Newspaper of The New York Herald, 3 Eylül 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 3 Eylül 1844 Page 3
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that hear? losse* were made in cotton by operator! in Hamburg, in the latter part of the season, but they were abld to nunc] tho losses, as they made large profit* in the commencement of the season, by the purchase of cotton at 8 to 8 cent*, and selling it in New York and Charleston at 9, 10, and 11 cent*. ThU euahled them to (tand the heavy losse* ; and these loises, *o lar a* the bank ws* concerned, were all paid, except eight thousand dollar*, ol which the bank exptct* to lo*e Ave thousand, and thi* amount i* included in the twelve thoiuand dollar* admit ted by the Pre*ident to have been lo*t during the lait eight year*. We mu*t confeia thi* i* a very lavorable report,but we cannot reconcile thi* statement with other* included in the return*. We find in the above table an Item of note* in *uit and in judgment, amounting to $647,333; what part of thia amount i* really bad we are not informed. The Pretident in hi* report say * that, " the entire losses of the baa It by the citizen* ol thi* place, and 1 will add the district, do not reach twelve thousand dol lars." Thi* may be true, so far as it goes, but the lotses of the bank out of the place aad district, muat have been, in eight year*, mueh larger than that amount, particu. larly when the amount of note* in auit and judgment reach $547,333. The hank has kept large balance* due trom abroad, a* will be seen by the annexed table. Mom i hiv Statement or Kurd* in thi Mkiu.hants' Bane, Niw Yobk, and Bank or Charleston. 8 C. Fund* in Fumli in New York. Charleitan. July 1, 1B43, $127 WW 45 $14 711 *1 Aug 1, " 87,170 73 16,754 94 Sept. 1, " 64,195 13 7 807 77 Oe.t. 1, " ? 30.789 59 Nov. 1, " 19,943 78 31.H07 53 Dec. 1, " 7 290 92 34 508 47 Jan 1, 1844, 36 197 48 16,781 79 Keb 1, " 73 318 60 49.267 49 March 1, " 03 058 04 3,004 23 April 1, " 98,118 65 64 369 48 May 1, " 126 6WI2S 23 966 78 June 1, " 182 704 82 62,748 96 July 1, " 166.69 1 79 I9 60! 47 Aug. 23, " 64,825 24 64,617 46 From July lit, to August, the amount of funds in New York wa* greatly diminished, and in Charleston greatly increased. Thi* was undoubtedly caused by the revolu tion in domestic exchanges. The financial condition of the government of Omat Britain, appears, from the balance sheet made up to the Ath of July, to bo very favorable. We annex a statement showing the yearly returns. Public Income and Exppndituke. Ord nary Hevtnue and Expenditures. ? ? d Custom* 21,781,676 14 2 Excise 13.033 467 9 1 Stamps 7,046 601 10 10 Taxes (land and assessed) 4.197.615 19 7 Property tax 6,247 683 10 10 Post office 638 000 0 0 Crown Lands 146,000 0 0 Is. 61 and 4s. in the ? on Pension* and Salaries 6,216 19 3 Small Branches of the Hereditary Re venues ot tho Crown 83,769 7 10 Surplus Fees of Regulated Public Of fices 63,865 16 8 62,182,667 17 3 Other Receiptt. Money from China under the Treaty of August, 1842 184,802 7 8 Imprest and other Monie* 105,402 0 3 Money received from the East India Company 60 000 0 0 Unclaimed DividenJ*(more than paid) 14,636 16 9 ?63,647,698 1 11 Expenditure. FnndedDebt?Interest and ma nagement of the Permanent Dent ?21,648,421 2 11 Terminable Annuities 3,888,513 3 7 Unfunded Pebt?Interest on Exchange Bills 511,812 3 2 Civil List ?390,513 15 2 Annuities and Pensions forCi vil, Naval, Military and Ju dicial Services, (See., charged by various Acts of Parlia ment oil Consolidated Fund. 364,653 12 3 Salaries and Allowances 838,632 1 5 Diplo'tic Salaries Si Pensions. 1110,752 10 2 Courts of Justice 730,178 18 10 Miscellaneous charges on the Consolidated Fund 212,063 12 10 2,353,026 10 0 Army 6,1106,394 5 I Navy 6,350,219 0 3 Ordnance 1,977,207 12 2 Miscellaneous, chargeable on ti e ann'l grants of Parliam't 2,849,837 3 2 Opium Compensation 1,257,616 II 3 China Expedition 821,020 0 0 Insurrection iu Canada 25,300 0 0 19,375,654 II 11 ?50,777,427 12 3 Total amount of Income ?52,547,508 I 11 Excess of Income over Expenditure ?1,770,080 9 8 The balance* in the Exchequer of the 6th July, 1843, amounted to ?1,839,014 19 6}. The amount raised hi the year ending 6th of July, 1844, by the control of fund ed and unfunded debt, and funded debt, ?159 697 3 8.? Unfunded, ?20,449,400 0 0, which wa* applied to tho fol lowing purposes. To the reduction of the funded debt, ?98,845 5 7. To the reduction ot the unfunded debt, ?18,415,850 0 0, leaving a balance in the Exchequer of 6th of July, 1844, of ?5,887,497 7 3j. Old Stock Kxr.lmngc* 1000 u 8utM G'a, lonx 200 Harlem H R bCm 70 ?I nno do lo:J3? 100 ilo 68 3000 Ohio O'j 'GO, *30 07% 100 do >30 08 611(10 Pennsylvania 5's 72 150 Lout? Island II11 81% .'.000 (I? bio 72 200 do 1>60 82 S000 do b3 72 200 do 81% 1IKK) Illinois G's 44% 100 do ?30 HI 2500 City5's, *70 101 50 do 81% 23 Delaw are St Hud 118 25 Norwich it. Wor. Gl 50 Com, icp 07% 125 do Gl% 05 Mechanics Bank, 08 125 do Gl% (>0 (Janion Co. 37V* 75 do b30 0lf3 40 do l)f?0 37% 100 V State, Dank, II.1* 25 do ,30 37 150 Reading K11 50 50 do sGO 37 Second Board. 100 Harlem R R Win 70 50 .N'orSc Wor R R, ?10 Gl% 50 Nor it Wor RR ,3 61% 25 do s3 filjJ 60 do >30 61 50 Reading 11R, 50 New Stock Kxchange. 1000 State 5%'?, *G2, *00 103?,' 25 Norwich Si Wor slO 01% 5000 State 6 s, '62, still 109% 25 do *10 Gl 5000 Kentucky 6's. c 101V? 150 do 01% 5000 do b60 a 30 101% 75 do 61% 25 Farmers' Loan, h 10 38* 50 do 61*4 25 Erie R R blO 23% SS Paterson R R ,60 70 f25 do b30 21 25 L Island RR btw 8D? 50 U Stales Bank, *10 8% 25 do ?3 81?' 25 Canton Co, slfl 37 125 do s30 81 25 do a 10 37% 50 do stw 81?_ 50 Harlem RR a30 68 100 do c 81% State of Trade. Aduki?Pots are very steady at $4 18?; and Pearl* at $4 4'i j a $4 SO. lltuwti?There in very little doing in thia article. Prime yellow is held at 39jc. Coil Tiudk?The shipment* thia week, according to the Pottsvill Journal of Saturday, reached 36,734 torn, be ing an increase of 3,16-2 over the week previous. The shipments Irora the Lehigh Region for the week euding on the 17th innt., were 13,063 tons. Boats have been plenty this wwek, nndthe price of freight to Philadelphia, has receded to 80 and !?n cents per ton. To New York, $3 80. liy the Railroad, toll and transportation, $1 16 and $1 35. The retail price of coal has advanced 35 cents per ton m Philadelphia. Cotton?Buyers demand a reduction of half a cent from last week's prices-this holders will not accede to, and the transactions to day were very limited, amounting in all to 300 hales, at prices in favor of the buyer. Hat?Common qualities North River bale, sell at 33 a 37c. Prime, for shipment, at 43 a 45c Whiskey? DrudfjH casks are in moderate demand at 34c. Prison and Western barrels the same nt 34>c. Cattle Market--At market, 1600 Beef Cattle?40 Cows and Calves. 4076 Sheep and Lambs. Prices?Beef Cattle?The morket lost week was un usually dull?and on prime qualities, a decline of 60 cents per hundred on the quotations of the previous week took place. The prices now are?for inferior, $4 36; lor prime, $6; with a very limited demand?about 400 left over. Lows and Calves?$13 a $31, a slight reduction. All sold Sheep and Lambs?Sheep, $176 a $4; Lambs, $1 a $3 37}. All sold. as i Married, On'Sunlay evening, the 1st inst., by the Rev. J. I. Ostiem, Hknry B Witty to Maroakct A. Jauui.s, daugh ter or Robert L. Jaqilts, Ksq., both ot this city. BytbeRiv. Mr tfeabury, John R. Oaklet to Miss Ca mkixe Lot;iia Skmnetti, both of this city. On the 3d in?t., by the Rev. Mr Balr.h, Sami'ki. Mott Lr.ociKTT to Mrs. Jin.iA Lkooktt, daughter of the late Jordon Coles, ull of this city. Died, On the 30th of August, at Jerecy city, Patrick Mc Carty, aged 60 years. Weekly Report of Death* Inthe city and county of New York,from the 2lth day of Aim't to the 3l?t of An|rn,t, ISM. 28 Men?15 Women?6G Boy,?53 Oirl,.?Total 162 DISEAStfc. Abscess 1; Apoplety 1; Burned I; Cannaltie, 5: Cholera In fantum 21; Consumption 21; Convulsions II; Congestion of Iii>ik<2; Congestion of the brain 2; Croup 1; Delirium Tre mens I; Diarrhoia 4; Dropsy 2; Dropsy in the Head 9: Dropsy in the ( hest 1; Dysentery Gj Epilepsy 2; Fever I; Fcter re mittent,!; Fever scarlet 3; fever Typhus 5; Heart, disease of, 4; HoopniK CoiikIi 7; IuIt tin?? i.iti<>n of Brain 5; Inflammation of Bowels 1; In tt.min ition of chest I; Inflammation of Iiiiiks I; Inflation.ilion of Stomach 2; Inflammation of Liver I: Jaundice I; I.lies Venerea, l; Malformation I; Marasmus 0; Mi asles I; Old Age, I; Premature llirth I; Scrofula 1; Suicide. I; Teething 3; Ulcers 1; Unknown 5; Worms I. Aor?llnd-r 1 year GO; I to t year, 20; 2 to 5, 21; 5 to 10,7; 10 to 20, ?; 20 to 311, 10; 30 to III, 111; 40 to 50, 8; 50 to 60, 4; 60 to 70 3; 70 to 80, I; 80 to 00, I; Unknown. 2. ELI LEAVlTT, City Inspector. City Inspector's Office, Sept. 2. 1814. I'uMseiiKcra Arrived. Livt neooi.?Stesm ship llihernia at Boston?Mrs Brooks, Mis, I )ehon. lw >. Tlieiidore Parker, Mrs Parker, Mr* Emeric, Mrs Hocken, Mrs. II irvey and child, Mrs W E Cutcliffe, Miss Low, Mr. h rancess and wise Miss IS mail head, Miss Pratt, Mr. Ufiitf,' B Jones and wile, Messrs. Oalne,, John Oaines, Mar ker. Strali.1 ker, A M'Ken/ie. Cirr, II I) Oraene, Rev, i aleb StioiiM, M,..srs. Pla, Richards. Isaac Livermore, II Winkley, V\ in Scharfeiilierg, Til ley, Anthnr llankin, \V. Barton, Wl Henderson, tirant de Longeuil, wife, infant, and three servants, Dawson, .los siaij?, Mrs. Slauu, Wm. Roy, Thomas Medley, I S Taylor, Btirnene, Sidney llrooks. II S Livermore, Heiir) Russell, i, E Morton, James < onnell. Jr, .latin s Hornby, Col. Webb, < apt. II I llii'kes, Messrs. Thurston. S II Jones. Eine lie, Draper and >er? ant, Mssterson, W Woodbury, Jr. \jsl?,,n Farish, I'hos Hopkins. White. Ubsdell, W W Vviiihworth H K Jlohinson, Jas Russell, Fredk Lane, T I Kerr, C Rozrrll, M'Keind, t'rff'S', .Inn. Jones; Jr, five male and three female In dians, Hugh Kraw, Jas Murdock, llatlield, VV. C. M'Leod. Ribhard (trwne, J no Howarth, B Harris, Draper. Jacobj Bow infill, v I'leinwitvwi, Sidney Homer, Thos. Bradbury, Coliint, C. JeJnnie Jr. Smith, Rrv, John DowduflT?08. rrotn liMifai lit Mr*; Starr, four children Anil lh?t *r*a?U, Mm Throcmorton, Hun. S B Robv, Mr* Roby and servant, Hon. Mr. You in;, Messrs. Thot. Dawson. 8 Cfeland. Vwhmu and Wm. Greene Burne*?10. From Liverpool to Halila*, Mrssrs. Ktlw Borstal! .lu Robin ton, Capt. S|**rm?n, Mfun. Pul loi h. R S Allen, Bliss, Mull. Of... CafvUl, Lieut. D C Greene Cam It iclianl Greene. Rev l)r Firming, Mr Woodgate and wift, Mr# Tulloch and child, Mr Lowtlwr, r.veraro, * ol 1' Stuart, Mix Robinson, Mrura. Stuart, fcnuicu Herbert, Master K Herbert?22. Total 139. Passenger* Sailed. London?Packet ship St Jaines?K A Burnett, U 8 Navy; .low|ili Lewis, lliltiuiore; Wm Hepburn, Montreal; Major Ja? Jackton, British Army: Captain Whirlock, Mr Krelinger, Dr Miller. Belize. Hon; Mr Hesse, Geo Peltier, Germany; Jarnei Smith, John Brown, F.ugland; Vincent Wallace and lady, Mrs Oiocorich. ... ? ? ,,. . Livkrpooi.?Sleam ship Acadia, from Hoston?Additional Geo Baker, Mist K A Hitchcock, I H Panton, Mr Goodlitfe, l)an Marble, W Knights, J H Grieve. Win Lettton. For Hali fax?C 8 Brown, E Cunard jr, W H Gorham. Total 49. DoniMtli' I n> port attona. New Orleans?Ship Warsaw?It package. Banes, Richardt He I'latt?I TCoyle?5W pills lead llowltud til Aspinwall?200 J Si B Milleraucks?2 McGregor Si Wine ?I J Miller?'2 Stan ton (k Frosr?3 Parsons, Canning V co?I I' Vandervert Si Co?3 Newbold (k Curtis? 1 ?)r K Blake?511 H Barclay?55 Morrill Si i o?lilt pies lead Strach.ui it Scott? 1919 do C 11 Rogers Si co?4 Long, McGregor Si co?15 bale* cotton K 1) IIihIImiI St co?10 Pyatt Si' implwll?H2ti pigs lead Goodhue Si co?1 bhl lard I do old brass I hhd do iron 1 esk do cop|ier II do neats foot oil 11570 shin bones 2tn bales hops ;i7nil horns J Hvsh>|>?87 hlids tobacco 17 do sugar Ro|ierls Si Williams?20 Lawn-nce Si llickt?35 J Hicks and CO?I'.i bales cotton 11 alliron Si Nelson? 20 A A\erill Si co?5!* Macy Si Holredue?ti O l.eiighi St co?10 (' Adams Si co?21 G H Minot Si co?(III J .1 Johnson Si Son?34 bales cottiin J J Andrews?5<i Toocker, Cooper Si co?13 hhds tobacco J Magliii' Si co?873 bales hemp 18 bush wheat 21 lihiU beeswa* 30 bales cotton 17 cases to order. MARITIME HERALD.__ Sailing Days of the Nttamihlp*. ITttMCM FROM LIVERPOOL. I'HOM AMERICA. (?. Western, Mathews Sept. 1# Hibemia, Ryrie Sept. 16 Britannia, Hewitt. Sept. 4 Oct. 1 Caledonia, Lott Sept. 19 Oct. 16 G. Western, Matthew* Oct. 12 Nov. 14 Ship Master* mid Agents. We shall esteem it a favor if Captain* of Vessels will give to Rohert Sii.vev, Captain of our New* Boat*, a report of the shipping left at the port whence tliey tailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign newspapers, or news they inay have. He will board them im mediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this otfice all the Mariue Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Informa tion of any kind will be thankfully received. POUT OF SKW Y Of IK., SKPTKMHKlt 3. irr? risks 5 32 I moon risks 9 44 ?UN SETS 6 28 I HI'JH WATER 12 22 Cleared. Ships Henry Pratt, Keene, Canton, C. H. Lacombe: Catha rine, Berry, Charleston, Gen. Sutton.?Barque Otto, (Itinsian) Root, Amsterdam, W. Weisser.? Brigs David, (Sw) Odelmark, Rotterdam. Schmidt Si Balchen: Helen Mai, (Br) Card, Wind sor, N8?Schrs Joy, Allen, lort an Prince, 8. W. Lewis; Dodge. Knapp, Alexandria; Elizabeth, McLean, Philadelphia; Splendid, Crowell, Boston. Arrived. Brig Ava, Chase, (of Newcastle, Me.) 8 day* from Little River, NO. with lumber, to Badger 8i Peck. Schr Ainauda, Bobbins, 5 day* from Washington, NC. with naval stores, to 8. L. Mitchell. Schr Dorchester, Phillips, 3 days from Virginia, with pota toes, to master. Schr Valiant, Rosenborg, from Virginia, with wood. Schr Oneida, Whittlesey, Vork River. Schr Leading Star, Collins, Cherrystone, potatoes. Schr Grecian, Long, Calais, lumber. Schr Mary Jane, Hutchinson, Calais, lumber. Sloop D. Van Name, Cook, 2 days from Virginia, with pota toes, to master. Sailed. 8hi|* St. James, Myers, London; Columbus, Cole, Liverpool Utica, Hewitt, Havre, and others. Miscellaneous Record. Packet Ship Ashhuiiton.?Cai>l. Huttleston continues to command this splendid ship. Capt. McWilliams wo* only tem porarily attached to her. A Fleet.?(-apt. Malony, of the Josephine, from Philadel phia, which arrived at New Orleans on the 20th of August, re port* to have counted 22 square rigged vessels in sight at one time, while crossing the Bahama Banks, a large pro|iortioii of which were supposed to lie hound for Southern port. Bakqiif. Wm. Kf.inf.dv, Martin, and brig Wakulla, Mul ford, sailed Ijigiice 2d July for Cadiz. the barque a few hours before the brig. and both arrived at Cadiz on the 2Cth, within 16 minutes of each hour. Launches.?At Damariscotta Bridge, 1 Ith ult. by Messrs. Woodman ft Chapman, brig Marcellus. 1(13 tons, to be com manded by Capt. VV'm. H. Sproul, of Bristol, Me. Also by Messrs. Teaguc (Si Ilall, 10th ult. brig Waaega, 2(8 tons, to be Commanded by Capt. Joseph Borland, of Newcastle. notice to mariners. Lioht Hoi'sf. on thf. Island of Bangoe.?Admiralty, Aug. 15, I8H.?Sir: I am commanded by my Lords Commis sioner* of the Admiralty to transmit to you herewith t the information of the Committee for manuring the t Lloyd's, copies of the translation of two notices recen 4 i Her Majesty's Consul at Elsinore, one respecting a light Island of Bangoe, in the Little Belt, ami the other de ig two new heiicons to be exhibited on the l.yse-ground in it tegat. I ain, sir, your most obedient servant, Sidney To W. Dobson, Ks<i., Secretary, Lloyd's. r Translation!.] The light on the Island of Baugoe, between Assens and A we sum), established for the guidance or the packets crossing the Little Bell, which had hitherto lit up the passage only south of that island, w ill within thu present summer lie raisnd 5 feet high er in a lantern at the top of the lighthouse; the light w ill thereby become visible from all sides, except in the direction of about N K by Ej in w hich direction it would he concealed a short way by Banzoe town. During the progress of the work connectcd with this contemplated change, which will prevent the original light 1 being shown for a lime, light will he afforded bv a large lantern with reflectors, which will be fixi d at the same height, and w ill light in the same direction as the red lights. Oeneial Board of Customs and Trade, July 12, 1811. lit the course of the month of August of this vear, two bea cons will he laid down at the Lyse-ground in theCattegat, NL, on tlm Island of Hesseloe?viz. one beacon with two brooms at the top, at the NE end of the aforesaid ground, iu 4?a fathoms water, and by bearings, Hesseloe lighthouse SW '4 8, tlie Koll ESE E. One beacon, with one broom at the top, at the NW end of the ground, in I5? fathoms water, and by bearings, Hesse loe lighthouse SW by S, and the Koll E by S. The beacons will remain exposed throughout the year. General Board of Customs and Trade, July 12, 1811. Lights on thf. Island of Udsire.?Admiralty .August. IflU.?Sir: I am commanded by my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to transmit to you, for the information of tlie Committee for managing the affairs of Lloyd's, a copy of the translation of a notice received from Her Majesty's Consul Gen eral at Christiania, announcing the erection of two new lights on the Island of L ilsire. 1 am, sir, Ulc. Sidnfv To W. Dobson, Esq., Secretary, Lloyd's. Alteration in thf. Buovaoe of thf. River Jaiidf..? Admiralty, Aug. 15. IBM.?Sir: I am commanded by my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to transmit to you herewith, for the information of the Committee for managing the affairs at Lloyd's, a co(iy of the translation of a notice received from Her Majesty's Consul General at Hamburg, respecting an alte ration in placing the buoys iu the river Jahde. 1 am, sir, See. Sidney Herbert. To W. Dobson, Esq., Secretary, Lloyd's. [Translation. J Official Notification respecting the laying down of Bfovs in THE BlVF.R Jahde.?A close examination of the studs at the mouth of the Jahde and subsequent changes have rendered it necessary to increase the number of buoys, and to make some alterations in the placing of ibeui. The following regarding their position is herewith publicly made known:? The cotuse of the Jahde is marked at present by 12 buoys, of which seven lie behind Wangeroge anil the Minsen-Olde-Oog, and five iu the Upper Jahde, from Hooksiel as far as the Abe rlian Fields, via:? ..... , ? First ?Behind Wangeroge and tlie Minsen-Olde-Oog. On entering? A?Ou the larboard side. . ... 1?At the beginning of the Jahde Plate is a white buoy with black stri|>es, and marked on its upiiermost side with a crown and "Jahde," lying at low ebb iu 4 V fathoms of water. Wan geroge Light hearing S W '4 W; Minsen, S W; Weser Schlussel Buoy, N by R U E. 2?At the end of the Jahde Plate, the length of w hich is 45,000 feet, is a while buoy in six fathoms water?Wangeroge Light, bearing W N W; Slinsen and Bnoy E..8WSW;Weser Light vessel, F. by N K.N; Sengwarden, S W W. . B?On the starboard side, of the Plate, the length of which is 30,000 feel, which commences north of the Blanc Balge, and r. by N ii N of the Wangeroge Lighthouse, and goes thence as far as the .Vlinsen-Olde-Oog, is 3?Black buov A. lying in 5 fatlmms of water?Wangeroge Light bearing W by 8 H S; Minsen, 8W; Weser Schlussel Buoy. 8W. 4?Black buov B. lying ill 4X fathoms of water?Wangeroge Light hearing W % 8; Minsen, 8 by W W; Weser Signal vessel ESE. 5?Black bnoy C. lying 111 5>fc fathoms water?Wangeroge Light W ?N; Minsen, SW by S >, S; Weser Signal-vessel, KsE, ^ 8. fi?Black buoy D. lying in 5 fathoms water.?Wangeroge Light W by N .'4 N; Minsen, SW fi S; Weser Signal-vessel E K 8. 7?''lack buoy K. lying in .I fathoms water?Wangeroge Light NW by W W; Minsen, SW K \V; Waaer Signal-vessel, ENE '4 Es Sengwarden, 8 by W W. Second? III the Upper Jahde. C?On the starboard side, off the Vaslappen Date. 8?Black buoy F. lying in 5 fathoms water?Brctnerhiven bearing ENE>? E; Hooksiel Mill W % N; Sengwarden SW X W. , 9?Black buoy G. lying in 5 fathoms water?Bremerhaven bearing NE \i r: Hooksiel Hill, NE; Sengwarden, W by N; Koiiperhorner Mill, SSVV W. D?On the starboard side, at the end of the Hoppemer Plate 10?Black bnoy H. lying in I fathoms water?Sengwarden bearing NW by N; KopiwrhornerMill, W by N; Eckwardeii Mill, ESE. ... E?On the starboard side, after having passed the Varelersiel, and before the meeting of tlie Marienseler Tiefs and Slriuhau sen Tiel's. ..... . 11?Bed buoy in 3 fathoms w iter?Kopi ethorner Mill bear ing NW W; Eckwardeii Mill, E; Schwerbtirger Mill. S K?On the starboard side, after having passed the Varelersiel. 12?White buoy, ly ing in 2hi fathoms water? Kopperhorner Mill l>earing NW In- N; Eckwardeii Mill, NE by E H E; Mill hearing IN w ny I Schwerburger Mill, 8 hi E. On entering, vessels inusl take the following course:? ?? a?From the buoy A to B, ESE. Width ol the t.trcam 3,000 feet; depth of the same 4 to (j fathoms. .... b?From the buoy B to C, I*. hi E. Width of the stream 2,500 **t; depth of the same 5 to 6)4 fathoms. ?From the buoy C to 0, SSE E. Width of the stream ,.'.00 feet; depth of the same 5 to 7 fathoms. d?From the buov I) to E, south. Width of the stream, 3,500 feet; depth of the same 5 to 7 fathoms, e?From the buoy E to F, 8 '4 W. Wid h of the stream 8,000 to 10,000 leet; depth ti to 65ji fathoms. South of bnoy E, at a distance of from 5,000 to 0,000 feet,runs the strand of Minsen-Olde-Oog, of I fathoms depth, close to tlie marked course, and iu the direction from r to the Breiin i bake, tlie width of the river is only 5,000 feet, there being two sands ENE of F? where there are only 2H to 4 fathoms waier. f?From thip buoy K (i, and ns far m th<? Hu?triiiKPr?ii?.l Aussentief, S hi E. Width of the stream 7,000 feet, and before the Kiutringersiel Ans,entief only 3,400 feet; depth of the stream 510 <1 fathoms. . . . ? ., . .. g?From the Itustriugersiel Aussentief. as far as the buoy II, S by W. Width of the stream 3,500 leet; depth 5 to ?>i fath iimi, . , ... h?From the buoy II beyond the red buoy, as far as the white buoy, S by W. Width of the stream 1,000 feet; depth 8?, to 3 fathoms. i?From the white bnoy as far as the Vareh n ro d-, S by r, E. Width of the Stream 2,500 feet; depth 3, 2(i anil IH l ithotn-. Of these buoys tlie one marked "Jahde" w ill remain moored during the winter; tlie buoys 2 to 7 w ill he replaced in the lie ginning of November bv Bogiu; the buoys 8 to 12 will lie then removed altogether. All the buoys removed in November will lie replaced iu the spring, aa soon as the weather permits of it. Iu order to cover the expenses of ilie.e buoys, a tonnage or eight groscheu (gold) for each oat last of the burden of a ves sel entering the Jahde will lie levied. Such tonnage must lie paid to tlie receiver appointed by the bailieship of Minsen, by all vessels i f five oat lasts and upwards, whether they' srek a place of refuge, or freight, or to discharge tli?ir cargo, if they come to ar the .labile south of ilieblack buoy E, sub. No. 7, or if they visit a port or creek ol' the Jahde. F.ach ves sel w ill. however, only once a yesr he liable to pay tonnage. All battleships bordering on the labile are hereby ordered, at the request of the lawful receivers of such tonnage, to assist in ley ying it in the same manner as other public taxes, and to de cide in e ises of dispute according to the foregoing regulations. From the decision of such bailieship, all api<eai can only b' made to the Government. Grand Duc d Oovemineut. Mi'T*knrkcheh. Oldenburgb, June 4, 1841. Bucholt*. Spoken. Konohastett, of Boston, from iUv4iia f >t Cowes, Auk S, lat 46, Inn 19 40. A schr standing W, under jury giaili, Auk 27, lat 43 17, lou 02 16. Colombia, Trus*ell, New York for Trie*!*, Julr 21, Ut 36 li. Ion Itt in Tennessee, of Biwton, New Orleans for Conn, Aug 21, lat 2t 30, lou HI 30. A ?lii|i supposed tlie Lagrante, New Orleans for Cowac, lauie tune. Ovando, of B?ll',ut, London for , no date, 49. Ion 8 12. Mountaineer, [Br] Liverpool for tiueliec, no date, lat 33 10, Ion 62 30. Caledonia Brainier, Liverpool for Philadelphia, no date, off Cape Sable. < arib, Nickersou, 3 days from Boston for Traxillo, Aug 30, lat 40 6, Ion 1,8 12. A New York packet ahi|>, steering Went, Ana SO. lat 39, Ion 71 30. Floyd, IIall, I'orto llico for I'ortland, Auk 26, lat 36, lou 71. Foreign Porta BoRiiKirx, Aug 13?In port, Iwanowna, for NYork: Com ni n|iid. do, Sept li; Ohio, for Philadelphia, toon; Oceanic, [ Primal do. Auk 20; Ducamin, do, 31?t; liibraltar, Cabot Vail laul [Fr], anil Luheck [Luhcckl, for NOrleans, 3lat; Ktlouard [Fr], do, Sept Creole, do, litfi; AiiKelo, do, 20th. Bonaihk, Auk 10?In port, Floyd, Hall, for NYork, ue*t day (since spoken.) i'i.vui, Auk 16?Sid Adam Carr, NYmk; I7tli, Dalmatia, Bon ton. ? 'owi.i, Auk 18?Arr Nancy, Stockholm for N York, leaky. |)i'NaKN?:>i, Auk 16?Off, Manchester, from NYork. Dkai , \iik 16?Arr Columbia*, NOrleaiu for Bremen; 17th, Tirune, NOrleans. Ki hk, Auk 13?Arr Mauran, Richmond. Kalmoi'th, Auk 18?Slil ('irl Wilhelm, NYork. 4fKAVKsi.Mii. Auk 18?Arr lleudrik lludsou, Moore, NYork; Herculean, NOrleans. Havbk, Aug 13?Arr V Maule, and Brothers, Charleston; 16th. Damascus, Mobile. In i?irt Ifith, K.inerald, Howe, for N York, 24th: Iowa, do, Sept 1; Norman, for New Orleans, soon; Sea Lion, do, Aiik 2.'i; Francis l)epau, and Ve*la [Fr], do, Sept I; Devonshire, do, Mir, Taglioui, do, 10th; Naahville, do, 16tli; Louis XI V [Kr], do, 25th. Hei.vok i , Auk 13?Arr Allioth, Virginia. Liverpool, Aiik 19?Arr Remittance, NOrleans: lllth. Far well, do; 17th, Hope, do; Roscius, NYork; I9ih, Shenandoah, Philadelphia; 17th, Rob Roy, Mobile; 18th, Symmetry, do; St Lawrence, Galveston. M, Auk 13?Arr Ganges, NOrln*; Jacob S Wain, James WlUon, and Ottawa, NYork. In port 12th, Trescoti, for NYork, soon; Lizette [Swell], do, Sept 5: Swiss Boy, Boston, soon; Empire, NOrleans, do: Orozimbo, do, Aiik 20. Montkkal, Auk ;t0?Arr llobt Newton, Mosey, Liverpool.? Cld Jessie Amelia, Kc< leatou, Belfast. Nkwpout, Auk 16?Sid liomau, Boston. PoRTsMor i H, Aug 16?The. Tecumseh, Ripley, from Bremen for NYork, which sailed hence loth inst. has put hack in tow of a steamer, with loss of bowsprit, foremast, jihhoom and gear, and with damaKi* to starboard side, haviiiK been in contact 14th, with the (tdsina, from Hamburg for Mabiga, which has also been tow ed in with much damage. Qi'khkc, Auk 29?Arr Agnes Oilmour, Anderson, Liverpool. CldCoiirtenay, Turner, Bristol; Mcarns. Houston; Liverjiool, Sw iufoid; Ageuora, Giffney, and British King, McKeo, Liver 1 I., Auk 17?Arr Colchis, NOrleans.*. Aiik 17?Sid Normandie, Spalding, NYork. Texel, Aiik 15?Arr Jager, NYork. Tbiritv, Mart. Aug 13?In |Kirt, Victor, Chase, disg. Trinidad, Culm, Auk 12?In port, Cordelia, Clapp, and Old Colony, Chue, ditg-^other* a* before. Sid 11th, Portland, Pat terson, Havana, seeltiiig ft. Venice, Aug '.I?Arr Mozart, NOrleans. Valparaiso, May 24?In port, Harmony, Macoduck, from NYork. Yarmouth, Aug 18?Sid Fliza Thornton, NYork. Home Port*. Hallowkll, Aug 29?Arr Melville, Race, NYork. f Owl'i Head, Aug 23?Arr Adamant, Piirringtou, St Kitts forl'alais; 27th, Casilda, Crabtree, Frankfort for < harleston; Redwing, Slee|ier, Thomastnu for New York, and all remained 28th, on account of a thick fog. Portland, Aug30?Sid Mury Jane, Calais for NYork, and otliers. I'ort?mopth, Atitt 27?Arr Hy Clay,Warren, and Oen War ren, Da>\ Philadelphia: 29ih. Montano, Kldridge, New York.? Below, Relief, Philadelphia for Portland. (Ji.oft'KSTKR, Aug 28?Arr Mechanic, Sawyer, NYork for F.a?tport. Boston, Sept 1?Arr Hiliernia, (s) llyrie, Liierpool Aug 20, 2 30 p m, Halifax (where slie arr at 4 50 a m) 'list, 6 50 a m, and arr in Boston harbor at 3 15 p m?was telegraphed at 1 20 li m. Dorchester, Caldwell, Liverpool?July 27, between Holyhead and Tuskar,aaw Susannah ( umuiiug, < lark, from Liverpool for Boston, and parted with her 29 th?<in 30th, off Cork, ex|>eri enced a heavy gale from WtoNVV. Also arr, Orlando, Per kins, St Ubes; Adeline Si Klir.a, lliggius, NOrleans: Messenger, Sampson, Cronstadt: Zebra, Thomas, Bonaire; John Croshv, Hopkins, Trinity, Mart: Corvo, Atkins, Trinidad; Uncas. VVil son, Mai in/.aj 14th lilt, for Marseilles, put in for a clean bill of health: Margarvtta. Kveretr, Turks Island; Osage, Hall, Savan nah; (Choctaw, Ryder, Charleston; Androscoggin, Larrabee, and Boston,Percival, Baltimore; Oak, Ryder; Home, Howes; Klectro, Packard: Wm Pitt, Baker, and Maine, Nichols, Phila delphia; Topliff. Wight, Middletown.Ct; Declaration, Pearson, Jacmel 9th ult?left Uo Am; Lticinda Snow, Kendall, Port au Prince; Southerner, Ciowell, Guayanilla 16th ult?left no Am; Lochiel, Mayo, (late Bahbidge. who died at (>iiadalou|s-) Turks Island; f omet, Oaylord, Plymouth, N('; Danl Francis, Small, Richmond; Nimrod, Chase, Albany; Reeside, Langley, NYork. The Telegraph to-day reported Lawrence Copelann, instead of Adeline St F.liza; the mistake arose from the wrong indicator being used at the outer station. The Geo Henry, arr 30th, reported passing 27th, lat 40 50, Ion 69 22, 'pkt ship Ash hurton, steering W-' The A. was in New Y'ork at the time, and the other ship of til it name left this imrt May 7, for Madras, itc. Sailed, Su nuay, 2 P. M. steam ship Acadia. Norfolk, Awi? 30?Sltl Union, flarding, West Indies. riuiii i s i (?>*, Auk 29?Arr Sutton,Galloway, NYork; Co mo, Kldridii- li. ton. Savannah. \nir 20?Arr Howard, Callan, Liverpool. Sid Levant, Watson, H n ana. Mm m Auk ? ( "Id Fr incp.s Burr, Cnnhtnan, Boston: Are t.1 uiv i. I?r] Kueas. I larhor Island. \ vw Oni i an,-. An. 't?( Id Cincinnati, Hose. New York; T.tlleyrand, (/??vill, London; Manchester, Boswortfi, and llock inuhain, Penhallow, Havre; Lime ltock, Auld, Havana; Callao, O'Neil, (.'harleston. WILL Be IMT.LlSHi;!) "onTill i;M)AV, September 5th, A WORK UNTITLED THE DONADO HABLADOR; OR, LIFE AND ADVENTURES OK ALON/Ol the Servant <>f many Masters. Translated from the Spanish of Doctor Geronimo de Alcala, a native of Segovia. Price 37*? et.s. The Translator begs leave to present the public with a work of intrinsic merit, much unlike those ephemeral Productions of the day, with which the press has so loin; (froacea ; though not devoid of faults, vet it is deserving of the highest praise, being a master piece of its kind. It was printed in Madrid, in 1624, anil, like the plavs of 8haks|>eare has descended from to aife, and gained new honor at every transmission. It in strange that a work of such superlative merit shfiuId never before have been translated into our language ; but such appears to be the fact, as may be i?erceived in perusim; the following high eulogiuin pro nounced on it, by Oeorge Borrow, Esq., agent of the British and Foreign Bible Society, and favorably known through the United States as the author of the Bible in Spain, Xingali, 8tc. There exists, says that eminent author, in the. Spanish lan guage, a book entitled Alonzo, the Servant a of many masters, composed by Dr. Oeronimo de Alcala, a native of the eity <.i" Segovia, who flourished about, the commencement of the 17tb century I perinw# with the sitifle nnptfoQ, of the mat work of Cervantes, there, is no novel that can compete with it for grave, quiet humor, w hile for a knowledge of tlie human mind and acute observation, we do not believe its equal is to be found. Oil Bias, which, bv the bye, is a piratical compilation from the old Spanish novelists, executed, it is true, with great tact and discernment, sinks immeasurably below Alonzo of th? Segovian Doctor, who is made tc? serve all masters, from the sacristan of the Church in an obscure, village in Old Castile, to the proud fidalgo in Lisbon ; at last heenters a convent as Don ado or lay brother, when*, for a long time, he enjoys the parti cular favor of the father viscar, whom he eventually offends like 11 ? re i, by t! ?? gre it freedom of discourse in which he indulges. He is formally read out of society, and wanders about until he reaches one of those mountain foiests, formerly abounding in Spain, where he falls into the hands of Oitanos, (gypsies,) whom he describes in a manner, which almost induces the be lief that the author had himself lived amongst those Jieople, so true, so vivid is his coloring. W.M. M. CHRISTY, Publisher. a3 lt*rrc No. 2 Astor House. BULL'S HEAD RACE COURSE, NF.AR A I.BAN V. AT 3 P. M. ON FRIDAY, Sepl.-mb.-r Ctli?A Match for $200, anil (10*) added by the Proprietor of the Course?One Mil*- Heats, belt 3 in 5, under the saddle, between John Cm'i gray mare Fanny Elssler, and David Bryan's gray mm Lady Suffolk. s3 at" in e? KMX HOK?K HA/AAK, it mi Mcrcer Street. TIIK Public Auction Sale for Horses, Carriages, IStc. Sto , lakes pi ice ibis day, 3d Sept., at II o'clock, .with new and second hand wagon*, harness, Sad dlery, Sic. Stc. At 12 o'clock, with a catalogue of the Usual number of horses, suitable for trie various uses for w hich they may be wanted. The public are invited to attend. COWAN &. DILKS, sS lt*ec Proprietor*. FOR ea.KSEK.VING T11E TEETH. DIl. A. C. < ASTLK'S original and scientific manner of tilliiiK hollow decayed teeili, has secured to liirn the confi dence of the most distinguished in the United States. It is in the form of a soft paste, placed in the hollow of the tooth, no m iller how large the cavity, irreaular or broken away the tooth maybe?it build* it up solid as the original tooth, useful for life. f ARTIFICIAL TKKTH inserted on the principle of adhe sion by atmospheric pressure,without any fastenings to the con tiguous teeth?and every operation iwrformed on thojteetb, gtnns and mouth. A. C. CA8TLK, Operative Dental Surgeon, s3 Ith Ml Broadway, corner of White street. HUNTER?s"kk.I> DROP.-Thia medicine it tbe on)* abso lute cure that has ever been discovered for secret diseases, which have been known, tvhen seated in the system, to go down from generation to generation, defying the skill of the most eminent physicians. It is allowed by every one. acquainted with it, to be the most certain, safe and quick mode of cure known. It roots out every vestige of disease from tbe system in a few days, no matter how old the case, and may also be used with the greatest safety. It defies observation, a* there are no restraint* laid on the patient. Office 3 Division street; no other place in the city. Price $1, with directions. On sale in Alba ny, 31 Lydius st. s3ll*m A SPEEDY AND RADICAL CURE. A BERNETII Y'9 BOTANICAL PILLS are the ino*t ?*V speedy and certain cure ever discovered for the cun- of Oo norrlm-a, gleets, all urethral discharges, irritatation of the kid neys, Sic. In recent cases, one bos is usually sufficient to effect a perfect cure in forty* ight hours, lu old cases, obstinate gleets, Ike., they are equally certain, having cured thousands w ho had nearly fallen victims to this horrii^ disease?owing to the injudicious treatment of ignorant practitioners and quacks, who very frequently ruin I heir victims' constitution or send them suffering to an untimely grave. These invaluable Pills are purely vegetable?they strengthen the genital organs and in vigorate the system generally. With full directions, $1. For sale, wholesale or retail by Wb?. Watson, Apothec iries'Hall, 36 Catherine street, and Olcott, McKesson, 8c Co. 127 Maiden lane. iS lm*m OENTLEMEN'S li:ft OFF WARiJRbBK; rpHR IIMHIKST PRICES can be obtained by tientlemen ? or Families who are desirous of converting their left oft wearing apparel into cash. Families or (Jentleme'i quitting the city or changing resi lence, having auv superfluous rflcct. to dispose of, will find it ?nuch to their advantage to sentl for the Subscriber, who will sitiml at lesidence by appointment. J. LF.VINSTYN, 466 Broadway, up stairs. A line throngh the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive I I rem >mi slim A PARIS MILLENARY ESTABLISHMENT JN NKW YORK BARENNK He CO.. patroniied by the Courts of France and Belgium, of II Place Veudome, Paris, have the honor of making known to the Ladies ol the United States, and those of the city of New Vork particularly, that they will oj*n a branch of their well known and fashionable Millinery Establish nent, on Thursday, the 12th of September, on tbe corner of Broadway and lirand street, (entruice No. lit Oram!

?ln-et.) The branch in this city will be und<* the immediate superin teudence of one of llie principle ladies of the Pari* house. The ladies are re*|iectfully solicited to visit the saloons, where they will always lind every ncherche article iu the millinery line from Paris, by tlie Packet* ss tliey arrive. P. S. They would also inform those ? ng '.ged in the millinery business in the principal cities of tlie Union, that all articles connected with their business, and the latest fashions, can be npplied previous to their being opened to.tlie public in this city. Orders punctually attended to. , si 2wis rc AUCTION SALES. A. C. Tunic, Auctioneer , BY JACOB S. PL ATT HARDWARK, Auction, UbwiiI Agenc y and Commission Business. THIS DAY, September 2, at 10 o'clock, at the Auctiou room, Ti Piatt, corner of Gold street. Tenth Fall Trade Hardware Sale this easou, on a credit of six months, approved endorsed notes tor sums of $100 and ui? wards?300 packages fresh imported Birmingham and Sheffield Hardware Htid Cutlery, French, German and American Goods. Viz--Sad Irons with wrought handles ; Trace Chaius, Log do, fme wrought Nails, Griffon's ll->rse do. American Shovels and Spades.?'urry Combs, Win** I Heads, Oil Stone, , Norfolk I Miches, Plate and Knob Locks. Curtain Pins, Files, and Also, 1000 dozen Knives and Forks of every description, just laiul.d, consisting of .stair, buck, bone, tip, snain, Ike. Als ?, 2000 doze.i sii|?erior Pocket Cutlery, viz?I, 2. 3 and 1 Mad** Knives; ivorv, pearl, stag and huff four blade Congress lock and soring back Knives, ily o|ieu do. Penknives, Scissors, Razors, Shears fite. Also, 1000 dozen Scissors, i?i lots to suit nurchasers. Also. Wool and Ilorse Card*, Strickland's covered and un covered Coffee Mills, Pel ham's large size do. for grocer*' u?e ; Trying Squares, Door Springs, C S Mill Saws; Cocker & Sous'drilled e>e NVedles in boxes; Hv?' At CoN C S Trowels, wrought Nails. Spikes, plated Spoke Shaves, Me. Also, G S table and tea Spoons, Tailors' Inn ?l Thimble*, F ish Hook Violin Strin Telescoix Ladies' Work Tabli Pw holders, Backgammon Boards, Sterl Pens, Letter Paper, Motto Seals, multum in parvu, &c. Also, Bridport ?Kugland] Shoe Thread, green aud bleached ; Seine Twine, white and linen do. Also, au invoicv of Kugliih Guns. A No, German Goods, viz?10 cases Slates, 5 cases Pencils, Toilet and Statia Glares, lead Pencils, Harps, Snuff Boxes, Segnr Cases, Looking Glasses, &.c. i Also, Horse, Brushes, patent and fancy Shoe, do, ' Also, F.nglish ban!wood Slates. Tumbler Padlocks, flat Spring Bolts. Axle I'nllies, iron Weights, Norfolk Latches, Mathematical Instruments, < i S Thimbes. To| Watches, cop ier Scales, brass di\ iders, steel Fire-sets, flic. ? Also, Tea Trays aud Waiters, Snuffer do, Bread Baskets, See. Also, an invoice of Plated Bridle Bitts, w ith which the sale will commence. Also. 500 Wrap's American Pattern Stag handle one and two blade Hunting Kuiyes, viz : O. K., Alligator, Double Headers, Dragon Tongues, Fire Katers, &c.. &.c. Also, Rose wood furnished Work Boxes, setts German Silver Knives and Forks in portable cases, Jkc. Also, Wade Jk. Butcher's llazors, in single and double cases of very fine qualities. s2 It* je THUS. BKLL, Auctioneer, No. II Spruce Stmt. On TUKSDAY, at I0>? o'clock, in the Sales lloom 11 Spruce street?French Dry Goods, Shawls, Laces, und new style Prints, Dresses, Millinery, Hosiery, &c., just received from Paris. Also, an invoice of British Dry Goods, with other numerous articles, suitable for the ladies and the approaching season. THOS. BKLL, Auctioneer. AUCTION NOTICK?Large Sale of Furniture by order of administrator, at 10)? o'clock, in the Sales Room II Spruce st. an31 It*m THOS. BKLL, Auctioneer. ~ FOR BALK AT AUCTION^" j?u? A SPLENDID FARM on the Hudson river, town of *jq|Newburgh, Orange county,, one mile west of the village. ^sJb^eonrainiug 107 acres, in a high state of cultivation, well waU'red ; (bounded west by a never failing stream of water,) a good new house, two stories, aud kitchen ; a good large new Barn and Lime-Kiln, and plenty of limestone. The farm will be divided or sold together, as will best suit the purchasers. The greater part of the money can reinaiu on bond and mort gage, as will best suit the purchaser. For particulars, ennuiie at 419 Broadway, corner of ('anal, N. Y.. or of Moses Wilson, on the premises. The sale will 1#? on Friday, 6th of Sept., at the Orange Hotel, Newburgh, at 12 o'clock. aug23, 2w*ec "UTANTKD IMMEDIATELY?A resix-ctihle Young Wo f|f man of unexceptionable recommendation* and character, to take, chaise of a child. Apply at tin- office of tin* Herald. sJ :U?rc YXTANTKD?A <|inlifie<l Seamstress. with good charecter, * " well reco in mended and skilful. Apply at thin office. ?3 :it * rc WANTKI), BY A YOU NO o E RMAN, A SITUATION TO 1'RAVEL WITH A FAMILY, or a A , single gentleman. He c.ui s|>eak three languages, High nml Low German anil French. Apply at No. II Stone ?tiwt or a note addressed to Okiiman, at tho Herald Office, will lie at '????il.'il to. (3 3i?m TO MERCHANT TAILORS. TXT ANTED a situation as Cutter, by a man who hat hail con* " siderable exjierience in Fashionable Cutting. Can r?-l'.-r to ' ?time of tlie most respectable Tailors in the city. A line ad. dressed to O. P. (i., Herald Office, w ith real name, will be at tended to. si llt'ec \XTANTED?A situation bv a young colored man, eighteen ?? years old. an w aiter or to take charge of a horse. Please address "Beverly," at this office, or apply at 35 King street, or Mrs. Totter, in the rear. au3hn A LADY, accustomed to teachi ag, is desirous of obtaining a ?A*, situation as Governess ill a family of small rhildreu. No objections to no into the country, or to any of the Southern States. References Riven, l'lease address a note to N. P., Herald Office^ *u30 I v/*rc SOUTHERN DEMOCRATS. CJOUTHEHN DEMOCHATS, now in the city, are requested to meet at lammany Hall, This Evening at TV, o'clock, for I he Purpose of makinr arrangements to attend the DEMO CRATIC MASS MEETING. to lie held in Trenton, N. J.. on I lnirsilay ne?t, 3d September, 1844. ?3 lt*m ftrj- a c A j: i). -do mmm At A MEETLVO Oh- THE MEMBERS OF PROTEC TION KIKE ENGINE COMPANY. No. tt. held at the Engine House. September 2d, the following resolution uas unaiiimously adopted :? J'-t"? m,r sincere thanks to PEARL HOSE I OMI AN\ , No. 20tfor the liberal supply of refresh ments furnished us, alter the tire in Broad street. Signed, ?'? ?t*Je WILLIAM DENNETT, Foreman. REWARD?Lost, on Thursday evening, August iP.Mli W<i"J in Chatham street,a Black Morocco PO( K ET HOOK, containing $133. and one due bill of $24, drawn by J. Andrews. The luider will receive the above ri'Ward and lhauks uf the owner, by leaving it at No. 166 Wooster street. ._?3Jt? "1 LUTHER F.RVING. LOST.?On Friday evening the 30th instant, a hair Hrscelrt w ith gold claxn and Kold hand tia the centre, on the inside of which are engraved the letters H to A. The finder will be re warded Ipv leaving the same at (lie jewelry store of HENRI SALISBURY & CO., 171 Broadway. s32t*?c FOUND?A GOLD PEN AND SILVER CASE, in the Law Courts. The owner can apply at the desk, Herald Of flee, and defray the expenses of pdvei'tise meiit s3 ltd 1 O. OF O. F.?The Memliersof New ^ ork Lodge No. 10, J ? are requested to be punctual in attendance at their Lodge Room, on Wednesday Evening the 4th instant, as business of importance will be brought before the Lodge. By order of A. O. PRICE, N. O. M. SAYER, Secretary. h3 It'rc 1 O. OF O. F.?Tht Members of Knickerbocker LodgeTNo. '? 22. I. O. of O. Ftl are res|>eeifully requested to assemble at their Room, 71 Division street, This (Tuesday) Afternoon, at I If-past 2 o'clock precivh . to pay the last tribute of resiiect to their late Brother, SAMUEL L. JONES. MOSES J. MOSES, N. ?. JOHN MEDOLE, Secretary. s:i lt*in rpHE RESIDENTS and Owners of Real Estate in the A Twelfth Ward, are requested to attend a .Meeting at Ho|ie's Hotel, 126th street and 4tn avenue, Harlem, on Wednesday Afteniooii, at half-past I P M., (Sept. till,) lor the purpose of forming an Association for advancing the interests ol the Ward. N. B.?Subjects of the greatest importance will be laid before the meeting. By order of ISAAC ADK1ANCE, Chairman. _ SAM'L. C. MOTT, Secretary. ,2 3t?ec To SPORTSMEN rpo BE SHOT FOB ON WEDNESDAY, the 4 th of Sept, a J line lot of Young Pigeons, in good condition for Sportsmen to practice on the wing. To be shot fiom the Trip. Distance Specified at the time of shooting. If the weather should prove lav orable, the sports w ill commence at I o'clork, P.M. At BURNHAM'S MANSION HOUSE. s3 2t*rc ^ Bloomiugdale. TO BK LET?The upper part of a house, consisting >f four good rooms and kitchen,with other privilege*. .Heiit from this dau- to the l?t May $200. Enquire at this office. ,j litis* rt: DAMAGED /INC. T W E NjT.Y L;A SK 8?JF.O R SALE BY W . S . J 0,H N S T O N , No. 00 Wall Nlrctt. s3 tttin* rn Tj'RENCH CALF SKINS?cases French Calf Skins, of A sti|ierior quality, selected from the Paris market, for sale by C. 11. TODD Si CO., _s3 I ii 1 &Stlw?er 24 Pine street. CAST OFF CLOTH I NO. EN T L EM E N Oil FAMILIES desirous of converting into cash their superfluous or cast off i' lotlimg. will obtain from the Subscriber the 111 till EST <' ASH PR1C KS families or Gentlemen quitting the city or changing re sidence, having effects of the kind to dispose of, will And it much to their advantage to send lor the Subscriber, who will attend tliem at their residence by appointment. H. LEVETT, Office No. 2 Wall street, and at 470 Hudsou St. Clothing cleaned and repaired. rr>"A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. atl31 lm*rc PARR'S LIFE PILLS. 'T'MIIS POPUL AR MEDICINE is now in such demind, J that long notices of its efficacy are unnecessary.? Thousands of'l estimonials of |?'rfect cures of Dy spepsia, Dys entery, Scrofula ami Nervous Complaints, can be seen at the store of the Proprietors. THOS. ROBERTS St CO., No. 117 FtiUou street. This Medicine is put up in Spanish, Portuguese, French. (ier man and Italim Wrapjiers, with Books of Directions and Tes timonials in the same languagesforeiportatioa. au31 lin'in HAMILTON HOUSE" AT THE NARROWS, L. I. SEVERAL rooms hiving been vacated, a* per agree meet, w hich were engaged for a definite period, enables the sul? scriber to assure tlios-who may wish good family rooms for lite remaining part of I lie season, that they can obtain llinn now at the above establishment. The terms ofboard to families dur ing September will Ue greatly reduced frotn former charges?and the house rendered much more agreeable to those who seek re pose-uidcomfort. ALONZO IIEEDE. Aug. 28th, liM._ au>9 3tis eod*m " IMPORTANT TO The LADIES. TMIE subscribers take pleasun- in offering to the Lsdies their A PATENT ELASTIC ARTEMIAN BRACE. This is an invention w hich has been long needed, and must eventually prove an indispensable article of ttM Female wardrolie. |t combines in its manner <d' construction all the graceful proportions of the Cor?et, w ithout any of its injurious tendencies ; while the Cor set h v ii 11 hi i ii ra 11, compressing the chest, impedes the freen id healthful action of the Inngs, thereby engenderiue dise;i.?eii of the j most fatal tendency. The AliTKMAIlSl BHAC E e*ilands the ehest, gives a free (nil he.dthv action to the Lungs, anil a t:raee fa I and pie ising outline to the figure ; posseesing as it does (lie correcting imwerof keeping the person erect, and the shoulders synunetriCaL Parents and < iiiardians are particularly requested to examine this article. It will lie found on ins|iection to fnllil all the (WIMses for which it is recommended, and of immense benefit to children of either set, and to all persons who ha quired the habit l>f stooping. 1'liis Brace is manufacture der the itiiuieiliate ius|srction of Mr I'arsells w ho has bi gagi il (or the last eighteen years in the manufacture of diff-ient articles for a similar pUr|K>se, and now offers tlie Arti iniaii Brace as any aiticle that ha* heretofore fallen under his ohservatiM. Ladies Department No. >. Park Place, first door from Broadway, where a lady, perfectly acquainted with the Structure Old tilting of the artu le, will be ia attendance. W holes.i|e Department at the old establishment of PARSELLS Si AOATE, s2 Im *ec 237 liio.ulway, cornei of Park Place. C/.IFTOAI HOUSE, ON THE HAYSIDE. STATF.N ISLAND, NEAR "THE NARROWS." Foil PERM AN ENT BOARDERS, transcient lodgers ^uid diy visitors, oflers an opixirtumty of enjoying th? sea bree/e, a view i fluid and water mi> quailed for its picturea iiieliess, the Wmiry of tlie sea bath, (the sea beach being w illiiu half a mile of the house.) The dinner hour is o'clock?on Sunday at 3 o'clock. Su I#rior carriages m atti-iulanO lor the accommodation of the guests. \ line Bowling Alley and Billiard lloom, are just finish ed for llie amuseinent of the patrons of I lie establishment. OEOIIOE PIERIS, Proprietor. N.' B.?Two of the best rooms in the House may l? lisd for the remainder of the season, on immediate application of fami lies. On Sundays the boat* run to rttapleton, landing every hour? Carriages in attendance to convey paaseugers to ( liflou House suS linisre " TO MACHINISTS. Arc. A NUMBER of Machines for BraidinK?ill cornp|ete--to it#*tlKr with a quantity of Hreh, H|?>ols, Swift*. V'' Will sold very low to clone a concern. Apply to 31 h rry itlffl, \. \ ork. mi i" In ' If t.A'l UKKS^lOOO ll r au2u II. k. COLLI>? k CO. 'A Houlii st AMUSEMENTS. PARK THKATKK. Boxt*... >1 I Pit... SO cents I (iallery .. 2i cents. Doors 0|wu at 7?The I uruin ? ill ri?? precisely at half-pasl 7 THIS EVENING. Sept. 3d, will In performed, HAMLEtf. II imlrt Mr. Anderson. Ghost Mr. Dyott. (intrude Mrs. Slomau. To couclnde with SHOCKING KVENTS. Gritfiuhof Mr. ('hipl>end.>le. PALMO*S OPEKA HOUSE. DK. LARDNER'S ENTERTAINMENTS. OO-TICKETS TWENTY-FIVE CENTS-C4) THIS EVENING, Tiu-ml uy, rid. PART I. T H E FIXED S T A R 8 . PART II. TELESCOPIC ILLUSTRATIONS ! PART III. THE GREAT G;A 3 MICROSCOPE' PART IV. ILLUMINATION OF THE THEATRE BY TWELVE DRUMMONI)) LIGHTS. (C7?To commence at 8 o'clock. ?3 itTct NIUL.O'8 GAKDKH. Corner ofBro idway and I'riiice street, New York. The Entertainments are under tlie ?<>le direction of MR. MITCHELL. Doors 0[>eu at 7?Entertainment* commence at t preciiely. OPERA NIGHT. The favorite 0|*raof La Kilie do lleiciinent will be perform ed to-nmht, ?ith tlie laughable Karce of John I'rettvjohu St Co., in which Mr. Holland will appear as John Prettyjonu. fUESDA* EVENING, September 3, will be presented, L \ K1LLE DU RKUlMkNT. ?J1*."*'1" Mr. Nickinson >1 j lie Mr. Dennison. Lobwitt Mr. Holland I urivral Cartouche Mr. Rosenthal! The Marchioness of llerkenfield Mrs. Hardwirk The Dutches* of Crackenthopher Mrs. Waits Marie Miss Taylor O**lntermission of half an hour.??fl To conclude with, JOHN PRETTY J 0Hl4 8c CO. John I'rettyjoliu Mr Holland Mr. Plummy Mr. Nickinson Simmons Mr. Clarktt Mrs Prettyjohn Miss Clarke Clementina Plummy Mist May wood Dorothy Mrs Eierard (Tr-NO POSTPONEMENT at this establishment on ac count of weather, as the Grand Entrance from Broadway to tlie Saloon is protected, and the New Saloon, which is ventilated from tlie top and sides, can lie enclosed al a moment's notice. IRISH MINSTRELSY. ~ MR. McMlCHAEL WILL (1IVE AN EVENING OK IRISH. MINSTRELSY, on Tuesday Kvenlng next, 3<1 September, AT TUK SOCIETY LIBRARY, BROADWAY, WITH NEW VOCAL ILLUSTRATIONS! Principally selected from MOORE'S IRISH MELODIES, Interspersed with Notice*, Hi>ti)rical and Humorous. AND ON Thursday Evening Next, Hi- will (five a Selection of VOCAL ILLUSTRATIONS KllOM LOVER'S SONGS on THB SUPERSTITION OF THE IRISH. [D-To commence at 8 o'clock. TICKETS fifty CENTS?To he hid at the principal Music Stores, and at the Door. au3l 4lrc APOLLO SALOON. MM1E ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELS, grateful for the extra I ordinary patronage thus far bestowed upon their efforts, hen to inform their friends ami the public generally, that '1HIS EVENING, (Tuesday,) Sept. 3d, and Wednesday, Sept. 4th, they will introduce a variety of new and popular Souks. lilies, ( at'hes, Chnrusses and Solos, accompanied by the B.uijo, Ac cordian, Triangle. Conjo, Taitiho anil Bone CastinetU The peculiar novelty offered on this occasion, they trust, will meet with tli>- continued approval of the public, and every endeavor will lie made on their pail to retain the unprecedented succei which Ims thus far crowned their efforts to please. Tickets of Admission only 2!) cents. S3 2t?je COMPLIMENTARY HALL. CONSTITUTION HOTEL, corner of 10th street, and First Avenue, WILLIAM C. FARLEY, Proprietor. The undersigned, desirous of eviuciiiK their liiuh regard for the Proprietor of the above hospitable and well-couducted establishment, propose to give him a Complimentary Ball, on TIllirHUIiy Kvenl. K, ."?ll? Nepteiubcr. LC\'~ Dodsworth's Cotillion Band is engaged. U. r" Mr. Lucas will have the management of the Ball Room. James C. Freeman, Colonel Sheldon, Frank Dining, Oliver Johnson, Constantine Donohoe, .John Kellv, Thomas Wbelan, Thomas Kelly, Win. W. Kidder, Philip M'Cardal, P. Cogan. ?-Tickets, to aumit one Gentleman ami two Ladies, SI?to be had .il the hotel, or from any member of tlie ( oinmittee. s3 31*ret CONCERT MliJlTLY. C* RAND VOCAL AND INSTRl'M ENTAL CONCERT, at J. PINTEUX'S Cafe 'des Slilles Colonnes Saloon, No. 307 Broadway. Engagement of Miss Apaih, the fine Vocalist. This well known establishment has been considerably em bellished since May. Refreshments of the best kind ciui always be bad a'the Imr, with the attendance of careful waiters, A well vent,Hated billiard room containing eight tables, communi cates ? ith the saloon on the same floor?the ices and creams, the best the city affords, can at all times be obtained. Entrance Free. si 2w*rc M R. DEM P.STE R'S JOCAL ENTERTAINMENTS, N. V. Society Library, * Broadway and l^onnrd streets. Mr. DEM I STF.Il has the honor to announce his intention of airing ihrqe vocal entertainments oil the evenings of Monday, Wednesday, anil Friday, 2d, 4th, and 6th September, when lie will introduce his |xipular compositions, including il Lament of the Irish Emigrant; The III in I Boy; Jeanie Morrison; The Lonely A (lid Wife; Lei it Love One Another; A II,.me ill tin Heart ; The Lo\ed was not There; Tis sweet to Love ? . Child hood; (The Indian's C< inplniut) Oh, why does the White NJan follow my Path? The Death i I Warn Sic.; Scottisl It'flails ?John Anderson my Jo; My Naum O Mary O'l ' I irey; Tak' your auldl'loak ahoul yi, \ ' lan's a Mail ' )i a that; Highland Mary, 4cc. Programmes giving full particulars, to be had at the music stores, the Society Library, and at the door. Tickets 50 cents, to be had at the door. Doors open at half past 7?to commence at 8 o'clock. au3U to sepl6 ec M1 CONCERT NIGHTLY. Grand vocal an d instrumental concert, at J. PlNTEUX Cafe des Mille Colonnes Saloon, 307 Broad way. Engagement of Miss ADAIR, the line Vocalist. This well-known establishment has la-en considerably embellished since May. Refreshments of the best kind can always l>e had at the bar, with the attend nice of careful waiter*. A well rentil lated Billiard Room containing eight tables communicates with the Saloon on the same floor. The Ices and Creams, the .best the city affords, can at all times he obtained. Entrance free. a!8 iw'in LECTURES ON GAMBLING II. J. II. l?HEEN?the Reformed Gambler, will delner, at the Mercantile Library Room, Clinton Hall, four Lectures on the art of I taming, commencing on Tuesday next, Septem ber 3d, it II o'cli ck, I'. V.; tlie second Lecture the Thursday toll, win.;; tlie third and fourth, on Monday and Wednesday veilings, Sept.9th anil lltli. Tickets for the cowne, $1. Twenty-five cents each Lecture. Children nudiT l.'i years, half n ice. Tickets for sale it ltedtield s Book Store, corner of Beekman and Nassau streets, and at the door on the evening of the Lecture. In these l.ectuies Mr Orecn, who has been a professed gam bler and manufacturer of card *, will develnpe the startling mys teries of the splendid Faro Rooms in this city and elsewhere; he will show the cruelties, impositions and villsnies practised by the sporting gentry, and hold the unmasked gambler forth to the scorn of every honorable man. ?! 3tec THE GREAT MYSTEKY OF PHYSIOLOGY. REPRODUCTION ! DR. HOLLICK'S LECTURES ! ON this intensely interesting and highly important subject, will lie repeated on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thurday, September 3, 4 and 5, in the large Hall, corner of Broad way and Grand stre<'t, (entrance second door in Grand,) at 8 P. M. For Gentlemen only, youthsnot admitted. The whole of the ( elehrated Models will hi' used. The Lecture to Ladies only, will lie on Thursday, at 4. For full particulars see programme hi small bills. sl-lt* isJc THE ALHAMRA, 559 BnOADwtr, SeaiNri and PaiNCR Stukfti. 'PHIS fiphionable place of resort is o|ieu for the season. The A Ices, Fruits, Jellies, and other refreshments, are of the finest description. Au Orchestra, combining some of the first musical talent in the city, |ierform every eveuing, except Saturdays and Sundays, favorite pieces from the cnmiHisiiion of Strans, Lanner, Aiber, Bellini ami others equally celebrated. BRANCH, No. 16i East Broadway, one door above Rutger street, where the same delightful Ice Creams and Refreshments may be found. null Imisrrc COLMAN'S LIT*SH ARY SALt >ON, COSTUME OA LLERY, AND EXHIBITION OF bE A VTIFV L PAINTINGS, No. illKI BrondWHy, New York. rj-ADMISSION ONE SHILLING ONLY. NO STRANGER should leave the city without railing id t < seethe Great Collections of Books, Paintlngl anj r.u gravina . which are offeied at " price* to suit tlie times." 1'hr ri IILIC SALE R'JOM is lilleil with bo*>ks ofeiery kind, 111 virions languages, including Prints and Pictuies, to ?er IMrh. and the Pr 1 nt Rnom, wo 1 nser.K is made ? y>. .t WALNUT H'l'H KKT THB ATM.*;. E. A. MARSHALL, LESSEE. The Regular Season at tliis establishment will commence on SATURDAY, Se|it.Tlh. A meeting of the Company will take place on the moruiug 01 Wednesday, the 4th, at II 1 clock, in the Green Ro nil. A full and punctual attendance is requested. W R. BLAKE, Stage Manager. Philadelphia, August 23d, lllll. ?ti?tos4g* FARE RKDI.CKI.) KOll rKOTON V1IXE, HlNU HI Nit. TARRYTOWN, _UI | IRVINO, WII.THIKH DOI K, UAHTINiiH A N D VONKt.KH.?<)ii mid .?It#*r Hutardiy. Sm^HEmZL AujfiMf JI * 1. IRH. tiff iifw aim! tubfttrttilini ?((!?.>tnbiiHt WASHINfiTON IIIVINO. Cifit Himm Tnthill, will l?*Avr the foot of Ch*ml*r ?trwt for the dbnve pluren, d.%al> at P. M.a Snmlay mceptr?l. Ret urn in*, will !??:?*?' (rotonvillf* ir **4, nurl Hin^ Hiiik at? oVIork A. M., I iihIiiik at tlie fool of I Hammond street CArn way. For jwt or fn'iglii. *i?i?ly on ho%rd, or to 8TKPHEN B. TOMPKIVH. 102 \v e*t utrent. n'lrr II KM< \ K KIKLL'M DUNK KIT. jiMQ ^n| TIIK tnhseribrr iM|ieetf?llv ^iforma hi? bL ?i*fnen?U and tin* tmblic that )m* will take Ihk jLhJKIjLi'i 11 to the KlHIIlNCt HANKH in tin* uteamhoBt j I'HO.MAS HALMONI). on Kridty, Sept. f?tli, in*t. Th?* boat 111 be decorated with liaic*. lie.?ind n%s been frat?ifou?l> (jHnleretl by tlie politene*# of ( int. VV ilium T. Si Iniltr,?i ;? |?t. IV.irork li?? kindly volunteered In* ner* it-en and will am a* pilot j LOTIII AN'H Celebrated, full bmi and cotillion band hit* been piik iKed, and the pnblir may rest assured every eiertion will In m ide to pleaa*' those who may honor him witn fh?'ir natronmc* Kare for the clcurston One Dollar*-tlie boat will call at Aium* ?trfH 7H~('inal st 'atharine Kerry, Brooklyn ft? f'ike at. 8)4 ?and Pief 1, N. R BVi, tonching at Koit Hamilton e?ch way. HKNRY fc. RIKLL. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Pltl I ?dc I pliln. (Corrrtpondeuee of the Herald.] Philadelphia, Sept. 2,1844. " Mr. Bennett's Roman Catholic Philadelphia Correspondent," has caused, it would seem, conm derable trouble to the two Native papers here, the " Native American," and the " American Advo cate," for writing simply what every body known to be the truth. 1 have no detire to injure either Mr. Augustus de Kalb Tan, or Gen Peter Sken Smith, in the estimation ot their brother Natives, but must insist that both desired office, and thus far, both are sadly disappointed ; and farther, that Mr. Augustus de Kalb Tarr has boldly and publicly threatened, not only to expose certain candidates upon the City Assembly ticket, but even to demo lish Mr. Levin, in case he is nominated for Con gress from the First District! Deny that, and you shall hear more. Th>- whigs are likely to have trouble in the for mation <>l tiieir ticket alter all, from the fact that John M. Scott has declined to stand any nomina tion they may tender him. lie has bolted from State Senator. Try it again. The Captain ol the bri? Mary Jane, of St. George, Maine, was robbed yesterday ol about $200 in bank notes, Ity Charles Miller, tne cook, it is supposed, as he has cleared out. A desperate linht occurred last evenisa between two negroes, Samuel Fulbert and John Harty, in Gillis' alley, in the lower part of the city, during which ilie former seized an axe and inflicted a dreadful gash in the head of Hartv, just above the eye, from which the blood flowed copiously. He was taken to the hospital, where his situation is vfjry precarious. Fulbert has been committed. The sailors of this port are now, and have been for several days, on a strike for higher wages?they demand $>16 per month. The splendid barque Louisa, Cant. Gallagher, in eight days from Havana, arrived this morning, bringing dates four days later than those received by lite Hellespont. Business was dull, the place healthy, and the market well supplied with all kinds of American produce. In political matters every thing was quiet. No additional executions had ta ken place. The news from Europe yesterday created great excitement about Zeiber's news depot?everybody was after the New York Herald, and the active as sistants of this splendid establishment were kept busy for some time; in fact until the whole edition was exhausted. la the Court of Sessions this morning, Judge [ King charged the Grand Jury at great length.? The Judge declined to enter into tacts of the late disturbuncs, remarking that they were painfully known to the community already, and confined himself principally to the right ot individuals to arm themselves from violence at the hands of riot ers?the extent to which that right could be car ried?and when it could be exercised legally. In short, it is a document of much importance, and one which will be extensively read. The Kensington riot cases will be tried first. A busy week this in Court matters. The Hibernia's intelligence is at hand. The same dull feeling exists in our stock mar ket ; the news from Europe having bsen produc tive of sot even the slightest change. The Bales were as follows: Kik?t Boahd?$438 Pen/l. 6'f, 69; $868 Jo do 80^: $1000 Lehigh 6>, 1H15, 37: 3 Camden and Amlioy Kd. 113; 100 Wilmington Hd 23J; 200 do 23j; $1000 Cincinnati Water Bd?. 100. Skcomp Board? 160 Girard Bank llj;404 do do ll|; $447 Prun 6'?, 1840, 70; 1 Wilmington Kd 23); $4000 I'enn 6'?, 1847,73. SHIP NEWS. Correspondence of tlie Herald* Philadelphia, Sept. 2?P. M. Arrival?William, Johnson, MatanzHs; Oregon, Wines, and Phebe Baxter, Boston; Statesman, Wan, New Bedford; Suiau Benjamin, McHenry, Nantucket; Hiam, Orant, NYork; Genoa, Lampher, Providence. Cle<re<i~~-PocahoiiUis, Higgins, and North America, Richard son. Baltimore; Mariner, kinder. Boston; Copy, Gardner. Nan tucket; Aclisah D, Douglass, Fall River* Augustus Loru, Pitt, NYork. Miscellaneous. 9 Collision.?('apt. Beenkeu, of the Sophia, at Baltimore, re ports?On the 14th Auk. lat. 4(>, 40, long* 61 W, saw a vessel un der jury masts, lowered a boat and went on board of her, and found tier to be the British brig Cromwell, of Halifax, with a cargo of lumber?both her masts and bowsprit were gone, a part of her bows stove in, and her bulwarks and stanchions gone? the Ameriean *chr Porto Rico, ('apt. Gray, of Pittston, had her in tow and was trying to get her into St. Johns, NF. From the crew ( 'apt. B. learned that the C. sailed from St. Johns, N. B. on the Gib July, in company w ith the British barque Kvergreen, (.'apt. lleury, bound to Liverpool, aud that on the JUh Aiik ?n about lat. 46 l.'i, long. .">2, weather thick and foggy and blowing fresh, both vc*?els came in contact, carrying away the brig s masts and bowsprit, and stove in her hull considerably. The * 'apt!in and crew of the brig, with their luggage, has tened on board the barque, and the chief mate, carpenter, and one man, from th?* Kvergreen, came on board 'he brig to cut away her lanyards and rigging, and to clear the wreck. The baroue durum this time w is firing clear of the briit uid her sail a stnhVnlv tilling wat out of sitrht when the second mate and two men (who Previously were despatched to bring the others olf) had reached tie- brig, and nothing was seen of iter afterw ards.? Tin* K. from the collision had lost her jibboom and fort-topgal lant mast, and was also considerably damaged tu the hull. Home Purti* Philadelphia. Ifc'pt 2?Arr Louisa, Gallagher, Havana; Turk, Kldridge; Sun, Ryder, and Robert W tin, Rears, Boston; Monsoon, Berry. ( ienfuegos. Beiow. C'orsHir, and others. Bai.ti.momi, Hepf 2?Arr Agues, [Breml Bos*.*, and Sophie, [Brem] Beeuken, Breineu; Somerset. [BrJ Williams, JJemert ra; Royal Sailor, Arecibo; Win H Tafinaii, Ponce; Brave, and Jas Keene. Niork; Crescent, Kastport; St Leon, Bangor.? ( Id Paoli, Fuller. Bremen; ( hastinn, Harn?*r, St Johns, N B; Otter, (Br) Bell, Trinidad; < oustitiitipn, Lauderman. lor La guayraand Porto CalieHo. Sid Com Warrington, Gatcnell, La guayra; Mary, Bray Providence; Aleiander, Lewis, NYorfc. PASSAGK FROM ORK AT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINK OF .LIVERPOOL PACKKTS. [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every month.] Persons wishing to send to the Old Country for tlieir friends can make the necessary arrangement* with the Subscribers, and have them come out m this superior Line ?f Packets, Sailing from Liverpool punctually on the 7th and l(Kh of every month. They will also have a first rate cIhsh of American tradiint ships, sailing every wit days, thereby alTording weekly communication from that port. #ne of the firm, (Mr. James i>. Roche,J is there, to see that they shall lat forwarded with caie aud des patch, Should the parties agreed for, not come out, the money will be retuoied f<? those wiia i?aid it here, without any reduction. IV Black Ball or Old Line of l.ive|K>ol Packets, comprise the following magnificent Ships, vie.:? T*e OXFOllL. The NKW YORK. nubuE, COLUMBUS. ? , !?", SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND. NORTH A.MKHICA. With utich superior and unequalled arrangements, the Sub scribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that sup |H,rt which has l? i u exteuded to tlicm to many >Mrt, for wlucli they an- grateful. 'lrjose proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, tu at all iHn> i obi nil Draft* at sight for aiiv amount, drawn direct on Uif 1 loyal U ink of Ireland, Dublin alio, on Messrs. PRESCOTT, WROTE, AMES fc. CO. Bankers, London, w hich will l?' paid on d> mind at any ef the Hanks, or their Branches, in all the principal towna throughout England, Ire land, Scotland and Waif*. ROCHE, Uli OTHERS k CO. 3.'/ Pulton street, New \ orlr, nett door to the hit Iron U i k N. B.?ThejOld Line of Liverimol Packets nail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each month. Parties return iiik to the Old Country mil lind it to their comfort and advan tage to select tin. favorite Liue for their conveyance, in prefer ?nee to any other. jelS J.m'rc KOR LONDON?Packet of the 10th of Sept.,? ? The sj.lendid packet .hip NORTHUMBERLAND, ?< apt. Wri.Wold, will mil for London asaboie, hit regular day. Those desirous of securing berth* will require to make miIr application to JOHN HERD MAN, 61 Mouth street. N. B.?Passage from Liverpool and London can at all urn.* he secured at Inn lowest rates, by the regular packets sailing weekly throughout the year; anil drafts can a* usual be furnish ed, payable throughout Ureal Britain and Irelaud, on applica tion as above. >3m KOR LONDON.?Packet of the loth Sept.? The splendid new Packet Hhii' NORTH! MBEK LAN 0, < aptain R. II. Oriswold, sails positnely aa above her regular day. This ship has esrellent accommodations for cabin, second cahin snd steerage passengers. These w istung to secure berths should not fail t<> make etrlylaindication on hoard, or to \?. k J. r TAPw VlTT, aJOec 76 Houth street, corner ofMliim I ^ne. " KOR NEW ORLE \ NS?Packet of tbe .'.ih of ?m Tlie splendid, well baown packer ship KAIRK1ELD ( aptain Wilson, will be despatched s? above. 1 III. Stip rior ship ofl. s a most desirable conri yanr? for ca bin. second cabin aud steerage passengers, ? ho ? ill lie t .ken on moderate term. Apply ou boaid. o hurray's wharf, I sot of Wall street, or to JOHN HE RDM AN, 61 South st mat. N. It.?The subscriber will have a regular succession of first class shi|>s silling w?-kly for New Orleans, in which the pas sengers accommodations will be made very comfortable. Apply as il?o\e. s3rc KOR NEW IORLEANS.?LOUISIANA AND JaWyNKVV \ ()HK LINE.?Regular Packet to succeed JS^|l4i?(ihe V'lrkslnirgh.?The well known fast sailing packet ship <??.N ESEE, ? apt. Minot, will positively sail as above ? K'.r freight or pissage. having very handsome furnished accom modstnhis, apply on hoard at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall st , or to E. K. COLLINS Ik CO., 56 Sooth street. Shippers may ndy upon having their goods correctly mea sured, ami that the ships of this line sail punctually as adver tised. Atmta in New Orleans?Messrs. Ilullen and Woodruff, who Will promptly 'forward all goods to tlieir sililress The locket ship < olumlm, C.apt A. Ehlridge, will sqecee^ the (ierieaeet. si rc KOH NKW ORLEANS.?Dmn i Tlie steim; ship ALABAMA, 70t> tons burtlien, Henry W indie, oinmamli r, will -ail I i th< ?' <? I'"1 "" "" J|?' lie ft, st -oV|...k This splei did ind iwnarkaoly slanuch stearin r has lieen th>>r"iighl) iverhanled the present siimmer. newly copMed, <nd il furnislied wMba powerful set ? new Boilers, maile stile* Novell> Works ofthiacity She is expected to in ike tlie run to lie- Bsliw w ill. eise In su divs; and having lundsoire and iouif"rttMe accommodations, for both cabin anil steerage iwssengers, off< rs an iinususlly desirable conveyance to the traveling roniaWMity. For'IwM freiahl or passage, aii|>ly to , .. ' si Mn*M Mi hront st. 1 "l NitlN I INI. PAI KETS?HOR NKW ,OHLEANS-Kirst Itegular Packet?To sail vsiih .lesi'itrh- The splendid packet ship JOHN M1N? ? > I ? |'C II Hisrk I'lie accouimodattOM for cabin, second cabin and steerage JMsrmrrf <" very saparM>r, and |<enHiiis wishing to eaihark shnulil make early applicatioa on board, at Murray's wharf, foot of Wall street, or to IOSEPU Mr.MUKR W. ,,,7.irr iflj Piwestr^rt renvrn| sn'ifh l,\i lI'VM.K UN KMll,AM>, IHEI.A.NH, COTLANI) AND WALM^-Tha Snhsmi^r has ill tifm? f??r *?le l)rnf>* from ?1 to i^vsble tt ?ll tto principal Biuiking Ii|#tif?ir*?>ns throughout the 1 mted KiGiHnm JOHN HKRDMAN,?I South ft. N. B ruii|c to and fr<?m ?n be serureH tt th* lowest rate* by *ny of the line of psckets ssilmc n th?- l?t. fith, 11th, I6ih, 41st iunl 36th of each month, on uppheatioa ?boee