Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1844 Page 4
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INTEKiUK DECORATIONS. rpHK SUBSCRIBER having just rerewed from Paris i 1 chaste ul boaatiful collactioa of knur HslssM" 1 Decorations lor iiiMrior emballishmaut, res; ectfully invite* I attention of tbe gantry to this vary *x tansies itioruwiL 1 riity and execution of thorn designs cannot tail to recommend in to oonuouHMii* in outturn or art, anil in coinpurisen with other met Soil* ot aotbelliahaaaut they will b* found in many way. highly advantageous to jyM lw*r* 18 Spruce ?treat. EDUARD LIPFOLD, Mo. 103 Willi am itnet, near John, AS RECEIVED by late arrival*, and keep* eoutantly on Zephyr Wonted, boat quality, by the bale, or to mit pur chaser*. Ta|?*try Wonted, do for fanay knitting. China Worsted, do do do Canvass, in Bilk, Cottou, Wonted, Linen, of all widths, and bKh in Embroidery Pattern*, a meat extensive aaaoiti Purse Twist, plain and shaded, French, English and Chenille, jdaiu and shaded; Embroidery Chenille. 'DiateaPai assortment. Herman. Perforated Ps|<ar, all sixes. Hold and Silvdr Braids. Cords, Thread, Tassels. Beads, Hold, Silver and Steel; Ipurae Kings, Bugles. UuniHi and Fringes of every style and j>att*ni, rrench ana Uimpe i English. Curd and Tassels, Bindings, Tapes, Fancy Buttons. For sale on liberal terms. jy? lm*m L>. M. FEYOER CO. No. 60 John otreet suid 369 Broailwajr. UAVB received by recent arrivaU, and ke?|i constantly on 11 hand, n Urge and tasteful selected assortment of F rench and Herman articles for Embroidery and Fancy Hoods, which they offer for sale at w liolessle and retail, rill? Berlin Zephyr Worsted, Herman Worsted, Canvas. Hos* Silk, Chenille and a variety of oilier articles for Embroidery. French Purse Twist, shaded and plain; Htlt and Silvered Beads, Parse Ornaments, Bracelets, Jet Combs and Bracelets, Wire Baskets, Hilt and Steal Clasps lor Bags and Purees; Hilt and Silvered Han Pius, Combs, Fringes, Braids, Cord, Tsssels, Necklaces, Slices, he. A snleudid assortment of all kind of Tassels, Chenille Cord and I hemlle. Embroidered Suspenders and Suspender Trimmings, Bilk, Worsted and Cotton Fringes, and Himp, in all colore and qua lities. Oiled Silk, French manufacture, white, yellow and greeo. jp 24 Jui ec TITA'TCHES! WATCHES AND JEWELRY?Tliose vv who wish to purchas- Hold or Silver Watches, Hold Chains, Hold Pencils, Keys, Ike., will lind it greatly to their ad vantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all descrq.uous of the above at retail, much lower than at any other house in the city. Hold Watclies as low as $2(1 and $23 each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. Ail Watclies warranted to keen good time or the money returned. Watches, Clocks and Jewel ry repaired in the but manner and warranted, at much lesa than the uaual prices. U. C. ALLEN, Importer ?f Watches and Jewelry, _ an? lm*m Wholesale and retail, 30 Wall at, up stain. GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE, THE HIGHEST TRICES can be obtained by Gentlemen A or Familiea who are deairoua of converting their left off wearing apparel into cash. . Families or Heutlemao quitting the city or changing resi dence, having any superfluous effects to dispose of, will uud it much to tlw-tr advantage to sen'U for the Subscriber, who will attend at their residence by appointment. J. LEVINSTYN, I 460 Broadway, up stairs. A Hue through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive prompt aiu-utiou. Jy 341 lin*rc CHE At CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, 394 PEARL STREET, BETWEEN BKEKMAN STREET AND PECK SLIP. rvvos-. HIUMHIUKU. one of the pioneers of tlie cash system, desires to Keep it oriore the public that he continues to man ufacture every luud of Civil and Military clothiug, of the finest materials, in the most s u peri or style, at lower prices by twenty live |kt c-nt than any other houae charges for tlie same quality of garments. Witness the following list of prices ? Best superiiue wool black Dress Coat $14 to $20 P'tnts of fancy and plain black Cusiuiere.. 5 to 8 Vest* of all kinds, Silk, Satin, Cassimere... to 5 Hentleinen who supply their own cloth can have thsm made in die best style at tlte following prices Dress Coats from $? to $8 Pants from 1 50 to 2 Vests " 1 50 to 2 jyjfi l.n'ec JOHN MOFFAT. lO i'AJEORo. WH. STEINMETS takes leave to anuounce to the trade ? the second Ediliou of his complete Work on Cutting Garment* of every description, will be ready for delivery in a few days. . It is now more than a year since this work was first intro duced to the trade, during which time it has met with tlie highest approbation by the most eminent of the profession both in Europe and America, net an instance having occurred where in complete satisfaction has not been given to those who have adopted its principles. The book is 12 by 17 inches square, and contains 17 elegant Diagrams, representing all the various styles of Garments now in vogue, with plain instructions for cutliug each in a style of elegance nut to lie surpassed, together witli luch other information in the trade too numerous to detail in an advertisement. The following are a few of the many highly respectable names who at suit to the merits u! the work :? The undersigned being practically acquainted wilh Mr. Stein tnet's Treatise on Cutting Garments, with pleasure recommend it as a work, complete m its arrangement, and in its practical application to Cutting, superior to any heretofore published either in Europe ot America:? P. Henry St Sou : Daniel Cntter ; Slants k Banker ; Chas. Cox ; E. W. Tryou si Co.; B. F. Horner ; James Daily; John Haviland; J. H. Banker. ? ? , The above can be obtained of the author. No. 113 Broadway, New \ ork. au2 lui'ec CLAftZTtT CHAolP AHN e, brand v" cogmac, PORT WINE, MADEIRA. ABSENTHE, KERCH WASSEU, he. GRAND DEPOT, J7 JOHN STREET. TVffR.CH.ARL.E8 ECKEllT has the houor to inform the public -lv-L and Ins friends, that lie lias received a large and extensive as sortment of Bordeaux Claret, Sauterue, Grave, lUienisli, Port and Maileira W mes, from tin- fuel hand; ? 'liateau Latitte, Chateau Leuville, Braue CaiiUnde. vintages 183# and 1840. Cham pagne, Cordor blue, St. Juliea and .Vledoc Wines, in hogsheads and cases, for bar and family use. aull lm m ECONOMISTS HO! THE BEST, CHEAPEST and NEATEST CLEANING J- and Repairing of Heuta' Uarmeuta is doue at 138 Nassau street, where a large stock of seasonable Clothing is always on hand. A respectable suit may be had for $4. Cash paid for Clothing. Remember 130 Nassau ttreat. iv'fo t in ? rc GEO. LEV IE. rptl SHCTHfcilN MERCHANTS, TRAV CLLr.KS. A AND OTHERS.?A magnificent and elegantly finished assortment of stri|>ed ShirU, well adapted to the Southern mar ket, cau lie had on very reasonable terms by applying at 80 Pike 1 ili, comer of Water. The supply is unlimited. ... JOHN CLAY, comer of Pike and Water, jvD Im'so M I'ike sires*. FOR THE PILES. DR. UP HAM'S ELECTUARY. AN INTERNAL REMEDY.?It is a certain cure for Pilea, either internal or external, bleeding or blind. Cases, of twen ty yearx standing, hare been permenantly cured by tliia invalua ble remedy, after all other means had failed. Testimonial! of its efficacy seen at the olBce. Be not imposed upon?see that the signature of the Proprietor, in his own handwriting, ?? on tlie outside wrapiier of every box, and remember that the aliove medi cine can lie obtained in this city ohlv at No. 19b Bowery, (four dodrs above Swing street,) of the original and sole proprietor? A. UI'llA.M.M. D., a regularly educated Physician of twenty yean experience, con lined to an Orricc Practice, where PILES and all ( hrouic Diseases are successfully treated. Of fice hours from 7 A. M. to 9 P. M. Advice gra#x. No. 196 Bowery. 8. Tousey, Josliu's Corners, Madisou County, Gene ral Agent for tiie State of New York. Sold by J. E. Warner It Co.,X'tica; Coleman (it Co., Buffalo; T. B. Kitch It Co., Syra cuse; L. B. Swan, Rochester. In Lockport. Rochester, Syra cuse, Oswego, Rome, Ulica, Baldwiusville. Plaiuville, Cau.uto ta, and otiier placrs in tile vicinity, this medicine has cured some des|*-rate cases of Piles, after all other medicines had heen tried in vaiu. In ilea city the Proprietor has had the satisfaction of effecting inoretlv ui live hundred cures during the past year, and is constantly in die reception of letteis from various parts of tiie Union, expressive of the superior efficacy,of this medicine in tiie ireutment of Piles, a disease which lias often baffled tlie skill of eminent. Physicians, and of the real nature of which much dis crepancy of opinion among medical men has prevailed. From an erroneous pathology, an unsuccessful course lias lieeu pur sued in the treatment oi this complaint; hence tlie very general opinion diat it is an incurable disease. This however, is far from being the case?it yields readily to tlie above remedy, and lha proprietor has no hesitation in asserting, that it will cure all cases of Piles, however long they inay lutie existed, or aggra vated they may be. Remember, that in this city, the medicine can be obtained, onor of the proprietor, at 196 Bowery, four | doors above Spring street. Any Oilier article purporting to be the same, is worthless, and calculated only to deceive and in jure. I'riee SI. snli 3mdvlkwv?m iiUUTS AiND aHUEti. (COUNTRY MERCHANTS and others are invited to call V> and examine our stock of the above articles, in part aa fol lows, via:? ? Men's Hiick Boots, Men's Rip Brugana, Boys' " " " Calf Calf and Kip do, " " sowed Brogana,] Youtlis' " ,r " Kip " T' M*u'? Calf and do do, Boys' and youths' " i " line " stitch do, " pegged " Together with a great variety of women's and ciuldren's wear, lower than ever for cash or city acceptances, by the case or dot. GALE St CD, 260 Pearl street, *u20 1m*rc " 8 Hotel Buildings, late Holt's House. ENGLISH, FRENCH AND AMERICAN SHIPPING AGENCY AT LIVERPOOL. NOTICE. HAVING withdrawn our Agency entirely from Messrs. Harndei* It Co., of Boston aud New York, we hereby an nounce that Messrs. Adams k Co., of No. 9 Court street, Bos ton, and 7 Wall street, New York, are our authorized Agents for the United States and Canada, who are fully empowered to act for us as our Shipping and Forwarding American Ageuts. Te ensure the reception of goods in Liverpool, and the for warding of the same to any part of England, France, lie. Itc. it is necessary that they should pass through tlie hands of our said Agents MESSRS. ADAMS It CO., at their several Uflices, aa follows :? No. 9 Court street, Boston. I No. 7 Light street, Baltimore. No. 7 Wall street, New York. | Peon. Avenue, Washington. No. 33 Chesnul street, Philad. I No. 83 Fourth sL Pittsburg. No. 18 Hhetuckel st. Norwich, | No. 133 Alain si., Worcester. WILLMER k SMITH Liverpool May 1, 1844. WILLMER It SMITH take this opportunity of stating to Merchants, Brokers, Importers and others, resident in every part of the Union, that Uietr Liverpool house is peculiarly adapted for the instant ami express despatch of imckages, parcels, sjiecie. kc., passing through Liverpool for Bost/ni, New York, and all the other cities in tlie Uuiled States and Canada, and that that department of their busiueas has the constant and perso nalattention or the MiifciPAi.a, on all occasions. WlLl.MER k SMITH have made arrangements with Messrs. ADAMS It CO., by which all Goods imaging through tlieir Liverpool house for America, by the Steamships and other rea aele. will hare the immediate and punctual attention of their said Agents, Messrs. Jldamt f- Co. at Boston and New York, Audsv ill lliereb y be free from delay and high charges. 1 hey deem il necessary liere u> suite, that (liey luive no Con oexion whatever with Mr. E O. Tnckermaii, of Liverpool. f 2?W,rsSNaLISH EXPRESSES. WILLMER it SMI ill, who have for a serins of years run private jEsXprwMea to ajhI I rum London with inri|iortaiit intrlli* fi^bA?V8?UiJ*rton*fn?Ath? Journey, 210 miles, in SIX HOUKS, ofij*r to Lhr American Public anil Govern men t ntir Mrvjttv lor tw ?air mid rainil imntmiMiou of important document*. !????, tpecie. bond*. lull., ?W(1? fcc which will, on all occasions, be most initli fully delivered by tlieir own private messenger and honre generally m uice ,,f tlie Eng lish maila to London. Mr. EDWARD WILLMER, who is now in America, is prepared to afford any inimnnilina upon thia subject, and give security for the due performances of all such business as may be entrusted to hit Liverpool establishment, jell tfre FRENCH CI1UNA. " REMOVED TO NO. 65 LIBERTY STREET, (UP STAIRS.) ADALEHMK, Importer and Agent for .Manufacturer*, has ? always Oil hand a large assortment of dinue, anil tea sets, in plain white and gilt French Porcelain, aa well as Dinner and Dessert Plates, of all sizes, assorted Dishes, Soup Tun-ens, Covered Dishes, Salad Bowls, Fruit Baskets, Custards and nuuids. Also, Fancy Tea Seta, and Rich Decorated Dinner Set*. Alto, Tea and Chocolate Ware, Greek, French and American ahape. All the articles are warranted of the beat quality, and to be . te?*n?, and in lota to rait purchaser*. narl9?m*rc TBE PACKET SHIP SHERIDAN FROM LIVERPOOL. . hy il"; 'hip will please have tlieir |>rrmits on boewt, nl Orieans wfrarf, foot of Wall street, immediately. All gixals not iwrmitted within five days, must unavoidably be sent to pablic store. nn'Hrc NI(;o,<A~S FROM HAVRE-Con BEACON CO U?R S E . FOOT RACE1 o FORAONE ^THOUSAND DOLLARS. 'T'HE PROPRIETORS of the ^ve^'Tree i, KMirixwawra -jffts -* i? nto fsr&ft jgj.ater first in the rac? doe. not l!?rfyn*J . t|?rd and fourth do mX only will b? given; wd if.the "'T* "SlfinSW* bat half the perform !)>* uiiWj. wlt1'"" 1 w- ,m|es m not performed. In Uo?. .tun, ?X?or Iny other piece cm, urwrwu ^ S^un for tlw ?urp?e ofllii. race, and should out of'KVifX ato^'purse., ten l*r cent add,:ion will bash r fftWoftl" Ki ; dolllUrl ,utrulCe will be charged, thmr num.. who do not inteu* to sr&iitz atsaris X?ZX>ZZZ ~ i~y<<r* llv. fist of September. TntrMf^ mld., lu.d all iufortn?Uo? given by the subscriber, ei!|^ jffjSIi' wilTbe allowed to .tart for the abov. Puree. w?o may, Ktween this and the above race, ruu on any coorae m . . T ?. 1 U. .fn. a mi run air nutph fll uO. Of inOffi. the UuiteU Butea for a June 19th. 1844. au!3 lm*rc Ml lull a?U Uie aoovr. raw, ra? v??? ? 7 ? i for a purae or match of $AQ, or mora. C. S. BROWN ING, West Hobokeu, I^J. I, 1)4 mile, from Hobokeu retry. BOARhINO , , . rpo LET, WITH BOAUD.-Two hm;dK>?ely ltourajjed 1 Parlor*, auiuble for gentlemen and their wlT.?*' several room. for .iugle geutleinen. 1 he houws location, and the table .upi'liedra the be?t?tyle. FleaMMqW t 204 Kulton atreet. j.yJ" at r uiuiuniwt. ?_ 1 MADISON HOUSE, SOUTH BROOKLYN, 1L. 1. Sitcatx No. 11 Atlantic St.. orro.iTE Lonu Island Kail?Road Depot. ? r r!K subscriber would most respectfully caJ '"that he i?iust'iiKers jroing Ko*t, bv the L.onK Island Railroad, that h. serves up /or their accommodation, Breakfast P|*JlJU1'uaii ai...rt.Vrl' ,fr?? Thoeu who may houor him w ith a call .hall receive the bast .'ttentioii-plaampt ailting and drawing room, for Ladiea. Private entrance aecoud door in b""nan t. norui of Atlantic at. ? Hb Proprietor. a 18 lm*m -? :? POLITICAL CARlCA+lJI^A-The> bmt.n0 BAlLLlTrOT8^-?5?bK. Order", "'con,[Jed wiffi fram'it'^.V will be Actually attended to. Price *, per 100. au21 lm'ec TO GUNSMITHS. , , , XTI1W OPENING?100 common Bov.' Oun., single bar N?reU; 100 common full .ire fowling Onus, do: 200 fine, do; h e above'guni co.npri?e a full araortment of Enjjl?h ^d Herman Ounj, from common to fiutat uualitie. and at lower '''XlVlTfSA'a.'rA M,i?? fui?u, his. rfw *? I l. Rths Hods Worms, Cones, Barrels, b lasks, Shot Dclts, Game IVleu.? ion ril Is and Cap., ani every other article of Hardwara a^Cutler^ aul( lm?rc 2l?l'carl stree^ nearJM.Ust^ T BARONTO. Artist in Alabaster Marlde Scagli U, see his Old Muraumol Arts, just now, Grand and O.vt.tmi.ntiwtn where he h.,^("ornainenH in anew splendid a.sortm^uof ItalianaiiOrmli gulactite Alabaster Black ?larble 8?? Airate * el ow m , ^ a new ?pir.i?.? ?? v- y-How stone, SUJdciiie Alalia, ter Black Marble, Sl? AMteuI eliow_mo ^ ^ lied, and yariou. other marbles, Verde d,i I.. jju.,w fcc. Consisting of various u?? <" , IlLti,-ks Taiwrs, lSSSs|sS| terms. Admission free. OOTTON DUCK?AMERICAN PILOT DUCK. L/ looo bolts No. 1 Ikestra No. 1 MW do No. 2 8t estra No. 2 S00 do No. 3 Ik extra No. 3 500 do No. 4 Ik extra No. 4 'SSVFi'A. K? 36 Bouth St. aul9 in TACK SON STACEY & SMITH, A/TANUKACTUlU'.ks AN D IMPORTERS ofTen. rocket M and Table Cutlery Raxora. Scis.ora, f ilea, Saw., Tool., and other descriptions ol Sheffield GooUs STREET. aal7 Im'rc ,?o. n> lurx. . -fl^CTURE AND LOT ION IMPOST^r VXiK mimiifess w, hut are moat ellicaciotui? ^''VV'rXv at^t-Price ?2 a 5SS^"5SS5^?6sfe for use, kc., at double letter imstage. Price three pilars for a DOCTOR MORRISON, XTORTH RIVER DISPENSARY, 204)4 hniton etreel.? N DOCTOR MORRISON conlinue. to he consulted couli cury^r^n-straiiit\'n dijl pn^iu I'and larlv " Gonorrhoea," he cure, in three to ?i* da>?. 1 he most Sbisa-sris & ?i2-ss:^tessrti?s destructive hahit in yoathj?ducing uocturiRi emis i ^ Ch>f*B Dr M. hold, no communion with medical pretender. will insure medicine and advice to any I,art l'1? Dinoin. O lice 204)4 Kulton, uear Greeuwich, N. Y. 0|?n from 7^ A^M. to 10 P.M. daily. JV LUC IN A CORDIAL; THE E L I X 0#ft O F LOVE. r[* IS A SOVEREIGN and speedy curt for incipient con sumption. barrunness, impotency, lucorliaeor whites, obstruc tion, difficult or Painful menstruation, incontinence of urine, or involuntary discharge thereof; and for general prostration of the system, wlielher the result of inherent causes or produced by ir . - -? - *? * ' ' ' id~" regularity, illness or accident. It is pleasant to the taste, and po sitively sure in its operations. Its unrivalled reputation in both hemispheres is the result of its almost sii)<eruatural virtues. LET NO ONE DESPAIR! Nothing can be more surprising than its invigorating effects on the human frame. Persons afflicted with weakness and lassi tude before tilling it, at once become robust and full of energy under its influence. It immediately counteracts tlie nerveless uess or looseness of the female frame, which is the ouly cause of barrenness; and which, prior to Dr. Maguiii's discovery, was considered to be incurable. Language, indeed, cannot do justice to the merits of the LUCINA CORDIAL, which is regarded by the heads of the facility in all parts of the .world, as one of the most important discoveries of any age. **" wholesale " " ' *' Mold wholesale aud retail, in this city, at 125 Fulton street, corner Nassau; and Selli Fowle, Washington street, Boston, .'rice $3 per Dottle, $21 perdozen. aut7 lm*r THE INVISIBLE WIG. QO cbsely resembles the real head of hair that sceptica and C connoisseurs have pronounced it the most lairfect and estra ordinary invention of the day. The great advantage of this novel and unique wig is its being made without sewing or weaving, which causes its appearances so closely to resemble the natural hair, both in lightness and natural apimarance, as to defV detection, its teslure bring so beautiful, so porous and so free, that hi all cases of perspiration rvu|>oration Is unimpeded, and the great evils of oilier wigs entirely avoided. Tlie sceptic and connoisseur are aliko-inviled to inspect this novel and beau tiful Wig, and the peculiar mrthod of titling the head, at tin manufacturer's, A. C. Barry, 146 Broadway, coruer of Libert] street, up stairs. au3 lm*m REWARU.-CROSS' SPECIFIC MIXTURE? fyU\jyj For the cure of Gouorrhcea, (fleets, Strictures and analogous complaints of the orgau of generation. Of all remedies yet discovered for the above complaints, this is tlie most certain. It makes a siieedy and permanent cure, without the least re ,drtuk,i strictiou to diet, dirbk, exposure, or change in application to bu siness. We give no long quackish recommendations to deceive the public. I f the medicine dors not s|ieak for itself, uo one shall 3ieak for it. Our object is to notify where it can be had, aud |? proprietor challenges a single case,of recent (ionorrhina to lie brought in which tlie Mixture will uot effect a rapid cure uuder lixlure will uot effect a rapid cure uuder a forfeiture of $5410. This ie a disease that unfortunately )iervadu all ranks of so ciety?high, low, rich and poor, matrimonial and single. They are nrre presented w itli a remedy by wliicli they cau cure them selves without the least exposure, in tlie shortest time possible. m Further, the disease cannot be contracted if a dose of the Mix ture is taken at night on going to bed w hen exiiosed. It is put up in bottles w ith full directions accompanying it, at $1 a bottle. One liottle lasts a week, w hich generally cures? many are cured in two t for sale ouly at Win. H. Milnor's, 1W Broadway, comer of John street, opposite Franklin House, New fork; J. Jones.cor ner of Chestnut aud Seventh streets, Philadelphia; and at J. M Hmils S| It* Washington sire-t, Boston. su> Ira * m 1"\R. CORBITT may be consulted confidentially at his Of o fice, 16 Duane street, two doors from Cluithain. Strangers are respectfully informed that Dr. Corbitt is a member of the University of the City of New York, and that he lias exclusive ly confined his practice from being general to the treatment of certain classes of diseases, (now over eleven years in the city of New York,) which engages his entire attention. The annals of medicine do not record greater success than is to be found in his practice. The Doctor cautions the unfortunate against the use of merenry, as it has its thousands of victims. Recent cases are in a few days removed entirely from tlie system. Bee that you are judiciously treated by a |ierson legally qualified, and not by pretenders and quacks as there are several of tliern in this city. Persons afflicted with protracted and inveterate cases need not despair of being restored to health, by applying lo Dr. has established toe Doctor's A practice uf many years I JHBRHHI reputation for skill and respectability. Strictures engage the Doctor's profound attention. A medicine inay be hail to pre vent a certain disease in any of its forms. je!7 3m*rc LrWHnm^ad acuust No. 33 Greenwich atreet, Devotes his exclusive atontion to DISEASES OF THE EYE and OITHALMIC 8UROERY. He has recently imported from r ranee very superior specimens of ARTIFICIAL EYES, manufactured so as to resemble, ill every respect,^the natural eye. Any iiersou who may lie delicieut of an eye, can have it artili cially replaced by Dr. Wheeler, so clorely imitating ualure ai to del V delrl tlou hours from I A.M. to i P M., after which he visits outdoor |,sti.?,, a,i7 tin* re UtaCUlT AND SUGAR CRACKERS. T. r .V lo mak# known to th* Public, that u Bi'cuu Ami Crnck(*rii which are sold iit this It ... a il""' J"" entirely different from tlie Soda I...? .'fi NugorC rockers made at his Bakery; which have been used by invalids, particularly those who surfer from indi gent on Iqr more than twenty yean with the best results ; while tne imitation, which can he made for a less price, though rr,L '"pl!" , S person in health are wholly nnlit for tlie also Hotter Biscuit. K C rsckera, Pilot ami Nary Bread, all of the first 'jualily, art constancy for sale at the well known 'SUhliabment>i W?bi,,tl.,,1 ,trJ, -orner of Warrsu street. EPHRALM TREA DWELL. jytt 6m*no LODGING* TWKNTY-riVK CENT*. At THE RAO'8 HEAD No. 3 Bueui Itut. The Subscriber having lined up sad newly furnished several rooms connected with this Establishment, solicit* a call from hie friends and the public. JAMES BYRNES. N. B.?For sale, a number of Long Benches and Tables. aulO lm*rrc BREWERY AND BARM KOR SALE.?The Sub scriber offers for sale the old established " Berkshire Brew. ry," in Pitulield, Mass., one mile from the Great Western Railroad. It is in good repair, most of the utensils nearly new. and capable of brewing 3000 barrets a season. Malt house attached, capable of malting ?000 bushels |ier annum. Few country breweries possess the same advantages of doing a safe and profitable business, situated iu the centre of a manufac turing district where the consumption of ala is rapidly in creasing. The Farm consists of 73 acres. 10 of which is well timbered, the rest under cultivation, well fenced and good buildings. Will be sold separately or together. Terms easy. JAMES ROY. West Troy, Albany Comity, July 10th, 1844. jl3 tfrc ? A HOUSE TO LET AND FURNITURE KOR sale, or part of the house, in one of the pleasantest parts of the city?the advertiser w ill board with the family if arrangements can be made satisfactory. Address A. B. this |ia per. au31 lw* rrc A HARK CHANCE. AT PRIVATE KALE. RTHE Proprietor of the BALTIMORE HOUSE being about to engage in other business, now offers for sale the Good Will and Fixtures of the same, being one of the best Hotels in the City of Philadelphia, for transient busi ness. It is situated at the corner of Dock.and Front streets. The house is four stories high, with three fronts, and upwards of thirty rooms, nearly all fronting the streets. There is also a IL'storant adjoining the bar room, with yard, Sec., attached. It is within one square of the Baltimore and New York Steamboat tf JTT1 Custom House, Post Office, Kxchauge, Ike. The Establishment lias been doing a good business for the last four years. P.8. A good tenant can have it for a number of years at a mo derate rent. The purchaser may liave possession at any time before the 1st of October next. For further particulars, inquire at the Auction store, 379 Mar ket street, or on the premises. Also, a pair of large Elks, male and female. Thesesannnals an- full grown, and line specimens of their land.' Tin* male carries at present about 30 feet of horns. au?3 Unrc CARD-?Inventors. Capitalists, Engineers and Manufac turer* are informed that Dr. LARDNEK may be consulted professional on matters connected with tins application of the physical sciences to the arts. Athenaeum Hotel, Broadway, N, y, aul91mrrc MRS. GREEN'S AGENCFFOR DOMESTICS, No. 386 Broadway, Eaat Bide, Between White and Waekeh Streets. New Yob*. TPSTABLISHED under tlie most lesjwctable patrousge, for -C* the purpose of supplying families with faithful Domestic Hours of business from 7 o'clock, A M., till 4 o'clock, P. M. au I Ini'in MRS. CARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOR AND SULPHUR BATHS. 3113 If roadway,two doors above the Hospital. A/TRS. CARROLL respectfully announces to her patrons, the l'A Medical Faculty, and the Public, that she lias removed from Conrtlandl street, and established her Medicated Vapor aud Sulphur Baths iu a more commodious and centra) situation, at No. 326 Broadway, where, by her continued assiduity and strict attention, she hoi>es to merit the patronage which her es tablishment has received for the last eighteen years. N. 11.?Sulphur Baths require one hoar's notice. Portable Baths sent to any part of the city or its vicinity. Bathing Tubs for hire. j<*4 2mrc MARTELLE Ac HuLDeRMaNN, 3T Maiden Lane, New York, TCf ANUFACTURERS AND IMPORTERS of Ornameu i?A tal Hair Work, Wigs, Toupees, Bands, Curls, Seuins, Bandeau Hair, and a new style of Everlasting Curls, and all kinds of Hair Works, wholesale and retail. N. B.?The trade supplied on reasonable terms, aul lm*ec RESTAURANT FRANCOIS. BONNARD, 5 Nassau street. The Proprietor can fear lessly recommend this establishment to general attention. It lias for many years .been conducted iu a style, tlisl to the French and Foreign residents, has afforded universal satisfac tion. His table abounds with every luxury tlie most fastidious can require, w hether in the English or French style of aookery. His Wines, Fruits and Liquors are of the beet brands, ihe Waiters, (French aud English.) polite, aud the general arrange ments of the tablee in a cool and airy saloon, for private and social parties, not to be equalled. J. BONNAIID, jy23 I in "re 6 Nassau st. luttb llu 1 EL, 7 Ac 9 WAtiHlNGTOiN til'. BOARD and Lodging, per Week $3 38 Transient Boarders, per Day, from 30 to 74 cents Single Meals 0 26 '1 lie. location is pleasantly situated, convenient to the Phila delphia, Boston and Albany steamboats. Persons wishing te reside in tlie city for a few days, will do well by calling aud making their arrangements with the Proprietor. jc4 3m* rrc F. KNOWLES. CHEAP SoAP WORKS. OROCER8, DRUGGISTS AND STORE KEEPERS O are supplied cheajier than can be had elsewhere. Examine tlie stock of JOHNSON ft VROOM, and com)>are with any other if you wish such choice articles as they can supply? 79 Trinity Place, late Lumber street. CHEAP PERFUMERY. Of every description, . tlie extensive Perfume Laboratory and Soap Works of . JOHNSON lit VROOM, jy30 lin'm 79 Trinity Place, Trinity Church. leather and finding store, and LAST MAKING, A T 396 Spring street, (two doors from the corner of Washing A ton street, near Clinton Market, New York). .Lasts, of all kinds and dillerniit patterns constantly ou hand, with a full as sortment of Sole and U pper Leather, and Findings of all kinds. Lasts made to tit tire <eet. jy2l) I in * ec WARREN 8. WILKEVh GROUND COCOA, IN THE FRENCH STYLE. FEFFKAY, Sweet Chocolate Maker, 467 Broadway, near ? Grand street, has just eel in oicratiou a French Machine, which, separating the larger lumps of tlie broken Cocoa, grind the smaller; also the shells and most gelatinous .part, into a coarse pow tier, to prepare a tea of it so as not to be oily as when tire berry is altogether employed. The public is earnestly soli cited to make a trial of it. au201m*rc J EAGLE COFFEE HOUSE AND BATHS, 528 Pearl street, near Centre street. WARM, COLD AND SHOWER BATHS, equal with " any in the city, 12>? cents each. Lodgings, with good clean single Beds, 12)g ; Meals, 12R; Board and Lodgings, S 50 per week. Newspapers from Loudon, Liverpool, and all e principal cities of the United States taken in. jyJO lm*m PLANTERS' HOTEL, STATEN ISLAND. rPH E above delightful Boarding House is now opeu for the re ?L cejitiou of boarders. The subscriber begs leave to mention has been built iu front of the establishment that a bathing house I for the accommodation of boarder , lie., and nothing shall bt wanting on his part to make those who patronize him comfort able. P. WOLFE, Proprietor. Tompkinsville, Aug. 10, 1844. [117" For the purchase of Cottages or Heal Estate, apply to s' Hotel. auIG Imrrc P. WOLFE, Planters' GREAT REDUCTION IN l'RICE. FIFTY CENTS FEU BOTTLE. THE CHIEF VIRTUES of the TR1COPHEROU8, or Patent Medicated Compound, are:? 1?Its braving, strengthening ami clarifying qualities. J? Its gently stimulating the action of the skiu. 3?Its producing and eucouragiug a reaction in the bulb or root, and particularly in the pulp which receives the vessels and nerve, giving life and vigor to the hair. 4?Its equalising the circulation of the lluids. 5?Its freeing the skiu from the effects of perspiration, scurf and dandruff,, aud disposing the hair to curl. o?And its frequent use will preserve the hair in beauty and health, to the latest period of life. Gratuitous advice given on a disease connected with the hair, at the Hair Cutting Rooms, 146 Broadway, up stairs, corner of Lilierty street. au3 lin*m G W^ " in CAST OFF CLOTHING. KNTLEMEN OR FAMILIES desirous of converting into cash their su|>erlluoiis or cast off Clothing, will obtain from the Subscriber the HIGHEST CASH PRICES. 1> ami lies or Gentlemen quitting the city or changing re sidence, haviug effects of the kind to dispose of, will find it much to their advantage to send for the Subscriber, who will attend them at their residence by appointment. H. LEVETT, Office No. 3 Wall street, and at 470 Hudson st. Clothing cleaned and repaired. K7"A hue through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. jyJO lm?rc A CARD?TO STOVE DEALERS. ? take the liberty of informing yon that we have entered . into co-partuersbip in the wholesale Stove business, under the Grin of R. R. FINCH It CO., (successors to the late Wm. Cunningham, deceased,) and shall introduce into market the present season, a variety of new patterns, comprising as good an assortment of CookV Parlor, Hall and Office STOVES, as oan he found in any one store in the State; being practical louu dry men, and having bestowed great pains in the construction of our patterns, which make thein superior to most Stoves now in market; and being prepared to manufacture them extensively, with the facilities of manufacturing as cheap as llie cliea|>est, we are enabled to sell on the very best terms. We would be pleased to have you call and examine car grti clea previous to making your purchases. Very respectfully yours, R. R. FINCH, URIAH HILL. Jr., WM. BORDMAN, E. B. FINCH. No. 231 Water street, New York, and Peekskill, Westchester County, jv2S lni*ec WINES, CORDIALS, PRESERVES, See. 168K FULTON STREET. VTAPOLEON COURTIN, respectfully informs he nns f', always on Ins hands a complete assortment and very nice choice of French, German and Spanish Wines, of various brands, still ami sparkling, in caalu, half casks, cases, per dozeu, gallon, and bottles. Also?French Vinegars. Oin, Hum, Absyuth, Kirsh, old su perior Brandy iu pipes, half pipes, quarter pipes, cases, per gallon, in bottles and half hottle ; Brandy bruits; Began of various brands; Salad Oil. Ca|>ers, Olives, Pickles, Mustard, Gruyere and Neufchatel Cheese, Sweetmeats, Pates de Foiet, Gras of Strasburg, Terrines of Neyrac, Cavir, Truffles, Mush rooms, I'ras, Sardines, Anchovies, Sausages of Bologue, Lyon Ailes, &c. [an!7 I7t] jy20 lin*rc TO THOSE WITHOUT CHILDREN. APROCREATIVE ELIXIR CORDIA L. rPllE greatest discovery in medical science is that of M. M. A Desomeaux, of Paris. He has entirely exploded the gene rally received opinion of the existence of incurable sterility or barrenness, (except indeed iu cases of malforinatiou, which are extremely rare.) The invariable and univenal success of bis Elixir Cordial, in every instance, of producing that stale of health which results in the wife becoming blessed as a mother, who for years pined in childless loiielinss, has fully established the fact, that what is usually termed barrenness is curable by tbe use of the l'rocreative Elixir Cordial. It is infaltisble in seminal weakness, tluor albns, debility, incontinence and the various train of complaints arising from excess, illness, or im prudence. Its great and invariable success is its recommenda tion. The fame of this wonderful Elixir Cordial is well esta blished. A sale of more than lifty thousand bottles and pack ages it sufficient evidence of its excellence and tne estimation in which it is held. It is pleasant and agreeable to the taste. Tbe undersigned is the only authorised agent in this country. Price 12 a bottle. For the convenience of those residing out of the city, the in gredients composing the Elixir Cordial are |mt up in packages lor transmission by mail, with fall direction for preparing. Price of package t6, making three bottles. All letters must be postpaid, and directed to Dr. F. .VIELVEAU, box 34JN. York city, E au6lm*in ' Oltice 129 Liberty at. XPRESS PRICES REDUCED?The Subscribers have reduced llieir Express price* on all small packages of law and oilier documents, from 50 cents to 25 cents |>er package, from this city to Buffalo and the intermediate points. Also, through Wells It Co.'s Express from Buffalo to Chicago, at 50 cents |ier package from this city to Chicago, and the intermedi ate points ou the Lake. au? LIVINGSTON, WELLS & POMERWY. TVRUOS, &c.?40 casks English Ejisom Salts. 1 y 30 cases fresh Orange Flor. Water. 2 casks Russia Isinglass, sheet. 2 casks Naples Soap in bulk. 400 gallons Bay Rum?For sale by J. S. ASPIN Vr ALL, an25 3t*ec IK William street. rP WINE?250 bales Bridport Seine, Herring, Gill Net, Hbnd A tad Broom Twine, comprising a very fnll assortment, from 5H to 3i.IPs. Also, 50 bales of Sail Twine, all of recent unpor id manufactured expressly for this market with great ?ass* *?u* "T* n s anttissr III,HI IIII I IllNGS PAVILION, SCHOHARIE CO VSTY, MM THIS spacious House, which, ewe* the . unprovenMuts and 1 addition* mad* to u during the past winter, la believed to be 00* of the moat commodious and comfortable of th* largest clau of Hotel* in the State, 1* now ready for the reosptiou or company, and will ba opened on the S5th day of May rest. To accommodate tho lam# and increasing unrobe* of people who ipend the aeaton at Sharon Spring*, the Subscriber* have, since last fall, greatly extended their premises, by annexing to the Pavilion an entirely new building, which embrace* twenty-*** ipacion* apartments, beaidea malting large addition* and im provement* to the interior and business part* of the honae. Blind* have been added to the window*?the beautiful prome nade grounds in front of the Pavilion have been laid out and tastefully planted with shrub* and flowers?the bath rooms hava been overhauled and new furniture provided, furnishing every convenience to those who wish to enjoy either a cold or warm bath. No exjwuse or effort has been spared to supply the deficiencies of oast seasons, and every exertion will be used to receive llie visitors of the coming season in a manner not to be surpassed at any other place of fashionable resort in the United 8 lh"tbose who have not heretofore vieitad the Sharon Springs it is sufficient to say. that the qualitiee of llie water (an analyst* of which is given below.) are very nearly identical with those of the far-famed White Sulphur Springs of Virguns, except that by the concurrent testimony or the medical men who are ac quainted with both, the Sharon are esteemed the most potent. Situated in an elevated region of country, the Pavilion com mand* tome of the moat piciure?<jue scenery in the State of New Yorh. From its elevated position it lias the advantage of a continually dry. cool and refreshing atmosphere. Pleasant ex cursions to llie villages of Cherry Valley and Cooperetowu, the Otsego Lake, and other i>oinU equally interesting from theur scenery and their history, offer tliemselves on every hand? whilst a Billiard Room and four spacious Ball Alleys, leave no means unprovided within doors for exercise or amusemeul. Of llie White Sulphur Water of Sharon Springs, it can be said it ia not surpassed by any thing uf the kind in the known world, for the cure of rheumatic, cutaneous, bilious and dys peptic coinplaiuts, and for the cure of erysipelas, salt rheum, scrofula, liver complaint, bronchitis and general debility, as has been certified by some of the most einiuent medical profes ton. By a recent analysis made for th# Proprietors of the Springs, made by one of the most eminent Chemists in tins country, (Professor Reid of New Yolk,) the following results have beeu obauned from one gallon of water Bicariiinate of Magnesia 24 grams Sulphale 1 ('Magnesia 34 " Sulphate ol Lime . 35 4 Hydrosulphale of Magnesia and Lime 3 " Cldoride of Sodium and Magnesium 2 7 " Solid contents .149 1 grains Hydrosulphuric Acid Oas, or Sulphuretted Hydrogen ..20 5 cubic in. The Spriugs are within a few hours ride of Albany, Troy, Saratoga, Schenectady, Utica, Stc.t are accessible either from Canajoharie, 011 the Albany and Ltica railroad, where post coaclies daily await tlie arrival of the morning cars from Sche nectady and Utica. to couvey visitors to llie Springs, a distance of about eight miles, arriving in time for dinner; or by the Cherry Valley Turnpike, by daily stages, being about forty-five miles west of Albany, 011 a good road. Persous leaving New York in the eveuiug boats for Albany, arrive at ll<e Sharon Springs the next day in time for dinner. myfauw 4m*ec CLARK It GARDNER. MONTHLY REPORT N. Y. MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. 75 Chambers Street. CASES SUCCESSFULLY TREATED. 2 Apoplexy, G Examination of the Chest 6 cases Midwifery. to detect disease, 4 do Cholera Morbus. 4 Disease of the Liver, 2 Bleeding from llie Lungs, 6 Secondary Syphilis, 2 Pleurisy, 3 Ureal Debility, 4 Seminal Weakness, 7 Costiveuess, 1 Erysi|ielas, 10 Chancres, & Inflammation of the Eyes, 4 Rheumatism, Acute, 11 Cases of Gouorhoea, 1 Delirium Tremens, 3 Diarrhoea, 2 lutermitent Fever, 2 Cases of Scrofula, 2 Tiplius Fever,' 1 Dropsy, 4 Dysentery. 3 Suppression Menses, 1 Inflammation of the Blad 4 Ureal Palpitation of the der, Heart, 2 Enlargement of the Heart. 8UCC ES8FUL SURGICAL OPERATIONS AND CURES. 2 Fractures of both bones of 3 Bursae Mucosae, the fore arm, 6 Bad Ulcers on the Legs, 1 Operation for Hydrocele 1 Operation for Squinting, on a child 24 months 1 Oiieration for Hemorlioidal old, tumors, 4 Cases Hernia, 2 Fistulo in Ann, 13 Strictures in the Urethra 1 Curvature of the Spine, cured without cutting 1 Tumor removed from lha or burning, Face, 1 Hair-lip Operation, 2 Operations to relieve Defor 2 Bad Injuries, mities. 3 Inflammation of the Tes ticles, DR. S. BOSTW1CK, Attending Physician and Surgeon. This Institute, establislied to reuder to the afflicted sound and scientific medical aud surgical aid, has already heen in success ful operation for nearly three years. All forms of disease are treated here. Surgical operations of every description are also performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon. In all cases charges are moderate, and those whose means are limited are required to pay for medicines only. The poor will be attended toevery day be tween 3 and 4 o'clock, without charge. DR. H. BOSTWICK, Attending Surgeon and Physician. This institution is under the iiatrouage and commendation of the following gentlemen :? REV. DR. ED. Y. H1GBEE, REV. DR GEORGE POTT, REV. DR. G. SPRING. an23 lw*rc REV DR SCHRODER. GENUINE TEAS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. THE CANTON TEA COMPANY, PRINCIPAL STORE, 121 CHATHAM STREET, N. Y Branch Stores, 318 Biter.ker street. Sew York, 261 Giand street, near Suffolk, 191 Greenwich, near Sutton, rllG Fulton street, Brooklyn. Also, Corner of Maine and Houston street, Paterson, S. J. And 45 Sorth Fitih street, Philadelphia. TNVITE the atteution of City and Country Families and J- Purchasers to their several establishments, where they think will be found by far the best selections of pure and uiidnlterated Teas in lite Uuited States. The universal popularity and re nown of their house with reference to high qualities, low prices, and too well understood to render further com ments necessary. Original and only warehouse for the sale of Howqua's Black Tea?"Observe!"?Strangers will be particular to remember the number of the principal store in Chatham *t. viz:?121, between Pearl and Rosevelt street. The public will also be pleased to take notice tliat the Canton Tea Compan; have nolhiug to do with any other stores except those describe! at the top or this advertisement. au23 3m*ec B JOSEPH, 116 Maiden Lane, (up stairs,) importer'of Eng s lish, French, and German double and single barrel Fowl ing and Ducking GUNS, from the lowest to finest qualities. Also, always on hand, an extensive assortment of PISTOLS both Double and Single Barrels, embracing 100 different kinds; including the modern Six Barrel Bevolvers, all of which will be sold lower than any other house in the'trade. Merchants and Gun Smiths are particularly requested to call, previous making their purchases, as they will certainly find it to their advantage. a20 4in*rrc HEAD WHAT SHERMAN'S LOZENGES HAVH DONE. AfR. DAT, boot maker, No. 30 Tillary street, Brooklyn, 1*A suffered greatly for eighteen months with emaciation, de bility, sickness of the stomach, loss of api>etite, shooting pains in the bowels, his stomach rejected almost every kind of wod, except sugar. He had been attended by various physicians, and for two mouths by tha professors of the University, and all to no purpose. On reading Dr. Sherman's Book descriptive of the symptoms of Worms hie thought they met his case : so he purchased a box of Sherman's Worm Lozenges. A few doses brought away, as hesjudged, about two quarts of worms, and entirely cured him. AfmuUitude of similar cases might hie mentioned where chil dren and adults had suffered all but death from worms, and no thing gave relief but Sherman's Lozenges. Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Whooping Cough and even Con sumption, are all sooner cured bySherman s Cough Lozenges than any other known remedy. They allay the tickling in a frw seconds, and enable those afflicted with the most harrass ing coughs to sleep whole nights. The Rev. Dr. Dunbar, Key. Mr. De Forest, Rev. Dr. Kastmond and hundreds of thousands can attest to their happy virtues, as others can to the efficacy of Sherman's Cough Lozenges, for headache, palpitation, lowness of spirits, sea sickness and lassitude, from bodily or mental ex ertions, and for the wonderful properties of Sherman's l'oor Man's Plaster, which costs but 12)g cents, and is a warranted cure for rheumatism and lumbago, pain or weakness in the breast, side, back, or any port of the body. Ask for Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster, and see that his name and his fac simile with directions for use are on the back. There are a great many worthless imitations hnwked about and sold by unprincipled druggists. Itemembsr to get Sherman's Lozenges, and Plasters and Truss?none others or you will be deceived. Dr. Sherman's Warehouse is 106 Nassau street Agents:?237 Hudson st. cor. Spring: 188 Bowery cor. Spring; 77 hast Broad way cor. Market: 16 William st: 110. 273, 439 and 601 Broad way. In Brooklyn, Mrs. Hays, 139 button, and Mountain's Buildings. Boston?Redding K Co. 8 Slate street. Albany? A. Outhrie, 4 Stanwix Hall. d33rc ILLUSTRATED EDITION. WITH COriOUS ADD1 TIONS. MYSTERIES AND REVELATIONS IN LOVE, COURTSHIP AND MARRIAGE! '"TRANSLATED from the French of Engene Becklard, with A Sateen Splendid Engravings. Amongst the matter sdnly considered in this most important work, are matters of serious importance to single and young married persons. The cause of and certain cure for barrenness; the arts of beauty and court ship; the danger of solitary practices, and how the habit may be removed and its effects cured, with copious additions not in serted in any previous edition; the cause of love and jealousy, with infallible remedies for eradicating from the mind the seeds of a hopeless or an unhappy passion; offspring, with newly dis covered modes, hosed on scientific principles, lor the prevention or propitiatiou thereof; tests for knowing the sexes for unburn children, with hints of procuring either, according to choice; intermarriages; dress, with tlie forms and colors most becoming to the various shapes and complexions; the most auspicious season for wedlock, and most other matters of interest in single or married life as relates to the principal subjects above noted. A post jwid order enclosing SI, directed to HOLLAND Ik OLOVEIl, New Vork city, will procure a copy of the work being sent to any part of the United States or tlie Canada*. Or three copies will sent for S3; or twelve copiee for $7. The fur ther to prevent imposition. Holland Ik Glover apiwiut no agents for the sale of this work, therefore it can be purchased only at 103 Nassau street. New York, or by letter as above. CAUTION?This being a copyright publication, the genuine work can only be issued by the holders of the copyright. Its celebrity, however, has induced one or more knavish persons to publish a book with nearly the same name but which in every other resiwctis a mere catch-penny. Tlie new edition of this genuine work may be known by the New York copyright at the rock of the title page, and by containing 18 handsome engrav ings Mid I'iO jrages of reading matter. Persons selling the coun terfeit are liable to prosecution for infringement, as also for raising money uuder false pretences. iHlr'have issued the complete writings of PALL DE KOCK, containing ten works, price $1 for the whole, containing 700 ingea. They can be sent by mail, tlie postage varying from ten to twenty-five cuts, according to the distance. an t lmdy!kwy*rc DR. UIOSdlY, OCULIST AND OPHTHALMIC SURGEON, No. BO Chambers at. # doors W> of Broadway, NEW YORK, fvONFINES his practice to Disease* or the Eve. and Ope u rations upon that Organ and its ap|*>ndages. Artilicial Eyes inserted. Dr. D. has for tlie last eight years devoted his atten tion almost exclusively to this important branch of the profes sion, having been a pupil of Dk. Ei.i.iot I, subsequently his as sistant, and later practising at Charleston. B. C. For Opera tions (strabismus, cataract, he.,) and treatment, charges moderate. Office hours from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. an 4 lm*ec Orricc or JErrr.nton Insurance Company, ) No. 20 Wall st. opposite the Exchange. J rPHIS COMPANY continues to Insure against Loss and Da a mage by Fire, on (foods. Wares, and Merchandise, and, *}?", ugaiust Loss on Inland Navigation on Vessels and their Cargoes. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thome, Elisha Riggs, Thomas I. Woodruff" Anson Baker, B. R. llobson, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thompson Price, Joseph Allen MosakTueker. James E, Holmes, John It. Davidson, John P, Moore, John II. Let, James H. Whiting, Caleb ( .Tunis, Wm. K. Thorn, brancu T. Sage, Thomas Morrell, John C. Memtt, Eugene Bogert, THOMAS wTTHORNE, President Geo. T. Hope. Secretary. ml m ("SOPPER.?300 esses extra quality Eng. Sheathing Coppar, ir ~ la's TO SKftftAVTI JlMD others making remittances to ENGLAND, SCOTLAND AND IRELAND. T\RAfT8 FOR ANY AMOUNT on all SJ the PROVINCIAL BANK. IB THE NATIONAL BANK. ^ can be obtained of RICHT) WM. McLACflLd t and 7 Dorr'a Buildings, Hanover at. ..Alan, BILLS on the BANK OF BRITi SHNORTH AMK RICA, LON DON, and iu Branches in Canada, New Brum wick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. jySi 3taw3mjgb TO CALICO PRINTERS. FOR SALE?THE RA1IWAV PRINT WORKS. THE OWNER wishing to rathe from baaiueaa, offers for A aale hia Print Woriu, which are now in operation, and hare been put in complete repair within the iaat nine montha. The worka are calculated to print 3 to 4000 piecaa jier week. Two thirda of the pnrchsse money can remain on bond and mortgage lor a number of years, or an arrangement can be made to pay a part in printing. Application to be made to PHILIP TIIUSSLER, aulO 3tawlm*re Rah way, New Jeraey. FANCY GOODS. YX7EDELEB 8t MEYER, 101 William at., importere of ?? k rench, German and Engliah Fancy Goods, have juat re ceived and oner for aale on reaaonable lerma, a choice aaaort inenl of Buttona of all kinda; Hegar and other fancy Caaea; Snuff I lit' Boxes; Fancy Combs; Suspenders; Salchells' Purses, etc., etc.; Steel Fens; Razors; Scissors; Accordions; Harmonicas; .1 I) !l_ . D..l__ . fir ?.! m ;i .. fa I P.. _ cvv., ? a mui jwaavig, nviwuio. nuviuiuuii iioiuiviiivhoi Lend Pencila; Rulera; Writing, Toilette Desks, Ike.; anew at vie of Lanterna, and toya; all aorta of Perfumery. We particularly recommend a very fine assortment of Wool len and Silk Embroideriea, and all kinda of Uphulaterer'a arti clea. aul9eodlm*m CHEAPEST ILLUSTRATED WORK EVER PUBLISHED. PART TWO JUST OUT, Price Twentjr?Ftve Cents. PAYNE'S UNIVER8UM ; or, Pictorial World-Edited by a Charlea Edwards, Eat).; be being a Collection of Engravings of Views in all Countries, Portraits of Ureal Men, and Speci mens of Works of As, of all ages and of every character, will be Published in Monthly Parts, each coutaimng four highly finished Steel Engravings, from new plates, printed on demy quarto paper, and will be accompanied with eight to twelve pages of letter-press. roe Subscribers of the Pictorial World (for one year) will ui presented with Three Premiums, (see ProajeMua^)^ CHARLES Rul 3taw3w*rr> No. 118 Nassau street, N. Y. TO DOCK BUILDERS/ PROPOSALS, Sealed and Endorsed, wiil be received at this K office uutil 3 o'clock P. M. FRIDAY, 13tli September next, for building a Cob Wliarf, on the Flats opposite tlie Navy Yard, Brooklyn, L, I. The Wliarf is to be SO feet wide, and 10 feet deep, and to be filled with stone. The Proposals must state the price per runuing foot, including materials of every description necessary to be used, and must name two sureties with references and residence, as bonds will be entered into for the faithful performance of the contract. For specifications of the wotk to be done, the sizes and quality of the timber, examination of the bottom, Ike., Ike., application must be made to the Commandant of the Yard. JAS. H. SUYDAM, Navy Agent. Navt Aoent'i Office, ) New York, August 16th, 1644.J aul7 Itawtwrc AH. PARKER, 69 Duane, between Elm street aud Broad ? way, Ageut for the sale of Valuable Oil Paintings, Porce lain and Autiquities, has on hand a line collection oi splendid imiKirted Oil Paintings of tlie Flemish aud Dutch schools, which he cau.dispose of at moderate prices. Therefore, those who w ish to enrich their collections, or ornament their par lore, will find it to their interest to call, examine, aud judge for themselves. At home from 9 A. M. till 6 P. M. je31 3m eod*rc NASH'S CARRAGEEN PASTE, TV/f ANUFACTURED and told by John Nash. Jersey City, Xvj. sad sold also, wholesale and retail, at the following Depots in New York Rushton and Company, Broadway, Milhati's Pharmacy, Broadway. A. B. Sands, 373 Broadway. Henry J. Chapman, Fulton street. And retail, of all the principal Drug Stores in the city. The medicinal qualities of thie elegant and fashionable prepa ration have been long known to the public. Physicians have successfully prescribed the use of Irish Moss as a light and highly nutritious article of diet for invalids, particularly for those suffering from Pulmonary Consumption. Hitherto, this substance has been only used medicinally, but from tlie very su;>erior manner ill which the preseul article has been prepared, it will not only be used by the sick, but as a luxury by all. ? In consequence of its highly demulcent properties, and power in allaying irritatiou of the air-passages, tlie attention of public sivakers is earnestly requested. To members of the Pulpit and Bar it will be invariable, and to their patronage it is respectfully dedicated, by their obedient servant, JOHN NASH. au24 lm*rc H? NEW IRON FOUNDRY. _ K fit CO., having added to their Factory a large and com modious foundry, are prepared to furnish Castings of all descriptions, at short notice, of tlie best materials and workman ship, at moderate prices. They have a Urge assortment of Pulley, Hanger, and other Patterns, which they think are not to be surpassed. Shafting made and nut up in a superior style. Machinery of every description made to order. Presses, Types, and Saws, of every kind, generally on hand, and always tarnished at short notice. Printers' and Binders' Warerooms, 29 and 31 Gold street. Factory, corner Broome and Sheriff streets, New York. au3i lw rrc ITO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. BOOTS AND SHOES. b. THE SUBSCRIBERS have received and now offer ^forsale, the best selected stock of Boots and Shoes, for fall and winter trade, that can be found in the city of Pegged and Sewed Brqgans, Men's Calf Brogaus, Men's Fiue Call Boots, Women's Leather Boots and Buskins, Children's Leather Cacks, the best article in the market: Ladiea line Buskius, Uaiters, Slipiwrs anh Freuch Ties, and all other articles iu tlie line that can possibly be called for. Children's Shoes of an endless variety for fall and winter. Furred, Patent and Plain Rubbers, Men's and Women's, for sale cheap by WILSON & JOHNSON, .143 Chatham street opposite Chatham Theatre. IT7"OlJen 'till 10 o'clock in theeveuing. au23 lm*ec fSOTTON DUCK?ItHiO bolu No. 1. 1000 do Extra No. 1. V 300 do No. S. 300 do Extra No. 2. 300 do No. 3. 500 do No. 4. 300 do No. 5. Manufactured with great care, and well worthy the attention of the trade and consumer* generally. For sale in lots to suit purchasers, by E. K. COLLINS & CO., au21rc 36 South street. ESTABLISHED 1884. _ WILD, Manufacturer of Ontlery, No. 160 Division st New York, offers to the trade a choice selection of goods cheap for cash. We can recommend them to be as good as tns ?>st imported goods, as we nse nothing bnt Messrs.'Sanderson, rothers U Co.'s best cast steel. CAUTION. As thare is an inferior article to ottrs offered to the public, marked Wild, he., we think it best to give this notice-all goods from eur manufactory are marked Wild's Celebrated American Cutlery. N. B.?We hare no agent. Only to be had at onr Establish ment. au3 lm?re MEDICAL NOTICE. OTRANOERS AND CITIZENS afflicted with any form f or variety of Syphilitic, Mercurial or other disease, or who have been only hall cured by quacks, had better carefully peruse the following letter :? Dr. Cooper?SirLast July 1 contracted a certain private disease, and immediately applied to a doctor, who promised to cure me in a week. I continued with him two mouths, but was gradually getting worse ; 1 tried one after another, all (he advertising doctors, and each one promised positively to cure me. 1 at length discovered the object of these men was mo ney, and that they were not doctors. I concluded to go into the hospital, where the doctors kept me under a course of mer cury for eight weeks ; my throat and nose were ulcerated, pains in all my joints, and my body covered with ulcers. 1 was a complete skeleton the doctors 'considered it dangerous to give me any more medicine, and advised a southern climate. 1 left the hospital, and by advice of several friends, placed myself under your care on the first of January last. I am now well and restored to perfect health. 1 wish this published. THOMAS OKEEN, Carpenter and Joiner, Harlem, N.Y. Dr. Cooper warrants to enre every case, no matter how long standing, of Gleet, Stricture and Seminal Weakness, and mild cases of private maladies cured in 48 hours without interfering with the patient's habits. DrJCoopcr's Office, 14 Duane street, two doors from Chatham St. No cure no pay. aulg lm* re MEDICAL AND SURGICAL OFFICE. TYOCTOR JOHNSON, 17 Dnaue street, so well known to le the victims of Syphilitic diseases, as the most successful practitioner that New York can boast of, in the treatment of this destructive and almost unmanageable malady, is still to be found at his old Office. Dr. Johnson can satisfy any one that he is legally qualified to practise Physic and Surgery?that he possesses a knowledge of general disease superior to three-fourths of your general " Physicians"?and that his skill in the treat ment and proi?r management of every variety of Venereal Dis ease and Stricture of the Urethra, is pre-eminent. My patients are not only from every part of the United States, but they come from the West Indies and Canada. 1 cure, on an average, 600 palieuts a year. I discountenance quackery in any form, and, therefore, take this method of informing strangers, and per son* in the country where they can find a physician skilled in the treatment of their disease. Every case 1 undertake I cure, or make no charge. No matter how long yon may have Ulu.i, Stricture, Ulcers upon the body, or in tie- throat, or nose, pains in the head aud hones of thr legs, I will and can cure you, if your case is curable. Constitutional Weakness, sometimes called Seminal Weakness, brought on by a secret habit indulged in by young men. 1 have paid much attention to the treatment of this malady. Many an unfortunate victim of this unnatural vice has experienced my salutary treatment. L)ys|>epsia, weak ness of the limbs and small of the back, confusion of intellect, forgetfulness, palpitation of the heart, aversion to society, are only symptoms or this complaint. If my directions are follow ed, 1 guarantee a cure. Post paid letters, with statement ol case, containing $3 for advice, attended to. Observe, Office 17 Duane street, one door from Chatham street. aull lm*rc/4 TEETH-TEETH-TEETH. UNPRECEDENTED REDUCTION IN DENTISTRY^ vJ by N. TAYLOR, Surgeon Dentist, Successor to WmJ Thorn, 62 East Broadway. Teeth set on pivot f 1 00 " on Silver Plate 200 " on Oold 3 00 Teeth filled with Oold 1 00 " Tin Foil 50 " with his justly celebrated Mineral, 75 Tooth Ache cured ' ?'... 50 All operations warrauted at this office. aul5 lm*re tj?RUPT10N8 ON THE FACE.?It has long been desired J-'among the fair sex to find an article that would remove S'mules, freckles, eruptions and ringworms from the skin.? otning has been found so safe, certain and snre as CHURCH'S VEOETABLK LOTION, l lie use of this remedy for a short time, will clear the skin and establish a brilliant complexioip? Sold in bottles at 73 cents each, at 188 Bowery, comer of Spring street. COUGHS AND CULDS-Dr. Church's celebrated Cough Drops will be found a safe and certain, enre for Coughs, Colds and tnlliienza. Sold at 50 cents each, in bottles. RHEUMATISM, lie.?Dr. Church's C hemical Essence of Mustard, a remedy universally known for the speedy and effec tual cure for Rheumatic Affections. Sold in bottles, 30 cent* each. ITCH?ITCH?This loathsome disease cured with a single application of Church's Scotch Ointment. The abov.e valuable remedies sold at 186 Bowery, comer of Spring st. all lm*rc MEDICAL CARD. DOCTOR FAWCETT'S late work on the best mode of C treating Constitutional Debility, Impolicy, Sterffty, Noc turnal Emissions, Gonorrhoea, Glaet, Strictures, Venereal aud all Diseases of the Generative Organs, can be obtained at his of fice. 196 Fulton street. New Yorfc-Price $1. 1 he Doctor con tinues his private consultations on those diseases at his old established office 196 Fulton street. Country patients describing theipcase minutely, and enclosing a fee, will receive advice and medicine; also a copy of the work. au6 lm*re INFALLIBLE REMEDY. PROFESSOR BOERHAAVE'S UNIVERSAL TONIC, AND HYOEAN RENOVATOR. FHf all 'these cases where muily vigor is impaired, where'the ^?mental and physical powers are prostrated by an unrestrained indulgence of tlie passions, particuD-iy by those solitary and destructive habits or early youth, indi-cmg constitutional debi lity, the Hygean Renovator will be found an infallible remedy. From the specific action of the " tonic" on the procreative or gans, it never fails to cure whites, and removes slerillity by re storing a healthy uterine action. The Renovator has been found a valuable remedy in all nervous diseases, in chrome af r? . JiP CURE OF STRICTURE. [N A FORMER ADVERTISEMENT ON STRICTURE much pains ?u taken to sxplmu it* nature?(ha dueaaaa shich wan bus las an far it?iu consequences and lU cure? the fact that Stricture frequently eiUu 111 thou who arc tot tn (he least aware of it. Thou, however, occupying too auch space, the followiag rrenarks will be ^ to certaia :ircu instances, which wjiT arable one to judge whether he haa hit complaint of no. ami iu proper auaoa of cure. Among other thingi it wis remarked, that it wae by no ? jeeettary that the stream of urine should be obstructed, or even ?aeh dinuuuhrd, in a case ol stricture; this, indeed, oceuri in ?d and long established caiat, bu? stricture may exitl for oontluand even years without prodhfeiug any striking Neither it it necessary there should be pain, or uiy tbmg directing the attention to the Mat of thie diaeaee. Lthfi ?*Sa?y ?? now and theu complained of, but it ie only fmnnjitiW1 happens to be superadded ; aad, with re mrd toot^, elfcct, especially of early cases, theu are observ i?r. .. u- leu ^ muid end nervous system, rather than the ?r", IT, ,? . r8,*1*" however, thru circumstances which S2?.22iIuri5Lbe,,V? w stricture, and, especially when tliey lura together, should,aever be lost sight of, but lead to immedi ini ?r.f vj '"y 0*ber symptoms might be mentioned, itrietnM aF to "if1*' nialadies as well, or relate to l1^t?u".1"11* {nore edvaneed and settled form, while the fol sl^aLnTT.^rf'yy ? i ""'"i"8 in iu early stage, and when it "^'y reu,ored- The first of theu relates ( Jtumn need ;.o^"b2rm^frdt;rn?.^^hr?mM^;^1,t1 LtraLf WhuhT^rSf'SM J to I the iot is to &w; s'aas; ?y ?ct2d,.t ihould steal away, so as to wet a little, tins, willing as it uiav ^^?nU,d'W * """"Rfspicion. rfotmst^his drajpor Iwo can proceed from no other cause whatever- but cerminlv SO Stricture can exist without it. The uext is ceruunly, Tut llME AFOHMEB UoNOIXHIU May HAVE aruimeo E^uf"D-~"A Oouorrhma, though not the only, is by fax thS most lrequeut cause of Stricture. It is not iu seventy so much u he length of tun. iu gleety.stage mav have rem"i^ffi, to be considered. Neither is it possible in every cau to state how long tliu may contiuue without producing Stricture for one u naturally mora disused to Swicture tlii another " If however, it should Itsve continued from six to eight weeks, this length of lime at least would strengthen any other suspicious circumstances. The third is suspicious Tug Effect * Sr mcTuax has upon the Mind.?Nothing is more oertain than that the effect of Swicture is to depress the IXWrn*?! 10 jU nk!ntal r"rr*Y. Not that this is complain, ed of in the same degree by every individual, but it is so com g1"P-.,u ?P? degree or other, that the writer rarely sees a cau of Stricture in wnich the patient does not observe tnat he is not so activator capable of business u formerly. This alia) is a seri though little uuslertood, but it is unquestionably tree. Indeed, whoever cousiders the natural couurctiou of mind and sexual organs, will easily imagine that, as there is a medium by which the muid so powerfully acts uikju theu or gaus, so, through tlie same medium the uxual organs react upon the mind. 1 his, however, is better explainedin The manv^u.ire41!*.!^? ijul,>2r' a,'ltlk *ol?l?a which is sent to many |aiu ol the world. As the cure of Stricture proceeds, theaoti vity of miud invariably returns. 1 ' "*pec^.to ^ CUIS "f Swicture?this, it is gratifying to smte, is generally accomplished in very little time, and without tfun or in convenience. Nothing cau exceed the improvement of late years in the treatment ol thu complaint. Indeed, iu the haillla of DrODtir and pvtuinennail nsMnn. lU,. ..A* o' ? . u.w.BMW. iiiwjr iicniuM cuubuu uic wnter who come on busi neu to thu city for a short time only, but return perfectly cured, though it has been a source of trouble aud anxiety for yfY1, . "">?* who cannot leave their homes, the writer fur nishes his own peculiar means of cure, together with hie " Pri vate Treatise," which has an interesting chapter, giving everr information on the subject, and written in tin- plainest manner Dr. Ralph takes this opportunity of saying that he may be consulted ou the various diseases referred to in his " Private Treatise"?at his dwelling house, No. M (Jreuwich street, at anv Itonr. Ann in nnnuwnumAti nf ika nnmU.,. ..P . I ? uenct to strangers. Besides h ate. Sic. he has been engaged in me cure 01 tneu diseases, both in hospital and city practice, for more than thirty years, and lias published three editions of a work expressly on them. Also, that he has letters from the post eminent physicians in Europe lrom the most eminent men in America?as Sir Astley Cooper of London, to Dr. Mott, of New Vurk; Dr. Physic, ofPhiladel' Sjd others, and that he is permitted to refer to almost fT?rv Fhy-aieian of eminence to thu city. " The Private Treo Ty ttlm'.ec ,eur" "* ???wich stSt. WONDERFUL DISCOVERY STfilSfSl8 SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR, wnich wiU ^ change grey hair to iu original color in a few minutes. This solution is different from any yet offered, and cannot fail of su weeding al others. It is highly efficacious, and pomm th. greatjjdvanu* of beautifying the hair without injuring iu Those who doubt its virtues, are requested to have their hair changed before paying their money. If humbugs would take this method there would be no reason to complain. One trial will prove the fact. ?old wholesale aud retail, and applied at No. 4 Chatham St. opposite the Hall of Records, New York, up stairs aal3 lm*rc ~ HULL'S TRUSSES! ~ J? ruptured persons. pad of Hull s 1 russes, to see if they are endorsed by Dr. Hull ?..rnW- ? *re Wuume, or to lie relied upon as good' w ithout hu signature. * ? 0n" hav* ,n?dertakan to vend imitations of Hull's celebrated T russes, and thousands are im|>osed upon in consa. imiUtions cannot be relied upon; they are made Trusses m a,uca' and 3X8 n? better than tlie ordinary *i?Te- been fittad ?P at No. 4 Vesey street, exclusively for lad'ee, having a sepagste entrance from tlie business depsrt fomie^tSit. U W conaUnl aM?ndance to wait upon lemaie patienu. aull Imrc MEDICAL AID. " REMOVAL. DHi??E.?? I?moved from 11 Barclay street, to M usual * may cou?ulted confidentially as . There are lew, if any medical men among us, that know batter how to manage those difficult and delicate disorders n? <-i nacer,nreJ1 ^ 10 cou,ract while visiting onr city." f.*1 * tI?at!8* "Ifl aecret habits and Si2?Sf TOib'cou^"s-lt u intended for the use of patieutTof either ?e*. It not only treats of curiug disoas?ui, but what ia Snf Hi^ltTr' " ,M''^ "at clearly tlie means of preventing those foul disorders at which human nature shudders to think of s ou thu account alone tlie book i. worth more than all other i>ub?? ?r&M?. ?i kmd;, U,11 by the author, at hferesXi PriM 50 JSu e north,*aj't co?8' Beekman street! ,, ILC T? females afflicted with a malady called "the whites " It'?, .'l iWI Croreiia fncdly and confidential adviser It is ffisci for wde-at the following drug stores:? No. W VVilliarn street, near Maiden Lane. ? Nos. 31 aud it i ulton street. Both corners of Chambers street and Broadway. ^.S ??? u wery* corner ?f Walker street, P}?- .J?V'owJ8ryi comer of 8|>ring street, ff?- ilA381 Broadway, corner of Market street, and* auS lm? rc Delancy atreet- c??"- of Suffolk street. T . SCARPA'S OIL. ? rW0.11?"* ,a tai"? from the Boston Atlas .-?Valuable .,.?. . arpa s Acoustic Oil u said by those who had n?. i?U- r"" ,l't" be an excelleut medicine iu case oi'Deaf Kit ifm|{ (r?m ct)'ds or other causes. We know s young r\u* n0 r n* 8,2C8 waa almost immediately relieved by it aiuT the certificate of Mr. John Heed, of Buuk?r Hill ,twt "wbocsaU and retail, by A. B. Ik D. SANDS, Druggist, No. 79 *Hltou street, 373 Broadway, 77 East Broad! wa>- jyff lm*m MADAiVlE Kfc.SAP.LD. PHYSICIAN, Office and residence, 14S Oresn , wicnjstreet, between Courtlandt and Liberty streets, where fedSi u'iffsss.'Ss' ych .as to require but a few days to effect a perfect cure. .? desiring proper medicai ntteudauce during coutinemeut ox other wdupositiun, will be accommodated during audi time, with pnvete and respectable board. ' Preventive Powders," for married ladies, whose del mate or preoarious health forbids a too rapid .increase of family, will be sent by mail to anv part of the United States. Price S5 a Pack K.?rrU?t,eM 'W paid) addressed to box C6S, Pfow York, Bijston Office. No. 7 Essex ?treet. m,'?MsdMB# RE8TELL would iuform ladies residing out of the city,, whose health would not admit of travelling, ?i 8,'e wowludevote lier personal attendance u|ion tliem iu any nart of the United States within reasonable distauce. jv29rrc TO MARRIED LADIES. TY/TADAME RESTE1 1/8 PREVENTIVE POWDERS. ?"A ?These invaluable Powders have been universally adopted iu Europe. but France in particular, Tor upwards of thirty years, as well as by thousands in this country, as being the only mild, safe and efficacious remedy for married ladies whose health for bids a too rapid increase of family. The results of their adoptinu to the happiness, the health, nay, often the life, of many an alfectionnle wife and fond mother an too vast to touch upon wilhiu the limits of an advertisement results which affect not only the present well being of parents, but the future, happiness of their offspring. Is it not but too well known that the families of the married often Increase beyond the happiness of those who gave them birth would dictate I In how many instances does t he hard working father, and mire especially the mother of a poor family remain slaves through out their lives, lugging at the oar of iucessant labor, toiling but to dive and living but to toil, when they might have enjoyed comfort and coinpaialive affluence, and if care and toil have weighed down the spirit, and at last broksu the health of the father, how often is the widow left unable, with the most vir tuous iutentious, to save her fatherless offspring frem becoming degraded objects of charity or profligate votaries of vice I Even though competence ana plenty smile upon us, how often, alas ! are the days of the kind husband and father embittered iu be holding the emaciated form and declining health of the compa nion of his bosom, ere she had scarce reached the age of thirty ?fast sinking into g premature grare?with the certain pros pect of himself being early bereft of the partner of his joys and sorrows, and his young and helpless children of those endearing attentions and watchful solicitude, which a mother alone can bestow, not uofreuuenlly at a time when least able to support the lieart-reiiding affliction '. Is it desirable, then?is it moral? for iiarents to increase their families, regardless of consequences to themselves, or the well being of their offspring, when a sim ple, easy, healthy and certain remedy is within our control 7 The advertiser, leeling the importance of this subject, and etli mating the.vast benefits resulting to thousands by the adopisou of means prescribed by tier, would r?s|>ectiuily arouse the at tention of the married to its consideration. Is it not wise and virtuous to prevent evils to which we are subject, by simple and healthy means within our control? Every dispassionate, virtuous and enlightened mind, will unhesitatingly answer ia the affirmative. I'rice live dollare a package, accompanied with full and nartl cnlar directions. i All letters must be post paid, and addressed to Dos " DM," N Y.. or MADAME RE8TELL, Female Physician. Principal Office, HO Oreenwich street, New York. Office hours from 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. Boston office, No. 7 Essessu jy?rc PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. INVRNTKD AND PREPARED BT M. DEBOUDELOQVE, M l). L1SUON, PORTUQJ1L. rHK scientific combination of ingredients of which those Pills are comtiosed, have made thein die wonder and admi ration of the world. Tliey are known all over Europe to be the ouly preparation ever discovered that has proved invariably cer tain in producing the monthly turns. Their certainty In all cases, being such that ihey must not be need ilurinip pregnancy, for though always mild, safe and healthy, I hey are certain to produce miscarriage if used during that period. The directions are translated into English, and are enveloped round with the seal of the importer, stamped. Each bos con tains the signature of M. de Boudeloqiie, and the English di rections have the signature of Dr. F. MELVEAU, authorised agent for the Continent of America. They can be transmitted by mail to any part of the United States. Bold by Dr. F. MELVEAU, agent and importer for the United States. Office, lit Liberty street, neer Oreenwich street. Price $5.?half hoses, (3. No half botes sent by mail. Sold in bottles at 9 Salem street. Letters directed to Dr. F. Me.lveau, bos 34, New York, will meet with immediate at ten tion. All lettera must lie poatpaid. jy? ire MEDICAL AID. TU8T PUBLISHED, (This Day>-The Medical Confidant i ? Price $1, and sent to any part of the Union, litis work embraces the history, treatment, and cure of Venereal in all its forms. Oonorrhma, Gleet, Stricture, Irritable Bladder, Swelled Testicles, kc. Together with a comprehensive knowledge of the effects of sensualism and its mulls, of the anatomy and Physiology of the sesusl organs, of self |iollution and its con sequences, of seminal weakness, or imiMitence and sterility, with the medical treatment of all those diseases. This work can be obtained at l!? Fulton street. New York, where the author. Dr. FAWCETT. continues his private counultatiims on all those diseases which are. meutiobed in his book. All letters must be poet-paid. at lm*rc " PUBLISHED DAILY BY ' JAMBS UOItDtiN BENNETT, N. W CORNER FULTON AND NASSAU STREETS. Thr New York Herald?A Daily Paper, issued every morning of the week?price TWo'jcgMTS per copy. Country Subscribers furnished at the same rate, for any specific period, on .a remittance in advance. No paper sent unless paid in ali vance. Thr Wrkki.v Hrrai.d?Issued on Saturday morning at ten o'clock?price tit and a cicarter cknt? per copy?fur nished, to Country Subscribers at $3 ii per annum, in advanee. or at the same ran for any specified period. &^SE^B^sr'a&!arlt

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