Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1844 Page 3
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OONJfiY BAHHKT. " Monday, Aug. im P.M. Ths (took market continues in a very feverish state, rhn salee at both Board* were very limited. At the eld Uourd, Long laland advanced J |?er cent; United States '.O-uk, }; btonlngton, J; Pennsylvania &*?, J; Vickabarg, ?'A; Indiana,]; Mohawk (ell off J; Morria Canal, ]; Far inter-' Truat, ]; Canton Co.. Norwich and Worceater, and lOhio 6'* cloaed firm at Saturday'* pricea; 48 offered for Il linois special, without aalea. At the new Board Canton Iwcntup j per cent; Mohawk]; Erie Railroad, I], Kar mm' Truat, ]; United Statee Bauk, j|; Long laland de clined ]; Morria Canal, ]; Norwich and Worceater ]. I- The Baltimore money market ia repreaented aa being I in a very favorable condition. Money waa in moderate request, and capitaliata And a better market than for some l time paat. There haa been lately quite a demand for {ailver coin in Baltimore, and it ia reported that large t amount* in Mexican dollar*, for which j a J per cent , premium waa paid, have been aent to tkia city lor ship inent to Europe. We ?""?? the quotation* lor bullion in London, 011 thu 3d instant Paicaa ok Bullion. ? Foreign Gold in bar* (ataudard) per ounce, A3 17 ? Foreign gold in coin, Spanish doubloon*.... 3 16 6 Foreign gold iu coin, Portugal price* 3 17 b ^ New Dollar* 4 101 Silver in bar*, (atandard) 4 11] Tho cuahier at ludianapolla, caution* the public again* t a new batch of Ave dollar counterfeit* of the old note* of | the Bank o< Indiana. They reaemble the genttino ; but lhe paper i* too light and thin, and the head* misplaced. By the arrival of the steam ahip Acadia at Boston from Liverpool, we have commercial advice* from all parts o' Europe many day* later. From London and Liverpool we have account* to the 3d and 4th in*t. The markets generally were in a very healthy,prosperous state; money waa unusually abundant. The cotton market continued very Arm, with sale* to a very fair extent. American stock* have not improved much in the London market The return of the circulation of all the bank* in the United Kingdom durii g the lour week* ending July 30th' show* a very slight increase in the aggregate circulation of the country, but a very great Increase in the circula tion of the Bank of England. ,, , . Bank* or Gkeat Hmitain, England. Jlnril 27. May 25. June 22. July 20. Bank of Knclimd.. .?21,839,000 21,5*4,000 20.63*.1100 31,448,000 Private Bank* 5,290,239 5,142,830 4,713,057 4,624,179 Joint Htocil Banks.. 3,752,867 3,GOO,413 3,665,101 3,340,326 Scotland. Private and Joint Block Banks 2,714,627 3,041,079 3,117,988 2,903,322 Ireland. Bank of Ireland.... ) Private and Joint. ?> 3,025,925 3,663,500 3,488,300 3,488,300 Strck Bank* > 2,357,146 2,241,722 2,080,277 1,926,684 Total ?30,585,104 39,273,544 37,728,720 37,730,811 Bullion in Bank of England ?18,844,000 15,572.000 15,890,000 15,485,000 The circulation ol the Bank el England ha* increased since the last returns ?814 000, while the circulation o* the private Banks of England has fallen off ?118,878, end the joint stock bank* ?324,778. The Bsnks of Scot laud have lessened their circulation ?214,606, and those ol|Ireland ?168,003. The bullion In the Bank of England ha* been reduced by the payment of dividends to the extent ef ?413,800. The joint stock bsnks of F.ngland will no doubt increase their circulation again as the har vest* progress. The Bank of England has experisncad a variation of movement equal to ?1,297,000, since the June returns. Having increased its circulation ?814,000, in the payment of dividends in July, the payments were af terwards made in specie. The position of the Bank o England at the date of the last report, cannot be consf dered otherwise than favorable, compared with the for mer returns. The d..crease in bullion must be quite a re lief to the bank. The immense amount lying in the vaults of tho bank, must have proved a great drawback to the preAts of the institution. The great abundance of money, and particularly the abundance oi bullion,jliaa compelled the bank to retain more of the precious metals than was necessary. The smaller the amount of specie any banking institution has in it* vanlta, without destroy ing the couAdeuce of the public in its paper issues,] the more proAtable the state oi its affair*. The Bank of Eng. land ha* on hand bullion amounting to more than two third* of it* circulation. Bank or Enoland. June 15, 1844. July 13,1844. Increatt. Dtc'te. Circulation, J.21,327,000 21,246,000 ? *1,000 Depositi, 13,483,000 13,977,000 494,000 ? B< curitiR*, 21,916,000 22,471,000 555,000 ? Bullion, 15,900,000 15,767,000 ? 133,000 This amount contains the average of the quarter* end ing June 16, and July 13, whereas the table previous to this, gives the average (aggregate amount ot promisory notes which have been in circulation for the four weeks ending at each of the dates included in the table. This will aconnt for the existing difference in the returns. The atatement relating particularly to the Bank of England, gives the best report of its affairs at the date. The bank evidently intends a serious reduction of bullion in its , vaults. it is e load |too mighty to bear, end some mea sure will undoubtedly be adopted to diminish the amount Under the new system, with the present amount of bul lion, it will have the privilege of issning paper to the ex * tent of ?29,767,000, or ?8,621,000 mora than the present issue. To sustain the circulat.on wh-re it is now, k with equal proAt, the bullion should be reduced to i- ?7,246,000, making a reduction of ?8,621,000. This amount of bullion on hand, on which no issue* ore ?i made, must reduoe the proAU of the bank very materially, f and there i* not much doubt but that the amount will be reduced a* rapidly aa possible. The private and Joint 'stock bank* of England, Scotland, and Inland, have re duced their circulation since the lest report, $811,016. The Bank of England and the private bank* of the kingdom, are, without donbt, placing themselvea in apoaltion ta do business under the new system of Sir Robert Peel. The 'subject seams to be settled, and those likely 'to be indueiiced by the movement, are undoubtedly placing themselvea in a proper position, it is estimated that lull seven millions of paper issuea will be drawn in by the middle of October. This large and sndden oontrac | tion may have a very serious inAuence on trade and com ; meicial affairs generally, but it cannot but be temporary, "a* the currency will be gradually improving and be i coming more valuable. J. Considerable anxiety begins to be Mt in commercial } circles respecting the effect of the measure, although tho ? general impression seems to bo that the operation of the (? new|#y stem ia not going to ,havo that unluvorable effect [ on business that the opponents of the measure anticipate, t The rate of interest may, for a time, be slightly increased, >' and speculators may suffer from a restricted currency, f hat after tha system gets intojaotiv*|dpermtion, there will, {undoubtedly, be pknty of money for commercial pur f poses. The existing condition of affairs is very favora* | ble for the commrncemeat'of the new bank charter. Tin I crops throughout the country are in a very satisfactory | state, and the harvests bid fair to be very abundant.? j There is no speculative feeling aAoat The manufac : turing districts are very active, and the progressive im ' provement in nearly every blanch of business, gives us reason to believe that a more propitious time for the intra* duction of a new system of banking throughout the king dom could not;be wished for or obtained. The currency ot i any country is e very important and dangerous element . of trado to meddle with, and the effect of every new mea. : sure cannot be foreseen by tbe most experienced. Wo , have had so many currency tinker* in this country, [ that we have several timet bson on the verge ol s gene t ral bankruptcy. Every interest requires as little legislt ' lation as possible, and the laws rrgulating commerce and the currency should be made as permanent as possible. The currency plan ef Sir Robert Feel has b-.en gradually perfected, it has been sabmitted to the people and Irom time to time alterations have been made. The bill as it now stands is approved by nearly all classes, end as it now reads will,in all human probability,go into operation the last of this month. This movement is of the most vital importance to the United States. The Bank of Eng. land exert* a wonderful inAuence on Anancial movements in this country, end the effect of the system under which the bank ia re-chartered, will be closely watched by our capitalists. The annexed table shows a slight Improvement in quo* tations for American stocks in the London market. Tke operations were very limited. Illinois 6 * have improved four per cent, and Louisiana 6's three per cent! ? Quotations for American Stocrs in London. May IS. June 3. July 4. .1ue. 4. ,nb*ma 5'*. 1858, 8U?82 ? ?? ? m ? SO * ? linoi* SY 1870. ? * 40 ? a 40 48 a ? 41 a 44 L)o. Merlins 6'*, 1670, 40 a ? ? ? ? ? S 40 41 a 44 Louin n*SYI8l4, ?47. '50 Slid 52, ? a - 68 a 70 70 a 71 74 a 75 N. Vork 5'*, 1858 . and -60, 93 a 91 93 a 94 ? a 9oV 91ka ? Do do'55 and'GO 93 a 94 93 * 91 ? a 90< 9l\a ? Ohio 6'*, 1856, Wa? 92a? 92a? ? a ? l>jin'? 5'*, 1854, '56 '58, 'GO, X2 8l 'G4, 60 a 70 (X a ? 68?fa 70 68 a 70 Indiana 5 s, 1861 ami "66, 35 a 37 38 a ? 39 a 40 37 a ? U. 8. 15 ,:\k share*, 20 a 22* 23 a 21i 28* a 30s ? a 36* Maryland 5'*, 18118, 60 a 65 62 a 65 ? a ? ? a ? Kentucky 0 a. 1268, 93 a 95 92 a 91 93 a ? 93 a ? Alabama dol'r 5'*, 72 a? 75 a? ? a? ? a ? Ma?*achu*etu 5's, ?trrliuK. 102 a ? 102 al04 ? a ? 105 a ? Mi**i**'l 6'*, Plan ters' Bank, 52 a 54 52 a 53 ? a ? ? a ? Month Carolina, 90 a 95 93 a 95 ? a ? ? a ? Virginia ?'*, ? a? 92 a 95 ? a? ? a ? Tsanesa**. 91a93 92 a 93 ? a? ? a ? II. H. Bank Debenture*, April I, '41 and '42, 60a 65 ? a6lK Do. do Oct. do ?a 40 40 a ? The advance in Illinois State stack in London, is no doubt caused by the settlement at the negotiation* so long pending regarding the new canal loins. Unitsd States Bank share* hsva declined several shillings since tho Art week la July. Alaba -illinoi t7,w,,, OW Stock Buluuifc. 1000 Indian. 5', ??A H? Vickiburg a s''-"r- ;t ? ? ? " KrV 4n,on Co 3h? ion d() bSa I ui? iii ^ 100 U 8 Bank t 100 il!f d *> 100 do 9>i m %\ ft** ?Mom. ,P JIJJ do |,^ gv Z l"?d?r* Loa" h30 I0* 1U0 Sloniugton b30 44? 24 Mohawk a M do 200 Nor Ik YVor New Stock Kxchange. "8 ft?KB?,t~ S1! ? i" '![*"? ?? j 1U0 U 8 Hank c?h 94," -? ,. "? bM Dt* Si Canton .in 38>J ? Mohawk b30 64 40 Erie RK b3 24 40 do ,3 24>i ? do 30 d? *i do KfiO 2?; 100 Long Ialand call 84 S T >10 W do c,|, 81 ? do blO 84 State of Trade i^asasstisr"' * ?j *? ?r!?2'? ?*>! North ing in eitherdescription * h not ?u?b do newVreTeiTo^o ?ayrkTran" c^r. by ,he an""""i??'?S2f ;wr?bs h?Siirc^3Ji5S?' SVSS^SL!^* '"?""s''? kettoM,o7porkei?iVer,Ult}e B"Kral'on in the mar Waiters 117 'J C"H" ??* in moderate requeat at 43c ? weatern and priaon barrel* are held at aa^c. .vPilTIii! J1*****?A? market, 1800 Beef CatUa.(a76from the South,) 40 Cow. and Cairo., 3760 Sheep and Lamba Prices?Beef Cattle-The market the tie ??w k been cxceaaively dull, and the tran.actioni^nlv to a rerv mbaiuedu tS&SK ou oenu Mr hundred, and we quote according]v vi? ? c< 85 for retailing qualitiea, and $3 a go SO lor prfmo-46o'lelt mbkW# Md S^w-BU a $36. all sold. left oi^lr aOQ 81" *l >7* ? *'? $1 a $a 7s. Married, On the 19th inatant, by hi. Honor, Mayor Harper Mr city Hat,land to Mtao Rebecca Suttor, both of thig tiled, ?lrtay^n0df^iiXi>9lh lD,ttot' 0"? W W.lU?, In the M^l^^WaM^nd BT,? nn0M 'ndthoie of h? brother, i. * vv8?8n(lB F Miller are requeeted to attend him lromlhi'.?in# ".j"y mornin* th? doth inatant,at 9 o'clock Irom hi. late reaidence No 84 Elizabeth street i Paaaengara Arrived. iwimi; f^'"Voni^O^U"iS'feakiF'/^ Lieut N K Faxon, J W MorrinXtl n..?;. tl Vi." Kel'ff' Davis, J P Steiner Mr Sent* i<* ISA ? r .Abeker, Gov pamaffi maritime herald. ,T *a"ln? ***? of Steamahlpe. Acadia, Harrison.* u?r001" ?aow amcrica. O; Wetwi1, Mathewai!!!!! Ang 17 ?pi* ,i Hiberaia, Ryrie ' Ahi an S?1'1, !6 O. Britain, Hotken Ann* 31 '** ????????? Bei't. 18 aaa^-.:;;;a? j z=Ml HStS-ffi, *v~if tJ9tm^aS^sir^s? WRT O? BMW VIIRK, AUGUST MO B 13 I moor *kt* 10 23 8 <7 | HIGH WATER 1 g]) Arrived. SkL"'^kV M'"? ,2i d^' "daya ?'? wdh* Jar, kTto oCrdVn;.16 ^ fr?m Mi"?oa"1'- ?'? Domingo, inaitS. ' 10 dll>r* f"'m Thomaatoo, with lumber, to the McAdaii|harl'nt*' E1>'' fr"m Ed"lton. NC. with wheat, to T. ?- w-a**. to^;. ,,CO,l? LUco,nb' 3 ^ fro? Richmond, with coal, otto*} A?t N? Ilrigg^4 <Uy* from BaItimo?, with coSh'to m?terH,'"de"0n' HeDd",0?. fr0"> Philadelphia, with to anithkBcmo?Chri,t' d*y' fromCullw' M?"?i?hlumber, 8.?.hrteto^,,' 4 <Uy' fr?m Thom^ton, with lumber, to beft^JT1^'10^ from "Phomamton, with lum to^.Vk A0Wa^h'm' 4 d4y* from with md?, Pilot boat Virginia, Wright, 3 day. from Norfolk. Below. One brig, unknown. Wind E8E, with rain. Correspondence of the Heradd. (l^hLJV*p'a' i*M?arrison. 1-iVerpooPuh'YnVt* H*7faxW Ukoroiar Orncc, ) Arr Columbia. Barbe*, Pro^r; [Vl R^beL SSHiujniv ld. Jr")v>Iar"1'' ru' Prudden faVolk T^Jr^or,?"l "n*1 Morning Star, Krmin^'l^iUdelphi^bth, l'mi^^uu-?!^lork,l,NVork^U10th' Courier Omen. ) NVorkV'C,0ria' ^BrJHu<L,?"> Nairan^frpj S'ufimii ' V^Jte, Mlerellaneotui. Packet 8mr Weitmiriter, for London, will uil to-day Her letter bag. clow at 11 o'clock *. M. ? Spoken. Ddawan'Oapa*. Philaddphia, Ang 18,64 mile. S of tlie Foreign Porte. ?A^TWerr, July 31?Arr Magellan, Meyer, Havana- 30th> fort '^jMar., Wt-mya, St Domingo: 27th, F.f fcoU R oia^S"'.^ . Tltn":V Whor^ Woodiide, I nh. ?? Janeiroj M Louiae, Vander.teene, New York: 23d tha Naaon, do; ^)inn in*, mprey, do, Nimrod, \Vis^, Havana; 17th Ulrica WaIiI. El,h&fe:''6th' 3,ffer*"n. M"??. Virginia; m)>, Krau Mme^Xownf^dl^." 8heph"deM' Cr?'?- ^i. <;a?JIaT8!Ii'lckiVBM^Arr Nb^foVd^Nt, B^Kr'ci'^S?>"*?'<< M?y ^Bmohtor, July 28-Off, Mary Phillip., Pratt, Hamburg for Bori>k*i x. July 21?Arr Iwanowna, Shinn, New York- 23d nofu l"' .R'ch"rd,; 14lh, Alabama. Ranlett do Paufina,*HweedTn^Boa">n^ Watki""' ( ?? Can'*, July 17-Arr rhilcna, NOrleana; 13th Cranl,. !?,. nan, Gibrajtir; 7rh. Brewster, ^iiicoln/HAvrp; Cth lltnovpr' Druinmond, do; Buliic. Spear, Antwerp. ' ll,M'or?r. C(irhrth!"mfth,yAn7^rpf'r*y' Arr 19th, J?IV 31. KJj So tan, BIIrwell, Havana; 26th. Clauaaa Andrew. Colbv N j Orlean.: 11 Aynwr. Maunaaa; Wm Enga, Coe, Havana- kill. Swan Ulanch.nL do. Sid 3lat, B Aym?, Cm", Hi K.ra* bora; 2ith, Zoloft, Am.b-rd,in. ' 01 r?'? ' Lvtif July 20--Arr Jane lioas, NOrlcans; Charl? [??? Shi 171*1?' iu!; ir' ' harletton; Adam Cnrr, Scott, Nv.'.rk ? I I, ?4 "i r? r*11' do;.-L*lir'n,v Smiih, Beaton. Ldg Aug for N York Dalm.tia, forBoaton| Lnylon, and Adam f ar* Taro,inu Knnk-'m.:;McMnrd?fk' Ho?? I B.V,imo"r'"' July W~(),r' LoUilP- ?"">*>"? flremm, f?, Detroit, i'tort Boaton fn'r^natadl; SfionHsVori?*^ jf^f' ^ B,l'',n"re; Heu,& j Dovkr, July 2.1?OIF, Foroffcr, Blcightholm Hi John vn waa in contact at 3 p m with tk Nil. . wh!rh^7 caired trilling damage. u.wton, which re FimJaf' I iy I?~a" f/liho,t' ^.''amler, NOrleana. July 1H?Ait Amah*, !<op|<J?rs. Baltiinurc K^o{'JyA^M,d,J5f.Sta'.?' Bvanion, NOrlaan inant Jniilu' vH r ^iT' M*Un"*?. Ho; 17th. bia doSo. fot Stettin; icth, Harmonic, Schale, P-ALnoUTH, July 38?Arr Ailiolh, Simpaon, Virginia; off Hn.i. July it?Sid Teuton, Piliitrr, Boston; 10th, bt Inde nt. Wilson, NOrleens. HaMsuno, Jnlytt?Falmouth. Davis, Msunxas; lMh Sir luuc Newton, NYork; llth, Thnre, Pet re, Medin, Mobile' Hsvns:, July SB?Arr Ve.ta, Lomba, NOrleans; Emerald, Howe, NYork; 26th, Jacob rennrtl, M?rtin, Mobile, 25th John Dunloo, Carman, do; Oneida, Funck, NYork; llttli, Irnquuia, Ireland. Charleston; Kezia. Linmaist. do; 17th', Betsy, Cooler] do. Sid, July 20, Mrjito, William, ( hart nit Oil; Krmiitgtoii.N York. Havana, August 3?Are Flita. Relnua. Buenos Aim. Sid Russian. Simpson, Co was; CvMe, Dm-ring, do; Canturiou, Nnrri?, Philadelphia. 3rd, arr Princes* Amelia, Bentxon. New. grot; Louise, Gnellt, NYork. 4th, HellciqKmt, Ellis, NYork. Sid, 5th, Asia, Corliera, Viga and Cadiz; S|iriue, Hamilton, "owe*. lai.t: or Wight, July 20?Off Russia, Kllaler, Havana for St Petersburg. LivrarnoL, Ana. 1?Arr St Petersburg, Howard, NOrlaaaa; Ottawa. Dryuan, Mobile; Virginian, Allen, NYork; Cairo. Mnrdoek, Boaton. lat, Adrian, Davie*. N Or levin; Prinee of Wales, Darioa, Charleston. Jul|> 31, Susan E Howell. Bailey, and Viola, Janieaon. Mobile; (tlendoveer, Par>on?, NOrleans; Sir H Douglass, Savannah. 30th, Delaware, Patten, and The Duke, NOrleans; Win Brodriek. Edwards, Alexandria. 2tth. Emma. Weeka, Trinidad; So I den, Shaw, and Phar?alia, NOr leana; Oxford, Rathbone. NYork; England. Boothby. Apala ehicola; Warsaw, Hawkins, Charlevton; Albanian, Winsnr, lanthorn. 20th, Tlieaenv, Galveston; Saguenay, Murray, Charlevton; Patri' k lleury, Delano, NYork. 27tn, Franklin, Thomas. and Alhambra, Wilson, NOrlean*. 3#th, Scotia, Leslie, NOrlevna; Liverpool, do; Alliance, Tucker. Charles ton; Isabella. Briggs, NYork. 2.'ith, Suaan Drew, NOrloana; Providence. Vixen, Mobile; Alnh.vma, Merrill. Apalarbicola. 2tlh, Caspian, Torrev, NOrleana; Tbomaa P. Cope, Mierrken. Pliiladeltihia. 23rd, John O, foster, n, NVork; Permian, Gray, Mobile. 21at, Milton, Dixon, Mobile; Oceno, Taylor; Kleauor, Lovett, and Fanny, Lovett, NOrleana. 20th, Victoria, Hartahome. NYork; Hero of Acre, Jouea, Savannah. Pith, Pe drone, Cnulaea, NOrleana. Sailed 2nd. Aragon, Knight,NYork; Laura, Snow, lhraton. July 39. Soutlierner. Palmer, NYork; Saracen, Miller, Boaton. 20th. Windsor Caatle. Patterson. NOrleana. 22th, New Hamp ahire, Chase, do. 27th, United States, Britton, NVork; Alex ander, la>eda, Baltimore. 2fith, Arabella, Mice, Boaton. 25th, P. I. Nevina, Stoop, Baltimore; Huron, Payne. NOrleana; Ca ledonia Brander, Decan. Philadelphia; Portsmouth, (ilover, N York; Dorchester, Caldwell, Boston; Susan Cumming, Clark, Baltimore 24th, F.lixaheth, raxten. NOrleana; Cornelia French, NYork. 23rd, Tarolinta. Smith, NVork; Sarah and Arselin. Mattiaon, do. 2lat, Pacific. Hall, NYork; Rappahan nock, Druinmond, do; George Ws-hinston, Allen, do; Kilbv, Muir, NOrlcuu. Pltli, Eli Whitney, Conn, Boston; Ashland, Williams, do; Carroll of Carrolllon. Bird, NYork. Cleared 3rd, Dublin, for Boston; Clinton, and Globe, for Phi ladel phia. Advertised lat inat. Po what tan, Marahall, for Baltimore, with dispatch; Yaxoo, Wibray, for NYork, 2nd; Columbia, Haley, do do; Lancaster, Simmons. NYork, Ifrfli; Governor Davis, Neef, Boston. 8th; Martha, Snow, NYork, puirk dispatch; St. Geontc. Ferris, do. 10th; Nichidaa Bid.lie. Gross, do, with des patch; Colossus, Lennox, do, 3rd; Rockall, F.vans, do, with despatch; Walpole Thomas, Boston, 1st; Glasgow, Lambert, do, 2nd; Carolits, Btorer, do, 5th; Dublin, Hkofield, do. w ith despatch; Granada, Spnoner. do, 8th; Persia, Bray, do do; Clinton, Hartley, for Philadelphia, 1th; Yarmouth, Mathews, do, to succeed the C.; Swstara, Smith, do, with despatch; Oeorgiann. Bohm. do do; Ocean, Willard, for Charleston; Jnpiter, Carter, do, 4lh: Bombay, Gay, New Orleans, 1th; Hampden. Co wen, do, 15lh; Malabar. Freeman, do; Atlantic, Mallett, do; Isaac Allerton, Torry, do, 1st; Goodwin, Davies, do, with despatch^ Palestine, Miimfurd, Mobile, first vessel, and the packets on their reicillar days. Entered for loading up to tie- 3rd instant-Uranada. Sixmner, Boston; F.llen, Deverenx, do; Oscar, Willard, Charleston; llockall, F.vans, NYork; Rochester, Britton, do; Jupiter, Car ter, Charleston; Pontiac, Porter. Portsmouth; Warwick, Weeks, Boston; Berlin, Baker, NOrlean*; Swatara, Binith, Philadelphia; Ontario, Jameson. Bath; Columbia, Bootlie, Alexandria; Lochinvar, Westcott, Cnstine. July 27th?The Columbus, Green, for Pematnhiiro, has put baek with lass of cutwater, bowsprit, kc.. having been in con tact with the Alexander, Leeds, hence to Daltitnore. 31st?The Pennsylvania, Emerson, from NOrleans to this port, which was on shore, yesterday, on Great Burbo, has been cot off and brought into the Prince's Dock, with considerable damage, and seven feet water in her hold?cargo discharging oil the Gridiron. London, August 2? Entered inward, Clarissa Andrews, Col by, NOrleans; Nestor. Moses, do. July 30, North Carolina, Drummond, do. 2!>th, Victoria, Morgan,'NYork; Z. D., Bas eetr, do. Entered outward, Julv 29, Victoria, Morgan, NYork. 21th. Oueliec, Hebard, do. 22nd, Iceland, Kendrick, Boston and Charleston; 17th, Carlos, Maurau, Boston: Mary and Jane, Flitner, NVork. Advertised, Quebec, for NYork, August T; Victoria, do, 17th; Mary and Jane, do, 15th; Nestor, for NOr leans, no dap*. Lotrk, July 13?Arr Huma. Willard, NYork. Landsort, July 20?Arr Mandarin, Colley, NOrleans. LoNDONDr.Hnv, July 25?Bid Solon, Ruckman, Philadelphia. LkohoXN, Julv 17?ArrChilde Harold. Drew. NYork Maitsr.iLLra, July 16?Arr Carrier, Beecher, Palermo. Madkira, July 8?Arr Genrgiaua, Anderson, NYork. Montreal, Aug 16?Cld Canada, McArthur, Glasgow. Portsmouth, July 22?Sid Mediator, Chadwick, NYork. Plvmouth, July 20?Off, Sophie, Beeuken, Bremen for Bal timore. Qt-ERKt.', Aug 11?Arr Independent, Kirkby, Gloucester; Ageuoria, Giffnev. Liverpool. Cld 15th, Triad, Davies, Leven, forniiiers; Lady Falkland, Smith, Liverpool; Bolivar, Stephen son, Gloucester; Betsev. Pepper, Litth-hampton; Penelope,Love, Newcastle; Hope, Middleton. Maryport. Shif.i.ds, Jnlv 31?Sid Webster, Chapman, Cronstadt.*, Start, Julv 24?Off, Elise, Koch, Baltimore. Scilly, July 20? Off, Louis Philippe, Castoff, Havre for N York. Sst-ooR, May 17?Arr Ville de Paris, Sturge, NYork; Ply mouth. Fuller, Boston; 19th, Sumatra, Vellum, Batavia. Swinfmvndf.. July 16? Arr Diamont, Jausen, NYork; Har monie. Schab, do. 8t Pr.TERiBi'Ro, July 20? Arr Clinton, Mauaou, Havana; 19th, Ligonia, Reed, do; Gilbert, Given, and Chusnn, Jenkins, M a tan z as; Chilo, l-amhert. and Plymouth, Newell, do: Flo. rian, Leach, NYork; 17lh, Gondola, Rennie. do; Isis, Marlbo rough, Charleston; 13th, Mary Ann, Graydon, do; Hannah Sprague, Pierce, Matanzxs; 7th, Ho|ie, Morrison, do. Trxri., July 37?Sid Richmond, Purrington, Cadix; Herman, Welch, Baltimore. Arr 26th. Heleu, Asander. NYork: 28th, Zotoff. Murphy, Havana: 25th, Antje Brons, Fischer, NYork; 17th, Florence. Decker, Havana. Toiiray, July 31?Arr Aerol, Hansen, Gottenburg for New York. Trieste. Julv 19?Arr Vernon, Bisbee, Havana, 8tc; 17th, Agnes, Cobb, NOrleans; llth, Apollo, Scndder, do; Margaret Hugg, Let ton. Baltimore; Talbot, Storey, New York; llth, E Denntson. Reeley, do; 10th, Johanti, Hedlunn, do; 8l)i,Alaha mian, Hitchcock, do. Woluast, July 19?Arr Augusts Charlotte, Charleston. Luke Ports. BurrALo, Aug 17?Arr New England, and Indiana, Detroit; Kent, Amhersthurgh; St Louis, Chicago; Fletcher, Milwaukie; Jenny, Madison; Caledonia, Ashtabula. Cld Indiana, and Emigrant, Chicago; Fulton, Toledo; Buckeve, Sandusky; G H Walker, Brest; L Colborne, Burwell; Biddle, Cleveland; Ro chester, Upper Laket. Home Ports. Philadelphia, Aug 19?Arr Wm Pitt. Baker, and 'Home, Howes, Boston; Osceolv, Sylvester, NYork; Com Hull, Ray, Eastport; Exchange, Kellogg, Hartford; Elixabeth, Wiley, Salem. FaKDEBicaeBi'an, Aug 16?Cld Shamrock, Currrll, Boston. Nohkolx, Aug 16?Arr pilot boat Constitution, fm a cruise: reports having spoken Hebe, Green, from Montevideo; Marv Stanton, from Boston; Topic, and Mary, from Portsmouth?all bound to Baltimore. The Leda, for Cowes, and flaldana.for sa. Also arr, Wellington, Knowitou, Pro Rio, have gone to i .. . vide nee; Braford, Pugh, Newport. Sid prances, Burt, New Bedford; and from Seaweil's Point, Hyrcauus, Watera, for Ja shinoton, NC. Aug 8?Arr slarcia, Longman, Boston; lobe, Gaskill, Guadaloupe; Fair, Phillips, Boston; llth, ?an\ Forbes, do. Cld 5th, Comet, Ireland, do; 9th, W E Roberts, do; 10th, M M Fowle, Reed, do; 11th, p'air. mates. Wilmington, NC. Aug 9?Arr ReguluSjCole, NYork; loth, Ann Smith, Crammer, do; 12th, Re|ieater, Coffin, do. Cld Ed dington, Nelson, Boston. .... ? Washinoton, NC. Aug 8?Arr Marcia, Longman, Boston; 9th. Gin " ? . ? Delaware, Bird, Roberts, Phillips, do. Ocracoke, NC. Aug 10?Arr Wm I Watson, White, West Indies. ... Charleston, Aug 15? Arr Warrior, Griffith, Havana. Cld K A Brown. Westbrook, do; Waecamaw, Vincent, Jamaica.? Hid Moses, Loveland, Philadelphia. Arr llth, Choctaw,Ryder, Boston. Sid Charleston, Andrews, NYork. New Orleans, Aug 10?Arr Republic, Jackson, Savannah. Cld Adeline It Eltxa, fliggins, Boston. BONE MANURE. BUTTON MAKERS' FINE BONE?For sale in lots to sait purchasers. Apply at tlie Mills, 29th street, between Glhaud7th avenues; or orders left at 117 Front street, will be attended to. ?30 Itis'rc CJTOPPED, rupimsed to be stolen, a New Paletot Coat,?The O owner can have the same, by paying charges. Apply; at 2 Wall street, between 10 and 5. H. LEVr.l T. nu20 3t*rrc EIGHTH WAIU). REGULAR NOMINATION.?The Committee having, in ?V" charge I charge the recornmendiug of three candidates from the list of names put in nomination on Mouday evening , August 19th, for the Convention to meet at Tammany Ilall on tlie 27th inat.. then and there to select thirteen delegates to represent the county of New York in the Syracuse Convention, to lie held on the ttn September, have with a view of satisfying tlie best interest of the Democratic Republican party, and the various local claims of the Ward, unanimously agreed to recommend to the Electors the following ticket, viz :? JAMES CONNER, CHARLES P. BROWN. JOHN B. a20 It 8POKI ORD. MAGNETISM 'HE celebrated Arctic discoverer, the now Reverend Dr. 8CORESBY, Vicar of Bradford, England.,having consent ed at the request of many scientific gentlemen of tin' city to de liver a l-eclure on Mnguetism, will do so This Evening, at eight o'clock, at the rooms of the Mercantile Library Associa tion, Clinton Hall. PROGRAMME. ? MAGNETISM.?A mighty Agency of Nature?Correspon dent Operations with Electricity?Probably with Light and Ileal?Law s and Phenomena in Permanent Magnets, illustrated by experiments principally original. 'A'rTRACTION.?Polarity?Directive Property ?Induction ?Induction from the Earth?Law of Magnetic Action on Iron, Iron in Ships, Deviation of the Compass, ike.?Effect of Percus sion on Iron, on Steel, and the production of powerful Magnets from this source. APPLICATION of tlie principles developed, to the construc tion of very powerful Magnets and Improvement of Sea Com passes?Testing the quality and hardness of Steel. p"/" inVirder to defray the expenses of the room and adver tising, tickets will be necessary lor admission. Price 50 cents each one admitting a lady as well as geiitlrman, or an adult and two children. *2? H AG-met) L T URAL WA R E II Ol'SE, 187 WATER STREET. AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. INI PROVE I) POR TABLE MACHINES, WIRE CLOTH MANUFAC TORY. 8C llEENS, SIEVES, lie. kc. PHK attention of tlie pnhlic is called to a new Patent Portable > Grist Mill, to work by hand or other power, with which every farmer can grind his own grain. Also, for Grinding Coffee and Spices, and an- highly recommended by all who have used tlie in. Groat's Patent Grain Cleaner and Coin Grinder, a new in ention, superior to any heretofore used. Rice and Coffee Shelters, of different sixes; Sugar Mills, kc.; Wood's Patent Shingle Machine. Horse Powers, calculated for one or more horses, with gi-ering attached. For sale at manufacturer's pi lore, nu20 lin*rrc GROUND COCOA, IN THE FRENCH STYLE. rP KKFRAY, Sweet Chocolate Maker, 159 Broadway, near 1 ? Grand street, has juslaet in operation s French Machine, which, separating the larger lumps ot (lie broken Cocoa,grind the smaller; also the sliells and most gelatinous part, into a coarse powder, to prepare it so as not to be oily as when tlie berry is altogether employed. The public is earnestly solicited to make a trial of it. an2fl lin'rc FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND FEATHERS. BRUN LADOSIKRE k COURT, 116 William street, N. Y. are receiving by the Havre packrts their assortment or Fall Goods, which lor elegance lliey have no rival. All dealers and judges in the above line are invited to give them a call, and we will venture to say thev w ill not leave the sP're without exoress. ing their admiration of such a IwvutilNil stock. They pledge tliemselves that the public will not lie deceived with American flowers for French, as lliey have their houie in Paris, Rue de Cracy.lNo. 6, and deal exclusively in French flowers. augtl Im'rrr. A PARIS MILLENARY ESTABLISHMENT IN NEW YORK 12 A REN NH k CO., patronized by the Courts of France JD and Belgium, of II Place. Vendome, Paris, hive the honor of making known to the Ladies of the United States, and tlione of tin-city of New York particularly, that tliey will open a branch of their well known and fashionable Millinery Establishment, an tlie first of September, oil the corner of Broadway and Grand street, (entrance No. 114 Grand street.) Tie' branch in this city will lie under tlie immediate au|*rin lendeure of one of tlie principle ladies nf the Paris house. The Indie* arc reaprctfully aolirited to visit the saloons, where they will alway s find every recherclie article in tin millinery line from Paris, by the Packets as they arrive. r. 8. The> wolla ?l?<> inform Uio?* ?nf?g?a ia the miliiwjry business in the princqial cities of tlie Union, thai all articles connected with their business, and the latest fashions, csn be supplied previous D> iheir being opened to.the public in this city. Orders punctually attended to. aiifiO ImrtC T) A OH?Toon second lucd Gunny and Linen Hacks, for sale JD by E. K * OI.LINK k CO. 56 Smith st. snS AUCTION SALES. THOS. BELL. Auctwoerr, Regular Bales of Furmture. Regular Hale* of Dry Goods, Clothing Pledged and Faucy Article, Groceries and Varieties?Every Tuetday and Fnday. au3 2w'iu THOS. BEI.L. Auctioneer. A. C. TUTTLE. Aunt. LTARDWARK PACKAGE SAI.k-JACOB 8. PLATT'8 n Siatli Kail Trade Hardwan* Sale this season, will take place This Day, al 1U o'clock, at the auction room. 5T3 t'latl, corner of Gold street. Til. aalc comprises poo packages, case* and lota of Foreign and Domcatic Hardware, Irerliiui, Kaucy and Staple Uooda. Also, a large assortment of Table and Pocket Cutlery, of llus moat celebrated make, being new good* and just landed. Alio, Vice*. Trace Chains. single and double squares, Tur ner*. Branihall and otliera Files and Rasps. Also, Braaa and Iron Teeth Horae Card*. Alao, 3 lona Superior English I 'aat Steel, viz.?aipiare, ilat, and spnug. Alao, Guna, Percussion Cap*. Fancy Gooda, kc. Alao, au Invoice of tiue Tea Tray*. Waiters, Bread Baakela, MuItII111 in Parvo, for ladie* and centlemell, (tc. Alao, at 12 o'clock, 2 elegant Gold Lever Watchea, for caah, for account of wboin it may concern. au20 It'rrc IN A LAI)Y rpHJC MOST DISTINGUISHING MARK OK (K)OD A BREEDING it the beauty, regularity and neatneaa of the Tm i h?Chesterfield. When lovely woman, O, what folly ! Neglects her Tkzth, and tliey decay ! What cliarms can aootlie her melancholy I What art can waah her grief away I Tlie only Art her loaa to cover ; Defects to hide; return her joy Bring to her heart e conatant lorer? la to the Dential'a skill employ. List, lovely H uman ! List to reason ! For morbid teeth, where e'er titty be, If not cared for, in |iro|irr season, 'Gainst Beauty's power will foater treason, And change sweet breath of Araby."' The Lady listens to the warning (Some teeth are bad?some quite away !) She wails no longer than till inoraiug. Then sallies out?all weatheracorniug ; Obtains her wish that self same day ! Her beaming eyes?with pleasure lighted, Her ruby Tips?Iter Tteth <[/' Pearls Her roav cheeks?so lately slighted, Are wreathed in sinilea?and Troths are Plighted These charms the l)t!?TAt. Ant unfurl*. Goldsmith Red. Ladies who are particularly nice and delicate concerning tliair teeth, can have defective ones reiuirnd?and lost teeth, together with the Ouin restored, so as to entirely elude detection. This i* " the height of art" as it " conceals (he Jlrt" aud is accom piished without pain. Operation* on lite teeth in the neatest, and most improved and scientific manner. JONATHAN DODGE, M. D. Operative Surgeou Dentist, au20 lt*rrc 3 Chambers street, New York TAR. A. C. CASTLE has, by an original and scientific *-J knowledge in his profession, and from an ezteusive succeas ful practice, attained a distinguished reputation in the science of Dentistry. Ilia method o! filling and preserving decayed ten der teeth with a soft paste, which combines with the remaining portion of the tooth in the mouth, forming a sound mastica tory organ, is the desideratum long looked for in this useful art. Those suffering and having occasion for professional aid in den tistry,, cannot do better than by applying to this accomplished practitioner. DR. A. C. CASTLE'S office hoars (311 Broadway, N. Y.) from 8 A. M. until 6 P. M. au20 1th HOOTS AND SHOES. TNOUNTRY MERCHANTS and others are iuvitrd to call L* and examine our stock of the above articles, iu part as fol lows, via:? Men's Thick Beots, Men's Kip Brogans, Boys' " " " Calf " Call and Kip do, " " sowed Brogans, Youihs', " " " Kip " Men's Calf and do do, Boys' and youths' " " line " stitch do, pegged " Together with a great variety of women's and children's w ear, lower than ever for cash or city acceptances, by the case or dot GALE Ik CO, 260 Pearl street, an20 lm'rc U. 8. Hotel Buildings, Isle Holt's House. T DROWN, Stone 8eal| Engraver, 233 Broadway, orpo ? site the Park?Coats of Arms, Crests, Cyphers, Sic. en Kved on Stone, Diamonds, Amethysts, Topazes, Sic. bought in rough, or cut to any form ;)8iguet Kings , Keys, Pencil Cases, Ladies' Seals, Ike. engraved with Names. Crests. Arms, or any device; Touts of Arms found and painted from $2 and upwards, and forwarded to any part of the United States. Books of Her aldry kept with upwards of 100,000 names. au20 It* rrc T ARD?1000 kegs Pure Leaf, in very superior order, aud ad mirably suited for a long voyage, for sale by au20 E. COLLINS k CD. 36 South it. WANKED.?A Young Healthy Wonmu, with a fine breast o milk, has just lost ner child, and woolil w illingly adopt another. She. resides in the healthy location of Rockland Lake, aud any relerenca for character and respectability may lie had at this office. Apply al the office of the Herald. aul9 3t*m A CARD?Inventors, Capitalists. Engineers and Manufac turers are informed that Dr. LARDNER may lie consulted professional on matters connected with thu application of the Physical sciences to the arts. Alhenasum llotel, Broadway, N. Y THE LAST TIME TAR. ROLLICK'S SELECT LECTURES TO GENTLE G MEN ONLY.?On the Heproductive Functions in Plants and Animals, will be once more repeated. Kirst Lecture TUES DAY, Aug. 20th; aecoud on WEDNESDAY, 21st, aud thiol on THURSDAY, the22d. Admission 30 cents each, or SI for a ticket for the course, which will admit to an extra important Lecture on KHIDA\ . Each Lecture complete in ttsell. In the large Hall, corner of Broadway and Grand, (entrance second door in Grand.) Commencing at 8 1*. M. Illustrated by 13 perfect full sized models of the female form, itc., (which can also be seen on the above mornings at 10, by gentlemen for 23 cents.) Young persons not admitted. Remember the last time'.! aul? 3tis*rrc HARDWARE, CUTLERY, NAILS, TIN PLATE, &c. Kflf) GROSS low priced Knives and Forks, (23,30 to $24 per ej\jyj gross.) b casks Pen and Pocket Cutlery. Razors and Scissors. 9 casks common and best mill, baat'd and taper Files. 4 casks low priced and best Hand and Back Saws. 29 cask* "Klwrll's," "Brade's," sad common Hoes. 1000 krgs superior Cut Nails, (at the lowest price.) 130 boze* Till Plate, >{*, (at $8,23 per boz.) Alto, Trace Chains, Hooks ami Hingis, Round Bolts, Nor folk and Square Latches, Pad and Pateul Knob Locks, Iron Ten and Table Simons, Krying Pant, Percussion Caps, Hair Seating all sizes, Chain Web, Curled Hair, Sofa Springs, kc., kc., kc. For sale ou the usual credit, at very low prices, by /OHN A. NEWBbuLD, an 19 6tit*m No. 00 John street, (np stairs.) CLIFTON HOUSE, ON THE B AYS IDE. 8TATKN ISLAND, NEAR "THli NARROWS." DOR PERMANENT BOARDERS, transcient ledgers aud J- day visitors, offers an opimrtunity ol enjoying the sea breeze, a view of laud and water unequalled fur its picturesnueness, the luxury of the sea bath, (the sea beach being within half a mile of the house.) The dinner hour ia 4X o'clock?on Suuday at 3 o'clock. Su perior carriages m attendance tor Uir accommodation of the gueau. A fine Bowling Alley and Billiard Room, are just finish ed for the amusement of the patrons of tlie establishment. GEORGE riKRIS, Proprietor. N. B.?Two of the best rooms in the House may be liad for I tlie remainder of tlie season, on immediate application of tami [liee. On Sundays the boats run to Stapleton, landing every hour Carriages in attendance to convey iwaseugert to Clifton House au8 linisrc WASH1NGTONIAN COFFEE HOUSE, No. 103 Nassau Street. TMII8 ESTABLISHMENT, lutving beeu rebuilt aud under f gone great improvement, is again o|>vn for the public, by the j former proprietor, who hoi*-*, by attention to business, to merit I a share of public i?trouagr. The above establishment will, as | Jormerly, be o|>eii day and night. aul7 Iw SHARON SPRINGS PAVILION, schohjirie county, ft. r. rpiII8 spacious House, which, since the improvement* and -1 additions made to it during the put winter, is believed to be one of tlie most commodious and comfortable of the largest class of Hotels in the State, is now ready for tlie reception of | company, and will be opened on the 23th day of May insl. To accommodate the large and incrruiug number of people who spend the season at 8haron Springs, tin- Subscribers have, since last fall, greatly extruded their premises, by annexing to the Pavilion an entirely new building, which embraces twenty-six spaciuus apartments, besides making large additions and ira I provements to the interior and husnieu pert* of the honse. I Blinds have been added to the windows?the beautiful prome nade grounds in Trout of the Pavilion havs been laid out aud tastefully planbol with shrubs snd flowers?the b.itli rooms liavt been overhauled and new furniture provided, furnishing every conTenieuce to those who wish to enjoy either t cold or warm bath. No expense or effort hu been s|*rrd to sui>ply the deficiencies of put seasons, and every exertion will In used to receive the visitors of the coming season in a manner uot to be surpused at any other place of fubiouable resort in the United States. To thou who have not heretofore visited llw Sharon Springs it is sufficient to say, that the qualities of tlie water (an analysis of which is giren below.) are very nearly identical with those of the far-famed While Sulphur Springs of Virginia, except that by the concurrent testimony of the medical men who are ac quainted with both, tlie Sharon arc estermed the most potent. Situated in an elevated region of country, the Pavilion com mands some of tlie most picturesque scenery ill the State of New York. From its elevated position it hu (he advantage of a continually dry, cool and refreshing atmosphere. Pleasant ex cursions to the villages of Cherry Valley and Cooperstown, the Otsego Lake, and other points equally interesting from their scenery and their history, offer themselves on every hand? whilst a Billiard Room and four spacious Ball Alleys, Irars no means unprovided within doors fur exercise or amusement. Of tlie White )4u!phur Water of Sharon Springs, it can be said it is not surpassed by any thing of tlie kind ;n the known world, for the cure of rheumatic, cutaneous, bilious and dys (s-ptic complaints, and for the curg of eryiipriu, salt rIleum, scrofula, liver complaint, bronchitis and general debility, u ! hu been certified by some of the most eminent medical profes sors. By a recent analysis made for the Proprietors of the Springs, made by one of the most eminent Chemists in this country, (Professor lleid of New York,) the following results have been | obex icd from one gallon of water :? flicsrt. .nzie of Magnesia 24 grains Sulphate* fMagnesia 34 " Sulphate of Lime , 19 4 " Hynrotulpliatr of Magnesia and Lime 3 Cmoride of Sodium and Magnesium 2 7" Solid contents 149 I grains Hydrosulplinric Acid Gu, or Sulphuretted Hydrogen 28 9 cubic in. Tlie Springs are within a few hours ride of Albany, Troy, Saratoga, Schenectady, Utiea, kc.; are accessible either (Yom Canajoharie, on the Albany and I tiea railroad, where post coaoliet daily await the arrival of the morning cars from Sche nectady and Ulica, to conrey visitors to ihe Springs, a distance of about right miles, arriving in time for dinner ; or by the Cherry Valley Turnpike, by daily *? qpes, being about forty-five inile* west of Albany, on a good road. Persons leaving New V ork iu tlie evening hosts for Alnany, arrive at tie Sharon Springs the next day in time for dinner. my I 2taw 4m?ec CLARK k GARDNER, STOUVENEL it CO., GOLD STREET, NEW YORK. Manufacture ill sorts of GLASS, end cut end match it to any pat terns. Constantly on liand, a complete assortment of every de scription. All kinds of Glass made and cut to oruer. Tlisy also manufacture Solar Lamps, Chandeliers, Giran doles, Candelabra*, Suspending Solar, from I to 12 lights ; Hall Lamps siid Lanterns of any size and patterns ; also, Camphiue Lamps ; Astral, altered to Solar. Country mrwchanU and oth er* will find it to their interest to call u above, or at their De pot, 3 John street, near woadway, where they can obtain arti * " ' " ' uid at very low prices, parties. jy26 lm*ec 29 cles of the but quality, warrauled. and at very low prices, wholesale aud retail. Goods loaned for parties. j] " TO THE LADIES. nil. HULL'S UTERO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER!f. T'HIS new Instrument for the radical core of Prolapsus Uteri, J. or Falling of the Womb, bv eztenial application, super seding the use of the oluectioiial Pessary, is confidently recom mended to the afflicted as the means of perfect restoration to lieelth, it never having failed of iwrforming a can, even under the most unraveled circumstances. Tlie Supporter has attained a vary high character in Europe as well ai in this country. It I* adopted to the entire disease of Pessaries, and all other painful surgical exiwdienU, in (lie Ly commended in Europe by medical men of the hisheal rank. In this country it ia sustained by the leading inemlier* of the faculties of Colleges and Hospitals, and by ail the eminent pri ing-in .Hospitals of London mid Paris, and it universally rre :ounti ? of C vain praculioners. ? Room* have been famished ezclnsively for ladies at No. 4 Vesey street, having a separate entrance from 'he business de teirfment, where a lady is in constant attendance to apply Trusses and Supporters to f*?n?le patients. still Imrre W HEAT iMll busliel. Prime ''i^W^fo, .Me by M Sow AMUSEMENTS. NlHEO'tf UAHUBlt. Comer of Broadway mU Prince mwl, Now York. The Entertainments ii? under (he sole direction of MK. MITCHELL. Doom 0|*u et 7?F ntrrtaiuineiiM commence U ? precisely. FIRST NIGHT OK STARS AT THE A8TOR ! TUESDAY KV K.N I NO, August Mi h. will he presented, the original, opers'ie, fantastical UK I quizzical extravaganza of u'l' i no i T Tinr ao'PiiII STARS AT THE A8TOR AikiIIo, .., , Mr Mitchell D/" Intermission of hell ui liour.^J] To couclude with. THE YELLOW D^AIIF. Fernando Mr. Fnnno. Tlw Yellow Dwarf Air. Nickiusou. Flutterino Mis* Clarke Sha l.oojali Ben All Mr Duuu Abraham Abkar Kuan Deuiuaou Alllair Alias Taylor. Gracmta Mrs Walla . Aire Hardwick I n- ttagol (he Desert Air Kvrraril IT7-NO POSTPONKMKNT .( (hi. esublishmcal on ac count of weather, as tlw (irand Kn(rance from Broadway (o (he Halooo la protected, and the New Saloon, which ia veulilatad from (he lop and aides, can he enclosed at a moment's notice. ? PAiaMO'M ITALIAN OPKKA HOUS1C. CHAMBERS STREET. FOR A FEW NlOHTB LONGER ADMISSION ONLY TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. Tuesday, August BOth, AND EVERY NIGHT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. THE OniOINAL ETHIOPIAN SERE NADERS, MESSRS UERMON, 8TANWOOD, HARRINGTON, k PELHAM. Haviii( met with such liberal encouragemeut during tlieir First Week, have been induced to remain a FEW NIGHTS LONGER. On which occaaiou they wilt introduce au interesting acnes of | NEW SONGS S BALLADS!! REFRAINS! ! NEGRO DITTIES ? ! < CHARACTERISTIC DUETTOS ! 1! GLEES, CHORUSES, Ac. Ac. \l_/~ Boxes and Seat* can be secured at tlie Box Office from 10 to 1 A. M. and from 3 to 6 P. M. .18 h NEW YORK OPERA HOUSE. A CARD?Mr. PALMO begs leave res|>rctfully to inform the public that he ha* inadr arrangements with Mad. PAU LINE DE8J ARDIN8 and Mr. T. MARTIN, to give a aeries of GRAND BALLETS DE'ACTION, as performed at the Royal Academynf Music in Paris, and never yet performed in this country. The season will commence about tire 16lli of September next. Particulars will be given hereafter. "SB5T?"5l"8?X F. PALMO. OASTLE OAHUKN. FOR FIVE NIGHTS ONLY, commancing on MONDAY, 19th. Mr. HOOD, the great Tight Wire Dancer. Mr. Rl; OGLES, the superior American Vaulter, on the Swinging Cord. INSTRUMENTAL Cf , CONCERT, And conclude with au Exhibition of FIREWORKS, Admittance, 26cents. aulBit M1 ELYSIAN FIELDS, HOBOKEN. GRAND GYMNASTIC EXHIBITION, AND TREMENDOUS SUCCESS OF THE ELLSLER BROTHERS 'R. M'CARTY has tlie honor to_inform the public that lie . has engaged those celebrati-d artistes, the Ellsler Brothers, for one week, w hich will take place on WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY. AND MONDAY, 21st, 23rd, and 86th August. Performance to commence at I o'clock, P.M. There will be a new and entire change of |>erformance* every day. A stage has Wit erected for that puriRjv, and also for Pantomime exhibition, which will be given during the course of | the engagement. Should the inclemency of tlie weather prevent a performance ill take i" oil any one of the days announced, it will take place on the day follow inx " CONCERT NIGHTLY PRAN1) VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT, ?atJ. P1NTEI ' _ _iUX Cafe dee Mille Colonnsa Saloon, 3(17 Broad way. Engagement of Miss ADAIR, the fine Vocalist. This well-known establishment has been considerably embellished since May. Refreshment* of the bast kind can always lie had at the bar, with the attendance of careful waiters. A well ventil lated Billiard Room containing eight tablra communicates with tlie Saloon on the same tloor. The Ices and Creams, the .beat the city afford*, can at all timet be obtained. IJCP" Entrance free. al8 8w*m THE ALHAMRA, 550 Bnoauwav, between Srsino and Peince Streets. 'J IllS fashionable jplace of resort is o|wo for tlie season. The - Iccsj Fruits, Jelfies, and other refreshments, are of the finest An Orchestra, combining some of the firet musical talent in the city, perform every evening, except Saturdays and Sundays, favorite pieces from the composition of Straus, Lanner, Auber, Bellini and others equally celebrated. BRANCH, No. 166 East Broadway, one door above Rutger stmt, where the same delightful Ice Creams and Refreshment* may be found. aull Imisrrc GREAT AND ATTRACTIVE EXHIBITION. rpHE PROPRIETOR has tlie honor of informing the citi 1 sens of New York.thatheisuow exhibiting for a lew days at tlie Lyceum of Natural History, Broadway, No. Ml, opposite Niblo's Garden, the magnificent MODEL OF PARIS. This really splendid work of art, carved entirely on wood, ia the re sult of 18 years of labor. It comprises at least 67,000 houses, 1670 street*, and more than 100,000 different subject*. Kacli house, monnment and public square is represented with a truth fulness and BMtliematical nicety in their forma, dimensions and colors. Inasmuch that persons who luve resided in the great metropolis of the world, Can easily recognise (lie house in which tliey have dwelled. 0|>rn every day from 9 A. M. till 10 P. M. Price of admittance, 26 cents ; children half price. su3 3uwlm'rc COLMAN'S LITERARY SALOON, COSTUME GALLERY, AND EXHIBITION OF bEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS, Ho. S03 Broadway, New York. 117"ADMISSION ONE SHILLING ONLY. , VTO STRANGER should leave tlie city without calling in ?kN 11 ace tlie Great Colluctioua of Books, Paintings and En gravinm . which are offered at "prices to suit the times.'' Then. BLIC SALE ROOM is filled with books of every kind, in virions languages, iucludmg Prints and Pictures, to i which, and the Print Jtoon, no Chaboc is made. Jy2b? GRAND EXCURSION AND CHOWDER PAR TY TO THE FISHING BANKS. iHunsDAV, srrit'ST 2'!. The Hb-amhoat RICHMOND, Capt. M. Tlw,mii..?i will make an Escuraiou to the Fishing Uaulu on Thursday, Aug. 22. leaving tlie Pier at Mont fornery street, E. R. at 71.* o'clock, A.M.; Delaucy street 7M; ike Street t>?; Catharine Ferry, Brooklyn, #*; Roeevelt street, 9 o'clock; Pier No. I N. K. at '>hi o'clock. Returning to the city at a pro|>cr hour in the afternoon. Refreshments and Chowder furnished on board. A |>ers?n will be in attendance with lines. (Bail furnished gratis.) A the " fine Band of Music and Minstrels will accompany the Boat.? Fare for the excursion 60 cents. *u20 3t*rrc GRAND EXCURSION AROUND STATEN ISLAND Tlie magnificent steamer SOUTH AMERICA ain frueadell, will, on Thursday, August ?Cl. . __mS3a, make another grand Excursion around ritelcti Island. Tlie former one giving such unbounded grati fication. being enabled to view the most prominent Islands, riv era ami fortifications south of New York Bay. In order to ac commodate the ciliten* of Brooklyn, the boat will touch there to receive passengers. She will leave Barclay street Pier at 2 o' clock?Canal street 2,'a?Hammond street Wharf at 2^?Catha rine street, E. R., and Catharine Ferry, Brookly n, 2J4?and Pier No. 1 North River at 3, iwoceed through the Kills and Htaten Island Sound, via Auiboy. to Sandy Point, in tlie Karilan river thence down Amboy and Princes Bay to Sandy Hook,passing on the left Red Bank Light House, and south side. Bialeu u land, and on the right Keyport and Middletowu Point, fiom Sandy Hook, passing the Black buoy, Great ltoinur, Co iom iy (look, passing the Disc a nuoy, ureal runner nnoni, Co ney Island, Forts Hamilton and Diamond, and (duarantmr Ground, arriving in the city at 8 o'clock. This Excursion will afford our citizen* and the citizens of Brooklyn a line opportunity of inhaling thr pure and wholesome breeze of the ocean, and |wst over the grounds so ofleu lieard of during our struggle for freedom. A fine Band will accompany the Boat. Ticket* for the Excursion 60 centa. au2U3l*rrc CPAKE NOTICE.?The Subscriber continues to practice on A the sanw terms that ha ha* for th* last leu years past in tlia city of New * ork, namely?to attend to every brauch of sick nas tliat the human nature is subject to, imrticularly iu such caese aa are of long standing and appear incurable. He wishes such to call on hue. and they shall receive the first medicine and attendance gratia. Office No. 47 Ileadr atram, a few doora north from Broadway. S. HEINE, M. D. )vl6 lm*ea German Physician BENNETT, importer and manufacturer of Itai.ui, Eng lish and French 8 raw (foods, 24 John street. The Sub scriber would respectfully call the attention of the ladiea in 'ilVoapoiNw particular, to his Neapolitan and Hi)vain Hair Bonnets, which are of th* finest texture, and sold at mnch reduced prices. Also, a full and choice stock of all foreign styles, as Victoria, Eng lish and French Dunstable, lu. Iu. P. S. Orders will be taken and executed in ? style not to be ?quslled in this country. Jy 14 lm*ec fNHKAP PERFUMERY AND FANCY SOAP WORKS.? L JOHNSON It VROOM, formerly corner of < ed.r snd Willism streets, are manufactunng and putting up for tlie trade, their goods in the newest and inost attractive sty lea, snd are sell ing at prices 20 |?-r rent lower than can he brought to this mar ket; the extent of their manufacturing facilities enable* them to sell for the smallest profit. Manufactory and Halea Room, 79 Trinity Place, rear of the ueiv Trinity ( hurch. an 17 lmeod*m PR', DOCTOR JORDAN'S. .11VATE SPECIFIC PACKAGES have l*en used for _ nine years with unvarying success. They promptly core without exposure, restriction in diet or husim-si?hence, are especially valuable to strangers and country residents, contain ing every requisite medicine and applies!ion, with the monitor, wherein is full directions and adeice, enabling the patient safely to effect a cure, and at little cost. No. 1, It for GonorrW, Gleet, fee N*. 1, for Venereal diseases in all Its stages. No. 1, for Female Weaknesses or Whiles. Price of ea h complete i ark age 83 If any recent case require additional medicine* they are supplied free. .... Sold only at Drug Store 60 Prince street, corner of Marion, few doors east of Niblo Y Private Entrance to Offices, UK Mo VBNfcHEAl. DISEASE CURED ^BERNKTHY* BOTANICAL PILLS having stood ihe lest of time and ei|>erienee are recommended aa ih? most effectual and speedy remedy for Gmiorrhr, Gleets, all urethral discnargrs, irnLation of (lie kidneys, urethra and prostrate glana. M.ev_ are taken wiihunt confinement from business or restriction of diet, and without Minting the hreath or disagies iiig Willi tlie stomach, tlius enabluig the patients to cure thea! selves. They give toue and energy to (he generative urrans, rarely if ever experienced from the use of other medicine*. They have performed many extraordinary cures in chronic dischargee, obstinate gWets. kc., after the failure of all other remedies. Iu recent cases a single box is sjuiicieiit toelTect a cure in two days. They are equally suitable for female*. Price fil |. r box, with full directions. Sold only by WM. WATHONr, 16 Catherine street. AH. PARKER, W Duanr, between I Im street and Uioad ? wsy, Agent for the sale of Valuable Oil Paintings, Porce lain and Antianitiea, nas on hand a fine collection of splendid imported Oil Paintings of the Flemish and Dutch schools, which he can dltpoee of at moderate prices. Therefore, thoee who with to euneh their collections, or ornament their iwr Iprs, will And it to their internet to e*ll,^esamine, and Judge for ... At home from i >*81 8m eod* rc BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Philadelphia. [Correspondence of the Herald ] Philadelphia, August 19,1844. Dear Bennett s? There was quite a flare up between a party of Natives, Locofo*ou, and Col. Jdmes Goodman, at Roxborough, on Saturday evening, which baa been magnilied to an awful extent. The Colonel has given great oflence to many, from the fact that be was one of the prominent military commanders during the Southwaik riots, and being !called upon to preside as the J udge ol a Delegate election upon the evening in question?an attack was made, loud threats uttered, and the election broken up. The Colonel was obliged to leave the place, in compa ny witha number ot friends, as speedily as possible Considerable excitement prevailed yesterday, from the fact that a rumor was circulated to the effect ihat the Irish had attacked a Native American meeting, and several lives had been sacrificed! Major Roach has been removed from the office of Treasurer of the Mint, and Ames Holaban ap pointed in his place ! Dr. Heinireim&n has been appointed Assayer. Other removals are whispered, and the post-aflice will probably come in for its share of the political guillotine. The agent of the Baltimore Railroad Company, Mr. L. Ashmead, had his beautiful mansion near Chester, broken into on Saturday morning, and robbed of silver, clothing, &c., to the amount ot #300. Wm. Maitland, a young man of about 26 years of age, was iound dead this morning in the coun mg room ot his father's distillery, South street. He is supposed to have died in a tit. A broker, named George B. Brown, was arrest ed this morning, charged with larceny and forge ry. The Cashier ot the Farmer's and Mechanics' Bank, Wm. Pation, Esq. states, that Brown ob tained, on the 1st of July last, thirty shareB of the New Orleans Gas Light Banking Company by torging the name of James D. Brown, dec. After a hearing of the case, Mayor Scott, commited him to answer. A man named Thomas Kav, residing in Lom bard street, committed suieide this morning by drowning himaelt in the river Delaware at Chris tian street wharf, Southwaik, and another chap at tempted the same thing at South street wharL but was preveuted. Strange world, this. The democrats met in convention this morning, and made their nomination for the Legislature. They are poor enough, in all conscience. The Extra Herald, containing the news by the Acedia, has been in gteat demand this afternoon. The stock market was again better to-day, and prices still go on improving. Guard Bank, one of the leading "tanciee," was in active demand, with 1,365 shares sold at 13, an advance of J over Satur day's quotation The sales were as follows:? Fisst Board.?$400 Semi annual 0'a. 1840, 77; 10 (hares Wilmington KR, *101; 300 do do. cash, as], AO do do, bs, 30]; SAO do do, bA, 37; 7A do do, Ad( 377 146 do do. 87; 100 dodo, rw, 37; 1 do Schuylkill Navigation,30: CO do Oi rard Bank, Ada, 13]; 300 do do do, 13; 700 do do do, bA, IS; 300 do do do, rw, IS; 100oodo do, Ada, IS; $800 Chesa peake and Delaware 0's, 70]; 3 (hares North Ameiica Bank, 887} $060 Mortgage Loan, 70; $3000 Kentucky 0's, 103. Bkcond Board?$1000 Ohio end Delaware Canal Loan, 70]; SA Penn Township Bank, 80; AO Norriitown Rail ?uad, 91: 400 Wilmington Railroad, 37; $100 State A'?, 4]; 7A Wilmington Hit, 30]: 100 do, 30]; 1U9 Oerard Bk, 18; AO United States Bank, 9j; A Norriitown RR, 9], Missouri Election '" The unofficial returns indicate that parties will be nearly equal iu the Lrg<slature. if reports are te be relied on, the Whigs may have h majority in the House ; and it is now evident that the anli-Benton may be 8 or 10 on joint ballot Already some 16 or 18 changes are reported, and 8 or 10 more will give the Whigs a majority in the House. Sixteen more would give them full command of the Legislature.?Afta aourt Rtporter, Aug 9 Vessel Struck nv at Sea ?The Savannult Republican asya?The ship Newark, Arrived at this port yesterday, from New York, on the night of the 10th instant, off the Frying Pan Shoals, during a heavy squall from the northwest, was struck by lightning, which carried away the main royal mast and yard, badly injuring maintop mast?carried away main top nail yard and part of the main top sail pataing down to the cabin deck, where it exploded, setting the decks on fire in eve ry direction, and doing considerable damage to the cabin. Two of the men were seriouvly injured, but have aince partially recovered. The uext night, John Gray, seaman, a native of Glasgow, Scot land. secietly left the wheel, and threw himself overboard and was lost. Naval.?The barque Hebe, Green, at this port, in the remarkably ihort passage of thirty days from Bio de Janeiro, reports there on the lAth July, U 8. frigate Karitan, Cum Turner ; frigate Congreta, vorbeea, arriv ed on the 11th July, from Montevideo ; sloop of war Erie, Com*r Dukes, arrived on the 14th July, in SO days from Valparaiso, and would sail in Ave daya for Naw York ; brig Pioneer, Lieut. Com. Shew, from Norlolk.?Rait. Amer., Aug. 19. hhiFnewa. By Last NlKht's Bomfhern Mail. Pffii.ADKi.rHia, Aug 19?Arr Lion, Baxter. Boston. Bai.timork, Aug 19?Arr Wm Bnin, Coleman, Aguadilla; Hrlie, Green, and Iowa,Thompson. Kio Janeiro: Water Witch, Le Brou, Arecibo: (korttxJMBKutport; Martha kinsman, Parker, Lubec: Mary StarfmHfeie, and Eagle. Thatcher, Boston: Com Warrington, OatgyTl, La (Jnayra; swan, Web ber, Halem; Union, Potter, Providence; Helen Eraser, LsariK, Portland. Cld James Gray. Carter, Marseilles; Arctic, Psscsll, Rio Janeiro and a mkt; N L McCready, Somen, N York. 9ld (Jen Veatie, Couill&rd, Rotterdam; (trace Brown, Mysri, Jaa River; Home Watts, Kingston, Ja; Guilford, Smith, Boatoa; Juliet, (new) Yirkham, Savanna la Mar, Ja. Richmond, Aug 17?Arr Lady Warrington, Boston. Foreign Ports. Rio Janeiro, July IA?In port, Courier, Wolfe, from and for NYork; Hannibal, (wli) Canning, from 8t Helena, bound on a cruise; Harriet Thnm|mon, Harris, for Philadelphia, uext day; Kathleen, Rliffens, for New York; Cadmus, (whj Smith, from St ilrlrna; Marcus, (wh) Sherman, bound on a crcise; Lrtitia, Lewis, from Baltimore for Montevideo, ap 7th; Caroline, Lane, from Boston, arr 3d, dog; llerachel, Adams, from Bahia for Boston; Ceres, (wh) Bailey, hound home: Sea Eagle, Smith, for Coast of Africa; Montezuma, Kelly, for Baltimore; Hhawmut, Higgles, from and for Boston: Spy, Cormick, from N York, arr 3d. r.lleralie, Wallace, for NYork, aid previously. La (Jiiatra, Aug 3? In jmrt, I .institution, Laudrrmnn, for Porto ( abello, next day; Rnchamheau, Pattiaon, do, 4; Michi gan, Hall, for Button, 4. READ WHAT SHERMAN'S LOZENGES HAVIi DONE. IVf R- DAY, boot maker, No. 20 Tillary street, Brooklyn, X'A. aunrved greatly for eighteen months with emaciation, de bility, sickness of the stomach, loss of appetite, shooting peina in the bowels, his stomach rejected almost every kind of mod. except sugar. He had been attended by various physicians, and for two moiitha by the professors of the Duirersitt, and all la no nuriwae. Qn reading Dr. Sherman's Rook descriptive of the symptoms of Worms he thought they met his case : so he purchased a bos of Sherman a Worm Loxengea. A few doses brought away, as hayjudged, about two quarts of worm., and entirely enred him. A multitude of similar eases might be mentioned where chil dren and adults had sulfered all hut death from worms, and no thing gave relief but Slierman's Lozenges. Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Whooping Cough and ersn Con sumption, are all sooner cured byBhermanh Cough lozmges than any other known remedy. They allay the tickling in a few seconds, and enable those afflicted with the most Kansas lint coughs to sleep whole nights. The Hay. Br. Dunbar, Rev. Mr. De forest. Rev. Dr. r.astmond end hundreds of thousands can attest to their happy virtues, as qtliers can to the efficacy of Sherman's Cough Lozenges, for headache. Palpitation, lownesa of spirits, sea sickness and lassitude, from bodily or menu! ex ertions, and for the wonderful pro|<ertie* of Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster, which coals but 12R cents, and is s warranted cure for rheumatism and lumbago, pain or weakness in the breast, side, hack, or any part of the body. Ask for Shennan'a Poor Mau'a Plaster, and see lhat his name and his fac simile with directions for use are on the back. There are a greet maay worthless imitations hswked .boot and told by unprincipled dmgiwu. Remember M get Sherman's Lozenges, and Plasters and Truss?none others or yon will be deceived. Dr. Hlierman't Warehouse is 10S Nassau street Agwitsi?117 Hudson st. eor. Spring; M Bowery cor. Spring;77 East Broad way cor. Market: K William at: 110, *73, G# and 401 Broad way. In Brooklyn, Mrs. Hays, 139 frulloa, and Monntasn'a Drug atoie 333 Kullon; Mimsou, cor. Proeiieet and Jackson its In Jertey City?E. Rar dall, grocer. In Newark?J. E. Trippe and David Bryann. Philadelphia?Zieber It Co., 3 Ledgst Buildings. Boston?Redding k Co. t Sum street. Albany? A. Guthrie, 4 Wtanwii flail. dlJre ILLUSTRATED EDITION. WITHCOPIOUB ADDl" tioNs. MYSTERIES AND REVELATIONS IN LOVE, COURTSHIP AND MARRIAGE! 'T'R AN SLATED from the French of En gene Becklard, with X N|steen Splendid Engravings Amongst the matter sdaly considered in this most inqiortant work, ere matters of eerioua importance to tingle and young married persona. The eanea of and certain cure for barrenness; | lie arts of beauty and court ship; the danger of solitary practices, and hnw the habit may be removed and its effects cured, with copious additions not in serted in any previous edition; the cause of love andjaalouay, with infallible remedies for eradicating from the mind tlw sank of a hopeless or an unhappy passion; offspring, with newly <Ss covered modes, b ued on scientific principles, for the prevention or propitiation (hereof: tests for knowing the arias lor unfagmi children, w ith hints of procuring either, according lo choice; intermarriages; drew, with the forms and colors most becoming Pi (he various shapes and completions; the most auspicious season for wedlock, and most other matters of interest in single or married life as relates to the l*in<i|a>l subjects above iu?M. At V.v *}? to HOLLAND A (ILOVP.R, NgSr York city, will jirocure a copy of the work tj-ing sent to any part of the United Slates or the Uaaadu. Or three copies will sent for $S; or twelve copies for $7. The far iher to prevent imposition. Holland It Olover appoint no agents for the sale of this work, uierelbre it can be purchased only at 103 Nassau street. New York, or by letter as above. CAUTION?This being a copyright publication, the genuine work can only lie waned by the holders of (Le copyright Its celebrity, however, has induced one or more knevwh ivreone to publish a book with nearly the seme name but which is every other respect is a mere catch genuine work may be known b. back of the title pege, and by coats inga and 230 pages of reading matter. r terCrit am liable to prosecution for infringement, rawing money under lalse pretences. . . HOLLAN D It GLOVER have waned the complete writings of PAUL DE KO(l(, containing ten works, price $1 for the wholm containing 7S0 peges. Tney can be sent by mail, the postage varying (rum ten to twenty-five cents, according to the distance. ??? lmdvfcwy"ac oR. u i u a s.Y , OCULIST AND OPHTHALMIC BURGEON, No. 8U Chnnibcraat. 4 tloora W. ofBroadway, NEW YORK, ptONKINEB his practice lo Disgasaa op THt Kvg, and Ore CP mil.HI. upon that Organ and its appendages. Artificial Eyes inserted. Dr. I) has for the last eight years devoted hw atten tion almost exclusively to this imimrttnt brunch of the profcn sion, having been a pupil of Du. Elliott, subsequently nw aa sislant, and later practising at Charleston. B. C. Eon Orgae rievs (strabismus, cataract, lu:..> and treatment. charges modera'-*. Office hours from ? A. M. to 4 P M. set Im'ee M Bouth street*

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