Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1844 Page 3
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Lltorarjr HoIIcm The Democratic IIetikw?September, 1844c Contain* many excellent papers. Those on Texas and " True Theory and Philosophy of our System of Government," may be profitably perused by the politician ; whilst a vaiiety of others, in proae and verse, will be found to plea6e those that are fond of light reading. The Knickerbocker, for the present month, is light and airy as the weather itself. It would be numerous to enumerate the aeveral articles that comprise this uumber; but that called the "Editor's Table" is so long and cute, that it deserves to be pointed out. We can hardly, consistently with good nature, advise the reader to accomi>any its author through the long voyage he makeB in this article?he might feel fatigued. He would do well, however, to amuse himself with the good naturrd shrewdness of the. writer in hii criticisms; how nicely he discriminates?so as to find merit in those publications, which are likely to make the same difcoverv in him?how snugly the small papers are ticklen, in hopes they wont be unmindful of the favor. This is a fair spe cimen of the "reciprocity of puffing"?alias the "claw me aud I'll claw thee" system. Sylvester Sound?Burgess, Stringer 6r. Co? Part onewith illustrations ollthis work by Cockton, appears in a cheap and handsome form, and being well known as a very amusing work, will have a good sale. The sketchings are spirited. Pkreorine Bunel?Lea and Blawchard, Phila delphia?We have not had time to read thiswork through, but we presume that the name of its au thor, Theodore E. Hook, is a good security that those who do will not lose their time, nor those who pay for ? copy lose their money. The Wandrrinq Jew?No. 4 of Winchester's edition of this powerful story is received. The Wandering Jew?Harper's edition, No. 2, ha* also made its appearance. Littkli.'s Livino Aoe?A cheaper book cannot be had than this?the seventeenth No. of Littell. New Music?Millett, 329 Broadway, haB pub lished a new Polka set, and some other fashiona ble pieces, to which the attention of the musical is directed. "Dearest Aurelia,"aaid a lovely dame, Ami ranking first for literary fame? "Your lip Is free from hair, and now 1 hopa You'll try a cake of Gouraud's lamou* Soap,* Kor tan or freckles 'tis beyond compare, K'en at hi* Poudres Subtilea banish hair '. One cake will make that brunette skin of thine, Dearest Aurelia. quite aa blonde aa mine. "The Italian Medicated Soap of Dr F. K. Oouraud is rapidly superseding every other article hltheito invented for the clarification of the humane cuticle. Dr. Q. i? coa st rained to acknowledge that hii science in this resp?ct, "can no further go." To bring the Italian Medicated Soap to perfection has coat him many anxious days and sleep less nigh *, but his toil has at length been crowned with abundant success It is emphatically the ne plus ultra of soaps. To realize tho full benefits of thia remarkable chemical preparation, he cautious to purchase only of Dr. Oouraud, H7 Walker street, first -.'tore from Broadway. AO cent* a cake. Vulgar and dishonest counterfeiters are straining every nerve to impose on you a worthless coun terfeit. Beware of them. m- DR. HOLLICK'S LECTURE8 ON THE ORI GIN OK LIFE !?The production of a living beiug lrom npparen ly inert matter, by a mere physiological action, iB certainly the crowning wonder in nature A correct and philosophical statement of what is known on thin sub ject, is one of the richest intellectual treats that a reason ing being can havu And no other kind of knowledge can have so important an influence in stemming that tor rent of vice which now threaten* to engulph society. The Doctor has given his whole attention to this sub ject?it is his own?aud he pos*esses Ihe only appropriate models for illustration in the country. See advertisement. XJ- VEiiFEAU'S SPECIFIC f'iliLS FOR THE CURB, of Weuorrhtva, Gleet, and all mocupurnlent discharges lrom the urethra. Tnese pills, prepared by the New York Co;'egeof Medicine .md Pharmacy, established for the suiiprtusion of quackery, may be relied on as the most speedy and effectual remedy for the above complaints. "Tln-y lire guaranteed to euro recent cases in from three t > five days, und possess r greater power over obstinate discharges and chronic gleet, than any other proparnta-D at present known, removing the disease without eonfine m.-nt bum business, tainting the breath or disagreeing witu the 'jtomach. Price $1 per bo*. A-ld at the Office of the College, ol PliHrmecy and Me dici'.ui. 86 Nuss'ju street. W fl. RICHARDSON. M. D. Affeiit OTju in NOTICING THE REMARKS OF THE FOL lowing professional men, Hock de Brackenan, professor ol medicine at Bologna, De Vego. physician to the Pope at Genoa, Cataneoiu, Folgosius, Coicius in his work at Venice in 1502, and Jean de Bouidigne, the Krench histo rian, were astonished to find the successful treatment of venereal disease had made ro little progress; at the time they wrote they describe this complaint the most loath some of all diseases then extant, tliat in the expulsion of the Moors from Spain, thousands were attacked with it, Mi I peri bed under the most skilful treatment. As a fn mom writer has expressed himself, the malignity of this disrate has greatly subsided, but we doubt its entire ex termination ; sullicient evidence is left us to say to those having this disease, that it will he entailed upon their children, unless the body be purified and renovated by Dr BltckweU's Ant Acrid Tincture and Scotch Reno vator. RS Bernard, 57 Nassau siseet, New York, is the only authorized agent for the United States. v?T- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY COKED.?Tl ? fjmic Mixture, prepared by the College o< Medicir.o ar d Pa rmacv of the city of New Vork, is ctnfldently re iv ? n.< <1101 all eases of del ility produced by secrut ia dnl-rerce or excels of ?ny kind. It is an invaluable rem? dy for impotence, sterility, ot barrenness (urloss depend tag jn Tin) lonnation.) 'irjr'obottles $1 each; C6?es cf half a >.v car* tiui y ,mcked and sent to ill nart? of the I'niou. ? uir<- ot tiw? CoU<y?of Medicine end f'harmacr 9ft N j'M" V * WW lAVDWOV.M.D.,/font fay- SINQULAR%CRAP KRO\l SACRED HISTORY ?Solomon, it is well known, was celebrated for his wis dom, and his amorous dalliance swith Queen Sheba. It i* not however so generally known that he was the inventor of a depilatory to remove the hair. Such, notwithstanding, is thn fact (at least according to the Mahomedan commen tators on the book of Ecclesiastics, id chap.) With Solo mon the secret of the preparation died ; but now, singular us it may appear, after 1ne*l?pae ol so many centurie-i, a depilatory has been discovered by Dr Gouraud which is so potent in its effects for the removhl of hair from any part of the human fiame, that there is no longer a doubt concerning | he identity of Gouraud's |Poudres Subtl e* with th- depilatory of Solomon. Dr. G 'a chemical prestation is to be had in this city no uhere else but at 67 Walker street first store from Broad woy, where it is always tested before g urchasing. QCf- THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF BAR PATAHILLA, GENT1 \N AND 8ARSAFRA8,prepared by the New York Col>g< of Medicine and Pharmacy, es tfT; lialied lorthe suppiesKion of (juackery. This refined and biffhly concentrated extract, possessing all the puri. lying ijuolitiea and enrativo powers of the above herbs, is confidently recommended by the College, as infinitely superior to any extract of Sarsaparillu at present betorc tln> public, and may tie roiled on tut a certain reme iv foi all 'finesses nrising lrom an impure state of the blood, &uch as scrotn)a,n;?lt-rheum. ringworm, blotches or pim ples, ulcers, pain ir. the bones or Joints, node*, cutaneous eruptions, utcoratcd sore throat, or ajiy disease arising lrom thn secondary effect*] ol syphilis or an injudicious use. oi mercury. ftoM in alrigle Bottles, at 7a cents each in Cases ot hnlf-a-doren bottles, SO " " one dozen " fi oo Cares forwarded to all parts cf tiie Union. N'. B ?A very liberal discount to whoiesnle purtfeastr# ol tlie. Colli de, 90'1 street. V R HicHAPnsf.v, M. D.. Areas 0(7-R. S BERNARD'S DIARltH(KA MEDICINE fortheoureof disrihcei. summer complaints in children, cholies, cramps, Sic. For sale at 07 Nassau street. Drug, gi-ts will be supplied on liberal terms. This medicine is for sale by W. II. Milnor, druggist, corner of John stieet and Broadway. ft?- SEA 8ICKNKSS CAN BE PREVENTED AND cured hv ^hoimAn's Camphor Lozenges. Captain Chad wick, of the packet ship Wellington, has tried them rr peaicdly, aha found them to be the best article at sea for that purpose, and hundreds ot persons who hove used them pronounce them to he the thing not only for the al.ove complaint, but also for Palpitation, Headache, ond Nervous Aftections of all kinds. They counteract the i ff-cts of high living, and in all fcf)>ctiona of the liowels they are the best remedy in use. Dr. Sherman's ware house is lot) Nassau at Agents?937 Hudson st, 148 Bow ery, 77 East Broadway,139 Fulton street,Brooklyn, 8 Led ger Building, Philadelphia, and 8 State street, Boston. '.'J- I'KJ VA'I'E . x'l.fl inouiixti'S e: the New Vork College <i Medic.ioe anil PbanMcy,i> piturning the r. iblic tnanks for the iiberulsupport tbej Lave received in their utforts to " suppress quackery, l" c love to state that their particular attention continue, t.i be directed to all disoasos of a private natuie, and Iron the great improvements lately made in the ptincipal hos ).ital4i>i Europe in the treatment of thosedr earn J,thej can coBfldently offer to persocs requiring medical aid ed ranta^iMi oat to be met with in any institution In ttiu roontry, oither public or private. The ' eotru-nt o! th? c\Upy. it such as to iiiniire surc?j>s In ivtry case, und i? :t?iiy diitareot fu.m thnt oern:ri ins practice o!ruining ib* renstitntion with meronry, an J in most cases leaving h 'istity rria.:h wors-'than the original. Oneuithemeni ? m i ni th" College ,for nvwy ye?rs connected with th? , rrieipM hospitals of/ ir< pc, attemls daily for a coitsulta trom a A.M toft P.M. rms?Advixw-nod mcfi'.iae, >6 A cure guaranteed IttroRTAKl TO C'i 'TKV tr.Til.IDS.?I'daOII* livlO* 1? I thfi country and not tind;ni: it conv?niert to ittendper s?'>:v-?.U^?, cc;\ have !'??; vardeii to th ;in a chest contain.nj ml TOeilicjiiC; ro<|-: ir.itc to pu*Iorm a perfect cure, uy stotinf ? uo . ci e ukpliciUy, to^fet.ner with all symptoms, tim?r o c.or> car lion ind tiefitment received elsewhere, it anj a i t,closing pr->?, oddr<n*ed to .8 :!tCHAKl)?ON,M. D.,Ayen? Co.isiiiti.'i rooTU of the College, Oft Narsa* s'luit. i ' ? ' . . ' . j 0(7- WE ABE HIGHLY GRATIFIED IN STATING tne 'fact that a great many lamtlies in this place have listed the i IMr.acy of Ilsn aid's Diairbtea Medicine, aid pronounce it iho only in I sllihle (lire for ni irrho'i, rhuleia rafailtum and summi r romplainfs in childi en. The pro prieinr's r.ftlce is f>7 Nassnti street. For sale also by Dr \V. II. Miluor, of John s'reet and Broad'.say. Or?- DALLF.V8 MAGICAL PAIN EXT. ACTOR SALVE?Kor instantly curing bums, scslds, bruises piles, blin : or bleeding and ail inflammatory complaints at Dalley'* Bg.'ucy. t>7 W.ilker street, first store fiom lii.iad vuy. II "II Dalley" be net wiltten with a pen on the cover of every bos, avoid it as poison. rvfcf PABI8IAN ALT^ffATlVk MlJt .,?j ,* ???? ol ppimaiyor ?ecmdiry Syphilu ?u.-?T ,pf*'ctl0u#PM<*?K'e,J bjran Injudicious use of owr fe*1 advaatage. possessed I jr this powcrfu,,i.'r"?Ter *U other preparation! for the cure ot 8y 'V **101,1 while curing the taw it improve* th? whilrt mercury naanllv leave ? mud; worse disease than the one it is administered ior. Th? >?t recommendation we can five of it is, that it is now extensively prescribed by the medical faculty, who for neily eonaidened mercury the only cure lor those rom naints Sold, in single bottles, $1 each ; in cum* of hit 'oxen, >6, carefully packed, and sent tj all parts of th? ? nion. Office of the College of Medicine and Plmrmo iy,?? Vassau (tree*. W. g. RICHARDSON. M D . *???? MUSKY HARKKtT Sunday, Sept. 8_6 P. N. The past week has been a very inactive one,so far at re gards stock operations or movements in the money market The principal transactions for the wee.c have been confin ed to the actual business meD, and speculators find few willing to leave alegitimate business to engage in bubbler. The money market continues very easy, and the rate af money rules at about five per cent in the street. The banlis are striving to raise the rate to seven per cent, but there is so large an amount of capital in the bands of private bankers, that the old corporate banks cannot control the price and supply of money as they used to in farmer times The banks are very much extended in their dlf. count lines, and they imagined that a refusal to dis count, for a time, would advance the rate of interest, hut they Iwve found out their mistake?private capitalists step in and supply the demand at reduced rates, and tho banks are compelled to come down to the level marked out by tho regulators out of doors. Notwithstanding this abun dance of money and the temptations held out thereby to engage in speculations, there appears to be very little disposition to lenve the regular channela of trade. The great supply ef money in this market, and the reduced rate ol interest, will, undoubtedly induce those indebted abroad to make remittances that otherwise would He over and bo carried to the account of our exports for another year. The great difficulty in procuring safe and solid in vestments (or capital here, will, undoubtedly act as an inducement to those who have debts due here to with draw the amounts. Should this become a general move ment, in the absence of credits sufficient to meet the de mand, the precious metals must go forward as extensive ly as we have anticipated. Nothing but the most ex. tended credits to the importing and foreign commis sion house* here can prevent large shipments. The con dition of the stock market and the movements of capital, ista is sufficient evidence o' an impression that the times are slightly out oi joint, and that it is not a time for ex tended (peculations. We annex a table showing the prices for the principal stock for each day last week, compared with those ruling at the close oi the week previous. Quotations for tiik principal Stocrs in thc New xork Mahkkt. Mist &? ; s ?* g ? a, Paterson 70 ~ If U* "*> ?* 2 ? L L Norwich and Wor 62 61 C2*? 63 64 64^ r?i4 Ohio Sire, 9714 97? 97$ 97 V 97ii m?2 Kentucky Sixes 101W MlV _ _ ,o|v _ _ S332sr.!'r 8* ?M ?w ? tia3Sc*::: 2* - ?j? i;.s.Bani...?* Bv z I# 1-* - - * 1' ^ ^ ? In several instances the closing prices were higher | than those ruling through the week, but the variations are fo very trilling that there cannot be many fortunes mad.) in Wall street until the market changes and the fluctuations becomo greater. Daring a period when quotation* tire so very regular and uniform,operations are merely made to keep the machinery in motion. What little speculation there may be in the street is confined to the Norwich and Worcester and Long Island. The sales ol|these stocks are larger than all others put together, but it oppears impossible to get up any permanent improve ment. Amidst the uncertainty that surrounds all stock and speculative operation*, the regular merchant is doing a very extensive and legitimate business? Credits have not yet become too extended, and although the anxiety to increase trade is very great, there is not that carelessness and recklessness in giving credits that immediately preceded the re vulsion of 1837. Our importations of foreign merchan dise have been unusually largo up to this time, but we are pleased to perceive that recent si rivals from both < ?reat Britain and France show a very sensible docline in thc amount of imports. The manifests of the packet ?hips Switzerland, from London; Garrick, from Liver pool, and Sully, I rom Havre, all show a very great falling ?II. A cessation of importations, or a great reduction, at this time, would do much towards leguiating the balance o: trade for the year. Tho exportation of a faw millions of dollars in specie would go far towards reducing the balance now against u*, and creating an equality that will hentfit this country very much. On the other hand, should the importation* continue throughout the season at the rate they have commenced, nothing could prevent a relapse of the commercial classes into the state Irom which they are just emerging. During the revival of business and the re establishment of credits, speculators make great efforts to expand their movements and fasten themselves upon tba oommercial classes, merely to advance any bubble they may, for the time, be interested in. Any expansiou in the movements of our hanking institutions brings into existence many financial geniuses who palm eff on to the public all kinds of worthless paper money. The great reduction that has for a few years past been going on in the currency has thrown out of this market those who figured ?-> largely in former years with their shin-plasters, but it has thrown into the Wtwtern country the paper issues of these financiers. Tho scarcity of New York money in circu lation throughout the We?t, and the absence of paper issues from the local banks, created a demand for New York funds, which wa* in a measure supplied by the cir dilation of post notes represented to be issued by frie hacks of this State. These note*, supposed to be Naw York funds, were eagerly taken, and value given in ex change, the mistake not being discovered until they wete sent here at maturity for collection. These swindling operations have recently bee* carried to some extent in the W eatern State*, and the parties engaged in them make Wall *treet their head quarters. Another measure resorted to to supply paper money to those anxiou* to extend their business and to fill the pockets of the financier*, 1* to galvanite some deOinct bank under *ome new name, bring out new and handaomely engraved bill*, and not *top at any mean* to give them circulation, nntil the credit of the concern ha* been inflated to its ut most, and then drop it, leaving the bill holder to find its redeemer where he can. These operations arc almost of daily occurrensa, and there are cliques constantly en gaged in this specie* of awindljng. There are enough good bank* in this city and State to supply the west with New York fund*, without compelling tho*e of that *ec tion to take post notes, the Usuing ol which is an indict able offence, even when made by a good bona fide bank ?od there are enough good and well known bank* in this city and neighborhood, the is*ues of which arc safe, without receiving those of a doubtful character, coming from institutions without the smallest capital, and man. aged by men without means, or the smallest particle of honesty. We annex a statement showing the condition of the Commercial Bank, Canada, ior the past three months, ac cording to the official return*. Commercial. Bank or thk Midi-ahd District, Canada. HuhiMtUt, June. :t0. July 31. ?It;?. SI. Fromiwry noles in cir culation not liearinit ? id ? id ? id interest 140,68? 5 0 133,895 12 6 133,52113 0 Balances dm' to other bk*. mid foreign aRen Cies 02,#56 1 3 109,162 8 0 108,20117 11 Cash deposits not bear in* interest 105,613 8 3 72,331 12 4 61,513 6 9 Cull deinisits Iw-irinn interest 13,8(5 3 2 14,755 10 0 17,575 8 I Total arerage l.inliili tiw 412,980 17 8 330,015 2 10 320,812 7 9 .'liiifl. June 20. July 31. ? lug. 31. ? i d ? i il ? i d Coin and balHoft 81,282 7 2 56,124 9 10 47,:iOB I 6 Landed ami other pro perty 'if tin1 hunk. . . 11,561 2 4 12,791 2 4 12,822 15 9 Promissory notes or biltaof other banks. 13,917 15 0 19,070 15 0 13,007 0 0 Balance* dn? from other bank* aud for eiirn agencies...... 29,082 III 10,059 5 1 33,399 11 0 Notes and bill* disct'd or oilier debts due to the brink not inclu ded under the forego ing Mads 529,030 4 3 517,251 12 5 512,193 9 3 Total a?er*im Assets. 6(5,90n 10 B 623,297 4 10 618,810 17 6 These i wturns give the average for each month. There appears but very little variation in the movement for (he last three months. Old StMk Kxchange. 2000 U. flta(ps6's 1062 |iv, 75 do Reading RK. 52 5I>00 Illinois 6'?, 1870 Mf 46 50 do < anion ?"... 39 10000 Pennsylvania Vs bJO 71 175 do L Island RR. 83 7000 Readmit UK Boads 70 ISO do do 8SM 150 nhare? Phfnis Hank 92 50 ilo do. blO MJ-s 20 MerrhMU'Bank 107V so no Harlem RR. Ml in Bank of America fjtt 50 do do 71W 71 North Amer. Trust II 5,5 do Nor fc WW. 15 do do I3X 225 do do 64 Ji mn Manhattan (las Co. 91 50 do do. Iififl 64 JJ 10 Erie R H l??o 2'X nut ,|? ,|l(. ?oo 64 25 do do M0 24 50 do do f.4>i 75 do do 23H 75 do do b60 0474 15 do Paierson RR 82 50 shaa Norwich R It iiU *5 Norwich K K bj Ml do 655? 1(M L Island K It *10 M do 6JS SO do ISO do bM lit SO Cuitou Co l>30 39** IU0 do 05V SO do btO SO do 65% 50 Harlem R K >60 72 2S do b60 66*2 50 do t>30 72>< 25 do klV 66 New Stock Kxrhiuigc. $100(1 Ohio6'(. '60, b3U S?V 25 Long Island R R s3 B2% 26 iMi I'm Loan, b3 381, III do *6 inoa 80 25 do NY VKrif R l>30 24JJ SO Norwich k Wore buw 75 do ( anton co bnw 39 25 do ?uw 25 do do s3U 382S do suw SO Mohawk RK MS l>3 7S do s3 ?. 25 do Harlem RR s3 7IJ? SO do r 61 25 do do >3 72 175 do bnw 64% SO do do c 72 25 do hi? 64'. SO do do c 72,a 2.) do >15 64'* 25 do do ?:< 72*4 100 do c 61H 50 do do s6? 71 100 do r 6I>, 100 do do b'JO 7 State of Trade. Aimed ?Pot* arc very steady, and in (air demand at $4, 18] a $4,26. Pearl* are held at $4 43] a $4 AO. Both d?. (Ciipliom are evidently improving in price and demand. Ashe* received from the opening of the canal* to the 6th ol September, inclusive : August il barrel* 68 654 September 6 ?' 1,1HJ Total 69,WW stock on hand sitrTEMnu* 6th. 1844 First sort Pot*. ..bbl* 10.033 Second do do 1,50* Third do do 301 Condemned do 98 Total 11,940 Firataort Pearl*, .bbls 7,109 Second do do 868 Third do do 25 4 Condemned do 34 Total 8,26ft Pot* bbl*. 11 940 Pearl* 8,264 Total 20,206 extorted raojn 1st to 31st auocit. Pot* hbl* 3,910 | Pearl* bbl* 1,108 The stock on hand at present exceed* the a tock on hand at the lame period laat year about 6,600 bbl*. Brkai>stu?-?-s ?The supply of western Flour i* much larger than the demand. We quote Uenessee at $4 19] a $4 26 ; fancy Ohio at $4 67} ; common Michigan and Ohio $4 12} a $4 18], There is very little doing in south ern. We quote Georgetown new at $4 37} a $4 50 ; do Brandy wine $4 60. Rye Klnuris very tirm at $3 AO Ge neasce Wheat, new, sells at 'A!c. Sales of Cora, northern Yellow, at 60c. Beeswax.? We notice sale* to some extent of Western, Southern and Northorn prime yellow at 29} a 30 cent*. Cotton.?There was a fair demand to day, which hold ers met freely, and resulted in sali * of 1600 bales, all taken for export. Dining the week, there ha* been a daily con cession on the part of holders, which ha* resulted in a dec 1 in* of ] to J ceut per lb. on priccs ruling this day week. We revise our quotations. Liverpool Classification. Upldi Florida. N.Orl. 4" Mahilt. Inferior 41 t 4j ... 4} a 4] Ordinary 4 a 5j ... b a ft] Middling 63 a ft* , , , 6] a 6 (Jood middling. 5J a 6 ... 6} a 6} Middling iair,.. 61 a 01 ... tij a t! Pair 6* a 6| ... 7} a 7} Fully fair fij a 7J ... 7| a 7) Oood fair, 7$ a 8 ... 8 a 8} Fine 8} a 8} ... 9} a 10 Stock on hand unsold, and on shipboard not landed, 0^,000 hales Freights to Liverpool, 6 16 a 7 I6d. for square and round. " Havre, | cent for square. " Hamburg, j " " Hat.?Thi* article is very abundant and pr.'ce* are tending downward. Sales of common qualitie* have been mado at 29 a 33 cts. Provision* ?Prime Ohio Pork sells at $8 00 and Mess do at $9 60. Beef is quite dull ; we quote $3 37} for Prime, and $6 60 for Mess. There has been ? lair demaad for Lard, and prime Ohio Keg Lard sells at 6c a (JJc. Baltimore Cattle Market. The supply of beef ca'tlo has been very full thi* week, the offerings itt the scales oil Monday amounting to 750 head. Prices hiive ruled, however, about as la<-t week - The sales to the city butchers embraced about 600 head, and all the balance were driven to another market We quote the extremes of price* paid nt $1 60 a $2 25 per 100 lbs. on the hoof, according to quality, equal to $i n $4.25 net. We would lemark, however, that the principal sales were at intermediate rates. The olfcrlng* on Thursday embraced 150 head, about hall of which wore toll at pii ces corresponding with those named above, and the ba lance laid over. Hogs?Th?re is a good supply of live hog* in the mar ket, and sales have been made in the couri.e of the week, at prices ranging from $3 76 to $4 25 per 100 Ihs. The rate has ruled principally, however, at $4 a $4 12}. Died, At Harlem, on Saturday, 7th instant, of inflammation of the brain, Wm. Bi.ackstock, formerly of Boston, aged 42 years and 2 months. The funeral will take place from his late residence cor ner of Third Avenue and 122d street, thi* day, at 3 P. M. N B.?Boston paper* please copy Pa*Mng?r* Arrived* Canton?Ship Clarendon?R W Weston, W R Mills and wrYint, F A Hooper, of Boston. Bremen?Ship Mei??O F Meyer, lady and child, Jacob Bitidemogel, Misses Johanna and Susanna Wolilrabe, L I)ohm, A H Rieck. lady and two children, New York; Ouatav Schwab, Stuttgart; Julfas Franck, Walileck?19R in the steerage. St Croix?Brig Klir.a?Mr and Mrs Nelson. Mtss Finlay, Major Oyllish, Mr Mills, Mr Foote, A McCutchin, D Mc Cutchia. Foreign Importations. Canton?Ship Claivnaon?310 chui 1502 hf do souchong 228 chts gunpowder 05 ilo impennI fid hf <lo 97 cht* hyson 150 lit do I chts young hyson 2040 hf do 1508 chts h) son xkin 126 hf do 100(1 floor matting "558 mats cassia Goodhue St on? IB cun (ilk I do mdse A A Low?1 case silk 10 bx* tea J Hyslop?589 clita conKo souchong Booth & Edgar?42 cs silk 5 bxs china ware 9 do but ton* MO bxs fire crackers I pkg J Mnses U Brother*?2 bis do 2 do tea I case silk Caiy Jtco?159 half chests young hyaon Clayton 8t Piatt?200 Iras (ire crackers 90 hf chts young hyson 7 do imiierial R do gunpowder N Cobb?31 <?* silk W Apideton 8i co?3 do ginger 1 pkg Cains K A Hooper?3 case* silk Minot St Aooper?3 do mdse II Walton?3 do I roll silk II Orimiell?1 pkg Rowland Si Aspinwall?2 cs pictures 1 bo* 3 cs mdse 2 Ins tea Griiincll, Minturi: & co?19 bote* ginger 2 do ginger 8 rolls mattiiiK 10 bx* china ware 6 do lacquered ware 53 do tea 2 cases powder 10 bxs fire crackers 66 cs silk 30 do annise oil 50 do cam phor 15 bxs vermilliou 74 pkgs tea 211 cheats souchong 218 hf do 1121 chts 10 hf"do younn hyson 10 chts 108 hf do hyson :I87 hf d? pouchong 214 hf do gun|iow der 359 hf do imperial 1381 hf younK hyson to ?rder. Canton?-Barque Oscar?(Reported yesterday)?50 cs cam phot 387 hf clits young liyson 21!) hf do pouchong 562 chts hyson skin 351 do pouchong YV S Wetmore??> bxs tea 25 pkgs mdse 2 ci silks 1 do sweetmeats 4 do paintings A Whitney?1 chsl mdse 8 Frost?2 bxs u*a B Swan?40 cs preserved ginger 2 lanes milse 200 do fire crackers 2 cs silk Henry St Swan?2 boxes ginger 2 do sardines 1 roll matting J F.yre?5 pkgs tea 63 <-s silk 4 do grass cloth 26 bxs young hyson 20 do |Hiuclu>ng 2 hf chu tw aukav '1.14 hi'do gunpowder 809 do imperial 49ti do |H>uchong 91 do sou chong 4 III do young hyson to order. Liverpool?Ship Yar.oo?(Reported yesterday)?170 tons salt GO do coal E K Collins St co?4405 tinrs 177 hdl* iron 22 tons do Grinnell, Minturn St CO?546 bars do Egelston St Battelle?51 pkgs Whittnore St co?1 do Wood, Folger St Merser?3 Payne, Wilson St Vosburgli?2 RoNldt St rayion?3 J Ruthven?21 II C Blackburn?6 Burritt St Johnson?15 Lord *t Taylor?2 Whitewright Si co?100 tons pig iron Oeo W Shields k co?1441 do Boorman, Johnston St co?25 anvils sundry pkgs lo order. Bremen?Ship Meta?230 tons iron 4 bxs Oelriclis St Kruger ?651 bxs pi|ie* I box Henschen St L'nkart?II. |>k. <' F Hoyer?2 do Charruaud, SchlumpfSt Sieber?9 Heimer St Mecke?15 J W Holberton?I .1 O Kruger?I JohnC Kayser?5 C I) W l.illicn dahl?42 G II Kremhorg St rn?22 C Anmnfeldt?15 Meyer St Stnoken?1 A Rolker St Mollmann?3 Joseph Tryon?303JT St J Brockelinann?6 Schroder St Switier?4 J Napier?2 J A Voiseu St co?10 T Grtiiienthal St co?15 F Cottinet St co?ti <' G Oiui ther?4 Garner St co?2 Adam*, Homer St co, Boston?38 G F Meyer?6 Vielor St Ac hoi is?6 IS bxs pipes 31 do mdse 3 casks to order. St Ckoix?Brig Elixa?(Reported yesterday)?173 hhds sugar 54 puns ruin B De Forest St sou. MARITIME HERALD. Balling Dayi of th? HUamihlpi. STEAMERS. riOM LIVERPOOL. FROM AMERICA. G. Western, Mathews Sept. 14 Hibernia, Ryrie Sept. 16 Britannia, Hewitt Sept. 4 Oct. 1 Caledonia, Lott Sept. 19 Oct. 16 O. Western, Matthews Oct. 12 Nov. 14 Ship Masters and Agent*. We shall esteem it a favor if Captains of Vessels will five to Rorert Silvev, Captain of our News Boat*, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spi ken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign newspapers, or news they may have. He will board them im mediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Informa tion of Any fcind will be thankfully received. PORT OK HEW YORK, HKPTE.tlBEII O. ?U* RISE# S 41 I MOON RISKS 2 211 ?UN SCTI 6 19 | H11H WAT Kit ti 46 ".?sty Arrived. PSIiip Clarendon, Stoddard, (reported yesterilay) from I anion, April 23, Macao 26th. Anjier June 3, and Si Helena July 29, With teas, Sic. U) Goodhue It Co. If. 8. ship Brandywiue was at WliamiHia?the Commodore had goni' to town. I/eft no American vessels at St. Helena: there were several English ves sels there from Ichsboe, loaded with guano for England. A vessel recently arrived from I. re|>orted (ill sail of English shu ping at the island procuring cargo, and that tin inland was nearly one half gone. Bremen ship Meta, Meyer, from Bremen, July 29, passed Fair Island Aug. 7, with mdse, to Oelrich* Si Kritger. Ha* had a pilot on board 2 days. Steam ship John S. MpKim, Moore, 29 hours from Philadel phia, wilh mdse, to N. L. McCready Si Co?81 passengers. Scnr Victoria, (of New Haves) 18 d*y? from St. Domingo, with mdse, to den. Douglass. Brig Abigail, Grant, and schr Hepribah. Smith, from Phila" delphia for Boston, catnn to anchor inside the Hook on Saturday, on account of head winds. Hailed. Brig*, (Sw) Silva, Lisbon: Jeune Heloise, (Fr) Gua dalonpe; Patsny It Blount, Tyson, Havana; Otermann, Davis, Kennebec, and others. Mlwellaneon* H?r?rd> Brio Mm If o ma, West, which went ashore on the Anagadi reef and received considerable InjofT, has been repaired at St. Thomas and taken olT Uiu inclined plain?destination unknown. Whalemen. The Clarendon, from Canton, reports?Spoke July 25, lat 11 I S, Inn 3 55 VV, Washington, NB, 21 inos out, 1700 bbls, last fm Cirozette Island*?reported having spoken Airil 5, Brunswick, 4 whales; no date, /Erunsiit, Mystic, I mm, 5110 bids; Inga, Ware ham, 11 mos, r;nn sp. Heard from. Jail 17. lat 13 HI S, Ion 18 20 E, llaihary, S1I, (i rt whs; 19th, lat 15 35 S, Ion 411 E, Nimrod, Rodgers, 1 rt wh; 20th, lat 45 54 S, loll 4!l 50 K, K.ntei prise, Bai ley. 1500 libl* wh 300 do sp; 2?d, lat 45 40 S, Ion 50 11 E, Lewis, No, oil not stated; 12th, IaI 45 15 8, Ion 50 211 F., N P Talmadge, Hedges, Cold Spring, 1050 wh; Maichfi, lat 43 III S, Ion 49 11T'? Delta, Weeks, Givenjiort, 600 wh; !'th, 1st 43 19 S, Ion iQ&t K, Neptune, Given, NL, 2000 wh; 24th, lat II 20 S lou 411 III E, Marcus, Sherman, 811, 600 hbls. At Simon's Bay May 2, Caro line, Roie. 811, I |5fl hbls. all well. Arr at New Bedford 6tli inst. K.aijle, CoMki Pacific Ocean, 1700 bids spoil. Cld Lafayette, Smith, do. Hfiolten. Kdinhnrch, of Thomas ton, Turks Island for Boston, Sept 5, lat 37, Ion TI 35?by the Clarendon, at this port. Merchant, of Portland, 35 days from St ubes for Boston, Sept, 3, 1*1 42 Vi, Ion 02 2.5- by the V*7.oo, at this port. A Liverpool jwcki't of the Black Ball Line, (probably the Yorkshire, Bailey) Aug 26, ht 41 2, Ion 43?by the Meta, at thi* port. Oneida, Funck, hence for Havre, same lime?by the name. Queen Victoria, New Orlean* for Havre, Aug 29, lat 41, Ion 51?by the same. Timoleon, Dreyer, Bremen for Baltimore, Kept 4, lat 41 42, Ion 62 4??by the same. ~ f>?cel?,'df Bangor. Philadelphia fur Boston, Sept 6, 10 miles F.8E of tlie Highlands?bv pilot boat Blossom. Com Hull, Kay, ?> iliyi fruin Philadelphia fur Jamaica, lat 22 30, Ion 711. Magnet, 21 days from Boston for Para, Aug 11, lat IK to N, Ion 63. Korclfn Porta. Whamkoa, April 23?In port, Jessore, Meacom, for NYork, 2 or 3 days; Cyuthia, for do. had sold Iter |? |?*r, and ui|iected to sail May 10?only American vessels. Tlx- Oneida was dailv expected from South America. Macao, April 20?Sid Sural. Pierce, for Manilla, in ballast. Anjikr, June 3?Arr Sappho, Crocker, 107 days from Boston, for Batavia anil Cantou?stop|ird for water, and sailed early ueit morning for Batat ia. Tahi.i. B a v, June 13?III port, Radius, Newell, from Boston April B, for (Calcutta. St Choi*, East End, Auk22?In |>ort, Empire. Clark. 10 day-, from Brandy wine Sid 'I rates,' Clark, lor Windward, willi Lipman it Harrington's Circus Co. on board. . Mavaiii ?;i, PR. Aug 22? In port, Aldnch, Scoles, of Phila delphia, for New York, Idg; 1< L Siurges. Dorrey, of and for Georgetown. DC: Galium Mary, Evaus, from Baltimore, disg. Slil 21st, Sydney, Hau, Norfolk. ? .... Kiniistom, Ja. Auk 17?In port, James Bailey, Slianklaml, for Philadelphia, mi Black River; J W Cator. from do, disg. 8vi>"??:v, (,'B. Sem 1?In port, Miqueloo. Smith, and Balli inore, Browu, for Boston, Idg. GoiuK i". Nile, of Boston, from Antwerp, to load for Bostou. Lake Porta. Bi'rriLO, Sept fi? Arr Kill lie. Marshall. North America, Free Trade, Gram, and l.uciuda, Cleveland; Caledonia. Ashtabula: Minerva, L Point, CW. Cld Maurice, Conneaut; Winnebago, Cleveland; l'enusylvauia, Detroit; Sandusky, Sandusky. Home Porta. Kmt Machias, Auk 31?Arr Juan J de Cartagena, NYork; Amanda, do. Thomastok, Sept 2?Arr Catharine, Ves|ier, London; Chin chilla, Patterson, ( harlestou. Sid 1st, Delia, Fales, New Or leans. Bath, Sept 4?Arr Hanover, Druinmond, Cadix; Manco, Nickels, Liverpool, Pohti AMD. Sept 5?Arr Blauchird, Blanchard, Cadiz. Sid Exchange, Woodbury, Havana. Portsmouth, Sept 5?Below, Robt Parker, DwiKht, from Liveriaiol t"or Boston. Salkm, Sept 6?Cld Gen Brooks, Peko. St J ago. Boston .Sept 7?Arr Alderman, Pierce Sydney, CB; Tangier, Park, and Florence, Merriman, Philadelphia. Signal for a ship, sup|H?eil to lie tlie Robt Parker, from Liverpool, and a brig.? C|d Massaxoit, Haskell, Paramaribo; Sarah Jane, Anderson, Port au Prince; Malison, Colman, Curacoa; Choctaw, Ryder, Charleston; Chickasaw, Kendriek, Baltimore; Electro.Paekard, Newcastle, Me; Grand Island, l.eeoiiut, Richmond; Florence, Rowland, Baltimore. Arr 6th, E|(remet, Sawyer, Philadelphia; 5th, Kclio, Snow, NYork.

KdoaBtowk, Sept 5?Arr Lycoming, Woodbury, Kast|>ort fur Alexandria. Providence, Sept 6?Arr Havre, Carpenter, Liveriaiol; Mary, Trefethcn, Norfolk; 5th, Pokomoke, (not Time) Bluhirt, Suf folk. Sid Peter Ritter, Derrickson, Philadelphia; Ariel, Oaks, N York. New Havv.?(, Sept 0?Arr Pacific, Prescott, Albany; Empire, Smith, NYork. Hartford, Sent 4?Arr Seneca, Francis, NYork. Below, Grace Darling, [Br] Calhoun, Cumberland, NS. Sid Joseph Browu, May, Philadelphia; lleyuear Williams, do; Parallel, Corwiu, Albany; Sachem, Derning. New York; 5tli, Banner, Willsu, and Mail, Morley, Philadelphia; Hope, Browning, New York. t Richmond, Sent 7?Arr Thorn, Cole, and Nancy Jane, God frey, Boston; J A Lancaster, Loveland, NOrleaus; Splendid, Tnompson, Stamford. Sid Josephine, Mitchell, Rio Janeiro; David Cox, l<ee, New York; Francis Ilallet, Crowull, Jersey City. NOTICE. G"^,T^JfM;."h0V re,."rni"K the watering-places, with the intention of residing m the city durinic the fill ami fTwi'irS' Sre J**jiect fully informed thatthey ran be furnish IK , !?; and atry soits of apartments. with hoard, it <3 changed r* Broadway. Hefer-nces e* : mv SCANDINAVIA. ~ 1 Thi^rM^JlMi'?T'^0 of Association rakes place All ? I M?nd*y ] Evening, hi t o'clock at the Ctrl ton House ar^i?S^tf.rfl'Ji?r,!I^m"* PmM- in ,1"' C'?V of New * orL"! are respectlully mvit?d to attend ????, K S STAI.l.KNECHT. Secretary. ,0n'1'hur?lJ?1V, ith instant, a silver WATCH. nr*?S'ii i ''"I*?'"'1 a Steel cCin, broke in (he mid VCijy,l1'' a"a ,lwl wl1'1 ? piece of twine. Attached to the ring T OST-KIVE IIOU.AUS HK.W'Ali i>? i >n Ertda* ?anin> Ule^BRUTi ri-20 "T'fa'!'l V"k Theativ 5 iii IT 'r??* composed of six cameo*, with a uold ClTir.l.vei" 0Ve Wl" on delivering it ? No. il! k~|KiVK S)I'K"V\ ?l'l'''idid~ rr.m.F"fiiJhhhaided so, rel Horse, for saddle only, havini; never bi^n in har ? i niinness |ierfectly gentle, K<>?>d action, and of a reinsrk - .. aPI^irance, with no defects, 15 hands high. The owner iCTtxteteftsftafltts- Tte" Jsc ??? 1 . driver and good traveller, and will stand in the without tying ; u suitable for a family or physician tor further particulars, apply nl the stable* of .flr.i?..e BEACH & PHILLIPS. "8 f,t 6C No- 16 Murray street. WINES, iVc. MADEIRA, Claret, Port, Champaigne, Malmsey, Hock. San tern, and other Wine*, Stc., for sale cheap by B EMANUEL, --*9 11 ? 71 Front street. NAILS, TWINE, SHOE THREAT) ETC 2,500 t'JYii(8i(:Ui'' NA.i'p8, ,BRj\PH AND SPIKES. f; London and Bndport Twine assorted 7(1 bales Shoe Ih'end, various nuslties. ""'Is Manilla Cordage, assorted ?U0 do Manilla and Hemp Sail Kope 350 bundles 2 and 3 lb iniitred Twine, entitled to de 10,000 lbs three-ply Baling Twine, superior Ima'lity! Together with every description of Twines, Lines, including Cotton, Seine and W rapping. Also Marking <: lrpet W?,r, ?.. . Kor sale by CfcUIlA ? CUMING, _?? I0? Pearl street. The Stock and futures of that well-known es . laolishment I he Ann Street House," lieing in the best bu siness part of the city?is a rare chance for a |k*isou who wishes to get a place now doing a good cash business. The reason of the present proprietor sellmgout is, that h? is going into other business. l<or further |>articulara, apply on the premises, 31 Ann ,t>*<!t- >9 lt*rc MAllTIN & HOLDERMANN, W Maiden Lane, N. Tf. MA$UFA??USKUS ai:' of Ornamental Hair Work, W igs. Toupees, Bands, Curls, Seams, Batidau Hair, and a new style ofeverlasting Curls, and all kinds of hair works wholesale and retail. ' N. II. The trade supplied on reasonable terms. siHm'rh. 4 0 TTuTmTTtT: s t k ]?; ]?; t LONDON, >1 ESS R8MFLA XMAN^SIIOWKL L, JAILORS TOJlIEK* MAlKSTV.' Veg to return their ?J- sincere thanks to those gentlemen from America and Vlexieo, _wle> have, during their residence in England, so lilierally lavored them with their sup|Hjrt, and at the sime time to assure their friends ami the public, their chief jlenire and aim will he to maintain the high credit their house lias attained, by supplying the very best goods at moderate charges. N- B.?A large assortment always ready for inspection. s'ijm?re TO ARTISTS. LET?The third floor over the Parisian Bazaar }! .,c . 'wjin fitted up at great exitenit* as a Gallery for J*ML I ainfingi and Sculpture, vi ith a nptendid done , and is presumed to lie equal to any, and in |Hiint of situation far sulie nor, * . Also, To |,kt?A room in the second story, which has been alterwl for liiNtorical, I ortrait and Miniature I'aiiitinK*. Ai.mi, I (i wo of tin- best l?M Hl??d IKs?'in?nt Sfores in ?r.r.?.yVUr?h" B?"?r, for t'ie sale of Trunks, ham y l?uk?is, Wooden Ware, Boots, or any otlier genteel fon sineiM, and po*i???ion of eitiif-r may be h id irnmedialHy. I' or fiirther iiarticnlars, apply at the office of T. W. Benedict, ^ Nassau ?tm^f, corner of Cedar, or at tie' Bagaar, Wo 419 Broadway, near Ctrand street. -olJ' ? L ALa0t T.?oLrT":^ f,lw >" Bagaar, for the sale ot fancy and Staple Goods. ?9 Jt?rrr VALUABLE FARM AT FLUSHING, LONG ISLAND, FOR SALE. JSMf the subscrilier offers for sale that ralushle Karm on ?2?which lie now resides, situaterl in the town of Flushing dki three ouarters of a mile from St. Thomas Hall, one ami a quarter miles from the steamboat landing, and nine miles from the city III .-New York, containing about seventy acres of the I lest quality ol land in a high state of cultivation, (havim- I tlioro ighly manured the last soring.) On the premises are an elegant mansion house, hlty-fofir fivt front by tortj -eight fi-et deep, built III the very next manner and completely tilled iu ? ith brick, containing t.urt .rooms, a large b.isement with two kitchens, meat and vegetable cellars, and every other conveni ence lor a large lamily, or genteel boarding house; barn car riage house, ice house, and all other necessary ut-hiiild ings, two wells of excellent water, and a large cistern near the house. There is also on the farm a cottage witii garden attaclied. suitrble for a tenant or farmer; a fine orchard ol Apple a III I ear Trees in lull Ix-aring, and a great variety of Cherries and other Emits, and a large Garden containing the linest kinds of (trapes, Raspberries, < i.ioselierries, gt, . To a gentleman in hesiness this is a most desirable location on ac count ol its proximity to the village from which stages and a steamboat Mill to the city of New Vork Ave times a Jay. Kor terms, which will be very low, or further iufori.iition, tte., ale Idy to Isaac C. DgLArLsilst. Es.|., No. 7 New stieet, New i orlf, or to the subscriber ou the premises. - ... ,tu OEO. O. MITCHELL. I !? I.OSHIWC, 5th Sept., 1811. ,<l TAW RANT'S COMPOUND EXTRACT <?F COPAIVA AND CUBEHS. THIS MEDICINE has been ex tensivelv used on shipboard and in th? Southern Slates, and is preferable to any other. The unfortunate pa tient posseses, in this, a sure reme dy; has no occasion to make his case public, and without any appli cation to a medical man, without 'restriction in diet, or confinement, finds himself cured effectually in a few days ata trifliug expense, and a saving of fwlings to a sensitive iier son; having thus in Ins reach a cliet p, portable and pleasant reme dy. It is in the form of a paste, is tasteless, and does not im|?ir the di gestion. Pamphlets accompanying the medicine, without charge, con ... . laining fine and ample directions, ror sale, wholesale and retail, hv JAMES TAKHANT. Druggist. &.C., _ SO lm?ec 2?i8 Oreenwich, corner Wam-ii at. A WORD TO THE DISAPPOINTED.?"The proprietor of , tin- lliintariaii Dis|>eus;iry, No. 3 Division street, wishes the afflicted to understand that the celebrated Dr. Hunter's Hed Drop is warrsnled to cure in any and all cases of diseases of a private nature. Accompanying each vial is a comprehensive treatise, explaining every stage of this fearful disorder, so that a person with the most limited education can understand. Any l*Tsoo buying this medicine w ill be attended to until a u-rfect and luting cure lie made, which generally occupies from 3 to R days. I rice tl per vial, which is wairaiitcd to ?ure in any case, no matter how long staudimr, or how deeply seated in the system, or no charge. Open at all lionrs. and the Doctor always 111 attendance. On sale in Albany at 31 I.j dins street, hut not to be had in tinfftlo. s'Hf'rc C. SH E I'A R|7 101 IJronrtwny, npiMtalic John Street. Wll.L 1TIBI.IHH ON MllNDAV, SEPTEMBEll 0, A ,? II !?R> TcK?T 150OK ELOaur.NCE. A Collection of Axioms, Apothegms, Sentiments, and lie markahle Passages oil erty. Government, Political Morality and National Honor, gathered from the public Siwehe. of Henry ( lay,edited by (I, Vandeuhoff, Professor of libetoric. 1 know that virtue to be in you, Urutiis, ?? 1 d" k!,ow >"Ur outward favor. Well, llnnor is tlie subject of my story.? Shak*. Disce puer virtntem ex me, verumqne lahorem.?FiVftf. This Text llook i^ive, a sort of birds^ye view of Mr. t lay'? I'Ulilic ch .racier, principles and eloquence. The matter it elear arranged for relerence; and is accompanieil by occasional Notes Miir appropriate Mottoes to each division. prom the same press will shortly be issued, a companion to tlie above? | A PLAIN SYSTEM OF ELOCUTION : or, Key to He ClnmatioD, by <i. Vandeuhoff. I his work nuns at supplying a simple Theory of Elocntion in a compendious form and intelligible lo all s7 2tis?rc Y^ll EA r. 3(*KI bushels Prime Illinois. Kor sale by . E. K. COLLINS Ik CO. ?* m 'A South street. AUCTION SALES. B. MOONKY, Auctiowvr. LIAHDVVAHK. CUTLERY, Uc., fcc.~B. MOONKY Ik n Co.. will sell This Day at 10o'clock, at tl?e Auction lt??<iu? So. 01 Maiden Lane, ? general assortment of Heavy and Shell' Hardware, Germau and; French Fancy Good*, kc. Itc., wniuiw wliicli air 100 gross fine Table Cutlery. assorted. Also, HIM doz and cards fine Fen and Pocket Cutlery. AUu, &*0 |>air Car vera and Forks. Alto, 2<M) do/. Razors, in cases and dozens. Also, JtNldoz Sensors ou cards. Also, Ubi) elegant Bowie Kuives, of Wade k Butcher's manu facture. Also, 4 ca*k? Table Knive-i and Forks, damaged Together with a ueueral ?insortmeut of Freuch and Usrauui Goods. Catalogues are ready, And the goods can be examined to the hour of * * It* 4?j lt*e? ~ . OKKKN HOUSE PLANTS^ Jhd|. ALL THK COLLECTION of rare and choice Green WWli.MJse Plants, IteloiiKiuK to Xiblo's Garden, will lie sold ^dh^at auction, on MONDAY, Heiitember 10th, without re serve. as tlie Greeu House* are unavoidably broken up. Particu lars mi future advertisements. Catalogue* will be ready ill a few <**>??? *r_ . ~~ KOI PALE AT Alt TION. JBSU^ FARM on the Hudson river, town of ^GMNewburgh, Orange county, one mile west of the village. ^rfh^cpniiuiiiiK 107 acres, hi a hiich stvte ?if cultivation, well watered ; (bounded west by anrm failing stream ..f water,) a good uew house, two stories, .ind kitchen; a good lartir new Barn and Lime-Kiln, and plenty of limotone. The farm will be divided or sold together, as will liest suit khe purchaser*. 1 he greater part of the money can remain on bond and mort gage, as will beat suit the purchaser. For particul irs, enouire at 419 Broadway, corner of Canal, N. Y.. or of Mian Wilson, on the premises. The sale will be on Friday, 6th of Sept., at the Orange Hotel, Newburgh, at 12 o'clock. aug23, 2w*ec M A CARD TO THE PUBLIC. H. F. ANELLI, offers the following explanation in con nection with his paintim;. to be exhibited in his Studio, at the Apollo, 410 Braailway. The siiloect of his Mating, as advertised, is the End of the World. F. Auelli, however, doea not intend to interfere w ith the opinion of the philosopher and naturalist, who may entertain opinions against the annihila tion of all physical things, but hi< purpose !? u> l>eeu, to reprt iciif a grrat rutu ttrophi to the world, partial or general, and to exhibit to the public in original composition of his own, and tint a doctrinr. The original design of the painting was suggested by a dream, while the composition itself is studied, and adapted, in some of if parts, to the Revelation of Saint John, and othar passages in the prophecies of Isaiah, Daniel, and other parts of the Scrip tures. The exhibition w ill be o|>ened on Tuesday, lOtli September, IB4I from II A. M. to 3 I*. M., and from 7 to !0 I*. M. sfl It*re. OVERTON & CO \S HU DSON R I V E H EX 1' li E SS, FOll THE CONVEYANCE OK LETTERS AND PA< K AC1ES. LEAVES the office, No. 1 Broad street,every morning at 6^ o'clock, for CaldweU, Peekskill, West I'omt, Newburgli, Kishkill and t'nu"hkeepsie. And in the afternoon, at past 4, for Catskill and Hudson. They also send letters to I'hiladel phiat Baltimore, I'rovidence, Bostou, Albany, and on the line of railroad west to Buffalo. Postage u1* cents for each single letter. Law packages aud parcels at the usual price. seO lt*ec ______ IV HOLE S I. E .1 St) RET .1 I MARTIN & COL'PA. CELEBRATED GUITARS. m BRQADW A Y (UP ST A1KS.) ITT?*" No connection with the Miotic Store below. s8 2t#ec rsmrs/m 2 CLUB. TO TAIEOKS. SCOTT'S AMERICAN FASHION*. JUST PUBLISHED, AT Mli BKOAUWAY rpHK European Fashions, comprising the .'nwii" of *11 My* 1 Reports published in Paris anil London, for thi. fall. ?? l? published, a lew days *lter I lit' arrival ol the ne?t British , ileamer, at On.' Dollar. Those who wish to I'atronI. reign | ?tyles. will Jo \v?-|| to purchase this Iu..t teport, ""w1'1 uotli the cheapest anil most authentic. ?B auwttw?c_ THE NEW HOTEL, , ,ir , ,| THE New Hotel, corner of Broadway anil \\ averly an Waihingto!. Place,, will lie o?r<labontth?fir.tof No vember, under the management ,,fv1Mri,J'' V t<! \i,!,,ot ' Kestau-nut will be conducted by ->lr Baptlste Mt not. g.jjj Application, for apartments nr.y made to Mr. Bllln'1^ daily, in the corner room of the lo el, on Waverly 1 ? letter addressed to 101 Lconivil stmt. ? THE NEW YOKK SPORTSMEN'S CLUB. rI,HK MKMHKUHof this Club are hereby informed that the A regular Monthly of said Club w ill lie held at the Carlton House, Broadway, on Monday next, the 9th instant, at . 8 o'clock I". M., where the personal attendance of the ineniDeri is ren nested. PIGEON SHOOTING MATCH?Thoae Member, who wish to join the Pigeon Shooting Match of the I lull, are abo re- . [jtiesttfd to attend at the above time and place, to conclude the necessary arrangements. JAMK8 McGAY, Attorney at I,... 20 ( lumber* ..leel, .7 3t* in Seci.tary i.ftl. New Vo.K i on- "i I lub. LEAKY & CO-FASHIONS. QICNTLKMKN'B MATS of n.i umitable style, for the ensuing autumn, will be iv*,l , .ale and delivery on and alter the 31.t insl. LEAKY to. CO. No. t and J A.tor House. N. B. Our i"??hion" will ^ i?rw?.j *? who auaress u? po.t paid. s /"CONSIGN EF.8 of Cargo [wr shipTAROLINTA, Captain v_^ Smith, from Liverpool, will plcne send their permit* on boud the ship, or lo the office of the undersigned, ?nbout de lay. All giiius not permitled in live d iysMmu.t univoidibl y be ? - " JOHN HKHD.VT/ " tent to the public .tor*. sG 5trc ir.tti. vl AN, til South street. MILITARY EXCURSION TO HEMPSTEAD, L. I Vktkhan OHCKH" Nivv YoIIK, Sept. 7th, 1RH. Vhv"i-i. it a \s llis Excellency Gov. Bouck, invinn urwit .1 >1? ? Mierai aupldy of at"iw for the puriwae of testing lie t"-i; hh" A. M.preci By ?~ - H. ToriMNi;, Orderly. ~ TO fiKlOltANTS JIHIi OT1IKHS MJiKlSd HEM/7T.4fCKS TO KNOL \Nl) SCOTLAND AND IRK LAND. I li a k"rs ton ANY AMOUNT on ?ill th* Brtuchu of I can be obtained of WM. McLAl HLAN, 6 and 7 Dorr'; |toild'iiqs, JfiffiWa M L HICA, LONDON,'and *2 Jb? !?!? in Canada. New Uruns wick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. jv24 2taw3injgl CENTRA!. RAIL ROAD. FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON, (,EORGIA. THIS KOAD i. in o|ieratinn daily (Sunila)s eicepted,) for Tran.|>ort.tiou of Passengers and Freight. New und comforta ble Passengers (-ar. have lieeu recently placd on the road, and the distance (190 mile.,) is run fiom 6 A. >1. to ft P. M., with great regularity. Tlie Company has also a number of Burthen Car., and i. prepared to carry with de.|ialcli, all goods and pro duce which may offer. Goods consigned to the ' onipauy'. Agent in Savannah, will lo' received and forwarded, free of com mission for forw arding, provided a sum ill cash, sufficient to pay .hip and road freight anil chsrges i. de|M>aiied with the I 'ompa ny on arrival of the good*. The .learner. (ihi V CLlNl II and CHAKLKSTON, owned and commaniled by Captain. Brook, and Barden, run between Charleston and Savannah, in connec tion with the Iloail. A Steamer leive.each city on Tuesdays, Thurulavsand Saturdays, and ilie Line, it i.ei|iected, will uxin run daily. Paaaennra traveUnig South will leave Charlestnn at ,!vell * n . travelling bouiii i?>? ? !?.??? after the arrival of tin' Wilmington .team ^^^^^ SaVMinah ,amf ^\^.',*l'dnl-l>ke jhe ''*[r^ 6*"i'"u Z r.!iiowi.rg,mo;;^,g*'mB\"Th;;).m;;;i?.-n; ^ U . .?ving than on any otlver to,th? fare la i. Ie?. .tay i ig . . ( f?r the Lrne in < harlaaton. a. low. L. I Arlllr., a^i ^ y|<t.K, President. THOMAS PURSE, General Superintendent. Savannah, Augn.t, 1H*I^_ "VI 'ww* Wv I?A Y LINK TO M< ).>'KLN, ? BY THE LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD. I A Daily Train, Sunday.excepted, leave. Brooklyn precisely at 8 o'clock, A. M. for (jreeuporl, from whence paasenger. are Cifiveycd in a first-rale BHUW 10 Slonnmtoo, M Mondavs, \v. dueujaya and Friday., and to Norwich on Tuesdays. Thurs day, and Saturday.. Passenger* must lie at tlie South Ferry, loot of Whitehall atraet, in time to take the Ferry Boat at 7 W o'clock A. M., w here ticket, may lie procured ami luggage de posited in crate., that go through lo Bo.lon unopened. Thi. Line ?to|>s only twice between Brooklyn and Oreenport, vii:?at "Karmingd.ib " II, and at the "Manor,"?7 inile. 11MB Brooklyn, and generally reaching Boston in leu to eleven hours. An Accommodation Line leaves for Greenperl every day, Sunday, excepted, at 3 o'clock P. M , aud returuinv leave, tat 5 A.M. sit'M linrc I IreenportTWB^^^B Ht.Ofl.E'H LINE <>h' ?'/> ? ? FOt? A ERA NY DAILY, Sundays eicepled?Through direct ? at 7 P. M.| from he SteamlM>at Pier between Hi lourtlajidl and Liberty streets. The Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. P. St John, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings at 7. 'I"lie Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain A. Houghton, on Tuesday. Thuraday and Saturday Evenings, at 7. At Five o'clock, P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capiain William 11. Peck, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Afternoous, at i o'clock The Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. G. Crnt linden, Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday Afternoons, at i o'clock Passengers taking either of the above lines will arrive in Albany iu ample time to take the Morning Train of I ars fo. the east or west. The boat* ate new and .ub.taiilial. are far; nished with new and elegant stale rooms, and for sjieed and ac commodations, ifre unrivalled on the Hudson. For passage or freight, apply on board, or lo T. C. Schnltr, at the Office on tlie wharf s'lrcgj ~ JiKHJiNUEMRNTH AOR 1*44. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. loo Pine .trrel, corner of South. . M. M. it& BuhicriJi^Mirjnrave to cainT!^U?Milto? of ha** ami the public in K? M**ral, to tin* IoIIohiiiu ?r??nn??nirnt? for I 'ahin. m><l ?? .W i?ublic i? gimew, w aJCrthin, ?f??l ?U*t age Ps.sengi r., by tlx iiHsnr ing the 1st, Mb, lltli, IMn.2l>l ami V6lh ol every in . the London Packets lo sail from N> w York, tlie 1st, loth and 10th?and from Loudon on ibe 7th, 17th aud ?7lh ol each month. In connection w ith lie* above, and for tlie r 'II riling .till greatiT facilities to pa.seiigt ri. the Huburrilier I'-stiblisli td angular line of first class New York hnilt, eoo|. ,ed and eopi? red fastened snips, fo aail | uuclually ev. ry i a through out the year. For the accommodation of pmwishing In remit money to tlieir families or friends, d 1 i n, payable at, on the followin I ork, HI i go, Onlway, Ballina, Moiiagluui, Downiwlnck, Dniigannon, Sirabahe. Coolchill, ig Bank., I l'v ~ I'rovincial llai k t/ Limerick, Weiford, Armagh, Tralee, llainhriilge, l avan, Hindoo, Skibliereen, Kilru.h, d. payable at [Scotland-Th? <-ity Hank of Glas* England - T-.srs. wmoner, Atr ? * P VVT Brnies kCo., Water! in iu Great Britain. ( I, r.lliel, ilelfaat, Ath!one, \ oUiilMI, H.illymetia, Lurifau, Emu., Mallow, Dublin. ,d v ?> Road, I. London derrTi W aierford, Cole rain, Enniskillen, Parswnstown Om igh, Ballyshannon, Moneymore, SkibbreeD. fl nVers, Loudon; eipoo! 1 payable in . ,.rv town it) (iff'il ornam . . . ? fnrth,r corner of Hontli ?'{!'*? New Jo's1 O. P W. BYRNES h <0. * Wa^joRojjl; r?a?*re AMUSEMENTS. PARK THEATRIC. ISoimM.ll I Pit... 60 caiiu I Gallery... 25 c?nli. )oora opeu at ??i'ba Curtain w II rue precisely at hall peat 7 MONDAY EVENING Sent. 9?h. will be performed, RlCHARd THE TfllRD. Duke nf Glo'strr Mr Anderson Kiug Henry Mr Barry To conclude with THE DEAD SHOT. < aptain Cannon Mr Gann Mr Timid (Chippendale PALMU'* OPERA HOUHE. AMERICAN LIBERTY VINDICATED THK t-OMMITTKK, to whom has bera eiitruited the com" iletion of tlie arrangemcnls for the delivery of Mr E. D. CON MERY'H Lecture, on "AMERICAN LIBERTY VlNDl :ATEl), ami tl?- RIGHT of ADOPTED CITIZENS to iHARE ITS BLESSINGB DEFENDED," take leave to late. tliat they have engaged the Opera lliiiu, in Chamber, treet, for that purpose, and lhal the Lecture will tie giveu oa Tuftday Evening, September tilth. A choice BAND lias been engaged. and during the Evening a ariety Of popular National Air* will be ]?rlormed. PROGRAMME. American Air The Star Suangled Banner. Irish Air Lord Clare's Varch. Irish Air Bonaparte Crossing the Khine. Irish Air Let Erin Remember tin- Days of Old. ORATION-PART I. ?v EDWARD DOWSES CONNERY. . Iriah Air Go Where Glory Waits Thee. Aimrican Air Washington's March. Solo?Irish Air The Exile of Eftt. ORATION-PART II. Irish Air. . Believe Mr if all those endearing Y'oung Charms. Irish Air Oh ! Blame not the Bard. Irish Air Patrick's Day. American Air Yankee Doodle. 'I ha Committee trust that a large assemblage of the friends of Civil ami Religious Liberty (both l.ulies and Gentlemen) will take place on this iiitfrr^tniu occuion. T ICR ETS?I'ltK E TWENTY-FIVE CENTS-May be had by applyiuR to the Chairman and Secretary, and at the ooor on the day and evening of the Lecture. JAMES CONNER, Chairman. JAMES A. HOUSTON. Secretary. To commence at a quarter-put H o'clock. >9 Stisec NIBLU'S GARDEN. Comer of Broadway and I'rince street, New York. The Entertainment, are under tlie sole diractioa of Mil. MITCHELL. NOTICE?The Garden open, at t>X o'clock, and the per formances commence at 7K. The The?tre ia now enclosed, and made comfortable, ihould the evnuing be damp or cool. COMICAL TRAGEDY NIGHT. First ap|iearanc>* here, of tlie celebrated Tragedian Mr. Mitchell, in tlie character of Macbeth. First iiiicht of the laughable farce entitled the Double Bedded Room, in which Mr. Holland will appear as UulcimeiT'ipeji. MONDAY EVENING, Me MAC! Macbeth, Mr Mitchell Macduff, Ken no llanquo, Clarke Duiican, Everard Malcolm, Dennison Lennox, Dunn Rosse. Jackson Lady Macbeth. Miss Clarke 'tember 9, will be presented, ETH. Mevton, Mr Levefn Officer, Bleeker Fleauce, Mast Wood Hecatr, Miss Taylor 1st Witch, Mr Nickinson ?d Witch, Mrs Watts 3d Witch, Mrs Hardwick Gentlewoman, Mrs Everard (LT*Intermission of hall an hour. J/J] To conclude with, THE DOUBLE BKDDED ROOM. Mr Dulcimer Pipes Mr Holland Major Minus . Mr Fenno Spigot Mr Everard Joseph ... Mr Clarke Mr* Deputy Lomax Mrs Watts Nancy spigot Miss Clarke IT7-NO POSTPONEMENT at this establishment on Re count of weather, as tlie Oraud Entrance from Broadway to um Saloon is protected, and the New Saloon, which is ventilated ftom tlie top and sides, can be enclosed at a moment's notice. CIHC11H?BOWKRY . Title Evening. GEORGE SWEET, the great Tight Rope Performer and Scene Rider, makes his first appearance here in three years. MRS. COLH will lead a tiew Cavalcade. OTTO MOTTY performs New Wonders. THE SI" KENADEHH w ill be ac ompanied by an Accordion, nud hew Negro Soul's McFARLAND, the Sixty Sotnersett-Man. Clown to the King W. STOUT. Tickrls to Boxes 25 ernls? Pit 12>?. s9 3t*rcf BtRTUvT thbTtrb. ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. On MONDAY. September 9tli. MR. MACREADY ..will aj-pear as. .. HAMLET. Laertes, Mr Conner I Ghost, J r Ryder Osric, Mr G Barrett | Grave Digger, Mr Burton Ophelia^ .Sirs Burke Queen Gertrude ..Miss S ? ushmaii To conclude wiih tlie farce of THREE WEEKS AFTER MARRIAGE. Sir Charles, Mr Barrett | Lady Rachel, Mrs Burke sflltrc ______ IRISH MINSTRELSY. MR. McMICHAEL will itrttT the riasT or his ENTERTAINMENTS ON IRISH MINSTRELSY AND SONG, on Tuesday Evening next, ovclETY LIBRARY, BROADWAY. tnn o.t Friday Evening, H* will give his Seccoud, with Selections from MOORE'S AND LOVER'S MELODIES. AND SUPERSTITIONS OF THE IRISH. [ET-To commence at ? o'clock. TICKETS FIFTY CENTS-To he had at the principal Music Stores, and at the Door. s6 Tt*rc Tuesday, Kept. 10th. THIS EVENING, WILL bf. oivkn DR. IIOLLICK'S FIRST LECTURE ON THAT CROWNING WONDER OF THE UNIVERSE, THE ORIGIN OF LIFE ! In the large Hall, corner of Broadway and Grand street, two doors in Grand?Illustrated by the whole Fifteen Modela of THE FEMALE FORM, kc. To he continued and completed on tlie two next evenings. Q7*Admission V) cents, a single Lecturw?or $1 for a Ticket to three. At BP. M. FOR GENTLEMEN ONLY. YOUTHS NOT ADMITTED. [?^Each Lecture complete by itself..?1] s9 2t*rc N1M VL MAGN ETISM?At the Hall corner of Broadway and Lis|ienard street, on this (Maeday) evening, at eight o'clock. Entrance in Lispeuard, a few doors below Broadway. I)i. JOHNSON will magnrtise a voting man who arrived by t In* last steamer, and w ho wan the subject of Dr. Elliotson^ in I .oik I on, for 7WI night* before crowded audiences, presenting in w anil most wonderful phenomena. Tickets cents each. Dr. J. continues to treat <li > ases by magnetism ai II i ( ham liers street. s9 It'rrc UKANI) OOMHINEI) attraction! SOCIETY LIIIKARY?BROADWAY. YANKME HILL AND DR. VALENTINE. DfcSI'KCTKULLY inform thfir friends anil the public, that Xv in obedieoer o a garerallv rxprpssrd d?nir??, they will gira n Melange of a Comic ami Mimical character, 01. MONDAY KVKNINU, SfM>t. 9th, D?*xt, corriinriicniK at half>|>ast 7 o'clock, rarticalam in bills aim luLurt* adv?*rtisemriita. Admission 50 c?itn?( iiihlrwi Iwilf-prtci*. ?6 4tis#mt A OILMAN'S LITERARY SALOON, COSTUME OALLERY, AND ("EXHIBITION OK b? AUTIFUL PAINTINGS, Wo. !103 Bromlwiay, New York. N^-ADMISSION onk shilling only. O hTKaNUKH should leave tl>?* city * ithont call inc. in ti are the ' in-nt Collections of Books, Paintuiga and En Kraviin* . which ar* offered at " prices to tail the time*." ThfPI BLIC SALE ROOM ? fillrd with books ofevery kind, in ririous ImKuwea, including I'rinu and Picture*, to are whit h. and thr Print Hiiom, no ChiUI it mad*. \J6 rc THE ALHAMRA, .159 HhOAIiW.iY, BITWRKK SeRIMI 4ND TaiNCB StKKETI. In IS faahionablr place of rraort II 0|>en for the aeaaon. The lam, Fruits, Jelnea, and oilier refreshment*, are of the finest description. Au Orchestra, combining lomr of the first musical tut rat in thr city, iirrfoiin every cyming, racept Saturdays and Sundays, fitoril* pieces from the cnmtHisition of Htrana, Lanoer, Aaber, Bellini and mhm equally celebrated. BIIAMH, No. 161 East Broadway, o? door a bore Rutgrr street where the same delightful lceCrwims and Rrfreahmrnt* inay b? f"und. null Imiarrc cHkstout wimtthutm. I'IIIIjADW lpiiia r|'HK Siiliacribers hat ing leased lliia favorite establishment, ? i?re prepared to receive applications for eiifagsnaefltt, from ladle* mid (ntl'iMi of ilie profraajon. All appl icat ons (which mint be post paid) will Ik'at emleil m iiiiinedi.itrly, if addrea Mdto LKWIS T. PRATT, or FRANCIS C. WKMYM8, |w * 1 lieit/lilt street Thrafe, Philadelphia. CUFTOJS hoUHK, ON THE H A V BIDE, s T A T K N ISLAND. NEAR "THi NARROWS." F'OR PERMANENT BOARDERS, transcient lodgers and day ?i?it.ira. offer, an opportunity of enjoy in* th? sea bn?w, a view of land and water uneiiualled for ita picturea iueur**, the Inmrv of the ??* balli, (the ar? beach being within half a mile of ' The dinner boor la *\ o'clock?oil Sunday at 3 o'cl'iek. Mu ptrior carriage* in attendant* for the accommodation of the *u-?!v A line Howling Alley and Billiard Room,arejuat ftmah ej lor the amusement of the |iatrona of the establishment. OEOROE PI KRIS, Proprietor. N. B ?Two of the beat rooma in the Ilouae may be had for the remainder of the araaon, on immediate application of fami lie.. On Sundays the boata ran to Btapleton, landing every hour? Carriagea in attendance to convey iworngfra to Clifton Hutu* Hiit Imisre A~ I 'A K IS MILLENARY ESTABLI SI IM KNT IN NKW YORK BARENNE 8t CO.. pj.roniied by the Courts of Y raiire and Lelgium, of 14 Place Vrndome Paris, bare the honor of makiiiK known to the Ladies of the United States, and thoae of the city of New York |>articularly, tliat trier will oiwii abruich of tlieir well known and fa?luoii<ible Millinery Katiblikiiment, on Thnmday, the lltb of September, oil the Corner of Broadway .aid Grand atreet, (entrance No. Ill (Jrand Tli?-\iranch in thia city will be nn.ler the immediate aupwn lendence of ona of the principle ladic* <|f the I aria houae. I n? ladies .ire rea|*ctfully wliwra to nill 'J1* aaly?a. Wn*,? tjiey will alwaya find every reclierche itrticle in tlie millinery line from P.iri*, by tiie Packets M they arri?? ... P. 8 They would Win thoje eiiKa?ed in he millinery buaine? in the citiea o UijKfa-. ?* oonnacted wilh tlieir business, "?lhe latest \shI..ns can b? applied previous to tl? ir bem? opened to.the pnlilir in this city. Orders puuctually lUendeil to. ? -WO bbia' Evtra ? 'tear Pork, do. VI.? I'ork, do, 'I'liin Me?" Pork, VM do. Crimi jt. K. COLLJNS li CO. 1-nrMleby 4$ Strnth ?trm. *H in .....? ? i i ' ti ? / ? i \ \ (I ? I'm tmia Icaboe. imijort.d Jinrt. . r?r aale ta ,8 m" ""l M B^th stwt. J VX K?ToTrmt Old Rniaia ''"^^V'^VhOOKB. . ? No. W and ?7 Naaaan Stnwt DORK.