par. ?am. Cook. St J hn., PR; Robert Mil'a. Lawleae. Mataoxae; Pho. w Ren. Oeoraetowu. DC; Chatham Davis., Baltimore; W n Pitt Rake , and Home, nowee. P"ila<*ei| hia; 1 r. J?o. Davis, ' alair. to load for West Indies; R h, [of this lott, Ute > [ Non ehoro. Me] Pe d e o-',C ne'en. Me; A d ', HieNmond; Louisa, Otis, Alnv y and 1 roy; Met j B'gelow, Baxter; Henowu, Lnvell. and Faner.Ch ae. N York Arr ith. t arumn, Heamer, P.e'un; Silurian [Br] Moon, Newpoit.lA ; P. arl, Ha-diu., and Sao Ryder, Phil dtlohia; Crgoet Cooper, fort au Prince; Marv k hlvbeth. Harding, OcraC'ke; North Carolina, Tr pe. Notf .Ik; Omiitnbo. saraiy.t. I hi aile phia. Nxw BxDroRD, July 1?Arr Ge. rnana, Lot'. Albany. Edoabtows. Ju y 4?Arr aevral achia boand EaatS Le*d'r, Rnaaeil. N Yi rk. Sid Caapiao. P-tteraoa, Pmladelphia; Ltad ar, Nantuchrt. and o,her? boand E , . Wtiaiit, Jnl? I?Arr Barton, le?rnham. Richmond^ Proviuknck. Julv 4?Art Jan ei Lain 4d. K end Knah. Niek.raon, Pbiledelphia. Bid 4th, Thomaii Feuner. Nieaeiaon do; Divid Belknap, Newbn.g. Arr 1 Iv. cagrange. Howard Frederick hurt; Splendid H-tundars; J F Cronch, i"ow.|in; Penobacot, Hoag; O eaon, Winea. and 1 1 Hertme Prown, Philadelphia; Emily. Oonld, and Ornament, '' '"alt^mobi1, July 1?Arr G?rm. Lmeoln. Ponce; N; rthnm beilaud N?aon, Ch?r!eaton; G-n T-iyloe, Brown, C.|*i?, Semi McDowell, Hnlae. NYork Sid Naotilus. Reed, Mjatevieoe; ldRicHMOtsDBJoTyn5-Arr Mtrielta Burr. NVnrk Hid'4an, Notes Suiuinaton; Spy, Somera. New York; Wm W Wyer, AMoaiL^"j?*i 29?Cld Staai eh SnMlinga. N York. Naw uaLEesa Jn e 2?? \rr lo O a me, Wineh'll, Matan xv; B.r i iiig-am. sobiaaon and letlon. M?naon, Boator,, [8 em] Ar'aua Bieme-; Mi iott, N York. ri Law ?uee, C'-urcn II Havaiiii h la Mar. Cld Lydia, MiJ ? d u n. Hm i: New Yoik lal Wright. Oalveatmi lowb at Pant-ici ta.i'.itv the Hen-y. Noyei, from N ? ork. aanore e tji# lit a, near A tld-r'a Bavna. **? IMPERIAL HOTEL, Oppotilt the New Anise Courti and Railway lion, corner of ' ROE ST. JOHN'S LANE AND ROE STREET, LIVERPOOL. JAMES MOHQAN Proprietor of he ibon n'w ud cmn inodnu. eatubliehmeut, respectfully ioferma Ilia fnenda and the nob ie tint it ia now op.n Tor the reception of Private Families and O nth men With lie Hotel it i ombined and el riant anil ritenaive Coffee Room, News Hootn. end r- vera) private Sitting Rooma, litud up ia a alyle suitable f?r rhe rec-ptiou of Families . nd Visit ors. 0- fort raccommodation of partiaa requiring riny brank la ta. Iiiiirhenna dinnera, Ac.. Ti e aleepii a dap-irtnieot will b- nnder the peraonal ?uperin tendance ol" Mrs Morgan, and visitors withconfi d'nee. that in thia eaaeiitxl particular eomlort, naatueaa and Con>eniaace hate brcu carefully alndied The '.utiuaiy and Cellar detriments will embrace the choi ce>t Vi'nda. Wines A ? , which can be obtained, and J. M. t'Ua'a that hia own lertioga, aided by the aaaiatance ol ripe r euced wa lera, nnv recme the pprobation ol tratellera gem rally, at the aatne time thi acaleot chargea will be alnetly mi derate Prxate Rooma for large or sma'l Dinner Partiaa. Hot, Cold, and Shower Bathe tl?a,a ready t.tery informition respecting the departure and arrital of the iirioua Hallway Traiua Se m and Sailing I'acketa Ac To Strung- rsvriutia Lverpoil, it maybe uecertar. to oh terra that The Imperial" is centrally situated, within view of, ando ie raiunte'a w ,1k f t>m tha Literpool and Mai cheater, and Orand Junction Railway Staiione, and imitirdiately oppo aite the New Aaiite Courts ; it ia alio contiguona to the pnu ciimI Theatres, and other placet of public raeort. N. B At T avallere are frequ ntly mialad. plente deaire the driver to procard direct to the Imperial. jJO laMdt TO DENT1.-JT8. DOR SALE?A eery handeome Cuaol Inatrnmenta will be ?T aold at a fur price Any peraon wiahing to pn'rhaae, pleaae addreaa "Degtiat," thia office. j] m DOAHDIMi AT 27 COURTLANDT STREET?Singh E? gentlemen or genteel familirt can he accommodated with board and comfortable rooma, constating ol parlora and, if r? quired, bad rooma adjoining, at 27 Courtlnndt atreet, N Yoik MRS. UEKE The French language ia apokeo in the family. J.-22 Im eod-'m CHEAPEST ILLUSTRATED WORK EVER PUBLISHED. PART I. JlfST OUT PKIteET ?v ENTY-KIVK CENT* PAkNE'S UNIVERSUM : or, Pictonal World-kdite, hy t he.r ea Edwarda. Erq. heirg a t ollectibn of Ergrai inga of Viewa in all Countries, Portrait! of Oreat Men, and tp' cimena of Woika cl Art, of ail agea and a| every charaetn wii| he ouoliahad in rinntbl) I'aga.rach containi ig /bur highly Will he ouoliahad in vmnihl) rags.rach contain ig four ruga ly tnlihetl Sleel Engren ingt, from new plaiaa. pri i'rd on Ce , j qaario p*,er. anu will ce if romper led with eight to twain pager let'f r prraa. the auh.cribera of the Pictorial World (for ona year) wi' be preaaoted with Three Premiums. (tea p'otpectaaJ CHARLES MULLER, JaM Uawlw*ra No. lit Naaaau atraat, N. T. AUCTION SALES. A UCTION NOTICE?8*1# ?f Green House Plants, Trues. ?O fce.?In South Brooklyn, on the premisesknown as Rus sell's Gird en. in Heury nrar Atlantic stmt. on Tuesday. July 9th. II u'clo- k, consisting in pari of Ho* ? I ine m, Al lias, Dshlus, Helitropes, Mag o'in. Catcv>Iari*,Hydr<uice*< splen did isige Rhododendrons, in tab*. soma valued at $200, lico mtimua, '??ranumi, Pinka, lie . lie Catalogues on the ground Bale positive, hy order of the Sheriff of King* Coniily. J. YV. SCHl LTZ, jl lt*ei Auetiunaar. HARE AND VALUABLE GREENHOUSE AND GARDEN PL *NTM WHUSSELL. Kio'iat, Sc. Henryi afreet, Brooklyn, re ? si*ctlully inf rau ?i* f'ivndt and the i ublie that the ah*1 iff will a*il on Tuesday, Julv nth. at II o'clock at hi* Ou-1 orn. (or th- balance due ou levy made by Men for SlMO, (via : about $100 I all thoae la'g* ana n aamficeat plant* of R bed ' d-ndroaa, Kuaaelleanun, Urandrfloram and Alalia (ndica A' ba. wi h nil hi* new collection, Eredling Rnododeadiona, Aa? liea, R >*et. Itc ; and aa W. R. ha> uo mean* of prerenliag the aalr. he par icularly inritet hi* 'riendaand the rublic to attend, when they wll hare au oppoilnnitv of seeming acme i f tha io?t tupeib Flowerii g PI ntain th* world. jjllt'irc VALUABLE REAL ? STATE in the Eighth Ward of * the city of Bro' klvn ?Will beaold at public auction, at 1 the M-rchaet*' Exchange in the city of New York, on Thura day, the nth Inly, 18M, at II o'clock, by Wilkiea A Hollioa, auctioneers 100 v<Inside lota on both aide* of the atl>at lead ing from the third avenue. in the city of Brookl)D, to tha Grreuwnod Crmeiery, ana alio lota ou Ike adjoining stfe and the Third and r on-lh arennea. L kew aa tha rilnabU Water Lota or landing place in front ol rhe premises, on Gowa n< Bay. Tki* iropeity it adjicent to 'he city of New York. Omni bn*?ea run to tha raouth and Fulton F-r iaa. To m-enaniee and oili- ra da irmg to nnita c ureal-nee of location and an au surpass-d ri w of f a city and Bay of New York, atara y modem-outlay, ihe pmaat tale offer* a moat adraniageoua oppurtnnity. 1 arm, of payment liberal. Sa'a rositive?tit's perfect. , Apulv to heanrtioee ra, 17 Bend ataa-t, New York, or for | lithograph e m-p* or iuf irma'iun aa to tula. Ac to ISAAC C. DELAPLAINe, Coboaallor at Law, jy2 9t' m 7 New atra-c. B ?AiiD WA ul'h D ?A lady with her family, conn-liag of a ton ai d dtushter want permanent board in a reap-ct able h u>e in th* vicinity of the Park Two room* wil' -e required Appl eatnius by letur, add retted to A B C. at this ' to -, will r-ceire immediate atteotio . jg lt*jgb TJOARD? A (Jeutlriu*n and hia ? i'e cur be ileaaenilr *c ^ ? uniinodat-d with b laid, and a fine air, room ou ftr?t floor, i f th- n-w aud modern built nonae No tl Forty Ji -t Alao one or two aaiall r-omt ?u.ttble.l ir gentlerni'ii and their wirea or aingle gentlemen. There are but few bmtrdera ih-family I quirt, lo< niion ph ? atut and courcuient, and the term* -re suit I aa no one will object. jg |i?e? LOOT?A not- drawn by Jebruder Hei-a ou Heiaa, Br thers A t o, moor ?d b? < ha le> Wmt-nried. payable to Kr dr ? hiut. Hipp for $800, thirty ilitaafter tight, waa lost on ihe ah mat Ihe public arr cantionad again t urgotiatirg the tame, a, pay m nt ol laid n't- baa be n stopped. Al*o a pocket ??. '"B PfiPete of value only to the owner. Our dollar reward ?ill be paid for the recovery of honk and paprra ifoUbny ?tr>rt, N >. )t 3t*ac SUPPOSED TO BE STOLEN. A BAY Make AND Wagon, hired n he ?tH of July, to a m*n wh# Called him.ell Robert Morns, to go a* lar a* Bo uhitn The said Morria it about S l*-t ( tncli '1 in height. light com pinion, fee rather thin, wore a white hat, (rock coal and ga >er ahoe*. The above Mare it a bright bay, with 1-ng tail, about I5H hau-i.big , aud about 8 or 9 yea-a o'd Buvgy Wagon opeu frout, with drab lining, and calico alio linn g Ha'ueav, braia u.ount-d, and bar but Whoever will return aaidma*e, wagon nndihi-i or give iuiormttioa * h re th?y may be lound, will b* liberally rewarded by applyn a at THURSTON A . ... - TOWNSEND'9 Jyl 3 *rrc Livery Stable, 71 Rea<*e alreet. ATTENTION-EMPIRE GUARDS. u'elork m I nil nu.form By order ufthe^apjW". 0rJ<>t,y j8 It'fC ? ? sHIRl' HANDS. Of) KIRHT RATE HaNDs vrh hive been in the habit w* vv i f unking Hoe Shirta ?It will lie nve era for any to ap p y ? icept thote wh are quit- competent to d ? the o at of work, a* no *1 p work it mide in th- above eataoliabmeut. T''ev wou d b-nrvlerred where there sre a-veral in i lainilr. The heat of prio-* -itlb. paid and the be?t of work iquired, an, 1 cnustoi' inpl'iym i t tbr- u hnU'. h-yiar A a mp e of work or good rem e cewil b-t-q-rr-d A-'lily at the Sign ol tne O dfliu ?ith,27l orosdway, corner > f Chambers street, jl Ifec DRILLINGS? DRILLINGS-DRILLINGS. A SPLE ulD ASSORTiVlr.NT, n-w attli*. iu?l r?c-ived 'A an I u ill be made up to ordtr at our tis >al iroile a e miner. WM T JENNING* A (*(' . | jy8 2'vVec 13 Broadway, op, o*ite th-Fountain. u AKU ?The bob crib r re |ectfn,ly anuouncra that th Near York .vitiieum will remain cloud durn-g ihe waini weather aud re-open early in aeptember. wheu'he hope> he I >h-notice of tie pub ic each nov-l ahall b?' able to pr sent to tie* a* will euauie hnn a contn uioce of the'vervl,be al'patr'on ag* ha has hiitmno aiperieuced. H. BeNNE'I T. jyl t' rrc 'J'HE OTTO COTTAGE, HOBOKEN. GRAND INST RUM r-NTAL CON? ? Hr?. EVERY MOvllAY, ?ve.DNr.buAV AND hRlbAY - Hnbt-rrb r take, pi-aiure in announcing to his Friend* , and .he Pnblic. that he h-a m,d* arnuigementa with the celebrated Cornet Band, under rhe rlitction of Mr. All-n Dodrw rih for the t niprae ul living a aerirs of lustrnmeut?l concerts on the above day*; and h- hop-* by ?,> doing, to make it still more agreevb'a to those who have ao liberally patronixed him. Fir?t Couceri thia afternoon. J *ly 8th Refiaanments of all kind* fnriuahad with promptn-st and of the very beat quality. L. SCHWAR1Z. jyl Jt*rrc A PRACTICAL Pb INTER who has had several years'X perience aaa newspaper editor and who likawia* it p aeti caliy a-qnainted wiih bo <k-kreping in all pa details iadtsn on* of abtaiving e nploymvnt in either or all ol th* so -ve rapa cities, iu town or country,to'th or south or in any ol the mi?* ?iouary or other printing offi es abr-ad?or he wonld la-e c a ge of a hnoka'oie, or asami in a scnoo', for both of which ?tationa ha is fully qualified. Ha would have no obj-ction to engage for a trim of v ara, at a moderate to peataunn. Ad drti T. K. G., Po.t Oflic*, Boston. All letter* inuat be pn?t paid. T he eeu'ttiy of tha press is solicited by a brotheg Hffjlor t- giv* th* shove publicity. jt 3fec TO RESTORE, BEAUTIFY AND DRESS THE HUMAN HAIR. TO ACTUALLY FORCE ITS GROWTH, AND CURE DANDRUFF, *c. TRIAL BOTTL ES-THREK SHILLINGS. ?pO THOSE who have used Jones's Coral Hair Restorative *? know it* excellent qualities: to thoae who have not, w# say that the fact of our eelling t shilling bottles mutt prom the truth of our atatem-nt?and that we are not afraid of persona Dying ? ?mall qnantityol it first. Wc warrant it to possess the following qualities:?It will force the hair to grow on any part where na ture intmideil hair to mow, (top it falling off, cure Scarf or Dandruff, and make light, red or grey hair grow dark For dreaaiog th- hair aolt and ailky. nothing rireedi this It is, in deed, the most economies!, yet superior, article tnadefoitbr .-old?price t, 5 or ? shilling* ? bottle?at the feign of the American Eagle, |2 Chatham street. New York: 119 Fnlton at Brooklya: 8 State >tract Boston: 1 Ledger Buildings. Phil', delphi*; 197 King street, Charleston, B.C. jj8 Im"ec T JONES' ITALIAN CHEMICAL SOAK HE HOKTblesaed and wonderful rrmedv ever discovered rr,r U?? a-rtaia and permanent cure of all Diseasesand Eruptions of the Skis rimples. Bait Kh-nm, Scurvy, Blotches; in {act. enr disfigurement: but the public most be on their guard ai aiavl DISHONEST COUNTERFEITERS, wnu attempt to conn'erf*ir thia valaable, and in its wonder -Ifecl. blessed srticle Render, be not deceived Ask for Jones' Italian Chemical Soap. If tliev offer yon another, do not toneh it. if yon use it, tit dangerous or naeless Ask particularly for Jon- s't Italian Chemical Boap. We positive IV warwtni the above in b- it* real qnalities; it alao ia the most ?nrpriatng roaaner Change* dark or yellow skin To a healthy, fine clearness Many may think its powers exaggerated; let sneh try it ona^ St has iu bondr-da of canes el-tr-u the skin of frecklea. Inn, sunburn, morphrw;it can alao be conscientiously recommend ed for old aor-t, ringworm, and sore heads Physician* can be referred to who nse it daily in their practice. mind it ia Jonea'a Soap I as done, and still effects these cur-t Get ,? no where else in thia city but al the sign of the A men ran Eagle. 82 I hatham street, and 111 Broadway, N. V.; in Boston si Rediling's, 8 State street: Zeiber, I Ledger Bail J ings. Philadelphia! 107 King street, Charleston, S c.: Giah Lancaster. *>.: a-d Mrs Hay , 119 Fnlton street, Brooklvn. L Island jyl Irn'ec STRANGERS BEWARE. IN this age of Qnackery aud Humbug i' ia moat important to rhooae en 'xiwuvoeed phya'Ciau ?Ur J. Evans has removed i,is old Galen's Head Diepei.aary to No 281 Pearl street, corner ol Beekmaa street, where be continues hi- most aitreordtsary arrsof all dehcale disetsea, no in-tter how complicated He apprises rhe citixsu' and strangers th?t there it no Dr Evans in his old Hand, and that he has n ? connection whtUver with any o'lter I flics His chimes am moderns?bit consultations atri tly i neat* N B?Observe the numbsi?mistakes aia olt?n dangerona?288 Peril ens t. r r Med cines and direcfione sent to any rartoflhe Union, by particularly stating the e te, and enrlosing five dollars, jl It'ec DR GRM.4GRY i> consuit-d cooAi.entially as usual, a'his residence No II Ba'tlay ilrift, rear the Park Or G is * i hi tinai and surgeon, who has rrac'iscd in t is brauch of hi-prole si <u MClusively for scve al years ; he his. ihsrefo s n*d i-itend rt oppoitu iti-s to pe f?ci ? t< st> m ol tealtnent io or y lUcom'-Uiuc not to be . s eetel from ihe general i recti toner His cores will in a I run he wt r-n-ed speedy k-d perfect Those ? ho ha?r fsi ed to obtain relief el** I ere, sie particularly iueited to cell ishurgea ia all c ses modeia'S. jvi I "rrc R)IM--VaL V BlSnOP Jr , Irnpo is-' f Precioui Htuoes, lie . has r- m vei bus i flic- Irom Ne. 44 to N?>. H Maiden Laisr I h- business - f J A 114)11 K, Importer ol Vu*ie .I In s'runeots, ? ill he cried on m the same establishment during Mr Km e s kb enc-in Eur ipe J??"ll3i.*rc SEA AIR.?A FINE SAIL I OWN THE BAY, DAILY, UNTIL KUrTIIEH NOTICE The htna?ho,t S' 1171 H AVIKl-ICA, 4 apt M H 1 ra sdell.wiiha new of p|, a saut'v end saf-lv ace minudatii g PrtniUrs with their -hildr*n. on sh rt h sru-*inns t, tl e i,owe- Bsy. fit the purpose ol fiewi g th' Hnrlyor, Ku'l-ticili-ns. Laud ?nd i <ce-io Scenery. wi'l m be a Dsi'f Trip (Suud-ys esr-pt ed) is- lair wea h-r, rowu the flav. laodma, girg and return ing. -t)n t Hamilton. i ry Will leaeeBeie'ay ?"ee'(v H ) 'MY o'clirh P.M. Cathe-ine st-eet (?. It ) ? t JJY. Pier No I |N R / ail, tourh at rare ry street st 4)g Amos stieet 4 "* and tela o <a t me to Uun the pasrerg rst' H?veu o'eloeb; eomnieaciog Monday J ilv I'h, 1444. ant 'ouliru- until 'u-th-r notice Kara I wauti live eenis ( hildrao ond*r '1 ya-rs of age half-price 0" The no t perlrct oider will be mnuteine I on hoard an i eyery efT' rt will he ma 'e to r-uder the eica-aion entirely p eiaant. The '1 rip will ha Omitted in etoraiy weather jjl tf rre b7~CARPENTER It ( "o'a LINE FOR NF.WBUKGI1 Lrndinit at Caidwen's, West I'oiut, Cold iSrr-uR, f'oriiweil nd Kishi'l landing , The steamboat J A " EH M A DISoN. Capt 4 lianes r w It lea*e ihe War-en street piee eyery Monday afternoon kt il o'el ? k, aud every TueaJay aad Friday at 4 o'clock. P.M. Returning will lease Newbareh eyery Tnesday mornicg at half past I o'clock, and eyery Wedaeaday and Saturday at I o clrck IB the a teiueon. All baggage, bnnll billa, bandies or parcete pat on board thia boat, mutt be et the r<sk uf the reap-cttve owners the-eol, unless entered npon the book of Ihs toat, or a bill of lading or receipt i? given lor the same jl Iw'ec FOR LONDON-Packet of th* 20th Jaly-The nWUV'p'eodid, fast seiling packet ship HENDRICK jgUftlfc HUDSON. Cspt Oairge Moore, will anil punctually u ah i?e her regular day. Thia snpennr packet hsa very Ana accommodations for eabin, , second cabin and steerage paaiengert, wh i wilt he takea at rer> reasonable rates, il early application be made on board, or to w.k i T. TapHCOTT, 78 H uth*tree'. corner Maiden l ane. Persons wishing to sand for their Iriends to come out in trie shio or any of the line, or who are about 'o remit money, est naltr favornhlc arrangeaieuta by applying na above. jltoMre Havana and princTpe TTkmrh-wooo "rwli, "evars, superior: 11 #00 De Moyaa ; JVMM l-a Norm-*; 0.008 K-culapioa: IS KM India f'eaadoras: M.SSt La Union. | in OS' Esperanaa, very fire ; ISSi Krnngarciaa; MOO * (Tirana-; eiOtlLauril: >S IKIO "l.a Peneteiiaa," sniwrior ; JS.nes Cuba He | garsy SO.oSft Jo?to Ring I'rineipe ; IS OOu De La < rat's?wi'l other rlioice brands making a complete ass'<itm- nt?for sal' cheap (or eaah, by the quarter bo* or ihoaaand, h? IRAA4) H RMITH.ISS frroat .treat, jtS Sw ltaw*rc oppoeite ha I ton Market. AMUSEMENTS. PiJjHU'k IDICW VOUK OPKltA MOVHK, CHAMdKH* STREET. ADMISSION ONE DOLLAR Doon open at hal'-piat T?Perlnima'.re lo ci nnnec at t. MADA ME CIN I'l DAMOREAlt Will make her id appeirau'e to?hi r departure for Europe. ?r,d will he united by MONn AHTOI' Muni av JUL k ?. PROGRAMME?TART I. In?Overture "Fill Oreheotia Id?'1 he boovenin of Bellini, Fuliiii f-f Violin, composed and riecited bv Artot I? Grand Arena nd l netto from the "per a of Cla re of Rutemberg, The PitCol end (he Poi ard. iiw! Auicuurii, Alio ruiui ihw uio i vi w?i bv .. big Vuiie1!'! ? end Banqoirico 4th?Introduction ~ * 'traduction, Recitative, and the Carnival of Venice, by Paginint, urcated by Artot PAKT II MAD. CINTI DAMOREAU Will lerfnrm Kouini'e Opera Hull L'lTALlANA IN ALOIKHl Isabella Mad Ciati Damorean Finn Miai Buniard Znlmn Sig Alberlaili Hi| Antogarai .Muatafla Sig Valnllina Tadeo big Sniquiico Hale Sig Mayer Overiure ??? Oicheatra N. B ?The Boa Office ia now open every day during the wank,f on 10 o'clock A M until 4 o'clock, P. M. whan mate may be aeeuied 'or the Opera. NIBIaO'B GARDEN. The enterUiuH am under ihe aole diiection of MR. MITCHELL. Dnora open at T?Entertainment* e mueuee at I precisely. MONDAY EVF.MNO Julyt t ? comrae- en with, let time, THE R? V'?L I OFTHK HAREM. Mahomet Mr Wella I limu' Mont Mi'tin Myiaouf ????Hen Korpao" I'lie P Deaurd at No Postponement attmaeatafclisMnen' on aecmnt of wea'her, aa 'he mod entrance from Broadway to toe Sa'oon ia protect ed. and the New Saloon, which ia vraii atad from the top and aidea. cm be aneloaed at a mouient'a notice. CA?TLI OARDBR. MAGNIFICENT DI-PLAV AND FINAL APPEAR ANCE'. OK THE SPANISH AND FRENCH TROUPES. EXHIBITION UK FIRE WO R KS ! 4 Monday 8th and 'Tuesday Uth July. Thee unp ny wll be aalnted on their entrance iet" ?t-e mag ailcent centre Area, bv the tupeib BRa 8b BAND, Led by the celebrated ?lr Lothian. The alrgant ciren'ar Fountain will cut op ita clear and beau tifnl wnt-ra In a variety of fanciful forma. A trend'howcr of Oo'd Rockets. and at 9 praeitelf. The light, airy atid m >?t truly elegant ol all air vanliera, HENRICO! will rtpdat by draire of aeveral lamiliea, lua moat vitraordiaary act nu LA CORDE Vi'LA NTE ! Terminating with a Viad Tornado succeeded by tha F.iENCH BHOTHE' 8. Attiradaa th* Roman A hle-m will exh bit a variety af FaaU of ihe Atmaand f tea ofihe Academy The who!e to ronc'nde wi'h -n Exhibition of FIREWORKS For pnrtieulart, tee Oil's ,,f tiie Day. i[~^ Admittance ?J een'x jS Jtee VAVXHALL. Acting Manager,* Mm. Tun in | Stage Manager-.Mr. Waleol. BENE KIT OF M KM TIM M MONDAV EVENING, Jolv 1. The nerf >rm?nce will commence with BROTHER AND 8I-TEK After which a dmcr hv MA D'LLE CELE8TE llbmeiMiifn of hmf no hoar To e -admit with the Comedet>a died THE MORAL PHILOSOPHER. A GRAND B ALL, which ?ill coiamruie at the Intermit aion, >od e -rtinne ro a Lte honr AMERICAN MDHKDDl, aokial garden AND P E RP ETUAI, FAIh, Corner of hroi-dwnv and Ann itreet. MONDAY. lULYi, IH>. POSITIVE!.V TDK U6T om AND BENEFIT OK THE GIANI AND Ol A iUTE-ia! UNPARALLELED ATTRACTIONS! TWO DW a RKS ! COL. CHAFFIN, AND RADDO SCAUF. TWO O' a.NTES-Eh Ad) A GIAN'l ! Mak in.-?'e large-1 'ma le'.' a d ?t"h r THE STRONGEST ATTRACTIONS ! Eve' known iu A- e I. a GRAND AND MoOMFICfcoT PERFORMANCES! At hal'-pnat 1 o'cl"eh, ii t. e ,e? ?r,d it 8 in the inn, INFANT SISTER> ! The moit turp'iaiiig little creattirei iu the world, will appear iu their Hi uir* and Dancra RIONORI V ALk'NTv LiNA, La'e from Euiop.-, will make her ftrat a pi en ranee. Mr. and Mrs WESTERN. MISS S. T. ADAIR. MR LYNCH. MR. CONOVKR. And otheia, will aprear. For farther per'icul-re, tec large and small bill*. Adm'ftion lo the whole 25 Ccnta?Childien under ten yea's, ha'f price 1)R. LARDVER'H LYCEUM. NEW YORK. SOCIETY LIBRARY, Corner of Bnrnl ? ay aud Lcpoa-d ifNt LECTUKE AND EXHIBITION FOR THIS NIGHT ONLY ! GREAT GAS MICROSCOPE ! TWO II U N D KD DIORAMAS. The Who!.' Collect on of Illustrations 'n One KTfniQg ! Ticket* 26 crnta. Chitdrrn half prir*.?To commence at* Quarter put Ki ht prerisely IVAONDAY EVENING, Jul* 8. 1144, Dr. LARDNER "A will give hit Discourse on the PLUttALiTY OK WOHLD8 Illustrated by a Splendid Collection of Teleaeopic View* of ill* Planets, showing the Ue..grtphical Character of ihe Sor fsce of several of them, their Atmosphere*, Clouds. Hno * he lie. In the course uf 'he evening, the Entire t'oll-ctioa of T# leseopic sad Scsnic illuifa ions will be rahibitrd, consisting of above Two Hundred Di ramas 'I he Celebrated Gas Microscopic Appirates will be applied te theaahibitiou ofau extensive collection of Entomological subjects, including Animalcules in a drop of water. 'Ihe highest power will teapi.lied te a Flea, which will be magni fier! to Forty-five 'vet in L-ngth. Optical Recreations, consisting of Illuminated Dioramas of Scenery ia Enrore and Asia Dioramie Views of Rnree, Pa lestine, Greece, and a Moving Pauorama of Jerusalem from the Mouat of Olivet To conclude with various humorous and fancy subjects, Rosed'Amour, the Tertitaller, the Opening Carnation. Ngvi gatlou ou a Small Scale, ihe Paeha'e Heed, he. he. jy0 im GREAT PUBLIC CONTEST, TJETWEEN the twe m-st r?uowned D racers in the world, p. the O-igiual JOHN DIAMOND^ and Da Colored Boy IUB A. for a >?'?ger ol $200. oD MONDAY EVENING J ly i'h at ihe BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE, wh-ch buildina ?i| hat been rsprestly hired fiora the Proprietor, Mr. Smith, for this oightnnly, >* its aeeimmodat' will afford all a fair view ot each step of three wonderful Dancers The f?u? of these Two Celebrated Birakdown Dancers lias already spread over the Union, and the frieodsof each claim 'h? Champ'ouship for their favorite, and who have atii.utlv wished for a Public Tiial letweee them and thns know which is to b'tr the Title of t e Champion Dancer of the World Tne time to dec de ihat has co<ne. a? the friends of J aba have rhallvnved the w rid to produce hie inf erior in th>a Art for tiuo That Challenge liaane-n accptrd by the Fne, d* of Dia m-nd and on Monday Evening the< me-1 end Dii.ce Thive J gt. Two Keels, and the Csmpiown Hompipr. Five Judges have been se|rct*d for their .th lity and knowledge of the Art, so that a fai' dc-i.ion will he made. Hole?Eaci Dancer will s-lrct his own Violin, and th? victory will be deiiued by the brat time and greatest number of stem. On thiaoccasion?Boxes Si cents: Pit 1SQ cents. Tickets foi sela at the Conceit Saloon, 74 Chambers street, and tt ,he Theater d"rlng Monday. ji l? -re s lu nM ? I lit new till. ?-si.,1 y PUII.II g No * ? au tre Market Place, suitable for a crorery or eaiiog h mo, _ud 'Wsril families. For t-imt aiply at 41 Ma-den , net ween IS and S o'clock jS "fe FNOI'A K r"a EK<H IP?1 he gnbtrribrr haeing lakeo Into C" partnersl.i , his saut, John It aid J-aeph B Taylor, - ? - the hnsireis will H-oalter ba conducted unrer ihe firm of JoHN TAYLCK k Hons. JOHN TAYLOR. Albany, July 4th, 1(44 NEW ALE?The undersigeed will be mabled to sunpljr their customers and othere wautiae a superior aricle Albany Ale, on 1 uesday, ?ih instant JOHN J AYLOR It SONS, No. IIS Warren s-r-ei, New Yoik, *ad j( Jt'm No II Ore n strwt. Albany. PRESENTS CTRANGERA visiting the cicv will find at our establish ? ment, Not. SM snd SM Broadway, bevond comparison the most elegant^aod_extentiv_e whole si* an d_ retail assortment of Y ARTICLES FOR PRESENTS ou this side the Atlanta, which we take pleasure in showing, snd sng-gt to sell at prices as low (saying the least) aa those of any other honse. Our present stock of Fanr.v Stationery, Umbrella*. Parasols, and Sun Shades Gloves. Kidirg Wnipv, Fans, Card Cases aud Tablets, Desks, Dressing Cases and Far'y Boies Parses Per fumery, Fancy Porcelain snd Glass, Gift, snd Mourn ing Jewelry, and indeed of ev?ry thing we a>* accustomed to import is el'etesod prf-ctas can be desired. A lull Caialogee has just been published a- d may be had oe appl,canon TIFFANY. YOUNG * ELLIS jell m sod isee OTTO VOPTV ON THE BE AGO 'COURSE 1 his greet I nBe*trim will perfnim Ms ? f Ridins Two llo ssi roand ihis Course, flue mile in two minn<es and t n seconds H? will also have a race oiih rhr* It.,inm I harie's a ter wh eh he will go thr nghwiha Pe fn>ma. c-with Halls weigh11 g Irom iw-o y to f. rty ponudg. throwing then, m the ? fruir air from h.e to ten leet, and catch them on his harr neck with oat (he aid i t his han * Performance to comm-me at JH o'clock, on Monday th? 8 h inst. At 4H o'.-lock, will ta'e plaee * Pa'n g Mat'h for $'(? be tween air Green's mare Fauuy O sen and ihe paring horse John c. Csllioaa. jilt* re urti*i> ua ut. \ .\j. r-> nvirctrn niv r.iv E. DAMON It i (g awill cnmsnnee on Moi.d y n *?' CailyP rka*e Firrets, b? the Troy d*< New Yoika.d Albany to the following |lir-s ? DAMON * CO.*8 HUD:ON RIVER EXPRESS oest, te ran a host, f-om on the river, VII I? Canldwell'a, Peekskill, West Point. Newhnrgh Fishkill, Poughkeepaie, Kmgs'on, Rhmefeck. I'atikill. and Hnilson Faithful agen's have been engaged at (Loseplarfv snt a spe cial agea'will ar Company the packets e.r h day. P*i?i-alar at tention will he puid to the delivrvv of small |ia Cala, rhe pur chase and sale of merchandise, and th- goWsttion of dra'ts, notes snd hills. Paicels mast he marked for Memos It Co 'a espress Oftrse for the r-cnpt.f paekaies at Harn'*en k Co, No. 1 Wall street, New York, aud Livingston. Wells It Pomatey, No. 6 Kirhange. Alagny. Dated New York. July g. 1(44 JafiJl* Hamilton jhousf-fokt Hamilton, long ISLAND?The anbseriber beg* leave to announce thsi be has made arrserrui'ou wuh the Sia'ee Island Aieatnb at Company to ran their h mi. oa end a^er Monday ihe l7th lost rn the ab .ve plaee, and for the special accommodation of ibe patrons and vis-tors lo this favorite spot Leave New York, from Whitehall, at ? A. M. and ]Q P M. Leave Hamilton House, retarding to (heritv at 7S A M d ?h p m_ alonzo rIed and 4* P j,? Itawistf re ME ..CVAflJW okleans.-louisiana am VORK LI N t ? Regular packer of g?e Mth < fapnTnol ' TT e fast miIiiik (target ship LOUISYII.I k C*l>i (Inui. will positively sail aa above, tier r?guiardny For Irrignt or passajro, having beans nine Inraisneo arc- mn-. datinaa, apply na board, at Orlsats Wt, ol Wallttrre* or lo E. K ( til.LINK k CO 6g K"nth st'ee rosi' ively nr goods received af'er iheevening ol rhe t.6th mst Ac , is in New Orleans?Messrs. Mallin ?.i I Woo'rn" ? ?. Will promptly forward all goods to their address Tr .ha packet ship Hanuville, Captain Cornell e.l .eec-r ha LoaisviUa, aad mil isch Aagwat. jytr* BY TH& SOUTHERN MAIL* MORE TERRIBLE RIOTS IN PHILADELPHIA. PhUadtlphla. [Corrcipendence of the Harold ] ? Philadelphia, Sunday, July 7,18M During the whole of yesterday St. Phili|'? de Neri Church, Souihwark, waa surrounded by crowds of angry and excited men. Late in the afternoon, people residing in the neighborhood commenced moving, and on the opposite side of the street the American flag was displayed as a means of protection. People seemed to have made up their minds that the church was devoted to de struction, and that as soon as night came, rit 'ous forces from Kensington would make their ap; ir ance and consummate this object. But the ci ?ti tuted authorities were, this time, wide Sheriff McMichael had summoned a strong f see ol the citizens of the city proper, who would n. i flto likely to he much acquainted with those ot S? ilti wark or Kensington, (the opposite extremes of mt city aod districts) and who would lor this ret -on be disposed toj>erforni ihf ir duty with nior? Pjoti u lude and decision. In addition to this, Gen ral Cadwallader's brigade was under arms, iu wbic h is included Col. Pleasanion's battallion of ariill- ry, with two field pieces Gen. Hubbell's brigade v as also under orders, and an armed detachment ot ho same was posted as a guard at St. Paul's Chut< li, Moyamensing. The ward police of the two districts were p r feclly organized and every thing was in readin m to crush any outbreak the moment it should occur. At about 6 o'clock >n the afternoon, the Sherili s noute was upon the ground, and in less than livo minutes afterwards, they had the street in front at the Church cleared to the distance of a square such way. Guards were then placed across the to prevent the influx of the mob Abciul dusk the troops bt gau to arrive; the Washington Blues. C*pt. Patterson, reinforced the second company of Mats Fencibles, which had been posted in the Church; detachments were drawn up in front of the pobco at the end of each avenue of approach. No hos tile demonstrations were made by the mob till soma time after dark, when a body of rioters, consisting principally of boys, from 17 to M years of age, from the upper districts, come down armed with cIuds and other weapons of oflence, and amid the most demoniac shouts and yells, made a they supposed to be the peace police of the bheriH. Their astonishment may be imagined, when in stead of encountering hickory and they wen- brought op all standing by the bayonets of the military. The police seized the moment of consternation lo make arrests, snd the noteis nea up Catharine street, aflrightmg ihs with their horrible yelling Tn?*y made a similar assault upon Si. Paul's Church, Moyamensing, wiin tlie same result. , , .. . Foiled in their attempts to break the lines, they returned to the vicinity of St Phillip's Church ana stood around in presence of the mi itary in l^econd and Third streets, shouting, hooting and rushing up and down the streets. At about ten o'clock in the evening this gang was reinforced by the dieotderly from all parts ol ihe city and county, and every thing indicated that matters were (.rowing ee"*-"" Second street for about a square was ihruiged, and ihe multitude exhibited the most menacing and determined aspect But the military and polic? stood firm ami unmoved. Presently s shower of bricks at the Third street line, which was the weak est, annouueed that the mob had resolved to make an another attempt to carry out their derigoa When General Cadwallader at the head of ( ol. rleasan ton'a regiment came down Queen street, the police made a rush into the crowd, clearing both up ana down Third street, making as many arrests as poa eible, and a company of men were then drawo .,cro-H the street with orders to fire should it be come neceasny. A piece of artillery waa also planted so aa to sweep away all opposition, and the timid of ih6 mob having fled out of the range of the shot, the more determined were seized by the police and put under guard. In the mean time the main body ot the rioters made a similar but more desperate at tack upon the Second street line, with rio better success, however, lor they were beaten off by the stronger force there posted. In the course of theae attacks General Cadwallader came near being un horsed twice, and at one time a platoon of military had their muskets leveled, and a wtitd trom their commanding officer would have strewed the stie*W of our city with the killed and wounded. Thero were eight companies snd two pieces of cannon upon the ground, and iit going among the ft*"! with a majority of wham I ant well acquainted, I heard the utmost readiness manifested to obey every roininand given. Hnd s determtnsrton to preserve ?hr peace, no matter at w hat sacrifice. Among the arrests made by order of the General, waa the Hon. Charles Naylor, formerly the whig member ol Congress, lrom the Third Congressional District, now and for sometime past represented ny the Hon CJ. J. Ingersoll. Mr. N. was attached to the Sheriff's posse, and when the General wao giving t! e cautionaty order at Third and Queen streets, "prepare to fire," he interposed by exclaim ing, " General, don't fire." This set of insubordi nation in presence of a mob, was the result ol Blia apprehenttion on the part ot Mr N. mirtooR it for an order to fire, and as he knew that a company of riflemen were coming down the street at the mo ment, lie interposed, as he imagined, to save them from destruction. As the proper method of com* municating this information should have been a mere whimper, Hnd a? the loud eRpretiion, don t fire " whs calculated to lead the mob to suppose that a part ol the police were on their side, the General had no other alternative than to order the gentle mar. under arrest, to which he promptly submitted. He remained under guard in the churah all night awfully chagrined ana pacing the room in a ing rage. Generals Patterson and Cadwallader were as much mortified as he, but they were com pelled to keep him in custody as the moral eneet upon the multitude by his release would certainly hHve been disastrous The prompt new of the military and peace officer* hud completely toiled the rioters, and at one o'clock this morning, all was quiet, there being no persona upon the ground hut the military ana a portion of the peace police of the district. Half-past 4 P. M. I have juat come from thn scene of the riots. A single company of militair, the Hihernia Greens, were left in charge of the Church at daylight this morning, and before eleven o'clock the mob had reassembled and planted two pieces of artillery before the doors. The panel* were then broken through and the prisoner*, among whom was Mr. Naylor, were all liberated. The Greens, however, maintained their station. The congregation of Trinity, Episcopalian Church, in the next street above, and the back part of which is nearly opposite St. Philip's, was dispersed by iho noiae m the midst of their worship, the women be ing dreadfully frightened. A number of gentle men succeeded in inducing the mob to isk# their pieces of caonon away, but not until they had dis charged it at the rear of the church from an ave nue leading from Christian street, and blown in the round window and shattered a portion of the btick wall. At the request of Lewia C Levin of thie city, the Hibernu Greens left the building to ap peaae the rage of the rioters, but scarcely had they left, when they were followed through the street*, and beaten with sticks, stones, and every imaginable missile. At Third and German streets the* were so hard pressed that two ol them tuined and fired, w< und ing, but not an T believe, killing any person. Theso two men were then chased into a house, but they were finally brousht out, one succeeding in making hisesCHpe, but the other was beaten in the most shocking manner, and carried helpless to the watch house. At Fifth and JmiihII another shot was fired by a squad of two or three of the Greens uoder hi in 11 s r citcuinstances, and one of them was left lor dead in the gutter by the mob. We are in a dreadful state, wuhoui law or order, the whola com munity apparer.ilvjoining in or justify tug the out rages Tlie aherifra poeee has been dismissed, and cannot again be got together; the military are tardy in assemblings and the mob has possession of the District ol Souihwark. Lust night a jeweller's shop underneath the " >pirit of the Times" office was burned oat, and rumor attributes it to design. Several Iri-h houses have bean atoned, one, a Mr. John McCoy's in Front street, Southwark, and the others the resi dences of noor people in Fitzwater street, Moya rnensing. It ia now near time for the mail to eloae and I must also close. The dtama, however, ia hiiII going on, and we ^know not how eoon it ma* burst out into one of tfie must awful flames which ever lit up this or any city?nor can any ono venture to predict the end. PniLADKi.M(x, 4 P. M , Sunday. Dka* Sis t? The cloud that haa threatened for the last two days has burst upon this city once mors. In consequence of the Irish carrying muskets into their churchea on the 4th and ftth inat., the people assembled around St. Phillip's Church, near the Navy Yard, and threatened u? tear it down For ihe last forty-eight hours the military have been under arms in the neighborhood ; and about two ?'clock this morning, the mob made a rush to at tack the church. Gen Cadwallader ordered the until' ry to hre one ol the ennttnna Th- Han Mr. NIV|or, ex-M. C , threw binselt in front <>f tha cannon and said, lie would be the fir-t man killed. He was arrested and confined in the church all night This morning ?he mob obtained a caano*

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