Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 22, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 22, 1844 Page 3
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Theatricals, Ac. Hull ia announced to five a concert at Buffalo 29th iiutt. He ie alio expected at Saratoga Mat-ready drew a bumper houae at Moutreal ! 17 It inat. The Governor General and al iti of the city and neighborhood were present. I.ardaer is expected to viait Saratoga|tn a few II8TMNG on thk advanci.? Opposition to Se'h u announced by the proprietora ot the Boston um, in the person of Sarni Bondi, Italian Uc tore, or BRd Catcher, who4# astonishing pow t voice enables In in to imitate thenstes of any 'i> bird ; also, to whistle the popular music ot ay, keeping proper time in accompaniment ol rehear*. fry Smith is performing at Providence. He line a benefit there this evening. Carllitch, late of the National Theatre, Hos ts about to make his appearance at Portland, ttou continues astonishing the good people of r.y. One of the p.iprrs say, that he turned a ler inside out the other night, and stood him m head to the great amusement of the specta WORMB, WOKVI*, WORM8.? They kill cbil. bv hundred*, and when the cauie if never suspected nfl'-rnrs never dreaming that these peats are doing all i itrhirf U hen the breath is offensive, and there is b | irking of the nose, grinding ot the teeth during p* en, s* about the lips, witn flatbed cheeks, Sui. are symptoms which indicate the pretence of is. Shsi man's Worm Lozenges are a specific?they 'y them when all other means fail < biidren will h?m easy, and cry lor mere. They have been used *er too Oi.u cases, and always with perfect suocesa.? "hermm'? warehouse is 100 Nassau street. Agents? roadway; 10 Astoe House : *47 Hudson street; 1*8 r*y ; 77 Kuvt Bmadvay ; SO William street; 8 Ledger ?begs, rtuladulphia ; anil 3 State street, Boston. i'lir. CONCENTRATED EXTRACT Ok hAR ARILLA, UENTI AN AND 8ARSAFK A3, prepared he New Vork College ot .Vledicine hud Pharmacy, its shed lor the suppicssion of quackery. This refined highly concentrated extract, possessing ail the puri g qualities and cut ativu jKiwrrs of the atove herbs, nll'iently recom.v.ended by the College, as infinitely rior to ?ii) extract of Sarsaparilla at present bulori ublic, and may be relied on as a certain remedy foi saasas arising rom an impure state of the blood, as scrofula,salt-rheum, ringworm, blotches or pirn ulcers, pain in the bones or joints, nodes, cutaneous nons, ulcerated sore throat or any disease arising the secondary effects ot syphilis or an injudicious oi meicttry. old in single Bottles, at 76 cents emu. in Combs or half-a-dozen Bottles $3 AO " one dozen " a On mk? torwbidcd to all parts ot the Union. B.?A very liberal discount to wholesale parcaas?i> ttice ol the College, 66 Nassau street W. 8 RICHARDSON, M. D., Agent THE SECRET DISCOVERED.?A letter from delirious kanny Ellsler?Dear, dear and respected Sir : here directed partly hy myself but most by " my sis to enclose the following order of $ib for your use. - remember when I was in New Yoik "starring it, i ti e dear stupid yaukee boys teaming me with their id (yet deliglitlul) notions of showing regard"?think iv beautiful feet, my liaavenly ankles, ray rich legs (oh hut most of all iny neavenly face and head. You saw on the stare?) ougsaw my face, without paint, rosy yet snowy white-my cheeks, my nerk, now clear, r white, how spotless. Dear Mr. Jones, 1 have to thank Hint oii>- c.iku of > our really good Jones' Italian Chem Ho Hp for making my face thus healthy and beautiful my poor old luir, dry, rus'y and grey an it was, when hi! used ball a 3s. bottle of your Jones' Coral Hair Res. .itive, I exclHimed in y our own lai guag#? elicioas silky, soft black hair, how beautiful you seem." twever, my dear Jones, you will please send us by next packet one dozen of your Soap, and one dozen our lisir Restorative, lor which tho above will pay. Vsry, very sincerely yours, FANNY ELLSLER. low, raider, you have heard, you have read and read s.chii you doubt that by using a 60 cent cake of "Jones' ip," and a &*. bottle of Jones' Coral Hair.Restorative, i will have clear, healthy, spotless and heautitul skin fine, daik, clean silky kair. The positive qualities of h are to cause this, be they each in ever so bad a can leu at present. Both are sold at the above very reason le prices at the sign of the American Eag.#, 83 Chatham eet, or 321 Broadway, N. Y.; 139 Fulton street, Bionk : 8 State street, Boston ?? 3 Ledger Buildii gs, Philedel. i; and Pease, Broadway, Albany. Qr> DR FELIX GOURAUD'S POUDRE SUBTILE ill completely and permanently eradicate superfluous ihhu hair Irom female'* apper iip?, the hair concealing broad and ?levat?d forehead, the stubborn beard ol man, any kind ol supeifluuus hair Be sure to get the genu ? at the original ottice, 17 "Walker street, lirat storefront ioadway. rWATe *iEDiCA-f Aril.?'lot inaniberu ci t New York College ol Medicine and Puurmacy, tr turn.i.g no public, thanlis lor the ttberai support the; iv. waived in their ellerts to "*^ quackery,' y leave to .ita'c that their particular attention contuiuei 'it .ruetod to ull diseases ol it private natuie, and Irtn gr?-at improvement* lately nnuu in tun puucipai hi t, ?i ii Europe in the treatment ol those diseases, they , v. : B leutly otter to persona requiring niedicaJ aid un i' '-..t uot to be met with in my iiistittUiori di Oil tiottvy, ;iithat public or private. ITie eatment of th oil yt u r.uch .us to insuro miccasa in eery caae, and n itaj.y Jitteierit fieni that oemeicu* practice ol ruining ... constitution with mercury, an 1 tu most casts leaving !i?"aie much worse than the original. Due of the men. n 'I '.hi College ,los many years connected with tin i mcipst1 hospitals of Europe, attends daily lor a consult* ton (ton 9 A. V; to B P.M. - Advice and medicine, $ ACUre * cm/ue tec triwtiWT to Couistxv l.tVAi.ins.?Person* living ir - oniimry and not finding it convenient to attend per .Uy, fiu tiiivo forwarded to them a chest containing ;..hc:ne? requisite to perform a perfect cure oy statmp i r.aac explicitly, together with all ay tnptox.s, time o outractiou and treatment received elsewhere, it - n iucin.- ing bs. post puud, addressed to 8. RICHAKuScIS',M.D.,A|;m:i. iiM'. ? uvuCoKlrnltuig rooms of the College. B6 Netv &/- A CURE FOR ALL RHEUMATIC AFFEC ions and CoutraotsA Cords If peoplu will let their p e ti lice* govern the Aalvcs, so tar ua to prevent their using medicine merely M%au?e it is advertised, they ought to mlfjr lor their tolly ?hey are told tne plain facta, sub in^*/ no naiitrited by the nam*?? some of our moat respectable iti7ena, who knew from mal, lhat when weaay the ludn n Vug" table Elixir and Liniment, from 31 Courtlandt at., will invanubly cure any rheumatic affection, stiff joints or contracted muscles; we are telling the simple truth, and rhm can be proved by a host of witnessea, and those who ouht our words need not use this wouderlul remedy. It s elwuys warranted to cure. ft/- DALLEY'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR, 87 Walker street, first store from Broadway. UF^JfcCOKO'b PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIX xluCti TCRl?JTor he curr ol primary or sec indary Syphilis, ?mi ell affections produced by an injudicious uat 01 met liny. I'l.e great advantage* postessed I y this powerfu slid ative over *11 other pieparations for the cure ot By thilis. is, that while curing the disease it improve* th? mri-ntntion, whilst mercury general!v leave a muct worse disenae than the one it is udmin atered tor. Th? best i i-cuinmendaticii we can give ol it is, that it ia now extensively prescribed by the medical .'acuity, who lor n eily considered mercury th# only cure tor those con. nlnnit* Bold, in single bottles, f>l each ; in coses of halt token, ye, carefully packed, nnil sent t? all pen ts ol tb* Union imice of the College of Medicine and Pharma cy ?o Nassbu street W. B. RICHARDSON, M 0., Agutv 0f7- COCKROACHES AND BED BUGS.?A certain and ? Ifectual urtii'l* lor the deatruction of these noxious v. rmin may be had at 31 Courtlandt street. It ha* beon thoroughly tested. Prico 35 and 50 cents. vJ <'ONSTiTlli ioaaju us-OiLlTY CUKEL.- fht fo Misture, prepared by the College of Medicine n ?. ih'.'t-M act ol the cty ol Now York, is confidently r? ai;,n .?iidi d lor all cases ofdei ility produced by secret in duig' nee or I'XCtws ol any kinl. It is an in valuable ren * dy o ii'i]uteiice, st'-niity.ot barrenness.(unlae* lepe ,J gle lot'les f>l inch , cases of null ..dozen 4- caie ! .ul , eked aud seni to all. arts ol the Union ?">? ire. 'In. College of Mcdlcint and Plmrn ary v* r a, stroec W> mcTIADDWON.M V , geit ft/- RABINEAU'S HOT, SHOWER, AND COLD, MfeYt n>r hailis, vol ol Di .bioeses St.?Our want^ ol at lei.t un, t# these splendid baths, has not been oc cm.i u.d by sny indlfl'i ivnoe to an establishment that a bi'VH all otlist* has more effectually contributed to the public health, than any we have experienced In every de|iaiimi'Qt, tbeae B dhs are pto-vmiuent. Every cure to ren.'.er ti.em, to Ladies aud Gentlemen, highly pr.ifi'shli and romiurtabbi, is eaiployed, and the family name i* a a to h alth and converdence. Ye cheap enes ! Only loi.k in at Harry'a popular, neat, and elegan: flat!:,*' the foot of ? orton; but,ou your way look In at the loot i I In hroeaes where music aud mirth good cheer and hospi slity, are th' peculiar elements of the Arc, the on ly ivluge lor the weak and ilitulitated. Oi/- VELPKAU'S SPECIFIC PILLS FOR THE CURF ol iioeorrhum, Gleet, and ail mcdupumleut disi hargci li on the urethra. These pills, prepared by the New York t'oi'ege ol Medicine and Pharmacy, eetahiiahed lor thi aupi .-usaioD ol quackery, may be relied on a* the most ?!<?? -ly and effectual remedy lor the above complaints In y are guaranteed to cure recent cases In from three t > hvedays, and posses* a greater power over ohatinau dischitri|e* and chronic gleet, thnu any other prepuratuic at pri s <nt known, removing the disease without (tontine i out (turn business, tainting the breath or disagreeing witn the stomach Price $1 per box. bold at the Office ol the College ol Pharmacy and Me dicine, 05 Nassau street. W * RICH A fll'.HON. M. D. Agent (IT/- TO THE LADIES.?A fine article of Cologne and imported Bay Hum, for sale very lo w at 31 Courtland; street Price AOceiits ; also the Balm of Columbia, the be* ? rticli- now in use lor promoting the growth, beauty ant luiitre of the hair : it glv"* it u gloss and delicacy ol feel ing, unknown before. Every poison who wishes to linn fim hair will do well to try thi* Bulm. Price $1, 75 ant ou cent*. Of/-GOURAUD'S VEGETABLE LIQUID ROCOl inverts a delicate blushing ttrge, to th* complexion, im m vrtiie 5y rttbhiug with a handkerchb-f or linen cloth Kor dyeing ladles' stockings end glove* this preparation dinned with water, ie inimitable. 50 cent* per bottle. (toiiiHtid'* Hair Dye will change red or gray hair to f beautiful dark blown or black, without staining Die skin $1 per bottle. Whisker and Eyebrow Dye?30 cents po. bottle. At 07 Walker street, first stor* from Broadway. 09- A DINT TO THE LADIES.?The desire of pies *inf la of coaraa pradonlnant in tha female breast; and tbat lady's position i* indeed an enviable one who sue caada in establishing such a reputation for beauty ea tc make bar " the observed of all observers." And yet how few there are who are naturally entitled to take rank witi. the fair Rosamond or Catharine de Medecia ! The but tnuy be equally food ; the atature equally commanding , ? be neok tqunllv aw an like ;or the eye equally brilliant . but what avail all these charm*, unlet* to them ia supet added the more entrancing beauty of a clear and transps rant akin? It ia related 01 fair Rosamond, that the clear neaa of her complexion (especially about tba throat) wan such, that tba course of the " ruby wine" might be dis tinctly traced through tha transparent windpipe ! Now I'r Oou<-aud will nut undertake to coevert every dark skinned lady into a fair Rosamond, but he doea most pom ?ively atiert that a free ir of hi* Italian Medicated Soap will nroduce the neartat approach to'hat 'divine cleai ties*" which it ia possible for mere science to product Indeed its cif> ets are so woudroua as to ap|>ear almoin ma gical?on its application, pimples, eruption*, freckles ? un-buros, Ac.. Ac, vanish like miat before the morning sun! Be particularly careful to puichase only of Or Ouuraud, at 07 Walker street, first store Irora Broudway as a host of quacka and empirica have sprung up withe view of depriving him of a portion of the well earned pro flu due to hi* fame. Agents? Gutbrio. 4 Maiden Lane, Albany; Myers, New Haven; Brown, 70 Chesnut street. Philadelphia; Jordan. 2 Milk street, Boston ; Gray, Poughkeqgaie ; Green, Wor cester ; Carleton, Lowell; C Oyer, Jw* Providence ; Mst thewson, Norwich : Towsey, Kockeater, N. Y ; Guild. Bangor . White. Calais Can be seen and tested before buying. Proof positive this, and no mistake t<)9- OOURAUDS BI.ANC D'EHPAONEJor Spanish White, gives a pure, lifelike, alabaster whiteness and smoothness to the skiu-free from all injurious ingredi euts, and is entirely annihilating common ehalk and flake white Put up in elegant bonus, 25 cents each. This witholherot Or. G's preparations, is imitated Buy do where else hut at 67 Walker street, ftrat store from Broad way, where will be frund an assortment ot the most deli cate and choice Perfumery, importesi from all parts. 09- CONNEL'B MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR The great healing Salve has obtained a reputation far en cceding any other article ever discovered. The wonder ful success which ha* followed its use. especially in hums, ol instantly allaying all pain, and healing without scar renders it worthy the notice of every physician and pa rent, and if such are it* effects, to provide themselves with a supply of it immediately. Such truly are the etfects of this great aanative, and we can substantiate this assertion by gentlemen of tho first respectability in this city who hare used it, and have witnessed its remarkable effects. We will warrant this article to pleaae the user, and cure any of the following complaints, viz : Pimples, Eruptions. Bore Nipples, Blotches, Bore Eye* and Llda, Rough Htnds, Felons, Weak Bight, Blistered Surfaces Ulcers, Sore Lip, Dress'g for Blisters Fistulas, Punctures, White Swelling, Erysipelas, Sore Leg, Ambiguous do, Stabs, Biles and Warts, Cold in Wounds, Cuts, Fever Pains. Ease all Corns, B'uires, Pain in back and side. General Sores. Ac. No family should be without this Salve. It i* an effec tual remer'.y for sore and inflamed eyes, pain in the an cles, and tender feet. Sold only genuine at 31 Courtlandt street. $fjb REMEDY FOR DEAFNESS ?How many per sons are suffering from this complaint, who, by tne use of Dr. McNair's Acconatic Oil, might obtain immediate relief, and in all probability rt gain their bearing Nume rous cases have come to our own knowledge where this Oil has cured total deafness of years standing. It is also a sure relief in all cares of buzzing noises in the ears, Ac. which are but symptoms of approaching deafness Let the afflicted make a trial of this article Sold only at 21 Courtlandt street. WJ- PUB1FY YOUR BLOOD-Comstock's Barsapa ri'Ta is the has' article in use for this purpose. It ahvuv> eradicates all pimples and sores upon th>* face, strength ens Ihe sys'em, and restores the vital fluids to their na tural circulation. Bold only at 21 Courtland street. Price 50 cents per bottle or (4 per dozen. " If e'er thy gnome could spoil a grace, Or raise a pimple on a beauteous face " 09- THE ITALIAN MEDICATED BO A P_ Sold only at Dr. Oouratid's, 07 Walker street, 1st at.ire from Broadway, will immediately cure it as well as all other eruptions, excoriations, efflorescences, freckles, spot* blots, discoloration*, seurvy, erysipelas, burns, scalds scrofula, salt rheum, barber's itch, chilblains, chapped hands, tender flesh, chafing in children, Ac Ac. Tis the most blessed discovery ever made. Buy only, genuine, at 07 Walker street, first store from Broadway?60 cents a cake?otherwise you will be cheated by a shameful counterfeit. MONEY MARKET. Sunday, July ?1?6 P. M. There is so vary little doing in stocks, th?t prices sre very feverish and fluctuating. The movements tit present are principally amongst the brokers, who strive to keep the market as stiff as possible, as an inducement for spe culator* to take hold. The sales are, to a great extent . en time, and mostly in favor of the buyer. This alone shows the condition of the market, and how difficult it 1 must lie to keep quotations anywhere near those ruing previously. The month of July is usually a dull tiirn, both in the stocK and merchandise markets. There an more speculators floating about Wall street, when har ness generally is mors active than at any other tune. Even merchants, who should be attending to their legit, mate business, are found, when their own business is the most active, in Wall street, dabbling in stacks. It is out of these individuals that the brokers make their proflta. The inducements held out by the brokers to attract the speculators, are of every variety. When once they have seduced the individual, his ruin soon follows. It is esti mated by the brokers themselves that eignt out of every nine who come into the street to buy stocks, lose all they risk'in the business. Nearly every new operator thai | cornea into the market, becomes at once a bull. The bears are generally the heaviest and oldest brokers in the market, as money is made faster by selling stocks than in buying. It iequirea capital and credit to sell stocks to any extent in the street. But it requires only very limit ed mean, to purchase largely. The stock market is af fected by the most triAing circumstance. A not in Phila delphia, a row among the Mormons, a freshet, any po litical movement of the administration, and a hundred other movements of a similar nature, have more or less effect ox the stock market Prices are easier knocked down than knocked up. This being the cese, the bears usually have the best of the business in the long run - The bulls get pretty thoroughly skinned, while the bears grow tat on their substance. Quotations ro. Sm.ns TH iix f ir !?* ii = M 37u 3R 39 38X MX Canto . 4 X 48)4 41 41 41>H Mrroeva 'boon,-- J7 y,V J?H O? 0 6'? ^ " 97X 9 % 97 X 97 X 97X III ? '!?, ~ 7j 44^ _ 43X ? Iinliaia ... ??? ???????>? ]()jw _ l02X 1MX 1M* 1??* Ki-uluckv ? s, -I" 72w _/* 74>4 75 74% Pean.ylian.aS's," ?- ]'* 45 44* 44)4 btoniest ?, *'* ,2 22 ? ? ? 21 Kr<* Railroad, ?1 _ g g - 8X 8X U. B. Bank, 8 - ? J _ _ _ Vick.bit'B, - - 8 This comparative table presents a very great unilermi ty in piices, and also the absence of all apeculative.excite ment. The elosiag prices are very similar to those ruling at close of the previous week. The market will undoubt eflly continue in its present depressed state until the fal trade takes a start, when we may expect the renewal o the .peculations carried on .0 extensively last spring - There ? plenty of money in the street, and at the very lowest rates. The banks will, doubtless, after the first o August, he again in a position to loan on stocks, and the contest among the brokers for the spoils, will run once more as high a* ever. ? The proposed railroad between thla city and New Ha * -, has been abandoned lor the present. Very little of the stork was subscribed to ii tnis city-not over Ave bun drc4 .here.?and the progress in other places was no more encouraging The cause of this result it partly to be attributed to the course marked out and the point settled upon as the eastern termination of the road A road run ning thiough Cnnreoticut, from Hartford to the Western State line, so aa to intercept the Harlem at Whiteplains, or farther north, would meet wiih much favor from capi It. all parts of the Eastern country. A road direct to Haitford, is, in tact, the only feasible route to Bostou. The competition among the Eastern railroads and steam boat companies, has reached aueh n great helghth that the roads built tor the future between two great points, must take a aherter cut thai, tho.e already in existence, or they will never prove to be profitable piop?rty. The import and export trade of th* United States la eve. ry year becoming more interesting and important As the population and internal trade increases, the foreign become, more limited. We are living more within ourselves than we ever did before. Our want, are not .0 extravagant, or clae they are now more generally suppliot! within our own limitt. The country is certainly in * more prospermia condition now than wheu s,*culatio., ran wild, and our impels were so very Urge. Weannex a table showing the amount of the balance of trade in la yor of and ugainst thia country, since 1839 Balancm or thi. F'oaeioft IT Import*Hons. Report af ion* af'nsi V S. favor V. 8 I SKI $89 1811 ?M M' !!! IlmSsil 18 77 I4",9M> Ji7 117 419 37fi i TVo'tkB 1-38 113 717 4(14 118 48(1618 S ?? 18J9 162,192 32 ?Ji-1'"-,4'? 4I.16I.7HJ 24 <4^4 49 8-0 11-7 141,718 112183 '-46 ' ! 1841 127 946 177 121 8'?1 8 1 6 091 374 1842 l?(1.162i r IOI69'Ji4 ? ,n no* X7 1843 89 260.1.95 10(1,4>6J 248 ? lu mJ " From 18.10 to 1840, the balance on our foreign trade wa Against "a Since 1840 the balance has changed almo?t from year to year. Tills immenie ami >mr ia beer 1 drawn Irom the country. We have bought J-1st ro mucl I more than what we sold, and conaiquently are so mucl poorer by the operation. We have sold immense amount) 1 ot stocks to European capitalist*, ortha balance of trail weuld htvs draw a a vary dollar ot apocio from tha eoun-1 try and laft our ourrancy much mora depreciated than it I ever haa boon yet. In consequence of largo auma having txwu invested iu our atocha. and tha balancea of trade re gulated in that way, the importation and exportion al apecie haa not bean on a very large leale. Movcstxnrs or Sracix in tm? Ukitbd *t*tss. Impo'ti. Erpoti. Exc Imt Ex Exp it ? <iw. tiiftui ?.u: s:?o 9 676 343 1177, 10 316 414 5,976 249 4 54U.IS3 1838, 17-747 I a 3.51-1 563 4 333,551 im, 3,385.176 1 776 143 ??? 3,181.367 '846, 8,842 813 8.417.814 463.789 1841, 4 984 631 10?j4.112 ??? 3,043,699 1843 4 087.H6 4.813 539 736,533 1743, 23.741,345 3,118,188 28.629 , 48 8 x.?s < f imp $1 ,?:? 2"? 8,939,789 1- acett of biporu, 8.933.789 Exe'ss of imi-ort" ov?r experts. $79.945,117 Notwithstanding this immon?e amouDt ol specie coming into the country and remaining in it, there waa in the perio 1 included in thia table a balance of trade againat ua of $106,909,469 Thia certainly ia a very astoniihing re sult The immense debt* contracted in Europe by several St.te* of the Union, have been of very great service in ro. gulatiug our foreign trade It may teem very strange, but it ii an incontrovertahle fact, that had it not been tor the large loana contracted in Europe by parties hare, ex* changes would hare ranged above a specie point, through out the year* of heavy importations, and the precious metal* would have bren drained from thia country to the last dollar, and we shuuld have been all bankrupt* In a bunch. It ia very true that to a certain extent, the heavy imimitations in those tiinea, were caused by the loans ne gociated ia Europe, but not entirely, for we And that since the debts were contracted and value received, the impor tations several seasons have been jnuch larger than our exports Our foreign exchanges are regulated now by the position of our export trade. The prices for one de pendt upon the extent of the other. When the balance of trade on our imports and exports of merchandise ia against us?all other transient resources being out of the way, specie must go forward, unless credits are used un til 'he balance equalises itself. If the balance is very large and beyond the ability oi private houses to control until new crops come forward, or some other movement is made to regulate it, there is no way of preventing spe cie from going forward. The valuation placed upon im portations into thia country, and the mode of charging duties, conveys a wrong impression to the public mind. The declared value for the purpose of making out the duties, is very much larger than the real value, conse quently the duties range very high on the market value of tke goods. On the other hand, the value of our exports is estimated from the market value at home, whereaj the real value received, is much larger. A mer chant exports a large lot of merchandise to a foreign port, on lila own account. In making up the value of tke exportation at our Custom House, the actual coat or mar ket price is taken. The increased value of thia exporta tion at the place of sale, is not kxown to any party but that directly interested The value of our exports at the different market* to which they are lent for sale, on home account, haa a very material effect on exchanges, for the actual balance of trade is not, in fact, so great against us as our official returns make it appear. The movements of our banks being confined to the limits of our own country, anr. having no great money power, like the Bank of England, controlling financial operations throughout the world, we have nothing affecting our fo rego or domestic exchanges at this moment, but the ba lances of trade. Thisisnotthe case, however, in Lon don. Many influences are, in that great market, brought to bear on the exchanges, which act independent of the conditions of the foreign trade The Bank of England often speculates in foreign exchange. S. J. Lloyd, Esq , Id his evidence before the committee of Parliament on the Banks of Issue,stated that the Bank depended upon foreign securi. ties,which it bought when exchanges ware favorable and sold when exchanges were adverse It was tantamount to holding so much gold, paying intersat; it was a commo dity which the bank can export, against the proceeds of which it draws, whenever the state of the trade of tke country led to an excess oi imports and a deficiency of ex ports. Mr. Lloyd objected to this course on the part of the bank, as the bank becomes a very powerful actor, at hur own discretion upon exchanges, and the knowledge that so powerful an acter is hanging over the exchanges, is calculated to diiturh the ordinary action of the exchange dealers and to prevent their taking that course, which, under ordinary oircnmstancea, they would take. The bank has also obtained credits upon houses in Hsmburg and Paris, upon which they draw bills, selling these bills upon the English exchange. The Bank of England, ac cording to the same evidence, baa exported bullion in an ticipation of an advance in exchanges and drawn agains it, selling their bills upon the English exchange. When speculation exists in exchanges, the demand or the quo tations are no indications of the actual position of trade, or how the balance stands. Old Stock Kxchnnge. ?I0"(1 U 8 i'?. >53 102* ISO ihu Reading RR 09V SHOO Ohio6's. '60 (20 97 V IS uo 49>, iSf'f 0 do i60 97V 2? Mohawk H R 61 7000 Kentucky 6'? HUM 0 < ity Fire lui 130 S000 Ohio 7'? b60 104 V 100 Uii-ak "ehen 130 10000 do 104 40 Auhn'O It Hoch 110M ?3 J?M 1000 lT 8 6'', >63 114 SO l> Inland Re gOM |3<I00 1 lint is ?'? 49 100 Vtooing'oDHK boo 4J 7u-hni Bk Com. full 96J? too do 44 V I0<> bar iff' I oau a?0 \?j\ 100 Csnt >u Co lOO OS S Ohio Troat 96 I0D do 38>4 SO 4'r in Ilk, Ohio III SO do bOO 39 100 Kcadiug KK SO Second Board. 16 ihaa Anb It Rnch 1 ISM IS ahaa Canton Co 100 NomuU Woie 57 M SO do 100 do 57* New Stock Exchange, tinoo llliuoi.e'. 70 44 37S ahaa Nor It Wor a3 S6M IIKMJ Ohio O'a, tO b60 96K 100 do b6u S*M 27 0-i N V 7 a, '49 107 \ IS d> a IS 56V, 4000 U 8 S'a b3 101>i IS do al 56M IcOO l e u'aS'a 7S 2S ilo sll) 56>, lubO do 74V 40 L1 aland RH W? SO ahaa U 8 Bank 7 V 2s d > fc4S 01 SO do S* ISO Canton Co 30M SO Girsrd Bk b60 2irs Hi do a3 30 100 do b60 16 7S do 3?V 10 Erie RR a3 33 SO do nw 30 Salts or Stocxs? Boston, July 10. jit Auction-17 shares ghawmut Bank, $91} per share; 13 Boatou and Worcester Railroad, 17 per ct adr; 3 Ha milton Manufacturing Co, 0} per ot air; 6 Lowell do, ?) do; 4 Appleton do, 6 do; 3 Suffolk do, 10 do; 4 Treinom Mills, aold at private aale; 4 Lawrence Manulacturttig Co, do; A Boott Milla, do; 30 Western Railroad, $76} per share; 34 Charlestown Branch Railroad, $86} per share; U York Manulacturing Co, dir off, 19} per ct ailv; 3 Mer rimac Manulacturing Co, 30}a Oti} per ct adv; a Massa chusetts Mills, V) pur ot adv; i N-aaua and Lowell Kail road, $120; I Boatou and Lowell Railroad, 3d) per ct adv.; 10 Concord Railroad, $63} per share. State of Trade. Aanna?Pota nre slightly improving. We now quote $4 U6} a 4 13}. Pearls are si ill firm at $4 37) a 4 43], Hioca at Insfiltion Warkhousx, July 20. First so. t Pots, bids,-?? ? in,442 Fi si soil Pritrls, bbls-? 6,372 Second do I.SH 8cc id do 906 li.iid do 406 'Ihird do 3i9 Condemned do I6S Counemned de 171 Total, 12.3S4 Total, Pois. barrels, Pearls, iio>i 20,122 BiiBADsTi'rrs.?There has been no particular chuge hi flour. Genesee is held at $4 31) a 4 37). Stock light. 1 he receipts ul flour and wheat at tide water, from the commencement of navigation to the close oi the eecoiid week ot July, have been ;? 1844 IMS. Incr Flour, barrels 7b1,498 64~>,W31 334,067 Wheat, bushels 381 8411 137,877 03,944 Cotton?Th< maikel was sinnly attended on Satuiday Exporters being engaged with their correspondence, did not appear, some effort is making by holders to raise pi ices, but so tar, without success, 'ikere wsre a lew lets tsken by apiuneis. Hat?Common qualities sell at >1 a 33c, Baltimore Cattle Market. July 30.?The market continues to be well supplied with heel' cattle, and the aelea this week show a very alight decline on previously prevailing ia tm tin Mon day tueie were 400 heal off red at thu scales, and on Thursday about 7d more came in. The sales in the course of the week comprise 370 head, at pi ices ranging from $1 6-4) lor infelim, to $4 37) tor prime quality, on the Ueof?equal to $3 '44 a 4 aO net. Of the lunatics, 60 head were dtivcn north on Monday, and tnerr are now 40 ltd, unsold in market. Foreign Markets. Rio Dr. Janeiro, June 1 ?We are sorry that we can on ly irpeal the hail advices ol mouths past. The market is uversioi kttl wuh ail staple import*, and there is hsidly any thing doing Our stock ot flour is 80,608 tibia. F-u some days past tbere have been no sales. To-day a lew bairtls sold, say Riohiuond at $ l?i|}(K?0, to net $4,71. Tbere is no hope ol better things lor three or four mouths to come. Foi B iltimora and other ordinary flour there is no demand, evea at li||0U0. It la mod that two veaaela from New Orleans are expected, with 6 0OU to 7,000 bbls., xnd the Iowa and Louisiana from Richmond It is hardly be lieved that those vessels are coming If coffee is the oh ject it would he better to send vessels in ballast Domes iic.s are scarce and saleable, particn.arly Suffolk drills. Coffee is dull, hut dealers are firm We quote selected at 3||JUU a 31,300 on hoard, and regular to firsts 9|jMO a 3||IOO Kor some days there have been no transactions, and prices must tail so,In 300 to 300 rs. il advices from Europe con tinue bad and vessels Irom the United States keep out. Some 10 ooo hags are said to have tieeu purchased lor Un united States We have no late intelligence from the La Plata. Our Urge stock ot flour has just la-en augmented by the artival ot 8,4418 bbls Irom New York and New Or leans., On &imday afternoon, 31st inst, at 6 o'clock, Mr Ukiouai Gsaaica. aged 47 years, a native ol Bailymuiry , Oounty Roscommon, Ireland Her friends and acquaintances, and thoae of her tons Timothy, Patrick and Luke, are most respfK-.tfully invitee to attend her funeral, this afternoon al 4) o'clock, from the residence of her ton Luke, No. 3 Franklin square corner of Panrl street. ,l*u?Mi|Mri Arrive*. Lonpois?Packer Hup Westminster? Mm *mith. Brooklyn, i MissCrnker. Mrs llukiil Ashir Levy ud sa-vspf, Alfred William, Lcndoo; k dward Colliogwood, Wm Daff, British Aran?5# in the steersv.. 1 (ivaaraot.?Berqae ikomulas?Mr J Bletar. lady. aad two ch 'd eu ?U'? ill lu ibc at rr+g* ... . .. r "1** ti.,? l Oweo. John Longh vi.tskxaS? ttarqa- '???*?! a?Th'>0 > "???? James Aebhrmk. V O p j Aldrich, Heater of ' T-* M"* AM eon an-i child M i T L Mitchell, lady end 'hild Mrs u Uooecll aad ctnld. M unSri.i vitt Haimond end Col'ue fTorelffii lm|iortaUoiia. Loi?Doit?Pack#' 8 iu We, minster?II rk?t J M Oppee ? eim It co?Iff eke O B Muirwof fc eo? 3M? pistes of iioo t'nngd n kco?'Oeka If *1 1 e?21 Ih mi' Hunt?II cn? Oar er k o?7 K A Harrington?I H k B '"u I ? k ess? 19 kgs L J C. lie i?II D II ill.m fc ton?ll (has Vy*??9 W Bru'-n-ii?'i A'leti. Ilaie- fc en?I llu erw.i d k ? omilock ?4 Hi'lmds fceo?4 R K l.uin.imes?I- Beiel- fc Liyi>-U' ?ton?I r ith, Thurgar k co?k Kirg k co?? Tb-roi, buck w? II fc co?6 eases 8 II Thorai>s'??7 L?vy sr-jih i?? I b*l-? B I haliners? 7 pkes J Reese k son?4 eaaea L i-g?4 pkgsJfcA Petri?2 Wi|tn?r Ol Cn-"el?7 c*sea vnrr'fU k ii'unt?4 Haib?'. brolh?rs?I J ? hriur?1 J fc A King?3 J Connah? 2 A Megar ? 2 L Lrinio?1-ki fc K Collint k e >? IronU M Haywood h co-2 Baber br th'rs?2 pkga Fan Pow-li fc en?4 bis ? m-s fc Hvk-ll?J Deles J A Aapinwa'l ?4 pkrs J Joses?J K Ma'tin fc eo?I esses F A lining'on fc '-o?#1 pkyaCainaiiag, Main It eo ?I I tf Rv m >nd-28 rka J Leo fc co? t c*?e. K H Idwiu?t w fc J Morrin o fc eo?I Hioe fc T"? rs?'d?I G t> Weth?rill fc Co?IT pags W He hev fc c??10 baa J B'gndor?6 pkgt < he.ter, Clt'R ken?717 ti Me- er V ?ou? 7 biTsi B K Collint fc co?I caa* W liny fc Pn'B'm?3 Camy fc Hart?14 ?. k elder 141 plaiea iri n J 6 ellrm'.?*0 pka>, Phelps k eo?I bag DonMonai Orinni'll. .Vio'nru k co? 22 pkgt ,?4or u ft eo?140 J Kliitoa? I* K * C 1 a-n?l' k eo?J theses J Pulling k co?I boa J h B I a hrofe?9 C Dmd? 2 J Hilton k en?I J W Ooveasack? 1 Mor ianu Bn 'hers?I ea e L T Lowndes? I H 4krilfia?I I B Wende'l?I J D P> il ipi s fc en?I K M Lechi? ? I ' i rhn, Bradley k cn?1 J Owen?I A H Waid fc ec?I Cloul.i k cn?I ea>? Tlnut Kendall fc cn? I do A 1 risler? I Wm Tin mpsou?1 par-e| Wm P-fie?I ease J H 'I ow-se d? I A ? asi-r ?I Psteo It 8'ewiri?I J W Thorton?1 J Muller?I halo M J K ng k eo?i boa Matte's, Mar lie k en? I e-te I Drr'twed?I D ?lo narn?1 "il'Veu, Ironsi'Jefc so?180 pigi C'laifc k Me' onoir?I parcel W Pia??I de DrK-utrh h .lie'?ink toea chalk John (Jruwold?9 caaes to C A k U n Kvanr?5119 ? acaeg'a in order. Livr.aroiiL?Br r> rque tlomalnt?314 casks soils ash U B VIoortwiK d k !-?-H lm nadsn (todfiey Pi tisoo k en?91 eks and* aali J C?- k e?14tO rack t salt 20 tout Bilaa Wood HTe'a ea IJ ah a Adau.s r 'ih'fi P&lirmo? Ship Italy?IMO b<ga rarranti 19 ski do 1 boa ?d.e 1 brl do (li bags anraaa IliO bags e> nari seed 900 bags a|. uanuda 2lt do li herts 220 do w ilnu'a 1045 bags lem mda 2u 10 do "rangea Lt" k Phelps?10 wags wliaat 4750 polished itnn'i 77b gai'lniondi matfr. OagMEN?ISiig Cites n?10 bis Beehlel k Dr yer?JT Vi'tor k vh.lia?111 n.thea k Uoa&rt?II (J A Biemon?1 C Knh? 4 t" Older MaxiNiaa? Barqne Isabel!'?see h*. ,Bgir Joho J Tayl ?!? 5*0 do Mi ies Tai lo'?I ilo and 1 caie aeitars r 1I>1?im ?a co-en ae .art John Lcngurau. Domestic Importatluna. AriLiemcoLi? Brig 1 Jen 'Vilsm?37 ?aleseotton Bng'rt fc Kueelaud?' 5 du ft Una?71 do Bnnrm'n t Johnston fc en ?Jl do P .rm*ee fc Roilgert?14 ?'o J II Mta'in?Ik do A Jnnadale fc nl?4 'o Vle'l.Coe k And*r*ou?I daitl.ind.Con ? r'eatro?19 dp ^m-ih, Mil a fc eo?li do Ho'brook, Nt|ton fc | co? d" Perkins fc Hopkins?4 eaaet m la-i ntir- k eo? I ease I tru k L C Taylor? funk J Notion?I eh'at Bobbage fc .vlor

r II?Ih 0 te* t re ar J Hrhoidt?31 balra colt .o M order M A HIT I MR HERALD. Hailing Days of tli* Steam Shl|ie. ITUMtll. FROM I.ITKRFOOL FHoni sstPHICt Htb'-raia, Kyrie Aug. 1 ' aledooia '..-li ? July 19 Ang. u Acadia, H rri-on Aug. 4 Sept. I (J Westeni, Mathews Aug. 17 Sept It Hib'niU, Krrie Aug. 30 Sk pt. If I) B-itain. Hoikm - Aug. 31 Sent It Britannia. Hewitt Sept 4 Q. Weitero, Ma'thewa-? ? ??? >? Oct 12 .... . -N y. O. Brifeir Hmk- 'let lb Nov Nlilp lUiiatnrs atiitl Agents. \\ tha'i 'rterr. it a laeor, if ' -plaint of Vesaela will giv i oiniiioit?r? Kobfrt Sh-vk*. of oin News h'teei. a Repor ol ihe Shipping 'eft at the Port whence ihev tailed, nt v essei ? Sppgeu on their pnwoge, a List of their Cargo, a?d my Kb eig. Newspapers or News thev may haTe. He will boar,I lin o imneniaiely on th'ir arriTal Ageuts 4i'd Oorrrspon enia, a' h 'tneor .broad, will also confer a favor by sending to lint Ifice all the -.arine Intelligeoc they r.m obtain. NaMMSn InlVirtnatioa of ..nt h'ud will he rhankfnllv fM-?ive?4. PORT OP IVKW VOKK, JULY 4 49 I mooiv aara II 0 ?7 2'i I high war tit 12 23 Arrived. Packet ship Wntmiiiiter, Hovey, from Lm don and Ports mou'h, June 15 with mdse to Julia Oritwold la 1st 46 20. and from Ion 41 to 4k atw large quantities of ice. Ahio Italy, Cool er, from Palermo, Ap il 2k, and Gibraltar Jun? 7. with Irait. to I awrenc ? fc Phelus Brit th taique Komulue, tJalleauar, it day* from Liverpool, wi h aids-. t J Lre fc Co Swrdith bi-qu Kannliaa, Nyberg. 41 days from Bremen, iu bnllaat. to h. ItT Pom e?122 ptaavngrrs Paiqac Anie it .Viu'hullaud, Mi'lington; from Rio Jaoeir1' lu sl v ik 160 logs ro ?wood to oiffkin, Iroiisidn fcco, c Mi " 1500 nigs rgtfv Ph I'ln fcCo; 1000 do to order, v rassls lef bsfure re pone ' B-iqii" Itabella, Bearse, S days from Meunzta, with angar. Holt fc 0? era. B'ig Adelii.e, G'odinanann. from Rio Janeiro, Jane I, with JOi'O bags coltr to Haml L Much-ll; I do to master Nor eguin brig Ofeseu. Walihn*. 59 daya from Bremrc. with mdse, t'i Mchn idt fc Balch'n?100 i aireugers. B'ig Meleor, Stevens, II (lava from Tujki Island, with 6000 bosheis salt t i Siokea fc \nlhuuv. Br g Griil ? ilren. Miner, 19 days from Apnlachicola, with cotton, to H D Hurlban ft Co. Left, Lawrence Copeland, foi Liv'iponl, in a we k. Hnhrl iiri -w, ( r<.*ell, Ik d<ve from 9t JagodeCoba ta 8 W Lewis, with 41 hhda sugar M do molaasee 310 bags coffee I) Thonii's?u fc Adarna. British schr Nelson, Cneper, 33 dart from 8t Johns, NK. with 11, 80 stsl >kins in l).in>r wnb fc Veakwuh British a hr tranron, Harrington. 21 dav* from 9ydner, C'B with coal, to W Hopham fc Co?II passsngers Schr e.sther K.lixa, Hue. 8 daya from K^aatport, with lath ai d plaster lo P 1 levins fc Son Schr A K Thorn, 5 days from Wilmington, NC. with naval stores, to r. * Powall Schr " Henry, White, 3 dare from Polly Landing,with eon. to H P HaV'Ui. Bolow, Barqne California, Mayhew, from Neuvitas, with mdee, to Brett fc Vme A Swedish barque from Newport, Wales, with iron, to Boor ' ' "t Co. mail, Johnston fc < Brig Roarer, trom Rio Grande, with hides, to E Corning k Sou. Brig Klectro, P ekard, from Tnbateo, with logwood. Also, 1 barque, 3 brigs, unknown. Mailed. hhin Minoett. Bolen, Amsterdam; brigs Helen Anna.Hashes, 8t John NB; Philnra, Doane, Savannah; St Simons, Bloman, ( h it las ton, and others. Miscellaneous. Packet Ship HoTTiiaoi'su, Borsley, far Liverpool, will aai i to-day. Her letter bag* will eloee thia morning at Che utunl hour. '< 'Whalemen. Tna< tlooaa, Tuber, it d ya Iron NZ-aland Tor NB, 16M ap vna >p ken no dale, lac 25 14 8, Ion 41?by Che A, at Chi. |> It Mogul, Mal'ory, of and for New Lor don. spoken no data, lat 31 II i?u >7 31', with 3i0? bbla oil, 400ap?hy the arm*. An at New Bedford I9tu iuat, John a - dwa'd, Hud.oo, Pa cific Ocean, laat from B ly of islands. with 400 hbla a. m M to wh o.I, ai d 6000 It* bone. Lid ?Oih Jehu, Maaon, In ?nan and Pacific Oceana. Bid Majaatic, Mmi-h, ltd,an Ocean aud MW Coast; Barclay, Mann, Pacific ocean. bpolten. Paragon, of ard from Philadelphia, lor Barbadoaa, July 11, lat 37 30. IoiiCi 15? bv tie Aueli, e at thia port. cieole, of tlath. for Ouadaloopi!, 10 uaya out, no data, lat 04 30. Ion 17 24?hv the A Mnll.o laud, at thi. p rt. R K Loner, 0 daya from Phn, delpiua for Pernambuco. July 1, lat 30 10, Ion 44? 44?by the Italy, at this pert. fcun. of aid Irum Newbury port for nt Petersburg, June 27, lat 41 4 , lo, 50? -y the O'.faeii, at thia port. Prmceaj Vi.wria, [Bi] for Loudon, no dale, Ac?by the ?une. It rarton. Mayo, 36 houra from Havana for Leghoru, July 10, lat 25 24. Ion 79 40. Porelgn Ports. Rio JanEluo, Jnna 9?8 d 6th, Louiaa, Schriyer, Boa ton; Mazi-up,, Smith, NVork; Lad*. Dewug. Philadelphia; Anne. ( *n) Bristol, HI; Vih, Louisiana. Dewhurat, N Y.rk; 0th. U H amp BoaPm, Capt Pecd-raraat, MontrTiueu; Krai, hi in, Snow. Boston. In port 9lh, Pecioaa, [Da.] Kirer, Ineitelor New York?oiliera ?i e'ore Mitimai, Juur IS?In port, Delia Walker, Sarah, and Apollo, ready for tea; 1 rd-lia, Ocuvia, Paleatina, Patuxent, Mary kiaucrs, U 8 ting Lawreu<a. St Jaoo dk L'Ba.Juue 4?In rort. jEoIui, Studley, for Boston, 4 d.i>a; Uatrien, Kills, for New Yoik, 2 day.; bleanor, Toole, no, 7, Off the Mero, (Jan Brooks, Peko, ? r S.lrni, for Boston wig wind. Chief,Brown, of Beaton,ald4 data before fur I. mufti-cot, to load for Boston I iihii Island, Jou- 0?Slu llnntreat, Philadelphia; O.h. Hebni'i. Huitou Lhu.mii July 7?In port, O W Knight, Bifford, for Port land. 2 day.; Klika Leland, IVndletou, Wig It. MoMtaiiL, July iS?Arr Susannah. Heniell, Lo don; Ba I-m, Hick. Life pool Lid Trunhadosr. M Wear daie, J?h aL u, Southampton. I id 17th, Unde, Martleii, London QutSkc, July 17?Arr Sc-iUod. Hamilton, NTork; Isabel la. it-be n. Lo don. Uoitv. Blackhor i. a d omnaoan. Oliver, ru d land; Air.hiouct >, tfan.or, Ui-enoek: Anroa, Scott. M Mic ml. i.l t 16th, Uoeh'< u Wakeh?,>>. Bri,tnl; i on.Muir, Dublin; B nude, Craw oid, UMuiCt; 17th. ? lau? l .-'tta. J, and klary, a emet, Liverpo >1; Pale.tins John on. Br.dgeaairr; O c .1 Bar .It, I oiqu I ; <iee L ? k w od. MtKeuse, ; h, lari-lh, Br wu, I, .. don: O, Ko y Shor. Mm; Win u Howi'l, Cork; .lice Heaih l.uio; Teiry. 4J aiiltr, Ab-rdo'S,; Hey tuna, Macdon&ld, Dublin, Cell tllULOU, Wll.ou, L't' g <d . Lakt Ports Rl-rraLo. Joy 16?Air Lek.nmou, ard Kranklin Detroit; Herts..?, hie ko; owaum gi'.. Bur. ngton ?ud A Mi.U'itaiu, I I ? I i.d; V iirice, Couuea. l;K i ar. uu well; r.nmly, Milan nnd l.uf. vue 2 Pi Clinton; l,o moke, .<1 icliifan Clay.? Cld i imtou I lite ig.i ' Lara, ano, Jul 17?A*r D N Barney, flawegn; Mimnuri, Hack. ,t Hai- or; t.u ungton, Cot B.utoo, Hud* n. N Ammo. N Hid tie rl I,rev. Iiu and CoMtjtntion, IS ff.lo. Oen H. iii t-'U. Ogdeaabu gb. Maid of the M il, O kvVille: It' s' King ston CI ttmlmg,o , an II W od, rtraIt,Io; I' ll Corwiu, Pui.iii buy al*n ,; Wileoi, Kingston; Lord .-'l.ou, 1 orouto; Aunty, .lauiiliou. Home Ports. h aarronT July II?*1,1 Pei di,r?, Bailey. Aotiiut; 15lh. CI,.,, U.rlitu I, Una air o;ie; Heuu a Sarbadoe. ; vlohicau, and l leu Stars, S Y. rk; K.I za Saw yer, Phi I.del phi... Hai.ra.T, Jely 15?Air 8 voy,*uo.rioi', aud ,>or h Caroliaa. 'I H', Ju y 12?m l Homer, Llllia, Last pert; I5ui, Kriio, itoiiinai.n, Richmond Pom land, Jniy 0?Art Hnrraeeeket, Wilton, Point Petit, b u?d. ikawsL UTPOBT, July It? A-r Jaaf aakie, r^labury. Cadiz, I'ltli, A i>hi? i hi ad-lphia; O o to, Kiugaton, . r ai ? M, lull 19?Air Kl z be,h. Hooper, Gambia. Africa.? ('Id i If (el i**le u. formerly o' Marelel eid) Wallia, Porta in ih- I'.'C, e Kid Mary Helen. Air lOth, Mount Wollaateu, Kranch a, boaton Boa roe, JoW 20?Air Lyern lug, Copeland, Palermo; h, I , zi , [ - dj Pl,aui", Le.horn; i?orth rner, Lunt, Havana; Koch it *,u vi'liiltery, ( ardeoti; Oliver, l-ulier Albany; CiuU. iet| , ( - I ma,i. d,>; IV, n<i irama Cro?eil; Kmulona, iinall; Tr .der, * ck"r?oti; Page, Tavio', and Pioneer. Crow ell, New Yoik Hiinal for 4 briya I lu Lucy Peumman ( I B< at at,. I* e ,.f Vluchi.a) ( ha?e, Buen a Ayret; Mary An-, Newell. Smyrna; Maita, T acy, Mara, hum and lata; Kile worth, II mer, a d Washington. D ley, Havana; Kiliou, vl'altA, Tromaetrn; Chick??*w, K-drtcn, u.u; 'lar qui , Puiue, Kiel inoud. Wa'do, Viual, Washington, Nl ; ? lair ei H-ar-. Phllad-lih a; D'trou. I.arnmeit. Alkeuv ano I'-ov . Jaei-er, Howes, and J Cooley Ik (>o, r.l oioge. NYoik." NiwHrurean J Iv 10?ArH O King, Warren P.iilaoel phi.i; A4,1 ir'e, Sloeum, A toai.y ; 20ih, ludvv Uibls, do I- ouAhtowu, Juiy 0?Arr l-ai-h .VI ru, Ha-rieraon, NYorh and ?'<1 tot Boaton Hid 19th. Vict, ry.aud Margirei, B*. g- r, I KovimtAoy, July IS? Air Cb*ltuhouche(lWh bar ? ? ;n, , nigh, Tim '. g-oii. .NC, Usury ( lay. Chase, ?ol v '.nu n , Mueea, Howland, BaI i.nore; Ad uit.Ltow I; J.,iu N Itichuda. Am th, >ud Congress, Smith, t'hitade - pi, a, 111 ue,.'VIill.; Alhau v, I e,hna; ?Hidea. ? rosby. and Cham i n I Aibuny ; Translation, W. l'a; A von, Lrow-il, ant itaiy Borua, Buiatll, Nkorfc Below. Lee ma, Adamaon "ictoe Hid (yharloite, Weeeort.gud Diam.rh, Davie. Pkila lelyi,,*; D.viu Belknap, Marvel, Newburg; Velocity, Benith. Roodnnt Bkistol, July 10? Arr Kmeliae, Muuro, Car dee aa Tke 1 ret ?moil in ballast, in eonaeqoenee ol ike scarcity and biah ,.nce of moiaaaes, ue tweet aa market; tour 4 rials, aud vary lit tie it that prior; ether produee of the uland iov? ui high ? AMntu prvdaae low. Richm???, July 19?Arr Haluu Banihui. Cab*. 814 btrliuc. Stineoa, ha'ato. iBinitton, July 17?Bid r. mo Eidn )ge. Beaton; Moou. Hayaa, N Yo'k. WOOL SORThRS AND HC1 ER8 WANTKD. *? Tor*- or I or goo Woo' Bortaira, and b I ty %'o I birk?-? will ttud coiia'ant tin lo ni'ui by pi>i)iigct hr W..o' firk og eatabluliBi-at in Boutu atn at, color-of lioTrf owrttiaet H lJ If a? LUFT IVA S'J LD WANTED?A ftra* do i Loll lor a cclea room of Dry OooOa, to or where ia 'lie ' tan Ha port d ?? u towr. Pe?rl ana B -ever alieete, Hworrr 8>;u re or Kiel auge t Ice would hi prefe aa ? Aoy trira bayieg ?uch room, or par' ?' it to lot. will ple*ae to leire information at the Herald . (hrr ? 0<>*r latin b A jyJUt ?od*ac I. O. OF O F. rPHK mainbrra nf New y0ra Lo ga. Nr.H arc WCtflhT * raqaattBd to ba to atunucuca at ihair li-d*" ''oun. Na tional llal . o Wrdua.da a aaay i.ait, li,? Mill mat. aa tmaiO'Ci o'iBDortiuaa w-ll or b iha Lodga, in whicli'all ita Br.ambeo ara uarrrwird MATTHEW BA^ KR. j'.Itlt*M S-cietrry. 1. O OF O. F. qPHE MFMBKH8 OF Uk.TTY'8 LODGE No tl. I. O *? of O F , ?ra no-abr ra^u?? ail to giaa a fa I attrudi ca at lir Lo'ge v1,?tii g . t Nation! Hu'l. pi recai tba next ragalar Lodge VI ? at log at Nation! Hn'l. t ? raeeire ihi KapO't of Uia Ccirmittae >f Arrnuga.i acta I, r atteudiay the Celabration of thr K VV O lodg>of the Stair o> haw Jar a y, to be huldeu at Tranton tha S'?r of Jul JOHN h. 8MYTH, N. O. A*el R. b'oarxn ftacrafary. New York. 19th Jolt, IIM4 jyflt'ee [copy ] TO THE TRAVELLING . O 'MUNITY AND PUB ! 10 IN it VKHAL. W'JEKE AH, the atram'o t Pu't m uth on bar p>aa?rr from Albaa- t i Naw York, ou th ? I8:h iuacai', wm tw ce erowdml ?|> m md m 1 m< > by'he atannhiat Hunker bo-k f a d wher-ai, we, ih? u idrr. gurd. palmar'he a me 11 oar barn d?on wilf illy d deaixueuly. ih? rby eudargcriiia aiir lnaa ; and wbe'aai tha crack of the steamboat Porta mnu b broke immediately after audi rolliaion n errbv dam in lag aa 'or tereral hours in Hudaoo, wa leal >t o r ^atv t1 ax - praaa oar diaappro* atioa of ihr unw-arrmt klr enure pTiurrf K XT tK* * * Ml *1 I _ am aa" r?f T v.itr aairt A I ha ,1, >?. a*.ia< in L by thr "Old Line" of Troy aad Alhauv, in onirr to cruth ary oi'poaiti'in which may Pa' to a rrdurt.oii of far* op the noot liar: And at tiia t?m? tnoa w .the sidar.wued frel it onr duty to rxiirata 10 O Hitaa Captain of rta<uib<at P>iu mouth. ou* meat tinai-re thauka f.>r hit uimnat ai d?ayor? >o prevant auch ?nllui?o. * v stoppita h a ei g ar and oiharwlae ; aid wherraa C*pt. O lli.uae Ilaukjy auu fraalv rrfundr oar ptMige lO'.uay, and aaaiata* u> iu procuring at ihaaariirat mo meui a paaaag* to Naw ' orb. wa can wuh pi aaare recom rueod lu?n aa a xanti-uia" high'y worthy of pohli- iHitrouaga A Wrnwoitb, Boatoo, J < otea. Naw York, P Shirl, balmnora, T riii >alrick, do J. K N||aa, Albany, H I', 8. Wilcox do J Kuka, boaton. A Phaoix, BaratogBi J. Kanior' 4" ? i n ., o . v. J Van Erarao, do J. Rilay, Naw York, A Tru-tuna, do T En do, di W A Robi ton, Ba'timom F. VIcE'roy. do N Rnreia, 0'a?nbn*h P'aaaijtara on board ateanbi"t Pnrumouth Ju y 19. IM4. Not*?Thar* >r? upaarda of 1J9 aamaa of paa arga a who aanctinrad ih* tb aa jyklitiaaod LOLG1NU8 iWENTY-KlVK CENTS, THE IfJIO'S riEJiD No S BaicLii Ktrkct The aubacribar baring Btttd n| andnrwly arnialmd aeyrral roo-i i conoactrd with thia eauihliahmair ?oliciia a call fri m hia frieuda and tha public. JAB BYKNE8. N n.-bor aalt, a t nmbi r ol Long I eat lira ai d Tab!?a j>?I I ??-? H aROWAH . No I h 1I> PLAT E kc 409 T"?i low priced Tnbl** , all I attfrui 5lct'ks common and beat Filea?eaaor^ed BSIdo inp'tior, and low-priced hood pa3E? I and back ?awe SdbdO rlitlirli, mal", r-lana irooa k'l. ItC S# do bria hi traaaa h ? ka and I do rat-nt k'""h 'oaka !ti dn c Hwall'a.M "'Hmdaa," tuid roiP" cu Hoaa. 2u do H ' lka and Hiiuaa, ronad Bolta, Norfolk Laicbaa kc . jc 0 kaaa aui arior C i' N*il?, all a'tea. >M boxaa lio t'l-te. _ . _ _ Alao P.idlni'kr Kryu u aia. Parca inn Capa, Bed Serewa, Spoon., kc. kc. kc. Ft r ^'ofJ^^^^OTTLD. jv?1 d'ia oifoa 90 Joi n a"?at <u|> auira). FOR HAL'FAX AND LIVERPOOL ?Tha Hojnl Mail Btmnnahipa HISERNIA and C ? LE- ONI A. wil1 lr?yo Bratoa for thr abova f rta, or follow. : HIB." KNIA, A. Rvria. E*q .Commander Tbarrday, Aug 1. OA ' DO'ilA, K (J. L'tt, E?q., C< m ntinc'er, bncay. UK' Id . Patsa e for e'J? ?? " Halifax in in i?i in ?" ?" 99 Aptdy to D. BRKJHAM, Jr., Agmt. J Wall at, jt 22toaul ire STRANGERS BEWARE. IN th<s sue of U'mekfv ami Humbug it is most impivt"nt to choose so ex. eri'oc'tl phvsic'so ?Dr. J k van iiu removed his old Galas.'t Head Ditpent..ry to No 288 IV.rI stiet, 'ornw ol Beekrnan street, where he ccntiiiaei his ipost rstnordinsr ? cares or sll deliea'c diseases, no matter how complicated H? Apprises the citiz-ns sod s rangers thsr thsre is no Or Ersnx iu h:s o il stsnd, .>od tha' ho has no connection whatever with any mher offi'O. His charges are moderate.?his consultations ?trieily pnta'e N B?Observe the number?mistakes are o(tan dangerous?288 Pearl stiort ( y Medicines aurt directions sent on any part of Ihe Union bv particnl-rly s almg the car-, and unclosing fire dollars, j 23 if ec ME UIGAL AID. REMOVAL. DR. GREGORY has remised from It Baielav street, to 86 Gold street where he insy be consulted co> fiden'ially ? usual at sll hoars "There are few, if any medical men stnncg as. that know b'tter how to mantis those ditfi u't and delicate disorde s which grangers -re liable to contract while fiaiti g oar cur." Dr. O has published a treatise upon these complain a called the ' Rubicon'? It is sxpretsly intended for the o re of tins class ol patirnta of either ses? it sella ?' X) sen s. hy the author, ?t ?is reside-re 66 Go'd str??t first house north of Heekmau strret. To lemalr< ? filleted with ? malany f?ll?t "the whites ' tl is lit'le hook will p ore a friendly and confidential adviser. jv22 lt?rre LAnO". HOOM IN BKOaDWA* -Wanted, a large lioom, with tw> small oueaattached, in Broadway or its vicinity, between Park Row and Niolo'a Ga-deu Apply at 77 Chambers street. jyslee LEECHES! LEECHES!! LEECHES!!! on OHO ?-dKU K and heal'hy Swedish Lee> h??, of sope t)V/)V/W tint q aliry. just receiv _ received per sliii. Howard, from II-.'" ours, for sals at the lowest market price, at O A fcH WUITTK jylt lm?rc Importers ol Leeches. 38 'oho street. N T NEW ENGLAND GUARDS ! A I TEN'HON .".-The e.x-Members of the " N. E O V rf Boston, are requested to mret at the Astor Hi use. on Tuesday Evening. 33d mat ai 8 o'clock, to make arreng. inents (in connection with the IN?w York '.ity Guard) for the eeeption ol their old corps upon their emit, mplated ris t to this city. jy30 3tec EAGLE COFFEE HOUSE AND BATHS, 528 Peart it reel, near Centre itreei. KM. ? Ol U, AND SHoWKK B \1 Hrt, equal with it v in iheeitv. I3H ceuu esch Lodgings, with'good rj-an single Bads. 12)8 ; V.eals 12)8 ; Board and Lodgings %l ill per week. Newspapers Irom London, Liveipooi, anil all the pr uctP'l cities of the U in led States taken in. jyi? ru'in WM HaMiLIDN HOE St.?k OK I' HAMILTON, LONO ISLAND.?The subscriber begs leare to aunounce thai he has made arrangements wuh the Sia-eu island Steamboat Company to run th'-ir b >*t?, o > and a'?er Monday the l7th inst. to'he ab ire place, and 'or the special accommodation of the patrons and v vtors to this 'aronte spot. L' ate New York, from Whitehall at 6 A. M. and 3)8 P. M. Letre fl ? .ton House, returning to the and 1)8 P. M ALONZO j 8 llnwistl rc TO 'I K-?TOKE, BEAUTIFY AND DRE8* THE HUMAN HAIR T< A 01 DALLY FORCE ITS GROWTH, AND CURE DANDRUFF, tfc TRIU BOTTLE B ~T HREE BHILLINGB. TO 'I'HOBE who hare nsed Jonea'a Coral Hair Reatoratire '. now its eteellent qualities: to those who hare not, we any that 'hefart of our selling 3 shilling bottles must prove the truih of onr itaremeot?and that we are not afraid of persona Lying a ?mall quantityol it tint We warrant it to passess the following qualities?? It will force the hair to grow on any part wh-re na ture intended hair to grow, atop it falling off. cure Scarf or Dandruff, and make light, red or grey hair grow dark, for dressing the hair solt and silky, nothing exceeds this It is, in deed. the-moat economical, yet superior article made for the hair old?price 3, 1 or I shillings r Pottle?at the Bin of the Americas Eagle, 82 Chatham street, New York; 138 k niton at, PranklyU: 8 State t'reei Boston; I Ledger Buildings. Phila delphia; 387 King street, Charleston, B. C. jy8 lm*ee CARPETINGS, FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, BUCKINGS, *c. THE gUBBCKIBEKn hare now on l and an extensive and choire selection of Carpe ings. from a low prieeo I gram to 'lie r chest and roost costly descrip io- ol Brussels, BaSuny, Royal Wilton, Velvet, Turkey, Armmserand '1 apes try OArtPKTINUM. Also, EloorOil Cloths of the neaiest and moat splendid pat terns 101 colore. Alio, Ereneh and English Bokings. Drnggets E. |t Carpet irg, ' ugs i f the i iehest descriptions: kreu h ern'vatt-d 'table and I it o ( overs, tr , be , a I of which will be sold at lower puces than any similar eata-li.hnir ut iu H e city C. w SMI PH k I OMf.t.vT, 2M Brondwsy, (opposite'he I if Hal',two doors btiow Stewait It ' o's extensive Dry woods Store jin 2wi?-ec HEAR!HhAH! MONO V 'LL K PI'III IHHED THE MISERIES OF NEW YOKKs OR, THE HCRGUiR ~IM> COWSELLOR. Li Y I'll Ke. * *11K INURArt M. AS I HE Copyr'ght of tins no.muse win cost a laigs iin'ionl.a larg- sale is Conlideaily esp-cted. 'f'h- Lawyers come in lor aihare For sal' at 111 Saltan creel, a-.dats'l Bookstores?12)8 c ot?. jy8 3*m Havana begaRB a u si Dowingo<,??kr> ? 2"' .00" Havana S-gare. i.f 'he most r. |?, ralad brands, wall se'e, re-i; A btgt St. Lomiugo 0offer, (or sale hy jy<M3tu*re c ?? OKIHI ik IM. 79 Pearl street. GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WAKDRORp;, rpHK HIGHEST PRll-EK can nc obtained by (M'tienies a or Kau ilire who a.e dtsiionaof Converting their left off we ring appard into ruth. Ta Families sad i?ntlemen qnit'irg the city or changing ras(deuCe, bavusg any tancrdnous eff-eu u ditpoae cf, will find >t mnr.h to their advantage to tend lor the anbaenber, who will a'U'.id at their residence by aupoiutinent. J. LEV1NBT) N, 114 Broadway, np suira A liuc Ihrongh the Post OAon. or otberwte will rece.ri prom; t 'treniiee. j>30 im*re CAST OFF CLOTH !NG. (IKNTLCMBN OR FAMILIES dren na of fonvertina 7 luto cuh their sapeiflaon? or cast off Clothieg, wil itAuiu from the subscriber the HIGHk.BT OA?"!! PRICES To faenliee orgrutlemmi qmlting the eiiy. er rlianainit real Jesce. having effene of the kind to dispose of. will find ii much to their advantage to send for the so been bar, who wil. 5*4.. .Oj. pioioi't etssntion TRENTON FALLS, NEAR UTICA, NEW YORK. 'I'llK SUBh< lvlBKll an nurea ( the pnulie, that after a, I ibnence of two ?ea?. Ill h? baa reaumcu the uirrction of l) Howl at Hie above place. I In- lii'Ute has b.en thoroeghly rein slieil and uni in cein Me order, and he trusts b> mt allanU' . ) thr oomf rt oI Kib ku?bU Io u.fmi a i^iarn ol thr pa.iohr^ liberally oi* him in former t**<* Jeil Brxtii *e VI. MOOH I'Al ht* i VVJk HA V RISworni hiue 1 < jrfl^ksHhir BALTlMOKKi, ?dw Knuk. Maater, will 1,1 Aogaat ror fr^i^Mr or ^nataae, ?t ror fr? iwK% or pnai bovuci hinckiEn. aov VPtii %m4 W*i#r AMUSEMENTS. MBLO'g" UAHUK*. MONDAY t V'NOO. JI'LY II or#- vnexjimhi.ku triumph -n> The Orand Saloon Nigh l? < " wded to wihmsi he St' udid Mom- lie Pallet ?' title" ">? REVOLT OF 'IHE HAREM! Arkno<- >ed.ed bv ell who h-v* ?'ea it t<' be ibe M O 8 T V A U N I k I r |. N V 8 P Jr. I ' A t. J. It Evas Produced .u Aeerica? with lir. ly k?W Sceueiy. I oe? tom-a. and Properties. _ DHlbiAW PERsO^At. . MlkMtl"? King nl (Imda Mr Wella '.mail,a volonteer warrior and lead-r I theforei n#"' J' M '?? Mvtsoof, I l eluf llr i imocln" ' Hnr Kiii|i'??? Zrir the King's Pes' Mast Wrod A aoi man IBBus J"?eph /?'??.??? -betrothed *o l.meel.. Med'ile laol.oi Deoi-rd es Ta eimcluii. wit' the REVOLT OF i ; k. t Ofb H* I D -or. |*u ?l 7- i rimtu.r riU c mo eore ei I r ve< is O umbo ts will rtu. to tad I rota the Oardaa daring be i? " picket Fifty f e u. , . No Pu.tpoueuieot ol't isestahlisl-men' on ecc.nrt of wf;. her, u the grand from Broadway to toe Saiooa miMrft; ?d. and the New Halonu. i> een'l tied from the ti p tad ndra, ceo he enclosed at a moo itt'i notice. CAkTLK OAJiOKN. THE PROPRIETORS oftbir well kn-wo end faahir-al la reaort keg lea?e Ui i fo'm .he public, a?<t etrai ge e iml'i the nty lhat it u now open lor the .e-sou, Ir-Jn .osri?- in lk o'cl-ek P M It, addition to the att* ctioiie which em. If in a view of the Bay. the he. I hfnl brera* .wee,, arnwa ihe ww. end the simtkluig .Teams of a ehuuwrg FoeoUiu theie i. alio to be found es-eoaivs Promenade. io or ontatds the iter den. and ill; P.oi.Kn.ade Kalwon ink f et iu J,, gib tug-bei wrhthr N-w Y-rk Br.a. Band?L.?d-r, Mr Luihi ? wj fre-huieu a of the lira' quality, alt-olive we.tare, we. a.goal Rock'la evert iau even tug . ... . . , . Ttrkais U)i( tent*, lor which rrfreehmeoti will be Iwrtuhed, jet# ee PALHIPS TI1KATRK. DR. lamdnkkh fcM rr.RTAINMKNT AND ' X HIwITlO^ ?Th* public i? ???ue,ftllv *P?orwlTl.L. ! v? Km 0!iii|Mi tvi* u ?? oi lt)>i T?l4it for NK tVENinO ? >*LY Th* aymct'. miehia'iy Md franc ar?a*?fJ?M ? oi which it coiQ' utly c lca)a*?d tu tivr tW ct to ih* fin hi of. * H w? 1 produ/r i? it *u Kctcr*a*i.BMbi %?*i kih?&?t??u iu clud nc hif col ?riioti 0f Diaimf#?Micf?'.co pic T-'eae pic and Kile* ii mental Ille.cations, oa Ml-1 .* DAYKVttM.dO. July Hid. IM4. To afford every pre tieal laeHitf fer the .'indues f I -toi liee, the terina of AdmiM'oo will be y k-seto'ore, Tw.-'ty five CeuU to ell Pans of the k aae. Ca>ldt?a uudm II '.ell pnee I o commniae at ? o'kUck. . . Ao vilenaive and eiry i>romeoedeenmmuoie?We with ?? in terior of ilie boioe. Pi whieh the a?V nee will aecr I, I kOOB A-Vh^F. or THE ENT ETAI N Mk.Nl : Diicourae on ihe PLUHAL1TY OF WOBLOB Part I?A 8ene? of Tri. ae i e Draw iugi, iMeatratioc Joe freM'aJe fTo'io origioal obeervatiotu by Madler within the !aet A*!?ie. ol Peeoic IMo.trotioo. of Felipeee-A wrieo ef T. lee eopie Views of me Plaaeu. n o nding the neeot d-aeover e. ol Proaaiao otwervera re?p?eiiBg ttie airfare ef ih- rlaoe' .Ylrr<? A eeriee r f a't "pleudid Jio/amee, rhowmg th- hP"**.*'' " '? ? heheavei a n> the inhabit m*a of riatarn ; with the Double King, Mrona in their ?ariou* t ku?, ko 1 ... Part II ?The O-and U areran. heme a movn g telesoofdo Panorama of the F'rmamei t. ahowiog the principal Ht.ra, ibo 8tell?r CI a'era end t-veral hond'td Nrbu m. During ihe di a na1 motion ofth' Knmam-cr, the Pleoeia hatnig their pre tmorg the it^r. The gtott memoiah ? C??eki will il.o .!>P ar. withihen nrrp-r m i'ion. ; alio, the fcarfi ?nd Moon will appear. 0 # Mono .t ,he uire t me hi Idi' ? I to monthly e 'or.e ,< o d the Son ; the .e.le ?o wlm h thia r?no ram. i. eiee.nto-l ia.rch a^'o .1 reed over 50(8 ?', a re Ire' Ol wan v..a. and ihei ntnhei of invidoal oljicu np.ea-.trd apon it w Not'c?rf the Di?e< vn i f Oalvarram, illaalratod by the e.hibiti"D o th. Oaivaniial o-of. Babbit. Part IV ?b'ah hiti o with the .e'.biaiert Oa. M er?.eriwl Th ? fine Optical Meehieory has b-on l.tely eon.uactnd lor Dr. Lardn.i'a Lretorea, by hnin < ?/ey, cf lo'dou. tho unit1 re ? f 'h celebrated Polyrerhnie Micro.-ope, the exhibi tion rf which he. attr-cted i ueh geneml attmitioe end admir* ?nie in Lonuou durii g ii.e two ireion. 1 he m-ke a pro fa ? that the pierrut in tiuoi. ut ii one "f ?n|ierior lice lence, ieifg of mire e-centc iutructi"n. Ltvirg AnitnelOuiea tea Droi o? Weiet, E-U iu P ale. Mifee in t hetee. I.rvital.aeuoa of sb|i?. D. c mpo.itou of Water. _ , ... - Part ^ -llluuvnaliJO -f the Theatre by the Splendid Bea (iue>. ol T w> l?. I I'Uiun o?d L'tthu . ... . | , To o n- lad wnhi .eiecuoi. -i hcon-Mllcim?!-! Diorama <1 K-u-e 2 Ihe T-mpie^of Veau 1 Trrj.aa ' oli mo i The Komaa hoeuw k Movi. g Panorama oi Jw a.aleoi. k Orea* Aisle ol' ft Pe et',. Kouie. 7 Andemaeh. ,r. fe Khi e. t haivrna k Conaten'n ople lkWej?iaeioa croaaiag Ihk Delav ar*. I18u render of Coruwalli. tuWaehag ton. If Portr it - f Washington. . ,, Earh of Ihe E.hibition. will be accompanied witbauitablk nplaiiat on" T< JU AT ARRIVED I v N'; W YOBK THE REAL VALENTINE VOX. CONCKHT HALL, Bn?cdi^y.--l?oF TlNigto On Wrdarfday Jcly I7ih, Friday. Joly 19th. and Monday. Ju'ykid in.?lgiu oluSKppE VXLKNT,Nl< The tar-femed VENETIAN V E N T K}L O Q U I ? T . Who.e power, in the abov- gift astonished,, not oklytha 'yen Mill Am.tears, but eicelled all P'of-.?or? of it, mo.t re.per i|ul ly announce, to the i-hahttenu of New knrk end tU Tiktnity, S^MC&WvAtENTWL lK , Prolr.vor of a new Instrument entirely censtvueted by him ?)l'. never before ihe t>ublic iu this querter t f the world, en ea tertainment in the above room, enlioed vmivrv > THE DHAWlNU-i OONa CONCERT OK VABJETV . On whieh oceaa'on. MISS K K A NIE , from Eaglend, will make her 6r?t appearance. Admiaxou bilty fenU?Children under twelve year, of age Door"i?r at half-past To'elock, performance to commence at 1 Ticket 'office'open daily from half pa?t 10 to half-paat 1 For vnrticulara are hand biUt. J19 lw*rc E GREAT AND ATTRACTIVE FREE EXHIklTIOHS, At tEe Klyelaii f-UUle, Hoboken. . vv. WILLIAMS. , out Plate vVal'kvr and Uncian BaJaa ,iii comp-tition, will g" th'eugb am tie'tso tiiecian and ProMiae gamee. t * I I tlllB * J r' '? vwb, rtuu """ ???????- - , f vnijrtge r ua efficient bind. ^ho will, ia thr conrae ol tl?# aimr uoou, play ieeerrt Jaronte MR rUUU a will make a irrand and terTtfiJ AiCetiainn on the Tight licpe, apwardn ol 300 feel Returning he Will perform ??*??< elM? ft terrible fea.s. Mr. H. W, RUOOLEB. . f . The ?el< brated Rrp# V-ulter will hia dnnng feeU of WJuder and Biinniahmetit OB the SLACK HOPE. MR. W.. WILLIAMS, anriealled F.auiiihnst cer. i- wh'Cn e# a' new dating ai?d aidaout 1. .. - . p - K_ (??'?ted by hif tor. Master Aroo, the JntEDt Prodigy, who will appear in his w ndeilul featt ol ho.tnrtng. batagaaly three year, of an' He is tt.e yoengmt child who has evat ak> ?Ptmlthroefeau. g(oNoRUAKCIA will Beit inteodnce hta laagbable a?d p rafing Italian rnaio cihi, repren* oting lile.coiiait mg of ihe followiLg; Mont Moti'etre. thr Polaudor f-c r?raonrh, or Homebody. Nobody. ^ J.ckJouk will duLce a bailor's Hompipt. * SMgaoc B^I'Mawdia, 'ha Chain ttalai car., V!"lb hlant . the Uiarooud of i ai cera (irind Turk 'I r\r ?f has himself into a Balloon. I r?mad Taaaan, the Ball Tdfiei Madam Joraaa and M us. Ue Ktalla will dance a Pm do Deut. t^rat'sqie f^iiaae of CI'wu after e but'erflf 1 h ? releoMtr .a cIjwq. J ick May , t. ill uy his skill in borne mar ship. _ . ... All of which will form one of the grandest free nhib'tioas f>vrr presented io a New \ <?rpahhe. JT19 lw*ra BULLETIN OF THE VARIOUS EXCURSIONS OF TllE STEAMBOAT UlO.MAS SALMON!), I *CT T >Hl)LT? ORAND H8HINO EXCURSIONS. THr. above bo.t will run to ike FtehinS >Ba.k. on ?UEt.D? Y8. WEDNEBDAYS. .THURSDAYS A FRIDAYS, antil furUwr u, P.UK l -r ps. ruge ? at Amoe ?t. I A. M ; C.a I ?fei'i <IM: t arhnnne perry, Bro-.klyn, k; Tike street, kMt null fier No I, N R . <>>k ; touching at Fort Hamilton, wak way, alUwing tiDM-to view the Kuitificationa. On retnrutng will laed at the above places. Chambermaids Will bs ia nttendaree. A baud of in sir will accointanv the boat daily. Linns will bs farmsii-d on bonrd at n small charge?bait graUe. Dinner and refreshments on board Fare 2i cents eash wsy. COTILH'N PARTIES ON FRlDA\ EVENINOS. The above boat wilt make an Eicnrston with s Psny en tka Hudson or f ast River, or con n the B.y, as a majority of the t oinpsny may rlect.on every FritCy Evening antil fnrthec va* lie- (wesih -r hems favorable. J A large Military and CotlHtoa Baud is ecga-rd. The B at will b- Illuminated and sapplie* with the ch ocett K-1 res Inn en is of all ki.da, with nl'snliva waiters In o'd.r to secure teapecubilily and comfort to thn oarty, the nnmher of tickets is limited to IkO and can only fe had of Staples It Ford, 112 dowsr. ; jo. U. Kaihton. Rotunda Merchants' f sehanfs. Well street, and of th- snhecriksr. Ticket. SI, to admit a genlleinai and Isdirn. The boat will leave D-lsusy Street at 7P M Pike .trset 7Xi Fier No. No 1 N. K 7S; ( an-1 street 7*; Amos st l-retemieg et a ssaeee akl'hour, and will laud at Canal strevt anc Pike suest N. B ?No ticket, can he had on board the boat, and ne per .on ?d1D;'\Vl^VrVsUTNDAYB AND MONDAYS tXCUR ...?.as ? Ok SKA DA I hi > CI ?The ebove boat will ua Sstnrdiy Aft'raoont leave Amos street, all; Canal street at >%, Ca.hanns Kerry, Brooklyn. IH; Piks'lUkl. IX ; aad Pier No l N. R. el 3 oVIock Suu on SUNDAYS end MONDAYS will, in the Morning, latve Amoe slrvet, st ?H; Uatoarins Ke ry, Brooklyn, t; f'tke street. |n|g A v ", w ll'U |> Vi ivowi . - t. ? *? m ? ? ?? - ? ?-? ? - buih ug huBfB gmtis. Kd*iur nut will 1 oil at th* f?m pinrvf I 'buubcimiiili ib sikudiucr. Rrfmhuiruu on board. er,,t,? henry e. RIELL. SOANLHNaVIA. A NUMB II ?f Sctudiu v mm m i no (ha 5th of (hi* mm t ? forlhn pur p. a? of raki >g |>' ? ? itiii .ary inrainm to th? f.'fi??ti u of ? ?' li t* ol Beaadi aritaa la tha cny of fvrw Yolk, tha ol j'Ct of wh'rh *>. et *1 b- ha?( u..dar ?tood from thr piramh e r>f ih Uouaii'Miou, which waa laid b<'( ia ill rnrrti * and which i*at follnwa V\ r ii ? uniim *? ? d fteaadiuarian# h, tor h.d??in?f ru>ing on Mil o i< away lr -n oar halo r<J iuh rl ud I* i?|i al.vr i ba ?pi fit I u Mtionalltv. aud with ih ?? a aw ? f unarm* to oar arlrra irg I u i formaiinn of h* prorrraa ami d> fiopniaat cf ikt IkiiiiliiiaaiM (leu, u *rll lafr i*ai* a ipint of unity and bnikha'l, lorn . ruoag or, *i d of a dog diiacnag. and aa aiaiiaa ?*ch other by mutual roui.a-l and a pp rt, h va foraaad nararlrra lulo an itaorial ion for Iha asubliahai' ut of a l.ibrary and Kidding Koom.aid aaeh oih?r n.aaaa if adaaiciog aar ohjrcta aa m y Ir on nnn to una b' found daairaala, and Kara adopt'd tl.a foilown * l nuatitnlmn for aur goramnetit. It Waa faulted at th>- inch air that a rail for all Mraadiua vnaiiu New Vork 10 umia with ua bapublished in th# Herald. Th ?, fit went g will br held at tua Uarltnn lloaar. aaiaar of Lnoa rd atnrwi aud Broadway on Moadry, ih? ?ld of Jaly, iuaaul, rtIP M All Bw?d<% Nnrw-giana and l)araa iu tin ritvof >rw Vork ara htraby inritrd ta m?*t at iharfnranaid tito and placa K. 8. 8TALL.H NMIHT, j yt* ? re Acting Bncirtary ECONOMISTS, HO!! THE BEST, CH* APEH I and NJCaTEBT CLEANING a mil rapairia* ? f O a a' Oarmaau la dime at IM N?aaan itrrat, where a larg? a orb o' aaatoaablr Clothing it alwara on band. A r> apeeaMr anil nay kt had fur $a. I aah paid for UI 'thing. Keinember IN Naaa>u atrrrt. j I til im're GEO. LKVIC. MAKsEILLhS CINE OF PA' KKTB. Jk A A A nndnrmmtioned ahi|-a will br rrgalarly ditjwtehnd iron vno-on the 1 at, and from Mara" lira on the 5th of aaeh month luring thr roar na followa b rotn N'rwVork Mararillaal ^IINEKVA, t'apt Brown, Dot 1 Mb. I I Rk ?< OTT,< apt Myrirb, Jan I Mamh % 4 KY THOMPSON < apt Kvlra*tar, Krh, 1. April i . %? ? I r'.LLKBrON T, (. apt. Adama. Marrb I. May S COHIOLANt '<*, fapt. Hailn, April I Inna? Tlirv ar? all coppered and i-opper lie ten ad, and bn?r meal Wat tiieoinmodationa lor iwaaeiigrra d I'hr pnrr of cabin paaaaa' will ba $IM, ?lelaaie. ?! wiaaa aid Iniuora It in arldiaaard tn th# agaata, BOYD A HINCKk.IS. ?H| aa . frrw of .fhnr cnar*ra than thoar irnraHe mi/, 'V/SMWrWmAt a, droa. at~. n? j "nvi? h HINCKtN No r Tontine duiMma,.