Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 25, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 25, 1844 Page 3
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gri- iisnJiNBtBLE PERSPIRATION AND AFFEC TIONS OF THE BOWELS?The ??? >h?t oUa?i p,ui as * qusek medicine, W befcind the age hi .1 ' , 7 Ulitci 01 kaowie.lgo; and the man that wish*, to muk the ports ot the akiu d the tuisiuesaof the bowel, lilt, i icliow ; ai?'I the uum that as-eru purging the buwel. with B.:inclretb'? I'iU. w.l not purify the bl., .4 .a>? what n<ue out of every ton kuow is "MM " tri. . 7c .cfe. to a cam ... pomt A 1.-ly to whom I t,u. el r. waa given u,. to 'V; lu-r pn> stem... a.Mired I.e. ir.ei nothing i-'.uU ho .or her, thit ah^ IV . ,|W1I' Whit wan .1 CO.. I.lwnoltliu p.'WouT sin |i , ? n under our host ;.:iy?ii'i ,us tor -cme mantha, her jffl on witacancron D ? right breast ai d conauniptiou. K oh,tor wa. wi.h -1 to ba raii. d . one *?'*PP!.ielru of tuck -it m?i?! no lm^r<* ton whatever Other pa rta 01 ho hi T were trie 1 and with no hotter success; there . ot? I tit'tent vial.t. iu the syaUm to .alio a blister She wa. i- .tf-'ring triable agony, and she w?sieter mined ii herdoctors gavehomoh pes 'O try what Bhsnohiim a ?,L. i would do foi her She took eighteen the fir-t day , iho on'.iiUod them m large dose*. and iu two we. ks she .o much b Ittor that sua could waik about. Do. lout .1 teatii.' whi ther a blu'i r cou J bo raised, .he nad one .11 <M her leg designing tc dr*w down the putrid hu nt)..; the bii'tor teised finely. and one of h?rdWtota )vv?Jil that it was an astonishing to him to see the blister is it w.,s to see her at all, livi. g. and so much rocoTered. iV, ihoiu Tut* could he tuad?oi. and purge us tin y had lone sud not kill, but absolutely su.uin the vital po?"". vru 11iorw than he could comprehend Here in N?w Yoik, n the centra of our city, the greatest thing has ii the* way of absolnto life saving, Hnkuown in ancient or no Isrn tilt IJ. andreth'a Pills ware knowm Two n'.nths siru and this person was dying-abmlutely ayiug ,looD?..m: iioO and cane r, and now her ' n'i.i ly cu-rd and Uer caocrr is in a fair way to be k>. i this medicine mi diciuel Can this . , any other In the world in the ?ood . eOoCt?J , answer no ! sud 1.1. times teu thomand oan be referred 0 iiMvouaUy to sustain nxj assertion . . . h'? Pills, by g the No^f????lT" ? sir s no*to to every organ o perform its lime i.uii'h- .lthily ; 110 matter whether externally or inter WN? nrXaormed the bowels for (he evacuaJion of .il ml. ii hy humors of the blood and it man would hnt n.e -o nmon sen'e, he would take care they performed this iiifi -.-1 .i'hlully. If the bowels are out of order, if too 1 ,| V 1)1-1 .0 fta:,e low doses ot Bhahdukth ? Pills will lung ih.-in to order. Ask the man who was dying from -on. umted bowels what cured him; he tells you, Bian intlda A-k him who had had the dysentery six nuutss and every remody had failed ; he will also tell rou the Brandreth Pills cured him in a week So with Puer d," uses Twelve Brandreih Pills, rubbed down in lalf a pint of molasses, curred a little boy of au ulcer of Ii.. lui-e which was rapidly spreading to his ey es, and ehieh a do*' n doctors had triid to cure but could not: he | parents would have given half they were worth o have had it cared, but every thing they tried dilno mo I until they gave it a tetspoontul of moles*es every lav in ha fa pint of which they had rubbed down twelve Pills ;bet'ore the whole of the w** ik. n the ulcer was cured. Andyotsomo foolish people ?all Brand roth's Pills gquack medicine. It be w id f there were a few more such quack medicineWill ail iroor pretended Barsaparilla Compounds, or Lozenges, or Salves cure hke th* Brandreth Pills? Canthey .md you a ncrsons curnl a* Dr. Brandreth can? f?an they point nit to vou l> oi.te who ha I been helplessfor years from 'iiliet.sev and St. Vitus' dunce, who have hern cured by hVir rsmidies ? Ifthey cannot, Dr. Brandreth can. Can hnv out to you a person who lortwcnty yeais h sever had a stool without having used medicine or me ?Ua icai means, and wlnm the Brand cth Pills cured in i morit ?. find gave him as healthy evacuations as ho had , * A medical'gentleman is now in this city, who for a pe iod oi "hirty years was affl cted with blotches all over ,h h dy He tried every known remedy without any ?n f. He took Brandreth'. Pills and they cured him. V? th,ll art ?ick $"? whether these thing, be so or tie. If hey lie, apply U) the same medicine and be cured like ?151 R oadwav. New York, Dr. Brandrclh's principal of lee it tail offices -24t Hudson street, and J74 Bowery. ^ ,V COMMON DiARHHfEA, which we olten ^^is ine th-usual remedies, and wearing away. the a i/nt nut d life itself become, a burden .Bernard'^i ??n. Medicine has always succeeded in arr-sting h? iischai ge and commuuicuting lhat tone and vigor to th lowi ls that is riecessarv to secure a return to health. L'lie ecrtificatm ofcures in this disease are very numerou , ffiT it IrcmiftdenUy asserted that the wmJ?.m ow- the disease in any period of its courae h or sale y .... ,,.0 it>tor at ?? Nassau street, New York, and b.. Dr. W II Miluor, corner tf John btreet and Broadway. NO EXCUSE FOR NOT HAVING BLACK 11A ill -'East India Hair Dje will roh.r thehaira |^im? n ut and beautiful black. It has gainc.l,a reputation far i n all others in use. An unfounded apprehension if its no^seasiug injurious qualtitics, litis alone detei rid aanih. rs Iron, using this ixturc 1 pntjwrcd"bj^ttits coitoga V ' t , ir.v ol th>. city of New '/ort, is ie tpr all C'lSCB of debility produced try socit .? v'e or t xcees of any kind. It is on mvaiuablt.. tre \l.; ,7.,, stcrii'.ly, CI barranuess (unlet* devnx ' .'.)7j''.bottVs each; casua ot hail odozoB caw r ? tr ? ?i. "M'n?CN.M.I),As:etn /jrji- THE BALM OF OOLU MBIA.?For re.toring, l)t uutify ing, and preserving the hair. No longer let the buld complain, Wiga must go out ofriMe ; The Hair still on the head lemoin? None go wuh i aked pate COLUMBIA'S famous BALM is here, '1 o givu both young and old Tl. ,ck w uving locks oi beauty rare, Of auburn, black and gold Oldi idge's B ilm of Columbia is acknowledged to bo the Qiiiy hit,oh* ever oiscovet td will restore the hair p.. n i,i.: es Perrous heconiiag bald may rest assured ih .? this li-.lin will by its ujiplic itiou, l"od"c" ""*"''5? i rv eiowih It never laiis to i lfectually clean the bigg rr.,111 S i daridrutf, and prevents alt in itRt.on 8tid ucl.iPg, to which s. me people are pe> ut-arly liable No lad) < 'oil**, should ever Ihj w ithotit it It imp uts to the hair a a- inty. glus. and delicacy of feeling belo.e unknown. Sold at Jl CoutiaudtsiiLet ?-connellm"magical pain extractor.? Vii s creat healiug ointment is sold only geu'iiae. at J1 omt^ndt Street. No tamily should be wfthout It and we irroeitain none evr-r Wall, when taey learn ol iliiffecti. It is givj.u to tiiu poor or?*\ suff^rinff .itivAl'i. Mldioa.. J 0 '?< vik College c? Medicine and riiarniacy, it. cc-img the public t ank* lor tat libera)supponthoj t.rp i'?.wtoi ?n tueir effort* to " suppress quacheiry,' ?? U -.veto st.b that thejirparticulrr .mention contirno c iiresre' 'o u'l diseases ol a privntermtun:, aiulfroc t->. . i. r. .tn proven c:tu lately made m tie pt luciprd hos p ? i Eanpi In the Iralaml of car. - [.nuJeatly otter topcteonk requiring medical aid ail 1. not to he (n -t with in eey institution rnthu c- . y, eithu:1 public or private i"r,e ? eatmont o? tb? G .? , issucb ,ib to injure sncc??a in vry emie, and u ? .r-'orout 'ton! that nuriric ,our practiceolnunin^ 1 f -instil .'.on with mercury, and in ti leuVAif t . -a*e much worm than the origin*One ol the torn. . i i that j'lage ,1'tc nvsry year* connected with tl?* p< ? p'i-f J hospitals ofr urope, attend* daily tor a codmiIU .. > ,'? s a.iVi to b p.m. ' u-.vj? Advice and medicine, pa a euro Kuirtinrvx, . .tTAifT to Oounrnv liurauoa.?Persons living it t.. uo entry and cot finding it convenient to attend por 'j, ;:nu have forwarded to them a cheat contain ,nf a ' ' iiies requisite to prrioru. uperfect cure oy stating t.. r -t expliaUy, Uge.hur with all *> mpton,*, tiniwo co- ii. and treatment received elsewhere, if art) ?; ->tior. f.?, aoit puid,<iddrua?bd to tv. A. H!OHAKi>i?oiN, M. 0.^ Agent. O asdt.;o*?itttc(c room*-?>! tt?* College fin Ntsnu sir <jy R S BERNARD'S DIARBIICEA MEDICINE. - It , iii in general use hi u family medicine, uud here are many persons who declare that they are never sathfir.d unless thoy have the remedy alway* on hand. For Unit dis'r Dying bowel complaint which every (ummer, ?we t a do many children to Die grave. and which Id usually tcr .-e-l " SU il.MER COMPLAINT," it la one of the best remedies; and, in fact, ii almoet the only one, ua the dis ease has always been termed n di<grace to melical men The proprietor cannot but fe-d the moat lively satisfaction at the success w'licli h<u attended the lemedy ill this dls ea?e. By it* influence, many a little milferer boa been restored to health when ita parent! had r.esstd to hope, i'i 1 the physician a skill had prove 1 unavailing. For aale by It. M li.irnard. f?7 Nassau atreot, New Yuik.and Dr. W. II Milnor, cornerol John street and Broadway. . v ,'.Li'a.AU'b siw.u it, rums * OH THK Cliltr ol - einorrhani, tfluet, end all nooupurulent discharge* li t lie. urethra. Tneae pills, prepared by the New Vol! Co-1 <e ol Medicine and Pharmacy, established lor tin i sinn of qttackery, may be ieli-,4 on an the moj ,? and effectual remedy for the abort complaints ' ( t nr.- guaranteed to cure recent caaea in from thrw " ) s? .jyk, mid pi-aaeaii a greater power over ohate.ali i.and chronic gleet, thno any other | reparn'i-u nt ra*. nt Itnown, removing the diacai.e without (tonflnc ? lit from buaineea, t&iuting the breath or disagreeing r, d j the stomech. Price per bo it. . dd at t'.c Offlce of the OoHoge of Fbarmacr aad Vie c i Nassau stree'. tv m. rtirtf Attn WIN M D A.'csu off~ COMSTOCK'S SARSAPArTLLA for the pcrmn liont cure o\ pimnlt-a on the lace, acroluloua diaeaaea, sail ihetim, bilious afl -ctiona, and all diaorganizations ol the vi'al aysteni. Sold at til Coiutlandt atteet. Price 60 cents per buttle or $4 per do/.. MOt ICY NARKET. Nntunlay, Aug;. 44?0 P. V. Tbsra i* vary littlr of itupoitance doing in tha Stock Minliet Price a are k'eadily I illing, and the marbetcon tin'iea in n v> ry depressed state. At the Old Board Penr> sylvan!r 6'a fell ofl' I par cent; Kentucky fi's, |t Csnton Co j, Ohio 6'a, 1; Norwi'.-h and Worcester, 9^; Lcng Mm ! Ij. L'nlled Stalks Bi.nk, i; Morris Canal, Har Itii Ij; Stonii.gtr.ii, J At the New Board, Long liland dicJirinl IJ percent; Norwich and Worcester, I J; For mersi j; Kentucky 6'i, J; Ohio 6'a, J; United States Bs k,i. V.V (|i ot? hills on I.on-'on at 10PJ a 110. On Paris, 61 0.'J lb-reii nt present a very limited demand. The Havre packet tkkra cut $66t'00 in specie. lb tnertic exchanges continue very dull. We cannot ix pw i.ctisit> In this line until the fall trade has fair ly ce.t in DoM/ITtc E*e ruxor, ArorsT24, lB4i. Bostno, |mr o Y\ d ? Apnlsehieola, i'lrladelphia, |?r ? i " Mobile, 1, lino -re, jwr a k " Montgomery, Virni-ui, ki *.< " Tnscnleiosa, North Carolina, fisl't " New Orleans, Charleston, ,'T * 1 " N.mhville, Divannah, a V" Lonisvljle, , Aumis'a, a M " St. Loui? Vljbi'linbue, |m i I'-k " Cincinnati, ^1 eon. I1, n |_lj " Mobile (*|iecie), yiri.i l. Florid 1, 75 ? 76 " Treisury Notes, booth'm.L.k'l'. do 75 a 80 " new emission. v at low a roa Stccie. . _ ,, ,. r?T Cml. Valu* |fi? mw m. *!W'S &?*%?? dollaia, 91 06 ? I m if ii* i *ii ' i*ivp fr&iiCf, 0 {M'ia f)ik Wto?'sL.V,l I !?? al,H,V Ooeblooa. 16 30 alu 40 sSffin^lP,0? H"? al00? Do- Patriot. ?9 *> ?16 M Do n.,?r, ~ 'Si >I,U Sovemims, * M a i 87 \lnir?,Xd I .M *l0? L)o. tight, 4 S2 M ill Dii inm ? ' "??* Heavy guiin-as, 100 a - Do. <|imt m VJ slim Naiwbous. 3 S3 a J L There ii considerable enquiry in the street for Mexican Uais Icp exportation. It will b? observed that we 1'i (it1 p 'iino bills ou London at ten per cent premium, which ia the specie shipping point. Mexican dollars can bo shippi U at a profit at the pres. nt time, with liillw a 91 J premium but gold cannot go forward short of ten per c< nt. The beat houaea will not dtaw abort of ten pre mium, and remittances inuat be h> reaper made, to a great extent, in ipeclo. The receipts of the Long Ialand Railroeil continue very large. From the opening of the line, via this road, I to Boston, the daily reci -pta have been an follow* : Lono Isi.asd iioaii. AWu,t* Alumni Sl(;32 }3?- ? 1,3!H Do. 16. ..... i St H?" " Ho. 17 "? g?- ? 1.627 Do. 19.. . .. {'S? Do- " 1.647 Do. 29.......... iImJ Total amount received in ten days, >14,216, averaging $1,482 ]>or day. Thia route ia a very great favorite with the travelling pubiir at this reason, who 'prefer a day trip when on a pleaauio excuraion. In ti.n winter it will commandneatly all the uavel on account of the short <!i*tonce to be traveled by water. Five dollrr noies, purporting to be on the Bauk of Ha gcrrtown, ,\ d have been put in circulation. There ia no ?och institution as the "Bank of Uigersiown but the spurious notes huvo iha signa:uro of tho President and Cashier of the Uageratown Bank. Counterfeit Ten's on the Onondaga County Bank aro in circulation. They are miserably executed and not caleu. lated to deceive by daylight They are represented to be registered in tho Comptroller's Office, hut (be blank for the Register's name is not filled up. The commerce of Boston is npidly increaa i?g A line of Liverpool packets has recently been formed, and there seems to be a united move ment made by the capitalists and merchants ol that section to carry r n the whole of their foreign trade. On the Slat and SSJ, inst. there?were fllty-thric loreignjarti vals and forty-seven foreign clearances. On the same daya there were three hundred and twentj eight en trance., about one-fhlrd of which were by the rteam.hip. The total amount of revenue received at the Custom House for the above two days, was $180,000. Since the completion of the numerous railroads diverging from Boston, business in that city has increased to a wonderful extent. Old Stock Exchange, S^?b,0,l ?fcs'or$>WorRR lis sVoM) do do boo M7$ 50 do do 5m lib $10,000 do do ?7? 75 do ,1, ,'SS ??* $14,000 Ohio 7's 101 jo, ,],, j' 30 ^ $4,000 Pouiisylvania4's 73 100 do do .in rni" ig ft? a* ?g t do ? ? J8fe8?l2uT \ d? bi ?g ft S" NA U"'k ?? '? A" bS '&< 8SsafJ5?r ssl St t ? 24 do do wP nn i *4u" 82 it t-(IS 100 do Harlem Hit ?o'4 '"I do da MX Mi' g doB-yRa M ,50 do Stonington R R ? 100 do do ?'"? 10 do New Jersey R R 03 Steoml Bnnrrl. gSsijifa* M1 ?jj New Stock Exchange. i!:3l^Ti|a1WV^4 ^d" d" " bnw 100 do US Bank h'o ? III! '? 110 6I. 25 do Farms Trust bi 3y't" >, j? Wk "8 Sf ,t CMh 50 do , do ?V ST t' b3 MS 25 do do si.w (liv5 7? ,1? !i "lw r'' g do do IZ g* gfe t ,ijj f} 25 do do Cw n 'J? dd" i" "k 24 do do ,3? X'!V ?, *,10 50 do Wmsb'R Ins ,3 w* M do do b3 ? Un?-J ~r ?K "AroV??Bo'TOw, Atin. S3 lion inf Bruktn ?10 aharus Kastern Ilailroad list- 1 do do ail ifiD m ?BH(,i"?nRnilJ"Ud' 26*' ft do 'lo- fi<? no do, Mil JoJ; 80 do do ^80 264, JS d- do f3(l -2lii lo do do, 364; luOdo do, 26}; 60 do do, 264; 26 d'o do' 2tii r> do do, 2bJ; 60 do do, 261; 60 do do 264- 60 do do ' Qfll-' J do do, 26f, 60 do do, 2fi/;'60 do do 364 'im, do do 26 100 Ttoiir.'-ud' H4>0 5 (1" NolWlCl< ?nd Worcester Itiilri ho, 64, .6 do W 1 sieri., (-fll; ISdodo 8<U |!i .md?'fc?,;,n ? ,hfl0,9"<: 100 d0 "andolph II .ink,' A , .0 .!" Lust Bo.-ton Co, 111}; .to do do, 101: 10 do do 104 60 do Auburn and Rochester Railioad, 10a a MI r*t *'ha, t's Nasiiun & Low ell Railroad, 263 ,(,7 e'j i I roy and Ort enhush Kuilro'i.l . $97i per '!n 1 s I}t"!t0,1 -5d Providence Railroad. 6? per clnt BastemnmlroadriMo ?r Kjiiroad-7? d?i ?' ^ State of Trade. BBu'sVwiaTiaJ0??6*^' flLUr 18J a 4 24; Michi si a Ortorgefown $4 '26 a 4 60- Wheut fi* a Ui cent.; Il> e 66 a 66 c?nts; Corn 46 a 49 cents Lottov ?}.aDi, to day amount to about 600 bales nrims in favor ol tt ? buyer. The last two day, the sale amount to 1600 bales of which cxpoitrrs have taken 1300 balm. * We ruvi -o our quotations ? LivKKruoL CnsaaincATiON. w*. u"i'. "it!* l?,rd?;:,r>- ?i a 6i ... rt a Ss.r 0 a . . . ?'"d,n"dd''.ng 6} a ?Z .... Middling fair 7 a 74 Fair 71 a 7t Fully fair 7} a 8 (laodlair, 81 a 9 ',De' 9} ?10 Foreign Markets., Aug. 16.? Nntwithatanding the recent arrival moSSfsUJlk^?aTa!Ind f'?71 ?ther purw?r ,be U"iou ?h?t ^renceofiheTaWisa^VricH ' ' W"h the C/CtTee, nominally, 4} to 61; Sugar 41 81(0 69 F* change on Loudon II to I ij pr?m. Ex 6aB6 25'AR"?P"l.C' Cu""KNT a"F ' -Flour, superfine o ab Jo, R>e do, none; I'ua. 40c h $1; A|e 1 oht I so . o atroug, 2 60 a 3; Alewives, 4 10 8 4 60; Bt'i-ud Navy 2 60 Pdot none; Brans, none; Trime Beef, lo a l j' Bacon 3 80i i -IA , ? 4 8 4,10' ' ?"1 Mral 344 ? 3 60; Crackers 40; tallow' i?,'/' *1 140 # 1 60i Caodl.s, Am sperm Horn. Z' ? t 1 mI>0,ltK,n. 49; Cheese, Am 8 a 12; 30 ner M tV P ." ''K"' '"""'! Ametican Wood, hoops <)U pel JVI, W I Liliohrr 16 a 16 60; PI' 2 la-II- I or I si 14; eackorel, 6 76 a 7 60, Naik, 8 ?, a 7; Lln.^d OH WI rp ?cf1 " 1 American Pork, 10 a 10 60; Pech ~ 3 w. Potatoes, 4 a 4 60; Porter, I 76 a 2; Rosin 3 u ?> ;,o 3 34a 3 wMCura a?267r SO"P' 3 ? * 3; 8t"n81", W P 24 a 3o N n or I'om i V ypre#'- 6 a 6 9?; Staves, R O, 2 a 2 6o' lobacco, mannfactnied, 9 a 10; Tar Married, On Wednesday the 21*t iuatant, by the Rev'd Enos Bol lard, Jacksiis P Vollaiid, of Lake Maliopac. Putnuin County, tu Mill Sarah Hvatt, of Putnam Valley, Put nam I c-tinty. PaMrii^cri Sailed. Havre?Packet ship Villi- de Lyon?M L Perdex, 8 Van Vorst, of New York; H H King. Mra W Reynolds, Miss W Kluge, Philadelphia; Win K Dalrymple and 1 idy, Baltimore; Min M11 Siegling, John Siegling, Charleston; M (Jirtud; Robert Kolligs, New Orleans; L Lacoste, Misa Ellen Ryne, Montreal. MARITIME HERALD. Sailing Day* of the SUauiulil])*, steamers, rao.M i.ivi.i,rooL. from America. Acadia, Harrison Sept. 1 (1. Western, Mathews Ana. IT Sept. Hi Itihemia, Rvrie Auk. 20 Sept. lt> Cambria, Jiidkina Sept. I Oct. 1 < r. U'eaiera Matthews.. Oct It Nov 14 Ship lUxatem mill Ags-ntn. We shall esteem it a favor if Captains of Vessels will rive to Hohc.iit SlLTrr, Captain of our News Boats, a report of the shipping left at the |iort whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their canto, and any foreign newspapers, or news thev may have. He will hoard them im mediately OR, their arrival. Agent* and Cnrresimndeuti at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office all the Marine Intelligence thev can obtain. Nautical lufo'ina linn of any kind will be th nikfnlly received. POUT l>R NKYV YORK, AUGUST 145 li s hisi.s S 211 I Moot sets 9. 31 SUt SET S ft 40 I HID H WATER 7 11 Cleared. Ship Siddons, Cobb, Liverpool, K. K. Collins It Co,?Barques 1 at.irma, (lliinb) Folk, H unburg, Schmidt St Halrhen; Entsii inns, Mansfield, Rio Janeiro, E. Corning Si Son; Isabella, Mc Kmc. New Loudon, Alsop St Chiuncey.?Brigs Kong Swere, (Nor) Fishche. Cadiz, Schmidt St Balclien; Johannes Christo I he, sHamb) Orelie, La Irnavra, do; Vesta, (Brom) Kiililnian, llreme I, ;.|| W'r St Stnclieii; Florida Blanco. Kldndie. Beljtt, Hon. B Blanco; Hn.iker Ilill, I'erri, St. Kilts, Witt. F". Shef field; O. Meserole, Mario, Dcmer.ira, Thoa Winniet; Madison, Hi.ey, Savannah, Sim ci St C'lrarman.?Schrs October, El dridge, Curacoa, J Foulltc St Sons; Win Bryan, Mos?, O ilves t"ii, Texas, J. H. Brower; Acadia, (Br) Barnes, Cumberland, NS.; raleua, Abbott. Washington, NIC. I o< k St Tayhir: Vie >ry, Pcut'ela, Alexandria, Sturgev St Clearman; Michigan, I'errv, Baltimore. Johnson St Low den; Brave,, J. St N Brtggv; lames Power,, I)r.i|erSt Devlin; N.C.V,, Ferris. Norfolk, Blow St March; Ami I). Bedell, Norf< ll< a'turges g I b atman; J. Cooley St Co, Eldridge, Boston ?SllV' Imio, Harrison, and Translation, Wells, Providence; President, Friable, New Haven. Arrived. New steam ship John S. Mr Kim, Moore, 27 liourt from Phi I wMphia, with mds- , to N. L. Metre,d> k Co?11 pi senger*. B irqne Z. lting, Latham, 50 days fiom Palermo, w ith liuit, to Stitrvres k ( b arman. Brig Norman. Pratt,9 days from \Ve?t Indies, with sugar, to Neamitn k Walsh. Brig Jefferson, Dyer, (ot Madison) 20 days from Bon .ire, to Ne-milh fc Walsh, with 2100 bushels salt to J. Foulke St Son. l-e-ft no American vessel. Schr A. B. Cooley, Camp, from Philadelphia, 20 hours from tli" C >pej, with nitLsi to N. L. Mel reatlv k Co. OfTthel ipes | Delaware, saw steamer Ashland, from Philadelphia for N York. ftchr Coliiida, Sunw, from Pitt** Landing, NC. with naval ?tore**. ScLr AIxximhW, Doughty, from Newhern, NC. with naval Hchr Klixubeth, Powell, from Philadelphia, with coal, to llie master. Hrlir Mary Augusta, Farntiani, fr??m lUitport, with 11th, to manter. Scbr President, Leighton, C (hyi from Kattport, with platter, to matter. SchrTwo Brolliers, Herd, 7 days from Lubce, with piaster, to roastitr. Sdtr Fortuce, Smith, 6 days from Th .tnvstou, with lime, to master. Kchr Win. Penn, Foster, 7 day. from Marhias, with lumber, to in uter. Sohr Seven Sisters, <J day. from t'tUi?, Me. with spnrs, Jtc. to m-?tiT. !-rbr Maasasoit, Brown, from Fall River, with produce, to master. 8chr Denmark, Rider, 2 days from Newport, with produce, to master. Sailed. Ships Ville de Lyon, Stoddard, Havre; Southport, Gr.tlith, C harleston; barque Amelia, Havana, and other*. 3TI?reIlni>?-on*. l'ac r.ei S?i? t" Siiiuons, for Liverpool, will tail to-morrow? Monday. Carrion to NavtnaTORS.?We learn from the pilot hoat Joseph N. Lord, that there i. a wrecked vessel of 200 ton. bur thc.i. drifting about rear the SW Spit. One of tlie government vessels ought to he at once sent down to tow her in. Vlilsvi this is done, some inward hound vessel will iuu into her and meet with s me serious disaster. Bun; Hoi i.rov, (of Pro?pecr,) Merithew. fr>m Philadelphia for Host hi with coal, was run into nitflit of 20th iust., off \ ine ysrd Souta, by brig Moselle (also from Philadelphia fir Bos ton) The M. knocked off head and cutwater only : hut the. Honlton was struck abreast the main ringing, and commenced leaking badly. The crew got on board the M. and the Hnnltou drove ashore on Naihawn Island, two miles W of Tarpaulio Co>e A inthi-r accou t, says the H. was run on shore there, and that her (l.'.ck was level vs ith the water. Sloop Uudiunted, loft Kd'.nrtowr. 22d. to assist her. Si in Clarissa It'iwanD, Parson s, and Julia. Gaff eld, of and for Boston, sailed from Newbury 21*1., with sand, and finding the iea very rough, attempted to make a harbor at Ipswich There not being w iter cough on the bar, the C. H struck e d went to pieces. The Julia anchored outside, and the crew left h?r : she dragged her anchor, struck on the bar, heat over and sank about a mile from Ipswich light. The latter maybe raised if the weather prove favorable. Whalemen. Sailed from New London 22d inst. India, Miller, Indian Ocean and N W Coast. Spoken. Delia Walker, Coudry, Boston for Cronstadt, Aug 13, no lat, he. given, Vels?co, Chnate, from Havana for Boston, Aug 19, lat 20 30, Ion 79 .30. An American barque, (supposed the Lncrrtia, Adamson.from Providence) bound to Pictou, Aug IS, off Ca|? Canso. Foreign Port*. Cant*, Aug 23?In port, Bowditch, Crowell from Havre, ust arr; Kentucky, Rogers, for Boston, soon; Flavins, Jones, or Leghorn, few dtvs; Haidee, Snule, and Blanchard, nee; Bevis, Do.v e, do. Shi 23th, Lucy, Uould, Marhlehead; 21th, Margaret, Hmtdleite, do. Hwvsa, Aug IS?In iiort, New York, Harding, for Cowes; llelle. uonf, Ellis, do; Norma, Barton, uisg; Velasco Chnate, fin Falmouth, for Boston; Louisa, Gallagher, fm Philadelphia, dist;; Centurion, Norris, for Portland; Calcutta, for Boston; Titi, Itoach, for New Orleans; Napoleon, Hart; Ellsworth, Lang; Washington, Dixon; McLellan, Orr; Lydia, Mildrum; II Je ikiiis, Lignthiium. and H Plantagenet, Br.wick, disc. Sid Rlh, Uucas, Wilton, Boston; 1 Ith, Palestine, Kitclieus, Carde nas. Matanzas, Aug II?In port. Violet, Nowlan. disg. Pictou, Aug II?In port, Cora, Reed, of and for Newport, next day?only American. Qufukc, Aug 18?Arr Macao, Scott, Liverpool; 19th, Ger trude, Duggnn, do; Ann Louisa, He'll, NYork; John Jt Mary, Bowen, Dublin; Independence, McCappi i, Belfast; also, two brigs, anchored below the port, not boarded. Old 19th, Alhiun, F.rrington, Covk; Xenophon, Rochester, Newcastle; Recovery, Conway, Dublin; Kangaroo, Prosser, Ban trey; Robert St Ann, Mather, Liverpool. Luke Porte. Buffalo. Aug, 21?Arr. Chesapeake, Chicago; (.'lav, Huron; Srnead, Sandusky; Hunt, B River; Amsaiin,Lake Shore; Clay, Erie ; Hudson. Cleveland ; Sarah, Dtuinville, C. W.? Cld Missouri, Chicago; Perry, Perryaburgh; Ashland, C Wal ker, Chicago; Fletcher, Fairport; K Jenny. .Mailison; Amazon, Hunt, Joy, Webster, Benton, Ainswnrth, Cleveland; Mer chant, Sanduikv, Detroit; Ney, Ashtabula; (luick, Sandusky; Bennington, Ashtabula. Home Porta, l.tiVFC, Aug 13?Sid Bttrmah. Sargent, Philadelphia; Mozart McFarland, NVork; IGtli, Otranto, Treworgv, do. East Machias, Aug 18?Sid Adeline & Rositia, nnd Susan Jnne, NVork. Maiihi.fiiead, Aug 23?Arr Natlil Hoo;ier, Churchill, Ca di/. 23th tilt. Salem, Aug 22?f'lil Romp, Cheever, Cayenne. Boston, Aug 23?Arr New England, Foster. Marseilles; Cambridge,Hall. NVork. Cld Maria Theresa. Clark, Matan zas; Cathartic, Hamilton, Charleston; Taranto, Kales, Savan nah. Arr 22d, St Patrick, l.ansil, Bangor; Abbv Amelia. 11 vi ley, Gardiner; Lucinda, Whiltemore, of and front Maehias, with lumlter?in coming in last night, strtiek on Barrel Rock, and immediately filled with water?she was got off, and at two o'clock this morning was run on shore West of Fort In dependence. Steamer Relief towed her up to the city this after noon. Eno vnTnwv, Aug 21?Arr Casilda, Ooodell, Philadelphia for Boston or Salem: 23d, Col Simmons. Fish, Nantucket for Al bany, and both remained 21th. Sltl 21st, Susan, Harrow, Ne York. Nkw Iir.nt onn, Aug 22?Arr New Vork, [Brem] De Harde, NVork, to load oil for Bremen: Imperial, Reed, and Monitor, Besse, Philadelphia; Frances, Burt, Norfolk; Passport, Lewis, Delaware. Mt. IIopf. Bay, Aug 22?Passed up, Arcturus, Leighton, fin Pictou for Somerset. PitoviDKNcs, Aug 22?Arr Hellespont, Dunbar, Pictou; Edw Blake, Adams, Bangor; America, Austin, Ellsworth; Monarch, Ttltjr, Albany; Vigilant, Heath, NVork. Fall llivFit, Aug 20? A.rr Benj H Field, Vangilder, Rich mond. Sid Saratoga, N York. New Haven. Aug 22?Arr Aiuiahella, Hand, Philadelphia: S R Smith, Bill: Hearer, Kelsev, and Franklin. Thompson, Albany; Henry City, Folly Lauding; Empire, Kelsey, NVork; New York, Jones, do. New London, Aug 22?Arr Isaac Hicks, Lawrence, Havre July 2lj passed severs! larre sticks of square timher, and great anantilte. of white pine plank: saw more or less throughout the ay: at the same time saw a piece of ship's deck plank?all ap pearrd to have been in the water but a short time. Jul v 29, lat ?Pi. Ion 38 J im?s Williamson, seaman, a unlive of Scalloway, Shetland Islands, fell from the rim of the main top to the deck, fracturing his scull so badly that he died iti a few moments. Bai.tiM"ne, Aug 23?Arr Direct, Briggs, nnd Maria, Atwell NVotk. Cld Colorado, Swain, Jamaica. Alexandria, Aug 22?Arr Orneu, [Nor] Grosh, New Vork; Phebe F.liza, Osborn, do. Richsiono, Aug 22?Arr Southerner, Hutchinson, NYork. Norfolk, Aug 21?Arr Victory, Fall River; 22d, Belle, Mc Math, NVork. , Wilminiiton, NC. Ang 14?Arr A F Thorn. Mttrch, New York. Cld 21st, Saml N Gott, Alexander, Guadalnupe. Chai i.KSTON, Aug 21?Arr Havue, Getty, Havana: Ger trude, ll.tlwerst/n, Sngtta la Graude. Cld Harriet 81 Jessie, Conner, Liverpool. SM Win Allen, Spalding, Havana; 20th, 11 Allen, Nickerson, NVork Savannah, Aug 20?Sid Newark, Merwin, and New Jersey, Brown, NYork. Mnnit.r, Aug 16?Arr Linden, Heal, New York; Manhattan, Ellery, reusacnla. New, Aug 15?Arr Ann, Hill, Boston. Cld Ant werp, Gardner, Amsterdam; Weskeag, Thorndike, Boston. EAGLE OYSTER AND DIN1NO SALOON ^ I O BROADWAY, entrance in LiitmiirdiliKt.-'iVtub HrltJ ?oril/er having nurch iwsd tlie above establishment from da former proprietors, Whited Hi Jessup, would respectfully in form hit friends and the public generally, that he ha? rehired and reopened ihe above SALOON in a manner which he trusts will ensure him a share ol? the inililir patronage. The ptildie are respectfully invited to call and view the above establishment, when the prevent proprietor trusts their tastes may be suited in a manner which will ensure him a second call. au!8 3t ltaw Sunds'rc CHARLES O. AUSTIN. FOSEPH~OIXlOTT'S "STEEL TENS-Tlw subscriber has " on hand and is constantly receiving fresh supplies of the above well known Pens?consisting in part of tlie Crolou (new) on cards, nigraveu views. American Barrel Pen (new.) Magnum Bonutn Commercial Pen. Prince Albert's, engraved and medallion heads. Patrnt Slips in morocco cases,containing one dozen pens each, 12 boxes in e-ach packet. Damascus do do do School Pen do do do Patent Slips, white and bronze. Principality, fine, e? tra fine and medium point*. Caligraphic, W ishington No*. 9 and 10. Damascus, Victoria extra fine, point. Peruvian, New York Fountain. I, ulies' Pen, I.unu, Eagle, Double Damascus. School Pen, Public Pen. Queen's Own Pen, Baronial, Collegiate, Nos. I and 2. A large stock of lams in boles of one gross each, of various degrees of |<oiuts and quality, marked and mi-marked. The above, together w ith a go. d stock of " W indie's" and "Mosley's" Pens, for sale to the trade, by HENRY JF.8SOP. au'il lw*m 91 John street, cori cr of Gold. PACKET SHIP ST. NICOLAS FKOM~HAVRE-Con siguee* by this ship are requested to send their permits on hoard,at Pier No I North River, without delay. All goods not permitted by the 31st instant, will be sent, under general order, to public store. au24 Ctec ci iftoiV house, ON THE II AYS IDE, STAT EN ISLAND, NEAR "THE NARROWS." UOR PERMANENT BOARDERS, tranicient lodgers and " day visitors, otTers ail op|uirtunity of enjoying the sea breeze, a view of laud and water unequalled for its pictures,tueness, the luxury of the seibalh, (the sea beach being within half a mil# of the house.) The dinner hour is o'clock?on Sunday at 3 o'clock. Su perior carriages in attendance for the accommodation of tlar guests. A line Howling Alley and Billiard Room, are just finish rd for the amusement of the patrons of the establishment. OEOHOE PI KRIS, Proprietor. N. B.?Two of the best rooms in the House inny be had fot tlie remainder of the season, on immediate application of fami lies. On Sunday# the boats run to Stapleton, landing every hour Carriages in attendance to convey passengers to Clifton lluuse Mill linisrc TO CALICO PRINTERS FOR SALE?THE RAH WAY PRINTWORKS criHf. OWNER wishing to retire from business, offers lor 1 sale In* Print Works, which are now in operation, aud have been put in complete repair within tlie last nine months. Tlie w orks are calculated to print 3 to 4000 pieces |ier week. Two thirds of the purchase money can remain on bond and mortgage for a numlier of years, or an arrangement can be made to imiv a part in printing. Application to lie made to PHILIP TUUSSLKR, an 10 3tawlm#re Railway, New Jersey. CHEAP PERU MERY AND FANCY SOAP WORKH JOMNSON 8t VIIUO.M, formerly earner of Cedar and William streets, are manufacturing and putting up for the trade, their goods in the newest and most attractive sty Irs, and aie sell ing at prices 20 |ier cent lower than can be brought to this mar ket; the extent of their manufacturing facilities enable* ihoin to sell for the smallest profit Manufactory and Sales Room, 79 Trinity Place, roar of the new Trinity I hurch. aul7 lm*-od*rn 'lJULIl'it'AL * - AKII ATI Rr..*v- 1 lie lest a able assortment are published and for sale by JA.ME8 BAILLIE, No. 33 Spruce st. Ordeis, accompanies] wilh a I niittance, W ill lie punctually attended to. Price |M-r 1110. N. B.?Lithography and print colouring executed at short no tice ; view s ol public buildings, merchants' places of business, et ., drawn and colored tirom nature, and irss from victimising or extortionate charges. jyiO 21.1W 1 ID 'rc GREAT AND ATTRACTIVE EXHIBITION. THK PROPRIETOR lu* the honor of infoiming die citi ? wn is of New York,that lie is uow exhibiting furs few days at the Lyceum of Natural History, Broadway, No. 561. opposite Nibio's Garden, the magnificent MODEL OK PARIS. This really splendid work of art, Carved entirely on wood, is the re sult of 18 years of labor. It comprises si least 57,0110 hou.we, 1970 streets, and more than IISI.IWKJ different subjects. Each house, monument sud public square is represented w ith a truth fulness and mathematical nicety in their forms, dimension* and colors. Inasmuch that persons who have resided in the great metropolis of the world, cm easily reepgnixe the house in which they have dwelled, 0|*ri every uay from 0 A. M. till 10 P. M. Price of admittance, 2j centx ; children naif price. au3 31 iw Itn* rc T O SMI a R A NT# .4X1) OTHERS M.IKIVU hEVI/'T.1NCES TO KNOLAND, SCOTLAND AND IRELAND. Drafts for vny amount ri ti jb~ ffimilwi rf the PROVINCIAL BANK, IRELAND, and THE NATIONAL BANK. SCOTLAND, enn be obtamtd of HICH'D BELL, (t WM. McLACHLAN, 6 aud 7 Dorr's Buildings, Hanover St. Also, BILLS on the BANK OK BRITISH NORTH AME RICA, LONDON, and its Brsncl ea in Canada, New Bruns wick, Nova Hcoiin and Newfoundland. jy24 2taw3tnjgb AUCTION SAI.KS. 31 FOR SALE AT AUCTION. A SPLENDID FARM on the lluduM riser, town of New burgh, Orange i\, on* mil* wer of the v.llag? ciMitimink 107 aciei, in it high ?txt# uf cnlriv Ui.ei. well wan-red ; (liou idcd wo.1 by aimer ftil i ?( strains of water,)* ShhI b?w hoiurytwo s'.irioi, aud kitchen; a good Ins* revs art ai d Lime-Kiln, and pi#ity "f limerloo# Toe f m will be divided or ?old together, at w ill boat suit llie |u :li ri. Tlie gre ster part of the in ?, v c ?'! remain o i low d J 'i .. gage, as will beat auil lh purchaaer. Kor part cnl ? ijiiire 419 Broadway, Corner of ( ml.N Y.. or at the in Mow.i Wilioo, oil the premise* The tile will U- > i I. ulay, bill of Sent , at tlie Orange llolel, Ncwburgh, at 12 "'ch It. nut'iH, 2w*ec. STEAMSHIP NEPTUNE., (to d -e t he concern)?At Auc'ion, hv L 1' IK'IT MAN ft. I UjniTI'lSilM' Auitu-i 47'h. ... I. .!r. . .. .Iwl onll . at.a. * ' at h df-past o"e o'clock, nl tie .Exchange?STEAVHfflP NFPTI NE. 7tJ tuna burthen: the it in irtt true order a> d e. ilitioi,, h?> i 'g ier forim.l her I isi trip from Charleston in 5fi hourt; the wat thoroughly overhauled two icirt wee, and ruh C pis-red with 29 a id 42 oz. copier, furnished with new boiler m idrliy J. P. Allaire, and put in first rate condition in every rvwpeci Her engine it about 2'.0 h ,rte p..wer, 'wi inch cvli .der, IIH fed stroka, 2t> feet diam -ter of wheel, nil made by J P Allaire, and of unaurpastetl workmanship For I'mtlier particulars a d i veutory (which it full and complete) apply to ('aptain^ttijliut, on hoard, at tlie Novelty Work., or ?t the offr , flier or J 11 Brow er, 91 Front atret, where Captain Ilollint may la' aee . daily at 10 o'clock, inventory alio at the auction room Tlw Neptune may be. pu.ehaaea by private coutinct at my time previous to the day of tale .nil ttri?*rc OFFICE WANTED ?A Parlor, on the Grit or second floor, furnished, by a Uentiat, with or without board, near Broad k. way and the Par;

Addles., IV list, Her-ild 'Tee aii?.5 1t,ec 0Kv IM'"!* 4UA 1 !W.\ W A k'il *tU. THOMAS CL \UK, a bor about thirteei yf?ar? old.? Wore when he |n|l home, d ull roio rfahout and pantaloons, black cloth cap of Areher'a mile, dark htown hiir He left his home. No. 19 Washington sUeet, on Sunday afternoon, the 18lh instant. Any information would he ths ilifulh rneui nd *? il h cd-nme ly rewnrded, at the reside ce of the Kesd. Mr. Powers, Barclay at., or at !9 Washi' itton street. Country pa|>ers please copy. au24 3l?tn FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. THE 8TOHE of the subscribers w is broken open on the a. night of the 2,ld. and roldied of goods to the amount of 82 5"0 to$11 000, consisting principal! >? of Broad-Ch'th Urea* and Frock Conti; (In* Merino, Satin, Velvet and rich figured Silk Vests; Cloth and Fancy Cassimere 1'anLs; Suierfiue Broad cloth. and Fancy Caaaimeres, (Itc , Stc. The above reward will he paid for the apprrhansion of 'he thieves and the recovery of the goodi, or in proportion for the amount recovered. HOKA k DF. OROOT, au25 lt'ec 102 Fulton street. FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD THE STORE of the subscribers was broken into during the nil-lit of the 22J August, and robbed cf goods to the amount of $1000 or Si,000. consisting chiell y of Thread Laces, Cotton Lscei, Embroidered Capea, Collars, Frock Waists, Bauds, Ribbons, ke. tic As marks of wlieels were seen at the door, a cab may have Is en u*ed by the burglars. The attention of cabmen and others is particularly requested, A Reward of h our Hundred Dollars it offered for the recovery of said goods, or in proportion for any part of them. WM. SCOTT fc CO.. au2l Jttm 509 Broadway. NEW IRON FOUNDRY HOE & CO., having added to their Factory a large and com modious Foundry, are prepared to furnish Castings of all descriptions, at short notice, of the best materials aud workman ship, at moderate prices, The- have a large assortment of Pulley, Hanger, aud other Patterns, which thee think are not to he surpassed Shafting made aud put up in aau|>erior style. Machinery of every description made to order Presses, Tvpes, and Saws, of every kind, generally on hand, and always furnished at short notice. Printers' and Binders' Wereroonss, 29 and 31 Gold street. Factory, corner Broome and Sheriff streets, New York. au25 lw rrc R KPRODUOTION ? THE MYSTERY OF I'llYSIOLOOY ! Til AT part < f I he field of knowled re hitherto trodden op|n by 1 the select few ! DR. ROLLICK'S LECTURES . n this important subject, illustrated by his fifteen celebrated models of the female form, kc , well he again repented on Tuesday. Wed nerday, and Thursday next, August 27, 29, and 29, in the Large Hall, corner of Broadway a>d Grand it reel. at 0 P. M?for gen tlemen only. Youths not admitted. For full Particulars, ?ee handbills. On Friday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, n important Lec'ine. for lad"s on I v. Admission 25 ce'Is ,?n25 ttis'rrc MARTIN .V t'OUFA, Guitar manufacturers. No. 395 Brosdwav. uj? stairs,have constantly on haed a large a sortme-t of Gui tars, manufactured from the best materials, of superb rtone, and la-rfect in every res|>ecl Martin and Onupa, having m?d? several onprovemc's in the manufacturing brir.rh arc eiabled to offer their ii -truments lower than a"v other Estihlishme it in the Ciiy Strangers before making thejr purchase. ill find it to their advantage to call and examine their as 01 tmeut, which is the largest in the United States N. B.?The Guitars are warranted to stand any change of climate, 8.ild wholesale and retail, at 39.5 Broadway, (up stairs.) No Connection with the Music Store below. au2i ll'cc DRUGS, kc.?10 casks F,"cli-h Epsom Salic. 3ft cases fresh O-o ire Flor Water. 2 casks Russia Isinglass, sheet. 2 casks Naples Soap in bulk 400 gallons Bay Rum?Kor sale hv J. S. ASPINWALL, au25 3t*ee Hi William street. PACKET SHIP SIDDONS FOR LIVI'RP'tOL-I'.assen gcrs by this ship will ple. e he on hoard the steamboat Her cules at Whitehall, oil Mo id i) 20th instant, at 12 o'clock,A.M. at which time th" ship will sail. I-c'ter Bags will close at the usual plaeea at ll)? o'clock au26 2tec T O COUNT R Y M E IICHASTS. BOOTS AND SHOES Ik TilPe HUnsCHIRKHS have rrcpiv??rl and now ofT??r ?j?W.ror sale, the be-itsel^rtetl ?iock o|" Boots nr-U Shuf*, lor f II and wintpr traile, ill t can he foil id ''lie city of N?*w York, coiiBistina in part of Men'i 'i'hick Boom Men's Ornin or fishermen's Boot*, Men's Kip \ d (' ?lf Bool*, Men's Half Welt and I'umn ?'Mf, (>rain end *Val Boots, Men*! Kip, IVc-ed and S^wcd Broif ius, Mr i'i Calf BroKans, Men's Fine (hill Boots, Women'* Leather Boots and Buskins, ('hildraji's LcuhurCacks, the hust article ii^the mar', el: Ladies Cu-ikiiM fiaitcrs, Hlippers ni'h French ? ie^. and all nrher irfirles in tin* line that can possibly be cilJed for ^ C'h.ldre rs Shof*s of an endless variety for fall and winter. Furred. Pate it nd Plain Mlibbers, Men's aud Women's, for sale cheap by # \VII.SON k JOHNSON. It2 Chatham street opposite Chatham Theatre, r. A"0|? I1'till 10 o'clock in the evening nu25 lin*cc PA It IS HATS. RECEIVED, a lot of Tory su|*>rior FRENCH HATS, "MUGNIER" make, Paris. JOHN N. OENIN. nu2l 3t*rc 214 Broadway, op|m?ite St. Paul'i Church. MECHANICS' INSTITUTE SCHOOL, ~ No. U CHAMBERS STREET, NEAR CHATHAM ST. UK-OPENS ON MONDAY. 21th instant, at 9 A. M. M. C. TRACY. Principal of the Male Drpartmeut Mist II II. SMITH, do do Female do. WH.SON S. SMALL, Chairman School Com. J. B. WHITMAN, Secretary. an2l 3l?? TO CITY AND COUNTRY MERCHANTS. FIVE PER CENT CASH STORE, 10 Ctrditr street. rPHE SUBSCRIBERS offer a choice and well selected stock A of Dry Goods at ari advance of hut five per rent on the actual coat. Country Merchant* will find it greatly to their ad vantage to call upon us in order to urertain the market value of goods, even if they do not intend to purchase The attcu'ion of city dealers is alao requested. Our goods are all marked in figures, and the comiiusaioii charged at the foot of the bill. A call i? rej|iectful'y solicited by IIUTCHINOS, CASWELL k SMITH, Five 1'er Cent Siore, au2l lm*rr. 11 Cedar atieet, near l'earl street. FANCY GOODS WF.DKl.K8k MEYER, 102 William at., importers of French, German and English Fancy Goods, have just re ceived and offer fur sale on reasonable terms, a choice assort ment of Buttons of all kinds; Seqar and other fancy Cases; Snuff Boxes: Fancy Coinlia;Sus|a-iiders;Salchella' I'urtea, etc., etc.; Steel Pens; Katora; Scissors; Accordions; Harmonicui; 1 .?? i?l Pencils; Rulers; Writing. Toilette Deaks, ice.; anew style of Lanterns, and toys; all aorta of Perfumery. We particularly recommend every fine assortment of Wool len and Silk Embroideries, end all kinds ol Upholsterer's arti cles. aul9eodlm*m REMOVAL. PEUSSE k BROOKS, have removed fiom No. CI Liberty to llie new storee Noa. t?i and C7 Nassau Street, between Maiden Lane and John street. au23 2wec Furnished room to "let-without board in house 16 Omen wicli street, wln-re tliere are no boarders taken. Ap ply on the premises. au22 Strc PARK THEATRE.?The public is respectfully informed that this Theatre will be o|iened for the season on MON DAY, Sept. 2d. The Indies and gentlemen engaged at this establishment are requested to meet in the Green Room on Thursday Morning, August 29, at U o'clock. au:M dice THO.H. BARRY, Stage Manager. 'phi', packet ship sheridan from Liverpool l* by this lbip will please have their permits oil bo nd, at Orleans wharf, fool of Wall street, immediately. All -<< odi not iierinittcd within five days, must unavoidably I* sent to public store. au23rc o AT.MEAL?lii good order. About five tons for sale low by J. HERD viAN, B 11 Kernih street LITHOGRAPHY. FALL BUSINESS.?Merchants, Manufacturers and others, who rrapiire Business Cards of their Establishments, Cir culars, Bill Heads, Drawings in Architecture, Machinery and Landscape Maps, Ike, and Publishers who require Illustrations of Bonks, Periodicals, and Music. Pieces, may have the woik executed in the best style and on moderate, terms, at E. JONES' Lithographic Establishment, I2H Fulton trreet, New York. N. B ? Drawings and Specifications for Patents, an?I Im'ee NASH'S CARRAGEEN PASTE. MANUFACTURED and sold liy John N*<h, Jrr-ey City, and sold also, wholesale and retail, at the following Depot* in New York :? Biishton and Companv, Broadway. Milhail's Pharmacy, Broadway. A. B. Sands, 273 Broadway. Henry J. Chapman, Fulton .street. \nd ret n|, of all the principal Drug Stores in the city. The medicinal qu .litiea of this elegant and fashionable prepa ration h ve Is-eit Ion;; known to the public. Pliysici .o* have so r renfiill y preserilied the use of Irish -Vl II.S as alight and highly nntritious article of diet for invalids,p.irticuloly for those stiff-ring from Pulmonary Conmniption. Hitherto, this substance h ov bri ll outv used mrdicm ill) , but from lite very superior manner in which the pieaeot -ri.cle liex la en ; n-pir-'J, it will not only he used by th< sick, but aa i luxury by all. In consequence of its highly demu cent pri iwrlies, and power in allaying irrititmn of the urq ssssges, the .itteotiOU of public sis-niters is earnestly reqiieatrd T'i> membera ?if tlie Pulpit and liar it will he invaluable, and to tlvir patron .. it is reais-ctfully dedicated, by their obedient servant, JOHN NASH. au2l lm*rc _ ~LEEcilK*-L''.E Hi;-'- LEWES OE nnn swekdihh AND GERMAN leeciies Oc/jv/UVj .lust receivosl by lire Havre Packet, for sale whole sale and retail at the most mode/ .le prices, by C. J. FERDINAND 8. COPPA, Importers ill Ixvrhrs, anS Itn-.r If N iss.n sin-.-!. N V B Y ORDER OF AARON VANDERPOEL, Justice of the Superior Court, of the City of New lork. Notice ii hereby given,,to the provisions of tlx statute authorizing attachments agninil non-resided debtor*, that an allaciimont lias issued .igai.ut tile rslulr of I HAULER NICHOLS, a resilient of Ams'eidam, in Hollnud, and thai tie same will lie sold for the |*y meiil ol his dehls, Unless he ?p|vsr and diachnrge suc h an attachment, according to luw.witln nine months from the first publication of this notice; that the payment of any ibbu due to hun h> residents of this Stile, and the dalivery in Inm or for his use, of luy pro|auly within this St tie belonging to him, and tie' transfer of any such pro perty by linn, are forbidden by law and are void. Ibileu the 7lh day ol February, l?44. W s'l EIIN k EDWARDS, inrtl Itawfrn'rc Allornrya for Attaching Creditor j*?' ii<N'urroN. ?'" i>7. irmrrthfr n~? park LMvA l Hfcllb?1900 lbs V\ c.u ru Live tiev*a. lor sale b'i f au?0 E. K. COLUsNS k C<J. V> .South at Wfl'SKMENTS. virtM?** '.Amir Corner n ("Broadway and Prince umi Ni w York Ti* Entertainments *i? under tin- wlr direction of MR. MITCH El !. Dour* open jit T?"utrrMinou-i.u eoiiimenre at t i-.--ei.aly Firai Night iu America of iNr? Place entitled THE MILLINER'S HUl.ll> \ V ! In whirl. Mr. Milclietl will anpeiriu. >S Ulou Sparl.v Likewt.a>, fur lt?r fir.t tiirm lire, the celebrated i xtruvagauia of PUSS IN BOO I S. By the author of Furtuuio. Vc. viu-ic irriniH Uy Mr. Coder. St.;.* lrrangcineiita hi klr. Mitchell. MONDAY .? ?E.NI\t>. Auxu.i 2Uth wilt n* presented, MILI.INKK'S HOLIDAY. Simon Spark. Mr. Mitchrll Lieutenant Bowlm Mr Kruno Mi Pennywut. Mr. Nicklnoon Omiubu. I onductor Mr. t.crcre Fanny Tli..inp?un Miui ( lukc Kitty < arret w ay Mitt King Mlii Putt., 1 ( Mr, Watt. Mi?? Hum, I Milliner. I Mi*. Maywuod Mi*. Ton*, } out for a I Mi*a llolert. Miu Wattu.l Holiday Mr. Eversrd Mi??Lolt?, J I Mrs. Diiuu !U7" Intermission of hall an hour.^ To roficludr with PUSS IN BOOTS. Ralph Miu Taylor Richard Mr Clark Robin ........ ... Mr Johnaon Killminy O'tiobble Killmore Nid.iu.on , Kitchen, tuff Everard Put, in Bud* Duuu Baron Bagthot Irvine King Pumpkin . Deiini.oii Lord Ch imli'rlaiii Bluackcr Chaiterma Mr. Matt. Arietta M u Clark Ml;i|ipert ll.a Miaa May wood Fairy Felina. Mr. Hardivick Prince*. Ro.ebud Mr. Kvarurd iT^NO POSTPONEMENT *1 thi? mlablishment on ac count of weather, a. the (fraud Entrance from Broadway to the Saloon i* protected, and the New Saloon, which i* ventilated from the lop anil -id-. rvi lie e"cl"a u , utnme .t'< .mtire HVENlNtj 'S OF TItlSII Mi.ka'luibLsY. MR. McMICHAEL will give an evening of lri*h Min strel.)-, on Tuesday evening next, Augur 27ih, at litu So ciety Library, corner of Leonard atrviit and Broadway, lu the course of the evening, the following lrt*h Songs will be *ung by Mr. McMichael Tim Deserter'. Meditation. Let Erin Remember the Day* of Old. A. Down on Btnn.u Banki. The Roving Bl ido. Hileut. Oh Mayle. The Exit*. When I wa* Younger. Dear Harp of my Country. The Mothri'a Lament. Molly Brillagtvm. The Old Maty* Lament.* Farewell. The Iri?h Sailor. To commence at I o'clock. Ticket* 50 cants, to be had at the principal mutir *tore*, and at the door on the eventing. an2l 3t?rcSt.M&Tu CONCERT MUHTLY. Grand vocal and instrumentalconcert, at J. PINTEUX Cafe (lea Mille Colonnes Saloon, 307 Broad way. Engagement of Si in* ADAIR, the fine Vocalist. Tina well-known establishment haa beau considerably embellished ?iitre May. Refreshment* of the bast kind can always be had at th* bar, with the attendance of carflui waiien. A well veil til* luted Billiard Iloom conuiiiingeight uble* communicate* with the Haloo?i on the same Boor. The Ice* and Cream*, the beet the city affords, cut at all time* be obtained. IJJT Entrance free. alB 2w*m T H E A L H A M R A , 550 Br04I)W?V. BKTWII.N SfRlNO AND PurCI ?TRRF.Ti. 'I HIS fashionable i?lace of resort is oi?en for the seasnn. The " Ices, Fruits, Jellies, and other refreshments, are of the finest description. , , _ ... An Orchestra, combining some of the first musical talent in the city, perforin every evemnu, e*cept Baturuays and Sundays, favorite pieces from the composition of Straus, Lauuer, Autier, Bellini and others equally celebrated. BRANCH, No. Ifo Hast Broadwav, one door shove Hutuer street, where the same delightful IceCreains aud Refreshments may be found. aull imisrrc COLWF AN*$ Ll~vK AMY SALOON, COSTUME GALLERY, AND EXHIBITION OK b f a u ri f u /. /' /. / y ti y a s, No. ?03 Biu.iilwiiy, N.w Vorfc. rn \i.)M'ss!on ony. shilling only. \T' > STK \NGF.W .liMtild leave tin rity without railing iu 1> , ? seethe 'In-! Collection* of Book.. Paintings and F.n grnvin* which ire offered t "price. in suit tin times." Tlv-r lil.l' Sal 1 IKH'i.M m lit till with hook, of every kinii. ill v 1'on-. I.i' nil'."., ? ctu.l iv I1 '"I "I'd Pictures to toe T! M.W You t\ titi.Ka in 1 u A LARD?Mr. PALMO Vn leave re?i "Ctfnlly to inform the public that In- In. muli irr u'1 in-I. v.ith Mud PAL LINT DEBJAlt 1)1 NSand Mr. 1 .1 A RTIN, to give a series of GRAND BALLETS DE'A? TlON.a. iwri'.-nned .11 the Royal Acadeini of Muiic iu Pari., and nen-r yet |*rforined in this country. Tin- season will commence muuuI the Litli of September next. Particular* will be given hereafter. NEW YORK OPERA HOUSE.-One hundred young Lb die? and Gentlemen for the ballet, are win.led. Arii.u desirous of engagements, will please to make application* at the Opera House 111 periou, from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. au 10 I w? ric F. PA LMO. COTTAGE ON THE CUV?~ AT THE ORE A P K \LLS ON THE PASSAIC HE PROPRIETOR ha? the plea.urr i.f announcing to the lovers of the sublime and beautiful, that the new Cottmce on th?* old site. now complete and readv for the reception of visi ! tori, where tha\ can be accotmnodated with a variety of refresh ! ments. at tiie shortest notice. . To inhale the refreshing breeze from this lofty eminence, and i behold die unparalleled beauty* of the ever changing laiidsca|ie. and linger in the shade of the loftv oaks, whose wide spread ! branches invite to health and cheerfulnes* 1 TAUGHT KXCUBSIONH-Tiiii delightful place is admi j rably fitted h,y nnture for this manly and patriotic evercise, pre 1 .ruling a rock of more tl?sn two hundred f ? i ??? height, shrlter #d h > neon ti fnl foresi treen, mid c?mled b) the rux'ting waters of the Passaic. J he railroad cars loivo Jersey City for Pater son at 6 h iA n V M , return at 4 P. M. On H.iml vvs, leives Jersey City at t> \ M., and return at ?) P. M Kuf to Patenou, 37H <*ei? t?nt Irn' rc | WASHINiJTOMAN COFFEE HOUbE, No. IU.') N&ftann Hired. . HMIIS ESTABLISHMENT, heving Uv:? rebuilt and under I A gone gn;at improvement, is again for the public, by the j former proprietor, who hopes, by attention to btuuicii, to merit a share of public imtroiiatfe. I'he above fjta'.di.shmeut will, as I Jormerly, he open day and night aul7 Iw TO MANUFACTUUERS ANIT 'DEALEK?> 1N WOOLLENS HENllY M1GE0N, CORNER of u.ul Waaliiuutoii ilrwu. New York, kiiiUhrr of Cloth*, La*?imern?, "atineU, Ikr rv.|*ctliilly I inform, thi* manul'acturi'r* and ikulcr* in wiMillen., lhal In. i o*tabli*litni'iit 11 now in *uccu**l'ul ulicialion, and thai he i. prr jiareil to execute with promptne**, all order, in hi* line tint inay I lie confided to hum Specimen* of hi* worktnaiwhip m.iy lie seen oil application to the gentlemen whoae name* are auuexed, and to wiiuiii he ha. libeity to refer. Order* may be left at 63 and 6) Pine atreet. REVERENCES. Woleott tt Sl ide, 6t Pine utreet. W. C. Langh-y, 63 Pine slmtt. HuLied. Hauie* Ik Co , 31 atreet. D. Brignaui.bO Pine atreet. S. J. Juuea Jt Co., 12 Pine atreet. au23 lin*rc ? i'OUVENEL 5c CO., OQ GOLD STREET, NEW YORK, Manufacture all rwcr aorta of GLASS, aud cut and match it to at?y pat term Cou?taiitly on hand, a complete ai.ortmriil of every di acrijition. All kind, of (ilaa* made aud cur In order. Tnei al.o manufaelure Solar Lamps, Chandelma, Giran doles, Candelabraa, Su?P'-ndnm Solar, Irom I to 12 lights ; Hall Lamp* and Lanterns of any size and patterns ; also, < .midline Lamp. ; A.lral, altered to Solar. Country merchant, and nth era w ill lind it to their inlerea to call as above, or at their l>e jHit, 3 John ?M'?t, near Broailway, where they can obtain arti cles of the beat quality, warranted, and at very low price* , wholesale aud retail. Goods loaned for partie*. J>26 Im-ec rpAKE NOTICE.?The Sulncriber continues to practice on the same lerina llr t lie ha* for the laat ten years oast iu the of New York, natnrl>?to ?tleu'J to every branch of ?ick uea* tliat the human uaturr i* .ubjeCt to, irarticularlv in *uch ease* u are id'long *taiidiiig and atqwar incurable. Hrwinhrs such to c *II oil hiut, and they shall receive the first medicine and attendance gratlr Olfire No. 17 lleaile itreet, a few doori north from Broadway. H HEINE, M. D. an22 lin*m Ocm-m It eaiei.r UAChl.T SHIP Ut, t.r.S Oh THE WtA'l' KKO.vl LI V A ERPOOL.?Consignee* of thi* ship will please take notice . that she is thi* day discharging under general order. All good* not irriiultcd muni lie sent to public store. *u21ec^ | Gil E A I' EST I L LUST I! ATED W O 1! K I EVER PUBLISHED. PJlhT Tiro JUST OUT, Price Twciity-Klvc Cent*. . DAYNE'B IJNIVER8UM ; or, Pictorial World-Edited by r Char in* Edwards, Esq.; being a Collection of Engravings of Views in all Countries, Portraits of Great Men, and Speci mens of Works of Art, of all ages and of every character, will be Published in Monthly Parts, each containing four highly finislird Steel Engravings, from new plates, priult-d on deinf quarto | S|ier, aud will lie accompanied with eight to twelve page, of letter-presa. . ... * ne Subscrilier* of the Pictorial World (for one year) will o? presented with Three Premiums, (see Prosiectus.) CHARLES MULLER, nnl 3t.w3w'm No. H? Nassau street, N. V. TO DOCK BUILDEHS. PROPOSALS, SesMand Endorsed, will lie received it this otlice uutil 3 o'clock P.M. FRIDAY, 13th September n*xt, for building a Cob Wharf, on the ElaU qp|>o*ite tiie Navy 1 ard, Brooklyn,T. I. t The Wharf is to lie 20 fret w ide, and 20 fnet diep, and to be filled with stone. . The Proposal, must state the price |*'r running foot, including materials of every description necessary to lie used, and mu?t name two sureties with references and residejicr, as bonds w ill lie eniered into lor tin- faithful performance of the contract. h'or siecificatinns of the work to he done, the sires and quality of the timlier. examination of th" bottom, Ike.. Sic., application mint lie made l > the Commandant of tie- 1 ard. IAS. II. SUV DAM, Navy Agent. N'svr Aur.r'j Orrtct, 1 Now link, August 16th, 1BI4.5 _ an 17 luwtwre H PARKED,V;ti Liiane. I ? twren Elm Stin t and Broad ? way. Agent for tiie sale of Valuable Oil Painting., ('"'e lam a..d Anti,uitie*, haa on hand a (Ilia collection or splendid imported (til l'aii.tiugt of the Flemish and Dutch schools, which he ran dispose of at moderate prices rherelote, those , w ho w i ll in eur.cli their colleciinna. or ornament their par* I b.r. will find t t?s their interest to e ill. examine, and judge Tor i them-.el vc \I home ftnm 3 A M. till 6 1' M je?I Jin eod-ee Ff?l? LIVEHPGOI, V. w f.iee--Kegnlw Parket rf^lfWof ?,th S. 11- Ihi apln did rail ..iling Packet Ship JUEft&SilelUI' AN.Ca,'.a,.' F. A. D' Pey t?r, of 110# tons, wo ?i.l a? above, her i"*nl i day. For freight or passage, hsvug aceomnn il.lions nnei|iialled ? for si'lmdof or comfort, si'ply hcrtuni Orlttui shurf, lnot of Wall siiwi. or in E K. COLLINS Ik CO, '<6 Smith street. Price of Passage, $1110. Mbijipers by this line may rely aptM h.ving tlmr goods cot iwijy n>i?s*?irrd, ii'id thai llw* sriips of this liu* will wil puiic til illy as advertised , TIh- p.i ket .hip (? rrick. < apt B.J.11. Tr.a k will ucceed the S|g rids i, anc-eil 2*ilh October, het ri jular di* . su2.'n c FOIl NEW ORLEANS.?LOI M.'NA AND , N!. W \ I tit K LINE-?Warrxuisd lust regular Park ?'Th* f ilm fui miiliiiK eop|ipii*U paclau ht|i Li> ipl I'milliart. haling two-third, of bet cargo en gaged and onboard, will no ilnubl be full to-morr-w. aarly next . , I Por liright or | a?s.?ge, haung handsome inmwheil aecoma dalious, apply on iKiaril. at Orb ins Wharf, loot of V all atreat, nr n PLTT COLLINS b ? O., Vi H. nth street. Shippers may rely nimn having iheit goods correctly mes on d. I || tlisl tin* shiiw of this line sail punctual I, as adver igem. II New (hr|eans?Messrs. Ilnllen . id Woodruff, who wiJJplintm-tly forward all gooda to their ai!i!,.?a T'e pickd .hip tfeneiiee, Capf Minot, " II oicceed the lm tti " and sail 5fh S?*pf. *2n rc Soft?: PVSSAOK FOR NEW ORL' ANB?TV faat i!iig and favorite packet ship LOlt! NA, < a|iuin JnMMgwb quihart, will have immediate despitch. She ha. , to ,ili . .cconuiit'drlitins for cabin, second eshicaud ueerair lvusengar", who will lie taken at a low tab', if Mtly application ne mule on board, fool of VVail street, or to W. tk J. T. TAP8COTT, au24m 7$ South atiaat, corner Maidesi L*?s fit" RENA I BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Philadelphia. [Correspondence ot tl.e Herald ] Philadxlfhia, Aug 24, 1844. I have been not a little amused tor mok time pafct, to h?*ar the Herald denounced in no very charitable spirit, by men who, you would have thought at the time, never could have deigned to look into itscolumua?yet, in honest tiuth, I must eay these Belt-same individuals are the first to aeiie Ujtoii it! The moment it arr.vee, Zeiber's splendid news depot is tilled. " Give me the Herald." " Has Bennett come 1" ?? Ned, two copies of the Herald," and such exclamations are buzzing about your ears from an eager multitude, all arxious to peruse a aheet at once interesting and profitable. I tell you this, not that I desire to praise or flatter, but simply because it is true, despite the mean at tempts to belie its circulation and popularity. No pspur is more attentively read, or closely watched in Philadelphia, than ihe New York Herald. In the Court of Sessions, this morning, the case ol Win. I(. Dunn, who figured conspicuously in the churc.. of St. Philip de Neri, during tneSouthwark disturbances, was called up. butthe Commonwealth noi being ready to proceed, it was postponed until Saturday i.- xt Col. Alexander and Andrew Scott, publishers of the D.ii'y Chronicle, were this morning held to bail by his Honor, the Recorder, in the sum of I0(M) each, in their ownirecngmzance, to answer the ciiarge of libi I tigaiiisi Win B. Morm, ex-cash ier of the Towauda shaving shop. There will be rare tun when the trial of the above gentlemen comes oil It will be h storm-y sfluir! A poor wretch of a fellow named Peter Welsh, residing in Hhippen street, below 8th, district of Moyaiiiensing, commuted suicide last night by swallow ing ?u ounce of laudanum. Cause?rum. 1 am nappy to state that the U S. Bank build ing will be occupied as the Custom House about the 1st of January, and that the business of the Bank will be trsrmucted in some place more ap propriate to enme and wretchedness. A man has been fined for assaulting a watchman, and watchmen are paid for neglecting their duty, gelling " blue," und abusing respectable people in the streets ! That's the situation ot things here. things I yet the wings or democrats have not made a stogie nomination ! The Natives are progressing ?lowly, having completed their Select and Com mon Council tick#t, which are represented ss be ing composed of good men, all favorable to an im mediate completion of the Girard College. The meeting of the democrats at Camden, thia afternoon, will be n great affair. Mr. Dallas is ex pected to be present. In stocks but a alun business wss transacted to day. as4 that at u cnraiderabln reduction in prices. There was a general tailing off in every detcrrpUon while buyers weru loth to take at the ieduced r. te. Wilmington Rail road closed at 93] ! Fihst -$4ftnn Annual a'e, 16411 TO ; $460 State 6'? 7IJ; $7lM State !>'? 7*1]; 170 tin Giruid Bonk 19; 6 de 8utiu\Jkill Bai.kt&p 11 ; $10UO Reading KR Bonis OB ; $19 States'* new aim'l le4fl 7u ; ton ills Wiln in,ton RR 94] ; 9110 t)0 do do (ft 14 ; 9011 dn do do I w 91 ; 194 do do do 94 ; tun do do do ca-h 94 ; $Jft4 Old Annuel Id,8 74 ; $60 New do 1846 74 ; 96 shares Mechanics'Bank 97 ; ftO .liares United Siatel Bank Hj Saensn gu.ini ? $1(100 Chesapeake. and P-Uwar Ci nal n'?,67t, ftsharea Otrnrd H ink $19; 3u0 doll]; 93 ilo Lyken's Valley I'oal Co. $40; $3760 Lehigh 6'l. 1643, 40: $.'OUO do. 1648, 394; 960 (harea WiJmuigtou Rail road, 93]. CwrresjMHMlcitce or tile Herald. ?Philapfi enu, Atif. 24?P. M. Arrived? Zone, C'rowell, Button; Diadem, Lisromb, Bristol, Rl; .Marietta. Ryan, Providence. Cleared?Alouniigshel i, '1'uilev, Liverpool; James A Msrple, Stetson, Port nu I'riuce; link, Ryder; Home, lionet; William, UUclt, mid Richmond, Killinrti, notion; Lion. Baiter, Halifax; Isaac Jscksrv, Tol?-v, New Bedford: Exchange, Kellogg, Hartford; Rival, Perkun; Sol Rote*eh. Johnson, and 1'etar Kitti-r, Uerrirkaoii, Providence; Planet, Terry, Kant Greenwich; Hy O King, Wane ii, I'oitland; Republican, Sharp, and Jarre, Luke, N Vork; Vulcan, Smith, do, flume I'orts. Plfll.SDKt rMia, Aug 21?Arr I'io eer, Know lea, from Balti more bound to Drai'itrer, Vats. w i:h a curve of bread and Corn ?in distress, leaky, Ike. 22d iral. 711 miles SF. of ('.ape Henle pen, came in contact with a Brill Ii barque supposed the f'hria " I 8 the P a' liana, (from I'luladeliihra for Quebec) which the P about mid alupa, stove in her broadside, broke in her broadside, broke both plaaksliears, srnitddthe decks, crrried away fore and fore topsail yariL, split tails, injured rigging. bacWsLa\?, headsiaya, Ike and it is supposed the cargo is considerably injured. Also urr, Mer chant. [Br] Berk, Turks Island; firrm. Lincoln, l.astpoit; , Love Moses, Lowland, Charleston; Uuu Nicholas, Drink water, Port lam); Matilda, Simies, Eastpnrt; Export. Hwtiary, rrovidruce. BsUTiMuitr., Aug 23?Arr Bchilh-r, f Johaiiten, Bremen; Hope, [Dutch] Prouk, NVork; Herald, Ooedwiu, Newbury port. ( Id Kverbsrd, [ 11 rem] H take. Bremen; I h-rles, Titdsle Boston. Hid Frances Jane.Cotfin, Ml Johns, PR; Water Witch, Ijr llrori. Norfolk. IMPORTANT TO THE OWNERS OF J10KBEH, Itc. Jl'UN WILLIAMS VETERINARY SURGEON, Respectliillv informs his numerous friends and the kpublie that be continues practising sucru?.fully on -the different diseases to that noble animal lloi-e, at his old established Veterinary Iiifirme.ry, at the sign of the Golden Horse, No. lit Chrystie, corner of Brooms alreel, N. V. Mr. Williams, in thauking his numerons friends for then kind patronage during a pviiou of seventeen years in hiaesten sive business in thjs city, receiving from sis to eight hundred horses per annum in his Infirmary, take, tins opportunity of in formimt tlieni tint lie has receiitl) still further improved his in firmary, and has lifted up a number of new and convenient rooms bos stalls for siclt horses, which will be attended to with his well known c.ire, punctuality and attentiou. 1'la-fai t of Mr. Williams bring regularly educated und brought up to the profession in I he armies of both England and F rance. .11(1 ha ving bad much esiarriruce, is a sufficient guarantee that those entilisting loin with the i ue of their hones, may rely upon the utmost -kill and attention bring paid tlirm. Mr. W illiama would also suggest to his friends lire advantages to be derived from employing hint in the examination of horsea for tale. Ilia service* a e offered tohoth the purchaser and teller, and his ac curate know 'edge of tin- perfect formation of lire horse cannot but piove beneficial to eitnrr party. I "" " it at No. Mr. Williams'Infirmary is at No. 131 Clirvstie street, wher* he it always to he found and consulted, and where horses com mitted to his charge will have the full henrlit of Ins care and long esperience. ilia charges are moderate and suited to the times. N. B.?The owners of horsea, and the public in general, are invited to call and esamine for themselves. au2J 3t*re aMM jga IN CONSEQUENCE of the ine'emenev ^*r^?^lg1*^llt^t.he?ORANU EXCURSION AROUND STATEN ISLAND, by the steamer SOUTH AMERICA, advertised for Thursday 22nd, was post|K)Red until TUESDAY nest, August 27th, oil which day the will make the Escursion, leaving the different landings at the hours stated in the adverti -einent, vis '.?Leaving Barclay slraet Wharf at 2 o'clock P. M.?Canal street at a quarter after 2 ?foot of Hammond street at h df-past 2?Catharine street wharf, E. It., at a quarter to 3?Catherine street, Brooklyn, at tan minutes to 3, and Pier No I N. R., at 3o'cloek. auti lt#p SECOND GRAND EXCURSION THISTLE BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION. From the numerous applications made to the Managers, and the treat number disappointed in participating in the enjoyment of the Escur sion to W est Point, on the IClh Hist., they rea|wctfully inform their friends aud llic public generafij'^that .they, have again en gaged the m gnifuriit steamer HOC 111 AMI RICA, under the command of the popular Captain Truetdell, fol a second Grand Excursion up the Hudson to West Point and New burgh, on FRIDAY,30th instant, thereby giving a rare chance of viewing at leisure the far-famed and romantic Scenery of this noble lliter. A splendid Band lias been engaged, and the celebrated Mr Parker tui again generously volunteered to le,d the Colillione. Sir. Isaac Edge, Jr., the Prince of Pyrotechnists, has also kindly promised to furuish for (lie occasion some of his meet brilliant Fireworks. Dinner provided on board. The Boa' w ill lease Catharine Ferry, Brooklyn, al 9 o'clock. A.M.; Catharine Market Slip 9)4; Barclay street 9],; ( anal at. 9)4; Stales Prison Docs 10 o'clock, and foot of 19th street 16V It is deemed almost unnecessary to acquaint the kind |?lrons of tin- "Thistle Benevolent Association, that 11* proceeds are applied indiscriminately to worthy objects of charity. Tickets for a Lady and Gentleman One Dollar?Single Tick ets Seventy-Five t ents, for the Excursion, lo l? had of JAM EH CI It It. President. Corner Canal and Hudson. W.M. RICHARDSON, V. P. Cor. Perry kGivenwtch. GEO. HAHR1BON, Treasurer Northern Hotel. A. CAMMERUN, Secreury 341 Hudson at. JAM. VIRTUE t or, lith st. and Jth avenue. JAM E8PIE f oot of 21ststreet, East River. JAH. Dl'Nl.AP John street. Brooklyn. MAJOR SINCLAIR 104 Heads street. WALTER I.EOOAT, 74 Hudson street. J B. WAIST) LL 88 Hudson street. V. CLIREHuGH 20i Broadway. JOHN PATTEN 73 Courtl iudt st. JAMES HARRISON Northern Hotel. JAH DAVIDSON -.. .44 ( lark-oa street. ROBERT M \ It SI I ALL G3I Broadway. JOHN PATTUtSM.N 93 Giemwirh Avenue. W'VI. ARMSTRONG, Corner of I9ih stand 10th A.e, aB< 11. GRIEVE No. J John stn-t. PETER MILNE. 17 Centre street. JOHN MARTIN.Corner Broome and Clinton street*. PETER McLUHKY 390 Hudson street. a ii 2.1 lw?ee FXC1U8ION TO TIIF. FISHINO BANKS. jgjt The Steemboet Ot.V. JACKSON, Captain Q| Hitchcock, ha* been chartered by Capt. Rirh ,Jff ' nil \ aim, Tor * criiid raeeraion to die Fiab ing i) i.ik, (in Monday, Jfcili of August, will Iraer ihe Pier font of I'ike ?? i, at 7)f, ami Pier No. I, North Hi??r at I o'clock Bait furnished on board gratia. A person will be in at tendance with Ijura. Rrfrrahmeiiu fumi.hed on board. The Oeit. JacaMM ha* hern put in complete repair, and by annul* at an ear I i hour, willgirr plenty of time for all in en joy llie ?port of fi htng. Capt. Yaim ia well acquainted with ihe IiiIii'ik ground*. On Xh.ud ry, tlie 12th mat., on board of the Robert n. Stereiia. of which Capt, Yates acted aa Pilot, waa caught upward, of 6,000 liali. If agree. ble to the company, a fiah chowder will be aereed up on ho iril, *r itia. fsrcf.u the i ?i:unipn $|, Ticket* for ante at C. \ outig'i, and R. Lewi*', corner of Pihe and South uropta. The (fen. Jacltaon will Irate at the foot of I'ibe ataeet. on Sunday aflemoon. Aug21 Jt'ec. p DEMOCRATIC JUBILEE. AND ORAM) ldX( UHSION TO TIIF, FISHINO B ANKS.- Ttn-diy, August 2i. The i.era aud fatortte steamboat RICH ? ? MONO, ( apt, XI. 'ihotnpoiii, will make aa aZa.-inn-ion to tin- Fishing Banki OB Tueedajr, Aiuuit 27th, tea tine tin- foot of 1'iki- street at half piat ? o'clb A. hi.; Catherine itrret 9 o'ch ck, Rooeetelt street quarter piat ?i and nier No, I N. K. at half p i?r 9, returning to the etty at a proper ROW iu tli# afwraonn, . . A p-r- n will be in attendant e with line# But ftimuhed fmtis. . , , A era id chowder and refreshment* seraed up on nnaru. A til r hand of muale, i d li, w ill accompany the boat. Panfoi theetcuraion Wcei t? *u?a it je T*WIN K?t5d bale* liriilpnrt fV-iie, Hewing. dill Net, Shad I and Broom Twiue, comprising ai?ery full aajortmeut, from iXtolBlht. Alao, Mbalrs of Sail IIw in.-, all of re. rnt impor talion ,n',l f.ctuierl eapreaaly for this niaiket with great can- fri.m the I eat material, ardformW ,n. ,e simable term* by eirXtrc- K K. ( OLI.lNB k CI) , 56 South at. QOTTON UlTck-1000 boita No- 1 1000 do Extra No. 1. MS do Eatra No. t. MO do No. J. jm do No. 4. 500 do No, V Manufactured with great care, and well worthy the attention of the i r tib I,'I cont'imera generally. For aalr in lot# to mit ??!,a,-r?, by F. K. COLLINS <A>.. ' altrc 56 BouUl MM