Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 29, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 29, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ?- NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING. JULY 29, 1844. THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To cbo Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newcpaper?pub lUi ml every day ol the year except New Yeafa day and Fourth ot July. Price -J aents per copy?er #7 90 per an aieu iK!3tj|(. s paid?caeh in advance. THE WEEKLY HEUALD-publiahed every Saturday martuag?price 61 centa per copy, or $3 19 per annum paid, coah n a l vane a. ADVEIITISEU.8 are iniermed that the circulation ot the Herald ia ever THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, end in creasing fait It hat the largeit circulation of any payer in t/iit city, rr the world, and it, therefore, the beet channel for hmneet me i in the city or country. Fricea moderate ?cash in advance. PUNTING ot all kindi executed at the moat moderate arioe, and in the moat elegant atyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, raurHiaroa or ihi Hkrald EsTAKLMinutivT, Northwoat corner of Fulton and Nassau streets NKtv LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To Irom Now York oa tba Wth and Livarpoohoa tba Uth oi sacn mo alb. 1 A From Naw Yoaa. Ship UOBCIUB, Caputs John Collins, 66th March. Snip ri; UUil.NS, Captain E. D. Cobb, 16th April. Ship SHERIDAN, i spuiu F. A. Deneoster, 2bth Ma7. Ship UAIUUCK, CU't S I. H. Tnuk.Mwi Jans. Faou Livirpool. Ship SHERIDAN, Capum A. Depeyiut, lltfiMarch.l Ship UARRICK, Captain B. 1. Hi i'rask, llt i April. Snip KOSCl IJB, Captain John Collins, Uth ,\i j. Ship SIDDONIS, Captain E. B. Cobb, Uth Jute. These ihips are all of the first elaaa, upwards ?t 1006 toas, bath in the city ad* New York, witb inch improvements as combine great speed with nnnsaal comfort for passengers. Every care has been taken in the arrangement o( tna.r accom modations. The price of passage hence ia 9106. im which ample stores will be provided These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give ge neral satisfaction. Neith-r the captains or owners of the ships will be respoaai bis for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, nnleas re gular l-u'eol lading are signed therefor For freight or passage apply to L. I*. COLLINS ? CO.. M Booth at., New York, or to Bl* yWN. SHIPLEY k CO.. Liverpool. Letters by the pack rts will be charged 1>K cents per ting!' b?~' '.n cents tier ounce, sod newspapers 1 cent each rsl rr. OJkU ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAG tiFKICE. ?1 SOUTH HTRKH.T, NEW YORK. From Liverpool. IUS,C The ship COLUMBUS, Captain Cole,oa the Mth February The ship I OKKHHlllk. (new) Bailey, on the 1st March. The ship CAM BRIDGE, Capt. Barstow.Uth March. The ship F. NOLAN D. Captain Bnrtlett, 1st April. I'^aLihllirit'OWn (mixta sn llnll.knsio IfttUAvxril l'he ship OX FORD. Captain Rathbone, 16th April. The shiu MONTEZUMA, Captain Lowbei.lst May. The ship EUROPE. Captain barber, 16tfi May. The ship NEW YORK,' -aptain Cropper, 1st Jons. In addition to the above superior ships, Uie subscribe] ? here a succession of first eisss American ships des subscriber's agents despatched ns customary, from Liverpool, every four or five days through different ports in the United Sti ' out the year, to the d'ff.reut ports iu the UnitedStates, t>) which p. 'sags can be secured at reduced rates. Those sending for .hrir fn-nds r.-> idnig in Great Briuin and Ireland, may re ' I be ? ly tlux every care will be taken to make passengers as comfor table as iliey can reasonably expect, and should 'he passengers not Curne out, the paasage money will be promptly refunded. Drafts onn as usual be furnished pay able at the National s Provincial Ranks of Irelaud and branch's; Eastern Bank ol D.-alts onn as nana! be luruished payable at the National and Scotland and b auches; and on Messrs J. Bait, Bon Ik Co., Bankers, London; Mtsrs J. Barned It Co., Bankers, Liyer foul, which ate payable throughout England and Wales. For miter paitlcdlarsapply (if by letter 61 South street, near Wa'l street. PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND JI&, djjk ' BY THE BLACKBALL OR OLD LINE OP LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Bailing from Liverpool on the 7th nnd l?th of every month.) Persons wishing to send to ths Old Country for their friends onn make (he udceei&ry arnuigemants with the subscribers, nod nave mem come oet iu this superior Line of Packets, Bailing Irom Liverpool pnnotoally on ths 7th and 19th of every month. They will also have a first rate class of American trading ships, sailing every sis days, thereby affording weekly communica tion from that port. One of the lira (Mr. James D. Roche) is there, to see that they shall be forwarded with care and da patch. Bbonld the parties agreed fornot come out. the money wiD b- returned to those who paid it here, without any reduc tion. The Black Bail, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, compng. (he fill lowing magnificent Ships, vis I? The OXFORD, The NEW YORK. CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS, EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled arrangements, trie sub scribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that sup port whieli has been extended to them so many years, for which they ore grateful. Ifiose proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can at all time* obtain Drafts at sightTor any amount, drawn direct ?a the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, aleo on Measrs. PRE SCOTT, GROTE, AMES fit CO. Bankers, London, yhieh will be paid on demand at any. ol the Banksjor^their Branches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ire land, Scotland and Wale*. ROCHE. BROTHERS k CO. S5 Falton street New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st nnd 19tk of each mouth. Parties returning to the old country will find it to their comfort nud advua tag* to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, u preference to SUV Other THE NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. ?in! from Net^forfiUt, tad (rur^iTeipool SU^Tmcb mo a ik. KYom No* York. L'pool Now Ship LIVERPOOL, 1150tona.JV^, ?! ?'}' ! J. Kldridge, J April 21 Jan. J N.?hip QUEEN OK TKK WEST, ((?;/ !} ? 1250 ton. P. WoodhoaM. i?W *} <jMJ I N?w ship ROCHESTER, 150 tou. t?!?/ ?! John Untton *} &?; ? Oct'r 21 Dec^r 2 Mar ' Sept. I I March 21 Mar 6 Ship HOTTINO'-KK. 1050 tow./fjf, *} Ira llurar.y, \\ Theae anbatancial. fast uilitur. flrat elans ahipi, all bnilt i* the city of New V ork, are eumiaanded br men of eiperitac anil ability, aud will be dispaichsd punctually on the tlat ol eat mouth. a 11**11 enbins an alagant and commodious, aad arc furnished Wi.u whaterer can conduce to the mm and oomfort of pa*Ma g*r* Plica ol paasag*, 2100. Neither Ui. captain, or owner, of these ahipa will b. rMpon litih-for any parcel* or packagessMt by them, aaleu regulai bill* ol lading are aignad therefor. For freight or P.*MMe apply to WOObHULL It MINTURNS' 17 South street, Now Tork. ?r to FIKLDKN. BROTHERS It CO.! Ill? Lirnrpo OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS ? a m a LD LlNLofPaeketa f. Lirerpool will herea/ten* te.liwd in the followuigoroer. eic.ptmg that when thf ?*Hiug Jay fall* on Sunday, the ahipa will Mil on the succeed iday, rut- From NrwYork. From Lirerpool 1... I. A.\l UHllHiK, {Juno 1 July 16 050 t.iua, {Oct. 1 Nor. U W. C. Baratow.f Feb. 1 Mar. It The ENGLAND, tJnne 12 Ang. 1 750 ton*. i Oct. IS Dec. 1 8., f Feb. IS April I The OXFORD, I July 1 Aug. li 100 ton*, {Nor. 1 Dec. It J. Rath bone, (Muck 1 April U The MONTEZUMA, tJuly IS Sept 1 idtto tuna, < Nor. IS Jan. 1 A. B. Lowber.f March IS May 1 The EUROPE, t Ang. 1 Sept. II 111 ion*. < Doc. 1 Jan. It K. O. Kurber.f April 1 May 16 The NEW YORK, (new) t Aug. IS Oet. I 250 tuna, < Dm. IS Feb. 1 T. B. Cropper,(April IS Jan* I Th. COLUMBUS, tSept. ( Oct. II too toni, {Jan. 1 Feb. II 1 J. A. Col., (May 1 Jnn. IS Th* YORKSHIRE,(new) ? Sept. IS Nor. I 1650 too>. < Jan. IS Mat. 1 D. O. Bailey. (May IS Jnly i ahipa are not ?arpnaaed in point of eloganc* or cotyriri (a h *ir cabin accoinuiod .tiona, or in tiieir last sailing qoa.xea Oi any reiaeli In llir tl.tde. The coiomund, it are well known a* men of character and etperietice, mil me airii toai attention will alwaya be paid to promote tlie enmloii ami cowreuieuce of passengers. Punctuality, aa regard* tlie >Uy of aailing, will be obeerred aa h> r-tolore. 'I'ne price .if puuage outward ta now Aaed at One tlnnJred Dollar*, for which ample (tore* of erery detonpuon will be provided, wits therxceptinn of wine* ana liquors, which will he I'urniMied by the steward*, if required. .Sennet lli captain or ownera of thee* ahipa will be reapon aiole for ,uy letter*, pnrc?le, or package* *ent by them nnleai regular bill* o flail lug tigufd therefor. For freight or pas *ege, apply to MOODHUKk CO, SS Soath at O, H. MARSHALL, 31 Barling alip, N. V. imf and of BA H INII. BltOTIlKHH Ik CO.. tWl A AA NEW YOil'*. And HAVRE PACKETS. Second Liue?Tlie Ships of thia lios will hereafter laare New V irk on the let, and Harie on the ISth of each month, an fot jw?,ri* Feom New Yogg. Know Harng. New Shiji ONEIDA, i lat March. Captain flat Jnly. i ime* Knack. ( lat November. Ship BALT1MOKE, V let April Captain J lat Aognat. Edward Knaca f lat December. Ship IITH A, flat.Vlay. Capt iln < lat September Frederick If Witt, f lat Jaunary. NewshipBl. NlCH . LAHi lat June. 16th April. 16th August. 16th Decern beg. ISth May. 16th September, 16th January. l6L,i Jane. ISth October ISth Kebmary. , ? 16th July. Captain . tlat October. < ISth Norember. J fl. I ell, f 1st Kebrnary. ( 16th March! Tliecccommod .ions of these ihip* are not auriuused, com bining all thai up y be repaired for comfort. The price of en bio p.unge u $iti(l. I'liueugers will be aupplied with erery re quiaite with theeaception of wiuee and liiinora ?food* intended for theae vessels will he forwarde,! by the anb loribera, free from any other thao the eipenaee actually in on them. A jeJJK No. I TonUpnBnildina, c?r. Wall and Water * CURIOUS, INTERESTING & FUNNY EXTRACTS from the New York Sunday Newspapers. Saratoga Springs. Friday. 3#jr Dear ??: We have never had so crowded a season. Ail the hotels are filled?private board ing houses are not to be had, and whole families have been sent into the country to harvest, ts make room for the swaims arriving To-night the en terprising Marvin throws open his splendid suite of ball-rooms, and thousands of light hearts and merry faces will be gathered in them, to enjoy the open ing dance. Snyder's New York band is perma nently stationed at the United States, and will "do" the music f or the occasion. Frank Johnson?that's him that's dead?sent ins darkies on to "do" the general playing, but they have been absent at Princeton the greater part of the week, and have but just returned. We miss them very much; at the morning levee at Congress Spring, they played rtningfy ?gulph it down, yallow galls," so soothingly oa the trombone and bass drum, that you could swaller ten tumbles at a standin, jist us easy as 'lasses. Golly, don't they hcker it down, though! I have understood that the Poudrette Company have declared a dividend of 300 per cent, on the unpaid capital of the company, anticipatory of the profits on the Saratoga stock?I suppose it is what is known in Wall street as a " iaucy stock," as it has not sulRcient solidity to be made a " special depo sit." and is based ou a somewhat "floating capital." Next week we are to have " the mighty Dan," and, perhaps, the won't-be governor Wright. This will " work" the political body, and we shall have some heavy draughts of " Tariff and Texas" to awullow from these aspirants to Uncle Sam's lar gest arm-chnir. Why don't politicians and players stay at home in the summer, and not come here interrupting the sport 1 What do the ladies come here for but to kick up their heels and to find hus bands 1?they want to dance all evening and ride all the day. Yet swarms of " gulls" come, each putting out its "bill" and "sucking" in a dollarjor a ball tor a song or a scrape on a fiddle string. All we want fiddlers for is to play waltzes or quadrilles, and we have plenty of beautiful girls, who sing us excellent Bongs in a sociable way at the piano in the parlors. But it is rumored that the "sweet bird ol song," Borg-azey, is coming to captivate us with "La, La, La," and San-quirk-0! with his"dum-ti duiu-ti-dum." The Hungarian Noble, Count Kor pon-eye, has an " eye" ou our dollars, too, and is corning to teach the belles lo dance the " chasse kick-about-your-legs-O !" Couldn't you send us up Ues-jar-dins, with her shortest petticoat and furred pelisse 1 it would be so ngreeable to the lashtonable taste of our "dem foin" exquisites? they would,un doubtedly, all become her pupils in the'lPolk-aye." We have Maine (very mean) and Oneida Indians ?English and French jugglers?Ethiopian loaters ?Yankee lecturero and Bavarian stroll _ strollers, in word, all making money,while more honest people cannot get scarce a morsel of bread lor their hard day's labor. Couldn't you send us up eorne ot Hamblin's "blood and blue fire," and a battalion ot "Legs" under Sergeant Mary, from Mitchell's 1 They would all make money, especially Mary aud her "jegs." Ca.-ella and his Signora will scrape an acquaintance #ith a couple ot hundred dullars on Saturday night, and Doctor Latdner is bringing the moon and stars to " astronomize." It is rumored that Barnum has induced the Queen of Eugland, by a proposition to share expens s and go halves in the speculation, to send out Prince Albert for the purpose of showing the Saratogians inking of what stuff kings and queens are made "?Al bert is to get #10 a week and "feed." It is said that the "high contracting parties" have made a "special contract" which may cause feel an " attachment" at this side of the water. If the report is true, send us word by the Scotch giant, of""" and, if possible, one volume of "The Curiosities ol Literature" by General Tom Thumb. Congress Water. St. George's Cricket Club on a Tour of Plea sure?A portion of the St. George's Cricket Club leit New York on Saturday, the 20th inst., for the purpose of playing a return match with the Toron to Cricket Club They arrived nt Syracuse on the evening of the 21st, and the requisite number ot players were iouud to join the St. George's boys in a trieudly game. The following is the result :? SYRACUSE. FIRST INNING* SECOND INNING*. Munn, run out... J. IVanon, c. Turner, b. Wheacroft Harnbrosk, c. Waller, b. Wheatcroft Oliver, o. Ticluior. b. Wright Loity, *. by Tinson Payne, c. Bailey, b. Tick. nor. H. Pearson, c. Turner, b. Wright Collins, b. Ticknor Daliman, b. Wright. Byes 3 c. Waller, b. Ticknor... 0 1 0 b. Wright 0 4 n 13 b. Wright s 0 b. Wright 0 4 b. Wright . 0 3 9 0 b Wright 6 3 b. Ticknor 1 0 b. Wright II a Byes S M Firit inningi 31 Total 63 ST. GEORGE'S. Wild, stumped by Muun 0 Tinion, bowled by Payne '? lurner, o. Dallman, b. H. Pearson * T cknor. run out 0 Wright, howled by Jtivis 3b VVheutorolt, b. Jarvif 37 9ymn, howled by Payne 33 Smith, b. Payne Bradahaw, not out 0 Bailey, leg berore wicket 0 Waller, run out I No Bails 3 100 There are aome good players among the Syracu sans, but they have not the advantage at present o( a club. When they shall be regularly organised, they will do much better. After the game, a single wicket match between three St. George's men und six Syracusans was be gan. Sunset stopped the sport, and the game was drawn at the following stage :? ? T aroxit'l CLUB. (TBACUIE PLATER!. Ticknor, b. by H Pearson 10 Collini b by Ticknor... 0 Wright, o. by Mann... . 6 Psyne, b. by " .. o Whcatcroit, run out.. . , 3 II. Pearson, b. " .. 0 ? Muun, run out 10 19 - 10 The St. George's men are highly delighted with the hospitable reception their Syracuse brethren gave them, and both are indebted to the kindness of Mr Rust, the principal hotel keeper oi Syracuse, in furnishing them the ground to play upon. The St. George's and New York Clubs?The return match between eight of the second players St. George's Club and three of the first of the St. George' against eleven best players of the New York Club, com s of to-day at Uoboken. Wickets to be pitch ed at A M. Cricket at Montreal?On the 12th instant s match was played between the married and single membera of the Montreal Cricket Club. It result ed in favor ol the bachelors, who won with five wickets to go down. . Faults on both Sides.?It i9 easier to detect laults than to amend them, to ascertain ou> own weakness without being able to apply the remedy. Why should we not be as tole rant in politics as we are said to be in religion!? Why furiously denounce or bitterly proscribe men because they belong to the one or to iheotber o< the two great parlies dividing the country 1 For merly cardinal principles constituted the line ol separaiion. The federal party was in favor of e strong national government?a large standing army und navy?a friendly feeling towards consolidation and centralising an aristocratic distinction among citizens?a leaning towards monarchy and privi leged classes?an indifference towards StHte pow er, Hnd a sovereign contempt which still diets for the democracy. On thp other hand, the democracy took the field in favor of State rights?of a federal government with limited power?against standing armies and navies in time of peace?in behalf of economy and accountability?equal rights among the peo pie?hostility to monarchy, and a cordial hatred of old federalists, which, on their part, is now considerably diminished Under these banners the two great parties fought their battles, and suc ceeded. After many years fighting on what was called the ground of principle, both parties fell into confusion?got interlined and interlocked and mixed up with each other. Old federal lea ders walked into Tammany and were converted to the true faith by being inducted into office, and sterling democrats walked out of Tammany as the old federalists walked lit, and are now pro minent wlug leaders In this juxta-position, and with these tacts staring us in the face, we can af ford to he a little liberal towards each other, und mingle less ol gall and bitterness in our contest for men, for it is, after all said, more of a con test for men than for principle. We o|?en hut lew wlug papers without reading the most gross abuse ol Col. Folk, the democratic nominee for the Presidency?he is represented us being de scended from ah old tory family, without any of the required abilities for that high olHce?a rank slaveholder, deeply embued with southern princi ples, an enemy to productive labor, a tool of Gen. Jackson, and one willing to surrender character and independence as a wretched tool of party, and even his name is made the theme of pitilul jest and low ribaldry ; Polka, Pokeberry,and Polecat, thus sinking the dignity, and character and influence ot the press of the country, and lowering id the esti mation ol the world the very principles of a free and independent and liberal franchise in beha.f ol the chiti magistracy of this great republic. Jatnes K. Polk is not what is termed a great man ?but he is a good nun, a discreet ntan, a sensible man, free from impetuosity and rashness, a man of clear head and souud political principle?he is very much such a man as James Munroe was, and the country under his administration would be en tirely safe. It is in the same wretched taste that we find Clay alluded to in certain democratic pa tiers?a gambler, a duellist, and a political black leg, stee(ed in every kind of vice; a political apos tate, aud an enemy to his country?and this is the man whom we democrats have honored, praised, and admired, feasted aud toasted?considered as our leader?elected overand over again our riieaker in Congress, and the negociator of an houorable peace with Kngiund. In the name of heaven why descend to this low personal abuse?why not main tain this contest on the principles and doctrines ot those two eminent candidates! are they not broad enough! Mr. Clay is in favor ot a high pro tective tartfi?a Bank of the United States?a dis tribution of the proceeds of the public lands. Mr Polk istn favor of a tariff lor revenue and incidental protection?he is opposed to a Bank and to distri bution, and on minor points of policy there may be a fair difference of opinion between them, why not confine the contest to the principles and views of the two candidates: why minister to base pas sions and pander to vile personalities by this low and scurrilous abuse! We degrade our country in our own estimation, as well us in the estimation of other nations, by sinking the high character of freemen into that of low demagoguee,and we thus ian the flames of division aud disunion and keep alive the most bitter prejudices among citizens ol the same republic. With all the unjust abuse bestowed upon the south and the erratic character aud singular views of some of their prominent men, they have a polit i cal habit which we might adopt with great profit. You will see two candidates lor tbe same office set out together to adarets the people on their dis tinct principles, and canvass a whole state iu the moat cordial and kind manner, without the least difference petsonally between them?an evidence of propriety, dignity, and true civilization. In the approaching contest thousands may pre fer Clay from personal considerations, and yet vote for Polk, approving his principles; so many may vote for Clay, esteeming him the greatest man, with ut reference to his principles at all. In the midst of great national prosperity we have never theless great national troubles?we are a divided and somewhat distracted people?foreign powers and foreign influence stalk utnong us?let us be more united, more tolerant towards each oilier, and we have nothing to fear frstn abroad. Thk Natives.?We believe that the Natives wish to do right, while they do wrong ; but with all the charity that we possess, und all the milk ot human kindness for which we are famed, we cannot, where the interest ot this great city is concerned, take the will for the deed, and so excuse the young and very awkward a .d oppressive city fathers. Their last attempt at relorrn is no reform at all. It is an outrageous and oppressive act. On Wednesday night, some eighty women, all supposed to be of ill fame, were arrested by the na tives in Broadway, taken to the 'l ombs and locked up. The object of the Common Council is to do away with the immoral traffic by which the fallen creatures live. But is this the way to do it! Isnol the proper plan to close the houses of prostitution which so thickly abound in this city ! It the natives wish the moral portion of the community to latiti them for their conduct, they must perform this tark, which they will find too herculean while the tet ters of the present police system are about them. The houses alluded to are protected by a portion ol the police officers, who live upon the wretched in mates, drtuk their wine, and pocket their money. These houses are safe, so long as the black mail is submitted to. The effect of the late arrests was to put money in the officer's pockets, as we sup pose it did, extensively, by the committal fees. Ii so, it was a good business for the officers. But what evil inay result from this high-handed mea sure ! We will tell what we understood did occur, and then what further might have occurred may be conjectured. Among the captives, as we are informed by a highly respectable reporter, was a virtuous woman, who had none out of doors to get some medicine lor her sick child. She held the doctor's prescrip tion in her hand at the time she was captured, and, we are told, showed it to the officer, who chohe to doubt her statement. We are sorry that we cannot give the woman's name. There is no record of the business that the reporters can get particulars from All we know is that a number ot pnsonets were dis charged, after being incarcerated for two or three hours. Now, if there whs one respectable woman amona those arrested, there might have been more. 01 course there is no means of ascertaining the fact, for the arresting officer would not proclaim his er ror, and a respectable woman would shrink front making public an outrage which branded her us a worthless creature, and threw her into the com pany of abandoned beings. It is utierly impossible to make such arrests without subjecting decent fe males to a wrong that is horrible to think of; and it is infinitely better that all the women of loose character should be known, as they are known, to parade Broadway, than that one modest, viriuout female should be subject to the foul indignity ol being arrested as a wanton. We have no right to debar even the fallen the liberty of walking where hey please in public, while they conduct them selves with decency and propriety. Some time ago, a fanatic addressed a lettertothe editor of the Commercial Advertiser, (we think that was the paper,) calling upon the authorities to exclude those who have lost their good name from walking on the Battery. The editor of the paper very properly intimated to his correspondent thai it could notbe done. We question whether such a proposition would have been made under any other corporation. The next step we suppose will be l. exclude these creatures from our churches, lest the holy place should be profaned by their presence. We are very anxious that the immorality ol this city should be kept in subjection. There is onlj one way to do it. and that way the Common Couii cil does not or will not percelv*. It is to reorgan ize th?* police department?to smash the preacni nydra-headed corruption, that festers in rank rot -enness through its whole body. Get a good, ef ficient, well paid police, no matter at ex pense. Let the tenure of office in every depurt uient be, dependent U|x>n good conduct and eu pacity, for lite. Let ev-ry fraud, every connivance with guilt in a public functionaiy, be punished in i lie iiiosi exemplary manner. Then you have a good basis to work upon?then you will find honest men who will do their duty?then the streets will be guarded, outrages prevented, and the contempiibb farces, like the affair we treat ol which are liable to end in gross indignity, done away with. OCJ-Some little time since, the Princeton run a race with ihe Great Western, and of course beat ii ?its power to do that was well ascertained before the race began. List week another race was run with ihe steamer, by the U. S. Jfevenue I urier L-gare, and it whs again beaten, of course. W? nope the countiy is now sale, although we are not told that ihe Creat Western ran u race with either of the vessels that so easily beat it; or that a was in a condition to run such race. On the contrary, we have learned that she was deeply laden, aiiil that she pursued her course regardless of her com petitors. Isn't the dignity ol the U. S. Navy com promised by these races, and ihe certificates thai are afterwards paraded in the papers 1 We hear of no other navy playing such pranks. Polly Bodink.?The step taken by this woman's counsel in procuring the arrest of the pawnbroker Adolphus for perjury, in having sworn that lie didn't go by another name in Germany, is, to sav the leasi of it, an extraordinary step to take. If Mr. Adol phus did have another name, we do not see how it affects his comtietency to identity Polly Bodme as the woman who pledged the atticles stolen after the murder of Mrs Houseman and her infant. Our courisought to protectwitm sieswith a stronger ami They are too oiten placed in a worse light than the criminal at the bar. The " ingenuity" of counsel is taxed to make the jury believe that they are the veriest knaves in creation It a witness, who is called to testily to a particular circumstance, is to have his file's history raked up and brought against turn, why justice inay as well travel from New York altogether. The more des|>erate the case, the more desperate the remedy seems to be the principle upon which the lawyers go to work. ft> " Mr. Cobb, I ant sorry to see you in this Condition." " You are, eh?well I aint?I'm corn'd, just as a 10b ought to be.'* Rowdyism atHoboken.?Rowdyism has within our knowledge reigned mote or lens at Hoboken. J tie rowdies are New Yorkers, who imagine ihey can commit crime wiih even more impunity out of the city than in it It is of no use disguising the tact, that a number ol respectable iiersons will not cross over to Hoboken lor fear of being molested there or insulted on board ths ferry boats. The question is, how is this rowdyism to he suppressed In the first place, it is necessary to have a police officer at the ferries or on board the boats: and it is also necessary for every person imulted to take ihe requisite steps to punish the offenders, it only re quires that a few of the choice spoils, mostly beaid boys, whose manliness consists in insulting wo men and children, and in pouring beastly and blas phemous language into pure ears, and, under the accursed spirit of rum, inflicting personal violence "o suflenit "In weak, should be made Three such characters were over at Hoboken last Monday Their conduct there, a* we learn from respectable witnesses, was outrageous. Their con duct on board ilif boat wag equally so, for we wil nessed it, and endeavored, wiih other gentlemen, to reason thern into something like decency and so briety of behavior. The consequence was a pre meditated assault upon the gentlemen in Barclay street. I his outrage placed the ringleader in the watch house. He was committed to prison on a charge ol assault, and is bailed out for the present The matter will not test here. There are from ten m.n.a." n Tutors of the allair who are deter mined to have the questioned whether row dies can act like beasts and brutes with impuniiy It the law will not reach them, then Mr. Stevens' beautiful elystuin will be deserted, or else its vtsi. tors will have to go armed to protect themselves from assault We think, however, that it all tier sons outraged Will take the trouble to prosecute rowdyism will he in a short time extinct at Hobo ken. The present rowdies will go there, but, being there, they will have to behave with decency. A tew prosccuttona wi l eflect this. It is too ridicu Ions that the fear of such characters should deter letnales from visiting so lovely a place, but it is so Gross Deception and OimtAox -A gentleman holding an important office in the police establish ment of this city, gave us on Thursday, the follow tng particulars ol a brutal outrage Committed on i> young, inexperienced and defenceless girl by a henu in the shape of man. It appears that a fami ly named Cartoux, f-rench Canadians, arrived in the city frotn Montreul early in June. The faintly con.-tsted ol the parents und three children, tin eldest, a girl of seventci n, named Adolphice. Ttn family, though poor, is respectable. 1 he father o a saddler by trade, and f<irmeriy kept a harm ta?rVn iV*?",rea'- In seeking lot apart of a h i Mr. Cartoux became acq :ted with ,t Mi (we suppress the scouml name at th. r.u.estoi the police,) who wtt8 i ,k in a grocery store in Grand street. This It w had a room in a vacant house in Hester street and had the letting of the place Ou seeing Mr. Ouitou* and his Iniinl lie was desirous that they should take the hous. i?| offered it to them also low a rule that Air. C . . k a lease lor one year and moved in, the yt m by agreement retaining his room He ittentive to the family, and us they were m the city, his politeness was gratefully i<. I o Adolphtn ? especially he devoted hirnseii corung her to places of umusement, Hoboken, fttaten Island, Arc 7 he poor girl acknowledge! that she was vejy much attached to her betrayer Oni the evening ol the 4 h ol July the two went to Castle Gardeu to witness the exhibition of fire works. On returning to the liou-e he asked her to go into Ills room, stating that he had some fine figs, of which he wished fu r to partake. Suspect ing no evil, she readily consented. A large p .pei ;d figs was opened, and she ate perhaps a dozen, the villain then began to take liberties with her, and finally, without uny resistance en her part, lot ",'V'OOJ S'rl w'aa incapable of resistance, accom plished his dtaboltcul purpose The next morning she was taken with violent spasms, vomiting, ?.Vc I Alarmed, she told Iter mother 01 the even s of the preceding night. A physician was sent for, who on learning the circumstances, asked if any of the hgs remained. The mother went to the room ol the young man, und found on the mantelpiece se veral, which she gave to the physician Un exa mination, it was ascertainad that every one i.f the hgs contained -Spanish Hies, which, as our readers probab y know, possess highly stimulating quali fies l hey are also poisonous, und huve been known to produce deuth Thus was ihis poor girl tempted to her ruin. Her destroyer, on being charged with his villmy, by the almost heart broken father, evinced the utmost effrontery, and refused to make the only reparation. On learning that legal proceedings Wrre about to be commenced, he fled from the city. If there is a law which can tHke cognizance of this foul outrage, we trust that the wretch will be made to leel its full ven geance. The Itey. Air. Johnson, formerly editor of the ?.vangelist Hi this city, and pastor of a Presby terian church in New Jersey, couvi jted on Ins own confession by a counciL ot ins brethren, ol practices rather unbecoming a clergyman, nas written a penitential letter, in which lie ascrike his downfall in part, to the de using inHueuc'if the light literature of the age. It a beardless boy, just cut loose trout Ins mother's apron strings, hue held up one of f aul de Hock's novels, or one of Sue s,or Bulwer s, aud snivelled out that the book tempted htm to the commission of asm, we might be induced to pity and pardon; but for a minister ol Ute gospel, u Ulan set upurt and consecrated us a teacher of his fellow men?a light in the world, sinning out atnids'. deep moral darkness, to say that his heels were tripped up by the novelist, is , too provoking. We dare suy, that this Mr John son bus written and preached against light litera ture. i we could rake together Ins old sermons, we would hud eloquent warningsagainst ihe seduc tions of ihe novenst, and yet tbe man who preaci. ed did not practice; the pit that lie pointed out as dangerous and to be avoided, he f U into himself dy his own admission, Mr. Johnson has been a very great hypocrite; we may he uncharitable, but we are more than halt inclined to balieve he i. now. A8 lor the blast against light literature, it is ill gammon. 1 here are unwholesome issues from die press, but we do not believe thut Bulwer, Sue ?le Rock, and a host of other writers we could name, ever made a man a libertine against Ins own inclinations. Ihe devil is in the man, and not in the book. Meeting.?There was a very respectable meeting last wet k, at the Apollo, in point ot Hum bert and proceeding, and a must meeting la to come oti during the present week. There Hre two dis tinct set ot men claiming to belong to the Tyler party, that band of treacherous, adventurers called 'be Conservatives, who have sold Tyler to the Whig party, and are fierce in tlieir determination <u run bim as a candidate, tu order todeleut the Democracy, and thus claim the reward: and a urge body of Democrats who, feeling that great injustice lias been done to his administration, art tl-o determined to supjiort bun, but are willing in lUopt the union t ckel, und thus by giving bun a chance before ihe people, prevent any ultimate danger to Polk nnd Dallas An act of duly as well as policy remains to be discharged by Hie Demo cratic party, and that is, to do justice to the admi nistration of John Tyler by oflitially approving bis ,cis and endorsing bis administration, fliis i - in I the time for petty rese linens; too mmyDeino crats have hern miceremoiuoiisly drawn irom the ranks by the |>ower ; deleal has followed ; will agaiu follow. John Tyler says, "1 have al ways helongtd to the old republican school." No mail, we say, in the Democratic party, lias a right to cibse the door upon turn, but it is me duty ol ihe Oeueral Committee to say to him in elb cf, "we recognise you hs belonging to ihe Democracy ; we ipprove the cardinal measures of your administra tion, and are willing to untie with your trieuds uoingjustice to your course? come in with us and t?y a union on principle present a strong and un broken front to our opponents." Lit (hit be done prtrmvlly It is the sale and just mode of pto"erd mg, and is required by the cri.-is. Throw open the doors ol 'lainrnauy Hall widely and invite hack every man who hails from the Democracy, no matter what may be Ins personal prelerences or bow long be bus betri estrayed from bis old head quarters. Not so Bad.?Rambling 11 little way into the country a lew weeks since, we called at the house of a young farmer, who was something of a poet, 1 ww, and an odd genius withal, f-tanding 111 bis door yard, and taking ageneral survey of surround ing objects, we remarked that he had ruther ol a tunny gnlt "Yes," said he, " but one of your city fops has a funnier one." On reading some of his fugitive pieces, we in tended to coinjiliuient him by saying that he had a good itylt. " Do >011 really think sol" lie interrogatively re plied, " 1 bad an idea that my pig yard had a heller one." (0- We are told on good authority that a Con spiracy, wnh extensive ramifications, has been formed lor the purpose of taking Canada by a lud den onslaught, and then annexing it to the United Slates. Ceorge Washington Dixon's name is pro-1 uuut-Mily connected with the movement. Or*-' rhe editors are making ihem*elve* witty | over one of Governor Bouck's blunders. It appears ; itiat his Excellency, on being introduced to Bishop McGlusky a few dave since, asked the Catholic dignitary how his wife and children wr re. Funny, isn't it 1 The old white horse probably supposed that no man could get along w about a w lie, and us a natural consequence?children. QO? John C Spencer has gone West. Me waited here to see if either party wanted his aid, yet nei ther party otlered a hid JuM as we expected and predicted: a man of talent, without being a man ol sen-e, is useful to neither side He has hy tins tune discovered the sincerity of those men who promised to make h;m a "favorite son ol New! York f QtJ- A " colored gunman" was detected in Phi- i Uneiphia on Tuesday last, in criminal intimacy j with a very pretiy white married lauy. The nig-' ger is rich land a dandy ; of stulw art proportions, and polished ebony complexion. Ttie lady slight, girlish mid very fascinating. What odd tastes some people have. The Great Moral Uefornt party now in power here, having been so vr ry successful in its war upon the apple women, commenced on Wednesday night a fierce and indiscriminate attack upon the unfortunate women louud in Broadway. By w hat sign do ihe Dogberries of the watch know an ho nest from a dishonest woman J Jp Polk stalks generally die m November ? There is a kind, however, tu Tennessee which the democrats consider perennial. dC*- We dreamed last nlaht of twhing tor cat-fish in tne river Jordan?never got a lute. Will aoiin oneirocntic interpret this dream for us. Monkeys were made fuel? men nlterwards. Dainties are a larger, hut not improved, specie* of monkeys. CCh Some of the daily papers begin to publish the usual nonsense for the " fashionable summer re sorts;" about the blooming Miss A , the merry Miss B-, the gracchi! and winning Miss C , and the fair brow'd Miss D. Amii?:ng, but impertinent I he cordwniners of Lynn, Ma-s , have start ed a little paper culled The Awl We tnii-t that this last enterprise of the crispens ntay end well.? Philadelphia Times " Awl s well ilicit ends well." Wait a whii.k.?A democratic lady in Wood stock,W. who hasbeeti married about six months, s^iys she intends to iiHitte her first child alter .latin s K Polk. She had better watt and see if it isn't a gut. 11cm ? ? This establishment bus been very much impiovtd ol iute, refitted, tepainied, and embrl llshed. Look tu and see die Captain. Me can uhke you the talb st kind of a cobbler. Mis re teshmentB arv all firm rate. (jr> Hun to your dinner, run to your work, run alter knowledge, but never run in debt. CO-The Louisville Daily Rover is dead. Ren sou?it couldn't live. 0t>- The Millerites are holding a camp meeting on iten Island. They believe that the woilu uie to mi end sooner or later. So do we Tayi.ob.?This singer is getting it popula te nevei 'mngiued. An atiaek Hint an amende uiorubte hue uppeertd in the New Yoik Spmt of ilie Times. The attack was a |ioencal <?'Huston that was anything but flittering to the fair singer. It crept in, \.e understand, us conimunicuiioiis some times will. The friends of the aggrieved party were on the point, so saysfreport, of commencing an ac lion against tlie Spirit, laying dainsges at ten thou sand dollars. The following sppeand tu the " .spirit of tlie Times" yesterday, under the heud of things theatrical :? '? OUR MARY." i r?K amkniik ttoNouaiii.k?"Original, 'pon Honor." BY THE rOET I.Al' NI.ITK OF THE M. C. A. llon't suppose I'm going to mil,or Undervalue Mary Taylor ! There's not a svliier or a sailor, But adore* sweet Mary 1'ay for ! lie's a stony hearted jailor. Who could fetter Maiy Tay lor Did I own n south sea whaler, Whales I'd caich lor Mary Taylor ! Were thy eherk like lily pale, or ll.dasiuhy, Mury 'lay lor? Thy waist upon tne splendid scale, or Hliin, I'd worship Mary Taylor! London city, I'll be hail, or Paris, would pet Mary Taylor ! Not a human being, male or Female, but likes Alary Tuylor ! Juvenile or ancient, hub or Hearty, go for Mary Taylor ! 1 could neither sup on quail, er Rabbit welch, with Mary Taylor ! Quatf with selfsame gu-to, ale, or Cuinbartin, with Mary Taylor ! Drink thy health in porter stale, or Hpaikhng Hock, sweet Mary Taylor ! Share a cottage in a vale, or Palace grand, with Mary Taylor ! Breezes never blow a gale, or Viiit roughly. Mary "1 ay lor ! "Cease, rude Boreas, btustTirg ruiler !" Zephyr* fan thee, Maiy Tailor ! Who sings, " Hitting on a Rail," or " Lucy Long," like Mary Taylor 7 Breath I scuicely can exhale, or Huspirate, for Mary Tay lor ! Not a college man in Yule, or Cambridge, can read Mary Toy lor ! Ten Thousand Dollars on the nail, or Kneelwe do ! to Mary Taylor ! The M. C. A. meunMhe Massachusetts Cod As sociation, and the author is supposed to he Hit witty Mr. Brougham. Examination ok Kev. Joy II Fairchit.d.?Tlii examination is still going on before the Eccleaias ttcal Court. Mr. Fairehiki commenced Ins do fence yesterday afternoon, The grounds lie icol. were that abase and wicked conspiracy had been laid to nun his character, and remove him from ilie ministry, and that the charges alleged again-1 him were lalse. To prove the fust lie read teve ral anonymous letters sent to individuals in ilu town, calling him a clerical scoundrel, and charg ing him wuii having had criminal intercourse will certain married women in Ins parish, and 11 hand hill headed "A wolf in sheep's clothing," am signed "lEpaphroditus," charging him with aimilut acts of immorality. This defence still goes on, and lie has called witnesses to contradict Ithoda Davidson, as to h? 1 statements of time when she went to live wuh I>r Chaptn, of Aldington, of her taking medicines while there for suppressions, &c. Arc. Mrs Fait child was examined in the morning. She was 01. the stand a great while. Her testimony w as main ly as to the dales when flhodiweit to Dr. Glut pin's, oi A lungiuii, to contradict Klroda's atuti meat and rebut Iter testimony, although given in . very [trunk arid candid manner, had little ref. 1 enca to the particular ease under consideration She manifested the strongest affection for her hu haiid, but disclaimed any motive but thai of truth, believing before Hod lie was innocent Dr. Perry, Mr. Odlin, and Mrs. Fairchild wen also examined 111 drf< nc? in relation 10 Mr Fair child's insaiiiiy, the ciicuinsiaiiceB under wlm h h attempted to commit suicide, and these, detail', painful as they were, were fully gone into, muinh to get Ins declaration at a moment wnen it wa supposed he was a dying man. Torse witnesses all said at that time he declarer his innocence as to charges preb rred against him, and when he called his family together, supposing he would not live, he declan d his innocence, ant V1rs. Fairchild said that he at that tune said . friend advised him to do what he had done will If hoda Davidson, that is in giving lur the money, but liaviug solemnly prorm*"il not to divulge the Irieud's name, be had not done it. Tiiusiar, how ever, the defence does not seem to touch the c m . or as y. 1 go far to convince the minds of the coun cil of tiis innocence. I have taken very lull notes of all the evidencr discu-s ions, Ail", and the publication ot Ihissingo larly interesting, a 111J peculiarly striking trial, won rlertul tn its details, will be commenced in Mon day'a Mail. The greatest excitement prevails hr rr Men and women (lock to the church; it is talkrr of in every corner, and at present is the only topu ?>t discus -.on. The popular opinion here is, Ilia there is either a dark and damnable plot MguiQS Fairchild--to ruin hint beyond redemption, t.iai the young woman has entered heart and soul int.. this bat-e conspiracy ; or that lie is .1 guilty man; ol one or the other of inese stories the > ouncil huv got to determine by their decision.?Extter, IV. II C'orrtipoiultncc Boiton Mai I. ^avta Fe Teadeee?Bent's Company?Mr Charles Bent and twenty-five oilier |*-r*mis belong ing to thii cempany, arrived in HI. Loin* 011 the I?th ir?t ?ii hoard the steamer L< xingtcn, liom Indepetideiu'i, where they arrived the Sunday pr*vIons, with twen ) wagons, losdrd with seven hundred pur Us of hnft.ih robes and lour packs ol lieaver lur*. They nut thefoi on the Arksnia* liver, their placu of ronoervous, brfori starting in, on the Mh of last .Vlay, and have hern evei ?nice on their way to St i.ouis. Thtir fwrnty km boi very much protracted by ?nc? lams and high wan 1 They hrlng no new* oi importance. Thia i*thcl??t ot the ciiravan which was detained lit the Hickory (irov, the lialance having preceded them. Fuoar.?The sugar crop of Louisiana will tin year, it it estimated, exceed UK),WW tsus. Troy, M. V. [t'orre?pawleuc? ot the Herald.] T?ovt July 25, I8J4 7Tie Trojani and the Herald-III Piqndarity? Death and Black Mail?Beauty and Learning? Prudary and the Fine Arti, including Seunng A dory of " A Female Seminary ami Fat Mut ton"- 11\e Hilderlterg War and the Pout t eiviita tui-Lynching a Sheriff and Protyecfi of De foliation. In the great city of Aclnlle , tine modern city of modern Trojans, us every where else, the Her .Id, liidt j'luriial of journals, predominates. It may he been in ihe houses ol the tirnt citizens, down t<> the store ot the smallest Under; hb influence is tremendous, und such as even you y< ursell have no idea of. Your "nigger contem porary" and "Heath leaf manufacturer," endeav ors to raise an o; position, hut both bimseil aiid black mail machine are consigned to < blivion I have but recently arrived in this place, but having passed a week at Watfous lr<>v lintk-e, (a good hotel and better boat by the bye) deem thai a IP tie information may be acceptable The women, the fairest ornaments ol the bind, arc iu sbuudauce In re,and tin- majority very huiidn me. 1 he major part are com tiued iu the well known >entiiiaiy, under the bupern.t. tide nee ol Mrs. VV'iiUrd, himI "her ostler, John." This seminary i? a ftt; "1 place lor education, prudery, modesty, morals, tine tewing, unit itie line arts, w tih a little at .entlon de voted to the cultivation ol corn, cabbagts, and hoiee flesh Do not understand that 1 rail at ibis worthy institution,?r its very worthy gov. rness; lur from it; Hs repu'ation would be a shield agams. at tack even were 1 ho inclined ; but like every thing else w hich stands above things ordinaiy, malic.ous repor s iu relation to it will prevail. One very good joke 1 heard myselt. i the oilier day taking a ride on ihe road near Berlin, in this county, on my w ay to the city, when I overlook u flock ol hi ti p, bound ht m the same destination. The number of the pre veined my getting past, and, as i had 'o keep on a blow gait, 1 entered into conveiaslioh with ihe diiver. He was mounted on mii old pedlai'a w agon, painted yellow, nt leatt 1 presumed it once had beeii honor, d by a coat < f ihal article, with lour wheels, drawn by a pair of lime-wow, nt looking bi44 wliobtf hungry lookb btujkti'fd s.d distress," whose sloihiul, game !egged w.i k, was scarce commensurate with the pace ot ibeir bleating compugnont du voyage. The sides ol ihe vehicle were uoorntd wiih no.ny superscription- ot variwiis kinda, some ol which Diana i.Mrtii wou'ii have blushed to ulter; und on t ? hoi k was wiu len, or rather painted, in good blai k Inters, " ] rt>y Female Seminary." r-uipristd, or raihsr tu t un d.-rsiaiitt og tor what purpose such hii ui.ti uih, oiiilaiidiRi -lot.king mhcliiiif should he u-td in a ladies' aeminaiv, 1 atldressed tl.e com utior hi thu subject. " You're rather U strauger in these pans, I guess," said my new hi quuiuiam e. ''VHui! d.u.'i know this 'ere wugoti 1?not t' c eiiiiiuim ry eartt" 1 replied in the negative. "Well," said he, "1 take vou to he n nice bit ol it lellar, si iJ 1 don't mind if 1 tell you "Well o'yt- nt,' continued my hiend, " well d'ie see, 1 belt.i g to Berlin, soniew lieie about five mile on 11 is. t re roat., and I raises a little the tallest mutti n hb goes to the Troy market, and oh I've got my name up putty well, I've got the contract h r liie seminary with it. r?u I goes to town twice u Wi? k, and nlwajb taken ihiv ere w,."5iii with me." ' Hut," rep ted ', "that is not answering my question." "'1 troe etiotn n, lust wait a bit," exclaimed Jehu; 'and I'll a coining to the pint; they are sw tuasedly fotd tl^ lat mill ion at the simmiiierry, iIihI ihey won't hi the sheep walk to liie ciiy, hiiiI so they brids me this ere cart to ride 'em i... 1 ain't got not a single one yet, and lieie's only five nule logo," exclaimed I.e. scanning at ihe same lime tile whole flock, " and the young ladies perhaps a wailin lor dinm r. Good gracious, but John will tie savage. Hallo, iht'ie, you lazy varmint," cried he ol astdotii, jumping irom Ins bi x, and seian g nt ib<- si.uu iin.e ill llliloitunate liii'.igre rock-led looking etieep, which had jiibi lallen In 111 cxhaesti n, " hail" ibele, come get up you blackguard, or you re a candido'e lor tliesennnary right oil Comeget up here,"Id n g the animal on us legs, and esiig hit- ? mlesv. t- (?? res! or is us pedestrian CHpahilities. "Ah, well; I see'Jna all up with you," continued he, us the aIIiMil again tell to die ground, at ihe saute- time drawing f is jack-knife ariose its throat and tin ow ing it hi the vvugi n. " There, get in, and let's go on to the seminary ; for John's a wainn', nnd won he he just a little- mod. May he heNvill, I guess The citizens ol Rensselaer county, it awa ars, are threatened witli a recapitulation of the Hilc'er berg riots?that lamous war, which displayed the valor ol our troops to sneh advantage. It appears lhai there is an amount of about #200,000 < ? back rent due to the heirs ol the old patroon troni the inhabitants of Rensselaer Co., who hold their lands by lease from the patroon,subject to hii annual r> nt Many ol these landholders have become sick ot paying this annual tribute, und anti-rent meetings have been held in different towns, at w hu h about four thousand rent-payers have agreed to pay no more. The blierifl ot the county, Gideon Rey nold*,Esq , bavin* received lrom the attorney* of the young patroon divers executions and declara tions in ejectments against the tenants, and ill serving the same met with considerable opposition, ..rih ied out yesterday a /tone cumilalui, which consisted ot aboui tluriy ctiiztns < 1 Tm?v to protect ftint in the discharge ot his duty, and proceeded in carriages to the town ot Nassau h r Hie purpobe of eflecting service til his papers. On ?heir arrival at the town ol Nassau, about sun? en miles tiom the city, ihey were slopped by about .me hundred and twenty men disguised as Indians and armed with putob, titles, knives, and loma iiawka. They were taken ftoin their wagon* and (heir horses sent adult on ihe roud, and they thetn -?Ives marched into the interior < I the town,w lu-re ihey were searched Irom IishiI to loot I its papers, lor the ohiaiuim i t and dcbtiucuon ot wliiclt inese nock-Indiana had laki n up arms, were tound on he person of Mr George H Allen, deputy slier in, lor tl.e carrying of which hewto-senitiiced by their Chief in be tarred and feaititred. By '.his time the o ncouis-ot rioters had increa ii d to six bundle tl, all arm? d cay-a ]>ie, determined 0 r> si f and obey the ordersot their chief to the. last. Resistance on the part ol Ihe posse, was ol course ua< less,three or tour runty pintola couatitBir.g loir entire armory Cords were prepar d, and each in -n threatened that in case ot any interference he would lie tied to 1 tree, ami receive also nil entire mil ol black iiul while. Tne only conclusion to wltivh ihey could come was, that disctetion was tin better part ..I val'-r, and Hint ihe quieter they ?'? ?e the b< i ? r liey would tare 1 tie uiilor'Unnl. A leu vvas thell ed our, his i out and vest lok' n i 11, <.n<J hi? shut, pantaloons and collars ti orouirhly tarred m d f hered, and n quantity ot the lormt r ariii le s- ut i it it i hi* htjfiiB by cs ay *.>1 tlit? buck 01 ins it< ck 1 lie herifl, iu a vny .>bb- b|ieech, ritdeuv rid io|on.t ??Ul to I he III Ihe tolly ol U II nipiiag to ?>l c" e llo aw; alluding, with great nbi.ity, to ihtir love ot ?nler, to iheir duty us cttiZ' as, und the disgraco mil punish i in lit w lilt Ii w on lit be vtelit d upon the in; nil lo mi eflecl. I h y hail agreed ill ? 1 Ulii .1 that .it- fir.-i man tfiey found carryma is iu ?? h?H?-n to ihe Rensselaer sell-, slo aid tlieet sUi It punish nent, arid such puulshllienl he riillit riceive. At In- core ol the pt-rfoimane, Mr Allen wB? r. leased, and Ihe whole party allowed to return to die city, ol which permiwioit tfiey were neither orry nor hIow* to lase advantage. 1 he city u ii 4 eiaie ol gri at excileiuenl und the mi i ury will no doubt lie ordered to ihe tv lie ?! iction As I intend to rernam here for s time, 1 Iiul! not tml to noiily you of future or-eurr. nee A Nkw Yds TO EKIZORANTS, AMD OTHERS MAKlNU REMITTANCES TO ENOLAND, Hi O I LAND, AND HO,LAND. IVtAKTH FOR AN V A (I'M',. II hvUoocltMif l' the PIIOVINOIAL RANK. I;: i. m? i .i THE NmIONaL j?Axk s o.l.AsD, ?an be obuueii > f l?i(. Il'li be.LI. L W VI v-cLU L" N. 6 *"d 7 Dof ? ' ? 11'. i ?? llmsfor * t n~?- RILL* on he II \ s K >K Hill i H ' Noll I I V M Ml11 A( hU>t'llN,?l4 't? II m rh.'* lit C At ovlK* if I uii w cli Suva Hcotiii itntJ N wfu . JI. .J iy*f 11 a in j. b t)OAi>DI >0 A I i i ?"I III l. v N i i s i h r <? I ? *. .? D f ui lem- n ? r ' or-. I f.i ?lie* r i .miMloi-4 with H.vr I m .1 romlnrUhl' r . m?, emi'l'M'il' I r ?? u.? f i lUireJi betl i I'll.* Hiljoii.11-<. <tl 77 I nr. oil vl'ft'l, \ \ ..V Mis OKIU Tie Frnnihlw|Mr >i>p ??n ri Km.j .4 h. <1 -ii UviL.I i H AL LAK A i UII'. -T o wot o?4 .? o?i .,L I 1.' 1 won ne" ? e 1 'ib I..- ? 1 v I \ ' 4 I A I I.LI f , ^ ? M Hprir" VI O V H r, m, > M il fruh ? i ? oim. ?> i'I be 1 aoaia il 1 ??* ?? ?t . 11 (> p. 1 * s 11 ? t I '1 Af h; I i ?? v , ? ? I. , , V. <?? ? I | HI.Ill' I"'I I'. ? in I I. V (1 1 ... .? ?to <It?m im Iruat it tuw, onu re- ir> i>. fl n ,,,. n.( >r vn'.*>t? .'irt'e CMvrvv . I. ... a f^hiiK vAL1-. Oil IO L T-T ? *.? ~t ? ? IjM.iry bi ick H"U?e ami I s , LjZ :l.'. i.lvvAf. To be V I I ??!?>? 11 ? - f- I Km otU-E.uil. Api'.y : 1IA ILTON I- Mi, j)i !?w)w*r? jl Tu,?

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