Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1844 Page 3
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07- MORALITY in JERSEY CITY?Ma. Eorroi, ?Sir, pleasti to insert is your valuable paper for oue week for the good of the dear people of Jersey city, that they tbe Herald on Sundays to iocommodate a must not read certain set of blue jights that infest our Uttle place; one, a hoco* pocos kind 01 judge of morality; the others a few busy bodies, who never look at homo. PUBLIC GOOD. . -Xf UfWiTITOItMUi. DEBILITY CUsiED.?Ti a foui, Mixture, prepared by the Coliegv of Medicine aid Plijnnacy of the city of 5f.,w York, is confidently re commended for ail cosei ofdcLility produced by ner ret h ?fai e nce or excess oi si, > kind. It is an invaluable irirt iy for impotence, sternty, or barrenness (unless depend lngou nuQ-fom.itio.'ij Singh bottles $1 each; caseo of halt a dozen care Ittliy packed and sent to all parts o! the Ur ion. G-.10-. oi the College of Medicine at.' Phsrutacy 96 Ni??vrw' W * HI, IIaUDMON. M. C., Agent Q&- R. 8. BARNARD'S DIARRHOEA MEDICINE or the cure of diarrhoe 1, summer complaints in children, colics, crampsjlkc. For sale at 07 Nassau street Drug gists will be supplied on liberal terms. This medicine is for sale by W. 11. Milnor, druggist, corner oi John street and Broadway. QO~ THE EAST INDIA HAIR DYE. Ob . who with hair ot grey need longer tarry, That gives disiavor unto beauty 's eye ; Or longer, hair of red or whiskers csrry, When you can change them by the India Dye. Auhura or black to suit your own desire, Will quickly come, when you this liquid try, A beauteous color that all must admire. Is quickly made by tbe East India Dte. HCf~ The East India Dye is a compound that never in jure* the hair, on the contrary beautifies it, and speedily changes red or grey hair to dark auburn or black, accord ing a? it is applied. It must readily be admitted that red hair is not a mark of beauty, and all may aa well have black by merely using this Dye. Numbers of ladies and gent lemon in this city use this Dye regularly, and have used it for years past?and no person could possibly per ceive hut what their hair waa natural. We would advise all wiio have grey or red hair to use it?it imparts to the hair a gloss and lustre before unknown. Sold at 21 Court landt street. (&? VELTEAU'S SPECIFIC PILLS FOB THE CUR* of Uonorrhma, Gleet, and all inocupuniient discharges bom the urethra. Tnete pills, prepared by the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the suppression of quackery, may be relied on as the most speedy und effectual remedy for the above complaints. are guaranteed to cure recent cases in frota thro* t> five days, and possess a greater power over obstinnR discharges muI chronic gleet, than any other preparation at pregent known, removing the dispose without nouline m nt ftoro business, tainting the breath cr disagreeing Witt- the stomach. Price $1 per bos. Sold at the Office of the College ol Pharmacy and Me dicine. HA Nassau street. W. A. RICHARDSON, lb O. **.-*1 (SJ- IN EVERY INSTANCE THIS SEASON where Bernard's Diarrhoea Medicine has been adminis tered , the patient has got well. All cases of summer com plaints in children, cholera infantum, diarrhtsa, colics or cramps, this rem dy affords prompt relief. Office of the proprietor, 07 Nassau street, New York. For rale also by D. W. H. Milnor, corner of John street and Broadway. QQ- COCKROACHES AND BED BUGS ?Baunholtz's Rouch Bane has, during the past season, been used by numbers of families in this city, and universally has been pronounced effectual in almost every instance in the per manent destruction of these vermin. Families who are troubled in this way will do well to procure this article. Sold only at 21 Courtlandt at. CCr- THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF HAR 8AFAIULLA, GENTI AN AND SAR8AFRA8,prepared by the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, es tublished for the suppression of quackery. Thiaicfbied and highly concentrated extract, possessing all the purl tying qualities and curative powers of the above herbs is confidently recommended by the College, aa infinitely superior to uuy extract ot Sarsaparilla at present helori tho public, and may be relied on as a certain remedy foi all diseases arising irom an impure stale of the blood, such as scroiula, salt-rheum, ringworm, blotches or pirn f luf, ulcers, pain in the bones or joints, nodes, cutuneout ' mptions, ulcerated sore throat, or any disease arising Irom the secondary effect* oi syphilis or an injudicious use 01 memory. Hold in single Bottles, at 76 cents eac* " in Cases of half-u-dozen Bottles, $8 AO " " one dozen " 6 00 Cases toi warded to all parts of the Union. N. B.?A very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers Office oi the College, Oft Nassau street. w s. RICHABRBOiq. M. D., Agent (#7- VENERIAL DISEASES ARE FREQUENTLY hard to be discovered, but if minutely examined, their first appearance on a sallow countenance, langor and listlesaness, copper coloted spots on the breast, the arms and face, particularly on the forehead, and round the roots of the hair. These, by degrees become scaly, occasion ally discharging a thin fluid, which forms a scab Soon afterwards an uneasiness is felt in swelling, and a livid, flabby inflammation in the throat; then follows all the horrors of the complaint. Should any of these symptoms develop,* themselves, lusu not a moment in using Dr. Blackwell's Ant-Acrid Tincture or Scotch Renovator. Jt i- tbe only thing that will effectually cure. The medi cine is for sale by R. S Bernard, 97 Nassau street, New York, the only authorized agent for the United States. OQf-FRENCH ROLL POMMADES lor the hair, black, broa n,land fair, at 67 Walker st., first store from Broad way. Og- GOURAUD'S FOUDRE SUBTILE for completely ami permanently tnadicatiug superfluous hair from any part of the human body. Always tested before buying? proof positive this, and no mistake. Found only at G7 Walker street, first door from Broadway. $1 per bottle. {&- WEAK BACKS, TENDER FEET, PAIN in the side, old sores, and all complaints which need outward applications, are speedily cured by Council's Magical Pain Extractor. Its effects are truly surprising, it has such control over all Burns, removing the suffering almost immediately Inflammations caused by felons, or old Scrofulous sores,iaro speedily allayed, all pain extracted, and the sores effectually healed by this great Sanative. It is also an effectual remedy for all Rheumatic com plaints. Every iamily should provide themselves with this all healing ointment. Sold only at 31 Courtlandt st. *Q- PRIVATE MEDICAL AID.?The memoert 01 the New Pork College o? Medicine and Pharmacy, in return icg public C.anks for the liberal support they have receiver} m their efforts to " suppress quackery,' beg lee.veto state that their particular attention continues tr tie directed to Ml diseases of a privute nature, and from the great improvements lately made in the ptincipal hos pitnlsot Europe in the treatment of those diseases, they can confidently offer to persons requiring medical aid ml vantages net to be met witb in any institution inthii country, either public or private. The * .eatment 01 th* College ia such as to iocure success in .very case, and it .3tolly different from that oarnir.ious practice ol ruining i!hi constitution with mercury, and in most cases leaving u disease much worse than the original. One r.f the mem oersof tho College,lor many years connected witb the principal hospitals ofKurope, attonds daily for a consulta '.ion from 0 A .ML to ft P.M. Terms?Advice and medicine, A cure guaranteed ttsroaysKT to Countbv Invalids.?Persons living ir he country and not finding it convenient to Rttentfper sonally. can have forwarded to them a chest contain my ail in. -Heine* requisite to perform a perteot cure oy stating their case explicitly, together with all symptoms, timeo: contraction and treatment received elsewhere, ?i any nd enclosing go, post paid, addressed to W. S. RICHARDSON, M.D., Agent. Office ajii Consulting rooms of the College 95 Nassau ?trn?t * Cg- I AM AUTHORISED TO APPOINT AGENTS of good standing throughout the United States, for the sale of BlackwelT's Ant-Acrid Tincture and Scotch Reno vator. Terms made known by applying to R. S. Bernard, 97 Nassau street, Now York, general authorized agent fo tho United States. flg- PIMPLES AND ERUPTIONS ON THE FACE. ?These disfigurements are caused by impurities of the blood and usually denote that the system is in an un healtliyf state. They may be k'ffectually eradicated by the use oi Comstock'a Sarsapnriila, which is the host pun fieator of the system ever brought before the public. All who wish to have a clear and smooth skin would do well to use this extract. It is also a cure lor scrofulous affec tions and bilious diseases,and as ujgeneral alterative to the is unequalled. Bold at 31 Courtlandt street. Price 60 cents per bottle. Oh, lovely, healthy, rosy, charming creature, Nature improved by art, is stamp'd in every feature. <jg- THUS EXCLAIMED THE FAMILY OF MR. N n. in Park Place. Their daughter, a beautiful girl, had been dis1 gured with eruptions'and freckles on her face and neck for three years. They had tried every physician and advertised nostrum, until one honest old colored man told them to try the genuine Jones' Italian Chemical Soap. Then came the change?every eruption disappeared-her yellow freckled skin became delicious white?her cheeks like lillies tinted with roses. They made Jone's a present of a fifty dollar hill This soap is a wonderful remedy for salt rheum, hitea of insects, mos quitoes, erysipelas, scurvy, and is composed of chemicals invented by a physician. It is sold by the only general agent in tho States. T. Jones, tho sign of the American Eagle, 83 Chatham street, or 333 Broadway, .New York, and 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn.?[From the Herald. Be.ware oi a little swindling Jew dancing barber's coun terfeit. Og-CHILDREN CRY FOR SHERMAN'S LOZEN QEs, and well they may, for they have produced more astonishing cures thnp any medicines which have ever been before tno public Many who have been suffering under long continued coughs and have despaired ol relief, have found Sherman's Cough Lozenges a sure antidote, while his Worm Lozenges have raised up more children from declining health than all the nostrums put together which boar tho name of worm remedies. Do not mistake the number nor be deceived with counterfeit articles.? Buy only of Dr Sherman, at his warehouse, No 10A Nas sau street, or of his agents, 337 Hudson street, corner of Spring ; I MA Bowery ; Sands, corner of But Broadway and Market street; 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn ; and 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. ,?/- BlCORD'8 1'AUl.MAJN ALTERATIVE M!> tlilfiE for the cure of m imary or ace indary Byrbiib md oil affections produced by an injudicious use oi m<. cury. The grout advantages possessed 1 y this powerfu .(Iterative over all other preparations for the cure ol Sy philu, is. that while curing the disease K improves tin constitution, whilst mercury generally teave a rnncl worse disease than tho one it is a.imin>storcd lor. Tie bent recommendation we can give of it is, that it is nor extensively prescribed by the medical faculty, who lor ti ily coniiwetied mercury tho only cure lor those com plaints. Sold, in single bottles, fl tuch ? in cases of hal dozen, $6, carefttliy packed, end sent t? all parte of th? U dor. OSes of the College, oi Medicine and Phartia cy, N Nassau street W 0. RICHARD BON, M D-, Agext HOMY HAKKKT. Monday, A?|. '48?6 P.M. Tin Bteifc MmAiI ?h rather flat to day- At the Old Board, Reading Railroad declined } pur aoot ?, Farmer*' Trtut, |; Pennsylvania ft'*, 1, Morria Canal, j; Stoning ton, i ; Krie Railroad, 1) ; Canton improved 2 P?r cent; Norwich, 2 ; Indiana, 2; Long Inland and Unitii State* 6* cloeed arm at Saturday* pi ice*. At the New Board Loog Island improved } per cent} Canton, J ; Farmer*, Trust, } ; Kentuck, 2 ; Viekeburg, United State* Bank' and Harlem cloeed at Saturday* prptea. We annex a very interesting t?hje ehowing the export* from this country tor two year* and nine mouth*, o( the do me* tic production* of the United 8tate* Summary Statement or the Value or the Exi'ORts or the (ianwiH, Produce and Manufacture or the United State*, duhino two Yeah* and Nine Month*, CuMMENCINO ON THE 1*1' DAV"or Ol TOREK, 1>II, AND Kndinu on the 30tu or June 1843. The Sea. 1813. Fin/it lire? 1841. 1842. 9 uu/nths. Diied fish, or cod fisherie*, $802,810 667,783 381,176 Pickled fiAh, 148,073 102,324 116.012 Whalr and other A*h oil, 1,260.060 1,316,411 803,774 Spermaceti oil, 343,300 233,114 310,768 Whalebone, . 269,118 226,382 267,481 Spermaceti candle*, 231,960 318,997 243,308 Total, 82,816,861 2,823,010 2,112,648 77u Forett. Skin* and fur*, 907,262 698,487 463,869 Ginsenu, 437,246 63,702 193,870 Product oj wood? Stave*, slung's, bo'd?, hewn tim'r, 2,649,002 2,203,637 1,026,179 Other lumber, 266,176 263,931 211,111 Masts and span, 68,991 37,730 19,669 Oak hark and other ilye, 153,179 111,087 39,338 All manufacture* or wood, 348,308 623,718 391,312 N ival stores, tar, pitch, rosin, and turpentine, 684,511 743,329 473,367 Ashes, (lot and |iearl, 573,026 882,741 541,004 ? Total, $6,264,826 5,518,262 3,362,099 MgricuUwrt. Product oj animate? Beef, &c., 904,918 1,212,038 1,092,949 Butter and cheese, ,604',815 ''3881185 '6081968 cork, 2,621,537 2,629,403 2,120.020 Horse* and tnule*, 293,143 299,6.64 212,696 Sheep, 36,767 38,892 29,061 Vegetable food? Wheat, 822,881 916,616 264,109 Hour, 7,750,646 7,375,366 3,763,073 Indian corn, 312,961 345,160 281,749 Indian meal, nonnneS 617,817) ,,,, Rye meal, . 020,962 J 124,396) jl9'797 Rye, oats, and other small grain and pulse, 169,893 175,082 , 108,610 Biscuit or ship bread, 378,041 323,759 312.232 Potatoes, 64,402 8.5,844 48,757 Apples, 48,396 32,245 32,825 ltice, 2,010,107 1,907,387 1,626,786 Tobacco, 12,576.703 9,640,766 4,660,979 Cotton. 5-1,330,341 47,593,164 49,119,846 .ill other agricullui products? Flaxseed, 50,781 34,991 49,406 llops, 28,823 36,547 123,745 Brown sugar, 23,837 8,890 ? Indigo, ? 1,042 198 Manufacture 883,748,317 73,686.113 64,803,738 SSXtiSS?' ?'.577 485,128 407, ,05 Household furniture, 310*105 M0 997 197 9?a Coachw and o&r carnages, 00,456 48,MS 8addlerv M'?2 ???? mi H'fSS ?.?86 17,653 Spirits from irrain, 156*283 '50'700 '?] m Brer ale porter and Cider, _ 5?'IS? JJSJ Snuft and tobacco, 873,877 ,<<??? I&d 0,18c spiriu of .urpentV, Sg ? Iroo?^ harand nails, 1?,537 m'\" ,g$S a?i 'r ? i? 99,904 68,507 41 188 All manufactures of, 806,823 920 561 370 581 8SSrroft^dm01"^' ,Si5 ? ChofoUt" ,34MSi "i'Jg? tTi "J? 4?:m MXinaTdroT,* ig'g .Mj Cotton piece goods? 1*|46# 139,313 108,438 IWdaud colored, 450,503 385,040 358,414 Twist'yarn and thread, 2'^'S ''"S'SS All oth*r manufacturer of 303 701 250%? *5'ri? sjg "3 Bnuhes, "ttl>"'' 3{'? a?^rwi* 7 on & ,!$ ?g g? ?S Fire engines, ooTji 20 JJ0 Musical instruments, le'llO r,rm Books and maps, ]5'?3 ?'i.\ PajK-r and stationary, 80 183 69*862 51901 Paints and rarnisb, ' M ?;? ft*} Earthen and stone wore, '6*737 '"'s?! 2*907 Manufactures of gjass 43,'f>95 3g|718 25,318 A'"' ,, . 3,751 5,682 5,026 Pewter and lead, 20,546 16 789 7 121 ^ira!f?d!.t0."eV. 33'*? 18,921 8,545 Oold and silver coin,'* 68 * 2 746 486 1 170 754 107*429 MoImsm ,iln jeWelr>'' 10'013 ' 7',i38 3>69 Trunks I999 ,9-M? 1,317 Brick and lime, 14*064 572S ?'?? Domestic salt, 62^ 3*;? j3;?33 Total, 6,481,502 4,811,401 6,417,725 ?flrtu-les not enumerated? Other Mt'icles* iPfi? 508,976 470.261 Utn. r articles, 823,266 1,359,163 575,199 Total, $106,382,723 92,969,996 77,793,783 The value of otir export* hove been steadily declining since 184q. In 1842 the export* were valued at $13,412,737 less than in 1841, and for nine months ending June 30, 1^43, the export* were valued at $14,176,213 less than in the year 1842, and $28,688,940 leu than in the year 1841 The item* showing the greatest decline are the products oi the forest?agricultural products, particularly flour, tobacco and many minor manufactures. The year 1843 will, of course, show a slight improvement on these re turns, but the exporting season is usually nearly over by the first of July, and we cannot expect an addition to the above amount of more than three or lour millions of dol lars. The full returns for the year may possibly shew the total value of the domestic exports to be full $80,000,000 The total exportation from the United States, for the year ending October 30, 1843, wasvalued at $100 063,286; all but about fifteen millions of this amount went forward previous to July 1st. What proportion of the whole ex port for the year was in domestic produce is at present unknown, in consequence of the absence of official re turns later than to June, but as we have previously stated, I the value of the exports of domestic produce cannot much exceed eighty millions of dollars. 01 the domestic pro duce exported in nine months, $39,720,961, or more than fiity percent of the whole, was to Great Britain. The foreign trade of the United States has, since last year, become completely changed. From heavy exportation* and moderate importations, we are having immense im ports and very limited exports. This is not the only change in our commercial affairs. Our local banks have [ completely changed their policy. From a very moderate movement, they have been steadily expanding, until very inflated times have been created, and the spirit of specula tion engendered. The banks of the neighboring States have not, as yet, extended their operations so lsrgely as those of this State, but they will be compelled to follow in the same tracks, even against their own good judgments. The bank* of this city, by increasing their line of dis count, create an improvement in all kinds of business, both legitimate and speculative, until the demand for money increases 10 rapidly, that the rate of interest is ad vanced and prices begin to feel the influence of an expand ed currency. Banks of otker cities, in self-defence, are compelled to bring about the some state of tiling*, to keep up their trade and protect the commercial communities in which they are situated. This spreads through the coun try, and the whole commercial body becomes diseased The legislative council of the Island ot Trinidad, West Indies, have, for some time past, had under consideration, a new plan to increase the revenue, so as to meet the cur rent expenses. The committee appointed to inquire and report on the most; eligible mode, made the following re port? The Committee took the expenditure ac cording to the estimates laid on the Council Table for the present year, at ?82,336 13 61 The income of the Colony, exclusive ef Colonial duties on imports, they took from the ret urns of 1843, at 39,126 16 llj Which gave a difference of ?43 109 i? 7i To meet the difficulty, the Committee recommended that a number of articles to be subject to specific Colonial duties on importation should be increased. 1 be total amount to be realized from articles subject to specific duties, is taken at ?26 381 3* 6d The 1 ommiltee propose that articles not subject to spe ciflc duties, should be liable to a rate ol duty to be fixed at ?6 per cent ad valorem The Committee stated that, notwithstanding the pro posed increased du ies, they are still much ftwer than any ol the West India Colonies, thu tariffs of which had come under their consideration The new tariff would not come into operation before Oc.ober ; the question of drawbacks on exportation was one of importance, and it was thought to bo a rreat ad vantage to open the trade ot the Colony as much as possi The Immigration and Agricultural Society of the Island complains bitterly of the leduction of the duty on fo reign sugar from 63s to 34s. Tho Society passed the following resolution That the Society have learned with dismay that the ministerial measure of reduction of the duty on foreixn sugar from 63s. to 34a., has taken place, the operation ol B,?.\7vlll greatly diminish Ihe present inadrquate price of British plantation sugar in theJUnited Kingdom, as com pared with the cost ol production, and that the difficulty ol competition thus created, and to avert as for as may he practicable the entire niin which must overtake all class es in this Colony, If measures ol mitigation are not pre viously adopted, it is the opinion ol this Society that it is expedient that un immediate reduction should take place in the money expenditure on sugar plantations throueh 8n,,,t the existing rate of salaries and wages hitherto paid to managers, overseers, mechanics, anu laborers, are far beyond the means which sugar cul tivation cau possibly Bffbid. What effect this may have on the home government, remains to be seen. The measure alluded to in this reso lution, if adhered to, is likely to cause a great deal of dis tress in the West India Islands, both among the planters and the operatives. The summary method adopted by the Home Government in carrying out any policy affect ing the Colonies, leaves those who suffer from this act little hope of relief from any alteration that may be pro posed. Old Stock Exchange. $26000 Gov't ?'s 115 75 Canton Co 500 Ohio #'? 97tf 50 do bJO 5000 iW.a 5'? 00 72 100 Vickaburg fik 1)10 - 5000 do csh 72 250 Long Uloj.d 11 H H 2000 Indiana 5'. 11 * i 300 do >60 83H 100 ahaa Union Ilk <-*|fll8 150 -nodo- l>60 8| 5 Bk America cJn 07V 50 do , 50 Firman' Loan csh 30H M Stouiuglou K H 500 Norfolk k Wor 61 I Bk of N Y .bin I7J^ 250 do 60*2 25 Erie 23'* 40 do bl5 60?4 75 Morris Canal 12 50 do cab 603. 10 Aub Ik Koch liU cab 102 Hccoml Board. WO? Ohio , *' l'3U 97V 195 Norwich RE K0'? 1IHMI lllnioiaO a, *70 16 75 Canton Co 37 25 .hi* L Island R It 82V 25 do a30 37 40 do alO 82V 40 do 37J? New Stock KichkOf*. $1000 Illinois 6's,'GO ol 50 Nor k Wore tw 60V 1000 Ohio 6'a '60 >3 50 d? 60 V 2000 Kcnt'y fi's, 30 . h IOi ? 125 do G0>J 218m do bin 101 /. 25 do a30 60 1000 do 25 aliaa Far Loui 50 N Am Trust _ _ _ ? 50 do b3 13jJ 125 do 60 V 25 do call 13?, 25 d6 OO7, 25 I S Bank a30 V>4 50 do a3 60*4 2.6 Vickabm-K Bank b3 7'. 25 Canton Co oh 30V SK I .1 III " Ikl.lllll II U <>?!> B'jl/ '>?. <li. el l?l ? . S3 50 do ih ibi ?! 125 do bin 101?, 25 do s30 >3 101?, 100 d.. oil 1)3 39* 1 to do f?h 1?3 1)3 "S 13?, 25 , 125 do do blO C.ll 13?, *? d6 s30 SL 50 do s3 t>3 71, 25 Canton Co csh csh 82? 25 do s3 ?30 0914 , 200 do slo 1)30 70 50 do S3 b60 70 25 do oil s3 60', , 50 do .10 1)3 60? to do >3 blO 61?! 25 do tw csh oo7; ; 25 do csh s3 WX 25 do blO blO 61 25 Long 1.1.111 J K R cab 82 V 25 do a3 16, 50 Harlem R R a3U 69 V 2uo do a In 36\ 50 do b30 70 50 do a3 36?, 50 do b60 70 25 do Call 36?. 25 Nor k Wore ? ?? __ _ 26 do b3 60 V 25 do a3 37 25 do blO 01s, 25 do tw 37 25 do call GOV 25 do call 37 V 25 do a3 60V 25 do blO 37V 50 do Salcs or Stocks?Boston, Auo. 24. At the Broken'Board ?26 all area Reading Railroad, 261; 50 do do, ?30. 25|; 25 do do, fc30.25); 50 dodo bfiO, 25), 60 d' do, 25); 60 do do. 26); 100 do do, 26]; 100 do do, 1)30, 25); 1IN) do do. 26); 60 do do. 26); 60 do do, 1.90, 26); 60do do, Norwich una Worcester R R, 1610, 61). 60 dodo, Iw, 62), 60do >lo, 1)30, 63; 26 Long Mond R K, 1)30 64); 26 Jo 00. a30, 81); 126 do do, a30. 03; 50 do do, ,30 84); 25 do do, 1)30, 83); 25 Western R R. 89); 30 do do, 88); 20 do do, 88); 10 do do, 88]; 60 East Boston Co 10). State of Trade. Ashes?We have no alteration to report in thia article Pots are very steady ut $4 181. and Pearls at $4 43] a 4 60 Coiton.?There was hot little enquiry to-day?sales barely reaching 400 bales, at prices of Saturday We annex a table showing the lirst receipts of the crop of the present year's growth,compared with previous yeart. Nr.w Crop. Bales. Hales. July 23?New Orleans.... t July 31?Savannah, Geo... I July 28?Tallahassee 1 Aug. 1?Mobile 3 Co Mr a u at i v k RecEirTs or Nr.w Crop. Bales. Bales. 1834?August 12 3 1810?July II I 18:65? " 13 1 1841? " 30 2 1836? " 17 3 1842? " 27 1 1837? " 23 2 1813?Aug. 11 2 11138- " 15 2 1811?July 23 4 1839? " 5 3 Floor?No change whatever?Ocneser $4 18]a4,2S. The following is the statement ol produce and tolls re. reived ut this city from the commencement ol canal navi gation to the close of the 3d week of August; 1843. 1844. Canal open May 1st. April 18th. Tolls $138,719 76 $206,628 10 Flour. . bbls 543,140 691 676 Wheat. ...bus 34,518 98 080 Corn... " 48,606 8 844 Barley.. " 3,946 9,036 Hay?Common qualities of North river bale sell very freely at 35a38c. There is a very limited exporting de mand?fine qualities for expert and city consumption sell at 42a45c. Provisions?There is very little doing in Ohio pork, holders are very still and our quotations are very firm.? Prime wuquote at $8a9,12); Mess $9,62)a9,68]; Beet is quite dull?City Me?s is held at $6,50aS.75 There is con siderable enquiry for Lard-good quality Ohio bbl. sells at 6c. Whiskey?Drudge casks are in fine demand at 23c; pri son aud western b:ands are hsld at 23). Cattle Market--At inaiket 900 beet cattle, 140 cows and calves, 3,000 sheep and lambs Pricks?Beef Cattle?The maiket last week was rather more spirited than the week preceding without, however, any advance in prices. We resume our quotations, $4 25 for inferior, und $6 a 6 60 for prime qualities. About 200 left aver. Cows and Calves?140 at market, all sold at $19 to $26. Sheep and Lambs?Sheep $1 37 a $4. Lambs $1 a $3, a slight advance. All sold. Coal Trade. According to the Pottsville Journal of the 25th inst., the Navigation CompanyTfttd an injunction on a number of Factories at Norristown last week, who were using the water required tor the Navigation, and stopped them, which was the means of dislodging a jamoi about two hundred boats sticking in the Canal. The rains this week, will no doubt remove all these annoyances, and prevent, it is to be hoped, any lurther inleriuptionfrom this cause, this season. Freights to Philadelphia have advanced to $1,00 by Ca nal?to New York $2 30. These prices, of course, must cause an advance on Coal at Pniladelphia. Uy Hail HoaJ the toll and transportation remains at $1,15 and $1.25. The shipments from the Lehigh for the week ending on the B'h inst., amounted to 13,040 tons. The following is a comparative statement of thn trade, compared with the supply to same iperiod laat year, in round numbers 1843. 1344 Schuylkill 331.000 410,000 Lehigt 160.000 198,000 Lackawana 120 000 120,060 Pinegrove 14,000 24,000 Susquehanna 25,000 30,000 Overstock April 1st. .. 50 000 60,uoo 640 000 882 000 640.000 Increase this year 192.000 We have deducted the 62,000 tons sent by Hail Hon,1, to April 1. 1844, which are included in last year's supply. The consumption for the year ending April I, 1814 was 1,265 000 tons in round numbers The great inrr-uae of Coal required this year for steam boats, Iron Works and tor other naanulacturing purposes, will require a supply of at least 1,500,000 tons, independent of which there ought to beat least from 60 to 75,000 tons always in the different markets, to keen prices regular. Prices of Coal on board, continues at the advanced rates quoted last week, with an upward tendency. The retail trade is quite active. The rates of freight to hostern ports, remain at last week's quotations. Foreign Markets. Kingston, Ja., Aug 3 - We regret to atatn that business in the articles of American produce lias been, for the last two months entirely overdone. The importation of flour has been excessive; say about 40,000 bhls in the last three mos., ol which about 20,000 hhla arrived in July, alone.? Hales could not be forced to any extent at over $6,60 per bhl. The consumption is falling off aid will be materially reduced, as the crops of domestic provisions reach the market To day we quote) prices for flour 6 60 a $7 per bbl; corn meal 4) r, rice 6} per 100 lbs; bread, pilot $4 26 per bbl, navy 3); crackt ra 6; corn 67 per bu?; butter 14c per lb; lard 0. prime pork $13 per bbl; mess, no demand, hams, small, 9c perlh;tobucco, long leaf, per 100 lbs 10 a 11; do plug I Jcts per lb; white pine lumher 27c per M; pitch piue 32 |mr M; shingles,cypress 8|; do cedar 9; Pi mento 7c per lb, logwood $11 \ per ton at Black river; Kxchauge on London, 502 per ? sterling; New Yotk and Philndtlnhin 6 per ct for appoints, doubloons $16,60; dol lars I 06 -- V. S. Gut Jiut 26. Married, On Friday evening, the 23d instant, by the Rev Mr. Floy, Mr. Henry Oadd, to Miss F.mllink, youngest daughter of the late Capt. Lodowick Prentiss, of this city. Died, On the 27th inat., Mrs. Mary Johnson, wife of Josiah Johnson, in the 42 year of her age, after a lingering ill ners, of consumption. The friends of the family, and the members of the Rev Mr. Stillwcll's church, in Christie at, are respectfully in vited to attend the funcrnl on Wednesday, at 4 o'clock, P. M., irom her late residence, 97 Mott at., without lurther invitation. Also, the members ot Knickerbocker Lodge, No. 22, I. O. ol O. F. On the 26 h instant, at No. 6 Cornelia st, of water on the brain, Eliza Jane, infant daughter of John Mul. bollnnd, aged 1 year, 1 month and 8 days. The friends and acquaintances of the family are invited to attend her funeral, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at fl"e o'clock, without further notice. PaaseiiKers Arrived. Iamburg?Barque Franklin?Louis Mankiewicz, Dr W Nathusins, Jacob Freystadt. 8 Neuinsrd?112 in steerage. Belize, Hon?Brig Annua?Mr llessey, T Mechues, Capt Wliitlock, Dr Miller, Messrs Pehhonlmck, Laru, IJarcn, and Rodriguez. ^ Nassau?Schr Morning Star?Mri Wharton and son, Oliver II dough. Savannah?Brig New Jersey?E M Prendergast. Passengers Sailed. Liverpool?Packet ship Siddons?Thomas SufFi in, lady and five daughters, .las 8 Dunning, of New York; John Wetlierell, Ht Louis; A F Stoddard, lady, child and servant, Glasgow; Captain A W Cradilock, lady and daughter, Canada; Henry I. Browuell, Bermuda; Louis B Kenard and lady. Dominica; Hy Todd Naylor, John S Phillips, Liverpool; Capt L Di Saumarez, 71 th Regt; Peter L Valleau, Aux Cayes. Foreign Importation*. Hamburg?Barque Franklin?906 plates spelter F W Schmidt It Voxel?931 do T lies Arts?MM) do 28 pks llenscjien It IJukart ?13 F I Ininenthal St CO?6 T F Tisdorlf?10 (' H Sand?9 I arl Henrirhs?2 F B Rhodes It co-10 W A It A M While?I U It F Schumacher?7 W H llorstmaim St ro? 1 Austin. Wilmer ding St co?4 K Fiedler?I la"wis It Fairinan?11 I. Oolihchmidt St co?3 F Thorsprckeii St co?I I<qeactligk St Wiseudonck?16 Nanning St Kouter?104 F S Schlesingsr?17 Meyer StStucken? I 8 Samelson? 1 R Heckscher?2 Brustleiu, Knop St co?I Fel lows, Wsdswotth It co?1 Wm Itadde?1 T Dolan St son?16 Winterhoff, Piper St K.ark?12 L I Cohen?8 A Warburg It co? 9 D M Peyser It ro?I Wood St Acosta?6 F. I.ippofu?8 M Werkmeister?2 F.dwards St Stoddard?13 J Napier?2 O lies setiberg St co?18 Bourry d'lyeniois Steo?2 L at B Curtis St co ? I < raven St co?11 Bchlesinger St llensehen?t C Ahreufeldt ?3 C T l.sriini It co?I Wiley St Putnam?1 Moritz Hirsclifeldt ?ft K Wienclte?130 B Coddington?sundry pkgs to order. Belize, Hon?Brig Aranda?18 ccroons corhineal 36 logs mahogany B Blanco?81 hales sarsaparilla J J Lahouisse?22 do I bbl turtle shell F Alexander?17 logs mahogany F. Coffin. Domestic Importation*. Savannah?Brig New Jersey?20 Imles cotton Boorman, Johnston It ro?276 Pickering It Hturge*. Boston?44 casks rice Onndhue Itco?3hxs 2 trunks Geo W Hunter?16 bdls leather Perkins It Hopkins?28 bales to order. MARITIME HERALD. Nailing Day* of the fitcRinshlps. STEAMERS. PROM LIVERPOOL. PROM AMRRIOA. Acadia, Harrison Sept. I (1. Western, Mathews Aug. 17 Hept. 16 Hiheniia, Ryrie Aug. 20 Sept. 16 Cambria, Judkins Sept. 4 Oct. I I O. Western, Matthews Oct. 12 Nov. It Ship Muster* anil Agent*. We shall esteem it a favor if Captains of Vessels will give to Robebt Silvev, Captain of our News Boats, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken ou their puurr, a list of their cargo, and say foreign nrMspsurrs, or mi ih?-v may hare. He will board them im mediately ou their arrival. Agents and Corves|<ondriits at home or abroad, will also confer a lavor by tending to thia office all tlw Mar use lateiligeaae that cat obtaio Nautical LuCanna tion of any Uiml will be thankfully received. POUT or MKW YOlitC, AUGUST ST. sun rises 5 23 I ri i.L moom 7 41 ?UN SETS 6 J7 I HII.M WITH H 39 Cleared. ship. Adler, (Bremen) Hohorst, II "men, L I'.irens ? dt; An son, B irkman. Charleston, George Sutton.?Barque Strafford, llaniinoiid New Orlaans, Dunham k Dirnon.?Brigs Klleo Gowan, (Br) I appin, Glasgow Hook it Smith; Sell in. Dun liiBi, U Guavra, Biett it V oae; St Lawrence, Griffin, Thoni.i? ton, Buck it Peters,?Hclir Margaret, Wuglaui, Petersburg, las. Hunter. Arrived. Hamburg bar,|ue Franklin, Sieebootn, 41 daysfroul Hamburg, with mise, to Schmidt Ik Balcbeu. Brig Arauda. Hiiwland, 1G days from Belize, Hull, with nta lioganv. tkc. to B. Blanco. Brig New Jersey, Brown, 6 days to It. M. Demill. from Savannah, with cotton. British brig Helen Mar, Card, 12 days from Windsor, NS. with plaster, to inastrr. British brig Wanderer, 2 days from Harwich, iu ballast, to master. British srhr Morning Star, Pruilden. 8 days from Nassau, NP. with 30 tons Brazilletto wood 300 Inizes salt GO dozen pine apple. 8 hunches bananas 4 tons iron to Draper k Devlin. Hchr Mary Elizabeth, Fiedeinore, from Virginia, with corn, to master. Steamer Tigress, Hart, 7 days from ltichmond, via Norfolk, with flour, to N. L. McCready k Co. The T. has received aome damage to her machinery. Below# Brig Emily, Sherwood, 6 days from Savannah. One brig, unknown. Wind SW. Balled. Ship Siddons, Cobb, Liverpool, and others. BIlavttllaneouM Kecortl. Si itn M*ny, oli Bristol. hence for Philadelphia, in ballast, capsized in a squall from SW. on the 23th inst. Cape May liear iiiK I "?*t wi milrtfl. The c ipuin and crew Ruccecdad in cutting .when she righted, two-thirds full of water.? away tier masts, _n|Tr < apt. I raid den, of tin- Morning Star, from, (who nqmrts the disaster) sent his boat to their assistance, hut the captain of the Mary desired none, and said he intended to remain with the wreck, pump her out, and endeavor to get her into port. St hh Aypz. Y\ ashinoton, Ashby, from rreiiacola for (-?all,-stun, lezas, was totally wrecked mi the Itli inst. near the Utter port?crew and part of the cargo sated. Notice to Mariners. Pllil AMLFHtA. Aug. 23.?1 hereby notify all shiup-rs, own ers and captains of vessels bound to the Island of Porto Rico, that the manifest roll ofequipage, and all invoices must be certi fied by the S|atnish Consul, re-ideiit at the port of departure, and without these ier|uisite-s, the captains, supercargoes or con signees of tlie vessels will be compel led to give security iu ten |s-r cent of the value of the vessel and cargo until the presenta tion of said Consulate Documents. Vessels touching at Saint Thomas or the ndjacent Islands ?re not exempt from this regula tion, for the enforcement of which the strictest orders have been issued. Paulo Chacon. Consul General of Spain. It is generally understood by captains of vessels sailing across the Bahama Banks, that there is no channel Northwaril of the Orange Keys, and it is laid down iu Blum's Chart that a shoal exists between the Orange Keys and the Riding Rocks. For information of mariners, Captain Clark, of the Tatuxent, says that he has sailed over the shoal so laid down, a number of times, and has found a channel either about a quarter of a mile u :.i:? u. ..i. ? i?i' > ? - ? front the Riding Rocks, ot within half channel of the Orange Keys, and has Touud it 2% fathoms deep at low water, and ob served no difference in the depth of the water, from the hanks surrounding where the shoal is so laid down. A new light house, with a revolving light of tho first class, has been erected on tlie Island of Bii|uet. in the river St. Law rence, and was shown for the first time ou the 9tb inst. 11 will continue to he shown every night from sunset to sunrise, from the 1.3th April to tlie 13th December in each year. Niioken. Kchr , 4 days from Matanzai for Rhode Island, no date, lat 29, Ion 79 10?by the Arauda, at tnis port. Robert Mills. Lawless, from Boston for Matauzas, July 38, off 1) It Shot Key*. Foreign Ports. St Thomas Aug 3?In port, Whitou, Curtis, of Prospect, tine; Agnes, limit, of Portland, disg; Lion, Fulton, and Corne lia, Stinson, of and for Bath, 4 days. Nassau, NP. Aug 18?In port. United States, for NVork, 2 days. Montreal, Aug 22?Arr Ann Louisa. Keill, NVork. (duvnn , Aug 21?Arr Enchantress, Phillips, London; Helen, Hunter, Liverpool; Superb, McAllister, New York; Silurian, Moon, Boston, Cld Resolution, Wright, Newcastle: Wil limn, I harletnii, Hull. Arr 22d, Warren Hastings, Mason, and Mary Barbara, Mermaid, Philadelphia; Jane, Masson, Bel fast; Importer, M'Laren, Liverpool; Warrior, Huggins, and Win Roderick, Storrow, London; Martha Ann, M Donald, Porto Rico; Mary, Small, Cork. Cld Victoria, M'Mahon, Belfast; Klizabeth k Ann, Wright, and Melrose, Moon, Lon don. tiRlse Porta. Buffalo, Aug 21?Arr Wayne, Detroit; Kent, Amherstburg; Burlington, Milan; Cumberland, Chicago; Iowa, Detroit; Etne ralil, (new) Charleston; Baltimore, Havre, Constitution, and Brewster, Cleveland; W Trader, and Geo Watson., Milan; Columbia, (new j Chicago: Loan der, Tom Corwiu, fleindeer] " tndusk Birmingham, Sandusky; Oceana, and Civile, Pt Clinton; mta, Detroit; Scioto, Ogdeushtirg: Cambridge, Monroe; i, and Emma. Ashtabula. ('Id Constitution, Chicago; ruuon, Toledo; tila- " " ? Woodbridge, Milan. Home Porta. East Malthas, Aug 21?Sid Chas Hammond, Talbot, Hou duras. Bath, Aug 22?Arr Angeline, Barnes, St Kitts; 23d, Ceylon, Brown, St Thomas. Owl's Head, Aug I!)?Arr Spartan, Rogers, Bangor for Long Island; 20th, Geo W Gilford, Cotnery, do ibr Calais; Veto, Pendleton, do for Providence?and all aid 21st. Portsmouth, Aug 20?Cld Delia, Fales, Thomaston. Gloucester, Aug 23?Arr Frrdk Pearl, Npofford, Calais for Boston; Ruby, Stillmitchel, Harrington for NVork. Boston, Aug 23? Arr Manchester, Gordon, Baltimore. Be low, 1 barque. Nothing sailed. Returned. Acadian, Joints, wdiicli sailed hence for Halifax on Friday. Sid 2Hh, Mohawk, Kast Indies; and all the vessels from ihr Roads. Alexandria. Aug 24?Sid Frank, Baker, NVork. Richmond, Aug 23?Arr Ionic. Ackertnan; Victoria, Bogart; Tuscan)ra, Smack, and John Polk, NVork; Spy, Cannon, So merset; Constitution, Endicott, and Union, Rider, Boston.? t 'lil Massachusetts Pritchard,London; raloa, Flanders, Bremen, Sid Hideout, Williams, Fall River. Norfolk, Aug 13?Cld Ariel, [Br] Crockett, Pernambuco.? The RII Douglass, for South America, and Massachusetts, for Europe, are on their way down James River. The Blixton, at City Point, passed off ling Island a Swedish brig, supposed bud up Jaines River. The Klard, of and for Bremen, ana Abagun, for Antwerp, from James River, went to sea 13th Washington, NC. Aug IG to 22?Cld Clara Fisher, Star, E Bradley, Silas Crane, Isabella, Wm Grav, and Globe, all for N York. Ocracokk, Aug 13?Arr Topaz, Green, West Indies. Charleston Aug24?Sid Moon, Kuudson, NYork: Hayne, Tresrott, and Warrior, Griffith, Havana; Henrietta, Hugle s, do; George, Vates, New Yolk. Arr22d. Davjd Rogers, Parker, Richmond. Sid Harriet k Jessie, Cornier, Liverpool; Wolga, Staples, St Marys, Ga; Zephyr, Roby, Matauzas. Savannah, Aug 22?Arr Loretto, Henderson, Boston. Cld Franconia, Gannett, Liverpool. Sid Exact, Johnson, NVork. Mobile, Aug 18?Arr K W Brown, Tatem, and Sylph, Pol lard, Boston; Linden, Bcnle, NYork. New Orleans, Aug 17?Arr Rose, (British sloopof war) Sturet, Vera Cruz; Medford, Wilbiiru, Havre; Irad Ferry, Chase, Philadelphia; Hoik- Howes,Shaw, Havana. Cld Clifton, Ingersoll, and Olinda, [Br] Brown, Liverpool. Cld 16th,Troy, Hills, do; Alleghany, Drown, Philadelphia. PARK THEATRE.?The public ii res|>ectfully informed tlmt this Theatre will be opened for tlie season ou MON DA V, Sept. 2<i. The Ifnhes anil gentlemen engaged at this establishment are requested to meet in the Green Room on Thursday Morning, August 29, at II o'clock. au21 8tec THUS. BARRY, Stage Manager. R EPRODUCTION! THE MYSTERY OF PHYSIOLOGY! I111 AT part of the field of know ledge, hitherto trodden only by 1 the select few ! DR. HOI,LICK'S LECTURES on this important subject, illustrated by his fifteen celebrated models of the female form, ?c., will lie again repeated on Tuesday, Wed nesday, and Thursday nest, August 27, 28, and 2*1, in the Large ' Grand street, at# 1. M.?for gen ii ill . oner of Broadway and [ ,. rr_ _ tlemeu only. Youths not admitted. For lull particulars, see handliilla. On Friday afternoon, at I o'clock, an important la-nun-. for ladies only. Admission 25cents. nu254lis*rrc REMOVAL. PKKSSE St DROOKS, have removed from No. RI Liberty to the new stores Nos. 65 and 67 Nassau street, between Maiden Lane and John street. au23 2wec CLIFTON HOUSE, ON THE BAYSIDE. STATEN ISLAND, NEAR "THE NARROWS." COR PERMANENT BOARDERS, transient lodgers and day visitors, offers an opportunity of enjoying the sea breeze, a view of land and water unequalled lor its picturesoueness, the ' alfainile luxury of the sea bath, (the sea beach being within half a mile of the house.) Tlie dinner hour is IX o'clock?on Sunday at 3 o'clock. Su perior carriages in attendance lor the accommodation of the guests. A line Bowling Alley and Billiard Room, are just finish ed for the amusement of tlie patrons of the establishment. GEORGE PIERIS, Proprietor. N. B.?Two of the best rooms in the House maybe bid for the remainder of the season, on immediate application of fami lies. On Sundays the boats run to 8 tapis ton, landing every hour Carriagea in attendance to couvey passengers to Clifton House an* Imisre TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC. ?3. r*itt*&SQER JOiiwiM'EMENT Jh'Oii I5w 1 The Subscribers having completed their arrangements, are now prepared to bring out passengers from Great Britain and Ireland by the following first class Picket Shi|is, one of whirh will leave Liverpool on the 1st, btil, J1 til, 16th, 21st aud 22ili of each month Patrick Henry, New York, Sheridan, Virginia, Liverpool, Cambridge, Montezuma, Biddous, Geo. Washington, Hottinguer, ('olumbus, United Statue, Unarms, Ashbarlon, England, .Europe, Stephen Whitney, Rochester, hiflepi mlence, Yorkshire, Gamck, j^Saiduol lliclw, Queen of the West, Oxford. < ertilicates of passage can be obtained, and every information will de given to those sending for their kriumla, ou application at either of our Offices. They will also be prepared, on the o|ieiiiiig of navigation, to forward passengers anil their luggage to Albany aud Troy, and via Erie Canal to Buffalo, aud all intermediate places. To all ports of the Upper Lakes. Vis Oswt?o to Toronto, Port Hope, Coburg, Kingston, and all parts of Canada West. hroin Troy via Whitehall to Montreal in Queliec, Canada East \ la Ohio Canal from Cleveland to Portsmouth, Cincin nati and intermediate places. South West via I'lnl ulelphia to Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Louis ville, and all parts on the Ohio Hiver to St. Louis, Mo.; and to all parts of Oltio, Michigan. Indiana. Illinois and Wisconsin Territory. REMITTANCES. For the accommodation of jiersous wishing to send money to " ' KNW.N * ? their Lie,ids iii the Old Country. HAItNDEN Ik t O. will give drafts oil any part of England, Bcjaatid or Ireland, |>ayalile at sight, for sums of ?1, ?5, J.20, to ?U0?or in any amount to suit the purchaser. OFFICES AND AGENTS. Charles Craft, 121' Stale Street, Boston, II. W. Wheeler, I nion Building. Providence, R. I. J. W. Mills, :i Wall street, and 16 Front street. New Yoik. N. G. Howard, 43 South Third street, Philadelphia. Saudfnrd Ik Shoemaker, 7 Light street, Baltimore Mil., Pittsburgh, Pa. L. S I ittlqjnlin, S Exchange, Albany, N. Y. H. I lark, 150 River street, Troy, N. V . Utica, N. Y. WAA. Cook, Syracuse, N. Y. Ilorliester, N. Y. W. II. Cook. Buffalo. N. Y. H. Fitthugh St Co., Oswego, N. Y. mafie. HARNDKN fc CO. CHEAP PERFUMERY AND FANCY SOAP WORK8. JOHNSON Ik VROOM, formerly c?rner of ( eriar and Willi no street!. are maniifactnriiu! ami putting up for tlie trade, their goods in the newest Slid most attractive styles, and are sell ing at prices 20 per cent lower than can be brought to this mar kef; flu* extent of their manufacturing facilities enables them to sell for the smallest profit. Manufactory and Sales Room, 79 Trinity Place, rear of the ew Trinity ' hurrh. uul7 Imeod'm IjOI.I'flCAL CARD \TI KEK?'I lie best and most sale I side assortment are published and for sale by JAMES IIAILLIE, No. M Spruce st. Orders, arroinpanieii wiih a re mittance, will In- punctually attended to. Price $6 per 100. N. B.?Lithography and print Colouring eastnted at short no tice ; views of public buildings, merchants' places of business, et ., drawn and colored from nature, and free from victimising or extortionate ehargee. jvi# 2taw Im'ec HOUSTON, M. U.. DENTIHT, No 4 PARK I PLACE. iii ltnwlm*ra AMUSEMENTS. NIHLU'll OAKDICft. Vomer of Broadway and fatten timet, Sew York. 11m Entertainm-nta are under tie- sole direction of MR. MITCHELL. Door* open at 7?Entertainments commence at I precisely lu eousequeucr of th.-Treal applause bestowed III! the new piece of THIS MILLINER'S HOLIDAY ! And i'mj Estr*vag?nz.a of PI SS IN BOOTS They will )?? repeated this evening. Sir. Mitchell as Sim-m Spark. TUESDAY EVENING, August 77th Mill be presented, MILLINER'S HOLIDAY. Simon Spark. Mr. Mitchell Lieutenant Bowlin i. Mr. Fruuo Mr. PoHywii Mr. Nickiusou Omnibus I '.inductor Sir. l-evere h oiuy 'l'liutiitMou Mine I larke Kitty ("srraway Mis* King Mies Pott., 1 f Mr?. Watt. Miss Dotts, Milliner. Mi.. May Mood Si** ' 9tl". f ol" fort { Hill Hulierl. Mim Wattts, Holiday Mr.. Everard ?^'"m J. . I Mm. Dunn lL/"'lntermtssiim of hall'an hour--.t It 1 o conclude with, PUSS IN LOOT'S. {Wjih. Mi.. Taylor S'C'Vard Mr ( lark Ivouiu. a .. . M r Johmoii Kill many O'Qobble Rillmore Nickinsou Kitchcn.tulf Everard Put. in Bool. . liuiin Baron Lev ere King Pumpkin Denniaou Lord Uhtinherlaiu Uleecker Chatterina Mr. Watt. Arietta Mi.. Clark Skippcrrlla Mi.. Maywood Fairy Feliua Mr. (lardwick Prince.. Rosebud .Mr. Everard IL>*NO POSTPONEMENT at thi. establishment on ac count of weather, as the Orand Entrance from Broadway to Uie Saloon i. protected, and the New Saloon, which i. ventilated from the top and Miles, can lie enclosed al a moment', notice FREE CONCERT' A T MONROE HAI.L, comer of Centre and Pearl streets, a.- with a Kull Band of Music, THIS EV ENING, commeuc iiiK at 7 o'elock. The Proprietor will b<- happy to ?ee hi. friend, and strangers. August 77th. au77 lt*ec EVENING'S OF HUSH MINSTRELSY. MR. McMICIIAEL will give an evening of Irish Min strelsy, on Tuesday evening licit, August 27th, at the So ciety Library, corner of Leonard street aud Broadway. lu tin course of tlie evening, the following Irish Sougs will be sung by Mr. Mc.Michael The Deserter's Meditation. Let Erin Remember the Day. of Old. A. Down on Banna. Bank.. The Roving Blade. Silent. Ohllat le. TV.. ' The Exile. When I was Younger. Dear Harp of my Country. The Irish Mother's Lament. Molly Itrallaghan. ; Old M ' " The Old Man's Lament. Teuenus Farewell. The Irish Sailor. To commence at 8 o'clock. Ticket. JO cent*, to lie had at the principal music .torus, and at the door on the evening. au7l 3t*rc StMStTu CONCERT NIGHTLY. Grand vocal and instrumental concert, at J. P1NTEUX CalV de. Mille (,'otomie. Saloon, 307 Broad way. Engagement of Mim ADAIR, the fine Vocalist. Thi. well-known establishment has la-en considerably embellished since May. Refreshments of the best kind can always lie had al the bar, with the attendance of careful waiters. A well vuutij lated Billiard Room containing eight tables communicates with the Saloon on the same floor. The Ice* and C..-am*, the best the city afford*, can at all time* be obtained. iL?" Entrance free. aI8 2w*tn KLYSLAN FIELDS, HOBOKEN G Y M N A S T 1 C FX HI HI TIO N . And a Grand Comie aud Burlesque Italian Pantomime, entitled THE ADVENTURES OK FATHER CA8BANDRE, T1 OR, LE UARBIER IMPROVISE, ELLSLER* BROTHERS. ON MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY AFTER NOON, August 86th, 28th and -Otis, will be given a new and entire change of performance, to commence with the grand and w onderful feats of gymnastic*, displaying their incredible feats of strength, Tour. d'Addresse, agility and elegance, and w ill conclude the first part with the Tableaux of the ATHEN IAN GAMES, or the Double Aum-aux. ii r* An iutermissiou of half au hour. I-A HT SKC'ONll. A uew and grand pantomime entitled the ADVENTURES OF FATHER CASSANDRE, IIX THE P.1.1,SI.Kit RKOTHKRS. Father Caasandre G. Ellsler Pierol L. F.ils'er Jeanot J. Ellsler In consequence of their extraordinary success, tin- Ellsler Brie thers are engaged one M eek longer. Performances changed ____ each day. Performances to commence at t o'clock precisely. nu2C 5t*rrc THE A L I I A M II A , 859 Broadway, between Spuing and Prince Strekti. n-HIS fashionable place of resort is o[ien for the season. Tile ?* lees, Fruits, Jellies, and other refreshments, are of the finest description. An Orchestra, combining some of the first musical talent in the city, Iierform every evening, except Saturdays and Sundays, favorite pieces from thecomposition of Straus, Lanuer, Anker, elehrated. Bellini and others equally celt BRANCH, No. 165 East Broadwny, one door above llutger street, where the same delightful Ice ('reams and Refreshments may lie found. aull Impure OOLMAN'S LITERARY SALOON, COSTUME GALLERY, AND EXHIBITION OF bE AUTIFUL PAINTINGS, No. S03 Urondwnv, N<-av York. JT7"ADMISSION ONE SHILLING ONLY. V[0 STRANGER should leave the city without calling in As t > see the Great Collections of Books, Paintings and Tin graviuin . w hich are offered at " prices to suit the times." ThePp BLIU SALE ROOM is filled wil , vith hooks of every kind, in r irions languages, including Print* and Pictures, to see which, and the I'ri- J liwm, no <h audi: is made jyTti ec GREAT AND ATTRACTIVE EXHIBITION. TIIF, PROPRIETOR has,the honor of informing the citi zens of New Y ork.lhat lie is now exhibiting lor a lew i reus of New York,that lie is now eshibiting for a lew days at tin-Lyceum of Natural History, Broadway, No. 561, opposite Niblo's Garden, the inagnificeot MODEL OF PARIS. This really splendid work of art, carved entirely on wood, i* the re sult of IG years of labor. It comprise* at least 57,000 houses, 1670 itreets, and mora than 100,0011 different subjects. Each house, monument and public square is represented w ith a truth fulness and mathematical nicety in their forms, dimensions and colors. Inasmuch that |ier*ons who have resided in the great metropolis of thr world, can easily recognise the house in which they have dwelled. (>|wu every day from 9 A. M. till 10 1'. M. Price of admittance, 75 cents ; children half price. au3 3tawlm*rc OFFICE WANTED.?A Parlor, on the first or second tloor, furnished, by a Dentist, with or without board, near Broad way and the Park. Address, Dentist. Herald office. au2A 3t*ec T TO TAILORS. OLIVER, REPORTER OK FASHIONS, has thejdes Eur** to Announce t<> the Trade that his Plate of LONDON and PARIS FASHIONS for the ciiiuinc urauon, will In* ready for delivery in tin- early part of Septemner next, at the store uf his acent, Mr. A. wH??L?Ri No. i Courtlindt Broadway. .Mr. Oliver is now in London, where he has spent the last three months collecting materials for. and superintend ing the execution of this Plate, w hich he feels warranted in as serting, will surpass in accuracy mnd degance anything of the kind hitherto published. Neither pains nor expense have been spared to accomplish this object, the engraving being in the best style, ini copper, and not lithographic as heretofore. Mr. Oliver take* tins opportunity to ine.ition tint Kih svstem of cutting,which is now no generally in use in the United States, and has met with such decided approbation among the trade in London, may he procured of his agent, who will be happy to ex plain its very perfect and simple, principles to any who wish to obtain it. It may be hail at the moderate expe ite of seven dol lars, or ten dollars with practical instruction. Terms to ?uh s for the Fashion Plate will lie J ?cribera for the Fashion Plate will In* $:i jier annum, or $1 50 |?er copy, payable in advance. Persona sending orders for the sys tem or lashiou plate are particularly requested to write their n lines, town, county, and state, in a legible hand, to avoid mis takes by attending to this, and enclosing the cash, they may re ly upon the (Mate or Book being mailed the same day that their order is received. A. WHKKLKR, TAILOR, 4 Coi htlandt stbket, Agent, for tie* above, keeps constantly on hand, Tailors' Crayons, French Chalk, Taj** Measures, Plain Squares, Crotch Squares, Elliptic Angles, Board Sln-ars, and Points, Ike., Ike. Mr. Wheeler will lake a pleasure in directing Tailors visiting the city to the various places, w here they may procure such arti cles as they need, and wiii attend to orders of that kind from the country with faithfulness and despatch. N. B.?All orders for fashions and systems must be addressed paid) to T. Oliver, No. 4 Courtlaudtstreet, aug 21 4ldlkltW*m A1 HIGHLY IMPORTANT DISCOVERY! I.I. KINDS OK WOOI.EN OR COTTON GOODS, . ready mule clonks, corts, pantaloons, Stc... rendered water proof by an entirely new process, which will be found lo answer all exapectutions. Ily thim process, the pop-, of the article, made waterproof re main open, ao that the evntioration is not checked, m> is llie cue withtne Macintosh clothing, winch by reuon of the pome being cloeed, aw found to lie attune, uncomfortably warm.? The water run, off like quicksilver from the article, rendered waterproof. It i* impossible, in the hardest rain, for one drop to get through lie stuff itself; is not injured in tlie process, neither in quality nor color. It doc. not net stiffer nor heavier ?does not diffuse any unpleasant odor, (as it is the case with Soods rendered watererproof by India rubber, gum arable, glue, ?.,) nor is the least change perceptible to tin- eye. Independ ently of the goods being rendered impervious to the rain or snow, they nre likewise warranted, after having Undergone Una process, not to become moth eaten. It matters not whether the goods an- line or coarse, finished or not, will, or without gloss, a. by tie process tliey may be made to have more jar less 1 finish i gio.. and nni-h according to the wish of the customer, Cotton and linen goods, however, must he closely woven, and have, no siting ig inem, to tindelgo this process. (foods left to bu ren dered waterproof, maype called for within a few days (say eight days, the utmost) after they ar?left, and the charges will be moderate. A trial i. rm?|a-ctfiilly solicited, by (). RljOKR, hi Reset street. Information given, and orders received by LEOPOLD KI ll S, German Agency, 28 I'l lit strr> t, N. V. a27 Jt'er NEW STEAMSHIP LINE FOR NOR FOLK A N I) H A LT I M OR E . The new Steamship JOHN H. McKlM, '?plain E. Moore, will leave the foot of (Wall street, Murray's wharf, on Wtursdaj morning, at 10 o'clock, landing passengers at "Norfolk in advance of the Mail, and si a much less puce, affording, at the same time, a delightful Sea Kscursion. Freight for Baltimore will tie received this mom lug, oid landed quite as soon as by the Railroad Lines. Tin McKiin can aceommodate sixty paslengers with st iteroorns, ami :WI0 tons of freight, and for s|ieed cannot he enrpaased by any of the,Atlantic Steamers. For freight or psstagn, apply on hoard, or to PEt k. CLYDE St CO., Proprietors, Office in t better St Kemp's, i.'i South street. au27 Jtis*ec GRAND TEMPERANCE EXCURSION TO VEKI'LANt K'S POINT. ON MONDAY, Sept. 2, st the solicitation of many who wersjinabla to visit tme delightful spot, at the late Temperance Jubilee, given by the Harrison Union. No. 2, Daughters of Temperance, and of rnniy more wlm did attffbd ihi ihathighlv int. resting occasion, they have been prevailed upon to repeat tin eleursion in its lor mei true picnic st) le, each hringing their own provisions. A table, however, wall la- supplied w itri the goodly things of the season, for tliose who may wish to partake of the in. The splendid steamboat Smith America is engaged for the diy, and the Washington Brass Band and an excellent choir of sing ers, will In-in attendance, ?o that nothing will ho wanting to make this excursion eon <| to tb, former. The steamboat will leave the foot of Barclay st. at 7 o'clock, A. M.: Kiting ton sln.'t at half-pa-l 7; Catherine street at qnar ' i 8; ( ansT sir ~ " * ler to 8; ( ana] street at 8; and Ainoa sin- t at quarter past 8. Tickets 37)g cents, to he || id ar the follow ing places Jolts Martin, I7t, Orchard street; Ellas I niribs, 21.8 Grand st; Beuj. Will, 228 Division st; II Kequa, corner 19th at. and 9th avenue; E. II Hotier, 175 Bowery t John K. Knssell, ;m Nor folk st; laaiah Bartlev, 109 < harlton st; Wm. J. Pell, l|9 Suf folk at; John W, Oliver, Printing (Mile for. Nassau end Ann ate; Hiram Thorite. 7 I Bulge at; Geo. J icksoit, S77 Wat. i st. Joseph Dennis, 31 Pitt euvet.; Luke tl 11 Avenue I); W. A. I romwell, 8J ( linton stn-et; A. P. Mi N.aightoa, I2:i Madi son street; We, J. Hpenci, tgi Full,hi street; |)r. J. It. Dennis. 429 Grand street; John W. Bra is ted, 83 avenue I); I Hheparrf, 191 Broadway, opmigiu Jnhn si.; .las. Stock well roton Lunch; I nrtts' Drugstore, tl Ih.wery; T. S. Marshall jeadei o( tin' VV B. Band. Iff) Ludlow at., also of eithrt of the 1 ieket < ommilUv ; also by Mr. George IJsll, Brooklyn, ami at tlie I oat Grace, do. au27 it-p BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Philadelphia. [Correipon.fence of the Herald ] Philadelphia, August 26. The United States brig Somera?of McKeoz'e renowD?arrived at the Naval anchorage off the Navy Yard last evening. The 8. is last from Nas sau. To a friend, 1 am indebted for the following list ol her officers: Commander, Jamea T. Oerry ; 1st Lieutenant, Wni B. Muse; Pur?er, H. M. Hieekell; Acting Master, B. N. Westcott; Passed Midshipman, Andrew J. Drake; Assistant Sur geon, Win. B. Sinclair; Commander's Clerk, P. Loyal!; Acting Master's Mate, John C Kitter. Another destructive fire occurred last evening in the District of Kensington, which destroyed eight new three story brick buildings, the property of a Mr. Fox The houses were situated on Queeu street, below Front, and were not quite finished. They were insured for #5,000. The fire was the work of uii incendiary. As usual, another brutal fight took place, in which the Mechanic and Western Eugine Compa nies took a conspicuous part. Nobody murdered. The Locos have nominated E. A. Penniman us their candidate for State Senator for the county. To night they will nominate for the city This morning a notorious pick{>ocket named Williams, was arrested un<l committed to prison, Inu will no doubt be released immediately on "sirnw" bail John McCullin was arrested this morning charged with committing a violent assault and battery on the person of CharlesChew, wit i intent to kil, and held to bail by Becorder Vaux in $800 to answer. The Natives-are now holding a luige meeting at Camden, New Jersey. They appear iu good spirits. I understand the members of a certain fire com pany feel offended at my remarks, concerning one of tlmir many outrages, contained in yesterday's Herald. Well, it is exactly what I expected ; and so fur from being intimidated by threats, 1 reneat that the Fairtnount Engine Company have long been one of the most riotous and disorderly body of firemen that ever disgraced the department. Had the authorities doue their duty, they would j. Bs have been broken up long siuce. Backed by the Northern Liberty and Columbia Hose Companies, the peace ot the city and county will always be disturbed, unless prompt measures are immediate ly adopted to arrest and puuisli the guilty. Stocks are still decliniug. The sales to day were quite large, but buyers are exiremelv cautious. 1 annex the transactions at each Board. Fi??t, Aug atJ?190 ihsrei Uirurd Bank, 11); 3 <]o Ptnn Bunk. 67 ; $13 000 Heading K K, 07J , $33,000 It B 6\ 1863 103 ; $1000 Louisville 6 perct bond! 86 ; 860 shares Wil K R. 33 ; 160 do do t>6 33 ; 160 do do 6ds. 33 ; $13 0(H) State 6s, 73f ; 60 shales Vicksburg Bank, 8 ; 60 33 J Bkcond Boahd, Aug 36?7 Mechanics'^Bank, 44^ $2000 State 6's. 73} ; 300 U S Bk. 8} ; $6000 Reading R bonds, 67) ; 460 Utrard Bk 10} ; Son Wil R R, 33} Rill I* BIKWN, Csmipoiidence of the Herald. PHILADCtrHIA, Alljf. 20?P. M; Arrived?Peruvian. Wttmn, Boston; Geo Washington. Wil lianis, Providence; Alexander M, Jenny, Boston; Danl Baker, Raker, Norwich; Hepcibnh, Smith. War I en, R I; .1 T Bertire, Browne, Somerset, M iss; Html R Painter. Robinson, Albany; Lexington, Wass, and Princess, RacUrtt. NVork. Below?Cadmus, from St Jairo drt.'ulia. Cleared? Swan, BnelI, New Orleans; llermeline, [8wl Cron holm, Hotnril.iin; Bramtv win*', Sinat U, I'emamauco; Wood* lands, [llr] Johnston. St John, NB: Fame, < row ell, do; Susan it Plum-. Corson, IJiiincy; Charlotte, Weslcotl, Providence; Chief, Uateuien, Eaat Oreenwich; M H Mahoiiey, l)u?ky Sally, Florence, Thos Ireland, and Olive Elizabeth, Boston; Tenter, Portland; Diadem, Bristol; J F t.'r ~,, sp,,mui, .. r .'roueh. Ponghkeepsie; Ann Kliza, Cayuga, and Gram|ius, NYork; Harriet Lmuta, Man hattans die. Home Porta. I'hii.aui i.i'Mia, Aug 2fi?Arr Egremel, Savvver, Machiaz.? Chi Bella del Mar, Handall, Fall River. It a i.i istoRE, Aug 26?Arr Frances Amy. Ilinney, Kinestoii, Ja; North Star,Shaw, F'.nvt|K>rt; Maria, Ricketaon, NlH.".., Rea|?*r. Sears, Boston; Mary, Bra,ton, Providence; Mariner, Adanu, Nantucket. Sid 211it. Commerce, Blanchard, Monte* video and Buenos yVvres; Kverhard, [Btem] Haake, Bremen; Charles, Tisd tie .Boston; I olorauo, Swan, Jamaica; llelsn F'razier, Leavitt, Portland; 25th, Rea|a-r, Breaton, Clalvetion.? Below, off Cove Poiut, a full rigged brig, supposed a Boston packet. AUCTION SALES. ^I'CTIpN N OT IC E?Sale of. vasluhle.'Dry Goods, some Clothing, a choice lot of French new style Jewelry, London Cloths and Cassimeres, Irish Linens, tkc , THIS DAi.K Ilk o'clock, in the Sales Room II Spruce street. And on WED NESDA V, a valuable aasorlmeiit of all descriptions. nuV It*in THOS. DF.I.L, Auctioneer. A,*C. TUTTLE, Auctioneer. Hardware, auction sale-jacob s. platt-s Eiuhth Kail Trade Hardware Sale, this K-nxm, consisting of 3A0 casks, cranes and loth of Hardware and Cutlery, Fancy Article*, fcc., will take place This Day at 10 o'clock, at No. 23 Piatt st, corner of Gold. Also, one caw Hooper1! assorted Patent Guns and one fine Double Barrel do, hi a mahogany case with uijluneiiU coin plete, suitable for a sportsman. Also, AO pair English Belt Pistols, and au invoice of tine Dirk and Hpear Knives, of celebrated maker*. Also, AO nets tine Paper Mac be Tea Trays, and AO setts Japaned do, Hnuffer Tray*, Bread Basket*, kc. Also, Knives and Forks assorted, Pocket and Penknives, Shears, Scissors, Razors, Butcher's and Bread Knives, fcc. Also, German Goods, viz: Looking Glasses, Hun ft' Boxes, Hcissors, Ike. Also. A it * ila. Trace Chains, Fryingpatis, Wrought Nails, Griffin s Hor^e do, 9 casks Sadtorons, Hooks and Hinges, Steel, Hindustan, Oilstones, Wlieelheads, A cases superior ?jumlity Angers, Iron Weights, Hash Putties, Knob and Carpenters ltn? tat ion Locks, Padlocks, Polished Steel File Sets, kc. Also, 20 lots tine Carded IVn and Pocket Knives, with which the sale will commence. au27 !t*rn SUPERIOR FURNITURE, HOFA BEDSTEADS, THERAPEt Tl< ( HAIRS, kc. He. WILLARD will aell THIS MORNINO, at '0* ? o'clock, in the store, 304 B road way corn rrof Dnane street, by catalogue, a superior assortment of City made Furniture, embracing elegant Sofas, Chairc, Divans, marble top Centra Tables, Dressing Bureaus, and Enclosed Wash stand*, plain do, French and Maple Bedsteads, Rockers, Wardrobes*, Book Cases, lie.. See. Also, Two of Kartell'f superior Patent Sofa Bedsteads, and 2 of the celebrated Therapeutic Chairs. Catalogue at the sale. Purchaser* requiring their goods packed, may rt ly on the inmost care and promptness. av27 lt#m FOR 8ALF. AT AUCTION. A SPLENDID FARM on the Murium river, town of yCMLN'ew burgh, Orange county, one mil# ?nt of the village ii it? " 'if -HT'ii' 107 acres, ill a nigh stair of cultivation, well watered ; (bounded wr.t by anevcr failing stream of water,) a good new house, two stories, aud kitchen : a good large in w Barn ruid Lime-Kiln, and plenty of limestone. The farm will be divided or sold together, a* will beat auit tl?e purchasers. The greater iiart of the money can remain on bond and mort gage, aa will heat auit the purchaaer. For particulars, enquire 419 Broadway, comer of t anal, N. Y., or at the ahoe atoraof Moaea Wilaon, on tb ? premises. The aale will la-on Friday, Cth of Sept., at the Orange Hotel, Newburgh, at 12 o'clock. alfg23, 2w *ec. , STEAMSHIP NEPTUNE, (to cloee tte I concern)?At Auction by L. VI. llOFF ?l MAN At I O., on Tl.T.SUA V. August 27th, at half-past one o'clock, at the Merchants' ?Eschange?STEAMSHIP NEPTUNE, 74S tona burthen: ahe ia iii first rate order and Condition, having in formed her I.i*l trio from Charleston in 56 hours; ahe was thoroughly overhauled two >ear* liner, and newly coppered with 2H ami Mot. Copper, furmahrd with new boiler made tiv J. P. Allaire, and put in firat rate condition in every re?pert. Her engine i* about 250 borne power, 56 inch cylinder. llRfeet atroke, 20 feet diameter of w heel,all made by J. P. Allaire, and of unsurpassed workiiianalnp. For furturr pirticiilara and in ventory ( w hirh i- full and complete) apply to ( aptaiu Rollina, on board, al the Novelty Work*, or at the office of J. II Brow er, 91 Front Ittet, when- Captain llollin* may be area daily at^lC o'clock. Inventory alao at the auction room. The Neptune may lie purchased by private contract at any time previous to tin-day of aale. an 14 Htia#rc. wanted. ft yOI NO AMERICA" wants for several Wards, iudustri a oua native*, who w ill immediately canvass and take up subscription* for the Daily American llepnblic in Paia-i. Apply to NICHOLAS HAD.'HT, au27 lt?eC *"<> Wall street, front room .id story. dhC RF.W ARI>?Lost, on the afternoon of Monday, August HP,-? 2(ith, in Walker ?tre?t betwoen Broadway aad Church at, a GOLD WATCH SEAL, fling, M* Socket of a Chain The Seil has in it a yellow stone w ith coat of arm* engraved on it, on which account the own r particularly value* it. Tlw .above reward will be paid to any one returning it to *u27 It*m i><>< T WILSON, 42 Wslker street. I OUT?On Saturday evening, August 24th, going to tlie tire J at the foot of 11 i relay street, s loess ItOSETTE, In-longing to Protector b'. K. 1 omp.iny, No. 22 Any person having found the same, and will return it to the aboveComjiony, will recaivs the (hanks of the Company. au2B Itrrc WILLIAM BEN "SETT,.Fovemos. SHIRT MANUFACTORY GENTLEMEN'S CLOTHING STORE, I1U Muldrn Lnnr, TU8T RF.CEIVED, the latest and moat approved French pal ?' o rris Shirts. Also, a general aasortm. nt of Clothing ol all descriptions. Clothing made up to orderat tlie Ibllowi a low price*, v it,? Frock and Ores* Coals made and tnrnmed bom $H<ai to i'ftntalooii*and Wtta, " ' M l.'*0 to 1*7$ All madi* iii the l***! mumer and moat fml?i<?iiAbl^ sty Is*. l'nd?'r (larmFiilt in.idf to order H -? ry\ idovei. Stocks. C'ravats, Collar*, Suspenders, in;, W Vl. I OLI INS. sut7 lm*ec BRONZE POWDERS. A LA HOE A SSO HTM EN T of Powdered Bronte. Copper and Silver, in all shades of color, just received from tier m-vnv, and for sale by LEOPOLD Ki ll, au27 M'o: 20 Plait str et, New York ?FARM FOR SA Lb.?T?he sold very low. in the State of New Jer?ey, a middle sired Farm, in a high state of cultivation, gooff fence, plenty of wood and water, build ing-in good repair; st-vrral acres of land used for track, bring near to a good market; plenty of first-rate crops growing onsod farm, to l>e sold with or wiiliout them cheap. A pari of the m- m yfmay remain on mortgage. Apply to JOB CASTAS, 205 William street. New A ink or to PETER WALKER. an27 3t*rc Washington Road, near New Brunswick ^ t)l.nnUa THOMAS SALMOND. ( W. T. Shulu will run to tlie bishiug " L- from her usual places, on TUESDAt M, 1 Vig. Amosjni-eet 7As?< anal at. 7i?? WEDNESDAYS, (Catharine berry. Brooklyn. ?-Pilre Till RSI) AYS, and fn>?-and Pier No. I, N. R-, ?X~ FRIDAY'S J touching at Fort Hamilton each way. Fare 25 cents each way TO I ON FY ISLAND AND FORT HAMILTON SATURDAY A FT K H N OO NS? Will leave her us*jI id?ro? it 2, 2*4, 2H, tjij ami Pirr No. I N. * o cwvjt HI NDAV9. ?id< Will rnafcp tiro mmiMf l??km MONDAYS. ( In tie- Morning*, leave hH, 9, '/V and I'.er No. I N. It, at *H Aftsrnoons.at2, 2'?, U-,. i\. and Pier No. I N. It. at J. Returning, will land at the same placea. Kip 12* wnti ?ich way. ?u2T 7ttt m SoTK K. *?? FREIGHTS E(M( BALTIMORE. SHIPPERS Ob Mbllt HANDI/F. from New York to Millimetre, are res|iecifully le _ piesteil to h we then goods consigned to t^e uu .ler.n >-? I I'll.lad. Ipbia, mdiiot to leek It Clyde, they having sold "tit their interest in the Ericsson Siesmhost Line lietween Philadelphia and llvlnmore. All goods consigned to the under signed at Philadelphia, will be forwarded the sama day ss re ceived and delivered III Baltimore e.ulv neit morning, at the lowest rates. A. GROVES. Jr.. Agent, , au27 ttac No. 19 South Wharves, Philodalphm.

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