Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. X., Ho. 438?Whole Ho. 3838. NEW YORK, TUESDAY MORNING, AUGUST 27, 1844. Price Two Cents. THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newspaper?pub lished day of the year eacept New Year's Day and Fourth of July. Price 2 cents per copy?or $7 26 per annum?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6)4 cents per copy, or $3 12 per annum?post ages paid, cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing fast It hat the la+eet circulation of any paper in thit city, or the world, ondt is, therefore, the belt channel for bueinete men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate price, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PUOPUIBTOU OP THE IlKUALD ESTABLISHMENT, Northwest comer of Fulton and Nassau streets. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS. . Of 1200 tons and GO horse power each.? Under coutract with the Lords of the Ad.' imivtlty. IllBEHNIA. Captain Alexander Ryrie. CALEDONIA Captain Edward U. Loll. ACADIA.. Captain William Harrison. BRITANN IA Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA Captain C. H. E. Judkins. Will tail from Liverpool and Boston, via. Hiulfax, as follows: From Boston. From Liverpool. Caledonia, Lott... ... August 16th. ? Acadia, Harrison. ..Sept. 1st. August 4th. Hibernia, Ryrie " 16th. ,r 20th. These vessels carry experienced surgeons, and are supplied with Life Boats. For freight or passage, apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jun., Agent, &u5re No. 3 Wall street. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steamships ACADIA, and HIUKRN1A, will sail from Boston, for the above ports, as follows :? ACADIA, W. Harrison, Esq., Commander, on Sunday, Sep. 1. HIBERNIA, Alex. Ryrie, Esq., " on Monday, 16. Passage to Liveniool $120. Passage to Halifax 20. Apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr., Agent, _au22m 3 Wall street. 1844.] TIIE NEW STEAMBOAT [1844. EMPIRE, CAPTAIN D. HOWE, Will leave BUFFALO for CHICAGO, on FRIDAY, 23d of AOgust, atT P. M., ana lurform her trips regularly duringlthe sea son, as follows :? UP. DOW^N. LEAVES BUFFALO._ _ LEAVES t HICAftO. Saturday, Aug.23... at 9 A M, Monday, Sept. 16... at do Tuesday, Oct. 1... at do Weiluesday, " 16... at do Thursday " 31... at do Friday Aug. 33,... at 7 P. M Saturday, Sep. 7,... at do Monday, " 23... at do Tuesday, Oct. 8... at do Wednesday, " 23... at do Thursday, Nov.7... at do Friday, Nov. do The EMPIRE is 260 feet in length, 32 feet 8 incnR^eam, 14 feet 2 inches hold, measuring 1220 tons, and is the largest steam boat afloat in inland waters. Engine 600 horsepower, boilers Srovided with Evan's Patent Safety Vaires, to prevent the possi ility of an explosion. Tiie Cabin ts 230 feet long, with saparate Saloons for Ladies and Oentlemen?spacious State Rooms extend the whole length, ventilated by doors o|*ning from the inside and out, and all {tarts of the boat are finished and furnished in a style unequalled ty any other in the world. Ample accommodations for Steer age Passengers, in four large well veutilated Cabins, one of which Is appropriated exclusively to females. Trie boat is provided with a good band of musie. WiLKuvs, Marsh It Cs., Buffalo, I H. Norton It Co., Chicago, >Agents. J. N. Elbert. Detroit, J D. N. BARNEY, It CO., August 1, 1844. Cleveland. au8tonvlrc DEMOCRATIC JUBILEE. AND GRAND EXCURSION TO THE FISHING BAN KS.?Tuesday, August 27. | The new and favorite steamboat RICH ? MONO, Capt. M. Thompson, will make an .excursion to the Fishing Banks on Tuesday, August 27tii, leaving the foot of Pike street at half pasts o'clk A.M.; Catherine street 9 o'clock; Roosevelt street quarter past 9; and pier No, 1 N. R. at half past 9; returning to the city at a proper hour in the afternoon. A persoii will he in attendance with lines. Bait furnished gratis. A grand chowder and refreshments served up on board. A fine band of music, and minstrels, will accompany the boat. Fare for the excursion 50 cents. au24 3t*je SECOND GRAND EXCURSION or THE -THISTLE BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION. From the numerous applications made to the 'Managers, and the great number disappointed -in participating ill tiie enjefyment of the Excur sion to West Point, on the 16th inxt., they res|iectfully inform their frieudx and the public generally, that they have again en gaged the maguilicent steamer SOUTH AMERICA, under the command of the popular Captain Truesdell, for a second Grand Excursion up the Hudson to Weat Point and Newburgh, on FRIDAY,36th instant, thereby giving a rare chance of viewing at leisure the far-famed and romantic Scenery of this noble River. A splendid Band has been engaged, and the celebrated Mr Parker has again generously volunteered to lead the Cotillions. Mr. Isaac Edge, Jr., the Prince of Pyrotechnists, has also kindly promised to furnish for the occasion some of his most brilliant Fireworks. .Dinner provided on board. Tiie Boat will leave Catharine Ferry, Brooklyn, at 9 o'clock, A.M.; Catharine Market Slip 9&; Barclay street 9%; Canal st. States Prison Dock 1U o'clock, and foot of 19tli street I0>?. It is deemed almost nnnecessary to acquaint the kind patrons of the "Thistle Benevolent Association,'' that the proceeds are applied indiscriminately to worthy objects of charity. Tickets for a Lady and Gentleman One Dollar?Single Tick ets Seventy-Five Cents, for the Excursion, to be had or JAMES CURR, President. .Corner Canal and Hudson. WM. RICHARbsON. V. P. Cor. Perry fc Greenwich. GEO. HARRISON, Treasurer Northern Hotel. A. CAMMERON, Secretary 344 Hudsonsl JAS. VIRTUE Cor. 15th st. and 6th avenue. JAS. ESPIE, Foot of 21ststreet, East River. JAS. DUNLAP John street, Brooklyn. MAJOR SINCLAIR 104 Reads street. WALTER LEOOAT 74 Hudson street. J. B. WAISTKLL 86 Hudson street. V. CL1REHUGH 206 Brosdway. JOHN PATTEN 79 Courtlandt st. JAMES HARRISON Northern Hotel. JAS. DAVIDSON, 44 Clarkson street. ROBERT MARSHALL 651 Broadway. JOHN PATTERSON, 93 Greenwich Avenue. W.Vl. ARMSTRONG, Corner of 19tli stand 10th Ave. ARCH. GRIEVE, No. 5 John street. PETER MILNE, 17 Centre street. JOHN MAKTlN.Corner Broome and Clinton streets. PETER McLUSKY 390 Hudson street. au23 lw*ec FOK BATH, GARDINER AND HALLOWELL. The new steamer PENOBSCOT, Captain ?N. Kimball, leave* the end of T wharf, Boston, mKtery Tuesday and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Stages will be in readineea on her arrival at the above placet, to convey passenger* to ttie neighboring towns. FLEA8ANT AND CHEAP EXCURSIONS. SUifhUK JWIUINGEMRNT NEW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND. (STATEN ISLAND,) XND NEW YORK KEllRY. From Pier No. I, North River, foot of Battery Place. The Steamboat CINDERELLA, will run as "follows. Daily, from May 30th to October 1st, IMt}?Leaves New York at 9 and II o'clock, 1.. at 3>i, 8 audi P.M. la-aves Port Rienmond, at 30 minutes to I, and 10 minutes to II A. M.;atl, 4H and6X P.M. Leaves New Brighton a} 0 and 10 A. M.j at IX, & and 7X P. M. On Sunday?Leaves New York, at 9 and 11 A. M.; at 3, 6 and t P. M. Leaves Port Richmond, at 30 minutes to 8 and 10 A.M; at 1.3 and 7M P. M. New York, May 18, 1044. mvll 6m*re SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. NEWARK AND NEW YORK. FARE ONLY CENTS. THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OAFFY. Ou and after Monday, May 13, will run as ? follows :?Leave Newark, toot of Centre at, at _ mlH A. M. and IX P. M. Leave New York, foot of Barclay st. at 10 A. M. ana 4 P. M. On Stmdaya? Leave Newark at 8 A. M. and 3 P. M. and New York atlOA. M. and 4 P. M. Freight carried at very reasonable rates. May tilth, 1811. aplrc NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. FffiR ALBANY AND TROY.-Moming ? Line from the foot bf Barclay street, lauding -at intermediate places. 'J lie Steamer E.viriRK, Captain 8. R. Roe, Monday, Wednes day and Friday Morning at 7 o'clock. The Steamer TROY, Captain A. Gorham, Tuesday, Thurs day and Saturday Morning, at 7 o'clock. Evening Line from the foot of Courtlandt street, direct. The Steamer SWALLOW, CapUtin A. McLean, Monday, cast or west. For passage or freight, apply on board, or at the offices on the wharves. ,nJ5r<L STATEN ISLAND FE RRY. "FOOT OF WHITEHALL." (The Boats will run as follows until further notice ' LEAVE NEW YORK: ?, 8, 9, 19, 11. A. M.i I. 3. 3X' 1. 6. 7, P. M. LfciAVF. STATfcN ISLAND : 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, A. M.; 1, 3, 3, 4, J, 0, 7V. P. M. On Sundays, every hour, from 8 A. M. to 7 r. M.?1 P. M. egcepted. FORT HAMILTON AND NEW YORK. Leave New York. 0 A. M.: 3X P. M. " Fort Hamilton 7* li. M.; 4X P. M. (Sundays excepted.) . CLIFTON AND NEW YORK. Leaves New York. 4 A.M.; J and 3,4 P. M. " Clifton, 7X A. M.iSX and 4* P. M. j30 (Sunday s excepted.) Adjr FOR LIVERPOOL?New Lh^Reaular Packet kUafWof .80th.St-IA?The splendid faat sailing Packet Ship SfiSkSHLKIU VN, ( apLajn F. A. D<>Peyster, of 1100 tons, Will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for tpmidor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall straet, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO, 86 South street. Price of Passage, f 100. Shippers by this line may rely upon having their goods sor rectly measured, and that the ships of this line will sail punc tually at advertised. The packet ship Garrick, Capt. B. J. H. Trask, will succeed the Sherideu, end sail 3tth October, her regular day. au83ec FOR HAVRE?TV* superior Coppered and copper ' )M1Vfastened French bargue L 1NCA, Captain Uervaia, JMHfcwill sail on or about the 30th mstaut. For freight or PEOPLE'8 LINE OF STEAMBOA'18 FOR ALBANY. DAILY, Sunday! excepted?Through direct, at 7 1*. M., frum he Steamboat Pier between Courtl.imlt aiid Liberty streets. jI KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. P. St. John, Monday, Wedneaday and Friday Evening* at 7. Tl* Steamboat ROCHESTER. Captain A. Houghton, on Tuesday. Tiiureday and Saturday Evenings, at 7. At Five o'clock, P. M.?Lauding at Intermediate Place*. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain William. H. Feck, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Afternoons, at 5 o'clock The Steambeat NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. O. Crut teiideii, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at J o'clock. ? {rr* e'th,r of the above lines will arrive in Albany iu ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars f*r tlie east or west. The boats are new and substantial, are fur uished with new and elegant state rooms, and for lived and ac commodations, are unrivalled on the Hudtou. r,"r I'*"8*8 or freight, apply on board, or to P. C.. Schnltz, at the Olllce on the wharf. autfirrc FOR LONDON.?Packet of the 10th Sept.? Thei splendid new Packet Ship NORTH UMBER , lLAND, Captain R. H. Griswold, sails positively as aboveher regular day. This ship hat excellent accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers. These wishiug to secure berths shoals not fail to make earlylapplication on board, or to vv! 8t J. T. TAPSC&TT, a27ec 76 Sonth street, corner of Maiden Lane. FOR LI V EKl'OOL?Regular Packet of the 6lh Sept.?The first class, fast sailing, regular Packet ?Ship AHHBURTON, Captain Huttleson, will sail as above, her regular day. Having sui>erior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, iiersons intending to embark should make immediate application on boarik foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, corner of Sonth. The above will be succeeded by the Packet Ship Stephen Whitney, Captain Thompson, and will sail on the 11th of Sept, her regular day. N. B.?Persons desirous of sending for their friends, can have them brought out in either of the above vessels or in any of the regular packets, sailing weekly, by applying as above, if by letter, post j>aid. P. 8. Drafts given, payable at sight for any amount, on the Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at tlNir respective branchee throughout the country ; also, on Messrs. Spooner, Atwood It Co., Quakers, London, payable iu every town in Great Britain. an fire FOR LIVERPOOL.?The splendid fast sailing new ship COLUMBUS, Captain Cole, will sail on , ithe 1st of September. or passage, having superior accommodations, apply to ? ^ JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street, near Wall. N. H. Passage from Liverpool cau stall times ue secured by tlie regular packets sailing from that port every five days, at the lowest rates, and Drafts can, as usual, be furnished lor any amount, |>ayable at all tlie principal banlu and their branclies throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, on applies tiou as above. au27m FOR LIVERPOLL?Packet of tke 1st September. ?The splendid, fast sailing packet ship COLUMBUS iCapiain Cole, sails positively us above, her regular is ship lias excellent accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers. Those wishing to secure berths, should not fail to make early application on board, or to W.bJ.T. TAl'sCOTT. an|7ec 76 South at. cor. Maiden lane, For pta* superior ship offers a most desirable conveyance i bin, second cabin and steerage paaseugsrs, who will be taken on moderate terms. Apply on board, at Murray's wharf, foot of Wall street, or to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street, N, B.?The subscriber will have a regular succession of first class ships sailing; weekly for New Orleans, in which! the pas sengers accommodations will be made very comfortable. Apply as above. au27m FOR LONDON?Regular Packets of the 1st Jept. ?The first class, fast sailing regularpacket ship ST. JAMES, Capt. Myers, will sail as above, her regular m Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, parsons intending to embark, should make immediate application on board, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, comer of South street. N. B.?Persons desirous of sanding for their friends, can have them brought out in the above vessel or any of the regular pack ets tailing weekly, by applying as above, if by letter post paid. P. S.?Drafts given, payable at sight for any amount, on tlie Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at thair respective branches throughout the country; alto, on Messrs. Spooner, Atw ood It Co., Bankers, London, payable in every town iu Great Britain. au22rc FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Regular PWPacket 21st September.?The splendid, new, New fcVork buit packet ship QUEEN OF THF. WEST, -apiaiu Philip Woudhouse, 1250 tons burlheru, will tail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having elegant and superior accommo dations, unsurpassed by any snip in port, apply on board, west side Burling Blip, or to WOODHULUR MINTURN3, 87 South street. Price of Passage $100. The packet ship Rochester. Captain Ira Britton, master, 800 tons burthen, will succeud the Queen of the West, and sail on her regular day, 21st October. au22rc BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVER. POOL PACKETS?FOR LIVERPOOL?Only gular packet sailing on the 1st of September.?Tlie well-known fast sailing favorite packet ship COLUMBUS, Captain A. Cole, Commander, will tail positively on Mondoy, 2d of September, her regular day. It is well known that ths accommodations of the "Colum bus" and all tlie eight ships of this line, are fitted out in a most costly style, with every modem improvement and conveni ence, that cannot but add to the comfort of cabin, 2d cabin, and steerage passengers. Those visiting the old country will, at all times, find it their interest to select tliese desirable conveyances in preference to any other. For terms of passage and to secure the best berths, early application ahould be made on board, foci of Beekman street, or to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO., 85 Fulton street, next door to tire Fulton Bank. P. 3.?The Columbus tails from Liven>ool on the 16th of Sep tember. Persons sending for their friends can have them brought out in bet, or in any of the packets comprising this magnificent and unequalled line, sailing from that port, punctually on the 1st and 16th of each month. For terms of passage apply as above. The new and mat niflehnt packet ship Yorkshire will succeed the Columbus, aud sail for Liverpool ou the 16th of September, her regular day. au22rc PACKET FOR HAVRE?(Second Line)?The ?hip OTICA, Frederick Hewitt, Muter, will Mil on the .let of September, igiit or pauup. apply to. BOk'U k H1NCKEN, No. ? Tonthie Building, corner Wall and Water itreets. FOR NEW-ORLEANS-UNION LINE OF PACKERS?Positively Firat Regular Packet?To uli iu a few daya. Tlie eery anperior, faat aailing packet IANA, Capt. J. S. Bennett. Persons wishing to embark for the South ahnuld make early application to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine atreet, corner of Sonth. P. S.?The accoinmodationa for paaaengera are very auperior, and bertha can be secured by applying as above. au22rc ~FOR NEW ORLEANS?Firat Regular Pack*^ M\HtVTb? very auiwrior, faat Bailing packet ship WABASH, JMMMmLupuiii Miapier. Persona wisliing to embark for the south, alioula make early application to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South. P. H.?The accommodations for passengers are very su|wrior, and berths can be secured by applying as above. uiirc Tig- EXCHANGE ON ' ENOLAND, IRELAND, NHfflySCOTLAND AND WALES.?The Snhscribw has all times for sale Drafts from ?1 to ?1000, pa vat,It at all the principal Banking Institutions throughout the United Kingdom. JOHN 11KRDMAN, #1 South at. NT B. Passage to and from Liverpool can be secured at the lowest rates by any of the line of packets sailing on the 1st. 6lli, lltli, 16th, 21st and 20 th of each month, on application as above. FOR NEW ORLEANS.?LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE..?Warrantrdfirst regular Pack KENA.sC bet?The eitra fast sailing coppered packet ship Lv'j nEN A, |Capt Uniuhart, having two-thirds of lier cargo en gaged and ou board, will no doubt be full ty-morrow. early nest. Eur freight or passage, having handsome furnished accoma . dations, apply on board, at Orlc uis Wharf, foot of Wall street, ?r to E. K. COLLINS k CO., 56 South street. Shippers may rely upon having their goods correctly mea sured, and that the ships of this flue sail punctually as adver tised. Agents in New Orleans?Messrs. Hullen and Woodruff, who Will promptly forward alt goods to their address. This packet ship IJrneeee, Capt Miuot, will succeed the Lo lena, and Mil 5th Sept. a25 ec ??? PA8SAUE FOR NEW ORLEANS?Hirst Puck MJWWet-The splendid fast sailing and favorite Packet Ship dHU&SOUTH CAROLINA, Captain Owen, 1250 tons buriiiiMi, will sail |>ositively as above. The accommodations of this fine ship for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers cannot be sur|aiased. Those about proceeding to New Orleans would do well to select this line ship. Apply onboard, at pier 11 E. 1L. (first pier below Wall ?t.) or to W. k. J. T. TAPSCOtT, 70Bouth street, au20h a corner Maiden lane. E'OR NEW ORLE1ANS.?Positively First Packet Ship.?The splendid, fast sailing ship SOUTH CA ROLINA, Caut. Owen, having nearly all her cargo on board, will l>e despatched in a few days. This splendid ship nas unsurpassed accommodations for ca bin, second habiii and steerage passengers, who will be taken at reasonable rates, if early application is made to JOHN HH1RDMAN, 61 South street. N.B. TUn subscriber will have a regular succession of tint class ships, Miling weekly for New Orleans, in which the pas senger accommodations will be made very Comfortable. Apply as above. jr Itu2lec veryno mrs i Will deaii ihip, weekly for the above port; and great care will be LINE OF PACKET SUfPS FOR NEW OR LE". AN 8.?The subscriber Will despatch a first class class , ill be taken to have the accommodations for sedbnd cabin and steerage passengers, fitted up in the most comfortable manner. H'or fur ther pLiiculars apply to % CJ. lbERDMAN, aullm * " 61 South street. PASSAGE FOR~~N~ORLEA N8?The fast ? sailing and favorite locket ship LORENA, Captain gUnqiiehart, will have immediate despatch. She has accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage pasMtngers, who will lie taken a^ low rati-, if early application be made on board, fool of Wall -street, or to W. ?t J. T. TAP8COTT, an21 n# 76 South street, comer Maiden Lane. LEECH MB?LEECHES? LEECHES. QK finn SWE:EDI8H?AND GERMAN LEEC11ES OUjv/UV/ Just received by th? Havre Packet, for Mle whole sale and retail at the most moderate prices, by . C. J. FERDINAND k COPPA, Importers of Leeches, an5 lm"e?- 114 Nassau street. N Y. TO MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN WOOLLENS. HENRY MIG EON, piORNER of Laight and Washington streets, New York, Hinisher of Cloths, CaMimeres, Satinets, kc.. respectfully informs tlie manufacturers and dealers in woollens, that his establishment is aB in successful operation, ami that lie is pre Cred to execute promptness, all orders in his line that may confided to Jim. S|a-cimens of his workmanship may la seen on application to the gentlemen whose names are annexed, and to whom be liaa liberty to refer. Orders may be left at 63 and til Pine street. REFERENCES. Wolcott k Slade, 6t Pine street. W. C. Lang ley, 6] Pini. street, llalated. Haines k Co., 31 NaiMu street. 1). Brigham, 60 Pine street. H. J. Jones k Co., 12 Pine street. an23 lm*rc 1FURNI9HED ROOM TO LET-Without hoaril, in house r 66 Greenwich street, where there are no boarders taken. Ap M y on the premises. au22 8trc F'lar"-"" TO CITY AN1) COUNTRY MERCHANTS. five per cent cash store, 10 Collar Street. T'HR SUBSCRIBERS offer a choice and well selected stock ?*. of Dry Good* at an advauce of but five i?er cent on tlie actual cost. Country Merchants will And it greatly to their ad vantage to call u|>on us in order to ascertain the market value of goods, eveu it they do not iiiteud to purchase. The attenliou of city dealers is also requested. Our good* are all marked in figures, and the commission charged at die foot of the bill. A call is respectfully solicited by HUTCH1NGS, CA8WELL k SMITH, Kive Per Cent Store, au24 lin*rc 16 street, near Pearl street. rPAKE NOTICE.?The Subscriber coutinues to practice on 1 die same terms that he has for the last ten years nasi in the city of New York, namely?to alteud to every branch of sick ness that the human uature is subject to, particularly in such cases as are of loug standing and appear incurable. lie wishes such to call on him, and they shall receive the first medicine and attendance gratis. Office No. 67 lteade street, a few doors north from Broadway. 8. HEINE, M. 1). au22 lm*m Hermsn I'hv.ieiee MUUVtn?r,b 06 CU.. OQ HOLD STREET, NEW YORK, Manufacture all Ariz sorts of GLASS, aud cut and match it to any pal terns. , Constantly on hand, a complete assortment of every de scriiitiou. All kinds of Glass uiade'and cut to order. Tliey also manufacture Solar Lamps, Chandeliers, Giran doles, Candelabras, Suspending Solar, from 1 to 12 lights ; Hall Lamiis and Lanterns of any size and patterns ; also, Camphine Lamps ; Astral, altered to Solar. Country mwchantl and oth ers will liud it to their interest to call as above, or at their De pot, 3 John street, near Broadway, where they cnn obtain arti cles of the best quality, warranted, and at very low prices, wholesale and retail. Goods loaned for parties. jy26 lin*ec TOSErH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS-The subscriber has " on hand and is constantly receiving fresh supplies of the. above well known Pens?consisting in part of lite Croton (new) on cards, engraved views. American Barrel Pen (new.) .Magcmin Bonum Commercial Pen. Prince Alliert's, engraved and medallion heads. Patent Slips in morocco cases,containing one dozen liens each, 12 boxes in each packet. Damascus do do do School Pen do do do Pateut Slips, white and bronze. Principality, fine, extra flue and medium i>oinCi. Caligraphic, Washington Not. 9 and 10. Damascus, Victoria extra fine point. Peruvian, New York Fountain. Ladies' Pen, Luna, Eagle, Double Damascus. School Pen, Public Pen. Queen's Own Pen, Baronial, Collegiate, Not. 1 and 2. A large stock of ta-ns in boxes of one gross each, of various degrees of points and quality, marked aud un-marked. The above, together with a good stock of "Windle't" and "Motley's" Pens, for sale to the trade, by HENRY JESSOP. au24 lw*m 91 John street, corner of Gold. LITHOGRAPHY. FALL BUSINESS.?Merchants, Manufacturers and others, who require Business Cards of their Establishments, Cir culars, Bill Heads, Drawings in Architecture,(Machinery and Landscape Maps, kc., and Publishers who require Illustrations of Books, Periodicals, and Music Pieces, may have the work executed in the best style and 011 moderate terms, at E. JONES' Lithographic Establishment. 128 Kulton srreet, New York. N. B.?Drawings and Specifications for Patents, augt lm?ec COTTAGE ON THE CLIFF. AT THE GREAT FALLS ON THE PASSAIC. THE PROPRIETOR has the pleasure of announcing to the lovers of the sublime and beautiful, that the new Cottage on the old sitrg is now complete and ready for tlie reception of visi* tors, where they can be accommodated with a variety of refresh ments, at the shortest notice. Tp inhale the refreshing breeze from this lofty eminence, and behold the unpamlleled beauty of the ever chaugiug landscape, and linger in the shade of the lofty oaks, whose wide spread branches invite to health and cheerfulness. TARGET EXCURSIONS?This delightful place is admi rably fitted by nature for this manly and patriotic exercise, pre senting a rock of more than two hundred feet in height, shelter ed by beautiful forest trees, and cooled by tlie rushing waters of the Passaic. '1 he railroad cars leave Jersey City for Paterson at 6 and 9 A M., aud return at 4 P. M. On Sundays, leaves Jersey City at 9 A. M., and return at 6 P. M. Fare to Paterson, 37)6 cents. an3 lm*rc GREAT TROTTING AT ALBANY. iiui-ij o ttr,nu i/uutvoti. N Wednesday, August 28th, at 4 o'clock, P.M., a Pursa of 8260 will lie given, mile lieats, best three in five, in harness, 1 for all trotting horses, carrying 146 pounds. The following BULL'S IIEAD COURSE. QN Wednesday, August 28th, at 4 o'clock, P. M., a Pursa of frrsf ? entries are made :? D. Bryan, gr. m. Lady Suffolk. 8. Coop br. g. Cayuga Chief. E. Simmons,... - gr. g. Washington. A. T. D., b. g. Moscow. 1 Also, on Tuesday, 27th inst.. at 3 o'clock. P.M., a Purse of $1181, mile heats, best three in five, under the saddle, carrying what they please, free for all trotting horses lliat have never won a purse over $60, not excepting Plumb Bob. The follow ing en tries are made :? Gen. Dunham, bay mare Fashion. O. Crane grey mare roily Roe. D. Bryan, black mare Coquet. au26 2t* rrc CENTREVILLE COURSE. L. I. UNPRECEDENTED NOVELTY'. ? A Purse of $1000 will be given by the Proprietors of the above Course, free for all horses, both pacers and trotters, to go as they please, carrying catch weights, to perform the distance of20 miles within the hour. The lirst horse performing tlie distance to re ceive $800; the second best $20(1. Should the distance not be performed within tlie hour, tlie first horse out to receive the $200. The above to come off the 7th day of October?'Three or more to make a field. Entries to close at Jones' Second Ward Hotel, Nassau street, the 10th Sept., by 9 o'clock, P. M. The terms of entrance are 2)6 per cent, except bv the winning horses, which will he charged the usual entrance of 10 per cent. au26 3t*rrc A "PARIS MILLENARY ESTABLISHMENT IN NEW YORK. 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Rooms hays been furnished exclusively for ladle* at No. 4 no V?s?r Itrest, having a separate enirancs from the business de partment, where a lady u in cunstant attendance r? apply Trusses and Supporter* to fsnais patient* anil lmrru From tlw Nashville Union, 17th in?L The Great National Democratic Mann Con vention at Naahvlllo. Fifty Thousand American Freemen Assembled in Council on the Banes ok the Cumberland, in the Valley of the Mississippi, and in the Neigh borhood of the Hermitage !? We hasten to an nounce through an extra slip, that the great Cen tral Mass Meeting yesterday, at Camp Hickory, in the vicinity of Nashville, was one of the greatest and most brilliant unpular gatherings ever known. On Wednesday.Nashville, from sunrise to sunset was as a Military Camp. On every road to the city waa to be seeu approaching companies, battallions, regiments, mounted and on foot, with their bands of music, their banners and their mottos, on their way to this great encampment of the sovereign people. Their reception by the city escort; the ioud, continued, and almost deafening huzzas with which they were greeted by our citizens who sur rounded the public square, and literally crowded the balcony of the Nashville inn, far surpassed any thing ol the kind we ever witnessed. The ladies, too, were there. Their white handker chiefs waving from almost every house, and their bright smiles beaming from every window, in ap proval of the magnificent display. All who conld not be accommodated at public and private houses within the city, repaired to the encampment of the people, and there pitched their tents. After the lighting of candles lor the night, the Hon. Thomas F. Marshall, of Kentucky, addressed thousands in front of the Court Home on the an nexation of Texas. On Thursday morning, at day-break, a national salute aroused us from our slumbers; the streets were soon crowded, and the road to Camp Hickory was tilled with passengers, who continued to move in that direction until 11 or 12 o'clock, when the great grove of that camp, fifty acres in extent, was as full as it could hold. There were two miles of table on which the great dinner was served. Gov. Cass made the first speech; and it waa one of unsurpassed eloquence and power. Mr. Melville, ot New York, followed with a thrilling, edifying, and instructive speech?eliciting the most rapturous applause at the turn of every period. Mr. Hise, of Kentucky, addressed the multitude with great ability, and so did Gen. McCalla of the same State. Meantime Gov. Clay, of Alabama, Judge Bow lin, of Missouri, and Messrs. Terry and Thompson, of Alabama, were addressing immense crowds at other pointB of the encampment. There never waa any thing like this in the West before. We have neither time or space for anoth er word on the glorious subject to-day. Tennessee is safe! OFFICERS OF THE MEETING. When the prooesaioH formed in the city arrived, and the meeting came to order. Major A. J. Donel son, from the Committee of Arrangements, an nounced the following appointment of officers of the Convention, which were ratified by acclama tion Hon. Cave Johnson, President. Vice Prnidentt.?Major Thos. Brown of Roane, Col. Robert B. Reynolds of Knox, Major Isaac Taylor of White, Gen. Win, Moore of Lincoln, Dr. Wallace Estill of Franklin, Major W. G. Chil dress of Williamson, Charles Bradley, Esq , ol Wilson, Col. George Elliott of Sumner, Ool. Ed wards of Dickron, Dr. W. E. Butler of Madison, Col. J. M. Jones of Fayette, Col. J. W. Dewitt of Henry, Major William Lowry of Warren, Gen. Pritcnard Allen of Lawrence, Col. Eason Jones of Haywood, Major W. P. Oldham of Shelby, Gen. G. J. Pillow of Maury, Samuel Vance, Esq. of Cannon, George C. Conrad of Robertson, Gen. Adrian Northern! of Grundy Secretariee ?Col. Samuel H Laughlin of War ren, Win. L Berry, Esq. of Lincoln, D. G. Gas kill, Esq. of Sumner, C. J. Dickinson, Esq. of Maury. The Hon. C. Johnson, on taking the Chair, de livered an eloquent and dignified address, thanking his fellow citizens for the honor they had just con ferred on him. He expressed himsell most happy in seeing the present vast assembly of his fellow citizens, including so large a share of ladies?so large a portion of the youth, beauty and matron age of Tennessee and neighboring States?who had come out to honor the occasion oy their presence. He said that he was proud to see the great number of friends from other States?who had met their Democratic brethren ot Tennessee here, and all for the purpose of giving a hearty response to the Democratic nominations for the Presidency and Vice Presidency. He said that he felt more pride on being able to say, that this meeting?its pur poses and objects?the feelings of all present as tea tified by being here?enabled him on this occasion, and in presence of this great assembly, to give a direct contradiction to the false charge of disunion, and a wish to dissolve the Union, which had been propagated by the Whig press of this and other states, against those concerned in calling and get ting up tne present meeting. He Baid he would now, once for ail, in the presence of this assembly and Heaven, say, on the part of the whole Democ racy of Tennessee, and for the Democracy of the South and Southwest, and for the Democracy ol the whole Union, that these charges were wholly untrue?that there is no ground or pretext, in truth, upon which such charges could rest?and that he appealed to this whole assembly to testify for him, and the Democracy of the Union, that the allega tions were false. He said he felt fully authorized to say, for himself and this whole assembly, in the language ot the time-honored inmate of the Her mitage, here in the immediate neighborhood of that great citizen, that "the Union must bb ire- | served"? and, Mr. J. added, that he felt justified to say lor this assembly, that the Union SHALL be preserved These declarations were respond ed to by the shouts, applause and acclamations of thousands upon thousands of voices. Mr. J. concluded by saying that the scene before his eyes?the news from every direction?the daily evidences of our own senses, all serve to assure us of a glorious victory in November. He added that he would not detain the meeting, but would call upon a distinguished soldier of the last war: a ripe statesman, who had stood with General Jackson in his administration?and who had represented hiscountry in toreign Courts with great honor and advantage to his country, to address the meeting. He said he would introduce r soldier who had broken his sword and thrown it away in the last war.when Hull made his cowardly surrender to the British in the northwest, rather than let it iall into the hands of the enemy. He then introduced to the meeting General Lewis Cass, of Michigan. We did not attempt a sketch of the eloquent and powerful speech which was made by Gen. Cass, for we felt that nothing short of its publication en tire, word for word, ana sentence lor sentence, as he uttered it to admiring thousands, would award to him a full measure ot justice. We hope to be able to obtain a report of it. It was the master ef fort cf a great statesman, and the popular thunders of applause with which it was received by the fifty acres of freemen in attendance, rang through the valleys, and reverberated from hill to hill unlike aught that we had ever heard before. The sppechofGansevoort Melville,of New York, was thrilling, powerful, and withal beautiful. It was rich, racy, and highly entertaining, replete with sound doctiine, chaste pleasantry, and true elequence. From notes taken in haste, we hone to be able to present at least an outline of Mr. Melville's able, speech. He assured the democra cy of Tennessee of the most hearty, zealous, and cordial support of the democracy of the great Em pire State is support of Polk, Dallas and Annexa tion?that he had come to give this assurance and pledge from the Democracy ol the gTeat State in which a Van Buren and a Wright had their home ?and also to sssure this meeting of the sincere, nohle, and zealous support which those eminent citizens ol the Republic were giving to the republi can nominees for the Presidency and Vice Presi dency. He (urther assured the meeting that there was no division in the support of these nominations among the Democracy of New York, whatever the voice of misrepresentation might say to the contrary. Gov. C Glay, of Alabama: Hon. Mr. Powlin, member of Congress from Missouri; Gen. J M' Cnlla, ol Kentucky; Mr McDonnell, of Illinois; Col. V. Terre, the Speaker of the Alabama Sen ate; Hon. E. Hise, ol Kentucky: Judge J. C. Thompson, of Alabama; Mr. Brignt, of Lincoln, Tennessee; and Mr. Watson, of Alabama, several ly made able, eloquent and heart-cheering addres ses. There were three several stands erected, at suitable distances Irotn each other, and there was continued speaking from each during the day.? Such was the vast number of auditors, that not i withstanding this arrangement, all could not ap proach the stands in convenient hearing distance. In the progress of the whole day's proceedings the utmost good order prevailed. It is true, that shout alter shout, huzza after huzza at every happy sen nually timent expressed by the speaker, continually rent the air, but there was no disorder or confusion,even at the tables during the time of refreshment. No spirituous liquors ot any kind were permitted to be publicly brought on the ground. Not the slight est appearance or sign ol intoxicatiou was seen on the ground. Much wss the regulation of the Peo ple's Encampment at Camp Hickory. Let it b? expressly noted and held in romem brance, and we wish the Whit? press to notice the fact, that every speaker from the North, South, East, and West?evety gentleman who addressed the meeting or any portion of the people, since the Convention assembled, has replied the charge ol disunion us brought against the Democracy, or the real democracy of any portion of the Union, with indignation and contempt. Every speaker has pro nounced the charge in any and every sense as be ing false and untrue. The Hon. President of the Convention first repelled it: then Lieu. Cass re pelled it; Mr Melville repelled it; Mr. llise re pelled it; Gov. Clay repelled it; Mr. Marshall re pelled it, and so did every Speaker throughout; and the whole mass of the Democracy of the Con vention resiled it, on the appeal of the President, by a lo.'d, long, indignant snout of condemnation. Let the Whigs and Whig press, we say again, note this In it they may read their own condemna tion, as well as all who have dared to propagate the slander. Th<* Hon. A. V. Brown, Hon. A. Cullom, and Hon. Ct. W. Jones, members of Congress, und other distinguished citizens of Tennessee, were present on the occasion, but preferred to In-ar their friends from other States speak to speaking themselves. Letters from the following gentlemen, who were unable to intend, were rend amidst thunders of applause : ? lion. James Buchanan, Hon. Silas Wright, Hon. Levi Woodbury, Gov. Fairfield, Hon. Mareus Morton, Hon. ltichurd M Johnson, Hon. W. R Dauforth, Hon. K. M. Sauiidt rs, Hon. George McDutlie, Hon. Robert J. Walker. Winchester, Vs. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Winchester, Frederick Co., Va , Aug. 22. Whig Mass Meeting?Mr. Rives' Speech?Full and b xplicit adoption of Whig Measures?Mr. Stnart and Mr. Rives, Candidates for the Sen ate? Want of Faith in Rives?Confidence in Stuart?Probable} result?Methodist Camp Meet ing Described?Democratic Mass Meeting to be held?Virginia tare for Polk and Dallas. Friend Bennett?The Whigs of this Congres sional District are now holding a grand mass meet ing one mile from this place. 3000 men present, gflOO ladies of the first water. Free Dinner for all parties?bountiful proviBiou?excellent arrange ments?well managed affair throughout. Mr. W. C. Rives spoke for three hours to-day. He made a full and comprehensive recantation of his politi cal aberrations on the Bank, Tariff, Mandamus and Distribution questions He denounced Polk per sonally find politically. He extolled Mr. Clay to the eighth Heaven. He reviewed the history of Mr..Van Buren's administration, and said that in the election of Mr. Polk, the odious system of measures of Mr. Van Buren, including the Swart wouting, the 20,000 standing army?all except the bub-Treasury, which was killed beyond resuscita tion, would be revived. But the great feature of Mr. Rives' speech was, the asking of forgiveness for his political delinquencies, and the full and free absolution granted. Mr. Stuart, of Augusta, speaks to-morrow ; also Cost Johnson and others. Mr. Stuart is also a Whig candidate in oppositipn to Mr. Rives for the U. S. Senate, and such is the lack of faith among the Whigs in the fidelity of Mr. Rives, that many are of opinion that Mr. Stuart will give him a tough contest in the Legislature.? Mr. Rives' speech to-day|was evidently intended for the Senate. For several days past this deponent has been at tending a Methodist Camp Meeting eight miles up the Valley. The vast number of tents, wagons, carriages, Aec., of every description, gave to the encampment the appearance of a modern congre gation of the Israelites |on their way to the Pro mised Land Twenty-five preachers present?seve ral thousnnd beautilul young women?singing, shouting, praying, preaching, exhorting, courtiDg, with nocturnal depredations upon femenine frailty, were the great moral and religious characteristics of the meeting. But we must not forget the eat ing?never have we seen people gormandize with such an unanimity of purpose. Hams, legs ol mutton and mutton legs, eggs, chickens, (the live ones were incessantly crowing all over the ground, and the dead ones, fried, roasted, and stewed,) were nil the time upon every table on the premises. Sundry conversions wore made ; and several pretty young girls, in the ecstacy of their liberation from sin, screamed most frightf ully. But the Lord did uot, to a great extent, pour out his spirit upon the meeting, although twenty-five preachers, and five hundred brethren and sisters co-operated to bring down the blessing. The blacks had an encampment in the rear of the preacher's stand, and their revival, as usual, was transcendently rich. Hundreds, of all ages and Bexes, piled up together in a small shanty, yel ling, screaming, groaning, laughing, squalling, snorting, puffing, blowing, sweating and stinking, writhing, hugging, kicking, kissing, howling, growling and stamping, presented a scene which would have paralyzed a South Sea Islander with fear, pity, and disgust. But they were happy, poor creatures, and that's enough. Half a mile off", the loalers had an encampment? where fighting, drinking, horse-racing, gambling, and politics were the order of the day. It wus dangerous for a man in a decent coat to trespass upon their ground. Altogether, we believe the evil at this camp meeting counterbalanced the good. The devil maintained his footing; and it was certainly n 5 drawn game." Several children were baptized at the altar?one narnvri Henry Clay ; and when the minister announced the name, an old brother, in a corner of the pen, involuntarily exclaimed. " The Lord help htm!" which caused a deal ol merriment. The democrats have a mnss meeting at Win chester, on the 29th, and we shall give you a full outline ol the speeches, Ace. It is expected that 10,000 men from the " Tenth Legion," will come down. Virginia is safe for Polk and Dallas by about 5000 majority. Boh. City Intelligence. Police Record?Auo. 28 ?Not an iota of general interest transpired yesterday at either the Police orCoro nar'a Office. Superior Court?In Chamber!. lie lore Chief Justice Jones. Auoust 26.? Habeai C'tpun.?Kliza Foster, one of those unfortunate females lately arrested for frequenting Broad way in the night time, and annoying the pasaers-by, was brought before the Court on a writ of kabeat < and claimed to be discharged The committing magistrate having in her case complied with the requirements of the Statute, by having the committal duly recorded, His Hon or ordered her to the penitentiary as a vagrant for tno term of six calendar months. V. I, Commissioner's Office. Attn. 36.?Francis Murray, a seaman, who had been employed on board the '-(Jueen of the West," was arres ted on a charge ol endeavoring to create a revolt an boat 4 of that vessel whilst lying at Liverpool. He will under go an examination this forenoon. Common Pleas?In Chambers. Before Judge Ulshtefler. Auo. 26?The case of Mr. James Martin, who lies un der arrest on a Sheriffs execution, ami claims to be dis charged as an insolvent, on the ground ot having no per sonal property?some such as comes under the provision of the "Kxemption Law," was resumed. Ilia,Honor will give his decision this lorenoon. Marine Court. Betore Judge Kendall. Au?. 2ti.- .Irlhur IVnmllin vs. tViUiam Lyons and Ckm J. EckftTi?This was an action of trespass lor assault and buttery, committed by the defendants, who are the captain and Arst mate of tno ship " Lancashire," on her last trin from Liverpool. The case originated in h " row " had between the captain and some of the men during the voyage, when the alleged assault was committed with a belaying pin, and theca|itain ordered the plaintiff in irons Veraict lor defendants. Firi at Macon?Loss of Life.?We learn thai an extensive fire broke out in our sister city of Macon, 011 the evening ol the 19th Inst, in Mulberry strcrt and destr >yed seme fifteen or twenty stores and dwell ings, before it was got under. The office of the Di mocrat was destroyed, anil the iiouse occupied ns a family gro eery by Ludington and Thompson, was also destroyed The Are, we learn, was first discovered in a gun smith shop. Since writing the above, we have been favored with the following additional particulars. The fire broke out about midnight, and before it was arrested, destroyed the following stores-the bar room fronting Sbotwell's drug ?tore; Ludington and Thompson's provision store ; the Mtcon Democrat Office; Humour's provision store; Mrs. Humour's Millinery, Bishop and Parson's tiuwaia store; Kerriway's provision store; Cooper's boarding houre , 4 clothing stores, Tiaeta, Levy. fc Co's , end Thos Wood's crockery ware house. In addition to the sbovi, considerable loss was sustained by F. B Weed, W B Johnson kCs, and Charles Campbell I1 Co., whose stores were saved by the exertions of the Citizens, but theii goods w ere much dsmaged. We are glad to learn, how ever, that the above named gentlemen were ftilly insured Mr. Humour and Messrs Bishop Ik I'araons were not In sured ; the Ocamulgoe Bank building was insured to the amount of fX.OUA. The most distrnslng part is yit to comc. Mr. James Willingham, the assistant editor of the Democrat, we regret to learn, lost his life by the falling ol a house, and several other persons wsrs aariously In* jurod.? fsvsnafi Qtorgiun, Jtug. 91 Common Council. Aug. 36.?The Board of Aldermen met last evening, pursuant to adjournment. The room ha* undergone none repaint, and hus hern painted up and decorated very neatly ; a v< ry decided improvement The meiubei* ol the board ailupi*ar to have gained some additional pounds o flesh, and looked In blooming health,alter their month's recess. The Board ol Assistants did not meet. The t resident, It L Hi i.ikf ni.ii, Eiq.. took the chair at 7} o'clock The minutes ol the last day's proceedings were read and approved. Pttitiom being in order, petitions fiom inhabitants praying relief from eroncoua taxation, were rec ived and ret erred. Morse's TtUgrmpk Petition from J. Smith, praying to be allowed to adopt the necessary measures lor lu_> ng down poles lor the erection of Morse's Telegraph through the city ni New York?referred. From James Btowu, a Pole, praying lo tie relieved from arrest lor violating art ordinance in lelatiou to a nuisance committed by him, and for which a tine was levied which the petitioner was unable to pay, and he was accordingly taken undei a warrant, and placed in the F.ldridge street piison. Alderman Hasbsook felt that this was a grievance upon the petitioner, as he was a Pole, and acted through igno rance Alderman Gale did not see any thing in the rase that called lor the interposition of the board?the man had violated the ordinance, and he had to meet the come quences The case was referred to a special comnntUe. Petition from inhabitants, praying the erection i l lice hydrants, were received snd relerred. Vrto*??Opposed to paving Dennis Union, cartman, for horse drowned, by hacking his horse over pier. Colored Orphans ?A report id favor ol leasing twenty lota at $30 per annum to colored association, was pre sented. Alderman IIasbhouck opposed the report as a violation of every principle that should govern the action of the Common Council, as the Alms House was suttimntto support all who desired public aid. That the education ol blacks by their own color, was calculated to divert their minds from their true position in society, and retard more than benefit their social and political a-ivantages. Alderman Drake responded that the lease was m< rely nominal, aDd could betaken back or withdrawn at any time by the Common Council, and the rent offered was u full equivalent lor the use ol the property. Alderman Hasrrouck denied the right of the Common Council to give away any ol the property ol the Common Council for private chanty?that sucli u precedent w ould be followed by application after application for public iavor. Alderman Drake said that all that was desired was a lease ol the ground for ail that it was worth The resolution was adopted by a vote ol 13 to 3. Nuisances ?Kt ports being in order, a report was read front the Committee, to whom had been relentd the consi deration of certain suggestions in relation to the abatement of a nuisance which has been felt by the inhabitants generally-namely, the carrying through the public streets at night of cartloads of filth, kc., from Louies, and adopted. The report W8s accompanied with an otdi nance, which imposes a penalty of $00 on each offender, and prescribes a mode of lemovtng the Duiianres Irom the different houses, which will confer a great liem tit upon the community at large. The ordinance divides the city into districts, and provides lor the removal of uil nuisance from the different houses in large casks or tubs, prepaied specially lor the occasion, and which must undeigoin spection by the proper officer. Report in favor ol constructing a sewer in Grand street ?Adopted. In favor of ro-paving Bleecker street between Carmine and Downing streets?Adopted. A communication from the Receiver of Taxes asking an appropriation for un office, was received und relet reu. A communication was received from the Comptroller asking on appropriation of $7,618 for Alms House, Lumps, Gas, Police Utficeis, kc. kc., was read, with uu ucccm panyingjordinance, and wasjndopted.?Ayes 14, noes 1. A report was read from the Street Commissioner in re lation to a mode of cleaning the public sewers, and was adopted. The Quarterly Report of the President and Board ol Commissioners of the Croton Aqueduct, was received and ordered to lie printed. A resolution from the Board of Assistants directing the Finance Committee to report to the Board in i elation to contracts, was received. Aid. Miixkr moved that it he rejected, as it was on in sult to the Board, and he for one would oppese its adop tion. Aid. Emmari did net conceive that it was an insult to the Board. Aid. Hasbrouck considered the Finance Committi r*ul both Boards unhappily constituted for the public busi ness, and as he felt that the resolution implied a distrust ol the Board, he would oppose its passage. The resolution was non-concurred in The Board adjourned. Later from Mkxico.?Yesterday forenoon the Br. sloop-ct-war Row, Uapt. Sturet, arrived in this port from Vera Crux,and rachorcd oil' the Point. Eh* tailed from Hacrflcios on the 81h inst The Hose v, si de spatched to this port with the Fdiglish mails which w* re intended for the steumer Tay, which rail aground on the Colloradoi, on her waytollB\ana. The following list romp rites the chief officers of the Koto ( apt. Iknry K Stunt; 1st Lieut. W. H. Dobbir ; Jd Litul Percy I'aikhurst; fd Lieut. Jno. Palmer; D. Welch, Mattel a Mate; Purser, Jtobt Loney: Hurgron, K??M. Stephenson; Midthipmaii, llobt. (J. Craigie; Attiitant Surgeon, Dr. Jeff cot i A Graves, Midthipmun. The officer* of the Rote repoit that the health of Vera Cruz had much improved, the fever having manually abated. Oar advicet by thit arrival arc not to full at wa could with, not a letter ftotn our own correspond) i.t coming to hand, and our tilca being impeilect 'i he courtety ol the editor of La|lndianahaa puriinllv supplied our w ants Santa Annu, we are gratified to h urn, hat ]daced the remoini ol the brave and ill fateil Gen bintnianut at the diapoaition of hit friends in the United Htati s. Thit it but an act of proper respect to the memory of tho dead and to the fcelinga ol the living. It appear*, after all,the quibbling! and deniala, that what we tint ttati d on the aubject ol the txecution oi HvntmamU was true ; hit head wns severed iiom his body and tioih d in ail Santa Anna utterly ditavowt the Oct, and the Oovi mment hat inconsequence issued an order requiring the con.mand ing Uenoiul at Tabasco to rejiort at once what actually did take place, that he may tnUc measures to satisfy public opinion and " all that sort of thing." Thit order is dated the 16th of July, at Mexico. Gen. Ampudia sailed from Talssco on the 11th of July, ami on the Itith arrived at Vera Ctul From this city he addresse-J a despatch to the War Department, in w Inch he auj s it waa his intention to have set out at once for the capital, to pay in person hit respects to the Govt rnmi nt, but thesi atl in the dilligence being till occupied, he found it im|H>tiihle. lie promises to take the next one slatting, but it looks as if he were inclined to fi-el hit way a little. Boiling men's lieuda in oil would be a poor passport to la vor at any other court than Santa Anna's, and be mutt not sanction to exuberant aditplayof feeling! Gen. Ampu dia expresses surprise at the remonstrances wh cli have been made against the atrocities perpetrated at Tabasco. He declares that neither the Consuls ol Spain or ol thel .'ni ted Sta'es at Tub.isco interposed one wonl of complaint against the severith s practised upon the nrisom rt taken with Sentmanat, while the Belgian Consul only asked the clemency ol tho authorities in favar of a subject ol bis go vernment who nppeHred among the prisoners It appears that lioth the French and Spanish Ministers at Mexico addressed the liveliest protestations against the summary execution of the subjects of their respective na tions at Tabasce. Our tiles are not so complete as to give us the whole correspondence, but we liave a latter Iiom tba French Mldster, dated the 13th July, which thrusts aside with scorn the subterfuge behind which the .Mexi can Foreign Secretary endeavor* to deleud the action of his Government in Urn premises. He teutons the point on the genernl ground of the universal law of nations, lie charges that those I rench subjects in Sentmunat's expedi tion, who were shot, were shot without trial, and there fore contrary to the law of nations. Tho responsibility he throws upon the Mexican Government, and awaits in structions from home as to the course to he pursued upon the blood' thirsty slaughter of Tabasco. That the Spanish minister has been equally spirited in his protest against the sntne acts we inferlmm the srns. tiveneris with which Ampudia alludes to hint iO lus dee. patch before noted. The papers la lore in allude to the subject only, but the communications between the two governments are not given. The next arrivul will throw more light, we trust, upon the whole subject In the meantime, wu cannot but think Santa Anna finds himself in{B|more embarrassed situation than he had anticipated. Our latest pa|>ers from Mexico are to the 3#th July. On the SSd, the Constitutional President granted to 8r Boca negra, Minister of Foreign Affairs, fifteen days absence from his post, with a view to reciuit his health, which had become impain d hy his incessant application to the duties ol hit department. The letter granting thit favor is lull ol expressions of confidence, and of appreciation ol the minister's set vices. The President shows himself resolutely bent on enforc ing the law against the exportation of specie, whether gold or ail vei, which shall not have paid the duty imposed bylaw, and he calls ujion his custom house oflicirs to exorcise the utmost vigilance in the premises. We cannot learn verbally any thing by this antral as to the progress ol the Mexican designs upon Texas, and our papers throw no new light on thesuh|?ct whatever.? N. O Pic, Jug 18. THE NEW LINE OF, LIVERPOOL PACKETS. ?. .iff* m M T!HTil from N^^^irk on the aUt^uUnrom Liyorponnm e 6th of each month AVota New F"ik. I.pool. sw 8hi|TLl Vr.HPOOL, 11 JO tons, f J{ M t J. F.ldndae. I Ang. II Oct. 6 . SWpQUEKN OK THE WEST, fjgf \\ JVlp " IIJO tons P. Woodhotise. k taei.1. 11 Nov. 0 sw Bhip ROCHEHTEH, ?J0 urns. ( J'J* Jj Ana' ' John Britloa. Sdrt'r II "r * hip HOTThNOIMl. lam i'l hIJV s Irs Bundey SNov. *1 Jsi,',- h These lulitlsnlill fiwt sailmt. bet) class Whips, all Unit m a- ntv of New V.nk. ?r?- Voted hy m)H "f ei, Id ability, sad will he dv.| ?n bed imurtuslly oa lie- list m TrJSrTdil'ina sie.bssjo ?.J c mm dioaa, sod sre fnrmslied ith w listen r eta c* m*? W? the rase and of pessiw Price ol Pssssoe, flM Neither th? t seisins or awnevs of (bee. Sin|? ml' ?? ws|?m l,le for sity iwreels or porhaavs sent br thesn. aabss ivfnl lltoflsdiUK .irr staled lb. ret,.,. -WtMBto S MIST. SSS. . ? ?rt* MfcLDLN. HOTIuQtlt K c ??? i HA Liwvo*

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