Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 15, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 15, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. X? No. 195?Whole No. SVVft. NEW YORK. MONDAY MORNING. JULY 15. 1844. Frtco Two Cont*. To th* Public. THE NEW YORK HERALB?daily newspaper?pub lishod ?very dajr of tb? year except New Yoar'a day and /curth of July. Price J cents per copy?or $7 36 per au burn?portage* paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday darning?price 61 cents per copy, or 93 13 per annum? pos.ere* paid, cash n a 1 vance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of ttte Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing last. It has the largest circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and is, therefore, the best channel for business m- i in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in ad vance. PRINTING of all kiuds executed at the moat moderate, and in the most elegant stylo. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PnoritiKToa or the Hcdai.u Establishment, Northwest corner of Pulton and Nassau streets FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Roial Mail Seam.hips BRITANNIA and HltihRNIA, wilt leave Boston for the above p. its, as fellows : BRITANNIA, J, Esq , Com., Tuesday. Ju'v 16, HIBk IIMA, A. Kyis. Eiq .Coinmauder, Thursday, Aug 1. I'.urn.e ii r Liverpool $.20 " " Halifas 30 An !y to D. BRIOilAM, Jr., Agent. 3 Wail at, jli' 6tee SEA AIlL.?A FINK NAIL LOWN THK BAY, DAILY. UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE .gM'tJii sm The Minus ho it U'lUTH AMERICA, Ca;.' apt M U. i'rii"edell, with a ntw f plea tantiy end ?af-ly accommodating Familira wi'h their .hildrro. oa sli>rt hxcur-inos to the Lower Bay, for the purtx ?? i<l viewing the Hci-eor, Fortifications, Laud anil "cms Scenery, will uukea Daily 1 rip (Snudiys escpp rd) i-i fair wea.h'r, down the Bay. landing, going and return iug. itfoil Hamilton. SlF" Will leave Barclay sire' (N r ) ?t jw o'clorlt P.M , Catherine itrnit ( E it ) et )W. Pier No I (N R I at 4, touch ing at care ay street at 4X Amos street 4* and return in t-uie to lace the rasieegrs at haven o'clock; commencing Mcudey July tth, itilf. and until turther notice Fare Twenty Bee e- nts Chi Id ten under Twelve years of age, half-piica. fH>*" The nort perfect order will be maintained ou board, ane every effort will be ma le to r?tider the excursion entirely pleasant. The 1 rip will be omitted in stormy weather. j\6 tf rre FLEASANT AND CHEAP EXCURSIONS. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. NEW BRIGHTON. PORT Rl< HMOND. (STATEN INLAND.) A NEW YORK FER&Y. From Pier No. I, North Riser, foot of Battery Place. W-7WK9 acrt The Steamboat CINDERELLA OfggJjfeCSnoM follows, daily, from May 30th tc ^i TT'iTIiiiW 1844 Leaves New Yoik, at o'clock, A 3.43,6 and! P. M. Leaves Port Richmond, at 20 minntea to I, and It minntes to 10 A. M.t at 1, 443 and 6*4 P. M. Leavea New Brighton, at? and 10 A. M.; at IX, i and 7X F. M. On f no day? Leavea New York, at Sand 11 A. M.; at 3,6 and 6 P.M Leaves Port Richmond, at 20 minntea to I,and 10 A.M.; nt I, i and ii P M. New York, Mav 16. 1644 ntyll lm*rc REGULAR OPPOSITION. EVENING LINE at SEVEN O'CLK ?FOR ALBANY, without Landing.?Cabin mneweurw*!1! Deck 30 enter Berths free The sievmboai PORTSMOUTH, Captain O. Heuae, will lesvs the Pie- at the f nil of Cedar street. Regular dave from New York, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. From Albany Tuesday, Thursday and Monday.? Thi. host has been lengthened and fitted up in n sent and com foirable atyle, with new bedding and fnmmure throughout.? She has a nmnbsr of elegant ''late Rooms, and can ac com mo date from 2M) to 300 passengers. Havinv a light draught of wa ter, she will not be detained on any of the bars O. HOUSE, General ^Igent. Passengers taking thi* boat will arrive inAloany m ample time 11 take the morning train of ears east or west. For freight nt paaaage apply on board 07* After Monday, Juiy 1st. will leave at 6 o'clock, from he loot of Li' the loot of Liberty sticet; and Albany at 7 jel9 lm'rc STATEN ISLAND FERRY. FOOT OF WHITEHALL. The Boats will to- as tot low. ucil further aotieei? I AVE NEW YORK : 6, 6, 0, 10. It, A M.. 1, 2, 3X. 5. 8.7, P. M. UK Ave STATEN ISLAND t 7 0, 9 10 11, A. M? I. 2. 4. 6, 6, 7R P. M. On Sundaya. every hoar, from 8 A M. to 7 F. M.?12 M. exl ttepted. FORT HAMILTON AND NEW YORK Leave New York ? A. M.. IKP. M " Fort Hamilton 7)4 A M , 4)3 P. M.J (Maud -.y a excepted.) CLIF't ON AN > NEW YORK Leave* New 1 o k 6 A. M , 2 and 3)4 P. M. 4)4 P. M. Clifton 7)fc A M 3)4 sod ... .. j20 ra (v anday a ex lepted ) NEW YORK. BCHOOLEV'S MOUNTAIN, ^ 4?n ^ I ' L?A v E the foot of Courtlant street, daily [Mumlays except ad,] at 8 o'rloek, A M., by Railroad froui Jersey City to Mor rut wn direct, without change of Car?from thence by Poat Cnachiw throuuh Mendham, Chester, Mchooley's Mountain O /' I -4 ta Ir'a.tnM A e m .lailn in roan n I'l cuiiiRUUt unnioii cunuoiej i ivtuauuiiD Port Colden, Washington to Easton. At Washington a daily line intersects to and from Belvidcre. For seats apply to J I11LL, at John Patten'a Commercial Hotel, 73 Cuurtland' street. to N. B.?Extras famished at the shortest notice, by applying > N.B LU!flC. Momstowa. ap28 tie're SUMMER AIUIANOEMEN T NEWARK AND NEYV YORK. FARE ONLY llii CENTS. THE" NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OA KEY, - si? ?Jf On and after Monday, May 13, will run at ,,-sgpfollows:?Leave Newark, foot of Centre at, at ^?L7X A. M. and 1KP. M. Leave New York. I 4 r. f foot o. Barclay at,at 10 A. M. and 4 r. M. On Sundays?Leave Newark at ( A. M. and IF. M.and N*w Yor? a* 10 A- ftl. and 4 P. M. F rrngnt carried at very reaaoaable rates. Mi May loth. 1444. ap4re FOR BATH, GARDINER AND HALLOWELL. The new steamer PKNOkSCDT, Captain t N Kimball, leaves the end of T wha>f Boaton, .every Tuesday and Friday evening!, at 7 o'clock. Stage* will be in read-net* on her arrival at the above places to convey passengers to 'he neighboring towns, jeli Sin're B. CARPENTER k Co'a LINE FOR NEWBURGH Landiug at Caldweil'i, West Point, Cold >8rr<ng, Cornwall *ud Fiaki'l landing. . The ataamnoat J AMES MADISON. Cart Chat tea < aliuad. w II leave the Wartej atreet pier even Monday afternoon at'I o'clock, and every Tneaday and Friday at 4 o'clock. P.M. Returning will leave Newburch every Tuesday mornirg at half put C o'clock, and every Wednesday and Saturday at 6 o'circk ia ll.e a tetueon. All baggage, bi'U, boodles or parcels pot on foard this boit, m> *t lie lit the ntkuf the respective owners t'.ieicol, uclma euiered upou the bo .k of tlie boat, or a bill of lading or receipt i- given lor the (MM, N lw*ec Bh flh Bh new yok^aRd iiavhCTackets. beoond Line? The Shipa or this line will kerealter leave rvtw k irk on the 1st, and Havre op the 16th of each month, aa fcl jw,vis :? Feom Now Yokk. From Havnn. New Ship ONEIDA, lat March. ( 16th April. Captain .let July. < 16th Angnat. Jatnea Funck. I; lat November, f 16th December. &hip BALTIMORE, i. let April l Nth May. Captain .lit Angnat. < Nth September. Edward Funcu. I[ lat December. ( Nth January. BhrpDTICA, i Ut May. 116th June. Captain <. lat September 4 Nth October. Frederick H-witt. lat January. f Nth Febraary. New (hip St. NlCHcLASl lat June. t Nth July. Cl i. ~ . V?. .. - aptain 1, lat Oetober. < Nth November. J B. Pell, lit February. ( 16th March. Theaecommod ions of uvaae ahipa are not aurpaaard, com* bining all that m-y be required for comfort. The price of ca| bin paaaage ia f 100. Paaaengera will be aupptied with every re* quiaite with theeiception ofwiuea and liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the tub* sort hers, free from any other than the eipeiiaea actually .. u?. vMfmnrnixiFiBi. JeS5 ec No. 0 Tnnti?* Building. cnr. Wall andWate jt ./?- FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Lin?? Regular t: ' v'v Picket 21st. July.?The solenoid New York built Jp AJdt?kacket ship HOTTINgUER. Ira Bursley, master 10'o ocsburthen, will anil as above her regular day. For I:?ight or passage, having very superior acco.-.treodations unsurpassed by any ship ia port, apply oa board, west aide slip, or to WOOmCULL k MINTORNS.I7 South r. f nee of paaaage ?iu?. The fine nam i>acaeiship Liverpool, John Eldridge, matter. M w>os, wiIiTucch* 1 ' " Hotluiguer and sail ou her reguiar v Zlst August IlltZIs, re FOR LONDON?Packet of the Mlh July?The splendid, fast sailing packet ship HENDRK K liillDSON, f , Capt George Moure, will sail pnnctaallv a* n> .,"h r regular dav. 'I his superror pic?ei haa very fine accommodations for rahin, second calm and steerage pas.racers, who will be taken at very reasonable ratea, il e-rly applicvtion be made oa board, or to W. k J T. TAPSCOTT. 76 S uth street, corner Maiden Lane. r.Tiont wishing to asnd fir iherr Iriends to coma oat in to ? ?hit) oraoy of the lire or who are about to remit mpnav,can make ino abie artaugi menta by applyiug aa above. I'Aly r, r ? For HA VH A?Second Line?The Shir BALTIMORE, K.dw Funk, Master, will aarl >n the 1st of August 6 or freight or iwaaage, apply BOYDk iTINCKEN. N? ft ft* filing eoe Wall and Water sis IMPERIAL HOTEL, Opposite the New Assize Courts and Railway tion, corner qj ST. JOHN'S LANE AND ROE STREET, LIVERPOOL. JAMES MORGAN, 1'ropimtor of he above new and com modtnn* aaVtbl' .htnaut, rrspeetfnlly informs his friends end the pt b i ? |t is now open for ths reception of Private Families and G ntiewen. With h? Hotel ii combined and elegant andcitenaiv# Coffee Boom, Neva llooio. end s< veral private Sitting Rooms, Filed up in a style suitable for the rcc-ptmu of Families end Visit ors, o. for t * arc . iniriijd.nion of panies requiring eany break fa is. tuncliiona, dinners, kc TrtSleeni g detriment will b" under the personal supetin tendance of Mm Morgan, and visitors may ivly wilheoifi d nee. ihat in this Maeut. il particular, comlort, neatueaa and eon .e?iaiice have b-en carefullf studied Tim ' u pia > and ? elLf de,artmaura will embrace the choi cest Vrnds, Wines k .which cau he obtained, and J Ms fuss that nia own xertious, aided by the aasiatanc oi e*i>e. r eoced ?a tern, miy *ecnia the i.pprobatiou ot travelled gem. rail), ai the aanie t ine the scale ol charges will be atrirtly mo. derile Priratc H-nitis for large or sma'l Diener I'artiet. Ho*., Cold, and Shower Baltn always ready , , , LViry iniormitioo reaiiecling the d-uartum and arrival of the .arioua R-nlaay Trains 8 e.m and Sailing Packets ke To Strung'rs nai'.ina L.verporl, it may be necevaar- to ob serve thit Ilia Imperial" is rentraliy situated, wi.hin view of, sad one minute'* w-vlk the Liverpool and Ma che*t-r, a d Grand Janctiqu Railway Sta inns, and itnirediab'ly OppO* ?ite the >ew Asaixe Courts ; it is alia contiguous to tbeipnn' tip *1 ThaiUM, ?ih ther places of i unli.: resort. N. B As'1 avellers are Irequ ntly mialad, please deal re tha driver w proceed direct to the impe-lal. j30 laM6t LARD OIL?HO bbl* No. I a very supetior article, 60 " No 2 For sale in lets to auit purchasers by e. k. Collins k co, JU Itri a MgSouth ?treat. Washington. [Correspond ence of tb? New York Herald ] Washington, Saturday, July 13,1844. Bete Stilled or Withdrawn?Sober Second Thought " recommended to Col. Palmer?Mem ber t of Congrtu?Felix O. M'Connell?Specifica tiont Againet l-im?Confeuion of the General, and Sentence?Apology of the Court for itt Pro cetdingt and Judgment?John A. J)onuhoo, Etq , and the " Polk and Dallae " Boye. The bet upon the Presidential election proposed by the " Fiscal partner of the Globe" is at last definitively settled, lion. Willis Green, of Ky., J we understand is the man who has made the fore closure. The bet stands subdivided ns follows. #100 that Mr. Clay will not get Maryland; #200 ] that he will not get Maryland and Delaware; #300 that he will not get Maryland, Delaware and North Carolina. Massachusetts, Rhode ltlund, Vsr-| mont and Kentucky excluded, Mr. Rives conced ing them as certain for Clay. Mr. Palmer of Prince Georges, who made such a flourish in the Globe recently, with a prol-1 fer ot #100 each upon some 18 States, and #5*0 | upon the general result, has certainly backed out. It was an " impulse of excitement, dec" Gentle men, when money is to be staked, keep cool, and always let it be done under the judicious decision from the "sober second thought." Among the members of Congress still in town, are Messrs Dawson, of La.; Payue, of Ala.; Bag by, (senator,) Ala.; Walker,ot Miss., democruts? and Jarnigan, (senator,) of Tenn.; and Willis Green, ot Ky., of the House, whigs. "Public Documents" and party correspondence have de manded their detention. A number of them, in cluding Dawson, Payne, Jarnigan and Hoban, of this city, Causin, Bowie and others of Md.,are expected at Grimes and Rood's, in Prince Georges, to-day at a party discussion. Hon. Felix G. M'Connell and Hon. Dixon H. Lewis, (senator,) of Ala., have left on a visit to their constituents und their homes. M'Connell? a man who would give his last dollar to a poor devil in distress?and who treated all hands, on all occasions, indiscriminately?who spent his money as though he had the rent roll of Prince Esterhazy, or the receipts of the Herald Office, has left us and gone home. A good fellow at heart, aa generous as the day is long, he has sadly mistaken the " legi timate orama." A continuous round of frolicking ?song singing?bravado?buffoonery?blasphemy, and billingsgate unequalled among the cognos centi of the Western waters, have contributed to the inglorious immertality of a man capa ble oi doing honor to himsell, his constituents, his party, and his country. His sayings, on the contrary, are treasured only among the nocturnal rowdies distinguished as " Never Sweats," " White Alley Boys," " Gumballs," and " Rangers ;" his doings, prominent over every competitor, are his " treats all round," bis " glorious times in the oyster cellars," and his thoughtless and reprehensi ble interruptions of debate on the floor of the House. For a man perhaps not over thirty-five, of attractive personal qualities and Gne talents, and with a young and interesting family at home, the opening of his public career is most unpropitiousand unpromising; and which, uniess atoned for in a prompt, effective, sanatory and comprehensive reformation, will speedily lead to the lamentable result of the moral, religious, civil, social, political, physical and spi ritual damnation of his body and soul. At o..e time last winter he signed the temperance pledge, and kept it inviolate for several days; when his coppers became so heated,that the contents of John Foy's bar were alone sufficient to " cool his parched tongue." Water taken upon his diaphragm seemed to operate like the same fluid when thrown into a blazing frying pan, only augmenting and aggrava ting the flames. Old Conyak, blue-rum and black strap, were the sole alternative ot salvation from spontaneous combustion. The honorable gentle man, therefore, resumed his libations to the gods, and has gone home minus his mileage and 8'8 per diem, as happy as a lord. Hon. Felix G.1 I Cunne 1, stand up. You have heard the charges for which you are herein arraigned. Guilty or not guilty! We pause for a response. Hark I a voice from ihe long swamp of Caiolina? from tlie cars bound southward, a voice, fearless, decisive and emphatic?" Guilty, G?d d?n my soul?guilty, you d?d presumptuous, long-eared, fLt-bellied, moccasin-footed, melhi distical d?d fool '?guilty, d?n you, in the first degree !" It is the voice oi the redoubtable General?it is his language, and his respouse ! Receive, then, and bow in submis sion and humility to the sentence of the Court, which is, that you are prohibited from swearing, under the penalty of blasphemy, and from drinking strong potations under the penalty of getting drunk; and that from your confessions in the premises, you are hereby reprimanded as amenable for due lictions of duty, infractions of sobriety, desecratious of official dignity, thoughtless extravagance, ano wanton violations ot the compromises auu reserva tions of your bodily constitution. The Court, naving thus rendered up to justice its duty on this occasion, and having reprimanded, admonished, aud forewarned you for the future, in a spirit oi brotherly kindness, and from a painful sense oi the paramount requisitions of the law, dismiss you with the penalties in your case so mildly adjudged and attached. And may the lord have mercy ujion your soul. Seriously, the obligation of justice to violated ob ligations on the part of Gen M'Conne"' ^aB ^een flirt fhtpf tn/??niiv* ' - -1#-. ...ial. ..- . ? -- -- -CII# lViAyonne"? ~r the chief incentive to our 8evere fainiia"ly Wlth his private history. In his case it is peculiarly an anpleasant exposition, such|an we have felt it our duty to make. We would rejoice in the onward success of the General with his best friends; but we cannot predict it, nor expect it, without the refor mation submitted. That he may come to a "know ledge of the error of his ways ;" that he may take measures to make his "peace, calling, and re-elec tion sure," is our earnest hope ; and the object in this public expose and judgment thereon. "Allah bis millah!" God is merciful. There was a navel procession in the Avenue las' night; some three hundred boys with a fife and drum, and various "Polk and Dallas" transparen cies, paraded the city, headed by that indomitable Locoioco, John A. Donahoo, Esq.?the Alderman Purdy, of Washington?though Donnhoo, by the way, is no aldermen. He declares that we are gaining the boys over, and that the women will come next, just in time to " Sweep the Palscs Foe Polk and Dallas." John Foy laughs at the idea of his proposed ap pointment to the Oity Post Office. There, was something suggested officially in the matter?and that's all. Bon. A Nuisance to be Abated, Tothk Honorable the Mayor of iiie City: ? Sir,? Believing that it is not only the duty, but the de sire of the present City Government io correct ex isting abuses, and to prevent, as far as possible, all violation of law and order, I beg leave to call your attention to a custom of many of our fire and nose companies,which not only infringes, an I am infoim ed, a City Ordinance, and greatly incommodes foot passengers, but frequently places their very lives in danger 1 mean the practice of running their engines and carts upon the side walks, which is constantly done at full speed, without the slight est regard to the safety of those in advance, who are obliged to scatter with precipitation, when the loud bawling* of the hoys who drag iliem give sudden warning of their near approach Our streets are no longer safe for women and childrrn while these things are permitted; and I have myself seen delicate females and tender infants flying id fear ind lr? mhling before stch a mob of shouting row dies, when the turn of an ancle, or the slighter stumble, would have exposed them to be trampled by the heels of their pursuers, and the wheels of tneir engines This 1 have witnessed, both in the day time, and at night; and as it is a mattsr that concerns not one ctliz?n, but thousands, I venture to hope that after this appeal for protection, these outrages will occur no more. Very respectfully your fellow citizen, O. V. New York, July 13th, 18-11. Crops it* Canada.? We never remember to have seen the crops in such a state of forwardness at thin nation of the year a* they am at present lo thistown ship, as well aa in Waterloo, Otielph, Beverly, and the neighborhood. The hay hnrveet has already commenced. The clover, though short in the stalk, stands very thick on the ground, and we think will yield nearly if not quite an average crop. The wheat is in a stale of unprecedent ed forwardness, and if any thing a little too luxurious, giving rise to a feeling 01 anxiety lest it should "go to 11a," or be affected by rust, which the present fine and dry weather, however, give* us little reaaon to anticipate ? The outs and peas appear thick, strong, and ol a good healthy color, and in tact the crop* in Karieral, including potatoes, (which havo quite recovered from tue effects ot tlie frosts in the earlier part of the season,) holdout the prospect of an abundant and early harvest, and must af lord ample matter tor congratulation on the part of th# termers.?Dumfriri Courier, July 8. S.C ENE OF THE L\ ;rORS??,oJ>S* RECENT MURDER AT WEST HOBOKEN. In the Supplement of to-day will be found a full and interesting account of the horrible secret mur der committed at West Hoboken on Friday even ing, and discovered on Saturday morning. The I,!," 'H0t 10 'heelegant engraving above will point out to the reader the exact spot where the body was h7ir an almost north-north west direction from then ih t* New Yo.kand Hoboken ferry. Since r_s.;H . tru,!k8 of thc y?ung man who was ar ' tve been cammed by officers McGrath and Staunton, and a pair of black pantaloons, ,h? ? TV."* flp0t,cd With marsh mud resembling *at in the vicinity of the scene of the murder! were found; as also a shirt bosom, bearing the marks of the clenched hand of a person who had orn it trom its place in an apparent struggle. There was also a small quantity of loose powder found in his trunk and several red silk pocket hand kerchiefs, which peculiarly corresponds with the color of that seen in the hands of the man wiping his pantaloons?at the time of the report'of the pistol, at o o clock on Friday afternoon These circumstances, combined with the strange and peculiar conduct of the nccused when he was brought in presence of the body on Saturday, will compel Coroner Benson to commit him for trial unless his eminent counsel, ?. V. If. Weight' teq , presents the defence in which we understand' he is able to show that the accused was in the c.y of New York from the hours of 4 o'clock P M h ,Vhe eVeningonFridayafternoon,'the time mined tiT murderJ'8 all<*ad m have been com mitted. The accused is now in the custody of Cor oner Benson,who will commence the investigation at Jersey City this morning,at 11 o'clock. The name of the accused 18 P. F. D. Mknoes, a young Ger man, who has been in this country but a few weeks, wilh lh!? h UT hM beeD Par,icul?ly intimate w th the deceased, and has, by this intimacy, ob tained a perfect knowledge of his pecuniary cir 5En""' w?m evidence Presented before Di? nct Attorney Haedenberg, it has been show,, that the accused arrived in this ci.y a few weeks sinT and from expreasmnsmade by him during the voy %*e, ,t ,s presumed that the deceased had about 1000 marks, or #300 in gold, in his .possesion n, the murdered'118 wel1 a8 his gold watch Not a cent was found in the trunks of deceased at the house he lodged, in Dey street, and it is therefore to be presumed that he had either been induced to take this money to change into bills, or that he always carried it about him. The supple ment contains particulars nj the day previous. Ti Mlcroifopt. o I XJ| . 18 not 8en??lly aware that the mini splendid and powerful instrument of this classTha art or science has ever produced, a now in on 2LJ' may be collected that some ,wo m by Cwev fo??thI^pTl30PkC-8pPTa,atU8 con8,?cted ar?Y for. the I olytechnic Institution of Lon don, produced a great sensation in that eitv and tractfon eVe? "Ince H con,tant "hject of at I^kii r This instrument was reported to be ca pable of exhibiting a flea, thirty feet in length preserving the necessary distinctness n ,h," m ' nulest parts, and sufficient illumination Thai let,,""' "r he L eVrf ^en coa8lructed. On ascertaining the success of this attempt, Dr. Lardner sent direr and" ,-rgr8 CLarry to instruct for Iuh lectures Wf" ?1-hib?Hons it, this country an a ,,a ratus not inferior in any respect to the polytechnic nom^?,nV i.1 In* advant?S'?s over it in some men Th11 aPPeared wwceptiblc of improve ment. The present apparatus, which arrived here a. few months since, w?a the result of this order Librarv'irf Hrn 7eCted '? ,h? room of ?t Soc e,y Library in Broadway, where, to judge by extern .1 indications, a permanent place of scientific ex hi ? ? I 8|milar to the Polytechnic Institution or AHr. aide (raljery In London, to be carried on undn J?h dire.(j,,on. and superintendence of Dr. Lardner who will, it is understood, give it the freuuem ml' ditlonal advantage and att ract .an of his lectures jTb? present microscopic apparatus possesses c* CTibed to"the T eVe" Rr,*at''r ,h;,n ?bose as crioea to the London instrument. On Werim eHev evening the flea was shown with it ' Ungth! each leg measuring about ,1 e minute hairy o, .pieular emanations upon U beilig I tlu"g' i perfectly distinct. The bug w is also exhibited, the l ead of the creature I r L , ;aw? ssis ? ? A , "(ia,)rne fr"'L"e Bnd entablature was erected on .Saturday over the t>orch of the Library .Society House, enclosing thc following inscription,- V rm P?_larDNER'8 LYCEUM. t | OA? microscope Telescopic ?nd Pictorial Exhibition. This indicate, permanency. Dr. Larnner will % ??c;s,or'> Md?i,e ?o-i.i~f.ta. oualy known, it 14 now ?tated, have rvrentlv he,j;.I i?VVJJSSilr "5'ihJ r'."'.',S'VIJtt !i"i Mn.mEY.-The City Grey, Capt. N. A. Tliomn son, start on their Southern tour next Monday it tentoon by the way of Norwich. They will he r A 1. m\ in N. \ ork by the New York Kusilietn, t;apf , :ainP,?, on Tuesday, and quarter at the Aitor flome Tl ,,v ? I remain in New York one day,and proceed to Philadelphia where they will he received ?,y ,L Philadelphia oTe,?' n P.- ' r,'mi"n ""fil thw 18th, thence proceed te Baltimore where they remain the gueita of the Mart land Cadet., Cap, Rope., until the Miami then take ^Vh, if

line of march for home, via Philadelphia New v<T.i T Providence. On their return they 1 H.mhi!" ].J'I"??Thompson, who shot M 'ss ^f*J^8r frnky. o?n rh^T^ih tn.n The Private Mad. Question.?We net ;vril by Damon Sc Go's, express the following decision in the case of Pomeroy & Co. for carrying letters out of the ittutl. it will be seen thut in Boston, Utica, and indeed in every place but in Philadelphia and Baltimore, the Judges charge directly against the government: [Kroni Utica Gazatte, July 12 ] la order to Hive the public thu earliest intelligence po"* sib?e%f the rScent decision of Judge in tavor ot O*orge K Pomeroy, who was prosecuted b>'^e0lL.^. Government lor an alleged violation ot tbe PostOttiu. ' UMl0ti"ee^rytU,u"deci.ion that it i. lawful to use I the urivate e*pressei to lacllitato the bu?ine*? ?iid inter communication of the country ; and that Pr,VBjf.n,u^' aera may para over Kail lload and "teamboat routes, with such mattera about their persona or their luggage aa th ) may pfeaac to cai ry, or a. other, may pleaae to .end by th|fmembarra?smenta are to ho placed in the way of citi 1,1,., in the trsn.mia.ion ot their order., and theTtlw, oth er laws than thoae which now exist must he enacuu. Upon the opening of the Court, the Judge delivered hi. 'petal action, lounded on the Wth sudJUh lection, ol the act legaiatiug the Po.t Ottice Depaitinent, nf.?dMarch3 1M6 Bfthel9h.ection it i* enacted, piatnostage or ether vehicle, which regularly pertonn. rh>. on a lej.t road, or on a load parallel to it, .hall ca.ry letter.: that lor a violation of thi. provision, the owner ot the carriage, or other vohicle, ?hali incur the penalty of litty dollars : provtdrd, that it .hall be one to send lettei. by special moi.cngc y linn, of the act many other acts ?ie prohibiten, no t ue clared punishable. And the 24th section provide*iui gem eral term, thai eveiy per.oii who, from and alter th naJ.HR "ft hi-?t, .hall procure, and advise, or .....t, in ihedoin g or uerpeU alio11 nI any o. the act. or crime, b) IhU act torblddeu,.hall ha subject to the same p. nat tie. and punishment, a. the persons ? ? or .hall actually do or peipetrata any ul tha .aid ?"? ?? according to tho nrovi?ion? ol thi? ai t. urn no rUrai orconiain. twenty counts, each .barging the do l?>iidant with having procured, advised, and a??i?U-d a c*r tain Vehic le to wit, a railro.d car. perlommg tegular on a railroad, in tbi? district, such road boing " post id to convey letters contrHfy to the torm ot the itnlute fho evidencefn behalf of the" Untied State, assuming that "he wRnessee are entitled to cod.t ?e.t.bli*e. the uct that many letter, were received by the agents 01 the delendaut, for the P"rpo.e f. J*'?Ku7Vg?..u' and wete in fact conveyed lor lure by lit. agent., MtinK undtT the name A, on the road, de.i'rnatt'd in the declaration, in tho cars of the' "^nei? of the roads ; and the evidence tends to prove that us ihn'couB-el tor tho dolonJaul. On tho oit.or h-inl, it h|> neari that the defendant's mcaseiigera travelled on the road* in question merely In tin- character ot passenger*, ntirchaainff tickets lor thai purpose Irom time to time, and thattbu owneM ol the car. and their agent, wore Igno ol tbe tact ot tbeir having letter* in eaargt. It is moreover admitted by theDi.trn t Attorney .that in order to ?ubi?rt tho owner of a vahlclo to the penalty provided !"v the 19th section ot the act. it must appear that letters were conveyed iu such vehicle with hi. knowledge and assent - and that no penalty has therefore been incurre und r that section by tli? of the car. row in que. - .. - ... ... ..t .t .i .ifvi ru htil lit. in hv til** that section uy uu ????' ??? "?" . . ? , lion. Under thi. elate ol the caso lion, unuur II11? emir U. v.." , t defendant's cot.n.el to iMttUCt the '? thine* that iu order to render a person liahlu to Uim p n ? Itv^.rovi led by the 24th section ot tho must ht shown that t,y hi. procurement, assistance or advice, some other person ha. committed the act lorbiilden by th 19th .action ; and that the plmUff* have therefore la I in point of law to establish n right ot recovery. I his j>ro position ha. been strenuously and very ah.y contested by the District Attorney, who insists that In.i offence de* c-ibed in the 24th section, taken m connection with lie tuih section I* a distinct and independent offence, which | WSy lie committed by one person without the parti .1 nation or ugency-ot any other person. 1 hi. a new question, thougn It is one of recent origin ? (a ...... . Ir.t'/ilvurl IT1 tlift fRSfl 1)1 tlli* ?n"?hS court. It w?. involved ... the co ol the United States vs Adams and Din?more, tned_near I lyTt'ear ago in the Duffnct Court lor the Southern Dis tiirt of New Vork, though from the report ot the case read ' yesterday by the defendant's counsel the ,?r*Uo.? do.:, not appear to bare been very distinctly presented to tin ! conn. The opiaion of the cou.t UA_however. understood court. TneopimuiiBi mo , to have been favorable to the construction of the law in sistel on by the defendant's counsel In the prt sent CM. tint the case ot the Unit, d Statu, vs Kimball, tried a few month, since in the District fourt for the District ?nd reported in the law re|V?rter for May last, turned dhectly upon thi* question. The opinion ofTh. honor Judge Sprague upon it. alter argument is elaho rate and apparently w.U conside.ed. and .t wa. in .c coriiancc wrth the iastruction now a.ked t>y < 'e de ;ie d,nit's counsel. He held that a person who sends u let .er hy a passenger in a railroad cur, isinot liable to the p< n alty provided by the 24-li section of the act. on ens th owner of the car is liable to the I oth section The case wa. to tho t ircuit 'owrt hy writ of error, and the decision ot the District omt was affirmed hy Mr Justice H-ory. f these " *h onlv decisions uisin this question 1 should have felt little hesitation in yielding to their authority. Butacontraiy decision having lately been made by the D arned Ju l ' . of the Kastern District of reunsy Ivania. in th" case ol the United States vs. Kisher.and as it would seem also from an imparfect repaid read by the Disti.ct Attorney, by the District Court lorthe District ol Maryland, In the care of the United States vs. Uilmour, I have felt it to he aiy doty to consider the question aa an original one, and especially to scrutinize the conflicting judicial opinions pionounc Id hi th" cases ot and opinions having a. it is understood, been published nndi i tin sanction of the teamed Judge, them.elves In doing th". , have been es.ei.tlally aided hy the lnmtnou. argt. merits of the learned counsel by whom this t rial ha sheen conducted I ha l read the opinion of the Judge of tbe Massachusetts District upon its tirat appearance-^two months ago, and wa. fotr.hly Impressed W'th th. course of reasoning by which his decision was lor ifled, and, ?? I have already intimated, should not have hesita'e.t to sc^ nutesce in it, ha-l there been no conflicting decision, and but lor the forcible argument ol the District Attorney in the I.resent Case My attention has therefore been chiefly (hr*c[e't"the reasoning ol hi. honor Judge Randal .and that ol the District Attorney. I he learned 1 signing hi. reason, for the conclusion at he had arrived, is re polled to have sa.d, that "oft-ncc. even ot th* highest grade, may he committed through the medi um of *0 innocent agent, and the employer he .nawera hle us principal, even allhotigh not present wlien tin act wa-i conimitted. " Thus," he ..-Ids, - one who employ, ail idiot-r a child, under the age ol discretion, to do an unlaw ml act. is liable to punishment for it, although the act w as done in his absence." This is undoubtedly eoun ? loe'riue ; hut I am not able to perceive uny propriety in its application to the case in question The reevou why one 'wTho employs n child or an el,of. or .ns..f.'ea n.a. man toicommft ? sriine. is hrmselt dueatly reapei.sit.le r s principal, instead of lieing but an accessary before the ,-ct i. that tlie immediate actor is n responsitue. ret everv offence comnull'd, some one must uecessnuly Iimenahle as the princi|ial offend'r. to the cases suppose I I,y t|,e learned Midge, it the intermediate agent* weie ac countable lor their arts nf all It could only heat princi pais: hut tieing irresponsible, lie lsy v hotn the ir act* were prompted. i< juatly st.l.sntnted Jn their place just - one who Should maliciously unchain a wild h- est in . midst Ot ? l.opulouj town would tie held accoun nt la. as principal, for the injury which should nrcrw But thr. rr*mons of thit ^octilno 4?? not ? *i?t wh**n tho uu invb 1111 oct in p*?rpetrntH l?> *? pwon wiio 1* him 'Ml miio n ibln to the l'?w lor Hin art#, und thero^ore the nortrjiK' it s. lt is tnai ?licahln to such a case. Th<- ?w : rr ?nd '^"t dur.tor of the railroad car were such persons ; and irtltsy conimitted the act torhiddou by the 19th rection. th, y were i-sponsible for it as prim ipals But it was con c^led ihtt in th? oy? of tho law thoy di l not rondmit it - hO'I juatly?h#can?a, according to an old and well o?ul> lish?d legal maxim, It t* the mind and not the act which comtlttttt* thr criminal Noithor wm it proteni o?l %\ the act prohibited by the Itth i. ct.on- that ot convey u g letter* in - t chicle regularly performing trip* on n post road?waa committed hy the defendant. 'I'he charge against htm wa* that he procured snd udvise.1 or B'Sisteti another to commit It. But a chaigo agatusi one i person of having advised ami assisted another to commit an offence not in taut committed by him, involves in my judgment, a degree of inconaia'ency wholly ineconcilalilu with that precision and ceitainly which the law demands in the administra'ion of penul juatice. and which areeaai utial to the security ol the citi zuu. besides, if the principles applied hy the court in the case el Fisher, hud ruully heen applicable to such u ca?e, the defendant ought to have been prosecuted, not under the V4th section, tor procuring, advising ami assisting, Sti:., but under the 19th auction, lor actually conveying the letters, fly this means the inconsistency juat mentioned at least, would huve been avoided. It was further re marked by the learned Judge, a* appears by the 1 report, that while it was true that penal statutes I were to be construed strictly, they were " not to lie con strued so strictly us to defeat the obvious intention of the legislature when that intention can be collected liom the ] words uaed in the act." This position, in its just sense is also incontrovertible; but in my opinion it does not warrant the decision in support ol which it was adduced The question was, whether a person who sends a pack i1 of letters by a passenger in a railroad car ovt r a post road, without the knowledge, and against the consult ol the owners ol the car and their agents, is within the words of the act. I think there are no wotds in the act descrip five of such person. No doubt the design ol the act wus to secure to the United States, so far as could be dona without improperly trenching upon the lrvodom ol the citizen, the entire emoluments arising from thu transpor tation of letters on post roiels. Rut this design, however obvious, does not authorise the judicial branch of the go veriimtnt to extend thu act to descriptions of persons not embraced within its terms, however stron glv. and mis chievously their acts may tend to defeat its design. It often happens that what the courts, in giving a construe tiou to >tatutes, uro bound by the settled inles of intei - nretatiou to consider the intention of ths legislaluro, fslia tar short of tha general policy and objects of the act. t ins rrnnaik may bo well illustrated by leleronce to the 3d section of tha amendatory post office net of 18i7, by which it is made penal to " set up any foot or horse post, ior the mnveyunce of letters or packets upon an) pust-road." Now, it is very clear that the transportation of h iters in lail road cars drawn by steam, is in duect conflict with the design of this prohibition ; ai d yet it st ems to be agreed on all humla that no pi nalty is incur red under it by the conveyance ot letter* in tins made, be cause the act contaioa no won'* descriptive of such an offense. For the same reason, tha act ot ought not, as I think, to have been construed to embrace the case ol Fisher. If Congress had really intended to prohibit the conveyance ol letters by passengers, it would have been easy, liy apt terms, directly and [plainly to declare attcii intent The practice ol sending letters by passangeis in the public couveyauces on post-roadi, bus always and notoriously prevailed, and must have been known to t'ongiesa in IHJ5. Until recently, lettera were thus sent, only occasionally, and weretaki u in charge, not lor hire, but nl a more set of kindnass or of social obligation While the piaclice was thus restricted, it may reasonably he supposed that f ongress did not deem it necessary 01 just to interim with it Tht*;practice has now, on some of the principle post.toads, la-come a regular systeiuiitizi i1 business, earned on for profit. Rut I cannot acqulesi e in the argument that its extension has altered ita legal na ture or enlarged the jurisdiction of the courts II it has become an evil requiring coriection by the public, authori ty. it i* the province ot thr legislature to apply the remedy The District Attorney relies chit fly oil the term "pro cure and his argument is, that however it inay he with thu words " aicitr. and aitist," there is no absurdity in the charge against the deleridatit oi h iving procwrtd thi car to cariy letteis becuute bv pay ing l is passage, be acquired a right to a seat, urn) then used this tight lor the puiposu ol carrying leiters. la my judgment thia is an unwarrantable mteipretation ot the word procure, as used hi the act. it can, in my opinion, no more be ai - plied to an inanimate thing, than the words advise or u'aist, witli which it is associated It does not mean, to obtain or get possession of ; but to induce, by persuasion, bribery, or other means, acting on the will of an inteili gent being. It is admitted, the offence described in the I9;h section, can only be committed by the willul ; ct ot tome prison ; and I hold it to bo clear that no penalty can be incurred under the 2 t'h lection, < xcept by procur ing, advising oi assisting the commission of that offence. Upon the w hole, therefore, I si,all consider it my duty to instruct the Jury upon thi* point in accordance wi'h lie request of the dalcndant'a counsel. Another, and far more important qui . tion been raised, viz : whether the ( onMitution confers upon Congress the powti to testrain a piivate citizen froin carrying letters in rornpe tition with the mad of the Uuitud Slates, lint upon this, as welt a* upon the other points teiml oti by the defen dant's counsel, it is unnecessary to espress any opinion, and I forbear there lure to do so. In accordance with thia opinion, the jury render-d a verdict in favor ol the dilendant. Most Shocking Traoeby.?A tragical occur rence tor k place last evening on the New Shell Itoud, of a character most extiuordinary in this cotnmuni ly. A man hud accompanied to the llnke two females, one of whom resides in Love near i.sphinado street In returning, the driver beard the gentleman cotnpluin nl illness, saying that it affected him unpleasantly to ride backwards. Accordingly ho changed seats with one ol the lemules, both of w hom till then liad been on the buck seat. Immediately thcroalter the driver heard tho repnn of n pistol. When one of the femalas jumped from tiie coach. The other was shot dead through the The hones I ad taken fright at the teport of the pistol and the shrieks of the women and run off As soon a* the driver could check tin m he turned and saw tin man inside with his pistol pointed to his mouth as it to blew ins own hea t ell beeing that lie was observed, h* turned tin pistol upon the driver, who at once sprung tr om the Ikj? The murderer tin ii 1 aped out himself ami fled into tl. woods The driver heard hia twice discharge his pistol ?one of foil's ri vetoing ones- hut win ther with a vow to commit sulci la, or !?> induce the impression that he had done so, rve are not Inlormed at present. The woman who sprung from the carriage was severely bruised only ; it w hs ?t fiist reported th?t she had broken a limb. 'I In holy of the deceased wax at once token to the watch house of the Second Municipality. The ol the mtin who committed the atrocious act was Bond, or sum. ? ilung lik-* it lie i* said to huve been fiom Philadelphia or i-oine Norhnin city, but mote r- cent to hii l? en a spec ulator on the Levie What could have induced hint's commit so cowardly and mind, rous a crime, we have not y e.t been able to learn. Humors are afloat of Jealousy and the like, but it Is mere rumor, nothing definite baing yet k nown. Sine# wti'ing the above, we learn that the name of th* unfortunate girl was Cft'hnrine O'Biirn. w ho liv. il wi'h tier mother at the comer of Magazine and < Jirod streets, in the lormer itleet the murderer also lived. She was to have beeu mart ? I to-day to a young wan, hut so far as we i an I earn Bond was desperately in love with her, ?? ' had on neveiid occasions made dishonorable pro|m>?ls which she rejected. Yesterday scorning shs went to flu house of Mr* I.rnneii (wno-c husband, it riiay lie recol lected, lias ffgur'd on many occasions before our Conit , for the purpose of n-wmg, and in the afternoon was in duced by Mrs. L. to accompany her and Bond to the ! ik*. A * thei e v, ** a wo tin I on the left arm of the giif, p is i n dent that sic endeavored to ward off the pistol; but th. hall entered her biuOstttil sbo must have expired alums Instantly. The scene at the watch house w as most >!istrr ssii g Theuafortanatavictim who was but about seventeen years of age, nrvttv,and in full health -wax laid out in ? pu kdr.-is, wliile her mother wa? close at liand. 1 In w it., nf Brad, who k.-ej.s a n illitn i's I hop at the corm r 11 Hi lord end Ma gat ir. stria t- w?< ni.-j in the room, i he.-utiful woman* not uroio than twenty-three yeer# < Hg#. Mrs Lrnnen was not ptesent, having been badlv injured while leaping from tha couch. Hie is much b'nmed for th# part she his taken, although with whip justice time will iinloitl. it ta thought by acme that Boi a illed tiimsell in the awamp, w hile otiu ra -nppos that he niy fir. d the p.-'ol w nh the intention of deceiving tin driver.?Ah O. Pit July (f. Politic ai. Excitement?The political ment i.* r? preeenteil us very higlt in Louisville, h la twern 'lit two p'title*. The t.ouiier snys, tiie tn m dous ? xcitetr.Mit ol I* Hi wu* hut a f ? hie flame compel with tiie hunting enthusiasm of both parties new i tiie 4th, two politicians had a fight, when one was st. lied so levetely that he disd on > riday. Two others wi stabbed on Friday night. Hsad Quarter* or thk Army, i Adjutant General's Ofimc?, ' H'mhingion, July H, 1844. } Promotions unci appointment* in the army ul the United States, made by the President; and by and with the advice arid consent of the Senate, since the 1st of January, 1844. I. Psusiotions ? SeconH Hegiment of *litillcry? Second Lieut. William A. Nichols, to be First Lieutenant. June I, 1844. vice Pitkin, lesigned , brevet Second Lieutenant David Oibson, of the Third Artillery, to be Second Lieut. June 1, 1844. vice Nichola, promoted. Third Regimmt if Jirtillrry?Brevet First Lieutenant George H, to be First Lieutenant. April 30, 1R44 vice Ketchum, resign e l ; Reeond Lieut liornce 11 Field, to tie Fust Lieutenant Juno 27, 1844, vice F'laatT, deceased! brevet hecond l ieut. n iit Jolin Hillhousi-, of the 4th Altilh ry, to he 8c. cond Lieutenant, April 30, 1844, vice Thomas, promoted ; bievet 8i i oicl Lieutenant Charles L. Killinm, to tie S?. end l.ii utenant, Juno 27, 1814. vice Field, promoted. I'iiit Ur.gimmt of Infantiy? 8efolid Lieutenant Uiurttt boa ry, tola F'irat Lieutenant, January Si 1844, vice Coxc, resigned ; Second Lieutenant Ocorgei W. \\ allace, to be First Lieutenant, March I. 1*41, vice Muse, rt*ignad ; Brevet Second Lieut, i harlea Ii. Jordan, ol the 8,li In i ntry, to lie 3d Lieut. Jan. 31, 1844, vice Harry,premotadj Brevi t Ul l.ieut hugene F.. McLean, of the Ul Intuntry, t.i he S coiiil Lieut, nant, Marcti l. 1844, vice Wallace, promoted. Second Rigimnt of Infotiliy ?Brevet 2d Lieut James W Fichuretnan, ol the 7th frdantry. to la Second Lu utruant, January 2.1. 1 14, vice litillnuiii, tie caved Third Regiment r'f Infantry - lit,l 1 '? i.ant George P. Field,to lie la, .am, F'ehroe > , 1844, vu a ti heeler, le.'uciiud 8>?ie el Lieut. i ashrod It. Job <>u, to be I'l. e Lid.tan nil, hi hiuaty US IS44, Vi . re<4 J J O motsd ; Bic.Mil Ud Lieut. Andrew J \v i.iiainsoa, ol iha t h li t mtiy , til be Second Lieutenant, February III, 1N4, vice J"ilDSOn promoted Sixth Regiment of Iv/otUiy - 2d l.ieut Lewis A Armiatead, to be First Liciiti ti.ui, .. an h 30. 1344, vie F.-te?. deceaaed ; Jit. vc' t ?.c?e I La-l.teii Miil i hailea T b.her,ol the 3 1 Infantry, lo he Svccad Lieu count, Match SO, 1844, vice A. in tetrad promoted Shi nth Jtegimrht of Infimtiy.-- 84 (Olid LiiUl. Chel.ea Hanson, to bo Flirt Lieutenant, Match Id, 1844, vice Da kar, cuahlerid; brevet Second Lieut Lafayette Mr La* a, ol thei 6th lulantry, to be Second Lieutenant, March 16, 1844, vice llunaon, promoted. Breve tg.? Lieut. Colonel Bennct Kiley, of the 2d Regiment ol Infantry, to be Co lonel by Brevet, "for long, mcritoriotu and gallant arr virea, tatuke r ink aa inch Irom tha 2.1 day of Jnue. 1640, the day oa which was fought the buttle rf Chokucbattn, in Florida, in which Se paiticularly diatu guished himself by hia bravery rind good conduct ; I aptaiu John J Ahar cromhiu, of the let Hegimeit of Inldntry, to be Major 1 y Brevet, "for gallant and meritorioua aervieea in Florida, to rank aa such Irom the 26th f)? ceniber, 1837, the day on which war fought the battle ol the Okeachohce, on winch occasion " he acted,"in the language ol hi* Commander, brevet brio^hcr General Taylor, " with the greatest gallantry aWcoolness " II. Anointments.? Mediral Drparlmmt. Assists r t Surgeon Joseph J. B Wright, to he Surgeon, March 26, 1814, vieo Macomb, descrased, George Buiat, of South < a rolimi, (lute Assistant Surgeon.) to be Assistant Furgeon, June 6, 1844 Orilnnnrr De/iailmint?Richard J It Bve, of Geoigia, to be Milituiy Storekeeper. April 4. 1844. ? 7'iotn/rit.?Captain John C. Casey , ot the 2d Aitillery. to the 3d Intau'ry. to take place on the Army Register neat below Captain Van lloine;Cnpiaih Henry S*art*out, ?.f the 3d Iniantry, to thu 2d Artilleiy, to take place on the Army lti gister next below Captain Or ay ion; Second Lieutenant Cyrus Hall, of the 8th Infantry to the 1st In tantry, to take place on the Atmy Ilsgister nut below Lieutenant Denman; Second Lieutenant ( harlea D Jor dan, ot the 1st Inlautry, to the 8th lulantry, to take place on the Army Register next below Lieutenant ( lark III. The following named Cadets, groduates ol the Mili tary Academy, are attached to the Ami) ary odicers w ith the Brevet ol Second Lieut, nsnt, in con formity with the law and the direction of the President, to take rank tioin July 1, 1844 : Uiietet Second Lieutenants attached to the Cor.rt op Toioc k aiiuial Eaoisriii, Hank. Cvmji'y. ,p Itrgm't. 1. Cadet Willir.ra O. Peck, of Connecticut. Unxvr.T Second Lieutenants attached to the Dbacoon Ahmv. 2. Cadet Joseph H Whittlesey ol N, York, D 2d Dregs. 7, Cadet Alfred PleaeoMoli, ol the Dia trictvd Columbia, D lrt Drags. 9. Cadet Augustus Cook, of Kentucky, K 2d Diags. Ill Cadet John Y. Bickuell of Tenuv saee, I 2.1 Drags. Brevet Second Lieutenants attached to the Antic i.ehv Asm. 3. Tadet Hnmuel Gill.of Kentucky. B4tUArt. 4. Cadet Daniel \1 Frost, ol Ntw York, K 1st Ait. 6. Cadet AshirR, ol Rhode Island, K 1st Art. 9. Cadol Fiancia J. Thomas, of Mar) land, C 3d Art. 8 C.adet Thumus J. I tud oi Kentucky, C 1st Art. Brevet Second Lieutenants attached to tde Inean trt Arm. 11. Cadet Simon B. Buckner. ol Kentucky, I 2d Inf. 12. Cadet John Trevitt of Ohio, II 2d Inf 12. Cadet Krustus B Strong of Aiknnvos, B 7th Inl. 16 I jdet William T. Burwell. oi Virginia, I 6 h Inf. 16 Cadet William ltead, of Delaware, l> 6ih Inf. 17. Cadet James S Woods, ol Pennsylvania, A 4th Inl. 13. Cadst Wmiield S. Hancock, Pennsyl vania, K 6th Inf. 19. Cadet James M. Henry, of the Diltrict of Columbia, K 7th InL 20. Cadet Alexander Hays, of Pennsyl vania, K 4th Inf. 21. Cadet George ; Wain Wright, ofj Massa chu setts, F b'h lef. 22. f'adet Ilrnry n Hchroader, of Maryland, u 3d Int. 23 ( aJet Joseph bmitb, of New llampshiie, G 6th li.f. 21 l ndet John J C llil b, of Kentucky. DSdlnf. 26. t'adel George W. Huwkms, ol Notth (;arolina, D 1st Inf 1 iioioregeing assignment* to It crimen Is and Companies will lie rrgaided in u temporary arrangement, n-c-ssaTy tor the convenience of the servico. Vacancies will lie filled according to seniority in the particular.1hm, in con iormity with tin- establish- d rule. IV.?CaSCALTI'S ?Hi Hltlutinni (6 )?C.lpt. Otis Whtl'l it, :j I Infantry. K> bruary tin, 1*44; 1- irrt Lieut Jnrrt M. Ketcbum, 3d Artillery. April 30, 11144 ; p'ltat l.irut Mam'l. K. Muae, 1st Infantry, March I, 1-44 ; Pirst Lieut. Ferdi nand Co va. 1st Infantry, January 31, 1844; P'irst Lieut. Lucius Pitkin,ad Artillery, June 1.1H44 ; 11 revet 3d Lieut, ?imi'h Stansbnry, Ordnance Department, Mny 31, 1-44? Dmths (4 )- P'irst Lieut William Prater, 3d Art at Lan caster, I'm, June 37, IH44 , pirst Lieut B. C I', das, 6th Inf. at Key West, Kla., March 3(1. 1844 ; Srcond Lieut A T. Ilntlman, J I Inl at Ht Augustine, Kla., Jun<- 38, 1844 ; ?turgion p'.dward Macomb, at port Monroe, Va , March i?, 1844. V?The officer* promoted ut.d <ip|oiiit?d will loin their proper stations and coni|i*tiii* without delay; Iiosp on detached aervice, oracling under special instiuc lona, will report hy letter to the commanding officers of heir reapective regiments Vl.- The usual I-ave of ab sence allowed hy the K-guiations is liciehy panted to tho > vernl gradtiHtea ; at the expiration ol which t8ept?mber 30th ) they w ill join their proper atutiona and ccmnaiiioa VII ? Acceptances or nnn sreoptanoaa ot appomtmenta will ho reported to the Adjutant (ieneral of tho Aimy ; md in case of acceptance, the birth place of tho pcraeu ipp'dntad will he stated. VIII.?t onatcTion ?Made hy nnd with the advice and consent ol the Henate?Captain Prederick Kearle, ol the Quartern-sat- r'a l)i paitment, to he Major by Merit. " for gullantry and good conduct on several erratum* in the a ur opairikt the Plorida Indians, t* date from Noveir.bat lb. 1839 ?> 'J lie above is a substitute lor the announcement made n " General Orders" No. 66 ol 1843. K. JONES. Arrss Oanrit.? 1 So much of " Orneral Orders" No. 46, of 1841 having reference to the detail of subalterns or the lour companies ot Light Artillery, ai it quirea the Piist Lieutenants to he annually relieved, ia hereby re ?rinded ; and they will, in future, he attached to those companies in the -ami- manner us the lint lieutenants oi the othi r Artillery companies I ?Tho ifspartiva Colonel* will accordingly select lh? Fiist Lieutenants who are to he permanently assigned to he light companies, so that the urrungemrnt may tbk-> t tf.-ct alter the 30th of Srptmbt r next 3 The brevet 3d lieutenants now attached to tho light artillery companies will b- transh rrtd to other compsnn s alter the 1st of October, when they will l e ttliettal hy oilier brevet 3d lieutenants, so that the complement, in eluding the graduates ol thin year, will ho two for each light corn; any. Il JONES, Ad/iUant General Mi vnMssvM--The name ot Amsi.ii K J?v??. a P'irst Lieutenant in the 3d ILgiinent ol Artillery, hiving been changed tiy the Legislature of the Mate of Maryland to Arxoi.h P.i i* r, he will hen-alter be known fund recog nised in the anny accordingly. Thk Kr.onim am- thk Crow ?The following ia fen extract ol a letter Irom an experienced planter near v*< tier to a commercial house in this city It is dated Inly 3d: - "Tha destruction of rotton hy the flood in Ar kansas, on H-d d in Mississippi, will not ha list than 3-ui ten hales tit a lew -lays it msy reach 400,000, or perhaps 480,000 Thl? is the genet si belief." SgNTKftrg -il riik Trka.m'ry Notk Forobrr ? Jurlgr Mr Citleb yeelerdmy ovei-niled n motion for an arrest of Judgment in the case of Holliday and Wotsou. who have hem convicted el lurging and uttering II. S. Treasury notvs, ami then procr-deil to pass si-nieace on -II the partita, as follows : Hreedlove and WHtsen, each to t-ri years'imprrsonmi lit lit hard labor in the Peniten tiary ami HolliiUy, on the first conviction, also to ten years' hard labof In tbe Penitentiary, and on the second onvlc.tion. t-> five -!nys'imprisonment an-l to pay a fine of fi33,0i 0.?N O. TVoj tf, July 6 A Thrh-lini* Im.ii-km.?Tim Ainhcrnt Cabinet cnntaiitn r letter (let-cribing the ituiueelioly event lately mentioned in this paper, of the Mowing up of a powder magazine at Dauby, VI., causing tho death of th tee boys-and adds: "Mr Smtih ws- the first 'oitish toth? scene of ruin ; he caught tip the first hoy her-tne to, whose fmtures wore so-iitfignri t s? rot to he easily tecogni/.eil, yet alive, and possessing hi-s-ri-es; w* he whs T-ear.'ng him away Irom the a- m-- ol calamity he sirnl 'o 1 im w ho'# t-oy are you ' I h? little suit- r-r looking Mm In tliss face, with tender emotion. mi-I, " 1 am your hov.r.i I" And the poo h-d die I in a'-w hours al>er HARPW? DOl'HI.K AM* SIMILE ACTION, AT as-'v nROADWAY. ? p. PUOWNE He*s to e-It t'e sit. li.-a of t-imirers of ?' ? -h-s-h I sh'tol rns mm nt t" k le-gei-nd -I ?.nt ass- r? -net t of (terps he hs? (or sab* at 136 B*-?>''? ?v The fit'- Pnl In-- vol tone, light-ess of t- >ieh u d el ? Bnir'f'he o lUrps e*oi.'.t I.- - srell d and very ?*? -, . I ,,| I ke . ere . n ,-reeled-?n the he-l priacf-di-a iul h v -I li e r-.oderu iin l-o-rmeuts of London -net P tn ud ,i a prie-?. tv>rruited to bese the fat ef diro'ite ' i -e >? ? , d iur Inn Wrings, Re. p R I'O'A N p. (Mas r ft I* i d I. 11} Hroedway, and 7 S Chdmh-r >tr t '-.V jli Iw ltwyjl?*m Est-Wioh-d ilia,