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THE NEW YORK HERALD. "r "ttt n- i i?aca??6?????mai ? - - T ?? ? -w? ? Vol. X., No. 433?Whole No. 3t?34. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY MORNING, AUGUST 21, 1844. Prtco Two Umu. THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORM). To th? Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newspaper?pub lished every day of the year except New Year'* Day and Fourth of July. Price 2 ceute per copy?or $7 2G per awtum?postages paid?caxh in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning? price 6>? ceut* per copy, or $3 12 per outturn?post* ogee paid, cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald ia over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing faal It has the largeet circulation of any paper in thil city, or the world, and, it, therefore, the but channel for butinest men in the city or counti-y. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate price, and iu the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoeniKTon op thi Hkrald Estaju.isiimemt, Northwest corner of Fniton and Nasi at streets. FOR HAVRE?The su perlor coppered and copper .fastened French barque L1NCA, Captain Gervata, ? will sail on or about the 20th instant. Fur freight ur poaaageapply to BOV D OL IIINCivl.N, autre No. 9 Tontine Building, cor Wall and Water st. ~~ LINE OF PACKET SHIPS FOR NEW OR .LEANS.?The subscriber w ill despatch a lirst class ? hip, weekly for the shove port; turd pivot caie w ill be taken u> nave the accommodations for second cabin and steerage passengers, fitted up in the most comfortable manner. For fur ther particulars apply to J. HERD.MAN, aullm til South street. PACKET FO RH A V RE?{ Second Line )-Ths ship UTICA, Frederick Hewitt, Master, will sail on the 1st of September. t or linght or passage, apply to. BoVD k H1NCKEN, No. 9 Tontine &9 rc Building, corner Wall and Water streets. FOR CAPE TO WN,"or a Port on West Coast of Africa.?'The flue new British Brig NILE, Adam Pule, master, 3.10 tons burthen, will proceed as above, WlUi immediate des|>alch, if a cargo otters. , Apply to the Captain, on board, foot of Ilo*cvelLstreet or to WOODHULL kMINTURN, jy!7 ec ?7 Smith Hivet iUH NEW ORLEANS? hirst Regular t'ackm.? The very auperior, fast sailing packet ship W ABASH, i amain Sliapter. Persona w ishing to embark for tier souui, suould make early application to JOSEPH McMURRAY, , 100 Pine .tract, corner ol South. P. 8.?The accommodations for passengers are very superior, and bertha can be secured by applying is above. anirc POLITICAL CAR1C ATli RES?The hit and Must sale X able easortment are published and for sale by JAMES BAILL1E, No. 33 Spruce et. Orders, accoiniwnied with a re mittance, will be punctually attended to. Price $t> per 1U0. N. B.?Lithography and print colouring executed at .hurt no tice ; views of public buildings, merchants' places of business, et drawn and colored from nature, aud live from victimising or extortionate cltarges. jyiff 2t.awlni , c ?EXCHANGE ON ENGLAND, IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WAL?8--The Stthsortbev has it all times I'or sale Drafu from XI to XlUfxi. payable atoll uie principal Baukiug Institutions throughout the Lulled Kingdom. JOHN HEJIDMAN, 01 South it. n7B. Passage to and from Liverpool can be secured at the lowe.,1 ratea by any of the line of packets sailing on the 1st, fnh, 11th, 16th, 21sl and 26th of each month, on application as above. jv? ec __________ h OK LI V r.Kl'UOL.?New Liue.?Regular packet of tile 26lh instant.?The splendid fast sailing packet ? ?hill SID DONS. Cant C.ohh, nf 11 On tons, will posi tively miiI as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or Comfort, ap ply on board, at Orleans wharf, fool of Wall street, or lo B E.K. COLLINS k CO, JC South at. ft Price of^passage $100. PASSAGE FOR NEW ORLEANS^-First Paca .et?The splendid fast sailing and favorite Packet Shin li^OUTH CAROLINA, Captain Owen, lfcsj tons neu, will sail positively as above. The accommodations oi this fine ship for cabin, second cabin aud steerage passengers cannot be surpassed. Those about proceeding to New Orleans would do well to select this ma; ship. Apply on hoard, at pier It E. If., (first pier below Wall st,) or to W. it. J. T. TATSCO'l'T, 76 South street, nu20h corner Maitleu laue. FOR NKW ORLEANS.?Positive!y First Picket Ship.?The splendid, fast sailing ship SOL 'i ii ('A ROLINA, ( apt. Owen, having nearly .ill her r irg > i mum, will be despatched in a few days. This splendid ship has unsurpassed accommodations for ca bin, second cabin and steerage passengers, who will be taken at reasonable rites, if earlyj apphCatiou is uiad - HERDMAN, 61 South street. N.B. The subscriber will have a regular succession of Inst class ships, sailing weekly for New Orleans, in which tile pas senger accommodations will he made very comfortable. Apply as above. au21 ec i~ NEW LINE OK RACKETS FOR Uv ERPOOL ?Packet of2Gth August,?The splendid and favorite acket Ship 81DDONS, 1000 tons burthen, Captain r.. is. >-oub, will sail on .VIoutlay, 26th August, her regular day. The ships ol this line being all 1000 tons and npw. rds.peisous about to embark for the Old Country, will not fail to see the advantages to bo derived from selecting this line in prelFiwuce to any other, as their great capacity renders them everyway more comfortable and Convenient (ban ships of a smaller class, and their accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage pas sengers, it is well kuown are superior to those of any other line of packets. Persons wishiug to secure, berths should not fail to make early application on board, foot of Wall street, or to . t . W. fc J. T. TAFSCOTT, At their General Passage Office, 70 Sooth street, au2t rrc mm! corner Maid' n Lai.e. Kb OR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Positively first Regular Packet?To tail 26th August?The splendid 'est tailing Packet Ship SlDDONS, Captain Cobb, . iiuu -oiis, will tail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall atnet, or to E. K. COLLINS Ik CO, H South street. Price of Passage, } 100. ' Shippers by this line may rely upon having their goods cor rectly measured, and that die snips of this line will sail punc tually as advertiser). The spleudid packet ship, Capt. K. A. DeDeyiter, will succeed die Siddous and sail 26th Se| - tamber a21 rrc PACKET SHIPS KOR -LIVERPOOL.?Thd ^splendid packet ship SlDDONS. ('apt. E. B.Cobb, nwill sail on the 26 th of Aug. 'The Old Line packet amp oouL'MliUS, Capt. Cole, on tlie 1st of September?llieir regular days of sailing. For passage, having unsurpassed ac commodations, apply to JOHN 11EKDMAN, 01 South street. N. B.?Passage from any part of Great Britain and Ireland, can always be secured by the regular packet slops, sailing every fire days from Liverpool, and drafts can, as usu il, lie furnished, ayable at all tlie principal Banking Institution' throughout the United Kingdom, on application as above. au2! ec NEW L1NEOFPACKKTS FOR LIVERPOOL ??Packet of 21st August?The splendid and favorite B ucket ship LIVERPOOL, (llitl tons burthen) Capt Joan ^.loridge, will sail ou Wednesday, 21st August, her regular day. Theahipaof this line being all 1000 tons and upwards, persons ~~~ "y, will n about to euibark for the old country, will not in I _ sea the advantages to be derived from selecting this line in pre ference to any other. as their great capacity renders tliein i v-ry way more comfortable and convenient than ahiptCif a smaller clam, and their accommodations for cabin, second cabin n.d steerage passengers, it is well known are suivrior to thorns of any oilier liue of packets. Persons w ishing to secure berths should not fail to make early application on hoard, foot of Burling Slip, or to W. ?t J. T. TAFSCOTT. At their general Passage Office, 76 South st, cor. Maiden au20rc Lane, up stairs. Jfdtae- FOR NEW ORLEANS-LOUISIANA AND ?JgjWy NEVV YORK LINE.?Warranted first regular Pack* JKttHmm 'l?The extra fast sailing copp-red packet slnp LO ks.ia, Capt Urqulisrt, now loading at Orleans wharf, and having a large proportion of her cargo engaged, will ikhi ttrely sail as above. Fur freight ur pasaags, having handsome furnished accoini datioua, apply ou board, at Orle uis Wharf, loot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS U CO., J6 South street, s correctly mea sured, and that the ship* of this line sail punctually as Rdvei tised. Agents in New Orleans?Messrs. Ilullen and Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. Tlie packet ship Oeuesee, Capt Miuot, will succeed the Lo ren^ai"! sailitii Hep. u21 rc A/eg- FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of the 2blh August?The first clam, fast sailing, regular Packet JfififtbShip SlDDONS, Captain Cobb, will sail as above, Ui itfeuulr day. Having *ui?erior accommodatiouM for cabin, second cabin and ftacrage t>aa?engan, persona miauling 10 emuark iKouid make immediate application ou board, toot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMUIlRAt, 100 Pine struct, coruei of South. The above will be succeeded by the Packet Ship Ashblir burton. Captain Hutllesou, and will tail ou the 6tii of Septem ber, her regular day. . , N. B.?Persons desirous of sending for their friends, can liavt them brought out in either of the above vessels or in a ay ol the r-gular par ken. vailing weekly, by applying as above, if by letter, post twin. P.O. Dm lis given, payable at sight for any amount, on ll.e Provincial Hauls of lielaud, payable at li*esr re*|*cuve branchr throughout tlie country ; also, on Messrs. Hpotnter, At wood It Co., haulers, London, payable in every town iu Uriel Brit tin. aullre FOR HALIFAX AaND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steamers CALEDONIA *and ACADIA, will leave Boston, for tlie above ports, a* follows, via CckLEoOiNlA. Friday, Aug. 14. ACADIA,. Sunday, Sept. 1. Passage to Liverpool (120. i Halifax., Passage to Halifax 2n. Apply to D. BRIGH AM. Jr., Aguuc, fanlOrc 3 Wail street. 1844.] THE NEW STEAMBOAT 1X811, EMPIRE. CAPTAIN D. HOWE, Will leave BUFFALO for CHICAGO, on FRIDAY, 23d of August, at 7 P. .Vl, and" iwrlorm lier trips regularly duringi.tbu sea son, as follows It P. DOWN. LEST I.I C 1110.00. leaves eurrsLO. Friday Aug. 23, 7 P. M Hnturday, Sep. 7,-? ? at do Monday, " 23... at do Tuesday. Oct. 8... at do Wednesday, " 23... at do Thursday. foe tv.7... st do | Friday, Nov. 1.7.. The EMPIRE is 2W feel i Saturday, Aug.23... at 3 A. M Monday, Sept. 16... at do Tueodav, Ocl. do Vednevfay, " 10... at do Thursday " JI... at flu Friday. N . in length, ii feel 8 inches beam, LI I fart 2 inches hold, menu ring 1220 tons, .mil is tlie largest steam boat afloat in inland waters. Engine 600 horsepower, boilers provided with Evan's Patent Safety Valves, to prevent the possi bility of an explosion. The Cabin is 230 feet long, with separate Saloons for Ladies and Gentlemen?spacious State Rooms ex tend the whole length, ventilated by door* opening from tlie inside and out, and all parts of the boat are finished and fnrnislied in a style unequalled by any other in the world. Ample accommodations lor nicer age Passengers, in fonr large well ventilated of which o?v s nnov ii^,t in, lis 1 arias mm* "* ?? vvuvi is appropriated exclusively to females oat is provided with a good hand of music. WlkKint, Makiii It Ce., Butfslo, 1 9. N. SARNIE. t C O., Angtul 1,1814. Cleveland. I?Hon vim A 1'AMIH MILLENARY ESTABLISHMENT IN NEW YOUK B4RENNK it CO ., imtrouixed by rlie Court* of France and Belgium, < I' 14 Hsen Vmlow. Parii, hive lire honor of making known to lb- (.ulioi ?l" 111" Coiled State*, and those ol' liucitv of New V <>? k particularly, that they will oiam a branch of their wi ll known anil fashionable Millinery EitiMi.hiuejt, an iha lint ol' September. on the comer ol' B. . iihv ai il street, (entrance No. lit Grand street.) T!i -branch in thi* citv will Iw under th1 immediate superiu renilenee of one nl" the principle lulid of ike Paris house, Tlie Udtc, ale respectfully solicitail to visit tha saloon*. where tlicy w d always bud every recheichr article ill tlie millinery Hue I'roiil P.i. j?, by the J nrkcls as they hi rive. P. S. They v. ? 11<I als.i inform thus* < ngaged in tlio millinery binim hi I' . | .inriii I cities of the Union, that (II article* cnnii"i'ti-.l with their bonne**, ami the latest fashions, cau bo supple I p> evion* to their being opened to.lhe |iublie in thitcity. Order- : j it'tnail) attended to. on20 linrrc hTeni. 11 AnTll-IC1AL P LuVV'EKft A .SI J FEAlIlElttf. nill'N LADQSU .IU. it COURT, lie William ttnwt, N. Y *' arc reo ??vino by the Havre i icl.etr tluir assortment of Kali (.roou*, which lurch mietlscv have no rival. Alldeilcrs anil Jiid-,. i i i tin" above 11'a are invited to give them a call, and we will venture to i */ ihe> will not leive tiiestore wilhout express, fig their admit i . i of such r beautiful stock. Tliay pledge themselves that the public will not bud reived with Aineiicau (lowers for Krcnch, as tbey their home iu Paris, Hue de Cracy ,iN'o. ti, tuiddtsU exclulively in French {lowers. _ _ aiigtl Itn'rrc. HOOTS AND SilOKS NOl Vi'ilY MERCHANTS aud others am invited to enll and ex nunc our stock of the above articles, in part at fol lows, viz. Men's Thick Boon, Men's Kip Urogtuts, Boys' " " o Call" l' slf and Kin do, " " sowed Broguus, Youths' '? " " Kip " " .Men's Calf and do do, Boys'and youths' " " line )' slili li do. " petted " '1'ogeUiei withagns.t variety of wonieu'sand children's wear, lower than ever for cash or city acceptances, hy the case or do*. GALE 6c CO, 3b0 IVarl street, auSU lm*rc U. S. Hotel Buildings, late Holt's House. _____ _______ PRIVATE 8PECIKIC PACK At IKS have been used foi nine jear.i w ith unvarying success. They promptly cure wlthout exposure, restriction in diet or husiiiess?hence, are especially valuable to strangers and country residents, contain ing every re<|ui.nut medicine and application, with tlie monitor, WMvuill is full directions and advice, enabling tlie patient safely to elfecl a cure, and at little cost. No. I, is for Ooiiorrliea, Gleet, Stc. Nit. 2, for Venereal diseases in all its stages. No. 3, for r unule Weaknesses or Whites. Price of ea h complete package $3. If any recent case require additional mnliciike they are supplied free. Sold o ily ut Drug Store till Prince street, comer of Marion, few doors cast of Nihlo's. Private Entrance to Offices,69>$ Ma rion. eoi.ti'inni'ii; of < entre street. j\2ilm*tc VP. a. uRa IllMKAMfc i iTkEU A BKRNE'YHY'b BOTANICAL PILLS having stood ihe A rest of tuue nud e*|?-ri?oce are recommeuded as tlie most effectual and speedy remedy for Gonorrhai, Gleets, all urethral discourses, initalion of the kidneys, urethra aud prostrate gland. They are taken without couluiemeut I'roui business or restriction of diet, and without tainting the breath or disagiee c me w ith the Stomach, thus enabling tlie patients to core them selves. Tlnry give torn and euergy to tlie generative organs, rarely if even experienced from the use of oilier medicines. Ihey I. tr jierformed ulauy extraordinary cures in chrouic discharge., obstinate gleets, Sic., after the failure of all oilier reinediw. In recent case ? i single bo* is suificieut toelfecl a cure iu two days. They are equally suitable for feuiaie*. Price SI per box, with lull directions. Sold only by WM. WATSON, a3 InCni 36 Catherine street bull UAill, GARDINER AND HALLU WELL. -4go^se> jjos Tlie new steamer PENOBSCOT, Captain fak ? "V-r-s-sje N. Kiuibnll, Ivors the end off wharf, Bus ion. 3Eei?5E*E?every Tuesday and Kriday evenings, at I n'click. Sl ices w ill be in readiness nu bei arrival at the abnvi places, to convey passengers to the iK-ighlroriiig towns. I'LKASiANT AND CHKAP EXCURSIONS SUMMku .'UiiwirtQUMKN 1\ NEW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND, (8TATEN ISLANLi.) AND NEW YOKK KERRY. Krom Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Battery Place. fiCH Die Steam boat CINDERELLA, will run as Q. fT*|'ollows. Daily, I'roiu .May futh to October 1st J5LJL. I h 11 Leaves New York at 9 and 11 o'clock A. !M.. it 3,b audi P. M. Leaves Port Kicnmoud, m W minutes to 3, and 10 minutes to 10 \. M.? at I, -llli and (il? P. M. Leaves N w biighton a) 6 and 10 A. .%!.; at l.Mi 4 and 7\j r. m. On Sunday?Leaves New York, at 9 and 11 A. M.; at 3, 6 aud 3 P. .VI. Leaver Port ltichmoiidi at ft! minutes to 6 and 10 A Mi at 1, i and 7>4 P. M. Ne ,? York, May 18, 1611. my 11 fim^rc S, j.vl?.lt AURAN<>ti.MEN'l'. IYEn'A nh' Ml) NEW YOUK. K.VI4E ONLY 1 HI CENTS. THE NEW AND SWIbT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OAKKY. ail On Olid after Monday, May 13, will run as nttl J' Mre f . I I ... .. I ... V.. -I. l'~?s i ' s _s C Jul ? '!' -u (II H I 1>11'HUtJ ? sVJIt) IvE ?v III I UK ru Ces ?? TTfiiLwui*f?>liow* Leave Newark, loot of Ceutre %t, al ^ J ?, A. M. and Ihi 1'. M. Leave New York, loot of Barclay at. at 10 A. M. ami 4 P. M. t hi Sundays?Leave Newark at 8 A. M. and 3 P. M. and New York it 10 A. M. and 1 P. M. I n (tin curie,I at ,,'r> rea-onnhle rates. Mul IIUli, 11114. ap4re M.vV \UK \, AL.lJ.VMr \Nl) IHUV STEAMBOAT >?'"] F'tSR A I. IIA.'.' V AND 'J'HOV.?Morning ~~-c. =? ???.-mJ* Lit, from liie foot of Barclay street, lauding *** ??" ;,| ices. The ? .?1 .'ll'K., IH.ii R. Hi*. Monday, Wednes day and Friday iloni - >t" o'clock. 1'h"' Fn .iinnr TltOi , < ..tain A. tlnrham, Taesday, Thurs day ami featoriU/ Alumina, at 7 o'clock. Evening Line f in the loot of Courildiult street, direct. Tlie Sletmer SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, .Monday, Wi-dnritlay and Friday Evening, at 7 o'clock. The S.i tn-.-r ALBANY, ( aptain K. 11. Macy, Tuesday, Thursday and Snttuday Evening, at 7 o'clock. Tile Unals of this Line, owing to tlieir light draught of wa ter, aiv able at all lories to pass the bars, and reach Albany and Troy in anii'le lime to lake (he morning Ham of can for the V or passage or freight, at>t? 1 y on hoard, or at tlie offices on thr wharves. ml7rrc PJAl'WS LUXE STL' MUuH I a KOlt ALBANY . LAI LY, Sundays excepted?'Through direct, t f- >1 7 I'. M., from ha Steamboat Pier between SZwCourllsudl anil Liberty streets. .1, - KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. P. St. J.din, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings at 7. Tin Stennnoat ROCHESTER, Captain A. Houghton, ou Tu sday. Thurvilay uul Saturday Kvemugs, at 7. At Kiv o'clock, I*. M.?Landing at Intermediate Placea. The Kteaml oat NORTH AMERICA, Captain K. (>. Crut teuden, .Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Afternoons, at o'edock Tlie Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain VTm. II. Peck, Tuea day, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Pamugem taking either of the nbore lines will arrive in Albany 111 ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for tlie east or west. The boats nre new and substantial, are fur ninhed '.villi new ami elegant slate rooms, and for speed and ac commodations, are <1:1 rivalled on tlie Hudson. Korpi:. ige or freight, apply on hoard, or to P. C. Scliultx, nt ti c Office on tin- wharf. auplrrc jtJ^cAvSi 'Ihe Steamboat THO.MAb SALMUND, g. . M W. T. Shu It*, will run to the Fishing _lt__--UjL.ktt.h oik". from her usual places, 011 11 lilPV;.!, 1 V ix. Ammjitieel IS?Canal st. 7lf? VVf LNErtDAYB, (Catharine Ferry, Brooklyn. 8?Pike THCR.SHAYB.u11d fS'a-md Pmi No. I, N. K.. 8X? F'UIDAV S. J 'duelling st Fort Hamilton each way. Fare l't cents each w y. TO ' ONF.V ISLAND AND FORT HAMILTON. HATL'HUAY AFTEllNOONS-Will laave her nsual planes at it, 2'\, 3K, 2H, and I'ier No. I N. II. at 3 o'clock Sl.N LAV B, and t >V ill make two trips from same p| teas? .MON I )A VS. s lit tlie Morning", leave li>4, H}i, 9, a'a, and ______ ? - hi uui(^a| luU'v U/11 fy4i *1 * 51 ?"? I'ier No, I N. II., . t 9)i Afternoons, at 2, ?L, 2%, anil " inimg, will land at uie same placoa Pier No. 1 V 11., it 3. Retunnii_ F'sre- 12'., eetiiv each way. sul8 7tfs staten inland %rLW FERRY. FOOT OF WHITEHALL. 'd lie Boats w ill run as follows until furtlier notice LEAVE NEW YORK: 0, 8, 9, in, II, A. M.s I. i. 3im' i, 6. 7, T. M. LEAVE 8TATEN ISLAND : 7, n, 9, tu, II, A. M.s J. 2, 3, J, i, 6, 7V, P. M. On Htmuaya, every hour, from 8 A. 51. to 7 P. M.?I P. M excepted. FOIIT H AMILTON AND NEW YORK. Ltuve New V ork, b A. M.s 3% 1'. M. " Fort Hamilton 7|i If M.; dV* P. M. (Similar Hseri.iv d.) CLIFTON AM) NEW YORK. L&avftr Now V ork, t> A. M.; 2 end J'i P. M. t. ld'tou, 7)g A. M.t JS mid t>3 P. M, j30 (SitmUys ovitvud ) NEW LINE OF LIVERHOOL PACKETS. To sail from New V ork on the 2t>th and Ltrars-oul ou tlie 11th >1 each month. Mi. Ml ^ ivo.ti NEW v una. Ship 1!0S< ICS, <'aptain .lolni Collins, 2*>tH July. FJSliip SlLDOKly, ' 1 plain F.,. B. Cold), 26th August. Ship bill.KIUAN, I nptaiu h . A. I)e|iey*ter. 2Mh Sept. Ship OAltliiCK. Captain H. I. H. 'i r.ivk, igilb Oct. F ROM LIVERPOOL. S'oip SHt'.RILAN, Captain A. Leis-ystar, 11th July. Slnp O Alt Klf K, t 'apr.'ia i) I. II '11 ask 11th S 1 August. Silip kO:->r|| S,'('aptaiu Job.'f pllins. lith Sept. Ship SIULONS, Captain E. H. < id.h. Ilth OeL i'lie.iv m i .ire all of tlie lust clnas. upwards of 1000 tons, hi tit 1.1 liie city of New link, with such improvements a? Combine great "peeJ mill unusual comfort for pasnengwrs. I.vury can has beau r .i.'ai III tlie an.ingenieiit al tlieir accoin tiiodali'vij. The price of passage Itence is $1(10, for which am 'sd. pie stores will be previdrd. likw ships si* commanded by experi. iee<J m i iris, who will make every esertum to give ge lira.I satislsctiou. N< nis i tin-1 sptuins or owners of tl* shi|>e will be responsi ble for any letters, parci is 01 packsgss sent by tlie in, unless re gular lolls of ladan tie tig-ied Ihrretor, For fr-ight or rias-iage ipply Ui E. K COLLINS 81 < O., .'A fbuith street. New York, or tc BROWN, SHIPLEY Ik CO., Liverpool. Let lets by tlie Packets will lie clutrxed I2>g cents per singh eller, Ml cents p'r ounce, and uews|M|iere I ceul each. m2ri .1 .. v LA'dfAA I ?> / t/h Ib-H. OLLi E5TAI1LIBU15U FA^ AGE OFFICE. ICO 1'niesLvet, ronier ofSonlh. ubscrii ? 1 i-a: - n ave to rail ,1a .,ueiition of his InWiu. and lie public 111 ge .rral, Co the following arrangements foi 181J, lor Uie purpose of bringing out Cabin, III Cabiu, and Hterr as e Passe!.gen, by tl.e Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, sail ; the ho, i.vli, Dili, Will. 21 at and tfith of every month. B> the London'I'acbets to sui\ from New York, the 1st, 10th and Mtle-and from London 011 tlie 7th, 17th and 27lh of each month T affordii In connection with the above, and for tlie purpose of affording stillgTemter facilities to passengers, the Subscrilier liss eelablieh ed s regular line ot first eta s New York built, compared anil coppennl Isstened ships, Ui sail punctually every week th rough ont the year. For lie- accommodation of persons wishing to remit money to ile->r families or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, on the following Ua.iks, vit.:? I'ltvvin' 1 il 11 mk of Ireland, payable at 'oik, Lhnerick, (Jloumel, Imndonderry, S| igo, Vvvxl'ord, Belfast, Walerford, (iajwiy, Arinigb, Atlilone, Colersin, /Ariuiyii, /Miiiuurg vuicioih. Uallins, 'fib-, V oiiglutl, FinmskiOen, '.lonarb'.n, Baiubridsr, I! Ilim'-ua, i'arsonstown Downptirick, Cavan, l.itrgan, Oinagh, Lung.ane.nn, llaudon, Emus, Ballyshannon, Strabsne. Hkihb-rei-n, Mallow, Mon'eyvnorv, Cootchill. Kilruvh, Dublin. Skibbrern. S,:oilaud?The City Hank of <ilasgow. England?Messrs. Spooner, A' wood U Co., Bankers, London; R. .Murphy, Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable ia every tow a in Orcat Britain. siF'or further infnrmntion. (If hr letter post said,) aptdr to JDHF.I'H M< Ml. Rlt AY, lOOPine street, | corner of Mouth Or Meant. P W. BYRNES fc.OO., ?Ji*n ???'????& CIII.X A. Supplementary JTnnly?M on-Ottirlal Trt ns 1 at lun. 1. The regulations for leving duties on imported ?*Ported merchandise, winch liave passed tiie ufhcial1 aeal, shall h> ncef.'ith be held to be a law in the five porta of Canton, Fuchau, Amoy, Ningpo and Shanghai. u 7)** new'y appointed commercial regulatioii. whichhave been officially proiuulgal. d shall hi i.ce o <4'e '?rc* *' t'le aforesaid porta. 3. The tinea levied on merchant Vesaele, which have entered |>ort, and neglected to report them selves to the Custom House, togeih-r with the merchandise which has been confiscated to government, according to the third article of the recent commercial treaty. 4. As soon as the five porta of Canton, Fuchati, Amoy, Ningpo and Shanghai shall have beenojieu ed, the places allowed tor British tnerchanta to trade at ahull be the above-named five ports, and they slis II not be permitted to go to other ports; while ihe Chinese people shall not be permute d to connect themselves wuh them, and t.? trade clandesttnely tn other ports. Furthermore, th" public envoy of the British nation has issued a proclamation, clearly forbidding the resort m oilier places; and should the merch nits of the liugli li nation either break tins contract or disobey ibis regulation, affecting not to liuve heard ol the p.o clamation of the putdn- envoy, while they procei d to other ports, and wander about buying 'anil bi-il "tg, it shall be lawful for the Chiuese officers to conn-cdle both ship and cargo altogether and die, English officers are not to make any objection should Chinese subjects proceed to other places | I itid aecretly lonuect themselves with the Ei_;lisli 'lien hunts for the purpose of trade, iliey inu-t be dealt with accordiug to the laws ol the country al ready existing. 5. Since the conclu-ion ol the treaty of Nan king, the government will certainly not be respousi 'mo tor the debts of merchants; and, according to h" 4th article of the recent commercial treaty, the transactions between English and Chitm.-e mer chants are not to be conduct'd any more ciccordu.,, to the old system ol security hongs, when j? tiuotis were made for the pay ment of debts, us tenure cord; but hence forward, whether Chinese are m debted to English, or English to Chinese, if the ac counts be correct, the person* pr. stnt, and the pro perty in existeuce, then the parties must appear he. tore the consuls, and in a public pi ice make an agreement, when, in accordance '.villi the con tract entered into, the dillerent parties tnay pwvu ? each other; but there is to be no general s euiiiy of the whole buoy for individual merchant-; 6. At Canton and other of the live por - the Eng lish merchants, whether constantly res.dent or oc casional visitors, must not discreetly go into ;h villages and gratify iheirdeeiresin wandering about; also, they must not go fur into the interior to i-ade; out the Chinese officers ocght, in connec ion widi : the English consuls, and in accordance wuh die i feelings ol the people and the nature ol the conn try, to consult and fix a boundary, which nots not lie passed over, in order to maintain a comtunt good ieeltng and |<eaceful relations between ill - two n 'inus. Whenever sailors and people Irom the ves sels arrive, ihey must wait until ihe cmnu's nt.d the native officers have first established Hie regula tion, when they may he allowed-to go on sjioro But it Englishmen disobey these regul itions, a id disorderly enter the inner tannery lorumhle about, no mntter what class of people they may be, it will | then be allowable for the people of the country to seize them, and deliver them over to the consuls ol >he English nation for punishment, as eircurnstua ; ces may require. But the people must not brat and ' wound them, lest they infringe upon the establish, d j harmony. 1 7. In the treaty of Nank ing it has been stated Englishmen may take their families, and proceed to the five pom of Canton, Ftichau,Amoy,Ningpo and Shanghai, to dwell, without being insulted or re stricted; hut the Chinese officers must, in unison wuh the English cousul, and in conformity wuh ihe feelings of th-* people, consult us to wh it places, or what houses or sites of houses they m iy make use of, which it shall be permitted to Eng leluiieii to hire, the rent being according to thei-ualc of pri ces current at the various ports lor such purpo.-< s tu conformity with which bnrgainu may be struck and contracts entered iuto; the Chinese on the on< baud not practising extortion, and the English m. the other not violently insisting on the luring <?>: particular spots. The consuls ol (he Ettglnti nation shall annually make a report of tin number ol houses which the English have either built or lured, to the native officer.-, who tliall in th-ir turn in ort it to the proper tribunal. Buniie number ol houses will naturally depend on the number of merchant?, and the number of merchants on the state of trade, so that it will be difficult to fix the uuiouat bef ri band. 8 Formerly .he merchants ol every foreign na tion were oermilled to trade at the single port of anion only, but last year it was agreed at Nanking, that if the Emperor aliould ratify the rrenty, the merchants of the various nations of Europe -Mould be allowed to proceed to the four ports ol Ftichau. Amoy, Ningpo and Shanghai, for the puipows <i| trade, to which the English were not to make any objection. But since every oilier nation has been put upon the same footing with the English,should the Emperor in luture manifest any pew iuvor to ward the various nations, then it shod h< attowa bleforthe English to share intlip same advantages; neither the English nor foreign nations, however, must make this a pretext tor disorderly sohcitiii;' further grace, in order to show their liriu adlu rcm e to the treaty. 9 Should Hny lawless Chinese, after infringing the laws, escape to Hong-Kong, or concei I them selves oa board of any Ei giish men-of war or merchant vessels, as soon as the English rfiir. r* have discovered litem,they must h- delivered over to the Chinese officers for punishment Should tin Chinese officers, howevi r, make previous inquiry or discover suspicions circumstances, which the English rifficers have not found out, then the. Chi nese officers shall seek an interview with the Eng lish officers, in order to examine and seize the of

| fenders. When the criminals have already con fessed, or evidence has been elicited, Irmri which it would np|?ear lhatthe individuals in question are runaway felons, then the English officers shall de bver fhent up, without making any difficulty. Should English sailoiH or soldiers, or other British subjects, whether natives of England or its colo nies, black ir white, from whatever cause, escape to China and conceal themselves there, the Chi ??ese officers shall also seize and confine them, and deliver them over to the nearest English officer for judgment, without the slightest attempt Ht conceal ment, to the disturbance of the existing amicable arrangements. 10 At each of the five porta open for trade there shail be an English man-of-war at anchor, in order to restrain the sailors on board of ihe English merchant vessels, which power the consuls may also avail themselves of to keep in order ih<- rn?-r chants of Great Biiiaiu and her colonies. The sml ora on board of such men-of-war shall be subject to the order of the commanding officer onboard of such vessel, and not he peimiit. tl to enter the tuner territory. The laws regarding wandering about having equal reference to the seaman on board of the men of-warthat they have to the s iil . ors from merchant vessels. When the man of wnr is about to leave, another man-of-war hall tike her place, and 'h- consul or charge d'affaires of the port shall first inform the Cninese officers, in order to prevent suspicions. Whenever such men-nf.wai irnve in China to relieve ffie oihtrs, the Chinrs* war-junks shall not interrupt them; hikI since Ho English men-of-war do not carTy cargo or conduct trade, they may be exernp*ed from ttie usual rnea mfement fers, alrrsdv mentioned in the 14iii Hrii ?le of ihe coinuicn i t! regulations, which are mi record. 11 The treaty rf Nanking has already slipuiafed thai when the umouni of mom y agreed np< n nlitil have been paid, the troops garusoneri at Chus..r, and Kelang shallretire{ Htid yi; Id u,i ilnue place to the governrneut of China; with reference there to it is now agreed that on the rt iiunient of tin tr -ops all those houses inhabited by the English officers, together with the temporary buildings wad barracks, whether built or repaired by the Eng lish, shall not be broken down, but delivered ovei to the Chinese officers, to be given to the original owners of the land or tenements, while the Reg fish shall not require any payment, in order to avow delays in the evacuation of the place, uud di-putes of every kind, by which means the amicable rtla tiona now subriating may be presetved. 12. The amount of duties and port charge* hav ing now been arranged, in future all < Hence? of British merchants connecting themselves with Chi ueae traders for the purpose of Miimtgiing or evud tng the duties, or getting scrccntd by the custom house officers tn order to share the spoils, shall be done away with. The envoy of tin British nation has already issued a procinma. tion forbidding the English merchants from ?rmig gling in the least degree, and commanding ilieooii ?uls under his authority to exert themselves In re straining the English merchants who resort to the various ports for the purpose of trade, while they make every inquiry to eradicate the aforesaid evils Should auch consuls on examination discover arty eases of smuggling, they shall immediately report them to the Chinese officers, in order that the ?mu:""odb iimy be confiscated. wt.aleye*-their tut,, rtpuoa ? r value may be; while tli -ur v.-se' i med iu such transactions shall ?tner be prohibited from trading, or when t. *'La^lt|,oui tire cli>? strictly r^>,ure^ office? tie lent l.'.vor or screening; the Chine* otticere rtl-o .-'iall take such native tradere M harelbe engaged in smuggling, or such custom house o ecru us have been abating the H'oila, and alter a. v. re i?'vr-tig.iuon,iiui.i?hthein accorffing 13 llereulier, whenever Chine* traders w ah to take gooda to Hong Kong irnib tirii pay the duties according to th?"?* dilations III the respective i?rw ^Canton, Antov, Mingpo and t-hanghai, while th V . - . ?K1 'illI Ifrom tlio various custom houses, alt th. y limy depart without hindrance. Should t^nt nese traders wish to proceed to Hong Kong ,or ^ unrno ? e ol Inv ir:R in a 8'ock of goods, they are a permitted to go to the offices of the Chinese autho. niies .-.t ihe purls of Canton,Fuchau.Amoy.Ntngpo ,?id Sh. - 'li.ii, and imk for a passport. tafe1 **Ve ,, ,y tli dunes ou the importation oi theirIjrodn. Bui Chinese merchants purchasing^goodsiat Hong Kong must ship ihem on board of Chinese vesse, A Inch vessels must request a port clearance 'rom Hon" Km.-, ju-t as they oh a permit from the ffire ports above mentioned to proceed to Hong Koug A 1 ships and merchants provided with such S,s uiU't exhibited .he... to .he Chinese officers ev. iv tun ? of their ...rival, b.r inspection ""d ?* amio iiion, in order u. avoid ".istake^At other p.irta I.I K vanning,,i hekten, Ktangsu, sucn , r.ha.iu Sec., they not being place* ol constant int r- olir-e ihe Ctunese traders ate not i.. ii-It 1.1 permits to go to Hong K'?ug j an^L}lJ^ t,1! no the cvi uve i uitcrs must combine with the Ei i;itsit officers to inquire into their conduct and rn!4rl'At Hong Kong an English office,^t^heapj ooinind who, on the arrival oi Chinese vessels hi it,?. port tor the purpose of l,urc^Xm'td0?here be ? i? ( V ,inine their passes; ?nd should tnere or any t ^u*e!Tvessels or traders not pn.vtded with , ,Les or with passes not furius cd at Canton, eh in A'uoy Niugpo, and -h-inghat, shail consider ineui' as smugglers evade rsoftheduiies.whde , rci.n the otroumstatices shall be sent to inc. Chinese . ffioers, ... ord- r lo liiqtllW lht^lhe afla'r Under h. U an arrangement imt rmly will ptratea stopped in their progress, but all kinds at smug 'l5 As'ite arrlngements at Ilong Kong are cer iHitilv not ' ike those at the five ports, and as there ire no Ctiiiiese officers siattoued there, should Chi , ' m d .rs get in debt to the merchants ol other natioos! 'be Eug'ish officer, must settle the af i .if but if Chinese debtors escape from Ho g Kong and return to the.r native dl*l7?*\^ai!Ih .....v I| .ve umpeitv aud inheritances, the bnglish i..,ii9iils shall ilraw up anaccouul ol the matieraud it to he Chinese officers, who shall pro* erne the parties. But Chinese ii.erciianls trading ihr?md must also b ive some factory orpersonBwho ttaiid s security lor them. Should EngUsh roer ?,i? without inquiring accuratelyb*decelVw,ffi , , ' Hi,vr. cannot inquire farther. With .,! merchants a the five ports get .,ito d-bt to Chinese traders utid escaping to .lie Chinese officers making a f. ;Ir statement, accompanied by all the proof-, to ? 1,^ l-'ucii-li .dlicers, the lam r shall act according to the fifth clause^ of .he supplementary treaty, iu order lo put the parties on au equal foot ' IS In ,, ?nrm>r section it is clearly stated that I Vl .. uiiit.ese carry goods to Hong Kong for ?r convey goods from Hong Kong to the hve , ; r.-\ 1-y must obt.iic permits lr?m the various V, 1.1111-rK* now It is Ugreed upon that the ofli c!ir.,"?.i , ibioiiis at the live pons shall makeastale ?t me uuinber of permits granted, andI ot the names > t t'ne ve;selsand merchants receiving them, tot!!'tu r with the description ot goods therein spe ; win t ti-r conveyed from Hong Kong to the v u. ', or from the various ports to Hong Iv n? which report shall be sent in to the super inteud'*i?t I . i.stoms at Canton, who shall again i i > ii tiie* i?re*tdin^ nfticer nt Hon? K.ouffv to ex amine and verify. The Knglish officer tdiailal* n^ke ,i monthly report ol the merchant vee*ls re Mi'rtr"' ' t" w''h carS()*'Bt ,^r?8Upt"'ln" umdeu, of customs at Canton, who shall tmme r t, n, 1 , iii'isgiit'g unnsactions, while mat ... w.p be k. pt III the ri!{l.t channel. 17 "mull K .gli-b vessels sach ?b schooneri and cut erV yawls,-rf 'St boats, <d every kind, have l. tlierto beet, fcubjectto no duties ; it is now agreed m m t ut .11 sue i vessels grmng Irom liong Km g ami Ouuton to Macao, with the exception of the I "tteTH and packages, and passengers' baggaae, which accord D,' :o .he old regulations were ex cmpted liom dunes, if laden with h ? 4 it would necersarily be inconvenient and ur p.oper Henceforth, therefore, the* vewels shall ? ,i I.I ? tit* toll..wing manner:?The smallest i iiMMii -I. II bo rated at 75 tons and the largest of ira^rSfiJE. am! every .im. ??? '""g ttiev shall pny one mace lor every ton, those wnicn u I , ? i .uii' to 73 tons shall be reckoned at that i r X ab w 150 tons shall be considered 4 ;.ac o'l ui. v sscls.and according to the new sSSSs " l dAU lut'h Englwh schooners otters, yawls or Sr? i-f I'Sara & cl.' Illy their size and desciiptton, and how Mpich is iht-ir tonnage, ready lor inat^ctiouand ex " 2 "whenever tho* small vetwels shall ?"f*? the 15. "UO they shall stop and report, just aa the ?V r?r Von Blfi.s, do ; if they contain merchants S.tfi.w.i' r^lr:,.,nhr?t tuin d<i-? t it.!. I'.- w ilie provui I'1' ? , t r. quest permission ss?-i- -- rtr-jaars - ts oo'uiiv n '.al r. U ions respecting the ^porting to he eiiston. bouse of goods newly imported. 3 Win the imported goods have all been Und. ?d, ...d in. ? S'tAi'W mm shall deliver up the passport and allow the ver el.H to depart.?C'atiton Prtu, Marih 80. Phu:: FiAHT in Huston.?We learn that one of thr-f diff. Htii gHtid bruttil exhibitione "came off" vfitertey roomiii(t on one of the islands in our harbor. The tight * .<v muk u,? in the city, an<l the parties, with near two hundred spectators, we am told, lett Long Wharl in n a loop about two o'cloca iu the morning, when the ivateimru wt 10 scaice, nu t prooaodod to the Outer Briuvsh r. The fls;nt began about nine o'clock and lasted ? wn h?um nfnl ten minutes?nearly one hundred "rounds" wi re fought. I ht victor is culled Joe Long ; the vanquished is named Nmith, an ! i glishiiian, lotnieil) nl the steamship Acadia, who bad tor bta seen i an Individual named M'Cliixky, Irons New Vurk. Who wiu Lom< v second wn dii not learn s nith, it O sei I, hm received a terrible braising, and Long did not oome cH'scatheless. i he parties to the. most ungraceful affair, we are told, ctniH bark to thucdy at noon yesterday, and wo hopeno flu- the police uie ii| on tluiritack Buch a gross out i go njiui, t e. laws >h mid not be ang-red to go unpnn sbed, and Wt ?ttt?l 't at all engsgoit in it will meet lbs rew nr.! they 10 richly deserve ? /tor on Dtm. Jiug. 30. I t, )'.v IT ,.-tn FlRKAT UpPIR STlI.LWATKR.~On SamH.iy nignt Inart the Howling. Alley connected vith the ?iore of Mr. Ilodgkins, st Upper Stillwater Vib Inge, in Olduiwn, was Mown up witn gun powdar by ?nmvfill Jnngitig ami reckless per-ons,and in consequence the store nn<t its contents were eonvermd by Sip, to the oss, as estimated l y Vlr. H , ol two thousand dollars? sir II. h ?? rsnden.d hinmell quite un|<opular by aelllog liquor, for which I has buen lapeotedly niosecuted and ihu action* aro now pending in court. It la grea'ly to she *"~ ' be lairieritrd tb>t any man should be eagsged in the ruin oris trsfflr, of veiling liquor, but mora to be regretted that the l.iws should Be v loiat'-d by any person in their at tempts to *upproaa the sale. We trust efforts will bo made to de ? <'t tins perpetrators of this highhanded out. r R. mi rigid imd o.i law The only talety of the rum* reunify if in having Ihe laws miiintairioil.?Bangor Whig, ,'lvr 16. Grxat I!a( a or tmr*'Crack" Boats.?We harn that if trial of speed between the two famoua boato, the Norths*? Light mid the Belle, will take place on Wednesday. The Belie is owned by II. B. Korbea, Esq , .. ? trnli * and heat all th" boats at the recent trial at Newport. The \otthern Light, <wiud hy t el. Winchester, airired in ,Ve uoit e . at lur the race, and has nocepted the chah letige from the Holla, which comes otf in onr Bay.?Boo Ion '/Vonssrtjsl, Jtng. 18. Philadelphia. [Correspondence of the Herald.J Phii.adki.phia, Aug. Itf, lb-14 Revival of Business?The Riots?The ? fecit of the Western floods on our Mtrchants ?Arrest of a Custom House Clerk on a Criminal Charge? Captain Robert Tyler's Maiden Case?Discharge of the Scotch Giant and Giantess. Sin I The business of the city has increased at a great rate daring the last two or three weeks ? Whereas during the riots, and lor some tune a tier they iiad subsided, travellers (on pleasure tripe) from the South and West, and even business men, would pass through the city aa last as possible, aud at tnost, not more than three or tour a day would stop at any of the Hotels ; now there are 10 or 50 arrivals a day at each ot the principal Hotels. And it was intensely amusing during two weeks ntu r the city was calm aud orderly, to see travellers driving up to the door of the Washington hotel lor instance, and sending for Mr. Hartwell, the land lord, or the book-lieei?er, and gravely ask them it they considered it safe for a person to remain in the ciiy " lor this night only " When the fact was, that during the height ot the riots, the firing of cannon, kilting, slaughtering, Are. iSte ,ull Chest* nut, Waluut. S,ruce, .\laikct, Arch, and the prin cipal streets were calm and quiet us a summer Sabbath morning, and ladies by hunoreds were taking thetrordin-ry walks in them and the square, without the least fear or trepidation. All the buai nerspart of the city was undisturbed the whole time, and the aVocaiions of the merchants went on hourly without let or hindrance. There never was the slightest commotion ovtr the squares in any direction, Ironi tit. Philip's church, except that which was made by the soldiers. But that's all over now. I have sstd that business has increased here re cently tio it has very much ; slid, except at the hotels (some ol which are doiug a great business) the merchants in Market street. Front street, dec , are not doing over half as much as they are bound to expect at this season. There is another uuplea si ut matter the Philadelphia merchants have 10 coatsnd with this summer: they are in the habit of selling lurgely to the merchants ot St. Louis and uumerous places through the Mississippi Valley ? This is the season that these Western men gener ally bring'on their fall payments; but their terrible losses by the. recent Hoods have prevented them from doing so.' I have conversed with sever 1 of these Western men, who assured me that their prosiwcts < arly in the tipring were so flattering, that they lelt assured they would be able to pay off this summer every dollar they owed in Philadelphia aud New York ; but the result has been, that they have, only been able to pay one-third or onelorth cf the sums they owe here, for goods obtained a twelve month since. And notwithstanding all thtB, the stuck ot goods on hand here of all descriptions, is so great that our merchants are still ready and most anx ious to sell the Western men large bills of goods on a long credit?though the prospect is, that they would not get a cent ot the paym nt tor two years to come. There is one fact certain?the disastrous floods in the W?st, &c , will have a tendency to put a wholesome check on the inflated s)stem ihat has been growing up rapidly the last year; the old system of expansion that tetminaied ro disastrous ly in '37, was springing up again; enormous impor tations, heavy home muJe stocks, long credits, great temptations, and the a hole pxraphanalia and appumtus for inflation, was just getting once more into full play. The Hoods and the riots gave the whole system a tremendous shock,which wilt ope rate us a wholesome check until the termination of the Presidential election; after that, let every man look wellio his own tether? make hay whilst tbe sun shines?build up his rick in the best manner he is able?and then?stand from under ! There has been considerable commotion in the Custom House during the last lew days. You re member the notorious Towanda Uaiik of this titate ? a imseiable shin-plaster concern, that was justly exposed in vour puper, and soon afterwards ? xplo ded. TheCashier of that institution, Mr William B. Storm, is now a clerk in the Custom House And it appears that some gentleman boarding with him had a note of hand lor #1,(100? he g*ve this note at the instance ot Mr. Storm, to gel discount ed, out of which Storm was to take a small loan. Well, Storm took the uote and kept it, aud now re fuses to give any account of the note or the money; he will not even say whire the note is, or whether he got it discounted or not. Some of bis friends charitably surmise that the poor fellow has foolish ly spent the money aud cannot replace it. How ever, Storm has been arrested and held to bail by Alderman Binns,to appearand take biatrial at the next term of the Court of Sessions. He has enga ged Robert Tyler as his counsel, and as this is Captain Bob's first case since his admission to the bar. (I mean our bar,) we shall have a tunny scene be ween him and our gigantic Attorney General, lor Ovid F. Johnson is a very large man, (physi cally as well as mentally,) whilst Cant. Bob is rath er the reverse. Let lis hope, however, that this cntnmendalile course that the young Captain is about to pursue, may be more profitable thau his (Quixotic rhodomomudes in relation to repeal. Could you not send your admirable reporter over here to give the new Hedged lawyer a lift7 It is the opi nion of shrewd nu n here that asthe fourth of March next approaches it will be necessary to keep a sharp look out for some of these Post Oflice and Custom House chaps. You will be pleased to learn that the peisecuting attempts of Barnum and his man Friday, to prevent the Scotch Giant and Gi antess from exhibiting themselves when, where, and how they like, have signally tailed. The Judge (King) has decided that ihe writ ne exeat re puhltca, sued out by Barnum, cannot be sustained, aud that the Giant and Giantess aie at liberty logo where they please. Roderick Random. Naval Codrtuikm -We take great pleasure in laying before our readere the following correspon dence, which has been handed us for publication : Navy Dt pari xrr> r, August 7, IH44. Sir?t have the honor to enclose herewith a copy oi a communication addressed to the State Or part men , by ii. B. M Minister I letilpoteutiary and Envoy Extraordinary, expressing the high seme entertaineit by that Govern ssent, for your assistance to two British vtsseii, whilst in peril in Oalveston Roads. I am, very respectfully, yours, (Signed) L. WARRINGTON, Forthc Secretary ot the Navy. To Commander F. Bulbars*, Comm'g V. ?. Ship Vine, unes (Corv ) Wasmikuto*, 3rd August, 1M? Sir?Her Majesty's Uovsinmeut have been tidotm.d by her Majesty's consul at Oalveston, that on the 3 ud and 30 h of May last, very efficacious assistance was render ed by ? ho Cemmsndvr ol the U S sloop ol war ' Vtiicen nes," to two British merchant vessels, the "C>belle," and the "Cato," whilst in great peril in Oalveston Roads. I am instructed to mnke known to you, eir, and to to quest that you will have the goodness to communicate to Commander Buchanan, tne high sense which Ilrr Majes ty '* Ouvemment entertain of that officer's timely and able assistance on this occasion Her Mejes y's Government have peculiar gratification in acknowledging generous acts of this description, which are so honorable to tbe parties who |ieifoim them, and so well calculated <o promote those teeliugs of inter national friendship and good will, which 1 is ? v.r drtir able to cherish and uphold between the two countries. I .lis-beige an agreeable duty In thus fulfilling the in structions which (have received from Het Majesty's Go vernment upon this suhjt ct I have tne honor to be. With high consideration, air, Your obedient servant, (Signed) R. PAKKNllAM. The Hon. John C. Calho**, Secretary ol State. There letters were rend a few days since on the quarter deck ol the 'Vinccntics," at N?tfolk, in tbe presence t f her rfficersand cre w. We are in formed by a gentleman who was present on the occasion, that Commander Buchanan in addressing the crew remarked, "that although his uame war used, yet it was only as the official representative of the ship's company ; to the ship una the rervice belonged the credit of the acta for which :hey had rectived the thanks of her Britannic Majesty's Government." a sentiment worthy ol the distin gnished Commander of the "Vincentie* " and one so honorable to the service, that it will be respond ed to by every well wisher to the Navy. Stiamboat AccToarrr.?The Bouthern mail, due yesterday morning, did not arrive uiiltl afternoon, inconseq isnoti el au accident which happened to th? steamer Massachusetts on Saturday evening. Whan off Huntington light, at about halt past seven, the main shot' aiidc.lindsr head of one of the engines broke, and Ah.' was obliged to work her way to Hionington with only ono wheel In consequence of the intrepid conduct ol Wm H Foster, the first engineer of tbe iroat, the safety valve was "shut < IT" as soon as the accident happened, and an explosion nt the boiler thus prevented. Mr. Fos tf r was nadly sc tided in bis successful exertions to ac complish this object, as also his assistant Mr. McBeon.? Boilnn Ihm. jfsp 10. Thi Anti-Kent Troubles.?The Anti-Kenlcra held nnoth? r meeting at Schodack on j^atutdny We are informed that it waa numerously attended, and that mnrh excitement prevailed They were addressed by one ol tlicir numiicr, in a most inflammatory harangue, in which resistance oi lite taw to the utmost extreme was ?specially urged Theatrical*, die. It is stated that the project of a new Theatre in Boston has met with much tavor in that city, and that there ~ ill certainly be a new and good one erected, with a fine company to open in readineta for the fall campaign. The Comedy of "Quid Pro Quo," written by Mrs. Gore, for Mr. Webster, Manager ot ihe Hay market Theatre, London, and which took the prize of five hundred pounds, has been brought out at the Arch Sireet Theatre, Philadelphia. John I)avia, the boy who robbed Ilerr Alexan der, the musician, of twenty-one gold eagles at Cincinnati, Ohm, a few daya aince, was arretted in Kentucky and all the money recovered. Mr. Miolan, the violinist, for several yesrs at tached to the Orcheatra ol the Freuch Theatre in New Orleans, dird at 1 onaldaonvi lie, on the ti ll instant, alter a lingering illnets He waa a }oui g man ot great promise in hit profession. The Albino family are about to give thee Con cern at Newburjport, where they will ai ptar in male and female characters aa Albinos and Afri cans. George H. Barrett, the well known comedian, was at Philadelphia at last dates The Forum h iye, that he ia among the last survivors ol the old Philadelphia company ot Wood and Warren. Mra. Huul still continues to draw good houses in Albany. Mr Harrington, the ventriloquist, is proving very attractive at the ? oncert Hall, Boston, in con junction with Miaa Ft. Clair and Miss Hood. Md'lle Fanny, a moat beautiful specimen of the Orang Oulai g, just received, is ? ihibititig at ihe Boston Muaeum. Also, Dr. Valentine in hia comi calities. Mr. M. Walcot, of the Olympic Theatre, New York, ia engr-ged at the Albany Museum. Mise Ktnlock is also at the same establishment. The citizens ol Salem are'nbout to be visited by Mrs Hunt, Misa Fox, Mr. Thompson, and Mr. Howard, fur the purpose ot introducing, for thtee nights only, the celebrated Bohemian Polka dance, wnh a variety of other entertainments. Mr. Hield, and Mr. Lambert, two well-known actors, here, were playing at the Theatre Royal, Liverpool, to Webster's company. The) were both spoken of approvingly, by the critics of that city. Mr. J B Gough,1the youthful Temperance lec turer, ia at New Bedford, promulgating hts greatest happiness principles. Personal Movements. Gen. Scott arrived at Milwaukie, rn rends for the frontier posts, on the 28<h uli , accompanied by Captain Stephen Churnplatn, ol Buffalo, and Lieuia. Williams, Scott and Murphy. A correspondent of the Boitnn Trantrript states thai the Hon. Geo P. Marsh, ol Burin.gum, Vt , has accepted an invitation to deliver ihe utxt an nual address before the New England Society. James Getlys, Esq , lormerly Grand Site of the Indepenoent Order ot Odd Fellows of the United States, died in Georgetown, D. C., on Thuttdty, in the 53d year ot lita age. Rev. Geo Shepherd, professor in the Theologi cal Seminary in Bungor, Maine, wan chosen pre sident of Amherst College, luat w eek, in place of Dr. Humphrey, resigned. Cu>loua ConlniTtriy brlwcrn Ihe Brv. Da* Till IIale, and the Kev Jumta Kobti'itim. "Courtesy" ok David Hale, E q , if Niw York ? I called ?>n him, ut his ? Hice hi Wall et , cue day Ian week, and told him ihat mine geiule men contrmpldUd oigumzing an Ann-Gambling Association, and we desired the Ttrbeinacle 10 hold the meetings in, and asked it it w< u!d be disengaged any night next wrek. He replitd ihat it wua disengaged altogether at present, had we could have it any night in the week. Hie follow ing converaaiion then took placet K ?At what price I H?Fitly dollars a night, lor such a purpose. K ? Ja that the lowest f net ! U ?ll you i?ke it for a nuinbrr ol nights, you inuy have it at ^37a 1< ??VVill ii be iircreaaiv li r me lo call upon you again, if Ha taken 1 H ? Ye*,y < u inUrt pay for it in advance, or bring mine re spt nri ble peraon to aay that he w ill see ii paid h n ace another ot.aervaiioii, and H sttmed as though lie was iritated about something, I did noi kuow w hat, but thought it wan owing to his |*.culiar itmpeiu mrut, and I lelt his affix, On Friday, the lti h ol August, 18-11, I wri te an advertisement lor the True fun, wbr.h was pub ushed on Satuiday, concerning its organization, vVe. My not succeeding in obtaining the money that 1 expected, I wrote a note toMr. 11 und slated ihe facts, and offered him ihe inaiiagenieni o| the funds received, or he miRlit suggest some method more agreeable to himself; and 1 called at hie house, 47 Murray street, and lound that he had gone lo Boston, but was expected home that evening. 1 lelt the note and called this morn ing belore 9 o'clock. The eervaut announced me, and Mr. Hale came out if his back roe m. like a great would-be-uaLob, and said?" 1 can't accede to your rtquesi, aud if you have not got the money, 1 do not want to talk to jou any more about it." 1 waa about torrmntk that Mr. Green would be here, &c ; but H. iuleirupted me, und said, "I do uot want to talk to yt u uny me re about it, for 1 have talked o you now, mole than I have time to spare, and I received a noie Iromyou, also, about it?my lime is loo precious to be epei.l in this way." 1 asked the privilege of saying* It w words in explanation; but, said 11.,"I will nut hear anything more, w iihout you have got the nun ry Said I, sir, I do not understand this treatment h ? " Well,I do, "and he walked towaids his back room door ; I again arked, will you let ua have it ut ?37i, it we lake it lor three nights or n ore ! H ? "1 have no more to say until you con e and hru g me ihe money." And he stepped into his back ioi m und I walked out ol his house, thinking to niic-if, it I had been a gambler,dressed up hi iheir la-fium, 1 might have received civil treatment it nothing more ; and 1 have no doubt but what he would treat any man thai might come to him dieeetd in the style that ihey do dress, in a much more gentleman like manner than he treated tne. 1 wonder how Jesus of Naxereih would be treated if he whs to call upon his professed follower, David Hale, Esq. 1 He wore a com over three years,and we have no account of his having fared sumptuously whilst he was upon earth; and if he wan to come amongat ua now, ap|<earing aa he did at Jerusalem, 1 have not ihe slightest doubt, hut what such men an David Hale, Esq , would bs aa ready to rrucity him aa waa the Jews. That is, judging li ni by bis treatment to me in rsgard lo my obtaining ihe Tubernacle la it not barbarous treatment for any one in the shape of man lo manileat towards a fellow creature! God of iruih, justice, and prosperity, visit him fur tha atoreaaid treatment to me. Thy aeivant, James Robertson, A. 15 C., No. 8 City Hall Place New York, August 19th, 1844. P. S.?The above la a olam statement of facts as they occurred, to which i am willing to make ? nth to JR. N. R?I think that after such treatment, that the community will justify me in holding ihe meetings in some other building, especially so long as Mr. H. has the letting ot it; ami I rhnll, there fore, look for another place, and make it known aa spoii aa possible. _ J. R. Real object of Sympathy and Charity. The widow Tuohy, wife of Michael Tuohy, pressman, well known for 27 yenrs in this city, ta now left with five children, all young, wnbout either fire, food, or clothing, by ihe decease of her natural protector, who died in the City HoepitHl, of dysentery, on Sunday morning, August 19, 1844. 9he appeals to the benevolence of his fellow, woik men in the trade generally, aa al-o to the hurmine and ch.iritibla of every elaaa, torrspond to ihe caila ot bereavement and i fflidton. 1 he smulli ?t con tribution will be gratetully lecemd, in ornrr ihat she msv beenahbd to trsin up those childien in ihe paths of rectitude : and the humble individual who indites this appeal would say to those bKehcd with the good tbinss of this life, here is an oppor tunity of your fulfilling the divine law,which says: "Anon?even a cup ot water given in my name shall not pass without its rew ard " F.*fi*?it, then, in this case, your gratitude towards your God lor ihe rich gilts bestowed upon you, whoh ate w'th held from thousands-show the world that the laud ot Columbia w sympathetic, and that Us people are generous hearted, and will protect those little ones and their mother from 'he cold blasts of The residence of widow Touhy is No. 7y Eliza beth street. Death or a Remarkable Max ?Died,at his resi dence, nt ihe Cherokee miaajon, the Cherokee na tion wart, Je??? Bus'.ybeed, Chief Justice of the Bu ursine Court of the Cb< rokees He wt, enjoying ex cellent health o? the IJ'h ol July, when be was eiiarkwl with ihe lever of that climate. Ha waa a native, and a re rfiatkftbkt BMUfe Troubie ix Rhode Island ? It is stated, that ar rangements ere making to have the whole military or Rhode Island under arms on the 4th ot September neat; iiernise It Is apprehended that adifturbewe wilt spring out ol a political trees meeting, which is to lake place oi? that day.

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