Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 29, 1844, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 29, 1844 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. Now * ork, Thursday, August *0, UR4. Illustrated Weekly Herald. TBS GREAT ?SASS MEETING OF the: WHIGS. MR. WEBSTER DBUVCSIllKii HI# G1UBAT SPEECH ! I! The Reporters of the New York Tress. We shall issue on Saturday next a very beauti ful and interesting Illustrated Weekly Herald. It will contain a large aud very graphic engraving of the scene presented at the Whig Convention in Albany, on Tuesday last. ThU illustration will convey H correct idea of the picturerqued appear ance of the multitudes assembled on that occasion, the platform beneath the old trees, and Mr. Web ster in the act of delivering his great speech. Another engraving will represent the steamboats proceeding up the Hudson, with the New York de legations on board. The third engraving will represent portraits of the reporters of the Htruld and the whig papers ot this city, as tln-y appeared when engaged in the wink of reporting Mr. Webster's speech, for a wager of one thousand dollars. This engraving will be highly interesting. This Weekly Herald will contain our report of the speech, and altogether will be the most attractive and accurate record ol this mighty exhibition of whig strength?whig beauty-aud whig eloquence, which could be pro duced. . The Great Whig Jleetlng at Albany. Wo present to-day, on our first page, a tull and faithful report of Mr. Webster's great speech at the Masi Convention of the whigs ot the river coun ties. at Albany, on Tuesday last. We issued it yes terday in the form of an extra, in advance ot our contemporaries, and in a very short time after the ar rival ef the swi't steamboat, the " Swallow," which conveyed our " corps" to this city. It is a very able and statesmanlike speech, and the most effec tive one for the whigs which has beea delivered tn the course of the present campaign. Mr. Webster did not enter at all on the great questions of Texas and the Bank, but confined himself to a well digested and elaborate vindication and defence of the whig protective policy; and certainly he discovered a great deal ol character istic ingenuity and shrewdness in his handling of this important topic. It is somewhat remarkable, however, that although he occupied two hours in the defence of a course of policy of which Mr. Clay is the reputed parent, not the slightest allu sion was made by him to that gentleman. Some of the party think that on this occasion an opportu nity was afforded Mr. Webster of presenting some satisfactory evidence of the suiceriiy of his newly awakened attachment to the cause and interest 01 "Harry ol the West," of which he might, without much impropriety, have availed himself. How ever Mr. Webster must be allowed to be himself the best judge of what is delicate and proper in such a rase, and in putting the whig protective po licy on the high ground of one of the great original objects aimed at in the tormation of the govern ment under the Constitution, he certainly gives it a greater elevation, and invests it with higher in terest than the oratora who cry "Hosannah" to Mr CUv, and represent him as the originator of the tariff, which hits, as is alleged, rained down prosperity and all manner of blessi. gs on this glo rious land. ] We crtntnly would have been gratified if Mr. Webster hid dwelt somewhat on the question of the establishment of a National Bank, and the an nexation of Texas. These nre subjects-the latter j especially?of peculiar interest now, and give to J the present conlebt much of its importance nnd peculiarly interesting complexion. The tariff has been worn tolerably thread bare. All manner of stump orators have bees tearing away at it, and besides, after nil, there is not so much difference between the views entertained ol it by the intelli gent and eulightened lenders of the two parties ? The differences between well informed statesmen ol both parties, on the subject of tariff regulat ions of which we hear so much, are very much like those between religionists on sundry knotty points of theological controversy?more in words than in reality. The great first principles are admitted by both, but in the wrangling and debates about their application, distinctions have been created which are of little consideration, except in so far as they furnish ready themes for stump orators, and the political economists of the rostrum and bar room. But on the bank question, and on the Texas qu??tion, the two parties are divided bv an impassa ble gulf, and on them it might not have been amiss for Mr. Webster to have expressed at length hta views. It wilt be on these issues that the battle will be fought. They are the great exciting topics of the hour?they give character and object to the conflict?and it is because they will be passed on decisively, and set at rest for a longtime to come, that the result of the contest now carried on is re garded with such universal anxiety. As to the meeting itself, it gave good assurance | of the spirit and strength of the whiga in this State. In this great State, they certainly, as we have more than once intimated, have the most encourngtng prospects. They entered the field early, and they have occupied it with unexampled energy, indus try, and determination. The democrats must, in deed, be np and stirring, and bring out at once all their great guns?Silas Wright and nil of them?if they mean to elect Mr. Polk next November. Th* Machinery of Party.?We give in another column, a communication which gives us a peep behind the curtain of party organization. It cer tainly presents a very melancholy spectacle, and the conduct of the actors in it, has been so proper ly characterized by this correspondent, that we have allowed him to speak through our columns. But the most atnuaing thing about this is the manner in which the pithy little documents en closed by our correspondent have been seized upon by the whig journals of this city. The irnpudeDt demands of the wire-pullers of Tammany Hull on the pockets ol the poor office-holders, is charaeter ized es shockingly opposed to pure republicanism? as ii.l .mous?as utterly inexcusable?as most dis graceful to the party that has been guilty ol sanc tioning it. Who that did not know the lact would imasine for a moment that these eminently honest, upright, decent, and consistent organs are quite well aware that the very same system has been long pursued by the faction wnich they themselves represent! But so it is; snd this is only another instance of the consistency ol party men, and the sincerity of their pretensions to honesty and purity. Th* "Nat:v*s" tn Phii-adilphia.?From the tone and language of the "native" organs in Phila delphia. we are inclined to infer that (hat party is a more precarious condition there than in this city. The calls for action and organization are very loud and urgent; and more signiHcant the denunciation of "half and half men," who are not ready and willing to go all lengths, is bscsming ominously vociferous. Both in Philadelphia and this eity it has been very cleatly demonstrated that the only cohsnve principle by which this third puffy could be held together, is municipal reform. And if the "na tives" in both cities had faithfully entered on thie work?sb'tained altogether from connection with general or local party politics?snd cast overboaid their useless and unimportant agitation about th< naturalization laws, they would have acquired s strength, anoverwhelmingstrengih, against which the corrupt leaders of faction would have striven in vain. But the "natives" have been bsnt on sui cide and their dissolution now appears to be ine*i table. Tub Decency or thb Par 11 Press?As the excitement oi the great political contest, now agi tating the country, increases, the violence and tcurxiiity of the party papers become more and more unblushing and disgusting. One cannot take up any of these organs of faction, from the bloated dailies of the large etiies, down to the small week lies of obscure villages and hamlets, without find ing column after column filled with the grossest and most indecent attacks on the private character of public men. Tired, it would seem, of abusing the candidates themselves, or having exhausted all their powers of vituperation and calumny as ap plied to Mr. Clay and Mr. Polk, these tools ot par ty, are inventing, hunting up, and reuiling all aorta of vulgar and scurrilous stories about the relatives and prominent supporters of these great leaders. In this work of detraction, falsehood and slander, the Courier and Enquirer and the Tribune of this city have peculiarly distinguished themselves ? We have collected a large number of extracts from these papers, which present the most melancholy illustration of the degradation ot the party press that we have yet seen. What an opinion must these prin s, and others of a similar calibre enter, tain of the mind nnd character of the people of this country, when the oaly grounds, or at least the chief grounds, in which they discuss the claims of the respective candidates, are the morals, consis tency and respectability of their respective relatives and adherents! And it is very amusing to observe the avidity with which all these vile slanders and vulgar stories are caught up and re-echoed by the country journals of the party. Mr. Polk's grand father has been quite a god-send, it would appear, to these newspapers, lor generally, at least cne-sixth of their space is occupied by fierce and savagely patriotic denunciation of his alleged Toryism ? The old man, who has been quietly.reposing in his grave, has been thus rudely assailed, and his reputa tion being properly blackened, is presented as the best possible argument against bis descendant of this generation, and this by men, whose forefathers ?who knowB 1?may have been distinguished mem bers of the corps of " Cow-Boys" during the revo lutionary era. And the democratic newspapers are equally busy in the same abominable work of calumay and blackguardism. They seem, indeed, to be im proving on the labors of their opponents, for they are now including in the list of those againBt whom their vulgar scurrility is directed, hotel-keepers and other people in business, who may differ from them in political opinions. In the Plebian of yesterday we noticed a very malicious attack on the respec table proprietor of one of the hotels at Niagara Falls, because, forsooth, he is a whig, and disco vers a preference for whig journals in his reading room. His house is abused?his fare is abused? his waiters are abused-everything about his esta blishment is.ubused, because he dares to avow him self a whig. This is certainly prosecuting the re spectable busiqess of partizanahip with zeal and energy. And yet these party papers?these journals wfiose colamnsare teeming from day to day with the lowest scurrility and the most vulgar personali ties, have been in the habit of talking about their dignity, and respectability, and uniform regard to public decency. But the public are beginning to regard them in their true character. Not only do the intelligent and pure-minded men, who wisely refrain from mingling in the filthy arena of poli'ica! strife, regard the indecencies of these party papers with disgust and detestation, but many even of the warm adherents of both parties, are also awaking to the conviction that such representatives reflect only dishonor and disgrace on any cause. We take some credit to ourselves for producing this salutary impression, and we are encouraged to hope that continued exposure of the violence and tcur rility of the party organs, may ultimately lead to the application of an efficient corrective of this system of conducting political controversy?a sys tem most degrading to the character of the nation, and calculated in a great degree to tarnish Ameri can reputation at home and abroad. AmtEfeT or Alexander Hoag.?This notorious individual, who recently escaped from the city prison, where he was confined on conviction for grand larceny, was arrested yesterday at Greenport, Long Isldtid, at the hotel of Captain Clark. He had arrived there at a late hour on Tuesday night, and was partially suspected by the Captain, who communicated his suspicions to Alderman Wyn ship, of this city, who was at the hotel, but the Al derman, not knowing Hoag, was not prepared to take upon himself the responsibility of his arrest. George Wilks,editor ol the "National Policeman," of this city, arrived at the hotel yesterday morning, and immediately recognised Hosg, when he was arrested and brought to the city prison last evening. He states that the reward offered for his arrest was such that he was afraid to trust any body with his whereabouts since he left the city, which he says was several days since, but that before leaving he had nearly made up his mind, at two or three different times, to deliver himself up to keep er Cox, but was dissuaded from it. He had on the same clothing when arrested that he wore when he left the prison, and had not dPlsguised himself in any manuer. He says that he was at the house of his brother on the morning after hi was then reported. Since then,he has been several times within view of officers who did not see him, and since he left the city he has carried the advertisement, containing a description of his person, and offering the reward of #700 for his arrest, in his pocket, and several times,when he thought he was suspected, has exhibited it, und in formed the person or persons that he waB in search of Hoag, and would find him before he returned to New York, and thus secure the reward This disarmed all suspicion, and he escaped further no tice. The hotel ot Capt. Clark, is the only public house at Greenport, and it is therefore strange that he should have ventured in such a prominent posi tion. Presuming that Alderman Wynship will not claim any of the reward, it will probably be divi ded between Wilks and Clark. A Prodigy.?They have lately got somebody in the Botton Courier establishment, who is a perfect prodigy of orthography, etymology, syntax and prosody. He can criticise every body from those miracles of grammar, the editors of the fashionable magazines, down to dry-goods clerks with Byron collars, and svuls above, tape and ribbons. Mr. Willis is the last victim, and thus gets rapped on the head by this jealous guardian of prepositions and copulative conjunctions: "Willis must believe in a stale of pre-existence?vide the "JVfio Mirnr ' of Saturday last, page 334, where, af ter enumerating the mosr important event in the lives of certain patriarchs, he writes, "and so on, up to Abraham, whose lather was seventy years old when tie was born." As Sue is favoring us with tho sensations of a man who lived beyond his time, suppose Willis should give us those of a person who lived nel'ore. The shadowy realms of pre existence have not as yst been romanced. Cannot Willis give ua some glimpses of this terra incognita f" We must consign this matter to the care of the conductors of the New York Sunday press?no in farisr minds dare approach it. A Sm*.?The democrats must work hard indeed if tlicy mean to tarry this State. All along*the noble Hudson, the ladies turned out of almost every dwelling on the banks, and with their lily hands waved a cordial greeting to the delegations proceeding to Albany. Why do not the detnocra* uc ladies come out 1 Where is the spirit that animated the fair creatures who graced the mrme 'able, immortal, and never-to-be forgotten " lnd-g cat.nn Procession 1' Pad 1 amk and Worm Pbsling.? We have frequently observed in some ot the party pa|>crs illusions to the melancholy scenes in Philadel) hiu which indicate great bad taste and bad feeling " Tne city of Philadelphia of church burning nolo riety"?" the city of church-burners"?and similar phrases are met with in some oi these papers al most every dty. This spirit merits the indignant rebuke of every right-hearted citizen. Let us have no more of if. ?booting Matches at Hobo ken oh Tweadajr. There wu a grand muster of all the crack shots of thia city and neighborhood oa the Rifle Shooting Ground, Hobokeu, on Tuesday, and some very excellent shooting cume off. There were provided for the occasion several hundred wild pigeons, most of which rose from the trap very well. The common trup was used on the occasion, which is certainly not so good for the purpose us the Bpring trap. The distance from the trap for firing from was 21 yards, and 90 yards was agreed upon for boundary. The first piece of sport that came off was for a purse of $65, entrance $5; nine birds each. The following is the result:? Tie Mr. flow, 0 11111111 1 " PriHRlemtn, ..1 0 10 11110 " Fisher,. .....0 1 0 1 1 0 0 out. ?? Tui 1 1 I 1 1 0 I I 1 0 '? Dennis 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 " Ptinaut 0 101 10000 ?? Osboru 1 11110 111 0 " Johoson 011001 100 " Lawrence. .. .1 0 11 110 10 " Kent, 0 0 1 1 0 0 out. 11 Birgh 1 11110 10 0 " Lee 1 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 ? T. B L 1 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 0 Mr. trow thus winning in excellent style. The next was a sweepstakes of one dollar each?three birds each Kent 1 1 1 Osborn 1 0 Drnnis 0 1 Pringieman 0 1 Fisher 1 10 Fletcher 0 0 Peasant 0 1 Milburn 1 0 Tills* 0 1 T. B L. 110 Oow 10 Johnson. 1 0 Lawrence 0 o Htsdrey 1 0 Mr. Kent killing all his birds and taking the stakes. This was followed by a similar sweepstakes Mr. Kent 10 1 Lawrence 0 1 out Fisher 0 1 0 Milburn 1 10 Tie. Dennis. ....... 1 1 1-0 flow 0 1-out Tuis 1 1 1-1 Johnson 1 0 out Pensant .0 1-out Birgh 0 1-out A third sweepstakes for a like amount, was then contended for Tie. 3d tie. Tuis 1 1 1-1-1 Lawrenco 1 10 Dennis 1 0-out Fisher 1 1 1-0 Kent 1 10 Pensant ? 1-out Milhurn 1 1 1-1-0 flow... 111-0 Birgh 1 1 0 Tha shooting of Messrs. Lawrence and Gow was much admired; Mr. Milburn did not appear so successful in his endeavors as we have seen him. Mr. Grun, the Reformed Gambler?Visit to New York?We were yesterday invited to visit this gentleman, to witness a private display of the mode which gamblers adopt in fleecing their vic tims, to which the editors of the principal papers in the city were' invited, as well as diiierent ministers of various denominations, together with the Mayor and other members of the corporation. He certainly gave strong evidence of being well acquainted with all the tricks usually resorted to by this class of per sons, as well as to display the marks made use of by the manufacturers of playing cards, which he said were upwards of 2000 in number, and that no cards were made without them. To test the mat ter fully,parties present brought packs of cards with them, which upon being submitted to him, he immediately, upon looking at their backs, selected from them the principal or leading cards in most of the games played. He then showed various other packs of cards, which he said were,manufactured for the express purpose of playing certain games with, such as brag, poker, fare, tec , and showed how a person acquainted with such cards, and the marks usually made use of by the makers, had upwards of 100 per cent the advantage over his opponent, no matter hew skillful he might be as a card player. He then proceeded to ?how the various manoeuvres restorted to in shuf fling, cutting, and dealing the cards, which were certainly very astonishing, aid surprised every one present, among whom were some who evidently thought they knew more of the tricks by cards than their neighbors. The display certainly went to show that no such thing as a fair game of cards could be played by any one at all acquainted with the marks made use of by the makers, which Mr. Green contended most gamblers did, and that it was quite impossible for persons to win who were not so, in which opinion, from the evidence this gentleman brought forward, the company piesent appeared quite to coincide in. The display and ex planation occupied upwards of two hours. Thia gentleman is about to give a course of lectures on the subject in this city, and certainly the making known of these facts muBt have a tendency to di minish gambling. His object in so doing is to get established in this city, an anti-gambling society, similar to those he has been the cause of forming in Cmcinnatiand Louisville. The Doings of Charlatanism.?We have ob served within the last week or two, reports of seve ral cases of death, from the malpractice of indi viduals professing to be physicians. The numbers thus hurried of! the stage of exis.ence, in this coun try, are very great. How can it be otherwise,when our sapient legislators place the uneducated quack on precisely the same equality, in the eye of the law, with the educated physician T Medical edu cation too, is miserably defective, the time of 6tudy too brief, and the examination for degrees a mere farce. If any association of influential physicians would start into existence,and fight resolutely on till they secured a comprehensive medical reform, they would do the State more service than all the politi cal conventions that ever assembled. By the way, how does the grand, novel and original experiment of the Natives, in the case of the present City In spector progress 1 Can any one tell us how it works 1 Amusing?The squabbles ;of two or three poor penny-a-liners connected with obscure printB in Ann street, who patronize the low groggeries of that neighborhood, and write awfully ferocious paragraphs about each other and 'he figwanttt at the theatres. The Whig Procession at Albany.?There were a great many half-dead coons in the whig procession at Albany on Tuesday, but it was re marked that no banner bore even an-allusion to the great hero of the day?Daniel Webster. Hardly kind. Theatricals, Ac. Mr. and Misses Andrews are giving concerts at Platisburgh. A new theatre is about to be erected in Montreal, under the management of Mrs. George Jones, to be called the Olympic Theatre. The Virginia Screnadcrs are doing a good busi ness in Philadelphia. The National Theatre, Boston, was opened for the season on Monday evening. Miss Gann's recption was very flattering. The Virginia warblers nre among the good folks of Albany. The Orphean Minstrels gave their last concert at the Female Academy, Albany, on Tuesday even ing last. Nichols' equestrian company are performing at Buttilo. Mr D. Marble leaves Boston in the course of the ensuing week for Europe. The Klhiopdan Serenadersure giving concerts at Baltimore. Yankee Nelson took his farewell benefit at the Buffalo Museum on Monday evening last. T. B. Franklin, the comedian, died at Franklin. La., on the 9<h mat , of bilious fever at the age ol 35 years. He was an Englishman by birth Ole Bull ?This eminent musician, i?at present in Bristol, It L, where lie intend spending severs' weeks l??r the purpose of recruiting his strength, and to finish his two great musical composition* on which lie is now engaged, viz i?" The Falls ol Niagara," and "The Death of Washingiori " He will give no more concerts before October, when he will commence his campaign for the s.-ns"u in Boston. Afterwards he will proceed to New York ind Philadelpr.ia, thence to the West und th? South. The Thistle Benevolent Association make another delightful excursion to morrow. It pro mises to be very agreeable, aa will be perceived from the programme in another column. CItjr InttUlfeBM. Sraccx br Liumtwix#.?The dwelling house and (tore at the corner of 7th avenue and 10th itrvet, wan struok by lightning on Tuesday afternoon, a ad the tool and other purta ol tha house much Injured The premises ware for tunately unoccupied. Police Rocord?Auo. 38-Rfcoveby or Six Thou sand Fkancs.?Victor Ooudailli-.t. first cook for Bontiurd. No 6 Nassau street, was robbed a few day? since if 0 00U lranci, iu bank uotea on the Bank of France, and a man named Kdgur Hillen was arrested by officer Burley. o i the charge. On W, officer Carlisle received an anonymous letter through the Post oHie, enoloeing the notes, which were restored to the rightful owner. Bubulabv iv the Fimit puhlioation of the urrebt of John Sullivan and Captain Smith, charged with the extensive robbery of Scott's store, in Broadway, as contained in the Herald of yesterday morning, will se rum the conviction of these rogues for burglary in the first degree. The notice contained a description of some silver spoons, marked with the name oi " Punnett " A gentleman, beariug this name, one of the clerk* in the Union Bank of this city, on reading tha article, applied at the police and informed Justice vTattsell that his dwell ing. in 17th >treet, hail been burglariously entered some short time since, and these spoons, with some other pro perty, stolen from the premises Upon a conviction on this charge these burglars can be sentenced to the State Prison for life The " Five Points."?This Infected district, now un der (he charge ot Officers Settler and Cochran, was never kept more orderly than at present. The nocturnal visi tations oi strangers to the various dens oi squalid wretch' ednass and poverty, the subterranean dancing balls, in which are intermingled black, white and red?the penny loo hella. and shilling bluff gambling rooms, the manholes arid the bouses of licentiousness, forms a great source el incomu to these industrious officers. Scarce a night passes that they are not waited upen by distinguished strangers for an escort through the various scenes iu that vicinity, and such is the command and influence of Officer Bottler, who is technically known as the King of the "Points," that in half an hour's time he has closed every establish ment by a mere request to that effect. Coroner'* Record?Wednesday?Killbd bt the fali.ino of a Bhick.?On Wednesday morning a laborer named Michael lteardon, a native of Ireland, was almost instantly killed at the coroer of Irving Place and 20th street, by a piece of brick thut accidentally fell from the top ot the building where he was cngagi d. Mr. Alfred Lingle, one of the workmen employed on the premises had ascended to the top of the wail, a distance of about 60 feet, and was in the act of removing some pieces ot boards that hud been placed on the work to pratect it from rain, when a half brick accidentally fell and struck Rear don, whose hat was off, on the top of bis head, fracturing his skull and causing his death about ten minutes after ward*. Mr Lingle was not aware of any one being un der the scaffold at the time he hid ascended it, and the jury therefore, returned a verdict of accidental death. Sudden Death ova Pilot.?A Pilotnamsd George Bro therton, dropped down dead suddenly in Walnut street on Wednesday morning. The cause of death was pre sumed to be appoplexy. A Child Accidentally Killed.?A child named Fran cis Boyle, aged about six years, son of Mary Boyle, of 87 ly, by Tallin Pitt st., was accidentally killed yesterday, by falling from thethird story window into (he street Re died from a trac ture of tha skull, in about 30 minutes a Per the fall When will people learn the necessity of putting bar* of wood across upper windows, whero children are allowed to he alone? Verdict of the j ury, accidental death. Superior Court?In Chambers. Before Chivi Justice Jones. Auo 38 ?John %H. Letting vs JlbraSam Snyder?De fendant was brought up under a Stilwell warrant and un derwent an examination de bene ette U. S. Commissioner's Office. Before Commissioner Rapelje. Auo. 38 ?Captain Woodhouse, ol the ship "Queen of the West," underwent an examination on the charge of deserting Murray the seamen, whose arrest on a charge of mutiny we noticed in yesterday's Herald, and was dis charged?the evidence to sustain the charge being de fective. Marine Court Before Judge Randall. Auo. 38.?The Mayor fyc. cs. Charlet Train?Landing of Immigrant! ?This was .? suit brought by tho Corporation r of the ship "Atalanta," for against the Captain or owner i lauding emigrants on other docks than the one appropria ted for this purpose by speciul ordinance of the Board of Common Council, at the root of Vesey street There were two cases entered, and the Court not being able to em|iun nell a jury, the case has been adjourned over to Friday week. The want of jurors in this Court, and the apparent ab sence of power to compel their attendance, is ftlt as a grievance upon the suitors who suitor by delays and post pom-menu It appears that a long time before the year 1939, the Common Council paid an officer $1 60 per day to preserve the peace in this Court. This officer also held the situation of crier of the Court, and it was his duty to return all defaulting jurors to the proper officer, for the collection of fines. Tne ordinance to pay this officer was abolished, and the Court was left to shift for itself While this officer held his situation, and wa - paid by the corpo ration, the attendance of jurors wns never complained of while the collection ol fines from delinquent jurors tiuew a large amount into the city treasury. There is now no ?ucli officer to record the names of delinquents, and a full jury can rarely be got together, as! in most cases.a tales arc of necessity obliged to he summoned. John Eaitman vs. Jamet IVaUh and Jamet Qoodmanton? An action of trespass lor assault and battery alleged to have been committed on board the ship "Gn)narn,"oD her last voyage from Rotterdam, by defendants, who are the captain Slid first mate. Decision thi* forenoon. Before Judge Sherman. Let'er vs. R B. I Vomer.?An action to recover $68 77 for goods sold and delivered. It appeared that a man na med Alden purchased the goods, and having acted on n previous occasion as agent for Warner, it was set op that Warner was therefore liable for the amount, Us the goods, it was alleged, were purchased in his name, by Alden. The Court will give a decree this forenoon. Fire.?The fire on Tuesday afternoon, between two and three o'clock, was at the corner of 28th street and the Railroad, and is supposed to have occurred by a spark from the locomotive. Mr. George Rathgale, butcher, was the occupant of the house and out houses, from which only a small portion of furniture was saved. There was no in surance. Something Delicious.?With our warm days and cool nights, und consequent fevers, there is nothing more refreshing and delicious to the Bystem than one of Mrs. Carroll's vapor baths. They can be tuken at No. 325 Broadway. If you take one you will want another. Late and Important from Long Island.?We perceive from au announcement in another column that a large importation has just been made of the famous wines and brandies of the Coney Island brand. Steamship Caledonia, Lott, from Boston, 10th inst, for Liverpool, arrived at Halifax on the 18 h, in 42 hours' passage. She took on board 17 addi tional passengers, and left same day for Liverpool Visitors.?Lieut. H. Eld, U. S. N., is stopping at Howard's. Capt. Waggamen, U. S. A., at the American Hotel. Cienfueoos, (Cuba,) Aug. ?, 1844.?As I have always expected, 1 am (in common with many oth ers roust innocent ol the foul accusations made against them) oace rooro breathing the free air of Heaven. We were imprisoned by the authorities, under false oaths la ken by mulattoea and tree negroes, lhat had used our names without our knowledge, as promising that we would furnish them with "money, anns and powder." That infamous mulatto mason, Jose Betancourt, who has been the cause of so much trouble to us all, confessed "that all he hnd said to implicate loreigriers was lalse, and that though the conspiracy had met the views of the white abolitionists, they intended, it successful, to put even them to death, so as not to leave a single drop ol white blood on the Island." I do not so much blame the government for having acted Jiromptly in the premises. They have doubtless done in ustice in particular cases, hut it was injustice perpetra ted on the spur ui the moment, when their very existence was at stake. To iui ii to another subject, I would udd that we have had hut little rain oi lute iu this planting district. The sugar cane on malty of the estate* look short, yellow and dry. Such cane cannot make a third part ol a crop. Them are exceptions, however. The "Carolina" bid* fair this year to yield an average crop The dryness of tbe cane, however, on most other estates, will have of necessity an influence on the coming molasses crop, which will undoubtedly be short As most of the free mulatto masons were concerned in the lata insurrectionary movement, we find great difficul ty in procuring the necessary hand* to do work of that kind on this side of the Island.?If. S. Gazelle, Jtug- 38. Singular, but Dreadful Tragedy.?The Ma rion, Mississippi paper, domains the particulars ol a most tragical occurrence in that place. It says " A Mr. Fisher had put up a brick yard near tbe town of Mo rion, on what lie supposed public land, 'and sf:er ha liaci ma le a considerable quantity of bricks ready for burning, it was discovered that the land belonged to some person in Georgia, who appointed a Mr*. Hliumacher his sgent Mm. 8. ordered Fisher from the land, and refused to le him remove the brick. She notified Fisher, in writing that he must quit the premises, to which Fisher repln-d that he weuld kit firtl, and proceeded to settle up his lit tie matters. Mrs Hhnmachor made her will. Ou the 6th inst., Fisher and hi* two sons. on one side. Mrs. Shtima. Cher and iter husband on the other, all heavily aimed with gnus and pistols, repaired to the brick yard. It seems that the Fisher* arrived first, and on the arrival ol the other patty the battle took place. It Is said that Mrs. Sliumacher fired the first gun, which was succeeded by a general firing Irnm both parties, In which Mrs Shuma cher was mortally, and Sonthoy Fisher dangerously wounded. Fight guns were fired, end two shot by Mrs Shumacher boisel?; she lived about twelve or thirtn < hours alter she received the wound and expired. It is thought that Fisher will recover. Shumacher has been committed to the Jail of this county. Fatal Affray at Vicksburg.?We learn that on Friday, ihe 16th in taut, n Mr. Wntroua. a car penter, was stabbed at tho Prentiss House, Vickahurg, by an overseer named Porter, and died a few minutes after. Porter was immediately arrested and committed to jail, the Coroner's jury having returned a verdict of wilfu.' murder. Fatal Accident ?A eon of John Nicholson, _Esq, cashier of the Carrollton Bank, accidentally she himself through the head, at Pascogenla, near New Or legos on the lath inst. His body was fonnd on the beach, tho gun lying boaido it. 'ne nuniucrf ox rany, N*w Youx, August 17,1841. To Jamb* G. Bcianrrr, Esq ? Dear Sir i? To you, ?? prim# conservator of the public morals, I send the enclosed received by me this morning. Read it! Mn. Ehenezck Coii vr. The Democratic Republican General Commit'ee at Taamauy Hall require fundi to carry on with vigor the present po'ittcal c.unpaixn in aupport of their candelitf a Polk end Delia*, for President and Vice President of the United States, and to maintain the ascendancy ot the party in this State, and the long established images ot the party gives the Committee a right to cull upon all persons holding office under the authority of the State Govern ment, or by election of the party, for contributions. The Committee expect from you $ 10, which you will band to the Treasurer, THKOPHILU8 PECK, 56 Liberty street. Fubitv Hall, New York, August 27th, 1844 Tammany Ham., August 16, 1944 At a meeting of the Democratic Republican General Committee held on the 16th instant, the following resolu tion was unanimously adopted :? Resolved, That the Chairman end Secretaries of the General Committee be instructed to a?k for and urge the removal of all persons holding appointments under the present administration of this Stale, who do not pay to the Finance Committee their assessments?as shall he re ported to them by the Finance Committee within fliteen days from this date. ABRAHAM HATFIELD, President ISAAC V. FOWLKR, ) SecrctnriM WM. A. WALKER, ] sccre,atlM See the unparalleled impudence?the bare-faced audacity ot its authors and contrivers. I am a Commissioner ol Deeds, appointed by Governor Bouck, and therefore arn to be taxed immediately by this self-constituted body of Democratic Asses sors! and if not paid up within fifteen days, the Messrs. Hatfield, Fowler and Walker will straight away have me dismissed?and by Governor Bouck. Did I believe that Governor Bouck would act as their dirty tool in the premises, I would .throw up my commission with contempt. Is it possible that the Executive is reduced to that state of imbecile corruption as to second the efforts ol these men in their open unblushing attempts at levying black mail 1 Are we at last come to this?are Messrs. Hatfield, Fowler and Walker appointed the brokers of Executive patronage, with full powers of dis missal of any official that dares to refuse compli ance with their high behests?and as a consequence the power of appointing to his place the highest bidder 1 Much has b-en said of John Tyler?has he ever acted so 1 Wete a Minister of England to avow such corruption, he would be hurled from bis place amid the hisses and contempt of the commu nity. Aud here, where public opinion is said by those " leaders" of the democracy?those imma culate, incorruptible patriots, to reign supreme, men can be found (faring enough to issue such a mani festo?and connect therewith the Chief Magistrate of the State. In the name of outraged decency I call on Governor Bouck's organ to disavow the acts of those reckless men?in the name of common honesty I call on the organs of the democracy to repudiate them and their scandalously disgraceful threats. Are the nominees of Governor Bouck such poor miserable creatures as to be frightened at the same time "outgst their propriety," and $10 for Mr. J. Peck's poor box by this theateuing reso lution! A highwayman that would putfhis pistol to your breast and demand your purse, shows his courage, for he braves the gallows, but those men it seems have the Executive at their back. Pray, sir, is it so 1 Do find out and oblige, A Friend. Havana.?We have received late Havana papets by the Hope Howes, Captain Shaw, arrived here in nine day*. The iiland seem* to he iu a state of com plete tranquility, the drought has subsided, and for In teresting local news it is as usual as barren, as unpro ductive, a? can possibly be, at this season of the year Price current* which are printed in English, we have also received: tney contain an account of the usual amount of business. Important Drcision.?Every one recollects the difficulties of Mr. Steinberger, the great cattle deal er, and tho subsequent suits to recover money due.? Among other suits one was brought hy the United States Bank against Andrew Bitrno, an endorser for Steinlierger tor some $600 000. The Conrt ot Appeals of Virginia, at a . e.ccnt session, has decided the case in favor of Mr. Bierne, so that the Bank losses that much more of its available assets. Tremendous Hurricank.?We learn from the Green Bay Republican, that a tremendous hurricane has done great injury at that place ana its vicinity. Houses were unroofed and dams and bridges every where Bwept away. Loss estimated a, $40,000. Death op a Spanish Consul.?We regret to learn that the Chtvalh-T Don Pablo Chacon, Consul General of Spain for the United Rtatos, died yesterday afternoon, at four o'clock, at Bristol, where he bad been residing for some time, in the hope of restoring hit health. He had been in ill health for some time, ami his decease will be deeply regretted ? XJ. S. OuzHte, rfvg. 28. Amusements. Niblo's.?Mr. Holland appears this evening in two of hie crack characters, Leibnitz in the grand opera of the Child of the Regiment, and Bobby Break window in the laughable farce entitled The New Foot man. It is a fact worth recording, that notwithstanding the long run of the opera it stilt continues to draw, and has proved the most successful card of the season. [b rom Noah's We. kly Messenger.] to-ANT ACRID TINCTURE.?How are wo to cell public attention to Dr. Blackwell's ndvntisemrnt without offending the morala of our readers 7 By simply calling to mind that we live in a vicious community in a bug. city of some 100,000 inhabitants, and always of 80,000 it! angers,that we cannot enforce the principles of virtue, that the body becomes as impure as the mjnd. What i* to he done with the vicious fool, the headstrong inebriate, the poor, abused, diseased and wretched creature? Leave him to perish, or like the good Samaritan, minister to his alllibtions, and then desire him to sin no more. We in cline to the most charitable view of the case, and consid ering the press as the guardian ol the public health, we advise only those thus uffl cted to use Dr. Black well's Ant Acrid Tincture and Scotch Renovator. It is for sale by R S. Bernard, 97 Nassau st.. New York, who is the only authorised agent for the U nited States. ftJ- PRIVATE MEDICAL AID.?The memnera ol the New Torii College 01 Medicine and rhannacy, in returning the public tuanks fcr the liberal support they jave received in taeir criorts to "suppress quickly,' 3i* leave to stale that tlicir particular attention c< ntinur. to be directed to all diseases of a private uatiuv, and froa th'- great improvements lately made in the pilucipal hot pitalsol Europe in the treatment of those diseases, tun can confidently otter to persons requiring medical aid a ? vantages not to be met with in any institution ha Uu> jountry, either public or private. The' .eatmcct of tin doliegu is audi is to insure success in .very case, und i. . itally different from that ocruicicus practice ol ruininy ihe constitution with mercury, and in most cases leant:; t disease much worse than the original. One of the men: ?jers of iho College ,for nnwiy years connected vr:th th? principal hospitals of Europe, attends daily for a cnnsnlta ion troin 0 A.M. to tl P.M. Terms?Advice and medicine, $6 A cure guaranteed lieroei ?nt to Gountiiv Invalids.?Persons living ii tho counlry and not finding it convenient to attend per 10'Hiily, can have forwarded to them a chest containiDfc all medicines requisite to perform a perfect cure ny stotinv :heircai-e explicitly, together with ail symptoms, time o tontractien and treatment received elsewhere, ii an; ud enclosing post paid, addressed to W. H. RICHARDSON, M. D., Agent. Oificu .oid Consulting rooms of the College. 96 Nweet ?treat to- LADY (Oil DELICATE SKINNED GENTLE MAN), if old Sol has rudely scorched your faces, or tan ned your hands, procure a cake of Dr. Gonraud's well known efficacious Italian Medicated Soap, a chemical pre paration for the miraculous cureol all skin eruptions and discolorations, and which has received the stamp of pub lic approbation, and elicited the envy, malignity and cu pidity of miserable, vulgar counterfeiters, who are at tempting to impose upon you a spurious and pernicioiia imitation. Avoid it as poison, end get the genuine Qou mud's Italian Medicated Soap only?mind, only?remem ber this (or if you think you will forget, clip out this aud preserve it) ?at 67 Walker street, 1st door from Broad way. 60 cents a cake. How much a dark moustache can adorn The dignified and stalwart gallant's form; But when on lovely women's lip 'tis worn, Men point at her the rudest taunts of scorn. Of?" THE MOUSTACHE 18 EXCLUSIVELY MAS CULINE property, and has so been considered time out of mind. How unseemly then is it for a lady to appear in public with her upper lip garnished with an appendage which of right belongs to nor husband or lover." Since the introduction of Dr Gonraud's Poudre Subtile there it no longer any excuse for a indy to he guilty of any auoh broach of decorum, as the Poudre Subfiles are warrant ed to eradicate every fibre of hair from any part of the human body. Beware < f counterfeits. Tho genuine is only to be found at 67 Walker street,first door from Broad way. OONSTrrUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED.?419 fordo Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine aid Pharmacy of the city of New York, is confidently n romtnnuded for all esses of debility produced by secret ii lnlgaDM or excess of any kind. It is an invaluable r? m< ,y for impotence, aterility, or barrenneaa (unleaa depat.. ng on mal formation.) single, hottlea fi each; cases of half a dozen gft; cat* oily packed and sent to all j?rt* of the Union. O'fice ot the College of Medicine and Pharmacy 9' street w * Ri?rWAPn*/iN,M.D*Agont to- CONNEL'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR win effectually tcmove all pain fiom any burn, almost immediately upon its application?for week barks, psin in the bones, tendar feet, all scrofulous affections, old sons, Sc". , its effect is certain always to givepermantut relief. To bo found only at ill Courtlxndt street. to- KICOHD'S FAttlBIAN ALTERATIVE ME fuflK?For the cu'e of primary or sue mdnry Syphili oi l all a't'ections produced by an Injudicious used inc. ury. The great intages possessed I y this powerfn ? jeiativa over all other preparations tbr the cure ol 9, diilts. is, that while, curing the disease it improvee th onslitution, whilst mercury ganerallv leave a m>i? t worse disease than the one it is administered tor. Th' .est recommendation we can gire of it is, that it is no intensively proscribed by tho medical faculty, who tei aerly censideand mercury the only cure lor those coin tlainta. Sold, In aingle bottlae, $1 each ; in cases of bal tot en, $?, carefully packed, and sent t j all parts of th. Union. Office of the College of Medicine and Fhanna ty, 96 Nassau street. W. 8. RICHARDSON. M.D.. Agist. , A. B. HANDS di CO. QQ- IN THE GRANITE BUILDING, No 975BROAD way, corner i hamber ?t iet, barn the no't extensive a rtraen: cf choice a-t cles tor (lie b i ?t la t'lo, too dressing room tbu boudoir, to be fouud 111 tba city. consisting I ol .very kind ; du..mi.d ?o.r. ot all varieties; Oita and Pussasathi.,* lor tne i" ! Pownaa. and PhtrAn?Tii?>. fo. lender,ng the Sun* ?'?rr ?nou.h and buoomixo ; DKt,TBiric??!ortbL-Ti?nM; uHufHk.i> of all km !i;|Cu.uhi, aud every article mc? ?.arv "?eof I*'1) ana g. utlsaian, orfamilies, whan , ?'""gor at home, tui' ,a '"""'ofore been the caac. in purchatiug meat of k.. ."i C J* WlulB'ir*t?d below, that tbose who wishrd to ii? T." ?t?u "n"Wo '0 find nil of then tor sule at ouo place; rat Messrs. A B. HANDS A CO provide lor those who iavor theoi with their patronage, every article that .-!! \V8i may require for the toilet, thedresa wg to lie and the boudoir, ol the firs! quaii y, and at a? u ?. thay cajl IurTli?ced iu the United . . i . the?e article* have been expressly ini ported, at great expanse in titno and money iu makine tba viaiil^the cigarsreipectfully they have tor.X! ? " greut of arliu" FANCY TOILET AND SHAVING SOAPS. Ot Soaps, the lolloping coiiftitute a portion nn?n ?,?'L,kT'~Pauu,',na Alu1?nd hoap; very " fine Old Brown W indaor Soap ?? .uperior Transparent Soap. !? ba!'??"-l cakes ; 1< ioating Soap, for hatha : Soap Ball* ? English Toilet Soap* of aU kind*; Guerlam'*, Luhin'*' and Piver'a Soaps, in every variety of Perfume, imported direct. r For Shavinu?Almou-I Cream, Lubin'a Pitted'Amanda Ambroaial Cream of Ouerlain'a, An.brofial Shaving Cake*, Verbena Cream, Tuberm-so Cienm, genuine old Naplea Soap, Naval and Vliiitury Soaps, IVay's Transpa rent Soapvkc.. Ac. These are all very choice mid fine, nod leUcc.i with ?rbat core. TO IMPART A HEALTHY FRESH NESS AND BLOOM TO THE COMPLEXION. Cowjand.'* Lotiou, Howl -nd'? Kalydnr, Micheaux ereokle \Vaih, Liquide Pated'Amande, I'ou lre d'Ainando, Blanc do Niege, Kariue de Noisette, Citromane, Blanc do , . ? u'snc u'Espagne, Eau de Beiute, A: Ac. 1'hes# destroy tan, sun burn, freckles Ac., and effectually p.e K?fVi? m 'he injurious rffccfs ofexpo.ure to DleaK wind., sunburn nod damp atmosphere No lady's toilet should be without some rastorattvo of the kind - Lou de Toilette. Luton's, Ouerlain'* nod Chnrdin's Pre parations, Esprit de Cedrat, Ac. These last are very pleasant and grateful additions to water for bathing OILS AND PREPARATIONS FDD THE HAIR. o??*UJjUh-J? ot <^fUln' Macaseor Oil, Moelle d? B?uf, iL^^ n i i J cJc"mo' Oil, Bandoline, PeHe* d r>rLL?nn ' Bnl,5 of_Co,?mbi"- Cream of Lillies, Ur?. niiu n ' Pomm*!u Tonique, Pomatum in glass jars. Black, Brown, and Auburn Pomatum, in sticks ? ?u penor highly perfumed Bear's Oil; Atkinson's Depilatory, n/ek9I?,or,,;? '"petfluoushair from the face, arm* and neck; Rowland s Essence of Tyre, for coloring the huir a ,U hrown th? celebrated Italian Dye, which ri-.?J r if h.Wr wu.h;!,t ??alning the skin ; and every vs s'oiing U when'l'o.t f?' Buautif> '??<> ^ or re PERFUMED WATERS FOR TOILET USE OR THE _ . ,, HEADACHE. Oennine old West Ind.a Bay Water; Farina's genuine Eau d ? Cologne; Cologne Water of our own manufacture, very line, at Ss per quart; English Lavender Water; Lu! iic.* ia Alnber Lavender; superior Orange Flow ?r Water, Roie Wafer, Ac. Ac. ' n ? DENTIFRICES, Ac FOR THE TEETH. ?i?? rit .'nr OJ"nU"? ar?l Elixir, a very superior prepare tlon for the teeth and gums, made by the most celebrated rilf'n wj?r ' 0rr'* Tooth Paste; Rose Past; Chlo rine Dentifrice; Orru Tooth Wash, Ac. Ac. Tooth Pow hrated1 (?lo*e Innl'7, t0 l,1?8u aU: ,?liDd,, Also- Ibe cele The toothach" 1 * positive and lusting cure for EXTRACTS OF FLOWERS AND PERFUMERY FOR THE TOILET AND HANDKERCHIEF. L.UBIN ? AWD Ouiblaiv's Extbacts ?Amarillys Ail. Oranlfil |filffar?i0l,f; CiaMia' J,umiu Tuherense, FKurde dCillet, Reseda, Poia de S;n Yerviene, Amarillys, Chiivre Feuille, Seringa, Mu Vl.l'rl. p ^' Marechale, Sotiverains, Danaides. Pies Heuris, Parfum de Montpelier, Dnchesse, Eau Je Luhin Englantine Eau de Flore, Daphnee. Bouquet de L'impera trice, Aubepum, Caprice de la Mode, Eau d'Adei-ii.le Fraugipane, Orange du Portugil, Bouquet de Victoria,' Cedrat Pot Pourri. Quatre FleSrs, Fleurs d'JUlie Bou. Som pIf f', M,Ue Eleurs, Suave, Sultaues, Helio trope, Chpyre. Muse, Bouquet dm Dames, Miel Ambre Moussehne. Miol d'Angleterre. Lilat, Ambre Vauille' Bouquet d'Esterhazy. do du Printetnpa, do des Itois do tainbl?u fechouly gn?n'd0 de Caroli"9- d? d? Eon Flow?r.EvJrh'8W2*tPoa'8weetDriar- Eglantine,Spring X ' kc! Ps'fy's Citronnella llosm, Ver bena, Mu?k, Hovenia, Eau de Poitugsl, Ac fcc Of fh? L?'L.ET AND OTHER BRUSHES, tiiro ofg.n n?,f Va'',etJ'? imlJOrted of home mantific '?r Tnnth V i? i JS^I' Sl"' n"sor<,n'!r><' ! SUCll Ha V. 00t"? Nail and Shaving Bnuhe* ot all kinds?Vel Ac1' AVl\Crth B^'-H1,irBru*he"\orChildre?1; f . I. B 8^00. would particularly call the attention ei, .efn- ''nH"ltothl,brnnoh of their businefs confident that tbeir stock of Hair and Tooth Brushes will be found very complete in everv vurietv. T?,LaF"LV? PO(JKKT DRESSING COMBS, e JeJ Z ?heK ' ,T?ry aud Buffal? Dressing Comba of Eilf p T! e *'re ar"1 ahajie. Tortoise Shell and hi?! i r 5! Cambs, Pocket i cmha and Mirrors com bined. Ivory Fine Con.hs, Whisker Comb* Ac Ac SUNDRY ARTICLES FOR EVERYBODY'S USE. 4 i^ip Salve, Cohl Cream, Paatliles, L quid am Powder vla^PnX'"1 n^iW' R".U,re' Pr"*,ou Salts, splendid cut "'" CoingnH Bottles, Spirits of Vinegar, Aromatic Vine gar, Oilo ot Riue*. Perfumed Sachets, Marking Ink Salts fcS"' pr?? Uement, Powder Boxes and Puffy, Toilet Mi-rm* m v Tr^Vflli,IK Tuilnt Minors, Mouth Mi.rois, Ac. Also, Nuil Files, Toothpicks, TwecZ'rr 1 ongue Scrapers, Corn Rubbers, and all other articles' ?7rVlZZ,0r ,he toi'et| or Pe**?onal eomfort at home or Iu enumeratinga portion of the toilet article, they have Wii^T^i1' 8lND* ^ CO. would also call at. from ilk ftf Ohoiceassortment of Drugs and Medicine., from which they *up-dy the prescriptions of out- fir.t citv hsVrif a -curacy 8ni1 tlf?pstch. They intend to unl e?? it ^ firat in their business, and respectfully SOD V WA-rsfn*6 ? uXlell'i-'?if'lid* 81ld th* l"lb'^ ?iiX X A*ith thfi fnllowiog Syntps, viz Sar cf i. L<"?on' ???;er, Pin# Apple, Vynilia.Rasnbeny r^eat'8tc'?'suPPri?r quality MEDICINAL WATERS, from all the mod Celebrated Spnngs. 1-rom Saratoga-the Congress, Uuiou, lodina and Pavilion received fr??h every wi t k. AI#o, a cotisiant supply ol Sharon Spring Water, White Sol.Xirw ?V?" "r B1AU' Licl< Water* ? ?ud Seidlitz and Seltzer Waters, from O. rinauy. 9ft" THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OK n \R ^ARILLA, OENTI AN AND BAR8AFRA8,prepared 'ahlishidf* ?n Lolktge ol MwUcu.e and Pharmacy, es i ? ii *"['["of quackery. This refined . h,Kbly coneentrsled extract, posatstiina all th.'- nuri. 7 '2* i curative powers of the abov? h?rba ?a confidently recomaiended by tho Collego, as infinitely 'hmmbiii0 anX ?Xtr8ILt of. SarerrpKriiln at present before he public, and mnjr bo reued on as a certain it?in#dy for ill arising trom an impure steie of the blood 'r'fi<^v?rm, blotches or pim '1"?;,??"' i,H4n 10 'he botei cr joints, uiHlea, cuteriaitu iruptions, ulcerated sore threat, or any disease arising ueVr me^ury 17 ***** 0i "7phi!i,, ?r M "'Jbdicion. Sold iu single Bottlea, at ccnU ^ s in Cases ol half-a-dozen Botties, $? i? " one dozen " 6 00 we* fo.ruurdc'3 lo parts of the Uniru nm?n. ??el7 Hi,oraJ ?"?count to wholes alb purriiasiri Olflce ol the Collego, HA Nassau street W. R RICHAPnauv, ftf.D., Agtat. "flflrJ1- TO DEAF PERSONS ?How many persons ar# suffering from complaints of the ears; ai buzzing noises, like the humming of insects, sounds like the lulling of water, and a continual roaring in their ears?all such we would advise to tiao Dr. McNuir's Acoustic Oil, which, without doubt, .will bring relief, aud, in nil probability, effect a cure. We are > lrnost daily receiving accounts of person* who were partially deaf, that by using this oil, have been entirely cured; others that have bet n entirely deal, so much so as to exclude thn possibility of any one's conversing with them, unless with the aid of anrnr trum pet, have made tiial of this oil, and have been so much re lieved as to he ablo to lay aside their trumpets, and with hut little Inconvenience, converse with their friends. Such instances of the good effects of this Acoustic Oil are of frequent occurrence, and no person a (Dieted in this manner, or threatened with approaching deafness, should fcpare a single day without procuring this remedy. Dr. McNair's Oil is sold in this city only by Comstock Si Co , No. 91 Courtlandt street. Price, fit per flask Of?- HANDSOME TEETH ARE MUCH ADMIRED. Sherman's Tooth Paste is doing more to preserve a d heautily them than all the other dentiAces combined. It is truly a delicious article, and should be on every lady's toilet. Dr Castle, 381 Broadway, one oftho best dentist's in America, uses it in his own family, and recommends it to his customers as being the best article forlhp teeth ever invented Ask those you meet with bean'iful teeth what dentifice they use, and they will tell you Sherman's Tooth Paste. It is sold at Sherman's L?z< nge establishment,')0# Nassau st, N. V. ? at Zither's, No. 3 Ledger Buildings, Phila.; and Redding'*, 8 S ate st. Boston. 0T7- COCK ROACHES AND BED BUGS. -Families overrun with tbeso vermin can banish them effectually by Sanations'* Roach Bane. Numbers in this city hava used it with complete success; it hardly ever fails to have tho desired t fleet. Sold at 21 Courtlandt struct. 07- THE EFFECTS OF VENEREAL DISEASE, after being driven into the constitution by unskilful prac titioneis or qtuckery of some sort, are pain in the head and joints, scurf, scabs about tho head and neck, and other paits, eating ulcers, and other deplo aide symp om, Those that have unfortunately caught this disease < r in herited it from their parent*, can rroelve no greater b.easing than tho assuratire stmt n radical core can be performed by the use of a few bottle* of Dr. BlwU irll'a Ant Acrid Tincture and Scotch Renovu or, and in tho wofnl Condition time disease ha* reduced him, wo b?re of fer a medicine, which,-without hazarding his life, or ruin ing hi* constitution, will infallibly restore him to hi* pris tine health and vigor, and to the full enjoyment nl all the pleasures o' lite, ot which the severity cf hi* distemper has long deprived him. R 8 Bernard, fr7 Nassau utrrel. New York, Is the only author, zed agent in the United States. <Kf- VELrEAirS SPECIFIC PILLS ROM THE CUM if Gonorrhma, Gleet, and all mocupunileut dischargee rom the urethra. Tnean pills, prepared by the New \ ork '.otlegi-of Medicine aud Pharmacy, established tor the up, re'ision of quackery, may be relied on as the most dim dy end effectual remedy for the above complaints.? hey ate gnaronteed to onrtt recent cases in from three '. ifivettays. and posses* a grnati r power orer obstinate liscbatats anachronic gleet, then any other pruparotNHl it present known, removing the disease without confine ent fiom business, tainting tli bralk or disagreeing ? tn the stomach. Price $1 pel bos Sold at the Ufiico ol the College of Pharmacy aud Ma ticine.wo Nassau street. W g. PirtURDSON. Ml* Ag^sl 0Xf COM STOCK'S SAKS tPARILLA for the cure of pimples on the face, oil scrofulous disesses, billons *#? c tions, and all disorganisation of the vital aystem. Bold st No 91 Courtlandt street. Price on cents par bottle, or $4 per ilosen, in as larga bottlaa and warranted equal to any ?old lor ?l par hotUa.

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