Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1844 Page 3
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Qr*? AT THIS SEASON OF THE YEAH, WHEN we look around u? and see to many cause* to product clioli 'H morbus, diarrhoea, cramps und spasms, we art ?truck with amazement that heads of families who posses., all the facilities of providing for those entrusted to then care, should neglect to keep always at hand a bottle oi Beraard's Diai rncea Medicine. t'holera morbus and all othtr affections of the stomach an 1 bowels are diseases simple iu tbefr commencement but how soon do they run into a graver form ? Asiatic cholera itself is hut one step from a neglected cholera morbus and diarrl <na. R. 8 BERNARD, at 97 Nassau street, has the only re medy yet discovered lor these diseases. He has enough certificates to prove the matter. 0&- THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OK BAR 8ATARILLA, GENTIAN AND SARSAFRA8,prepare by the New York College oi Medicine and Pharmacy, es tsblixhed for the suppieasion of quackery. This refiner and highly concentrated extract, possessing all the pun lying qualities and emotive powers of the above herbs h> confidently recommended by the College, as infinitely superior to any extract ol Sarsaparilla at present beiort the public, aud may be relied on as a certain remedy for all diseases arising rom an impure state of the blood such us scretula, salt-rheum, ringworm, blotches or pirn pies, ulcers, nain in the hones or joints, nodes, cutaneous eruptions, ulcerated sore throat, or any disease arising from the socondary effects of syphilis or an injudicious tue oi meicury. Sold in single Bottles, ut 76 cents each ' in Caaea oi half-a-doaen Bottles, $3 60 ' " one dozen " 6 00 Cns 's torwarded to all parts of the Union. N B.--A very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers Office ol the College, 96 Nassau street W fi Rl' HAUDSON, M. D., Agent CONNF.L'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR 18 by every family who are acquainted with its sirtues, al ways after kept in the houso. It has such perfect con trol over pain from burns, scalds, flesh bruises, and will save life in every case il tba vitals are undestroyed, and heal without levying a scar. No one can use this salve for any ou'ward ache or ailing without being delighted with its effects. To be found genuine only at 31 Court land t street. Of?- THE PILES ?This complaint people suffer to run on from year to year, hereby causing thousands unneces tary pain and inconvenience, and more stubborn and diffi cult to cure. Hay's Liniment is warranted to cure any case, no matter how bad or old. or the money refunded Then who will suffer? None hut tbe prejudiced. Sold at Comstock St Co's 31 Courilandt streat. ft?- " SHERMAN'S POOR MAN'S PLASTERS" have cured, in a short space of tires, more cases of weak backs and iheumatism than any other remedy which has ever been discovered. 8o great has their reputation be come that they are now acknowledged to be the best strengthening plasters in the world. Bewareof a spnri ous article, which Inch many druggists attempt to sell, which boars the name, hut has not the signature of the Doctor printed on the back All the genuina plasters have the "for. simile" of the Doctor's name Remember this. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is 106 Nassau street Agents ?237 Hudson street. 188 Bowery. 77 East Broadway, 86 William street, and 189 Fulton street, Brooklyn. 90b VKLPEAU'S SPECIFIC P1LL8 FOR THE CURE of Gonorrhoea, Gleet, and all mo '.upurulent discharges from the urethra. These pills, prepared by the New Vorb College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established (orthi HUpi-msiion of quackery, may be relied on as the most speedy and effectual remedy tor the above complaints. '"hey arc guaranteed to cure recent case* in from three t> five days and possess a greater power over obstinate (lisrhaige* and chronic gleet, then any other preparatior ut i'1-es eit known, removing the disease without eonflne ' ion! fioin business, tainting the breath or disagreeing w Hn tho stomach Price $1 per box Sold at the Office of the College oi Pharmacy and Me -liciTu-,95 Nassau street. W S RICHARDSON, M. D. Agent 00b INTERESTING TC, THE AFFLICTED-The proprietor ol 'he Hunterian Dispensary, No. 3 Division st. wishes the afflicted to understand that the celebrated Dr. Hunter's Red Drop is warranted to cure in any and all cases of diseases of a private nature. Accompanying each vial is a comprehensive treatise, explaining every stage ot this fearful disorder, so that a person with the moat limited education can understand. Any person buying this medicine will be attended to until a perfect and lasting cure be made, wbich generally occupies trom 3 to 8 days. Price $1 per vial, which is warranted to cure in any casa, no matter how long standing, or how deeply seatad in the system, or no charge. Open at all hours, and the Doctor always in attendance. ?MOKE* market. Tunlajr, July 30?<1 p. ft. Stocks have experienced another decline. At both Board* the decline wm very great. Canton (ell oft 1J per cent, Mohawk J, Long Iiland 3J, Norwich and Wor ce*ter J, Slonington J, Reading Railroad |, Farmer*' Loan J, Illinois j, Ohio 6>sj, Vicksburgj, Indiana, Kentucky, and Morria Canal cloied at yesterday'* price* United State* ft'a, 1&43, aold at 103, being j per cant lower than asking price yesterday. At the New Board, the operation* were very limited. Long Island de. clined 2 per cant, Canton 1*, Norwich and Worcester 4, Ohlefl'* j, United State* Bank closed firm at yester-1 day's price*. Illinois Bank advanced J, being the only stock on the list that improved a fraction. Thi* is usually the dullest season in the year, and prices generally reach the lowest point at thi. time. Many operators are out ot , town, and many are daily leaving. The season will not open much before September. Tbe semi annual interest of the New York. Providence and Boston Railroad Company, in the bond* of the com pany. will be paid at the Union Bank of this city on the 1st of AugtlRt Domestics exported from Boston during the week end ing July 27, were a* follows T? bales. ^ * * ?? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ******** * eoo 33 South America 548 781 . yhe f?"owing shows the collections at the office of the ' olumbia Railroad, in Philadelphia, up to the 29th lust Philadelphia and Colombia I'aii wir 4;m?n, ? rrr last m or,. % fifty $??# as o. endiuB July 28 1,.W 07 I 2?6 54 $2 788 6? WI?oIp am'n' t since Nc? ????? v^uihe S? is<3. 67SI7 22 69,708 44 $137 225 67 Bourk- 01 York, has addressed a letter to, Governor Call, of Florida, declining to yield up Jama* O. Graham a* a fugitive from justice to stand hi* ' rial in * loi ida on the indictments against him for fraud and con spiracy , causing the failure of the Bank of Florida, while he was President. One of the reasons lor refusing to sur render Graham is, that the indictment does not specify tho particular act* of fraud or culpable neglect, causing a failure ol the bank. A similar requisition on the Gover nor of Virginia for the surrender of Booth, indicted with Ersham, was obeyed. The annexed table thow* the value of our exports to each country far several years. It will he seen on ex amination, where the greatest amount of our export* ro to. and with what countries we carry on the greatest trade. Yalux op Export.I pr*m thi Uvited Statss TO XACH ? , r ORAIOI* < OL IXTHT. Bin. is,, ,m Swedish Wsst.ndi... "2 320 168*4? l&oj? I iM *28 3 Ne U ri nds 3,846,310 8,414.423 3 623 328 I'><9 912 Br it.). Colonies...,. It u46 3)3 12*21,129 I>'? 9 7?6 ? 0 8 481 V 21.MI 544 21.766.7W 8 *64 140 12096 7? French' olociss 414 341 468,8W 473 m# 376 ?t ?. 362 293 411:820 472 898 M'fiJ Lnb?... ... ... .. . 6,310 414 4 739.ii*2 4.77ni49 3 326 797 Lolouiex... 944.439 1,688 467 919 476 W Jer,,!........... llM.r 64 1217*4 '4 111 60 6$ Pojlag ?.e Colomex. 218 191 227.349 227 841 107 90. a-'V " ' 1.473,185 9*2 318 820,517 7?H /2l Med, e ranesn Port. . 2,4(m.37 8 2.224,36. 1,466 607 8?8 m t! ,'i ^I2'2 MM 4JT 899 986 64*171 {ft I- 1.3i8 271 80*496 4If. 929 1.2 9,. .V'1,1'<"}?????; a.414 4 1 2.036.620 1,414 2 3 1 471 917 Csutrxl An-eriea 217 916 149.913 69.466 4 2 966 Br 7 J 872 957 789.916 744 .44 Br /i| ??? .i. 2,50b,.574 3 517.27 1 2 HOI 5ii2 I 70v oun Cl?j>Ur.i * Kepnblic** M9 730 156,223 269 967 2 5 12' /V""1"" 369 274 661.946 4U.8M ?| U9 , P?i?' 1.728 829 1,10'. 88 1 639,676 1,149 461 j 1,009 66 1,200 8(6 1,414 . 97 2,4 H 9,8 | H u h America 124,133 78 981 Mil 422 98 713 348,826 749.028 478,201 421,1.47 I * * *3,976 41,938 19 250 lb 2f?. viriiiV V 354,263 636 768 523.97b 303^249 > fo1"' 379,229 261.234 207 7(3 94 417 ufoklT::::::::: 2,\Z i9,-*s "VST. "J" 1??*' 132,184.916 121,841,8*3 104,691 434 84,346,480 * \i; e month.. Gf (hi,an < u. | r?, ored there was of ?oiLSSlie lirndnre 477 791 781 Forei?n |.roduce $ - $84,341 480 | I he total value of exports for the year ending Sept SOth, 1?I3, was $100,963 266. For tbe three quarters end ing June SOth, they amounted to $94 346,480, leaving only $16,716,786 for the last quarter. Tke bulk of our exports godorward in the spring. The new crops do not come forward moch before the opening of navigation, and then the ru.h is tremendous. The receipts of produce from the interior, on our canals, lie. show this to be the fact. Our manufactured exports are steauily going forward the year round. By the alwve table we see that enr expor ? to C hina have increased very much. For nine months, ?ndii g June 30, 1843, they were valued at nearly one mil lion of dollar* moi a than for the whole year of 1843._ 7 his is the best evidence of the advancement of our trade with that country. We have no doubt the returns foi the lull year 1843, will show an increase of one hundred percent Our export trade with Great Britain has ir, creased slightly. Our exports to that country in 1942 weir valued at $41,266 980, and for nine months ending June, 1943, they were valued at $40,843,848, con*, queue ly the exports for the remaining quarter in 1843, must have swelled the amount beyond that declared for 1843 Our export trade with France and the British oolonie. .how# the greatest decline. 0nr export* to France have W!en from $l8!06$4O, jQ iM3, ,0 $l9,eM|U) for nin, OatMipon* uUaltiusk colonies in IMS, were valued at $11,080,716, while for IMS thejr only amounted to M.OM.MS. These are the principal point*, aad tho*e (hewing the greatoit fluctua tion*. The total value of dome*tic export* from thi* country for three quarter* of IMS, compared with formei year*, preient the following reault Valua or ToMktTic Paoofc* 1 iroaTko raoM the Umi? TkU STATES 1141 ISO IS*3 TheSes 2.116,851 2 2*3.010 2,112'4* IfwKoreit 6 261.826 5,218 262 3.3212!* Agriculture 16,737 462 16,472 424 10.919 612 r?0*cco 12.772 7*3 9 240,722 4 62*1,97!. Cotton 21,33*i 341 47,293,464 49,1 9 8* 6 Other Aericuliore- ?? ? 163.441 *l,*70 '70,704. t:. f on Print 470 2**8 382.1*46 37* 412 White Priuu 2,324,819 2,297 96 1 2,272.049 Twilt 43. 03 37,964 27 3 2 0"*er Cotton 3**3 701 22*1 361 212 774 loin 3,716 * 86 1170 .'51 107 42** Other MauulaUuree ? 7,624 033 6.799. *67 3 131.t76 Toul 106.382 233 93,969 9% 77,793,783 The principal decline in the value ei our exports has been on the agrieultural portion. On comparing the above table, the tact that in the return* for IMS only nine month* are included, must not be lost light of It i* on thi* account very difficult to arrive at any result aatisfac" torily. Although at the close of the return* most of our agricultural export* had been aliipped, still the export* for the other three months, particularly of cotton, would increase the total value several million* of dollar*. Kveu up to June 30, in 1M3, the value oi cotton exported was more than a million and a halt dollars more than for the whole year 1842. The loruiga trade of the United State* in IMS, take it all in all, was of more actual service to the country, in advancing it* prosperity, than any one year before. Imports were restricted without having an injurious influence on export*. II tariff law* would keep down the importation* to the level of 1643, there would be no doubt but that they would be the greatest blessing* the country could posse**, but we cannot attribute so much influence to these act*. The same tariff act was in power then that we have now, and our import*, in all pro bability, will be half as large again, without a corres ponding increase in our exports, consequently we have no more to pay tor the importation ot 1841 than we had to pay for the importation of 1843 Our ability to pay for what we buy is regulated by what we sell, and .every nation, like every individual, must eventually become bankrupt by continually paying out more than they ro ceive. Olsl Stock Kxehange, |7QM U 8 23 103 10 that Mohawk RR 63 30' 0 Illinois 6't 48V 20 Ulica fc Schro 12t>V 1101,0 Ol io 6's, '69 97V 20 do 126V 2000 do 97k 20 Patersnn RK 960 83 2000 do i30 97V 22 do 82 10000 Indiaun 2's 44 V 20 do b60 82 2*K*0 KeutucVy 6's 102V 400 Ner and Woic 26V 4000 Pann'a 2's 72 100 do 6d 27 20 that City Rk lur.? 20 do *30 27V 10 Bk Com, full 98V 122 do 27 20 do 99 100 L Island RR *30 78 10 do 98V 20 do slO 78 106 Formers' Loan >36 4" 372 do 78 100 dn 40V 120 da b42 79 10 Meeh's and Tiadert' 10* 122 Readme RK 49V 2 Bk Com, scrip 98V 100 Vicktbum Bk 8 100 Canton Co 37 20 N Jersey RR 94 20 do 36V 120 Stonington KR 43V 20 do 36V 30 do i30 43V 2} do b30 37 S do 43 130 Meeh's Bkg Asi'n 98 Second Board. 100 Norwich k Wor J7V 25 Norwich k Wor 27V New Stock Kxehange. 1000 Illinois tw 4iv 25 U 8 Bank bnw 9 4000 N York 7's '47 107V 22 Farmers' Loan b3 4" 2000 Ohio b30 98 22 Canton 36V 301)0 do bio 97V 22 do s3 36V 3000 Indiana 2> vrs ?12 43V 15 _ ?? .. do b30 37 2*>* 0 Kentucky 6's b3 H'2V 50 do blO 37 21-00 do *30 102 20 Lome Islaud 660 8*1 1080 Kentucky 5's 90 20 do b30 80 22 ( ontri'utinn L I Co 105 100 do 12 Ohio T-nst 97V 20 do 56Ji 50 _ "X 22 Norwich*Wor MJi 50 do tw 7*V 100 do btw 27 100 do 78 22 do 26V Sales or Stocks.?Boiton, July 29 ? At the Brokers' Board ?10 ihas Western Railroad 77]; 20 Boiton and Maine Railroad, 1052; 26 Nor and Wore 6m, 59; 25 do 6 moi * o 55; 60 Reading R R25; 1(10 do slm24|; 100 do b 3 mot 26j; $250*10 U States 6'* 102) NUte of Trod?. Pots are inn at $4 12| a 4 18J. Pearls are still held at $4 874. ^ Bkeswaz?Prime yellow western and northern seUs at '49 a -494c The demand is very fair. Cotton?The sales to-day amount to about WOO bales, at the prices of yesterday, all taken lor export. The market is freely supplied, and buyers touch lightly. Our quota tions for yesterday are just maintained. Hsv?The receipts continue large, and the demand ve ry limited. We quote sales of common qualities North river bale at 371 a 40. Provisions?The demand for pork remains very fair - There is no alteration in prices. Beel continues very dull. Cheese is in active demand at 4J a 6c Whiiiit-Drudge casks are in fair demand at 18c.? Western and Prison barrets sell at 23jc. Married, On the 23d July, by the Rev Peter Gordon, Mr. Robebt Allen to Miss Kliza Thompson, both of this city. Died, In Maiden. Mass.. on the 26th July, Mrs. Hannah R, wife of Mr Henry Banett, aged 16 On the 30th July, ol whooping cough, Sarah S, daughter ot N. B. and Kliza inldredge, agid 16 months aad 8 "riie friends of the family are respectfully invited to at tend her luneral, trom their residence, 10ft King st, this afternoon at 8 o'clock. On the 29th July, Ann Kliza, wife ol Thomas H. Alli son, ill the 12d year of her age. The lriends of the family, and the members of the Mu tual Lodge No 47. I O of O F , also the members of the 2d company National Guards are respectf ully invited to attend her luueral this afternoon at 4 o'clock,from her late residence No 330 Henry st. On the 30th July, Kebccoa, wife of Daniel Whikehart, aged 81 years. .... . The friends of the family, and his brothers, John H and William Whikehart, and of his brother in law, Petci Peck, the memtwrs ol the Manhattan Lodge No. 10, I. O ol O. F., the. Journeymen Benevolent Society of Ship wrights and Caulkers, the members of Jetferson Division No. 7 Sensol Temperance, and the order in general, are reapecttully requested to attend her funeral on Thursday, August 1st, at 6 o'clock P.M., from No. 107 Rivington street. On the 29ih July, Mr. Sidney Smith, of the firm ol Clark, Smith fc Co His remains will be taken to New Berlin, Chenango county, for interment PsMcugsrs Arrived. Liverpool?Whip L uisnuia?John A Hheihan, New York; Geo M. Ibsen. Glasgow- 29- in the steerage Glasoi.w?Barque Pei'h.hire?Mr Sanereil. lady, dsoghter and son. R Graham, U Mivaio. Dr Hollowell aud lady-70 m Bremen?Brig Verta?Messrs Hsiker, Seafer, Aloos?113 in the ?tr. rage. . . ... Lkdhiiis-Brig Vunran?I. Latoy and lady. b? i izk, Hon?Sehr Victoria?Jauirs W illitmion, 8 D Lou '""("aiLE-Seht K.L ir>, at Philvdelphia?H*ry Roberts, lady and chil ol" New York Foreign linfiortaUoKis? Canton?Ship H nrt Pratt-P-,411 pkgs Borie fc Trott. of Phi lade, i.hi ?79-1 li r? u-148. oti k ve.adiih-S L M Al 1 ocs?I Vol I in k Lu-?io?159 u *'ott?47 L Oriin?li J Ka>? ?18 W Appbto -Set A \ Low?2 T Grove*?44 Boll leu k Hon*?'4 I en k Bl-uch?.d-J J Tiers k co?33 J L 1 ? 10(1 P, M L vt.s fc co? 1 K ? *iy - II WO Morris?149 S Price k Co?J Min.h k riooper?4 W W Tingley? 0 ? Kreue ?2 ? Kogers?2 J Welters?2t'l? bales hemp 2 pkgs Bone k T ott?19 do to enter. ? , . _,aT Livrbpool??hii>? olumbn.?1 pkg R Hvslop ksow-4*i lone, k Co?13 H w'andk Aspwwall?40 tons iron is Pel rhn ' k co- 2 pkgs T Vl Mee I?14 Harclav k Livingston?2 Buck e, k <.taliaiii-'6 '? W Pem ?rtou-31 Hsll Broth-r? 2 H nvev k Stsag?-I L Lsthrop?S J Lee k co?28 Rie. aidso k Watson?3 J Robinson k co?4" tons irou I arsons fc CO?2 Ws shkMall.rv?I Belknap k Wlkoff-H pkgs J UW.d-9 "ngl's k Hr.,ti-3 Pdtou k 'lrsut-1 Apple ton fc Ondrrdi'ok 22 chmn eab'es L L Squuea?II J B ".llimiB?38pk?s Wught, -h>w-2 K I en.b*rton-43 b '? ironLl M Wisou- , i aaa a (;nntf aI.iii?10 ca*8 coffer M Me a At co?7 L Mnhdll ill Be'chard?I H v C*ooje,-1 B H Hsight-3 M W hitewr ght -1000 bars I'on 11 k <J.mpson-40 bdls Btoekeefc Ot: tre I?4()n ha lit? .epr>nic<i, eitfltiu At Iroaai- et?I ii noting* IS it Wmd?12 G..r en k Hod?l??n?1 C H Kuisell?13 Nevms fc co?3 J ijlho.i k co?7 Pstoe k blew art-13 Rirhj^simk A aison?8 A Mitchell k so-6 8 Jones fc c^T13,.".N J*k k r,.?14 Ptor.e k eo?18 J Hhodvs?I Griuuell ?j*"0 I p Tomes?20 < ou-don? 4 Mcbaiee?4 Nitholsou?2 Watts 1 pick J Kliode.?44 J Mndsoe?14 J Guried?* Hsle?14 Id Osk rv fcs.n?30 BuiteiBeld?40 Fuller?83 J Ulbss 3 . ird UlllAiden?4 LI t 16 M S S.vmoer-2 0 ^ce?-3 0 Ai eakr? 1 I Bonrcei?Boucoi?4 J A k U ? L*?g?a 7 it Hams?14 Got on llodg.s?9 ., Tulfany?i2 U.rner-4 S fc L Holuies?4 1 Thoinruaou?4 Williams k Bell?I L Lo k 8 Kellou Ma idis?n?4 H H ?.nyli?? I Gillest?1 A Van Neot?28 IVino <v R ggs-2 C H Hnb s d-8 L U Curt s-l C H I holer ?i W orvc ?I ' Harrison?II J Letters?I G latlorfc son iMirmnn* Hates fc co-8 I R Wsrrick fc <8on-S G H? s. r ?ii Warn k fc co?14 Manning k Jooroeav?? L Ih 'k R 1 11 Hossrll-Il J P C-.1-2W Dosne-3 A C Paisuus?1 A R Shut i?1 F rhsri ?-1 8.M k Thompson?I v ii. u Sl ^ ivi i t h ? i > tfc pi & ^ ^ H ti foe i?d?1 A Id Hiuted 3 kTmAh F i raaet k Son?I V B Bend-I Ads I pA(j?5 Jock c atM Burnham k Baldwin?2 P'jjr Murray 10 Crritt fc John?on-i MO.ifo Thurf^r-1 ,M Kr^.oo ?id i Mitchell? l Lippold?& Irwlud k to?U Ma'd It^o? -5 Hunt k e.-l H Sheldon kcr VH ^ 'ic"a ifj:?w" O Warren "at." k L.K.p-7 L M Mills k Co i I A k dw.idi?10 I A I'etii' ?4 J Huul?I Wilsnu Join-nil baas irok 'helpa, D irge k eo-31 J vie ail-14 M Whralwricht?3 H ^ Ba lain?* A B Mc A'pinc?30 conl 0 H M^rshs*?I8 c?s steel, 11 bun d I bt Isather, 4 . sk. Alas. "SSS:csk. Penllaey k toi's'nd'se Psttru* ?fhorI.l?k,,c^48kWlll8rtK C M^.'llto.h-Sugo.diby Ad^Iy, ^dnroer'vv'ma^'Fohlcv'^ Mss" S52765dTa7,'kMco kco-8f McKee k^o-l .^h HaS'S *8t c'/ ''iJvVr^ght-Stu'gesii th^w?T C Russell k Leech-lVl ^?"k*MC^.!i^'w'H Hamm.^.I-2^hh k co'?4 Lsn.srou * B-n-uO* Wood. nl . M'ntara k "'-"J, l?M.bee-IO Bnrett k John,to..-4l log-llsby fc ?ol J 2 nu t Br-theis? \6t bwd. <Hilils k co-2 Llsrk k We.t dsll iroihers-l F ?uiul.wi|?4t W R L j"tokblim Mor i. k Co?11,1 G B Mo.ehe U kro-MV" "h,,',"u J hsrl .-2 VI Brovu?33 C H Itu.e-i k co-ll Ha eh\>%*mn A TiAshy?63 Faio. k J v.sthews k ro-6 K-nn d k o.i land?I II WAternu.ii?49 A Hiss ,u k co?184 i kgs md. inn w >??d ti? or? - . ,,_l Ulasoow? Ba qu^ Prnh?hir*? J I^K w M ? rt M trotfom?*IM Wnnii.g-b4 Bmuli .f1 \i\iS. k *|?ic*r?3? CAtka 21 fo.iet iu turn* A MiiCke ???JJ1** Wilson k Br wn-44 t n. ??.! '6 bo* . B-rciav k -200 cask. J Lee k Co-240 ton. ir n 40 do cosl Boorman lohnstoi. fc t p? I boi J Coct ran?4 cases It Hazwid at VO, , 'STSW S -II L Btruller?5 C H Bud*?H J T BroeWpinn?II Rolhev k Mollmanr?1 C Olndius?M F 8 8chie inker?It Mfl? t Htuckeu?5 J H Schaffrr?J casks IT bu Wicht k Sayie?* e* J bit to ord-r I luHoin- [Per br I Kiruritn. reported ynlnkv l-'UI bu t il. 100 cs rags ?2 block* marble. 809 bu *oap P Harmo ny Neph*ws k Co?io? box * ?> ap J e*>k< ctnm uriir I ViC'n-4 en k* lb cess Iico ice P it* T h?'*? cumin I bku >il. ltrr?fl'*ui't k Crum?2 ci K k N D rt?*? pkgs straw nlamg 1) Hidden k Sou?i bale *i|* V.ireu fc'sliu?I do I Cotti k co?3 pkgs stiew hn's, A R Waller?9 do straw o|..iing A ? a?sel'i?' box ! trouka Barclay k ca?I i kg L vi Hi k Co?T c? B J Field?4R0 bu Henrico p-tle, I bal ?kin* 16 pkg* 5 bbla drugs 10 ck* 25 c* citroa 100 box** mdse to >?rd??r Vahanham?Schr Krie?2500 hides 44 bu mdse 1? bale* d'? 70 I uudlc* do 149 beskets do 1 buk-1 tapioca I bM lnma ruu ?nir 1 pek tndt* P. Crrr.iog k.S.n-1 b * n e. i* t ? order MARITIME HKRAIJ.) Sailing Uajr* of OH* SUxill iTiiHiai. rxoM livshvool. moH xmxhic*. Hibernia, Ryne Ang. 1 Caledouia, Lott; July 19 ?????? ???Aug. 16 Acadia, Ilrriiou Aug. I Sept. 1 11 Western, .Via thews Aug. IT Sept 14 riiberuia, Ryne Aug. 20 Sept 16 O Britain. Hoakrn--?>- Aug. II Sept. 28 Britannia, Hewitt Sept. 4 ?"el. 1 (3. Western. Matthews Oct. 12 No*. 9 () Britain Hnsken-** ???????"ct. 19 ..No* 14 Skip DluUri aand Aganti. '?'/? diail esr.-aiu it a favor, if Captains of Veatela mil jii?e to Robkrt Hilvky, Captain of out New* Bear*. a report <>f the shipping left at the port wurr ibr* aaiirU, >ne vessels ?pokeu on their passage, a lut of their Cargo and any fo reign newspaper* or new* tiiev uiay have. He will board them I m men lately ou their arrival Agrnu and Correspondents, m ?low* or abroad, will also cooler a favor by lending to I'm iflc all the Marine Intelligence they con obtain. Nautical Inf. enMto.o of an' kind will ne thankInl'v received. POUT OF NICW YORK, JULY 31. ? 4 iT I MOOS risk* 8 11 ? T 14 1 hkjh warv.R 10. 2 Cleared. Ship* Gloucester, rroctor, Veti<e, H Havilaud; Panlhea, Lane, St Petersburg K I) Hurlbo' k ' o; Cla d, (Swed) Ros 'ihrn. Br- men, via Richmond, tl k T Popp-; H, Nick er.on, l.h*rle*ton (jeo Sn tou?B' que Uuibf Wiu, tSw) Auiiterdam, W Wenter?B igs Neuvi'a*. McFar'aud. Cidn. Neaui'lb fc weight Ai ii Maria, Orsut, 'I M m at in, do do; J H Sievrna, Hall, Ca'aia.?Schrs Orbit, (Br) Davison, Wind ?or, NS; Ann Smi h., Wilmington Mi, L 8 rowd1; Chi dn Harold Willed, Oeorget >wn, DC; Iowa, 1 aruev I'll in-ston N< smith fc V *|.h ?sloops Motet P.ddy, Bhven, _ . " H?v Piovideuce; Prta.deut. Kris-ee. New Haven. Arrived. Ship Herry Piatt Keene from Canton nrd Macao, March 25, paueu Anii*r April 24 with lea* silk*, fcr. to Bone k Troll, I hila elphia April 74, sa ? I! S ?loop of war St L ui , stau chor to the eastward of St Nichul a Point, Java, bouud in to U'tavia. P.icket ahip Columbus, Cole, from Liverpool, June IT with "die. to C H Marslwll?200 ruscuger* 5'b inst lat <7 30 tun 46. ?u 12 da?s iu a (hick fog, sutron.d< d with Urg fields of Ship Louisiana, Patteu, from Liverpool, Jun* IT, with mdie, to Martin Brown British btiqne Prr'hthire, Simpson, from Ulugow, June 19, with indie, to Barclay k Livingston. i Indnstr Norwegian barque Industry, Adxlew, Tl d iys fiom Por. - gruud, Norway. With2ti0 torn ir?n, to order?87 passengers. Bremen brig V?sts Kuhlmmu, 50 days from iirsuien, with mdse, to Meyer k Slucken Bremen brig Anus P.tnelie, Haake, 45 days from Biemen, iu ballut, to K rarenstedt Brig Seaman, Scull, (of Philadelphia! from Bonairt. July 15, with 1666 bbla salt to J poult * Son; I box B Balsham Swedish brig Neptune. Bui, . -son. 3 dava from Philadelphia, in ballut. to Wro Weisser Swedish achr Carl Uustaf, ?kelard, 56 days from Untie burg, with 100 tors iron to Boormm. lohusto* k Co 2kth <? It. 1st 49, Ion 58, saw the wreck of British brig i riuce Albeit? b ~ fine reported. Schr v.rie, Matthews, from Maranham, via Par* 19 rbiys. wirh hide*, kc. to IU Corni> g k Sou L-ft brigs Wunington's Barge. A.ipletoo, one; Z* ue, from Salem, just arr British schi hour Brothers, Crosby, 15 daya from Turks Islano, ? ilh salt. 10 J H Braine. Si hr Victoria. Brown, 18 days from Belixe, Hond. with ma hogany. to D L Sayre Schr Portia, Owens, from Mirago>n*. St D tningn. July 14, with 620 hasa coffe-20 tons logwood to A C Hoasiers k i o bchr D.ity Chese, Bak r, 9 rlavs from Port an Piatt, with 263 pes mahoginr 323reroona tobacco to Aymar k Co Schr D ' Wilson B-iij min, (of Baltiiuoie) 9 days from Turks Island, with 4000 bushela salt to order Schr <4eo follock, Casey, 7 days from Newheru NC. with naval stores, to B Blossom. Has beeu ashsreon Chincoiaagur, and l"st deck load. Schr Cora, (Jroves, 24 daya from Bal timom, with mdse, to muter. Schr Manchester. Worth, 6 days from Richmond, with flour and Allen k Pau<<n. Schr Bergen, Cola, irom Petersburg, with flour, to James Huuter Schr F.melin* Patterson, Hoffman, from Virginia.wilh wood, to matter. Schr Col Hanson, Ornnr, 3 dajs from Virginia, with wood, to matter. Salir Philip De Peyster, Wainwright, from Virginia, with wood, to muter. Schr Thos Martin, Waro, from James River, with wood, to muter. Schr Columbos, Chus, 3 days Lorn Philadelphia, with coal, to master. Schr Lucretia, Fields, from list I port, with fish, to Smith k 8< yiiton. Schr Susan k Jane, Raynor, from Machias, with Inmbor, to mister. Below, A 'nil rigged brig from the rutward. Ou* ship, uukoown. Correspondence of the Herald. Rhode Islander Office, | ."twpoUT, July 2* 1844.) Arr 25th, Lenity, Smith, Rich'"0 d for Somen t; Fair, Phil lipa W-uhington NO for Boston; Vo.ary, Huff, Providence tot New York Sid Vigilant, Heath, N Voik, tnd others west ward bound wi. d r-a.te ly Arr 47th. Ntw York. Merryman, Pictou f >r Somerset; Andw Brown, Daaey, Philadelphia* C?ral, Smith, N York for Ports mouti'. Arr 28th, Confidence. I'otWIt, Havana for L'ghorn, pot ia to nblaio a bill of health; Kewena, Wiihaint, Bay R.vrr for Prosidenre; Win H Hawkins, Hawkins, New burg; Monitor, Cuiomings. Fall River for NYork: * in Young. Adrns, dn Tor Philadelphia; Yankee. Durfr, NYoik for Fall River; las Ooiham, Vail, and sylph, Smith, Houduat; Swallow, Vvells, N York Miscellaneous. Brio MoHEOan ?The c.plain of th s brig, tost among some of the West ludia 1.1 nds, is returning in a brig from Haven* bound to Boston, - he was spoken 27th nut oil Barnegat, by the pilot boat Virginia Notice to Mariners. Captain Keene, of the Hears Pratt, at this port from Canton, informs us that he ducos? ed a niigtrons Shoa', ronui g N a id 8, abont h-Jf a'mile in length, appare tly even with t'e we er's edee a .d having a rock, oi VNIIM (many of which were seen Boa'ing ab. ntl. ou the Northern end Having ad calms lieht airs aud variable curi-nts'or two days tin vu u. Captain k. could not d'tern.i a.he exact position of he Shot! dy obs-rvatioo next day In- plan d it in latitude | Peg 33 nuu Si utl . an lont'ilrde 07 deg 27 nun fc>st Captain Keeue Ivy in sight of the Shoal I mm 9 a M till 4 r M, w -ather vet v thirk viid rain\?had 23 fat' ?ma mudJv bottom, sho .1 h aling from FNFto *W. oue mi'e ditta> t?no current whi st iu s ght of it; next mor tii g. a N W set off aliout IS miles per hour. Whalemen. I.*and*r, of Mystic, from L'eiego Ba"(wheia she lost both anchors), bound to auiitius. ?>i spoken May 22 lat 29 i0 X Ion 41 32 lb, 10 idos out, 700 bbls? by ihe Henry Pratt, at this port. wsbina, from Bag Harbor, 12 days ou?, was spokeu July 7, lat 39 43, Inu 31 17 - by the Lou.sia.'a, at this port New Bedford. Jul* 28?\tr Brighton, Cox. New Zealand, lit Ils, vit St Ca.hariues, W th 2'.on brs (110 sp) nil, snd 24,P00 lbs bote Spoke, Keb 27. off Banks Peninsula. Arab, Wngbt luglou. FH, c eau; M-rch 2 Ueli.h 'S, HH 2 rt wh. Hend from Feb I, off Stewan't Island, Roman, Shackle*, MB, 280 sperm. Also arr Seiu". 8m th, New Zealand, Rio Janeiro, M days, fu'I cargo. 1800 brs (350 spj oil aud I300J los bnue. Spoke, i ff Ni Holland, Ort 29 Otauiu, t oggsia|l, N B, 420 sp; Nov ft, ?Neptune rj. rsoo, eH. clear; Lisc 3, J.*a, I rt wh Off NZealand, Jon 9 F ra.kiin, L htdrtitk, do, 400; S 1st, Honqua, Brown, uo 600: Feb It, Chili, Dexter do, 4ft0; M .rch 4. Caltiarr.e, 8inith.NL, I wh; 7lh. H mslus. ilohttelgk. M.stic, 1900; liih, Oido H iwl-ud l.ox.NB, 28t 0 on board? 27th. off Mm taug Phenix aod Nimrod. ' f and for Sliatbor Also .<rr Roman, Barker. New Zea and, Bahia, 31 ds. i800 brs wh 269 do s;> aud 28000 lbs bom?suld 760 brs wh st Buina. ?"poke, off .Zealand. Ma cu 6, N w. Smith. NB. ftdb wh sp lor A w Co..I Heaid fr m Marc ft, Oeorg-- Ik Ma'tha SinaHey, do 8i0; Pleiades, Russell, Warebam I40u, both for n W hp ke,2lst. R imi, Bay, NB 2000 sp 6*0 wh; Triton, Sinnders, Warr-u, 2200. WarkhaM, July 26?8ld Geo Washington, Russell, Pacifi Ocean Spoken. Hoarius, Collins hence lor Liverpool, Julv 29, lat 40 24, Ion 71 by the Louisiana, at ihis port Wm Badger, of I'nrrsmonih, 30 dav* from New Orleans, 12th July, lat 40 10, Ion 43 l?- by tne same. '1 ampico, ..agle, of New H.ven 14 days from Norfolk for 8t Kit.s, July 20. lat 27 42, Ion 61?by the He.,ry Pratt, at this port. Herm brig ?. heoep for Poit an Prince, July 1ft, off Cape Nicola Mole?by the Pnr'ia. tthi. port. Trr'surer, [Br] odava from Jamaica for Liverpool, July 16, off Heoagua?i>v the aame. hhawuiut, 4i. dav* from Boston for Rio Janeiro, June 18, lat 19 Ift 8, Ion 37 3 Albion. HalifiX for Alexandria, and W>tchinan, Boston for Ba'timore July 2ft. 90 milea S of Block lain- d l.adure for Portia'd, July 26 , 30 miles 8W of Montaak. Tarn O'Sh.uter Thomas, 3)6 days im N Yoik for Coracoa, July 23. lat 38 ft. Ion 70 ftft Florae! M.r. I orein uih for Baltimore, Jnly 24, Nantucket 8Shoal WNW 30 inilev foreign Ports China. March 25?At. Wbampea 23.1, Horatio, Hnwland, and, fcyie, for New York, soou; Robt Fulton, Drinker, f.r MtniHi, Ap'il Ift; Huntress. Lovett; Fugle, Srvruian, and Wiss hickon, Webber, unc f'atied iu the River gon g up. (Aareud in. Stoddsrd. At Macvo 2fttli ' azaar, Kilham. and Jestnre, Meacom, uuc; Paul Joaes, lor Bombay, 29th; Petrel, Rr g r?. Vkra Cruz, Julv 12?la port. Ana Louisa. Marscbalk. fin N- w York, *r 11th; Kug--ni?, Biscoe, lor uo, to tail i4lh?oulv Americana FM Dimond, raj American Consul at Vtra Crnz. was to t ke passage in the Kugenia I i;hks Island July 19?Iu port, Abigail Richmond. Col?, for ho.ton, 2 usys ouiy American. Arr 20lh, Fidelia, Smell, Bermudt Agtwmni f n-n N York for .It Jtgo, passed through Turks Is'and Passage 7th, 18 d.ys out IL.naire, Ju y Ift?Iu R?rt, i nn dad, Devoll. for NHaven, 3 davs; Levant, 'or New York, same bar; Mary renutil, fur Port laud. 3?onlv Americans P rt au Platt. July 20?'n port, Topaz, Mabte, for New York few days?"nlv Am-rican Belize, Hon Ju.y II?In port. Jes Atkins, for New Yerk, 3 dav? Amen-an. -'t ? noix, July ir~In port, r, Davis, for NYork. in 2 diys, to loach at 8t Thomas; Ann Smith, and Ueo Loyal, fur N Haven, Idg St 1'homas Jnly 17?In port. Water Witch, La Brou, for St Johnt. P.y in a few d ys, diss; Pamlco, Fuliord far 1 nra* Island, same day Sid llth. Orbit. 'I ravers, for Maya gnex. PR; 14th, Norn. Stanley, line, Turks Island; Iftth, Ct r- Ime It Mary Cole. St Johns. Ph and a rnk Ui-aDsloupe. Jnly 13?In port Kimbeily, Hilton, ro dy for ?ea senium ou account of ti e sit kness of the capta.n Bahia, Jnne 17?In port, Fscalns. ilegers, Irom N York, for Hamburg. 3 <! ays. Horn* Porte. Banoor, July 25?Arr fcdw Blake, NYork. Cld Houlton, Philadelphia *ai.lm, July 27?Sid Avon, Berry, Georgetown. DC; 28tk, St Helena, Waig-tt, Philadelphia Boston,Julv 28?Arr Conslautine, Stmpvou, Liverpool; Cotno, Fldridae I hvrlesi >u; topic. Cook; F<ir, I'dilips, snd Delaware, Fa bes, Washington, NC. Harvet', Kellc. Nor filk; Pe mkrok-, Bakeinan, and Fhawmut, Ballard George sou, NYork. Put back, Choctaw Rvde-, whiih sail-d hence on H,tarda* for' barl-s'on. hvvi g ne-n in contact with V r moot A mes, fm NHaven, and had larboviri how stove in, lost ha warbs eat heed, a id had mt ntailand jib torn?tor b is is ill lit. Thesch lost bowsprit, anchor, about J fth m <h la, ii d b'oke rail i n 'arboard how Trlegrephrd (Ink. Kydrr, fm Phi a iclphia?Signal or 2 b'igs. Old Cynosure. M'clooo met video; Wash ugton, Stevens. Sydney; Thos If IVrhms, Shaw, NOrfenns; Olive A Fliza, F'aaders jj0; Oanl Freucis, So ail, <??; Knbie n. Doane. rvYurs?28th, arr Columbia, a, Jarker, St Utb-s; Col' mho. Rogers, P*i- no ;< ordelis.Forest, fyuney, (. B; Onrco, Smith M niie-17 h, a r Alinira,'1 l a ? jr, Liv? ipool Cld Pioneer, Knnwles, Baltiin re; Lewis trnce, Stu llev Philadelphia; W rn Pann, Thaier, do;, laker do: I'ennwn, Lovell; Heetide. Langlry, and Brujvmi Bigelow, Baxter, New York New Bedpord July 19?Arr John Allyue, Burgkaa, Balti note; Indu.try, Brown, NYot^. PsnvrpsNur July 27?Arr Calrgtta. i:gsu?. sud Houthemer, ' FmuoiirMU, July S??Arr ' h ietina, (BrJ Bis?pv?e, Londonderry; Granite. Hucbitcn, New London; Virginia, Hood, and bp eudid, Robinson, NYork; Emerald. Hodgdnn; John. Hldriea-, Prion Bvtel; Mid iron Keller. lid < erin ibn?, C'l e, B at in; Nlo'idl, Hrrd. Freetown. Mill; D?m?l Fukrr. Cartii, Troy; Orm. Btkrr, New King>t?n: Rich m >o . ?tivv. and Tangier. King Lubic. Ib-rlev. Llocolu, Pro* (in c ; Hemulou. Gsver, i d ?'"ir>metc? Piukh'm, New York: Superb Heron, Providence; Vi fiuif Smart Newport, HI; Pet'lot F.ldridge, Below, <omiu-rcr. Tool* k?|hj b r, mil ? ? cir u kuown. I'M Anrri i Treadwll: Ene. Bri?r; N'ob'e PrmiLg; Heurv, Caswell; Larkin.iunr bick; Model Von.h, Rogers; Retrieve. Bon.h.m ?? d New Z I'liid, Pol-nd Aostou; Bil-cdd uir'rr I' ir'f .rd: Ch M 'mill, Chambers. Jervry Ci y; David < i Hi >, Smith, New Bedford; huvvuuvh It Ph*'e, ? onon P ninulh. VI sa; Lode mis fc tin S turn, Providence; Ahsaud-r. Parker, iroy; N itivr, Lwrvuee sod Caroline. Bakir, NYork Bii.timuhs, Ju'v 79?Arr Grace Brown, Myers. Liverpool; 'rndvut, Thinv. NYork; Lsdi, Nickervon; I h'fkm*, Ken dnek; Joi B.l-h Hallett, ir.d Watchman Crowell Boitou, Cardace, Briglrman, Kill Hi er; Dorchester, Phillips, New York. H icuM'iftu July 29?Air Nassau. Chester; Harriet Chandler, Lon?r; Huhs Hackmn ; til y Ctnnon, end D A S mrri, Powell NVorV ; Spleid d, Thouips"U. Stamford. Sid Galena, Lee's. Fill K'ver; lloeion, I'sine, Somerset. NonroLB July 27?Arr Ann D, Bedell, NY"rk; Allar tic, Nickereon; (Jnud Itlmd I eivirt; Ta quin. Puns, md ^arri ? iniett. Biker, Biiifn; pilot boat Henry Clay, Tracy, Irom a cr tar, with tram Raff fo einnst heed, and bowiprit eprnng? reports m Hampton lto-de, Kavorit, from Baltimore bouud to -ra. WiLMiaoTon, N'C July 19?Arr Eagle Fnllerten, NYork; 23d. Io-orli-, Scolflrld. Havana; Bonutv, Morte Pi Peire, Gua I Id i9h,S?r.h Ann, Higgiui, buriuam; 23d, Mary Ane T Br] Young, Navies, NP; Amanda, Aom, N York; 24th, Sri Flow er Kolliuv, Boiton. Chimlv.itoiv, July 27?Arr Mnies, Love'aod. New York; Washington, w ation. Havana. In Quarantina, Irani Weoeter, fiu Havana, i |(| Ajax, Josre, NOrlvaua; Gen Scott, Dough ty, Philadelphia. MouiLr July 27?Arr Tallvhasi'e, Hadlev. NYork t.w Otuaai. July 21?Arr Oswego, Wo'd, NewYo k; iieorg [] Aodrreirnntr, Mio Janeiro; TTncas Ganehe Ha *'Ma; 2nh eld I nuiberla d While Hvmborg; l.r> n'lue. (Brei 1 Vritana Rienien; Ftp > dolvBa<t.w Loudoo, M?? , Gract, Tc Tobarc"; J s?ph Mar?h Poland, Hm*nu?h w JOURNEYMAN BARBER WANTED. WA ^Tf.D?A fiat rate J 'urueynao Barber to whom th? highest wages will De Kiirn Apply lo J AM KB (IK AN 1', No I A-n atreei tinder 'h- Museum Jtn 2'*n a N'l'h D?1000 Kmi'ty Klour Barrels, Kcqnue at 139 Mai 'en Lane. jSl Jt*ec WA" Tf D?An Office for a Medical Gentleman betwwn Catialsreet and Bon'' aireet. Apply by lett-r to M 1), leili r-bos W Upper Post Office )M lw*re WANTED IMMEDIATELY, AVOI'MI or middle-aged lads, to attend a Bakery and Confectionary Store. in Brooklyn; wage* $6 per month Willi hoirend permaueut it'iation. Buck a one may liear oi a p are bv addressing a line to "Bakery," Brooklyn Post Office, in ih-ani'l ?<? tiWI wnr;nr jsn Jr-ec WANTr.D lN \ Re I A L Hives. a. i , up.?a > urn. man woo h >a tome knowledge of the hnsinesa am c n produc? good r>commands1 ions Apply to M K OiLLET No 204 Hleecker atreet corner of Cottage Place, between the horns of I' and 3 o'eluck j3<i 1.*n? WANTM)-At~CAKK TORTONL No 7 Park Pl?e?, first-rate house aervsnt He mu?t hsve unryceptiounbl* references both lor hruestv ar.'' rapacity Mulatto m n prefer red Call be ween the hours I ana 2. j30 tire fllTY GUARD FhTt-In honor of the "New k og and a' Guards" of Boston ?Niblo's. 1st Anguat, IMl ? Duyers of Carriages will lea?e their company Willi horses headiup Broadway, and tabs them up iu reverse order. ISAAC H BROWN, j3l 2tis*rc Hack Inspector T? DENTISTS. F)K BALK?A very hauUsoire ' ase of Instrumsats will be sold at a fair price Any person wiahiug to purchase, pleaae addreaa "Deetis'," thia office j3lm BONE MANURE, OK RK8T QUALITY, ground daily from freah bones, for home nae or riooriation. hy the husliel or ton in bulk or Cr.aks, for tale at the Milla, m 29ih atreet, betweer. 6lh and 7th aTet uea Orders left at 147 Krout atreet, will meet prompt attention. J31 Jw?ec UNlTEb BHOTHER8 OF TKMPKRANCIC?Theregu la- meetine of Association No 1 of Ihu ord?r, wll ?'? held THIS EVENING. at 2 o'clock, in the Lycum of Natural Hi-mrv %3 Broadway, near Prince at'eet. A pnn tual aud eeueral al'endanre of the members of the order ia reqo ated, aa buaineaa of general interest ia to be trai>s<C'ed. By oid#'. A C. CAS I LK, M. D , 131 1th Recording See-etarr BENJAMIN VIOONEV, An tloi eer WATCHES, JEWELRY, kc-B MOONKY It CO. * * will aeli This Day, at 10 o'. lock, at th? Auc'i"n Room No 91 Muden Lane, a gvneral assortment of fine Gild and Siiy-r Watc-.ei, (inld aud Gill Jewelry Ike, juat receired from Kr-nc*. among which are w. j Tobias'. Johnson's aud other ? elebrnt d m-kers, Pat nt Levers, Duplet, Lepiue, It- from lour to thirteen hole jewel Also, fine Gold Pins "roaches, Kingrr Mings, fee. Alto, fine Gilt Broach, a, Pins, Cameos, Necklaces, Hair Pina, Ainiuleia, Guard Chains, hancy Back Cumba.Studs, lie jll lt?ec . 1 f\f\ RKWARD?We, ihv nod-rug. ed, nereby offer the ypiVJVJ above reward f r the apprehension and I dg>ng in tail of PATRICK LKK.lateof New Orleans. Said Lee iia native of Irel nd, Irorn the town of Longford, abont 23 years of ate, stimt built, fair hair, smooth and full fixed, sen square ?boulders UE'iHOK HAMRIBON, JNO 1. ADAMS k CO , A D. Oh 1 k EK k CO . WW. H KILKI> 8 k CO., N. FITZSIMMON8. j3u lire B DON Ll N T^EwPFRANCK MEETING AT THF BROADWAY 1 TABERNACLE -The Hey. J. Marsh and Mr. J b Oongh, ih>? young man eloquent, haviug returned from iheir ?cm ernurerour, will make reiarrt of the same at the Bruadwav Tali-made uu Wednesday Eieuing. the 3lat. Mr Oougli will give an account of! his ?i?i' to the Auburn Ftite I'rtai n and i'?' of the principal loauufartori a of p'.upeiitm and crime nu hia tour, all in li s unusual grtihic i. auner To defray ct I* uses I2H cants will b- taken at the -'oor jyM>t*ni BOARDING. rpO LVT, WITH HOAHU-Twu handsomely furnished tailors. suitable for grnt'eineu and their wives Alan, several rooms'or single gem lemen. The houae is in a central location, and the taoTc supplied in the best style. I'leaee enquire at >0t Fulton street jjl lu c BOARDING AT 27 CUURTLANDT d'l HE. T-8in?le gentlemen or tent-el families can he accommodated with board and comfortable loima, consisting of parlors and, if re quired, bed rooms adjoining, at 27 Courihwdt street, N Yoik ? ? MRS. OERE. The K rench langnag- is spoken in the fami'y j"S2 1 m eod-*m MOCKING BIRDS A LOT OF YOU Ms AND OLD MOCKING BIRDS, just arrived f ?>m the South, all in a healthy condition, aou will he sola cheap if applied for soon, at Lovejoy'a H tel. No 38 Park Row. jM >t?m FOR SALE?TheGoort Will, Stock, and Kil'nrea of business uotor litters eing the onlv rensou lor th-proprie t r's Uaviug A Is* e ?? dr see I to M't J McD , at the offic e of this paper, will be promptly attended to None but a rem alist nrej apply. J3l3t'rc ^l\ FOR SALF.?The Good Will, Stock, and Fil'nn ?Ejr-ir est .h'i'h -d MILLINERY. doing a business uc passed by any similar establishment in the c ty; mt oladoniaiic chcraep r ' eing the onlv rensou lor th-pro j ? X A S SIX GR SEVEN I tiOUsAND ACRES of choice 9dVl-"U'l in this flourishing country. w- I adapted t<the ^J^enliure of co o.i tin at gar, w 11 h patcnti /or their title direct from the Government, will b ? sold i ? quantit es t s?it ,11 c Hirrs, or > icnar.geu for any kind of inerctiautlix*. Ad 'test D. D. C. and leave it at No 110 Broadwar J 31 lt?-c vks| WANTF.D?A FAR M, on the north or s> uth side of KMfil.oi g Island about twenty miles Irom thecitv near the sJk-R'er W'.uld be preferred, in i good state of col ivati u. wuh of fiuit, sin' good out houses If the honistrad is old it is of no conteq egee. as the - pi licant would p ele. ho Id nig one to suit himself. Add'ess andor " post<ge paid, wit'< real name, description and price, at Lower t'ost Office, j30 3t*rc FOR SAL- OR TO Lr.T?The handsome thre 'orv nrick H rose sod Lot No. 75 Anthony street, near ,U adwav. To be sold on easy terms, or will be rented low to a g oil tenant. App>y to HAMILTON FISH, iv2 !tnwtw*rc II I'irestrect. TO MILITARY MEN AND THE PUBLIC. ,..;..<*?? e?oa '*'? *' Military Ditpla? at Fort Hamilton in rifaremr h ",,r "f the New r ngliud Guards, on Wed YkJUL'tidiy, 31 t instant, st noon. The iteau boat PILOT will c'i.v-y p-tsr.ns to Foit Hamilton to witness the Dri I of Capiam Dur-C u's Cot. pj y of U b Fli ii.g Artillery The boat will le ve Full n Ferry, Brooklin at il o'clocv. Pie, I North River st liX o'clock; reniatu at For: Hamilton rime to witnraa the display, and return to the city from two to th ee o'ch ck. Fir-25 cuts each way. jll lt?re FOR ElV RPO.rL?New Liue?Regular Packs' dHlfV'if <?" angu.t?The ape. did, fist sailiug packet maLship S DDOaS, Caytnlu Cobb, of llOUtous, will sail as above, her regular day eorf.eiglit, having accominodations nrequalled [ fol sidendor or comfort, apply on hoard st Urieans Wharf, foot ol Walt street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO., 56 South st Price of Postage $110 The packet ship SHERIDA^, Csptaio F. A. Da Pevater, wi I succeed the widoons, .cod a <il 26t ? Sept. jJPre AA?- FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 'st August? kJHCTWThe packer ship EUROPE. Csptam Furber, will soil AHMlnHS.'nsiiirrlv st abore, her regular day For onsaase, having escel'eut accommodations, apply on board oTto W kJ T TAPSCOTT, j3 ts rc 76 South sir-et ci.ruer of Mnd- o Lane at regular da FOR LONDO s ?Packet f the 10th Augus' ? The splendid well kaowu packet ship TOIIO -TO. .Captain Griswoid, will t ill positively as above, her regular day. The accommodations of this ship for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, cannot lie surpassed Those wishing to ?* cure berths should not fail to make eurlr app icati n on ooard ort.i W It J T TAPS'-O I T, j II talO rr 76 S iu h street, Corner ol Maideu Lane* ALEXANDER'S TRICOBAPHE, NEW a< d iuv unable dttcove y, being a L1UU1D DYE, which INS I ANTA.NROUnLY ehaug-a th- C?'LOR OF THE H Al<>. to a oeuutilut urown or b'eck, without in jury to'lie hair or skin The great superiority of this Dye consists in its e<sy mode o( application, and iu <nstautaueons effect?all other dyea requir rig from In to 13 uours to produce au change. Tit superior eicel'enee will be apiwrent to every one upon a single application la*. . ...Ia> he U ... Fit >ale by Hnshtou and Co , Druggists. 10 Astor Honse and no SlM wiv; Johnson. Moore and Tai lo<, 23 Liberty street, and to ihe irade, by R. anu G. A. vv right, Philadelphia jy28 lw* is in TO BXZORAXTI, AND OTHERS MAKING REMITTANCES TO ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, AND IRELAND. DT kRAFTS. FOR AMY AMOUNT, on all the Branches of the PROVINCIAL BANK. IRELAND, and THE NATIONAL BANK SCO 1 LAND, Can be obtained of IIICH'D BELL 8l WM MeLACHLAN, 8 and 7 Dorr's Pnildtugs, Hanover st d7" Also, BILLS on 'he BANK OF UKUISti NORTH AMERICA, LONDON,ant iU B anches in Canada, New B<nusw<ck Nova Scotu and Newfonudland. jy24 2taw3mjsb POM 1'ICAL CARlf.ATUREH?The beat and most sale able .isiortmem tie publish d and for aale by IAMkh B AI M.I L, No- II Spruce at Orders accompanied with a re, will be puoetn <lly attended to. Price |6 per 100 N 11 ?Li hogripliy and print color ng esecnteu at short no tice; views of public bmldiugs. tnerch inu'placet ?f business, etc drswn and e 'lured Irom nature, and free [r< m victi.nisinr nr espirtP'Oa e charges JV10 tta * Im - ec ? All. I'AK K k.H, 69 Uusne. between Elm 'treet and Btid ? way, Agert for the sale of Valuable Oil Paintings, Porce lain and Antiquities, has on hand a fine toll-ction of spleedid impotri'd Oil Paintioga of the Flemish and Dutch schools, which he can dispose ?t at moderate price* 1 hcreforc, those who w i?h to enrich their collections or oroamcnti rft their par lors, will find it to their iulereal to call, examine, and judge for hemselve* At home Irom 0 A. M, till 6 P. M jell 2a nod* re PERFUMERY. ? NEW FIRM AND FRESH OOOuh?JOHNSON It CO Manufacturing Perfumers, 35 Cedar street, New Y >rk v..old respectfully iavne the attention of dealers to their itosk on hand, every article of which having been mann sctu' rt under tneir owg immediate superintredance, thev will gosr utre the qualities to be such, in all cases, as reprea i ?r<l ruil he t st - anu style la Aluofc Uwf ere pat ap ta to etket Wee* AMUSEMENTS. JUBIAPJI OARDEN. WEDNESDAY KVtNINU, JULY 11, Th*e*eaiiigs entertain meat will . ommence with ? 6 arietta, in two acta, writleu by U A A'Backett. twj , < t. tit td ih YELLOW DWARF! KING OK THt'oOLD MINES! DK vMATIH PKHMONJC Kerrando Ku i of the Gold Mian. Mr. Fetino F otp-ino ?? ? Hit aite'dam ? ? ? Mus I larte Shah Looiah Beu All } Two Prineea > Mr Duoo Ahrohim AbkarKhau ( J !>*lnis'in The \ ellow Dwarf ??? Nickiusoe Allfair A hanrhty Prineets- ? Mia? Taylor Gracilis*,Queeaof H*ar htheniaaaaudfiudi'ifynticauiaMra Want Bees*iug ? --Kairy of the luasce. sable,ales ? ?... Hs-dw ck The Hag of the Lea*rt -Mr. Ererard An Intermission of kM'-an-hour To c mi lud* wnh THK TURNED HEAD. Doors "pen at 7? Entertainments r m euce at 8 precisely. Omnibuses will run to and frooi the Garden daring the era ticket* Fifty Ceuts No Postponement at this establishment on accnnut of weather, aa the grand entruice from Broadway to the Saloon ia protect ed, and the New Saloon, which ia veuiilatrd from the top and lidei. can he enclosed at a mnu ei.t'a not<c? PAJLnO'M OPKHA HUUSB, CHAMP.KKH HTRKRT WEDNESDAY EVENING. Juiy it wilt h* preaeatad LA FRANCE IN 7*. I.innards The Elaaier Rrntheru. Oiliea Mr Either. Priuoeaa laa em Mr? H Lew it IL/-Intermission '.I'M minutes ?a_Jj To co. c'u e ? ith a GRAND TOUUNAMGN PRO' ES8ION. Admission to all paita of ihe h<>us* JO cents?Doers Open Rt7. ierforiniur> to commence .ii 8 oV|"tS ,2> Inn CASTILE GAKOKN. THE PROPRIETORS of tin. wil known and faahionab.e rutort beg leave to ii lorm he public, and atrai tr i nailing the city, -hat it u now ojien for the ae a m. Irrm aunriar o. 10 o'clock P M In addition to the atlr-ctioua which ante frota a view of the Bay, the kealthlnl hreexe whicii awre, a arrusa thr aea, and the auatkliug airrama of a ch.ugiug Fountain,there iaalaoto lie found rx'euaive I'romeuadea in or un'tide the liar den. and a I' nil Promenade Saloon. 100 feet in length. U>|tether with thr New Vorlt Braaa Band?Lead-r, Mr Lothian Hi fr?ihm.-n'a of thr firat quality, attentive waltrra, he. Signal Koxkets evrrv fair arming Tickets I2X crnla lor which refreshment! will be furnished je? re UHKAT AND ATTRACTIVE FREE EXHIBITIONS ELYSIAN FIELDS, HOBOKEN MH M'CAHTV reai ecilnlly aunourcea that he has u>? e J'" lw" weeks lonarr. wi h Mraaia H'fOD H U (JUL ? Sand wit.1 lAMtl, 10 give their (Jraijd md I nrquallrd Performance*, commencing ou Mon.dav.Jalv Wlh. 1814 I he Exhib'tinn wil' eo" n'nr" with? Magic Plana by Mr WILLIAMe, the crlehrated Plate Walitrr aud Balaurrr in which ria atandt unrival'ed, assiaied hv hi* son Mi atrr AVON, nuly tine# yeara of ngr. who will introduce hia novel end pleasing feata. Mr. fi W. HUOOLEH the much admired Slack Rope V suiter. willappearand |>erforinkia wonderful Lataofalrrngth md agility, and will fiuiab hia acta by turning Una Hundred SomnteiMta. Mr H'iOD will alao appear on thr El'stic Wire,and Dance a Hornpipe, B*lrce on Cba ira, ?nd will conclude wita thr difficult feat ol Stauding i disj^la^in^th-j^lerfrciion of equilibrium on a Barre which reata on the Wire, M Will nlao perforin aoina extraordinary fraia of atrength by lifimg weight", Ac . and introduce i ia eon Maa ter AVON, iu their pteuaiug acta of Orrciaa and Piuaaiau (J I maa An Intermission of half ao hour. Mr. HOOD wil, male a (l.-nd Terrific Aacenrion on the Tight Hope, now ir a of 10- feet; and return backwarda.a feat only performed by himsr'f The Kihi^inon will couclud* with the Italian Fantocini, by SKJaOH OAh( IA,iepr>arntiug life A (food Band of Moaie in attendant e Da a of perlormaiice eveiy Monday, Wednesday and Fr day. jli 8 *ec GRAND WHIG CONCERT APOLLO bA LOON. HERE'S TO Vol). HAHHY CLAY. THE HERALDS OK \ ICTORY HAVE COME ! ! The Beaton ?"1 Vocalists, Menrs. WHITK, GIBSON. BAILEY end CRAOIV. Mrmnrrs ol the Boston ? lay Club, No 1, assisted by Bostsn's fiTuuh'e as ? ballad singer, MISS SARAH KMOHT, Will l ive * n<iil aud harmoniou Whig Concert, Ou WEDNESDAY k'fhUR>l)AY EVENINGS, July 31.1 nod A' vuat lat. Under the direct patronage ul the Whig < luha of New York, on which occasion the pru- ?oi g, written by J H Warlutd. the Kiue Old KeutucUy Oeutleman, hy a gentleman of Sou h Carolina, and uiany otneia. will be sung in a superior uiaaner. K r Programme are ainall bills Ticketa. 2*1 cents, to be had of the committee at the club rooms; at the music stores; and at the door ou the evenin; of concert. To commence at eight o'cl ck. jv28lwec THE ALHAMKA, 359 Broadway, ktwiis Spring and Princk Htrkkt* 'PHIS fashionable place of reenrt la opeu for the aenson The Ices, Fruits, Jellies, and other refreshments, are of Ike finest description An O.cheatra, combining some of the first musical tilent in the city, perform etery eeening except Saturdays and Sundays, favorite pieces from the compositions of Straus, Lanner. Auber. Bellini, and others equally celebrated j25 Iwia'rc COLMAN'S LITERARY SALOON, COSTUME GALLERY, A * I) t'XHIBI HON OK BEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS, No. 903 Broadway, New York N[f7""AUM1HSION ONE HHILLIMO <)>LY._f II O STRAMJhU should leave the ? ity without railing in to see the Ur?at ' ollection of Books, I'amtirga and En gravings. whith are offered at orices to suit the times." The PUBLIC BAl-E ROOM is fill'd with books of every kind, in various lepguages including Prints and Pictures, to Pri' ~ . seeurAirK. and the Print Room no charur is made. j26ec PUBLISHERS (IT S ) MAIL ! FOR THE SOUTH. OFFICE 95 NASSAU STREET, HKRAI D BUILDINGS. Til E UN DEH8IGN i P begs leive to inform the Publishers (,j Nr*.papers Magaxio-s end Pamphle's, that be is pre pared to forward to Phtlad-I( hia, Ba timnre, W ash'ugion and South. Packages of Newspapers, Magaxres end t'aniphlets, at -cry cheap rates, aud by (the Regular Mail Line,) the quickest conveyance Publishers and their Arenta will find this arrangement ol great advantage to each mher particularly in inch places whe'e but smel quant.ties art ipquied, as ihe postage ia rha'ged (ly tic number ol newspapers or pam hle's ltd sot by the pateel According to the agreement eut-red into betwesu the na designed and he Pott Matter Ueueral, the number of each Pamphlet, N-wivsier er Mavaxine, mutt be in tked on the nntslih- wotppei; and it is positively st pointed ih.t no letter or anv matt r slvul 1 be contained within the pared, bnt what is on the outside egpr sued For t> rras, Ike. application can be made to the nndersigued, at hiaoffic-,94 Nassau street W TAYLOR, Oeneral Newsfwper and Periodical Agent, )9I Iwrc late of Baltimore, Md. BEACON COURSE?TROTTING. WKDM SUAE Jnly 3 st.aif P. M?Maun lor $1000 Thrn Mile lie ts, boh to go at they pleur, between Geo Hpeer'a yh g fit William w m W lie-lau't g Jer. y blue h'atur Day?Purse $100 Mile He-ts. b-?t three in five, in her nets, lor wnich are entered the celebrated pacing horses J77 4 K* InY QUEr N. Atic.Y D<) "n AN is'm JOnN C. CALHOUN MEDICAL AID. REMOVAL. DK. ORKGOHY has removed fiuin II Barelav street, to 00 ? sold street where he may be couaulied confidentially as usual at all hoars ' 1 here are few, if any medical men among ua, thai know b-tter how to maunge thus* dilfi. alt and delicate disorde ? which grangers ?re liable to contract while visiting our citv " br G. h<t | uhlnhed a ti atise upon aeciei habits and di eases, called the linbtcun"?it is intended for 'he use of patients of either sex It noiouly treats of ennng disea-e,, but wnat is much better, it points < ul clearly the rarann ol prevent!' a those foul disorders at v his h huiusu na. u e shudd'is to ihiuk of ; ou this nCcottut a one ihe book is worth more than all uiher i abl catioqr til ths k nd It is sold y the snlhnr at his residence, ?ti Gold aire. t. nt it to the north east coruir of Brekm .o street Priee M Cents ITT* To 'emsles atBr ted with a mal idy called "ih? whites," thu it.lei )>o k will or--ve a friendly and cnuiideut.ul adviaar. It is alio far ale ai ihe followirg drug stores .? No (6 William street, near Maiden Lane. 31 and 79 Fulton atreet Both corners of Chambers street and Broadway. No.?J Bowery. Corner ol Walker>trret |gg Bowery, coiner < f Sprme s reel 77 e.aat Broadway, corner of Market street.and Hd.Uelnncry a r et, coruer ol Buffolk atreet JySI It'rrc 11 'HK PHIVA'i K Trt K A I ISK ? Kor a parhcnlar accoaot ? of till! link hook on certain delicate diiMin the reuder is referred to the laat imgr aI this paper. It contains the kuow led?e of more than thirty years eiperience. both ol Hoapiul and city practice, and being approved by the moat eminent physicians of New York, ita directions may be relied on with perfect confidence To those whoa* complaint haa contihned on from month to month, itia moat decidedly interesting aa tha varinua canse* of socn delay are pointed out with elearnen, ao that the proper means of cure are aeru immediately ho one wrhonaathia little volume 11, hia p..s>esai?n can be Ion* de ceived by the yariona boaatmc people that infeal thia city. Advice Itc . may be obtained by letter on every disoider re lation to the nrmary organs Addreaa UK l<, Hen . M Lfreenwtch aifet, N V jelj Im'ee GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH" DK. A C. C AH I LK hi'lug for even veara atndied the Pre ? 'eaaiouif Daulia'M , anu loraii'een \ear? been prartieallv engaged therein, and after attending the practice of surgery I# months, and acting for six inoothg a* assistant in surgerv in the New York Citylloapital, ioge.h-r with f ur yeara atndy ir. tha i Ace of Ur J C Mieete-nan. h? g'adnated tuiheye-rifctt <n the College of I'hyaiciana and Hurgruna. N. Y -Hanger. needing hia pro aa?ional aid from ihir statement, that all Ins oiiera inuaon the t eth and month will be performed in a scien tific and au ? 11 In I manner, Dr Caatle refe a to tk- npnmah, h rencn, and * nglish Amtiass dors. h'.Htoughton. K?q wpanisii t 'onan;Ur K U Jonnson, President of tlie Medical Society; Dr. ttoyd Dr Beadle Dr. Russell, U.8 A.; Dr J A llouatou, Key. Dr Lyell, Her Dr. Thinau kc. fcc ke A. C C AHTLIl, M D . D n.oi 'II Broadway jvS1 Ith Corner of While street, N Y. STRANGERS HE WARE. I N thia age of Quackery and Humbug it ta moat important to 1 chooee an egpenenced physician ?Dr. J Mans haa removed hia old LHItn'a Head Diapeuaary to No ill I'earl street, corner ol Beekman street, * here he c..ntinttra hia most eitraordioar cures of all deliea'e diseases, no matter h< w complicated. H. yppriaea the cms na and s'rangers tha1 there is no Dr Mans n hiso'd stand, and that he haa no connection whatever with an. other oA e. Ilia charges are moderate.?hia consultations private N B?Observe the aumber?mistakes are of lei da> serous?JM Tea/1 alieet I r- Medicines and directions aent to any pnrt of the Union by particularly a atng the case, and enclosing Ave dullara. jvfl 'C rc _____ i a/ lib,A 1 ?] <HMi buali Prime Illinois, landing ? s ahip Tea/er YV from New Orleans Kor a le in lota to suit purchaaei by K. K COLLOn fc ' O , jll _ M Hcuth it set. CHEAP SOAP ?fonus Gm BOCf.KH, DHU<H>IH I'M, AND HToKK RKKPKH' are (applied rhenier can te h <d . reahe.e r aa . In> he stork ol JOH.NMIN k VHOOM mii wutmii | ih#f if Too wuh toth chore amicIm m i?M*y caq iu.'|4jr~ 7U Trinity flare, InU Uimbn slierf CHEAP PERFUMERY. if ? ye?v .leyfrjption. a( the ei'fp.ive Perfum' I abo' < u ? ? > ? u ? ? I 01 _ JUH onCNk V ll i fa# ft TthUty Fioee, hu Jrcalty?. un/.u ? ? ??ji, i ?wagi BY THE SGVTHEJM MAIL. Philadelphia. [Corrwpoixleucv of tho Horald J Pmii.auki.phu, July 10, 1844. A if airt in Pkiladtlpkia. Among the moat complete revulsions in public opinion which has taken place since the combat of the 7th instant, or, as it is called in the country, the battle of Queen street Hill, there is none to compare with that which is manifested towards our citizen soldiery. Previous to that event, they were sneered at by a large portion ot our people, with great waul of sound sense, as "feather-bed warriors," and their parades were often character ised by the diminutive and contemptuous appella tion ot "playing soldiers." For two days alter the Sunday ot the battle, a different feeling was meni ifeated towaids thein, and our ears were assailed by loud and bitter denunciations of their concuct. The expressions of contempt h>.d given place to those ot deferential hatred, and the clamor would almost lead one to suspect that the whole commu nity was leagued against ihem. Not so, however. The voice of the people began to be raised. It was soon ascertained that the noise was only the result ot "Native" bully ism, in which but few natives ol the proper stamp joined, and with a rapidity truly astonishing, the brawling knaves, who bad mads all the clamor, were silenced and driven to 'heir dens, and now no man stands higtie'X in the esiima tion ol a grateful community than the citixen soldier of Philadelphia. An instance ot this was manifested yesterday in the lower i>art of the city. Some ot the CadwalUder Greys, which it will be recollected was the first company detailed OOoer the command of Captain K K Scott, who was subsequently dangerously wouuded, to clear the street ot rioters, were under the neceseity ef get ting some of their cartridge boxes repaired, and not having time to go to the proper place, stopped into a shoemaker's store to nave the same doue. The shoemaker, not being used to such werk, was ai first somewhat puzzled, hut rather than see ihe soldiers disappointed, he called all hands about hi* establishment and set them at it. Alter con siderable fixing the boxes were repaired in a satisfactory manner, but when ths s< Idiers asked what was the charge, the uohle hearted me chanic replied, "Not a cent; you, 1 believe, are the mm who aloud to your poats in defence ol the laws against a mob; you did your duty manfully, and if I had done fitly times as much labor as thta, it should'nt cost you a farthing " Thia is a aolua ry instance of many similar actiona which taka place all around us, and aflord, together with the present cowed tone of rabid nattveism, a pretty good indication of the popularity ot our volunteera. In addition to this, the ranks of the different com panies, particularly tiioae which stood their ground best, if there be any difference at all in this re spect, are filled to overflowing, and all are mak ing new accessions every meeting night. Be sides a spirit ot rivalry has sprung up between the first and second brigades, and each con tends for the honor of having performed their duty on the night of the combat with more effect than ihe other. This is u very good spirit, provided it be not carried too far, tor it is easy to carry * praiseworthy emulation to such an extent as to en gender bitter and paltry jealousies, which would not fail to end in insubordination and the deatruc non ot all discipline*. There is one thing which haa resulted from all this?you hear ol no more sneers at the military. Military Funeral.?Lieut Henry Cadwalla der, of the U. S Navy, and brother to the Gene ral, was buried this morning with military honors, in Christ Church-Yard. The Philadelphia Greys, General C 'a company, under the command of Lieut. Hastings, and the officers of the army and navy now in Philadelphia, attended in full uni form. Military Visitors.?The Duquesne Greys, of Pittsburg, attended by the first company of Stats Fencibles. Capt. Page, went out to the Falls of Schuylkill this afternoon, where they partook of a foliation prepared for thern at the instance of the latter company. Alter which they visited Laurel Hill and Monument Cemeteries, and several in teresting spots in that aeighboihood. Ukuwnko ?A small boy, son of Mr. Peter Wetkle, was drowned yesterday afternoon while bathing in tin* river Schuylkill. This is the sixth or seventh child thut has Been drowned within the last two or three weeks in the same manner. The Gkkmantown.?This sloop of war that is to be, the ribs of which have been lying for the last year at our Navy Yard untouched, was recom menced yesterday by the workmen, but the num ber is so few that she promises to be a long job. It is astonishing that with all our prosperity and large revenue, our ships and timber are rotting, and,our arsenals, navy yards, and national workshops axe like solitary deserts. Fatal Acciuknt ?On Saturday night, as Mr. Cover and his wile, were on their way Irom mar ket, the hone took trlght und ran off. Mr Cover Ju ?H out and caught the animal by the Lr die hut ba broke irom him. knocked him down and passed over him with tba wagon, injuring him severely. Mrs. Cover attempted to leap out at the back of the ihe WLgon, hut tailing, her head struck the road, and aha wai, when found, senseless she was paal medical aid, a violent coucu-sion of the brain having been produced by the fall She died in a very short time.?bmltimtre Jimtricmn. July 30. Fatal Occurrknck.?The curly train of care, which should h?ve arrived in this city yesterday morumg at hull pant four o'clock, did not arrive here till hall pant live Wo understand that a laborer, belonging to Lllicott's iron ore work, und who had follen or lain acruHSthe track, about twentpfive miles distant from this cit) , wan panned over by the cam and had his haad nearly severed horn his body It is stated to us that the unfortu nate inan wag seen the night belore near the npot w b? ra ho was killed in a state ot intoxication ? Mat Int July SO. Males of Klocka at Philadelphia Kisst Boamu, July :to- 4no shares Wilmington BR. bS, 33J: 100 do do, cash. 931;40 do do *6. 334, 934 do do. 931; U> do Maiiiitacturtrs fc Mt-cbauica Bk. 36, I da Pennsyl vania Bsnk JAO. Hsconn Bo a so, July 39?$600 South wsrk 6's, ISM S3; llOahares U ft Bank 91 Mil If* NKWSi By hast Night's Southern Mall. fhiladv.i.rhis, Jul- SO? Arr Howees, Wiliou, Porto Cs bidn ; .Noina rruulev, Hu? I'atki Island: Klvira, Roberts, M lute; i "mm- ce. Short, Fall Hirer Bvlow, Jos I ewper fiwait. sad Alrsusdrr. Cla Kobl Morns, t units. New Of leiu ? Bali i* ml luly 29?Arr Michrsr, Terty, NYork CM 1 , re, t'lij B ttoodo-r Nld Roe. u d AI-irodfir N Y<> k FOR SHREWSBURY, OCEAN HOUSE, LONO BRAN) H, AND EATON TOWN LANDING. I he .learner HHRrWSBURY.Cxrt J P. ?orlli will leave C.thirine Market, fur lb* above pl.cea eve.y 1 neidav. 1 horsday and -niu.dav, at 10 <>*? lock A M Kei.iroi g? will l ave Ming Town L 'tilling eve>y Monday, W ednetday ud Fnday, sill o clock, A M. N U ?On the antral of t'e boat at Eatm Tows Landing. Huge* will be id readiaeM t< coryey pvaaeagert to any cart of the rounTV. JJ9 tw*re DEMOCRATIC MASS MEbTINO, AT i K VILLAGE OK WEST FARMS. We?tche?tT Coan.y, N Y.. ? edaoeday rening, JUt irn'aot, at 7K o'e'oeh ?Tba ?teamiD t PILOT. Captain H. K if las. bavu f i> r? ? a a*u t? c an y pe tout to and fri m ih? abo a Wtnin. will lea e o in a atreet Wadiesay afternoos, Jnlv Hat, at a i/'ciock?Catharine Kerry, Brookl n, SH?Kike ateart, Ml? | in tai.mery atree., a?.ad DeUney at e. t. at t>M o'? 'oak Km luri io?, will land aa abore. A Sane of .Viaaic will aeooaapaay the b at Tickau lor u-.a whole racunioa 21 casta j 10 2||?*M Th- atoanhoat THOMAS SALMOND Capt W. 'I Bhulta will ran to ilae Plahiag oawaUwka. IroiD her naaa* place . oa lUhiUaia, I Via, A" oaaireeilH?C athanaeFet VV y DNKBDAYS. Ire, Brooklva, t* and Piaa THUHSDAk 8. and f No I N ft ?H-tonchu:? at Fort FRIDAYS. J Haiml.oo each war Fare 21 Ceata each way. To CONEY IBL ' ND AND FORT HAMILTON. SATURDAY AVTEKNOONS?Will leare bey aanal p'acca hi SA|, 2k 2k .,uj Pier No. I N K.elf o'elook r>U UA\ H atd < Will ii ake two tnpa :rom aaaoa places MOM)A > a. ) In the M irn>Bgt, leavr Ifi, >R. ?. (X sod Pier HIM H . at Ik A lie nooua at 2, 2k. *Hi >K, aad Tier Nu I ft. It , at J. It'turn>??, will land at 'he aaaao places Fare 1JX cents each way j>7 7tu*rt WE8T POINT EXCURSION, roa _ THE BENEFIT OF THE MECHANICS' INSTITUTE. The Steamb< at SOUTH AMERICA. a? eoru|iaairo by the New V0rk ttraaa Baad, wil Hare the foot of Barelay street, on '1 li lilt ?uit I , 1st of August, at 2 o'clock P. M , ematainf at vtrai Point two hours, and retnruinc to the city shorn II o'clock th- same arming Th* Baad will givs a aenaa of ibstr ?PieodiO p-ih riuaaera ; nod, in Couaecnoo with the hiatoriea U,ter<ai III this atr mgsnlrt of ihv reenlntiun, tha aits of ARNOLD'S TREASONABLE PROJECTS, And the r< mantle b*auiy of Koaeinako'a garden, and .ha awg o itic.-i. t aceaery of the surrounding country, will aaaJke It noe ui the moat desirable excursions erer aseen A co I ilirn aad relreshmeata will be sorted bp by tbacaptaia o'the boat, m h a uaaal e,egaat style Tickets '.0 cents, to be had of J Eycdell, HI Broadway; H. Even'ell, Jr , 131 William atret t; J E. CoBer'a, comer Bach aad West atreeui aad at the Institute Kootna, t.ity Hall Ilia Honor the Mayor, aad the f ommon Coaatil, kaeiaf ac cepted an iLTitxtiou liom the Inalitnte, may beaipxmd tojoia ihe eicnrair n ill* 4t*ee PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. n*0?rk ,*?. DAILY, Sundays *ic.p??d-Ihro*an ih Ai Iiiil: rnml at T P M., from the Steamboat Pier be VnwdHC9Ltwe*ii t and Liberty strata. I he tic*rnb<?*t KNI< Kf It BOCK EH, Captain A g?. lo>in, Monday a W. dimnny and Friday ria# ^tMunhoflt IUH:h??TICR. Captaia A- Hon*fai*av w r?aaday. Thursday Mid Satfcfdiy Kf-mift. at T. At FiVfo'elorli. r. M.?Landing at Uttimrdiat# Ftaean: I he steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Mm n r'aab. Monday, Wednrvda,. Eridar aad Snaday Afternoons, all ' 6|^ Steamboat NflRTH AMERICA, Cuiaia R. O. irattendea. I orauay. Thu.aday aad Saturday Altemooaa.atl 1 ngera taking either af tl a above line* of boa'will ar ise mAtanar .a .wide raw. '? ?*? Mwer.r. --am of r -.'at The boa-aaro saw ud aobeb ntml, re far lahed with n ? and eleg n< stain ro. Die u-d fur apses . d cciimin da to a, are unrivalled on tba Hmiona. ... ? ... ,y at "? . I tiK l\i Lv.T ?Tba I'oar story H.ore No li i I <1 ty sue. i. bi Let PoaacMioa fif-a on lh> 1st < af igS?' A pp|y to FRJUttft ? tfcl D??>ttaee ?) Etoori. .on*<

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