Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 28, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 28, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD *??. NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, JULY 28, 1844. *"?- c? THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To ibo Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily aewapaper-pub lisiied every <1 ay ol the year except New Year*! day and fourth ot July. Price -J cents per copy?or *7 30 per an musi? postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6} cents per copy, or ft 13 per annum ? po.ages paid, cash n a lrancc. ADVERTISERS are mtormed that the circulation Ol the Herald is over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and in creasing hut. It hat the largest circulation rf any payer in thit city, w the world, and it, therefore, the heit channel for hurineet met in the city sr country. Prices moderate ?cash io advance. PRINTING ot all hinds executed at the most moderate price, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Phofristob or thh IIcbslo Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets TO SMXaHANTS, AND OTHERS MAKING REMITTANCES TO ENGLAND, SCO IXAND, AND IRELAND. TVl AFTS. FOR ANY A ? OUNT, on .11 tha Bnaskss of U u.e PJU1V1NC1AL BANK. IRFL IMi, ? .... . iuwum, on ,1. v. Sod the national bank a oiland. csn be obtained of luCU'D BELL k WM VeHCHLaN. ? sad 7 Dorr s "nildiugs. Hanover <t VCT" Also. RILLS on hi BANK OF URltiSH NORTH AMKKK-A, LONDON, aae its B asches in Canada, New B uu w ck Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. jyM rti*tm j,b BO AHUl NO A 1' 27 COURl'LANDT STREET?Sinslr 1 grattem-n or genteel families can be accommodated with hoard aud comfortable rooms, eonsiitiagot parlors and. if in quired, bed rooms adjoining, at 17 Courtlandt street, N York MRS. GERE. Tu? French language is apokan ia th* family je?2 ltn rod-"in POLI PIOAL CARiCATUREH?Ths best sod most tab abi. hitortineii' tie publish d and for tale by JAMES, No. 33 Spruce si Orders, accompanied with a re mi'taiic-, will be i uncte lly attended to. Pricr $6 prr 100 N B ?' i h igmptw and print col*nng fiecateu at shoit no tice; views of i.ablic buildings, merchtuts' pUc-a ofbusiurs. etc duwii and c lured froai u.tuie, and free from victimising or rxmti "i" ? caress j? IS Jt. vim' rc Amin una for forcing the Crops?Sulphate of Soda?Ni train Soda. enusLmly on hand hy l?R I.EWia FEUCHTWANGER, IS -J. ..u -'.id? law, AH. PAKKFR, a? Daanr. h?tweeo Elra -treet and Broad ? war, Ag.?t for the tain of Valuable Oil Painting,, Pore lata and Antiquities. huso.. hand a fine eoll-ctian ol splendid imported Oil Paintings of the Flemish and Dutch schools, whi-li hi- can dispose et at moderate prices ThereforeUuxr who wi?h to enrich their collections, or ornamenting their par lors, will Ind it to their interest to call, examine, ana judge for themselves At home trom 2 AM, till 6 P. M. jet I 2m eod*rc Havana and PRINCIPE CiGARs-Meoo h?t?? Hevars, saperior; in MO De Moyos ; 25.000 La Normss; 10,000 Kscalapios: 10,000 India Catadoras; 20,M0 La Union 5* OOu Esperansa, very Are ; (000 Franganciu; 6000 Hfficacias; 5000 Lauril; >0.uM "La Faneteiias," superior : 20,00d Cuba Be g?rs; 50,ooa Ju,to Sana Principe ; 15.000 De La Crux's?with oth"r choice brands, m kiug a complete assortment?fur sale cheap for c&sh. by the qu trier box or th-asand, by ISAAC H. SMITH. 205 Frost street, j22 2wJtaw*re opposite Fulton Market SHARON SPRINGS PAVLL.1UJX. SCHOHARIE COUNTY, N. Y. rpHLS spacious Huan, which. since the improvements and X additions insde to it during the post winter. it believed t< be one or the no it commodious uo comfortable of the largest clas. of H'lialt in the Stat* it now ready for the reception o: couip?uiy. and will bo opened ou tne 3Sili day of May inst. Ti acc uimoda'e the lage and increasing nuinoerof people wh< ?l>ead che season a' Sluron 8priug?. the subscribers have, tiuc< la?l (all, grtwilr Attended their premnet, by auoexiug to th< FaTiiiou an eatirely new building, which emnracea twentv-ti> spa- iooa apar menu, bet idea making large addition! and im prormneiiu to the interior and bntuiaat parte of the house. Bliuds hare b'ea add d to the windows?tne beautiful promt na e gronadt in ft?nt of the Pavilion have beau laid out and Mstelully planted with ibrnbt anJ flowert?the bath room, have been overhauled and new furniture provided, farnithiui. every coaveuience to thoie who with to enjoy either a cold o> warm hath No exprate or effort h*i been tpared to tnpply th? deficiencies of past teatont, and every exertion will be ntod, U receive the rial ton of the coming teaton (a a manner not to b? ^'irpateed at any other place of fashionable retort in the United iCthoss who hare not heretofore visited the Sharon Springs it it sufficient to lay. that the qualities of the water (an analvti of which it given below) are very nearly identical with those or the lar-fameo white Sulphur Springs of Virgitia. except tha by tin- concurrent testimony of At medical men who are ac qn tinted with both, tne Sharon are esteem d the moit potent - bna-ued is sn elevated region of country, tl\e Pavilion com mauds one of the most extensive v ews, and is placed in th ?idst of the most picturesque scenery in the State of New ork Fr-m iu el crated position it has the advantage of t continually dry, cool aud refreshing atmosphere. Pleasant ex Sirsious to the villages of Cherry Valley and Cooperstown. th> tsego Lake, a"d other points equally interesting from thei scenery and their history, offer themselves on every band wliiist a Billiard doom aud four ipaeioas Ball Alleys, lean no menus unprovided within doors for exercise or amusement Of the White Sulphur Water of Sluron Springs, it can b? said it is uot surpassed by any thing of the kind in the knowi worlo, for the cure of rheumatic, cntaneons, bilions and dys peptic complaints, and for the cure of enrnpelns. salt rheum scofnla, liver complaint, bronchitis and general debility, as has been certified by some of the most eminent medical profes ?ors. By a recent analysis made for the proprietors of the Springs made by one of the most eminent Chemists in this nountr) I Professor Raid of New York] the fallowing results hare bees obtained from one gallon of water fcsBic rbiants of M.qjnesia 34 grain*. Sulphate of Magnesia " Sulphate of Lime ? ??. (5 I ?.Hydsoanlphate of Magnesia and Lime S Cnlorideof Sodium andMagaasium-????? ?? ST Solid contents??? 149 1 grains. H ydrositlphuric Acid Oas, or Sulphuretted H; dnueo It 5 cubic in Th<- hpriugs are within s few hours ride of Albany, Troy Saratoga, Schenectady. Utica, Ac.; are accessible either fron Cauajoharie. on the Albany and Utica railroad, where pot coa' dads await the arrival of the moraiag ea't from tich.- j nectadv and Utict. to eon vey visiters to the Springs, a dittanc. oldbouteteht, arnvmg in time for dinner: or by th< r.h rrv Valley Tnrnp'ke, by daily stag- s. being about forty fire miles wart of Albany, on a good road. Persons leayins w Vork in th*?voni?g boats for Alb my arrive at the Bbarot ..rings the next day in Urn* for dinner rnri ?raw 4m?*c CLARK It GARDNER HARPS-DOUBLE AND SINGLE ACTION,! AT 385 BROADWAY. F. BROWNS b-gi to call the attention of admirers 11 this d-lig! tfnl instrument, to the large and elegant axso t mem of Haii* he has for tale at 311} B-oadwiy. The nch br>l liaocy of fo e, Pgutneet of touch and elegant finish of the* ftnrpa esni'Ot he excelled and wry seldom equaled They a ? ODttmrted u the best prisctrlei ?ud h->ve all the modern itn prusoinen's 'f L.>nd->? end Paris, and at Enropem pre*.. j Warranted in bear tl.e test of clima r Harps repaired andfvi hire, rit-iogs, fcc J F. bKOW.Ne., (M-ks from Kiarw, London,) 9v5 Broadway, and 7IX Chambers N. V. j 13 l? ltwjl *m Kitmlished 1919. J BEACON COURSE-TROTTING. WF.DNFHDAY. Jn y3 st,a' 4 P. M ?Match tor $1000? Tlire Mi.* Haiti, both to go as thay pluue between Q?u tip-cei't cb g Sir William * m Whs Idu'i-" ? g Jsrery Blue Same D iy?Parte StuO M le He. tt, bet three in tire, in har nest for w -ieh ><r> entered thec-l-br-i-d pacing hone* K*liaY UUfctbN, AUUY Dif ANO J?7 5t*m J-irtN C LALiloUN . PtlSI OFKlt K. i New Y rk, July OS. 184 ?. f ENGLISH MAIL?Letter Rags p--r R>ynl Myi1 S ea.u HlBKKNI*, wilt heel ted a- ih? Upp r and Lower Posi Offices i" t is ?itv ou Wvdnetd -y the 31st n slant, at f -rtyf-v ?tin u e? p et 1 o'clock, M The Otcilmd postage of ll\ ] ce In ou each tingle letter Dim b prid j?l t - J>H* LOtUMF.H ORAHAM. P M SCARPA'S OIL TH p. follow-rg is mkro from the Boston At'as:?Valuable Art cie?heerp.'s Acoostio Oil is said by those who hid ore t en t nee it to lie an rice lien medicine in case of deaf Deis arising from c Ids or cairs We knows youuu Ir-dy * ho not long sinee wis almost immediately relieved by it, ad the i e.t ficste of Mr Johu Herd of Bnnk?r Hill f'.iee', C aria*towu, Mas? , is -n unanswerable testimonial cf ? t riti racv. Sold at ?hul*aal' uno ier. il. by A B. kl). BANDS, Druggists, No 79 button atiect, 37] B.oadway. 77 Cast Broad way jvW Im'm CAST OFF CLOTHING. (JENTLEMIIN OR FAMILIES desirous of eonyerting into cosh their supr-illnous nr cast off Clothing, will obtaini from the inlneriber the HIWH?,8T CASH PRIONS. To families orgpotlemen quitting the cny, or changing rest deiee. havisg effects of the kind to dispose of, will nnd it much to tli'iradvaneMe ro send for the subscriber, who will attend them at their namdence by appointment. H. LXVETT, Office No 1 Wallstwt. and at 470 Hudson it. Clothicg e'enned and rep.ired. B r"i\ 'in' mrontn the post otfioe, or otherwise, will retrnve j r. i . . jv2?lm*re IN i HAN" KKY?Before the Vice ( biaceilorof the first I X Cir uit? i'lgh* Devsy, kxecntorof tli?la-t Will and 'i'es ttmeer | Tnojws Haag'-rty, deceased, vs. Bridget Callaghan | and others . riduiunri 8. Derry, of the rity of New York, Solic tor for cnmp'an ant Bill of Interpleader, for construction of will nnd dm ibntionof rsuta . ..... Mums Hrgkerty and Daniel Haggerty 1st, two of the dewed ants in this cause, who are not residents of ihs State of Nfew Vork but whose r sideuce is in that cart of tM United King di m of IJieet Britain and In lend called Ireland, are and eich r,l tn.-m is reqni ed to -ippcer in t- is ei?s* by the fifth dny of herniary ni-xt A. U 194i, or llw bill fi.ed Uieretn Will be Uken us co .fi-s sil by them New Yorii, Jolr 33,19IC JyM lww3w* is rc Bv'oilUi.HUT aaHON VAN DERPOkL, Justice of the Superior C. urt of the City ol New York, Notice ti hereby fieeu, pursuant to the provisions of the scutate aetli riling attachments against non-resident debtors, tint sn ti-achinanthas istned against the estate of CHARLLb NlLUOLS a reeul<-ntol Amstrrd .-n, in Holland, and that the sans* will be sold for thenaymeul oi his dfbu. unless he appeal aud ducbirge such atuchmeut, according to law, within nine roou-lit uoai the first publication of this uotice; and that the payment of my debts due to him by residents of this state, and the d-livery tn him or for his use, of any property within this Plate belonging to him.and the transfer of any such property by him are forbidden by law. and are void. J>,w4tb*Tift KUWARDS, Attorneys for Attaching Crediur. ill luw9m?re THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m m. m ?w York SliC, and from Liverpool 6th of each To aul from Naw lot tb. FVo?a Now Fork. /.'poo! N?r?ki?LIJ|RPOOL. ? g j ? jj?; i .Naw alup ROCHESTER, JSO toaa. Jf*/ *| April! Julia Britton g ?& S Ship HOTTINUIEK. 1050 toaa J}J?ehM ??[ \ lraBurwiy, i&tl .j2>* These substantial, (aat ruling, dm class ships, ail bailt ia the city of New _Vo^k. are c.ui.iiauded by men of experitner tod ability, aud will be displttlud punctually oa the 31at ol f month. naii cabine ate elegant and commodiooa, aad are faraiahec *cf month. 'isieit cabiaa ate aleaant _ with wbatevet can conduce to the eaae aad comfort of paaaea MM. Price af passage, IIK. Neither the eapini't or owner* ol these ships will be reapoa aible lor any pare-1> or p.icHavci auut by limn, unless regula ?ilia of lading an d (fierrfu For* for freight c resist*** eiilyto fOODUULLA MINTURNS' 47 Sooth suert. New York, arte FIKLDEN. BROTHERS A CO., I'd ?? Limp it J* tiVEttfUOL PACKETS. fa from Naw York oa thetsth tad aurerpoohoa the Utb ihe.iv unit "orl oi eacn month. iA A Fmom N?w Yona ?hip KOSCIUS, Captain John Collins, kfitb March, ihip SlUuONS, Captain E.B. Cobb, *in April. 4hip SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depevxwr, 26th May. thip OARKICK, Caxt it i H Treat, Sent Jane. From LivgnrooL. ihip SHERIDAN. Capmm A. Depeystar, Uth Mareb.l Ihip OARR1CK, Captain 1>. 1.11. I rasa, Uu Apnl. lliip ROSCIUS, Captain John Colhna, 11th V y. thimp S1DDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, Uth Jane. These ships are all of the first elaaa, upwards ol 1000 toaa, OoiK in the city of New York, with aach improremenu ai lombine great speed with nnoaaal eomfort for passenger*. Every care ha* been taken in tne arrangement oi met; aeeotn nodatiou*. The pricr of paiaag* hence it SlOt. mi whicl mple atorea will be provided Three ahipa are commanded by experienced maltera, who will make every exertion to give tee ters! aatiafaction. Neither the captains or owaera of the ahipa will be reapoaai ile for any letter*, parceta or package* teat by them, anlos* re jnlar h?f?of ladingare signed therefor For freight or i Ireight or passage apply to E. K. COLLINS at CO.. 56 Sooth at., New York, or to BP yWN. SHIP IVUVUIII IUIK| UII m j ? ... o*,IPLC.y h CO., Liverpool. Lettera by the packet* will be chirped UK evni* per lUgk 60 rents oer nance, and newsnaiiert I ceni each re? rr, JLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PAS6AU OFFICE. CI SOUTH STREET, NEW YORK. m. m m. Passage can be engaged fromLiverpool by the following spiei, lid packet ahipe comprising the Old Black Ball Lineol Fackeo .ailing a* under. Srom Liverpool. 8, Captain Cole, on the Uth Fcbioari The ship YORKSHIRE, (new) Bailey, on the lit March. The ship CAM BKIDOK.Capt. Barstow.Ulti .Vlarch. The ihip ENOLAND. Captain Bartlett, 1st April. The ship OXFORD. Captain Rathbone, 10th April. The shio MONTEZU MA, Captain Lowber, Ul May. The ship EUROPE, Captain b nrber, Uth May. The ship NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, 1st Jane. In addition to the aboveauparior ahipa, the subscriber's ageuu T.'! have a succession of first Claas American ahipe deniati hed is castomary, from Liverpool, every foar or five days throng i rut the year, to the different porta in the United Spare, ir vhieh passage can be secured at reduced rate*. Tnose seudim or their friends residing in Ureat Britain and Ireland, way '>'? y that every care will be taken to make passengers as coioloi xble as they can reasonably expect, and slioukl the passengers tot come oat, the passage money will be promptly refunded. Drafts can as nsual be famished, payable at the National ami Provincial Banks of Ireland and branches; Eastern Buik of Scotland aad branches; and on Messrs J. Bait, Son A Co., Sinkers, London; Meaara. J. Earned A Co., Bankers, Livsr 9iiol, which are payable throaghont England and Wales. For farther particulars apply (if by letter jwst^id^ ?1 Sooth street, near Wall street. N. B. legated I iva days, I >a applies PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN ANDlRELANi fife. J& "* T,U?CNm<DofrLPAcffi.L1N"' (Sailing from Liverpool ou the 7tti aiirt IKh of every month.) Person* wuhiug to tend to the Old Conutry for their frieud, ittn make the aeeessuy arrangements with the anbscribera, auk lave them come oat in thi * superior Line of Packet*. Ssiluik :rom Liverpool punctually on the 7th and 19th of every mouth 1 hey will aUo have a first rate claaa of American trading ihip*. Ailing every in days, thereby airording weekly commuuica 10a tram that port. One of tne tirm (Mr. Jamee D. Roche) is here, to see that they ahall be forwarded with eare and dee itch. Should the parties agreed fur not come out. the money will' returned to thoie who paid it here, without any r?duc ion. a.TJ^ MBlack BaW? 9'OIJ L>9? of Liverpool Tacketn, oomph*. 5? "SUSSMWI magnificent 8hip?,yit ^?aw.w ssruisiv jppk ? , s? With inch superior and unequalled arrangements. tne ano cribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that tap wrt which has been extended to them to many years, for which hey are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, cat a all times obtain Draft* at ughtTor any omonnt, drawn direct n the Royal Bank of lirlaud*Dublin, il.o on ' Messrs. PRESGOTT, OflOTE, AMES k CO. . .. . , Bankers, London, tuch will b* paid on demand nt any ol the Banks, or tnei ranches, in all the principal towns throughout England, lr? sad, Scotland agd VV ale* ROCHE, BROTHERS ?t CO. JS Kniton street New York, N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpoo? Pack ?u ??ii?*frorn thii sort for Liverpool ou the 1st and Uth of each mouth. Parties etnruiug to the old country will find it to their comfort anc dvantag- to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, is ircierepre '? any other , OjLD Utth L.tViiiU'OOL, PAUAtilS ft A dft dft pH^OLD LIN^^rracketi fa-L^^rool will heraK^Tr ?; despatched m the followiugortisr, excepting that when the ?filing day falls on Sunday, tne ships will (ail oa the succeed f *rom New York. from Liverpool I i*e C AMBRIDOK, (June 1 Julv lfi t, J 1 Nor. it _ . VV. C.Barstow,( teb. 1 Mar. It The ENGLAND, i hue ]g Aug. 1 7S0 tons. < Oct. it Dee. 1 m. ??w/,Ur. ?? ??>. It April 1 rho OXFORD, Wp'p 1 Aug. li MO tons, < Nov. 1 Dee. It J. itithboae. (March 1 April 1> (?ho MONTEZUMA. (July 10 SepL | 10M tons. I Nov. II Jan. I Ph. riinnpi-March It May i the EUROPE, , Aug. ] Sept. It S18 tons. a Dee. I Jan j, K. G. Fnrber, ( April 1 Mar H Cho NEW YORK, (new) lAig. If Oct. 1 M c 10ec- !? Keb. 1 jr. B. Cropper, ( April if Jane 1 rho COLUMBUS. t Sept. f Oct It 700 tons. < Jan | Feb. U O A Cole. ( May 1 Jane It rho YOUKSHIRE.(new) a Sept. if iSor. " 1050 tons. J Jan. if Mar. I D. O. Bailey. (May It Jaly j These ships are not turjissed in point of elegance or conrf-iri .a their cabin accommodations, or in their fast sailing qanutiM I, any vessels in the trade. The commanders ore well known as men of character and ixperience, aud the strictest attention will always be paid to irumote the comtorl sad eetiveuiruo* oi passengers. Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, w ill bt observed i leretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed ?t One Handred Jollars, lor which ample stores oi every desiinptuiu will br rovidea. wiu theexceptiou of wme? and liquors, which will ie furnished by the stewards, if required. .Neither th captain or owuers ol ( shi|.s will be reapou .lole for auy letters, paresis, or iiackaurs sent by them auless egnlar bills of lading ore signed therefor. For freight or paa *ge, apply to GOODHUE A CO, U Booth st. h, H. MARHIiALL, SI Burling slip. N. Y IMtf end of BAKING. BROTHfe?r> N CO f/pool jjb . NBWY OlT^ND HA^TCTaCKETI<T^^ ircond Line?Th# ."Jhip* of this line will fcerttfter lea?# Nev <->rk on the 1st, and llavte on the Kith of ?teh month, m M S.W Bhiji ONEIDA,^""^tlstTdarch.*' Captain ? t (1st July. ' tltli AignsL 19th December. Id s May. ICth Hapten, bef, 19th January. IS:a Jane. 10th flcto'ier. ltth February. Uth July, llih Nuvembcr. 19th March. eTIVlOR"6* (hip BALTIMORE, ?1st April Augnst. December. Captain t 1st. Edward Fnnox.f 1st_ (hip UT1CA, (1st May. Captain < 1st Beptembcr Frederick H. wilt. ( 1st Jauuary. >lcw ship Bt. IN iCHCLABt 1st June. i Captain < 1st October. J 11. Pell, f 1st February, | Thesccosnmod .ions of these ships are not surpass- d, corn lining all that mry be required for comfort. The price of ea' ?in passage is $100. Passengers will be snpplied with every rs luisite with tlie exception of wines and liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the sub icribers, free from any other than the etix-nsea actually is tarred on them. For freight or pnssags. apply to BOYD k TiLnTCKEN, Ageau. No 0 Tontina RmMinr. e?r W?|| aDd W,ter s FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regain l'?cs-i 'tag packet I let tons, nbk'- FOR LIVEKPOOL-New Lurn ?jt*PWof Julv ?'l he splendid, fast sailing packet nun ?ia2.ROBClU8, Caiuin J. Collius, ol lie* tons, wifi tail as shove, her regular dny For freight or passage, tiaving accoinmodntioas nnvqoalled for splendor or comfort, appl, on board, nt Orleans whsxf, fost if Walt street, or to K. K. COLLINS k CO- M South st Price of passage $100. The packet ship Sidfons. Cspu Cobb, will .sseceed the (toaeins and ???! the ViS nt Anrust iyl ee 0OR HAVRE?Second Liae-The will sail apply Bhio BAL l'IMORK, F.dw Fnnb, Master, wi os the 1st of August. For freight or paasags, BOYDk IiINCKEnT^ % TosltM IkiiMis*, rot w?l? isd Vv$tW NAV* AG.-.NT'B OFrlCE.J _ New Vark.Jnlv Uth. 1M4. ] sJEPARtTK PROPOSALS, sealed and rndorsed. will be ^ received at this oMce up to 3 P, M.ontheJuh August jest, accurd n? to law for furuiihing for the o>e ?f vessels of war m com "rmio,i, dnrisg the fiscal year ending M Jane, litj, It-i Cora# O k Wood 19* feet to the cord M tons Lehigh Coal, 0t?0ib to the ton, broken and screened. I he wood must have heen cut daring the winter months, doth wood s?d coal t ? be of the beit qutllty, de'irercd, mrtsnr d, and insiiected at the yaid, free of -xpinte to rhegoverameat, and hi ?oon *? tie commandant off the yard may reqniie. Bouda in one h ilf tlie amount of the e >oimet will be taken for its fsithtni pe-formsnea. Paymaat wi hia thirty days after tills duly approvsJ are filed with the Agent reserving leu per cent t* additional ssgnruy. JAMES H. BUTDAM, JU !Uw4w ic Navy Agmit The Press of the Revolutionary Era. Curious and Interesting Extracts, Illustrative of the Manners, Morals and History of that Age. [From the Maisnchuietti Spy of June 10, 1779 ] By Friday's Boston I'ost. Boston, June 3. By a vessej arrived at South Carolina, we iearn that the British army hud lor some time se verely teli the influence of the Southern climate ; many were sick, and many had died -That by advancing imo the country, and by va rious movements they had made, they seemed tor a while to threaten Lhurlestown with a closer ap proach, hut had never been neaicr to it than about forty *r fifty miles?that they had taken up all the bridges near their route, and the several stations (hey had occupied, with a view to prevent the junction o| General Moultrie, who was in their tiout, with General Lincoln, who hung upon then rear?that such dispositions had been made by the two Generals to counteract the designs of the ene my, and to efleet a junction when it would be thought proper?that the British army appeared rather disconcerted, had changed its route and re tired to Beaufort, near to which place General Pro vost had his head quarters when the lust a vices came away. The British army was computed at 3000; and the lorces under Gen. Lincoln said to be much superior in number It is said that sixteen thousand of the enemy's troops have been detached from New York since < >ctober last It is reported that preparations are making in New York tor some further enterprise. Neither General Clinton, nor Admiral Gambler, were in the last embarkation from New York, as has been reported. Sir George Collier commanded the fleet, and General Mathews the land forces. Three of the enemy's privateers of 10 guns, have lately been captured by some cruizers from Con necticut, and carried into a safe port. A correspondent ut the northwaid informs thatoa the 26<h ult upwards of 20 of the Indians, taken by the gallant Col. Van Schatck, at the Onondaga Castle, arrived at Albany, among whom were two or three Sachems. Extract ot a letter front Major General Gates to the Hon. President of the Oou icil of this State, dated Providence, May 30, 1779: "Isend you an extract of a letier from Mr. Ma son of the 17th, respecting a descent of the enemy at Portsmouth in Virginia. I hadsome accounts ot it before, which added thev were marching to Suf folk" Extract of a letter from Mr Thompson Mason, dated Leesbeig, May 17, 1779: "I am sorry to lntormthat my son, who is imme diately from Hampton, brings intelligence that torty sail ot the enemy appeared in Hampton road ou Sunday, the 9th instant. Un Monday they st acked the fort at Portsmouth, but were repulsed iv Major Mathews, who commanded there with 130 men; on Tuesday morning they renewed their ui<tck, but the tort was gallantly defended until 4 ut the afternoon, when perceiving the enemy had auded a great number of men, and were marching to attack it on the land side, Muj. Mathews spiked ip the cannon, destroyed his stores, burnt three uue ships of war we had upon the slocks there, and marched off his men. A party of thirty ot the en emy who had marched to the Great Bridge, were inteicepted by the militia, 11 killed and lti taken prisoners. 1 have the pleasure to intorin you hat tite mama are turning out with great alacrity." By the Hartford Tost. rROCKEDlNQS OF THE ENEMY IN VIRGINIA. Wim.iaMssuko, Virginia, Mnv 15. Last sundry an express arrived here Ironi Hamp ton, informing of a number of the Biitmh licet ap pearing off Old Point Comfort, consisting of four men of war, 16 transports, 7 tenders, and 1 galley, with upwards of 2000 men, and abont 100 list bot tom boats. The next day they landed their troops, who took the tort at Portsmouth, burnt several nouses, and also destroyed a number of vessels there. The otlicer who commanded in the fort found the enemy so far superior to him in point ot uumbers, was obliged to retreat from it, utter spiking up the cauuon. The enemy have since marched and taken the town of Suflolk, and burnt a considerable part thereol, committing many forced ravages?plundering, burning, and destroy ing every iking on their way thither. Extract of a letter from Col. Luwson to hiB Excel lency the Governor, dated Smithfield, May 13, 1779: 4,i presume your Excellency, by this time, is pretty well informed of the strength and move meuts ol the enemy. From accounts which 1 have received, the cruel and horrid depredations and ra pine committed on the unfortunate and defenceless inhabitants who have fallen within their reach, ex ceed almost every thing yet heard of within the circle ot their tragic display of savage barbarity ! ? Household ittrntiure, stock of all kinds, horses, and in short, almost every species ot perishable proper ty are effectually destroyed with unrelenting fury ; by these devils incarnate, murder, rape, rapine ana violence till up the dark catalogue ol their deiesta ble transactions! They surprised and took a small body of Frenchmen at the Great Bridge, whom ihey murdered immediately on the spot, to the amount ot seven. The let-lings of humanity are deeply wounoed with reflections on the various and pointed cruelties exercised towards eur suflering countrymen, and cull aloud for the most vigorous and spirited exertions. The militia at this place on oetng informed that arms were coming, they wete much spirited up, and possess the greatest desire ol revenge and retaliation." Extract of another letter from the same gentle man: "On my way down from Smithfield towards Suf folk, 1 met numbers of the unfortunate inhabitants flying troin the rapid approach oi the enemy with such circumstances ot distress as language cannot paint. 1 feel no pleasure (I believe your Excellency will think) in enumerating and dwelling upon the distresses ot our countrymen and fellow creatures, hut on the present occasion, they exceed any thing iu imagination. The enemy are now in possession of Suffolk, a part ot which is actually in flames, and the whole will probably be in a small time." From Kiviogton'i Royal Gazette. Nbw Yohk (City,) May 22. by authority. We are happy to be able to inform our readers that his Majesty's forces on the expedition, under the command ol Major General Mathews ?nd Sir George Collier, entered the Capes of Virginia on the 8ih iust., after a very favorable passage ol four days, but the troops were prev-nted by contrary winds from landing until the 10th, which they ef fected at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, at the Glebe, on the western shore of Elizabeth river, just out ol cannon shot of the fort, which the enemy evacu ated (through fear of having their retreat cut ofl) before the Brittah troop* could reach the south branch of Elizabeth river. The General having taken possession of the fort, and placed guards in the town, encamped his army in two linos, with his right to the fort, and leti t<> the south branch.

On the 11th, the flank companies of the Guards took a strong position, ten miles in front ot the |. fi wing, aud the volunteers ot Ireland took another, equally strong in front of the left wing. The cen tre of the line was covered by an impenetrable swamp. On the 12th, the Guarde were detnehed to the right to Suflolk, where they arrived at daybreak, and finding the town deserted, they destroyed se veral vessels, a very large magazine of provisions, a qo mtity ot naval stores and two pieces ot cannon. Only two persona were wounded oil our side on the ocoasion. The volunteers of Ireland had Rome slight skir mi hing, in which they suffered little, the enemy having lost in killed, wounded and prisoners 24? besid-? I captain, 3 lieutenants, 1 ensign, 1 surgeon ind 17 HHilors, belonging lo a French ship that was burnt, who tell into our hands, together with 2 cap tains, 2 lieutenants and 8 privates of the Virginia militia. damage done to the enemy by the destruc tion of the trigates and other vessels they were building at Portsmouth, and the Joss they sustained in cannon, ammunition, provisions, tooacco, and other valuable commodities, winch tell into our hands, have been very considerable. We hear, on good authority, that the fli*et under the Command of Sir Get). Collier, which lately aniled on a secret expedition, arrived^ off the Capes <>f Virginia in 4 days after they left Sandy-Hook ? that on their close approach it? the entrance si the Chesapeak, a most violent storm, attended with thunder, lightning and ruin, came on at thatinstHnt they anchored, which lasted about half an hour, and then clearing up, afforded the pleasing prospect 'hat no ship had been driven on shore That the fleet pushed up the river, anJ came to an anchor near Portsmouth, regulated in such a manner as to block up James lliver, and the egress and ingress of the Cheaipeak, so that all communication in point of the extensive trade that has been hitherto carried on by our old Iriends the French, was wholly cut off. A great number of captures have been made by the King's ships and private vessels of war; and a fine held is open for their making great fortunes. It is said that some ships from old France, not knowtug our fleet and troops were there, feU into our hands That two very large French ships,said to contain near a thousand hogs heads of tobacco, had been net fire toby the rebels; and which were totally consumed, radter than let them fall io'o the hands of the English. That a jjreat number of the inhabitants were hourly coming in to claim their Sovereign's mercy and protection, from the cruel tyranny of the r bel persecution ; and that among the numbers, most of the principal people of that province have voluntarily come in, with a determination never to return to their home till rebellion is suppressed and the Britisli laws and J government restoied That we have met wtth magazine* and stores, particularly a quantity ol seasoned timber, fit for shipping and that our small armed sloops, Arc had ruu up trie river, and demolished a number of their vessels fitting out as privateers, particularly one called the Black Snake, of 16 guns, ready to put to sea, and that every thing seemed to be attended with the highest prospect uf auccess. PHir.ADEI.FUIA, May 26 Extract of a letter from Baltimore, dated May 22: "The town is nearly clear of all kinds of goods, | and many families have moved ont?many more I daily moving. The militia are getting under iirnia and tnirch in freely, if required. Our last advices | from below are froin Hampton, dated on Tuesday ' night, after hunting Suffolk and some WhigV tiouses in itavictn tv, the enemy divided their force ? here, and marched part for South Quay, and part for Smithfleld, a little town higher up James river. At the latter place our militia were collecting toler ably well armed, attd to alt appearance anxious to I meet the barbarians, who were committing the most cruel and wanton outrages on their defence less neighbors and countrymen. 1 wish not un justly to brand an enemy with cruelty and inhu inanity, but alas ! stubborn facts too fully justify the charge. A gentleman from near Suffolk, as-1 sur-s me, they dragged a gentleman of consequence, in both public and private life, (who is an inhabi tant of Nansemonc1 county, and an old acquaint ance of yours, therefore it would be pain ul t > me ] his t'particularize him) together with his daughters I from their house, and carried them on board then shipping, and there, while the wretched fa'her was loaned with chains, on board the 6ume vessel, the still more wretched daughters (if more wretched n were possible to be) became victims to the lust of those monsters of hell. Captain Davis wus shot down as he satin his room with his family, mI though lie made no resistance. Miss D young lady of Brent merit, who was carried awa> on board their fleet, has not been heard of since.? If these things do not rouse America, we ought to he forever slaves. Archy (ramble was nigh being taken, hut is happily just now returned He say?' the Virginians are marching from ever every quaiter, and revenge is in every month. "Several deserters came from the enemy, also h Frenchman, whom they had taken in the Buyj | from whom we learn the foregoing particulars ? The old scoundrel Goodrich is with them, and a insolentas ever. Our town will hu cleared of store* and goods in a day or two, and then, if they visit us, we will give thetn a warm reception. It if time the Whigs should rouse; we have been too languid and supine." Philadelphia, May 16. Extract of a letter from Cape Francois: "A ship is just arrived from Bordeaux, the Cap tain of which reports that Great Britain has asked of France a cessation of arms ; but our Court re turned for answer that we would not uwent to it without the concurrence of America We have taken from England, since the commencement nf hostilities, twenty-nine frigatesand two shu>sof the line, It L expected Barrington, at St. Lutis, inuel surrender or burn his fleet, as he buries neur fitly ?f his men every day. Barrington, although he i* far superior in ships, avoids an engagement with the Count d'Estaing, who is constantly watching his motions, and will not quit it till he sees the end of it." At a numerous meeting in the State House Yard, yesterday afternoon, Gen. Boberdeau in the chair, several judicious and spirited resolves were entered into for reducing the price of goods and provisions, supporting the currency, and reforming abuse.? Committees were chosen for the purpose of carry tng the resolves into execution, who are to report their proceedings to the next General Town Meeting. In CONOR ESS, May 28, 1779. The Board of Treasury having reported, "That in their opinion it will he impracticable to carry on the war by paper emissions, at the present enor mous expenses of the Commissary General, Quar ler Master General, and Medical Departments ; that it appears to them that a general opinion pre vails, that one cause of the alarming expenses in these departments, arises from allowing commis sions in the numerous persons employed in | nr. chasing for the army, and that a very general dis satisfaction has taken place on that account among the citizens of thesa States, and that in their opin ion it is necessary to put the said departments on a different footing with resptct to the expenditure o| public money " Resolved, That the same he referred to a Com mittee of three, and that they be directed to report apian for that purp se. The members chosen, Mr. Dickenson, Mr. Hunt ington, and Mr. Burke. Extract from the minutes. CHARLES THOMSON, Sec'ry. In CONGRESS, May 28, 1779. Whereas, it is indispensibly necessary that the greatest economy Bhould be introduced in pnb it* expenditures. Resolved, That a committee of three be appoint ed to make strict enquiry into the establishment* and contingent expenses of the respective Boanli and Departments, and to consider and ieport the retrenchment* and reformations which shall appear 'o be practicable and expedient, and that they have tiower to call for returns from the officer, and f<> iate rmation Irom the officers of any department, and to cooler thereon with the Commander in Chief. The members chosen, Mr. Dickenson, Mr. Sher man, and Mr. Scudder. Extract from the minutes. CHARLES THOMSON, Sec'ry. In CONGRESS, May 28,1779. Resolved, That a Committee of three be ap pointed to consider the most advisable mode of ne gociating a foreign loan, to what amount, and in wnat manner the same may be mo->t advantageous ly applied to the use ot these States. The Members chosen, Mr. Dickinson, Mr. Lau rens, and Mr Smith. Ordered, That the report of the Committee ap nointed to confer with the Commander in Chief, dated February 2, 1779, be referred to the said Committee. Extract from the minutes, CtiAKLts Thomson, Secretary. Fish kill, J mi'' 3 The latter end of last week, it nn ntierof British vessels made their appearance in ihe Nnrtli river, iliey consist of thirteen elnps, three brigs, lour top sail schooners, three gullies, six topsail sloops, thout tweniy nm tiler vet-srls and a greut ntnnbii of H it bottom boats Last Lord's day (31st ult ) 11)00 men landed right miles below Preaskill. on Tallrr's point, consisting of Rritish gr nadiers, light inlantry, volunteers id Ireland and Yagers Monday the 1st instant the enemy landed a party on the west ride ol the river, where iliey burnt some houses and opened two small batteries from which they threw some shell and cannonaded Fort de la Fayette acrosHthe river, all that day ; two gallies kept up a severe fire on ihe f.-rr af trie same tune. They continued their firing till 11 o'clock on Tuesday forenoon; me ii while, their army inarched from Taller's to V>r plank's point, on which the fori stands, by a fl <e iliey demanded a surrender ; the parley continued two hours?Captain Armstrong thought fit to stir render. General M'Dotigal! has not received a jus tifiable reason why the fort was given up. Thi litlle fort was built on purpose to secure King's fer ry, from the insults of the enemy's ve?seU, which frequently had interrupted our boats from crossing ; it was small and would contain, with ronveniency, about a company of men. The redoubt was strong and covered a barbette battery, mounting tlirei pieces of cannon We had in the barbette a com pany of artillery ; they were all drawn off hnt a sergeant, a corporal and 12 privates In the redoubt were a captain, 2 subalterns, thr? e sergeants, and ?11 rank and file. They had provisions and water to serve thirty days. Wednesday evening?The wind now prevents the shipping from advancing to Fort Clinton on West Point; which, we suppose, is the enemy's main object. The fort is now in tolerable order, well provided, and the men in high spirit?the mi litia are Coming in fast, and every appearance is promising. The enemy have come out in lorce, and,it is said, are from seven to ren thousand men. Their troops from their late excursion to Virginia, returned last Thursday, and, without Inndtug at at New York, pushed ui> the river. Thursday morning, 4 o'clock, we learn that the enemy are in motion, us if they meant to come up the east side of the river. Arthol's Highlanders, called the 7-lth, who ar rived at New York some weeks ago, are all the reinforcement the euemy have yet teceived, that we can learn. Since the British landed, we have taken seven prisoners; and three destriers have come in. Yesterday it was reported, that the enemy had burnt Lieut. Gov. Cortlandt's house, near Croton River, where they first lauded. New York (City), May 12 Wednesday last arrived the nrivnieer brig Enter prise, Capt. F- lly, belonging to this port, Irorn a ihree weeks cruize, during which she bus taken three prizes, one of whit h was retaken oti the south side of Lien? Island, by u rebel srtned sloop ol ten guns and 29 men. Only three brave lliber ni ins belonging to ihe Enterprize, were on board the prize, one of them named Murphy, another Rogers, the name of the third we have not learnt; those gallant fellows disdaining to remain prisoners in ihe hands of rebels, concerted apian, whtn tiny dish were taken on board the pirate vessel, to demo the crew and take possession ot her; the watch word or signal when they were to set about this laudable exploit was, "she rises;" an opportunity soon offered for them to put their intention iuto execution, by seven of the rebel* jumping into their long boat to fasten the t?ckles and get fier hoisted on board, when Mr. Murphy gave the signal, and immediately knocked down the sentinel, and seized Ins arms; he w hs bravely seconded by his two gallant companions, one of whom threw t piece of metal in the boat, winch a arted a plank in her bottom, and then cut her painter, soon after which ihe and the seven rebels went down. Suc cess crowned the endeavors of these heroes, w ho after destroying several of the pirates, stood after the vessel out of which they were taken, thev re took her, and brought both vessi Is imo the Hook on Wednesday afternoon. [There needs no comment on the above parngrapb ?every reader possessed of the least degree of hu manity, must be sufficiently shocked at the bare reading ?O, lhitain, how art thou (alien!!] Trknton, May 19?By a gentleman who arrived here yesterday evening from Es^ex county, we ure informed that a considerable body of the enemy landed in Bergen county on Monday last; but their intentions are not yet known. On Friday last the following officers nrrived at Eliz bet -Town Iront New York, on parole, viz i General Thompson, General Waferhury, Colonel ilousecker. Porter, Allison and Webb. Two Sub ilterns in the land service, and two Captains and some others in the navy, were at the same time exchanged. Saturday last about two o'clock in the morning, i party ol near 2(H) of the enemy lauded at Middle 'ow ii, in Monmouth county, on a picarooning expe dition. But from the alertness of our militia in collecting, and bravery in repelling those invaders, ihey were soon driven on board their boats, by which tliey were prevented from doing any oihtr imschit f than plundering two or three families. We hear Mr. Zedwnz, late a lieutenant Col. belonging to the Stute of New York, in the service of the Uuited States, was a few days ago taken Up near Morris-Town, dressed in women's clothes ? About the time the British took possession of New York, he was tried by a Court-Martial und found guilty of Htteinpiiug to give information to the ene my, for which he was sentenced to imprisonment luring the War. He lately made bis escape troni Lancaster, and was thus disguised endeavoring to get to New-York. He will now probably meet the punishment his ireacltety justly merits. Front the Pektmylvakm Packkt. To Messieurs the Tory-men, Moderate-men, Any t)odie?-meii, Every nodies-men, No-hodies-inen, the Trimmers, Temporizers, Ate. Ate. Acc , where soever dispersed throughout the Thirteen Uum d States of America. Gknti.vmkn, AS the approaching campaign will, in 11 feW weeks more, he opened, und probably, (if po* -tole) renewed w ith redoubled vigor and cruelty l>) our relentless enemies, permit me from sentiment! replete with humanity, to submit to your sertom ' attention the following considerations beiore thut tw ful period arrives. That most of you arc really actuated frrm mo. lives of principle, 1 readily confess ; hut that this principle is no other than the jrrinciple o/ intcreit. you surely cannot ueny. By playing your different gamct,you thereby ex pect security to your persons and salvation to youi property. You, Gentlemen ol the iisat denominati< n, irom a fir in persuasion that the British anna will prevail, mil thnt your loyulty will entitle you to protection and supern rity t The Moderate-men, with their hierogliphic a;* pendages, Messieurs, the Any bodies-men, Every oodies men, No-bodies-men, the Trimmer?, Tem porizers Acc Acc. Arc. from the same delusibu are vamly led to hope, through their particular conduct and cunning, that they also (let either side suc ceed) will be t?erlectly secure. However, Gentlemen, "be not deceived." Ex perience ought to teach you wisdom, lias not our indiscriminate lot of devastation and plunder been ihe common fate to both Whig and Tory, wherever .he British banner has displayed its visionary su< cess! Pray, Gentlemen, how arc tho?e person! who formerly liveoin affluence and splendor among vou requited lor their loyalty t With the most in different neglect! end after sacrificing their for tunes, their happiness, their wives, their children, nay, all that is d?ar to men?their couutry !?tlu > neverthele.-B are constrained, through dire neressi ty, to lollow even the menial offices of fife for a daily subsistence. ft is true indeed, you will sometimes see in the " Gazette," that the "preference will be {ives to Gmtlenun Refugees of unbltmiihed char n'ters " To do what 1? Why, to become the scav engers of atreets, the attendants on wharf*, cook! 0 transports, or stewards to privateers. These assertions are facts. I speak net, Gentle men, from the ?***, or say so of any one. 1 apeak iroin occular demonttration ; and was I to att- nipt ?i true representa ioii of the miserable groups of tr legadoes now starving in New-Yoik huddled to {ether by sixes and sevens in the obscure alley "where chariot never rolled, nor flambeau sh-t n rays," cursing the hour of their apostacy and thoc> dial deluded them, I probably should find it no ar duous undertaking. Philanthropy, however, urgi. me to unfold the cUTtain ol humanity, to drop the melancholy sub|ect. Let me entreat you, then, by every tender senti inentof regard; let me conjure you by those sacred ties of men and fellow-countrymen, to avert (whilst it is in your power) ihe impending calamity. The atorni is gathering taut; the tune is trave' ling quickly on when the great and sovereign con maud of ''self-preservation" will be wtrietly adhcri ? ro ; and I have authority to say, that that lenitj which has so long Distinguished these states canm t tor the sulvution of the people, be lunger adu.iiiit tered to their enemies. Awake then ftom the " stupefaction, n?r fin! from a voluntary intoxication into tor,>i<l insetisi mlity." " Be not d? af to the solemn call of occasion an necessiiy. Rejoice not in tin? Hlisence < f ilmugl t, ? a the contempt of foresight " But let us all, sine i i-> our interest, as well a* our duty, be unnnimirur "lit a woid, gcutlcmen, the ei-riod is arrivet , when it is no longer a quesiion vvho are to couipos< 1 party, or who have uecn to blmne " ShuIi du cussions will not probably obtain conviction tn -ithersine. The day is past for reflections on tho.-i who have given confidence to the war, or on thos< who have been said to have provoked it. Th main object of our consideration is now?the sal vation of our country. BHAMlN. t otton Factory Burst ?The Porhasset cottm factory, situated in (raiitton, on the mobile road to 1 ml Orvenwlch lour mile* irom this rity, ?m tmrni down in Wednesday afternoon la*t; the Ale w.u Arlt di?c.*ered in ?he pic *er room, win re it hud made no much hea.lw .? that all attempts to extinguiili it were iiliav nilmg. XI e factory contained 1 ,000 ?pindlM{ nothing * a saved. I *u inturud at the Providence Washing on Insurance ol Ace in tins city, for ?I.ftoo. The hou-?e and atom m ar In oolt tire a number ot titni e, in nev> ral place*, hut by gren exertion* they w? re anved. The lot* ? ti ai<out $.>,uoo Huiten Tiamrripl, ,/ulyli Daring Highway Robbery in Boston.?La*' night, ns David A Boynton, who ki ep* a giocn} atnre, wa* ic.turiiiiig home, he wm atisrked by two per ?am*, one ui whom knocked Mr. B. down with hi* ti-t, and succeeded in robbing him *1 a umall amount oi change, and neverul key*. A gentleman named Rhuri wny.wliown* near, raited an alarm, and ran lo vti B ryuton'a u*?i**ance. The robber* tin n ran oft in ditT i ent direction*. pursued hj Mr Shemway, and one ol tin watchmen The latter micceeded in arnwtnig one ol tin robber*. The other r?o apod. I In- captured lobtier git?* hi* name ft* John A-laini lint will g ve no other account ol him*elf Several skeleton key* were loutidon in* p? r eon. Mr B wa* not much h irt lie ha<l |>7l>0 in In* w .1 let, and a gold w a ch. The robber* were Men prowilnj. ?it>olit the atom in the evening -Anl-i* Mail, July in. ?FL*NDif> CoachThe New Haven llcrahl n tice* a iplenilid coach) well worthy of notice, nnd on that would amply repay a vint from any of their citir.'-ns Any llilnt like an adequate de->rilp'lon ot it* pait* won!'' occupy more room th in they couid apart *t the present time, it wa* built to order, nnd \va? to b? Mint to N? v Yoik. and from tlisnce to ValTiariUo. The (Wilier any* it I* the molt el. gnnt and perfect thins of the kind w ever ijw, and n-ftoct* grvat credit upon thoae engage I in iu construction. Washington. [Correspondence of the Herald ) Wasjiisgton, July 26,1844. innual Commencement of the Geor getoun College ?Proceeding! of the I uy?Afternoon ltxe<ci*rt? Grand Catholic Ftttinal-?7he Herald Trium phant among the Jrturls? Great Country?1 hit great Country?t f/n t I Report of the Tout! t and Sp/tchet? Hip? Hip? Hurrah ! " The Dutchiss if Maine, u lady of great wit iid accompliehiiiei?t% askeci tome of fir ct mi any 'in day, who were persons ol wit, ? Yt lint in the liffirrrbi'e between nie and h tloik 1' lln-v wero >11 much at a loss tor uii tfltwrr When Fonte ii'llc entered the room, the saoie qmnioii ?Hb| ut o hint, and be it.bluntly replied i?' The diflereseo ii-tweeu you and a clock is ihts : a clock niatka he hours, bu' your grace makes us forget thent.' " - Ftowf t of IVit. We apply the anecdote to tire Fathers of the ieorgetown College, aud their lestival ot yesler lay. Never has it been the good fortune of this lepor cnt to be so agreeably taken by "urpTire. riiree cheers, officers and students ot the Geoige own College ! Tliree cheers for their annual ubilee dinner?but we will tell you of that by ad by. At halt past ten o\ lock, A. M , we passed over o Georgetown College, in one of Nnyloi Vctinnhus s, at twice the price charged by the Knickeibocker me of "Broadway." We hsd intended wedging nir "bodv corporate and |oli ic" into a private cor ier; hut finding every entrance bloc ,id"d, an old riend preaented us to the worthy Vice President, ind stated the purpose ot our v sit. "Yep, nr, io ?e sure, walk up sir?we ahull provide for you at ill hazards " " What paper dm s ihe gentleman eport lor!" " The New Yoik Herald " "Ah, ndeed ; very well; the Herald is dietn guished tor is graphic and accurate rt ports, I believe." "Yes, ir, and has a moat powerful circulation over the murtry; and our purpose is alwaya in mve a rraphic und accurate report. The resders ot the lerald expect it?the editor of the Herald r< quota t." " Very good? the exercises have < ? mmt need -but come Hun refresh you rat Ives h Jitile." Jn ornpliance w i'h tins suggestion, we were .x-oried roni the refreshment room to the stage of ihe spa ious apartment ot the exhibition. The plaifi rm vs8 occupied by the officers, piolessors, prriecte, ind* ni?, ami invited guesis, while the room below v&? three-fourths monopolised with a coi (ligation ii beauiilul faces,"mosi glorious to hi hold "Amotg he gentlemen were many of our most distinguished citizens, in uublic and private life. At the tarihsr end ol the hall, hi an elevated orcliestr,, the Ma rine Band were stationed, who "discoursed rheir most excellent music" through the ini rval> i f ihe ?xerciaee. From the crowded sta e of >he im m, however,'he heat w as most oipressive; and the incesssni fluttering 11 a thousand fans set m? d or ly io augment the purgatorial tetni eraiure. Uvtrihts musicians was suspended a magnificent banner, rt presenting the land it f of Fnih-r While and the Catholic Pilgrims < f Maryland ; with a siini ur de coration at the opposite t xirt nie if the room Ad dresses were delivered in the following oidi r, in prose or verse, to win " Escape of the Chris ian Captu e," H Castellan. "Daniel o'Connell," W. C Bird. "To War," J. F. Nevitm. " The Last ol the Moors," B. de Fo disco. Music. "On Duelling," W. P. Brooke "Invasion c>f ihe Moors," B. de Delacroix "The Exile's Be turn," C lit Pendergsst " Knowledge fvicessnry to Freedom," E C. Donnelly Music "Ode to Death." E S Wilson "JJnrza," .1. L Brent. "The Poets of America,"F if Dykera. " Vision cf Brutus," P. P Dram. " Belshszznr'a F?ll,**V. Livingston. Music. " Dialogue (pot Ileal) on Vacations," by M. W. Jenkins and J. II. Dontiegan. "Our Country Fa vorable to Literature," E. Cumwiakey. " I go Itno," P. C. Howie. Music These petformances were highly creditable ; in several instances, really excellent. The poet TV pleased us, however, ihe best. Two or ihiie of the recitations wee choicer ccrmosiiinna than much of the homogeneous mailer < I Griswt lu's speculation called "The Poets of Am rica." . Lieut. W. F, Lynch, USN , at bull an hour's notice, whs pievatleri upon to deliver the reguh r oration. He recnpiiuhited his " lib* on the m ean wave," and the wonder and excitt merit of a life ? f iruvel, and returned to the " Jitmn mater" of Georgetown Colltge, with much of the same feel, logs tlrnt he would if turn to his father's root In China, in the Philippines, in t-oiuh Atiira, in "?h'Utli America, every w here, lie found ihe Catho lic's taitli ihe Flint* He denied that the avarico and licetmeusners attributed to the Catholics of ?^outhren Europe had any existence in tact He had seen nothing of it, hik! ? us suie that it could not t?e so, from reasons which he addueed. lie re commended an unwavering propriety and adhetence to truth in all things; ant1 urged noon politicians that tliey should not be guilty of misdemeanors against the laws of honor and truth, ot which tliey would he esltanu d as individuals. (We recommend thin recom mendation to all politicians.) Mobs, mob-law, fights, libels, libel suits,certificates,and euih like, would become,like U- S Bank,an "obsoleteidea." hi the fructific ation of this fundamental principle. When the gallant lieuteriHut closed Ins tematks, the band struck up in compliment,?"A life on the ocean wave." Mr W. P. Brooke closed the exercises in a touching and consistent valedictory. Music Degrees were next conferred an follow Ii? W. F. Lynch, U. 8. N. the degree of A M E. C I-on rielly, N Y ; E. Cumini-key, Pa.; F. 11 lykeis, V Y ; G. Marshall. T- nn ; W P Biookc. d ; viifl F H Gnnnell, DC, the dren e 11 A 11. Medals hoi! prenuuma were then distrihutri! tmot'g the students^ istingnif lied tor study and ad vancement, in tin ir respective tlott-es, when the ?usiuesa duties of the " comnu nc< itif'i.l" being consummated, <he audience were diemi-std, m d ill hands rn-hed out to tin- fresh air and the pump in the yard, as by general consent, saving ilime Stored wi'lt aglas.-ot h moriade, as invited gursts, the beverage l? n.g inclined with un sMl-|i mim ic hi their liking. These generally remained to ,anticipate in the good Catholic dinner, given on itch occasions, by the sensible directors ol this time.honored institution. AmKKMHiN EvXKOUXH, At 3o'clork a company cl iltree hundred gentle men f it down, in tgreat dining hall, to one of tip in M wiiipttious it ud comprehensive dinners ver "g"t up" within I he ten miles npiare '1 ha vl.iruif fluid gave u peculiuf Zt Ht to the Ji/tuncr ?y their -pined music. Rev taihff Kydrr, President pf the C< Hepe, residtd aseisted by hi* ascoriate pti'trrsorr. To us light so tlii- vi-net ah!' G. W I' Cuhis. Hm|., ?t Art ngtoii IIi use, and other*; to hi* left. Hon. T S Skinner, jtssiutniit I' M. Genual, and Hon I. M. S. Caurin, ol Md. < it ihe removal ot the elnfh the learned and ?litqinm Father Rydet brolly, wiitdy nni! happily dverted to the exhibition ol the day, and the ac ompliehmenta ot the ^undents, unit propo.-ed ? 1 he Ora?lu*te? of tJi? Georgetown College-May the I'rininatioii ut their degree* h? ?> riby ol unit cow. nencenn lit. Mr. E C Donnelly, of N. Y., in behalf of the graduates, responded. He bore willing testimony in the pn'ernalsolicitude with who h th? tr "/ilrtia >luttr" had ever regarded her children, and he re iproi-ated the senium nt t tiered an cordially at it WHS given. Th< I'rmident next read tin fallowing tons;? Si Marf't faulty hit a the *t?r of the Mavn ?hs ugatad tha i"ii i? ones of tb< <t?t to an s*yIumot hops ?rut redemption iii the we?t. Hh? ye' illusion*. the iptrit md glory ot har loundtrs in the out ution of hi r t u io Hon J M. S Causin in, adverted to lie ancient gl<>ry and i allowed hmu< laiiona 11 >1 r Id t'oonty if St Miry'a. She lind no hattle tields, like Concord, Lexington, or York Town; nit over th's grass grow n gr.t'* ot h?f Catholic ? n'liere, their motto ot 2>M) centuries, of civil and eltgioua toleration, was still held inviolate ? (Cheer* ) He might chail*ii;r an iiuivers.d enm ialien ot ttie example ot tile C ilhoftc fathers t f * >IH >t M oy V There was one individual, how ever, absent, whose absence he knew would ? < re gret eil by .ol?one fare wan tin shtg?-one i ...n listii guiehed as a scholar, a wit, .. patriot, a n 'lenian, and a Christian He prnpo-ed, the retire, the liealth of the R> v. Th"* M ? ' dy. The President HMterfetf that >? he;r was a livirg representative of the f.iflRily (t'1 ? Vice Preeid" ni vtulledy) present, tie ?lion ' ? "I <'p U r the guibiiia ry of lit* household ? (L?n .? ) H? da> ply re gretted the abseura of to oruiy brother, ftii t there was a man capable ?I f? It 4 'he > hair on th1* orca?ion to the getter I > at:-ion (lingnier) it wa -that man He waived i trit?r< en in this family mattef, rroiW'ith-ts ... i I ti r household had dt' lined ?' ;o it;nii,n tli i j o . bitty." The next ir ,tst Tk' FitSernJ Our t'uum y I In c< n in ; f?;'u ot i! e Unit'' 1 Slate* in ?,i . In .< tar I its of our reuvrable guest, ttno igh " ho i "*r

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