Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1844, Page 3

September 5, 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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{*?? CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY rooie Mlvlurc, prepared by the C.-iieg* of M?liiin?-oiy Ph jfpisoy of the city of New York, is Conlklcotly r cc '"nw lod for nil rv'tas ofde! ilrt v produced by secret ii datgence or ?cw of any kin I. It id to inY*liiable rm.' d? fnr imiotonfo sterility, 01 barrettDCM (urles? 1 c*p-?T> lag on mill formation.) Hat?# Je littles >1 uach c .ji-m ol Lull a dos*u <:?r? till!) p dv.1 sent to si! parts ofthu Ui.;oa. O.'itv 01 the Colics of Vlndicin> an.) PliWWKcy W Vmii3**k<I w ?< ** w w ? ?> 'iron' M. DA.ifep'. (From Noah's 'V- <-k 1 y Messenger ) (&- S \NS POPUL! SUPREMA LEX-WAS THF. motto of 'h? late woriliy Doctor Home and lor yearn lie carried out them principle*?"The Health at the people i? Liw Supreme. No sacrifice can be too great to trcurr that hlea,?ing j nofuolith, fastidious delicacy should pre vent a np.iedv era lis it km ofa terrible disease.'' We met a f;enteel well dressed young man. a stranger in the city a*t week who a-iked us if we could recommend him to a fir>t rnte phy?|cian. Hi* general health appeared good, but u f.?w red blotches on hi* foe*, forehead and neck, told the tu rible tale. Oo. said we to It 8. Bernard 97 Nassau lire*'., purchase n holtle nf Dr. 13luck well's Ant Acrid Tincture and be cured He did no and was cured. It work* like a charm ; innocent jet effective, mild ytt never-tailing IJiy.MF.S8nS rOMSTOCK k < O AT 21 COURT land iitreet now offer for s?lu a very superior aiti le ol Co.ogne Water vtry low- quart Hock Bottles, 60 cent*. txf Si'.vuut p'-?ti3i,?.r- alts,rativa w?> T: RE -|Tor (lie 'tire ijf primarj or sec mdary SypLilit -n.leil affections produce-! by an injudicious use of ir.i. rury The givui advaotaxus possessed ' y this powerfu alterative over all other pieparatioim lor the rure ot Hy IiMlis. is, that while curing the diiease it inproves tht constitution, whilst mercury gwderullv lerve a mud .for.e .JUciiae than the one it is adlnin'rttral ior. Til# ?eK recomn.eudntton we can give, of it a,' that it is uov extensively in-aonbed liy the medical taculty, *Lt lor murly ron.iidered mercury llie only curetoi thos?; coi<: ilair.ts Soi l, in rflnele bottles, f I each ; in cases of h/J dozen, #6, t.areiull) packed, and sent t > oil parts of th? Onion. QtUoe of tlie College of Medici*ie Pharmo '?*. tff N )-it..i.i striot W fl MTi rtAfK.'ON. M i).. H?jW 0(7-DR. SPHON'S SICK HEADACHE REMEDY?A certain reliel lor this complaint aud a radical cure if pet siited In Whole families, every member ot which was subject to it. have been cured by this lemedy. It may be bad only at 31 Couitlandt street. CM- I'M K CONCENTRATED EXTRACT Ot 8AR SArAlilLLA, GENT! *N AND 8ARSAKRA8,pieptrw. the Vhw Vork Collate cr Medicine and Phannac> . ea taVlishud foi the suppie?>-irin ot qtiackery. Thin reiinet .?ad hinlilv concentiated extrjet, po^si.shiug all the pnri tyin* qunUties and curative powers of the abive herb:, is COnnilently recotrimendod by the College, a* inlliiiteJj -:ap?nor to any oxtriict ol Samapurilla at present befori he p-.tblic., and msvy Ni reried on as a certain remedv ibt all diseases arising norn mi impure state of the, uuch as icrolula,sslt-rh<'um, ringworm, blotcher. or pitn pl?-a. nlci'ii, pttin in the bones or joints, nodes, cntfci;eoui ornptions, ulcernted sore throo#, or any disease <iritinn tiom the secondary effects ot syphilis or an iisjudiciour Use oi ineicnrv Mold in single Bottlec, at 76 centf encis. " in Cases ot half-a-doitn Bottles, (3 60 ' " one doreti " rt On Ca;2s torv/arded to all parts of the Union. N. H ?A. v.iry liberal discount to wholesale piircfcjs .t'. Olilce o? the College, 05 Nacinu street. W ? WlOHAl?n?iONf M.D.. A|???-. OrT-CONVEL'S PAIN EXTRACTOR SHOULD AL ways he kept by every family?for all cases ol burns it gives almost instant relief?and heals never leaving even a scar. By its application swellings are reduced and in fUaiation? removed. It cures every species of sores both old and new and extracts all pain or agony from helons or Run|lloiind<(in an incredible short time. Sold'only by Comstuck & Co. at 31 Courtlandt street and of their fru* agents throughou' the Union OIOVKY MARKET. Wc<lfiea<l?y, . eptcmber 1?6 P. Al> A very (light improvement was realized on Stocks to day. Prices were throughout a little higher, but the very limited ojieralio.Ms show that the market is by no ineani aeitled, and that few havo much confidence in the present state of cft'iirs. At the Old Beard, Canton advanced J per cent; Mohawk, 1} ; '?'arlem, 2 ; Norwich end Worcmter, | ; United Stutea Bank, } ; Look Island, Vicksburg, Far mers' Loin, Pennsylvania ft'g closed firm at yesterday's prices. At the New Board, Long Island improved J; Canton, J; Ilarlem. 3 ; Norwich and Worcester, ?. Ster ling Kxchange remains firm at 9:J per cent premium, with a very limited demand at present. The Norwich and Worcester Railroad seems to be in. ?resting very rnpidly. The annexed returns certainly look very favorable. Norwich and Worcester Railroad. Receipts for August, 1844 $24 886 47 1843 16 523 89 Increase $ 8.332 58 Receipts for first eight months, 1844.. $140,069 75 " 1843.. 91,911 49 Increase for eight months.. $48,148 26 The Secretary of the Treasury, in his monthly report of the finances of the General Government, m 'kes a sfa'e m tit Hh"wing the amount at his credit in the various bml'.s h dding public deposi's on the 28th day of August. T its report we have compared with those previously given, and the comparison stand* as follows :? Monthly Statement ok the Treasurer ok the Uni ted States. Junr 21. July 29. 26. In what Place. AvCt on Jtnrt on Jlik l on (I run lit. dfposit. deposit. Comm'l. Bnik Portsmouth, N.H. $.1,13-1 2,678 3,839 Bank of Mo'iipelier 3,201 :i,20l 3,201 Mordents'Bk. Boston 1,516,Mi 1,403,3*1 1,772.085 CitV B?ik. New Haven 41.380 54,888 51.441 \rculi* B ink. Providence 23.980 31,744 32,015 Farmers' Mech. 11 .rtford, Ct.. 10,201 10,203 16,392 Mech. <x Farmer^ Bk. Albauy.. 33, (79 33.379 \lbmvCity Bmk. Albany M.OflO 27,598 28.398 Ba ik of Commerce. N. V 1.870,172 1,200.277 1,275,350 Bink of America. N". Y 1,327,519 1,189,2% 2,557.436 American Ksi-hauife BU. N. Y... 119.280 997,280 81...4S3 Merchant*' Built. V. v 1,066,890 1,881,426 1,440,186 Commerced Bank, Albany 25,000 25,noO 24,i?>0 Phil..Ml hi' ilk Philadelphia... 688,IU3 911.254 1,0:16,885 Kxchanao Bank, Pitt.burn 130,104 126,'i63 87.471 Bank < f Pit: burst, Pitublirg.... 2.MI8 2,908 2,908 Bankof Biltimore, Biltimoie... 181,013 22i,7i( 339,219 Bk. of Washington, Washington IB,282 33.802 49,105 Bsuk ? f the Metropolis 4*6,474 413,014 446.611 Ilk of Potomac, Alexandria.... 12,215 12,215 17,215 Bk.of Viiu'<nia, Hichmond 59,008 61,155 09,400 Ex. Bk < I Virginia, Norfolk.... 13,542 17,965 18,7113 S. W . R. It. Ilmli. Ch-rle.ton.. 55,691 57, (90 73,901 Umk St.ite of V Carolina 1,325 772 534 Pinters'Bk of Geot'a, Savannah 9,534 7,012 6,116 Bu. of Mobile, Mobile, Alt 82,000 70,103 40,488 Br. Bk of Alabama, HunUville 2,t8:i 2,4113 2.-81 Bk. of Louisiana, N. O 02,008 261,951 254,960 Union 15k of 'lean Na-liville<.. 1,351 7.122 60.554 Louisville ftav'Ks. In*. Louisville 31,040 36.213 33,021 The O. L. #l Ttust Ilk Cinciu'ti 4,343 3,552 2,0'5 Clinton II nil, Columbus 19.909 22,710 27,880 Bk. of Norwalk, 13 13 13 Bk. of Sandusky. Sandusky 1,505 3.915 3,915 Bk. of Missouri, St. Louii 324,353 293,205 293,187 Michiiran Ins. I'<|. Detroit 96,096 131,488 170,718 Union Bunk, N. Orleans 12 12 12 Br. Mint if the U S.N. Orleans 0,700 0,700 6,70tl Mint of Pliiln'elphia 204,960 201,960 201,900 Dr. Mint < litrlotle, N. Carolina. 32,000 32.000 32.000, Br. Mint Dahloiieipt, Ga 30,000 30,000 30,000 Ur. Mint N. Urleuii, La., over draft $31,938 123,238 123,238 123,238 $8,747,443 10,029,612 11,420,994 Increase from July 29 to Aui{. 26 $1,491,383 Increase from June 21 to Auk.2 > $2,773,542 Ul the $11,520 994 on deposit, the 26'h of August, $9,192 400 were subject to draft, $2,331,899 having be>n dr iwn for, but not paid. Of the eleven and it hall millions of 'tilhtrs on deposit, more than three fourths is in the pet hai.kx ol New Yotk, Boston and Philadelphia. This im mense amount is centered in the vaults of six banks, situ ated in tho three principal commercial cities of the Union. Government Deposits in the Banks ok Boston, Niw York and Philadki.fhia. June 31. July 20. ,1i(if 26. Merchants' Bank, Boston $1,416,584 1,401,121 1,772.685 Bank of Commerce, N.York... 1,870,472 1,200,277 1,274,150 Bank i f America. N. York. ... 1,327,519 1,189,256 *,457,436 Amor. Kxch inge Bink, N.York 119,2110 917,280 830,583 Merchants'Bank, N. Vork 1,000,890 1,881,426 1,440,126 Philadelphia Bank, Philadelphia 688,813 944,254 1,030,885 $6,589,589 7,621,811 8,913,071 Increase from July 20 to Auk. 20 $1,291,257 Increase from June 24 to All-,'. 20 $2,.123,482 It will he seen that the piincipal increase in deposits, is in the banks of these three ci'ies Of $11 520,995 on de posit in all the pet banks, $8 913 071, are in the six bank* situated in the centre of the great commercial movements of the country, and $(>,103 601 in four banks, situated in the grand locus of all the griat speculative rr ovemenls that Irom time to time come up. This immense amount, in addition to the great capitals, , of these banlts, is In tended to woik out a gnat deal uf trouble and difficulty before it ngxin becomes distributed among those from whom it has been extracted. . The rt ceipts from customs at all (he ports of ei try in the Union, up to the 1st of September, cannot tail much short of twenty five millions of dollars; at the same rate of accumulation throughout the year, the total amount received from January 1, 1841, to January 1, 184ft, cannot be much under forty millions of dollars. Making due allowance for the falling oir in im portations at the latter en I of the season, we will place (he nmount at $!.">.OtH) 000 This, with the receipts from public lands, must give a revenue of $37 F.stimaling (be expenditure! ol the Goverument to be for the year $90 000 000 which is $1 OOO.O'O more than the estimate of the Secretary of the Treasury? redeeming all tie outstanding Treasury notes anil paying the public debt, falling due (he 1st of January next, will (ake $10,0110 000 more-mnkii g in all an expendituro of $30 000 0(0 out of a revenue cf $37 000.000, leaving a surplus of at least $7,000,000 Wu have plncrd the icventie below what we believe it actually will be, and estimated the expendllutes to be much larger tin 11 what they a' tnally will l>e, if we may take the expenses for tho first six moot lis in a criterion But taking our own estimat- *, it appears there will bo a surplui ol $7 01 0.004) on the 1st ol January next; and until thai time, the pet banks will have ti e control of on amoui t reaching double (hat, (is the deposits are allowed to remain in hand to meet tho part of 1 lie debt due them This surplus has nil sccumu Jatt-d under the lariiract that is so highly extolled by one party and abused by the other ; and to this surplus will lie traced hereafter nil tho evils that invariably proceed from s?di a power placed in the hands of a few hank*. Wo have a vary strong precedent to refer to when we assert that the turplus revenue now accumulating will spread bankruptcy and desolation through the country What ua? it that produced all the evila that surrounded the commercial cla-ses from I6S3 to 1837, and that finally nale two-third* o( the country bankrupt, but the surplus revenue produced by the high tariff of ISMIt was a surplus le venue, and a large amount of Government <!?? I>fiaitrs, that ereuted the rivalry between the State bank* ?nd the United Mates.Bar.k. that filially resulted in th? removal of the deposits to the State institution* and the tectruction of the United States Bank It wns the imrnem-e ?p-cuUtion* entered into hy the 8Ute bonks on the ?tiengthof these deporit*. in government land* by the Western bank*, aud in stocks hy the Atlantic banks, that crcatud the jealousy between the banks of the Kwt and West, that resulted in the adoption of the specie circular ; and, still further, it was the constant accumul tiou of a surplus that brought about the distribution between the states and the bankruptcy ot the General Government. From a surplus of thuty millions of dollars in 1?32. the government I ns been in ten yeum involved in an indebt edness of twenty five millions of dollar* During the financial movemeuts alluded to abovo, the most enormous speculations were carried cm From unlimited re sources, the whole mercantile community, the States and the General Government, have been reduced to bankiuptcy. The revulsion that overtook all classes in the .'midst of their most extended operations, destroyed every interest and for a tirr e ruined nearly every one en gaged in any business. Fortunately the banking system fell with all'.he rest, aud to the extinct ion of a large num ber of these institutions we can trace the re action that hus recently taken place in commercial nffaira. Our currency for a year or two continue-d very much restricted and the returning prosperity was very gradual, it being based on uound principles and governed by legitimate laws of trade. Commerce, manufactures, agriculture, all branches of business were steadily improving under the la-t part of the Compromise Act and the limited bank movement. In September, 1842, tho present tariff went into operation, and tl e irflition of the ctirrency and the move ments of commerce have since been veiy rapid The ex pansion* in the currency have been the first cau?c of the large importations, and the high tariffha* yielded an im mense revenue. The tar ft' act has hnd very little to do towards creating the immense importations of the year past. It is one of the most absurd ideas imaginable, to at tribute to that act the greatest portion of the prosperity now apparent. The party cla ming the parentage of that act, supposed it would restrict our importations. It look, ed lor a moderate revenue from moderate imports, as the protective feature* of the tariff were looked upon a* rather prohibitory. The whig*, of course advocate its beautie*. and the principal men and organ* of the party parade long list of price*, and endeavor to (how the effect on the price of sheeting* and itigar, pin* and putty, brats kettle* and chain cables. The orators of both parties are at logger head* as to the price of wool, and work hard to *how that the very existence of the twenty million* of sheep in the country depends entirely on tbe present teriff. The molt laughable aud noniensical arguments are taught fearlessly by both parties for and against this act, not one of which has tho slightest bearing on the subject, and which must, in many instances, be intended entirely for political capi tal. We cannot think that Daniel Webster or Silas Wright believe an iota of the statements made by them selves on this subject. A party man cannot adhere to the truth on thi* question without detracting much from the influence of it in the approaching campnign. It is possible that alter the approaching contest i* de cided, both parties may agree to a modification of the (ire *rnt tariff. It requires pnming, and many article* re. quire a reduction of duty. Tho debt of the government dematd9 the accumulation of a large revenue; but there is no necessity for the surplus to remain in the hands of a few bank directors, who wilt assuredly use every dollar to promote speculation and overtrading. Tho rnercan tile classcs are not safe, so long as such an immense amount is used to inflate tho market*, and increase trade beyond proper limit*. Tho eleven millions of dollnrs, now in the hands of the pet bank*, has been drawn from tho channels of trade, and approp iated to the inflation of a few stock bubble*. The capitul of the legitimate mer chant has been reduced to increase that of the stockjobber As fast as the deposits increase, speculation* increase, and the movement of trade become inflated, until the same evils are brought into existence that creatod tho revulsion of 1837. The inflation now going on must receive a check when the flr*t payment on the public debt becomes due ; but that can only be ti mporary. The Secretary of the Treasury has given no'ice that he is ready to redeem all outstanding Treasury note*. This will take about two million* of dollars, and reduce the lurplus very slightly, as tho receipt* continue very heavy. At present every thing appears in a very pro?perous state,but a year or two ?vill sufHJo to change the whole complexion of commer cial afl'iirs and brirg about another revulsion similar in many particular* to that of 1837. The tame element* are at work that produced tho former revolution, and the same cause wili ogain produce the same effect The first step to be taken towards preventing such a deplorable result, is the reduction of the tariff or the application of reitriction* to the hanking institutions cl the country, that will reduce price, and shut out importations A modification of both the fat iff and the banking institutions is required ; and the more expeditious the movement, the better fur the prosperiiy of the country at large Olil Stork ICxrhnnge* 5000 U Stale* fl'? I ISJa 50 Harlem II R >60 71 50IK) Jo 115}< 500 do 1)30 72 35OO0 do 115 11'0 Norwich li Wor C:i 2700 City 6's,'48 101 GO do 63^ 5000 Ohm 6'i 50 Morri* Canal 10 1000 do !I7*? 25 U S B ulk fl!.> 9500 rei??v|*nnia 5's 72 250 do 8;? 20 Sm'e Buik 85 100 Vicksliurg 7.'2 fi Molnwk U R 62 10 Kr e R R 21 7 do 61 >? 50 Farmers'Loan 30 50 Loiik Inland 83 50 do 39!* 50 do S2J? 325 do SUVA 50 do b30 113 100 do *30 3!>'j 50 do sly 80 10 do M1, 150 Canton Co 311 50 S nninirtoii RR 4<1-, 50 do #30 38 3U Mecli Bank 107 >2 tieiond llnnril. 5000 Pennsylvsni v 5's 72 75 Nor & Wor ?3 63'4 6000 Illinois6's, "00 ?|>ol I )-4 50 1I0 sl5 63 5000 do ?30 15 75 d<i 63M 16 City Bank 101 50 do *10 63>4 100 L Island R R 83 New Stock KirhaitR*. 1000 Arkansas 6's 50 125 Norwich k Wor 63 150 Karmera' Loan b30 (0 50 do 6 i'j 100 do call 39% 50 do *10 63?', . 25 do ti20 10 25 do l).!0 &>H 25 Morri* Canal I0J4 25 do 1)30 63H 100 do 10 50 do t>J 63>? 50 Canton Co 37% 50 do nw 63 50 do 38 50 do 63% 25 do snw 38 25 do lilO 64 25 Mohaw k R R 1.30 62 50 do 63i? 50 L l.iI ind R R 1)30 81 50 Harlem R R h 15 72 50 do >15 ?2>i 50 do 1)30 73 150 do 82? 50 do hl5 73 50 Taternon R R *30 79^J 50 do 1)3 72 Sai.ks of Stocks?Boston, Seft. 3 Hoard nf firuktm.?10 shares Western Railroad 88J; 10 do do b8l; 3d do do Iw 88fl ; 60 do do BhJ; ft do do ?8J; 00 do do bSj; 1 Lofton aud Loweil Railiouil I26J, 1 do uo do 136], 35 Norwich and Woicester Railroad 01); 3ft Ren ding Itm lrrild 3ftj|; 6 do do 3ft}; 35 do do3A}; 10 dodo 36}; AO 00 do 3ft ll(i; 10 Concord Railroad 61$; A'3O0 Mass* chusetts Five* 103]; ftjOOO U S Five* l'liij; $5000 do do I02J; *5000 do do io3|; !ji30t/0 do d 1 103J; $6000 Albany Citj 6'* ios]. State of Trade. Aihm?Potii continue dull at $4 18|. P?M?rls are very dull M |4 4Ui |4 >0. Cotio*? There wan ?n active onqtiiry today, which remtted in sale* of about 3000 hales, at rates jjrtidiinlly more in lavorof the bujer. Floii*?No change fmm yesterday's rate*. Genesee $4 IS] a *4 3ft Michig in $4 12} 11 $4 lb] Hav The receipts are quite Inrgn, and the demend ve ry tp Oder ate. Prime qualities lor export cell at 43 a 4ftC Commm at 36 11 3ttc. WhiSkkv Drudge casks are in moderate request at 34.- Prison ui.d Western bhrrels in lair demand at34]c Wh 41.K Oil and Bonf.? In this mm kit whale oil letches 37J a as cents cash. Whale bone in held at 47 a 60 cents There ore siles at those rates Sales ol Hptrm Oil wcie last wi 1 !t made in New Bad ford at nil cents a gallon; Whale Oil at 36} a .10 cunts; and Sperm Candle* at 31} cents a pound. Inipjrted into thn cuuntiv in the same time 334 bbls. sperm oil. 130 bbU whale oil, nnd 700 lbs. l/one. Tkas?A'Auction ?linpoited In the ship Probii* and brig Argyll). Terms ?Notes payable in the city of New York to be made salMactory to the telleis. Hyson?Ift double chtsts at $1 per lb; I0do7ftc; 17 chest* 70; 7 do Oft; 9 do and 10 half do 62}; 7 chest* 63; 7 half do 6'i}; 42 chests 6!>J; 17 do 66; 14 do 66; 'Xdouble client* and II ball do wuhdrawn. Voting Hyson 13 double rhenlsOO; 90doM)j; 14 do 78J; 14 half do 76; 33 do 741; 70 do 74, 43 do 73}; 47 do 73 10 do 06}; lO.'oO.i; 60 do 63; 48 do 61; 48 do 60; 10 do 68. 10 do .111.130 double do 67$; 31 do and 44che*ts fcflj; 102 111 chest* 40, 34 do 47; 0ft do 40J; 68 do 46; 30 do46j; 3H7 do and Aft double do 46, 0J lo 44. 13ft IihII do 43 j; 344 do 43, 20 catty boxesfW; 10 do 061; 6H0 13 lb Nines 46. Hyson Skin?40 chests 46; 14 do 46}; 31 do 411; lOi'o 37; 16 do 36}; 33 do 81}; 36do3l|; 10 do 38}; It do 33; 14 do 37; 14 do withdrawn. Ouopuwder?0 double chest* $1 30; 9h?lf do !)Jj; 17 do *3}, 34 do7Aj; 26 do 74; 17do67; 138 do 61; 364 13 Ibbx* 49; 60 6 lb l.nxv* 62; 3^0 do 60 Imperial- 0 double chest* "fit 01; 7 half chests 80; 13 do 734; >ft do 70; 6 do 68; 10 do 67;' 14 do 661; 78 do 60; 10 do A#*; 36ft 13 lb lioxei 4tiJ; 7.5 6 lb do 49; 176 do 48* I'ourhong-10 hall chests 40}; 10 chests .16; 31 do withdrawn. Cassia 3081 4 lb mnts at 18 eta per lb Jtlnrrled, On Tuesday evening. 3d instant, by the Rev. Joseph Law, Mr. Asthor K Rrnrn, of B ll'imo e, to Mis* Jam** IIalv, of this Pity. Bl<ttimon? popers plen?e. copy. Ifleil, On Friday evening, Aug 30, at Tompkinsville, Stattn Island, ol typhu* lever, Bkakmak Vam IU.ama* the IBth year ol bia age. PftAaenifem Arrlvwt. Limroo?i-HhiD Soutliemer?C.spt W Morris, Roval Nat?; Mi** E Hunt, Kmciand; Mr Wm I'air son and Mist Pairsou, nada, and 17I in the steerace. Liverpool?Ship Tarolinta?Mr Jolmson, and 158 in ihr steerage. Livkhpool?Ship Pacific?Mn Hale, Brooklyn; Mr* Hsle, N#wharvport, Maas; Miss A K Uousean, Boston; Btv G#o Punchard, PorUmouth, NH; Mi Be ij Hale, Geneva, and 55 in ttM^ge. Foril^n Importation*. Livprpooi ? Shin Southeruor?0 pk mere Godfrey, P^tfiton & co?199 sjt* esr'ware Wm Clnuicerv fit Co?7 nks mer t) Oak ev fit ?on-4 hardware J< hn A Ntwbold-I Newbold 8c Ru? ?el?I Ifo'irv Morris 8c c???? l Harmer, ratlin. Loop St co?1 lloo?ef#lt lie Pat sou?2 Hunt, Woodward fic Connah?2 Tracev Allen 8c co?51 Cameron 8c Brand?9?7 iro?? Fglinton fic B>ttell ?1 mpi McKee fit co?5715bar* iron HOtona pig 17 ckshard ware 12 cks ear'ware to order?1 hi* wool 57 caws mer do?70 J Beet* 8t sons?9 Ja* Lefiert*?22 ck? oil i'tpo B Merewood & co?25 cases mer Lewi* Atterburv fic co?7 cks hardware Ilal Htael fic Datb?13 mer Robins C Blackburn?3 Farnttm fic co?1 ha'e carpeting I apt Pihwr?ISctiki hardware Rdwin Hit it? 20 bale* lorries Garier fit co?1 do 12 cuts ind?* I Conah?'326 i Phelps, Dodge 8c Co?2 R Kin^hnd 6c co?113G Bleeker fic Cu'b out?9 cask* Sheldon, Phelps 8c co? 1 W Barton?Walsh fit , Maloney?1 White 8c Sheffield?1 ho* .1 Gray don?2 ca?es W St J T Tapacott?1 A W Spies 8t co?1 Withers V O'Shainfhnessy I ?1 8 Johnson?2*i Burritt fit Johnson?3 Barclay 8c Livingston I ?1 Wolfe 8cGlle*pie?I Towtsaend, Sayre fit co?5 G Clap* ham?10 K 1 Thomas St co?3 K fic S Roosevelt?I L La**ff?11 j T B May bee?0 A fic 8 Willetts?12 Wolfe fitJBlshop?I W ood, Koi-rer Sc V'e . er? 1 R Hyslop It son?7 Ma inini; fit Journcdy? 5 Wilson fic Voshurir?9 Smith. Thnrgar 8c co?5 I) Madden fit Sous?5 C-hittenden fit Bl????*?32 C*d#head fit co?51 U Cartledne ?72 T Hallidsy?214U G W Shields fit c?>?175 Woodhul fic co? 1 hardware K J Hubbard?7 Reip, Brothers fit co?21 John Oihon fic co?52 Bird, Gillilan fit co?10 Lord 8c Taylor?127 Tooke. Mead fit co. Liverpool?Ship Tarolinta?1 bale 7 case* 20 casks lobars nails 30 anvil* Richard Patrick?463 bars 100 bunnies iron D M Willson?2 cve? 1 bale 9 caiks R M Foster?9 cases 16 bales Cameron 8c Bra it?20 vrinduonet Jam s Barker?0 baskets, 39 c i*-> I ci ?to ' > I - i-i' nail *21 \ 11 > C S Hubbard I cask M Sinith-21 a ?vil? 7 baskets 1 ca-?k Town--e d. 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I hale Win I lav wood?20 bays nails 8 pits Reid fit Spr.i|;ue? 10 ca*e* 13 bis Godfrey, Patterson fit co?94 M H Hsydock?9776 baJs 210 bun hoop iron 8 Orrks?IB H Auckii;closs?40 bx* tin Hendrick fit Br?C# cs 20 bun (J F Sanderson?*100 bx* George H Strand4?900 tons 1112 bars 34 bun 2 cs bar iron Ki l?xs 13 ca^ks kI vss to order. Livkupool? Ship Pacific?93 hales md* J McCabe?50 tons iron Boorman fic Johnson?l bales md* WriRht, Stume* 8t Shaw ?1011 bars 22 bundles iron A Con^don?5 casks Oil More wood 8t co?'721 bars iron S Crook 8c co?7 c* 1) Madden?11 W Whitewriubt?24 J B Mairee?114 cr?te? Adanu 8t Brother?Ifi casks to do?ftl IjhIps C II Russell?2 do Lord fit Taylor?20 II Minckh vfitco?II crate* 3 hhd* K Oollamore?218 crates 19 hhds R Alcock?40 hnles bora* 111 cratei 7 ca?ks S A Horn? 0331 bars 131 tons iron 52 casks 13 cs 10 bales 17 hhds md/. 22 an* vils to order. Bom%ik?Schr Urbane?1200 bbls salt to J Foulke fit Son. MARITIME HERALD. Sailing llnyi of the Steamahlpa. f* ,1 r,:0M MtMPOOl. FflOM AMcmict. Sept. U Hihernia, U- ne St,pt ,6 Britannia, Hewitt Sept 4 (tcV | <'ftlfMtonia, Lnft Sent. 10 fw ia (1. VV?rmi, Matthews Oct. 12 '..!!!!!!!'" Nov It Mlilp TliiatrrH nnil AkciiIii. We shall "ifm it a favor if Captain* of Vessels will give to Rohf.rt Sii.vfv, Captain of our News Boats, a report of (he shipping left at the port whracr they sailed. th? vwwU spoken on their passage, a list of their canto, ami any foreign newspapers, or newt they may have. He will hoard tliem im mediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents at home or abroad, will also confer a favor hy sending to thin office all the Marine Intelligence thrv can obtain. Nautical Informa tion of .\nv kind will be thankfully received. PORT or WWW YORK, 8KPTKMIJER 5. srw risks 5 r. I moon risks 1121 sun ap.Ta 6 2.'i I hiijh water 2 10 Cleared. Ship Australia, (Swed) Zepliu, Hamburg, H?mlmrif. Wm. Weisser.?Briirs Isabella, Stewart, Ht. Johns. NK. H. Smith; Isaac Mead. Nichols, Savannah. It. M. Demill: K.mily, Slier wood, Charleston, Dunham St Dimon ? Sclirs Charlotte, Gay, Svvansboro, NC. N. I.. McCreadv St Co; Chesapeske, Post, Baltimore, I. B. (Safer; Cornelia, Kicketsoii, New Bedford. Arrived. Ship Southerner. Palmer, 3fidays from Liverpool, with mdse to Woodbull St Minium. I3lh uli, lat II 15, Ion 29 Id. etchanged aijpiaU with ship Adirondack, steering east. Aug I9lh, during a heavv gale from SK. George Watkim, seaman, a native, of N Vork, fell from the main-lopsail yard overboard, and was lost. Oil the morning of the 27th A 015., Dennis Kisher, seaman, a na tive of Pennsylvania, fell from the main-top-gallant yard, over board and was lust. Ship Taroliuta, Smith, 41 daya from Liverpool, with mdse to N I. St IS Griswold. Ship Porlemouth, (Slover, from Liverpool, July 2fi, with mdse and paaseugers to order. Ship Pacific, Hale, from Liverjiool, July 21, with mdse to Williams St Guion. Packet ship Duches D'Orlenns, Richardson, from Havre, July 24. with md?e to \V Whillock. "hip Medemseh, Chase, from Newport, Wales, with slate to Nesmith St Walsh. Brem. barque Ileinricb, Blencke, fiO days from Bremen, with mdse ami oassenters to Meyer 8t Stncken. Brie Columbus, from I eghom, with fruit, Stc. Schr Urban a, Small, of Pawlucket, 11 days from Bonair.with silt, to the master. I.eft Patriot, of and for Boston, 30 ds; Ra dius. ford" do, the only Am vesselt in port. Schr M B Robinson, Pugh, Newbein, NC., with naval stores to the master. Schr W D Borden, Bunnell, from Virginia, with wood. Schr K J Muuarll, Roe, Nansemond, with potatoes. Br schr Ocean, Oerish, from Boston, with plaster. Uelow. One ship and 1 brig unknown. Mailed. Barques Caroline, Volckman, Bremen; Diana, Ahlen, Ham bunt. CorreM|H>ndeiiee of the Herald. Riionr. Isi.afidkh OrricK, ) Nkwpoht, Aug 31, IBI4. J Arr 30th, Virginian, Code, Somerset for Richmond; Arke/.e ro, Lautou. do for Philadelphia; Planet, Howlaiul, Norfolk for llns port and Providence; Mnssasoit, Brown, Kali Miver for Al bany; Ho|>e, George, Providence for do: 31st, Kudora, Brown, N Vork for Full River; Margaret, Vork, Richmond; St Deiys Brain 111, Philadelphia for Warren; Pomona, Sherman, NBedford for Norfolk; ( 'andace, Brightmari, Baltimore for this port and Fall liner. Cld I rood Hope, Riley, Jamaica. Mltseellaiieoua Reeord. Schr Dart, (new) is advertised at Baltimore, to sail for Canton 011 the 7ui instant. Whalemen. Sailed from New Bedford 3d iusl. Alto, West, Atlantic. *IM>ken. Au ;. 31, 20 miles S S K Birnegat, schr Hirp, from Potomac River for Providence; same day ship Louisa, from Wilmington (Del) for Montague; Nt insl, oil Birnegai, schr Roscius, of Portland,6 "lays from Boston lor Philadelphia; asme day, schr Union, from Baltimore for Providence; senr Kgremonl, of Ma cliins, from Philadelphia for Boston.?B> pilot boat Blossom. Att?. 3(1. 2(0 miles K. of Smdy Hook, schr. Harriet from Pic ton for Kail River.?By pilot boat New Vork. Aug. 31, lat 10 JH Ion 71 .10, ship St Law rence, from Liverpool for Philadelphia; 1st iust. lat 40 l.i Ion 7H, briTamerlane, Irom Boston lor II iv ma.?By pilot boat Commerce. July 29. off ("ape Clear, Cornelia, French, from Liverpool for NVorli?by the Taroliuta, al this port. Aug. 10th, lat 41 30, Ion 33, Br barque Mars, steering east?by the same Aug. 2jih, 1 at 12, Ion 67 30, Hamh. ship Knickoboca, steering west?by tin' same. Foreign Porta. QfKtiM , Aug 30?Cld 80 (war. Mc Lei Ian, Gloucester; Hy Duncan. Kent, Cork; Standard. MrMullin, and luiletiendene*, McCsppin, Belfast; Lord Sandou, Welch, and Renfrewshire. Burns, Liverpool; Yoikshire, B >che; Irvine, M'dgewick, and Oolian, Slater, Bristol; lodei* ndeut. Kirkley, Newcastle; Sir Chas Korbm, Mather, and Mary Barbara, Marmaud, London; California, Auld. Greenock; 31st. Martha Ann. M'Doiiald, Dublin; Queen, Dison; J .hn St Mary, Brongball; Arethusa, Lister; Dyson, Crockett; Tam O'Shanter, Kllia; Jane, Potts, and Canton, Nicol, Liverpool; John Thoinps 11, Badcock, Poole; Imogeue. Foreman; Klizalieth, Weatberly; Harrison, Atkinson, and Marv Anil, Brown, Loudon; Lady Campbell, Powrr. Waterford; Vausiltart, Richardson, Stockton; Friends, Rose, Dublin; luugrity, Cockburn, and Marinus, Dick, New castle, Dick, Newcastle. Ii'.ke Porta. Bi tfai o, Sept 2?Arr Wi<konsan, (Sreal Western, and St Louis, Chicago; Kent, Pt Stanley; Columbus, (!onstrl|ntiou, 1/etii gton, and Richmond, Detroit; Maurice, Conneant: Skin ner, Milan; Mitchell, Clinton; Winnebago,do; Commodore, W Joy, Ney, Webster, and Trenton, Cleveland: Cbsnncey, San dusky. Cld New Kngltnd, Fiankliu. and Harrison, Detroit; Indiana, and Constellation, Chicago; Kent, Pt Stanley. Home Porta. Frawkfout, Aug 30?Sid Rupert, Curtis, Martinique. Bsih, Sept. 2?Arr ( barles, Sylvester, London; Cornelia, Slint.0.1, St. 1'homai. Cld Aug 30, Fo*, Card, Martinique; 3tst Frances Louisa, Soule, do; Billow, Lawrence. Boston. Porti.and, Sept 2? Arr Louisa, Blaucliard, Cadiz; Klovd, Hall, and Alcenus, Skolfield, Bonaire; Centurion, Norris, Ha vana; Hope, Mitchell, Norfolk; America, Crowell, NVork. Ni wnt'iivroiir, Sept 2? Arr Importer, M ush, Philadelphia. Boston, Sept 3?Arr Lu/.oii, Pollster, Hull, Kug; Cinderella. Crowell, Norfolk: Niagara, Lovell.Troy; Rubicon, Donne, and F.rtiulous, Small, NVoilt. ('Id Francia, VVells. Genoa; Natclie?., Liudsey, London; Robert St Louise, fllainbl Voss, Havana; Austin, Perkins, St J ago and a mlit; Miwelle, somerli)', ( ha's ton; Nauvoo, Niekerson. Wilmington, NO. to load lor West hnl es; Pompino, l)\er, Mobile; Berry, Sear*, Norfolk; J St W Krr '(son, Smith, Philadelphia. Pleiades, from Surinam, was off Gloucester tins morning. Ni.w Bkhford, Aiiij 3? Arr Avon, Salem for Georgetown; Sachem, Hunt, New Vork; Pinion, hlldrul : Albany; Harriet Dart. Barnes, Nansemouil. Hoi.mi s Holf, Aug 2!>? Arr Bowilitch, Emery, Mariegalante for Bangor; Sept 2, Kdu Preble, I'ettin^ill, Alexandria for Bos ton; Frances, Soule, and Aurora, Swift. Philadelphia for do; Perseverance, Weston, and Geo St William, Park, do fordo; Isabella, fin W iluiinttton NC. lor do: Light foot, Shs-per, Rirb uioud for do; Delaware, 1'rott. Philidelpnia for Portland; Gesi Wushiugtoii, Williams, Portsmouth for Philadelphia. Ni w lUvKS, Sept 2?Sid I'antliea, Herriek, and <Seo Loyal, Atvsater, West Indies; J Harding jr. Winsmore. Philadelphia. PlliLAOF.i.eiilA, Sept I?Arr Abbathula, Crain, Portland; Mary Augusta, Kirnbain, Boston^ Ai.f.xamiihia, Sept 2? \rr Virginia, Dexter, Barhadues. Sid Phetie Kliza, Osborne, N Vork. Fredkhk Rsnt'iu., Sept 2? Arr Olivia St Virginia, NYork; Tenas, Boston. Cld Hanaseekel, Portlnn.l. Savan.'saii, Aug 30?Arr Macon, Lewis, and Augusta, Sher wood. NVork; Kleanor, Furiest, Baltimore. Sid lly Jenkins, Lightnourne, Havana. MANSION HOU8K?LAKK MAIIOPACK, Aunt s r 27, 184i. AT a melting of the Boarders nt the Mansion Hons*1, convened in the Dining Room, Jnrie s Jones was called to the I b ur, and John O'Brien appointed Secretary. After a few rem irks from the chairman, the follow ing resolution was promised and adopted, Resolved,* That the thanks of this meeting be tendered to Mr. nnd Mrs. Samuel A. Berry, host and hostess of the Mansion House, for the very kind and liberal manner 111 which they have provided for our nec? ssities and contributed to our comfort, dur ing our sojourn with them, and that we recommend lite .Mansion House 10 our friends who visit the Lake. On motion of Henrf Burritt, a committee of three was ap pointed to wait 011 Mr. Berry with a copy of the above resolu tion. After which, it was Resolved, that the proceedings of this meeting be published in the New Vork Herald anil the Dally Tribune. Whereupon the meeting adjourned. J \MK.S JONK8, Chairman. JOHN O'BRIKN, Secretary. si lt?er WILL HI-: PIMU.IMIKI) <>N TlirKyPAY. isrnlenihi r .1th, A WORK K.NTITLF.D THK DORADO II AULA DO II: OR. LIFK AND ADVKNTI RKS OF ALONZO. the Servant of many Masters. Translated from tlie Spanish of Doctor (Jerouimo de Alcala, a native of Segovia. Price T1>.. cts. W.\l. M. ( IIRISTV, I'liblislier. at 2tis*r< ^ No. 2 Astur House. AUCTION SALES. BKXJAMIN MOONKV. Auctioneer. ?ffXKCUTOirs HALF. OF FRKNCH OKItMAN AND ENGLISH FAvCV GOODS, fcc.&c-B. MOONKV fitTo will sell This Day, Sept 5th at 1# o'clock, at tl e No 01 Maiden l.aoe, Qt'O cases and lot*, b*?<ntr ti e entire stock of tM imi orter. con?i*ti . in | irt ? f fit: H <ajit Fw.ifh iHl nlab ater and marble t l.x-ks; Ida fiiejfold a>.d *ilrer Watch#* ,oi various kimh; irnld and gilt Jewelry; 2c ? e? hrouzrd t'andfl t? bra?, Caudleoiek*, Mantel O name wilt a id plain porce lata Tea Sets, Lid.e*' Work and '1 oil*t Boxe*, (Jentlemeus' Dressing Case*, Hluwl and Glove B?xes, \ccordi?ns, Oi?era Gla*?*s, Mirror*, Finey French Soan, K*se ice*. lie Ike Also, 2 0 l*n?*e and small round, square aud oval Glass Shade* AUo, f case* Stands for Shade*. Al*o. 1 Rosewood Orgtn Piano, marble top, playing fourteen

tunes, co t Also, I'l ted War*. Candlesticks, <'?ke Baskets, Waiters, kc. Also, .V) Mits fi . Tea Tray j, Bre ?d do Toother with an extensive assortment of Atic Parisian Fancy Goods C .t dogues are ready and the good* can be seen to the hour of sal*. s6 lt*ec FOR 8ALF. AT AUCTION. " A SPLKNOID FAR Si on the Hudson river, town of Newbargh, Oriou'e couuty, our mile west of the village. containing 107 acie*, in a nigh state of cultivation, well watered , (bounded *est by snever failing ??f water,) a good new house, two stories, and kitchen ; a good lar?;e uew Barn and Lime-Kiln, and plenty of limes tone- The farm will be divided or sold together, as will best suit the purchasers. The greater part of the money can remain on bond md mort gage, as will best suit the purchaser. For particulars, enquire at 419 Broadway, corner of Canal, N. Y.. or # f Mos?*h Wilson* on the premise*. The sale will le on Friday, 6th of Sept., at the Orange Hotel. Nrwhurgh. at 12 o'clock aug?3, 2w*ec WANTKD?\ resoecHide young or m>ddle-a?ed American Woman, to take charge of a Temper u?cr Saloon. Vd dress, with name, refeience and residence, O. IVlAHKS, Herald Office >6 !)t?rc WAN I'M)?A Hotel Ylan with ft small capital, to purchase the Hotel and Fating IIou?e, at tlie landing ? I the Boston tnd Philadelphia Boars, now doing a first-rate bu*iness. fc*u mire at Vo. ' W?".t stoet, corner Battery Place. *5 2t*rc W AiVl'LL), 1) Y A Y O IJ N O ? E It MAN, Ninktvin Vr.tli or A?;k, A SITUATION TO THAVKI.U'ITH A fr'AMII.Y. ?> ?ingle gentleman. lit- can s|iea!( three langimgt?, High aim) l.nvs Herman ami * liltli' of tlie Krench Mid Knglish. Al i'lV al Nil. 11 Stone street?or a note addressed to Iii rsui, .u tlm Herald Office, will I*attended to. s3 3t*in \\T A N T K I) IM M KI> IA T Kl/V-A resectable W,7. '* man of unexceptionable recommendations and character, to take charge of a child. Apply at the office of the Herald. ?3 3t?rc WANTKD?A nullified Henriureis, with good chaiacter, well recommended and skilful Apply at thin office. ?3 :it? rc LOS I'?Oil the 4 th instant, a dark in ? >1 ? ft ?C Kr. i tii ?ok in going through Bund streetdown Broadway. It contained twenty-one dollar* in livii dollar hills, on the Lealhrr St Manu facturer's Bank, and one (the Bank not remembered,) besides several memorandums and |ia|iers. of no u e to any m.e hut the owner. The linder will confer a f?v,ir by reluming i' to A. O. BK('K, No. 45 Bund street, or 149 Water street, who will re ward the name liberally. %i 2t*rc TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. TAKEN from on board the steamboat Columbus, at the Pier, I foot of Chambers street, on Tuesday afternoon, September I 3d, 1H1I, about half past 4 o'clock, a small light colored trunk valise. The above reward will lie paid for the recovery of said valise and its contents, on its delivery at the American Hotel, corner of Broadway a"d Barclay streets. s1 3i*rrc dk() KKWAKD?Lost, a SEAL WATCH KKY. with a yp/~/ cutting on a brown it ne of a Battle Snake going through the grass, with the word "Beware" over. The finder will re ceive the above rewaru by leaving the same at this office. i Ith dtjIO non T" LOAN?Either on Original or Assigned ,[p 1 5V V7 Bonds anil Mortgages, in minis to suit borrow ers, on improved Ileal Kstate in this city or Brooklyn. Apply to n EVANS. s'> 3t;s*m 16 City Hall I'lace. GENIN'S IMPROVED MOLESKINHAT7" FALL STYLE. Price .14,50. r* NOW HEADY, at OENIN'S well-known Kstahlish meat. a highly improved and rery hnritiful Moifskin Hat, nude in close Imitation of the Krench Hals, from the most celebrated manufactories of Paris. Having now on hand an as sortment of the imported article made hy Mugnier, gentlemen will lie enabled hy act"al comparison, to judge for themselves of the almost complete identity of the two articles. Manv under these circumstances, have i referred those manufactured by the subscriber, not merely for their /(renter cheat/new, but as pos sessing, in an eminent degree, those qualities for which the French Hats are so justly admired, yit :?solidity of brim. which adds so much to general durability, and which alone 'he shape and co'it' iir of the Hat is preserved?superior grace mid beauty?hifh lustri and neatness of trimming The snbscriber, not onlv from his knovvlege of the article, hut also from the great sntisfaction of those who have purchased, can confidently reeoinnie id ihem to the gentlemen of New Vork as being superior to any thing of the kind heretofore manufactur ed in lliis country. He then-lore solicits a call and examination of their merits. . J. N. OENIN, 211 Broadway, opposite St Paul's. The usual full and choice assortment of Beaver, Nutria and Cassim?re Hats. Also, a full assortment of Mens, Youths and Infants (,'aps. <5 lin*rc LEAKY & CO-FASHIONS. CJ. ENTI.E M E N'B HATS of our inimitable .tvle, fur tln? ~ en?unii{ aiitiiniu, will be ready for sale anil delivery on arid after the 31st in?t. LEAKY tk ( O. No. 4 and S Aitor House. N. H. Our ' Circular of Kathion" will lie forwarded to those who aildmt us post paid. >1 fitis rrc rPHK SUBSCRIBERS, WM. SCOTT tCOTSiuld inform tin' Ladies of New York and in vicinity tint haviux reci v er d tli*1 greater part of tin* t to,>d. stolen from their store on tlm night of the 22d of August, and havinit made larRe additions to their stock during the last few days, they are now prepared tool fer to their customers, and those who may favor them with an examination of their stock, such an assortment of new and de?ir able (looil., consisting of Laces, Ktnbroiderv, Kail Hibhons, and every variety of K ?ncy Articles, a., is rarely to |>e met with, and at prices that will ensure their ?peedy sale. WM SCOTT & CO. Heturn theirpratefnl thanks to their frie ids fur the svinpathv manifested on account of tlie late occurence, anil for the general encouragement and support they hate received since the com mencetneut of their business at 509 Broadway. (3 atins'i e. WM. SCOTT St CO. "bakery to let. Jflk THE LOWEH PART OK A HOUSE, 2nd Oreem street, near Amity street, with t\\?|$ood Otens, and every jm convenie ice to carry on n large business, is to let reason " aUe. The stand is an excellent on*. Enquire of K. A. HKIT/, on the premises, ?J 3r?m ToOTH-ACHE CURED IN ONE MINUTE, by the use of the CLOVE ANODV NE.?This is an excellent arti cle, and will cure the most violent tooth ache or pain in the Hums in one minute. The ' love Anodyne is not unpleasant to the taste, or injurious to the teeth, and will I'KHMAsr.NTl.v cure any tooth to which itJs applied. Pr ce iU cents. Kor sale by A B. SANDS & CO., Chemists and Druggist, 73 Broadway, corner Chambers street; iO I"ultun street, and 77 East Broad way. ?J ltn-ec WHT?hi REAR'S O I [, -C Mm* HIOIILV SCENTED AM) PURE KORTHK HAlR.-Of all preparations * 1 lor the hair or w?u*k' s, nothing equals tlie oil prepar-d from Hear'* Grea?e. In most instances, it restorer i|n? li^ir to the bald, a' il will ?*n> ?*tuall> preserve ?t from falling off iii an> event. It \\ a* long noted by such eminent phtsict ms ami chemists, as h?; late Sir Humphry Davy ami Sir Henry Talford, *hat pure Hear * Grease, properly prepared, was ?|ie best thliYtc ever dis covered f" ?r tin- pre ervation of tlie hair, or restoring it when bald. Messrs A. B Sands & Co. have saved no ex|?eii*e in get ting the gen nine Bear's Grease from Canada ami elsewhere, and have prepared it in such a manner thai the Oil, combined with it* high i?erfume, render* it indisj>e.ii*tble for the toilet and dress ing-room of all. Bold by A. B. HANDS &. CO., No. 273 Broadway, Granite Buildings, corner of chamber* street. 1 m*ec ROMAN EYE HALSAM. KOR WEAK AND INKLAMEl) EYES This valuable Balsam has been used for many years, in pravate pnetice, by the iik -;t celebrated Oculist* in thi? .md foreivn countries, and inay be confidently relied ii|h>h as th*? mo*t safe and speedy cure for weak or inflamed eyes, arising from any Ciuse, that has ever been otlercd to the world. Its pe culiar operation consists in removing all unhe Ithy action in the vessels of the eye and parts adjaceut, substituting a healthy pro cess which soon results in a perfect cure The afflict-d are in vited to try and l>? convinced. In small jars, price 26 cents. Prepireo and sold by A. B. SANDS St CO., Wholesale ami Retail Chemists and Dnigtfists, 273 Broadway, c< r Chambers strc?t, (Granite Buildiui:) and 19 Fniton strset; 77 East Boad way. s.'? lm*ec gTvTT KKD AND CillEV IIAIli AND W1II8 KER3 ANOTHER COLOR. . is there, young or old, that likes red or grey hair? This question applies to both seies, and should be remem bered if they feel inclined t > change the color of their locks. " lied cheeks are pretty?not red hair? The l itter shames complexion fair." The celebrated Italian D>echmges red or grey hair or whis kers to a beautiful natural looking brown, auburn or black, without staining the skin in the levst. This is warranted: whe, then, will go with red hair or red whiskers longer ? The Italian Dye add* a glossiness and appearance to the hair equal to na ture. Prepared and sold by A. B. SANDS & CO., Chemists and Druggists, 273 Broad wav, corner Chambers street, in the Granite Bnilning. Sold also at 79 Fulton street and 77 Kast Broadway. Price .'iO cents. s6 lm*ec 1.Y1 l?H()VKI1TcI I KM iCAL UQUI lTlll'ODEL DOO AND AN'ODYNE LINIMENT Forthr radical and prrmanrnl nirr nf (ioulu ?IJjn linn* mill lihrinnalir I'aini, InHolrnt Tumori, Swrllrd /'"r/'i/n, Hi nisei. Cramps, Sprains, Nutnbne/is oj thr l imits, Stiffness or ll'rakntss of thr Joints; also, Pain hi the Hrrast, Hark or f.oins, Pain and Swelling nf the. Fare, Sore Throat, Mumps, ?| 'HIS embrocation is a rare and valuablecombination of warm s stimulant and anodyne ingredients, and will be found fsr su* I perior to any of the Opodeldocs or Liniments heretofore, invent | ed for the above mentioned maladies. As an external application to remove Pain and Inflammation, its beneficial elfeets are im* ! mediate and certain; and in Rheumatic Pains or Onuty Affec i lions, its soothing and anodyne properties are manifest soon .if I ter its application. Pi ice 25 cents. Pn i?ai?-d and sold H|???!esa|e and retail, by A. B. SANDS & < O., Cheiuiitsand Druggists, 273 Broadway, corner of Chamlicrs street, i5 1in*ec 79 Kulton ?treet, and 77 Kast Broadway. J IMaMAUKIJ zinc. TWENTY C AH K 8?FOR SALE BY \V . H . J O II N 8 T O N , No. m Wall Htrert. ltis*m fKnosi mi Evr.^mo I'otT.I DENTISTRY?-"DH. A. O. CAMTLK, wl o baa lived a long while in this city, has obtained an enviable and distinguish ed eminence iu his profession. He operates on - the teeth with grett skill and ability. He has also prepared a composition for tilling decayed teeth, in the form of a soft |?aate, which while it resists all acids and infecting agents, it becomes as hard as the tooth itself. From our own exi^rience it is Iteautifully adapted for the teeth, and more particularly for nervous liertons." A. C. CASTLE, M. 1)., 0|ierative Dentist, s.'> lib .i8l Broadway, c<ir. of White st. TIIHATKE FOR RENT. qMIE RICHMOND VIRGINIA THEATRE, is for rent I for the season, comvueneing on the i^t Octobornevt I' i> now receiving such reoairs and new decorations as will make it, when completed, equal if not suiieriorin it? ap|M>intinents, to any theatre of its ?r/,e iu the Union. Addre?s PROPRIETOR THRATHE. au3fl 2taw3w*rc Richmond, Virginia. hot lurri oNs, out mjglks, etc'. nAGl ERREOTYPE MATERIALft?(Genuine C? logne W iter?Agate Stones?Fancy Good*, fcc?For sT|e by ki)W HEN, \n and ?0 Liberty st-eet. upstairs. I|?>mnr?opsthir Medicia>e? imi?or*r*d order ?,< W"d*rc AKjj\ Ivii.^-iVir. Ae?tUlu neg.t ie*|M-ci|tilly to mluiim ie- j ui-lic and his fneuda in general, that lie Ins pnrchised a seh ctioii of tlie lw?l < >|? ra. now idaviint in London and I'aiis. and in tana. I? Inruniii t.i Am. rir.i itnnieilial. lv, in order to pimMM them. Ml Hen?iii is hip|>v to sav lie ha. made arraiiK?inents Willi Mr. Kra/er, a Tenor of tie hiltbent repute in London, who will .croin|nnv Mr. and Mrs. Maguiu to tlie I'nttrd States s< Jtaw4w*rc AMUSEMENTS. PAKK TIIKATKK. Boxes ... $1 I Pit... SO rents I (iallery .. ii cum Doors oi?i al 7?l'he Curtain will rise pr*ci?el> ai half-past 7 THIS EVENING^ Sep' S I., will be j erfurm? d, Macbeth. Macbeth Mr. Anderson, Macduff.. .....Mr. Dyott. Lady Macbeth Mr* Slutiun. To concl"lit* with SHOCKING EVENTS. Griffinhof. Mr. Chippendale. PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE. DR. LARDNER'S ENTERTAINMENTS. 0CJ-TICKETS TWENTY-FIVE CENTS-C# LAST \1GHT HUT T W O . THIS EVENING, Tliurmluy, September .Itti. THE MINOR PLANETS. TELESCOPIC ILLUSTRATIONS ? OPTICAL R E C J; K A T I O N s! (T7"To commfuM at 8 o'clock *4 ltrct NIUUI'K OARDFIV. Comer of Broadway and Prince street. New Vork. The Kntrrtainin-nu are nndrr the sole din etiou of MB. MITCHELL. Doori open Rt 7?Entertainment* commence at ft precisely First night of Beauty anil The 11- ??t. in which Mr. Mitchell will .appear a? John Quill. Likew ise til" favorite niece of tin* Alpine Maid, in which Mr. HollaJiil ? ill .>ppaar in the character ot Swiir. THIJRSIMY EVENING, September 5. will lw preseatse', BEAITV AND THE BEAST. John Quill, Mr Mitchell Beauty, Mi? Taylor The Beast, Mr Dunn Crvton Pump, t.sq, Nickinson Drrssalinda, Mrs Harilwick tlarvgoda. Mrs Waita t^ueen of Rotes, Miss Mario . Black Cupid. Mast Wood U.Intermission of hall an hour To conclude with, THE ALPINE MAID. Waller .Mr Dunn Stv ^ Mr Holland Burgum -.ter Mr Evemrd Dnme Glib M rs Walts Rowttl Miss Taylor n"7"NO Pl)fc?TPON F.SlENT at this establishment on ac count of weather, as the Grand Entrance from Broadway to Uie Saloon i? protected, and the New Saloon, which i* ventilated from the top and sides, can be euclowd at a moineut'i notice. IRISH MINSTRELSY. MR. McMICIIAEL WILL GIVE AN EVENINO OF IRISH MINSTRELSY, ore Thursday Evening next, AUi September AT THE SOCIETY LIBRARY, BROADWAY, WITH Mew VOCAL ILLUSTRATIONS! Principally (elected from MOORE'S IRISH MELODIES, Intcnpersad with Notices, Historical and Humorous. He will give a Selection of VOCAL ILLUSTRATIONS FROM LOVER'S SONGS Off THE SUPERSTITION OF THE IRISH. K"7"To commence at 8 o'clock. TICKETS FIFTY CENTS-To he had at the principal Mutic Store*, and at the Door. ?4 2trc APOLLO SALOON. THE ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELS, grateful for tlie estra -*? ordinary patronage thus fir bestowed u|^>n their efforts. Iieg to iiiform their friend* and tin* public generally, th?t THIS EVENING, (Thursday,) Septtemler Jih. they will intro duce a variety of new and popular Songs, OltM, Calclm, Chorusse* a d Solos, accompanied by the Banjo, Accordisu, Triangle, Conio, Tambo and Bone t.aitiuetta. The peculiar novelty offered on this occaiiou, they truil, will meet with th? continued approval of the public, and every endeavor will he made on their part (o retain the unprecedented success which ha* thin far crowned their efforts to please. Tickets of Admission only 2j cents. *.'> 11 *?c COMPLIMENTARY HALL. CONSTITUTION HOTEL, corner of Iflth street, and First Avenue, WILLIAM C. FAHLEV, 1'rojirietor. The undersigned, desirous of evincing their high regard for the Proprietor of the above hospitable and wel I-con due ted establishment, propose to give him a Complimentary Ball, on Thuriilny Event ^ nth Dodsworth s Cotillion Band is engaged Mr. Lucas will have the management of the Ball Room. Jaines C. Freeman, Colonel Sheldon, Frank During, Oliver Johnson, Couataiit'ne Donohoe, John Kelly, Thomas Whelm, Thomas Kelly, Wm.W. Kidder, Philip M'Cajdal, P. < ogan. Tickets, to admit one Oentlemsn and two Ladies, (I?to be had nt the hotel, or from an) member of the Committee. s3 :it*rct ______________ OONCLKT MOJIJlL\ 2HAND VOCAL AM) INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT, X nt J. PINTKUX'S Cafe '(!??? Mille* Cclonuea Saloon, No *i07 Broadway. Knitagement of Mint Adair, the fine Vocalist. Thj* well known establishment has been comiderably em bellished Mince .May. Itefieshments of the beat kind can always be had at the bar, with the attendance of careful waiters, A well vftntilMted hilli trd nom containing ei?ht tables communi cate* with the saloon on the ssme floor?th^ ice* and cream*, Uie best the city itffords, can at all litnt** Ih? obtained. Kntrance Fl?? ?1 2w*rc MR DEMPSTER'S JOCAL ENTKHTAINMKNT8, N. Y. Society Library, ' Broadway and l<eonard street*. Mr. UKMP8TKII bat the honor to announce his intention of giving three vocal entertainments on the evenings of Moudav, Wedneadav, andFriday, 2d,4tn, md 6th September, whan will introduce his iK>|?iilar compositions, including the Lament of the Irish Kmi^ranl; The Blind Boy; Jeanie Morrisen; The Lonely \tald VVife; Let us Love One Another; A Home in the lleirt; 'J I" Loved was uot There: 'Tis sweet to Love in Child hood; (I'ht- Indian's Compliint) Oh, why does the While Man follow my Path/ The Death of Warren, ke.; Scottish Bsflsda ?John Anderson my Jo; My Nanuie O; Mary O'Castle Carey; Tak' your auld Cloak about ye; A Mill's a Man for a'that; Highland Mary, lie. Programmes giving full |iat ticulan, to be had at the music stores, the Society Library, and at ihe door. Tickets fill cunts, to lie had at the door. Doors ojien it half past 7?to commence at 8 o'clock. auM lo sept6 ee THbALHAMKA, ftlW Bnosnwav, Nrmwu irii Purice ftrurn. 1'HIS fafhionahle rlace of r--? t is open for the rev. .n. The lees, FruiU, Jellies and o-her r 'ie.hni?iita, ore of the finest description. An Orchestra, combining some of th. first music I talent in the city, |ierforin ever) even.: i -set pi S tunlays and Sundays, favorite pieces from the Comi*>?iti< r of Slrans, Lam er, Aubsr. Bellini and others equally celebrafHil. BRANCH, No. 161 East Broadway, our door nbuve iintver stieet, where the same delightful ice C fefttiu aj>d Itefieslitnent* may be found. anil Imisrrc COLNiANS LITERARY SALOON, C< >STUME GALLERY, AND EXHIBITION OF bEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS, No. iillS Mniiulwii), New York. NO" ADMISSION ONE SHILLINO ONLY. U STRANGER should leave the city without calling in t> seethe Great ' ollsctions of Books, Paintings and Eu graviuia . which are offered at "prices to suit the times." The Pi BLIC SALE IIOOM is tilled with book* of every kind, in v rious languages, including Prints and Pictures, to see Thir>i. and lie t'rinl U? .n? vol hiih.i \ ELYSIAN FIELDS, HOBOKEN. O YMNASTIC EXHIBITION. PANTOMIME, ETC. VIV THE ELLSLEK BROTHERS. ON WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY AFTERNOONS, Sen tember 4th and 1th, will lie given a new and entire chance of performance, to commence w itb thegraiid and wonderful feats of gymnastics, displaying their incredible feats 01 ktn-iigth, Toms d'Adiln-sse, agility and elegance, and will conclude the first part with ihe Tableaui of the ATHENIAN OAME8, or the Double Anneaiis lp- An intarmission of half an hour. To conclude with a splendid uew pantomime as THr. I1.ISIIB HROTHKRS. IS HE I) E AD OR A I, I V F. ? Or, Les Accidents d'unc Oourmand. Perftirmances lo coaimenre at half-past 3 o'clock precisely? weather |?Tmittiug. Eihibilion free. st Ji?et WALIVIT UTRKKT THK.ATHK. E. A. MARSHALL, LESSEE. Tlie (tegular Sesson at this establishment will commance on SATURDAf, Sept. 7th A mei-iiiig or file (Company will take place on the morning of Wednesday, ihe 4th. at II o'clock, in the (iteen ItiMim. A full and puiiciml it tendance is requested. W R. BLAKE, Stage Manager. Philadelphia, August 21d, IMt. au29tos4|<7. MMEDICAL CARD?DOCTOR OLOVER confines bis practice principally to the treatment and cure of delicate diseases in llieir diffep-ut slsg-s Also, ( ileets. Stricture*, Oonor rhma. Seminal Weakness, (llistiuate IJIrers, and all Sore, sri sing I mm impurity of the blood. His es|ierieuce *nd success in the cure of this cla.s of di ^ises sre very great. Persons af flicted with any of the above named diseases who have been considered incurable or difficult of cure sre invited to nnke ap plication at Itia office, No. 2 Ann street, nesr Broadway, ad joining tlie American Mua?-um, where he may hi- consulted confidentially at any hour during the day and evening until III o'clock. ? ' 11 * eC I CLIFTON HOU8R, ON THE B A V S I D F.. 8 T A T E N ISLAND, NEAR " THK. NAHKOWS." I?OR PERMANENT BOARDEIIS, trauicient Indgera and I day visitors, offers an opportunity of enjoying the sea breere, a view of land and water unequalled for it* pictures, ineoess ihe luxury of the sea bath, (the sea beach being wiihin half a mile of tlie house.) The dinner hour |> o'clock??>u Sunday at J o'clock. Su lienor carriages in att. iidsuO for tlie accommodation of tlir guest*. A fine Bowling Alley and Billiard Room, a(r just finish ed for the amnserm lit of ihe patrons of the establishment. (JEOHOE PIEKIS, Proprietor. N. B.?Two of tlie bestroom* in the llou.e may lie had foi the remainder of the leason, on immeiliale application of fiuni> lie*. On Sundays the boat* run to Siapletnn. landing every hour Carriage* in attendance to convey |?i*aei.gir* to t lift on Hou*e sill Imiarc A~PARIS-"mTLLENAH Y 'I'A11L1SIIMENT IN NEW YORK BAHENNF. fc CO.. patronircd by tlie Court* of France and Belgium, of II Place Vendoine, Pari*, have the honor of making known to llie Ladies of the United State* <nd those of therityol' New York particularly, lhat they will open a branch of their well known and fashionable Millinery Establishment, on Thursday, the 12th of September, on the corner of Broadway and Orand street, (entrance No. 114 Orand street.) Tlie branch in this city will be under tlie immediate su|ieriii tenileiire of one of the principle ladies of the Pari* house. Tlie ladies sre respecffnlly solicited to visit (he saloon*, where lhe> will always find every recherche article in tlie inilliliery line from Paris, by tlie Packets as they *rnve P, S Tliey would also inform iho.r . vi?ed it the milliner* business in Ihe priiiri|?l cities of tlie I'moil, 'hit ill ^rtirle> connected with their business, ?nd lie- latest fashions, can b? npplted previous to their being opened to ihe public in this city I Inters I unrtuallv iltendeil|| fwjl W II NK?10 Ton* Old liusaia 'I'arred Hope, for sale by ?' I'ERSSE It BKOUKS, No. to and #7 Nassau street. UV THE SOUTHERN MAIL. HlUiaileiplilsu [Co/r??po.i<J?i.Ct of t!ui lla.'ild] 1'H'LiUi.i.rniA, Sept 4, 1944. Frfdnriek Hess, trie J yeit :ri!iy tin ar?on iu the ' iimj. rial Court, was louu'' y ttrit) U?t c vening but r*commend ed lo meuy by the j ir). Ilea* i* a meie boy, laid to be of rt ?pect ililw < oiii.t xiutif Hi.d is tLe fir?i person Hied for participating ii'li Kensington riot*. Tin' individual ?l.u ?iau Is charged with being engag'M in the burning ot St. Angutiint'a Church, <i "iry, was placed upon trial iliu nw.r. itrg, win h wax concluded abcut half put one, wheutlie court ailjonrne.1 until to morrow morning. The te.tin.ouy against th? prioner amounts to mere nothing, ?nd I should barely in; potr a jury could ever convict upon stich doubtful evideuce.? The prisoner la al-o a com arative stranger, having neither money or fiiend* 'o ? n*ag> counsel, and ?ai dims l<f( at the mercy ol the Coi<im<'Uwealili, which I tru*t will ?ew justice retilured. He strongly protest against tin* chargt-a made. The " Spirit of the Times" is very ?-v< r? ii|?on the Natives, piriirnlH'ly Levin and Gen. Pe'?r Kin nmi'h. 0?n. t'oiiktautine C"llma, the Irish whig oraior. ?| urns ? be former while a Florida corris|ionderit, < harle? B) me, viol' ntly denounce* the other in this morning's paper. The " 'I imes" it lich ! Thu special convention of thu Kpiscapal Church (f Pennsy rvai.ia, will asun.hle lo m< riow lor the purpose of considering the resignation ol Bishop Oudeidnnk and certain other matters conntcted with thia very amiable, moial. and virtuous prelate. Hmnnl Hemphell one of Recorder Vativ's otlifer*, has been caught t \torting from a |ioor woman and very projerly held tu bail in *700 to answer. The Recorder should dismiss him at once This thing is too Common among th? Philadelphia police. It was very atrnsmg to see,Bela Badger and Osrin Bay ley?both |very cltver fellow a, no doubt - arrayed in a comical dress this morning, as the " Clay Minmtrls," pa lading our public streets, m rou r lor Lancas'er, where they are to entertain their Whig lnenils w-morrow with "Clear the road lor Henry Clay," lie. It was a rich affair. A young mrm, named Nicholas Ilare, now tinder hail in *5,000 on u charge of participating in the Kensington riots, was arrested at thu instance ol several Irishman in Kensington Inst evening, taken before Alderman flugli Clark, whose character is well known to the whole com inumty as one ol the mo<t dangerous men in that district j and held lo ball in an additional $6,000. ti|ion the paltry plea of having talked ra*her loud, whereby they allege he was inciting a riot. tic. Shame ! shame !! A little girl, named bcanlan, was severely injured thia morning by being knockiddown and ran over by a hois* and vehicle in Walnut street. The dry goods store of a Mr. Conolly, in North Hth street, between Market and Filbert, was considerably injured by Are this morning ahottt two o'clock. The fire men were somewhai puzzled to And out the location of the Are. in consequence of the stupid manner in which the "man in the steeple" rang the bell?almost every di rection. Tha " iron accepting" and county companies generally refused to go into service, for which I gira them great credit Timothy Croney, another of the Kensington ruffians, was arrested yesterday afternoon, and committed lo prison to answer the charge of being an active paiticipantin that disgraceful and bloody drama, by which the live* ol such nobln'spirits a.i Sheffler, Co*, lUiinedollar, Wright, Ram say, Hammitt, and one or two others, were sacrificed. Let Justice be meted out to Croney and his associates. John Campball, another Irishman, was brought into the Court of ttessiom'thi* morning, and committed to answer the charge of murder, having been engaged in the Ken sington riots He was seen to load and Are upon the Na tives A true hill has already been found against him. Welch's Circus is doing well. I had the pleasure of conversing with the General this morning, and really I must confess his trip up the Mediterranean and elsewhere, has greatly improved his appearance Hi* company are unequalled, particularly Rodgers and Nathans Master* Kincadn and Olenroy are astonishing boys. Welch de serves much, and I trust hi* sojourn here will be profita ble. Th? Walnut open* on Saturday with a strong and ta lented company. The house in well managed Burton extern well, but he is not sufficiently patronised Hlnrks are advancing Kverj thing ?e.n>s looking Brighter, and if our bu^jnexs nu?ii only popscsflfd a little rr.oraenarBy.tho sales would rapidly incite. Today. Wilmington and Reading llmiroiid shaics both rosa 4 while other descriptions displumed en upward tend. ncy e,noTT. ,Bo';,"r411 Wilmington H R . , ion do -M-, $400 [.. high M Loan, cash 0rt , $?? IKMI Reading Railroad llonils fl'l; pin Heading. f-litire- 'J6l : 4 IJ 8. Bark 81 $*)<)cotiniy &>, 03 ; $MXWt Dele ware and Chesapeake', oV. 87} ; n75 Girard Bat.k, 11| 8m.oip Bimmd -$inn Lehigh a's.SO; Ml Wilmington Railroad. ?4j ; *?.>('0 Cher?rei,L? and Canal, fl'a, 89; $MP Pennsylvania, ft'. 7^|; *20110 Wilmington Aa 1H68 HI ; *400 do do, 1865, 84 , 14 U H Bank, Si , f,4000 Reading Bunds. 60. ? Drath or a United Ptatks SgNATon.?We re gret to |,v?n that the Hon William S Fupon, one of ll.o U. S. Senators from State of Ark^n^as, died lit hi* ri ti dence. Bhont a nule from Little Rock, on the 16th ultimo ? Nal Tnltlligtncrr, Stpt 3 8HI** UKU S C?rrea|K>ii<lencc of the Ilei-Mld. . . , .. . . Phi la nKi.FM i a, Sent t?P M wlTlmfc.1 '? Tr"V' NV Below, Amlapil,. plf"yr?. Don Nichol.s, Drink .iter, 01 tlaud, Baltimore. Leary, flo*f?>??; I hebe Baxter Da Hr,.< g* Umu:-8rmr*^.do; Fiona*i.Iteed, 6uhton, ,\U.Vm lUrt, vMdv.Watrvii, RI.: Jane lie. deririn, llen.on, Trov, N > . Squhe Brother.. Steelon,, IW dc re, J .1 -7 t. \\ ki>. Yoik'"' K'v,"r; Iodine, Blew, NVork; Ashland, Mason,N1 B.i i imom?, Sent 1?Arr Vermillion, Seiman. New Yo:k: Michiga i.; L Suuthaid, llurke, Plnladeli hia. ( li/ q' .i Binton, Rio de Janeiro; Aneima Birckhend. Brown, for South America; Selii-a, Jackson, Rio C-ra. ue and a nmket.? Hid. Leil.1 11 wit ma, Rotterdam; Allen. Klockeeihei. Bremen; l"",e'"'0' ?',lelU?- f<'? ,le A PLEASURE grounds FRIDAY h "l',TH.IRTY DfM.I.AR.i-To come ,ff on fl'V ' 1 I. ? at 4 o foi .ill Horses ^MM;,,pr.r:y ^!rou.K,,I"M ,o u -?"".r/xr ('KXTi{Ail KAIL ROAI?. FROM SAVANNAH To MACON, GEORGIA. _????) ffl& jpul Tills ROAD i. in oper.tion.lailv fSimdiy, escepted ? for rranapnrt.tiou of I *a*eIIKi>ra and freight. ,V? and lomKrta le Paa<enuer? ' have l?e? lecently plac-d on I Ik r.,J iTd the dist'Ulce (l!W ini|e? ) |? iuu fiom 6 A. M to K P \1 Uitli ?real regularity, i he ( om|.any !,?, ?l,? ? , umU-r ? ( Burtl en < ar?, and in frep-red to cany ?aith despatch, .|| -ooi. ' dnci- whirh In ?v offer., (iooda conoiamd to ? Oini.any's Aitei.l in S ivanuah. will be received and forwarded, free J>"m. !,,"r 1'rovnled a in r?.|,, Millie enf to i.?v f*"AK C''n?"* " '^''laia-ted with I !\? I s . .I.i'J L'-M* 1 lltf ?teameri 11K N . ( 1,1 N'f il f ^i i l ' ow""' I1"' commandi'd by ( aptains Brook* ho , V,",',',:;1!; ."I!1 l"rl",,;,n i"',, Ill connec tion Willi III.- KjmiI. A St-aini r h-??ei ,-ach city on Tll< tdava I Itiiridai a a'-il SaiurdAya, and lie1 Line, it i?fit4.ct?-d r ill run daily. I aaaenii.r. traiellina South will |e,v. I I> trl>-m? ?>? At J A. M iinm.-dis rh rtliH, the arrival of tl(.- Wi|ini"nt,.n -n-?in Vi7cr:;;,;i: d,>? ,k-; <*???"? i. if .'. I f IhmiiiK mornniK. B> tl?, rnu,P t|,?. a. low f "T A PI TTl,n VA and the fait i* '"*? f - 1 AMTI fc, Agent for tin- I me in ( harleaton THOMAS Pirn Mil' /? i a 1 ^ ''reaident. I II >1AS I L HSr. (r n-ral Sii|??tint'inl^iit. SavaniiAh, Aui:?>t, till I. |mrp sxatknIsiXnd FERRY. t? i> . K?)T<?: WHITEHALL.' I lie Boata will run aa follow ? until furtiier notice LKAVh NLW \ OltK : 8. 8, ?>, 10, II. A. M.: 1, i, 3k, i, fcl, p M l.KAVK STA'lK.V (VLANiV: ?. ?. 9. I". II. A. M . I, a, ?, s 6^. p. M flu Huiii]<i\s, fvny hour, from 8 A. Si. u? 7 r M ?I P v? fici*pu?u. M)HT HAMILTON AND NKW YORK I^a?ei\ew York, ? A. M.; Ik P. M. rort Hanuluin 7,'t H. ,%f.; p. m. (StiinUyfi f*f f|.|^(| ) v CLIKTON ASl) NKW YORK Leaves New Tl ork, ti A. Nl.; 1 ami I1, P \t Clifton, 7S A M :3k and 0,1" M. J" (Sandaya tmmptmL) 11KNi:Y I. I. II.1.1. > hi";M.KH TIIK subtcrilier reti^ctfnllv hifurms hit friend, and iln i .ildic tillI II- will mile hi. & ? M 'W? C>' to the KISHINO BANKS m tlie .le.mlKja't ? ll ll' J . "A i . "fP1 ?'??? "Hat. The In.At ^vil ba o?ta?ra|?*d with "iff*, ke.-^nd lm b??*n Kratuitotuly tendered by the mlitMie.. ?f I ?,.t H'llliarn T. Schult*?Cam. I. >crick h.i?i kindly vidtinteered hi? vrnrn and will act aa nihil L(I I III \ N S c h braled, full bra.a and cotillion band hai been cnifaaeil, and tlie piiblo may re?t aiaured erery eieriion will l>* made tr. pleoe ,|?,e who may I, him ??ith tl^ir natron^ I >nf for ih?* '?*nini"'ii Our DolUr?flw hour will rail at \m.?? [ l ?,h**rin# H^rrv, Brooklyn *f ?'i,?and F ier I, N. It. ??,, touching at Kort Hamilton each war' iZ-^n'e,1 IIKNHV K ltlKM T twJ'U'l r V'N,'"Jp'T'""ur' "L lutti .>?|'t.? ?lYvVi' "*S i?ch? Hh% NORTH! MBKR nSnii^lArday! tiriswofd, sails poaitively w This .hip I.a. ascallent accommodation, for cabin, wcond cabin And iieerage paaaengen. 1 h*?e wi.hing to m-cuii berth, ?hould uot fail to make early abdication on lioard or to 7r ? W kJ.T. TAPSt 6TT, J? B?mth street, corner of .V1aid-n I v>e. ji M \l?l-.llt A - .. < il mi the I 'it li September tT' . I ""'v? The fine C0|i|iered and copner-faiten "??)' r0'1' hng I.ONti ISLAND, Captain Thorp, I . !, ir.'.''i e i""m "r paaaenaera to the above l.l.nd, lieing lilted up With every accommodation, without remrd to en?n,e, *,.d hamiK an tce-houv on oeck to ctrry freah provi -nm? lor ilw voyai(c. hor pa?* . ai?i?ly to JOHN OSBOHN. ?Itolfar n'j YVaII ovrr Pfll'g. NKW OHLKAN8.-LUUI?IANA AND ? NMV \ (>|1 K LINK.? Hfk'iihr furlet to ftucreeii ?t?M? VirksbiirKh.-yTh** wpII known f'ajit iaiIiiik |Ni(Jm - - N'-^1* K, t ?|?i. Minot, will rely tail m ?bov?.<? ror firiHbt or liAvin^ very haiidnomf furnished accom modntiom, apply on ho?rd ai Origin* wh oT. Toot of Wall ?t., or to h K. i OLLINH * CO., 56 Hotith %tr+rt. Hhipper* may rely nfxni having their gomla cor recti y mea* ?ured, and that the shi|M of this line sail ptinrt'ially at adver tised. AneiiU in New Orleans?Messrs Mullen and Woodruff, who will promptly forward *11 food? to their address The p*trl<ft. fthip ? *c?l?irnb??# Capt A. Kldridge, will succeed the t ^neseet- si ec ?? ? OK N* owl ? \\s Dinw t 'ilm ^ ? B^V^hip 4LAB \MA, 700 tons burthen, lleury \\ tudle, KpC. ;nni%ii<li ?. will sail, Jojp the above |H.rt on tlie ?ih PnTiifif, it -* o'clock 1 his splendid and remarkably paunch ?te?mer ha* iM'e t thoroughly overhauled the present ?urniiier newly c pitied, an?l u lurmslM-d wiih* iKiwerfal set new Boilers, in ok* a' the Novelty Works ?f thiacity. She is cipected to make the rtiu to the B dire with ?n si* dtva: snd having h mdsone and comf. rt .Me acorninodaticxis, lor both Cabin and suerage passengers, offers an tttitl?n<lly desirable conveyance to tlie travelling community >\>r light freijrbt or psasage, apply to O. MKHLE.

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