Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 11, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 11, 1844 Page 3
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thk greatest book of the season THIS DAY PUBLISHED, BY BUKOK88, HTKINOKR I CO. '4'44 Broadway, corner Ann street, NO. XXVIII. MIRROR LIBRARY, Containing PENC1LLINGS BY THE WAY. Written during some yearn ol Residence and Travel in France, Italy, Greece, Asia Minor, Turkey and England: BY N. P. WILLIS. .Innado?How hast thou purchased thil experience ? Moth--By my penny of observation. PRICE 91. WILL BE PUBLISHED THURSDAY MORNING, NO. V. OLLAPODIANA. * THE LITERARY REMAINS OK THE T,ATE WILLIS OAYLORD CLARK. PRICE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS PER NO. At this establishment may always be found all the New and Cheap Publica'ions ol the day, wholesale and retail, by BURGESS, STRINGER lit CO. 223 Broadway, corner Ann street. WILL BE PUBLISHED AT 9 O'CLOCK THIS MORNING, SCOTLAND, by J. G. Kohl. Price 26 cents single copies. The trade supplied on a liberal discount, bv BURGESS, STRINGER 8t CO , 2-23 Broadway. Q&- THE CASE OF MRS YOUNG. RESIDING AT Orient, (L I) is woithy of notice?she had been subject to severe attacks ol nervous headache, and could not And any taing that would relieve her, and was obliged to take to her bed She heard of Dr. Sherman's Camphor Lo/.an ijes, and during one ol her attacks used a lew, which re lieved her in fifteen minutes. This was in January last; the has not suffered with it since, utid feels confident that they are always sufficient to relieve her during her most severe attacks. Dr Sherman's warehouse is 106 Nassau street. Agents?237 Hudson, corner Spring; 188 Bowery; 77 F.ast Broadway; 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn; S Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; and 8 State street, Boston. A/ il< ORD'S PARISIAN YLTKRATIVK MIX TURK?For the cure of primary or secoudary Syphilis, and al! affections produced by an injudicious uBt ol met city The great advantages possessed by this powetfui altoiative over all other preparations lor the cure ol Sy pbiits. is, that while curing the disease it improves thi constitution, whilst mercury generally leave a muck worse disease than the one it is administered for. Thi best recommendation wc can give ol it is, that it is now extensively prescribed by the medical (acuity, who for meily considered mercury the only cure for those com plaiuts Sold, in single bottles, $ 1 each ; in cases of hal dozen, $6, carefully packed, and sent to all parts of the ITniou Okicr of the College of Medicine and Phurnia cy, is Nassau street. W. H B1CHARDHON, M D., Agvn . Ol?- A CURE FOR PIMPLES ON THE FACE ? These complaints are among the most painful and dread ful to which human nature is subject. Comstock 8c Co.'s Extract of Sarsaparilla, from 31 Courtlandt street, in all scrofula diseases, cutaneous complaints, ulcers, mercury in the blood, pains and swellings of the hones, and dis ease of the liver, is a most excellent medicine. It first operates upon the blood, removing all the diseased parti' c.ies it contains, and other parts of the system. It is con centrated extract, containing the very essence of the root, am) prepared in the most scientific manner. Those who have been for a great length of time suffering under any of the diseases named, will find this Sarsaparilla of great benefit. As a general Spring Medicine to purify the htood. and give the vital fluids their natural circulation, to expel from the howels all their morbid secretions, and to change the general habit of the system?in short, to prepare the whole physical system for the enervating heats of summer, there is no preparation so efHcient as Comstock's Snrsapnrilla. Price eo cents a bottle, or $4 per dozen. (?- VELPEAU'S SPECIFIC PILLS FOR THE CURE of i tonorrhma, Gleet, ind all mucopurulent discharge! from the urethra. These pills, prepared by the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the suppression of quackery, may be relied on as the most spetdy and effectual remedy for the above complaints.? hey are guaranteed to euro recent cases in from three t >flvedays, and possess a greater power over obstinate discharges and chronic gleet, than any other preparation of pres'ut known, removing the disease without confine 1 ent fiom business, tainting the breath or disagreeing u itn the stomach Price $1 per box. Sold at the Office ol the Collego ol Pharmacy and Me dniue, dft Nassau street. W. ?. RICHARDSON, M. D. Agent Q&- A SPLENDID ARTICLE OF COLOGNE WA ter und Bay Rum, for sale very low, at 21 Courtlandt st. Quart bottles 60 cents. Also, the Balm of Columbia, for promoting the growth of the hair. It frees it from dan druff, and imparts to it a besuty and lustre before un known. Every lady and gentleman should use this balm. 0&- TO HOUSEKEEPERS.?All who are troubled with Roaches and Bed Bugs can rid themselves of them if they send to 21 Courtlandt street, and procure a bottle of Sannoltz's Roach Bane. Numbers have tried anu pro nounce it efficacious. Tf- PRIVATE MEDICAL AID.?The members of f,. N'e\. Vork College ot Medicine and Pharmacy, it returning the public thanks for the liberal support they h iV'. received in their efforts to " suppress quackery,' b-vr i. sveto state that their particular attention continue! to h; directed to u'J diseases of a private nature, and Iron tn- ^ improvements lately made in the principal hos p t.usot Europe 111 the treatment of those diseases, thej confidently otfer to persons requiring medical aid ad vin ivs nut to be met with in aiiy institution in ttin count; y, either public or private. The treatment ol thi Coil' s' J'? such is to insure success in every case, and ii .Rally different lion, that ?ern practice of ruining tie constitution with mercury, uu.l in most cases leaving a .'isease much worse than the original. One of the mem b rs of the College ,(ov many years connected with th? principal hospitals of Europe, atteu-ls daily ror a consults tion from 0 A M to 8 P.M. Terms -Advie.i and medicine, gt A cure guaranteco IsirorTANT to CorNTRV Invalids.?Persons living ii the country and not finding it convenient to attend per tonally, can have forwarded to them a cheat containing nil medicines 1 ei|uisite to jwrlone a perfect fire t>y slating their case explicitly, together with all symptoms, time o' contraction and treatment received elsewhere, if any r.d enclosing ?6. post paid, addressed to V . fi. RICHARDSON. M. D., Agent, Office *nd Cocn-Jting room* c.f tho College, 9f Nasser street. QtJ- PILES.?ThU complaint people suffer to run along month after month, until at length they are completely prostrate'l and tinable to attend to any business, and not unfrequently past cure, unless they submit to a powerful operation Hays' Liniment should ne procured as soon as this disease shows itself. It is a sure remedy. At 31 Courtlandt street. {H7- A LIFE PRESERVER.?No traveller or steam boat should be without Connel's Magical Pain Extractor, for in case of an explosion it will stop all pain and save life, no matter how bad the scald or burn, if the vitals are not injured It is a life preserver that no person is with out, alter once testing it. Parents who have a proper care fortheir children, will not risk them to die ot burns and scalds, but will keep this salve always on hand to use in case of accidents. It is equally as good for sores, wounds, soie eyes, and all inflammations, and shall fully justify its recommendations in every case, or no pay will be taken for it. To be certain of the genuine, buy only at Comstock's, No. 31 Courlandt st. Of- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED.?The Tonic Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacv ol the city of New York, is confidently re Commended for all cases ot debility produced by secret im dulgence or excess ol any kind. It is an invaluable rem dy for impotence, sterility, or barrenness/unless depend ing on ma) formation.) Single bottles $1 each ; cases ol half a do7.on rare. 1 illy parked and sent to all parts ofthe Union. Office ol the '"ellrge of Medicine and Pharmacy US. Nssqno Street w. R RICHARDSON, M. D . Agent MONEY MARKET, Wednesday, July 1C??B P. M. The stock market remains very unsettled. The sales are very limited and prices without much alteration. At the old Board, Canton Co. fell off 1 j per cent; Stonington 1 ; Illinois } ; Vicksburg J ; Harlem 3J ; Long Island, Nor wich and Worcester, Farmers' Trust, United States Bank, and Pennsylvania^'* closed firm at yesterday's quotations The new Board of brokers cannot long survive the pre sent state of things. The late explosion laid some of the member* so flat on their backs, that wo doubt their abili ty to recover a perpendicular position again. It would be a|very good thing, if this Board would dissolve and disap pear; as it is at present organized, it is nothing but a ren dezvous for speculators, who have heretofore done more to get up stock bubbles than any other clique in Wall street. The brig Petersburg, from Vera Cruz, arrived at this port to-day with about $40,000 in specie. The New York Equitable Insurance Company have this day declared a aemi-annual dividend of ?ix per cent, payable on demand. The Paterson and Hudson Ilivrr Railroad Company have declared a dividend of three per cent, payable on the 30th inst. Books for subscription to the capital stock of the New York and New Haven Railroad are open at No 49 Mer chants' Exchange, Wall street, and will remain open until Friday, the 13th inst. Subscriber* are required to pay one dollar on eacli share at tho time of subscribing The Banks oi this city have concluded to call in hut a very small per cent of their outstanding loans. They have ceased discounting on stocks until alter the August returns, but the difficulty in finding any other employ ment for their capitals has induced them to leave out standing as large an amount as they may deem wise and prudent to include in their reports. Were it not fortne latge operations in stocks constantly made in this mar ket, the bank* would hardly pay their expenses, to ssy nothing about dividend* The limited demand lor dis counts from the commercial classes leaves the hanks no alternative but to encourage stock speculation* and pro vide the capital to carry them on as far as possible. On the othi r Land they have the private capitalists to content against. The capitalists of this city prefer emptoyine their resource* in any description of speculations, rathe than in permanent investments, such as works of publit improvement, Ac. To this prevailing disposition we cat principally attribute the want of railroads diverging froi this city, and other internnl works. The munia for *p. dilution in this market appears to show itseit in stock and real estate. It is almost ui impossibility to gat upi company, requiring a large capital, to carry out an? great work, unlen the returni are immediate. There i not that persevering energy exhibited by the men oi bu siness here that we notice elsewhere. The result of tbi. is a more extensive business in all kinds of bubbl< stocks, aud every thing in which speculation is carrie on to any extent. We have had, sincetFebruary, const derable speculation in stocks, cotton and real estate, al of which, at the time, promised to be cariied out ver> i xti isively. During the excitement attending all then movements, capitalists, both public and private, rushe.: into the business with a perfect furor, and used the bubbh immediately up The inflation was too rapid and thi explosion premature. These nps and downs ?thesi great fluctuations suit the temperament of operators ii this latitude. The banks must, before many years rol by, experience the most powerful competition from pri vate capitalists. They never can again wield that tre mendous power they once held?their influence has departed, and the [tower to make or break the mer cantile classes has become paralized. The commer cial classes have not forgotten that in their distress, amids the revulsion produced by the hanks, these institutions ground them to the dust?having them completely in thelt [tower, they crushed them in their weakness to the earth The tables are now turned. The boot is on the other leg. The banks are note begging the merchants to take theii money at the most reduced rates. They are fairly in dis tress for the want of employment for their overgrown capitals, and the commercial classes turn a deaf ear to their entreaties. All the money the merchants want they can get in the street, cheaper than the banks can afford to loan on, with all their extravagant expenses on their backs. We know of the renewal of very large stock loans, with the banks, at four and a half and flvo per cent, on sixty und ninety days, and urged on to the par ties borrowing at those rates. We are pleased to notice this state of things. It indicates better times to see how useless the banks are daily becoming. Without the power to do evil, and never having hud the disposition to do good, they are rapidly going out of existence, and the verdict of the jury on their death, will be self-destruction. The revenue from customs received at the port of Bos ton for the first six months ot 1944, compared with the re ceipts for the same period in 1943, 'show full as great an increase as at this port. Revenue from Customs, Received at the Tort or Bos ton, KOK THE riRST Si* MONTHS OF 1843 AMD 1841. 1843. 1844 From Jannarr tit to March 31st, ??? $589 7'0 12 1.302,838 911 From April 1 to June 30, 684 608 80 1,481.918 10 $1 274,348 92 2,781,1,96 95 This Increase amounts to more than one hundred per I cent, being $1,610,308 in the six months. The total re [ ceipts for customs at this port and Boston for the first six months of 1843 and '44, stand as follows :?{ Revenue from Customs. 1813. 1844 Boston. six months, $ 1,274,348 92 2,784.556 95 New York,six months, 4,555.414 00 11,421,598 01 $5,830,762 92 14,200,154 95 This is certainly a wonderful increase, altogether un precedented. An increase of nearly three hundred per cent for six months. The greatest gross amount of duties on merchandise imported into this conntry that ever ac crued, was in 1831, under the enormous high tariff act of 1828, and reached $38,598,118, on an importation of $89,734,499 ol dutiable goods. At the rate the revenue from customs has accrued in only two ports for the past six [months, the (total revenue for 1844 cannot fall Inr short that of 1831. The movements of produce, and the great increase in the receipts of tolls on the Erie Canal, this season, com pared with last, must be very gratifying to those interest ed in the development of the internal resources of the State and the productiveness of our works of internal im provement. Tolls on the Erie Canal. Received on all the Canals of the State. To the 1st July, 1944, (being tne first 74 days of navigation $877,879 00 To the 14th July, 1943, (being the first 75 days n).. of navigation) 719,570 00 Increase $168,399 00 Received on the Erie Canal at Tide Water. Rec'd for toll up to and inclu 'gHth inst. 1944, $138,008 24 do do do do 1843 , 06,278 19 Excess in favor of this year $41,730 08 Number of clearances issued up to and including same time 1944 3 985 Up to and for same time 1843 3,750 Excess in favorof 1844 1,208 Increase of tolls received at tide water this season up to 8th July, 1844, over amount received up to same time in 1943 $52,477 00 Of which amount ot increase there was received at Albany $41,730 00 I Received at Troy 10,747 00 $59,477 Oil Of the $168,309 total increase in tolls to thelstinit., the division stands as follows On merchandise from tide water, at Albany and Troy $62,477 00 On products from Western States, at Buffalo, Oswego, fcc 57,333 00 On products of this State 49,500 00 $158,300 00 This gives us evidence of an increase in the trade going West, and in the products coming East. The increase at Albany and Troy, which is about one third of the total increase, was principally on merchandise going West, such as dry goods, emigrants' property, kc The increase | in products coming from the West will be seen In the an nexed table:? Receipts or Produce at Alhant. from the Commence ment or Navigation to the 8th inst. 1843. 1844. Canal open May 1st. Jljrril 18(6. Flour, barrels 317,732 ??? 48 1 949 Pork. 18 601 ... 14,794 Beef, 5,749 ... 15,428 Ashes, 19,102 ... 23 688 Wheat, bnihels, 17,215 ... 64,831 Com, 24,757 ... 3,970 Barley, 3,524 ? ? ? 6 636 Cheese,lbs 724,144 >* 688.739 Butter and lard, 2,562,692 ... 1,893.051 Woi I, 459,591 ... 765,391 llECEirTs or Flour and Wheat at Tide Water up to July l?t. 1843. 1844. Incr. Floor, barrels.... 438.598 682.481 241,881 Wheat bushels 101,335 250,126 148,791 In flour the increased receipts reach more than fifty I per cent, and in wheat more than one hundred. In the face of such immense receipts, how i* it possible that prices for our agricultural product* can be very high 7 Old 8 toe la Kxehangc. $10000 Ohio 6's, *70 9656 50 shas Hsrlem RR 7356 22000 do 9756 50 do blO 74 10000 do 9756 3110 L Island RR 79 tuono U 8 5's 10156 50 do 7956 7000 Illinois t's 49 50 do b3fl 80 1000 Penn'a 5's b30 7456 5 > N Jersey RR 9516 15shas Union Bk 115*6 100 do 9554 50 Farmcn' Loan 39 25 Huntington RR 4356 5* do b90 3956 50 do 49 15 do s60 39 35 Nor k Wore 5356 9 Eagle Insurance 104 175 do b30 54 45 N Am Fire Ins 9756 125 do 5316 310 C autno Co 35)6 50 do b60 545k 100 .do b60 36 50 Reading RR b30 49)6 3no Ticksburg Bk 756 100 do 48 200 U 8 Bank 8 20 do 485* Second Board. $2000 Illinois bonds 49 50 shaa Nor k Wore b30 5456 2000 do 4816 25 Mtoniugton HR 43>k 12 sh?s Nor and We re 54 100 L Island ItR 76 25 do 5316 25 Canton Co 3556 25 do htw 54 75 do 35 25 do 5316 ? do 3556 New Stock Exchange. $1000 NY 6's, M7 112 25 shaa f antsu Co 35)6 5000 Ohio 6's, '60 s60 96 \ 2i do s30 35 30000 do 97 25 do a60 3 3000 Illinois 6's, 70 h4 <154 25 do 1000 do SIO 4 3 56 25 do SB 5000 Kentucky ?'s 102*6 25 do 355* 10000 do 10256 50 do bio 36 30 ahas Manhattan Bk 9?)6 25 Nor A Wore RR 53)6 2" . ? . 91 95 do atw 5356 ,, . 25 do 50 banners' Ln b3 38)6 50 U H Bank 8 50 lio s3 39 50 N Am Trnst 1356 Sai.f.s or Stocks?Bohtov, July 9. Jit tkr Brokers' Unaid?73 shares Western Railroad, 73; 3ft do, blft, 73; 3ft do, 1>30, 73J; 7ft Reading Railroad, 34]; 16 do, s30d, 34]; 7ft do, him. j; 16 do, 34]; 7ft L. Island Kailraad, HI; 16 do, lmh, 83; 190 do, 3ois, 89; AO do, 3mb, Hi; AO do, SO]; AO do, HO]; 100 Texas treasury notes, 10c. 8tat? of Trade. AsHr.s?There is very little doing in either description. We continue to quote pots at $4 a 4 06]; pearls very firm at $1 AO. f.xport, from 1st to 9th inst ? Pots, 1.639 Mils.; pearls, 343 bills. Breadstuff*?Genesee flour continues at $4 38; Ohio, $4 16 a 4 3H There have been sales for Liverpool. Illi nois wheat fetches 8b to 90 cents; oats, 30 a 31 cents. Cotton- There was rather more enquiry to day, and about 700 bales were taken. Prices are easier for the buy er. freights continue dull, some engagements having been made to-day at ]d. Kish ?Dry cod are in moderate request at $3 7ft; mack erel, No. 1, wo now quote at $9 60 a 9 7ft; No 3, f8 3ft a 8 AH; No 3, $6 3ft a ft 37 ]. Hat?North River bale is slightly improving in de maud. Prices still remain without alteration. We quote 30 a 33c. Provisions?Sales of Ohio prime pork at $6 68j a 6 87]; do mess at >8 68] a 8 87$. Bed continues very dull City prime we quote at (3 18]; mess, $ft 16 a ft 60. Lard is in lair demand; common to fine sells at A] a 6c. Whiskey-Drudge casks are held at 3UJC. Western and prison barrels ate quite dull at 33 a 33 jc. WNAi-K On. Avn Bonf.?Small sales of whale oil at 36] In New Bedford holders pre asking higher prices. Ii July, 34,636 bbls sperm oil, 41,013 bbls. whale oil, anc 337.97ft lbs whale lA>ne were impelled into this country against lft,477 bbls sperin and 30,343 bbls whale oil it the same time last year. Korelgti markets. MatanfaI, June 38. Sugar Half and halt florete (very white and fine,) 61 a 9] and ftf a 9] reals perarroba. do white, fair to good 7] a 8]; <lo do. qui brndo fair, 4] do good to fine, A, ft] a 6; do < iiriirticho, 8], 3] a I; Mm covados, according toqtmlitiis ft a 7. Coffee -First quality ,$# a 6 per quintal; do 3d do, $4 a ft do; do 3d do, la 4]; do tliacne, 3] a 3], Wax?White, >9 per arroba; do yellow, ? a6f Tobacco-May ari, $13 a 13 par quintal) do Sogua, $16 a $17. Married, On Wadueaday, 10th inst. at Newtown, (L I.) by the Rev. Dr. Hutton, Mr. Wa A. Vta Dutti, to Mis* Martha Ward Jackson, all of thia city. Died, On Wedneoday, 10th intt. Johanna, infant daughter ol John J. Stalf, aged .5 month*. The friends of the family are invited to attend the fu neral, this alternoon at 3J o'clock, trom lb Dutch street. At Galveston, Texas, on the 31st May, after a short hut severe illness, Sirs. Ann D. Amu, tormrrly a resident ol the United States, aged 33 years. PasseiiKers Arrived. Hamburo?Ship Howard? I) \V'ii helms. lady and 2 child en. E T Bank*. of New Yoik; Miss Fnlgraf, Mrs Tnppenhnsen anu child. Miss Appold. \1r? K;ide.--ud daughter, Mr Ludwis aid lady. Dr A Kaich. Dr Fiaukel sod lady, C F Miike, lady and child Miss Bendurff, O Lamer, 8 Obermeyer aud lady, L Gary?104 in the steerage Vera Crus?Brig Petersburg?Senoi its Donna Julia l a Bvlla deTeua BUuca, Mi?? Caroline A Oorhatn, K Murray, K de u Serda, t'?pl Win Gerard, J P Nahn. Charleston? Shin Snnihport?W M Smith, lady, child laivar.t; Dr A K Gsihd-n and ladyt Lieut H W Benharn, UHA, ardledy; Lii-ut S Vau Vii-t U S A; (i H O u ilman. ladv and child; Mr, L A Udill, 3 children and asrrant; Mrs 8 P Smith, Mrs M G Thomas Mrs 8 ltaldson, Mrs Farrau and 4 children. Misses M C, U W and V C Thomas. K M Carson, C G Edwards. C Pilfleld. R Moise; Messrs M B James, W McClure, I J Stevens, J A Timpaon. D Bailey, C M Peck, J M Dow, W A Bacms*?r, It Smith, J R Moss, J < nhen jr, C M Catcher, K Rice, W r> Davidson. J Mirth, W Miidieton, K Thomas, N S?,more, l' P Mrrriman, T J Carney, J D Crane A B Mallory. t.'apt Hubbard?lu in the steerage Foreign Importations. LivKRrooL?Ship Ainb<s-ad< r?10 puns T Mathews?126 tons pig iroi W Mead?25 hales Ca*n?r<>n It Brand?26 crates 4 cks K Caul 'well It c >?2 cases Wi>ion Ik Bio* n?31 bales J Met all It en?31 ,rat?s C Caitliiige-34 casta 1 bale J B Ma b< o? 32 orates Underbill It co?117 do Williarn Chauning?23 I t; Jaeksou?13 do 2 cks J V Drum mend? 67 B A Vlumford? 52 t"i s s'aie L. Tl oinsoii?8 cral'vJO eks H Winkley?20 do D M'.Ma lie?45 rratei J M Shan?300 limes tin 70 toes pig iron 8 cases 8 tierces tndze 53 crates 33 bales 106 tons bars iron to order Hamhiiru?Ship Howard?1 package Schmidt Ik Balch-u?3 B t urllauinnn?3 K A Vuiam It co?2 F Schmidt Ikco?I L Lotg?1 H Werkin-nter? II C Ahreiifeldt?5 h kavnrt?2 i Hclil'ssinger It liens, hen?15 (i A Bruthaui t It sou?10 Meyer 0|ipeiitieliner?3 W A Mor'sinaii It co?8 Bo-ii It r,i?I H De ming?2 W H Hoisemau?7 C H Sand?7 A Warburg 0-. co?3 F. Fielder?11 O F lileiiom?25 Urustlein, Koop St co _ _ > r o?4 4 h Winche? I Yonns , Smith at c.i? 1 D M Per* r?28 W Seht It -5 H K Bolker?9 H flerschleldt?3 E Leon Id?1 H h, Herriog?4 K G Uukart?5 T I) Wendsl-4 T W L??.ack-I A e' Vt ar.. It co?8 6 plates of mh Iter Coolly It Smith?16 tubs leeches G A It II White?3 A Raiker It Mailer?21 bales 4 cas b H Oppenheimer?I T Warburg St co?23 do 1 Id T Donne?25 A Warburg it Co?14 do I bal K L ib'tt?14 K 8 Schlessinger? 30 T Goldschmidt It c.i?12 T Gruieuthal It co?12 T Griffin ?2 Manning, KogterScco?I B I) Wash bur git co?39 Jolley It cn?455 pis speller Hendricks Brothers?6 cas T B Coddington ?3 tubs leeches, 16 cas. 807 plates snelier. Vbka CRi'Z ? Brig Peteraburc?$500 Soutevran It Perrot?510 hides Renard Ik co?$12 3 E fl Lac >mb?$10,300 6 o-rnnus cochineal 1 box vanilla 2 bases mrlse Hnrgous Brothers St co? gi200 Meyer It Stucken?$6500 F del Hoyo?$1000 Schmidt It Vogel?10 cemous cochineal $3000 A Patrullo?7 bales goat skills $500 G It F Schuioarlier? $1017 Paul Pou k co?10 bales cochineal Motz St Pnllitz?2 Cerus do J Marzauedo?1018 goat skins Trippler It co?$294 J Wichelhiusi n?$78.'6 J B Las?ia? 91 cerooos cochineal 1 ruse voi ilia 10 bahs saraapu>illa 36500 Borie It Trott?I trunk W .M Knbiusmi Havana?Brig Arcnelaus?5500 dnz pineapples R de Zildo? 210 hs sugar Slur/ s It co?236 bgs cottte A I'ede La 1'erro? 20,000 segars J Mansaned . Domestic Importations. f'umt v. tor?Ship S uthpo't?29 bale. cotton O Bulkley ?39 do Pott k Phillip.?15 do V rirp Snut?*r Brother! Jk ro??G0 do M*?t*r?, Marten at c? 20 ba'e. cotton v.irn Wood St errelt?copper kettle* J L?e Ik C ?4'. chain plntes J Hillraan-6 cnu ^u t p Fann^ 19 beer bhla Vamer h co-4? bx. chocolate P Poitt n hall Oxa ? an J D It W Lea? 1 cue mere audita J Buck x co %o k-g. nai'e J 9 Shapfr?19 toi-? arrow root Sprague, Ho b",,i7k<;o-l cam mi!* J K Clen-38 tierce. >>" 3 emk. crockery and watermelloni to order?do to ! MARITIME HERALD. Sailing Days of tho Steam Ships. ITKAMKRI. rR0M L|VKll,00L Britannia. Hewitt lulv 20 i G. Weaterr, Matthew. . . . ??? i j Hibernia, Ryrie Jnli 13 !!..???? Aug! 8 G. Britain. Hoiken Ana lb Caledonia, JuW 19 Acadia. Judkin. Ang. 4 -Sept l G. Weatern, Ma-thews Aug. IT ? Sept- 6 Britannia. Hewitt Aug. 19 . ?. ? ? ? ?**? 'J G. Britain. Ho,ken Aug. J! ? ? ?; *?? Hibernia, ftvne i? N"V 1 O. Weilrni, Matthew, Oct. 12 ??? ? N *? u G Britain. Ho,ken ....Oct. 19 Ship Masters and Agents. We ahall ejteem it a favor, if Captain, of Ve??eH will give to Commodore Robert Silvbv.of N*?. i^dthw Ve..el? of the Shipping left at the Port whence they aailed. ihe Ve?,ei, PORT OP NEW YORK, JUDY 11. ?TO, HUM 4 40 I MOO!, 1 19 ??" ????? 30 I HKIH WATER 5 ? Cleared. fesA^-is^^x^niaggtga: wdlitmafc Gmon ?Brig, St Banholomew. Molleratrom, Baltimore1, do; Kxcelle't. Davi,. Philadelphia, do; Ann, Pope. Well,, Ve Badger fc Peck Arrived. ... Ship Ambauad"r, Knight. Irom Lixerpoel, Jane J with md.? to Tavlor fc Mem 1-180 .teerage paaaenger., Samuel | Thomson. On th. night of 7th nit lo.t orerboard Richard "SySSSKA SfclTSg d,y, from with .? t0Br'g PeteiV'u'rg. Lark In, 6 day, from Vera Crux, with ,pe P?Brlg^Archelau,""s'ewc*;rnb, 8 day? from Havana, with .agar, V.g Ment0o'rdB^u". 10 day. from Lubec, with planer, to m8c"r Two Mary,, Grundy, 4 d,y, from Ocracoke. with nav.l ''sSr^PamlieoJVslford, 3 day. from Beaufort. NC. with na TS8c,hrrElv'i0ra"\Vil!i., from Newbera, NC. with n.v.l .to.c., "sTr^'mm. Julia, Crowlher,. from Newbern, with naval ,t08chr Se"ct!john?.n, from Newbern. with naral .tore., m "SfchrBpy. Corner., 3 day, from Richmond, with coal, t - W S,8chr' Horn. 6 day. from Calai., Me. with lumber, to 8 Scbrf ?e"VNo"wood, ? day. from Eaatport. with plmier. to 8^rVGa"rden,?Hamer, 0 day, from Lubec with "schr'Tiberin., Tibbett., 10 d?y? from Machia., with Inmber t09chr Raiub'er, Matthew,, from Machia,, with lumber, to I """chr Pemaqnid. Ka.vtt, from Macl.i.., with Inmber, to the | Tc^hr Velocity. Montgomery. ? day. from Lubec. with pla. t"^elhr<Hp" ecdid, Crewel I, 3 day. from Bo.ton, with mdn, to R8ch7Be, J Bigelow Baat'r. 3 day. from Bo.ton, with md.e to J Atkin. It Co. I 8chr K-ncy, 4'ha.e, Bo.ton, md,e I Schr Kceaide, Langley, Bo.ton, md?e. Schr Oregon. Thorn, < alai. s, hr Itichmoi d, < o.hiuan New Bedford, .!1. Pchr l otn Keirr.ey, Roger., Fall *'*?? md*' Schr Rob i'?y. Avery. Norwich, md.e. Schr John Tilton, * ranklin, Virgi.ta. 1 Schr Valiant Holme., Virgi la j sfmpS^en|mV!TuckntU3 day. from Ch.rle.ton,with melon. ""iloop'Volaul! Fern, from Virginia, with fruit. Below. Brig Emily, Shrrwood, 4 days from Chirleiton, with cotton, to Dunhim It Dimon _ n . nuica* Skin Hpllpsront Kllit, Britirh baniaa Nrw ? or* Packet, Qa^ecrbrig. Macon, Savannah; Caroline, Charlmten, and othera. Correspondence of the Herald. Rhode I,larder tJr.rl?*'a.. { NEwroRT, July9, I844. V Arr 7th. Rival. Roger.. Cold Spring; A?nawan BniAi k, Mobile; Henry, Saodford, Light' u lor Philadeli^ia, Mary, Prnvidetice K.r deltim re;, Hu.he. do for Norlolk^ Ar. 8ih, Dunl.p, Gordon. Seguala Grande 27th nit for Bw T0A^Yin\i^ the I acitw. via ? bbU wh ?o!d at Hio Spoke T?d ffAWw* " ?veH.rMuor;: NB 450 .P P ft . t Poet SalnfaU Nav.gUer LlanUa. D-c 29, Levant, Una ff"'A"'bhlT; at'45 8* Z ? V: G*o' k" Mary.'VBaher''NLi wl'th'ldiO bhfi wh, bcund le NW, all we l. Miscellaneous. Foreion Letter Well,ngtos, for London, and V.ig.nian, for Liverpool, will mil tcday. The lett-r bag. of the Wei ington will ? lom at hall paat 10 o clock, and tho.e at. Oriilnl wmil. , d in Harana in t weu'y Jr Dim're'.ime th. hull was taken rtl wharf ?Bo.ton l'lauHCript. VV'tinier en. Arr at New Redfbn. 9th isd M Vadpataiici A|?n 2, wilI t midship of Kairhavfii \'ii:V"?isitaSrwZfc.' u A,.,,,.,. ? C|*w,1hln.risurbuck, Nant, 1? mo, ont. JOO.p; Mary, T, pml Web ter. u wh fot h,mr in o e we?k Heard'that FrlnkTiu' left laical,s u,a for home prev.on. to l.l ?N1?rch Fishermen. ... .. , Vie out 4 week., waa boarded 7th icat 'laiVuic Ion bl J?. u?! ti.h and had not .een my. Spoken* ... JucToff^ la 26. lat 23 3. '"h'b m'.M10 dtv. from Hal,fai, June 15, Ut 4 "llVyal, ( Br) Liverpool for Bo.ton, June 23, lat 41 2 '"'KiilmTLB^tlHLNew Yo.k for Livnrpoel, June 24.1st 4 test., i-v. '' V'dwVrahle^from Alexandria for Jamaica, June 30. lat 39 > I Ion 67 20. Torn, from Newborn, NC. for Antigus, Jaly I, lnt It 40, loo 07 10. Yucatan, from Boston for Mataaatn, no data, he given. foreign Porta Havana. July I ? In port, Sarah Jane, Bnuall. for N York. 6 daya; Mariau Gage, lor Africa, via New York, same day. aud other*. Hid Chest-r, Kobiuion, Stockholm, 30th, Leopoldu O'Dounell, N 1 ork Off the .Mom, Ci checo. bound >u. June 29?In port. (Overton, .Mayo,lor .Mediterranean Idg; Konnkaa tt, L'licol'i. Cowea do}'Ialma.t oltina, and M.inore, Julius. do. *oou; Juhilee. Harmon, N York. 1 days: Heriilia. Crowell, and R Pulsf rd. Scotue, uuc; Atof. Paranatal Abbv Bnk.r, >'r tt, and Nfei ora, ith'wd>* disg; York, Naaon, and Peru B no*, for t owe*, iooo} Wessacamci n, JMU'l. Hamburg, do; Maataaoit, K? bird, unci Loona xallagher. for Philadelphia, toon; Whig, Baldwui, une; N poleon. Giegv for Portland, dc; Palestine, Kitchen; liar.'v. Thompson; Henrietta, Kic'i ardaon; Cauluriou, Norris; Gaz IV. Churrhili; Charles, byi v?ier; Oa ilda, C abtree; Hariiei, Woodbury, and Kuaeiaii, Siuiii on, disg; Jane Lrmkwater, fir Mediterranean, da; Tri umph. Hhephnd, for b iltunore, i eat week; htehauge. Dyer, lor Putlland, no n; 'l orgiana, Pavia, U nion, do; Nor'heruer, Lout, for <lo. Id*; Ocianui, Smith, for Cowea. do; Freighter, Kumht. f>r Philadelphia. d ; I n fii'toce, < ozze.ii. Genoa do; Kuruu*, Potter, and t yi run, B <ker frt or chtr; Malagt, Mot eon, uuc; Warsaw, Buidick, uiag; Fanny, Patterson, lor New Orle us 3 days. Vlha Cnuz. June 11?In port. New Yolk, Harding, from N Orleans, use; Kugenia, Biscoe, from and for > York. St Thomas. June 27?In por., Jowphi-e, Mitchell, from N York, for (iuayiina to I ad, and slii saute day; Keunawa, 'or l urks Island "me day, to load for i w Orleans; Llewellyn Randall, fin Gttadaloupe, uuc seeking bus ness; BenJ L *? wan, B"i jamin. from Antigua, une; Marblehead, Pitinui. tin Boston f u St Doinn'go. soou Thi s Hooper, Kiiwan, fin B itbadoea for Ponce. PR aid previuus Barbados b, June 21?lu port, VVm Pcnn, Coleman from ,N rfolk,dtsg; vVasbington, Bartlett, from do; Trinidad, Due I, from New haven; Casino, \uihouy, from Philadelphia disg; Seamau. Scull, from Norfolk for Bonaire, do; Deborah, Rot bim. from New York, do; Kmilv t'umii'inas, W Intney, from Phi'adalphia, dug, err22d; I aroline, aiudley, do do, arr 23d Bi'rtio* Ayrva. Mav 24?In port, t or nlauus, Klwell lor bosnni. 2j days; Rnsab. IU, B iley, for Halem 3D; .Mxaou Bar ney, Scott, f i- New York, 12; tjeo H?nry, Cie ey, from Boston via Montevideo, arr 22d, disg; Hlnbtrt, Collie , one; Maria 'I hereaa, Clark, for Button, 20; Venezuela, Rendell. do do; D- ight, Wot ten, f--r Philadelphia. 10; Pramium, Plummer, so' ; Tremont, kdgerlv, do Quhis, July 'j? Arr, s-rah Richirdton, Kl iott, Stockton; N<?' r, < lark, Gibraltar; Moron g Star Alder on, Bordeaux; Zephvr, Kirkiiatnrk Donegal; Mazeppa, Webster, Shield*, ti li A lisos, I'roc'or, Hartlepool; Jauies, Heily, Wa'erford Cut ,1ih, Aurori, F< s'er, Ltveipool; Sir Jts Macdouald.Kvnus, Dublin; Sherbro ke Sterling. Cmk; Florence, B'nmmag" I lym irh: Luna. Wft, Newport, Atkinson; Paejfle, Morri sou, Liverpool; Jane Plack. < omnia, Limerick; Margaret and Ami, Gillespie. London: Kconoin'il, Smith, Newport, Kliza Ann, Cairnlhera, Whitehaven; tvliim. Brook*. Lynu; Thetis, tlngill. Linn rick;' e< rops, Burre|l,Londou; tjeueral Graham, J?m<*oo, Troon. Kllerslic, H rvey, Liverpool; Ainizoii, Teaisou, Hull Lake Porta. RurPALO, July 8?Arr I he<apeake. Chicago; llnrrison, Mauuioe ? ity; Preble, Cliicag ?; Cumberland Mich City; Maor or. Connesut; Illinois, and Scott St Joseph; Mills, De troit; Ci bb, Cleveland; Webat-r. it<>; Miue va, do; Burling ton. Milan; Baldwin. St Joseph; Lodi, Couueant; Granger, Fairport; C Dem<ug, Vermt'lioa; Tippecanoe, do; J F P m*r, Sandusky; II ? n it gtnu, Ashtabula; Jenny, M,.diS"ii; Dolphin, do; M irshill, do; Skinner, Milan; Atlas Ashtabula; Winne bigo, Cleveland; Kent, Silver Creek. I Id Missouri, and Ro chester, t hicago; N w KngLnd, Detroit; Franklin, Toledo; Keut, A inhere birg Home Porto. EasTfoitT, June 29 ?Arr Matilda, 'pates, NYork; sld Sa lah Hearts to. Innaia; Margareita, Evi-rstt Barbedoes: Mum roe, Wit ?, Alexandria; lole, Norwood, NYork; 26th. Bonn dir., Shack ford, Alrioudra. Calais, July i ?At Escort, Bryaoi. f'lnl ulelphia: Peru. N York. Sld Juue 26ih, Olive Ura-ch, Long. NYork; 29.Ii, Ma ry Aigtis'a, Earn ham. Philadelphia: Ganges, NYork Bath, July 4?Sld New York, Merrymni, Pic'ou; Convert, Skilfleld. do; 5th, arr Billow. Lawrgoc-a, Boitrm Portsmouth, July 6?Arr, Emerald, Poland, Bristol, Me, for Kond >ut. NewHURvroRT. July 8?Sd, Carthage, Knapp, James Ri?er. Sai.ksi, Jols a-Air Klin e n, Wiley Philadelphia; 6th, B H Merrick, Wilkins, and Diana, Small, NYork. Sid 6th, Fairfield, Bnrr, NYork. Boston, July 9.?Ar, Hmvliti", Jordan, Trinidad, 16th u't; I'suary, Kelly, Norfolk; Lodi, Nickerson. Am ro.coKIjn, Da vis, and Hallowe I. Smith. Bait-more; Juo M Clayton, P.trker, Philad; David Duff-I, William', do; America, Tread we'I, do; Wave, Higgles, < uracoa, 22d ult; ? nristia a, Ood'rey, Kleu tliera, KOtli ult?left uo Arns; Harriet, Kendri'k, < harhaton; | Washington, Crab tree, Waihi-gt >n, NC; Richird, Baker, Frrdericksbnrg; Zone, Crowell; Hio, Darling; Am-rica So mers; Stir, Rogers; Alatamahn, Long; Itosw-II King, Keen, and Jalier. L White, Corson, Philadelphia; Daniel Webster, Stokes, Wilmington. Del; Alhauv, "aeon; K'orence, Lovell; (ranges, Allen; Banner, l.ewis and Vintage, Bearse, Albany, Trausjiort, Nickerson, do; Victor, Hillett. and Cambridge, Hall, >IYorlt; Anacm da (Joihatn, ai d Homer, Kent, do. Te legraphed, OrchiUa Harding,' aiiTv Islands; Hector, St Jaeo; Gallio, I'hilad Below, Mt Wollatton, Francks, foi B Ayres. 'Id Ni w Kcglaud, Whittemore, Mars-illes; Alpine (ol ihis pott l-'eol Hallow.-ll) Parsons, Surinam; India ; late of this port), Miiler, or a d for NewLlw'on; Svlph, Pollard M-?bile; rlraudTurk, Nicli- ls, Philadelphia; Council, Baker. Phila delphia. Arr lith Co stella'ion. Jack-on. H-vana for Venice; G W Gilford, ' ornery, I'uilid; Hertld. Scildder, NYo.k. Nkw BgDrono, July 8? \ir, Kris, Gililis, A'bany. Providence, July 8?Arr kx.-elsiir Woodl ury. Chatleston; Despatch, Corson, do; Lewis picer, .Vlott. Philadelphia; Cal cutta,; Kebecca A Abaeail. Totnlin, do: Hy Lemuel, Crammer, do: Cophoru. L-e, do; Orator, Ash, NYork; Planet, Terry, Kominut; Lady Washington, Jones, Albany; Anu Klisa, Bai'y, Rondnut; Empire, Davton, NYork: China. Haw kins, d >; Benja-oia Franklin, Whiie, do; Willard. Miller, do; Translsiioii. ('ells do. Below, a lo'e and all sen with c?al; an hIoou Hero, .-pi'man, Albany, via Newport. Sid, Ariel, llu'se, Alb I'hilapki.phia, Jul 9?Arr Importer, Hathorn. Htllowsll; Chief St h-in. Brown Kastp rt; President, Perkins, Boston; Dre den. I.mdsey, d ; America, Soutliworth. Middletown, Ct; Hciota, Tina upson Warren, HI; Elizabeth. Dole, aud Siatirs, St.iith, NY. rit. Cld Crms, [Br] Tilby, Quebec; Beuj Frank lit. Kiln-'-. Helen Gray, Pluo.m?r; Peruviau, Black: Columbia, Berry; Da vol ilislry, Chattiu, .nil W Wilton. Baker, Boston; Albert Perkins, Newburypoit; Saran. Baker S-mersrt. Mass; -u>an I'avlor. Griualell, Cambridge. Mass; A Marshall, John son, Milton, Mass; Pennsylvania, Bacon, Charlestown, Mass; Alligator, Smith, Albany Wilmington, Dvl July 9? Arr Hope, Thompson, Barbs does aud St Thomas. Richmond, July 8?Arr Harriet St Hannah, Smith; Harriet Chandler, Loxier, and Victoria. Pointer, hear York; -plendid, 'I hompsou. Stamford; Union. Paine, Boston. Norfolk. Ju'v 9?Arr W re, Rogers, Bos'on Cld Patriot, Knowlet, Weit Indies. Sid ? lorintla, Portland. Kdknton, NC. July 6?4ld Xuloda, Cudworth, Barbadoes and a mkt. Savannah, July ?? A'r Newark, Merwin; Exact Join son; Klti-I. -1,1,nil, HI,,I |, llaluw iu. Bsster, N York; CMiae llrautill, Hauedorn, Boston. Mosilf, Julv 5?Cld Xyloa, Pnintm, Liverpool; Expedi lious, Hiders, Haitlord. Nkw Orleans, July 1?Arr Vespasian. Harlow, Boa on via Kingston, Ja: .Wary Wash ugton, rains. Havana Cld Astra cm Porter, Lowes and a market; Lord Wenlock. [Br] Lukea, Hull; I lareinont, Trusse'l, New York; (Jeorg, [Sw] i arlson, Ootte hurg; Martha Washington, Gait, Demrrara 'PC BOOT AND SHOE DKALKRS.?Wanteo b> a com 1- pe.ant tiersou, a situation to line and la t india--nbber atwi-s or clean offbnots and shoes, aud make himself generally nselul. Addre.s W W , at this office. JH lt*rc POST OFFICE, ) New Yotk. July Kith, 1844.) ENGLISH MAIL.?Letter Bars per Royal Mail Steamer BRITANNIA, will be closed at the Upper and Lowt.r Pott Offices in this city, on Monday the IMn instant, at 49 miuntra past 4 o'clock, P. M The overland postage of 18* ceu'i on each single letter, must be paid jil 4trc JOHN LOR I MLR GRAHAM, P. M. pONKY ISLAND ' HAMPAGNK?Landing from Havre, V-' the Coney Island Champagne, a very soperior Wine, in qa iris and piuts. In store, r. rr old C. gnac Brandy and Pott W: e ?l| recessary to be nted this weather. Apply to GILBERT DAVIS, 45 Pine street. Hocks, Clarets. Burgundies,Ac. jll Itrc NO I'll E TO .MARINERS?As the mode of a sca-laring life is often attended with temptations peculiar to thai elnaa whe . on shore, and in order to save not only the lives.but theservi es cf valuable hands, maste-sof vessels would do well to rui-ply their medicine ches's with Dr. I'unler's Red Drop. The genu n- medicine n 'o he o timed at the II unleriau Dispensary, No. J Division street, the ody place iu New Vork en- On aa'e iu Albany at .No 60 Green street, but not to be lad in Buffalo The only place throughout the gr.-nt west w -re it can be obtained is in Louisville, K v.. of D o tor i'hos Johi.ston. Prica at per rial, with explicit directions. This nrticle mniu'nins its ground as the only remedy that will t ioronghly cure any senet diiease. Ill lt*ec OFFICE OF THE NKW YORK EQUITABLE IN SURANCE I OMPANY No If. Will street, July 10, 1(44. DIVIOZ I)?The Piesi.'em and Diieeto so' this Company, have this day declared a dividendof six per cent on the capital slock, i nt "I the profits of the last ais months, parable on demand. By order o' the Board JuSkPH STRONG, Secretary. T^Thia Company insures aiainst loss and damage by fire A'to against loss aud damage from burglary or nouseb rak ing and robbery. jll 3te?c TO LEf AT NEWARK. N J.-A Piwasauily situated Brick House, two stories aud au at'ilk, with ___ibas"inent, kitchen aud breakfast room, ai d an area and pusgi in the rear, and every convenience lor a moderate family, i here are two rooms will, folding doors on the first, three in the second slot y. aud four in the attic. A gaider, is attached to the bous?vwhich can te extended to any sue that may be re quired. The hou-e is newly uuilt, in au airy pari ol the city iu a respectable neighborhood, and wphin two or three minutes walk of I he Railr ad nr Steamboat Depot. Enquire at 169 Broad street, Newark, N J jll Iwrc CHEAPEST AND BEST. LITTELL'S LIVING AGE, NO. IX TRICE 12* CENTS. CONTENTS. Lost Jager? Bisph p White?The Polka?Swallows, or the Eve of Departure? Rise and Fall of the Great Lakes?Napoleon and th Poet de Lilie?Colnmbns?Hair Lotting?Miss Sarah M irti-i?Popular French Songs?Mexico, as it was. ard as it is ? Urigmds hi Spain?Wellington's Despatches? Fair ani-ie McLeod?Vluir(s<es, Masters mil Servants?Groins ol the In fernai G-nn? J iin-e Wadswoflh?Ma-Jain ? de Girardin?Jen ny's k irst Love Letter?Sunn ? Jlii h?nt. a tiu* 'ale?Charlotte Corday?vaehody kues ye?Wanderings of a Jonrneyman Tai lor?suininri Midnight?Congren of Vie ma?Sciaps?Popery in Am?r.ra?St-am Horses, Ac , Ac Publish-1 by V i.ll'I'ELL A CO., Boston, and for sale sale wholesale and '(tail, at the Periodical Depot, No 174 Broadway, corner of Maiden Lane. jll lt*ec PACKET SHIP OCMUlOKE froui New Orleans, is drr "? charging at I horue's Store, ILmklin Co Signees will Pleas-aitend 10 the ri of tnri goods im .lediatefy. jll J're T AUD OIL?ItO bbls No I a very snpenor article, 1 JO " No 2 For 'ale in lots to suit purchasers by E. K. Ct E K. COLLINS A CO , j|| 3'rc 96 South stre-t. TH- SPA ? |HH LANGUAGE?A |*rson will qualified to give a thorough eonrs" of instmctioo in ih# Spanish Language may hear ol several -,oti-g men desirous ef taking lessons .n the sa ne, hy addrrssing S. A. W. at this office, j 10 3frc SKA BATHING. NEW YORK HOUSE, LONG BRANCH, N.J. THIS e'eganl and comm., having been g-eat'y enlarged and newly furnished, is now open fit Visitors. A'aheslfy sod pleasant retirement from the heat and bustle of the city, it is not surpassed bv any watering plae ii. th* c..iintiy. Situated on the nasi of the A'laotic, present n g a fi e vie/ of thencan, wilh the delightful bre-xefrnm the s a et d allording e?ery ?nport'inity for bathing. The proprie lor h a engated the snrrnes of good servants, who will pay rverv att-ntioo to t e convenience of viaiiors He has piac'i. hit'a'eal 'he very low price of six dollars p*r w-?k Th st*amer ORUS, from Fnl-ou Market, and steamer SHREWS BURY, from ' athanne Market, leave every dav for Long Hr.neb For further informa ion, apply to J f; aKINh, 206 W iier street, N Y. SAMUEL COOPER, jl0 2w'ea Propr.eio'. H\ MIL I ON HOUSE?SORT HAMILTON, LONG IsL ANU.?'Ihe subscriber beg, leave to annonoce thai he lias made arnauvnoiuls wilh ttie Hlg'en I>1 is.,1 Sieamh at f.'ompany to run their h lals, o, and a^'er Mondiv the 17th in?l uo'he ab ive place, and for the special ac on mod ition of the pa iuiis and v.? tors to this favorite spot. I.- >e New Yoik, from ?VhiP hail, at f A. VI. and 1* P M, L.-ave Hnmiiton House, returuiug to the citv at 7* A.M, REKI). ui i*f. M ALONZO I K .Mwiatf rc TRENTON FALLS, NEAR If T I C A , NEW YORK, TII ' . SUBS' RIBEK annnuuees to the public, that after u ' ibaeuce of two seasous, he baa resumed the direction of |1h Ho"I a' the above place 'I he house has b?en thoroughly rsfm nisl.ed a- .l pnt in coin leteorder, and he trusts hy his aitenti ? i) ii.,- mf.-rt of his guests to merit a leturn of tin pationa.-i so liberally bestowed on him in former yenrs. Jll4 >w sodis'rc Vl MOORE. AMUSEMENTS. NIBLO'H UAKDKN. THIIKKDAY. JI Li 11. THKBOSTON TIG K KM Will visit the theatre tonight. uuilrr tine ncort of the NKW VOHK LI.Ill l <1UA*D 0(7" UNEXAMPLED TRIUMPH -f$) Ths Grind Saloon Nigh ly Cn wded to wiiurts he Splendid Rom ?. tic Ballet e title I tb? REVOLT OF 7HE HAREM ' Acknowledged bv t*I who hive sreti it t>. be the MOST M AO N I K I C I S I' E C T AC LE Errr Produced in America?with entirely nsw Scenery, Cos turn's, and Properties Mnticel Arrangements by Mr Loder New 8cenerr,by Mr Beogough end Mr Dake White Machinery by Mr Burnt Costumes by Mrs Skaettt Dances and Act on M tli- Ballet by Minis Mart n Military by Mr Ni.kiusou Properties by Mr Ho ertt The Groupings, Tableau*, Marches and general Stage Ai r.ngemecUbv Mr Mitch-II Books, containing a lull detCMptive programme of the Ballet will be sold in the selooii, pric One Shilling each. DRAMATIS I'CKSON.f, Mahomet ??Kingol Grenada-- Mr Wells Itinael,a volunteer warriorand lead-r f the forest,Wont Martin ? Mvitouf, Chief of tl e l.unuclit ? ? ? H?rr Korpona1 Ztit- the Kiug's Page Mast Wood Aunimau Mont Joseph , Zuluia,---?betrothed to Isrnarl ? Mad'lle Pauline Desjardms Miua a Nubian, attendant on Zului i.. . Miss Vail" Lotah a Friend to il"-a Miss 11 Vellee Zorah --the Genius of Good tinder the garb of a Slave, ? -Mm Ta>lir Ninka. Miss Partington Odalisques, Wumsn "I tli* Harem. Atteudaiils end Amazonian Warriors, tic., Ne, M f.NKHV tic. ACT THK FIRST?A vast and splendidly ileeorated Saloon iu the Pa'aee o1 th? Alumbra at Grenada? Pat de Deai'X htpauuol. by Mail . ois'lie. Vulbe ? t Grand Pat dr Deux, by Mont Martin and Pauline D->J irdiiis-Procrtsiou ana Tableau Vivaut AC I' Tile. SKCON D?Baths iu the Harem? Grand tableau Vivaut? P it de Tro s by Pauline Lie jardins 11 liemoit. lies Vnllee?The Mag c Bouquet?The II, volt?Arming of the Odih:que??W'Mlike Dance bv the Corps de Ball?t?Sud deu Transformation of the Laucea. Influence of the Talis man After the'ud Act'of the Ballet an Intermission ol JO minutes. ACT THE THIRD?Wild an Picturesque l.andat.ape? Bi s ouae r f |he Anaznl.?Pr 'posit for Peace?Stratagem of tne Kiua?The Ainaxons I'iiarmed?All it L'?t?The Taliiman begained?Ab ide of Z rsh?The Gold Gemot The Odalisques Triumph? s'arlike Kvolutious by the Amazoniai.s?Grand 'l'abl au Finale. Doors |ien at 7 ? Krtertaiurneiita c Mimence at 8 precisely. Omnibuses will run to tml from the Gard- u duriug he even ig Ticket' Fifty t entt. So Postpoueuieut at t ? the erand en trance ft , ed, and the New Saloon, which is veuiilated from the top and sides, can he em loted at a moment's notice No Postpoueuieut at this establish meut on account of weather, at the grand entrance from Broadway to the Saloon is protect VAUXHALL. Acting Mauager.- Mri. Timiii I Stage Manager--Mr. Walert THIS EVENING, Jnlv II, The performance will commencs with THE l)i Mil BELLE. After which a dme" hv MAD'LLE CF.LESTE Inreimuuon of half auhnur. To cnnclodr with A VOCAL AN'? 1N8THUMKN t'AL CONCERT, BV THK (IHIO \InSTkKL8. CASTLE GAKUKN. THK PROPRIETORS ofthii well known and fashionable resort b-*g leare to inform ihr pnblic, and straogeis visiting the city, that it it now open for the le-inn, from lunrnc to 10 o'clock I' \1 In addition to the uttnctions which arisn frotn a view of the Bay, the hrat'hful breexe which sweeps, across the ii-a, and rlie spukling streams of a rli mains Fountain there ii alio to he found riiensive I'romenadei in or outaide the (tar den, and a h-iis Promenade Saloon. 100 f-et in length, together with the New York Brail Band?Le?d-r, Mr. Lothiiu Ke Ireitnneu i of the tin', quality, itt ntive waiters, Ike. Signal Hockrta eyerv fair eyening Tiekeu 12)4 tents, for which refreihinenti will be furnished jc29 ec ADIKHK AN MlMKl'jn. ACRIAL GARDEN. ? N D PE&HKTU A la F A i i< , Corner of Brordwar and Ann itreei. EVERY DAY AND EVENING THIS WEEK, COM Me'NCiNG 1 UE8DAY, JULY 9 Performanrei every at a 8 o'clock, aid Wednesday anil Situ-dnv "tteri oou, at half-pail 1 THE MOST SPLENDID ATTRACTIONS' The Smallest and mmr astonishing Dwarl in creation, PIP " COLO OHAtrpIN A na'i?e of the '? Old Dominion," 19 yean old and only 27 inchei high, is engaged for a IV w dayi. and may be iren through iiil the (I'V and eyening He i? intelligent, lociahla, and ir erery war tutereiting In i gaffable and agreeable iu hii inuin-r "'HE I ~ THE INFANT SISTERS, KT-KOUR AND SIX YEARS OLD ?0 Juit arrived from Europe, and who were received with iai h hnriti of appliuie lait week will again appear in their ad inirable Songs and Dancei. including the TRUE POLKA! As taught by the first Masters, and danced by the lint Artiita of Europe Alio engaged the ta'ented and arcampliihed contortionist MM. WM. COLE ! And his learned DOG BILLY ! whme grea1 Da's of aegaciiy have alwavi la-en the wonder and admiration ?>f every beholder Alio, GREAT WESTERN, Mrs. WESTERN, MISS ADA) H. the acomplished Vocalist, MR LYNCH, ihe popular Ballad Singer. Mlt.OONOVEK. the comic Melodist. And others. A NEW COMIC MONOLOGUE. YANKEE STORY,lie. PROFESSOR GUILLANDU, the naturalist, has ratnrued from Europe, and is pictured to icrvehis pairons who hive PET Bl H I S or oiher annnais tl ev wish preserved. Apply at the Office nf the Muuum \dnnision to the whole 2b (ruts?Children nnder ten years, half price M' GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT, AT THE NEW BRIGHTON PAVILION, On Haturtlny Kveiling, July l.'Kli, 1144, AD. CINll DAMOKKAU and MONS. ARTOT, re siierifo11y announce thar they will give a Grand Vocal and Instrumental Concert at the above faihiouab'e resort. (be log positively their last aprearance iu America.) The Concert will at 8 n' precisely. Tickets $1 each, to be h .d at the t rincipal (iotels in the city, and at the door of the i oncert Room. N. B.?Besides the usual conveyance to New Brighton from Pier No I North Hivrr, a Steamboat will be kept in r-adioess afrer the Concert is over to convey passengers to New York, jll tt K 1 Mo VaL V olSituf. Jr., luiponer of Previous atones, kc , has removed hie office from Ns. 41 to No 12 Maiden Lane The business of J. A. MOM K, Importer of MusicaJ In it rumens, ? ill be ca'ried on in the same establishment, during Mr. Robe s abieuce in Europe j# ?'ll 3tu*rc COTTON IlUC K?200 bales American Pi'ot Dack, No la b, manu'aeiureo with grsat care from the best material. I. r sile in lots to suit purchasers hv J10 3c rc E. K.COLLINS k CO , 34 South st. i# It BEACON COURSE. The Prop ietois offer a Purse of SlO.l. free for all Pacini I Herses, mil ? heats, best three in live, in harness?to come of! | July list. V iitrles to close at H SMITH'S, 31 Park How, 1 atnn'ay evening Jnly 13th, hy 9 T. .VI ; three or more to make arc. ill lt*rc STOLEN. ?f3 A BAY MARE AND WAGON, hired on the t-arv"11 of Jnly, to a man whe called himself Hobert f I ^ a- Morris, to go as far as Burnham's I he said Morris is shont b leet 8 inches in lieight, light com pleiinn, fact rather thin, and about thirty five years of sgs; wore ? white hit, frock cost and gt'ter shoes. The above Mare is a bright bay. with long tail, about 15)4 handsbign, and about 8 or 9 years old Buggy Wagon, open front, abiaut half worn out, with lea' her tap, drab lining, and calico slip lining. Harness, brass mounted, and bar bitt Whoever will retnru said mare, wagon and thief, or give in formation where they may be found will be liberally rewarded by applying at THURSTON k TOWNSF.N'D'S jyll 3t*rn Liverv Stable, 72 Reade street. New Yoik. NEW VORK. ALUANV AM' TROY STEAMBOAT LINE FOR ALBANY AND TROY?Mornirg 'Line from the foot of Barclay street, landing ,lt intermediate places The steamer TKOV. Csptain A. Oorham, this morn ing at 7 o'clock. 1 he steaines. EMPIRE, Captaia 8. R Ifoe, to-morrow moremg at 7 o'clock. Evening none from the foot of ConrtDndt street, direct The steamer ALBANY, Captain K B Macy, this even ing at 7 o'clock. The steamer SW ALLOW, 'sprain A. MeLean, to-morrow svening, -it 7 ? t n.ek. The Boa la of this Line, owing to their light draught of wa ter, -re able at ill times to pass the bars, and reach Albany am roy in ample tunc to l*k? the morning train ?f cars f. Ihr east or west. For passage or freight, ?rr>'r on board, or at the others oa tin wharves jvlI rre GRAND FISHING AND OTHER EXCURSIONS. THE Sirambo.t I'HO.MAS BALMOND 'Captain W I" Khultt. wil' run to the Fish ,ing Ba-ks 1 UEhD V's WEDNESDAYS. FRIDAYS Places ?>fstoi ping?Amos rt 8',; Can I siren, 8)4; Lathari r Ferrjr, Brooklyn, 9, I'ike street, 9)4 ; Pier No 1, N. It., 9)4 ; and V'ort Hamilton, each way, allowing time to visit the Fortifica tions, returning and land at the ?ame places < hambermnids in attendance A hand of ni- bh wil'accompany the boat daily A la-rsnn providea lines at a srn HI I barge? halt furnished giat'S Dinner and lefreshmer.ts on board Fare 27 cell's racli way THE FINEST SKA BACHING IN THE WORLD. SVIUKDAY SUNDAY AM) MONDAY EX? UH SIONS to FORT HAMILTON, IIATll and CONEY ISLAND, when prsciicabie passing through OEDNh.Y'b CHANNEL and LOWER BA V , touching at Fort Hamilton rach way, and remaining on<- houi at BATH, allowng those who wish to ha he. Ii- nss of houses grain Ou * A PUR D AYS?Tin- boat will Irave Amos street, it 1 P. M | Canal (tract, 3Y4, (a.hanne Ferry, Brooklyn. IV Pike stre-t. 2V ; and Pier No I N It 3 SUNDAYS and MONDAYS, in the Ylnrning, leive A mm street, 8)4* Canal stiest, 8*. Catharine he-ry. Brooklyn, 9. I'ike sttert, 9)<; 1'ier No I N.K., 9)4 In the Af ernoon Leave Amos street, it 1 P M ; ' anal street. 2X; < atnarii ? eiry. Brooklyn, 2)4; Pike siren, 2)4. *nd No. I N II 3 Hetur. ing land at the nine plant i hambermods iu atten dance. Itefr. shincnts onboard Fare each way, ONE SHILLING. jy9 it t're HENRY E KIELL. COTILLION PARTY FRIDAY h VKNING. Otk The I ID'MAS sa I.MOM) will make , &?Grand f acu.sioii and (iotillion Parte uptli 3smwssJHhK*U u-'son River, nn the eeening nf .July 12t.ii t, F(J(t Lh a, Betariiing- Leave Fort Lee at 1 o'clock in Hit morning E?- rv arrangement and the best of retr-shiner ts a Fort L-e by Mr. AI bit, will he provided for llse comfort ol tho< who may honor this hoat with their (a-ronase An awning for 'he npper d.rk ha? been provided, and Whitwnrth'a Co'tlln t U ind la ei g ged The hoat will leave Deh.ncy alteet at 7)4 I j Pifcestr-e at 7)4; Pier l N R at It Canal street at l)4t ai.i \in safe* at 1)4 tieturning, will land st Canal street sir Pike Ire-i Fare 23 c nts rich wsy. i limited noinb-r of tickets will be told, which can he h i of Moan "Moles k F'o-d 132 Bowery, at the residence of i ? ? t-riher 71 Bayaid street, nnd on hoa>d rh? bo.t jio Jtis'rc HKNRY K. KIELL FOR HULL-The last s .I ng ship ST LAC ' ? REN) K, i aptain Brown, is now loading and w gbe despatched hi a few dais ' rhin and tnwr ge | ? iwgetcaa be haiidsomel v accnmmoda e<l at a mo erate r?fe ? n at p<iration to IGHN Ms.! I)V1AN, jll lire 41 r-outh s.reei. ~ ? " -J -L- -J BV nig SOUTH?KN MAIL. Hhltaite Iphla. [C?rrai|iouiiMi(M of the Herald ] Philadelphia, July 10, 1844. Yesterday the friends of good order and sound government were disconcerted and astonished at the alarming degeneracy of public opinion, and were last corning to the conclusion that m?-n col lected ill large cities were unfit to be trusted with self government, and would require to be governed by a strong force ol regulars THs morning, how ever, their hopes for war are reviving The lacts accompanying the first fire ut the military, begin to be understood ; the press has spoken upon the subject, and the voices of our most resectable and thoughtlnl citizens are now raised in behalf of the gallant defenders of our laws. All is quiet in the infected district, but the military from the interior, continue to arrive. The city is now garrisoned i y about 2000 men, in addition to the volunteers of the city and districts. This morning two of the |>coplc wounded (not military) named Cathcart and SaunderB, died at the hospital, and the coroner has held inquests over their bodies. The indecency of burying Cook, the rioter, whd was killed at the rebel's gun, with honors by the Weccacoe Hose Company, and wrapping the Ame rican flag around Iiib body, is exciting the ke< nest reproach. A leader of the Nanve party, and a man ol standing, made an ostentatious display of mock patriotism in contributing to his funeral expenses, which I believe he will regret, and struggle to get rid of lor the rest of his life Another ol ihe lenders hits been taking great pains to convince ihe people of what he calls the atrocious conduct of the military; but when the whole truth shall come to be known, he will be politically and morally annihilated. It appears now that the military never fired until they were beaten with clubs und bricks. Captain Hill knocked down, and his sword taken from him, and a shot fired from a house at the time, winch led the men to believe that he had been shot down. Kven then, they all elevated their muskets to avoid indicting personal injury, and no one would have been hurt but lor the desperation of the'mob, who seized some ol their arms and gave trie muzzles a downward direction. This tact accounts for the lewness of those hurt, for had they fired into the crowd there would have been twenty orthirty killed, instead of five or six Sub sequently they fired at a deadly range, as the rid dling of the houses and marks on the ste|?, trees, &c. show, but then it was with artillery, and after they had been fired upon by the rebels. Suicide.?A man named Joseph Mehaffy, aged about 42, and a laborer, committed suicide at his residence in Carpenter street, near 9 h, by taking laudanum. It was the third attempt made thatday to take his own life He has lelt a wife and chil dren. Quarter Sessions.?This Court has been enga ged all day in trying trilling cases of assault and battery, petty larcenies, itec. The great Kensington riot cases are postponed for this week. Monument to the Slain.?It is proposed to erect a monument to TrouttnanandGuyer, the sol diers who were slain on Sunday night by the rab ble of Soutliwark, and a collection made sufficient to maintain for life the families who were depend ent upon them for support. 8ai.ei of Stock,-Fih?t Board ? $1300 ("jty ft'I, 1846, 101 j; 600 (Job's, I860. 103; <.700 do County 6'*, I860. 101 100 shares Uirard Bank, 11} ; $"<*000 Tennessee Bonds,83 $1000 do do 6th January, 81 I: The County Board.?This body, at their second meeting yesterday morning, made the appropria tion of $30,000 asked for by the County Commis sioners lor the expenses of the Southwurk rioisund the preservation of the public pea< e ? Philadelphia U S. Gazette. The Horrors of War.?(>n Sunday when the summons for military force was received in Ger mautown, a scene of melancholy excitement was witnessed. Many of the soldiers were culled from their places in the house of worship to " the im minent deadly breach " On Monday morning some of them were brought back to their friends liteness. This morning the Germantown Blues attended the remains of two of their number to the grave?Ser geant Guyer and Corporal Troutinan. Ihe for mer resided at Baker Town, just above German town, and was a carpenter by trade. He was about twenty-five years old, and he has left an aged mother and three sisters to deplore the loss of an only son and brother, on whom they depended for support; nrematurely cut off in the discharge of his duty to bis country In personal appearance and manly vigor lie is said to have been a " shining mark " lie was shot down at his gun. Nearly ihe whole upper portion ol' his head was carried away. Henry C Trontman was an industrious mechan ic r* siding in Germantown. He has left a wife, but no children. A messenger conveyed the sad intelligence of his death to Germantown, and, on arriving at the house of Mr. T. communicated it hastily, and therefore abruptly, to a female who first met torn, whom he did not know to be Mra. Trouim in herself She instantly fainted, and until 10 o'clock last night was physically overcome with grief. SHIP NKWft. By LMt Night's Southern Nail. PHii.ADkL.rHiA. July (??Art Philadelphia, Oram, Bream; 'at t-rav, Carter. New| oil, v ; Ati-I, Stmdrvant, Port Brain; HpImi, l.hate; Oak, Hydro, anil Suwn, Biav. Boiton; Tarry Not, BLl'.c, a d New K> g and Pendleton, Kail Hirer; Senate, ?Mi I r. ftrw Lo .dim B-l< w, )?? While. Cm Lire.pool; Mary Barbara, Ira Newport. W. Clu Albi rt P> rkiua, Clark. I'orto Kirn; 'I ecurmpli, Orcult, Hi.alon IIaI.TIMOA., Jul 1 K?Arr Lawrence, H wri, and Ocean. Kl driiWr. . i> K ij; llirieo, Tibhrtti, Ca<ai?; Mnror. Amy, ft'tw Jorj. Pel , .Marina Kluabeth, aahore on the NK bar. Cld Pi mi* Kr . Kmfitcu, Jam, Mary. Llofrio, Batbadoei and a mkl; W I'Wilker K.liecomb, Boatou. I i lUlv >Ahi!(?s BY 8NIFFEN Ik CO. Auction- novice?uentkfl furniture? This I'sv st 10 oVIor Cat 12 Ann ? r?t?Tha Parlor Fnr nitnrenf a gentleman declining housekeeping. of Fall krenrh ^ols and ' li it> X " .<) N F reorh do, Marble Top Wi tht'anila. do ( eutrc 1 aides, P sod B Ten and Werk do, Diessiug Burr ,01, I'f?III do, .leds Mntlinsses, B-datesds, fancy fa? mil ruth sett Chairs, Ottomiaa,, Looking (Passes, Prints, Painting' mil' Fnmr?, viauilr O Hsll *>tral l,sn>|>t, Cn (Haass I Plat-d W irr, s suit of ex. ePent Brussels Lsr i.i ts "Csir. art Mantle L uni'i. Kitclen Furniture Stoves hr Mi Ftiiiiiltirr is in excellent keeping and worths a.ten' lion jtl It'm VACUA Lr. HKAL F BTATK in thr Eighth "Word of tlir city of Brooklyn ? Will lirsold st public snetion, at llic Merchants' F.xclnnge in thr city of Nrw York, on Thurs day, tbr II h ? ts I y. 1844, at 12 o'clock,by Wilkina It Rollins, aiictionrris. 100 v luahle Iota on ' oih snl's of the street irsd iii* from thr third asrnur, m thr city of Brooklyn, to thr Ureenwnnd Omrtrry, and alio lots on th? adjoining strrrts and thr Third and H oii'th nyrunrs. Likewise thr yilunbla Water l ots or landing place in front ol thr prrmisrs, on (sowanus Bay. This ; roperty is adjacrnt to 'hr city of New York. Omni bussrs rnn to tlie Mont', and Fulten F-r'ies. To mrenantcs and othara dr inns to unite c- nvrur ncr of location and an un surpassed vi w of ti-r city and Bay of Nrw York, stayer? moderate outlay, thr prrseut sale offrrs a most advantageous opportunity. Terms of paymrnt liberal. Sale positive?title perfect. Apply to hr auctionr rs, 17 Bond stsert, New York, or for lithographic maps or informal ion as to title. He. to IMA AC C. DELAPL Al N E, Connsellornt Law, jy2 9t'm 7 New street. CARPKTI VGS FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, BOOKINGS, +c. THY pUBBCHIBF.H* have i ow on hand an exteustte and choitr selection of Carps ings. from a low priced li grain to the richest and most costly descripno* of Brussels,, Royat Wilton, Velvet, Turkey, Atminsersnd Tapestry 4 AhPK J INOB. Also, Floor Oil Cloths of the oea est and most splendid pat terns ?.n'i colors. AI?o, French and '?'nglith Bo. kings. Druggets. Felt Carpet - irg. P ags if the richest descriptions: French embossed 'labia and Piano ( overs, tic , Ike , a I of which will be sold at lower puces ihan any similar establishment in the city C. W SMITH k COM PAN Y, >54 Broadway, (opposite ihe 4 itv Hall,two doors below Biewait k ( o 'a extensive Dry (roods Store j 10 2wis* rc PRESENTS Vj fit A ' OKRB visiting tin-cut will find at our establish mem. -os 249 >nrl ?0 Br sdway. bevond comparison the most elegant and rxtrnsitr wholesale and retail assortment of FAN Y ARTICLE* FOR PRESENTS on this side thr Atlantic, which we lake pleasure in showing, an.' ? a gr to si II at prices at low (saying the least) as those of Itv o l. house, i ' i hi stock of Fancy Stationery, Umbrellas. Parasols, ii m, M ides (flovrs. Hiding While, Fans, (eard Cssss aud T. hie i Desks. Dressing Cases uid Fancy Boses Purses, Per (nmci Porcelain and (Haas, Out, Htiel and Mooiu ing Jewelry, md indeed of every Dung we are accustomed to i mi mi it -s i mpleta aud perfect an can be desired. A full ' aialogne ban just been published and may be had on application TIFFANY. Y4IUNO k ELLIS jr 12 m cod itee IMPKKIAL HOTEL. Opponite the New Aetize Court $ and Railway Hon, corner oj ST. JOHN'S LANK AM) ROE STREET, LIVERPOOL. JAMF.S MOROAN. Proprietor of ihe above nrw and com niodnms rstahlishinent, rrt|icetfolly informs hit friends and the pub'ic ihai u it now open for the reception of Private Families and 14 ntlemen , With ths Hotel it combined and rleganr and rstensive 4 olleo Room, Newt Room, and s?vrrnl private Muting Rooms, fitted up in i style suitable f.r thr rer-plion of Families -nd Jiait ors,Ot for t' raerominodanou of |iar;ies requiring early break fast, luncheons. dinners, Ike The Sleepirg dei?irimest will ke undff the personal superin tendence ol Mrs Morgan, and aiaitors mavrsly with coun dr nee. that In this essential particular comfort, neatness and conienienrr have b'en carefully tiudied The ' ii. inai v and I ellar detriments will rmhrtne the choi cest Vimda, Wines, k' . which can lie ohuined. and J M. irus's that his own < sertiont, aided by the nmistue* ol expe rienced Waiters, in iv in sir the pprobation o( travellers geur - rally, at the tame time the scale ol cliargas will be strictly mo derate ? _, _ . I'rirate Rooms for large or a ma'I Dinner Parties Hot, Cold, and Mhower Baths always ready r.vny information rraiwoiing the de|iarmre and arrival of the various Railway '1 rains Sens and Sailing Packets, ke. To Strang, is nsiting Liverpool, it maybe neceitar to ob serve that The Imperial" is lentrally situated, within view ,,f. ,1 o e miunl-'s w Ik fmm the Liverpool and Via chr.ter, . .ii. nd I ii.r lion Railway Sia ion?, knd iminediatr< i . i, n te I i At ? A'site ' ..nris ; it it alt con'ignous na the i r.n up Theatres, d ? ther places of i nolle re. *'. N'. B A- T ayellera arc freqn nUT mitlsd flra-e 'rsoe the driver to prooeed direct to the imperial Jh laMll

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