Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 11, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 11, 1844 Page 3
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Com t kor tiik Correction of Error*?Bufln lo, August 8 ?Canoe No. 10?S. riherwood appel lant vs. toe Commissioners of Loan* an<i al respondents Mr b Uinrwuod ai>pellant. in person concluded bia srgu m*nt Mr J A Toleett oad Mr Geo. Wood, wore besnt (>r 'hr rnpundraii. anil Mr H. K Smith, wes braid in ix|>i> i ?!< ci??w puaiponod till IVcrmbt-r. No 11? I'j?t ?? I ii ink of Utiee, called and passod. No. 11?A M. Karlrj " ? 1*1 etllal a vi. Jl Hrltj and *1 called and respondent All the cau se* <>ii in? appal calendar havii-g been called the Court adjourned until to-nio-iow morning, when the calendar wi.l he culled a ireond time. Singula* Imciuknt ?During the run of the ship Phuunx, tmni the Island of St Helena to thin place nn Atncau Locust flew on board, which wm caught and preserved t he dlalante of til# vessel at the time, being ore thousand and thiry mile! from the comment ol Africa and a itill greater distance from tnat ol South Amrnrj Que. y ?What did the little navigator inbiiit on during tho voyage ? Sag Hurbor Cmrrctur (iy ' llOtV MV HEAD DDKS ACHE?can you tell me any thing that will cure me!" "Yes," laid a friend, tho other day, "try Sheroiau's Cut prior Lozenges?I have known them lo cure severe case* of headache in a lew minutes, and I have no doubt they will cure you ? They are ulso n lover ign remedy lor diowsinesa, lick headache, palpitation,nervoui afl'ectioni and *ea licltneis, giving more speedy lelitfihau any medicinein ttae. Ynu uhou'd nut be in chuich without them; they will enable you to keep from (deeping?try them." The genuine may always he had of Dr Sherrain I0d Nassau itreet or of any ol hi* regular agent*, vie ; *117 llud*?n, corner of | Spring; 188 Bowery, comer of Spring; "7 F.**t Brtiad way;corner ol Market street, 3 Ledger Buildiugi, Phila liio; and 3 Sta'e ?tr*?t Bolton. Cy- HOW IMPORTANT IT 13 THAT PERSONS j trsv lin g should lie provided with every thing likdy to contribute to comlori and hwppine**; tiiere are many how- ! i veriliat go unprotected agaliint thediieaaei of the towela. To kiich. we vay, a urnple D.arr ail, Cholera Moibus, or Colic, i melimei proves very dangerous, unless irome- j di.itely cured by wma projwr remedy Experience ha* fully proved ibun nothing i? so rrol for these complaint* u< U s. Bernard'* Diarrheal .Medicine, Irom 97 Na**au a ., New Yoik. ftywCOMSTOCK'8 8ARS APAlllLLA?For the remo ra: and perm.inen cure el all ailuaaea arising from iuipu ritiei of the hlood, ori Kffecti of mercury. * i; Bcr luli u- Alf etions, Bdlioug Diseases, Hereditary Di-eaiei. Ali.-ctious of the Liver or Swelling* ol the Bones, Skin, Pimples or Bote* upon the Habitual Coativrnesi, Face, It also greatly improves and Salt Rheum, Scald Head, and beaipifi-s the complexion, all Cmaueoua diseases, mid dispels all sullownes's, Ac Ac. Sold at 31 Cnurtlandt street. Pi ice 60 cents per single bottle, or 0 bottlca fur $3 *16, or 1 dozen for $4 {xf- WE WOULD LIKE TO CONSULT WITH ANY parent having a child sntf ri g with Cholera In antu i. or Summer Complaint We know they could be induced to try Bernard'* Diarrt a: I Medicine Itcures all fa ex, as lhoii?aiid* of the best certiIleale* prove. Propnetoi's ol flee 97 Nassau street. New York. DO- A CERTAIN RELIEF KOR DEAF PERSONS? The i mnernus testimonials we are daily rtceivirg of the erticac) of Dr. McNair's Acoustic Oil in curing Deafness, render* it worthy the notice ol all who are affected. Mr. Wm Harden, ol MiJdleton, Ct, reports that two bottles of this oil tlilctually cured him of deafness of several yeai's standing--he cou'd scarcely hear any sounds dis tinctly, hut thi* oil pri ilu- el tho desired effect. A son ol Mr, Feltus, of Newburgb. was cuted of deainess of several mnuths standing after sulft ring continual nain for a long time. A man of Philadelphia was cured of deafness of fifteen year* standing by one bottle of this oil. Mr. Uo bert Carpenter, No 4III Monroe street, this city, as i very one knows who are acquainted with him, was so deuf a few weeks that it was with difficulty any one could con verse with him, ha* been eutirely cured by less than one flask ol this oil. If any are disposed to dislielieve this statement we would refer them to Mr Carpenter, who will coi fi'm these loots Dr. V1oN lir's Oil i* fold by Comstock A Co., No. 31 Ccurflandt street. Price if>l per flask. {!(?? TH?8E TH VT OO TO THE SPRINGS TO GET cur d n! Diai 11 a* i are reminded that a belter remedy ran be found in the nee of B * nurd's Diarrhoea Medicine. Call at the proprietor's oilier, 97 Nassau street, New York. DO" DR. KELLY OOURAUD'S HAIR UPROOTING P iwders 'Twas by Nature designed that dear Woman should wear. To be perfect in beauty, on abundance of hair j Thar loose to the breeze her dai k ringlets should flow, Or fall, "neglige." on a bosom of snow, But Beauty lo> bids that the hair should extend To where the bright rose with theliliy doth blend, That the ttihy red lips of the angelic fair "i soiled by ' Should ever be soiled by the presence of hair. Ye pin-feathered angels. I pray you now list? I'yuii ever expect by the men to be kissed, Uproot and destroy every fibre that grows 0 i the delicate soil 'twixt the chin and thejnnae; If the i oadrvs of Guuraud ynu once will apply, 1 know that each hair tgill soon wither and die; A >d y our feature* made pure a* ihe ether above, Shall remain ? a* they once were?bright mirrors o' love. To be bud nowhire else in New York blit at No 67 4V i ker (Irtel, one door Irom Broadway; $1 per bottle ? Pii'i'hu>er* can see the preparation tested, with magical elicit. No Agent in Biooklyn DO" IN EVERY INSTANCE THIS SEASON wheie Bernard's D.itrrhuM Medicine ha* been aduiinis torwd, the patient hds gut well All cases of Suwmir Complaints in children, Cholera Infautum, Diarrtir,, Col cs or Cramps, thi* remedy aflbrds prompt relief. 0llloe ol the proprietor 97 N issau itreet, N. Y. DO- IT MUST BE ALLOWED THERE IS No thing so agrt e*i'le, and at the same time so ttficaciotia in the cure of all blotched, pimplid heckled, (Ci r' otiC and diseased skuis, as the I'alian Medicated Soap of Dr. Felix G.inraild. Ry a variety of oleaginous and medicated co i.bii.uboi a this soap has the singular chemical proper ty of inf. Ihhly and almost ius'antaiieouuiy metamorpho sing the darkest, roughest, aid unevi n skms into the cl? arest, swiH-.trsi and most regular complexions. Like nil other invaluable and truly blessed discoveries, the io snit of many yeaix skilful and patient investigation. Dr. G uraud'k Italian Medicated Soap has been inlamously boiinteileited. Pureliasers must therefore be on their guard, and buy no where eLe in this city but at 67 Walker street, ti'rst store Irom Broadway, and 74Chrsnut street. Pnilad.dphia; 3 Milk st Boston; Lowell Carietou A Co; Dyor, Providence; Ives, Sab m; Hodge, N?wbury? port; Green A Co Worcester; Bull, Hartiord; Matthew son, Norwich; Kurre, Mi 'dletown; Myers, New Haven; Pierce. Albany; Tooeey, Rochester; Gray, Poughksep sie; Store, Hudson; Wade, Utica. Vy- THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OK 8AR SACAKILLA, GENT1 AN AND BAR8AKUA8,prepared by the New Vork College ol Medicine and Pharmacy , es tabbshed tor the suppiession ol' quackery This refined ard highly concentrated extract, possessing all the puri tying qualities and curative power* of the above herbs is confidently recommended by the College, as infinitely superior lo auy extract ol Sarsapaiiila at present bete ri lb* public, and >uay he relied on as a certain remedy lot all 'listMse* arising roin an impure state of the blood, such a* *cieluiH,*alt-riieum. ringworm, blotches oi pim ples, ulcers, pain in the bones or joints, nodes, cutaneous eruptions, ulcerated sore throat or any disease arising irom tin secondary effects oi syphilis or an uqudiciou: use oi nn-.ic.ury Sold in single Bottles, at 76 cent* each " in Case* oi half-a-doztm Bottles. $3 60 " " one docen " 0 00 Cases lor?..ided to all parts oi the Union. N B.?A very liberal iliscoiint to wholesale purchaser* Utiice oi the College, 96 Nassau street W. 8. RICHARDSON, M. D., Agwu? *</- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED.?Th* Tonic Mixture, [.rnparud by the College of Medicine an' Pharmucv ol the city ol New York, is confidently re coi iiueuiled lor all cuse* ofdenility produced by secret in " li. It duig?nce or excess ol any kin J. It is an invaluable ren e dy lor ira|*iteiicu, sterility, ot barrenness,(unless depend ingontnal lormatiou.) Smgie bottles f leach, cases ot Ball a dozen S3; earn (ally packed andjunt to all ^orts of the Union h lict ol tha Coiloire of ' lt-tlicine and Pharmacy W? Nwi*en ureet W g B|< H ARDRON, M. D., Agent [Cj- KICOHD'h PARISIAN Al.TKKATIVE Ml> Tt ;?>.- Kut tbi cuie ol primary or sec mdary Syphilis ai. 1 nil .i.'lectioii* piuduced by an mjuduiious u/ii ol rmr c.tiry The goat nilvautoae' pfwsensed 1 y this powerful alh' itivt ovt'i .ill oihei piepiuatHin* >b< the cure ol 8y phili* is, that while curing the tim aat it improve* the constitution whilst mercury general!? leave a much wore, di-eie e than the on* tt is admin steved !or. Th* best reeomtiietulatiori we can give ol it .a, that it is now I xteiisivi) prescribed by the medical menhy, who lor ly consiileiv-! mercury the only core lor those com- I ruetly considered mercury the only nlnints Sold, m tingle Ixittlf-a, 91 each ; ir. cases of ball doz tn, carefully pu. ked, and sent t ? ill pint; o< the Union Ortlcfi ol the College Oi Med cio* and Pharma cy. H i Naai'iiU atrent. M- <t D.. Agent illVATE ld.Dli.AL AID. The me.noera ol th ? Near Vork College ol Medic no mid I'hamacy, iz fitmiiiiig iho public In auks tor the tlbvral support thsv hav? receive.! in their eflorts to "suppress pinckery bra (oavoto oh!,i that their purticular attention contniin * Hroctec to ail diseases ol a private natme, and fron. the grant i.nprovcmeats lately made in the piuicipaJ hoa piWisof F.iirape in tho treatment of those dtiesse*, they cnu confidently olfor to persons requiring n.edica' .lid .el (f.T.agi* not lo be rno.t with in auy irufitution in thi? c iutry, eithei public or private Tho eatment ot thi oli-gc usuch m to insure success in very casi, and ii ot.;11y lifinrent horn U at nert. cinns practice oi mining liio ".onditiitioii with incicttry, an 1 in mostcn*e? lenvint s tiseasfi inucn wnraethan the original One ol the n.eir. pen >1 the College ,h* aiwny year* connected wiib tin priu.:ip.d hospl'ai* ol Europe, attends doily tor a Cunsalta ?ion from 9 A.M to8 P.M. Terms?A-lwco an I niwiicino, |A A cure guarantee! I .iiimist rn Cocntsv Iivvsi ml.?Person* living it the eonntpy arel not finding it convenient to attend per tonally can bave forward.*! to thorn a chest containing : .1 i lirinri retiiusite to iie.rlorm a |H>rfecl cure ny a;snng the-i . .,?? axpUcitly, !..getlu r with all symptoms, time o coiiTRctiw unff ti^utment nceived eisewhera, it snj a-', one losing tft, txist paid .iddressta! to W. 8. rtlCHAilDBON. M. D., Agent. ii.ites ami Cnosnlting rooms of the College, 06 Nassst try- VRLPKAU*fe Bt'Ki iKlL t'luLB FOR THE CUR? g . .uirtiaia, nleet, *ud nil mocnpunlent dlachsrgei row th? 'ire*hra. Tneie pills, prrparwl by th" New Vert (illegnif vHvlicine and Pliannney, established for tb? sni r> ion of quackery, may he leiied on on the mosi , dy tti'l altec'usl remedy for t|.r above complaints. "'rn y ate guaranteed to cure recent cases in fron. hrvi t> ,' e.iu>* and (iosMess o griiati r power over obst.nati discflairfes wul chronic gleet, then agy olhet preparation a< i res vit known, removing thr disease, without oonfit.. ? i eni itom bnaioess, tainting the breath or dl*?gTe??ii.| s.i'si the ?t imach. Price f I per box. a<dd at tho Oifico of the Colhge oi Pnartnocj ?ul Mo diciua.wft Nassau street. W n. RICHARDSON, M. D. Ageat MO* ICY HAHKICT. Saturday, ABfMt 1U?? P. M. The Stock Market to-day apprars to be in a aery fever t?h atate. The tendenoy of prices la, beweeer, unward The aalea were vary limited. At the OM Board. Lor? UUud advanced 3 per cent; Canton, 1; Norwich uud U'urenter, If; Farmers*Tinat }; Erie Railroad, j; liar lem fellrtr I; Ohio 6'a. } At the New Board, Long Mand improved 1} wr cent; Canton, 1; Norw cb and Worcester }; 1'nited Stales Bank. }; Farmers' Trust }. Vicksburg derlined |. Morria Canal }, Harlem 3 The receipts of the Reading Railroad for July. 1944 compared with those for the same month in 1843. show an increase oi more than tatty per cent There baa been considerable speculation going on in this stock for some time past, but lately the excitement has fallen off and prices have slightly declined. The only cause for this depression ia the successful eflorta ot the liears in knock ing down prices. The affairs of the company certain!) appdar to be in the moat favorable condition The debt is funded and the receipts of the road rapidly increasing PHILADKLFHIl AND RsSOIMIl RuI.ROaU Receipts for July, 1811 $10 394 9-1 Oo do 1844 61,043 61 Increase July, 1841 $22 647 8! Kece;pts lor (irst seven months, 1943 19.1117 3=. Do do do 1944 288 006 06 Increase seven months, 1844 $107 688 71 This is certainly a very favorable report. There nr.* vary few railroads in this country, which can present a statement more satialacturv than the above. The trade between the lake porta of this country and those of Canada nas, within the past year or two,wonder fully increased; our exports ol Hour and wheat have in creased in that direction. The provision trade with the Canadas is not at present noor io large as it has been from the annexed statement of duties, etc , paid at To ronto. for the lirst six months o 1914 c-mparod with the aame time last year, it wili be seen that there has been a very great improvement. Custom Dutiss?Post or Toronio. For six mouths from -Ian. A to July b 1813. . .??> MNi 0 0 For six niuntba, Irom Jan A to Jul) 5, 1344, . . toouduu Increase in 1844 over the came period in 1843 . .?6.486 0 u The n'.'"* of teas and tob'.ceo are included in the above returns of this . ear, umountiug to ?4,116 The duties col lecteii ;it Toronto on the 3d instant, amounted to about ?12011 which is a larger sum than has ever been col lected at any pu.t in Canada West during one day. Asissssn Pn'irrsrr tsu Tori'i.ation or Toronto Pr.-perty asses ted. 1840 ?76.093 0 0 Population, 1510 13 092 Property assessed. 1341 ?91,610 IA 0 Population. 1841 14 349 Property assessed, 1842 ?88.713 IA o Population, 1842 1 a 336 Property assessed, 1843 ?100.834 IA O Population, 1843 17,806 The above is thn ratable proper.y, and liable to be assessed. The population in each year is made up to the end of June. The assessment for the present year is not yet completed. Other Canadian ports can (how as great an increase in their receipts Irom customs duties. The foreign iradeof Canada, generally, has this year been unusually large.? The prosperity of the British provinces in North Ameri ca it much greater now than ever before. There may have been seasons of heavier importations, and higher prices lor ptoduce, but tho great improvement in bu?i Ties*, on o solid hash is much greater than ever before known. Crops throughout the country have proved abundant, and the masses appear to ?i>joy uninterrupted prosperity We annex a statement showing the move meuts of commerce at Hamilton : ? COSIMRRCF. or THK PORT OF HAMILTON, Customs duties from 6th Jan. to Ath July,1841. ?3611 16 2 Do do do 1344 7431 13 II . ?4789 17 9 Burlington Canal Toll, from 1st Jan. to 30th June, 1S43 ? ASA A 10 Do do do do....1844 1094 9 1 598 16 3 I Total excess in 1844 ?6313 14 0 Barrels of Flour, July 164-1 27 24 ) Do do do 1844 35 67-1 Increase 8 631 Old Stock Kxrltnncre. $20000 U Stales Vs 103% .'>0 L Maud R R -10 <11 5000 Ohio 6's, '60 * 30 07!,? 50 do I>:i0 02 1000 do *70 07!.; 50 do HI5 1000 Kentucky 0's 102!,, 100 do 2000 do 102 50 do 8'%' .22 \s i*?rrpl'r\j#!a" 10 75 Stoniugton R R n MOMeclrfcTr.NO 00 100 Reading 11R 4B% 15 III Bank ? - 50 Canton Co 3?>J 200 Nor ?"Wor R R 5G% 25 do 36 S, 25 4? v.i? 50 do 200 do 50 25 do 103% 87!.J 50 L Island R K 50 ?lo 97% 50 do 102!0' 100 do 102 60 do 10 76 StoniiiKtou R R Gil iftft Riudinir R R 2?%' 27j do 3fi% 200 Nor 6l Wor R K 3fi\ 26 do 38% 260 do 37 110 do 22% 60 do 71 26 di? ii?;% 26 do 05% onil llovird. 58 60 Norwich 57% 160 do 57 100 do 57 100 do 12 56* 57 57.'4 10 F.rie R R m ;? Harlem R R j] * do I,no 47j| lfAub&Iinch uv:J* u" 57' M Western R R -'*! 2i do ,I4 S7<* 50 abas Norwich (,30 ?' ?uinicn 57! j do *3 57% 150 do 57% ?30 57 30 do 57 100 do s3 6754 30 do 57k; 20 Slate Bank 84 25 do i3 57'., 200 Vick.burgh Bank 7% New Stock * x'-hai.g*. $2000 Ohio 0's, *60 ?30 07J4 25 L Island R 11 btw 8t 11)1)00 do s2l 'J? V, 110 do fill1. 2000 do c?h 97?,' 50 do Brt\ 54NIO Kentucky 6'a Csli 102% 50 do s!5 110% 100(1 Ml Spl Bonds 17*4 100 do ?30 80% 25 alia* Farmers Loan 10 50 do fil% 25 Morris Canal bnw 13% Co do 111 25 Vicluburg Bank 7% 100 do Rl% 40 Canton Co 30% 25 do b30 til 50 do 37% 24 do ?uw 81% 24 do bnw 37 50 do bnw 81 8 Utica St Sehcn ?.'! 112)-' 50 do 81% 25 IT States Bank 8% 50 Nor U Wor 11 R 56% 25 N Jersey R R ?30 02,% 24 do 56% 62 Dry Dock 70% loo do 57 62 do 70% 75 do ?3 57 lOOllarleinRR 71 150 do buw 57*4 or Srocaa-Boston, At'n. 9. -21 Jluction ?61) shares Western Railroad $84;}nersh.; 10 do Fitcliburg Railroad 91 per cent nil v. and in'; 30 do Boston II Vurcester Railroad, 17} per cent adv ; 3 do Boston and Maino Railroad 7,} per cent ads ; 2 do Bos ton Bank, $59} per share; 3 do Tremont Bank $95} per ?hare; 4<? do Auburn It llochest.r Railroad, 6J a 7 adv.; 1 do New England Bank, 2] per cent adv. (state of Trade. Ashes -We quote Pots firm lit $119} a 4 18}, Rome hold ers iloman I $4 26 P.-atls urn very tilll at $4j a $4 43} Bukausi errs.- We continue tu quote G-iiesce Flour $4 25 a $4 31}; Michigan, $4 12} 8 4 25 North Carolina Whea' 6> cents; Northern Corn 60c. Southern 48 a 48], H)e 67; Outs, 30 a 34 cents. No very active demand. Cotton ? > he sub s to day an.ont to 6<Ml hales, at the de cline of } in j \ from pries current previous to arrival ut Caledonia ; market closing without animation. We re vise our quotations to confuim Livkkpooi. Classification. Ujihlt Jjr Fior. tf O f Moh. Interior 64 a 64 ... 5} a 6} Ordinary '' ? ? i ? ? ? 64 a 6 Middling 11} u 6) ... 0} a til Middling fair 7_ a 7} ... 7} a 74 " '* ? 74 71 a 7} ... 74 a 7} Good lair, 81 a 9 ... sf a 94 ...9}^* -f Fine oj nib ... 9} alt!} Hav?Common qualities Noitb River hale sell a* want ad at 32 a 35c, 1 :.ere is very little doing in the article Tsas-Imported in the ship Panama. Torms, notes ot aix months, pa> able in the City of New York, to be made sail* actorv to the m-IIhk Young liv son?35 half chests 80 cents per lb; 40 do 79}; 3 1 do 73; 31 do 7a; 34 do 6.4; 20 do 64; 67 do A3}; 136 do A3, 31 do 52}; 48 do A3; 60 'o and 49 J 49; 60 hall chests 46; 46 <to 47 , 67 do 46}; 100 do 45}: 927 do and 66(1 12 Ih I in'* 46, 4 cs eHch 4 Lhx ol 13} ills $1 2}; (121 chests and 6221 halt do withdrawn ] Hy*on-29 double hall chests $1 24; chests 76}; 24 do 76; 10 do unit 42 I all do 64; 43 do 62 , 69 cheat and 37 } chests 68}; 36 do 69, II hi elicits 62}; 66 Cheats 61}; 400 12lb tix- 61}. 1 Gunpowder-7 hf cheats 98; lb do 69; 38 do 69; 330 1311) bx* 62; 160 61!' hx*02} Imperial?13 half cheats 79; 13 do 70; 47 do 66, 1.50 I2ib boxes 60}; 70 6lt> do 01} I wai.kay? IPO hi cht* 40; (-297 withdrawn ) H) son Skin 3ochts 54}, 39do 60}; 10 do ,40; 44 do 391; UN) do 38}, 49 do 38; 49 H- 37; 46 do 36}, 78 } cht* 31}. 4i elds Si}, 10.1 do 31 ; 111 do 3o(; 34 do 3<i; 26 Oo 29}; 20 do 271. 134 do 26; 1.41 do 26}; III do 24} Pecco Moticboi.g?So hail chests 41 ; M do 40 ; (7a cases withdrawn ) Cai'U- 3A00 mats, l^c per lb Ultd, In Brooklyn, on Thu-sdny afternoon, 8th instant, after a very short illness, Julia Pmilif. only child of John C and El'T. iheth B. Bach, nged 19 months and 8 .lays. On the A h instant, William, )ounge?t child of Lilor. and csmIiiiu Constant, aged I ) ear and A months. On S it urday afternoon al 3 o'clock, ol Congestive fe ver, Mr. Abrsham Whavv, late second other ol brig Sterling, nged 66 )*ara, and a memhar of the order of Odd Fellow*, Wnyhe Lodge No 3, at Philadelphia Hi* fri-nds m d aeqn -itpances are solicited to attend the last tribute of res.-eel of the deceased to Willi*m-hut Kb, this (Huiida)) afternoon, at 6 o'clock, witliuui furtlier in vitation. from No 98 Roosevelt street. Qry- I'liila leiphia paper* will t>le*sc to insert tho ntiove I'm Rise ? i gr i-o Arrlvcsl. Veil? 'at *?Barque Etnrenia?H Ylurbiile, W Moo re head, r D' llilier It O L-dward, J It l.ifhrgue, M Ol icier, T K Ms rill, Cant Klinn, Mr Muiison. Moati Ship Njagars?Miss E Borden, Mrs Cole, Mrs Liuix.J Oiflworth, r, Dillworth?3 in the steerage. Afalai iiilola?Brig Mortu?D Woodniff, C Sc>ms. (.'NaRllston? Ship Catharine?S Watson nid lady, Mrs F.wsi us iliuiliti-r, Mr* Waighrair and child, Mrs Ilill. Moss Biddil A Moffetle, II M Lswton, W ( Oykley, W II It. rrilt, P II .f? Dr O.ikley, A Ih >rk. W 8 lloyt, J Krirk. J Kielho, F J Sh .ffer, M Ogliver, J \ Rose, D Solomon, E M Si rrr, K ItobbiiM, J ILtv*?iiell, I) in the *t<+r*Kr. Paissngrrs lo Arrive. Ciisrlmion? Hhip Boulhport?Mr Johnson, Ivly snd four children, N E Marine aud I <a>, Mr* Sou, Mi*< M Soft Id, Miss E M H.iioli y, C Hoinilton, C f'olley, May, Birt, J }> ILdwru ( Cstlm, A eog?rti?, Hagbc.', T Y oimmnus hr, 1) Liinh, J Miller, W Wvviik, J Bmtecr, Gregoriv t 1 Brown, (' J Brown. kVtrtlgn lu>|>oi(?Hons. Vv.R* Cgy*?Birquc EngeniT?(Before reported)?1 cerOon* cochineal Wcnterholt. I'iprr V K ok?tl bnles amn I noies <4?.its Ill.tXiO llsrgpus, Bmthentkro?28 hslnt gum 92.U0U A I'airulln; 1,550 K del Uv)?; 2 cum was ligurss a bsls* goat skias O k 1) ivizi tsr?Si,".u ?? ???"? ^ViPiniu,, ^11,;., L' i L ... . . DoiiiHNilc Importation*. Nkw Oui.ivn??41 iriiu: <tv.c c -31 hluU ioticc > Btrmckaii McottHP do Boofoiftii. J. itii (to* Sc co?35 <!<> Htfm ot ?rc*-~*i ?lo 2 ?M?*t *ki:? I bill mu c L? \l ? ffa? I let h-uni !9 172 | vs IkMt J?0 ri*irtni; Burritf 5t J..h:i?oi??1316 b*ifi 23 WbW wheat L K i olIitiM & c >-171 d.? A I*. 9 WillitU?4'Jti pitf* , l?*.d HowUiul X A**i<ivvill?Itftl i'o 9..uiU?r Ur?>thrr??1U bbl4 I 33 b?ltw T S Fixc he I --1 bell *kint 3?jj hide* t> bid* nil tf.uthlt I Wendell U. Abbott? 84 bale* hemii C* H Rogers Ilco^-I cask-3 bbU bwiWHi Wiltoi' At Brown?'di bbU tdlow C Smith?10 do i II Htsit?1 bbl ?ugifU t*kK? oil J Hy?dop?3 trunk* S W?#od?W1 hi* lob tcco Storm, Dftboik At co?3 Benedict, Bndy At <*o--3 do I la).utd 6l Smith?1 D C i ? #;o bit gliu Wolf* At Bidw^ I do md* ? (? V Poinrfov?I J K Kolb?1 I 0 Bouclier?3 Lcwu At II??il'ord? I K K ahretiurUe'* fib At Morra?I G H Mjuin?1 | I ouii? St Smith?1 Guilt* tite, Dairy At co?3 b*? 1 bid '' At W I Ailing?3 ki? I bctUtfvid Mr* K Duvi*?10 eki 831 pig* lead 1073 b?u< wheat Goodhue At fo?110 do *2 do gitiirtig 3 obi* tallow 2 hf do 2 three* Uwwut k Hioki-fl balm hcoip H L Fruiklin?3b0 empty bbb 73 do cks 3 hluU 3 hhd* tobacco t bin 1 tkin* I bbh I box hwrnst Greifory At llirney?1 hab* *kiu* 1 trunk ndie 8:19j?igj Icid to order. Momii.k?Ship Niskw?( Reported yeaterdnyW^-100 hnlcx cotton Man ton At K i>l?? r?71 d?? Robert* At W iIImoi*?30 H Hone?48 J Unison?43 K I) Hurlhuf At co?64 Spomord, Tiles ton At e*j?1410 Aw??r> . Chnpin At co?100 J P Rhode*?6 trilei 6| hx? Mii#m'"tt At I'oi Uliti?1 ?\*k bee*wa? W K Lcavitt?1 boi Lovett At Taylor?I ex Smith At 4 n ikli-ig. I Afauachicola? Briir Morea?'78 halex cotton to Bogart At Kiu?d iimI?21 do 41 Collin*?12 I'armelie At Hogeri? 1 do H N Grolf?5 do Centre At co?2 bote* IVrkiim Aw Hopkins?1? b ib*? 1 ea nut* 4?i*?ir wid V.tndrrhoff?932 Ht.rkx redo* S SchettVr?132 hale* cottOi' 1 ?W?u Aafe to order. 8lVANxi.H-Bri| Auguxta, (re|iorted yexterd i> )? 2182 ba|e.4 cotton Pillix't At L?* B ibier?119 do De Lama^e At c???39 do Oowdy & We.'lx?1 du L H Biiitliam?46 do J. 11 Talman?30 cks rice M J'^iniittiel?8 c* Sax ton At Webb?63 balc? cotton to order. ....... 4 'hahlkitox?fc.htp <-Htharinc?2 btie* cotton .1 8 At I) Poit ?4)9 do Smith, Milt* At co?313 do Sprayue At llobinBon?12 IciIf* to order. " "" MARi nKlE HERALa Day* OtT ll>? XtrumalilpM. ?TtiHlRt. FROM LlfFkFO*L FROM AMKRICA. CaWtlo.'iia, Lott Auj. 19 Acadia, Mauison Au?. 4 Itept. 4 O. VVVaUtm, Matlw-'W* Any. 17 IC Hilwrnia, Hiri. Auk. 20 Sept. 11 (i. Bi'ilaiu, Ho?ki>u Any. 31 ... Sept. 22 Dritaiiiiia, Hewitt Sept. 4 Oct. 1 (i. Western, Mattliews Oct. 12 Nov. 14 O. Britain, Hmhen Oct. 19 Nov. 14 Slllp disinter* Itiid ,V||riiU. We shall nleem it a favor if Captains of Vessels will Rive to IioiiKHi Sil.vrv, Captain of our News Boats, a rv?|K>rt of the sl)ip|linc left at the |H>rl whence they nailed, the vessels spoken ou their passaye, n list of their cargo, and any foieiyn tutwspani'rs, or news they may haie. lie will board them im ?MMM* on their arriial. Altenl* andt'orreipoiideots at hotne j or abroad, will also confer a favor by tending lo this office all the Marine Inlelliye ire thrv can nbtaiu. Nautical Informa tion of any kind will lie thankfully lecejyed. I'OKT UK N K W V OK It. AUGUST II. iVN Hisaa i II woo* risks 2 29 SU* SKI'S b 69 1 MltiHJVATKR 7 111 Cleitrod. Ships Satnl Hicks, Bunker, I.iveriool, It. Hermit; ZejioV.a, Kenny, Mo tavuleo and Calcutta, Gorann it Talbot.?Bani em Mairella, 11 >yar, .Marseilles, brvd it llinrketi; Madoana, l.awl it, Went I'oast of Africa, uanrvtaon it J ones.?Briyj Jo aephine. (BreinI Hai?lsi?.li lt~e.~ ? I '' vi.n - 1 ....... i.iyiiiuourne; rour orotneri. tnrli rosby,Varttiou'h! NS. J. H. Braine; I'rowler, (Br) Harvey, St. Johns, NK. t). it J I, turie; VVelunil>k.i. Is wis, Nlohile, K. D. liuilliuu it Co; Sullivan. VVnite, ( fiarlesion, Geo. Bulkley; LhatUya, Itan d ill, B iih. Me. Jnhn Klwell it ( a>; Krance* Loui.a, S?ule, do. Hretl it Voae.?Sehrs Ked Jacket, J.trvis. Be.mud i, Kiddletou it (hi; Virgin Lan,. (Br) Uotle, Harbor Grace, N>'; Hope, (Br) Marmauil, lldilai, NS. B.che MeKvers; Sik.cs C.'rane, Johnson, Washinutoa, NC. 8. I.. Mitel,,11; Victoria, Blown. Kr.initliu. La. 1). I.. Bayre; f'ora, (rroves, Havre do Grace, Md. J. it N. Briyys; Kmma, Cole, Baltimore, Jnlinaou it Lowden; Koclionler. r (Mint till, do; A. 11. Ceolev, Camp, I'luladelphia, W. J. McKee. Arrived. Ship Catharine, Berry, Clips from Charleston, tvilh Cotton, to Geo Sen on. Baripie t telle tee. Min ill. 20 days from New Orleans, with vvlieit, ite. to rh. Collins it Co. Uriu Kmina, Wait, from M iraeaibo, July 13, with coffee, itr. to Bourhatid x Thehaud. Brut < J. B. Lanur, Sinnermnn, 8 days from Savannah, w ith cotton, to Dunham it Diinon. Schr Only Daughter, McDuffie, 12 days from Luliec, with lish and pi ister, to Smith it boy. tun. Schr Napoleon, SweetKer, i days from Noilh Carolina, with | stores, to master. Schr Bounty, Morse, from Wilminyton, NC. with naval stores, to master. Schr Olivia it Virginia, Rollins, 4 day* from Rappahannock, w ith wheat, to S. Wood. Schr Michigan, Terry, 4 day* from Baltimore, with md>e, to order. Schr L. Lank, Bennett, 8 days from HnowhiU, with corn, to B. N. Ko*. Schr S.umiel Henry. White, from Siiowhill, with wheat, to master. Selir Isaac Revel, Hnraen, 3 days from Norftdk, with wheat, to master. Srlu N. ('. V., Ferris, 3 days from Norfolk, with whoat, to master. Below. One hnrqiie, unknown. 8alled? Ship Wshash. Shapler, New Orleans; barune Roiriiilus, (Br) Quebec; brigs thai, iiuekwit/, (Biemi Schaffer, Ureinr ? ; .Noid I'ole i (Sw ) Norway; Sutira, Hahtudge, Key (Vest; Sterling, H iinilton, Savannah, and others. Mlxcellaiieoua. Forf.ion Lvttf.k Offici:.-1The Saml Hickr, for Liverpool, ami Toronto, for London, will sail to-im now. Bhio baniMiHA, hlieppard, hound to Boston, while proceed ing to ?,'i on Smid?y alterqoou l -st, about ti o'clock, off Tybee, wits shuck hy a squall, which carried away her main topmist at the lie id, inaiu lopg illaut and royal mut, pin foresiil andjih, and sustained other d tm rge. Til.- sails and yrrds w hich m*r? carried aw ay wep. afterwards recovered. The captaiu, tindiiiy it impossible It. proreed lo sea in tliu w recked coudiUou of his vessel, returned yesterday to repair.?[Savanuah Georyian, 0th August. Whalemen. Arr at New Bedford 9th in ?!. Marcellt, F.llis, Indian Ocean, ! inon bbls spm oil. Ib porls Ih-c 10, Japan, of I.mimIoii, 2U nio?, I 1000 sp; Mrh i, I'uiled States, Gilford. M estport, (? mos, 'M >p; | 7th, lot 9 23 S, Ion 4$ 37 K, Tiros Window, Root, do, lib s;,; 5ih, 1. il'ayetle, bowers. Warren, 1200 sp; lltli, Maria, Collin, i N U, 1 mos, no eil; April 2. I t !1 47 S. I'eri, Jose, do, 7 inns, io sp; Feb 14, lat S S, Ion 40 K, Bruce, Aldeo, FH, 400 sp. At Jo Ivnma, March 20, Ho|?', Taylor, NB, 00U sp. Gu Sunday last, saw s|srtn whiles in the Gulf. Arr at Bristol lith, Anna, Moores, I'acifie Ocean, I ast tin Rio Janeiro, tiOO sp 300 wh. Spoken. ( umls-rland, from New Orleins for Hamburg, Aug I, off Cnjie Horlda?by the (tenesce, at this port. Alii i, Cluck. New Url.-a is lor Livrii>ool, oul 17 dsva, Aug 3, lat 2h 33, loll 70 30?by the hugeni'i, at this port. Arise..e, Harrison, from Bangor lor Be.muda, Aug 7, lat 4k 20, Ion f'.O fi. A brig from Trinity, Mart, for Bangor, Me. July SO, lat 27 24, Ion GO. Globe, Hillert, from New York for Gibraltar, July 21, lat 40 40, loll 49. ... ? . A n iw barque steering F.KK, showing a blue and red signal with a large while diamond and a letter III tlH' Centre?same date as a novo. I'oult iey. Mnuatt, Turks Island for Baltimore, Aug I, lat 28 24, Ion 72 20. Korclgrn 1'ortn. Mahacaibo, July 13?In poit. New L'.iion, Brooks, of New Orlia is, for Veri < ruwtg cargo; Dehor,,h, Rohbnn, for I'hi ladelplua, do; Susannah, [brj for Liverpool, had lost hei cables, am hors. lie; Helen Hamilto i, (,1'orJ Nicols, fruin do. Khvosto*. J?. July ?. Sid W A Caldwell, Florence, I'orto Rieo. In port, r.lle i, Duahnri, I'm N Fork for Cuba, uevt d ry; The* H Be ? ton, R >ber;s, fin do for Po.t Spoil, do; Ariel, Hop kins, from Hdlimorr, disg; Susan, Lauilermau, fm do lot Kico, m at day; IJ.'t-i ) V. Jane, ! liomas, of and for I'hiiadel phia, wtg Cargo. I Si I'll KKl:, Mart. July 23?In l>ort, Julia, Thurston, for I'oit land, same d iv?only American. A brig from b uigor, (pmiia bly the Garell,', I'ieree) touched off the poit about 2lilh, and proceeded to Ah roil bay. Qpkhkc, Aug 0?4 Id Thompson, Burton, Belfast: Falcon, Donaldson, Liverpool; GrenAille, \ nung, and Henry Woolley, Clapperon, Loudon. take k'ortn. bt'F F ALo, Vug. 8?Arr B. llill, Chicago; Fulton, Detroit; Hercules, Chicago; Woodhridge, Huron; Adelaide, t levelaud; Michigan, Sandusky; Skin... r. Milan ; Beaton, (Aevt I md ; Aurori, Milan; Kapfss, Vermillion. Citl Colliinuus, Detroit; Clics ii,eakr, Chicago; b Bentou. G Hiven. kloiui' riina. l.inta, Vug 3?Slil Mirthi Kin.mi,I, Waitc, Georgetown; llelr i Gray, I'luinne-i, I'luladelphia; 4th, Peruvian, VV.ii.oii, do; Itiiny, Mrkeuaie, Kirhuioiid; John Ke.,dall, Juhiison, .N> ora; Jul. i Ann, '1 urkcr, do. llaaooH, Aug G?Arr A Richmond, Cole, Turks Island. Gaunt*i n, July 31?Air Aleulor, Brookings, N York; Aug 3, Ahby Amelia, Boston. Pun i smol i >1, Aug G?< Id Caucasian, Thnmastnn. N v:wit'tii'okt. Aug 8?Arr llui c W Ga.idy, aud Jul a, I'hi ladelphi.; Fugle, Currier, N V ork. Dang us, Aug 7?Air V rcti.ria, Allen, and Vi tor, Gould, N 1 ork. Sai.kai, Aug 9?Arr Garelle, Dewing. St Pierre, Mart; Jkh, Richmond, hilbouru, Boston. Sid F 11 Derrick, \Vilkms, N V ork. .... ... Boston, Aug 9?Arr Turk, Fhlridgc, Philadelphia: Maria Tlien sa. Clark, Buenos Ayiva; Allen, Mausnii, St Domingo City 20tn ult?leltUO Vinerict vroi'l; Sua, RyJei-, Pearl, 11 ir tltiig; Robert VValu, Bakm*. Noble, Demiug; ? iiugnss, brown; I ygnet. Keituey; Die,q, llibo. r. Pius u ola, Black; VVin Wil son, U.ker; Ah voider M, Jeouey; I'avid ICisley, C-itlin; Ron Id r, Mcrriihew; h ricud, Fitclu-t; ( Pit in in, 1 ownse id, and V irgimaii, Phil uk-lphia; Ganges, Ailca, ami Alluiiy. II .con, .viii'iiy; t'oreue, Brooks, SaugiTties, NY; A ,M Hale,*, and (jompliauce, Kelly. N Fork. Signal lor a Prig. ' Id Frank I in, Snow. Trinidad; Arabian. Foster, (iilinltir and Malig?; N' W Kugliau, M'? urdy, barhadie-. and lll.lid d; I' icon, Moor', Mai uitas; Senator, Davis, N()rleana;( lntnpio i, Siiule, Freeport; Flitaheth, Baker. Phil delphia. Ni.w Br; phi it I), Aug 9?Arr Helen .Marin, Sweets r ft Ma rys; Ga; Alalanta. Slierinui, l'lnlad"], hi i; Catharine, Fwer, Havre de Grace, Md. I'rovipfnck, Aug 8?Arr Alesander, llopkiuv; John * Inrk, Collins; Stir, brauklin: Sir in 4i Au.u.ta, barker, a?dleln ni hil, Hoover, Pliiladelpliia; Silly, Glad,In.g, All,any; Capitol, Smith, Rondout. < Fine tip, Chilian, Pokomok ', and Fnvoy.? Slii Lodemialk Flirai, Soni'Ts, I'luladelphia. 9tn?- Air Finerald, Pol i ?rl Calais; Wave, Sirlmg Snow hill via NVork; l.lir.i II ? id, Bak'-r, B iltiinor ; ;.i .ro, Biay, do via Appoiiaug; (Hide, Cre??e; |i.h,i Tbompso i, Godlrey. and, Swasev, Phila delphia; l alediuna, Sprlman; llero, Spelinan, ami John, Bur rough, Albany; IkMiider, John sou; Fditor, Dayton; Ornament, Jo lea; James I. Long. Hawkins, and Rhode Islmd, Bturgil, N York; Time, Goalee, Suffolk. Sid Oregon, Coram, Phi lad-1 pllia; Dai el lielkoap, Marvel, N, wbnrg. NT?;w*oht, Aii|' 9?Arr 7th, F lorida, Reed, Philadelphia; Jos Drew a, < luse, Kal' River for Ballun -re; V igilant, ami Rienai, Dinl'ts', Provide..e.- for N Fork: Rth, f.iiaui ne it, Atkins, h mi lor N \ ork; ( onsolation, t'orthel, Falnionth f. r do. Ilaisroi. Aug 7?Air ( anion, Cobb, Kap|>ahaiiiiork: Film, Hurtoii; S.llv, Gladding, and Sainiiel, .Ylauchiwter. Albany.? Sid Barton, liigrahim, Havana. SidI 8th. Gov Hopkins, Glad ding, do. .Vrr 9lh. Dpitlem, Liset uib, I liiladelphia. Vi w Havkn. Aug 9?Arr Jud-on, Brysnu, iKmerara; Lady Fenwick, and Fraukliu, Thoinaa, N V org; Geo Vv asliington, Burroughs, I'hitadelplii a. ... ? , _ , . .. I'lllpaPlt.Fills, -Vug 10?Arr !? ranee., Smile, Pmllaiid; I on Mellarhui, Smith, and Splendid. Robinson. Boston; iiloiH', Irons, New ihsllord; Maria, Tay lor, Nantm k t; V ela.e .. K s ley, Nyork. Ih low, Coin Hull, fr-un ait fjutern port. < Id Casilda, Goodi'll. Balem; TeCtimveli, Hanson; Sulla, Bang.; Alvano, Pare; Vllnrt, ( ousiuai John Murray, Devereus; Pilot, Pol oul;'I'helie llavter, baker; Helen, Ch ute; Oberon. Towsoil, and Dresden, Lin.Ie > , Boston; V F >ly rick, Junes, Fall River;

Sultana, N.ulon, Briulifm, .Mas.; Marietta Ryan, Baymore, I'rovideaee; Iodine, lilrw. Du-liton, Mass; Chief, baemeii, F. 'hVi'.Timohi.. AngA-Arr Panli, Fuller, Breman; Sally Ann. Stewirt, Kingston, J i; Cashier, l ike, N I yrk. Vl.i ssNPHi*. Aug 8? Vrr Itl 'hard Baker, llo,ton. I(ii ii mono. Aug 8?Sid Saldana, Suinln, Rio Janeiro. CilakLMTotv, Aug 1?? Id 4 alhariM*, 'i ufU. Boston; F'.'nily, Slerwo al. NVork; tLsiiibilph, Goldsmith; Georgians, llelik'-r md Mtyn itic.Mik, Trim, PhiUdeliniia. SM K.,utli|eiit, Gril btha. N I ork Arr Gth. Mogul, Blinker, Frankfort. Me. SaiaKPAII. Aug ir? Air Joseph Marsh, I'ol.uid, and Atlantic, Bedell, NGileanv. ( Id Madison, lli*y, Nvw York; I'lHliira, 11.lane, and Is. hells, ' laik, Boston. Sid La Grange. Portei. N y.rk. WF.T'N I HSF. W ANTI.D? Wanted, a situ itiou by a hril thy young woinau, twilh In fr#h of mlk. A?IUi*?.. Bus.I'M Park Poxt 04S?? ?*18b AUCTION SALES. THOS. BELL, Auctioneer, AT*. 11 Xu<U4c Stmt. ReguFar Sale* of Kuriiituns.?Every Wvdixtdsy and SaiurJjy. R'S ulsr Sales of Dry Goods, < lothing, Pledged and Fancy Artie Ira, Groceries anal Varietxs?Every I'ueaday and Friday, alii 2w* m '1 HOB. BELL, Auctiuoiar. P* ECL'TOR'H SALE OF LANDS in tlx of New " lurk, on Widnswdiy 21st Auzu-t. instant,at tlx Exclaaugv, lit tlx city ol' Albany, by Lewis Clark, Auctioneer. 1,017 Acrna ui Saratoga aud Warren County, Dartmouth patent. 3,837 " " Waneri County,Hyde Towitvhip. 31,608 " " Hamilton Co., kottan aud CroKsfWId'a pur chaae. 013 " " Delaware Co., P. V. B. Livingston's patent 3,782 " " Clinton Co., Canada and Nora Scotia IU fu?,x- tract. 1,017 " " li?rkiiiier Co.. Royal Grant, Hh allotment. lu7 " " Cortland Co., Township of Virgil. The aide of the above Lauda will be peremptory; and an unex ?Cepltonablc Executor's iL?-d will be given by the subscriber. For any information re.motion lliem. application may be made r<v tlie Auctioneer at Albany, or the subscriber,at Ilia oilier, No. 333 Washington a tree I, New Vork. WM. C. RHINELANDER. Kiecutor of Win. Rliiiirlander, dcceaaeaL au3di&w\toa21?in BEACON COURSE-TROTTING. TUESDAY, Anttuat 13th, at 4 o'clock? Match for $J00, Two Mile llo.ita in Hvri between the gray horse llcute Boy and black horse Jack Cade. N. B.?Admittance this day, to all part* of the Course, JO cento. aull 3tia*m CENTF.EVILLE COURSE. L I U N P P. a. C E U E N T E D NOV E L T V . A "tirae ofSlfjtiO will U-giiei by the I'roprietora of tlx above t our*e, live tor all liorsea. both pacer? a d trotters, to goaa they pie i.e, eartfring IIJ Ilia., to perform the di Ounce of live ity in ilea within the hour. The lint hnr*e performing the dialanca to m reiye S'i'/l; tie- aernnd heit $200. Should the distance not he perforrraal withiu the hour, the first horse out to receive tlie $200. lli" abe.Y" to come off llie 23d day of September?Tliree or more'3h ni ike a ftel.l Entriei to chi.e ai Jo e.a' Second Ward Hote l, Nassau street, the 2d Sept., by ti o'clock, P. M. a'110 Iw'li STOLEN. A HORSE, WAGON AND HARNESS?A young niHn, 2-i. about five foot re i inches hick. dressed in black cort and l?glit pantaloons, calling himielf (ill.1IERT, came to tlie sub wrriberand hired a Hor*e a'd Wagon. .as now described :?The Home in about 1J handy high, long tail, a-d spawned ill one ho d leg, a- d a little spru it; in the fore legs, and is about ten years old; Ins color is bay, aud is a fine made liorae. The Wagon is an open-front wagon, with leather top o d light il nil ask head lining considerably worn; the oil cloth in front ]* yellow w itla red figure; the shafts are fastened to the wagon with hoi clips, at d arc difficult to take off etcept by those that are acquainted with them. The liar iesa ia part brass mounted and part black. Any person rcturi'ig said articles, or giving a ly information respect ing them, will be suitably row ared bv railing at COOPER'S Livery Stables, corner of Hit h street and 8th avenue, or corner of Bleecker and C.harlea streets. aull 3t*je long-island kail road THROUGH TO BOSTON BY I) A V LIGHT. Passengers must be at the South Kerry, foot of Whitehall at., at 71-a o'clock. A. M-, w here Ticket, in iv he procured. The Train leaves tlie Depot at Brooklyn, precisely at 1 o' clock, A.M., lor 'inrq.oit, from win- re pa**cig,i\t will he taken to Stoniugton, tm Mo diva, Wed ie..uay? and Fridays; and to the Norwich Rail Ro.ail Depot, on 1 ueadHys, Thurs days ami Saturdays. Luggage-Crates go through, unopened, to Boston. New \ork, August Utli, 1811. aull) Iwrc WANTED?A kind Woman, Franch, American or English, *v to lake eare of t child seven months old. Inquire for Mr. ACK EKT, 37 John stn-et. None uts'd ap.'ly' without being able to gis'e good references. aull 3tm POST OFKK ? E, > ~ New York. August 10, ISil. { NOLISH MAIL?Letter Bags ;.t Royal Mail Steamer "-a CALEDONIA, will be closed at tin- Upper and Lower l'ost Offices in ibis citv, on Thursday the IJtli instant, at forty; five minutes past 1 o'clock, P. M. Tlie overland postage of lfl'i cents on each single letter, must he post-paid, null 4tm JOHN LORIMER OR.All AM, P. M. PlaANTEltS* HOTEL, STAT EN ISLAND. H'HE above delightful Boarding House is now open for the re? A relation of boarders. The subscriber bens leave to mention, that a bathing house liaa been built in front of the cstabli lime it for the accommodation of hoarders, Re., and nothing shall lie wanting on his part to make those who tmtronini him comfort able, P. WOLFE, Proprietor. | Tompkinsville, Aug. in, mil. \For the purchase of CoMugea or Real Estate, applv to aull lwrrc P. WOLFE, Planters' Hotel. 7T\ 1< ETS, CHAMPAGNE, It rTnDY" i '(?< i N I At , PORT WINE. MADKIK V. ABSKNTHE, KEllC'HW \SSER, tve. (H!AND UEI'OT :i7 JOHN STREET. MR. CHARLES EKERT has the honor to inform the public and his friuds that he has received a large and extensive is- | sort me it of Bordeaux t 'laret, Saulerne (Jreve, Rhe liili, Port and Madeira Wines, from tlie first hand: Chueiti Lafitte, Chstesu l-eoville, Bi'ine Coiitouiu'or, vintages 1838 arid 1(110. t ham pag ic, Cordor blue, A. Julieiiaud Medoc Wines, in hogsheads for bar and family use. aull I in ni TO MERCHANT TAILORS AN ASSORTMENT OK FANCY VESTINOS, suitable for tlie fall trade, for sale low to close a consignment. Also, a few piccew of Borg-sui French Broadcloths. For sale by F. COLLI ARL) (8 CO., Imtioriers, an 1(1 4teod*rc HI0 Pearl stiver, up stajra. NEW FALL HOODS JUST RECEIVED, and for stale by E. 11. MAXWELL, at " his cite isive Tailor's Establishment, ,V) MAIDEN LANK, NEW YORK, jntH) pro. Bmtons, from JOrts to $3n | er gro.. consisting of Twist, Velvet. Satin, Steel <lold. Plated. <?ilt, Siller, Jap|?in ed, llont, Pearl, every variety of Lasting, Fancy and Colored, Ktc. _ 3080 yards Fancy WrtingSj from 7j cents to $12, consisting of Velvets, S.iti'i, Silk, <"'aahmier. Sac. 200 dor.. Scarfs sen ? ravrats, from $'? to $ii0 |s-r do/. ;every va riety, style and color of Bindings and Cords, Ly the case or less ?ail ant ity; Cloak Tassels and Sirk Trimmings, in every variety: first rat--assortment of Velvet*; colonul. plain, black Satin and Surges; Uimps Fringes and 4 iirdb s, In the quantity . Wood and bone Moles, Bueki Is Eyelet Machines, m; t il Eye lets, Tailor's Crayons, Tape Measures, Tailor's 'J'himbles, Sewing Silk, Tw ist, Pantaloon Straps. 4te. E. H. M. is tlie only agent in America for tie* elegant French Journal* of Fashions, published immthly in Paris. Always on hand, large and small plates of French h lashions and Costumes, for halls and parties, Sir. Every kind of Military. Navy and Livery Buttons on hand. N. B ?Orders received for every kind ol Metal a id (lilt But tons, executed at short notice. Private patterns made to order, aull ltn*tn IOST?On the eve-tide of tlie 2t;th July I ist, between William -t street ai d 210 Twelfth strr-t, a seilcd Letter, addressed to Wm. J. Hubbard, Esq., Boston, Mass. Ten Dollars reward will be paid ou delivery of the same to EMERSON Sv PRICH AUD, anlO 31* la 01 Wall street. WANTED?A Young Man who has a thorough knowledge of Book-Keeping, and would make himself generally, use ful in a Dry (Jooda Jobbing Store. Address'J. P. /., at this of QHIP COLUMBO, FROM NEW ORLEANS, is discharg C3 ing at Thome's Store, Brooklyn. Coniigliess will please tlenil to the receipt of their goods immediately. aultlh PARTNER- WANTED A HOTEL MAN. commanding fiveor six thousand dollars ripital.aed w ishing to embark in a genteel and profit'ble hotel, situated in tie- most de.iirabh; part of Broadway, will final a favorable opportunity bv addressing R. C., L'pper Post Office, wilh n- d name, slating w le u and when* an iubtra iew can be had. aull) 2iis*h _ ____________ fli/lPi nnn ?A middle aoed AMERICAN mer; i II ANT, now raxidi ig in England, would like to connect himself with a genera! Shipping ami I oro inittioia, or a Dry Omnia t 'ononi-.i.. i House in this nlv the formrr pr'/'.'-rtd. He has Inghlv reslwcbihlo anil mdualiHial buslne .s ro.ineetlonx both in r.nglaiid and on the ( o ati lent. lUin will furnish any amount of capital Under $I.Vt*io. He has passed ?4-aeral yeirs in China and Indi a, .and the last two or three m Kuro|ie. His experience aud iuBuance would lie no unitn|ior tant acquisition to any hou*e ileiirousof exfe ding its business, lie would act as Age t for tie house in Europe, and traael either i I England or on the Conline it, n? circumstances might require He is well known to several of the first Shipping and ? ominia sion houses in this city. Anonymous communications w ill not be regarded. A'ldo'ss " A. A. A.," Box 831 Park Post Office. aulO 3th A MEHK AN H EPUBLICAN' HKNEUAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. MILITARY IIALL.. AUO. 9, IBM. RESOLVED?That this Committee do recommend to the varinua Ward Associations, ax far as praclic able,to assemble at the B ttery on Tue.sdav afternoon next, at 2 o'clock, to re ceive our frie ids from Philadelphia, who .are to visit us in the Ship Native American. By order, ALEXANDER COPr-LANI), Preside t. ALFRED II. DAVIS, Secretary. aulO 3f. DIFbom Tilt: Eitaixn Post.] ENTISTUy?"DIL A. C. C ASTLE, w o lias lived a lorn while in this city, has obtained an enviable and distinguish JUC i*h . <1 umiwuc* in bis? r?rof**N*ion, Hp ?>?? tli?* tw?ih witl gr^it nk .11 and ability. II" hi? oIao |?r"iwrc<J a eoim*jaition fur nllinK <lrr iy? <1 t.ftJi, i?i tbr form "f a p tp. winch whil" it nil ^cidi a id infecting R-"?iia, it bpComfA k% hard 11* the tooth it?clf. Fr m our iwi ryuTtcucc it it l*"?utifiillyjid?pt*d for the tivpth, and in??r?* rartirultrly for '."rron? ivnon*.*' A. C. CASTLK, M O . 0|#?ti?e Ibnmt, nnll 1th ^91 Broadway, cor. of Whitg at. E X PR ESS nut F.S REDUCED?The Subscribers have reduc d their Eipresia prices on all small packages of law and other documents, from JO cent* to 23 cents per package, from thi? city to Buffalo and the intermediate*. Also, through Wells k. Co.'* Express from Buffalo U>' hicngo, at VI ceils per pack are from thi< city to Chicago, and tlx interniedi Ste ,K?"t."" the UknjN(.sToN WM ( S ^ ARESPECTABLE ENOLIS1I LADY, who haa bes-n ac e.nlilind to men* in genteel desirous of engaging as an assistant in a store, or as house-keeper in a small family; a short distai er from tlie city would he preft m il, rnexreptloua ble references can be given. Address A. S. II., Post Office. *u7 tw*rr INFURMATiOaN W A M ED. MRS. DL'RAND, (late bliss Maria Miller,) from Detiaeh Olieran Newbirck, in Wiutemlierg, now residing in New York,* to inform her brothers, Ouorge and John Miller, .lis.*, le-f iai>rI* Mr. Khiiplae, that she would he h iptiy to receive inform ition from tfem, having not heard any since lb" yenr IR3II from Rouen, France, when she lef) tl*-family, emigrating for New Vork. All inform ation will b- thankfully received by oil 2w"ee MR T. Dili )M F? 111 F niton street. RUlJ.vt 1 11 bf.i'-'l'u one or two gentlemen, a pleasant front mom ou ill" second floor, furnished or unfurnished, with or without breakfast aud ten. Trims reasonable. Apply at B4 While street ?"8 Iwrc CI Ih'TOX HOirsr. O.N THE It A V SIDE, STATES' ISLAND, NEAR " Till. NARROW M." L"OR PERMANENT BOARDERS, t.auscient lodgers and I d iy Tiwiior?, nfTpr* opportniiityof e ? joying lb** vi biwy, i ti^w oflvtdand w*u r u?.#??|u.?lb'd for it* piclttrwuitH*n?? ?(tno luirury of tin- balh, (ihc wa b?**icb being wilbin hftll'i mile of thekmtx''.) Tin'dinner Hon? li 41^' o'clock?on ^undny nt 3 o "u perior cirriagi* in .ittendfuicr for tb?; icc??fn modal ion ol ihr fOFiti. K fuic Bowling Alle y and Billiard Room^ are jwat ftinah ed for tlie (ttnuaefnoul of ibe oacrooa of lb** wnblaliinwil. (iKUKUL rlKRlH, rropriftpr. N. B.?Two of lite W*?t rooms in lin* Mown may lie had for tii** rrmaimk r of Ui? MMtaon, on imm?,iliate af?|dicalion of fain!? lie#. (in Sunday* lh#? bo*U run to Suipletoa, landing eTery b'mr? Curriafe# in attaudaaca to con?a>' jwawngar* to CUIN HOnae. aal laiMre AMUSEMENTS. ???!<?> i'aiU>k-a Cumt ulBfoadw.y ?J Pnir. ?t.?et, New York. The EiiL rtiiuneuiu lit uutlvr li* > U direction of MR MITCHELL Door* opto at T?Eut*rUsiime..i? continue* at 11 ncitaly. great attraction : First niglit of thaGpeieUa i? Iwo art? eititlcd the spiru .,f th?- Rhine ! with, for tin* first tirar here, the l-ugha!,!.- f .-rcr . f Aldgale Pump?>lr. Nlitih, 11 *s Broomy Swash, u origtuslly p?r(urni*4 by hln in America. MON'UVY KVKMMi. AuiiuiI 12th. will I* presented THE sU'IRlT OF THE RHINE. Ignatius BtuiRecrtuts Mi Nickinson Arthur Hualley , Dt- iinsoii Slyssel Remit lhall Karl . . ? Efcrard Mail .me Tylf I Mrs II irk? irk [una Mi.. Taylor l('?irlii?ii Mi* fa*?Tar?l _ /" luO iiiii.?ion of half an hour.^r.^ To ?t include with, ALIXiATE I'LMF. Old Tontine MrEsererd l lurlr. Itii?*.* Dunn Corporal Stock lectern \Vtuiiifrod Willi.. * Kruno Davy Dive Clarke Miteliell Mary Ann Mi.. I Imki Serubli. Miss Taylor Si rapliiui Miss Robert. North Mrs Walts ' */*NO POBTPONE.MKNT at tin. establishment on ac count of weather, as tlir Grand Entrainu from iiroadn ay lo the Saloon I. protected, and tlie New Saloon, wliieh i. ?ei til.led from 'he t n> i nl tries. r 01 'ie e ielose.l n i ni?m. i'i .oiiee ^ PALMU'd ITALIAN omn Uul'SM. CHAMBERS' STREET. ADMISSION ONLY TWENTY FIVE CENTS Monday Kv?iiltig, August 14th, a jib EVERY EVENING DURING THE WEEK. THE ORIGINAL ETHIOPIAN SEilENADERS, MESSRS. GERMON. STA.WVOOD, HARRINGTON, k I'ELHAM. Respectfully anuounre to the Ladies and Gentlemen of New York, that llwy have made arrangement, fur opt'uixtg that ileliyhtful place PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE, (UT-KOR ONE WEEK ONLY!^ COMMENCING ON MONDAY. AUGUST u. And the public may omi assured lint etery nsertinn will be tuol to excell all previou. effort.. THE ENTERTAIN M E N T coM.iirirru or *rw SONOS, GLEES, C1I0RUSSES, COMIC LEC TURES, ETC., ETC. aCCOMPAKIKO WITH THt ACCORDION. BANJO. CONGO, TAMBO AND BONE CA8T1NKTTS ! IT ALL OK WHICH THAT QO-CHALLENGE THE WORLD!-G0 to moDUci their >:qUAL. Concert to commence at S'g. For | articular, nae programme, nut Mrc CAST1.K GAK"KIY. Tuesday Evening, Auicunt 13th, 1844, GRAND FETE OF F I R K W O R K S . CoTrring thousands of feet with inret lielutlful and brilliant I Colored Fiiei, cnr.iating of Kut Indian A FFOH AN I ST A N LIGHTS ! The interesting and Patriotic Piecn of the STAR OF POLAND J The Grand bin Jessamine Piece of LA VIKRMORKI.LE ! A splendid Botanical Display, e ititlcd . LA Z A N N I A PEKIj VIA! The inti-resting AI It-gory of THE BEE HIVE. Which always excite, universal approbation, rin- Floril Piece of THE MORNING GLORY. And the great, grand, anil unsurpassable Feu d'Artiflce entitled THE TEMPLE OF LIBERTY ! Or, Honor to the Heron, of 1776. Embracing 1000 equate feel of brilliant fire., illustrative of in teresting nml magnificent objects, too numerous fir explanation in a handbill. 3 / " ArltnittHncy Fifty Cent... an 11 Inn THEALHAMRA, 5.YR Baotuwar. bkr w ken Sr.iNtl bmd I'mnc* PrstrTi. I HIS fashionable place of resurt is open for the season. The ? Ices, Fruits, Jellies, anil other rrfreshineuts, are of the finest description. An Orchestra, combining some of tlie fir.t musical talent in the city, |ierforin every evening, except Saturdaya and Sundays, favorite pieces from the composition of Straus, Laimer, Aule-i, Bellini and other, epially celehia nl. BRANCH, No. ifii East Broad way, one door above Uutgi r i ?tieet, where tin-same delightful Ice ( reams and Refreshments ; may be found. null Imisrrc GRAND GYMNA8TIC EXHIBITION ! IN THE GARDEN OF THE OTTO COTTAGE, HOBOKEN. Et.SSLF.H BROTHERS !?No Charge for Admittance!? On MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY. !?th, Itth and Ifith of Align it?Perform.nee. to enmineiice it i o'clock. P. M. Captain L. SCHWARTZ ha* the honor to inform tlm public, that he ha. eugageil for the above mentioned day., those inimitable, ftx-famed and extraordinary artist., lie- ELSSl.ER BROTHERS, Premiers Mrulelist. of tlie Royal Academy of Painting of Pari., and Professor, of Gymnastics to the Royal Prince.-, ill France, who have ju.t completed a brilliant engage mental Palnto's Opera I louse, .mil at tlie Walnut street Theatie, Philadelphia. A Btage has lieeu .-reeled for ileal |iur|a?e. Tlie peiTiirniances will conuneuca with a (iraml Overture Iry the Ore lie.tra. PART I?Monsieur Loui. Elssler w ill lln-n exhibit hi. won derful Feats of Jugglery?I, the B il slicing of the Hat; 2, tie- Play of the Sninish Knives; 3, the Shown- of Gulden B ills; 4, the Play of the Rings: J, tie- Balance of (lie Bottle; 6. tl?e t hiliese Stick; 7, Extraordinary Play with tie- t .onion B ill, weighing I2lhx. an :uid a Marble. Tlie Jugs-hart to conclude ? itn the n.touishing and incredible halaiiciug or the Cliimwe Hat and Flags, invented by Louis Elssler. Intermission or twenty minutes, during which tin-Orchestra will plav sever il popular anil favorite aim. P ART II?Tie- Els.ler Brother, w ill then give a 4 hand 4iy m nasttc Exhibition, displaying their incredible VeiU of Strength, Tours d'Addo SM-, Agility and Elegance. I, lie- Pastime of Samtooii, liy Gu.tava, 2, the Drwun of Hercules, by, Louis, 3, lis- Aerial Gymnastii: Sw ing, by Gustavo, t, (lie Lifting of the Bomb., weighing 120 poliod., by li mil at arm . length, h\ Louis. J, tin- Promo inde of Alcides. or Two Men at Ann ? le-ugth, by Gu.tave. 6, ihi-Flying Ring., by Louis. 7, tlie Tier of Lilwr ty-, by Gu.tave. it. the Ann nl Iron, or tlie Body Horixoiital by Our Ann, by tru.lavr. 9, Elegant Po?tuie?, uke.i fiom the Ancient Vatican at Home, by Louis. 10, Posturing on tlie Hide t olumn, by the Elssler Brotliers. Tlie Htrength of the Siile Column, by Gusuve. 12, tin- Aerial Rings, by tlx- El.sler Brothers. Intermission of Twenty Mimiles. The Elssler Brothers .will then conclude their Feats withllm Grand Grecian Wrestling Match. F.xtra Boats will be run, if necessary, on the Hoboken Frrrif.. Should the inclemency of the weather prevent a performunra, on any of (lie day. announced, it will take ml the day fol lowing. * For partiealars, see hills of the day. ?u9 7.m* GREAT ATTRACTION AT OTTO'S COTTAGE. HOBOKEN. CJ'HE PROPRIETOR, MR. L. at a great . exiiense, engaged the VIRGINIA SKKENADEHS! To perform on the tlrw-ii, (we.itlier permitting.) Every 'l'iu-.<lny,Ttiiiisday mitl Natutday, Commencing on THURSDAY, Aug nth, until further notice. Th? Viigiuia Sereuaders conai.t uf the following celebralesl pertormer..? H JOHNSON, The best Dandy Negro living, who is a Star oil tlie Triangle. ham hAndfokd, Unrivalled Melodist, on his Ole Tambourine. TOMFLnTER, Oil bis Virgiiiuy Banjo. AMERICAN PAO YNINI, On his Violin, and MASTER MARKOV, Oil his llone Cutinels. and renowned Hpeikdnwn Dancer, who will appear in tlieir celebrated African ltrfranis, Bongs, Glees, Dancing, kc N. B.?New Bongs every day will lie brought forward in rapid succession. Performance, commence at h*lf-put 3 o'clcck. Admittance to the Ovrilen F'rrs- -oiR * TbHtkTnrc _____ LITERARY SALOON, COSTUME GALLERY, AND EXHIBITION OF BEAUTIFUL PAIN TIN OS, So. '403 Broadway, New York. NEC ADMISSION ONE SHILLING ONLY. O HTltANGEJt should leave the city without calling in to are the Great Collections of Books, Paintings and En gravings, which are offered at "prices to suit the times.'' 'Ila-PUBLIC B ALE ROOM is filled with luniks of errry ki id. in tarious languages, including Print, and Pictures, to see iishiih, and tic- Print ttnnm, no is made. j\2c ec ANGLER??' RETREAT! ON THE BANK OF THE FAST RIVER, NORTH SEVENTH STREE1S lULLIAMBBufeO. IB NOW OPfN for tie-acctimmrW^^ ,f Partus, on hishiiig Excursions. Bintngers will lie given every inform a tiou. Borts. Bail, kc., always on livnd The |>|> isantest ami tnnst spacious Quoit Ground in tlie conn try. Oy sters and fresh out of the water. au9 3l* re J. RAY NEW. HEATING WATER AND STEAMING, A NEW t!*n I'Al.t'Ahl. K tMPHOVKHKVT MUNGER k MARSH'S PATENT STEAM BOILER Th?* mbicrihrri hnviiic weurfd nclu?iTf riglii ti r tlw r'ilv ami C ounly of York, Irrl cr ?t in hei??g ablf i? ? in tr?Hliirr m th?* | ublic thn m?nt raltfibl^ article rum m uw - With thin itiufrovemcnt jitwm or boiling water faji !?? proiluml with our thiru thr <ju?u?t?? y of furl and in half llif timr tiiat it run br donn with an\ oth?*r ?|?|?Wiitni yrt iii\rnt*Nl, it lirimt |Kirt lbln and raaily r ltrird by two prr .hiib-may b* u*cd w n)> ?niim! far.lity in flm hou?r or ojwn a'r 'H?r f.dbminr ?rr Mtiw of tlr in ?iiv > tlo ibb' ptirpotnt for which Iw rlUMtSMUil ti hi tended :? 1 11 ' For Imatintf watnr for hntht. and m^kinu tteam foi vapor bath^, it i< ?tt;?rior to anf thinf that ha? *r+r nmti nurd f?.r tnat ptirpour, and ib mtich nr? dr<l in this citv at rhr prrarnt timr, 2. For wanhitiK i>urpofMw it i? urir<|ua(b'd, thr clolhra ir- boil ed in a w<mh!?\'i tub w ithout th?* po?sibihty of t?ciiiR iujmwl by rut (>r burttnd by tlir Ijre^ 3. For hotela, wl?rrrbof water i? c?m*iAiitlv wantrd, thr iuwm from thr Mile may l?r OmnI for ?t'-aiuiufi any amount of vfyrtv b|rn :i? tii# Kiftnn fimn. I. For firinrr^ it i% inrilnablr ft?r * main in tr or boiling y^U blr-* for bitfriiinif *tock, and ?niy iliu be m?l by tin* bunil> for W tdllMk'. For bittrr*' mannfactnritiir pwrp?>aiw it t? compb-m, n* they w ill readily perceive on et ami nation. 0. For coach mid wa^oii maker* and other*, for itc*ininK wood. 7. For Botanic Dor ton, for boiling or atcimiiiK Iwrha, Stc. U. Fnf comb menufaciurevt. fJ. For tniinrrv. fo ho it their lienor. 10. For victualing hou^**, it will supply them with hot water and lirtf tlnr utiam tabb-. at tie; nmr time, II. For b#*afiiiK jrreu houaea if i? f und to pr-tducr :iM- bw.t V2 For luifehrv*. t?? boat water for aldinf hn^a and tlr^smy poultry, and for all kinds of incrb-utical or otlirr op^reiiona, in whicu hot water f?r atcent may b** r??pnr< d. The public are r?>|ccfful|y itmt*?l to rail and eaamine <?nc, which tbey piu full oicrtion .at th? ?tt?re of J. 6 r.. flA( KIJM, 31 Bowery, aNlw*in ^ ct.riMrot Ba-, ard ttfcK A 01 blHON * f iVtjn us 'Ml T UO| |) i:v? H A pfMNTbD l+.NCILB, can be Ud of uY'Vi HAN k TRKAt)WKLI<, No. I Aator lioune. T^K-Ye pnurits Yre of kmmn an pert ofttf to all other* *3 lwia#rc p HtMjbiokf, m, p., ViutTlHT, Ao. ? tTRd ' ? PLACJlt Jyt )tsw Im-f, BYTHB SOUTHBRiN MAIL. Indiana Eliction ?Return* have been received Irom only two countire, Dearborn end Ohio, whrte 'he democrata have elect*-d I he ii Legislative ticket. Naw Oklfans ?The city, a* far aewe can learn, ooiitiMuen entirely heHlihy, and little uppreheurtou ia l?lt ot an epidemic The nanon has not to l?r pa and, iiuwrver si to mud' r i' c-nain thwt tba levar will he ra Mpu8 The river eon'inur* nearly at high *r? mark, and the ruins which have prevailed tbrt-nghou the sum nier have nut entirely r> ased The pirsent ri>od beanb ul'the city jiintih* a the belief that we shall be earmpt trine any viult nt d sease, anil that ib? I usiie.s season w ill u|i?m >.ai Iv end propitiously Atpns. nt. however, un mitigated dtilness aud inertness prevails ?Commmctal Hullriin, ?jug 3 Hales of Mtocks at Philadelphia. Fipit Bonn, August lO.-tn shari-a U 8 Bank. 81 j (IttOO U 8 :< |!?r cent, 103} ; (MUM Lehigh ?'s. ltM-t 401; 5'iTK ilo la-la. 4<i; 100 aiiaiea Wilmington K R OdavSi; lut) do do n w '131 , 160 do do 33] . 60 do do hi 131 . ?Ji 00 Reading R K nonda. 67 j ; $'1U0 Lehigh 1846 40] : 30 shares (liraid Ttuat, 33} ; 3 shares bouihwajk Ins Imu ran? 30 Hicinn Dmin August # 300 shares Wilmington R R, b ft its. 13] 60 do do ft da *t| 100 do do. I w l.'J.loneu 13], (4000 U 8 6'a, 1663 6 da ><13] II shares U 8 Bank, 8]. ?MIP V6.Wa. ItT l.sat Vlvht'l koether* Wall. PHM.snri vhia, Aug 10?Arr Curre-icy. P'chmrnd, Turks Island Reports that the Zebra, 1 hoinpst n, rf 9-lent, tree led si B irhvd-e< 17th ult and proceeded s irediy Ui PortBp*io ? 1 lis It A Schri tier, 8t- ff'Wil, from N Vrrk for Pert m Prirea, pasted llrind Turk 26th ult Bclew, Grecian, Ber.edict, 1 r.oi* ddd.tnhi ( Id Elu iLvth J, Remington. Htvana: Rebecca Khaed.W tut Indus; Acorn, Hnwua; Win Twin, Taylor, sua Echo, L? vis, Boston; O.e u Hickman, Fxll Rivsr. IlAi riMimt, Aug 9? Arr (sen Washington. Hussey, Liver pool?r?i>surts sir in H imrton Hoad? ftth, Led., Ru ik, frr m Milium for Cowev, rut i-i fur orders. Also arr, O"?ko, Ri gors. Po-re; N L Metre dy, Homers Wilmington, NT; Wal ter Merch int. Drilling, Albans: Queen, Howluid, and raarl. Nicknrson, Prov-deuce, Tiling, Marseilles. 814 Chen| eike, and t hief, NY oik. N?.? Ok nans, Au<. I?Arr Orleans, Paid.ll, New York; Talleyrand, (, Boston; Kocki-jih m. Pi > hall' w, do. Cld, Mary, Man ton, Baltimore; llenry hslaey. Gray, Boston. YORK H' 'TEL, 7 V 9 WASHINGTON ST BOARD and Lodging, per Week 83 M Transient Boarders, i*r Day from 30 to 73 eanu Single Meals. * . 0 33 T lie location is pleasantly situated, convenient to the dclphia, Boston and Albany steamboats Persons wishing to n-oile in the city for a few days, will do w all by calling sad making their arrangements with the Proprietor ict Tin? rre j- tTVOVI re ?GA It I'A n u i L, . '1 llF. following is taken from the Boston Atlas :?Talus tile ? Article?Scarpa's Acou?t c OH it ssid by ibnaa who had occasion to use it, to he an eicellanl medicine in case of Daaf iit.i arising from colds or other causes We know a rounc lady, who not long since was almost immediately relieved by it, and the certificate of Mr. John Herd, of Bunker Hill street, (~ harlastown, Maaa , is an unanswerable test i moo is! of ijsA cncy. Sold, at wholesale and retail, by A. B. It D 8AND9, Druggist, No. 79 "Niton stiver. 273 Broadway, 77 East Broad way jytT fa WOOD'S PATENT IMPROVED 9FLF-FEEDINO SHINGLE MACHINE. FOR CUTTING k JOINTINO 3HINOLEI. Ill offering this valuable improvement to an intnlligvot eutniauni ty, the attention of the public is most resiectfully invited to an eiami'iatiou of tlte merits and utility o( the machine, being confident in the brliel that no machine for making shingles nee yet lawn introduced with equal ad vantages. The machine is eonstrueied on entirely a pew and improved principle, w liercliy it is made applicable to almost every' situa tion and circumstance in the MANUFACTURE OF 8HINOLE8, having an advantage over all others in Jointing the Shingle ready for use. Il requires unlv about one-horse power to propel a uty rliine, and auvirn or watrr power rati be applied with equal atf; vantage. Shi-iclea made by this machine are considered superior in quali ty aud form to any yet maiinf.ic'ured; having an even and -mi eta surface, aud r in tie made from almost all kinds of tinder that grows in the forests of our ecu itry. without waste of limber. Tin- mxehinc Imx ber. i exhibited hi various places to the entire satisfaction of thousands who have witnessed the operation, and numerous testimonials of approbation have been given, commen datory of the men! aud utility of said machine. ii<- iileincii wishing to examine the machine, or witness Uw operation, aie n |<wl to call on 9. K. Comstock. No ItT Water street, where they can obtain every neenatary informa tion. MILO LEE, Reading, Conn., General Agent. WILLI AM NlBOOf). J CHARLES ( ROFKfcT, J Propn?ora au9 3t*m MILO LEE, 7 FOR SALE?The loase for eight years of one of the most desirable locutions in Nrw York for a Porter Hows* or Grocery, or both combined. The house has been going' a good business as a Porter House for the last twenty Tears, erw the proprietor is only desirous of selling it on account of olhw business .which require* his undivided attention. To an Kiiylish or German Emigrant, wishing to embark m business in this rity, a rare opportunity i" now offered. For further particulars apply at A. BRITTON, aulO iw*rc No. 13 Dey street. g"ran!) k x r, it it s 10 n to the F/k'Hf/VG RAWS, MONDAY, AUGUST 12. .M) >cP The steamboat ROBERT L STEVENS. rt-li.'i jaCai'iain It 1, Mabey. will make an eveurxion SLto the Fishing Banks on Moi day .August Jlth. Leaving I lie loot of Amos street, N. R , at 8 A. M.?Canal slmet, N. It. at ten minutes past 8 o clock?Chamber street, N. It. at 20 minutes past II o'clock?Pike street E. H. st quarter be fore 9 o'clock?and Pier No. IN R. at 9 o'clock?and rtlurn iug to I he city at a proper hour in the afternoon. Captain Yaies, who is well scquaiuted with the Fishing Grounds, will accompany ihe Ixjet. Rnfreshmenls furuishrd on hoard. A person will b? in aitmidxnee wiib lines. Bail fhrnUhsd gratis. A fim- Band of Music will accompany tie boat. Fan- for llw* b seersion, Fifty Cents, su Id 2fh PLEASANT AND CHEAP i AI I U81UN8. SU V . Ill HJINQE.If KS T. NEW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND. (BTATF.N ISLAND,) AND NEW YORK FERRY. From Pier No. I, North River, foot of Battery riace. .Uesev The Strainboat ('INDERI.I.LA, will run se Ck?- jafollows, Daily, from May 20th to Octolvr lit, aL_JaL_&. IIIG :?Leaves New York at 9 and U o'clock. A M.. at 3H.f.and 8 P. M. leaves Port Rirhmond, at 20 minutes to 3, and JO minutes to 10 A. M.; at I, (N anil 6,'a P. M. I,nave* New Brighton al 8 and 10 A. M.; at IJ4, 3 and P. M. On Sunday?leaves New York, at 9 and II A. M.; at 3, 8 and 8 P. M. I,?-.ivi? Port Kichmoud, at 20 minutes to 8 and 10 A.M; al I, .i and 7'a P. M. New 1 ork. May 18, 1811. mvlldniVrc 'Hie Susanit?.al 'I Hl?>iAh ML.hlyNO, ICapt. W. T Shullz. w ill run to the Fishing .Banks, from lier usual places, on '1 uERD A i s. 1 Vit. Amos atiret 8,S?Catharine Fer WP.DNi.8DAV8, \ry, Brooklyn, 9?Pike 0%, and Pier THURHD.VY8, and /No I, N. R., 9Q-U)urhiiig al Fort FRIDAY 9. ) Hamilton earh way. Fare ii cents each way. TO CONEY ISLAND AND FORT HAMILTON. SATURDAY AFTERNOONS?Will leave her usual Blares it 2, 2**, 2h, 2!t, and Pier No. I N R. at 1 o'clock l)N DAY 8. a-id/ Will make two trills from same 11 sees MONDAY S. 3 In ll?e Mornings, leave r>(. (X, 9, 9V, and Pier No. IN R , at 9V AfUrmoous. at 2, 2V. 2V. "V and Ui.. m.. i si u n...?? ?hi i?i ? -x- ? |] Pier No I N. R . at 3 fletuniing, w ill land al tlie s.'me | .... Fart- 12,V cents each way alO 7lis* h THE Gr!7aT~CLAM 11ARF. and FI8H CHOWDFR, under tlu- direction of Cartain Peveock ai d Nlajor Brown, will coine off on Mnndav, August 12th, at Fobintou Crusoe's Retrest, Coney 1.1 ,ud Point, and will be served up in good st>le, from I to 9 P. M. Paaaengns by tlie Hte inboat THOMAS KAI.MOND, by eiilwr trip, will arrive in una ail) 2l!sStkM*h _ LINK "of'I'ACKET SHIPS FOR NEW OK LEANS?Ilia subseril*r will ilespstch a first cl ss i hip, weekly for the above port; and great fa e will b? ire tlu- acrr nimodat ons for second cabin ai d stearage pmsseugers. titled up in tlu- most Ci-mfurtablr manner. For fur t ier pntii'iilos apply to J. Hi HUMAN null us SI South straat. FOR LONDON,?Packet of the 20th August? T lie splendid well known Packet Slop WEbTSUN iST'P.H, Captain Hovey, will tail poaitively aa aboru rewui-ir day. The accommodations of tlvis ship for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, cannot be surpassed. These wishing to secure berths should not fail (o make ewrlv application on board or m W. 4s J. T. TAPbCOlT, a I tin 7n Woiiih .I'eei eor-er r.f Y'side-- T -ne It l.lVr.Hl UIM.?New Cow.?Jvtguiuj |wcket of live 2Cth instAiX.?Tlie splendid fxst sailing packet .hip 8IDDON8, Capl Cobb, cd' 1160 tons, will poas as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having actominudatioiia unequalled for splendor or comfort, ap ply on bcard, at O'U^wl^^f ril^^ ^ Price of paaaage (100. Shiiqersnv this line may rvlv upon having Iheir goods cor rectly measured, and that the slops of this line will sail pane, tually as advertised. The splend p packet ship Shcndcn, (wpt. F A. DcDvyster, wilt sucres-d tha Siddoos and sail 38th Sap FOR NEW ORLEANS-LOUWANA AND NEW YOHK LINr..?Positively OritRagxiUr Pack rt. to nail on or Ufore the Ifitb nut ?The very last sailing new New York built Bxriue VERNON, Capsnin Kel ly, having a large portion of hirr cargo on board, will sail as shove. For freight or imnsage, having handsome furnished accommo dations, apply on board, at Orle u,s YY Imrf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO., 16 South street. Ygeiiti in New Orleans?Messrs. Mullen and Woodruff, who will promptly forwaid all goods to their address. aullm FOR LIVERP()OI. -The~?plen,liH fast' smltiw pvrket ship NEW YORK, ( apuin Cropper, will _*.Vll |?| the II,ill -,f August. mas-u*', having atiprnot arer.mmodstions. appl' to JCiHN HEKDMAN, 61 S<uih street, near Wall. N. B. Passage from Liverpool can si all nines be seemed by tie- regular pnrkrte sailing frmr, that port every five dav*. at the lowe-q rstrs, and Drafts ran, a.v nvual, be famished for any iimouul. payable at all the principal i>anka ant) their hrancbaa throughout Englat.d. Ireland. Xe .ilir.d and Wale*, on applies linn at tlxive. aullm FOR LONDON?Packet of the 20th or August - Tie splendid packet ship WESTMINSTER, Capt. .Hove), will sail 6>r London as above, her regular day Imsioiiiv -I securing berths will reouiiv to make early application to JOHN 1IERDMAN, 61 South "treet. N. B ? ravsage from Liverpool and London con at all times Iw secured at tha lowest rates, hy the regular packets sailing weekly throughout the year; and drafts can as uaual be furimh ed, payable throughout Gnrat Britain and I rat and, oa appl tea II,.1 is a'wrye so Mm BI.ACh BALL OH < t|.D LINE Ob LlVEK POOI. P.MKETS?FOR LIVERPOOL?Owly regular Parker sailing on the 16th of August ?1 he beautiful parket ship NEW YORK, burthen .830 tons, Thomas B. Oro| |*r, Commander, and will sail poeilieaif on bridsy, 16th Auguv, her regulvt day It is will known that the arrommodations of the "New York''and all the lightships of this line, are fitted cut in a most eosilv style, with every mulern improvement and con retu rner, (hit r ninot but add to lie comfort of cabin, 2d cabiu, and sieeraye passr-nvere, Thos.- visiting the old country will, at all times, fi id it their iulep st I ? select these desirable conveyances Ml preference t-> anv otle-r. Cor terms of passage to seeare the ! e?i It-libs, eaily applientiiHi shi-uld lie made on hoard, foot of Be. kmau atimt. or to R(li HE, BROTHERS A CO.. atoll Ji Fulton stoet, i.eit door to the button Bank. NEW LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVERPOOL ? PHck'-t of 21st Anclist--Tie- splandid and favorita fc-H.k't ship 1 IV EHIllOL (H>? Urila borthsw) Cant, luridge will siil mi Wednesday, 2let Angxtal, her rsstular *f h. ships of this li IC being all 1006 tons aud upwards, persona ilsout to einluvrk f-.r '>* o ?. country, will not (ail to ?<v tin- adv.ullages to be 'Envoi Irom saWcltiig thai luie m pre fcr.- iec in any I thrr, s. tlu ir grwtl capacity randwx Uwan wan wsv more s omii'it'hie and conwiiool tlsan ships <if a imaBar ^iss and ilmr u< < .immo'hiiiotia fur cabin, saeoad cabin aud <tiv-raga fsvasoigers. it w well known am aup?n.r to those of any "the, Iinv ol I-Hckrw. Persons wishing to secura twriha should lot fail to msk" aarly applicant'm hoayl, fpoyjf^U^g Su*. Lanay up Mm