Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1844 Page 3
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In CkMMiy. Baforu Vloa Chancellor M'Coun. 9* ?Htn-y D Cntgtr ??. Gtartt Duumlat, William Vunfiut rt a( - Tail case, noticed in yssteidsv's Herald, been further argued this day. A crossbill ou the ?art Maaari DouglSM and Mra Cruger baa alao been lied, and both rases wlii be fully disposed of tietora the ifice i hancellor (gy- DiSEABES ARISING FROM AN IMPURE Fate OF THE BLOoL)?It ia a fact admitted bj me cal men that impure hiood !? the primary cauae of moat liaeii'e The bile, which ia nathre'a purge and which ia lerreted (rem the hlood lor tin* expreaa purpose whei. roim?d from impure blood, ia ot an interior aud unheaith) luality, and inadequate to produce regular evacuation? >1 the bowels The couat quence >s, that these oigans >y not p rtoiming their regular operations, soon lose all heir tone and rigor, producing a costive habit in the ays lem la order, theretore, to prevent or cure costivenese *ve must remove the cause; that ia, purity the hlood, so hat these organ* may assume their proper degree of ac avl'.y. The gicat virtues ol Saraaparilla, asu reitorer ot ?unty to the hlood, are well known to the world, audita 'Xlensive use In the medical practice for some >ears past has rendered it an ohjcct|of importance to procure a pre para'inn in a more concentrated form than those usually prescribed. Messrs Comstock It Co. having given much atteii ioii to this subject, have at length brought birth an article lur superior to any now in use It it prepared by an entire new and scientific process, and ia unsurpassed iu its effects to purify tire hlood. It never fails to regulate the truwals, and excite them to a healthy action; its ten dency is to drive every symptom oi disease from the sys tem, to eradicate all pimples and cutaneous affections from the face, and give the countenance a clear and blooming appearand! Sold only at '11 Courtlandt street. Price 50 cents per bottle, or $4 per dozen, in us large bot tles, and warranted superior to any sold at $1. CU- " THE TESTIMONY IN FAVOR OF DR Sherman's Worm Lozenges" proves that they are the best medicine in the world for worms. Wherever they aia used they aie spoken off in the highest terms. Well may it he said that the children cry lor them?they are plea sant to the taste, anil so easily administered that parents do no' experience the least difficulty in giving a medicine which is sure to do the work. And it is often the case that one dose will do more toward restoring the sufferer to health thun all the medicine which has been taken for mouths Do not be deceived in the symptoms, and when you are satisfied, try Sherman's Worm Lozenges, and you will not regret it. Dr Sherman's warehouse is 100 Nas ami street. Agents?227 Hudson street, cornerof Spring; l"t Bowery, corner of Spring; 77 East Broadway; 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn. S Ledger Buildings, Philadel phia, at.(1 8 State street. Boston. VELPEAU'S SPECIFIC PILLS FOR THE CURlt ot ? iunurrhoia, Gleet, and all me mpurulont discharger Iron- the urethra. These pills, ptepared by the New York < Hillege of Medicine and Pharmucy. established lortht suppression of quackery, may be relied on as the most speedy and effectual remedy for the above complaints. hey are guaranteed to cure recent cases in from three t> five days, and possess a greater power over ohstinati di-chnrires and chronic gleet, thrm any other preparatior ul present known, removing the disease without aonfine i en' f'om business, tainting the breath or disagreeing witn the stomach. Price $1 per box. Sold at the Olfice of the College ol Pharmacy and Me dlcine, us Nassau struct. W. 5. RICHARDSON, M. 0 Agont OGh A CJIAPTEH ON LOVELY (OH!) WOMAN. When lovely woman stoops to folly, And finds upon her beauteous face, Pimples, freckle* and eruption*, ? '1 tint her features do disgrace, Then lovely woman stoops to wisdom, And her dear eves bright light with hope, Purchases, for fifty cents a cake, Jones' Italian Chemical Soap. The positive, actual, and real qualities of Jones* Italian Chandra! Soap i*?mind, reader, if you get the genuine Jones'Soap 'twill do all here stated?that is, cure pint pies blotches, freckles, tau, sunburn, morphew, old sore, salt rheum er> sipelas, or in tact any disease of the skin but mind, il t ou WHnt the genuine Jones' Soap to produce the almve effi ct, be sure you buy it no where else in this city hut st the sign of the American Eagle, 83 Chatham street, or 828 Broadway, and 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn. 8State street. Boston; 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. Take care of a base counterfeit?'tis either dangerous or useless. try- THE CONCENT HATED EXTRACT OF SAh HATARILLA, OENTI AN AND SAK8AFRAS,prepare.' by the New York College ot Medicine and Pharmacy, es lablished for the suppiession of quackery. This refiner and highly concentrated extract, possessing all the purl ,ying qualities and c.utative powers of the above herbs, s confidently recommended by the College, as infinitely superior to any extract oi Sarsaparilla at present betori rhe public, and may be relied on as a certain remedy foi all diseases uri*ing rom on impure state of the blood auch h* scrolula, salt-rheum, ringworm, blotches or pirn pies, ulcers, pain in the hones or joints, nodes, eutaneuu eruptions, ulcerated sore throat, or any disease arising 'rom the secondary effects oi syphilis or an injudicious u*>. oi mercury. sold in flingl* Bottle*, at c*nt* eftc ?' In Case* ot half-a-dozen Bottles, $3 50 " " one dozen " 0 00 O'wes torwiifded to all part* ot tho Union. N B -A very liberal discount to wholesale pnrchaaara ?' the ? oliege, OA Nassau street W. 8 RICHARDSON, M. D.. Agent fire- TO BE SURE-TO BE SURE?ALL, ALL A1 L KNOW IT!-Nothing will dress the human haii so beautifully as a 37) cent bottle ot Jones'Coral Hair R..-lenitive. It gives the hair such a delicious, salt, dark siikj leeling and appearance, and will not dry on it like other pieparations. but keep in order for days together by one application It clears the hair of dandruff? it stops it fading "ft' Ac Sold at 82 Chatham street, and 323 Broad way, New York, or 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn. 90- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED.?The fo uC Miiture, prepared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, w confidently re command. d lor all cases of debility produced by secret in dnlgeucc or excess of any kind. It is an in valuable renr.e dy for impotence, sterility, ot barrenness,(unless depend tag on rival formation.) Single bottle* fl each ; crises oi nail a dozen -are Mils packed ?nd sent 1o all i arts ? ftbe Union. Office o* tbv College of medicine and Pharmacy 'a' Nassau tivo. tV. A RICHARDSON M. D . Agem {ITT- DEAR MARRIED AND UNMARRIED LA DIES.?Beware of using prepared chalk. The Spanish Lily White, for making ladies' chaeks a fine alabaster white This is different from common chalk?we war rant it not to injure the skin. Sold at the sign of the Amer ican Eagle, 82 Chatham street, or 323 Broadway, N. Y.j 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn; 8 State street, Brooklyn. Yj- private MEDICAL AID.?The memoers ot tho New York College ot Medicine and rhannacy,in returning .he public thanks foi the liberal support they nave received in their oftarts to "suppress luackcry,' he* lesvWto state that their particular attention continues tc be directed to all diseases of a private natuie, and (rone the great improvements lately made in the pi lucipai hot piuls of Europe in the treatment ot those diseases, they ran condderUiy offer to persons requiring medical aid at! vantage* not to be met with in any institution in this country, either public or private. The eatment ot tht Coliogi: ts such as to insure success in very case, and is . jtaffy different fiom that item.cuius practice ot ruining the constitution with mercury, an 1 in most cases leaving a disease much worsothau the original. One of the incru nera of tha College ,Ior many years connected with th* prm ipal hospitals of Europe, attonda daily for a consults tioa 'rom 9 A..M to8 P.M. Terms?Advice and medicine, F" A cure guaranteed upor. r?nr ro Counrav Invalids.?Poisons living it the country and not finding it convenient to attend per ?juaily, can have forwarded to them o chest containing a.l mudicinee requisite to pertorm a perfect 'ire Dy staling their cose explicitly, together with ail symptoms, time oi contraction and treatment received elsewhere, tl any nd enclosing f 5, post paid, addressed to W. S. RICHARDSON, M.D., Agent. Offico and Constating rooms of the College. C5 Nsasai airaet. firf- LADY HAVE VOU PIMPLES, FRECKLES, BUehr* Roughness, Darkness, or any disfigutement of your Skin? if so use one cake of the Italian Medicated Soap: it will render your complexion beautifully clear, white an 1 transparent. If hair disfigures your upper lip, orconc< ?l* your intellectual lorehead, a bottle of (wu rami'* 1'oudre Subtile will completely eradicate it To be had only at 87 Walker street, first store from the corner of Bret lwav The (chemical Soap 60 cents per cake ; the llair Eradicating Powder $1 per bottle Agents. 2 Milk street, Boston ; 74 Chesnnt street, Phil adelphia; I'earce, Albany; Tousey, Rochester; Storre, Hudson: Gray. Poughkeepsie; Myers, New Haven; Ferre, Middleman, Green A Co.. Worcester; Dyer, Providence; Car let on A Co., Lowell; Guild, Bangor; Jones A Co , Sa lem; Hudge, Newbury;iort; Patten, Portland, Ac. A3- RICORD'S PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIX TURK? For the cure ot primary or sec indary Syphilis, and all affections produced by an injudicious use ol mer Ctiry. The great advantages possessed t y this powerful Hiteialive over all other preparations tbi tho cure ot 8y nhilts, is, that while curing the disease it improves the constitution, whilst mercury generally leave a much worse disease than the one It it administered for. Tht best recommendation we can give of it .s, that it is now extensively prescribed by the medical laculty, who tor ineily cousuieaed mercury tho only cure lor those com plaints Hold, iu single fiottles, J1 each ; in cam* of hel! dozen, >5, carefully packed, and aent t? all parts ol the Union Office of the College of Med cine and Pbarma ev, 96 Nassau street " W. 8. RICHARDSON, M D., Agem rgf- CONNEL'8 MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR.? This great healing salve has obtained a leputation far i x needing any other articlo The wonderful success which ha* followed its use, especially in hums, of instantly *1 laving all pain, and healing without scar, renders it wor thy the notice of every physician and parent, and it such are its effects, to provide themselves with a supply of it Immediately Such truly are the effects of this great sa native, and we can substantiate this assertion by gentle men of the first respectehility in this city w ho have used it, and have witnessad its remarkable effects. w* ?*'" warrant this article to please the user, and cure any ot the following complaints, viz:? L Pimples, Eruptions, B?re Blotches, Sore Eyes and Lids, Rough Hands, ??Felons, Weak Sight, Blister'd Surface* Clowes, SoieLip, Dressing for Blis BtFistuias, Punctures, . ters, ??Kr?niiu lss, Sore Leg, White Swelling, iStabs. BHes and Warts, Ambiguous do tuts, Fever Pstns, Cold in Wounds Bruises, Pain in hack and side, Ease ail Corns, General Sores, Ac. No family should he without this Salve. It is an effect ual remedy lor sore and inflamed eyes, pain in the ancle* and teuder feet- . . . _ If any one shell find theee statements untrue after ueing this salve, we pledgo ourselves to reflind the money. Remember, it u found only genuine at 91 Courtlandt at LOOK TO YOUR PANTRIES AND BED ROOMS ? Have yon roach** or bed bug* in your house' A sure emtermmatorof these nazioai vermin may ha had at 91 Courtlandt at. Price SO and 96 cent* par bottla. MOVEY MARKET. Thnriday, Jnly S8-4 P.M. We do not perceive the least change in the Stock Mar ket Quotation* flucuate from day to day, and every thing in Wall atreet appear* to he in a very unsettled .tate. The operation* in stock* aro no very limited tha it it impossible to sustain price* from on* day to another At the Old Board, Mohawk advanced } per cent; Erie K tilrnad I J; Reading Railroad, Ohio 6't, t; Vicktburg j; Long Island, Canton, Norwich and Worcester, Ken tucky 6's, and Illinois closed > t yesterday's prices. Mor ris Canal fell off J. Farmer*' Trust, j; Indiana, j. At the New Board the sale* were to very small that they are hardly worth quoting Long Island declined Mar r.s Canal, Canton Co. improved f per cent; Mohawk Harlem, }; Kentucky 6't, }; United States Bank, j; Illinois, j; Ohio 6's, closed at yesterday's prices. Since the Board* adjourned, prices have still farther declined in the street. Kacairrt ok vai Wsstebn Railroad roa the week ending July 90. 1643 1644 Passenger* 6419 6601 Freight, Ac 6609 6006 $13,914 $16,607 Total receipts from Jan. 1 to July 9?th $963,137 $330 936 Increase for twenty-nine week* $76,009 Counterfeit fives on the Cumberland Bank, Maine, are in circulation?they can scarcely be distinguished from thi genuine. Counterfeit $90 notes on the Lebanon Bank of Penn. sylvania are in circulation. The one detected was No 1604, payable to Samuel Hemphill, dated December 14, 1643. The cashier of the Stamford Bank, Connecticut proves to be a defaulter, notwithstanding the statements of the directors of the bank. His defalcations amount to about $90,000. The securities are hi* father and other friends who, it ia said, will be nearly ruined by the cashier's villainy. Mr. Hill, the cashier, has been arrested. It is net yet kuown to what amount the bank suffer*. A U S. Cutter was at Vera Cruz, awaiting the pay ment of the third instalment of the Mexican indemnity. It is said the money is ready, but withheld by the Mexi oan authorities until official Information is received re garding the action of our government on the Texa i an nexation question. Business on the Philadelfhia and Reading Railroad for the Weak ending Jsly 90th, 1844. Travel, freight, Ac $19,606 97 Ton$. Coal transported 8 878 II Previously transported this year 178,766 00 187,664 00 Amount transported in last year, to July 33d, inclusive 77.310 04 Increase this year 110,403 16 The amount of freight transported has increased one hundred and tnirty-three per cent. This road will eventu ally be one of the most productive lines in the country It has, however, an immense debt hanging over it. The revenue at this port, from customs, is increasing very rapidly. The receipts for the next six months judg ing from the amount received thus far in July, will ex ceed the amount received from Jan. to July. Revenue from Customs received at the Port or New York. 1843 1143 1844. Jannsrv. ..... 728.506 548,"46 1,876.6 IS F?brmry. 8!t? S06 492 216| mo Ma eh, 818,013 616 5% 1691000 \l'ril, 1.020 991 1,033, 63 1,890 626 913,256 1 8-3 874 Juue, 884,560 602.637 1 960 363 Til's! f f SIX months,--$5,457 (142 4,553 414 11,42,598 July, 1.258,371 1,345/80 1 42\46T ? $6,709,613 5,900,594 12,849 065 ? For 22 Hays id Jolv this year. The receipts this month, up to the 33d inst. are larger | than they were for the whole month in 1848, and at the same rate will be larger for the full month this yosr, than the receipts for any one previous These large receipts tske place in the dullest month in the year for business.? July usually commences the fall trade, but the hulk ol the imports lor the season generally arrives in August. I From present appearances, we have no doubt, that the fall importations will be much larger thau those for the spring, and that the revenue from customs will be much greater than ever before, for the same period. We set down the revenue at this port, Irom customs, for the year, at $36,04)0,000. This exceeds our inrmer estimates, but the receipts at our Custom House continue so large, that we have no doubt the total will be nearor the above amount, than any previously given. The importations must be very large to nett this im mense revenue. This, however, is not the greatest objec tion to the work ingt of the present tariff act. The most in jurious effect will arise from the disposal ot the large sur plus the great receipts of rev unite must create. The go vernment depositee, in the pet banks of this city, on the first of July, 1844, amounted to $4,384,163-nearly one million and a hall have been added to the amount since, making, without allowing for government drafts drawn on thedepositei, nearly $6,000,0)10 to the credit oi the 8e cretary of the Treasury, in four banks. Granting there is lull $6,000,000 in the possession of these banks, at this moment, it is sufficient to throw into the hands of the go vernment of these institutions, the complete control of | the money market. They have the power to raise orde press stocks, or to influence the course'ot trade?to ad vance the prica of money, or to increase speculations to any extent. The course usually adopted by government institutions holding such a large amount ot deposites, is to make short loans to advance speculative operations. Their object is to turn their resources as often as possi ble, to increase their profits. The best way to do this, at thiatime, in the absence of any demand for money from the commercial classes, is *o make loans to broken and all species of speculators. Banks having thia large amount of money oa hand, will not allow it to lie idle.? Some method of employing it will be invented, and in the absence of a demand for the regular channels of trade, any other will be improved. The only object these pe* banks have ia obtaining the deposites is the additional capital it gives them, and the extention of their business. The Presidents of the Bank of America, Merchants' Bank, Bank of Commerce and American Exchange Bank, have, through the influence the government deposites give them, more power in this market, in money matters, than all the rest ot the individuals at the head of banking in stitutions in the city put together. As the surplus in creases, the evils will be extended, until the same move ments carried on so extensively in stocks, cotton, kc. by the United States Bank will ba again practised. This will be followed by movements of rival institu tions.toget hold of the deposites, and should the whig party prove victorious in the approaching Preiiden dential campaign, the rechartermg of a National Bank will be demanded to secure and control the Government deposites. Then will coma another contest similar to the one carried on so furiously between the State banks and the old United States Bank The State banks, this time, will be able to carry on the war to advantage, as the pet hanks will be a very valuable ally. The State banks are deadly opposed to the establishment of another government institution, and their whole po litical influence will be brought to bear against the party advocating such a measure. To bo more sure of securing their object, they will even endanger their own existence, 'i'hecourse adopted before by the State hanks, was to in crease speculation?to raise the price of property in every direction?to expand to an enormoua extent, and obtain ail the power possible over the commeroial classes. The re-establishment of a United States Bank during the ex istance of a surplus revenue, or in fact at any lima, woald bring about again a state of affairs similar to those ex perienced from 1883 to 1837. A surplus revenue in the hands of the pet State bauks, may create times somewhat similar; their anly check is the jealousy existing between them and the other State banks, which, combined, are more powerful, and could crush them if desirable. All the hanks arc however, prone to speculation, and would, to a certain extent, follow the pet banks. Corporations, like indiviJu uis, are more apt to speculate upon borrowed capital than upon theii own resources. Upon this principle the pet banks will act, and they can Ami plenty of speculators who will aid them in extending their movements, upon the principle that heads they win and tails the banks lose. The most unfortunate part olthe whole system is, thai the speculative mania engendered by these banks extends itself to the commercial classes, and in lact to all classes, and the result is utter ruin to ninety-nine out of ever) hundred engaged in the hubbies. It is very unjust to extract such immense amounts of money from the mer cantile classes to be devoted to (tack and other specula tions. The capital and resources of our importers ari restricted to meet the heavy demand for duties. Undei the preaent tarifl' it requires a capital one qunrter larger, to carry on the same amount of business, than it did in 1840 or '41, under the compromise act. The whole of thi* money, extracted (rem tho resources of our legitimat) uusiness men, is not required to keep the wheels ol gov arnmeat going; if it was, no one could complain; but more than one half of the amount drawn Irom active use. in the regular course of trade, is devoted, to all sorti of speculation, and to tha injury of the individual! from whom the amount I* Uken These are a few ef the avila a surplus revenue create*. The immense imper tetiona necessary to produce a* large a revenue, produce other evtla nearly aa great. The very limited value of our exports, and the immenae quantity of our produc tiona required to reach to that limited value, forbid* the hope that the balance of trade can, for along time ha in our favor, unlaaa a very great contraction taker place in our importationa. The importations for 1844 moat grea ly exceed In value our export*. O'tr export* cannot go beyon-l the foreign demand for our product*, or in other word*, we cannot realiaa on our export* be' yond the value ahipped on foreign account, while our import* are unlimited. The balance of trade will be *o large against ua, that ipecie tnu?l g* forward to regulate and liquidate it. A small balanee of trade agaiuat ua can be equaliaed for a time by exchange* drawn on credit* es tablished abroad, but when our indebted nesa i? very large, and goe* beyond the ability of bill drawer* to control, the preciou* metal* rnuit go forward. Thi* mu*t be th- re ?ult of the movement* made in our foreign trade thu* far, and the operation! for the fall will only place ua (till deeper in debt, out of which we cannot get, without sub mitting to a *evere drain of specie Thete concluiion* we cannot resist, upon taking a view of our import* and export* of merchandiae. Wo have recently been made very henvy debtor* to European* by the *alc* of atock* in thi* country. It i* impoiiible to toll to what extent the?e operation* have been carried, but tba amount (old i* very large. Thete mnat be paid for a* well a* merchandize, the value of which goe* to awell our indebtednaa*. The public miad may a* well bo prepared now a* any other time for the movement n!*| the preciou* metal* aero** the Atlantic. Any ludden *hip mcnt of a very large amount would create a panic and a crash that would be attended with heavy losses. The aa. feat courae to adopt ii, to became aatiiAed that nothing can atop ihipmeut* now?the thing ha* gone too far j but let every one arrange hi* buiinei* 10 a* to atop the tide a* ?oon as possible. By reetricting'our importations- our exports will not decline,for foreign nation* now only take of u* what thoy cannot do without?the balance of trade will soon come round in our favor, so that ax changes can regulate it. Old Stock Kxrhange, 6'* 1 IS 275 aha* Nor and Wore 56 V 5000 Ohio 6's 98 V 40 do 49V 10V Ohio6'..'50 9H\ 200 J? M 2000 K'nturkv b'l 102* 50 Vickshorg 8k MM Jllmoi.I's 49 io Mtch'i k Tr, NO 00 4000 Indiana 5'a 44 V ISO Muhawfc KB. S4 2000 do 45 100 >lo 6jV 25 shu Mrch'a Bk 10?V 200 Reidina KR 40 *-5 March's Exe Co 24 24 Htonington RR 45 100 tanners't.oaa 41V 50 do b60 4*>V 50 da b60 42 65 Morris Canal 15 100 do 41V 75 do 14V 2?? do? . 41S 150 I-Island RR 81* 50 Caofn Co bio M)J 25 Erie RR 21 100 do 99V 5 do 24 100 do 30 100 Harle.ii RR 73V 50 do bOO 39V 5 N Jersey RR 95 Secon 1 Board. $4000 Ohio 6's,'00 r6fl 97 / 25 shas Nor and Wore 58V 5000 do *3 98 ?' 100 do 59 80 .hat Mnrri* Canal 14 100 do ?3 49 59 Farmer*' Loan 41 25 do 56 * ?. do.... ,M 41 2i do bow 59 50 Nor and Wore 59 50 U S Bank 8V 25 do 58V 25 I anion Cn J8V 75 do 58)g 50 RradiniKR. blO 50 New Stock Exchange. 64000 1T fi 5'? *10 102V 25 .ha. UH Bank *30 6V 1*9100 Ohio 6'*, '60 bli 98* 25 no 8* 7000 do *15 98 10 Morris Canal 15 5000 Kentucky 5's b30 I0IV 25 do 14V 1000 Citv 5'., TO 101V 50 do blO 16 lOOfl Hl noi.6'*, *0 h3 41V 25 Harlem Rll 73V 24 that ('antun Co blO 39 50 d > *60 73 25 do b!5 39 75 Mohawk HR 64V 2 BW NVork 118V 25 L {.land RR sow I jJ 24 Hk of America 97V 50 do b30 25 Saraiogi *30 42* 25 do buw 81V Sale* or Stock*?Boston, July 34. Jit t\e Broken' Board?I share Appleton Mai ufacturing Co, 10 00; 40 iliviiliu 1* East Boston Co, 4); 5 *hs Bo*, anil Providence Railroad, 1041; 60 Reading Railroad, *3m, 341; 100 do, b3m, 364; 26 do, blm, 36); 36 do, lm, 36); 10 Charleitown Bianch Railroad, 80; 6 do, 66); 3 Concord Railroad, 631; 86 Boston and Maine Railroad, 1061; 133 Western Railroad, 77); 66 do. 771; 46 do, aim, 771; 100 Long Island Railroad, 80). State of Trade. A*hes? Pot* continue in fair request, and our quotation is quite firm?$4 06) is the ruling price Pearls are iu vei y limited demand, but very firm at $4 37) Beeswax?Prime yellow northern sells at 38)c. The demand i* very fair Cottois?The sale* to-day amount to about 400 bales. Price* are rather easier than yesterday, holder* evincing rather more disposition to make sales. Flour?The market is Aim to-day. Michigan, $4 36. Genesee, $4 87). Hat?The receipts down the river are quite large. Common qualities we quote at 37) u 40; prime at 46. llie stock in firs' hands is daily accumulating. Provisions?There has recently been considerable acti vity in |iork, and prices have improved. The demand was, however, a speculative one, and will net, conse quently, be of lot g duration. We now quote prime at 68 a 8 13); mess, $10 a 10 13). Bee) is in moderate de mand. We quote country mess at $6; city do, at $6 60 Lard is quite active, and w> notice sales of tair to good at oj a ocj good to prime, 0 a 6)c. Cheese is ratner dull at 3 a 6c. Whisext?There is a very fair demand for drudge casks at 33c. Western aitd prison barrel* are held at 33)c. Brighton Cattle Msirket. Jolt 33 ?At market, 311 head of beef cattle, 3 yoke* working oxen, 16 cow*|and calves, 1600 sheep and lambs, and 600 swine. 1'ricxs?Beef Cattle?Extra, $5 36; first quality, $4 76 a $6; second do, $4a4 2o In consequence oi a small supply of beeves, the market was brisker than for two or or three weeks. Working Oxen?Sales were noticed at $70 and $83. Cows and Calves?Were very dull. Bales were made at $18, $31 and $36. Sheep and Lambs?Old sheep from $1 60 to 3 36; lambs from 1 76 to 3 60. Bwine?Wholesale, 4 a 4)c; retail, 6 a 6. Married, On Wednesday, 3d inst. by the Rev Spencer H. Cone, Mr. John E. Ward, to Miss Louisa L. Stkkmmbll, all oi this city. Died, On Thursday evening, 36th inst ,T. E. B Johnson, aged 30 months, son of the late Thomas K. B. Johnson, pilot. The triends and acquaintances, and the members of Jefferson Lodge I. O. oi O F. are invited to attend the fu neral this altarneon, at 6 o'clock, Irom 30 Division street PMMnveri Arrived. Litkepool?Ship Wm ward- A Urast, and Ml in the Iter ruga UeiaDEE?Bug Nile?N P Hewet and lady, P Howaa, W Atchiaou, VI im Waddall?49 1a tha arerraga. Via a l.'Btrx?Brig H de Zaldo? Kraucnco Pomai. 4-amk.acht?B ig Ada?vita Bull anu too AaaoiTti*?-*clir Pan hitt?A L? Fredricka. Pokt kv Pi.att?Brig September? H Kiug, T Uarriaon. CHAW URLAANi? Bug Kii7.i It Uarico, John L CorruUio. r.raidei Ourtax tieuj La Corrne. Charlkato*?Snip Sutton?C J Hidiman. lady aad 6 chil drau. M>? t.lriurnu. Mn McUowan, J it Auu.raou, k. H Co, J F Wataon, U Auurewa, F (i itavtHall, 1 boa Day?4 in tha a eerage. CHtaniTon-Brig Holliran?Mna IM B Baker and nicer, Miu Ledyarri, Mra tl (i b'arker, iVira St]n>c, Meaira Squire, S K Hinnli, <oycc, Lady.rd, Milfird, Fmrgan, Hooker, Hall, tiro "tax Brod ax. Kla inigu.?S in lha teeraae. tH?auaroa-Brig Moon?Dr P Parker, Capt J Bailey, W K H"i>. n. J McKuianl, M McLean, P Fi zimtrick.W Murray, P A Pa (too, J V I'arker, Matter U Parker?6 in the ateerage Foreign Importations. Dundee?Br hrix Nile?74 bla 16 bia mdae9* b?ga aaltpetr> Pur.ett k J huxin?I caaea toola 44 pea do PkAHowea?10 h xea and caa ?? aehinery 27 pkga 280 w ighta American Fir x Ma. aft.'taring Co? 37 balea mute 111 >'I) batting 41 do cottou do lido linen d<. ,80 kolta canvaa 20 lent pig iron order LkiiMorm?Kuatiai, baiqne Otto?8 b I a atraw plaiting D H tuil. i. It Son-I do I ci'er 100 ln,ii oil aton t tie Ilium k Moore?40 b*lea Paper P Harmony'a Nepln-wafc Co? 4 caxt o' jeca of aria I do portraita. Ma-ten, Ma k< t at co? 20 ca. ra 1 <| i rica paate H u.lx a?I pk.a mdae ?' A Hargout? >0 hale, r at (io dhuekro 2 brla wheat K Troeman?20fl bat oil 27 Ch'ea madurr L Bregar- 40 do catea bons B u.ilne . Knap k Co?4 J \born??13 hh cka mnble K Miriiido'e-lOO hoxetoil at, net 00 do nncearaiii'1'Mtakrr?ISO hxa mil b.,|e36pk.a atraw work A K Walker?10 do nlaitinc lldoulk 2 do valart 2 do mdae 191 bib a 'act C Vyae?44 blorka matble N pkga a'r.<w pUnii.g 24 i caiea oil I do marb e 4 palmcheeae 6c<aea liquorice parte 4 bah a uutgalla I pkga atraw hata 140 balea rage miier 'J aixiTr.?H mburg barque Caiharina?7 cka jewahtrpaC Mullet?20 bra gum Wilaou k Brown?29 do Curtii. k Ste ra .ton?10 raaea hquorice paale J Wiehelhauaen?2 no oil tlinit'mi Ko pkc ? 20<i bdla ateel 19 cka II hx> mdae 146 ba ea woo' Dutiln k Cnuaimry?4 bdl marble C k W Lillen thai?4 pkga skint Bonnan Uraeea?169 hiH'a raga 6 da mdae 6 haga anmae 8 bra gum 6 ctaea oil >loura 40 haga auniac 6 eaaka o.ilee 40 bag. juniper b met 9 ba'ea oakum ord r Anooti tiaa?Nehr Panehi a?IS 2 kidea A D k'redrieka? 900 da 170 h, ga mBee Schmidt k Vi g"l?240 da Maitland, Comue k CO?1287 hidea k no Port au Platt? Bug September?49 logs mahogany 291 c* roonttohtcco H A .VIelly-4,8 F I arunna?44 H F Morieog?4 do 100 pea mahogany A C Koariere. Domeitlc Importations. Ntw Oelxana?Barnoe ' laomi.t (reported yearerdav)? 301 balea lie "P ^ewbolo k < mf ? 46 B L Woolley?2497 piva lead 43 bilea hemp Stiarh n k scotl?*9 no m aa fc Hoye ?91 pig. lead (lowland k Aapinwl'-I do L 17 Walton?3??aa*a ] hit 2 hh It l bd' Phe pa, liodg- k ea?8 bilea 4 hh la I hot 8 ct I k 14 Mllb-r.ka?321 a?rk?wli? t ''owe? (in T ey k Mohiii to,,?204 bal't hemp Soy dam, S ge it Co?40 balea rep cutliug order "??'rw '^SLKASe? B if Klitx k "man?II bra nil in do mdte Wora k Unke?11 rlo 4 b let Cotrou Batme k Powel"- 40 bra whiakey ?io?d, kW.I a?478 pigt 'eid l.awreure k H cka-a bra 2i do 7 hi do i34 k-ga I *rd *.wb Id k Cm't?1.10 bra J Sfnnard?318 bt. flonr smalLWiHnma k co-4 xt P U Smith -7POO pigt had C II Mogera k Co?14 paga A Ogdan?b9 b - whi'k y uydarn, sage k co?10 pel hanging U l. Hayre- 29? aka ,3 bra wheat W. Ife, Bi h pk.o? bog H i.eeg k CO-III b'lea hemn M, Uiegor, Wise k co?171 do Bartlftt k Kendall? SO do L Wnite. New OaLEasa?Brig Oeo Manor?(14eport?d yeatrrday)? I9S7 aka wne t Allen k Whictlea V?71 b a hemp A M Mronaon -43 T F Yrnng?I40.i aka core tod wheat! M gee 4 HaaLxtTow?Ship Hntton?180 t. a nc? Maaiera, Marko - k CO?89 balea Cotton W k. Laff-n-3 pkga (.baa Faux?I Law rence k Ke?te?I Parker k kield?11 J Sien.ter?iO Blow k Mvch?10 Baldwin k Star C HAiii.iiToi'i?Br g "ul'ifM?3 bilfi wool 146 do cot-on O llulkley?14 Vieror k Uockwiix? III Pl'lotk Le Bi rbier? 114 ca nee Monuer Brotneia k co?I 'ale wool ,N C Itaywood?I ,'kg! O k.aa'man?2 (# 0 ()ate??I < O Veate? I ? W limedict 24 ob'a Oeo Robina?n?1 o S Peck-1 b< x Kinney k co?2 O C HaaiiEaTon?Brig Moon?(flap rted yrafrday l-lll eaaka <1 id do nee 6 |ikga 10 oruer-6 eaaka 3 hi do r ce O k A Wet more?1| cka do J S Sh?p'er-2S balea cotton h Laflau? 12 di Oreenwaa, Henry k Smith - 14 do indrr P ranklin k Harria?29 ?ka 7 h( do nee H J Moiea-6 ck? old copper Hprague, Hobinaor V co? II haga anake root fc Haatt- I nbd heeawax A Know lion -1 hf bbla ronanaa 1) B k W Moaex?30 hbla H Johnaon?3? W MaKaight. ? ., awn- ? A* lanaa MARITIME HERALD. M felling Dajr* uf Ik* Mirfeixi Skips. ?tkamkki. noM LificiFooL reuse tiinct Hibrruu, Kjnt" ......... Aug I ? lesions*, Lotl ??July 19 Aeg 11 \udi*. H-rrisou......... Sag 4 S*pt 1 ij Western. Ma thews Aug. 17 Sept 14 . tliberuia, An 20 H*Vt 19 1 8-ilsin, Ho. ken Au| II Aroi 21>*. H*?ni ?ept 4 Oct I (1 We*t*rt>. Ma'ihews Oct 11 N-y. 4 4 p'iu?n Oct Id Slil|< MuUri feHtl Af??U. iVe (hill eele.-in il ? favor, if I spume ?f Vessels will give lo Roocrt Silvvv, Captain of our Nrw* Boat*, a report if the slipping left at thr poll wheuce llirT sailed. ine v-saei spoken on tlieir p..sage. a lift of their f ir*o, and any fi> ?ii* ii MkW?ri*n9?IS tit nmiMim fk^.r m.u l...?. n - ... 11 U.? .A eU?? ipuiru ill wirir d IfSc of UMftf C4r?o, and nay lo *ign M^wapapfia of news thf*v may have. H* will board thrai rmnwImtHv on theirarrival Agent* and Corrtfapoo'>ota, at : tn? ?r ?nro.%d. will ;\l*i> confer <t favor by tpmli? * *L_: >nic?* all th?* Marine (BtrMigrucr th?y can obtain information of mv knot *,ii hethankfully received. PORT OP NEW YORK, JULY SO. ?4 53 | MOOR iets .. ? 1 14 ?7 IV | NIIIH WATER 4 56 C!e*red. ''hip Knscius. ''ol'in., Liverpool E K Colli"! 1 Co ?Brigs Klin, Lockwiud. S' Cro.x B D* Fores ; L Baldwin, Baltr', Hav nnah, Dunham II Diiium ? Schr. I'eylcn. Ciookrr, t'art p.u, A Koiti.rr It to; Vr million, "emnau Baltimore i B (Jagrr; Dirid Co* L a, Hh hmoml, K A Powe'l; Willard, Miller, Providence ?Sloop Lady Ken wtek,Ward, New H?veo. Arrived. P.ritith ahip Wm Ward, Dady, 54 daya from L'varpool, with m 'ro, to matter Swe liah ahip Blixtnn, Soderat-on , CI dava from Newport. Wil.a, with iron, t? Boorm.n, Jnhnaton It Co. Ship Sut on, Galloway, 4 day* from Charleiton.with cotton, to (loo Sutton. Russian barque Otto, Rooa, from Leghorn, May II, with indie, to A Neai. Maraborg barque th ntil<?. to rqo- Catherine, Falck, 60 d?y* from Trievta, Durilh It Cous?i arjr. 2lat mat. lat 31 40, Ion 77 20 .aw Britieh ter r Sir Lionel Smith, (before reported) full of ?ter. and her cabin on 6re. Bntiah brig Nil*, Vale, 49 dayi from Dnndor, with mdio, to V. oodhoil !k Miutnrn. Brie Ramon de Zaldo, Kingsbury. from Vera Crux, July 1, with 10 bale* jslap to Ramon de Zalrlo: 733 hide. Menard k Co. I alt barque I ugenia. Biacoe. f t New York 12th mat. frig Ada Smith, 101)art from Campeachy. wiih 100 torn hi. woo 11 3* log. mahogany 26 pea roaewood to P P Churchill; $500 Ho eland k Aspinwall Brig Long Island, H well, 17 days from Ciecfuegns, with 3 Midi II tea It bull mola?aea to Ramon de Zaldo; 69 nhda do M T ay lor; 164 Sp.fford, Ti e.tnn k Co. Brig Sept- in"er, Dawes. 10 daya from Port an Plitt, with to ? eco to Foster k Nickeraon b ? "CO Biig K.hxi k Dyer. 20 daya from New Orleaut, with cotton, to Btdgrrk Pack B'lg Hnliivau, W.ite, 4 daya from Charieiton with cotton, to Geo Bulk lev Brig David Duffrll, Williams, 4 daya from Boston,with irdse to E S Powell. Brig Relief. Alexauder, fr> m Harrington. Me with lumber, to matter. Brig Aivano, Morae, 6 daya from Bangor, with lumber, to ma.ier New brig Castro. Ho'chkiaa, 14 hours from Onilford, lit. to Foster k Nirke ?ou Veorzueliin ?chr Tanchira, P.earned, from Angostura, July I. mouth of the I Irmoc ? 3th. with hides and eoff< e, to Schmidt k Vogel Left no A mericau ve?ael Sehr K.liaa Ann, Fux.-*r*ld 10 dava from Havana, via Nor fo'k 3 daya, with 9' 00 .loz-u pioe app'ea to W C Wa'd Hchr Carolina, 10 daya Irom Matamoraa, Trues, with cotton, to J H B rower British .chi Orbit, Dariaon, 19 day* from Windsor, NS.with p'ast-r, to maaier. Si h' High Priest, Horgeat 6 dava f*om Vdenton, NC. with naval slurs. Sailed in co. wi;h Mary '1' Souuders. lor New York Schr Cleopatra, Jenninga, from Washington, NC. with na val vtorea. S?hr K.xcal, Lovell, 3 days from Boston, with mdae, to B W Lewie Schr Wnlcott, Ryder, 3 daya from Boaton, with mdae, to Godfrey k I n. Schr Auguita, Smith, 4 daya from Boston, with mdae, to thr ma.ier. S' hr '"lira. Overton, from Riehmoad, with coal. Schr Mary Gvlltnt, ( arman. from Virginia with frnit. Schr xati", Pendl?ton. from Thomas ton with lime. Schr Z phyr.i rocker from Wiomastoo, with lima. Schr Bei.ey Porte. Orover, from Thoma'tou, wi.h lima. Sehr Jasper, Stewart, from Machiaa, with lumbar. Schr Francis, Conk, from Calais.wrh Ininber. Schr Kmblem, Snow, f om Calais, wi>h luuiher. Schr Aiiienca. Crowell. from Dennis, with lumbar Sloop Lady Adams, Caitwiight,27 hours fr in Ntw Bedford, with oil. Below. Brig Edward Bulkley, 4 daya from Charieiton, with cotton, to Dunham k Dunn Also, I ahip, 1 batqn-, unhe wn. Wind NE. Correspondence of the Herald. ... . ? Holmes Hole Jnlyll. 19th?Arr Cottage, Baegor fir NYmk; i.?ro ine, do for Phi ladelphia; Robt P Waring, NYoik for ??. 19lh?Arr Prndent. Alban. f..r Naniocke'; Relief, and Em blem. C.itrryflelil f >r NY rk; Olive hlixab th Va -i, Rnndont for Portsmouth; Clarendon, Holinea, NYurh lor PorHaud. 2lat?Arr Jnlm Elmer, of Naot York, from Poiladelphia for Boaton. miscellaneous. PariFT Shif Roaciui, Colliua. for Liverpool, will aall to day. Her letter bags will cloaa at the n.nal hoar this morning Lost or Brio Wishirgtoiv ? Le'fri have been received in Philaoe phi. ft. m the tee nd i fficer of brig Washington, Capt 1 hot Lvle, whirli atat" that the vetael waa wteckea 24rh ult on the Grand avmtn. or her passage Tr im Kingston, Jain to Cardenas ia bI'I'at, and that hr waa'akeu off hy the Briti.h barqne Annabella (aa before reported) after p-maioing eight daya oil rhe wre k No mention is m<de of th* fat* oTthe cap tain fust offirer or crew, bnt it is auppt aed they may have takeu to the boats and made 'or the nearest pott I'a.a.t;i: Yet.?The brig Roarer, Capt Higgles, from Rio Graud-, waa iusid- of Barnrg t it. 19 days from Kio Janeiro. This is pasting over a sailing diitauce of nearly an thonaaiid milts iu double qaick, Whfeleman. Cld at vew Bedford 24th inat. Barthnl mew Goanold, Mo ther, and Good Return, Swift, N W Coast. Dryade, Rogrrs. of and for Mattapmaett. from Indian Ocean ?ia St Helena, wth iSI'O bbla wh 459 do ap oil, passed up Bas tard's Bay morn ol 24th. Kingston If >* ol Naata"krt. has bern purohaasd by Nathau Church, of r nirhnveu. An $raeo. A letter from Cha. F ederick, Allan, of NB, r*?orts hsr at Tahiti Jan 2', with 1160 sp?touche i to land 3d officer who was aick Heporu?Jin 4, ou the line, Ion 136 W, Ann Alrxander, Tiber, NB. 1150 so. At Port Anna Maria, Marquesas, Jan 10, Rins.ean, B ay ton. NB, 1300 sp; Kniotoff Cox. do 650 ap 1100 wh; Jumna, Chnrch do, 350 ap. Off Prince ol Wales Island, Jan II, Acuahnet, l'rasa, FH, 950 ip 100 wh. Spoken. Catharine, Berry, henre for Charleston, July 11, lat 23 40, Ion 75 lo?by the Sutton, at thia port. Manch< eater hence for ..otterdam, Jnlyll, lat 40 10, Inn 90 5? by the Wm Ward, at ihis p rt Catharine ilr llaod [Br] from Brrmnda for Glaagow, Jane 29. Ini <3, Ion 44 2?hy the Nile, at this port. Perth.hire, [ Br] for Llantlly. Wales, Jmy 1, lat 41 26, Ion 44 14?bv the aatue. Ilapublir, Crane, from New York, July 1, on the Bahama Baika off th<- Berry I><an>'a, nud t ran vast a ahip with a jury mainmast, steering E. July 14, no lat, kc. given. New York pilot beat No I, no date, lat 40 M, Ion (9 50. Foreign Porte. Ciarirt'gnoi. Cnbt, July *?In port. Union.of N Yarmouth, for Philadelphia, Idg, to tail in 4 day*, only American; Uni, ol 11-vre, tor Vlaraeillea uext < ay; K.agie, of Halifax, Idg lor St Johns; Adoua. of Bermuda, diag; Portland, ?.f Loudov, r apaiZ'-d ai th ? end of the dock, was expected to be righ ad in the coarse *1 three day*. Purt au Pi.att, July 14?In port, Topes. Mabee. of Eait port, Irom N Vork jnatarr; Daty Chase, Baker, for N York, in 4 or 5 days?only American* Poet ad Prince, Jnly 9? In port, Hayti, from NYork, arr 5th? o ly American. ? are Hsvties. July 9? Sid Albion. Mitchell, Boston. In p rt H lii nure, Vigures, Irom Philadelphia, arr 7th?oniy American. Movtheal, Jnly U?Cld Hope, Richardson, and Caledonia, R'trhie, Liverpool. Cake Porta. Bt rFai.o, July 23?Aer Wayne, Monroe; Rochester, Chica go; II .ins ii, MsErrse City; Kea-, Amhentbarg; Tr-nron, Asm tab .la; S ndusky, Cleveland; Krche.te, Chirleaton: B I low. < le.eland; Dolphin, Vermillion. Mitchell, do; r mma M.ulan.l, Cid .Vlieeuuri, Chicagi; Franklin. Detroit; N Eng. la.d, do; Kent, Amheritbur.; R Crook* De.roit; Maurice, Coin- ut; Burlington Cleveland; -anduaky do; Wood, to; H Mountain, do; Ainaworth. do; L Colborna, Burwall; Miteh ell, Clinton; Rein eer. Fairport; Skinner, Milan; We.tern, Dunkirk; Wyand t, Chicago; M Ney, N-wcomb, Aahtahnla July 23? ?rr Chicago; Conttuutiou. du; Sau oa ky. Cbt'arangaa Creek. Clay, Milan; Prtbla, Detroit; Habec Cs, do; Commodore, C'eseland; Biddie do; Huron do; Hudson do; Cieroliu do; Joy do; Sciota do; I'latine, i harlestoo; Con greaa, Detro I, Hubbsrd, .vieu'oe: Minerva. PtRieraon; Conati t itiou. Aahiabula; fen iegton do; Clay, Pt Bnrwell. Cl'd, Hirriton, Detroit; Roih'iter, Chicago. Home Porta. Linic. July IS?Sid langier, King, Philade'phia. Calais ulv U?Id Miry Shields, Hi'mou, W Indies. (Jannima, July 22?Arr John Udlio. Hanover. Boston. PoaiLam>. July 21?Arr Tennessee, Wiusl. w, Boston; Clm tendon, *nd Coivo, t rockett, N Vork Cld Kmeliae, Jordan, Trinidad. ^rwil'srrosT Jnly 21?Arr Aurora, Woodbnry. Philadel phii?the a i,ot ashui* below, Monday morning, and lost a ni u said to be,our to >ova rlcotia, in carry ing out an anchor; Herald Wool win. do; Pre?i l?i t, do. Boston, July 24?Arr Kiootrirdt Oscar, (No-w), Aryet h?nua, t'orsgr ud, Norway; Mireu, harwarl, New Orleans; Com mere. Hog-ri, N Vork; Line In, Ellis Palermo; Disco, He rs, ( ate Hivt.en: Pa dora, Paiton Port an Pr ur ; Oeim, I ineoln, Baltimore; Ch nchil a Kobinson, Pliiladeli hia; Wnli e mi Mayo do; Hagid h' ck, I) wnea, do; hoi, Ft uu tarn, do; A Lawrei.ce, Meeke' New otk; Trio, Cnamhare leia, do; Wait Falm<n h Albo?. Telegraphtd My las. lpIU| '? g- sriiii' u ii janr m aci'gsnpiiiti any i oa. i. taw tis, ' hrade p, it; Laurel Irun A rIJI, Kegfe.Thseh er. Haiimi; Win Pitt, Baler Poilad- Iphia; Palm, Crowell d i; M ", Whelden do Helen Chase, do: vlaguel.Kejly.du; Constellation, -milli do; Amanda k Mynck, Jones, do; Cre st enl, .Nelson . dot r?aln 'a, -curtder, Alnauy. Ar? *Qth, Hul la a. N. itou, Philadelphia, and proceeded to Br ghton. Cld 24'li Lmroln, M Lei I an. Pictou; Arcinrus, Arthur LeighiOn, I ot Holla. Bangs, Pnilatlelplua; Aro'n, Howes, do; Lucy A in V\ Ii te, Thomiston; Mar< is. laaLorgman, Wtshii.giou, NC; Joo Sin m >ns. Hmi L P icbin .nd; K or-nr?, Howland, Bal i more; ' ompliance. Kellev, New Voik; Page, Taylor, do; Cor nelia, Fan'Rlia, do; A M Hile, B'arae, do. New BaiiroHD, Jn y 22?Arr Conatoiaa, fhrpherd, Naw V orfc. i'noriDENCR, July 23?Arr Planer, Howland, Charlnston; China II wkmt; r.mpi'e, Dlylou;, Brown, and P.di or Davion, NYork; Moo'illa, Wheeler ICud.ut. H d John Jay, Hall; H W Handy Handy; Jno N Kiehards, Smith. and Patmoa T iwnsnud, Philauelphi?; Hpy, Smith, and Advance, Np hols, Albany. pHii.AtrKLrmn, July 2J?Arr Ore?imbo, Rameant, Boston; Lucy, i u I NYoik; Mosart, McF.r'and, Lobee Cld Hhn nan ilea h W.-st, Live.pool. Lonna Wallacher, Havana; Anej, Sinrdevaut. Barbadoat; Envoy Kichardioo: Aurora Swett; 1 niiinrion, ? nri ?; Oseeola. Yaat n and Shawmnt, Ferrer. Boston; Monroe, Watts, Portsmouth, NH; Banc Oav, Ban gor; Kama. ' rowell. Halifa*; Jimea fc flimnel, Somen. Prnvi dene*; <w>n Webb, Sale n; I F Crom h. Tomlin, Norwich; Planet, Itnbns n Bob; Proaiaet. Arey, .New Bdfi rrl; Helen. Hp.ti an' Klond' luih s Plymouth; Eunice Hoae, Walnes Ha r'or I; Von F-.uri ter Providence. Ilir-Hvi op Inly 21? Arr Fi t. Johnson, NYork; Aid,' ros bi. Boston; liiieu L?eds, A b.ny; lumrk, Arkeimio, New ark Hid Cnnstiiution, K dicotl. Boston; Wm Bryau, Mots Niw Haren. ( yttni KSTOfr July 72?Arr Caroline, Sherwcod, NYork; I'S' te, Stoddard, Bal im >re; Warrior Orifll hi, H Tina; Z> rhyr, llnby. Ma'auiaa Cld F A Brown, Weitbrook, Havana Hid ?' a o, Bulklev, NYark; 'J ower, Leslie, and Amaton, Ra'Cl IT- Wen Indl'-a Knr W?st. Jnly I?The Fothachild recently bronght into Ih.ipnr|,a d h'fore eeportrd ai h eing be n ashora has haei. h ye ?ni on both aides,and a now uud' rgoing a temporaiy re piir for th ;<r< leeution of her voyage A ptLacMicni.A, Jnly 6? Arr Mores. Ber.son, NYork. Bid 2 h I. w ei ce C' pelted, Maker, Liveipool. New UrlkaM July Id? \ir "' ennen-e, Wite, Boston; \ if tula -chni idiii. Vera Cini; r mpresario, Cellinv, Hseiua; Virginra \r.toj. atle, Delvil ie do. (.Id Rovtr, [Te?] bale I, Oalvrston. HAMILTON HOUSE, AT i'HF. NAliiti ? WS AN IMPRESSION Im gone abroad that all the Room* at thea'inve home ate permanently taanu for the aeaion; inch is not the caa- The house, however is comfortably fall, but is many of ihe heit roomi are occupied by transient families, who are daily arriving and departing, there is no dilBcnlly in I yi lining at all time* good rooms and reasonable terms ALONZO FEED. P. H ? Hegnlar Ball* on Friday Evening of inch week? (lope on Tuesday Evening* jylt eodlw ygb AUCTldN SALES. A Uf'TION WOTR E-8ale of *aetll*?t Kuraitna. Thi ** Day at iaH o'el x k at No 73 I -r*-u? ich str- ei iur I'm or piu>u ft TV h lao, it II o'clork at thf 8,"* Koon, No I Sprurea reel, a splendid Piano Forte, by or-*- of the Martha I JN It TH'-S b r I.L Auctim.-tr AUCTION MIT.CK?tiifiS 1* of esea'l?*r Farni'ur ol ai' ideecrii tiara, oa Ss.nrday, at MM o'clock, to Ow Hoims ?<>. II 8p nc? str?t Also. SO t 1* did Faiorii gs; 7 'mr mrtd, ve-lillatmx self purgi g i roue I an f'rfr neratort; 7 10 do air meal Saf-e ?ot'T; I Woo Cbaatg, kg , k*. THOS HELL. T_ ??? JOHN B. (ILOV'H. Auctioneer. fl,Jfi,T2'N,TURK d ale H-oi.ovtK a Ray mond will tell on kr.da-, July 2* h at rh? Auction l!?"m? 4 din* ? tart thirty ?*ry spl* did Oil Painm (? by th? noil emiuer.t uiasieit. m rich frames Alao, au ?ir> in voice <>t raiulings, mat received. comprising a great Variety ol ?object', ?I'hont Ir-oin .uua' le l r uralrrs acd clherx 1 he ] reiatiuga may b* istmiurd until ih* hoar of acta. Alao. an onaioal pi- tur* by Benjamm West jlS 2t*rh WANT E D . SMART OIHL, to attend a child She tnual work well and mike chilureu'a drcMti, with ( >(>4 rpcuuiiuPuJahooi I O save rr.iublc none other lie*' apoly. French wouid he pre fervd Apply a :hedr<k of <hi* o?Ti< e j|y 3t*jgb A \\T AN ' ED?IK r*a|ortable jouoy woman wah good cit* T* references. a situation in a pri.a ? family a* chr rnbvr-| m iid, or to uo gvorrai houaework. Apply at 6b Henry at Jy25 Itrc WATCH JEWfLLKR WANTED-To one of atrady " ha itaand a roni|>rten'workman who ian i*tt jewe'a,can havacouatast emp.oyinrut by applying at No 4 John air *t up ?taira. j2? 3t*?c T OST?In Cnonl street, between La I* ht an d Woot'er's. JLi on the evening'f the 34th initant. a 1)1 A The tinder will rec.-iva n reward of I W ENTY- IVE UUU LARS, by leaviug it at the Jeweller a Store No.4U Br^ad way MILLINERY BUSINESS AVERY detirable bun neat in Millinery, with atom, eligi bly aitaateil in Diviaion atrret, may be had, with immediate possession if required There ia a atnall atotk of very good millinery articles on ha d, which the proprietor w ulu aell to her aucreaeor on modeiate term* j2h Iw're GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. DR. A.C. CAS TLB having for aev?u yean atudied the Pro fenion uf Deutiair- , and tor aiaieeu veara been prartieallv engaged therein, and after attending the practice of anrgery 16 month*, and acting for via month* aa assistant in aurgrrv in the month*, and acting lor *ix months aa aaaiatant in aurgrrv iu the New Vork City lloainial, together with f or years study in the office of l)r J C Cheeieman, lie graduated iu the ye-r 63S <u the College of Physicians and Surgeons, N. Y "trange's . rgetrns. _ _ needing hi* pro'na .mnal aid from tliia ita'rment. that all hit onera innton the t eth and mouth will be oerforuind iu a acien tific and akillfnl e-auu'r, Dr Cavtle refe.i to tk ? Spanish, Fr-nch, and kug'iih Amb aa-dora F.Stonghton, Esq "panish Lonau'jUr F if Johnson, Preside-1 of the .Medica- Sncieiy; Dr. Boyd, Dr Besd'e. Dr. Russell. U 8 A.: Dr. J A. Houslou, Rev. Dr Ly-II, Rev. Dr Thiran Ike A.C.CASTLE, M D D -mitt. '81 Broadway. J*?6 lt*ec ? ".o.r of White a'trct. N Y. DEAFNESS < URED??l>ra CASTLE k EDWARD*. Surgeon Aurists, have m d'the diseaivs of the ear and the various causes of deafness their peculiar atudy. Years ol prac tical experirnc- have given ample cviuencaof the fsllanv of t eating all diieases is- <1 -11 deafnen with one remedy Their areexter-al *ud tnierual dieenes?nervous deafness, and com pressions aud obliterations of the auricular nerves?all requir irg therincal t eatmenl. dependant urmu the anatouiv and ; nyti ology of the par a in scientific tharapeu'ical c mbiuatiou. DRS CASTLE A EDWARDS, Annate, jv26 It'ec 311 Broadway, ooruerof White street. DECISION IN CHANCERY. Befouk thi Assistaist Vicg CMAtvt.El.t.0* lONAJ H'N AeRt.VI) k FREDERICK M.HWANN "**? '-HRISI IAN KLUU ? The Aaaiataut Vice Ch ncellor has mid- a final decree iu this long pei ding suit wlichwas commeucad iu the turn met ol 1839, aud haa ever aiuce Deen in litigition Thi he cnmplaiuauti are merrhaetv doing bnaineaa at Halifax and Huddersfi'Id, id England and the . efei.d nt was 'C charge f a con ui icisl linus- w' nh the mail lainabt* esiabl th d io New y ork, in 'h - sear (37, aud which exiiled until about ihe month of June, 1639. The deleudai t cl timed to be a co-partner, and to have a ahara u the business tr&naacrd iu New I ork. and iu ih- pmllta of such bnsiuess, and also claitn-d cnmmiasioua and other ch'rgea 'or.arlling a.largeiatnck of roods beloogn g to the c >m, and which turd been disputed of bv lt?? American houte. He alio made other claimx against the complaitianta, amnng which waa -me f r an all g-dl-san of 910 607. which he ciaimtd to have made to the complain nts io J lv 1(39 The complai: co. trud- d that the deirudant waa not a co-partner, (in ihe American house.) bnt oulv tl.eir clrrk and agent; that nearly all the cairns mad- bv him were uuionoded, aim that he waa largely indented to th"tn on various aceounta The suit was iiist tutcd maiul v to satt'e aud aiiju-t tlie ileul inea and tranaactiana, aaceitaio the rights end slate the ac coon a of 'he pa-tiaa The! ou t uiaall 'wrd the claim* of the defendant to be a co psrinei in the American home, aud aim disallowed the o'her claims made by him, etcrpt those far hia ail <rv and p-rsoual expvut-a.and it waa found upon suiting ih- accouut. ih-t he waa indebted to thee ini laiuauta in ttieanm of eighfen thou ?aul lis hundred and tevruty two dollars and uin-iy-lwo cent*. ($i(,6'4 92 liwith interest from the fifteenth day of March, id 4, which aum he i> decreed to pay, with the coals ol the suit The derreehilsn declares that the complainants are entitled to all the property and effect* ef the late Ann ican house, aud ihr defendant is enjoined froin all inteif-tence iu ihe srtlleuieut of its affairs f'ou'iael for the complainant. William Curtis Nnyes and Dan Marvin; for defend ml, John Anlhon and J M Van Colt j26 lite NEW YORK, Jnly 20th. 1144: HE UN Df RSIONED, paiaeogrr* on bond of th# ship "CHARLESTON." take great pleasure in exprrsaiug their sat xfact en wiih the conduct of f ant J. Andtaws, the inaatrr of that veexel on ner r> cent voy-ige from the p rt of f^harleaton to N-w Yoik, and beg to convey to him their best wuhes f?r his prosperity. Abnm J-hnsott, WiHiam H Gillilud, Frinkliu finitia, B. E McKeuxic, K K. Huckman, Edward Taylor, L.B Clough, D W. Harrison, W. S Comstock, William D-via, 14 B. Oilchriat, K S Ba l, Edwatd Sebrmg, T. P Bavrne, W.J.Oartrr, A. McWilmm, K. L Simon*. Samuel Nelsou, L. Bourr, Fi Bag ec. j26 lt?ee "PERFUMERY?New Firm and Fiath Uooux?JOHNSO N ' k f:?? M?.f.i.i..i?a PevAimevt. t.edsr street. New kork, would reepecuullv invite the attention (if dealers to their atotk on hand every article of which haviofc been maun acta ed under their own immediate superintendence, thev will guar antee the qualities to be a-ieh, in all cases, as repieaeuted, and the taste and style in which they are put up to be aurpaaeed by uo other house jy}o 6 eod ec UpOBLEK STICK TO THY LAST?LET PHtSlC w ALONE."?Caution to the Public?It is surprising to see onr public authorities permit the inaoy imuoeilioua and frauds daily practised on the community by a class of mdivi duils who are too indolent to work, bat yet drvote their whole time to stuuy how to deceive the innoceut by false pretences, ia ae n-met. a-d aaaumeu tit lea, to which they havenotthr slightest right and th-.a disgrace the honorable and noble pro li-aaiou of medicine and anrgery in the eyes of the community, bv ruining ihe constitutions of thousands of both aexea, ana tending madv to an untimely grave. I shall ere long expose m ihe most pnb ic mean r the trnc name* of the various "ali .iiaea" and charlatans who inteat onr city Th* subscriber deems it his duty to himself and the pub'ic to ?late that he ix a legally educated phy sician aud aurgeou. and a mrm'-er of the Medical Society, sod that he alwevi devo'ea h>a moat zeah us attention to the welfare ofbis patient Long pro traced diarases, aud 'hose who have been injured bv ntwt'Uins lid quat kcry, are particularly invited to call. The Doctor's new and auccaiaful mode of treatment is already known to thi public. JOnEPH HEINE. M. D , (Je man Physician, 10 Dnanesiraet, j* It*re near Chatham, PACKET SHIPLOUIbVILLE FOR new"15rlean"s ?faasmgeri by this amp will please be on board, at Or Icma wh rf, foot of Wall atrcet, .thia day. (26ih instant,) at 10 o'clock. A M., at which t in-'he ahip wi I sail. j2* Itrc PACKET SHIP ROdCIUS FOR LIVEllPUOL-Pasxen A gcra by this ship will plena* be on hoard the aieamhoat Hercu'ea. at Whitehall, at II o'clock this day, (26 h inaiant) at which time ihe ship will Mil. Letter Imgs will close it th usual plae-s at ll)A n'chica J26 Itrc CHEAP CASH TAILORING ESTALISHMENT, 30* PEARL STREET, BETWEEN BEEK.V1AN STREET AND TECK SLIP 1'Hk Stl BSCRlBc K. one of the pimeera of the cask system, deai >a to keep it before the pnblir that he coutinu-a to manuftcture every kind of civil and military Clothing, of the finest mai-riala, in the moat superior etyle. at lowvr i rices bv twenty-five per cent th*n an* otn r house tha-get for the same quality ol aarm'un. Witness th efnllowiog list of price* I? B at supeifioe wool black Dreaa Lost-?-$14 to 20 Paota of fiucy and pla n black easeimere ? ? ? i to I Veata of all kinds, silk, satin caasimer* ? ? ? 3)A to i Oe. tl-m-n who aunply their own clotn can hava them made in the beat ? tyle. at lb* followag price* I? Ureas Cetia from ? ???$7 to fl Pant* " 110 to 2 Vests " l.Jtl to 1 jyll lm?ec JOHN MOFFAT. DR PHELPS' TOMATO PILLS. fpHIS VALUABLE highly rrcommeaded A uy ihysiciaua. *>d wh eh haa b-en nasd with anch aston ishing sncceat, in the ear* of variona CrlRt'NIC DISEASES, nt d for n general FAMILY MEDICINE, ia for tele by tha wholesale and retail Diuggiete in thie city Jvl4il*~ and Brooklyn. jv24 26E29ia*m T"{ TRENTON FALLS. NEAR UTICA, NEW YORK. K 81) BHURi BKK announces to the public, that after an absence of two teasoua, h? his rouurd the direction of (ho Ho'ol at the abore place I ho home hot b.on thoroughly io(m uishrd and put in com le-e ordor, nnil ho truata by ma at leu to n to iho comf rt of hi? k'ui?u to morit a roiuin ol tho patronage to liberally beetowod on him in ftirmor yea a joil 3w wdn to M MOORK HA.MiL! Oft HOllhb.?bOMY HA VIlL I UN, LONO I8LANu ?The auboeribor begs loayo to mnonnce thai ho has mad> arrani'emrula with the Hi a on 1*1 >nd Hiennib- ai Company to run thou boata, o? and a'tor .Yloadae tho 17th mat. to the ab >yr place, and for tho apocial accommodation of iho pitrona a-id Tisitors to thia ?aoonto ?|.nt Iw* Yi l.oaoo New York, fiom Whito-hall at 8 A. M. and 3){ P. M. Loayo Hamilton House, returning to the citr at 7* \ M and i* P M. ALONZO REED, j it 3tawiatf re W' [cory.l TO THE TRAVELLIVO i t) iMUNITY AND PUB LIC IN OE\KhAL. ''F.HEA8, tho atoatnto t Port month, on bor p'taago from AI ban* t r New Vors, on ih- llth icttaoi, waa tw co crowded upon and u i mm hv tho ateamboat Kn caor bink-r and w) treat, we, tl?e nndervgned, nelieye the ? ,me t > bay- bo- n d -no wilf illy ti d ileaignouly, th? oby endangering our li'ea ; a< d wno oat the crank cf the ateamboat Porta monib broke immediately after such colliaiou ti eroby detain ina na 'or te?er<<| h ura in Hudaon, w? tool it our 'hiti t > eg Iiroaa oor diaaupri.bat ion ol the an warrant k'e rour>t pur-nod by tho "Old Line" of Troy and Albany, in ordor to rrrnh ai y oirpotition which may l< no to a redaction of fare on the abo> o lino: Ai d at too iamo time we, the urdem.ned. feel it our duly to oxproaa io O Hoi to t'apMiu i f tto inbiat P nu month, ou mail unciro ibaukt for hit uimott ondoarort o proven >uch eolllsiop by stopping In ei.g no and oth-rwiao Hnueelr and whoreaa Cipt.O Huae frankly auu froolv rolundo patsage m noy, and ataiste - no in prt curing at ihe mo meat a pattogo to Now vork, we can Willi pi aaure reeom rend i n na ? gentl'man highly wnrihy of putdi. .mirouiga A W- mwo,rh, Boaton, J ('met, .Now V- rk, P Hhiol, Belt-more, T b iriatnck, J. b ' ih a, Albany, H I)*v<ea, do 8 Wilcox do J llnke, Boaton, A Phrnit. Saratogg, J. Kenton, do A.' onn, 0 h \ J Van Eyoron, do J. R lev, Now York. A Tru-rnan, do T Egtl n. di W A Kobi ton, Baltimore, K. Nlr.EIroy, do N Roirera. O'mnhfh. I' tto. gort ou hoard ateamboat Portsmouth Ja y It, iMf. Note?1 bar- ?I# opwanls of 1J* names of p<a erge g who lancunnod ih* abi yo jykl ititeod HARD WAR". NA'L.trflji PLATE. Re. tod 'fot? I iw priced Table Cat'er?, ail ratle! ... .... , ail rattens. 5 Coke CO tain on and boat b ilea, nteor'ed a do i> p rior and low-priced hand pea a el gad back 3 do '.hiaeeli, rnngot, plane irona Ac Ac. 30 d i bri ht t aooi, h > kt and ruga. 3 do [atom knob 'ocka 34 do ''hlwoll'a." 'Hudoa," and raiaroa Hoot. 10 do Haokn and Hinges, ronnd Bnlu. Norfoll Lmehoe Ac I0i 0 koga tnporinr < at Naila. all giree. 140 boaoa I in Pjvte X* Also Pndlocha, Krytng teas, Parens inn Cape, Bed Rem* a kivoeae. Ac. Ac. Ac. gor taJo at low rneee, by JOHN A. Nb.U' BOI'LI), jytf ttMood'ee fg Jet a a tree I (up ?uirt). AMUSEMENTS. NlBltO'V GARDEN. r K I D A V ? V f N I n G Jl'l Y It. W ill he tf?l 4 !? e Koto- t<c Bnll-t ? U'W the REVOLT OF 'IHE HAREM ? .. e? bV a'J wbll h.Se urn ll t* - tM* t he MOST M AON I f IC K. .% T IFKCTA ILK tsar rtmltcad is America?with mitnlf Be roar- toe* lumn aao **ru|<.rt ?? DRaMAIIH PEKhONJl Vlihoprt? ? ? King of (Irrtidi M? Walla imaei. a yoluuieer warrior tad leader > f theforeea.M. nt Msiti a M|.?touT, Chief of tt a kaanche.. ? Hers Ki i-ooa* ? ? the K tun's Pit. Mu' W ood Auuimau- ....... Mont Jaeph /ulina."-betrothed u |?nw| Mad'lle Pant ne Dean/ After which Hcrr Kopouny w II spies- nidi d Pan Magya-ea. wub .ngmal Miuic uud hall I oa uav An luleiiiuaaioo o' h ill-au-honr Followed by Lt Polk*. by Mr Walls and Mias PaiOup >u. T- e. uciuda with SARATOGA HPK'NUR. Doors " pen at 7 e.rlerlainoienli c mi rut* at I psecia-ly Omnibuses will ran to and from lha (iardaa dariaf 'he evsw inf. Ticket' Fity fnti No I'uatponemanlat this establish meat on account of weather, at the vrand entrance from Broadway to the Saloon it protect ed, and the Now Saloon, which is fea'ratrd from the to; and ?ides ma he enclosed at a moment's nonce** OPKRAIIOdlE *~~* UH LABJ.NhH Beat to infirm the public, that the m> lament weather last eieu ue having prerantrd many fimilina from atteadiag his ig. Inbition, ha hat postpoued hit departure until lo-rnoruw, and THIS F.VENING. b'BIOAV. again produce hit entire coll enon of Illost atiuna, Peine lha list eseniug on which he can continue hit ia this city T wanty fit# t'eou to all pafU of the honae? Lhi'dran half price gTo commence at I o'clock. The Lecture will be on the San, followed by a Grand Eihi bitionol'ab ut Two Hundred Uioramaa, repr aeutiag earioaa astronomical object, ih- Aurora Borealas, nud Water Spools; Oalsaaixa'ion. of I Rabbit; Compound Blow Pipe; Ore d Microscopic Kihibitinn; to conclude with Uiaaolsiag See: .a. Humorous and I oinic Optical Exhibitions, Ac. JW Itrc THKALHAMRA, 559 Bioadwat, aarwaca Sraitsu ass Pansoa Stuuxtu. rPHIS Isshiooable place of reaoit is open far the season The A lc-s. Fruits, Jellies, and other refreshments, are of the finest detent tlon An O chmtra, combining tome ef thedrat musical talent ia the city, |?tf rtn esery eve-iiug ei apt Saturd ys and Sontlevs, fayuriie pieces from the compositions of Htraua. l.auuer. A iter, Bslliui, And others eqitaily erlsbrated JJJ Iwis't COLMAN'S LITERARY SALOON. COSTUME GALLERY, AVI) h XHiBI I ION ( F BEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS, No. >03 Broariwaf, New Tork Nirp-AI)MI'-|n^ O -E SHILLING ONLY. O STRAVOh* should lease the 'ity without railing ia to tee the Ui at t ollection of Books, Printings and En grtviegs. whi h are offered ' at rrieea 'o suit the timaa " The PI'BI 1') SALE ROOM iifill-d with boohs of esery bind in eariout Wnenaiea ieclnding Prints and Pieinraa, to see whii A, and the Print Room no cHasor is made jMee NOTICE?The partnership heretofore ousting batw. en Otis Ornish-* and Robert A. Tarter under the name and style of Ormsiee and Cnrt?r, proprietor! of the Waseriy House, ia. thia day by mutoal consent. disslfd All dm rounds ag-insMhe firm will or settled hy Mr Carter, who re mains the sol ? proprietor, and it authorised to collect and set tle the same. (8 goed) OTIS ORMSBEE, ROilKRT A. CARTER. New York, Jnly ?4 till. jyl5 St ins*rye RED HOUSE PLEASURE GROUND. 9 A Purse for ? 0. Mile Heats, h-stth-eeis fl?e to come off .this day, Friday, -Stli rnatant >i 4 o'clock, taio or abine. om ENTRIES J Meisker a. h. Yonng Neptune. P Heine a. m Lney Neil. J Wh.lpley b h One Eyed Riley K Freeman a h Sttnoerd D Bryant b m. Ci quart. J2(l lt*ec ENTERPRISE SUCCESSFUL! _ , UTTELL'S LIVING AGE, No Xt. For SATURDAY, Jul* V, 18 aow reidy Thi? publication is tlrs-dy attracting consi derable attention. sod has taken its a'and io ihclittrsry world, ?? inferior to none, ad inAnitaly su'erinr o most of tli? cheap literature of the day?indeed the inspection. rur chvp, and reading nf a singir. number cannot fa'l In convince all of this 'art Is ihe contents of ? his week's rqmbrr will be f< und h fo'lowiug: ? Lo?r nd Auihi.rah'p? Mr Hood?The Sun \nd Heir?F-n li>rstonheug'i's -l?? Stales?Imnranea sad Aisamnce?Wicklif?The Minster Mi?erv of Literature? Na poleon? Wm. Howitt's Kxperiencis?Prior P>rf?ee?Tsisa and England? I" ngland and Rossia?Roma, ca of a BerUiead? Silent Loa? Ooldrn Opinions? I,attars of the Duchess of Oi* lea a,he. he Sec Price I3H rants Ko> sila whaicsal1 and retail, at J W LESLIE'S Periodical Depot, 174 braadway. And by O H. 1'rotby, Lower Post Office, jM It'rc B'HAN' H OF THE ALHAMRA, IIS East Broadway, one noor ?bove Rutgers s'reet ?This etubl aliment will in iuinie ha open e?e*y evening, where can bs fnaud ths same da light'ol Ici-s, Frails. Jellies and Rcfreshmruts thai unserved Jp it the Broadway Alhamia Tnnse who t <|ne quiet respectability, are inaitad to risit this fasliionahle r?sort. jyMlt'ee STOUVENEL It CO. ? Gold atta*. Haw YfriLMMflw tura all sons ol UL ASH, and cut and match it to any l>al urns Couita tly on hana, a complete aasortn.eot ol ?vsry dr-scril lion. All kinds of Glass made and cut to order '1 key also manufacture Solar Lamps, l.hand'li'rs, Giran dole,, Catidelaniaa, Suvpeoding 8ois?, from 1 to it Ushtat Hall Lamps and Lanterns of anv sue and pattens; at o (.aanphioe Lamps; Antral, altered to Solar t onntty merchants and oth ers will fiud it to their interest to call as abort, or at their De pot, 3 John street, oe<r Broadway, where they can obtain all eles of the beet quality, warranted, and at very low P'icae, wholesale a< d retail Go at loaned for i artiet jyW lm-rc MEDICAL AID. REMOVAL. DR. GREGORY baa remored from II Barclay street, tow Gold street where he may be consulted conAdeotiailly as usual, at all hours " '1 here are few, if any medical men amend us, that know better how to manage those difficult and delicate disorders which ?'rangers ?r? lisble to contract while visiting our city." Dr. G has published a treatise u|>oa these complaints, celled the 1 Rubicon ?It is expressly intended for the use of tnis class ol patieuts of either wi?itsella at 70 oems, by the author, at Ms rrsiderce 66 Gold str-rt first house north of Buekmag str-et l'o letnales afflicted with a malady called "the whiten'' t' te iit'.le book will p ore a frirudly andeouttuential adviser. j>Zd lt*rre STRANGERS BEWARE. IN this age ol Quackery and Humbug it ie most impo tent to choose au egperi*nerd phteiciao ?Dr. J Evans has removed his old Galen's Head Dispeusary to No Ml Pearl sttwt, corner ol Berkiuan street, where he Continues his most extraordinary cures of all drliea'e diseases, no matter how complicated He appnaea the ciug-ns and s rangers thai there is do Dr Evans io his o d sun d, and that he has no eonnectinn whatever wiih any other olfo e liis charges are moderate?his consultations strictly private N B?Observe the aumber?miatakea are often da' grfous?3M Pearl st-eet i;." ?? edicines and directions sent to any part of the Union, bv parti nlarly s sung the esse, and inclosing Ave dollars. ji 24 't ec GRAND MOONLIGHT EXCURSIONS. FORT HAMILTON. CLIFTON. AND LOWeH BAY. jaI ? he steamboat PILOT, (apt n. t aglet. are'Heij' will lesvethe Fulton Ferry, Br .oklya. at Tin XvJUL.') clock, aud pier I N. R New VoiB, at Tjg, .... n rue su > a d F'iday Evenings. 34th and Mlh iust., if tha w etthri s pleasant, returning taily in thr evening, and landing as above kara 37 rei u r,ch way '1 he above boat bsvug been thoroughly repaiied, can be ihartersd for day or Evening JyMf Kieutsions on rrasou'bie terms. Jyl4 Sua* re SEA AIR.?A FINE SAIL DOWN THE BAY, DAILY. UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. wgm The Htuawboat SOU 1 H AMERICA, ( apt M H Irn-sdell, with a view < f plea, ZwJCK. aautly and safrly accommodating Families Willi their ? hildreu. on short Excursions tu the Eowar Bay, for thr purpose ol viewing the Harnor. Fortinealioua, Land and tleean Scenery. will mike a Daily Trip (Hondays eieept nl) in lair weather, down the Bay. landing, going aad rsturn ing, at koit Hamilton. iL^" Will leave Barclay street ( N R ) at SK o'clock P.M., CsTnerioe street (r. K I h| jW. Pier No 1 (N R ) at 4, tonth : at narc ay street at 4>i Amos street 4 *d aad retain in i ms Ian" the pasteug ra at Seven o'clock ; commencing Monday. July Rth, 1444. ami ? outinne until inrther notice Fare Twenty Ave cents I hildreu nuder T weive years of age hal I - price (ITT" The no<t iwrlrei order will be maintained on board, an ? every effort will be ma ie to render the excursion enuraly pleasant The '1 rip will be omitted in stormy weather JTI tf rre The steamboat THOMAS BALMOND. ''apt W. i . Hhnltx. will ran tu the Fi*hing ti. llSs i i. r.ibd V8, W- l)7r HDAYB, THl/HBMAYS. end ERiDAYB TO CO >r.Y ISLAND AND FORT HAMILTON. HA i U II DAYS. SU DAI H, and VOND\7 H On Saturdays the b at will make bat r>n? trip, and only In the a term on?Suud ys asd ,VI todays tw iftps sarh w?y jv!3 Tiis'je HENK V E IOELL. FO . LIVF.RPOOL?Krgnlar paeket of the 4th , August?I hr A',t class, fan tailing, regular packdl ?ship INDEPENDENT . Capita Nys, will sail as aiiov- her regular dav Having sncrrior accr mmodstious to' c,b>n, sseond an Mo and steer* ge uasaengers perso> s ruteedisg to sin bark should make iiiim- diate app.ication oo r osrd, f ? t of Msidou Lena, or to JitS^PH Mc.YlUHRAk, 100 Pine street, corner of Hooth The Inderendeees will b- am ceded bv the spls< did paakat sl ip Samuel iltcks ? p m S G Bunker, and will sail on the llth Aoguit. be I ( her >rguiard?y Persons desirous ol aerdiug lor their frteada, een have them br aght out in eithrr of the above v seels or in any ol the regular psckns. sailing weekly, by applying an above, if by letter, prut |?iu. P 8 Draft, siren, payable ?t sight for any amount, on the Prprmeial Bank ol Ireland payable at their resp-e iee braarh ea thr nihint th" c untey; also on Messrs. Bimoaer A'?o<i d Co , bink, rs. London, payable in every town in Great Bu tt n> HM?? 4d^ F.X' HAN'IK, on ENOI AND. IRELAND, rflWysi oTLAND AM) W y EE8 - ' he snbmriber he> hshMmit all times for sal* D >fw from ?i to Xiogu pemb a it II t ie priucip. I lianku a mstiiu'iops tnroug ioa. the Unpad Kingd tn. JGII v HERl'vt a N, 41 8o'itu at N II i'amage to aad from Liverp eel can be secured at the lowest rates Sy a-yol h- tin* af packets railing ou the 1st, A h llth, ICth 31st and tbth of eacn mouth, ou spplieaiiou as ?Nue jy!4 ec BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL P\' KKTH C FOR LIVE It POOL*?Only regular Paeket of the MSWh'tl of Angusr-T.e i e'sbrtied fut-filu g fsv nte Hl||gPi*s?t 8h p EU tOI'E Edward G. Com rtmnoef, will sail positively ee 1 harsday, 1st ? f Aagaat. bar rrgalar day 1; la well known fa the travelling public that 'he icenmmo liiinna o' the E.nrope, and all theeignt ahipa c rai rising his '? it a are f t ed oar in a snieroir raamie- 'or cabin, aeeond eakia, \nd tuerigr p s.e.igers. n-vioB verv lofty and we'l ?e t ,a ed reiw -en decks he. she hat also s hons on deck, wh ah will lands me I v aad ? rnf rt kly aesommodatw lour retiecukle pisiengera who with t ? be reti ed. I hose ranirning or vitHing the old eonatry will Bad it to heir interest and comfort io av ul themselves of rhSs vary de imble eenieyaaee F rt rs of 'stage, erd to e-io't the heat berths early Ippl .on sh old he ade on hoard, foot of Been man street, i it i raliserbers Hot IO . BROTHERS RCO 1} Fnlten s< I JyMislrc asxwydasr te 'He Fallot h,ot

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