Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1844 Page 3
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"J( ? , KLfKA?J'??ariM:!FH; riLLS fOKTHK CUH> ol i ;ouorrh?a, <>l?w, and all mocupuiulent discharge li on, the urethra. These pills, prepared by the New V orl i u|i,.|ji ot Me. heme aud Pharmacy, tdihliihtiJ 'oi th< up|.ir??iou of quackery, may be relied on aa the mo* *i*j>Uy and adkctual remedy lor (lie above complaint*. hey are guaranteed to euro recent cam:* in Irom tine tirtv?<lny?, and possess a greater |?ow?r over obstmut aischaxges and chronic gleet, thmi any other preparotioi at i itj ait kuowu, removing the iliseast* .ui liom business, tamting tli- breath or di**grct.u| v?itn the stomach Price $ I pel box Sold at the Office ot tbe ' 'oltegv ot i'haruiacy and Mi liciue.ab Naaaxt. atreet. W K. HICHA&OHON. M. D Agent if- ... ONSTiiU HUN AX DEBILITY OUKED.- l'h? i'onii Mixture, prepared by tbe College ol Medicine an Pharmacy ol the city ol New York, is confidently rt Commended tor ail cases ol del ihty produced by secret in d ilriuce or i xceaa ol any hiu.l- It u an invaluable reme dy lot iniiotcneo, sleiiiity, oi barrennes?,(nnleia lepei.<. ing oo mal toinialion.) Hmgit ! ottle? '1.1 each ; cosea ol hail u dozen |ij 111 ? illy necked ana sent to all partaoi the Union 0< o- ol the College of Medicine and Pbunnacy ft Ng- v it'wt. ?* bl' WAWr-HON.M. I? .Agert qr/-^MlCOHD'n PAitiblAf- ALTERATIVE MIX Tup ffpor the cure oi primary or see mdary Syphilis and all ailectionii produce.', by no injudicious u?e of nu i cury. 1 he great advantages possessed ! y thia powerlu' ^.tei ntivc over all other preparations lot the cure ol by phili*. i*, that w hile curing the disease it improve* th* Con mtutiou, whilst mercury generall* leave a much wor n disease than the one it ia a>lmin slered lor. Tb? beat recommendation we can giveol it .a, that it i? oow extensively prescribed by tbe medical 'acuity, who lor nef ly on.iaered mercury the only cure lor those com ,i)jioU Sold, iu single bottles, fl each ; in cuae* oi ball 'ozeu, r <>, carefully pecked, and sent 1 o all parts o. tot aroti Office ol the College of Med cine and Pharma cy, 66 \awiiu street. _ _ W. S. K.ICHAKDHUN, M D-, Agou" Thire's nought in this world is so *weet or so fair, As clear jetty tresses of silky black hair. In a mini it is noble, tis handsome and gay, In h woman 'twill all other beauties display; In a child it is innocent, loveliness, a beautiful toy, And 'tis nature's best work on the head of a beautiful boy rty ALL CAN HAVE IT FOR THREE SHIL llng* One 3 shilling bottle of Jones' Coral Hair Kesto i ative has often given a beautiful head of hair to those who never thought to possess it. It gives the hair such a delicious, soft, dark, silky feel ing aie' appeal ance, and will not dry on it like ether pre p -ration*, but keep in order for day* together by one anpli en-ion. It clears the hair ol dandruff? it stops it falling cIT to ices it to grew, fcc. Bold at 82 < hatham atreet and 3i3 Dioadwsy, N. Y , or 139 Kulton street, Brooklyn. MONEY A1ARKKT. Monday, July aa?6 P. M. Stocks improved to-day, but the sales were very limit ed. At the Old Boaid Long Island advanced 1 percent; Norwich and Worcester, lj; Canton Co. (^Farmers' Trust, 1; Ohio 6'a, (; Kentucky 6's closed Arm at Satur day's prices, and Morris Canal declined 1] per cent. At the New Board the operations were so very trifling that quotations show but the slightest variation. Long Isl and improved I; Norwich and Worcester, 1); Canton Co. Illinois end Erie Railroad closed Arm ut Saturday's prices. The maiket seems to be gradually improving ? I A? present it is difficult to sustain prices, but this is in comequruce of the absence of operators. During a very in active state of the market, no matter how healthy the geuetal condition of prices is, it is impossible to keep them up to a very high point. There is very little doing in domestic exchange. This being the dull season ot the year, there ore veiy lew ope rations, and the quoted tates cannot be considered other wise tbau uoii lual. V.'e annex the quotations now cur rent Domestic Exchange, Jclt 22d, 1844. Bn?t ii p-.r k k d.a A|nl-chicoU- 2 a 2>? dis Pliii&dell Ills ? -pa a X " Mobile 9 n 10 ' Ball more ??? p-ra H " M-ntxumery-? # a 10 Vi^-.ii Hi X " To?c?l'>osa--- 9 a 10 N'lh C-roliu-i 1* a lX " p ew Orleans-- 1 a l>? Ci-nrle ton ? ? ? *a k " Nashville 2 a 2k hi k a X " Loumvil'a-? ? ? Ik* 'X A-'gu-tH x a 1 " bt Louis-- ?? 1 a H Col- mini? ? ? 1>4 a 13? M Citic?no*ti ??? 1 a 17% ' Mac Ik a 'X " Monlile(Spi:>) k* 1 U i II FI 'd-75 a 76 " Tie-suiy Notes S'tn L k.i'.do75 a 60 " m w rm siion, psr Quotations ron brxciE. Per cent Value. Am. tfold.old ?? ? -1W> sbtk Csro'ss dollars.--1 06 __ . ? 100 aliidk Five f'anes, (I 93kali "1 Hiir dollar* Par all Ok Doubloons. ???? 16 JO alb 50 Por u uv-'UO'd, --I'll a look Ho Patriot 15 9# al6 00 Spiftisli doll r?, - - ? I03kalt4 Sovereigns, 4 85 a 4 87 D i q arlers.- 99 a 00 Do light, 4 82 a 4 85 Me lean d il ari.---liil'kal#i'X Heavy auiness, 5 00 a-. Do qua ters, ? 99 alliO Nap(.ler,ua, 3 83 a 3 85 The Secretary of the Treasury has issued a circular to Collectors and Naval Officers in relatisu to the rate of du ties charged on the wiues of Portugal, instead of paying a duty of sixty cents per gallon, as charged heretofore, the i ates hereafter will be only aeven and a half cents in ei-'ks. and fifteen cents in bottles. The tariff act of 1842 hx- been tound to be an inlringement of our treaty with P irtugal, and the treaty, of course, takes precedence. By th - 3d article of this treaty, concluded on 24th of August, 1810, two years before the adoption of the present tariff is mutually stipulated that?"No higher or other duties shall be imposed on the importation into the king) 4 urn and possessions of Portugal, of any article, the growth, produce or manufacture of the United States of America; and no higher or other duties shall be imposed on the importation into the United States of America, ol any article, the growth, produce, or manufacture of the kingdom and possessions of Portugal, than auch aa are, or shall be payable on the like article, being the growth, produce, or,manufacture of any (other foreign country.' The white and red wines of France, Austria, Prussia nrid Sardinia, have been entered at tbe rates stipulated in the circular, viz : seven and a half centa per gallon on white wines, and six cents per gallon en rrd wines, when imported in casks, and the same wines of Portugal will hereafter ha entered on a par with those of other nations The duties paiJ on all the wine* of Portugal, imported into this country since tne 30th of August, 1842, over an.l above the ratea above stated, will be refunded by the go vernment. The amount will not vary much from half a million of dollara. Paiccs CunatNT ron American Provisions in Livaa root. . 1843. . 1*44 _ July 18. Sep. 18. Nov.i. Jum 3. Ch*e?e, flni (doty raid) per cwt,. 4it52 M.M 48*54 44(41 M dd ing, 44446 4 >48 42>47 38(41 Or 'i ary, 39a42 39(44 34,40 33(1!) Brei?U. ii? Bute? W?-. iu b>n(, par barrel.... 46(34 30(82 48(34 38,42 Pn ,ie, 30.40 42(48 40(40 18 23 Pork? Umfd StMes? M??(, in bond, per btrrM,"* 30r31 41(40 41(48 40?48 Prime, 28(10 37 4 0 37(41 40(42 fcou. prim , duty pti 1, rrewt- 27(13 ? (? ?*? ?( ? ?h( ? ?. nr e<4. good, 49.30 32.57 0 ?(02 8 44?03 L-trd, fine, in ktgs, notfbblt 34(17 38.4 0 3 8 4 1 33-30 O uii*y, 30(31 30.31 ?(? 33(34 Butler, new, sweet, no. e ?(? ?(? ?a? For gre 30(38 31(32 0 3 U32 33(37 Thio comparatlvo table ihow* that priceo have, in many notancea, tallen oft, while in other* there ha* been an increoao. The exportation of proviaion* from the United States to Oreat Britain ia rapidly increasing, and muat, err lung, become a very great trade. The value of a few of otir agricultural product* for aertral year*, will be iound in the annexed table Jlxforti or Provisions, Br. raoM the United Ht*t*i. Pork kogi Br'f.rot. Butter j Flour. lo'd, 4c. tie, trc , ck'ti* 817 $>9SI.'i>9 $1,299.?* $563. .40 $'1*170 1838. 3,003 299 1 312 31* 320,731 148, .91 18 9, 69 5 70 1 777,210 371.016 127 5 0 1810. 11.141615 119( 89 4 621 17 1 21ft 7(9 811, 7 759 7(0 2 011 537 9(14 9 8 501,813 1841, 7,375,356 2 629.(03 1,2.2,638 388.185 Since l?.*7 the value of our export* oi agricultural pro duct* ha* increased to a very great extent, notwithstand ing the very gre?t falling oft in price*. To ihow the great difference in price* within the period included in the above table, we annex a comparative atatemei t ? Thi* depreciation in price, eauie* a much larger exporta tion, to even nett the same value. CoMrasaTivc Pairvt or the Paecirat. AoaicyLTuaaL I'koui c r ? IN 1 H t ,Vt(K ( ET. Fl (?', 18:9. 1810. 1811, 1842 1844 I... $G37H> 6 30 6 6(11 ... 5 0(6.5 I2H 8 62.6 68 4 62 4 68 Pork, m*, t.hl . 70 "'h .. ? 14 00.13 1*0 liftOa ??? 8 75/9 08 8 (0.8 50 I' r?. | rm, 16 08- ? ? 13 60*14 lift Iftoo* IA 50 6 7 '.(7 I ft 0 X> ,7 in. Be I-, i?e , ... Ift Oft ... a 5 ft 10 00.10 50 9 00.. 9 3d 6 75 .7 25 l>o |/r in.. ..-( 7 00 11011 11 30 6 30( 6 75 5 01(6 25 ( 11084 15 I it', r Ibf, ll( II I0( II 6* 12 6i 12 lft? 12 'l.eee.lls, 5i 6 5( 6 4( 6 3( 6 3* 4H Hi re we see a steady decline in price*. The decline in ?everal instance* reaching more than one hundred and fifty percent. Take the (xport*oi beef and perk for in stance in 1819, at piices varying Irom $13 to $5<J per bar re , Hnd then the export* of the same article* in 1844, at price* varying from $0 to $8 AO, and the quantity neces sary to be shippi d in 1844 to nett the same va.lie a* the exjirts oi 1839, must be nearly one hundred and fifty per ceu: more. The v alue oifleur shipped in 1839, according t? the otfieial return*, was $6 926,170. The price of flour that year averaged a little more than $7 per barrel, con sequently it required an exportation of 923,161 hrl*. In 1814 the average price, no far, doe* not exceed $4 7A per barril, conaiqurntly it will require an exportation ei 1,4*7 930 brl*. or an increase of 634,779 brla?the labor of producing which ia in fact thrown away, in consequence of the reduction in price*. Our agriculturist* are com pellrd to give 634,779 hrl* of flour more in 1844, than in 1H39, to realise the same amount It i* just the same with beef, pork, butter, ^cheese, lie. as it i* with flour. The increased production* of the country, do not therefore enrich the producer* so much a* it may appear. Hhort crops, ou the other hand, have not that injurious eflVct on th producer*, that may appear at first glance. Sboit supplier improve price*, and abundant crop* reduce* prie s Tke producer prefer* high price* rather than nb ii dant harvest*. A crop of two hundred bushels ol wheat at one dollar per bushel, will nett the producei more actual pwflt that four hundred bushels at fifty cent# par bushel The immense crops anticipated for this ye*r will not prove more valuable than shorter crop* in pre viou* year*. 914 $V'tf NY 7'. '4* im too this L It load IIR Mfc U ioTN bM I044< loo da sM *1 700 "hi? ?'?, '5* 07 115 do 81). W'U K? aek> 5't tOW 125 Nor tud Wars 57?. /OtiO do ' t>t |0I\ 100 " di nw 50 5000 Ohio 6'a,'fell toil <tl\ 150 do >50 57). V-uti d < jUil 88 50 da ?.5 57). 2i0 tiiw Farmer's Ln 41)$ 50 ao 5* 50 P toft n HK 02 20 ^ Hi?*r lS3)t 0 da U 50 Htilom BR b?o 74 10 Morris Atrial 12 '0 no >( 74 5't do b60 15 125 Mechanici' Pk 1(0), 5 E.itHK 22 25 ' autuu Co 3t>)., Ottoiill Hoard. $7500 Ot io 6't, '00 8* 1 0 thdt|Ni r It Woia 58', 5i> that I j Co 5?tt 175 do 50 25 d) 32 175 do it>)? Now 24 too It Uxchmtgc. *4000 Kf tncliyO't b3 102,St 25 ahat M dtawk KR 03H loot) illu o.ab'a. *70 >50 44 25 Nor i od wore >3 58 tntlii do 44 125 ?'"> 5?k 25 >h?a Morrit Caual 13)* iS L lalanu RR t3 8' Jv 25 FariB"?' Lo a 41 -4 25 do >3u II 75 Hailem RK 74 -5 do Ilk 25 do t t 74 25 Erie uM b3 22 State of Tratie. Ashcs ?Poto ure in better demand We quote $4 06) ti 4 12). Pearla are yet very firm at $4 3?) a 4 43] BrtiCADSTiirra?There hat been no change 111 flour. We quote Ohio at $4 19] a 4 26, and Genesee at $4 31) a 4 37) Now wheat bring* Do ceuta Cotton-There was but little disposition shows to purchase to-day. About three hundred bale* were taken at prices current laat week. Canal Toll* ?Tells received on all the New York To the 14th July, 1844, (being the first 89 days of navigation.) $992,917 (Hi To the 14th.July, 1843, (being the first 76 days ol navigation,} 719,670 00 Increase, 273,347 00 Of this Increase there is, on merchandise from tide water? At Albany and West Troy $79,036 00 On products fiom western States, viz :? At Buffalo and B. Rock,. .$62,171 00 At Oswego,. . 32,732 00 94,903 00 173 939 00 Leaving as the increase at all other offices, and being on product* of this State, $99,406 00 Har?There i? very little doing in this article. Com mon qualities North River bale sell at 87 a 38c. The re ceipts * till continue very laige, and the stock in first bund* is daily accumulating. PaovisioN* - Pork, mesa, we quote at $9 87) a 10; do prime at $8 There is very little doing in beef Laid U improving in demand, mid prime kegs sell at 6c. Ship, ping butter we quote at 8 a 12c. There ii very little do ing in cheese?ruling prices 4 a 6)c. WMiaatr?Drudge casks are v ery dull at 93c. Prison and western barrel* are held at 23) Cattlk Makkst?At market, 1,200 beef cattle, 600 oI which were trom the north. The number of cows and ? beep we are unable to give, on account of the death 01 the register keeper. Paicn? Beef Cattle?Prices are poorly sustained, and we givu $4 to 6 76 a* the range for good cattle. Cows?Sales at 16 a $27. Sliei p and Lamb*? We quote the former at $1 25 a 3 76, and $1 25 a 2 60 for the latter. Hay?A good supply of new at 4 a 6s per cwt and old at 6s. Cual Trade. The demand for coal is still on the increase, and the price begins to look upward. The market will require at least 1,500 000 tons of coal this season 10 supply tbe consumption. After giving the Lackawanu region 230 000 ton*, and all the other regions except the Schu) Ikilt and Lehigh, OO.miu tons, which is ail they can possibly ship to market, during the u hole season, it will require a weekly *U| ply lortlie balance ol the season, ol 39 000 tons trom the Schuylkill and Lehigh shipments to fill ihe maikrt Tbe weekly shipments from the last named two regions, now amount to abont 33 000. The following is a comparative statement of the ship meets, in round numbers, comp red with the shipments to same period last year, commencing from the first ot Apiil of each year, the commencement of the coal year. 1843. 1844. Schuylkill, 272 000 28D 000 Lehigh 89 000 125 000 Lackawana 100 0n0 lUOOOO All other regions, 40,000 40 Otto 601 000 664,000 601,1100 Increase this year, ton*, 63.000 We have directed the shipments by railroad, trom th< first of January, top he first cf April, in the |above state menu, as they properly belong to the former year'* state nicnt* and were inemded in the same. The increased supply required this year, will be at U est 200,000 tons, and this increase must be made up entirely from the Schuylkill ,1111! Lehigh, as the other regions, in the uggre fate, w ill not tuinish any more coal this yeai than they id the last. Vtssels are plenty, heth at Richmond and in the Schuylkill Freights to eastern ports remain firm at last week's quototions. Tbe price of coal on board at Philadelphia, remains at $3 12) lor lump white ash. The freight by canal to Philadelphia it 70 cents; to New York $1 90. Toll and freight by railroad, $1 is and $1 26. Foreign Markets. Matanzas, July 10.?A late order of our Intendent re duce* the dutie* on Importation* of rice. bean*, potatoes, corn aud corn meal, from tin* date, for the balance of the year, to one half the previous rate*, and open* the part* of Cardenas, Sngua and Meriel for their introduction. Our market ha* become almost entirely bare of Musco vado sugar*; the whole stock remaining to lie shipped cannot axceed about 7i>o hhd.s and the most of these ara of inferior quality, now being bought up t# ship to the Bri tish Provinces. For the low qualities 6} to 6 rs is pay ing. and a small quantity of good brands are held at 7. Molasses?none to be had at 4] to ft, which rates have been paid for common. Ale, light and brisk, doz 3 a 3; beef, prime and No. 1 a 3. bhl. 8 a 13; do jerked. 8 American, 10 a 10]; jetked U. States, 14 a 16; bread, pilot, bbl, 6 0 a 6 0; butter, yellow, 18 a 30; candles, mould. 13 a 13 rs; do sperm, 38 a 39; cheese. American, 13 a 14; elder, doz, 3 4 a 3 6; codfish 3 4 *38; flour, American. IS; hoops, M 4ft a SO; hams. American, II; lard, llalSrt; lumber, WP, \1. $30 a 31; pitch pine, 18 a 30; nails, i ut, ft 6 a a ft 3 oil, whale, gal. 4 a 41; do sperm, 8 a 8}; potatoes, bbl. 3 4 a 4 0; pork, mess and prime, 13 a 13 4; rice, ql. 11] a 13;soap, yellow,44 a 6 Odo.; shook*, beds. 3 a 3 3: do. box, 6 a 8]: sugars, white7 a 9; brown do. 3 a 4]; yellow do 4] a ft]; .Mus covado, ft a 7; second and third, ft a 6; molasses, 6] gall. 4] a ft. honey 3 rs Exchangn.?On London, 6 a 9] prem.; New York, 3 a 3] dis. Frtighh.?To the United Statea, $1 a per box Sugar. Married, On Thursday, 18th Inst, bv the Rev. Samuel D Bur shad. Mr Ocoror Ctcraico, of Montreal, Lower Canada, to Misa Amit a Van Praoo, of the Island of Curacoa. IMed, On Sunday morning, 31st inat. after a lingering illneaa,, wifeoi Joseph Mill*, in the ftOth year of her age. The funeral will uke place this day at 11 o'clock, from her late residence, Wheatsheaf, Rahway, New Jersey, which all the friends of the family are invited to attend. The steamer Water Witch leaves pier No. 1, N. R , at S o'clock. On Monday morning, 33d inat. at New Rochello, after a few days illneaa, Marv, daughter of Judge Case. The luneral will take place this afternoon at ft o'clock The friends of the family are requested to attend, without | further notice. On Sunday, 31st inst. of scarlet fever, Anna Jaclard, daughter of Clara and J. Jaclard, aged six years. Weekly Report or Interments la the City and County ot New York, from the 13th dav ol Jul - to the 20th day of July, 1044. 37 Men ; 33 Women ; J* Boys : 62 Oirls. Total IM DISKASKS. Apoplexy, 3: Career, 2; Casualties, 1; Cholera infantum. 32; Coll ,3; Consumption. 27; Convulsions, '4; Croup 2; Disr. him, ft; Dropsy, ft; Dropsy in the head. It; Drowned, I; Dy sentery 7; t pifeps.. 2; Fevtr. biIli< u?, 2; d<> iniersntte t t: ?10 remittent. 3; do scarlet, I; d ? ttthus, 3; Heart, ??ise.ise i f 2; InllatnniaiioD, 2; lull mmitinn of brain. 6; do of b >wel?, t, do ol lungs, 4; do of s < in. ch I: do of bv. r. 2; In'rm ?eia-'-e, I; K'llvd or tnnrde'ed 2; I in Ye e'e', I i.arasinus.7; Mes sles. I; Mo title tion, I: Milk I I, I; (3 d age, 2; 8p ue, 3: Stillborn, 14; euicnlr,It Teething, I; '1, 2; t nkuoanft, AUk Under 1 year, 14; I to I, 73; 2 to ft, 10; ft to 10, 3; 10 to 30, 9 to to 30 21; 10 to 40.11: 10 to .10,20; 40 to HO, 4: bO to 70 9: 70 to ?e, 3: Ml to 00. 1: nnknvun. 1 Pasaciigcre Arrived. NacviTAS-B.oque C ,| loinia?H m n tt-i'd, Christor-h-t C iu in, tins -<.,in C it, James tJnwin, P'amit .> cCor inick. Con el a. M Co/miek. Dent O.wiu Foreign I m (tori at Ions. Pal r.asio?Sine Ve-p r?21 c se? c for 694 b-gs linved 12 pi e. 21 hi do .01 q- ekf and 60 octave. wine 4'iS rnnlsn >u ph- r | 27 on crku of a on b..g> tnimc 113 do lilbe t? 19 rioC.-nari n e I 3111 bis belied ah. oi.ds lofto do bmous 1150 to ors> ass Las ted . It Pi elps. .Malta -B-iq ie Smyrna?159 ri es wiue. 200 1-3 2(10 1 4 do II L 11 utli?t ea? mdz K des?k 1 do S O Moiton?119 I is !? - in ius, 1 rstk* biiin tone B u ha d It Theshaud?310 str-tw hats, 31 pkgs J Ma, u?t-8li. ticks, 10 bnles. 60 rasfcs jnce to md r Nii'vita*?Ba'qo" C-lif imi??I'Ohhds -nd t3 hr'a mdasi ea em 0 idl. pai n lui' 54 loas mahogany Brett It Vo e? P6 hrs mol ss s Ml lih It s.igar Huh It Ow u?41 cases segars J M - thews fc co? I case si gAia to order MAKITlMfc HfciKAI.l) Nulling Days of Ihs Steam Ships. stf.amkrs. rso* LivzarooL from aMrric* Hibernie, Hyrie Ang. 1 AledOQOi, l.otl Jnly 19 Aug. It Acadia, H.rriton Aug. 4 Sept. I (1. Western, Ma'thews-? Auu. 17 Sspt 14 Hib?rnt?, Ryrie Aug. 20 Sept. 16 is. Britain. Hosken Aug. 31 bent 21 Rriisnuia, Hewitt Sept. 4 t?ct. I (>. Western, Matthews (let 12 ..... . ? N'-v. 9 Oriom H ?>? kep ? . . Oct. 19 .........Nov 14 4 III |i H as tern and Agents. W' shall esteem if a favor, if ' aptains of Vesiels will give ?o Coinniodor* lloai'RT Sn.vev, or our News H leet, a Uep.iri if the Shlpp'tiK lett at the I'orr whence they tailed, rne veivi Ipouen on their p-u?.ge, a List of their Cart", and any Ko eigu Newsp.ipera or .Nrws thev may have. He will board then. 'Oiiiieiiiately on their arrival Ag'iita and Corresfionf'enn, at I mvor abroad, will alto confer a favor by tending to this ?Idee all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical nfnrmstion of snv kind will he thankfully received, PORT OF NICW YORK, JULY 33. IITN 4 50 I MO' N It 41 His set 7 21 I HIOH WA I . * 140 Cleared. ?hip St Mary, Foster, Ne.v Orl an., Hiint>n k Kro*'.? 8 rguet Wiuhtugton. Kraier, He tiurg. S hmidt k B.lchen. I J auu, Bsadecsn, Lisbon, do; Doiptnn, Mobbock, Msdwra, do; CUrnti Perk'na, f*phb Ho. Chvtrkli k fo?Wft: Tridunt 1 hing. B"l'imr>r?. Ju O W*rd -Br ? Viatmn, Hallow*! . M'il*iii|io4, NC N. smith k W?l?ft, Atkf* Niri.l hailou Phil*''*'phi*. B**11 k V- set Clwt Hammond T?lb I. Bangor 'o ?Schrs Neptune. (Br) T*ac*v Hi Johua. Nk'.T Wiuuiatt; N#> ? ( hriari'. Kdusi nd. Al'eu k (i _ _ . aaaou; Ann D. Bedell No fj.k, Biaifti k CIojbi* A rrlvcd. Shin V'eper. Sylvteter, from r*]nmo, Jan* I, with fruit, t* L'?i?'? k t he p* ahpL urn-an*. D ? hutt fnu Rio Janeiro, Ju- ??, with toil ban i cuffpf'o A K >ur k "on ft* qu<* Hmu a, I hampicu f mn Malta, ia Gib altar 42 dt, wih-i e kr. to Hotcneud V T *baud. ?Hrqae ('a i'or?U, *? hew 10 vara frm Nfnvitaa. will OTolaaaes. In hre;t It Vn'i Left no American vessel b'i( I'lrttm l'a *a"l. 40 Oai s roui Tobasro. 'o Ncamith k Wa'an with 5300 qtla 1 ywooii t'< H: wliuil k Aapuiwall Hria H arer, Hisitina, 30 data Irotn Km Cer-nde, with 3920 h d aCiOh -rna *2'0 shin bou a 30 ropes hair to K Curuiug A Ion; U bal*a do D? Fi nn k i'o. Brie T'lli-o lowland ( ?! Bon u) 21 dava Tom MansaniMa, with 322 loga mahogany 17 slicks cedar 233 bdla palm leaf to J BL >al<. Brie Pip'oine, Kly, 20 dnya fr-mi Manaiuilia, with 3300 hdla pu'in lef 10 11 ca m*h gsny to D >ul < urtia Schr Del iwai*. Goth ie. i0 days from Rio lined*, with 4716 h'des II 01II shin bones 4000 horna 19.000 Iba hur to W *V Oc Kor*?t k Co| I9'2 hid*? Ba-nar-l, Ad>rn* k Go Bail*! i* co wnh biix L-grange, lor B o ton Lef brie* Nimbi*, for do 6 d-tya l is: Hoit-nat, fiom Lisbon, d ag, Kartell, from Salem, do; Frankliu, tor Havana, uuc Scnr Charlotte, Fu'ler, 11 daya from Port au Plait St Do m i go. wth 550 **r< out 'ob ceo to A 1' Ho*net-* fc Co Set r Ocm*ia, <J urchill II <l*ya from Sagui la Gr*ud-*, with 250 hh a molasses to ' O i hitr ton k Co. Lef. brigs Aim* wan. lor "oaion lilf; Ho 'a n, for Bali iok re. British achr lm a Norman, IS daya from Pi< tou, with coal, to Danaeomb k Bmkwitn Bi lir M "i*ita Buir, 3 daya from Richmond, with mdsr, t* A I'd k P Hon Schr -.J Muuarll. Row*. 2 daya from V irgiina, wi.b fruit, to rra?t*r "rhi Maria, Latoureilo. from Baltimore, with flour, to John aon k Lowdmn. 8r h* John B Morrau, Otis, from Bait-more, with corn, to mi a'er. Hchr Mirror, A*ery, from Baltimo a with corn tallan, Shipa llottinrurr, Buraiev, i.'Vermel; Htiunr*. Jaliua. 8t r*'*iahurg; St M ry, Foster, Now O le>ns; Soothport, Gnf fifh, Chailpeton; barque CI triaaa Pe'kina, Cobb Madeira; brig Warsaw, Heibeat, I e risbnrg. aud otlie. s. CorreujMssidesit-* of the Herald. ItHOUK llLINBI.1 timet: I Newport, July 19 1844. > Arr 18 h Massaati', Brown Fall Hirer for Alhai.y; 1'aaao, A'iriy. Mariel?r*r?rt? Malaga, Moison.aH fra "avani 4th l-i bill tat, for Philadelphia. Bailed, the ariiytli > f yistarday &i.d previous. Are I9ih. Good Hop-, Kiley, Mariel; Con oy. Baker and i David Itisley Pres-y, Fall River for rhiladelph a; Juho Po k, I Longatipi. do fo- Virginia; Tryail <tr bs Provuieuc* f r Hal-I tunore; Denmark, Davit, do for NYork; Ornament, do do. Fllwellaneou*. Briu Kmilt.?Captain''burclnli, <.f the Octavia, fr m Sa gut La G.aio e. reports?Jul\ 19th. lat 36. 10. Ion 74, 14. waa i iioard'd bv a b"ti Irom achr Chari t, f o n r lenlt-er* f r Boa ton. 7 d its out h iving on b?ard 'heeaitain Rod crew of ring * ni'lv ol Philadelphia, f nm St J.tuo Hi Cuba, hound to Phi- - 'ade'phin, wrecked on Watliug'a Island on the 9th day of I Jane?Vessel and cargo to ally lorl The captain and e ew ooh p*?a g- on boa d the sc-r Chariot, Atwood. at Nassau, *v Providence Brio ? ashirgton ? Capt Fly, of the Diploma, from Man sal/ill* rvpoitt?Spoke, in lat 2t 33. Inn 84 50, Bti irh barque Aonah- Il?, ri d took fo m her the aeeond mat* of nrig Wearing ton, i f Philadelphia, which waa wrecked on the Gr nd Car ma south ? 20th J tie?a total week No forther Particulars Schr Ingham hen d to Wi'mingion, NC. iau f ul ? f the haiqne Am -lit Mu'hollaod. lying at anchor - e'nw 'hn ."-rn wi, nsuoda. monnug; r-ied awav the flying jibhocm and f r rard of the AM h* 1 had her mainsail iota to p,ec*s, and rec* ieid other dnmane hh* -e on rd r ? repair Schr Cakroi-i.. f orson. at Pa?*tucket Philadelphia, * i'li c al while iu chain* (apt t. waa ran - n a r- ck b"low I Dannell k Co's whar , and re*>a't * al las' a?counts he d nqd " wat r A mount of d m ge not yet ascerlao ad. Shir JohaRMs ? ? II to p s a| |>e?r to h given up for 'h* safel of he ur-l.ien *hip Johai-uei. b'ttud lo I I I mora 8 l? ef Pre men mi the 22d of M trcii, under the c?nMu*i d of ( ?pt Liierkea. with oi.e I Ui.d-ed nd fi lt-1 X P i * gera and a ceiv m Coin teen, and hn leer since b an net. id Irnm. The crec. rel irged to Brem*u and it* vicunv. Steam "ackit >v?.w York, Wriiht, fur N'eo York, via Ke-. Wnta d('h r'eat 11, wet to hnve sailed from NUrl* us on 'he 17th lust, a; 4 o'-To*k p in Whalamau. V- iee, f-om N L, on aerui?e spoken July 20 lat 40 18, l"n 70 14?by ihe Sim m -, n this pm K iei dshi,-, from FH, lor N W Coast, July 14, lat 30 43, lun 63 3D?by the same hpoken, War.av, 17 days from Nne Or'eatis for Co ton.JulT 10. Ht 37 40. Ion 72 10?by the R ar r. at this port. Nort h Bei d, ol Bistou, a:e ring 8kl, no date, Ion 70 10?by thea<o e Georgians, Havana fo- Bortop, no date, lat 31 42, Inu 60 10? by the Diploma. ?t ihit port. Homer N k ork for St Maeya. July 13 lat 34 23. lo? 70 30. H?n y Jeokiug, NYork for Savannah, July H, lat i3 37. Ion 70 33. Genrgia-a NYo k for Char'cilon, aame dnv. Dante, 47 days f o " Bal itnore for Ch i r e* ton, short of water and was snpi lied. Jn*' 18. lat 33 44. Inu 78 13 Klirha Di un ion, June 13. in the Straits of Gibraltar, bound Fastward. Uxird '.of Thomaatnn, bound to Boston, July 2 lat 31, N lotg 35, W n 'til i. of Boston, from Matansas, bound to Marseilles, July 15, lat 36, 30, Ion 62,50. Foreign Porta Port ah Platt, July 10?In port, fleptember, Dawes, f r N York, 4 d y?. Ch'?e, Bake , d", 8?only Americana. Rio Usance, abont Jore I?In port, N-ruble, of and from Baltimore, just a-rs Clarion. from New; Franklin, Sinnll.of B rustab e, for H'Vnoa, ioou; Wat derm, of N York, for Moutetide ?, do '1 he jam a vijurr. ar d Bridget Aichi bald (both British) lyi'g at anchor off Rio Grande, oa the S'h May, in a gain dragged their anchma ashore and will b tli be a total Iota, < ootid, rable damage doi.e to the othrr ahi, pirg K iMiatoa, Ja June 27?Cld Heme, Wetls, BaltiTore tia Tn.ka lalaud; Eapel ta, Ame . Philadel, hi ? ?ia Black Rirer Arr^2d C?n elia,' 'ana-a, and Le-nuta N Yo k; M isaiaaippi, No folk; V id.,, B?|t,?io ? Quasi c July I7ih?An Kllergill, Hill, Hallj St George, Phillip, Plym Uth; Ben Nevia, Hvrron, Live-pool Hth. -n Cato, Hend' -. Lrtu; Victoria. Trevelhe.,. Tin a.'e'phia CI 8-h Jane, Fir lay, Hull; 8>tn"e| M Lean, Win shaven; b I I n K< r?stal, Nr wlea, f I. re; Conae vatnr, B o n, Mtocktou; ('adni' t < mnpb-ll, N-ath Monthfai.. Juiy 19?Lid Haron, Hedwith, Liverpool. Home Porta. BotTOK, Jnlr II?Arr Becj Franklin, Kliun, Philadelphia; Tmr t. Bit s Albany. Philadelphia. Jul** 32?Arr Casp'an, Amhaay. Tnrka Isl and; ( at uga, Jaekaou, Wilmington, N< ; Palm, Eldridge, and Cinderella, t rowel I, Uoat?u; Fame, Crowe I. do; Envor, H cbard.oo, NYoik; Partridge D- a.htv, Wilmiigtoo, Dai; Philauelph a, Bernard Nantncker; i -indent. Backaloo, aa<l Cuarrpion, Soule, New Haven; J Hu-liug, We.ieuit, Provi dence; Florida, Boigeas, Plyinooth, Mass; Splendid, Baundera, Sav t rook Nokvolk. Jnly 19?Arr Krin. Gardner, Newnort; Armida, Trrfethen. Boitr n Tigress (a) Hart. Irons NYork, weui up Jennet < iver yeatrrdav. Orlean., Smith, for Rio, went to tea from Hampton Roads yesterday CHarlkstois. July 19? arr Tyhre, Mc' ormick. NYnrk; Geo Washi- gt?e, Feed. K i' Riv?r. I Id Huttou. Oallow-y. and bnHiv?n, Waits, N Vo l : i'r, anient. Young Philadelphia Art 18th. Dnnon Uobimoii, NY-ok; Aabian, Howes. Matan r. <t Sid Ntrrsgante , Des-elmr h i, B stun; Bei jrau, [Frei eh] Darh-nt. Havre; Shetland, Northeru port. DaBikn. t-'a. July 17?AH ?urchart, M'evens, Kingston, Ja Savannah. Jnly 18?Cld Wilde- Bentlev B- atou. Sid Joo Cnu-mi g ' h -\er, L.verro I; Sterling, 11 miltoo, and Exact, Johnson. NYork. Mobile Jnly 13?Cld Lagrange, Tarter, and Sea, Allen, N Y ark, New OecEana, July 18?Cld Colombo, Eldridge, NYork; Creole, Dillingham, Havre and Bordeaux; La t-asqne, [F ] Hiri<rt Lrbonrue; hope Howes, Sh w Havana. Arr i4,h, b. ben Preble PerUint, Boston; Fanny, Pelt-raou, Havana. 15 ATiFICATIO al MEETING ? At a preonrxt rv metug TV oi the friends ni the Ad i iniatmtion, h-Id at the Apello Salo n, o i Wi duesd ty ?vening, 17th mat, the frRowing call of a meeting w?a duly auihenxed; ? The D'troc at e R publican Electors of the City and ''oun ly ol NewYo-k, friendly to th- nomination of JOHNTYLbH as the democratic candidate for the nixt Presidency, are request ed to meet at >h* Apollo sa'oon. 410 drnadway, near Canal at, I'HIS e Vr.NINt), at 8 o'clo, b. to r a Pold to the eomiration made by the Baltimore Democatic National Convention f J ?HN I YLFR, of Virginia, as thecar did,te for P-csid-ut t iheenning election E. U. HTACbY, hairm,n. Hxnav flutdam. > Was vtELviia, ) secretar as J13 lt*ro I ilflbiOLUTIO N OF PaRT.v b. i<SH IP ?Th.a i. t? -ee. *-* tily tha th? 8 ra known ar KOhM YN, STOKKRfl It CO.. Marble Dralera, No. 180 ? tntre it eel. is this day dit aolved by ma sal c, aud all dots coniraeied in the n>me of said firm prior to this date, wrl b- aettlrd by STO KKMB fc K aOLFSI ?N. at d the fl - - h>r-aft r will continue aud be k-iown a- 8 I OKF.hS 8t CO. New YorB, Jnly 33, 1*44 WM KOREAN, M B. HlDKbHd. jy33 It*re TH 8 R. KAGLESON. WINES, CORDIALS, PRESERVES, &C. FULTON STREET. NAPOLEON gOURTIN rearactfWIly inform* he hu al wtya on his hmdt a cninp -to asaortment ai.d very nice ch ire of ereo h, (Jermin end Spanish Wines, of various brands, still and aparkliug, in casks, half casks, cisea, per do x-n. ga-'on, and <???>111-a .Also, Free en Vinegca, Gin, Ram, Abtyuih. K-rsh. old sa permr Brandy in pinri, half pitas, qn trier r-pea. cases, per ual-'in, in bot lea an-'hsl ? hottl-a; handy Fiuita ; S'gaia of v-rirua brands SaadOil, Caper., Ol ves, tube- Mn.ta-d, Giuy-re and Neafcuatal Cke-ae, Sw- luteals, Pale, ue F. |e, gia. ol r traaburn Terrines of Nryr c, C*v ar, I'igfH ., Mn-h ro ima, ' - as, S i-dn ea, A uchovi a. Santagea uf Bun g-e, Ly-.n Ai-e. lie. j3" line PHEiNIX HORSE BAZAAR, No 1NU and 101 Mercer street. THE regu ai Paul e taction Hdr w il commotion This Day, at llo clock, with Cariiatea Waao.i Harness, Ike lu; , a ilb a ratil <gn of Hori'S. at 11 o'clock anitable f-r the va i u<w n a ol citv end eon-try |-arpoaev I he t nilic m general re o-vped to attend this a le COWA v It D LK"<, jv3J ll'rc Propn- to-s. S~B. Tt mT*KINS ,v CO. W OLFBAI K DKALEH a IN tJHOi EH IKS, PROVI MO as. Fun-, Feed. Graaa fl? ds, Oi a and I'ai t> i f -il -us i in-'a No 191 a d 19.1 W est air et, (neat to ? he corner of l/naiie, t ) New York S B TOMPONV A. R Livings ros. l!ef-renee L M HorrMan 8t Co. jylJ lira OT A Ri). DIJ U Y It Co B it a N dT~a .?Fifty lial fTTd iwe. ty-fivi- r.igbi p.p. re ened dir-ct Irom mi?ufac ? urers, ex Fr brig Am-rika, fruui tu-.eaux, r q.pria ng a ch ic c -ll'Ctiou fro o the vinb g a if 1811, 13, Si, X. ?0, 42 41 For ale in lota to aait p irenaae a bv j,21 iu b. K i Gl,i.INS It CO , ?* Honth at. MED ical aid. REMOVAL. Dlt ORF.OORY hva rvm ived fiom II Barclay itree', to M Gold .lre-l whirehe ui?y be Cunsalied co. fideutially at in <1 at all hours " I here ii'e lew, if ary me-'ical men among na. tha' know S tter h-iw to in mage iboa" dirfl- u t end dencte di-nrde a ?hi?h a raax-rs r- liable m contract whtln ruin ? oar ci-v " I)i. G hat published i trea'-ae dpon th-a? aomplain a called the ' Hub enn ?It is eapre.aly iutr:nled for the u e of tni? elnaa -I pen uia'if eiihertex?itae'la-l Vt len't, hv l!,n an bo , at it reaide re 61 Gold ?t-e-t hrat home north of te-kman .tr et To lennle, Ifl cied wi-h , in i adv called "llic whites ' V IS little b ok will P ove a friendly -uid confidential adviser. ji 3t Iterrr DODTOR BELL. Of'.TOR BKLL eon'innea to d?v re his Personal attention (deily till iu P. M ) to t' e rrmovrl of D ae ae? in vrry stag*. All aoffering nnder ( r t acted cases, aggrav itsd 0 iinaaACraafiillv t rated by inrxperieneed or prrt-nded pr>c Kiouera?(h?ae lanonnr und r ihe d-atiuctive effects ot me - rnry or q-m k nrotrurra, aud all who auaiect the lemama of diaeiae lurkirg in theayttein may consul. Doctor Bell with honorable c -r-n lem e add * (tiara :ee f core. Priv le officee No. 87 Cedar atre-t, third door fr m Broad . ay ill! lt#rre R KSTaURaNTTRaWTOIs: f BERNARD 5 Nraa n fltie-t I he P oprie'or can ?i . 1 .a v rcc mm ii - -hi, cam i| ,hmeiitt ? geueral atieoii-in 1 Ins 'or ro-nyy art be--u c nduced i iaa'yle, thct 'ol-e a r-n< Ii a d F-t - iJii - aid i.t-, h -a .iff i d'd umve a - I a ti fee inn. Ilia tab ? ibooudt wi Ii et erv luxury, the ruoat futxlioi a ? n r-Mii re, wbeih-r i t' r Ki gliab or k ren n style of cooker,. Hit Win a, biu"a and I quora, ar-rf the >?at br-n-u The Waiters Freu, h ?td ish. I" I'te. and the gem r>l arrang, on ta of the tables, in a e irp andairy aa-o >n, 'Orprivatn and to cial'parti-a. no', to be equalled. J. BERNA D. J r 31 lm* rie _ J Naaaau at r AUD? 09 ' artels pure leal, 1S#8Ikrjra do in very fijn order, J for sale by E. R. COLLINS k Co jv8l8t MBoatbat D AUCTION SALES. AUCTIO ?' NOTICE CURIOUS SALE. QALK THIS DA), a' il.rl t|? sale m rail Hpu" iiwt. tt'tt f ?ariou. i- ha i*. ? if braunfo Gw'ln, ?? Amhiau D #i; 4 ft. e vtocbii.g Mir 'a:4<*ia y do; Hiwl'a, he .'??au u v 1,1 III,m > IIICBI' p OK ?* * ? J ?U, nun *, '??. ? variei of valncb,- in*w i.J aeco J lan'C nthina. Dry bsnnda Gun, Jewels*, laucy aud pledfsl ail c e?. kc. Sal* .? c lu>> u'docs j 21 I1 ? re THUS BFLL. Aocti n?-r. A i . n T LE, Arc' PA' K O1*' S\LE OF HARDWARE, CUTL'KY k? -JO OB s PL AT'I'S Fi'it F?H Trade Hardwa'* ?*U t i naiau. will take place ThisD'V ?t '0 (bM ?l (fee Merchan**' I*'a.hcrug" maiiou m in. 23 P ?'l trr*t, e met of U. Id comprising 3 1 inch g-e, ca*es a. d lot c i >i"i ug ej Birmingham and ;hrlfte: J Hariwan*.Oermat, F-euchaud Ami, ricau A ? m which the sale will coramruce, 30 package* of Badolrry (roods. Also. J I 'arm. and Pare- Kirk'a Edg? To il* Alao, Ci imau <? uda, yim. Vioiius, Sla'es, Marking Pencil*. Toilet U'iih*. kc. Alio, a Urge ra.O'tmeat of Table and Deaaert Kit ves and Firha; Wes'nholmn'a, Turret's, Bn*chet'?, McMoraa'i and otherca ebraird make of prD and Pocket Knives, 1,2, 3aud4, blades; H'-geis' Scissors, kc. C a aleguer now re?dy jytllt'rc KDOAH JENKINS. Auet. WINES, SUOA'OJ. AND HsGAHS?For ?ecnunt of whom >t may cone* rn,'I HI* D A Y at 17 o'* |nck iuirout of tl e Store No. 13 H*oad at ????4 hh I* Port* Hico Sugar, i half pipes Mtdeirt Wire, >u bond; iq i trier cuke Port Vine. 10 caara do, 20 do M ideiia, 10 ca St. Crois Hum, 6 do maica do, half iiiiw Otsrd Brands ,hs|| pil>e aeignru- Brandy, I i-ine U n, 1U\f La Norma Segaia, impuited, 2J\1 Principe*, I5M Del eiosa Tr ahncn. jy23 It re WA N l't* U?*ty reap ctable young woiuau Wuli * o?l ? il r*f rence?, a enaction m a pri'a ? family aa chi mb?r innd, or todo gaoeral housework. Apply at .69 Henry at ]s 23 2tec WOOL SORTERS AND PICKERS WANTED. Thrne or I'ur good Wool Sortrn, aud Fi ty Wool Pick*"* will fiud rous'ant i ini hx ni -nt by apn.yirg ihe i icae-i wiii uuu rous-ant i muoi m'lit oy nprtiying ar ine Wool Pirk'ng eatabliahmiut in Month street, corner of Kover ne-T it ret i>22 3t ec TO HOUTHKhr* MERCHAN1S, THAVeL'ERM. ' AND OTnERM.?A munificent a"d elegantly fiaithed ntaor'ment ofatr |ied Shirta, well adapted to tl e 8 urhern m?r k*t, can be had ou very reasonable . wrraa, hy applying at 80 Pike *1 p, corue* of Wctai. The supply is limited JOHN CLAY, corner of ?nd Water, jy23 lw?rc 80 Pike atr -*t French damiekhotypk. plat>* s-a targe lot of ihe lei-qucL y F'enrh Digu?*rr*otipe Plat'* j it received by the parte *hin r.-nri* l*r. Iron* Havre, for sale in quanti ties to suit pinches rt. A.iplv to JOHN ROACH Optician. 22 Nassau it e?t Apparatus, and every article meed in the art lor tale aa above, j 3?u-re r 1 r WI >1 Es?200 hales Br dgt 1,11, u.irie Herrjug KOJ I}||1 Net J. T. Hies flora lid to 36 I a received I* r Triune Ajnarra, d i, all mat niactur d wi h rve?t ear*, end for other tale arrival _ tale hy E K. COLLINS k CO. j V 23 16 Somih street fNOI'TON DUCK.?20# bile* American Pilot Dock, coip rriah r a comnl te aaanrtmeot Irom No I til?Alaoeitra yo 1 and 2 rn n ftc'ured rm reaslv for pilot loata. a* d hi eve'y rei, eet a v ry superior article, for sale iu Iota lo an t pur chasers. ou raaaonaole terrna, b ' E. K. COLLINS k CO. jy21 16 Snut i i tr et Pn Ke.l -HIP SiDDOsS. FKOM LIVa, Pi'OL.i* ducha ging i ti ler seorril order. All g tods no* perot ted wil' be ?egr to t> e Pub1 te Store. jv23'tre I ' Sf.EL) OIL?10 c-ak. f ir ??>, t" lu s to tint pprchaa* J e-?. ny E. K COLLINS k ' O . jyf33'rc 16 S uh ate* t. w HEAT?10 b>|hels I'lijli?lOOO 4 Hi* I- r, uf J84S. in fine rrder, firaale by E. K COLLINS k CO. jvl3 3t rr. 16 S,,uth slr'et c OPP ft-2i<0 c?? s co*r pnsiur a fn|| ais'irtmei t from >4 to 31 unce.. mi uficiured in the mot ccreful mue-r aud fr'm ih* heit ore, f .r sale by E. K COLLl.NsfcCO. jy21 ctre 16 South street. LARD OIL ?100 u.rre's No. 1 f eitra qiwlit,,ll do No. 2 for sale in lot* lo "nit ? u ell ser. by j;21 tt.-c e K C *i L N < fc rtl , 1? South street. POHK? 20h ba*r Is cleireitra q i r'ilv 70 d ueeks and rumps lo sale by E K COl LI k Co., j\2'3t 16 South street. (27.)i | H ?. Ah I) ? Lear on Sainr 'av ere ei or *m,day H oming between the Ast r Hon e erd Carrol ' la' e, oi *t Bcrtliulomew Chnerh, ? r*iiall :VJornrco Pj ket Book, wit1' strap and ? 1 ,eh a Ik cord a'rieg cnomi.i g Irom n* hooiirru and fifty to one hundred aaa eight* dollars m* a l> small hills no B-satnu B inks, aud a f w card* end small papeis. Wh ever will retnrii the asm" io the i (fine of he Aator i.onse, sh,|l r? eive itie aoov* award js2ISi*m MWSlkUK G vBuIKL LK KOKPuNAV, ?h? <vlfbra?*d onur^r, iu H to whi m w /?r? i(jd*ia?*ti C r fh? irap -rw lou o* ih?'* Polka." ?n?l o'hrr fa?hi.?tiaMp '"hoc#*, *? penorm?i iu pnMic ai <1 iupmatf ci c>a in I 01 doo and Pant, is, w? learn, ab< utto v sit K.rp'?< . Springs, for th* parp ?r <)> givr g Irstmn id hi, an. Mi. Well, al>o we'l known hii FiCC'tn|i |,h d t'? her. together w than eminent vinli' Ifffitt i order to (ire the lo'lett effect toihe heantful ?n? ehnrnc malic ?nunc of the d IT Trot danrei, m I acci tnpany him. We uu der.t ml that the le.toui willbegiytn mine Eighth French, and O rinan laurnigra. Thia .'iriugriiient will commence urilMiudiy. iy*3 3'i-nrc OR Pin:LPS' ToMXT<TTrUC3! rPHIS VALUABLE RF.yikUY, to highly r'Commeeded *? uy i hvii uu,, ?? d ?h eh ha, bra and with each aitoi iihiuK eucc ai, in lh* cur* of yarx ni Mill'>NIC DlSc-ASE", a d fur a pen, r il FAMILY MEDIf I VR. ii Tor sole by the wholrealr and mail Dinggiita in thie city a?d Brooklyn. jyj<_26!i29ia*in EK CO' L1N8 A CO , 44 8 u'h ? met. h'tr on h?n 1 and ? offer f..r atieou rcaanuable and iu lota toemt in chafer., y.i eaen Vrgl ,h Sheathit g from II a 32 eg. TW'NK?2yj baire Bridp <rt flei a, herring end gill 1 from 4hf t J, 1 b>. received 1 ? r teceur arr ? .la CO IT >N DUCK 8?240 b! I e _ _ .. Atn<rcin Pi'ot I' m 'o 5 ; 10(1 ha'ee 'XI a No I and S 'I rue y for pilot o ifta, In a d warrm t ??' q ial C any ra luni.c nred lillAMllk 8?Otunl, Lnju. 81 Co-44hilf pipca 24 ?? kht 1 ipea. of the vi-tagee of 1131. '22, '24, '22, '10, '42 and '13, ee rct d with girat c r?. LAKD OIL?100 barrela extra No. 1 very anparior. 40 do do No 3. LINSEED OIL?10 ctal a Kngliab. LAHD?100 harrela pure leaf. I too keg a d > do gov do d 1 do, extra quality. PORK?ftliO bariela Me,,. 40J do Clear, extra. 403 do Prime. jr.O do 1 hm Mraa. 70 do Neck* lad Ruenpa. WHEAT?100 1 bo h la Illinma pr me 1400 uo do do?of the crop, n| 1242, and rery eupeiior. jy23 3trc NEW YORK SACRED MUSIC SOCIETY.? ORAND MOONLIOHl' EXCURSION AND ( OV( EIIT THI 4 apl-ndid affair, which hae be-n aome weeke in prepere una, will dome off on FRIDAY K.VEM <0 ? ? X T 2filh inn The floriny, with inch ae wieh >o j -in them f ir me icca.i n, w II cebtrk en ooa d tha apiendid .Cam r ' Son h /in erica '? from the foot of Bate ay atie. t, at 4 o'clock, P ml., -ud pr ?red a few i- ilea up he *orth Hiyer. In irturniug the b?et will peae r and ihe city, daring which time I lie flo. |et> cumprnii.g 140 perfnrmi g m- raheia, toge her with a laige Of chonrt. will peifurin a veral m g.ificui Chorat.aa and nth r p em; aft e which they will p'ocrel to Port Richm< ml, fltv ?en l,Ui d. w .# can en ertainment will be p nyiaed tor the wh?l ? c mnauy in a gn?e on th* br.u if ni gr unite o' Hia Honor Judg- e.dwaidt. Fnrth't particular, will be ataird in a future Mjvriii.em-ut. A limited runherif I'iekrta will be diapoard of at $1.40 e>ch. including ihe enter ammani, lor which euly application .hoald tie made to either of the undei eg ed. jytl 4i*re LONG ISLAND R MLROAD CO-Ou and ta ter Mooday nrxt, t ie 23th of July, accommota i"ii tra n? will be iun between Brooklyn and ireenport, flopping at the int.rmediaW (lacea. j 123 )t' in The aiaimhoat iHt'MAfl HAL.YIOnD, Capt W. T. Bhnlta, will ran to tbo Fi?hing .8 nka 1 c r.*D A VS. Wy DN k.BDA YS, THUHSDAYB, and FRIDAYS. TO CO an Y 1SL 4 ND AND FORT HAMILTON, rt AllJ u DAYS. 8U DAbB, and viOND VV8. On Saturdays the b rtwill maka but on* trip, and only in the a le-n ion?flncd y, ?,d atindayatw trip, earh w*y jv>37ii?Je Mb N H Y E R'EI L. FOR HAVR"?Tee anperior eopie ed Frmh ? harque IM;a8, Capt. ( (iooda will alao be 1 all. a for tlnriieaui Km I'eight or pnaaage, app y to BOYD A HINCKEN, Brokeia. JvlJtc 3 Tontine Build eg. A NhW YOHK ' 1LOT BOA'r FOR HALF. 1 he cone ed and ropp-r faitened Pilot Boat VIR 'IINI wmI lie a ilii low. Kor parnculir,. 1111 n? ILI. IA 11 J HO VI km 179 South at. j 21 Iw fn I. O. OF O F. rPHF. member, of New bora Lo ge. No. 10. are regp?ctfnll I requested to be in airenuaucrat heir Lodge "onn, Ni linnil Ha1'. O e en my neat, the 24th mat., a h ,iii'a, of imnorfnce w II he b before iha Lodge, 1 which all ita inemrariare inceretted Matthew ba' er, jy!f3tl,ee Secretrry. Havana bkoars a^iaFdoviinooloffk k pili,Onn Hitiu. 8 (ma. of the moat rrleurated brauda.wel ae cete ; 40 b iga fll UomniKO ? tf *e tor * tie hy j>20 3ti?* ic 1 e. (illOK Ir I VI. 79 Pearl etr?et. LAf (J ? K(>77vi IN RHO Totv SV - Wanted, a Inrg llin m. with tw ? arnall 011 aatt ichrd 111 Broadway or it Tirinitt . b team Park R .w 1 nd Niblo', Oa deu Apply a 77 I h mber. atie*t jy2i?e NVfw"ENT.LAND <il \T DS! AiTKN'IION / !-Th r a- Viembtra of the ' N.E U V'ef Boatnn, am leqneaie tnine i at li e Ae nr ll' Uae, nu 'l'ueadav Ktenmg. 13d mat ? 2 o'cli e , to mnkr air-nyi nieuli (in rouaertiou wnh the in. 1 York itv Olid) fur the ecrptiou ol their old cn'pa upo their nu t mutated *ia 110 thia c.ty. jy20 3t ec EAGIJ': COFFKK HOUSE AM) RATHS, 528 Prart thtrt, near Centre itrret WANM, I Ol D, A ID SIM VP EH B t I Hs, equal wi any 111 iheritv. I2N rent* eaeh Lmlmiga, with |ii? rl*eo an gle Beii, l>K ; veal, I2)g ; buaid and Lodgirgi t>. 4<l per week Nrw.i ai?ri from London Liyeipool, and al the pr ncipal Citira of the United Btitea taken in. j?2* m*m '? ?? F ^Iilt S \ I.e.?One of VlrOraath'a Patent s.,fa Bedurn ennrely new For parlien'ara enqnite at thia office. j 18 le'ic CAST OFF CLOTHING. ' /JENTLKMFN 4)R FAMILIES deair n. of coayrrttng Y .,*V C"*P th'T ,n|*'ffnon, nr eaat off Clolhiae, will obtain from the inbaciher the HIGH EAT CASH PIUCEfl To Inanlia, oinrnllemen qanting ihe ci.y, nr changing rtwi d?ic*. I avr g effecta of the kind to diapote of, will find it ?I ich'O III-ir adeanuge 10 a-nd to' ton eubeeriber, who will attend tnean at their rcaidencc by appointment H. LK.VETT. OfBcc No 2 Walla _, . , . . and at 470 Hu f Inthi g cleaned and repaired. 'X f a nee ihmngh tne ,met office, or otherwiee, prompt attention j ECONOMISTS, HUM rpHR BUST, f H1' AI'F.U I aud NEaTKST CLEANINO A rod renairiug > f One Oarmenta la done at 120 N>,aau .trret, where a larg- atock o' aeaaonable Clothing if alwav, on ''and. Ao a [e-caMe.n, t ma* ee had for fa. t.aah paid for CI ttfiUA Kfincmber 130 NtMaa airrci. j>2d nn're _____ 'OEO LFVIE LO DO IN OS j'WKNTY-lf .V CENTS, THE NJIO'S HE JIH, No 3 Biik Htn, xt. The anbacriber having fitted op ainiahed aeyeral roo coon^fUd witn thltnuiblit^Bco . aofima a call from hia frienda aud the public JAB. BYRNES. .N? u;?tor ajiambet of l.oag Baaekee aad Tablet jyia lw*ec AMUSEMENTS. NIBLU'4 GAHDKH. TUESDAY V ^ Nl v u Ji'LY 2 3 OgK UNEXAMPLED TRIUMPH -fS) Th# Oiald fcalio- >igo ly I ? < wjed u> wi iota lie Bplsud.d Kom- tIC Hallel e till*'- 'he REVOLT OF 7 HE HAREM ! Arknostledged bv a'l who h-v# mm i be lh? MOST >1 A O N I h ! i ?. N I seKC UCLt brer fri.daod in Arnih with ? I r ly k* Scenery, Cos tums.anu rro|. rri?-?. DK >M * TIB FeKhONJE, Mthomrl King o| I,ran di Mr Wells v.luaieer Kimor sud lender I Ui'folWIiM' M M utm Miuouf, < lorl of ti e k uuuep*--? Herr Kmrnmi Z?ir ?? ihe Ktug's Pa?e Mui W ood Aiuiiusu Mob* Zu nil.-??-betrothed ?<> lsm--el M d'lle t aulmr Desjard u* Afur which Herr Kurpo ay will da. c- La Ai ioiiM, lit m fun*. To conclude wits the Rk VOLT OF Tl'K POOH HOUSE Door* 1?0*.7 Kulrilainu ents c in" euc? at 8 precisely. Oiaaiba.aa will ruu to i,nd Iruui tin- Garden daring iha eveu '^ic cket' Fifty 1 >"t* >11 Postponement at 'III* r*tahli*i mm' no account of weather, as the grand a* Iran re Iron Broadway lo tnr Ha oon la proteer rd. uud ibe Nrw Saloon, which is venn atad from tlir lop aid t\m, auu tnr i'cw i^iiuuu, "HH II la ffn'l dU side*. e>a he enclosed at a moo e-t'a potica CASTLE OARDKHI. GKANL) OPERATIC CONCERTS A N LI FIREWORKS. Tuesday Evening, July gild. Second Niglir. of MADAMK M0 4LEY, who wai in st enthusiastically received MK HOLM A N, MR KORDHOFK. MK KAVANAOH ??d let Nifht of M HAIKU'ON thepiuar Improvisator* from the Concerts at l'hil?deli>h a, anJ "KAMI'S, MK. EM Yusictl Director THIAN, wi'l h?ve the hin or ?f art.ii a ?? INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. After th? Coucart fiftreu mmutri intermuaieu before eomncu eiuK th> display of FIR K WORKS. 0" Admittance 25 cs-ita F-tParncuUis. t'a ima11 bills ? VANBUSKIKK'S GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT ATCROTOv HALL c ruer ? f Uowiry and Division stieet, on WEBNa,?D lit EVENING. 'U y It, 1814 Of which ocasiou ha lakes the pleasure of a in. unciug to his 'rieud- a d the public iu yrnfal thai he has engaged some of the best voealis't iu the city, and ih" public can drpeud u, ou tbeir ben g pouctual to their ru*aarme t tie reiibr-ted WALTON FAMILY, (who have just rotnmed froin the South.) whose talents have received the mett unhnu de,l eppUtise Mr t)..OWN, of Yonkers.the celeb ated Temperance Vo cal at. Mr MURPHV, the unrivalled < omit Singe'n| etie >u,. Mr Kit A si IS O'lXINALD, the celebrated ballad linger, Mr OAKL-.Y, the nnrivalled ii-aioue ainser Mr ALKXA *'c I b>at'd alto aiu|er Mr O-o ge W Pa< ne ? ntional singer. A Prtifessor will preside at the Piano. Hit Honor ti e Mayor, and opinion Council tre espectrd to be pre-cut Orations b" Mr. Q-iackenhos a'd Mr J-met Burns. Tic ?? ti 2j cents, t ? be had ,it S nekwn l"s 1 r iMo Lnn-h, or t diff-rent Muiic Slor-s, or ,t the doo. on the evening ol the Copce t J13 2t*rc PAL' O'S OPERA HOUSE, cHa.muuks strut. THF. Pn'ilic i f New York si.d it* e vironn sr# respartfolly not fled that this tnostelegmt .rslab uhmrnt will ope- I, r a summer teas-u U"rier the ili'tcuo . o .sir C 'P P.HHLO"., on Monday. Iu \ 29th 1814 ? ph a company of derided ch r act r and ieiiuia>iou. Iu o'der i. iu tsin ih ? i a ie>l !frr>aofn New G and Melo Dram-tic Spec, e e th.t h a bee s-vern we, lis in t repar-, ion at - great , rpeu e. ei natiy r m.KJied by tl ejus,ly celeb' ted W. MONCtvEi h , Kn|. io rihi . the oxers. end lulu.due- toe )ersous of thbse eairio.Ui. arj F'eueh Artist," : Li s s r LtiLrH (whj nre engaged for a limited pe ri d 'litis 'he aim and wi'lbthe pnd ? of the pr- p. iefr lo rend r this UsiitUR TcaiPLr. >'e resort < f th ? i .bl [ Igeui asses S he sonounaes wuli ro fi eice aid s.tislecii u iht hy run i ual labor a tied by the < Dorte of die li st in rhauics, it may ui,w be pi,? ou ced toe be.t ve li at d ') he..t e in tl e city. sud Hpacious -aloon ,i I he thrown -pen sudau-lig i t Pioioeuad,. illummaie 1 wi h "Uiier1, Fes tivr L'hiuss- I H,.ihnr s. >xh,tii-iug to II e si-w ol -ha -pec st -r ? urn, ou hiehly finisl rd I'ain'ioes. I>y -ig Asr.gno. I ' e-e will be ela'iically urrauged, nd ihe fnrn ture ipd pi ur'eiiaocr* ,.f 'hn leceptacl' vsnl be in-g diem y n h aud be. utn.tiK ? ? elisahi.eot. f lie fi-st quality will be lon-tauily ira y The ntmost lihe'sluy will be showu iu the .ULageiii n> of 14a s d Hu er,-r Talent of every els i, a- d ihe most uutirin a iiiao er o imr.,1 m every Clai,a-d 'he most uuiirom in dustry e tcia d iu the produc.iou > l a cou iuual atr am of uo veU- s Ofli ars of acknow ledged energy, will strictly attend to'he maintenance of tcoruin. TICKKTw* F AUM.HSiON WILL BF. I-IFFY CRNTH K7~ Follpart:c l-'tin'h. Hi lt > I'the Diy j 23 Stic IU l AKHlVhU I N'.W i "oh THE REAL VALENTINE VOX. CONCF.RT HALL, Broadway?For I her" >igh'aonlv ? Oa Weduttday July l7ih, Friday, July 19th, and .Vlonda,, July 22J init, BIG. GIUSEPPE VALENTINE Th- larfani'd VENETIAN VENTRILOQUIST! Whose powera in th" above aif aslonishe,', uut only ihe var oos Amdienrs, but egcelleil nil P,ofea*ori of it, most respectful h announces to th" i ha-nunts of New * i rk a id its vicinity, mat he intends u ring together with blii COM HICO VALENTIN!. profetsor of i new Instrument entirely rons'rncts j by him elf. never before the pobl i in this qu-rier of the world, an en i-rusii'iomi iu the above room, enti ed THE DRAWING- OO st CONCERT OF VARIETY! On which i-ecas on, M I a B K k A N F. , from England, will mnlir her first appearance. Admission Fitty < ? utt?Chitcrru under twelve years of age half-price Doors open at hatf-pdst 7o'e!ock, p-rformance to commence at 8 o'clock pr eisely Ticket Olhce open daily from hall-past 10 to half-past I o'c'ock For particnlnra we hand bills. j|g lw*re GREAT AND ATTRACTIVE FREE EXHIBITIONS, At tbe Klyalan fields, Hoboken. UVEHY M-rNDAv, WeDN sDAY. AND FRIDAY, J-* cnmm-nciag on Mooday afl-moon. July 13 h. at 4 o'clock The proprietor. Mr. vc aHTY, rrepectfu'ly informs the t nb1 ic, thai he hat ei.g ig *?' at a eonai''er*b ? eiiense, the 6>al arti-ta of the city, comprising \|rn ? Wooc, Knggha, W Willame, M??ter, and Sirno Garcia. He haa lisewne eng tgr I an efficient Band, who will, in the coaraa of the afci Boou, play imnl lavoiira aire. MR HOOD will make a rrand and terr.fic A ice. aion on the Tight Rope, opwrua Of 3eo Itet Krturmug he will perform lereiai almot lernble feata MR II. W KUGGLKB, ( he celebratrd It' |ie V- alter will pe-lorm hie daring feata of wouder and ulniiiahment on lha SLACK ROPE. MR. W WILLIAMS, ?ve ueriratled Equilibrist Hate Wal'irr and Grecian Balan cer. i? whic i ' e delict ail romp titioo, will (?? thraogh hia new da.iug aed ardunot feeta o1 <J,eri n and rrmiiau gamra, .laa'tted by hiaaoe. Mailer Aeon, the luteal Prodigy, who will appear in hit w udeiful feata of I'uiiunnr. being only three yaart of age He ia the youngeat child who hat eter at tempted theae Irata. 8IOVOR GAIICIA will neit iuhr dure hia laughable and u'eaaing Italian Faato ciui. rrpres-iilmg life, eouaiai lug of lha following: Moua Moulette, the Polauder hc-r tnoiich. or niimelxi.iy. Nobody, Jick Junk will dance a Saiior'e Hornpipe Signor B illaaaudra, the Chain Balancer. Mona Blanc, the Diamoud of concert. Grand Toik, Tranefnrree himaelf into a Balloon. Conrad Hasean, the Ball Toaaer. Madam Jordan and Mona. de Stella will dance a Paa de Deui. Grotesque Chaaa of Clown after a But'erfly. Th-cele .r*ii j down. Jack May, will tryhiaakill in horge maoahip Allot' which will form one of the grandent free exhibitiona ever preaent d to a New kork public. jyl9 1w* c dr. hollick^s lectures TO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN AT SEPARATE J IM.cH ^PHESE will be ag'ik delivered in New York on Weonee *? d>y, Thuradar, Fndiv, and Saturday, Jnlv 36 26. 26 27. At eigh t in tna evtmug for gentlemen, and at tnor in th* after noon for lcdirn only. Theae L-cturea treat folly upon the ?#n gin aud Maintenance ot Hum?n Lite, and the Cauaee of Di nner, illnatraled by fifteen perl-cl loll aia-d modela, reparian >? ing the whole hnmau ai-uclnre, aa c minon in borh a lea, the peeni aritiea of the fern,le loim, and the infant being lueye-y aUge, from the germ upwards Admi ai n fir gentlemen, 23 cent* earh lecture; ladies. i2t< ee, la Oearlemen war alao ?ee theae mod. la on each of th<ae morninga from tilt II, at N-rmnal tin I Can ?? street a few doure euatol Broadway. " Geullemeo of the Pree? alwav- free jv?1 4r?re mmmZi t.apt. Johi n r- ->oiTt ui lA' ecru bi?i.H POOL?Packet of 26th tnly.?The aplendid and fiyonte packet ahip KOHCii 8. IM t<>nt burthen, Capt. John Collins, Will aail punctually as aboen. her regular day. The ahipa of thia lioe being all inoo tons and npwarda. per auns about to embark for the old country, will not fail to aee the advantages to he derived fioin aelrcting thia line in pre ference to any other, aa their greai capacity rmdr a them eye y way mora comfortable and convenieul than ahipa of asinalrr elaaa, and their accommodation! lor cabin, trend cahm ai d atarragn paaaeun,rt it'a well known, ar' anperior to thoar of any othar In a of i aeVets. Persona wiah.nn u> aee ore berth- ahonld not fail to ma ks early application on board, foot of Wall si ret t or to W. A J. r. TAPS' OTT, At their Geo era) Passage Office, 76 South et'ret, jy2tt26ihrc cor Maiden Lane, up atarre. -Adr PGR NEW" ORLEANS.?LOUISIANA a D JllE.V'KW YORK LIN" .?Poaitivtlv Pint Regular JHHK.packet? I n tail nu the 261. of lnt ? I lie faat tail ini tacket al ip 1. UlSVILLE, Capt Muut, will positively aa<l aa shove, her r-gu ar riny ? o fr-rgnt o< paeswgv, h.irin* haudaome furnished accommo da ton, apply ca Oriaana W harf, font of Wall air-et, cr o K R. COLLINS A CO 36 Smith at'eet. Pot tively ur leeeiveil it'rr Iheeytuiagof the 26th mat. Ag uta i i New One, aa?, ' i u 111 tut# Wm diutf, aho Will proinp'ly forward ?II (nod- io fi iraldre?g, r-ii * pp. rt bv thia tin- may rely upon h yirg their gnoda d.r recti, ir reaurrd. itcd ihn the ahipa oi thia lua will poaitively ? an eg adtertiaed T' e pa> Vet ahip Oconee, f'aptaik Jarkaoa, will incr-od th-Lenirvilte a .1 tail IV An/ml l?7Jir Hlu MO JANEi O?PA88AOE uNLY-To tail 10ih Aogutt. -Th? faat tailing IVk'l ship OAS! O.N, Captain Barer w. w II pot tively aail aa a bote Pur paaaaae oi ly having aplendnl (urn the) acrom m .ilitiona, ai pL "?> hnard at T*. rue'a rt it, Brnoatyn. or tu jy26rolta re E K COLLINS A ( O , 36 Sou h ureet UiB PASSAGE FOR LIVKRPO"L-?ai,a Mot. n^diy 22d of Jnly.? Vhe m gnrheeat, wall kr.own, ?Mbreiy fact taili g thrp ADIKOND ACK, of 966 ton Capt. Il-rkaiafl, will tail ooaitie iv aa above The atc mm d-tioua of the Adron'ak, for rahin, recond eabiu and rteerige paaaeugen, wul, ? a >n?|iertinn. be rouun ta -e fifed on'io a moat c rnlortahle iuanne>, having very l"fry and ell ventila'ed between decks Ae. and a limited com her el paaeeng-re will on y he taken 1 f ote visitinu the old c uu ry will fi d it their n.ta eat io aelrct thia fayome vre-el n preference to any other. Korteimaof isoage, whrnhwili he e-rv mode aie, early-pplic-tion ah uld he n.ade ?a board, at pier No. 13 E-aat Hiv-r, or to t>>e auhacrtbera ROCHE BROTHERS At O 96 Enltoii at jyl9f92ee ne?> dnnr to rhe kntma B-nk KO LIVEKPOOL?Regular packet ol tne26rh Joly? I'he firil elaaa. faat aaioug r?au|ar picket ahip (MEMPHIS Capt. Coffin, v/ill aailaaaboye, hum pilar day Having vev tupenor arenmmodationa fn- cab n, aerond ra in ai d ateerege i aaeepgert | ertot a intending t" eipbark ahonld make immidiare appucrtioo on maid I ? .1 ol Pa k alip, or to fuse Ptf Mr.MURRAY. 160 ''ine atreer, eorner of South. V R P-m mt deairoua nf tending for the r Irieuda, can he- e th'tn h nght not in the ahnr e e? aa-l i t in any nf the Mular .irk#la, killing weekly, by applying at abort, if byWl er. P A"' Drafta given, payble at aiaht for any amount, on the ''r.iviaeial Hank of Irelaud, payable at their reap c ivenraneh ?a llimah ml th ? e nnt'y; altn oa M tare. R|ki ner A'eoAi *Co , biuk'-re, Loudon, payable in -v rv towu in Great jyU am* I A< e.E I VOK HAVK".?Ken,ml Line?Thr Jfll^VShir BALTIMORE, Kdw Knnk, Master, will anil sllu"' the lai ol August Vat freighl or iwaaane, apply No. 9 Tea una BailAias, I For weight or pnasa BOYD It HINCKfcN, Hdias, no* Wall sad Wi BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Philadelphia. [Corre?pon4etice al' the Herald ] PmuDiLriiiA, Sunday, July 21,1814. Collision?The steamboat Trenton, w tiiii round, nig too at the lower end ol the Mend, with the mail pilot line from your city, about 11 o'clock last night, ran tout of a brig which was lying them without lights, and stove in the brigs bulwarks and earned away her bowsprit stays, &c. The Bteam. boat was also soineonat injured, having her pro menade deck work and stern considerably crushed and scraped. Arrival?Thomas P. Cope's fine ship, .ha Monongahela, arrived at our wharvea this evening from Liverpool. Drowned ? About 2 o'clock this morning a man named William Wiseman, was drowned by tailing out of a pleasure boat, in which he and about a dozen companions were on an excursion to 1 ape May, into the Delaware. The accident occurred opposite Eagle Poiut, about seven miles below the city, and bis companions immediately returned atter using every means in their power to recover the body. Another Arrkst ?Cnarles Burgen, one ol the fellows who aseisted in ihe rescue of the notorious L)tck Manley, from the hands of tlie office, , of justice, six or eight Sundays ago, was arrested on Saturday, and was committed by Mayor Scott in >def.iult ol $5,000 hail, to apjatar and answer. It will be recollect.d that when the r.-ecue oi Mauley tooR place, police officer Beck was mon-lly wounded by the accidental discharge of a pistol in the hands ol the*man who was assisting the offic. rs. Departure of the troops.?The troops eta tinned in our city lett for the interior last evei.rng, and Philadelphia now piesents a less warlike aij ect than she has for the last few weeks. All is quiet; the strong arin of the law has b< en and is being exerted in the arrest of the outl. ws who raised their hands against the institution of their country, and ihis has struck the disorderly with a wholesome terror. There is still, howeier, to he heard the stifled growl of overawed bi gotry and fanuticism. Theis is a deep-seated Ha tred evinced towards the Catholics which requires very little effort to cause to break out again in i cts of vodouhled violence. I heard one of those v. tio cherish this uncharitable, uuchrtarian feeling re mark the other dsy, that " the eirong arm of au thority prevvuted him trom speaking his mind upon mailers ol deep interest at present, but he would say, that if the Catholics ever gavt iavti again for another excitement, either they or the Protestants must give way.-" By this he gave me to under stand that one sect or the other must be extermi nated. And this is the feeling indulged in hymen ol piety and respectability, in the nineteenth cen tury and in hi enlightened land of liberty. Ths tact is, ihs putting arms into the church of St Phillips is regard d as a most heinous ? flence, as uideed a secret mine laid tor poor persecuted Pro tesiaiiiH who are to be deliberately murdered for the spori and pleasure ol the horrible pries'* This idea; preposterous as ii may appear, is seriously put forth by itie blind zealots ot our city, or rather districts Common sense stands no chance against the blindness,violence and impudence ol suchargu n.viiia li is'in vain you point ??? (he small minority ot Catholics, the want ol motive I lor such conduct is that imputed to them, and above all the regard to iheir own safety, which would be a sufficient check even if such designs could be conceived ol lor a moment; all these considerations are over whelmed in the lury which has seized upon men's minds. In the muist ol such a state ol things, ^ is it at all wondeiful that (he poor Catholics should become alarmed and commence so far as arming and organi zation in concerned, to provide against an out break and lor the safety of themselves and pro prriyl 'Tie true that we who are Protestants can see no danger,and'iheretore we are apt io denounce as I did in my second letter tt.e depositing of arma in any place tor defence. Our safety does not hap pen to be menaced, but let us reverse our position ; let uj suppose ourseives in the midst ol a catholic population, with a certain porion of the presa la buiing lor u long time in denouncing us to the po pulace, and imputing all kinds ot atirocious dengue to us. Suppose also that the people became inflam ed by these publications, and were taking mea sures to give expression and substance to the ani mosities thus engendered, would we not become alarmed 1 Most certainly we would, and no rea sonable mind could rind tault wiih our making such arrangements lor defence as we could The ar rangements for defence in the Southwark case was 1 believe unnecessary and imprudent, but I contend1* that the fault lies with the inflam matory course of the leaders of the Native Ameti can party, uperaimg upon ihe thoughtless and ig norant ol our native population, hut inore particu larly upon the tears of a sensitive, hot headed and passionate Irish Catholic community. In both cases they bad the pro|ter material for their work, and they did not scruple to use it. The effect, however,"was more disa*irous|lhan w hat the more rational leaders among them designed, and they endeavored to moderate the atorm they had raised. But it was in vain They raised hell, and they now find it impossible to put it out till it ahull have consumed them. Phil a Ds.i.phi a, June 22,1344. My Sunday's letter was tive minutes loo late for the messenger, or my watch was five minutes too slow, i wont pretend to say which. The news I communicate, however, is not the leas true or in teresting The Court of Quarter Sessions is engaged to-day in finishing the ordinary business of the term, ana it is supposed that the investigation of the circum stances connected with the iale insurrection in Southwark has been concluded. At least there will be a cessation for the present, te allow oi relaxa tion to the officers of justice, including the Judges, the Attorney General of the Commonwealth, acc. The weather is extremely warm and our cittrens begin to turn their attention to making themselves comlortable. The steamboat Sun left this morning with about one hundred passengers for Cape May. Some of our people have gone to rusticate a few miles in the country, and endeavor to get rid of the ill-feeling and had blood which the aog days and circumstances have engendered in our city. I sin cerely hope that the fresh, free air of the ocean, the fields and the monntains may produce a more charitable state of feeling than hae existed for some time past The Hope Hose Company left for your city this morning, and I anticipate a favor able report on their return. About two o'clock this morning a stable, at the jtincion of Fifth e reet and Germantown road, was destroyed by *re and three horses burned to desth. The property belonged to a Mr. Healey, and the fire was the act ol an incendiary. This specif* of crime is very prevalent in this vicinity, and ia, doubtless, the result of that general licentiousness and disregard of law which has of late been ao glaringly manifested. People think that thia ia a democratic age and a democratic community, and they construe democracy into a disregard to the wholesome restraints of legitimate authority They would make a democratic government weak and feeble, when, in tact, it should be strong?making each individual bend to the iron despotism of the law?the invincible will of a tree and virtuous people. The merchants and traders along shore have ea j tablishecl an opposition line to Baltimore, and the steamboat Hudson, Captain Devoe, in addition to his excursion business, has been hired to convey the pus-enger* to the Delaware and Chesapeake Canal, from whence they are conveyed to Balti more. The firBt boat load left this morning, and the numfnr was quite encouraging to the ntw line. The steam schooner "Ashland," with Errickson propellers upon Loper's improvement, has been showing her steps in the Delaware this morning. Hhe is under the command of Cspt. Mason, goes at a rapid rate, arid is designed as a fieight boat be tween this cilv and New York by s?a. Her ton natre is about 2<ld The Kim, of 600 tons, owned by Peck and Clyde, bark rigged, is soon expected to he finished and put in the i-aute trade. The cabmen at the steamboat landing, Walnut street, ItHve foraome time hem a complete nuisance to the passengers from New York, but to-day the police officers, relieved from attendance upon the rims, have marie a demonstration which 1 hone will produce salutary resulta. Seventeen < f trie drivers have been marked for legal proceedings, and this may have the effect to put them upon their goi d behavior We *re no longer a military city. The troopa have been withdrawn, hut the authorities, as yon will see by the papers, have deemed it advisable to keep a military guard of the city troopa, at tha couury prison in Moyamensing, a short distance be low the thickly inhabited part of the city and dis trict*. Every thing is quiet, although the mind* of the people ol Southwark are any thing but settled.? Apprehensions are entertained lor eMHion day 1 here was a Polk and DalM gsth#ing at ( hea ter on Saturday. It was a la^ft affair. but the po litical lever is eclipsed by thnTnti-Cainolic riotous spirit. The fact is, all the eatbusiaem of politics is confined to the county, and there it exisia in tta full force, adulterated only by a f-eling of detesta non for the principles and movements which could produce the late occurences in the city. The coun ty will, 1 believe, unite in imposing upon Philadel phia a national consolidated government, am a ?trong sod efficient police organisation. From Jamaica and rm Pacific.?We are indebt ed to our correspondent at Kingston, Jamaica, for filrs of pipers up to the 1st mat., and the tollowinfi elter i Risiiitos, Jnly I, I* Nsw York flour is soiling at flT a $t ?); Bah'

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