Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 24, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 24, 1844 Page 3
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09> CONNEL'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR IS hjr every family who are acquainted with 1U virtues el wayi after kept in the house. It hai inch perfect control over pain from burni, scalds, fleah bruiaea, and will save | life in every caae, if the vitals are undestroyed. and heal w i'hout leaving a scar. No one can uae this salve lor any outward ache or ailing without receiving benefit. To be lound genuine only at 11 Courtlandt street. QtJ- SMYRNA OTTO OK ROSE, LUBIN AND Ouerlin's Extracts, rommades, etc , at 07 Walker street, fu st store from Broadway. rrp- THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF BAR b VPA RILL A, OENTI AN AND BAR8AFRA8, prepared t> y the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, es < ahlished for the suppression of .quackery. This refined and highly concentrated extract, possessing all the puri fy ing qualities and curative powers of the above herbs, is confidently recommended by the College, as infinitely siqieiior to any extract ol Sarsaparilla at present beiort the public, and may be reiiod on as a certain remedy lot nil diseases arising from an impure state of the blood, Mich us scrotula, salt-rheum, ringworm, blotches or pim ples, ulcers, pain in the bones or joints, nodee, cutaneous ei upturns, ulconated sore throat, or any disease arising from the secondary effects oi syphilis or an injudicious use 01 mercury. Sold in single Bottles, at 76 cents each. " in Cases ol half-a-dozen Bottles, $3 60 " " one dozen " 6 00 Cases forwarded to all parts of the Union. N. B.?A very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers. Office oi the College, 06 Nassau street. W. 8. RICHARDSON, M. D., Agent MONEY MARKET. Tuesday, July 93?6 P. M. There is so very little doing in the Stock Market that it is impossible that quotations should be otherwise than very irregular. Stocks to-day do not look so well as they | did yesterday. At the Old Board, Loug Island fell off } 1 percent; Farmers'Trust, }; Ohio 6's, Kentucky o's, Pennsylvania 6's, Slonington and Canton closed at yes terday's prices, while Norwich and Worcester improved | ] per cent; Morris Canal, 1; United Slates Bonk, J; Vicks burg, J. At the New Board, Long Island declined } per cent; Canton, j; Farmers' Loan, J; Norwich and Wor cester advanced j, and Kentucky 6's closed firm at yes-; terday's quotations. There were no sales of Harlem ' Railroad;"!} were asked. United States 6's sold to-day at 118, being an improvement of 1} per cent within the past few dBys. Money is so abundant in Wall street that every one asks how it is to find employment. The banks i have out immense loans, and are constantly extending their favors at the lowest rates. Four per cent is about tho extent of the rates demanded The Long Island Bank has declared a dividend of three and a hall, per cent for the last six months, payable on < he 1st of August. The Greenwich Insurance Co. a semi-annual dividend of 6 percent, payable on the 1st August. Within a lew months past several new banks, formed under the Free Banking law, have gone into operation.? Several Safety Fund Banks, whose charters have expired, continue busincso under the new law. Several others whose charters are about expiring, intend continuing tueir banking business, under the same law. In the course of time, most of the banks in this State'will be or ganised under this law, which, sinco the modifica. tions and alterations that have been made in it, ia tree from those objections it previously possessed. The stock of tho State of New York, and that of the General Government, are only received ^y the Comptroller aa se c urity for the issues famished with his countersign.? This places the circulation on a firm basis, for the redemp tion of which there can be no doubt. One great benefit arising from this sys'em is, the knowledge in the posses sion of the Comptroller of the actual circulation of any one or all the banks at all times. There is not any limit to the amount issued, as the Comptroller is required to issue on the above stocks, to whatever extent they may be offered. We annex the names of some banks recently formed under the Free Banking Law in this State : ? Fulton Bank, New York. Chemical Bank, do. Unadilla Bank, Otsego county. Exchange Bank, Buffalo. Amenia Bank, Leedsville. Merchants' Bank, Buffalo. Oliver Lee k Co's Bank, Buffalo. Patchin Bank, do. Suffolk County Bank, Sagharbor. . White's Bank, Buffalo. Here is a list of ten banks. The Fnltoa and Chemical of this city, belonged to the old Safety Fund System, but have changed from that to the Free system.? The others are all new banks, owned mostly by a few in dividuals who carry on the business of the banks. They assume no more responsibility than the amount of their deposits with the Comptroller. This is all the bill holder requires Those who make depositee in the free banks have no security for the safety of their money. The law makes no provisions for their safety. Nothing but the honesty of the bankers themselves, is their depen dence, and we are induced to think, that the reputation and character oi these individuals guarantees the safety of dcpositesleR in their charge more securely than tho vaults of banks having a set of speculating directors, whose individual responsibility is not brought forward.? Individuals are safer than corporations in money matters. Corporations have no souls or responsibility. Those governing their affairs have not that interest in the credit and success of the institutions, as an individual has in his private business. The security of the bill holder, however, is the most important featuro in all banking operations, and the Free Banking law of this State, as it is now lonned, places their safety beyond a question.? There are now organized and in operation in this State, sixty-one Free Banks and eighty-five old banks. The Commercial Bunk of Albany, n^w doing business under the safety fund system, will, on the expiration of its present charter, in 1646, continue business under the new system. The advantages of carrying on the bank ing business under the new law, over those of the old, are, the limited deuiand lor specie, the circulation of the precious metals more freely, and tho absence of those panics tnat oiten occur among bill holder* when they think that the bank* may be insolvent. The losa of in terest on a large of specie, the safety- fund banks are compelled to keep on hand, docs not fall upon the free banks; their capital is drawing interest regularly, being sound State stocks. The confidence the public have in their issues does away with the necessity of keep ing a large amount of specie on hand as dead capital They not only make on their circulation, but their whole capital is productive, independent of the business of the banks. There is not that great security in the safety fund system that appears at the first glance. The bill holder may eventually get the face of his demand from the fund, but the time from the suspen sion of a bank to the redemption of its bills, under the law regulating banks, is so great that the original bill holder disposes of his claims at a very heavy discount, and the profits, if any there be, falls into the pockets of the brokers who buy up the bills. Not so under the new banking system. If by any chance a free bank should refuse to redeem its bills, the bill holder knows that they are good for the amount they represent, and, consequently, will not submit to the smallest sacrifice. This system particularly protects the poorer classes? they can realise nearly the face of a free bank bill at once* no matter what tho actual position of the bank is. So long as we must have so many banks?so long as so much banking capital can find employment, let the public be se cured in the most ample manner; and oi all the systems yet adopted, the froe banking of this State, so far, lias proved the safest. Those interested in Pennsylvania State stocks, com plain* very bitterly of the movements on tho part of those whose duty it is to issue]scrip for the payment of the interest on the State debt. Be rip'has not yet been issued'in payment for the interest due last February. Complaints have been repeatedly made to the issuing department in Philadelphia, and the only satisfaction obtained, was the nnswer that orders had not been received, authorising them to act. Tho iact is, the government of Pennsylvania have lost what little moral principle they once possessed. 1 n the firsi place they refuse to pay the smallest portion of the interest on the State debt. After this act they pro vide for the issuing of scrip for the interest, as fast as it becomes due, and finally have refused to extend even this facility to their creditors. Since the passago of the tax bill, the most sanguine friend* of the State be lieve that the interest on the debt will be paid on and after the first of Kebrnary, 1846, but from present ap pearances, from the tone of public feeling in the State re garding that tax law ; from the slight increase in the re ceipt* of her public works ?and from the little principle left as regards what is due their creditors, we have not the faintest hope thut one dollar of the interest, lor a long pe. riod after tho time set, will be paid in cash. Notwith standing all this, however, there is no exense why scrip for the accrued and accruing interest, should not be issued. The government have not heretofore been very backward about issuing their promises to pay, and at this time, when the creditors ef the State can realize on the scrip due, by submitting to great sacrifices, there should hs no hesitation in furnishing the necessary supply There are many bondholders suffering for the small in come the sale of tho scrip issued for interest due would giveithem. No one now asks for tho payment in cash That is out of the question. No one looks fsr such ? miracle; but wctrust those having the authority will not place so great a value on their paper issues, their mitrt to pay, as to keep those entitled to them much lan ger in suspense. The rejiort oi the present couditioa of the Oraxd Uuii Railroad and Banking Company proaanta tha inntwad atatamant (iBAlVD OuLr Mailboad Alto Bahbibo Comfakt. Asswa No. l-Oo*d nous, $617,712 Oood cotton. ? 86 739 Assign***' aad ilsn account, 14.*" $789,172 Asset* No. 8?Now* ia suit, 243,455 Re<l estate, 216,039 Railroad, 776,969 Assets No. S? insolvent notes in suit. 639 681 Iusar*ac?s*ock, 5,191 Deposit**, kc. 9,785 651,759 Total amount of as sat*. S 1,117, ? 90 Liabilities?Bank notes, $351,060 Deposit* certificates, 13,916 Checks on United States Banks, 11,318 line on Railroad, ?? 9,739 Due to Bauks, 1,326 Judgments 5,297 303,659 Total amount of assets otrer liabilities, $1,913,534 The amount collected on the bills receivable since lat July, 1843, was? In oor liabilities, $18,071 04 In real estate property and cash,- ?? 46,915 81 . . 95,006 85 By sales of reel estate 10 782 30 By rents and other items, 1,918 46 107,707 61 The aifairs of this company must, provided the assets No. 2 and 3 are worth anything at all, eventually be pla ned in a very favorable condition. The good assets, those numbered 1, amount to $486,716 more than the total lia bilities. Old HtockBichaii|ei $1000 NY State 5%'?, half 30 shas Morris Canal Tearlv 104 50 do 144100 NY State 5's, '5S 102% 50 Vicksburg Bk 3000 Prun e 5's 743* 50 do 8800 do 0|>g 75 50 Erie UK J?09? , do s60 75 50 Caatou Co 15000 Ohio 6 s, 60 98 50 do 5000 do blO 98 25 do 6000 do 97% 15 Stoningtou RU 3000 Kentucky 6's 102% 30 do 5000 do 102% 300 Nor at Wore RR 4000 Illinois ipcl 4 8 50 do 5000 Indiana bos 44% 50 L Island RR 26-has Am Kxc Bk 8h 150 on 25 Lift Ins Ik Trust lit 100 do 50 Kara ers' Trust 41% 50 do 200 do 41% 150 Reading 11R 50 do t60 41% 50 do 50 U S Back 8>g Second Board. $1000 Kentucky 6's 102% 150 shas Nor It Wore 58% 175 shas Nor k Wor b3 58% 25 Cantou Co 39 130 do 68% 50 4. Island RR 80% 23 do 58% 41 Manhattan Bk 93 110 do b3 38% New Stock Exchange. $55000 US 6's b3 111 15000 Kentucky 6's s3 102% 50 shia Kara ers' Tr b3 41 150 do c 41 60 do btw 41 95 do s3 41 25 Cantan Co 38% 125 do 38% 25 do btw 38% 180 N Jeravy RR b3 96 25 do 96 75 Saratoga RR a3 40% 75*hai Nor St Wor tw 58 75 do c 58 25 do 1)30 58% 26 Ho b3 56 25 da btw 56 50 do stw 58 50 do btw 58% 50 do c 58% 25 L Islar.d RR c 91% 25 do 80% 50 do nw 81 State of Trade. Ashes?Pots continue vc^r dull at $4 06] a 4 13} Pcarls are very dull at $4 37i a 4 43]. Flour?No change in breadstuff's. Genesee, $4 31] a 4 374. AU sorts the same as they were yesterday. The Rochester Advertiser of the 30th Inst, gives the following information :?The harvest has comn.raced in good earnest, and rarely or never did the fields yield more bountifully. The weather is passably good for sav ing the crop, though for a few days past occasioral show ers have inteirupted tho gathering of the crop. What is true of the yield in the Genesee country, is also of the western States; hence we may reasonably expect an ag gregate of wheat for market the coming season, greater than ever before known The amount of flour which has passed the weigb lock east, since the opening of navigation up to the close of the 19th, was Shipped at Buffalo and west of Rochester, bblf... 660,601 From Rochester 94,094 Total, past east, 654,694 Wheat, passed east, same time, bushels 330,798 The products of the mills for the last two weeks have been very light?new wheat occasionally olfered. We quote at from 83 to 86 cents?of aourse but little in mar ket. Flour retails at from f 8 87] to $4?wholesale from $3 76 to 3 31]; corn, from 44 to 47 cents; oats, 23 to 34 cts. Beeswax?Sales of prime yellow western at 39s 39]c; do do northern, at 39] a 29Jc. Cottob?There was rather more enquiry to-day. The sales amounted to about 600 bales, ol which 200 were taken by spinners, and the rest by exporters. On most of the sales to-day an advance of one-eighth cent per lb. on 2rices current previous to the arrival of the steamer, has een paid, and that advance may be said to be established. Hay?Common qualities North River bale sells at 38 a 42c. The supplies are quite large. Oil?We notice sales oi crude sperm at 38c. There is a very fair demand. Whiskey?Drudge casks are very inactive. We quote 23c. Prison and western barrels sell at 33 a 23]c. DIM, On Tuesday, 33d inst. Mary O'Neil, aged 13 years, nelce oi Francis O'Neil. The friends of the family, and those of Mr. Francis O'Neil, are invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon at 3 o'clock, without further invitation, from his residence, 118 White street. On Tuesdav morning, 33d inst. after a short illness, Gabbif.l Fubman, aged 88years. His friends are respectfully invited to attend his itine ral, from his late residence, 37 Chambers street, this after noon at 5 o'clock, without further invitation. On Tuesday, 23d inst. Thomas Farley, son of John and Mary Farley, aged 13 months and 14 days. Tne friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon at 4] o'clocx, from his father's residence, 90 Cherry street Pansngen Arrlveil. Posce?Paiqae Josephine? II Tracv, ladv and servant; 8 W Talbot, of New Haven; E Liud. J D Lavara. Belize. Hon?Brig Crusoe?.vlrs West and child, Mr Mur phy, Mr Clav and 2 children SvDSfET?Brig Viola?A Goodridge, and li 10 th# steerage. Poaaengera to Arrive. Katahjiah?Brig Exsn,?Mia Nicoll, Mrs Darby, Mrs T Taylor. Misj Nicoll, J Darby, T TV Inr, 8 G Prod'n, J de la Mottajr, J Priestley. D 8 Gorton, J W Owens, C Laiooge. G W Owens, 8G <4ardoer. G W Owens jr. Savannah?Brig Sterling?Mrs Serur and child, Mrs Sulli van and child, Mrs Matthews, Miss Robinson, M as Wearer, Mrs Eastman, Messrs M Eastman, J Claghorn, W Tefft, T Deinnsev Wright, Bates, 8uPivan, P Haluran. Gailmartin.C Mollis, Seymour, Clark, Matthews. Woodruff, Bowen, and She:-lock. MARITIME HERALD. Balling JDajrs of the Steam Ship*. STEAMERS- FROM LIVEHf 00L. PROM AMERICA. Hibcrnia, Ryria Aug. 1 Ca'edonia, Lott July 19 Aug. 15 Acadia, Hirrisor ??Auk. 4 --Sept. 1 O. Western, Mattbewa --Aug. 17 ??Sept. 14 Hibernia, Ryrie Aug. 20 Sept. 16 O. Britain, Hoikae Aug. II Sept. 21 Britannia, Hewitt-????????? Sept. 4 Oct. 1 G. Western, Matthews Oct. 12 Nay. 9 G. Britain. Hoaken Oct. 19 ...No* 14 Ship Blasters and Agents. We shall at teem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give to Commodore Robert Sii.vky, of our News Fleet, a Report of the Shipping left at the Fort whence they sailed, me v esseia Spoken on their passage, a List of their Cargo, and say Fo reign Newspapers or News thev may have. He will board them immediately ou their arrival Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OF HEW YORK, JULY M. SOI* RISP.S 4 51 I MOOI* SETS 12 0 SUN SET* 21 1 HIIJH WATER 32 Cleared. Sh'.p Zurich. Johnson, Havie, Fog k Livington ? Barnuo Pnpstb. 4 Br) McAllister, Qn'bec, J is Lee It Co.?Brig* May Flower, (Br) Ccchr*u. Pictju. NS;ThosCntts,Perkins, Baco, Me. E Richardson It Co. Arrlwsd. Barque Josephine, Mitchell, II days from Ponce, PR. with 263 hbds sugar to B 1)0 Fores* It Co Brig Crusoe. Kevans. 24 day* from Btlize, Hon. with maho gany, Ike. to K Alrtaoder. Brig Velasea, Tilton, 17 daya fiotn Jamaica, with madder, ke. to order. Bri'iih brig Viola, Danch, 12 day* from Sydney, CD. with 120chaldr?ni coal, to G It J Lanrie British sclir Theresa Jane, Sturrnp, I daya from Naaaan, NP. with 3000 pineapples 13 hnnchea bananas to inastsr rtehr Harriet Smith, Smith 7 days from Kleuthern, with 24,000 pine apples 5 tons logwood BOO conch shells to P Baleu & Co. Schr Mary Jane, Collins, Virginia. Schr W 0 Cos, Palmer, Virginia. Sloop Pswcatnck, Bash, Virginia. Below. One baiqae, one brig, unknown. Smiled. British ship Triton, Smith. Quebec; brigs Annawan, Hatch insou, Aas Layes; Ja. o, Bendecen, Liabon, and others. Mloeedlaneoiu. Key West Jolr5?Brig Alwilda, Talman. (before men tioned) ol Msire from Manannilla lor New York, with a cargo of mahogany and palm leaf got ashore on Alligator Reef, near Iodiau Key, about the29lh Jnns. She waa aaaisted by wreck - era a.til got off, but leaking so badly that she could not be kept alios'. She was run oa the beach as qu ck at possible, and tie wrecksn ars new cringing her cargo and materials down here as last ss pos.ible. Three wreckers have arrived with cargoes, and ihe temainder will be ere in a few days. Brig Cashier le t here for New York last Sunday, 30th alt. She paid 3)>* per cent salvage amonnling lo some $1700 or $ 180(1. The sal vage was paid a part in sugar and the remainder in money. No other sewa. Whalemen. New Bedford, July 20.?Arr Olyrnpia, Taber. Boston, to fit for w tilling July 21, srr Tuscaloosa, 'J'aber, Pacific t?ce;in, B17 of Islands. April 14, Pernarobneo. Juue 2k, with I600 libit sp oil. Krporta at Sydney NSW keb IL Clarice. Lester, NB, 26 mos, 250 sp; 29th, Rebecca Sims, Ray, do 44 mot, 1100 spun board; March fi.Coia, 32 mos, 250sp; has been rep. in Ju.'r 400 : 9rh, Panama,Cummjngs. KH, II mi. 500 sp: Atting for NWCoist: has hern rep in r'eb'y 560 Lell ar Bay of Islands, April 14, Frneloa, Hathaway, NB, 9 mos. 2350 v?h ISO sp for home in a few days; Loudon Packet, Huw land. KH, 5 mos 30 sp; Chris Mitchell, Krene, Nant, II mos. lOMsn: who rep off N Zealand. in Jan, Canton Parket, Sneai ' ?I ??? ssiaew, snvviv, III tvscMVlSf jwrpsesa, ??''R I*I "'lUki as inoa, II50: Jaa Loper, Congilnn. d), 17 moa. 900; L.agrang>-. Stetson KH, 21 ibos, 110(1 a i, 300 wh. hd to Sydney, N'w hpoke. I)ec 2J. '43. |*t 35 S, Inn 160 K, Lconiilas. Nye, ,\B, 23 "'j w iiu rc|i iin 9/.KHKUQ, in j*u, "nmuu ? si iri. oiirni man. Nil. 25 mot. 1802ap; in March, Alpha, Rog?ra, Nant, 2i .... . . ' IN __ 25 . v. . __ mes, 325 sp; Heels, C ape. Hippican, 28 moa. 1000, h<s beci rep in Jan,950 J hi Claries, report d snore, told 220 bbli sp oil at Sygney. Golcocda, Smith, N Zealand, Pernainbuco, June 12, I3fl< hbta wh aod 750 do sp oil; spoke, eff Ma*salurro, March 29(1., \|?rgar?t Wimpenny, Newport 900 tp70(lwli April 3d, off Joan pein?ndn, Alimra, Tobey. K'ga'tnwn, 90 sp Sao Harbor, Jolv 18-Arr, Washington, Brown, Chalhan I.Ian ., N Zealand. April 4th, 1400 hhla whoil, 11009 lbs bone Report.. .Ill 'rotn Prr.iambaoo, June 12, Mogul, Mallory, o' ind for N L 2 00 wh. 400 ap krw LORDOir. July 22?Arr Mogul, Msll.iry 2808 bblt wh I0? spin, 21.1.00 lbs bone At Otargo, Krb 20. Catharine, NL. I ?hile. Off Cape Saunders, 20ih Mch, Romulus, Mystic, 190' i obia. Myitic, Ct. July l??Air Congress, Lwttr, MM bbls. bp?k?ii> Glide, of Halilit, 4 days from Kingston. Ja. for Mttuk.. J?ly Cap* Aatooio?by tne Velaaeo, at this port K W Brown, bound South, July 19, off Cap* nattaraa?by the (ante. 'Cathridga,' Handing South. July 20. lat 37 M. Ion 74 31?by that? Staunch, Mobile for NYo>k, July 14. off Cvyaford Reef. 'Kdw Peal,' from Alexandria for Jamaica, July 13. lat 22 02, Ion (8 30. , and Wi'aoo fuller, for Savannah, and Homer, for St Marya. July 13 off Frviug Pan. James A Marple, I hiiadelphia fur Port tu Piatt. 14 days out, July II. lat 23 31, loo Tl 28 Mississippi, tiillaid, New York for New Orleans. July 15, lat 29 18, Ion 72 20. forolgii Porta. Havana, Jnly 12-In port. Robt I'ulaf .rd, Scobie, for Ant etp, 23th, half loaded: Aaof, Karnham, fur St Petersburg, 10 'V*;,a, Crowell, do, 15th; Ku rut us. Potter. forCowes, y*.' Haray, Thompson, one; Henrietta, Richardson, Boston, , for Portland; Cvbelle, and Russian. 2.V h; ( etturioD, Nor'is, ior mri auu; ivoenr, anu nussiau. Simpson frt. Sid Whig, Baldwin, for Europe via B ltimore; Peru,.Bangs, St Petersburg Off the Moro 13th, Elizabeth J, Remington, from Philadelphia, biuud in. . '>ol,?f ? J"!T 11?In port. Magnolia, for New Haven, 10 days.; Black Hawk, and Will, for NYork. do; Orleans, of and lor Baltimore, 4; 'rhoi Hooper, do. 2. Sid lOtli. Chancellor. N Haven; 9th. Forest, Newhurypott; Lexington Boston. Falmouth, Jain Jnlr 3?In tort, Levaul. Derrickson, for Philadelt hit, 4 ?'ays; Shamrock, of Portland, dug?only Am vessels. Liar.I Webster, far Ragged Island, aid 2 days before to load for Hartford Port all Platt. Jnly 2?Arr Clara, Du lham NYork Belize, Hon Jnly 1?In port. Victoria, of NHaven, for N lNYo ! ? York, soon: brig . fm NYork. jnat arr. I'ehnamhcco, June 20?In port, Latrobe, Inns Bil'im <re for Europe, 10 days; Janet, from Richmond dug; Cumberland, fm Philadelphia, do; W ui Thatcher, from do. arr 15th, leaky, disg, hove out, and woold probably be condemned. Lake Porta. Cleveland, July 19?Arr C J Marshall, Buffalo; Panama, Pt Stanley: K Ward. Toledo. Old Col Benton Billow. Mis souri, and Texas, Buffalo; 1) N Barnay, Oswego; S C Bigot, Kiogston. Home Porta. Lublc, July 16?Arr Only Daughter. M'Duffie, New York; 17lh, Financier, bargeut, Portland. Sid 17th, Richmond, Se.1 vey, Philadelphia. Baniior, Jnly 19?Arr Antill s, NYork. Portland, July 21?Arr Exchaoge. Dyer, Havana. Portsmouth, Jnly 14?Arr Two Brothers, Heed, NYork ? Old 16th, Mary, Bryant, Philadelphia; 17th. Two Brothers, Reed, Boolhbar. Salem, July 20?Old Eagle. Whee'er. Rio Orande. Weymouth, July 20? Arr Kspe'eta, Bprou', I'ictou. Bcstoiv, July 12? Arr, Elk, Nickeison, Philadelphia; Hero, Jones, Mobile. Telegraphed, Br brig Thorn** Houpt. from CM. Leonore, Milton,8t Petersburg; Maid of Orleans, Wiswell, Hio Janeir ; Chester, Oris, West Iudies and a mar ket; Tennsnsce, Winslow. Portla-d; Esther. Emery I'uiladel nliia; Moselle, Entis do; Narrigiusett, Baker, Norfolk, City Point and Hicomond: Shamrock, Cunell, Frederickabu'g; Fort Hi'l. Oray, Pniladelphia; Outvie, Mirstou. Albany; Ex cel, f ovell, N York; Charles L Vote, Savin, Calais, to load for West Indies Francis Lang goes master of brig Ellsworth, which eld on the 20 h for Havana. Arr 21st, Caledonia, Mas sicot, New Orleans: Delaware, Fisher, Philadelphia; Science, Herrick. St Michaels, 14th ult? Sydney, CB. 14th inst. Left no Am vessel at either; at latter, Leone, (Br) for A' York. Alto arr, May, Trench, Triuidtd, 29th ulI: vessels left before re ported Saw 1st injt, on the lale ol Pines, a herm brig with two white streaks, and a wrecker alongside, (Giraffe, of New York, before repor ed.) Also arr, Mrtamora, French, and Te cainseh Orcatt. Philadelphia; (nilleuge Gnffim. do; Osceo la, Means, and Coral, Shuts, do; Mart Hill, M'Oilvery, Hap p..bannock; W H Turner, Hincktev, Albany; Regulator.Clot ton, Koudoot,'or Cambridge; Sarah Marii, Be ouaon, of and fo NYork; Keeside, Langley, N York Arr 20th, Com-t. Ire land, Washington, N C;Marcia, Smith, do; Frances Hvllet, Lewis, Richmond. Cld.Tuik, Kldridge. Pniladelphia; Suu, Ryder, do; Loli, INickeraon, Baltimore; Victory, Eiwell, Fall River; Woleott. Ryder, do. Providence, July 20?Arr Louisa. Leeds, Philadelphia; Al batross, Miller, do; Spy, Smith, Albany; Advance. Uifford, do; James Lampheer, Kenny, NYoik. Sid Commerce, Allen, Pictou. Satan tt Phebe, Corson; Lodrmia It Elm, Somcrs, and Sv|>erb, Heron, Philadelphia; Hero, Spdman, Albany; Supe rior. Smith, Hondout. 24tli?Arr Paragon, Brayton, rictou, At It met 4 AnaO II., ed, a It snil Iiiia ., f I, . .. M ... ? H r,P tl, a . aL Ui A.U 9th uut. Capt Burdick.and five of hit crew of the ich Wasb iugtou, of Stonington, btfoie repoit-d wrec .ed 9th ult . st Rocky Harbor, came passengers in the P. from Piclou. Pat mot, Smith. Philadelphia; Oregon, Corson, do; Commodore, Wilcox, Albany; Anan. Muirro. New Yoik. Sid Jo"n Jay, Hall, and Margaret Anu, Uodfrey, Philadelphia. Below, a lore and aft sch with coal. Philadelphia, July 23?Arr Champion, Miller. Liverpool; Cheater, Vaudike, N Orleans; Leader, Dewing, Rio Janeiro; Huutrusi, Baker, Portau l';Gei W Oiffird, Comerv; Bal timore, f.idridge; Grand Turk, Mayo, and Edw rd Franklin, Oray, Boston; Baltic. Gay, Norwich, Ct; Ttng er. Park, Port land: Arab, Haven. St Johns. PR; Eliza Williams, Holies, N London; Caroline Baker, Rink and Motto F'ournier, NYork; Indiana, Brewster, NHaven. Old Cinderella. Crowell; Vetta. Houpt; Genoa, Lampher; John Frederick, Lampher; Escort, Bryaut; Zoue, Crowe'l. and Champion, Soule, Boston: John Estell,Harding, Providence; Mariacausey, Stubbs.Cambridge poit. Mass; Republic, Soule, NBedford; Anthracite, Levy, N York. Baltimore, July 22?Arr Comet, Gavet, Drmerara; Alexan dria, Lewis, NYork. Below, Iocs Conklmg, fm Rio Janeiro; Orleans, Long, Ponce. Richmond. July 22?An Tigress, Hart, New York. Sid Maucheater, Worth do. Norfolk, July 20?Arr Pacific. March, New Haven; Thoa Hooper. Kirwau, Ponce, PR: Eliza Ann, Ki zgerald, Havana; Columbia, Moor*, NYork; Seaford.Pugh, Providence. Midas, Benthall, from Kingston, Ja. via Havana, for Baltimore, went up the bay this morning. At Bewail'* Point, 'Aid, Crosby, fm B< sion for Richmond Also arr, Belle, McMath, NYork.? Sid Claire lit Manns. [Fr] Jouve, Havre. Charleston, luly 20?Arr Georgians Heliker, New York; Megnutico-'k,'1 rim, Camden la t? e offing,a harm brig Cld Edward, Bulkley, NYork; Tower. Lethe, for a port iu Cuba; Amazon, Williams. Cienfuegoi. Sid 8ulton, Galloway, sad Sullivan, Waite, NYork; Orray Taft. Lovetr. Providence ? In poit, ships Mary Frances, Hubbard, from NYork, wig; Mc Lellsu, Meeny, for Liverpool, Idg; barque Elizabeth Frith, Grace, fm Boston, wtg; br as Tybee, Mr.Cormick, N York, do; Dimon. Robintos, do do; Geu rinceatv, Sauner, for Balii more, Idg; Kirkwood. Martin, du do; Orray Taft, Lovett. for Providence, do; Arabian. Ho*es fm Matauzaa. Savannah, July 19?Arr Clinton. Lyou, NYork. Sid Wil der. Bentley, Boaton. Kev West, Juue 29?Cld Peconic, Wilbur, Antwerp. A LAUD ?The Plebeian at d fun, in giviue a description of the splendid reception of the I'hiladeli hian Hope Hoae Company by the New Yorkers, omitted to inent oil in their liat of companies in the procetaion, the Krauklin Hose Co. No 18. Thia omiiaion, whether intentional or otherwise, haa caused dtp B onification to lomr of the membera of thia com oany. They fe-l conscious of high reiprctabilny and of hay ing made a good appearance, of beitg large iu numbers, and of hating been attenred with maaic moat excellent the Uui ted Mtnua Band, from Uovernor'a lsloid. jV24 lt*rc NEGLECTED ONES. LiOHT GUARD?1115 REGlMbNT ?A ?t?ecial meeting of thi? Company will beheld at the Armory, Lafavelte Hall, on Wedueaday. 24th iual at half-)iail 2 o'clock, P. M ? A punctual attendance ia requested, aa buatneaa ol importance ia to be transacted. Bv order, jy24 lt?rc JONAS B. PHILLIPS, Secretary. T OST -Li mini OH MISLAID?A Seventh Ward dank Book, con" t&ining sundry papers and M. mvrindums; ilso, a Note, i by C. Mason. iu 'av;r of and endorsed by J. J. Timp drswn . son, dated leth July, 1814, at 00 diva, anionut tlCO. All tier anna are forbid receiving or negociatiiig aaid note Any | er ann< fiudinr aaid Book and cou rati, will pleaae leave it at C MASON'S, 202 Pearl at. jy24 3t*rc UNITED BRETHREN OF TEMPERANCE.?The re gular meeting of Association No 1 of this order, will he held THIS EVe.NI'-G, at 8 o'cloc'', iu the Lyotaa of Na tu al Hisierr, 563 droailwiy, near Prince stieet A punctual and general attendances! the mi inhere of the o'der is rtqne.t td, as busiursa of gencrtl interest is to b- transacted. jy2iltdh By order, A. C. CASTLE, M. D. Hec. Sec. rpo THE HOTEL KEEPERS AND THE EXPORT A EMS OK CLEARS?The subscriberof thia has inet e ceiveil, 48.000 ol Regalia Cigars, which he offers to sell at a >ery mod-rile price?they are'mtitled to debenture ol over live d diars per thousand. Also, a large quantity of all other kiuds of Cigars Prices from $7 to $>u per thousand by jy24 3l*rc F' SALINr.Ku. 43a B'oadway. AAUSICAL MONTHLY?'? BEAUTIES OK THE OP i'l K.KA."?Just published, the thiru number of ih? Mueical Monthly. Subscribers, ageuts and the trade sat plied by the publisher. SAMUEL C. J'JLLIE, 385 Bmaiwny. jv212t*rc HPO THE ADMIRERS AND < OVNOISEUKSOF OLD A VIOLI NS.-SlO'R D. VALEN1INI b uffrfor sale two ve'y eiee k-. i Old Violi"s; our of them ia 137 years old. the other made by the celrhrated Joseph Guarnino, of Cieinona, and upwards of 100 years old. Apply at 308 Pearl street. jy24 lw?ec KESTAURANT FRANCOIS. J BONN AMD. 5 Nassau St let. The Pioprietor fan f?ar ? Uss y rcc mm"ui hit establishment 11 general attention. It his tor many years b en cotidocrrd in a style, th-t n> toe Frenrli ar.d ForeLn reaid-uti, haa affo'd-d uniye a-l s.iti fac ti in. His table ab muds wi li rtrry luxury, tin most fastidious can reouire, "whethar in the English or h'rench style of cuokery. His Wiues, F ruits and L qiori, are of the best branos The Waiters. F'reui h and Kng ish, polite, and the general arrange meats of the tables, in a ou. and airy saloon, 'or private and to cial p?itijs. not to be equalled. J; BO.aNAnD, jr3JIm*rrc 5 Nassau at fcorv 1 TO THE TRAVELLING uO -LMUNITY AND PUB LIC IN GENERAL. WHEREAS, the ateamho>t Portsmouth, on her paaaage from Albanv to New York, ou the 18th instant, was tw ee crowded upou and im iuio bv the steamboat Kit caer bock-r. and whereas, we, tli? undersigned, believe the aitne to bav* been dnna will'illy and designedly, iliereby endangering our livesand whereas the crank of the steamboat Porta month broke immediately after such collision ti ereby dettin iug us 'or tever'l hours in lindson, we feel it 0>'r duty to eg press our disapprobation ol the unwarrantible eourie pnr.ued nif flits '*{41/4 I .in*1' t\f T r.?u mat/4 A IhntiW sea nrdae t/s nvHali new py the "Old Line" of Troy and Albany, in order to crash any opposition which teay tuin to a reduction of fare on the above line: Ar.d at toe same time we, the undersigned, frel it onr duty to express to O Ho-ae Capiain of steamboat P ita mouth, ou inesl sinnre thanks for his utmost endeavors n> prevent such eollisinn, by stopping his ei giue and otherwise ; " Ilo and whereas. O. House fiankiy and freely refund*' our passage money, and a-aistef us in proeuriugat Hia earliest mo ment a passage to New V orb. we cau vviih pleasure recom mend him as a gentleman highly worthy of publie patronage. A. Wcntwoitli, boston, J. Coles, New York, P. Skiel, Baltimore, T. Firipatiick, do J. E. Nlira, Albany, H Daviea, do S. Wilcox. do J Koike, boston, A l'heiiix, Saratoga, J. Kenton, di A.Coon,1/ S. A. J Van Everen, do J. Riley, New York, A Truennn, do T. Egden, di W. A Kobi-son, Baltimore. F'. VIcF-lroy, do N. Rogers, Oreenbuth. Pasaergers on board steamboat Portsmouth. July 15, 1841. Note?Ther- are upwards of 130 names ol psstenge a who sanctiooedtheali .se. jyk2 Itiseod TO EMIGRANTS, AND OTHERS MAKING REMITTANCES TO ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, AND IRELAND. TYRAFTS, FOR ANY A jOUNT. on all ilia Branches of A-' the PROVINCIAL BANK. IRELAND. and the. national BANk scoplaKd, can be obtained of HICH'D BELL 4k W.M VcLACHLaN, 6 and J Dorr's Rnildiugs. Hanover st. IT/- Also. BILLS on ihe BANK OK BRITISH NORTH AMERICA, LONDON. jy24 2ttw3m jgb HAMILTON HOUSE, AT THE NARROWS. A N IMPRESSION haa gone abroad that all the Rooms at A the above house are permanently taken lor the season; such is not ihe case. The honse, however is comfortably full, but aa miny of ihs best rooms are occupied by transient families, who are daily arriving aud deparnug, there is no difficulty ia obtaining stall times good rooms and reasonable terms ALONZO MEED. P. 8?Regnlar Billion F'riday Evening of each week? Hot a on Tuesday Evenings jy!9 eodlw iyb TRENTON FALLS, NEAR IITICA, NEW YORK. rPHE .SUBSCRIBER announces to the public, that after an A absence of two seasons, ht has resumed the direction of the Hotel al the above place. 'I he hoase has been thoroushly rvlm imbed and pnt in coiO' leie order, and lie trusts by his nttentii n to the comfort of his gnrsts. to merit a return ol the patronage so liberally bestowed ou liim in former years, jell 2w *?dia re M MOORE. HAMiLION HOUSE?FORT HAMILTON, LONC ISLAND.?Thn subscriber begs leave to aunonnee thai he has made arrangements wuh the Staitn Island Steamb. ai Company to run their boats, oa and after Monday the t7th in?t. ,o the above place, and fur the special accommodation of lb. patrons aud visitors to this favorite spot. Leave New York, from Whitehall, at 6 A. M. and IK I*. M. Leave Hainiltun House, returning to the city at 7Vk A M and IK P. M. ALONZO HEED j (8 stawistf re DORK?200 l>s?r. Is clear rxtra qaality, 70 do necks and mi A lor sale by E. K. COLLIMs Ik Co., Jy?Ji 48 Svuth sires AUCTION SALES. Mk'4an lane? ?OO Stay era BFNJ \MIN_ MOONJY^Aaci^ the auction room, II liUJH IWVUt'm* m A UCTION NOTICK.-B. MOONlCY fc CO will mil x* Thi? Dot, at II o'clock, in frost ol 1000 Steyermark Scythes, nader ih* inspection of the war deal of the port, damaged on the eoyage of importation, tor accooat of underwriters, for eaah. j?2t It'ei "IITANTKD? By reapectable young woman . with good city " rrfereuces, a tuuUion in a pru priea'a family aa clumber maid, or to do general housework. Apply at 169 Henry at. jyll 2tec

INFORMATION WANTtU ?Abnnt two years ago. Mr. 1 KOBslHT BICKFORU HODUKS. of Ksetae and Uxbe ri-ogh Oeeon, also of London, came to this country in seatcli cf his brother. He irqmrrd of Mr Kadcl'ffe ol the Cheatnnt street Theatre, respecting bis brother, and has since beeu in New Yoik Any information respecting him will be grateful ly received by C C.HODUK8.58 Barclay street, Broadway, or Mr. HOKSKY. at Kvans'i Importing Medicine Store, 14 Maiden jane. New Yo'k. jcltlth BllACKLKT LOST On Tuesday eveniog, July 23d, in Bleacher stieet, between Thompson and Broadway, a gold chain Bracelet,set with three garnets,th.t centre one the largest, the chain loop-d up with thread. The fi id-r will be suttably ?ewarded by leaviiigthe Btaceletat 191 Blseeker street, or with T M. Jenkins, tS William street, hetwren Pine and W?|l; er address T. M J. bog 426 Low Post Office, and the owner will call ou the finder. j?24 lt*je WOOL SORTERS AN1J PICKKH8 WANTED.? ?? Thru* or l>ur good Wool Sorters, and _ Ft ty Wool Picke't will 'had constant rniilovmrnt by applying lit tlie Wool Picking establishment in South street, corne- of liover near street. iy21 3t ec TO SOUTHER* MKUCHANTS, T?AVf.LCEKS, i ANIJ OTHERS.?A insguificeut end elegantly fiai.hed assortment of striped Shirts, well adapted to the 8 uilirru mar ket, eau be had ou eery reisonabie terms, by applying at M Pike slip, corner of Watt'. The supply is limited JOHN CLAY, coruer of Pike and Water, jy23 lw*rc 80 Pike str-et. PACKKT Mill* SIDDONS, FROM LIV*. POOL, i? I discha'ging uuder general order. All gooda no' permi ted will b* aeut to the I'nblic Store. jy 23 5trc L INHEED OIL?10 Casks fur sale. in Iota 10 anit purclias en. by E. K. COLLINS k CO.. jy23 3trc 56 Sruth ?t?ert. Ct>PI"Eli-20O caa'i compriaiug a full aaaortment from 14 to 33 ounces, manufaciured iu the most careful manner and IVoni I he best ore, for sale by h. K COLLINS k CO. jy23 lire 56 Sonth street. REWARD?Lost on Saturday evenirg or Sunday VP^'a/ morning between the Attar Hun.e and Carrol "laee, or St Bartholomew Church, a .mall Morocco Po-ket Book, with atrap and hliek a 11 k cord string, coniau>i?ii I mill rue buodreu and fifty to one hundred ana eighty dollars. inosTy small bills on Boston Banks, and a f-w card, and small papeis, Whever will return the same to the office of the Astor rionse, shall receive the annva reward J>23 Jt*m 7V/TONSIEUR GAB KIEL LK KORPONAY.ihe celebiated ?IYJ. Hungarian dancer, and "to whom w? are indented for the importation of the" Polka." and other fashionable dances, as rerformei. iu public and iu private ci'c'es in London and I'aria, it, we learu, about to visit Saratoga Springs, for the purpose of giving lessons in his art. Mr. Wells, alto well known as an accomplished trai her, together with an eminent violiciit, in order to give the fnllest effect to the heant'ful and cliarac'erislic music of the different dancea, wi 1 accompany him. We un derstand that the leaaona will be given in the Ergliah French, rill and O-rman languages. This arrangement will commence next Monday. jy*S 3iinarc A T H K K tnTOftYTl !WI1i 11 PIT"H OTT3E TO 'RENT, most eligibly aituated in Broadway, near .Franklin street; pi n enion given on the firat of Augnat. .. greater part of the rent wi'l be takeo out in hoard. For par titulars, inquire at the office of this paper. The best of refer ences will be required. jy!4 tf re TO LET?One half of an unfurnished Dwelling ' Honae, pleasantly situated at No 25Walkerat. Trrmi .moderate, if application is made imrardia e y. Apply on the nremites, or to MSB HUTCHINOS, jy 26 3t rc 36 John at from 10 to 12 A M. A ontoe i; DM. PEYSER k CO., No. 60 John street and 369 Broad ? way, have received by recent arrivals and keen constantly on hand, a large and las'- lul selected aaaortment ol K'eucli and O'rman articles for embroidery and lausv goods, which they offer for tale in wholesale ai d retail, viz Berlin Zephyr Worst ed, Herman Worsted, Canvasi. Fioss Silk I h-uille, and a va ri?ty of other articles for Embroidery; French Pume Twist, shaded and plain; g>lt and ailv.r'd Beads, Purae Ornamenli. Bracelets, let Cnmba and Ur celeta. Wire Baskets, gilt and steel Clasps for Begs and Purses; gilt and ailfer'd hair Pint, Comhs, Frirges, Braids, Cord, Taaiela, NeckJaeta, Slices kc. A splendid assortment of all kind of Taixeill Chenille Cord aud Cheoille. Embroidered See,lenders and 8utp*r,der Trimmings, Silk, Worsted and Cotton Fringes, und Uitnp, In all colors and qua lities Oiled Silk, French manufacture, while, yellow and green. jy21 3m ec rf CHANCERY?Befoie the Vice Chancellor of the first Circuit?Tiglie Davey, hxecutor of the la-t Will aud Tes lament of Thomas Haggerty, deceased, vs. Bridget Callaghan and nthere. Kdinund 8. Derry, of the eitv of New York, Solicitor for complainant. Bill of Interpleader, for construction of will and distribution of estate Morris Hvggftty and Daniel Haggerty let, two of the defend : residents of ilia State of New ants in this cause, who are not ? ... York, but whose residence is iu that part of the United King dim of Ureat Britain and Irrlrnd called Ireland, are and each of them it required to appear in t*-is carse by the fifth dav of February next, A. D. 1815, or the bill filed therein will be taken aa confessed by them New York, July 23, 1244. jyll ltawSw* is rc [From the New York Sun. DR. A. C CAS TEE has, by an original and scientific knowledge in his profession, sud from an extensive success ful practice, attained a distinguished leputaliou in the science ol D-ntsitrr. His method of filling aud preserving deciyd ten der teeth with a soft paste which combines with the remaining portion of the tooth in the inoulh, forming a sound miatient'>rv organ is the desideratum long looked for in this useful art. Those snffering ana having occasi for pro fessional aid ind-ctisiry, cannot dolbetter thau by arplying to this accomplished practit oner.' DR. A, C. CASTLE'S office hours (181 Broadway, N. Y.) from 8 A. M. until 6 F, M. jy21 lt*ec STRANGERS BEWARE. IN this age of Quackery and Humbug it is most important to choose an experienced physician ?Dr. J Evans has removed his old Galea's Head Dispensary to No 288 Pearl stre't, ruruer of Beekman street, where he continues his most estraordinary cures of all delica'e diseases, uo matter how complicated. lis apprisrt the citix'ns and sirangers that there is no Dr. Kvans in h<s old stand, and that he has uo connection whatever with any other office. His charges are moderate.?his consultations strictly private N U?Observe the aumber?mistakes are often dangerous?288 Pearl street iCV Medicines and directions sent to any part of the Union, by particularly s aung the case, and enclosiug five dollars. J v 21 U*ec MEDICAL AID. REMOVAL. DR. GREGORY has removed from II Barclay street, to 6G Gold street, where he msy be consulted confidentially as usual, at all hours. "There are few, if any medical men among us, that know b'tter how to manage thus* difficult end delicate disordea which sirangers era liable to contract whilu visitr g our citv." Dr. G. lias published a treatise upon these coinplaiu's. called the ' Rubicon ?It is expressly intended for the u?e uf tins class ol pati?nts of either sex?it sells et M'cews, by the author, at I-is resideite. 03 Gold str-et. first house north of Beekman str et To females >.fl!icted with amalaiv called "the whites"' this little b ok will p ove a friendly aud couliJeutial .adviser. JV24 It*'re. DR PHELPS' TOMATO PILLS. THUS VALUABLE I ighly ricommeeded A _ uy physicians, ?? d wh eh has b-eu usiu with such aston ishing success, in llir cure of various CHRONIC DISEASES, and for a general FAMILY MEDICINE, is for sale by the wholesale and retail Diuggists in this city and Brooklyn. jy24 2(ik29ia*in I. O. OF O. F. rPHK members of New Vork Lo'ge, No. 10. ore respectfully A reou'sted to be iu attrnuance at iheir Lodge Itoo-n, Na tional Ha". ok Wednesday evening next, the 24th irst., as business of importance will be bought befure the Lodge, in which all its members are interested MATTHEW 8AV ER, j y 22 ll*ec Secrete ry. Havana hkoakh a^d s y dominoUcoffek 200,000 Havara Segars, of the most celebrated brands, well selected; 06 lugs St. Dumtngo Oolf-e, tor sale hy jy?20Stia*rc C. 6. GHOSH* IM. 79 Pearl strict. LARUE ROOM IN BROADWAY -Wunted, a lam lloum, with twasmall oues attached, in Broadway or its vicinity, b-tween Park R .sd end Niblo'a Ga.deu Apply at 77 Chambers street. jy 21 ir. EAGLE COFFEE HOUSE AND BATHS, 52S Pearl it reel, near Centre it reel. TITARM, < OLD. AND SHOWKk B \THS, eyjual with ** any iu the citv. I2Q cents each Lodgiugs, with good clean single BeJs. 12K ; Meals. 12H ? Buaid ami Lodgings, U 00 tier we k NewsPai*rs iiom Loudon, Live,puol, and all the principal cities uf the Uuited Stars taken ill. jyjo im"in PUK SALE?One of Mc'lrauth's Pstem Sofa Bedsteads A entirely new. For particulars enuuire at this office. J IS l?y?rc WINES, CORDIALS, PRESERVES, JcC. 1418 I-A FULTON STREET. T^APOLEON OURI'IN resiieetfull? i .forms h> hu si AN ways on his hindi a ii>iop'"t< ass .mucin aid verv nice choice of French, Oermtn and Spanish Wines, of various braads, still anil sparkling, in casks, half casks, cases, per do zen. gallon, and bottl'S. /also, French Vinegirs, Oin, Rum, Ahiynlh Kirsh, old su perior Brandy in pipes, half pi'"s, ijuirter Pipes cases, per gallon, in bottles and half bottles; iLaudy Fruits ; H-gars of various brands. Ha ad Oil, Caperi. Ol ves, Inkles. Mustard, Giuyere aud Neufcnmel Cheese, Sw,-.linens, Pates de F res rms ot Htrasborg. Terrines of Neyrst, Caviar, I'mtflis, Mush rooms, P'as,, Anchovies. Hxusagcsnf Boiogue, Lyon Aiies Ike. j20lm* Ol AUD, DUrU V k CO BKaN DI -S.?Fifty hair and twenty-fire Eight pip s rereived direct Irum lusnufuc tnrers, ei Fr. brig Amerika, from Borueaux, comprising a cli itc collection from the vinteg s of 1831, 12, 24, 38. 40, 42, 41 For ale in tou to suit purchase s. bv j v21 re E K COLLINS k CO., 56 South st CAST OFF CLOTHING. QKNTLEMKN. OR FAMILIES desirous of converting a* into cash their superfluous "r cast off Clothing, will obtain from the subscriber the HIGHEST CASH PRICKS. To families or gentlemen iiuitting the cuy, or changing res - deuce, having effects of the kind to dispose of, will find it much to their advantage to send for the subscriber, who will attend them at their residence by aupoiutinect. H. LKVETT, Office No I Wall stren. and at 476 Hudson st. Clothing cleaned and repaired. Q[7* A line tnrougn the nost office, or otherwise, will receive pinmnt attention jv2?lm*re, DECOR D'INTKRIEUK, MOYKNAGK, fcc kc-The sunscii er having jnst received f-om P.iris a vary chaste and beaniitul collection of highly finished Fresco Decorations for interi >r embetlishnient, respectlnlly invites the attention ol tfie r ntiy to this very ext-nsive a'aortment Tne i|oalitr and execution ot ti ete desgna cannot fall to recommend li em to connoisseurs in matlarn of art, and in comparison with other m-thods of embe lishment they will be found in msny ways highly advantageous to purchasers. Apply to jy24 lm"rc GEORGE PLATA', 12 Spruce street GRAND MOONLIGHT EXCURSIONS. FORT HAMILTON. CLIF TO1", AND LOWER BAY kMPI j&i I lie steamboat PlLoT, Capt H. Eagles, ^^P^ViejJhwiH leave the Fulton Feriy_, Brooklyn, at _7J? _ I'clpek, and pier I N. R New Ymt, at o.< Weiia- sday issil Friday Evenings, 21th and 26th lust., if the weather is pleasant, returning ea'ly in the evening, and lar.diug as above Fare 27 cents ench way. The above boat h-.visy teen thoroughly repai-ed. can be ..bartered for day or Eveuiig Eicursions on reaaou-ble terms jr24 His* fc LONG ISLAND KMLKOAD 00-On an la'tcr Moadav nest, r -e 29th ol July, accointrtoh i?n trains will be tun between Brooklyn am isreeop irt, stopping st the in Immediate i laces. jy23 It' tn The steim-ioat THOMAS ?ALMONI) M'. pt W. T. Shultx, will run to the Ki'hm .11 nks t LESDAYS. Wk DNK8DAY8, THURSDAYS, and FRIDAYS. TO CONEY ISLAND AND FORT HAMILTON. HAIUaDAYH. SUNDAYS, and MONDAYS. On Saturdays the boat will make I. lit cue trip, and only n the n'teinnon?Sundsys asd Mondays two trips each way. i jy23 HENRY Ys. R1ELL. AMUSEMENTS. "ftlBLo'4 tiAHUII. FIRST NIGHT OF THE U AND OPERATIC BALLET, ENTITLED LA SOMNAMBULE! With the Popular Comic Opera in two ecte, called JOHN OF PARIS. WEDNESDAY EVENING. JULY til The prrto'twaece will ronewncl with JOHN OF PARIS I'edrteo Pout Mitchell John of Paris Kruno An Intermission ol half an hour for promenade anJ refreshment To conclude with the In act ol the Oiiermtic Ballet of LA SOMNAMBULE Count St. llambert Herr korponay Therese, M'lle Desjardins Doors open at 7?EuteriauimeuU c< mweoce at I precisely. Omnibuses will run to and front the Garden during the even ins Tickets Fifty I'eete. N o Postponement at this establishment on acconnt of weather, as the grand entrance from Broadway to the Saloon is protect ed, and the New Saloon, which is emulated from the top and aides, can be enclosed at a moment's notice. CASTLE GARDEN. THK PROPRIETORS of this well known and fashiooable resort, beg lease to icfortn the public, and sirargeis visiting the city, that it is now o|ieu for the season. trout sunrise to 10 o'clock P.M. In addition to the attractions which arise from a view of the Bay, the heaMiful breeze which sweeps across the sea, and the sparkling streams of a changing Fountain,there id eiteuais is alto to he found extrusive Promenades in or outside the liar den. and a Inug Promenade Saleon. 100 feet in length, together with the New York Brass Band?Leed*r, Mr. Loihisa Re freshments of the firs', quality, attentive waiters, he. Signal Rockets every fair evening Tickets 10K cents, for which refreshments will be furnished. jeJ9 ec PALNO'S THEATRE. f AST EVENING BUT ONE OF DR. LARDNER'S Lr ENTERTAINMENTS HENRY PRATT begs to inform the public that he has en gaged the profession 1 aid ?f Dr, to state his daiint in regard to the discovery ol a NhW MOTIVE POWER anil improvements in the manufacture of BREAD, and to vindicate him from the prejudicial elf-ci? of the pub lished reports of ihe Aipericin Institute, the Mechanics' Insti tute, and the FranWIiii lustrum Dr. Lirdner will dlirtr an Address on ibis subject on . WEDNESDAY EVENING, 21th Jnly, which will be followed hy an k thibiticu of a arlectiou ol the most attractive and instruc'ive of Dr. Lardner's collection of Illustrations, including his great Gas Mictuscop*, his Diora mas, Ac. he. His Honor the Mayor and the members cf ih? < ommon Coun cil Have their inter lion of lie ng present. Tick u 2S cents. To commence at 8 u c'uck. rc-morrow being th. lost of Irr Lardner's cntertaiuments her?'1 he Lecture on the Stellar Universe, witn a'l the lll?. trstioes. jy'4 It 'c VAN BUS K IRK' 8 GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. ATCKOTON HALL, corner of Bowery and Division A street, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, July 21, I8U On which occasion he takes the pleasure of aunt uucing to his friends and the public in geueral. thai he has engsged some of the best vocalist* in the city, aud the Dubltc can dspend upon their being punctual to their rut>(tac> I. The cellbr-teel WALTON FAMILY, (who have just returned from thr South,) whose tahrala have received the mast unbounded applause Mr. BltOWN.of Yonkers, the celebiated Temperance Vo calist. Mr. MUHFH V, the uunvallrd Comic Singer of the day, Mr FRANCIS O'DONALD, the celebrated ballad singer, Mr. OAKLEY, the unrivalled bi'stoue singer. Mr ALEXANDER, the celebrated alto singer. Mr (Jii ge W Pasne. rational singer. A Professor will preside at the Piauo. His Honor the Mayor, and Common Council are expected to be prment. Orations bv Mr. Qwackeubos a"d Mr. James Burn*. Tickets 21 cents, t*be had at Stockwslt'i Croton Lnnrh, or ft different Music Stores, or at the door on the sveelug of the Concert jtllt'rc PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE, chambers street. T^HE Public of New Fork and its environs are respeetfnlly L notified that this most eleg.nt .establishment will ope" hr a aaminer season under the dirscnon 01 Mr. C T Pa HsLOE, on Mouduy. July 29th 1814, with a company of decided char acter and reputation. In order to su<tain the tatisd -ffeet* of a New (Land Melo Dramatic Hpect cle that has been severs' weeks iu prepare* ton, at a great expenie, expressly cm posed by the Justly celobnted W. MONCHEIF, Esq, to exhitntihe powers, aud introduce the rersons of those extraordiusry French Artistes : Lis Fni.tiss (who are engaged for n limited pe riod As it is the aim and will be the pride of the proprietor to tender this Unique Thmplh the resort of the intelligent classes,'he announces w ith coi ft 'euce and satisfaction that by continual labor, a ded by the efforts of the first mechanics, it may now be prononnced the best ventilated Theatre in the city. The Maguificent aud Spacious Saloon wi I be thrown ojieu and an t lrg n.t Proineuade. illuminated with superb Fes tive Chinese Lauthorns, exhibiting to the view of the spectator lume.oui highly finished Paintiufi. by Big Am.klo. These rill be classically arranged,and the furniture aud appurtenances if this trceptacle will be magnificently rich and becoming ? fefrrsluneuts of the first quality will be constantly ready of this teceptacle i Refreshment* of _ __ . The utmost liberality will be shown iu the engagement of Ha*r and Superior Talent of erery class, and the moat untiring in dustry exercistd in Lhe production ufa continual stream of no velties. Ofii sta of acknowledged energy, will strictly attend to tke mainteuauce of decorum, TICKET* OK ADMISSION WILL BE F1FFY CENTS IO*" Full particulsre iu the Rill* of the Day jv2S 5trc Ill fV ARRIVED IN NEW VOHK THE REAL VALENTINE VOX. CONCERT HALL, Broadway?For Thre? Nightaooly? Oa Wednesday, July 17th, Kriday, Jaly 19th, and Monday, Jaly 32d intt, SIO. GIUSEPPE VALENT1NI, Tli' far-famed VENETIAN VENTHI LOQU 1ST! Whose powers in the above scire astonished, not only tha vari ous Amateurs, but excelled all Professors of it, most respectful ! v announces to the inhabitants of New York and its vicinity, that he intuuils giving together with bfu. COMMICO VALENTINI, Professor of a hew Instrument eniirely constructed by him -elf, never before the public to this qusrter of the world, an en tertainment in rhe above room, entitled THE DItAWINU-HOOM CONCERT OK VARIETY ! On which occasion, M I 3 3 K E A N E . from England, will make her first appearance. Admission Kilty Outs?Children under twelve yrars of age half-price Doors open at hslf-jiasl 7o'clock, performance to commence at t o'clock precisely. Ticket Olfice open daily from half-past 10 to half-paat 1 o'clock. Kor particular! ace hand bills. J16 lw'rc GREAT AND ATTRACTIVE FREE EXHIBITIONS, At tike Elysluii Ktelda, Hobokcn. ?PVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, AND FRIDAV, ?D cnuiinrncing on Monday aft rnoon, July 15th, at ? o'clock. The proprietor, Mr. Vc aHTY, respectfully informs the rtsb' ic, that he has engaged, at a coiiti-'eMbe eifeuse, the Aist artists of the car, comprising Mess.*. Wood, Ruggles, W Will'ama, Master Avon, and tiirr,o, Uarcia. He hat likewise engage i an efficient Band, who will, in the course of the after noon, play lavorire airs. MR HOOD will make a grand and t?rr,lic Ascension on the Tight Rope, upwards ol 31)0 lei t Returning he will perform several almost terrible fuats. MR II. W. RUOGLES, The celebrated Rope V-ulter, will peiforiu his daring feats of wonder and aslonislnneut ou the SLACK ROPE. MR. W. WILLIAMS, the unrivalled Equilibrist, Plate tVallSer and Grecian Balan cer, in wlucn He eelica al< competition, will go through his new daring and arduous leata ol Oivcian and Prussiau games, assisted by his sop, Ma-ter Avou, the lufant Prodigy, who will appear in his wi uderful feats ol Posturing, being only three years of age. He is the youngest child who has ever at tempted these feats. SIONOIl GARCIA will nest intr iduce his laughable anil n'eaaing Italian Faulo cini, reprea-uting life, cousistiug of ths Pillowing : Minis Moulette, the Polauder Scaramouch, or Mom*body. Nobody. Jick Junk will dance a bailor's Hornpi|ie. Higuor UaPaaaiidia, the Cha'u Balai.rer. Mons lllanc, the Diamond of Uancrrt. Grand Tin k. Transforms himself into n Balloon. Conrad Italian, the Ball 1'osiei. Madam Jordan aud Moiu. de Stella will dance a I'aa de Deux. (Jroteaun* Chase of Clown after a Bnt'erlly Th celebrate., clown, Jock May, will try his skill in horse maoship. All of whicli will form one of the grandest free exhibitions ever presented to a New kork public. jyl9lw*ic NEW YORK SACRED" MUMC SOCIETY.? GRAND MOONLIGHT EXCURSION AND CONCERT rPHIS tpl-ndi I affair, whirh hu ben some week* in prepara ?I lion, will come off on FRIDAY EVENING > > XT, 26ih iuai. The Horiety, with such as wish nj.mlhrm f.iruir occasion, w II euibuk no Doaid the spieudid <t .mi- r ' Sou li America ' from the foot of Bare ay st.e, t, at i o'c.ock, P >1, and pr. need * few ii,iles uu he .orth River lu letuiuing the boat will pass r und the city, during which'line lire Society, compr.sing ISO peiformi.-g in mheit. luge i er ith s large Ur chestra, will Kifurm s veial m g .ilic-nt Churuoes ancf'oh r p eces; alt ' which liter will km c-e I to Pint Kichuv lid, St, len Islard. w eean e? ertamment w ll be p vi.ird 'or the whol ? c m.mjv in a gr >?e on tli'hem ? <u, gr umlt o' Ills Honor Judg- r.dwawls Fu th r pirticu'ars w,l he staled in a future a j?c,ii>ein-ut A limited ru"herif l ick ts will be disposed ol at $1 ill eich including the r?"r ? . me.', tor which early appli at m il e in de to euhrr ??{ the unde - sgod. L. B. W y M A N. Pr tide t. :>> Burling slip. HENRY MEI'iOS Sec'rv, I* itr auway. Jy 2 I 2t?rc UllTH, IIaLu k PO N I). 239 Broadway DR. HOLLICK'S LECTURES TO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN AT SEPARATE i IM .S THESE will be avin delivered in Nrw York on We ,n?t I d<y, Thursday, Kridii, and Haturday, July 2i 28. JO 27. At eight in tut evening fur gentl'men, and at leur in he after noon for lidies only. These L-ctures treat fnlly upon the >.ii. gin and Maintenance of 11 urnm l.ile, and the Causes of Di ?e<ae, illustrated hy hi teen perlret lull six'd models, represent tng the whole human st-urture, aa er mtn in to both s tea, the peculiarities of the f. m le form, ami ih' infan b iig in eve. y stage, from the germ upwsrdt Admi si n for g'ut,emeu, ri cents each lecture; ladies. I2H cents Gentlemen nor also tee these mod it ou each of rinse mornings trnm 9lf till II,at Narional Hall. C?n>l street a few doors east ol Broidaay. (I'ntlemen of the Press always free j v?3 ?'" rr li EA'i ?I' II bseo. Is I'llunle?iOU?. d" O. ?? u ul IBI2, .u line . rder, fjrtale by E. K. COLLINS k CO jr23lt re M South si ret. ~PAStAOkflfOR LIVEHPOfHT?Sti'eon rhnrs JwWday urxt. Sith of July?The mtguili e .well known, __BBfcyery fast sailt g ship A DI RUN 1) ACK, nf 990 ions hnrinen Capt. Hacksutt, will positively tail on Thursdtr, 2ith Ju'y i he a cumin daliont of the Adirondark. for cabin, ivcond ci,biu and steerage passengers, will, in inspection. he found to ec fitred oat in a most rnmlortable manner, hevin* very fifty and ell ventilated between decks ke and a limned number ?l paarengsra will only be takeo Those visiting the old ci-ao try will (lad it their interret to select this favori'e vessel in preference to any other. For terms of passage, which will be v?ry mode ate, early application th old h.- u.tde on board, at pier No. 13 Ernst River, or to the subscribers ROCI1K, BROTHERS kCO JS Enltoa at. jv24 Jl re rest door In the Fnltnn Bank PASSAGE FOB Ll VE RPOUL.?Tra Pack" Ship ROsCIUS, Captali Collins. Will e?il oa th. 26th instant and the Parke- ship e.UKOPE, Captan Funier on the lat August, their regular davs For passage, hiring sU|?enor *ecJV"h'?7"?ANd? 61 South street. N B. ?Passage from Ores'. Britain and Ireland ran at al limes be engaged bv the rrgnlar Packet Hhipr.lvia Lirer pool) aailiug erery Ave diya, and ft?r any amount fro ?ale, navah'e at 'II ilie prineiiul hinkng instirnlicns through mi' < heat Britain and lr? land, on application at abova j> 2< vc . EX' MANGE ON KNO And, IRELAND. sScoTLAND ANI) WaLES-lhesiihteriberln at all limes for tale |) fu Ir. in ? I to I 100(1, piv-b tor principal Bankirg iiistitutinns thronghout the Unite Kingd m. JOHN HE'.KllM wN.6i Months! N U. f'assag.i to and from Liverp wo I can be aeenred at th ? west rates by any ol ih' line of packets tailing on the 1st ih. I Ith, 16th 21st and 26'h of each month, on application ? bove jylt re PA' wET FOR IIAVKP.-Seeond Line?TE Ship BALTIMORE. Edw Fnnk. Matter, will sa a the 1st of August For freight or passage, appl i BOYD k MINI KEN, I >0.9 Xoauas BaDdiM. cor Wsii sad Water W BY THE SOUTHEBN MAIL. PfclU^.lphl.. [Corresposdence of ths Harold ] Philadelphia, July 28, 1844. The weather to-day ia sultry and rainy, which makes it good tor the corn crops, hay, potatoes, etc , but bad for business, particularly in the news line. There is consequently nothing to communi cate to-day, except that the Quarter Sessions have resumed somewhat unex|iectedly the investigation of the Southwark riot cases. Several witnesses have been examined, among whom is Penrose Ash, Esq , the present county treasurer. The only thing new elicited, (1 mean new as it regards the testimony of the natives themselves, the fact being well known,) is that Lewis C. Levin acknowledged on leaving the church, on the Sunday afternoon preceding the fearful Sunday night, that the citi zens could not retain possession of the church much longer, that three deputations had been sent to the Sheriff to bring the military down and if they did not arrive soon, the citizens must retire and leave the proi>erty to the fury of the mob. And yet this man and that committee of citizens, or at least their leaders, the (teople who abuse the military for doing that winch they themselves by three seperate delegations earnestly requested them to do. Com ment on such consistency is of course unnecessary. In uddilion to this it is proved, that stones were be ing thrown through tne windows of the church, and the committee of the interior were wrangling about precedency and disputing against receiving authority from the sheriff to act as his posse com nutatus, at the time the troojrs upj>eared upon the ground. Mr. McGarvey, one of the Irishmen who was found iirmed in St. Phillip's church on the Friday evening when the Southwark excitement com menced, was this morning arrested and held in $500 bail to answer the charge of being concerned in an unlawful assembly. Thejudge said he would hind lutn over and he muii allow Ins anthorily from th* Governor, to have the arms there, to a jury. Mii.itahy.?The liosiou Oiiy Greys arrived by the ufterNoou train on their return from Baltimore, and have left the city ui some of Glenat's six horse omnibusses for the Fulls ol Schuylkill, a few miles north of the city, on the moat romantic of rivers, where they partook of a collation given them by the National Greys, Capt. Fritz, of this city. Reported Loss of tiie British Steamer Tat.? Cant. Benihall, of the brig Midas, at this port yes terday, in the short run of six days from Havana, reports thai the U. 8 brig Lawrence arrived at Havana tl e even ing before he sailed, bringing intelligence of the probable loss of the British Royal Steumpacket Tav. which vessel went ashore on Colorado Reel, on the Hth in.t 8he was Irom Kngland, with the mail and pussengeri. bound to the West Indies and Mexico. Immmliately upon hearing of the news, assistance was der patched by the authorities of Havana.?Bait Jlmtr., July 'III. Males of Stocks at Philadelphia. First>, July U:t ? ,00 shares Wilming-on RR, cash, 'JI J; 100 do. i6, '11 j; $1000 Kentucky ?'s. Itllj; '100 shares Girard Bank. Ad, 13; 100 do, cash. 13; 310 do. 13. Hscomd Bo,hu. July 33.?150 shares Wilmington RR, ISO Girard Bank, l'ljj; M do, b5da, 13|; 300 do, 6dl, $3000 Lehigh Mortgage Loan, 70; $lo00 Tennessee o's" 06; $6000 State 6 s, ckp. 74| ?i: Mill P NKWri. By Last Night's Southern Mall. Philadelphia, Jnly 23?Arr Anr<?a, swett, Boston; Lois, Honeywell, Har'twd; K'it.ibeih Wiley, sod Richmond Kil lion, Salrrn B'low Vrous Sharp, Tnmdsd de Cuba; Pens aylvanis, '? arks Gland (.Id Cnrsess, Dill, La (liny a Baltimore. mil 22? Arr iocs. Coukling, Hio Jst eiro: Jas W Paige, Taylor, aint Prompr. In arse. Hosioo; Whig, Bald win, sod Midu, Be.ithsll, Havala; Orl- bus. Long, Ponee, PR; Naibiu, Howes, Boston Below, an Keglish barque, sod a full rigged brig. Alkxanuria, July 20?Arr Boliyar, Nantucket. Spoken. Nathna, from Philadelphia lor New Orleans, July 4,1st 30 , Ion 71 30. Tiumidi. Sheppard, Harana for Baltimore, July 20, eff Cur rituck Is.let. Foreign Forts. Havana, July 14?la port, Cristovsl <*olon. Smith, from N York, arr 'Oth, disg; Leds, Hnsik, of Baitim?ie, fiom Gibral tar, air 6th, iu the short passage of 21 days, and was to sail sbt 2Mb for Cowesand a inkt via Hampton U< ads; Elisabeth J. Remington, from Philadelphia, arr .3th: Thames. Ponee, for Cuwes; Spring, Hamilton, and New Vo:k, Ha'ding, from N Orleans, nnc; Rapid, Ward, for New York, i7th; Hayne, and Warrior, from Charleston, arr 14th?other, as before Rio Janeiro, June 13?lu port, Iowa, Thompson, from Bat more, arrdth; Kunoiaus, Maoslield, for New York?others as before. Agg- KOK NEW 0KLKAN8?Pscketof the 26th July WfjTOV?Th* splendid fast tailing packet ship LOUIS AMNKsVILLK, Captain Hum, will tail positively a? abort, her ie*u nr d?y. 'I he accommodations cf ihie ahip for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers canrot be lurpitsaed Tlioat wishing to ?e C'lre bertha should not fail to make early application on oosrd, foot of Wall street, or to W kJ.T. TAPBCOTT. 76 South street, corcer V aideu lane 'I he packet ?hip LOUISA will auccaed the Louiseillt end sail ou the Mb August. her regular day. jilt rc " *03t- NKW LINE UE 1'AUkET8 KURLTvILK kJVWPOOL?Packet of 26th July.?The splendid and WBMLfavoribe packet ship HOSCTUS, 1100 tons bnrthen, Capt. John Collins, will sail punctually as abort, her regular day. The ships of this line being all 1000 tons and upwards, per sons about to embark fur the old country, will not fail to see the advantages to be derived from selecting this line in pre ference to any other, as their great capacity renders litem every nray inort comfortable and convenient than ships of a sinal er class, and their accommodations lor cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers it is well known, us superior to those of any other line of packets. Persons wishing to secure bertha should not (ail to inaks early application on board, foot of Wall street, or to W. k J. T. TAPBCOTT, At their Ueneral Passage Offer 7G Mouth street, jy2ti2Glhrc cor Maiden Lane, up suiri. ajfrfc KOK NV.W ORLEANS.-LOU 181A NA AMS i?S*?h. NEW YORK LINK Positively hirst Regular SEXiMepacket?To sail ou the 26t> of iust ?1 he last sail log packet ahip Li UISVILLK, Capt Hunt, will pentivtly suit as above, her regular day. Kor Ireigtit or passage, having handsome furnished sccomiso lations, apply on board,at Orleans Wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K.-COLLINS k CO. 46 Sontli street. Positively ar goods received alter theevening of the 24th mat. Agvnls in Mew Orleans?Messrs. Ilnllm ana Woodruff, who will prnmptlv forward all goods to their address Shippers by this lin? m?y rely uponhavisg their goods cor rectly measured. and tint the ships ol this lice will positively sai I es advertised Tie packet ship Oconee, I'iptsis Jackson, will loccaej th? LoursviHe and vni ISth Auvmr JiVj re KOK HAVRE-1The sniarrior copie-ed trench MHMFVfaniue INCAK, Capt. Urrvaia Oooda will el so be akru for Bordeaux Kor freight or passage, sppiy to BOYD fc HINCKLN, Brokers, jv2)rc ? Tontine Building A NfcW YORK ? ILOT BOAT FOR HALhT^ I he copi ered and copper fastened Pilot Boat VIK .JllN I A, will be sold low Kor particnlirs. n <j ? i :w .. IL 1,1 A >1 J HO.VllLH. l7?*on,hst J23 1 w f n M3K KOI' ItlO JANKl O?PASHACK. I>NLV ?To uTTYV sell luih Autusi.?The fast sailing Pa'k't ship Mringtma OAH'I ON, Captain Barstow, will pot tivrly tail as alio e em passage only, having splendid furnished accom modations, at ply on hoard, at Thome's stmf. brooklyn.or to j>2i,tol(la rc hi K COLLINS k CO,, 46 Suuih rtreet. 01,1) LINK LIVERPOOL PACKETS Ml THEOLD LIS . , _ . A despatched in the followiugorUar, evcaptmg that when tha ss'ling da, falls on Sunday. tlm ships will sail ou the succeed leg lay, vis:? . groin New York ?rom Liverpool l..e C Am BKIUttK, '.June 1 July 16 ?4fl tons. (Oct. 1 Nov. 16 W. C. Barstow, ( Keb. 1 Mai 16 Ths EMOLAN'l), ^Jans 16 Aug. 1 I ^^^^^^ckets fs: will h^u^re^!> 740 tons, < Oct. 16 Dec. . 8. Bartlsct, ( Keb. II April I The OXKUKO, I July 1 Aug. 16 sou tons, {Not. 1 l>ec 16 J. Kuthboue,/ March 1 April II Thn MONTILZUMA, (July M Sept 1 >oao tout, ! Nov. 16 Jan 1 A. B. Lowuer,(March II via) I Tha KUHOl'K, s An*. I Sepi it 612 tons, < Dec. 1 Jan 16 K. t). Kurber.f April 1 .Vlay II rha NEW YORK, (naw) I Any. II Oct 1 040 tons, t IJne. II teb 1 '1. B. Cropper,( April II Jnne 1 Thn COLUMBUS, i Sept. 1 Oct II 700 tout, < Jan 1 Keb II O. A. Cole, ( May 1 Jnnn it The YOKKSHIKK.lnew) t Sept. il Nov. I 1040 tons, {Jan. II Mar. 1 D. O. Bailey V May II Jnly 1 Bnese stops are not surpassed in point of elegance or cow *^rt la iheir cabin accommodations, or in thmr fast sailing qua. .ties 0, any vessels in the trade. The commanders are well nnown as man ol character tad experience, and the strictest attriuioo will always bo paid to promote the comfort and cnoveuieuce ol passengers. Pnnctuaiitv, as regards tha day of sailing, will be observed ss heretofore. The price of imssage ..utw.ird is now Ainu at One Hundred Dollars, for which ample atores of every desnription will bs erovidetl. w IIH the esreptinu of winas and liquors, which will e furnished by the stewards, if required Neither th captain or owners of these ships will be rnapon liole for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by them unless regular bills oflading us sinned theraror Kor might or pan Hgn, apply t? jaqODHUIt k CO.M South St. ffftf sad of BARINtV BrVvWHcrsfc'c&'.'tCol* OLD ESTABLISHED EMIURANT PASSAO OFFICE. (1 SOUTH STREET, NEW YORK. can he engaged rromLivrrpool br the following apieu tthipe comprising tha Old Black Ball Line of rackets ?ailing as under. Crom Liverpool 8, I sptein Cole,on the 16th Kebrunnr The ship YORKSHIRE, (new) Bailey, on the lal March. The ship CAM BKIDOK, Capt. Barstow. IGth March. The ship N KW YORK, r.'aptnin I ropner, 1st Juns la addition to rheabovesuiienor ships, the subscriber's agents - . a sue cess i on of first class American ship* despatched. ,s customary, from Liverpool, every four or five days through - Uil the year, to the different porta iu the United Stale* hy reduced rates. 'I hose sending oi their friends residing is Oreal Britain and Ireland, may rr y that every care will be taken to make ii.ustengeit as cornlor ihle as tliey can reasonably expect, and snook! -.he pitsaeng. ra .ol come not, the passage money will be urorrgitly refunded. Drills nan as asunl be furnished payable at the Nationnl anil roviocial Banks of Ireland and branches; K.aatern Baak of icotland and b-anclie?; and on Messrs J. Bait. Son k Co , linkers, London. .Messrs J. Burned k Co., Biukers, Liver <#ol, which ire payable throughout K.ngland and Wales Kor urther particulars apply (if by letter post pud) to JOHN HLRDMAN, ?I Booth street, near Wa'l sireet. N. B Pusage to Liverpool and London oau ilall timra be -agaged by the regular packet ships, sailuig Tor LiVer|a>cl evarr Jva uaya, and to London on ?.he 1st, !(tb suit 26th of each month ?a applicauog as npov*> jU at

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