Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1844 Page 3
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ay- m homely woman of bond street. Sha was red haired, her faoe disgusting with eruptions and freckle*. We ueed not tell thoae who know ber that her Kkin i* now beautifully clear, and that she baa tine d irk hair. Well, well, there'* fifty other* that were like her, hut hare altered by uaing Jones' Italian Chemical Soap for the akin, and Jones' Coral Hair Rest >ratire lor the huir. Now. these two article*, ?olJ by Jonea, 82 Chat ham alreet, are the moat excellent thing* we erer knew. There is a man living in Mntt atreet. whose face was like small pox, with pimples, freckles, fccand this soap c leared it; also chapped th *h. The oil we need not apeak "'"-it is the best thing ever made for the hoir. Tbey are hoth sold very reasonable?indeed cheap. But mind, the soaji is sold nowhere genuine in this city but at the sign of the American Eagle, 82 Chatham street: if you net it unywhere else, It is counterfeit?quite useless. Sold in Boston, b State street; 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia 119 Fulton atreet. Brooklyn. " P!' (59" OO'jRAUD'8 ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP an infallible cure for freckled, tainted, blotched pimpled rough birth, isllow skins-at 67 Walker street, first . - r . x ? street, first store from Broadway, SO cents a cake. Beware of a viU lainoua counterfeit (0- TO DEAF PERSONS OR ALL SUFFERING wTfll COMPLAINTS OF THE EAR-The Si.? ing success which has followed the use of Dr McNairt Acoustic Oil, has gained for it a reputation never before equalled, and we would confidently recommend it to any who are suffering with these complaints. To the Incre dulons we would s .bmit the following:? ,, . ... ,t. New Vouk, July 27, 1644 It is with the greatest gratitude that I have the pleasure of re In ting to you the great benefits I have received from Dr. McNair's Acoustic Oil. I was at the time I com menced the uw of this, so deaf that I could scarcely hear anything distinctly, and anyone conversing with me, was obliged to speak far above hia ordinary tone of voice to m*k? me hour at all. 1 have now almost entirely re gained my hearing, and have not used the whole of one flask yet I would strongly recommend all deaf persons to use this celebrated oil. ' ROBERT CARPENTER, No. 440 Monroe street, near Grand atreet Ferry If more evidence is asked iu favor of this Oil, we would refer the incredulous to Capt. Mann, of the barge Milan who hus experienced personally ita charming effect' Sold by Comitock Jk Co., No. 31 Courtlandt street. Price $1 per flask. (t&- GOIXRAUD'8 POUDRE SUBTILE for eradica ting Supcifluou* Hair from upper lips, foreheada conceal ed wuli hair, molea, or tha more stubborn beard of man. ^ ? ?bS[ore bllyf,,5- proof positive this, and no mistake, at 67 Walker street, first store from Broadway. CQb TO THE LADIES AND "GENTLEMEN WHO Hl,p80aU?TTlJNA.i,C. AS TO LOOSE THEIR *i i ? r.0 on u natural, 8o al*o is the desire t? n.*kt! a fi gure or gcoi! appearance, while it is limited by rijfbt report, and urgea not the violation of prudence and jiutia; hath innocent and laudable. The graces of the person a* welt as those of the mind, are to be ranked among the choicest hfe8#in^s of bounteous Heaven ; neither should be neglected, and it is a point of duty to ejrnbellifh them to tli?. best advantage?to keep them free from th* soil of carHf.-nesA, and tograaethem with such ornaments as are rno*t congenial with their re specti ve peculiarities. To those, then, who by any cause have lost their hair, or find it prematurely turning grey, it becomes a duty as well a* a matter of necessity to assist nature. Thi* can only be donu by Pldr!d#*'ii Balm of Co lumbia, which soon restore* to the effiictod a good head of i hair, and deprives Father Time of one halt his conquests. 41 Who for a moment then would bald remain, , JJPW* restorative i? found in4truth, Which throws across the forehead ones Again The natural tresses of an early youthV* Sold by COMBTOOK fcCO., 31 Courtlnndt St. <&" DALLEY'8 MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR Salvo, for instantly curing burns,scalds, pile*, aud all in flammatory complaint*. Beware of imitation, and buy only at Dalley's agency, 67 Walker atreet, first stole from Broadway. Q(J- ?' BAD BREATH "?Grinding the teeth during sleep, nnd restlessness, are indicative of worms, end ere symi tons that should be immediately attended to.- Sher man's Worm Lozenges will give immediate relief. The number of cases which have occurred within a short time, where the woims have been brought away in im mense quantities, and perfect health restored to the suffer ??------i "? swiuicu iu inw luner* er, places the Doctoi 'g Lozenges far above every other worm medicine which has ever been discovered. They ? T ;?? ? . , ?wu uwuoverea. I ney are pleasant lothe taste, easily administered to the most pntulent child, and can always be depended upon when given according to directions. Dr Sherman's warehouse is 108 Nassau street Agents-337 Hudson street; 188 Bowery; 77 East Brondwav: 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn; 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; and 8 8tate street. Bos ton. BICORD'B PARISIAN ALTERATIVE Mf> . .*'or l"8 cure of primary or sec mderj Syphilis and all nfleetiona produced by an injudicious use olmor curj. The great advantages possessed I y tl.i* powerful IlltT't ntitfii nvriir till nth.w 1?.... r .1 . ' " . n ,-vrnvoBWi . y l|t?.S IRIW^nUI altci ativc over all other preparation# for the cure ol Sv nhilis, is, that while curing the disease it improves tlu ffin.kt il llfint! nrKilet mneniimr AnnnH*11? 1 ' ? constitution, whilst mnrcury general) v leave a much worse disease than the one It u administered for. The best recommendation we can give of it is, that it is now extensively prescribed by the medical faculty, who for marly consideied mercury the only cure tor those om plaints. Sold, in single bottles, $1 each ; in cases of hall dozen, 96, carefully packed, and sent to all parts ol th* Union. Ofiko of the College of Medicine .indPharma cy. 9J Nassau street W. 8. RICHARDSON, M D., Ages' Sat- PRIVATE MJVD1UAL aID,?The wemoer* oi tht? Now Vork Coiles6 of Medicine and Pharmacy, iu returning the nubUc thanks for the Dbernl support ihej have received in their of'orts to "suppress quuekery,' bcif I save to yate that thoii particular attention continues to oe directed to all diseases of a private aatuie, and ftw th. gi nat improvements lately made in the pt tncipal hoa pitvlsof Europe iu the treatment of those diseases, the* can confidently oiler to person* requiring medical aid ad v minges not to be met with in any institution in thi. country, either public or private. TTie' eatmentof tht Co loge h such as to insure success in very case, and ii otclly Jitlereiit fiom that tmru .ciotis practice ol ruining the constitution with mercury, and in most cases leaving a Jlscaae ranch worsetbnn the original. One of the mess? '?er ol the College,for many years connected with the principal hospitals ofF.uropc, attends daily for a consults tier. from 9 A.M. to8 P.M. _ _ Terms?Advice and medicine, $6 A cure guaranteed liirosTisT to flousrsv l.triLiDs.?Persons living ir Sho country and not finding it convenient to attend per sonally, oan have forwarded to them a cheat containing all medicines requisite to perform a perfect cure ny staling their case explicitly, together with ull symptoms, time ol coc'.raction and treatment received elsewhere, ii anv ad enclosing |6, post paid,addressed to il'cHARDSON.M.D.,AKent. Office :oid Consulting rooms of the Collage, 96 Nassat ?trcet ? pgb THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF 8AB 8APARILLA, GENT I AN AND 8ARSAFRAS, prepared by the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, es tablished for the suppression of quackery. This refined and highly concentrated extract, possessing nil the puri tying qualities and curative powers of the above herbs .s confidently recommended by the College, as infinitely euprrinr to any extract ol SarsapariUa at present betot\ ih? public, and may be relied on as n certain remedy tor ?11 diseases arising Tom an impnre state of the blood such as Ncratulu,salt-rheum, ringworm, blotches or pim pics, ulcers, oain in the bones or joints, nodes, cutancoui eruptions, ulcerated sore throat, or any disease arising ?ro.-ii the secondary oflecta oi syphilis or an injudicioui use oi metcury. bold in single Bottles, at 76 cents each. " in Cases ol half-a-dozen Bottles, 93 69 " " one dozen " 9 oo Casci tot v, arded to all parts of the Union. ^ B.?A very lite ral discount to wholesale purchaser* 'ilhco uf the College. 96 Nassau street W. B RICH AUD BON. M. D., Ageat. i?- VELPEAtPB SPECIFIC riLLS FOR THE CUR1 of itonorrhtt-j, Uleet, and all mcdupumlent discharge! irom tUe uiefhra. Tncte pills, pcepared by the New Yorl College el Medicine and i'iiartuacy. established for thi mppnihiion of quackery, muy be iclied on as the mos speedy and ert'ectiial reruedv for the sbove complaintt. th^y are guaranteed fo cm. recent cases in from thro t) five days, nnd p-ms. ss s yr.-oti r power over obstinati discharges aiul chronic glaet, tnou anj other preparatioi at pres ail kuowu, i. moving uie diserne without sonlinc miflal fn?m bouui'Hi, turitin^ th?? b*v.atli or duiffrepiiii Witn thustomui-h. Prtce 9i pel bo^ Sold at tho Oiilceot ?be < t'barraicy and M diciue,?6 Nassvu street. MONEY 1*1.1 Hh IvT. Thu. sdsy, Aug I"i?0 P. M. The advance noticed la stock-, ysterday, ha* not been sustained. The saleis to day, m many instances show s decline. At the Old Board Long Ishttid fell off 1| per cent; Canton lj; Harlem. 1, Norwich and orceater, 1; Reading Railroad, Htonington advnnre,! J| percent; Vickahurg, j, and Ohio 6'a, />. UnH?d States Bank, Ken tucky 6'*, and North American Trust closol Aim at yes terday'* prices. The sales were not very laige. .The Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company, Boston, has declared a dividend of 13 per cent on stock notes, and on terminations (equal to 36 per cent on the latter) for the year ending July I. Counterfeit two dollar hills of the Manufacturers Bank, New Jpewich, New Hampshire-letter A. The small Icttinng which covers the face of the bill is irre gular. or Bom,.as ois thk Pnii.ADsi.rMU isdReid ran Railrosd. . ^ Y1* ending August 10th, 1644 1 ravel, Freights, fcc ' 916 341 43 Ceal transported during wwk lV838 oi tons Provicualy transported this year 908 391 01 toal transported in 1843 to August I2th, M,ii9 nj inclusive 97,996 13 Increase this year 132,329 07 The closing piice* for exchango are 9} a If. per cer premium. The demand was very limited at these rale v, bile there waa considerable enquiry lor specie Ihroug the street, which induces us to think that remittances wi be made by the next sailing packet, in the shape ol Max can dollars. Wo have advanced eur quotations for sterling bil dhe rutes now range at a specie shipping point nnd t precious metals have commenced moving. fJtJOTATios* or Four his Eschsisok is this Masst.t .?????>"?>* .tM',? ? 39U?? -i.i. tt'im $ it MayS:::^ ^ U J""' ? ? ?T ai?4i ? ?- I 1 1 f; * 1 3,3.i a ? 39V;ilO ki* 7, J",!' ? *40 i,.} 7, ?' ??? - ?Wik 19'ialO Jijj 7 Aug. 1J., . 9>*al0 J,23A4*4,24 40 alU^'l jjjj{ 7( The principal shipments of apecie oo tar, her# heeu Mexican dollar*, which we quote at 1 a 1} per eent pre mitiai. At thia rate it U more profitable to saud them than gold, but when the premium reachea 1} per eeut, gold will take a atari. Quotation* for foreign exchange rule very high in all the aoutheru market*. Quotation* fok Kxliiamik in thi Pkincitau CiTUca. Sterl'M. France. N.Y.&t. N.YMd. Charleston, Aug. 10. ..8 a8)4 ?a5,32)4 ?a)*dis I aD^di* Savannah, " 111. . .7)*a8 luimiual. 3*a),di* ',*1 dia Mobile, " 3...# a ? 5,30 *5,33 )**?pm V?il dia New Orleans " 3. ..# a'J), 5,25 a5,32)4 3*alpin )*al dia We annex our uaual table of quotation* for the princi" pal State *ecu itiea, and other atock* in which operation* are made in thi* market:? Price* or Sine** in tiif. New York Marrf.t. Redeem- 1844. 1841 1844. K ate. a hie. July'JO July 31. Jlue. 15. United Slatea, 5), 1814 ? a ? 101 alUl)4 101 alUl)* " _ K 1844 ? a ? 1iII>4?I02 Kll4ial02 0 1802 Il2)4all3*i,' 115 ali5)* U6)4a115)* 5 1853 102>4aU)2l, 103 a ? 103 a 103 V New York, 7 1818-49 107 a ? 107)*? ? 108 a)08Q 6 1850-54-00 109 a 111 1103**111 109 all 1 " 1881-02-07 10934*110'* 113 all! il0)4alll 5 34 1800-01-4*5 1033*4 ? 104 al06)* 105 alft5Q 5 1845 100 alOOQ lOMdalOlU 101 alOlW 5 1846-7-8-0 100 alOOK 100 VllOlC 101 alOl)* ll, 1013**102), 101 Va 102 s ?11. 103 a ? 102^alC3'a 1846-7-8-0 100 a 1003, 5 1850-1-3 101 alOllL 5 1855-58 101 alOllJ .. 5 1859-60-61 101 al01)2 102)*al03 102KaKH3-? 43a 1819-58 101 alOlS - a - ? a ? Ohio, 6 1850 96 a OOQ 97 a 97)4 9734a 97)4 * """ " ?'" ? 973ja98 83 a 66 7 1856 ? a 101 104 al04)4 103)*al04)4 Kentucky, 6 102 *10234 102344102}, 102- al02V 102 *10234 1023441023 .... , - ? a 8934 #7 a 89 Illinois, 6 1870 4334a 41 43 a 4334 102*"a1023a 85 a 87 Indiana', 5 25 years 43}}a 4434 4434a ?'" 40 a 42 Arkansas, 6 55 a? 56a60 50 ? 58 Alabama, G ? a? 85a? ? a ? 5 80 a U3 82 a ? 79 a 81 Pennsylvania, 5 ? 75 a ? 71 a 75 7334a 84 Tennessee. 6 ? 105 a ? 103 a ? 103 a ? NIYork City, 7 1157 109 al0934 113 nl 14 113 al!334 " 7 '1852 106344107 109 alio 109 alio 5 11850 ? a? 101 alOl34 10l34alOl34 " 5 1858-70 ? *101*4 10134*1013* 1013*4192 Bk Cum'e N. Y., fulll 98 a '.1834 9834* 99 98 a 9834 " scrip 9734* ? 983*a ? 9734a 98 N. Y. Life Ins. k Trust Co. 110 *11134 ? a? 110 a!15 farmer*' Loan Ik Trust Co. 40 a ? 40 a 4034 4034a 41 Ohio Life Ins. k Trust Co. 95 a 90 9534* ? 95 s 96 Rank of U. 9. in Penn'a., 0 a 034 9 a 9)4 034* 9 Boston k Providence Hatl'd, 108 a? 112 *113 lOCsJaltff N. Jersey R. R. k Trans. Co. 95 a.95>4 91 a- 93!ia 94 Mohawk k Hud'n Railroad, 62 n 623* 63 a ? 63)*a 64)* Utica k Schenectady Rail'd, 129 *130 12834*12634* 128*130 Syracuse k Utica Railraod, 119 a? 120 *121 118 *119 Aulieru k Syracuse Riil'd 11234*? 115 all* 110 all.6 Auburn k Rochester R. R., lOSVallO* 106al07),* 106'*4107)4 * F.x dividend. R will {bo'observed that good dividend paying 8tate stock shave slightly improved, while those of a fancy description are very much depressed. The position of the delinquent States is not more clearly defined than it has been for a long time past. The creditors of the re pudiating States have no guaranty when the interest will be paid on their stock. The Legislature of Pennsylvania, have, by the paasage of law* levying taxes aud ordering the sale of the public works, induced the creditor* of the State to believe, that after February next the full interest on the public debt will be paid. Tho attempt to sell the public works, ha* thus iar proved abortive. There ha* been only about fifty share* sold. The sale will continue until the twenty days expire, when if all the shares are not ?old,thosu already bid off will bo withdrawn, and the ?ale declared null and void. It 1* reported, that at the last moment, the Camden and Amboy Railroad and Rari tan oud Delaware Canal Co. intend to come forward and toko the whole stock. We have little faith in thia statement, as tho price of the stock is fixed and the sale will not be made unless that price is obtained, consequently those who wish to purchase, gain nothing by waiting till the last day of sale. There are very great complaints among the holders of Pennsylvania stock, of the delay experienced in getting the S.ute scrip for interest due. Only a small por tion of scrip for interest due last February has been is sued to the crulitors of tho State. And wo suppose the ?crip for interest due the 1st Inst, will not be issued until next yrar sometime. There are many holders of the stock of this defaulting State, who have all their proper ty locked up in this security, and who depend upon the sales of the scrip issued for interest for their daily bread. They are willing to submit to the loss, but they require a regular supply as the interest becomes due. The blame attached to this vexatious delay, is thrown from' one go vernment officer to another, until it is impossible to trace tho responsibility. The apparent want of moral princi ple in the conduct of the authorities of Pennsylvania Is sufficient to destroy all hope of the redemption of the credit of the Stato. The workings of the new tax law have not yet been developed. We have little confi dence in the result It appears to us an impossibility to collect su additional tax, when the tax of foimer years is in arrears to a very large amount. The only thing favo rable to the payment of the new tax is the great improve ment in the general prosperity of the State, and the abun dant harvests of the farmers. The favorable condition of tho people may not have the proper effect on their disposi tions. No one has ever doubted the ability of the people of Pennsylvania to pay every fraction of the tax levied, or to meet the interest on their public debt, but many having doubted the existence ot a disposition to pay, and until this principle is rooted out, the creditors of the State never will receive their just dues. Arrangements have been made for the redemption of the $1,750,000 of State Bonds issued in favor of the Union Bank of New Orleans, and due on the 1st of November next. Tho financial condition of the other States in the Union, has experienced very little alteration. The public worlu throughout the country continue to make the most satisfactory returns Those of this State and Ohio, have never been more productive. All our railroads continue to show increased receipts, and the present internal pros perity of the ceuntry, never has been exceeded. We have as a nation been blessed in every thing tending to ad vance the happinesa and weliare of all classes. Teace and plenty prevail In every section. Old Stock Exchange. $1800 N.Y.5's, '58 1(13 175 siis Nor. k Wor. 62 50(H) Ohio 7's 104 25 do 62 60(H) Krnlucky 6's, 102 50 do b3(l 63 1000 Illinois 6 a, 48 50 do b!5 6234 1IKHHI Indiana,*'*, s 60,'. 4434 25 do 623* 1HHI0 do. 44'J 250 do 62 IDflO do. 443* 325 do Long Island, 82)4 7300 Ohio C's, '60, 97)4 50 do *10 82)4 9000 do 983* 100 do b30 83 10000 do. Sl5, 98 52 do Alii), and Roch. 107 100(1 Kentucky 5'a 8534 256 UH Bank 834 5000 do 863* 200 Vicksburg Bank b?n 7'* 80 aha* Fulton Bank 115 100 do b90 73* 350 Farmers' Loan 4034 40 U S Fire Ins Co 106 loo do 1)60 41 70 N Y Fire Ins Co 95 100 do b30 403* 5 City Fire Ins Co 11234 90 Union Bank 1 IS 10(1 Harlem R R 723* 105 CaiKon Co 38 75 do 73 50 do 1*10 38 100 do *60 72 50 do Ii30 38 50 do s30 72 100 do 37)* 200 Reading IIR 50 50 Stonington R R 41)* 50 do blO 50 50 do 443* ? do 493* flecontl Board. inn shas L Island RR blO 83 100 Norwich R R 50 do *3 823* 50 do 50 Stonington R K 44)4 25 do 50 do 41}* loo Norwich R R ?3 62), 25 do *30 62)* 50 do *3 823* 50 db b3 62'! 50 Stonington R K 44), 25 do ?3 62V 50 do 413* 75 do b20 62)4 loo Norwich R R ?3 62), 50 do 62 *30 623* New Stock tfxehange $|(KMJ Indiana S'a l>3 443* 26 Nor k Wor R R 1(100 do 1.3(1 45 25 do 1000 Illinois 0's 41 25 do nw 25 shas Farmers' Lr 1 b30 4(3* 2.6 tin tnw 50 do *3 40', 50 do 1.3 50 do 1.30 41 50 do *10 25.Cantmt"Co *10 37)4 50 do 1.3 25 do c*h 35 75 do r*h 25 Harlem R R *30 73 25 do *10 25 U Slates Bank 8'4 25 do *3 627* 02 V 62)4 623* 62l4 &? Sals* or Stocks?Boston, Ann. 14. Jit the Broken' Board.- 100 shares Western Railroad, 9 m s, 88}; 4 do do, UOi 40 do$lo, 90 ); 60 do do, 89); AO do do, 1 m b, 89); AO do do, b 30 d, 90), 1A0 do do, b 48 d. 90-, 30 do Worcester Railroad, 1 w b, 117; 4-2.5 Reading Rail road, 26J; 7A do do, 1 m b, 26J; AO do do, 2 m b, .6j; 2A do do, I m b 25j; 2A do do, Norwich and Worcester Railroad 62); 10 do Boston and Worcester Railroad, 17) per cent adv; 35 do Wesiern Railroad, $89) a 80 per share; 1A do Eastern Raiiroad, 12) per cent adv; U S Bank, $8 per sh. State of Trade. Aihks ? Pots are in very moderate demand at $4 18} Pearl* very steady at $4 43], Bkiswss?Prime yellow Northern and Southern are held at 29 a '.0'c. The demand is very moderate. I oi ton.? t'bo market was but slimly attended to-day, sales amounting only to 600 bales, at previous prices. Fi.oun and Usain ? Genesee continues at $4 26; Ohio, f t 12} n 4 18). Southern Corn, 47c; Northern, 49c. If ?r ?Common qualities Noith River bale sell st 32 a 363 ; prime at 38 a 40c. 'iho receipts continue quite large and tin. stock in first hands is daily accumulating. Lkatmlr.?The following sales were mude at auction to-day 90(H) si les hemlock tanned Sole Leather. Light weights 14) to 16 Middle do 14) to 16 lliavy do 13} to 14 (iood damaged 11} to 12} 1600 sides oak tinned Sole Leather. L'ght 22 to 26 Middle 20 to 23 being an Advance of } to )c per lb. from last sales. A:vo, 960 d'tcn Calf Skins 62 a 73c per lb, being an ad vance oi from .5 to 10c per lb. Provisions -Porkis not very active, prime Obioaells at $8 a 8 12) ; mesa do at $9 76 a 0 87). Beef is quite dull end we quote country and city prime at $3 26 a 3 AO ; do ineaa, $6 26 a A 02}. There is a lair demand for Lard, and prime aella at if a Ac. Wmsasf.?Drudge casks are in moderate request at 23 cents ; Western and Prison berrtlx are held nt23)c Married, On the 16th instant, by the Rev T. .1 Sawver, Mr. En ward Milij to Mis* Frances Robinson, both of thi* city. On Monday the 12th instant, by tha Rev. Thomas J. Sawyer, Mr. Nathan Drmskr, of thia city, to M a* Adr i.ia A , daughter ol John U fibril F.<q , oi, Oneidn, Co' Died, On Wednesday evening, the 14th instant, Eliza,widow of the late Pa rick McManu*. The relatives and friend* of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this (Friday) afternoon, st 4 ( 'clock,from har late, 99 Oreenw.cb street. Yt slt-May, August I5'h, of consumption. Frances B , wile of John C. Bloom, and daughter of krastui Hyde, ajL*-*7 ye*r*'ta th" fllU hoP6 * a Mnaaad iaimor Tu nlitlrei and friends of the family are respectfully 1 lrher nolice-t0 ????<* her funeral, from the residence of her lather, went 31ft afreet, Chelaea Square. thUday (Friday) the 16th, at 3o'clock,P.M. lhe men* " '? 0rBenwoo<1 Cemetery lor inter At Manchester, Illinoii, Georoe Wveth, Ben., deeply lamented liy a large family and circle of a acquaintance. Latent Dates RECEIVED AT THE NEW TONE HERALD OFFICE. Manilla Mar. 10 June 27 Malaga June to Antigua ??!?"* 1? Madeira May 4 Arecibo May 5 Mauritius April 19 AngCayaa. June 30 Montevideo jullp g Augustine Bay May 16 Maracaibo ...July 1? Bataria.,. . ....April 18 Mamanilla July a Bay of Islands, N. Z.. April 21 Matanaaa Aug. 3 Bermuda July 8 Mayaguez July 2| Buenos Ayres Juiie 16 Matainoras May 30 Hon July 1 Monterey April Iy Barbadoes June 24 Nassau, N. P Aug. 1 Jan. 21 Neuriuu July li Bonaire April 26 Oahu, 8. I Feb. 2 tefcciiu'feJ! J"!'" li ,, peHaytien Aug. 1 Panama June h Carthigaaa June ii Payta April 2q Camieachy July 12 Rio Janeiro June 2 a Coquimbo Aprjl 24 Rio tirande July . J;""40 April 28 8au Juan Feb. 2s Demerara July 1 St. Helena June 2s Klainore June 27 St. Thomas July |? E*y*l - j"*b. 29 St. Jago de Cuba July 24 Gibraltar..... June 22 St. Johns, P. R Aug. I Ouayama, P. R June 15 St. Croii Aug. 2 Galveston 4ui,e 1? St.Domingo June 22 Gonaives. July. II St. Ubes May if tJoayaquil......... Ajiril 23 Surinam June 27 Gallipagos Islands.,. May 4 Singapore Jan 2| S?v? Ju y 15 Sydney, N. 8. W. ... Mar. 2j{ Havana July 31 1 rinidad de Cuba... .July 2o ""''fax July 17 Talcnhuana May 3 ?fie of France Sept. 27 Tahiti Mar. 2a Jeremie. April 9 Tombeg Nov. i Kingston, Ja. July 22 Tampico June i London.. Ju y 19 Tobaaco July la Liverpool July 19 Turlu Island July 1. L* Guayra June 28 Triesu June In J^Suna Oct. 31 Valparaiso May h iv""" May 11 VeraCruz July l2 Macao April 10 Zanzibar April I4 Porelgn Importations. Sisal?Barque Damariscotta?230 tons logwood 400 bales hrnnp 150 do deer skins A Patrullo. Domestic Importations. Savannah?Brig Savannah?50 tcs rice C Bolton?110 bales 3sa se itaBg5aia.Mui" MARITIME HERALD. Balling Daps of the Steamships. Aca5arAM",Harri.on"0M^TAu,g0,4- .'*?* ?"*? 17 -Svpt- 16 Hiternia, Ryne Aug. 20 Sept. 16 G. Britain, Hoskeu Aug. 31 Sept. 28 Bntjnnia, Hewitt Sept. 4 Oct 1 O. Western, Matthews Oct. 12 '.Nov. 14 Pockets to Arrive. from LivF.itrnoL. Sheridan, Dtqeyster, July 13 Cambridge, Barslaw, July 16 G. Washington, Allen, July 21 FIIOM PORTSMOUTH. Gladiator, Brittou, July 10 Mediator, Chadwick, July 20 FROM HAVRE. Louis Philippe. Cutoff, July 8 St. Nicolas, Pell, July 16 Duchesse d Orleans, (July 21 Pockets to Soil. FOR LIVERPOOL. New York, Cropiier, Aug. 16 Liverpool, Eldridge, Aug. 21 Siddons, Cobb, Aug. 26 FOR PORTSMOUTH. Westminster, Hovey, Aug. 20 St. James, Myers, 'Sept. t FOR HAVRE. Franco's I, Ainswortb, Aug. 16 Lyon, Stoddard, Aug. 21 Utica, Hewitt, Sept. 1 ... . Ship Masters and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor if Captains of Vessels will give to Robert Sn.vrv, Captain of our New? Boats, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they tailed, the vessels spoken on their pusage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign newxp^rera, or news they may have. He will board them im mediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondenta at home ?L M? ? ? ,1 \'fP eonftr a favor by sending to this office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Informa tion of any kind will be thankfully received. POKT OP NKW YORK, AUGUST 1(1. ..5 8 I moo: ? .6 52 I mot Cleared. . .5 8 1 MOON SETS 7 57 ? .6 52 I HIQH WATER 10 24 eois 1st, . Bermuda mith It V. ,ui 1 issues. c?. j onus, nc.ukj Lau rie; Joseph Ham, (Br) Holmes, WimUor, N8. Soule, Whitney ft Co.?Schn1 Mary Ann, (Br) Churchill, Yarmouth, NS. Ju H. Braiim; Alexandria, Lewii, Baltimore. I B Oager; Patriot, lalid' tvfuon Plrila'ddpj J ' Burr' Sale?.?Steamer Ash Arrlved. Barque Daniariscotta. Howes, 27 days from Siial, with hemp, fce. to Nesmith St Walsh. Brig Wuson Norton, 40 days from Oporto, via Boston, with hemp, Sic. to Wilson St Brown. Brig Cordelia, Hatch, 11 days from Ponce, PR. with 249 hhda 6 hhls sugar to Ii. Bouthmayd St Sou. Brig Othello Ryan, 13 days from Guayanilla, PR. with 265 hhds sugar 28 do molasssea to Maitland, Comrie St Co. Left no American vessels. Brig Selim, Duuhain, II days from Porto Cabello, with mdse to Brett St Vose. Brig Wna. Garret son, Smith, 9 days from Sagtia la Grande Cuba, with sugar, to N. L. McCready St Co; 150 hhda do 142 dj molasses to Rowland St Aspinwall. Brig Savannah, Liverinore, 6 days from Savannah, with cot ton, to Sturges St Clearman. Brig Columbia, Drinkwater, 13 days from Calais, with lum ber, to master. British schr Acadia, Barnes. 14 days from Cumberland. N8. with grindstones, to Soule, Whitney St Co. Schr Julia Springer, Lashpiu, 3 days from Georgetown, with lumber and naval stores, to Badger St Peck. Schr Valiant, Farrow, from Newbern, NC. with naval stores to master.a _ ' Schr Milliscent, Cole, from Baltimore, with mdie, to John son St Low den. g<tr Martin Van Bureu, Phillips, Snowhill, wheat. Sclir H. Clay, Mriler, Snowhill. Schr Select, Atkinson, Virginia. Schr A. B. Wheeler. Virginia. Schr Friendship, Andrews, Virginia. Schr Statira, Preble, Fastport, plaster. Schr Julia Ann, Tucker, Kastport, lumber. 8chr 1/4'xiu^ioii, Wass, Lulwc, 1*1 inter. Srhr Gaum. Crowen. Calais, furnher. Schr Turk, Klclrid^t?, Portsmouth, mdse. Srhr Mary Proctor^ Donne, Harwich, fish. Schr MonnmoVj Nickerson. Beverly, fish. Schr Cicero, Nickerson, Gloucester, fish. Schr Dispatch, Nickersou, Gloucester, fish. Schr F. Hallett. Lewis, Boston, mdse. Scnr BoWua, Gibbs, New Bedford, oil. Sloop Helen, Perr>', New Bedford, oil. Sloop Senator. Brockway, Hartford, mdse. Sloop Proof Glaas, Lyman, Providence, mdse. Hlov p Editor, Dayton, Providence, produce. Sloop Midas, Dennis, Providence, produce. Sloop Temperance, Davis, Bristol, mdse. Below* One ship, two brigs, unknown. Sailed. ? Ship Louisiana, Dewhurst, Rio Janeiro; brigs America, Span* ish Main; Kosato, Alhee, Charleston, and others. Mf see 1 Ian eo via. Fonr.tcrf Lettkii Office.?The Havre and Liverpool pac kets will sail to-morrow. Brio Russian, Simpson, from Havana for Cowes, put in to Boston Mth inst. with head of rudder gone. Schr Wandf.rer, from Rio Grande for Montevideo, went aahore when 12 hours out from the former port?crew, Itc.saved Notice to Mariners. Beacon on thf. Goodwin Sands.?Trinity Honsa, London, lltli July, 1844.?Notice is hereby given, that this Corporation has caused a Standing Beacon to be placed upon the eastern edge of the Goodwin Sands, on a spot which dries at low water of spring tides, and at which the undermentioned objects bear by compass as follows, viz:? North Foreland Light House, N by W. South Foreland High Light House W by 8 8. North Sand H?ad Light V?--el, N.Vk >/k. Gul| Stream Light Viwel, NW>4' N. Marinrr. are miur.tcd to ohrerv. that litis Beacon it ?ur mounted by a ball, which i> elevated 51 feet above I lie level of the Sand. They will alto obterve, that at the diatance of 18 I eel Mow the centre of tlie ball, there it a Ilefnge Gallery, eatily aecettible in caae of need, and by which the Beacon it rendered at all timet readily dittingiiithable from the matt* and bailt of either ?r the bloating Light Veaaelt in tlie vicinity of tit* Good win Sanda. By order, J. Herbert, Sec'y. Whalemen. , Arr at Nantucket 11th, Citizen, (new) Bailey, Boaton, to fit for Picinc Ocean. '?Id ?t New Bedford Mth intt. Averick, Reynard, Pacific Ocean. Dryade, late of Mattaiaiiaett, haa la-en pnrchated by Thomat k Dow, of N B. Fortune, lale of Plymouth, has been purchaaed by Gilbert Hathaway, of N B. A letter from Capt Coffin, of the F,agle, of N B, dated Nona heva, ( Marqueaaa) March 17, rep. Jan 16, lat 31 9, Ion 128 W, Courier, Marrhant, N B 600 apt Feb 18, Japan, Riddell, Nant 30 moa 1100 tp; March 5. President, Brork, do, 11 inns 150 ap. Touched at Dominica, (Marqueaa.) in Feb Wm Thompaon, Fllia, N B 16 moa 600 ap900 wh; 4 of her men were in Jail at Nooaheva, who had deserted at Roberts Island. Mpoken. Iowa, fnim Rio Janeiro for Baltimore, Aug 10, no lat, lie?bv the Cordelia, at thia tairt. Cambridge, (Br) Baltimore for Demerara, July 29 lat II 36 Ion 54. A brig supposed to lie the Midas, of Baltimore, Aug 9. lat 31 30, Ion 68 51. Hardy, Thompaon, from Havana for Cowes, Aug 5, lat 28 5 Ion 79 30. ' Chaa William. Keating, from New Orleans for Bordeaui, Aug I, off Sana Key. Foreign Port.. cutis, Park, line; M'Lrllgp< Orr, lii.g, Manianilla, July 24? In port, Chief, Brown, for Boaton, 2 days; Angola Bell, for N York, 2. 8aOf * LA Grande, Aug 5?In port, schr , (prohably Oertrtide, Halweraon) ju?t arrived from (diarleaton?only Ame rican. Ponce, PR. Aug 3?In iHirt, Overman, Davis, for NYork, 8 days; Hanlee, Flilner, Baltimore, 8; Wm H Talman, do, 15. Siial, July 18?In port, Henry Lee, honnd up lite .coast to load for Baltimore?only American. Kio Graniie, July 2?III port. Orb. from Rirhmond for Ha lera. 36 dura; Brafillmro. line; Hoaaell, for Salem, 13; Clarion, for NYork, 26; Sea Bird, for do, line; Franklin, for Havana, soon; Attainnii, for Hamburg, 20 days; Cohauaey, and Ilortenae, nnc; Wickford, for aare; Norman, from Montevideo, at the bar. Mary Chilton wa* daily expected from Rio Janeiro. Luke Porta. Buffalo, Aug 13? Arr Home,; Hunt, Cleveland.? 'Id Nile, Madison, ami Boaton, Chiiago; la-xiiigton, Detroit; Keut, Amheratburg; Rugglea, F Trader, Hudson, Ainaworth, and W Joy, Cleveland; King, Conneaut; Reindeer, Hamiuskr; Dayton, Vrrinillion. Home Ports. Gardiner. Aug 6? Arr, Bold Commander, Tarr, Philatlela. Fast Mai hias, Aug 9?Arr, Adeline Si Rosins, Foster, New York. Boston, Aug II?Arr, Win Gray, Crosby, Mobile; Russian, Simpson^ llisana; Henrietta, Richardson, Havana; Octavia, Smith, Cardenas; Cervantes, Taylor, N Orleans; Nancy Jane, Godfrey, Richmond, Va; Lodj, Nickerson, and Wildes f' Wal ker, Kugrcomb, Baltimore; Albion, Bray, Ale* nutria; Bolivar, .. ........p,.,,,, ,,,r, , * U'SIN, -SITHIU '.||U Iroy; Cornelia, 1<aulkliii, New York; Page. Taylor, do; Com pliance, Kclley, do; Mary, Jacob WardelT ii?. New Bedford, Aug II?8ld Richmond, Cnshman, NYork Tiger, Nye, Albany. Nantdcret, Aug 12?Sid Mariner, Adams Baltimore. Irovidence, Aug 13?Arr N C V, Ferris, Norfolk; Solomon Rosvelt, Johnson, Philadelphia; Mandarin, Nye, Troy; Arion. Monro, N York, 12?Simnel, Slanchester, Albany. UKiaroi., Aug 13?Sid, Diadem, Liacoinb, I'hiLdi Iphia; Rsy mond ii maater of the United, aid Uth for Philadslphia Jail RiVct, Auu 12?Arr. Wm Young, Philadelphia; Merl dim. N York. _ _ _ _ . Nrw Hsvr.n. Aug 14?Arr R C Fisher. Thomson, St Croll. Sid Gen Wm H Harrison, Philadelphia. Phii.AUixrin*. Aug li?Arr Majestic, True; Intrepid, U*. reuce; A B Cooley, Camp; Sequel, Rayuor, aud Vtirj. u* reuce, N York; Lagrange, ranuiug. Calais; ?"ly,r.I Malviu, StJnkq, NB; TV.rxrr, Glidden, Machias; Tyro, Hitohbonre, and Palestine Stevenson, Pmvideuce; W Thompson, Steward, Fall River; Elizabeth St Rebecca. Green. Albany. < Id Eipen ?riant. [ Br] Hutcliiug., Port Spain, Trfn; Batavia. Oitkey, and St Helena. Wsagatt, Salem, Ma; Achaah D. Douglass; Amy V\ Lords, Eudicott, and Boa ton, Hudson, Providences Challenge, Park, Boston; Hatty Ann, Crane, Connecticut; F A Seward. Rota, Newburu, MY; Mary Marahall. Lee, and Roae in Bloom, Whanum, Nrora. ..... ? , ... Biltimokc, Aug II?Arr Nimble,Farrall, Rio Grande; Mm Horatio, [Br] W otton, Havana; Clarissa, Watts, Eastport; Burton, Fercival, Boston; Argyie, Cooksey, NYork; Joseph Brown, Cbaae, Fall River. Cld Mth, Grace Brown, My era. Jainea River; Pioneer, Know lea, Braintree, Maaa; Horeuce, Howland, Boatou. _ _ .... . ,,, RiciiMoao, Aug 13?Arr Marietta Burr, Kuapp, NYorfc; Vv Bnrke, Solder. Fall River; Sun, Stanton, Stomngton. Sid Weyinoulh, Couch,NYork; Lagrange, C rowell, Philadelphia; Cleopatra, Dennis, kail River; A 8 Johnson, Taylor, N Wn.THtLi, Aug 13?Arr 11 H Douglass, Norvillo, lakea flour from Uallego Mills. . Edkiston, NC. Aug IP?Ait Middleton, Forbes, N \ ?rk. Sid Charlotte, Ely: Middleton; Joy.Alleu; bauny, and Vir ginia, Wescott, NYork. rplIIS i- gone \XT ANTF.D?By a tingle gentleman, a Parlor with a Bedroom VV attached to it, between Chambers and 47edar streets. tine in a res|rectab|r family would be preferred. Helerencea ex changed. Please address X. Y. at this office. an 16 2tis*rc tlkr. REWARD?Left some days since, in the Refreshment Saloon of Mr. T. l)e#n, No. 43 Canal street, corner of Broailwav, a Note Case, containing a small amount lu Lung Island Bills. It was laid aside by the proprietor, in his money till, to be restored to tlie owner on demand, but on the followtug diay was feloniously abstracted therefrom. The above reward will be given by the owner, (a gentleman re siding ou Long Island) for the recovery of the same, or an/ in formation that can conduce thereto. Apply at the Bar of the Meichants' Hotel, Cuurtlandt street. aulO lt*rc WASHINGTON FIRK ENOINECOTNo. 2#~ , rpHF. MEMBERS and friends of this Company,are requested J. to assemble at tire Engine House, uu Saturday Evening, Aug. 17til, for tlie purjiose of maturing their arrangements for the re ception of their Albany friends, the Daniel D. Tompkins En gine Company, No. 8, who w ill visit our city on the 3d Septem ber next. By order, W. RAG AN, Foreman. H. H. WRIGHT, Secretary. aulti lt*h W ASH IN G TO N1A N COFFEE HOUSE, No. 14M Nassau Street. ESTABLISHMENT, having been rebuilt and under gone great improvement, is again open for the public, by the former proprietor, who hoi?es, by attention to business, to merit a share of public patronage. The above establishment will, as formerly, lie open day anu night. aul7 Iw NOTICE?The gentleman who yesterday, by accident, broke the window at IUJ Nassau street, is informed that the proprietor lias lieen enabled to replace the glass at a reduction from the for mer price: and lie therefore wislies the. gentleman to call and re ceive tire difference due him. ?t_ TREMENDOUS CLAM HAKE & CHOWDER, fk004? Clnms! CONGRESS ROCK. F.LYSI AN FIELDS, HOBOKEN. rpHE UNDERSIGNED, <>n Thursday next, the 23d instant, 1 will have, at the Congress Rock, tlu most extensive Clam Bake with Chowder, that ever was seen in tlie United States. Every attention will be given, and the best accommo dations provided, by J. L. POULLETT. an 10 3t*tn ARTIFICIAL FLOWER MAKER WANTED. A PERSON who understands tlie business in all its various departments, coloring, shading, forming, kc. To a person who can give reference as to character and capacity, a liberal in ducement will be offered, in a neighboring city. Apply at 134 White street. aulti 3tc^ WHEAT?4000 bushel* Prime Illinois Wheat for sain by W E. K. COLLI Nf4 tk CO., aulGrc. 60 South street. JR181I OATMEAL?About 3000 ^ij^n^ood^orfer^forsale aulOrc 61 South street. TITAN TED?A Young Healthy Woman, with a fine breast of ?V milk, lias Just lost her child, and would willingly adopt another, she resides in the healthy location of Rockland Lake, and any reference for character and respectability, may be had at this office. She may be heard of until Saturday, at 96 Goerck street?after that, any communication addressed "Wet Nurae,' at the office of the Herald, will lie attended^ au!6 3t*m rtONSK IN EES Of < lot idsby ship TRENTON, from Liver L pool, will please send their iiermila ou board the ship at pier 13 K. R., or to the office of the subscriber. All goods not permitted in five days, must.unavoidably be sent to the public store. JOllN HKRDMAN, an lire 61 South street. FOUND. "VESTERDAY MORNING, in Chatham street, a snm of I Money, which from an address that was with it. is supposed to belong to MICHAEL RU8HFORD, CARLOW,COUN TY of CARLOW, IRELAND. He, or the owner, can have it by calling at this office. aul4 3t*m INFORMATION WANTED. TVyTRS. DURAND, (late Miss Maria Miller,) from Denach ivl Ohsr an Newbirck, in Wurtcmberg, now residing in New York, wisltes to inform her brothers, (iecurge and John Miller, also, her uncle Mr. Rhutihe^ that she would be happy to receiva information from them, having not heard any since the year 1830 from Rouen, France, when site left the family, emigrating for New York. All information will lie thankfully received by au4 2w*ec MR. T. PHOME. 119 Fulton street, XPRESH PRICES RF.DUCED?The Subscribers have reduced their Express prices on all small packages of law and other documents, from 60 cents to 26 ceula per package, from this city to Buffalo and the intermediate points. Also, through Wells 8t Co.'s Express from Buffalo to Chicago, at 60 cents (>er package from this city to Chicago, and the intermedi ate pointa ou tlie Lake. _ ... . su3 LIVINGSTON. WELLS k POMk.ROV. CLIFTON HOUSE, ON THE BAYSIDE. 8TATEN ISLAND, NEAR "THbv, NARROWS." FIR PERMANENT BOARDERS, transplant lodgers and day visitors, offers an opportunity of enjoying the sea breeze, a view of laud and water unequalled for lU picturaanueuets, the luxury of the mm bath, (tlie aea beach being within half a mile of the home.) The dinner hour in 4%, o'clock?on Sunday at 3 o'clock. Su perior carriages in attendance for the accommodation of the guests. A fine Bowling Alley and Billiard Room, are just finish esl for the amusement oft* N. B.?Two of the best rooms in the House may be had for tlie remainder of tlie season, on immediate application of faini "On Sundays the boats run to Stapletou, landing avery hour? Carriages in attendance to convey passengers to Clifton House ai8 Imiarc TO ANGLERS AND SPORTSMEN. TU8T OPENED?A few thousand of very suparior Silk J Worm Gut?fresh, stunt and clear. For sale, by the thou sand or a lesser quantity,'on reasonable ^ 139 Chatham street. N. B.?1Tackle of all kinds found as above. aul6 2l-m TEETH?TEETH?TEETH. UNPRECEDENTED REDUCTION IN DENTISTRY, by N. TAYLOR, Surgrou Dentist, Successor to Wm. Thorn, 62 East Broadway. Teeth set on pivot ?1 00 " on Silver Plate 200 " ou Gold 'I b0 Teeth filled with 4 4old lOtl Tin Foil. 60 " with his justly celebrated Mineral, 76 Tooth Aclie cured "'??? 60 All operations warranted at this office. au!6 lu>*rc "mum PARTICULARS OF THE FARM in Huntington UClfllTowiisbip, S. C., advertiveil some tune since by W. K J. 3KZT. TAPSCOTT, can be had at their office, 76 South st, corner of Maiden Lane. "STRAYED?From the Stable at tlie Aqueduct Bridge, on Harlem River, on the morning of the 13tli, . i e ? , light BAY HORSE, four years old, with long busby tail, about fifteen hands high, three white feet and wlute spot on the forehead. Whoever will return said horse, or give in formation where he may be found, at the Bridge, or at Dunn s Stable, 103 Charles street, N. Y? will be suitably rewarded, an 16 2tia*m GRAND AQUATIC EXCURSION. iryONE HOUR EARLIER.j^JL Jggt The magnificent Steamer StTTTH AMERJ ^73*1 \ Cant Trueadell. will, on SATURDAY, 3G3BE.August I7tl?, repisit the Excursioni which gave such unbounded aatisfaction on the Ith instant, She will leave Barclay street wharf at 2 o'clock?'-anal street 2>?foot of Ham mond street 2>i?Catharine street, E. IL at i\?and Pier NoM N. R. at 3 o'clock?Proceed through the Kills and Staten Island Sound, via :-Amboy to Sandy "I'oint on the Raritan Hirer; thence down Amboy and Princes Bay to Sandy Hook, |isssing on the left Re.l Bank Light House, and the Southern Side of Slaten Island; and on the right Osceola, Kcypprt and Middle town Point. From Sandy Hook she will pass the Black Buoy, Great llomer Shoal, Coney Island, Telegraph Station, Jort Hamilton, Fort Diamond, and the Quarantine Ground, and ar rive in the city before 8 o'clock. , . This Excursion will not only afford our citizens an opportu nity to inhale tlie pure and balmy breeze of the ocean, tint will recal to their minds the most interesting reminiscences or our Revolutionary Struggle. , ...?.u Fare for the whole r.xcursion, Mb! Y CENTS. au!6rc The Steamboat THOMAS SALMOND M'-aj* W. T. Shnltz. will run to the Fishing MMMnUuila, from her usual places, on TU bSSDA 1 S, 1 Viz. Am? street ( atharine bare WEDNESDAYS, Iry, Brooklyn, 9? Pike 9V4, and Ph? TIiURSDA Y8. and fNo. I, N. R., ?H?toncbing at kort FRIDAYS. j Hamilton aach Fare 26 cents ?acb wsy. T SA MONDAY!*. ) In the Momiugs, leave , y Pier No. 1 N. R., at 9?. Afternoon, at 2. 2?, IS. Ol. and Pier No. 1 N. R., at 3. Retuniiug, will land at the seme placee. Fare 12K cents M way. 7us h GRAND EXCURSION TIIIHTLE BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION. TV Oimmittee appointed for the purpose, /L~ na-l /7_Fliav<- the pleasure of aiinoiineing that they have 3E_jHUE_engagcd the splendid and popular Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA. Captain Tniesdell, fova Grand Pl-asure Excursion up the Hudson to West Pouitcm b III DAY, 16th lust, allowing a line iiplairtunity for viewiug the inaginficent Scenery ? InTirdertn eiiln're comfort and satisfaction to every on?, the nuinln-r of Ticketa have positively la-eii limited. . An Excellent BAND engaged for tin- occaaion, will be in at tg>iwUn?s> Ami Mr. I'ARKr-H, t\%* crlebrttwl (-onauctor of Corilbm. snclDi rector of tlu Tbi'.tle Balls, has kindly Consent "'.Mr"'iKAC KD^Gr., the famed Pyrotechnist, a Member of the Association, has kindly offered some of his most brilliant Fire Work*, made for the occasion, to I* exhibited ou the re tUThe**"mil America will leave ?, follows, viz I "tbtrine Market Slip, at 10 o'clock, A. M.-Barclay street, half-past 10 ( anal street, Iti^s.?State Prison Dock, II o clock. Dinner provided on board. Tickets for the Excursion bib I Y 4-b.NTS?To be bad of? IAMFS Cl'RR, President Corner Canal aad Hudson. WM lilt HAllbSGN, V. P (ior. Perry and Greeaiwieh. Al FX CAMMb.RGN 344 lludaon. JAMES IIARRISON,...... Northern Hotel. Conrtlandt st. milV P A TT b. N 4-otnrnercial Hotel, 73 Courtlxndtst. MAJOR SINCLAIR .. "?4 Reed, street, V (iLIRElIUOH ... 4,or. b niton and Bniadway. And on board tire boat tire morning of tire Excursion. The object of the THISTLE BENEVOLENT ASSOCIA TION is well known to lie for charitable purposes. Tire Com mittee trust that tlreir endeavors on this occasion will Ire crown ed with that success which ha* always Ireen awarded I Item in tlreir exertions to relieve the Wiilew and Orphan. an 14 3tis-rc STEAMSHIP NEPTUNE, (to close the concern)?At Auction, by L. M. HOFF MAN k CO., on TUESDAY. August 27th, at half-past one o'clock, at lire Merchants Exchange?STEAMSHIP NEPTUNE, 746 she is in first rate order and condition, having per mPIP.. . .ast trip from (Charleston in 66 hours; she was thoroughly overhauled two years sinee, and newljr fopneresl (Mill 28 and 32 it. copper, furnished with new boiler made by J P Alburn, and put in first rate condition in every respect. Re! engine is about 260 horse power, 66 inch cylinder, l l,Si feet stroke, 26 feet diameter of wheel all mole by J. P. Allaire, and of unauriaaeed workmanship. For further particulars aod in ventory (which is full and complete) apply to < aptain Rollins, on hoard, at the Novelty Works, or at the office of J. H. Brow er, 91 Friml stret, where Captain Rollins may be seen dy'y "? '0 o'clock. Inventory also at the auction room. Tire Neptune may be purchased by private contract al any lime previous to the day of sale. an 14 litis rc P^BORK? 60 half bbls family Mesa Pork, for sale in lot; to suit purchaser., by E. K. COLLINS k < ,(>., _ au iire 66 SouUi street AMUSEMENTS. NIILU'I GAK1FKN. Corner of Broadway mil I'fina ilwl, New York. The F'jttertaiumeiiia are under llie tola diractiou of MR. MITCHELL. Doom open at 7? Entertainment* commence at ? precisely. The pleasing (barrens in two arte entitled I lie Spirit of the Khiur will be performed this evening, with a series of lllumi uated Views, produced by Mr. Holland'* splendid apparattu, lighted by the Drutninuliu Light. Also, for the 3d time, our of the moil novel eshibilioiis ever produced m Aiueiica, entitled the KO.N1 APHOSTIC ! or, Lime Light. FRIDAY KVKNINtJ, August Kith, will be presented THE SPIRIT OP THE RHINE. Igualius Stu thee rant* Mr Nickinsoti Arthur Huntky Dwnnisun ^lv**el Koeenliiall Karl Everard i? Madame Tyffel Mn Uardwtak i Mi?? Taylor Roeclieu ... .... Mr* Everard After the Operetta, A I'AS HKL'L . . by.. . MISS PARTINGTON. . V-^Tltyfrmiaiiomof half an hour.^QI During which Mr. Holland w ill pxlubit for lb* 3rd time his ex traordinary KONIAPHOSTIC! OR-LI M E LIGHT' which Irotn one small burner will iliffuie the radiance of the Brighteit Moonlight over the whole Garden. To conclude with a series of ILLUMINATED VIEWS ! Produced by Mr. Holland's Splendid Apiiaratu*, lighted by the Drummoud Light. !T7""NO POSTPONEMENT at tin* establishment on ac count of weather, as the Grand Entrance from Broadway to the Saloon 11 protected, and tlia New Saloon, which if ventilated from the top and sides, can he enclosed at a moment's notice. PALMO'S ITALIAN OPERA HUIRE. CHAMBERS STREET. ADMISSION ONLY TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. Friday Evening, August 10th, AMD LAST EVENING BUT ONE. THE ORIGINAL ETHIOPIAN SERENADERS, MESSRS. GERMON, 8TANWOOD, HARRINGTON, fc PELIIAM. Respectfully announce to the Ladiee and Gentlemen of New York, that they have made arrangements for opening that delightful place PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE, IT7-FOR ONE WEEK ONLY !-ET, COMMENCING ON MONDAY, AUGUST II. And the public may rest assured that every exertion will be used toexcell all previoua efforts. THE ENTERTAINMENT consisting or new SONGS, GLEES, CHORUSSES, COMIC LEC TURES, ETC., ETC. ' ACCOMPANIED WITH THE ACCORDION, BANJO, CONGO, TAMBO AND BONE CA8T1NETT8 I IN ALL OF WHICH THET OOP-CHALLENGE THE WORLD!-?) TO rUODUCE THEIR EQUAL. Concert to commence at IK. For particular* see programme1 au9 re GREAT AND ATTRACTIVE EXHIBITION. rpHE PROPRIETOR has llie honor of informing the citi ?? re n? ofNew York,that he is now exhibiting i'ora lew day* at the Lyceum of Natural History, Broadway, No. 561, opposite. Niblo'* Garden, the magnificent MODEL OF PARIS. This really splendid work of art, carved entirely on wood, ie the re sult of 16 years 'of labor. It comprises at least 57,0011 houses, 1670 streets, and more than 100,000 different subjects. Each house, monument and public square is represented with a truth fulness and matlieinatical nicety in their forms, dimensions and colors. Inasmuch that persons who have resided in the great metropolis of the world, can easily recognise the house in which they have dwelled. 0|ien every dsy from 9 A. M. till 10 P. M. Price of admittance, 25 cents ; children half price. au3 3tawlm*re THE ALHAMRA, 850 Broadway, retween Spring and Prince Streets. 'l'HIS fashionable place of resort is open for the season. The A Ices, Fruits, Jellies, and other refreshments, are of the finest description. An Orchestra, combining some of the first musical talent in the city, perform every evening, except Saturdays and Sundays, favorite piecr* from the comiHisition of Straus, Lanner, Auber, Bellini and other* equally celebrated. BRANCH, No. 165 East Broadway, one door above Rutger street, where tile same delightful Ice Creams and Refreshments may be found. aull Imisrrc ELY a I AN FIELDS. HOBUKEN. GREAT AND ATTRACTIVE FREE EXHIBITION. TVA'R. M'CARTY, respectfully announces that, at the request f'f of many families in the city of New York and vicinity, lie has made arrangements for one week longer, with Messrs. HOOD, RCOGLES and WILLIAMS, to give their Grand and Unequalled I Yr for man ces, commencing on moiiriay, August 12th, The Exhibition will oegin with? Magic Plates by Mr. WILLIAMS, the celebrated Plate Waltxcr and Balancer, in which he stands unrivalled, assisted by his son, Master AVON, ouly three years of age, who will introduce his novel aud pleasing feats. Mr. H. W. Iti,'OGLES the much admired Slack Rope Vaulter. will appear and Jierform his woudrrful feats of strength and agility, and will finish his acta by turning One Hundred Summersets. Mr. HOOD will also appear on the Elastic Wire and Dance a Horui>i|ie ou ('hairs, and will conclude with the difficult Feat of Standing on a Barrel which reels ou the Wire, display ing tlie perfection of equilibrium. Mr. WILLIAMS will introduce hie son, Master AVON, in the ydrasiug act* of Grecian and Prussian Game*. II /"Intermission of half an hoar. Mr. HOOD will make a Grand and Terrific Ascension on the Tight Rope, upwards of 300 feet, and return backwards, a feat ouly performed by himself. The Exhibition will conclude with the Italian Kautoccini, by S1GNOR GARCIA, representing life. A Good Band of Music in attendance. Days of performance?Monday, Wednesday and Friday, com mcncing at ( P. M. anil 5t*m COLMAN'S LITERARY SALOON, COSTUME GALLERY, AND EXHIBITION OF BEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS, No. 1(13 Broadway, New York. NO"" ADMISSION ONE SHILLING ONLY. (I 81 RANGER should leave the city without calling in 11 see tlie Great Collodions of Books, Paintings and En graving . which are offered at "prices to suit the times." The PL BLIC SALE ROOM is filled with hooks of every kind, in various languages, Including Prints and Pictures, to see which, end the Print Hnom. no ( haiku is made jy26ec CENTREVILLE COURSE, L. I UNPRECEDENTED NOVELTY. A Purse of Stood will be given by the Proprietors of the shove Cour?e, free for all horses, with |urers and trotters, to go as they please, carrying catch weights, to perform the distance of20 miles within the hour. The first horse performing the distance to re crivt $000; tlie second beat $200. Should the distance not lie lerformrd wllhiti the hour, tlie first horse out to receive the $200. The above to come off tlie 23d day of Heptemtwr?Three or more to make a field. Entries to close at Jones' Second Ward Hotel, Nassau street, the 2d Sept., hy 9 o'clock, P. M. The terms of entrance are 2K per cent, except by the w inning horses, which will be charged the usual entrance of 10 per rent. aulO lw*h CAMDEN iCOURSE. CAMDEN, N. J.. OPPOSITE PHILADF.LPIIIA. aMIOTTING-Tho following Purses, of $100 racli, with an 1 inside Slake of $100, are closed to come off over the above Course, commencing September IGtli, 10(4 :? No. 1?Two Mile Heals under the Saddle, for Horses never won a Purse. Albert Conkliti names br. m. Reality. Geo. Spicer " b.jr. Tip. J.P.Jenkins " Sinbad. No. 2?Two Mile Heats under the Saddle, for Horses never won a I'ursc over $75. Albert Conklin names ' '' br. in. Reality. Geo. Spiccr " b. g. Tip. J. P. Jenkins " sinbaa. No. 3?Mile Heats, best three iu five in harness, for Horses never won a Purse over $100. A. Smith names blk. g. Jack ( ade. II. Woodruff " br. g. Columbus. J. T. Dunham " b. g. Moscow. James M. Ilammell Iir.g. Hector, No. 6? Also, Purse $300, Two Milr Heats in Harness, foe for all Trotting Horses. II. Woodruff enters br. g. Columbus. Geo. Snicer " b. g. Americas. James M. Ilammell., . b. g. Dutchman. The two follow ing Purses will he given to come off tlie same mi-eting':? Purse $100, Two Mile Heats in Harness, for Horses never won a Purse over $100. Purse $100, Two Mile Heats in Hsrness, for Horse* never won a Purse. Entries to lie made at R. SMITH'S, 31 Park Row, on or be fore the 2Uh of August, by 9 o'clock P. M., three or tnore to make a race. so 16 lt*h BEACON COURSE. FOOT RACE FOR ONE TIIOIJNAND DOLLARS. ("THE PROPRIETORS of the above ( ourae offer a Purs, of I 11000 for a Foot Race, to take place on the above Course, near lioboken, on the Uth of 0C1 OB Ell, weatlier permitting, as follows :? A Purse of $600 to tlie person who will run the greatest dis tance within one boor? $250 to the second in (lie race? $100 to tlie third heat in the rare, and $50 to the fourth; if, Iwiwever, the first in tie- race does not |ierform ten tniles within the hour, $500 only will he given; and if the second, third, aud fourth do not perform 9X miles w ithin the hour, tliey will receive but half the above sum, and nothing if lime utiles are not performed. In case any |ierson should Come from England, or any other place out. of the United States, for llie purpose of this race, and should w in either of the above purses, ten per rent addition w ill he al lowed for their expenses. Five dollars entrance will lie charged, to prevent iwrsoiis entering their names who do not intend to run. Persons wishing to enter for the shove are re<Nie?tcd to do so as toon a* convenient, and no one will lie allowwl to enter who does not do so on or before the 21 at nf September. Entrances made, and all information given by the subscriber, either hv letter or otherwise. (T7~No person will be allowed to start for the above Parses who may, lietween this and the aboir racr, run on any course in the United States for a purse or match of $50, or more. C. S. BROWNING, West lioboken, N. J. June 19th, 1X4. I.'s miles from lioboken Ferry. anl3 Im-rc HARDWARE, CUTLERY, NAII..S, TIN PLATE, Acc. 500 'ow knives and Forks, ($5,50 to $24 per 5 casgsPWi and Poeltet Cutlery. Itaxors and Scissor*. 5 casks common and best mill, hast'd and taper Files. 4 casks low prirvd anil liesl Hind anil Hack Saws. 25 casks "Elwrll's," "Brade'i," and common Hoes. 104WI kegs superior Cut Nails, (at the lowest price.) 150 botes 1 in llate, X*, (*t $8,25 pei box ) Also, Trace (hams. Hooks and Hinges, Round Bolts, Nor folk and Square Latches, Pad and Patent Knob Lock*. Iron Tea and Fable Spoons Frying Pans, remission Caps, flair Seating all tixra, Cliaiu Web, Curled llair, Sofa Spiniga, Inc., he , fcr. For ssl# on tlie usual credit, at very low prices, T.y JOHN A. NF.WBbOLD, au!2 (tis're No. 90 John su**t, (up stairs.) BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Indiana Election?Ths Baltimore American gives the results in fifty Counties, giving the demo* crat?24 and the whigs 64 Members of the Assembly. Last year in these counties the democrats had 37 and whigs 41 members. In ten districts the demo* cratselected 4 Senators and the whigs 7; last year in the same districts, the democrats 7, ths wbigs 4 The American does not give the popular vote. Kentucky.?We have imperfect returns from 8# counties, in which the vote is 16,606 democratic to 19,953 whig. Alabama.?The only additional returns front Alabama are from the Congressional district lately represented by Dixon H. Lewis, which render the election of Yancey (democrat) certain. From Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina we have no additional returns. Philadelphia. [Correspondence of ths Herald.] 1 Philadelphia, Aug 16,1844. Ths funeral of the lamented Muhlenberg did not take place this morning, as he exhibited, s few minutes previous to the closing of the coffin lid, every indication of life. His features were natural as ever, it is said. Every attempt to restore him to animation was made, but all proved fruitlem. The political aapect of affaits in the city and county ol Philadelphia, is assuming a point which will shortly mark distinctly the line between the three great parties, striving torpre-eminence. The nominations of candidates for the several offices to be filled at the election on the sesond Tuesday in October next, are now about to be made by the three parties; and when ths candidates are placed directly before the people for their suffrages, it is supposed that in the great struggle for ascendancy the canvass will^be the most exciting one, which the people oi this section of the.State have unhap pily passed through. The sudden demise of Mr. Muhlenburg, the de mocratic caudidale tor the gubernatorial choir, has again set the wire-pullers ot that party at work, to find an available candidate in his stead. Many of them exhibit symptoms of hostility towards Mr. Shunk, the man upon whom the great maps of the narty appear to have centred, and the successor of Mr M.; principally, it ta said, because he is not oi that class of politicians whose elasticity ol son* science, and habits of accommodation, give him the character ot an automaton in the hands of these men. I apprehend, however, that public senti ment, in the democratic party, has so settled upon Mr. Shunk as the candidate, that his enemies will discover themselves in so meagre a minority that, for the sake of their political reputations, no effort will be made to defeat hi* nomination. He is re garded as a stronger man in his party, and as pos sessing (much more personal| popularity than Mr. Muhlenourg. His election, over General Markle, is regarded by his friends as a mailer oi course, and the only difference la as to the majority hs will receive. In the city, Markle'a majority will reach probably 3000. In the county, Chunk's majority i will about balance this. Mr. Muhlenburg's person al popularity here was much {greater than Mr. Shuttk's, but in the western part of (he folate it was much less. Mr. Clay's vote in the city and county, aa well as throughout the state, will greatly exceed Gen. Markle's, as every intelligent and observing man accedes, but the presidential vote in the state it is thought will bs close. Both parties are energeti cally at work, and as sanguine of success as they are warmly engaged in tne causes they espouse. Of the congressional result in the city and coanty, much depends upon the nominations which the different parties are about to make. In the first district, composed of Southwick, Ac. the native Americans ure very strong, and but little doubts are entertained of the success of their nominee, if he be a man worthy at all of support. 'I he se cond district, composed of the city, with the ex ception of two wards, which generally give about 600 whig majority, it is thought the whigs will car ry. 1, however, am inclined to think differently. I from the fact, that 1 know the natives will poll I about 4000 votes out of the 10,000 which generally are polled in this district, and 1 have reason to | suspect that a certain number of the locofocos will support the native nominee. In this event ths na tives must succeed. The result in the third and fourth districts depends entirelnupon the kind of men who may be nominated. The men who have the moit personal popularity, will rucee?*d here, as party lines have been severed. To-night the na tives nominate their candidale for mavor?there are several good men upon the list, but 1 think Mr. C. Keyser will be the man. It is said the Natives will take up the Hon. Jo seph R. lngersoll as their candidate lor Congress from the First District! He's a whig, but an out and out Nutive, 1 don't think. As yet, that duel Detween Judge Coniad and Col. Jack, has net come ofl. The Colonel is still, I believe, at Saratoga, or somewhere else ; while the Judge is zealously advancing the cnuse of Clay, Frelinghuyet-n and Markle. They both should have been arrested. On Tuesday evening an accident occurred at M. Lewis A Co.'a lead manufactory, corner of Schuyl kill Eighth and Pine strrets,by which William Wil liams, a laborer in the factory, lost his life. Wil liams was closing the window shutters, when going too near an arm of the machine, he was dragged in and crushed in the most dreadful manner. But for the breaking of one of the straps he would have been torn to pieces. He survived only four hours. He has left a wife. A poor fellow this morning, suffering from mania Botu, attempted to commit suicide, by throwing imselt into the Delaware, at Pine street wharf. A good tall business will no doubt be transacted in Philadelphia, aa our hotels are rapidly filling up wiih merchants from the tiouth and West. The Market and Front street people appear in gpod spirits, anticipating a liberal shate of that which your jealous and enterprising merchants look for exclusively. . Our markets are excellent, the quantity ot fruit being unusual tor the season. Prices are reasona ble, yet I must confess there is nothing to boast of over the New York markets, despite the advan tages of the former. In stocks there was an npward tendency to-day, but our brokers now move slowly aud cautiously, having no disposition to "burn their fingers" by venturing too lar into the fire. Wilmington Rail road was in pretty lair demand at 241, with sales at 4 higher, while Reading Hailrosd Bonds were remarkably firm at 68 Hn.n at mi Fmtr Board?$7000 Rending Rlt bonds, 68; ISO Wilmington Railroad, 04; IS Camden and Am boy|IUilroad, IIS; $8000 Reading Railroad bonds, 68; $8000 Chesapeake and Delaware Canal loan. 88, $010 State V?, naw, 1846, 70]; 190 Wilmingtou BR, 34*; 10 01 rard Bank, 13). Hscono Boabd?ISO Olrsrd Bank, 134; 10 Camden and Amhoy RR, lla; $1000 Harrlsbnrg RR bonds, 60; 900 Wilmington RR, 34$; 700 do 94]; $4000 Reading RR bond), 68; a Union Bank of Tann. 01]; 100 Wilmington RR, 34); $1600 Cincinnati bouds, 96. (SHIP NKWH. By This Mornlng'i No tit hem Mall. I'iiii ai.ri riiia, Aua 15?Arr Cba* Henry, Griffith. Dover, Nit. Below, Homer, I.ilia, from l.uber; Grand Turk, Nich ols. and John M Clayton, Parker, Boston; (Jen Bolivar. da n-lie, nml other*. ( Id I iimberlnnd, Phillip*, Pernasihnro; Curn-iicv, Richmond, Went Iridic*. Bsi.irwons?, Aiir 14?( Id (len Vmvie, Couillard, Kotterdsm; Home, Wstts, Kingston, Ja; May Flower, Thompson, We?i Noarats, Aiik IS?Arr Adrian, Bedell. NewYork; John Al lyne, limy-**, New Bedford. (Id l.eda, Ilnark, Co we* inn ? inkt. Drrrreus, (lordon, nnd Manchester, Gordon, from Balti more for Bo*tnn, went to sea to-day. AUCTION SALES. THUS. BK.I.I., Auctioneer, So. It Spruce .Street. Regular Bale* of Furniture.?Every Wednesday and Hatvirday. Regular Sale* of Dry Goods, < lotion*. Pledged and Fancy Article#, Groceries and Varierina?Every Tuesday and Friday, aul 4w* m I HON BELL. AaetiuWSSa. AUCTION NOTICE?Rale of Good* from the Lower To lice Office.?Tin* Day, at WRo clock, will be concluded sail rioted the sale or valuable K"oda of all dearriptiona unclaimed, ai thefl Hsl-s Rooms, ll'Hprucr street, under the direction of Paul B. I-loyd THOU. BF.LL, aulB II*in Auctioneer F. J. BEARNH, Auctioneer, By C. R. RING. I ARGK. SALE OF HANDHOMK FURNITURE?Thi* L Day. Friday, at 10 o'clock, at 175 Chatham street, a Urge and valuable assortment of Handsome Household kurnitwre, iioth new and second-hand, ronaiatma of I mahogany Wardrobe; (, Siiia-rior rit> -nvuh- Hpring Heat Sofas; I hofa Bedstead#. McOraw'a patent; Pier. Card and Centre Tables, w ith marbla torn, Breakfast, Tea and Dining do; mahogany and ratm teal I hairs, Ottomans; Divans; Plain and DretainK Bureaus. i oilet T tides; Wash Hum!*; Carpet*. Rugs, Oil Cloth. Looking Glaa*e?, Kir- Hi t*. ( iiiua and Olaas Ware, splendid Tea Trays, Kenlher Beds, Hare Mattresses, Bedsteads, (Jll Paintings, Kitch en Furniture, l?\ Hate ram or shine. F. J. BFARN9. Auctioneer, ail IB lt*h Franklin Sale Rooms, 175 ( liatliam at. UARDWARE. WlW' T& f.Lri?r*V/ o'clock, at the Auction Room. /klmaid HheffialJ comprising ? general assortment o( Birnonaham and Sheffield Hardware andC,itlery. French, German and American staple *A uio" * Itoodmaort men t of Table and Desert Knives and Forks. Tikya, new a'L'i 1 (h-r'inao tloods. comprising a general assortment. Cat sioulies now ready?Terms sis mouths approved paper, an In lt*m Also after the Paintings, a quantity of beentifnl Minns Khells, from the Naw York Lyreom of Natural History. . ; /""Artists are invited to send in than works. LiMNIsa varices made at all times. , . l aiutiug* and Engravings at private sale, cheep lor case au 14

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