Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 16, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 16, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK IIERAED Toi. X., No. 190?Wliolo No. ?T?0. NEW YORK, TUESDAY MORNING, JULY 16. 1844. Mm Two C?nta. PHILADELPHIA RIOTS. [From liiti Philadelphia U. 8. Gazette, July 16.] We have nothing, this morning, to add to the statement which will be made by our Reporter?, re lative to arrest*, and other movements touching the late di.-iurbances We any late, tor we hope they are past, and that they may be regarded as the laat, that will ever dishonor Philadelphia. The troops, on Saturday, made a splendid appearance, and the marching salute to the Governor was a handsome scene. Gen. Cadwallader was the "ob ssrvsd of all obaerveis " We learn that the collec tion* are going on well. Tncy meat amount, by tli a tune, to nearly live thousand dodurs, and the soiled tons are not yet closed. St. Philip n? Naai.?The congregation of this ?hurch attended the usual services there yeeterdaj morning. [From ths Philadelphia Sua, July 15 ] Invtitlgsttoii CoiitlHueU. Be tor. hi* Honor Judge Jones. .oM.?'D"" sworn -I resid* in Southwark nnno harsh language - os Monday Might between tur.s p?i.on* cams to my nous* ami asked w ? k my Wits told ue thers a as a mob at thaoa.i i ; and ..w three men come upln s oLaion Sid aik^^ T ire-arm. ; Hold tasm 1 had only a double bar,It 1?' onoot tlie three took if thev ?k?i , D-Ilel ffun . tnso. t had no more : ihei ami tUvm '?r T"' ' L"iJ ths houss which thsy oiu thev than m """rob inside oi searched every pluce in the Jul, is " P 8ud kitchen; I gave thana Z o" ,U' ssa'ls x;r? ,r?"" WM"tfa"rt*a b,,'W,:W' 1,18 "5" ol 18 and 19 , Air " W^* wm i'n'il"" """041118 "l110 8?wch the house: was (ha Man that Siii?j, iiwdouot that aud iiu? nun ?? i *"????sba?ti,reu?'k.,sf a ciowu. and hearu a crv dawi, ti? 0 t-iock, and as* pieoa 01 artillery coaie ciu.u up hieah.Ir^' #Ud il" " men ausehsu to it (It. r., hO I? L ,y ??urch' with fun, in ths Court-house, as .he person wbuiSid'hrnd M* oaunoa) 1 than inlormad Ucuerul cHdwallmUr ? It state ol olfairs in ihs neignborhood ; it was not flrn 1, 1 was there ; ha bronguT her up (roTo ,he c'hnr -h' (Manning 8t. 1'uil,,, do Ne? ,u QUe?u .t^n church, C>???<xaraiurd hy Wn. 1) iUa.\as kin ?H. ? Sj .,o 11 own iffriTSsi'ifftS; S"'l'e? lookiug srouaa the court room he aaw the deisudantUauu said 1 recognise him us the person, aud t saw a uicom ui anitlsry coining up Second etieet; 1 a,w him wnnTt ? ?f *h .h? Uun V 4u0W wl?o gave the order to tire ? m'trn Moa?IrhP#s V *Way uuU "8 witn it. I>lOKTt>N >1 aVjICtlAjkL, thy a worn lit. mhrJ afternoon, t lelt iho oiiuicq wun Captmu Patterson^"' '? WUJiar" lloul tuu cnureu wuhoutniy. [Here Ovid F. Johnsori, Attorney General for the r?m monwoauli, arose and a?e?l leave to bwu over thST fenusut lor High Trt<uon and Mu, dtr This w? ?f .U" to oy Wm. 0, t,.* . couuLi tor deUn?t?!w tliut not u psrtiol el sTiusiics has been pro,meed' b? ! Commonwealth in show that he ttreu at any tlmj or hi" f "Vh? fllC' JuJ?" Jo,Ju4 hmd """ I" the flm nmc" he would bind the delsnduiu over lor Hiol, in the aiiuma p ace tor 7V,M0?. and in ine tuird lor JtfuiVr , , for t ?W0U1a Jr?er bUu 10 f'"'11,8,1 iu tl'V sum ol MOW 'hi J o * 1 aud {or furder gibOO?total ilnoist' i he delondsut not being able to procure bail to such I? amount, ,va. ordered i7be pucJd lu the dock !, a ?"U wbsaqueitUy conveyed Hipruon und.r an ascorT'ot u" ?? Avaar, awera.-I raaida in Soithwark (dici'tert by the J)itom,y Utnnal?- Us yon know Wm wuh'hm IVMowaTluTnioon mnS to^ilTtT bad net hung 11,., it w.u.d h^ kiZ . I Spiinger seid he was about a halt suu*ra oir.m stre.i, botweeu Third and FourihTr-.t tr ^ ^rutx<u> reluirua ui in ins iisighborhood lis a id !,? ?.. Wulj ii^Tr410 ?cut 01 st iyrjM thsy dtd in France, wnau tl.oy fired on U.e sdnhsr. u ?aia it in an audible tans of voice. soldier*. he ^tesiion.-Are you certain jou had that conversion> Htrs-7 a ' 'Pike to me hist-hi lives in Oueen Inu^V-J "U, w" ,n ?r?t, wuhrn a nmTa vi| i.ia si Uie not-ivlr. Conrad was *.ir h. o was aiways . peaceable and -puet man, of g'ooJ SK wtrnhW" ^ aT.;0lH? e?w^b^7h^' S?wlifme?4?otg7U,l","e m ... boys. 1 did not see a single man ut the can *' *"? L..I. C L,?? :,?ss, awjr^'Stas "lr Afi.r ,h. mill,,,, ww? ,"'J"" fired; HUP* Co^Zy^Tt^^f' people on the steps; thev were going awlV" /kne per.on engaged in trie riot. The cannon. 110 rei^ori*/1now 0,,l,1^er ^ P-ct^oftKtSp^S rtree7; ,rTwL1.'uh.,^uhw.rrek,iH n N? 'M *<"'* Alltrwtn Ut you ?+, that mJii l kn L , ?'.ir B,t,n ??W him and want twar ? ahnnt fir, ?hook hia Auger ? r Alderm.nw.,*^: ,h? derman M'Claln suntUng ?ha i?ai? .k" ; ' ,aw A1" guard anouad it at the ttm?. h# H*fli th,r" WM "<> ?P toj?n,. day I whs called to protect Mr Mer?^l : on ,un went and aaw a large mob with. ? ' * P to party ? | strset wa. full , tba? th^a,.?ed t. b!"t-05 4n'' Pn' > li' I taid them thatiftney would wait for h i ou,#; should have all that in .tl T or ?"* minutes they mi..,.,, aanniater ; I told them that ,i ? powder aud l-Tfi them ;,oM:o^Vh'Vilyb P hail n gun ; I knew nohodv e 'i ilia y he phttra.Xk^?r^ War',!CthPw?"r"kT'r^d?ern.,li ?J tK# F,?? oa Sunday nighs, 1 ?w a meh .? 2LtrT' "I'1 w" h*r' ??w e maa with ? irun- r a>ir i k ^ocon^ Qu#?en, ?nf1 do with it; ha K w?^^J1Lm Wh,t 1,8 going ,o down Ssaond ,o Mary .trertM k?,Tw ? ; h* ,0?* " "!?'* .t r^TH,:r.r.2T.i; whnn I got there; a ntnnber ol people were at Seeond and Catherine; I heard firing; I aaw no person en| ? r 1 engaged ta it; I knowof aofira aran. within the ward; I have heard of nena Mr. B.anas [cnnnssl for Mr. Springer) hern stated that Mr Conrad, ? eery important witnese for Mr. Springer, was out of town, asked that hi. case he rontlnnsd. A fur ther bouriug He wu required to give hail in the sum ol $1000. Mhn Mittwkw., rwotn?Tarn First Lieutenant of the Nvt-ou il Guards; I was rn-a" the church on Sunday after noon; wa were stationed in Queen above Third, there was ;i crowd; thn firing eomm?ncnd an us after It o' (dock; wa wtrn flrn-l on down Queen street; the mob fired on the military up Third and up Queen on u*; a cannon was stationeil up Fourth; I don't know exactly where,one or two ol tlie 'A?ay ne artillery (were wounded; wnruturned tlie firs instantly; about five mientes after w#discharged tlie artillery, I saw Aid M'Kinley there; he wanted to know what the military whs firing up Queen street for. wonnJing females, and said, "he ba d d if this must not he stopped:"my man were standing in my rtar; I re plied they weuld not stop as loag at thay were fired upon; no person was with bim Wm J Dicxaato* affirmed On 8a?nrday afternoon 1 received notice from the Sheriff to repair to Mili'ary Itall asoneof his |>ust?; we went to the church; Sheriff ad dressed the multitude and ordered them to disperse and clear the atrrets; w. were stationed on the linrs: we kept Second aad Q'nen streets; I heard a number ol boys aay after the military had arrived, that they would arm llum selves With cord wood sticks; thev were 30 or 40In num ber; they cried " wood, wood, to the wharf, to th . , . , .j the whirl," ?nd gave thrca cheers and started; in another crowd I heard aaotln r young man say "now was the time to work;"another replied "if they woiked now they would get shot by ths military;" another replied " only fouro. five of them could gat Shot, and than they woul-f make a rush and take their nrms from them," I statod this fact to G.-n Cadwsllader, and pointed the men out to him: in an instant he to le up to them and said, "gentlamen dispcrsa this mob:" lbs mob scattered; wo made arrests of a num ber of rtirsctory spirits and handed than over to the mill tary; there was a caunon brought by the crowd und turn ail up Sucoud stroet; Gen. Cudwaliatler surveyed th* j Around tudca.iad u|<ou thr crowd in Bucutid street above : Queen to Ois;ierie, tuid if thsy did not disperse in live minutes he would lire upon tinm; he then repeated " at there ia a Uod in Heaven 1 will lite upon >on, the mob re plied " ftie and be d?d;" he then requested oil to close thtir shopa; two shopkeeper* lefiued 10 close; we closed up the Apothecary stoiu at the corner ol Second and Quean ftteets, which refused to do so; he was arrested aud handed over to the military; the mob gradually dis persed, and in Ihe course of an half hour no person was to ho seen; on Sunday afternoon I went down in a car riage; I understood that the church was open and every uody hud free access to it; up stairs I heaid grout cheer ing; a number ot people * vie rushing up stairs; 1 met Mr Levin coming down, 1 requested a number of citizen* to go hainu.tlial it was no place for |>vacenhlr citizens; acme exclaimed against the Sheriff and said that be had told hf m a d d lie, for say trig that there weie oulv twelve mui-het | in the chuicli; the Slierill' was there in person and giving orders to alt of us. Uafiaim Culamav, sworn? 1 am Captainofthe Hibernia Greens ; I was at the church on Hutu-day ; we arrived at | naif past 11 o'clock; wu met General Ciidwallaler at Queen and Third straets, who ordered us down in front oi the church ; I afterwaida went over to General Putter ion, aud ho ordered the company in the church umlei arms ; I went out with him. aud walked out in irontot the liurch ; Patterson wished me to take cnimand oi the hurch, and said that all tho pruoueis should b? delivered up, save C arias Nay lor,he should not be delivered up | oven upon a requisition from the civil authorities ; we dad no ummunitiou ; between 11 aud Id o'clock, the Mar kle rifla corps arrived , previous to their arrival, the church was d- fended by the Uiheriiia Greens and the Me chanic nlles. without any supply oi a munition ; the pri -oners wuie coi.lined in the basement story ofthe church uid hail plenty of oread anil water, (Haie he showed thr riquiailiou Irom the Alderman lor the piisoners, will, heir mimes and residences ) Aldeim.ui McKiulcy came I and demanded the prisoners, and asked if any charges were against theai; 1 delivered them up, retaining their nam unos. b* thr Court.?Question. From whom did you re ceive your orders ? Answer?1 ireceived my outers from Gen Patterson ; I was ordered not to deliver up Mr Nay ior. (The Court said that IheAldermaa had no right to summon or deliver up Ihe prisoners) They were dis .barged as soon us their names and residences could ne taken -town ; the Alderman did not give any notice to the Sheriff a* to discharging them ; 1 asked the Alderman to Hold them to bail; he said there were no charges against I th?>m. Wh. D. Kelly sworn with tho uplifted hand?I war | one ofthe posse an Saturday. We lelt military Hall at G I o'clock P. M ; at the church we louiid a number ol per | sons, the body being in trout of the church, which was hou iu posstvsion of the ;Jd company Kencibles, the she- ' i itT it-quested the iuo!> to dispersuiu a low voice; the peo ple gave way bef'oro us; the mob was bended by [the wit ness here gave a name]; the person called me hy name aud said witn an oath, I " was too officious." An attack was made on tho house ol Mr. McGurvey. W'.u. -AVKi-. Hkviham sworn? I was ut the office of tl.e United Stale. Gazelle, where 1 am employed, and was told 'hat an attack had been made ou the cuurch; 1 went ia with the committee and took the musket* out of church -.o the hall; there waa no attack made and no symptom, oi ' an attack; about 11 o'clock the City Guards, Capt. Hill, arrived end made a bold uud manly speech; this was on I Friday night; it appears to me that there was not a singh American at the battering ram; 1 thought the Hibernia Greens had butter be away; while Col. Jack was calling on the people to desist, some bad commenced battering | lown the wall; Col. Jack was inside the church orgun izing a peace police; 1 honestly believe before Uod that it tho military nadnot went dawn, thare would have been I no disturbance. ArTBUNOOK SKSIIOV. Mr. ALEZAivnea Hkmrt, sworn.?The evidence of this gentleman was a mere repetition of witness who preceded him. Col. Bbadfobd, sworn.?He commenced by giving a desultory description ol the state of affairs on Baturuay night and alluded to the firing tkc. of the military on Sa turday night as follows :?Communications canu- to head quarters, stating that the mob was ouly waiting till night whan tho building would be reduced to ashes. Another I communication came ; stating that the committee under ! Mr. Uiover could not protect tho church and asking the military to coruo down. Thu military moved down, Urn Cadwaliader at the head; the crowd reluctantly loll hack, and there was groaning on the side walk. 'I he General requested Col l'leasonton to placu seniiuell out and pro cowled to Second and Queen streets, and requested to tali back. Various epithets were bandied about, such a. ' we'll take yoarcoat off," qualified by a number of oaths One el the crowd caught hold of the sentinel's murket.ano tried to take it tram turn; the sentinel cocked the musket. [ and said that he would ilro if be did not let go. I told mm not to lire until the commander gave orders ; | he drew back his musket and again took his no.t In a few minutes after this Grover and a number of thr committee were coining nut of the church. The General I (hanked them, and as they passed down Queen to Second ' they said, "General, we hope you'll have a peace<blr niglit ot it." I woa then nhout 10 fuel in the reer in tne I ip'ice that was cleared behind Captain Scott's company- I the mob was ilunae, ptobubiy lotto to 1500? the military were standing in solid body at shoulder arms ?thr names oi mauy ot the military were outbid oat?they made no r- ply ; tliey were told to uwait orders of com tnand?svheu 1 turned my horse around to goto the Gem ml, my horse jumped, 1 looked round and raw a brick tab 1 from him and immediately a volley of bucks came Iron all directions 1 then saw one of Mr. Hill's corrpiny fa'l 1 and hoard him groan ai.d one of the Oroya had ills ribs broke, exclaiming I am killed. At the same moment I ?aw Cap . Hill in the mob with his sword upward and two men bold of it; one had a check abirt on and in a moment the contain was down. Saw Gen Cadwailadar ride down but did not hear him say unything While Captain Hlii was down with his face downward, some one oxcUinien ? fire," but I do not know who; row three muskets lev< 1 led at the man with the check shirt on, and w hen the Knobo rose saw 4 killed ; the one that had the check shii' on was dead. Baw one man holding the end of a musket tnd heard the private say let go or I'll fire. Bome ex claimed "fire and be d d," and after, I saw this ?nan who had hold of the musket lying on thi ground with the lower part of his lace shot entirely >lT Immediately alter this firing, General Cad * slimier gave the order to ?? cease firing."? Col. Pleasan'.on now array e.d hi* artillery, one to defend the church, and *ne up Becond street. The shot were catmister ; we held this position until 9 o'clock when all it once a piece of artillery was fl-ed Irotn Front ann Queen ; it was immediately returned hy Col. PP-aaanton There was no one hurt by the first fire from the mob . Capt Hcott was shot in tho back hy a musket; it mum is vn been fired from a house on the north side of Qucrt; dreet. half way between Front and Second ; it must have been fired from above, as the line of the wound was down word. Half an hour after this, Col. rieasanton wc< brought to thu hospital wounded in the groin Gen Cad wallader then took the cannon and withdrew tho artillery o tho front ol the cburoh. We found that tney had rope, 'ied to their cannon and loaded their pieces under 'bun cover. The next we heard from the mob was from Chris ian and 3d street, at which fire poor Uuyer of German own feli. The gun was losdeJ with glass, iron chains Sic. A few moments after this, Capt. Snyder came with 'he Washington Cavalry of Bustleton, and charged at full gallop upon this piece, took it, and then spiked it. Thus bad three pieces a short time after this; auother piece was fired from near 3d street and Mariioit's lane, a dis 'anceoff when Bnyder again charged, and after a rare captured it near the market We wvre informed that the mob consisted of about 263 men. with 60 or 70 stand ol srms When the firing took place in 8-1 street, Gen. Cad wallader went up and luund Capt. Walling'* cornpmy in contusion. Another fire was now made by the mob, ami it was than that the clothing of Gun C. was slugged in several place* 1 was not with Gen Cadwaliader all the time ; either I or Coi. Calmer was with him at the various posts during the night. Ou Saturday night he appealed 0 them in the most ;>opiiinr manner and they groaned him in return. Gn Sunday night, after the firing took place, ha said-take no prisoners, but shaot them down tie alluded to those who might lie lound at their piuces It was no use to make arr.-sis, for the oiob cleared them Attosivkt Gxitr.esL?No, it wo* the Alderman. Wit ness?well. we were tnl-l it was by the mob, one mnn caught hold of my bridle, and said he would blow try trains out; 1 took inv sword ami cut hi* hand loose fron the bridle, and banded him over to the oflicra; but he was discharged; the officers on Baturday night bt-havac like men; on gunday night, howevei, they did not act so well. Wm. 1). said that he forgot to montinn in his evi dence. that when it was announced that the Sheriff wtu there, the crowd made lite of many epithets about him and the law. enforceJ by oaths, fcc. Ma Bxiuawih Drear, sworn ?Live at earner Bwar.sor ?ad Queen; on Monday night last I saw ? crowd ef boy*; some one said they were going fo search Mr. CuIIpu's hou?p for arm*; I remonstrated with them; they said they heard firing from the hou*e the night before; they would not permit me to go in bv myself and eaemine the honse: 1 selected from the erewd; 1 know these per sons; they are noightiors; I did not see them go there, but found them there; I saw Mr. Cullan; told him ahout thr mob, say a I if you hare anv fire arms in your house yog hud better give them tip, for there is no reasoning with them; he gave tin one musket; it waa all he had, and which was loaded; we then aaaiched another house; I do not know who lived there, but believe they were Ger mans, end a?.ipd nee the evening before te let thr-in pic their good* in my house, as their house was spotted out; the crowd moved down there; 1 went in with three per sona, and asked them if they had anv fire arms; they tab! no-, no arms were found there; I wiaa peacemaker there, and selected the three persons mention- d from the crowd to make the examination; I selected them because I knew them. Samuil Hkmfhill, (worn.?Bpoke so low that we could not hear him. Moarns M'Mirnsii..?On Friday evening laat, I re cetved a note from Alderman Hortr. Police Officer of that Dlatrict, stating that there was a great excitement there; I started wi'h three of the gentlemen who rama up; and | learned from them that the catia.t of the excitement was thet a number of arm* were placed in thu church; they enquired of me If I knew ofit. I supposed they had been placed there hy the military; and t# satisfy myself on that I point, I stopped at the house of Major General Patterson-, I saw the General, and he stated to me an 1 to them, that the member* of that church had thH arm* placed there te d-'fend it; and that It was sanctioned hy the General.? When 1 reached the church I found a very considerable crowd of persons there; I bad some difficulty to get iu but when I got in front sf the church, Ihe space was clear; the Police ol the District had stationed themselves in front of the church,and kept the place clear Aldermar Sounder* reme to me;*aid he weaone, of the Aldermen el tho Piatrtct, and asked me Iff was the Sheriff; he fold me the people believed there were arms In the church; they ware raueh Incensed, and wera determined to hava than out of it; I asked if he had any means ol protecting the church, he said while tire ura a were in lucre, Ire ibuugl. >t could rut l>? p.ouviJ, hut rl the Situ* wero thkcu t?ni thii people would he quia?I thou Classed over u. itu AlJermau diortz?hating lornu acquaintance wiin hrm?ho maJo pretty mucu the same ? ?aitnKUt e? Aldornran Sauude.s?I then proposed that we shuulo go in Bud see hqw mutter* stood; and in hia cola | paoy end Alderman Saunders, 1 went ruto tiro church . I we putted ul'juflr thw ?Kit> ot tbtf buildio^ ttiiiurfrU in a kinall room, w here 1 ?aw Y\ iu H. Dunn, whom 1 aaw heiora, Mr. Dunn the prreat, aud a thud pet ?ou, whom I learned to he the sexton ot the cuurch. I ituted that there wa* much excitement on the ulligation and asked it there were any these ; he ?uid ye? , ?here were twelve atend of arm* there ; 1 told him 1 ihougut i w as indiscreet tu having them placed there when there wa* no danger, and asked fann way thia thing hud lieeu done Mr. Dunn, the Clergy man. teplted that he received iulormauon that d*y that ilie church wu* to he attached 1 reed iiurlot tl; it wu? in the hand writing ot a laJy ; tt whi \v iut? n by uiutiy teacher lu ibu baUbalb school j aauib wa* not wntitju out iu lull ; i oia not enquire bu ihu Inly >%**? *om? turther couvei?auun took |>I*ce, winch resulted in the tamovul ol the Id gun* taken in there. 1 do not know whether he made the proposition, but certain 1 am he uncorded with it | we went out end uluced the gun* iu ihe cuieol Captain Douglius, undtnej were token 10 the Had. The people then cued out Un re were oilier uini* iu the .churcl.; 1 should have snd that when 1 ipuke lo Mr. Uunu ill the ln?t piece, he ??nd that there weie other arm* in Ihu churcn thai had been taken there betoie , he ??nl that it could be *anl wnh perledi truth, thut all the gun* taksri in the chinch ou th.u day were taken out, because there weie only twelve of them ; the crowd however. insists i that tbeie were mure arm* ; it wa* theu pro|>o*cC by magistrate* and other* that person* should be sp,.oitil ed to search the clruicn, 1 sard 10 the in, ' Ueirlh ri.en, wt have no tight to ?eu,cu the church ih my opinion, hull told theur 1 would make twta'y good men a* my posse, end provi at . uy thing to lie lukeu ? ut or in till morning; these p.riuua have been tqiokeu ol as a committer; but 1 wfiird ed them a* men appointed by me to take care ol in chuich; while the number woiu in.nig made up, loud els mor* were rna-iti by the crowd tor other *ruij;l then atatec to them that Aldeiman Horz aui rtaunder* and myami uad taken ail the arm* troni ihc chuich that hud been taken there that day; the twenty nisii were appointed, ami rtfufiwing Uit in my utburauci'S tlut ibe ciiurcn t?n ul%> tie. proticled, 1 requested ikem to duperss; tnat in tin morning it anything wu* leiuul thare, that wa* illegal they should hu|iemoved, I stepped duwulioiuthe pludoiin when a man wnoui 1 did not auuw stepped up and ashuo me 11 1 wanted any help; he ??id he heu a civie guard ol aboutthnty men; I teld Urm," >e?, I would ' 1 alterwmds learned they were tlio City Odaida; bvlore they auivo. however, 1, in company with the alon said nun that he. been picked out, weut into tho church, when some oi ihera raid, "let u* aearch the chuich" I told themb watt till morning, and said lr.t u? proiect the church in the mean time, 1 do uot know who prop uad io seiich to. chuich, hut while we were ta king e du<.i l>y lomc means or other and two aimcil m*?i eppeaiio. (the witness hero detailed an account ol tliu oum oer of guns, pistols, kc , agieeing with what we have already publisLvd.J 'l ite witness continued, that he pWcoe twenty guns ie the possession ol the twenty tueii, ana said- [hare the tnidtaiy arrived in the yard, and tnere was a temporary susp- narou ol the evidence J? we remained in quiet possession ol the church until one or hall past cm o'clock, when 1 began to think ot making usees* ry pit paralioiis to defend the church next day ; 1 then advisee with Capt. Douglas* and oihei*. a* to manner we should proceed, arid while speculating whut to do, I,apt Hill arrived with the City liuurd*; that 1 understood to be the civic guurd ; they were tbvii in uniform ; 1 never saw -he Captain belore that evening to my knowledge ; I took his company into tho chuich ; hod ell the aims guiheted ; .vlr Dunn made a schedule ol them aud they were earned over to the Commissioners' llall by the watchmru and my posse of twenty and depoaited in one of the lockups, win avowed 10 mo his eutne ability to protect Ihtm ; 1 then briilly addressed the men on the propnety ot observing the peace and enloiciug the law ; then leh the church it the possession of Capt. Hill, ut 8 o'clock in the morning and weut ta Gen. I'uturson in oi4er to obtain relul loi Capt. Hill ; did not Men General I'atterson ; then went to Geiicrul Cadwailadcr and measures were adop'.ed to oh uin the rtrlial , I fust obtained nuntaiy aid by ac cuient ; 1 supposed the person who aduiesieu tnc to be the ctvio guard, which turned out ti be the City Guard ; 1 wns impressed, however, with th< necessity ot the military ; 1 then hail on uiuriiew will. General Cad walla lur to adopt .mentis to prevent a diitnto ance on Saturday evening ; at about. 1 o'clock on Batur Jay 1- received a note I rom the County Commissioner* to use all means in my power to secure the peace and pro tect the property as 1 thought would be necessary. I had been so unjustly reproachud ou a pteviuus occastor that I thought I would now use all endeavors to prrservi .'he peace, and therefore spoke to ail the military olficvis 1 had also conversed with my own men ou thai morning ; nad sevetal hundred notices issued lo the various aldi r men in the city aud county, and gave notice in writing lo Major General Patterson tnat ho should hold any nunibvi ol companies, not less than ten, who should hold theui Htlves in readiness, il their services should be t? quired ; ibis was about half alter one or two o clock, a about six o'clock my poise, amounting to ?'n uuudred, diviJed into five squad-, each having t leader. 1 placed myselt at the head ol tlie whoh ixxfy and proceeded to t^ueeu street. We arrived on tin ground and succeeded in clearing the straet ; I annuun ced myselt as so' an I Halved at the chinch a'.it tin men a? my posse; 1 found the stieel fllieJ hut net ciow did Krequent eftjrts were ma le to bu sk the line, and bed i..<i Capt. Hill arrived at that time, 1 believe the lino wou.. qhvu been broken. There were at time twenty two men in thu church ; cuiiManc detnonttraiioi? were male by the crow.t to bioak through; tl-ry were (old to deant; arrests wete made ; i myseU si rested two persons, who weie actually engageti in not iug ; the crowd increased ; but about that nma Genets Uadwalladcr arrived with fjrty four men in oil; am brought with them their held pieces ; tlnir arrival stem ed to excite the crowd still more ; they used a., aori* o ihftatnmaiory expressions At oue time the crowd or mob uad mpulaed the military, by throwing s.ones ; it w s? ihen that the order of lira was given ; and 1 lomne i alter wards, that hid it taken place, 1 should have ben hurt wo, however, afterwards scoured ihe district and dis pi-nteii various crowds; I should have suid, that a m?b tispostil to attack the house ot Mr M'Coy, iu kruir. .treet, aud Mr M'Garvey at the corner of Second atirt Quren stiaeH ; application had been made to me by somi individual to protect their property; wu, howiver, n ?nrned to the church at il o'clock in the morning, am: ound that the ciowil had dispei.ed ; I proposed theu ti he aldermen, thut wo should examine theai. so that si .tould g?t witnesses; the piisoners were placed in th. chiircb ; I applied to Aldeiman Saunders,hut he declined very rasiMictlully, le-cause at 4 o'clock he bad io heat tin watch cusea, Aid. Hortx being sick ; I did not mention i :o Aid M'Kiuley, because a* I was told by an officer of tin listrict, whom 1 ncad not mention, that lie was not n a h Mate to do such business ; I then thought to apt sk to ledge Parsons; but, nt 4 o'clock, I took my prisoner* U ibe 11* I, andtwoof them wete committad by Aldeimar Saunders, heiora 1 leit; ( apt Colahan t ame in with Cap' Patterson, he being the relief; Capt. C. said that he h? nit oue round of ammunition, and asked where ho could aet more Mr. Price and my sell then irte.l to get hie ?oine ammunition; I left nt 4 o'clock, leaving Capt. Cole Uan in possession of thechuich, and the posse not think nig that any thing like an outbreak would take place. At len o'clock Capt Colahan wrote a letter lo Gen Paiteraon tsying that his tost had b?ea menaced, on accauut of Mr Naylor having been imprisoned there Four ol the per ions who called themselves the committee, wailed on mi snd said there wns much axcitcment at the church, owir.y to there being Irish soldiers in the church; 1 did not know they were Irish whan 1 left the church; I then requester lodge Parsons to meet us at Gen. < sdwsllailer's Head (luar'ers; I then proceeded to the General's, where I lound judge I'arsous; tha Judge obtained a est) logo to the chuich, anil shortly afier he started news cams that Nay lor had been rescued Uy the* root); Judge P. returned anil said that tie learned the snm- thing, and that all th* test of the prisoners had been discharged; a messenger ?hen came and said that a piece ot artillery hod been pl?c<s! in front ot the church; when I heard of this I wo* talk ing with Colonel Plaosanton about obtaining reinforce meet to protect the cburch; while the Miivvrsatinn wa rning oti another arrived, saying that the Griiena hM been attacked ; several of them fired, and one had hen captured and very much beaten; 1 then udsp'ed such measurss as lo raise a* large a posse ail could; Itb.n went myself to On. Patterson to relate this additional in Vrssiisn and while there wrotetwoproclamations, both of whlich have been published; my man shortly began to gather st Military 11*11; Iliad previously anticipated an outbreak on 4th of July; issued some several hundred no tices, and then when the alarm bell should strike, they should repair to the Sheriff's office; in the meantime I r? reived many conflicting statements, when between 4 and 9 o'clock news csme that the church had been set on Ire: I directed the bell to tie rung; I repaired to my office, and round some ft or 6 persons; I then hastcm-d to Military Hall, snd on my way found numbers of persons; they de e. I trail they would not go unless they wera armed; fleorgs K. Child* said that he had arm* for some 59 or 40 persens; tho men obtained the aim*, and I diractod them to report themselves to head quarters, and await orders, I did not receive at any time during the afternoon, reports rom any of the al lermsn of tho district; there were report* from oitirens. who said they were Just from the saene In ths lat'er part of the afternoon, a gantleman of tho rommitte* ?>( JO informed me that a number of citir.cns wrre in lbs church, who had asserted their willingness to defend it, without the aid of thii posse, ar any other posse. At n still later hour, a gentleman called upon me - I met him at the door ol the ch rch-he said ho was on# oi the com mittee of '10. who than had posscs-uon ol the church - that they would protect tha church as citizen*, bnt would not be recognised a* the Shot iff* posse, and requested the military not to came on ths ground-meantime the tai'i tary had arrived ##*? **?? Up to this time the authorities of that district had bean trying to affect an orgsnitation of polices: we considered that the law was most shamefully v olated. and thot wken ?ufflcient force should come we wonl.l take possession of the church at all hazards ; upon contnltaticn wi'h all the officers within roach at the time, and the result of that conference was tho determination which I have express oil. It becoming quite dark, we give the remaining part of tho Shot iff* evidence from memory ; ho regarded th" actions of those having the possession of the church as -?enisling tho authorities by not enrolling themaelvos as a posse; us in open rebellion ?that he was present in th>' crowd when it was ft red upon, snd one of the guns flashed m sr hi* face lie then guve n description of the flying ol the military, and alluded to th* action at the Aldermen and Commissioners on Mnadsv, and arcepted their pro position, to eflVt an organisation to protect tho church, which he though' relieved him from further re*i>on slbil it y according to the Act of Assembly; and had the Aldermen assumed the responsibility on funday, that In all proba bility the military would not have been sent there, or If hey, tixi Alderman had maJe the assumption, then tho ' fluult wh.-uk U.i.i txkun pLcu might Ixj couriered unju* ofiibte. Adjourned. [From the I'uliiKklphia Chtoniclo, July 16 [ | All wan quiet yesterday and lust evening, in the | city and districts. The military continue on duty. George and l>avid ^Simpson, brothers, were ar rested yesterday at ernoon in Dock street, for ere iting h not, in using violent and jmllamniaiory ? anguage Tliev w>-re both intoxicated at the lime Thev were takeu before Mayor Scott, and committed fortrtal, inde unit of $'2000 tiail each. We understand Ins honor, Judge Jones, will ?haige the Grand Jury this morning, on mat'era "Ounected with theoe uxgracdul disturbances in SL uthwark. Mormon Account of the Murder of JOE SMITH. [From the Nauvoo Neigntwr, June So J On Monday the 2fth titsr., after Gov. rord had gent word, that those < ighteen persona demanded on n warrant, among whom were Joseph Smith ?tad Hyrum Smith,f-hould he protected, by the mi litia of the Slate, i hey in company with some ten or twelve others, started for Carthage. Four nnlee from that place, they met by Capt. Dunn, with u company of cavalry, who had an order from the governor ior the " state arma " Gen Smith endorsed his acceptance of the same, and both parties returned to Nauvoo to obtain said arms After the arms were obtained both parii'3 took u,> ihe line ot inarch tor Carthage, wlxre they arrived about live minims betnre twelve o'clock at night Capt. Dunn nob y acuuitiug himself, landed us safely at Hamilton's Hotel. In the morning wi saw th>" governor nml he fledged the faith of I It* -iH'e, that we ahould he protected General ?snii h and his brother llyrnm were arrested by i warrant foundrd Upon the oaths ot II G Norton nnd Augustine Spencer, tor trea on Knowing the threats Irom st vera! persons, ?hat the two Smiths should never leave Curding, alive, we all began to he alarmed for their safety Ilie Gov and Gen. Demming conducted them be lore the McDonnough m ops und introduced them usGen Joseph Smith and Gen. ilyruin Smith This manoeuvre came near raising a mutiny among tlx "'Carthage Greys," but the Governor quelled it In the nfternoou, after great exertions on the part ol nir counsel, we dispensed wiilt an investigation, nhintarily gave bail for our appearances to the Cir-1 (?tut Court, to answer in the case of abating tlx Nauvoo Expositor, us a nuisance. At evening tlx Justice made out a milium* without an inves tigation and committed the <two General Smiths to prison until discharged by due course oi 'aw, and they were safely guarded to jail ? In the morning the Governor went to the juil and had an interview with these men and to "very appearance all things were explained ru both sides. The constable then went to tak< ? hette men from the jail, below the Justice for examination, but the jailer refused to let (hern go, as they were under his direction "till oischurg ed by due course of lawbut the Governor's ?roops, to the amount of one or two hundred, took them to the Court House, when the heariug war continuecltill Saturday the 29 h, and they were re manded to jail. Several of our citizens had per mils Irom the Governor to lodge with litem, and visit them in jail. It now began to he tutnored bj severul men, whose names will be forthcoming in time, that liierewas nothing against these mm, 'he law could not reach them, but powder and bnl. would! The Governor wus made acoiihimeo with these tacts, hut cn the morning of the 27th, he disbanded lite McDonough Tumps, and Ftnt them hon e : took Captain Dunn's company of cavalry r.nd proceeded to Nauvoo, leaving these two men and three or four friends, to lit guarded by eight nxm ur the jail; and it com pany in town ot 60 men, 80 or 100 ri ds from the iail, as a corps in reserve. Aboui six o'clock in the fternoonthe guard was surprised by an armed moS of from 150 to 250, painted red nnd blu< k at.d yel low, which surrounded ;he jail and forced in? poured a shower rf bullets into Ihe room where rinse unfortunate men were held, "in duranct vile" to answer to the la we of Illinois; trader tin solemn pledge ot the faith ot the State, by Gov. Ford, that they should bp protected, but the mob ruled!! They fed as martyrs amid tliia tor nado of lead, each receiving four bullets ! John Taylor was wounded by four bullets in hie .irnbs but not seriously. Thus perishes ttie. hope ot law; thus vanishes the plighted laiih of the brute: thus the blood of innoconee stains ihe constitute!) authorities o! the Untud Plates, and thus have wo among the most noble martyrs mice tlx daughter of Abel, scaled the truth ot their divine elusion, by bring shot by a no>b lor their religion! MessenKejs uere despatched to ivauvoo, but dm ot reach iIn re till morning. The lollowtng wus me of the lettersi? IJ o'clock at night, June '37th, } Ciimuta, Hamilio.n'. 'Xatkb.v, ) To Ms*. Kmma Smith, Ami Mij.Oit Uokium, kc.? The Governor lias Ju?t arrived; say* all things shell h' inquired iato, und all right ineature* ti ken. I ??> to all tin (* ( f Nanvoo, my brethren, he at li, and know ' .o.l reign*. Don't ruth out of the city?don't rush io Catlhagt; may at tome, and be prepared lor on at tack (rem Missouri mohbtre. Ti e Governor will ren dor every Hnittsr.CH possible?list aent out oidcr. ur ttoopa ?Joaepii aral hum rre dead, hut not tiy thi Csithsge people- the envrdt koic there at I lanieva. M e will pep j re to move the hud ice aa toon on possible Hi. joopla ot the county ar? gieatly tlotted, and tear the v otmons will coma out and tako vengeance--I have ? edged my word the Mormon* will -I y it home a* hooi, ?a they c .a beinlorired, and no violence will !?? on their irt. ..nd ?a> to my brethren in Nauvoo, in tho same oi l e Lord?be atill? bo pa lent?only let such (ridiifi ?n ?I eon: come here to tee the bodies?Mr. Toy lor't wound* medicated end not serioua ? I rrn found. W'II. LARD mrilARBf, JOHN JAVLOR. 8AMUKL li SMITH Defend yourtelvea until protection can lie tarnished ici.estary. June 37th, IS4t THOMAS FORD, Governor and Commander iu-Chiet VTs. Ostov DrrtCH, Daar 8'r?l'lea?e deliberate on tbia matter; prudence ?nay obviate material destruction I won at my lesider.ct when this horrible crime wat committed It will tie con lemt e?l tiy three-fourtht ol the citizen* of the county?b. quiet er you will be attacked from Mittouri. M. R DF.MINO. The Governor, aswell nsthe citizens of Carthage, was thunderstruck and fled. The Legion tn Nun voo was called out at 10 A M. nnd addressed by fudge Phelps, Col. Bucitniaster, ol Alton, the Go armor's aid, and others, nnf nil excitement and lury ullnyed, and preparations ?, ?* made to receive tbe bodies of the noble martyrs. About 3 o'clock ihey were met by a great assemblage of people, east of the temple on Mulhollar.d street, under th< direction of the city marshal, followed by Samuel II. Smith, the brother of the deceased, Dr Rich ards and Mr. Hamilton, of Carthage. The wagons 'vrre guarded by eight men. The procession that followed in Nanvoo was the city council, the Lieut. Gerts. Staff, the Major General and stall, the briga dier nh'd staff,j commanders nnd officers ol the Legion and citizens generally, which numbered several thousands* amid the moat solemn lamenta tions and wailiaus that ever ascended into the ett's of the Lord ot Hosts to be avenged of our ene mies ! When the procession arrived, the bodies were both taken into the " Nauvoo Mansion"; the scene .it the Mansion cannot be described ; the audience addressed by Dr. Richards, Judge Phelps, Woods and Heed, Gaga., of Iowa, and Col Maikham. It was a vaat assemblage ot some 8 or 10,000 persons, and with one united voice resolved to trust to the law for a rsmedy of such a high handed assassina tion, and when that failed, to call upon God to avenge us of our wrongs! Oh widows Hnd or phans ! Oh Americans weep, for the glorv of free dom hss departed! At the request of the ftiends of Joseph and Hy rum Smith, I have consented to give a statement of such matters as I hud a knowledge of in rela tion to their murder at Carthage, and w hat occur red under tny observation. I arrived in Nauvoo Irom Partington, Iowa, on Friday, June 2lsr inst a! out 9 o'clock, P M , found all thing- quiet, hnu an interview on Saturday morning the 22nd, with Joseph and Hyrurn Smith, who was in consulta tion with some ot tlx-ir friends in relation to n communication Irom Gov Ford, during interview heard G'-n. Joseph Smith give orders to disband the Legion, snd withdraw the guards and senti nels, who were co operating with the police to pre serve the peace of the city, us he s iid by order ol Governor Ford ; that I went from Nauvoo to Car thage, on the evening of the 221, when I had an interview wiih Governor Ford; a?sii'ing him as to the quiet of Nauvoo, ami thai Smith and his friends were ready to obey tha laws. I was told that the Constable with a posse hud that evening gone to Nauvoo with a writ for Nmiih and others, and that nothing short of an unconditional surrender to the laws would allay the excitement. I was then informed by Gov. Ford lie waspleriged to protect aM such |>ersons hs might be arrested and that they should have Hn impirml examination, and that if Smith and the rest against whom war nnis had been issued, would come to Carthage by Monday the 21th instant, it would be a compliance on their ipart, snd on .Sunday morning the 23rd, Gov. Ford pledged his word tnat if General Smith would corns to Carthage, be should by him be [ protected, with such of his friends as might accom pany hun, nnd that I as his counsel should have nroteetion hi defending hniith; that I returned to I Nauvoo ou Sunday ev<-iiiiig ttie i wentythird, and I found Gem ral J. Smith and Hyiuiu tvriiih, i _ mak ing preparation to go to Carthage ou Morula), and on Monday morning ihe 24th 1 h it the city ot [ Nauvoo in company with Jos. and Hyrum Smith, and some fifteen oilier persons, parties and witness es for Carthage, that about tour miles west from Carthuge, we were met by a company ot about tio men under Capi. Dunn; that nt the requeet ot Urn Joseph Smith, i advanced anil comniunictiied with die ComiuaaJer ot ihe company and wus informed he was on his Way 10 Nauvoo, wuh an order Irotu Gov. Ford, foijphe hiale Arms at that place; thai 11 wtfs ? greed hy niVs* It on behatt ot Gen Siitiilh, that the ordei tor the arms should be eudo'sed b\ Gen. Snuth, and that lie ehouhl place hiiiisell un der the protection of Capuiu Dunn, to rttuin to i Nauvoo and see the Governor's ordtr piomptly obeyed and return wuh Captain Dunn in Cat thdge; Cdptuin Dunn pledging his word as a mili tary iiiun, that fruuiii and lus friends shoulo be protected; the order was endorsed by Utu. ?-until, which was communicated hy Cuptaii Dunn, to Gov. Ford, with a letter from Gen biiiuh informing the Gov., tnui he would accon puny Captain Dunn 10 Caribage. 1 left the company alio proceeded to Carthag.; ih t about 12 o clock ui uiglit id" the 2liti. Captain Dunn returned wuh tin Slate arms lioin Nauvoo, accompanied by Josepl and Hyrum Smith wuh some thirteen others, win were ctraiged wi.h a riot in destiny ing ihe printmp , re?s of the Nauvoo Fxpositoi; that ou iln tuoriiinp ot the 23;h, Joseph and llyiuiu Smith, with iln others chrtigi d, suriendered themselves loihr Con stable, ami at ihe same tune Joseph and Hymn -mith were attested on a charge < 1 neuron t.gains the Slate o| Illinois ; tnal about 3 o'clock, P M ou the 23 h, the Justice pr cetded to ttie ex aiuiiiattoii in relation to the riot, and alter t. good deal of resistance on the part of the pro secution, we were permuted to enter into a recognizance, to answer at the next term ot (hi Circuit court;that we wee engaged, until d, rk, n making out ami giving our tecognizai ce*j (hat u. consequence ol ihe ruuiois as to the i xcite nient u Warsaw and other points, and to Hlluy ttie team oi the iiizenn cf iNuuvoo, I requested c.overrior Fori to deiati a company to Nauvoo, to protect liie city, which ri quest w as promptly ctfiifhed w ith, um that nigni tJapt. Singleton, Willi a compaiiy n| met Iroin McDotiuough county, marched to Nauvoo, -uid tookpossession of the city, and remained unti, the evening ol the 27th, w hen they took up then line ol march for Caithiig*. Alter the matter ot the riot was disposed ol, tin justice leti, without aaying any thing in relation >o the examination tor treauon, and in about oue hour the constable returned with a mil iums, a copy ol which accompanies the state uient of my colleague, II. T. Keud, a copy oi which was demanded and refused ; that 1 rtquesi ed the officer to wait until I could see Gov. Foid, and was told lie would wait live tumults, and as > went to the door J met Oupt. Dunn, with souu twenty men to guurd the prisoners to jail; thai 1 accompanied Gov. Ford to the Justice, R. F Smith, who gave as u cause for issuing the warran of committal, that the prisoners were not petaonul ly sale at the hotel. 1 then requested ihe Governor to have a company detailed to guard the jail, which was dene, am (hey arrived at ihe jail about the same tune as tin prisoners. On the morning of the, the Cover nor visited the jnil in company wuh a friend, hi which interview the Governor again pledged bum sell lor their personal safety, and said it the i roups went to Nauvoo, as wus then con feiii).luted, that the y should go along t? ensure iheir iroicnn; that alter the in erview at the juil, tho counsel lor tin prosecution wanted ine prisoners biought befori me lUstice lor an examination, to which the coun sel lor the prisoners replied, lhat they were com nutted until discharged by due co rse ot law, anc that we could nothing until the prisoners were le <aily before the court, where we would appear am dele lid ; that the Justice, B. F. Smith, gave tin constable ail order (a copy ot which accuiupaniei ihe. statement ot H. T held, hrq ,) lor the juilei to deliver up the prisoners, which ihe jailer relusei o do?ihai the constable then repaired to the jhi with a company called Curthaige Greys, ol wiion tho Justice, It. F. Snath, was ihe captain, bn not then m command ; and hy iiit iiuuauon ant threats, tun ed the jailor to give up the prisoners n ihe constable, wbo look lhetn beiore ihe jusuct it. F. Small, at tho Court House, that on the mo lion ol the counsel for the prisoners, the examum turn was post pen. ed until the 27ih, 12 o'clock, am su lipomas issued lor witnesses on the oe'erice I'lie two Smiths were then remanded to jad, am orders were msued lor a cohtuliaimii ot ihe oHi cers, wilii ihe commander-in-chief, and u wa* ri te tunned that the troops should tuke up a line 11 niaicti at S o'clock on ine liioiiang ol the 27th, foi Nauvoo, and ultcr the coneiillaiiou, the justice alio was one ol the officers in command, alierei the return of the eubpeertas uiuii the 2!);h, and con tiuued the tiearmg until that lime, without con suiting cither their prisoners or the counsel; tlm. on me morning ol u?e 27th, the order lor march tug to Nauvoo was couiiterihandtd, and all tl.< troops disbanded but the company under Cuntuu Sn gleloii at Nauvoo, Captain L'unn's con>pal.i ol lioree, and the Carthage Guys, lhat the Gov erinu determined to vi-n Nauvoo,?scorte d by Cap' Dunn's company; and the Carthage Gieys were lei as a guard lor the prt oners at the jail; that altei ihe I roups were disbanded, I requesed Uoverm Ford to detail some men to guard ihe rout to Wai saw, as I apprehended much danger from thai place but I do riot know whether it was done or not, as left Carthage about 11 o'clock, A M., and came t< Nauvo >, that Governor Ford and his aid, Colom Jjuckmoeter. escorted hy Captain Dunn's companv airtved in Nauvoo about 5 o'Hock 1' M.whert lie addressed tne citizens and promised tliem pri lection, oi rid a just execution ol the laws, and un mediately lett the city lor Carthage. J a m s ii W. Woods, Attorney at Law, ol Burlington, Iowa. added to Mitkdbh.?Yesterday mornim ii the murder ol Cailmui.o O Hrien, <>? Suicide. we noticed the Shell Iload, giving ?ucb paricular* oi the tragi. ' nonaction a* tbin came to our knowledge. Today w fill u|> the Ian', art of the drama, hy a'aiiog that her mm deiei, Kdwurd Fell Bond adding uitlier damnation to hi deed*. ha* allot himielt. Yeati idny morning, at day ligln. Ilia hodv waa discovered in the wand*, a ?hort distune, front i* hern he committed the murder on the pievioi. availing Three pistol hall wound* were in bi? lure, on. of which pel (m uted the kktill and entered the brain. Tin Coroner held an ii qui at on the body, alter which it w.. coriaigned to earth, (it food for wurmu Bond, we lean waa horn in Baltimore, wnere aome rerpectahle relative, ol hi* uie living.?N O Pic July 7. Sad and Fatal Accident.?A party of youiif. ladies and gentlemen from Mount Motrin unci tfn village, made an excuiaion aa a pic nic party to the tunne and lalla in Poitage, Alter having paired the moat of tin day with great pleaaurn and delight, and while deaceno ing the lull on the ant aide ol the Geneaiee river naa' " Badger'* Bridge,"one ol the carriage*, containing aix o eight of the party, up*et and killed a Mi** Mary Buck daughter of IYofe*aot Buck, of thi* village. She wa* i teacher in the Bapti*t Inititute in thi* place, and win about twenty two year* ol ago ? tiunda IrlUr, July 10. To Kill Flirs in a Ciiebsk-Koom or Elsewhere ?Cheese rooms are frequently kept closed utu darkened, to keep out the fliea, aa the dairymaid* at) Mr. Livenay aaiert* that thil ruactice, ruinoti* to choeie ?nay be avoided hy ocrsainnally boiling a |ienny worth o qnaaaia chip* in n piutol water, aweeteiiing it and plarini it on plate* about tho room It will drat roy all the fliei that t**te ii. Cheeae, he *ay?, being animal matter, can not have too much air ? Culliralor. Appointment?The President lias appointed Richard boring Commercial Agent of the I 'nitwl State, at An* . aye*, in the Inland of St. Domingo, in the place o William B. Oooch, retignad. In Mourning.?The lin.iton Timet of Tucs.l?y and Wadneed'iy had it* rolnmn* in mourning on acoiu t ot the Philadelphia riot* Movement <>e IT. S Troops.?The dragoons of Fort Lavenworth have received order* to proceed on en expedition to the I'latte ? *r prrnime ?*y a the Aikana*. Intellig. ncer for the purpoar of putting a itopto the wai. Ike movement* of thu Siom, Oitoe*, and oiher tribe* u, that legion. Sharp Shooting.?W? saw yesterdays, specimen of rdle thooting which cannot canity fir heat. Tin target wa* of white paper, ?if inchaa in di?m*ter, pa?le. on a hoard. The dutanco w?? I IA yard* Of tan Conaacn tive ahota, nine itruc.k /airly in the papar. and the tvntl cut tha circumference. Three ol the ?hot? hit the e*ic centre of the target, and the average d intone* of the wholi fen Irom the centre wn* lr?? than nv inch Mr. Van Val krnhtirgli who tired tha ihotS ?l?. mode the r (1? ii?e?l 01 thaoccafion, and it wai to teat the accuracy of the weapoi that thi* trial of iklll wa* had. The rifle w*? fitted wi'l a patent ?ig t, of Mr V '* own invention, and in it* rtni?h mounting* fcc... i* a beautiful piece ol workm*iulup. - .llktiuy Journal, July 13. A N'*w Paper?Tint political abolitionists h?v? atarte.l a paper at Concord, with the liiim* ol "Orariti Freem an." , Whales.?The Providence Journal states that . ? ihoal of whale* w?*!???n ad Newport harbor laat waeh Board of Supervlaorx. The Board net last evening pursuant to adjonnimfnt, H McMixraLLin, Lsi, , JU the Chair, (the .lie) or being abeeut) 'I bo minute* of the last day'* proceeding* aere irad ami approved. Petition* liom inhabitant* praying rulietliom vnorieom luxation woie r?crnm and n loir. <1 (>ram> Jt'??a*.?T here wrie I ut fi? of the Board in attendance 'I t o la present hai did 111 the nsiiu a ul parties quail lit d to serve a? Uiand Juioi* in Ihnr V\ aroa. A resolution in favor of repairing the luinituro and Court* ol ihe city wai r. ferret) Tim iiaard adjourned to meet on Monday next at 4 o'clock. Circuit Court. b.iuie judge hint JutT 16.? Canted Luwet n Grotgt Ts'mtei*.?Thli was en acttou bitugii to iircvtt the it a I oi* for tan mede I j plann.fl in laior ol a paity tared 1 iur ?bell and etidotaid by the di lcndanl. 1 u>- ? in. ol it ap|*-aled. hei li | aid up- n tlie note. *1 he Citii i e let Up it aa, thai the note a an not a valid ins'i un ei t in law lioiu be manner in which n had hem drawn up T Le i.oie waa drawn in Match less thrm?iir> I. at did over 'o J itieahi'il, in w host lovoi it wa* iti?? n on il i npie. ?eutation cl di Indent w ho ? udomd the i o'e. It a a. el ligi d lor the delence, that the name ol the im'oiui us* ? haiigid, and that Ihu \\ oida "payable in a Certain tin t" weie liauduitUtly inaeltid ll waa I'Oliei.did ibat 'lie ote aa*not thereto1 e a valid instiununt. 'J hi dalrn <1 nt waa eued aa guatantee. Vtidui lor, pl?7 ?>4 cibt*. Coiiinioii I'll ae. Dilute Judye I'aiy Jl'NE 16. ? Jll'imnder BoiM'yi'l. H i.iiam i'uimq/ ? Cum' uua Jlchun ? T hta ana en ei noli it assumpsit, to rnovtr >7iiU, claimed liuai drUndeiit toi hoard we,hug fit dtt g, 1ic. The |-aitiea are hioibeia, and, il ep|.eeieii, unit lid mo au agistment lo in the uauul nectssa tea, their lather, and divide tbe ixpflisvs 'J he lull ?mi nut, et the late ol $160 per > ear lot lU years. waa tail natsrd at gl.oOb A nun Mint a a* moved lor, on ha ground that the case waa one ol contribution, and herelote coti.d noi L?iritd bifutea Courtil Law. lh<s ' unit ovcnuiid the ol jnUou. 1 he plemt.n kept the la bor lor the time ?pecitied. Tbe juiy tendered a veidirt ?or tbe plaintiD, $o4)0, u iih co?t?. I'. M. Mora tint's Office. July 16 ? The iiivisu^eu u in the i aae of Wilson, tho ?ailor who stand* cnninntti d on a cl a go of Stabbing '.Lo thai mate of the altip Hoherla, on her lust tup In m tho Client ol Aluca, aoji uiued over to thia n oirt i g Matthxws, the a*t>ociuie oi Babe, ba* been tuny dun chaiged. Court Coiciitlar.?Tina D*r. CoMMori rna?.-Noa 17 IB 10 20, 01, 53. 23, 24, 24, 56, 17,2d, 20, 611, 61 62 63, 34, 36, 36, 37, 3d. 60, 41), 41 Circuit Count ?No*. 117, 32, "0, 134, 166, 130, 101, 10, 56, 70, 142, 60, 146, 147, 160, 161 Late from Mexico?Hy the arrival last evenirg ol the fchouner Pilot, Captain haker, we have ie neived Vela Cruz (iaiea to the 23d, and Irom the oily ol Mexico lo the 19ih ult. We have later ac dounta, but not many particular*. Tin in ws ef the dtaih of Uiu deling (Jen Srnlmicat, end of tlie total failure of hi* untortunahi exptdinon, i* ully confirmed. A passenger who came in iLe I'lJot, -ay* that tba head ot St nth.unit wa* cut cii and coi Ltd in oil, a* wh bave previously itaied, and placed n the public iqitste at tlia city Ol Tubasco. Kotiruen ol uu followcis liad also hem shot hut their bodiea w?re ielt untouched. One of the M? xican gerieml* in*i*teii that he dead should be lefpecltd, a* their mutilation would be a disgrace to Ihu Mexican character t opt Petit, the commander oi the Win A. Turner, together with all ho crew, have been ordered to be shot along with ti e rent ot deiilmanat'* men who have ail beenorilerid to txecuuou. i. apt Petit'* vessel. which wa* the one that 'he tevoiutioiiist* Irom thia city instead ol the William i'ono, wa* in a condi'ion Irom a hall nsceivid ruin the Mextc an man rt war that diovc her athoie. 1 hi* inioimeiiun can he relied upon A journal id the cupital, 1m J/rtperia, announce* that lie tioveiiir ml had leceivcd dttpatchi* liom Om. Ml oheltorena. hy the way ol Topic, apprising it that n thtu I anil American nil.uun. and various other paitu* wer? nosering U|an the llontisrs et Upper Caliluiuia H e ?liter is itminiltd hy thi* id tha diinoiialialiuii it An ? ti 'en good feeling n.ada hy Com. Jone* at Monterry, and peak* in term* ol bitter though uoniral h veiity ot il.u ..taceable design* ol tbe Untied Stale* upon tbe extensive end heuutilul u ri itory ol ? alilointa. The Disiro del (Jclih mo coiucii La lirapeiia, and do 'lore*thai the Oovernmeiit hua rectivtd no olhcial intel igmce w I.aii vi r ol thi* kind, ami thii.k* it vhould be te j j. ivwl with extreme duuint- we ciuiebny II thould 'the i valiant iViiehelloianw had prohaldy In cone alainied hy | ui arii.g ot RomeOiegon or nading paity thiough tumw otrcuitoua channel ot into* rtitai son We have beioie u? what, iu thi* country, wctthl ho alltd a iipoit trom the War Department, ju.uiyiiy .1* lequirilmn upon 4 oiigiest lor an additional lotto f oil oimi nun and lour itilllionf of money It I* written in a lolly strain, and w. n.u?t *ay pat* the ?a?e itiengly tieluie i|,n Mix.can tonal*** 1 ,.e til jeet had prrviootly lietn brought lo the r.otira ?f 4'ongiei* hi verbal con municiituin* 'J he he. relHiy Riet urge* ihu n eiiMirr* iij on the fiiiiposiliiTi that liu Sinali- ol 'I.. Unhid D'Htr* will raufy ih? trta'y of nnexe iuii In that event he tuge* that M*mci> i* ipso | 'a. tu, at uar w 1th trie 11 iteo Stan?- tbet ?hc Ire* not mo o declate war, but 1* at to viand u|3iithe delt n?ire ?lid maiiitaiii the inli gi ity ul h. r tt iritot y Kur this iha v ill ne~d ail the aid the lu j aitmi i.t ii quite* But ?bon111 ihe tiiaiy he rijicted. t.e uige* that thu Vlax can Uovnrnmi ni i'.pv (till noon* to believe that the ???vigil ol auntxction is *o du ply uottd in Ihe I'm id State* that an ?ffort lo i fleet it will only he a little whilu oHpcned in any event lie then piocatd* to argue that whatever may l e Ihe :i ur*e of Ann ricau | olicy in iegai.1 tu iinnt xa ion, no >ue can deny llal the pi event it ihe tavorahh in n ? nl lor vli xico to recover Tews. The lultur political i xu't ore ?f Mexico, he mgev. de|>endi ii|on makii v this iicoveiy, I ould T exas he now lost he teovoi v, vhe mu>t ultimativ > luconie iacorpoiatnl with the I'ni'ed S'att?. and then '?her province* would iu their turn likelixa- tall a .iiyto the neighhoilng republican*, N'exico I t u.g lev* ? hie to pion ct heiseil a* one province alter another vi.onld >e lopped i fT. T he 4iovi inment cf Mtxico appreciate*, he **j* <he xtri miiy of the danger, and ha* done am) iv r ow don g ? II that it can by mwilary oiganization mil diploma'lc legoiiationi. to aveil ihe danger Bui it* p-cunlaiy neaii* are scarcely *t fticunl lor the onlinary ixpmiv* I Ihe gnveinment. A war agaihst Texas involviv. in u* lature much ol the chai*c'er ai.d all ol thi iX|itiieol a oreign war and a strong *|ie?l is tl.nifoie n ade lor r.e giant ol four million* ol dollaiv?deemed hardly a mi le lent supply. So soon a* the money may he voted, he tat ? that the 'ri op* shall he put in motion ; hut at il would he lieci* ity. il hostilities were commenced ibis tiaion. a* the .'resident ilmru, to withdraw tinop* liom points in the lienor important to be guarded, lie make* the further to position oi 34l,(;00 men to be (tailored ai thne poo i* lie protest* strongly that these requisition* are rondo villi no |ier*orial view* ul nggraudiri nu nt. The Pirsi lent ask* lor no extension of pm srs, hut only lor mean* I exeiciiing the |eiwer* already delegated to him, and to ?i preserve intact the honor, dignity and integrity ol tlie Mexican nation. Such are the principal feature* of the project now ho. ore l nngrea*. In the meantime, there are many who [ dunk that a majority o( tho member* will not vole rur the ppropiiHiiun of $4 000 4X10 Should such le the case, 4 is confidently ixpeeled, so nnxinua is SsniD Anna u raise the money, that Le will dissolve the Congiea*, ? ml homo the member* and then issue au order lor e ?orced loan, or else adopt some other measure to carry ?ul hi* scheme* The n? xt arrival trom Mexico will pro ?ably tall the whole story.? \ (). Pic. July 7. StuixgR Lincoln Faixpixi.d.?The widow of he deceased poet is now in Motion, hopieg lo obtain tha ?ale ot an edition of her late husband's wniki, iu ordcrto ?Id in the support of herself arid children. Nomixatiom?William H. Crawford, eon of tiie ale dislinguished man ol that iiHme.l.a* Iwen nominaled or ( ongrt ** by the Whig* ol the 2d Congiessional dit | 'hut ot fieeigu. Ssntrncid at Nbw Oki.kan?.? In the Criminal ' ourt, L. O. Mornsby u sunt# need to flva year's hud vbnr in the Penitentiary, and a tine of *60 and roata of prosecution, for tho manslaughter of D II. Twogood. A TAt.r. Man ? A western paper saya that Mr .Vanfwnrlh, tho memtier ?f i firigruaa Irom ( hirufo Dis rlct. Illinois, ia so lull, that when ho addresses il? p?oplo, nstead nl mounting a stump, na ia uaual in tho W'e?t,they iar? lo iin a Holt for Him to tlnnd in No Licc.nsfs ?In Rwrgnr, Maine, no liquor c> n 10 sold under the iirrnso, tho licensing hoard having ir used lo |>ermit tho traffic. Hi n. Daniki. Wkm.s, of Creenficlrl, has horn nmmiat-ionnl and qualified aa Chief Justice of the ( ourt ?f i iimmm Ploaa, at Boston. Kinit.?The large atone wnreh#>uso on K irtory dree'. Kiankfort. owned by filla- (). Smith, wp destroy I by Arc uliout l.ulf paat one on Wednesday morning MrRorR ?Ocnrge Thompson, who allot Mira Hamlin, at Bellevue. has been tried, convicted, unci sen ei.cod to ' a hung at Lower Sandusky on the I'Jtli Inst. Indians ?M ia rumored ihat the Omaha and Pot awattomi* Indiana have had a bloody battle with 'he Mouv in which the laat named were defeated and many if them killed ?Ijeuinill* Journal. Wari.ikr.?Tho great gnn manufacturing unci# r he supervision ol < aptain Stockton lor the I'rinceton will us finished by August. "Thai's Tim Way thk Monky flora"?It is stimHtqji that the cost of faking the yeaa nnd Have luring the Inst session of Congress waa $81 168 ?i The mv o? the m'-n-tiers amounted to $AAA tier hour lor i very ?our in which the houses were In session. CoMMt nication nrrwRKN Canara and Nrw ('nan 'I be communication by barges hetwim Quitter not New Vork is logo into immediate operation, a haig" isving l.oi-n lately launched at St. John's for the compa: > . Tut Wkathi.r in Canada ?The weather hna 'leen cold and rainy In Qnher, On the 1 at Inst there waa i hail storm of unusual violence which caused ronsldo rah I * damage

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