Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 19, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 19, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD, Vol. X., No. ? JO?Whole No. 36%. NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING, AUGUST 19, 1844. Price Two Cento. THE NEW YORK HERALD. AUUHF.GATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HEllALD?Daily Newspaper-pub lished evary day of the year except New Year'* Day and Kaarth of Jaly. Price 2 cents per oopy?or $7 26 per aunum?postage* paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday moruinr?price 6X cents |ior copy, or $3 12 |>er annum?post ages |?id, cash iu advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald ia over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing fast. Jf hat (he larc'tt ciroulation of any paper in (hit city, or the world, and, it, therefore, the bett channel for bumneti men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash iu advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate price, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaorniCTOB OK THK IlgRAI.D EST ASLMHMgNT, Northwest corner of Kullou and Nassau streets. NEW LINE OF LIVERHOOL PACKETS. To sail from New York on the 26th and Liverpool ou the lllh of each month. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain A. l)e|ieyster, 11th July. Ship OARRICK, Captain B. I. 11 Trash, Uth August. Ship ROSC1US, Captaiu Johu (Rollins, 11th Sept. Ship S1DD0NS, Captain E. B. Cobb, llth Oct. These ships are all of the first class, upwards of 1000 tons, hi Ut in the city of New York, with such improvements as combine great siwed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care has been taken in the arrangement ef their accom modations. ..IV price of passage hencels $100, for which am ided. . These slaps are commanded by pie stores will be provid. , experienced masters, who will make every rxertion to give ge ueml satisfaction. .Neither the Captains or owners of the shi^is will be responsi ble for any letters, parcels or packages sent liy them, unless re gular bills of laden are signed thereior. For frajg" or freiglit or passage apply to E. K COLLINS It CO., 36 South street. New York, or to BROWN, rfHIPLEY It cb., Livenmol. Letters by the Packets will be charged 12X cents per single letter, 30 ceuts |ier ounce, and newspapers I ceut each. m2rc M. M M M .. few t uKii k havrTTaTkets. Second Line?The Slti|ia of this Line will herealter leave New Second Line?The Shi|is of this Line will hereafter leave New York on tiie 1st, and Havre on the 16th of each mouth, aa fol lows, vir: From New York. From Havre. New Sluy ONEIDA, ^ 1st March, ( 16th April, Ship UTICA, Captain < 1st July, < 16th August, James Funck, ( 1st Novsmber, f 16th December, Ship BALTIMORE, C 1st April, I 16th May, Captain < 1st August, < 16th September, Edward Funck, f 1st December, ( 16th January, riCA, 11st May, t 16th June, Captain, < 1st September, < ftth October, Frederick Hewitt, r 1st January r 16th February J. B. Bell / flf ??c,tobw? i '6th November. The accommodations of'these ships"?'nn, IGth M?rc"' .mese snips are not_surpassed,_ com bining all that may be required for comfort. The price oiT cabin ~ 'fit Passengers will be supplied with every requi passage is $100. Passengers will be supplied with every requi site, with the exception of wines and liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwardoe by the sub scribers, free from any other lium the expense* actually incurred ou tlum. For freight or passage, asply to BOYD & HlNCKEN, Agents. je23 ec No. 9 Tontine Buildings, cor. Wall and Water au. THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m. m M.,n m. 'i o sail from New k ork on the 21st, and Prom Liverpool ou the 6th of each mouth ;? From New York. /.'pool. Feb. 6 New ShipTlVERPOOL, 1130 tons, ? jgfc, jj Jm,e 6 Aug. 21 Oct. 6 I?"' " Mar. 6 July 6 Nov. 6 April 6 !* "%<,2?WS&W,?I,T' fe' ii N? "*? ES* " -? s li S, I Ship HOTTINGUER, 1030 tons, /^.ch ? Ira Bursley. J(jj^ ? These substantial, fait sailiug, first class Ships, all built iu the city of New York, are commanded by men of experience and ability, and will be despatched punctually on the 21st of each month. Thsir Cabins are elegant and commodious, and are famished conduce with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of passen gets Price of Passage, $100. either the Captains or awners of these Ship* will be respon sible for any iwrcels or lwckages sent by them, unless regular " 'erelor. bills of lading are signed tlierefi For freight or iULL It MINTURN8, 87 South street, New York, or to F1ELDEN, BROTHERS, 8c CO., jUec Liverpool. PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. ^ Ok THE Bl,auu BALL Oil oi,o LINE OP LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every month.} Persons wishing to send to the Old Country for their friends can make the necessary arrange menu with the Subacribers, and have tliem come oiA ui this superior Line of PackeW, Sailing from Liverpool punctually on the 7th and 19lh of every mouth. They will also have a first raU class of American trading ships, sailiug every six (lava, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. Cue of the firm, (Mr. James D. Roche, 1 is there, to sse that they shall be forwarded with care and des patch. Should the parties agreed for, not come out, the money will be returned to those wlio paid it here, without any reduction. The Black Ball or Old Line of Livepool Packets, tlie following magnificent Ships, viz.:? TV OXFORPT The NEW YORK CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. ?EFEUROPF.. SOUTH AMk 'ENGLAND, NORTH AM 1. 'With such spiierior and unequalled arrangements, the Sub scribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that tap ... - . whic1, port which lias been extended to them so many years, for t they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can at all time* obuin Draft* at sight for any amount, drawn direct all tins* obuin Drafts at sight for any amuu i the Royal Bank of IreiamLDublin, also, ou Maun. PRE8C01*r, GR6TE, AMES It CO. Bankers, London, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Branches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ire land, Scotland and Wales. ROCHE, BROTHERS 8t CO. 33 Fulton street. New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?Th<01d Line of Liverjiool Packets sail from this port lor Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of racli mouth. Parties return ing to the Old Country will fiud it to their comfort and advan tage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in prefer ence to any other. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m... m. > i i hlTaV,',<'i kilT iY' 1 >cl?*'l,1l'or Li\> i,.joi ,v ill lie reader lie <it V.e r ii a following order, excepting that when the sailing day fails on Sunday, the will mil on the eucceeding day. The.CAMBRIDGE, >V"n i ,830 tons, 2 Ocu 1 Nov ir oe EN<1, AMrf-C Bmtow,l Feb. 1 Mar.' 16 ? , Iter g te i Tb. OXFORD, is, '1 is;1 i 80U tons, JjMot. i J? Th.MONTEZUMA?lhb<m,? '? 1000 ions, ] Nov. 16 jIS!" { Tha rirunra A. B. Lowbar, ( March 16 May 1 TWNXWVoJF&53HliJ! ,i fe ? 950 .. { Dec.. 16 Feb. 1 T. B. Cropper, f April 16 June 1 Tbe-COLUMBUH, I Sept. 1 Oct. 16 700 tons, < Jan. I Feb. 16 G. A. Cole, i May 1 Juue 16 Tha YORKSHIRE, (new,) CSept. 16 Novv j 1030 tons. < Jan. 16 March 1 b. G. Bailey.(May 16 July 1 These Ships are not surpassed in point of elegance or comfort in their cabin accommodations, or in their fast tailing qualities by'any vessels in the trade. The commanders are well known as men of character,and experience, and the strictest attention will always be paid to promote tlie comfort and convenience of passeuD-rt. Punctuality, as regards the day of tailing, will be observed at lieretnfore. Tiie price of iwstage outward is now fixed at One Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores of every description, will tw provided, with the exception of witiet and liquors, which wil be furnished by the Stewards, if reqotred. Neither the captain or owners of tle -e Ship* will he respon sible for any letters, parcels, or packages tent by tliem unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. F?r freight or pas sage, apply to GOODHUE It CQ. 64 South street. C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burling Slip, N. ivntf and of BAKING. BHOTHKRH It tio.. I/pool Y. JIKHJlNOEMENTa FOR 1844. ? OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. 100 Pine street, comer of South. m M m. M ^^tf^tibicnlipr dWHi* iphw to call in* ?mrution of hi* incmti and the 1*44 the nabiic in iteneril, to the followiiic arrangeinentn lor .for the jmriHW of brinaitiK out Cabin, Sid Cabin, and Btrer Paaaentart, by the Iteaular Line of Liverpool Packet*, sail mi the lX6tV;'llih,*l*J?;2Ut and 2Tithof every month' By don Packet* to tail from .New York, the Ut, 10th and the Loudou Packets to sail from New >v'?i 20th?and from London on the 7th, 17th and nth of eachjnonth. In connection with the above, and still greater facilities to . I'"TW? of affordpig ?d ? regular line of ??'f lu* "ubl'?h coppered fastened ship* r0 JTy u'll? coPl|cred and out tlie j 10 *?" 1'unctually every week through ut tlie year. For the accommodation of persons wishing to remit money to their familiea or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, on the following Banks, via.:? Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Lunerick, Clonmel, Londonderry, Sligo, Wexford, Belfast, Wateriort, GaTwsy, Armagh, Athloue, Colerain. BaJlina, Tralee, Youghal, Ennixkillen, Monaahan, Bsinhridge, Ballyinena, Parsnnstown Motiaghan, Bainhridge, Ballyinena, Parsnnstown Downiwtrick, Lurgau, Omagh, Dungannoii, Bandon, Enmt, Ballythannon, Strahane. Hkihhereen, Mallow, Mqueymore, Cootchill, Kilrnsh, Dublin. Hkihlireen. oScotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. England? Messrs. S|>oon*r, At wood fc to., Bankers, London; R. Murphy, Waterloo Rosd, Liverpool; payable in every town in Great Britain. . .. ,, . i? r.,u- ? FOR HAVRE?Ths supertor cop|<endandcoragr French Im^im L INC A, Captain I rervais, ?fifij|?will Mil on or about tha 20lh instant. For freight Ut >Mt4ftL'?-uu'lv to BOYD & HINCKLIN, au9rc No. t Tontine Building, cor Wall and Water st._ LINE OF PACKET SHIPS FOR NEW OK ,LEANS.?Tli* subscriber will despatch a first class m??^sliip, Meekly lor tlie above port; and ureal care w ill be ??gen to have llie accoinuiodalions for accoud cabin and > tee rage passengers, fitted up in llie uiost comfortable maimer, l or fur tlier particulars apply to J. HEKDMAN, aullm 61 South street. PACKET FOR HAVKE-(Second Litu >?The ship , UTfCA, Frederick Hewitt, Master, will sail on the Tlst of Se|itemb?r. Mil fieight or passage, apply to. BOV I) k HINCKEN, No. 9 Tontine .<9 re Building, comer Wall and Water streets. FOR CAPE TOWN, or a Port on West Coast of MHtffVAfrica.?The line new British Brig NILE, Adaui JtMHlBtaVuhi, master, XiO tons burthen, will proceed as above, Willi immediate despatch, if a cargo offers. , Apply to tlie Capttdu, on boarif, foot of Rosevelt street or to WOODhULL k MINTVKN, jy27 ec 87 South street. FOR NEW ORLEANS?First Regular racket? ?The very suierior, fast sailing packet ship WAB ASH, -Captain Sha|>ter. Persons wtsliing to embark for lite n, should make early application to | JOSEPH McMURRAY, , 100 Pine street, corner of South. P. 8.?The accommodations for pssaeugeri are very superior, and l.eit lis cm lie secured by applying as aliore. an')re POUTiCAFCAKILATI)UES^Thn best and most aale I able assortment are publislied and for sale by JAMES B All.LIE, No. 33 Spruce at. Orders, accompanied with a re mittance, will be punctually attended to. Price $6 per 100. N. B.?Lithography aud print colouring executed at short no tice; views of public buildings, merchants places of business, ?t drawn aud colored from nature, aud free from victimising | or extortionate charges. iytf 2tswlra*ec "UNION LINE OF PACKETS?FOR NEW ? ORLEANS?To sail positively on or before 20th of ___jAngu?t?The splendid packet snip INDIANA, Capt. J. ta. Bennett, will positively sail as above. Tlw* accommodations for cahiu, second cabin and steerage passengers are very superior, and persons wishing to embark, sliould make early application on board, at Murray s wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, a9 corner ot South. EXCHANGE ON. ENGLAND, IRELAND, ? SCOTLAND AND WALES.?The Subscriber lias all time* for sale Drafts from ?1 to ?1000, payable J^TT^Princip*1 Baukiuj Unions^^hout dre ^utred NT B. Passage to and from Liverpool csn be secured at the lowest rates by any of the line of packets sailing on the 1st. 6th, lllh, 16th, 21st and 26th of each month, on application as above. jy?rc ? PASSAGE FOR NEW ORLEANS?First I'acaJ ?et?The splendid fast sailing and favorite Packet Ship lnoi-TH CAROLINA, Captain Owau, 1240 tons bintiMii, will sail positively iu above. . ... , The accointnodations of this fine ship for cabin, second cabin and steerage imssengers cannot be surptosed. 1 hose about proceeding to New Orleans would do well to select this line ship. Apply on board, at jiier 14 E. R., (first pier below Wall st, 5 or to W. k. J. T. TAPSCOl P, 76 South street, autoh comer Maiden laue. FO* LIVERPOOL.?New Line.?Regular packet of tl? 26th instant.?The splendid fast sailing packet ishipSlDDONS, Capt Cobb, of HOfl tona, will poet ...... ?..l as above, her regular .day. For freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, ap ply on board, at ?rl^harf^ ,t Ship'J-n^ftfis hne'may rely upon having lheir go<>di cor reclly measured, and tluvt the ships of this line will sail punc tually as advertised. Tlie splendiP packet ship Shendan, Capt. K. A. DeDeyster, will succeed die Siddous aud sail 26th Sep tember BREWERY AND FARM FOR SALE.-Tlie Sub scriber offers for sale the old established Berkshire Brewery," in Pittsfield, Mass., one mile from the Great ,?eatern Railroad. It is in good repair, most of the utansila nearly new, and capabla of brewing 2000 barrels a season. Maltr house attached, capable of tnaluug 6000 bushels per uiuum. Few country breweries iiossess the same advantages of doing a safe and profitable business, situated iu Uie centre or a manufac turing district, where die consumption of ale is rapidly w CrThe"?'arm consists of 72 acres. 20 of which is wdl timbered, the rest under cultivation, well fenced and good buildings. Will be sold separately or together. TermsHQY j13 tfrc Very I ttesuay unu rriuny rTnuuu, ??? ? o'clock. Blag** will Ire in readin*** on l?#*r arrival at the abofe places, to convey passeviger* to the neighboring towns. jel4 5m*re PLEASANT AND CHEAP EXCURSIONS. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. NEW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND. (STATEN ISLAND,) AND NEW YORK FERRY. From Pier No. 1, Nordi River, foot of B*??y Place. .wgap| The Steamboat CINDERELLA, will run as follow I, Daily, from May 20di to October 1st, -.?Leaves New York at 9 and 11 o'cloek, A. M.. at 3>i, 6 audi P.M. ] Leaves Port Ricnmond, st 20 minutes to 3, and 10 miuntes to '"Lftives' New Brighton ai *0 and 10 A. M.; at Of, 5 and 7Ja ^ (in Sunday?Leaves New York, at 9 and 11 A. M.; at 3, 6 and t P. M. Leaves Port Richmond, at 20 minutes to 2 aud 10 A.M; *tNVw>Yor(L May 18, 1IH4. mvll 6m?rc SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. NEWARK ND NEW 1 OHK. FARE ONLY 1*1 CENTS. THt NKW RA'^BOW' mat On and after Monday. May 13. will run as oH?nil") a r. M. ?4 New York at 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. Freight carried at very reasonable rates. May lfttli. 1844. ?Hre NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROk STEAMBOAT ? m ? r?R ALBANY AND TROY.-Morniug Line from the foot of Barclay street, laudmg ^ " intermediate places. ... . l lie Steamer E.vlPIRE, Captain 8. R. Roe, Monday, Wednes day and Friday Morning at 7 o'clock. , ,,,, "file Steamer TROY, Captain A. Gorham, 1 ueeilay, Thurs day and Saturday Morning, at 7 o'clock. .... Evening Line from tlie loot of Courdaudt street, direct. I liursday anu naiuiasy cevcuiua, The Boats of this Line, owing to their light draught of wa ter, are able at all timet to .pass the bars, and reach Albany and Troy in ample time to take the morning train of can for tlie ^."'passage or freight, apply on board, or at the offices on the wharves. mnrrc pdR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. ? The Royal Mail Steamers CALEDONIA and ACADIA, will leave Boston, for the above ports, as follows, v?x :? CALEDONIA ?rid?J'-V?;>?? ACADIA , Sunday , Sept. . Pa**affp to Liverpool ?' Passage to Haling BRIGHAM, Jr.'Agent; aulOrc " " _ _ 3 Wall street. ?Steamship neptune. (??? dote .be thoroughly overhauled two y?wr? since, and i";wly . with 2ft and 'Jt o*. copper, fuinwhed with irew lioiler mwk P. Allaire, and put in first rate condition in every(eL 'hj engine is about 240 horse |iower, 46 inch cylinder, ll>s leet stroke, 26 feet diameter of wheel, all made by J. I. Allaire, apd of nnsitrpassad workmanaliip. tor Itirtlier particulars and in ventory (which is full and complete) apply mi hoard at the Novelty Works, or at tne office of J. H. Brow er, 91 Front stret, where Captain Rollins may be o'clock Inventory i so st the suction room. 1 he Neptons may^b.jM_lrchsw,r by private contract st ?y W BRITISH AND NOR^HN HOYAJj MAIb k Of 1200 tons and 440 hors# iiower sacli. Under contract with lha Lord* of llie Ad, ?w^Himirslty. ... n 111B ER NIA Captain Alexander Ry rw. CALSDONIA Captain Edward G.Lott. ACADIA,. Captain William Harnaon. BRITANN IA Captajn John Hewitt. CAMBRIA .Captain C. H. E. Judkins. Will sail from Liverpool and Boatou, via. Hailla*, a* lollowa. Krom Boston. rroui Livcri^H)!* C.?le?lonia, Lott, Augnat 16th. UZ Acsiiia. Iliirrnon. 1st. Jii llibernia, Ryrie ' 16th. li'.iuj These vessels carry experienced surgeons, and are supplied with Life Boats. J For freight or passage. Agent, an5rc No. 3 Wall street. 1844.1 " THE NEW ST EAMBOAT ll?**. 1 EMPIRE, CAPTAIN 0. HOWE. ? Will leave BUFFALO for CHICAOO on FRIDAY, '3d of Angnst, at7 P. M., snd inrform her trips regularly dunng*thn sea xon, a. follow. :- DOWN. v?urraw>._ .. ? lvavk. ch'c*"" Saturday, Aug.23... at 9 A. M Monday. Sept. 16... at do Tuesday. Oct. do Wednesday, " 16... st do LEAtr.S Friday Aug. 23,... st 7 P. M. Saturday, Sep. 7,... *t ? Monday, " 23... at do Tuesday, Oct. 8... st do Wednesday. " 23... at do _ Ttmrsday " 31... at do Thiirulnv ^inv 7* at do Kriday? iNov. 15,. .it do The EMPIRE is 200 feet in length, 32 feel 2 inches beam, 14 feet 2 incle's hold, measuring 1220 Pins, and is llie largest steam host alio,i in inland waters. Engine 600 horsepower, boilers movided wilh Evan's I'atreit Safety Valves, to prevent live possi 'T^'cJhin'fvW) fret long, with separate ujfj? ?id Gentlemen?spacious State Rooms extend the whole length, ventilated by doors o|aning from the inside uid out, anil^ si purls of live host are finished and furnished III by any other in tlie world. Ample acrommodstions f .r Steer age Passengers, in four large well ventilated Cabins, one ol which is appropriated exclusively to females. . Tne boat is provided with a good hand of music., Maksh kU? Buffalo,) H. Noarois k '^o., Chicago, >A?enti. J N. E,.nr.aTb D?ro,,AHNKY \ August I, 1841. Clevelmd. a u (ton v Ire "STATEN ISLAND FERRY- _ "FOOT OF WHITEHALL." The Boats will run as follows until further notice LEAVE NEW YORK: r w 6, 2, 9, 10, II, A. M.l I. 2. 3R' 4, 6, 7, P. M. LEAVE STAtJCN fSLAND : ? .. 7, 8. 9, 10, II, A. M.; 1, 2, 3, I, S, 6, 7'J, P. M. On Sundays, wry hour, from 8 A. M. to 7 P. M.?1 sxcejited-^oRT HAMILTON AND NEW YORK. }\%V. m. C LI ntw Vork JLeavn Ntw York' 6 A. M?j 8 IMMP* NL.g Written for the Choir attaohod to the Philadelphia Na tional Clay Clob, by F B. Graham, Esq. Aia?In Good Old Colony Timti. A few short weeks sgo, At we'll attempt to thow, Some loco* did consult about The place where they should go. John C. Calhoun and Johnson, And old " ten cent" Buchanan, Determined to escape beyond The noise of the Whig cannon. Martin Van advised tne rest Full soon to " get out ot the way, And give him a chance to " spike that gun That echoes the name of Clay. But while they conversed?a sound Struck them with surprise and wonder, For Maryland spoke, and the Loco* swore The noise they heard was thunder Says Calhouu, " let's change our name, And make it loco motion ; For about our little Matty Van The folks have got a queer notion," The Whigs at the great Convention, Convened at Baltimore, Nominated for Vice President, New Jersey's Theodore. Then a Loco laughed outright. And cried-" that's good, 1 vow, The coons cau sing no more Whig songs, They're a used up party now." Soon the Minstrels csme along, And the way he ran was surprisln', For with voices clear did they sing about Our Clay and Frelinghuysen. 8UU may we sing Whig songs. From the book with the yallerkiver, Loco-motion's the word, and the Locos all Are steaming it" up Salt Iliver." LAMENT OF THE MILL BOV OF THE SLASHES. Tuna?"Hunters of Krntucky " Come all ye demo's far and near, Just listen to my song, sirs, While I rehearse, in a tew words, It will not take me long, sirs Concerning of poor Harry Clay, Who wiU find he is unlucky. For we'll send Polk to the White House, And keep Clay in old Kentucky ! Oh. poor Harry, unfortunate poor Harry, Oh, poor Harry, unfortunate poor Harry. Oh ! the Whigs have made a mighty noise, But now we'll let thi m see, sirs? That we have got a James K. Polk, Who 1 ives in Tennessee, sirs? And when election does come on, You'll find what we will do, sirs, We'll send our Tolk to Washington, And George M. Dallas too, sirs. Oh, poor Harry, etc. Oh,poor Harry, etc. Oh, Pennsylvania Is the State, Which will make the Whiggies walk, sirs ; For she wi 1 give her electoral vote, And so will the State ol York, sirs? For we will skin the jioor old coon, Which you know is worse than pisen, For Dallas is our candidate, And will beat poor Frelinghuysen. On, poor Harry, etc. Oh, the time it is a coming on, Which all of you will see, sirs ; We'll all unite in harmony, For the sake of Tennessee, uiray. So let the whig forces all draw up And form Into a rank, sir, For James K. Polk he is the man, Who'll keep down the Mammoth Bank, sir. Oh, poor Harry, etc. Now to the polls, ye free born souls, It's just for sati. faction? For we'll beat Clay, and whoU say nay, When we enter into action ; Th ? poor old Coon we will him skin The whiggies can't say nay,'sir? For cider now hat all run out, And so has Harry Clay, sir, . Oh. poor Harry, kc. The Pipe of Clay. Tunt~The Legacy. Now in lame I tm fast declining. Oh, take my pipe to the Whigs so dear, Till then it smoked of Kentucky fine, All cut and dried while I puffed it here. Bid them not shed one tear of sorrow, To dampen its Cloy once brilliant and light, But let them the skin of our dead coon borrow, To warm the relic both morn and night. When the light cl my speech is o'er, Oh, " lay my pipe" in some handy place, With clay then cover it lightly o'er, That aU pine layers the spot may trace. When should some whig for ofHce seeking, Invoke its sly aid to forward him on, Oh, let each vote that thus you awaken, Bestow a kind puff on the clay that's gone. Keep this pipe that I've done smoking, To lay for voters since I'm "no go, Never,oh never, it's aid invoking. To the Democrats for they have laid me low. But when some Whig and true bank lever, To coninrc up votes should touch its stem ! Oh, then my spirit in smoko shall hover, Around each coon that votes with him. The Uncd-op 0ne. We mourn for Van Buren, once cherished, Swept off by a caucus broom, ... Like a young cabbage sprout, which perished In the glow of its rich perfume: We weep for instructions broken? For Democracy's severed ties? An emblem every ballot spoken. But the last one?in hallowed sighs. But we mourn not in hopeless sorrow? Our cake Is not yet all dough - For Irom Poik, can the " lone star borrow, Lard light to illume our o'erthrow : And in Tenas a home doth greet us. Let the used up one in Liodrowald reat Though Texas come not here to chaat us, We shall slope at to bar and bo blaat Last Locofoco. Ti'wr.?" The Latt Root of Summti Til the last Locofoco Left weeping alone ; AU bia loafer companion* Are traniahed and gone. No old friend 1* near him, No Conservative nigh, To muse on hia sorrows, Or give ligh for sigh. We must leave thee, thou'lone one, In Tammany Hall, Till Moore and * :ambrelerg The People recall. Soon Tyler will follow His Friendship's decay, From the White Home departing, His hopes pass away. Since the party is withered, Its leaders nil gone, Oh ' who woul [inhabit Saint Tammany alone 1 A Pip in a Poke. Tent? ' Dandy Jim of Caroline." O. every day bring something new, The Loco Focos find it so ; And strange events have proved to Martin That doubtful things are " mighty unaartin " At Lindenwald the Fox is holed, 1'he Coous all laugh to hear it told? Ha ! ha ! ha ! such a nominee As Jimmy Polk of Tennessee. O, annexation was the yoke, That fixed Van like a "p?> i,? a pokt ft' They poked it to the cunning elf, By poking Jimmy Polk himself! At Lindenwald, Ao. And " Cass," poor fool, his chance has flown, Like the " lone star," he stands alone ; His ' Texas letter" pioves that he, Should write his name without a ?? At Lindenwald, Ac. And Colonel Johnson toe, whose zeal Burned bright for Texas and Repeal! The Locos thought Dick " didn't know beans,"' And so they poked up Polk for greens, At Lindenwald, lie. But Polk for greens won't save their bacon, The party is to its centre shaken ; E'en Tyler and Texas now do say, That Polk can't polk it into Clay. At Lindenwald, Ac. And Hllas Wright ('twas a good joke, Declined.) he was not load ef Polk ; But, Silas we wont trouble you. You're " right" without the " W." At Lindenwald, Ac. Next Oeorge M Dallas they persuade, Altho' he wore the black cockade, And tho' he went the Bank and Biddle, To Polk he plays the second fiddle. At Lindenwald, Ac. Now "choke" and Polk will always rhyme, And Dallas and gallows is very sublime , They d sed the Fox en Polk root poison, Huzza for Clay and Frtlinghuysen ! At Lindenwald. Ac. The Ixrco's hearts are really sore For what they done in Baltim:ra, They feel "used up," perhaps, I guess It's time they were, Yours, Anti 8. Hnntinp the Coon with a Tennesseee Poke. Tcvs?" KanJkrr Doodle." For Polk and Dallas rouse my boys, In all your former glories, An.1 chase the rebels from the land, The coons and Federal Tories For Polk's the man that's hound to ran Their Hairy outol water, All high and dry without a gun, Or coon to cry him quarter. They tried when Hickory had the field, These hankitrs and their creatures, With British gold to sand our eyes, And coonefy our features But 'twas no go?old Hickory then, And I'olk is now the man, sirs, To beat them as we beat them then, And thrash thim into bran, sirs. Then rouse ye freemen of the land, Awake the bugle's calling, And give these British Whigs a touch, Of good old Yankre mailing. For Texas and for C'egon, Our country ami her glories. With Polk and Dallas in the Aeld, We're death upon the Tories. Hark! hark, that shout from hill and plain, On every breeze it's coming, For Polk and Dallas loud and full As the dean thunder* rolling. For Polka the man that's bound to run This Harry out o' water, All high and dry w ithout a gun, Or ooob to cry him quarter That same old DrumDier. Tanr?" 'i hr Km< ui.d ihe Countryman." Come Democrat! all, I'll tel>. you no joke, Wtt'vo nominated J arms K I'olk? Old Hickory's friend, a Democrat true, At the aouml oi whose name the Coons look blue. Hi tu, di nu, de nu, kc. And we've joined with his name a man that rate, Who cornea from the old Key atone State, The Convention for this, yo'A'lt surely thank, He's the people's own man '/or he's death 'gainst a Bank. Ri tu, de nu, lie. Next fall you'll see all sor\ of folk. Will cast their votes for James K I'olk, Kor hat's the man they ? jido say, Will akin that coon old Harry Clay. Ri tu, de nu, kc. At the game of brag they all well play, Who ehout aud sin ^ (or Harry Clay, When the cards ar ? dealt by them ere folk. In shutting we'll give them a Tennessee Polk. Hi tu,de nu, kc. Clay saltl to Poljt, (twas very wreng,) " Home, damn you go where you belong This speech the coons cannot ieny, 'Twas ltsiard by all. who stood close by. Ri tu, de nu, kc. But Polk to Clay, will say ere long, I'm going now where 1 belong, Te the White 'House to which you know Ycu lost all o l&im " long time ago." Ri tu, de nu, kc. And now to the battle we'll shortly come, And we'll r narch to the aouii'l ot thai tame old drum, In fear of ash stall's 11 we find a croaker, We'll stir up his pluck with our Tennessee Polk-er. Ri tu, de nu, kc. TENNESSEE POLKE vs. KENTUCKY COONS. Tunk?" It will Never Do to (rive it uj> Ho." De Locos found in Tennessee, A Democratic Polk-herry, Dats boun 1 to kill Kentucky coons, And use dar Clay up mighty soon. So you'll all hali to gib it up soon, Oh you'll all hah to gib it up soon, Oh you'll all hab to gib it tip soon Mr. Clay, Oh, you'll all hab to gib it up soon ! Oh, de Coon he went to Baltimore, An' left his track along de shore, De Locos took dis Polk dat way, Its roots swept all coon tracks away, So you'll all hab to gib it up aoon, kc. D.< Freemen found dis Polk juice good, It was de color ob dar blood. An' wharit leaves its glorious stain, It neber will come out again, So you'll all hab to gib it up soon, kc. Dey spilt o drop in Coon Clay's eye, Lord now It made him bite and cry Another drop was killin'nison. To do Jersey weasel, Frefinghuysen. So you'll all hab to gib it up soon, kc, Poor Theodore fell on his hack, He turned to abolition black, An' nothin' now can change his *plexion, Till he's bent pale at noxt election. Oh, you'Uall hab to gib it up aoon kc. Oh den dia weasel and Clay coon, Dey both will change jiat like de moon, For Texas den dey'll make dar track, But Texas she will Poke dem bock. So dey'll hab to gib it up soon, kc. For Polk root tow de people call, To plant it in de capital, De coon crawls hack to Kentucky, But drops his tail at Tennessee. Oh, you'll all hab to gib it up aoou, kc. The Coon's Lost his Tail, or the Animal Treed. Tvxr ? Settin' on a Hail. A sly coon came from old Kentuclr, To Sammy's farm to hunt for duck, On lreedom's tree, his seat he took, And flourished high his tail. And flourished high his tsil, And flourished high his tail, And flourished high his tsil, And preached on state affairs. He talked from morn till afternoon, And folks thought him a mighty coon, They paid him to a handsome tune, For flourishing his tail. For flourishing his'.ail, kor flourishing his tail, For flourishing his tail, And wagging his long tongue. lie talked of lands and tariff, too, And duties which he ne'er did do, But still he great and savcy grew, And higher spread his tail. And higher spread his tail, And higher spread his tail, And higher spread his tail, ? And highar cocked his eye. For a while gazed at the tree top, Then off Irom the limit he dropt, May ing, " I'll retire till I can pop Upon the topmast branch,. I'pon the topmost branch, Upon the topmost branch, Upon the topmost branch, And there I'll spread my tall." He called his brother coons all tiue, He called the " (Jerrymander," too, Crying, " Push me up, and I'll help yon, When I can spread my tail When I can spread my tail, When I can spread my t ill, When I can spread my tail, At the top of Mammy's tree." Now, backwards up this coon did climb, Hi* brother coons all pushing him, He pulled himself from limb to limb, All by his handy tail, All by his handy tail, All by his hrndy tail, All by his handy tail. He tried to gain the top. But " that big eagle" quick flew down, And bit his tail by the hack bone, And down he sent " that same old coon," Without an inch of tail Without an inch of tail, Without an inch of tail, Without an inch of tail, To twiat around a limb. Kays the eagle' 11 have tried you- flee ! I'm the true bird of Democracy, And on this tree of Liberty. I'm bound to spread my tall I'm bound to spread my tail, I'm bound to spread my tail, I'm bound to spread my tail, And kaop ail brutoa away. Bew Haven. (Correspondence of the Herald.] Ntw Haven, (Ct.) Aug. lfi, 1844 Yale College Commencement. Hear Bennett: The idee of August are paot and the fever of commencement is rapidly abating. The incessant rattle of wheels revolving towards the various outlets of the city, announces that the tide of human life, swollen to an unprecedented degree, is ebbing fast towards low water mark.? Well, all that's bright must fade, and the fun and philosophy of old Yale's Jubilee e'en have their limits, too. The existence of the last few days to the heroes of the scene was doubtless iniense, tor all the auxiliaries of 11 brilliant oration were present. An avalanche of auditors attended; /Eulus aped some of lus blandest breezes, and Apollo emitted his brightest rays?so the gods, yen gee, were propitious. The music of the Boston Brurs Band was exquuile, and the Beethoven vocalists hrst raie, and a mass ga'hering of l iir women, such as can be collected no where out of Nt w England. lo Southern optics, such ?n atruy of bright eye# mid ruddv complexions, I'tesh as Venus when she first rose from the froth of the sea, must have been a living picture positively refreshing.? By the bye, likeuli the allegoiies of the ai tienis, more is meant than meets the ear, in the fabulous origin of the (.foddess of Beauty?it adumbrates indubitably ihe salutary vitlue (lithe saline baih, in creating female charms, as well as Inula at their fleeting nature. The periormances of the Theological Depart ment, were most meritorious in our opinion. The speaker# ol that branch were older, and of couise their execution should have showed the difference of age. and the advantages of experience. But while they evinced talent and attainment, there was much bad tuste and worse temper displayed. There was a vein of indirect defence of " Tbylor ism," traceable throughout most of ihe harangues, as well ?s bitter sneers at Papacy and co vert thrusts at Episcopacy ; now, merely us a mat ter of abstract taste, all this was wrong, but before a mixed audience of sectaries, it was obnoxious to harsher censure. Willis Hull, ex Attorney General of New York, delivered the annual discourse before ihe Phi Beia Kappa Society, and acquitted himself remarkably well; that is to say, as a composition, it was well conceived and skilfully elaborated into fonn and substance. His subject was a comparsson beiwt en the proud, speculative and impracticable philoso phy of the ancients, and the humble, intelligible and useful philosophy of the moderns; and 111 elu cidating his doctrine, the orator manifest! d a pro found acquaintance with hia subject, and evolved a mass of recondite, metaphysical and historical lore, that indicalea that his mental magazine has been filling through years ol studious toil Disease has spared his tine mind, but his physique was too much impaired for him even to attempt the graces of elocution. Most sincerely do we hope that Ins health may be restored, and that he may long live and be fullv able corporeally, to be in practice us decided a Utilitarian us he is in theorv. 11 is speech is to be published. The i oetn which followed was as such things generally are, an abortion ; and indeed after the signal intscarrriage of N. P. Willis, at a previous and recent commencement, we had hoped there would be no more flirting Willi the reluctant mures. The idea of the poem was a plagiarism of one of Pope's Satires at the follien in vogue in his time, but it was an idea miserably caricatured. Ihe Graduating class was legionary in number, being ihe largest ever graduated perhaps in this country. They did well as a whole?but it was noticeable that the eloquence of every speaker effervesced as incontinently from the moment he made hia bow, in raised voice nnd violent gesture, as docs brisk bottled porter when the cork is drawn. Now every body knows this heat is all stale and pre meditated, and, therefore, preposterous ; we don't expeet ice in June, or roses in December. They should study more the unities ol time und place, and thunder und lighten, after the lowering tkynnd the fitful gusts have heralded- a storm. They must learn the art of laughing in the right place. President Day conferred the degrees sitting w iih his hat on?the recipients standing before him with uncovered heads, pro more hvjutre aendemitr. Now, why is this Quaker's beaver put on at this tune, or at all. Wtiat is there apposite or signi ficant in this ceremony, unless it symbolizes the magisterial dignity of ihe President, and if it is not a puerile and offensive token of authority to ?nature and educated minds. The Quakers make it a dogma of their religion to talk ungrammatical ly, or thee and thou one another ridiculously. To wear the hat in pubile assemblies, even in that bear garden, the House of National Representatives, is deemed rude and ungentlemanly, and lutely we have read that the Collector of New Orleans would not transact husim-ss with those who wore their hats in his office; and yet at the seat of learning (which ought to be the seat of refinement, too), and on the day of her highest solemnity?this rudeness is official, and of course ci nsidered imposing, or so silly a ceremony would not be continued What do the Reverend Fathers in God say to this desecration of the sacred desk) It looks odd enough indeed, to see a man in the pulpit before a chinch-full with his hat on. It may be said it is harmless; gram it, and so were the fooleries of the cocked hat, powdered whig and black gown of former arbitrary and formal ages. The enfranchising genius of this century laughs to scorn pictorial nonsense, and material outward parade in literary institutions, and exacts from them pure taste and simple forms. The Chevaliers D'lndustne were busy at their trade, and a lew, accidentally, we have heard of, hut we leave them as lawful capital lor the Prnny a-linerr. Yours, in breathless haste, Viator. The Ska Serpent has returned. He lias won derfully increased in length, being upwards of one hundred feet longer than last year. He whs seen ofl Boothhay by tin1 crew of the schooner Tempe rance Mary; but, although in such tee-total com pany, he went off, it we are to believe llie follow ing from the Portland Bulletin,considerably "shot in the neck." Mcssa*. Kioto**,?On Kriday |jit, while the schooner Temperance Mary, rrq.tain Klnathan Roger*, wa? laying to lor the purpose of A*hing, about u mile ami a hail i an of the Oa;>e Cottage, the attention of all hand* w a* and dealy arretted by whut u na tit tirat takrn to be a .1 oaf oi por|Hii*e?, moving in u direct line, single tile, through the water, some SO rods from the rcbooner. it uua noticed that they remained on the auilacu of the watrr much longer than porpoiae* utually do, and that the tori moat one teemed to be standing in an atmoat perpendicular po aitioo, a* it were, on hia tail-bearing aoine r? m-mM ince to a militia officer in front of hia company on a Iran mg day. On rutting his glats to hia eye, the captain an at once satisflaJ that the object* in aight were not porpoiae*, but the humpa of aome huge aea monster, undulating through the water?in fine, that he had (tumbled upon IhH tremendous water-anake known at the aea aerpent Wishing to put the matter beyond all control t ray, hr hoiated theforeaail and run down till within aome aeventy. Hve yard* ol the object*, when the matter waa made cer tain by the aerpent|ruiaing i'.a head,at least twent>|fcet out of the water, apparently to reconnoitre. The head waa julged tohealiout two yards long, and had a striking re semblance to that ol a pickerel. The l>ody wa? some what larger round than a mola**en hognhea I, and. judg ing from the distance l>etween the humpa, must have turn over two hundred leet long! This may aeem incredible, but the crew of fho Tempe rance Mary all concur in the statement, and have made oath to tlua ?fleet l>eior? Theophilna Htubbs, K?q . of lloothhay One of the crew (Mr Job Sterling) who saw the sea serpent when ofl' Winter Haitmr, some Ave years since, states that he ha* no doubt this ia the same mm.iter, a* (he resemblance between the two, excepting as to aire, i* In every way exact and ft would be strange, indei d, II he had not increased in siio during the lapse of Ave year*. Tue captuin loaded a swivel which he had on board with a handful of hulleta?having no other gun with him ? and llml it at the head of lha serpent. The shot evi dently took eflv-ct, for the creature threw his huge tail ihto the air to a great height, and brought it down ugain with such force as to laah the water iuto a perfect loam He then wheeled hia head round toward the schooner, hia eye dilated with rage, and made a plunge lx ueath the surface. The men on hoard the schooner wrre gn ally terrified, and had no doubt that he waa going to attack them; hut, strange to any, he did not again appear that night I have been told hi* Hnakeship has been se?n several times by the Aahermen from Cap* K.liiatxth Nome ol the visitors at the Cape Cottage have also had glimpaeaof him through a spy-glass; and Col Stephenson think* if he had come a little nearer, the other morning, no should hare had a perfect view of him The Serpent had probably bean attracted to this quitter by the ahoal* of mackerel that have recently visited this coast. The above statements may be strictly relied on. Yours. T " " W " ? Saj.e of Permit# to Cut Timber.?The Land Agent# of Maine and Maaaarhiiaett# gold in thia city, yesterday, permit# to cut timber on thirty town ship* or tract* of public land# on the St. John rirer, re serving a atrip of two miles bordering on the rivei The permit* allow the privilege of cutting for one team eati mated ut Alt.-en hundred ton*. Thirty teams were per mit!. ! It w e 11ranged at the safe that the price ol aiumpage a ton should he 41 M| hut the right of seler tion ol the place for operating waa put up at Mction. The bonuses bid lor the right of selection varied from 4?3ft down te 410 There were two hid* over 4,'dW. Ave over 4JOO, fom over 4100. and the remainder below f 10U All bid# I?#a than 4->". were required to make nn that aum for toamage. The whole asnount of bonus and 'earn age bid and paid waa 44,031. The amount ol bonus with out tonnage 4'1.4#1. The permit* are we learn generally distributed among actual operators 0<in<ar ?"?>, -dvi

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