Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1844 Page 3
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(Jty WONDERFUL-Many suppose that Thomas I'arr, the discoverer of Parr"* LUe Pill's (see advertisement) never lived at all, or, that the reports and statements in re gard to hit age are all a hoax. But there ia evidence to the contrary. Dr. Clark, in hit commentary on the 90th Psalm, 10th verse, under the head of " Instances of Modern Longevity," says?"Thomus Parr, ot Winnington, in Stropshire, far outlived the term as set down in the Psalm. At the age of eighty-eight he married his first wife, bv whom he had two children. At the age ol one hundred and two he fell in love with Catharine Milton,by whom he had an illegitimate child, and ior which he did penance in the church. At the age of one hundred and twenty he married a widow woman,and when he was one hundred and thirty could perform any act of husbandry lie died at the age of one hundred and fifty-two. He had seen ten Kings and (Queens of England." These Health giving Pills may be had of all respectable Druggists, and ol the Proprietors, TH08. ROBERTS & CO., 17 Fulton street. ?7-"BEWARE Of THE DESTROYER."?Use the proper medicine and you will be safe? Mr. Hamburger, whose child was nearly killed by worms, heard of Dr. Sherman's Worm Lozenges; he used one box The first dose the child took brought away ten feet oi tape worm, and two or three doses restored the child to perlect healtn. He has since then recommended them to many families in Beaver Meadow, Pa , the place of his residence, and never knew them to fail in a sigle instance in producing the desired effect. Manv physicians had attended his child, and could not benefit it, nor could they tell what ailed him. Go to Dr. Sherman's 106 Nassau street, where you will get the genuine article, or to his agents, 227 Hudson street; 188 Bowery: 77 East Broadway ? 3 Ledger Build ings, Philadelphia; and 8 state street, Boston. tKJH PRIVATE MEDICAL Alii.?The members ol the New Vork College ol Medicine and Pharmacy, in returning the public thanks for the liberal support they have received in their edorts to " suppress quackery,* I.og leave to stale that their particular attention continues tn tie directed to all diseases of a private natuie, and front the grunt improvements lately made in the pilncipal lies pitals of Europe in the treatment of (hose diseases, they ran confidently otter to persons requiring medical aid ad t autd^es not to be met with in any institution in thu country, either public or private. The' .eatment oi the College is such as to insure success in ivery case, and i* tatally different from that ueru:ciona practice oi ruining the constitution with mercury, and in most cases leaving a disease much worse than the original. One ol the mem ?ers of the College ,for many years connected with th* principal hospitals ofF.urope, attends daily for a consulta uon from A A.M. to 8 P.M. Tunna?Advice and medicine, #6 A cure guaranteed Isscortakt to CovifTBT lnvALiDi.?Persons living ic the country and not finding it convenient to attend per ?onally, car have forwarded to them a chest contain ing all mcdicim s requisite to perform a perfect cure Dy stating their case e xplicitly, together with all symptoms, time o1 contractio a and treatment received elsewhere, ii any ad onclf ,afng f A, post paid, addressed to W. 8. RICHARDSON, M.D., Agent. OiTicr aart Consulting roowe of the College, A* Nassas a re** , ffr/-THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF BAR SA /ARILLA, GENTI \N AND 8ARSAERAS,prepared P'i the New York College ol Medicine and Pharmacy, es tablished for the suppression of quackery. This refined end highly concentrated extract, possessing all the purL lying qualities and curative powers of the above herbs is confidently recommended by the College, as infinitely superior to aA extract of Sarsaporilla at present beiore the public, ana may be relied on as a certain remedy foi all diseases arising I rom an impure state of the blood, such as scrotula, sait-rheum, ringworm, blotches or pim ples, ulcers, pain in the bones or joints, nodes, cutaneous eruptions, ulcerated sore throat, or any disease arising I rom the secondary effects oi syphilis or an injudicious use or'mercury. .lofcl in single Bottles, at 76 ceuts each -M in Cases ol half-a-dozen Bottles, $3 50 " " one dozen " 6 00 1 Cases for winded to all parts of tlio Union. N. B.?A very liberal discount to wholesale parches- r? Office oi the College, A5 Nassau street. W. 8. RICHARDSON, M. I).. Agent. (O- VELPEAU'S SPECIFIC PlLL?FOR THE CURE of tjonorrhma, Gleet, and all mocupurulent discharge! from the urethra. Tn"se pills, prepared by the New Vork College of Medicin." .ind Pharmacy, established for the suppression of qciacl::-ry, may tie relied on as the most speedy and effectual ..medy for the above complaints. They are guaranteed to cure recent cases in from three t) five days, and possess a greater power over obstinate discharges and chronic gleet, than any other preparation at present known, removing the disease without confine '-ieut from business, tainting tho breath or disagreeing wltn the stomach. Price $1 per box. Sold at the Office of the College ol Pharmacy nod Me dicine.DA Nassau street. w S RICHARDSON. M D Are*! MONEY AIAUKET. Wednesday, August 14?6 P. At. Stocks are all up to-day. At the Old Board Long lsl and advanced 1} per cent; Canton, 1}; Morris Canal, J; Harlem, 2; Norwich and Worcester, 4; Stonington, 1; Reading Railroad, j; Ohio 6's, j; United StatesgBank and Illinois closed at yesterday's prices. At the New Board Long Island improved 2 per cent; Canton, lj; Norwich and Worcester, 3; Pater son,]; Farmers Trust, lj; United States Bank, j; Morris Canal, j; Mohawk, 1J. There were large sales of Norwich and Worcester at both boards. The Tremont Insurance Company oi Boston, have declared a dividend of ten per cent, payable on demand. Statement showing the condition of the Chautaugue County Bank on the lit of August, 1844. ClIAUTACQIK CoCNTY BANK. , , _. May 1844. Aug. 1814. Inc'r.. De.c>.. Loans and Discounts... .$303,810 $167,227 ? 36,583 Specie... 8,167 12,465 4,238 ? Circulation 145,268 115,475 ? 29,793 Deposits 10,913 11,992 4,019 ? This Bank has undergone a contraction in the right departments, viz. discount line and circulation. 8o far as we have received reports, the banks of the interior have reduced their movements since the returns for May. Condition of the Utica Branch Bank at Canandaigua, on the lit of August, 1844. Utica Branch Bank. , , _. May 1844. .lug. 1844. Jne'c. Drc'r. Loans and Discounts... .$239,269 $189,479 ? 49 790 Specie... 9,701 9,630 ? 66 Circulation 129,335 134,532 5,179 ? Deposits 20,444 21,779 4,535 ? This is a Branch of the Bank of Utiea, having a capi tal oi $160,000. There has been very little variation in the operations in this branch since the last report. St dement showing the exports from this port from the 1st January to Aug. 1st, of 1843 and 1844. Exports from thk Port of Nf.w York. Jnn'y. 1 to Jan. 1 to . , . , ?7ug. 1, '13. Jlus. 1 '41. /ne'e. /Jec'e. Apples barrels, 1,101 1,579 478 ? Aslies, Pots, barrels, 21.259 25,096 3,0117 ? n ?? ? !''! |' 1?" m 1.96' 3,187 ? Beel, pickled, do 13,311 39,620 26,309 ? Do. dried, cwts., 5,501 430 ? 5 151 Beeswax, cw ts, 4,1)8 3,926 ? 192 Brandy, oiiys, 10 _ _ j? Do. hair pipes, 23.1 41 ? 192 Do. quarter casks, 75 98 23 ? Butter, firkins, 32.134 15,225 ? 16,909 Cnudles, sperm, boxes, 9,597 5,5118 ? 4 009 Do. tallow, do 13,287 16,267 2,980 ' ? Cassia, mats and cases, 20,282 11,209 ? 9 013 Cheese, casks, 2,980 6,509 3,529 ? Do. boxes ^ 18,030 27,013 8,983 ? ?'lover Seed, tierces, 985 1,363 378 ? Cochineal, cnrooiis, 81 53 29 Cocoa, bags, 6,394 4,024 ? 2,370 Coffee, casks, 32 |oj 69 Do barrels, 94 312 218 _ Do. bags 12,327 29,981 17,654 ? Corn, bushels, 31,225 162,163 130,938 ? Corn meal, hogsheads, 3,767 2,500 ? 1 266 Do. barrels, 16,6J6 21,123 4,187 ? Cordage, coils, 1,115 1,559 ^21 _ Cotton, bales, 109,131 225,128 115.991 ? Dye woods, logwood, Ions, 1,258 5,385 1 127 ? Do. fustic, do 1,021 671 ? 350 Do. Nicaragua, do 1% 111 ? gj Dom e Cot'ti Goods,his (kes, 22,539 11,248 ? 11 291 Fish, Dry Cod, cwt, 18,916 21,191 5,515 ' ? Do. Mackerel, barrels, 1,943 1,360 ? 683 Do. Herrings, do 3,1.50 4,346 1,196 ? Flaxseed, tierces, 3.7RI 2,13| _ j 917 Flour, Wheat, barrels, 114,785 223,725 108,910 ' ? Wo,. Rye, do 4,359 3,256 ? 1,103 4>in, Foreign, pipes, 12 |<> _ 2 Gunpowder, kegs, 3,670 7,223 3,553 ? Hams and Baron, cwts, 3.2:16 .5,500 2,264 ? Hides, number, 44,128 27,656 ? 16 472 Hoiw, bales, 1,565 537 ? 13128 Indigo, cases, 41 37 ? 4 Do ceroous, 151 33 ? 121 l.aril, kegs, 69.161 100,0.52 30,888 ? Nails, casks, .5,092 5,151 62 ? Lum'r, sh'ks, lids & pi's.No, 9,819 21,386 14,567 ? Do. bonrds Ik planks, M ft 2,646 3,176 530 ? Do. staves and beading, M, 1,652 2,6.5.5 1,1103 ? Do. hoops, M, 616 1,474 8.58 ? Do. shingles M, 929 1,327 198 ? Naval Stores, Rosin, bbls. 44,363 70,126 26,063 ? Do. Spirits Tiirp'e, do, 1,212 1,4:19 227 ? Do. 'J ar, barrels, 22,173 16,781 ? 5,692 Do. Tiir|>eiiline, bbls, 109,093 123.601 14,508 ? Pepiier, bags, 1.1(a) 721 ? 736 Pimento, bags, 5,128 88 ? 5018 Pork, barrels 23,431 52,367 28,916 Oils, Olive, baskets, 405 917 512 Do. Linseed, gallons, T.000 9,300 2,300 Do. Whale, do 1,698,698 1,572,988 ? 125 710 Rice, tierces, 19,63.5 17,651 ? Rum, Foreign, puncheons, 1115 313 128 Do. American, barrels, 540 2,209 1,663 Hall I'etre, bags, 1,302 ? ? Sugar, while Havana, bxs, 52 12.1 71 Do. brown, do do, 2,631 621 ? 2,010 Do. Manilla, See..bags, 5,511 ? ? 5,511 Do. Muscovado, hhds, 211 (19 ? 152 Do. Refined, cwt., 520 13,665 13,115 Silks packages, 420 729 :)09 Soap, boxes, 20,907 21,113 3,536 leas, black, pounds, 21,300 112,748 56,488 Do. Hyson skin, 14,500 19,806 5,:i06 Do. Hyson Sx V Hyson, 97,020 142,679 45,659 Do. Gunpowder (k Imp 1, 129.520 71,762 ? 54,758 I qbncco, Leaf, hllds, 3,698 2,775 923 Do. bales, cases, fcc. 7,351 4,151 3 2(Vl Do. manufactured, kegs, 6,126 8,099 I <173 ' ? Whalebone, cwt, 9.093 7,114 ' ? 19flo Wheat, bushels, 12,275 36,113 23,858 ' ? Thia table show* a very great increase in many arti cles, auch as cotton, beef, pork, flour, lard, naval stores and lumber, while in many other items there has been n great tailing off. The exports from this port, this year, *0 far, compared with the some period last, have in creased but very little, compared with the immense in crease in the impofts. It lias been remarked that most of the importations of this year havo been previously paid for. This assertion cannot lie true, for hail that been the case, the shipments of specie before this would have been very large. There.has been no exportation of the precious metals until very recently. The current has only been turned a short time, and the balance ol trade in our favor for a year or two past, has not been allowed to lie idle, to ths credit of this country. We have received the specie lor it as fast as it accrued ? There has, therefore, been nothing to pay for our heavy importations, but the exports up to this time, and heavy payments now coming along, require an exportation of the precious metals. The Prince Albert, London packet ol the let, carried out $50,000, and the Toronto, paokat of the loth, nearly 1,309 $300,wo. Prime bilJi of exchange rule at 10?] a 110.? T"** '??ery good evidence of the short supply, and also ensures the exportation of specie. We are informed by a very large bill drawer, who is now selling at 9] pre mium, that a very active demand would compel him to advance his price to 10 per cent premium. Our importa tions are coming in at tha rate of from three to four mil lions of dollars per week, amounting to twelve or six teen millions per month. Our exports are not much hea vier than they were last year. How it is possible in view of these facts, to believe that specie will not go for ward, is more thau we can fathom. If the current would cease after the shipment of a few millions, the result would not be so ruinous, as we could temporarily spare that amount; but the importations have been so enormous, exceeding our exports to so great an extent, that we fear a very long and serious drain. This market is lull of fo reign manufactures. Our importers and jobbers admit that the supplies now in tho market, will more than suf fice for a very extensive, for a trade much larger than the most sanguine anticipates?notwithstanding this the stocks are daily increasing Every packet ship entering our port increases the amount ol our indebtedness hun dreds if thousands, for which our creditors can get no thing but gold and silver; that they will demand, and that demand we must satisfy. Olft Stock Exchange. ?J?.isi c* <?' !,UK .V) Lung Island K It csh 83); JJKKJ Kentucky 6s 102'"i 200 do bli 81 , 2U00 tin 102 50 do i*?l> U'li/ 1 21000 Ohio 6'j, '60 90 75 Stoaington It K H (OKI do '56 97 ^ 1.70 J? ' V 1000 Kentucky Uyf; 22A do ul 5000 IIIiuoisti < 47;?.. IIHI do 1,60 if M00 do k00 47)J 100 U 8 Bank 8* ^ w'i" ... 48,, 25 Nor k Wor 11 It b30 65 50 unsis N Ain 1 rust 13); 75 do 611; 20 Erie K R 23 135 do 64'8 10 Illinois Bank 2t)i 25 do blO 64)2 " 25 50 do b30 64) j 50 llarlem R11 73). 75 do b30 64?; 6 Bank Com, full csh 00 10 do 75 Canton Co 39 50 do 10 do 1)60 39? 50 do ?50 do 1)30 39), 50 do 200 do bl5 39 125 do 200 Long Island R tt 61 25 do 300 do H4?4 55 Phenix Bank 10 do bio 05 50 Harlem K R ,10 do iw 84X 100 Readilie R R , 100 do b30 85 00 Morris Canal | 200 do 1)60 85 Second Board. 300 Nor k Wor R R 63 100 Nor & Wor R II l>30 63?: 10 do s30 63X 10 do s;{|) 63 New Stock Exchange. I WOO Ohio 6'?,'60 csh 98 25 Erie R R ots/ | 1000 Illinois 6*s 44 100 do csh 23$ 25 alias Morris Canal b3 14)f 25 do b3 2'I-1 ?*? .i , His 75 Nor k Wor 11R 1,20 63 " 25 banners'Loan 1,30 41)2 25 do b3 Ot'f 25 Canton Co 39'J 10 do ,3 63)2 75 Mohawk It It b3 61 50 do rsli 63*' 25 Long Island It R csh 84K 50 do csh o:i'l 50 do s3 83X 50 do s'W 62$ c?!> #3* 275 do csh 63)2 21 do csh 8t 50 do b20 61 '2 50 do b3 81,X 25 do l>3 611 10 do b30 81 50 Paterson b3 80" ? Bales or Stocks?Boston, Auo. 13. Jit the Broker's Board ? 30 shares Auburn and Rochester Railroad, 106]; 60 do L Island R R, 82; Charlestown Branch Railroad, 85]; 1 do do, 86jj; 10 do Fitchburg Rail road, 109; 20 do Western R R, 2 mso.86]; 50 do do, 8 m s 0, 861; 25 do do, 86h 19 do do, 87: 6 do do, 30 ds a o 37; 35 do do 30 ds s o, 87]; 70 do do, 87]; 100 do do, 871; 25 do Norwich 8nd Worcester R R, 6 m s o, 561; 5 do Boston and Providence R R, 106]; 50 do Reading R n, 241- 25 do do, 24J; 60 do do, b 1 m, 26: 35 do do, 351; 6do State Bank, 69]; 39 do New England Worsted Ce., 106]; 1 Ha milton Manfg. Co., 106]; $10,000 U 8 Fives, 102], State of Trade. Ashes.?There is a very fair|demaad;for pots at $4 18' Pearls aro very steady at $4 43]. Exports from 1st to 13th August, pots 1605 hbls. Peails 311 do. Beeswax.?We notice sales of prime yellow northern and southern at 29 a 29]c. Cotton.?The sales to-day .are again limited, amount ing only to 400 bales, without change in price. CorFKE ?The market is rather dull for this article We quote sales of Laguay ra at 7 a 7]c. Brazil at 6 a 71 There is a sale of 4000 bags of Brazil advertised for Friday Hav.?Common qualities, North River bale, sell as wanted, at 32 a 35c. Prime is held at 40c. Whiskey.?Drudge casks are in moderate request, at 23c. Western and prison barrels are dull at 23]c Teas ?Imported in the ships John O. Coster and Nat chez. Terms-Notes at six months payable in the City of New York, to be made satisfactory to the sellers Hyson?16 chests 72] cts per lb, 81 do 70]; 17 do 682; 12 do 65]; 10 do 51], 47 boxes 53] ?' Young Hyaou-124 half chests 61; 30 do 48]; 63 do 43 34 do 42; 33 do 41]; 19 do 23]; 602 do 20; 851 do with drawn 2 Hy??n skin-16 chests 61]; 176 do 27; 636 do 23; 381 do TajH^sdSVi]3 halfche,u 8#i; 48do77Ji 49 do 77 i 8 do Gunpowder?13 hall chests 77]; 14 do 77; 37 do 76- 11 do 74; 11 do 73}. ' Souchong?10'chosts 39; 16 do 38; 110 do 37}; 46 hall do 33: 6'2 do 32}; 243 do 32; 10 do 30; 46 do 26; 161 do 244* 10aC. 163 I0.33*' 70 d0 32i 10 d" 20 J i "44 chests and 1131 halt do withdrawn. Ooolog?40 half chests 79; 83 do 56. Congou?76 half chests 29; 101 chests and 509 half do withdrawn. Cotton Trstde. There is very little doing in this staple in this or any of the Southern Markets. A lew bales of the new crop have reached market, but some little time mustlelapse before the receipts will he large enough to create much activity of business. The remnants of the old crop are slowly coming in, and by the 1st of September the re ceiptsjinay be increased a few thousand hales ; but wo hardly believe the yield will exceed 2 025,000 bales ? We annex a table showing the shipments, receipts, kc to the latest dates ' ' Exfohts of Cotton mow the United States for liiREK Ykahs Commencing Sect. I. Rrce'd Cleared from. To Ore'l U^Snt onhand v t\ i . ? Britain. France. Total. Iftjj. at date. N. Orleans, to Aug. 3, 520,733 118,065 709,262 810,625 16 382 Mobile, to Aug. 3, 204,110 53,005 269,212 466,417 3 318 Morula, to July 6 , 21,860 1,507 27,716 113,110 1 910 Georgia, to Aug. 9, 118,119 8,131 129,210 239,687 1 750 8. Carolina, to Aug.10. 135,802 36,620 179,746 298,656 12,987 N. Carolina,to Aug. 3,| ? ji? _ g57y Virginia, to July 26 , 2,330 ? 2 854 17 800 2 200 N. York, to Aug. 13, 173,380 60,370 276,Ml - 80 ?2 Oilier ports, to July C. 4,071 215 4,286 ? _ Total tp bor n ports, 1,183,464 277,916 1,598,870 2,010,870 ||8 9 Same t|me last year, 1,465,102 343,309 1,906,250 2,368,959 11.5,71 Same time year bef're, 929,838 392,273 1,144,494 1,603,658 39,41 Estimates as to the extent of the growing crop ar ? ? .? ...w *<..?ist vi xuu |tuwiug urup a plenty enough. It is rather early in the season to mal calculations as to the quantity produced, but there i every indication that the yield will be greater than evt before realized We anuix the current quatations ' this market. LivEaroOL Classification. Uplde tfrFlorida. AT Or!. ] Mohile. Inferior 6 a 63 ... 6 a 6) Ordinary 61 a M ... 6] a 6 Middling, 6] a 6] ... ej a HI Good middling. 63 a 7 ... 6 a 7 Middling loir,.. 7] a 7] ... 7 a 7 Fair 7| a 7] ... 7j a ?] Fully fair 7] a 8 ... 8j a 8 Good fair 81 a 9 ... B a 9, Fine 9] n 10 ... 10 a in. Corn Trade. This market is very inactive, and the prices of Floi are almost nominal. But for the sales lately made fc England, prices would have reached a lower point tha our present rates. We quote Genesee Flour at $4 31 Obio, $4 IH a 4 18]; Michigan, $4 12] a $4 18). Hhri Corn Meal, $12. Wheat ranges from 85 to 9*J ceiiti Southern Corn, 46] a 49 cents; Northern, 60 cents; Ryi 66 cents; Oats, 30 a .72 cents. Corn, it is seen, has d< clined a little, owing to the demand on English accoun having cease/1. Annexed is a comparative statement of the quantity c Flour and Wheat exported from Cleveland during Jul) 1943 and 1844 : 1843 1844 Bis Flour. Bit. ITht Bis Flour. Bu. Wh U. 8. Ports 104,346 185 630 70,193 68,396 Canada do 469 12,536 20,414 34 330 104.714 198,060 90,607 102,736 Here is a great tailing off to the seaboard, and a large increase to Canada, and, therefore, to England. There was no demand for Howard street Flour in Bal timore, on the 13th inst. and prices were nominally un changed. New flour was offered freely at $4, and fresh grounJ parceis| from old wheat at $3 87] The last set tlements for receipts by cars were at $3 87] far new, and $3 75 for fresh ground from old wheat Sale* City Mills Flour at $4 The supplies ot Wheat were less abundant, prices, however, were much the same as last reported, viz. 78 s 63 cents for gsed to prime, and 70 a78 cents for ordinary to good We quote white Wheats at 86 a 92 cents. Hales ol white Corn, at 40 cents, and ef yellow at 40 a 41 cents. A cargo of Pennsylvania yellow sold at 42 cents. Oats sell at 31 cents Accounts from all parts, of the Canada* represent the grain crop as good. There has been so much rain in Lower Canada that it was feared that the hay crop will barely be an average one. A practical farmer who has visited several of the districts near Quebec, state* that he has seen a large quantity ol grass rotting in the fields.? Potatoes, it was alio feared would he injured by the fre quent rains, an/1 oat* were not said to be very thriving. Oil Trade. There have been recent sale* of whale oil 'in this mar ket at 38 cent*. Bouth Hen whalebone fetches 49 cents cash. Our quotation* are 49 a 60 cent*. In New Bedford last week sixteen hundred barrels crude sperm oil were sold at 94] a 95 cents a gallon; six hundred barrel* N W C. whale oil fetched 38] cents a gallon, and thirty-two thousand lbs. South Sea whale none brought 47 a 47] rents a lb. BTIierc were imported last week at Bristol, New Bed ford, and Nantucket, 6350 bbls sperm oil; 300 bbls whale oil and 3000 lbs bone. American Manufactures. * There begins to be a little demand from the fall trade. We notice no change in prices,and probably there will be none for tho present. There is, however, a downward tendency. In July there was exported from Boston 1,825 hales do mestic goods to foreign ports and 7,863 hales in all. The Milton Manufacturing Companv's property in N Caroline, was sold last week to J B. Bnrrett, oi North Granville, N. Y , at $20,000 It is one of the best facto ries in the Union, and cost $00,000. It is said that every hand loom belonging to the Lowell mills is now in active operation, an/1 carpet hand-loom weavers were never more in demand than at present. They are now putting up in the town of Frammgham one hundied carpet hand-looms in addition to those which are now in operation. Whether the power-loom will eventually supercede the use ot the hand loom is a problem yet in the course of solution; tlxue far results do not war rant any conclusion that it will. Provision Market. la this market beef an I pork are inactive and lard and butter are in lair demand. Ohio Mesa Pork, $0 76 a $0 87}. Prime $7 63} a >8 13}. Prima Beef, $3 36 a 6 60; Meat, $6 36 a 6 82} Cheese sella at 6} cents. Ohio lard, 6(a6} Western dairy butter, 8 a 11: Orangecounty, 13} a 16 cents. 1'he prices of barrel meats in Baltimore continued on the 13th inat. the same as last quoted, and the demand was very small. We quote Western mess pork at $ 10; prime at $S; city packed mesa beef at $8 36 a >8 60; No. 1 ut $6 60 a $7, and Prime at $i Wood parcols of Bacon sell readily at former rates, ru; good to prime Western, assorted at 4} a 4} cents; sifts at 4] a 6 cents; shoulders at 3} a 4 cents, and hams at 6 a 7 eta. We note a sale of 000 good Western hams on Saturday at 6 cents Limited sales of No. 1 Western lard, in kegs, at (1} cents. Shipments of provisions to Canada and abroad are on the increase. There were exported Irom Cleveland in July in two years, the followii g in barrels of pork :? Whether. 1843. ' 1844. Increatt. U. S Ports 936 .'> 089 4,093 Canada ? 3,168 3,168 This gives a large increase, and is indicative of the in' crease in the trade in provisions throughout|the country Brighton Cattle Market. August 13. At Market, 396 Beef Cattle. 10 Working Oxen, 38 Cowa and Calves, 3400 Sheep, and 300 Swine. Prices.?Beef Cattle?Extra, $6; first quality, $4 60 a $4 76; second do, $4 a (4 36. Working Oxen?Sales noticed at $73, $73, and $89 60. Cowh and Calves?Dull Sales noticed at $33, $13, $34 60. $16, $37 60, and 1 Cow at $38 Sheep-Sales were noticed at $1 76 a $3 61} far old Sheep, and $1 61 a $3 36for Lambs. Swine?Sales brisk. Wholesale, for Sows and Barrows, 4}c. Retail, 4} a 6}c. Sho'.es, 6 a 6c., weighing about 76 lbs. each. Married, On Wednesday morning the 14th instant, by the Rev. N J. Marselui, Mr. William T. Falconer to Miss Isa bella T. Sinclair, all of this city. g|On Monday the 13th instant, by the Rev. Thomas J. Sawyer, Mr. Nathan Dresser,of this city, to Miss Adk lia A , daughter of John L'xford. Esq., ot Lee, Oneida, Co. Died, On Wednesday evening, Martha L, Slote, aged 34 years, 3 months and II dars, daughter of Daniel Biota. The relatives and friends of the lamily are respectfully requested to attend her fnneral, on this (Thursday) after noon, at 6 P. M., from her late residence No. 330 Broome, street. On Tuesday morning the 14th instant, Conrad Oavnor, aged 39 years. His remains will be conveyed to Westchester County for iuterinent, this morning at 6 o'clock, from his late re sidence corner of l.'harlea and Greenwich street. QQ- Newburgh papera pleaae copy. -J- . - . Paesensere Arrived. Para?Brip Washington s Barge?T.J da Volls, B Besbadel ma, J L lie Cumba. Grenada?Brig Star?R Alexander, T Downx. Nassau?Schr James Power?Major James Jackson, Joseph Maura. Saoua la Grande?Schr R Tomlin?Francis A Gleim, Miss A Glriin, of Matansax; Miss Amelia Ariro, Magna la Grande. Savannah?Brig Madison?W Wilson, J McBride, J Pol lock, J Longfield, J Rosing way, T Vixxard?1 in the steerage. Savannah?Brig L Baldwin?Mils II Blake, Mrx M Smith, Miss C F Newton, Col T F Foster. R Dickinson, J Andrews, James Driscoll, J W Lathrop, J \V Weeks. Cha hi.estox? Brig Emily?Miss S Loper, Miss C H Mn?e, Miss Bellinger, Miss Barry, Mrs M B McCarthy, Rev Dr R I> Baker, Miss / Solomon, Mrs Margaret Weild and child, E Moise, H Leackman, J Wymau?6 in the steerage. Foreign Importations. Para?Brig Washington's Baige?326 bx? india rubber shoes, 437 alquers colter la nuts, 2U9 bags india rubber bottles and balls, 7 bxs balsam capivi, 140 bxs anuetta, 15 bbls 64 hf do tapioca, 150 hkts do,!) logs iiguumvita, 4 tiger skins, 2 live black tigers, Allen 8i Paxson?6 bags india rubber shoes, P Guisti, of Italy? 1 box bird skins, I do cake rubber, 8 Appleton. Grenada?Brig Star?86 lihdi sugar, 57 puncheons rum B De Forest?6 casks, I box, I boiler of old copper, and 1 package old silver, A Hubbard Sico. Tampico?Schr Model?Hides and fustic to 11 Southmayd (k son?Hargous Brothers lico?Jos Fleming?A Patrullo. Martinique?Schr Galena?19 bbls tobacco C II Sand?I cask bbls tamarinds, 75 boxes bay water. At water Si Mil 1 ford?1 box indz Smith, Thurger Si co?I do 1 bale Ilowlaiid Si Aspinwall. Saoua LaGrandk?Sclir R Tomlin?117 hhds sugar Spof ford Si Tileton?98 do 38 molasses H Coit Si co?80 do Rowland Si Axpiuwall. Domestic Importations. Mobile;?Barque LaOrange?16 bales cotton Barstow 8i Po|>e ?66 Spofford, Gileston Si co?190 Halhrook, Nelson Si co?123 Bogart k Kitccland?III tierces iron Woodhouse Si Smith?22 boxes aiierm candles J Macy Si Sons?I box boots Gould Banks? 1 Bull Si Son?I trunk James Mathews. Savannah?Brig Madison?228 bales cotton J M Pmseott? 135 II C Maitland?33 H Coit Si co?I new cropBoorman, John ston Si Co. Savannah?Brig L Baldwin?Cotton to E Si It R Graves?8 Bronsnu?A G Miller?North, Manning k Patrick?Cahoone. Kinney fc co?Gowdy k Wells?W F Mott jr?A G llnt.trd Si co. Charleston?Brig Emily?1 pkg Taylor St Howe?1 do W Phillips?1 J (J Gregory?I trunk llerkenratli Si Van Damme? 30 hates mdse Wells Si Spring?15 do W Fillot?9 hf bbls pork I hhds I box Sprague, Robinson kco?18 bbls flour H Strybling ?00 do It L Maitland Si co?227 do 38 bales cotton James 8 Shapter?217 do Vietor Si Dnckwitr.?8 8 Bronton?12 Smith, Mills Si co?38 empty bbls Robt Johnson?sundry packages to order. Charleston?Ship Southport?6 hales cotton 67 tea riro Sprague Si Robinson?216 bales cotton II boxes Winstow kco? 6000 reeds E LafTan?111 bales cotton Scnermerhnrn, Banker Si co?20 brls C Hoyet?5 bags roots R Caldwell?104 bales Mas ters Markoe Si Co?100 tcs Vietor Si Duckw itz?34 bags 9 chests W J Bush?32 bxs Brown, Ogden Si c<>?10 logs 11 S Mayden? 21 bxs Parinilce Si Rogers?3 bags to order. MARITIME HERALD. Sailing Day* of the Stcnmahlpa. STEAMERS. E'HOM LIVERPOOL. ERllM AMERICA. Caledonia, Lott; Aug. 16 Acadia, Harrison Aug. 4 Sept. I G. Western, Mathews Aug. 17 . Sept. 16 Hibeniia, Ryrie Aug. 20 Sept. 16 G. Britain, Hosken Aug. 31 Sept. 28 Britannia, Hewitt Sept. 4 Oct. 1 G. Western, Matthews Oct. 12 Nov. 14 ({.Britain. Hosken Oct. 19 Nov. 14 Rhlp Masters and Agenta. We shall esteem it a favor if Captains of Vessels will give to Rorert Sii.vkt, Captaiu of our News Boats, a report of the shipping left at the |>ort whence they sailed, the vessels ?poken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign newspapers, or newx they may have. He will board them im mediately on their arrival. Agenta aud Correspondents at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Informa tion of any kind will be thankfully received, POUT OF NEW VOKK, AV(itHT 15 ?UN RISEt 5 7 I MOON SETS 7 28 ? UN PETS 6 53 | HH1H WATER 9 51 Cleared. Ships Louisiana, l)e?burst, Rio Janeiro, A. Foster 8c Hon; Verier, Hemdsteid, New London Ct. Lawrence Si Phelps.? Barque Perthshire, (Br) Simpson, ricton, NS. Barclay Ik Liv | ingston.?Bngs Leone, ( Brl Liswell, Halifax, Houle, Whitney | Si Co; Macon, Lewis, Savannah, R. M. Demill; Edwaru, Bulklev, Charleston, Dunham Ik Dimon; Kosato, Albee. do.? Schrs Byron, Smith, Philadelphia, Bunker Ik Place; Mail, Ni chols, Boston. Arrived. Ship Southport, Griffith, 7 dayi from Chsrleston.with cotton, to Geo. Bnlkley. Barque Isaliella, McKee, 12 days from St. Johns, PR. w ith 207 hhds sugar 60 eks molasses to Alsop Ik Chaiiiirey. Barque La Grange, Porter, 27 days from Mobile, w ith cotton, to Center 8i Co?17 passengers. Brig Star, Pittman, from Grenada, via St. Croix 12 days, with sugar, 8te. to B De Forest. Brig Washington's Barge, Appleton, 20 days from Para, with mdse, to Allen Ik Paxson. Brig Madison, Hoey, 7 days from Savannah, with cotton, to Stnrns k Clearinan. Brig L. Baldwin, Baxtrr, 6 days from Havsnnah, with cotton, to Dunham tk Dimon. Brig Emily, Slierwood, 6 days from Charleston, with cotton, to Dunhain Ik Dimon. British brig An-thusa, Lenerton, 15 days from Windsor, NS. with plaster, to master. British brig Exile, Card, 10 days from Windsor, NS. with plaster, to Soule, Whitney Ik Co. Schr Model, lingers, 31 days from Tampico, with hides, lie. to N. L. McCready Ik Co. Sclir James Power, Ki-ene, 6 days from Nassau, NP. via Eleu liters, with 2000dozen pine apples 7 Inns Braziletto wood to Dra|ier Ik Devlin; lot of turtles to master. Schr Galena, Abbott, (of Washington, NC.) from Marti nique, July 27, anil St. Thomas Aug. I, with molasses, to Cook k Taylor. Schr R. Tomlin, Townsend, II days from Sagua la Grande Cuba,, with sugar, to N. L. McCn-ady k Co. Schr Sarah, Ferguson.S days front Ncwhern, NC. with nava stores, to J. Blarkwell. Sailed in co. with trhr Elizabetl llarknets, Weukes, for Bermuda. Left at the Bar, schr Hquir rel Tilden, for Boston. Schr Juliette, Woglam, 3 days from Richmond, with mdse to J. Hunter. Sclir Patmoa, Townsend, 3 days from Richmond, with mdse t<> J. Hunter. Schr Maria, Atwell, 4 days from Baltimore, with tndse, to J k N. Briggs. Schr Banner. Lufkin, 10 days from Calais, with lumber, tc Smith k Boyiiton. Sclir Montano, Eldridge, from Portsmouth, with uitlse, In master. Sebr E. II. Herriek, Wilkins, 4 days from Salem, with mdse, to order. Schr Grecian,Chase, 3 dayi from Boston, with mdse, to J. Atkins. Sclir Oscar, Baker, from Boston, with mdse. Sclir Victor, llallett, from Boston, with indue. Schr Oscar, Baker, from Boston, with mdse. Sclir Et|s-rinu-nt, Atkins, from Chatham, with fish. Below. Brig Savannah, Hawley, from Savannah, with cotton, to Sturges k( lesrinan. Also, one brig unknown. Railed. Ships Roscoe, Ricker. Cadiz; Blixtrn, (Sw) City Point, Va; barque Vernon, Kelly, NOrleans: brigs Seaman, Scull, King ston. Js; Wetumpka, Lewis, Mobile; Osceola, Sylveatrr, Phi ladelphia, aud others. Correspondence of the Herald. St. Thomas, July 31?In port, Magnolia, West, from N York, di?g, would go on the railw ay next day to irpair damage, hav ing lieen on Anaguada Kecf; Royal Sailor, Voting, for Arecibo, to load for U States; Chaiuplain, Kinsman, from Portland, for Porto Rico, same day; Agnes, Hunt, arr 31st^ Nonpareil, Hod ner, from Philadelphia, for Si Johns, PR. laying off, trying the mkt; Paragon, Green, for St ('mix, soon. We hava nothing new si this place. Business as well as freights, dull. Two steamers, arrived ye.ierdsy; one from Eng land, tlio oilier from Jamaica.' MlRcellnns-ona. Brio Gov. Hopkins, wbieli sailed from Bristol on the Bib, for Havana, returned 9th in consequence of head winds, and the sickness of I apt. Gladding. Sliip|s>d another master, (Smith) and sailed 10th. HhIP Java, of 450 tons, built for T. k G. S. Perry, of Provi dence, and to be commanded by Capt.G. S. Perry, was launched on Saturday morning ill beautiful style at Newtiaryport. There are now equipping at thai place two new ships, the Java,and tlie Rambler, of Boston, Whose launch was noticed three or four weeks since. Six mom w ill lie launched on tlie river, the ensu ing autumn, I resides a new steam propeller. Wltalrsnen. Arr at New Bedford 12th, Ml Wollaston, Bowers, Salem for Fairhwen, to lit for w haling. Hid I3tli, Julian, Blackmer, In dian Ocean. \ letter from Cant Meriy, late of Macon, of Holmes Hole, dated St Helena, Inly 18. re|*irts his arrival them in the Br barque Thomas Jones, with the cargo of tlie Macon on board, bound to Loudon. I apt M would go in the barque to dispose ol the cargo, A letter from ( art West, of Delphi)*, Of Holmes Hole, reports her at Tahiti, April 7, 100 ?p 150 wn. Spoken. St Marks, hence for Porto Rico, Aug 5, 1st 25 17, Ion 67 37? by the Star, at this |Hirt. Squirrel, Tilden, from Newbrrn for Boston, Aug 13, 1st 37 40, Ion 74 14?by the same. Nsw Jersey, hence for Savannah, Aug 8, Ut 33 55, Ion 76 52? by the Madison, at this port. John W Cater. Greenlaw, from Philadelphia for Kingiton, Ja. Aujt 1, 1st 24 28. Ion 70 12. Kensington, tiorham, from Boston, via Cape de Verds, for Calcutta, May 29, on t!i? Equator, Ion 23 tO. foreign Porta f'trr Hsytikn, Aug 1?lujmrt, Baltimore, Viguret, for Plii delphia, 2 days; Oralloo, Lufltin, for (do, few days. Hid 31st, Silenu*, Hardy, Boston. Triuitv, Mart. July 17?In imrt, John Crosby, Hopkins, for Boston, wtg cargo; Victor, Cluue, dodo; Alpinr, Treat, for Frankfort, do. 8r Johns, PH. Aug 1?In port. Water Witch, L.e Brou, for Arecibo, neat day; t aroliue It Mary, Cole, for Philadelphia, 3; Willis Putnam, Cook, from Boston, disg; Noupnreil, Iloruer, just arr. Aauua i.* G raids:, Aug 2?In port, William, Garretson, for NYork, neat day?only American. St Croii Aug 2?In i>ort, Paragon, (Jrreu, of Philadelphia, for NVork, ldg?only American. (Irkmda, July 26?In port, Floyd, Hall, of Boston, disg. [ Paha, July 24?In port, Xaine, and Sophia, of and for Salem ?only Americans.

MostHuu, Aug 10?Arr Dyson, Crockett, Liverpool. ,Qckhki;, Aug 9?Arr, Catherine, Coffey, Liverlaiol. 10? I anion, Nictd, Liveriiool; Standard, McMullan, di>. 8?( Id John anil Holiert. Sl'Kecliuie, Belfast; Bl ike, Sharp, Liverpool; Inconstant, Beacon, do; Aberdeen, MeOrath, do; Siphiras, Brown, Lynn; Scotlaud, Hamilton, Greenock; Leila, .M'lloii ougli, t ialsway; Ben Nevis, Heron, Liverpool. 10?Full', For* dyce, Loudon; Harper, Murphy, Oreenock; Alison. Proctor, Stockton; Ellegill, lliil, Hull; Margaret, Pile, London. 10? tie ill, W Whitehead. Suuderlaud; Clutlia, J Pringle, Chatham; Wm II irriugiou, Stone, New cattle; Tj Cattle, Pigg. Liverpool; Aurora. Scott, Amlwch; Aran, Gardiner, Portaferry; John lugo, Dunn, Stranraer. Lake Porta. Buffalo^ Aug. 12?Arr Illinois, Madison, and C W.I 1 ker^l r.ngi.iioi. ncie-cca, i nugress, and Iowa, Detroit; Maurice, t on ueaut; Skinner, and Woodbridgc, Milan; Uirtniugliam, San dusky; Maria, Ashtabula; Charleston, and Webster, Cleveland; Kipress, Vermillion; Baupree, Charleston; LyOB, Toledo. Home Porta. Cptli.ii, Julv 31?Arr Mary Chase, Stevens, F.aatport, and slil Aug 3d for Philadelphia; 1st, Mariner, Rich, Bostou for Mt Desert, and reinaiued 3d. Bath, Aug 8?Arr Ceres, Tarhns, Philadelphia; 10th, Fox, Norton, N London; 12th, Cato, Bishop, Philadelphia. Cld 12th, John Odlin, llidlins. Barbadoe*. PORTLAND, Aug 12?Cld Thames, llaveu, Philadelphia. Ports viol'Til, Aug 12?Arr Elizabeth Frith, Norfolk. Ni;wnt'nvpoRT, Aug 12?Arr Commerce, Short, Philadel phia. Boston, Aug 13?Arr Tarquin, Hostner, Pic ton. Telegraph ed. Sileuus, Hardy, from Cais- Haytien. Cld Conconlia, Dorr. Liverpool; Gigs, Thaster, Rio Janeiro: Avola, Copeland, and Marcia, HarwoodL NOrleans; Cow per, Stevens, Newbnryjrort; Oscela, Murch, Philadelphia, with part of Iter Mariegalantc cargo; Convoy, Baker, Norfolk; Chas Joshua, llarriuiau, Phi I..1..1..1.:.. o il- ? 1 ? - tle-rs, Hinckley, Albany;(Belli Bigelow, Baiter, NYork. 13th ?Arr Mohawk, Rio Hache; Silunus, Hardy, Cape Haytien; Manhattan, Hopkins, Rappahannock. Gloucfsteh, Aug II?Arr Wave, Nickerie (and not the Pleiades, from Surinam, as at first reported.) It has bemi pre viously stated that Capt Dolliver died at N'tckerie; we under stand that the mate also has died. New Bedford. Aug 12?Cld Gleaner, Bcckwilh. Nova Sco tia. Sid David Coffin, Smith, Philadelphia; Index, Gibbs, and F.rie, Gilihs, Albany. Arr 13th, China, Bearse, NVork. Hyannii, Auu9?Sid Martha, Parker, from Baltimore for Harbor Grace, NF?has been incorrectly repld from Boston for Baltimore. Ediiahtown, Aug II)?Arr Bolivar. Bunker, Alexandria for Boston; Lady Emily, Rogers, Norfolk for Nantucket, Slil 12, Bolivar; in port, Lady Emily. Fall River, Aug. 11?Arr 10th, Yankee, Hatch, New York. 11th, Sarah Louisa, Cliuce, Charleston. Providence, Auk. 12.?Arr Orator, Ash, New Yotk; F.hua tor, Sturgiss, New York; Huntress, Westrott, Albany. Below 2 fun- and aft schrs.iand a sloop. In Guarantiee, a fore and aft xchr, supposed theN C V, Ferris, from Norfolk via New York. Sid, J Thompson, Godfrey, Philadelphia; Columbia, Hover, Philadelphia. Bristol, Aug 12.?Aug llth Arr Sally, Gladding, Prov. for Albany. 12th, Sid United, Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Aug 14?Arr, Emily, Davis, N York; Orion, win.:..- c. n? ??->?.. - Portlu I, New Boston; Wilkins, fr Porto Caliello; James A Martde, Stetson, fr P Prince; lienj Franklin, Flmn, Boston; Eleotro, Packard, York; Oneco, Reed, New Bedford; Challenge, Park, Bi,?uu, Tennessee, Ray more, N York. Blw, Pocahontas, Higgins, fr Newport, Wales; Elizabeth, Wasgatt, fr Kingston, Ja; 4 brigs and several tchra. ('Id, Veaper, Hopkins, Boston; Houltou, Merithew, do; Gen Lafayette, Jarvis, Norwich; Emblem, Strout, Portland; Oberon, Thomson, Bostou; Silvia, lligliec, N York; Tarry Not, Lawless, Bristol, HI; Sarah Jane, Jane, Sinnll, ( harlestown; Silvia Nancy, Lee, Troy. Baluviore, Aug 13?Cld E A Stevens. Briggs, and Sage, Kirby, NYork. Richmond, Aug 12?Arr Danl Francis. Small, Boston. Be low. Marietta Burr, from New York. Cld Dumbarton, Pendle ton, Liverpool. Sid Chapman, Salem, Mass; 'Leontine, Fall River. Norfolk, Auk 12?Arr C 1' Brown, Jones, NYork; Marion, Kelly, Boston; Atlantic, Elliot, Providence; Louisa, Potter. Nautiickat. The Rob Roy, Marsh, from Liverpool, and 11 II Douglass, from Baltimore, have gone up James River. At Sea wcll's Point, Hyrcauus, Beard, from Baltimore for Kingston, J. put in on account of the sickness of the captain. In Hampton Roads, Taripiin, Paine, from Richmond for Boston. Georiietown, SC. Aug 3?Arr Halcyon, Pattison, Bermuda. Old 7th, Julius Pringle, I.athicoat, New York, with 10,000 feet boards and 93 bbls turpentine. New Ori.eans, Aug 2?Cld Warsaw, Smith, NYork: Em blem. Dyer, Havre. The Giraffe reports all the outward bound vessels gone to sea?nothing in the otnng. "IITANTED?By a res|*-ctal)le Young Woman a situation as *" chambermaid or to do general housework. Best of city I references can In- given. Apply at 181 Ludlow atreet. I nu 13 It'm "IXTANTED?A Young Man from the country, w ishes to be ?' indented as an apprentice to either a tin-smith's or copper smith's biuiness. Any person in want of such, by applying at 68 llaiiicrsley street, will lie suited. uuli lt*m WANTED?A Young Healthy Woman, with a fine breast of milk, has just lost Iter child, and would willingly adopt another. She resides in the healthy location of Rockland Lake, and any reference for character and respectability, may lie had at this office. She may lie heard of until Saturday, at 93 Goerck street?after that, any communication addressed Wet Nurse," at the office of the Herald, will lie atteuded to. aul3 3t*m fN ON81G NF.EB of Goods by ship TRENTON, front Liver* L* pool, w ill please scud their |<ermits on board the slop at pier 13 E. R., or to the office of the subscriber. All goods not permitted in five days, must unavoidably lie sent to the public store. JOHN HERDMAN, aul.3rc 61 Sooth street. TO ANGLERri AND SPORTSMEN. II.'ST OPENED?A lew thousand of very *ii|ierior Silk ?? Worm (Lit?fresh, stout and clear. For sale, by tin-thou sand or a lesser quantity, on reasonable terms, by S. H. I). WENGER, 139 Chatham street. N. B.?Tackle of all kinds found as above. aul3 2t*in " TEETH?TEETH?TEETH. UNPRECEDENTED REDUCTION IN DENTISTRY, by N. TAYLOR, Surgeon Dentist, Successor to Win. Thorn, 62 East Broadway. Teeth set on pivot $1 Oil " on Silver Plate 2 (10 " on Gold J IK) Teeth filled with Gold 1 (Ml " Tin Foil 3U " with his justly celebrated Mineral, 73 Tooth Ache cured t 30 All .qieralioiis warranted at this office. aula ltn*rc "HERE IS NO STRONGER EVIDENCE of tin- great . value of Dr. Hunter's Red Drop than tin- fact that scarcely a month passes without some counterfeit of the medicine ap|s-ar ing. We would seriously warn the interested that the Humeri an Dispensary, No. 3 Djvtsion street, is the only place in New York where tin1 true article can lie obtained. It has proved itself to tie tin- only true remedy on earth that thoroughly and effectu ally cures disease* of a private nature, never to return, without inconvenience to the patient?$1 |>er vial. In Albany it is on sale at No. 31 Lydius street; but not to he had in Buffalo or Rochester, but is counterfeited III both places. au!3 lt*rc T CENTREVILLE COURSE, L I. U N P II E C E I) E N T E D NOVELTY, A Purse of finntl will In- given hv the Proprietors of the above Course, free for all horses, both pacers and trotters, to go as they please, carrying catch weights, to i*-rform the distance of2(1 mile* w ithin the fioiir. The first horse performing the distance to re ceive 8800; the second heal (300. Should the distance not be |ierformed within the hour, the first horse ont to receive the (20(1. The above to come off the 23(1 day of September?Three or more to make a field. Entries to close at Jones' Second Ward Hotel, Nassau street, the 2d Se|i?., by 9 o'clock, P M. %'1'he terms of entrance are 2J* |?-r rent, exrept hv the wiuning horse*, which will lie charged the usual entrance of 10 Iter cent. ?? in an 10 lw*h FOUND YESTERDAY MORNING, ill Chatham Street, a sum of Moms . which from an address that was with it, is supposed to belong to MICHAEL RUSHFORD, CARLOW, COUN TY of C/ARLOW, IRELAND. He, or the owner, can have it by tailing at this office. anil It'm POST OFFICE, ) New York, August 10, 1811.) ENGLISH MAIL?Letter Bags Iter lloyal Mail Steamer CALEDONIA, will lie closed at tie- Upper and Low re Post Offices ill this city, on Thursday the 1.3th instant, at forty fivv minutes past 4 o'clock, P. M. The overland postage of I8X cents on each single letter, must be post-pnid. anil (tin JOHN LORIMER O RAH AM, P. M. POST OFFICE, ) New York, August 12, 1844. ) TO TIIF- PUBLIC. AS VARIOUS MISREPRESENTATIONS are abroad re specting the proposed change ill the Post Office arrange mi nis in this city, It is proper that the public should learn the fiirta res|iectiii( it. The Department lias decided to abolish the office at the Merchants' Exchange, and the charge of tipo ; CentH a letter, which ha* In-en paid for several years past by the merchants of our city, in order to defray the large expenses of I that establishment. With a view to the accommodation of the business classes, and to m-cup- the earliest possible delivery of their letters after the arrival of the mails, the Department has leased the Middle Dull h Churrh for seven years, at a moderate rent, where the mails will be delivered and distributed without any additional charge. No contribution has liei-n maili by iudivi duals, as erroneously stated, to effect this object, the whole rent and all outlays attending the changn.heing exclusively borne by the Department. _ a The present PARK POST OFFICE, is In he rnnlinued, and all letters and newspapers will be received and delivered there a* heretofore, when citizens request it, st the legal rates of postage. These arrangements are based ii|>oii the determination of the de partment to maintain permttnrnlly an tan town poit-njfice, with out additional charge to the citizens. The present office will be continued until a more suitable location can he selected, and thus all sections of our widely extending metropolis and all classes of its community he accommodated in this important branch of the public service. JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM, an 13 3tm Pott Master. HARDWARE, CUTLERY, NAILS, "TIN ~ PLATE, ten. 500 '?* Kni? *)"1 Forks, ($3,30 to (24 pre 5 casfis Pen and Pocket ('ntlery. Razors and Scissors. 3 casks common and lieat mill, Imst'd and taper Files. 4 casks low priced and best Hand and Back Saws. 43 caska "Elwell's," "Brade'a," and common Hoes. Iihmi kegs sUlterior Cut Nails, (at tin- lowest price.) 130 boxes Tin Plate, (at (8,23 per bog.) Also, Trace Chains, Hooks and Hingi s, Round Bolts, Nor folk and Square Latches, Pad and Patent Knob Locks, Iron Tea and Table 8|>oons, Frying Pans, Percussion Caps, Hair Seating ill sizes, Cliain Web, Curled Hair, Sofa S|uiugs, Ike., Ike., Re. For sale on tin- usual credit, at very low i>riees,T>y JOHN A. NEWBOULD, au!2 Mis'rc No. 90 John street, (up stairs.) IN CHANCERY.?Before the Vice Chancellor of the First I Circuit.?Tighe Davey, Executor of the last Will and Tes tament of Thomas naggerty, deceased, t't. Bridget ( allaglian and others. Edmund S. Deny, of the city of New York. Solicitor for complainant. Bill of Interpleader, for construction of Will and Distribution of Estate. Morris llaggerty and Daniel Haggerty 1st, two of the defend ant* in tills cause, who are not residents of tin- State ol New York, but whose residence it in that part *f lite United King dom of Great Britain and Ireland railed Ireland, are and each of ihem is required to an|?>nr ill this cause by the fifth day of February nest, A. D. 1843, or the hill filed therein will be taken aa confessed by them. New York, July 2'J, 1844. jy24 Itaw3w*is rc PORK?20 half bids family Mess Pork, for sale m lots to suit purchasers, by E. K. COLLINS It CO., gul2rc 1 amusements. L iilBuri auoBR. Comer ofBroadway md Prince street, New i ork. The KntertnuBViit. are under ihe sole directum of Mil. MITtHFXL. . Doors open at 7?KiHrrUinnwmtt commence at ? I'recisrly. In consequence of the reeled HT^lf^.l it wilt I* nqvxted ihn evening, w till ?^rlJ." 'JJtoled ilu. iiu?t novel exhibition* ever produced iu America, tuitiiied tier KONIAPHOSTIO ! or,. LIl* Lklil. r-illMOWB' Likewise for tlie 2nd tune LES" OMBRES G-jW.- . or, tlie Chinese Shadows?produced bv Mr. Holland a splendid apparatus, lighted by tlie Drutnmood Light. , THURSDAY EVENING, August IA;h. will be presented LA Ft LLC f>U REGIMENT. Grenade M/- Nickmsou Hi idol idle Mr. Deiuyso'l. Lobwitx . . Mr. Holland Corporal Cartouche Mr. RogeutJiall The Marqitoness of Berfcctitield... .. ? Mi?. HardwicJc Thti Dutcln'M of Crackruthoptier ;rri m V Marie Mlm 1 ay lor \\2t~ Intermission of half an hottr.?0 . . During which Air. Holland w ill exhibit for the 2nd tunc hu ex traordinary KON1APHOST1C! OR-LI *ME LIGHT! i which from one email burner will diffuse the radiance of the Brightest Moouli^nt over tlie whole Garden. To conclude with an entire new and Novel Exhibition of a Comic Pantomimic Sketch, after the manner of LES OMBRES CHINGISES ! Or, The Cbineae Shadow* ! consisting of Illuminated Scenes with Moving Shadows, caue iug curious and laughable incidents produced by Mr. Holland s Sideudid Apparatus, lighted by the Druminoud Light ami entitled _ BAMFYLDE MOOKE CAREW! OR-HARLEQUIN KING OK THE BEGGARS. (H>?NO POSTPONEMENT at this establishment on ac count of weather, iu the Grand Entrance from Broadway to tlie Saloou ia protected, and tlie New Saloon, whicli i. ventilated from the top and side*, can Iw* enclosed at a moment s notice. PALMO'S ITALIAN OPKlti llUlSE. CHAMBERS' STREET. ADMISSION ONLY TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. Thursday Kvenlng, Anguit 15th, AND EVERY EVENING DURING THE WEEK. THE ORIGINAL ETHIOPIAN SERENADERS, MESSRS. GE11MON, STANWOOD, HARRINGTON, fc PELHAM. Respectfully announce to tlie Ladiei and Oeutlemeu of New York, tliat they liave made arraiiKeinenU for o|*ning that delightful place PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE, O-F OH ONE WEEK ONLY !,?& COMMENCING ON MONDAY, AUGUST 12. And the public may rest assured that every eiertiuu will be used to excell all previous efforts. THE ENTERTAINMENT COFfiliTINtl OP NEW SONGS, GLEES, CHORUSSES, COMIC LEC TURES, ETC., ETC. ACCOMPANIED WITH THE ACCORDION, BANJO, CONGO, TAMbO AND BONE CASTINETTS ! IN ALL or WHICH THF.Y KJ-CHALLENGE THE WORLD !-C0 TO PRODUCE THEIR EQUAL. Concert to commence at 8)i. For particulars see programme. au9 itrc CASTLE GARDEN. THE PROPRIETORS of this well known and fashionable resort, lieu leave to inform the Public, and Strangers visiting tlie city, that it is now 0|"-n for the season, from sunrise to III o'clock P. M. Iu addition to the attractions whicli arise Iroin a view of the Bay. the healthful breeze which sweeps across the sea, and the sparkling streams of a changing Fountain, there ia also to be found extensive Promenades, in or outside the Garden, and a long Promenade Saloou, 100 feet in length, together with the New York Brass Band?Leader, Mr. Lothian. Refresh ments of the first quality, atteutiva waiters, Ike. Signal Rockets every fair evening. _ ... , , , . , . , Tickets 12>i cents, for which refreshments will be furnished. je29 or T HE ALHAMHA, 550 Bhoadway, between Srniixo and Prince Streets. 'I'llIS fashionable place of resort is o|>eii for the season. The A Ices, Fruits, Jellies, and other refreshments, are of the fiuest description. ... ? , . , , . An Orchestra, combining some of the first musical talent in the city, |H-rforin every evening, except Saturdays and Sundays, favorite pieces from the composition of Straus, Lanner, Aulier, Bellini and otliers equally celebrated. BRANCH, No. 16J East Broadway, one door above Kntger street, where the same delightful Ice Creams and Refreshments may ire found. Bull linitnc BEACON COURSE. FOOT RACE FOR ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. rpilE PROPRIETORS of tlie abova Course offer a Purse of 1 $1000 for a Foot Race, to takei'lace on tlie above Course, near Tloboken, on the Htli of OCTOBER, weather permitting, as follows:? A Purse of $600 to the person who will run the greatest dis tance within one hour?$2M to the second in the rac<?$100 to the third best in the race, and $.'ih to the fourth; if, however, the first in the race does not |>erforin ten miles within the hour, $300 only will he given; and if the second, third, anil fourth do not perforin 9>a miles w itlilii the hour, they w ill receive hut half the above sum, and nothing if nine miles tee not performed. In case any |*rson should come from England, or any other place out of tlie United States, for tlie purpose of this race, and should win either of the above purses, ten |ier cent addition will lie al lowed for their ci|*yiset. Five dollars entrance will lie charged, to prevent |*-rsor.s entering their names who do not intend to "'persons wishing to enter for the above are requested to do so ax soon as convenient, and no one will lie allow**! to enter who does not do so on or before the 2lst of September. Entrances made, and all information given by the subscriber, either by letter or otherwise. fry-No lie rami w ill lie allowed to start for tin- alnivs I urses who may, between this and the above rare, run on any course in the United Stales for a nurse or match of $.'i<>, or more. C. S. BROWNING, West Hobo ken, N. J. June 19th, 1814. 1H miles from Hoboken Ferry. aul3 lm?rc E LY 81 AN FIELDS, HOBOKEN. GREAT AND ATTRACTIVE KBEE EXHIBITION. TV/f R. M'CARTY, respectfully announces that, at the request ivi of many families in the city of New York and vicinity, tie ha* made arrangements for one week longer, with Messrs. HOOD, RUOOLF.8 and WILLIAMS, to give their Grand and Uuequnlled Performances, commencing on Ktoiiilixy, August Wth, Tlie Kihihilion will la-gin with ? Msgic Plates by Mr. WILLIAMS, the celebrated Hate Waltxcr and Balancer, in which he stand* unrivalled, assisted by his son, Master AVON, only three years of age, who will introduce his novel and pleasing feats. Mr. H. W. RUOGLE8. the much admired Slack Rope Vaulter, will appear and perform his wonderful feata of strength and agility, and will finish his acts by turning One Hundred Summersets. . Mr. HOOD will also appear on the Elastic Wire and Dance a Hornpipe on ( hairs, and will conclude with the difficult Feat of Standing on a Barrel which rests on tlie Wire, display ing theperfeelion of equilibrium. , . Mr. WILLIAMS will introduce his son. Master AVON, in the pleasing acts of Grecian and Prussian Games. ['/" Intermission of half an hour. Mr. HOOD w ill make a Orand and Terrific Ascension on the Tight Ihqie, onwards of 300 feet, and return backwards, a feat only performed by himself. The Exhibition will conclude with the Italian Fantoccini, by SIONOR GARCIA, representing life. A Good Band of Music in attendance. Days .if performance?Monday, Wedneaday and Friday, com mencing at I P. M. au 12 M*m GRAND GYMNASTIC EXHIBITION ! IN THE GARDEN OF THE OTTO COTTAGE. HOBOKEN. I|?L88LER BROTHERS'.?No Charge for Admittance !? On MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, 12th, 14th and 16th of August?Performances to commence at 4 o'clock, I. M. Captain L. SCHWARTZ has the honor to inform the public, that lie ha* engaged for tlie above mentioned days, those inimitable, far-famed and extraordinary artists, tlie KLH8LKK BROTHERS, Premiers Modelists of the Roysl Academy of Painting of Paris, and Professors of Gymnastics to the Royal Princes of F'ranee, who have just completed a brilliant engage ment at Pa lino's Opera House, and at tlie Walnut street I heal re, Philadelphia. A Stage liaa been erected for that purjeise. I lie performances will commegca with a Grand Overture by the {'ART I?Monsieur LntS* ElssJ.-r will then exhibit his won derful Feats of Jugglery?I, the Balancing of the liat; 2, the Play of the Spanish Knives; 3, the Shower of Golden Balls; 4, the Hay of tin- Rings; i, the Balance of the Bottle; 6, tlie Chinese Slick; 7, F'.xtraorilinary Play with tlie Cannon Ball, weighing 12II.S, an F'.gg and a Marble. Tlie Jugglery to conclude with the astonishing and incredible balancing of tlie (..hinese Hal and Flags, invented by Louis F'.lssler. Intermission oftwrnty minutes, during which the Orcheatra ? ill play several jeipiiLr and favorite airs. PART II?Tlie Elssler Brothers will tlien give a Grand Gym nastic Flihibitinn, displaying tlieir incredible Feats Of Strength. Tours d'Addresse, Agility and Elegance. I, the Pastime of Sampson, by Ousts v*. 2, tlie Dream of Hercules, by Louis. 3, the Aerial Gymnastic Swing, by Gtistave. 4, tlie Lifting pi tlm Bombs, weighing ISO pounds, by hand st srm's length, by Louis, y the Promenade of Alcnles, or Two Men at Arm s Length, by Oustave. 6, the Flying Rings, by Louis. 7, lie- Tn*; of Litrer ty, by Gnstave. 8, the Atm of Iron, or tlw Body Horizontal by One Arm, by Oustave. 9, F'.legani Postures, taken from the Ancient Vatican at Rome, by l-ouia. 10, Posturing on the Hule Column, by tlie F.lssle" llrotla-rs. 'Phe Strength of the Hide Column, by tiustav*. 12, tlie Aerial Kings, by the Elssler Brother*. I nu-rmission of Twenty Minutes. ... Tlw F.lsaler Brother* will then conclude their Feau with the Grand Grecian Wrestling Match. Extra Boats will lie run, if necessary, on the Hoboken Ferries. Should the inclemency of the weather prevent a performance, on any of the days announced, it will Lute place on the day fol lowing. For particulars, see bills of the day. au9 7tin* COLMAN'S LITERARY SALOON, COSTUME GALLERY, AND EXHIBITION OF BEAUTIFUL PA INTINOS, So. JI03 llrondway, Sew York. Nrr?-ADM!JlSIO.N ONE SHILLING ONLY. O STRANtiRU should leave the city without calling in ti see tlie Great Collections ?f Books, Paintings and r.n eraviiiiO . which are offered at "prices to suit tlie times. The n BLIC MALE ROOM is filled with books nf every kind, in vv rioua languages, including Prints and Pictures, to see which, and tie- I'rinl Noon, rro CHaeor. is made J\26ec. INFORMATION WANTED. MRS. DURAND, (late Miss Maria Miller.) fcom Denach Olieran Newhirck, in Wiirteinbrrg, now residing in New York, wishes tci inform lier brothers, George and John Miller, also, Iter uncle Mr. Rlinphe, that site would lie lispj.v to receive information from llieni, having not heard any since tlie year IR30 from Rouen, France, site left tlw family, emigrating for New York. All information will la- thankfully received by ant 2w*.c MR T. DIIOME, 119 F'nlton street. cTTif 'I < LV H o ils K ON THE RAY SIDE. ST AT EN ISLAND. NEAR " THF. N kIIROWS," F'Oll PERM ANENT BOARDF'.RS, transcient lodgers and day v isitora, offers an opportunity of enjoying the sea hrarra, a view of laud anil wan r unequalled lor its picliimuiiieneai, the luxury of tlie sea bath, (the sea beach bring within half a mile ol lie- house.) The dinner hour ia 4\ o'clock?on Sunday at 3 o'clock. Su perior carriages m attendance lor the acrotniiiodatnui of the guest*. A fine Bowling Alley and Billiard Room, ate just finish ed fur liie amusement of the patrons ol lie- establishment GEORGE PIER IS, Proprietor. N. B.?Two of the beet rooms in tlie House may In- bad for tlw remainder of the season, on immediate application ol fami lin. On Svtmlaya the boat* run to Stapleton, landing Mm l.our? Carriage* in attendance to conrey pa***tig?v< to CliPon llouee xu8 Imierc BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Skeious Occuheemcb on Board the Potomac. ?An occurrence look place on board ?f the U. B. Irifile Potomac, lying at her anchorage of the Nlfjr Yard, yesterday alternoon, which it ie leered way coat a gallant young naval otticer hie lite. One of the i who had' been allowed liberty, came aboard in a atate of intesication, and, hi is uaual, was placed under the sen tries. Becoming abusive and insolent to the Sergeant, one of the young officers, Midshipman Bohrer, was di rected to have the man confined in the brig. The Mid shipman, in the execution of the order, waa struck by the nrltinous sailor, and knocked backwards, his head coming in contact with a gun, anil receiving a fracture. The sailor then assaulted the Bergeaat oi Marines, who was compelled to cut him down, severing the thumb of the mutineer from the hand by the blow. Mr. Bohrer hes been temoved to th)|Naval Hospital on the Schuylkill. He is not considered mortally hurt, though the injury may prove moritl?Philad'Ipkia Omttllr, Jivg M. Bales of Stocks at Philadelphia. Finrr Boaao, Aug. 14 ? $2000 Tennessee Va, 84); $1000 Cincinnati O'a, 100}: $1000 Wilmington 6's, IBM, s6 BO; 10 shares Union Bank, Tenn, 011; 39 do Mechanics'Bank, 37); $800 County 6's, 1870,10ft; $4984 Anni State 6's, 1640, 70; 16 shares U 8 Bank, 81; 310 do Wilmington RK, 34}. Hr.coM' Boaan. Aug. 13?14 shs Oirard, 13); 400do, s6, 13); 64 do nw, 13): 30 do, 13), 60 do, 1>A, 13); '30 da U 8 Bk, 8); 310 do Wilmington, 33); 60 do, *61, '331; 60 do, nw, 30), 100 do, 33); $1000 Reading KR loan, 67): 36 shares Bctmylkill Navigation, o0}: $660 new annual State 6's, 1840 70; 13 shares Schuylkill Bauk, 11}; $633 Lehigh 0's, 1846; 40. NIIIP NEWH. lly Tills Morning's Bout hern Mall. PHlLADKLrHU, Aug u?Arr Pocahnutas, Higgins. Newport, Wales?July 23, in a heavy squall, lust foresail, mainsail, inain topsail, fore and main topgallant sails, Ike; Osk, Ryder, Boston; Teunessee, Baymoiw, N'York; Mary Chase, Stevens, East port, Mail, Murley, Hartford. Below, Emory, Lit I ren Majestic, Teaser. L'ld Elizabeth, Watsou, M stanzas; H uiuarefte, Bab cock, Peekskill. Bali imoki- Aug I]?Arr Leila, Higgins, Liverpool: I'onli ney, Mouatt, Turks Island: Colorado, nwsn, MansainlU. Lid Lyons, ltyan, Rotterdam; lien I'iiickney, Fora, Cliarleston. Spoken. Amazon, Wedge, from Honduras lor Liverpool, July II, la 47 2!l, Ion 34 24. Richmond, of Whitehaven, from Cardiff for Halifax, 36 days out. July 26, lat 12 13, Ion 18, 23. lopliff, of Belfast, steering N, Aug 10, lat 39 V, Ion 27 30. AUCTION SALES. THOS. BKLL, Auctioneer, So. II Svrucr Slrrtl. Regular Sales of Furniture.?Every Wethiesday and Saturday. Regular Hales of Dry Ouods, Clothing, Pledged and Fancy Articles, Oroceries and Varieties? F.very Tuesday and Friday. au3 2w*m THOS. BKLL. Auctioneer. AUCTION NOTICE?l'OLICK SAl.K-On Thursday. 16th, at 10 o'clock, will lie sold at the Auction Rooms of Thus. Bull, No, ti km slut i, under the direction of I'aul B. Lao yd Auctioneer, a large assortment of goods of all descriptions, from the Lower Police Office. THOS. BKLL, aul3 3t Auctioneer. BENJAMIN MOONKY. Auctioneer. AUCTION NOTICE-HARDWARE, CUTLKHY, and 8KT OF PATTERN CARDS OF CUTLERY, B. MOONKY 0c (.'(). will sell This Day, at 10 o'clock, at 91 Maid-u Lane, a general assortment of Hardware, lu\, viz.? Files. Mill Haws, Log Chain,, Hand and I'anuel Haws, Cross Cut do, Locks, Soaps, Brass Kettles, Augers, Its'., he. Also, I splendid set of Jackson, Stacy h Smith's Pattern Cards of Cutlery. Also, 10 cases Hlatea. Also, 12 casks Slate Pencils. Also. 200 doz Pen and Pocket Knives. Also, 300 doz Table Knives and Forks. Also, 20 hales Shoe Thread. auli If re MKAYhD?rrom the Stable at the Aqueduct Bridge, on Harlem River, on the morning of the 13th, ,a light BAY HORSE, four years old, with long , abort fifteen hands high, three white feet and white STRAYED?From the Stable at ilia Aqueduct r _ " ' ' B lllislvy tail, >??,,<? iushi one- SIIIIT im am, nolle s;a)t on the forehead. Whoever w ill return said horse, or give in formation where he may he found, at the Bridge, or at Dunn's Stable, 103 Charles street, N. V., w ill tie suitably rewarded. an 16 2tis*m FOR LIVERPOOL.?The splendid fast sailing ? packet ship NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, will ?aail on the 16th of August. For passage hiving suiarior accommodations, apply to JOHN HKKD.M AN, 61 South street, near Wall. N. B. Passage from Liverpool can at all times he secured by the regular packets sailing from that port every five days, at the lowest rales, and Drafts can, as usual, be furnished for any amount, payable at all the principal hanks and thasr branches throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, on applies tion as above. aul6m FOR LONDON?Packet of tlie 20th of August.? ? The splendid ticket ship WESTMINSTER, Capt. ?Hovev. will sail kir Loudon as above, her regular day. Those desirous of securing berths will require to make early application to JOHN RERDMAN, 61 South strfiet. N. B.?Passage from Liverpool and Loudon can at all limes be secured at live lowest rates, by the regular packets tailing weekly throughout the year: anu drafts can as usual be furnish ed, payable throughout Ureal Britaiu rurd Ireland, on'applica tion as shove. an 16m .NEW LIN EOF PACKETS FOR LIVERPOOL, ??Packet of 21st August?The splendid and farorite JKttl|H"ickci ship LIVERPOOL, (1160 tons burthen) Cant John hlilridge, will sail ou Wednesday, 2ltl August, tier regular day. The ships of this line being all 1000 tons and upwards, persons about to embark for the old country, will not fail to see the advantages to he derived from selecting tins line in pre ference to any other. as their great ca|iacity tenders tlvem every way moie comfortable and convenient than ships of astnallrr class, and their accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, it it well known are su|ierior to those of any Other Tine of packets. Persons w isliing to secure lierths should not fail to make early application on board, foot of Burling Slip, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. At their general Passage Office, 76 South st, cor. Maiden aultrc Lane, up stairs. r.KAND aquatic KXITHSION. O-ONE HOl'R EARI.IER.-C3L jgjd The magnificent Steamer SOUTH AMERI g. IMj^JerA. ( apt Tru-sdell. will, on RATI RDAV, 3L_BCJBLAugust 17th, re|a-at the Excursion vvhu h gave such iinlxiuiided satisfaction on the tltli instant. Hive will leave Barclay stre-r wharf atlo'clock?( anal street'J'a?foot of Ham I.Kind street 2Q ?I'atharine street, E. K. st '1%?and Pier No. I N. K. at 3 o'clock?Proceed lliroiigh the Kills and Htaten Island Hound, via:?Amboy to Sandy Point on the Raritan River; thence down Ainbo- and Princes' Bay to Handy Hook, passing oil the left Red Hang Light House, and the Southern Hide iif Htaten Island; and ou the right Osceola, Key|?nrt and Middle town point. From Handy Hook she will pais the Black Buoy, Oreat Homer Shoal, Coney Island, Telegraph Station, Fort Hamilton, Fort Diamond, and the Quarantine Oround, and ar rive in the city before 8 o'clock. This Excursion w ill not only afford our citizens an opportu nity to inhale the pure and balmy lireew- of the ocean, hut will recal to their minds the most interesting reminiscences of our Revolutionary Struggle. Fan' for the whole Excursion. FIFTY CF.NTH. su!6rc (IRANI) KXri'KfblON THISTLE I5ENEVOLLNT ASSOCIATION. The t ummittee appointed for tlie purpose, cL T*p'i jUliave the idi-vsnp- of announcing tl?t tlvev have SE^^jB^K-cugaged the s| leiolid and |Hiptilar Steamboat StllTII AMEItlt A, < apt III! Tiueadell, for a Urand Pleasure Escursion up tlve Hudson to West Point.on FRIDAY . Mth lust, allow ing n fine oppoitnnity for viewing tie- magnificent Scenery of the North River. In order to ensure comfort and satisfaction to every one, the number of Tickets have positively lea n limited. An Excellent BAND engaged for the occasion, will Im- in at tendance. And Mr. PARKER, the celebrated Conductor of Cotillons and Director of the Thistle Halls, has kindly consent ed to superintend the inazy dance. Mr. ISAAC EDGE, Jr., the famed Pyrotechnist, a Member of tli>' Association, has kindly offered some ufhis must brilliant Fire Works, made for the occasiou, to lie ethibited on tlie re turn passage. The South America will leave as follows, viz :?Catharine Market Slip, at 10 o'clock. A. M. ? Harrlay street, lialf-pist 10? ( anal street, III1*?State Prison Dock, II o'clock. Dinner provided Oil hoard. Tickets for tlie Escursion FIFTY CENTS?To be had of? JAMES CI Ult, President ? orner Canal and Hudson. WM. RICHARDSON. V. P Cor Perry and Orrenwich. A LEX. ( AM M EICON 314 Hudson. JAMES HARRISON Northern Hotel, ( ourtlandt st. JOHN PATTK.N Commercial Hotel, 73 ( ourtlandt st. MAJOR SINCLAIR lot It cade street. V. CLIREilUOII Cor. Fulton and Broadway. And on hoard the boat the morning of the Excursion. The object of the THISTLE BENEVOLENT ASSOCIA TION is wi ll known to la- for charitable purposes. The Com mittee trust that their endeavors ou this occasion will lie crow n ed w ith that success which has always Ix-en awarded them in their exertions to relieve the Widow and Orphan. an It 3lis*rc \"< HOK E EX( I R8ION TO RO( KLAND LAKE. The Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA. Capt. >M. II. Triiesdell, on THURSDAY. August ,16th, will make an Excursion to Rock laud Lake, opposite Sing Sing , passing in view of Bull's Ferry, Fort Lee, Fort Washington, Dobbs' Kerry, the Palisades, Y onk-rs, the Termination of the New Y'ork and Erte Railroad, and many other points of interest. ROCKLAND LAKE is sitnated on an elevation of 300 feel, and within two or three hundred yards of the Hudson. It abounds with fish, is tie-sou ire of (he llarkenssrk River, and the reservoir fcun which this city is suppled with Ice. Leaving Barclay street at 2 o clock, Catharine street at half past 2, Pier No. I (N.R.) at quarter before 3, Barclay street st 1, and Hainuioiid street at quarter-past i?returning to the city a I. Fare for the Excursion Three Shillings. Snr il.l- It. I'm d,Ill-ills w ill If provided. an 11 2trc ' PLEASANT AMI ? HEAP EX< I RSIONS. SUMMER JlRRJiSUEMEST. NEW BRIUHTON, PORT RICHMOND. (BTATEN ISLAND,) AND NEW YORK FERRY. From Pier No. I, North River, foot of Battery Place. Tlie Steamboat CINDERELLA, will ran aa follows, Daily, from Mai Mth to October lat, 1641 I?I,eaves New York at 9 and II o'clock, A M.. ttigrsinda P. M. I-caves Port Ricrvmond, st 2(1 minutes to J, and 10 minutaa to 10 A. M.; st I, iK and P. M. le aves New Brighton at 8 and 10 A. M.; at IM- 6 and 7% P. M. On Sunday?l-esves New York, at 9 and II A. M.; at J, 6 and 8 P. M. le aves Port Richmond, at 20 miuulea to I and III A.M; al I, 6 and 7Q P. M. New York. May 18. IIHC my 11 6m?re The Steamboat THOMAS SALMOND M a * W. T. Hhultz. will run to live Fishing usaarewn-l'siiss, from her usual |>taras. on TI EWDA6H, 1 Vit. Amos street 8H?t atharine Far WEDNESDAYS, Iry, Brooklyn. 9-Pika 9 V and Cms THURSDAYS, and (No. I, N. R., 9)*?touching at Fort FRIDAYS. J Hamilton each way. Fare 26 rents aach way. TO CONF.Y ISLAM) AND FORT HAMILTON.)! SATURDAY AFTERNOONS-Will leave lier iuusI pi sees at 2, 2?), 25), 2J4, and Pis* No. I N. R. at Jo'chnjk SI NDAY S. ana / Will inakr two Irqu from sanw ul icaa? MONDAYS. \ In the Mornings, Ivsve ?%. IV 9. <J\, and Pier No. I N R., at 9)6 Afternoons, at 2, 2 V 2*), 2!tf. anil Pier No. I N. It., at 3. Returning, will land at the same placaa Fare 12)4 cents each way. al0 7tii*h EXPRESS FOR LIVERPOOL AND LONDON" ADAMS k ( (i u qertfully give notice, that Packages and Parcels to go forward in kthis Express to |?'r Hovel Mail Steamer CA I.EDONfA. t? sail from Boston ? tomorrow,, must b? deliverer at their office before to 6 o'clock, this day, P, M. Letters and Packages ran 1- forwarded (lH>stage prepaid) to any pert of Europe, through the well known house of \Y ilmer It Smith, Livrreool, who engage to ilrliver |>arcrU in London from 12 to 211 hours in advance of tlie mails. aul.6 ll'in YD WIS k < O., 7 _Wall street. "STEYMHHIP NFITUN'E, (to close tlie I - ,-rie. rii) - U taction, by L M. HOFF IM \\ k l (I . on TI ESI) A Y. Aiiguvf rth. i- o clock at the Merchants* Esehaagw?STEAM SHIT NEPTUNE, 746 tons hnrthen: slie is in first rate order and cimdition, having per formed tier last trip from I harleston in 66 honrs, she was thoroughly overhauled two years since, and newly coppered with 28 and 32 or. copper, furnished with new boiler made ov J. P. Allaire, and put in first rate cimdition in every respect. Her engine i? about 266 horse power, 66 Inch cylinder. 11H feet stroke, 26 frs't diameter of wheel all made by J. P. Allaire, and of unsurpassed workmanship. For further particnlars and in ventory twliich is full and complete) apply' to Uaptain Rollins, on board, at the Novelty Works, or st the office of J. H Brow er, 91 Front stret, where Laptain Rollins may be seen daily at 10 o'clock. Inventory also at tlie aurtion room. Tim Neptune may be uiuchascsl by private contract at any time previous to the day of Me suit I4tis*rc