Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 17, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 17, 1844 Page 3
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09- TYLER MEETING POSTPONED ?W* era re qnsatwt by the chairman of the Tyler State Committee, to give notice that the Union Democratic Meeting which wa? to have been held in the Park thin evening, ia, b> order ot the committee, postponed to someday in the eai ly purt of ne^t week, of which due notice will be given hare after. 09- TO HEAL HARSH. HOUGH AND CHAPPED sk in. and render it heautilully soft, Dr. Keltx Osuraud'i Italian Medicated Soap imavesxe* prnpertieaol surprising energy ill producing .. iMicute white neck, hand* aiel arms, and protecting them ltom the solar hi at Its sooth iag and ameliorating properties immediately allay the smarting irritability of the skin produced by the biting of mosquitoes, or other causes, assuages inflammation, removes cutaneous eruption*, pimples, blotches, tan und redness; by its dilat ng properties it prevents formation of wrinkles, and banishes them when present, and elicit* a beautiful juvenile appearance. To be had nowhere in New York but at 07 walker street, one door from Broad way. Beware of spurious imitations of this celebrated cosmetic, of tke most deleterious character, containing mineral astriagents utterly ruinoua to the complexion, and by their repellent action endangering health. 09- TO THE GENTLEMEN, AND LADIES ALSO. ? How often do we see a tine head of hair beginning to tall out and grow thiu, losing all its lustre and beauty. The Balm ot Columbia will prevent this; it will restore the hair even in bald places ; it is the best tonic in use ler promoting the growth ot the hair ; it has been in use for the last fifteen years, and has been daily increaaing in popularity It never fails to clean the head from dand druti, and always gives it a lustre and beauty unsurpass ed. Only at 21 Court Undt street. ?-V KlVATi. MEDICAL AID.?Thi .'.!<*&.oers .1 tt.i \aw \ ork College ol Medicine and Pharmacy, in uanrning 'he public thanks for the liberal support tney hav- received in their etferta to "suppress quackery,' 1- .( I-.we to state that their particular attention continues L be directed to all disease* of a private nature, and Irorr I he greet improvements lately made in the principal hos pitals ol Europe in the treatment of those diseases, Uilj can confidently otter to persons requiring medical aid ad vnntHg<* rot to be met with in any institution in this country, either public or private. The treatment ol th? t allege is such ks to insure success in "every case, and h ??tally different fiom that "en.rion* practice of raining the constitution with mercury, and in most cases leaving a much ivoraethon the original. One of the mem t on ol the College ,lor many years connected with thr i riucipal hospitals of Europe, attends daily lor a consults t;on !rom u A.M to 9 P.M. Terms?Advico und medicine. fift A cure guaranteed i-arowrssT to Couwtkv Invalids.?Persons living it the country end not finding it convenient to attend per sonally, can have forwarded to them a chest containing all medicine* requisite to perform a perfect cure oy s.itin^ tlmr case explicitly, together with all symptoms, time 0' Contraction and treatment received elsewhere, if any ud enclosing f-ft, post pnid, addressed to W. S. RICHARDSON, M. D., Age: . Office ae' Consulting rooms of the College, On Najsai ftt-swd. 09- THERE IS NO MISTAKE, THERE CAN BE no nustske, about the magical effect of Gouraud's Pou dro Subtile for eradicating superfluous hair, no matter bow stubborn, or where situated on the human body; ao many ladies have used it, so many gentlemen have re commended it. it has been before the public so long, and to crown all and to put the matter of its etticacv and harrnleienesa past all kind of doubt, the preparation can be seen tested at the nnlv office in New Yotk where it can ha purchased, 07 Walker street, first store from Bisadway. 09- ?' OH, MY BACK!?I can scarcely walk, it puts me in inch pain "?Such was the expression of a gentle man in Dr. Sherman's store, a day or two since. He had taken a severe cold, and could not stand erect. He pur chased one el the Doctor's celebrated Poor Man's Plasters applied it to the back, and in twenty four hour's time wss perfectly relieved irom hi* suffering. Those who are afflicted with pains in the chest, side, arms or back, ?r with weakness, will find thi* Plaster a never-failing remedy Be sure and get the genuine, with the Doctor's fac kimiie printed on the hack of the Plaster Dr Sher man's warehouse is 106 Nassau street. Agents, 297 Hud son street ; 189 Bowery ; 71 East Broadway ; 3 Ledger Building*, Philadelphia ; and 8 State street, Boston 09- THE EAST INDIA HAIR DYE HAS GAINED a reputatiou far surpassing any other article in use lorthe same purpose. It never tails to color the hair a beautiful black. At '11 Courtlandt street. Also, Dr. McNair'a Acoustic Oil, a cure lor deaiuesa. It relieves at once.? Price $1 per flask. COh RICORD'U PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIX TURE -For the euro ol primary or secondary Syphilis, and all affections produced kpM ta judicious use of met cury . The great advantage* iSmwised by this powerful altci ative over all other preparation* for the cure ol Sy philis. is, that while curing the disease it improves the constitution, whilst mercury generally leave a much worse disease than the one it ia administered for. The best recommendation we can give of it ia, that it ia now extensively proscribed by the medical facility, who for merly considered mercury the only cure (or those com plaints. Sold, in single bottles, $1 each ; in coses of hall dozen, f ft, carefully pocked, find sent to all ports of the Union Office of the College of Medicine ond I'harma CI . 9ft Nassau street. W. S. RICHARDSON. M 1)., Agent (K?-COMSTOCK'S SARSAPARILLA for the cure of pimples. Korea and hreukiagg out upon the face, and all cutaneous affections which arise from an impure state ol the Mood, is sold nt 21 Ccurtlandt street. Price 40 cents pur bottle, or $4 per dozen. 0&- THE HOMELY WOMAN OK BOND ST. Slie was red haired, and her face disgusting with erup tioiit sud freckles. We need not tell those who know her that her skin i* now beautifully clear, and that she has fine dark hair. Well, well, there's tilty others that were like her, but have altered by using Jones'Italian Chemical Hoan for the skin, and Jones' Coral Hair Ke storative for the hair. Now, these two articles, sold by Jones, 92 Chatham street, are the most excellent things weaver knew. There is a man living in Mott street, whose face was like small pox, with pimples, freckles, Ac., and this soap cleared it; also chapped flesh. The oil we need not speak of?it is the best thing ever made iortha hair. They are both sold very reasonable?"in deed cheap But mind, the soap is sold nowhere geru ine in this city hut at the sign ef the American Eagle. 82 Chatham street; if you get it any where else it is coun terfeit?quite useless. Sold in Boston,8State street; 3 Led ger Buildings, Philadelphia; 139 Pulton street, Brooklyn. THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OK 8AR 8A PA KILL A, OENTIAN AND SARSAKRAS.prepared by the New York college ol Medicine and Pharmacy, et tntdnhed for tho supprea-ion of quackery This refined and highly concentrated extract, possessing all the pnn. lying qualities and curative powers of the ubive herbs, is confidently recommended by the College, as infinitely tnperior to any extract of Sarsaparilla at present bctori the public, aud may he relied on as a certain remedy foi all diseases arising irom an impure state of the blood, such as screiula, salt-rheum, ringworm, blotches or pirn pies, ulcers, pain in the hones or joints, nodes, cutaneous eruptions, ulcerated sore throat, or any disease arising irom the secondary effects ol syphilis or an iujudiciour use oi mnictiry. Sold in single Bottles, at 7A cents each. " in Cases of half-a-dozen Bottles, $3 AO " " one dozen " 6 06 Cot* s forwarded to all parts of the Union ,N. B-?A very libera) discount to wholesale purcha.<trt O'Sce af the College, OA Nassau street W. 8 RICHARDSON, M. D Agent I have seen her, admired her, the beautiful maid ! With her hair in a bright, jetty, beautiful braid. (IT?- A FINK. HEAD OK DARK H AIR TO BE HAD for 37 j cents This tact hundreds in the city can prove, who have used a bottle ol Jones'Coral Hair Restorative. It forces the hair to grow, stops its falling off, cures the scurf or dandruff, makes the hair beautifully dark, soft, and silky, and keeps it so. Sold at the sign of the Ame rican Eagle, 82 Chatham street, and 323 Broadway. <<&? CONNF-L'S PAIN EXTRACTOR.?This 'great remedy for burns and all sores, inflammations, tic., is daily increasing in popular favor. It need only be applied in any case to exhinit its wonderful power. It not only ex tracts all pains by fire, hut cures the piles, removes inflam mation, prevents mortification, cures sore or tender feet, heals all scrofulous and obstinate sores, and is a certain specific fur the cure of Salt Rheum It is to he had only genuine of the original and only proprietors at 21 Court laudt street. 0U~ VKLPEAU'S SPECIFIC PILLS FOR THE CURE of t tonorrhoia, Uleet, and all mocupurnlent discharge* Irom the urethra These pills, prepared by the New York College of .Medicine and Pharmacy, established forth* suppression of quackery, may he relied on as the most Hpet dy and effectual remedy tor the above complaints. hey are guaranteed to cure recent cases in from three t hvei ays, and |>os*eas a greater |>ower over obstinate disc liaise* and chronic gleet, than any other preparation nt pres ?it known, removing the disease without eoiifine i ent fioin business, tainting the breath or disagreeing witn the stomach Price $1 per box. Sold at the Office of the College ol Pharmacy and Me dicine, "A Nassau street W. S. RICHARDSON, M. D. Agent QQ- THE FILES IN THEIR WORST FORM. Hsy 'h L iriiment is an effectual remedy. At 21 Courtlandt street Numbers in this city have been peilectly cured by its uso. (ft?- BLANC DE PERLE, a delicate Frenrh white preparation, put up in Jars?Smyrna Otto of Rose-Li quid Vegetable Rouge?Hair Dyes ? Lutun k Ouerlin's Perfumery, and otbei ( osmetics, at 67 Walker it., first store Irom Broadway. MONKY MAHKBTi Tuesday, July IB?G P. M. The stock market is slightly improving. Quotations for a day or two psst have been very regular considering the limited extent of the operations. At the Old Board Canton Co. improved } per cent ; Mohawk J ; Norwich and Worcester 1 ; Heading Railroad J ; Vickshurg J, and North American Trust J, since last sales. Long Island tell oil' J per cent. Harlem, Farmers' Loan, Pennsylvania A'*, United States Bank,and Ohio 6's closed firm at yester day's prices. At the New Board, Long Island advanced J per rent; Canton J ; Mohawk } ; Norwich and Wor (tester IJ ; Erie Railroad j ; Dry Dock Bank j, and United States 6's, jf. All the sales at this Board were at an ad vane* on yesterday's quotations. Tnere were no sales ol Morris Canal at either Board, but street operators are try lug to g t up the steam on this stock Hgain. It is just tin right kind of stock fer that class of speculators, hut w< should advise operators who have meaua, to touch not handle not. The Commercial Bank of Rochester, and the Hank e Monroe, at Rochester, have each declared a dividends three and a half per cent for the last half year. The City Bank of Rochester three per rent for the same period. The Auburn and Rochester Railroad hava declared e dividend of four pot ooot tor the lut half yeer. Now York stockholders la receive their dividend at the Bank of the State of Now York, on the lit of August. The very advanced ratea ruling for foreign exchange, particularly for bill.on London, are auatained in a great measure by the efforts ol lurge atock operator* in thi> market. It ia tor the interest of every large stock specu lator that the price oi exchange should mle below a specie point, to as to prevent the shipment of the preciout metali, and the panic that would be created by heavy ex ports ol specie. The object is to'keep down the quotation* for exchange, so as to ksep up the quotations for stocks To do this, they even go so far a* to buy up bills on theii own account, and job them out at a traction less than cost They must continue this practice until exchange comes down, or uatil the new crops come into the market. We much doubt their ability to control the market such a length of time. The most extensive bill drawers in this market feel confident that specie must go forward exten aively before September. Commercial affairs aru at this time in a very peculiar atate In consequence offthe re vole ton in the cotton market, and the immense losses that must fall somewhere, on this staple, it is impossible to tell who are solvent and who are not. The result ol this doubt and suspicion is. that very few houses mono polize the foreign exchange business in this market.? Those making remittances are very shy of cotton bills, and will not touch anything in any way connected with cotton operations At the lowest calculation, the losses on the shipment* of cotton from this country?a large portion oi which falls upon parties on this side of the At lantic?since January, will amount to full five dollars per bale. The total shipments from the United States to Qreat Britain, up to the latest dates, amounts to 1,1*19,648 bales, of this quantity it would be safe to estimato that full three quarter* ef the shipments have been made since Jan 1st, 1844. More than three hundred thousand bales were re ceived at Liverpool in one month, consequently it cannot be far out oi the way to place the shipment* of cotton from this country to Oreat Britain since January, at, 900 000 bales; this quantity at an average loss of $3 per bale, would amount to the sum ol $4 300,000. This loss is created by the difference between the cost here and expenses to Liverpool, and the current prices in that market This amount fall* upon parties here, and is large enough to make many speculators bankrupts.? Merchants making remittances to Europe want to know who suffers this immenae loss before they invest large amounts in cotton bills, hence the high price of good exebangr, and the limited supply of first class bills iu the market. A large proportion of the amount invested in our exports consequently remains dead capital, until the markets abroad revive, or returns can be realized in some other shape. Before the new crops come forward, or the losses attending the shipment ef the old are wiped out, the demand|for exchange may be heavy enough to require a large exportation of specie. Front the nature of the orders going out. and the recent departure of many heavy importer* by the steamers, we are induced to be lieve that the fall importations will be very large. We annex the semi annual report of the Banks oi Maine, irom the official repoi\of the Secretary of State:? Abstuact or the Banks in Maine, first Monday or June, 1M4 Loam Specie D'jiotilti. Circ Ai-d-osoagin, ??? $33,14b 82 3 169 II 22.8711 73 36 H38 AUMU IA 214. If 2 37 11,877 29 31,643 96 81.796 Bk < f Bull or,... 222 208 17 6 413 02 19 242 81 79 187 Bk of Cumberland 160 263 33 4.408 26 28 074 12 39 137 Bk of Westbrook,- 74 246 19 2.0(8 81 11,797 43 31,918 Belfast, 76,163 74 7.011 79 22,733 34 43,40> Brunt vick, 77 007 80 9 390 SO 7 703 23 20,733 ('anal, 399 739 30 21466 04 124,242 81 130,108 Osco. 428 289 00 19 0.31 97 81341*9 72 013 Central, 93 0.4 31 1,693 37 2 191 96 49 120 Comu ercial, 70/ 40 83 4,613 80 6 363 67 23 044 Calais, 83.813 88 2 031 09 18 174 36 17 401 O'.aalern, 112 093 86 3 920 00 30.661 73 61.922 Fianklin, 78 638 42 3.719 20 3 81.3 03 18.463 "ie'-Ban's, 86.979 02 4,140 41 12 337 46 42 269 Frontier, 103 628 43 3.297 43 24,183 21 13.714 Urenite. 116.993 29 2 4Jj 94 3.207 23 4 3 861 Oordiuer, 132,702 93 3.306 18 34 673 39 41,913 Keudutkesa, 183 34 8 4 7 8.9i2 36 34 194 7i 72 900 Lincoln, 1 8 256 10 10,973 05 36 218 26 52 421 Lime Rock, 73.938 90 5 826 74 14 332 32 33,016 MannfTtnr-rs'. ??? 139 204 39 6,334 76 22,133 19 46,196 M> nufictnrers' and Traders', H0,?84 97 3 878 90 17,54 1 06 39,845 Mantlets'. 77,338 18 4 798 19 16 837 36 34,403 Mercantil*. 60.7?9H 1 463 28 3 367 10 14 3>2 Merchants'. 299,078 82 32 897 29 1)7,464 25 98.084 Mednmtk, 73.409 71 3 367 32 2,333 76 33 371 Meaunticook, ... ? 39,024 19 3 347 01 2.9'I 12 21,646 Norh'tn, 109,026 72 4,381 46 14,824 36 31,611 Saaatlahock, 67 737 72 3 145 08 16 670 68 23.387 South Berwick,- ?? 91.847 20 1 121 30 12.194 53 41,900 Skowhega", 107,411 81 2,469 27 3 977 07 33 446 Tieenic, 100,468 71 4,164 88 6,187 22 35.727 Th unaston, 69 901 09 4.753 72 16 644 62 39,621 York, 114 236 84 4 610 ?2 19,151 49 61 825 <4,066,563 45 224,100 85 887,178 34 1,6413,337 The aggregate! compare with those of the previous re turn!, as follows:? Bakes or Maiki: lA'ihilitirs. June.'U Jan. '41. Jane, '47. Jan '44 June. '44 < At.iml, $4,J- 4,0?0 3,314 00U 3,925,000 3,4109 000 3,009,601 4 i>C'il&tion, 1,333,305 1,146,261 1 147 635 1,606,663 1 602,3(7 P otita, 100,7u7 104 160 109 014 108,975 117.343 ?'ue Banks, 75,062 65,361 138 166 05 260 76,793 Drp a-te>, 561,333 543,017 6J3.098 9r,498 887,170 Drpoti ei oa ioteirst, 94 196 91.734 90 7'5 81,115 143,387 l''t?l smooot 4iue f-om the Biuks, <5,487,435 5,334,436 5,043,918 5.790.511 5,836,015 Rtiourcei. MlfCir, 184,041 I75.3C1 158.593 233,769 334,106 Heal estate, 211,148 356,148 258 647 763,638 254,056 Bills of Uks is the State. 91,798 75,374 87,619 101,667 83 824 Dills rf Banks ? sewhere, 24 494 31.148 31.199 38,105 55,537 hue fin Uks, 375 618 383 501 560.957 885,"10 551986 DuatoBkf, 4,700,363 4 405,660 3.916 613 4.279 332 4 e66.5>4 T<-t >1 am't of 'Ciourcas of Beiies, <5,487,435 5,334 136 5.043.618 5 790,511 5,836,015 These returns shew a very great uniformity of move ment. The circulation anil specie- two very important items in the operations of bank*?have varied since the previous report but a very trifling amount. The total in crease in movement does not reach fifty thousand dol lars. Since 1843 the banking capital of the State has diminished about three hundred and fifty thousand dol lars, and the commercial prosperity of the State hu been gradually but steadily increasing. The people of Maine are extensively engaged in commercial and agricultural pursuits. They own a large tonnage in merchant ships, but it is principally employed in other parts ol the world, freighting from the southern ports of this country to those of Europe. The lumber business is very extensively carried on in Maine, and she has a large capital in vested in the fisheries. In consequence of the foreign employment given to the largest portion of har tonnage, and tnt quick returns afforded to the lumber and fishing business, there is very little bankiLg capital required at home. Within the limits of the State itself, there is very little demand for bank facilities. There are thirty-five banks iu the State, with capitals ranging from fifty to four hundred thousand dollars. We annex a comparative table, showing the amount of dividends paid, loans to directors, he. June '43. Jan '44. July '44. Amount of remi-anounl dividend,-? 86.730 86,216 99 295 Do ferried pr tits 61,*87 61,818 69 918 Drbti due nod lOflti'lfrsJIHoubt'ul, 21,582 19,333 22,279 Amosn' due from I'retidosi sud Ui leC'.'iis, AS princi. ale, 212 4 67 303,54 3 318,446 To tie a< sureties,--212,613 214,992 234.936 Do from ?locLbulOeri. as pns Cii'Als, 259 720 233,970 333,591 There has very little change taken place in this depart ment of the operations. Notwithstanding the State ol Maine has been the scene of the most tremendous speculations, the banking system has been kept very regular, and those immense fluctua tions so olten experienced in other States, have never visited that section of the country. We have annexed s table showing the coadition of the banks of the Stite at dinsrrnt period* within the past fourteen years :? Hash or Maike. Capital. Lount Cirr.. Specie 1810, January,--- <'2.<o6,0t0 2.565 256 549 110 I?i5, Ja utry,--- 2.93i,ciOO 4 159,874 1 3,8 914 117,419 1818, I'ouary. ? ? ? 5.453,750 7.522,918 1.69h,|/3 316,7211 18411, Jai-UAiy, - - ? 4 6 ,510 5 901,611) 1,214.658 195 699 1844, July, 3,109 000 4 666.5*3 1.6?2 3l7 224,167 The population of Maine, in 1830, was 399,405, and in 1840, 601,793. The wealth af the State has increased to a wonderful extent'/itkin this time, and the agricultural' commercial and mechanical prosparityol the State is, at this moment, more than one hundred per cant superior to what it has ever been before. The actual amount of business transacted within the limits of the State is greater, and the value of it* product* exceeds any previous year, and all this takes plsce under the < fleets of a currency annually becoming more restricted, and the gradual decrease ol hanking capital. This it only one oftha many evidences of the complete uteleatnesi of banks iu ciesting wealth and prosperity. W* find the same results in other and younger States than Maine. There is throughout the country more really rich men, mors prosperity, more actual wealth, more happiness, mors trade and activity, than during the existence of the many banks?now exploded?or lha employment in the commerce ol the count'y of such a vast amount of paper money as the issues of these banks represented. Whore ever we see capital withdrawn from hanks, wherever it is teen that the operations of the banks are annually he coming more restricted, it is safe to conclude that that -taction of the country is prosperous and happy. Old Stock Kxt-lntiige. 15''00 U 8 6'a II 30 ihst Utir* k Bfltieu 110 2600 Ohio7's 104 50 Norfc Wur Hit 50 orol U *4 5'b |na)4 340 Ho 56h ?8.06 I ??til o? 5'? 44 50 do 5?-t 0660 ' I h i 0 s. '70 90k 50 do b.w5oS ,uC00 IJhinS'i. '60 >n\ 5011 liirlem H I 74 Iflfd P-no't5s 7 - -y t'O -to liCU 75 U ulias Farmers' Losn 4 525 f?u' n i'o 3*)? 50 Ito bio 41 |00 vi fctdnir* ?6til 7 61 I, Island HH h36 82 50 60 3 66 do hOO 82 100 Kradir.a Kit 49k 00 do 630 81W 166 do blO 56 50 do (134 35 N Am Trust lib 50 do 81 50 U (4 B-ak 8 50 Mob Vfk 62 6 Ohio Tia?l 96 1*0 de *38 63 100 N J assay JUL 95* n? 19 skas Nor u4 Wore 56* 50 Kuwri1 Lou 4IK '4 50H 100 Kniaineioo UK bj 43 Now Stock Kxchonge. ?J?!??.1.'J*}* I0?H 6? ,has L Island RR Ilk 800 U SB's 1I1M 75 do b30 II f 00 do II1\ 50 do ilk IM0 P?m'?5's <30 71 150 do IIS 2*? .J.'1 or* TJk 50 do ?M II 30 abas Union Bk 115 J00 Mohawk KR ?1 50 Nor and Wor blO 56# 13 Kr;e RR bM 22k klw 56 5 do 14 26 do 56 10 do bl5 I'M Jo stw 56 13 Dry Deck Bk n?0 7i\ il Jo MB 25 d.> b?0 7| b'5 56% * Jo b'5 5?\ 13 do b90 -J? ?? Jo bl5 37 25 Caotan Co b3 37k M do .3 56k 5 Minora Bk 22 5? Jo blO 57 in do 17 Balks ok Stock. ? Boston, Jul* 16. ?At tht Broken' Board.? 38 shares Bo.'on and Worcoatar Railroad, 1041; 160 Western Railroad, 76; IS do, 74}; 30 do. lw, 76; -J6 do, 741; 60 do, rim, 741; 36 do, JOd, 764; 60 do, 30d, 76}; I00do,75; 100 do, blm, 761; SO do 761; 60 do, blm, 76j, 66 do, tw, 76}; 100 Lone Island Railroad, 811; 60 do, ?30d, 811. stale of 1'ra?le? Ashks?Pots continue in very moderate request Wo quote $4 a 4 061. Pearls are yet very ilrm at $4 37} a $4 BRKansTi'Krs?There continue to he sales of flour tor England Genesee now fetches $4 311; Ohio, $4 131 a 4 26; Mick g ui $4 19] a 4 36; oats, 80 a 32 cent"; wheat, 92 cents. The following is the statement of breadstuff received at Albany, from the commencement ol canal na vigation to the close of the second weak of July in 1843 and 1844 'l'3. 1144. Canal epsn May I it Jlpril is th. Tolls, S h.,%9 82 ... 15".2' 4 Il3 K'eur, barrels 366 293 ??? 511:109 WhtAt. bu.hels. 17.314 ... 64.Ill Coiu, 27 397 ... 3,995 Barley, 3,524 ? - ? 6 636 The reaeipts of flour this week, compared with the same week last year, exhibit a tailing off of near 29,000 barrels. Cotton?There were sales to day of about 700 bale*. Steady market. Shipper* were the chief operators. Hay?We have no change to make in prices. The de mand also continues without alteration. Commcgi quali ties sell at 31 aSSc. Provisions?Pork is slightly improving. We quote prime at 7 26. and mesa at $9 36. Beef is in little better demand. Prime city is hold at $3 26; mesa do at $6 26. Lard is in moderate n quest, and prime sella at ?]. But tei and cheese are rather dull . Whalkbonk ?Sales o( South Sea at 41c. Whiiekv?Drudge casks are held at 33c. Western and prison barrels are very Arm at 33}, with a very moderate demand. Uled, On Monday, 16th inst. in the 43d year of her age, Sa rah, wife of John M. Secor, Esq. and daughter of the late Nicholas Roome, Esq deceased. The friends ol the family are requested to attend her funeral, without lurther invitation, from her late resi dence. 163 West Twenty-first street, this atternoon at 4 o'clock. In Brooklyn, on Tuesday, 10th inst. Mrs. Sarah McKin nkv, relict ol John McKinney, in the 71st year of her age. The friends and acquaintances of the family are res pectfully invited to attend her funeral, to morrow alter noon at 6 o'clock, from her late residence, corner of Vine and McKinney streets. 3t PuMiigtri Arrived. Liverpool?Picket sh'P Liverpoo'? Key Jrhn Trippelt. J Peirie. N-w York; M'? Merv H, Connecticut; 1. eot I K Gnldsbo-ough, IHN. Virginia; Thoa Otum. T Groom jr, Boston; Wm Morton. Georgia; Thoa Bo k-ly. Mark Wel ilrr. John Line, Knirlmid Alex M, Donald, John Bruce, Scot lard; Kuaere Fr que P'rit?4R8 in the 8aqua la Grande?Schr Joa Brown?Metara Magna, Lu ther. ard Gliddou Mosile- Barque Hefnrm?Wm Cochran, lady, child and aeivaui; Mia ea Sarah Carann, Mary Ann B ackley, M.ry Ro hinaon; Mr. C F, McClelaud, K.v J HO Dodo, N Chapman, Wm T Smith, K X F.dsionds, 2 V latere Humphreyaville, Ann Wilton child aixfaervaot?1" 18 in th* steerage. Savannah?B'i? Mew Jeraey?A Turner and lidy, Mra C Snyles, A hutcliffe. lady ard child, Miss J W Kirg. Mra T M Turner. 2 children and aeryani, Mra J M 1'uroernud 2 children. A G Henry, Mr Gardner, Captain A T G Richardson, John Smith. Paaaengero to Arrive. Savannah?Ship Newark?Mia J K Kendriek, Mra Bag ahnw. Mra Gibba, child ard .errant. Mra Coorwr. Mra A Ay tea. child and aarraut. Mra 8 S Krudriek, Mra L W Wells, Mi.a Kalpha, J R Kendriek, E Saul-bury, T K Wright. W VChail ton. H S Kendriek, A Ayiea. T J dchenholaler, K. K Prnae, L W Wella, Wm B ScraMon. r. Swift, J J Jours, F A Jonea, W H Bray. ? Buaaall. C J McNeil, Wm Alaop Savannah?Brig Kg'-el?Mra > en faille, child and aerrant, Mra Waahhurn, Mra Mclntyre, Mra O Conger Mra Farr?.i, Mra Vail, Rev ? Neufville. Messrs Cook, Waldburg. Cniwip. Vail. Remahart, Anderaen, J L. Norton, M Van Terrrl. '1' P Peaae, W Alaop W George. Waahburn, P Hengeifield, Curtia, Morria, Mitchell, Carr, O Conger. Foreign Importation*. Liverpool?Ship Liverpool?1609 bars iron O B Morewnnd 8t co?32 pack.gee J Gihon St co?J St-ne It co?4 H ill It i-li Wr ' " ? Brother*?15 Wright. S'u-gis fc Shnw?7 Bird Gillilan It co? 2 Hobinaeu, Mc Arthur St co? 1 Griffin Ik Pullman?8 Burritt k Johnson?II R-ue Brothers? 3 Gorton. Hodges k co?850 Hendricks k Brothers?84 Took'r. Mead It co?I D S Lynn ? 2 F A Huri.nston fcbo?I Good.II Ik co?7 Bates 8i Coats?1 boa W A Thomson?Id White St Sheffield?8 H.rry tk Slang? 4 A Mitcheil?8 H Bavlis?15 Cameion It Drand?I W p'.|Fi?? 2 J Peilr -neilli?2 J A Spies?32 Godfrev, I'aJliaen Ik co?6 J Gihon?7 J Garred?4 D Oakey It Son*?* ButteiAeld drotnera k co?23 J lihodes?4 Hall Brothers?9 J Hulaon?42 8 1' J one. k co?25 J at J Stewart k c?-in .1 Stone?5 Paton k Stewart?5 Burritt k Johnson?4 Kefler k cn?9 Becar, Bei ja min k co?10 Smith. Thurger k co?3 ? S Hrrrick. Hanaell St 3o?18 W Whi'ewr'ght Ik co?618 Phelpa, Dodge k co?11 dark k West?1 T Hunt k co?1 J Falcone ?I S Petti;?4 B ram hall Aberuelhy. k Collins? 4 Warner, Lallm, Loop k co? 6 It ich arda. Baa.ett k co?150 Gilbert k co?511 W Mead?19 K King Hand kro?3 Sheldon Phelpa fc co? 7 Corning Horner k co? I C Patrick k co?4 A K Van ?est?1 Smith, Wright k co?8 J McL.ll k co?5 A B McAlpio?4 H S Ballard k cn?5 W Wheelwright -1 Doremua Snydam k Niton?a Williams k Bradford?6 L M Wilcv k co?6 C Buckingham?153 h.ra iron checker k Cothout?170 C Br.inatd k Son?8 Stone kco?9 S T Jouea k co?Hughea, Ward k co?8 O Hastings? I Cook, Anthony fc co?2 8 Crooks?2 R Jaifiav fc co?8 Coffin B'ad* lev fc c ?5 O Atwat'r?2 Aldridge, Hydru k co?1 Young, Smiili fc co?20 J Leffer a?1 0 (Mark fc co?3 < hompeou fc co -ti L t ar er kco?4 S T Jonea k to?J John Gilinn fc co?1 he ttdilry k Coal mere?I Cromwell, Maijjhi fc co?2 J T Dolan fcaona- 2 Wo f fc Btihop-2 FVIluwa, Wadsworth k co?1 I A kits Luqtieer? I Harmer fc H?a?1 J Sherwood?31 Crippafcco?4 Adnanell h Strom.?2 Paton k Ste fart?4 H Sheldon k co?3 L J Wyet..?3> t. 11 Hut-ell fc co?10 Donald, McHauninfc Wjltiume? 27 G.rn-r k co?27 Peabody. Hirgefc c ? 5 L k B ' u.tfafceo?2 MiKeefcco?4, llmnea fc co?12 Underwood fc Cr tnatuck?I G J Byrd?I P. L H* ugh tou?I H C Cooper?8 I ewie, Benedict fcco?I Lilliefc Peers* n ?2 J Napier?It J Nichoiann?0 W Benjimm fc co-9 Hu t Broth'ra? I F Coltart?2 H Tobias?7 Win U B-**u?IS tie rge ?giiiug<-r?27 P < h uteaii jr k c??4 C Acahead fc co?80 tnn? io.I Woodhu I fc Vlinrnni?:i caakt 21 aurila W ? ttoobioa?8 pks W A M Traadwrll?'J M sh.w? 1 Cornell Bro'hers?73 anda, Fuller fc co?1 K Tomes fc son?I C I ongdun?4 Our Inn, Hndg a fc c.?5 D.tid Hadilen k son?19 Ne.u a fc co?13 C H Km e'l fcco?137 B A .Viumfo"1?1 Piatt *? Br there?2 John A Newbnuld?1 l*obt SchGI ? I 8 Rosenthal?I Fieri md, -lewart fc co?38 c .sea 31 bales 158 cr is mdse 234 cka copper to order Saoua la Orande?Bchr Joa Br . n?1' I hda tu ar H Coit ?98lxi do A Heutmway-32 Spufford, Tileatou fc co?I M Luiner. Domestic Importation a. New OaLPAtaa? 3r g Volt'irc?2700 aacka wheat Allen fc Whi'tl'suy ?57 ba ?s moae Mr Fli t Mobile?Ba i|ue Hefnrm- 141 hales cotton Stnrgea fc Clear man? 310 Co'li mo fc laelio? 1* Bogarf fc KncUud?68 Law it cell Tumble * Pee fc Brook- ? I bit Peikina fc Hopkins ?10 pipes Knit galand? in s k W Re d?2 bis H H Shi ffn. ia -9 I'.ga Halaev k co?19 btd? 11 ur s S Chsmb r am MAKITIMfc HKKALh Nailing Daya of the Steam Hill pa. steameri. raoa Liverpool 'ritoM AMgatca. G. Western, Matt'ews --July 20 Hibernin, Kyne ? ????July 4 Aug. 1 Caledonia, Lott July 19 .........Ang. 16 Acadia, Judkina Aug. 4 Sept. I G Western, Ma thewa Aug. 17 Sept 14 BriLnnnia. Hewitt Aug. 19 Sept. 16 G Britain, Hoaken Aug. 31 Sent. 28 Hibernia, Ryrie rept. 4 ...Oct I (1 Weatern, Matthews Oct. 12 Noy. 9 G Britain, Ho.ken Get. 19 ..Nov 14 Ship Maulers autl Agunta. W- shall esteem it a favor, if l.aptaini of Veaacla will give to Commodore Kouert Silvkt, of our News Fleet, a Report of the ShippniK left at the Port whence they tailed, toe yea.eia Spoken ou their passage, a List of their Cargo, and any Fo ?eign New.p.t?-ra or Newt they may have. He will tliem immediately on their arrtvnj Agents and Correspondents, at n< maur abroad, will alto confer a favor by sending to this >ffiee all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Inform.lion of .nv kind will he th.nkfnllv received PORT OF NKW YORK, JULY 17. 4 45 I aiooit icts I 25 ?7 26 I hioh water ? ? ? 10 24 Cleared. Ships Henry Blias, Cu** miug., Liverpool, W C Maiiland; Saiatoga, Pierce, .New Orleans. Wm Nelr n - Bv que Mart.n ?v Bret' Ave y, Brrti fc Voae ?Brigs A'l-nia. J hn aon, Alrica, Girret.oii fc lonea; Gen ne IV Wolff Siga la Grande, Sp'ffoid, Tile .ton fc Co; * ~ ... Unite I SiRiea York, Naa tau NP tvalah; ('ednx.. Hut hioaon, B. mn ue. ?Schra Victory, Trnlield. A'eia. d i?. Slug's fc Clearmau; Chraipeakt, Peat, Middletawu, I B Gager. Arrived. Paeket ship ' iverpool, Kid nlse, from Livarpool, Jun? 9, with tndae to Woodnull fc Miaiurii Barque M.rce l?, Hagar. 50 diyt frcm Palermo, wilh fruit, lie tu I a?r ic.fc Phelpa* Barque Kefo'm, Cludai y, 21 days from Mobile, with cotton, to Siuiget fc I learni-.u Sicilian brig CnnaUntino, Rcpetto, from Gibraltar, May 19. with mdae, txi order Hrilis'* bug Geo R'>binson. Nevill, 28 daya fiom 8t John*. >K in haHait, to O fc J i anrie. B ig hmpire, Fogg, 13 da,? from Mayaguez, Pit withaugar. to m.aia*. Brig Voltaire, Bradbu'y, 26 days from New Orleans, with md.e, to ma* er Bug a aw Jersey, Brown, 5 day ? from navaai ah, wiih cot toa.t.R M Drmili. Schr Ca*Ion, Crocker, 13 daya I o Port au Prince, with log wood. to J, F I well Sch'Jmaph Biowu, Barber. 8 d. a (rem Begun la Oraode. with sur.r, to N L McCtvady fct o. Sch' Ingham, Downey, froui Washington, NC with naval stores Schr Mary Ann. Bimonaou. from Waahingtoo, NC. with naval ator'S. Schr bur, Williams, from Waalungton, NC. with naval ?tor* la Schr Geo Washington, Wilson, 7 days Irom Virginia, with corn, to maater Schr American Svstem, Ne'aac, Virginu, corn. Schr John Marsh ill, Virginia, Cora. Schr Ar-ival, Jonas. Virginia. Schr Pianat, Decator, Vi ginia. corn, Sciir Ret ry I la., 4 haaca, Virgir is. rorn. Brhr Mr h wk. Norria Virgo is. c ?"!. Schr R ver, TaW'Ti, Virginia, frnit. Sr hr Hr bt L Cro k, Virginia, wood. Bch'Weym nth. Conch t-1* hmor d, mdae. S hr Ge<. W.ahiogtou. Noble. Naif .Is, naval atom, hchr Native, Brewer. 1 ape Henrv. '?rhr W?v? i c-'n.g Folly L.> dn g, f nit Schr B s,.j h I).< aer .. ?emend. Irnil. Snhr l.r.ey Dak. Rtg re York liner. Bch Mi.h* P Ha ena. 'I h.yer Sr hr S m* Mc.'owell, llulae, Baltimore, iron. Schr Mi-iiaer t. Cola. Bi'tim ire, nadge. Sloop P. asport, Lewis, Virginia, Iruit. Below. Barque Jubilco, Harmon, 12 daya from Havana, with at gar. fcc to P N Bea'le. A liarqut suppuaod the Hmfru, Champion, from Palurmn Also, om brig uahaowu Bhlywlowa, Lines. Havre; Celia. Thatcher. New Orleans, Catharine, b rry, ibtiinw. ?ud oihm Correspondence of the Herald. Hotlci II ii July 1J 13th?Air Tremon'. UeurgetowB, H j. fjt Hosiou Ijlh? Pasoee by, John bun nous. HmiM. Pi,tio 1 abello for Boatou; M"s-I'e, l'hil?d'l| his lor Boston. Kraucia. of Fvok l>o t, do for d >) Helen idray, of Addiaoo. do Ibi du; Ivaahoe, Pott, do for Newburt port. Knout Iiudoii Orvicz 1 Viewport, July 15 IB( ) At '3th, Bloa?oin, Crowe'l, Norfolk. for N be lord <.r a mdt; Richard Th 'inpsiiu, burn, Prev I *r PhiU ?; k ichange. Davis. P' rtaino'i h Hi, fo' A lb y; Hel?u, Pitineu, Bristol for ??. Mm Erie, Churchill, Im Wil"iugloii; nu the HMi. IM J8 20 low 1)1 I. pi'h U op ? bn&t ?? :tb the cat Imu aud 7 men the crew of br brig Sir Ltone Smith, R-ddon Im New Vo'b for Mnutego bar. J-inaica. w hieh ?? eel w*t capsized io a hnmeiue mi the night of >h* 10<h, a d uue boy drowueJ iu the wreca. Aleo ?rr, Wandnpasso. , F Hteer for Charles tout Belona, ??? from Kondout. Mtarellaiieoui SchkHenrtoI Bidden.rd. Mr w I eu about fifteeu miles 8 of New PaTen, on Sunday afternoon, waa capaigetl in a squall, and iron edulel- til leu The crew were brought to tt'ia in a ateamboat The achr waa loaded with corn and tl.ur, aud bonud here Bald Ta man, of WMdoboro. Me , fm Va-sauil la, hound to New York?cargo mahngnuy and Spanish cedar? wrul aaho e nu Allig ,tor Href. Juue 27. and bilged Wrecked were aloi gatd- taking her cargo?which would be tared ?to Key Wrat. V me I wi 11 probably be got off sou I .Ran to Key Wert lunul a Aisita, at Biatou, arrived at Latiuavra 23d nil. and at Porlu (Jala.Io on the 74th "he I all button Jure 1. aud haa I eeu ablaut hut forty oue data, br.ugu.g ike accouitof herown arri al out Qi ii k ?Th# tchr J f'ooley it i'o, from New York, erri?ed at boatou on th? lOih. u thirty h on; the q irkeit trill, probi bly, ever made bv a sailr g vraael b'tweeo ine two portl. ? oMMKRcvor Boston? I b re were 52 c.tarauees on Satur day. ol' which 27 were lor foreign poiU. Notice to Rlarlnere. The ("'lowing er idea ol the I 'onanlatn regnl'tiona of the Oriental Itei/Ubi.c, uere lommuncaie to th. Slate Dip il mei t hi the t uiird Sutra ' at MuutsviJen. and are pub lished tor the information of th a- whoua thev may concer Ariicle It. (Jap'ann of fn-eign and ua'ional ve.aela sailug porta o1 this Republic, from thoao whero ezi.t Cetsu'a the K pnb'ic, must, through nuke availab'a pHe-ir inani ?* {11 | 'eata of ca goes, or ba'laai. bills of health, aud crew lilt; iu V a same d ap i-i iona are tacludrd paaapor<a powers judicial pro ceed II ga and do. laioua. priteata, aarliti ales aud roher diico m -ma wh Co may be used iu I iw A 'iele 19 ' .plains, conlraverirg the diapositine$ in the preceding-rtic'e , shall be.uljct to the payment of the Con rulir dues, which ahon'd have In-en paid at t a port from whe ce ihey carna,as alto auy other liabilities aud flura deter mined by law. W halo men. Nrw Bkiifouo, July || ?Arr Vlan us, Wood. Paeifle Ocean, Vtlpira'so, April 16. with 'i^O bbls sp, 100 do wh Urporta oh Mas?a'nero, .March 2 r om Morris. Dowrs Kalmouth. 1200 >p; 2Jih, Mesaeiger, Downs N B. 130 sp Heard Irr m off uo Nieich 15. Mara, Jenn ugs, N "it 85u ei>; Napoleon, Fisher do. 1150; Pav gator, Kiaho , do 1300 .*pohe 25tn, off do Abigail, Barnard, N B 70 ap. t'eard Irom 15th. M rcury, Haskell, do 1650. Spoke May 5 off Diegos, Mary, Atkins, ?f and I' r Ed gsrtown, 2200 ap md wh and parted company with her 7th, off Stater Island Al (J IIin, March 10, George Howland, Cush man, IN U. 1550 nat; Ma'lha Baiter, i?-ent full Sar.Haaioa, July 10.?Arr Ha ba'R, Howes, from St Helena withi2Jub la (130 ap) oil. aud 8000 Its bone. Spoke, May 22. lat i7 20 S lou 2 50 W. luva Cudworin, Wareham, 210 ste-ru; Coru<lii, Klamtrfi, N B. 30 ap; Popmunne ; Flanders, Sippu Cau. 50 bh|>; Quito, f h ae do 50 ap-riii. Hoard 'torn May 22. Catnetw -nd Bood-y, Wea'port, 100 ap; June 3. lat 16 8 Ion 6 20 W (Jadmat, Sm'th. n H, 900; Marcus, Shearman, do 710 ? " '-nutiiHu, ? lit till ci ii, nwu, ivhivui, ? (8" ap;) Momulna, Hi.gua, do 5 0. Hpoko, June 4. let 15 43 S ?ou 5 W Nimrnd Hcge-a, do. 5 6 1200 ai ;l j July 4, lat 52 54 N. Ion 63 W Hiv It Mariinniue. ( H r) chape.l da l.hailea. 10 days fin Martinique fur Havaua?crew aud passengers all well wished to be rep.irtrd. Spoken. Kng'and, Butl'tt, hence lor Literpool, Jane 26, lat 44 I. loo 44?by I*# Liverpool,at this tort. A hrwht aided ship, rhowing a whiteaignal with a rod ball in the centre, June 27 lat 42 10 Im 39 50?by the aaine Ha net 10 day. fr m New Or'eaua for II io Janeiro, June 29. lat 2a 10. ho 84 19?by the Voltaire, a* thin p rt A'aoii'tuin, of Thoinsit if. 35 days frout New Oileana for St John, NB. July 8. lit II 30, Ion 78 10?by the same Pa. te, of B at ii. 39 days'm B iliimoie for Chaileston. July 9 a'3113, lou 87 ,4. ihait of e nt r aud was supplied?hy the a tine i liutou, heitc? for Savaunalt, July 11, off Capo Kear?by the New Jersey at this per' Tivreis (nro|ieller) Hart, h*neefor Richmond, wi'h all sail set a"d her pro|ellor working. July II, 50 mtlra S ol Chiuco teague?by the aaine Mo rt, hence Charleston. July 15, off the High'auda?by the aatre Stag Pearsm. 2 days from Matarias for Hamburg. July 10, lu> 25 12, Ion 79 30 Saldtua, Mitauras for Biltimore. same time. Italy, Coulter, Palermo for New York, May 21, lat 35 (, lou 25 24. WmJ Watson, White, 5 da'a from Elizabeth City for Point Pe're, July 4, la' 29 50, Ion '7 l? Bordeatti, Kelly, 7 days fm Bath lor Matanxu, Jnly 6. Foreign Porti. Sauna La OitartDg, July 6?In port, Annawan and Hndaon. for Bos'on, Idg: Octavia, Chutchill, lor N York, 7 days Mavant'KZ, July 3 ? In port, Baltic, f-oin St Tkomaa-juat arr; Hider All, 'I ikiob. lor Job' z 4 days, to load fur NYork; Phentx, uf Huston, for NYork. auc. Port au Priicz, July 2?In port, Paodont, of and for Boa ton, only \ mrricm. PettTo CaBKLLO, July 2?In port, Caracas, Dill, for Fhila del| hia. ueit dav La UuavRA, June 27?Iu port, Co o Warrington, Oatcbell, from and fir Baltimore, one; Gilbert Hatfield, Powell, from and fur N York, uuc (ItRRai.Taa June 5?Hid Francs Whitnev, Lord, fm Oenna for Somatra; Leda. Kuark, fur Havana; Etronon, Uiansaomb, fm Leghorn lor NYork. Vat.raaaiao. April 16?In port, Humphrey, of Baltimore, eoid; Oneida, Tripp, of New Bedford, for Coquimbo and f au ton, I7ih; Sam' L *ou>h rd, 99 days fm NYoik, arr 14th; U S ship Erie, for Cailao, 17th. Home Porta. Calaii, Jnlv 2?Arr'ChorMw Fliteer. tad Mentor, Barter, Boytori. rid 7 h, Auirntta, Hatch N York Kaatpcrt, Joly 4?ftrr Com Hull, Hay. Philadelphia. Arr 6th, Patter Klixa. i ice, Alritijrtria r-ld 4tb, Margara'te, Krereit. Birbtdort: Kmeline. hardy, do; Ceres, Tarboi, Wil [to- ; Orrario, staples, Hvbice Sid 5 h, Columbia. Phi minglo-; Unarm, Ht>ple>, Hcbice old 5 h. (."lumbia Ph, ladet, hia. Hid 7th, Bibber, do; Peru, Parker, N York Hid 8th, Ho>an, Prtte- , Barnadoee. Dim Iilk. Julv6?Arr Lincoln Green, Boitnnr k *Ai?Rru*T, July H? Sid Mogul, Bunker, Charleston; Sa rah. M oire, N Yoik, Tia N Hatreu. Ban.ion, July 11?arr Kuropeau, Kllis, Balimore. Cld Lowe-i (new) Lnwder, Pt P?tre, (inad h uuwoiiH, July 5?Arr America, .ProYidence; Tusctn, Cog .ir?, Boston Wiiciiiit, J"|y II?Sid Z'i-'a, Chapman, Trinidad Portland, July 12?Arr Ruse i us, Pierce, NYork Tor Bangor Sid 1 augi'r, Philndeli hia. Olsuckhtrr. July 12?Bid Niser, Derrick. Surinam. BkvRRLY, July 10?Arr Victoria, Allea, NYork. Sallm, July 13?Arr Win Peun, buster, Muchias for New York. Boston, Jnly 15? Arr Condor, (Jahonn, Xibara. Cnbi. 36h ult. L ft n" Amer wis'I David Pratt, 'I arr, Philadelp ie; Mariner Kidder, do; Adp iia. Ward. Ncwbarvport; Hideout, Williams, I'roriuratowu; J isper Howes, ai d e gcel, Lovel, N York hignal 'or J trigs 4 - Id, Potomac, Bearsr, J r, Gibral tar, Malta and Smyrna; Belize. Paws, Oihra'lar and Malaga; Cnuouicns I '-OwpUnd, Havana; Cviru't Cooper, Jeremp ; ?> rovsu. Watsou, S dgwick, Me; Wntchmar, Crowell Balti more; Sar h B nee, d'; Georgia, oles NYork; Oeu Oree-e, C lark, which clear d on the Hth for f'aniCeo has altered h*r destt ati'n for NOileins. 14th?Arr Wallace, Young, Palat ini . Msy II; Avola. Davis, Oi-ralta*, Jih ult; Man'o, Line paler mo, Aunt 25, Atgaairas Koads (wherethe was wind bonnd e long tim ) Jane 5; Anita, Baker, Porto Cahrllo, 2d instut T nu'Ssee Window. Matai zai 30th n't; Talleyrand, 8ea?ey, Mobile; Pamhron, Kales, Ph ladelphia; Ptrmrock, Cn"eu, Fre er cksbnrs; Andromeda, Willimmt, Philadelphia; Wol cott, Ryder fc Kliti, Diane NYork 13th, Arr, N utiins, i'ver. rhi'sd lihta; /? r. tutus Pitimmer i rdcnis, 30ih ult. Left, (Jen W Ku'ght, S IT >rd, for To tlsnd, 10 days; Kmeliue, Jcoda i. unc; Hudson, Bragd n f rSattua; Kltza L-land, Pen r'lrtna, in c; Hocha - beau, McOitvary lor B stun; Lticv Aon Wh"e. NOrletns; lluby Mitchell Hariiug'on Me; Pearl. I) inm"r, Ph.lideli hia Cld, Proumi, Bearsr 3d, Baltimore; J W P iige.'I aylnr, Hi ; "alt'ini re, /?tired Howts do; William M Hog.i?. Taylor, P uladelnhia; Z if, Crowell do; Viurage, Bears*. Al"a. y and Tr >i ; W?il, Nichols; S A Appletou.Nick errou, and Fne d, Lnvell. NYork Nt.w Hr.oroRD July 13?Arr Monitor, Besse, Wareham, N V-rk; < hin. NYo'k; 14tv. Hloiaoro. Crowell Hichm nd; Kirhinnud liishmso. NYoik; 15,h King. Diew, M'bile; D vid Coffin, nuth Philadelphii. 14th, sid F.llej Rodmao, . She held. NVoik. Mattapoioett, July I3-Atr, Maiaacliosetta, Br-wnell, biU TOL July'I?Sid Adda M rris. Virgiu'a Pkoviuenck Ju' 13?Arr Sura i and Ph. !>?, Co-son, Phil ad.iphii /id. Native, Liwreoce, and Kebecct k Ah gail, I niriliu, Philadelphia: Maiy A u Carolui*. Carton, do. Da spateh. or sou Bin dywue 14th?Air U ide I ie%se, Phil, adelunu; Jo.,e h Lyhraud, H> g> rt, do; I. an rr. Johr s n, N R .rli; liog ei Parmalte. , do; Sylph. Smith. Itund et; Superior, Hmi'h do; Vi-una, lis I. ck, d > Sailed?K Town, sv d I geraoil; Peter Henry, Sueiman Meiico: Toinl.n and r ic.l iur, Woodbury Philadelphia; Hector, Kimbill, Rou dont. MlDDLgTOWN, Ct Jnlv g?Arr Vi Teiit Smith, St''ro t Nr.w Hsvt n July IS?Arr Smith Tuttle, (Jusdalonpe; tfew Je aey. Bell. Plulade phia; Lion. Lewis, do; J Henderson, llii ton. do; Trimmer, naley, do; Signrt. Hhrni thire.du; L idy Kenwirk, Ward, N York; Miracle. Ferr t. Albany; Carver, , do; North America ?? do; Reaper, Kelsey, do ? i Sailed?Champ ou. 8. u'e Nor h Yarm uih Philsdklkhis. Jnlv 16?arr (Jr-nd Turk, Mayi, Portland; rhrllenge, (iraff.m, do; Moatr zuma Jonn; l.hsllerge Park; k'lchauge, Wi'cng; .1 Lord Pi t, nod Valhalla, Haines, New . Ymk; Brunswick Iteed Boston. I'ld Hyl t, eustit. Piesi- I d-nt, Leightou; Nev t, Kenny, and Linn, Hatter, Boston; In- I rfiaua, Corson N> w Yo k; s 1, Mc'-ieady, Sou ert Somerset; I Si'o'ia, Thompsou, Newburyport; Patmot, Towastnd, Provi- | d ii ce It n hmono, Jnly I'?Arr Ss'ly Mil'er Hslsey, Je-sey City. Id n>iou. earto i, Havre; K nst k lis tav (B em] Forte-, Br III n Sin St Jroeph n'Neil end Tarqui a. Sc itt, Rio Jaueiro; I'm na [BrmJ Etert, Biemen; l.e uv. Smith, Horn, eiaet; Vesper, biuith. Sandwich; Victoria, Painter, Jertay Cit. Washi-iotoiv. NC.. July 5 ?Arr Comet. Ireland, Boston; C'h, hon Cole, do; 'I up c, < oik, do; '0 h, Mye-t Fowler, do Cld 611>. i iimrl Ir I-nd end Maic a. Smith. Boat t. I h. Mir Auo, Simmunt, New York; IWli, Ds,aware, and Topic, Boston Oi.'hacokc, NC JnW 4?Arr Rnwena, Nawall, end Caroli na, Prat:. Newno t Sid 6th, ? omet, Boston; Kmnsi k Julia, do, Virginia. Provider e . i HaKLAiiorr iuW 13?\rr Sutton, (Jal'oway, New York. '"Id N?r'?*aosei D lebeeho B slon; Miz.b-t'' r lith. (Ji?ce, Norfolk; O nunodoie, W the ick. St Jago I uha Arr 12th, Tower, Leslie, St Jum de los Rrmrdioa; Kirkwoed, Martin, NOrieaas, 'J'HF 8LIDUK.N CH A ' IK in the weather .diniMshes all rersos 11 he cs rl'H a' their h-a'th Mrs CrHRULL'S Medicated Vapor Bat' s, 325 Br adway. <ures iudd'u co ds, rl sum ? t arn, chills ?nd fe e . e vsi|Wlai, kc in a few dat's and by tim-lv 'ire preynt tlieir ocrurrence Sulphur Bi he require f.ue h"u 's notice Portable Baihs sent to aey peit O' die try nri ciiuiy jy 17 Itrc MI'.DICAL NOTICE. Ol'RANGK RS AND CI ? iZENS rffl ered with any To-m 0 or v in ry of Svphil'iic M? rcu-ial or other disease, r r who hivrbv-u Only half < tirrd by qu.cks, had Letter carefully pe iuse ti v loll rwing let'er i r Cooper?d]. ; La t Jnlv I cont'gc'ed a certain privais diseas*. ?nd irnmed a'ely ai plied to a d- c or, who i remised to cu e m- -n a weeg I co'I nurd with him two months, hnt was gt dually getting worse ; I tri d one after am iher, all the advrrtiaing do lorn and ?aih one pr mirrd positively to cure ?ne I at lei g h discovered Ihe object Of tlee mrs was money, and toil ih?y w- re not doctors I concluded tu go in to the hosiuial wher? the doctors kept ma i< dvr a coarse ol j ermry for eight weeks; my throat and nose were n'cerated. rains lu all my joints, and my body covered with ulcers. I vol complete skeleton; the doctors considered it dangerous iO gi?e me aty more medicine, god advaed a southern climate. 1 left the ho\i it l.and nyadTireof several friends, placed my self nnder your care on the first of January last. I am now *ell and restored to perfect iwl'li I wish this published. THOMAS ORKk.N, Carpe uer and J mer, Harlem, N. Y. Dr. Cooper warrants to cure every case no m-ilwr how I mg standi- g of (met. Sirictor- and S minal Weakuiss. aud mild cisesol p ivai< ma ad es cured in 48 h uri without inttilering wit ? 'he patients hihits Dr. ' i ui*r*s ? Hire 14 Dnane street, ws doors from ' ha hirwst No cure no pay jvl7lni*rc STRANGERS BEWARE. I n ih's are o1 t^i.rke-v aim Humbug it is most impo'tant to ? clown- an ' z.eri-oc- d phisican ?Dr. J r VACS has remover ins old tialei.'a Head Dispensary to No 188 Pearl slrw I e(irn. i ..I lleeginau street, where he C' aliones his moel egtraordinsr i urn of all drlica e diseases, ne matter how rompl'i sled. lis I'prisee the ritifnt and t'rangera tha- there is do Dr h.eans in h s o'd <', and thai he has no connertion whatever with ao\ ? her offi e His charges are moderate,?his consultation! tricily private N B?Observe the anmber?mistakes are oftei daeperoos?261 "earl rfaet : Medicines and directions aentte any part of the Uaion. hi particularly aiUiac the ease, aad eaeloeug five dollars iyl7 u*re AMUSEMENTS. NIBIeU'lf GAKIJKN. WKON Ht D A Y , J . IV IT KUNEX.1MH1.ED TRiVMPH -ft) kloon N '?h ly., (Ircwd' d lo wiiiira* Sir Splradiu Itom^ tic HalUt * tifl?-?? REVOLT OF HIE HAREM > Acknowledged bv n'l who h ve a?eu it tn bath* MOST M A G N I F IK K N T S I" E C T A U LE Ever Produced iu America?with entifly u?w Sceuery, Coi lum-s .10a Prnfrfn. UKOMUS Pr.KSONgK. Mihomei King .it ( nra di ? ? Mr Wells lanmel.a volunteer warrior auil lead-r > f tneforrra, Mr lit Mai til. Mvaaouf, Chief of t'e Eunuchs? ? ? llerr Koipnu. Zeir ilia Kiug't fag' Mast Wood Ann. man Mom Joseph g(u ma,----betrothed ?n lain.-el Mad'ile I'auhue Ueai-rdus Toe.DC ude wi h ihe -AVAOK AND THE MAIDEN. Doors i*u at 7 ? Kiiieriaiiiairui. e m . once at I precia-ly. Omnibuses will run to aid from the Garden daring he even "fciekef I Fifty I'e-ta. No Postponement at'-hia rstablis' men', on account of" waather, at the irraud entrance from Broad.-.?y to tne Haloou i* protect ed, and the New Salowu, n hich it ven I'ated from the lop and ?idea, can be eoeloard at a moment a notice VAVXHAJala. CHANGE OF MANAGEMENT Acting ilanaget ? > r Motaop I Siaa- Manager. .Mr Wood. TUESDAY EvKMNG. JoTTm THE MUKDEUr D BO VI MAN. luterm.ttiou ol half an hour To co c'ude witli HIS LAST LEGS. Admittance ta Da d.n Tree, o the S.lo n 2S cents CASTLE GARDES. THE PROPRIE VORS of tint well kn wn and faahiODahle retort beg leave to inform he public, and atrai ge a yraitiug the city, that it it now ..pen for the ae a>n.!r in teunae to lu o'clock P M In addition to the attr ctmot winch aria- from a view of the Bay, the heal hful brcea- awee, a aeroaa the tea. and the aparkliug .Urania of a ? h ugiug Koontain there it alto lo be found ei'foaive < romenadea in or outaide tbe Gar den. aud a I ng Prome adt Saloon IUO f at in length, together with the New York Bran Band? L?rd -r. Mr. Lothi m Kr fre-hinen a of the fire' quality, att ntne wu.lera, fcc. Signal Itockrta every fair even ing Tickets I2X centa. lor which rrfieahuienta will be farniahed. je't9 ec OR. LARDVKR'S LYCKUIH. NEW YORKSOCIETY LIBRARY, I'orarr of Broad eav aud La-iaa- ' at.ret. HK. LAHDNEn wil contiuue lua Eute tiiuuienla and Ei A-r ion Thia E-ening W EHNK8UA V EVr.NlNG. July 17th Dr. LAKDNKR wi'l give hit Lecture on MAGN Tit; Tr.l.EGivAPHs with ?n account of Moree'a Tehgraih and Wheat- toue'a. and olh r Uout<iTanrei ihown in t uroue Aft*r wh ch will h? nhmited The Grand Uranorma ! being a Moving Te| acopic Panorama of la eirm.meot, ahuwng "?ruble, triple a<.d eo'ored Burt; the Stellar Clusters and Ne bulie. and ih- Plan H '1 'hemoat Memo ra-ile Cornell, the Ear h and Moon, wiH ap* pear mnvinraraoug the Stata, the M?o. at the aa e time hold ing 11a monthly courae round the Sun ..The acale on wmrh thia Pauera-na it i treated i, tuch at to spre. d over 5900 square fret of cauvaai, and the number of individual objee.a repra ae ted upon it, ia uot Irae than 200 i.Ot. .^at, THE GREAT GAS MICROSCOPE will be applied to a variety of new ol jecia. To conclude with a telectioo of '"uminited "fcenerv, in e'uding D or unit on a larua acalc of he Trn'ola of Veyia? Tiajau a Column, Audernachon the Htiine, Abbotaf.rd. he. 'I'cketa 20 centa? Child eu half price. I e commence at I o'clock. j!7 It re IU <T ARRIVED lv NEW VORK. THE REAL VALENTINE VOX. CONCERT HaLL, Broadway?for 'I loe* Nights only ? On Wedutaday. July l7th, Friday, July 19th. and Moods,, July 22d inat, SJO. GIUSEPPE VALENTINI, Th* iar fumed VENETIAN VENTRILOQUIST! Whna<* powers iu the tbnve gif nti niahen. u t only the vari ous Amateurs, but excelled all Professor, of it. moat respectful ly auoonucei to th-i ha-'itunta of New kirk aud its viciuity, that he intends g ring, togethrr with SIG COM MICO VALENTINI. Professor of a new Instrument entirely cona-'uctad hy him -elf. never bdfore .hi-public iu ? his ?|u -rier of the en t'riaiuuien'in the above room eoli ed THE DRAWING-..OOAd CONCERT OF VARIETY ' >n which i ecas on, MISS K K A N E , from England, make her first n -pearance Admission Fifty Cents?Children under twelve years of age haif-price . Doors opee at hnlf-pail To'clock, p'rformance to commence at 8 o'clock pr risely. Ticket Office open daily from half past 10 to half-put 1 o'clock For particulars are hand bills. j 16 lw'rc BULLETIN OR' THE VARIOUS EXCURSIONS Or THE STEAMBOAT I HUM AM 8ALMOND, OsCT W'm. T. Shhltx GRAND FISHING EXCURSIONS. THr. above boat will run to the Fishing j oq 'J U Kr DAYS. WJr DME8D AY8", j T-'UHSDAYh A FRIDAY*, uotil furthtr | iiu-ivr, ? u, ping h r panenge a at Amos it. SAM; Can I street, 8)^; Catharine JFerrjr, Brooklyn,_9 ; Pike stre'rt, 9X , | and Pier No 1, N . R ,t?X ; l uolimg at Kort Hamilton. each | way, allowing time to view the Furtulcations. On retnruiug will laid at the abore place* < lutmberinaids will ba iu atteodaoce. A band of msic will accompany the boat daily Liues will be famished onboard at aainall charge?bait gratia Diuner and refreshment* on board Fare 26 cent* each way. COTILIoN PARTIES UN FRIDAY tVUNINOl The abote boat will malt* an Excursion wilh a Party on the Hud*on or f aat Kiyer, or down the B iy, aa a majority ol the < oinjMoy may ilect.ou every Friday Evening until furiher eo tic*.(weather being fayorable.) A large Military and Coti lion Baud iieiigu.'fd. l'he 0 at will b' lllniiiinaied and supplied with the ch >ie-it IL-'reshtnenls of all kit da. with at'eulire wii-er* lu oder to aecure respect tbiluy and comfort to the narly, the . umb*rof ? icheta is limited to 110 and can only 1 e ha-1 of Staple* It Fmd, 132 towers; U. tr Knaht n liotuuda Merchant*' k scliaugv, Wall street, and of th snbacriber Ticket* SI, tu admit a geutleman and ladie*. Th* boat will leny# D-laney nt#*t at 7 I' M Pika itreet 7X; No. No l N. K 7>?; I an I stre*t T\\ Am?>* at S?returning at a season ablt hour, sad will land at t anal atreyt auo I'ike *tre< I. N B ?No ticket* can be had on board the boat, and no per- | eon admitted "nlris i v tick-t S \TUHDAY*, SU NDa Y8 AND MONDAYS EXCUR SIONS kOK SEA BATHING?The above boat will uu Saturday Aft runout leav* A mot street, at 2; Caual atreel at 3X; Catharme Kerry, Brooklyu, 2S; I'ikr ?lo?t, 2J? , and Pier No | N. If. at 3 o'clock Auo on SUNDAYS aud MONDAYS w II, in the viurniug, Imve Arnoa street, at 8X; < anal street, 8jg; Cvthanne Fe ry, Brooklyu. 9, I'ike atreel, and Pier INo. 1 N. K , at 9X And iu the Afiernoona? Amot ?treet, at 2; Canal atrrel, 2X> f'atl.ariue keny. Brook lyn, 2>*; Fike street, 2V, aud Pier No IN R at 3 o'clock, or- caiding to FORT HAMILTON, BATH aud CONE I ISLAND, vhrn piactiCdOie-. allowing time to baihe, u*a il iiathmg honaea gratia. Returning will laud at the same placra ( hamneimaid* in attendance. Refreshments on board. Fare each way, 12X crut*. jl(7t<a*rc HENRY E KIF.LL. STRANGER'S GUIDE TO NEW YORK. RECENTLY published and loraa'eaithe Mali Store N? 11 Broadway, ihe Stranger's Guide to the ? ub'ic Placet of the City of New ko'k and its F.nyirora, w th a plan ol the c ty. Alto the Traveller'* Haud Book lorihe State of New York, Canada, he ; deiciiuiug the rou.u* to the Springs. Ni agara. Qu-uer. Ac T. K. TANNER. jyi7 lt*rc B IL> IARD8 ? Players or purchasers nrrivma in thi* city will tiud Slate, Marbl*. V eiallic and Mahogany Tables a gr*aur variety th *u at any other place, with all the I urotfaii BA iSFOK.J'H ROOMS 149 Fulton, j? iinpruyemeuti. at _ . Ann. and 410 Broadway; IB I able* ready for p aying ?r loT tale; jutt aod'd, thre* tablet with tuihioua so elastic th.i elrv u amimg cuthu u* rau be hit b* a atroke j 1hi> r *? not be dote ou any otber 'able iu 'he known world The maker will bank Table for Table againet any that can bo pr iluced in rue month In in tins date. Sea a Diagram (T this siruke 111 rne Sunday A tin* and 1 line*. jvl7ln.*,c S.IIP GASTON, h KuM Nr.W OnLEANS, i* I horue'a *P re, Hror kiyu. Consignee* w ill "lease a. te d ic h r< ceipl of iheir goods immediately. j , 17 ec UNITED BRETHREN OF TEMPER ANCE.?The reg ular n eetiug o> A<sociati u >o I of tin* order will twheid I HIS EVE l.AO, ai 8 o' lock, iu the Lyceum of Natural Hi.torv, Mi Bread war, near ' r.oce attest A punctual and general atieudiaceof the me*,her* of the ? rd*r i* request. d, a* b'liineta . I gtiuRial interest I* to b? trauiacted Si . rdai, jyi7 >ik A. ' CasTLE M. D llec See. A. C. CASTLE, M. D , INSERTS the Primium lucorrupuble Teeth by Atmoephenc P.e ?u e with, u c ii|", l.gtiur s. wire or any other i ju riou* Itsl-nuKi Dr. A.C (a* le's Enaiuel P.utv f I ttoj plug hollow tendr. t-*,h however laige o' ir egular the ra*H? may b'. lit* placed in the tooth w hile i. e *of. ? ate with ut any pr>aiore or i?iu In all case preren'i g eat act>ou, auo gives it useful a< the original sound t nth h r nil i<r*ciie*< puipose* A. C CAS Tee, M. D . Dentist, j 17 I'.'je 3*1 Brotdway 0 LOST, N TUESDAY MORNING, the ?lh instant. a BUTCH k R ? MEMORANDUM BOOK, w th pasteboaid coyer, somewhere about ihe Sufi Aeenur or Ulo>'inirgdal* Ku.ul A'ypersou hiring I. unl the tainv by returning it to Gr O B.A'l n(IAl P., Corner of 2B:h ?lnet and Mail Hoad, will be suitably rewarded. jli 3t*m HAMILTON HOUSE?KORT HAMILTON, L()N(i ISLAND.?'Tli* subscriber begs leave to tunouuee thai he ha* made arrnnrrment* wilh tne Hia en Island Steamb at Cumpauy to run their b rats, ??. and a?er Monday tlie I7lh lust to the ab >ve place, aud for the special accommodation of the patrons and v>* tors to this 'avii'ile spot Leave New York, from 0hitrhill at 8 A. M end 3X I*. M, Leave Hamilton house, returning to the citv st 7a A M, *" REED andsXP M ALONZO REED j 8 Alawistf rc TRENTON FALLS, NEAR UTICA, NEW YORK. rPIIK SUBSCRIBER ann oners l > the public, thst alter an 1 abeenre of two seasons, k? has resumed the direction of ihe Ho'el at the above place I lie house has b en thornnehly r>(ut oishrd and put in com le'e order, and he trusts by ms altenn n to (he cumf ft of his guest* to iner>t a tetotn ol the pa.iouagr so liberally bestowed ou hint iu former *ra s jell 2w eodis re V Vlooltv PRESENTS ment, Nov 219 *nd 260 Bfadway, bevnnd con parison thr most eiegant and rateus ve whole-ale a->d 'einil assort ment ol FAN Y ARTICLES FOR PHEHE.VI 8 on this aide the Atlantic, which we take pleasure in showing, and ei to sell at prices is low (saying ihe least) as those ol aov nine, house. Oui prevent stock of Fancy Stationery, Umbrellas. Parasols ami Huu Shades Gloves. Hull g Whips, Basts. Card Caeea anC Table's, Desks, Dressing ( ases ai d karry Holes Purses. Per Inmerv. Fancy Porcelain aud Glass, Gift, Snel and Momn II.K iewelry. and mdevd of cy rv thing we are accustomed |. unporr it as complete and psrfectas cue be desired. A (nil I s.aloguehas just t?*mi nnblitlied and may be had oc application TIFF AMY. YOUNG h ELLIS jett an rod isee COUNTING HOU*E D ? *K WANTr.D-A large Den bleConatiug i.oom Urak wanted. Apply at 13 k aehauge Place jl? 2 rc FOR SALE?Oga of Me"r*nth'a Patent Sofa Redateada en'irely Lew. For ptrticnlara eonnire at this oAc jl? l??re A I. DIG A L AND 81JRG1CAL OFFICE | \OCTOH JOHNSON, 17 Dnane street, to well know* k 1' the riclims of Syphilitic disease*, as the most snceeasfu practitioner that New York can haastof. in the treatment o' this deetrnetive and almost unmanageable malady, it still to h' found at hia old nfflcv Dr Johnson rag satisfy any one tha he is legally gnalified to practise Phytic aad Surgery?that hi |x, tsetse* a knowledge of general disease superior to threafourthi of yonrgeneml " Pnyticinns"?ei d thathis skill in the treat rnent and proper management of every variety of Venerea I.'iter t* aud Strictaiv of the Urethra, la pre-eminent Mj United f m.'iertsare not onlv from every part of the waited States, bu t > e> come Iroin the Weal ladies and ( aaada I care on at a . rage MM t-piienls * year I discountenance qnackery iu an to vn^tad therefore take this method of informing strangers, am pe? on* .n the Couatry where they can find a physician akilln ? j I - lr.-eimc t 01 their disease Every rase I undertake I cur* If i-take uo charge. No matter how long ynn may have Gleet Strict*!#. Ulcers upon the body, or in the throat, or no*, nn* t* the head and nones of the Is/a. I wtM and rss cai -u. if roar e**? is eurable, ''oaetitnii'iaal 'v**kne*a, torn, mricelled Seminal Weakeeet, bruueht on by a sec et hahi ndttiged in bv young men I have pain rineh at ention to lb reatmeot of this malady Many an nnfortuuab- victim c.f th -iniivinral vice haa eiperu ared my salntary trentinwi-. ! f epsta weakneee of the limb* and smell of the '-ack eonfi. . ou of inlellect, forgetfnlnete, pnlritation of ?!>* Scat i"mm l.i tvoiptomt if thie c ooplnri ? 'I ui" directions are followed I guarantee a - ir ' *i Ml etteia, with statement >.i cage. e--ataaieggl for ad> -e (tei d to Oheeryg. Oflc* tY Duet*street. '??* ttw > aaid MMat jyl7 lia're BV i kiJE SOUTHERN MAIL. PhXSdplkHl [Corrvsponieuco ol the Hmlil J Phii.adeli hia, July lb, 1H44. This, morning, id the Court ol Quarter Scsoionn, Win. H. Aehrnead, agent ol the Philadelphia, WifmiAftthb ard Baltimore Rail Road, waa ar raigned for aaaault and battery in ejecting the agent of the American Mail Letter Company from the care. The ejection waa admitted but delended on the ground that the defendant had a right to put the prosecutor out ol the care, because the road waa a post route and the latter was conveying letters over it out of the mail. Judge Jones, in order to bring the question before the Court in Banco, over ruled the excuse. The defendant was convicted, and a motion for'* new trial entered. A man named John W. Smith, one ol the com mittee of 2l) who went into St. Philip Church at the commencement of the riots, was arrested this morning by the police officer of Southwark, taken befor" Judge Tones, identified as being the ring leader with the cannon in front of the church on Sunday morning, and was committed, in default of $13,000 hail, to aiiswer the charge of riot, treason ami murder. The Couuty Board has offered a reward of $500 for the apprehension and conviction of those en gaged in the riot, and some of the rascals have of fered to turn State's evidence, so look out for further and important arrests. Geo. Merrick was arrested this morning charged with being one of the Kensington rioters, and he was held in $2000 for a further hearing The hearing in Springer's, the grand juror's case, is postponed tilt Saturday. Hales of ?locks at Philadelphia. Km. r Doasd, July 16?Is? shares Oirard Bank, lift '10 do It] ; 100 do b 4 I II] , 14 Grand Gulf, 10] ; 16# W ilm K R ,11] ; 34 do 3l| ( 4 Wastern Bank, 47] ; M00 Btate 6's, c It p, 74. AUCTION SALES. AUCtlON I* O I'lC V?Au'.O'S i H?ls Kuraitam.? Br SNIFKK.N fc 1 O-Hi' Lamps, Be?'1 hit Day. at 14 'clotk. at >1 Aun mart, by ord?r of Aaaifaaa, a laras .t"f matt of Furuitars, competing esarv satiny- At 4K o'clock the stock of a dealer, com nai, f tarry variety 1 '>? trust ?prr??? 1 4'amphen'- 'tad olhrr Bror. Lamps vror hv lbs atlrutino of the trade, stoia and hoaivkrei era, coaatiy mer chants and othrrt Alto, an inaoica of Hard wars jvlT lt*sc A UirfioN NOTICF. ?Sale ol Furniae Lookii s Glataaa ft and Hi ns-kaepiug Artialei. ol all da*. liptioas, 1 his Uay. at I0H o'clock, in ihe tale io. m II hprtir at j 17 11*10 1HO* BkLL, da't. CARPETINGS, FLOOH. OIL CLOTHS, BOOKINGS, fe. THE nUBSCHIBKK-? haee > ow ' n t au?l an citeoaue tad choice seleetiou of Came from a prices I fraia ro the rirheat and moat eo.tly desrripio of Brussels, HaSuny, floya Wilton, Velvet. Tumey, A 'iniu-er and Tapestry CAHPL JINGS. Alio. Klo r f*il Clolha of the oea.ast aad most aplasdid pat ten. a m ' color. Alao, Freiu h ami k'o*li?h Ito .kinaa Dusg-ts F-lt Carpet! isa, " agt of the richest detcrip'inua: h'renrh emh?ta-d fable and Pi' o Covers tac , he , a'l of which will be sold at lower prices lha.i any aioiilar ea'*''liahmeai in the city C W SMITH It I OMPANY, 2St Broadway, fopposite 'lie I if Hall,two door* below Slews'i Ik Co 'a ritensire Dry nooda Blor* j 10 lwis*ec BEACON COURSE-TROTTING. 41 UKllAY, July 20 h, a' 4 I'. M a inaieh for $1240, threa mile h??ts, both ro go aa they nlease, between H. Wood T's b- o 4'olnmhiu and Geo. Ppi< rr'e b. g. hir William day Purse $10. nnle he's. best S in 4 in h; lames helpley i n'ers hr it, One-kyed Hilay; M Meitkcr rater* K louts Nertone; C IJertina enters bl. in Black h yad tan. j'l7 4tia*ee CENTREVILLE COURSE, L I. .MtlJUMJay, lu'y l?th, J o'clock. Purse $46, mils haab I bfit tliw ia in hiroPifl A. < ourklin b g Bob L< ?ic H J net jr. g Or??y Bosron <? M?rs$?r M r. k. Yoa- t Nrjttanr B rem 11 g. w ttt rktop Ai'iniiiv aB ow |n the <onr?e 50 ? mu. jv'Tlt^r# OUK. ALBANV \Nlr TliUY STKAMBOAT LI!*?.. hI*K M.BAW AND THOY-Monuag ol Barclay atrrrt. laadiag at loteriiiritialr placet ?? KMPIRK Cant*" 8. K Hon, Monday, W'dn tilt, anil Krid ry Mora n< at T o'clock Tli' itmiwr 'I "OY ' aptnin A ivnrhatv, Tuesday, Thuratlsy an 1 8'tnrday M rjimg at T o'clock r.vrniug r.inr Iron, it e loi i i i i uuriluai rtrrat. direct The stumer "W LLIIW J >r.u> a drUat Monday, Wrduraday and Krida<- Kveniog. r'7oV!n*k. Th" alrani*r ALBANY, Can'JUB t< B. Maty. Toraday, Tliuradiy Ba unlay Kvrniuf, II ' m u < ) I'M ll'iiu al Uik Lim, awiaa U. ihrir nghi draught t>f ?i ter. if .til' ft all limn to th. hart, and reach Alt>*cy ad -V . i: nnple timr Ui ihr rnornlad train of can for the i?l 1,1 ?? ?. Koryeaaav r'. i?i t. apply m> ivd vr oil a offices mU ??t ?c?-t iWT rrt OLI> ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAO OFFICE. - MOUTH SI'HM.T, nkw yohb sl m ml Faasacr can l?r engaged frurnLi vtrjKJol by thr following spleo Kd pa cm or alii|.t comprising thr Old Black Ball Lib* ofrackets Bailing aa under Krom Liverpool The ship I < ILI'M HUN,? apuis Cole, on the Klh February The ship YORKSHIRE. (new) Bailee, on ths lit March Thr ship < A M BKI DUE, f apt Harilow. 16th March. I'hr ahi|> K VOL AND. < aptain Bartlrtl, lat April. ('he ship OXKOItl), Captain lUthbone, 16th April. Thr ahio MONTEZUMA, Captain May I'hr ahi|> ''.U ROrE Captain Hnrbrr, 16th May. Thr ship ">K'V YORK, t'nptaia Cropper, 1st Job*. *rj addition U) llir aborrsupriior ahi|>a, thr auhacribar'a ageata " hs*> a trirpefsion of tint class American ahipa drapatchad, ?a c ittonmry, from Liverpool, every four or fiyr days through ?ut tin- year, to thr d.ffVrrul porta in thr Uailrd States,By which pnetnga cau lie s-nirrd *t reduced rata*. Tlroar sending . . _ f ly ih .t rrrry earr will be takrn to mak< passengers aa cumlor able ;ia thry can rraaouahlv riprct. and should ihr passengers lot soma "'it. thr postage money will b* promptly refunded Drafts can aa naual In- furnished | "table at ihr .National and 'rorincial Banks of Irrland and branch a; Eastern Bank of teotland and hanehea; and on Mraara J. Bait. Bon It Co., Bankers, London Mraara J. Barnrd It t o., Bankers, Liver ,.mil,-a hich are payable throughout England and Wains Yor nrthrr partfcnlara applr (if by lrtt?r pest paid) to John hkhdman, CI South street, orar Wa'l atrsst. N H I'aasHgr to Liverpool and Loudon can at all timet ba ?agagrd by tlia regular packet ships, sailing for Lirrrpool every :ivr dat a, and to Loudoa oa thr 1st. 10th and JOthof aach month >n application aaahnyr jltrr K' ill LON DON?Mrgnl-r Packrt of th* ttth Jaly ?Th* firs' c'a*a. fast Bailing ragnlar packrt ship HK.nDHIK HUDSON, Captain Moor*, will tail aa sb"?r hrr rrgalar day Hariug v. rv aurrrior accommodations for cabin, second ca bin and afrr gr puarngera. p-ratios intending to rmbata, should make immediate apilicati n to JOSEPH McMURRAY. 10" P or ?ir?rr, corner ?' 8< nth at. Th* above will b? mccerded hv ib? pack, t >hip Prise* Al Iwrl, Captain S. ho-, and aa>l on tl* 'a of Aarmt N B Persona d'air. ui of smdii g fo. thr r Iri-nda aaa ha?a ih-nn tiling | i ul hi ihr above v aa -I or any at the regular pa. k rra aailng w-raly by m plying aa a^orr if y Inter mat Pa d P. a. Itralta give . p>y tblr at am hi for any amoani oi 'ha Proviorial * ana ol I elan- payab ? at ih-ir rra eruvr br-nrhra ihrouvto ni ih* roniitri.; als 'on M tea, 8|K onrr. Aiw od A Co . Bankrra, London, pay tblr iu rrrry town in Urtai Bri'aia. FO LIVERPOOL?Higular paekn of ihr ??th July? l'h? ft'rt claa? f?at sailing rwnlar packet ship MH.MPHI8. Capi CotBn, will sail aa abo**, hac r* guiar . av llry.i.g vegv aa,wrior arc, mmodationa fo' cab n. aacoad ea bin and vta r - g* paaarngsra |*ryo a'ntmdingt' am't'h an> aid mil, dial* appiic ,tion on r oaid f - i of I'a-h a i r, or to Ji sr PH M-.viUHRAk. inn t'inr vtrm, corn-r of 8oath. N. II Prraona dearroaa of arnding lor tlir r trreada, ean ha?a th'in b' uyht out in ihr above v?sar| or ta any of th* rrgalar packer., >a,lmg weekly, by ap.lying aa aboye, if by letiar, l?f' paid . . P. H DrartvgiTsn. iwy-blr at sight for any amoaat oath* I'rovinrial Hank of I retard, payable at llirir rrap'Clva braor b ra thrnathont ih'C unify, alio oi Miara Si o. nrr Ai?o>d A Co., bink-ra. London, payabla in ayry town in tirru Bm* 11 in iylT NKW LINK OK PACKETS KOR LIVKR POOL?Packet of list Inly ?The splendid sad ?BLl "Xitr parket ship HOT TINOl' r II DM t?aa linrt. rn. ? apt. Ira Baralry, will aail panctaally aa abo**, bar regular day. Thr .hips of this Ira* bring all l(M tnaa and upwards, per iiiui Hhom to embark for th* old cnantrv, will not fail to sea be a. vintage* to h# derived from selreting this line in pew (? rruci to aoy other, aa their great capacity rrndna them every way mora comfortable and rnuvstiirni tlian ships of 1 ansa! er class,aad th-ir accommodatinua, it .a well known, ar - superior to any others. Parsons wishing to sec nrr bertha should not fail to make early application oa board, foot of Bnrliog slip, or to W A J T TAPfci!OTT, At their Oeaeral Passage Office, T? Heath street, jylT tS 1st rc cor Maiden Laar. op atairi -?*? KOR NKW ORLKANH -LoTTi81 ANA AND JHWNK.W YOKK LINK.?Poaitiealy kiratKrgolar ffiBm. |atekrt-1 o sail on the Mih of Jaly ?1 he fast tail inn packet ahiP LOUI8V ILLK, Capt Hunt, will peaiuyely sail aa nboye. her rrgalar day Kor I rein til or paaaag-. having baadaome furnianedaccomtoo latioBs. apply oa board, at Orleana W'harf. loot of Wall atreat, or to K I. tdtLLIoS a *,v tt South at're. Poaitivrly ar goods reerivrd af'er rhrrvrning of the J4th last Agonia in New llrt raws? Mesa ra ttullio and WoodiaB. whs will promprly fnewvrit all eooda ro their soilrraa. Tie pa kn ship Hnnuvillr i anal# Coraall. will sncceai the l.nmaeillr aril oil IM A?ew?r tvlTrr PV'i.1 i k 'H HAVE8?enad Liar?The Him BALTIMORK, Kdw Knah. Master will tail n the lai of Aaguat C" fr?i#ht or prasaw. apply Rt'Vil A ' 11NCK ftS a T?at a? f uttdnaa r.r >-t , ,? V I . .1. .-(iiiT H AMILTON-BTEA^SOTt? Id he v'eainrr THO tH SAL^ONI) will .leave New Vo'k. from pter No. IgftA 'In t O'elo k A M to'III# above I are rta-siug rave k'ort Tlamilton a oS' IS " ',n Moail Tn tday, Wed..r?'ar 1 horada* >ad krnUvol asch wsck ami he ?assca )? IWISfr

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