Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 12, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 12, 1844 Page 1
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- - - II ? ^ THE NEW YORK HERALD. Tol. X., No. *43?Whole No. 3?43. NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING, AUGUST 12, 1844. Prlco Two Conto. THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IS THE WORM) To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD-Duly Nivipno-vub Utlwd event day ef the yaar nnpt N?w Year's Day and Fourth of July. Trice j cents p* ropy?Of >7 20 per gungin?inwi.f l?id?cash in advenes. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday osorning?I'riae Wi cents per aepy, or $1 U par aiuiaui?pee* ogee paid, aaali ia advance. ADVERTISERS ore informed Dot the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and iuareeoiiig (net It id IA? largett oirealation of any pa/tar in lAtr etiy, or the world, and, is, therefore, lAs boot channel for business men in (As city or country. Prises moderate?cash iu advance. PRINTING of all kinds mesa led at tire most modarata Pjico, and iu tbe most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PnorurgTon or the Hcnaur Estsslisumetit, Nortliwest sorner of F ulton and Nassau slxesU. NEW LINE OF LIVERHOOL PACKETS. To sail from New York on the Xth and Liverpool ou the 11th J&L JSBL JSg? \rw JwBfcs NEW i una. Ship RQ8CIU8, Captain John Collins, 26th July. Ship SlDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 26th August. Ship SHERIDAN^ Captain K. A. D*i>ey*tnr, Xth Sept. ne n* o?. - ? - nth July. k, 11th August. . llth Sept. . _. llth Oct. first class, upwards of 1000 tons, >rk. with such improvements as . ,? ual comfort for passengers. r.rgry care Iras been taken in the arrangement of their accom ihodatinus. The price of Paasiue hence is $100, for which am ple stores will be provided. These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will moke stery eiertion to give gn oeml satisfaction. Neither the Captains or owners of tire ships will be responsi ble for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless re gular bills of laden are signed therefor. Liverpool. Letters by the Packets will be charged 123d cents per single letter, 30 cents |?r ounce, and newspapers 1 cent each. m2rc M. M m. M. ' FEW . vide. It HAVR.. irtcKETS. rjeCond Lino-rThr Ships of this Liny will liereatW leave New York ou the 1st, aad Havre ou the 16tb of each mouth, as fol lows, vis: From New York. From Ilivrt. New Ship ONEIDA, t 1st March, t 10th April, Captain < 1st July, < Ifilh August, James Funak.f 1st Norsmber, t Kith Heeemher, ?hip BALTIMORE, t HI April, ( ICtb May, Captoiu \ 1st August, < ICtb SspUmbar, Edward Funck, ( 1st December, f IGtlr January, Ship UT1CA, tU( m*T. S >th J?"*i Captain, { 1st September, ? iilh Oclebar, 1 rederick Hewitt, ( 1st Jauuary ( 16th February, NewlbipSt. NICHOLAS t 1st June. t Mith July, Captoiu < 1st Ostober, 16th November, J. B. Bell, ( lot February, ( 16th Marsh. TV accommodations of tlrese ships art not surpassed, com ? biniug all that may be required for comfort. Tlw price of cabin passage is $100. Passengers will be supplied with every rsqii aite, with Uir exception of wines and liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will Iw forwsrdee by the sub scribers, free from any oilier than the expanses actually matured ou them, r or freight or passage, agply to _ BOYD 4 mNCKEN. Agents. Jet3 ec No. 0 Tontine Buildings, cor. Wall and Water sts. Htk NEW LIN r. OF Ll V Jc-ttl'UGL CAt Iva-in. SM tt from New t ark on the list, and from Livarpoo each mouth .? From .Veto York. New ShipllVE^hOL, 1130, Jj *? mUSSVEEE!ra'- fs | ?* "" -ifli sr.s Three substantial, faat sailing, first class Ships, all buih in tire City, of New York, are commanded by tnen of experience j and ability, and will be despotclied punctually on the 21st of | neb month. Their Cabins are elegant sod commodious, and are famished with wlmteger can conduce to the eaee end comfort of passen gers. Neititer the Captains Or owners of those Bhi|it wtU he resjvnr silile for any parcels or iwekrwss sent by tliem, unless regular bills of lading ore signed therefor. For freight or passage, applv to WOfiDHl'LL A MINTURN8, 67 South street, New York, or* F1ELDEN, BROTHERS, A CO., jlf ec Liveri?ool. E FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. THE itunt n BALL GiiTIuO LINE Wr LIVERHOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th and 10th of every mopth.] Persons wishing to sand te the Old Cotlntry for their friends con moke tbe necessary arrangements with tbe Subscribers, and have litem come out in thie superior Line of Hackees, Soiling from Liverpool punctually en the 7th end 19th of every meuth. Titer will alio have a first rate doss of American trading ships, sailing every tlx days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of the firm, (Mr. James I. Roche,) is there, to cat that they shell be forwarded with eaie and das Should the jwrties agtwd for, not com* out, the money will 'Jrtor|if" ?<> Vxwe who raid it here, without any reduction. ..'J??,.Slack Ball or Old Line of Livepool rackets, ctrmprisa the following msguiticent Ships, V|X.J? Tbe NEW YORK. |?D. ' sffiY&SflfeV with tach superior aad aneqaalkd arr%ng*m*nu, th* inb ?crtbm cpondaaitlY look forward for a continuance of that rap port which hat beau aitaudcd to them ?o many yean, for which thay are grateful. Thorn j>roceedin ' Bankara, 1ZL. which will be paid on demand at any ef the Banks, or their Snd'scotl" d" d*Waint''>*' tOWn* t^rou'^oul England, Ire *? ROCHE, BROTHERS A CO. 33 Fulton street. New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets soil from this port for Liverpool ou the 1st and I'Jtb of each 19011th. Parties return ing to (he Old Couiiwy will find it to their comfort and advan tage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in prefer Sltir* In s .< oilier OLdJ Llftli LlVfcrtYUOL, YACKlbiS. M M. tfk 111^ old Lino 01 l eawvu for Livupwi mil heceolver ue or snelrhed in tiro following urder, ancw'ting that when the sailing day falls ou Suudoy, lha ships will sail ou lbs ancoasdiag day, _1_ . ?r? * ? root IdV g T' """?I ? ???!?'? H III MU W UNIIBMUIIt wy, 5J-From Now York. From tdvorpool. Tba_ CAMBRIDGE, ^June 1 July M (XjO guts. Til, BWOiyiWD,'C' xu.oiru"!^'1 ^ Nil tons, < Nov. 1 J. Rothbono, ( March 1 Tlw MONTEZUMA, vJu|y 18 ?, . t Nov. a A. B. Lowber,( March 16 TbeJIUROPE, t Aug. 1 618 tons. < Ilea. 1 E G. Furher. t April 1 Tho-NSW YORK, (hew,) t Aug! lg 0M tons. < Dec. 16 700.1OHO, < Jan. 1 O. A. Cab, ( May 1 Tko YORKSHIRE, (uow,) s Sept. IB MM urns. < Jau. M March I D. G. Bailey. (May M July 1 Those Shipe ore eat surpassed iu jeJint of elsgance or oumlsrl In their cabin accommodations, or io thair fast sailing qualibm by any vassela ur tlw Urn da. The ao ur menders are well known as men of chormelwr aid cxiierumca, and the strictest attention will always be paid to promote gtv comfort and coiivenrenor of passengers. , Hu ^isIht, as regards the day of sailtug, will ha observed ss ?UP11'. ?i.|e prite of isuvege outward is now fixed at One Handred uollm, fur whith ample stores of every description, will In provided, with ihe oxaeption of wines and liquota, which wil be Inruislied by the Stewards, if reiaired. Neither the captain or owners of those Ships will ho reepon slble for spy bttfre. parrels, or imrksgns sent by there aoleee regular bills of lading are wgnnd threefar. Far freight or pna apply to JMrf and of .IH/UINGKMKNTS FOR 1644. to,OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OP7ICE. 1 **" ?" ?' r of South. coppmod nut the rear. For the accommodation of perenns wishing to remit money to their familita or friends, drafts are given, payable at signt, on the following Bonks, vix.> ... Provincial Rank of Ireland, payable at ' VSn9>e.' Clonmel, Londonderry, Bhgn. Wexford, Helfaat, Water ford, g?l?*r. Athloins folersin. Balling . Yoiwhal, Fmnishil\en, vT n TJij YreMthaT, kiini ski lien, Monsghsn^ Bsinbridge, Rslfy mens, Pannnstown Downietnck, Cavan, Uifao, Omngh, gS"' M- ?sssr uWe*"'1' W "a?""* fcl; . FOR HAVRE?The tujwri or compared and cuppsr I'iiUukI French barque I. IN L A, Captain Gervaia, I a til >ail uh or abvul the ?oUj iiutuiil. f ur freight w pa*a.ig?apply u> BOYD A fllNCKKN, su'jic So. 9 Toutina Building, cor Well sod Water u. PACKET FOR n A VR E?{Second Line)?'n?- chip . L'TlCA, Frederick Hewitt, Master, will Mil on tlie ? l?t of September, or I might or passage, ipply to. BO VII A HINCKEN, No.?Tontine care Building, comer Wall and Water streets. ilftAk . ijJfK TOW N, or a Port ou West Coast of Afnca.? The fine new BriUsh Brig NILE, Adam JMMbl master, 330 tous burtlwin, will proceed aa abeve, with iniiiii'diate deepaten, if a cargo offers. Apply to tho Capuin, " jvtt nc IT7 South street. Y UK N(. I? UKLLA5^?I* tret lUvul ir Packet.? Tlie ??ry superior, fast mailing pp-lcel ship VVA BASI1, i sawaiu Bhaptar. Persons wishing la embark for the sou Us, snoiud make early application to JOSEPH Me.WL'RRAY, ? 100 I'ine street, oomar of South. V> ? ?fC0IniB0J 'tl0"* lor passwigws are very superior, and berths ctn be secured by apply jug as aboee. aujrr 0>^li \>'OE UN_ C N G L A N D ~ 1R KLAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES.-! lie Subscribe has __r_it sll timas for sale Drafts front ?1 to ?1000, payable at ail Use principal Ban kins liisaitiuious throughout tlie United Kuigdom. JOHN [I ERDM ANV61 South it. , N. 11. Passage to and from Liverpool can be secured at 'lie I above! CNION LINE OK PACKE'ltt-EUR NEW is.u. I aasage to and Irom Lirerpool can be secured lowest rates by any of the Hue of packets selling on tlie Is litis, IClh, list and Wth of each mouth, ou application as i -JHL2 KjfVORLEAN8?To sail positively on or before 20th of ?Kb Yuguit?The splendid picket snip INDIANA, Copt. J. is. ik .sett, will positively sail as above. The arcominod itious for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers are very surwrior, and persons wishing to embark, should make early application on board, el Murray's wharf, foot of Wall street, or to JOSEPH Mc.MURRAY, 100 Pine street, eg corner of South. T^SSAO Ej rOR'N K{WORLEANA-/int Perm ' *?J- ft UNITED LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS Packet Of the l]th August?The splendid fast nailing iPacket ship EuTAW, Capt. Thompson, will sail posmieiy as aboee, her regular day. She has accommodation!, for Cabin, Second Cabin end Steer* in Passengers uiiser|w?sed both for comfort and convenience T nor* aboilt pnweKli.ig to the old country will do well to se lect this l'm? snip. To secure berths, early application should be made ou board, fool of Dover street, or to W.A J.T.TAP8COTT. aultlh . 76 Mouth at, cot. Maiden lane. for Liverpool.?The splendid fast tailing packet ship NEW \OIlK, Captain Cropper, will i nil on the 16th of August, g. rui pude'tge. having superior accommodations, apply to jdll.N HEKDMAN, CI South street, near Wall. N. P. Passage from Liverpool can at all timee be aecuied by the regulnr packets tailing from that port every five days, at the low est rates, and Drafts can, as usual, be furnished for any amount, payable at all tnb principal baulu and their brancliee throughout England, Ireland, Sei dland end Wains, on aptdica tion aa above. aullm KOR~LIV ERPOOX?New Line-KeuuUr Packet of 16th August?The splendid, fast sailing Packet .Shin BIDDONS, Captain Cobb, of 11W tons, will san a. auove, bar regular day. Kor freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or eomfort, apply on board at Orleeue wharf, foot of Well sueet, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO, 36 South streuc Price of 1'asaage, $ W0. Tlie Pieket Slop SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. De Peystar, will succeed the Biddons, and sail i86th Sept. jyiOrc giBt- KOR LIVERPOOL.?New Line.-H*gular packet KCMrVof the 86tli uutairt.?The splendid fast sailing picket jfifiiSediip SIDDONB, Capt Cobb, of 1100 tons, willpoai tiveiy snl as above, ber regular day. Kor freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or eomfort, ap ply on beard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. OOLLINS it CO, 36 South st. Price of passage $100. Shipper* by this line may rely upon liaving I heir goods eor nelly measured, and that the ships of this line will sail pone iually as advertised. The vplendip puckeit ship Sheridan, Capt. f. A. DeDeyster, will succeed the Biddons and sail 06th Hep leather au4 KOR NEW ORLEANS?liouisiana and New York Line?Positively Bret regular Packet?To sail ilOth inst., the very fast sailing uew New York bnih Oai^iuv v ERNON, Capt. Kelly, will i>esitivety sail as above. Kor freight or passage, having very handsome Airaished ae cominodations, a|>ply ou board at Orleans' wharf, foot ef Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It Co, M South st. Positively no goads received after Thnrsday evening, 13th inst. Agents in New Orleans, Messrs Hulliu It Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods lo thair address. Hhippsrs by this fine may rely uihwi having their goods correctly measured, and that the ships of this line will sail punctually as advertised. '1 he packet ship tsKNESBEK, Cept. Minot, will sncceed the Vcmon, and aai! 6th Sept. Aug 4 ec FOR BATH, OAKD1NER AND HALLOVt ELL. sdl The new sleeiner PENOBSCOT. Captain ^L??aOL.r, ,JS N. Kimball, leave* tlie and of T wharf, Boston, 3HajeeaJKaZ-< very Tuesday and Friday evenings, at ? o clot's. Sug? will be in readiness on her arrival at the above place*, to Convey passengers to the neighboring towns. jel3 3m*rc SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. A'EHjtUK AJi NEW YORK. FAKE ONLY V4i > ENTH THE NEW AND 8WIKT 8TEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OAF FT. .Mfl i?ii On and after Monday. May 13, will run as A TTU - la follows :? lowve Ne wark, foot of Centre sL at sir A VI. and lk P. M. lwave New York, foot ol baiclay st. at 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. On Sundays?Leave Newark at 8 A. M. and 2 P. M. and New York at 10 A. M. and ? P. M. Freight carried at very ictsonable rates. Mac lOtli. 1611. enSrc NEW Y ORE, AEBaW ? AND TROY Bi EAMBOAl' LINE. .MM 0* K?R ALBANY AND TROY.-Morning ffl. , TlH.^e Line from <l>a foot of Barclay street, lauding 3CssselK3K?at intermediate places. i he Steamer E.dPIRE, Capuin S. IL Roe, Monday, Wednee day and Kridny Morning at 7 o'clock. The Steamer TROY, Captain A. Oorhnm, Tuesday, Thurs day and Saturday Morning, at 7 o'clock. Evening Line from the foot of f'ourtlandt street, direct. Tlie Bteaov-r BYVALLOW, Captain A. McLean, Monday, Wednesday and Kridnv Evening, at 7 o'clock. The Steamer ALBANY, Captain R. B. Mary, Tuesday, Thursday nod Setuiday Evening, at 7 oYlock. The Bouts of this Line, owing to (heii light draught of wa ter, are able at all times to peas the bars, and reach Albany end Troy in ample time to take the morning train of ear* for the east or wast. For passage or Height, apply ou board, or at the offices en the wharves. ml'rre FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Roval Mail Steamers CALF.DONIA auid ACADIA,, will leave Bosloa, for the above ports, as follows, vis :? CaLedONIA Friday, Aug. K. ACADIA Sunday, Sept. 1. Passage to Livenaol $128. Passage to HiIimi .. .. .1 20. Apply to D. BHIOHAM. Jr., Agent, aulQrc 3 Wall street. BRITISH AND"NORTH^AMEjUlLiN ROYAL MAIL Of 1260 tone and 446 horse power each.? Under ooutract with the Lords of the Ad ,. ? , miralty. HIBsJtNJAi Captain Alexamler Ryria. CALEDONIA Cuptaiu Edward G. loHU A( AJllAj. Capuin William Harrison. BRITANN IA Csruin liewitt. CAMBRIA, ..... ..Captain C. H. E. Jadkins. Will veil fmm Liverpool and Boston, via. H-ullai, as follows! From Boatou. From Liverpool. Caledonia, La>U August Kth. ? tela.. &. Those visuals carry etparienced surgeon*, and am supplied with Life Boats. For freight or paaaag*. eptdy J? II. DlilUnAin. JVD.. AfMI, ami re No. 1 Wall street. 1844.] THE NEW STEAYIBUAT [1844. KMPIKK. CAPTAIN D. HOWE, Will Uava BUFFALO for CHICAGO, on KRIDA Y, 23d of Angust, at 7 P. M., and lieribrm lur tnps regularly duruig tlia sea son, as follows ?? UP. DOWN. . t an as Hi rr.Lo. Leaves t hicaoo. Friday Aug. 23,... at 7 P. M. ! 9utnrday, Aug.23.. . at 9 A- M Saturday. Sep. 7,... at do Mouday, " a... at do Tutwlay, Oct. 8... at da Wednesday, " a... at do Thursday, Nov.7... at do Mouday, Sept. 16... at do Tuesday, Oct. I... at do Wedoaaday, " 16... at do Thursday " 31.. . at do muNir,aui.i...ii ??" I Friday, Nov. do T)w E Ml'IRE la 3H0 feat in Ir.iglh, 39 feet 8 mchaa lasnn, 14 feat 2 inciew Imld, im-asui nig 12V tons, and is tlie largest staaiii I mat aflrat in inlauu waters. Kngiue 600 horsepower, boiler* ?TDvibed with Evan's Patent Safety Valvea, to prevent the possi bility of ail atplotiou. The ( ebtu is 230 feet long, with sepvata Saloons for Ladies and Gentlemen?spacious State Roomseitend the whole length. mirilnOal by doors opening from the inside and out, and alt Rrts of the boat are fiuislwd and famished in n style unequalled any other in the werld. Amide aecommodntioiu for Huvr age Passengers, In four large well eentilawd Cabins, one of which is appropriated ndnsivrly to females. 1 be bout it provided with a good band of music. Wilbiiss, Megan It CO., Boffaln, i H. Norton A Co.. Chicago, / Agents. J. N. Ei HiRT, Detrqst. _ > b. n. bJLrnet, k CO., August I, HM4. Clevefaod. anitouv Ire 8TATBN ISLAND FERRY. , FOOT OF WHITEHALL The Boats wi|l ^nni^as f<jl)ows unfiMfurthe* notice t? 'lW^Ii T. 8. 9, 10, II, A. M-t 1, I, 3, 4. 4, 6, l'i, P. M. _ _ On Sundays, every hour, from 8 A. M. to7P- M-?1 T- M. accepted. FORT HAMILTON AND NEW YORK. Leave New York. 6 A. M.i 3?P. M. " Fort Hamilton 7R If. M.; 4H P- M. C LIFT^ A^lT.^f'1^'YORK. Leaves JNaw York' 6 A. M.j 2 and 3?P. \f " Clifton, 7M A. M.;3? and JW (Hsindavs encepled.) LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD THROUGH TO ROM TON BY HA ? LIGHT. Passengers must be at the Smith retry, font of Whitehall ?t., mny be prcicurwi. Tlie Train leavae^ the Depot at Brooklyn, precisely at B o'. clock, A.M., lor Gremiport, from whence paasengi rs will be taken to Stonlngton. r,n Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; and U) the Norwich Rail Road Depot, on Tuesdays, Thurs days and Saturdays. fe'VStTKAk'efrife.""""?"' - THE NATIVE AMERICAN PRESS. The Yellow Flower aod Native BIwmdl " Wl''" wtnhe nil Rome Howl " Vut-. I -No. I J t', Am. 1U IFhic. I cti?T. PROPfcOTUS FOU THK i'UBMCATION OF A MW StMI-WBKRLY PAPCk, ENTITLED 'I HI YELLOW FLOWER AND NATIVE BLOSSOM, DIVOf. p to THE Oi<DU I F THK N ATIVII AMBUQANA AND SrHK.XLT OFFOSKD TO THK BUOHrtNO AND WITHKK1NB IN f KRFKHKNl'K OF THK riFK OF *r?)NS W ri1 ?E ANI> INSTITV The first number at a newspaper ia not unlike J".* 600,1; tbe read<?r ,ak(,a ?' "P. *"d m % * ,co.n,a"t''? fltncea his eyes at once i^m." ? " toead, prospectus?he reads, iln L. ?k * crtticiees, arid nine nfnee out of .h?' .,browa " a*,dc with ??pshaw! We like ible a * <V'grce.of a?,lr" buhly commend 1Vminln . oU^r? "?al0BtBUc.k * late, we ate de termined to d.hue our position" In ihe first 0 ace we shall advocate the great national Re,,ub lican principles which are to be carried out by the Nstive /ini. Meau Party This we shall do boldly and f. ailessly, and while we resjiect the religious ?'Pl.nons of all, we shall incontinently oppose that which recognizes the Papal power ezercumg ?, influence in th.s country, while holding its 0?urt <!? iv? ?mc. However Strenuously the advocates for ?? foreign mote \h^yn^"7 khl8 and anenipt 10 prove that no such power e*ms?our object and course will be to expose their Jesuitical endeavors ln'l!aPirtee.h a mighty ch?in thai r.ih, i.?? j?n5 hundred and sixty millions ol wh?dt T 6 ,D,*ud??d ?o encircle the itoa mU nr L An,r,^H mu"1 be cut "ff fr??n this iron role, or cease to be a nation 01 Ireemen ! We look upon the public press as ihe great lever to ra M'Cieiy to a moral standard. We view it .tT J 1 n!.of ouriighie, not as the 11 edium 1il personality, abuse, faiaehoi d, and nieudatiiy! We look upon it as a beautious lake, whose wster. are chrysialized by puniy . f thought, and moralm :Lu"rrin,; *h<,n Col,vr,ud l,y ??I*n.enial accumulations into a raging sea, we look upoft it at unionster w hose powsr is lar greater, and more daigerousiban that which has been atuibuucLto ?ioef"kP* u' lht' hyd"?*h?aded monster ol Rome, ouch being the character, or at least our opinion ol it,our readers must be prepared for an independent of "i1 ,Wp*rJ We shall be the sdvoct. s of virtue, not the panders of vice. We shall ex pose all humbugs, and will not shield the rogue dressed in broadcloth, and expose the poor wretch wiio begs lor a loaf1 of bread. Our course to be just, must be independent; to preserve the purity ol iheprese we must be steanfaa ; and if in ihe eier achirn a is*ocJJ,'on" we can point a moral and servme " at leaM "doI,e lbe *la'*a?"* in^w^i'Vhli-'t>UrS H Kreat work ' an unde*rtak ing which deserves our most ardent consideiation. Many people labor under the impresMon that we intend to persecute foreigners; now this is a mts Ll.V.tT68* 1 i? Prwl?'ct our institutions?to ?iv?n ?r ^rCuaDd unst?"ned they were first we u? . ) fve n?to*tred to foreigners, bnt we are jealous of our btrihrighta; we fear that should naturalized citizens ever obtain a supremacy their first love: or seek to establish on the free soil rod! P*ople the sceptred King, against whose rude oppressive hand it it our duty to war. ur country was bought and paid lor! Aye hlooteVh. Acres u,>on acres have drank the blood of those who made the purchase, and it cries alond from the earth, "Children protect yow fiuihr- thne fld* n"der whichywe ,o??i . already has an attempt?a held, ?hS Jw aJi bre5 ,r,ade lo ,ra"'I?l?? underfoot the glorious "stare and stripes" which led our lore fathers 011 to victory, and whieli should wave in In.d rV*r,u nd asLn winds IUr? Uhe ,ee,lJ 4' 811 th" '^onarchta rZZlT'u* ?f ,h^ ear,h- 11 ,"bouId <he rope ol Rome, whose minions were the first to k?Uruflj?',b*< neuher he ,,,'r r<! ki!L hi?* ' "y ld commands, and kneel to kiss his lect, are , ure enough either in soul or gn,LTn l? tOUCh "-n,Ucl1 10 huri ? to ihe olicVrhnreht?r?^nb'; roligi0n-the ,lftm*n Cath ne . k Tay w''" en".,,gh : hundreds ol ho "1?"'??!l,,ng 10 11?nattve as well as many adopted citizens worship in that church, and they are ornamriita 10 society; but who were they who so basely attacked a meeting of >aiive American^ rathnli!lngil2in Ma,y ,aM 1 Th*'y werc b oman Catholics, IriHH Cdti.elica?nen of no rdocati o,nor Church nMl '.h "'k al,d wh> 1 0,d,*r of 'to*ir rf it . m. ,k VHC' niandate of the Pope J .L??fk y are.. Protoihited from receiving edu catmn, they are born and nuiaed in ignorance; With Ihe very milk which they otaw f? m ihei^ iriother s breast, jhey inhale a eon of fau,,t cian. nii.!i?7i>W?L '^r a? <bey adva,,fie in years, and fred .? 11 ^C,'nat*? fifmer until it wazes into ha tred to all who do not believe as they do. Who will dare deny this! Not even the defenders ol bk!* 1hl a,'k" 'toemselves?the seekers of oflite lahorT.k iT,r ,00l8?and tn return tor their labors they place them into offices. "Ah' bui " Um. I,h,k,r7der' brJon'y make them watchn.e;, lamplighu rs, etc., and no one cares tor these." Ad mit this, they are but watchmen, lamplighters, etc., and why are they nothing morel dimply because they are fii for nothing ejee. They have a..t ihe lo'ihTe".*"^ '.V b-PC?P,e any thing bevond thai. In 1 his respect allusion ia made only to the "lower hieVm Can toold no office, they can only educedC1!i*rl1" 1 y KfJ,,ry V and ,h-y a'"ne .re educated-Uiry done enjoy -the bensfiisof books ... ' ytl' be#,dr,? th*-y enjoy all the advau lagea their educait?n g|.e- them over the numbers of their congregations, b. th male and lemale Mow ia it right that the simple residence of five yfara *m!"ig ua ot auch a people should en ii|e them to all the privileges of a native born citizen 1 Are these men, born under the weighty hand of oppreston, imbibing at their very birth, either the notions of aitstocr?cy, or ihe subjugation of slaves, capable of legist..ting for a jieople born free and living free 1 No! no! They are dangerous: if I u *i-'* monarch of their native land, they love the King who prescribe a their religion, who ; h. '"i u? 1B ,gnorailce- Ay, they would "kiss I k!Lr.k lbMJ- 6m",7 when men kneel to kits the bi4t toe of a Mao, they will follow hi* his dictation to the death. Will they not 1 1 .Dii 5"* '-cta ?od *'f?ment?-;if so they may be called, are rather short and inefficient, yet ibey | Cive our friends cause for reflection, and us I n I 'T . cu"v,nce 'tocm; the spuce ullotted is but short, they have to do. Tha render can enlarge on them?he can pick them out one by one and Weigh them well, and find that his decision will be I ri?,,t- American tCRlBC. . AnHt*ue Ho!,al?d. a ciergymRD named John de Backer, scarcely ?7 years old, alter many loug and vexRtioua exanunauonc by ihe papistical inqui si era. mented the crown ol martyrdom, the i steady good sense and piety which appeared in the j mail during his imprisonment, and his uncommon 1 faith and patteace in the midit of the flames would have disaimed the disposition to be cruel in | the breast ol any of er than a set ol demona. The thar^es brought against him werri 1. That he had spoken lightly of Papal indul gences. 2. That he had neglected to celebrate mui.&. 0 i hat he had married a wife. At his trial ihe president used some expressions too indecent to be mentioned, and in particular "he wished." he said, "the poor ntm had lived with ten harlots rather than he should have married and gives ther court all the trouble." ' This was the history of priestcraft in the 16th century; has it improved sincel Wk Asa?If a Roman Catholic cannot obtain from his priest, for s trifle of money, a dispensation front performing any contract entered into with a Protestant, apart from things connected with or belonging to the churchl and from the perform ance of which the church could not poasiblv re ceive any damagel I Does not this question involve the power granted to the priest by a canon of the church, wherein it ia expressly declared, " that every oath ot contract by which a Roman Catholic is bound to a Protes tant, can he rendered null and void, if it so seem fit to the Po|w or priest 1" II then the Protastant have no better way of ma king the Roman Catholic adhere to his plighted ?ailh, than the conscience of the latter, he niav be almost certain of being deceived. Cobbet somewhere tells a story of a Cornish knave, who before taking a false oath, which he "Min the habit of doing, was accustomed before Homg to give his evidence, to promise himself that ie wonltTswear falsely that day. Was this Cornish, kuave a Roman Catholic or did he set so by the advice of the prieait It |?oka wr.y like a Jesuitical praak?aa did Bishop Hughes anonymous letter?and Priest'a Dona lemonade, crackers, gnna, gunpowder, etc. Tub Yellow Flower. ?Flower* bloom in other lands as Irt-rh and lair as ours, but oot so free; their fragrance here la more rich, and ascends io heaven through an atmosphere purified by free dom'* breath! We like the name of our paper, it iv full ai meaning, and conveya to Ine reader more than a column of argument. The poet nay*, "arose by any other name would smell aaaweei!" Not so hi our case, the Native Blossom stands alone, and line the Banyan tree, will lake root and inoculate all the ear h. The Comino Election.?We look upon ihe com ing content as one o| a most extraordinary cha racter ^The Native American party against fic tions, promiscuously huddled together. Factions cotni osed o| traitor* to the land, leagued wuh fo reign hirelings?mru of no country, character, or God 1 Men who have been thrown upon our shorea in a tempest Irom all pointa 01 the compare, and whose principles are moulded lo suit Ihe wily demagogue?the prostituted politician, and the men who would seil their couutry and bible for a glass vt grog! Thia in part is the o'taracier of our opponents. Need we say what party should suc ceed"? Need we ask what will"? 5fo? The die la cast aud America will once more be tree., The Question ?To use arguments in favor of change in our Naturalization Laws with a Native born is not unlike the contest between an Aditcst and a thorough Christian?the one ta stubbornly determined not to believe, as though his soul fkrinks wiihiu him while excu.-tng hi* insane lolly the feeble attempt to sustain his infernal doc times. The other stand,, proudly up belore his God and his country, and with an ey?, .hroush wntch trie putity of his principles shine our, and makes the base pander to infidel und hellish docs mors shtinRs trout its gaze. The landol our birth is endeared to us by all the ties b. th human and divine ft ia bedewed with the tears of our mo thers, and sprinkled with the blood of our sires; we look bank proudly over the past and the bosom swells with the pleasing associations which are connected wuh us every progress from its first struggling for Ireedom up to its present glorious and tm i.ortal position, and in the contemplation we feel proud to call ourselves Americans And who are those who claim to be us good citizens'? Men whose education were under a Itionarcbial ,?ower, and wh"*e principles are allied to every hing kinglv, and inimical to those of a republican mrm of government, men whose notions of fire- j dom never went beyond the pale of digging a po- | 'atoe, und the smuggling a bottle of rum to cheat the law* of their country; men whose slavish ideas never knew change, except to advance their own interest, ana that not unfrequrtitly at the expense of the laud of their udoption ? The gradual influx of foreigners into our couuuy bus now become a matter of aerious consider .uou, so much so, that the springing up of" the Native Ameriaan party is not unlike ihe fabled Pallas,who issued froth the brain of Jupiter in lull growdt, and completely armed. The alarm produced by this inundation created (Iiih second Pallas, and like her it will have to cotiteud " for the most necessary and useful plant to mankind?Liberty." Neptune endeavored to o, poBe her, but she carried the prize, and had the hom>r of giving Atlteus the name of Cecroi?. The Native American tmrty will do the same, aud will secure to the lund of Washington a continuation of those blessings foreigners would wrest from us. Pallas invented warlike arms, chariots, spinning and weaving, and was the protrrciresa of the liberal arts; Bhe erected magnificent temples, and the owl and the co< k were her favorite birds. We have built splendid cities, reared gorgeous temples, inveuled warlike weapons, and means of defence, and although the owl and the cock are not our favorite birds, we have one the monarch of them all?the Glorious Eagle! The history of Rome furnishesa striking instances of the deplorable effects of an ii.flax of s ran gers into a country. Alter the Romans had con quered Carthage. Greece, Asia, and Gaul, Italy was presently filled with enterprising emigrants from all qaarters. Though they came, as it were, singly, and as humble suppliants, yet they, in effect conquered their cot.querors. They ibundaied all Italy. The majesty of the ancient Romans was obscured, overwhelmed, slid utterly lost in an in numerable swurm of foreigners. The evil came on by slow and imperceptible degrees, but was at last irresistible and Intnl. These were the persons generally . mplnytd in civil warn. A multitude made up of such people is ulwaye fickle, inflamma jury, ouirngenus, vindictive, and burning with am bition to level all distinctions. Beaches or the System ?Is there not a man in one of our public offices whose principles in his own country were m> inimical to the ruiiug pow ers, that when atked here recently what party he ?vaa for, innocently enough exc aimed, " Arrah by St Patrick, I'm agniimi the government." Are there not men in office appointed by the executive simply for their usefulness at elec tions, and their power and influence over a cer bin class of foreigners, whose votes and principles are ever for sale to the highest t iddrrl And in ifi* exercise of that vocation, not nnfrequentlv oppose ihe native, and rhu Id their countrymen from Un strung arm of justice! How long are these thingi^ to last*?until October next! Thunderbolts.?The arguments of the Native Americans, in defending their rights, are so many thuuberholts hurled by their Vulcan strength among heir opponents, scattering their feeble nonsense to the four winds of heaven. The Biblr ?Would priestcraft wrest the Bible '/om ui l that holy, pure and immaculate book "? Would they deprive our chi dren of its heavenly preceptal Yes, m all ages it has been their object, and the reeer.t Bulls of their Pope prove it. "Ihe Bible ia the history of the world, its great chart, the chronicle of God's doings! Tor Bible ! well do we remember our aged mother sitting beside the little table and ber night lamp, poring oyer its hallowed pages, and ever and atton raising up her dimmed eyes and dilating upon some striking pn* -age ; that picture is belore us now, and ihe base hand that would wrest it from us, and destroy this pleasing retrospective vision, should die the dea lt of a traitor to his country and bin God 1 We ex tract the following from the " Book of Curiosi ties," by James Rees, and which are now being published in >he Home Journal, where they appear tit a series of uumbers. Uuderihe head of the Bible, No. VI. in that paper of March 27, 1&J4, we find the following i? "The reading of the Bible was prohibited by "'?ry Vlll., except by these who occupied high unices in the state; a noble lady or gentleman miaht read it ia ' their garden or orchard,'or other tetired places; but men and women in the lower ranks were positively fotbidden to read it, or to have it lead to them! A Sp.ntsh writer says, that if a person should come to Ins bu>hop to ask lor leave to read me Bible, with the best inteotioo, the bishop should answer him from Matthew, cb. xx. ver. 20. ' You kuow net what ycu aek.'" ? ? ? * ? Iu India, a copy of the Bible was discover ed in the mountains, which was supposed to have hien hid there to suve it from the fury of the Ro man Church, whoee veneration and love for tbs ' Holy Book" was such that to monopolize it ail to themselves, and not onfnquently tamed a bon fire to be made ol certain wmks, and M"S. which would tend to enlighten the people, and make them acquainted with what they termed a " reuled book." The Roman Church caused all the Sync manuscript* to be drstroyed at Ihe Synod of I di atnper, near Cothen in 1509. But now it appears that the most valuable manuscripts were not de stroyed. Thus it appears that during the dark ug>a of Eu rope while rgnorance and superstition in a manner denied the scriptures to the teat ot the world, the Bible loeod an as) lum in tire mountain* ot Malaga, where it was revealed and freely read by upwards of one hundred churches. There are many old Svrie MSB., besides the Bible whteh have been well preserved. For the Synod ol Udiamjier destroyed no volumes but those which treated of religious doctrines or church su premacy. Heroic Women?The extraordinary position taken by the ladies in the eauae of Native Ameri canism is one which tn.-ures to its cause success ? In our revolution they stood firmly up and assisted with kind words, industrious charity, and useful acts, the way worn soldier in his pilgrimage to lib erty's shrine, or the martyr's tomb. Women are the angels of earth, sent from heaven to make tnen more noble, more moral, and more independent? consequently, tins Americans' "Women, dear woman, itlll the tame, Whose lips are balai and look* are flume, Whils m?n poaseaira heart* and eye*, Woman'i bright empire never diet!" The Press, an A-a am in?When an editor in his I spactty of writing for the press tells the basest falsehood* lor the punoseol imposing upon his readers, and advancing hi* cause, is in the eyes of the community, as he should be in those of the law, .t base Hssa?*in. 1,e uses weapons similar to the Ventti&n bravo?stabs in the dark,and when called up to make atonement, hides behind the "tribunal ol three," and begs for is. Bsh! Such con temptible puppies should not be permitted to touch the treadmill! We have our eyes u pott a lew po litical Mc-ribblitiff t lying hacks, und will in due time expose them and their falselioi da to the public gaze. Graveyards shall not bide tb em, and tan* sacked tombs save theni from our lash*.! Thic Fikst Foreigner !?'The first foreigner named in history was the Devil, wb-b emigrated from Hades to the Garden ot Eden, thereby bring* mg ruin and misery upon the world. In our next we shall say something about "he Or der of Jesuits, the most vindictive and' lliorouf h going opponents we poor heretics have to thiscou n tiy. We have also a new Native Song which v ill also appear. Our paper must go ahead, lior it ? vill be the only true organ of the Native party will tout fear or prejudice! Precious Documents -Twenty-nine old worn out political hack*, or foreign renegades, ha* e had the impudence to address communications to the candidates for the presidency for the purj >ose of coaxing?aye that is the word?coaxing tit# m into measures inimical to the Native America! cause, by promising them foreign votes. I he ba' iance ol power being in their hands, it is do difficu/ t matter for the offals of Eurofie to elect a prveides t. Have we not reached a fearlul epoch 1 Are we not surrounded by a set ot black-hrarf -d scoun drel*, who w?ald sell their country, if they have oue, lor a mess of pottage J > an that Amercana sleep soundly knowii g these things 1 No! Tnen slumber not?sleep not-for if we kr rt? awake Kings shall obey us, There is on rartn no poorer ius say us. Who'll be our n?xi- Mayor 1- Lei him he a good solid m?B, u man ol busiuev: ??o?e that i* ftee fri m the trammels of paity- or * uocorrupttd by the upas of the old system?a s< tusd thinker, bold and tearless in the discharge ?<f bis duly. Who i shall he be 1 We pause lor the uoni iwtuou ol ihe Native American party. Tntir de cotton will be the answer?so look out! "Orr Mit his Hat"?bo much pote Repeal ? The new Collector of the Custom tt?uue in New Orleans, Mr. Thomas Barrett, comniea ess his Irish reign by appointing Inch door keeja-r.*, und com pelling persons having business with hi m to pull uti their hats when they appeared in his Royal pre sence ! This was omt of vir Tyler's I e|>eal appoint meiits, as Mr Barren is an Iiiehman, andoi course in favor of O'C- nueil, the tranucer a?f our couuiry, und opposed to every thing Native!except the pock etiiiK Nmiivh Dnllurfa* eltng Native Dollars! Our ^hest.?Is a perfect Natfve Flag - full o* Stars sod s tripes for out foes, if ?>ur li tends wish us to succeed?their patronage is all we ask?we are modest?verv ! Priest Dunn!?The statement of this gentleman differs inaferialU fr?m that made by adozen honest truth telling citizens. When will the mysiery about the guns, cheese, lemonade und crackers be cleared upl We hate mysteries, although they form a part of the ceremony of tike Itmnish Chursh Dr. Moriariy has gone to Irel sod?proper place for him. His intolerant zeal in the cause ot his master the Pone, whose high behests he has sworn to observe and to whose ailegiancV he is bound by the most solemn oaths, has causecr much if not all the riots, and disturbances we have had in this un fortunate city. A tremendous Mass Meeting of the Native Ame ricans of the Northern Linerttes was held ul the corner of Second and Brown streets, (Fifth Ward,) on Thursday evening. Not less than eight thousand persons were on the ground. It is . curious tact that the recent Bull of thr Pope was dated on the same day as that which witnessed the destruction ot st. AiiRustiuc and 3t Michael's Churches, vizt May 8, 1844. Arrivals at Saratoga.?The daily arrivals in this villwge by Railroad tor the last Ave days have been a* follows Auguat 8 341 637 ? 114 Auguita.. . . 434 " ? MO " 7 8u7 437 Total. . ;..127H Court for tue Correction of Errors? Buf falo, Aug. 9.?Present?benuior Foster presiding* .Initios Beardsley and 32 Monitors. Cause No 6?Anne Powell and al. appellant! vi Martha Murray and al. rei pondents. Decteeof affirmance heretofore entered set nide Motion made by appellant to strike this cause iiom calendar and remit the same to I ho Chancellor for relea sing Mr. O Mullivan was heard for the motion Mr. J L. Mason and Mr. Qeo Wood were heaid against the Li 17 . "=?? ?h?iii?i ine motion; motion granted without costs. No O-Hall vs. Gird and ai. Mr Justice Betrdsley delivered a written . .? . ' -.-..vw -V-uciivmuu ? writtrn opinion in faror of affirming Hoeiiton of the Chancellor* decision of the Chancellor affirmed. Calendar called a . - ' uiiiium.u, VWGIItiai CBIICI Mcronil time. No 12- Farley va. Farley; affirmed on < fault Adjourned until Monday morning at 9 o'clock. The Kocks at Amoskeao ?The tush of water, at certain seasons of the year, over the ledge oi granite which extends nearly across the channel ot Mer rimack river at the 'nils a mile above the Mant.hestei mills, bes wrought holes in that ledge ol singular form siid which are woith an effort to see. The Merrimack At th-it place. when the stream is swollen, rushes over lb* ledgr with frightful rapidity-making a sight auud utter 'Dg < sound at once (trend and almost dealsning. Living however, evsn at the dis-ance of only eightMen miles tnerefrom. it was only the 4h of July last that we learn ed the fact that the action of the water wheu high, had there worn a multitude of revitiea of circular foim and differing in aize f. om the diameter oi a tour quart measure to that of a flour barrel. These hoies are as regklnr in form as the *p rture through which grain passes ?ndar a mill atone, ami of dvpthfrom a tew in"has to three or four leet. The question ernes, by what process were they made, and what time has b*es required tor the wotk. Ilia first ii quiry ts answered, we are told, in this wise ; that small pieces of the ledge, or smoother stones, of a few pounds weight, from the stream above, such is the power and velocity wf>h which the weter rushes down the de clivity, were long ago cariied upon different portions of 'ha ledge ; and, being lodged in positions sufficiently xe cure to guard against being washed away, end still lelt exposed to the foree ol the stream at high water, bed be?n kept in a horizontal rotary motion, until thia action through a period ot time whi.-h cannot he determined has ? fleeted tut phenomena spoken of There am many holes, and the leaser stones by which ?he cavities wire worn. He at the bottom of each cf ihe bar urea ; at rest of course, when we were there-end only to he set in mo Hon at toe nexi rise of the stn am ?AT. //amp,Aire Slut, a DMA. Shocking Railroad Accident.?A hoy aboiu 13 yesra of age, named David Graham, was run over this morning on the Baltimore Railroad, between Broad street and SMppen lane, and was so much Injured that no hopes are enterta>ned of his recovety. H? had elimbed upon the foremast car, when the Qori'ltictor toa. ing him, b. cRonrd to him to get down He went to Jurnt on, ud fell between the cir end the ore next to it Thi wheels of the latter car pa.sed over hia left thifh mm the hip, mangling it in a shocking manner.?Phil Oat Jttig. it) _ Fbom Red River.?'The planters on the Missis sippi nnd many on the Red River have for sortie da* a bean picking cotton. The second planting on the river bids lair at present, and ihe ctops look encouraging should the frosts hold off a reasonable time. Ths- water was very low above Alt xandifa though there w. re nine fret on the falls, owing io the bsck water of the Ytistii sippi. The Planter went es high up the Ouachita as Bayou Bartholomew, und found tl-a water hirxed up above the month of that bay on.?,V. O Riceyuu. .dug 3 IiRPRal IIbnt?It hash-en a mutter of surprise to many in this country how the lurge amounta of money in the shape of "Repeal Rent," ? O'Connell iri bute"end the like have b-en raised in Ireland- If the fol lowing statement in the Liverpool corresponds nre of the Boston Atlas is to be relied oa. the modus epcrandi is seal ly accounted for. The Carlow Post gives the world the secret, as the method adopted to raise funds for Repeal 1 hia Journni states that a person tab ly entered the house ot a poor man at night, while the oacupant was in his hod. and de manded the Repeal Rent. Ou declining, from inability to pay it. ha was told that if he refused to pay the shilling he would report him t ha Journal adds, that as this is a matter far tha consideration at the Government, it will he it-ported in tha proper quart, r, that the |>oor people may be protected from the nocturnal visha of Repes' extor tioners. We bare heard It intimated that many of tha Repeal "contributions" collected In this city nave bean got at mnch in the same way ? J/dvertieer. Fatal Accident ? J a me a Patterson, of Otisco, wishing te ascertain whether a gun was loaded, dinced his friend to hold buck -he persuasion lock while he bl? w into the muzzle During the 0|>eratfon the lo"k s'tppw', and Mr. T received e he.vy chsigu in his mouih and es ptred instantly.?Af. H. Herald. More Fee* than Welcome ? In tha neighbor hood of Hereford. F.nglanJ, recently, a swarm ol h?es settled under the horne t of ? littl ? girl, down tha side of her faaa, and rouud her throat. Fortunately the child sf sS ill /. ? ,1 a I. A It a.,A .. ? ?>. ? I, I m . IA L - . A ? , "v* s?ww, IVUII'I ?'? I t?sv?> ? rvtmtiainy UIQ CClllfl stood still, and the bwa were hired without her receiving a single sting. American Bull ?The Boston Poet nave: "Tha Atlas enumerates several young men in Tennessee, who, it says, will give their ma,dm votes for Mr. Clay. Goon -Uamarrlod men are taxed $1,7#, married man. $1 23. in New Jersey What a strong inducement this i. for youug men to marry?save so cents a year by H in taxes. * ' (0- There wert 834 marriages in Lowell last year. Another Illustration of the Decency of the Party Press?The Globe'* Opinion of Mr. Clay. [From the Washington Olol-e.J It is well tor Mr. C'.*y that Mr Biddle is id Ins grave; elae, in the eyes ol the ledsriil oigan, he might dispute thnae " claims to public conho. nit.' which, according to the National Intelligt-i r. r, " are based upon respect for the laws ot his <-. uu try, the morals ot his country, and tor its own t us a member of the family ot Gallons." But we think Mr Biddle could uot have successfully .on tested the palm with Mr. Cluy in any one .t these p.irticulais. There was not a single instance in wbich Mr. UiddJr put hi* foot upon ihe of t|i? country, or used his vast means to prostitute the morals ot the law makers and the cODSlltu. nt body, that Mr. Clay was not found associated with him, and vindicating, up to ihe last hour oi Ins r?ign in the nuiioiidl bank, his whole administra tion, directed to subvert, with pnblic mine, all the bltssng-t of our iwlincal inrmuttou j. Bui Mr. biddle flourished, Mr. Cl?y hus gone torwnid in the same cnierr, snd has lar outstripped bs colleague, who fell by the way. Any m?n v ho would scan the business ot th> extra si a-ion? the inlamous baig-tiuing and log-rolling, to i uichssr a way tor the bank ami bankrupt and distnbutiou ucia through Congress in d? fiance of ilie known wid ot the people, would soon ui d?-ist.inil that what Mr. Biedle wusas an unscrupulous mannym ot the board ot dtrectoia, Mr. Clay great y tun ne.-t d on tba theatre ot the Congr.wi ol t&e Uuited Slates .. The parallel holds with Meters Biddle and C.?y only in regard to their niorslit ss |uMn- tin ?> ? When private morals are in question, Mr Bid. I? a reputaiioa is made lair hy 'he contiart We have never heard that Mr. Biddle gave "his (laye nnu nights to the gaming tabesim to the biotl-et," as was publicly ch?ig. d on Mr CUy by a distinguish ed man ot the Noith, who knew him well Me never heard that Mr Biddle (. (though aveiy lusve man) sought to tuke the lives of his political nciv. r sanes wuh a pistol; yet he who t- In hi out hy it.e National Intelligencer as a n.odel tor "the tuei-da of law and Older," has never hesitated one u o inent 'O play the part ot a bully in tt.e deliberative (.alls of the nation's legtrUiuie, wheitver l.< s? p* pose.-, it would seive hts purposes lie has s!w?ya made it u point io insult ev. iy nut*gonial u bom . e supposed to be timid, whenever In found be to .1 talents to be troublesome in dthaie. 11 is tut I) ?"? r> er in the Kentucky legislstnte wes u.aihea by incessant instances ot tins sort lit be gan with Mr. Humphrey Mar.hslt, who v i,a supposed to be any thing but n banting man?threw at his heudtiu mien srssioi gt i ibe House?called mm a poltroon, ai d ihti. leugeu bun. lu Cot giess, he insulted a in. n l>? r ?rom ihe sntt-dur tin g North, by tsl'ti g J.iin that "he soiled the csrpet oil which he sto. ?t." I< > ?? bod Bartleli, ot New Hau pshne, he abused until provoked to show rest nt men t, and ihri? h?* buMu d him into submission. He challenged a Penns)Ba nian, (we believe a Quaker, certainly s noi.-et m baiam,) and backed him out. lie challenged J.>l B Randolph, (bhht.ugh ?w?ie that he had deem t a accepting ciiullengt? related!) ,) s"d f. reed l im into a duel in which he relusidto return his lite. He gasconaded in the card fulminated against tins leitcr ol George lvreiner,charging Ins baiaaiu vviin Mr. Adams ; and alter abusing the author as '* a and infamous calumniator, a daetard and a liar," and promising to hold hint respousihie to ait the lawsof honor, abandoned his high ground wh? n George Kremer showed himself hud avowed his determination to meet ihe duellist with ti e ntte. He hectored over Mr. Choate in the brume, abused Mr Smith of Comiectico*, and mare the same experiment with Colonel King; but then the spirit ol the bully quailed, as it had done twice be fore. when Geueral Jackson threw down the glove to hint at Lebanon, Kentucky, and when ( olonel Benton met his insolence in the Senate bv ? lining ! bun the hats of honor to which he was so lehdy to | call others Mr. Clay's instinct has always so truly distinguished the dangerous men wt.h whom he came in contact, that, although he has men a bravo through hie, he bus yet lacsptd without in jury, except that of a fleeh-woui.d given by the ran dom shot ol a matt who knew nothing ot iti. u r ot the pistol But it his owu duels have been aliri" el bloodless, he knows how to n.ake them tatul to others, and that, loo, when proceeding liom the moat tiivial causes,and such as could be nm*'easily reconciled. \V tineas the bloody atiair ot Graves and Cilley. , And this man, whose public life has been s con tinued scene of brawls and violeuce, and disttgatn of laws the most sacred in the eyes ?>l G? d ai.d man?the safeguards of human lile?this man, whose private mora Is had been depicted as the most depraved, by those who know him best? by those who had associated with hun in Congress, and hy others who have been ull their liven in his immediate neighborhood, and whose general re putation corroborates their statements?this man is held up aa apatlem"for thelrtendsol law and ord? r ?a personification of44 respect for the laws of the country," an cmbodimentl(t<> use the largttsgt <1 his friends) ot 44 the morals ot the country I Is there a religious or virtuous man in the patu tt v ho would be willing to make Mr Clay the intimate o' tub daughters, to indoctrinate them wuh ins iiioralsl or the inatniutor and exemplar of his sons, to teach them that code ot honor lor the held ot which he is a prolessor, or that skill at trie gaming table tor which he is still moie dlBtingunlied I it there he any such, he ought to join with t,.e . r tional Intelligencer in preferring Mr. Clay aa the exemplar ot manners and morals for the -t.oie nation, rather than ? olonel Polk, whose life has flowed on wiihout one stain on his morality to sully it; who has never violated the decotum, much lcta the l?ws of society. ConvtYANC* of Ma.i-s fob Canada from Fro land ?A short time atnee the British Government mod* to that ol ihe UkM Sinw to Lnvr tlio kngluh n?oiU lor Canada coDf?)el via B?jaion ihiMUab ? ha Cuited Htaies This having bi-en agreed to by 'b? Anm riran mluiatera, the poal oia?ter gen. rat ? n? eutioat id to make Ihe nscuaaary arrangement* lor It* lulfl t. < lit, urd 8 ?. Lvwia, Ksn ol B.aton, the agent of iheBiui.n ai.rl North American M li Weatrah?|>#, was en I y i him to which wsa th? mo?t t-amsbl* r< utc io i csrty lh?m?them being two Itnra ot r?i roada now con atructing trom Do.ton I* Butlli.gtolt, Vt. A Clofker, | K>q , President ol tb* Boaton and Fllrhl urg and A Oil I mota.K.q, Praaident ol the Bo.ton and . ot.oor.l i way a, invit.d Mr. Lewta, Capt Lott and Lieu*. An.hroie, 1 of the Caledonia, Mr. O.eene, ol the Bualou Peel OH ra, 1 Mr. maple*. Mr H M Filton. Mr. ? Belknap. Mr Hetd ' well, Mr. IV \V. Wheldon, of Bolton, and Mr. K.twatd I Wllmer, of Liverpool, to paaa over the two toada ami the post arrived in thia city yeateidaj morning > bet having paiifd ovfr tha Pitchborg toad hithar ia|??n m u aatUfactory manner. '1 ho jwrty I. ave inoiitraal 'hie mot mug, reluming by the Concord root#? w h< t. a i'| oit will b? aent to Waihlogtcn at d we way ihotll) ek|ect oor Kngliah corre?pondence lo reach o* in a mm b nn re aatiafiictory manner than hilhetto ?Afvr.lrtai OuniU, .1ug ?. Tobacco crop ?A Iricnd frttm Charlotte County. in this Biatc, informs us that *n nnusoslly s? *ei? drought hit pievailed ,n Charlotte, Halitax Pine- t J ward, l umtierlsud and in the countlei adjeiru-g 'leas, and great leera are entartam. d tor ilie com ami ub" co ciop. No rein he* lallni lor aevrral rontt.v,.nd i.| >o Baiurday Isat lh? drought .till eolith u?d. 'the .oiii crop inu-i he curtailed a had it not n oie. ..i d '* ? oi the lobsc-to Clop la very dnu dlul In large _ country ihe j laute failed or weis learioyed b) the fy. Slid the be.ta were new nowu Tbia ? l?'? P""^ Ing of Ihe crop, snd a wiiut ot tain h*? iiiciea?il llm' "t cutty Many plant# have died in th.- hill ami few |.bn ter* havefa lull crop aiai.dn g. The diought hea aiau in jured ihe tobacco that wa* planed eaily, causing it to erow light 1 he tobacco cro|>? ol the t.irre peat yeetf nave wrongh iuc.h .matter .o the ,.lant?ra and to ihe commonwealth, that we will not p. onra.uv.. to a lieve that another i? *o la- added to the dialieartemng is verae.N ol the put,?ttf/ulk Herald, ^fug. ?. Mblancsoly Occurrbncr ?We have to rernrd the death ol thrre boys by drowning, vir.:-Tlu> mai lefferaon. aged 10 years ; Frederieh 8 agist tye*is. son* of T. ? PaAter ; RBd AlUad aon ol S R> gvra. eg?d 10 years. It appears that about 0 o'clock tin* morning tba hoy a ?sra bathing la tho ConReCtkRt R.ver.near iha month Of Lilt to River Neither of Ihe three w.r. able io swim, snd one ol thorn. Fr-dench h. P ihor ite-tii g be ond hia dsp?h diaaj.peaied toneaih the mrlsce, ? h< n lila brother went to sto aasUianCe. bnt al?o went down. Alfrwl Kogors im moil tots I y endeavored to render ..s#i"t asce, and wuh ihe two lormer, anih ?? rlae n"^*?'? Two ol the ho lloa Wero recoven d abotii 11 ? cl. e* M tho other sboot two this alternoon ? W*'(/??? J Jtut V. Crevassi?The embankment nf ,h'lrve*"',tJ the planiaiioB ?.| Madame Arnauld in the l-af.'-ti I7??7i&r''0 iucraaae w?h fear tul rapidity. -.V O I'te^ >1 He.r.nx -Mr. lv?rl Douil? oi lht? town, says ,k i Lmonth (MR-* ) Kock, committed suicide, the I 'y '1"? ";)! with s rope, upon i beam in hi. own honal faet Bsturdiiy afternoon Mr Lougla.a ajaa fnrm iTv rr "dent of Msiuo. hut cam. to this town IsMisu? Z.r Inaa.iity to *ald to bo tho cauao H* oncs heloje attempted ihl* dood, but wasfmsirated In hl? de* |u ?wlfs. who cut tho rope bofors Ufa was eatiRSt B" was ?Ay nlwaysMSof ttfo.

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